"Welcome to iNtense"

Darkness fades to gritty sepia when the opening piano of "Warriors" by PelleK (Imagine Dragons Cover) hits. We see image of an empty jOlt Arena filling with people in time lapse

The screen then explodes into full color when the drums and song kick in!

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

(In sync with music) We see scenes of action and images of current superstars Pietro Geist, Eiji Kugasari, Jeremy Ryan, Diamond Jewelz, Sarah Winterton, Charlotte, Jon Le Bon, The House, The Heirs of Wrestling, Raevynn, and Sebastian Saje!

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

We continue to see images of action as the intrustmental continues to the very end...

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

We see Diamond Jewelz posing with Them MF'n Goons, The Rebellion standing tall in the middle of the ring, Mack Brody hitting the Gold Rush on Omega, Pietro Geist and Jeremy Ryan brawling, a shot of Kayden Paulton cracking a genuine smile, Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

With the final pulsing beats of the song, we see Jesse Ramey striking a pose on the top turnbuckle with the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship around his waist!

The scene flashes back into the arena where the song starts again, but in his complete form, starting with Verse 1 of the lyrics. The camera pans around the jOlt Arena in Miami, FL as a splendid display of fireworks goes off on the main stage and above the ring. The set is a giant jOltvision with the N logo for iNtnese sitting to the left and to the right of the big jOltvision. The N itself is a massive red light that is illuminated. Above the jOltvision is a pseudo semi-circle steel structure that houses a curved screen that will be used to display a wrestler's name above it while their entrance video plays below on the jOltvision. On the stage itself, to the left and right of the entrance ramp are two more small, elongated mini screens which will display the wrestler's brand logo on them when they make their way out... unless they hold a title. Then it will display their championship belt on the left and the name of the title on the right!

The fans were buzzing with electricity as iNtense officially begins!

"With a Bang..."

The pyrotechnics had ended, but the “Warriors” continued to blast throughout the arena and from the backstage area stepped the man with no secrets, the man who was on a mission to not let the company he ran be held over his head, the now sole owner and proprietor of Jolt Wrestling, Damien Lee.

Lee had definitely been on a mission as of late to do what seemed like the right thing, and in the eyes of the fans that was exactly what he was doing. A tremendous Jolt chant rang throughout the arena as Lee found his way to the center stage of the entrance ramp. For the first time in what seemed like a long time a smile graced the company owner’s face, and a genuine smile at that, not some halfhearted bear and grin it smile, but a smile that truly resonated with the crowd on hand.

Lee waited for the crowd to finally begin dying down and brought his microphone to his lips.

“Welcome loyal Jolt fans to iNtense!” Lee shouted.

This caused the fans to break out into another Jolt chant, and Lee could only chuckle as he lowered his microphone again and wait for the commotion to lower back down to a dull roar.

“Obviously there has been a lot of news running around since the last time we stepped foot inside of this arena.” Lee paused, “The biggest elephant in the closet being that of the contract expirations of five of our superstars.”

The crowd began to grow even more silent.

“I’m sure most of you keep up with the website and unfortunately we were not able to come to any kind of negotiations that would keep these five individuals within the Jolt family, but I would personally like to go on record and say exactly what was stated on the website itself. To each and every one of you, I wish you the best in your future endeavors and the doors here at Jolt are not closed off completely to you.”

The fans cheered.

“You’ve each left a lasting impression on this company in some way, shape, or form; and I know not only for myself, but for every single person within this arena tonight I can say we are truly saddened to see you all go.”

The crowd fell a little silent once again.

“However,” Lee continued, “just like any other wrestling promotion, individuals come and go. We appreciate everything you did for this company while you were here, but your departures do not slow down the momentum that we have going. As the old saying goes, the show must go on!”

The crowd rallied behind Lee once again with another ruckus Jolt chant, before slowly beginning to die down as Lee lifted his free arm into the air.

“Tonight is no exception to that rule,” Lee captivated the fans with this comment, “I’m not as out of the loop as some of these older promoters. I’m hip to the trends and tweets that transpire between not only the fans, but the current wrestlers themselves. One individual within the Jolt family is a little more vocal on Twitter than anyone else I’ve ever seen.”

The fans actually began to boo before Lee could even continue, they were aware of exactly who he was talking about.

“Diamond Jewelz has definitely been one of our fastest rising young stars within the company, but I’m afraid sometimes his mouth writes checks that his ass just can’t cash.” The fans all cheered, “That’s not taking anything away from you Jewelz, but since the inception of the gOlden bOy Championship and the rules you’ve put in place with it you’ve made it very difficult for anyone stepped foot inside of that ring with you to actually have a fighting chance.”

The crowd knew the words coming out of Damien Lee’s mouth were correct and in true fashion began to boo once again.

“When you secured the Relentless Championship that sealed the deal even more, what better championship to win than one with a rule in place very similar to your own? You kept the rules of the gOlden bOy Championship in place for the Relentless Championship, and no one thus far has been able to overcome those rules.”

The fans continued to die down, they knew Lee was on the verge of some kind of major announcement, but what they had no clue.

“Tonight, Jewelz, I granted you a chance to add another belt to the menagerie that you already have. You’re not as clever as you honestly think you are, and this is going to be a major bombshell for you. The Jolt Championship is the pinnacle of this company, and when you step into the middle of that squared circle tonight you’re not getting the advantage of the Relentless Championship. You’re going head to head, one on one, with “The Anti-Star” in a straight up, twenty minute time limit, count outs applied, disqualifications enforced, singles match to determine a duel crown champion!”

The fans went completely nuts; literally, the roof of the arena was ready to explode into the stratosphere.

“You’ve been holding a win, loss record over the current Jolt Champions head for quite some time now that and you’ve never actually faced off with him in a true one on one environment to be able to even boast that record. Tonight, you get the chance to actually put your money where your mouth is and show who the real better man is.”

The crowd broke out into another Jolt chant as Damien Lee raised his arm in the air waving toward the fans.

“Thank you for your time, and let’s get this show on the road folks!”

Lee lowered his microphone and made his way from the stage into the backstage area leaving the packed arena to continue their Jolt chant. More pyrotechnics began to blast off within the arena truly setting the stage and kicking off what was set to be a tremendous evening in Jolt Wrestling!

"TSA Agents"

1 PM Eastern Time....

(Now boarding, flight 656 to Chicago, 757 to New York and 898 to Miami)

The air is filled with the click clack of heels, the rustling of clothes, the chatter of many numerous indiscernible voices, the the rolling clank of the wheels of suitcaes and carts. It’s a normally busy day at McCarran airport. The camera constantly switches between different scenes: A businessman can be seen hustling through the corridors of the facility; kids rambunctiously run through the hallways; people stuff their faces full of ridiculously unhealthy food at one of the Fatburger stands in the airport. Finally the camera settles on the subjects of our forray into this Mecca of travel today, Diamond Jewelz and his security team, of Khalil Straightgully and Lattrell Samuel, more affectionately known as Them M’fn Goons by jOlt faithful.. It’s the entirety of gOlden bOy promotions sans charismatic mic man O.G. Simpson now that Ruby is no more.. Both Gully and Samuel sport matching, tight fitting, purple gOlden bOy promotions shirts, dark blue jeans, various articles of glistening jewelry,and numerous bags in each hand. In the middle of the two well built figures stands the better built specimen of Diamond Jewelz, wearing, sunglasses. a purple Native American style sweater, jeans and a jewelry ensemble that puts his counterparts to shame; chief among his jewelry pieces. His gOlden bOy and Relentless Titles which are draped across each shoulder. As the group walks through the corridors of the airport, the massive size of the individuals and their many numerous articles of jewelry catch the eyes of all who are passing by.

“You got the tickets and passport Gully,” Jewelz asks Khalil maintaining a brisk pace through the hallways of the airport.

“Yeah, got ‘em big homie.. Checked all that this morning..” Khalil says reaching in his back pocket and bulling out a big leather passport book. Onlookers continue to part like the Red Sea, in light of the massive presence that is these black Israelites, the entirety of gOlden bOy promotions. “Then we good.. We early, we got all our shit… We had a good ass weekend.. Everything is perfect… Only thing missing is that World Title.. “

“Hell yeah we did.. And that motherfucker won’t be missing for long” Samuel Interrupts Jewelz

“I can’t wait till we get to Miami bro… After I win the title, we hitting up King of Diamonds for my gOld and hOes after party celebration… I figure it’s only fitting you feel me.,” Jewelz glows and gives a huge fixed blinging grin as he thinks about the plentiful naked bodies at the famous Miami strip club..

“ I mean after all.. I’m the King of Diamonds, the best jeweler in the world.. And they the best strip club.. We could make great business partners! I could see it now… Did I tell you they was thinking about naming a private room after me.. Can you imagine that.. The finest hoes in that mug at our behest after I successfully defend my title. every Sunday… My picture on the billboards… I can see it now..” Jewelz grin widens, revealing an even more stunning bling… The trio finally reaches the gate… There is an elderly white man in front of them of slight build. The man, a huge contrast to the three men of color in the He looks back, and his eyes become as big as watermelons at the sight of the, in comparison, twinkling and glistening gargantuan trio.

The security at the gate is heavy, and a few policeman and many other men are standing around. It’s not clear exactly why though.. The old man pulls some keys out of his pocket, places them in a tray and after a wave of the wand by the heavy set black woman standing at the metal detector, he passes through without incidence… The gOlden bOy promotions trio steps up to the metal detector, anger envelopes the face of the heavy set black woman.

“You boys serious?? You couldn’t have put all this in one of your bags?? She asks smacking hard on a piece of gum.

“Yeah Madea… We serious as your blood pressure...” Samuel jabs back… The heavy set attendant gives an obnoxious frown… Jewelz and Gully grin..

“I’mma need ya’ll to remove all this and place this in these trays…”

“Yah..” Jewelz replies sharply, thenbeginning to place his many different pieces of jewelry in the trays.. At first it seems like an easy task… Jewelz places his titles on the table and then removes his chains.. But as times goes on and the trio find more and more and more trinkets, it becomes a comedic situation… A gOld plated wallet here, a bracelet there… As time goes on, the trio fill trays and trays and trays full of jewelry… A combination of anger and obesity lead a bead of sweat to form on the heavy set women’s brow… A line begins to form behind the trio..”

“This is ridiculous…” the heavy set woman sighs..

“Nah.. what’s ridiculous is that yo big ass is sweating and you ain’t even doing nothing… I’d hate to be your thighs Laquanada.” Samuel jabs again, seeing the attendants name on her jacket..

“You gon get yours…” Laquanda fires back…

The line behind the trio continues to build, as do the trays full of jewelry, and the police presence and officials presence increase.

“Ehh what’s will all these agents Gully asks…”

“Probably looking for you and the other members of ISIS.. You know your people been blowing hellas shit up..” Samuel jabs to Gully’s displeasure..Finally Jewelz holds up a ring and places it in the final tray, one of what looks to be about 10 sitting on the table, to the applause of the line that has formed behind him.”

“I promise this the last piece. I can’t help it I’m a jeweler” Jewelz proclaims to the crowd holding up the ring.. The crowd holds their breath in anticipation.. Gully walks through without incidence.. The crowd gasps…

. Samuel walks through without incidence.. Another burden is relieved… The crowd anticipates Jewelz’s forray through the metal detector.. Time almost slows down as he heads through…

BEEEEEEP….. The crowd gives a collective sigh of disappointment.. Jewelz grins..

“Maybe it’s all that metal in your mouth.. You’re gonna have to remove that grill or go home pimp daddy...” Laquanda says

“You need to remove that wig Tyler Perry” Jewelz grins, his mouth absent of a bling after removing his grill for the first time every on jOlt tv..

All of the sudden, the policeman and officials surround Jewelz and crew…

“Khalil Abdul Farra..” One of the agents asks as he walks up to Jewelz who points to the other end of the metal detector..

“Yeah, right here..” Gully speaks up..

“ I’m TSA agent McNamara” You, and your friends… I’m gonna need you to come with us..” the agent asks, to the displeasure of Jewelz and crew…

“Ehh what about all our shit..” Jewelz says referring to the plethora of jewelry left on the table..

“We’ll take care of that…” McNamara goes on to Jewelz displeasure…”

“Told you… Told you your nasty attitude was gonna catch up with you” Laquanda laughs, enjoying seeing her antagonizers being carted away.

Jeremy Ryan vs Kayden Paulton

After the smoke had cleared and the announcers recapped what happened, it was time to get to our opening contest!

It was now time for an old rivalry renewed here tonight. For the first time since his referee stoppage victory over the former jOlt Champion Eiji Kugasari, the foul and vicious self-professed jOlt’s Last Real Man Jeremy Ryan would take on the very man that he made his iNtense debut against. A man who at points in his career was the number one contender to the Underground and jOlt Championships. A man who held victories in the past over such men as Ninja K and Derecho… he was Your Friendly Neighborhood Grappler and jOlt’s Nicest Man… the fun-loving and upbeat Kayden Paulton.

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall!” Dean Carrington shouted.

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

The anthem of all things manly blasted throughout the arena, and the buzz that had been generated from the opening announcement of the match quickly turned sour. Even more so when Jolt’s self-proclaimed Last Real Man stepped through the curtains and onto the entrance stage. Ryan stood at the top of the ramp long enough to survey the capacity before beginning his slow paced walk toward the ring, absorbing all of the booing and jeering he was receiving along the way.

“Making his way to the ring, from Bangor, Maine… weighing in at 254 pounds… this is ”JOLT’S LAST REAL MAN” JEREMY RYAN!”

Ryan was no frills, no tricks, no quarter. He told it like it was; more appropriately, what HE thought it was. Ryan gave less than zero fucks about who he offended and what he did. He was a cutthroat bastard through and through and possible Geist’s biggest challenge since winning the belt. He climbed into the ring and waited for his opponent to enter the ring. He had his fists taped, he was in his wrestling gear with the addition of a sleeveless black tee with his Real Man Bloody Knuckles logo. Ryan stalked the ring waiting for his opponent.

“Less Talk More Rokk” by Freezepop.

The neon blue laser show played into full effect and out came the happy-go-lucky man himself! jOlt’s Nicest Wrestler, The Friendly Neighborhood Grappler, The Nicest in the World… whatever you wanted to call him, he was an agile high flying competitor with a knack for reversals and quick moves and could upset someone if they weren’t careful.

“And his opponent... from Dothan, Alabama, weighing in at 230 pounds… KAYDEN PAULTON!

Paulton walked towards the ring and showed a little bit of trepidation. He had wrestled Ryan in the past twice with both of those being losses. Could the third time finally be a charm and could Kayden upset Jeremy Ryan here tonight with Ryan coming off the back of a huge victory over Kugasari to close out 2014?


Kayden Paulton liked to offer handshakes before his matches and while he loved to give everybody the benefit of the doubt, he wasn’t going to bother with Jeremy Ryan. Last time they fought was right before Paulton spent some time in Japan; he took not one, but two Piledrivers from Ryan.

jOlt’s Last Real Man went on the attack early and rushed Paulton into the corner! The ultra-aggressive Ryan went right for the attack with a brutal series of vicious Elbows to the head. Three or four shots to the head was more than enough to earn him the ire of the fans and Ian Nguyen ordered him to back off. The Dominant Male turned around and stared a hole right through the official…

But when he turned, Paulton came back with a few Elbow Smashes of his own trying to get Jeremy Ryan to back off of him. The Nicest Man in Wrestling wrapped him up in a Side Headlock and tried to restrain Ryan a bit, keeping him off his game. The Maine native surged with power and backed up to the ropes, using the momentum before sending him off the ring. When he came back, Ryan MOWED right through him with a Shoulder Tackle!

Ever since his battle with Pietro Geist back at Death Wish where he came within a inch of winning the Underground Championship, Ryan had taken a more silent approach. As of today, the fans had no idea why he chose to single out Eiji Kugasari and he wasn’t saying anything. Ryan pulled Kayden off the ground and delivered an Inverted Atomic Drop. With Kayden stunned in place, Ryan ran off the ropes and took him down with a Running Boot to the chest. Ryan had a smile on his face now as he rushed off the ropes and tried to drop his 254-pound frame across his chest with a Senton…


Paulton rolled out of the way and The Nice Guy got back up, trying for a Running Elbow Drop off the ropes in the process. Ryan moved out of the way of that and sat him up quickly, trying to swing with a Shoot Kick. Paulton just BARELY avoided that and managed to roll Jeremy Ryan up with a Schoolboy!




Ryan kicked out and then grabbed the arm that Paulton had used to try and roll him up, now having him trapped in a Crossface submission! He cranked back on the hold and tried to tear Kayden’s arm right out of his socket, but he rolled back to the ropes and got a foot on them, which would force Ryan to let go.


Ryan was ignoring his instructions of the official and continued to crank back on the hold. He started to count.


jOlt’s Last Real Man rolled away at the count of four and got back to his feet, but the precious extra seconds could’ve done some extra damage to The Nice Guy. Kayden was on the ground favoring his left shoulder as Ryan pulled him up and grabbed the left arm. He pulled on the arm and yanked on it forcefully, almost as if he was trying to rip poor Kayden’s arm right from the socket!

He locked the arm in a Hammerlock and THREW him hard into the corner, working the arm again! He then wrapped it up in the corner and continued to try and tear it away from the socket again, but Kayden fought back and landed a few kicks to the gut followed by some knife-edge Chops with his new arm…





Four chops caught Ryan across the chest, but all he had to do was throw one NASTY Headbutt and he dropped Kayden again before THROWING him across the ring with a big Exploder Suplex! The crowd was booing Jeremy Ryan as he stood up and celebrated with the crowd. He wasn’t wasting any time yet going for pinfalls… he was trying to take poor Kayden Paulton apart and send a message to the rest of the jOlt roster that he was not a man to be fucked with in any way, shape, or form.

He forced Ryan up again and pushed him to the corner before he teed off on The Nicest Guy in Wrestling with an alternating series of Chops and Forearm Smashes to the side of the head. The blows looked extra vicious and Ryan seemed more focused than ever. He wasn’t out to necessarily win matches… he was here to make statements.

Ryan continued to drill him upside the head and backed off a few steps before trying to launch himself at Kayden with another charge, but Kayden jumped upwards and rolled him up with a Sunset Flip right out of the corner!




Ryan boxed his ears with his knees and rolled backwards to break free from Kayden’s grip. When he was back to his feet, he kicked him in the chest and whipped him to the ropes. Kayden ducked down too early and got a kick to the face for his troubles, but when Ryan came back off the ropes again, the quicker Paulton rushed behind him and off the rebound…


The Sling Blade Neckbreaker took down jOlt’s Last Real Man and he tried to bring some feeling back into his good arm before he rolled over and grabbed the far leg of Ryan…




Ryan was close to defeat, but Paulton had some more tricks up his sleeve. He had a streak of wins once that counted on him surviving punishment and weathering the storm to get victory out of nowhere!

The Nicest Guy in Wrestling was back on his feet and the crowd cheered as a punch-drunk Ryan was trying to get back to his feet and shake out the cobwebs. Kayden Paulton was right there behind him as he grabbed him by the arm and hoisted him up from the side…


His take on the Olympic Slam dropped Kayden Paulton into the mat and now jOlt’s Friendly Neighborhood Grappler had another chance to win again!




Once again, Kayden almost had him right there, but it was going to take more than that to defeat jOlt’s Last Real Man, the only person in jOlt Wrestling who’d kicked out of Pietro Geist’s killer Lariat. Ryan was forced to his feet by a hungry Paulton and whipped off to the corner, but Ryan turned the tide on that and sent him flying across the ring. Ryan came up right behind him and clobbered him with a Running Back Elbow followed by a Roaring Forearm!

The blow wobbled poor Kayden in the corner as the crowd booed. Ryan then threw him through the ropes and out to the apron. Ryan was now climbing to the second rope and looked to go for his Deadlift Superplex…


There was still some fight left in Paulton as he elbowed his way out of it and pushed Ryan off the second rope, sending him crashing to the ground! Paulton had a chance to go for broke now as he slowly started to climb to the top rope. Once he was up there and waited for Jeremy Ryan to try and stand…


He was trying to go for his signature Top Rope Rocker Dropper, but Ryan sidestepped it and Kayden crashed hard into the canvas! A pain went up his spine as Kayden tried to adjust, but Ryan grabbed him by the head and locked him in a Rear Naked Choke!

The submission had him trapped and a squirming Kayden Paulton was trying to break free from the grip of the vicious Ryan, but he wasn’t going anywhere! Paulton then tried to run towards the turnbuckle and kicked off the ropes, knocking him back into a pin!




Jeremy Ryan let go of the choke quick, but then he grabbed him by the arm and pulled him right into another STIFF Headbutt! Ryan then set him up…


jOlt’s Friendly Neighborhood Grappler had his head DRILLED into the canvas with his signature Piledriver! Kayden was down and the fans were booing profusely as Ryan rolled him over and went for a move that he hadn’t used in some time…


The Tazmission/Camel Clutch hybrid was locked in and Kayden wasn’t moving at all. He was trapped in the hold and didn’t even show signs of a tapout, so the referee had no choice but the call for the bell..


Kayden Paulton was a man always full of fight and could pull out an upset win over almost anybody, but on this occasion, Ryan was on another level tonight. In the year 2014, he had scored victories over former champions in the Grand Slam champion Derecho and one over former jOlt Champion Eiji Kugasari and now he was looking into 2015 to begin a streak of dominance.


Ryan rolled off of him and allowed one of the trainers at ringside to attend to the passed-out Kayden Paulton. jOlt’s Last Real Man took a second to catch his breath before he reached out and grabbed a microphone. Was tonight going to be the night that he finally broke his silence?

Winner: Jeremy Ryan via Knockout


Kayden Paulton was being helped to the back by trainers now as Jeremy Ryan got himself comfortable in his seat with a microphone in hand. Was he about to break his three month silence?

“…Why?” he said. “Why Eiji Kugasari? Why The Blood Raven? Honor. Discipline…”

Ryan stood up.

“ALL. FUCKING. RUBBISH… just like those deserters who went back to suckling the teats of Legacy of Champions. We’ll be seeing you motherfuckers back here in three weeks after they close up shop for the one-hundred and nineteenth time.”

There was some booing happening among the crowd, but some laughed at his comment.


That laughter stopped quickly.

“But back to why I’ve singled out Eiji… despite what I may think of him personally, he’s a former jOlt World Champion. He was simply my means to an end. After Geist LUCKED his way into a victory over me, I needed to bounce back. I needed to make a statement and Eiji, you were that statement. I needed to show jOlt Wrestling, I needed to show this organization that I will not be written off… in fact, I’m going to be STRONGER than ever now.”

Ryan continued to glare.

“I defeated two former jOlt Champions last year in Derecho before he ran his ass out of here and then I beat Eiji within an inch of his fucking life… but then HE gets a fucking title shot against Ramey – who I’ve BEATEN – and loses. As for me, I’m not even on the fucking show. That’s the LAST time that I’m going to be disrespected like that.”

He sat up from his chair and laughed.

“If Mister Kugasari would like to pick up where we left off at Wired, then he has an open invitation to step to me and do something about it. But I am going to tell you this… jOlt Wrestling… In the year 2015, I want to be the man that ends Jesse Ramey’s reign… I want to be the omega to Omega… I want it all. I want the Underground Championship. I want the jOlt Championship in my hands. I want ALL of it. And there is NOTHING…

NOTHING… that I won’t do to get it. Too many pretenders, too many cowards, too many spineless pieces of shit around here like to think that they’re tough until a REAL man comes along.”

Ryan smiled.

“And you’re looking at that REAL man.”

He dropped the microphone and kicked it out of the ring before departing towards the back. With a newfound focus and a drive to hold his first singles gold…

It could only be a matter of time before it happens.

"Bittersweet Partners"

“You’re fucking kidding me right? I have to team with fucking Whispers if we want to get the jOlt Tag Team Titles?”

That voice was none other than jOlt’s four-hundred pound ball of sunshine by the name of “The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck. The camera made its way to the backstage hall with Roebuck having a friendly conversation with his tag team partner, Derrick Huber and his wife, Charlotte.

“’Fraid not, Roe,” Huber said. “Lee announced the match earlier this week. Cross The Hood got themselves disqualified against Crimson Order and us last week, so in his infinite wisdom, he’s giving both of our teams what he calls a ‘fair shake.’ It’s you and Takeshi. I told him that I wanted our rematch, but, well …”

“… We requested that we be presented our fair shot after we were also robbed of our opportunity …”

Roebuck turned his head. “YOU …”

The members of the Crimson Order – Heido, Takeshi and their manager, Mamoru – were all present in the same hallway.

“Forgive us for interrupting your meeting here,” Heido said bluntly, “but as much as we also disagree with Damien Lee’s methods, we can lay equal claim at the jOlt Tag Team Titles, gentlemen. Those dishonorable thieves, Cross The Hood, took advantage of the rules and cheated to keep their titles against us …”

Huber turned towards Mamoru. “You two forget that we had them defeated until the two of YOU chose to get involved. That was not your fight and they were in our crosshairs.”

“Mister Huber, I suggested that you exercise restraint, especially now,” Heido told him. “Mrs. Huber, I suggest that you reel in your dog.”

“And I suggest that you shut your fucking mouths with your wise Chinese proverbs…” Roebuck barked.


Derrick Huber diverted all eyes back to him after his outburst.

“Look … we can admit that we all respect each other and for months, the four of us have been going around in circles as far as those jOlt Tag Team Titles are concerned and those little assholes, Cross The Hood have been ducking us both. Roebuck, I know you and Takeshi don’t get along.”

Roebuck glared at The Mute Mountain. “He spit mist in my face and attacked me once.”

Takeshi said nothing, but a telling mischievous smile crossed his face.

“Keep smiling, fucker. Remember when we beat you for those titles before Cross The Hood jumped us?”

The smile was gone and replaced with contempt, but Mamoru and Heido stepped in to keep him restrained. Huber let out a sigh and continued.

“Look you two need to get your shit together. At this point, as long as those Rebellion assholes have the belts, then I don’t care … ANY two of us need to take the titles back. We’ll figure out where we go from here after that ... maybe we can talk Lee into a match to vacate the belts and have a match for the titles, but one thing needs to happen tonight. Takeshi, Roebuck … you need to work together and take them down.”

Takeshi shot a sideways glance at Roebuck before he nodded in agreement. Roebuck let out a sigh.

“Fine. Just follow my lead, Whispers ...”

The House and Charlotte departed as The Crimson Order spoke amongst themselves about this development.

Nate Quartermaine vs Sayber

Nate Quartermaine had some doubts about remaining in The Rebellion. Sayber had already freed himself and ended up beating Derecho in his very last match in jOlt. Sayber healed up from that encounter and was looking to get back into things, but he didn’t expect that he would have to face a former Rebellion stablemate. Sayber needed to prove himself again, but at the same time, so did Quartermaine. There was a lot of pride and futures at stake in this match!

“Don’t Wanna Stop” by Ozzy Osbourne

Quartermaine made his way down to the ring first. There was a mixed reaction for him as some still booed him for not completely standing up to Jon Le Bon and leaving The Rebellion, but others wanted to see Quartermaine succeed. After all.. if he did win this match, Le Bon said he would set him free, but if he lost then it would mean Quartermaine would remain Le Bon’s lap dog until Le Bon decided he would set him free.

Quartermaine entered the ring and warmed up as he was set to face Sayber in a match that would determine his future, but at the same time, if he were to beat Sayber, not only he would get his freedom, but he would also help The Rebellion by eliminating their first turncoat. One could say that Nate Quartermaine was stuck in a moral dilemma with this match.

“Saberwolf” by Yasuharu Takanishi

Sayber came out from the backstage area to cheers from the crowd. Sayber came down to the ring and hopped in. He immediately walked past Quartermaine and grabbed a microphone from ringside. His music died down as he looked at Quartermaine face to face.

“Hold on one second here. Now… I know you and I used to run together in The Rebellion, but, there’s a simpler solution to this. There’s no need to even fight each other because you don’t need to listen to Jon Le Bon. I didn’t. I was made a promise by Le Bon that he would aid me in seeking my personal revenge against Derecho. I waited almost an entire year and that promise went unfulfilled. It was always some excuse. “Let’s take care of The Backbone first.” Or “Let’s take care of Chris Titan first”. When all was said and done, he went back on his word and verbally lashed me for not having any interests in The Rebellion’s agenda. He’s doing the same to you, but instead of taking my path and walking away, you’re still there. Why? What’s the point?

Sayber paused as he looked at Quartermaine. Quartermaine looked down at the canvas for a moment and looked back up at Sayber as Sayber continued after not getting a response out of him.

“Again.. we don’t have to wrestle. Just do what I did. Walk away and set yourself free. Accomplish what YOU want to accomplish and not worry about being put down or degraded by some random person with a God complex.”

Quartermaine asked for the microphone.

“Hey”, said Quartermaine. “I get what you’re saying… I really do and I respect the hell out of you for what you did, but … I don’t want to take the same path by simply walking away. If I can win my freedom by showing that I’m the better man in the ring, then that means something to me. It means that I can compete at a level necessary to make it on my own. At Wired, I couldn’t even defeat Rainbow Serpent.. I can’t just walk away and risk failing over and over again. If I’m going to walk, I want to prove myself doing. It, honestly, could be anyone on the roster… it just happens to be you standing on the other side of the ring from me. So… I say… let’s wrestle and may the best man win.. just like old times on The Hype.”

Quartermaine passed the microphone aside as the crowd applauded his competitive spirit. Sayber nodded as if he accepted Quartermaine’s words. The bell sounded .




The two shook hands in the middle of the ring and then began to encircle each other. They locked up and immediately Quartermaine went behind with a waist lock and then a takedown, slamming Sayber into the canvas. Quartermaine floated over and applied a front chancery to Sayber. Sayber tried to get back up, but Quartermaine knee’d him in the top of the head and brought him back down to the canvas. Sayber tried to stand again, but again, Quartermaine hit a knee strike and back down to the canvas they went. Sayber tried a different escape by rolling to his right. He was able to grab Quartermaine by the head and reverse the front chancery on him!

Sayber then unleashed a barrage of knee strikes that looked more aggressive than the ones Quartermaine delivered to him. Perhaps he was sending a message to Quartermaine that this is the level of intensity he needs to bring if he wants to start winning matches here in jOlt. Once he felt Quartermaine was incapacitated enough, he pulled him up to his feet and laid into his chest with a knife edge chop. Sayber fired a second and a third, pushing Quartermaine backwards with each hit. Nate ended up against the ropes as Sayber whipped him across the ring. Sayber hit a Leaping Calf Kick that put Quartermaine onto his back. Sayber then elected to go to the corner and ascend to the top turnbuckle pad.

Sayber turned to perch himself on top, but he found that Quartermaine had already gotten to his feet! Quartermaine charged the corner and with a single leap, went to the very top turnbuckle pad where in one fluid motion, he hooked Sayber, turned and nailed a Super Falcon Arrow!!! Quartermaine went into the cover, hooking the leg in deep.



Sayber got the shoulder up, but Nate immediately swung his legs over and wrapped them around Sayber’s arm, pulling back with an Arm Bar Submission! Nate was really turning up the intensity.. perhaps those knee strikes did send a message after all! Sayber rolled into the arm bar and clasped his hands together to alleviate the pressure. Sayber, with his hands clasped, turned onto his knees and stood. He dead lifted Quartermaine up off the canvas for a Powerbomb, but Quartermaine freed his legs and landed on his feet, delivering a toe kick to Sayber and breaking the hold! Quartermaine quickly grabbed Sayber in a front waist lock and popped his hips with a Belly to Belly Suplex!

Sayber popped up off the canvas and to his feet, but he was a bit dazed. Quartermaine backed Sayber into the ropes and shot him across. Off the rebound, Quartermaine grabbed Sayber once again and nailed an Overhead Belly to Belly Release Suplex!! Quartermaine signaled that he was going to end it as he headed to the corner! The crowd rose up because if Quartermaine were able to hit his finisher, it would mean his freedom from The Rebellion! Quartermaine got the very top and measured up Sayber to laid there below. He went for the No Quarter senton, but Sayber put the legs up and Quartermaine crashed down across them!

Quartermaine was, perhaps, a bit too eager to end the match this early and he paid for it. Sayber stood as Quartermaine staggered away, holding his back in pain. Sayber grabbed Quartermaine by the shoulder and spun him around, wrapping his arm around Quartermaine’s neck, but Quartermaine fought through it by hitting a pair of elbows to the side of Sayber’s head, causing him to loosen his grip. Quartermaine began to remount an offense, hitting quick right hands before whipping Sayber to the ropes. Quartermaine telegraphed a back body drop, but Sayber rolled off of Quartermaine’s back, landing behind him where he hit a leg sweep down to the canvas. Sayber then front flipped into a Standing Senton. He got to his feet then flipped into a Standing Moonsault. He stood back up and flipped again into a Standing Shooting Star Press!


Sayber made the cover after landing with the Shooting Star. He pulled back on both legs, making sure to hook them deep.



Nate used a lot of his power to kick out of that one!

Sayber stood and pulled Quartermaine back to his feet, but Nate still had a lot of fight left in him as he immediately hit alternating lefts and rights to Sayber’s mid-section. Sayber countered with a knee lift to the stomach that doubled Quartermaine over. He then hit a clubbing forearm to the upper back then a European Uppercut. Sayber followed those same three moves over and over and over until Quartermaine found himself flat on his back!


Quartermaine was groggy from those consecutive strikes, but he was getting to his feet, trying to shake it off in the process. When Nate got back to his feet, Sayber turned and went to run to the ropes, but Quartermaine surprised him by grabbing Sayber by the seat of his tights and pulling him backwards. Nate got underneath Sayber, lift and spun him out with a Blue Thunder Driver!!




Th.. NO!

Sayber got the shoulder up after almost getting pinned off of a move he wasn’t expecting to get hit by!

Both men got to their feet. Quartermaine went for a punch, but it was blocked by Sayber and countered with a knife edge chop. Sayber hit another chop, then a third, then a fourth as Quartermaine staggered back. Sayber went for a whip, but Quartermaine reversed it and hit a toe kick to Sayber. Quartermaine took off to the ropes where Sayber quickly pivoted to face Quartermaine and he wrapped his arm around Nate’s neck, lifting him up and planting him with the Standing Uranage Slam…


Sayber made a slashing motion across his throat. He pulled Quartermaine back up and and hooked him in a front face lock. He lifted Nate up, looking for the Sideswipe Brainbuster, but Quartermaine floated over and landed behind Sayber! Quartermaine then quickly got underneath Sayber and hit him with a Back Drop Suplex, but instead of releasing, Quartermaine held on, turned over and pulled Sayber up with him. He nailed a second Back Drop Suplex, held on, stood, and pulled Sayber back up again. This time he angled the suplex a bit more and turned the third one into a Back Drop Driver!!! Nate stood and let out a roar as he marched toward the corner, but as he neared the corner, something caught his eye.

It was Jon Le Bon.

He was walking down the entrance ramp, clapping slowly for Nate Quartermaine. Le Bon got to the bottom of the entrance ramp when Michael Donavan, Sebastian Saje, Jackson Cross, Machida Hood, and Seraph all came out from the crowd. They hopped the barricades and surrounded the ring on all sides. Sayber was still down as Quartermaine started shouting at Le Bon.

“What are you doing!?” yelled Quartermaine.

Le Bon wouldn’t respond. Instead The Rebellion members entered the ring, one by one. They backed Quartermaine into a corner so that he couldn’t escape. Seraph was the only one who remained guarding Quartermaine when the other four turned and began to stomp away on Sayber!!! The referee called for the bell.

Donavan pulled Sayber up to his feet and kicked him in the stomach. He placed him between his legs and butterflied the arms. He lifted him up almost to a powerbomb position, but he snapped him back down and spiked his head on the canvas with the Snap Double Underhook Piledriver..


Quartermaine tried to escape the corner to help Sayber, but Seraph held him back. Cross the Hood pulled Sayber up to his feet. Jackson Cross picked Sayber up onto his back and dropped down with the Backpack Stunner…


Sayber was on spaghetti legs as Machida Hood hit the ropes and then hit his Running STO into the backbreaker…


Sebastian Saje didn’t attack. As the former mouthpiece of The Rebellion, he reprised his role by asking for a microphone.

“Sooner or later, karma comes back to bite you in the ass, doesn’t it, Sayber? You of all people should have known that this was a trap. Did you honestly think we would let you get away with having a one on one match with one of our own without us intervening? You had to pay for turning your back on us… but that payment isn’t complete. Seraph… finish the job! “

As soon as Sebastian Saje said that, Shiloh, the mysterious woman whom we’ve seen over the past couple of months, walked out from the back.

“You don’t have to do this Vance.” Said Shiloh.

Jon Le Bon immediately turned around and scoffed at Shiloh

“He’s MY monster. He will do what I tell him to” yelled Le Bon at Shiloh.

“He’s not your monster anymore. Vance…”

Seraph turned away from Quartermaine and clotheslined Michael Donavan to a thunderous roar from the crowd!

Now it was Le Bon’s turn to yell the words Quartermaine yelled to him.. only directed at Seraph.


Serpah grabbed Jackson Cross and Machida Hood by both of their necks. Quartermaine shot out of the corner and blindsided Sebastian Saje with a lariat of his own. Seraph lifted the jOlt World Tag Team Champions up and nailed a double choke slam on them! The Rebellion was taken out! Seraph didn’t stay behind to check on Sayber, however. He, instead, exited the ring and made a beeline for Le Bon as the crowd was going nuts!

Le Bon backed up past Shiloh and as he stepped past her, Le Bon grabbed Shiloh and used her as a hostage!!! That stopped Seraph dead in his tracks. Le Bon grinned as he backed up the entrance ramp with Shiloh in hand. Seraph made sure to keep pace with Le Bon in case he tried anything. This was the same tactic Chris Titan used on Le Bon to escape Damien Lee’s office when The Rebellion had him surrounded. When Le Bon got to the top of the entrance ramp, he shoved Shiloh into the arms of Seraph and made a beeline for the backstage area but…


The World Champion stepped out from behind the curtain and Le Bon had nowhere to go! Ramey began to pummel Le Bon with right hands, rocking the head back of his opponent at Unlimted! Le Bon staggered back right into the clutches of Seraph! God’s War Machine lifted Le Bon up and slammed him down on the steel with a violent sit out choke slam…


Seraph and Shiloh walked to the backstage area as they felt their job was done. Jesse Ramey knelt down next to Le Bon and cracked a grin, patting him on the side of the face! The Anti-star then produced a microphone that he had stashed behind his back, tucked into the top of his tights.

"I always thought the good guy was supposed to be the one who had to deal with the struggles and climbs going into a title defense. You're making this way too easy for me Le Bon, you've got so much going on with your little organization imploding from the inside. How much focus are you are going to have on trying to win the Jolt championship from me at Unlimited?"

"Best of luck with the Rebellion situation though, I've got more important things to worry about this evening. Like when I add the Relentless championship to my resume this evening." Ramey stood and hoisted the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship high into the air before making his exit.

Back in the ring, Nate Quartermaine helped Sayber to his feet. The two of them looked around and saw Saje, Cross the Hood, and Michael Donavan, rolling out of the ring. They each made their way through the crowd, disgusted by what happened here tonight.

Sadly, Quartermaine did not get his freedom from The Rebellion because Sayber would be the winner via disqualification, but Seraph shocked the world and became the second member of The Rebellion to leave. Nate Quartermaine was now passed by two of his former stablemates in gaining their freedom. How will he respond to this situation?

More importantly, how will Le Bon respond to all of this? The Rebellion was crumbling before his very eyes!

Winner: Sayber via Disqualification


The camera was now backstage in the interview area where the dazzling Dawn Cassidy stood with microphone in hand.

“I’m Dawn Cassidy and standing right beside me is a woman that scored a big upset last week against the former two-time Starlets Champion Charlotte. Please welcome Tammy Lynn Foster!”

The big tough blonde from Oklahoma stood next to Dawn as the crowd greeted her with a chorus of jeers. She smiled as she looked down at Dawn.

“Last week you did the unthinkable by pinning Charlotte in the middle of the ring, with the help of Raevynn I might say.” Dawn said as she placed the microphone to Tammy Lynn.

“You need ta watch what ya say lil one. I got no problem wit knockin yer teeth down yer throat. As for last week, I did not need any help from Raevynn. I took care of bizniss in that ring myself. I can’t help it if Charlotte is easily distracted.” Tammy Lynn replied.

Dawn cleared her throat. “You seemed to be making a statement every week and getting recognized as one of the toughest women in the division. What is next for you?”

Tammy laughed. “Wat is next fer me? I’ll tell ya. I’m gonna plow my way through this division all tha way to tha top and take the Scarlet championship fer myself. Every women jOlt has put in front of me I have mowed them down like stuck pig at a bar-be-que. I have gone through a two time champion and if I have to go through Callie Scott or even the Queen of the Starlets herself Sarah Winterton than I will. Then dat will leave only me and Raevynn left in the division and when I’m done with her she will be a hood ornament on my truck.”

“That is a bold statement from a new comer especially against women like Winterton and Charlotte who have put this division on the map.” Dawn stated.

“Bold statement. I don’t make bold statements, I tell tha truf. Tha fact of tha matter is dat I was trained by tha best and dat means I will settle for nothing less. No woman will be able ta stop me from getting wat I want and dat’s the Scarlet title. No bold statement Dawn, just tha truf.” Tammy Lynn smiled as she walked away from Dawn.

Dawn watched Tammy Lynn leave as she shook her head. “This is one interesting division.”

"Chaos is the Main Goal"

The jOltvision lit up as the arena slowly dimmed to see the darkness of the boiler room, the place that few caution to inhabit but one man calls home. The unbearable stench of oil and smoke from the air made it insufferable for all who would dare step foot in this underground refuge of the arena. The rotating sounds of a generator and a furnace was peace and tranquility for the new Underground Champion, Omega. That would be the two-time Underground champion.

The disconcerting madman, sat in the shadows soaking in the odor of the boiler room with a slight grin on his face. The champion looked down at the Underground Championship as it lay at his feet again. The slight flickering of light from the furnace gave the fans a glimpse of the Underground Champion. The madman sat with his trademark hoodie covering his head and face as his dreadlocks hung from the hoodie.

“Last week we told you people that when we became one we would become the Underground champion for a second time. Geist was not prepared for what he faced last week. He was not ready for the challenge that was presented in front of him. He was not strong enough to deal with what comes with being Underground champion. We stated for several weeks that Mr. Geist was an unfit champion and you people found out that we were right.”

Omega continued to peer down at the Underground championship on the floor as the arena started to jeer his comments about the former champion, Pietro Geist.

“You people do not understand what Omega had to endure in the hospital in order to get where he is right now. We all had to sacrifice something in order to get to this point. We all had to come together for the ultimate goal that they instilled in us before we came to jOlt. You people believe that our only goal was to capture the Underground championship. However, destruction and chaos is the main goal that they want.”

“The problem is that you people don’t get it. The chaos and violence that Omega inflicts only fuels the fire for what is to come. There is a plan in place and when the time comes for the death and obliteration of jOlt and its heroes it will be all on you people.”

A silence fell on the arena as they watched the jOltvision and hung on every word from the so-called boogeyman.

“Time is slowly ticking away. When it happens you people will bear witness to the epitome of hell.”

A sick laugh echoed throughout the arena.

“Are you afraid of the boogeyman?”

Omega pulled his head back and removed his hoodie, looking into the camera with a sick smirk on his face.

The Heirs of Wrestling vs Them MF'n Goons

The stipulation of this tag team match was pretty straightforward. Mack Brody made a pledge to win his first-ever singles championship in the year 2015 and he would finally have the chance to do that against Diamond Jewelz next week pending the outcome of his title match later tonight with Jesse Ramey. Brody’s friend and stablemates, Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway, would be in a tag team match against Diamond Jewelz, Them MF’N Goons. If Silver and Gallway could defeat the high flyer Latrell Samuel and the big man Khalil Straightgully tonight, then Mack would have a one-on-one match for one of Jewelz’ titles next week!

“The following contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall! If The Heirs of Wrestling can defeat Them MF’N Goons in this match, then Mack Brody will earn a future title shot against the Relentless and gOlden bOy title holder, Diamond Jewelz!”

“Gangsta” by Schoolboy Q.

"First, making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 502 pounds… they are the team of Khalil Straightgully and Latrell Samuel… THEM MF’N GOONS!

The music played and the crowd started to yell and jeer at the hired goons known to the world as Them MF’N Goons. The antagonistic Latrell Samuel soaked in the jeers from the crowd while Khalil Straightgully walked to the ring with a more subdued, but cocky smirk. Tonight, the Goons had one job – keep Mack Brody away from Diamond Jewelz’s titles. If The Heirs of Wrestling could get past the Goons tonight, Brody would earn a shot at a title of Jewelz’s choosing. They entered the ring and took a turnbuckle, bagging on the crowd with a whole lot of taunting. They then hopped off and worked towards the ring to discuss strategy.

Three letters started to flash on the jOltVision…

“H" “O" “W"

"With Me Now" by Blacklite District.

When the smoke settled there was Ryan Gallway and Frank Silver with their backs to the cameras. They both wore sparkling lavender jackets with "HOW" embroidered with gold on the back. They stood there with their heads down as the lyrics belted out for the masses

Got no time for my game, I put it on the shelf
And this money and fame ain't gonna earn itself
I'm not wasting my time, you better recognize
The flame, the hustle, the pain, the redness in my eyes
When the pressure comes down you throw the towel in
But for me and my crew, that's where the work begins
At the end of the day we like to cut it loose
By the end of the night we're making bodies move
We're waiting, we're waiting, we're waiting

They spun around as pyro exploded to the left and right of them. A curtain of pyro rained down behind them as they energetically made their way down to the ring to the cheers of the crowd. They were proud, somewhat immature, but nobody could deny their tag team pedigree. Over ten tag team titles in wrestling to their name including two jOlt Tag Title reigns. Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway entered the ring and dapped fists while The Goons continued to talk shop.

“And their opponents… at a combined weight of 445 pounds, they are the team of FRANK SILVER AND RYAN GALLWAY… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!"

Gallway and Silver stood in the ring and took their jackets off before tossing them aside to get ready for the match ahead. Samuel was going to start things off for the Goons while Frank Silver won a quick game of Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock… go ask that gay scientist what that means.


The Baron of Ballistics approached the wiry Latrell and went in for a lockup, but Latrell ducked instead and actually used a SLAP across his face! The crowd booed while Latrell laughed and had himself a fucking hoot. It wasn’t wise to play around with the Heirs of Wrestling in a tag match of all things considering A) their pedigree and B) what was on the line. The camera panned to a monitor backstage where SuperMack himself, Mack Brody was watching on with interest.

Back to the ring as an angry Silver tried to charge at him again, but Samuel ducked underneath and peppered him again with a jab this time! Frank was more angry than hurt from the shot, but it was a clear trap to try and bait the Dynastic Duo into making a mistake.

“You ain’t shit, bitch, ya heard?!” Latrell said.

Frank nodded his head and The Royal Knight of Sunday Nights looked to Ryan and nodded before he WAILED on a laughing Latrell with a spear! He tackled him to the ground and started to beat his ass like one of the women who may or may not have owed Diamond Jewelz some money for certain proclivities.

“I ain’t shit? I AIN’T SHIT??!?! BITCH, YOU’RE SHITTIER THAN SHIT!” Silver yelled.

Frank Silver reached his hand and played a game from Key and Peele called Fronthand, Backhand. To be a dickhead himself, Frank reached back and bitchslapped Latrell with several shots of his own before he pulled him back up. He cocked his arm back and BLASTED him with a European Uppercut so hard, his face almost spun around to the back of his head. Another shot backed him into the ropes and after he whipped Latrell across the ring, he smacked him in the face with a Running Back Elbow to the face!

The crowd ate all this up as an angry Khalil remained in the corner, watching his little buddy get picked apart by Frank. He stomped on a knee, then the other knee. The gut was next, and then the arm and finally, he jumped up and delivered a VICIOUS Jumping Knee Drop to head, completing…


Right into the head of Latrell Samuel! He pinned him to the canvas and went for the first cover of the match.



Latrell got his shoulder up, but Frank locked onto him with a Rear Waistlock and pushed him towards the corner. The tag was made to Ryan Gallway as Frank continued to hold Latrell. He hit a Springboard Sunset Flip and the momentum rolled Silver back, who FLUNG Latrell Samuel across the ring with a Release German Suplex that dumped him right on the back of his head!

Yet another in a long line of innovative double-teams from the Heirs of Wrestling! Latrell was dropped on his skull and he was in for a world of hurt now as Ryan ran forward and connected with a Penalty Kick right to the chest. Latrell was rolled over on his back again and he cocked back his right hand…

20422 SPECIAL!

Okay, that was just a slap but it was a good one! It staggered Latrell into the ropes and when he came back, Ryan took him over with a Japanese Arm Drag. Latrell flipped over onto his back as Ryan kipped back to his feet again, with the crowd cheering him on. He pushed Latrell into the ropes and waited for him off the rebound with a Jump Spinning Kick, but Latrell ducked underneath and headed to the ropes. Khalil reached out and blind tagged himself in just as Ryan clipped Latrell in the side of the head with a Leaping Enzuigiri. That was enough to be rid of him, but he didn’t see…


The namesake Elbow Lariat of Khalil Straightgully was right on the button and the impact turned Ryan Gallway upside down and inside out like a Ricky Martin song. The Baron of Ballistics watched in the corner and cringed at the impact of the move. Them MF’N Goons pulled one over on the Heirs and now they were in control.

Big Khalil didn’t bother trying to go for a cover when he probably could have, but instead he grabbed The Hipster Heartthrob and drilled him in the gut with a knee that knocked all the wind right out of him. He pulled him up off the mat and set him between the ropes while a pained Latrell watched his partner work over Ryan. The Prince of Precision was getting pulled apart between the ropes with a modified Surfboard as Khalil pulled on the upper half with a boot in his back. Simon Boulder pulled the ropes.

“Back off! ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FI—“

Straightgully backed off and let Ryan flop in between the ropes to avoid disqualification. He pulled Ryan up to his feet and the 6’7” and 287-pound Khalil dropped him down just as fast with a big Headbutt that brought him down to the ground. He dropped over and went for a cover on Ryan.




The Prince of Precision kicked out, but Straightgully dropped a big Leg Drop across Ryan’s throat, making him twitch. He rolled over and tagged out once again to Latrell Samuel who now wanted himself some payback for the Heirs embarrassing him earlier. He pulled him up with several hard right hands to the head, pushing him back towards the ropes. Latrell rushed off the opposite side of the ring and came back to deliver a vicious Front Dropkick to the chest, dropping him down to the ground! He rolled over Gallway and looked over to an angry Frank.

“Told you y’all ain’t nothin’ but a buncha bitches!” He laughed aloud.

He forced The Prince of Precision up and threw Ryan Gallway into their corner before turning to the other side to give Frank Silver the bird. The Bishop of Bringin’ Da Pain wanted in the ring, but what Simon Boulder didn’t see was Khalil palm the back of Ryan’s neck and THROW him into the turnbuckle with an Inverted Chokeslam Facebuster. He fell right over and Latrell slid over to try and steal the win!




A close one at that, but Ryan and Frank were fighting for their friend. The camera went into a split screen where the Heirs of Wresting member Mack Brody continued to watch. Them MF’N Goons may not have had the tag experience they did, but they were every bit as formidable as foes. Khalil was tagged in now and he and Latrell yanked Ryan back to his feet by an arm. He tried to fight against Latrell with a few well-placed forearms, but Khalil shook one shot off and shoved him to the corner before he SQUASHED him with a Body Avalanche. He staggered right into the grip of a BIG Sidewalk Slam!

Khalil rolled over again and reached over to him before the tag was made to Latrell Samuel again. He jumped over the ropes and hurriedly pushed him towards the corner again. He set him up on the top rope and started to climb up. He was looking for the Top Rope Hurricanrana…


Ryan used the momentum and rolled through…


It wasn’t the top rope version that he liked to use, but Ryan rolled through the impact to his feet, jumped and brought down the Double Knee Strike to the face! Both men were down now and Ryan needed to get to his corner to Frank if they had any hope of securing Mack Brody a future title match against the arrogant Diamond Jewelz. Frank had a hand out while Latrell was trying to figure out what the fuck hit him. Ryan was almost there..


The crowd cheered as he entered the ring and snatched Latrell Samuel by the neck before he unleashed not one, but THREE vicious European Uppercuts that shot him into the corner. He ran at him in the corner with a big Stinger Splash and stunned Samuel! The fans in the packed jOlt Arena were going nuts as he was Irish Whipped to the other side of the ring where Silver rushed in and followed up with another STIFF Running European Uppercut this time, nearly rattling his jaw!

Latrell was pulled out of the corner and into the Half Nelson position before powering him up…


He was nearly broken in half with a vicious Half Nelson lift into the Backbreaker and now Silver was closing in on the win!




The big man got involved and pulled Frank Silver right off of his partner before he could secure the three-count. The Royal Knight of Sunday Nights was pulled up and had a knee driven into his gut, but Ryan Gallway sprung into action…


He amazingly leaped onto the top rope on in one leap and CLOCKED Khalil Straightgully in the side of the head with the Springboard Gamengiri kick, knocking the big man off his feet! A groggy Latrell grabbed Silver and shoved him right into Gallway as he rose, knocking his own partner down before he rolled Silver up into a pin, hooking the tights! He was going to try and steal one!




Silver STILL kicked out much to the shock of Latrell, but he wasn’t done yet. When Silver tried to rise, Latrell Samuel made him pay for it with a vicious Superkick that put him down on the mat! Khalil Straightgully was still reeling from Gallway’s amazing kick, so he had to finish things out. He headed towards the top rope and was going for The Sky High, his signature 450 Splash. He was about to jump when a hand reached out from under the ring and grabbed his foot!


The hand disappeared subtley under the ring and Latrell looked confused, but he decided to head up top. Though the precious seconds may have cost him…


Silver was back up and popped him right in the head with a Jumping European Uppercut. Frank headed to the top rope with Latrell now and Ryan Gallway was on the other side of the ring. They were about to pull out an old favorite. A take on the old Power and Glory finisher called…


The crowd popped HUGE! The Superplex by Frank Silver was followed up immediately with the Springboard Diving Splash by Gallway! Ryan returned to his corner as Frank climbed atop Latrell and hooked the leg.




The Heirs of Wrestling had just defeated Them MF’N Goons and secured Mack Brody a title match next week against Diamond Jewelz! Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway stood up and celebrated as Simon Boulder raised their hands.

“Here are your winners of the match… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!

Backstage, the camera panned to Mack Brody again who had a big grin etched on his face. Next week, he had a crack at Diamond Jewelz for a belt of the champion’s choosing. And if somehow he could defeat Jesse Ramey tonight, he may very well be in line for a shot at the jOlt Championship! No matter, Mack Brody was going to make good on his pledge to become a singles champion in 2015.

As the Heirs headed back up the ramp, Khalil pulled Latrell out of the ring and helped him to the back by helping him walk, but he was angry and the two engaged in a shouting match.


“Somethin’ fuckin’ grabbed me!” Latrell pleaded, still nursing sore ribs.

The two headed up the ramp while Latrell turned his head backwards, looking for whatever grabbed him, but nothing showed up. Whoever was stalking Diamond Jewelz and his crew... they made it clear their work was far from over.

Winner: The Heirs of Wrestling via Pinfall

"All That Remains"

We open up to the backstage area where Le Bon was so seething mad, he was grasping at his hair. He was joined by Cross the Hood, Sebastian Saje, Raevynn, and Michael Donavan. Nate Quartermaine was nowhere to be seen.

"This is inconceivable! Absolutely inconceivable!" shouted Le Bon. "First Sayber... then Nate Quartermaine wants to leave and now Seraph turned his back on us. But you know what? That's fine... that is completely fine. The Rebellion was, probably, a little ambitious. I will admit.. assembling nine members and trying to micromanage them was a bit of a hassle. I think the smaller we get... the more powerful we will be."

"So, you're saying you want to us to leave?" asked Saje.

"No.. I think our numbers now are perfect. In fact, we shed the dead weight. Nate Quartermaine, however, I honestly couldn't care less if he leaves, but the fact that we gave him an opportunity and he squandered it away and then has full intention of turning on us.. turning his back on the group that got him where he is now.. cannot go unpunished. Next week, I'd you Saje, and you Donavan to team up to take on Sayber and Seraph. I'd like you two to deal with those turncoats. Me... I'm going to handle Nate Quartermaine personally." said Le Bon.

Donavan nodded before he spoke up.

"We are the core of The Rebellion anyway. We still have the Starlet Championship and Cross the Hood still has the Tag Team Championships. We hold all of the power right here. Saje and I will be happy to rid Seraph and Sayber from our agenda." Donavan said in his deep voice.

"Speaking of the tag team titles.. your match with Takeshi and Adam Roebuck is up next. I hope you are better prepared this week because last week was an embarrassment. You claimed time after time that you belonged here on the main roster... tonight I want you to prove it to me. I want you to take care of the two of them and show both The House and The Crimson Order what it means to stand against The Rebellion" said Le Bon.

"Las' week was nothin' but some bad jive, brotha" said Cross. "We ain't gonna go out like that again. Ta'night we gonna finish what we started and it ain't gonna be about backin' up words. Ta'night gonna be about stayin' silent and let our fists do all the talkin' for us!"

"That's right, man" said Hood. "A lotta people don't think we can hang as the tag team champions. Tonight, we gonna go show The House and The Order why two men from the streets of Brooklyn belong and how The Rebellion truly handles business."

Le Bon looked at the remaining members of The Rebellion.

"I sure as hope that comes true because look around you. This is all we have left. We need to make everything count. We need to come together like never before. At Unlimited, I will erase tonighit's embarrassment and defeat Jesse Ramey, capturing the World Championship. When I do, we make Damien Lee's life.. as well as the lives of the entirety of the jOlt roster... an absolute living hell!" said Le Bon.

Le Bon held out his fist. The others joined in as Le Bon looked at them all.

"Here and now I will declare... The Rebellion will NOT DIE"

The others nodded as the scene faded to black.

"The Birth of a Hyrda"

There was a different air emanating from within the Inogami Clan Chamber Hall as a lulling murmur that swelled within. Clan subordinates from the top down were seen and heard sharing their respective views under hushed tones. An unexpected vacancy, among other dire matters, have set forth a level of shared uncertainty when the clan chamber hall was heard opening. In short order, the remaining echelon of clan hierarchy, were seen entering the room; all sporting a shared stoic demeanor that led the populous to snap into attention. Eiji Kugasari was seen leading the charge with Mamoru, Heido,Shoji & Takeshi respectively. The Crimson Elite were breifly seen ensuring the security and privacy of the clan chamber hall as the clan’s highest ranking officers quietly presented themselves before their gathered peers.

“Konnichiwa, brethren...” Eiji opened. “As many of you have learned, this promotion has undergone numerous changes virtually overnight in many instances. However, many of you know the main reason as to why this meeting has been called...and with this in mind, your suspicious have been confirmed; Lord Kenshiro is no longer with us...physically...”

The assembly of ninja clansmen were overheard clambering before being abruptly muted by the extended hand, raised by the Blood Raven.

“We have yet to ascertain the primary reasons for his departure...However, his absence will not deter this clan from its ultimate goals of promotional dominance and longevity.”

The former jOlt Champion would begin his gradual descent from the elevated platform as he continued onward.

“As the new leader of this clan, overstand that I will not do this alone...” Eiji made mention while nonchalantly setting the focus on his fellow officers behind him. Both Heido & Mamoru were seen nodding subtly to themselves as Kugasari continued. “We have much to do and adjust to in the coming days ahead yet we will continue to do this as a cohesive unit; from the lowest individual to myself and my fellow officers, we shall usher in a new era for this clan...”

Eiji would draw silent for a few moments to assess the clan’s reactions before slowly walking up the raised platform and stopping at the top step.

“Report to your clan officers and await for further instructions.” Kugasari mentioned to bring the impromptu meeting to a close. The subordinates would begin reclaiming their footing before Eiji turned his attention back towards his peers. The Mute Mountain Splitter was the first to gently plant his massive hand atop Eiji’s right shoulder followed by a subtle nod.

“Well, that was subtle as it was to the point...” Heido opened.

“It suited its purpose.” Mamoru replied. “You would have lost a great deal of trust among the others with a prolonged review of the glaringly obvious. I believe Lord Kenshiro made a solid choice for his replacement yet expect for our collective resolve to be tested by many and soon.”

“My sentiments exactly, Mamoru.” The Blood Raven replied. “The ‘changing of the guard’ in any regime leaves many a clan or organization open to be compromised. However, we are not like other clans for it is my personal belief that Lord Kenshiro has placed the advantage into our favor...”

“Now is a grand opportunity to crush our enemies under the guise of weakened state...” Shoji interjected yet Eiji extended a stern index finger towards the Hokota Holocaust.

“Now is not the time to squander this opportunity with reckless abandon, brother Shoji.” Eiji replied. “Once we have our people fully invested into the revised vision of this clan, our clan’s dominance of this promotion is all but inevitable. However, as I have stated earlier, I cannot do this alone. With all due respect to Lord Kenshiro’s behalf, his respective brand of leadership came with its fair share of ‘troubles’ by leaving him susceptible to precisioned attacks on not just all of us but himself as well. However, I have a many ideas that will aid us in reclaiming our promotional bearings...”

“Patience; Eiji...” Mamoru rebutted. “I, for 1, await the direction of this new regime.:

“As do I..” Heido replied with Takeshi nodding with subtle confidence.

“I owe your debt of gratitude, Brother Eiji...” Shoji mentioned. “You stood up for me to Lord Kenshiro so without question, you have my unwavering support.”

"Thank you, brethren." Eiji replied with an air of reassurance.

"Who among us are set to represent our clan this evening?" Mamoru inquired.

"I managed to ensure that we resolve this issue amongst ourselves this evening first and foremost." Kugasari replied. "Given the dramatic nature of this promotional realignment and a hint of political persuasion, we should be well prepared the following week."

Both Heido & Takeshi looked at one another and nodded with approval as both Shoji & Mamoru mirrored similar actions, leading Eiji to extend his fist forward for a call of clan officer unity.

"Let us take what is rightfully ours..." Mamoru mentioned with a wry smirk.

The quintet of clan officers were seen offering a brief sign of clan solidarity amongst each other before disseminating the marching orders to the lesser subordinates awaiting in the wings...

Cross the Hood(c) vs Adam Roebuck & Takeshi

After getting themselves disqualified against both The Crimson Order at Wired and The House last week, jOlt CEO Damien Lee was making The Rebellion members defend their jOlt Tag Team Championships once again. Only this time, because they’d screwed over both teams, he thought it only fair to give them each a shot. He chose a member of each team of The Crimson Order and The House. The bigger halves of each respective team were the three-hundred twenty-pound Takeshi and the four-hundred and sixty-pound “Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck.

Five Finger Death Punch’s “House of the Rising Sun” played next. The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive pop from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of card toward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the large Nevada-bred three time former jOlt Tag Team Champion appeared from the backstage area. The rare singles match was coming up for Adam Roebuck as he walked to the ring with his focus on the large hill to climb.

“Coming to the ring, they are the challengers … representing The House ...Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada and ...Weighting in at four-hundred sixty-seven pounds … ADAM ROEBUCK!!!”

The burly Roebuck lumbered his way down the ramp and nonchalantly held his hand out for fans to slap. Roebuck stormed his way up the ring steps and passed through the ropes to stand tall in the ring. He waited impatiently for his tag team partner.

The gathered legions would soon rally behind the playing of ‘Heavy Metal Machine’ - Cliff Lin as the hulking titan sauntered forward through the billowing strobe lit overcast. The Mute Mountain Splitter calmly popped both sets of knuckles before and raising them overhead...

“...and his tag team partner; representing The Inogami Clan...Hailing from the Okayama Prefecture of Ibara, Japan...Weighting in at 320 pounds...TAKESHI!!!”

The man who Roebuck bestowed the derisive nickname Whispers climbed into the ring next and if looks could kill, Adam Roebuck would have dropped dead in the middle of the ring. Roebuck had some words for him while Takeshi stood upright and glared at his opponent. They were two of the biggest men in jOlt, but they weren’t going to have the same synergy they had with their own respective partners. Could they put their differences aside long enough to become unlikely Tag Team Champions?

“Ready to Go” by Dave Whitaker played and a violent downpour of negative crowd heat would flood the Arena of Champions’ vast interior as the jOltvision screens began streaming edited glimpses of Gotham and its unsavory representatives executing their unforgiving brawling style with their unfortunate opposition before the arrogant duo sauntered out from backstage, nodding to their theme music. A musical ode that paid homage to their infamous stomping grounds warranted a mutual nod as their obnoxious antics added more fuel to the fire...

“Weighting in at a total combined weight of 496 pounds...Representing The Rebellion...From Brooklyn, New York...They are the jOlt Wrestling World Tag Team Champions...The team of JACKSON CROSS...and MACHIDA HOOD...and they are... CROSS!! THE!! HOOD!!!”

They were bucking tradition by coming out first, but this was their choice. Machida Hood and Jackson Cross wore their respected tag titles around their necks as they approached the ring. They looked a bit cockier at the threat of this challenge tonight knowing that they may not effectively get along. They couldn’t overlook the big size differential, but Cross The Hood had been perhaps one of The Hype’s most heralded tag teams. They’d be champions since last October and going strong so they could still pull out a big win tonight.

“I’ve got this, Whispers, just fucking sit there and wait your turn,” Roebuck snarled.

The bell rang and right there, Machida Hood launched a big attack on The Las Vegas Leviathan with a big series of right hands in an early attempt to stun the big giant. Roebuck swatted him away, but Hood came right back at him, trying to soften up the big man with a series of jabs and body shots. The blows only seemed to faze Roebuck somewhat and that gave Hood an opening to try and whip him across the ring.

Not a smart idea.

Roebuck stayed in place and gnashed his teeth at Hood before whipping him fiercely into the ropes and nearly decapitating him with a big clothesline on the way back. Jackson Cross cringed as the fans in attendance cheered for The Las Vegas Leviathan and The Mute Mountain to pull out something of a miracle to win the jOlt Tag Team Championships tonight.

A headbutt sent Machida Hood into the corner and he was hurt in a bad way now, but the oncoming train that was Roebuck got worse for him when he splattered him with a clothesline in the corner. He pulled him out and grabbed him in his arms before dropping him across his knee. Hood was hurt but the landing was only gonna get worse …


The crowd cheered when Roebuck tossed him with a fall away slam across the ring. Hood went flying far, but Roebuck didn’t let him get far enough to avoid getting pinned.



A kickout from Machida kept the upset from happening, but Roebuck stayed on him like a lion on a wounded gazelle. Hood was bullied right into the closest neutral corner with a shrug and got floored with a big running corner splash. He grabbed Machida and casually tossed him to the ground then headed off the ropes to drop a violent elbow right into his heart!

Machida gapsed for air after it was taken from his lungs, so Roebuck muscled him back into the corner. He was about to go for another big move, but that’s when Takeshi tagged himself in. Roebuck angrily glared at Takeshi, but he let it go, remembering his partner’s words. Cross The Hood couldn’t be allowed to have the belts any more no matter the cost.

Takeshi nodded at he and Roebuck to do a double team and much to his credit, they did just that as they both launched Machida Hood across the ring. He came back only to get mowed right over a double shoulder tackle from both giants. Somewhere, Diamond Jewelz was using his weather app to check the temperature again to see if Hell had frozen over as Takeshi and Roebuck were showing something of a basic, if not effective competency as a team.

Takeshi buried a hand right into the defenseless Machida’s chest and swatted away at him with a series of palm strikes to disorient his opponent. Takeshi led him to the other side of the ring via an irish whip and he charged right at him, but somehow Machida was able to move at the last second, sending Takeshi careening into the corner. He was hurt so Machida got a running start off the ropes, but he underestimated Takeshi’s recuperative abilities…


He caught him with an overhead throwing press and brought the two-hundred fifty pounder down with relative ease into a powerslam! Things didn’t look good for the Rebellion members when Takeshi tried to secure a pin and the titles.



Jackson Cross acted as the savior and dropped a leg into the back of Takeshi’s head to break up the fall. The glancing blow was more than enough for Machida to roll away and make the quick tag out to Jackson Cross. The Brooklyn fighter approached Takeshi and threw some quick shots to the head of his larger opponent, but they seemed to make Takeshi angrier. Cross doubled him over with a kick and followed up with a knee to the face before he jumped up and dropped the big Mute Mountain with a sharp jumping neckbreaker. Now was Cross’s chance to win the match for he and his tag partner.



But Takeshi spoiled that by kicking his massive shoulder off. Hood threw some driving forearms into the head of Takeshi and then headed off the ropes to deliver a stomp to the side of his head to keep him down. Cross made the tag to Machida and he climbed up to the top rope and waited for Takeshi to stand. When he did just that, he flew off the top …


The diving European uppercut smacked Takeshi right under the chin and he dropped to the mat which gave the larger half of Cross The Hood a chance to end things again.



And a big kickout by Takeshi again.

Takeshi had a lot of fight left in him, but Cross The Hood finally had control of the match so it was tiem for their specialty. Cutting the ring in half and using quick tags was the name of this game. Jackson Cross entered the ring again and Machida Hood watched as his partner ran the ropes. He jumped right into his arms in the powerbomb position and Cross was dropped down in senton fashion right across Takeshi’s chest. The wind got knocked out of him as Machida cleared the ring to allow the groggy Cross a chance to try and pin Takeshi again.



This time, Roebuck climbed into the ring and broke things up, but got a little impatient as he slugged Jackson Cross with a kick. Cross was hurt, but the official reprimanded The Big Bucks sending him back to the corner again. After the Tag Team Champion took a quick few seconds to recover, he reached over and stomped away on Takeshi before trying to get the Mute Mountain to a knee. He threw some elbows to his jaw and headed for the ropes to gain speed for a big attack …


Takeshi threw him up in the air this time and much like Machida Hood’s earlier displeasure, now Cross had his turn getting thrown in the air to get whacked in the face with an elbow smash on the way down. The crowd cheered after the incredible counter as Takeshi finally got back to his full height to get back to the ropes …


Roebuck powerfully slapped the shoulder of Takeshi and tagged himself in again against his partner’s wishes. Takeshi eyeballed The Big Bucks for his sudden surge of power, but he yelled at him to get back to the corner. As that went on and the referee tried to break up an argument between the two, Machida Hood snuck into the ring and grabbed Cross to get his punch drunk partner back over to his corner. He tagged in when the referee saw it, but Roebuck was ready.

He clobbered him in the side of the head with a big time clothesline as Roebuck fed off the energy of the crowd. They slugged him again with a second running clothesline almost like he was trying to take Machida Hood’s head clean off his shoulders.

“Get the fuck up!”

Roebuck picked him up by his neck and slammed him down with a big shot to the face that sent Hood careening into the corner. Roebuck slowly stomped towards one side of the ring …


jOlt’s largest backside collided with the ribcage of Machida Hood with a running hip attack and now Cross was sucking in air. Adam Roebuck grabbed him out of the corner and goozled him before he dropped Machida Hood with a menacing chokeslam! Roebuck and Takeshi were closing in on the tag team titles…



But Jackson Cross managed to drop an elbow over Roebuck’s head to break up the move in the nick of time! Roebuck stood up to his full height as Takeshi climbed into the ring. Roebuck tried to grab him by the back of the neck, but Hood moved only to eat a huge spear from Takeshi!

The move was clearly meant for Jackson Cross getting involved in the proceedings, but he caught his massive partner by accident! Roebuck was on the ground sucking in wind while Takeshi realized his error and tried to charge at Cross, only for Cross to pull the ropes down and send him flying out to the floor. Cross turned around, but amazingly Takeshi got right back up and pulled him by his legs, dragging him to the floor.

The referee was ordering him back to his corner, but in the middle of the melee, Jackson Cross procured a pair of brass knuckles from his trunks. When Roebuck tried to sit up after the spear, but Cross sucker-punched him behind the referee’s back! Roebuck was still up, so he socked him with a second uppercut and finally put Roebuck on his back!




It took a major miscommunication between the two giants, but by hook or by crook, Jackson Cross and Machida Hood had escaped through the skin of their teeth to retain the jOlt Tag Team Titles!

Takeshi heard the bell ring and turned around as Jackson Cross tried to sneak away from him to rejoin his tag partner in the squared circle. He realized in horror what just happened as Cross put the brass knuckles back in his pocket. The two raised the Tag Team Titles in the air…

But they weren’t going to celebrate for too long because both Derrick Huber and Heido, the partners of both of those men, had come down to the ring to get them some of Cross The Hood. Jackson and Machida ditched separate sides of the ring as Heido and Huber entered, watching the Tag Team Champions sneak away again!

“We’re better than the both of you combined!” Cross laughed.

STILL Tag Team Champions!” Hood shouted.

The two were about to leave but then they heard a voice that they didn’t want to hear.

“Hey … Machida, Jackson … up here, fellas …”

The voice belonged to Damien Lee! On the jOlt Vision, the CEO of the company shook his head in what looked like utter disgust.

“Now this is professional wrestling, not the NFL so there’s no such thing as an instant replay rule. Unfortunately, while the referee didn’t see what you two just did to win with those brass knuckles you’re packing … these fans saw it. More to my point, I saw it too.”

Cross The Hood looked up at Damien Lee while in the ring, a pissed-off Roebuck was seated up, holding his head and cussing out Takeshi.

“If you want to run around calling yourself the best Tag Team Champions that jOlt has ever had, then you’ll need to prove it. And since you blatantly screwed over Mr. Roebuck and Takeshi, I find it only fair that their partners get to earn a chance to make amends. Jackson Cross, since your partner there likes to use brass knuckles, it’s only fair that you get volunteered for this opportunity. Next week, Jackson Cross … you’ll be taking on the team of Heido and Derrick Huber in a two-on-one Handicap match!”

Jackson Cross’s jaw just dropped! In the ring, Huber and Heido could not hide their elation. For everything Cross The Hood had done to get themselves the belts and then out of title defenses, it was high time for some redemption.

“Here’s the deal … I still have no tag team match scheduled for Unlimited and despite this setback tonight, both The House and The Crimson Order deserve a rightful rematch, so I’ll make that fair for everybody. Jackson Cross, if you can defeat the team of Heido and Derrick Huber next week, then both The House and The Crimson Order will not earn another title shot as long as you are the champions!”

Cross turned around and smirked at Heido and Huber, watching them panic at the announcement, but Lee wasn’t done.

“However, if either man pins you in that match … then their team earns the Tag Team Title match at Unlimited.”

Machida Hood and Jackson Cross both protested this turn of events as the screen faded, but now a big handicap match was to take place. The House and The Crimson Order shared tense glances between each other as Cross The Hood left, frustrated with this new turn of events.

If Heido and Huber could turn on each other like Roebuck and Takeshi did, then Cross could be rid of their major challengers in one fell swoop. However, if Cross could not defeat Huber and Heido, their time as the Tag Team Champions may be coming to a close.

Winner: Cross the Hood via Pinfall

"Dropping Bombshells"

The Starlets Champion, Raevynn, was walking around backstage arm in arm with her boyfriend, Sebastian Saje. He was a man that was instrumental in helping her win the title from Charlotte and retaining it last week over Amber Ryann.

“You know that I love seeing you happy, right?” Saje said.

“I’m glad,” Raevynn in a sickeningly cheerful tone. “You wanna get out of here and have some fun somewhere else?”

“Last I checked, I’m a red-blooded male … so yeah, let’s do that. I’m gonna go grab my stuff and I’ll meet you outside.”

Saje sported a sly grin and patted her on her backside playfully before he walked off down the hall and disappeared out of sight. Raevynn was about to head to the women’s locker room when Dawn Cassidy walked from the opposite side.

“Dawn, what the hell do you want?” Raevynn said directly.

“I just wanted to get a few words regarding your title defense last week against “Dragonfly” Amber Ryann,” Dawn said.

“Oh, you mean the deserter that ran off to Legacy of Champions after I kicked her ass last week? Sure, we can talk about her. If you want your scoop, here it is, Dawn …”

Raevynn tapped the title.

“Sarah Winterton is deluded and calls herself Queen of the Starlets when she doesn’t realize that I’ve got the keys to the kingdom now. That multi-colored freak can run away and cry in LoC because this title isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It will only be a matter of time before The Rebellion holds all the titles in jOlt and I’ll be its shining example of what being a title holder means.”

“Now what about your upcoming defense at Unlimited against the previous titleholder, Charlotte? Charlotte did pin you at Wired.”

“That was a tag team match and it meant nothing to me! Her husband and his friend lost their titles on three separate occasions. Does she think she impresses me by being a two-time title holder? That means she’s lost this title twice and I’m one of the two women that has had that pleasure of taking it from her. She’s never beaten me when it counted and she never will. When I’m done with her, she can go run over to LoC and join her friend, Amber in their Bombshell division or whatever they’re calling it …”

She was cut off when a hand hauled off and decked her right in the mouth! Charlotte heard enough from her Unlimited opponent and she continued to wail on her with ferocious right hands. Dawn cleared the scene while four members of security approached her and tried to haul the Vegas Vixen of her. They managed to get her away from Raevynn, but not before Charlotte had parting words for the champion.

“There’s a bombshell for you, bitch!”

Charlotte spat at her feet just as security forced her away. Raevynn held the side of her face in pain and laid on the floor with a scowl across her face. She'd just been assaulted as payback for costing Charlotte her match last week against Tammy Lynn Foster last week and if things weren't personal before they sure were now.

"Sometimes Words Aren't Necessary"

At Wired, a heated battle took place between two of the marquee members of the Starlet Division between jOlt’s longest-reigning Starlet Champion Sarah Winterton and Callie “Scrapper” Scott. After Callie had defeated Winterton twice, Sarah got her revenge at Wired in an Underground Rules match using his signature pink sparkly brass knuckles. And in a few moments, we would get a few words from Winterton on that victory.

“Ladies and gentlemen… please welcome the personal assistant to “The Queen of the Starlets” Sarah Winterton… DESTA!”

The crowd booed as on the stage appeared the portly and loyal Smithers to Sarah’s Mister Burns. The portly woman in the drab black dress and black blouse was greeted with hatred from the fans.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I hope that you all had a lovely holiday! In the year 2015, I would like to introduce to you a woman who DEFEATED Callie “Scrapper” Scott, thus making her two and zero in Starlet Underground matches… please welcome YOUR QUEEN of the Starlets and the woman who will revolutionize the division in 2015 just like she did in 2014… SARAH WHITNEY WINTERTON!”

“Pageant (instrumental)” by Moi Dis Moix.

The enchanting music played and out came the Queen herself for the first time in 2015. Wearing the most gorgeous purple-sequined dress, a comically large golden scepter and a golden crown on her head, the deluded, but highly-talented Queen walked towards the ring with Desta holding up her dress the whole way down.


The chants did nothing to deter her good mood after finally defeating her rival from the last quarter of 2014. She approached the ring and waited impatiently as Desta ran up the steps and held the ropes open for her queen. The longest-reigning jOlt Starlet Champion climbed into the ring and raised her hands for all to see. The boos got louder and louder, but the music stopped as Desta handed the microphone to Winterton.

With a bright smile on her face and a big grin, she was ready to give the fans an earful about her big victory to end the year 2014. The Queen was ready to speak…


“Octane” by Burnos.


She didn’t even get word one out of her mouth! Also making her first appearance in the New Year, Callie “Scrapper” Scott was making a beeline for the ring. She wasn’t going to give the Queen time to gloat about her subjects or Desta or how good she looked or some dumb shit… she had been laid out with her brass knuckles and now she was out for blood!

Callie slid into the ring, but Desta was there with her massive purse trying to swing it at Callie. All that got was a STIFF Elbow to the face for her trouble! Winterton angrily shook her head and rushed right at her by swinging her own scepter at her…


When Sarah Winterton turned around, The Queen of the Starlets cocked her fist back…


The Superwoman Punch DROPPED The Queen and laid her right the hell out! For the fans that knew her, Callie wasn’t too much of a talker and was more of a woman of action… but there was no more action than that of laying out Sarah Winterton before she could come out and gloat like the utter d-bad that she was!

Callie looked around at the bodies strewn about and started to leave the ring almost as quickly as she came, taking in the happy reception from the crowd! She headed back up the ramp and was about to head out of sight…


Callie Scott had just been blasted from behind with a nasty Forearm to the back of her head… courtesy of Tammy Lynn Foster! These two also wrestled a match right before Wired where Callie Scott defeated the Blonde Bomber only to attack her after the match, leaving her easy pickings for Sarah Winterton. She picked up Callie and THREW The Scrapper head-first into the nearby ring post!

Winterton was just coming around inside the ring, holding her jaw in pain as Tammy Lynn Foster climbed inside, seemingly to help the Queen up. Winterton looked down at the fallen Callie on the outside…



But Winterton also ate a nasty shot from Tammy Lynn Foster! Foster told the fans earlier that after her big win over Charlotte last week, she was out for number one and everybody else were just obstacles…


The extra-nasty Gory Neckbreaker laid out Sarah Winterton! Never did Sarah think that her coming out to gloat would end with her getting knocked out not once, but twice! However that’s exactly what happened!

Tammy Lynn Foster made a HUGE statement in two weeks in the Starlets division. She beat the Queen-pin of the division in Charlotte Huber last week and now laid out another former champion and one of its top contenders. The crowd booed Foster as she left the ring and headed towards the back, making a massive statement here tonight

"Full Cavity Search"

...........(7:00 p.m. Eastern Time While the event Is starting)...........

Diamond, sits alone in a small, dimly, lit, room with one light shining overhead, sans Them M’fn Goons and totally absent of the usual plethora of twinkling and glistening lights that usually shines from the leader of the gOlden bOy promotions jewelry ensemble because he is without his jewelry due to the TSA checkpoint he had to pass through earlier..… DJ looks completely naked without his bling. Jewelz looks almost to be a different man… A total stranger..Jewelz wears a frown of indifference in the interrogation room… Diamond kicks the table sending it crashing across the room… He gets up and begins to pace..

“What the fuck is going on… I mean, I know Muslim terrorism is a big deal, but shit, I ain’t got time for this shit… Why you let Gully and Samuel Go??? I don't think my nigga related to Al Arwaqui...” Diamond says aloud to himself..

Suddenly, 4 bodies come through the door.. Only one of them steps forward to the leader of gOlden bOy promotions; it’s the blond haired McNamara we saw earlier!!! He sits down with a stone faced resilience... Jewelz continues to pace...

“We have reason to believe that you Mr. Farra and Samuels had planned today to bring explosives into the airport in association with the Hebdo attacks in Paris.. Which would explain the strong distraction you guys created there at the gate with the jewelry..” As Jewelz is pacing in the background he stops..

“Paris??? We the wrong ballin ass niggas yo.. That’s Kanye and them niggas you looking for.. They the niggas that be in Paris.. Didn’t you hear the song”

McNamara is unmoved by Jewelz’s statement… He slides a folder across to Jewelz… Jewelz continues to pace neglecting to take a look and in his anger and impatience with the situation...

“Have a seat Mr. Jewelz… Or have you changed your name recently to Muhammad or Al Shabazz..” Jewelz comes foward and wipes the folder off the desk and gets in McNamara’s face.

“I ain’t no terrorist.. I ain’t even no Arab bro… That’s Gully, or Farra or whatever you wanna call him You got nothing on me!!!”

McNamara continues to stare at Jewelz right in his eyes… He’s unmoved by the aggression of Mr. Relentless… McNamara gestures to the men behind him…

“Well why did we find these in your bag…”

McNamara hands a bag full of items to Jewelz.. Jewelz is all the more thoroughly confused and begins to empty them out on the table and sift through them… Jewelz stops pacing and looks on the table in awe before charging and pouring out the contents of the bag.

“What the fuck..” Jewelz screams out....

On the table lies some books, one with an Eifel tower, a clip of bullets, and some wires that look like they might belong to some explosive devices..

“What the fuck.. this shit ain’t mine.. Gully was the one carrying the bags.. Why ain’t you asking that nigga shit...”

“He’s not here to ask… Who’s are these then!!! Cause the bag had your name on it.” McNamara slams his hand on the table getting face to face with the clinched teethed Jewelz...…”

“What you mean Gully's not here.. he was just with me.. We came together... U dun remember Dougie Howser?? Shit if I know.. I ain’t even handle the bags bro… Like I said that was Gully. Ask him’

“I can’t….Mr. Farra and Mr. Samuels were able to board the flight without incidence… They’re gone… The bag had your name on it.. We watched the tape.. You’re now the lone suspect..”

“Listen… Gully, I mean Mr. Farra handed the bags to the asian bag guy outside… He had a badge and everything… It said TSA on it… I saw it... Ol boy took the bags and we went on about our business…” McNamara continues to peer into Jewelz’s eyes… Jewelz is shaken.. One of the booklets reads “Jihadists Cookbook.. Another Un Jour a Paris”,

“There is no bag guy..” McNamara slams his hand on the table.. Jewelz’s mouth quivers in fear.. Not at McNamara but at the possibility of missing his match… DJ bites his lip in fear after taking a look at the clock in the corner... It's 7 eastern.. Intense has started. How will he get out of this in time in order to make it to Miami..

“Well.. that’s bullshit... That’s not what I wanted to hear… We’ll be detaining you until we can conduct a full cavity search.

“What!!!” Jewelz screams… “I’mma miss my match tonight.. And I dun even have my grill in.. I know it was hella balling and all.. What you need to do a..” Jewelz slams his hand on the table.. Suddenly, the mind that was clouded a plethora of thoughts and a haze of anger is now clear as day..…”..

“Wait a minute cavity search.. You gotta be kidding… “ Diamond screams...

The men in the background step forward revealing plastic gloves on their hands.. Diamonds mouth begins to quiver in confusion...He holds his hands on his head…..

“We’re going to need you to strip…”.

Jewelz drops to his knees, with his hands clasping his dreads

“I’ve been sabotaged… I been setup... It was that bitch Ruby I know it..I’mma miss my match.. She’s gone to far” Jewelz proclaims on his knees in anger. .

“Remove your clothes please… McNamara demands!!”


Jesse Ramey vs Diamond Jewelz

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Dean Carrington stood center of the ring to begin announcing the competitors for tonight’s main event. “The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a twenty minute time limit and will be contested under Jolt wrestling rules. Both the Relentless Championship and the Jolt Championship will be on the line!”

The crowd buzzed at the sound two championships being on the line tonight when “I’m Not Alright” by Shinedown hit the fans with the vibrations of sound waves echoing throughout. The arena was plunged into darkness as a montage of memorable moments from reigning Jolt Champion etched across the Jolt Vision and the Anti-Star slowly emerged from the backstage area making his way to the center stage.

The fans in attendance all rejoiced at the silhouette in the darkness that they knew was their champion, then Ramey threw both hands up pointing in opposite directions as towering plumes of pearl and gold sparks began to emerge from the entrance ramp in both directions and the lights finally queued back up causing the fans in the arena to go even more crazy at the sight of a smiling Ramey with both hands still raised in the air.

The Anti-Star stood for a brief moment just soaking in the crowd, before he began darting toward the ring with the energy of a twenty year old who has just stepped foot inside of an arena for the first time in his career.

“Making his way to the ring,” Carrington began his introduction, “weighing in tonight at two hundred and five pounds and hailing from Harts, West Virginia; HE IS THE REIGNING AND DEFENDING JOLT CHAMPION, “THE ANTI-STAR” JESSE RAMEY!”

Ramey slid into the ring, under the bottom rope on his left hip and then quickly bounced back to his feet in the middle of the ring. The Anti-Star pulled the Jolt Championship from around his waist and clasped it one hand. The champion made his way to the ropes, placed one foot on the middle rope, and then placed his other foot on the top rope. Ramey flung the Jolt Championship up into the air with one arm, while holding his balance with the other as the fans in the arena only continued to grow in their chanting before Ramey bounced back into the center of the ring off of the ropes.

The Anti-Star made his way over to senior referee, and the official for the match, Mike Hunt. He placed the Jolt Championship in Hunt’s hands and then made his way over to his corner. Hunt raised the Jolt Championship up into the air with both hands before then making his way over and slipping it through the ropes to be placed at the time keeper’s table.

Ramey bounced back and forth in his corner as his music died down and only continued to smile at the crowd on hand who were showing him continuous love and admiration. The only problem was that no other music cued up within the arena. Several moments passed, while a conversation began taking place between Mike Hunt and Dean Carrington within the ring itself. The champion made his way over to hear what was being said, and a look of disgust crossed his face.

Hunt threw his hands up in the air in disdain as Dean Carrington made his way to the center of the ring.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” As Carrington started to speak; the fans in attendance began to boo as they knew what was going to come out of his mouth. “It is with great displeasure that I must announce the title versus title match scheduled for tonight’s main event will not happen. Officials have searched the backstage and surrounding areas and the Relentless Champion is nowhere to be found.”

The Anti-Star made his way to Carrington, and looked to be politely asking for the microphone. Carrington obliged and handed the champion the mic. Carrington stepped aside leaving Ramey the center stage.

“Typical,” that one word shot waves of cheering through the crowd, “I honestly didn’t expect anything less after Damien Lee’s announcement earlier this evening. Jewelz, you like to run your mouth, but when it comes time to put up or shut up, you run like a scalded dog with his tail tucked firmly between his legs.”

“That being said,” Ramey continued, “I’m not standing out here tonight for my own health! These people were promised a championship match and I’m not leaving until they get one!”

Ramey’s shouting, emphatic nature and willingness to defend the Jolt Championship only continued to produce cheering from the crowd.

“Diamond Jewelz may be a coward, but I’m sure someone in that backstage area is man enough to step up to the plate and give these fans what they expected to see tonight. I don’t care who it is, the first man to step through those curtains and saunter their way down to this ring tonight gets a chance to become the Jolt Champion!”

The Anti-Star tossed the microphone back into the waiting arms of Dean Carrington and made his way back to his corner where he looked more pumped than ever. After several moments of silence within the arena “Original Fire” by Audioslave began to blast throughout the arena and from the backstage area fully decked out in his wrestling attire with the Hype Championship adorning his waist, was none other than Brian Williams.

Williams stood at the top of the entrance stage for a moment, microphone swinging from his hand. The music slowly died down and he brought the microphone to his lips.

“Peitro Geist made a name for himself when he took his opportunity to win a slot on the Jolt main roster by dethroning Derecho as the Underground Champion.” The fans gave a very mixed reaction to that statement, “I respect you Ramey, but tonight I’m trumping everything Geist did by cashing in my chance and taking a step further than Geist did by going from being the Hype Champion to the Jolt Champion!”

Williams dropped his microphone as “Original Fire” began to play throughout the arena once more. Carrington and Hunt both looked at Ramey, who only nodded and that made things official.

“And the challenger,” Carrington continued his introduction, “weighing in tonight at two hundred and forty-seven pounds and hailing from Houston, Texas; HE IS THE HYPE CHAMPION, BRIAN WILLIAMS!”

With his job now official done until the end of the match Carrington exited the ring, while on the opposing side Williams was making his way into the ring. Williams quickly unlatched his Hype Championship handing it to Mike Hunt, who then walked it over in the same fashion as the Jolt Championship to be placed at the time keepers table.

The fans may not be getting the title versus title match they were originally slated to get as the main event of the evening, but they looked to be getting ready to see one hell of a fight between the old guard of professional wrestling going head to head with the new guard of professional wrestling.

Jesse Ramey(c) vs Brian Williams

Mike Hunt signaled for the bell and the start of the match, and then slowly backed away from the center of the ring.


The Anti-Star quickly rushed his bigger opponent catching him off guard with a flying forearm smash that sent the Hype Champion staggering back into a corner. Ramey continued the assault in the corner with several stiff forearm shots, then perched himself straddling Williams on the middle rope. The Jolt Champion began smashing closed fists down across the top of Williams’ head.

The Student of the Game finally having enough placed both palms on Ramey’s chest and pushed him off of the ropes. The Anti-Star landed on his back, but was quickly to back roll back up to his feet. The Hype Champion quickly shook out the cobwebs and rushed from the corner trying to catch his opponent with a clothesline attempt, but Ramey ducked under attempt and popped back up and around as quickly as Williams could get turned around as well.

The Anti-Star caught Williams in the gut with a stiff kick causing the Hype Champion to double over. Ramey grabbed hold of Williams’ arm and attempt to whip him off into the ropes, but the Hype Champion proved to be the stronger man as he planted his feet to stop the attempt. Ramey yanked at Williams’ arm one more time to attempt to whip him off into the ropes, but Williams planted his feet once more, only this time he yanked Ramey back toward him and caught him huge left arm clothesline with his heavily taped arm.

The Jolt Champion’s head bounced off of the mats and Williams knew he needed to seize on this opportunity. The Hype Champion dropped to his knees behind the fallen Ramey and wrapped him up in a dragon sleeper. The Anti-Star struggled, but it was too late and Williams was able to lock the hold in tight. Hunt dropped to one knee to keep an eye on Ramey to make sure he didn’t tap; he also ran his hand between Ramey’s neck and William’s arm to make sure that Williams wasn’t cutting complete airflow from Ramey’s throat.

With no clear view for any reason to break the hold, Hunt scooted away from the men and watched intensely to see what would happen next. Knowing he was in the free and clear with the hold Williams leaned back tightening his grip on the move and putting more pressure on the lower and upper back of the Jolt champion as well as his neck. The leverage the Hype champion was trying to create actually played against him as the veteran Ramey was able to get a little footing.

The Jolt champion was able to push his way back to his feet, but Williams was not ready to give an inch on grip he had tightly fastened around Ramey’s neck and arm. Ramey grabbed hold of the back of Williams’ neck with his own free arm, and in an instant he was able to use his core strength to lift himself up and flipped over Williams’ head. On the way down the Anti-Star kept his arm locked around William’s neck and planted him in the center of the ring with a fallout reverse DDT.

Ramey rolled to a seated position and watched as Williams began rolling onto his stomach. The Jolt champion took long enough to catch his breath, then jumped back to his feet and rushed toward the ropes. Ramey came back through and caught the crawling Hype champion directly in the face with a falling dropkick. Williams twisted onto his back in the center of the ring, and the Jolt champion quickly jumped on top his prone body, hooking the leg in the pin attempt.




Williams shoved Ramey up and off of his body, breaking the count. The Anti-Star rolled to his knees and looked at the Hype champion for a moment before jumping back to his feet and rushed toward the ropes. Williams was ready this time though, he wasn’t going to be caught off guard. As Ramey came back through for the approach Williams jumped back to his feet caught Ramey around the waist and dropped him down to the mats hard with a swinging slide slam.

With the Jolt champion down in the middle of the ring, Williams knew this was his opportunity to shine. He quickly made his way back to his feet, grabbed Ramey by the arm and leg and pulled him close to the nearest turnbuckle. Williams then stepped through the ropes and onto the apron; he then began slowly making his way up to the top turnbuckle post. Williams slowly stood finding his perch and then in an instant leapt from the turnbuckle, flipping, and crashing down on top of Ramey’s prone body with a swanton bomb.


Not caring where he was in the ring, Williams struggled about to go for the pin attempt on Ramey. He was even keen enough to hook the leg for leverage.



The count suddenly stopped and a look of confusion crossed the face of the Hype champion. Hunt stood to his feet and the fans within the confines of the arena were all cheering. The count had stopped because the Jolt champion’s hand was grasped tightly around the bottom rope. The younger star looked frustrated that the veteran was able to get his hand on the rope. Williams quickly yanked Ramey back to his feet, pulled him to the center of the ring, and shoved his head between his legs.

Williams let out a primal scream as he went to lock his hands between Ramey’s legs, when the Anti-Star lifted his shoulders and sent Williams tumbling over. Williams quickly made his way back to his feet, only to receive a kick to the mid-section. Ramey then scooped up Williams and dropped him down to the mat hard with his variation of the brainbuster.


The fans in the arena went into hysterics at the sight of the Jolt champion hitting his finisher. The Anti-Star crawled on top of the Hype champion’s now lifeless body, and pulled his leg up for leverage.




Shinedown began to blast throughout the arena once again. The fans in the arena were going ballistic as Ramey slowly came back to his feet. Hunt raised Ramey’s arm in victory and then made his way over to the edge of the ring where a stagehand was handing him the Jolt championship through the ropes. Hunt made his way back to Ramey and handed him the belt.

The Anti-star made his way to the nearest turnbuckle, where he climbed to the middle rope, and in both hands he lifted the Jolt championship high into the air for all of the fans to see.


Ramey turned dropping from the turnbuckle and now standing in the middle of the ring with his hand resting on the back of his neck was Williams with his Hype championship in hand. Ramey walked over to Williams, and the audience came close to a hush until Ramey extended his hand. Williams looked down at the hand, and took his hand from the back of his neck and embraced the Jolt champion in a handshake.

The fans in the arena all began to cheer again as Ramey turned and lifted Williams arm in the air and the scene slowly faded out on the iNtense logo.

Winner: Jesse Ramey via Pinfall