"Welcome to iNtense"


The screen then illuminates with Aran Thompson raising his fist into the air

Throw up your Rawkfist
if you're feelin' it when I drop this!

Boom Boom!

The screen flashes white twice

"Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - Eiji Kugasari is seen hitting a Shooting Star Press off the top rope, followed by Mattock hitting a the Pheonix Cleave (Phoenix Splash where you dive your heel into the opponent's head). Omega stands tall with the Underground Championship raised high into the air! Derecho is seen hitting an Emerald Flowsion on Ninja K.


Jeremy Ryan is shown with a scowl on his face as he snubs all that isn't in the realm of normalcy, followed by a scene of The Rebellion standing tall in the middle of the ring. The screen flashes and shows Aran Thompson hitting the God Killer, followed by a few traditional poses from your favorite jOlt Superstars in succession including Waymoth Turbull, The Heirs of Wrestling, Hands of the Cause, and the Crimson Order


During the chorus we see some basic wrestling moves from people like Reno Davis, Mike Extreme, Bane Loneheart, BIG Little Italy, Dallas Griffin, and Sephiroth Du Luc all in rapid succession. The final scene is that of Landon Stevens posing with the jOlt World Championship!


The song cuts off abruptly as we are taken inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Red Pyro starts at the top of the jOltvision and takes off in both directions, left and right. The pyro travels around the perimeter of the jOltvision until it meets in the middle on the bottom side. When it meets, random pyro explosions happen on the main stage for a good ten seconds before a massive wall of pyro goes off on stage and another explosion of pyro from the entire perimeter of the jOltvision simultaneously.

"Rawkfist" starts up again as the camera pans around the sold out crowd, cheering!

"The Legacy of a Champion"

"I've made it perfectly clear, I want Aran Thompson to be left with absolutely nothing."

The scene opened up with Landon Stevens standing in front of the desk of Damien Lee with the jOlt World Championship draped over his shoulder and the West Texas Terrorists standing behind him. Damien watched as Landon continued a diatribe about his hatred for the man who literally brought him into the business, Aran Thompson.

"I was so close to having everything! And Aran seems to be right behind me picking up the scraps that fall to the floor. So if I can't do to Aran what he had done to nearly everyone else in almost a year, than I want to challenge him for the Relentless Championship." Landon stated matter-of-factly.

Damien shook his head at the "Rising Star" and interjected.

"Listen Landon, I never liked Aran Thompson as the World Champion. I'm behind you one hundred percent if it means ending this. When Laurie came to me with a plan to reinvigorate the Relentless Division by bringing in the guy who personified the championship in the past, I was all about it. I never thought, in my wildest dreams, it would kick start wars. Aran has been a thorn in my side since day one, and to be quite honest I see a lot of him in you as well."

Landon snarled at the comment but a part of him knew it was true.

"Fact is, I made the deal to retire the Relentless division because I thought it would hurt Aran and all it did was give him more buzz as the last ever "Relentless Champion". So if you can steal the title, or talk him into an unoffical match....I can't do anything about those. But reactivating it would be me, going back on a deal and I don't like doing that."

Damien watched as Landon looked to his side; clearly thinking about his options.

"No." Landon began.


Damien smirked.

"See what I mean? A little bit of Aran's attitude is in you. Because he literally bled for that championship. Hell, the ones before him did the same. What makes you so special?" Damien shot back.

Landon leaned in with a grin on his face.

"I'm the only bastard around here wanting Aran gone as much as you, and out of the fray I'm the only one that has beat him."

Damien stopped in his tracts and tilted his head as the facts were there, Landon was right. Damien looked around his office and at the West Texas Terrorists who brooded behind their new found leader but reluctantly shook his head.

"You're right, but what's done is done. How about this though...tonight since Aran still wants to call himself "Mr. Relentless" than he can prove it. Aran will face a member of The Rebellion and former Hype Champion, Sebastian Saje...Relentless Rules."

Landon looked at Damien with anger and rage boiling.

"What the hell does that do for me?" Landon growled as he grit his teeth.

"Well, since the Relentless Championship is retired I guess that means that I get to make the stipulation in which is competed under. Meaning....if someone or...someones were to come out in the midst of it all..they might just get the chance to take something precious of Aran's."

Damien smiled as he made it very clear to Landon that it would be in his best interest to pay attention.

Landon smiled and nodded his head before turning around and clapping Eli and Ezra Conway on their backs signifying their leave from Damiens office.

"I like the way this guy thinks." Landon said as he walked through the door.

Jesse Ramey vs Graham Youngblood

"Riptide" by Sick Puppies hit the PA system as Graham Youngblood came out from the backstage area to a pretty good pop from the crowd. Tonight, he was in an exhibition match against Jesse Ramey who is beginning to have issues with the returning Citizen. Youngblood wonders if he can capitalize on that and pick up a victory.

After Youngblood entered the ring, his music died down and we would soon find the answer to that question.

"I'm Not Alright" by Shinedown

Also to a good pop came "The Anti-Star" himself, Jesse Ramey. Ramey came down the ring, sliding in underneath the bottom rope. He stood and warmed up as the referee called for the bell.




Ramey and Youngblood circled each other in the ring and locked up. Youngblood applied a side headlock, but Ramey backed him into the ropes and shot him across the ring, but Youngblood came back and hit a shoulder block on Ramey, knocking him down. Youngblood took off to the ropes as Ramey flipped to his stomach, causing Graham to step over and bounce off the opposite end.

Ramey went for a leapfrog, but Youngblood caught him and planted him with a takedown! He then floated over and hooked Ramey's head in a front chancery, but Ramey twisted out of it and locked Youngblood into a front chancery instead! Youngblood got back to his feet, bringing Ramey with him, but Ramey quickly changed it up into a side head lock, then quickly flipping Youngblood down to the canvas in an attempt to keep him grounded, but Youngblood maneuvered and headscissored Ramey, but Ramey kipped up out of it and the two of them got to their feet and had a standoff as the crowd gave them a round of applause.

They acknowledged each other and began to circle once again. Another lock up by the two, but Youngblood quickly broke it and went into a go behind and into a waist lock. Ramey tried to break the grasp, but Youngblood lifted Ramey and planted him with another takedown! Ramey got to a seated position and then bridged up to a vertical base. He stomped on Youngblood's shin and performed a standing switch into a waist lock of his own!

Ramey attempted a German Suplex, but Youngblood flipped over and landed on his feet! Youngblood backed into the ropes and went for a lariat, but Ramey ducked, turned and leapt up with a drop kick which caught Youngblood as he turned around! Youngblood got to his feet and was met with a second drop kick from Ramey! Ramey waited for Youngblood to stand and then delivered a toe kick, doubling him over. Ramey hooked Youngblood by the head and ran to the ropes, looking for a Rope Walk Tornado DDT, but when Ramey stepped up onto the ropes, Youngblood threw him over the top rope and out to the floor!!!!

"OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled the crowd!!

Ramey held his stomach in pain as he tried to pull himself back up. Once he got to the vertical base, Youngblood grabbed the top rope and launched himself to the outside with a twisting plancha, but Ramey moved out of the way and this time it was Youngblood that smacked down hard on the mats at ringside!

Ramey took a step or two back as Youngblood pulled himself back up. Ramey charged in and nailed a running Yakuza Kick to Youngblood's face that put him onto his back! The referee was up to the count of four when Ramey pulled Youngblood up and rolled him back into the ring, but instead of rolling in himself, Ramey hopped up onto the ring apron and headed for the corner where he ascended the turnbuckle pads to the very top! Youngblood staggered to his feet and Ramey spun off the top rope with a Spinning Heel Kick, looking for a Top Rope version of his Extreme Measures signature move, but Youngblood ducked his head and grabbed Ramey in mid air...


Youngblood countered that move with an unbelievable mid-air powerbomb!! Youngblood staggered back and then headed to the corner himself! Youngblood climbed up to the top turnbuckle pad and took aim on Ramey.. He then leapt off and connected!!!


The Frog Splash found its mark and Youngblood made the cover, hooking the leg!




Ramey got the shoulder up!

Youngblood pulled Ramey to his feet and hooked him for a suplex, but at the apex of the lift, Youngblood was struck in the head by Ramey's knee! Youngblood put Ramey down and Ramey reversed it, lifting Youngblood into the air and dropping him with a brainbuster in the middle of the ring! Ramey then tried his hand at a cover!




Youngblood got the shoulder up this time

Ramey stood and brought Youngblood to his feet, only to use a double leg trip to put him onto his back once again. He tried to hook Youngblood for the Original Attitude Adjustment.. the Elevated Boston Crab, but Youngblood used his leg strength and kicked Ramey back into the corner. Youngblood got back to his feet as Ramey charged out from the corner hitting his Spinning Heel Kick that was looking for earlier!


Ramey dragged Youngblood to the corner where he positioned him just right. Ramey then looked back as he grabbed the ropes to make sure he had the right distance and then went for the Split-Legged Moonsault...



Youngblood put the knees up and Ramey crashed down on top of them. Ramey held his stomach and then fell to a knelt position. Youngblood then stepped back and lunged in...


Youngblood hit it and quickly made the cover...



Thr.. NO!!

Ramey kicked out!

The crowd was cheering on both competitors as Youngblood grabbed Ramey and pulled him up to his feet. Youngblood fired a pair of knife edge chops into Ramey's chest and then switched to rapid-fire forearm shots to stagger him. Once Ramey was dazed, Youngblood took off toward the ropes, but didn't expect Ramey to spin and take him out with a discus lariat!!

Ramey wasted no time pulled Youngblood back to his feet. He hoisted him up onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry and flipped him over, nailing a neckbreaker across the knee! Ramey then went for another cover, hooking the leg deep as he felt he had Youngblood put away at this point.



Thre... NO!!!

Youngblood kicked out and Ramey was beginning to feel a bit frustrated! Ramey then stood and signaled for the end as he dared Youngblood to stand. Youngblood slowly got back up and turned to face Ramey. Ramey went for the toe kick, but Youngblood grabbed Ramey by the leg and spun him around, locking in a waist lock in the process, but Ramey hit a pair of back elbows and broke free! Ramey then twisted and turned, kicking Youngblood upside the head with a leaping roundhouse!

Youngblood wobbled and fell to a single knee as he tried to shake off the effects. Ramey quickly grabbed Youngblood by the head and pulled him up to his feet. He then scooped Youngblood up and nailed the Northern Lights Driver...


Ramey then made the cover, hooking the leg..




Jesse Ramey picked up a hard-fought victory here tonight! The fans stood and applauded both men's efforts. As Ramey raised his hand in victory, the lights in the arena suddenly went out!

With the arena plunged into darkness the fans within the arena were all on edge knowing exactly what was going to happen next. The tron sparked to life, the hissing sound of static, the glowing eyes, and then the familiar vocalized voice.

“Hush little baby,” The eerie voice began singing softly; “don’t say a word.” Just as quickly as he had started singing the voice stopped, paused for a brief moment, then began speaking normally, or as normal as a vocalized voice could speak.

“I see everything you do, Ramey.” Citizen chuckled, “Last week you tried to find solace in a friend and tried to find the connection to the things I’ve been leaving you. I’ve painted you a picture that couldn’t be clearer, but you keep straying away from the answer.”

“Look through your past.” Citizen paused, “Think very carefully, put the pieces of my puzzle together slowly, and even your pathetic simple mind may be able to see the picture.”

“Your end,” Citizen paused, “begins tonight.”

The tron shut off, the hissing sound left the speakers within the arena, and the lights cued back up. Ramey looked before him to see if anything had been left this week, and the sounds of the fans screaming should have been the first indication that something was wrong.

The first place Ramey should have looked was directly behind him, but instead he didn’t.


That was the sound of a baseball bat, a baseball bat being wielded by the masked Citizen himself, and that baseball bat just connected with the back of the Anti-Star’s knee cap. Ramey drop to one knee in pain, and the lights in the arena went out once more. Within a split second the lights came back up, and no more signs of Citizen could be found anywhere within the arena.

Ramey was in severe pain, but instead of letting the referee help him, he dropped to his back, rolled out of the ring, and slowly limped his way up the ramp and into the backstage area. The scene faded.

Winner: Jesse Ramey via Pinfall

"Making Demands"

The scene opens up in Damien Lee's office. Sebastian Saje, now sans the Hype Championship, walked into the office with the rest of The Rebellion in tow. Lee looked up with an "Oh God, not this again" look on his face. After all he had to deal with The Faction earlier in the evening. He leaned over Lee's desk and got in his face.

Saje: "Last week, we were rudely interrupted when we were trying to address the viewers. We were trying to make our mission statement clear and a bunch of your so-called talent took it upon themselves to interfere. I want to know what you plan to do about that."

Lee stood up.. that caused Saje to stop leaning on the desk and look Lee right in the eye.

Lee: "Well.. on one hand.. you disrupted the biggest show of the year, Wrestlecade. I could ask how you plan to atone for that, but then we'd just be pulling our hair out trying to reach an impossible compromise. So, I'll tell you what. I'll put Sayber and Michael Donavan in a tag team match tonight against Mike Extreme and Reno Davis. That way you can get some measure of revenge."

Saje curled his lip and then scoffed at the idea.

Saje: "That's it? That's your solution? A tag team match? More than two of them jumped us and that's the best you can come up with? No.. don't answer that.. I want to make something as clear as crystal for you. We want ALL of them....."

Saje then swept his arm across Lee's desk, forcefully knocking everything to the floor.

Saje: "... and you WILL give them to us... or else."

Lee sighed.

Lee: "You'd be wise to remember just who it was who brought you to this roster. Again.. I had no way of knowing you would band together, but each and every one of you should be on your knees, thanking me for this opportunity, but you want all of them? Fine.. you can have them... BUT.. it's going to be at Breakdown. It will be the eight of you versus Mattock, Sephiroth Du Luc, Sanchez Cano, Persephone, Bane Loneheart, Mike Extreme, Reno Davis, and a partner of their choosing in an eight on eight elimination tag team match. That sound better to you?"

Saje and the others looked and nodded.

Saje: "Fine by us.. now what do you plan to do about our other problem?"

Lee looked a bit puzzled.

Lee: "What other problem?"

Saje: "Oh I don't know... notice anything missing, perhaps? Like my Hype Championship? You allowed Shayne Anderson to book me in a title defense and stack the deck against me in such a way where it was virtually impossible for me to win. Indirectly... it's your fault that I lost my championship two nights ago on The Hype.. and I demand compensation."

Lee: "Shayne Anderson still hasn't changed... that's sad.. so fine.. regardless of my opinions on people.. however, I already have an opportunity lined up for you this evening.. see.. if you had arrived here on time like all the other talent, then you would have known that I placed you in a match tonight against Aran Thompson under Relentless Rules"

Saje: "What!? First Shayne Anderson and now you? What kind of a glad handing company are you running here!?"

Lee: "I think you're failing to see the bigger picture here. Aran Thompson is a former World Champion.. and even though the Relentless Championship is retired.. the Relentless Rules states the Champion can pick the match stipulation, but since the belt is retired, that means Aran cannot make the stipulation for the match... I can, however. Now that I've spelled it out for you.. is that more to your liking?"

Saje: "Good... Good man. This is a nice office you have here... I guess for now, we can keep it looking that way."

Saje and the rest of The Rebellion turn and exit the office. Lee shakes his head and then begins to pick up the mess they made as the scene fades to black.

"Of Cubs and Men"

A loud Japanese shout was what triggered a unified salute by both rows of Inogami Clan commandeering both sides of the clan chamber. The main hatches were opened with the Blood Raven, Eiji Kugasari leading the charge in his wrestling attire. Heido, Mamoru, Shoji & Takeshi would remain in the posture of seiza behind their undisputed general. The hatches were sealed with Eiji immediately assuming a knee as Kenshiro Inogami gradually stood himself erect atop the padded elevated platform.

“Eiji Kugasari” The clan leader muttered before his grand assembly. “Notoriously impetuous. Notably arrogant. Impulsive. A habitual line stepper.”

Kenshiro casually looked to his flanks to gauge the unspoken narrative amongst his esteemed officers before belting out a weighted sigh.

“It seems that you have a penchant for punishment, young Eiji” The Athletic Freak of Nature mentioned while sweeping his hair from his brow. “It has been brought to my attention on numerous accounts of your personal sentiments hence the fallout from Wrestlecade. Now, overstand, I sympathize with your loss as champion. We all feel your resentment. ”

Lord Kenshiro...” The Blood Raven replied. “With all due respect, no one can ever fully understand what was lost.”

“On the contrary, Eiji, I do.” Ninja replied. “Now, overstand the nature of our current climate, as a member of this clan; your defeat at Wrestlecade was but a catalyst of a literal war. Landon Stevens was overtly consolidating his bids for power for some time now. I cannot fully fault you being blinded by your ambition to become & remain champion. You clearly overstand now as to why you were the targeted proxy by choice.”

Ninja peeled the Legacy Championship from the floor, slung it over his shoulder while making his descent down the platform steps.

“Take this heralded championship, for instance, my young lieutenant.” Kenshiro continued. “Therein lies power in this belt. Its lineage. The blood. Sweat and Sacrifice invested in the possession of weighted symbols of authority & dominion. Take heed in the excessive rantings of a self professed ‘fallen demigod’, heavily dependent upon his mere connection to this...” The ninja continued. “Power is an opiate and requires wisdom and much restraint as a matter of eventual mastery of and all that will follow. ”He” is but a physically imposing yet malleable husk, enslaved by the addiction of notoriety on its merest form...Pathetic...”

Eiji was seen nodding in agreement.

“Overstand that we have the power to add validity or insignificance to these. Not the other way around.”The ninja mentioned while motioning Eiji to stand before him. “It is imperative that you learn to follow before being fully capable to lead. Your brethren support you, as we do for one another. We have all whom you see in this chamber to rely on. However, our numbers count for nothing without effective strategy & full adherence to a cause.”

“What are the Three Oaths?” Kenshiro uttered.




“I am going to give you some words of advice, Eiji.” Ninja mentioned. “While your ambitions...your passions burn unceasingly, know that anything that threatens to violate this clan’s adherence to those sworn oaths, warrants dire consequences. Do you overstand?”

“Yes, Lord Kenshiro.” Eiji replied through a set of clenched teeth.

“Now, I too, retain an opportunity to challenge our respective championship successors.” Kenshiro mentions. “I, too, bear a distinct abhorrence for promotional politics. However, I encourage you to learn how to play & win this game. I am going to need my young lions to learn every blade of grass in this wilderness. Every rock. Nook. The predators & prey. The entire landscape in order to successfully navigate and conquer. Together. Are you with us?”

A solemn yet reassured nod was given. “Yes, my Lord.”

“Good.” Kenshiro replied. “Now, my brethren...This how we shall proceed....”

"Stepping Up"

The camera panned backstage to one of the vacant offices backstage for the wrestlers to conduct meetings with staff before the shows. And standing backstage was a collection of some of Wrestling’s Finest Females – we mean that in the sense that yes, while they are hot, they at all that much more talented.

The lovely hard-working Alyssa Corliss from the Hype.

Sassy and arrogant Vogue Gonsalvez.

The Startlet Powerhouse and powerful Texan Daryn Thompson.

Another hard-working Hype Starlet in Faith Hines.

All four of the women had separately been called into the office earlier today and had received news about an urgent meeting. Perhaps something big was about to happen for all of them? Did Damien Lee plan more for the Starlets? They all conversed among themselves… well, Daryn, Alyssa, and Faith all did. Vogue just sat back apathetically, sinking her time into her iPhone like none of this was worth here time.

“Any of y’all know why we’re here?” Daryn Thompson finally spoke up.

Faith Hines shrugged. “Not a clue. Did Damien Lee call this meeting or something? All I got was a notice in my locker to meet here right about now. ”

Alyssa turned to Faith and raised an eyebrow. “Last I heard, I know Sarah Winterton was looking for another contender to her title. Maybe it’s something about that? I kind of need something to get my mind off all the stuff I’d been going through with Sebastian.”

For those on in the know and don’t watch The Hype (in which case, you’re probably a dirty Commie) She had a long-standing relationship with the head of the Rebellion and former Hype Champion, Sebastian Saje.

“Yeah, maybe…” Daryn said. “Been wantin’ another crack at that bitch for what she tried to do to my arm.”

She was referencing several weeks ago when Winterton retained her title against Daryn Thompson and then tried to break her arm with a chair had it not been for “Dragonfly” Amber Ryann coming to her rescue. They all turned to Vogue Gonsalvez who was still sinking her time time into her phone… that was, until Daryn tapped her on the shoulder.

“Hey, Vogue… you hear anythin’?”

“No…” She said. “Leave me alone, trying to focus… got his guy I’ve been eyeing at this club I went to last night and we’re chatting.”

“Gee, real constructive use of time, girl,” Daryn said under her breath. Vogue caught it and shot a look of contempt for Daryn.

“You got something to say, chica?”

“Yeah, WAY to show some work ethic. We’re waitin’ to see what’s goin’ on that could affect us and and you’re more worried about yer next hookup. No wonder you’re doin’ so well on The Hype…”

“Worry less about MY personal life and more about how YER not winnin’ more matches, bitch!” Vogue shouted back, making fun of Daryn’s Texan accent.

Vogue was about to stand up to Daryn while Faith and Alyssa tried to keep the peace when a loud whistle could be heard to break up any potential ruckus. The four ladies turned around and standing in the doorway was none other than the woman that debuted last week – the business-like portly woman that introduced Sarah Winterton to her coronation ceremony in the ring. Her name was Desta and she was the personal assistant to the Starlet Champion Sarah Winterton.

“Ladies, please, my employer is kindly asking for some decorum,” Desta said as all eyes turned to her. “Please welcome YOUR Queen of the Starlets… the liberator of all Starletkind! The women that will lead as a shining example of what a lady should be…”

“Oh, God, it’s another suck-fest,” Vogue shouted.

“Darlings, calm down, please!”

Winterton stepped into the room with two bodyguards on either side of her. Daryn Thompson had no love lost for her and tried to lunge when the two nameless thugs held her back. Sarah backed up…


Daryn composed herself just long enough but pointed a finger at her.

“I ain’t sittin’ here so you can stroke yer goddamn ego. I’m gone.”

Thompson walked past Alyssa, Faith, and Vogue and quickly stormed out of the locker room while Winterton looked out the door.

“Suit yourself, darling! You will not be getting any of Desta’s fruit punch recipe! I will give you a hint… she thaws the can herself!”

Desta looked pleased with herself as Winterton turned to address the remaining Starlets in the room.

“Darlings, thank you for coming to this meeting. I tis good to see that some Starlets still have a little bit of decency and can let bygones be bygones so that way we may work together to create a better future for all of us!”

“What is this meeting about?” Faith asked.

“That is an excellent question, my darling… Desta, if you would please, explain to the young darling and these other ladies what I am here for.”

“Of course, my Queen,” Desta beamed while the other Starlets listened intently. “You see… at WrestleCade, Sarah Winterton wrestled a very clean match against “Dragonfly” Amber Ryann and defeated her to retain her championship. She tried to celebrate her victory with a nice little ceremony that all of you would’ve been invited to had it not been for Ryann masquerading as one of the royal princesses attending the ceremony.”

Faith had a laugh about that – something that Winterton didn’t appreciate.

“Excuse me, Miss Hines… do you find something funny about what happened to me? I was ASSAULTED by that rainbow-haired renegade!”

“No, no, no,” Faith said with a hint of a smile. “Go on.”

“ANYWAY,” Desta continued. “My Benevolent Queen seeks new competition and seeks to give new Starlets new opportunities to succeed. She has selected one of YOU three to face her in-ring competition tonight. And since the three of you combined cannot measure up to one of her, she thought that she would grace you with her presence and throw you a proverbial bone here tonight if you wanted to step into the ring with her…”

“HEY, FUCK YOU!” Vogue shouted. “You ain’t never faced ME, chica. I could hurt you AND your little fatty here!”

Winterton and Desta exchanged brief glances before they let out extra-long, exaggerated haughty laughs between them. Vogue stared daggers at both ladies before turning her attention back to her.

“Child, you could not hope to defeat Winterton in the ring. Not only is she a great role model, she has the heart of a champion and a warrior!”

“She has the heart of a stupid bitch, that’s what she has!”

Faith and Vogue turned to Alyssa who finally spoke up for the first time since Sarah Winterton showed up. Corliss stepped up to the Starlet Champion and tapped her on the shoulder, forcing one of the bodyguards to stand in between them. Nevertheless, Alyssa wasn’t happy.

“I’m sick of this shit and I’m sick of YOU.” Alyssa howled. “I have had the MOTHER of bad weeks. My personal life isn’t all that great right now and having YOU represent our division is a joke. You’ve cheated or tried to injure your competition, you’re a two-faced witch, and you don’t deserve half the success you’ve had. If you want to face somebody, I’M challenging YOU to a match tonight!”

The crowd watching this all unfold on the jOltvision cheered. They were tired of Winterton’s antics and wanted to see somebody step up to her.

“Oh, my darling,” Winterton said. “I’ve face you before and I’ve defeated you in that ring. What chance do you have to overcome the proudest and greatest champion this Starlet Division has ever known?”

“Well, if I’m such a weakling and you’re so sure…” Alyssa said. “Why NOT face me?”

Desta and Winterton each shared a glance before Winterton turned back to Alyssa.

“Darling, I humbly accept your challenge tonight. Faith, Vogue, let what happens here tonight to your fellow Hype star show exactly what I’m capable of. I am a proud Queen, but I am also a vengeful one. You WILL regret slandering me here and you WILL regret your treasonous activity! You will learn the lesson that Charlotte did months ago when she tried to cross me.”

Winterton gestured to Desta and her backstage guards before they all left the vicinity as Alyssa Corliss looked ready for a fight. It was time somebody stepped up.

Was it going to be her?

Crimson Order vs West Texas Terrorists


The gathered assembly opened up with a massive tsunami of rebuke as they were swept by broad beams of light form overhead. ’Believers’ by ¡Mayday! serenaded the disgruntled republic as the jOltvision screens began offering a streaming reel of underhanded antics and tag team chemistry with the Texas siblings sauntering out from the backstage area. Smug. Arrogant and thriving in the amassed display of outright rebuke.

Carrington: “The following tag team contest is scheduled for 1 fall! Introducing First, making their way to the ring and representing the BLACK FACTION!! ...Weighting in at a total combined weight of 490 pounds...From Houston, Texas...The team of EZRA & ELI CONWAY!!... THE WEST TEXAS TERRORISTS!!!

Both wearing Black Sleeveless T-shirt with ’Believers’ etched in Pink, the troublesome twins casually make their way down the rampway. Eli would arrogantly fan the flames of hate while Ezra mockingly tipped his hat to the detractors before rounding the 1st turnbuckle post. Extending bot arms outward, the Twins continued to savor the peoples’ misery before climbing onto the ring apron & holding their hat out to the masses in unison. Eli remained seated along the middle ropes as Ezra entered the ring and ascended the nearest turnbuckle. Referee Kirk Hampton was on hand to watch the siblings’s antics with his hands folded behind his back as their musical introduction subsided...


A smoldering pop throughout the stands were heard as the angry ascension of music triggered a volatile stint of strobe lighting before promptly bringing back the darkness. ‘Thought Crimes’ - Extended Version by Cliff Lin would soon continue its acoustic assault from the PA system as the precisioned branch of the clan security slowly stood themselves erect...

Carrington: “...and their opponents, Accompanied by their manager Mamoru & Shoji...they hail from the Kansai Prefecture of Japan....Weighting in at a total combined weight of 605 pounds...They are HEIDO & TAKESHI...They are THE CRIMSON ORDER!!

A brief glance at the inaudible ranting from the Twins would be proceeded by the plodding approach of the Crimson Order. Heido beared the hues of predominantly Onyx & Crimson alongside his hulking comrade Takeshi. The quartet stood at the end of the entrance rampway, staring coldly at the toilsome duo. Both twins were shifting their weight in place, ready for the possibility of being jumped as Mamoru was inaudibly dealing out marching orders to his brethren before The Order made their way up the ring steps, along the ring apron and into the ring. Eli carefully back pedaled toward the ropes, allowing Ezra to go first against the Kansai Crippler. Shoji would collect the Kendo Mask that was cast aside by Takeshi as Kirk Hampton ushered the teams to engage...


The Mute Mountain Splitter lumbered forward in a calculative manner as Ezra Conway shifted about with a number of offensive Feints. Conway would soon find himself cornered in the opposing turnbuckles before sticking his upper body through the ropes, prompting the referee to intercede on the Cowboy’s behalf. Takeshi waved off the ref’s hands and motioned for Ezra to challenge him. A brief inaudible discussion was had between Ezra & the ref before engaging Takeshi in a mutual circling of the ring. The expected Tie Up was interrupted by a Ezra Front Kick followed by a taunt Standing Side Headlock. Takeshi broadened his base as Ezra intentionally clamped down on the giant’s head before walking Ezra toward the ropes. The leading push off led to Ezra slid down to a Kneeling Side Headlock. Ezra began barking at Heido as the suppressed giant recollected himself, slowly hoisting the Twin upward who used several Punches to the Head to break free. A Hard Kick to the giant’s Stomach humbled him again, allowing the twin to lock in a Front Chancery. Mamoru was heard barking out orders in Japanese, leading Takeshi to power up and blast the Texan with a Release Gargoyle Suplex!

The titan was breifly on all fours as Ezra reeled from the impact, slithering quickly to the outside to his awaiting brother. Takeshi faintly scowled at the pair as Ezra carefully made his return back inside the ring. The muscular behemoth readily stalked after his opposition who cowardly used the ring ropes & ref’s influence to garner the crowd’s rebuke. Ezra shooed the giant away yet sought to capitalize on the opening. However, the Mute Mountain Splitter caught Ezra’s Kick. Takeshi nodded as the Twin hopped in place before being leveling him with a violent Clothesline! Dragging Ezra back to his feet by the arm, the Twin found himself knocked back down with a stiff Short Armed Clothesline! Eli angrily yelled at the giant who beamed with a mocking smile before flattening Ezra with a Wind Up Clothesline!

Hear\See\Speak No Evil

Ezra was left reeling along the canvas as Takeshi dropped to both knees, staring directly at Eli while making the Lateral Press...1! ...2! Ezra jerked his shoulder off the canvas, urging Takeshi to drag him deep into enemy territory while making the tag. The crowd welcomed the transaction was Heido connected with a Slingshot Senton to a running sprint as Takeshi whipped the Twin chest-first sternly against the turnbuckle, allowing Heido to double Ezra over with a Running Forearm to the Neck before crushing him with an Overhead Belly to Back Suplex! Heido with the cover...1! ...2! Eli dove in with the desperation Double Axe Handle before scrambling back to his corner. The Kansai Crippler angrily swept his hair from his face and locked Ezra into a Kneeling Arm Bar. The Cowboy shook the cobwebs free before beginning his ascent. Heido transitions to a grinding Wrist Lock. Ezra painfully danced on the balls of his feet in anguish before eventually reversing the pressure. A stern pair of Forearm Shots to the Face stunned the ninja, allowing him room to floor Heido with a Hair Pull Slam! The Cowboy quickly concealed his track, amidst the referee’s investigation with a calloused Boot Scrape.

The ninja reeled from the illegal attack before being stretched out with a Kneeling variant of a Surfboard submission. The ref would juggle gauging Heido’s condition and checking Ezra for using the hair for add pressure & humiliation. A pair of measured driven Knees would further apply more pain onto the Cowboy’s target. Ezra continued to taunt both ninjas before shooting to his feet and driving home a hardened Stomp to Heido’s temple. Ezra was quickly utilize a Scoop Slam before careening against the ropes and connecting measured Knee Drop to the Head. Cover...1! ...2! Heido shrugged off the pin attempt yet was immediately dragged over toward enemy territory before being seized with a Reverse Chinlock as Eli tapped his brother’s shoulder. Together, they would piss off their opposition & masses with an Aided Wheelbarrow Suplex! Cover...1! ...2! Heido managed to get the shoulder up with Eli shooting up to his feet to deliver a methodical series of precisioned Knee Drops & Forearm Drops. The ninja was soon pulled back to his feet and led away to the corner with an Irish Whip and connected with a Running Corner Clothesline.

Eli shoved the ninja to the floor and arrogantly basked in the hail of crowd heat before pulling Heido upward by the hair. A stiff Open Palm Uppercut staggered the Twin a bit before Eli fired back with a hard Right Hand. Both rivals were firing off bombs at each other before Eli wrested back control with a stern Knee to the stomach, grabbing the ninja by his gi and driving him shoulder first into the Steel Pole! Mamoru began ranting in his native tongue as Eli peeled Heido away into a Gory Special! Takeshi was heard slapping the turnbuckle padding as Eli willed his way toward the middle of the ring. Heido was shaking his head while powering out to ball the Twin up with a Sunset Flip Pin! ...1! ...2! Eli rolled to his stomach to advert defeat yet Heido rolled to a Knee before violently crushing the Twin with a Leaping Senton! Grimacing a bit, the Kansai Crippler rolled onto a knee, held his rival’s leg while reaching out to render Takeshi legal.

The crowd cranked up the volume as the giant stepped over the top ropes and locked Eli into a Standing Camel Clutch as Heido strode to the opposing ropes before drilling the Twin with a Running Dropkick to the teeth! Mamoru yelled at Takeshi while spinning his index finger, prompting the hulking powerhouse to hoist upward to execute a Swinging Full Nelson...

Silent Hell

Ezra’s complaints were muted out by the crowd as his brother was being swung 15 consecutive revolutions before being dumped soundly several feet away in a heap. The Mute Mountain Splitter intentionally gnashed his teeth at Ezra while flexing his muscles at him before making the Lateral Press...1! ...2! An embittered Ezra aided his brother with a timely Stomp to the bald ninja’s head. Ezra continued spewing vitriol while back pedaling to his corner. Takeshi peeled Eli off the canvas & trained a hardened scowl at the Twin before hoisting Eli upward...

Spoken Word - A Running Release Turnbuckle Power Bomb

The masses corralled behind the massive mute who challenged Ezra to bring the fight to him, leading Ezra to tag his slumped over brother to carefully pass through the ropes. Takeshi ignored the adamant posturing by Conway who shot toward the opposing ropes. Ezra strode underneath the Forearm Shot, pivoted and staggered the behemoth with a High Dropkick. Ezra immediately knocked off the ring apron with a Running Back Elbow Attack before staggering the titan with a Leaping Forearm Strike. A pissed off Heido was intercepted by Referee Mike Hampton tussled with him to keep the ninja along the sidelines as Conway was sent airborne with a punishing yet exceedingly High Back Body Drop to the outside! Ezra was seen writhing from the impact as the front row patrons were delighting in his anguish. The masses were egging the hunched over giant before he sprinted toward the opposing ropes. The 300+ pounder ignited the crowd as he scored a direct hit with a Tope, violently bouncing the Cowboy against the barricades! The Mute Mountain Splitter remained on all fours for a few moments yet was blind sided by a staggering Eli. The Texan continued to lay in a battery of Sledgehammer Strikes & Kicks before kicking the titan in the ribs in his pursuit. Grabbing Takeshi’s head, Eli slammed the giant’s head against the barricades to leave him staggering away...A Suicide Senton over the turnbuckle post would flatten Eli, leaving the masses to warmly celebrate the melee.

Shoji was kept at bay by Mamoru who was ordering his clan brethren to seize the momentum. Referee Hampton was at the count of 4 as Heido & Eli were steadily trading blows as Takeshi sent the Cowboy spilling over the guardrails with a stiff Clothesline! Eli managed to send Heido stumbling away with a European Uppercut only to clubbed from behind by Takeshi. Grabbed by the scruff of his tights & hair, Takeshi tossed him back inside the ring. The giant lumbered his way over the top ropes after the pleading Twin before blasting him with a Mongolian Chop. Another Mongolian Chop left the Twin lured into a Standing Head Scissors, poised for the kill as Takeshi gestured for the inevitable end. The Pumphandle by Takeshi was abruptly broken up by a desperation Double Axe Handle by Ezra, having Eli stumbled away from the lurched over giant. Enraged, the Mute Mountain Splitter spun about and gave chase with Ezra slithering over the top rope to the outside. The giant walked backward a few paces before turning toward his opposition...

Southern Justice - A stiff Clothesline from Hell

The bald titan was knocked soundly off his feet with the ailing Eli grimacing & wringing the pain from his arm. The crowd volume made it difficult to hear Ezra yelling for his brother to secure the victory, leading to a lazy Lateral Press by Eli....1! ...2! Heido saved the team with a Running Stomp to Eli’s skull before ripping him off the mat and chucking him through the ropes to the outside. In hot pursuit, the Kansai Crippler grabbed Eli by the tights and hurled him violently into the steel steps! Ezra slugged the ninja from behind and flung Heido soundly against the Spanish Announce Table before laying the hammers on Heido as Takeshi staggered away from the ring apron. Mamoru & Shoji were seen conversing before the ninja protegee quickly stormed into action and floored Ezra with a Leaping Roundhouse Kick to the skull!


Referee Kirk Hampton called for the bell as Shoji began going to work on the fallen Cowboy before Eli hopped into the scene with a vengeance to aid his brother. However, the numbers would immediately overwhelm the West Texas Terrorists, leaving the Crimson Order to wail away on the enemy while Shoji readily tore away at the Spanish Announce position, urging both Carlos Pena & J. Martinez II to head for higher ground. Mamoru was seen orchestrating the violence via his Japanese dialect as Takeshi was readily ripping the upper portion of the ring steps away. Heido used an Irish Whip to send Eli reeling from bouncing spine first against the ring apron before Shoji finished him off with a stiff Back Kick to the Face!...



The audience groaned audibly as Ezra was knocked sternly against the floor with the massive mute casting the metal obstruction aside soundly. A hint of fresh crimson was seen seeping from the fallen twin’s brow as Shoji dragged him up to both knees and draped Ezra atop the table. The Crimson Order would begin pummeling Eli as Shoji continued battering Ezra before Mamoru ordered him to step aside. Both Heido & Takeshi both dragged Eli atop the lead Announce position, much to the delight of the masses. Mamoru extended his arms outward as The Order suspended the Twin’s body upward...DOUBLE TEAM POWERBOMB THRU THE TABLE!!!

The Arena of Champions exploded as both Twins were left in a battered heap of rubble. The camera panned about to showcase the vengeful ninjas standing victorious. Takeshi would slowly extend his fists outward as Heido whipped his head back before stoically scanning the horizon. Shoji was seen nodding slowly with confirmation as Mamoru silently stood over the fallen Houston natives...


Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen, your winners of this contest, by way of DISQUALIFICATION! THE WEST TEXAS TERRORISTS!!

‘Thought Crimes’ - Extended Version by Cliff Lin would play on cue as Mamoru motioned for the clan to reconsolidate their numbers with Heido & Takeshi dropping off the lead announce position and the quartet defiantly made their way around the ring post. A few referees were seen passing along the opposing end of the ring and aiding the West Texas Terrorists who were slowly stirring with help. The ninjas were seen along alongside the rampway toward the back, having accepted the intentional loss with a definitive statement sent to the Black Faction leader & opposing clans, patiently observing the scales of power...

Winner: West Texas Terrorists via Disqualification

"Jeremy Ryan Stuff"

We were once again in the office of Damien Lee and like he didn’t have enough problems already. Earlier tonight, Sebastian Saje had stormed into the office to deal with the ongoing issue he had going with The ReVolt and The Backbone. With the issue of the former Hype roster members wreaking havoc, he didn’t need any more interruptions while he was conducting business over the phone…

…But this was wrestling. That shit wasn’t going to happen.

“I’m telling you,” Lee said, yelling into his cell phone, “It’s going to happen, okay? We’re taking this brand global and I know that we can do it…”


“I’m telling you…”


“When you see what it can do…”


Damien Lee finally looked up and saw the person standing in front of him – not a man he especially wanted to see after the stunts he pulled last week. The man in front of him made a complete mockery of their Hall of Fame last week and proceeded to piss a whole lot of other people off during his match with Muerte. Damien glanced up at “jOlt’s Last Real Man” Jeremy Ryan and closed his eyes, trying to imagine he was somewhere else.

“Bill, I’m gonna call you back in a few minutes… something ANNOYING just came up.”

He shut off his iPhone and tossed it on the desk in front of him as he glanced up at an irritated Jeremy Ryan. And judging by the last couple of weeks with WrestleCade not going his way and him taking out his aggressions verbally last week, Ryan wasn’t in the mood either.

“Oh… something ANNOYING, huh? I’ll tell YOU what’s annoying, Lee,” Ryan snapped. “Annoying is having one of your fucking cronies call met at home earlier this week telling me that I’m not on the show. So I came ask you to your face – you know, like a MAN – to ask what the hell you’re thinking?”

Damien glanced up at Ryan with an irritable look of his own.

“Oh, what DID you do last week, Ryan… you threatened one of our backstage interviewers… you proceeded to verbally take a dump all over one of our most prestigious nights in the history of this company in the Hall of Fame ceremony… you start calling YOURSELF a Hall of Famer and while you are good – I won’t refute that – you’ve been on the main roster all of five months. Mainly, this boils down to the first two things you did, but the third one I’m not going to stand for. You don’t see anybody else disparaging Hall of Famers and wrestlers, do you?”

jOlt’s Last Real Man let out a small, yet smug laugh.

“What you and everybody else fail to realize around here, Lee, is that there’s NOBODY else like me. Real Men aren’t afraid of consequences and don’t fall into the status quo just because everybody else does. Your Hall of Fame is a JOKE. Everybody associated with it is a joke. We pay respect to people like Sylo and SVJ WHY? Because YOU tell me I have to respect them? Please, “The SuperTweet” Sylo ain’t worth shit now, Brandon Blade, Eron, and KVC, and SVJ are all jokes. I could beat ALL FIVE of those fucks with one hand tied behind my back and I was rendered a paraplegic after a horrible car accident.”

Damien Lee just blew right through his tirade and came back with some words of his own.

“And THAT right there is nobody wants anything to do with you. And now I have to deal with your little Rebellion friends coming around here disrupting my shows…”

“Hey, they aren’t MY friends,” Ryan corrected. “We all came from The Hype, but eight of them don’t compare to one of me. I don’t NEED anybody else fighting my battles for me… and I think Quartermaine and Saje hate me because when we were all on the Hype together, I outclassed them every night. But that’s ancient history… what matters is now. If you don’t book me on this show, then I’ll GIVE you people worth talking about.”

“How about you just get the hell out of my office. Take the week off and think about if you still want to insult me and my company.”

Ryan turned on his heel and stormed right out of the office without another word, leaving Damien Lee to lean back in his chair a little bit.

“Well, that was smooth like a gravel road…”

"A Little Help"

We open up backstage. We see Reno Davis, Mike Extreme, and Bane Loneheart standing around some equipment cases, talking.

Extreme: "I don't understand what is with this company. It seems that time after time people are trying to take jOlt for themselves. I'm kind of really getting sick of it. Now we have The Rebellion running around and Damien Lee is giving into their demands. I swear.. Lee is losing his spine more and more as the weeks go on."

Davis: "Why do you think I got you three together? This isn't the first time we've faced an outside threat. Remeber when jOlt purchased LoC and people like Derecho, Sylo, and Superstar Vince Jacobs just walked on here and started throwing their weight around.. not respecting our history? It seems it's happening again and come hell or high water, I'm not going to let it happen.. not this time."

Loneheart: "But now we get to face them at Breakdown, but we're missing an eighth.. plus, I'm not too sure we can trust reVolt. I know Sanchez Cano is trying to make good with Total Conquest and SDL and Persephone.. they're trustworthy, but after seeing Mattock running around here for the past year.. I just have a funny feeling about it."

Davis: "Well you're right. Mattock is something we have to watch out for. Trust me.. I've wrestled him many times to know what goes through his mind. I think we should get together with them, though.. at least to make sure we can get them all on the same page."

They all nodded in agreement.

Davis: "Now there's just the issue of finding an eighth"

"I'll do it" said a voice from off camera.

The three turn around.. The camera pans over, but there's nobody there. The three of them look down and so does the camera. The crowd pops as it's been a while since we've seen him around..

BIG Little Italy!!

Italy: "Being a jOlt original, I share the sentiment. If you let me.. I'll be your eighth."

Davis looked at the other three and they all seemed to silently agree.

Davis: "Sounds like a plan to me."

Davis and Italy shook hands! The match has now been official set! Eight versus Eight.. Elimination Style at Breakdown!!

"The Harsh Reality of War"

The arena goes pitch black as an eerie noise is heard throughout the arena. The fans try to look around through the darkness but can hardly see their hand in front of their face. Cellphone cameras started to light up the arena as the noise continued to get louder. Suddenly the jOltvision starts to light up with a black and white picture of an old abandoned building. The camera panned around to see a vast area on an island overlooking the Patapsco River as a little girl's voice is heard.

"War is upon jOlt and this place is as great as any for the boogeyman to get ready for an impending confrontation with the man known as the King of Hell. The acclimation of war is far more terrifying than war itself. Last week Derecho stepped into something he is not ready for….

The camera panned to the front of the fort to see the large monstrous Underground Champion, Omega sitting near the broken down entranceway. He was dressed in army fatigues and had a black hoodie on.

“The proclamation of war is upon us. jOlt has succumb to the ominous force of the Rebellion wanting to be notice and creating a stir within the ranks of the jOlt roster. They are using force to get their message across which has drawn a line in the sand for the current roster members. We cannot be bothered with such trivial and blatant cajoling for attention. The war that we will be involved will be more brutal and chaotic than anything that jOlt’s has ever witnessed.”

The champion walked around the small island in Baltimore, Maryland. He stopped at some abandoned weaponry before speaking again. The champion never removed his hoodie as the arena continued to be dark while watching the black and white screen on the jOltvision.

“Derecho, you see we are centered in rationality and light, arrayed in lunacy and obscurities, sealing out anguish and grief to those, who are foolish enough to approach us. Mr. King of Hell you were thrown into this life of mayhem and destruction, however we were born into it. We have been dealing devastation for most of our lives. You on the other hand have been pretending to be ruler of the abyss. We are the Tsar of Pain and anarchy. The carnage that you have left in your wake while holding onto this championship is nothing compared to pain and bloodshed that we leave.”

“Last week we wanted to put the final nail in the coffin of the Widow’s Nest which we did. Now war has risen upon our doorstep and you were not even polite enough to knock.”

Omega chuckled to himself.

“In Derecho fashion you kicked the door in with reckless abandon. Now since you entered our domain uninvited you will be dealt with. You have faced the likes of Sylo, Ninja K and others that have opposed you when you held this championship. The problem is you have never faced anyone that is more unpredictable then we are. We are not like Sylo, he had boundaries and we do not. He did not understand the meaning how pain can set someone free. Derecho you understand how pain can destroy, we on the other hand realize how pain can liberate.”

The Underground Champion sat near some more rubble in the middle of the fort.

“Last week you got the better of us, but whenever we meet in the ring you better be prepared for something that you’ve never seen before.´

The jOltvision turned to static, but then switched scenes to Derecho sitting in the backstage area, watching the show on a television monitor. Derecho grinned while he rubbed his chin.

"Cute..", stated Derecho.

Derecho simply grinned as he stood up and exited. The scene faded to black.

Sarah Winterton vs Alyssa Corliss

Yet another gloating session to some of the other Starlets on the jOlt roster led to the next match at hand. Sarah Winterton had confronted some of the other Starlets with her championship and while touting her own greatness, she was cut off by one Alyssa Corliss. She came to the defense of Hype alumni “Dragonfly” Amber Ryann and Charlotte, the previous champion and challenged Winterton to a match tonight. Despite all that Alyssa had been through both professionally in The Hype and her much-publicized split with the former Hype Champion Sebastian Saje, Alyssa was now going it alone. Could she pull out the upset of all upsets tonight against the arrogant and talented Starlet Champion?


Let’s find out, sucka!

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall...” Brent Williams announced. “…And with us at this time on behalf of Sarah Winterton, her personal assistant… DESTA!

The portly woman that made her debut on last week’s edition of iNtense stood in the ring wearing a dark blue business suit and black heels. The snob turned her attention to the entrance and looked out to the jeering crowd.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please rise and provide a standing a woman with the kindness of Mother Teresa... the woman with the grace of Queen Elizabeth… the power and influence of Oprah Winfrey… and better hair than Michelle Obama… She is YOUR Queen of the Starlets! SARAH… WHITNEY… WINTERTON!

"Pageant (Instrumental)" by Moi Dix Mois

The former Heiress stepped out from the backstage area. She feels she has ascended to the Queen position.. especially since she was holding that Starlet Championship over her shoulder. Winterton had a look of disgust as she stood atop the entrance ramp and gazed down at the ring at her competition. It was no secret that Sarah thought it was unfair for her to defend her title in such a way and the look on her face backed up those claims.

Sarah walked down to the ring with a certain swagger about her. Her high society and posh attitude was displayed perfectly as she walked around ringside toward the announce position. She walked up the ringsteps and stayed in the corner. She beckoned the referee over to her to give up the Starlet Championship as if she were nothing more than a mere servant as she waited for her opponent.

“Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse.

The music played and while the introduction was far less of a spectacle than that of her opponent, that didn’t stop the fans from taking to one of the Hype’s best Starlets! The woman that challenged Sarah Winterton to a match tonight showed no trepidation in the face of her opponent or her snobby assistant at ringside and she was looking forward to an opportunity like this.

“And her opponent… hailing from Redmond, Washington, weighing in at 135 pounds… ALYSSA CORLISS!

The young prodigy headed to the ring and slapped hands with the fans on her way to the ring while Winterton and Desta looked unimpressed. Winterton had fought Corliss once before and Corliss came up on the losing end, but tonight was a different set of circumstances. Corliss was better than she’d ever been and could very well pull of the upset. She rolled into the ring and glared at the Queen of the Starlets with contempt as Kim Adams called for the bell.


Sarah Winterton and Alyssa Corliss came face to face in the ring before locking up. Sarah quickly adjusted herself and shot her right over with a rudimentary Fireman’s Carry to roll her aside right into a pin.


Corliss kicked out while Winterton rolled away from her with a big bright smirk on her face. She had a dearth of wrestling experience of her own and showed adeptness as perhaps the Starlet division’s best technician. A determined Corliss didn’t let her get to her and came back up again for a big move only for Winterton to pick her down with a Single-Leg…



Twice now Sarah had the advantage in the early going as she got back to her feet and laughed.

“Keep trying, Darling!” Winterton laughed.

Corliss slapped a fist on the mat and stood up again before they locked up a third time. She grabbed at Winterton and ducked behind her before going for a Headlock on the Starlet Champion. Sarah backed her off the ropes and shot her forward. She ducked underneath a Clothesline off the rebound and when she came back she slid between Winterton’s legs and when she turned around, she ate a quick kick and caught her with a Schoolgirl pin!




She was picked up and tried again to take the fight to Winterton with a Neckbreaker variation, but Sarah used some quick thinking to free herself and rolled out of the move before throwing a European Uppercut her way. She turned her around and hooked her before DROPPING her into the canvas with a Snap Suplex! The Queen of the Starlets rolled to her feet and as Corliss tried to get up, she ran off the nearby ropes and landed a stiff kick to the face! Desta clapped for her boss as she went for a cover on Corliss!




Corliss kicked out but Sarah stayed on the attack quickly. She cradled Alyssa’s head in a headlock and went with some unwomanly elbows to the top of the head to wear out the Redmond native as best she could.

“You cannot hope to challenge me, Darling!”

She pulled her up to her feet only to snatch her up and throw her into the nearest corner. Winterton chopped her in the chest and followed up with a European Uppercut. She chopped and uppercutted her opponent some more as she ducked her before throwing two knees to the head. Winterton finished off the combo by pulling her into a big Short-Arm Clothesline!

Winterton continued to circle around the fallen body of Alyssa Corliss while making another faux wave to the crowd as they started to boo.


Desta clapped politely on the outside and watched her boss continue to exert some more force on her. Winterton waited for her to stand and tried to set her up for a Cross-arm Neckbreaker, but Corliss turned around and shoved her into the corner. She charged but ate another stiff European Uppercut from the Queen that rocker her good and she followed that up with a Running Knee Lift! Corliss went down to the canvas and a smug Winterton continued to mock her opponent.

“My darling, I hope this isn’t the best you can do!”

She reached down to connect with another move only for The Redmond native to roll her up quickly with a Small Package pin!




The Queen of the Starlets was almost caught off-guard by the move! Alyssa tried to capitalize on her momentum, but once again she was cut off with a big Running Dropkick to the face! Every time that Alyssa tried to muster up any sort of offense, The Queen of the Starlets was shutting her down at every turn. Winterton took a mock curtsy for the crowd before scooping Alyssa Corliss back up and throwing her to the corner. Desta continued to clap and cheer and motioned to the crowd to do the same, but they were having none of it and booed the portly assistant to Sarah. Said Queen was in the ring and charged, connecting with a Flying Cross Body to the corner!

Corliss went down and crumbled out of the corner while Winterton headed to the ring apron. She slipped back through the ropes and headed to the second rope with another wave before following up with a Front Missile Dropkick! Alyssa bounced back from the kick and the impact sent her rolling over onto her stomach! The Queen of the Starlets laughed as she rolled over and made a rather lackadaisical lateral press.




The crowd was in the corner of the young Corliss as she tried to escape the clutches of the two-faced Starlet Champion. Winterton went to a nice-looking chancery-like submission while keeping Corliss grounded in the seated position. She twisted and torqued the neck in an uncomfortable position for Alyssa.

“Do you give up?” Referee Kim Adams asked.


Alyssa started to try and get back to her knees as Sarah Winterton frantically shook her head. She tried gain to get back up only for Alyssa to eat a couple of knees to the face while being trapped in the Cravate submission. She turned around and Forearm Smashed Sarah’s pretty little face several times before grabbing her by the head and dropping her with a desperation Facebuster!

Corliss and Winterton were both down on the canvas now with Corliss trying to pound the mat. The fans clapped in tune with the young Starlet as she tried to get to her feet. Right behind her Sarah Winterton went to the corner and waited as an angry Corliss tried to charge at her. All she got was an elbow for her troubles that knocked her back a few steps! Alyssa Corliss let out a roar that was reciprocated by the appreciative crowd as she took her over with a Snap Suplex! Corliss hung onto Winterton and propped her back to her feet only to take her down HARD with a Snap Swinging Neckbreaker! She quickly rolled over and tried to go for the win!




Close one by the Redmond native but The Queen of the Starlets held the Starlet Title for so long for a reason. Desta was nearly biting her nails until she remembered that wasn’t a good thing. Alyssa tried to pick her up off the ground again only for Winterton to surprise her with a rapid Jawbreaker! She quickly twisted the arms around of Corliss…


The Cross-Arm Neckbreaker caught her perfectly and now Winterton was taking this a little more seriously now as she went in for the kill.




“What? No!” Winterton shouted to Kim Adams. “I know that your education has failed you, but surely you can count to three!”

“I know how to count, that was two!” Adams yelled right back.

She barked too long at Adams and Alyssa Corliss was starting to rise again. When Winterton charged at her in the nearby corner, the fleet-footed Corliss quickly jumped between the ropes and sent her crashing into the corner! Winterton bounced back while Corliss started to head to the top rope. The Redmond native was waving to the fans who were cheering along with her as she jumped off the top rope with a BIG Diving Cross Body!




So close to the upset, she was!


She continued to put the pressure on The Queen of the Starlets and weathered the storm she was bringing tonight! Alyssa got back to her feet and stomped, waiting for the Starlet Champion to do the same. After the last couple weeks that she had between The Hype and this witch of a champion lording it over everybody, somebody finally needed to shut her the fuck up.

She yanked Winterton up by the hair when Desta went into full-on panic mode and frantically yelled for her to stop ruining the Queen’s hair! Sarah booted her in the gut and tried to roll her up using her Captivating pin variation that she beat Corliss with last time!




“No!” Winterton was freaking out now. Corliss wasn’t going away! She picked her up and pushed her to the ropes. She was looking to finish her off with the Beauty Queen Suplex and shoved her to the ropes looking for her Chaos Theory variation, but Alyssa KEPT on holding on and rolled her up again!




Winterton frantically kicked out, but Corliss had kicked out of one of her big moves and just reversed her finisher! She pulled her up and DROPPED Corliss with a hard DDT into the canvas to finally shut her down! She needed something big in order to stop her and thought it over as she gestured to Desta on the outside.

“Retrieve my belt, Desta, now!” Winterton barked.

She nodded and headed over to the corner where she retrieved her belt and slid the Starlet Championship into the ring. Winterton picked it up, but Kim Adams wasn’t having any of that shit and stopped her in her tracks.

“No!” Adams yelled.

Adams took the belt away, but she used this same trick on Amber Ryann at WrestleCade… she had the sparkling customized Brass Knuckles! The ones that won her the title and the one that let her retain it against Amber Ryann…


No, I wasn’t making sure you were still paying attention, the crowd cheered as the Dragonfly ran out from the crowd and snatched the knuckles from her as she tried to use them!


Ryann took the knuckles and threw them halfway up the ramp! The crowd was cheering and she wasn’t paying attention as Alyssa Corliss got back to her feet and waited behind her…


She nailed it! Her finisher, the Sit-out Gourdbuster! She straight up PLANTED Winterton into the canvas while Desta was throwing a goddamn fit on the outside while Alyssa went for the cover! The place was going nuts!





The Redmond native was going nuts and she looked in a state of shock as she beat her fist down on the canvas! The Hype Starlet just did the unthinkable and scored the biggest win of her career by pinning the reigning champion! Amber Ryann had stuck it to Sarah Winterton once again just as she did last week and clapped for the big victory.

“Here is your winner of the match… ALYSSA CORLISS!

Desta was in absolute astonishment and handed the Starlet Title back to the fallen Winterton who didn’t’ know which way was up. Corliss weathered the onslaught, found her opening and she had just made her career here tonight! Alyssa rolled out of the ring and she and The Dragonfly shared a celebratory hug with one another before Ryann raised the hand of Corliss! An angry Winterton was coming around and saw what Amber Ryann had done.


Winterton and Desta were disgusted with this turn of events, but it seemed that other Starlets were now rising to the challenge of The Queen. First Amber Ryann and now Alyssa Corliss.

It was a new day in the division and tonight, Alyssa Corliss had arrived.

Winner: Alyssa Corliss via Pinfall

"Got Off on the Wrong Foot"

The scene opened up backstage as The Rebellion were discussing the upcoming tag match later in the evening. All of a sudden, Jon Le Bon strolled up with a shopping cart filled with flowers, prints of his t-shirt, as well as other assorted gifts.

Le Bon: "I think we all got off on the wrong foot last week so I basically went out and bought all this stuff to give to you guys as a welcoming present!"

Saje walked up and took a look at the stuff in the cart.

Saje: "You bought all of this? Including your own shirts?"

Le Bon: "Of course! I get royalties off the sales!"

Donavan: "But, wouldn't that mean you spent more money than you're going to make off of this?"

Le Bon: "Yup!"

They were all kind of taken aback by the fact that Le Bon was actually aware he screwed himself.

Saje: "Well.. this is a nice gesture and everything, but it doesn't change the fact that we still want nothing to do with you. If memory serves me correct, I believe I told you NOT to come near us ever again.. and yet... here you are."

Le Bon smiled.

Le Bon: "Of course! I can't stay away! You all are my friends and it's great seeing you here! All I want us to do is rekindle our relationships with each other. Maybe we can sit around a campfire and make some oars and sing Kumbaya or whatever it is males do to bond these days."

This was when Seraph stepped up and came face to.. well.. chest with Le Bon.

Le Bon: "Oh don't be so grumpy.. I have a t-shirt in your size too!"

Le Bon reached into the basket and pulled out a T-Shirt. It said "I'm A Le Boner" on the front of it in bright pink letters. On the back it read "Raging Hard since 2014". Le Bon held up the shirt on Seraph.

Le Bon: Yeah.. this looks like it would fit.. maybe you should try it o....HURK!

Seraph grabbed Le Bon by the neck and then choke slammed him into the shopping cart stuff with all of the gifts be brought them. Sebastian Saje walked up alongside Seraph and grinned. He gave him a pat on the back and then The Rebellion turned and exited.

"You Catch More Flies with Cano Than With Mattock"

Backstage we open with Mattock and Sanchez Cano. They're both standing outside the locker room of Total Conquest.

Mattock: "Are you positive that this is going to work?

Cano: "Trust me, esse. This is going to only benefit everyone."

Cano then knocked on the door. After a few moments, it opened and Persephone was standing there.

Persephone: "Come on in.. we were expecting you."

Mattock looked puzzled. It seemed that Cano had already arranged for all of this to happen. Nevertheless they entered and the door closed. We were then taken inside of the locker room where Sephiroth Du Luc was already sitting on a black leather couch. Persephone joined him as Sanchez Cano took a seat in a chair adjacent to them. Mattock remained standing.

Cano: "Thanks for agreeing to see us. You see.. reVolt has always been about trying to strengthen numbers. To band together and achieve success. Not many people knew that, though, because, let's face it. Mattock here.. well he's not exactly known for being persuasive in that regard. In fact, he can be kind of an ass."

Mattock snapped his head at Cano and shot him a look as if to say "Really!?"

Cano: "We all have a common enemy now. Damien Lee put us into a match against The Rebellion at Breakdown, but I think we can find success beyond that. I think if you guys joined us in reVolt, we could not only play off each others strengths and increase our chances of winning at Breakdown, but it will only make all of us stronger as a whole. Plus it helps to have two extra people always watching your back."

Du Luc and Persephone looked at each other. They shrugged and Du Luc turned his attention back to Cano.

Du Luc: "And what about him? Can he be trusted?"

Mattock began to speak....

Mattock: "Trusted? Are my impeccable attributes really misguidi...."

....but then he was cut off by Cano.

Cano: "No.. just don't say anything. Trust me.. just.. don't.. talk."

Mattock once again shot Cano a "Really!?" look.

Cano: "Yes.. I can personally vouch for him being trustworthy. I'll take full responsibility if he falls out of line."

Du Luc and Persephone stood. Cano did as well.

Du Luc: "Well then.. we accept your offer. We'll join reVolt and together, let's get rid of The Rebellion."

Cano shook their hands as Mattock stood there a bit perplexed.

Mattock: "Wait.. are you telling me that actually worked?"

Cano: "You'd be surprised what the results would be when you don't say anything that ends up pissing them off."

Mattock: "Hmph.. who knew?"

Mattock shrugged and then shook Du Luc and Persephone's hand. With that.. reVolt gained two new members and it seems they were all on the same page heading towards Breakdown!

Eiji Kugasari vs Araknis

”Caught In A Web” by Dream Theater

An ominous chorus of boos would resonate as the jOltvision screens would flicker violently to life. A literal parade of arachnid centric graphics, high risk & vile acts would be set on display as the extreme aerialist of the Widow’s Nest was the 1st to appear from the backstage area. His peers would follow suit to stand unified as a defiant show of force. The diminutive mistress would proudly look at her personal army amidst the hate.

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for 1 Fall...Introducing 1st, from Parts Unknown....Accompanied to the ring by Wolf Spider, Muerte & the Black Widow...Representing the Widow’s Nest...Weighting in at 205 pounds....ARAKNIS!!!

The renown hunters of the reigning jOlt Underground Champion, Omega, the Widow’s Nest would casually descent unto the ringside area. Both Wolf Spider & Muerte would stand as security as Black Widow escorted Araknis toward the ring before allowing him to enter the squared circle on his own. Wringing both arms & shoulders the nimble flyweight would begin pacing along the canvas. Casting a hardened stare out into a turbulent sea of disgruntled fans. However, the abrupt retreat of arena lighting summoned the masses to shift the polarity of their amassed voices on cue...

”Dawn Awaits - Extended Version

A revised video signature was seen streaming along both jOltvision screens as a lone silhouette was seen standing before advancing toward the apex of the rampway. The regimented martial arts katas would ensure before executing a Double Roundhouse Kick and punching the grated metal earth. A brilliant flash would followed by a massive upheaval of smoke and crowd responded as Eiji’s reinforcements were seen ascending to their feet. Shoji. Mamoru. Heido & Takeshi were on hand, training their eyes on their opposition.

Carrington: “...and his opponent, accompanied to the ring by Mamoru. Shoji & The Crimson Order...from The Okayama Prefecture of Ibara, Japan...Weighting in at 195 pounds...He’s ’The Blood Raven’...EIJI!! KUGASARI!!!

The former jOlt champion cast a short glance to his immediate flanks before they began their march toward the ringside area. Both Wolf Spider & Muerte were ordered by the Black Widow herself to reconsolidate her forces as the Inogami Clan assumed a defensive front on the opposing side of the ringside area. Eiji would casually pull himself onto the ring apron as referee Ian Nguyen was seen keeping Araknis at bay. Wiping his feet along the apron, Kugasari passed through the ropes. The music waned yet the crowd adulation for pending violent remained. The Black Widow’s reinforcements were hungrily pacing about along the ring’s outskirts as the Inogami Clan assumed the posture of seiza. Mamoru stoically expelled a long trail of smoke from his cigar while adjusting his lapels, slowly nodding...

Crowd: “...jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! ...
Nyugen briefly checked both combatant’s level of readiness before signaling for the opening bell. 1st ever meeting of both rival camps and opponents for the masses to savor as both Araknis & Eiji began to encircle the middle of the ring. Eyes ever shifting, the fleet-footed duo would eventually tie up with both men forcing the other to a knee. Tussling. Eiji quickly floored Araknis with a swift Side Headlock Takedown. However, the slippery cruiserweight slithered out with a taunt Kneeling Armbar yet a prompt Single Handstand to his feet relieved the pressure to respond with a grinding Arm Wringer. The arachnid clad anarchist tumbled forward to his feet & followed through with an expedient Fireman’s Carry Takeover yet the former Heavyweight Champion landed on his feet yet Araknis utilized a Standing Back Flip to his feet to evade the impending Buzzsaw Kick. Irish Whip by Araknis. Reversal by Eiji sent the high flyer rebounding from the ropes. A Diving Somersault to his feet evaded the Snap Kick to the midsection, allotting Araknis to hit the cables hard.

A Standing Shoulder Block dropped Kugasari to the mat. Araknis strode to the opposing ropes as the ninja executed a Kip Up into a Kneeling Posture. Eiji’s High Hip Toss was countered by a Monkey Flip by Araknis who deftly landed on both feet. The crowd continued cheering as Araknis used a Kick Up back his feet yet Eiji grounded him with a Single Leg Trip, hooking the legs deep...1! Araknis shoved Kugasari off with both men scrambling to their feet. A Snap Hurrincanrana Pin by the Pearl & Onyx clad Spider before rolling backward to his feet and drilling Eiji with a Basement Dropkick! Muerte & Wolf Spider were slapping the canvas as Araknis hooked the leg deep...1! Kugasari shoved his opposition away. Araknis ducked underneath the expedient Leaping Roundhouse Kick yet his intended Forearm Strike to the midsection was thwarted by Eiji’s One Leg Front Flip to begin his dead sprint toward the opposing ropes. A torrid Side Headlock Takedown by Araknis was immediately opposed with a Leg Scissors counter. Both aerialists scrambled to their feet...

Tenzo Ken- An Iron Claw STO

The impact prompted Araknis to roll over onto his side yet Eiji made the cover! ....1! ....2! Kickout and the Black Widow’s disciple quickly rolled off the ring apron. The Widow’s Nest recollected their fallen brethren as Kugasari swivled to his feet, beat his fist against his chest & adamantly beckoned for Araknis to return to the ring. Mamoru raised his cigar to support his brethren as the Crimson Order remained firm, watching the movements of the opposing faction. The calculating mistress corralled her army briefly before all were in accord and Araknis climbed back onto ring apron and was about to reenter the ring when the Black Widow ordered him to climb back down. Still cradling the back of his head, Araknis dropped down, slapped the ring apron and slowly walked backwards a few paces before the Widow’s Nest began a slow retreat past the lead announce position. The booing masses were heard in unison as Eiji inaudibly argued with referee Nyugen as Muerte carried & set the Black Widow over the barricades before following suit. Araknis hopped over the rails with Wolf Spider casting a calloused stare back at entire Inogami Clan.




Eiji was seen resting his hands on both hips with Crimson Order & Shoji rising to their feet and staring back at the retreating party...





Eiji climbed to the top turnbuckle and inaudibly motioned to rival clan to send Araknis back. The hulking muscle of the Widow’s Nest would cautiously climb over the barricades and hold court. The entire arena radiating with massive heat...





The Blood Raven gnarled his fists from atop the turnbuckles as the Widow’s Nest turned away and slowly delved deeper into the turbulent sea of negative heat. Mamoru was seen marshaling his fellow Inogami Clan officers together as Kugasari shook his head in muffled disgust as the referee inaudibly sought to coerce Eiji to step down...

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen, your winners of this contest, by way of COUNTOUT! EIJI!! KUGASARI!!!
The Arena of Champions reverberated the waves of ominous jeers from the crowd as Eiji sternly snatched his arm from Nyugen’s hand while staring back at him before ”Dawn Awaits - Extended Version escaped from the PA system on cue. Mamoru motioned for Eiji to rejoin their ranks as the Crimson Order provided passive security to their flanks. Eiji’s jaw shifted before descending from the ring apron and leading the ninja troupe up the ramp way. Both Takeshi & Shoji were seen covering the warring party’s flanks...

Winner: Eiji Kugasari via Countout

"Throwback Thursday... on a Sunday"

Donny Layne was backstage at the ready for another upcoming interview. As he is wont to do, said Donny Layne had microphone in hand as he greeted the viewing audience.

“Hello, folks. With me at this time before their match with the Widow’s Nest later tonight, I’ve got three men at this time…”

With a sigh, he shook his head. It had been a while since he had the chance to interview the people he was about to speak with, but the time had finally come.

“…Frank Silver, Ryan Gallway, and Mack Brody… The Heirs of Wrestling.”

If the crowd were to collectively pop a boner right about now, they probably would’ve with how excited they were for the three men – two of them making their first appearance since WrestleCade – Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway. The big Bronze Bomber, Mack Brody, was behind them and patted both his friends on the shoulder. Donny Layne looked a little uncomfortable to be around them, but let’s look at why…

When the Heirs were… shall we say… dickheaded assholes instead of the slightly less-but-still-mostly dickheaded fan favorites they are today, they had antagonized Donny Layne on a weekly basis just because they were bored and randomly chose a jOlt employee to antagonize… no, I’m not kidding. But ever since the crowd had warmed up to the Heirs in the last several months, Frank, Ryan, and Mack seemed to have a lot more fun and cut Donny Layne slack…

“Layne Staley… how’s it hanging?” Frank asked.

Gallway looked offended by Donny’s presence. “Okay, we’re good guys now, but we’re going to be doing a little bit of Throwback Thursday these fucking kids are all doing about… tonight, I’m reserving my right to be an asshole… Donny, fix your tie, you look like a douchebag.”

“It’s Sunday, Ry-no,” Mack corrected.

…Okay, so they had a lot more fun anyway. Donny adjusted his tie and proceeded to try and do his job with the least amount of resistance possible.

“Tonight, Frank, you and Ryan Gallway will be taking on The Widow’s Nest. With all these tag teams fighting for a spot against The Hands of the Cause and with you guys just narrowly missing a chance to become three-time Tag Champions at WrestleCade, what is your mindset going into this match?”

“Well... cut to the quick, why don’t you?” Silver snarked. “The Hands… what can we say? We’ve beaten them before and PROVED we could do it, but when the belts were on the line, they outmuscled us and got the better of us… but that was ONE night. While they are coming up in OUR house, talking all sorts of noise about how we’re pretenders and how we don’t belong, they need to remember who helped MAKE those titles! These three men right here! These three guys helped BUILD those title that you disrespect week in and week out. Rest assured, Donny Wahlberg, we are not done by a goddamn longshot as long as our dongs!”

“Pretty big dongs, man,” Brody added behind him.

“The Widow’s Nest put up one hell of a fight against Omega… but tonight, what they need to worry about is US. We’re tired of sitting on the sidelines. Those Tag Team Titles mean the goddamn world to us and it doesn’t matter how or when… sooner or later, those belts will return home! We respect the hell out of The Widow’s Nest for what they’ve achieved so far.”

“Oh, yeah?” Donny asked curiously.


Laughter erupted from the crowd as Donny Layne rolled his eyes.

“Switching gears now to you, Mack Brody… last week after your most recent in a string of victories you’ve have in singles competition, you called out Ninja K of all people and challenged him to a singles match. Care to share any light into that decision?”

“I will,” said the man nicknamed SuperMack. “Like I said last week… Ninja K is an incredible athlete, ultra-tough, decorated… he’s a man that I want to have the pedigree of one day. I see guys like that arrogant little prick, Landon Stevens and Ninja K’s own student, Eiji Kugasari, making moves night in and night out… and I want that level of success, too. As sexy as I am, as badass as I look… it don’t mean a damn thing if you can’t back it up in the ring.”

Frank and Ryan nodded along with their musclebound friend as he continued.

“I want that success and I’m not going to sit around and wait for it to come to me. I need to take the opportunity, knock that door down and tell goddamn jOlt that it’s time for MACKTION! And I can’t think of a better way to prove that I’m READY to make things happen by taking on one of jOlt’s most talented and decorated men. Ninja K, I’m still waiting for an answer and I hope that you can hear this. Make it happen. Accept my challenge and let’s give these fucking people a show to be proud of!”

The crowd cheered for the Heirs of Wrestling’s heavy as Donny Layne concluded.

“A lot of people would love to see that confrontation. And good luck to you guys tonight.”

Gallway… who still wasn’t clear on the concept of Throwback Thursday or even the fact that it’s in fact Sunday… continued his rant.



Silver finally got fed up with Ryan and clocked him in the back of the head!

“Okay, we’re done here. Deuces, Donny.”

Frank chucked the deuces and he and Mack headed off in opposite directions while Gallway rubbed the back of his head in pain. He took off his cowboy hat and winced before he caught a glance of Donny actually snickering at him.

“Dude, not professional, man,” Gallway chided.

The Hipster Heartthrob left to follow Frank to get ready for their tag team match.

"The Odds Are Against You"

The jOlt-Vision flickered to life for the fans in attendance.

A lone flashing Ace of Spades appeared.


Scenes of the long gone Team EGO – Craig Thomas and The Strangler – one powerbombed through table and the other being hit with a Muscle Buster through a table exploding into thousands of little splinters.


Members of The Heirs of Wrestling – Mack Brody, Frank Silver and Ryan Gallaway – being tortured and punished by two big monsters…

Muscle Busters through more tables.

Powerbombs galore through the announce table.


Various teams all laid out at their feet…

The West Texas Terrorists…

The Crimson Order…

Red and Ted…

Driven into barricades…

Thrown off stages…


More destruction and mayhem as the crowd starts cheering and roaring at the top of their lungs, begging for more…


The familiar image of the fiery redhead raising the Starlets Championship as the two large men hold the jOlt Tag Team Titles…


Mike Extreme & Reno Davis vs Sayber & Michael Donavan

Damien Lee had made the match earlier in the evening. While The Rebellion felt it was nothing more than a consolation prize, they still elected to go through with it. For the first time, we were about to see The Rebellion in action.

"13 Steps to Nowhere" by Pantera

Out from the backstage area stepped Reno Davis and Mike Extreme to cheers from the crowd. The duo walked down the ramp with purpose as they knew tonight it was time to prove something. It was time to prove that nobody can walk into jOlt and just run roughshod over the entire roster. The Rebellion made their goals clear and Reno Davis wanted to stop them in their tracks before those goals could be met.

Davis and Extreme enter the ring. They didn't pose for the cameras, nor did they pander to the fans. Tonight.. they were all about being focused and getting business taken care of. As they stood in the ring and gazed back upon the entrance ramp the lights in the arena dimmed low.

"Machine" by Downstait

The official theme for The Rebellion hit the PA speakers as Sayber and Michael Donavan stepped out from the backstage area. They were the ones appointed by Damien Lee to face Reno Davis and Mike Extreme here tonight. This was going to be The Rebellion's first test and all eyes were laid upon them.. Many wanted to see failure, but many felt that this was just an inevitable beating just waiting to happen.

Sayber and Donavan entered the ring and didn't go for any sneak attacks. They simply talked strategy and it was decided that Sayber and Reno Davis would start the match out. Donavan and Extreme stepped out and the referee called for the bell.




Reno and Sayber circled each other in the ring and then locked up. Sayber twisted the arm of Reno and then drove the point of the elbow right into the shoulder blade. Sayber with another twist and he forced Reno face first into the canvas. Sayber quickly went for a cover, but only got a fleeting one count before Reno kicked out. Sayber threw Reno onto his back and went for another cover, pressing against Sayber's head with a forearm...



Kick out by Davis

Sayber brought Davis up and hit a knife edge chop across the chest. Sayber was trying quick tactics in order to tire Davis out early and that chop to the chest made it difficult to breathe, furthering along his strategy. Reno turned to face Sayber, but ate a standing drop kick and then found himself in another quick cover...



Reno kicked out again

Sayber sat Reno up and went to the ropes. He came back and hit a running kick to the chest and made, yet, another cover.



Reno kicked out, spending even more energy

These little things start to pile up as Reno, while not tired yet, was breathing a little bit heavier than Sayber at the moment. Sayber took notice of this and pulled Reno to his feet. He hit another knife edge chop and then a third as Reno staggered to the corner. Sayber then sent him to the opposite side with an irish whip, then charged in, but ate a boot to the face as Reno countered!

Reno hopped up onto the middle turnbuckle and front flipped, hooking Sayber by the head and nailing a Blockbuster Neckbreaker. Reno rolled to his corner and tagged in the powerhouse, Mike Extreme!

Extreme entered the ring and pulled Sayber up to his feet. He then scoop slammed Sayber back down and headed to the corner. He hopped up onto the middle turnbuckle and leapt off with a Second Rope Knee Drop, but Sayber rolled out of the way and Extreme crashed and burned on the canvas! Sayber reached out and made the tag to his muscle, Michael Donavan!

Donavan, being 6'10", would seem like a big man, but he moved like a Flyweight. As Extreme staggered to his feet, Donavan charged in and hit a rolling leg sweep from behind, putting Extreme on his back. Donavan quickly stood, got into position and nailed a standing moonsault!! Even the live crowd couldn't believe a man of his height was able to pull that off! It was a move that he called the Phantom Image and he used it to get into a pinning combination with Mike Extreme...



Extreme powered out of the pin.

Extreme got back to his feet, but Donavan backed into the ropes and hit a running stomp, putting Extreme back onto the canvas. Donavan then went to the corner and ascended the turnbuckles to the very top. He hesitated for a moment and then flipped off with a Top Rope Moonsault, but...


Extreme had moved out of the way and Donavan slammed into the canvas! Donavan staggered back up to his feet when Extreme built up momentum and leapt into the air, hitting a Leaping Lariat that took Donavan back down! Extreme quickly pulled Donavan up and placed him between his legs, looking for a powerbomb, but Donavan countered by going for what looked like a Back Body Drop, but he held onto Extreme and cradled his head with his right arm. He then hooked Extreme's leg with his left arm... the position was Extreme was draped across Donavan's back. Donavan then spun, tilting to the side and driving the back of Extreme's head into the canvas with an Inside Cradle Driver!! The way Donavan landed, he was already in a pin with the leg hooked!



Extreme kicked out!

Donavan tagged Sayber back into the match and Sayber walked over and put the boots to Extreme, trying to keep him down. Sayber then pulled Extreme to his feet where he picked him up onto his shoulders, but Extreme wriggled free and fell behind Sayber. Extreme then shoved Sayber into the ropes and nailed a kidney shot as Sayber rebounded. Extreme shoved Sayber into the ropes again, and again hit another kidney shot. Extreme went for it a third time, but this time, Extreme flat out elbowed Sayber in the back of the head, possibly knocking him out cold!!!

Extreme turned him over, making the cover!



Sayber kicked out!

Extreme pulled Sayber back up and then hoisted him onto his shoulders. Extreme showed some agility by hitting a Fireman's Carry Roll toward his corner and tagging Reno Davis back into the match. Davis went up to the top turnbuckle pad and took aim. He flipped off with a Corkscrew Shooting Star Press that connected and the fans showed their appreciation for the move, but the drama intensified as Davis had the cover!



Sayber kicked out!

Davis brought Sayber back up, but Sayber broke free with a Jawbreaker. Davis staggered back as Sayber grabbed him and wrapped his arm around Reno's neck. He was looking for a Uranage Slam, but Davis countered with a pair of elbows to the side of the head. Davis then took off to the ropes, rebounding with a running clothesline, but Sayber ducked and hooked Davis around the neck, hitting the Uranage Slam.. the Sayber Driver!! Sayber held on and pulled Davis back to his feet, with the arm still wrapped around his neck. He lifted him up and nailed another Sayber Driver!! Sayber continued to hold on, pulling Davis back up. He then scooped him up into his arms before spinning Davis around and planting him with a Swinging Sayber Driver!! Sayber then made the cover...



Extreme came in and broke it up!

While the referee was distracted with Mike Extreme, Sayber grabbed Reno by the leg and dragged him back to his corner where he tagged Michael Donavan back into the match. Donavan stepped in and stomped on Davis. Donavan pulled him to his feet, but Davis quickly countered with a toe kick and then...


Donavan dropped to his hands and knees and Davis took off to the ropes, but when Davis rebounded, Donavan had recovered! Davis tried to put the brakes on, but Donavan scooped Davis up onto his shoulders with a Fireman's Carry.. he then flipped Davis over into Sit-Out Powerbomb!!!





Shoulder up by Davis!!!

Micahel Donavan was a bit stunned that Davis kicked out of one of his signature moves, but nevertheless, he stood and signaled that he was going to put him away. Davis staggered to his feet and Donavan went for the toe kick, but Davis quickly countered by grabbing the leg and hitting a Dragon Screw Leg Whip! Davis reached out to his corner, but Donavan turned onto his stomach and grabbed Reno by the legs, preventing him from going any further. Reno reached out, but realized he wasn't going to be going far with Donavan on him.. as did Mike Extreme as Extreme came into the ring and hit a running stomp to Donavan's head!

While Donavan released Reno, it, once again, caused the referee to become distracted and it allowed for Donavan to make the tag back to Sayber! Sayber came in, but was shocked when Davis kipped up from the canvas and hooked Sayber by the head with his legs, nailing a Kip Up Huracanrana.. but the downside to this was that it sent Sayber into the back of the referee's legs!

The referee fell to the canvas, clutching his knee in pain. This allowed Extreme back into the ring where he began to pummel away on Sayber.

Referee down? The good guys have the advantage? You know what that means..

And here they came! The rest of The Rebellion ran out from the back, but by the time they got down to the ring, reVolt, BIG Little Italy, and Bane Loneheart poured out from the back and were hot on their tails! The twelve of them began to brawl on the outside! The action spilled around ringside and even into the crowd with the case of Sanchez Cano and Nate Quartermaine! Persephone and Raevynn fought each other until Persephone threw Raevynn into the steel ring steps.

Michael Donavan, who was on the apron and closest to the action jumped off, hitting a flying clothesline on Bane Loneheart, taking him down. Reno Davis decided he was going to get in on the action and hit the ropes. He charged toward the large crowd and front flipped over the top, taking down Jackson Cross and Machida Hood! Back in the ring, Sayber and Mike Extreme were still there. They began to trade punches with each other until Extreme countered a puncha nd hit a headbutt, knocking Sayber back. Extreme then tossed Sayber to the outside and reVolt went to work on him.

Meanwhile in the crowd, Nate Quartermaine and Sanchez Cano battled up the stairs, but about half way up, Quartermaine had hit a huge scoop slam on the steps and Cano was down and out! Nate rushed back to ringside and showed off his athleticism by leaping to the top of the barricade and flying off with a double lariat taking out Mattock and Sephiroth Du Luc!

Needless to say, the referee just had to look up and see all of this. He called for the bell and this match was thrown out. The referee signaled for security to come down and so they did, much to the angst of the crowd. While it was a war zone, it looked like it did at the end of iNtense last week with both groups being held back.

As security got the chaos under control, iNtense went to commercial break.

Winner: No Contest

"Not Your Typical Girl Talk"

Backstage we see "Dragonfly" Amber Ryann sitting on some production equipment cases. Her right leg was pulled up to her body while her left leg dangled over the edge. She was playing a Nintendo 3DS when Alyssa Corliss walked by.

While not even looking up from her handheld, she raised her right hand up into the air and Alyssa gave her a high five.

"Still playing games, eh?" asked Alyssa

"Totes", said Ryann

"Which one is that?" asked Alyssa

"Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds" said Ryann

"Nice. How far into it are you?" asked Alyssa

"I'm 'bout three quarters of the way through Lorule. Got all my equipment and I'm just rolling this game like a boss." said Ryann.

"Speaking of getting rolled.. you see that pinfall I got earlier tonight?" asked Alyssa

"The one where you embarrassed that lame casual, Sarah Winterton? Yeah.. way to Konami Code that bitch." said Ryann.

"Kona..uhm.. yeah... Thanks. Look.. I'm going to run. I have someone I want to talk to." said Alyssa

Ryann paused her game and then looked up at Alyssa.

"Is it lil' Sebby Saje?" asked Ryann.

"Ehrm.. yeah.. it is." said Alyssa

Ryann went back to playing her game.

"Good luck.. but I'm sure if you can pin the Starlet Champion and make her look like she got bodied like the low class noob she is, then I'm sure you'd have no trouble with a typefag like Sebby,"

"Typefag?" asked Alyssa.

"Yeah you know.. some lonely basement dude who just hangs out on /b/ and wants to rape the world. I mean.. that's what the Rebellion is, right?"

"Sure.. I guess.. well.. always interesting to talk to you Amber.. See ya."

"Lates" said Ryann.

After Alyssa left Ryann paused her game and then it suddenly hit her.

"Wait.. she pinned Sarah Winterton and I didn't? Pssh.. I need to fuckin' level up."

Ryann put her 3DS in her pocket and hopped off the equipment crates. She then walked off screen as the scene faded to black.


”What Would You Do If It All Ended Tomorrow?
Time Runnin Out, Ain't No More You Can Borrow
So Many Paths, which one you gonna follow?
What Would You Do, What Would You Do?

? Uh this is how it go down
I have the black-pound-silence so it don't make sound I pile a 150 outta town,
aint nobody around
Im in the back seat breakin it down
My love has been a past week dawg lately I found
Our press made us turn the radio down
But God bless now they talkin bout layin me down
Now they on about shovels in the weight of the ground
What now?

The entire assembly erupted in cheers as the loud sounds of pyro blaring along the entire entrance staging area. Could this be who everyone thought it was? We've seen last week backstage. It couldn't be. He was gone for so long and cut himself off from every one including his own family. Just than the jOltvision turned on as a image slowly appeared.

The Arena of Champions rose to their feet in excitement, for he was back; Mr. Infamous himself. Former flyweight champion, and savior of the flyweight division. Jimmy B. Martinez finally emerged from backstage with a grin on his face, sporting a grey hoodie, black leather jacket with Jeans and boots. He stood atop of the stage and smiled as he looked into the crowd. The chants began echoing threw out the arena.


Martinez began to walk down the ramp towards the ring, as he shook hands and acknowledged the loyal fans. He finally reached ring side and slide under the bottom rope. He quickly scaled the turnbuckle and threw his hands up above his head. As he jumped down from the turnbuckle, the time keeper entered the ring and passed Martinez a microphone. Jimmy nodded his head towards him as he grabbed the microphone. The time keeper exited the ring as the infamous chants began.


"Arena of Champions. I must say it feels good to be back. I miss you guys. It's been a while since I stood here in this very ring. What has it been? 4 months? A year? It's been so long I forgot but that doesn't matter now. What matters now, is that Jimmy Martinez is back. That's right. I am back and I am here to stay." Martinez said as he shook his head up and down and smiled.

"Now I understand some of you fans and others are upset on how I left. I just want to take the time out and apologize to all of you and everyone else out there who I let down. I am sorry! This was more than just wrestling."

"There were personal issues that were going on in my life. They hindered me from performing and giving you the fans my best. So instead of coming out here, week in and week out and giving you a half ass performance, I left. It hurt me to leave you guys. Till this day, I speak about it and my heart fills with sorrow."

"Some may say, I left because the flyweight championship was retired. I'm here to tell you that's not true. Some speak without knowing the truth. They rather draw their own conclusions in there heads and spread lies. I was on the verge of breaking. Everything seemed like it was falling apart. The possibility of losing my house, losing my job and most importantly losing my family."

"I had to make a decision. So I turned my back on you guys. When you really needed me. I don't want to stand here and make excuses. What happened is done. Now all I’m ready to do now is prove to you and everyone else in the back I am still championship material. I will become a legend. I will overcome the odds and do what everyone said I couldn't." He said as he held his head up high.

"Now, on another note. I've been gone for a while and noticed a lot has changed. We have a new jOlt champion by the name of Landon Stevens...”

The masses openly made their resentment known with Martinez pausing to scan the crowd. A soft chuckle was soon suppressed as he continued.

“Yeah...The last guy I would ever expect to be jOlt champion. I guess anything is possible. I mean Stevens, the same man I brushed off when he was a rookie. The same kid who was after my ass when I was flyweight champion." He said as he chuckled to himself. "Well good for you."

"I ran into Stevens last week. He hasn't changed one bit. He is still the same arrogant, over confident young man as before. He needs to remember he's on borrowed time. There will be lots of people gunning for him now that he is jOlt champion. Guy's like Aran Thompson, Eiji, Derecho. All these men at one point held that title, and more than likely wanted back what rightfully belonged to them."

"Now, last week Stevens you brushed me off. Telling me to get myself a contract and work myself back up in the ranks. You got some nerves, kid. Guess what... I took your advice and signed a full time contract. Now, the way I see it, the only reason why you're jOlt champion is because I left. Deep down, you know it's true. So say what you want, soon enough we will find out if it's meant for you to keep that championship around that waist of yours."

"I've been in the ring with all those men I mentioned. I know what they were all capable of. At one point ,I was very good friends with Aran Thompson. Aran, Sylo and I were a force to be reckoned with. No one could touch us, and if they did.. There was hell to pay. You’re just lucky Sylo retired. If he was still here, I doubt you would have that championship around your waist. Sylo would never accepted the likes of you as champion...”

’Dawn Awaits - Extended Version

Bedlam. The entire arena became overran by Red & Pearl strobe lights as the musical intro began running its course. On cue, the arena lighting returned and all focus was centered onto the entrance staging area where the Blood Raven himself was seen slowly walking out form the backstage area. Swathed in the hues of Onyx & Crimson, the Prince of Puroresu proudly brandished his new customized full body spandex ninja attire. The cameras would exchange glances cast by both embittered rivals before watching the ninja casually scan the horizon before beginning his trek toward the squared circle. JBM was smoothing out his chin as Eiji Kugasari was seen rounding the 1st turnbuckle post. Shortly after, Eiji snatched a microphone from the timekeeper’s hand and stared back at Martinez breifly before ascending the ring steps and walking along the ring apron. The musical theme gradually elapse yet the masses were alloted their time to fully embrace the moment...

Crowd: “...jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! jOlt!!!! ...

“...Long time, no see...” Eiji opened while slowly passing through the ropes and maintaining a respectable distance. “Yeah...” Martinez replied. “Yeah; it’s been a minute...”

“Well, if there’s anyone who is most pleased to see you back in this ring, there are none more appreciative than me...” The ninja fired back. “And here I was, in your absence, doing the inevitable and that was assuming my rightful place as this promotion’s champion.”

A cadre of fans were overheard in revelation of past events. “You see, one of us, in this very ring, wasn’t fortunate enough to be christened as the company’s ’golden child’...However, to both spite and silence the cynics, one of us, in this ring, had to show not only them nor these people that they were dead wrong about me...but they had all hedged their bets on you...”

JBM was seen scoffing to himself while stifling a laugh within.

“Now make no mistake, while there are some among us whom are outright impressionable, I am a devout realist.” Eiji continued. “Your commentary on social media piqued my both my competitive nature & curiosity. Seeing as you were ’physically disposed’ at the time, I was left to ponder the possibilities...To passively entertain the words ‘What If?...’ ‘What if’...the self professed Mr. Infamous decided to step out from behind that very curtain? ‘What If’...he decided to walk down that very ramp and into this ring?...”

The clambering legions began to grow louder as the ninja stood within JBM’s kill zone defiantly.

“‘What If’...I were to stand face to face...nose to nose...another opportunity to personally...physically...violently...set the records straight?” The ninja inquired as Martinez was seen casually peeling off his jacket and casting it aside. “‘What If’...those very elements were to present themselves, what would be my 1st response?”

Jimmy casually smooth out his nose & gently snorted as Eiji popped the bones in his neck. A fist gnarled before relenting. A few moments of dueling chants would ring out before the ninja continued.

“I believe my 1st response would be to say ‘Welcome Back’...”

An amorous roar would be triggered after a hand was slowly extended by Kugasari. Jimmy nodded to himself before both rivals shook hands for several brief moments.


“Now that unnecessary period of speculation is over...”Eiji mentioned. “You. These people in this arena. Those watching at home. Myself especially all realize that things between us are absolutely far from over.” Jimmy nodded slowly yet confidently in agreement. “You see, had the circumstances been more favorable, it would be you and me. In this very ring. Going 1 on 1. Ready. Willing & able to tear this entire fucking building down.”

The Arena of Champions welcomed the pending reality of this proclamation of war with unanimous approval.

“However, I was publically humiliated by the likes of some swap meet jewelry merchant and his band of street urchins in this very ring last week. Now overstand this; as much animosity that still resonates between you & I, there is an immediate issue that I will solve personally much sooner than later. But that minor problem has its proper place. I am standing before you & these people, as a young man, to publically express my gratitude in not robbing us the opportunity to see that competitive fire set ablaze once more.

Eiji slowly stepped back a pace to allow the crowd to shower their prodigal son with a Hero’s Welcome...

Crowd: “...J. MARTINEZ!!!! (clap 5x) J. MARTINEZ!!!! (clap 5x) J. MARTINEZ!!!! (clap 5x) J. MARTINEZ!!!! (clap 5x) J. MARTINEZ!!!! (clap 5x) J. MARTINEZ!!!! (clap 5x) J. MARTINEZ!!!! (clap 5x) J. MARTINEZ!!!! (clap 5x) J. MARTINEZ!!!! (clap 5x) J. MARTINEZ!!!! (clap 5x) J. MARTINEZ!!!! (clap 5x) J. MARTINEZ!!!! (clap 5x) J. MARTINEZ!!!! (clap 5x) J. MARTINEZ!!!! (clap 5x) J. MARTINEZ!!!! (clap 5x) J. MARTINEZ!!!! (clap 5x) J. MARTINEZ!!!! (clap 5x) ...

"First I would like to say it's good to see you Eiji. I agree with you on one thing. That being we have some unfinished business to tend to. I'm happy for you. All the things you've accomplished while I was gone. Good for you! Im back now. So I hope your ready to finish what we started."

"The matches, the brawls we had isn't going to amount to anything which lies ahead. What's in store for us is more. It will go down in the history books as one of the most historical matches in jOlt. Mark my word; You and I are similar in some ways. We both want to be the best. We both put our bodies on the line week in week out. Not really caring the outcome. So to you I tip my hat."

Eiji cocked his head briefly to the side, took a brief moment to look off to recollect his thoughts.

“Well, I am glad that we have that mutual understanding.” The Blood Raven replied. “And now that you’ve returned, you’ve intentionally made yourself a target once more. Now you are another obstacle that’s been set in my way back to the jOlt Championship and since I’ve laid claim to something that you have knowingly given away on your own merit, inevitably, you & I are going to have serious problems. Time will tell as to how and when these new chapters shall be told...and I look forward to it....”

Eiji grinned at the former flyweight champion and droped the microphone in the middle of the ring. They nodded there head at each other in respect, as Eiji slowly exited the ring leaving Jimmy there to ponder. Eiji jumped into the crowd and disappear. Martinez raised the microphone to his lips and began to speak.

"I guess that went well." He said as he began to laugh to himself. "Now im......"

Martinez was quickly cut off as the jOlt Champion; "Lift Me Up" by Five Finger Death Punch began to blare threw out the arena as Stevens emerged at the top of the entrance way with the jOlt championship in tow hanging at his side. The champion stepped out to the top of the ramp and raised the championship high in the air with the biggest grin plastered on his face as his hair fell back from his face. The fans erupted in chants.

'You suck.... You suck.... You suck....'

The music slowly faded out as Stevens pulled a microphone out from his backside to the crowd still immenced in jeering him.

"Jimmy boy, I'm glad to see you still got it. You still got these people behind you one hundred percent. You still want to falsely claim you're better than me. You talk about beating the likes of Derecho, Aran Thompson, and Eiji like I haven't done it myself. Add the likes of Waymoth Turnbull to my list of victims and the odds become stacked in my favor. I know you will even use the fact of being the underdog into your favor because these people eat that shit up. They love the underdog. They love a cinderella story. See like many potential cinderella stories, you're going to crash and burn. You want to think just because we have a past you can come back and start some shit. You fail to see, I AM JOLT CHAMPION!!!!"

The fans erupted into a chant for the returning Martinez interrupting the champion..

"You said it yourself, I have plenty of targets on my back. I know you would know nothing about it because there was never too big of a target on the FLYWEIGHT championship until I came along. After the belt was retired and you left, I realized something. I realized my sights were set to low. I tried to take over the Underground division, but the jOlt championship opportunity just fell into my lap. The perfect opportunity to have a little fun."

"Don't make me laugh Stevens. You and I know you are not a match for me, but if your so confident why don't you put up your jOlt Championship on the line in a match tonight.

"You think you deserve a shot at the jOlt championship in your first match back? You think thats what the fans here want?"

The fans erupted into a YES! chant.

"Of course. This is what they want. They want to see me kick your ass all over this ring. You claim to be a champion. You're nothing but a chump."

"Really? You know what? Forget it, forget you're the rookie this go round. Tonight I am going to put an end to this. Tonight I am going to prove once again, that you CAN NOT BEAT ME!!!!"

The fans erupt in a bullshit chant.

"Tonight it will be The Rising Star Landon Stevens versus Infamous Jimmy B. Martinez, for the jOlt championship. And I promise you this Jimmy boy, I will walk out..... STILL CHAMPION!!!!"

"Lift Me Up" by Five Finger Death Punch began as Stevens dropped the microphone at the top of the entrance way before turning around and walking away. The returning Martinez was left in dismay as he couldn't believe he just managed to get himself a shot at the jOlt championship in his first match.

The Heirs of Wrestling vs The Widow's Nest

With the tag team division being as big as it’s ever been and with every team scratching and clawing for the belts currently being held by the Hands of the Cause, each victory was important. Earlier in the evening, the Crimson Order and the West Texas Terrorists went to battle, but now was the time for more action.

The Heirs of Wrestling had just BARELY come up short at WrestleCade in Frank Silver’s hometown of Seattle. After taking the last week off to recover from a rib injury courtesy of Frank Silver taking a Spear from Brone Haggard through the barricade, the former TWO-TIME TWO-TIME jOlt Tag Team Champions were back in the saddle against a very formidable Widow’s Nest. After they came off a 3-on-1 handicap victory over Omega on Rock The House, The Widow’s Nest looked to continued their run. While the Heirs were also victorious over Trouble on the same show, only one team could win.

“This upcoming match is a tag team match scheduled for one fall!” Dean Carrington announced.

“Caught In A Web” by Dream Theatre.

The haunting theme of The Widow’s Nest played as smoke began to fill the entrance. The lights turned to a drab shade of gray as a red light started to pulsate from underneath the stage illuminating the three forms heading to the ring.

“First, introducing team number one… being accompanied to the ring by Black Widow, at a combined weight of 469 pounds, they are the team of MUERTE AND WOLF-SPIDER... THE WIDOW’S NEST!

Black Widow led the charged for her soldiers as they approached the ring. She pointed to either corner as the stoic Wolf-Spider and the quiet killer called Muerte approached the ring. They were now in the ring ready to strike while the iron was hot. The Heirs were on the rebound from WrestleCade and a win here would mean big things for them.

Three letters started to flash on the jOltVision…




"With Me Now" by Blacklite District

When the smoke settled there was Ryan Gallway and Frank Silver with their backs to the cameras. They both wore sparkling lavender jackets with "HOW" embroidered with gold on the back. They stood there with their heads down as the lyrics were sang.

Got no time for my game, I put it on the shelf
And this money and fame ain't gonna earn itself
I'm not wasting my time, you better recognize
The flame, the hustle, the pain, the redness in my eyes
When the pressure comes down you throw the towel in
But for me and my crew, that's where the work begins
At the end of the day we like to cut it loose
By the end of the night we're making bodies move
We're waiting, we're waiting, we're waiting

When the chorus kicked in..

I'm ready for the...

They spun around as pyro exploded to the left and right of them. A curtain of pyro rained down behind them as they energetically made their way down to the ring to the cheers of the crowd. They were proud, somewhat immature, but nobody could deny their tag team pedigree. Over ten tag team titles in wrestling to their name including two jOlt Tag Title reigns. Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway entered the ring and dapped fists.

“And their opponents… at a combined weight of 445 pounds, they are the team of FRANK SILVER AND RYAN GALLWAY… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!

Silver and Gallway had the full support of the crowd before they jumped off the turnbuckles simultaneously. Wolfspider and Muerte looked very game for the challenge ahead as referee Simon Boulder called for the bell.


“The Prince of Precision” Ryan Gallway and Muerte came face-to-face in the ring and the two high flyers were up to bat. Both teams were evenly matched with one power and one speed man for either team. This was going to be good.

Ryan and Muerte tied up in the center of the ring first and Muerte rolled behind him and caught Gallway with a Drop Toe Hold. He quickly rolled over and slapped on a Reverse Headlock to try and wear down the high flyer before he could get going. The Intergalactic Space Cowboy was up now and did an overhead roll to throw Muerte off him. When Muerte rolled back to his feet, Gallway quickly took him over with a Snap Headscissors takedown sending him flying into the corner!

Muerte tumbled around into the corner as Gallway stood up to his feet ready to show off with a kipping front flip to his feet before charing at Muerte. The Widow’s Nest member tried to lift him over the ropes, but Gallway stood on the top turnbuckle and did a handstand!

Silver waved for the crowd as he was showing off in the corner now, kicking his legs in bicycle fashion ALL THE WHILE Gallway was still doing the headstand on the top turnbuckle. Muerte approached him only for Gallway to catch him with his legs and once again snap him over with another Headscissors variation!

“THAT WAS AWESOME!” Clap-clap-clapclapclap
“THAT WAS AWESOME!” Clap-clap-clapclapclap
“THAT WAS AWESOME!” Clap-clap-clapclapclap

The Hipster Heartthrob took a bow for the crowd while Black Widow watched on the outside, not happy with Ryan Gallway showing off for the fans. Muerte charged again when Gallway quickly snapped him over with a Drop Toe Hold of his own, dropping him neck-first across the second rope! Ryan took off to one side of the ring and came back off the other end and dropped a Double Running Knee Strike to the back of his skull! The blow stunned him so he could run off to the ropes and come back out of the corner…


The INCREDIBLE Inverted 450 Splash out of the corner landed to perfection, such was the name of the Prince of Precision – always on target with his high-risk offense. He rolled over and covered Muerte.




Muerte got the shoulder up, but Ryan was already on top of the Widow’s Nest member and tossed him into the corner before tagging into Frank! The Baron of Ballistics was in the ring now and Gallway whipped him to the ropes and when Muerte came back, Frank leaped over the ropes with a big Slingshot Shoulder Block! Muerte was down when Frank got back to his feet and waved to the crowd with the royal pinky…

They knew what was coming next..


The move that used to be something to antagonize crowds for years was now one of the most beloved moves in jOlt today! Frank got back to his feet and started to power Muerte off the mat in the Gutwrench position. He walked backwards and tagged into Ryan Gallway again as he snapped him over with the Deadlift Gutwrench Suplex! Gallway jumped over the ropes and connected with a Slingshot Senton!

The Heirs were busting out some classic double-teaming now as Muerte was on the receiving end of punishment by the Heirs. The Dynastic Duo were rocking and rolling here tonight and Ryan pulled him back to his feet. The two men were BLASTING Muerte now with stereo Round Kicks to the back and chest of Muerte as Ryan went for another cover.




Wolfspider and Black Widow were angry that they had yet to get out of the blocks as The Heirs were dominating things currently. Gallway was back on his feet and tried to take down Muerte again, but a last ditch Pele Kick caught Gallway HARD in the face! He staggered over while Muerte executed a forward roll and made it over to the bigger Wolfspider! The 6’3” and 265-pound tank of the Widow’s Nest quickly got into the ring and waited for the Prince of Precision to stand. He was picked up off the mat and THROWN with a simple Fallaway Slam! Nothing fancy about Wolfspider’s offense, but the heavy for The Widow’s Nest was now on the offensive.

Frank Silver was pissed off when Wolfspider stood over Gallway and pressed a boot down into his throat to wear him out instead of going for a cover. Gallway kicked frantically against the mat and tried to get away from the bigger tank of a man, but the stoic monster wasn’t letting up. He snapped Gallway to his feet and quickly pushed him to the corner where he could tag in Muerte.

“Attack!” Black Widow ordered.

Both men listened to their mysterious leader’s orders and both members of the Widow’s Nest used the entire five-count that Simon Boulder administered to stomp the living daylights out of the Hipster Heartthrob. Things were looking grim for the former two-time jOlt Tag Team Champions as Frank Silver watched The Widow’s Nest go to work.

Wolfspider left the ring while Muerte pushed Gallway up against the ropes before unleashing a stiff flurry of elbows followed by a series of about three or four Headbutts! The aggression was coming out for the Widow’s Nest now as Muerte pushed him back to the corner. Another tag was made back to Wolfspider as Muerte made the leap and connected with a Leg Lariat to Gallway in the corner! Gallway slumped over against the ropes as Wolfspider ducked out of the ring and pulled him to where his head was leaning up against the ring apron. In this exposed position, Wolfspider took a run…


The impact caught him good and now Wolfspider pushed him back into the ring. When he forced Gallway back to his feet, he propped him up in the Pumphandle position and powered him up before DROPPING him violently over his knee with a Pumphandle Backbreaker! Wolfspider went for a cover.



THR... NO!

A very close one! Wolfspider made yet another tag over to Muerte and the two men worked him over with more punishment in the form of Headbutts from Wolfspider while Muerte delivered the stiff elbows. They were working together well and now Muerte looked to finish things off as he propped Gallway in front of the corner with a Snapmare before firing off one stiff Shoot Kick to the back followed quickly by one to the face. With The Hipster Heartthrob down Muerte leaped and came back with a BEAUTIFUL Springboard Moonsault!




Frank couldn’t make it to the corner fast enough, but Gallway just barely managed a shoulder. The Royal Knight of Sunday Nights walked across the apron and slapped the turnbuckle, egging Ryan on and the fans joined in with clapping in support of possibly jOlt’s most beloved tag team.


Gallway was forced up when Muerte made the tag back over to Wolfspider as the two men looked to set up a tag team tandem move. They both sent Gallway sailing into the ropes and off the rebound, Gallway hit the ropes…


The mistake may have proved costly when Wolfspider tossed Gallway up in the air, but they didn’t plan on The Prince of Precision countering to connect with a Flying Dropkick to the face of Muerte! Nor did they count on Silver heading to the top rope and coming back with a HARD Diving Elbow Strike to knock Wolfspider off his feet!

The Bishop of Bringin’ Da Pain was in full action now as he pulled Wolfspider up. With him disposed of for the moment, Frank ran right after Wolfspider and FIRED a series of European Uppercuts to the jaw that nearly turned his jaw around his body in Exorcist style.

After he stunned Wolfspider, he tried a whip but the slightly bigger man sent him flying across the ring into the corner. Wolfspider charged only to eat a pair of double knees to the face from Silver. He tried to attack the heavy of the Widow’s Nest only to get shoved back toward the ropes. However, he came back…


The deadly Rebound Clothesline nearly DECAPITATED Wolfspider and now Silver hooked both legs of the big man as he tried for the win now.




Wolfspider kicked out and a surprised Silver shook his head at Simon Boulder asking if he was sure that was three. Simon nodded and Frank looked disgusted, but he had a match to finish. The Baron of Ballistics picked up Wolfspider and fired off another Uppercut before trying to finish him off with his Cradled Styles Clash only for the big man to fight back and land a sucker punch to the stomach. Wolfspider rolled over and a recovering Muerte headed into the ring as they looked to finish things off Wolfspider had him in the Piledriver position while Muerte headed up top, but he didn’t see Gallway coming…


The Springboard Gamengiri CLOCKED big Wolfspider and stunned him long enough for Frank to break fre and send him flying from the ring! Muerte tried to make a move with a dive off the top rope when Frank CAUGHT him… and slammed him back on the top rope! Silver had him up in the air now and pulled Muerte to the top rope. Gallway was in position now and the fans knew what tandem move was coming next…



Gallway rolled out of the ring while Frank Silver went for a cover on Muerte as the excited crowd counted along.




The Heirs of Wrestling had just continued their winning ways from Rock The House with another victory here tonight – this time over a very game Widow’s Nest. An angry Black Widow was on the outside fuming silently at another setback for her team while Silver and Gallway each raised their hands for the crowd.


The Dynastic Duo struck again and despite coming up short at WrestleCade, they were back to their winning ways once again. And with teams like The Crimson Order, The West Texas Terrorists, The Hands of the Cause just to name a few… it was stacked. As Frank and Ryan left the ring, they had a message for The Hands when Frank brought the camera to his face.


Winner: Heirs of Wrestling via Pinfall

"Wonton Chop Suey"

BWAAAAHAAAHAAAHAAA. Laughter erupts from amongst Diamond Jewelz, his fiancé Ruby, who sits prone across his lap, and his goons Latrell Samuel and Khalil Straighgully. All three men wear conical hats, as various articles of Chinese food line the table. Diamond and every member of his entourage are decked out in various articles of jewelry. Diamond Jewelz dines brashly on some crab Rangoon as the cipher of laughter continues.

“Won.. ton… Chop… Suey,” yells Samuel, making a mockery of their newfound rival Eiji Kugasari’


“No.. No.. You gotta do the Chinaman” Jewelz interjects as he puts down his Crab Rangoon and interject his own parody of Asian culture. He tightens his eyes and picks up a menu. “Hauulf Order……Nombbbbberr 5….”

BWAAAAHAAAHAAAHAAA.. The whole table erupts at Jewelz’s parody. “Wait… Wait.. Guys,” Ruby begins to manipulate her bra and then tightens up her eyes.

“Uhh Me… So Horny Hawny… Me So Hawnny Hawnny…”

The table pauses in silence, apparently not impressed by Ruby’s brand of humor.. Ruby blushes embarrassed…. Then all of the sudden… They erupt in laughter. BWAAAAHAAAHAAAHAAA..

“Chinaman learned a hard lesson last week…” Diamond interjects, a shine and gleam coming from his mouth with each word. “You stay out of Diamond Jewelz’s way… Or else them goons come into play.”

“Right.. Riiiight… Riiight…. Hype convert Samuel chimes in…”

“That #1 contender’s spot is mine.. Chinaman gotta overstand that shit… It’s my time to shine.. Lee and them dickheads in the executive meeting room know it… They saw how big a draw I was at ‘Cade fighting for my own bling… They know what kind of money I’m bringing in, if I’m fighting for the title.

Straightgully and Samuel nod in agreement as Ruby gives Diamond a kiss on the cheek. Diamond picks up a piece of Crab Rangoon and smashes it…

“It’s my time… And anybody who stands in my way gotta deal with me, and Them Mf’n Goons… That’s too much too handle.. If that happens to be Eiji ShrimpFriedRIce.. So be it..”

“Yeah..” Straightgully chimes in

"Worhtless No More"

Backstage, Sebastian Saje was alone on his phone.

Saje: "I don't care what you were trying to do. Don't ever do that again. If we're going to make this work you need to... hold on.. I'll call you back."

Saje turned his phone off when Alyssa Corliss walked up to him.

Alyssa: "At first, I was really upset after the things you said to me on The Hype on Friday. I truly had feelings for you and whether you want to believe it or not, I truly loved you. It made me feel sad at first, but the more I thought about it.. the more I realized that you were wrong on a lot of things, but you were right about one thing.. I was wasting away on The Hype.. and I did something about that.. and earlier tonight I pinned the jOlt Starlet Champion in the middle of that ring and on top of that.. I got offered a contract by Damien Lee to be here on the main roster."

Saje smirked for a moment.

Saje: "I'm sorry... am I supposed to care? This is the typical "ex-girlfriend coming up to the ex-boyfriend trying to make him feel bad because the ex-girlfriend did one thing right in her life" situation. You think your little victory tonight is supposed to impress me? It disgusts me.. just as much as you do. So tell me.. what happens when this little fire under your ass gets extinguished when you can't measure up to expectations. Did you ever think about that? You're not going to win forever. You will eventually fail and when you do.. you're just going to go back to little Alyssa Corliss. When the office realizes you're nothing but a waste of roster space, they'll either ship you back to The Hype where you belong or they'll just put you in some filler matches when they need some eye candy on television. That's the reality of it... that is.. unless you're in my position. We don't try to impress anyone.. we just make things happen and things don't go our way.. we make them go our way. The Rebellion is reality... you.. you're just trying to live out a dream. That's why we don't have dreams... because dreams eventually end and you wake up to face reality.. and when you do.. The Rebellion will be right there smiling and laughing in your face."

Saje turned and walked away as Alyssa just stood there, absolutely disgusted by what had just happened.

Aran Thompson vs Sebastian Saje

Lights Out

The sound of static reverberated through the Arena of Champions as the fans began to cheer and create buzz amongst themselves they were all interrupted..


"OnionThe Arena of Champions exploded as Aran Thompson came walking out from the entrance curtain with his trademark smile and the straps of the Relentless Championship drapped over his shoulders as the main plate rest on the back of his head. Aran took a moment for himself and watched as the crowd chanted: MISTER-RELENT-LESS! over and over before making his way down to the ring. The epitome of focus was a prominant aura surrounding Aran as he climbed into the ring and slowly grabbed the Relentless Championship from his shoulders and flipped it around revealing his prized possession and the adulation from the fans was incredible. Aran slid his retired championship into a corner as the ring announcer made interrupted everyone inside of the Arena of Champions...

"Ladies and Gentlemen! This match is a RELENTLESS RULES MATCH! Damien Lee has decided that the stipulation to this match will be a SUBMISSION MATCH!"

The Arena of Champions popped when the matches stipulation was made when "Rescue Me" by Coldrain began playing and a chorus on boos could be heard as Sebastian Saje, member of The Rebellion, came walking out and the stage and jOltvision flashed white and revealed images of his rise to become the HYPE Champion and his attack of Eiji Kugasari at Wrestlecade. Saje disregarded the fans as he walked to the entrance ramp.


Aran flew from inbetween the ropes and collided with Saje crashing to the ground and Aran followed up with fists to Sebastians head. The fans cheered on Mr. Relentless as he continued his beating on the Rebellion member.

Michael Buhrman: Aran is out to make anybody and everybody have to earn a victory over him!



Aran had the ambushed Sebastian Saje on his feet before running Saje's head into the ring post and Michael Donovan grabbed Aran by his shoulder turning him around as Seraph hit Aran with a vicious clothesline.


Buhrman: ....and this isn't cheating?

Powers: NO! Can't you see they're just trying to get some order in here?! Sebastian Saje DESERVES this opportunity!

Donavan picked Aran up and shoved him between his legs. He butterflied the arms and lifted him up for a double underhook piledriver, but Donavan lifted Aran up just a little bit more before snapping him down onto his head!


Donavan stood and patted Seraph on the back. Seraph grabbed Aran and brought his limp body up to his feet. He grasped Aran around the neck and lifted him high into the air before sitting out with the Chokeslam..


Buhrman: Good Lord! Aran Thompson is getting demolished by The Rebellion. We know that Damien Lee had named the stipulation, but what this Lee's plan all along or is The Rebellion doing this on their own free will?

Powers: This is about a statement, Michael. This is to assert their dominance. They are making a statment by making an example out of a former world champion and a former three time relentless champion! This is smart!

Buhrman: But they already have so many people targeting them.. why would they want another? Especially someone as dangerous as Aran Thompson?

Sebastian Saje grinned as he instructed the two of them to exit the ring. Seraph and Donavan nod and then hop out. They begin to make their way up the entrance ramp when Saje walked around Aran like a wolf stalking his prey. Saje prodded Aran with his boot a few times to make sure he was down. Saje then looked at the referee and told him to ring the bell, but the referee shook his head "no".

Saje walked over to the referee and grabbed him by his shirt. He told him to ring the bell again. The referee, after seeing what happened, threw his hands in the air and said "Okay! Okay!" then called for the bell.




The people were booing as Saje walked over to Aran and stood over him as if we were a Lord looking down upon a groveling subject. Saje told Aran to get up, but Aran continued to lay there. Saje figured that Seraph and Michael Donavan did their damage and Aran couldn't stand so Saje bent over and pulled Aran back up to a vertical base and then lifts him into a Torture Rack submission!


Aran wriggled free, hooking Saje's arm on the way down, hitting an Armbar Revolution and locking in the submission hold in the middle of the ring!!!

The crowd erupted and that caused The Rebellion to stop dead in their tracks. They turned to see what was happening in the ring and then they saw it first hand...


Seraph and Donavan bolted for the ring, but as soon as the bell was called, Aran high tailed it out of the ring and hopped the barricade, grabbing his Relentless Championship, and escaping into the crowd. Seraph and Donavan hit the ring and stayed near Saje, looking at Aran as he grinned all the way up the steps.. albeit a little worse for wear!

Aran raised his championship up high for the world to see. Although the title is defunct, it still stood as a symbol for Aran Thompson and he wanted to make sure that The Rebellion saw that symbol.

Winner: Aran Thompson via Submission

"The Golden Standard"

The crowd’s voices were heard clambering in the background as Donny Layne was seen sporting a Black Suit, White Shirt with a Red Tie. One of the renown journalistic voices of jOlt was adjusting his placement before the Midnight Blue backdrop with positioned spotlighting set behind him before addressing the awaiting republic.

"JOlt Wrestling fans; welcome to another action-packed Sunday Night iNtense.” Layne opened. “I’m Donny Layne and I am being joined by the manager of the faction renown as Trouble, Duzza. Accompanied by Statuz Quo, Khadafi & Dallas Griffin. Gentlemen...”

The unruly crew lumbered into the camera’s view as a pack. Statuz Quo & Khadafi secure Duzza’s flanks with the towering Griffin seen casually popping the knuckles on each fist before resting his hands atop each hip. The Arena of Champions was overheard booing in hindsight.

“What’s up, Lame?” Khadafi jokingly replied with his peers chuckling at the seasoned interviewer’s expense. “That Men’s Warehouse suit is looking right, bruh.”

Layne muffled a rising feeling of resentment yet Duzza motioned the gang to settle down. “Chill, fellas.” The manager mentioned. “This is business. You know there has been a lot of cliques forming up nowadays; you got these pissed off curtain jerkers from the Hype calling themselves The Rebellion. Them boys have been making quite a bit of noise around here. The Widow’s Nest have been giving Omega, ya’ll Underground Champion some serious problems for some time.”

“That Black Widow chick do got some nice cakes though...” Dallas mentioned while stroking his chin. Both Khadafi & Quo agreed with brief amusement. Duzza faintly conceded in shrugging his shoulders with a smirk.

“True but that’s beside the point.” Duzza mused. “As I was saying, those grandstanding glory hogs in the Heirs of Wrestling, not to mention, those Hands of the Cause boys. The reigning jOlt Tag Team Champions, led by Frank Hendrix..”

“Ol’ Duck Dynasty lookin’ muthafucka...” muttered Statuz Quo.

“That’s right.” Duzza scoffed. “The Faction with the new champ Landon Stevens, who’s been kissing corporate ass of late for political favor with those bitch-made hayseeds under his command, The West Texas Terrorists . Can’t say I’m quite mad at him nor blame him, given the climate stirring up around here. Not to mention, those...”

The Arena of Champions roared as the camera turned slightly to capture the undisputed head of the Inogami Clan stood several paces away. Arms folded behind his back while being flanked by a dozen Crimson Elite. The entire sect renown as Trouble displayed their unified resentment for Kenshiro Inogami. The tension grew thick, leaving Donny Layne to stand uncomfortably between the warring parties. The cheering in hindsight continued with Dallas Griffin moving Duzza aside to take the point. The stoic ninja general remained unmoved.

“So you ready to do this?” Dallas muttered through a set of clenched teeth.

“Duzza?” Kenshiro inquired. The gang’s manager was seen slowly readjusting his shades. “How’s the leg?”

Dallas was seen aggressively rolling both shoulders and gnarling his fists yet Duzza pulled at his young enforcer.

“Come on, boys...” Duzza mentioned with a hint of brimming resentment. Come on. Another time, motherfucka.” Duzza warned. “Another time...”

“I look forward to it.” Inogami replied as Trouble slowly began their egress from the scene. Both Khadafi & Statuz Quo gestured to post dated retaliation for the public disrespect before the camera centered itself onto both Donny Layne & Kenshiro.

“Welcome Kenshiro.” Layne opened.

Good evening, Mr. Layne.” The ninja replied.

“Now that you are here, there has been a challenge, issued last week by a member of one of your familiar rivals, affilated with the Heirs of Wrestling in Mack Brody.” Layne relayed. “What is your response?”

“Mr. Layne.” The clan general replied. “I overstand the nature of Mack’s challenge. Therein lies that innate desire to become the best in our respective fields. Especially the arena of professional wrestling. Mack Brody is a phenomenal specimen in both in stature and as a wrestling powerhouse. I was once in his position years ago; seizing every opportunity to carve our respective niche in the annals of wrestling lore.”

“However, in my years of both engaging & well educated of & by the post-Wrestlecade experience, this after effect is most pleasing to me for certain collisions are but inevitable.” The ninja continued. “I readily accept his challenge.”

The masses cheered amorously with the response.

“Very well, Mr. Inogami.” Layne replied. “Now, given the growing climate that has been created by The Rebellion influence, what are your respective thoughts & concerns of possible interference?”

“In regards of matters between Mack Brody & myself, as he has eloquently stated, there is no love lost between us.”Kenshiro mentioned. “Primarily, the rimming issues stem between Eiji, Takeshi & Heido.However, we are all clan. Their problems become our problems. The Inogami Clan are grounded & rooted by & for clan solidarity. It is a vital element and it’s importance is mutually shared. The rival factions will be watching. Even now. This is no secret yet and still, Brody & myself remain aware of our rivals & their tendencies. I can only speak for myself and my clan that we remain prepared for war. This is what we pray for daily. We fully overstand the politics & nature of such a war the threatening parties.”

“Eiji’s loss at Wrestlecade is a difficult one to endure. For him especially yet I am most impressed by his heart & determination to wrest back in his entitled stake of power that lies with control of the Heavyweight Championship. I feel the same measure of confidence in both Heido & Takeshi to eventually lay siege atop the Tag Team ranks. However, Mack Brody will have his opportunity to fully weight the consequences of wayward ambition. Inside that very ring with me in 1 weeks time.”

Another salvo of motivated cheers arose.

“Always be careful of what you ask for...” Kenshiro concluded before turning away and leading his court away toward their appointed destination...

Landon Stevens (c) vs Jimmy B. Martinez

Carrington: Making his return to the ring, coming from the Bronx, NY. Weighing in at 220lbs, and standing at 6'5". He is the former flyweight champion. Mr. Intense, Mr. Infamous....He’s ’The Supernova’....JIMMY! B!! MARTINEZ!!!!”

What Would You Do If It All Ended Tomorrow?
Time Runnin Out, Ain't No More You Can Borrow
So Many Paths, which one you gonna follow?
What Would You Do, What Would You Do? ♫

♫ Uh this is how it go down
I have the black-pound-silence so it don't make sound I pile a 150 outta town, aint nobody around
Im in the back seat breakin it down
My love has been a past week dawg lately I found
Our press made us turn the radio down
But God bless now they talkin bout layin me down
Now they on about shovels in the weight of the ground
What now? ♫

Martinez finally emerged threw the curtains, as Arena of Champions erupted. Jimmy stood atop of the ramp way nodding his head and smiling at the fans. He was ready. Ready for what would be his first match back in jOlt. He continued down the ramp towards the ring as the cheers only got louder.

Jimmy reach the ring apron and slid under the bottom rope. Martinez climbed the top rope and stood pearched on top of the turnbuckle. He slowly scanned the crowd as he threw his hands up.

Buhrman: Looks like we will see the former Flyweight Champion in action tonight. We don't have to wait till Intense 96. This is great!

* Powers: Yea, who cares. Our jOlt Champion; Landon Stevens will show him who's boss.

Buhrman: What's wrong with you? Every time Jimmy B. Martinez is mentioned you have this attitude. He hasn't done anything to you. Stop acting like a child.

Powers: Blah... Blah! You guys praise this man like if he is the greatest in the business.

Buhrman: He has what it takes to make it there if you as me.

'Your God by Stone Sour' began to blare threw out the speakers of Arena of Champions. The crowd began to jeer. Landon Stevens slowly made his way threw the curtains as the jOlt Champions laid draped over his right shoulder. He glared into the crowd as he continued to walk towards the ring with a grin on his face.

Carrington: “And his opponent...Making his way to the ring, coming from the Glendale, Arizona. Weighing in at 218lbs, and standing at 6'2". He is your current jOlt Champion. The rising star, LANDON! STEVENS!!!!

Powers: That's right, now we are talking. Stevens is going to show Jimmy why he should of never came back.

Buhrman: You are to much. What ever you have against this young man has to stop.

Landon Stevens quickly walked up the steps and entered the ring. The crowd continued to boo showing Stevens how they felt about him. Stevens grinned as he walked up to Jimmy and stood toe to toe.

"So is this what you want?" Stevens asked as he took the jOlt Championship off his shoulder and put it in Jimmys face. "Let's see if you can take it away from me. YOUR TIME IS DONE! ITS MY TIME!" Landon said as he grinned and backed away from Martinez.


The sound of the bell echoed in The Arena of Champions as the crowd stood to their feet in waiting as finally Stevens and Martinez set foot in the ring together for the first time since thier flyweight championship match. The two men circled the ring trying to find the most opportune moment to go in for the attack. Each of the competitors flashed a grin at the other before the two locked up in the center of the ring. Martinez gained the early advantage as he locked Stevens in a side headlock, a move that would not end well for the former flyweight champion as Stevens lifted him back and dropped him to the canvas with a suplex. The jolt champion kicked back up to his feet almost immediatly much to the dismay of the crowd. They building was shaking with thier jeers towards The Rising Star.

"You Suck.... You Suck.... You Suck.... You Suck.... You Suck...."

The jeers didn't faze the champion at all as he looked around the building before behind over and grabbing Martinez by the arm, Stevens went to pull him up.


Martinez played posseum and rolled the champion up.




Stevens kicked out of the nearfall. Martinez smiled at Stevens as he almost had him, just a split second away. The Rising Star motioned as if dusting off shoulder and grinned at his foe.The two once again circled the ring. Stevens pushed forward and locked up with the former flyweight champion. Stevens managed to gain the upperhand as he forced Martinez back into the corner. Stevens connected with a knee to the midsection before following it up with an uppercut that left Martinez dazed in the corner. Stevens smiled and moved to the second rope. Jimmy B. came to before Stevens could inflict any shots and he shoved the jOlt champion off the second rope. The champion staggered back, Martinez flew out of the corner with a stiff clothesline.

Stevens kipped back up to his feet only to be met with another hard clothesline. Once more the champion jumped to his feet. This time Martinez was waiting and connected with a dropkick that sent Stevens to the outside of the ring.

* The fans erupted as Stevens laid on the floor outside the ring.

JOLT!!!... JOLT!!!... JOLT!!!... JOLT!!!...

Martinez played to the crowd while Stevens moved back to his feet. As the champion moved back to his feet Jimmy bounced off the ropes and slid out for a baseball slide, but Stevens stepped out of the way at the last second. The former flyweight champion slid onto his feet and turned around.


Stevens connected with a hard kick to the chin that sent Martinez to the floor like a ragdoll. Stevens bent over to his knees as he just bought himself a moment to collect himself. Stevens slid back into the ring. The official started to count out Martinez.





Martinez started to come to as the fans started chanting for the challenger.

IN-FAM-OUS(5x clap).... IN-FAM-OUS(5x clap)... IN-FAM-OUS(5x clap)...



Martinez moved to his feet.


Jimmy B. readjusted his jaw and slid back into the ring to break the count. The fans continued chanting for Martinez.

The two once again circled the ring until this time Martinez lunged forward but Stevens kicked his feet pushing the challenger back. Stevens seemed to toy with Martinez and started using his MMA training, but there was one thing Stevens forgot.


Martinez lunged forward and as Stevens kicked his foot up Martinez grabbed the leg and planted Stevens right on his back. Martinez started planting Stevens with hard shots as if the two were inside a caged octagon. The official broke the two up pretty easily. Martinez backed away as the champion used the ropes to pull himself back up to his feet. Stevens laid himself against the ropes. Martinez wasted little time as he lunged towards Stevens for a clothesline only to have the champion duck under but Martinez landed on the apron. An arrogant Stevens smiled as he lifted himself back up. The fans chanting.


Martinez grabbed Stevens by the back of his head and leaped off the apron. The champion bounced off the ropes and face planted the canvas. Martinez smiled as the fans chanted.

Martinez slid back into the ring and went for a cover as he hooked the leg.




The champion managed to kickout at two. Martinez wasn't too surprised as he moved back up to his feet before grabbing a handful of Stevens' hair pulling him up. Martinez set Stevens up in a front headlock and draped the champs arm over his neck. Martnez tried to snap the champ back but the instincts of Stevens kicked in as he wrapped his leg around his attackers. Once again Martinez tried to snap Stevens back only to fail. The champion reversed the attempts as he picked Martinez up and hoisted him in the air before planting him to the canvas with a vertical suplex. Stevens slightly gasping for air draped his arm over the challenger.




Martinez kicked out of the weak cover attempt by Stevens.

Stevens furiously grabbed a handful of Martinez hair and guided him back up to his feet. London while holding his hair, cooked back his hand and went for a hay maker punch. Jimmy countered blocking and retuning the favor with one of his owns. The punch caught Stevens off guard causing him to stumble back.

Jimmy continued on the offensive end connecting with several more boxing like combinations. With every punch Arena of Champions shooked. Fans began to cheer in approval as Stevens seemed to be getting what he deserved. With one final punch Stevens stumbled against the ropes. Landon leaned against the ropes as if it was the only thing holding him up at this point.

Martinez began to size him up as he ran to the opposite side of the ring. Jimmy bounced off the ropes and came flying towards Landon Stevens with a clothesline. Stevens quickly saw it coming as he lowered his head and body and lifted Martinez up and over the top ropes. Jimmy landed hard on the outside as he held his back in pain. Stevens nodded his head, as he slowly and cautiously climbed out the ring.

Landon picked up Martinez and shoved him into the barricades back first. Stevens backed off a couple of steps back, he than came rushing towards him with a spear. Martinez still dazed forced himself out of a bad spot as he landed on the floor, causing Stevens to collide with the barricade. The ref began to shout at the two warning them as he began the ten count.

"YOU GUYS GET BACK INTO THE RING!" The ref shouted at the two as he began the count.




Jimmy picked up Stevens and guided him towards the ring. Just as Martinez was about to slid Stevens back into the ring he recovered and dug his elbow into the midsection. Jimmy slumped over in pain holding his stomach. Landon than lifted his knee into the face of Martinez lifting him off of his feet onto the floor.




Stevens began to stomp on Martinez until he felt satisfied. Landon Stevens grinned as he looked into the crowd and flipped them the bird. He than turned back to Martinez and picked him up from the ground. Jimmy quickly shoved his hands off of his head, kicked him in the midsection and planted Stevens on the ground with a DDt. Martinez than quickly got on top of Stevens and began to pound away at the jOlt Champion.




Martinez got off of the jOlt Champion and picked him up. Jimmy picked up Stevens from the ground and began to drag him to the ring. Stevens quickly put a stop to it. He began to fight back with Martinez as they began to exchange jabs with each other.

Right jab (Stevens)

Left jab (Jimmy)

Right jab (Stevens)

Left jab (Jimmy)

Right jab (Stevens)


The ref finally called for the bell, signaling a double disqualification. Martinez and Stevens continued no paying any mind to the ref, as he continued to signal for the bell to ring.

Buhrman: Looks like we have a all out brawl. The hatred these two men have for each other is incredible.

Powers: I love it. I told you Stevens was going to show Martinez who was boss.

Buhrman: What are you talking about Powers. They both got themselves disqualified and there still going at it.

Powers: Well looks like the fun is over. Security has come down too ring side to break this two men up.

Buhrman: This is just the beginning of a war to come.

Those were the final words heard as iNtense went off the air.

Winner: Double Countout