"Welcome to iNtense"


The screen then illuminates with Aran Thompson raising his fist into the air

Throw up your Rawkfist
if you're feelin' it when I drop this!

Boom Boom!

The screen flashes white twice

"Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - Eiji Kugasari is seen hitting a Shooting Star Press off the top rope, followed by Mattock hitting a the Pheonix Cleave (Phoenix Splash where you dive your heel into the opponent's head). Omega stands tall with the Underground Championship raised high into the air! Derecho is seen hitting an Emerald Flowsion on Ninja K.


Jeremy Ryan is shown with a scowl on his face as he snubs all that isn't in the realm of normalcy, followed by a scene of The Rebellion standing tall in the middle of the ring. The screen flashes and shows Aran Thompson hitting the God Killer, followed by a few traditional poses from your favorite jOlt Superstars in succession including Waymoth Turbull, The Heirs of Wrestling, Hands of the Cause, and the Crimson Order


During the chorus we see some basic wrestling moves from people like Reno Davis, Mike Extreme, Bane Loneheart, BIG Little Italy, Dallas Griffin, and Sephiroth Du Luc all in rapid succession. The final scene is that of Landon Stevens posing with the jOlt World Championship!


The song cuts off abruptly as we are taken inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Red Pyro starts at the top of the jOltvision and takes off in both directions, left and right. The pyro travels around the perimeter of the jOltvision until it meets in the middle on the bottom side. When it meets, random pyro explosions happen on the main stage for a good ten seconds before a massive wall of pyro goes off on stage and another explosion of pyro from the entire perimeter of the jOltvision simultaneously.

"Rawkfist" starts up again as the camera pans around the sold out crowd, cheering!

"Make Things Right"

We open up backstage. We see Damien Lee stepping out of his office. He closes the door behind him and uses his key to lock the door. He turns around and is stopped dead in his tracks. The camera pans back and we see the entire Rebellion en masse surrounding Lee. Sebastian Saje stepped forward alongside Raevynn.

Saje: Last week, you saw what happened. reVolt and some miscellaneous members of the roster blinded by too much pride... got in our way.. AGAIN. Our goal is to set an example.. that there are people with fresh blood looking to take the top spots away from the likes of Aran Thompson, Landon Stevens, Ninja K, Derecho, Omega.. and all those who have had their time in the limelight. We've all been squandered under the oppressive thumb of management for far too long and we won't allow ANYONE to get in the way of our goals. So with that being said.. we want to know what you plan on doing about last week's mishap.

Lee tried to reach for his door handle, but Seraph grabbed it and Lee cowered a bit. Nate Quartermaine then stepped up.

Quartermaine: Going somewhere, Mr. Lee? I don't believe you gave us our answer yet.. so we will ask the question... one.... final... time. What do you plan on doing about it?

Lee sighed and spoke up.

Lee: Look.. how about this. I make another tag match tonight. The leaders of The Rebellion versus the leaders of the two groups that have been bothering you.. After all.. I already gave you that huge match at Breakdown. So tonight.. I'll make it Reno Davis and Mattock versus.. eh... who are the leaders of The Rebellion?

Saje: You ask such meaningless questions. You of all people should already know who our leader is.

Lee: Leader? Well.. since you like to run your mouth, I'll assume that's you.. so you will be in the match tonight along with Michael Donavan... BUT... I am adding one more thing to this match. both groups are banned from ringside. This way the four of you can settle, at least, some of your issues tonight. Is that good enough for you?

Saje: It's not perfect, but I think it'll do for now

Michael Donavan then patted Damien Lee on the shoulder

Donavan: Good man.... good man.

The Rebellion turned and exited as Damien Lee breathed a sigh of relief. The scene faded to black.

"Various Acts of Terrorism"

A black screen with the words "PREVIOUSLY RECORDED" fades up... then fades out.

The camera starts focused in on a sign reading McCarran International Airport; it pans out slowly to reveal a quick glimpse of the hussle and bussle of activity on the outside of the airport: cars pulling up, bell hops and random regular people unloading cars and kissing and hugging goodbye. The scene fades out and then comes back, focused in on a Korean Air sign; the scene fades out to the backs of 3 men standing at an airline desk counter. The camera switches view to a side view of the airline desk counter! The identities of the three men standing at the counter are clear now: it’s Diamond Jewelz and the members of his security team, Khalil Straightgully and Latrell Samuel affectionately known as Them M’fn Goons to jOlt faithful.

“U getting all this,” Jewelz asks directly to the camera. “Make sure u get all this.. That’s what u here for my nig… That’s why I brought u along,” Diamond interjects pointedly to the camera man.

“Hello, welcome to Korean Air; how can I help you today,” the small asian attendant at the desk asks the three men.

“Yes, I booked a flight for the three of us. It’s set to take us to the city of Ibara in the Okayama Prefecture of Japan,” the goon known as Khalil Straightfully says very politely and clearly, sounding like a scholar. Samuel chuckles at the façade of sophistication and class the professional goon operates in. Diamond nudges Samuel, as he smiles, revealing a gleam of diamonds and gold!

“What flight….” the attendant is interrupted by Straightgully

“Number 696.. It’s under the name Khalil!”

Samuel and Jewelz break out into a chuckle as the flight attendant smiles…

“You trying to catch this 69 flight, I mean 696 with us Ms… I hear Ibara is beautiful,” Samuel bellows out. Jewelz chuckles childishly, making the bling and shine of his grill twinkle.”

The flight attendant blushes, but does not respond, as she types on her computer.

“Ahh.. Mr Abdul Farra.. I see your reservation right here…. “

“Are we going to have any problems with Homeland Security you think Ms…. I can testify my nigga don’t have no Al-Qaeda connections,” DJ asks the attendant, as he and Samuel once again burst into a fit of laughter. Khalil frowns at the humor of DJ and Samuel.

“Don’t worry about the mam…. They’re immature,” Khalil says, attempting to be mature.

“No, no worries about homeland security,” the flight attendant says jokingly. Samuel and DJ burst out in laughter as Khalil, runs red, obviously furious at the humor of the three..

“Here are your tickets sir. You three be safe,” the flight attendant says politely, as she laughs lightly.

“Thank you mam,” Khalil says clenching his teeth. Samuel and Khalil pick up the bags as the three continue down the hallways of the airport to their flight terminal…

“What a bitch.. I should report her for discrimination…. Everybody always accuses us Muslims of terrorism. A few bad apples ruin it for everyone who loves Allah,” Khalil states passionately...

“Shut the fuck up nigga.. Ya’ll did 9/11 and all that other shit together… Now ya’ll gotta answer.. You and Allah,” Jewelz interjects as he continues laughing with Samuel!”

Khalil is red with anger and feels defeated so he quickly changes the subject.

“What the hell are we going to Ibara for anyways DJ. You ain’t told us shit.”

“Goons don’t ask questions.. They solve problems and they put in work… But to answer your question.. Various acts of Terrorism… That’s why I asked ol’ bird about Homeland Security. I figured you and Allah hella good at that shit so I brought you along,” Dj chuckles..

“Yeah…. whatever nigga….” Khalil Says

Citizen vs Kayden Paulton

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Brad Arnold stood at the center of the ring for the first time this evening, “the following contest is your opening bout of iNtense, there will be a fifteen minute limit, and the match will be contested under normal rules.”

The fans in attendance were buzzed as “Less Talk More Rokk” by Freezepop began to blast throughout the arena and one of the most charismatic wrestlers in jOlt made his way out of the backstage area. The pop from the crowd continued at the sight of the man in pink and black, Kayden Paulton.

“Making his way to the ring, weighing in tonight at two hundred and thirty pounds and hailing from Dothan, Alabama; HE IS KAYDEN PAULTON!”

Paulton made his slow walk down to the ring, high-fiving the small children in attendance as he did. Upon making it to the ring, he climbed the steel steps to the apron, swept his feet, and climbed into the ring between the middle and top rope. Paulton stood with his hands on his hips for a moment with a huge smile on his face before then making his way to his corner.

The arena came to a silence as the lights within it died down, in pitch black the countdown sounds of the opening of “The End is Coming” by Sevendust began to blast throughout the arena. As the tempo of the music began to pick up a dimly lit white spotlight shined down on the entrance ramp. From the backstage area emerged the masked enigma, Citizen. The fans in the arena had gone from cheering to complete booing for a man they once cheered within jOlt.

“Making his way to the ring, weighing in tonight at two hundred and twenty-five pounds and hailing from New York City, New York: HE IS CITIZEN!”

Citizen began stalking his way toward the ring, the spotlight following him all the way down, until he entered the ring. Citizen had made his way to the center of the ring, and the lights once again went completely black, leaving the crowd in suspense until they finally came back on.

Citizen still stood at the center of the ring, but he reached his arm behind his back and up the trench coat he was wearing. From behind his back Citizen produced the baseball bat that he had assaulted Jesse Ramey with the week previously. Kayden Paulton’s eyes shot open wide and he looked ready to exit the ring, but before he had a chance Citizen drove the baseball bat tip first into his midsection.

Paulton fell to his knees gasping for air as referee Simon Boulder signaled to the timekeeper shouting that the match wasn’t even going to start. Citizen slowly walked behind the kneeling Paulton, brought the baseball bat back, and snapped it across his back. Paulton fell face first to the canvas, and began to slowly try to make his way back to his feet.

Citizen tossed the baseball bat outside of the ring, and slowly began to take his trench coat off. Underneath he revealed his black full body suit, and he slowly made his way to the opposite side of the ring as Paulton. Citizen waited in a corner as Paulton continued to try and drag his body up and off of the mats. The fans in the arena continued to boo and chant.


Paulton finally managed to get back to his feet, but as he did Citizen darted across the ring launching himself into the air and driving a padded knee into the side of his head. Citizen had nailed Paulton with a flying knee attack, but that wasn’t enough for Citizen as he scooped the now completely limp body of Paulton off of the mat, locked him with a double underhook, raised his body into the air, and drove him down head first onto the mats below.

Merciful Judgment!

The fans continued to boo at the atrocity they were seeing unfold before their eyes, until “I’m Not Alright” by Shinedown began to blast throughout the arena and the tempo of the arena changed from booing to a mass of cheering as the Anti-Star burst from the backstage area in his street clothes and raced toward the ring. Citizen quickly backed away from the unmoving body of Paulton, and just as Ramey was sliding into the ring the lights in the arena went pitch black once more.

Seconds had only passed before the lights kicked back up, and Ramey was making his way to his feet looking ready to fight, but inside of the ring were only he and Paulton. Citizen had disappeared completely, no sight of him anywhere in the arena as the production crew went from camera shot to camera shot looking for him. Until the tron sparked to life, the lights in the arena stayed on, but Citizen was had somehow made his way to the backstage area in a matter of a minute.

“I did not come back to this company to fight inside of that ring,” The vocalized voice began to speak; “I have only one reason for being here.”

The crowd died down, a few referees and road agents had made their way from the backstage area helping to get Kayden Paulton out of the ring and toward the back for medical attention. Ramey stood in the center of the ring, now equipped with a microphone in hand.

“That doesn’t give you any right to come out here when you’re booked in a match though and take out the competition before the match even starts!” Ramey shouted.

“It most certainly does though Jesse,” Citizen continued, “I don’t care about my records within this company. I’m not looking to fight for a championship; I’m not looking for competition. I came back to destroy one person, you.”

“Then why involve innocent bystanders like Kayden Paulton tonight?” Ramey questioned, “You signed on the dotted line to come back to this company with your agendas in mind, whatever they may be, but you don’t want to get your hands dirty anywhere else? Instead you would rather take the cowards way out and attack the man before he even has a chance to get any offense off against you? That’s pathetic and you’re a worthless piece of trash.”

“No!” Citizen shouted cutting Ramey off, “I just have my priorities in line. What are your priorities, Jesse? Just to walk out to that ring and entertain the people in attendance and watching around the world? We’ve all seen what you’ve been spouting off on your twitter account as of late. You’re just like everyone else who steps foot inside of that ring, looking out for what is best for you. How to acquire a championship by any means necessary, goading out the current champion the best way you possibly can, hoping that in the long run you can run up the numbers on your next contract negotiation.”

“You would know why you were a target,” Citizen continued, “if you would just look into your past like I’ve told you to. Understanding won’t change anything, but it would serve you in coming to terms with why your destruction is going to happen.”

“If you want to destroy me so badly, then why don’t you make your way back out this ring and do it now!” Ramey shouted, as he began pulling his shirt off.

“You’ve always done things on your terms,” Citizen chuckled, “but this isn’t part of the master plan that I have in store for you. I will break you down to the point where you have nothing left to gain or lose with your career, and then, only then, will I step inside of that ring with you. Until then, prepare yourself for what is going to be coming.”

“Next week,” Citizen paused, “the first piece of the puzzle falls into place. Are you scared yet?”

The lights in the arena went out once more, several moments passed before they came back on; inside of the ring before Ramey once again was a book. The Anti-Star reached down and picked the book up, before the scene faded the title shot across the tron, “Jack and the Beanstalk”.

Winner: No Contest

"Let Them See"

“My beloved officers...”

Kenshiro Inogami opened from within the heart of the Inogami Clan chamber hall. Arms folded behind his back, the heavily decorated general stood before his gathered brethren. Mamoru. Eiji Kugasari. Heido. Takeshi. Lady Akina. Shoji. Maiko & Kimiko assumed the posture of seiza atop the slightly elevated platform. The assembly of subordinates neatly allotted a definitive path toward the chamber hatches.

“Many are young. Virile and the future of this clan. A few that are more seasoned. Wise & the intellectual lanterns to govern the youth to overstand & solidify the Way forward.” The Athletic Freak of Nature continued. “As you all have seen, our statement was well received; The Faction were left to lick their collective wounds. Just as this promotion’s World Champion continues to curry favor from Chairman Damien Lee. The Widow’s Nest were wise to retreat. Their mistress, the Black Widow can no longer maneuver freely as she once believed. Omega is not their only threat now. However, she is to be watched all the more closely.”

The Rebellion are an interesting sort.” Kenshiro mused. “Junior leadership that have been served the calloused lessons of wayward ambition. However, I fear this will only embolden them. They are destined to coalesce into a formidable force to consider, given the right elements & circumstances. I need our scouts to remain highly vigilant from this day forward.”

“Lord Kenshiro” Heido opened. “Takeshi & I are well aware that laying siege to the Tag Team division will, no doubt, become and remain a formidable challenge in & of itself; we still have those toilsome Heirs to contend with. Trouble are intentionally lurking as the spineless vermin they are while it seems that The House continue to forewarn of their return. The reVolt are no longer the dim-witted tandem of lore as they have joined forces with Total Conquest. The West Texas Terrorists will no doubt be seeking revenge. As for the opposing teams, there is nothing to report as of yet. Even The Hands of the Cause have been unusually silent. No doubt fully assessing the entire climate to formulate effective counteroffensives & measures on the behalf of championship retention. However, we shall begin our ardent pursuit of the championships tonight at the expense of The Rebellion’s representatives.”

Cross The Hood, while primarily a band of brawlers, are still resourceful.” Kenshiro replied. “And they have their reinforcements at the ready. However, I strongly believe that they will consider their movements carefully. They have not the slightest account for our numbers and at the early stages of this game, assumptions are doubly fatal. Far too many enemies seeking to pounce of the weak, unwary & wounded. Heido; I trust you & Takeshi are well aware of what must be done. Contingency plans as well.”

“Consider it done, my Lord.” The Kansai Crippler mentioned while nodding once in full compliance.

“Lord Kenshiro?” Mamoru voiced with stoic confidence. “What of Shoji? You all know that I am no longer as spry as in my younger years and it is important that his mettle is not only tested but the amassed confidence of his brethren must be earned.”

The clan general cast his gaze toward the ambitions yet energetic soldier. “I trust you shall personally see to it that you afford him far suitable tests for such an honest assessment.”

“Hai.” The elder statesman replied with a motivated nod.

“Eiji; It is imperative that you remain focused with & beyond your opponent this evening.” The clan leader mentioned as his young lieutenant was overhead clearing his throat. “Diamond Jewelz and his band of degenerates utilize a highly unorthodox brand of psychology. Jonathan Conspiracy succumbed to these equally methodical & juvenile antics. These roaches are highly motivated by superficiality, both by illusions of wealth but many means of power & the spoils of it. You would be wise to use the advantages presented to you freely. We are confident that you will be no doubt, successful.”

“I am ready, my Lord.” The Blood Raven replied. “Rest assured in that. What of you, Lord Kenshiro?”

The Ronin was seen popping the bones in his neck, sweeping his hair from his visage before responding. “This shall be a test among many, young Eiji. Know that the wolves are watching. Waiting and eager for the opportunity to wrest any advantage into their favor at our expense. Exposure is inevitable yet it is in such moments we all learn the identity of both the courageous & those stricken with cowardice. Tonight, we shall see...”

Kenshiro slowly walked up the steps before peeling the belt off the stage apex and staring at its pewter surface briefly with a sigh.

“Be very mindful, my brethren. I feel that this evening shall prove to be an interesting one indeed...”

"On This Edition of Extreme Makeover"

A black screen with the words "PREVIOUSLY RECORDED" fades up... then fades out.

“Ding”, the artificial electronic ring of a flight bell dings. Diamond Jewelz lays lifelessly with a diamond looking sequenced blindfold over his eyes. Latrell Samuel is dozed off next to him, as Straighfully sits up, full of life in comparison to the other two, reading a magazine.
“こんにちは、これはあなたの船長たちはまもなく井原にタッチダウンされることを通知される,” the asian flight captain announces. Flight 696 has just touched down in Ibara. Straightgully nudges DJ and Samuel.
“Wake up bitches.. We about to touch down.”
Dj, apparently not as knocked out as it first appeared, is apparently upset with Khalil’s interruption of his eye rest.
“How the fuck you know my nigga? You speak Japanese now? Last time I checked, your people was from Iran.. Not Ibara….”
“Yeah my sand nigga.. How you learn Japanese,” Samuel responds half unconscious… That Osama shit ya’ll be speaking don’t sound nothing like this Japanese shit.
Khalil is angered by Samuel and DJ. But smiles and holds up his phone.
“My android app my nigga.. It translates foreign phrases,” Khalil responds.
“Is that the Allah app…Why didn’t Allah tell you to not piss DJ off by interrupting his sleep,” Diamond takes another jab at Khalil looking angrily at him… Allah shoulda known this shit,” DJ takes another jab at Khalil, staring at him mean-spiritedly. Khalil seems annoyed at DJ.
“Allah knows!!!! You’re right… But his name, like the other 98, are sacred… Respect to the most high my nigga”
DJ lets go of a chuckle.. “I got 99 problems my nig… But Allah and his 99 names ain’t one… Just make sure you get all our bags nig… ”
Fade Out….
The camera fades back in to a relatively docile street. This is the city of Ibara in the Okayama Prefecture of Japan. The streets are not crowded. There are a few people out, but for the most part, Ibara has a quiet, small town, country feel.. DJ, Samuel and Khalil all look out of place amongst the few natives that are out. They are decked out in Jewelry, and a head and a half taller then everyone who they pass by. Their shirts fit tightly displaying their very muscular frames. Dj wears a purple Segalowich’s and Sons Jewelry shirt, but his goons wear an alternating yellow ones and stand on each side of him.
“I still can’t figure out why the fuck we’re here DJ.. WTF we fly all the way to this little town in Japan for,” Khalil inquires.
“You wanna know the real reason my nigga,” DJ proposes.
“Yeah.. It’s not for a jewelry sale is it” Khalil responds..
“We remodeling some shit today… Extreme Makover style my nigga… ” DJ responds,
“As a matter of fact… Here we are… The Takaheshi Dojo… Home of Eiji Kugasari and his Chinaman Legion…”
Diamond peers in one of the windows… He grins widely. The twinkle and glisten of his grill speckles.,
“Nope.. No one here…”
“On this edition of Extreme Makeover, we’re going to totally fuck this niggas shit up..” Diamond exclaims as he peers into the camera…”
All three men burst out into laughter…
“No one’s here Samuel.. I need you to do your thing and get this door open.. I’ll watch your back.. Khalil.. You and your Allah app need to keep these little Chinamen occupied.. Hold a conversation or some shit… Ohh.. And put this on…”
Diamond reaches into one of the bags Khalil is carrying and pulls out a conical hat…
“So you fit in…”
Khalil looks confused but places the hat on… and Stays right in the middle of the sidewalk…
“Konnichiwa,” Khalil greets the first Japanese passerby…
“Uhh… O….ha…..yō go….zaimasu.. Yes….” He struggles to translate from his phone as a greets another passerby. The camera switches to view Samuel working on one of the side doors while DJ keeps watch…
“Hurry up my nigga.. This is what I hired you for… You supposed to be an ace at break ins and stolo’s bro…”, Diamond jibes
Crack,.. Samuel pushes away the lock and opens up the door..
“Got It…”
“Let’s Go Khalil.. Get them bags…” DJ exclaims..
“It’s time for that Extreme Makeover..”

"Reality Check"

Camera five cuts in as we see Jimmy B. Martinez sitting in his locker room with his face in his hands contemplating. Jimmy couldn't believe it. He let another opportunity of becoming jOlt champion slip threw his fingers. He didn't have time to sit and mope around. He had another match tonight with Dallas Griffin. A man who wasn't no joke, or a push over. Martinez slowly looked up as he stretched all the kinks out his body, relieving his muscles from its stress. He got up from the bench and opened up his locker, and there was a picture of him and his father hung in his locker. He stared at the picture for a while and finally snatched his bag out the locker and slammed it shut.


Jimmy sat back down on the bench, and opened up his bag. He reached into his bag and pulled out white tape. He bit a piece of the tape and began to tape his forarms and hands talking to himself trying a psychic himself up. A talk which usually was done by the legendary Sylo.

"So these two think there just going to come out to ringside and interrupt me as I talk the people." Jimmy said referring to what happened last week.

"The nerve they have. I understand you're excited to have me back in jOlt, but having the nerves to interrupt me. That was uncalled for. It's okay. I got something for those two." Martinez said as he nodded hid head up and down.

"The last man, I would ever want to see holding the jOlt championship was Landon Stevens. He is nothing close to championship material. The man gets on these social media networks, gloating about beating a bull in the ring. A BULL! Are you serious?!" Martinez asked himself as he chuckled. "I don't see no bull here. I do hear a lot of bullshit, that comes out of his mouth that's for sure."

"A real champion doesn't go around telling people well you have to earn your championship shot. That is what chumps do. They avoid putting up there championship on the line, and hold it close to them as long as possible. I remember when I was flyweight champion. I didn't go around telling people you have to earn your shot. You wanted a shot at becoming a champion. I gave it to you. Now that's the difference between being a champion and being a chump."

"You see last week he did give me a shot at the jOlt championship, but the fans and I had to pull it out of him. I do admit I failed to walk away with your championship, but I did something I was waiting a long time for. That's right! Getting my hands around that scrawny neck of yours felt so good." Jimmy said as he grinned and padded the access tape that stuck out down.

"I don't care who I see what that championship around there waist, just as long as it wasn't Stevens. For all I care Aran Thompson, Derecho, Sylo, or even Eiji could be jOlt champion. Those men would make a better champion than the likes of Stevens."

"That right I said Eiji. Him and I had our battles, we left arenas beaten and battered. Yet I respected the man. We still have bad blood between each other, but even Eiji would make a better champion. Last week he also came out and interrupted my apologies to the fans, but he did one thing that Landon Stevens didn't do. He welcomed me back. A true and genuine welcome back."

"Eiji and I don't always see eye to eye, unless it came to how much we hated Stevens."

Jimmy finally finished taping up his hands. He opened up his locker once more, grabbed his bag and tossed it into the locker and slammed it shut. Martinez stretched once more as he walked towards his locker room door and exited for his match up tonight.

The camera's followed Jimmy down the hallway. Martinez was fixing some of the loose tape around his wrist as he made his way towards the gorilla position. He passed by the locker room of The Faction. The door was open and no one was inside, he continued on his way. Martinez stopped and double checked his gear. He was down on one knee fixing one of his boots when Landon Stevens appeared with the twins behind him and the jOlt championship draped over his shoulder.

"Look who it is boys, it's the former jOlt championship hopeful, Jimmy B. Martinez." Stevens smiled and laughed as he looked down at Martinez.

Martinez gave Stevens a look of disgust before he rose up and locked on eye to eye with the champion.

"There was no need to kneel to me, I'm no king. Just STILL Jolt champion."

"Not for long." Martinez muttered.

"See Jimmy. You asked for a title shot, I gave you a title shot. You failed to win that match and you're probably looking for a rematch. Face it Jimmy, you're just not on my level. Just admit you don't have what it takes."

Silence rang out through the building as no one could believe the words that just slip through the lips of Stevens. A dumbfounded Martinez stepped back. The Faction went to make their way around Martinez when the former flyweight champion grabbed the shoulder of Stevens and turned him around.

"What Jimmy? Do you not know when to give up?" Stevens raised his voice as he was getting annoyed.

"Let me tell you something. You having that jOlt championship around your waist, dose not mean you are better than me. If I had not left, it would be I who stand here as your jOlt champion. You will never accomplish half of the things I did here at jOlt. Being the LAST flyweight champion, meant no one was able to take that championship away from me. I retired the title. I see you here with your goons, and it's pretty clear to me why you still have that championship around your waist. You need help. You can't do it on your own like I did. So if you for once think you better than me think again. Remember Stevens, Tick.. Tock.. Tick.. Tock! Your time as champion is soon to end, and I will be the first face you will see when that happens." Jimmy said as he shoved Stevens away from him.

"One of these days I will shut you up for good, but until then you've done had your shot at the championship. Now you must wait in line."

Stevens raised the jOlt championship up and flashed his devlish grin at Martinez as The Faction walked out of the frame.

"Jimmy B. Martinez will be in action next on iNtense" said Burhman as the show faded to commercial.

Jimmy B. Martinez vs Dallas Griffin

The show returns from commercial with a panoramic view of the crowd

"Excuse me by Koffee Blakk" began to blare over the speakers threw out the arena. Fans began to jeer in disapproval. Just than Dallas Griffin slowly emerged from behind the curtains with a grin on his face, as he started into the crowd and flipped them off.

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; Introducing First, making his way to the ring from Arlington, Texas...Weighing in at 252lbs...Accompanied by his manager, Duzza...DALLAS!! GRIFFIN!!!

Buhrman: "Dallas isn't making it any better for himself. The fans can't stand him."

Powers: "Do you blame them? Look at the way he is coming to the ring. I personally have no problem with him. He is good in my book."

Buhrman: "What book is that? The book of idiots."

Powers: "No! Thank you very much."

Griffin continued to walk down the ramp way towards the ring. When he finally reached the ring he casually slid under the ropes. He quickly jumped back up to his feet and threw his hands up in the air. The jeers got louder as Dallas Griffin began to mouth off to the crowd.

"YOU GUYS DON'T KNOW TALENT WHEN YOU SEE IT!" Griffin yelled at the crowd as they continued to show him how they felt for him.

”What Would You Do If It All Ended Tomorrow?
Time Runnin Out, Ain't No More You Can Borrow
So Many Paths, which one you gonna follow?
What Would You Do, What Would You Do?”

“Uh this is how it go down
I have the black-pound-silence so it don't make sound I pile a 150 outta town, aint nobody around
Im in the back seat breakin’ it down
My love has been a past week dawg lately I found
Our press made us turn the radio down
But God bless now they talkin bout layin me down
Now they on about shovels in the weight of the ground
What now?

With both the streaming jOltvision screens and the entrance staging area awashed with color and energy, the prodigal son of a boxer, finally emerged from the gorilla position. Patiently scanning the horizon, the New York native nodded to himself before walking out to the right side of the entrance staging area. Beating his Left breast several times, the last jOlt Flyweight Champion inaudibly played to the crowd before storming his way toward the opposing end...

Carrington: “And his opponent...Making his way to the ring, coming from the Bronx, NY. Weighing in at 220lbs, and standing at 6'5". He is the former flyweight champion. Mr. Intense, Mr. Infamous....He’s ’The Supernova’....JIMMY! B!! MARTINEZ!!!!”

Drawing his eyes shut, Jimmy lowered his head briefly before punching his palms and making his trek toward the squared circle. Briefly gnashing his teeth, JBM would take his time in giving love back to his fans on each side of the aisle before rounding the ring post. Referee Boulder would keep the adamant Griffin at bay as Martinez continued his parade around the ring’s outskirts.

Buhrman: "What a welcoming these fans gave him last week. It is good to have him back! Mr. Infamous himself is back in the building."

Powers: "Who cares?! He's nothing special."

Buhrman: "Nothing special. You would never accomplish half of the things he did."

Powers: "Yea, I'm sure he wouldn't either if it wasn't for Sylo."

Buhrman: "Here we go again with the Sylo references. Leave the young man alone. He has had a fabulous career as of late. I for one am glad to see him back and so are these fans."

Powers: "Yea, whatever."

Martinez was seen shifting his weight from side to side as Dalls, leaned over the ropes to taunt him before Jimmy made his way towards the ring apron. However, Griffin had seen & heard enough as he reached over the apron and grabs a handful of Jimmy's hair. Dallas pulled JBM up and over the ropes slamming him onto the canvas.

"GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!" He yelled at Martinez.


Griffin continued to stomp on the former jOlt flyweight champion. He then grabbed him by his hair and snatched him back up to his vertical base. Dallas Griffin cocked back and landed with a hard right to the jaw of Jimmy which planted him hard on the canvas.

"IS THIS YOUR SO CALLED HERO?!" He yelled at the crowd as he began to laugh and shake his head in disgust.

Once more Griffin pulled Martinez to his feet. He went for a second punch, Jimmy quickly countered with a straight jab to his jaw. The punch stumbled Griffen back. Martinez continued the barage and connected with a couple more punches. He than leaned back into the ring ropes and sprung off with a clothesline. Griffin avoided the clothesline and ducked under. Martinez rebounded back and gets caught with poweslam. Griffin arrogantly pins Jimmy.




Martinez kicked out. Griffin quickly got back on the offensive as he stomped away at Martinez. Dallas Griffin looked at the top rope and smiled. He slowly scaled the turnbuckle to the top. Once at the top, he leaped of with a leg drop. Jimmy evades the leg drop as Griffin came down on his backbone. He landed hard in a sit down position holding his back. Martinez quickly took advantage as he ran to the ropes and rebounds off with a dropkick to an already downed Griffin.

Jimmy quickly got up as he began to stomp on the body of Griffin. He than leaped over the top rope onto the apron and jumps back in with a springboard leg drop across the chest of Dallas. The crowd cheered in excitment, as Martinez dragged him into the corner turnbuckle. Jimmy ran to the opposite side of the turnbuckle and charged at him looking for a bronco buster. Griffin countered as he picked up his foot and connected.

Martinez quickly fell to the canvas in pain as he held his groin area. Dallas Griffin got back on his feet as he began to laugh and point to his head, as if he out smarted the self proclaimed savior of the flyweight division. Griffin grabbed Martinez by hair once more and placed him in between his legs, setting him up for a powerbomb. Griffin lifted him up. As Martinez was lifted he punched Griffin in the face and reversed with a hurricanrana, that tossed Dallas over and out onto the flour.

Arena of Champions cheer in approval. Martinez watched Griffin as he slowly got back up to his feet. Martinez continued to stalk his prey as animal in the wild. Once Dallas Griffin stood erect, Martinez ran and jumped outside with a flipping moonsault connecting with his target. Both men hit the outside floor hard as the crowd erupted in infamous chants.


Martinez rose to his feet once more as he grabbed Griffin by his hair and slid him under the bottom rope. Martinez followed behind him as he slid under the bottom rope. Jimmy took advantage of the battered Griffin and began to stop away on his motionless body.

He finally picked up Griffin back to his feet and shoved him into the corner than onto the top rope. He than climbed up as, Jimmy began to punch at Griffins head as the crowd began to count with every punch that connected.





Uhh.. No!Griffin countered with a uppercut which knocked Martinez down onto the canvas. Griffin saw an opportunity and quickly capitalized as he jumped off the top rope with a flying elbow drop which connected with Jimmy's sternum.

Dallas Griffin got back up to his feet as he dragged Martinez leg towards the bottom rope. He laid JBM's leg across the bottom rope. He jumped up and came down with a force full stomp, that could of seriously injured Martinez. Jimmy grabbed his leg in pain as he began to roll in pain on the canvas. Griffin continued the abuse, and laughed as the crown began to jeer cause of his actions. Griffin finally reached over to pick Jimmy up. He quickly countered with a small package pin.




. Griffin kicked out. Dallas reached down and picked up Martinez back up to his feet. Holding Martinez by his hair. Griffin with his free hand slapped Martinez.

"YOU TRYING TO OUT SMART ME KID!" He said as he slapped Jimmy once more and shoved him down to the canvas.

Dallas Griffin furiously walked over to the turnbuckle and began to take the padding off. What did he have in mind next. He turned around and grinned at Martinez, who was still on the flooar favoring his leg. Griffin walked over to Martinez who was trying to pull himself up using his tights. Griffin tossed Martinez to the turnbuckle, as Dallas ran right behind him. Jimmy quickly noticed the pad missing scaled the top rope and executed a back flip over Griffin. Griffin connected with the raw metal and held his chest in pain. Griffin not expecting Martinez to still be up on his feet turned around. Jimmy sized him up and exploded with a superkick


The force was so powerful it picked him up off his feet. Martinez quickly went for the cover as the crowd went wild.




Buhrman: I can't believe it. He kicked out! This match should be over.

Powers: Well it's not. Dallas Griffin still has more fight in him.

The crowd boos as Martinez slams his fist on the canvas. Jimmy grabs Griffin and began to pick him up, but was stopped with a uppercut to the groin area. Martinez's folded up in pain. Dallas Griffin quickly capitalizes with a Death Valley Driver that lays him out. Griffin begins to scale the top turnbuckle and jumps off with leg drop landing across Jimmy's neck. He held his throat as he rolled on the canvas in pain. Griffin grinned as he got up and picked up Martinez. He grabbed Jimmy by the neck and yelled at him.

"THERES NO MORE ROOM FOR YOU HERE. GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM!" Dallas yelled at Martinez as he signaled for the end.

Buhrman: Looks like Dallas is ready to put Martinez out.

Powers: It's about time someone does it. Landon Steven failed to do so last week, hopefully he can put him away and he can go back from the hole he crawled out of.

Dallas Griffin grabs Martinez and lifts him up for his finisher 'Just Business' The Black Hole slam. Martinez finds a way to wiggle himself free and kicks Griffin in the midsection causing him to fold. Jimmy picks up Griffin onto his shoulders and comes down crashing forcefully with his finisher.


Powers: WHAT?! Where the hell did that come from.

Buhrman: Oh my god! This match could be over. The Infamous Knock Out!!!

Martinez crawls towards a downed Griffin and turns him over. Jimmy threws his hand over Dallas and the ref quickly positions himself and begins the count.




Buhrman: YES! He has done it. He failed to pick up a win last week against Stevens due to a double disqualification. Not this time. This time he over came the odds and brought it home.

Powers: Oh please. So what!

Arena of Champions erupted in appreciation as Jimmy slowly got up to his feet and threw his hands up in the air.

Crowd: “...J. MARTINEZ!!!! (clap 5x) J. MARTINEZ!!!! (clap 5x) J. MARTINEZ!!!! (clap 5x) J. MARTINEZ!!!! (clap 5x) J. MARTINEZ!!!! (clap 5x) J. MARTINEZ!!!! (clap 5x) J. MARTINEZ!!!! (clap 5x) J. MARTINEZ!!!! (clap 5x) J. MARTINEZ!!!! (clap 5x) J. MARTINEZ!!!! (clap 5x) J. MARTINEZ!!!! (clap 5x) J. MARTINEZ!!!! (clap 5x) J. MARTINEZ!!!! (clap 5x) J. MARTINEZ!!!! (clap 5x) J. MARTINEZ!!!! (clap 5x) J. MARTINEZ!!!! (clap 5x) J. MARTINEZ!!!! (clap 5x) ...
Buhrman: Mr. Infamous is back!

Winner: Jimmy B. Martinez via Pinfall

"Extreme Makeover: Fireplace Edition"

A black screen with the words "PREVIOUSLY RECORDED" fades up... then fades out.

Inside the Takaheshi Dojo, large lanterns burn all round the dojo, almost ceremoniously, creating an eerie glow. The walls are lined with various items. The camera focuses over to the left side of the dojo where various articles line the walls: Long silver swords of various sizes horizontal to each other; a pair of silver metallic looking nun chucks, by a pair or wooden ones; a string lined with gold ninja stars; a large banner with some phrases on it written in Japanese. The camera goes away from the left side of the wall, and goes back to the front of the Dojo. The twinkle and glisten of the various jewelry items of DJ, Khalil Straightgully, and Latrell Samuel, shine bright like watchtower lights in the dark room, as they stand still together looking around

“Here we are,” Jewelz exclaims in awe…

“The ninja mecca,” Jewelz says in somewhat of an awe of the room. The twinkle and glisten of his grill, shine with each word.

The camera goes off of Jewelz and his goons to the right side of the room. Various items line this side as well… Another group of swords: they are all machete style and aligned horizontally; towards the middle of the room, there is a picture of Master Genji, surrounded by pictures of other ninjas, one Eiji Kugasari, one Kenshiro, the others unknown to jOlt fans.

“Look at this,” Jewelz walks down the center of the dojo. Various training dummies line the mats. Some of them are traditional wooden dummies, and others are the new, realistic, mma mannequin style dummies..

“Look at all this bullshit…This place.. Needs an upgrade… Mwahhahahahhahha,” the laughter of Jewelz echoes through the empty corridors of the dojo…

“An Extreme Makeover.. Las Vegas Style,” Jewelz goes on…

“Yeah…That’s whats up…” Samuel cosigns….

“Ehhhh,” Khalil steps forward to shield Jewelz..

“Who the fuck is that right there…”

“What.”, says Jewelz

“What nigga?? We the only ones here,” Samuels barks sharply..

“Nah fool… Nah.. Look…”Khalil says, his voice trembling a bit but full of courage. The camera stays focused on Jewelz and his goons.

“Ohh Shit…” Jewelz exclaims… “I see…. He don’t even see us either… His back is to us.. Khalil… on 3…. Rush that motherfucker…”

“1…...” Khalil stiffens his body.

“2……” He stiffens more…

“3” Khalil rushes and tackles what looks to be a ninja and begins to clobber him..

“Ehh Khalil… Stop….

Khalil continues his merciless assault… Jewelz walks over to Khalil and pulls him off..

“Stop…Dummy…” Khalil breathes heavily as DJ restrains him.. He grabs the blue garbed ninja… “It’s a dummy.. dummy” Jewelz and Samuel burst out into another bout of hyena like laughter…

“Ehh let’s get to work dummy.. Mwahhaaaaahhaaa,” Khalil blushes red with embarrassment but then attempts to laugh off his gaffe.

“On this episode of Extreme Makeover: Las Vegas… The Takaheshi Dojo gets a Blingin makeover…” Diamond walks over to where Khalil dropped the various bulky bags he was carrying and begins to rummage through them… Decorators!!!!” Jewelz exclaims in reference to Samuel and Khalil.

“Let’s start with a new paint job… I’ll be using a Ruby Red on my side… Mwahaahahhha.. You Samuel??”

Samuel rummages through the bag… “I’ll be using a Hot Pink.. You know them ninja faggots love that…”

All three begin to burst out into laughter… “Khalil.. While me and Samuel put a fresh coat of paint on the place… I want you to get to work on that back wall.. Gut it out… We need to replace that drywall…”

“Yes sir…” Khalil says in military fashion… Jewelz splashes paint on the large picture of Grand Master Genji with various pictures of other masked ninjas to each side and begins to smear the paint with a roller he had grabbed out of the bag across all of them. Whatever Jewelz does the right side of the room, Samuel does to the left side, except in Hot Pink…

Thud.. Thud… Thud.. Thud… Khalil, still wearing his conical hat, chips away at the back wall with a sledgehammer; a large billowing cloud of dust begins to develop as Khalil’s massive frames tears out huge chunks of wall at a time.

The camera goes back to Jewelz…. In his hand, he holds the large picture of Master Genji!

“This picture is so lifeless.. Some old ass chinaman in a robe… This picture needs some spice …” Jewelz rummages through a bag laying by him and pull out a piece of paper… He flaps it onto the picture, giving us the understanding it was a sticker of some sorts.. He then turns the picture around to reveal a penis by the mouth of Master Gengi.

“Talk about Spice.. That’s Spice Channel…” Mwahaahaaaaaaaahaa, Jewelz bursts out laughing.

“What the fuck is this yo…” Samuel yells out from the front of the Dojo… “Some sort of holy shrine or something?”

Jewelz drops the picture and him and Khalil head to the front of the dojo. Numerous candles burn around an Inari shrine; its’ a large wooden structure filled with levels of porcelain cats of different sizes. In the middle of the cats is a large bell; underneath the bell is a small diamond and gold cat with jade eyes..

“Ehh… What the fuck is this,” Khalil reverberates.

“Some strange ass shit for sure.. Creepy as fuck” Diamond agrees with his comrades.

“Well then let’s give this shit a makeover…”

“No wait,” Diamond barks. He reaches for the diamond and gold cat with jade eyes… I’m keeping this shit…

“What the fuck for,” Samuel jibes.

“My jewelry collection… I’mma make me a new necklace…” Mwahhhaahhahha Jewelz roars with laughter.. His goons join in…

“Khalil, smash this shit up….” Khalil begins to wreck the cats, and the shrine with the sledgehammer… Within a few seconds, the shrine is but ruins..

“Soo.. How you think we did boss.. You like the makeover we gave the place…”

“Hrmmm…” Jewelz Ponders…”Nah… We Missing something…” Jewelz ponders some more looking around the ruins of the dojo.. All of the sudden a wide grin appears on his face and the shine and glimmer of his grill twinkle and glisten into the gloomy room.. “A fireplace…”

“Want me to dig one out boss,” Khalil says confidently holding his sledgehammer..

“Nah.. I want a big one… As a matter of fact.. I’mma make this here dojo, the biggest fire place ever…”

“What you mean b…” Khalil realizes what Jewelz was meaning midsentence… Jewelz reaches into the bag and pulls out a canister of gasoline and lighter.. He begins to drench the place in the flammable substance..

“This is sick bro,” Samuel laughs…

Jewelz empties out the last parts of the can.. “Come on guys.. Let’s get the fuck up out of here..” With that he flicks the lighter and throws it to the ground. Fire engulfs the place within a few seconds. Flames ravage the Takaheshi Dojo


Michael Buhrman: Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight has been hellacious. I know I tend to hype every event that we have, but I stand by this company as a premier sports entertainment organiza..

bzzt.. bzzt..

Lights Out.

With the Arena of Champions shrouded in complete darkness the entrance ramp, the stage and the jOltvision all slowly illuminated a blinding white light interrupting Michael Buhrman.

"They've forgotten..."

"No! They can't!"

"They've forgotten..."

"No! They won't!"

With each spoken word the blinding white light that illuminated the Arena of Champions pulsated.

"Why haven't they forgotten?"

"They haven't!"

"Is it because he hasn't been around?"

"No! They can't forget!"

The blinding white light had started to slowly fade.

"We live inside...everyone!"


"They can never forget!"

The Arena of Champions again became shrouded in pure darkness as the arena lights fully faded back on and the camera panned over to Michael Buhrman and Nathan Powers who looked at one another with utter confusion.

Buhrman & Powers: What the hell...?

Them Mf'N Goons vs The Widow's Nest

"Caught in a Web" by Dream Theater hits the PA system as the Widow’s Nest, consisiting of the powerhouse Wolf-Spider and his agile partner Arkanis, make their way to the stage; they are flanked by their manager Black Widow. They pause for a second at the top of the ramp and then they begin to make their way down to the ring, to a slight and mixed reaction from the crowd. Ready for action, the members of the Widow’s Nest stand restlessly in the middle of the ring awaiting the arrival of the members of Diamond Jewelz’s security team, Them M’fn Goons. After a minute passes by, the members of the Widow’s Nest begin to throw taunts at the stage, goading the members of Them Mf’n Goons to put off their delayed entrance and come and fight. The crowd begins to grow restless with the members of the Widow’s Nest; then, all of the sudden, the bass rifts from “Gangsta” by Schoolboy Q begin to pipe over the sound system to a slight pop. Out of the backstage area, Diamond Jewelz emerges fdecked out in all kinds of various articles of jewelry, and flanked by his fiancé and manager Ruby Rocks Jewelz. Them Mf’n Goons are missing. As a charm on his neckless, DJ features the Diamond and Gold cat with jade eyes that he acquired from Eiji Kugasari’s dojo earlier in the night. Diamond’s mischievous grin twinkles and glistens into the dark arena; the members of Widow’s Nest await the arrival of Jewelz’s hired hands.

As the camera is focused on Diamond and Ruby Rocks, all of the sudden, a raucous cheer breaks out in the crowd. The camera shifts back to the ring where Latrell Samuel and Khalil Straightgully waylay Arakanis and Spider. This is a brutal beating. The referee immediately rings the bell.

Samuel takes on Spider, while Khalil handles the larger Spider; each goon takes on a member from the Widow’s nest that is their own size. The camera switches back to the top of the ramp where Jewelz is full of mischievous laughter; “Goons don’t fight fair bro…” he yells as he and Ruby are duly entertained by their goon’s assault on the Widow’s Nest.

Back in the ring, each goon has a different member of the Widow’s Nest in a different corner. Khalil plugs away with punches on Arkanis, while Samuel hits Spider with numerous martial arts kicks.

The massive Khalil picks up Arkanis and holds him up for an extended period of time showing off his strength; he then drops him to the amazement of the crowd, and DJ!

On the other side of the ring, Samuel clotheslines Spider outside of the ring and then proceeds to the outside of the ring apron to hit an Asai moonsault. The goons are making this look easy.

Back inside the ring, Khalil hits Arkanis with numerous stomps on the ground. Arkanis land a barrage of punches, a kick, a big shot to the gut; Khalil is bent over. Arkanis rears into a corner to power up for a big offensive move…

Thud” goes the Mat. Khalil counters with a clothesline of his own that sends Arkanis hard to the mat. Both men are slow getting up; Samuel creates a distraction on the outside. Khalil reaches into his pants and pulls out a diamond encrusted pair of brass knuckles, the apparent weapon of choice of Jewelz and his goons. Khalil clocks Arakanis in the head before he can get to his feet; Arkanis is out cold! Samuel sees the damage is done and gets down from the apron. The camera switches to a shot of DJ and Ruby; “Goons Season!!! Woooo: Mwahhhahhahhhha”.

Khalil has scraped Arkanis off the ring apron; he whips him towards the rope but instead of letting him go, pulls him back into himself;


The crushing elbow lariat lands and Khalil goes for the cover.




We gained no knowledge of the team of Latrell Samuel and Khalil Straightgully’s wrestling acumen, but if “Them M’fn Goons” did anything, they lived up to their name because they broke all the rules tonight. Jewelz’s street thugs were merciless, and effective! whether they will be a formidable force within the rules has yet to be seen; but in combat, tonight, they proved to be just that!

Winner: Them Mf'N Goons via Pinfall

"Now We Do It My Way"

"What the hell was that?!"

The voice of the jOlt Champion, Landon Stevens could be heard screaming from the office of Damien Lee who simply watched with no emotion as Landon began his diatribe.

"I told you I wanted Aran gone as much as you, and that I'm willing to do anything it took to make that happen and you put him in a match with a Rebellion stooge? Why not Donovan or Seraph, at least they could hit their finishers on the bastard!"

Landon screamed but it brought no emotion from Damien who just stared into the very depths of the jOlt Champion.

"Answer me!" Landon demanded.

"That wasn't about winning or losing a match. I gave you an opening to take that championship from him while he was preoccupied and neither you nor the twins did anything about it." Damien said after shaking his head with disappointment.

Landon starred daggers into the soul of Damien Lee.

"We were pre-occupied with that little roach, JBM and and the twins were busying winning!" Landon shot back.

Damien continued shaking his head in disappointment.

"Look. Let me make this perfectly clear to you. Aran will be in another match tonight in another Relentless Rules match. Make sure you guys are ready! Got it!" Damien demanded of the man who represented the company, Landon Stevens.

Landon shook his head.

"Tell you what. After I watch Aran spoil another one of your stupid ass plans, we'll do it my way! The way that has been working for the last four months!"

Landon did an about face as Eli and Ezra Conway followed suit and Damien sighed in disbelief.

"World Champions...they're all the same....."

"The House Always Wins"

“It’s been too damn long…”

Bodies being strewn about…

Unsuspecting victims tossed through tables…

Thrown off stages…

Powerbombs onto barricades…

“Last time we were here, it was a House united…”

Two tag team titles to their reigns…

Once with the champions standing over The Reckoning…

And another with Derrick Huber on the top of the ladder…

Victims such as The West Texas Terrorits, Cross The Hood and the Heirs of Wrestling…


One red-headed Starlet with the Starlets Championship appears holding the fabled championship over her head.

“Breakdown… we’re back… and we’re coming for what’s ours…”

A sole flaming ace card appeared on the screen and burned away to reveal the House logo and the crowd went wild for the announcement that the former two-time tag team champions were returning.

And the camera went backstage now showing the members of Trouble – Duzza, Khadafi, Statuz Quo, and Dallas Griffin all looking on a monitor in the back at what they just saw.

“Ugh… more people takin’ our spotlight,” Duzza said.

“Fuck ‘em,” Khadafi spat. “They ain’t comin’ back here, not without a fight.”

Quo and Dallas Griffin laughed before the troublemakers called Trouble left.

Mattock & Reno Davis vs Sebastian Saje & Michael Donavan

Earlier in the night, The Rebellion cornered Damien Lee in the back and forced him into making another tag match. The leaders or captains, if you will, of each group will now face off against each other and both groups are banned from ringside!

"The Northern" by Alexisonfire

Out from the backstage area stepped Mattock and Reno Davis. These two had a rivalry in the past in which Reno Davis had bested Mattock each time they met in the ring. Now the two must co-exist in order to take down the threat of The Rebellion. Mattock and Davis stepped into the ring and waited for their opposition.

"Machine" by Downstait

Sebastian Saje and Michael Donavan came out to The Rebellion's official group theme. They walked down to the ring with the burning desire to get rid of Mattock and Davis in order to gain some momentum heading into Breakdown. The two entered the ring and discussed who would start. It looked as if Micahel Donavan would start and Mattock would for the other side. The referee then called for the bell.




Mattock and Donavan locked up in the middle of the ring immediately, not wasting any time, but Donavan's height and weight advantage quickly plowed Mattock back into the corner. Donavan went for a big right hand, but Mattock ducked and escaped the corner. He turned and opened up with a flurry combination of punches, forearms, chops, and jabs. He kept mixing up the offense so that Donavan couldn't cover up and block any of the strikes. Mattock eventually stopped and grabbed Donavan by the arm, looking for an irish whip, but Donavan reversed it and sent Mattock into the corner. Donavan gave chase, but Mattock leapt onto the middle rope and twisted off with a flying senton that stopped Donavan short in his tracks, but he got caught with it anyway!

Mattock popped to his feet and took off to the ropes as Donavan staggered back up to a vertical base. Mattock spun, looking for Direct Damage.. the corkscrew spear, but Donavan side stepped it. When Mattock was getting up on all fours, Donavan charged in and hit a low boot to the side of Mattock's head, putting him back down onto the cavas. Donavan taunted Mattock to get up and when Mattock got to all fours again, Donavan stomped on the back of Mattock's head again and Mattock collapsed back down. Donavan cracked a grin as he knew he had Mattock where he wanted him and once again taunted him to get up.

Mattock got back on all fours and Donavan went for the stomp a third time, but this time, Mattock reacted quickly and grabbed Donavan's leg. He used it to keep his balance and got back up to his feet as Donavan balanced himself on one leg. Donavan took a couple of swings at Mattock, but Mattock leaned his head back each time and avoided them. Mattock then answered with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip that put Donavan onto his back. Mattock wasted no time popping to his feet and hitting a Standing Shooting Star Press on Donavan, making the first official cover of the match!



Donavan kicked out!

Mattock stood and grabbed Donavan by the hair, pulling him up. He hooked Donavan for a suplex, but Donavan twisted out of it, wringing the arm in the process. Donavan hit a pair of shoulder blocks to Mattock's arm and twisted it again. He then hit a third shoulder block with force that drove Mattock down to a single knee. Donavan practically dragged Mattock with him over to his corner where he made the tag to Sebastian Saje.

Saje climbed up to the top turnbuckle pad as Donavan held Mattock's arm out. Saje leapt off with a double axe handle sledge right into Mattock's shoulder. Mattock collapsed back down to his knees as Saje stomped on the back of Mattock's shoulder, trying to injure it further. Saje took off to the ropes to gain momentum. He came back with a running drop kick right into the shoulder, putting Mattock onto his back. Mattock rolled out of the ring and plopped down onto the floor. Saje looked like he wanted to fly as Mattock staggered back up, holding his shoulder in pain. Saje had taken off to the ropes and attempted a suicide dive, but Mattock leapt onto the air and hit a CCS Enzugiri right to the top of Saje's head! Saje stopped dead in his tracks and flopped back into the ring where he held his head in pain!

Mattock hopped up onto the ring apron and ascended the turnbuckles in the corner with his back to the ring. Mattock then twisted and flipped off with the Phoenix Splash, but he stuck his leg out during the rotation, driving his heel into the top of Saje's head!!


Mattock with the cover!



Saje kicked out!

Mattock got up and tried to go to his corner, but Saje made a desperate grab at Saje's leg, preventing him from going any further. Saje got back to his feet and yanked back on Mattock's leg, pulling him right into a Half Nelson. Saje lifted Mattock up and slammed him across his knee with a Half Nelson Backbreaker! Saje went for the cover quickly!



Mattock popped his injured shoulder up and immedialtey regretted it as he held it in pain. Saje then took the opportunity to pin Mattock again, putting all the pressure on Mattock's good shoulder so if he kicked out he would have to use the bad one again.



Sure enough, Mattock kicked out with the bad shoulder and he sat up, grasping it in pain. Saje quickly made the tag to Donavan who came in and applied a Nerve Pinch on Mattock's injured shoulder! Mattock reached out to Reno Davis and Davis responded by stepping into the ring, but the referee wouldn't allow it and stopped Reno in his tracks. Saje came into the ring and nailed a drop kick to the side of Mattock's head and then rolled to the outside. Donavan pulled a dazed Mattock back up to his feet and then grasped him by the neck. He lifted Mattock up into the air, but instead of slamming him down, Donavan fell backwards, driving Mattock face first into the canvas!


Donavan hit the Fallway Choke Slam and covered Mattock, hooking the leg deep. The referee turned around just in time to see the pin as he rushed over to count.



Mattock kicked out.

Donavan argued with the referee.. saying that he needed to pay attention to what was going on because he just cost him the match. The referee was trying to explain to him that he was getting Reno Davis back into his corner, but Donavan grabbed the referee by the shirt. This allowed Mattock enough time to recover and roll up Donavan from behind with a school boy!



Donavan kicked away as Mattock slowly got up. Mattock made his way to his corner, but...



Donavan put tremendous force into that lariat and Mattock was buried face first into the canvas with force!!! In fact, when Mattock rolled onto his back, blood was coming out of his nose! That's how hard his face smacked against the ring. Donavan simply grinned at Reno as he pulled Mattock up to his feet. Mattock was on dream street as Donavan taunted Reno by holding Mattock's arm out, pretending that Mattock was looking for a tag.

Donavan scooped up Mattock into his arms and walked into Mattock's corner, but stayed just out of reach of Reno Davis. Donavan told Davis to "go fuck himself" before hitting a Fallaway Slam on Mattock, tossing him back towards The Rebellion's corner of the ring. Davis stood while looking at Reno Davis and backpeddled a few steps. Donavan flipped off Reno and then hit a Standing Moonsault on Mattock!!! His 6'10" frame came crashing down in a display of tremendous athleticism!


Donavan made the cover!



Broken up by Reno Davis!!

Reno Davis couldn't stand back anymore. He found a way into the ring and just saved this match for himself and Mattock. While the referee scolded Reno, Donavan slapped his hands together and walked out of the ring. Saje came in illegally and pulled a lifeless Mattock back up. When the referee turned around, Saje told him a tag was made and since the referee heard the tag, he took Saje's word for it.

Saje hooked Mattock for a suplex and lifted him up, hitting a vertical, but Saje rolled through and back up to his feet, pulling Mattock with him. He lifted Mattock up again, but then twisted him into a Falcon's Arrow! He held Mattock down in the cover!



Once again, broken up by Davis!

The referee once again had to get in Davis face, but Davis was getting sick and tired of this. Saje called Donavan into the ring as Davis was trying to get the referee to turn around, but he wouldn't. Davis then grabbed the referee by the shoulders and spun him around and yelled "LOOK!" The referee now saw the illegal double team and walked over to admonish The Rebellion. Meanwhile, Davis grabbed Mattock by the arm and dragged him all the way over to his corner. Davis stepped out as Mattock reached up for the tag

The audience was stamping their feet with anticipation. The referee got Donavan out of the ring and turned to see Mattock finally make the tag! The people erupted as Davis came into the ring and nailed a running clothesline on Sebastian Saje. Saje popped up and Davis caught him with a Japanese Arm Drag. Saje staggered up to the ropes as Davis came in with a clothesline and knocked Saje to the outside. Reno went to the ropes, but instead of bouncing off of them for momentum, Davis leapt to the middle rope and drop kicked Michael Donavan down to the floor! Davis got up and charged in as Saje was getting to the his feet. Davis leapt to the top rope with no hands and spun off with a Springboard Corkscrew Plancha to the outside, taking down Sebastian Saje!

Reno Davis stood and leapt onto the ringsteps. He then jumped onto the apron, ran along it and front flipped off with a Hilo, taking down Michael Donavan! Reno stood tall after taking out both members of The Rebellion with the crowd firmly behind him! Reno shot back around ringside where Saje was getting up on all fours. He grabbed Saje by the tights and threw him back into the ring. Davis then went to the corner and climbed up the turnbuckle pads to the very top with his back to the ring. He flipped off with a Double Rotation Moonsault, landing in a knee strike across Saje's chest!!


Davis with the cover...



Donavan reached into the ring and pulled Davis off of Saje, but all of a sudden, Mattock ran along with ring apron and hit an Apron Shooting Star Press to the outside, taking down Michael Donavan!!

Reno gets back up and turns his attention back to Saje after that momentary distaction, but Saje was back up! Saje leapt into the air, looking for Lights Out.. the Codebreaker to the face.. but Reno grabbed Saje in mid air and...


Davis quickly grabbed Saje by the legs and tied them up! Reno turned Saje over after locking up Saje's legs with his own. He bent down to butterfly the arms to complete The Straighjacket... the Queen Angelito Stretch.. but right when he was about to pull Saje off the canvas.. .all the lights in the arena went out!!

A purple hue then filled the arena and black feathers began to fall from the ceiling. On the entrance ramp was a figure cloaked completely in black with a hood. The figure resembled the same figure that turned out to be Raevynn when The Rebellion first came together on The Hype before Wrestlecade! Reno Davis released Saje and walked over to the ropes, daring the figure to come down to the ring, but just as quickly as the figure appeared.. the lights went out again.

When the lights came back on, the ring was covered in black feathers and Sebastian Saje was back to his feet. Reno turned around and Saje leapt into the air...


Saje brought Reno's face straight down into his knees and he made the cover, hooking the leg.




The Rebellion steal a victory here off of the distraction! Damien Lee had specifically ordered no member of either group to be out there tonight and yet, Raevynn took it upon herself to show up! Mattock rolled into the ring as Saje rolled out. Saje and Donavan regrouped as Mattock checked on Reno Davis. Mattock looked pissed that he, of all people, was outsmarted here tonight. Saje and Donavan grinned all the way to the backstage area.

Winner: Sebastian Saje & Michael Donavan via Pinfall

"Drunken Ambition"

“Hail to the King” by Avenged Sevenfold.

The crowd responded to the theme with a strong chorus of boos directed at the man who emerged from behind the curtain.

A man named Henry Dylan.

The Friendly Stranger’s arrival was notable by the fact that he made his way to the ring unaccompanied by either of his fellow Hands of the Cause stable mates. What made it more noteworthy still was the almost empty bottle of vodka in his hand and the buzzed look in his eyes as he made his way to the ring.

Dylan rolled under the bottom rope and crawled on all fours over to the opposite side before finding a corner and climbing, sitting perched atop the top turnbuckle before taking a long swig from the bottle.

Dylan was dressed in an old and worn suit with elbow patches, and pulled a microphone from out of his jacket packet as the music cut out.

“What on earth am I doing out here? I hear you all ask. What in God’s name is that no good son of a bitch doing taking up time on iNtense? Who the hell is Henry Dylan and how dare he take up valuable time on this broadcast?”

The crowd fell almost silent, with scattered jeers and insults hurled at the former ACW star who continued, slurring his words a little as he spoke.

“I came to this promotion alongside Brone Haggard and Frank Hendrix to form the Hands of the Cause of wrestling. Frank Hendrix told you all how good he was, he told each and every single last one of you how good we ALL were but still you refused to listen. When Franky Boy and Big Brone won the tag team titles you barely raised an eyebrow, and when they retained them at Wrestlecade you still didn’t care.”

A few ‘boring’ chants began to make their way around the arena as Henry paused to take another swig from the bottle of vodka, finishing it off in the process.

“And what of me? What of dear old Henry? If you can’t accept those proven warriors as superior specimens then I can only imagine what little time you have for an old fool like me. But my name is Henry Dylan and believe it or not I am employed as a wrestler by this company. Frank puts his trust in Haggard to partner him in tag team matches but I know how to get the job done too! I know how to hurt a man in so many ways. So that’s why tonight...”

Dylan jumped down off the turnbuckle and staggered as he hit the ground, falling down to one knee as the crowd cheered. He was visibly inebriated as the crowd laughed. Dylan stood up and dusted himself off before trying to take another sip from the bottle before remembering it was in fact empty. Seemingly angered by this he tossed the bottle to the canvas where it bounced up off the mat and rolled to the other side of the ring.

“AS I was saying…that’s why tonight I am issuing a challenge to ANYONE in the back with the balls to face me one on one. Frank has ordered us to keep quiet unless he instructs otherwise but I am keen to prove my worth, and I will prove it RIGHT NOW! COME ON! LET’S DO THIS! ANYONE IN THE BACK!”

Dylan began stretching in the ring, almost falling over in the process and falling back into the ropes. The crowd stirred as a movement came from behind the curtain, but then jeered as they saw the faces that were answering Henry’s call were those of Frank Hendrix and Brone Haggard.

The Hands of the Cause, jOlt Tag Team champions.

Hendrix wore a face of thunder as the pair ran down to the ring and squared up to Dylan. Henry raised the microphone to his lips as if to speak again but Hendrix swatted the microphone from out of his hand, knocking it to the mat. Haggard stood behind Hendrix with his arms crossed as he watched with interest and the leader of the Cause began to yell at Dylan.

“What the FUCK do you think you’re doing? What is this bollocks? Since when do you even drink you fucking loon?”

Dylan smiled and tilted his head to the side before letting slip a slight laugh, which only served to further infuriate Hendrix as he slapped Henry across the face once more.

“DON’T YOU FUCKING LAUGH AT ME YOU PRICK! Get your fucking arse out of the ring this instant before I kick the shit out of you!”

Dylan held his jaw, still stinging from the slaps before dropping to the mat and rolling out of the ring and away from Hendrix and Haggard. Frank glanced at Brone who as always appeared unmoved by events.

Dylan began to laugh uncontrollably as he walked around the ring, Hendrix eyeballing him the entire way as he stood inside the squared circle.

Henry’s smile was beaming as he stopped to look back up at his stable mates, when suddenly his demeanour changed. He clicked his neck from side to side and stood up straight, brushing himself down and returning to his usual and more familiar focused appearance. The maniacal look in his eyes was replaced by a far more calm and composed stare as he locked eyes with Frank Hendrix for a few seconds before turning and walking assuredly (and in a straight line) to the back.

Frank Hendrix looked on with interest, and the self-proclaimed Wrestling Deity walked over to the bottle of Smirnoff vodka in the ring before lifting it up to his nose and taking a sniff.


Hendrix then lifted the bottle up high and splashed the last drops that remained onto his tongue to confirm his suspicions.

Good old fashioned h2o. Water. Henry Dylan was not drunk.

So then what exactly was he trying to pull?

Sarah Winterton(c) vs Alyssa Corliss

The most important match in the career of one Alyssa Corliss was happening in mere moments. She had pulled out of the biggest upsets to have occurred in the Starlet division to date when she not only stepped up to Sarah Winterton after a gloating session with the other Starlets; she had also DEFEATED Sarah Winterton 1-2-3. And by virtue of that victory, she earned the right to face off against the reigning and defending champion here tonight. Alyssa had been through lot in her personal life, having come off a very public break-up with the leader of the Rebellion in Sebastian Sage, but tonight she could rectify all that by making her professional life even better – getting her first-ever shot at the Starlet Championship. Did she have Winterton’s number or would The Queen of the Starlets have another trick up her sleeve?

“Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse.

The music played and while the introduction was far less of a spectacle than that of her opponent, that didn’t stop the fans from taking to one of the Hype’s best Starlets! The woman that challenged Sarah Winterton to a match tonight showed no trepidation in the face of her opponent or her snobby assistant at ringside and she was looking forward to an opportunity like this.

The young prodigy headed to the ring and slapped hands with the fans on her way to the ring. Corliss was better than she’d ever been and could very well pull of the upset here tonight, now knowing that she could pin Winterton in the middle of the ring. She rolled into the ring and raised her arms for the crowd.

"Pageant (Instrumental)" by Moi Dix Mois

The former Heiress stepped out from the backstage area. She feels she had ascended to the Queen position. especially since she was holding that Starlet Championship over her shoulder. Winterton had a look of disgust as she stood atop the entrance ramp and gazed down at the ring at her competition. It was no secret that Sarah thought it was unfair for her to defend her title against somebody that she felt was a lesser opponent, but when Winterton’s other rival, “Dragonfly” Amber Ryann prevented her from cheating the tables had been turned on the self-professed Queen of the Starlets.

Following shortly behind Sarah Winterton was her assistant, the blonde portly woman known only as Desta. Sarah and Desta walked down to the ring with a certain swagger about her. Her high society and posh attitude was displayed perfectly as she walked around ringside toward the announce position. She walked up the ringsteps and stayed in the corner. She beckoned the referee over to her to give up the Starlet Championship as if she were nothing more than a mere servant as announcer Brad Arnold made the Super-Serial ring introduction for this title match.

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for The Starlet Championship!” Brad Arnold announced before he turned to the corner on his left. “First, in the corner to my left, she is the challenger. She hails from Redmond, Washington… she weighs in tonight at 135 pounds… ALYSSA CORLISS!

Corliss earned a nice ovation from the crowd as she pointed at Winterton and made the universal “I’m coming for that belt” gesture around her waist.

“And in the corner to my right…”

Brad was cut off by Desta as she approached the middle of the ring.

“Kind sir, I’ll be taking over for Her Royal Highness, THANK YOU.” She bumped him out of the way and almost knocked Brad over. The ring announcer left the ring to allow Desta the honors of calling her employer. “And her opponent… SHE IS THE REIGNING… DEFENDING… POWERFUL… BENEVOLENT… SKILLED… UNPARALLELED… AMAZING… ANY SYNONYM YOU CAN POSSIBLY THINK OF FOR GRAND… THAT DESCRIBES HER ROYAL HIGHNESS...”

Winterton gave her a fake “who? Me?” expression on her face before Desta continued.


The Starlet referee Kim Adams raised the belt in the air before she officially called for the bell.


Desta clapped and cheered on the outside for her employer as Sarah Winterton and Alyssa Corliss were about to circle up. The Queen went on the attack quickly and landed a stiff kick to the midsection of Corliss quickly! She hadn’t forgotten about being humiliated last week so she kicked her in the gut and turned her around before rolling her up in a Schoolgirl pin!



Winterton kicked back to her feet before she turned around and came face to face with Alyssa again. She turned her around with a quick Neck wrench before rolling her up into a modified pin again!




The Queen of the Starlets kicked out again, but Alyssa Corliss was controlling the pace now unlike last week when Winterton was dominating the majority of the match. The technically-savvy Corliss popped back to het fete only to eat a European Uppercut from the Queen!

“You will pay DEARLY for stealing a victory from me, my darling!”

She was a very proud and vengeful woman as many of the other Starlets had come to find out. Winterton sat on top of Corliss and attacked her with a flurry of nothing-fancy elbows to the face in order to wear her down some more. When she felt that Alyssa was sufficiently worn out, she picked her up off the canvas and connected with a beautiful Fisherman…. Sorry, Fisherwoman’s Suplex to keep her pinned!



Winterton was going to change things up and keep Alyssa Corliss at bay now and tried to end this as quickly as she could. Corliss weathered the storm last week and found an opening to get the victory. With her most prized possession on the line in the Starlet Title, she could not afford to make any more mistakes.

The Queen of the Starlets picked her up off the mat and tried for a second Suplex variation by lifting her up. Corliss wiggled free and landed behind her with the quickness. Winterton turned and swung with a clothesline only for Alyssa to duck and come back off the ropes with an amazing Flying Forearm Smash!

Orlando was fully in the corner of the challenger as the Redmond native popped to her feet and waited for Winterton to do the same. She struck Winterton in the face with another elbow and sent her flying backwards into the corner. Alyssa took a position on the second rope and waited as she held a fist out…


The world-renowned ten-punches in the corner weren’t enough this time because Winterton got herself free and she DROPPED Alyssa hard on the top turnbuckle! Corliss crashed to the canvas hard and now Winterton took full advantage. She took a second to recover from the punches before turning Corliss over with a snapmare. The three-step combination of moves was fired off when the Snapmare led to the Round Kick to the back followed by the Dropkick to the back of the head…


There was no screwing around this time! Winterton rolled over and hooked both of her challenger.




Alyssa Corliss kicked out and the Hype Starlet was still very much in the game, much to the chagrin of Sarah Winterton. Desta was watching intently as her employer continued to go on the attack. She took Alyssa to the corner and grabbed her by the face, intent on talking some more of that royal trash.


She unleashed a very targeted assault with a combination of alternating Chops and more European Uppercuts under the chin to wear down her opponent. She kept up the attacks until Kim Adams was forced to step in between them for a clean break.

“Get out of the corner now!”

Winterton simply ignored her and was zeroed in on punishing the Hype Starlet for the humiliation of defeat from last week. When Sarah continued her assault, Kim Adams finally stepped in and started the mandatory five-count.

“One! Two! Three! Four! Fi-“

Finally, Sarah backed off at the last second and waved her hands innocently as she pleaded with the referee. She turned to the crowd and let loose one of her faux princess waves to the crowd who only slung some shit right back at her.


Desta covered her ears on the outside and started to shout at the crowd in vein to silence their derogatory comments, but Sarah Winterton backed off out of the corner and remained focused on her target. She whipped Alyssa Corliss across the ring and tried to follow up with a charging attack only for Corliss to flip behind her and catch her with a Sunset Flip pin out of the corner!



She almost caught Sarah there yet again and tried to capitalize only to eat a boot to the gut followed by a turnaround into a quick and VICIOUS Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker from the Queen! The Starlet Champion nearly BROKE Corliss in half with the brutal move and now it was her time to end this.




Lots of falls had been attempted between both ladies already, but there was a sense of focus in Winterton that she didn’t seem to have in previous matches while Corliss was looking for any opening that she could to bring home the title. An angry Winterton stayed fixated on punishing the Redmond native and put her into the nearest corner with intent to hurt her with some more of her punishing offense. The Queen of the Starlets basked in the booing of the crowd (she assumed they were booing Alyssa now) and ran full speed ahead, connecting with a Flying Cross Body in the corner! She slipped between the middle and top rope as she was wont to do with this move while Alyssa crumbled to her knees.

“Show her no mercy, Your Highness!” Desta cheered.

Winterton waved at Desta who looked like a proud child who got an A on his science test while the Starlet Champion headed back inside the ring to the second rope. She waited for Alyssa to stand and when she turned around, the challenger made her pay for it with a perfect Front Missile Dropkick! The impact sent Corliss rolling back onto her stomach now! Sarah wasted no opportunity in crawling over to force Alyssa on her back so she could make another cover.




It was close, but Alyssa was still in the game. She couldn’t’ believe this nonsense! This was just a Hype Starlet! She was the Queen! This did not compute with the Royal Pain in the Ass, but she nevertheless knew that she would have to end things soon. She couldn’t afford any more chances to slip up against the counterwrestler in Corliss.

She went to the head and neck, but instead of using one of her normal holds, she opted to release another relentless assault in the form of more elbows to the top of the head of Alyssa. She was in pain now when Winterton went to the classic Chinlock to wear her challenger down.

“Stay down already, darling, you couldn’t handle the pressure of being champion like I!”

Winterton pulled back on the hold and continued to crank the neck in an awkward way for Alyssa as she tried to find the way to fight her way out. She slapped a fist on the mat while Desta continued to watch impatiently, biting her nails all the same.

“You will lose, Alyssa!” Winterton continued.

Corliss had enough of The Queen’s bullshit and started to fight back as she got back to a knee. She turned herself around as a slew of “CORLISS!” chants began to erupt from the crowd. Winterton continued to keep the offensive by clinching tighter on the hold only for Corliss to muster all the strength that she could…


This was not a move that you would see female wrestlers use in most other places, but tonight these women were putting it all on the line. Sarah Winterton was fighting to keep a stranglehold on the title that she had held since last December while Alyssa Corliss wanted to add her name to the very small, yet prestigious list of women who have been lucky enough to be the Starlet Champion.

Both Starlets were down now and were each looking to get their bearings back. Sarah Winterton didn’t have a clue on how to deal with the Hype Starlet while Alyssa Corliss needed something big in order to turn the tides. She finally got back to her feet and nearly ran right through the Starlet Champion with a big Clothesline! She was groggy, but when the Starlet Champion rose for the second time, Alyssa made her pay for it with a second charging Clothesline that brought her down!

“COME ON!” Alyssa yelled to the crowd as the fans started to cheer her on.

Desta was starting to go into full-on panic mode as she started back to her feet and pushed Winterton into the ropes. Off the return, Alyssa jumped up and caught her flush in the face with a STIFF Leg Lariat underneath the chin! That had to be all!




Just a half a second away from becoming the Starlet Champion for the first time, but it wasn’t happening just yet! Winterton’s brains were scrambled off that move that Corliss used as the prelude to her Sit-out Gourdbuster that she called The Corliss Effect which now appeared to be on deck!

She kicked Winterton in the gut and lifted her up into to the Suplex varation, but this time Winterton saw it coming! She charged off behind her and shoved her into the ropes! She was looking for her Chaos Theory Suplex of her own called the Beauty Queen Suplex…







Corliss not only reversed her finisher just as she did last week, but she almost got the title! So close to a new champion right there, but The Queen of the Starlets wasn’t going to be denied tonight! She continued her attack and went to attack Winterton again when Desta hopped on the apron to try and distract the referee! Alyssa wasn’t having any of that crap and charged at her when Desta ducked…


Winterton CLUBBED her in the back of the head before DROPPING her down with the Cross-Arm Backstabber now! She then flipped over and kept her hold tightly locked in with a modified Cross-arm Crossface combination, pulling back on the head and neck! This was a new move in the arsenal of The Queen…


She frantically pulled back on the submission and held on tightly while Corliss had nowhere to go in the middle of the ring! And with her arms both tied up in the submission, she had no choice but to verbally acknowledge…



Winterton held onto the submission STILL after the match was over! She had just defeated Alyssa Corliss and retained her Starlet Title, but none of that was good enough – she was intent on making sure that Corliss paid for what she felt was a grave injustice last week by defeating her.

“Here is your winner of the match and STILL The Starlet Champion… SARAH WINTERTON!

But again, to no avail. Kim Adams had to get physically involved and had to pull Winterton off her before she would finally stop punishing Alyssa. She backed off and started to compose herself for a second while Alyssa was down.

“Okay, darling… okay… I’m sorry…”

Winterton took her title from Adams and raised the belt over her head for all to see. Alyssa Corliss had given her a fair share of headaches over the last couple of shows, but she had come up with a new trick that Corliss didn’t see coming and thanks to the distraction she had scored a very impressive victory and yet another title defense in her name. She and Desta now stood over Corliss and she had bad intentions. Desta picked up Corliss and held up so she could slap her.

“How dare you? How DARE you! I am YOUR Queen and you WILL…”


The blow sent her flying from the ring! For the third week in a row, Amber Ryann continued to interfere in the plans of Sarah Winterton! Two weeks ago she ruined her gloating celebration. Last week, she stole Winterton’s signature customized brass knuckles and this week, she had kept her friend, Alyssa Corliss, from getting hurt! Winterton scrambled from the ring while a panicked Desta followed her outside of the ring!

“That’s enough!”

Amber had a microphone in hand while she stood over a sore Alyssa Corliss, trying to help her at the same time.

“You… you… LOW CLASS NOOB!”

The very words she used to describe Sarah Winterton last week was unleashed again and Winterton looked horribly offended that such language would be used to describe her in such a derogatory manner.

“I am SICK of you! I am sick of you throwing parties that nobody else is invited to! Sick of you gloating that you have that title belt and I’m sick of you using your… using those damn CHEAT CODES like you did in your match with me at WrestleCade!”

The Queen of the Startlets looked at her title and cradled it close while Desta grabbed onto her arm. The Dragonfly wasn’t done.

“You want to cheat, then I’m going to bust your stupid n00b ass. I want another match with you at Breakdown and I want it against you!”

Halfway up the ramp, Winterton motioned for a microphone and one of the stagehands from the back retrieved one for her. She was seething as she glared a hole right through The Dragonfly.


The crowd was loudly roaring for this! The Dragonfly had gotten under the skin of The Queen enough for her to finally get the rematch she wanted… however, Winterton raised a finger to indicate she wasn’t finished.

“IF… you beat me next week in a tag team match. You and your little friend, Miss Corliss, have caused me enough headaches and I grow weary of your games! I will find a partner for next week, I WILL defeat you and the both of you will BOW at me feet! Accept my challenge if you DARE!”

The Dragonfly wasn’t fazed in the slightest. She glanced over to Corliss who was still holding the back of her head in pain, but had enough to muster up a nod.

“You have a deal, you stupid casual.”

“Antinotice” by AKIAKANE played over the PA as Amber Ryann dropped the microphone. She had the chance to get another crack at the belt she was cheated out of at WrestleCade and all she had to do was defeat Sarah Winterton and anybody she could get as her mystery partner. Could she get that chance at long last?

Tune in next week, bitches!

…But please stick around and watch the rest of the show first.

Winner: Sarah Winterton via Submission

"Enemies Are Better Than Friends"

Backstage Sebastian Saje and Michael Donavan regrouped with the rest of The Rebellion. The two were a bit tired from the match and oddly, Raevynn was there with the group, but she wasn't wearing the cloak getup. Be that as it may, before Saje could open his mouth to say anything, Jon Le Bon stepped into view. Cross the Hood got in front of Saje and Donavan as if they were bodyguards

Le Bon: Hey hey! No need for hostilities my Harlem Hooligans.. I'm just here to congajulmalate Sebastian and Michael on a job well done out there.. although I don't think I would have went with feathers though.. too tacky for my tastes. I would have used water baloons! The ones that don't pop you can squish in your hand.. they feel like boobs!

Cross the Hood looked at each other and shook their heads. Sebastian Saje wedged between them and stepped up to Le Bon.

Saje: This is the third week you've came up to us.. and it's probably the third week that you're going to get your ass kicked for doing so. So why in God's blue Earth are you still bothering us after we made it crystal clear that we don't want to be friends. Just because we were on The Hype together doesn't make us friends. You have been a main roster member a lot longer than we have.. that makes you our enemy.

Le Bon stood there for a moment like a deer in headlights and then he acted like it just came to him.

Le Bon: OH!! Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, right!? That means if you consider me an enemy, it's like you're considering me more than just a best friend, right!? I KNEW it! That's what you've been trying to tell me all along and I didn't even need to stick an orange peanut down your pants to find that out!

Saje: An orange what?

Le Bon: Oh don't worry.. no one would have noticed a tiny bump in your tights.. that's why you like wearing them right?

Seraph had heard enough. He stepped forward and came face to.. chest with Le Bon.

Le Bon: Oh heya Serphy... do you need me to tell you about tiny tight bumps, too.... HYURK!

Seraph grabbed Le Bon by the neck and toss him with one arm up against a wall and into some equipment cases. Seraph then grabbed an equipment case and went to crush Le Bon with it when Sebastian Saje interjected.

Saje: Whoa there. We're here to take the top spots in jOlt.. not kill people. Besides.. poor bastard doesn't know any better. Let him go.

Jackson Cross: Man.. since when you grow'a heart, brotha?

Saje: I didn't grow a heart.. let's just say that we can't afford to do something completely stupid that would get us suspended.

Machinda Hood: Suspended? We got that bitch ass Damien Lee in'our back pocket, man. What he gonna do ta us? Huh?

Saje: Nevermind.. let's just go for now. Besides, you two have a match up next. Focus on winning that.

Seraph regrouped with The Rebellion and they all collectively exited the area as the scene faded to black.

Crimson Order vs Cross the Hood

"Ready to Go" by David Whitaker rang freely from the state-of-the-art PA system triggering an unfavorable response from the crowd as the jOltvision screens began streaming in unison. Edited footage of the unsavory Brooklyn street, coupled with stints of roguish posturing & victims of their brawling style led the unwelcomed tandem from the side of the entrance staging area. Hardened scowls were cast back toward the masses as both men would round the barricades before power walking toward the ringside area...

Carrington: “The following tag team contest is scheduled for 1 Fall. Introducing First; Weighting in at a total combined weight of 496 pounds...Representing The Rebellion...From Brooklyn, New York...JACKSON CROSS...MACHIDA HOOD...CROSS!! THE!! HOOD!!!

Machida feinted a Right Hand Punch at a fan, successfully punking him out to further piss off the crowd. An arrogant smirk remained on his face as Jackson Cross patted him on the shoulder, leading both men to assume command of the ring. Atop adjacent turnbuckles, Cross The Hood would further antagonize the legions with their audibly muted out taunts as their musical intro dissipated. Referee Darius Underwood remained along the ring apron near the opposing turnbuckle post...

An ominous volley of cheers were heard as the angry ascension of music triggered a volatile stint of strobe lighting before promptly bringing back the darkness. ‘Thought Crimes’ - Extended Version by Cliff Lin would soon continue its acoustic assault from the PA system. A trinity of flashes near the southern ends of the ring. The arena lighting immediately returned to reveal rising pillars of smoke with 4 representatives of the Inogami Clan ascending to their feet. Both Takeshi & Heido were at adjacent ends, setting their respective glares at their opposition. Ignoring the cheering assembly, Cross The Hood would mutually drop down and step several paces away from the ropes into a defensive formation as Mamoru remained standing near an ascending Shoji...

Carrington: “...and their opponents, Accompanied by their manager Mamoru & Shoji...they hail from the Kansai Prefecture of Japan....Weighting in at a total combined weight of 605 pounds...They are HEIDO & TAKESHI...They are THE CRIMSON ORDER!!

Their musical introduction lingered for several moments before fading on cue, leaving both warring sides to stand motionless, visually assessing the opposing sides. The Arena of Champions continued buzzing as the united upstarts kept urging the ninjas to make a move when Mamoru took his time retrieving a cigar from his suit jacket pocket, igniting the ass end of it & ingesting a healthy toke before expelling a trail of smoke. Looking to each side, the elder statesman nodded to his fellow officers in which Heido & Takeshi would removed their head wear, cast them aside before pulling themselves onto the ring apron. Machida & Jackson were seen hyping each other up, prepping for war as the ninjas remained motionless along the apron. Donning a Pearl Gi & with Crimson Trim & Onyx Hakama (Pleated Aikido trousers), the Kansai Crippler would be the one to casually pass through the ropes to continue staring at the bald hoodlum, who was hopping in place & displaying some pugilistic style before Darius Underwood signaled for the opening bell...


Machida quickly laid in a stiff Front Kick to dismiss the attempted Elbow & Collar Tie Up before landing several Clubbing Forearms across the ninja’s back. The scowling miscreant grabbed the Kansai Crippler by the collar & hakama, intentionally running him forward to slam his shoulder into the unforgiving post. However, the sinewy ninja executed a pivoting Somersault to shove the Brooklyn Bully stern into the corner. Heido drove a Elbow to the back of Jackson’s neck. The ninja spun him about to follow up with a Spinning Open Palm Punch & a hard Back Elbow to the Jaw. Heido led Cross out of the corner with an Irish Whip. The bald bruiser switched the momentum with the Reversal, slamming Heido soundly back into the corner. A hard Turnbuckle Clothesline by Jackson garnered praise from his partner in crime before continuing his onslaught of Knee Strikes to the midsection. The massive Cross inaudibly cursed the ninja by slapping him across the face before initiating a Hammer Throw to the opposing corner. Jackson angrily yelled as he barreled in after Heido who drove his Left Heel against his opposition’s chin.

A dazed Jackson staggered backwards a few paces before Heido floored him with a Running Forearm Chest Strike followed with a Lateral Press...1! ...1 ½! Cross scowled as he kicked out , allotting the ninja to latch onto the brawler’s Left Arm with both hands, snatching him to his knees, seeking to drill him with a Hard Knee to the Teeth! Cross beared the wherewithal to block th attack & turned Heido with a Heavy Hard Right Hook before following up with a Left Cross before jettisoning the ninja with an Arm Trap Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex! Quickly seizing the advantage, The Rebellion representative made the cover...1! ...2! The crowd repeated the count in unison as Cross began laying a hail of boots before a pair of Boot Scrapes across Heido’s brow. Grabbing the ninja by the hair, a embittered Jackson pulled Heido up into a Standing Head Scissors to batter Heido with a bevy of Clubbing Forearms before hoisting the ninja up for a Power Bomb. The Inogami Clan representative began fighting back with a trinity of precisioned Elbows to the Skull before blasting Cross with an Upward Double Ax Handle...




3 Knife Edge Chops would summon the ire from an impatient Machida while leaning Jackson Cross against the ring ropes before leading the brawler away toward the opposing ropes. The lumbering locomotive caromed off the ropes and connected with a Standing Shoulder Tackle! The mouthy upstart briefly yelled at the ninja before shooting toward the ropes. Jackson with the Step Over. Cross nimbly run underneath Heido’s Double Cross Chop Attack before dumping the pugilist along the canvas with Aiki Nage (Harmonizing Throw)! The befuddled brawler scrambled to his feet, gnashed his teeth before charging in after the Kansai Crippler...Raimei Nage (Thunder Throw). Cross was seen fuming, shaking his head while rising to his feet before rumbling after the Aikido proficient practitioner...Gokeru Nage (5th Kick Throw) would leave the muscular menace dazed & confused along the canvas before falling prey to a hardened Stomp to the Chest followed by a Leaping Knee Drop to the Head! The Kansai Crippler ground his forearm against Jackson’s head amidst a Lateral Press...1! ...2! Machida quickly broke up the pin attempt by driving a boot against the ninja’s head. Heido was seem grimacing briefly before regaining his senses & extending his arm out to render Takeshi legal with a tag!

The crowd warmly cheered the Mute Mountain Splitter stepping over the top ropes with The Crimson Order pulled the opposition to his feet. The grinding torque of a Double Team Arm Wringer left Cross wincing from the unified attack before being sent crashing against the canvas via a Double Team Suplex! Machida Hood was overheard yelling as Takeshi made the Lateral Press...1! ...2! The fighting spirit of Cross ensured he shot his shoulder up, prompting the ninja clan muscle to lay in some sufficient damage with a pair of Cross Face Punches...

Shuko Ken - A Double Trapezius Nerve Hold w/ Measured Knees to Rib Cage

The ailing Brooklynite wards off referee Underwood as Takeshi seized him into a Full Nelson Submission. Hood was heard willing his teammate on who responded by gradually arching himself upward. Machida passing through the ropes drew Underwood toward him to intercept, allotting Cross to humble the giant with a unsavory Mule Kick! The audience groaned audibly as Cross covered his tracks by shooting toward the ropes and staggering the ailing behemoth with a Running Yakuza Kick! Takeshi staggered sideways a few paces before Jackson grunted sternly with a punishing German Suplex! Hood audibly rallied behind his comrade as Cross shook his head, rolled over to commit to a Lateral Press...1! ...2! The crowd responded loudly as the titan used a Gorilla Press to evade defeat. Cross landed on all fours briefly before standing, pointing at Heido before measuring the rising Takeshi before using a Running Knee to the back to stagger the giant forward. Jackson slammed Takeshi’s face against the turnbuckle padding before tagging Hood in. Both Hood & Cross would drop the monster onto all 4's with Stereo Dropkicks above each knee. The ring rattled from the impact of a Double Team Wheelbarrow Suplex before shooting toward opposing ropes. Jackson connected with a Running Back Senton as Machida drove a Running Knee Drop on Takeshi.

Rolling to a knee, Hood quickly pivoted and covered the fallen giant with a Lateral Press...1! ...2! The masses cheered as Heido broke up the pin attempt with a Running Kick to Machida’s Head. The ninja sauntered backwards with the ref’s encouragement, exchanging stares with Hood, prompting Hood to kick the rising behemoth in the chest before connecting with a barrage of Mounted Punches. Referee Underwood offered a hard count of 5 before prying the angry brawler away. Hood quickly pivoted and kicked Takeshi in the chest once more. A relentless quartet of consecutive Elbow Drops led to Machida to briefly extend his middle finger, spewing a brief expletives toward Heido before drilling Takeshi with a 5th Elbow Drop! Cover! ...1! ...2! Mamoru was heard rallying his clan brethren as Machida locked in a Reverse Chin Lock. The marching orders were barked in Japanese, urging Machida to yell at both Heido & Mamoru before rearing back and blasting the titan with a Stinger Kick between the shoulder blades. A 2nd Reverse Chin Lock was applied immediately after a Elbow Strike to the Skull. Takeshi gnashed his teeth while warding off the referee’s call to continue or submit. Jackson was heard barking orders as Hood reared back and began blasting the giant with a tandem of Cross Face Punches with Takeshi rolling over onto all fours. The barrage continued with Machida hitting the Mute Mountain Splitter with a Front Kick. A European Uppercut staggered the giant back a few paces before a trinity of similar Uppercuts followed suit to lean Takeshi against the ropes. The crowd rallied behind Mamoru as the giant wobbled from the mixture of Knife Edge Chops & Punches. The masses began to rain boos at Machida who antagonized the crowd for a few moments before lumbering forward with a Over The Top Rope Clothesline. Takeshi countered with a High Back Body Drop, sending Hood crashing & burning along the outside!

Mamoru began slapping the ring apron as Takeshi dropped to a knee for several moments before reassessing the situation. Machida wobbled himself erect as Takeshi barreled away from the opposing ropes and wiped out Hood with a Tope Suicida! The Arena of Champions openly cheered at the stirring pile of flesh left before the barricades. Jackson Cross was seen rounding the opposing ring post yet both Shoji & Heido stood at the opposing end, immersed in a calloused staring contest with Cross nodding slowly while maintaining his distance. The legions howled as Machida received a searing set of Knife Edge Chops before slamming him head first against the barricades. Hood reeled several paces back before retaliating with a Hard Kick above the Left Knee followed by a Running Knee Lift and a Right Hook. Mamoru was seen ordering Shoji to remain by his side as the chaos ensued. Referee Underwood screamed the count of 8 before Hood promptly reset the count. Standing himself along the ring apron, Machida eagerly became the negative heat magnet before soaring with a Diving Knee Attack. Takeshi displayed some hidden agility by sidestepping the attack, allowing Hood to reclaim his equilibrium along the barricades. Machida turned about only to be leveled with a hard Clothesline Over the Barricades! Jackson Cross had seen enough and rounded the ring post to successfully lure the Mute Mountain Splitter to give chase. Unfortunately, the recovering Hood draped himself over the rails with Heido lurking several feet away...

The Burning Knee Strike - A Running Knee Uppercut to Jaw

A dazed Machida soon collapsed along the padded earth with The Kansai Crippler was all too willing roll the bald miscreant back inside the ring. The awaiting Takeshi dragged Hood in the middle of the ring for a Lateral Press...1! ...2! The audience groaned angrily as Machida kicked out. The muscular mute scowled over toward his corner with Mamoru ordering him to punish Hood. Peeling the Brooklynite off the mat, Takeshi crushed Hood with a Scoop Slam before shooting toward the ropes yet Jackson pulled down the ropes to send the Mute Mountain Splitter tumbling to the outside. Jackson Cross seized the brief advantage with limited cheap shots before Heido drove him off Takeshi was slowly standing himself erect before the former Hype superstar took flight with a Slingshot Somersault Double Knee Strike! The proud pugilist beat his chest arrogantly to piss off the fans before landing several measured Forearms on the giant’s head. Shoving the titan against the barricades, a hard Left Hook staggered the massive ninja when Heido came to his aid, attacking Hood. However, Jackson Cross attacked the ninja from behind, leading Cross The Hood to slam Heido spine first against the opposing barricads before connecting with a Double Team Clothesline.

Jackson patted his partner’s shoulder as Referee Underwood screamed the number 9, leading Machida to arrogantly reset the count once more before the unsavory pair began pummeling Heido for several moments. Cross The Hood set their focus on the massive ninja, cinching him up for a Double Team Suplex yet Takeshi hunkered down. Again the opposing duo tried again yet the crowd responded loudly as the Mute Mountain Splitter sent both men bouncing soundly along the floor with a Suplex of his own! All 4 men remained stirring along the floor as Underwood sounded off with the count of 5 as Heido gradually stood himself erect and help his brother to his feet. Meanwhile, Cross The Hood were aiding each other. Leaning Takeshi to reclaim his bearings, Heido began exchanging punches with Jackson before countering the impending assault with Gyaku Hiji Nage (Reverse Elbow Throw). As Machida was seen rolling back inside the ring, Jackson fell prey to the impending attack...

Heaven’s Rebuke - A Head & Arm Suplex

The audience roared from the impact along the outside as Hood managed to beat the count. Both men mutually fought to reclaim their footing with Machida blocking Takeshi’s Overhand Right with a Left Hook of his own. The gargantuan staggered back a set of paces yet Takeshi managed to block the New Yorker’s attack and land stiff Right Hook, staggering the brawler back a few paces before returning fire with a Front Kick to the midsection followed by a Knee Lift to the Chin before driving Takeshi’s shoulder into the nearest turnbuckle post violently! The massive mute’s mouth agape as he slid to a seated posture, clutching his shoulder. Machida pulled the giant up to deliver a Knife Edge Chop followed by a hard Left Hook. The dark skinned antagonist quickly retreated to the opposing ring post, gaining a head of steam. Machida howled as his High Knee slammed against the turnbuckle, leaving him hobbling backward into the awaiting giant’s clutches...

The Iron Fan Suplex - A Bridging Leg Hook Belly-to-Back Suplex (Regal Plex)




Jackson Cross brilliantly made the save with a Sliding Elbow Drop across the behemoth’s head before scrambling back to his corner. Both Machida & Takeshi were both seeking to regain their bearings with their respective parties rallying them onward to seize the momentum. A mutual Collar & Elbow Tie Up was abruptly broken with Hood hitting Takeshi with a stern Headbutt. Reeling from the impact, Machida staggered back 2 paces as Takeshi’s scowl hardened. Hood’s 2nd attempt made matters worse as he tried to steady himself with an emboldened giant fired up the crowd. A Textbook Dropkick by Machida finally garnered the warranted results before Hood strode to the opposing ropes...

Katute Strike - A Press Style Elbow Smash

Machida was down, sprawled out along the canvas when Jackson Cross slipped through the ropes and toppled the massive ninja with a Running Clothesline from behind. The momentum carried him onward to knock Heido off the ring apron with a Running Forearm Strike before passing through the ropes after the fallen ninja. Machida used to ropes to stand himself erect before seating himself atop the turnbuckles, motioning Takeshi to stand to his feet...

Time To Get Free - A Diving European Uppercut

The Mute Mountain Splitter had fallen soundly from the attack with Machida stumbling back to his feet. Hungrily reeling the giant in for the kill, Machida offered a throat slashing gesture before giving the final verdict...

Project 347 - An STO Back Breaker

The masses offered a 2nd pop as Machida blasted the giant with a Snap Reverse STO! Powering the hulking ninja over onto his back, Machida was prompt to hook Takeshi’s leg deeply...




The Arena of Champions roared as Heido used a desperation Double Axe Handle to make the save before making his way back to his corner. Cross was angrily slapping the turnbuckle padding in protest a Mamoru praised his fellow clan member on his ring awareness. Arms readily extended for the fresh tag, both Heido & Jackson Cross willed their respective comrades over to them. Both men were seen inching their way closer when Hood was the first to make the tag to Jackson yet Takeshi’s tag urged the masses to roar in sheer motivation. Aiki Nage (Harmonizing Throw). The persistent Jackson soon fell prey to Rokyo Jo(6th Restraint Technique) before blasting Jackson with a stiff Buzzsaw Kick! Machida sought to steal back the advantage yet was abruptly floored via Yonkeru Nage (4th Kick Technique) before staggering the assailant with a stiff Back Fist Uppercut. Takeshi mustered the will to grab the dazed Machida by the neck and send his tumbling over the top ropes as Jackson Cross regained the momentum with a Clubbing Clothesline, dropping Heido to a knee. Cross turned the ninja about and hit him across the jaw with a Forearm Strike before initiating an Irish Whip. The Kansai Crippler with the Reversal. Jackson returned yet missed the Running Clothesline, pivoted yet was violently floored with Sukui Nage(Aikido Scoop Throw Technique)!

The Vermillion Compress - A Three-Quarter Nelson Choke

Referee Underwood inaudibly argued with Cross who was defiantly fighting against the submission hold when Machida unexpectedly broke up the hold with a tandem of Clubbing Forearms. Referee Underwood wrestled the brawler off of the Kansai Crippler, allotting Jackson regains his bearings as Hood shrugged the referee off to pull the ninja to his feet and attempt a Saito Suplex. The sinewy ninja rolled free, landed with Machida dropping down to a knee...A violent Lariat by Jackson tuned the ninja inside out was Machida quickly rolled off the ring apron as Cross hooked the leg deeply....




Inaudibly, Machida was seen cursing their misfortunes as Takeshi laid a Heavy Stomp on Jackson’s head before lumbering over to step back over the top ropes. The Mute Mountain Splitter motioned for his clan brother to tag him in as Cross & Heido both shook the cobwebs free before immersing themselves with a mutual Punching Exchange. Several moments elapsed before Jackson managed to steal back the advantage with a European Uppercut before hurling the ninja away with an Irish Whip into the distant corner. A hard Turnbuckle Clothesline by Jackson connected before Cross immediately went to work on Heido...

Street Level Violence - A Flurry of Chops, Punches and Kicks in the Corner

An unsavory battery of taunting by Jackson was had, shoving the ninja’s face aside before landing a Knee Lift to the midsection. An Irish Whip by Cross led to Heido respond with a pivoting Somersault to square up with his surprised opposition. Kata Guruma(Shoulder Wheel Throw)! A Swift Elbow Drop was the precursor to the Anaconda Vice Submission! Underwood’s monitoring of the ailing Jackson when Takeshi violently leveled Machida with a stiff Yakuza Kick to send him rolling off the ring apron before lumbering away. Noting his aid was violently delayed, Cross eventually willed himself over toward the ropes in order to grab the bottom ropes. Underwood made the hard count to 4 before Heido reluctantly broke the hold. The ninja stunned the rising Brooklynite with a Knee to the stomach before setting him up with a Standing Head Scissors in the middle of the ring...

The Jaded Stone Crusher - A Cross Armed Piledriver

However, Jackson displayed his level of fortitude with a Standing Back Body Drop into a Modified Bridge Pin....1! ...2! The Kansai Crippler used a Gator Roll to evade the pinfall to counter with a Goku-Raku Gatame (A Straight Jacket Submission)! Heido wrenched back to add more torque to the hold with the referee knelt beside the ailing Jackson when from nowhere, Machida interceded with a Running Bulldog hard into the canvas! The unrepentant rebel continued talking shit to Takeshi while being ushered back to his corner. Both Heido and Jackson were slow to reclaim their footing to crawl back to their respective corners with Jackson making the tag 1st yet Heido brought back the embittered Mute Mountain Splitter. Takeshi connected with a Running Clothesline on Hood before blasting Jackson with one reserved for him as well. A Standing Shoulder Block by the muscular ninja floored Machida before Takeshi pulled Hood back to his feet yet Jackson was on hand to get the jump on the giant with Machida aiding him. Cross The Hood worked in tandem to double over the titan with Stereo Back Kicks before they sent the monster away with a Double Team Irish Whip yet Takeshi returned with a Flying Double Clothesline to drop the unruly brawlers! The Arena of Champions was filled with a rousing roar and the massive mute beat his chest furiously before leading Jackson to the ropes with an Irish Whip. A massive Clothesline over the Top Rope send Cross careening against the padded earth below as Machida sought to stem the tide with a Flying Double Knee Attack from behind, draping Takeshi along the ropes before following through with an expedient Roll Up Pin...




Both Takeshi & Machida managed to reclaim their footing with Hood shooting toward the ropes and staggering the giant with a Flying Forearm Strike. Unsatisfied, Machida again strode toward the cables, ducked underneath the Standing Back Elbow and quickly secured a Cradle Pin...1! ...2! Kickout by the Mute Mountain Splitter, further pissing off the nimble brawler. Seen winding up his arm, Machida drilled the behemoth with a European Uppercut before leveling him with a Discus Elbow Strike. Machida hooked the leg deep...1! ...2! Takeshi kicked out, leading to a mad scramble to their feet yet Takeshi kicked Machida in the midsection followed by a Clubbing Forearm. Standing Head Scissors...

Spoken Word - A Running Release Turnbuckle Power Bomb

The legions roared as Machida drunkenly staggered forward away from the corner as Takeshi doubled him over with a hard Knee Lift. A swift ‘throat slash’ taunt was displayed...

Hanzo’s Hammer - A Leg Hook Belly to Back Suplex lifted & dropped into a Cradle Tombstone Piledriver

Heido promptly ambushed the incoming Jackson as Darius Underwood slid for the count...




‘Thought Crimes’ - Extended Version by Cliff Lin immediately seeped freely from the overhead PA system to accompany the unified groundswell of cheers from the audience. Mamoru was seen holding out a clenched fist as Takeshi remained on both knees. Both arms extended while remaining beside the fallen Machida. Heido was finished kicking Jackson Cross off the ring apron when from behind, the West Texas Terrorists rushed the ring from the crowd. Together, disposing of Shoji by slamming him face first into the steel pole. Eli was steadily pummeling the neophyte ninja as Erza methodically began the unwelcomed assault on The Crimson Order. Darius Underwood was unceremoniously tossed to the outside by Ezra Conway before laying the boots to both Machida & Takeshi. Heido & Eli Conway leveled Heido with a Super Kick to the Jaw, leaving him prostrate along the mat before slipping to the outside. However, Jackson Cross & Eli began brawling along the outside...

Southern Justice - A stiff Clothesline From Hell

The Mute Mountain Splitter had fallen back first from the attack as Eli slammed Jackson Cross against the barricades before hurling a pair of Steel Chairs into the ring. Ezra caught the weapon and crowned Heido 1st violently before Eli managed to slide back in the squared circle and both twins sandwiched the groggy yet massive ninja with mutual Chair Shots to the Back & Chest! The Arena of Champion resonated with pure heel heat as the opportunistic twins both slid after the ninja’s manager, cornering him in front of the announce positions. Mamoru kept his head on a swivel as the taunting twins randomly banged the chairs against the padded floor when Jackson managed to blind side Ezra from behind. Mamoru received a stern Chair Shot across the back before Eli jammed the seat into Cross’s midsection. A hard Chair Shot across the back rang out like a gunshot before a groggy Machida surprised the Twin with a Hard Left Hook to the Jaw. A staggering session of Mounted Punches led Ezra to blast Hood across the shoulder with a vicious Chair Shot, staggering him drunkenly away from his brother.

Seen favoring his shoulder, Machida inched his away from the approaching Ezra and his recovering brother. The Twins were eyeing both member of The Rebellion, inaudibly exchanging unpleasantries. Both rival factions members were immersed in their shouting match when the rising roar of the masses revealed Eiji Kugasari running from the back. Followed by Kenshiro Inogami entering a dead sprint down the ramp. Both rival teams mustered the will to scramble through the crowd in opposing directions as the Inogami Clan corralled around the squared circle. Both the Blood Raven and Kenshiro were ordering the Crimson Elite to secure the perimeter while standing atop opposing turnbuckles to stare down at the retreating parties. Cross The Hood, while ailing, stared back at Kenshiro while The Twins were sen jarring inaudibly at a scowling Eiji as Dean Carrington made the official announcement.

Carrington: “Your Winners of this contest by way of PINFALL!!! the CRIMSON ORDER!!! ‘Thought Crimes’ - Extended Version by Cliff Lin returned to serenade the crowd as the ailing ninja joined their party to stare back at the wounded predators gradually heading back to higher ground. The scene would conclude with Kenshiro approaching his officers to help bring Mamoru to his feet and ensure his safety in their egress from the ring side area....

Winner: Crimson Order via Pinfall

Mack Brody vs Ninja K

Ask and ye shall receive.

Since “Midas” Mack Brody of the Heirs of Wrestling had been embarking on his own singles path, he had successfully mowed down the competition including defeating a very game Jeremy Ryan after weeks of jOlt’s Last Real Man questioning his own manhood and ability to succeed on a weekly basis. Brody knew things would only get worse the higher on the food chain he climbed and hence, why he issued an open challenge two weeks ago against one of wrestling’s most decorated and well-versed athletes in Kenshiro Inogami aka Ninja K.

Ninja K accepted the challenge and offered up a warning to his newfound opponent for today to be careful what he wished for. Inogami was a very proud athlete, but equally one of wrestling’s most skilled and well-versed athlets who could beat opponents in any number of ways. Did Mack Brody have what it took to defeat Ninja K or would Kenshiro Inogami provide a humbling experience for the up-and-coming SuperMack?

“What You Know” by T.I.

What you know about that?
What you know about that?
What you know about that?...

The Arena of Champions began rocking along with the bass heavy Southern anthem as a streaming collage, laden with the acquisitions of success & the array of destruction created by a hulking wrestling phenomenon. Brilliant flashes of Gold, Emerald & Pearl would dance along the entire entrance staging area and throughout the vast arena before the Bronze Bomber rhythmically lumbered forward from the back. Donning a Solid Black sleeveless shirt with ’Gold ‘N’ Mine’ etch in Gold & Silver emblem, the Super Mack slowly turned his back toward the fans briefly before slowly extending his arms outward, prompting several brilliant plumes of Golden sparks to rise.

On cue, both Silver & Gallway were elevated from the depths of the entrance staging area to stand backs facing the crowd. Standing to their brethren’s flanks, the overtly obnoxious trio would stand united. The Philadelphian Powerhouse spun about & summoned a massive explosion with a heavy swing of his fist before the sophomoric trinity began their trek towards the squared circle. The Heirs would mix their inaudible banter amongst themselves and playing to the capacity crowd before laying claim to the entire ringside area in short order. Hopping in place & faintly shadowboxing in front of the ring, the Golden Golem was heard being hyped up by his trusted peers before leaping onto the ring apron, passing through the ropes and assuming command of the nearest turnbuckle post.

What you know about that?
What you know about that?
What you know about that?
I know all about that.
Loaded 44s on the low where the cheese at
Fresh off the jet to the Jects’ where the G's at
What you know about that?
What you know about that?
What you know about that?
Hey I know all about that...

The giant’s musical theme soon gave way to the ominous cheers for the athletic big man to bask in the adulation. Peeling his shirt off, the muscular titan swung the shirt overhead before over the top rope. Both Silver & Gallway were ready for anything along the outside, given the cementer culture of war. They were wild yet not that ignorant. The abrupt submersion of darkness brought forth a rousing response. The random sources of incandescence perforated the blackened landscape for several brief moments...

”Vicarious” by Tool

Entrance 105 D became the strobe lit smoking portal of choice as the former Underground Champion sauntered forward and casually scanned the horizon. Shrouded in the hues of Crimson & Onyx, the former Xtreme Wrestling Federation Champion began his march toward the ringside area. Flanked by the Blood Raven, Eiji Kugasari & sibling kunoichi Maiko & Kimiko would hold his immediate flanks as the ninja clan general cleared the barricades. The Super Mack was seen shifting his weight & rolling his shoulders in place as opposing camps continued to engage in a staring contests from their respective sides. The Ronin would soon walk up the ring steps, wipe his feet along the ring apron before passing through the ring ropes. Sweeping his hair back, the Inogami Clan patriarch rolled both shoulders & stand within his respective corner as the musical entrance concluded. Referee Simon Boulder was on hand to officiate this 1st meeting.

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen, the following contest is schedule for 1 Fall....Introducing First, accompanied by Frank Silver & Ryan Gallway, representing the HEIRS of WRESTLING!!...From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in 320 pounds… ”MIDAS” MACK BRODY!”

“YEAH!!” Brody exclaimed with a set of elevated fists to appease the masses before popping the bones in his neck. His fellow stable mates were still voicing their support in the Mack Truck who was motivated & ready to go. His opponent was seen stoically pacing in front of his corner, staring toward Brody as the crowd continued to rally behind the impending match up...

Carrington: “...And his opponent, Representing the INOGAMI CLAN, From the Kansai Prefecture of Osaka, Japan...Weighting in at 245 pounds..He is ’The Athletic Freak of Nature!’...KENSHIRO!!! INOGAMI!!!

Inogami Clan hued streamers soared over the top rope, courtesy of a number of wrestling smarks, prompting the clan subordinates to nod with subtle confidence. The Heirs nodded in kind along the ring apron, hosting a private conference among themselves before hopping off to the floor and urging their faction muscle to represent. The debris was cleared in short order before Boulder readily signaled for the opening bell...


It was a very tense standoff to start things off. Mack Brody had strength for days and had shown an unmatched will to win over the last two months, but if there was a time to step into the big leagues, that time was now. Kenshiro was a man that was truly one of a kind in the business and would certainly test the big man.

SuperMack and The Athletic Freak of Nature locked up immediately only for Kenshiro to duck under the grapple and fire off a series of attempted Palm Strikes and a couple of targeted elbows. Brody was doing the best he could to block the shots tha the could, but Kenshiro had the speed advantage and was possibly one of the best strikers in wrestling today so he had a hard time. Brody eventually backed off, but Kenshiro proved his point.

Brody nodded as he picked up what Kenshiro was putting down. Silver and Gallway were loudly cheering on their friend from the outside while Kugasari and the others at ringside were much more reserved as their leader knew exactly what he was doing in between the ropes.

When Kenshiro went in for another kick, he landed a simple Round Kick but the second attempt proved to be a mistake because Mack quickly grabbed the leg and spun him around to lock him up in a quick Rear Waistlock. He grabbed him by the waist and threw him down with a quick takedown before maneuvering into a Front Facelock. Truth be told, Brody knew some classical wrestling but was more a fan of just trucking through everybody. However, Kenshiro was not somebody to take liberties with and wasn’t somebody you could simply overpower.

Impressively, he had Kenshiro trapped for a few moments but the quick-footed ninja wasn’t going to be stopped that easily. He started to elbow Brody in the gut with a few good shots in order to free himself before throwing two more Round Kicks to the left leg of Brody. Instead of just getting defensive now, Brody simply powered him up and LAUNCHED him into the corner before he unleashed a trifecta of Shoulder Thrusts to the rib cage of the former Underground Champion. Brody backed off at the behest of Simon Boulder and flexed his arms to a nice round of applause from the crowd.

“Don’t take ME lightly, Kenny!” Brody said.

Inogami remained silent and watched as SuperMack took a few seconds to compose himself. When they were finished with their standoff, Inogami launched an even quicker attack as he caught Brody off-guard with a wicked Palm Strike to the face followed by a kick that was powerful enough to back him to the ropes. Kenshiro fired off a series of Mid Left Kicks to the chiseled abs of SuperMack and continued teeing off on him before landing a big Uppercut underneath his chiseled chin. In case you didn’t know, Mack was all chiseled and shit. So that was a thing.

He tried an Irish whip on the big man only for Brody to stay in place, making sure Kenshiro didn’t pull him anywhere and instead, Mack pulled him into a HARD Clubbing Forearm to the head and landed about three or four more to either side of Kenshiro’s head in an effort to show that he could throw bombs despite not having the precision that Kenshiro had.

Inogami took the message loud and clear and fired back with a few more good shots of his own in the form of even more precise Round Kicks to the leg followed by a backfist, a Spinning Backfist, and a high kick that finally brought the big man down to a knee. Kenshiro ran off the ropes and landed a hard kick to the chest that finally leveled the big man. Kenshiro slid over and went for the first cover of the match.



Despite eating all those strikes, SuperMack powered out of the move and pushed Kenshiro off of him just after the one-count! Kenshiro showed only a hint of surprise, but it was an emotion he shown which didn’t happen a lot. Brody was back on his knees and when Kenshiro tried launching a second attack, he stopped him in his tracks with a big kick to the gut.

Mack Brody swung at him, but Kenshiro missed and fired back with some more kicks to the leg again. He bounced off the ropes and nailed SuperMack in the face with another running Elbow Smash that sent Midas backwards. So far, he was staying one step ahead of the bigger man and doing a good job of it.He stayed aggressive and fired off some good right hands into the face of The Bronze Bomber again. The aggressive approach was working out pretty well for him as he ran off the ropes…

Well that was until Mack Brody doubled him over with a Kneeling Punch to the gut of his physical adversary. With the Ninja doubled over he headed to the ropes and came back with a BIG Running Knee Lift that popped him in the jaw!

Inogami was sent skittering across the ring after the impact. Mack Brody gave chase and laid a beatdown on Inogami in the corner like he owed him some money. Ninja K tried to shield himself from SuperMack’s wrath but as he proved before, once the bell rang he was all business. He pulled him out of the corner and took him over with a nice Delayed Cradle Suplex! Nothing too fancy but it got the job done so he could go for his cover.



It was going to take more than a simple Suplex variation in order to keep down the former Underground Champion. Brody pulled him up off the mat and tried another suplex, but this time Kenshiro was ready and fired off a knee while he was upside-down! He landed two more from the same position until he let go as Frank and Ryan watched intently on the outside. He backed Brody into the corner with a big Corner Running Knee Strike! He backed off a few steps and rushed forward, connecting with a second one!

The two big strikes brought Mack down to a kneeling position Ninja K then ran off the ropes from one side of the ring and then charged back all the way off the other side so he could connect with the Running Double Mule Kick called…


He caught him flush in the face with the move! Kenshiro – with a little bit of effort – grabbed him by the leg and pulled him away from the corner before going for a cover on the big man.




Again, Brody kicked out and shoved him away. SuperMack was eating some punishment thus far, but the fans were witnessing Brody weather the storm and proving his toughness against the technically-proficient Inogami. The Athletic Freak of Nature turned around behind Brody as he tried to get back to his feet only to lock him in a Full Nelson, but Brody wiggled free and threw Kenshiro away from him. Inogami got himself into a roll and was already on his feet as he came charging a second time, but this time Brody was ready…


In one fell swoop, the tide had turned in the match just like that and Brody had forced him down to the canvas with one thunderous power move. Brody stood up to his feet and egged on the crowd and the fans in Orlando were cheering him on. He charged off one set of the ropes and even shot a slightly condescending wink to Eiji Kugasari and the other members of Clan Inogami at ringside before connecting with a BIG-TIME Running Splash! Three-hundred and twelve pounds ran right into the rib cage of Ninja K! Brody hooked both legs of the patriarch of Clan Inogami.




He almost got him there, but not quite! Brody wasn’t through with him by a long shot as he pulled up Ninja K by the arm and delivered a toe kick. He was looking to end things early as he scooped him up overhead…


The Athletic Freak of Nature slipped out the back and when Brody turned around, he fell victim to a high Head Kick that rocked him and back to the ropes! The Blood Raven and former jOlt Champion Eiji Kugasari was watching on the outside as his master charged only to eat a boot from Brody! Brody charged off the ropes and he took him down with a Cactus-style Clothesline, sending both men tumbling over the ropes and out to the floor!

Bothe men were down now on the outside in front of the ring while both members of The Heirs of Wrestling and Clan Inogami were each watching the match intently. They cleared the path as Brody got back up first and pulled Kenshiro to his feet.

“Let’s fuckin’ go!” Brody yelled.

SuperMack whipped him across the ringside area and sent him into the guardrail. He charged at him butKenshiro was a little bit quicker and tripped up Brody, sending him sailing into the barricade! He hit it with a dull thud and grabbed his head in pain while Kenshiro took a slight breather. Once that was finished, he tried once again to maneuver Brody into the ring only for Brody to fight back and land an unexpected Throat Thrust that stunned Ninja K. He was about to charge….


He moved, but Eiji Kugasari did not and got ran right over by SuperMack! It was an accident as he hadn’t meant to run over the former jOlt Champion like that and actually showed a little bit of concern over what had happened. He was about to help Eiji to his feet, but an angry Ninja K jumped all over him for what happened! The two men continued brawling, but this whole time Simon Boulder had been counting…




The crowd did not like this decision at all just as things were starting to get good. Mack Brody and Ninja K had only been going a few minutes but because of the disturbance on the outside, things had boiled down to a Double Countout!

Ninja K and Brody were STILL throwing fisticuffs on the outside and continued brawling near the announce table while The Crimson Order were charging down to ringside to aid their friend. Heido shoved Ryan Gallway backwards when he saw what happened, so Frank Silver charged in and BLASTED him with a Running European Uppercut!

Takeshi got into the fray and now all the forces were fighting on the outside now and even Eiji Kugasari was jumping into the fight, going after Mack Brody! Security was flooding the ringside area and tried to break thing sup as the fights were happening all over the place! There was no love lost between the members of the Crimson Order and The Heirs of Wrestling over their feud over the Tag Team Championships last year!

Nothing was settled here tonight as Brody, Eiji, and Ninja K were all pulled off in opposite directions while Frank and Ryan did the same.

“We’re not fucking done, Kenshiro!” Brody yelled.

Tonight’s battle showed potential for what could’ve been, but Kenshiro Inogami and his crew were ready for a fight as well. Tonight belonged to nobody, but with The Heirs of Wrestling renewing a possible old rivalry with Clan Inogami, things were going to get very interesting.

Winner: Double Countout

Omega (c) vs Jason Rau

Good News: Tonight Jason Rau had earned himself a title match against a jOlt champion.

Bad News: It was an Underground Championship match against the undefeated monster Omega.

“Passive” by A Perfect Circle began to echo throughout the arena and Jason Rau stepped through the entrance curtain onto the stage. A confident look crossed his face as the majority of the fans in the arena began throwing their hatred down on him with a massive amount of booing. Rau stood at the top of the ramp soaking in the adulation from the crowd before walking down the ramp toward the ring.

Rau climbed into the ring and looked out into the masses. He still had that confident look on his face but how long will that look last when the champion comes out.

The arena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of Marilyn Manson echoed throughout the arena. Jason Rau stood in the ring as the lights from cellphones illuminated the arena. The cameras panned around to the stage as Omega was nowhere to be seen. The fans jeered as a lone spotlight hit the middle of the ring. A young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

We are here

We are many, you are few

A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the lone spotlight disappeared. The lights slowly came back on as Omega stood in the middle of the ring with a sick grin on his face holding the Underground Championship in his left hand dragging on the mat. He handed the Underground Championship to the ref as the fans jeered the champion. Rau turned to look at the monstrous Underground Champion as Omega looked down at his challenger with a smirk on his face. He slowly backed toward the ropes as Omega slowly moved back to the corner.

The bell sounded as Jason Rau slowly walked around the ring looking at the monster that stood in front of him. Rau’s earlier look started to dissipate as the massive champion stood to his feet. Rau started to move around the ring as he was trying to see what he could do against the champion. The Australian born native quickly nailed Omega with right hand. The champion just looked at the challenger and smiled. Rau quickly nailed Omega with another right hand and another left. Omega swung at Rau but the challenger ducked.

The boogeyman took another swing and Jason ducked again. Omega tried to go for a big clothesline on Rau but Jason ducked and raced off the ropes. The challenger nailed Omega with a dropkick to the knee. Omega staggered backwards as Rau nailed his knee again with a standing dropkick. The boogeyman held his knee as Rau kicked Omega in the gut before hooking him and driving him into the mat with a DDT.

Jason hooked Omega’s leg for the cover.



That wasn’t enough to keep Omega down to the mat. Jason quickly got to his feet and started to climb to the top rope. Omega made his way to one knee as Rau waited for the champion to get to his feet. Omega stood to his feet as Rau came off the top rope with a flying cross body block.

Too bad Omega caught the challenger in mid-air. Omega held Rau in his clutches for a moment before launching him clear cross the ring with a big fall away slam. Rau held his side as the champion sat up and looked around with a smile. The champion was ready to dish out more pain as Rau rolled to the floor still holding his side. That was not the smartest of moves by the challenger. Omega smirked as he slithered under the bottom rope to the floor. The champion reached under the ring as Rau continued to hold his back and side from the fall away slam. Omega found a steel chair wrapped in barb wire. He held the chair high in the air for all to see. The fans in attendance started to whisper and murmur throughout the arenas as the boogeyman slowly walked around the ring.

The challenger knelt over the guardrail as Omega came close to him. Omega pulled the barb wire wrapped steel chair over his head.







Jason Rau screamed in pain as the wire from the chair ripped the flesh off his back. The fans looked at Rau’s back and started a jOlt chant.






Omega threw the chair to the floor as he stalked Rau who crawled around the ring with blood dripping from the cuts on his back. The champion grabbed Jason by his head. He took Rau and whipped him into the steel steps continuing his dominance. The steps moved slightly as Omega smirked at watching Rau in pain. The big man grabbed Rau and hoisted him up in the air. The crowd watched as Omega held Rau in the air with an overhead press. The champion tossed Rau into the ring through the top and second ropes. The monster slowly climbed into the ring as Jason was still down on the mat. Omega used a boot and nudge Jason in his head. The champion drove a boot to Rau’s temple sending the challenger to the mat again.

Omega dropped down for the cover on Rau. ONE…



Omega went for the cover again.




Rau would not stay down as Omega sat up. The champion slowly rolled onto his stomach and slithered over to his prey. Rau still down as Omega grabbed Rau’s head and looked into the camera near the ring post.

“Pain is but a release, Derecho. We hope you’re ready for freedom.”

Omega stood to his feet as the crowd started to chant.






A sly smirk came across the champion’s face. Omega stood to his feet raising the challenger to his feet as well. As soon as both men made it to their feet Jason Rau started to fight back with big wild punches to try to get the bigger man off of him. Rau continued with big hard right hands that kept Omega off balance. Rau pushed Omega back to the ropes. He grabbed the champion’s arm and whipped him into the ropes. Rau rushed at Omega with a big clothesline that did not move the monster. Rau grabbed Omega by the arm and tried to whip him into the ropes again.

Omega reversed the move and sent Rau into the ropes. The champion tried to hit Rau with a clothesline of his own but Jason ducked under the move. Jason bounced off the ropes and was nailed by a huge boot to the face by Omega. The champion once again was in control as he quickly picked Rau up off the mat. Omega hooked the challenger in the middle of the ring. He picked up the challenger and drove him hard to the mat with a big power bomb. Omega got a little gleam in his eye as he picked Rau up off the mat again and hoisted him high in the air.


Omega looked around the arena before slowly moving over for the cover on Jason Rau.




Omega once again retained his Underground Championship and the monster is still undefeated in jOlt. Looks like Omega and Derecho are on a collision course for the Underground Championship. Will Derecho be the first man to defeat Omega and take the Underground Championship from the boogeyman?

Winner: Omega via Pinfall

"Embrace the Pain"

Omega held up the Underground Championship as he stood over Jason Rau. Omega then used his boot to shove Rau out of the ring and down to the floor as if he were simply a beaten and unwanted carcass no longer fit to prey upon. Happy with his work, Omega turned to exit the ring when suddenly, the lights in the arena went out. The jOltvision then illuminated with a scene dating back to iNtense 56.

Derecho very carefully climbs up to the middle turnbuckle where he sits on atop the corner with Rune still on his shoulder. Derecho uses this position to swing his right leg over the top rope and turn his body toward ringside where that pane of glass is set up. Derecho then swings his left leg over the top rope and then stands.

With Rune on his left shoulder, Derecho doesn’t chance ascending to the very top. Instead Derecho gets his footing where he wants it and leaps off as the crowd holds their breath….


The scene then faded away and transitioned into another.. this time from Divide and Conquer 2012.

Derecho then gets underneath Citizen and flips him!


The impact is severe! The ladders snap in half and Citizen now lays on top of them on the canvas!! Derecho hops off and then slashes his throat! He’s not done!?

Derecho pulls Citizen out of the rubble… a man who can’t even stand on his own at this point. Derecho then drags Citizen more toward the center of the ring away from the rubble. Derecho then holds Citizen by the head and yells at him.


Derecho then hoists Citizen up onto his shoulder and drops him.

A Forever Reminder

The Emerald Flowsion and what has to be the final exclamation point.

Tired… beaten… exhausted… and bloodied… Derecho flops over and drapes an arm over Citizen.




It’s over.

The scene faded out to Glory 2012

Derecho then bent down and hooked the leg of Citizen…

Derecho stepped as close to the edge of the steps as possible to the point where his foot had touched the seat of the chair.





Derecho used all of his might to lift Citizen up and over!!





Derecho was down

Citizen was down

Citizen laid in the rubble of what was once a ladder… Derecho laid to the side of ground zero. Derecho slowly stirred and in one final exertion of effort, he flopped his arm over on top of Citizen..




That scene faded out and once again transitioned to another.. this time from All or Nothing 2012

Derecho hobbled over to Ninja K and pulled him out of the rubble. Both men, barely able to stand.. .Derecho looked into the eyes of Ninja K and saw a man who wasn’t going to quit… a man…a thorn in his side for so long. He looked at Ninja K and screamed at him.



Derecho kicked Ninja K in the stomach and placed him between his legs. Derecho’s back was to the mangled steel chair. Derecho then lifted Ninja K up and pivoted 180 degrees and sat down…


Derecho’s original finisher!!!!

Derecho sat there in the pinning hold.. his face showing massive strain as if it took herculean amounts of energy just to hold that pinning position.. The referee counted.




Yet, another transition.. this time to Power Struggle 2013

Sylo stood back up and Derecho leapt from the steps onto the shoulders of Sylo… Derecho then flipped backward…



Derecho staggered to his feet and didn’t even give the referee any chance to check on Sylo. He grabbed him and hoisted Sylo up to his feet… from there, he used all of his strength to hoist Sylo onto his shoulder. Feeling his legs buckle.. it was now or never…






The scene then faded out to black completely... there was a hesitation before the next scene cued up. It was from iNtense 94.. just two short weeks ago.


He stood in the ring, steel chair in hand. Omega still had his back to Derecho, looking at the entrance ramp as if he were expecting someone to come walking down, but suddenly, reality had set in and it caused him to turn around. Omega slowly turned his head, but Derecho didn't give him any breathing room to figure out what was going on because he stepped right in with a home run swing...


The sickening sound of steel on skull echoed throughout the Arena of Champion as Derecho just slammed the steel chair right over Omega's head...

That scene replayed again from different angles until the scene faded to black completely. Then, a voice boomed over the PA speakers

"One by one.. they all fall DOWN"

The scene illuminates. It was Derecho. He was in the dark recesses of The Arena of Champions. He was sitting in a dimly lit room atop a pile of pallets. His right knee was bent up to his chest, his left leg dangling over the edge. He was wearing his black trench coat as well as his black skull crown mask. He hair, wet and straggly, draped over the mask as he sat there in almost total darkness.

"I have forged a path like no other. Those who stood before me and tried to take my throne have paid the ultimate price. Then.. on one fated day, I was knocked off my perch, but since that day, I could hear the call of the Underground Championship. I heard her voice loud and clear in my head. It was begging me to come reclaim it. It said that The Underground wants its King back. That the throne feels empty and violated by a pretender who sits atop it."

Derecho laughed a bit.

"Omega... you hold my very throne in your hands. You may have forged your own path to ascension, but you are just a simple clone. NOBODY can replace The Underground's true King.. NO ONE MAN can duplicate a living breathing realm that is hell itself like I can. You are simply nothing more than a proxy that has outlived its usefulness. At Breakdown... I WILL reclaim my throne.. and I WILL make you bow to me as you rightfully should."

Derecho hopped off of the pallets and walked right up to the camera. He grabbed it and we got an extreme closeup of Derecho. You could see his eyes through the mask.

"Welcome to my hell... "

The scene went black.. all of a sudden, there was a pyro explosion on the main stage. The entire set was lit on fire!! This was just like his entrance from Wrestlecade, but there was one thing that the fire revealed...

Derecho was in the ring behind Omega with a steel chair in hand!!

The fire went out and the lights in the arena came back on. Omega, after having fallen victim to his two weeks ago, had his suspicions. As soon as he heard movement behind him, Omega turned and sure enough, there was Derecho charging in with the chair, but Omega dropped his Underground Championship and swung! He damn near knocked Derecho's head off his shoulders with a massive lariat!!

Omega grabbed the chair as Derecho staggered to his feet. Omega jammed the chair into Derecho's mid-section, doubling him over. Omega dropped the chair at his feet and then grasped Derecho by the neck. He lifted Derecho up and...


Derecho laid there motionless as Omega picked up his Underground Championship. Omega simply grinned as he exited the ring. As Omega backpeddled, Derecho sat up in the middle of the ring. He grasped his face with his right hand as he began to laugh to himself! Derecho turned and crawled on all fours to the ropes. He leaned against the middle rope and motioned for Omega to come back to the ring.

"More! MORE!" yelled Derecho to Omega

Derecho laughed maniacally to himself as Omega smiled. Omega walked back to the ring and grabbed Derecho by the head. He pulled him to the outside, but Derecho shoved Omega up against the barricades. Derecho fired rights and lefts, combination blows, into Omega's mid-section. Derecho then tried an irish whip, but Omega reversed it and sent Derecho into the steel ring post, head first!!!

Derecho collapsed to the ground as Omega grinned. Omega turned to exit when he heard a voice..


He turned and Derecho was on all fours, trying to pull himself back up. Omega licked his lips as he charged back over and knee'd Derecho in the side of the head! Before Derecho could collapse, Omega grabbed him and pulled him up to his feet. He hoisted Derecho up onto his shoulders with an inverted fireman's carry. He then spun Derecho out...


That had to be it. Omega, satisfied, grabbed his championship and walked up the entrance ramp, his back to Derecho. When Omega reached the top, he could head the commotion of the crowd. He turned and Derecho was using the ring apron to pull himself up!! Omega stared back as Derecho sat on the floor propped against the edge of the ring, laughing to himself.

"YES! I REMEMBER THE PAIN" said Derecho aloud. "IT... FEELS.... WONDERFUL!"

Derecho continued to laugh as Omega grinned. iNtense went to commercial with this scene of Omega staring down at a maniacal Derecho.

"Relentlessly Yours"

Lights Out.

The crowd buzzed through the darkness and the electricity throughout the Arena of Champions was building. Phones illuminated small portions of the Arena of Champions as the reverbarations of syball echoed throughout the Arena.


The lights quickly flashed on as Red, Yellow and bright White lights flashed and "Onion!" by One Ok Rock began playing and the Arena of Champions exploded. Images of Aran preforming various signature maneuvers played over the jOltvision as Aran Thompson walked out from behind the entrance curtain with the Relentless Championship drapped across the back of his neck and over his shoulders causing the main plate of the championship to rest against the back of his head and he reached up to the straps and flipped it over above his head and flashed the championship for all to see. The crowd began chanting the moniker that Aran Thompson has been known for years: "MISTER-RELENT-LESS!" over and over again.

Aran walked down the entrance ramp and acknowledged various fans with their hands reached out toward him and smiled at the camera that followed him before leaning into the camera for the microphone attached to the camera could hear him.

"This time I'm the right Asian for a high five!" he said as he smiled and pointed to the ring before bursting forward and sliding under the bottom rope.

Aran popped up to his feet and again held the Relentless Championship above his head while waiting for the ring crew member to hand him a microphone and as his hand touched the microphone the fans began cheering once again.

"Wow!" Aran began.

"Wow!" He continued trying to make it through the cheering of the fans.

"A year ago, almost to the day I walked through that curtain and you all responded to me the exact same way! This is incredible! I mean, I had my doubts. You haven't been fans of Mr. Relentless for awhile! But I see things clearly now! And what better fitting way to be in the Arena of Champions! Almost a year to the day in yet ANOTHER Relentless Rules match! Sure things are different. I am the Relentless Champion, but the title is retired so the point of these matches are moot. But the fact is, I've always been proud of what I've accomplished with this championship! I made this the go to championship! People wanted to achieve the exact same milestones that I created when I first made history with this! It is who I am! It is my name sake! Call it whatever you like a second tier championship...a title for the guys that can't quite cut it...but the fact is. I am the ONLY three time Relentless Champion and I am a former World Champion."

Aran looked around and smiled his sly smile.

"Damien Lee and Landon Stevens can create any plan that they want, but the fact is...I have the upper hand. Nobody is able to go the distance like me. And my beautiful wife made me realize something, just because the championship is retired doesn't mean I'm any less the champion and with that means I can cash this bad boy in any time I want! and I will! I will be the next World Champion and all I have to do is destroy Landon Stevens!"

The fans began booing after Aran spoke of Landon and Aran smiled.

"I know...I know...but I can't deny him the fact that he is good. But I made him good. I can't deny the fact that Eli and Ezra are good. But I made them good! So they all can enjoy my seconds...but the fact that I put them all at this level, on this will be an over shadow of their career fore.."

Aran and the cheering fans were interrupted.


Damien Lee came walking out with a microphone in hand.

"It's no secret that I hated you as World Champion. You were a pain in my ass. Ahem...let me correct that. You are a pain in my ass! And I've enjoyed watched Landon take everything from you! But personal feelings aside, you're in a Relentless Rules match. The stipulation... Handicap Tag Match against these two...

Aran Thompson vs The Faction


"Believers" by Mayday! began playing as the West Texas Terrorists came out from behind the entrance curtain and Damien Lee clapped his hands.

"After last week, these two deserve the chance to kick you ass!" Damien Lee announced as Eli and Ezra took off down the ramp.

Eli slid into the ring first and Aran quickly tossed the Relentless Championship at him and followed it up with a heel kick slamming the championship into the face of Eli but he couldn't get up fast enough before Ezra got to him, raising him to his vertical base and slamming his knee into the mid-section of Aran.

As Eli rolled out of the ring hold his face in pain the referee called for the bell and the match had offically began. Ezra slammed his forearm into the back of Aran who winched in pain exposing his body a bit. Ezra kicked Aran in the back of the leg causing Aran to slam the back of his head into the mat and Ezra maliciously stomped on the head of Aran.

The fans booed as Ezra took it to Aran Thompson who rolled over trying to get to his feet but Ezra whipped Aran into the ropes and when Aran came back Ezra hit him in the head with a vicious elbow strike causing Aran to slam back into the mat and the fans hated everything that was going on.


Ezra turned his attention to the crowd and yelled at them "Shut up!" and the fans began chanting even louder. Ezra didn't like it and on stomped the back of Aran's head before kneeling next to him and slamming his elbow into the top of his spine. Aran was clearly in pain but Ezra stopped and turned his attention to the crowd.

"How do you like him now?!" Ezra shouted but the fans cheered even louder and it infuriated him more.

Ezra reached down for Aran.


Aran was playing opposum and locked in the pin.




Ezra broke free and looked at Aran with a look of shock and Aran kipped up to his feet and smiled which made the fans go insane. Aran shook his finger at Ezra and told him to come at him. Ezra charged after Aran who dropped Ezra with a drop toe hold and quickly adjusted so he was on the back of Ezra slamming his fist into the side of his head and ending it with grabbing his head and slamming his face into the ring mat.

Aran popped up to his feet and shouted, "That's how you do that!"

Aran brought Ezra to his feet and slapped him across his chest pushing him back into the ropes before Aran whipped Ezra the other direction.


Aran slammed into the mat after Eli Conway grabbed Aran's foot and pulled Aran out of the ring slinging him into the steel steps causing him to flip over the steps and immediately hold his knee in pain. Eli slid into the ring to check on his brother who was holding his jaw as referee Simon Boulder checked on Aran.

Eli pushed Ezra out of the ring and repositioned himself exactly where his twin brother was on the mat and feigned a jaw injury patiently waiting Aran's return to the ring as Boulder slid into the ring to check on who he thought was Ezra Conway. Eli reassured Boulder that he would be alright and got to his feet and slowly walked over to the ropes still feigning injury.


A steel chair came out of nowhere and echoed throughout the Arena of Champions as Eli Conway crashed to the mat and Boulder called for the bell.

Aran slid into the ring and began slamming the chair into the side of Eli Conway over and over again as Ezra climbed into the ring and grabbed at Aran trying to save his brother but Aran brought the chair down on Ezra this time.


Referee Boulder pleaded with Aran to stop and give him the chair and Aran looked around the Arena of Champions as the fans cheered for him and he smiled as he handed the chair over. Boulder looked at the downed Eli and Ezra as Aran quickly rolled out of the ring and hastfully grabbed his Relentless Championship.

Aran walked the side of the ring admiring his handy work and he stopped as he saw the downed Tag Team Tandum. Aran turned his attention to his Relentless Championship and smiled as he slid into the ring. Eli slowly rose to his feet in a dizzy haze.


Aran slammed the Relentless Championship into the head of Eli and he smiled a sinister smile at Ezra who was still down on the mat and he laid the Relentless Championship across the mat and brought Ezra to a verticle base.


Aran rolled to one knee and forcefully snagged the defunct championship out from under Ezra Conway. The scene faded as the Arena of Championship continued to cheer for Aran Thompson who raised the Relentless Championship in the air amongst the bodies of Eli and Ezra Conway.

Aran holding the defunct championship up high was the final scene as iNtense went off the air.

Winner: The Faction via Disqualification