CUE UP: "Sawdust in the Blood" by Rob Zombie. Slow fade to the JOLT logo in the middle of the screen and no other movement as the music fades.

CUE UP: "American Witch" by Rob Zombie.


Citizen, standing at the arena entrance during Breakdown.

Ninja K and Mack Brody circling.

Diamond Jewelz handing off the leash to Ruby Rocks.

Amber Ryann kneeling on the mat, looking dejected as the fans cheered her.

Chris Titan's surprise appearance.

Derecho, dropping Omega through a pair of chairs with a spinebuster.

Damien Lee's turn as the referee in the Main Event.

The shocked look on Frank Gallway's face after the referee counts three.

Aran Thompson handing his Relentless Title to Damien Lee, only for Landon Stevens to roll him up for the pinfall.


"...The end, the end... of the American Witch..."

Fade out

"Welcome to iNtense"

Fade in from the Breakdown recap video package

The screen then illuminates with Aran Thompson raising his fist into the air

Throw up your Rawkfist
if you're feelin' it when I drop this!

Boom Boom!

The screen flashes white twice

"Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - Eiji Kugasari is seen hitting a Shooting Star Press off the top rope, followed by Mattock hitting a the Pheonix Cleave (Phoenix Splash where you dive your heel into the opponent's head). Omega stands tall with the Underground Championship raised high into the air! Derecho is seen hitting an Emerald Flowsion on Ninja K.


Jeremy Ryan is shown with a scowl on his face as he snubs all that isn't in the realm of normalcy, followed by a scene of The Rebellion standing tall in the middle of the ring. The screen flashes and shows Aran Thompson hitting the God Killer, followed by a few traditional poses from your favorite jOlt Superstars in succession including Waymoth Turbull, The Heirs of Wrestling, Hands of the Cause, and the Crimson Order


During the chorus we see some basic wrestling moves from people like Reno Davis, Mike Extreme, Bane Loneheart, BIG Little Italy, Dallas Griffin, and Sephiroth Du Luc all in rapid succession. The final scene is that of Landon Stevens posing with the jOlt World Championship!


The song cuts off abruptly as we are taken inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Red Pyro starts at the top of the jOltvision and takes off in both directions, left and right. The pyro travels around the perimeter of the jOltvision until it meets in the middle on the bottom side. When it meets, random pyro explosions happen on the main stage for a good ten seconds before a massive wall of pyro goes off on stage and another explosion of pyro from the entire perimeter of the jOltvision simultaneously.

"Rawkfist" starts up again as the camera pans around the sold out crowd, cheering!

"Future Announcements"

As soon as the pyro smoke cleared, the camera panned to the ring where Damien Lee was already standing with a microphone. There was a mixed reaction for Lee, but Lee had a smile on his face nevertheless. On, Lee teased two announcements for tonight. It looked as if we were about to find out exactly what those were.

"Ladies and Gentlemen.. welcome to Sunday Night iNtense!", said Lee.

The people cheered, but there were still some that booed Lee.

"First off.. I want to address the main event at Rise of the Legends.. our next big Pay-Per-View event. This event is about overcoming the odds and building a future for jOlt. One of those futures lies in our tag team divsion which has been as strong as it ever has been. I want to potentiate that division by putting it in the spotlight. Therefore, your main event of Rise of the Legends will not be the jOlt Championship... it will not be the Underground Championship. It will be the Tag Team Titles!" stated Lee

The people cheered at the thought of a different belt main eventing a Pay-Per-View.

"But, we can't simply have a tag team title match and call it a main event. We need something big. We need something over the top. Something that will grab people's attention. Something people have missed seeing for years, but to put a unique spin on it. So I came up with the perfect solution to all this."

Lee paused for dramatic effect as the people eagerly awaited what Lee had to say about the match.

"At Rise of the Legends... the newly crowned Tag Team Champions.. The Faction.. will be defending their titles inside of WAR GAMES!"

No boos this time.. the crowd was 100% behind that announcement with wild cheers.

"Two rings... side by side, encased in a steel cage with a twist. The cage ceilings will be raise to hell in a cell heights to accomodate teams who like to use double team moves. Over the next few weeks, we will unveil who will be in the War Games match and who will be challenging Eli and Ezra Conway for the Tag Team Cham....."

"Machine" by Downstait

Damien Lee couldn't finish that sentence. Sebastian Saje, Jackson Cross, and Machida Hood stepped out from the backstage area. A portion of The Rebellion made thier presence felt and the arena began to boo. Lee sighed as he knew what they were out here for. Lee still had another announcement to make and he didn't need this right now. The trio representing The Rebellion stepped into the ring. Sebastian Saje grabbed a microphone from ringside and brought it to his lips.

"I can tell by the look on your face that you already know why we are out here. I mean, the fact that I'm here with Cross the Hood following your announcement is making this painfully obvious so I'm not going to beat around the bush.. I'm just going to come right out and not ask.. but TELL you that Cross the Hood WILL represent The Rebellion in the War Games match." said Saje with confidence.

Lee let out another sigh.

"Look.. I have yet to decide which teams are going to be in this match. We just came off a big Pay-Per-View where for the second event in a row, we had new tag team champions. I want to evaluate this and come up with teams that make sense.. not just throw anyone in there." said Lee

Sebastian Saje merely laughed.

"That's clever. It really is. We all know that Landon Stevens is in your back pocket.. or is it the other way around? Remember... you signed us all to contracts. You got us off The Hype and yes, we are thankful for that. That's why we have our agreement. We help you deal with Aran Thompson and in exchange, you give us what we want.. otherwise, your life is going to become one big miserable ball of shit from here on out. So again.. I'm not asking you. I'm TELLING you... Cross the Hood will represent The Rebellion in War Games.. now.. just nod your head and agree and we'll get out of your hair... for now."

Lee knew what Saje said was true. There was a mutual agreement. The Rebellion did help him with Aran Thompson and because as such, Aran Thompson was no longer The Relentless Champion. Lee had no choice as he couldn't argue against that.

"Fine... Cross the Hood is officially the second team in War Games... there..are you happy now?" said Lee as if he said that with regret.

"Well... I'm not unhappy" replied Saje.

Saje was about to turn and leave when the crowd exploded!


Chris Titan hit the ring and immediately tackled Saje to the canvas! He began pounding away at him as Damien Lee leapt back to avoid contact. Cross the Hood pulled Titan off of Saje, but Titan decked Hood with a forearm, He turned and punched Cross. Saje got up, but Titan hit Saje with another forearm. Titan continued to bounce between each of the members of The Rebellion until Lee screamed into the microphone.


Titan did stop, but he backed into a corner as Cross the Hood and Saje still looked ready to go, but Lee stepped between them.

"JUST WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?" screamed Lee at Titan.

Titan stepped forward and grabbed the microphone right out of Lee's hands

"Can't you tell? I want Sebastian Saje.. and I want him TONIGHT!" said the former world champion.

Lee had had enough of this.

"You want Saje? FINE! You've got him..... at Rise of the Legends.. NOT tonight!" said Lee.

Saje looked unhappy now, but Lee put up his finger and grinned.

"Oh... wait.. I should mention this. You can only have Sebastian Saje at Rise of the Legends IF and ONLY IF.. you can defeat members of The Rebellion over the next four weeks... starting tonight when you go one on one with Nate Quartermaine."

The people booed Lee heavily as Titan had a look of disgust on his face, but Titan once again grabbed the microphone away from Lee.

"You know what? If that's how you want to play.. Fine. I ripped through The Rebellion one by one at Breakdown.. I'll do it all over again." said Titan.

The people cheered Titan as he exited the ring and stormed to the back! Titan vs Quartermaine was later tonight and Titan had to win if he wanted his shot at Saje at Rise of the Legends. Lee then turned his attention to The Rebellion.

"Unless you guys want anything else, I'll have to ask you to excuse me.. I have another announcement I need to make."

Saje threw his arms up in air and stepped out of the ring. Cross the Hood gave him a menacing glare before they stepped out as well. The three headed to the back as Lee cleared his throat and continued.

"Now that that business has been taken care of, the another announcement I have to make has to deal with The Relentless Championship."

As Lee said that a big "ARAN THOMPSON" chant broke out in the arena. Lee sneered at that, but remained professional and continued.

"As you saw at Breakdown.. Aran Thompson is no longer your Relentless Champion."

The people heavily booed that as Lee simply stood there with a smile on his face.

"However.. with the growing number of people on our roster, we need something for them to shoot for. We need a championship other than our two top titles for these fine athletes to strive for. So I am happy to announce that I have fully reinstated the Relentless Championship!"

People didn't cheer. The continued to boo and some even continued to chant Aran Thompson's name.

"Althought I reinstated it.. I refined the rules of the championship title. I know that there are fans out there who love the idea of the champion being able to cash in the title for a belt of their choice, but I don't want a belt that's going to be vacated often. So I wondered, what can I do to keep the namesake of the title. What is Relentless anyway? Then I decided... the champion will decide the stipulation for each and every one of their title defenses... but.. that's not all. If there is a contender's match for the title.. the champion reserves the right to name the stipulation for that match as well. It means whoever holds that belt can be as relentless as they want to be with their contenders. I think that rule set is very worthy of the Relentless name."

There was a mixed reaction to that as some people liked the idea, some people hated it.

"So starting tonight and concluding on our big 100th episode of iNtense in two weeks, we are going to have The Relentless Championship Tournament! I will leave the participants as a surprise so you too can experience the..."


The arena became unglued!!!

As "Onion!" by One Ok Rock began playing Aran Thompson walked out with a microphone in two and snarled demeanor. Damien Lee shook his head as the fans broke out in a "Mr. Relentless" chant Aran watched Damiens poor reaction toward the fans.

"Look! The former Relentless Champion everybody.. and he's here to interrupt my announcement because apparently, I can't get through one damn announcement in this place without somebody having to say something about it. So what do you want, Aran? Make it quick because I'm really getting sick of this as much as I am sick of you." Damien announced.

The crowd was not pleased with Damien's words at Aran Thompson and Aran wasn't pleased at all as he put his hand up and waited for the crowds heat to die down.

"I have to admit something." Aran began.

"You've got some brass ones. I mean, you know that I know and yet you still tried to screw me over. You and Landon finally managed to take everything away from me..." Aran paused for a moment.

"Well...almost everything." He quickly continued before Damien could chim in.

"You see, I've got a victory over the World Champion and that little itty bitty teeny weenie secret of yours." Aran said mockingly as the fans began a "Tell The Secret" chant.

"I've got leverage over you too so you'll either put me in that tournament so I can claim MY namesake OR I blab, right here....right now."

The fans "Tell The Secret" chant grew louder with each passing second and Damien looked around demanding that the fans stop chanting.

"NO!" Damien bellowed through his microphone causing a moment of silence throughout the Arena of Champions.

"Every time you win a championship you make my life hell. You make the locker room hell, and you make the lives of everyone single person in the Arena of Champions hell! You are an egomaniacal prick hell bent on creating chaos just because you think you can!" Damien screamed as the camera panned over to Aran who now had a sly smile on his face.

"Who me?" Aran asked playfully.

"YES YOU! When I brought you in here the terms of your contract were that your wife keep you on a controlled leash! Her father did it, so I just assumed your wife could too! Aran you are the epitome of chaos! Everything bad that has happened in the last year can some how be linked to you! And the biggest problem is!...." Damien trailed off as he looked around the arena.


Aran could be seen smiling as a "Thank You Aran" chant now broke out and Damien threw his arms in the air directing the attention to the fans cheering for Aran Thompson once again. Aran then raised an eyebrow and with his free hand he rubbed his chin.

"Sooo...what you're saying" Aran again asked playfully.

"YES!" Damien shouted.

"SO I AM IN THE TOURNAMENT!?" Aran asked with excitement.

"NO!" Damien shouted.

Aran shook his head as Damien continued.

"As long as I am in control, you will NEVER get your hands on the Relentless Championship! You are banned from competing in the Rel..." Damien tried to finish but Aran cut him off.

"Fine, well I guess you leave me no choice here. Ladies and gentlemen.. my name is Aran Thompson and I have this dirty little secret that I'll just have to spill the beans right here on live, worldwide television!."

Aran raised his arm high as to grab the attention of the entire Arena of Champions and continued.

"You see.. Damien has been hiding something. Something that would give him and jOlt a lot of negative PR. A nasty little secret that could upset the very fabric of jOlt Wrestling. If people were to find out this secret, Damien Lee would be pinned back into a corner with nowhere to go! ... and honestly? The thought of that puts a smile on my face.. I do love chaos afterall, right Damien?"

Damien began to squirm just a little bit.. thinking that Aran was stalling and trying to provoke him, but Aran wasn't playing around. He got right to the point!

"Damien's big secret is that he is..." Aran tried to continue but he was interrupted by Damien this time.

"WAIT!" Damien shouted.

"FINE! FINE! I've reconsidered!" said Lee with a lot of reluctance in his voice. Lee then carried on, forcing the words out of his mouth that he really didn't want to say. "Aran Thompson... you are officially in the Relentless Championship tournament." Damien said reluctantly as he dropped the microphone to his side and hung he head low with disgust. Aran smiled and nodded his head.

"You know...some how I knew you were going to say that. Remember, you try and screw me and I'll blab like a teen with a twitter feed."

Aran dropped his microphone as his music played and Damien stood in the center of the ring trying to figure out what his next move against Aran was going to be. Aran exited the ring and made his way to the back as iNtense cut to commercial.

"Welcome Back to the Show"

iNtense returned from commercial

CUTTO: The SOLD OUT arena, where thousands of screaming fans are making as much noise as possible. The camera pans the crowd for several seconds, showing a good mix of signs endorsing Omega, endorsing Derecho, endorsing Landon Stevens and the rest of the roster.

"Ladies and Gentlemen this is GROUND ZERO of Breakdown's Fallout!" shouted Michael Buhrman from ringside, "Welcome to the Arena of Champions! And Welcome... to iNtense Ninety Eight! My name is Michael Buhrman, and joining me, as always, Nathan Powers, and Nathan, we are coming off one of the most amazing events in Jolt Wrestling history! New World Tag Team Champions in The Faction! Omega retains his Underground Title against Derecho, and Landon Stevens - while he comes up short against Aran Thompson for the Relentless Championship, manages to successfully defend the Jolt World Heavyweight Championship against Thompson when Aran cashes in his title for his guaranteed shot!

"Well, Aran Thompson got lucky in his title defense," said Nathan Powers, "and Landon Stevens proved it with a three count to retain the World Title! I don't want to call Aran Thompson a choke artist, but how bad of a wrestler do you have to be to walk into an event holding a championship belt, pin the World Champion for a three count, and still walk out of the building without any gold around your waist?"

"That's the risk that the Relentless Champion has always had to take when cashing in his title, Nathan! And that leads us into our first matchup here tonight at iNtense Ninety - Eight as we learned right before our commercial break, that there will be a tournament to crown a brand new Relentless Champion! It's sure to be a good one as Kayden Paulton and Dallas Griffin face off in a first round match for a chance to claim the now - vacant Relentless Championship!

(CUE UP: "Less Talk More Rokk" by Freezepop. CUTTO: The Relentless Championship tournament brackets.)

"Do we really need to see this idiot again?" asked Powers.

"The Relentless Title will be decided at iNtense 100," replied Buhrman, "and tonight we'll see the first round matches! Jimmy B. Martinez will take on Diamond Jewelz, Citizen will face off with Jon Le Bon, Mattock will square off with former Champion Aran Thompson, giving him a chance to reclaim the title he vacated, and kicking things off tonight will see Kayden Paulton taking on Dallas Griffin! Kayden enters the arena to a nice ovation, and he could very well ride a wave of fan support to the Relentless Title!"

"You'd think so," said Powers, "but my sources tell me that Dallas Griffin isn't here tonight, and that Damien Lee has been scrambling to find an opponent for Kayden Paulton for the past few days."

"If that's true, the entire tournament could be tossed into upheaval!" exclaimed Buhrman, "Kayden Paulton has entered the ring and he's having a fairly animated discussion with the referee, who knows who could be chosen for his opponent?"

"Doesn't matter to me, as long as he gets taken out quickly and violently."

(CUE UP: "People of the Moon" by PUi, as a fair number of fans start to cheer again.)

Vizier ta Seti vs Kayden Paulton

Kayden Paulton watched the entryway without any emotion on his face: you'd imagine that was quite the feat considering the number of fans cheering.

He paced a few steps in a straight line as Vizier ta Seti, the most recent 'darling' of the Jolt Wrestling house shows, entered the arena seemingly oblivious to the adulation of the fans. Vizier was wearing baggy beige pants, dark brown boots, and a sleeveless black hooded sweatshirt on his way to the ring.

Vizier didn't take off the sweatshirt before he laid a series of right hands into Kayden's face, climaxing with a hard clothesline against the ropes that sent Paulton tumbling out to the floor. The Jolt Wrestling fans who have been paying attention to the past few Rock the House events recognized Vizier as a tough - as - nails athlete who left his opponents no quarter, and they were solidly behind him.

He didn't let them down.

At no time did Vizier ta Seti give Kayden Paulton a moment's respite. No sooner did Kayden hit the floor, then Vizier dove through the ropes to pin him down even more forcefully.



All on the floor.

The intensity was so thick it could be cut with a knife.

Metaphors: Vizier's intensity was knife - proof.

He scooped Kayden on the floor and sent him face first into the ringpost. Kayden hit hard and bounced backwards, where Vizier ta Seti floored him with a hard clothesline across the neck. Another scoop, and a shove under the bottom rope brought the match back to the ring. Vizier waited on the apron for Kayden to rise to his feet, and he launched himself from the apron to the top rope, and twisted his body midair for a missle dropkick that landed squarely on the back of his head.

And now, he waited.

Vizier ta Seti stalked Kayden Paulton from behind, waiting for his opponent to rise. He did so slowly, and no sooner was he on both feet than Vizier hooked him around the waist - and Kayden got his first piece of offense with a back elbow to the side of the head! Another, and the hold broke! He took off running, hit the ropes, and rebounded... only to eat a boot to the gut.

Another boot.


Seti made the cover, hooking the leg..




Vizier ta Seti had won his iNtense debut, moved on in the Relentless Tournament, and cemented his reputation as a man who meant business.

Job well done.

Winner: Vizier ta Seti via Pinfall

"Shooting Off at the Mouth"

The camera cut back from commercial break after the last match and already in the ring with “Pageant (instrumental)” by Moi Dix Mois playing, the personal assistant to Starlet Champion Sarah Winterton greeted the crowd. The portly woman known only as Desta stood up straight with a snoody look on her face, dressed to the nines in a dark blue business suit and dress.

“Ladies, gentlemen, please stand up, put your hands together and show the proper decorum for YOUR Queen of the Starlets…”





The music kept on going and limping her way out from the back to a rousing chorus of jeers was the woman STILL reigning as the jOlt Starlet Champion after perhaps her most grueling test to date in the form of a ladder match! Winterton’s beautiful and perfect complexion had been ruined with a scar above her right eye courtesy of one of the many tumbles she took off the ladder. She was also showing signs of wear and tear from the beating that she took backstage from the returning woman she stole the title from last December, Charlotte.

She mustered up a faux smile and phony wave and continued to wince in pain. She had a number of small injuries from the match, but approached the ring with another resolve. The fans had to hand it to the self-anointed Queen of the Starlets. The match was all in the favor of the high flyer “Dragonfly” Amber Ryann, but somehow, someway the Queen pulled victory from defeat when she busted up Amber with her own Beauty Queen Suplex from halfway up the ladder!

The Cutthroat Queen headed into the ring now and Desta continued to be the only one to offer her up any sort of positive response as she clapped feverishly.


Winterton motioned for Desta to open the ropes and her lackey did just that as she propped them open, allowing Winterton to step inside. Sarah held the Starlet Championship over her shoulder and raised it high enough to soak in another loud chorus of jeering. She stood up proudly and Desta held out the microphone for her to speak into.

“Thank you, thank you, my loyal subjects… but unlike the previous post-pay-per-view shows where I have lavished you not only with my gorgeous presence but also my shining example of greatness for all womankind… there will be no celebration here tonight! As a brave and courageous warrior of the ring, even I have my limits – unmeasurably high limits that cannot be matched by any other – but limits nonetheless. As such, I will not be in action tonight…”


Desta covered her ears while Winterton shook her head in complete disgust.

“But what I am going to do is come out here and deliver a royal proclamation to you, my subjects. For months now, I have given you people everything by laying my body on the line in matches that are admittedly out of my comfort zone – though I have conquered them all – and matches that I do not condone ever happening. Since December of last year which makes me the longest-reigning title holder in this company today, I have represented womankind as a proud champion… but sometimes when you do things of that nature, no matter how much you try to enlighten some people to the cause, there are people who are shrouded in ignorance. That is why you must forgive your Queen for using such strong language, but you are now forcing me to stoOp to the lowest common denominator…”

Winterton let out a shout.


The Queen of the Starlets turned red in the face as she continued her tirade.

“And to make matters worse… that… that… THING… that red-headed lout, Charlotte, JUMPED me backstage and you people… you people CHEERED for it! You people reveled in my pain! You people loved it! I bet you people enjoyed seeing me in that position! Seeing me tackled through the interview set! Getting punched like I was some drunken buffoon in a back alley! You people make me sick!”

LOUD cheers now from the crowd who were loving every bit of the misery she had been put through after she won that match. Winterton started to calm herself down just a little bit and Desta patted her Queen on the back before she continued.

“Charlotte… this thing between us has been brewing for a long time. You and your petty little grudge just because I defeated you for this belt back at Wired last year wouldn’t stop. It didn’t stop until it got you hurt and that’s exactly where it got you. I broke your arm in that car door because you are nothing more than common gutter trash! You don’t deserve to be on the same ROSTER that I am! You don’t deserve this belt and as long as I have anything to say about it, you will NEVER get another shot at me! You’re gutter trash! You are what I have been calling you for months! You’re a HARLOT whose best days were when you were nothing more than a dumb harlot stripping her clothes off for money in a back alley where you probably met your dumb gorilla of a husband!”

Desta nodded in agreement while Winterton continued her rant.

“Somebody had to say it! Charlotte, ever since I came after you for this belt, I have proved that I am your better in every way possible! You lost this title to me… you lost two subsequent rematches to me… I injured you and put you on the shelf for three months! Every time that you’ve ever gone against me except for one title match when you were the champ, I have put you in a position that you’ve always been accustomed to… on your back!”


The crowd booed the low blow directed at the former Starlet Champion Charlotte as The Queen continued her rant while raising her coveted Starlet Championship.

“And as long as I have this championship, you will NEVER touch it ever again! I am the single greatest female wrestler not only in jOlt Wrestling, I am the best female wrestler on this green Earth and there is not a single woman who can stand up to… AHHHHHHHH!”

Her rant was done because Charlotte had just run out through the crowd and delivered another body-breaking Spear to the champion! She tackled her to the ground!


The chants were deafening for the Queen of Hearts! Desta tried to pick up the belt and use it as a weapon on Mrs. Huber, but the redhead kicked her in the face and snatched the belt from her. Charlotte now hovered over the Queen of the Starlets, took the Starlets Title and raised it over her head to a tremendous pop.

“Winterton … you want to keep shootin’ your mouth off every week, do ya? Well, hon, for every Starlet that you’ve ever alienated with your hoity-toity crap, for screwing hard working women like “Dragonfly” Amber Ryann, Alyssa Corliss, Daryn Thompson and many other Starlets over and over again, and most importantly for taking three months of my career away … I am going to pay that back tenfold! Mark my words, I will be the one that takes this title away from you!”

Desta tried to protect her queen and that only got her another kick in the face from Charlotte! The Queen of Hearts wasn’t in a good mood after listening to the shade that her long rival was throwing.

“So if you have the guts, I am challenging you to a match for the Starlets Title at Rise of the Legends and I will do anything I have to to get it!”

She dropped the title in dramatic fashion across the body of a laid out Sarah Winterton and raised her fingers in the air to a tremendous cheer form the crowd and climbed out of the ring. Winterton had opened her mouth but once more it was the former champion who got the final word. When Sarah Winterton woke up, would she accept her challenge?

Jeremy Ryan vs Sam Sweet

On the Countdown show about two weeks ago, Jeremy Ryan was in action against a very game Lennox Love. The former Tag Team Champion gave him the fight of his lift after some disparaging comments were made by the self-professed jOlt’s Last Real Man and what followed was a dangerous and uncomfortable beatdown delivered including a top rope Brainbuster by Jeremy Ryan. Lennox Love was not here tonight due to a concussion that he received and to that end, his tag partner in Sweet Sweet Lovin – the big and powerful Sam Sweet – would be taking him on in action momentarily. Dean Carrington was nearby for the ring introductions.

“The following contest is a grudge match scheduled for one fall!” Carrington announced.

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

The music played and there was no fanfare, no theatric, no pyro. Out from the back came one bad man. After a failed bid to become the Underground Champion on the last edition of iNtense prior to Breakdown, it seemed that Ryan had a renewed focus on destroying anything in his path. He wasn’t in active duty at Breakdown, but he did destroy one of the sets backstage during a jOlt Wrestling app display. The brutal and volatile Ryan approached the ring with a look of malice.

“First, making his way to the ring from Bangor, Maine, weighing in at 254 pounds… he is jOlt’s LAST REAL MAN… JEREMY RYAN!

Ryan simply walked up the steps and paid no attention to the jeering crowd. He was itching and ready for this fight tonight and from talk around the locker room, Sam Sweet would give it to him.

“Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith.

The music played and the crowd reaction grew much more positive for the arrival of Sam Sweet! The former jOlt Tag Team Champion walked down the ramp. Tonight, no Lennox Love and no Jon Katz, Jr at his side. He marched to the ring and went looking for payback tonight for his tag team partner.

“And his opponent, from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at 332 pounds… SAM SWEET!

The Candy Man as he liked to be called was all business tonight as he approached the ring with his own determined look on his face. Ryan was ready for the fight and waved for big Sammy to get into the ring…



Jeremy Ryan rushed at her only for Sam Sweet to tackle him to the mat and lay into him with a series of hard right hands! Sweet was all sorts of fired up now as he continued to take the fight to jOlt’s Last Real Man! He blasted him upside the head with another wicked punch that sent him staggering into the corner!

Sam Sweet was full of piss and vinegar tonight as he started to crack his knuckles and unleash a second series of body shots at Jeremy Ryan! He continued to wail on him in the corner with some body shots and even a solid back elbow to the face before he hooked him by the waist and DROPPED him with a big Side Belly to Belly Suplex!

The portly, but still dangerous Sam Sweet got back to his feet and ran to the ropes before he came back and dropped an elbow right into his chest! Ryan had the air knocked from his lungs by the first shot and the second one was even worse as he dropped one with more stank on it!

Sam Sweet wasn’t even going for covers – he was intent on getting retribution for his friend getting hurt by Ryan on the Countdown show. He continued stomping away at the body of Jeremy Ryan before he pointed to the top rope. He was going to go for it already and looked to finish things off with the Top Rope Splash that he called…


He tried to punish Jeremy Ryan for what he did to his best friend, but it only backfired horrendously as the big man got nothing but the canvas! The crowd booed loudly now as Ryan started to come around, holding the side of his head. He did not expect this fight out of Sam Sweet and now he was red in the face.


Ryan rushed at him quickly and DROVE a nasty Punt Kick right to the rib cage that had the crowd wincing just from the sheer impact! Sam Sweet rolled over in pain and fell off to the side while jOlt’s Last Real Man stood over him, stalking him in the corner. Ryan picked him up and tossed him into the corner before he grabbed him by the face.


Elbow Smash! Chop! Elbow Smash! Chop! Elbow Smash! Chop! Elbow Smash! Chop! HEADBUTT!

That signature Headbutt that he had been using connected right to the jaw of Sam Sweet, staggering the big man up against the ropes now. Ryan pulled him out the corner by the arm and pulled him into another stiff Short-Arm Back Elbow! Sammy was dazed and confused by the strikes when Ryan pulled him in for a second Back Elbow! He was rocked now when he turned Sweet around and DUMPED him nearly right on the back of his head with a High Angled Saito Suplex!

Sam Sweet bounced off the canvas and now he was hurt in a very bad way as he laid motionless. Ryan stood over him and rolled Sweet over onto his back…


The seated Kata Hajime submission was locked in tightly and Sam Sweet wasn’t even moving. One mistake led to the beatdown which lead to referee Simon Boulder calling for the bell.


Just like that, the very dangerous Ryan stood up and let go of the submission as he towered over his fallen opponent. Ryan shot Boulder a death glance before he took notice of the fallen Sweet.


Ryan wasn’t finished, though. He grabbed Sam Sweet who was still out from the brutal Saito Suplex and the Dead Man submission hold and pulled the dead weight to his knees. He started to prop him up until he was in the center of the ring now set up in the Powerbomb/Piledriver position.


He set up Sam Sweet and with a little bit of effort, he had him vertical. There was NO way he was going to do this.

A move that was banned in just about every major organization in modern wrestling today.


A collective hush fell over the arena as Sam Sweet’s head BOUNCED off the man in a very sickening manner! His entire body went limp and he collapsed in a heap as Ryan now stood up, glancing down at the damage he’d just caused with a move that was rarely allowed in today's landscape. After several uncomfortable moments, EMTs were coming down to ringside to check on the fallen body of Sweet. All this was going on as Ryan grabbed a microphone and a steel chair before having himself a seat firmly in the ring.

Winner: Jeremy Ryan via Submission

"Shoot from the Hip"

The crowd remained silent after what they’d just witnessed. Ryan was now seated in the middle of the ring, casually watching the EMTs carry Sam Sweet out of the ring on a stretcher that had just been brought to ringside. They helped him to the back while Ryan had a smile on his face and a microphone in his hand.

“Do you SEE what happens now to people who don’t think that I can make good with my threats here? If you people actually THOUGHT that Sam Sweet was going to beat me, then you have another fucking thing coming!”

The camera caught one more glimpse of the unconscious Sam Sweet as he was carted up the aisle while Ryan remained seated in the ring.

“Damien Lee, that dumb prick, made a STUPID mistake by not including me in this Relentless Title Tournament! Instead, a bunch of pretenders, has-beens, and never-weres get a shot at something that should be MINE. THIS is exactly the kind of shit that I have been telling you people about for months! I was the biggest star that the Hype had to offer and yet, when I’ve been promoted to the main roster, you know how many big opportunities I’ve been given?


Ryan lay back in his chair as the crowd continued to boo him. It looked like he was going to be here a while.

“Like I just showed the whole jOlt fan base or the Universe or whatever the fuck you idiots call yourselves nowadays, I am NOT a person that you take liberties with. I’m dangerous. I am TWICE the man that an overrated sack of shit like Aran Thompson is, I am TEN times the man that our cowardly piece of shit champion Landon Stevens is – and EIGHT members of the Rebellion couldn’t measure up to one of me! You may have Damien Lee in your back pocket, Stevens, but I don’t NEED to kiss somebody’s ass to get anywhere. When I TELL people that I’m going to do something, I go out and I start stacking bodies! I don’t spend all day glued to my smartphone or tablet like a retard, talking trash over a digital medium to pretend I’m a badass. Isn’t that right, SUPERTWEET?”

jOlt’s Last Real Man used his free hand to beat on his chest as he yelled even louder as the crowd booed the jab directed at jOlt Hall of Famer Sylo.

“I may have lost my way these last few weeks, but what you see before you now is a Jeremy Ryan back to fucking business. What you see before you is a masculine role model that wrestling can finally respect! A man that is going to take this place by the jugular, week by week, and will NOT STOP until my name and my name alone is etched at the top! And to that end… CONSIDER THIS SHOW OVER!”

Ryan continued.

“I will NOT be leaving this ring, I will NOT be going anywhere and I will NOT let this show go on until Damien Lee pushes Landon Stevens’ head away from his dick for three seconds to come out here and give ME a shot at any of his golden boys. I want ALL the gold and I’m not going to leave until it’s MY name at the top of the card.”

“Well… Well… Well…”

No, that wasn’t the sound of Damien Lee coming out to address the problem, instead from the backstage area walked the pipe bomb dropping, reigning Spirit Champion, Anti-Star; Jesse Ramey. The fans all cheered as Ramey stepped through the entrance curtains and onto the top stage.

“Now, before you go deciding to try and come up here and put my head through the steel with that devastating piledriver. Just cool your jets for one second and hear me out.”

Ramey began slowly walking toward the ring, “There are a lot of things that you just spouted off that I completely agree with. If that wasn’t already evident from my little tirade at Breakdown, but let’s not live in the past; you want your name on the marquee. You want to headline shows and complain about not being involved in the Relentless Championship tournament?”

“Welcome to the club!” Ramey stopped and outstretched his arms, before continuing on to the ring. “For the first time ever with this company tonight I get a chance to actually step foot inside of that ring with a chance to main event iNtense, and for the Jolt Championship.”

Ramey stopped at the steel ring steps, “None of that matters though, because of something you mentioned earlier. Despite the fact that I am being given a chance at the Jolt Championship we all know that unless you put Landon Stevens in ring in a match where he loses that championship if he purposely gets himself disqualified that he loses the belt he is never going to lose it. The second it looks like he’s going to be in trouble tonight that match will end as quickly as it started, that’s a guarantee.”

Ramey began making his way up the steel steps and onto the ring apron. He stepped through the ropes and into the ring. “The difference between the two of us though Ryan is that I’m not going to try and stop the show from going on because I’m pissed off at how things are ran around here. You and I, we’re just spokes on the wheel of this giant corporation, and that wheel will keep on turning with or without us. However, I’m not going to come out here and try to do harm to anyone to try and get my message across. That’s what this microphone is for.”

“So, right now you’ve got two choices.” Ramey paused as he walked in front of the still seated Ryan, “You can get your happy ass up out of that steel chair and walk to the backstage area with your tail tucked between your legs…” Ramey paused

“Or you could have some kind of rebuttal here and then you’re nickname will go from being jOlt’s Last Real Man to jOlt’s bloodiest pulp…”

“Your choice.”

Jeremy Ryan took in all that Jesse Ramey had to say as he scratched his chin. And with it… he let out a laugh. Not a loud one, but Ramey did catch it.

“Oh, Ramey... Jesse… first time that I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting you and I gotta say… I like your fire. In fact, I like you more than the supposed ‘champions’ of this company. You have a spineless little pink-loving bitch as a world champion with his little faggot groupies holding the Tag Team Titles… I don’t even know why fucking WOMEN need a belt, and Omega – yeah, he barely beat me a few weeks ago – but that freakshow doesn’t deserve a championship, either.”

Ryan continued.

“Let me rephrase that… I did like you for all of three seconds... then you had to come out here and talk about how you’re not gonna harm people? I know you, you’re all pissed off now and I truly believe that, but at the end of the day, you’re all about these…. Ugh… fucking people. All the fans and making them happy and giving them somebody to be proud of and BLAHBLAHBLAH… save it, Ramey. I’ll leave when I’m fucking ready to leave. You aren’t in my league and you aren’t even on the level below that… so get out of MY ring or I’ll take you up on your first suggestion and piledrive your little ass on this chair…”

Ramey was stone-faced still while Ryan had a smile on his face, still leaning back in his chair.

“Get out of my ring, you PUSSY.


jOlt’s Last Real Man continued to lean back in his chair. Little did he know that Ramey had another retort… but this time…


He just kicked Jeremy Ryan right out of his chair! The crowd was roaring with approval for the workhorse as Ramey tackled Ryan to the ground and levelled jOlt’s Last Real Man with a series of right hands!

“Come on, you want a fight, let’s fight!” Ramey barked.

The fight continued for Ramey and Ryan as the two men now came to blows in the center of the ring! Ryan shook off the kick and fought back with a series of big kicks to the chest of Ramey, doubling him over. He kicked the chair over and charged at the man called the Anti-Star…


Ramey moved and Ryan went sailing through the ropes, crashing out to the floor! Ramey stood his ground and wanted to continue to fight, but when Ryan started to head back into the ring, the crowd was booing as several members of security swarmed the scene!






But that wasn’t going to happen… not tonight. Ryan was dragged to the back by security while Jesse Ramey watched security get involved in the proceedings. The crowd fully supported Ramey while jOlt’s Last Real Man gave him a death glare all the way up the ramp before he disappeared behind the curtain, mouthing the words "YOU'RE A DEAD MAN, RAMEY."

This wasn’t over – not by a long shot.

"Good Talk, We'll See You Out There"

Read the title.

Losing sucks.

It sucks big, fat, floppy dicks.

And that’s why the Heirs of Wrestling hadn’t said a word between them as they all sat in the locker room looking a little bit morose. The cocky, braggadocios, shit-disturbing, yet fun-loving fan favorites were all seated backstage having quite the humbling night.

For the third straight time on a major pay-per-view, Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway had come up short in their bid to make history in jOlt by becoming its first and only three-time jOlt Tag Team Champions. Granted they had been cheated out of the opportunity all three times, but this latest one stung the two men. Ryan Gallway was slumped against one of the benches backstage half-heartedly playing a game. Frank Silver had no fun speeches for any of his guys. He was bummed the fuck out and drinking from a little silver flask for fun.

Meanwhile, Mack Brody had been embarking on a career as a singles star while also aligned with the Heirs of Wrestling and for the first few months, things had been going well. He’d defeated Jeremy Ryan at WrestleCade, but in his bid to take on one of the most successful stars of jOlt in Kenshiro Inogami, he had passed out in the face of crippling submissions after thirty minutes of hell. Mack himself hadn’t said a word.

Yep, that was all to this segment.

“Well, well, well, look who got knocked down a few fucking pegs.”

All three members of the Heirs turned around and there stood three men who had themselves some problems with the Heirs in the past… they were Duzza with his crew… Statuz Quo, Khadafi, and the late Dallas Griffin who had just got to the arena and as a result, his spot in the Relentless Title Tournament was given to somebody else.

“Look at these sad sacks of shit,” Khadafi said, “You motherfuckers ain’t the same Heirs of Wrestling anymore. None of you are.”

“What’s a matter, homos, them silver spoons lodged up your asses go a little too far this time?” Quo laughed.

Quo and Khadafi gave themselves some high fives. Brody was the first to look up, but didn’t say anything right away. Duzza looked over and continued.

“So since ONE OF US…” he eyed Dallas, who looked a little pissed, “didn’t make the show on time, Damien Lee gave us a consolation prize. He’s looking for more teams in that War Games match in a couple weeks. Me and my boys are gonna be in action tonight and they’re gonna SNUFF you out tonight. You pretty boy bitches aren’t gonna be running around here with your bullshit antics anymore. You…”


All four men stopped in their tracks when Mack Brody finally stood up from his seat and towered over them.

“YOU fuckers aren’t to step to us when you had been calling out The House for weeks only for them to beat you. We don’t like them, but we respect them and they’re a FAR better team than any of you pricks are!”


Duzza was about to speak when Brody reached out and grabbed his finger. He bent it backwards, bringing Duzza to knee as the fans cheered! Frank and Ryan stood up to defend their friend as Mack Brody continued.

“I lost… I make no bones about it… but I fought my fucking HARDEST and gave it all up in that ring which is all that anybody can ask us to do. We may not have won… you’re right… but instead of pointing that fucking finger at me, you can point it at yourselves. We’re gonna take you on tonight, but we are going to show that we are FAR from done, you fuckers hear me?”


Frank stood up.

“You fucking shitsippers are look at THE best goddamn tag team that jOlt or any other organization has ever seen… PERIOD. You three want to fight us three tonight, then your own. Remember what happened back at Wired last December? We beat your ass then and we’ll beat your ass tonight!”

Mack Brody and Frank Silver both walked out of the room with a newfound resolve while Ryan Gallway eyeballed the members of Trouble.

“Hope you boys are ready tonight because we’re gonna fuck you up with some TRUTH… we are the Heirs of Wrestling.. and WE ARE YOUR BETTER!”

The fans joined in on the signature catchphrase of the Heirs before all three walked out with a very pissed-off Duzza. Their attempt to talk trash to their rivals and throw them off their game tonight may have been the very thing they needed to get back in the game.

Citizen vs Jon Le Bon

The second match of the Relentless Championship Tournament was set to get underway. Earlier in the evening, the fans already saw a virtual unknown in Vizier ta Seti, who took the place of Dallas Griffin, earn an upset victory to move onto the Semi-Finals. Now, we will see the returning Citizen take on a rather interesting challenger in the form of Jon Le Bon

"The End is Coming" by Sevendust

Jesse Ramey and Citizen have been entangled in some mind games over the past month, but tonight, Citizen had a chance to side step that and pick up a championship. Given the fact that his opponent has made a mockery of himself since arriving here on the main roster, Citizen felt that this would be a short match that would garner him a quick and easy victory.

Citizen stepped into the ring as his music died down. He turned toward the entrance ramp as he pulled back his hood, exposing his metallic mask, waiting for his opponent to arrive.

"American Idiot" by Green Day

The people cheered as "The Rockstar" Jon Le Bon stepped out from the backstage area. The last time we saw him, he got completely destroyed by The Rebellion. While he wished he could have the support of his former "friends" in this match, Le Bon knew he had to go it alone in order to overcome this obstacle.

Le Bon entered the ring and the arena returned to normal. The referee called for the bell and the second match in the Relentless Championship Tournament was under way.




Le Bon and Citizen circled each other in the ring as Le Bon clapped his hands, trying to get the people into it. The people clapped along in unison before the two of them locked horns with a collar and elbow tie up. The two of them powered around the ring until Citizen backed Le Bon into a corner. The referee wanted a clean break and started a five count..

One... Two... Three... Four...

Citizen put his hands into the air and slowly backed away. Le Bon looked overjoyed that his opponent would afford him a clean break so he stepped in and gave Citizen a great big hug! Citizen immediately shoved Le Bon away and then charged the corner, but Le Bon switched out and Citizen quickly found his back against the turnbuckle pads. This time Le Bon had Citizen cornered and the referee began another five count for the clean break.

One... Two... Three... Four...

Le Bon put his hands up and slowly backed away, but Citizen came out of the corner swinging with a clothesline, but Le Bon ducked underneath and leapt up onto the middle turnbuckle pad, twisting off with a plancha that took Citizen down! Le Bon rolled off of Citizen and back up to his feet a Citizen quickly stood. Le Bon grabbed Citizen by the arm and tried to whip him to the opposite corner, but Citizen reversed it and sent Le Bon into the corner, causing him to slam back-frist into the turnbuckles. Citizen charged in, but Le Bon put the boot up... however, Citizen stopped short and grabbed Le Bon by the leg, blocking the boot.

Le Bon hopped up and down on one foot as he came out of the corner. Le Bon went for an enzugiri, but Citizen ducked! Citizen quickly wrapped his arms around Le Bon's waist and from that position, deadlifted him into a Wheelbarrow Suplex!! Le Bon hit hard on the back of his neck as Citizen turned and made the cover..



Le Bon got the shoulder up.

Citizen quickly placed Le Bon into a seated position and dropped a knee into his upper back. Citizen stood and dropped a second knee, then stood and hit a third before applying a surfboard submission hold. Citizen was hoping that the three knee strikes would be enough to soften up Le Bon's back as he wrenched back on Le Bon's arms in an attempt to get him to tap out. Le Bon gritted his teeth and fought through the pain as he used the roar of the crowd to get back to his feet.

Citizen still had Le Bon's arms tied and Le Bon couldn't escape. He tried to stomp on Citizen's shin, but Citizen moved his leg each time to avoid it. Citizen then tightened his grip and popped his hips as he took Le Bon over with a Tiger Suplex, dropping him on the back of his neck for the second time in this match!

Citizen turned and crawled into another cover, hooking the leg.



Le Bon kicked out.

It has been all Citizen in the early goings of this match. Le Bon needed something to get back into this in a hurry if he wanted a shot at the Relentless Championship. Citizen grabbed Le Bon by his hair and pulled him to his feet, drawing the admonishment of the referee. Le Bon looked a little bit out of it, but Citizen sent him off to the ropes anyway. Citizen stopped Le Bon on the rebound with a well-placed toe kick to the mid-section. Citizen then took off to the ropes, but when he came back, Le Bon surprised him by grabbing him by the waist and hitting a pivoting Sidewalk Slam into the canvas! Le Bon immediately covered, hooking both legs...



Citizen kicked out!

Le Bon got back to his feet, holding the back of his head. He waited for Citizen to stand before going for a toe kick of his own, but Citizen grabbed Le Bon by the leg. Citizen swung Le Bon's leg upward, but Le Bon backflipped and landed on his feet! Citizen charged in with a clothesline, but Le Bon ducked underneath and took off to the ropes. Le Bon came back with a spinning heel kick that took Citizen down!

Both men got up and Le Bon immediately leapt into the air with a Drop Kick and that staggered Citizen back to the ropes where he fell through them to the outside! Citizen shook it off and grabbed the ring apron to pull hismelf up, but Le Bon went to the ropes and hit a Baseball Slide Drop Kick that knocked Citizen back against the barricades. Le Bon got back up and looked amped up. He went to the ropes once again and as Citizen stood, Le Bon flew through the middle and top ropes with what appeared to be a suicide dive, but Le Bon grabbed Citizen by the head and spun off into a Tornado DDT on the floor!!!

"OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" groaned the crowd!

Le Bon kipped up to his feet and balled up his hand into a fist which got the crowd pumped up! Le Bon took aim and hit a fist drop on the floor, driving his knuckles into the top of Citizen's head. Le Bon hit his mask however and he shook off his hand as flesh on metal kind of stings. Le Bon grabbed Citizen, pulling him back up. Le Bon rolled him back into the ring and then climbed onto the apron before ascending to the top turnbuckle pad.

Citizen got on his hands and knees as he tried to get back up, but Le Bon leapt off the top and nailed a Leg Drop to the back of Citizen's head, pulling a page right out of Citizen's playbook! Citizen's face was driven straight into the canvas! Le Bon turned Citizen over and hooked the leg.



Citizen kicked out!

Le Bon snapped his fingers and pointed to his head as if he just got a brilliant idea. Le Bon grabbed Citizen, pulling him up to his feet. He then placed Citizen onto his shoulders with an Inverted Fireman's Carry, but Le Bon's idea wouldn't be realized as Citizen slipped off Le Bon's shoulders, landing behind him.

Citizen turned and hooked Le Bon for a Back Drop Suplex, but Le Bon flipped over and landed on his feet. Le Bon then leapt onto Citizen's shoulders, looking for a Poisoned Frankensteiner, but when Le Bon leaned back to flip Citizen, Citizen grabbed Le Bon's legs and held him in place! Le Bon was then draped over Citizen's back!! Citizen walked over and turned his body, swinging Le Bon's head right into the turnbuckle pads!!!


Citizen swung Le Bon again and Le Bon's head connected with the turnbuckles a second time! Citizen let Le Bon go and Le Bon flopped down onto his stomach on the canvas. Citizen quickly turned and helped Le Bon to his feet. He hooked and positioned him...



That Snap T-Bone Suplex caused Le Bon to smack upside down against the turnbuckles and fall to the back of his neck!!

"HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT" chanted the crowd!

Citizen pulled Le Bon away from the corner and made the cover. It was academic from here.



Thre... NO!!!!

Le Bon kicked out!

The crowd applauded heavily as Citizen couldn't believe it! He quickly grabbed Le Bon and pulled him to his feet. He hooked both arms, looking for the Double Underhook Brainbuster, but Le Bon twisted out of it and kicked Citizen in the stomach. Le Bon looked for the Rockstar Stunner, but Citizen shoved Le Bon off to the corner, but Le Bon leapt to the middle turnbuckle, looking for a plancha, but Citizen leapt up and knocked Le Bon out of the air with a Drop Kick!! Citizen quickly crawled into another cover!



Le Bon kicked out again and even Citizen was starting to feel a bit frustrated!

Citizen quickly stood and grabbed Le Bon by his hair again. He hoisted Le Bon up onto his shoulders, but Le Bon hit a pair of elbows to the side of Citizen's head, breaking free. Le Bon landed behind Citizen and took off to the ropes. Citizen turned around just in time for Le Bon to wrap his legs around Citizen's head. He followed through by hooking the head and nailing a Headscissor DDT!!


Le Bon quickly stood, refusing to go for the cover. He grabbed Citizen by the head, pulling him up. Le Bon quickly delivered a toe kick to the mid section, pivoted, hooked the head and dropped down...


Le Bon turned and crawled into the cover.. hooking the leg...





The crowd hit their feet.. some even covered their heads with their hands. You'd think a twenty year streak was broken or something. No one had Le Bon pegged to be the winner, but the man who spent most of his time making people laugh at his idiocy just advanced in the tournament!

Could Le Bon be a dark horse in this thing? Only time would tell!

Winner: Jon Le Bon via Pinfall

"The War Won't Stop"

The scene opened up, but it was pitch black. You couldn't see the hand in front of your own face, but yet, we knew there was a presence there because a voice boomed out over the PA speaker. The voice was familiar and as soon we heard that voice, we knew it belonged to one man... a man who at Breakdown, was beaten by a bigger monster.


"They say a man can live his entire life and spend every waking moment wondering why the things that happened to him happened. Was the man a victim a circumstance? Was it pure luck? Was the man clearly beaten at his own game? These questions can continue to circle inside the mind until they reduce it to a festering mess of doubt and despair. These questions can eat away at a man's soul and transform even the greatest of monsters into shadows of their former selves."

Derecho could be heard chuckling, although he almost coughed during his laugh to himself. That was rather odd to hear. Perhaps it was just him being human?

"Or.. they could have an opposite effect. They could cause the man to realize that the pain endured was nothing more than a mere trial. To push the mortal boundaries that God himself has given us.. and to march forward and seek a new level... a new level of tolerance.. a new level of viciousness.. a new level within us that has yet to be reached, but it is there... it has been there this entire time and it simply waits to be reached because it has been unrealized or ignored."

"ha ha ha.."

Derecho chuckled and then gasped in a hefty amount of air. Something definitely didn't seem right with the tone in Derecho's voice. It wasn't filled with venom like it normally was. It almost sounded like Derecho was in pain.

"Until now.

"With a hand I extend.... reaching out to that level.. grasping a hold of it and the more I feel it.. the more I embrace it.. the tighter I grasp and the more I don't want to let go because this is what it has come to.."

"It has come to the realization that war is hell and as a King that embraces hell itself, I must finish this war."

Derecho took a moment to pause. It seemed as if he had to catch his breath a bit.

"Two men stand amongst a storm and waged a war.. but little did the supposed victor know that the war just doesn't end.. IT NEVER ENDS. Inside a ring.. inside your mind.. the war continues to rage on... it beckons you.. it calls your name in order to entice you. To sit alone on a battlefield and await the enemy is part of the war.. to engage the enemy and test your mettle against his is part of the war.. but finishing it... that is the most important key because it matters not how many times you get knocked down. If you are the one that impales the dagger through the heart of your enemy then you can get knocked down A THOUSAND TIMES and it would not matter one bit."

Derecho could be heard with a catch in his throat a bit. It almost sounded like Derecho was speaking through some kind of pain once again. He did suffer an enormous beating at the hands of Omega at Breakdown. It was possible that he hadn't fully recovered, but without any hint of light in the scene, no one knew for sure.

"Every storm will fade away.. every war will have its end. In the still of a moonlit night, the dawn sky will always rise again... and when it does a single man will stand the victor."

Every word Derecho spoke sounded a bit less natural.


Derecho spoke the name of The Underground Champion and then we heard the sound of a match lightning. A single flare up as the match scraped against the surface was seen. It revealed a horrifying sight... Derecho's face... covered in blood.

"To win a war, you must understand pain... I understand, Omega..."



Derecho dropped the match in front of him. A fire lit up the scene... Derecho appeared to be in a locker room.. the furniture completely destroyed... Derecho's face... his arms.. his chest was either bleeding or had the marks of war on it from their match at Breakdown. It was a disturbing sight to see... but that wasn't the worst part...

"And soon.. I will introduce you to a new pain so you can understand it as well as I do."

As Derecho said that, the camera panned up and on the wall behind Derecho was Omega's name written in Derecho's own blood. Derecho knelt down on the floor in front of Omega's name and stretched out his arms.





Derecho laughed to himself as he tilted his head back slightly and gripped his face. All that could be seen was the corner of his mouth, smiling as he laughed to himself. The loss to Omega has broken Derecho. We haven't seen him like this since he held The Underground Championship. If Omega accepts this challenge... after the war they went through.. just what in the hell would be in store for everyone?

The only question left to ask is: "How would the Underground Champion respond?"

The scene faded to black.

Heirs of Wrestling vs Trouble

After a very close spat backstage involving The Heirs of Wrestling getting into it with their old rivals in Trouble over the other’s respective Breakdown shortcomings, this match was made into a six-man tag. Mack Brody wanted to prove himself in the worst possible way. Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway wanted back the jOlt Tag Team Titles that they had worked so hard to go after all this time. Trouble wanted respect.

So tonight, let’s turn these old rivals together in a rematch of their feud last December at Wired! Dean Carrington had the announcements.

“The following contest is a six-man tag team match scheduled for one fall!” Carrington announced.

“Serial Killa” by Snoop Dogg.

The familiar red-and-blue imitation police sirens went off at the entrance and the sirens started to sound loudly among the intro of the music. The Arena of Champions showed their hatred of the troublemaking trio heading out to the ring. Statuz Quo adjusted his bandanas. Next to him, Khadafi was cracking his neck and throwing a few punches to warm up. The arrogant Dallas Griffin held out his arms and rubbed chalk between his palms before he let the chalk loose into the sky! If his good friend, LeBron, could do it, he could make that shit look better!

“Introducing first, being led to the ring by Duzza… they are the team of Statuz Quo… Khadafi… and Dallas Griffin… they are the group known as TROUBLE!

One by one the members of Trouble flanked the ring before they climbed inside. With the announcement of the Tag Team War Games match headlining Rise of the Legends coming up soon, a win for Trouble here tonight over The Heirs – one of the nine participating teams – would allow Duzza’s men to make a case for inclusion.

jOlt’s notorious Clown Princes of Tag Team Royalty summoned a rousing pop from the masses as their backs remained turned toward them. Each bearing a sparkling Lavender Jacket with ”HOW” embroidered in Gold with each man thrusting both fists toward the heavens...

Got no time for my game, I put it on the shelf
And this money and fame ain't gonna earn itself
I'm not wasting my time, you better recognize
The flame, the hustle, the pain, the redness in my eyes
When the pressure comes down you throw the towel in
But for me and my crew, that's where the work begins
At the end of the day we like to cut it loose
By the end of the night we're making bodies move
We're waiting, we're waiting, we're waiting

When the chorus kicked in…

I'm ready for the...

The angry explosion of pyrotechnics to their immediate flanks led the trinity to spin about and proudly basked in the adulation before a ongoing cascade of descending sparks. Brazen. Sophomoric. Loveable Irritants. Habitual Line Steppers. Heavily decorated including 2 time former jOlt Tag Team Champions of the World. The arena lighting returned, allowing the unruly band of brothers to overtly play to the masses while highlighting their greatness...

“And their opponents, at a combined weight of 755 pounds… they are the former two-time jOlt Tag Team Champions of the World… FRANK SILVER… RYAN GALLWAY… AND MACK BRODY… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!

The first time these three men wrestled as a trio in some time, but tonight they were at it again. Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway each high-fived one row of fans while walking down the aisle. Meanwhile, Mack Brody looked a lot more focused. He hadn’t forgotten his loss to Ninja K at Breakdown and voicing his concerns earlier, he wanted to make a case that he was indeed ready to compete at the highest levels jOlt had to offer. Referee Ian Nguyen was in the ring ready to call for the bell.


Duzza was on one side of the ring discussing strategy with his charges. They NEEDED this win here tonight in a bad, bad way while The Heirs of Wrestling were each looking to prove something that despite their respective losses at Breakdown, they were still forces to be reckoned with as a whole.

Statuz Quo got into the middle of the ring while Frank and Ryan were each playing Rock, Paper Scissors, to see which man was going to go first…

“Fuck this,” Brody said.


Before the A-Town Assassin even knew what the hell hit him, Mack Brody POWERED him up and charged him off it the corner as the crowd started to cheer the big man. Despite how he was feeling, he had earned even more respect form a lot of the fans from what many called his best singles performance to date, nearly going thirty minutes with Ninja K before succumbing to his Imploding Star Submission.

Brody unleashed a series of hard Shoulder Thrusts into the corner and fired off about five or six of them. The loss to the leader of Clan Inogami appeared to have fired up Brody tonight. A man who was normally full of fight and gusto was just full of… well, FIRE tonight!

Quo didn’t know what the hell hit him when Brody charged in and floored him with a big Running Corner Splash! He rocked him and powered him up over his shoulders before facing the corner of Trouble. With no effort, he LAUNCHED him overhead with a Press Slam Snake Eyes into his own corner! Quo was hurt now and stumbled to the canvas while Brody waited.

“Come on! Fight me!”






Khadafi tagged Quo on the shoulder and stepped into the ring. If Mack Brody was wanting a fight tonight, then it was one he was going to get form The Hawaiian Headhunter. He charged at Brody as well and fired off a series of jabs to the face in order to try and stun SuperMack. The blows only seemed to be pissing him off more as he blocked one shot and grabbed him by the arm before he BLASTED him with a big Double Sledge to the chest!

Frank and Ryan were almost caught completely off-guard by Mack Brody’s sudden fire with him as he pulled him up again and elbowed Khadafi with a good flurry of shots in the nearby corner! Khadafi was getting rocked and the fans were completely impressed with the power and force he was showing on display tonight. Khadafi staggered out of the corner and into the grip of Brody…


Khadafi went flying halfway across the ring from the sheer power on display by Brody as he waited on the opposite side. The Hawaiian Headhunter rolled over into the corner and that’s when Mack Brody charged and FLOORED him with a big Running Shoulder Tackle in the corner! Khadafi was hurt now, but Brody wasn’t done. He turned him around and pinned him against the ropes. Normally he would be flexing and playing to the crowd before he set up the ten forearms, but tonight there was no showboating.


Ten intensely stiff shots to the chest of Khadafi had him doubled over as Mack Brody continued to set him up in the corner looking for the Midas Touch powerbomb, something that Khadafi had felt before. He was about to reach over and grab him near the ropes when Dallas Griffin grabbed Khadafi and pulled him away before the two men climbed out of the ring.


The crowd were letting Trouble have it as they started to leave the ring, but not before Ryan Gallway saw what they were trying to do. He started to run into the ring while Mack Brody protested a little bit, but by the time he could figure out what was going on…


The two members of Trouble were taken down by The Prince of Precision on the outside! Both men were down now and Ryan Gallway stood up to pump a fist in the air! Brody wanted to continue his fight, but Ryan Gallway reached in and tagged into the match. Khadafi was in the ring while a slightly bemused Brody was sent back to the corner. Gallway followed him and threw some elbows to the head and started to lead him off to the corner.

Gallway unleashed a flurry of hard kicks to the chest of the taller Khadafi in the corner in order to wear him down. After he did that, he charged off the opposite side of the ring and came back with a nasty Corner Elbow Smash to the face. The Prince of Precision headed back to the opposite corner a second time and this time came back with a Shotgun Dropkick in the corner, nearly caving Khadafi’s face in!

The Heirs had the full support of the crowd as he pulled him to their corner and tagged into Frank Silver. The crowd cheered when the two men went for a signature double-team as Frank kicked the leg out from The Hawaiian Headhunter. He held him in place with a Camel Clutch while Ryan got a running start off the ropes, did a cartwheel and came back with another harsh Dropkick right to the face! Frank smiled as he turned him around and hooked the leg.




Khadafi got the shoulder up and Frank stood over him as he was enjoying this. None of the Heirs had forgotten how Trouble slandered them and attacked them for weeks to try and raise their own stock. Frank stood over Khadafi and started to stomp any ligaments he could. Legs. Knees. Arms. And finally, a Jumping Stomp to the Face…


Frank reached over and tagged Ryan because he was the closest to him at the time, but Mack Brody wanted back in a bad way.

“You’ll get your turn, Big Mack, promise!” Ryan said.

Brody watched as Silver hit a Deadlift Gutwrench Suplex as Ryan came off the ropes and landed a quick Leg Drop. He pulled him up as Silver left the ring only for him to catch him with a big move and Hotshot Ryan against the ropes! The Prince of Precision’s neck snapped across the top cable and Duzza yelled from the outside.

“Fuck him up! Come on, get rid of these thieves taking our spots!”

Khadafi reached over and made the tag back to Dallas Griffin. It was the first time the blue chipper athlete had seen action in a few weeks as he cleared the ropes in a single jump! The 6’7” and 250-pound Texan native stood over Gallway and scooped him up as he tossed him into the corner and unleashed his own series of Shoulder Thrusts, almost like like was mocking Brody. SuperMack was off in the corner seething quietly as he watched Gallway get worked over.

Dallas pulled him out of the corner and started to power him up over his head with a Vertical Suplex while keeping the Prince of Precision up in the Delayed position. The crowd booed while Duzza was in the corner looking at his watch to time how long he had him up. Eventually, Griffin fell backwards and dropped him hard into the mat! After Gallway hit the mat, the man called Mr. Big Time did a KIP-UP! Amazing for a man that big, but he did it! He then rolled over just to make the cover again on The Prince of Precision.




The Heir was hurt when he turned him over and reached out to tag in Statuz Quo. The A-Town Assassin came into the ring and knelt down to one knee while Dallas went for another Suplex, this time throwing him forward and DRIVING him hard across the knee! Gallway was sucking in wind and was hurt now as Quo took a turn going for the lateral press this time!




The A-Town Assassin threw up the deuces to the crowd and stood over the fallen Gallway. These two teams were absolutely no strangers to each other, trading victories over the course of the Christmas season. Mack Brody was stomping on the ring apron and wanted this fight. Breakdown was really getting to him and he wanted to prove himself and show that despite his setback at Breakdown, he still wanted this.

Quo picked up Gallway and put him in the seated position and dropped some elbows into the top of his head. Trouble was running things and Duzza couldn’t have been more proud of his boys as they continued the vicious assault. Quo headed back to Gallway and dropped a hard elbow into the back of his head. When Ryan tried to stand, a sick Back Kick from Quo caught him in the stomach and brought him back to a knee. He followed that up with a DEVASTATING Spear that nearly turned him inside out! Quo was all fired up and the A-Town Assassin tried to put an end to things.




The Baron of Ballistics saved his tag partner by breaking up the cover when Ian ordered him out of the ring. Quo slashed a thumb across his neck to tell the crowd what he was going for next. He hooked him by the neck and was intent on ending things with his modified STO he called the Ether…


Gallway elbowed his way free when Quo stopped him again with a knee to the gut. He whipped him into the ropes, but that turned out to be a big mistake…


The Handspring Gamengiri BLASTED him upside the jaw with his kick when he knocked Quo over! He hit the mat in a very bad way and now The Intergalatic Space Cowboy landed on his side and slapped a fist on the mat as he saw his corner within reach.






They chanted it and they wanted SuperMack to get in the ring in the worst way. Quo was heading off to his corner while Gallway inched his way towards Frank and Mack Brody each wanting the tag from their friend. Gallway reached over…


On the other side of the ring, Griffin was tagged into the match and Mack Brody charged right at him with a big Shoulder Tackle that knocked him on his ass! “Midas” Mack Brody was feeding off the energy from the crowd and was anxious to fucking fight! He charged over…



Griffin started to stand, albeit feeling very loopy after the big Shoulder Tackle from Brody. He charged at him only for the big bruiser from Philly to club him with a Double Sledge to the face! When he tried to stand a second blow caught him in the head. Quo tried to stop the big man from building any more momentum only to eat a BIG Headbutt to the face!

It wasn’t often that Brody used such a move because he was proud of his sexy face, but for Trouble, he would headbutt the fuckers into oblivion if he could. He used a power whip to toss Quo into the opposite corner and when Griffin was up he did the same to him. Both men were stacked up in the corner when he charged just enough to club them both with a Running Splash in the corner! Brody pushed Quo out of the way and he hoisted Griffin over his shoulders as he posed for the crowd…

THE 24K!

The Sit-out Argentine Backbreaker dropped Griffin down hard with the move and segued right into the cover!




The last man of the members of Trouble panicked, but he dropped the elbow on his head and stopped him in his tracks! Brody still fought back and pushed him away heading right into the grasp of Silver as he hoisted Khadafi up…


He flattened him and took him out of the equation when Quo snuck up from behind him and turned him around. Quo caught him with a right and when Quo stopped him, Gallway clipped him upside the head with a kick! Silver scooped him up as Gallway hit the second rope looking for the Heirs’ new double-team finisher….


The Front Powerslam/Flying DDT combination put Quo out of his misery as they left the ring to allow Brody and Griffin alone. Griffin stood up and stumbled into the grip of Brody who leveled him with a kick to the gut…


Brody hooked both legs and pinned Griffin in emphatic fashion as the crowd counted along.




Mack Brody remained as dominant as ever and with this win the Heirs of Wrestling looked to cement their place as the frontrunners heading into the massive War Games match. Gallway, Silver, and Brody all stood front and center in the ring now as an angry Duzza had a complete meltdown that his men had lost.


Silver and Gallway dapped fists while Mack Brody raised both arms in the air to a big ovation from the crowd. Some more of that patented teamwork that had put the three men on the map had netted them another victory. Brody looked at his boys and shook his head.

“Sorry about that whole going fucking nuts thing.”

“We’re glad you’re on OUR side, Big Mack,” Ryan said.

Frank patted him on the back as the three men left the ring to celebrate this victory here tonight.

Winner: The Heirs of Wrestling via Pinfall


The jOltvision lit up as the arena slowly dimmed to see the darkness of the boiler room, the place that few care to dwell but one man calls home. The overpowering stench of oil and smoke from the air made it unendurable for all who would dare step foot in this underground refuge of the Arena of Champions. The whirling sounds of a generator and a furnace was peace and serenity for the Underground Champion, Omega.

The disconcerting madman, sat in the shadows soaking in the aroma of the boiler room with a slight grin on his face. The champion looked down at the Underground Championship as it lay at his feet. The slight flickering of light from the furnace gave the fans a glimpse of the Underground Champion.

“What happened at Breakdown?”

“What do you mean?”

“We almost lost to Derecho because we are letting her divide us.”

“We had things well in hand at Breakdown. We retained the Underground Championship and we made the King revel in pain.”

“We did not have things well in hand. She is a problem that we need to solve before things get further out of hand.”

“She is not a problem. She is the reason we are here today and they need to understand that. If it was not for our pursuit of her the Underground division would not be our playground.”

“Omega does not understand. We believe we are losing our edge because of her.”

Omega slowly moved near the heat coming from the furnace. He suddenly sighed before speaking softly once more.

“We are starting to believe the rumors that she is a curse.”

Omega grabbed his locks, pulling on them as he started to smirk.

“She is not a curse, it’s always been her. She is the reason, the sole reason we are where we are today. It was her that helped us to achieve our goal.”

A sick laugh was heard echoing throughout the boiler room. The fans in the arena continued to look at the screen, while listening to the message from the maniacal Underground Champion.

“Our goal. We are losing sight of the big picture. We are letting her change us. We are becoming too complacent. We see it all too well. We are losing that killer instinct that gave us control over this division. It’s because of her.”

The champion grabbed his head and started to shake violently. The fans in the arena looked on in horror at Omega as he continued to shake. The uncontrollable shaking started to subside a little as Omega yelled at the top of his lungs.


The champion turned toward the furnace letting the order of the fumes seep into his nostrils as it seemed to calm him down slightly.

“Omega we didn’t mean that. We know how you feel about that word. We should have never used that word. We just meant that we’re losing our focus and when we lose focus things like Breakdown can occur.”

“She said this would happen. She said they didn’t believe in her. She said they didn’t believe in what she can do for us. How she can help us become one?”

“Omega, we are one. We believe in us but she is the one that has to realize that. We believe that Breakdown was a test for all of us. When we are divided we lose focus and that’s when we are vulnerable. Do you remember that day we found Omega? Omega was a scared little six year old boy that was sitting alone in a house with blood spilt everywhere. We helped Omega out of that situation and that’s when we decided that the boy needed us. Do you remember that?”

Omega sunk his head into his hands for a few seconds.

“Yes we do remember that. That was a bad time for us. We know what has to be done. We need to join fully with her. We all need to become one to ascend to new heights. We know this thing with Derecho is far from over. The pain that was issued and received at Breakdown will be nothing compared to what is in store for us. Tonight we settle things with her because we do not believe in curses.”

Omega grabbed his dreadlocks again and flung them away from his damaged eye. He looked into the camera once more as the disturbing sight of Omega’s damaged eye haunted the Joltvision and the fans in the area. The champion started to laugh maniacally.

“The end is forthcoming once we become one.”

The screen quickly went black as the lights in the Arena of Champions slowly came on. There was a slight murmur in the crowd as the fans waited for the next match of the night.

Aran Thompson vs Mattock

"Ladies and Gentlemen! The following match is to move on in the RELENTLESS CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT! Introducing first to the ring!"

The fans erupted as Dean Carrington announced the next match and the Arena of Champions was flooded with the sound of "The Northern" by Alexisonfire played and Mattock, one half of reVolt, walked out from behind the entrance curtain as the fans were excited to see who Mattock would face, but Mattock remained focued on the task at hand.

Seemingly struck with tunnel vision Mattock ignored the fans who cheered for him and slid into the ring. Mattock cracked his neck and knuckles as he rose up and watched the entrance ramp.

Lights Out.


The sounds of metal reverberated throughout the Arena of Champions as the fans exploded as Aran Thompson walked out from behind the entrance curtain as "Onion!" by One Ok Rock began was playing and strobe lights of red, yellow and white flashed to the rythm of the music. Mattock watched on with his head tilted as Aran Thompson stopped at the ring apron and looked at his opponent.

Referee Simon Boulder stood between both men who looked to continue on in the Relentless Championship tournament and go on to face Jon LeBon, Vizier ta Seti, and the winner between Diamond Jewelz and Jimmy B. Martinez.

Aran Thompson stepped backwards first with his hands raised as to prove that he was more than willing to make this a fair match. Mattock obliged as he stepped back and Simon Boulder checked both men before signalling for the bell and the match was offical.

Aran and Mattock circled the ring eyeing one another trying to decide how they each could get the advantage.

Mattock spun to one knee trying to sweep Aran who stepped back and quickly tried to come back with a kick of his own that Mattock managed to dodge as well. They seemed evenly matched and Aran quickly came to terms with that as he challenged Mattock to a test of strength putting his hands high in the air and Mattock once again obliged him.

The two men locked hands and powered against one another as Aran began to slowly win the battle of strength, Mattock again sweapt the leg of Aran bringing Aran's back to the mat but the two remained locked up hand to hand. Aran used his power to force Mattock to bring him back up to his feet and Aran swept Mattock with a swift kick to the back of the leg but again they maintained being locked up. Aran pressed down hard pinning Mattock to the mat.



As Mattock kicked out he released his hold and Aran stepped back nodding his head toward Mattock letting him know that he wanted him back on his feet and they spun the mat once again as Mattock shook his wrists and snarled a bit feeling that Aran was toying with him as Aran looked on smiling.

Mattock stepped in and Aran quickly moved behind Mattock locking in a sleeper hold and the fans seemed hard pressed how to react as the two men seemed to try to play it safe. Mattock reached behind his head, grabbing the back of Aran's neck and forced Aran forward reversing the head lock with a snapmare and as soon as Aran's tailbone hit the mat Mattock kicked Aran in the back and the fans reacted in wonder as Mattock ran into the ropes.

Aran, holding his back, managed to roll out of the way from a running boot from Mattock and again swept the same leg of Mattock sending him crashing to the mat. Aran followed it up quickly with an elbow drop before getting back to his feet and stepping on the wrist of Mattock before Mattock could turn around.

Aran kicked Mattock in the side and Mattock rolled over in pain and something seemed to snap in Aran as his demeanor changed immediately and he kicked Mattock again in the back. Mattock tried to roll out of the ring but Aran grabbed his legs and pulled him back in before lifting his right leg and slamming the knee of Mattock into the mat.

Mattock bellowed in pain as he grabbed his knee and Aran stepped back and motioned for Mattock to get up.

"C'mon!" Aran shouted.

Mattock looked at Aran and slowly got to his feet.

"Is this you being Relentless?!" Aran demanded of Mattock who snarled and shifted his knee before standing completely and smiled back at Aran.

Mattock ran after Aran who side stepped Mattock, but when Aran turned around Mattock had used the ropes and kicked Aran in the face hard with a springboard thrust kick. Aran slammed into the mat and this time Mattock motioned for Aran to get up.

Aran shook his head and wiped his mouth as he slowly rose to his feet and the fans were beginning to get behind the two competitors trying to one up one another.

Aran cracked his neck and Mattock shook his arms loosening up as they stepped in Mattock quickly grabbed the arm of Aran Thompson flipping him over in a hip toss but Aran landed on his feet. Aran, arm still locked to Mattocks, flipped Mattock over and Mattock tried to land on his feet but over judged the space between himself and the ropes and Mattock slid between the top and middle ropes handing between them as Aran held on to Mattocks arm before kicking Mattock in the back sending him throat first into the top rope and falling without grace to mat as Aran quickly pinned him.




The fans showed their admiration for the spot as Aran used the ropes to his advantage and Mattock rolled over on his side trying to stand up but Aran grabbed Mattock by the hair as Referee Simon Boulder admonished Aran for his tactic and Aran released his hair with his hands in the air.


Aran collected his balance quickly but Mattock hit Aran with a Pélé Kick sending Aran staggering into the ropes and as Aran bounced back Mattock grabbed Aran's wrist spinning him around to Mattocks back with the back of his neck against Mattocks back.


Mattock quickly pinned the former Relentless Champion as the fans cheering had grown louder.




Mattock sat up and looked at Simon Boulder who maintained his position that it was just a count of two.

Mattock quickly returned to Aran Thompson bringing him back up to his verticle base and slapping Aran across the chest but Aran wasn't prepared to back away as he slapped Mattock across the face and the fans cheered with each slap both men exchanged. Aran swung wildly but Mattock blocked the attack and kicked Aran in the leg bringing him back to one knee.


As Mattock slammed his left knee into Aran's head, Aran rock back before staggering back to his face after Mattock slammed his right knee into Aran's head. Aran, who seemed stunned, tried to collect his vision as Mattock bent Aran and lifted him in a brainbuster position but Aran fell foward landingon his feet and staggered forward quickly finding some balance.


Mattock fell to the mat and Aran fell as well, both men barely moved as the fans began to boo and the camera panned over to see Michael Donavan and Seraph walking down the ring. The booing grew even louder the closer the two Rebellion members stalked to the ring. Mattock and Aran both struggled to get to their feet but Mattock was clearly in better condition as he made it to his feet first and noticed the members of the Rebellion now circling the ring.

Mattock watched cautiously as Aran got to his feet and recognized the two villians now perched on two seperate sides of the ring. Aran and Mattock slowly backed into one another and turned their attentions to each other continuing to pummel on one another and throwing the fact that their mutual enemies stood on either side of them watching. The fans had no idea how to react as Aran and Mattock circled the ring punching one another before they quickly seperated from one another.



Seraph dropped down from the apron racking Aran's groin on the ropes and Referee Simon Boulder had no choice but call for the bell.

Seraph walked over to Donavan and checked on him as Mattock checked on Aran helping him off the ropes.


Mattock spun around and shouted disbelief at Simon Boulder who told him be had no choice as Aran was physically assaulted by Seraph and Mattock turned his attention to Donavan and Seraph who was walking to the back, no emotion on their face and Mattock looked down at Aran and shook his head before turning his attention back at the Rebellion members. Mattock reluctantly helped Aran to his feet and patted Aran on the chest as Aran nodded in a show of respect.

It seems The Rebellion had just sucked another person into their war.

Winner: Aran Thompson via Disqualification

"Rabu Uppu"

We were taken backstage where Dragonfly Amber Ryann was sitting on some staging equipment cases playing a Nintendo DS. Her left leg dangled over the edge of the case, her right leg was planted on top with her knee up to her chest. Donny Layne walked up to her as she continued to look down at her handheld.

"You like this spot don't you?" asked Layne.

Ryann continued to stare down at her DS, mashing the buttons.

"Yeah.. it's nice." she replied.

Layne cleared his throat as these interviews were always awkward.

"So, I'd like to get your thoughts about Breakdown. You took a pretty hard fall at the end and was wondering how your neck was and if you would be ready for competition."

Ryann continued to click away at the buttons on her DS.

"It was a stinger." she said.

Her short and to the point answer was enough for her, but Layne, being the journalist he was, decided to try and probe deeper.

"Glad to hear you're okay. You came really close to beating Sarah Winterton and taking the championship. Are you going to try for it again? They say three times is the charm."

Ryann continued to ignore Layne.

"Nah" said Ryann

Layne scratched his head.

"Why not?" asked Layne.

"I need to Rabu Uppu first" said Ryann.

"Rabu Uppu?" asked Layne.

"Shyeah.. don't you watch anime or are you a filthy casual? Level up. Step up my game... get better." said Ryann with a quirky smirk on her face.

"Oh.. I see" said Layne.. still a bit confused. "So.. what's next for you then?"

"Whatevs" said Ryann.

"Huh?" asked Layne.

"My God man, do you English much? It means whatever.. as in, whatever happens.. happens. You asked me what's next.. but I like.. can't predict the future.. it's whatevs."

Layne shook his head.

"So what are your thoughts on Alyssa Corliss? You stepped up and defended her and that's what got you into the match with Sarah Winterton. Now she's done a complete 180 and flipped the script and all that. How are you .. uhm.. What do you think her deal is?" said Layne trying desperately to speak her lingo.

Ryann paused her game and burst out laughing.

"Oh man.. you sound like my dad trying to relate to me. It's kind of cute, actually." said Ryann as she hopped down off the equipment. She then slapped Layne on the back.

"You keep workin' on that.. maybe you will one day level up, too." said Ryann

Ryann walked away laughing to herself as Layne just stood there embarrassed. He realized he never did get an answer to his last question and now he might not as the scene faded to black.

The House & Charlotte vs The Widow's Nest

“Caught In A Web” by Dream Theatre was playing over the speaker system now which told people that in the middle of the ring right now was the Widow’s Nest. The match coming up was an inter-gender six person tag pitting the forces of Wolfspider, Araknis, and their beautiful and cunning manager Black Widow in action. Tonight they would be taking on the returning former two-time tag champions in the House – Adam Roebuck, Derrick Huber, and their valet and Huber’s wife, the former Starlets Champion Charlotte.

"House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch

The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive pop from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of card stoward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the Nevada bred former jOlt Tag Team Champions appeared from the backstage area. The obese fan favorite extended his arms outward and nodded while his muscular counterpart anxiously greeted the masses in an enthusiastic fashion. Walking from one end to the other, the power lifter rejoined his partner as the former jOlt Starlet Champion had her hands raised by both men.

Carrington: “...And making their way to the ring; accompanied by their manager, CHARLOTTE...From Las Vegas, Nevada...Weighting in at a total combined weight of 777 pounds...they are the team of ADAM ROEBUCK & DERRICK HUBER!!!...They are THE!!! HOUSE!!!

The burly Roebuck lumbered his way down the ramp as both Charlotte & Huber began greeting the fans in the front row before rounding the ring. Roebuck stormed his way up the ring steps and passed through the ropes as Derrick gave his lady a kiss before following suit. Derrick Huber was seen clapping his hands to jumpstart the crowd as their musical theme dissipated.

The two superheavyweights were in action and this was Charlotte’s first match in around four months since Sarah Winterton had attacked her. She made it clear at Breakdown she was out for revenge and come hell or high water, she would have it.

The ladies were up first! Charlotte and Black Widow met in the middle of the ring. The Queen of Hearts raised her hands up in a defensive stance and prepared to grapple, but there was nothing fancy about Black Widow as she cracked her in the stomach with a kick. The venomous and dangerous Black Widow stood over the kneeling Charlotte and pulled back on her hair.


Roebuck and Huber watched Charlotte as the redhead was taken to task by Black Widow and kicked her several more times. She whipped her to the mat by her hair and had on a big smile as the other members of the Widow’s Nest watch. This victory would be a huge one for them if they could knock off the former tag team and Starlets champions tonight.

Black Widow took Charlotte and when she tried to whip her across the ring Charlotte reversed that and sent her flying into the ropes. When she came back she got the business end of a jumping calf kick from The Queen of Hearts!

So far, so good for Charlotte whose arm seemed to not be giving her any trouble. Black Widow was hurt when Charlotte snatched her up and got some payback for the earlier attack with a few forearm shots. The Queen of Hearts took the venomous Widow by the arm and tried to whip her into the corner when she put the brakes on and sent her into the corner. The super athletic Charlotte did a flair-style flip over the corner and landed on her feet on the apron which had the crowd popping. Black Widow tried to stop her only to eat a kick to the face followed by springboarding and hitting a cross body with some good air!


2… kick out by Black Widow.

Charlotte had taken to the skies with a big aerial jump and nearly got the win right off the bat.

The former Starlets champion tried to pick her up again and looked for a suplex before she jumped over her and turned the tables with a Russian leg sweep. Now it was Widow’s turn to cover.


2… no!

This time the Queen of Hearts kicked out of Widow’s attempt to pin her. Widow swiftly dragged her to her feet when she surprised her with an upper cut to the jaw followed by one of her favorite moves called THE DEATH CARD~!

She caught her flush in the jaw with a discus big boot that knocked Widow back into her corner. Araknis took advantage of the fall and tagged himself in not only to protect their leader but to also get inside the ring. The men didn’t face the women in this brand of match but Araknis had some bad thoughts on his mind as he tried to approach Charlotte much like his namesake stalking its prey. Charlott backed off and her protective husband, Derrick Huber, entered the fray.

The crowd was going nuts for the Sin City Strongman as he stepped in the ropes. Araknis tried to launch an attack and went right at him with a combination of kicks and forearms that were enough to keep the big man back. The Oddsmaker blocked one big kick and pushed him back into the corner before he approached him and knocked the wind out of him with some head butts to the chest. Araknis was slumped over. The Sin City Strongman charged and Araknis ducked over him so he could run off the ropes. What he didn’t catch was Huber coming back at him and bowling him right over with a running shoulder block. Huber then came back with a flexing arm and then dropped an elbow into his chest.

Huber got up and yelled out to the crowd for what was coming next. Statuz Quo fell victim to the move that was coming at Breakdown and now it looked like Araknis was going to be on the bad end of the giant swing that he called the Roulette Wheel...


The crowd reaction grew loudly negative when Black Widow came into the ring and tried to save her subordinate by getting in his face. Huber wasn’t the type to hit a lady, but Charlotte had no such qualms and caught her in the jaw with a drop kick! She was out of the ring and the ladies were cleared from the scene.


The big guns of the Widow’s Nest, Wolfspider, ran in during the chaos and took down Derrick Huber with a spear backed up by two-hundred sixty-five pounds of force! Roebuck snarled on the ring apron while Wolfspider rolled away and took Araknis with him so he could make the tag to himself.

After some chaos, now the Widow’s Nest had the chance to take advantage as he sat over Huber and ravaged him with a vicious barrage of elbows to the head of the Sin City Strongman. Wolfspider towered over the fallen Huber and the stoic monster dragged him over to the corner where the tag was made to Araknis. Wolfspider held Huber down so that way Araknis could come off the top rope with a high angled senton bomb across Huber’s barrel chest. Araknis covered now.



Close but no cigar!

Huber powered Araknis off and kicked him in the chest several times before he sped off the ropes and landed a seated dropkick right to the face. Araknis tried for another cover on the Sin City Strongman.



Huber kicked out!

Araknis was still fighting back against The Sin City Strongman as he tried to stand again. Araknis caught him with more kick. Araknis jumped to the top rope and jumped off for another big aerial move but Huber caught him in his grip and landed the swinging side slam backbreaker called THE SPREAD BET~!

He was nearly broken in two after the impact of the move. The creative and innovative powerhouse that was Huber crawled over as Araknis barely had enough strength to reach over and tag into Wolfspider. The big guns of the Widow’s Nest got into the ring and Adam Roebuck was now inside.

The Big Bucks was on fire now and he let Wolfspider have it with some body shots before he launched the two-hundred sixty-five pounder to the corner and when he bounced back the Las Vegas Leviathan shot him high into the air with a back body drop. Wolfspider stumbled upwards when Roebuck launched him to the corner. Roebuck waited for Wolfspider to regroup when Roebuck launched himself over and crushed his body with the THE BOTTOM DEALING~!

Wolfspider doubled over when Roebuck grabbed him by the head and set him up over his shoulders looking for a running powerslam, but Wolfspider still had enough strength to slip out the back and chop the leg out from the big man. Roebuck had two questionable wheels already and Wolfspider took advantage of that. He punched him in the face twice and ran off to the ropes but Roebuck caught him and dropped him with a big rib breaker followed by a fallaway slam called the THE DOUBLE ACE FLUSH~!



Araknis delivered a jumping double stomp to the head of Roebuck to stop the monster from getting the pin but Derrick Huber stopped him by grabbing him by the head and setting him down. Huber wasn’t going to be denied this time…


It was a short swing due to the fact that he wasn’t the legal man, but it was enough to take down the groggy Araknis as he launched him through the ropes and out to the floor! Black Widow freaked out on the outside as Roebuck stood at her but that’s when Charlotte slid between Roebuck’s legs and took down Black Widow a second time with a baseball slide to the floor!

Wolfspider was limping and he clubbed Roebuck behind the head. He tried to set him up for a big package piledriver finisher. It was ambitious, but Roebuck was free and launched him over with a back body drop. Wolfspider held his back while The Big Bucks made the legal tag over to Derrick Huber. The bruiser for the group was down when Huber clobbered him with a right. Huber came off one side of the ring with a jumping senton while Roebuck took afterwards with a running body press!


Sure it was a mouthful but both men crushed Wolfspider underneath close to eight hundred pounds. Huber covered Wolfspider’s shoulders while Charlotte and Roebuck stood watch.




When the House got going as a unit, they were close to unstoppable and this was a lesson that the Widow’s Nest had to find out the hard way. Charlotte looked great in her return to active duty and Adam Roebuck and Derrick Huber looked more like the destructive fan favorites they were before they left a few months ago. Huber and Roebuck tapped their fists together and they lifted Charlotte on their shoulders to celebrate!

Tonight they proved that no matter the opposition, the odds were in the House's favor.

Winner: The House via Pinfall


"The violence!"

A voice shrieked out in revelry as the scene faded in on fans surrounding concession stands buying merchandise and gorging on expensive stadium food and drinks. Children clung to their parents legs and hands as everyones attention was stolen and they all looked around trying to find the source of the shrill.

"The agony!"

"The pain!"

The crowd searched to no avail as the voice echoed throughout the open corridors and bounced from ear drum to ear drum.

"We love it!"

"We crave it!"

"It is us!"

The lights darkened as a man wearing a nice suit without a sports coat walked through the crowd and everyone tried to get a glimpse of his face, but he took co-ordinated steps to hide inside of the darkness provided before stopping in at a merchandise table and picking up a shirt. The man stared at the shirt as cameras flashed and the murmur of people complaining about not being able to get a good picture blistered the halls.

Lights Out.

"So deadly..."

Lights On.

As soon as the lights came back on the fans looked around and adjusted their eyes trying to figure out who they had seen, conversing with one another if they had seen the man or if they were all metally ill and then a buzz fell over the crowd as the camera panned over to the center of the room where fans gathered, their gaze fixed on a shirt neatly folded that read:

The Underground

Chris Titan vs Nate Quartermaine

"So, this is it," Michael Buhrman said, "we're going to just get right into it here with Nate Quartermaine taking on Chris Titan. Here comes Quartermaine now and he is being flanked by Cross the Hood, all members of rookie faction, The Rebellion."

"I Don't Wanna Stop" by Ozzy Osbourne.

"Yeah," Nate Powers chimed in, "And that would be a smart move on my buddy Nate's part because Chris Titan is a maniac. He'll kill himself if it means he gets to kill you, too. Guy's insane."

Nate Quartermaine was in the ring now, doing his warm-up routine by tugging the ropes and pulling his singlet straps up around his shoulders.

"That's true, Nate," Buhrman replied, "but this is not an Underground Rules match and pulling something extreme, as Chris Titan is known to do, will disqualify him and he'd lose his shot at Sebastian Saje at Rise of the Legends."

"It's funny that you think he cares if he gets a sanctioned match against Saje or not. This kid's in serious trouble, he's got a hooligan on his tale and he needs Damien Lee to step in here to protect his investment. Having Cross the Hood at ringside is the least they can let him do."

"Protect his investment, what do you think Chris Titan is?"

"I don't think I want him to know that."

"13 Steps to Nowhere" by Pantera.

The crowd popped huge for The Backbone's de-facto leader, although he didn't return the sentiment. Rather, Chris Titan took his time getting to the ring keeping deadly focus on his opponent. He was sporting an armless black Backbone hoodie, hood up, eyes on the prize. Titan took the ring steps, rolled his neck, and stepped inside. It was officially "on."


Chris Titan and Nate Quatermaine circled each other for a few quick seconds before locking up. Quartermain with the go-behind and he attempted to take Titan over with a German suplex but Chris Titan locked his leg and countered into a hip toss, which he then followed up with a pin attempt.



"Quartermaine kicked out at two!"

Titan remained on the attack, stomping Quartermaine's hands as he tried to lift himself back to his feet. But Quatermaine was also a technical prodigy and he was able to quickly take Chris Titan over with a Fireman's Carry. Quartermaine immediately spun and locked Titan in a Seated Sleeper. After a few moments struggling to get free, referee Simon Boulder checked on Titan.

"Do you want to give up, Titan?"

"Kiss my ass!"

"He said no," Boulder informed Nate Quatermaine. The rookie upstart, wrestling Chris Titan on behalf of The Rebellion, wrapped his legs around Titan's waist and rolled The Backbone's leader on his side. Chris Titan had nowhere to go and air was being cut off from his lungs, it was only a matter of time.

Suddenly, the arena went crazy.

"RENO DAVIS IS BACK!," shouted Michael Buhrman.

But Simon Boulder would have none of that in his ring. He stopped Reno before he had a chance to help the man he called back to jOlt but failed to see what was happening right behind his back in the ring.

Cross the Hood was in the ring now and they were stomping on a prone Chris Titan. Finally, Reno Davis was able to convince Boulder he had no intentions of intefering in the match and he was permitted to stay at ringside. Just in time for Cross the Hood to make a timely exit from the ring, leaving Nate Quartermaine in the driver's seat. He now had Chris Titan's leg hooked.




Chris Titan just managed to get his shoulder up in time but he was nearly unconscious at this point. Titan willed himself over to his stomach while Nate Quartermaine argued with Simon Boulder about the speed of his count, making sure to turn Boulder's back to Titan in the process.

Cross the Hood was back in the ring now but the Arena of Champions erupted again as Mike Extreme emerged from the crowd and cut The Rebellion's tag team off. Extreme laid Machida Hood out with a clothesline and turned his attention to Jackson Cross. Quartermaine, in an attempt to get Simon Boulder's attention, shoved the largest referee in the business in his chest. The seven-footer was in no mood to be disrespected, which meant he was unaware that Jackson Cross had slipped into the ring behind him and was just waiting for Chris Titan to get to his feet. Luckily, just as he was about to find out Reno Davis leapt onto the ring apron and got the full brunt of Boulder's wrath.

Inside the ring, Titan was just getting to his feet and Cross took off charging ...

"ROGUE CRUSHER ON JACKSON CROSS!" shouted Michael Buhrman.

He was so enamored with the Rogue Crusher that he nearly missed Chris Titan duck a clothesline from Nate Quartermain, stop dead in his tracks, and leap up to grab the rookie's head.


Almost. And with that Chris Titan knew it was elementary.




One down on the road to Rise of the Legends for Chris Titan, a man that literally has risen from the ashes. The Rebellion may have created their own undoing by pushing The Backbone together again and having them align themselves with Revolt only makes them even stronger. Could this Rebellion be quelled before it even has a chance to succeed? Or will The Rebellion fire back twice as strong?

Winner: Chris Titan via Pinfall

"Tall Glass of Water"

After a very heated confrontation with her rival Sarah Winterton earlier in the evening, Charlotte wanted to just relax and go home. She was in action and got into a fight with the Starlets Champion so she had herself a quiet little break by catering backstage. Charlotte gestured over to a bottled water at one of the tables and a young lady in catering handed it to her.

“Thanks, hon!”

“You got it!” She smiled.

Charlotte enjoyed the bottle of Evian. Her first night in action was a successful one tonight and she was looking for a nice break with her husband out on the town after the show. She smiled remembering when she laid out Sarah Winterton with her title belt after she tried a sneak attack.

“Yep, a good night,” Charlotte grinned.

As she leaned against the wall another voice from nearby interrupted her train of thought.

“Shawttyyy.. What’s good?”

The Queen of Hearts turned her head and saw one of the hit squad for Diamond Jewelz, a former Hype wrestler Samuel Latrell. With a confident swagger about him he walked up to Charlotte and leaned against the wall next to her.

"Hmm-mmm…. Damn” he flirted, admiring the view. “Hey, if you want somethin’ big and refreshin’ to put in yo’ mouth, I got a big gusher for ya!”

“Ew...” Charlotte let out. She’d seen some gross things as her time as a showgirl in Las Vegas before wrestling, but this was pretty up there. “No offense, hon, but I don’t want to get what you probably already got. So back off.”

Charlotte turned around when she saw Samuel’s large tag team partner, Khalil Straightgully, standing in her way. He winked her way also as she realized she was trapped. She was a sparkplug but she wasn’t going anywhere.

“Look, you guys, you don’t wanna do this,” she reasoned. “For one, you couldn’t handle me. And two, you know who my husband is right? And his friend? They’re big guys.”

“Hehehe,” Samuel chuckled. “Don’t matta, baby, I bet mine’s bigger.”

The smile on Latrell’s face went away awfully quick when he felt a hand pressed him by the throat and chucked him against the wall. That hand belonged to her husband, Derrick Huber who was not pleased somebody was messing with his wife. Khali tried to jump in, but the even larger form of Adam Roebuck prevented him from jumping in.

“Get the fuck off me bitch.. I’ll kill yo mothafuckin ass”

“Not in this position!!!” Huber snarled. “We’ve been down this road once before with a group called Team EGO. They messed with my wife and now thanks to us, they haven’t been seen around here in a long time. Do you and your fucking buddy want to join them?”

Latrell looked a little rattled but he managed to try and regain his composure.

“Nah, man, I don’t care who the fuck Team EGO is. You and your boy done fucked up!”

“Oh, really?” Huber said. “Then I got a proposal for you, Latrell. You and your boy here want a fucking fight? Then how about you two against us next week?”

Latrell, attending to his neck said nothing, but boiled over with anger. Khalil responded, stone-faced and full of poise.


Khalil looked at Roebuck and didn’t back down at all. He looked eager for a fight, but he knew better than to start something right now. Huber and Roebuck had a stand-off with the two as Charlotte tipped her bottled water in their direction and smirked before she left.

“Told you they were big.”

Adam Roebuck and Derrick Huber each gave Khalil and Latrell death stares before the two men left the catering area … Roebuck took a cookie first and took a bite as the two stared at the Big Bucks with a strange look.

“I like cookies. Fuck you.”

Latrell and Khalil watched the surly giant stomped off behind the Hubers.

“Bitch made ass mothafucka… He’s a deadman.. Fo so’” Latrell moaned as he dusted off his shirt.

Jimmy B. Martinez vs Diamond Jewelz

Arena of Champions exploded in excitement for the next match that was to take place. It would be none other than the infamous one Mr. Jimmy B. Martinez against the self proclaimed jewelery outfitter of jOlt, Diamond Jewlz. Just than the lights dimmed the arena, and fluttered the arena in a sea of red. "If it all ended" by John Felix Cena began to blare over the speakers. Arena of Champions went wild as Jimmy B. Martinez slowly emerged out the back with a smile on his face. The infamous chants began to echo threw out the arena as he slowly made his was towards the ring.


Powers: Here we go again with these damn chants. What is wrong with these people. What is so infamous about him?

Burhman: Leave the kid alone. He's been doing one hell of a job every since returning to jOlt.

Powers: Is that so, I don't think so. I doubt he will get to the same level of stardom he was at before he left. Im a Landon Stevens type of guy.

Jimmy finally makes it to ring side and slides under the ropes. He quickly gets back up to his feet, and scales the turnbuckle. JBM than throws his hands up, as the cheers for the last flyweight champion began to get louder. They slowly die down as Nippsy Hustle’s "Gotta Take It" begins to blast threw out the arena. The cheers quickly changed to jeers. Diamond Jewlz finally emerged out the back, with a cocky look plastered on his face; the buxom Ruby Rocks Jewelz, and his security team, Them M’fn Goons, flank him, one goon to each side, with Ruby leading the way. He looks into the crowd with his custom bravado before flashing his custom DJ chain, and the Diamond and jade cathead he lifted from the Takaheshi Dojo. Before him and his goons burned it down

Powers: Yes, now this is what I'm talking about. You want to see talent? That is talent right there. Diamond is one hell of a superstar. I see a lot of potential in him. He is going to make it far here. When this match is over, I may have to speak to him about a custom piece. Im thinking "I got the power" piece.

Burhman: Are you serious? I think your losing your mind honestly.

Diamond Jewlz finally climbs into the ring, flashes his chain and gives a n evil blinging grin, before raising his hands is a showcase of machismo. The jeers only got louder, as they let Diamond really know how they felt for him. The match was ready to get underway as the official called for the two men to come to the center of the ring. With a wave of the officials hand, the bell rang signaling the start of the match.


Martinez and Diamond walked up to each other face to face and began to exchange words. Diamond Jewlz had enough; he cocked back his right hand and hit Jimmy with a hard right hand that connected with his jaw. Martinez stumbled back onto the ropes. Diamond than came running towards Jimmy with a clotheslines. JBM with his quick thinking pulled down the top rope, causing Jewlz to spill out on the outside of the ring.

Jimmy quickly took advantage as Diamond slowly got back up to his feet. Martinez executed a springboard moonsault connecting with Jewelz causing him to collapse on the floor outside. Jimmy slow to get up, grabbed Diamond Jewlz and rolled him into the ring. Jimmy rolled in right after Diamond. Jimmy stomped away on Diamond. He than reached down to bring him back up to his feet, but Diamond Jewlz had something else in mind. As he began to rise to his feet, he connected with low blow which quickly floored Martinez.


All of the lights in the arena go out, leaving the crowd murmuring and turning to their cell phones for a source of light.

Then, all at once the jOltvision screen lights back up with the word DESTINY in bright yellow going across the top half. A moment later, the bottom half fills up as well with two more words...


As the fans in the crowd look around confused, a bright yellow beam comes on from the top of the jOltvision, pointing down toward the ring and bathing the canvas in yellow.

Seconds later, the beam is gone and the arena lights are back on, almost as if the last few minutes hadn't taken place.

Wehen the lights come back onJewelz looks clueless. Jewelz looks around to make sure his surroundings are safe; he looks over to the announcers table to see the Goons guarding his jewelry, and everything in normalcy. Diamond Jewelz then began to laugh; he mocked Mr. Infamous, slapping him in the head and goding him to get up; he flashed another blinging grin and then grabded his jock; the crowd began to jeer because of his actions. It didn't effect Jewlz as he continued on the offensive with a couple of stomps to the head. Diamond finally lifted Jimmy to an erect position and tossed him into the turnbuckle. Jewlez than began to hit Jimmy B. Martinez with devastating blows to the head. The official couldn't see anymore as he gave Jewlez a warning about his punches. Diamond then tossed Martinez out from the corner and onto the mat. Jewelz then scaled the top rope, he began to taunt the already downed Martinez and jumped off with a moonsault. Jimmy with his sixth sense quickly rolled out the way, causing the self proclaimed jOlt jeweler to connect with nothing but canvas.

The arena of Champions erupted in excitement as Martinez slowly made it up to his feet. Jimmy ran across the ring jumped and connected with a springboard asi moonsault. He hooked up the leg for the pin, as the official quickly got into position to initiate the three count.




Powers: No! He has kicked out. Yes, that's my boy Diamond Jewelz. Jimmy better watch it, because I know Jewlz is mad at this point.

Burhman: Oh shut your mouth Powers. You’re always going for the wrong people.

Powers: Me! No way I go for the people with the talent, and that my good friend is Diamond Jewelz.

Burhman: You have to be kidding me Powers. I think you have some screws loose.

Powers: Oh hush, you sound like my wife.

The action in the ring began to heat up, as both men were already standing in the middle of the ring. Right by JBM, left by Jewlz, another right by JBM, another right by Jewlz. They would go one more round until Jewlz ducked one of Jimmy 's haymakers and hit a back body drop. The force caused Martinez body to bounce of the canvas. Jewlz quickly covers Jimmy.



Only a two count as Jimmy kicked out the pin. Diamond Jewelz frustrated slammed his hand onto the canvas screaming at the official, telling him he should of counted a little quicker. The official just ignored Jewelz request and demanded him to continue fighting. Diamond Jewelz turned around and was hit with punch right in the midsection. The blow caused Jewelz to slump forward holding his midsection. Jimmy than quickly grabbed Jewelz by his neck and executed a impaler DDT.

Burhman: Whoa! What a DDt. I'm sure that rocked the cradle.

Powers: That shouldn't effect a man like Jewlz. He got this in the bag. No worries.

Burhman: Really because it doesn't look that way from where I'm sitting.

Jimmy grabs Jewlz lifts him back to his feet and threw him into the ropes. Martinez goes for a clothesline. Jewelz quickly evades the attack, and comes back with a clothesline of his own. Jewelz begins to laugh as he points to his head, as to say he out smarted the former flyweight champion.


Arena of Champions erupted in jeers as Diamond Jewlz continued to gloat. Diamond Jewlz grabbed Martinez by his head and began to lift him up. Jimmy quickly fought back with rights and left, going back to his boxing background. Martinez swings Jewlz into the corner forcefully. Jewlz bounced out the corner holding his back. Jimmy quickly kicks Diamond in his midsection and hits his signature move.


Burhman: This could be it.

Immediately, seeing the match in danger, Ruby Rocks jumped up on the apron; the referee appropriately was drawn away from the count and in anger, Martinez followed him to remove Ruby from the apron. Ruby jumps down from the apron before Martinez got to her. Jewelz was getting back to his feet and pulled out his signature Diamond encrusted pair of brass knuckles. Boom!! He hit Martinez square in the head as the ref was still warning Ruby about her actions; Ruby pointed the ref toward the action in the ring.




Only a two count. The jOlt arena erupted into a chorus of cheers as Jewelz rolled away from the pin in exhausted dejection. He rolls over away from the ref and puts the brass knuckles back into his pants and then gets back up to his feet. Simultaneously, Martinez is getting back up to his feet as well. DJ began to climb the ropes. Simultaneously in the other corner, Martinez, a high flyer himself, has the same idea. Both men, reach the top rope exhausted and crouch down across from each other in a dejected stalemate. Both men stare at each other in exhaustion in a wild west stand off of high flyers.

Powers: Jewelz is going to jump from all the way over there..

Burhman: No he’s not…

Powers: Yes he is… Yes he is… I told you he was a freak of nature.

Burhman: No he’s not… These two high flyers are at a stalemate… Who’s going to shoot first

Almost prophetically Jewelz scales the ropes undertaker style, then in running fashion, scales the other side of the L and hits Martinez with a flying insiguri. Martinez flops down to the mat.

Powers: Holy Jesus!!!

Burhman: Was that real???

Powers: Christ.. I told you this guy was amazing.

Jewelz, currently exhausted, poises himself and then he leaps off the top rope…

3,106.75 Carats




Powers: It’s over.. It’s over.. Jewelz moves on in the Relentless Title tourney..

Jewelz clutched his stomach in pain in the corner from the big splash as Ruby rushed in to comfort him. The Goons joined Ruby, placing Dj’s necklaces around his neck and then carried him out of the ring as the bass rifts from Nipsey Hussle’s “Gotta Take It” pulsed through the arena. Jewelz’s blew his at acquiring gold to customize for himself at Breakdown against Eiji Kugasari, but tonight, he is one step closer to acquiring a piece of precious metal he might customize to fit his own, luxurious taste..

“One step closer!! That belt is mine.. Watch .. That gold is mine.. That’s what this is all about.. Custom Diamondz.. Custom Jewelz.. You niggaz see me.. I’m doing business out here…”

Winner: Diamond Jewelz via Pinfall

"A Venting Champion"

The Arena of Champions goes black.

The hard riffs of "Lift Me Up" by Five Finger Death Punch echo throughout the building. Strobe lights of pink and white flickered and flashed throughout the arena. Three spotlights moved spontaneously around the arena until they stopped at the top of the entrance ramp, just in front of the jOltVision. Pink and white smoke filled the top of the entrance way.

"CHUMP!!!! CHUMP!!!! CHUMP!!!!" The fans began to chant.

The smoke at the top of the ramp cleared as one of the spotlights shined down on Landon Stevens standing in front raising the jOlt Championship high in the air. The two others spread out behind him as Eli and Ezra Conway emerged from behind with the Tag Team Championships raised high in the air. The trio stood at the top as they basked in the chants that echoed throughout the arena.

"WE WANT ARAN!!!! (5x Clap)..... WE WANT ARAN!!!! (5x Clap)....." Stevens smiled a devilish grin as he gazed upon the crowd.

The Faction dropped their championships down to their shoulders before they moved down the entrance ramp. The crowd reached out trying to just touch one of the most prized championships in the business, but The Faction continuously teased as they stepped forward and stepped back away as the fans neared an inch too close.

The flickering strobe lights stopped. The spotlights shined down on the trio of champions. The Faction raised their championships high in the air once again before the spotlights dimmed out and the lights flashed to full brightness.


Landon slid into the ring under the bottom rope as Eli and Ezra used the ring steps to the apron where they stepped through the ropes. Stevens signaled to the time keeper for a microphone.

The music faded out.

"BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" The fans wasted little time. They didn't even give the champion a chance to speak before they started to boo him.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. May I have your attention please?"

"BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" The crowd echoed louder than before with their signs of distaste for the reigning champion.

"Let's try this again." A frustrated Stevens said with a sarcastic tone.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. May I have your attention please?"

"BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Once again the fans stopped Landon as their voices filled the arena.

"I try and come out here to do something nice for Eli and Ezra by giving them a proper celebratory moment, but all you people want to do is show us nothing but disrespect."

You Suck!!! (5x clap)..... You Suck!!! (5x clap)... "ENOUGH!!!!" An infuriated Landon Stevens exclaimed.

"You people chant about how I suck, how I'm a pussy, or how I'm a chump. I have given in to each and every one of your demands. I have overcome all of the odds time and time again and yet you still want to defy me of my shining moment. I've taken down 'The West Indian Obsidian', I've dethroned 'Mr. Relentless', and I've defeated both to earn a shot at the jOlt championship. I went on to become the jOlt champion and I successfully defended it three times this month against three of the best in the business. How is it you’re still showing me so much disrespect?" Stevens questioned the fans decision to hate him.

"I am the face of this company. The Faction stands as the best in the business. We hold the gold. I may have failed at winning the Relentless Championship, but my mission was completed as Aran Thompson woke up this morning... WITH NOTHING!!! We have done everything we have set out to do. We have earned the right to call ourselves the best in the business; it's our job to continuously prove it."

“Face of the company…” A voice broke through the chaos that was ensuing within the arena from the fan base, “Maybe if that face looked like an ass.”

The Anti-Star, and Stevens’ opponent for the evening sauntered out from the backstage area once more this evening, decked out in his wrestling attire, no flash or pizazz to accompany him. Ramey just stood at the top of the ramp and waited for the obvious rebuttal that was coming.

"Finally, you decide show your face when you have something to say. Is your phone dead and you can't post on twitter?"

“No,” Ramey smiled, “my phone isn’t dead. This is just the first opportunity I’ve been given to actually step out here and tell you how I feel to your face. Before tonight, the only way I could let you know how much of a spineless, piece of shit as a champion, that you are was through the means of Twatter.”

“Trust me,” Ramey continued, “if the chance had been given to me before tonight I would have made my feelings known to you a long time ago. At least you know and I’m not kissing your ass hoping that I’ll get to shine off of you oh great and mighty jOlt Champion, like the other greasy, ugly, roided up goons that travel along with you making sure that you retain that championship by any means necessary.”

The sarcasm leaving Ramey’s lips was so heavy it would take a hot, hot butcher knife to cut through. Ramey slowly began making his way toward the ring.

"You really want to do this tonight? Do I really have to waste my energy defending the championship against someone like you? Just to prove what has already been proven? Jesse, if another ass beating is what you want; then tonight you get your fifteen minutes. I hope you enjoy it, because it always comes at a price."

Ramey had made his way to the steel entrance steps as Landon finished.

“Oh, trust me Landon; I don’t expect to walk out of here tonight with that championship in hand.” Ramey said as he made his way up the steps and onto the apron. “I don’t expect anyone will be taking that championship away from you for quite some time, unless a number of things happen.”

Ramey then began listing off the deficits that any competitor setting foot inside of the ring with the current jOlt Champion would have to come up against, pausing a significant amount between each one.

“The Factions is barred from ringside.”

“You are forced to defend that championship in a setting where you can’t retain by disqualification.”

“You have alienated every single asset to retain that championship that you have, and you’re finally left out in the cold like the cowardly piece of shit that you are.”

Ramey finally slipped through the ropes and into the ring, “None of those things pertain to what is going to happen here tonight, so no, I don’t expect to take that championship from you, but if I’m going to get my ass kicked in any kind of capacity because of those things being against me, I’m going to dish out the most I can before one of them ends the match. So, yeah, I’m ready to get my ass kicked if it means getting to bash in your face for even five seconds. Let’s do this shit.”

Ramey tossed the microphone to the ground and made his way to his corner.

Landon Stevens(c) vs Jesse Ramey

The sound of the bell echoed throughout the Arena of Champions as the jOlt championship was raised high above the official’s head. Jesse Ramey wasted little time to get his hands on the champion as he quickly made his way over to the champion. The two stars locked up but Ramey’s momentum pushed Stevens into the corner. Ramey connected with a right hand and then a left to the kidneys of The Rising Star. Stevens wrenched as he tried to protect his body but Ramey quickly rammed his knee into the midsection of the champion.

Let’s Go Ramey!!!! (5x Clap)….. Let’s Go Ramey!!!! (5x Clap)….. Let’s Go Ramey!!!! (5x Clap)…..

The Anti-Star continued his assault on the champion as Stevens fell to the canvas. Ramey stomped down on his fallen opponent until the official pulled him away. Ramey taunted the crowd as they cheered. Ramey basked in the fans delight. Stevens pulled himself up in the corner and his laugh echoed from the ring as he smiled. Ramey turned back around to face his foe.


Stevens took Ramey down with a surprising spear. Stevens rolled off the top of Ramey and sat up. Stevens smiled as he pulled himself up to his feet. Stevens looked back at the downed Ramey.


Stevens hooked the leg for a cover.



The jOlt champion didn’t do nearly enough damage as Ramey kicked out before even a two count could be registered. Stevens rolled to his feet and grabbed Ramey by the hair as he pulled him up. Stevens connected with a hard uppercut that staggered the championship hopeful into the ropes.



Landon Stevens hit Ramey with a drop kick that sent him to the outside of the ring. The Faction leader began to taunt the crowd.

LANDON SUCKS!!! (5x clap)….. LANDON SUCKS!!! (5x clap)….. LANDON SUCKS!!! (5x clap)…..

The crowd chanted as Landon continued to taunt them as Ramey pulled himself up with the help of the ring apron. Stevens calculated his next move as Jesse stepped back from the apron. Stevens ran to the opposing ropes and bounced off. The jolt champion slid under the bottom rope and connected with a baseball slide as he landed on his feet on the ringside floor. Ramey was stunned as he staggered back. Stevens taunted the crowd once again as he spread his arms out wide.

”YOU SUCK STEVENS!!!” a fan could be heard yelling at the current jOlt champion.

“FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!” Stevens fired back.

With Stevens distracted by the fan Ramey came up from behind and turned The Rising Star around before connecting with a kick to the gut. With the official yelling for them to get back in the ring Ramey dropped the champ to the hard floor with a DDT. The fans began to cheer. Ramey was slow to get back to his feet. The official started to count the two stars out.



Ramey grabbed a handful of hair and pulled The Rising Star to his feet.


The Resident Anti-Hero forced Stevens into the barricade and connected with several forearms to the side of the head.


The official once again warned Ramey and Stevens to return to the ring. Ramey grabbed Stevens by the hair and pulled him over to the ring steps.


Ramey tightened his hold on the champion’s hair as he pulled his head back. Ramey tried to slam Steven’s head into the steel ring steps but the champ put both arms out in front and blocked the attempt. Steven’s swung back an elbow that stunned the challenger. Ramey staggered back.


Stevens grabbed Ramey and threw him up against the ring apron. Ramey wrenched in pain as the champion forced him back into the ring.


Stevens slid in under the bottom rope. The Rising Star grabbed a handful of Ramey’s hair and pulled him to his feet. Stevens smiled as he connected with a hard uppercut to his dazed opponent. The champ pulled Ramey in and set him up between the legs. Stevens went to hoist Ramey up but was blocked. Once again Stevens tried to hoist the challenger up. Ramey used all his upper body strength and flipped the reigning champ up over his shoulders. Ramey fell forward into the ropes as the Arena of Champions echoed with claps trying to push the momentum in the favor of Ramey. Stevens looked up in amazement before using the nearby ropes to pull himself up. The Rising Star stood back up and smiled at the challenger, before putting his arms up in the air daring him to lock up. Ramey stepped forward to the center of the ring as Stevens glared and smiled once again before putting his arms out. The two lock up in the center of the ring, and Ramey gained the early advantage as he pushed Stevens back into the ropes, but the official was quick to break the two superstars up.


Just as the official stepped out of the way, Stevens rocked Ramey back with a hard right hand. Ramey wiped his face and returned the favor.


Stevens returned fire as the two superstars began to quickly escalate their fight throwing punch after punch. Stevens threw a hard right hook as Ramey got his arm up in time and blocked it. Ramey swiftly connected with a hard kick to the gut.


Jesse Ramey dropped the reigning champ to the canvas. Ramey went for a quick cover.



Stevens kicked his feet out to break the cover. Ramey rolled to a seating position near the ropes as he smiled and laughed, knowing it was too soon for a cover. The challenger reached his arm up and grabbed the rope and pulled himself up to his feet. Stevens rolled out of the ring as he tried to catch his breathe. Eli and Ezra moved over to check on their leader. The fans started to chant as The Faction stood outside the ring.

CHUMPS!!!!.... CHUMPS!!!!.... CHUMPS!!!!...

The Arena of Champions echoed with the chants as Ramey bounced off the ropes, running across the ring before leaping over the top rope.


Ramey landed on top of all three members of The Faction crashing him onto the outside floor and into the surrounding baracades.

JOLT!!!!.... JOLT!!!!.... JOLT!!!!...

The fans filled the arena with chants once again. Ramey was slow to his feet but was the first as the official began his count.


Ramey grabbed Landon up by his hair and pulled him up to his feet. Ramey swung a hard forearm but Stevens blocked it and returned with a quick right hand that staggered the champion back.


Ramey came back towards Landon and the two began to exchange rights and lefts when Ramey ducked under a shot from Stevens and swung behind him and threw the champion to the floor with a belly to back suplex.


Ramey moved his feet with Eli and Ezra standing behind him. Ramey felt the eyes gazing upon him and turned around.

“Go ahead, we all know this is how it ends anyways.” Ramey yelled.


Eli and Ezra began to move towards Ramey. Stevens moved back to his feet with the help of the guard rails. The champion turned his distracted challenger around.


The sound of boot to flesh echoed as Stevens connected with a superkick to the chin of Ramey. The challenger collapsed to the floor as Stevens dropped to one knee.


The champion looked up and looked over at the downed Ramey before moving back to his feet. SIX!!!!!

Landon moved over to Ramey, grabbed a handful of hair and pulled him up to his knees. Stevens smiled at the crowd before he connected with a hard right hand to Ramey.


Stevens pulled Ramey all the way up to his feet and pushed him against the ring apron.


Stevens rolled Ramey back into the ring before sliding in himself. Ramey rolled to the center of the ring. The Rising Star pushed himself up to his feet and began to taught the crowd, flaring his arms out wide and smiling. Ramey moved to all fours and tried to push himself up but Stevens came up and connected with a kick to the side of the head.


The Arena of Champions filled with the chants of the crowd as Ramey crawled over to the ropes. Ramey pulled himself up to his feet. Stevens mocked Ramey who was draped over the ropes trying to catch his breathe. Eli moved up to the apron and the official quickly moved over to stop him from entering the ring. Ezra slid Landon his tag title belt. The champ bent over and picked the championship up. Stevens patiently waited as Ramey backed away from the ropes. Stevens went to hit Ramey with the belt as he turned around, but the awareness of Ramey was too much as he ducked under and slammed Stevens to the mat with a quick neckbreaker. The crowd began to stomp their feet and clap their hands.

RAMEY!!!!.... RAMEY!!!!...

The sound of his name echoing throughout the Arena of Champions pushed the challenger to get up as he pushed himself up and back to his feet. Ramey kicked the title belt out of the ring as he approached Stevens.


Stevens rolled up Ramey for a pin attempt, but the official was still distracted by Eli. Eli pointed and the official turned around and dropped to the canvas.




Stevens tried to pull off another sneaky victory, but without a quick count the attempt was a failure. Stevens rolled back to his feet and taunted the challenger.

“GET THE FUCK UP!!!” Stevens yelled before moving over to Ramey.

The Rising Star stomped down on the chest and midsection of Ramey before he bent down with one hand on the top rope and grabbed a handful of hair. Ramey attempted to roll the champion up but was blocked with a hand on the ropes and Stevens stomped down on the challenger once again. Stevens then grabbed Ramey by the hair and dragged him up to his feet before pushing him into the corner. Stevens connected with a hard knee to the midsection. Stevens picked Ramey up and set him up on the top rope before climbing up, Stevens tried to pull Ramey up to his feet on the ropes but Ramey grabbed the top rope. Stevens tried to pull Ramey’s hand off of the rope but Ramey used his free right hand to connect with a quick shot to the side of the head. Ramey shoved Stevens off the top rope before stepping up on the top rope.

450 SPLASH!!!!

Ramey connected with the high flying maneuver as he hooked the leg immediately.




The resilient champion managed to kickout of the pin attempt. Ramey pulled himself back to his feet. Ramey looked down at the fallen champion before grabbing a handful of hair and pulling him to his feet. Ramey locked Stevens in a front headlock and dragged him over to the corner. Ramey backed in the corner and stepped up to the second rope.

THE HANGOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ramey connected with one of his signature moves and went for the cover, but Ezra climbed up to the ring apron. Eli slid in as the official tried to get Ezra off the apron. Ramey moved to his feet to get the official’s attention.


Eli came out of nowhere and hit Ramey with one of the tag belts over the head. The crowd erupted in chants as Eli slid back out of the ring and Ezra jumped off the apron. The official turned around to Stevens getting back to his feet and Ramey sprawled out on the mat. Stevens smiled as he picked Ramey up before slamming him back down to the canvas with a ddt. The champion moved over to the corner and leaped up to the top rope.


Stevens jumped off and connected with a corkscrew moonsault. Stevens covered the challenger.





The bell sounded as The Rising Star once again retained his championship. Eli and Ezra entered the ring.

The Faction looked down at Ramey as moved to all fours and tried to crawl out of the ring. Stevens kicked him back down to the canvas. Ramey again moved to all fours only to be kicked back down by a smiling and laughing Stevens.

“PICK HIM UP!!!!” Landon yelled to Eli and Ezra.

Eli and Ezra each grabbed an arm of the dazed Jesse Ramey and pulled him up to his knees. Landon shoved the jOlt championship into the face of Ramey.


Stevens laid the jOlt championship down on the canvas and took Ramey from Eli and Ezra as he set him up between his legs before hoisting him up over his shoulders.

FALL OF IDEALS!!!!!!!!!!!!

The champion laid Jesse Ramey out with a gory neckbreaker. Stevens grabbed hold of the jOlt championship as he moved up to his feet. The Faction surrounded Ramey as they raise their championship belts high above their heads.

The crowd began to chant.


That was the chant that echoed throughout the Arena of Champions as iNtense went off the air

Winner: Landon Stevens via Pinfall