"Welcome to iNtense"


The screen then illuminates with Aran Thompson raising his fist into the air

Throw up your Rawkfist
if you're feelin' it when I drop this!

Boom Boom!

The screen flashes white twice

"Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - Eiji Kugasari is seen hitting a Shooting Star Press off the top rope, followed by Mattock hitting a the Pheonix Cleave (Phoenix Splash where you dive your heel into the opponent's head). Omega stands tall with the Underground Championship raised high into the air! Derecho is seen hitting an Emerald Flowsion on Ninja K.


Jeremy Ryan is shown with a scowl on his face as he snubs all that isn't in the realm of normalcy, followed by a scene of The Rebellion standing tall in the middle of the ring. The screen flashes and shows Aran Thompson hitting the God Killer, followed by a few traditional poses from your favorite jOlt Superstars in succession including Waymoth Turbull, The Heirs of Wrestling, Hands of the Cause, and the Crimson Order


During the chorus we see some basic wrestling moves from people like Reno Davis, Mike Extreme, Bane Loneheart, BIG Little Italy, Dallas Griffin, and Sephiroth Du Luc all in rapid succession. The final scene is that of Landon Stevens posing with the jOlt World Championship!


The song cuts off abruptly as we are taken inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Red Pyro starts at the top of the jOltvision and takes off in both directions, left and right. The pyro travels around the perimeter of the jOltvision until it meets in the middle on the bottom side. When it meets, random pyro explosions happen on the main stage for a good ten seconds before a massive wall of pyro goes off on stage and another explosion of pyro from the entire perimeter of the jOltvision simultaneously.

"Rawkfist" starts up again as the camera pans around the sold out crowd, cheering!

"One Chance"

The Rebellion are seen grouped together walking down the corridor. The boos from the crowd can be heard in the background. Sebastian Saje and Raevynn lead the charge when all of a sudden, Jon Le Bon flies out from the left side of the screen and jumps right in their path! The whole of The Rebellion comes to a halt as Saje puts his arms out, holding all of them back.

"HALT! In the name of FRIENDSHIP!", yelled Le Bon at a very high and audible tone.

"Jon.. over the past three weeks, you've done nothing but pester and annoy us.. and for who? for what? To rekindle a friendship that never existed in the first place? Didn't the beatings Seraph give you over the past three weeks knock any sense into you at all?" asked Saje

Le Bon scratched his chin and answered.

"No! I learned lots of things over the past three weeks! I learned that we're still a big happy family, that you guys are riding the Le Boner, and you think I'm an enemy so you can keep me closer than an actual friend! Plus.. how could I forget about my love, Raevynn? Have you overcome your fear of Androids yet?"

Saje stepped forward.

"Look.. she HAD androphobia.. a fear of MEN.. not CELL PHONES. Number two.. she's MY girlfriend.. NOT yours.. and third... you're not our enemy because we want to keep you close.. you're our enemy because we want nothing to do with you and if you continue to pester and annoy us.. we're going to make sure you regret it." said Saje in a serious and threatening manner.

Le Bon started to get the picture.

"Wait a minute here. I'm starting to get the sense that you guys don't like me." said Le Bon.


Le Bon then started to crack up laughing.

"No no no.. that's can't be it, guys! We have a bond! We were on The Hype together.. I mean sure.. you didn't follow me on Twipo when I had my Get Me off The Hype movement, but it's all good because I deleted my Twipo account. I started getting nasty messages about being shot for existing or something ridiculuous, but we all came from the same egg... we were all cut from the same mold.. we belong together!! So let me join The Rebellion!! I want to be home with my family... is that really too much to ask!?" pleaded Le Bon

Saje looked back at the group when Michael Donavan walked up to Saje and whispered in his ear. Saje grinned.

"You know what Jon? You're right. In fact.. we'll make a deal. Tonight, we're going to put you in a match against Seraph. If you can beat him tonight, we will think about making you a member of The Rebellion.. however.. if you lose.. you never cross our paths again because if you do.. we won't hesitate to end you where you stand. Deal?", said Saje.

Le Bon took a moment and then slapped his hands together.

"This.... is...... PERFECT! I will do my best and then we can be together as one big happy family! I'll turn you all into Le Boners! Just you watch!" exclaimed Le Bon

Le Bon then ran off as Saje looked back at Seraph.

"We know how crafty he can be.. do NOT fail." said Saje.

Seraph nodded as the scene fades to black.

Jon Le Bon vs Seraph

Earlier in the evening, Jon Le Bon was given a chance to prove himself to The Rebellion and if were to succeed, he would end up possibly getting a spot among the group. If he failed, however, then he was ordered to stay away from The Rebellion or he would have to face dire consequences.

"Devil's Dance" by Metallica

The lights went low and when the drums kicked up, the arena flashed in yellow/golden lights. Out from the back stepped Seraph of The Rebellion, alone. He menacingly walked down to the ring at a slow pace, cracking his knuckles and adjusting his wrist tape along the way. The 7'1" 350" solid mass of muscle known as "God's War Machine" made his way to ringside where he walked around to the hard camera side and climbed up onto the ring apron. He stepped over the top ropes as a golden cross was superimposed on the ring canvas. Seraph made his way to the middle of the ring and stood on the cross. He lifted his arms up high and the lights in the arena returned to normal and his music faded.

"American Idiot" by Green Day

The people cheered as Jon Le Bon dashed out from the backstage area to green, blue, and yellow swirling lights. he ran from one side of the stage to the other, pumping up the crowd in the process. Le Bon then set his sights down at the ring and charged full speed, sliding in under the bottom rope. Le Bon got to his feet and looked for a high five from Seraph, but got nothing. Le Bon shrugged and went to the turnbuckles, jumping up to the second one and striking a pose for the crowd.

Seraph simply turned and walked over to the corner. He grabbed Le Bon and threw him off with force with a one armed powerbomb!!! The people booed as the lights came on and the music died down. The referee had no choice, but the ring the bell.




Le Bon tried to get back up, but the impact was severe. Seraph simply stood there, looming over him, watching as Le Bon eventually staggered up to his feet. Le Bon turned around and bumped into Seraph's chest. Le Bon began to try and talk Seraph into going easy on him, but Seraph grabbed Le Bon and lifted him high into the air, nailing a Sky High Powerbomb...


Le Bon writhed in pain on the canvas as Seraph grabbed Le Bon and pulled him off the mat. Seraph hoisted Le Bon up onto his shoulders and tilted off...


Poor Le Bon never had a shot from the start.. the cheap attack from Seraph started this rapid downfall here tonight. Seraph still wasn't finished as he grabbed Le Bon by his hair, pulling him up to his feet, but all of a sudden...


Le Bon fired one at Seraph, but it didn't have much effect, but Le Bon didn't give up. He fired another and another and another before taking off to the ropes, but he was put back down with a Big Boot from Seraph! Seraph quickly grabbed Le Bon by the neck and yanked him up to his feet as if he were nothing. Seraph then lifted Le Bon high into the air and sat with his choke slam..


Seraph simply stood back up and placed his boot on Le Bon's chest. Seraph extended his arms outward as if he were offering a sacrifice to God himself as the referee counted...




It was over. Seraph grinned as he looked down at Le Bon. He brushed his hair back, revealing his white and gold holy mask which covered his eyes and nose only. He could have left well enough alone, but Seraph wasn't done by any means.

Seraph bent over and grabbed Le Bon by the neck, pulling him back up to his feet. The people in the arena booed and the referee was even trying to plead with Seraph to stop it and let Le Bon go. Seraph didn't listen and lifted Le Bon high into the air and sat out once again.

A Second Divine Destruction

Le Bon didn't deserve this one bit, but Seraph was the one most physical with Le Bon over the past three weeks. There was no doubt that Saje's words lead to the decision to completely destroy Le Bon once and for all. Seraph exited the ring and walked over to the time keeper's table, sending people off in a hurry. He grabbed a pair of steel chairs and tossed them into the ring while Le Bon laid there motionless, defenseless, and helpless.

What's worse is that nobody will come for Le Bon.

Nobody cares enough to save Le Bon.

Seraph got back into the ring and unfolded the chairs, pointing the seats toward each other. Seraph grabbed Le Bon and pulled him up to his feet. Seraph grabbed Le Bon by the hair and tilted his head back. He cocked his head sideways as he looked at Le Bon for a moment.. he then unleashed hell by lifted Le Bon straight up and thrusting him with as much power and force as he could right through the steel chairs..


A modified version of the sit out spinebuster.. Le Bon was done. There was no motion.. there was no life. Le Bon just layed there a broken mass of humanity as the arena fell silent. Le Bon, breathing heavily, was so broken, he couldn't even have the strength to wince in pain. The referee covered Le Bon to make sure Seraph didn't do any more damage. Seraph grinned as he slowly backed up toward the ropes and exited the ring.

With his mission over, Seraph walked up the ramp to the backstage area.

This was the power of The Rebellion.

This was the result of crossing them

To cross The Rebellion you had to pay the ultimate price and tonight, Jon Le Bon was made an example of. If this was the future of anyone who stood in their way then the locker room's fate rested on the shoulders of eight men who in two weeks, would try and stop The Rebellion dead in their tracks at Breakdown.

Winner: Seraph via Pinfall

"Mad Mack: Beyond Thunderdome"

“Gentlemen” Damien Lee was heard welcoming his guests as the scene opened from within his well furnished Skybox Office. Walking away with his back facing the camera, the esteemed Chief Operating Officer of jOlt Wrestling took several paces forward to stand before his seated guests in the Heirs of Wrestling. The crowd were overheard cheering as all 3 men looked up at the Man himself. Mack Brody was seen scratching his nuts as Frank Silver emitted a muffled fart deep within the couch cushions, leading all attention to be immediately drawn to him. Frank’s attempts to look off led to him look off while smoothing his hair back.

“So you’re not going to claim that?” Brody implied as Ryan pilled his shirt up to cover his nose. “Damn it, man!” Gallway muttered with a hardened scowl. “Did you just shit out a dead cat?!”

“White Castle & Tequila, man..” Silver mused while arrogantly patting his stomach. “Now that’s how you cut a TNA promo...*cough ack cough*....SHIT!” Frank rolled both eyes while coughing in the man made exhaust. Damien Lee angrily cupped his nose and stepped back several paces. Silver sheepishly shrugged his shoulders after his brethren each chucked a pillow at him underneath a muffled bevy of curses.

“Gentlemen, if we are done with the juvenile antics...” Lee replied as he basked in the fleeting respites of untainted oxygen. However, the audience responded to the COO turning into the abrupt gathering of the Inogami Clan. Eiji Kugasari & a quartet of Crimson Elite stood behind their clan patriarch in Kenshiro Inogami, who kept his arms folded behind his back. A stoic glance at both Lee & the Heirs was had before Damien rolled both shoulders, cleared his throat before adjusting the lapels of his suit jacket.

“Mr. Lee.” Kenshiro greeted the COO while looking toward their noted rivals, who were readjusting themselves while standing united. “Pleased to have you and your party join us, Mr. Inogami. Now without further adieu, let us attend to the business at hand.

Lee motioned toward someone behind the camera forward where an erected wheel with a collage of match stipulations were spread across its elaborate surface. A slender female assistant prepped the large wheel as Lee adjusted & smoothed out his silk Silver Tie. “Mr. Inogami. Mr. Brody; both of you overstand that whatever is selected shall be sat & final yet each of you are allotted to select your opposition’s opponent for this evening. None of your respective parties are allowed to interfere. Either party that violates this order will be subject to suspension to a period no longer than of 3 months. Without pay. Effective Immediatelyand this will not be subject to negotiation nor debate. Are we all clear?”

“Yeah.” Mack replied with a forming sneer.

“Crystal.” The clan general replied.

The COO reached into his pants pocket and retrieved a quarter, presented it to both sides as a show of neutrality. The silver piece was flipped high briefly before landing into Damien’s palm before being slipped over and slammed atop the back of his hand.

“Gentlemen.” Lee opened. “Call.”

“Heads.” The Bronze Bomber replied as his comrades smirked while folding both arms. Kenshiro’s eyes narrowed as Lee looked at him briefly, rasing his eyebrows before inspecting the coin.

“Tails.” Lee replied as the Heirs quickly allowed their arrogant smirks to erode as Eiji stood with both arms folded, nodding with a arrogant reassurance. Brody shifted his jaw as Kenshiro offered a confident wink with a muffled sigh.

“Angela?” Lee ordered while stepping aside. “If you’ll do us the honors...”

The lovely woman gave the wheel a solid spin. Ryan was gently pounding his fist into his Right Palm as Frank Silver was rubbing his chin amidst a subtle sigh. Mack hungrily monitored the approach of his fate as the ninjas remained stoic in their united stance. The wheel gradually decelerated its speed with each methodic click...


...Inferno Match...

...The Pitt...

...Death From Above...

...Steel Cage...

...Lumberjack Match...



The audience were heard cheering as Mack nodded with both arms folded over his chest. Both Ryan & Silver patted their brother at arms in a supportive manner. Brody briefly popped the bons in his neck while exposing his gnashed teeth.

“Aight.” Brody replied. “Doesn’t matter, man. Don’t matter at all. Let’s this.”

“Angela?” Lee ordered while clearing his throat and briefly patting his chest. The wheel was spun once more as the camera focused on the stoic ninja clan stalwart. The Blood Raven readily monitored the incoming parade of options...

...Barbed Wire Match...

...Iron Man Match...

...People’s Choice...

...Boiler Room Match...

...Ladder Match...


...Handicap Match...

...Crystal Nightmares...



The Arena of Champions roared as Kenshiro breifly stared at the outcome & nodded before looking at the Heirs, whom were staring back at the ninjas. Mack formed a broad sneer across his lips as Eiji quietly at both men.

“Fine.” Inogami replied. “I shall be prepared.”

“Oh yeah.” Mack responded. “You better be.”

“Well, gentlemen.” Lee responded while clasping both hands together while looking at both parties. “There you have. It is official; tonight, ’The Super Mack’, himself, Mack Brody will meet his mystery opponent in a Tables Match. A match where the application of Tables will be an expected staple of both offense & defense and the ’The Athletic Freak of Nature’, Kenshiro Inogami shall meet his selected opponent by Mr. Brody in an Underground Rules Match. Familiar territory for our former Underground Champion but thank you all for your attendance and good luck tonight, gentlemen.”

“Good luck, bruh...” Brody offered to the Inogami Clan general with a faint nod.

A subtle raise of his hand upward led his toupe of ninjas to orderly begin their egress from the office. Kenshiro replied with a slightly hardened stoic stare before following suit...

Sweet Sweet Lovin vs Trouble

The fans were eager to see some tag team action and the lovable fan favorites called Sweet Sweet Lovin were in the ring right now. Managed by Jon Katz Jr, the big guy Sam Sweet and the afro-rocking Lennox Love were partying and getting the fans revved up for action as the bell called for match time. They continued the party until their fun times were stopped by music.

It was Kanye West’s “Looking For Trouble” that heralded the arrival of the group known as Trouble. The imitation police sirens flashed lights throughout the arena when Khadafi and Statuz Quo stepped onto the stage with a look of anger worn like a badge on their faces. In between them was Duzza who didn’t look too happy to be out here or see the likes of Sweet Sweet Lovin in their ring. And to make matters worse, Duzza was with a microphone in his hand.

“You mothafuckas need to listen up and listen up good!”

The crowd was all over the trio called Trouble as Duzza and his crew walked to the ring.

“Them big fucking white boys … The House … them boys in the office are makin’ a big fuckin’ deal about these overrated sacks of shit comin’ back here! Nobody cares! I got a scoop for all of ya that y’all didn’t know about … Derrick Huber is too fuckin’ yellow to show his face here because of what my boys will do to him!”

More booing from the crowd and Sweet Sweet Lovin were begging for a fight tonight while Duzza continued his tirade.

“Adam Roebuck is actually seven thousand pounds now! That fucka is just shovin’ his face full of pizza and beer, gettin’ drunk off his ass! He’s a fat nobody who ain’t got no business in this world! This world is survival of the fittest … not the fattest!

All the members of Trouble had a good laugh.

“But that’s not all … I went to Damien Lee earlier today and I made a challenge that got accepted. Them big fucks are comin’ back at Breakdown and they gon’ face Trouble! But they ain’t gon’ show up after what we do to these little bitches tonight!”

Statuz Quo and Khadafi entered the ring and the referee motioned for the bell. When the bell rang, immediately Quo went on the attack and elbowed the living hell right out of Lennox Love. He went right to work by pushing him into a neutral corner and throwing a series of body blows in order to wear down her target.

“Hurt that mothafucka!”

Statuz Quo continued to fire off right hands and then whipped Love harshly to the other side of the ring. The impact had him bouncing back right an incredibly painful big boot to the jaw that knocked him down. Quo wiped his hands together like he just finished taking out the trash and then jumped on top of him for a cover.



Kickout by Love!

Quo continued to pummel him with some more fists to the head and then stood back up. He pressed a boot down in his throat and choked him before he jumped off the ropes and came back to deliver THE A-TOWN STOMP~!

He completed a C-Walk for good measure and yelled at the crowd who were getting all sorts of agitated with the antics of the group called Trouble. Duzza was pacing around the outside of the ring yelling for his boys to stay focused when Quo turned around and pulled Love off the mat so he could bring him into their corner the hard way; smashing Lennox’s face into the top turnbuckle.

Quo slapped the hand of Khadafi and the two men went to work. Quo Irish whipped Love right into a devastating lariat from Khadafi that nearly took Lennox Love’s head right off. The fans mauy not have liked Trouble, but had to respect their viciousness in between the ropes. Khadafi crawled over and tried a pin again.



Love kicked out again!

The Love Machine as he liked to be called was now being cheered on by the fans while Khadafi stood over him and planted some more kicks into his ribs, gangland beating-style. There was nothing fancy about the offense of the brawler from Hawaii’; just all business.

Khadafi grabbed Lennox by the afro when Love sprung to life and fired off some good right hands into his breadbasket in order to try and keep Khadafi from doing whatever he planned to next. He tried a wild swing next and Khadafi ducked it only to catch him with a big clubbing forearm across the chest followed up with a knee drop to the top of his head. Love was hurt in a bad way now and Khadafi was looking to get that important win just before Trouble’s match with The House at Breakdown.



Close, but no cigar!

Duzza was starting to get upset now and pointed a finger at the referee.

“That was three, you ignorant fucka!”

Sam Sweet had yet to get into the ring and was waiting for his chance, but Trouble had been wrestling a good match against a team of former jOlt tag team champions. Khadafi reached out to tag Quo again and the two men went to work with a double knee strike to the stomach followed up with an ugly and effective double back suplex that nearly dumped Lennox Love on his head! Quo rolled over and fired of a series of some stiff crossface punches to the head before he took Love and set him up on the ropes. He turned around and planted him down with a rope hung swinging neckbreaker that planted him down firmly.

“Y’all love that shit!”

Duzza was having a field day now while Quo continued to dictate the pace over Lennox Love. He rolled Lennox over and attempted another cover.



And Sam Sweet made the save!

The bigger half of the duo made the save for his partner and dropped an elbow to break up the cover. Sam left the ring while Lennox Love had the chance to get back up, but Quo was just a little bit quicker and stomped him. He jumped to the nearby ropes and tried his triple jump moonsault called the CAUSE OF DEATH...

And he missed it!

Love rolled out of the way and clipped him in the side of the head with his signature kick called the LOVE SICK~! Quo and Love were both down now and the two men charged and went to the corner so he could get to his corner. Two men now fought for the chance to get to their respective ends of the ring … The tag was made for Khadafi while Sam Sweet was in the ring now.

The crowd cheered the big brawler as he took to Khadafi with a flurry of dancing body jabs to the face before he revved up and dropped an elbow like a certain polka-dotted big guy. He shoved Khadafi into the corner and followed up with a running corner clothesline. Khadafi was then whipped to the other side of the ring and this time followed up with a splash, completing SWEET AND SOUR~!

Khadafi was punch drunk and now the fans were on their feet cheering on the fun-loving big guy. He kicked Khadafi again and doubled him over before he ran off the ropes and bounced back right into his fameasser variation called THE CANDY RAIN~!



Quo made the save for his team!

The thug from Atlanta broke up the cover only for Love to came back into the match when Lennox Love and charged into him with a running dropkick. Quo rolled to the corner and when Love tried to finish things off, Duzza distracted him long enough for Quo to shove him out of the ring. The referee got distracted with the skirmish now going on outside when Jon Katz Jr came by and socked Duzza in the face. Sam Sweet was trying to finish things off with a powerbomb when Quo crept up behind him and landed a low blow. The two men finished him off with a nice-looking double team spin kick and leg sweep combination! Khadafi went for the cover now when the referee turned around.




The team of Trouble got the win here tonight and they were rolling with a win heading into Breakdown. Khadafi, Quo and Duzza all celebrated in the ring as their name was called in victory. Duzza pushed Statuz Quo and Khadafi in celebration as they tried to form a group around the ring until…

The lights went dark.

The fans wondered exactly what was going on as they tried turning on their camera phones and digital cameras to little avail. Trouble stood in the ring watching as a flaming ace of spades card appeared on the tron. The crowd was roaring for the return of the monstrous tag team fan favorites as words appeared now...


The lights flickered on…


The former Starlets Champion was here and in color! The Queen of Hearts stood at the top of the ramp in an extravagant red bustier in a black mini-skirt that left little to the imagination. Charlotte blew a kiss to the members of Trouble in the ring and winked in their way.

“I hope you boys are prepared for Breakdown… my boys are comin’ back and they’re better than ever! Get your asses ready...”

The lights suddenly dimmed and in a split second, the manager of The House and the wife of Derrick Huber disappeared after she left her final message for Trouble. Quo and Khadafi didn’t look all that concerned and Duzza arrogantly laughed. They were ready for The House. But was The House ready for Trouble?

Winner: Trouble via Pinfall

"Royal Pains"

The scene panned right to the backstage area where the camera got a glimpse of a portly woman scrambling through the hall trying to carry an almost comically LARGE pink carry-on bag! The crowd booed when the camera rounded over to show that of the personal assistant and ring announcer for The Starlet Champion, the woman known only as Desta. Just walking in front of her was The Queen of the Starlets herself, Sarah Winterton.

“I don’t know WHAT I am going to do, Desta!” She said aloud. “I challenged those little usurpers, Amber Ryann and Alyssa Corliss to this tag team match tonight! We even agreed that the match tonight will allow myself or… Queen forbid… that stupid little comic-obsessed troll the right to choose the stipulation in which we do battle for my belt at Breakdown!”

Desta was straining a little trying to lug the bag, but still managed to let out a derisive snort.

“What appears to be the problem, Your Majesty?” she asked.

“Nobody has responded to my royal flyers! Daryn Thompson still holds a grudge over me trying to break her arm and laughed. Vogue Gonsalves was too busy playing on her phone. Faith Hines told me in no uncertain terms for me to… ugh… fornicate with myself.”

“Savages,” Desta hissed.

“I have no partner for tonight! I even wrote a strongly-worded letter to Damien Lee to call off this match and his only response was an e-mail telling me that my request was denied. This… this is unfair! I wanted this match, but this was under the assumption that somebody would be rising up to tag hands with their Queen! And now, I am stuck! I appear to be up a creek full of fecal matter with no paddle in which to navigate me back to shore!”

Desta stopped in her tracks and patted her Queen on the arm.

“My queen, it will be my honor to reach out for your hand in battle! I know that I may not even have to tag into that match in order for you to win because you are clearly more skilled than the both of your opponents combined!”

Winterton gave her a cross glance before burying a hand in her arms.


Desta patted The Queen of the Starlets on her shoulder when she heard a voice from down the hall call out for her.

“Hey! Queenie!”

The royal twosome turned and saw the form of a woman who hadn’t been seen since Day Two of the WrestleCade Xperience… it was the wife of Jonathan Conspiracy and another decorated women’s wrestler in her own right…


“Hey…” she said. “I heard that you were looking for a partner against that Dragonfly girl, yeah?”

Winterton raised her eyebrow. “Yes…”

“I want another crack at Winterton! She beat me at the WrestleCade Xperience! It was a good match, but I want some payback, you dig?”

Sarah glanced to Desta.

“Desta, who IS this woman?”

Desta scratched her head. “That is Sweet Aroma, My Queen. That’s the wife of Jonathan Conspiracy. She… apparently wrestled “Dragonfly” Amber Ryann at the Wrestlecade Xperience show and wants revenge.”

Sweet Aroma stared at both women blankly.

“Yeah… kinda what I said. Look, I’m wantin’ to get back in the game and I want a shot. You need a partner. That work for you?”

Winterton and Desta exchanged glances before The Starlet Champion turned back to the legendary women’s wrestler. Desta spoke up for the Queen after giving her an approving nod.

“You have a deal, Mrs… Aroma-Conspiracy. You will tag with the Queen tonight! This match has everything riding on it, so remember that when we say so, we call the shots out there. Queen Winterton will give you the battle strategy and your job is to adhere to it. You got it?”

Aroma ignored Desta and turned right to Winterton.

“I help you with this, then I want a shot at that belt down the line.”

“Done. Just… stay out of my way and let ME deal with these trolls!”

Winterton and Desta nodded before the two nagging Royal Pains of the Starlet Division disappeared around the corner. Sweet Aroma just shook her head in a disgusted manner and walked the other direction.

“Stupid bitches…”

Jimmy B. Martinez vs Shoji

On cue, a prominent pulse of light would flash briefly before a smoldering abundance of smoke would be penetrated by a athletically sculpted specimen. Upon the 3rd impulse, a faintly familiar figure would appear from nowhere. As an ensemble of arena lights began dancing on cue, is assigned manager would soon walk past him. An ensemble of arena lights began dancing on cue. Bearing predominantly Onyx stylish Ninja attire with hints of Red & Pearl trim, the fully masked ninja clan initiate boldly scanned the horizon before sprinting past the clan’s elder statesman, diving over the middle ropes to somersault to a shinobi attack posture. Springing to his feet, an expedient series of katas would lead to a disciplined display of Kuji-in before the arena lighting returned. Referee Kirk Hampton maintained his distance as his manager passed through the ropes and began coaching his protegee’ as his musical introduction had ran its course...

Carrington: “The following contest is scheduled for 1 Fall...Introducing First, Making his jOlt Wrestling in-ring debut...Representing the Inogami Clan & accompanied by his manager, Mamoru...From Hokota, Japan...Weighting in at 285 pounds...SHOJI!!!

The ninja’s fists rhythmically clenched & relented as the crowd reaction was mixed as it was moderate. Escorted toward his assigned corner, Mamoru ardently remained in the ear of the wrestling neophyte.

”If It All Ended Tomorrow” by John Cent

”What Would You Do If It All Ended Tomorrow?
Time Runnin’ Out, Ain't No More You Can Borrow?
So Many Paths, which one you gonna follow?
What Would You Do, What Would You Do?”

“Uh this is how it go down,
I have the black-pound-silence so it don't make sound I pile a 150 outta town,
ain’t nobody around,
Im in the back seat breakin’ it down,
My love has been a past week dawg lately I found,
Our press made us turn the radio down,
But God bless now they talkin’ bout layin’ me down,
Now they on about shovels in the weight of the ground,
What now?...

A steady crescendo of pyrotechnics rattled along the entrance staging area as the jOltvision screens brandished the trademark emblem of Mr. Infamous himself. Several moments later, the native New Yorker strolled out from the backstage area. Shaking both arms and hands free of tension before cocking his head upward. A warm smirk formed across his face while Shoji looked on while radiating a notable sense of impatience.

Carrington: “....Making his way to the ring; from The Bronx, New York....Weighting in at 220 pounds...JIMMY!! B!! MARTINEZ!!!

Hopping in place, the prodigal son soon made his approach down the ringside area. Showing love to the crowd along the way, Martinez continued his stroll around the ring, pointing toward the upper decks before rolling under the ropes and swiveling to his feet. Shuffling sideways, Shoji remained next to Mamoru, who continued conversing with him as JBM climbed up a turnbuckle to absorb the adulation before making his descent and prepping himself for battle. Mamoru passed through the ropes as Shoji was seen wringing each wrist & gnarling each fist before Kirk Hampton signaled for the bell.


With the sound of the bell, the match was under way. Arena of Champions erupted as Jimmy and Shoji walked to the center of the ring and circled each other. They both lunged at each other for a tie up. The Japanese neophyte took advantage as he twisted Jimmy's arm and wrenched on it. Martinez grimaced from pressure yet managed to counter by rolling on the floor and kicked flips back up to his feet. The last jOlt Flyweight Champion now was on the offensive as he quickly went for a round house kick. Shoji quickly seen the attack and evaded by ducking. The ninja struck back by trying to sweep the legs from under Martinez, but Jimmy quickly jumped over the sweep. Shoji then ran to the opposite side of the rope as Martinez followed right behind. Shoji jumped into the ropes and tried to execute a Springboard Back Flip. Martinez seen it coming and baseball slides under and out of the ring. The Arena of Champions erupted in approval for what they have just seen.

Buhrman: “Whoa! These men are on the same page and are avoiding every attempted attack.”

Powers: “I must say. I'm not a fan of Jimmy B. Martinez, but these men both are putting one hell of a show on. I'm impressed.”

The high flying pugilist looked into the ring at the masked newcomer who landed on his feet and smiled. They both nodded there head at each other in respect. The ninja grappler backed up from the ropes letting Jimmy get back into the ring. Both Shoji and Martinez quickly went for a tie up. Shoji over powered Martinez and drove a hard Knee in his midsection. Jimmy doubled over in pain, clutching holding his stomach. Shoji quickly dropped to a knee before flooring Martinez with an Uppercut Throat Jab. Jimmy was left rolling along the canvas holding his throat with both hands. Mamoru ordered Shoji in his native tongue leading the ninja to pull Jimmy up by the hair and began to chop away at his bare chest, pushing him back into the corner. He then climbed on top of Jimmy and began pound away. Once he finished, the ninja backed off causing Martinez to fall into the corner in a seated position. Shoji noticed an opportunity and began to nod his head and grin. He then circled around and came back running & successfully crushed Martinez with a Running Turnbuckle Knee Strike!

Power: “Now that must of hurt.”

Buhrman: “What a Running Knee Strike to the chest. That must of took all the wind out of Jimmy. This isn't looking too good for the former flyweight champion.”

Powers: “Good!”

Buhrman: “Oh shut up, will you?”

The ninja braced him arm atop the ring rope, ingesting the orders made by the elder statesman before performing a cutting throat gesture signaling for the end. Shoji grabbed Jimmy by his hair and dragged him into the middle of the ring. The ninja would execute an expedient Scoop Slam before quickly hopping onto the top ropes, pointing toward the skies. A Phoenix splash yet Jimmy, at the last minute, lifted his knees countering the maneuver. The force of the impact caused Shoji to flip over on his back in pain, as he held his midsection groaning. JBM slowly made it up to his feet. He jumped over the top rope and spring boarded back in with a Vaulting Moonsault on Shoji, leaving him reeling from the damage dealt to his stomach region. Martinez hooked up his leg for the pin as the referee got into position and initiated the count.




No! The Inogami Clan initiate kicked out at the last second, as Arena of Champions erupted in jeers. Jimmy slowly rolled Shoji as he guided him back up to his feet by his underarms. Jimmy began to slap away with chops to the chest. With every chest chop, the fans opened up with a Ric Flair tribute as Jimmy forced him against the ropes. Shoji stood there slumped against the ropes as Martinez ran to the opposite side, and came back running towards him. The masked assassin seen the attack coming and quickly pulled down the ropes, causing Jimmy to tumbling wildly out onto the outside. The clan initiate waited for the former flyweight champion to stand himself erect before Shoji springboard onto the top turnbuckle and executed a Diving Twisting Senton onto Jimmy!

Buhrman: These people here are loving it.

Powers: They sure are. From the looks of it Shoji is in control and I love that.

Buhrman: Well, don't count Martinez out just yet. He is know for his great come backs. He loves to play possum and capitalize when you least expect it.

Mamoru continued to instruct the newest ninja clan member back to his feet, leading him to grab Jimmy by his hair, snatch him to his feet before slamming him against the ring apron. Shoji then rolled Martinez under the bottom rope and followed suit before hooking the leg deeply...1! ...2! Pro-Martinez enthusiasts cheered as their hero kicked out with Shoji faintly scowling before dragging the New York native back to his feet...

‘The Earth Spire Kick’ - An Inverted Stomp Face Breaker

The Bronx native’s head snapped back before collapsing along the padded earth as Shoji rolled himself back a knee briefly. The muscular ninja grabbed the Bronx native by the head and sent JBM stumbling backward with a stiff Sole Kick before stalking after him. The piston-esque Pump Kick was unexpectedly evaded the attack. Shoji sought to recover only to be blasted with stern Back Elbow to the Jaw! The fans rallied behind JBM as he intentionally eroded Shoji’s equilibrium with a punishing regiment of boxing combinations before a cold Left Hook knocked the ninja dead on his ass. Referee Kirk Hampton’s count of 7 alerted Martinez to reset the count before grabbing his opposition by the head and hurling him back inside the ring. The New York native rolled himself after his opponent. A dazed Shoji would find himself neutralized with a swift Side Headlock Takedown. The ninja began to fight his way out of the hold while working himself back to his feet before driving a trinity of Elbows. JBM refused to release the hold leading Shoji to brace Mr. Infamous against the ropes. Shoji shoved the Martinez forward. Jimmy with the Reversal to attempt a Short Armed Clothesline yet the ninja stunned his opposition & the masses with a stiff Headbutt to the stomach...

‘The Tengu Plex’ - A Pumphandle Fall Away Slam


Kickout! Jimmy barley made the kickout with a frustrated Shoji slamming his hand against the canvas, showing the referee how the count should of been. The disgruntled ninja picked up Martinez yet Jimmy still had some fight left. He quickly shook off the hands which were on his shoulders and again staggered his opposition with a barrage of boxing combinations. JBM forced him into the corner and continued the pugilistic onslaught. He stopped for one second and flipped Shoji the double bird before landing one final Haymaker which cause him to fall to the ground. Arena of Champions erupted in cheers loving every moment...


The chants continued to echo out threw the arena as Jimmy came running back towards Shoji and landed a violent Running Hip Attack. The momentum urged the motivated ring prodigy to shoot toward the opposing corner before drilling Shoji with a Hanging Basement Dropkick to the Face! The legions continued cheering as he executed a Reverse Somersault to a dead sprint to the adjacent ropes before knocking the ninja silly with a Running Yakuza Kick! Mamoru was seen slapping the ring apron as Shoji was being dragged away from the corner several feet before hooking the leg deeply...


Kickout! Martinez slowly guided Shoji back up to his feet, and on his way up Shoji had a surprise for Jimmy. A headbutt right to the face of the former flyweight champion, threw him off of his feet and onto the canvas. Shoji staggered to keep his balance and continued the abuse with kicks to the head. Referee Kirk Hampton warned Shoji as he continued ignoring his demand. Shoji finially finished and grabbed a handful of hair and pulled Martinez off of the canvas. He threw Jimmy into the corner and placed him ontop of the top rope.

Powers: Jimmy's going to get what he deserves now.

Burhman: This isnt looking goof for the former flyweight champion. He need to snap out of it, he is in a very bad spot.

Shoji followed Jimmy onto the top rope. Jimmy at the last second, began to hit Shoji with a barrage of punched to the top of his head. Jimmy overpowerd Shoji and placed his head in between his legs, and hooked his arms up in a pedegree type manuvare.

Burhman: What is this? What is Jimmy going to do here.

Powers: I dont know, but I hope Shoji wakes up in time to realise this could be the end.

Jimmy jumps off the middle rope with Shoji landing in a inverted face buster position. the force of the impact causes Shoji's body to flip over onto his back. Jimmy reaches over and hooks up the leg of Shoji as Kirk Hampton gets into position and begins the three count.


Burhman: UNFINISHED BUSINESS! has put Shoji away. We seen this move only once and that was at 'Thieves Honor' Jimmy has done it again, he has brought another one home for the home team.

Powers: Damn it!


Winner: Jimmy B. Martinez via Pinfall

"Accusations and Evidence"

We are taken inside Damien Lee's office. There is a knock on the door as Lee is on the phone with an unknown person.

"Look.. I understand what to do, okay? You don't have to keep calling me and... excuse me one moment." said Lee.

"Come in" said Lee after a brief pause.

Into the office walked Sebastian Saje and Raevynn. Lee held up his finger, as if to tell them to wait. Sebastian Saje looked quite annoyed by the fact he was told that, but Lee was about to finish up his phone call anyway.

"Sorry, but I have to go. I have some business I need to tend to and... yes.... yes it is.. how did you know that? I see.. well.. I guess that makes sense and everything.. but really, I have to go.. we'll talk later.", said Lee.

Lee hung up the phone and motioned for Saje and Raevynn to have a seat.

"We'd rather stand, thank you" said Saje.

"Right, then. I'll be brief." said Lee. "Last week, specificically banned The Rebellion from interfering with the tag match and yet, a mysterious person in a black cloak with their indentity veiled showed up on your behalf and caused a distraction. Now.. I may not pay much attention to The Hype... that's why I have Shayne Anderson in place over there, but even I know the whole black feather stunt was Raevynn's doing... so I'm afraid all of the evidence points to the fact that Raevynn of The Rebellion interfered in last week's tag match against my orders and like it or not.. I AM still in charge of jOlt Wrestling.. this IS my program, and you WILL be reprimanded for disobeying my orders."

Saje and Raevynn looked at each other.

"Hold on just one minute. You have no concrete proof it was Raevynn who was under that hood last week. In fact, I KNOW it wasn't Raevynn because she and I arrived at the arena togther last week.. in fact, I even was a good boyfriend and helped her pack her travel bag and there was NO black cloak in her belongings at all. She was also at the gorilla position before I came out for my match and according to her, she stayed there the entire match and was even there when I went backstage to greet me. There was no black cloak anywhere near her. All you have is circumstantial evidence and all you're doing is just mimicing Shayne Anderson.. the very person we left high and dry because we didn't like the way he was doing business. Now, either you change your tone and apologize to her right here right now, or you and this office will end up seeing better days, if you get what I mean." said Saje in a threatening manner.

Lee stood up and adjusted his tie before slamming his fist on the desk.

"WHO DO YOU THINK YOU'RE TALKING TO!? How DARE you threaten me.. the man who signs YOUR paychecks. Get one thing straight.. THIS.. IS... MY.. SHOW... You... work... for.. ME.. and if you want to disrespect me, there WILL be hell to pay and I will be the one dishing out the punishment. Take your tone up with someone else, but DO NOT take it up with me, because I'm not Shayne Anderson.. I don't backstab people.. I tell it straight up as I see it and I WILL dish out punmishment when it is justified and right now, you're giving me a whole lot of justifiable reasons to make you wish you stayed on The Hype... GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEADS RIGHT NOW."

Saje walked around the desk and came face to face with Damien Lee.

"Need I remind you.. Boss... that you're in control of nothing right now and you damn well know it. I understand that being in charge and telling people what to do has become a hard to break habit for you, but you need to realize the position you're in. At this very moment, my finger is on a proverbial button.. one press and I can have you erased permanently.. so you better modify your attitude and you better do it.. immediately" said Saje in a dead serious tone.

Lee took a step back and grabbed the back seat of his chair to maintain his balance. Saje didn't let him have any breathing room as he pressed in closer.

"Now.. apologize" said Saje.

"Fine... Raevynn.. I'm sorry I accused you, but still.. you have to see it from my persepective.. I put a match stipulation in play and you guys broke it. How do you think that makes ME look?" said Lee.

"I told you.. we didn't break your stipulation. That person who showed up last night.. I honest-to-God have no idea who that was. We took the win because in wrestling a win is a win no matter how you look at it and if we have a chance to seize victory, we will take it no matter what the circumstance or the forum the victory comes in." said Saje.

"Forgive me if I find that hard to believe." said Lee. "I want proof.. that is why I already booked you in a tag team match tonight. It's going to be you and Raevynn versus Sephiroth Du Luc and Persephone. Not only can you continue to settle your score, but it will see which one of us is right and which one of us is wrong."

"If it will end this nonsense, then fine.. I'll do you little tag match tonight.. but WHEN you are wrong, you WILL issue a more heart-felt apology or my previous threat about seeing better days will come to pass. You have my word on that." said Saje.

Saje walked away and took up Raevynn by the hand. The two of them exited the office together as Lee wiped some of the sweat off his brow. The scene faded to black.

Amber Ryann & Alyssa Corliss vs Sarah Winterton & Sweet Aroma

Sarah Winterton’s ability to make enemies just by virtue of running her mouth was earning her more trouble by the week. After defeating Amber Ryann at WrestleCade via cheating with her customized brass knuckles, Ryann was relentless in her quest for a rightful rematch. The Dragonfly ruined Sarah’s party three weeks ago, helped to take her brass knuckles away and cost her a match to Alyssa Corliss two weeks ago, and helped Corliss after Winterton defeated her in a Starlet Title defense. After all the run-ins and realizing that she wasn’t going away, Sarah Winterton relented and gave Amber Ryann another opportunity to the belt at Breakdown.

Per the conversation earlier on in the night, she realized that she needed an ally and she found an unlikely one in the wife of Jonathan Conspiracy – Sweet Aroma. Sweet Aroma faced off against “Dragonfly” Amber Ryann at the WrestleCade Xperience show and ate a loss – something that Sweet Aroma didn’t take kindly to. This match had huge implications for the Starlet Title match as well. Winterton and Ryann agreed that the winning team would get to pick the stipulation for their showdown at Breakdown and the winner could seriously tilt things in their favor. Who would win in this battle of the Starlets? Well, that’s why we’re having a match, stupid. Watch that shit.

“The following is a Starlet tag team match!” Brad Arnold yelled as the fans cheered.

“Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse.

The music played and while the introduction was far less of a spectacle than that of her opponent, that didn’t stop the fans from taking to one of the Hype’s best Starlets! The woman that challenged Sarah Winterton for the last two weeks showed no trepidation in the face of her opponent or her snobby assistant at ringside and she was looking forward to an opportunity to stick it to her once again.

“First, making her way to the ring, from Redmond, Washington, weighing in at 125 pounds… this is ALYSSA CORLISS!

The young prodigy headed to the ring and slapped hands with the fans on her way to the ring. Corliss had been turning heads with her great performances between here and The Hype and was only continuing to impress.

Antinotice" by AKIAKANE

The lights dimmed as the guitar revved up. When the drums and music kicked in the arena lights began to flash in blue, yellow, green, and red. "Dragonfly" Amber Ryann stepped out from the backstage area wearing her Dragonfly mask and her hair tied around a single dragonfly wing that stuck up and out from the back left side of her head. She walked a little bit down the entrance ramp and stopped just a tad past the stage. She raised her hand in to the air and then fell to a kneeling position, slamming her fist into the ramp causing red, yellow, blue, and green pyro to explode on stage.

She popped to her feet and slapped hands with the fans as she skipped down to the ring. Persephone exited the ring as Ryann hopped up onto the ring apron. She grabbed the top rope and used it to slingshot herself over, pivoting in the air. She landed on the middle rope and then backflipped off to her feet where red, blue, green, and yellow pyro blew from the four ring posts.. the colors matching those in her hair.

“And her tag team partner, she hails from Neptunia… weighing in at 112 pounds, this is ”THE DRAGONFLY” AMBER RYANN!

She removed the tie from her hair and removed the dragonfly wing. he hair then fell back into place and she removed her dragonfly mask, passing all of her ring entrance gear to ringside. The music faded and the lights returned to normal as she greeted Alyssa with a handshake and a smile. They were ready… were their opponents?

Out from the back, the personal assistant and gofer for the Starlet Champion made her appearance. The very business-like Desta appeared on the ramp and the crowd immediately booed the portly woman. She had a microphone in her hand.

“A-hem! I am now commanding your attention, so please make the appropriate noise and clap at the correct levels as to not break city ordinance! I would like to welcome to you the woman who will dash the dreams of this rainbow-haired ragamuffin! She is the woman that retained her title against all odds when she defeated Alyssa Corliss last week! She has chosen the lovely and dangerous Sweet Aroma as her ally tonight! She will be the one that retains her title at Breakdown! All rise and pay your respects to Her Majesty… SARAH WHITNEY-WINTERTON!

"Pageant (Instrumental)" by Moi Dix Mois

The former Heiress stepped out from the backstage area. She feels she has ascended to the Queen position.. especially since she was holding that Starlet Championship over her shoulder. Winterton had a look of disgust as she stood atop the entrance ramp and gazed down at the ring at her competition. It was no secret that Sarah thought it was unfair for her to defend her title in such a way and the look on her face backed up those claims.

Sarah walked down to the ring with a certain swagger about her. Her high society and posh attitude was displayed perfectly as she walked around ringside toward the announce position. Sweet Aroma was trailing right behind her and didn’t care whose entrance she came out to. She was out for revenge on Ryann herself and waited… but it looked like Corliss and Ryann weren’t waiting…


Desta headed for higher ground, but Sweet Aroma and Sarah Winterton weren’t as lucky! There was a lot of blood between three of the four women tonight and they wanted some payback for all the hell that Sarah Winterton had put them through.

Alyssa Corliss came diving right out and crashed onto Sweet Aroma while Amber Ryann aimed straight for the queen and didn’t miss! The Queen of the Starlets was taken down by The Dragonfly and she picked herself up and slapped a couple of hands in the front row while the crowd cheered on the Dragonfly. Winterton tried to stand up and scrambled away from her attacker while Alyssa Corliss picked up Sweet Aroma into the ring and followed after the wife of JCON.


The bell officially rang and the action was going to begin with Alyssa Corliss going after Sweet Aroma – a decorated women’s wrestler in various other organizations. She came right at her with a series of forearms to the face to try and wear her out early. When Alyssa Corliss tried to whip her across the ring, Aroma reversed and snapped her right into a hard short arm clothesline. Alyssa Corliss was stopped in her tracks by the veteran as she tried to win.



She pulled the Washington native to her feet and kicked her in the gut with a good shot and then whipped her to the ropes. She elbowed Alyssa Corliss upside her head and stunned her good.

“You picked a fight with the wrong bitch, rookie!”

The Veteran Starlet picked up The Hype Starlet back to her feet again and looked to try and suplex her but when she got Alyssa Corliss upwards, she squirmed and twisted her way out from behind. Aroma turned around only to eat a dropkick to the face! She was stunned now and that’s when Alyssa Corliss went on the attack for her. Alyssa went to the ropes and used the extra momentum to come at the wife of JCON with a Flying Bulldog! Alyssa Corliss turned her over to go for the cover.




Sweet Aroma kicked out! That didn’t matter to Alyssa Corliss as she continued to stay on her opponent with more elbows into her face. She kicked her back into the corner and she tagged into Amber Ryann. The Dragonfly and The Hype Starlet launched her back into the ropes and when she come back and went to take her over with a double arm drag!

While Aroma and Winterton was only their first time working together, it seemed like Ryann and Alyssa Corliss had been working on some double-teams together. She rolled off the ropes and Alyssa Corliss hip tossed the smaller Ryann across the body of Sweet Aroma with a mid-air Senton! She rolled away while The Dragonfly tried to pin her.




The Dragonfly tagged back into Alyssa Corliss and tried to drag Aroma back to the corner before she pushed her away. She rolled away and slapped Winterton on the head before she walked out of the ring.

“You deal with them!”

Desta yelled at Sweet Aroma not to treat her queen like that! Before Sarah could even protest, Alyssa Corliss came right her and blasted her in the head with a quick elbow to the head that sent her out to the floor. The Hype Starlet climbed to the outside of the ring and tossed her away before she ran once around the ring. She jumped back inside and Alyssa Corliss went back to the corner but she was lulled in…

Kick to the head by Winterton!

She caught her in the head with a big kick to the head and dazed her long enough to finally keep her rival at bay and backed her away. Winterton rested along the ropes waiting for Alyssa to get back to her feet and when she did she got knocked down again with a perfect Running Cross body in the corner! The Queen of the Starlets caught her good and she fell to the side while Winterton climbed to the second rope. The Royal Pain laughed and she waved her hand to the booing crowd while Desta was clapping. She flew off the middle rope and connected with a Missile Dropkick to the chest! Alyssa was down and that gave her the chance to go into a lateral press.




The Queen of the Starlets glared at Starlet referee Kim Adams and pushed her back to the corner back up to her feet. Winterton dropped the Redmond native a few knees into her head and continued to do so before she backed up and waited to the corner and dropped a big knee drop into her chest! Alyssa Corliss yelled out in pain while Winterton went back to the corner and tagged into Aroma.

“She is all yours, my darling!”

Sweet Aroma had a big smile on her face now that Corliss was at her mercy. She was standing over Alyssa Corliss and picked her up by the arm before pulling her into an elbow smash to the face. Alyssa Corliss was disoriented and it hurt even worse when she did it again connecting with another shot. The Veteran Starlet pulled her into the suplex position and got her up again … this time she nailed it! Aroma rolled her over.




That didn’t get the job done, but Aroma was going to continue her attack. She wanted the win over the rookie and also stick it to Amber Ryann for defeating her at the WrestleCade Xperience show. Sweet Aroma picked her up off the mat and whipped her off the ropes again and when she did she was spiked hard into the canvas, courtesy of a nice looking scoop powerslam. The Veteran Starlet went for the win again.




The angry Aroma was about to set her up for something else, possibly looking for a Back Suplex only for her to flip backwards and land on her feet. She went to the ropes when The Queen of the Starlets caught her from behind with a knee! Aroma laughed and floored her with a Discus Lariat that knocked her silly! She was down and held her in an Abdominal Stretch before reaching out to pin the close Winterton.

Happily, Winterton was back inside the ring and picked off Alyssa Corliss with a pair of forearms to the face before twisting the neck around. She necktied the arms together and went for the move…


The Cross-Arm Neckbreaker landed perfectly and Desta was golf clapping on the outside to show her respect. After Alyssa got planted, the Starlets Champion rolled over once again and this time, hooked both legs to try and defeat her rival.




The move was close, but it didn’t get the job done. She growled at Kim Adams and rolled over to the corner where she started to make her climb. The Queen of the Starlets was about to get to the top rope – a place where she wasn’t there too often, but when she was up there…


The grace.

The agility.

The rotation.

All of it was perfect…

…except the landing. Alyssa Corliss kinda moved!

Alyssa Corliss moved at the last second and the Starlets Champion hadn’t landed the mark at all! The crowd cheered for Amber Ryann and she hopped up and down on the ring apron waiting for her chance to tag into the match. She waited while Sweet Aroma continued to watch the action unfold. Winterton started to get back up as the Redmond native crawled to her corner and tried to finish things off when Alyssa Corliss rolled her and kicked her away.


The crowd cheered for the Dragonfly getting the chance to go on the assault as she caught Winterton right on the button with a charging flying forearm to the face. She ran over and also connected with a running leg lariat that knocked her off the ring apron.

When she stood The Queen of the Starlets up, she caught her with an uppercut before she whipped her to the corner. The Starlets Champion charged The Dragonfly hit the middle rope with no hands and backflipped right over her, her patented Mega Man X Wall Jump!

The crowd was wowed with the show of agility as she kept on running. When Winterton moved she tried to catch her off the rebound with a clothesline, but the lightning quick Dragonfly moved…


Sarah was doubled over now and allowed The Dragonfly to go up top. With the crowd in her corner she started to climb with no effort and waited for her to turn around…


Amber Ryan put some extra stank on that move and sent The Starlet Champion flying like she’d bee thrown from a car crash! The Dragonfly rolled Winterton over and tried to go for the cover.




Ryann moved and Aroma dropped the elbow drop right onto Sarah Winterton! She crashed right into her but didn’t seem all that concerned that she had hit the wrong Starlet. When Amber Ryann tried to attack the taller Aroma, she kicked away at her with a series of good shots only for JCON’s wife to shove her away and send her crashing into the corner. Winterton was back on her feet sucking air while she shoved Aroma.

“How dare you touch your Queen!”

“Bitch, I don’t answer to you!”

She shoved her back so Winterton shoved her again! She turned around to see Alyssa Corliss charging at her…


She speared Aroma and that took both ladies out of the equation so Winterton went right after Amber Ryann. She kicked her in the head and then rolled her up with the Spellbinding Pin combination!




Ryann kicked out and was sent flying into Aroma on the ring apron, knocking her off! The crowd was cheering the Dragonfly for her tenacity so Winterton barked at Desta to hand her the Starlet Championship belt! Desta quickly snatched the title from the timekeeper and handed her as the referee tried to break up the ongoing fight on the outside with Alyssa Corliss and Sweet Aroma on the outside!

“Time to say good night, you rainbow-haired menace!”

She charged with the belt and tried to swing…


She caught her and rolled her up out of nowhere! Kim Adams saw the cover and reached over to count!




Ryann had not only won the match for her team and earned the right to pick the stipulation for Breakdown, she had also PINNED The Starlet Champion in the middle of the ring! Ryann was all smiles as she rolled out of the ring and joined up with Alyssa Corliss as the two women celebrated!

“Here are your winners of the match… ALYSSA CORLISS AND “DRAGONFLY” AMBER RYANN!

Winterrton was frantically kicking at the ropes after this defeat and yelling at Kim Adams that she had her shoulder up right before the three-count (which of course, she didn’t.) Desta and Sarah were both protesting the decision and yelling at her when she was interrupted.

“Heya… Queenie?”

A tapping sound could be heard as Amber Ryann tapped the microphone she now had in her hand. She was huffing after the frantic pace of the finish to the match, but she wasn’t done. She had won the match and had the right to pick the stipulation for their Starlet Title match at Breakdown. Winterton growled at The Dragonfly while Alyssa Corliss stood by her friend and laughed.

“Look here, you stupid causal… I am DONE with you slapping in cheat codes every week to keep that title! You call yourself a Queen when really, you’re more like Queen Beryl from Sailor Moon… you’re nothing more than an old witch who can’t get anything done by herself!”

Winterton’s eyes nearly bugged out of her skull and it took Desta everything in her to keep her restrained. Ryann mulled over the stipulation closely.

“I’m tired of you cheating and I’m tired of all this crap, so now we’re going to play in MY game! That Starlet Title is going to hang over the ring where somebody will have to reach high to get it. You act like a Queen that’s standing on a pedestal over everybody else… but I hope that pedestal is high enough to reach… we’re going to face off for the belt IN A LADDER MATCH!”


Sarah’s face turned ghost white as she fell to her knees. She had just BARELY survived an Underground Rules match in order to win the title in the first place months ago and now she was in a match completely out of her element! Ryann dropped the mic and she and Alyssa waved goodbye before the two women headed to the back. Desta was trying to console Winterton on this turn of events, but now that her title was going to be taken away from her and held above the ring, Winterton looked like she was about to panic. She was a wrestler, not an acrobat!

And with the match in Amber Ryann’s wheelhouse, it looked like somebody was finally going to end the reign of the Queen for good!

Winner: Amber Ryann & Alyssa Corliss via Pinfall

"Gambit: The Price of Hubris"

”Dawn Awaits” - Extended Version by Cliff Lin rang out from the overhead PA system, prompting a notable uproar from the crowd as the The Blood Raven, Eiji Kugasari sauntered from the back. Accompanied by a pair of Crimson Elite, the recently disposed jOlt World Heavyweight Champion took a few brief moments to casually assess his surroundings before leading his entourage onward to the ringside area. Radiating a look of all business, the Prince of Puroresu walked up the ring steps, along the ring apron before entering the ring. The helmeted security detail stood to the ninja’s immediate flanks, folded their arms behind their backs in unison as the musical interlude subsided. A lingering round of chanting was allotted to run its course before Kugasari ran its course.

“It was several weeks ago that I stood here, in this very ring, as your World Heavyweight Champion...” The Blood Raven opened with audience acknowledgment overheard in hindsight. “I wasn’t the company’s choice as its champion nor was that ever a factor in the reality that I personally shattered that ’glass ceiling’ and walked into Wrestlecade as champion. However, there were some unsettling lessons that I was forced to learn. Things that I intentionally refuted. Lessons that I believed that I deemed unworthy of neither my time nor attention, in which, costed me my championship...”

The clan lieutenant began casually pacing about while speaking. “ of many things that were lost on the biggest stage of this promotion. Not many will have the privilege to main event a pay per view. Even fewer will have that privilege that I had. There are countless others who toiled...bled...sweat and unfortunately, some have even perished, with the unfulfilled promises made to themselves to stand where I and a limited few have stood; my rightful place atop the promotional summit as its champion.”

The Arena of Champion offered a moderate pop. “Regardless, my championship successor, who even now, continues to pander unceasingly to curry favor & protection of his ’reign’ as ’champion’.” The ninja brandished a notable scowl while speaking. “I actually admire his limited honesty with both himself and reality for he knows that he’s on borrowed time. I still am in full possession of my World Championship rematch clause so anytime I see fit, it is at my personal digression to exercise...However, it seems that I just so happen to be everyone’s favorite target.”

The Blood Raven mentioned while sweeping his hair from his visage. “If it wasn’t my defeat that literally gave rise to ’The Rebellion’, it’s now this thirsty trinity of utter gutter trash...These internet thumb-thuggin’ wannabe gangsters turned professional wrestlers who have been running around here, attention whoring by the vilest of means. As if disrespecting me with the use of ethnic slurs, leaving me laying in this very ring, humiliated, wasn’t enough. These same roaches decide to do the unthinkable and desecrate the very training gym, erected by both our elders and community...”

The ninja took a brief moment to pop the bones in his neck before continuing. “...Diamond Jewelz; you wanted my undivided attention? Rest assured, that you’ve got it. Just as you’ve made it a point to reduce the heralded Tekahashi Dojo, to a pile of embers & ruin, I am going to do more than merely just return the favor. Now it was Damien Lee’s suggestion that you should be fired from company. Your little stunt has been deemed as a international public nightmare yet I personally reassured him that I will settle this matter at Breakdown.

“You see, allowing you to be fired, to endure indefinite suspension or any corporate reprimands are but easy outs for you and, for the honor of my clan & myself, we can ill afford to reward you a free vacation for your insolence. It will be you and I in a No Disqualification Match...” The Arena of Champions opened up warmly to the pay per view match selection.

Neither any members of my clan nor any of your personal salad-tossing cronies will be allowed to interfere. No one. And to show you and the world how serious I am in making you pay dearly for your actions, I will put my World Heavyweight Championship rematch clause on the line as well....”

The arena swelled with excitement for briefly as Eiji again swept his hair from his face.

Now you actually have all of the incentive to stand & fight versus run like the notorious bitch that we all have come to know you for. I have much more to lose yet I am more than confident that when this is over, I will boldly wipe my feet atop your broken carcass back into the hunt to regain my World Heavyweight Championship. Yet let it be known that if this rule is violated on your behalf, in any way, not only do you forfeit your championship opportunity...this company & the city of Ibara will prosecute you & your goons to the fullest extent of the law. Effective immediately after a Handicapped Retirement Match featuring yourself versus the entire Inogami Clan...”

The legions continued cheering for several moments as Kugasari casually nodded while scanning the horizon.

“How’s that for pressure? So in 1 week’s time, we will all come to discover as to how the story of a welfare-dependent street urchin who calls himself ’Diamond Jewelz’ shall be told; shall he rise above from being the cubic zirconium fragment that he is...or shall he violently be ground to dust? 7 Days, motherfucker....7 Days....”

The microphone was heard hitting the canvas as ”Dawn Awaits” - Extended Version by Cliff Lin led Kugasari & his party away from the ringside area...

Total Conquest vs Sebastian Saje & Raevynn

After being under suspicion for going against Lee's orders, Sebastian Saje and Raevynn were placed into a mixed tag team match with Total Conquest here tonight. Lee wanted to watch this match closely to see just what would happen.

"South Texas Deathride" by Union Underground

Sephiroth Du Luc and Persephone stepped out from the backstage area. Last week, they accepted Sanchez Cano's offer and officially joined reVolt. The four of them are opposing The Rebellion along with Reno Davis and his unamed group. The people cheered as they walked down to the ring looking to get things settled. We know that Raevynn and Persephone have issues with each other and it will be explosive when they finally get on opposite sides.

They head to the side of the ring opposite the entrance ramp and talk strategies

"The Machine" by Downstait

Sebastian Saje and Raevynn walked out from the back to the official theme of The Rebellion. The two walked down the ramp hand in hand. Raevynn was in plain sight so Lee was banking on the fact that the cloaked figure wouldn't show. The two of them stepped into the ring as the arena returned to normalcy. Sebastian Saje and Sephiroth Du Luc would start this match off. Raevynn and Persephone stepped out to the apron and the referee called for the bell.




Saje and Du Luc circled each other in the ring. They went for the lock up, but Saje stopped with a kick to the mid-section. He twisted Du Luc's arm and whipped him into the corner. Saje charged in, but Du Luc made Saje eat a back elbow for his troubles. Du Luc hopped up onto the middle turnbuckle and hit a diving spinning back elbow that put Saje onto his back! Du Luc went for the early cover in the match, hooking the leg...


Almost an immediate kick out from the spokesman for The Rebellion. It is assumed that Saje is the leader, but it was never clearly stated. He does, however, do all the talking and was elected to do so being a former Hype Champion. Du Luc sat Saje up and placed him into a sleeper hold, but Saje wasn't worn down enough to be kept in that position. Saje stood and dropped Du Luc with a jaw breaker and Du Luc staggered back by the ropes. Saje got to his feet and charged in, but Du Luc lifted him up and over the ropes, but Saje landed on the ring apron. Du Luc turned around and found himself on the business end of a hot shot across the top rope as Saje dropped to the floor.

Saje immediately slid back into the ring and measured up Du Luc as he staggered and turned to face him. Saje leapt up, looking for Lights Out early, but Du Luc shoved him backwards. Saje stumbled against the ropes and used the momentum to lunge forward with a lariat, but Du Luc ducked underneath and now he went to the ropes, leaping to the middle one and twisting off with a Cross Body Block that caught Saje and put him down.

Du Luc rolled through and got back to his feet as Saje got back to his. Saje charged in, but Du Luc side stepped and sent Saje on his way to the ropes. Du Luc telegraphed a back body drop, but Saje dropped to a knee and hit a quick uppercut to Du Luc's face! Du Luc turned his back to Saje as he staggered away and Saje hit a running Bulldog, planting Du Luc face first into the canvas. Saje then went for the cover, hooking the leg...



Du Luc kicked out.

Saje stood and took off to the ropes. He came back with a knee drop across the chest, but didn't go for the cover. He stood and backed into the ropes a second time and dropped another knee across the chest. Saje stood and hit the ropes, coming back and hitting a leg drop across the throat! Now Saje went for another cover.



Du Luc kicked out again

Saje shook his head as he brought Du Luc back to his feet. He hooked him for a vertical suplex, but he couldn't lift the 280lb German off of his feet. Saje tried again, but Du Luc quickly snapped Saje down to the canvas with a Spinning Neck Breaker. Du Luc stood and let out a roar as he waited for Saje to get back to his feet. Saje staggered up and right into the arms of Du Luc who lifted him up and sat out with a Spine Buster!!



Saje kicked out to the boos from the crowd

Persephone was on the ring apron chomping at the bit to get her hands on Raevynn. Saje was crawling toward his corner anyway. Persephone shouted out to Du Luc to let him make the tag. She's been waiting far too long for this. Du Luc nodded in agreement as Saje dove in and tagged in Raevynn. Du Luc tagged in Persephone and here we go!

The much aniticipated face off between these two had finally arrived. Persephone and Raevynn came face to face in the center of the ring. The two of them began to talk trash to each other until Persephone hauled off and slapped Raevynn straight across the face!! Raevynn yelled out "YOU BITCH" and slapped her right back, but the former Starlet Champion simply smiled right back at Raevynn. Raevynn began to back off, but Persephone charged in and grabbed Raevynn by her.. well.. Raven-Black hair. She then tossed Raevynn a good distance across the ring where she landed hard on her chest.

Raevynn tried to get up, but Persephone put a boot to the back of her head, stomping her face into the canvas!! Persephone backed off and got some distance as Raevynn tried to push herself back up. Persephone then charged, looking for a running boot to the skull, but Raevynn dodged and swept Persephone off her feet!! Raevynn stood, stalking Persephone, daring her to get back to her feet a she constantly checked her nose for blood, but found none. Persephone got back up and turned to face Raevynn. Raevynn doubled her over with a toe kick and then backed into the ropes. She charged in, looking for a head scissors, but Persephone countered with a sit out facebuster to counter!!! Persephone turned her over and hooked the leg!



Raevynn kicked out!

Persephone wasted no time standing and hitting and elbow drop into Raevynn's stomach. She stood and hit another elbow drop and then hit a third one. Persephone stood and then made a slashing motion across her throat, signalling the end. Raevynn slowly got to her feet as Persephone lunged in with a Leaping Leg Lariat and connected!!


Persephone made the cover, hooking the leg!



Broken up by Sebastian Saje!!

Sephiroth Du Luc came into the ring and immediately began to hammer away on Saje with forearm shots to the upper back. Du Luc then placed Saje in a front face lock and lifted him for a suplex, but Saje floated over and landed behind Du Luc. Saje leapt up and grabbed Du Luc by the back of the head, pulling it down into his knees...


Du Luc rolled out of the ring in pain, but when Saje turned around, Persephone hit a drop kick, sending Saje to the outside!! Raevynn was still down on the ground as Persephone got a full head of steam, but when Persephone ran past Raevynn, she quickly got to her feet and when Persephone bounced off the ropes, it was too late...


Raevynn took Persephone out and made the cover



Thr.. NO!!!

Persephone got the shoulder up and the people erupted in cheer!

Raevynn stood and grabbed Persephone, pulling her back up. She got behind her and placed Persephone into an inverted front face lock. Raevynn stuck her tongue out as she lifted Persephone.. or at least tried to, but Persephone twisted into position and countered with a Northern Lights Suplex!! Persephone tapped the inside of her knee and dared Raevynn to get back to her feet. When she did, Persephone charged in, looking for Below Heaven's Path again, but Raevynn caught her in mid-air and planted her with a Release Powerbomb, almost dropping her on the back of her neck!!!

Meanwhile on the outside, Sebastian Saje and Sephiroth Du Luc are back up and brawling with each other. Raevynn waited for Persephone to stand and when she did, Raevynn backed into the ropes, but on the outside, Sephiroth grabbed Saje by the neck with both hands and tossed him up into the ring ropes, causing Saje and Raevynn to smack back to back as Raevynn was rebounding!! Raevynn staggered forward as Persephone grabbed her by the head and spiked her with a DDT into the canvas! Persephone went for the cover...




After a few moments, a purple hue bathed the ring and black feathers began falling from the ceiling. Persephone stood and looked around as the feathers continued to fall. All of a sudden, a purple spotlight shone down upon the entrance ramp and there was the cloaked figure from last week.. but someone was with it...

It was Reno Davis!!

His hands were tied.. his mouth gagged.. and he looked to be out on his feet. The cloaked figure was using him as a human shield as it walked down to the ring with Reno Davis almost as a hostage of sorts. Persephone was distracted by this and Raevynn popped up behind her. She quickly grabbed Persephone into a Dragon Sleeper position and then lifted her into the air where she spun before planting her on the back of her head with the Spinning Inverted DDT.


Raevynn made the cover, hooking the leg.




The Rebellion stole the victory here off the distraction, but Sebastian Saje was telling the truth the entire time.. the cloak figure was, indeed, NOT Raevynn.

The lights in the arena came back on as Sephiroth Du Luc ran toward the figure, but the figure turned and showed Reno Davis to Du Luc, almost as a warning to not come any closer. It stopped Du Luc in his path. This allowed Sebastian Saje to sneak up from behind and low blow Du Luc!!

Saje then turned toward the figure and gave it a nod. The figure then turned Davis around and scooped him up into its arms. The figure then dropped to its knees...


Davis was out!! Saje and Raevynn then rejoined each other and took apart the steel ring steps. The cloaked figure then dragged Davis on top of the bottom half as Saje left the top half on its side. Saje hopped up onto the ring apron as Raevynn and the cloaked figure picked up the ring steps and handed them to Saje.

Dear God no..

Saje leapt off the apron and...


Saje just hit a body splash, driving the ring steps into Reno Davis, sandwhiching him between them!!

They couldn't watch anymore.. Mike Extreme.. Bane Loneheart.. BIG Little Italy.. Mattock.. Sanchez Cano... they all ran out from the back, but Sebastian Saje, The Cloaked Figure, and Raevynn hopped the barricades and exited through the crowd!

The damage had been done, though. Reno Davis was barely awake, but he was coughing up blood. Medical staff ran down as Persephone started to come to and Sephiroth Du Luc was recovering from the low blow. They saw their leader, Reno was taken out and then joined the others to find out what happened.

Medical staff quickly tended to Reno as they brought out a stretcher. They carefully loaded Reno onto it and then quickly maneuvered him to the backstage area. The seven remaining members remained at ringside.. their leader taken out... their spirits broken.

Heading into Breakdown, it was now 7 on 8.. but while they were down only one man.. it was the man that brought them all together. With this huge blow, The Rebellion are in a prime position now to fulfill their destiny and begin taking the top spots here in jOlt.

Winner: The Rebellion via Pinfall

Mack Brody vs Grendel

After a match ended in a double countout between Mack Brody and Kenshiro Inogami last week, nothing had been settled between the two new rivals. What started out as Mack Brody’s chance for respect by proving himself in the upper echelon of jOlt Wrestling was turning into a slightly more personal rivalry between two competitive stars. In the main event of tonight’s show, per the wheel set for tonight’s Pick Your Poison matches, Ninja K would have to go one-on-one against his long-time rival in Derecho. As for Mack Brody, he would be facing off against a dominant force that ruled jOlt Wrestling in his heyday – the masked monster called Grendel!

And to make matters worse – this was going to be a Tables Match. Which of the biggest men in jOlt Wrestling today would be the one to put their opponent through a table first?

“The following contest is a TABLES MATCH!” Brad Arnold yelled as the fans were revved up to see some action. “The winner will be the first man to put their opponent through a table!”

“Voodoo” by Godsmack.

The music rang overhead from the PA system, drawing the arena lights to their lowest frequency. The strobe lighting danced to the rhythm of the beat as the hulking mass of evil lumbered slowly from the backstage area. Standing at the entrance staging area apex, the titan stood heaving while swaying slightly from side to side. The Beast answered to many names yet one was notorious for sending chills within the unfortunate and bystanders alike; Grendel.

“First, making his way to the ring, weighing in at 337 pounds… this is … GRENDEL!

The Walking Nightmare plodded forward toward the squared circle. The cameras backed away as the behemoth slowly turned his head toward them before pulling himself onto the ring apron & stepping over the ring ropes. Rolling his neck, the bones angrily popped in his neck as his music diminished as he waited for his opponent.

“What You Know” by T.I.

What you know about that?

What you know about that?

What you know about that?...

The Arena of Champions began rocking along with the bass heavy Southern anthem as a streaming collage, laden with the acquisitions of success & the array of destruction created by a hulking wrestling phenomenon. Brilliant flashes of Gold, Emerald & Pearl would dance along the entire entrance staging area and throughout the vast arena before the Bronze Bomber rhythmically lumbered forward from the back. Donning a Solid Black sleeveless shirt with ’Gold ‘N’ Mine’ etch in Gold & Silver emblem, the Super Mack slowly turned his back toward the fans briefly before slowly extending his arms outward, prompting several brilliant plumes of Golden sparks to rise.

“And his opponent, hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania… weighing in at 312 pounds… this is ”MIDAS” MACK BRODY!

SuperMack took immediate notice of the tables scattered about the ringside area and to his credit, he didn’t look afraid at all. Brody approached the ring and looked to a fighting Grendel who was ready for this fight as well. Brody smirked at the chance to prove himself here tonight and if this was the challenge that Kenshiro laid out for him, then he was going to prove he was ready for their rematch at Breakdown by taking the challenge.

Brody climbed into the ring and went right at The Walking Nightmare with a barrage of fists as the bell rang!


The two big men threw big bombs at one another right off the bat! There wasn’t going to be any technical points in this match where your objective was to throw somebody through a heavy piece of breakable furniture. The Walking Nightmare got the better of the opening salvo early and threw a series of right hands into the stomach of Brody to back him up into the corner. He slammed even more rights into the head of SuperMack in the corner and then pressed a foot into his throat. Referee Antonio Jones was helpless to do anything other than watch the match unfold since the only rule was a to break a table.


Grendel let out a guttural roar as he backed Brody into the corner and stood his ground. He had a run-in with Omega several weeks ago and was much more volatile after his brief rivalry with Chris Titan ended up with Titan on the shelf once again. Grendel turned around only to be greeted with a HARD Elbow Smash to the face!

He turned the tables (tee hee) on Grendel and slammed him hard into the corner before unleashing a series of Shoulder Thrusts into the stomach of The Walking Nightmare. Grendel fought back STILL and fought through the pain of more shots to the head, even throwing a headbutt or two to rock Brody and send him staggering backwards. When he continued, Brody was also not going to stop and ate a punch from Grendel only to throw three more into the side before he slammed him in the chest with two more big Double Sledge shots. He whipped him to the ropes and ducked down, but the result ended with Grendel catching him in the chest with a wicked boot. Grendel charged at Mack when he ducked and used the momentum to TOSS him over the top rope and onto the floor below!

The Beast had taken a nasty fall and was scrambled while Mack Brody stood tall in the ring for the moment. Mack climbed to the outside and looked to continue throwing more shots at Grendel only for The Walking Nightmare to catch him and slam him violently backwards into the barricade! The barricade was actually moved back a few inches from the combined force of six-hundred pounds thrown into it.

SuperMack was down for the moment now as he reached over and grabbed one of the tables near ringside. Nathan Powers and Michael Buhrman backed away carefully as he picked up the table and let out a scowl in their general direction. Grendel set the table up in between the ring and the announce table, but caught a golden blur out of the corner of his mask…


Mack Brody PLOWED right through Grendel and laughed at his misfortune as he knocked The Beast over for the moment. SuperMack was ready to put this thing away early as he motioned for Powers and Buhrman to move.

“I’d get out of the way if I was you.”

“You heard the man!” Powers said.

“Cheese it! Incoming!” Michael shouted.

The incoming object was big Grendel getting picked up and THROWN into the announce table head-first! The impact almost toppled it and it wasn’t every day that Grendel was outmuscled, but if there was anybody on the roster capable of such a feat it was the man called SuperMack!

Mack Brody watched the table that Grendel was trying to set up earlier in the match and finished the job that he started. He propped it up and reached over to pick up Grendel over his shoulder. He was looking to Front Powerslam the monster through the table, but The Walking Nightmare slipped out behind him and tossed him into the nearby turnbuckle post! He was hurt now and this allowed Grendel to get the drop on him by picking him up and throwing him into the ring.






The Beast quickly assaulted Mack Brody in the corner with a vicious series of big closed fists that stunned him into a seated position. He pushed Mack Brody out of the corner and turned him around before he threw him aggressively into the ringpost. While he was stunned, Grendel reached over for a second table on the outside and tossed the table back inside. He left it flat and grabbed Mack to set him up for his next move.

Mack’s shoulder went splat on the ring post which allowed for Grendel to grab him by the arm and drop him with a single arm DDT right onto the laid out table on the ground!

It was an interesting bit of rare strategy from Grendel, but The Beast wasn’t stupid by any means. If he could keep Mack Brody’s shoulder his target, it would make it that much harder for him to use the power moves he was famous for. He continued to pick apart the arm of Mack Brody with some more calculated stomps before he laid out his arm across the table. Mack tried to keep Grendel from doing whatever he was trying but Grendel fired a kick into Mack’s head to stun him before he dropped a knee onto Mack’s arm with the table underneath him!

The former jOlt Tag Team Champion howled in pain while Grendel seemed to be enjoying himself for the first time since he had been fighting with Chris Titan a few short weeks ago. He took off outside the ring again and grabbed one of the tables near ringside and pushed it back in. He was ready to try and put him through the table.

Grendel picked the table up off the mat and was about ready to prop it up in the corner when he saw Mack Brody getting up. Nursing his good arm, Mack Brody tried to charge at Grendel only for Grendel to return the favor from earlier and smack him good by tossing the table right at him. Mack got his arms up instinctively but that was a bad move as he used the bad arm.

The fans booed The Beast as he raised his fists in the air like he’d already won the match. He turned the table upside down and grabbed the legs before he slammed it right down on the arm again. Mack Brody shouted out in pain as Grendel continued to drill him with the table leg!

This hadn’t gone down exactly like any other table match and showed Grendel was very good at what he did. Grendel set the table up against the corner and got himself ready to end the match. The Beast pulled Mack Brody up again and tried to drill the former champion into the table, but Mack put the brakes on.

Mack Brody fought right back and elbowed The Beast upside the head and caught him unaware with some shots to the throat to save himself from certain defeat. Mack Brody continued his standing assault with a few head butts to the face and chest of the masked monster.

He saw one of the tables that was propped up in front of the announce table and tried to grab Grendel by the back of the head with his good arm. He tossed him over the ropes… but no! Grendel caught himself on the ring apron. Mack then tried to charge at him only for Grendel to catch him under the ropes with a kick to the head to stun him.

The old “shoulder tackle the guy off the apron” didn’t work. Grendel grabbed Mack by his hair and pulled him through the ropes so both monsters fought on the side of the apron now. He tried his best to throw Mack off the apron, but Mack clinged to the ropes as his safe haven. Grendel kicked him upside the head again and left Mack to barely cling onto the ropes this time

“I’m gonna finish you like I did your pally…”

Grendel got back into the ring and decided to try his luck at getting Mack Brody down, but he didn’t see the big man coming…


He stunned him long enough to get back in the ring. Mack Brody slowly tapped his bad arm to get some feeling back before he charged off the ropes…


It was probably a stupid move for Mack Brody to use the bad arm he was nursing right now, but the risk was worth the reward to save himself and give himself the advantage over his beastly opponent – a man who had given the likes of Omega and even Kenshiro Inogami headaches in the past.

Both men were down in the middle of the ring now as Mack Brody struggled in one corner to get up while Grendel was in the other. Grendel was just barely able to beat him to his feet first and went to grab Mack but the big beast exploded on him with a series of hard shots to the chest that sent Grendel spiraling back into the corner.

Mack traded the more elegant palm strikes for more unsophisticated fists to the body but they were getting the job done against Grendel. He was tied up in the corner when Mack elbowed him and tied his arms up in the ropes.

Bicep flex.

A wink to a hot chick in the crowd.

It was time for the Ten-Gun Salute.


And a kiss of the bicep…


Mack was all charged up from the crowd now and shook his arm to try and get some feeling back into it. He picked up Grendel and was looking for his Midas Touch Powerbomb to put an end to all of this, but Grendel saw him coming just barely and caught him flush in the gut with a big punch. He pushed him back into the corner and let the back elbows Matt Morgan-style fly. The alternating left and right elbows rung Mack’s bell long enough for Grendel to push him down. He went to the second rope and fired off the old fashioned but effective Vader Bomb just to wear down the giant some more.

The match was back in The Beast’s control and he kicked Mack Brody aside so he could set the table up. He set up the table in front of the turnbuckle. With some effort he muscled the big weight of Mack Brody onto the table and let a couple more fists fly to keep him grounded.

Grendel smiled and headed over to the second rope before he stood. He was going for another splash and if he could hit the move this time, the victory would be all his. What he didn’t count on was taking just a couple of seconds too long and Mack Brody getting right back up to get to the second rope to sock Grendel right in the stomach.

Mack Brody pushed him up to the top turnbuckle one notch higher and climbed. The fans were on their feet waiting to see Grendel take the tumble off the top rope…

He turned Grendel around on the turnbuckle with some effort before he set him up. He fought throught he pain in his arm and AMAZINGLY had Grendel in his grip as he roared with all the strength he could muster…





“Here is your winner of the match… MACK BRODY!

Brody beat on his chest like a gorilla hopped up on coke before he had his arms raised by referee Antonio Jones. He fought through the pain that his angry opponent brought on him and with some effort, managed to finally get Grendel up for the Midas Touch by propping him off the top turnbuckle and dropped him right through the table to secure the win!

“I won my match, Kenshiro!” Mack yelled into the camera. “Good luck in yours!”

In truth, the member of the Heirs of Wrestling had meant every word. He wanted Kenshiro Inogami at his best for their rematch at Breakdown. Per the rules, nobody was allowed at ringside to ensure a fair contest and with what was to come, Brody wouldn’t have it any other way. He walked out of the ring and strutted his stuff up the ramp while slapping hands with the fans in attendance before he posed at the top of the ramp. Yes, he was a bit of a hot dog, but you would be too if you were a big, strong dude.

Winner: Mack Brody via Putting Grendel Through a Table


Lights Out.


The echoes of fans cheering bellowed through the airwaves as "Onion" by One Ok Rock began playing with the hues of red, yellow and white lights flashing throughout the Arena of Champions and the fans cheered loudly. The typical conversation between the commentators presisted as Aran Thompson slowly walked out from behind the entrance curtain with his arms spread out and his left hand gripped tightly onto his Relentless Championship. Aran smiled his cocky smile and looked around the Arena of Champions as he nodded his head before looking directly into the camera and the microphone heard everything he said:

"This is insanity!"

Aran made his way to the ring before sliding into it and popping back to his feet spinning around displaying the Relentless Championship for all to see as the fans began chanting: Mr. Relentless. Aran asked for a microphone and joked with the ring crew memeber who handed it to him. The fans continued to cheer as Aran slowly stepped to the middle of the ring with a grin as wide as the jOltvision.

Aran twirled the microphone as he looked down at his retired Relentless Championship and the fans ate up every moment of it.

"You know..." Aran began.

"Just a couple months ago I was the World Champion!"

The fans met Aran with a questionable response as they were none to impressed with his reign as World Champion.

"I know, I know...but I've got a point. Let me get to it."

"I was the World Champion. The leader of a Stable. The guy molding the clay that would become what the West Texas Terrorists are now, and what Landon Stevens would become....Aran Thompson 2.0."

The fans cheered at as Aran cut deep into the ego of the current World Champion, Landon Stevens.

"Landon is out to prove everything that I went on to prove first. Listen to the words he says. Look at the way he carries himself. Landon Stevens is just the next Aran Thompson! I mean...I couldn't be more proud! I trained the guy! People are comparing the WORLD CHAMPION TO ME! I'm not even the champion, and my name is stitched right next to it. It's a PR's dream! I couldn't create this kind of buzz if I tried!"

Aran smiled as the fans knew he was spinning everything Landon Stevens had said about him in the past around.

"Landon wants to be Aran Thompson. I mean, it's just a fact! BUT!..."

Aran paused and looked around the Arena of Champions.

"There is one thing Landon Stevens can never emulate from me! I am the LAST EVER RELENTLESS CHAMPION! I am the first man to win this championship multiple times! I turned what was considered the mid-card championship into a staple to the next level! It wasn't without help from past Relentless Champions....."

Again Aran smiled and looked at the crowd.

"...I just did it better."

"But sadly, there will never be another person able to take this step to the next level because I claimed the step. It's mine! It's painted bright yellow and in black spray paint it reads my name! I'm the reason people will have to work HARDER to try and dip their toes in the top tier!"

The fans cheered that statement, but Aran continued.

"But now we get to Damien Lee. Your hatred towards me is admirable, however, you can hate me all you want.. I still know something you don't want the world to know. Is that why you hate me, Damien? Not for the fact that you couldn't stand me as champion, but perhaps you're using that as an excuse. An excuse to hide the fact that you know that I know. Face it Damien, I could ruin your day any time I wish, so if I were you..."


Aran stopped and looked around gripping the Relentless Championship almost as if he expected something to happen when he brought up Lee's name. Aran sensed something was amiss and as he turned around Eli Conway stood behind him.


Aran slammed into the mat after Eli hit him with his Lariat From Hell. The fans began booing as Ezra slid into the ring and grabbed the twins grabbed Aran by the arms and lifted him up as Damien Lee and the World Champion Landon Stevens walked out from behind the entrance curtain as the booing grew even more loud.

"Aran...Aran....Aran..." Damien Lee began.

"This ain't nothing personal, but you're trying to make it as such. After hearing what you had to say just now I have to wonder where your mind is. Spinning conspiracy theories is a specialty of yours isn't it? Or have you forgotten about faux-killing off Derecho? See... I can't have an unstable mind like you running around pretending to be a champion that doesn't exist, but before I get to that.. I do have to say that right after Mr. Stevens was telling me in my office I have to agree with you on one valid point that you made. You trained an amazing talent! A talent worthy of being able to say that he too has been a World Champion AND Relentless Champion. So I've decided to RE-INSTATE THE RELENTLESS CHAMPIONSHIP!

The fans went nuts as Aran's head wobbled in disbelief and pain.

"But I'm willing to play'll defend your championship at BREAKDOWN! AGAINST LANDON STEVENS!"

Nate Powers: Damien Lee denies Aran's claim and decides to re-instate the title? It's obvious that he hopes Aran loses it at Breakdown. That doesn't strike you as suspicious?

Michael Buhrman: Indeed it does.. what is going through Damien Lee's mind right now?

The fans began booing even louder, but Aran began a rally as he elbowed Eli Conway in the groin and broke free from Ezra and punched until he stumbled into the ropes. Aran hit Ezra with a lariat of his own sending him to the outside.

"C'MON! LET'S DO THIS NOW!" Aran bellowed.

Landon Stevens looked on at Aran and he was absolutely ready to take on the Relentless Champion but Damien Lee had a look of disbelief on his face and he stopped Landon and pointed to the ring. Landon stopped in his tracks and slowly backed up.

Michael Buhrman: IT'S THE REBELLION!

Sebastian Saje, Michael Donovan, and Seraph slid into the ring and began to pummel Aran. Aran had no chance against ambush. Ezra Conway pulled his brother from the ring and they retreated as Seraph lifted Aran up and Saje slapped Aran across the face before Michael Donovan shoved his big foot down the throat of Aran and Aran laid lifeless across in the ring. Damien Lee, Landon Stevens and the West Texas Terrorists were no where to be seen as three memebers of The Rebellion stood over Aran and they each took a moment to admire the newly re-instated Relentless Championship.

Aran Thompson was officially the target of everyone who wants a garunteed shot at a championship of their choosing.

Jesse Ramey vs Jason Rau

The scene shifted back from commercial and inside of the ring already stood Jesse Ramey and Jason Rau, ready to reignite their bloody battle from Wrestlecade. Simon Boulder quickly signaled for the bell and the start of the match as “I’m Not Alright” by Shinedown faded from the arena airwaves.


The Anti-Star charged toward Rau, only to be caught with a drop toe hold that sent Ramey smashing down to the canvas face first. Rau quickly shifted his body around and locked Ramey in a headlock before he had a chance to jump back to his feet. Ramey began trying to fight his way back to his feet as Rau locked the hold in tighter.

The lights in the arena went completely black, several moments later, they popped back on. Ramey had managed to fight his way back to his feet, but Rau still had him trapped in the side headlock. The fans in the arena were booing and hissing, not from the site of Rau having Ramey in a headlock, but because with the lights back on they now knew what was waiting inside of the ring.

Rau quickly released his hold on Ramey, shoving him backward into the awaiting arms of Citizen. Citizen quickly wrapped his arms around Ramey, with the aide of his baseball bat, and dropped him with a side Russian leg sweep. Rau quickly exited the ring as not to fall victim to what was happening as well.

Simon Boulder began signaling for the bell to end the match just as quickly as he had signaled for it to begin the match. Citizen pushed his way back to his feet and just as he drew the baseball bat up into the air to bring it down across the chest of the downed Ramey the fans in attendance went from booing to cheering.

Sprinting down the entrance ramp was the largest athlete in Jolt Wrestling. The Colossus, Spike Saunders, and the fans were elated to see Saunders coming to the rescue. Citizen had backed his way into a corner at the sight of Saunders and Ramey had managed to slowly get back to his feet. Ramey shook out the cobwebs as Saunders crawled into the ring under the bottom rope.

Saunders stood and made his way past Ramey toward Citizen, Ramey patted Saunders on the back as he passed. Saunders looked ready to unload everything he had on Citizen.

BOOM! Headshot!

The fans in attendance all came to a hush in shock as Ramey dropped to the canvas once more. Spike had turned and leveled Ramey with the downward punch to the head. The behemoth wasn’t finished though as he quickly lifted Ramey back to his feet and drove him back down to the mat with his finisher.


Saunders once again made his way back to his feet as Citizen slowly approached him from behind with a microphone in hand. Citizen placed his free hand on Saunders’ shoulder for a moment, then kneelt down beside of Ramey’s head.

“I gave you a message last week;” Citizen started full vocalizer in effect, “all you had to do was interpret the message correctly. I thought last week was pretty easy myself.”

Citizen stood and began slowly making his way around the downed body of Ramey.

“The man standing in the ring with you tonight,” Citizen paused, “you thought he was an ally. However, this is one of the many mistakes you’ve made throughout your career, Jesse. You alienated this man, and you never showed him any kind of appreciation when he was there to help you. Did you ever receive a Gateway Championship match from you or a Spirit Championship match while the two of you worked together in All-Star Championship Wrestling?”

The fans in attendance continued to boo at the sound of Citizen’s weird voice, but Saunders only continued to nod his head along agreeing to everything Citizen was saying.

“Of course you didn’t!” Citizen hissed, “You were too afraid of him to ever put a title on the line against him. I’ve done more for him in the past two weeks than you’ve ever done for him in the entire time you’ve known him. Breakdown is the beginning of your total annihilation, Jesse.”

“There may not be a title on the line,” Citizen continued, “but I’ve made sure that Spike Saunders will be getting his hands on you at Breakdown. There will be no escape from this monster, not inside of a steel cage!”

Citizen dropped the microphone on the chest of the still downed Ramey as “The End is Coming” by Sevendust blasted throughout the arena. Citizen and Saunders exited the ring together and slowly made their way up the entrance ramp as the scene faded.

Winner: Jesse Ramey via Disqualification

"Light is Temporary, Darkness is Forever"

"The go home show until Break Down! Tempers are rising, Blood is boiling and..."

Lights Out.

"Really?!" Michael Buhrman said as he was once again interrupted.

The sounds of echoing whispers filled throughout the Arena of Champions as fans began buzzing and the lights from cameras and lighters created the ambiance of stars in the night sky when with a loud thud the Entrance Stage, Rafter Lights, jOltvision and lights from under the entrance ring shone with a bright blinding white light.


The single word over powered the sounds of the echoing whispers and the white light flashed as it spoke when suddenly the sounds of bass thumped throughout the airwaves as the sounds of electronics faded back and forth.

It's the end of the world and I feel fine,
Calling raptures reign of fire, sucking logic cold and dry
It's the end of the world, now we all die
Burned away and lost in time, as we let the rockets fly

"Open Your Eyes" by Downstait had begun playing the bright white flashed to the tempo of the music when suddenly...

Lights Out.

Once again the Arena of Champions was completely shrouded in darkness for a moment before the bright white light beemed from under the grates of the Entrance Stage and the shilloutte of a man standing there completely shrouded in darkness. Fans covering their brows trying to figure out who stood at the top of the ramp squinted hard but to no avail when the echoed whispers began being heard once again.

"Violence is cyclical."

A voice broke through as the man paced to the left with the light continuing to hide his appearance and the echoed whispers repeated him.

"Light is temporary."

The bright beam quickly turned off abruptly.


"Darkness is forever."

The lights of the Arena of Champions came on as the words "Never Forget" was seen on the screen of the jOltvision. The man on the stage was no longer there and the camera panned over to view Michael Buhrman and Nathan Powers with a confused look on their face and the whispering could be heard more clear.

"They won't....they can't....they never will"

The three phrases repeated over and over again as the scene faded to commerical.

Omega(c) vs Jeremy Ryan

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

The music played and the crowd started turning their reaction in a wholly negative way. Out from the back dressed in his fighting gear was none other than the man who had made it his mission to destroy all things fun-loving in jOlt. For the last few weeks he has been really slandering the 2014 Hall of Fame class for jOlt. Ryan is all business and he will have to be against Omega for the Underground championship.

He was a man who was pissed by how the jOlt upper management has been treating him after speaking his mind. He was going to show the entire world and the jOlt upper management that he was man enough to hold a jOlt championship. Ryan approached the ring and looked ready for a fight after making a long way down the ramp. jOlt’s Last Real Man climbed into the ring and waited for his opponent to arrive. He could finally walk out of the arena with championship gold around his waist.

The arena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of Marilyn Manson echoed throughout the arena. Jason Rau stood in the ring as the lights from cellphones illuminated the arena. The cameras panned around to the stage as Omega was nowhere to be seen. The fans jeered as a lone spotlight hit the middle of the ring. A young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

We are here

We are many, you are few

A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the lone spotlight disappeared. The lights slowly came back on as Omega stood in the middle of the ring with a sick grin on his face holding the Underground Championship in his left hand dragging on the mat. He handed the Underground Championship to the ref as the fans jeered the champion. Ryan smiled as he turned to see the monster champion standing behind him.

The bell sounded as Ryan went right after the bigger man showing no fear. Ryan started to pound away on the champion not relenting one bit. He was able to push the bigger man back to the ropes as he continued to pound on Omega’s midsection. Ryan started to go upstairs as he nailed Omega with right hands in the face. The fans started to murmur as they watched jOlt’s Last Real Man take it to the Underground Champion. Jeremy drove a few knees into the midsection of Omega doubling the champion over.

Ryan hooks Omega from the corner and nails him with a belly to belly suplex, driving the big man down to the mat. Omega smiled as Ryan continued his onslaught on the champion. Ryan nailed Omega with a hammer elbow to the back of the neck before quickly nailing the champion with a leaping kick to the face. That shot sent the big man to one knee. Ryan smiled as he drove a knee into the side of the boogeyman’s head sending him to the mat.

Ryan looked down at the champion before raising his arms in the air for all to see. He received a loud chorus of jeers before dropping down and hooking Omega’s leg for the cover.



Ryan made it quickly to his feet, pulling the big man up as well. The champion nailed Ryan with a huge right hand that sent the challenger backwards. Omega grabbed Ryan in a collar and elbow tie up. He quickly picked Ryan high up in the air and held him there for a few seconds before driving him down into the mat with a very impactful suplex. Jeremy was squirming on the mat holding his back as Omega sat up and looked around with a smirk on his face.

The champion slowly stood to his feet as he stood over top of Ryan. He reached down and slowly pulled Ryan to his knees. Omega picked him up and drove him to the mat with a gut wrench suplex continuing the onslaught on his back. The champion grabbed Ryan and hooked him in a bow and arrow putting more pressure on his back. Ryan screamed in pain as Omega continued to smile. The ref just looked on as Omega continued to pull on Ryan, trying to break the jOlt’s Last Real Man’s back. The champion finally released the hold and went for a cover on the challenger.




Omega was not overly concerned that Jeremy kicked out. This was right up the champion’s alley. The boogeyman slowly moved over to Ryan with a sick grin on his face. He moved closer to the challenger’s ear.

“Tonight, we set you free.”

Omega stood to his feet and kicked Ryan under the ropes to the floor. The challenger started to crawl on the floor trying to get away from the champion. Omega rolled to the floor stalking Ryan. The champion finally was able to reach Ryan but jOlt’s Last Real Man grabbed the champion by the waist and pulled him into the steel steps. Omega’s head was driven right into the steel steps at full force. The fans at ringside gasped as they watched Omega’s head get driven into the unforgiven steel. Jeremy started to slowly get to his feet as the boogeyman lay on the floor next to the steel steps.

Ryan pulled the ring apron up and started to look under the ring. He pulled out a steel chair and a baseball bat. Ryan picked up the steel chair and looked at it before nailing Omega in the head. Omega’s head was crushed between the chair and steps. The champion laid lifeless near the steps as Ryan looked down with a grin on his face. He took the chair and smashed it against Omega’s head again. The boogeyman sat near the steps slumped to the floor with a disturbing grin on his face.

Ryan pulled Omega from the steps and went for the cover on him.




Ryan looked down with a puzzled look on his face. He thought he was the new Underground Champion. Ryan moved the steel chair near the ramp way. He went back and started to drag Omega near the steel ramp. All-Man picked up Omega and drove him into the steel chair with a vicious DDT. Blood started to pour from the champion’s head as Ryan was in rare form taking it right to the Underground Champion. Ryan went for another cover on the champion.




Jeremy slapped the ground as he turned to look at Omega. The challenger was doing everything he could to keep the champion down but the boogeyman will not stay down. Ryan was trying to be the first man to put down Omega and keep him down. That was a tall order since no one has done that yet. Ryan knew he was not an ordinary man, he was jOlt’s Last Real Man. He quickly got to his feet and grabbed the champion by the head. He hooked Omega and took him down quickly with a swinging neck breaker. Ryan looked around with a smirk on his face as the fans erupted in jeers.






Ryan just reveled in the adulation from the fans as he stood over top of the Underground Champion who was on his knees smiling as blood dripped from his head. Jeremy dropped down and hooked Omega’s leg.




Ryan was shocked to see that the champion still had so much more power left in him. He was pissed as he hooked Omega’s leg again for the cover.




Ryan was not happy. He stood to his feet and went over to look under the ring again. This time he found a Kendo stick, a trashcan, a 2 x 4 and a lead pipe. Ryan had wicked intentions for the Underground champion but I am sure the champion will love every minute of it. Ryan picked up the lead pipe and went behind Omega and started to choke the champion on the floor. Ryan smiled but the smiled started to dissipate as the champion was able to put his hands in between the pipe and his throat. The monster started to move the pipe from his throat. Ryan knew he was not going to out power the big man let go of the pipe and nailed Omega in the back with his knee.

All-Man grabbed the champion and tried to whip him into the ring post but Omega reversed it and sent the challenger into the ring. Omega walked over to Ryan and drove some vicious right hands into the side of his head. The champion picked up Ryan and rolled him into the ring half way. He made sure that the challenger’s head was hanging over the apron as he looked out into the crowd. Omega slowly walked back as he measured the challenger. The boogeyman raced across the ring and nailed Jeremy with a huge boot to the head that almost knocked Ryan’s head clear across the arena.


Omega let out a huge yell as he grabbed Ryan from the floor and quickly drove him into the guardrail with a big power bomb. The crowd looked on in shock as some of the fans once again started to chant for the violence of their Underground champion.







The big man cracked a slight smile as he looked at the camera. “We will give these blood thirsty infidels what they so crave.”

Omega reached down and grabbed the baseball bat from the floor. He took a swing and nailed Ryan in the back. The champion dropped the bat and grabbed Ryan from behind.


Omega smiled as he sat up. He turned slowly to look at the fallen All-Man. The boogeyman grabbed Ryan and rolled him into the ring. Omega was not done as he walked over to the steel steps and ripped them from the ring. He picked up the steps with his incomparable strength and threw them into the ring. The champion rolled into the ring and set the steps in the middle of the ring. He looked at Ryan before grabbing the challenger by the hair. He picked Ryan up and drove him into the steel steps with a vicious power bomb that sent shivers throughout the arena. The champion dropped down and went for the cover on Ryan.




The Underground champion smirked as he piled up another victory and continued this massive roll he is on. He now has to deal with a man that could possibly be his mirror image in Derecho. When these two men meeting you can expect chaos and mayhem.

Winner: Omega via Pinfall

"How Many Licks Does it Take to Die?"

In the backstage area, we see Jon Le Bon being tended to by training staff.

"Well, I see nothing is broken.. you'll probably have some bruising, but I think you'll be fine in a couple of days" said the head trainer.

Le Bon layed there on the examination table and reached over, grabbing the trainer by the hand, cupping it with his own.

"Just give it to me straight, doc. How much longer do I have to live?" asked Le Bon

"How old are you?" asked the trainer.

"I'm 22 years young!" said Le Bon with a beaming glow on his face.

"No.. I wasn't asking about your age.. I was actually inferring that you're acting like a child. The question was rhetorical.. but if you want an answer.. I'd say at least about 60-70 years. Now, is there anything else you need? A lolipop? Some ice cream?" asked the trainer sarcastically.

"Well, as a certified, bonafide Scoopologist, I'd have to examine the ice cream on 47 points of inspection to ensure that it is of premium premium nature and that any toppings placed on it are care for preciously.. and right now, that seems like too much work.. but if I were to choose the lolipop, then I'd be confronted with many problems. Flavor? Size? Does it have a Tootsie center? Shape? Do I want a round sucker or do I want one that looks like a knob.. and if I get the one that looks like a knob, will I be seen as gay because it's a euphamism for homosexuality? I can't afford that.. I have a girlfriend who hates Androids and I need to show her how incredibly masculine I am.. plus.. I'm a Rockstar and it would destroy my image.. none of the albums I have yet to create will sell. I'll be the laughing stock of the entire industy and will never get to play in Radio City Music Hall. On the other hand, to suckle on the teat of a sweet sugary snack is a bit alluring. I can almost imagine doing it on a sunny day while frolicking through the meadows amongst the flowers..." rambled Le Bon.

All of a sudden, Le Bon's face became very pale.

"But among the flowers are BEES... Thosands upon thousands of BEES and they're mad because they think I'm here to steal their pollen! NO MR. BEE, NO!! I'M INNOCENT! I'M JUST ENJOYING THE SWEET EMBRACE OF EUPHORIC LOLIPOP SUCKING! YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS NEED TO LEAVE ME ALONE!! Then I run away from the bees and trip on a gopher hole and fall down a cliff into a ravine and the lolipop becomes lodged in my throat! I'M CHOKING AND DROWNING AND GETTING STUNG... AT THE SAME DAMN TIME! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

The trainer just stood there, wide-eyed and mouth agape as Le Bon sat up in a cold sweat. Le Bon leaned over and grabbed the trainer by the shirt.


Le Bon hopped off the table and ran out of the training room, yelling.. he words got fainter the further he ran away..

"NO ONE IS GOING TO MURder me with a lolipop.. I'm too beautiful to go out that way......"

The trainer just stood there as the scene faded to black.

Heirs of Wrestling vs Crimson Order vs The Faction

Camera 22 offered a casual pan from the southwestern corner of the Arena of Champions when its vast interior was quickly immersed in darkness for several moments. Three letters started to flash across each jOltVision screens…


"With Me Now" by Blacklite District

jOlt’s notorious Clown Princes of Tag Team Royalty summoned a rousing pop from the masses as their backs remained turned toward them. Each bearing a sparkling Lavender Jacket with ”HOW” embroidered in Gold with each man thrusting both fists toward the heavens...

Got no time for my game, I put it on the shelf
And this money and fame ain't gonna earn itself
I'm not wasting my time, you better recognize
The flame, the hustle, the pain, the redness in my eyes
When the pressure comes down you throw the towel in
But for me and my crew, that's where the work begins
At the end of the day we like to cut it loose
By the end of the night we're making bodies move
We're waiting, we're waiting, we're waiting

When the chorus kicked in..
I'm ready for the...

The angry explosion of pyrotechnics to their immediate flanks led the trinity to spin about and proudly basked in the adulation before a ongoing cascade of descending sparks. Brazen. Sophomoric. Loveable Irritants. Habitual Line Steppers. Heavily decorated including 2 time former jOlt Tag Team Champions of the World. The arena lighting returned, allowing the unruly band of brothers to overtly play to the masses while highlighting their greatness...

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen, the following contest is set under FREEBIRD RULES!!!; Introducing First, making their way to the ring, at a combined weight of 765 pounds, they are the team of ’The Sovereign Superman’ FRANK SILVER... ’The Prince of Precision’ RYAN GALLWAY & ’The Bronze Bombshell’ MACK BRODY!!!HERE ARE THE HEIRS!! OF!!! WRESTLING!!!!” Mack Brody proudly siphoned on more of the crowd energy as both Silver & Gallway side hopped around their respective sides of the ring before removing their jackets. Frank leapt atop the ring apron, held onto the top rope to join Ryan inaudibly yelling back at the fans before all 3 were seen assuming command of their respective turnbuckles. Brody was seen flexing as Frank & Ryan were nodding & pointing back at the people as their musical introduction gradually waned on cue...


The gathered legions responded favorably to the angry ascension of music that accompanied the adamant flashing of strobe lighting overhead before being briefly submerged back the darkness...

‘Thought Crimes’ - Extended Version by Cliff Lin

An ongoing overcast of billowing smoke would overwhelm the entire staging area when a quartet of familiar shadows continue their ascent. Knuckles gnarled, the former jOlt Champion stood at the far left flank of his brethren with the elder statesmen stood at the far right...

Carrington: “...Making their way toward the ring and accompanied by Shoji, their manager, Mamoru...Representing the INOGAMI CLAN; Hailing from the Island of Japan...Weighting in at a total combined weight of 800 pounds...the ’Blood Raven’ EIJI!! KUGASARI!!! and the team of HEIDO & TAKESHI They are THE CRIMSON!! ORDER!!!

The Kansai Crippler smoothed out the rim of his Onyx Coolie Hat with his right hand before leading the enigmatic cadre of clan officers onward. The foreboding Kendo Mask drew the attention of the Heirs of Wrestling. Eiji would intently scan the crowd before locking eyes with Ryan Gallway. The approaching party would stand before the ring apron, where the entire party halted their advancement. Shoji sternly set his focus onto Frank Silver as Takeshi casually peeled off his mask before casting it onto the floor. Heido slowly extended his arm out before his mute comrade kept the titan at bay as the masses openly rallied for war as the musical introduction to intentionally wane out of earshot. Mamoru barked orders in their native tongue to lead the ninjas around the nearest ring post. Both Takeshi & Heido began their walk up the opposing ring steps as Eiji pulled himself onto the ring apron before passing through the ropes. The clan radiated a no nonsensical attitude as the Heirs continued inaudibly speaking competitively toward their notorious rivals...


The fans in attendance erupted in jeers as “Believers” by Mayday played out over the surrounding speakers. The Faction along with jOlt champion Landon Stevens emerged at the top of the entrance way. Stevens stepped in front of the twins and raised the jOlt championship high in the air.

“YOU’RE A CHUMP…. YOU’RE A CHUMP… YOU’RE A CHUMP…” The crowd chanted as the reigning jOlt champion lowered the belt while shaking his head.

The Faction made their way towards the ring teasing fan contact before stepping away and laughing. The trio stopped dead in their tracks as they reached the bottom of the ramp. Once again Stevens raised the championship high in the air with an evil grin from ear to ear.

“PUSSY…. PUSSY…. PUSSY….” The crowd once again showed their distaste for the company’s champion as they echoed the once famous insult from The West Indian Obsidian.

Stevens smiled once again before he and the twins entered the ring. The music faded out to a chanting crowd.

“Landon Sucks…. Landon Sucks…. Landon Sucks…. Landon Sucks….”

The official for the contest checked out all three members of The Faction before Eli and Stevens exited the ring. Landon moved down to the floor while Eli stayed up on the apron. Ezra started warming up before the bell sounded.

Each team chose who would start the contest as the bell sounded. The three wasted little time as they moved to the center of the ring and Ryan throws the first punch on Ezra. Ezra returns with a shot of his own before connecting with a forearm to Heido. Both Ryan and Heido turn back and connect with a punches on Ezra before whipping him into the ropes they proceed to slam Ezra to the canvas with a double hip toss on the bounced back. Ezra wrenched in pain and held his back as he tried to move to his feet. Ryan and Heido turn their attention to each other as the two exchange punches.

Right by Gallway… Right by Heido… Left by Gallway… Right by Heido.

Heido connects with several straight shots before laying Gallway out with an uppercut. Ezra moved back to his feet and Heido went for a clothesline only to have Ezra slip under and bounce off the ropes connecting with a dropkick to the much bigger foe. Heido staggered back into the corner of The Faction. Ezra moved in and connected with a hard forearm before tagging in Eli. Eli and Ezra begin to assault their adversary as they connect with several hard shots to the body of Heido. Gallway moved back to his feet and pushed Ezra through the ropes forcing him to the ring floor.

The jOlt champion counseled Ezra and helped him back to his feet. Back in the ring Gallway pulled Eli off of Heido and the two began to exchange blows back and forth until Gallway connected with a kick to the midsection and dropped The Faction member to the canvas with a ddt. Gallway went for a quick cover.



Heido made the quick save by pushing Ryan off the downed Eli. Heido picked up the dazed Terrorist and whipped him into the corner. Takeshi stood there in waiting.


Heido ran and leaped in the air as he connected with a splash on Eli in the corner. Heido tagged in Takeshi. Eiji cheering them on from the ring floor slapping the canvas as Takeshi entered through the ropes. Takeshi came in and connected with a hard knee to the midsection. The Silent Nightmare grabbed Eli by the hair and pulled him away from the corner. Gallway moved to his feet and tagged in Frank Silver. Silver came in on a rampage as he attacked Takeshi with a flying forearm, Takeshi rolled to his feet staggering and Silver connected with another forearm slamming Takeshi to the canvas. Eli rolled out of the ring as the fresher Ezra entered. Ezra came up from behind Frank and sent him into the ropes. Ezra whipped Silver into the opposing ropes before he connected with a clothesline. Ezra grabbed Silver by the hair and pulled him to his feet before locking him into a front headlock. Ezra flipped Silvers arm up over his head before grabbing his tights and hoisting him up into the air.


The Terrorist slammed Silvers to the canvas and hooked the leg.



Takeshi made the save by kicking Ezra in the back of his head. Takeshi grabbed both men up to their feet and forced them into the corner. Heido stood their patiently waiting as Takeshi tagged him in. They both punished their opponents with hard shots to the head and body, rights and lefts with educated fury. The official started counting and forced Takeshi out of the ring, but Heido quickly tagged him back in. Once again the duo unleashed a fury of shots on their opponents before the official got in the way. Heido exited the ring and onto the apron.

The crowd cheered as The Crimson Order took control of the contest. They echoed in chants.

(insert order chants here) Takeshi grabbed Silver up off the canvas and whipped him into the corner of The Faction with a force that shook the ring. The order member then rushed to the corner and connected with a hard clothesline. Takeshi then elbowed Eli before connecting with several midsection shots on Silver. Takeshi was about to set up a finishing touch on Silver when Eli returned fire. He entered the ring connecting with several forearms to the back of Takeshi’s head. Silver managed to slip out of the corner. The official jumped in and broke it up as Takeshi fell to the canvas. The official stepped in Eli’s way. The fans in the arena showed their distaste for Eli and The Faction as he exited the ring onto the ring apron.


Ezra began to move back to his feet over in the corner of Heido and Takeshi. Silver inched closer for the tag to Gallway but Takeshi grabbed his leg pulling him back to the center of the ring. Ezra came up and kicked Takeshi in the back and Silver made a run for it tagging in Gallway. Gallway entered the ring and immediately sent Ezra to the canvas with a dropkick. Takeshi moved to his feet and Gallway tried to take him down but was met with a hip toss. Ezra pulled himself back to his feet. Takeshi picked Gallway up off the canvas.


Takeshi slammed Ryan Gallway to the canvas with an overhead press slam. The Order member quickly went for the cover.




Ezra came up from behind with an ax handle to the back of Takeshi. Ezra Moved back to his feet and pulled the big man to his feet. Ezra connected with several forearms before whipping him into the corner. Ezra climbed up to the second rope and began connecting with shots. The fans, even though they hated The Faction, counted along with the ref.

One…. Two…. Three….

Four…. Five…. Six….

Seven… Eight…. Nine….


Ezra leaped back off the second rope and Takeshi staggered forward before falling to the mat. Gallway made the tag to Silver. Silver darted into the ring and clobbered Ezra from behind and forced him into the ropes. Silver connected with a clothesline that sent Ezra and himself over the ropes and to the outside. Silver was the first to his feet and he grabbed Ezra by his hair and pulled him up. Silver whipped Ezra into the ring apron before rolling him back into the ring. Eli leaped off the ring apron and attacked Silver from behind. Eli slammed Silver into the ring post. Both Ryan and Mack made their way over to check on their fellow Heirs member. Eli attacked Gallway before being mauled by Brody. The crowd began to cheer for the assault on Eli. The jOlt champion Landon Stevens handed his championship to the time keeper and made his way over to the brawl. The fans began to chant.



The fans chants began to fade out as Stevens forced Brody off of Eli. Ezra rolled out of the ring. The Faction and The Heirs had a standoff on the outside of the ring. The two teams started to exchange words of trash talk.

“You three want to talk all the shit in the world on Twitter, come on. I’ll knock all your fucking teeth down your throats.” Stevens bellowed over the sound of the crowd.

”Fight…. Fight…. Fight…. Fight….”

The two teams stepped in closer together and continued their verbal assault when out of nowhere; Eiji Kugsari leaped through the ropes and sent everyone into the barricades. The team of Takeshi and Heido made their way over to the action and began to pick up the members of The Faction. All three teams began to brawl on the outside of the ring. Landon Stevens tried to get away. His plans were spoiled as former jOlt champion Eiji Kugsari came up from behind and turned him around. Stevens connected with a hard right hand and Kugsari staggered back before returning with a shot of his own.

Right from Stevens

Left from Kugsari

Right from Kugsari


Eli and Ezra made their way over to Eiji and Landon and tried to pull Landon away but The Heirs and The Crimson Order stopped them dead in their tracks as once again all three teams fell out into a brawl. Takeshi and Heido slammed Ezra hard into the ring steps as The Heirs assaulted Eli and Eiji continued his assault on Landon.

The official for the contest signaled for the bell calling the match.

No Contest

The brawl continued as the fans were heard chanting as finally Landon and The Faction were getting what has been coming their way.


A group of officials ran to ringside to try and break the brawl up but were pushed aside. Stevens tried to make it a fight as he connected with a fury of kicks on Kugsari only to be slammed into the ring apron by Takeshi and Heido. Finally as the teams began to separate the officials were able to break it up.

What does this mean for the tag team championships? Who are the number one contenders? These questions and many more have the fans in attendance at the edge of their seats as we head into Breakdown.

Winner: No Contest


“So … whatta we do now?”

BIG Little Italy was the first to say what everyone was thinking. reVolt, Total Conquest, and Bane Loneheart all sat inside one of the Arena of Champions many talent locker rooms waiting for Mike Extreme and contemplated the fact that Reno Davis was also not there with them. That he was hospitalized and would not be cleared by Breakdown. And that they were now entering into a match with The Rebellion with a distinct disadvantage, being down not only one man but the man that put the heart into the group. Reno Davis was a rare commodity in that he inspires those around him. So, indeed, now what do they do?

“I dinnae know,” Bane Loneheart responded, “I ‘spose we find a replacement?”

“But who?,” questioned Persephone. “Let us be honest here. None of us are very well liked except for the midget and who would side with that … thing thinking they could possibly win?”

“Lady, I’m gonna tell ya straight.” BIG Little Italy hopped off his folding chair and strutted right up to sole female jOlt Original. “If it weren’t fer the short skirt and the fantastic view from down heyah, I wouldn’t care youse was a lady … I’d knock the friggen taste outta yer mouth. Howevah, since yer a hot little broad and I like the … assets ya bring to tha table I’m gonna let that slide … but don’cha ever call me a midget again. It ain’t nice.”

“Apologies,” Persephone said, “But if I catch you looking up my skirt again I assure you that I will pluck your eyes from their sockets and force-feed them to you, you little …”

“Cretin,” Sepiroth Du Luc chimed in with his signature sound bite.

The remaining members of this shaky alliance were visibly frustrated. Sanchez Cano had a switchblade in his hand, carving “Cordova sucks!” into the wooden bench he was seated atop of. His tag team partner in reVolt, Mattock, was angrily pacing the locker room. Whether or not he was stewing over his own more successful brother was anyone’s guess. Meanwhile, Bane was completely losing his mind.


“What the -- halfling?! I ain’t a hobbit, ya condescending Scottish asshole! I’ll have you know that I hold more championships than any of you bastards!?

“Midget wrestling doesn’t count,” Cano offered up.

“All a youse are really pissin me off now.”

Just as the mini powder keg was about to explode the door opened and in walked Mike Extreme. The entire room fell silent and all eyes were fixed on the former Tag Team and X-Treme Champion.

“Well?!” Persephone said with an evil glare and a knee-high work boot tamping on the locker room floor.

“He’s out,” Mike replied, instantly taking the wind out of everyone’s sails. “Docs said Reno won’t be ready by Breakdown and they’re not budging on pushing the match back until he can go. They also aren’t about to let him wrestle if he signs a waiver. As a matter of fact, they informed me that is completely against company policy these days. I let Reno know but we’re stuck. We need a replacement.”

“That is exactly what I’ve been bloody saying!”

“Bane,” Mattock interrupted, “everyone has been saying that. None of us are of the mindset that going in seven against eight is a good idea. What of your other former partners? Can we get Grendel or Jason Rau?”

“Yeah,” Mike Extreme said with an undertone of disappointment, “Grendel would most likely attempt to murder any one of us that even approached him. Rau, on the other hand …”

“Ousted me from The Backbone and signaled the downfall of the entire group! Ya cannae be serious contemplating bringing that poison back into our ranks!”

“Sound point,” said Persephone.

Extreme turned to Du Luc who offered his insight.


“Then we need to find a viable option,” Extreme said while combing through his duffle bag. “I sent Violet out to try and find someone we can trust on the roster … not something that’s easy to accomplish these days. I also sent Misty to work her magic on some of the boys, maybe we can coax one of them into stepping up.”

Suddenly, Mike Extreme’s duffle bag lit up and vibrated inside his locker. He snatched up his cell phone and a huge smile overtook his face. He turned to his allies and presented his phone’s screen. Upon seeing it each one of their faces also lit up. Whatever that screen said was enough to instantly turn the morale of the entire group around.

“Gotta love Reno,” Extreme said, “The kid found us one hell of a replacement. The Rebellion’s not going to know what hit them.”

Derecho vs Ninja K

It was all the way back at All or Nothing 2012 when Derecho defended his Underground Championship successfully against a man who is considered to be one of his greatest rivals of all time in Ninja K. It was a match that was ten years in the making and was supposed to close the chapter on their feud, but as we know in wrestling, a page will always turn, the pen will always write, and a new chapter will always begin. So is the case tonight as Mack Brody picked Ninja K's poison.. and that was an Underground Rules match against his arch nemesis Derecho. It was a PPV-level main event here on iNtense that the crowd was anticipating all night long.

The Arena of Champions opened with a warm response as Cameras 21 thru 25 offered a number of panning views throughout its interior before centering its focus toward the ringside area. The legions cheered as the creeping darkness flooded the arena’s interior. Numerous sources of incandescent lighting peppered the blackened landscape amidst the lingering moments...

’Vicarious’ by Tool

A literal madhouse ushered forth the billowing strobe lit overcast, belching forth from Exit 50H. The acoustic summit was breeched by the angry amplification of the entrance theme as the Athletic Freak of Nature was seen standing. Knuckles gnarling before rolling each wrist, the Inogami Clan leader casually scanned the horizon, nodded slowly to himself before beginning his descent down the elongated stairwell. Cheering patrons were seen patting the ninja’s shoulders and arms as the former Underground Champion swept the hair from his partially masked visage during his march onward...

Carrington: “Introducing First; Representing the INOGAMI CLAN...He hails from the Kansai Prefecture of Osaka, Japan...Weighting in at 245 pounds...KENSHIRO! INOGAMI!!

The clan patriarch had cleared the barricades and looked out into the stands briefly before walking up the ring steps, along the ring apron before silently basking in the audible ambiance. Swathed in the hues of predominant Pearl, Onyx & Crimson, Kenshiro popped the bones in his neck before passing through the ropes and casually pacing along the ring’s interior. The ninja subtly nodded to himself before he assumed the position of seiza in his assigned corner. The musical introduction gradually diminished, allotting the masses to audibly radiate anticipation for the arrival of the mystery opponent.

The arena soon became immersed with the returning darkness before a rhythmic cadence of pulsating bass & strobe lighting from overhead further heightened the amassed anticipation. Kenshiro’s silhouette was outlined by the dancing arena lighting before Camera 5 centered its focus toward the entire entrance staging area. The rhythmic bass laden sequence evaporated, leaving the lights to continue to dance over the cheering crowd before succumbing back into the dark for several moments...

’King of Hell’ by Helstar

The masses were heard in a unanimous roar as the jOltvision screens unloaded their edited bounty of hellish impressions & an equally malevolent collage of innovative technical mastery. Numerous championship accolades. The streaming list of the conquered led to a single flame gradually burning itself into a vast circle. Dressed in an Sackcloth hued Trenchcoat, the proverbial ’King of Hell’ slowly made his ascent from the depths of the entrance staging area...

Carrington: “....AND HIS OPPONENT; From Stuart, Florida....Weighting in at 237 pounds...DERECHO!!! The pulsating Crimson lighting flashed from overhead with the former jOlt Champion casually rubbing his thumbs against each index & middle fingers. The Midnight Assassin was caught casting a stoic glare toward his most notoriously longstanding rival before retraining the focus back on Derecho. Adorning his Black Crown Skull Mask, the well traveled stalwart refused to relent with his focus onto his opponent. The arena lighting returned to normal yet the legions continued to fan the flames in hindsight. Derecho began making his way down toward the ringside area, halting his march briefly at the end of the ramp. The musical interlude would fall to the wayside, allotting the masses to mark out freely. A slow walk up the ring steps and along the ring apron led to Kenshiro slowly standing himself erect.

Neither man moved for several moments until Derecho slowly removed the skull crowd, seated atop the nearest turnbuckle post before casually peeling off his trenchcoat. Referee Simon Boulder set himself a few paces in front of Kenshiro as Derecho eventually passed through the ropes. Standing in the opposing corner, the Florida native rolled his neck and quietly shifted his jaw as the ninja clan leader stood brazen in his. It was all the way back at All or Nothing 2012 when Derecho defended his Underground Championship successfully against a man who is considered to be one of his greatest rivals of all time in Kenshiro. It was a match that was ten years in the making and was supposed to close the chapter on their feud, but as we know in wrestling, a page will always turn, the pen will always write, and a new chapter will always begin. So is the case tonight as Mack Brody picked Ninja K's poison.. and that was an Underground Rules match against his arch nemesis Derecho. It was a PPV-level main event here on iNtense that the crowd was anticipating all night long.

Streamers would clutter a brilliant cascade of clan colored streamers littered the ring as a traditional display of respect, leaving referee Simon Boulder to lead the cleaning detail as both rivals girded themselves for war. With their respective cadre of opposition watching, both X Wrestling alum slowly looked out to each flank before Simon Boulder readily called for the opening bell...




The two continued to stare at each other. The crowd had already begun a "This is awesome" chant before they had even touched each other. Derecho continued to stare, wanting Ninja K to make the first move, but Kenshiro stood his ground. Derecho began to become impatient and started to taunt Ninja K.

"Come on! HIT ME!", yelled Derecho.

Ninja K stood there, disciplined, not giving in to Derecho's barking orders. This enraged Derecho even further, but Ninja K knew that it would. He's dealt with him so many times before it was almost as if he were reading a book on Derecho and knew what was going to happen next. Sure enough, the pressure got to Derecho and he shoved Ninja K back, but Ninja K did not retaliate. This angered Derecho even further and it caused him to become a bit irrational.

Derecho charged in with a lariat, but Ninja K ducked it and took off to the ropes! Ninja K bounced off the opposite end and Derecho swung with another clothesline, but again, Ninja K ducked. Ninja K then leapt to the middle rope, looking for a Springboard Roundhouse Kick, but Derecho sensed it was coming and ran forward after Ninja K had passed him. Ninja K landed on his feet, but stumbled to keep his balance. This allowed Derecho to turn and face Ninja K and lunge in with a Super Kick, but Ninja K grabbed Derecho by the leg and went for a Spinning Heel Kick, but Derecho ducked it and then flipped Ninja K onto his back!

Derecho backed off as Ninja K quickly kipped up to his feet and the two stared down. Derecho grinned as he was possibly luring NInja K in by being predictable, but we wouldn't really know that for sure just yet.

The two of them circled each other and locked up with a collar and elbow tie up. Derecho applied the side head lock as Ninja K backed him into the ropes. Ninja K shot Derecho across to the opposite side, but Derecho came back and hit a shoulder block. Derecho took off to the ropes, but Ninja K maneuvered into position and took Derecho down with a Drop Toe Hold! Ninja K stood and leapt over Derecho, looking for the grounded side head lock, but Derecho crawled backwards, making Ninja K miss!

Derecho stood and grabbed Ninja K, pulling him up into a waist lock. Ninja K went for a pair of back elbows, but Derecho moved his head each time, causing NInja K to miss. Derecho with the German Suplex attempt, but Ninja K landed on his feet. Ninja K backed into the ropes for momentum and charged at Derecho, but Derecho countered with an arm drag, but Ninja K showed tremendous athleticism to twist in mid air so he landed on his feet!!

Ninja K immediately took off to the ropes as he leapt to the middle rope, looking for the springboard roundhouse once again, but Derecho leapt into the air and knocked Ninja K out with a standing drop kick! Ninja K rolled to the floor as Derecho built momentum and flew through the ropes with a Suicide Dive, but Ninja K leapt up to the apron, grabbing the bottom rope and using it to kick Derecho in the head as he passed through!! Ninja K quickly hopped off the apron and gained some distance. He ran along floor and hit a Spinning Heel Kick that smacked the side of Derecho's head as he was hanging between the bottom and middle ropes!!

Ninja K decided to be the first person to strike with a weapon in this Underground Rules match as he lifted up the ring apron and pulled out a strand of barbed wire! Ninja K then began to wrap the wire around his boot as Derecho began to regain his composure. Ninja K finished wrapping the wire and then opened up with a left punch.. a right punch.. then a discus palm strike to Derecho's forehead. Ninja K then gained some momentum and attempted the spinning heel kick with his boot wrapped in barbed wire, but Derecho escaped back into the ring and NInja K ended up slamming his leg into the ring apron instead!!!

As Ninja K hobbled up to his feet, Derecho tried for the suicide dive once again and this time it found its mark as he plowed into Ninja K and the two of them slammed into the barricades!! Derecho got back up to his feet and lifted the ring apron. He pulled out something a little more sinister.. his best friend in the entire world.. only upgraded... a steel chair wrapped in barbed wire. Whatever Ninja K can do.. Derecho can do better.. at least that was Derecho's mindset as he readied the chair to strike Ninja K

Kenshiro got to his feet and Derecho took a swing, but Ninja K went for another spinning heel kick and kicked the chair.. the only problem is, the wire interwined and when Ninja K fell, the chair became attached to his boot and was ripped out of Derecho's hands! Derecho looked a bit surprised by it, but he had to react quickly as Ninja K quickly got back to his feet. Using the chair as a planting surface, Ninja K planted his foot that was attached to the chair on the ground and spun around, hitting a back thrust kick into Derecho's stomach, doubling him over. Ninja K then hit a Backflip, bringing the barbed wire wrapped chair right into Derecho's face!!!


Derecho was immediately busted open on the forehead from the sickening smack. The only good thing that came out of it was the chair dislodged itself from Ninja K's boot. Ninja K grabbed Derecho and brought him around ringside where he bounced Derecho's bloodied head into the announce table. Derecho staggered away as Ninja K began to dismantle the announce position.

Derecho was down on one knee, trying to shake the cobwebs out when Ninja K walked over and grabbed Derecho, but Derecho quickly turned and shoved Ninja K forward, ramming him back first into the edge of the announce table!! Ninja K fell to his knees in pain and Derecho lunged in, connecting with a Shining Wizard! Derecho then grabbed Ninja K up off the floor, throwing him shoulder first into the steel ring steps. Ninja K sat there, propped against the steps, wincing in pain. Derecho then charged in, looking to cave Ninja K's skull in with a running knee, but Kenshiro moved and Derecho's knee struck the steps, sending him head first over them and down to the floor!

Derecho clutched his knee as he laid on the ground. Ninja k then got a running start, leaping onto the steps and then into the air. He came crashing down on top of Derecho's chest with a double stomp, but that left foot was still wrapped in barbed wire and the barbs pierced Derecho's skin!!!

"OOOOHHHHH!!!!" groaned the crowd.

Ninja K stood and grabbed Derecho, bringing him over to the announce position. Ninja K laid Derecho out on the announce table and headed to the apron. Ninja K slid the barbed wire off his boot as quickly as possible and then climbed up to the top turnbuckle pad. Ninja K took aim and flipped off...




Derecho moved out of the way as Ninja K took too much time getting up top! Ninja K had to remove the wire otherwise it could have gotten stuck in the cotton padding of the turnbuckle and he wouldn't have been able to go air born! That small hesitation.. that unqiue weapon that gave him the adavantage, all lead to a crucial turning point in this match!

Derecho got back to his feet by grabbing onto the ring skirt, pulling himself up. Derecho looked back at Ninja K and grinned as a sinister idea came across his face. Derecho then grabbed one of the monitors from the announce table and unhooked it from the cables. He dropped it right on the floor and then grabbed Ninja K, pulling him out of the rubble of what once was the announce table. Derecho stood directly over the monitor and shoved Ninja K between his legs. He then lifted Ninja K up and...


That was it... Ninja K had to be out from that. Derecho laughed maniacally to himself as he staggered back up to his feet.

"I AM KING" he yelled out to the audience who booed in return. Derecho bent over and pulled Ninja K back up. He then threw him into the ring and then climbed in after him. Derecho made the cover as quickly as possible..



Thre... NO!!

Ninja K popped the shoulder up and the crowd went nuts. A crazed look came over Derecho's face as he stood and pulled Ninja K to his feet. Derecho whipped Ninja K into the corner and charged in after him, hitting a corner clothesline that caused Ninja K to drop to a seated position. Derecho then took off to the ropes, coming back with a knee strike upside Ninja K's head! Derecho then dragged Ninja K to the center of the ring and went back to the corner where he ascended the turnbuckle pads.

Feeling he had Ninja K where he wanted him, he took a moment to survey his prey before he leapt off...



Ninja K rolled out of the way and Derecho rolled on the ground, holding his stomach in pain. Ninja K then used the ropes to pull himself back up to a vertical base. He waited for Derecho to get back up and he lunged in with a kick to the stomach. Ninja K then hit a stomp to the back of Derecho's knee, bringing him down to a knelt position. Ninja K then hauled off and kicked Derecho right in the head! Derecho flopped forward and fell face first into the canvas. Ninja K then rolled him over and made the cover...




Derecho kicked out and the people booed

Ninja K rolled back out of the ring and grabbed a pair of steel chairs, tossing them into the ring. Ninja K then gingerly hopped back up onto the ring apron and stepped in between the ropes. Ninja K bent over and picked up a chair off the canvas and waited for Derecho to get back to his feet. Ninja K went to jam the chair into Derecho's mid-section, but Derecho surprised Ninja K and grabbed the chair! A tug-o-war for the chair ensued, but Derecho ended up letting of the chair only to kick it out of Ninja K's hands, sending it across to the other side of the ring! Derecho then swung with a clothesline, but Ninja K ducked.

The two turned to face each other and Ninja K met Derecho with a toe kick. He sent Derecho toward the corner, but Derecho reversed it, sending Ninja K into the corner instead. Ninja K, leapt to the middle turnbuckle and backflipped over Derecho. Ninja K then grabbed Derecho in a waist lock and rammed him chest first into the corner. Ninja K then hoisted Derecho up to the top turnbuckle and sat him there with his back to the ring. Ninja K climbed up to the middle turnbuckle and hit a few headbutts to the back of Derecho's skull.

Ninja K then hooked Derecho a waist lock, but he also hooked his own legs under the middle ropes and popped his hips...


Ninja K just German Suplexed Derecho off the top turnbuckle pads!! Derecho flipped over completely and landed on his stomach near the middle of the ring!! Ninja K was still hooked under the middle ropes, but he sat up and managed to climb to the very top! Ninja K then twisted off with a Phoenix Splash and it connected on top of Derecho!!! Ninja K had the cover...



Thr.. NO!!

Derecho kicked out and the crowd booed as they thought Ninja K had it right there. Derecho held his stomach in pain as Ninja K got back to his feet. Derecho slowly staggered back up as Ninja K was stalking him while staying behind him. Ninja K then quickly hooked Derecho in the Full Nelson, looking for the Japanese Skull Splitter, but when he went to lift Derecho, Derecho twisted and escaped! Derecho quickly placed Ninja K into a full nelson of his own and then took him over.. sadly, Ninja K landed in the most inopportune spot!


One of the two chairs was in perfect position and the back of Ninja K's head just met it with force. Derecho used this time to take a breather as the referee checked on both men, but was powerless to issue a ten count since this was Underground Rules. The crowd started another "This is awesome" chant in the process as Derecho and Ninja K slowly began to stir after several moments.

Derecho and Ninja K both got back up to their feet. Derecho fired a right hand, but it was blocked by Ninja K. Ninja K then had a surge of energy as he hit alternating palm strikes, driving Derecho back against the ropes. Ninja K then switched to rapid front kicks with the left leg before leaping up and hitting a spinning back kick with his right leg into Derecho's chest, but Derecho answered back with a European Uppercut, a forearm smash, a knife edge chop, another forearm smash and then a standing drop kick that put Ninja K onto his back!!

Derecho then grabbed one of the steel chairs and unfolded it, placing it down near Ninja K's head. Derecho then grabbed Ninja K and hoisted him up to his feet. He scooped Ninja K up onto his shoulder, looking for A Forever Reminder, but Ninja K slipped off the shoulder of Derecho and landed behind him. Ninja K then stepped on the unfolded chair, grabbed Derecho's head, looking for a bulldog, but Derecho threw Ninja K across the ring where he landed with a sickening thud!

Derecho quickly rushed over and pulled Ninja K back up. He hooked Ninja K for an Exploder Suplex, but Ninja K used elbow strikes to the side of the head to break out of it! He then grabbed Derecho and threw him into the corner where he hit alternating knee strikes that doubled Derecho over. Ninja K then leapt up to the middle rope and nailed a Springboard Knee Drop to the back of Derecho's head while he was hunched over, driving him face first into the canvas!!!!


Usually that chant is reserved for a hardcore spot, but seeing Derecho's head nearly get crushed by Ninja K's knee was a worthy spot for that chant!

Ninja K then signaled for the end as he walked over and grabbed the second steel chair. He unfolded it and placed the two seats togther so that the chairs were touching. He staggered over and grabbed Derecho, pulling him up to his feet, the wound on his head opened even more after that knee driven curb stomp. Ninja K brought Derecho over to the chairs and delivered a toe kick. He set Derecho up for a powerbomb, but Derecho countered with a back body drop, but Ninja K flipped over and landed on his feet on top of the unfolded chairs!!!

Using tremendous balance, Ninja K then backflipped off the chairs, hooking Derecho's head on the way over and..


The crowd hit their feet, giving these two a standing ovation!!! Ninja K rolled Derecho over onto his back and made the cover!!



Thr.. NO!!!

Derecho kicked out and the crowd couldn't believe it.. neither could Ninja K!

Kenshiro got back to his feet and pulled Derecho back to his. Ninja K then hoisted Derecho up onto his shoulders.. he charged forward toward the chairs, but Derecho slipped off of Ninja K's shoulders, landing behind him. Derecho spun Ninja K around and kicked him in the stomach. He hooked Ninja K in a front face lock and nailed a Vertical Suplex! Derecho held on.. .rolled over, and pulled Ninja K back to his feet along with him. he then took Ninja K over with a Snap Suplex! Derecho still held on, turned over, pulled Ninja K up, but instead of going for the Split Legged Gordbuster, Derecho lifted Ninja K for a suplex, twisted, and nailed the Kai variant...


Ninja K got hit with the Emerald Flowsion Kai and Derecho crawled into the cover, hooking the leg deep..



Thre.. NO!!!!


Derecho couldn't believe it.. the crowd was going insane for Ninja K!! Derecho staggered to his feet and yelled out "THAT'S IT".

He pulled Ninja K up and got behind him. He hooked him in the half nelson and then hooked the leg, but Ninja K used his free arm to punch Derecho in the head, breaking the hold for the Legends Get Forgotten. Ninja K turned and nailed a Leaping Enzugiri! Ninja K knew it was now or never.. He pulled Derecho up and placed him in a full nelson. Ninja K lifted him up, spun, and hooked the head on the way down...


Ninja K then made the cover...





Now it was Ninja K who couldn't believe it. Ninja K stood and made a slashing motion across his throat. Ninja K then grabbed Derecho and placed him a Pumphandle.. looking for that Falling Star Driver, but Derecho countered with a hip toss, but it took a lot of energy as Derecho staggered backwards and fell against the ropes.

Then, that's when it happened...


He came from the crowd and hopped up onto the ring apron! He decked Derecho from behind with a forearm and that was enough for Derecho to fall face first into the canvas!

Omega then came into the ring and bulldozed over Ninja K with a massive lariat that turned him inside out!! Omega then used his boot to shove Ninja K to the outside. Now Omega was in the ring alone with Derecho!

Omega grabbed Derecho and hoisted him up onto his shoulders in the inverted fireman's carry. Omega then walked over to where the chairs were set up and he spun Derecho off...


Omega got to his knees and then knelt down next to Derecho, petting Derecho's head as if he were a small child, laughing maniacally in the process.

The cameras focused in on a bloodied Derecho being cradled by Omega like a child. Omega still laughing sadistically as Derecho was out cold. Could this be the scene at Breakdown when Omega defends his Underground Championship against Derecho? This was driving question as the vision of Omega laughing over a fallen Derecho was the final, disturbing scene as iNtense went off the air.

Winner: No Contest