"Welcome to iNtense"

Darkness fades to gritty sepia when the opening piano of "Warriors" by PelleK (Imagine Dragons Cover) hits. We see image of an empty jOlt Arena filling with people in time lapse

The screen then explodes into full color when the drums and song kick in!

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

(In sync with music) We see scenes of action and images of current superstars Pietro Geist, Eiji Kugasari, Jeremy Ryan, Diamond Jewelz, Sarah Winterton, Charlotte, Jon Le Bon, The House, The Heirs of Wrestling, Raevynn, and Sebastian Saje!

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

We continue to see images of action as the intrustmental continues to the very end...

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

We see Diamond Jewelz posing with Them MF'n Goons, The Rebellion standing tall in the middle of the ring, Mack Brody hitting the Gold Rush on Omega, Pietro Geist and Jeremy Ryan brawling, a shot of Kayden Paulton cracking a genuine smile, Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

With the final pulsing beats of the song, we see Jesse Ramey striking a pose on the top turnbuckle with the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship around his waist!

The scene flashes back into the arena where the song starts again, but in his complete form, starting with Verse 1 of the lyrics. The camera pans around the jOlt Arena in Miami, FL as a splendid display of fireworks goes off on the main stage and above the ring. The set is a giant jOltvision with the N logo for iNtnese sitting to the left and to the right of the big jOltvision. The N itself is a massive red light that is illuminated. Above the jOltvision is a pseudo semi-circle steel structure that houses a curved screen that will be used to display a wrestler's name above it while their entrance video plays below on the jOltvision. On the stage itself, to the left and right of the entrance ramp are two more small, elongated mini screens which will display the wrestler's brand logo on them when they make their way out... unless they hold a title. Then it will display their championship belt on the left and the name of the title on the right!

The fans were buzzing with electricity as iNtense officially begins!

"We Could Wait or...."

The video footage and the pyro had come to an end; the camera began panning around the jOlt Arena as the fans within were going crazy for the start of another sure to be action packed iNtense.
br> “I’m Not Alright” by Shinedown began to blast throughout the arena and the excited buzz within the arena turned to that of overjoyed cheering. The Jolt Champion made his way from the backstage area, the night was only beginning and the Anti-Star was already dressed for action. It was evident by his attire that when he said he was going to be a fighting champion he meant exactly that. The only strange thing about the evening was the ascot that was draped around the neck of the Anti-Star. (HI COLIN!)

The Anti-Star stood at the top of the entrance ramp, while his video package played on the big screen behind him, Jolt Championship resting on his shoulder. Ramey took in the adoration from the crowd for a moment before then making his way down toward the ring. Dean Carrington did not reside within the ring though, so the fans knew he wasn’t coming out here this early on for a match. He may have been looking for a fight, but that time would not occur now, at least maybe not.

Before making his way into the ring though, the Anti-Star took the time to make his way around the ring giving the fans within arm’s reach high fives. The Jolt Champion finally made his way over to the time keeper’s area, grabbed a microphone, and rolled into the ring. The Anti-Star made his way to the center of the ring, and waited for the crowd to slowly die down.

“Last week there were a lot of promises made,” Ramey began, “a lot of promises that couldn’t be lived up to. The Relentless Champion made a lot of promises that his rear end just couldn’t cash.”

The fans all began to boo at the idea of the match they were cheated out of the previous week.

“I know, and I can definitely understand your dissatisfaction, but did any of you honestly expect that match to happen? I knew what I was getting into when I suggested that match. Diamond Jewelz is more talk than he is anything else and when Damien Lee evened the playing field by announcing at the beginning of the show last week that Jewelz would not be able to enforce his gOlden bOy rules during our match it was a guarantee that he would not show up for a fight with me.”

“Despite all of that, so far, I can say that I’ve done exactly as I said I would and given you exactly what you deserve. I want to stand here this evening and give props to the current Hype Champion, Brian Williams, for stepping up to the plate last week and allowing me to help give the people exactly what they deserve.”

Ramey stood with the microphone lowered as the fans continued to cheer; when they began to settle down he brought the microphone back to his lips.

“With that all said, done, and out of the way. Now we can move on to the future. As far as I know there aren’t any plans for the Jolt championship to be defended tonight or next week. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to step up to the challenge before Unlimited if anyone makes their way out from that backstage area and challenges me for the belt though. However, while I don’t have that to presently worry about I think it’s time to finally address the elephant in the room, my challenger for the belt at Unlimited, Jon Le Bon.”

Before Ramey even had a chance to address the Le Bon situation, “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash began to blast throughout the arena and the number one contender made his way out onto the entrance ramp with a microphone in hand. Le Bon stood at the top of the entrance ramp and a smirk crossed his face as the fans continued to boo his presence.

"Ramey, Ramey, Ramey" said Le Bon

Le Bon smirked

"You talk about moving on to the future, but I have some unfortunate news concerning your future. You see, I'm going to carry The Rebellion on my back as the new jOlt World Heavyweight Champion. You are nothing more than a transitional champion at best.. and when I capture your title, I will lead you to a future where you will no longer have that pretty little piece of gold around your waist."

“That’s really funny Jon,” Ramey pretended to laugh inside of the ring, “the Rebellion is crumbling at your feet and you seriously think you stand a chance against me going into Unlimited. It doesn’t even matter that your little faction is falling apart either, because you know, the stipulation that was put in place for our match. You know the one where if any of the remaining members of your group interfere in the match you automatically lose the match?”

"The Rebellion isn't crumbling... it's getting stronger. We were too big for our own good. If Sayber and Seraph want to leave.. that's fine. If Nate Quartermaine wants to leave, well.. he's going to have to go through hell to do so. I will see to that personally. Sometimes strength in numbers means smaller numbers... a focused assault. The mere fact that they are banned from ringside at Unlimited is trvial at best. I will be more than happy to prove that to you here later tonight... that is... unless you're not a man of your word about being a fighting champion." said Le Bon

“I say why wait until later? If you want a fight get your rear end down to this ring right now!”

Ramey tossed the Jolt championship down to the mat and waited ready to fight in the center of the ring while Le Bon began making his way down to the ring. It was at this point that the big screen sparked to life, with the irate face of Damien Lee on it.

“STOP!” Lee shouted, “While I’m sure the fans in attendance this evening would love to see the brawl that is about to ensue, it’s not going to happen like that. I have control of this company and if you two want to fight I’m not going to make you wait until Unlimited, but you’re not going one on one either.”

Le Bon stopped midway down the entrance ramp, while Ramey looked a little confused inside of the ring.

“This evening in the main event we’re going to see Jesse Ramey and Pietro Geist in one corner going up against the team of Jon Le Bon and the Underground champion, Omega. Now, you two get to the backstage area and prepare for your match!”

Le Bon began back treading up the entrance ramp waving at the champion with his pinky and a smile on his face as Shinedown began blasting throughout the arena once again. The Anti-Star grabbed his Jolt championship from the canvas, and as soon as Le Bon was out of sight Ramey exited the ring and began making his way to the backstage area. Once they were gone, Lee brought the microphone to his lips.

"While I'm out here... speaking of that main event... right before it happens, I will be back out here to make my major announcement! I'm sure you fans are going to love it! For now... enjoy iNtense!"

Lee made his exit as the people cheered.

"Bush League"

“Man, it’s taking these motherfuckers all day to roll in….” The leaves ruffle slightly as faint whispers are heard in plentiful green bushes outside of the jOlt Arena backstage parking lot…

“I think I’m catching a cramp…” A completely distinct set of whispers is heard…

“You really need to shut the fuck up my nigga.. You the reason we on this bullshit, bush league duty right now anyway… Damn these motherfucking bushes making me itch!!” The first set of whispers is heard again.. The bushes ruffle with every word...

“It ain’t my fault big homie got caught up at the airport last week…” The other set of whispers responds as the bushes ruffle with every word…

“My nigga then who’s is it? If you wasn’t a suspected terrorist, Big Homie wouldn’t have missed his match last week Sadaam!!”

From the conversation, it is now clear that the men in the bushes are in fact Them M’fn Goons, Latrell Samuel and Khalil Straightgully...

“Sighhh…. Ehh… Let’s move closer to the doorway… We kind of far away… We need to get ready to ambush these niggas..” whispers Gully.

“We ain’t moving shit till Big Homie say do shit!!! Your big ass just worried about that cramp pussy... He should be calling….” Samuel fires back

Rinngggggllle Linnggg Linggg… The default Sprint, monotone ringtone plays.

“Hurry up and answer that shit… ‘Fo our cover is blown” Gully demands to ruffling bushes.

Rinngggggllle Linnggg Linggg… The default Sprint, monotone ringtone blasts again.

“Shut up Aladdin…What’s gonna blow our cover is your big ass continuing to ruffle these bushes!!” Latrell jabs,

“Ehh… This motherfucking cramp is deadly I’m telling you” Khalil fires back ruffling the bushes..

“Be still….. Yeah Big Homie…. ” Latrell finally answers the phone. By the rank of Big Homie, the man on the other end is undoubtedly Diamond Jewelz, the sergeant of gOlden bOy promotions.

“Pronto Big Homie, We Know You Got Eyes On Us… But Where U At… ”

A set of black binoculaurs peaks out of the bushes… In the distance, the lights of a black Exbihition truck with dark tints blinks twice… Out of the bushes, a black gloved hands gives a thumbs up...

“My fault Big Homie… I know I shouldn’t have given away the position with those binoculars… We got eyes on you Big Homie..”

Latrell’s whisperings pause…

“Yeah, That’s Aladdin… He say he gotta cramp…. He gonna quit ruffling the bushes.. Yeah… We gonna destroy on sight… We got you big homie… We Owe You.. Oh yeahh... Do we have permission to move closer to the door?


"Aight cool... Let's move Gully.."

Subsequently the bushes begin to move slowly according to the orders of their sergeant, and bizarrely it should be said, with two pairs of Nike Jordan's underneath them closer to the door and settle, not moving an inch.

Sarah Winterton vs Tammy Lynn Foster

Last week, Sarah Winterton made her own return to jOlt programming only to get whacked upside the head by her rival in 2014, Callie “Scrapper” Scott wanting revenge for being cheated out of a win at Wired. However, before the two ladies could pick up where they left off, a surprise appearance by Tammy Lynn Foster spelt certain doom for both ladies. The powerhouse manhandled The Scrapper on on the outside and when Winterton thought she had an ally, all she got was a Trailer Hitch for her trouble. Tammy Lynn Foster had already defeated one of the most dominant Starlets two weeks ago in Charlotte. If she could defeat the longest-reigning Starlet Champion tonight, that would be icing on the fucking cake.*

“The following match is a Starlets division match set for one fall!” Dean Carrington announced. “Introducing at this time, the personal assistant and ring announcer for Sarah Winterton… DESTA!”

You know what time it is.*

The fans in Miami started all of their jeering as the portly and annoying Desta came out on the ramp and looked unhappy to be there.*

“Ladies and gentlemen, please stand up and cheer at the appropriate volume for YOUR QUEEN… a woman that will be giving that redneck piece of trailer-trolleying trash the… ugh.. the THRASHING that she deserves! Applause, you simpletons for SARAH JANE WHITNEY WINTERTON!”

"Pageant (Instrumental)" by Moi Dix Mois.

The Queen of the Starlets stepped out from the backstage area with a rather smug look on her face. Clips from last week’s embarrassing little display of Callie Scott had her laughing. Winterton stood atop the entrance ramp and gazed down at the ring at her competition for the evening. She was about to approach the ring and stepped inside while Desta clapped on approvingly of her boss. Winterton entered the ring and took the microphone from Desta.

“Cut my music, please!”

The music faded out quickly as Sarah Winterton tried to hush the crowd with a wave of her hand. When they did no such thing, Desta shouted into the microphone again.



The Queen of the Starlets shook her head and fumed.

“Tammy Lynn Foster, you DARED to put your hands on me?! ME?! Do you have any idea who I am, you little whelp? I am QUEEN of the Starlets! For nearly NINE months, I ruled that division with an iron fist and made it worth something that people like Charlotte The Harlott and that pasty little shyster, Raevynn try to ruin. I’ve beaten the biggest and the best, my darling and I’m afraid that you are neither.”

The crowd was growing restless as Sarah Winterton pointed her large scepter at the legions of fans.*

“I am DEMANDING that you get out here now and take the thrashing that you deserve like a proper lady… something your booze-soaked, low IQ-having, no-manners-of-any-kind backside would know nothing about!”

The heated and angry Winterton was stomping around the ring and tossed the microphone away as she waited for her roughneck of an opponent.

“Redneck Woman” by Gretchen Wilson.

The music played amidst a sea of jeers and anger as The Blonde Bomber herself walked out from the back with a nasty scowl on her face. She was not happy with all the big words and insults being thrown at her and the double-tough Starlet approached the ring rapidly. When she got into the ring, Winterton went on the attack as Starlet referee Kim Adams called for the bell.


The usually technical Winterton was going postal on The Country Girl right at the onset! She pulled her up to her feet and let her have with a pair of European Uppercuts that sent the stronger TL backing up towards the corner.

“You will pay for your treason, wench!” Winterton cried out.

She pulled Tammy Lynn away from the corner quickly, but Tammy wasn’t having any of that shit and kneed her in the gut with a big shot. She straight-up PUNCHED Winterton in the stomach and backed her up towards the corner.

“You ain’t gonna talk down ta me, ya frilly little bitch…”

The Country Girl sent The Queen of the Starlets for the ride across the ring and was about to maul her with a Big Boot, but the Queen slid underneath her and landed back on her feet. When Tammy Lynn Foster turned, she was nearly taken out of her boots with a big Leg Lariat! The longest-reigning Starlet Champion rolled over and tried to pin Tammy Lynn early.



Barely a two when Tammy Lynn kicked out. An angry Winterton grabbed two handfuls of her opponent’s hair and tried to whip her into the nearest corner overlooking the timekeeper’s table. Foster reversed that and sent Winterton careening right into the corner. The bull-headed Tammy Lynn charged and was almost caught with a foot from Winterton, but she was no dummy despite what Sarah thought.*

She grabbed her by the leg and spun Winterton around until she was in a seated position between the ropes. From there, she FORCED her down the hard way with something of a modified Neckbreaker right over her knee! The crude but very effective maneuver put her down and Foster went in for the cover now.




The Queen of the Starlets kicked out, which allowed Desta to breathe a sigh of relief on the outside. It wasn’t for long though as Tammy Lynn clubbed Winterton with a few nasty forearm shots to the head. She then set her up in a seated position on the top rope, looking out to the audience before trying to maneuver Winterton into the Tree of Woe.*

Winterton’s neck was in pain, but she fired off a few elbows to the face of Foster to keep her from doing whatever she had planned. The Blonde Bomber was stunned and that allowed Winterton to launch an attack off the second rope, catching her right in the chest with a Front Missile Dropkick! Her usual tactics weren’t going to work against Foster, so she had to resort to keeping her off-kilter. She went in for a quick cover.




Foster kicked out a second time!*

Winterton slapped her hands angrily on the canvas before simply stomping away at the powerhouse until actually kicking her out to the floor. The Country Girl had her out on the floor and Winterton headed to the ring apron where Tammy Lynn Foster was trying to stand again. The Queen of the Starlets waited for the chance to strike and rushed at her, hitting a running kick right to the face!

Whether or not the fans liked Winterton, they were impressed by the viciousness on display by these two ladies. The Queen didn’t care for any of their opinions, though, as she stepped down to the floor to exercise more physicality against her larger opponent.*

When Winterton tried to pick her up by the hair, Tammy Lynn was groggy, but she fired back by shoving Winterton backwards and flying back-first into the apron! Sarah let out a groan of pain and writhed around cradling her back while a heated Tammy tried to take advantage again. She picked up Winterton and threw her back into the ring but when she got in and tried to pick up the former Starlet Champion, Winterton surprised her with The Captivating Pin, her take on a Schoolgirl pin!




Foster still powered out of that, but when Winterton tried to pop back up, Tammy Lynn caught her flush with a straight right to the face! The fans cringed from the blow as The Queen of the Starlets appeared to be out on her feet when Foster grabbed her by the back of the head…


Or several, as the case may be! She dropped Winterton and ragdolled her with not one, not two, but THREE Rolling German Suplexes that had her crawling on her back! After the third, Winterton was on her back and Tammy Lynn Foster rolled over to finish things off.




Winterton just scarcely managed to kick out of the trifecta of big moves, but Tammy Lynn may have had The Queen of the Starlets right where she wanted her. She crawled over and picked her up in the Powerbomb position…

She had her dead to rights and was looking for her finisher…


The crowd CHEERED because out of nowhere because Callie “Scrapper” Scott had run down to ringside and the former fighter NAILED her square in the jaw with her take on the Superwoman Punch! Tammy Lynn dropped The Queen of the Starlets and went down on the ground just as Kim Adams called for the bell.


Because of the attack, the win was going to go to Tammy Lynn Foster via disqualification, but this was no doubt payback for what Tammy Lynn had done to her last week with a sneak attack! Desta came to the aid of her employer and tried to help Winterton while Callie tapped her sparking skull and crossbones elbow pad. The fans knew what was coming next as Foster tried to stand…


The Sliding D Elbow had just knocked Tammy Lynn Foster out and the crowd was cheering the Washington native as she rose to her feet, looking down at The Blonde Bomber. Things were not square between the two since a match a few weeks back where Callie had defeated Foster only to get attacked after the match by both Winterton and Foster, but she got some payback tonight.*

Callie was about to leave the ring herself…


…Until Sarah Winterton SMACKED her in the back with her royal scepter! The crowd booed The Queen of the Starlets once more as she stood tall. Callie tried to stand up again when Winterton dropped the weapon. She crossed both of her arms and twisted her around to DROP her hard on the ground with her Spoiled Sweet Neckbreaker!*


The crowd was rabidly all over the Queen as she and Desta stood tall in the ring now, Winterton raising her scepter as her music played. Foster had won this match by disqualification, but now Winterton had the pleasure of standing over two of her recent enemies.*

Both ladies left the ring while Tammy Lynn Foster was laid out and Callie Scott cradled her side and her back in severe pain. Winterton smugly glanced at the ring.*

“I told you, darlings, neither of you are better than me!”

And with a statement like this, it was hard to argue. Nevertheless, with personalities like Callie and Tammy Lynn, this issue between these three ladies was not going to end tonight.

Winner: Tammy Lynn Foster via Disqualification

"Watch That First Step"

The camera panned to the parking garage of the building and caught a glimpse of a massive black SUV limo making its way in. The clamoring began in the arena as they wondered who exactly was coming to the show.

Said pimped out limo came to a complete stop near the entrance to the building. The driver made with the quickness and exited the limo before hurrying to the back. When he got there…


The crowd cheered as the little troublemaking rapscallion by the name of Ryan Gallway made his way out from the back and started to saunter in a HORRIBLE looking bright yellow zoot suit with black pinstripes, a blue scarf and a yellow hat with a pink feather in that bitch. Gallway smirked and looked at the plain-looking limo driver and spat at his feet, making him jump.

“Learn to fucking dress, son.”

Behind him, the crowd cheered some more as Frank Silver started to make his way out in a much more respectable-looking Hugo Boss suit of his own. Frank loved dressing to the nines when the situation warranted it and tonight, it warranted big-time. Their friend, Mack Brody, was in action tonight against the seemingly unconquerable Diamond Jewelz and his gOlden bOy challenge.

“It’s going to be a fight tonight!” Frank said. “That punkass, Jewelz, is probably going to have The Fucking Stupid Goons or whatever they’re called in his corner this week, so we’ve got Mack’s back. Did he say when he was going to get here?”

“Yeah,” Ryan checked his iPhone. “He just texted me, traffic’s a biya-biya so he’s going to be a few minutes late. He’s just down the road.”

“Good. He’s got us in his corner, we ain’t letting any of those ass-goblins pull a fast one on us… not tonight.”

The two nodded to the driver who was tired of entertaining their game of “Guess How Many Pretzels I Can Chuck At The Limo Driver” and he got his in car and drove out of sight as fast as he could. Frank and Ryan started to head into the building… but here’s the thing about irony…

Irony, being the cruel, cruel bitch that it was, wasn’t going to let that statement fly… however, a huge Khalil Straightgully and a chain-wrapped fist certainly WOULD be flying! Right when they stepped towards the door, they were ambushed. The attack revealed that the bushes Them M’fn Goons were hiding in were not a large prop, but instead a “Transformers” like uniform of sorts. The only thing that reveals that the bush is actually Gully is his green painted face….

Frank was caught right in the back, courtesy of Khalil, dropping him right to the ground! Ryan turned around and tried to help his friend, but out came Latrell Samuel, also in a matching full bush body armor. The two attacked Ryan Gallway like a pack of hungry wolves feasting on their prey!

Boots were flying in the parking lot courtesy of a sneak attack by Them M’fn Goons. Ryan tried to defend himself, but Latrell blasted him with several more vicious rights. To make matters worse, the Black Exbidhition truck of Diamond Jewelz begins to pull up. Diamond, once again this week, after being stripped of his jewelry and dignity last week, dons a plethora of jewelry pieces on his body. A devious smile reveals his pure gold grill..

“Hold him up yo!!!” Diamond commands his employees

Them M’fn Goons forced him up and Diamond, clinched the Relentless Title in one hand while he handed his coveted gOlden bOy Championship to Khalil.

“Hold this…”


He NAILED a stiff shot of the Relentless Title right between the eyes of Ryan Gallway, laying him out on the concrete! This was revenge not only for when the Heirs of Wrestling beat Them MF’N Goons last week, but a premeditated attack, meant to handicap Mack Brody tonight. Frank tried to stand again when Khalil picked him up and SLAMMED him viciously onto the hood of a nearby car!

Diamond Jewelz held his guys back now, taking the opportunity to survey the damage. If anything was bush league, this was it. He knelt down over the laid-out Frank and laughed.

“Where big Mack at!!!!” DJ grinned with his solid gold grill on tonight. “Ya’ll probably the motherfuckers who sabotaged me last week… I’mma smash that bitch Mack too.. Don’y worry!!”

Almost on command, his attack dogs departed the scene, but not before Latrell threw a wicked kick into the side of his rib cage for good measure! The Prince of Precision seethed in immense pain now as Diamond Jewelz and company entered the building.

Thanks to this attack, there was a very likely chance now that SuperMack was going into this match alone.

"The Assembly of Alpha Wolves"


The scene opened with a casual horizontal pan as the Kansai Crippler, set in the posture of seiza, would slowly turn his head toward the source of the disturbance. Visual confirmation would lead the clan field strategist to rise to his feet and begin his approach. A notable response was faintly overheard as the Blood Raven himself fell into view with both hands, set firmly behind his back. Standing to his immediate flanks were both Shoji & Mamoru.

“Forgive my interruption of your meditation yet this is an urgent matter that cannot wait any longer.” Eiji opened with a tone of muted ambition. Heido would turn his head toward the Mute Mountain Splitter and commanded his presence with a subtle nod, leading the lumbering titan to merge with the encircled clan brain trust.

“It is no trouble, brother Eiji.” Heido replied. “I understand the sense of urgency. What all do you require?”

“We know that Takeshi and yourself have been remarkably patient during this transition and that you must fulfill your ‘obligation’ with Huber in your Handicapped Match. It is imperative that after you settle that sorted business that we aid you in reclaiming control of this promotion’s Tag Team Division...”

Takeshi was seen nodding while cupping his Right hand and popping his knuckles with the focus of reclaiming their championship hardware and status as Heido formed a wry smirk that slowly faded.

The House & The Heirs, as well as the remainder of the would be contenders, are no doubt going to fight you both literally tooth and nail for those belts. Respectively, they are separate matters that will be addressed in their proper time yet The Rebellion...must be broken...with extreme prejudice...” Eiji ordered. “This regime will ensure that every enemy of this clan will be publically & personally ground to dust. Reclaiming those championship belts is a priority yet humiliating those paper champions is a shared necessity.”

Both Takeshi & Heido nodded with renewed ambition together with the 1st clan proclamation.

“And what of Le Bon?” Mamoru inquired.

“Leave him to me..” Kugasari replied. “However, I have a certain ’Beast’ standing in the way. He has been openly campaigning for a war...It’s only fitting that I oblige him...”

“Be mindful with ’The Beast of Bangor’” The elder statesman forewarned. “This individual is a human anomaly with unparalleled strength. It is imperative that you rely on your agility, cunning and instincts to ensure a favorable position against this one.”

“I will take that under heavy consideration, Mamoru.” Eiji mentioned with a brief nod. “Shoji; your devotion is will be rewarded. However, there is much improvement that is required on your part.”

The Hokota Holocaust subtly saluted his superior with reverence & gratitude.

“So now that we are on one accord...” Eiji ordered. “Send the word”...

Sayber & Seraph vs Michael Donavan & Sebastian Saje

cause. It is known that if you leave The Rebellion under unfavorable conditions that you would have to answer to them. That is exactly what this tag match was about. The Rebellion’s top two against their former enforcer and a man scorned by a broken promise.

“Machine” by Downstait

Out from the back first came Sebastian Saje, flanked by the jOlt Starlet Champion, and his girlfriend, Raevynn, as well as Michael Donavan. The trio headed down to the ring as the crowd booed them loudly. Raevynn gave Saje a kiss at ringside before Saje entered the ring. Donavan climbed in after Saje and the two didn’t even bother to strike any poses. They talked strategy in their corner as they awaited the arrival of their former stablemates.

“Sabertooth” by Yasuharu Takanishi

The crowd cheered loudly as Sayber stepped out from the backstage area. With each week that has gone by, his injuries from that hellacious match with Derecho at Wired seemed to disappear. Sayber waited at the top of the entrance ramp for his partner.

“Devil’s Dance” by Metallica

The former monster of The Hype.. the former enforcer of The Rebellion, “God’s War Machine” himself, Seraph stepped out from the backstage area with Shiloh by his side. The trio walked to the ring while Donavan and Saje continued to talk strategy. Sayber hopped up onto the ring apron and front flipped over the top rope for a flash entrance while Seraph simply climbed up and stepped over the top rope. Sayber said he could start this match… Michael Donavan would start for The Rebellion.

These two had the first ever five star match on The Hype… but many things have changed… will they try and best each other in competition again or would Donavan do whatever it took to harm Sayber? Those questions would be answered right now!




The two of them began to circle in the ring before they eventually locked up. Donavan with the side head lock, but Sayber quickly reversed it into a hammer lock. Donavan reached back and grabbed Sayber by the head and snapmared him over to a seated position. Donavan hauled off and kicked Sayber right between the shoulder blades. Donavan kicked him hard there again, but Sayber absorbed the kick and got back to his feet. Donavan rocked him with a big right hand, but Sayber pressed his forehead against Donavan and screamed at him to take another shot as those hits fired up Sayber! Donavan took the challenge and went for the big right hand, but Sayber blocked it and fired back one of his own. Sayber quickened the pace and rocked Donavan’s head back as he stumbled against the ropes. Sayber attempted the irish whip, but Donavan reversed it, sending Sayber across the ring.

Donavan tried a Tilt-o-Whirl Powerslam, but Sayber reversed it into a lucha-style arm drag, taking Donavan over! Donavan stood and Sayber put him down with a standing drop kick! Donavan rolled to the outside as Sayber stood and got the crowd behind him. Sayber charged the ropes and went for a suicide dive, but Donavan leapt up onto the ring apron to counter, but Sayber anticipated this and put the brakes on! He stopped short and rocked Donavan with a punch, knocking him back down off the apron. Sayber then vaulted himself over with a Cross Body Block and took out Michael Donavan at ringside!! Sayber quickly rolled back into the ring and dared Donavan to come back in as he sat up with a look of confusion on his face, as if he couldn’t believe this was happening to him!

Saje hopped off the ring apron and joined Donavan as they talked strategy all while keeping an eye on Sayber. Then the plan was put into motion as Saje and Donavan got up on the ring apron simultaneously. The referee walked over and scolded Saje, telling him to get back to his corner. This is when Raevynn slid into the ring behind Sayber and nailed a low blow! She quickly exited the ring and picked up her Starlet Championship, draping it over her shoulder like nothing happened! Saje walked back to his corner and the referee turned around, he saw Sayber down and couldn’t figure out what happened! Donavan came into the ring and pulled Sayber up. He laid a knee into Sayber’s stomach to double him over. He then hoisted Sayber up onto his shoulders with the fireman’s carry. He flipped Sayber over his shoulder, sitting out with a Powerbomb!


The impact was hellacious and Donavan held him down in that position for the cover.



Sayber popped the shoulder up!

Seraph reached over the ropes, looking for a tag, but Donavan shot a grin in his direction as he pulled Sayber up off the canvas. Donavan lit up Sayber’s chest with a knife edge chop. He hit a second, then a third before whipping Sayber off to the ropes. Donavan backed into the ropes as well for added momentum and the two collided in the middle of the ring where Donavan damn near kicked Sayber’s head off with a Running Big Boot to the face! Donavan stood with his back to Sayber and then wowed the crowd by hitting a Standing Moonsault called the Phantom Image! Not many 6’10” people can pull that move off and while Donavan’s was modified a bit for his height, the fact that he can pull that off is a testament to his athletic ability!

Donavan stood up and pulled Sayber over to the corner. Donavan held up his index finger, signaling that he was going for another one! Donavan climbed up to the very top turnbuckle pad and flipped off with a Top Rope variation of the Phantom Image Moonsault and it connected! Donavan hooked the leg with the cover.



Sayber kicked out again.

Donavan pulled Sayber up to his feet and walked over, tagging Sebastian Saje into the match. Saje came in and hit a series of knee lifts in the corner that dropped Sayber into a seated position. Saje then pressed his boot into Sayber’s throat, choking the life out of him while Raevynn applauded Saje’s efforts. The referee got to the count of four before Saje broke the hold, but as soon as it was broken, Saje went right back to work, pressing his boot against Sayber’s neck. Again, the referee counted to four before Saje broke it. Saje pulled Sayber up by the air, again drawing admonishment from the referee. Saje let loose with a knife edge chop as the referee yelled at Saje to get him out of the corner. Saje obliged as he walked Sayber to the ropes and whipped him across the ring. Saje leapt up and put Sayber down with a Drop Kick under the chin.

Saje looked over at the other corner and taunted Seraph, telling to come make the tag when Sayber was clearly on the opposite side of the ring. Saje simply laughed at Seraph as he lightly prodded Sayber’s head with his boot, taunting him to get back up. Sayber eventually got to all fours and this prompted Saje to hit the ropes. He came back and hit a kick to the ribs that even Stephon Gostkowski would be proud of. Saje took off to the ropes again and this time came back with a Running Seated Drop Kick, planting both boots into the side of Sayber’s head!

Saje stood and pointed down at Sayber, asking the crowd what they think of him now to a chorus of boos. Sayber reached up and grabbed the knee pads of Sebastian Saje as he tried to pull himself up.

“THAT’S IT! CRAWL! BEG ME FOR MERCY!” yelled Saje as Sayber tried to get to a vertical base. Just when Sayber was vertical, Saje unleashed a haymaker punch to the top of his head that caused Sayber to fall against the ropes. The ropes were the only thing keeping Sayber vertical at this point. Saje stepped in to deliver another punch, but Sayber countered with a back elbow! Saje staggered away and then charged Sayber, but Sayber used Saje’s momentum and stepped into him, wrapping his arm around his neck and planting him with the Uranage Slam…


Both Sayber and Saje were down. The crowd stamped their feet, shaking the jOlt Arena to its core. Sayber needed the tag badly and be began to crawl. Saje turned over and grabbed Sayber by the leg, but Sayber kicked away at Saje’s face and broke free! Sayber made a desperation leap to the corner and got the tag to Seraph! The crowd erupted as Saje stood and put his hands up to beg and plead Seraph not to do anything. Seraph stepped right up to Saje and Saje tried a sucker punch to Seraph, but even though the punch connected, it had no effect!

Seraph grabbed Saje with both hands, by the neck, and tossed him across the ring with a 2-Handed Choke variation of a Biel. Seraph then grabbed Michael Donavan and brought him into the ring the hard way! Donavan got up as Seraph grabbed Saje and whipped him into the corner and into Michael Donavan! Serpah got a running start and sandwiched the two of them with a Body Avalanche! Donavan slumped down into a seated position as Saje staggered forward. Seraph scooped up Saje and…


Saje bounced off of Donavan and Donavan looked dead after that! Seraph pulled Saje up to his feet because he wasn’t done with him yet. Seraph whipped Saje into the ropes and when he rebounded, Seraph popped him up into the air and as he fell, Seraph grabbed him by the head and slammed his knee straight into Saje’s face!!!


Saje landed in a knelt position as he flailed his arms to maintain his balance. Seraph took off to the ropes as Saje, on spaghetti legs, got to his feet. Perhaps it was a better idea to fall to the canvas because at full speed, Seraph leapt into the air at Saje and unleashed one of the most vicious double axe handles to the face we’ve seen!


Saje landed hard on the back of his neck after getting hit with that! He could be out cold as Seraph made the cover.



Donavan popped out of the corner and broke up the pin just in the knick of time!

Donavan pulled Seraph up to his feet and rocked him with a right hand, but Seraph fired a right hand back as well. Donavan fired another right, as did Seraph. The two of them exchanged blows in the middle of the ring until Seraph gained the upper hand, but that momentum was stopped by a knee to the stomach which doubled Seraph over. Donavan backed into the ropes as Saje staggered to his feet. Donavan hit the running Big Boot to Seraph which spun him around. Saje leapt up and brought both knees into Seraph’s face as he fell backwards, pulling Seraph down with him!


The referee scolded Donavan to get out of the ring as Saje made the cover, but Sayber had climbed up to the top turnbuckle pad.





Saje saw it a mile away and moved!! The pin was broken, but it caused Sayber to accidentally land the Shooting Star Press on his own partner! Sayber stood and couldn’t believe he screwed up, but among the confusion, Sebastian Saje took advantage by leaping up and hitting a single knee version of his finisher on Sayber…


Saje went back into the cover on Seraph, hooking the leg.



Thre.. NO!!!!


At ringside, Shiloh yells out for Seraph to rise! Seraph sat up and Saje had a panicked look on his face. Shiloh then gave the command to Seraph to deliver God’s Judgment! Seraph stood as Saje tired a forearm shot, but Serpah shrugged it off and grabbed Saje by the neck! He lifted him up and nailed the Sit-Out Chokeslam!!!


Seraph stood as Donavan came into the ring! Seraph grabbed him by the neck as well and delivered another Sit-Out Chokeslam!!!


Seraph let out a bestial roar as he wasn’t finished with The Rebellion. He grabbed Saje and Donavan by the their respective necks and he pulled both of them back to their feet. Seraph then showed off his insanely scary strength and nailed a Double Chokeslam on them both! Seraph then knelt down and placed a hand on each of their chests.




Seraph stood up victorious. He looked back at Shiloh who gave Seraph her approval by applauding. Sayber stood up and shook off the effects of the Lights Flicker. He went to apologize to Seraph for the miscommunication when Seraph grabbed Sayber by the neck as well!!! Shiloh got up on the apron yelling “NO! NO!”

Seraph looked back at Shiloh who told Seraph “His sins have been forgiven. Let him go!” Seraph then let Sayber go and exited the ring, stepping over the top rope. Shiloh rejoined Seraph at the bottom of the ramp as the two of them walked to the back side by side. Sayber stood there in the middle of the ring, holding his neck, confused as to what the hell just happened. The Rebellion regrouped at ringside when all of a sudden…


From behind, Jon Le Bon entered from the crowd and laid out Sayber from behind!! Le Bon mounted Sayber and opened up with heavy right hands. Saje and Donavan looked on from ringside as even they didn’t know that Le Bon was coming out. Le Bon continued to pummel away on Sayber until he was incapacitated. Le Bon then asked for a microphone from ringside and was granted one. He looked right at Saje and Donavan and scolded them.


“How is it that I could come in here and easily render a man helpless while the two of you combined can’t even do it yourselves!?” asked Le Bon as he turned and stomped down on Sayber.

“I expect better out of your two. This failure will not be tolerated. Which is why when I defeat Jesse Ramey at Unlimited, I will have to once again claim that I single-handedly brought The Rebellion to the pinnacle of jOlt Wrestling because you two certainly cannot be trusted with a task that important!”

“Maybe it’s because of your mouth that we don’t put forth the effort we’re capable of” said a voice.

Nate Quartermaine walked out from the backstage area and stared down at the ring at Le Bon. He then looked over at Saje and Donavan.

“This is exactly why I hate being part of The Rebellion. I know per the stipulation last week that I remain as one of you, but make no mistake… first chance I get to leave this sinking ship, I’m taking it. Michael… Sebastian… Raevynn. Why do you continue to follow this man? Why do you continue to do his bidding and then get berated when even the slightest thing doesn’t sway in his favor? Are you three that indebted to him? For what? For something that probably would have happened naturally at this point? You three were killing it on The Hype. Sure, Shayne Anderson was a complete and total asshat, but Damien Lee would have paid notice sooner or later and there’s no doubt in my mind we would all be here on iNtense today regardless, but yet, you took a shortcut and now you’re paying the price of taking that shortcut by listening to this piece of trash in the middle of the ring. Is that what you really want?”

“Hey… HEY! I’ve had just about enough of your disobedience. They’re indebted to me because I am the one who set them free from Shayne Anderson… I am the one who put them into the spotlight and gave them national exposure. They owe their jumpstarted careers to me… and so do you. You listen to me you ungrateful little bitch… I OWN YOU UNTIL I NO LONGER DESIRE YOUR SERVICES. Get that through your thick skull!”

Quartermaine shook his head.

“Nobody owns me but myself… which is why I talked to Damien Lee and he felt the same way which is why next week, I have a match.. where if I win that match.. I will get my freedom from The Rebellion. By the way.. that match… is against YOU!

Le Bon gritted his teeth as the crowd cheered.

“And… what’s left of The Rebellion… is banned from ringside.”

The people erupted even louder.

“I know I’m a little late in saying this, but since the event is still fresh in everyone’s minds…… Free at last, free at last! Thank God Almighty, I will soon be free at last!”

Quartermaine exited as Le Bon gripped the ropes in anger. He stormed out of the ring as Donavan, Raevynn, and Saje followed him up the ramp. The situation was turning uglier and uglier with each passing week for The Rebellion… with their only championships on the line at Unlimited and with the pressure on Le Bon to capture the world title.. this is the last thing The Rebellion needs. Even though he has this to deal with… Le Bon still had a tag match he had to deal with later tonight .

Winner: Seraph & Sayber via Pinfall


Damien Lee was going through this things in his office, handling some last-minute business that he needed to deal with. Filling out some paperwork. You know, stuff adults have to do.

…Well, he WAS trying to do paperwork, anyway, but being this is a wrestling promotion, there was a knock on the door.

“Oh, please let this be somebody coming to hand-deliver me a winning lottery ticket…”

Sadly, it was not that.

Even worse, it was “The Queen of the Starlets” Sarah Winterton being accompanied by her personal assistant, Desta. Damien Lee tried to hide his annoyance to little effect as he stood from his desk and extended a hand that both ladies shook.

“Ms. Winterton… Desta… to what do I own the…” he feigned a smile. “…Pleasure.”

Desta approached him first.

“My Queen has requested an audience with you, Mr. Lee, to inform you of certain developments that Lady Winterton wishes to discuss with you.”

“Uh-huh. And would those quote-unquote developments have to do with you requesting a title shot for a certain women’s championship here in jOlt?”

An elated smile crossed the face of The Queen of the Starlets while Desta nodded.

“Precisely! You know that my Queen deserves a title shot against the winner of Raevynn and Charlotte at Unlimited and now we are here to collect our bounty. That stipulation where Winterton could not challenge Charlotte as long as she was Starlet Champion expired when Raevynn won the championship. It is time that you… pony up, as the commoners would say.”

The CEO of jOlt took a second to take her demands under advisement.

“So, let me get this straight… you, Sarah Winterton LOST a match tonight against Tammy Lynn Foster due to disqualification… you used up all possible rematches against Charlotte… and you want me to just HAND you a title opportunity?”

Desta looked at Winterton and nodded again.

“That is PRECISELY it.”


When Desta was about to respond, Winterton jumped in front of her and scowled.


But, of course, Damien Lee was not going to back down.

“Raising your voice at me like a petulant child is going to get you nothing. However, you are correct… this issue between yourself, Callie Scott and Tammy Lynn Foster doesn’t appear to end, so I’m going to end it for the three of you…”

Winterton fumed while Damien Lee made his announcement.

“I’m making a match for Unlimited. It will be a triple threat match between yourself, Callie “Scrapper” Scott and Tammy Lynn Foster. The winner of that match is not only going to get a future Starlet Title shot, but the winner will challenge whoever holds the championship at Wrestlecade!”

The Queen of the Starlets shook her head before she resigned to a quiet snort.

“Fine, darling… I will play by your rules… but I’ll have you know that neither of these women can equal one of me! I’ve held more titles in jOlt Wrestling than those two have! They’ve held zero and I’ve had one long reign! One is greater than zero, in case you did not know. And I will prove that this one… no THE one in your Starlets division is greater than either of those zeroes! Desta, let us take our leave.”

Winterton and Desta both left the office, leaving Damien Lee alone. Thankfully.

"Anger Management"

The scene opened with several small pockets of backstage personnel clambering privately amongst themselves before an approaching disturbance down the hall sends ripples of apprehension abroad. Some hallway dissidents began heading to safety as Jeremy Ryan lumbered onward with a notable chip on his shoulder. One of the nubile employees made the mistake of turning into him and spilling his coffee on the burly bastard’s shirt. No words were spoken as the employed unknown remained frozen in fear as the muscular madman slowly raised his head and stared onward while radiating pent up rage.

“My shirt...” Ryan muttered.

The employee continues stammering incoherently which Ryan’s clenched fist kept the apologetic culprit from fleeing.

“My new...fucking...shirt...”

In one swift motion, jOlt’s Last Real Man snatched the promotional intern airborne and sent him crashing violently against the wall several feet away before landing head first inside a partially loaded trash can. The heavily dazed victim was briefly stirring before the embittered brawler ripped him off the floor, wildly scattering debris along the floor before soundly putting the intern through the erect table. Assorted snacks and refreshments were spilled all over the immediate area before dousing hot coffee along the middle aged man’s back. The man’s screams were music to his maniacal ears as he snatched off his ruined shirt and stood over the writhing victim.

GET UP, MOTHERFUCKER!!!” Ryan exclaimed while kicking the man hard against his backside. The rage ascended as Ryan relentlessly began whipping the ailing man with his shirt. “COME ON! GET THE FUCK UP....WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU GOING?!

The intern emitted a guttural scream as Ryan intentional pressed his foot atop his hand before forcibly ripping and treating the ruined business shirt off his back. Jeremy would grab his target by the back of his pants and drag him down the hallway where a small detail of jOlt Security were seen running toward him. The 1st sentry was quickly dispatched with a swift Back Body Drop, careening hard against the cold floor before a hard Right Hook across the Jaw spun the 2nd guard about to collapse atop one of the rollaway sound carts. The 3rd sought to tackle the burly beast yet was heavily dazed by a stiff Back Elbow, leading to a menacing Headbutt to the Face before a hard Forearm Shot across the Jaw leveled the muscular guard to allow him to continue dragging his prey further down the hall. Jeremy turned his head to the side briefly to project phlegm towards the fallen sentry when an abrupt Spinning Roundhouse Kick sent him stumbling backwards before nearly tripping over the battered intern.

The jOlt Arena faithful were overheard cheering as Eiji Kugasari floored the unrepentant brawler with the Flying Osprey - A Leaping Double Foot Stomp, allowing the new ninja clan general to begin unloading on his enemy with a barrage of alternating Mounted Open Palm Strikes. The pair would briefly roll along the floor, jockeying for control. Even rolling over the ailing intern, Ryan would angrily grab the ninja by the lapels and charged toward the distant wall. The hollow thud was heard where Jeremy hauled off with a Forearm Strike that missed and hit the painted brick wall, allowing Kugasari to connect with an Open Palm Uppercut followed by a Clenched Knee Strike to the Chin! Cupping his face, Jeremy began stumbling backwards where Eiji’s Front Kick drove his target’s lower back against the extended table yet Ryan snatched the pouncing ninja out of air and violently careened him against the wall before slamming him atop the table that wouldn’t give. The Beast From Bangor reared back as Eiji promptly rolled onto his side, leaving Ryan to punch a gaping hole through the wooden table. Left bicep deep through the obstruction, Ryan’s opposition swivled to his feet to begin unloading punches against his exposed rib cage.

On cue, the audience became a volatile mob in hindsight as a slew of jOlt backstage officials rushed the scene. Sweet, Sweet, Lovin’ were the 1st to help pry the young Puroresu expert off Ryan whom destroyed the table to free his arm yet was quickly apprehended by several jOlt Security muscle. Random obscenities were heard echoing throughout the cluttered hallway as cooler heads were desperately seeking to restore order...

Crowd: “FIGHT!!!! FIGHT!!!! FIGHT!!!! FIGHT!!!! FIGHT!!!! FIGHT!!!! FIGHT!!!! FIGHT!!!! FIGHT!!!! FIGHT!!!! FIGHT!!!! FIGHT!!!! FIGHT!!!! FIGHT!!!! ...

A measure of resistance was offered by the Eastern Seaboard Brawler before eventually being wrestled away from the scene with devoted support nearby. At the same token, Eiji shrugged off the restraints of the enlisted peacekeepers in order to watch his screaming enemy being pulled deeper into the arena’s interior. The scene would fade to black as the young ninja swept the bangs from his face before nodding with a arrogant smirk...


The obnoxious laughter that echoed down the halls grew louder to open the scene. Lewd humor would warrant a mixed reaction from the crowd as both Latrell Samuel & Khalil Straightgully leading the entourage into the secluded locker room. The camera would follow suit to unveil the lavish surroundings within; expensive linens to ‘complement’ gaudy decoration. The RingRats graduate was seen reaching for the remote as Khalil plopped himself in one of the plush couches on the opposing end of the room. The expensive flat screen television was flicked on to display an ongoing movie at hand....

“OH SHIT!” Latrel exclaimed while readjusting himself. “Training Day! Crank that shit up, nigga!”

The hired muscle were seen setting themselves in position throughout the room to attempt watch both the movie and the door. Khalil seemed slightly preoccupied with his female company.

“I love this movie!” The light skinned woman in a skin tight Purple dress mentioned as she scooted closer to Latrell whom would drape his arm over her.

“For real?” Samuel replied with a wry smile. “I got your ‘movie’ later on tonight...”

“Boy please..” She retorted playfully as she gently slapped him on his chest.
“Hey Keisha...” Khalil opened. “Make yourself useful and get your man some champagne.”

The lady got up without hesitation to comply with the request. Latrell was quick to motion to the returning woman.

“I need some in ‘my’ cup.” Latrell ordered. “And pour her’s in that Styrofoam cup.”

“Hey!” The lady pouted in protest. “I want some...”

“Nigga...Hell naw!” Samuel replied. “You can sip the champagne outta this DICK!”

The gregarious atmosphere flooded the room as the unsavory banter continued. The hired muscle were seen smirking with amusement while maintaining order. A subtle knock at the door would prompt the immediate focus on the door. Both Goonz would briefly stare at one another before motioning the plain clothed sentry to answer the door. The hatch opened which led to a few muffled words to be exchanged. The ladies were urged to have a seat as both Khalil & Latrell stood erect awaiting the results of the encounter. The sentry briefly pulled the door shut before reopening it to watch the delivery person make their egress down the hall before shutting the door.

“Who the fuck was that?” Khalil inquired.

“Some lame nigga with a letter.” The guard replied as he handed the envelope to Latrell. Khalil defiantly snatched it from his partner’s hand and tore it open. The facial expression led his peers to become curious of the letter. Latrell was seen taking a healthy sip of the contents in peace.


“Cheers?” Samuel repeated with a confused expression before handing his glass to his female company. “..The fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“Yo, Stacey” Khalil grunted with a slight scowl. “What else did that nigga say to you, man?”

“Shit; Not much” Stacey replied. “Just said this was a message for DJ.”

“He didn’t have anything else?” Khalil inquired. “What the fuck he look like?”

“Just some square looking Steve Harvey suit wearin’ ass nigga, G..” Stacey responded. “I don’t know. Nigga; do I look like CSI in this muthafucka?!”

The passionate exchange of words continued as Latrell’s laughter gradually become slurred. His ascent to his feet was slowly becoming chaotic in which the slurring of his peer’s words became evident. The resounding crash through the glass table led to an unconscious Samuel laying face first along the floor. The chorus of screams and masculine rage & confusion would flood the secluded locker room. Khalil Straightgully led the entourage to scramble with great hast for both the paramedics and answers. The scene would begin to fade to black as the card gently floated through the air and landed across the back of Samuel’s hand...

A question mark with a complementary Skull sans the jaw filled the screen entitled....
- T. V.

"gOlden bOy Invitational"

The ring crew heads out with various articles of gold and purple items in their hand, and a raucous mixture of boos and cheers breaks out in the arena; jOlt fans are stirring with excitement; they know what time it is: it’s time for the gOlden bOy Invitational. Diamond Jewelz, aka Mr. Relentless, missed his world title match with former tag partner Jesse Ramey last week due to an apparent case of sabotage at the airport, and it seems that jOlt’s “gOlden Boy” is out for revenge on whoever it is that double crossed him and made him miss what, in his mind, was sure was a ticket to jOlt’s most valuable prize, the World Heavyweight Title; afterall, Jesse Ramey has never defeated Diamond Jewelz in a match, and they’ve had 4 of them. 2 ending in no contests or time limit draws. Will Ruby Rock’s hitmen once again rear their ugly head? If H.O.W were the guys she hired, that answer is definately a no after the well, AM-BUSH, earlier by Jewelz and Them M’fn Goon in the parking lot: pun intended. Will Jesse Ramey push Mack Brody aside and answer the gOlden bOy Challenge and give jOlt fans the match they missed last week? World Champions answer the gOlden bOy challenge before! Why not again?

“gOlden bOy”, “gOlden bOy” chants break out in one area of the arena, and then, before they can be saturated into the entire crowd, “Walmart Jeweler”, “Walmart Jeweler” chants break out, silencing the former chants.

The chanting is a steady jostling of tug and war, back and forth, between the supporters and dissidents of the jeweler from Sin City, NV. As the back and forth between the crowd members perdure, the jOlt ring crew transforms the traditional iNtense ring aprons and turnbuckles into almost a completely different creation; as usual, the ring apron transforms into golden and purple; the turnbuckles are replaced with gOlden bOy promotions paddings.

“I’m Getting Money” by O.J. The Juiceman pumps into the arena as a sharp burst of excitement rips through the mixed-reaction crowd. O.G. Simpson sports a white suit and various articles of jewelry; his gold grill and greasy locks shine to the camera as he heads down to the ring. He finally makes his way in, and pulls a gOlden mic out of his pocket.

“Eastsideeeee… Westside stand up.. . It’s now time for the main attraction of the night…. The gOlden bOy Invitational.”, O.G. Simpson declares brazenly as a raucous mixed reaction from the crowd ensues.

“Introducing first.. He is mR. Twankle and Glisten… A champion of champions.. He’s that nigga Jesse Ramey ain’t wanna see last week…. .He’s the one, the only…’ That nigga….’Mr. ‘RiseandShine’ himself,” The cheers and boos escalate!

“‘Mr. West Coast’… ‘Mr Bling Bling’.. The first ever CERTIFIED jeweler in professional wrestling… He is thaaa… ‘gOlden bOy’...... Diamond Jewelz “

The bass rifts from “Gotta Take It” by Nipsey Hussle pulse into the arena as the crowd’s mixture of boos and cheers reaches a fever pitch. From behind the curtain, the baby oil laden, twinkling and glistening “gOlden” body of Diamond Jewelz emerges, his various articles of jewelry complementing the light that bounces off the baby oil smothered on his chest and abs; he wears his signature purple tights, knee pads and boots with his yellow #sOdAmnSerious logo on each; his body drips in the shine not only of baby oil, but also from the gold and silver of his jewelry, and the many numerous speckles of light that line them; chief among all his pieces of jewelry are his gaudy gOlden bOy and Relentless titles, which are each around this waist, the Relentless Title at the top of the showcase near Jewelz’s sternum.. Diamond Jewelz strikes his usual pose, clenching his custom DJ chain and and then flaunting his craftsmanship by tapping the titles around his waist..,,, Jewelz makes his way down to the ring and then procures the mic from O.G. Simpson.

“What’s good.. What’s good… You what time it is… HAHAAAHAAA!!!”

Jewelz proclaims, laughing arrogantly as the pure gOld in his grill shines brightly into the camera....

“Same fly ass gOlden bOy Time… Same fly ass gOlden bOy channel.. Same motherfucking fly ass gOlden bOy Invitational…”

Jewelz screams into the mic.

“Last week I was robbed, I was robbed of an opportunity to become, as far as I know, jOlt’s first ever Triple Crown Winner!!”

Jewelz nods his head in self assuring confidence as the majority of the jOlt arena cheers.

“And in the future, I will accomplish this feat… But tonight… Tonight.. That ain’t gonna stop my shine… Being a man of my word, I’mma not gonna handle first things first, and use this time to get the World Title Shot I so deserve… Nah… I’mma honor my word.. The promise I made… And like I stomped out the Hoes of Wrestling earlier…”

Boos emanate from the jOlt Arena due to Jewelz comments concerning the beloved Heirs of Wrestling…

“Like I stomped out them two goofy white boys earlier… I’mma stomp this big goofy motherfucker out too, and next week, next week Ramey I want my title shot, and my triple crown. Super Mack.. You Super Whack.. Get Your Ass Down Here..”

Immediately after Jewelz’s comments, Jewelz “customers” chant according to the lead of their sergeant.

“Super Whack”, “Super Whack”, “Super Whack”, “Super Whack”, “Super Whack”,“Super Whack.”

Diamond Jewelz(c) vs Mack Brody

Mack Brody had been waiting two weeks for this opportunity at Diamond Jewelz and his gOlden bOy Championship. What started out as nothing more than a mere vanity title had risen in status almost as an official title all its own. The belt had been defended against a who’s who of talent from Hype member “Picture Perfect” Jack Dawn all the way to jOlt Champions such as the current one Jesse Ramey and former champs such as Derecho, Landon Stevens and Aran Thompson. With a lot of scalps claimed in the name of both his Relentless Title and the gOlden bOy Championship, it seemed a nearly impossible task to overcome the odds to win the very belt that Diamond Jewelz prided almost more than any other now. Now it was only fitting that he now defend his title against the 300-pounder from The Heirs of Wrestling nicknamed Midas.

But to make matters much worse, Mack Brody was going it alone. His friend and stablemates, Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway, appeared a few minutes before Brody only to suffer from a vicious beatdown in the parking lot by Diamond Jewelz and Them MF’N Goons. Brody was seething backstage and now he would be facing the full force of Diamond Jewelz and his entourage. His own personal ring announcer, “The Juice” O.G. Simpson was taking the regular duties of Dean Carrington for this matchup with a fifteen-minute time limit.

“What You Know” by T.I.

Aye..aye..aye..aye..aye.. What you know about that? What you know about that? What you know about that?...

The Arena of Champions began rocking along with the bass heavy Southern anthem as a streaming collage, laden with the acquisitions of success & the array of destruction created by a hulking wrestling phenomenon. Brilliant flashes of Gold, Emerald & Pearl would dance along the entire entrance staging area and throughout the vast arena before the Bronze Bomber walked out from the back at a frenetic pace.

“And his opponent… making his way to the ring… from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 312 pounds… this is the man called SuperMack… MACK BRODY!

Brody was a man whose entrances were normally full of pomp and circumstance, but not tonight! Tonight, SuperMack was making a beeline towards the ring where Diamond Jewelz was ready and waiting…


The bell rang and The Jeweler was all over Brody like a hungry dog to a big t-bone steak. He floored the giant with a seemingly endless flurry of stomps to the head and tried to wear down the pissed-off big man as early as he could.

When Mack tried to sit up, Jewelz came right back with more kicks aimed at the face. He reeled off enough shots to back him up into the corner and then continued to hammer down more boots. He then put the boots to his throat and held it down on him for a few seconds until he backed off. Brody was down in the corner while the crowd responded to a gloating DJ with a mix of cheering and booing as his antics were entertaining, but there was that whole “colossally arrogant dickbag” thing working against him.

“Super Wack!!!! Super Whack!!!” He shouted to the crowd. “gOlden bOy!!! gOlden bOy!!!”

The Man of a Million Nicknames turned around…

…Only to stare at the ANGRY glare of one Mack Brody.

Before Diamond Jewelz could even think to try and talk any more trash, Brody goozled him by the throat with both hands and LOBBED the 230-pounder right into the corner! The only Double Champion (officially or unofficially depending on if you asked anybody other than Diamond Jewelz) was now being destroyed with a series of HARD repeating Clotheslines in the corner, trying not just to wear him down, but to punish him for his crimes against his friends earlier. Brody took off his shirt and wrapped it around the throat of Diamond Jewelz before he THREW the gOlden bOy Champion across the ring with a massive Biel Throw!

Simpson, watched on from the floor in shock as his emplyer was getting dismantled before his very eyes. He got in a few lucky shots at the start, but now things were all Mack so far. Jewelz tried to get up in the opposite corner where Brody was just waiting for him to stand. He got back to his feet again and when he turned around, the light at the end of the tunnel…


…In the words of Metallica, it was just a freight train heading his way! Diamond Jewelz was grabbed by the head and whipped cross-corner. He was barely in the corner for a few seconds when Brody repeated his attack and CRUSHED him in the corner a second time, courtesy of another Body Avalanche! Brody whipped him off the ropes now and when Jewelz came back, he ate a nasty Running Double Sledge to the face! Jewelz went down and Brody ran off the ropes before he came down with all 300 pounds across the chest with a big Running Splash! Brody kneeled over and went for the first cover of the match.



Despite all the punishment he’d taken early, it was barely a two-count. The gOlden bOy Champion was off to a rocky start so far. A seething SuperMack went to pick him up, but Diamond Jewelz tried to crawl away from his massive attacker and tried to head for higher ground. Unfortunately for him, Brody had already grabbed him by both legs and dragged him back to the center of the ring before Simpson reached in the ring to pull him out of harms way.

He may have been infringing on Derrick Huber with what he was about to do, but Brody mustered all the strength that he could and PULLED Jewelz up in the Wheelbarrow position before he started to spin him around, much to the delight of the crowd! He spun him around for about five rotations before slowing down. When Diamond Jewelz thought the ride was over... it was not. SuperMack THREW him up and over with a Wheelbarrow Suplex, sending him crashing to the mat hard!

“THAT WAS AWESOME!” Clap-Clap-ClapClapclap! “THAT WAS AWESOME!” Clap-Clap-ClapClapclap! “THAT WAS AWESOME!” Clap-Clap-ClapClapclap! “THAT WAS AWESOME!” Clap-Clap-ClapClapclap! That was a new one that he had been working on in his arsenal (read: Seth found this move in Dragon Gate the other day and unabashedly took it), showing SuperMack was no mere big man in the ring! He reached over and Brody went for the title!




Despite the beatings he was taking so far, Jewelz was still very much alive. Anything to keep his prized possession. Brody grabbed him by the head and picked him up before burying a knee to the top of his head. He threw Jewelz over the top rope and cocked a fist back. Khalil Straightgully, the last Goon remaining after Samuel was hospitalized earlier storms the ring. He was going for the Ten-Gun Salute when Khalil Straightgully came to the aid of his boss and grabbed him by the leg, pulling him out of harm’s way.


Jewelz may have had a case of whiplash, but that didn’t stop him from having a toothy grin on his face. His entourage could be the difference makers and keep Brody from his quest to become a singles champion in jOlt. SuperMack charged out to the floor and didn’t waste time trying to play around in the ring. He charged right at Khalil Straightgully and knocked him right over with a nasty Shoulder Block!

O.G. Simpson caught Brody’s attention to serve as a distraction. Brody turned around and SuperMack dared him to make a move, but the slight distraction was all that jOlt’s only Double Champion needed to catch him with a big Dropkick sending Mack Brody jettisoning forward into the ringpost!

The equalizer was all that Jewelz needed to catch the advantage again. He was sore from the early flurry from Brody, but he was able to capitalize as he managed to muscle big Brody to his feet. The Philly Powerhouse was slowly rolled underneath the bottom rope and back into the ring where Diamond Jewelz could capitalize. He stopped to dap fists with Khalil and then OG Simpson, but Latrell got no love since Mack had just run him over.

Inside the ring, Jewelz had jumped clear over the ropes and landed a Slingshot Somersault Leg Drop across the throat of Brody! He then rolled over and put a forearm in SuperMack’s face to try and keep him down.




The Bronze Bomber powered out, but Jewelz stayed on top of him and came back with the stomps again. He slammed some rights into Brody’s head, but Mack kept on coming and threw a pair of his own fists into the washboard abs of Diamond Jewelz. The crowd continued to hate and cheer Jewelz a bit as he clawed the eyes of Brody, stunning the big man in his tracks. He grabbed Brody in a headlock and JUMPED over the ropes in a show of athleticism, snapping Mack’s neck over the top rope with a big Hangman-style move!

Brody did not go down, but he fell to a knee and held his throat in pain while Diamond Jewelz positioned himself on the ring apron now. He was going for something big and as Mack tried to stand, The gOlden bOy Champion jumped to the top rope and floored Brody with a HUGE Springboard Missile Dropkick that was right on the button! Diamond Jewelz was looking mighty proud of himself now as he rolled over and yelled at Ian Nguyen.

“Ehh.. Make the count shrimp fried rice...!”




Brody kicked out again in the nick of time, but now Diamond Jewelz was looking great and in full control with all of his entourage hooting and hollering like a bunch of drunken frat boys. Mack still tried to get up off his knees when Jewelz caught him in the face. He landed two more shots and even threw in a Headbutt of all things to send Mack reeling back to the corner.

“Your little bitch friends ain’t gonna save you!”

The trash talk only incensed Brody to fight back again and he stunned Jewelz with a big right hook of his own! Mack teed off on him with one more, but Jewelz came back by going after the eye again with a thumb! He then rammed a few shoulders into the rib cage of Brody trying to wear down the big man.

After attacking him viciously in the corner, he tried to whip Brody but SuperMack sent him flying across the ring. He charged forward and ate nothing but the turnbuckle because Jewelz had moved and hit the ropes. When he came out of the corner, he charged right back at Mack when the Heir scooped him up over his shoulders…


Before he could complete the Argentine Backbreaker, Diamond Jewelz elbowed his way free and landed behind him in the corner. When Mack turned around, The gOlden bOy Champion found the proverbial golden opportunity…


One NASTY Busaiku Knee Kick right upside the head put Mack Brody down for the count! The crowd booed as Jewelz hurried over again and tried to close off his chances of winning the match.




Much to his shock, Mack Brody was still alive in this and raised a massive shoulder off the canvas, but Diamond Jewelz was staying one step ahead of him. He jumped on top of Mack and rained down with the right hands again as OG Simpson, Khalil and Latrell all cheered for their boss taking down SuperMack.

He started to call for the end as he slashed a thumb across his throat and flashed the most expensive smile that jOlt Wrestling had witnessed. He helped Brody to his feet again and twisted his arm around. He was going for another one of his key moves in the Lightning Spiral…


Brody shoved him out of the way and sent him flying into the ropes. When he came back, he was caught right in the arms of SuperMack and THROWN halfway across the ring with a powerful Overhead Bearhug Suplex!

Both men were done now and Mack Brody was hurt, but managed to turn things around. Jewelz’s entourage went from being pleased to full-on panic mode now as Brody tried to get back up to his feet. When neither man moved, Ian Nguyen counted.






Diamond Jewelz started to move first and was clutching the back of his head in pain from being dropped. Brody was right behind hi.



Both men were up now and Jewelz tried a swing, but Brody blocked that and returned fire with a Headbutt that sent him staggering backwards into the ropes. Jewelz tried again and The Philly Powerhouse blocked it, only to catch him with big right Clothesline that knocked him down to the mat!


He charged not at, but almost THROUGH Jewelz with a second Clothesline that knocked him over again. Jewelz stumbled around when Brody stood him up again. He doubled him over with a kick to the gut and then rushed off with a Running Knee Lift that tripped him around. When Brody kept on running, he came back with a HUGE explosive Shoulder Tackle that sent him flying backwards. Diamond Jewelz was down to the ring and on the ring apron when Brody forced him up and trapped his arms in the ropes…


But Latrell jumped on the apron again and tried to shove Jewelz out of harm’s way. Brody rocked him with a right hand and fired back again with some shots of his own…



That was a first for Mack Brody, landing the Ten-Gun Salute between two people, but now Diamond Jewelz had snuck into the ring behind him and rolled up SuperMack with a Schoolboy pin!




Brody kicked out, but Diamond Jewelz wasn’t finished with him yet and doubled Brody over with a kick to the head. SuperMack was kicked and then Jewelz tried to turn him around for a Neckbreaker when Brody turned around and clubbed him in the back to stun him. He scooped him up over his shoulder one way only to spin him around to the other shoulder and DROP him with a Front Powerslam! Now Brody was going to finish it!




Brody held up three fingers to the referee but Ian Nguyen was only flashing two. When he tried to force Jewelz back to his feet yet again when Jewelz went for a low kick. Brody spun him around, but the ultra-athletic Double Champion spun around full-rotation and nailed him square in the temple with a Dragon Whip kick!

Brody was down to a knee now when Jewelz headed up top. He tried to finish things off when SuperMack started to rise again. He jumped, looking for a Top Rope Blockbuster…


The crowd stood in amazement! The strength that it took for Brody to not only catch him, but hold him in the Suplex position was incredible, but Brody stumbled back a little only to run right into Ian Nguyen! Ian was knocked over by the big man who dumped him with a Stalling Suplex!

Now sitting upright, Brody was about ready to finish things when he noticed because of his incredible move, he nearly lost his balance and shellacked Ian Nguyen in the process! He turned over and tried to get him back up…

Straightgully, and Simpson, in the downed Samuel’s place…. HIT THE RING AND ATTACKED BRODY!

SuperMack was down hard now as Jewelz just started to get back up. Gully and Simpson had him down and now it was a two-on-one assault. Just like before, they had used their numbers advantage to lay out the Heirs of Wrestling in the parking lot earlier.

“Get up, bitch!” Jewelz screamed.

He laid into him with some right hands while Simpson and Latrell held up Brody, who was nearly defenseless against the three…


Guerilla radio.

Just kidding.

But when they came back on, Ruby Rocks Jewelz, DJ’s former beau was standing outside the ring with a big grin on her face. Diamond Jewelz looked over and started barking at her.

“Bitch, what the fuck you doin’ out here?!” He screamed.

She pointed her finger…


All this time, her chosen champion that she had been in league with… it was The Kugasari clan’s loyal soldier, Shoji! Latrell ran at him first, but he ate the business end of a HUGE Running Kenka Kick for his troubles! Simpson dropped Mack and rushed at Shoji, but he dumped him over the ropes with a throw! Diamond Jewelz was in a panic now as he watched Shoji take out the members of his entourage and send them packing up the ramp!

Ruby Rocks had a smile on her face as he kicked away at Gully and Simpson.

He cleared the ring and OG Simpson was about ready to have a stroke on the floor just as Diamond Jewelz went over and finally shook Ian Nguyen back to life. The groggy referee was back up while Shoji gave chase to the departing Khalil Straightgully up the ramp. He turned him up as Brody was still laid out on the ground. Jewelz went to finish things off with a climb up to the top rope…

3106.75 KARATS…

But Brody moved out of the way!

SuperMack had rolled, but Jewelz landed into a roll to avoid the landing. When he got back up…


The crowd roared as Mack Brody charged at him in one big burst of energy and nearly broke him in half with a Running Cross Body that he called the Gold Rush! SuperMack rolled back to his feet and let out a spirited roar! Thanks to Shoji, Jewelz had no backup now and now way out as Brody pulled him up in the Powerbomb position. He hoisted him up and spun around in several rotations…


Diamond Jewelz was nearly BROKEN in half after the deadly power move as Brody held onto him tightly for the cover!





The fans in the jOlt Arena had nearly blown the fucking roof off the place just two weeks after moving into it! Brody rolled backwards and started to get back to his feet! For months on end, Diamond Jewelz had turned his vanity belt to a legitimate prize to be won when a who’s who of talent tried to take his prize away from him. He still had his Relentless Championship which was not on the line tonight, but Brody was PROUD!

“I DID IT! I DID IT!” Brody shouted as he stepped on the second turnbuckle. “I’M LIKE KING OF THE WORLD AND ALL THAT SHIT! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

He patted the faceplate of the gOlden bOy Championship and raised it high over his head as OG Simpson rushed over to help Diamond Jewelz out of the ring slowly. They both stepped over the laid-out Khalil and headed back up the ramp while the SEETHING Jewelz clutched the Relentless Title to his chest.

But for tonight, Mack Brody had made good on his promise to win his first singles title in jOlt and now “Midas” Mack Brody” was your new gOlden bOy Champion. He had scored a measure of payback against Jewelz and company for their attack on his friends and now he was twenty pounds heavier!

Winner: Mack Brody via Pinfall

Heido & Derrick Huber vs Jackson Cross

The jOlt Tag Team Champions and Rebellion members Cross The Hood had been skating by on recent Tag Team Title defenses, getting themselves disqualified with both The Crimson Order at Wired and The House two weeks ago. Last week, they had been pitted against the unlikely team of The House’s Adam Roebuck along with The Crimson Order’s Takeshi, but the spite-filled rivals couldn’t get the job done and Cross The Hood cheated to win.

That leads to the next match now. The Crimson Order and The House want title matches and Cross The Hood want nothing to do with either of them, so a handicap match was set. If either Derrick Huber or Heido get the pinfall or submission, they get a Tag Title match at Unlimited. If Jackson Cross were to win somehow, neither team would be allowed another shot as long as Cross The Hood were the Tag Team Champions. To make matter worse, there were no tags between these three men so if Jackson Cross had any hope of winning, he would need to hope that Heido and Huber could not work together enough that he could capitalize.

Five Finger Death Punch’s “House of the Rising Sun” played next. The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive pop from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of card toward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the muscle-bound Nevada-born three time former jOlt Tag Team Champion appeared from the backstage area. The “Sin City Strongman” Derrick Huber was out and took in the positive response from the crowd!

“Coming to the ring, representing The House ... Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada and ... Weighting in at three-hundred and nine pounds … ADAM ROEBUCK!!!”

The power house Huber psyched himself up at the top of the stage before he walked his down the ramp and slapped hands enthusiastically for fans to slap. The Oddsmaker stormed his way up the ring steps and passed through the ropes to stand tall in the ring. Huber and Heido were the cooler heads for their respective teams, but with every man for himself tonight, how long that would that last?

The gathered legions would soon rally behind the playing of ‘Thought Crimes (extended edition)’ - Cliff Lin as the honorable warrior from Japan sauntered forward through the billowing strobe lit overcast, eyes hidden under his Coolie Hat. The Kansai Crippler calmly popped both sets of knuckles before and raising them overhead...

“...and his tag team partner; representing The Crimson Order...Hailing from The Kansai Prefecture of Japan...Weighting in at 270 pounds... “THE KANSAI CRIPPLER” HEIDO!!!”

The former jOlt Tag Team champion climbed into the ring next and gave a cordial nod to Derrick Huber. They knew that even though this was a handicap match, this would literally be every man for themselves and when it came to going for a Tag Title match for their team, they needed to do what they had to in order to win.

“Ready to Go” by Dave Whitaker played and a violent downpour of negative crowd heat would flood the Arena of Champions’ vast interior as the jOltvision screens began streaming edited glimpses of Gotham and its unsavory representatives executing their unforgiving brawling style with their unfortunate opposition before the arrogant duo sauntered out from backstage, nodding to their theme music. A musical ode that paid homage to their infamous stomping grounds warranted a mutual nod as their obnoxious antics added more fuel to the fire...

“And coming out next, Representing The Rebellion...From Brooklyn, New York... he is ½ of the jOlt Wrestling World Tag Team Champions... JACKSON CROSS!!!!!”

Jackson Cross took a long walk towards the ring with a chance for this match to happen. Machida Hood was banned from ringside along with Adam Roebuck and Takeshi, leaving these three men alone to decide the fate of their match at Unlimited. Either Cross The Hood would defend against The House or Crimson Order if Heido or Huber got a pin or submission, but if Cross won somehow, they were done for title contention. He took off his half of the tag team titles as he approached the ring and when he went to hand it over to the referee, he double-backed and whacked Heido in the head with the belt!

The bell hadn’t even rung yet, but the action was going to start anyway because the very angry Derrick Huber tackled Cross and carried him over into the corner where he opened up a salvo with a barrage of strikes to the head.

Heido was laid out, but barely nodded he was able to continue before he ordered Huber to back off. When Huber didn’t, he got in between The Sin City Strongman and Jackson Cross so he could officially start the match. The bell rang and Huber went running after Jackson Cross, but he moved and Huber crashed right into the corner.

The cocky Rebellion member pulled a fast one on the two of his opponents and put the boots to him in the corner like he literally was trying to stomp a mudhole right in the chest of the doubled-over Huber. The three-time former Tag Team Champion got an arm up to try and protect himself, but Cross wasn’t having any of that. He ran his elbow across Huber’s face and continued to throw shots at him to try and take control as early and quickly as he could.

An attempt to irish whip the larger Huber went horribly awry when it was Huber who turned the tables on Cross and sent half of the current jOlt Tag Team Champions into the corner. He pinballed him by throwing him off the other side of the ring and when he came back into Huber’s grip, he kicked him in the stomach and threw him over with a vigorous throwing gutwrench suplex. Heido was still recovering from the belt shot and Huber took a chance to pin him.



But Jackson kicked out!

The more hot-headed member of Cross The Hood kicked out and The Sin City Strongman wasn’t going to take this shit laying down. Cross was forced upright on his feet as Huber buried some punches into his gut to double him over. The knees came flying next and Huber hit about five good shots in succession to give himself a running start off the ropes. He came back right into a nasty discus forearm smash to the head from Jackson Cross, actually stunning Huber on his feet. Jackson Cross went for a low chop block to the knee and now Huber was on his back.

Cross didn’t waste any time in going right after the leg of the massive Huber’s leg, kicking the muscular limbs down and trying to keep him grounded. He twisted the leg around when The Sin City Strongman used his free foot to kick him into the ropes. Huber limped upwards to his feet and tried to catch him on the return, but the quicker Cross leaped over and landed another good shot to the knee. Huber was dropped down when Jackson Cross went for a snapping kneeling DDT on the large member of The House!



Close, but no cigar!

Huber’s shoulder reached out, surprising Cross. Heido was about to stand when Jackson Cross rushed in his general direction and took him down with a running dropkick right on the money, sending the groggy Heido back out to the floor.

On the inside of the ring, the Sin City Strongman was trying to get back up when Jackson rushed over and struck him in the base of the skull with some of his patented elbow shots. He was playing a very dangerous game in this match right now with trying to divide and conquer among the more reserved personalities for each of their rival tag teams. Cross pulled Huber up and used a pair of kicks to the head that forced Huber up and turned him around, leaving him wide open for a jumping take on a lungblower! Cross slapped the mat with a giddy smile and he tried to steal one again!




Huber had kicked out for the third time in this match, but he and Heido would need to get their shit together because the wiry Cross had been able to outmaneuver both men. Cross tried to set up Huber in the firemans carry position and may have been trying to hit his Cross Breaker, a backpack stunner, when Huber elbowed his way free. When Cross turned around, Huber had dashed off the ropes and he mowed that sucker down with a vicious shoulder tackle.

Derrick Huber then picked up and nearly drove him into the canvas with a quick throwing spinebuster right on the canvas. Huber smiled now and twirled a finger before he took hold of Jackson Cross’s legs and used a move the crowd knew all too well …


One half of the tag team champions was being spun around and the crowd was counting along with each rotation.

“1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … 5… “

The move stopped when an angry Heido kicked him in the side with a brutal dropkick right out of the swing! Intended double team or not, it was a great move that had nearly knocked Jackson Cross down. Jackson Cross was down and while Huber took a second to stop being dizzy, Heido tried a lateral press.



Huber stopped that real quick and grabbed his leg, dragging him right off of Jackson Cross so he could go for his own cover.



Heido wasn’t going to lose out on a tag title match at Unlimited so he forced Huber off of him. The Oddsmaker stood up and pulled him right up, trying to go for a punch, but Heido blocked and fired back with a succession of palm strikes to his own tag team partner! The Sin City Strongman fired back with two head butts to Heido and tried to set him up for a swinging side slam backbreaker when Heido slipped out…


He just unleashed a vicious running high knee on Huber and laid him out, but this gave Jackson Cross plenty of time to try and roll up Heido from behind while hooking the tights!



But Heido kicked out!

The Rebellion member almost got away with what would be considered a tremendous upset! Cross struck Heido with a kick to the head and some punches as he stood and then tried a whip when Heido reversed that. When Cross hit the corner, Heido unleashed a jumping knee strike to the gut. He then hooked him by the head ….


His patented head and arm suplex sent Jackson Cross crashing right into the mat and he tried to finish things off right away.




Cross had just managed to get a shoulder up at the last second! Huber was down and now Heido had his chance to finish things off for good as he forced him upwards. He took him by the arm and raised his taped thumb right up. He was getting ready to strike him down with his short-armed Asiatic spike called the Japanese Death Sentence. He set him up, but Cross had wrestled the Crimson Order long enough to know what was coming next and ducked down, grabbing Heido by the head and dropped to the ground with a jumping neckbreaker to save himself!

The half of the Tag Team Champions tried to stand when Huber got back up and pushed him into the corner with a powerful shove. Huber then rushed off the ropes and he came back with a surging cannonball.


He was crushed in the corner and Derrick Huber set up Jackson Cross up in the corner. He was propped over his shoulders and walked out of the corner when Huber dropped him …


Huber just took him down with his finishing move! Cross was out in the middle of the ring, but Heido tried to sneak in an arm while Huber also had him pinned …




The bell rang, but the referee had seen two pairs of arms draped over the shoulders of Jackson Cross! The match was over now when the three of them managed to get back to their feet.

“That was my pin!” Huber shouted.

“I had Cross defeated!” Heido yelled right back.

Huber shoved him and Heido struck back with a palm strike. So much for cooler heads! The two men were brawling with each other now in the middle of the ring! Heido and Huber had both won the match, but it was a stacked double pin situation… so who was the tag team title match going to?

Takeshi came barreling down the aisle and slide into the ring to the aid of his partner and now The Crimson Order members were fighting with Derrick Huber! But he was not alone either as Adam Roebuck also came down the aisle and the mass of humanity jumped into the fight!

Machida Hood came to the aid of his tag team partner and pulled him out of the ring.

“Let these assholes fight it out.”

Cross was helped with an arm over his shoulder and Cross The Hood headed up the ramp with a big fight between all the members of The House and The Crimson Order continued to fight it out with each other. Damien Lee hadn’t said anything in his plan about a double pin or double submission situation, but that meant the Cross The Hood still had the last laugh tonight. They disappeared from sight as a brawl continued to take place before fading to commercial.

Winner: Derrick Huber & Takeshi via Pinfall

"The Major Announcement"

iNtense returned from commericial break and Damien Lee was seen in the middle of the ring, smiling with a microphone in his hand. The live attendance of 24,119 fans were clammoring from this evening's excitement and in anticipation for tonight's main event which was just moments away. The hard camera zoomed in on Damien Lee.

"Ladies and Gentlemen.. earlier tonight, I said I was going to make a major announcement before tonight's main event and here we are!" said Lee emphatically.

That statement was met with a welcome round of applause and cheers as Lee continued to smile.

"I released a press statement back on Tuesday that said I had a major announcement to make... an announcement that would be a great benefit to jOlt Wrestling and its fans alike. I would like to preface this announcement by stating that we have gone through many changes in a very short period of time and everything has felt like one giant whirlwind. When you're caught up in it, you sometimes feel intimidated, confused, directionless, or just uneasy. It feels like things are happening too fast and spiraling out of control, but when you sit back and take a deep breath you begin to realize it isn't fear... it isn't uneasiness.. it's excitement. Excitement that the pieces are all falling into place one by one and that the entire puzzle is finally coming together."

Lee paused for a moment as the audience was hanging on his every word.

"Many wondered what was going to happen to jOlt. Two weeks ago, I announced the sale of Legacy of Champions and that I was the full owner and CEO of jOlt. While part of that was placed into the entertainment portion of the show, the real life implications were there as well. When we sold LoC, we also lost the right to run shows out of Orlando at the Arena of Champions, however, since Sunday Night iNtense and LoC's Legacy shows aired on different nights, we were afforded the opportunity to remain in the building until March, but I didn't want to be a houseguest that overstayed its welcome, hence we used a good portion of the money from the LoC sale to purchase this arena here in Miami, FL to call our own"

The people cheered!

"The move was swift and unexpected, but it wasn't without a safety net. I knew buying a building this large would cost a lot of money. Sometimes business decisions seem cryptic and shrouded in paperwork and legality. Buying an arena is no different than buying a home. It costs more to buy and the electric bill sure isn't under a $100 a month, but I made the move knowing that we had another business deal guaranteed to us and now I am going to unveil what that deal is!"

The fans cheered, but it was a bit quieter as they wanted to know what Damien Lee had to say.

"So.. as I stated in my press release on Tuesday, we live in a world where accessing your favorite media comes in a multitude of formats. Television, Print, Theater, and most importantly, Internet. There is a company called Cornerstone which has signed numerous promotions such as Legacy of Champions, no brand Wrestling, DEFIANCE, and RAGE to their ranks to broadcast their programming on a global scale across the internet. I am excited to announced that jOlt Wrestling has also joined Cornerstone's WrestleNet NOW Network and jOlt's entire past library is available On Demand... starting NOW!"

With that... a pyro display illuminated the stage and the Cornerstone Network logo, the jOlt logo, the WrestleNet NOW logo, and several screenshots of the interface were displayed on the jOltvision. The crowd cheered wildly at the thought of being able to access jOlt media along with other promotions all at once!

"If you have an internet connection.. you can access Cornerstone's WrestleNet NOW. There is a free app available for Android, iPhone, and Windows Mobile platforms. You can watch WrestleNet NOW on your smartphone or tablet... any Windows, Mac, or Ubuntu Linux desktop or laptop. We have partnered with Google and Amazon to allow you to broadcast the app to Chromecast as well as Fire TV if you don't own a Smart TV, but if you do, you can also catch the network on any Smart Television and even set top boxes such as Apple TV and Roku. Also, for you gamers, you can access the network on Playstation 3, Playstation 4, PS Vita, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Virtually any way you can think of.. any platform you can think of that supports apps in general, you can get WrestleNet NOW and jOlt Wrestling on!

In addition to Live Pay-Per-Views, you will also see rebroadcasts of Sunday Night iNtense as well as The Hype. As per our regular television deal, you will see those shows air first, live, on the USA Network, and then 48 hours after the intial broadcast, you will be able to access them on Cornerstone Network. All Pay-Per-View content, including this upcoming Pay-Per-View, Unlimited, will be available on WrestleNet NOW!"

The fans broke out into a chant!


"Also, I would like to unveil how much it will cost for you each and every month."

The jOltvision illuminated with a $9.99 price tag.. all of a sudden, the first 9 wiggled, a "plink" sound was heard, and it unveiled an 8 underneath.

"That's right.. you can access the network for only $8.99 a month and there is no set term commitment. If you only want a month.. you can get just a month!"

The fans laughed at the 9 falling off, but then cheered the announcement of the pricing structure.

"With this new venture, we can add original programming with jOlt Wreslting and expand our business even further. In fact, in the weeks following Unlimited, I plan on making another major announcement concerning jOlt and our ever growing company. We hope you enjoy experiencing jOlt Wrestling on Cornerstone Network's WrestleNet NOW and I hope you enjoy tonight's broadcast as we have one hell of a tag team main event for you guys!"

The fans cheered as Lee passed the microphone off to Dean Carrington and exited the ring, walking to the back and even slapping some of the fans' hands along the way as they were excited and pumped for that announcement just as much as Damien Lee was!

Jesse Ramey & Pietro Geist vs Omega & Jon Le Bon

After Lee had made his exit, Dean Carrington stood in the center of the ring microphone in hand and waited for a moment as the fans began to settle down. “Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is your MAIN EVENT of the evening. It is a tag team match that will be contested under Jolt rules and will be one fall to a finish.”

The fans were in the middle of cheering the idea of the match at hand; that was until the haunting sounds of “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash began to play throughout the arena. Then the slight amount of cheering turned into the most complete and utter disrespect.

The manipulator and the leader of the Rebellion, Jon Le Bon, made his so methodic pace from behind the entrance curtains onto the entrance ramp. Le Bon stood at the top of the ramp briefly surveying the crowd, and then began making his way down toward the ring.

“Making his way to the ring, weighing in tonight at two hundred and fifteen pounds and hailing from Los Angeles, California; HE IS JON LE BON!”

The announcement only sent the fans in attendance more into an uproar as Le Bon stopped halfway down the ramp to outstretch his arms at the sound of his name. Le Bon only basked in the sound of the booing from the crowd that was until one of the fans managed to actually touch him as his arms were outstretched. Le Bon drew back like he was going to punch the fan that had made contact with him, but as soon as the fan flinched Le Bon smiled and then continued his walk toward the ring.

The mood in the arena shifted quickly as Le Bon’s music came to a halt before he was even in the ring yet. The arena was plunged into darkness and a red hue embraced the entrance curtain. The chilling sounds of “Redeemer” by Marilyn Manson filled the arena and the most intimidating force within the confines of Jolt Wrestling, the Underground Champion, stepped from behind the entrance curtain into the red hue and slowly made his way to the top of the entrance ramp.

“Making his way to the ring, his partner, weighing in tonight at three hundred thirty-eight pounds and hailing from Parts Unknown; HE IS THE UNDERGROUND CHAMPION, OMEGA!”

The Underground Champion wasted little time at the top of the entrance ramp as he made his stalked pace toward the ring. There wouldn’t be any fans outstretching their arms to try and touch Omega, however, they knew he wasn’t like Le Bon and they would be lucky if they brought their hand back with them.

Le Bon had managed to find his way into the ring within the darkness and waited near his corner as his partner stepped up the steel steps onto the ring apron, quickly made his way through the ropes, and over to his corner. All the while his red hue following him; most would have to think that when Omega came near Le Bon a little bit of pee probably came out of the Rockstar not knowing for sure if Omega was keen on playing ball tonight with a partner.

Omega stopped in his tracks though, looked Le Bon up and down, then handed off his Underground championship to referee Mike Hunt. Omega then motioned for Le Bon to get out of the ring, which he did without hesitation, it was very evident that the crown prince of the Underground would be the one starting this match. The lights in the arena slowly came back up as Omega’s music slowly faded out.

“I’m Not Alright” by Shinedown began to blast throughout the arena and the booing that had once lined the arena from wall to wall, turned into cheering. The Jolt Champion quickly made his way from behind the entrance curtains and to the middle of the entrance stage. The Anti-Star stood for a moment, then unlatched the Jolt championship from around his waist and hoisted it up high into the air. As he did this on both side of him huge plumes of gold and pearl sparks began shooting from the entrance ramp.

“Making his way to the ring, weighing in tonight at two hundred and five pounds and hailing from Harts, West Virginia; HE IS THE JOLT CHAMPION, “THE ANTI-STAR” JESSE RAMEY!”

When Carrington finished Ramey darted toward the ring as quickly as possible, sliding under the bottom rope on his left hip and popping back up in the center of the ring. The Anti-Star made his way to his corner, climbed to the middle rope, lifted the Jolt championship high into the air and then bounced off back into the center of the ring. Ramey handed off the Jolt championship to referee Mike Hunt, and then made his way to his corner where he waited as his music slowly died down.

With three of the four warriors already in the ring, sudden darkness electrified the crowd, as number four was about to appear. Rammstein invaded the fans’ war canals and red strobe lights brought short glimpses of light to the top of the entrance way. A massive figure appeared, much to the delight of the capacity crowd.

Pietro Geist had arrived.

However, their cheers would be replaced by murmuring and confused questions, as a trio of figures joined him. The lights came back up and Geist found himself surrounded by the three masked men. They were garbed in all black military gear with huge white crosses on the front and white angel wings on the back. Their faces were hidden by modified gas masks and grim reaper like hoods. While one was smaller, the other two were just as large as Geist. Like wolves attacking their prey, the trio pounced upon the massive German. Geist was helpless to stop them, as they pummeled him again and again. The two larger men pulled him up from the floor and quickly positioned him.



Geist was nothing more than a lifeless mass with the trio standing over him. A fourth man casually walked out and looked down at their victim. He drew a crucifix with two fingers in the air just above Geist’s face. He immediately started back from whence he came with the original trio dragging the unconscious German warrior along with them.

The entire situation happened in the matter of quick moments, the Jolt Champion stood in the ring watching what was happening in complete shock and knowing there was absolutely nothing he could do to help save Geist. Then Ramey turned back to look in the ring at his two opponents still standing across from him and thought not completely audible you could definitely see him mouthing the words, “Fuck me.”

Referee Mike Hunt made his way slowly over to the Anti-Star’s corner and the two seemed to be wrapped in conversation. Obviously Hunt was giving the Jolt champion a way out, considering he didn’t have a substitute partner for the evening. Ramey continued to shake his head, in a very determined fashion, while Hunt continued to look at him in total disbelief. The camera zoomed in on the two men, finally catching bits of the conversation.

“You’re sure?” Hunt questioned.

“Ring the damn bell. I’m going down here tonight one way or other it seems, and I’m going down my way, not their way. I’m going out fighting!” Ramey said calmly at first, and then began to shout.

Hunt let out a sigh as he turned to the center of the ring and signaled for the bell and the start of the match.


Omega began slowly walking toward Ramey, and it was at this point that the Anti-Star knew that if he was going to have a fighting chance in this match he needed to throw Omega off guard. Ramey burst from his corner with extreme speed, Omega lunged toward him, but Ramey dropped catching the Underground champion in the knee with a basement dropkick.

Omega dropped to one knee, but persisted on trying to push his way back up to his feet as quickly as he could. As Omega turned he caught the glimpse of Ramey spring boarding off of the middle rope. As Ramey’s body turned in midair it was uncertain exactly what move he was going for as Omega snapped him up out of the air and slammed him down to the canvas with a very forceful powerslam. The Jolt champion gasped for air as the move forced all of the wind from his lungs.

Omega hooked Ramey’s leg after impact and covered his body for the pin attempt.



The Anti-Star shot his shoulder up and off of the mat, barely able to push the much bigger Omega off of his body. Omega grabbed Ramey by the hair from a seated position and began pulling him back to his feet. Omega went from grabbing the Anti-Star by the arm and latched onto his arm as he whipped him off into the ropes. Ramey bounced off of the ropes and upon returning back through Omega went to take his head off with a big boot, but Ramey was able to duck under the attempt.

The Jolt Champion continued his momentum forward as he darted toward the opposing ropes. Omega’s boot came down to the mats with a huge thud and he quickly turned around for approaching Anti-Star. Omega lunged toward Ramey with both arms, but Ramey dropped onto his stomach sliding between the legs of the bigger man. Ramey popped up behind Omega and caught him in the square of the back with a dropkick that sent the Underground Champion staggering forward a bit.

The Anti-Star popped back up to his feet quickly and darted for the ropes. Ramey planted his feet on the middle rope directly in front of Omega; he bounced backward catching Omega around the neck, and planted him in the center of the ring with a Tornado DDT.


At least that’s what he attempted, but Omega was just too strong to be taken down like that. Instead Omega planted his feet stopping Ramey from getting him fully twisted around. Omega pulled his neck free from the hold that Ramey had on him, then snatched him up fully in his arms and planted him down to the mats swinging side slam that once again drove the air out of Ramey’s lungs.

Instead of going for the cover though Omega snatched Ramey up by the hair quickly, pulled him back to his feet, and dragged him to his corner. Le Bon had been going crazy on the apron wanting into the match now that Ramey had been worn down by the bigger man. Omega smashed Ramey’s head into the corner and then the snap from the two men’s hands colliding was heard throughout the arena. Ramey slumped down into the corner with his back resting against the middle turnbuckle as Omega made his way out onto the apron and Le Bon slipped into the ring.

Le Bon grabbed Ramey by the head, lifting him back up into a standing base in the corner, grabbed the Jolt champion by the arm, and sent him flying across the ring into the opposing corner. Ramey rested with his back up against the turnbuckle padding and Le Bon began running across the ring toward him. Le Bon leapt into the air looking to catch the Anti-Star with a flying forearm shot, but the Jolt Champion stepped out of the corner at the very last moment.

Le Bon’s head bounced off of the top turnbuckle padding, and he quickly turned back toward the center of the ring, into the waiting arms of the Anti-Star. Ramey tossed Le Bon across the ring with a belly-to-belly overheard suplex. Ramey lay on the mats trying to catch his breath between the onslaught that he had taken from Omega and the offense he had just thrown at Le Bon. The Rockstar, however, had other things on his mind as he quickly scampered to his corner tagging Omega back into the match.

The Underground Champion entered back into the ring, a little confused at Le Bon for getting out of the match so quickly. Omega didn’t say anything though, he just made his way over to the still downed, but just like Le Bon Ramey surprised even Omega as he quickly popped up and pulled Omega down into a roll-up pin attempt.




Omega shoved Ramey up and off of him with enough force to launch Ramey a few feet away from his own body. The Anti-Star had been playing opossum long enough to build back some steam and he jumped back to his feet quickly. Ramey darted for the ropes, and as Omega was getting back to his feet Ramey caught him in the lower thigh with a basement dropkick that once again lowered the larger man to one knee.

Ramey jumped back to his feet and locked his arms around Omega’s head planting him down to the canvas with a kicking DDT. Omega’s head bounced off of the mats and he rolled onto his back, the Anti-Star went for another quick pin attempt, but before he could climb onto of the Underground Champion’s body a large hand reached up and throttled Ramey by the throat.

Omega slowly made his way back to his feet with Ramey still clutched by the throat. Once the Underground Champion made his way fully to a standing base he lifted the Anti-Star up into the air and planted him in the center of the ring with a massive chokeslam. The sight of the carnage being inflicted on the Jolt Champion had Le Bon once again chomping at the bits. Omega was ready to go for the pin attempt, but seeing Le Bon jumping up and down on the apron he slowly made his way back to his feet and to his corner. Omega begrudgingly tagged the number one contender into the match.

Le Bon quickly scurried over to the downed Ramey and jumped on top of his body for the pin attempt.




The fans in the arena all came to their feet seeing that the Jolt Champion still had life within in his body. Le Bon came to a seated position and his eyes only grew wide wondering what in the world it was going to take to keep the Jolt Champion down.

The Rockstar grabbed the Anti-Star by the hair and slowly pulled him back up to his feet. Ramey was on spaghetti legs as Le Bon turned with his back to Ramey looking to plant him with his stunner, The Rockstar Stunner, but from out of nowhere Ramey shoved Le Bon forward. Le Bon quickly turned catching a boot to the midsection, then Ramey quickly wrapped him up planting him in the center of the ring with his variation of the brain buster.


The Jolt Champion crawled on top of his challenger’s body for the pin attempt. There was literally very little life left in Ramey, it was nothing fancy, just an arm stretched across Le Bon’s body.




Omega had entered the ring, grabbed Ramey by the leg and yanked him off of Le Bon’s nearly prone body. Omega, much to the dissatisfaction of Mike Hunt, yanked Ramey back up to his feet. Omega looked out at the booing crowd, raised Ramey up and dropped him with the Argentine backbreaker into a flying neck breaker.


Omega finally began making his way back to the apron as he sent a glare at referee Mike Hunt that could have burned his soul to the core. Le Bon had found the strength somewhere between the save and Omega planting the Jolt Champion in the center of the ring with his finisher to crawl on top of Ramey and hook his leg for the leverage pin attempt. Hunt begrudgingly dropped down to make the count.




The haunting sounds of Johnny Cash began to ring throughout the arena once more and the fans in the arena looked ready to riot at the outcome of this evening’s main event.

It was quite evident that this would be the outcome for the evening though from the start of the match and the attack that happened to Pietro Geist leaving the Anti-Star to go up against not only his challenger for the Jolt Championship at Unlimited, but the Underground Champion, and probably the most vicious competitor within the confines of a Jolt Wrestling ring.

The Underground champion looked at Jon who slowly backed away eyeing the Jolt champion who was laid out in the middle of the ring. Le Bon slowly back away from the ring as his facial expression changed with disbelief. What he saw in the middle of the ring was Omega on one knee and Michael Donovan standing over him with a steel chair in hand. Donovan continued to blast the Underground champion with vicious chair shots that brought a smile to Le Bon’s face.

Donovan was not done as he laid the mangled chair on the mat. He reached down and grabbed the madman by the locks. He hooked him and drove him into the chair with a big DDT. Donovan asked for a microphone. He knelt near the champion.

“I’m not afraid of the boogeyman.”

Donovan dropped the microphone and rolled out of the ring. He looked at Le Bon and nodded. Jon smirked as he turned and walked up the ramp. The madman lay on his stomach with a smile on his face. This was the image that iNtense began to found out on as the logo for the show popped up in the lower right hand corner of the screen and the scene faded to black.

Winner: Omega & Jon Le Bon via Pinfall