"Welcome to iNtense"

Darkness fades to gritty sepia when the opening piano of "Warriors" by PelleK (Imagine Dragons Cover) hits. We see image of an empty jOlt Arena filling with people in time lapse

The screen then explodes into full color when the drums and song kick in!

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

(In sync with music) We see scenes of action and images of current superstars Pietro Geist, Eiji Kugasari, Jeremy Ryan, Diamond Jewelz, Sarah Winterton, Charlotte, Jon Le Bon, The House, The Heirs of Wrestling, Raevynn, and Sebastian Saje!

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

We continue to see images of action as the intrustmental continues to the very end...

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

We see Diamond Jewelz posing with Them MF'n Goons, The Rebellion standing tall in the middle of the ring, Mack Brody hitting the Gold Rush on Omega, Pietro Geist and Jeremy Ryan brawling, a shot of Kayden Paulton cracking a genuine smile, Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

With the final pulsing beats of the song, we see Jesse Ramey striking a pose on the top turnbuckle with the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship around his waist!

The scene flashes back into the arena where the song starts again, but in his complete form, starting with Verse 1 of the lyrics. The camera pans around the jOlt Arena in Miami, FL as a splendid display of fireworks goes off on the main stage and above the ring. The set is a giant jOltvision with the N logo for iNtnese sitting to the left and to the right of the big jOltvision. The N itself is a massive red light that is illuminated. Above the jOltvision is a pseudo semi-circle steel structure that houses a curved screen that will be used to display a wrestler's name above it while their entrance video plays below on the jOltvision. On the stage itself, to the left and right of the entrance ramp are two more small, elongated mini screens which will display the wrestler's brand logo on them when they make their way out... unless they hold a title. Then it will display their championship belt on the left and the name of the title on the right!

The fans were buzzing with electricity as iNtense officially begins!

"An Uprising"

The scene faded in on the Jolt Arena after the iNtense opening package was done rolling. The fans in the arena were at a complete buzz, as the pyros for the opening of the show began shooting off from around the entrance stage area. Once the pyros had finished, the music continued to play as from the backstage area walked the man with all of the power, Damien Lee.

Lee made a very quick pace down to the ring as the fans continued to cheer. The owner of Jolt made his way up the steel ring steps and into the ring between the top and middle rope. Damien then made his way to the center of the ring, and lifted the microphone to his lips.

“How about you tell me exactly how you really feel?!” Lee shouted, causing the crowd to scream even more.


The chant rang throughout the arena as Lee stood center of the ring with a huge smile on his face, knowing exactly what he had just caused. When the chant began to die down he once again lifted the microphone close to his lips.

“As I’m sure you all know this past month has probably been one of the most eventful months in Jolt Wrestling history.” Lee paused, “I finally took full control of the company that I run. We crowned a new Jolt Champion and we crowned a new gOlden bOy Champion. We’ve had some huge main events, we seen new stars rising, and we’ve seen some of the older part our ways.”

“Tonight, it’s the go home show before Unlimited, tonight is make it or break it for a lot of people and we’ve got an awesome show lined up for every single one of you in attendance tonight and watching around the world. One thing I can say for certain though, after what transpired last week in the main event we will not see the Jolt Champion, Jesse Ramey, in action here tonight.”

The fans all began booing at this announcement, but then the hatred only grew louder as Jon Le Bon stepped through the entrance curtains and onto the stage, microphone in hand.

“You’ve got to protect you’re champion, don’t you Lee?” Le Bon questioned.

Slowly emerging behind Le Bon onto the stage were other members of the Rebellion; Sebastian Saje, Michael Donavan, and the reigning Tag Team champions, Jackson Cross & Machida Hood, Cross the Hood. The other four members stood behind their leader as he continued to talk as they made their way slowly toward the ring.

“I’m going to go out on a limb here and say you’re plans don’t include giving any of the members of the Rebellion the night off before heading into Unlimited, do they Lee?”

“Well, to be completely honest Jon, no they honestly didn’t. Then again though I don’t think I saw any of the members of the Rebellion going up against a number one contender and the Underground champion in a handicap match last week.”

“You act like we had something to do with that!” Le Bon shouted, “How does that change or make the situation any different here in the least. We fight inside of that ring week in and week out, the same as your Jolt champion. How does that make who he goes up against any different than who we’re going up against?!”

Le Bon continued to rant on as the five men had made their way down beside the ring.

“It’s complete and utter favoritism Lee, and we’re not going to stand for that. If we have to compete here tonight then the reigning and defending Jolt champion, as he likes to call himself, should have to compete as well. You heard the booing from these fans when you made that decision. Give the people exactly what they want Lee, put Jesse Ramey in the middle of this ring tonight, make him compete just like every single other person who has to in that backstage area.”

Before Lee even had a chance to respond another voice broke through the madness, and not a voice that caused more negative uproar from the crowd. Instead it was more for the positive as the Jolt champion made his way out from the backstage area already decked out in his wrestling gear, but it wasn’t just the Jolt championship wrapped around his waist. Ramey’s midsection was heavily bandaged after the outcome of the main event from the previous week.

“Damien, I appreciate exactly what you’re trying to do.” Ramey began, “As many of you can see here tonight I took a little bit of a beating last week in that handicap match, but I didn’t run from the fight when I was given the opportunity to. I stood in that ring and win or loss I put up a fight, and I didn’t run from a challenge.”

“Oh, boo who!” Le Bon mocked Ramey making crying jesters toward his Unlimited opponent, “So, what you’ve come out here to thank Damien Lee for not putting you in a match tonight. For giving you the night off before you have to step into the ring against me at Unlimited. How does that make you feel Ramey? Knowing that Lee is probably going to put me in some kind of match tonight that’s going to make me be in the same shape you are leading into our match. Does that make you feel good? Does it?”

“Are you done?” The Anti-Star questioned very sarcastically, “No, seriously, are you finished acting like a child right now? I mean, I can let you continue to pout in front of all of the people enjoying your little temper tantrum down there.”

The Jolt champion lowered his microphone briefly and waited for a response from Le Bon, to which there was none. There was only a snarl on the face of the number one contender as he glared back up at the champion.

“Good, I’m glad you’ve finished.” Ramey continued, “Now if you’d let the adults talk for a moment instead of having to interject yourself into the conversation like you own this company then maybe we could finish a complete thought. I’m done playing mister nice guy. Damien, while I appreciate what you’re trying to do Le Bon was right about one thing. The fans in attendance here tonight were not happy at the idea of me not competing inside of that ring; and honestly neither was I.”

The fans in attendance all cheered the tenacity of the beaten and bruised Anti-Star, but inside of the ring Damien Lee’s jaw nearly hit the ground.

“Damn it, Ramey!” Lee shouted, “I’m not letting you set foot inside of this ring tonight because you haven’t been cleared by the doctors to compete! I’m not doing this to just try and give you a night off and you know that good and well! I’m trying to protect the fact that we’re going to have a title match at Unlimited; we can’t do that if you’re laid up in a hospital bed!”

It was at this point that Le Bon had a huge smile on his face, knowing the truth at hand. While at the top of the ramp Ramey produced a piece of paper from behind his back. The Jolt champion held the paper up in the air.

“I wouldn’t be out here wasting my breath if I didn’t have an agenda, Lee.” Ramey began again, “This paper, I just got it from the doctor on hand in the backstage area. I am fully in the clear to compete inside of that ring tonight; I’m dressed and ready to fight.”

Lee ran his hand across his face in a bit of agony as the fans in attendance all cheered.

“There were already plans in place tonight, Jesse. What would you have me do? Change everything around because you’ve got clearance now?” Lee questioned.

“I have no doubt in my mind that what I have up my sleeve for this evening isn’t going to tamper with any of your plans for the evening Lee.” Ramey spouted.

“This is perfect,” Le Bon interjected, “how about we just have that Jolt championship match tonight?”

“No,” Ramey cut in, “you’re going to have to wait until Unlimited, Jon. I’ve got something a little bigger in mind tonight and the fact that you brought all of your little friends out here this evening is the inspiration.”

It was at this point that wheels inside of Le Bon and Lee’s heads began turning; both men wondering exactly what the Jolt champion had in mind.

“These fans have been getting promised main events for the past two weeks that either get changed or don’t transpire at all. I say tonight, on the go home show before Unlimited we give them something they’ll be able to talk about for weeks and could rival anything on the Unlimited card in general.”

“I say let’s find out tonight exactly how well the Rebellion can work as a team inside of that ring, all five men standing beside of it right now!”

“You couldn’t even keep one partner last week?!” Le Bon questioned with emphasis, “What makes you think anyone in that backstage area is going to be willing to step up to the plate tonight and take the same chance that Geist did last week?”

Le Bon chuckled, along with the other members of the Rebellion that stood around him.

“Thing is Jon, I’ve already done my scouting for this match tonight. I’ve got four men ready, waiting, and chomping at the bits to step inside of that ring tonight with me to show the fans of this wrestling company exactly how easily we’re going to stand up to bullies. All I need is the approval of Damien Lee, and we’ve got ourselves a ten man tag team match for the main event this evening.”

The crowd cheered, Jon Le Bon and the Rebellion look a little amused at the idea anyone would go against them, and inside of the ring Damien Lee pondered.

“Fine,” these were the words that escaped Lee’s mouth, “if you’ve got the team and everyone here obviously wants to see the match, it’s booked. You know you’ve been making my job booking these shows a hundred times easier since you’ve been champion. Now, who the hell do you have already lined up for this match?”

A huge smile graced Ramey’s face, “I’ve always abided by the fact that actions speak louder than words. So, I’ll let them show you themselves; gentlemen.”

The arena fell into silence and anticipation, when suddenly from the backstage area two heads popped out producing a rather large pop from the audience on hand.

“Two members of the Inogami Clan, Eiji Kugasari and Heido!” Ramey shouted.

The two men stood on either side of Ramey, embracing in a handshake before turning their attention back toward the Rebellion standing at ringside. It would be unique to say the least to see how Eiji and Ramey would be able to coexist inside of the ring with the battles the two had been in within it.

“Okay, okay!” Le Bon shouted, “That’s only two, what do you plan on doing, competing in another handicap match tonight against the five of us?!”

Again the members of the Rebellion laughed along with the jokes their leader had to spew out.

“Maybe you should learn to shut your mouth long enough for a reveal to happen!” Ramey shouted, but a smile crossed his face once again, “The anticipation is half of the fun you little fruit cup.”

Le Bon began to fume at the words escaping Ramey’s mouth, but then his eyes grew wider as two massive frames stepped from behind the entrance curtains and joined Ramey, Eiji, and Heido on the stage. The fans were all going crazy at this point in time; this was truly a lineup of the biggest names in Jolt Wrestling today.

“And the final two men who will be joining us inside of that ring, probably two of the most well-seasoned biggest sons of bitches in the backstage area, Adam Roebuck and Derrick Huber, THE HOUSE!” Ramey shouted once again causing the fans to go into an even bigger uproar than they had previously.

Damien Lee stood in the center of the ring, with a huge smile on his face. He actually looked rather impressed at the collective of men that the Jolt champion was able to put together for the main event this evening. Le Bon looked like he was going to have a conniption on the outside of the ring as he ranted and raved back and forth to the other members of the Rebellion.

“Welcome everyone to the final iNtense before Unlimited!” Ramey shouted, “Oh, and Le Bon, I think you may want to get a change of outfit before the match tonight. I know that face you were making when you saw the House come out. I can tell you soiled yourself a little there.”

“I’m Not Alright” by Shinedown began to blast throughout the arena as the team of Ramey, the Inogami Clan, and the House exited the entrance stage leaving the Rebellion to continue steaming at the ring side area before beginning to make their way up the entrance ramp.

"I Don't Got You... I'm Losing Everything"

Diamond Jewelz, stands before the Goons in a backstage dressing room, his head down in his hand, one foot on a chair. with a face full of fury and depression in the plush locker room of gOlden bOy Promotions. The twinkle and glisten of many numerous articles of jewelry emanating from Jewelz shine into the camera. In his right hand he juggles franticly back and forth in his hand two large stress ball sized marbles.. Bags are under his eyes from many sleepless nights, and his pupils are bloodshot red. Diamond Jewelz is devastated after Shoji and Ruby Rocks Jewelz cost him his gOlden bOy Title. The Goons stand sit before him without a word. Khalil lets out a belch..

“Ehh quit fucking around” Samuel then punches Khalil in the Arm…..

“This ain’t even the time time or place my nigga,” Samuel whishpers to Straightgully

“I can’t belch now? What the fuck!” Straughtgully fires back, frowning and grimacing, tired of being the butt of all of DJ’s and Samuel’s jokes… “If only he weren’t a sand nigga around these ghetto ass niggas”, he thinks to himself.

“Be quiiiiettt…” Diamond barks in a low voice with clinched teeth. His clinched teeth reveal that in his obvious depression over losing the gOlden bOy Title, his most valuable jewelry piece, even despite being the Relentless champion; he is obviously broken in pieces… DJ, has proven that his status as a GIA certified jeweler is first and foremost in his life, and he loves his craftsmanship more than winning any wrestling match or any woman even, so in losing the gOlden bOy Title he lost what was in his mind his most valuable possession The absence of one of his custom grills is telling: when have we ever seen DJ without one of his custom grills except when Immediately the Goons obey his commandments…

Whoooshhh.. The dressing room door comes bursting open, and O.G. Simpson, laden with all kinds of various jewelry items, and his usual custom gOld suit, comes in with his arms extended outward!

“What’s good lil homies!!” O.G. screamed at the gOlden bOy promotions team. Diamond looked up and a small smile crept through his pain for a second, but then, his grimace returned.

“DJ baby whats good!!! You still a champion… And you still got me big homie!! My nigga…. Life’s ups and downs come and go, but we still got hoes Big Homie.. You feel me!” Diamond holds up his finger..

“Like Jadakiss said… We gon make it baby… Let’s make it…We got each other.. Fuck that bitch Ruby.. We gonna get at her.. Let’s get this money!” Diamond begins to shake his finger, and a tear falls down his cheek.

“That’s the problem O.G.. We don’t got each other..” Diamond affirms… All kinds of confusion creeps on to O.G’s face. Khalil nudges Samuel, and Samuel silently says “I dunno” to Khalil and

“What you mean Big Homie.. What you talking about.. You firing me..”

“Nah bro.. You don’t understand… That’s the problem.. You gOlden bOy promotions official announcer and bell man..” “So what’s the problem.” O.G. barks

“Per the contract I had written up, you a permanent member of gOlden bOy promotions, and a permanent employee of that entity… But now that Brody got the title… He run the promotion…” Straightgully, Samuel and Simpson are all aghast… Gully’s mouth is wide open..

“You’re still the announcer for the Invitational bro… Which means that until I get that title back… I don’t got you… I’m losing everything… Sorry O.G.. You gotta roll!! You work for Brody now!!”

A grim look creeps over O.G’s face…

“You shitting me!!!” O.G. says with hopelessness all over his face… Then, all of the sudden he bursts into a ball of laughter. He runs over to Diamond and gives him a hug..

“That was a good one big Homie… You had me there for a second,...” MWAHHAHAHHHA

But Diamond’s countenance does not change… Another tear or two creeps from his eyes..

“O.G., I’m serious… You Mack’s property now”

Hopelessness once again clouds O.G’s face…... ”Knock.. Knock.. Knock.. “A pounding is heard at the door.

“What the fuck does that mean Big Homie..”

“Ehh get that Trell…” Samuel jumps up quickly to get the door…

“Maintenance!!!!” A voice is heard screaming through the door

Latrell opens the door…

“What you need?”

“We need all this furniture in here… Which is now the property of Mack Brody, that game table, those couches, that big screen TV…… Oh… And 1 Announcer!!”

The entirety of gOlden bOy promotions is left baffled. A team of jOlt maintenance men enters the room. Two of the maintenance team throws a cloth bag over O.G., marked “Mack Daddy Challenge”

“What the fuck is the deal here bro, ya’ll kidnapping me?” O.G. screams out.

The two maintenance men lift O.G. up and place him on a dolley…

“Ehh put me down,” O.G’s screams are muffled through the bag

“That’s the one announcer I was talking about!!” The team leader barks… “Now all we need is the rest of this furniture and we’re good!”

Diamond looks down in shame and disbelief, as the Goons are in awe of what’s transpiring..

“Ohh and get that gOlden bOy promotions star too.. That’s Brody’s now too!”

A maintenance man snatches the gOlden bOy promotions star down.

“Fuck… I can’t believe this shit.” Diamond screams. Of all the stipulations and loopholes which gave him every advantage from week to week in the Invitational, now that he has been defeated, one of them has backfired on him. He’s lost one of his most loyal employees, O.G. Simpson and all the other perks Damien Lee assigned to the Invitational to Mack Brody!”

"All Gold Everything - Part I"

It was early on in the show and the jOltVision was outside near the parking garage. Almost in a mirror image of last week, the camera caught a glimpse of a large SUV limo about to pull up into the parking lot… only this one was colored a shining motherfucking BLING shade of gold.




Voices came out from a swarm of paparazzi who were waiting at the entrance of the parking garage where this mysterious limo pulled up. The door opened up and the very same limo driver from last week opened the door and slowly walked to the back of this gold SUV limo. He opened the doors…

Frank Silver.

Ryan Gallway.

The Heirs of Wrestling!

Making their way out from the back, Frank Silver was dressed up like a member of the Secret Service in an all-black tailored suit that looked pretty awesome on him and black shades with an earpiece in his left ear. Gallway also had on the same black Secret Service suit, but… big, crazy-ass CIMA-like Goggles on his ear. Just as he did last week when he arrived, Ryan looked at the elderly limo driver.

“What the HELL did I just tell you about learning to dress?” Ryan barked. “You look like a fucking scrub! Did your Mom dress you? Frankie, tell this asshole to get some steezy.”

But Frank was too busy nodding and listening to something in his earpiece.

“What you got in there?” Ryan asked. “Is the BRAND NEW gOlden bOy Champion giving us orders?”

“Nah. Rockin’ out to Pantera. It kicks ass, dude.”

The paparazzi started to swarm near the car and Ryan was doing his best to fight them off by waving a broom handle we have no idea where it came from, but it fended them off long enough. He tapped on the car door with his fist.


And on cue, the fans CHEERED! The man called “SuperMack” Mack Brody walked out from the back in a fancy tailored suit of his own with a sky blue dress shirt and a tie. Oh, and lots of gold rings on his hand. Oh oh, and the gOlden bOy Championship over his shoulder! The man who was finally able to conquer the seemingly unconquerable challenge that had been laid out by Diamond Jewelz led to now having his first taste of gold… whether it was legit or not MAY be under question at his point, but the Man Called Midas strutted towards the ring and held the belt proudly. The sole exception to the belt was now the head of Diamond Jewelz that had been worn proudly on the title was covered up and replaced with a photo of Mack’s head.

“YOUR CHAMPION HAS ARRIVED!” Mack bellowed to the masses. “AS MY FIRST DECREE AS YOUR GOLDEN BOY CHAMPION, I DEMAND A BOWL FULL OF ONLY RED AND YELLOW M&M… everybody only asks for green M&M’s only and that kind of dumb because I’m sure that green bitch ain’t nothing but a cocktease!”

The paparazzi tried to get a question while Ryan and Frank fended the mob (okay, four people) off as best as they could!

“Oh, and I am inviting all of you to the ring later! Tonight, I have a major announcement that concerns the future of this title and the sexy-ass mofo that wears it! Frankie, Ryan, let us go!”

SuperMack headed into the building, but not before he took notice of an odd-looking bush sitting there. Mack silently nodded at it and Frank and Ryan ran over and started shaking the fuck out of it!

“Get out of there, you fuck!” Silver screamed. “We’re not falling for that shit a second time!”


A screech came out from the bush and there stood…

ZaC the Monkey!!!!!!

The jOlt faithful went batshit ballistic! The former pet of one Reno Davis was here tonight! Ryan looked confused… not an unusual thing for him, but he pointed to the monkey that was now on his shoulder, trying to take his goggles

“Wait, didn’t you get chokeslammed by Jeremy Ryan once…? Hey! Gimme those back, you little simian asshole!”

“Yeah, dude, dick move,” Frank said. “Dick move.”

Brody nodded. “I invited him here tonight. We’ve got ALL the stars coming out for this! This announcement is major and I want all of you here to be here for it! It’s huge!”

The new gOlden bOy Champion and company walked into the building while ZaC… well, allegedly, it’s ZaC, but it may or may not have been a look-alike so we don’t get sued… ZaC ran off with Ryan’s googles and he gave chase.

"Skin the Cat"

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.


What more needed to be said from the crowd? “Jolt’s Last Real Man” Jeremy Ryan walked out from the back with his typical scowl and his surly fucking attitude stinking up the joint. The Bad Man from Bangor had been engrossed in a series of battles with the former jOlt World Champion Eiji Kugasari and had defeated him via ref stoppage back at Wired. After Ryan opened a challenge that he would be gunning for the World and Undeground Titles of jOlt this year and questioning Eiji on his manhood, he was attacked last week by the Clan Kugasari leader, showing their feud was not over. The rumor was that he was out here to address this turn of events.

The crowd continued to boo Ryan and noted that he dressed in his wrestling gear as he came down to the ring and entered the squared circle. Perhaps he was looking for a fight like he always was. Ryan had a microphone in hand and per usual, bad things were probably going to be said.

“Eiji… haha, Eiji Kugasari, you DUMB son of a bitch.”

He continued to pace around the ring agitatedly.

“I am genuinely surprised that you want to continue where we left off at Wired when I EMASCULATED you. I give you more credit than most… you took your beating like a man and after last week’s display, you STILL want to come back for more. You’re either really fucking tough or just really fucking stupid. I dropped you on your head not once, but THREE times with my Piledriver and yet, you still want to come back to me? I let your ass off easy at Wired.”

Ryan leaned towards the ropes.

“But if you’re still feeling raw about the whole ‘I kicked your fucking ass up and down this ring and you couldn’t do anything about it’ thing, then I’m going to issue a challenge. Eiji Kugasari, you and me at Unlimited one more time. If you still think that you’re even remotely in my league, I’ll humor you before I put you out of your misery. Just know that if you take this challenge, Clan Inogami or Kugasari or whatever the fuck your little group is called now will be going through new management if you accept.”


The amount of jeers brought a half-smile to the face of jOlt’s Last Real Man.

“And as for tonight, I understand that a member of the Clan has taken umbrage with me calling them out on their bullshit two weeks ago. All this honor, discipline and respect is just that… utter tripe. So if somebody wants to come out here and take a respectful shitkicking for Eiji, you go right ahead. Let’s get this shit over with.”

Jolt’s Last Real Man paced around the ring and waited for the unknown challenger was here to make his presence felt. The Crimson Order and Shoji were tied up in action already tonight, but…

“Diesel Punks” by Cliff Lin!

The crowd turned their heads to the top of the ramp as the arena lights started to pulsate between shades of rapid-fire green and yellow. A cloud of smoke started to billow at the entrance and out through the storm came…


One of The Hype’s best and another one of the prodigies of Mamoru jumped out of the smoke and the crowd responded in kind with a nice cheer for the talented high flyer! Verde was a perennial contender for The Hype Championship and was certainly no pushover. Jeremy Ryan looked a little nonplussed by the entrance, but he waited for his opponent to rush to the ring. Referee Ian Nguyen followed shortly behind as were about to get an impromptu match!

"Really?” Ryan asked as he watched El Tigre Verde make his entrance. “I was sure this was a trap by Eiji to come out here since I know other members of his little clique are wrestling, but… YOU? They’re sending out Crouching Tiger, Hidden Faggot to come out here and fight his battles?! Your funeral, kid.”

The Japanese-born and now Brazilian native headed into the ring without so much as a word while Ryan dropped the microphone after his classless remark. Nevertheless, a fight was a fight and he would never shy away from one as Nguyen called for the bell…

Jeremy Ryan vs El Tigre Verde



Well, so much for Ryan’s thought about El Tigre Verde being a pushover! Ryan had almost zero time to get out of the blocks when the fleet-footed luchador went on the offensive with a strike, sending Jeremy stumbling backwards into the corner. jOlt’s Last Real Man had no idea what the hell just hit him when Verde made a quick leap over the ropes to the apron. He jumped again and this time, he caught Ryan right in the chest with a Springboard Missile Dropkick!

The blow knocked The Dominant Male backwards and sent him stumbling into the opposite corner where he tried to get some distance…

Unfortunately, he was not going to get it.

A high Running Big Boot caught Jeremy Ryan flush in the face! El Tigre Verde wasn’t done and he rushed off the opposite side of the ring only to come back this time with a jaw-cracking Leg Lariat, putting Ryan down into the seated position. Verde clapped his hands and the crowd immediately warmed up to him as he started to rub the heel of his boot across the face of Ryan, Facewash-style. He once again took off to the ropes and caught Ryan with a STIFF Dropkick…


One of his many named moves as all the goddamn ninjas in jOlt were wont to have! Nevertheless, the crowd cheered when Verde took hold of the groggy Ryan by the waist and mustered up his strength to get him over with a Bridging German Suplex!




The high-octane offensive salvo only got El Tigre Verde a two-count, but if he kept this up he could be on the way towards a monster upset tonight! The crowd was firmly on the side of El Tigre Verde as the Japanese-born luchador started to force jOlt’s Last Real Man up to his knees. He struck him with a left and a right kick before he backed up and tried for another shot only for Ryan to double him over with a stiff Shoulder Strike to the gut.

The Bad Man from Bangor had his first opening and he rushed off the ropes to try for a big Shining Wizard-style Knee Strike when Verde ducked and caught him with a not-fancy but still effective Schoolboy pin!




Ryan rolled through when the Brazilian native waited for him to stand. He doubled him over with another Low Spin Kick followed by a succession of elbows to the head meant to stun him. He reeled back and fired off another move…


A Spinning Knee Strike caught Ryan flush underneath his chiseled chin and while he didn’t go down fully, he was groggy enough for Verde to try and maneuver the powerhouse into a Backslide predicament…




Ryan used his strength to roll backwards and land on his feet again, but El Tigre Verde was already waiting for a chance to go at him again. He secured an arm and was trying to possibly ground him for his submission finisher, a Bridging Crossface Chicken Wing called Asphyxia Majora, but Ryan back elbows his way free from Verde’s grip.

He turned around and caught him with a STIFF straight elbow to the head, actually jutting Verde. To the crowd’s surprise, he stood his ground and fought back with a two or three elbows of his own. However, Ryan was also well-versed in the Strong Style striking of wrestling and nearly BLISTERED his chest with a stiff Knife-Edge Chop followed by another sick elbow that knocked Verde clear off his feet. He wiped his lip to check for blood before he gritted his teeth.

“You’re gonna fucking wish you were never born…” Ryan snarled.

When El Tigre Verde tried to get up to a knee, Ryan palmed the back of his head and BLASTED him upside the head with a vicious Knee Strike! The crowd cringed at the blow fired with lots of force behind it as Verde crumbled to the mat in a heap. Ryan then stood with his back to him and started mocking like he was kicking sand in his face… or litter if you were a cat.


Ryan turned around to face the Japanese-born luchador again and The Bad Man from Bangor was less than pleased that Verde made a good showing for himself on his expense. When Verde tried to stand again, he was hit with not one, but two more vicious knees to the top of his head and brought him down. Verde wasn’t moving now when Ryan kicked him over onto his back and went for a lateral press.




Verde got his shoulder up, to the surprise of the crowd! One of The Hype’s top stars was making a great showing for himself against a Hype graduate and one of jOlt’s top stars. Ryan didn’t care about any of that, though, and kicked him flat on his back before running off the ropes. The 254-pound Ryan came off the ropes and CRUSHED him with a devastating Senton!

Ryan was a thick-bodied man so the move took the utter wind right out of El Tigre Verde, but Ryan was by no means done with him. He caught him again in a Suplex and this time, threw him right up into the air…


The Vertical Suplex life into the Backbreaker nearly SPLIT El Tigre Verde in half as he rolled over and arched his back in pain. Ryan knelt over and kicked him onto his back a second time before trying for a cover again.





Ryan was shocked that he hadn’t finished him just yet, but he still had some more tricks up his sleeve. The Bad Man from Bangor did nothing but pull him up by his mask and kick him in the gut. He was going for his finishing move that had put out about 99.999% percent of his opponents since he opted for it (Pietro Geist once being the .0001% in an Underground Title defense that main evented Death Wish). He set him up, but Verde suddenly sprang to life and caught him with a Jackknife pin!




He ALMOST caught Ryan unaware right there! El Tigre Verde tried to stand back up again…


Ryan surged forward, grabbed him up and DRILLED him right into the canvas with a vicious Running Spinebuster! The fans cringed from the impact, but what was coming next was much worse as he kicked Verde again…


The SICK Stalling Piledriver dumped him right on his head and El Tigre Verde dropped lifelessly to the mat! He had indeed made a lasting impression on jOlt’s Last Real Man, but Ryan was too much on this night as he rolled him over and Ryan hooked the leg.




Ryan had his arm raised by Ian Nguyen as he got back to his feet, but Jeremy pulled it away quickly. He huffed quickly before he rolled out of the ring and shoved the timekeeper out of his way, snatching a steel chair up in the process. He grabbed a microphone and huffed again, soaking in the jeers from the crowd.

“Good job, kid, you were better than I thought…” Ryan said nonchalantly. “Now… I’m gonna send you back to the Hype in a body bag!”

He dropped the mic aside again and slid the chair back into the ring before he climbed back inside. Verde was not moving so whatever plans that Ryan had for him, he was virtually defenseless. He left the chair closed and pulled Verde up to his feet again…

He was looking to Piledrive him on a chair which could possibly break his neck…


The signature Running Flying Knee Strike of Eiji Kugasari caught Jeremy Ryan flush in the side of his head, making him drop El Tigre Verde! The blow belonged to the leader of the clan, Eiji Kugasari himself who received a massive ovation from the crowd, coming to the aid of one of his own! He dared Ryan to get back into the ring, but jOlt’s Last Real Man headed back up toward the ramp. He had made his point tonight. Kugasari checked on Verde who was holding his head in pain before he motioned for a microphone.

“Ryan… I accept!”

That was all that needed to be said. Two of jOlt’s best and brightest were going to war once again, picking up right where they left off at Wired. Jeremy Ryan’s reaction?

A sick smile.

Ryan retreated up the ramp while Eiji tended to his fallen clansmen. While Jeremy Ryan had won tonight, Kugasari was not going to go away quietly until he was able to redeem himself.

Winner: Jeremy Ryan via Pinfall

"Freedom with a Price"

We open up to the backstage area with The Rebellion of Jon Le Bon, Michael Donavan, Sebastian Saje, Cross the Hood, and Raevynn were standing opposite of Nate Quartermaine. There was mixed reactions as some were cheering for Quartermaine while others were booing The Rebellion. Le Bon stood there with his men behind him, arms crossed with a disappointed look on his face.

“It’s not a secret that you don’t wish to be a part of The Rebellion anymore. Sayber and Seraph are two of my lapdogs that decided to bite the hand that feeds them. Looks like I have another lapdog in you, Nate, that’s trying to do the same thing. I want to make one thing clear…. The men…”

Le Bon turned and looked at the Starlet Champion, Raevynn.

“…and woman…. Behind me are the heart and soul of The Rebellion. Sayber never really was with us and Seraph, as the monster he was supposed to be, didn’t pull enough of his weight. As far as I am concerned, they are expendable… and so are you.”

Le Bon took a moment to pause.

“That’s why I decided, I’m going to grant you your freedom from The Rebellion” said Le Bon

The people in the background could hear cheering. Nate Quartermaine had a smirk on his face.

“IF… you can defeat me one on one in a match tonight. That’s right.. I’m willing to pull double duty tonight to set an example because make no mistake, Nate… I am gunning for Jesse Ramey and the World Championship in two weeks at Unlimited. I will stop at nothing to defeat him and bring The Rebellion to the head of the locker room. I am more than confident that I can beat Ramey and take that title for my own… which means, I’m even double confident that I can beat you tonight one on one.”

Le Bon paused again.

“When you lose tonight, I will force you to do the more remedial tasks for The Rebellion. I will force you to show your gratitude towards me for setting you free from The Hype and getting you a main roster spot. I will OWN you like the dog that you are. It’s a shame, too, because you had so much potential. Michael Donavan showed his by taking matters into his own hands last week and attacking Omega. I had no idea he was going to do it, but as a result, Michael Donavan will be facing Omega at Unlimited and The Rebellion now has an opportunity to take home the top two championships in jOlt. That could have been you, Nate. Hell… Diamond Jewelz is running around here with the Relentless Title and you haven’t done anything about that. He just lost his gOlden bOy Championship last week and he’s prone, but yet, you’re not making any moves. Simply put… you’re pathetic.”

Quartermaine stepped up to Le Bon and got in his face.

“The only one who’s pathetic around here is you, Le Bon. Coming onto The Hype, thinking you’re better than everyone else… skirting by on your stupid little schemes… it makes me sick. This is not what we originally talked about when I agreed to join The Rebellion. You promised roster spots, yes. You promised to save us from Shayne Anderson, yes.. but you never promised that you would demean, embarrass, belittle, and insult the people who stood by you no matter what. There’s only so much a man can take before he says enough is enough. I’m saying I’ve had enough. Tonight, I’ll show you exactly how a former All American handles business. Jesse Ramey is an amazing man and champion… and no disrespect to him whatsoever, but you’re looking at the best pure athlete on jOlt’s roster… and I will do Jesse Ramey a favor by destroying you and TAKING my freedom by force.”

The crowd cheered as Quartermaine walked away. Le Bon laughed to himself as if he didn’t believe a word Quartermaine was saying.

The scene faded to black.

"Uphill Battle"

Several men were filling up the office of Damien Lee and things were getting cramped. That would be because there were five bodies already occupying the limited space.

The House consisting of a three-hundred pound Derrick Huber and a four-hundred plus pound Adam Roebuck to one side.

The Crimson Order consisting of Heido and Takeshi along with their manager, Mamoru.

And Damien Lee himself.

“What the fuck are we waiting for?” Roebuck roared. “Are you finally going to settle this bullshit with our match last week or what?”

Mamoru was the first to speak up for the Crimson Order. “I wouldn’t put it nearly as crude as our non- erudite friend over there, but we have grown impatient. Heido scored the pinfall in that handicap match last week and thus, The Crimson Order should received their just due at the jOlt Tag Team Titles that they have been denied since last year.”

“Um … hello,” Huber gestured. “It was MY muscle buster that dropped Jackson Cross on your head and Heido had to dog pile on me to try and steal the win. There shouldn’t have even been a double cover. Bet your rules didn’t think about that, did they, Lee?”

“An oversight,” Lee said. “I assure you my intention was to give both of you a fair shot. Need I remind the four of you that as soon as our last guests get here, I will address this matter. They’ve been told the rules and if any violence is perpetrated by anybody here tonight … you will lose out on any future title shots. Do I make myself clear?”

All parties uneasily nodded in agreement. Seconds later the door opened and all that was about to fly out the window.

“What the fuck is this? You tryin’ to ambush us, Lee?”

The voice came from the current jOlt Tag Team Champions. Jackson Cross and Machida Hood aka Cross The Hood. They were two men who stole the tag team titles from the House when Jon Le Bon had power to book matches for the Rebellion and have since escaped matches with the belts via opportunistic means.

“I should fucking end the two of you right here!” Roebuck yelled.

“None of y’all have been able to do it yet!” Hood screamed back. “This is just gettin’ no fuckin’ respect around here! We’ve beaten The House and we’ve beaten the Order every which fuckin’ way!”

Both Heido and Takeshi were about ready to ignore Damien Lee’s edict and attack them anyway, but the CEO heard enough.


The attention was back on the CEO of jOlt as he stood up behind his desk.

“Cross The Hood, you have taken every shortcut possible to skirt title defenses and take advantage when openings were presented to you. If you want respect, then at Unlimited you’re putting your money where your mouth is. You’re going to be defending the titles at Unlimited against The Crimson Order …”

Takeshi had a half-grin on his face directed at Adam Roebuck while Mamoru and Heido shared looks of elation.

“BULLSHIT!” Huber screamed at a decibel louder than his tag partner usually had. “That win was mine, Lee.”

“NOT FINISHED!” Lee shouted back. “Now as I was saying … you’ll be defending the titles against The Crimson Order and The House! I’m quite surprised I didn’t think of this sooner. Wrestling being what it is and all, but it is what it is. The three of you can sort this out and it will be one fall to a finish, first pinfall or submission rules. If I catch any sort of interference and even if one of The Rebellion members just comes out to wave hello, I will strip you of the belts and I will let The House and the Order fight in a match for the vacant belts.”

“BULLSHIT!” Cross screamed even louder than the first bullshit. “THIS IS JUST YOU STACKING THE DECK AGIANST US, LEE!”

“This is me making it fair for everybody. Now you are all in action tonight, ten man tag in case you can’t remember what happened earlier tonight. Same edict applies tonight, if there’s any violence outside this match then you can kiss your title match goodbye.”

“If there is one sentiment that we can agree on,” Heido said, “it’s making sure that you aren’t walking out of Unlimited with the belts. I’ll be seeing you gentlemen later.”

Heido, Takeshi and Mamoru walked away from the office. The House followed right behind them and watched an uneasy Cross The Hood glared.

“We’ll be seeing you tonight, boys, and again at Unlimited. Keep those belts warm for us.”

“They’re not going anywhere tonight or any other night,” Cross rebutted.

The House left the office as well and Cross The Hood both groaned in frustration. They had a big uphill battle to climb.

Charlotte, Callie Scott, & Desiree vs Sarah Winterton, Tammy Lynn Foster, & Raevynn

Six of the Starlet Division’s finest will be competing in the ring very shortly right before they were set to fight. The Rebellion’s Raevynn was set to defend her championship against the very woman that she stole the belt from back at Wired in the two-time Starlet Champion Charlotte. On another side, three women would be competing for the chance to compete for the Starlet Title at Wrestlecade in a few short months making it a big opportunity between the longest-reigning jOlt Starlet Champion in Sarah Winterton, Callie “Scrapper” Scott and the brawler, Tammy Lynn Foster. Along with these five women, one of the Hype Starlet’s best in Desiree would get a chance to show off her skills on jOlt’s big stage.

“The following contest is a six-Starlet tag team match and this is set for one fall!” Dean Carrington announced.

“Girls Girls Girls” by Motley Crue.

The crowd cheered as out from the back came Desiree. She was a proud up-and-comer in The Hype and thanks to training from the former fWo Cruiserweight Champion in Xin Xin Xiong, she had proven herself to be very capable in the ring.

“First, she hails from Enfield, Connecticut… please welcome to the ring… DESIREE!

Desiree hit the ring and waited for her tag team partners for the evening.

“Octane” by Burnos.

The adrenaline-fueled anthem played and the crowd started to cheer for the brawler from Battle Ground. Two pillars of smoke billowed out from either side of the entry ramp and out came the woman nicknamed The Scrapper! A blue bandana was draped over her head as she approached the ring, adjusting her signature black elbow pad on her right arm with a sparking red skull and cross-bones adoring it.

“And her partners, from Battle Ground, Washington, weighing in at 138 pounds… please welcome CALLIE “SCRAPPER” SCOTT!

The crowd started cheering as The Scrapper headed towards the ring meaning all business. She climbed up the steps and jumped onto the second turnbuckle, pointing to the sparkling skull on her elbow pad. After stepping off the top rope, she shook the hand of Desiree waiting for the third and final person on their side.

“Poker Face” by Lady Gaga.

The fans turned their attention to the ramp as the lights quickly cut to black.

Two spotlights, one red and one pink, shined on the stage and started to flash as the opening chords to her music started to echo throughout the building. The lights swirled and the fans gave a rousing ovation for the gorgeous and tantalizing former Starlets Champion!

“And their tag team partner, she hails from Las Vegas, Nevada… she is the former two-time Starlet Champion… CHARLOTTE!

She blew kisses to the fans at the top of the ramp and started to walk towards the ring with a serious look on her face. The Queen of Hearts headed to the ring and sat on the top rope and blew more kisses, sending a shower of sparks exploding from each of the four corners! She jumped off the ropes and joined Callie and Desiree before what was to come next.

“Redneck Woman” by Gretchen Wilson.

“And their opponents, first, from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, weighing in at 170 pounds, this is TAMMY LYNN FOSTER!

The music played amidst a sea of jeers and anger as The Blonde Bomber herself walked out from the back with a nasty scowl on her face. She was the second of the two women who would be competing in a Triple Threat for a chance to wrestle for the Starlet Title at Wrestlecade. She stopped short of the entrance and waited for her partners.

"Pageant (Instrumental)" by Moi Dix Mois.

The Queen of the Starlets stepped out from the backstage area and had her portly assistant, Desta, who came down with a cold so luckily nobody would have to hear her loud, screechy and naggy voice.

“Next, making her way to the ring from Tampa, Florida, being accompanied by Desta… weighing in at 135 pounds, she is the longest-reigning Starlet Champion in jOlt history… ”THE QUEEN OF THE STARLETS” SARAH WINTERTON!

With a rather smug look on her face as she surveyed the scene. In addition to her own sordid history with Charlotte over the Starlet Title, she’d been engrossed in a battle with one of her very own tag partners in addition to Desiree once upon a time. Her own tag team partner, Tammy Lynn Foster hated her and there was no love lost between Winterton and the current champion Raevynn. It took everything in Foster’s being not to fucking clock Winterton where she stood, but there were big things at stake like dealing with their enemies.

"Where is the Edge" by Within Temptation

The boos continued as the pale-skinned, raven-haired Starlet Champion, Raevynn, stepped out from the backstage area, raising the title while Charlotte looked on, about ready to climb over the ropes and kick her right in the ass.

“And their partner, from Salem, Massachusetts, weighing in at 120 pounds, she is the current Starlet Champion, representing The Rebellion… RAEVYNN!

Raevynn made her way to the ring where she slowly climbed up onto the apron before stepping through the middle and top ropes with an uneasy Winterton and Tammy Lynn Foster. Raevynn unfastened the championship and took one good hard look at it before passing it off to referee Kim Adams. Never in recent memory have six Starlets been involved in such a match and now it was about ready to happen here tonight!


It was Champion and Challenger at Unlimited starting things off when Charlotte rushed right at the smaller Raevynn and tossed down the pale-skinned Starlet Champion. She waited for Raevynn stand up and popped her in the face with a couple Forearm Smashes before throwing her back into the corner by smashing her face-first into the turnbuckle!

“Come on, bitch!” Charlotte yelled.

She grabbed Raevynn by the head in a Headlock before she ran across the other side of the ring and smashed her face into the turnbuckle, Bulldog-style! Charlotte lit up Raevynn like Louis Litt and stomped her in the chest several times. Raevynn had been a dominant champion herself and even ran “Dragonfly” Amber Ryann back to jOlt, but right now The Queen of Hearts was firing on all cylinders so to speak.

The fiery redhead rushed at her in the corner and caught her with another Corner Elbow Smash. The blow stunned Raevynn and the taller Charlotte grabbed her and took her over with a Northern Lights Suplex!



The Rebellion’s Starlet contingent kicked out, but Charlotte was game for a fight. She took off towards the ropes when Tammy Lynn Foster tried to attack her with a knee to the back. She caught her, but Charlotte turned around and landed a Dropkick that knocked her off the apron! Winterton ducked off the apron wanting no part of her eternal rival, but she left herself wide open from an attack by Raevynn who landed a John Woo-like Dropkick to the chest, sending the Vegas Vixen crossing over into the Queen’s corner! Raevynn dragged her out of the corner and tried to pin her challenger before their showdown at Unlimited.




The Vegas Vixen kicked out and she reached over to tag out to Tamm Lynn Foster. These two met in action several weeks ago and Raevynn cost Charlotte the match, giving Foster the biggest win of her career so far over the former two-time champion.

Foster picked her up off the mat and threw the taller Charlotte into the corner before working her over with a series of Shoulder Thrusts into the corner.

“I got yer number, ya prissy little bitch…” Tammy smiled.

She whipped Charlotte across the ring and when she landed in the corner, she rammed a big Shoulder Tackle into the gut, doubling her over! The big blow knocked the wind out of Charlotte and she was pulled out of the corner into a Reverse DDT! She dropped her down and followed up with a cover.




Charlotte with her shoulder up. Tammy Lynn Foster kicked Charlotte in the stomach again after pulling her up and tried a big move only for Charlotte to slip out of the Trailer Hitch attempt! She doubled Tammy over with a couple of shots before taking her down…


She dropped Foster with a One-armed Swinging Neckbreaker and now she had her chance to try and finish things off!




A big kickout by Foster, but Charlotte wasn’t done with her. She grabbed Foster by the arm and led her over to the corner before tagging into her friend, Callie “Scrapper” Scott! The crowd gave the former fighter a big ovation as she climbed into the ring.


Charlotte doubled her over with a kick and Callie opened up with a series of jabs to the head of the tough Oklahoman. She then drilled her with several more rights and backed off before jutting her right into the ring with a big Running Back Elbow to the jaw! She backed off and repeated the Running Back Elbow a second time, working her over again until she was dropped in the seated position. Callie waved to the crowd who started getting louder when she bounced off the ropes and connected with a HUGE Running Dropkick…


The crowd cringed and then subsequently cheered for the nasty Dropkick in the corner that could have arranged Tammy Lynn Foster’s face! She then pulled her out of the corner and now tried to pin Foster.




The Starlet Champion saved the match for her team and Callie tried to get back up and get her out of the ring when Desta climbed on the ring apron.

“Your mother should be ashamed of you, you knuckledragger!”

Callie reached out and swung when she ducked off the apron, but while Kim Adams was attending to Desiree, Sarah Winterton ran into the ring and kicked her in the spine before DROPPING her…


The same Cross-Arm Neckbreaker that Callie Scott had gotten dropped with by Sarah Winterton last week! She rolled out of the ring before Adams could see the interference while Tammy Lynn Foster turned around. Winterton reached out and tagged herself in against Foster’s wishes. Tammy Lynn shot a scowl as Winterton stepped in for the first time.

“My turn now, darling!”

Now that her new rival was incapacitated, The Queen of the Starlets was happy to get her hands dirty now. Callie tried to get back up when Winterton came flying off the turnbuckle and landing a big dropkick from the middle turnbuckle! After the impact, Sarah waved to the crowd and hooked the leg again.




The Queen of the Starlets sneered at the referee for what she perceived to be a slow count and went to attacking the brawling Starlet. She lifted her up by her arm only to drop down with a Double Knee Armbreaker that brought her down to the canvas! She was hurt and Winterton was looking to soften her up for the Ermine Cape submission.

She turned over and while Callie was hurt, she twisted the arm around and dropped her into the canvas with a quick Arm Dragon Screw. She was in a bad position now while Charlotte watched and waited for any chance to tag in and get her hands on the hostile Queen. Desiree didn’t get a chance to tag in just yet and waited for her shot.

Inside the ring, Winterton pulled up and then rolled Callie over with a Snapmare. A huge kick to the back followed and then she finished off the combination with a dropkick to the back of the head that she called…





She rolled over and made another tag to Raevynn who arrogantly stood over the wounded Scrapper looking as if she had no care in the world. She started paintbrushing the back of the Scrapper’s head and continued to talk trash. She turned over to Charlotte and Desiree.

“Come get her, ex-champion!” Desiree shouted.

She turned her around and tried to set The Scrapper up for the TEARS Breaker, but she landed on her feet behind her. When the Starlet Champion turned around…


The Superwoman Punch knocked Raevynn’s fucking block off! The Starlet Champion was laid out while Callie Scott tried getting over to her corner. Charlotte and Desiree both were itching to get in and fight while Tammy Lynn Foster and Sarah Winterton tried to get back into the ring. Winterton tagged in off Raevynn, but before she could do much of anything, Tammy Lynn Foster tagged herself in already!

Winterton had to go back to the corner and protested with Kim Adams while Callie made the tag over to Desiree! She made it into the ring and rushed right at Foster with a big Clothesline to the chest, but the powerhouse only slightly teetered. Seeing a chance to strike again, she rushed off the ropes a second time and another Clothesline rattled Foster, but The Blonde Bomber didn’t go down. She rushed off the ropes and fired an elbow this time that rattled her, but it was the Running Neckbreaker off the ropes that did her in! Desiree with the cover on Foster now!




Tammy Lynn Foster kicked out and Raevynn charged into the ring, trying to attack the fallen Desiree. She elbowed her when Charlotte rushed into the ring and speared her nearly right out of her boots! The Starlet Champion was taken down, but Winterton came back into the ring and threw Charlotte to the outside. Callie “Scrapper” Scott headed back inside the ring and kicked the living daylights out of Winterton and the two went brawling to the floor.

That left Tammy Lynn Foster alone with Desiree! She hoisted her up for a Powerbomb when Desiree slipped out the back! Adams was breaking up fights along the ringside area when Desiree got to the ropes…


Her rival on The Hype pulled her out of the ring and SMASHED her face right into the steel steps! The crowd booed as Hines grinned at her own attack, possibly breaking Desiree’s nose! Blood had trickled down her face now in the most gruesome of ways when she threw her back inside the ring.

Making no apologies for her actions, she calmly walked back into the crowd and disappeared from sight while Tammy Lynn Foster was about ready to finish her off…


Winterton tagged herself yet again and breezed right past Foster before she tried to cover the downed Desiree.




Tammy Lynn Foster had enough! She wailed right her with a right hand and laid her out on the canvas before Foster simply left the ring and headed up the ramp! Raevynn’s team had just imploded before her very eyes! Desiree was hurt from the attack by the unusual attack by Hines, but Charlotte and Raevynn continued to fight on the floor, so Callie tagged herself in! Winterton was trying to get back up when The Scrapper came off the ropes…


The Sliding D Elbow caught Winterton upside the head! This was not her first time getting whacked with the brutal finisher…




…And this was not the first time that she had been defeated with it! Callie Scott got the big win for her team as Charlotte and she regrouped in the ring, checking on the fallen Desiree.


Despite a vicious attack by Desiree’s Hype rival, Faith Hines, she and her team were successful thanks in part due to the implosion between Sarah Winterton and Tammy Lynn Foster! Charlotte helped her to her feet as Kim Adams handed Desiree a towel and helped her out. Raevynn, meanwhile, had headed back up the ramp and still held her title.

“I’m still the Starlet Champion, Charlotte! I’m still the champion and this belt will only stay with me!”

The Rebellion member disappeared behind the curtain while Charlotte stared her down. She had her own date with redemption, but tonight, The Scrapper had herself a big win. And if she could do that again at Unlimited, she would be given a match for the Starlet Championship on the biggest stage that jOlt had to offer!

Winner: Desiree, Callie Scott, & Charlotte via Pinfall

Nate Quartermaine vs Jon Le Bon

Earlier tonight, Jon Le Bon said he was going to face Nate Quartermaine one on one in a match that if Nate won, he would earn his freedom from The Rebellion, but if Le Bon won, then Quartermaine would serve as Le Bon’s lapdog and servant for The Rebellion.

“God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash

Out from the back first came the leader of The Rebellion, Jon Le Bon to a huge amount of boos from the crowd. Le Bon smirked as he came down to the ring, stepping inside. He had a huge tag team match to wrestle in later tonight, but he needed to nip this issue in the bud immediately. As Le Bon stood in the ring, he leaned against the turnbuckles with his arms folded, awaiting the opposition.

“I Don’t Wanna Stop” by Ozzy Osbourne

The crowd cheered when Nate Quartermaine came out from the backstage area. He made his way down to the ring with a look of determination on his face. He entered the ring when Le Bon grabbed a microphone from ringside and held his hand up to Quartermaine.

“Whoa whoa whoa there” said Le Bon. “Hold on just for a moment. I said earlier tonight that I was going to make you earn your freedom. This is why I decided to make this match an Underground Rules match.”

As soon as Le Bon said that, he grinned and began to laugh. All throughout the arena came the members of The Rebellion… Sebastian Saje… Jackson Cross, Machida Hood, and Michael Donavan. They all came in through the crowd and hopped the barricades, surrounding the ring. One by one they climbed up on the ring apron when all of a sudden, Sayber and Seraph ran out from the backstage area to cheers from the crowd! They hit the ring and stood side by side with Nate Quartermaine.

“Don’t just stand there.. Get them!” yelled Le Bon to The Rebellion.

Donavan went for Seraph, Saje went for Sayber, and Cross the Hood went for Nate Quartermaine. Seraph and Donavan brawled until Seraph clotheslined Donavan up and over the top rope. Sayber did the same with Sebastian Saje. Quartermaine was being pinned down thanks to a two on one assault all while Le Bon stood back and watched this unfold.


Seraph and Sayber pulled Cross and Hood off of Quartermaine respectively as Saje and Donavan came back in and began to pound away on Seraph and Sayber. Donavan and Cross backed Seraph into a corner and took turns hitting shoulder thrusts into his abdomen. Hood and Saje knocked Sayber to the canvas and were stomping away on him. Quartermaine got back up and pulled Hood off of Sayber, hitting a European Uppercut! He hit one on Saje, knocking him down. Saje and Hood rolled out of the ring as Quartermaine charged the corner and hit a leaping leg lariat to Michael Donavan, knocking him down! Jackson Cross turned and pulled Quartermaine up, but Quartermaine hooked Cross and nailed a Belly to Belly Suplex, cleaning house!



The crowd erupted!


Ramey came out from the crowd, slid in behind Le Bon and laid him out with a lariat from behind! Ramey quickly pulled Le Bon back up where he scooped him up and nailed the Northern Lights Driver…


Ramey then motioned to Quartermaine as if to say “he’s all yours”. Quartermaine nodded and went to the corner, climbing up top. He took aim on Le Bon and leapt off with the Senton Splash!


Quartermaine hooked the leg as he made the cover…




The Underground Rules backfired! The assault by The Rebellion failed thanks to Seraph, Sayber, and the world champion Jesse Ramey! Nate Quartermaine is no longer a member of The Rebellion! He has been set free!

Ramey grinned as he exited the ring. Jon Le Bon pinned him in the tag match last week.. no doubt that had Ramey upset. Tonight he scored a moral victory here by causing the numbers of The Rebellion to shrink by one. Tonight, Le Bon and The Rebellion would have to swallow that bitter pill as they will have to face Ramey once again in a huge tag team main event! Can Le Bon steal another victory tonight or will Ramey and his team prevail over The Rebellion?

Winner: Nate Quartermaine via Pinfall

"All Gold Everything - Part II"

After everything had cleared from the ring and the announcers finished plugging Unlimited in two weeks.., a crew came out to decorate the ring and it looked completely gaudy as fuck! (but respectably gaudy, not that weird Chrisley Knows Best gaudy. Fuck that show.) The ring ropes were not their usual colors and the ring was not, either. The ring was decorated with all gold ropes and the canvas was covered up with an equally shiny gold color. The fans were waiting with anticipation as to what was to happen.

“Ladies and gentlemen…” Dean Carrington announced. “Introducing at this time… HE IS O.G. SIMPSON!

“I’m Getting Money by OG Da Juiceman!

The camera panned to the top of the entrance ramp where none other than the personal ring announcer for one Diamond Jewelz made his way out… only he wasn’t wearing his usual white suit. Instead, he was wearing a metric FUCKTON of gold chains, rings, and even a crown for some reason over a new golden-hued suit. He looked a little bit miserable to be there, but the crowd gave the entertaining ring announcer some love as he walked towards the ring. He climbed up the steps and pulled out the signature golden-colored microphone as his music faded out.

“Ugh…” he said looking a little disgusted at the attire he was made to wear. “It’s time for to get this shit over with…”

A voice boomed over the PA.


O.G Simpson looked miserable, but he produced a set of cue cards.

“Ahem… Eastside, Westside, I want all of you to stand up, say it loud and say it proud! Stand up and cheer for the man that stuck it to that cheating pric… Oh, my God, I’m not reading this…”


O.G. Simpson sunk his head and went back to reading. “The man that beat Wrestling’s… Greatest poser… come the fuck on!”

“WAL-MART JEWELER!” Clap-clap-clapclapclap!
“WAL-MART JEWELER!” Clap-clap-clapclapclap!
“WAL-MART JEWELER!” Clap-clap-clapclapclap!
“WAL-MART JEWELER!” Clap-clap-clapclapclap!
“WAL-MART JEWELER!” Clap-clap-clapclapclap!

The crowd continued to chant loud and proud as The Juice went back to reading.

“Please welcome the Man Called Midas… SuperMack! The Bronze Bomber! The Philly Powerhouse! The Golden God! The man that Ruby Rocks Jewelz is probably seeing on the side because Mack has a bigger di…” Simpson sighed before raising a hand and holding it out for the entrance. “yourgOldenbOychampionmackbrody…”

But the song wasn’t “What You Know” by T.I. Not tonight. Tonight was a little more fitting for the occasion…

“All Gold Everything” by Trinidad James.

When the music started to kick in, four LOVELY looking ladies stepped out from the back and started to dance in tune to the music, getting a series of loud cheers and catcalls from the males in attendance. Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway came out from the back, still in their attire from earlier. They made their way out from the back and waved to the entrance where the gOlden bOy Champion himself, Mack Brody, was on his way out! He stopped and got a kiss from two of the lovely ladies before they went back to their alluring dancing.

The Arena of Champions began rocking along with the bass heavy anthem of all things gold while the entrance video showed a streaming collage, laden with the acquisitions of success & the array of destruction created by a hulking wrestling phenomenon. Brilliant flashes of Gold, Emerald & Pearl would dance along the entire entrance staging area and throughout the vast arena before the Bronze Bomber walked out from the back and slapped hands with the fans. He walked into the ring and actually shook hands with O.G. Simpson who just looked disgusted at having to do this. The winner of the gOlden bOy Championship meant that the services of The Juice came with it!



He raised the title before he patted the faceplate.

“First off, I would love to thank the personal services of my man, O.G. Simpson. Dude, you got a nice set of pipes on you. High five!”

Simpson decided that even though this was not his ideal situation, he would at least grin and bear it. He tried to high-five him when Mack pulled away, making Simpson fall on his ass to some laughter from the crowd.

“Hahaha, sorry, dude, didn’t mean to do that. Trick hand acting up…”

He did help Simpson back to his feet and brushed some of the dirt off his suite before he continued.

“I would also love to thank those hot mommas you see at the top of the ramp! Please welcome the Hearts of Gold!”

The ladies took a bow at the top of the stage before they disappeared to the back… but not before Ryan and Frank peeked behind them and gave each other a thumbs up.

“Earlier tonight, I told the world that I had a big announcement as it concerns this title I won. I thought to myself, what should I actually do with this? It was a product of someone’s vanity, so I should just use it as a really expensive coaster, right? I should just go chuck this on the other side of the overpass on my way out of fucking town!”

A mixture of cheers and boos for that one. Say what you want about Diamond Jewelz, but his defenses of the gOlden bOy Championship were among the most talked about events on any night they occurred.

“But I decided no… because, you see, in Diamond Jewelz's own way... and I can't believe I'm saying this... he did something good with this title. People have actually tried to take this belt away. Everyone ranging from former jOlt and Underground Champions to up-and-comers tried to wrestle this belt from Jewelz, but because he CHEATED, he bent rules, he manipulated things in his favor, that didn’t happen. But we had an agreement to make that title match official last week when Frank and Ryan beat The Goons so I could have this shot… we had an agreement to make this work. And I made a pledge to myself that whatever my first singles title was here… Underground, Relentless, World, whatever the case may be, I was going to be a fighting champion. I was going to do my absolute best to put on the best fucking show that you people could ask for and so…”

He held the title out.

“This belt is not going to represent one man’s vanity any more… not while I have it. It has his ugly face on it, but that’s okay… I took care of that…”

The crowd cheered again when they saw the picture of Mack plastered over where DJ's head would be on the logo.

"But this belt… the gOlden bOy Championship… I want to make it MEAN something! That is why I now bring to you…”

“INTRODUCING THE MACK DADDY CHALLENGE!!!!!!!” Brody bellowed among a sea of cheers and one O.G. Simpson openly booing.


Mack Brody scoffed and ignored Simpson as he continued.

“There will be no dicking people over with this championship as long as I have it! I will fight ANYONE… ANYTIME… in this ring! Ten-minute time limit! If you can beat me under the time limit, this title will become yours! If I cannot defeat you by the end of the time limit, then you will earn an automatic rematch the following week. But we’re taking this belt and we’re gonna steal this shit one show at a time!”


Brody nodded. “And this… starts NOW! I am challenging ANYBODY in the back! The Hype… Jesse Ramey, Aran Thompson, The House, a Starlet… I shy from no challenge! Get out here and let’s do this shit!”

The Philly Powerhouse paced himself and he was dressed for combat as the crowd waited with anticipation for somebody coming out. Frank and Ryan waited at the foot of the ramp…

“Golden Dawn” by Gospel.

The music belonged to one of The Hype’s own… the man called Gabriel Gold! The 5’10” and 212-pound technician on the Hype was just coming off an incredible 30-minute match for the Hype Championship with Brian Williams, but tonight, Gold didn’t look pleased with any of this flashy nonsense. He inched his way past an incredulous Ryan and an annoyed Frank with a microphone in hand.

“What. The. Hell.” Gold erupted. “The Mack Daddy Challenge? Give me a goddamn break! You decided that you’re going to come out here and replace Diamond Jewelz vanity challenge… with your OWN vanity challenge?”

SuperMack shook his head. “In case you didn’t listen to a goddamn thing because I imagine that you have your own head buried up your ass after getting beat by Brian Williams… This belt will become something! Did you just come out here to whine and bitch or do you want a chance to prove yourself?”

“I don’t have to prove SHIT to some dumb musclehead like you!” Gold spat. “I’m a former LoC Flyweight Champion and I nearly BEAT that overrated hack, Brian Williams on The Hype. Besides, you’ve been running around here for years, taking my schtick! You think that you can stand in my way, Brody, but let’s face it… you’re NOT good as Gold!”

Brody looked down at his own signature shirt that had that very catchphrase on it and grimaced.

“Actually, I am… says so right here. But if you want a shot to prove me wrong, then let’s do this, Gabriel! Ring the bell!”

And with Gabriel Gold coming down to the ring, it appeared we were getting our first-ever Mack Daddy Challenge!

Mack Brody(c) vs Gabriel Gold

Referee Simon Boulder was out here now just as Gabriel Gold entered the ring. He gave up almost a hundred pounds to Brody, but he was very technically sound himself and could fly circles around the big man. And to lend more credence to his resume, Gold was a former LoC Flyweight Champion so he was no stranger to winning title on the big stages. Not long ago on The Hype, he was also in a big match with jOlt’s Champion Jesse Ramey! Underestimating him would not be a good thing.


It was now gold versus gold… for the gOlden bOy Championship, no less! Brody charged forward, but the quicker Gold ducked and tried to go for some sort of Single Leg until Brody tossed him away. Gabriel rolled back to his feet and came at him again, this time going behind with a Rear Waistlock. When Brody tried to move an elbow, Gold quickly rolled away and looked cautious while Frank and Ryan cheered on their friend from the outside.


The crowd cheered Brody as he charged at Gabriel Gold again, but the quick youngster headed off the ropes only to come back and land a NASTY Front Dropkick right to the chest, enough to knock Brodhy back a few steps!

The Hype star saw an opportunity and jumped like hell for it. The running Dropkick didn’t knock Brody down, but he was stopped in his tracks enough to eat a few more kicks to the knee to try and soften him. Gabriel popped in a few more alternating left and right kicks to the big man and pushed him back into the corner before unleashing a series of hard chops.





Gabriel was on fire tonight and looked extra-motivated for a big upset win here tonight. The former LoC Flyweight Champion walked away from Brody and soaked in the jeers from the crowd as he started to mock him.

“You’re gonna cheer THIS big musclebound retard?” Gold snarled.

He turned back around expecting to continue his attack on Brody, but he walked right into an angry scowl from the big man from Philly. Gold jumped on him some more and kicked him in the gut before trying for an Irish Whip. That turned out to be a mistake also because the 300-plus pounder kept himself firmly planted on the mat. Brody grinned before he unleashed a fast Clubbing Forearm across the back of Gold! He landed about three more stiff shots before launching him into the corner with a whip of his own!

The impact sent the Tampa native staggering out of the corner, so SuperMack repeated the effort in launching him across the ring a second time. He hit the opposite corner with a thud and walked right into a kick from Brody. The Philly Powerhouse muscled him right up and held him in place with a big Double Underhook Suplex…

He held him for five seconds…

Then for ten seconds…


The crowd was amazed with the freaky strength of SuperMack on display before he turned and brought down Gold with a THUNDEROUS slam! Brody rolled him up and went for a cover.




Gold shot a shoulder up off the mat. The big powerhouse picked up Gold off the mat and blasted him in the chest with a big Double Sledge that sent him stumbling backwards into the corner again. Brody ran over and took Gold by the arm before he pointed at Ninja K on the top of the ramp.

“I hope that you’re prepared for this, bro…” Mack said.

And with that, he brought the hammer down on Gabriel Gold with the flurry of Clubbing Forearms to the back and the fans started to count along!


A pause to flex his bicep and kiss it...



Gold crumbled over onto his knees after the brutal shots and Mack Brody was looking ready to finish things already as he went to the corner and waited. The Hype star headed for higher ground and climbed out to the floor! Mack Brody wasn’t going to let Gold take a powder and was hell-bent on proving himself with this new championship he acquired. Brody gave chase to Gabriel Gold and the two men ran half of a lap across the ring before Gold climbed back inside. Brody was about to come after him…


Gold caught him right in the jaw with a nice Slingshot Dropkick between the middle and bottom rope. Brody was knocked loopy as Gabriel stood on the ring apron and charged, BLASTING Brody right in his chiseled chin with a Running Shoot Kick! The blow stunned him yet again and he still didn’t go down, but Gabriel wasn’t done yet after nailing a Missile Dropkick off the apron, sending SuperMack CRASHING into the steel steps!

With some fancy maneuvers of his own, Gabriel Gold turned the tide awfully quick and the crowd booed him as he approached Mack with a smile on his face.

“You people LIKE this vapid moron?!”

With some great effort, he managed to negotiate Brody to his feet. Wanting to avoid the countout, Brody wanted to get back in the ring instinctively, but Gold once again used his aerial game, slingshotting over the ropes and back into the ring where he dropped a Guillotine Leg Drop across the back of the head!

Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway showed some honest surprise. Gold’s reputation preceded him, but he managed to not only outsmart Brody, but take him off his game entirely. Brody was still down while Gabriel went to the top…


A new move he’d been working on was a Frog Splash-turned-Elbow near the point of impact, catching him right in the heart! Gold went for a big cover now and almost had a big win ahead of him!




Almost a MASSIVE upset pulled off! Gold complained to the gargantuan referee Simon Boulder before he started to go back on the attack, raking the eyes of Brody before pummeling him in the head with a few good kicks. He slapped on a Front Facelock and cranked on the submission, trying to wear down Brody…


The thunderous chants from the crowd continued as Brody tried to stand up. Gabriel went into a panic and tried to switch up the submission until he was on his back! He was trying for his Rear Naked Choke submission that he called Silence is Golden, but Brody ran backwards and smashed him in the corner twice! Gold was still barely holding on, so Mack ran forward and used the momentum to pry himself free.

Gabriel Gold rolled after the impact and got back to his feet. He rushed off one side of the ring and was intent on trying for another Dropkick, but the groggy Brody did enough to swat him away! did just that

Mack stood over him and popped the bones in his neck as he got himself fired up off the energy from the crowd as the previously clock-cleaned Gabriel started trying to stand again. Brody charged at him and flattened him with a big Running Clothesline that put him down to the ground. The Hype star tried to stand once more only to get taken down a second time with a hard Double Sledge to the chest! Brody glared at Ninja K and yelled at him.

Brody grabbed Gabriel Gold by the arm and whipped him across the ring, sending him right to the corner. Brody backed up a step and charged at him from all the way across the ring with a Corner Knee Strike to the chest! With Gold stunned, Brody forced him out of the corner and came back with a STRONG Shoulder Block that sent Gabriel spinning through the air! Gabriel was hurt when Brody grabbed him overhead and set him up…


The Release Exploder Suplex sent him FLYING across the ring with great force! SuperMack was ready to strike now and waited for his opponent to stand while he looked out to Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway who gave him a thumbs up. Brody kicked the groggy Gold in the gut and powered him up. He was in the air and had no idea where the fuck he was…


After a few revolutions, he was drilled with a Spinning Powerbomb! The answer to where Gold should be was “anywhere but here!” Gold was out cold while Brody hooked the legs.




Chalk up the first victory in the Mack Daddy Challenge tonight! Brody stood up and was handed his title while an angered O.G. Simpson stood up at ringside…

“YOUR WINNER AND STILL… ugh… gOlden bOy Champion… God, why… Mack Brody…”

Mack Brody ignored it and raised the title high in the air as showers of golden pyro exploded from all four of the turnbuckles in a fit of celebration! Silver and Gallway clapped for their friend as he kept the title held, showing it to all sides of the arena.

Brody exited the ring and joined up with the other Heirs of Wrestling at the top of the stage with a special guest…

ZaC The Monkey! (at least, they claim it is.)

The Heirs of Wrestling took a bow while ZaC sat on Ryan’s shoulder, going after his CIMA goggles again.


ZaC took off backstage with his goggles while Frank and Mack shook their heads.

“I’m gonna tell him it’s the monkey from Outbreak just to fuck with him,” Frank said. “You know he’d buy it.”

Winner: Mack Brody via Pinfall

"A Verbal Lashing... or Not?"

Le Bon stood there with Raevynn, Sebastian Saje, Michael Donavan, Jackson Cross, and Machida Hood. These men were the official remnants of The Rebellion after Nate Quartermaine won his freedom earlier tonight thanks to interferences by Sayber, Seraph, and the World Champion himself, Jesse Ramey. Le Bon hung his head in shame as the other members of The Rebellion were awaiting to be scolded viciously by their leader

"It's all on me" said Le Bon

The Rebellion was quite surprised.

"I made that match Underground Rules. I thought we could take him out, but it all backfired because I didn't account for the fact that Underground Rules could invite anyone and everyone into our business. Jesse Ramey took his shots before our match tonight and he succeeded. The dogs that bit the hands that fed them.. Sayber and Seraph.. took their shots.. and they succeeded. Even you, Raevynn... you didn't get to win your starlet tag match tonight.. you couldn't handle your business either."

There was a momentary pause.

"But that's okay" said Le Bon. "Because later tonight.. we will all stand united. Later tonight.. we will all be banded together against Ramey.. against The House.. against the Order... and tonight... we will show them that our numbers may have shrunk... but we are still as lethal as ever. I didn't bring us here to fail... I brought us here to dominate.. and TONIGHT.. WE DOMINATE"

The Rebellion members were starting to get fired up.


"Tonight and in two weeks at Unlimited. We will claim it all.. and on iNtense 117. Cross the Hood will walk out the tag team champions... Raevynn will walk out as the Starlet Champion... Michael Donavan.. you will walk out as the Underground Champion.. and I will walk out as the World Heavyweight Champion. Damien Lee will have NO CHOICE but to bow down before us."

Le Bon laughed again.

"We won't just take the top spots.. we'll hold those sumbitches for ransom. The Rebellion will not die... oh no no no... we are far... from.... dead."

With that, Le Bon looked right into the camera with a dead serious look on his face. Chilling words from the number one contender as the scene faded out to black.

Omega(c) vs Shoji

Tonight Shoji had the opportunity to take the Underground Championship from Omega. A very daunting task but Shoji was up for the challenge.

Tonight, Omega would continue his dominance since returning from his stay in a mental hospital. Shoji was going to make sure that the new clan started off the year with a title win. However, taking the title from Omega would not be an easy task.

A few moments would elapse before a prominent pulse of light flashed briefly before the silhouette of the Hokota Holocaust was seen penetrating through the billowing overcast. Upon the 3rd impulse, the hulking ninja would execute a rhythmic regiment of striking katas amidst the ongoing barrage of dancing lights where his manager would soon walk past him.

Donning the hues of burgundy and Black, the masked anarchist would follow suit with a gnarled set of knuckles to the theme of “Pyrotechnics” by Cliff Lin. An unstable mixed reaction resonated in hindsight as the hulking ninja would nod coldly toward several fans before walking up the steps, along the ring apron before ascending the opposing turnbuckles. Along the outside, Mamoru would continue walking near the ring apron with an attentive eye on his bodyguard before extinguishing his cigar.

The arena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of Marilyn Manson echoed throughout the arena. The lights from cellphones illuminated the arena as the lyrics continued to play. The cameras panned around to the stage as Omega was nowhere to be seen. The fans jeered as a lone spotlight hit the middle of the ring. A young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

we are free
now we are ONE

A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the lone spotlight disappeared. The lights slowly came back on as Omega stood in the middle of the ring with his black hoodie covering his entire face. The Underground Champion stood in the ring turning slowly surveying the arena before slowly sitting in the corner awaiting the champion.

Darius Underwood held the belt in the air, to signify that it was on the line then passed it on to the timekeeper at ringside. He then took his place in the middle of the ring and looked at the two competitors, then stepped back and brought his hands down to signal for the bell to ring. Shoji and Omega stepped face-to-face, exchanging heated pleasantries. The large ninja showed no fear as he looked across at the monster of an Underground champion. The crowd did not know what to expect from these two men. Shoji was the first to strike as he punched and kicked Omega. He began hammering away at Omega with punches, knocking him back into the ropes. He whipped Omega across the ring into the ropes. As Omega came off, Shoji leaps high into the air and blasted his feet into Omega's face, hitting a picture-perfect dropkick. The Hokota Holocaust brought Omega up and whipped him hard into a corner, then sprinted in after him with a clothesline that hit him milliseconds after the impact. Shoji then whipped Omega across the ring into the opposite corner. Shoji backed up into this corner, then ran across the ring, going for a lariat.

Omega saw this coming as he lifted one big boot, sending Shoji down to the mat hard. Omega wasted no time in bringing him back up and lifting him up into the air and holding him... holding him... holding him... then finally taking him down to the mat with a delayed vertical suplex. The Underground champion showed his impressive strength once more. With Shoji down, Omega dropped a vicious elbow into the ninja’s sternum. The big man stood to his feet and dropped a standing leg drop across the ninja’s throat. The champion sat for a few seconds before standing to his feet to the jeers of the crowd. Mamoru watched from the floor as Shoji lay on the mat.

Omega brought Shoji to his feet and whipped him into the ropes. As Shoji came off, Omega took him to the mat with a big belly to belly suplex. The champion quickly hooked the leg for the cover.




Omega brought Shoji to his feet and sets him up, then dropped him with a DDT. The madman brought Shoji to his feet and whipped him into the corner. The champion ran into the corner after Shoji, driving a knee into the gut as he arrived. The big man backed up, raised Shoji's head with a hand, and began to go to work with a series of vicious, right hands. The champion looked around with a sly smirk before pulling Shoji from the corner. Omega whipped Shoji into the ropes, looking for a clothesline but the ninja ducked the attempt and nailed Omega with a spinning back kick that doubled over the champion. Shoji quickly grabbed Omega and drove him to the mat with the Dark Genesis. The swinging cradle suplex was on point as Shoji drove the champion into the mat. The challenger was now in control of the match as he grabbed Omega and pushed him into the corner.

Shoji began chopping the hell out of Omega, drawing woos from the crowd, laying in a series of truly devastating chops that quickly turned Omega's chest a bright and angry red. The champion enduring the pain, sensing a momentum change, reached out blasted Shoji with a big forearm. Shoji backed out of the corner, and Omega came up from behind him. He spun Shoji around, kicked him in the gut, and then double under hooked his arms. The big man lifted Shoji up into the air... held him... then drove him down with a power bomb. The champ went for the cover on Shoji as Underwood dropped down for the count. ONE… TWO… KICKOUT BY THE NINJA!!!

Omega looked at Underwood for a quick second not happy with the count. The champion slid under the bottom rope and went to the floor. He looked at Mamoru before grabbing the ring bell and throwing it into the ring. He also folded up a steel chair and pushed it under the bottom rope into the ring. The madman rolled into the ring and grabbed Shoji by the mask and hoisted him to his feet. Shoji caught Omega with a quick thrust to the throat, sending the big man backwards grabbing his throat. Shoji nailed Omega with a savat kick then nailed the champion with a clothesline. Omega staggered backwards as Shoji raced across the ring nailing the champion with a running spin kick. The large ninja showed off his impressive agility. The challenger went for the cover.




Shoji shook his head, he thought he might have had him there. Mamoru turned away from the ring as he thought it was over as well. Not daunted at all, Shoji brought Omega to his feet and digs back into his deep bag of signature moves. He kicked Omega hard in the gut, doubling him over. He hooked Omega and drove him to the mat.

Kotaro’s Coffin

Shoji went for another cover on the champion.




Shoji brought Omega up and threw him through the ropes, and Omega landed with a crash on the outside. Shoji rolled to the floor after the champion. The challenger grabbed Omega and drove him into the ring post with a Russian leg sweep. The crowd erupted at the high spot, and both men went to the floor. After a few moments to recover, Shoji was the first man back up to his feet. He grabbed Omega and prepared to whip him into the guardrail, but Omega reversed it and Shoji connected. Omega grabbed him and, for good measure, slammed his head into the ring apron with ferocity.




With Shoji down, Omega shook off the punishment he had endured and grabbed a table from under the ring. He opened the table and placed it near the ring, headed back to Shoji, brought him up, tossed him onto the table, and climbed up himself. Omega brought Shoji up to his feet and reached out a hand, grabbing Shoji by the throat and preparing to drive him through the table with the choke slam. Shoji, recognizing his predicament and knowing that this could be it, kicked out with a leg trying to break free. The mad man tightened his grip on Shoji and lifted the large ninja high in the air. He drove Shoji through the table with a vicious choke slam that sent the table broken into shards and both men laid out on the floor through the rubble. The crowd began a profane chant of admiration, and after many moments, Omega got to his feet, shaking off the debris. He grabbed Shoji, brought him up, and rolled him into the ring. Omega followed him in. Made the cover. Hooked the leg.




The crowd gives an audible "oh", shocked that Shoji kicked out. Omega made it to his feet as he reached down and grabbed Shoji. The ninja was staggering as Omega hooked the challenger in a headlock but Shoji quickly turned the hold into a side suplex, lifting the larger man up with a big show of strength. Both men were back on the mat once again as Shoji tried to make it to his feet. Part of the crowd was actually getting behind Shoji as the challenger was trying to make it to his feet. Shoji grabbed Omega and picked him up.

The Tengu Plex

The pump handle fall away slam caught Omega and this crowd by surprise. Shoji was doing everything he could to take the Underground championship away from the boogeyman. He went for the cover.




Shoji picked up Omega and whipped him into the corner. Shoji raced into the corner but Omega was ready and exploded out with a huge clothesline. The champion picked up Shoji.


Omega went for the cover.




Omega had once again retained the Underground Championship. However the victory was short lived as Michael Donovan slid into the ring from the crowd. He grabbed the ring bell that was thrown into the ring earlier in the match. Donovan raced across the ring and drove the ring bell into the back of the champion’s head sending the monster to the mat again. The second week in a row that Donovan attacked Omega. He was making a clear statement as he grabbed the Underground title from Underwood and held it high in the air.

Donovan dropped the title on the mat next to the champ with a slight smirk before rolling out of the ring and walking up the ramp. Michael’s eyes started to widen as Omega pulled himself to the bottom ropes as he looked at Donovan. He smiled at Donovan as he held the back of his head.

Winner: Omega via Pinfall

"Thirsty for Revenge"

As Shoji was making his way up the aisle and towards the backstage area, the crowd bursts with excitement and a smither of boos as Diamond Jewelz, and Them M’fn Goons stand atop of it shirtless with baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire. Mr. Relentless’ eyes are bloodshot red from fatigue caused by the anxiety of losing his most prized possession, the gOlden bOy Title, his mouth parched from a thirst for revenge on this ninha. As Jewelz sees Shojii is alone, and injured, a blood thirsty smile, absent from the bling we are usually accustomed to because the jeweler is oddly without one of his grills tonight, creeps up on his face. Shoji upon catching site of the entity known as gOlden bOy Promotions, begins to back peddle quickly until he is back in the ring. gBp does not hesistate, and rushes into the ring where Shoji, one hand holding his back, and one hand ready for combat stands in the center ready to take gBp head on. As gBp slides in the ring though, Shoji pulls his hand from behind his back and throws down a smoke bomb. The hand was doing more than consoling the pain of the ninja.

Immediately, the ring is enveloped in a clear thick haze. As the haze begins to dissipate, The Goons are swinging their bats wildly on what appears to be a downed Shoji. But as the haze clears, the Goons and the fans see that it is in fact the leader of gBp, Diamond Jewelz, who is being assaulted by his employees.

“Get off of me assholes… Get the fuck off of me,” Jewelz shouts, as he flails on the ground.

The crowd erupts with cheers and laughter at the sight, and then Gully and Samuel begin to panic seeing that it is not Shojii, but the “Big Homie” who’s being beaten down. Jewelz jumps to his feet, a bit bloodied around his torso from the barbed wire on the bats Jewelz slumps into the corner obviously wounded. He holds both hands in his head. Mr. Relentless is at his breaking point. He is feeling the vengeance of his ex beau Ruby full force. He quickly jumps to his feet and starts to look around.

“Where is that motherfucker at? Huh?? Where he at bro??” Jewelz pounds on the chest of each one of Them M’fn Goons.

“I can’t even believe this.. I can’t believe it.. I can’t even get my hands on this motherfucker!” Jewelz holds his hands in his head again.

It has been a rare occasion in jOlt that one of Jewelz’s enemies has been able to evade his vengeance for too long. But Shoji is winning this war. He has broken the spirit and mind of Jeweler, and stripped him naked of his lust’s most passionate desire, the gOlden bOy Title. Jewelz struck a death blow at the Clan a few months back when he burned down their dojo, but the cold dish of revenge that Shoji is serving Jewelz is literally destroying everything that the jeweler from Las Vegas values the most, not only his jewelry, but his friend and confidant O.G. Simpson. Are we watching the destruction of one of jOlt’s once most promising superstars? What is left for the jeweler to lose other than the rest of his dignity and the Relentless Championship?

“Find him now.. And put work in on him.. But save some for me.. I gotta get me some of this bitch.”Jewelz orders the Goons. Jewelz then commands Samuel and Gully to search opposite sides of the arena… They quickly set out into the crwod to search for the ninja with bats in hand…Jewelz rushes backstage.

"All Hurt Everything"

The first night of the Mack Daddy Challenge could probably be considered a smashing success. The show was just about to wrap up for the evening as Mack Brody was on his cell phone, gOlden bOy Title draped over one shoulder.

“Yeah, we good, Frank, save me a seat, man. We’re gonna turn this shit up. Don't forget... wait until I get there before we tell Ryan about the monkey. If I miss that, I WILL end you.”

The Man Called Midas hung up his HTC One M8 and tucked the phone back in his pocket. He was all cleaned up after his successful night and ready to have a great night on the town…

“Hey! Asshole!”

The voice came from Brody’s left when he turned over to see none other than The Rebellion’s own Sebastian Saje. SuperMack smirked and let his belt drape in his arms.

“Saje…” Brody said flatly. “I was wondering when I was going to run into you again… mainly because I owe you for costing me the jOlt World Championship back at Thieves Honor.”

Saje shrugged sarcastically. “Should’ve been faster, Mack.”

“That’s true… still doesn’t make me want to smash your face any less, but true. But why the visit? I don’t imagine that you’re here to come out and party with me and my boys… not that you’re cool enough to. I mean, that would imply that Raevynn DIDN’T have your testicles mounted in her wrestling tights!”

“How about you worry less about where my testicles have been and worry about that title you got there. You want a challenge for that belt and you want to settle a score with me, Brody? You and me at Unlimited. The Rebellion’s going to be holding ALL of the gold soon enough… that includes YOURS.”

SuperMack held the belt up.

“Oh, we’ll dance… and by “dance” I mean, I’m going to trample your fucking face into the mat and stick it to you and your Rebellion buddies. And then…”


The Phantom and the Tag Team Champions Cross the Hood swooped in out of nowhere and drilled Mack Brody right through a table! All three men put the boots to the fallen Brody and now that the other Heirs were gone for the evening, Brody was alone. As the boots continued to fly, Saje pretended to wince while fighting back a smile.

“Oooohhh…” Saje laughed. “That looked like it hurt.”

Saje waved a hand and called off the other attack dogs and Hood, Cross and Donovan all complied. Donovan and Saje stood over the fallen Brody while Cross The Hood dapped fists like the jackasses the were. Brody writhed in pain while Saje knelt over and grabbed the gOlden bOy Title.

“You want to legitimize a championship? You let somebody WORTHY handle it. I’ll be hanging onto this for now.”

Saje and Donovan nodded and laughed as he picked up the gOlden bOy Title and left down the hallway, leaving The Man Called Midas in a heap. Brody just barely had enough in him to glance upward and watch Saje walk away with the belt… he growled…

Unlimited couldn’t come fast enough.

Jesse Ramey, The House, & The Crimson Order vs The Rebellion

The scene faded into the Jolt Arena for the final time of the evening. The fans were all buzzing as Dean Carrington stood in the center of the ring, “Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is your main event of the evening.”

The fans in attendance all stood to their feet cheering at the idea of the massive match they were about to see begin.

“It is scheduled for one fall with a thirty minute time limit and it will be a ten man tag team match contested under Jolt Wrestling rules!”

As Carrington finished his official acknowledgment of the main event for the evening “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash began to resonate throughout the arena and from the backstage area slowly walked the members of the Rebellion; united as one, all following closely behind their leader, Jon Le Bon.

“Making their way to the ring first, weighing in at a combined weight of one thousand two hundred and two pounds they are, the Tag Team Champions, Machida Hood & Jackson Cross, Cross the Hood, Sebastian Saje, Michael Donavan, and Jon Le Bon; THE REBELLION!”

It didn’t take Carrington finishing his announcement of the first team for the fans to be in a total uproar of booing. That began as soon as Jon Le Bon popped his head out from behind the curtains, but certainly hearing it caused the booing to grow even louder.

The Rebellion made little time making their march to the ring, all entering in a single file line. As the five men made their way to their corner, Le Bon seemed to be directing traffic as Hood, Cross, Saje, and Le Bon all made their way onto the apron leaving the biggest man of the group in their corner waiting to begin the match.

The soft opening sounds of “Dawn Awaits” by Cliff Lin began to fill the arena and from the backstage area walked both Eiji Kugasari and Heido. The two members of the Inogami Clan stood at the top of the ramp for a moment soaking in the approval they were getting from the crowd, and then slowly began making their way down toward the ring.

“Making their way to the first, weighing in tonight at a combined weight of four hundred and sixty-five pounds, representing the Inogami Clan, EIJI KUGASARI & HEIDO!”

Both Eiji and Heido stopped at the bottom of the ramp, but did not proceed to make their way to the ring. The last thing anyone wanted was for the Rebellion to strike and try to take members of the team out before the match even started. The sounds of Cliff Lin slowly faded and were replaced by “House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch and the cheering from the crowd only continued as the two massive members of The House made their slow paced walk out from the backstage area and onto the entrance ramp.

“Weighing in tonight at a combined weight of seven hundred and seventy-seven pounds, DERRICK HUBER & ADAM ROEBUCK, THE HOUSE!”

Roebuck and Huber both stood at the top of the ramp, and then continued their paced walk down to the side of their teammates for the evening where they all four stood in wait as Metallica slowly faded out. The fast paced intro to “The Phoenix” by Fall Out Boy blasted throughout the arena and the fans all looked a little confused until the Jolt Champion burst through the curtains and onto the entrance stage. A new attitude obviously spawned the decision for new music to accompany the champion. The Anti-Star stood at the top of the ramp for a moment before making his way down toward his partners for the evening.

“Weighing in tonight at two hundred and five pounds, the reigning Jolt Champion, “THE ANTI-STAR” JESSE RAMEY!”

With his announcing down, Carrington made his way out of the ring. Referee Mike Hunt made his way to the center of the ring as the House, the Inogami Clan, and the Jolt Champion began making their way onto the apron of the ring. The ring visibly began to move back and forth now holding the weight of every single man involved in the match. The five men all looked at each other for a moment before Adam Roebuck stepped through the ropes and into the ring.

Roebuck robbed his hands together and smiled across the ring at Michael Donavan and it obvious without being audible that Roebuck mouthed the words, “You’re mine”. Mike Hunt quickly signaled for the bell and stepped back from the center of the ring as the two mountains of men were going to collide.


Both Roebuck and Donavan wasted no time as the two men made their way to the center of the ring and quickly locked up in a collar and elbow tie-up. Both men battled for dominance in the center of the ring, before Roebuck was able to shove Donavan back into the ropes. They both continued to fight, neither catching the upper hand, as they rolled along the ropes and into the corner. Roebuck’s back smashed against the turnbuckle padding and Donavan was able to break the collar and elbow tie-up then deliver a stiff uppercut under the chin of Roebuck.

Roebuck’s head snapped back after Donavan connected with the upper cut, and then Donavan grabbed hold of Roebuck’s arm and sent him flying across the ring and into the opposing turnbuckle. Donavan was quick to follow directly behind Roebuck catching him in the corner with a massive clothesline that caused Roebuck to slump down into a seated position in the corner. Donavan made his way back across the ring, eyed down Roebuck and darted toward the corner catching Roebuck with a side-cannonball splash.


Donavan quickly made his way back to his feet, grabbed Roebuck by the leg and pulled him from the corner only to drop down on top of him for the pin attempt.




To the amazement of Donavan and the fans in the arena Roebuck forced the biggest man in the Rebellion up and off of his body with so much power that he flew back a few feet away from Roebuck. Donavan was the first man back to his feet, and he met Roebuck as he was getting back to his. Donavan grabbed a hand full of hair and helped him back to his feet. Roebuck broke the hold Donavan had on his hair and he delivered a massive fist into Donavan’s face.

The blow rocked Donavan back a few steps, but he retaliated with a fist of his own to the side of Roebucks skull. The two men traded blows back and forth until Roebuck delivered a boot to Donavan’s midsection, grabbed hold of his arm, and whipped him back into the corner. Roebuck was quick to make his way over, and he delivered a stiff chop to the chest of Donavan. The shot echoed throughout the arena as the fans cringed, only for Roebuck to deliver three more in rapid succession.


Donavan staggered out of the corner holding his chest, only for Roebuck to walk up behind him as he had reached the center of the ring. Roebuck twisted Donavan around in place and scooped him up into his arms holding him against his chest. Roebuck took a few steps forward and then tossed Donavan up and over his head backward into the center of the ring with a massive fallaway slam.


Roebuck made his way onto his hands and knees and slowly made his way over to the downed body of Donavan pulling at his leg for the pin attempt.




Roebuck didn’t bitch; he just gradually made his way back to his feet and slowly walked toward his corner. Donavan rolled onto his stomach as the Rebellion screamed from the apron at him to get to their corner. Roebuck tagged into the match the first man he came to, that being Heido who quickly entered the ring. However, before Heido could enter Donavan dove toward his corner catching the first hand extended toward him, belonging to Jackson Cross.

Cross had stepped through the ropes as Heido made his way to the center of the ring and just stood in wait. Cross charged the few steps toward Heido, but was quickly brought down to the mat with an arm drag. Cross rolled up to his feet post haste and lunged toward Heido once again only to be dropped back to the mat with another arm drag, which Heido then floated over into an armbar submission hold.

Cross struggled to get out of the move, he was still fresh, but he was slowly having the energy drained from him being locked in the submission hold. Cross rolled to his side taking some of the strain off of the move to try and swing with his free hand at the Heido’s hands to break the hold. After several attempts and a few good shots Heido finally released the hold and made his way back to his feet.

Cross attempted to push his way back to his feet, but Heido helped lift him back before he could do it of his own will. Heido kicked Cross in the midsection, twisted him around, then locked him up in a crossface chickenwing, but he didn’t lock in the hold. Heido instead lifted Cross up and over hitting him with a variation of a suplex.


Cross had just effectively been folded up like an accordion and Heido quickly jumped on top of his downed body for the pin attempt.




Cross managed to get a shoulder up off of the mat before anyone from the Rebellion’s corner needed to get into the ring to break up the pin attempt. Heido began slowly lifting Cross back to his feet, when he suddenly sprang back to life shoving Heido backward into the nearest corner. Cross quickly charged in toward Heido and began delivering a flurry of punishment.


STREET LEVEL VIOLENCE! Heido slumped down into the corner as Cross back away panting heavily. After a few moments of just looking at Heido, Cross then made his way across the ring and tagged his partner in crime, Hood, into the match. Hood quickly made his way over to the cornered Heido, lifted him back to his feet, and promptly shot him across the ring into the opposing turnbuckle.

Hood brought both of his hand up, moving them back and forth in front of his face, as if he were locking in his sights on Heido who rested in the corner. It was at this point that Hood smiled and darted across the ring; he leapt into the air, and ate nothing but the top turnbuckle as Heido quickly moved out of the corner avoiding the big body splash that was coming his way.

Heido then jumped across the ring tagging the waiting hand of his now new leader, in the form of Eiji Kugasari. The excitement in the arena grew by leaps and bounds when Eiji quickly entered the ring and rushed toward Hood in the corner. Hood had managed to take a few steps out of the corner before Eiji could fully reach him, but Eiji quickly drove a boot into Hood’s midsection, then brought him up and over with a snap suplex.

The Blood Raven then jumped back to his feet and darted for the ropes. As he approached the downed body of Hood he front flipped hitting Hood with a seated senton.


Eiji quickly twisted around and climbed on top of Hood’s body hooking the leg for the pin attempt.




Sebastian Saje had quickly entered the ring, grabbed Eiji by the leg, and yanked him off top of his Rebellion partner. Saje wasn’t done in the ring though, despite Hunt’s verbal abuse. Eiji jumped back to his feet, only to be caught in the midsection with a stiff kick, and then dropped to the mats with a jumping knees to the chin crusher.


It was at this point that the chaos began to really ensue. Mike Hunt was helpless in the middle of the ring as Heido jumped back into the ring charging toward Saje; the two men collided and fell through the ropes out of the ring. Cross jumped into the ring and was met by an entering Roebuck, the two men met the same fate as Saje and Heido, ending up on the outside of the ring brawling. Donavan dropped off of the apron at the behest of Le Bon to help in the fighting at ring side.

Hood began to slowly mount a comeback to a standing base, where the only man in his corner, the leader of the Rebellion stood shouting for the tag into the match. Hood quickly obliged, tagging Le Bon into the match, and then making his way out of the ring to assist at ring side in taking out the two members of the opposing team who were fighting now against four members of the Rebellion.

Le Bon quickly entered the ring and went right for the pin attempt on Eiji.




Eiji was able to kick out of the pin attempt, given the amount of time between Le Bon being able to get into the ring and Saje hitting his finisher on the former Jolt Champion. The current reigning Jolt champion hadn’t wanted to take any chances though as he entered the ring to try and make the save. Le Bon jumped back to his feet, and that was when he locked eyes with his opponent at Unlimited. Ramey didn’t exit the ring; instead he drove a boot into Le Bon’s midsection and quickly scooped him up slamming him down on his head in the middle of the ring with a variation brainbuster.


The Anti-Star smiled as he watched Le Bon writhe in the middle of the ring, then he took notice to Heido and Roebuck getting hurt badly outside of the ring. Ramey then quickly shot across the ring and leapt over the top rope with a senton suicide dive catching all of the remaining members of the Rebellion with the move on the outside of the ring.

Eiji began to stir in the ring as the crowd was beginning to go completely wild. Eiji leapt across the ring tagging the only remaining member their team had left on the apron into the match, Derrick Huber. Eiji then rolled out of the ring, while Huber quickly entered the ring and stood in wait for Le Bon to make his way back to his feet.

Le Bon took a few moments getting back to his feet, but he finally managed to stagger back to a standing base. Le Bon slowly turned and as soon as he did Huber caught him with a vicious discus clothesline that dropped Le Bon back down to the mat.


Huber jumped on top of Le Bon’s prone body hooking his leg for the pin attempt after hitting his signature move on the number one contender.




Huber made his way back to his feet as “Turn the Page” began playing throughout the arena one more time. The fans in the arena were going ballistic with the outcome of the main event this evening. Michael Donavan slowly crawled back into the ring, grabbing Le Bon by the leg, and pulled him out of the ring.

Once outside of the ring the other members of the Rebellion all clung to Le Bon as they made their way around the ring and onto the entrance ramp. They all began making their way up the entrance ramp, with Cross the Hood keeping a close eye on their backs to make sure their opponents for the evening weren’t going to try and continue the assault.

Continuing to fight was the furthest thing from their minds though as the members of Huber’s team all slowly began making their way into the ring. The five men, though they may have had difference in the present and past, all stood in the center of the ring each one holding another member of the teams arm high in the air in victory as the iNtense logo flashed across the screen.

Tonight, for the first time in a long time, the good guys actually stood tall in Jolt Wrestling. It was a sight that surely one to take in.

Winner: Jesse Ramey, The House, & The Crimson Order via Pinfall

"And so it Begins"

jOlt can be one crazy place. That is a well-known fact. The backstage area is often, for lack of a better term, a clusterfuck. Just keeping it slightly organized would be a difficult task for ten people and yet, the board of directors gave that responsibility to just one man, Damien Lee. The pressure alone would be enough to crack even the toughest egg, but he carries the weight of the wrestling world on his shoulders and has done so with pride. Though, some days are better than others. Unfortunately, today just went to hell in a god damn handbasket.

"Salutations," an unfamiliar voice broke the silence, causing Lee to look up from his Samsung tablet.

Damien's eyes widened, surprised at the sudden appearance of the masked man standing before him. However, his shock was quickly replaced by a look of distain, as the realization of who the intruder was registered with his brain. This was the apparent ring leader of the horde that attacked Pietro Geist just last week.

"Spare me the pleasantries and start explaining yourself," Lee replied coldly.

"There is no need to be combative, Mr. Lee. I did not come to engage you in battle. Quite the opposite, I am here to help you prevent such a thing from happening."

The one-eyed man casually made his way to the chair in front of Lee's desk, limping the entire way, and took a seat.

"I'm sure. How about you start explaining what in the hell makes you think you can mess with my show? You ruined one of the best main events that iNtense could have put on by eliminating Geist from the equation."

"I did nothing more than reclaim a sheep that had gone astray and returned him to the flock."

"I don't have the time or the patience to deal with this cryptic bullshit. SECURITY!!!"

Damien was up on his feet when he looked to the door, expecting one or more of jOlt's security task force to come barging through the door. However, several moments passed and there was no security to be found. Despite his face being masked, it was apparent that the mystery man was smiling.

"Quite predictable..."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

The masked man looked to the door.

"Michael! Gabriel!"

The office door burst open and in came two gigantic masked men in steampunk-styled military outfits, dragging bloodied and battered members of the jOlt security team in with them. Lee could only look over the damage and sigh before sitting back down in his chair.

"Let us stop playing games, shall we? You showed your hand too soon, Damien, and by doing so, you forced mine. Do you not know how these little sitdowns work? I was going to fully engage you in the always welcome conversation that usually comes of meetings like this. We would have gone back and forth, after I offered you a chance to save this wretched excuse for a promotion. Of course, you would have declined my offer and then, the joyous banter would have begun. However, I see very little point in it anymore."

The masked man stood up from his seat, his lone exposed eye staring a hole through Lee.

"You insulted my intelligence by thinking I would here without proper protection. One does not declare war without an army ready to fight. Your security force is but a mosquito attacking the leviathan that is my holy army. To think that I came with glad tidings and hoped to work with you for the betterment of all. Your insolence has damned this promotion, Mr. Lee. I want that fact to haunt you for all eternity, as you look over the rubble that was jOlt."

Lee stood up to match his visitor, not backing down.

"Who do you think you are coming in here and talking to me like I am some worthless peeon?"

"I am the wise prophet Ezekiel and I am the voice of the apocalypse. I hope you have made peace with the lord, for he has sent my army, The Dead Cell, to annihilate this promotion and all in it. You are the king of Sodom and Gamora, Damien, and we are the divine wrath. May the good lord have mercy upon the souls of jOlt, for we shall have none. Be ready to fight for all you hold dear. No threats, only promises. Armageddon has come to jOlt."

The lights flickered ominously.

"Vereor appositus obscurum."

With that, Ezekiel made his way to the door, never once looking back before stepping out into the hallway where is was joined by the other members of the Dead Cell. Damien Lee could only sit back down in his chair and ponder the wise prophet's words. With that, the scene faded to black and iNtense came to an end.