"Welcome to iNtense"

Darkness fades to gritty sepia when the opening piano of "Warriors" by PelleK (Imagine Dragons Cover) hits. We see image of an empty Arena of Champions filling with people in time lapse

The screen then explodes into full color when the drums and song kick in!

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

(In sync with music) We see scenes of action and images of current superstars Pietro Geist, Eiji Kugasari, Jeremy Ryan, Diamond Jewelz, Sarah Winterton, Charlotte, Jon Le Bon, The House, The Heirs of Wrestling, Raevynn, and Sebastian Saje!

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

We continue to see images of action as the intrustmental continues to the very end...

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

We see Diamond Jewelz posing with Them MF'n Goons, The Rebellion standing tall in the middle of the ring, Mack Brody hitting the Gold Rush on Omega, Pietro Geist and Jeremy Ryan brawling, a shot of Kayden Paulton cracking a genuine smile, Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

With the final pulsing beats of the song, we see Jesse Ramey striking a pose on the top turnbuckle with the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship around his waist!

The scene flashes back into the arena where the song starts again, but in his complete form, starting with Verse 1 of the lyrics. The camera pans around the Arena of Champions as a splendid display of fireworks goes off on the main stage and above the ring. The set is a giant jOltvision with the N logo for iNtnese sitting to the left and to the right of the big jOltvision. The N itself is a massive red light that is illuminated. Above the jOltvision is a pseudo semi-circle steel structure that houses a curved screen that will be used to display a wrestler's name above it while their entrance video plays below on the jOltvision. On the stage itself, to the left and right of the entrance ramp are two more small, elongated mini screens which will display the wrestler's brand logo on them when they make their way out... unless they hold a title. Then it will display their championship belt on the left and the name of the title on the right!

The fans were buzzing with electricity as iNtense officially begins!

"The Seeds of War Have Been Unearthed"

The fireworks after the brand new opening montage settled as “Warriors” by Imagine Dragons continued to play throughout the arena. As soon as the camera finished panning around the arena, the new theme song for iNtense was interrupted.

“God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash

The people booed as the leader of The Rebellion made his way out from the backstage area alone. He marched down to the ring with an unpleasant look on his face. He stomped up the steel ring steps and stepped between the ropes.

“Cut the music” said Le Bon in a demanding tone.

“2014 has been a rough year for The Rebellion. We started out strong at Wrestlecade and had an even better showing at Breakdown. Then, Damien Lee tried to protect his roster and we suffered as a result. I couldn’t sit back in the shadows any longer and watch my creation become nothing more than a trivial joke. Because of me and my influence.. we captured the Starlet Championship and the Tag Team Championships… but three weeks ago.. on the final event of the year… Wired… it seemed like our hearts weren’t in it. Sebastian Saje and Raevynn failed to stop Derrick Huber and Charlotte. Nate Quartermaine couldn’t even take out someone like Rainbow Serpent.. a rookie with less experience than him. Seriously? And on top of all that.. I had to interfere with almost every member of The Rebellion because if I didn’t, Cross the Hood would have lost the tag team championships to The Crimson Order.”

Le Bon began to become a bit seething.

“The only thing that went right at Wired was when I personally took out Eiji Kugasari and taught him what it means to cross The Rebellion, but how impactful was my message when nobody can back me up by stepping up to the plate when it counts?” asked Le Bon.

“I’m starting to think that I would have been better off just coming to the main roster and handling things myself because from the looks of it.. my gifts are being wasted on people who can’t pull through when I need them to. Perhaps I’m expecting more out of mere people who are, for all intents and purposes, still rookies whose motors skills have apparently failed to develop fully. If there is one thing I CANNOT stand… it’s failure… and I’ve begun to lose my patience with the shortcomings of the people who made an oath to me.. who made a promise that we would show the world why we didn’t belong on The Hype.. that we could take all the top spots here in jOlt, but it seems that unless I intervene, those words.. those promises are as empty as the abilities of the people under me.”

Le Bon wasn’t holding anything back. Would this really be wise to be running down his own men like this?

“I’ve decided there’s one thing we can do to restore The Rebellion, once again, to the glory it should be. That thing is to capture the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship. Congratulations are in order to Jesse Ramey. You bested Landon Stevens at Wired in a ladder match and you ended his eight month reign as champion. You must feel so proud of yourself… but I’m sorry to say that you will be nothing more than a transitional champion because at Unlimited.. I am personally going to take that belt from you. Since I am the leader of The Rebellion and I have booking authority for all things related to The Rebellion.. I am officially making the match as Jon Le Bon versus Jesse Ramey at Unlimited for the jOlt World Heavyweight Cham…..”

“Not so fast” said a voice cutting off Jon Le Bon.

Everyone’s heads turned toward the entrance ramp and we saw Damien Lee step out from the backstage area with a piece of paper in his hand.

“This isn’t the time for you antics, Lee. I’m in the middle of something here.” Said Le Bon

“Yeah.. I know. I came out here because I have a bit of bad news to tell you, Jonnny. You see. That match at Unlimited isn’t going to happen because I’m not approving a world title match between Jesse Ramey and yourself.”

The people cheered at Lee as Le Bon laughed.

“This again? Look Lee… we’ve been over this and over this and over this to the point where even I, myself, am getting sick and tired of hearing it. I know your secret. I know the one thing that will destroy jOlt… that’s why you let me have booking power for The Rebellion.. or did you forget all of that already?” asked Le Bon.

Lee laughed.

“Silly little Johnny. Did you really think I would let you have your way? You see… you may know ONE of my secrets.. but you don’t know both of them. Yeah.. I’ll spill the beans. When jOlt acquired Legacy of Champions, we made a deal with the devil. We made a deal with one of the most ruthless and evil sons of bitches in world.. Black Tom Williams. In fact… Black Tom Williams was desperate.. .living out his final days with dementia, he needed the money to cover his medical bills. His children, Mace and Laurie Williams agreed. It’s also why I had to try and keep Aran Thompson in check because he was dating Laurie Williams. Aran knew my secret because Laurie told him everything… that’s why I tried to have him silenced because if he let it out of the bag it wouldn’t have been good. I did it to protect jOlt and protect the business all at the same time.

“You’re a bigger fool than I thought, Lee. You realize what kind of a poison Black Tom Williams is, don’t you? Just by mentioning his mere name you’re committing career suicide in front of a live worldwide audience! I couldn’t ask for anything better right now! “ said Le Bon.

“Well hold on, Jon. I said that was only ONE of my secrets. You see.. the other is I’ve kept a secret from a lot of people for a very long time. A secret that’s on this piece of paper. The reason why I’ve kept it a secret is because if it were to get out, there would have been a media frenzy and quite frankly, I didn’t really want to deal with all of that.. but since this little secret of mine is about to happen.. I figured I would come out here and make the announcement to the world.” Said Lee.

Le Bon stood there looking a bit worried.

“That secret is.. I’ve talked to Black Tom Williams a long while ago while the old coot still had enough sense left in him to hold an intelligent conversation and we both agreed that it would be in our best interests… well.. mostly his because he would make a lot of money off of it… to SELL Legacy of Champions. Therefore… I have and LoC is no longer under the jOlt umbrella. In fact, that company is set to return in the not too distant future and it looks like everyone here will have to step up their game because we will be direct competition to LoC.”

The crowd was stunned! Legacy of Champions and jOlt Wrestling would be going head to head!?

“However.. there was one MAJOR stipulation that I had in order for me to agree to this. LoC, while dormant, was a revenue stream. Merchandise sales.. old DVDs, etc… they were all part of jOlt’s bank account. I needed some sort of compensation for this. I demanded that Black Tom Williams relinquish ALL control and ownership of jOlt Wrestling.. and this piece of paper right here in my hand.. makes it official.. I am the sole owner and CEO of jOlt Wrestling and I have been for a VERY LONG TIME now.”

Le Bon’s face turned pale! The crowd erupted in cheers! Damien Lee is the official owner of jOlt Wrestling!!

“In order to protect this secret… in order to protect this business deal.. I did a lot of things I didn’t want to do.. one of which was giving into your unrealistic demands… well sorry to say… that ends tonight as I am officially stripping you of your power to book for The Rebellion!” stated Lee

The crowd erupted again.

“Furthermore! At Unlimited… the titles that you STOLE from the roster… will be defended against their former champions.. Raevynn will defend the Starlet Championship against Charlotte and Cross the Hood will defend the Tag Team Championships against The House!”

The crowd was loving every bit of this!!

“And as for you.. it will be a cold day in HELL before you ever get anywhere near the jOlt World Championship because…”

“I’m not Alright” by Shinedown

If you thought the ovation that Lee got from shooting down Le Bon’s attempt at a hostile takeover got a huge pop, you would be completely off the mark. The fans within the arena were going ballistic at the thought of the new jOlt Champion making his way out onto the stage. The Anti-Star hadn’t even stepped through the curtains and the ovation was already hitting an eight on Richter scale.

Then the champion stepped through the entrance curtains and onto the main stage and the sound became almost deafening. The shining light and conquering hero of the fans of jOlt was exactly what they wanted to see more than anything after the hiatus the company had taken due to the holiday season.

Ramey wasn’t dressed in street clothes though, nor was he dressed some fancy attire; he was decked out in his wrestling gear ready for a fight and the jOlt Championship clad tightly around his waist. The Anti-Star slowly made his way up next to Damien Lee, patted Lee on the back, and then raised his microphone to his lips, but he didn’t have a chance to speak yet he had to wait for the roar of the crowd to die down first.

”JESSE RAMEY!” Clap x 5!
“ANTI-STAR!” Clap x 5!
“JESSE RAMEY!” Clap x 5!
“ANTI-STAR!” Clap x 5!

Ramey finally raised his hand and began waving it up and down slowly asking for the crowd to finally bring it down a notch with a huge smile on his face. It was evident that the admiration he was getting tonight from the crowd was definitely something that he greatly appreciated. The respect went both ways though as the roaring of the crowd finally began to simmer and the Anti-Star brought the microphone back to his lips once again.

“Damien,” Ramey began with a slight pause, “I understand where you’re coming from here tonight and I’m sure everyone in this arena appreciates the fact that you’re willing to put your demons behind you and come clean. We’ve all got demons to deal with; some of us are able to handle them a little better than most.”

“Thing is though, I’m not going to make your job difficult from this point moving forward.” That comment left everyone in the arena a little confused, Damien Lee and Jon Le Bon both included. “You see, I’ve always tried to structure my principles and morals inside of that ring around one key aspect. I do the best I can every time I step foot inside of that ring because the people filling this arena deserve that, they pay the bills. I also never run from a fight and I know that with this championship now resting around my waist…”

Ramey patted the jOlt Championship head plate on his waist which drew another large pop from the fans in attendance.

“That there is going to be a bullseye paint right on my back.” Ramey continued, “Jon Le Bon, you may be one of the biggest pieces of trash walking around the backstage area of any jOlt show, but if you want a match against me for the jOlt Championship at Unlimited then I say you better bring your big boy pants and a change of underwear along the way because if a fight is what you want then a fight is exactly what you’re going to get. I’m sorry Damien, but I’m not running from this fight. He’s going to keep running his mouth and eventually someone is going to have to shut it just like I shut Landon Steven’s mouth up at Wired.”

The fans admired Ramey’s tenacity and even a twinge of admiration looked to be coming off of Damien Lee as well. Jon Le Bon, however, looked as happy as a pig in poo inside of the ring getting exactly what he wanted and not even having to hold anything over Lee’s head to get it. Ramey brought the microphone back to his lips rather quickly though.

“The only thing I ask is that this be a fair fight.” Ramey smiled, “All members of the Rebellion should be barred from ringside and if anyone of them decides to poke their heads out of the backstage area during the match Jon Le Bon is instantly disqualified. I’m not afraid of a fight, but I know exactly how an individual like Le Bon works and he’s going to try and get this championship from around my waist any way he possibly can. All I ask for is that it be a fair fight, just between him and me, and if he walks out with the championship at the end of Unlimited then he was truly the better man.”

Ramey then lowered his microphone and looked directly at Damien Lee giving him the acknowledgement that he now had the floor to speak.

:"I see that you're adamant about this." said Lee as he let out a heavy sigh. "I really don't want Le Bon to think he's going to get what he wants, but I know these people want to see the match. Even though I am reluctant to say this..."

Lee paused.

"You got it."

The crowd erupted. Le Bon cracked one of the biggest grins one could witness.

"Even when you have all the power, Lee.. you still make mistakes like a damn fool. Jesse Ramey... at Unlimited, I am going to take your championship from your cold dead hands and I will personally bring The Rebellion to the absolute pinnacle of jOlt Wrestling and when I do... Damien Lee.. I will make you rue the day you made this decision."

Le Bon dropped the microphone and hopped out of the ring and over the barricade, smiling all the way. Ramey stared a hole right through him before eventually exiting to the back. Damien Lee took one last look around the arena, perhaps taking in the fact that everyone knows he owns all of it now, but maybe, he's taking one last look because if Le Bon wins the title... things may just change.

"The Baddest B..."

The camera was now backstage in the interview area where the gorgeous Dawn Cassidy waved to the audience and flashed her most gorgeous smile.

“Hello, folks, I’m Dawn Cassidy and standing by right now is the former two-time Starlets Champion and a woman who will be getting her title rematch against the winner of tonight’s Raevynn and Amber Ryann match … please welcome Charlotte!”

The tall redhead was dressed for combat tonight in her own silver top and golden shorts. Her silver and gold combination didn’t leave much to the imagination much like anything she had on, but the fans loved the tough Sin City native.

“Hon, thanks for having me.”

“You’re welcome, Charlotte. At the top of the show, we heard it that you’re going to finally get your one-on-one rematch with Raevynn for the Starlets Championship. After you pinned her at Wired, what are your thoughts on tonight’s developments.”

Charlotte nodded.

“With all due respect to the very talented Amber Ryann who had the pleasure of wrestling with and against for that very championship … I want nothing more than Raevynn to be the one I’m standing across from. She’s the champion not because she earned it, but because of her boyfriend, Sebastian Saje and because of Jon Le Bon. I’ve had the honor of holding that championship not once, but twice, hon. That’s something that is unheard of aside from myself and Aria Murphy. I love that championship, I’ve defended it proudly and it means the world to me to be thought of as a leader of women’s wrestling. Sure, I dress hot … because I am. I like to look good! But I’m a wrestler first and foremost!”

Dawn could only nod as Charlotte continued to pour her heart out.

“To see Raevynn wave it around like she earned that title makes me sick to my stomach. She think’s she’s the queen of this division much like Sarah Winterton does, but I’m not ready to give up that championship. If Raevynn can beat Amber Ryann tonight, then I will do everything I can to rip that title from her fingers! I WILL take it back and I will become the only three-time Starlets Champion in jOlt history!”

“And what of your match tonight with Tammy Lynn Foster? She’s making a reputation as one of jOlt’s most powerful Starlets.”

Charlotte looked back at Dawn. “It’s true, she’s got a lot of people talking already and she has beaten some talented Starlets like Amber Ryann and Alyssa Corliss … but again, with respect to them she’s never faced anyone like me …”

“That so, darlin’?”

Charlotte turned and there stood the Country Girl herself with no fear in her eyes.

“Yeah, Tammy … that IS so.”

Tammy had her arms folded and spit at her feet, making Charlotte take a half step back.

“Y’all think yer a great wrassler ‘cuz you done lost a belt twice? Bitch, y’all need to think better of that. What yer lookin’ at now is the future of this division! What yer gonna be dealin’ with tonight ain’t just one bad bitch… I’m THE bad bitch ‘round these parts!”

A grin formed on The Vegas Vixen’s face.

“Hon, I’ll give you some credit, I can respect that you want to make a name for yourself in the Starlets Division. I want all of us to succeed … but sweetie, if think you can just strut to me with your little Trailer Park Barbie act, thinking you’ll intimidate me, you’re even dumber than you sound. You can be the baddest bitch ever for all I care, hon … but at the end of our match, you’ll be the baddest bitch thatgot knocked flat on her ass!”

Tammy had a devilish smirk of her own. She loved a good fight and she knew the former two-time champion Charlotte was going to give her one.

“Lookin’ forward to it … hon.

With her last biting comment, she headed to the gorilla position while Charlotte left in the opposite direction. After the commercial break, their match would be next!

Charlotte vs Tammy Lynn Foster

“Redneck Woman” By Gretchen Wilson explodes throughout the arena. Tammy Lynn Foster makes her way out of the backstage area to the stage. She had a confident look on her face after her altercation with Charlotte just before she came out to the stage. She slowly walked down the ramp as she was serenaded by a loud chorus of boos from the fans. TL finally made her way to the ring, sliding under the bottom ropes. Foster stood in the ring and raised her arms in the air to the dismay of the fans.

The fans turned their attention to the ramp as the lights quickly cut to black.

Two spotlights, one red and one pink, shined on the stage and started to flash as the opening chords to “Poker Face” by Lady GaGa started to echo throughout the building. The lights swirled and the fans gave a rousing ovation for the gorgeous and tantalizing two time Starlets Champion, Charlotte!

She blew kisses to the fans at the top of the ramp and started to walk towards the ring with a serious look on her face. She wore a bright pink bustier and pink leather shorts. She slapped a few hands on the way to the ring and climbed inside the ring. One more time, she blew a kiss and when she did, a series of pink sparks rained from the turnbuckle posts as she got ready to go to war with one of the strongest starlets in the promotion.

The Starlets referee Kim Adams gave both starlets the rules of the match. Adams called for the bell as both starlets stared at each other in the middle of the ring. TL smirked before laying a big right hand to Charlotte’s jaw that sent the former Starlets champion backwards. Tammy Lynn nailed Charlotte with a big forearm shot that sent her back to the ropes. Foster grabbed Charlotte and whipped her into the ropes. Charlotte bounced off the ropes and ducked a clothesline attempt from TL. The two-time champion turned around and nailed Foster with a big dropkick that sent THE Blonde Bombshell to the floor.

The strong country girl stood on the floor in frustration as she looked up at Charlotte. Charlotte motioned for her to get in the ring. Foster walked around the ringside area as Adams motioned for TL to get into the ring before she administered the ten count. Foster told Adams to move the former champion back so she could get into the ring. Adams moved Charlotte back as Tammy Lynn slowly made her way into the ring between the middle ropes. The two women circled each other once again before locking up in a collar and elbow tie up. Tammy Lynn got the quick advantage being the stronger of the two starlets.

TL was able to force Charlotte to a knee with a side headlock. The veteran had quickly broke the hold with a side suplex. Charlotte rolled over to her stomach and grabbed Tammy Lynn by her hair. She drove Tammy into the top turnbuckle in the corner. However, Charlotte did not stop at one as she drove TL’s head into the top turnbuckle several move times. The two time champion moved to the middle of the ring. She raced across the ring and nailed TL with a double knee shot to her back. Foster fell to the mat in a heap of pain. Charlotte picked up Tammy Lynn and drove her to the mat again with a forward Russian leg sweep. The two time champion went for the cover.




The powerhouse kicked out with authority. Charlotte made it to her feet knowing she had to do more to keep Foster down on the mat. The Queen of Hearts picked up Tammy Lynn and whipped her into the ropes. TL bounced off the ropes and drove Charlotte to the mat with a big clothesline. Foster picked up Charlotte and whipped her into the corner. The bigger starlet raced into the corner and nailed Charlotte with a big splash sending the former champ into a crumbled mess in the corner. The fans erupted in jeers as TL stood over top of the queen of hearts. Tammy Lynn pulled Charlotte to her feet and put her on the top rope. The country girl climbed to the second rope and hooked Charlotte but the former champion fought out of the hold. Charlotte nailed TL with a few rights trying to pull herself out of the precarious position she was in. The former champion nailed Tammy Lynn with a big European uppercut that sent the larger woman to the mat.

The former champion turned around jumping off the top rope with the Calamity Jane. The moonsault nailed TL flushed in the middle of the ring. Charlotte hooked the leg for the cover.




Charlotte could not keep the country girl down for the three count but she had the match well in hand. The queen of hearts waiting for Tammy to get to her feet before nailing her with the One Eyed King. The running one armed swinging neck breaker caught TL by surprised. Charlotte went for the cover once again.




Charlotte was trying to hold in her frustration but it was becoming evident as she could not keep Foster down for the three count. The queen of hearts got to her feet and pulled TL up as well. She hooked Tammy in a front chancery and tried to pick her up for suplex. TL blocked and reversed the move as she drove Charlotte to the mat with a snap suplex. Both women laid on the mat as the fans started to erupt in jeers. The camera panned to the stage to see the current Starlets champion Raevynn making her way down to the ring with title in hand.

The champion slid under the bottom ropes just as Charlotte got to her feet. The former champion met the current champion with a dropkick that sent Raevynn over the top rope to the floor to the cheers of the fans in the arena. Charlotte yelled at Raevynn on the floor but she took her eyes off Tammy Lynn who was now up in the ring. Charlotte pointed at Raevynn before turning around and got taken out of her boots with a vicious clothesline. Tammy Lynn picked up Charlotte.


Tammy Lynn dropped down for the cover.




Tammy Lynn Foster just picked up the biggest win in her career as she defeated the two time Starlet champion with a little help from Raevynn. The current champion grabbed her title and smirked as she made her way up the ramp. TL looked down at Charlotte before rolling out of the ring to a chorus of jeers.

Winner: Tammy Lynn Foster via Pinfall

"Quality Assurance"

The sound of hastened heels were heard growing louder with the closing distance before the lower level hatch doors were soundly breached. The low lighting would reveal the presence of a notably perturbed Ruby Rock Jewelz entering the desolate confides...

“...Hello?!” She whispered loudly into the location inundated by shadows. “...Hello?!!”

The random gusts of screaming steam would briefly fill the area and Ruby’s heart with fear and adrenaline. The methodical cadence of hardened footsteps were heard gradually approaching her yet the shadows refused to reveal their source as they finally came to rest. A seemingly tall yet slender figure with a smoke grey business suit & a white cloth with eyelets to protect his identity. A brief moment of uncomfortable silence would ensue.

“Who the fuck are...?!” Ruby bluntly inquired before the abrupt sound of the basement doors were heard slamming shut.

“It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance...” An ominously raspy voice would open. “Miss Jewelz...”

“Wait a minute...” Ruby continued. “Where is...?”

“Who I am is of no consequence..” The individual replied. “However, the quality of our business arrangement is obviously what has brought you down here.”

Ruby nervously reassessed her decision to remain here any further.

“I assure you, Miss Jewelz; no harm will come to you.” The enigmatic figure continued. “You and I are both people of purpose and business...well, as long as we both ensure that we respectively uphold our ends of the bargain, neither party sees no need to venture into the business of bloodshed, agreed?”

A hard lump was forced down her throat as she breifly looked back and noted a pair of moving shadows peering through each hatch window before nervously nodding toward the masked individual.

“Now, as I warmly have paid handsomely in the pursuit of retribution...” The man continued. “Revenge is a business that is very profitable as it is..’messy’..”

A muffled sound was heard along with the subtle approach of padded footsteps from within the shadows before a large canvas body bag was flung a few feet out from the shadows. A gradual pool of blood began to coalesce from where the head was presumed as the direct source. The body within was seen barely breathing from within yet the sight was more than enough for Ruby as she gradually clutched her purse tighter.

“Do understand that customer satisfaction is paramount as well as one’s reputation and word, wouldn’t you agree, Miss Jewelz?” The figure mentioned while raising his left hand, revealing a silver ring shimmering with the aid of the light. She was seen nodding in compliance less nervous than several moments before.

“My representative was and will remain as your first point of contact.” The figure continued. “However, it was only fitting that you and I meet as a matter of professional decorum, as well as, interests...Rest assured, we shall deliver...Now, if there are no further questions...”

“Well...” Ruby opened. “I need to know who I am working with...just so I know my confidence and my money are well placed.” Ruby rebutted. “We are business people, right?”

A raspy chuckle was emitted from underneath the mask.

“Of course...”The character replied with subtle amusement as the figure slowly turned to delve deeper into the darkness. "It was a pleasure meeting you, Miss Jewelz...

“Hey!” Ruby yelled. “What do they call you?"

The defiant tone was quickly muted as the hardened footsteps ceased. The subtle turn was heard with a brief moment of silence.

I’m talking to you.” Ruby inquired again.


“I am ‘The Voice’...”

"A Giving Mood"

Yeah, we’ll discuss it later … goodbye.”

The CEO of jOlt Damien Lee ended his call and tucked his phone in his back pocket while walking back to his office. He was already having a busy night. Earlier in the show he booked not one, but three big title matches for Unlimited in four weeks. jOlt World Champion Jesse Ramey would defend his title against the leader of the Rebellion, Jon Le Bon. Charlotte would get her long-awaited rematch against the current Starlets champion, Raevynn, and her husband and his best friend Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck – The House – would get to take on Cross The Hood to get their own rematch for the jOlt Tag Team Titles.

Damien Lee turned the knob and when he opened his door …

“There he is! The man of the hour”

The voice belonged to the friendlier half of The House, Derrick Huber. The Sin City Strongman had occupied one seat in front of his desk and offered a wave to the CEO. Damien Lee was about to return the greeting, but was caught completely off-guard by the size of the even bigger member of the super heavyweight tandem. The six-foot seven and four-hundred sixty pound Adam Roebuck had his perpetual snarl on tonight.

“Gentlemen, can I ask what the meaning of this is?” Damien asked.

“Glad you asked, Damien …” Huber answered. “We heard your announcement at the top of the show giving us our rightful rematch for the jOlt Tag Team Titles. And it’s great to see somebody stick it to that little troll, Jon Le Bon and his posse of pussies ... man, that’s a show I need to take on the road.”

Huber growled silently in Huber’s direction.

“… I meant with Charlotte’s permission, of course. I am a man who honors his marital duties.”

Damien Lee adjusted his glasses. “Do the two of you have a point to this visit?”

“We do,” Huber said aloud. “Thank you for the rematch at Unlimited, but … Big Bucks and I are gonna pass.”


Huber shook his head. “Not on the rematch itself, but the match taking place at Unlimited … we’ve been waiting on the hook for a month while Le Bon and the Rebellion have been playing keep-away with our rightful rematch. Now, Charlotte wants to wait for Unlimited for her Starlets Title rematch with Raevynn, but she has the patience of a saint; we don’t. We’re not giving those limpdicks the chance to plot and scheme their way out of Unlimited with a doctor’s note or some other bullshit. Since you’re in a giving mood tonight, we want to strike while the iron is hot. Roebuck, tell the man what we want.”


The voice boomed loudly in the office that a passer-by was alarmed by the noise and jumped down the hall. Damien Lee looked at him.

“Are you sure this is what you want? You have one rematch and you need to make the most of it.”

In unison, the superheavyweights nodded.

“Cross The Hood aren’t in action tonight, so it’s done. Tonight, it will be Cross The Hood versus The House for the jOlt Tag Team Titles. Good luck, gentlemen.”

“We don’t need luck,” Roebuck spoke. “Just a pair of fucking bodybags …”

Huber and Roebuck walked past Damien Lee and left his office, allowing Damien Lee to take a breath.

The Heirs of Wrestling vs BADASS & Gabriel Gold

It was the beginning of a new year and with it came new opportunities for the stars of jOlt. For three men, this would be the chance of a lifetime as three of The Hype’s best and brightest had the chance to make themselves stars tonight. The Heirs of Wrestling would be back in action for the first time in five months as a full force when they would take on the Hype stars Gabriel Gold and the tag team that dared to call themselves BADASS. The camera panned inside the ring as Dean Carrington prepared to announce for the next match.

“The following contest is a six-man tag team contest scheduled for one fall!” Dean announced.

“In One Ear” by Cage The Elephant.

The music played and out came a hungry young threesome out to nab the proverbial brass ring that some selective old codger who’s out of touch with wrestling mentioned on a podcast one time. Unlike THAT place’s brass rings, these ones weren’t imaginary and anybody could become stars here with the right chance.

“Making their way to the ring at this time, from The Hype… first, weighing in at 212 pounds, this is GABRIEL GOLD! And his partners, weighing in at a combined weight of 460 pounds… the team of ”WISE ASS” TRIPP WISE AND “THE BAD SEED” DAVIS BLOOME… BAD! ASS!

Gold was a lot more stoic and fun fact for you, a former LoC Flyweight Champion before the belt became part of jOlt lore for a time. Unlike the more serious Gold, Wise and Bloome were being complete dicks to the crowd as Wise rocked a Miami Heat jersey that earned him no love from the fans in Orlando. Bloome looked confidently smug as the threesome entered the ring. Wise had a microphone and for those that followed the adventures of jOlt’s next class of great stars, he was never short on words or confidence.


And that earned him less than zero love from the crowd. Textbook wrestling d-bag 101, but he didn’t care.

“It’s a new year and with it come a lot of resolutions that idiots, morons, and oxygen thieves like yourselves will make on January 1st and break by January 2nd. But unlike you, myself and Davis Bloome here have a little something called follow-through! My new year’s resolution is that by the end of 2015, myself and my partner, Davis Bloome…” He put his arm around his tag partner’s shoulder. “…will win The Hype Tag Team Championships, then cash in those sons of bitches to become the jOlt Tag Team Champions! Wouldn’t that be just… oh, what’s the word I’m looking for here… anyone? Anyone want to fill in the blanks here…? Gold?”

Gold said nothing and ignored his annoyance of a tag partner for the evening. Davis tapped his partner on the shoulder.

“Oh, I know!”



The crowd booed for the annoying trolls of The Hype as the camera panned to the entrance…

“With Me Now” by Blacklite District.

The Arena of Champions rose with their approval as lights began to flash rapid pulses of blue and white flashed over the aisle way. The infamous three figures remained hidden in the shadows with their backs to the fans. One large man in the middle. One short man on the left. One well-built man to the right. Their jackets started to light up one by one and when it came time to see what was happening, the fans jumped out of their seats. The short man jumped.


A big, bright purple H was on his back. The tall man jumped next.


The O was bright and silver. Finally, the last person stepped up.


The W was gold. The lights flashed back on and the Sultans of Sexual Swag were highly animated, wearing their matching light-up jackets walked to the ring, ready for action. Siphoning the energy from the energized masses, the Heirs anxiously dominated the entire entrance staging area to further hype up the crowd...

“And their opponents...Weighing in at a total combined weight of 753 pounds!! ’The Intergalactic Space Cowboy’...RYAN GALLWAY!! ...’The Sovereign Superman’...FRANK SILVER!!! ...and the ’SUPERMACK’...MACK!! BRODY!!! ...THEY ARE THE HEIRS!! OF!!! WRESTLING!!!!

Silver. Brody and Gallway proudly interacted with the fans in the front row en route to the ringside area before Ryan & Silver sprinted together before sliding along the ring apron on their respective knees. Hooking their arms over the middle ropes, they stormed over toward opposing ring posts with Mack sternly flexing his muscles along the middle of the ring apron. Mouth agape, Brody radiated pure adrenaline & power. Ryan extended his arms outward as Frank & Mack motioned for the fans to continue cheering before the trio entered the ring together and remove their jackets as their theme music elapsed...

BADASS and Gabriel Gold didn’t look too impressed with the collective pomp and circumstance of perhaps one of wrestling’s best three-person tandems. The three men collectively were not only former jOlt Tag Team Champions, but held whole slew of titles ranging in various other feds. If three initials were put together to spell an organization’s name, they’d been tag champions there. Now finally able to put the threat of Orphan behind them at long last, the Heirs of Wrestling looked to get back to having a good time and busting their ass off in the ring.


The match would start off with Ryan Gallway in the ring measuring up with Davis Bloome. Bloome was much less talkative than his partner, Tripp Davis, but he had a vicious streak to him. He took Gallway by the arm and twisted it around, but The Intergalactic Space Cowboy did a cartwheel flip and then did a front flip before reversing the torque and sending Bloome tipping over on his ass.

When he picked him up, Gallway threw some STIFF Shoot Kicks to the leg to try and stun him before he followed up with a Jumping Heel Kick that caught him right on the button! He caught him by the head as he tried and grabbed him by the arm before making the tag to Silver. The Baron of Ballistics got a good cheer from the crowd as he stepped in and jumped to the second rope. He leapt off and delivered a Double Axe Handle right to the dome of Bloome!

Davis and Gold looked on with pissed-off expressions as Frank Silver made a fangul gesture in their corner. That Silver, ever the charmer.

He took down Davis Bloome with a Snapmare and tagged back out to Ryan Gallway as he rushed forward and WHACKED Bloome in the back of the head with a vicious Sliding European Uppercut! He held the back of his head in pain as Gallway rushed off the ropes and did another Handspring Flip, turning and connecting with a Leaping Dropkick to the side of the head! Davis was nearly out cold when Ryan reached out and made the tag to Mack!


SuperMack had earned himself legions of new fans after his brutal wars with Orphan, showing there was more to him than just some typical big man. Brody headed towards the ropes and came down with all of his weight on Davis Bloome with a BIG-TIME Running Splash! Brody yelled to the crowd with a “MACKTION!” war cry before he went for a cover.




The bigger half of BADASS came into the ring and broke up the cover with a cheap shot to Brody, but all the blow seemed to do was piss of SuperMack. He goozled him by the throat and LAUNCHED him over the ropes, sending him tumbling out to the floor!

Davis himself tried to squirm away when Brody grabbed him by the legs in the Wheelbarrow position and reached backwards so Gallway could tag in yet again. Mack started to spin around quickly and The Bad Seed found himself spinning in an inverted version of a Giant Swing! He kept on spinning him for several rotations until Gallway came in and nailed him FLUSH in the side of the head with a Seated Dropkick! The crowd clapped and applauded for that as SuperMack took a bow before he exited the ring, leaving The Hipster Heartthrob to try and collect the win.




Davis just barely kicked out, but The Heirs of Wrestling were beating on the BADASS member like they owed him money. Gallway continued to whack him with several more kicks before he rushed to the ropes, only for Gabriel Gold to clip him hard in the back of the head with a leaping Enzuigiri! Junior Referee Antonio James reprimanded him for his action, but Davis had gotten back up when Gallway tried to stand, he WHACKED him with a Pele Kick!

Davis Bloome executed the desperation move and rolled over just as Tripp Davis finally started to stand again. Davis tagged out to his partner and now it was Tripp’s time to shine! He climbed to the first rope… then the second… and the third… but then back down to the first before he simply dropped a lame Elbow Drop across the head of Gallway.


The crowd didn’t like this personification of an internet troll messing with them like that, but he told the fans to stick it…

“Stick it, you homos!”


Anyway, he picked up Gallway by the chin and started to juke and jive like the d-bag that he was. He clubbed him with a trifecta of simple jabs before he spun around and whacked him with a Discus Punch that put Gallway back on his ass. The crowd was booing The Wise Ass, but all he did was wipe out his ear and start to call for the crowd to make more noise. Tripp rushed off one set of ropes and then the other before he leaped into the air and landed a hard Knee Drop! A People’s Knee Drop, as it were. Gallway was down when he tried for a cover.




The Intergalactic Space Cowboy got his shoulder off the canvas, but Tripp Wise gave less than zero fucks what the crowd thought. This was BADASS’s chance to finally earn respect and get on the main shows. He reached out to Davis Bloome and the two men whipped Gallway off the ropes. When he came back their way, they stunned him with a double kick to double him over. That was followed with stereo kicks to the head to snap him back up. Davis Bloome connected with another high kick to the face and Tripp Wise finished off the combination with a Big Boot!

“WE CALL THAT THE KICK PARTY AND YOU’RE ALL INVITED TO EAT MY BOOTS, HA!” Tripp yelled to the other Heirs who were watching on the apron. Tripp left the ring and Davis Bloome slid over for a cover.




Almost a HUGE upset right there by the Hype upstarts, but Gallway was still in the game. Brody reached out and egged the crowd to continue their cheering while Frank Silver was slapping the turnbuckle, anxious to get in on the action.

Davis Bloome grabbed him by the head and pulled him back to the corner as he reached out and tagged to Gabriel Gold. Gold pointed to the bottom rope and Davis laid Gallway’s neck across the ropes. Gold was in the ring and did a leap over the ropes, connecting with a well-executed Slingshot Leg Drop! Gallway flinched as Gold smiled. He headed into the ring as Mack Brody scratched his head.

“Who’s that guy?” Mack asked.

“Gabriel Gold,” Frank Replied.

“He stealing MY gold schtick? I’m Midas Mack Brody!”


“I’m gonna throw that fucker around if I get in there.”

Gold had Gallway by the head when he dropped down with a Dragon Backbreaker. He held on and dropped into a Hangman’s Neckbreaker…


A very smug Gold rolled over and one of the Hype’s longest-tenured stars rolled The Intergalactic Space Cowboy up for a cover.




An elbow from The Royal Knight of Sunday Knights stunned him long enough for Frank to break it up! Gold tried to pick up Gallway by the head again, but Gallway suddenly surged to life with a low kick followed by a low Spinning Kick to the gut. He then leaped off the ropes…


The Tornado Single-arm DDT DRILLED him into the mat and now Gold was down! Gallway reached out to his corner just as Gold was now trying to get to his. Gallway was almost there as both Mack Brody and Frank Silver were anxiously awaiting the tag. Gold made the tag to Davis Bloome as he came into the ring…


The 250-pounded headed into the ring and he buzzsawed right through Davis Bloome with a Running Clothesline. He rushed over and tagged Tripp Wise with a right hand just for being a dick earlier. As The Bad Seed tried to stand, Frank hit him with a Back Elbow and tried a third time only for Frank to rear back and throw one of his signature European Uppercuts with some STANK on it!

He pulled him up again and tried to go for a Jumping Clothesline, but Davis had enough to duck it, making Silver hit the mat. As the bigger man tried to stand, Bloome kicked him in the gut and followed with an Irish Whip that failed. Frank reversed that and caught him flush with a Running Big Boot in the corner! Frank threw him out and headed to the second rope, raising a pinky…


Frank was up on his feet when he pulled him up by the neck…


And that was going to do it after the Half-Nelson Lift into the Backbreaker!




He tried to stand again when Mack Brody was already in the ring.



He had lifted Gold up and DROPPED him with a vicious Argentine Rack Backbreaker that rattled his spine! Tripp Wise tried to come into the ring and attack Brody, but he caught him with a press slam and lifted him up, DRILLING him down with a Front Powerslam!

SuperMack single-handedly changed the complexion of the match by taking down Davis Bloome’s teammates, leaving him all alone with the Heirs. Frank Silver picked him up when Davis tried a Jawbreaker to stun him. Frank stumbled back in the ropes when Gallway blind tagged in. Davis ran at Frank only to get scooped up over his shoulder. Gallway and Silver had Davis dead to right…


Yep, their Twitter Handle was one of their double-team finishers… this one a Front Powerslam combined with a Flying DDT off the ropes from Gallway! The double-team caved his head in and Gallway cleaned up with the cover.





This was their first match back as a group together since the 100th episode of iNtense, but now The Heirs of Wrestling were back in full force and had a big victory here tonight! While the members of BADASS and Gabriel Gold collected themselves and headed to the locker room in defeat, The Heirs dapped fists and stood tall, posing for the crowd! This was the start of what they would hope to be a very successful 2015!

Winner: The Heirs of Wrestling via Pinfall

"Riches = Bitches"


The voice belonged to that of The Littlest and Mouthiest Heir of them all, Ryan Gallway. The camera focused in on Gallway, Frank Silver, and Mack Brody, celebrating and pouring champagne all over each other like the bunch of obnoxious frat boys that they were… granted, they were funny frat boys, but still.

“Glad to have you fuckers back!” Mack shouted. “Me running around all rage-filled after that shithead, Orphan, was taking a toll on me.”

Frank rolled his eyes and pointed to his head. “Took a toll on YOU, Big Mack? I had a concussion and busted ribs take me out for three months, dude. Don’t give me that YOU had a tough time bull-hocky!”

“It felt pretty good to sock that little tattoo-covered turd-bullet in the mouth, didn’t it?” Ryan asked.

The Baron of Ballistics could not hide his smile as he rubbed his knuckles on his HoW shirt. “I cannot tell a lie, mainly because when I drop knowledge, you know I’m right, but… well, yeah.”

“So we curbed some obnoxious-ass Hype rooks thinking they could get famous off us!” Ryan said. “What’s next? Feud with the House for the millionth time? Join the fight against that fuckstick, Jon Le Bon and the Rebellion? Finally get that third Tag Team Title reign?”

“I got mind on gold again,” Mack told his friends. “I wasted too much time fucking with Orphan and getting rid of that little shitstain in wrestling. I’m after some singles gold. The jOlt Championship. Underground. Relentless… I want ALL of it. Call me greedy, but I’m young, I’m hungry, and it’s time that we put an Heir at the top of the heap!”

Frank saluted while mysteriously, “Hail To The Chief” played from out of nowhere… okay, it was done on Ryan’s iPhone. Mack continued his diatribe.

“I pledge that as a future singles champion in jOlt, you get a fighting champion that you can be proud of! A chicken in every pot, a cap in every ass, my fist down the throat of every shit-talking punk-ass coward who can’t back it up… and riches man. We get the opportunities and we get riches because riches equal bitches... Lots and lots and lots of bitches.”

“Awwwwww shit, you WISH that you could have as much gold as we got in our camp, big homey!”

Ryan shut off the music on his phone as somebody dared interrupted their time backstage. The Heirs of Wrestling turned their heads to the trio of people in front of them now.

Khalil Straightgully with arms folded up.

Latrell Samuel with a smug grin on his face.

And of course, the man of the hour himself, jOlt’s only double champion depending on who you asked… okay, he was a pretty fucking awesome double champion. The crowd watching on the jOltvision erupted into a decidedly mixed reaction for the man they loved to hate…


With a grill that Nelly and Paul Wall WISHED they could’ve had years ago, the man flashed a smile the direction of the Heirs and hoisted the titles he wore proudly. The gOlden bOy Championship or the

“What it do, bitches… do I hear that some little bitches are a little jealous of my shine?”

Brody turned and smiled. “What shine would THAT be, Jewelz? Would that be the shine coming off your fake-ass Golden Boy Championship… I’m not overpronouncing the O’s. Or the one coming off the Relentless Title that you hardly defend?”

“You need to watch your fuckin’ mouth, big homey,” Khalil said.

Frank glanced up at the big bodyguard of Jewelz and snorted before he turned to Diamond Jewelz.

“I like how you did that with your hand up his ass, Jewelz. Now do it drinking a glass of water… maybe sulfuric acid, I think that’d be pretty cool.”

An angry Khalil was about to talk when Diamond held a hand up. When the hand went up, you knew Them MF’N Goons’ mouths go shut.

“I don’t need you speakin’ for me, bitch,” Diamond said with his unwavering bravado. “I’ve got EVERYBODY comin’ after my shit, Mackie Robinson… I’ma be busy kickin’ the ass of some dumb mothafucka comin’ after my belt tonight and then next week, I’ll be slappin’ ‘round my personal punchin’ bag Ramey and taking THE jOlt Championship… but if y’all wanna shot at my belt after that, then we’ll dance.”

Brody cracked his knuckles.

“God, Ramey’s right, you ARE a shitbox and I hope if he beats Eiji tonight, then he busts your ass, too…”

Jewelz’s smile disappeared and contorted into a scowl while Mack glared downward at the shining star of jOlt Wrestling.

“You’ve been running your fucking mouth on the Twitter feed, here, there, and everywhere and you’re not even entertaining about it. That OG guy has more charisma in his left nut than the rest of you do in your bodies!”

Latrell was about to speak up when Mack continued.

“NO, FUCK YOU… the grown-ups are talking. Your Twitter feed reads like a preschooler figuring out how to use his first words. Until now, you haven’t met anybody that’s been able to shut you the fuck up and you think that you can’t be outshined... Well…”

Mack put his arms around Ryan and Frank.

“We’re the Heirs of Wrestling and we’ve been running this bitch since before you got here.”

“We’ve pimped many hos in the process, bro,” Ryan said.

“Pimp on, Heirs…” Frank finally added. “Pimp on.”

Diamond Jewelz shook his head like a disapproving parent and while Them MF’N Goons looked disrespected, The gOlden bOy and Relentless Champion looked like he was on the verge of busting a gut.

“Oh, man, you one BIG deluded buncha mothafuckas, huh? I’ll tell you what, SuperMack… I’ve got so many people after my ass, that y’all should take a number. But if you mothafuckas are so good, then you won’t mind provin’ yourselves. If your bitch friends can beat my boys here next week in a tag team match, I’ll give y’all a crack at one of my titles in two weeks.”

“Guys? Do you want to take on Khalil and Latrell next week?”

“We’re thinking yeah, we’re gonna fuck the two of you up.” Frank said confidently.

Ryan nodded confidently, being sure to say what he was gonna say next to Mack and Frank. “It’s true,” I’ve run circles around people bigger, dumber, and more gangsta then the two of you bitchtits!”

“Hahahahaha, yeah, good luck with that, bitch, my boys gonna make quick work of you.” Diamond Jewelz said. He nodded and he along with his foot soldiers departed as the Heirs were left happy with a potential opportunity to add their first singles title in their camp.

Like we said earlier, 2015 was a new year filled with new opportunities.

"Turning Rabid"

Nate Quartermaine and Michael Donavan were seen backstage. The two of them didn’t seem very pleased given the fact that their leader, Jon Le Bon, had just finished running them down. Donavan was standing there with his arms folded while Quartermaine was seen pacing back and forth.

“You know.. I’m really getting sick and tired of taking Jon’s crap.” Said Quatermaine.

“His words were rather brash, but we have to remember, he’s the one who brought us all together. We still kind of owe something to him.” Said Donavan.

“At what cost, though? Our humility? Our dignity? I mean, I’m used to getting chewed out. Remember, I was an All American in college in football. I played tight end and when I didn’t get the block or I didn’t get to run my route, the coach lambasted me up one side and down the other, but not in the way Jon Le Bon does. The coach wanted to see my true potential and he wanted to see me succeed… Le Bon… no… he just sees us all as failures.. you, included.”

Donavan continued to stand there as Quartermaine continued.

“When we got to the main roster.. we haven’t done much of anything. We were promised the spotlight, we were promised air time and what have we gotten? A couple of one off matches after the whole thing with The Backbone died down. Once Chris Titan was dealt with, we were put on autopilot. I’m sorry, but I didn’t bust my ass on The Hype to come here and just sit on the sidelines. I came here to make an impact.. I came here to showcase my talent… not be treated like some tool for an egomaniac.”

Donavan sighed

“Are you done?” asked Donavan.

“What do you mean, am I done? Are you telling me you’re just going to stand there and let me rant without having an opinion on this?” asked Quartermaine.

Donavan simply cleared his throat. It was then that Jon Le Bon walked onto the scene. Unfortunately for Quartermaine, he had heard everything.

“A dog is man’s best friend. It’s his job to love you and protect you, but if the dog bits the man… even once… you have to put him down… there’s no telling who he’s going to bite next. “ said Le Bon. “That a quote from one of my favorite movies. John Travolta plays and amazing role as one of the most intelligent hackers walking the face of the planet and he does it all with misdirection… much like how I used misdirection to pin the leadership of The Rebellion on Damien Lee instead of myself. I bring that up because it seems one of my dogs is trying to bite my hand… but I’m not going to let you do that because I have arranged a little match for you next week here on iNtense. You see… when you have two angry dogs, you need to make them fight and let it solve all of your problems. That’s why next week, you are going to go one on one with Sayber… another dog of mine who decided to bite his owner…. But I’m going to sweeten the pot for you just a little bit. Should you win your match against Sayber… then I’ll set you free and you can go be the athlete you think you are, but remember one thing…. You couldn’t even defeat a rookie in Rainbow Serpent… I trust that you will remain right here by my side.”

Le Bon smirked and walked away. As he walked away he muttered something else to Quartermaine.

“If you win, you’ll disappoint me because I’ll wonder how you couldn’t beat Rainbow Serpent… lose and you’ll just disappoint yourself while meeting my expectations of you. That is the essence of this match.”

Le Bon chuckled as he disappeared into the background. Quartermaine simply stood there and gritted his teeth. Donavan gave a bit of a sneer then walked away as well as the scene faded to black.

Raevynn(c) vs Amber Ryann

After the bombshell was dropped earlier in the evening by Damien Lee, we knew that Raevynn would be defending her Starlet Championship against Charlotte at Unlimited, however, tonight, she was being forced to defend her championship against someone else who has deserved a shot for the longest time... the fan favorite... "Dragonfly" Amber Ryann. Should Ryann succeed, she will defend the title against Charlotte instead of Raevynn.

"Antinotice" by AKIAKANE

Amber Ryann came out from the backstage area. The lights pulsed to the sound of the song as Ryann surveyed the capacity crowd on hand. Ryann raised her hand into the air, making a fist. She then fell to a knelt position, slamming her fist into the stage causing four explosions of pyrotechnics to go off, each representing a color in her rainbow hair of blue, red, green, and yellow. Amber looked up toward the ring, peering through the lenses of her dragonfly mask. She then skipped to the ring, slapping hands with random fans along the way.

Amber rolled under the bottom rope into the ring. She stood and went to the opposite side, hopping up onto the middle rope and raising her fist into the air. She backflipped off the ropes, landing back into the knelt position, slamming her fist into the canvas, causing the four ringposts to explode with pyro of the same four colors once again. Ryann stood and looked around the arena, bobbing her head to the beat of her song, but it died off and was replaced.

"Where is the Edge" by Within Temptation

The cheers turned to boos as the pale-skinned, raven-haired Starlet Champion, Raevynn, stepped out from the backstage area with Sebastian Saje by her side. Raevynn looked disgusted as Saje tried to offer her words of encouragement, but she kind of ignored them as she wasn't in the mood to hear anything. She didn't like the fact that she was placed into two championship defenses which could turn into one should she fail here tonight.

Raevynn made her way to the ring where she slowly climbed up onto the apron before stepping through the middle and top ropes. Saje remained at ringside as Raevynn unfastened the championship and took one good hard look at it before passing it off to the referee who held it up in the air. Referee Kim Adams passed it off to ringside and then called for the bell.




Ryann looked ready to go while the Night Queen of The Rebellion didn't look all that interested. They circled and Amber locked up with Raevynn before transitioning into a side headlock. Raevynn backed Amber into the ropes and shot her across the ring before knocking her down with a shoulder block. Raevynn went to the ropes, but Amber popped up and tried for a hip toss, but Raevynn blocked it and grabbed Amber by her multi-colored hair, slamming her into the canvas.

"I'm not playing your wrestling games!" yelled Raevynn to Amber right as she stomped down on top of her with a boot to the abdomen.

Raevynn walked away and waited for Amber to get back to her feet. She charged in and hit a running knee lift, knocking Amber back onto the canvas. Raevynn walked to the corner and propped herself against the turnbuckle pads, yawning at her opponent. Amber pulled herself up as Raevynn walked over, but Amber surprised her by picking her up by the waist and driving her down with a sidewalk slam! Amber quickly hooked the leg...



Shoulder up by Raevynn and she immediately rolled to the outside where she was consoled by her boyfriend Sebastian Saje. Ryann wouldn't let the two of them converse as she got a full head of steam and leapt to the top rope, twisting to the outside with a corkscrew plancha!


Ryann took out both Raevynn and Saje with the move! The crowd popped as Ryann pulled Raevynn up off the floor and rolled her back into the ring! Amber then got up onto the apron and grabbed the top rope as Raevynn staggered back up to a vertical base. Amber leapt up top and front flipped off, landing on Raevynn's shoulders and snapping her over with a Dragoncanrana complete with a pin!



Raevynn kicked out again!

Things were starten to quicken as Ryann got up and pulled Raevynn to her feet. Ryann unloaded on her with a series of punches, jabs, and chops... essentially whatever she could throw at her. Ryann then went to take off to the ropes, but the champion wisely grabbed a fist full of Amber's hair and yanked her down to the canvas! Amber sat up after impact and that's when Raevynn sat behind her and applied a body scissors around the waist, trying to drive the oxygen out of her. Amber tried to free herself, but Raevynn rolled to her left and pulled Amber over into a pinning situation..



Raevynn rolled her back into the body scissors. Raevynn leaned forward a bit and hammered away with closed fists to the back of Ryann's head. She then turned her over into another pinning combination.



Raevynn rolled her back into the body scissors. Amber tried desperately to pry Raevynn's legs apart. She even went as far as to repeatedly drive the point of her elbow into Raevynn's right knee. Raevynn was resistant at first, but she eventually couldn't take those shots much longer and broke the hold. Amber got back to her feet, holding her abdomen in pain as Raevynn got back to hers, shaking some feeling back into her leg. Amber charged in, but Raevynn lifted her up and over the top rope and to the apron. Raevynn turned around and blocked a forearm shot from Ryann. Raevynn then retaliated with a headbutt, knocking Amber off the apron and down to the floor.

Raevynn measured Amber up and was set to fly herself. She got some momentum going and went for a suicide dive but...



Raevynn's limp, lifeless body slumped back into the ring and crumbled into a heap! The crowd let out a huge "OOOOHHH!!" on that one and Raevynn could be legitimately knocked out cold from taking that sick shot! Ryann hopped up onto the apron and headed toward the corner. She ascended the turnbuckle pads with her back to the ring and Raevynn. She twisted off and landed with the Reverse Corkscrew Senton...


The crowd stood on their feet as the referee got into position. Sebastian Saje panicked and ran around ringside.



Saje grabbed Raevynn's leg and placed it on the ropes...




The crowd erupted, but Sebastian Saje was screaming at the referee and pointing to the rope. Kim Adams saw that she made the error and told Amber Ryann the match wasn't over! Amber Ryann was sorely confused as she just picked up the three count, but the referee tried to explain that her foot was on the ropes and she didn't see it. Ryann looked pretty pissed at this and started to get into a heated argument with Adams. Meanwhile, Raevynn came to and saw what was happening. She quickly pulled Ryann over with a schoogirl rollup..



Thr... NO!!

Ryann kicked away and stood. She delivered a kick to the stomach and then quickly grabbed Raevynn in a reverse headlock, looking for the Reaper of Souls, but Raevynn spun around and shoved her front side first into the ropes. Ryann staggered back and was caught in an inverted front face lock. Raevynn lifted her up and dropped her with the elevated reverse DDT....


Raevynn made the cover, hooking the leg...




Raevynn rolled out of the ring as Sebastian Saje retrieved her Starlet Championship from the time keeper and handed it to her. Raevynn still held the side of her face from that vicious double palm thrust she took from Amber Ryann. The two of them walked back up the ramp as Raevynn held her championship up in the air as the crowd booed

They disappeared behind the curtain as Amber sat up in the middle of the ring... she looked as if she was on the verge of tears. Amber got to her feet as referee Kim Adams checked on her, but Amber shoved her away.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" yelled Amber at the referee.

Amber clutched her face as she exited the ring and quickly made her way to the back, obviously upset. Amber felt like she should be the Starlet Champion right now only to have it all taken away because of the referee's mistake. Amber disappeared behind the curtains ending a rather unconfortable situation.

Winner: Raevynn via Pinfall

"gOlden bOy Invitational"

“gOlden bOy”, “gOlden bOy” chants break out in one area of the arena, and then, before they can be saturated into the entire crowd, “Walmart Jeweler”, “Walmart Jeweler” chants break out, silencing the former chants.

The chanting is a steady jostling of tug and war, back and forth, between the supporters and dissidents of the jeweler from Sin City, NV. As the back and forth between the crowd members persist, the jOlt ring crew transforms the traditional iNtense ring aprons and turnbuckles into almost a completely different creation; as usual, the ring apron transforms into golden, featuring white letters; the turnbuckles are replaced with gOlden bOy promotions paddings. “I’m Getting Money” by O.J. The Juiceman pumps into the arena as a sharp burst of excitement rips through the mixed-reaction crowd. O.G. Simpson sports a gold suit; his gold grill and greasy locks shine into the camera as he heads down to the ring. He finally makes his way in, and pulls a gOlden mic out of his pocket.

“Homies and Homettes on the East Coast… Homies and Homettes on the West Coast.. Tha main attraction of the evening….The gOlden bOy Invitational.”, O.G. Simpson declares brazenly as a raucous mixed reaction from the crowd ensues.

“Introducing first.. He is jOlt’s mVp… A champion of champions…. He’s in one week’s time, your future jOlt World Heavyweight Champion… He’s the one, the only…’ That nigga….’Mr. RiseandShine’ himself,” The cheers and boos escalate!

“‘Mr. West Coast’… ‘Mr Bling Bling’.. The first ever CERTIFIED jeweler in professional wrestling… He is thaaa… ‘gOlden bOy’...... Diamond Jewelz “

The bass from “Gotta Take It” by Nipsey Hussle pulses into the arena as the crowd’s cheers, now only featuring a spattering of boos, reaches a fever pitch. From behind the curtain, the baby oil laden, twinkling and glistening “Blinging” body of Diamond Jewelz emerges, his various articles of jewelry complementing the light that bounces off his chest and abs; He wears a new ensemble this iNtense as he does every intense; yellow boots, purple tights, and all of his various shining and glistening articles of jewelry, chiefly, his gaudy gOlden bOy and Relentless titles; his titles are without a doubt the most impressive part of his jewelry ensemble. Diamond Jewelz strikes his usual pose, that drips with machismo as well as the precious jewels and metals of his jewelry ensemble, and then tapping each individual title on each shoulder..,,, After he is finished, he heads to the ring.. The literal million dollar grin of Diamond Jewelz shines throughout the arena. Diamond, without Ruby holding the ropes for him, grabs the mic from O.G.

“You know what time it be!!!! It’s time for jOlts premier segment of the night, the one, the only.. the gOlden bOy Invitational!”

Diamond gives a blinging grin into the camera!!! The crowd roars in excitement. Diamond is definitely more loved than hated these days. His bravado has caught on.. No longer is the crowd divided.. Most people in the crowd love Jewelz whether they just love to hate him, or are full fledged customers.

“As usual, being the fighting champion that I am….Whoever wants some… Come and get you a shot at my gold!”

Diamond drops the mic and then, his eyes light up being struck by a jolt of epiphany!

“Ohh and Ramey.. I know per our agreement its’ me and you next week… But, if you wanna step this thing up a week and do this shit now, I more than welcome to you coming down here and giving me what’s rightfully mine a week early…I was better than you when we were climbing the ladder to tag gOld, and I’m better than you now… Otherwise, stay on the bench faggot and watch jOlt’s best do it better than you ever did as usual… Like I said.. Open Challenge”

The lights go completely dim… Although the arena is pitch black, the flickers of cameras and the lights of cellphones reveal Jewelz looking around the ring franticly from side to side, his head on a swivel in a panic… What or who could this possibly be… The Goons are not present.. What if its’ an ambush from the mysterious forces of Ruby Rock’s revenge that have been haunting Jewelz for weeks now? The lights come back on and standing outside the ring is The Hype’s Jack Dawn… What!!!! All that for Hype Rookie Jack Dawn… Jewelz spots Dawn outside the ring, and the fervent panic that he went into subsides into relief and laughter…

“Young boy… Who the fuck is you??”

“Jewelz jabs, bawling in a fit of relieved panic!”

Dawn screams out to Jewelz but over the crowd, he cannot be heard. “Dawn, Dawn, Dawn” small pockets of chants break out in the crowd, trying to tell Jewelz who Dawn is.

“Youngin… Step on in here…” Jewelz commands motioning Dawn in.. “Come on don’t be shy”

Dawn steps into the ring confidently and without fear… Jewelz, obviously totally oblivious to Dawn’s cocky and brash personna on the Hype does not know that Dawn is one of the most fearless competitors in Jolt or else he might not be so relieved... The one thing Dawn does not lack is confidence.. He is a risk taker, a showstopper, and this is why the fans love him

“Apparently a few people know who you are.. But for my customers, who make up a majority of this crowd, let me ask this again so all my customers can hear it...What’s your name.. And what do you want!!!”

Dawn snatches the mic from Jewelz.. Jewelz blinging grin dissipates into an angry scowl… Dawn gets close into Jewelz’s face.

“My name is Jack Dawn..” Dawn says pointing his finger stiffly into Jewelz’s chest with every word.. Jewelz mouth gapes open, his shock revealing the twinkling and glistening of his grill …”

“And I want a shot at your title..” He says continuing to poke his finger into Jewelz’s chest. The crowd roars in excitement at Dawn’s courage.. Jewelz, highly irritated, snatches the mic out of Dawn’s hand.

“Which one.. stupid bitch I got two!!” Jewelz snipes at Dawn…

Dawn tries to snatch the mic back but Jewelz will have no part of it… He snatches it away from Dawn’s reach before throwing it in his chest… Dawn barely catches it…

“Everybody knows I’m a risk taker… That I always put it all on the line week in and week out… So let me get that Relentless Title.. That fits me perfect!” The crowd roars in excitement.

“Deal!” Jewelz says, still wearing his signature DJ chain and other pieces of jewelry.”

Diamond Jewelz(c) vs Jack Dawn

Jewelz turns around to begin to apparently hand his titles and articles of jewelry to his handler, O.G. Simpson, but as soon as Dawn relaxes and turns away to hand his accessories off in the same manner…


Viscous clothesline from Jewelz that sends Dawn’s body limp to the ground. Jewelz peers at Dawn with disdain and then, a sick, sneaky grin creeps up onto his face; Jewelz’s customers cheer the jeweler’s antics but the other 30% of the crowd are behind the Hype Rookie and rain down boos on the ring, because of his cowardly acts. If Dawn didn’t know before, Jewelz is Relentless and it doesn’t take any specific act of disrespect to bring this facet of his personality out; it’s in him naturally. His mean streak is what ended his tag teams with his partners Jameson Lennox, and also current World Heavyweight Champion Jesse Ramey.. This is why they call him Mr. Relentless.

Jewelz lays the boots into Dawn. Jewelz grabs a hold of the rope and then begins to stand on Dawn’s throat to the kicks and screams of Dawn.. No referee interference means that that’s legal in this match. Jewelz looks at Ian Nyugen, and shoots him a devious, blinging grin as to commend him for being up to snuff about the gOlden bOy promotions custom rules set ofthe match tonight. Jewelz stands over Dawn, his focus never leaving him, removing a few pieces of jewelry, and then wham, delivering a kick to Dawn… He removes a few more and then a punch. Jewelz is obviously furious about the disrespect Dawn exhibited earlier.

“Huh bitch… You gonna disrespect me like that rookie? This ain’t the Hype Bitch!!!” Jewelz jibs at the downed Dawn. “Get up!!!”

Jewelz slaps Dawn in the head… “Get up!!!” Jewelz commands of Dawn again.. Jewelz shoots Dawn into the ropes, Dawn bounces off with a huge flying knee….


Jewelz is down, but arises quickly.. Dawn gets up quickly to his feet and shoots himself off the ropes with a huge spinning elbow. Dawn is, no pun intended HYPED… Jewelz rolls to the outside of the ring to try and gather himself, and there O.G. Simpson begins to counsel and support him while he tries to shake the cobwebs out. All of the sudden though, Dawn is charging at the ropes near Jewelz and launches himself over the top rope for a huge somersault flip to the outside. He lands on both O.G. and Jewelz, leading the crowd to break into a huge roar. This is why Dawn is such a fan favorite on the Hype. Dawn slides back into the ring and begins to raise his hands encouraging the crowd to stand on their feet. He looks outside of the ring and asks one of the fans??

“That what you wanted???”

Mr. Relentless and O.G. continue to recover on the outside, and Dawn stands in the ring poised to strike.. Seeing that Mr. Relentless and Simpson are taking too long to recover, he charges the ropes, hops on the outside of the apron and then jumps on the bottom rope.

Asia Moonsault

Mr. Relentless and O.G. are downed again.. Dawn scoops Jewelz up and throws him back into the ring.. Dawn begins to work on Jewelz with boots to the back and midsection while he is down. Dawn locks in a rear naked chin lock. Jewelz is grabbing the air in pain… Dawn rolls Jewelz over transitioning the lock into a camel clutch. Dawn begins to wrench on the lock. Jewelz grabs the air in pain again.

Nyugen begins to check for Jewelz consciousness… He pulls on Jewelz hand, and Jewelz responds by giving resistance against his arm. Dawn wrenches more on the hold, but Jewelz begins try and work from out under Dawn’s body. Jewelz begins to squirm and manages to work one arm out. Dawn wrenches on the hold even more though. Jewelz, pain filling his face, continues to use his veteran knowledge of the ring to work out of the hold. Jewelz begins to work his way to the nearby ropes inch by inch. He gets hold of the rope but there is no break of the lock! The No Holds Barred nature of this match according to his Custom Rules set is working against Jewelz this time around unlike so many other times before. Jewelz works his way to one knee, and Dawn having lost the leverage of the hold, transforms the camel clutch into a rear naked choke…

Jewelz now uses both arms to get himself to his feet while also tucking his chin. As Jewels gets to his feet, Dawn puts both hooks into Jewelz thighs.. Jewelz, showing his strength, begins to walk around the ring. He punches at Dawn’s head.. Then he punches again. Jewelz leans forward.. Stands up straight and then….


Jewelz spikes Dawn into the mat… Jewelz holds his throat on the ground wrenching in pain, and Dawn hold his head in pain. That was a viscous move; So often times the recipient is totally incapacitated, but Jewelz obviously didn’t get enough tork on that to accomplish that.

Jewelz begins to come to and crawls over to the ropes… Jewelz makes his way to his feet, but then quickly turns around to peer out into the crowd.. It’s Ruby Rocks Jewelz..

“Look what I got!!” Ruby shouts to Jewelz… Her voice must have got his attention on the outside..

“What the fuck!!!” Jewelz mouths… Ruby is holding a ticket letting Jewelz know that she has a right to be there.. Boos ring out through the arena at the sight of Ruby despite the fact that it was Diamond who had spited her in their relationship and cheated with her live on TV in front of millions of people. The customers are on the side of their dealer in this one.. It’s not about morals and values here!!! But obviously morality is not a facet of the jOlt faithful’s makeup if they’re supporters of Mr. Relentless.

Jewelz peers over at Ruby, and then back at Dawn.. He peers over at Ruby, and then back at Dawn He looks over for O.G. Simpson, but he is still felled by the earlier assault of Dawn and Jewelz cannot use him to make sure that his EX beau doesn’t do anything stupid..

Jewelz subsequently by his actions, mounting the top rope, decides to focus on Dawn…. Dawn makes his way back to his feet and Jewelz dives off of the top rope!!


Not to be outdone by Dawn in the match, Jewelz hits a high impact move to remind people that Dawn isn’t the only high flyer in the company. Jewelz style of wrestling is as flashy as his jewelry…

All of the sudden though Ruby begins to shout out again from the crowd and she’s begun to climb over the barricade.

“You better watch your back bitch!!!” She screams.. Jewelz goes to pick up Dawn but then Ruby screams out again. “You better watch your back bitch!!” Jewelz puts Dawn down, and begins to approach Ruby who begins to make a gesture as if she’s going to climb over the barricade…jOlt security quickly runs over to Ruby to stop her and begins to escort her out. While Jewelz’s back is turned though, a small Asian child manages successfully to make his way over the barricade and hands Dawn, laying across the ropes in exhaustion, something in his hand.. Ruby must have been trying to act as a distraction for the real threat.

Dawn looks at the item and begins, in a haze of exhaustion and pain to fidget with it… Jewelz goes over to scoop Dawn off of the ropes.. But just as he does, Dawn turn around and manipulates the object…


A giant flame envelopes both Dawn and Jewelz.. Jewelz is downed and Dawn collapses back into the ropes… Who took the worst end of that giant flame!!! Obviously the small caucasian child was not just any child but some object of the mysterious forces of revenge that Ruby has been trying to sabotage Jewelz with for weeks now…

A loud ovation of cheers break out as Them M’fn Goons begin to race down to the ring… Jewelz security team saw what was going on and is responding promptly but it might be too little too late. They climb in the ring to check on Jewelz who is down on the mat, and then pull position Dawn on the mat, and pull Jewelz over the top of him…




Jewelz is still shaken up by the heat and light of the flame, but at the looks of his face, and the singed nature of Dawn’s, Dawn is obviously the worse for wear! Them M’fn Goons help Jewelz to his feet, and then each holding an arm, begin to carry him to the back… The still mysterious forces of Ruby Rock’s revenge came closer than ever to striking a death blow against Jewelz this week..

Winner: Diamond Jewelz via Pinfall

Cross the Hood(c) vs The House

Things were not good for Cross The Hood right now. They had gotten themselves disqualified against the former champions The Crimson Order to retain their titles at Wired. While Takeshi and Heido could make a case for them to get another title match, they would have to wait because the men that Cross The Hood stole the titles from – The House – were now cashing in their rematch.

“Ready to Go” by Dave Whitaker played and a violent downpour of negative crowd heat would flood the Arena of Champions’ vast interior as the jOltvision screens began streaming edited glimpses of Gotham and its unsavory representatives executing their unforgiving brawling style with their unfortunate opposition before the arrogant duo sauntered out from backstage, nodding to their new theme music. A musical ode that paid homage to their infamous stomping grounds warranted a mutual nod as their obnoxious antics added more fuel to the fire...

“Weighting in at a total combined weight of 496 pounds...Representing The Rebellion...From Brooklyn, New York...They are the jOlt Wrestling World Tag Team Champions...The team of JACKSON CROSS...and MACHIDA HOOD...and they are... CROSS!! THE!! HOOD!!!”

They were bucking tradition by coming out first, but this was their choice. Machida Hood and Jackson Cross wore their respected tag titles around their necks and had looks on their faces that they didn’t want to be doing this. They were as tough as they came, but tonight they were facing off against the motivated former three-time jOlt Tag Team Champions that they screwed out of those titles thanks to Jon Le Bon. Machida Hood was more focused on the task ahead as Jackson Cross talked some trash with the fans. Tonight, they had to be ready for two angry planets full of fury coming their way …

Five Finger Death Punch’s “House of the Rising Sun” played next. The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive pop from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of card toward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the Nevada bred former jOlt Tag Team Champions appeared from the backstage area. The obese fan favorite extended his arms outward and nodded while his muscular counterpart anxiously greeted the masses in an enthusiastic fashion.

“...And making their way to the ring they are the challengers; From Las Vegas, Nevada...Weighting in at a total combined weight of 777 pounds...they are the team of ADAM ROEBUCK & DERRICK HUBER!!!...They are THE!!! HOUSE!!!

The mountains of mayhem that were The House lumbered towards the ring as Cross The Hood remained in their corners, looking a little bit unsure of this. They had purposely been ducking the men they stole the belts from for this very reason … they were pretty pissed off.

The bell rang and Cross The Hood both went on the attack. Cross went after Derrick Huber and Machida was left to dance with “The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck on the opposite end of the ring!

The crowd was on their feet already with fights breaking out on both sides of the ring! Huber ducked and threw shoulder after shoulder in one corner while Roebuck whipped him away from the ropes. Huber joined his larger tag team partner. They tossed him towards the ring and whipped him off opposite ends in order to run right through Jackson Cross with a big double shoulder tackle!

The chants were deafening for the former three-time Tag Team Champions! Roebuck was going to stya in as the legal man while Huber returned to his corner. They waited for Machida Hood to make the first move. Adam Roebuck started the match for his team against the brawler from Brooklyn who wasn’t a WWF enhancement talent. When he tried to grab Roebuck the Las Vegas Leviathan simply shoved him backwards. Roebuck was in the same mood that he always was – surly and not to be fucked with especially tonight

Machida Hood stood up and second time and dusted himself off before bumrushing the giant this time around. He swung at him with more right hands but they only seemed to incense him even further. Machida Hood foolishly tried to whip the monster but The Big Bucks was just too strong for that and he whipped Machida Hood right over the ropes and sent him crashing hard onto the floor below.

The larger half of Cross The Hood was now doubled over in pain holding his ribs while Hood shouted some words of encouragement from the corner. Cross The Hood had told the world they were the best tag team in jOlt history and wanted to prove that again.

Machida Hood regrouped and headed into the ring just as Jackson Hood made a quick blind tag behind him so he could blindside the Las Vegas Leviathan. Machida Hood charged with a boot to the sagging gut of the monster and Hood followed up behind him two stiff fists to the jaw. He continued landing body blows to the monster before both men whipped him to the ropes. Roebuck bounced off the ropes and broke right through their double clothesline attempt so that he could come back and completely bulldoze through them with clotheslines of his own! Roebuck roared aloud and the crowd was loving it.


More chants echoed loudly as Machida Hood cleared the ring while Hood was yanked to his feet by Adam Roebuck. The Big Bucks growled and tagged into Derrick Huber allowing the Sin City Strongman to get some action in the ring. Hood was about two-forty five but lifted easily by the three-hundred pound gorilla and paraded around the ring. Huber then fell backwards as he launched The A-Town Assassin with an incredible overhead belly to belly suplex!

Huber dusted himself off now and got back to his feet while a hurt Hood rolled back to the corner. Huber charged at him and nearly broke the brawler in half with a running shoulder tackle in the corner that drove the wind right out of him. Hood fell to his side and the crowd knew what was coming next. Derrick had a big shit-eating grin on his face and charged from one side of the ring and headed right back to Hood in the form of a cannonball senton…


The weight of Derrick Huber nearly crushed Hood. He was feeling the pain now when Huber pulled him away from the corner. He attempted a quick cover now…



Hood with the shoulder up!

Derrick and Adam weren’t showing any signs of ring rust so far. Derrick forced Hood back into the corner where Roebuck tagged in again. The monster of a man climbed into the ring while Derrick held Hood up against the ropes. Roebuck got his hand ready and the fans were cheering for another move about to come next…


Hood was hurt in a very bad way after four and things were only looking worse for the Tag Team Champions. Huber was tagged again Roebuck took an arm and they whipped him by each hand before they tossed him back into the corner, crumbling him badly. Jackson Cross wanted a chance to tag to his partner, but The House weren’t giving him a chance. In fact, Huber was right back to Roebuck with the tag and the two super heavyweights connected with their double-team sidewalk slam/elbow drop combination…


Huber rolled out of the ring while Roebuck went into the cover on Machida Hood.



And the fall was broken up by Jackson Cross! He came to the save of his tag team partner and was sent back to his corner while Roebuck glanced down at Machida. He picked up the big Brooklyner and tossed him into the corner with both hands. The four-hundred sixty-pound Big Bucks picked him up and launched Machida Hood into the ropes. When the brawler came back he was shot into the air with a huge back body drop!

Things weren’t looking too good for the jOlt Tag Team Champions, but they were far from done. Hood rolled across the ring and Cross tagged in to try and take the fight the bigger Roebuck. With relentlessness on his side, he went off on the big guy with a flurry of fists that mostly stunned The Las Vegas Leviathan. He charged off the ropes and when he came back, Adam goozled him. He lifted him up for a chokeslam when Cross elbowed him in the face to fight his way out.

Cross went low and took the legs out from Roebuck with a pair of dropkicks to the knee to bring the big guy down to his knees. When he charged off the ropes he came back only to run into a big mountain called Roebuck courtesy of the Double Ace Flush~!

He was caught and dropped across the knee before being tossed backwards in a standing fallaway slam variation. Roebuck had ragdolled Cross and now it was his time to go for the finish.



Just barely, Cross kicked out! Adam had a look of disbelief across his face, but the young Cross wasn’t going to give up; not when he and Hood had a big opportunity like this.

“Come on, kick his ass!” Machida slapped a turnbuckle while the fans continued to boo. Roebuck picked him up and tried to lock him upside down in a Canadian backbreaker submission hold.

The hold was painful and Cross was in a very bad position now, but that didn’t stop him from trying. The Rebellion member tried to fight his way out. He elbowed the face of the Las Vegas Leviathan only to take on a big swing himself. Finally, Hood had seen enough and came into the ring to break up the submission with a solid kick to the back of Roebuck.

Huber grimaced as both members of Cross the Hood were ready to fight back. Machida ran off the ropes and connected with a very solid big boot that sent Roebuck stumbling backwards into the corner. Now seeing his chance, Derrick Huber tagged into the ring and came at Machida with a home run swing Moneyline… missed?

Cross the Hood weren’t completely unprepared and had some othe moves of The House scouted! Machida picked up Huber with some effort and he lifted him up in the fireman’s carry position. Cross was still nursing a sore back, but he pulled it together just enough for Cross The Hood to come back and connect with an awesome Samoan drop and neckbreaker combination on Huber! The fans were shocked and Hood went to the cover to finish things!



Close, but no cigar!

One mistake by Huber nearly cost the powerhouses their chance jOlt Tag Team Titles, but Huber had more fight in him than that. The crowd started booing loudly as the Brooklyn fighters finally got the match on their side. Jackson Cross left the ring while Machida Hood begged for Huber to get up.

He grabbed Derrick Huber by the arm and tried to whip him as he stood only for Huber to suddenly shift the momentum and send him into the corner. He charged at Hood with a splash and only ate a big kick for his troubles before he headed to the second rope…


The diving European uppercut caught Huber right on the button and now it was Hood’s chance to finish things. He was about ready to pick him up and set Huber up for his STO backbreaker called The Project 347 but Roebuck charged into the ring and bowled him over.

This match was heading to high-impact territory real quick as Roebuck quickly dragged him to the corner so that way he could tag in. He stepped back inside the ring again and hoisted him up over the shoulder. When it looked like the Bad Hand was coming up, Hood slipped back out and landed behind him so he could tag in Cross.

Jackson Cross jumped into the ring where they both surrounded Roebuck. Jackson stunned the big guy with a jumping thrust kick to the side of the head just as Machida came out from behind to clobber him with a big lariat. The combination blows to the head brought Roebuck down to his knees. Finally Cross ran off the ropes and connected with a very pointed running knee to the face. That had to be all.



And the save was made by Derrick Huber this time!

He dropped his elbow into the head of Cross, but Hood cut him off at the pass with a boot to his face. Huber was pushed back into the ropes and Cross followed with a charge when Huber threw him over the ropes and out to the floor. Huber then turned around. He grabbed the ropes and looked like he was mulling over something big …

And he was …

The biggest Sin City Plancha ever!

It was ugly because he was so big, but the crowd was going nuts after Huber launched himself over the ropes with a vaulting plancha right onto Machida Hood! Roebuck was left in the ring now with Jackson Cross, but he rolled out of the ring quickly and reached out to grab his half of the jOlt Tag Team Titles. Derrick Huber grabbed him by the back of his neck, but Cross reeled back and nailed him right in the face with the belt!

Ding ding ding ding ding!!!!!


Just like they did at Wired against The Crimson Order, Cross The Hood had once again gotten themselves disqualified to keep their belts when The House were closing in on the victory! Huber was staggered, but Roebuck was now out on the floor and he charged like a mad bull at Jackson Cross, running right into him and sending him right over the barricade!

Machida Hood got back up from the ringside area and hurried over to where his partner was, trying to pick him up so they could get the hell out of dodge. Roebuck reached over and helped a frustrated Huber to his feet who was pissed off that Cross The Hood cheated to retain their belts again. They were halfway up the ramp holding their belts but they didn’t like what was behind them …

Heido and Takeshi; The Crimson Order~!

In their path they had one set of giants and on their way down the ramp, they had another coming their way … and now all hell was breaking loose on the ramp!

Takeshi and Heido ran towards Cross The Hood while The House also stepped up.

“You need to mind your fucking business!” Huber screamed.

Takeshi and Heido ignored him and they threw down with Cross The Hood at the top of the stage! Huber and Roebuck joined in and now fists were being thrown between all three teams!

Cross the Hood had cheated both teams separately in back to back rematches, but now The House and The Crimson Order were making them pay when security came out to try and break up the massive dogfight. The jOlt Tag Team division was always super competitive, but now things were looking worse for Cross The Hood as all six of these men were being pulled apart by legions of security while the crowd was loving this!

The Tag Team Champions now had not one, but two large tag teams gunning for their belts.

Winner: The House via Disqualification

"Game Over"

Amber Ryann was seen in the backstage area, still rather upset. She was still in her wrestling gear and you could see that she had recently been crying. She was cycling through her cell phone when Donny Layne showed up.

"Now is not the time, Donny" said Amber before Donny could even get a word in.

"I'm not here for an interview" said Donny.

Amber looked up at him as Donny cleared his throat.

"I came to check and see how you were. I saw what happened out there and even though my job is to be impartial and ask questions, even I had to admit that the referee made an error."

Amber was a bit confused by Donny Layne's actions.

"Why are you doing this?" asked Amber.

Donny was taken a bit back by that question. He cleared his throat.

"Well... I've been interviewing you ever since you arrived here on the main roster and our interviews have been.. well.. rather interesting to say the least. You're always absorbed into your own world and asking you questions was rather difficult, but once I got on a topic that interested you, you couldn't stop talking. Your face lit up and you were smiling and happy and you were an absolute joy to interview... at least.. that's what I thought. When I saw you like this, I kind of wanted to see that bright and happy Amber Ryann again so I thought that I'd try to come over here and cheer you up."

Amber may be a geek, but she wasn't stupid. She knew what was going on here and Donny just happened to pick the wrong place at the wrong time.

"Whoa... just.. hold up for one second. You're totally hitting on me." said Amber in an accusing tone.

Donny looked a bit surprised by this, but he said something that kind of shocked Amber.

"Well... yes... I kind of am... you see... I've grown to like you..." said Donny.

The crowd in the background couldn't believe it either. Amber then hauled off and decked Donny across the face!

"First.. I lose someone who I thought was a friend... I get stabbed in the back by Alyssa Corliss.... then some two-bit referee screws me out of what should have been a victory and my first championship.. and now.. all this time, I find out that you were just trying to find a way to confess to me? You're absolutely disgusting... how in the HELL did you figure that someone like you would be accepted by someone like me? You aren't even on my level.. as a matter of fact... this entire company isn't even worth my damn time anymore."

Donny held his face and looked at Amber.

"What are you saying, Amber?"

"I'm saying you want a scoop? Well.. you've got a scoop. Headline reads... Amber Ryann quits jOlt Wrestling live on iNtense 113. Stick that on the goddamn front page of the website."

Amber stormed off.

The crowd and Donny Layne was stunned!

Amber Ryann just walked out on jOlt Wrestling!

Jesse Ramey(c) vs Eiji Kugasari

”Ladies & Gentlemen..” Dean Carrington opened warmly as Camera 1 casually panned over the top turnbuckle and trained itself onto his visage. “..the following contest is your jOlt Wrestling iNtense MAIN EVENT!” The gathered assembly would rally behind the announcement. “It is scheduled for 1 Fall with a 30 minute time limit and it if for the jOlt Wrestling WORLD! HEAVYWEIGHT! CHAMPIONSHIP!!”....

A rousing chorus of cheers were felt as the waning arena lighting gave way to the encroaching darkness. The jOltvision screens would seamlessly begin streaming edited footage of Japanese elegance with Puroresu-styled ground and aerial supremacy that led to an abbreviated championship run. A billowing wall of strobe lit smoke would rise through the steel mesh as ”Dawn Awaits” - Extended Version by Cliff Lin continued to play from overhead before the young ninja gradually stood himself erect and began his signature martial arts katas along with the beat. The Leaping Double Roundhouse Kick through the air led to a ‘punch’ into the steel grating that would bring the arena lighting back to full brightness as the Prince of Puroresu slowly raised his head and stared onward...

Dean Carrington: “Introducing First; the challenger...Representing the Inogami Clan..He hails from The Okayama Prefecture of Ibara, Japan...Weighting in at 195 pounds...He is the ’Blood Raven’...EIJI!! KUGASARI!!!

Brandishing his futuristic ninja spandex armor with clan centric colors, the Strong Style neophyte would soon stand erect to survey the crowd before making his way towards the squared circle. Kugasari would whip his head back before briefly thumbing his nose as he gave dap to a few wrestling patrons before casually making his way up the ring steps. Holding onto the top rope with his right hand, Eiji would casually stroll along the ring apron and stand at the middle to visually sift through the crowd before acrobatically rolling over the top rope to land into a crouching posture before assuming full command of the ring. Referee Simon Boulder would hold his ground in the far neutral corner as Eiji was seen tugging the ropes to stretch out his extremities before the musical intro waned during his final string of calisthenics...

The entire screen would soon open with minute flashes of wrestling milestones; ...the acquisition of the UWL Televison Championship...the CWA Hardcore Championship...becoming the first EWF Hardcore Champion...JEW Cruiserweight Champion...CWA World Heavyweight Champion...JEW USA Champion...CCW Independent Champion...PURE Heavyweight Champion...ACW Gateway Champion...Spirit of ACW Championship...and concluding with a proud moment atop a ladder with both arms outward and the jOlt Heavyweight Championship firmly within his grasp before the entire arena quickly became shrouded in darkness for several moments amidst a rising boundy of positive crowd heat...

“I’m Not Alright” by Shinedown would begin screaming out of the PA system to lead the masses in celebration as the newly crowned jOlt Champion burst through the backstage curtains with a sense of renewed vigor. A long scan of the horizon promoted him to bask within the moment before gently patting the belt secured around his waist before pointing both index fingers upward in opposing directing to summon several towering plumes of Pearl & Gold sparks. The arena lights would return and the promotional standard bearer would promptly lower his arms and play to the crowd during his casual march toward the ringside area. Eiji was briefly watching from the confides of his corner as his opponent continued personally acknowledging the crowd...

Carrington: “And his opponent; making his way to the ring...” Carrington announced. “...Weighing in tonight at 205 pounds...He hails from Harts, West Virginia and is the NEW! jOlt WRESTLING HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!!! HE IS “THE RESURRECTED ANTI-STAR” JESSE!!! RAMEY!!!”

The crowd favorite would quickly slide underneath the ring ropes and remained kneeling before unfastening his championship hardware and showcasing it to the masses from atop the nearest turnbuckles. Inaudibly, he would yell out motivating words back to the cheering populous before making his way to the opposing corner to further fan the flames. Eventually, Jesse would climb down and lock eyes with Kugasari whom would stand with his arms folded and responding with a subtle nod before nodding back and handing off the belt to the referee. On cue, the in ring official would parade the championship before the cheering legions as the musical introduction would begin to subside...


Ramey was seen in front of his corner, broadening his base and shifting his weight to maximize his flexibility as Eiji mirrored him in kind before standing erect. Simon Boulder would motion both men forward to give them final instructions where Jesse extend his fist forward. The crowd reacted warmly as Eiji stoically tapped his fists against his opponents before granting each other a respectable amount of space, leading Simon Boulder to readily signal for the opening bell...


Wrestling enthusiasts would openly rally behind both champion & challenger as they again mirrored each others movements, intently assessing the other for a suitable opening. The initial pass led to both men to mutually step back before Eiji missed with the Standing Sweep Kick yet the West Virginian native would wisely utilized a swift Cartwheel to reclaim his footing. He ducked underneath the running Clothesline by a streaking Eiji who caromed against the cables and flattened the new champion with a Running Shoulder Block. Eiji briefly pointed down at Jesse before shooting over to the adjacent ropes. Kugasari with the Step Over before executing a picturesque Leap Frog over the sprinting young ninja. The Blood Raven stopped short and lunged back with a stiff Back Elbow in which Jesse quickly swivled underneath and quickly slapped on a Rear Waist Lock before dropping the challenger chest first against the canvas and spinning about for a Grounded Front Face Lock. The nimble ninja countered with a Gator Roll into Kneeling Front Face Lock. The cagy veteran would steady his nerves before countering with a gradual Arm Wringer. Another slow revolution about would apply 2x more torque to the maneuver until Eiji was led down to a single knee. An expedient Tumbled into a quick Forward Single Handstand to his feet allowed him to rotate in position to dump Jesse over with a Fireman’s Carry Takeover and lock on a Strangle Hold Gamma Submission. The ACW legend would grimace under the mounting pressure while dragging himself closer to the ropes before scissoring the ropes with both legs to cause a rope break. Referee Boulder’s count made it to 3 before Eiji pivoted out of the hold and motioned for the current champion to challenge him.

Ramey was seen wringing the pain from his arm while kneeling before reclaiming his vertical base. The champion nodded briefly before encircling the ring with Eiji whom would offer to engage Jesse with a Single Hand Greco-Roman Knuckle Lock. The passionate grappler would interlock his hand with his opponent’s, leading both men to strategically maneuver about before trading Short Armed Forearm Strikes amongst each other. Ramey briefly doubled over the ninja with a stern Front Kick. However, the crowd groaned as Eiji landed a retaliatory Buzzsaw Kick across his target’s rib cage. A 2nd one caused the champion to wince much harder before being leaned back with a Clenched Forearm Shiver. However, a 3rd precisioned Kick would be the ninja’s folly was Jesse trapped the appendage and blasted him with 3 consecutive Headbutts before spiking Eiji into the mat with a Fisherman’s Suplex! ...1! ...2! Kugasari jerked his body away yet the former Extreme World Fighting alum rolled through and took Eiji over with a Butterfly Suplex Pin! ...1! ...2! Kickout! Jesse began playing to the crowd by extending his arms outward while maneuvering around the rising Kugasari before applying a Gory Special. Referee Boulder was seen shaking his head and fighting the urge to submit when the young ninja seized the opening to use 3 consecutive Elbows to counter with a Sunset Flip Pin...1! ...2! The champion reverse somersault himself out of certain defeat...


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!

A torrid Buzzsaw Kick violently careened against the new champion’s jaw, leaving him a dazed & crumpled heap onto his side as Eiji shot the Cradle...1! ...2! 2 ½!! The Japanese export flashed 3 fingers before the referee before grabbing his target’s arm to daze him with a Short Armed Open Palm Strike across the jaw. Ramey wobbled back a few paces before Eiji used a Standing Arm Wringer before hurling him into the opposing corner with an Irish Whip. The you ninja followed suit and jettisoned the champion airborne with Red Solstice - A High Tiger Wall Flip to Hurricanrana Take Down! Jesse landed on his hind quarters before a streaking Blood Raven drilled him with a Diving Forearm Strike across the back of the neck! A La Magistral Cradle Pin by Kugasari! ...1! ...2! ...NO! Eiji briefly remained on all fours to recollect himself before standing erect and holding his hands on each hip. Left clutching the back of his head, the Anti-Star would gradually stagger himself upward to be hoisted airborne for Event Horizon - An Airplane Spin to a Falling Double Knee Back Breaker...yet the wily veteran spun himself about and countered with a Hanging Guillotine Submission Hold! The gathered legions roared as the challenger gradually broadened his base before being forced down to a knee. The referee diligently assessed Eiji’s vitals by rasing his arm twice. The 2nd lift would display the ninja’s clenched fist as he will himself up vertically yet the champion responded with a stiff Double Arm DDT! Ramey with the Float Over Lateral Press! ...1! ...2! ...2 ½! The Old School Wrestling veteran would rest on both knees for several moments to contemplate his next move before lifting and planting Eiji with a textbook Scoop Slam. He would immediately carom off the opposing ropes before hitting his patented Stroke Of Genius - A Rolling Senton Splash! Again, the champion would play to the crowd from a kneeling posture before grabbing his target’s Right Arm & Leg to drape him across his shoulders and gain some running room. The Rolling Fireman’s Carry Slam allowed Ramey to leap onto the corner before crushing the Blood Raven with his signature Touching the Sky - A Split-Legged Moonsault and the Arena of Champions crowd showered the new champion with praise as he stood to his feet and gave the love back...

Crowd: ...ANTI-STAR!!! ...ANTI-STAR!!! ...ANTI-STAR!!! ...ANTI-STAR!!! ...ANTI-STAR!!! ...ANTI-STAR!!! ...ANTI-STAR!!! ...ANTI-STAR!!!...

Renewed with confidence, Jesse would pull the ailing ninja upward to dump him over the middle ropes before shooting toward the opposing ropes. The intended Running Forearm Striek was upended by Eiji’s stiff Shoulder Thrust to the midsection. The ninja reared back for a Slingshot Flying Clothesline which was abruptly aborted by a Leaping European Uppercut! The blow literally shattered the young ninja’s momentum, leaving him leaning along the ring apron...Extreme Measures - A Jump Spinning Heel Kick would send the former jOlt Champion crashing and burning along the padded earth along the outside. The proud champion would point out into the stands before measuring his eventually rising opposition. A hearty sprint toward the corner lead to the West Virginia native flatten Eiji with a Vaulting Flying Cross Body before passionately playing to the crowd...

Crowd: ...RAMEY!!! ...RAMEY!!!...RAMEY!!! ...RAMEY!!! ...RAMEY!!! ...RAMEY!!! ...RAMEY!!!...

The ambitious champion relished with the feeling of control as he pulled the ailing ninja to his feet and rolled him back inside the ring to break the referee’s count. A Lateral Press for the win...1! ...2! 2 ½! The champion responded with a respectful nod before slapping on a Dragon Sleeper. The young ninja’s eyes drew tight while weathering the brunt of the submission hold yet willed himself closer toward the ring ropes. Reaching out toward the ropes, Eiji promoted Jesse to drop to both knees to seat the hold much further. However, the young ninja sensed the shift of weight before gradually drawing himself unto a ball before rolling onto his back. Jesse would swiftly transition into a Back Mounted Guillotine yet Eiji wedged his oppressor’s shoulders against the canvas...1! ...2! Ramey broke the Body Scissors in order to push off the canvas yet Eiji used the momentum to Short Arm Drag to free himself. The nimble champion would scramble to his feet yet Eiji stymied his advance by lunging with a Back Elbow into the midsection. A Side Roll by the Blood Raven added a stinging impact to the Grounded Upward Bike Kick between the eyes that staggered the champion wildly against the nearby ropes. He was seen draped atop the middle ropes as Eiji blasted him with a stern Forearm Shot across the lower back. Eiji would again grab the back of Ramey’s tights and drill him with a measured Headbutt against the small of his target’s back before initiating an Irish Whip. Ramey with the Reversal that allowed him to careen the Prince of Puroresu against the ring cables. However, the Japanese prodigy quickly balled up the jOlt champion with a Single-Leg Modified Gedo Clutch! ...1! ...2! ...Kickout & both competitors scrambled to their feet and a Buzzsaw Kick across the ribs dropped Jesse unto both knees before being nearly decapitated by Eiji’s Switchblade Kick across the back of the neck. The Blood Raven rolled his fallen prey over for the Lateral Press...1! ...2! NO!

A hint of frustration radiated from the Inogami Clan representative as he gradually rose to his feet amidst the audible groundswell throughout the stands. A resounding Double Leg Slam rattled the Just Electrifying Wrestling veteran’s frame, allowing the Blood Raven to seamlessly roll through and apply his patented Red Redemption Submission - A Grapevine STF Submission! Referee Boulder would kneel beside Ramey in order to monitor his vitals as he continued gnashing his teeth, screaming while clawing his way over toward the ropes. The audience rallied behind him as he briefly collapsed face forward before pushing up and gradually draping himself over the bottom ropes. The referee continued his count to 4 before Eiji released the hold and punished the champion with a Slingshot Knee Drop, soundly sandwiching the fan favorite’s skull against the ring apron! A bevy of hardcore-centric chants would echo from the stands as the Blood Raven breifly stuck his chest out before holding out his Left Arm, pointing outward to the stands and drilling Jesse with a stiff Overhead Kick! The blow led to the battered champion dangling lifelessly over the ring apron as Eiji eventually basked within the adulation and gradually swivled back to his feet and breaking the referee’s count. The young ninja wrung the tension free form his arms and hands before sliding back inside the ring, pulling Jesse away from the ropes before shooting the Cradle Pin...1! ...2! 2 3/4ths and a notably annoyed Kugasari would briefly converse with the referee. The ACW stalwart was left panting as the crowd urged him to reclaim the momentum while Eiji gradually pulled Ramey up to his feet and leaned him back with a crisp Knife Edge Chop. 2 more would lean the champion firmly against the corner before hurling him away to the opposing corner. Eiji sprinted after him with a intentional TB Attack when the champion’s extended Boot was caught and abruptly thrown down before staggering the ninja back with a stiff jaw rattling Forearm Shot! After wobbling briefly, Ramey’s sudden Irish Whip would slam Eiji chest first against the corner before Jesse nimbly vaulted off the ropes...

The Hangover - A Tornado DDT

The impact left the young ninja clan lieutenant general sitting up, clutching his head with both arms before Jesse promptly hooked his prey’s leg deeply...1! ...2! ...3?! The audience responded accordingly to the near fall as a slack-jawed champion silently protested with the referee. Favorable chants echoed throughout the vast enclosure as the veteran took a moment to recollect himself before crushing Kugasari with a Snap Suplex. Jesse would roll through and stand himself erect to point to the turnbuckles, further hyping up the ravenous crowd before making his gradual ascent. Slowly standing himself erect, the Primetime Wrestling Circuit alum took flight...Culture Development - A High Asai Moonsault. Kugasari drew both knees up yet the cagy ring general countered by standing and seeking the lock the ninja in with his patented Original Attitude Adjustment - An Elevated Boston Crab!! The jOlt faithful would wildly rally behind both competitors as Eiji desperately fought before being locked into the grueling submission hold. Referee Boulder would inaudibly question Kugasari’s ability to resist when the Blood Raven wisely hooked his Right Arm over the bottom ropes. Immediately, Boulder stood and initiated a hard count before Ramey whom would reluctantly break the hold and protest with the in ring official...

Crowd: “...jOlt!!!! ...jOlt!!!! ...jOlt!!!! ...jOlt!!!! ...jOlt!!!! ...jOlt!!!! ...jOlt!!!! ...jOlt!!!! ...jOlt!!!! ...jOlt!!!! ...jOlt!!!!...”

Inaudibly, Ramey would begin reeling the young ninja back to his feet before briefly signaling to the crowd and vaulting off the opposing ropes for The Hangover - A Tornado DDT. Eiji would wrap both arms around his attacker’s waist to snatch him back to a vertical base yet the new champion fired back with a Clenched Knee Strike & a Clubbing Forearm before attempting to end it with Non Compos Mentis - A Sunset Flip Powerbomb! The Blood Raven desperately clung to the adjacent ropes while broadening his base before Eiji staggered about and intentionally shattered the champion’s momentum with an Inverted Wheel Barrel Turnbuckle Slam! The civilian populous roared as both challenger and champion were left grimacing along the canvas before they mutually were back on their feet. The Anti-Star drew first blood by staggering Eiji back with a stiff Forearm Strike across the Jaw. The Blood Raven returned fire with an Open Palm Strike. Ramey fired back with a mean Right Hook and both men fired up the crowd with the mutual exchange before Eiji countered the European Uppercut with a Back Slide Pin. The CWA veteran quickly reestablished himself and drilling Eiji with a Soccer Kick to the Chin before spiking Eiji into the mat with a Snap DDT! Quickly, the West Virginian native would signal the end to the capacity crowd before snatching the dazed Blood Raven back to his feet...

The Attitude Adjustment - A Darkness Buster

The former jOlt Champion’s body collapsed into a lifeless heap as the jOlt faithful watched Ramey quickly hook his prey’s leg deeply...




The referee signaled for the bell as Ramey slowly sat up and scanned the stands exhausted yet happily. “I’m Not Alright” by Shinedown would promptly coronate the new champion’s first championship defense as Simon Boulder grabbed the rising champion’s left arm and raised it before the masses. Bolder motioned for one of the stage hands to enter the ring and presented the belt to Ramey before turning his attention toward the fallen ninja. The Anti-Star readily perched himself atop the turnbuckles and began celebrating in earnest as Carrington approached the ring apron...

Carrington: “...Your winner of the match...and STILL...YOUR jOLT WRESTLING HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD....’THE ANTI-STAR’...JESSE RAMEY!!!!!!!!!!”

The dejected ninja would be seen seated on his hindquarters, staring coldly at the victorious champion whom was seen still reveling in the moment atop the adjacent ring post before making his descent. The sportsmanship displayed by Ramey came in the form of an extended hand where Eiji reluctantly looked away before taking his hand and humbly bowing in respect before cradling his head and dropping back to a knee. The ACW legend would soon begin his egress from the ringside area, leaving his challenger to recollect himself. The scene ended with Ramey hoisting the heavy championship belt overhead atop the entrance staging area...

Winner: Jesse Ramey via Pinfall

"Vance's Decision"

The scene opened up backstage as Seraph was lacing up his boots despite not competing tonight. All of a sudden, the mysterious woman we’ve seen over the past couple of months walked up to Seraph and simply just stood by his side, hoping that her presence would gain his attention. She was in luck because Seraph looked up at this woman and tilted his head to the side a bit.

“Vance… I’m assuming from your mannerisms that you don’t remember me. Here… let me remind you of something.” Said the woman.

She bent over and whispered something into Seraph’s ear. Seraph immediately shot up to his feet and took a step back.

“I see that you remember me well, then, but don’t worry. I’m not here to discuss that time. What’s in the past is just that… in the past. What I am here for, however, is to talk to you. There’s something that you’re missing in your life. Something that you once had, but now is lost. I know what that thing is, Vance… and I want to remind you exactly why you are God’s War Machine.” Said the woman.

The woman walked past Seraph and then stopped in her tracks.

“Follow me.” Said the woman

Seraph stood there for a moment, not knowing what to do.

“It’s okay, Vance. You can put your trust in me like you once did before. Things are different this time. I’m a different Shiloh then you used to know. Just give me a chance and let’s talk.”

Apparently, this woman’s name was Shiloh. Seraph slowly turned and looked at Shiloh through his mask and slowly began to step toward her.

“That it, Vance. Everything is going to be fine… I promise. Just listen to what I have to say and if you don’t like it… walk away. That’s the deal… nothing more.. nothing less.” Said Shiloh.

Shiloh began to walk away and Seraph followed her. We knew she was seeking Seraph for quite a while and now that she’s found him, just what does she have to say to him!?

The scene faded to black.

Pietro Geist(c) vs Omega

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall! This match for tonight’s iNtense and will be for the Underground Championship!”

This match had been building for many weeks between the two men who are the biggest names in the Underground division right now. Geist came on the scene as a ball of fire and shocked the world by winning the Underground Championship in his first iNtense match. He knew he was going to be a marked man but he was going to have the biggest challenge of his life against the former Underground Champion in Omega who is fresh out of the psycho ward of the hospital.

These two men have been at each other’s throat for the past few weeks with Omega really getting under Pietro’s skin. This will be a violent and unpredictable match for the championship.

The arena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of Marilyn Manson echoed throughout the arena. The lights from cellphones illuminated the arena as the lyrics continued to play. The cameras panned around to the stage as Omega was nowhere to be seen. The fans jeered as a lone spotlight hit the middle of the ring. A young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

we are free

now we are ONE

“First, making his way to the ring, he is the challenger… from somewhere in Missouri, weighing in at 340 pounds… he is the #1 Contender to the jOlt Underground Championship… this… is…”OMEEEEGGGGAAAAA”

A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the lone spotlight disappeared. The lights slowly came back on as Omega stood in the middle of the ring with his black hoodie covering his entire face. The former Underground Champion stood in the ring turning slowly surveying the arena before slowly sitting in the corner awaiting the champion.

Flowing out from the curtain and rappelling down from the ceiling, soldiers flooded the entrance way. The militia was garbed in all black and their faces were covered by gas masks, while the rifles in their hands brought a serious mood to the entire arena. One soldier stepped to the front and pulled a walkie talkie from his uniform.

"The area is secure," the soldier's voice boomed throughout the arena, as if his radio was connected to the PA system. "Affirmative. Activating Project: GEGNER."

Suddenly, the lights went out throughout the arena. The silhouettes of the soldiers could be seen parting, as the red dot sights of their rifles gave just enough light for them to be seen. Rising up from under the entrance ramp, a massive figure appeared. A gigantic explosion made the entire arena quake and the lights came back on. The sound of "Links 234" by Rammstein brought the crowd to their feet and through the all-black platoon marched the Underground Champion, Pietro Geist with title belt in-hand.

“And his opponent… hailing from Munich, Germany, weighing in at 317 pounds… he is the reigning and defending jOlt Underground Champion… this… is… PIETRO GEIST!”

This wasn't the no frills, plain black boots and pads Geist. This man was in all white military attire with red accents. His long blond hair hung down over his face with the lower half of his face covered in a white respirator with red biohazard logos on the filters. A long white trench coat whipped behind him, as he took off down the ramp. One quick ascension of the steel steps and the uberkreiger climbed into the ring. Omega never looked up at the champion as he made his way into the arena.

Once his trench coat was removed, the Todesengel stepped out to the middle of the ring. As he always did, he drew his line in the sand. Geist removed the respirator and cast it aside. His hated rival still never looked up at the champion as he stood in the middle of the ring. The former champion slowly stood to his feet and walked over to the champion. He pulled the hoodie back and smiled slightly at the champion boring a hole through him with his one good eye.

The ref signaled for the bell as both men stood in the middle of the ring. Omega took his hoodie off as Geist stood stoically waiting and daring Omega to cross that imaginary line. The former Underground champion smirked before crossing the imaginary line. The large German who never faced a man that was larger than him went right after the boogeyman in the man. The two large men traded heavy blows in the middle of the ring. Most men would not dare go toe to toe with Geist in the middle of the ring but Omega was not most men. The crowd erupted as both men continued to throw haymakers in the middle of the ring. The Underground champion started to get the upper hand as he forced Omega back to the corner. The Uberkreiger had nailed Omega in the midsection with a vicious shoulder block. He nailed Omega several more times to the delight of the fans as the boogeyman doubled over in the corner.

Pietro peered out to the fans as they cheered their champion. Geist went back to the corner and grabbed Omega by the hair and pulled the smiling maniac to the middle of the ring. He picked up the former champion and drove him to the mat with a powerful body slam. The fans were in awe at the German Juggernaut’s power. Geist grabbed Omega and pulled him to the corner once more but Omega had quickly drove a knee into Pietro’s midsection. The madman grabbed Geist by the neck and drove him into the mat with a swinging neck breaker. Omega turned slowly and sat up in the ring next to the downed Underground champion. The maniacal one moved toward Geist and drove the point of his elbow into Geist’s temple. The fans did not like that as they let the former champion know how they felt.





The former champion did not care what the fans had to say as he rolled under the ring ropes to the floor pulling Geist with him. Omega picked up Pietro and sent him to the guardrail but the Underground champion reversed the move and sent Omega spiraling into the guardrail instead. The sound of flesh and metal reverberated throughout the arena as Geist stalked Omega near ringside. The German Juggernaut looked down at Omega and started to unleash a fury of right hands into the former champion’s skull. Every shot that Geist laid into Omega’s skull was increasingly vicious because of the smile on Omega’s face. This made the German angrier as Omega slumped to the floor. Omega looked up at the Underground champion.

“Pain is an extension of our existence. Relinquish all your hate because like we stated weeks ago, you will not leave this match the same man.”

The fans at ringside looked at the fallen former champion with a little uneasy feeling after his words. Geist did not care as he stomped the madman into the floor. The Uberkreiger wanted to leave nothing left of Omega in this match. All the mind tricks he has endured at the hands of Omega and still having to deal with what Jeremy Ryan did to Lorelei. Geist reached down and picked Omega up before sending him shoulder first into the steel steps. Pietro had heard doubters that the former Underground champion would destroy him but the Uberkreiger never listened to the doubters. The champion grabbed the challenger and rolled him into the ring.

The crowd really got behind their champion.





Geist had slowly rolled into the ring and stalked his prey. The champion climbed to the second rope, waiting for Omega to get to his feet. Geist knew it was going to take a lot to keep the former champion down for a three count. Omega got to his feet and turned toward the corner where Geist was perched on the second rope.


The leaping forearm strike from the second rope caught Omega flush in the jaw sending the big man to the mat again. Pietro went for the cover.



Omega with a massive kick out at two. There was no wasted motion with Geist as he picked up Omega. The German Juggernaut hooked Omega and showed the arena his massive power by driving Omega to the mat with a vicious sidewalk slam. The champion was not done as he grabbed Omega by the dreadlocks again. He whipped him into the ropes and caught the challenger as he bounced off the ropes.


The crowd erupted to see the strength by the German Juggernaut.





The force from the maneuver was enough to send Omega to the floor. The former champion sat on the floor with a smile on his face as the current champion continued to extract pain to the madman. Geist rolled under the bottom ropes to the floor and had no wasted motion as he went straight for Omega. Geist looked out into the crowd before picking Omega up and driving his head into the guardrail. The mad man fell to the floor holding on to the guardrail as his persecutor stood over top of him. Geist grabbed Omega by the head and helped him to his feet before striking him with a head butt. The German Juggernaut had to shake the cobwebs from his head from the head butt. The champion was going to take out all of his frustration on the challenger and show the world in the process that he was the real deal as Underground champion. He reached down to grab Omega once more but maybe one time was too many.



The last shot sent Pietro reeling back from the shot. It was enough to give the madman some time to recoup from the pounding from Geist. The champion staggered backwards as Omega kicked him the gut. In one quick motion, Omega picked up Geist and drove him into the floor with a vicious power bomb. Both men laid on the floor as the ref watched ideally by. Both men started to move as the fans continued their fevered pace for the match. The two started to get to knees trading vicious shots back and forth at each other. Geist started to win this battle but the Omega used a quick jab to the throat to defuse the situation. Omega smirked as he reached over the guardrail and moved a fan out of his seat. He folded up the steel chair and blasted the German Juggernaut in the back with the chair.

The chair shot did not seem to affect the champion as he shrugged it off. Omega smiled and nodded to himself before unleashing a barrage of chair shots to the champion’s entire body.









The former champion was relentless with the chair shots. The last chair shot dropped Geist down on the floor as Omega dropped the mangled chair to the floor. The former champion slowly picked up Pietro by the head and drove him into the chair with a high impact DDT right into the chair again. The madman stood over top of the champion with a sick sadistic grin on his face as the fans clearly jeered the boogeyman. He moved his way toward the ring and pulled up the apron and started to look under the ring. Omega pulled out one table from the ring but he was not done as he reached back under the ring. The former Underground Champion pulled out another table.

Omega slid both tables into the ring. He rolled into the ring himself, grabbing one of the tables and setting it up in the corner. The other table was setup in the ring near the ropes. The madman had nothing but bad intentions as he looked at Geist who was trying to make it to his feet. The crowd erupted as they saw the German Juggernaut trying to pull himself up.





Omega slowly grabbed Geist by the hair and pulled him up. Pietro quickly swung at the boogeyman but Omega ducked and grabbed the champion from behind. Omega hooked Geist with a four nelson hold. The maniacal one did not keep Geist in the hold for long as he hoisted him up and drove him through the table by the ropes with a release four nelson suplex. The arena with ape-shit as a chant started.






The current and former champion were both down under the rubble of the broken table in the middle of the ring. The ref grabbed some of the broken shards of wood and sent them flying to the floor to help rectify the situation in the ring. Both men slowly moved through the rubble. Omega was the first to his knees and pulled Pietro from the shards of wood and hooked his leg for the pin.




The fans erupted as the German Juggernaut was able to get his shoulder up just before the three count. The madman sat up and looked around before smirking a bit. He rolled under the bottom ropes to the floor and made his way to the steel steps. Omega started to pull the steel steps from the ring or should I say ripped the steels steps from the ring post. The boogeyman launched the steps into the ring as Geist was trying to pull himself up with the help of the ropes. Omega made his way back into the ring as Geist was now on his feet. The madman rushed over to Pietro but he caught him with a huge power slam in the ring. The ref was able to push the broken table out of the ring as the German Juggernaut was now standing over his challenger.

The champion looked around to the crowd as he cringed a little when he reached down to pick up Omega. The Uberkreiger pulled Omega up and positioned him near the corner where the table was set up. Geist drove Omega into the table with a backdrop driver as the fans erupted again.





Geist made his way to his feet as he looked to finish off the challenger. He pulled the madman from the rubble and pushed him to the opposite corner and drove rights into the side of Omega’s head. The ref continued to move the broken table from the ring as Pietro continued to lay big haymakers on Omega. The champion roared as he was looking to finish Omega off. Omega staggered out of the corner as Pietro raced toward Omega looking for the Enthauptung but the challenger ducked the vicious clothesline. The madman kicked Geist in the stomach and hooked him in a piledriver position. Omega picked Pietro up and drove him down with a vicious power bomb on the steel steps in the ring. The crowd gasped as Geist could have been broken in half on the steel steps. Omega went for the cover on the steel steps.




The fans cheered that Geist was able to kick out once again. Omega quickly pulled the German Juggernaut up.


Omega hit his arm on the steps as he completed the move. The boogeyman held his arm as he covered Geist for the pin.




The match was finally over and Omega has regained the Underground championship. The new champion rolled onto his back on the mat holding his arm with a sick grin on his face. The fans erupted in jeers as their champion was laid prone on top of the steel steps. The ref handed the Underground Championship to Omega who still laid on the mat. The reign of terror is back with Omega becoming a two time Underground champion. The boogeyman once again resides over the Underground division.

jOlt beware…

The camera panned in to Omega’s sick smile as it faded out to black as iNtense went off the air.

Winner: Omega via Pinfall