"Welcome to iNtense"


The screen then illuminates with Aran Thompson raising his fist into the air

Throw up your Rawkfist
if you're feelin' it when I drop this!

Boom Boom!

The screen flashes white twice

"Rawkfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch

{Images In Sync w/ Music} - Eiji Kugasari is seen hitting a Shooting Star Press off the top rope, followed by Mattock hitting a the Pheonix Cleave (Phoenix Splash where you dive your heel into the opponent's head). Omega stands tall with the Underground Championship raised high into the air! Derecho is seen hitting an Emerald Flowsion on Ninja K.


Jeremy Ryan is shown with a scowl on his face as he snubs all that isn't in the realm of normalcy, followed by a scene of The Rebellion standing tall in the middle of the ring. The screen flashes and shows Aran Thompson hitting the God Killer, followed by a few traditional poses from your favorite jOlt Superstars in succession including Waymoth Turbull, The Heirs of Wrestling, Hands of the Cause, and the Crimson Order


During the chorus we see some basic wrestling moves from people like Reno Davis, Mike Extreme, Bane Loneheart, BIG Little Italy, Dallas Griffin, and Sephiroth Du Luc all in rapid succession. The final scene is that of Landon Stevens posing with the jOlt World Championship!


The song cuts off abruptly as we are taken inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida. Red Pyro starts at the top of the jOltvision and takes off in both directions, left and right. The pyro travels around the perimeter of the jOltvision until it meets in the middle on the bottom side. When it meets, random pyro explosions happen on the main stage for a good ten seconds before a massive wall of pyro goes off on stage and another explosion of pyro from the entire perimeter of the jOltvision simultaneously.

"Rawkfist" starts up again as the camera pans around the sold out crowd, cheering!

"Golden Boy's Destiny"


Diamond Jewelz walks into a small conference room dressed in jeans and a purple t-shirt, his various articles of jewelry twinkling and glistening, and his countenance laced in seriousness. The members of his security team, Khalil Straightgully and Lattrell Samuel sit in unorthodox positions in their office chair; Khalil has one leg up on the table and leans back in an office chair while Samuel sits leaned forward with a sucker in his mouth on the table. At the summoning of Jewelz though, the posture of both men stiffens. The buxom Ruby Rocks sits to the side.

“What’s the report on that bullshit that went down in the middle of my match with that greasy ass, motherfucking taco, Martinez.”

“Nada bro.. We ain’t been able to find out shit,” jibes Samuel.

“Ditto bro.. Nothing over here… No names yet, but we gone be at ringside as always so no worries.”

Jewelz rubs his face, opened mouth, revealing the twinkling of his diamond and gold grill, in obvious disappointment.

“You motherfuckers make sure you on your job tonight. I want no stone left unturned. Before my match, I want you in the jOltvision man’s fucking shit. You let him know that if that shit goes down again, you fucking his ass up,” Jewelz’s voice raises sharply, as he bangs on the table.

“This is my destiny my niggas… I’m the Golden, motherfucking, Boy, you feel me, my niggas??”

Khalil and Samuel nod in understanding.

“What is the Golden Boy without Gold. I dunno if this the doing of that bitch ass nigga JCon, one of them motherfuckin ninjas, or what… But you niggas be armed to the fullest, and ready my nigga. You feel me??”

Khalil and Samuel give another nod.

“If you got to… Bring them dogs down to the ring.. You feel me.. Don’t let shit get in the way of me getting a hold of that Relentless Title though my niggas.. This is why u get paid…”

“We feel you,” Samuel chimes in, his face full of focus.

“I gotta get my hands on that gold… I already got my customizations for that motherfucker drawn up.. Them boys down at Segalowhich’s Jewelry gonna go crazy when they see what I do with that motherfucker.”

Jewelz beams with exuberance as a large smile creep across his face.

“That motherfucker is mine.. U niggas hear me… Destiny!!!”

"Old Dogs Don't Need New Tricks"


Damien Lee looked up from his desk. Brow furrowed, he released a heavy sigh. His eyes rolled. He was in the middle of combing through paperwork inside a manilla folder, searching for something. Answers maybe? Whatever it was visitors were not something he was looking forward to. Although, with iNtense about to officially kick-off, it was something he expected.

"Come in," he said. He was clearly frustrated. The pen he had been twirling in his fingers now found itself slammed onto a nearby legal pad that was drowning in notes. Damien Lee was absolutely up to something. Was it no good? His previous track record would have lead everyone to believe this was not the case. Now, however? There's just no telling. Damien Lee had taken a right turn down the wrong street and he has apparently decided that he will just keep driving until he sees something familiar.


Well, here's something familiar.

"I said "COME IN!"," he shouted now as the annoyance of whichever needy, greedy, or sleazy member of jOlt's payroll would be on the other side. Whoever that was, though, he or she was not opening that door.





Lee rose from his chair and moved around his desk, towards the door. He took a close look at the nob. Shaking his head in frustration he exclaimed, "It's not even locked! Why didn't you just open the damn--ACK!"

Caught by the neck and pinned against his own desk, spine folded backwards like a slinky. This was how Damien Lee found himself immediately upon opening that door, and he was looking up at his assailant with unbridled fear in his eyes. Fear knowing that of all the people that routinely find themselves walking the halls of the Arena of Champions, Chris Titan was the one man most likely to attempt to rip Damien Lee's head off and dropkick it into the nosebleed section. And that was exactly the man whose hand was wrapped around Damien Lee's throat, which would be step one of that disturbing process Lee had imagined.

*COUGH!* "Let go of me!"

Chris Titan surveyed the office and smiled. "No flunkies today, Lee? You send your little ankle biter crew off for some coffee and donuts? Not a good idea, Lee. Not when you'e managing to piss off so many people in his building. Not least of all ... me."

Damien Lee took a massive gulp, it sounded like he would attempt to swallow his entire head just to avoid whatever punishment Chris Titan might have in store for him. This sign of weakness, this fear, was never present in Damien Lee before. Prior to his altercations with Aran Thompson that became so very personal, prior to his alleged involvement with The Rebellion, prior to all of that Damien Lee was respected by his employees for being a stand-up guy. A guy that would try to do right by the company and a guy that would not stand for bullying or manipulation. A man with a strict moral code.

Now ... a shell of that man was pinned to his desk and wishing upon whatever lucky stars may appear in the Orlando sky tonight that someone either saves him from Chris Titan, the man has a change of heart, or he just ends it quickly. Of course, Lee preferred either other option to the latter but he wasn't sure just how much karma he had stacked up against himself by this point. He did know one gut-wrenching truth ... Chris Titan was justified in this and that fact was terrifying.

"Listen, Chris, none of this is what it seems. Maybe *cough* maybe I could talk to Sebastian Saje? Maybe I could just give you the match you want?"

Chris Titan chuckled. "Is it that simple, Lee? I come in here, rough you up a bit, and you just give me the match that I demanded a week ago? The same one that you, when you had a small army backing you, said I would have to earn? You want to give me the match that I want, Lee?"

"It's not like *cough* ... it's not like that, Chris. I just--HURK!"

Titan's torqued his hands around Lee's throat just a little more. He had no intentions of listening to whatever Damien Lee had to say this evening. Chris Titan had ideas of his own.

"Michael Donavan."

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me, Lee. Michael-fucking-Donavan. Underground Rules. Tonight."

"You want that match? You actually want to face another Rebellion member?"

"Not just one, Lee. Not just one." Chris Titan's face lit up but it was more in the realm of pyromaniac setting fire to a strip mall than little kid on Christmas morning. Whatever he was grinning about, it was sinister in intent. "I want all of them, Lee, just like you promised. I will fight the entire Rebellion. I'll systematically take each and every one of them down and then I will end Sebastian Saje."

Again, Titan's grip torqued and cut off Lee's air supply just a bit more. Titan leaned in, getting Lee's full attention, and he continued his impassioned speech.

"This Rebellion, all these rookies fresh out of the Hype. They come into jOlt and they want to make a name for themselves. It makes sense, Lee, it really does. You're their in. You're the key to all of this. That makes sense, too. You sic these hungry pups on some of the older dogs in the yard and you think this will stop any and all future attempts at undermining your authority. But who did you pick, Lee? Former Backbone members?" Titan chuckled.

"That was your first mistake and I don't really see you making anymore after it. Not because you're going to learn from it. Not because you're better than that and you slipped up. No. It's because you failed to realize something about these pups. They have one hell of a bark, I'll give you that much, but us old dogs ... we can still bite. Just as hard as ever. You picked on my pack, Lee, and now you're dealing with the alpha dog. Now your Rebellion is going to have to deal with one sadistic bastard that has vengeance on his mind and evil intentions in his heart. Lee, make no mistake about it ...

"I am going to destroy The Rebellion and then -- I'm coming back for you and my jOlt Championship. Now," Chris said while finally releasing Damien Lee from his death grip, "book the goddamn match and let that big bastard know he should start considering post career options ... and affordable plastic surgeons."

Mack Brody vs Jason Rau

Welcome one and all to your opening contest to the 99th edition of iNtense. Coming up shortly, it would be the one and only “SuperMack” Mack Brody stepping into action against a very hungry and dangerous Aussie by the name of Jason Rau. Brody had not taken his narrow loss at Breakdown to Ninja K very well last week, spending a few days sulking by himself.

However, a chance encounter with perennial annoyances to the Heirs of Wrestling, Trouble, steered him back in the right direction. During a six-man tag last week with The Heirs of Wrestling against Trouble, Brody seemed much more aggressive than usual. He was out to prove that his loss to the decorated and talented Ninja K didn’t mean that he wasn’t ready for the big time he was working so hard to get to. Could Mack Brody continue his winning ways here tonight on top of last week’s six-mag or did Jason Rau have something to say about that?

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Dean Carrington said, “this match is scheduled for one fall and is your opening contest of iNtense!”

“What You Know” by T.I.

What you know about that?
What you know about that?
What you know about that?...

The Arena of Champions began rocking along with the bass heavy Southern anthem as a streaming collage, laden with the acquisitions of success & the array of destruction created by a hulking wrestling phenomenon. Brilliant flashes of Gold, Emerald & Pearl would dance along the entire entrance staging area and throughout the vast arena before the Bronze Bomber rhythmically lumbered forward from the back. Donning a Solid Black sleeveless shirt with ’Gold ‘N’ Mine’ etch in Gold & Silver emblem, the Super Mack slowly turned his back toward the fans briefly before slowly extending his arms outward, prompting several brilliant plumes of Golden sparks to rise.

“First, making his way to the ring… from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 312 pounds… this is the man called SuperMack… MACK BRODY!

The Bronze Bomber headed to the ring to a nice ovation from the crowd as he high-fived fans down the aisle and even got to steal a kiss from a really hot blonde in the front row. Brody had a bright smile on his face as he climbed into the ring and tossed off his shirt. He motioned to the crowd several times, trying to gauge which side of the arena could muster the biggest reaction before he tossed his shirt into the side of the crowd to his right! He stood poised and ready… for Macktion!

“Passive” by A Perfect Circle.

The music played and out came the dangerous Aussie. He hadn’t been seen in a few weeks and had been engaged more recently in a vicious feud with Jesse Ramey leading up to WrestleCade. While he came up short in the Falls Count Anywhere match, he was not without his vicious streak.

“And his opponent, from Sydney, Australia, weighing in at 245 pounds… this is JASON RAU!

Rau entered the ring to a negative response and kneeled on the second turnbuckle, looking right out at Mack Brody. Jason entered the ring and started to get himself mentally ready as referee in the middle Simon Boulder called for the bell.


Rau was beside himself getting ready to mess up this gigantic pretty boy, but Brody had proven he was more than just a big, pretty face.


The crowd was chanting with SuperMack until he heard a theme play…

“Vicarious” by Tool.

The music belonged to only one man in jOlt Wrestling; the very man that Brody had lost to at Breakdown and the man that he felt was his next step on the path to superstardom in jOlt. Ninja K had arrived to little fanfare and the former Underground Champion remained poised on top of the ramp with Mamoru at his side.

Brody looked out to the ramp and caught a glimpse of Ninja K. Mack made it no secret last week on the show and on the jOlt Twitter feed that he was looking for a rematch. When he turned around… CHEAP SHOT FROM RAU!

The Aussie saw an opportunity and jumped like hell for it. The running Elbow didn’t knock Brody down, but he was stopped in his tracks enough to eat a few more big right hands. Rau popped in a few more alternating left and right hands to the big man and pushed him back into the corner before unleashing a series of hard chops.





Rau was on fire tonight and looked extra-motivated for a big upset win here tonight. The former jOlt International Champion walked away from Brody and soaked in the jeers from the crowd as he started to mock him.

“You’re gonna cheer THIS big retard?” Rau posed rhetorically.

He turned back around expecting to continue his attack on Brody, but he walked right into an angry scowl from the big man from Philly. Rau jumped on him some more and kicked him in the gut before trying for an Irish Whip. That turned out to be a mistake also because the 300-plus pounder kept himself firmly planted on the mat. Brody grinned before he unleashed a fast Clubbing Forearm across the back of Rau! He landed about three more stiff shots before launching him into the corner with a whip of his own!

The impact sent the Aussie staggering out of the corner, so SuperMack repeated the effort in launching him across the ring a second time. He hit the opposite corner with a thud and walked right into a kick from Brody. The Philly Powerhouse muscled him right up and held him in place with a big Double Underhook Suplex…

He held him for five seconds…

Then for ten seconds…


The crowd was amazed with the freaky strength of SuperMack on display as he turned his gaze to focus on Ninja K, who had not moved from his seated indian position since arriving on the ramp. He then turned and brought down Rau with a THUNDEROUS slam! Brody rolled him up and went for a cover.




Rau shot a shoulder up off the mat. Ninja K and the rest of Clan Inogami remained focused on the match going on and whatever they were out here for seemed to keep Mack Brody’s attention. The big powerhouse picked up Rau off the mat and blasted him in the chest with a big Double Sledge that sent him stumbling backwards into the corner again. Brody ran over and took Rau by the arm before he pointed at Ninja K on the top of the ramp.

“I told you, we’re not done!” Brody shouted.

And with that, he brought the hammer down on Jason Rau with the flurry of Clubbing Forearms to the back and the fans started to count along!


A pause to flex his bicep and kiss it...


Rau crumbled over onto his knees after the brutal shots and Mack Brody was looking ready to finish things already as he went to the corner and waited. Brody charged when Ninja K stood up from his former seated position and started to walk towards the ring now. SuperMack had taken his eye off the ball for just one moment which allowed Rau to finally catch the big man with a Chop Block to the knee!

SuperMack finally went down and with the opening on his side, Rau wasted no time unlike his opponent who appeared to have been consumed just by the mere presence of the man that beat him at Breakdown. Rau waited for the big man to get to a knee before he charged off the ropes...


The Running Knee Strike was right on the button and Mack was quickly floored by the big move! Jason Rau had his chance now and he scurried over into a lateral press! This could be a big upset!




Ninja K continued to stand and watch with a vested interest, having a quiet conversation with Mamoru. Meanwhile, Rau went to work on the big man. He dropped a sharp knee right to the top of the head! He rolled off the ropes and connected with a second knee drop! Rau still wasn’t done and the Aussie ran off the ropes a third time and landed a Jumping Knee Drop to the face! Rau had it here and hooked the leg of Brody this time!




The crowd continued to boo Jason as the former jOlt International Champion picked him up and kicked him in the leg several times. He continued to brawl with him and shoved him into the corner, unleashing more punishment. Rau went to the corner and started to choke Mack against the top cable. He pressed down until Simon Boulder ordered The Aussie to back off. Rau did just that and ran off one side of the ring before coming back, only to eat a BIG Boot from Brody!

Mack stood over him and popped the bones in his neck as he got himself fired up off the energy from the crowd as the previously clock-cleaned Rau started trying to stand again. Brody charged at him and flattened him with a big Running Clothesline that put him down to the ground. The Aussie tried to stand once more only to get taken down a second time with an even harder Clothesline! Brody glared at Ninja K and yelled at him.


Another rhetorical question, but it sounded like Orlando was ready for this fight as they kept cheering! Brody grabbed Jason Rau by the arm and whipped him across the ring, sending him right to the corner. Brody backed up a step and charged at him from all the way across the ring with a Corner Knee Strike to the chest! Rau was hurt when Brody grabbed him overhead and set him up…


The Release Exploder Suplex sent him FLYING across the ring! SuperMack was ready to strike now and waited for his opponent to stand while he looked out to Ninja K. Brody kicked the groggy Rau in the gut and powered him up…


The Bronze Bomber DRILLED Rau into the mat with the Fire Thunder Powerbomb! He held Rau in place while he pointed right at Ninja K as if trying to make a direct statement to him.




The crowd cheered as SuperMack stood with his arm raised, celebrating as “What You Know” by T.I. played over the speakers. Jason Rau had a couple of moments to shine, but Brody was on another level tonight and it seemed the loss had inspired his in-ring game a bit to get more physical.

“Here is your winner of the match… MACK BRODY!

The member of the Heirs of Wrestling watched as Ninja K and Mamoru finally made their move towards the ring as they stoically made their appearance. In the words of somebody else, business was about to pick up, King…

Winner: Mack Brody via Pinfall

"War is Hell"

The crowd was still buzzing after the match had concluded. Mack Brody paced the ring and stood his ground while Ninja K rose up from his perch and climbed the ring apron. Mamoru trailed right behind as he watched the patriarch of Clan Inogami jump over the ropes and land inside the ring. Brody reached back and motioned for a microphone as the crowd reaction died down to allow Mack to speak.

“Kenshiro… so nice of you to show up… you know, during my match… whatevs…”

Brody rubbed a hand through his beard before facing off with his rival.

“I’m not going to lie, Kenshiro… you beat me fair and square. I’m not going to make excuses for anything that happened. You beat me… BUT…”

He pointed a finger at Inogami who remained poised.

“…I can’t forget about what happened between you and I. You outlasted me, plain and simple. You took everything that I threw at you, I took everything you threw at me and at the end of the night, you beat me to the point of unconsciousness and you were the better man that night. But man to man, I can’t sit by and pretend that doesn’t bug me… it’s fucking irritating. Like you once were, I’m a hungry man, Kenshiro. I’m a hungry man and I need to eat. Morsels aren’t going to get me by… I need to taste a MAJOR victory now. I need to savor the best damn victory that I’ve ever had in my singles career if I want to be fighting against the best of this company… guys like Derecho, Omega, Landon Stevens, Aran Thompson, Sylo, SVJ… out of all those, I want THE best this company has to offer and in my eyes, that’s you.”

The crowd applauded with everything Mack Brody had to say as he continued.

“These people all know the history between the Heirs and Clan Inogami well before our beef ever started. Frank, Ryan and I were complete dickheads to you and the Crimson Order, Eiji and everybody and I’m not apologizing for a damn thing back then. What’s done is done. But one thing that I can tell you is we can respect one another’s talents. That’s why I want one more opportunity to prove myself. Prove to the people… to prove to my peers… to prove to you… and prove to me that I AM everything that I want to be in jOlt Wrestling. I want to be the jOlt Champion! I want to be the Underground Champion! I want all of it and that road leads through you. So I am asking you… man to man… I want one more match against you and I want it at Rise of the Legends! You knocking me out like that WON’T happen again!”


“Kenshiro… Yes or no?”

Brody handed his microphone over to Kenshiro and now allowed the leader of Clan Inogami to say his piece.

“I can appreciate your wayward ambition, Mack Brody. Indeed when you challenged me, you came at me with force paralleled by very few in my career… but you have a way’s to go before you can set foot where I’ve been.”

Brody scowled at Kenshiro as he continued.

“That having been said… I once again readily accept your challenge. My answer is yes.”

The crowd ROARED at that announcement. One more time, the two men were set to do battle at Rise of the Legends as Brody nodded at what he had to say.

“You are young, you are strong, and you have the potential to carry this company on your shoulders one day. However, therein lies your problem… you’re impetuous and you approach me with a false bravado that betrays you. You live under the certainty that you can best me and I have no doubt that you are convincing yourself that this is true. While you struggle with belief, however, the reality of our situation is that I KNOW that I can defeat you.”


The cold, harsh truth was right there and Mack hadn’t forgotten. He approached Ninja K and threw another finger.

“How about you choke on you five-dollar words and fight me NOW, you flowery little asshole?”

When Ninja K went to reply to his threat, Brody SLAPPED the microphone from his hand. The crowd started roaring and while the two men weren’t evil by any means, they just wanted to see a fight more than anything. When he struck, Mamoru made a motion as plumes of smoke started to appear from either side of the ring. Brody glanced out to what was happening before him…

“What the fuck is this?” Brody barked.

SuperMack turned around and on either side of the ring, the members of the Crimson Order surrounded the ring; the 6’5” and 275-pound Heido and the 6’10” and 320-pound Takeshi. The two big men started to approach the ring to protect their master from the threat that Mack Brody potentially brought unto their masters. Brody took notice of his surroundings…

“You really want to do it this way?” Mack asked.

Ninja K said nothing and allowed his soldiers to start closing in on Brody…



The voice belonged to Frank Silver! Not far behind him was Ryan Gallway, the other two thirds of the Heirs of Wrestling! They were dressed to impress… well, Frank in his Gucci suit. Ryan Gallway had on a pink soccer shirt and his blue cowboy hat with a white feather coming out the side --- someday, he would understand what fashion was, but until that day, he would at least be loved for being an unpredictable force of nature in the ring.

Frank and Ryan were no strangers to taking on The Crimson Order, having many battles in the past over the jOlt Tag Team Titles. Silver and Gallway each approached the ring and what appeared to happen was something akin to a Mexican stand-off.

The crowd’s noise level was deafening with each step the Heirs made towards the ring while Brody and Ninja K remained inside the ring watching the proceedings unfold before them. Gallway was the first to approached the bigger Heido as the two tag teams tensely started towards what could be a major collision course.

“YOU DON’T FUCK WITH YOUR FRIEND, YOU ASSBITES!” Gallway shouted. He was the smallest dog in the fight, sure, but in his own mind he was as big – probably bigger – than anybody else around him. “YOU HEAR ME? GET THAT THROUGH YOUR STRAW HAT, BITCH!”

Ryan poked Heido in the chest only to have it slapped away from him quickly. Frank saw enough and stood in the middle of the fray coming to The Prince of Precision’s defense. The Royal Knight of Sunday Nights glared right at Heido.

“Get your damn hands off us… this shit’s Gucci, son.”

Frank then smiled as The Baron of Ballistics started to slowly undo the cufflinks his sleeves before taking off his coat. He tossed that to the side and started to undo his tie… then picked the jacket back up and THREW it in Heido’s face! He tossed it away but not before Silver landed one of his stiff European Uppercuts under the jaw!

“Okay, NOW… we can do this.”

Takeshi saw enough and he jumped into the fray now outside the ring, throwing Silver back and getting into a fight with the de facto leader of the Heirs! Silver continued to fight while Ryan jumped right at Heido and started to kick away at the legs of the big man! All four men were fighting outside of the ring now and the crowd rallied behind both parties!


Ninja K and Mack Brody yelled at one another in the ring off-mic until Mamoru got involved and stood up for his master. Brody made one gesture to Ninja K that the crowd could understand loud and clear when he SHOVED Mamoru across the ring! Kenshiro came to his aid and BLASTED SuperMack in the side of the head with a big elbow to the face!

Brody fired back on him with a stiff Clubbing Forearm to the face! The brawls kept on scattering among all sides! It was chaos and pandemonium between two of the more talented stables in jOlt Wrestling today going right at it! Two very skilled and vastly different groups were fighting on all sides of the ring! Takeshi tossed Silver against the barricade on one side of the ring and knocked him over into the crowd!

Off on the other end, Heido had Ryan Gallway trapped against one side of the ring and came at him with a running knee only for Ryan to roll out of harm’s way and send him smashing into the barricade himself! Heido winced in pain as it gave Gallway the opening he needed to run across the top of the barricade and jump at him with a Somersault Dive!


Security flooded the ring quickly and the reaction was growing incredibly heated by the crowd now as they came here to see a goddamn fight! The Heirs and the Crimson Order had fights spilling out all over the arena now with the good folks of security and jOlt officials trying to earn their paycheck for the evening!

And while we tried to clean up this mess of security dragging all parties off, the scene headed to commercial. This thing between Ninja K and Mack Brody was involving their respective allies and with that in mind, things were only getting more personal between the proud athletes.


The referee jogged from the backstage area to the ring completely unnoticed by the fans: their attention was focused on the Joltvision and the suddent spark to life, showing the Relentless Title brackets as they currently stood. They had been updated since last week, now showing Aran Thompson vs. Jon Le Bon and Diamond Jewelz vs. Vizier ta Seti as the semi-finals.

The sight was enough to draw everyone's attention; even moreso when the brackets pulled back, revealing them to be on a large banner somewhere in the backstage. Underneath the banner, Dawn Cassidy stood with microphone in hand and an outfit that certainly drew a good number of cheers.

"What a kickoff to the penultimate iNtense!" she said, "Up next we have the first Semi-Final match in the Relentless Title Tournament, and I'm currently joined by a newcomer to Jolt Wrestling who pulled off an incredibly overpowering upset last week!"

The fans cheered louder as they knew who she was talking about before he even showed up onscreen. But they still gave Vizier ta Seti a nice welcome when he...

Well, he didn't really step into frame. Dawn Cassidy took a step to her right and the view shifted, showing Vizier standing and waiting with his arms crossed. His face was mostly obscured by the same hood he wore last week, but there was a definite sense of annoyance.

"Veejer," mispronounced Dawn, "You certainly made an impression last week with the quick work you made of Kayden Paulton. In just a few minutes, you'll be facing off with Diamond Jewlz--"

(Loud boos from the crowd)

"--with the winner to move to iNtense One Hundred and face off for the vacant Relentless Championship! Now, Diamond Jewelz is a far more cunning and capable opponent than Kayden Paulton, what's your strategy going to be?"

She held the microphone to his lips. Vizier ta Seti stared at her for eight extended, agonizingly awkward seconds.


"Never... ever... interrupt me when I'm preparing for my match."

He walked past her, toward the entryway. In the arena, the fans went wild: they enjoyed Vizier's intensity in the ring and it looked like he matched it outside the ring as well. Dawn Cassidy couldn't even think of 'Back to you, Mike,' so the screen simply cut out.

Vizier ta Seti vs Diamond Jewelz

CUE UP: "People of the Moon" by PUi.

The fans rose to their feet as the song built to its first peak, at which point the One Who Saw All, Vizier ta Seti, had entered the arena and walked briskly toward the ring. He seemed - not really in a hurry - but he was moving swiftly.

Fans on the railing saw under his hood - he had an ankh painted on one cheek and an Anubis - likeness on the other. He still had the koal under his eyes and the Eye of Horus design around the right; other than that he was all business.

There was no playing to the crowd and no milking any kind of reaction. Vizier slid under the bottom rope, walked to the opposite rope, stretched against it, and waited just in front of it with his arms folded, his stare at the entryway from which he just emerged.

"VEEE-ZHIER! VEEE-ZHIER!" The fans knew how to pronounce it, unlike the hole in the backstage. Vizier didn't acknowledge them; he was waiting for his opponent.

He didn't wait long.

Nipsey Hussle.

Gotta Take It.

The fans booed as loud as they could.

After an agonizing minute of an obnoxiously loud light show, Them M'fn Goons walked out from the back and stood on either side of the entrance ramp. They wore dark glasses and had wires clearly coming out of their ears. That was the old familiar.

What was new, this time, was that each of them had a chain link leash in their hands, with a huge Presa Canario on the other end. The dogs looked like they were pulling as hard as they could.

We'd make an analogy about Vizier ta Seti being the blood in the water while the dogs were the hammerhead sharks, but that would belabor the obvious.

Each Goon held a finger to their ear like they were Secret Service, and once they got what we assume was the 'all clear' sign, only then did Ruby Rocks Jewelz step out, blowing sarcastic kisses to the crowd.

My goodness, they hated her.

Not as much as Diamond, however.

The boos got nearly as loud as the cheers for Vizier ta Seti when Diamond Jewelz himself graced us with his presence.

DJ gave a large, blinging obnoxious smile to the crowd and shouted "I AM THE GOLDEN BOY!" to a somehow even louder chorus of boos.

He stopped at the head of the ramp while Ruby Rocks made a big show of taking his arm in hers and having him escort her to the ring. They made a very elaborate, dramatic show of being in love with each other, a show that only proved to increase the boos.

In the ring, Vizier ta Seti looked unimpressed.

There was no pre-bell jumping on either side: Seti knew he was outnumbered, and DJ knew better than to risk an eventual disqualification and rob himself of the chance to become Relentless Champion. Both men stood motionless as referee Simon Boulder read off his instructions.

Even after the bell rang, there was a staredown between the two for several anxious seconds. The fans cheered, with most of them starting a chant of "Vizier! Vizier!" with the correct pronunciation. Diamond Jewelz smirked and took a step back, removing his LA Kings jacket, and his various articles of jewelry, and handing them, slowly, to Ruby Rocks. Vizier did the same, removing his hood. He took his eyes off his opponent for just a second as he handed his garb to a ring attendant.

That's all it took for the CROWN JEWEL.

DJ blindsided him with the knee to the face, and Vizier ta Seti fell to the mat. DJ landed on his back and almost immediately nipped up, holding his arms out in victory. In fact, he was so sure of it that he knelt down and placed a single hand on Seti's chest.




Most of the arena probably saw that coming.

What they didn't see coming was the fact that Vizier ta Seti kicked out by grabbing Diamond Jewelz' wrist and twisting it - and him - around until DJ was on the mat, chin - first. I think it's safe to say Diamond Jewelz hadn't seen it coming either.

Seti didn't sit on his laurels, either - as soon as he had leveraged DJ face first onto the mat, he dropped a knee into his cheek.

"NOT THE FACE!" shouted Ruby Rocks, loud enough for the hard camera and the first few rows to hear.

His arm still locked, DJ inched toward the ropes, but Seti spun around, locked his arm behind his knee, and crossfaced him several times. The fans were on their feet, cheering for both Vizier ta Seti's continued success in this match and Diamond Jewelz' taking the punishment. All the while, DJ inched toward the ropes, trying to fend off the blows to the head with his free hand.

At last, he reached it. Vizier reared back and really leaned into the hold for a four count, at which point he released and backed up. There was no acknowledgement of the cheers, but Seti gave about a third of the ring between himself and his opponent and simply waited.

And waited.

The fans started to chant various rumors about DJ, Ruby Rocks, and various barnyard animals as “The Golden Boy” took his time getting to his feet.

Sometimes that's all it takes: Vizier moved in.

And regretted it.

Then again, DJ had an entire entourage calling out to him. He mule kicked, not hitting Seti in the groin like he'd hoped, but he landed a boot squarely against Vizier's kneecap, stopping and staggering him. A quick turn, and a clothesline floored Seti, giving DJ even more breathing room.

He didn't need much: the swagger returned, and he flashed his Million Dollar Smile to the fans. Predictably, they booed him even harder.

Vizier staggered to his feet on one good leg. DJ hooked him from behind, but Vizier blocked him with a back elbow and a tornado clothesline - DJ ducked it and swept his leg! He locked on a modified ankle lock and slapped Seti condescendingly on the back of the head several times while the newcomer grabbed the ropes.

Learning from his past actions, Vizier got back to his feet with his back to the ropes, his eyes on his opponent. Unfortunately, when an opponent has an entourage, you do well to grow eyes in the back of your head. It was at that moment that the Goons let the dogs off the leash. They ran right to Seti's location and tried their best to jump up on the apron - they were about an inch too short to make it.

It was enough of a distraction, however, for DJ to clothesline Seti over the top rope, right into the waiting jaws of his Dogs of War.

Fans all over the arena stood to try and get a glimpse: one dog had Vizier's bicep in its mouth while the other was gnawing semi - harmlessly at his boot.

I think we can forgive Vizier ta Seti, this one time, for punching a dog in the face.

But he was saved by the referee, who yelled at Diamond Jewelz that this kind of interference would warrant a disqualification, and began a fairly hurried five count. By two, the Goons were on the spot with leashes in hand. By three, both dogs were re - leashed and pulled away, though an errant kick did find its way into Vizier's stomach.


No matter, Diamond Jewelz was saved from disqualification and had managed to wear his opponent down to the point where he was barely able to rise. DJ left the ring to the objections of the referee, but he simply scooped Vizier and sent him under the bottom rope.

Hook of the leg.




Vizier rolled away from DJ, holding his bloodied arm, but Diamond Jewelz climbed to the top rope and waited for him to rise to his knees before coming off with a guillotine legdrop. Another cover!




The fans were on their feet, cheering "VEEE-ZHIER! VEEE-ZHIER!"once again, though Vizier was barely hanging on at the moment.

DJ climbed to the top rope, facing away from the ring. The fans booed even louder as they knew what was coming. They'd seen this before: 3,106.75 Carats. Once the splash hit, the three count would be academic.

Until the lights went out.

Flashbulbs went off all over the place, illuminating Diamond Jewelz' sudden stop on the top turnbuckle. The darkness remained for at least four to five seconds, before the Joltvision lit up with a single word.


Below it, two more words faded in.


Darkness again.

The lights came back on, but Diamond Jewelz was clearly shaken.

Too bad: Vizier ta Seti was on his knees. Maybe he saw the message on the Joltvision screen, maybe he didn't. What he saw was that Jewelz was distracted, and he took advantage. Vizier threw himself at the top rope, causing Jewelz to lose his balance and crotch himself to a raucous cheer.

Jewelz fell to the mat, while Vizier grabbed him by the hair with both hands and pulled him to his feet.

Kick to the stomach.

Two handfuls of hair, and Vizier dropped Diamond Jewelz down face first on his knees.


He rolled him over, wasting no time, and hooked his leg - leaning as far back onto Jewelz' shoulders as he could.




It had all happened so quickly that Them MF'n Goons and Ruby Rocks all couldn't even process the possibility of interference by the time the referee's hand hit the mat for the third time. It's just as well, the fans erupted at the sound of the bell as Vizier ta Seti rolled off, still holding his bicep in pain. Diamond Jewelz was dazed but not knocked out completely: he'd had his bell rung and was trying to clear his vision before he could comprehend what had just happened.

Vizier ta Seti watched him for a moment.

Then he spat on him, thus earning the first standing ovation of his Jolt career.

In the weeks to come, he'll probably pay for that, but for the moment, Vizier ta Seti was hurtling toward iNtense 100 and a shot at the Relentless Championship.

"Every generation needs a revolution." - Ma

Winner: Vizier ta Seti via Pinfall

"Destiny Derailed"

His body glistening with sweat from the war of attrition with Vizier Ta Seti, Diamond Jewelz berates his security team, Khalil Straightgully and Latrell Samuel unintelligibly until the camera gets close enough to decipher what is being said.

“What the fuck was that… That cost me everything…”

Samuel and Straightgully have a comforting sort of seriousness in their faces; their boss has just been dealt a death blow and they wear stern, but yet compassionate faces as not to further upset him.

“Huh.. What you motherfuckers just looking at me like that for… I told you to be on top of shit tonight..”

“We were…. We handled that video board shit first of all,” Samuel communicates..

“Well if you handled the shit, how did that shit happen again??”

Samuel and Straightgully are silent…

“That’s what the fuck I thought..,. I want the video board man’s ass beat… U hear me??”

Samuel and Straightgully nod in silence…

“This shit was my destiny!!!! How I’m supposed to be the Golden Boy now… Huh.. Fuck”

Jewelz storms away in furious anger…

"Ripples in the Water"


The sealed off chamber was full of a small assembly of Inogami Clan Elite. Mamoru remained centered within the circle of clan officers underneath the overhead lighting.

“This is our time.” The elder statesman bellowed. “The opposing factions stand aware that The Rebellion is a far suitable distraction. Wisely, you all have contributed in ensure that line of defense has not only been reestablished yet proved costly when breached.”

“Heido.” The ninja stoically opened his eyes and rose his head slightly to be heed the call. “Takeshi.” The Mute Mountain Splitter’s eyes pierced the veil of shadows in hardened silence.

"The Heirs are no doubt stand as our most notorious of rivals. I overstand your mutual embittered history towards one another..." Kenshiro mentioned.

"Lord Kenshiro..." The Kansai Crippler replied. "...We cannot stand for their insolence no longer; Mamoru was not only disrespect yet was struck down amidst the scramble. We had to act in both in the name of solidarity and in full awareness as what all is at stake."

The clan general silently shifted his jaw while look at the elder statesman was openly spat a hint of crimson onto the floor before him to wipe his lips with his suit jacket sleeve with a swift lick of his lips & a muffled chuckle. The elder man snorted after popping the bones in his neck before casting a gaze back at Kenshiro.

"The rival clans readily anticipate any sign of weakness and they will no doubt, attack in short order." Heido continued as Takeshi nodded in support of his brother's argument. "They have stood in our way numerous times in the acquisition of both power and control of the Tag Team division and it is only fitting that Takeshi & I be the ones to return the favor. In the name of our clan and in the restoration of face for ourselves."

"Then so be it." Kenshiro replied before turning his attention to both Takeshi & Heido. "So long as you both remain focused on both the tasks at hand and retaining control of yourselves, you have my blessings."

"And what of the Golden One, My Lord?" Heido inquired. Kenshiro's left hand briefly gnarled into a fist, producing a crescendo of popping knuckles before relenting.

"He is none of your concern." Ninja replied. "What you had witnessed was but competitive posturing. A ploy to gain the upper hand psychologically. However, this is one of many prime examples that you all adhere to the lessons passed forward by me & your superiors."

Adjusting the weighty Legacy Championship across his right shoulder, the clan general began to casually pace along the slightly elevated platform.

"Now, more than ever, we need to harness our respective emotions." The ninja continued. "All it takes is 1 critical error and quite possibly, everything we've had or ever hope to gain, much less, sustain is destined to crumble. 1."

Holding his index finger up briefly, he soon lowered his arm to survey his cadre of esteemed officers.

"The might of our collective fists are powerful yet without the mind, our strikes are without precision. Our impact, be it singular nor united, will be rendered meaningless. Our minds are the very sources of our strength and the body & mind must work as one. Without question nor hesitation."

"These 'Heirs' readily beat their opponents long "Our opposition must learn that they are not waging war with mindless drones....but with their cerebral superiors. Trained assassins. Both inside yet far beyond outside of the realm of this industry. It is imperative that you instill not only fear in them as wrestling competitors..."

"But they tremble with the swift encroachment of the merest shadows. They must know that you are both everywhere and nowhere. Convenient prey at our convenience. What Mack done was expected. That took courage and an unsettling wave of humility to admit to the world yet more importantly, himself, of what I have already known."

"And what is that, Lord Kenshiro?" Shoji was overhead inquiring.

"It means at Rise of the Legends..." Mamoru replied with Kenshiro turning his head toward him. "He has publicly placed the Noose of Grand Expectations firmly around his throat. He must follow through with his words or subject himself to be hanged by his lofty illusions of grandeur and misplaced arrogance."

Kenshiro's focus was reset back onto The Crimson Order as Shoji returned his head to a slightly downcast position.

"What was done was business." Mamoru explained. "Far from personal. It would seem that Mr. Silver has a very formidable Right Hand. No less, we are required to take action. Action that requires the inevitability of war."

“Now..." Kenshiro opened. "You both have your marching orders and know what must be done. Ensure that everything is completed. As ordered.” Mamoru mentioned as both ninjas clan officers casually stood themselves erect before quietly dismissing themselves from the chamber hall.

“Eiji.” Upon command, the clan lieutenant raised his head from a kneeling posture. Seen draping the Legacy Championship over his left shoulder, Kenshiro casually sauntered his way down the pair of steps before standing a few paces before the Blood Raven.

“Arise.” Slowly, the Prince of Puroresu stood himself erect.

“Brethren..” Kenshiro bellowed. “Your brother has done us proud. He has managed to take vengeance in the name of our clan and for himself. The repairs for our beloved Tekahashi Dojo are scheduled to begin in 3 months time. A once desecrated temple of higher learning & precisioned training was intentionally reduced to rubble. A smoldering pile of ash and cinder. Now, thanks to the efforts of one of our own, can be restored. Properly.”

Kenshiro gently placed his palm atop the Blood Raven’s left shoulder.

“Because of this, Eiji; it is on the behalf of your brethren to present you the opportunity to pursuit your most ardent desire...The opportunity to wrest back your ‘birthright’...”

The Blood Raven’s head faintly nodded.

“Bring back the jOlt Heavyweight Championship...”

The ninja’s knuckles slowly drawn tightly into a pair of fists, accompanied by a slow yet confident nod. A subtle crescendo of popping was heard as Kenshiro slowly pulled his hand away and began to walk away from his lieutenant back up the slightly elevated platform.

“This endeavor, while serves our unified pursuits of power, this is your rite to challenge ’him’ in however you see fit. By every means necessary. You have my permission to prepare at your leisure.”

The muffled impact of a fist slamming against his left breast was heard before slowly raised his head.

“I have just the things in mind....”

Chris Titan vs Michael Donavan
"What is wrong with the Crimson Order, anyway?," asked Nathan Powers. "I just don't get it. Bunch of weirdos."

"Their neither wrong nor are they weird, Nate," Michael Buhrman replied. "They follow a specific code of honor, something that you do not possess."

"A code?! I got a code, up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-b-a! Konami Code, bitch!"

"I meant honor."

"Oh," a dejected Nathan Powers said, "that."

"Machine" by Downstait

The guitar warmed up as the lights cooled off. When the main melody kicked in, spotlights in the arena began to swirl. Out from the backstage area came Sebastian Saje, Michael Donavan, Nate Quartermaine, Machida Hood, Jackson Cross, Seraph, Sayber, and Raevynn. Together, known as The Rebellion.

The army of rookies stood together in the ring, Sebastian Saje calling for a microphone.

"When is it finally time to throw in the towel, Chris?," Sebastian Saje posed to The Backbone's leader. "When youve gone your entire career, spanning over a decade, and have only touched the Holy Grail once and not even for that very long, let's be honest here? Does that taste of the brass ring, of the World Championship, does that taste haunt your dreams? Does it attack your confidence -- or does it make you even hungrier? I think I know what your answer is, Chris, and I think it's the former. You can hide it behind your tough guy exterior and pretend to be someone that hasn't lost it. Well, Chris, I hate to be the one to have to tell you this but you have -- lost it."

"Tired" by Stone Sour.

The Backbone logo appeared on the jOltVision, pulsated and then exploded to pieces when Mike Extreme's giant fist punched through it. Cut to Reno Davis locking the Straightjacket on Adam Lazarus and then right to BIG Little Italy's Fastball Special. 18-44 audience approved shots of Misty Gold and Violet. Bane Loneheart clubs Sylo in the back of his knee. Mike Extreme destroys Kayden Paulton Backstage. Chris Titan standing on the second rope from the ring apron, leaning into the ring, and screaming at The Superbeast. The Backbone.

It appeared Sebastian Saje would not have to wait long for his answer. Chris Titan and The Backbone were on the entrance stage bathed in an orage hue, the Arena of Champions lights dimming and rising as they walked to the ring in unison. Entering, they took their side of the ring opposite The Rebellion. Both groups stood staring dead at each other. The lights came up, music off, and the fans were absolutely insane.


Kaboom. It was on. Both groups charged each other; limbs flying every which-way, colliding, and then flying once again. The numbers game was on the side of The Rebellion and it showed as they quickly overpowered The Backbone. It looked like Chris Titan's reign at the top was about to come to an end when help finally arrived.

"Never Scared" by Bone Crusher.

The Lusus Army was back in Chris Titan's corner! Lusus hit the ring like ten tons of beached whale. It wasn't graceful but graceful was not Lusus' thing. His thing was running people over and now that he had shrugged off the barrage of stomps by The Rebellion and was on his feet, he intended to do just that.

"CHOO! CHOO!," he screamed and barreled forward. All but Machida Hood were able to get out of the way. Hood took the brunt of Lusus' body avalanche, and he took it right into the turnbuckle. Needless to say, Machida Hood was soon rolling out of the ring and that brought The Rebellion's numbers down. But that would be all Lusus would contribute.


"Damn, Buhr, that took out the whole army."

"Indeed it did."

That still left seven to The Backbone's five. Two down.

"Infected" by Bad Religion.

Odds were even now, at least for the time being. And The Backbone of old was nearly reformed when Total Conquest slid into the ring and joined their bretheren in the midst of battle with The Rebellion.

Their partners in Revolt had also arrived at ringside but were hesitant to enter the ring. Instead, they opted for steel chairs and the "wait and see" method.

Inside the ring things were heating up. SDL had squared off with Seraph, Persephone with Raevynn, Mike Extreme took on Jackson Cross, Bane Loneheart and Sayber locked horns, BIG Little Italy had Nate Quartermaine locked in the Crucifix and tied up in the ropes, Reno Davis found his way to Michael Donavan and was trading blows with Chris Titan's opponent for the evening. Speaking of Titan, he and Sebastian Saje were circling each other while the fans anticipation grew and grew. Titan lunged in to lock up with Saje and Saje ... dropped and rolled out of the ring. He thought it was a good idea at the time.

When he found Revolt ready to con-chair-to him, he quickly realized his mistake but with their eyes off the ring they did not get to see Seraph tossing SDL over the top rope and directly on top of them. Saje danced around the pile of bodies, looking to make his way backstage, but was caught by a Chris Titan clothesline as he attempted to sneak past.

Titan went fishing under the ring and caught himself a kendo fish. Holding it up -- made it easier for someone in the ring to grab it, which Raevynn did. Saje slapped Titan in his gut, releasing his grip on the kendo stick.


Kendo stick to Persephone's skull.


Kendo stick to bane Loneheart's back, the Scottish grappler was in serious pain.


Mike Extreme drove the kendo stick into Raevynn's face with a running Yakuza kick, sending the fans into a rabid "holy shit" chant.

On the subject of shit, when Sebastian Saje saw what happed in the ring he completely lost his. Sliding back in, he went right for Mike Extreme.

"CHOKESLAM! Mike Extreme just chokeslammed Sebastian Saje out of his boots!"

Jackson Cross immediately drove a double axehandle into Extreme's spine while Chris Titan slid back into the ring behind Cross.


Nate Quartermaine, having freed himself from BIG Little Italy's death grip on him, charged in.


And the hits just kept on coming as each Rebellion member broke free from their opponents. Sayber, a freshly revived Machida Hood, Seraph, Seraph ...


As the battled waned and soldiers on both fronts rolled to ringside, with the dust settled, four men remained. Chris Titan and Mike Extreme for The Backbone, former tag team partners. Sebastian Saje and Michael Donavan for The Rebellion. Once again the electricity in the Arena of Champions exploded.

The four men charged each other and the second wave of the battle had begun. Saje ducked a clothesline from Chris Titan, having scouted it well since missing it earleir, and slid under the ropes to the outside. He slugged Reno Davis in the jaw and drove a boot right into the side of BIG Little Italy's head, both men barely on their knees and trying to revive themselves at the time. Saje left Michael Donavan to face both members of The Backbone alone. They whipped Donavan into the ropes and Mike Extreme rushed behind him.


"I think he killed at least three of them with that, Buhr."

Chris Titan now found the tables turned. Sebastian Saje was not a victim of Extreme's Suicide Dive. With Chris Titan alone Saje slid back into the ring and began directing traffic with Michael Donavan. They pounced on Titan, however, The Backbone leader was fired up and he nailed Donavan with a kick right to his gut. Saje backed off, no longer having an advantage, and witnessed exactly what he would potentially have to face at Rise of the Legends.


Donavan was out. The ref lifted his arms for the required three times, each falling flat on the canvas.

Chris Titan knocked Michael Donavan out. Bodies were everywhere. The two de facto leaders of their respective factions were jaw-jacking as Sebastian Saje walked backwards up the ramp backstage, collecting as many Rebellion members as he could along the way. Titan remained in the ring to celebrate and iNtense moved elsewhere.

Winner: Chris Titan via Knockout

"The Wiles of Rebellion"

The scene faded into the depleted Skybox of Aran Thompson. The wallpapered room was bare and the furniture felt depressed. The table that, at one time, displayed both the Relentless Championship and the jOlt World Heavyweight Champion was desolate. From outside the Skybox the fans cheered as they witnessed the camera pan over the room that Aran Thompson had inherited when he married into the family that fortified the structure that is known as The Arena of Champions and the large window pain that seperated the skybox from the fans reverberated and shook as Aran Thompson stepped into the fray with a look of coecion on his face.

"For years I've spoke about being the future of this industry..." Aran began as a calming hush filled the air and the window pane shook no longer.

"Enraged by being held back from what I knew was the truth, because they were afraid. Afraid of what may happen if they let me run the asylum and finally like the doors of destiny flinging open I was confronted by a legend, a hall of famer, a superstar. Sent to hold me back once again, but I proved him wrong and the story has told itself since that moment. Since the moment that I defeated Vince Jacobs, they finally realized that I cannot and I will not go unheard again."

Aran closed his eyes, snarling, as he slowly shook his head.

"With that said I, of all people, can say that I understand the plot and ploy of The Rebellion. I understand, and I....actually admire it. Once again, I witness the growth of people taking a page straight from the play book that I wrote. That took me years to master, only for you read the words and spot the X's and O's and see how easily the pieces fall can fall into place."

Aran slowly raised his head and looked directly into the camera.

"I understand what you want, and I'm flattered that you are following in my footsteps whether you want to admit it or not. But if any of the Rebellion steps on my ground.....steps into my ring..."

Aran paused and exhaled heavily.

"You don't want to see what I'm prepared to go through when I want you gone."

"Ask Derecho."

The window panes once again shook as the fans reacted to the reference of how Aran's feud with Derecho had began.

"I know I walk around these hallowed halls with dents in my armor. I know that I sit alone in my skybox because I've wronged so many people. I know....why I literally have nothing but the gear in my bag and a loving devoted wife in my home."

Aran had paused yet again and slowly smiled his devlish grin.

"I know that tonight...Jon LeBon will feel the wrath of a God Slayer"

"And Damien...I know I'm chaotic. But look around you...we strive on chaos. If it weren't for chaos, this place would be the happiest most boring place in the world. My brand of Chaos pays the bills, the wiles of rebellion is chaotic but the spoils of war is epic."

Aran smiled before turning his back to the camera and the scene faded away as Aran sat down in a recliner as if he were perching upon a throne.

Jeremy Ryan vs Jesse Ramey

“The following contest is a grudge match, will be one fall to a finish, and has a fifteen minute time limit.” Brad Arnold stood center of the ring.

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

The music played and there was no fanfare, no theatrics, nor any pyrotechnics; out from the backstage area walked one bad man. The fans all began to boo as Ryan stood at the top of the ramp for a brief moment and then began his stalk toward the ring. A screen inside screen popped up in the top right hand corner of the frame with a prerecorded interview.

“Last week,” Ryan began, “Jesse Ramey, you wanted to poke your nose in my business. Tonight, we don’t have to worry about things between us being broken up. Tonight I get to put you in your place and show you exactly why I am jOlt’s Last Real Man!”

The screen in screen shot dissipated from the shot as Ryan began making his way up the steel ring steps onto the ring apron.

“About to enter the ring,” Arnold continued, “hailing from Bangor, Maine and weighing in tonight at two hundred and fifty-four pounds; HE IS jOlt’s LAST REAL MAN, JEREMY RYAN!”

Ryan sprang into the ring, and made his way to his corner. His music faded and was quickly replaced by “I’m Not Alright” by Shinedown began to blast throughout the arena. The booing throughout the arena was quickly replaced by cheering from the fans as the Anti-Star quickly made his way through the entrance curtains. Ramey stood at the top of the ramp bouncing for a moment, then burst toward the ring.

“His opponent, making his way to the ring, hailing from Harts, West Virginia and weighing in tonight at two hundred and five pounds; HE IS THE ANTI-STAR, JESSE RAMEY!”

As Arnold had finished his announcement and was exiting the ring, Ramey slid into the ring under the bottom rope on his hip. Ramey quickly bounced back up to his feet, but instead of his normal pandering to the crowd he quickly made his way to the corner and nodded in the direction of referee Mike Hunt to start the fight. Hunt signaled for the bell and the start of the match.


Before Ramey had the chance to even get out of his corner Ryan came charging at him with both hands lifted in the air. Ryan quickly brought his arms down around Ramey’s head pushing him backward into the turnbuckles. Ryan brought down a headbutt across Ramey’s skull that staggered him; Ryan stepped to the side a bit, and then brought down another vicious headbutt that caused Ramey to fall face first to the mats.

Ramey came back to his knees, placing his right arm on the middle rope trying to quickly get back to his feet, but Ryan quickly brought a boot up into his ribs that caused Ramey to fall back to the mats. Ramey once again tried to get back to his feet, but Ryan brought down three quick forearm shots to the center of Ramey’s back causing him to hit the canvas with each blow, and then ended his assault with another quick boot to the ribs.

Ryan grabbed Ramey by the back of the neck and lifted him to his feet, with his hand still wrapped around the back of Ramey’s neck Ryan launched him off into the ropes. Ramey hit the ropes chest first, and as he bounced backward Ryan leveled him with a short arm clothesline to the back of the neck and once again saw Ramey tumble face first to the mats below.

Ryan quickly scanned the arena with a look of menace on his face that caused the fans to once again begin jeering him. Ryan grabbed Ramey by the face, with his hand cupped under Ramey’s chin and lifted him back to a standing base. On the way up it looked as though Ryan had some harsh words for Ramey, but as soon as the Anti-Star hit his feet he broke Ryan’s grip around his face and threw out a right closed fist to the side of Ryan’s face.

jOlt’s Last Real Man was staggered by the punch, but Ramey was finished as he delivered three more to the side of Ryan’s face. Ryan placed both hands on Ramey’s chest and quickly launched him backward into the nearest set of turnbuckles and then rushed toward Ramey in the corner. Ramey quickly placed his hands on the top rope though, and lifted his knees up to catch Ryan directly in the face as he approached. The move caused Ryan to stagger backward out of the corner.

Ramey brought his legs down onto the middle rope, as he sat on the top rope. Ramey launched himself off, but Ryan was able to duck under whatever move Ramey had in mind, but Ramey instead only leaped over him landing on his feet and took off into the ropes. Ryan quickly turned to see Ramey was running toward the ropes, as Ramey’s back connected with the ropes, and he turned himself Ryan was ready as he rushed in and brought a huge running knee lift up into Ramey’s gut. The move sent Ramey flipping over Ryan’s knee and back down to the canvas.

Ryan made his way toward the ropes, grabbed hold of the top rope, and began spewing obscenities toward the fans with a huge smile on his face. The fans didn’t care to let Ryan know exactly how they felt about him either though.


Ryan only continued to smile as he slowly turned his attention back to the center of the ring where Ramey had managed to get back to a standing base. The two men now slowly began to circle the ring, until they both decided to dive back in and were caught up in a collar and elbow tie-up. The two men struggled about for a bit, until they made their way to a corner, where it looked as though Ryan once again had the upper hand, but Ramey managed to get a forearm up into the side of Ryan’s face and then turned his back to the corner.

The two men were still tangled up though and Hunt began a quick five count, upon reaching four Hunt quickly stepped in to break the two men apart. Hunt directed both men to back away from each other as he reprimanded them both sternly. The fans once again came back to life in the process.


The two men slowly backed away from each other, but continued to circle. Ramey was the first to jump in driving a boot into Ryan’s midsection, the move caused Ryan to double over a bit, and Ramey brought a clubbing forearm blow down across his back. Ramey brought one more clubbing forearm blow across Ryan’s back and then pushed him back into the turnbuckle padding.

With Ryan now secured in the padding Ramey drove a closed fist into Ryan’s midsection, then grabbed hold of his head with his left hand, drew back, and delivered a closed fist to the top of his skull. Ramey took a step back, grabbed hold of the top rope with both hands, and brought his boot up driving it into Ryan’s midsection. Ramey then grabbed hold of Ryan’s arm, shoved his shoulder against Ryan’s chest, and then pulled out whipping him across the ring.

Ryan’s back snapped against the opposite, but he bounced right out and as Ramey was approaching he caught him with clothesline that dropped Ramey back down to the mats. Ryan walked around the ring for a moment, and then turned his attention back to Ramey. Ryan grabbed Ramey by the head, and flipped him over onto his back then drove a knee into the side of his head. Ryan quickly came back to his feet, once again made sure Ramey was flat on his back, and then drove another stiff knee down across his face. Ryan back up to his feet, and one more time, just for good measure drove another knee down across Ramey’s face, but this time Ryan stayed on the mat pressing the knee into the side of Ramey’s face. Hunt quickly dropped down and began counting for Ryan to release the move.

Ryan held down on the move until the count of four, and then released the hold. Hunt warned him, but Ryan paid no attention to the official as he quickly grabbed Ramey by the head and lifted him back to his feet. Ryan kept his hand cupped around the back of Ramey’s neck and looked to drag him back to a corner, but Ramey brought a closed fist up into his midsection that broke the hold. Ramey then brought two overhead closed fists down across Ryan’s skull that instead backed him into the turnbuckle.

With Ryan now backed into the corner Ramey quickly brought a knee lift up into Ryan’s midsection. Ramey grabbed Ryan back the back of the neck, slowly pulled him out of the corner, and drove a headbutt down across his cranium that dropped Ryan to his knees. Ramey lifted Ryan back to his feet, kept hold of his arm, drew back looking as though he was going to whip him across the ring, but then quickly stepped in dropping him back to the canvas with a clothesline.

Ramey slowly walked around the ring, trying to shake the cobwebs out, as Ryan rolled toward the ropes and out onto the apron. He had made his way to his knees holding onto the middle rope as Ramey made his way over, Ramey stretched his arms over the top rope, and tried to grab Ryan by the hair, but instead Ryan throw a closed fist through the ropes into Ramey’s gut that caused him to double over. Ryan quickly came to a standing base, stretched his arms over the top rope, grabbed Ramey by the head, lifted him back up, twisted him around, and attempted to wrap Ramey’s arms around the top rope.

Ramey quickly fought out of the move though, turned back around, and drove a forearm shot across Ryan’s face that caused him to fall from the apron and to the floor. Hunt made sure that Ramey was still in the ring, before he turned his attention to Ryan on the floor who was making his way back to his feet, but as soon as Hunt’s back was turned Ramey ducked through the ropes on the side of the ring, and began making his way around to the now standing Ryan.

Ryan had just managed to turn his attention to Ramey, but before he knew exactly what was coming Ramey charged, placed one foot on the steel ring steps, launched himself into the air, and connected with Ryan driving him back to the floor with a flying cross body block. Ramey quickly made his way back to his feet and smiled out at the fans as they began cheering for him once again.

Ramey slowly made his way over to the downed Ryan, grabbed him by the head, lifted him back to his feet, and then turned to shove him back into the ring under the bottom rope. Ryan was able to use the momentum from the roll to roll up to his feet as Ramey rolled in under the bottom rope as well. Ryan rushed toward the ropes as Ramey was just getting to a kneeling position, and just as Ramey was able to reach his feet Ryan caught him in the center of the ring with a hard clothesline that dropped him to the canvas.

Now it was Ryan’s turn to shake out of the cobwebs as he slowly walked away from Ramey’s downed body. Ryan paced for a moment, and then made his way over to Ramey who was rolling closer toward a corner. Ryan grabbed Ramey by the back of the neck, lifted him to his feet, and then began pulling him quickly toward the open ropes. Ryan tried to toss Ramey over the ropes and to the outside, but Ramey was able to hold onto the ropes as he was going over and pulled himself to a standing base on the apron.

Ryan quickly grabbed Ramey as he landed, twisted him around, and brought down ten clubbing forearm blows across his chest. Ryan then turned Ramey back around, threw Ramey’s arm around his neck, then grabbed hold of his tights, lifted him up, and drove him back into the center of the ring with a suplex. Ramey rolled in pain toward the center of the ring as Ryan quickly crawled toward Ramey on his hands and knees, and pulled him up for the pin attempt using one leg as leverage.




Ramey managed to shoot his shoulder up and off of the canvas just after Hunt’s hand had landed for the two count. Ryan slowly pushed his way back to his feet, casually made his way over to the corner that was right beside of Ramey, pushed his way up to a seated position on the top rope with his feet on the middle ropes, Ryan then stood, and jumped off with a knee drop attempt. Ramey rolled out of the way at the last second leaving Ryan to drive his knee down hard into the canvas.

Ryan was able to quickly get back to his feet, but was left stumbling around to the ropes holding his knee in pain. Ramey rolled back up to his feet, approached Ryan, grabbed him by the arm, pushed him into the ropes, and attempted to launch him across the ring. Ryan, however, was able to counter the move and twisted himself to allow for Ramey to be shot off into the ropes instead.

Ramey bounced off of the ropes, but Ryan lowered his head to attempt possibly a back body drop way too soon. Ramey approached and brought the top of his foot up catching Ryan across the chest. Ryan snapped back up to a standing base and staggered about, Ramey charged in with a clothesline attempt. Ryan ducked under the move, sending Ramey flying off into the ropes, and Ryan continued his momentum off into the opposite ropes as well. Ramey had managed to stop himself in the ropes, but Ryan continued to charge toward Ramey, Ryan barely left the ground colliding chest to chest with Ramey, this caused both men to spill over the top rope and to the outside.

Both men lay outside of the ring motionless, and Mike Hunt began his ten count.



Both men began to stir, Ramey crawling back toward the apron, Ryan managing to roll onto his stomach.




Ramey grabbed at the apron, slowly pulling his way back to his feet. Ryan pushed the palms of his hands to the floor, making his way up to a crawling position.



Ramey pulled himself back up, and slowly crawled under the bottom rope stopping the count on him.


Ryan pushed his way back to his feet and staggered around for a moment.


Upon hearing the nine count Ryan quickly made his way over to the apron, and rolled back into the ring just before Hunt was able to make the ten count. The fans in attendance were actually happy to see that the match would continue instead of ending the way it nearly did. Despite their hatred for Ryan, the fans actually began a chant that struck the baddest man in jOlt a bit.


Both Ramey and Ryan rested in the ring for a moment on their backs, both panting for air. Until Ramey slowly rolled around to the downed body of Ryan and quickly locked him in a headlock. Mike Hunt quickly dropped to one knee and began checking on Ryan to make sure he wasn’t going to tap out. Ramey managed to hold the headlock on Ryan without him moving for a few moments, but then Ryan began fighting back as he shifted his body weight to another side.

Ryan fought his way to a kneeling base, forcing Ramey up to a standing base, but the move was still locked in tight. Then Ryan managed to force his way back to his feet, turned himself, and was now standing with his head twisted right next to Ramey’s. Ryan drove a closed fist into Ramey’s midsection causing Ramey to break the headlock; Ryan grabbed Ramey by the hair with his left hand, and then drove a closed right fist into the side of Ramey’s head. The move caused Ramey to stagger backward, Ryan grabbed Ramey by the arm, and sent him flying across the ring hitting back first against the turnbuckle padding.

Ryan then charged the corner looking to catch Ramey with a corner clothesline, but Ramey quickly turned his body and caught Ryan across the chin with a back elbow. Ramey grabbed hold of Ryan’s head, pushed his way up to a seated position on the top rope, and then leapt off driving Ryan’s head down onto the mat with a tornado DDT.


Ramey quickly crawled across the ring, and covered Ryan, pulling his leg up for the leverage pin. Hunt dropped in to make the attempt.




Ryan shot his shoulder up and off the mat just before Hunt’s hand could come down for the three count. Ramey slowly made his way back to a standing position, stalked around the downed body of Ryan, grabbed hold of his leg, pulled him out straight, and then drove a boot down across his chest. Ramey then turned his attention back toward the nearest turnbuckle, made his way over, and pushed his way back up to a standing position on the middle rope.

Ramey jumped from the middle rope looking to hit Ryan with a second rope elbow drop, but Ryan managed to get both of his knees up driving them into Ramey’s midsection. Ramey bounced off of Ryan’s knees and rolled across the ring holding his abdomen region. Ryan rolled onto his side, breathing heavily, and a look of rage was mounting on his face. Ryan rolled on his knees, the look growing more and more, then he came back to a standing base as Ramey had managed to roll back to his feet as well.

Ryan rushed toward the groggy Ramey and brought him back down to the mats with a double axe handle to the face. Ramey quickly came back to his feet, but was met with another running double axe handle. Ramey wasn’t staying down though as he once again quickly came back to his feet, but walked toward the turnbuckle, he wasn’t in it, but as he turned Ryan rushed toward him and drove a shoulder into his midsection causing him to connect with the turnbuckles.

Ramey’s back snapped against the turnbuckles, but Ryan quickly turned out and darted to the ropes across from both men. Ramey staggered out of the corner and right into a returning Ryan who caught Ramey with a devastating running knee lift to the face. Ramey didn’t fall though; he was just jolted back up to a standing base, twisted, and fell backward into the turnbuckle once more.

Ryan had made his way to the turnbuckle opposite of Ramey as Ramey had just fallen into place. Ryan bounced his back off of the turnbuckle, and then charged toward Ramey. A look of sheer rage and determination on Ryan’s face as he approached, until Ramey brought one knee up and caught Ryan square across the face.

Ryan staggered backward and fell to his knees and Ramey rushed in attempting to kick Ryan in the face. Ryan barely managed to duck under the kick attempt, and came back to his feet. Ramey slowly turned back into the now waiting Ryan who lifted Ramey up and planting him in the center of the ring with his patented spinning sitout spinebuster. Ryan then climbed on top of Ramey’s body, lifting his leg for leverage in a pin attempt, as Hunt dropped in for the count.




Hunt’s hand was halfway down for the three count when Ramey was barely able to shove Ryan off of him. Ryan shifted his body into a seated position as a look of, “What the fuck do I have to do to keep this guy down” mounted across his face. Ryan slowly pushed his way back to his feet, walked around for a moment, then made his way over toward the turnbuckle. Ryan stepped through the ropes and began climbing up the turnbuckles.

Before Ryan could manage to get to the top though, he had thrown his leg across, and Ramey had made his way back to his feet. Ramey charged the corner driving a closed fist into Ryan’s head causing him to take a seated position on the top turnbuckle. Ryan fought back though, hitting Ramey with a closed fist, then grabbing his head with his left hand and drilling him with another hard closed fist. Ryan delivered three more closed fists, before Ramey staggered backward into the ring, Ryan then pushed his way up to a standing base on the top rope.

Ramey turned at the very last second and charged the corner, Ryan was about to leap, but instead was left with no other option but to drop off over Ramey. Ryan landed on his feet, but bounced into a roll, and popped back up on the other side of the ring. Ramey had turned just as Ryan was turning and began charging toward him. Ryan attempted a clothesline, but Ramey ducked under the attempted move. Ryan quickly turned and Ramey launched a kick into his midsection.

Ryan doubled over in pain, and Ramey jumped up onto his back, flipping through and hitting him with a massive sunset flip powerbomb.


Ramey held tight after landing and placed his feet across Ryan’s shoulders for the pin attempt. Hunt quickly dropped into position to make the count.




The fans all once again came to their feet cheering as “I’m Not Alright” once again blared throughout the arena. Hunt helped Ramey get back to his feet and raised his arm in victory.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Arnold stood to make the call, “your winner of the match via pinfall, THE ANTI-STAR, JESSE RAMEY!”

Ryan quickly rolled out of the ring, not toward the entrance though, toward the announcer’s table. Ramey was oblivious to anything other than soaking in the cheers from the crowd. Ramey made his way to a turnbuckle facing the entrance ramp, climbed to the middle rope, and began chanting out toward the fans.

Ryan began rummaging under the ring once outside, produced a steel chain, wrapped it around his fist and made his way back into the ring. Much to Ramey’s astonishment, the fans began booing as his music slowly died down, Ramey dropped back down into the ring, and when he turned around he realized just why the fans were now booing.



The same chant from earlier began to ring out throughout the arena once more, as Ramey was laid out in the middle of the ring. A trickle of blood began running from the top of his head, as Ryan mounted Ramey’s now prone body, and began driving the chain into his skull over and over.

Ryan finally came back to his feet, dropped the chain in the middle of the ring, and slowly pulled Ramey back to his feet. Ryan then placed Ramey’s head between his legs and it looked as though he was going to drive him down right on top of the chain with that devastating jumping piledriver.

Then Ryan hesitated, when he saw Jimmy B. Martinez sprinting toward the ring from the backstage area. Ryan quickly released Ramey from between his legs, grabbed hold of his chain, dropped to the mats, and rolled out of the ring just as JBM was rolling into the ring to make the save.

Jimmy stood with his back to the downed Ramey, in a fighting stance watching as Ryan slowly made his way around the ring toward the entrance ramp. Ryan slowly began back peddling his way up the ramp, and as soon as Martinez thought it was safe turned his attention back to the downed Ramey. The scene slowly faded out on this display.

Winner: Jesse Ramey via Pinfall

"White Belt"

“...With all due respect, my Lord...Why?”

Mamoru rose to his feet with a look of rising anger yet Kenshiro calmly elevated his hand upward to motion for his elder statesman to enhance his calm.

Shoji...” The clan general opened. “You are a powerful asset. Technically inclined as you are effectively proficient in your suppressive styles. However, you require more direction. Far more discipline and balance in your approach.”

“Lord Kenshiro; I can fight.” Shoji replied. “We, as a clan, are at war, are we not?”

The Ronin slowly turned his back toward the Hokota Holocaust.

“You need soldiers. Passionate soldiers who stand unified in both defense & promotion of this clan. I can lead those set underneath my charge. Give me 5. 10. 20. Whichever number you deem necessary for us to trample out enemies underfoot. This is all I ask...”

Kenshiro merely looked at his clan officers whom drew their eyes shut briefly before the ninja responded.

Eiji. was and still remains the strongest supporter on your behalf. However, this specific test can only answered by how you adjust to this directive that I must administer onto you.”

“The ninja’s eyes drew shut yet a heavy sigh of frustration was strained through a set of clenched teeth.

“From this moment forward, you are to glean to Mamoru’s side as both an enforcer and all duties pertaining to clan business. You will accompany him. Aide him. Protect him as well as your clan brothers. You are able to compete here on a limited basis yet your primary stage of operations shall be at The Hype or when called forward to do so. You shall join El Tigre Verde’ in the promotional farm system to not only further hone your needed skills but assist him as well.”

“Forgive me, Lord Kenshir...”

“This is not up for debate.” Kenshiro decreed. “Mamoru; you & Shoji have your orders. Leave us.”

Frustration radiated from within the ninja as he responded with a kneeling salut, turning his head to the side slightly before centering it. The elder statesman soon stood over him to gently plant his Right hand atop Shoji’s right shoulder.

“Come, Shoji.” Mamoru uttered. “You have the liberty to talk freely under my charge.”

The muscular ninja sternly drove his knuckles against the carpeted floor and held it briefly before standing himself erect and following Mamoru’s lead out of the clan chamber....

The House vs Them Mf'n Goons

A confrontation in catering is what leads us to the next match here tonight. The hired hitmen for Diamond Jewelz, Them Mf’N Goons made a mistake by hitting on Derrick Huber’s wife, Charlotte, in catering last week. In the midst of the chaos, Derrick Huber issued the challenge to Latrell Samuel and Khalil Straightgully and big Khalil accepted. The former two-time tag team champions The House would take on the up-and-coming team of Them Mf’N Goons! That match is now!

Schoolboy Q’s “Gangsta” brought out the trusted hitmen for Diamond Jewelz as they appeared on the ramp and took in the jeering from the crowd. The rowdy Latrell Samuel was out first and he started to piss off the crowd by screaming out loud strings of cursing their way and right behind was big Khalil Straightgully raising his hands to more boos. The two men had been in jOlt a short time but had already caused trouble by vandalizing the dojo of Eiji Kugasari, helping Diamond Jewelz in his own bid for glory and now had pissed off the physically biggest tag team in jOlt. The worst part of it all was them doing it with smiles on their faces.

Carrington: The first team making their way to the ring, weighing in combined at five-hundred and two pounds, they are Khalil Straightfully and Latrell Samuel … they are Them Mf’N Goons

Latrell posed on the top turnbuckle while Khalil stood next to him, arms folded with a menacing scowl on his face. They were ready for some action tonight and since Damien Lee was looking for more teams for the War Games tag title match at Rise of the Legends, a great performance for one or both teams could solidify their spot for contention.

"House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch

The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive pop from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of cards toward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the Nevada bred former jOlt Tag Team Champions appeared from the backstage area.

“The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck.

“The Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber.

“The Queen of Hearts” Charlotte.

The obese fan favorite Adam Roebuck extended his arms outward and nodded while his muscular counterpart Derrick Huber anxiously greeted the masses in an enthusiastic fashion. Walking from one end to the other, the power lifter rejoined his partner as the former jOlt Starlets Champion Charlotte had her hands raised by both men.

Carrington: “...And making their way to the ring; accompanied by their manager, CHARLOTTE...From Las Vegas, Nevada...Weighting in at a total combined weight of 777 pounds...they are the team of ADAM ROEBUCK & DERRICK HUBER!!!.. They are THE!!! HOUSE!!!

The burly Roebuck lumbered his way down the ramp as both Charlotte & Huber began greeting the fans in the front row before rounding the ring. Roebuck stormed his way up the ring steps and passed through the ropes as Derrick gave his lady a kiss before following suit. Derrick Huber was seen clapping his hands to jumpstart the crowd as their musical theme dissipated.

Derrick Huber and Latrell Samuel came face to face for the first time since that confrontation backstage. The Sin City Strongman tried to grab him first when Latrell ducked underneath and slapped him in the face. The crowd was loud and they ooooohed the cheap shot performed by the hitman for Jewelz as he laughed and high fived Khalil on the apron. Charlotte and Roebuck each shook their heads for the possibly very dumb tactic employed by Samuel.

Huber tried to approach him again but Latrell was far quicker than the strongman and he ducked underneath to slap him again. Latrell was loving this getting under the skin of Huber and when Derrick ran at him he quickly jumped to the outside so he could make another pass as Charlotte.

“Hey, hot-ass, dat offer from last week’s good until you say yes!”

Charlotte was prepared to kick him where the sun didn’t shine if it meant that The House wouldn’t get disqualified, but luckily he wouldn’t have to. Latrell turned around and got himself goozled by a big and angry Roebuck.

“That’s my best friend’s wife, asshole.”

Roebuck picked up Latrell in a press position and actually tossed him back through the second and third ropes and back at the feet of Derrick Huber. Huber picked him up and waved hello before he buried a fist deep into Latrell’s stomach to the delight of the crowd! Huber slammed four more big fists into the gut and pressed him over his head now. The crowd was amazed by the strength of Huber while Latrell frantically shook his head. He let him go only to drop him hard with a gorilla press powerslam.

The smaller member of the Goons was hurt in a bad way as Huber tossed him into their corner. The tag was made to the big monster Adam Roebuck. The Las Vegas Leviathan stepped in between the ropes while Huber restrained him in the corner. Latrell tried to break free but it was no use because Roebuck was smiling now with a big hand held out…


Four nasty open handed chops landed shots across the chest of Latrell and each blow sounded incredibly stiff. The crowd didn’t feel sorry at all for Latrell when he crumbled to his knees in pain. Roebuck kneed him twice to get him on the ground and then simply walked over him, pressing all his weight down into his chest.

He held him up again and reached over to tag back out to Huber again and the two men did what they did best by going to work. They each took turns hitting him with clubbing shots against the ropes and whipped Latrell Samuel into the corner before they connected with a big double shoulder tackle. Latrell hit the ground hard as Huber went to the cover now.



Latrell kicked out but Huber was far from done with him. He whipped him into the corner and crushed him with a big running splash in the corner before unleashing a series of head butts to the face and chest of Samuel. He switched it up for elbows several times and then threw him out of the corner with a snapmare. Huber charged and landed with a sliding forearm shot to the small of his back.

Samuel was probably wishing that he didn’t hit on the wife of Derrick Huber as he laid across the mat in pain. Huber walked over and grabbed him by the legs and was looking for the ever-popular Roulette Wheel! The crowd was cheering loudly and they wanted it, but Khalil had different ideas. He charged and went over to start something with Charlotte. Huber let go of him as he and the official both warned the big guy not to try anything funny on the outside.

Well, it was all a ruse as Latrell snuck up behind Huber and landed a hard low blow! The shot was enough to stop Huber in his tracks and as if that wasn’t enough, Latrell turned around and landed a spinning wheel kick that brought the Sin City Strongman down!

Khalil Straightgully returned to this corner but now The Goons were going to control the match. Latrell rolled over and tagged to the big muscleman Khalil. Khalil was also a proud native of Las Vegas, Nevada, but that’s where the similarities ended with he and The House. The big battler stomped down on him and let the Sin City Strongman have it by dropping a vicious knee drop against his chest. Striaghtgully was six-seven and close to three-hundred pounds and was playing a good equalizer to the strength of either House member.

Charlotte was showing concern for her husband as the violent Khalil picked him up and pushed him violently into the Goons corner with a big shoulder ramming barrage. He unleashed some sick shoulders and turned around as he took off his elbow pad. Latrell was cheering him on from the corner and watched him go to work…


The vicious barrage of stiff punches in the corner were coming fast and Huber was powerless to stop most of it as the shots kept on coming. The referee ordered him to back up and risked a disqualification, but Khalil only back up probably because his arm was getting tired. Latrell took the tag rope while Khalil protested with the referee and tried to choke out Huber with it! The crowd was booing and Charlotte yelled for him to look over in the corner, but when the official turned Latrell turned back and held up his hands with a bullshit scout’s honor.

Huber was choked against his neck some more by the big foot of STriaghtgully and the force was enough for him to sent him to a seated position in the corner. It was now Latrell’s turn to shine again as he jumped into the ring. He positioned himself carefully on the turnbuckle and he jumped only to nail Huber in the face with a rope-aided dropkick. With some effort, he pulled him out of the corner and away from the ropes so he could cover.



Huber kicked out with plenty of force behind it, but Latrell Samuel was still happy to have the advantage. Latrell used the ropes as he own plaything once again as he charged off the ropes and came back with a high angled flipping senton, putting all his body weight across the barrel chest of the Sin City Strongman. Latrell Samuel tried to end it there with another pinfall attempt.



And another big kick out from Huber.

Latrell headed back to the corner and tagged back to the bigger Khalil Straightgully as he towered over Huber. The Sin City Strongman was trying to stand when he ate a solid kick to the chest that doubled him over. He reached over to pull Huber back to his feet, but the big strongman of the House continued to fight back by throwing a couple of right hands into the chest of the monster. Huber broke free from his grip and was looking for something big off the ropes when he was caught and slammed back down to the ground.


The move known in some parts of the world as a uranagi suplex took Huber back down in a New York … or in Khalil’s case, a Las Vegas minute. Khalil continued to stand over the powerhouse and mean-mugged Adam Roebuck in his own corner before turning around and reaching over to cover Huber again.



And Huber kicks out yet again!

Khalil took Huber back to his corner again and reached over so he could tag Latrell Samuel back inside. Khalil grabbed him by the arm and whipped him right into a dropkick in the corner. Latrell stood up and whipped him back into a big boot from Khalil and laid him out on the ground. Latrell was grinning like he was higher than a kite … and he probably was … and Latrell jumped on top of the Sin City Strongman looking to score a big tag team win.



Close, but no cigar!

Latrell stood over the downed Huber and shot a flirtatious glance at Charlotte on the outside as he blew kisses for his girl in the corner. He winked at her and made a very suggestive motion involving his mouth and one of his other body parts which quickly had the camera cutting away to a disgusted Charlotte.

“You don’t even have one of those!” Charlotte yelled back.

The Goon begged to disagree and he stomped across Huber’s body to walk over and tag back to big Khalil Striaghtgully looking to finish things. He was setting up for his killing elbow smash lariat that was his namesake called The Straightgully. The big Khalil stalked him as Huber slowly rolled over onto his back and forced himself back to his feet. He swung for the fences and looked for the big lariat only for Huber to duck. When he came back off the rebound, Khalil was taken down.


The brutal discus clothesline from Huber took down Khalil for the first time in the match and now both men were down. This was Huber’s big chance to get back to the corner as Latrell Samuel yelled at his large tag partner to make the tag. Khalil was groggy as hell from the shot but had just enough ring awareness to reach over and tag out to Samuel again.

Samuel ran with the quickness and tried to stop him by grabbing the Oddsmaker’s big leg, but Derrick turned himself around and with a big burst of strength, he kicked him away with his free foot and sent Latrelll flying back several feet. The tag was finally made now and the crowd was cheering on Roebuck.

Latrell charged at the former two-time tag champion and knocked him over with a big clothesline. When he stood up to his feet he was knocked over with a second and even more forceful clothesline from the Las Vegas Leviathan. He knelt down to Latrell’s level and floored him with a headbutt that sent the Goon into the corner. The Big Bucks was running things now and Latrell was easy pickings…


The running hip attack in the corner nearly drove out all the air of Samuel’s lungs. He stumbled out from the corner as Roebuck came charging off the ropes and connected with a running shoulder that bowled him all the way across the ring.

The big Roebuck was finally showing off all the force and mayhem that came with being part of the largest two-man tag team that jOlt had ever seen. Adam Roebuck was ready to finish things off now and grabbed onto Latrell as he stood up only to drop him across his knee with a rib breaker. He then tossed him up and over his head with a monstrous standing fallaway slam…


Roebuck had manhandled him and now it was time to finish things once and for all! He rolled behind him and went into the cover on Latrell Samuel.



Just when it looked like things were ended for The Goons, big Khalil charged into the ring and stomped down on the back of Roebuck’s head. He continued to maul the mass of humanity while he was down and stomped hip relentlessly like he was doing an Aran Thompson impression. The official screamed at him to get back to his corner and he ignored him as he tried to bumrush Huber on the apron. The Sin City Strongman pulled the ropes down and Straightgully got taken out off the ring!

Inside the ring, Roebuck’s attack at the hands of Khalil was enough to shake up the Big Bucks so Latrell scrambled back up and kicked Adam in the face and did his best to keep him down. Samuel did what he did best and jumped off the ropes looking for another one of his big moves, but Roebuck did what he did best and snatched him out of mid-air with sheer power before nearly breaking him in half with the THE BAD HAND~! Roebuck planted him and the cover was academic at this point.




The high angled lifting side slam planted Latrell Samuel and The House were the winners of the match tonight!

Roebuck had his arm raised while on the outside, Huber and Khalil were still fighting amongst themselves. Khalil had shoved Huber into the turnbuckle post to stun him and grabbed a chair in hand. Roebuck was still celebrating their victory and didn’t see the bigger member of the Goons creeping up on him…


He had blasted him right in the back with a gross chair shot! Roebuck was brought to a knee but a second chair shot from Khalil dropped the Las Vegas Leviathan to the ground!

“You asshole!”

Huber recovered on the outside and tried to charge at the two but Khalil pulled Latrell Samuel out of the ring and the two high tailed it back up the ramp. The House had the victory tonight, but The Mf’N Goons got the last laugh. Khalil and Latrell had shit-eating grins on their faces as the Goons departed while Huber and Charlotte checked on Adam Roebuck. He looked a bit rattled, but he was more pissed than anything. This issue between these two teams wasn’t going to end here.

Winner: The House via Pinfall

"Unwanted Assistance"

The scene slowly faded to the backstage area, Donny Layne quickly darted through the hallways of the arena. His target now readily in front of him, it was the frame of a staggering Jesse Ramey. Layne quickly approached Ramey from behind and placed his hand on Ramey’s shoulder. Ramey quickly turned with his fist balled up, blood still covering his face. Layne closed his eyes, shrieked like a little girl, and then Ramey realized that the hand that was placed on his shoulder was no threat to him.

Layne slowly opened his eyes, to see a now smiling crimson face before him. The blood didn’t bother Layne though; he had seen Ramey covered in it before, when he managed Ramey in Legacy of Champions. Layne, however, was still shaken from the idea of Ramey drilling him in the face with one of those closed fists. Donny finally regained his composure, straightened out his dress shirt, and began.

“Jesse,” Donny began, “I just wanted to get your reaction from what happened earlier.”

Ramey spit a little blood on the floor, and then used his forearm to wipe his mouth area clean.

“I won, plain and simple.” Ramey smiled, the blood stains inside of his mouth now showing more dominantly. “I said it last week when I went up against Landon Stevens. You put me in the middle of that ring, against someone who isn’t going to resort to dirty tactics, and I’ll either pin their shoulders to the mat or I’ll make them tap like a little bitch.”

“I’ve done this long enough to know exactly how to get things done inside of that ring.” Ramey paused, “Jeremy Ryan, jOlt’s Last Real Man.” Ramey scoffed, “You like to think you’re as tough as nails because you rose up through the ranks of the Hype and landed yourself a nice little gig on the big show now?”

“That’s not exactly how it works though.” Ramey chuckled, “I’ve been wrestling inside of that ring, longer than you’ve been out of diapers, and I have it on good authority that they had to break him of that habit on the Hype as well.”

Ramey laughed as he nudged Layne, then Donny noticed Ramey got a little bit of blood on his white shirt, and he let out a sigh.

“Then Jimmy Martinez had to stick his nose in the matter as well.” Ramey scoffed, “I appreciate the help there Jimmy, but I don’t need other people coming in to fight my battles for me.”

“So,” Donny interjected, “you would have rather just had Ryan plant you with that massive jumping piledriver in the middle of the ring on that steel chain?”

Ramey actually looked a bit miffed at the thought that Layne even asked the question.

“I would have found a way out of it Donny.” Ramey said angrily, “Even if I would have got planted out there in the middle of the ring, it wouldn’t have mattered, I would have got Ryan for it eventually. I just don’t need people trying to be some knight in shining armor for me. I fight my battles, I take my lumps, just like anyone else, and the end results will be the same regardless. I did it on my own.”

“Jeremy Ryan is only one man,” Ramey sniffed, “I’m only one man. We don’t need Jimmy B. Martinez, no matter who his friends are in this business sticking his nose out there and trying to get a shine off of him getting the save. I’m done with this interview, next week I’ll have a talk with Jimmy about it and if he ever sticks his nose in my business again it won’t be me that needs saving.”

Ramey turned and continued making his way down the hallway, leaving Layne without anything to say in response as the scene faded.

"Making an Example"

The Arena of Champions went black.


The crowd errupted in boos as "Believers" by Mayday hit the speakers. Three spotlights moved around the crowd and throughout the arena before stopping at the top of the entrance way. The crowd began to chant.

CHUMPS!!!..... CHUMPS!!!..... CHUMPS!!!.....

The Faction stepped out into the spotlights. They looked around the Arena of Champions with smiles draped across their faces. Landon raised the jOlt championship high above his head. Eli and Ezra followed suit as they raised the tag championships up.

CHUMPS!!!..... CHUMPS!!!..... CHUMPS!!!.....

The Faction dropped their championships down to their shoulders as they made their way down the ramp. The trio of champions stopped at the bottom of the rampway. Stevens looked around and raised the jOlt championship once again.

YOU SUCK!!!.... YOU SUCK!!!!..... YOU SUCK!!!....

The music faded out to the crowd echoeing their hatred for The Faction. Stevens slid into the ring first. Eli and Ezra followed as they moved up the ring steps. The Rising Star moved over into the far corner and grabbed the microphone laying in the corner.


"SHUT UP!!!!" The champion yelled at the fans.

"Last week we made an example of one Jesse Ramey after he decided he wanted to run his mouth. This week, the boys have the tedious task of facing The Widows Nest. Who the hell are these guys anyways? It doesn't really matter anyways. Tonight..."

Eli snatched the microphone from Stevens.

"Exactly, who they are or what they are are irrelevant. Tonight we will do as we are asked and defend these championships against these two punks. And just like Jesse Ramey, these two will be made an example. We will not stand here and watch you cheer for these worthless individuals and boo us and we are the champions. The Faction are the faces of this company and its time we get the respect we deserve. Everyone wants thier time in the spotlight but once again we will show them that it comes at a price." Eli said before he handed Ezra the microphone.

"Tonight we send a message to the rest of the tag teams out there that want a shot at our championships. We will not go down easy. We will do whatever it takes to keep these championships around our waists. If you think you can beat us, bring it on and we will put you in your place. The Faction will take on any challenger." Ezra finished as The Widow's Nest's music began to play.

"Caught in a Web" by Dream Theater echoed throughout the Arena of Champions as The Widows Nest made their way to the ring. Araknis and Wolf Spider moved down the entrance way as the fans cheered. The challengers for the tag team championships entered the ring as they met The Faction in the middle of the ring.

The Faction(c) vs The Widow's Nest

The sound of the bell echoed throughout the Arena of Champions as both teams selected who would start the contest. The official for the match raised the tag championships up, signifying the match was for the jOlt tag team championships. Eli and Araknis started the match for their teams.

The two competitors locked up in the middle of the ring. Eli easily forced Araknis into the ropes. Eli gained control and whipped Araknis into the opposing ropes. Araknis bounced off the ropes and ducked under a clothesline from Eli before he bounced off the ropes on the other side of the ring. Araknis dropped Eli to the canvas with a flying lariat. The fans in attendance went crazy as Araknis took control of the contest. Araknis quickly moved back to his feet. Eli quickly followed suit. Araknis came back at Eli with a hard dropkick that sent Eli through the ropes and to the outside. The crowd cheered as Eli laid out on the floor. Ezra tried to make his way into the ring but was quickly stopped by the official. Landon moved over to check on his follower and helped him to his feet. Eli reentered the ring. Araknis wasted little time as he pushed Eli into a lock up and forced him into the corner. Araknis connected with several knees to the midsection before whipping the champion into the opposing corner. Araknis ran towards the corner and leaped in the air for a cross body but Eli rolled out of the corner.


Eli turned Araknis around and lit the challenger up with a hard chop to the chest. Araknis wrenched as red hand print formed on his chest. Eli connected with another chop to the chest that echoed through the building. Araknis went to walk out of the corner but Eli shoved him back before pulling him out of the corner.


The tag champion dropped the challenger to the canvas with a hard clothesline. Eli grabbed Araknis by the hair and pulled him to his feet before dragging him behind over to the corner of The Faction. Eli tagged in Ezra and his brother climbed in through the ropes. Ezra and Eli went to work on Araknis as they whipped him into the ropes and slammed him to the canvas with a hip toss. Araknis wrenched in pain. Ezra grabbed a handful of hair as he pulled Araknis to his feet. Eli exited the ring as the official directed him. Ezra whipped Araknis back into the ropes. Araknis bounced off and ducked under an attempted clothesline before taking Ezra to the canvas with a desperation neck breaker. The crowd erupted with cheers for The Widows Nest.

The fans began stomping and clapping trying to get Araknis up to make the tag. Ezra slowly moved back to his feet, holding his neck as he did. The fans rallied behind Araknis as he moved to his feet. He moved closer to his team’s corner but as he got there Landon Stevens came out of nowhere and pulled Wolf Spider off the ring apron. Wolf Spider chased Stevens around the ring as Araknis made it to the team’s corner. Wolf Spider came around the corner of the ring.


The Rising Star laid Wolf Spider out on the ringside floor as he hit him with the jOlt championship. Ezra came up from behind Araknis and connected with a hard forearm shot that stumbled the challenger into the empty corner. Araknis tried to fight back but Ezra connected with a hard knee to the midsection before whipping him into the corner of The Faction.


Ezra tagged in his brother Eli and the two whipped Araknis into the ropes before sending him to the canvas with a double clothesline. Ezra picked the downed Araknis up with a fist full of hair. Ezra pulled Araknis in and set him up between his thighs.


Ezra hoisted Araknis up and Eli helped as they sent Araknis crashing to the canvas with a double powerbomb. Eli went for the cover.




The sound of the bell echoed as The Faction retained their tag team championships to live another day. Eli and Ezra hugged in the middle of the ring as the team celebrated its victory. Landon Steven’s entered the ring with the tag titles in tow.

Eli and Ezra picked the downed Wolf Spider up off the ringside floor. Wolf Spider tried to fight the two off but his attempt failed. The twins forced Wolf Spider down to his knees as they leveled him with forearms to the back of the head.


The tag team champions whipped Wolf Spider into the nearby ring steps. The twins smiled as they moved over to the downed challenger and picked him up to his feet. The twins rolled Wolf Spider into the ring next to the fallen Araknis. The twins entered the ring and popped up to their feet.

“You boys know what to do.” Stevens bellowed.

Eli and Ezra each grabbed one of the Widows Nest members and set them up in the middle of the ring. They locked them each in a camel clutch. The official begged them to stop but Landon shoved the official out of the way as the twins tightened their holds on Araknis and Wolf Spider. Finally a group of officials ran to the ring and the twins released the members of The Widows Nest. Landon handed the twins their tag championships as The Faction exited the ring. The trio stopped at the bottom of the entrance ramp as they raised the championship belts up above their heads.


The fans rallied in boos whileThe Faction backed up the entrance ramp with the championships still raised high as officials checked on The Widows Nest.

Winner: The Faction via Pinfall

"Pushing the World Away"

The scene opened up backstage. This seemed all too familiar.. "Dragonfly" Amber Ryann sitting atop a production equipment case.. one leg dangling over the edge, the other pulled up to her chest, playing a Nintendo 3DS. However, Donny Layne wasn't the person who walked up. In fact, it was Alyssa Corliss who just happened to be passing by.

"Sup, 'Lyss" said Ryann as Alyssa walked by.

This caused Alyssa to stop for moment and scoff before she continued on.

"What's with the 'tude?" asked Ryann.

Alyssa gritted her teeth and turned her attention to Ryann.

"So.. you think that you're going to be a friend to me, too? Did Faith Hines put you up to this? WHY CAN'T ANYONE ACCEPT THE FACT THAT THIS IS WHO I AM!?" shouted Alyssa in frustration.

It was enough to get Amber to pause her game and put it down. She looked up at Alyssa as if she were actually taken back by the words.

"Whoa, "Lyss... chill for a second. Faith didn't put me up to anything. I simply said hello and you practically bit my head off. So.. I just thought something was wrong and asked." said Ryann.

Alyssa walked up to where Ryann was sitting.

"Well.. you don't need to ask. What you need to do is keep your damn nose out of my business. What happens with me is my business and mine alone.. NOT anyone else's. Do I make myself clear?" said Alyssa with a glaring tone.

"Geez.. calm down. Is this because you drank a tall glass of Diet Choke against Winterton?" asked Ryann.

Alyssa grabbed Ryann and pulled her off of the equipment crate. She then slammed her up against it, pressing hard. Alyssa then gave Ryann a look that could kill.

"You have exactly five seconds to take that back." said Alyssa in a threatening tone.

Ryann put up her hands.

"Alright alright. my bad. Not trying to say I'm better or anything.. I drank from the same glass, too, you know." said Ryann.

Alyssa let her go then stuck her finger in Ryann's face.

"Don't talk to me.. Don't come near me... Don't interact with me.. hell.. Don't even breathe the same air as me. I don't care if you think we're friends.. the fact that you came to my rescue means nothing to me. I didn't need your help.. I didn't want your help. All I want is for you and for the rest of this God-forsaken world to just go the FUCK away.. and STAY away."

Alyssa stormed off as Ryann stood there befuddled. Alyssa seemed hell bent on pushing anyone who cared about her away. First Faith Hines, then Amber Ryann. Ever since Sebastian Saje unceremoniously dumped her, Alyssa hasn't been firing on all cylinders. Ryann, who usually doesn't have a care in the world actually seemed concerned as the scene faded to black.

"Providing a Solution"

"We have quite the situation on our hands here", said Damien Lee as the scene opened in his office backstage. The camera panned around his office until it stopped at his desk where Lee had The Crimson Order and The Heirs of Wrestling standing in front of his desk.

Heido was about to speak when Lee raised his hand and cut him off.

"Judging by the crowd reactions earlier tonight, it seems that they want to see you two teams fight it out. Rather than let this situation fester and boil and have you guys tear my Arena of Champions down.. I've decided that I'm going to not only give you four an opportunity to destroy each other.. but you may be rewarded as well."

The Heirs grinned as they knew where Damien was headed with this while The Order stood there disciplined and at full attention.

"As you know.. last week, I announced the War Games match for Rise of the Legends. I have two teams in there already and I could always use two more. Therefore I decided that the four of you will compete in the War Games match for the tag team championships. You want to take your frustrations out? Good. Pick a ring and deal with each other. Unless you guys have any objections...?"

“We welcome the opportunity, Mr. Lee.” The Kansai Crippler replied.

Heido and Takeshi took a bow as Gallway and Silver started to crack up. They even mimicked the Crimson Order by doing some rather sloppy bows of their own. Takeshi didn't appreciate it and stepped up to The Heirs but before anything could come of it..

"GENTLEMEN! I believe we are all done here. Leave my office and if something starts, our cameras will probably catch it.. I will most likely see it.. and there will be repercussions!", Lee said as he rose up out of his chair.

Gallway and Silver laughed to themselves as they exited the office first. The Order simply watched them leave then nodded to each other before taking their leave as well.

Lee sat back down and adjusted his tie as he realized he just avoided a rather explosive situation.

Aran Thompson vs Jon Le Bon

This match was another match in the Relentless Championship tournament. Aran Thompson and Jon Le Bon made it past the first round of the tournament with the latter being the upset. Now Le Bon has to go against the former three-time Relentless Champion and former jOlt World Champion in Aran Thompson!

"American Idiot" by Green Day

Out from the back, to the flashing lights, came Jon Le Bon who received a pretty good ovation from the crowd. After being dealt a blow by being destroyed by Seraph of The Rebellion, Le Bon rebounded nicely by shocking everyone by winning his first round match in the Relentless Championship tournament. Le Bon knew he had a huge uphill battle here tonight and despite the fact that he has captured the hearts of the fans... he knew the money was being placed on Aran Thompson.

Le Bon climbed into the ring and did some shadow boxing to warm up. He went for a roundhouse kick, but fell on his ass. He got back up and looked around as if he thought someone had knocked him down intentionally, but shook the cobwebs out of his head.. if that were even possible. He continued to shadow box as his music died out..


"Onion" by ONE OK ROCK

The man called Mr. Relentless.. the man who was screwed out of that championship by Damien Lee, Aran Thompson, stepped out from the backstage area. Thompson was one step closer to becoming a four-time Relentless Champion and it would be a feather in his cap to be the first Relentless Champion under the title's new rules. Thompson also wanted to stick it to Damien Lee by winning the championship and had nothing but momentum on his side going into this match.

Of course, Aran held a secret about Lee close to him and that's how he gained entry into this tournament to begin with. There was a lot riding on the line here with Thompson so he knew he had to focus and take this match seriously.. despite his opponent.

Thompson slid into the ring and made sure not to take his eyes off of Le Bon. The referee called for the bell




Thompson and Le Bon circled each other in the ring. Just as they were about to lock up, the crowd stood and began to boo, turning their attention to the announce table area.

Seraph and Michael Donavan just hopped the rails!

Aran threw his hands into the air because he knew this was coming sooner or later. Donavan and Seraph slid into the ring and stood side by side with Jon Le Bon. Seraph and Donavan stared down Aran as he wasn't going to let this happen. Aran took a step toward the two of them when they grinned and turned their attention to Le Bon.

Seraph grabbed Le Bon by the neck...


The referee called for the bell! Aran just stood there with a look of shock on his face! Donavan pulled Le Bon up off the canvas and shoved him between his legs. He butterflied the arms and lifted him up...


The Rebellion just decimated Jon Le Bon again, but we awaited the announcement from the official.

Dean Carrington: Ladies and Gentlemen.. the winner of this match as a result of a disqualification... JON LE BON!!

The crowd booed. This was Damien Lee's way of screwing Aran Thompson out of the tournament! Aran tried to plead his case with the referee, but the referee made it clear that the rules state that if someone is attacked by outside intereference, they would win the match. Aran was trying to get the match restarted, but the referee stood his ground and exited the ring, heading to the back.

Aran watched the referee leave and then snapped! He charged in toward Donavan and hit a double leg takedown to him, much to the delight of the crowd, but it didn't last long as Seraph stomped on Thompson's lower back. Seraph grabbed Aran, but Aran quickly countered with a jaw breaker, but Donavan had gotten back up and when Aran turned around...


Big boot to the face!

Aran went down hard as Donavan told Seraph to put him up. Seraph walked over to Aran Thompson and grabbed him by the neck. He practically picked Aran up with one arm, but Aran wouldn't succumb that easily! Aran stomped down on Seraph's shin and that broke his grip! Donavan swung with a clothesline, but Aran ducked underneath and took off to the ropes. Aran leapt to the middle rope and twisted off with a Cross Body Block, taking Donavan down to the canvas!

Aran stood and then buried his shoulder into Seraph, forcing him back into the corner where Aran hit a few shoulder blocks! Donavan got back up, looking for a body avalanche, but Aran moved out of the way and Donavan crashed into Seraph!!

Donavan staggered back as Aran placed him into the Abdominal Stretch!! Aran was about to hit the Icarus Switch when Seraph exploded out of the corner and nailed a Big Boot of his own!

Seraph quickly grabbed Aran by the neck and yanked him to his feet. It was there where he lifted Aran high into the air and sat out..


Donavan went to the corner and went up top. He stood on the top turnbuckle with his back to Aran. He then flipped off and slammed down on top of Aran...


Aran clutched his mid-section as Seraph and Michael Donavan stood over him in the ring. They both grinned and exited, heading to the back. Meanwhile, Damien Lee came out and stopped at the top of the ramp, microphone in hand. Seraph and Michael Donavan met him there and stood at his sides as Lee brought the microphone up to his lips.

"My name is Damien Lee and I run the day to day operations of jOlt. I have the power to restart matches, but in this case... I think I'm going to agree with the referee's decision... so therefore, allow me to re-emphasize that.... The winner of this match by disqualification is... JON.... LE.... BON!"

The people heavily booed Lee.

"Thank you to The Rebellion for aiding me with this issue. You gave me what I wanted.. and I gave you what you wanted... you are represented in the War Games Match for the tag team championships. So consider us even."

Damien turned and walked away from Seraph and Donavan. The two members of The Rebellion looked back at the ring as Thompson continued to lay there in pain. Could tihs really be the end with Damien Lee and Aran Thompson? Is the deal between Lee and The Rebellion finished? Knowing what just happened.. and knowing Aran Thompson.. this truly was far from over.

Winner: Jon Le Bon via Disqualification

"Actions Have Consequences"

The fans turned their attention to the ramp as the lights quickly cut to black.

Two spotlights, one red and one pink, shined on the stage and started to flash as the opening chords to “Poker Face” by Lady GaGa started to echo throughout the building. The lights swirled and the fans gave a rousing ovation for the gorgeous and tantalizing former Starlets Champion, Charlotte!

She blew kisses to the fans at the top of the ramp and started to walk towards the ring with a serious look on her face. She had no elaborate costume for tonight, opting to wear a simply House hoodie and jean shorts. She slapped a few hands on the way to the ring and climbed inside the ring. One more time, she blew a kiss and when she did, a series of pink sparks rained from the turnbuckle posts. After her bit of showmanship, the Queen of Hearts walked over to the time keeper and asked for a microphone.


She was almost taken aback by the popular reception that she got from the crowd but they had seen her change from a voluptuous valet into a formidable wrestler and a former Starlets Champion. She had won the title in an eight-starlet title tournament and defended it proudly for months until she ran into the former “Heiress” Sarah Winterton.

“Wow, you’re all sweet. You know how to make a girl feel welcome!”

The crowd popped louder. She and the House had earned the respect of the fans with their hard work ethic inside and outside of the ring. It also helped that Charlotte was ridiculously hot of course.

“Unfortunately, though I came out here to talk some business … business that concerns me getting these hands around the neck of our quote-unquote Queen Sarah Winterton and wringing her fucking neck!”

The crowd was lending even louder support and wanted to very much see Charlotte try to physically recreate what she just talked about doing to the Queen of the Starlets.

“Back in February, I was taken out of action with an arm injury when I was jumped by that no good bitch in the parking lot not even five minutes after arriving to the arena. She slammed the door of my rental car on my arm at least eight or nine times. I was on the shelf, but I watched and listened to every little thing that that piece of trash had to say about me and everybody else in our division. I had to work hard and train hard to rehab that injury and I knew nothing was going to stop me. She was the reason that I came back and she is the reason that I’m here now before all of you.”

Charlotte turned to the entrance ramp and pointed towards the direction of the locker room.

“Sarah Winterton, I have laid you out twice since I’ve come back, but none of that is good enough until I take from you what you stole from me months ago. I asked you a god-damn question last week and I haven’t heard anything from you, so I want an answer tonight! I know you and that fat troll are back there probably paying somebody to wipe your prissy little asses with a moist towelette. Why don’t you ladies … and I use that term as loosely as I possibly can … come out here and answer the question. Are you going to accept my challenge for Rise Of The Legends for the Starlets Championship or will I have to come back there and knock you on your ass a third time!”


Sarah Winterton walked out from the back followed by Desta quickly trailing along her employer. The crowd was SHITTING all over the appearance of The Queen Of The Starlets as she held up the Starlet Championship that Charlotte coveted so. Desta was plugging her ears as Winterton stopped at the top of the ramp.

“You gonna come down here and talk to me?” Charlotte asked.

Winterton rolled her eyes.

“You must believe me to be a fool, don’t you, Mrs. Huber? I should have you thrown in JAIL for what you’ve done to me! You attack me backstage after the most GRUELING and TAXING ladder match in Starlet history…”

The ONLY Starlet title ladder match in history, for those keeping score at home.

“And then you jump over the guardrail like one of these Floridian hoodlums and attack me again? You deserve these incompetent mouth-breathers!”


Winterton kept her place at the top of the ramp and Desta stood by and watched her employer turn red in the face.

“But I would expect nothing less… as I have been saying for months, what you people see before you is a lady of class! A lady of excellence! A standard bearer for all things great in female wrestling! I am the best female wrestler on the planet and that includes, Starlets, Divas, Knockouts and everything in between! I have surpassed your own reign with this title twofold and with the exception of our very first confrontation, I have bested you in every way, shape, form and manner possible! My answer to your question SHOULD be an emphatic NO…”

The crowd continued booing Winterton, but Desta interrupted them.

“Your Queen is SPEAKING!”

Sarah nodded and turned back to an angry Charlotte.

“Key word… SHOULD be no. But you, Charlotte, you just don’t know when to give up. You forced me to put you out of action for those three months because you would not stop badgering me. You simply wouldn’t learn your place in this business and no matter how I tried, you wouldn’t stay away. What I did to you for was for your own good…”

“Sorry,” Charlotte said, “you’re starting to sound like a backed-up toilet… you’re full of shit!”

Winterton was not amused.

“Cute. But this song and dance is going to continue. I’m going to tell you in so many words that I am better than you, you’re going to resort to petty and thuggish attacks – something you learned from your husband and his fat friend, no doubt – and then the cycle will repeat itself every week. I have been in deliberations this week trying to come up with a solution to your question. And I believe that myself and Desta have come up with a great solution in which we can settle this once and for all…”

The Queen of the Starlets suddenly had an all-knowing smirk on her face as she and Desta glanced at once another.

“Get to the fucking point already?”

“Charlotte Huber… if you want a shot at this Starlet Championship at Rise of the Legends… and as you said, you would do anything to get it… then I am going to put your theory to the test. If you want your match… YOU GOT IT!”


The crowd went wild as Charlotte nodded, finally getting exactly what she wanted. Desta took the microphone and deliberately cleared her throat in exaggerated fashion in order to stop the crowd’s noise. Winterton didn’t appear to be finished.

“HOWEVER… if I accept this challenge… I have two stipulations for this match and you WILL NOT know what they are until you accept MY terms… I have already spoken with Damien Lee earlier today and he has given me the go-ahead for what’s to come should … do you accept? Are you really out to do ANYTHING for a shot at this belt as you so eloquently put it last week?”

There was no hesitation in Charlotte. She wanted this more than anything.

“You have a deal.”

A smile now started to creep up even wider on the face of The Queen as she glanced to Desta again.

“Oh, my dear… you are going to wish that you hadn’t accepted… for there are two stipulations for this match… I have been pushed to the brink during my seven months as champion! I bested you in an Underground Rules match, making me undefeated in Undeground matches! I have defeated Amber Ryann in a ladder match despite that little rainbow-haired wretch thinking she could take me. But now… I get to pick the stipulations! You and I keep on fighting and keep on fighting and it’s clear that nothing is going to get settled unless we put the other out of our misery. It’s clear you like a fight and quite frankly, fighting you is the only way that I know how to deal with you…”

Sarah held up the title.

“The first stipulation of this match is the first ever of its kind for the Starlets! The only way that this match is going to end is when you have assaulted your opponent to the point where they cannot get up at the count of ten… this is a LAST STARLET STANDING MATCH!”

The thought intrigued Charlotte as she silently nodded. Winterton wasn’t finished yet.

“Oh, but here’s my favorite part of what’s to come… I have been pushed time and time again and in this match, it isn’t right that I am forced to put my title on the line against you without something of yours being on the line. I am not going to risk me beating you at Rise of the Legends just to have you come back at me with another excuse while you stalk and assault me. This match is Last Starlet Standing and my very championship is on the line… however, if you lose this match… YOU WILL NEVER GET ANOTHER SHOT AT THE TITLE AGAIN!”

Anndddddddddddd there was the other shoe. The look on Charlotte’s face turned stone cold as she glared up at the Queen.

“At first, I thought of simply putting your career on the line and doing away with you for good, but you are a capable valet… that much I can admit. I don’t want you to go away, I want you to have a very prosperous career as a valet or something… your husband still needs you to wipe up his drool! But I want you to stick around in MY kingdom, knowing that you can never have another title shot again! And this rule doesn’t extend to my reign. If the planets happen to align and somebody lucks their way into a victory over me, and a new champion gets crowned, you don’t get a shot at this belt EVER! AGAIN!”

Winterton grinned and nodded to Charlotte as the crowd booed their hearts out. She had exactly what she wanted, but as she had already agreed to the stipulations of the match, this was Last Starlet Standing and if she lost, she would never have any more shots at the Starlet Champion.

“See you at Rise of the Legends, Charlotte!”

Both Desta and Winterton mocked her by blowing kisses in her direction before they took their leave, leaving Charlotte to think about the very consequences of the match that she had just agreed to. And Sarah was right… she had Charlotte’s number.

Omega(c) vs Jimmy B. Martinez

The next match will be the main event of the night where the Underground Champion will face off against the high flyer Jimmy B. Martinez. Omega has been going through the motions as his inner turmoil has seeped to the forefront with his war against Derecho. This would be a good time for someone like JBM to sneak in and take the title from Omega while he is in a fragile state. The fans erupted in cheers as the PA system erupted.

”If It All Ended Tomorrow” by John Cent

”What Would You Do If It All Ended Tomorrow?
Time Runnin’ Out, Ain't No More You Can Borrow?
So Many Paths, which one you gonna follow?
What Would You Do, What Would You Do?”

“Uh this is how it go down,
I have the black-pound-silence so it don't make sound I pile a 150 outta town,
ain’t nobody around,
Im in the back seat breakin’ it down,
My love has been a past week dawg lately I found,
Our press made us turn the radio down,
But God bless now they talkin’ bout layin’ me down,
Now they on about shovels in the weight of the ground,
What now?...
A steady crescendo of pyrotechnics rattled along the entrance staging area as the jOltvision screens brandished the trademark emblem of Mr. Infamous himself. Several moments later, the native New Yorker strolled out from the backstage area. Shaking both arms and hands free of tension before cocking his head upward. A warm smirk formed across his face while the fans gave him a boisterous ovation.

Hopping in place, the prodigal son soon made his approach down the ringside area for the biggest test of his young jOlt career. Showing love to the crowd along the way, Martinez continued his stroll around the ring, pointing toward the upper decks before rolling under the ropes and swiveling to his feet. JBM climbed up a turnbuckle to absorb the adulation before making his descent and prepping himself for his in battle in the underground. The arena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of Marilyn Manson echoed throughout the arena. Jason Rau stood in the ring as the lights from cellphones illuminated the arena. The cameras panned around to the stage as Omega was nowhere to be seen. The fans jeered as a lone spotlight hit the middle of the ring. A young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

We are here

We are many, you are few

A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the lone spotlight disappeared. The lights slowly came back on as Omega stood in the middle of the ring with a sick grin on his face holding the Underground Championship in his left hand dragging on the mat. He handed the Underground Championship to the ref as the fans jeered the champion. JBM looked on at the champion with a hint of curiosity before moving back to his corner.

The bell sounded as Omega slowly made his way to the middle of the ring. JBM moved from his corner trying to stay far from Omega’s arms reach. The monster reached for JBM as the challenger moved away from the monster. Omega looked at JBM who tried not to stand still in one place for too long as he didn’t want to Omega to get ahold of him. The champion rushed at Martinez again but JBM quickly moved again and drove a few quick kicks to Omega’s leg before moving back again.

The champion tried not to get frustrated as he looked at the smaller JBM and smiled. Omega started to circle the ring as JBM bounced around the ring trying to stay on his feet against the big monster. The monster reached for JBM again as Martinez quickly moved. JBM nailed Omega with a big dropkick that did not take the big man down but staggered him into the corner. The champion tried to gather himself but Jimmy was quick on the attack as he nailed Omega with running straight kick to the jaw. The big man hit the corner of the ring as JBM drove a few rights and lefts into the champion’s midsection.

Omega shoved JBM away but the challenger raced back into the corner and nailed the champion with a spinning heel kick that once again staggered the champion. The champion must still be dealing with his internal in fighting as he did not look on his game but he kept a smile on his face the whole time. The champion pulled himself from the corner as JBM quickly climbed to the top rope of the corner that Omega just came from. The high flyer was quick to the top as he waited for Omega to turn around. JBM flew off the top with a big missile dropkick that sent Omega through the ropes to the floor.

The fans erupted in cheers as Omega knelt on the floor near the ring apron. Martinez watched Omega slowly get to his feet. He raced across the ring and dove out of the ring and nailed Omega with a flipping senton splash. Both men lay on the floor as the crowd erupted.





JBM was the first to get to his feet. He reached down and pulled Omega up from the floor. The challenger grabbed a steel chair, he took a swing at Omega but the champion punched the chair sending it back into Martinez’s face. The challenger dropped the chair as Omega exploded nailing him with a vicious clothesline on the floor. The big man picked up JBM and whipped him into the guardrail. The big man grabbed a steel chair and folded it up before launching it into the ring. The champion slowly walked over to Jimmy and pulled him from the guardrail by his hair. Omega picked up Martinez and threw him into the ring as the fans tried to get Mr. Infamous back into the match.





The big man climbed up onto the apron and slowly made his way through the ropes. JBM made it to his feet. He watched Omega get into the ring but before you know it, the champion was blindsided by the Bull’s Eye. The superkick caught the boogeyman flush on the chin. Jimmy looked on as Omega never fell to the mat. Mr. Infamous bounced off the ropes and nailed Omega with a shining wizard. The champion finally fell to the mat as JBM went for the cover.



Omega powered out of the pinfall attempt at two as the fans looked on and gasped. JBM quickly made it to his feet and climbed to the top rope. The high flyer quickly dove off the top rope with a vicious leg drop across Omega’s throat. The champion gasped for air as Martinez quickly goes for the cover again on the champion.



Another massive kickout by Omega that sent JBM flying half way across the ring. Omega turned to his stomach then to one knee as JBM made it to his feet. Mr. Infamous nailed Omega with a right hand but the champion shoved the former flyweight champion away. JBM rushed at the champion again but this time Omega reached up and grabbed Martinez by the throat. The champion stood to his feet clutching JBM by the throat. Omega viciously drove JBM into the mat with a choke slam that shook the ring. The champion still shaken up from the earlier onslaught and possibly still feeling the effects of the match at Breakdown with Derecho looked down at the challenger.

Omega reached down and grabbed JBM by the head. He picked up the challenger and hooked him in a front chancery. The big man hoisted JBM high in the air with a one handed vertical suplex. The champion held JBM there for several seconds before falling back to the mat. Martinez rolled on the mat in pain as Omega went for the cover.




Omega smirked as he looked at JBM. The monster grabbed JBM and whipped him into the corner. He raced into the corner and nailed the challenger with a huge clothesline that sent Martinez to the mat on his ass. The monster smirked again as the fans started to cheer for Mr. Infamous.





The champion smirked again as he grabbed JBM and whipped him into the ropes. Martinez bounced off the ropes as Omega went for a clothesline but JBM showed his quickness and ducked under the attempt. Martinez raced to the ropes bouncing off once more but this time he ate a big boot to his face. The fans ringside cringed at the sight of the huge boot to the face. Omega picked up JBM and placed him on his shoulders. He looked out in the arena for a second before driving Martinez into the mat with The End.

The champion rolled over for cover.




The champion with another victory continuing his reign of terror in the Underground division. Omega sat up as he looked into the camera with a sick smile.

“We are one. Beware.”

Winner: Omega via Pinfall

"So Far Gone"

Omega got to his feet.. his music still playing, however, the a loud boom was heard through the arena speakers and the lights went out completely.

There was silence.

After a few moments, a voice boomed over the PA system.

"A man can walk a path and can be measured by many things. The length of the journey... the footsteps left behind... the carnage and destruction left in his wake. However, a man cannot truly be measured until he experiences the pain. Not the pain of growth nor the pain of despair... but the pain of reality."

The lights in the arena began to flicker.

"I've walked that path and I've contemplated the pain... I've understood the pain... I have lived the pain... and at Rise of the Legends... I will take all of the pain away by unleashing it upon the one man who caused it.."

The voice laughed as the lights in the arena stopped flickering. There was complete and total darkness for all but a brief moment. Without warning, the lights in the arena came back on and...

Dear God!

Derecho was standing in the ring... face to face with Omega, but Derecho's body was bleeding! His face a crimson mask... the lacerations on his body that he received during his match at Breakdown were opened up and bleeding. Derecho looked like he had just stepped out of that match!

Derecho was laughing with his arms outstretched in front of Omega. He had a microphone in one hand as he brought it to his lips.

"TAKE A GOOD LOOK! What stands before you... what I have become.. is the embodiment of pain!" said Derecho

Derecho dropped to his knees in front of Omega, arms outstretched. Omega stood there a bit dumbfounded.

"TAKE IT IN! TAKE IT ALL IN!", yelled Derecho at Omega.

Omega simply grinned and accepted Derecho's challenge. He grabbed Derecho and pulled him up to his feet. From there he placed Derecho up onto his shoulders in an inverted fireman's carry... THE END!!

Omega nailed Derecho with his finishing move.. Derecho flopped over onto his back and laid there on the canvas, staring up at the ring lights. Omega cracked a grin and wiped the blood off Derecho's face. He then smeared the blood across his chest as Omega simply laughed and got down on all fours. He crawled over to where Derecho laid and knelt down next to Derecho's head. He cradled it in his arms as the camera zoomed in to catch what Omega was saying.

"Pain is fear. Once you combat your fear then your pain will be a revelation. Embrace the fear and only then will you realize true ascension."

Omega laid Derecho's head back down and backed out of the ring where he began to walk up the entrance ramp.. however, he was stopped at the sound of... singing?"

"Through the early morning fog I see.... visions of the things to be.... the pains that are withheld for me... I realize and I can see.... that suicide is painless.... it brings on many changes... and I can take or leave it if I please..."

Omega turned his attention back to the ring as Derecho was still on his back. He had grabbed the microphone and was singing that to himself as he laid there in the middle of the ring. After he finished singing those lyrics, he simply laid there and laughed.

Derecho had lost it. We've seen Derecho snap before, but not like this. He was simply too far gone, mentally. After witnessing this display here tonight.. we now know how much Omega had gotten into the head of Derecho.

The allure of the Underground Championship.. to be defeated in a way that he was so accustomed to doing to others.. to have it done to himself.

It broke him

Derecho laying there laughing, bloodied, in the middle of the ring was the final scene as iNtense went off the air.