"Welcome to iNtense"

Darkness fades to gritty sepia when the opening piano of "Warriors" by PelleK (Imagine Dragons Cover) hits. We see image of an empty jOlt Arena filling with people in time lapse

The screen then explodes into full color when the drums and song kick in!

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

(In sync with music) We see scenes of action and images of current superstars Pietro Geist, Eiji Kugasari, Jeremy Ryan, Diamond Jewelz, Sarah Winterton, Charlotte, Jon Le Bon, The House, The Heirs of Wrestling, Raevynn, and Sebastian Saje!

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

We continue to see images of action as the intrustmental continues to the very end...

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

We see Diamond Jewelz posing with Them MF'n Goons, The Rebellion standing tall in the middle of the ring, Mack Brody hitting the Gold Rush on Omega, Pietro Geist and Jeremy Ryan brawling, a shot of Kayden Paulton cracking a genuine smile, Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

With the final pulsing beats of the song, we see Jesse Ramey striking a pose on the top turnbuckle with the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship around his waist!

The scene flashes back into the arena where the song starts again, but in his complete form, starting with Verse 1 of the lyrics. The camera pans around the jOlt Arena in Miami, FL as a splendid display of fireworks goes off on the main stage and above the ring. The set is a giant jOltvision with the N logo for iNtnese sitting to the left and to the right of the big jOltvision. The N itself is a massive red light that is illuminated. Above the jOltvision is a pseudo semi-circle steel structure that houses a curved screen that will be used to display a wrestler's name above it while their entrance video plays below on the jOltvision. On the stage itself, to the left and right of the entrance ramp are two more small, elongated mini screens which will display the wrestler's brand logo on them when they make their way out... unless they hold a title. Then it will display their championship belt on the left and the name of the title on the right!

The fans were buzzing with electricity as iNtense officially begins!

"The Final Nail in the Coffin"

The fireworks for iNtense had just concluded and the first thing that the people heard over the PA speakers was “Machine” by Downstait. The Rebellion’s theme filled the arena and the crowd immediately booed. Last Sunday at Unlimited, they aimed to take the majority of the championships, but they failed in every aspect. Tonight, they were title-less and Jon Le Bon didn’t see all that happy about it either.

Le Bon, Sebastian Saje, Michael Donavan, Raevynn, and Cross the Hood all made their way to the ring en masse. They all entered as Le Bon quickly demanded a microphone from the ringside attendant. Soon after the microphone was in his hands, the music died off, but the booing still ensued.

“I’m not in the mood to deal with you all tonight, so do me the favor of shutting your mouths this instant” demanded Le Bon.

Of course, like one would expect, the opposite happened and the booing got louder. Le Bon’s patience wasn’t going to allow him to wait for the booing to subside so he began to speak anyway.

“I know what you all are thinking. You think that just because we didn’t win any titles at Unlimited… the fact that we lost the Starlet and Tag Team Titles at Unlimited… and the fact that I failed against Jesse Ramey, that this is it for us. That we’re old news, right?”

The people actually cheered that.

“I’m sorry to say that all of you are mistaken. This is not the end for The Rebellion. This is just the beginning because tonight… I’m going to play my ultimate trump card. Tonight, I’m going to ensure that The Rebellion takes all of the top spots and the championships in jOlt. I didn’t want it to come to this, but Damien Lee has forced my hand.”

Le Bon paused for a moment.

“So as of right now… The Rebellion…”

Before Le Bon could finish his announcement, “Warriors” by PelleK (Imagine Dragons cover) hit, interrupting him and Damien Lee walked out onto the stage with a microphone in his hand. The people cheered wildly as the CEO of jOlt stood there with a smirk on his face.

“Oh, I’m sorry… was I interrupting an important announcement?” asked Lee sarcastically.

“You know damn well you are, Lee” snarled Le Bon. “As I was saying…”

Le Bon got cut off again.

“No… as I was about to say… your announcement doesn’t need to be made because tonight is going to be a historic night for jOlt Wrestling. I have three major announcements to make… one of which concerns you and your Rebellion.. but I want to foreshadow that announcement with this one.”

Lee paused for dramatic effect.

“Starting on April 5, 2015… which is the date for Wrestlecade II, and moving forward after that, jOlt Wrestling will begin touring the country bringing Sunday Night iNtense to you each and every week!”

The fans cheered that.

“Last year, we held Wrestlecade in Seattle, Washington in the home of the former world champions, the Seattle Seahawks, but this year… we’re going to be aiming much higher. You see, we sent a number of talents over to Global Pro to represent jOlt Wrestling in the land of the orient. That venture wasn’t for naught because on Sunday, April 5, 2015… jOlt Wrestling will be holding Wrestlecade II in the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan!”

The crowd went nuts for that announcement.

“When we return to the United States, jOlt Wrestling will begin with Sunday Night iNtense in Seattle, Washington and we will make our way across the country from West to East. By the time Wrestlecade III comes around in 2016, we will have been in almost every major U.S. city, bringing jOlt action to you live!”

The crowd continued to cheer that.

“Which brings me to you guys.” Lee said as he looked straight at The Rebellion.

“To kick things off at Wrestlecade II, I decided to make a match. A match of epic proportions that is sure to give our international fans a great treat. Last year’s Wrestlecade was about nothing being impossible… this year’s Wrestlecade is tagged as “The Future is Now” because the future of jOlt will be shaped by this event… be that as it may, 2015 for jOlt is also The Year of Retribution and those two tag lines go hand in hand with the match I have made.”

“Will you just get to the damn point already, Lee because so far.. this is a colossal waste of my time” said Le Bon which drew a lot of heat from the crowd.

“Hearing that makes my announcement so much sweeter.” Said Lee.

“Last year at Wrestlecade, The Rebellion made their debut and did so at the expense of Eiji Kugasari. At Unlimited, you also interfered in Shoji’s match so I figured.. they’ve been waiting so long for payback that I’m going to give it to them. At Wrestlecade II.. it will be a five on five tag team match… The Kugasari Clan… versus… The Rebellion!”

The people cheered as Le Bon didn’t look amused.

“That’s it?” asked Le Bon. “That’s your big announcement? We’ve destroyed Eiji Kugasari and his Clan every time they took a shot at us. We’ll do it again and we will embarrass them and you for making this match.”

“Oh, but I wasn’t finished” said Lee.

“There’s a stipulation to this match. If The Rebellion loses at Wrestlecade II, then The Rebellion will cease to exist because you must and WILL disband as a group.”

The crowd popped HUGE for that.

“YOU CAN’T DO THAT!” yelled Le Bon

“Why not?” asked Lee. “Last time I checked, I own this company and I can damn well do what I please!”

Le Bon gritted his teeth.

“Wrestlecade II will be the final nail in your coffin because if your performance at Unlimited was any indication of your capabilities, then on Sunday, April 12th on the 121st edition of iNtense, I and all of these people will finally be free from The Rebellion.”

The people cheered the thought of that.

“I’ll leave you guys to mull this over in your heads. I have a third major announcement to get ready for later in the evening. So until then.. especially to you six in the ring… enjoy iNtense!”

Lee exited behind the black curtain. The other members of The Rebellion looked at each other as Le Bon exited the ring. The rest of The Rebellion followed him, looking at bit lost, but Le Bon simply stormed to the back. The mastermind behind The Rebellion.. the master schemer himself, now had to think hard about how to get The Rebellion out of this mess. They had to win on April 5th. If they didn’t, they would cease to exist!

Tammy Lynn Foster vs Vogue Gonsalvez

"You Can Do It" by Ice Cube hit the arena as Vogue Gonsalvez made her way to the stage. She sneered as she walked down the ramp turning her nose up to everyone at ringside. Vogue quickly raced to the ring and slid under the bottom ropes into the ring. She awaited her opponent for the night.

“Redneck Woman” By Gretchen Wilson explodes throughout the arena. Tammy Lynn Foster makes her way out of the backstage area to the stage. She had a confident look on her face after pulling off the upset at Unlimited by winning the triple threat match and earning the #1 contendership to the Starlet Championship. She slowly walked down the ramp as she was serenaded by a loud chorus of boos from the fans. TL finally made her way to the ring, taking her time to get in the ring. Foster was going to make Vogue wait for her to get into the ring. Foster stood in the ring and raised her arms in the air to the dismay of the fans.

Kim Adams called for the bell as Vogue went straight on the attack. The woman from New York was not going to play tonight. She was looking to pull out the upset and put her name in the hat to get a shot at the Starlet’s title. Vogue continued to pound on TL in the middle of the ring not letting Tammy get into the match. Vogue grabbed Tammy Lynn by her hand and flung her across the ring. The fans jeered as Vogue dropped a leg across Tammy’s neck. Vogue flipped Tammy Lynn over and went for a quick pin. Kim dropped down for the count.


Foster kicked out with power. Vogue went back on the attack as she kicked Tammy before whipping her into the corner. Vogue rushed into the corner and nailed TL with a big clothesline. The New York native was successful in keeping Tammy Lynn off balance. Vogue pulled TL from the corner and hooked her in a front chancery. Tammy blocked the moved and reversed it into her own suplex. TL grabbed Vogue and whipped her into the ropes. Vogue bounced off the ropes and was caught with a big back body drop that sent her to the mat in pain.

TL reached down and hooked Vogue in a camel clutch putting pressure on her back. Vogue screamed in pain as Kim made sure the hold was legal and making sure Vogue did not want to give up. Tammy continued to put the pressure on Vogue as the fans jeered the number one contender. Vogue tried to slowly make her way to the ropes to break the hold. Tammy continued to sit down on the camel clutch, leaning back so that Vogue could not make it to the ropes. The Bronx native stretched to the bottom ropes and was able to grab ahold.

Kim told Tammy Lynn to break the hold but she was not going to. She continued to put pressure on Vogue. Kim had enough as she started the five count on TL.





TL finally broke the hold.

Foster stood to her feet as Kim was right in her face letting her know that she needs to break the hold when the official tells her. TL shrugged off Adams, reaching down and grabbing Vogue by her hair. Tammy Lynn picked up Vogue and slammed her down to the mat with impact. The new number one contender did not go for the cover but she looked out into the crowd as they started to chant a name that made TL cringe.


Tammy’s face turned red as she grabbed Vogue by the arm and stood her to her feet. She whipped the Bronx resident into the ropes but Gonsalvez reversed the move and caught Tammy Lynn with a short arm clothesline. The move caught Tammy by surprised as she hit the mat. Vogue grabbed Tammy and drove her back to the mat with a Russian Leg sweep. Vogue quickly climbed to the top rope but Tammy was back on her feet. Vogue caught Tammy with a missile dropkick sending her hard to the mat. Vogue went for another cover.




Tammy was not done yet but Vogue was not going to let up on her. Vogue wanted to put her name in the hat for one of the toughest starlets in the company. The New York girl was not done as she headed for the top rope once again. Tammy was trying to get to her feet once again. Vogue waited for Tammy to get to her feet again. Vogue dived off the top rope and nailed Tammy Lynn with a cross body block. However Tammy Lynn caught Vogue and drove her to the mat with Fall Away Slam. TL showed the fans her impressive strength.

Tammy walked over to Vogue and started to nail her with vicious right hands. Anger poured out of every hit that connected to Vogue’s face. Foster stood to her feet as the fans showered her with jeers. That only fueled Tammy more as she reached down and grabbed Vogue by the hair. She hooked Vogue and dropped her to the mat with a vicious sit down power bomb. Kim Adams was out of position as she raced around for the count.



TH-- NO!!!

Vogue barely got a shoulder up off the mat. Tammy sat up and looked at Kim holding up three fingers. Kim nodded her head no. Tammy stood to her feet once more grabbing Vogue by the hair to bring her to her feet as well. Tammy hooked Vogue and dropped her with a DDT! Tammy hooked the leg for the cover.



TH-- NO!!!

Tammy slapped the mat in frustration at not being able to get the pinfall. Foster reached down angrily and pulled Vogue up to her feet. She hooked Vogue in the middle of the ring.


Tammy hooked the far leg for the cover.




It was finally over. Vogue put up a good fight but Tammy Lynn was too much for her. Foster raised both arms in victory but she also looked down and asked for a microphone.

Tammy walked around the ring with the microphone in hand as Kim Adams and some jOlt officials moved Vogue out of the ring. The fans continued to jeer as Tammy stopped pacing.

“I told all of ya, dat I was gonna become number one contender for da Starlet’s title. I didn’t care who won dat match at Unlimited. All I care about is runnin’ through this division and becoming da baddest bitch in here.” The fans erupted in jeers and then they started to chant the Starlet Champions name.


“You people can chant her name all ya want. She’s not comin out here tonight. She knows dat I’m her kryptonite and that title she has around her waist will be mine very soon. Nothin will stand in my way. Do ya her me Charlotte? That belt will be comin home to this country girl.”

Tammy dropped to microphone and walked out the ring to a loud chorus of jeers from the fans.

Winner: Tammy Lynn Foster via Pinfall

"Dick Swinging Galore"

The fanfare was simmering down after the opening contest. The cameras panned around the arena capturing the smiling faces of the overjoyed fans in attendance as the show came back from commerical break. Then the sounds of “The Phoenix” by Fall Out Boy began to blast throughout the arena and the excited crowd on hand became even more on edge as the reigning and defending Jolt champion made his way through the entrance curtain and onto the main stage.

Tonight was actually out of the norm for the Jolt champion as paced toward the center of the entrance ramp wearing street clothes. For once the Anti-Star actually looked civilized and not like the maniac he could be known for being inside of the ring.

Ramey peeled the Jolt championship from around his waist and hoisted it high into the air, drawing the mass affection from the crowd on hand.


Ramey threw the championship over his shoulder and quickly made his way toward the ring. He hopped onto the apron, and entered between the middle and top rope. The Anti-Star made his way over to Dean Carrington, who politely gave Ramey the microphone.

The fans were still buzzing majorly, it was no surprise considering the massive victory that Ramey had gained for the company by defeating Jon Le Bon at Unlimited. It was as though the crowd was complete in his debt getting rid of that problem. The Anti-Star lifted the microphone to his lips and waited as the crowd began to die down.

“This should be a time of nothing, but celebration.” Ramey stated, as the crowd began to cheer once again. He waited patiently as they calmed down once more, “However, that celebration was cut short very quickly when the target painted squarely on my chest reared its ugly head in the form of the man known as Citizen.”

The fans within the arena all began to boo heavily, and Ramey waited once more allowing them their time to voice their opinions.

“I’ve faced monsters in my past, Citizen.” Ramey stated, “This obviously goes further than the Jolt championship, because we’ve danced this dance before; when this strap wasn’t resting around my waist. If there is one thing that is true and can be said about me as Jolt champion when my time has passed it’s going to be that I do not back down from a fight.”

The chants began to ring throughout the arena once again, causing Ramey to take another break from his time on the microphone.

“There doesn’t need to be a match set in place for you to win any kind of contendership for the Jolt championship, Citizen.” Ramey continued, “I’m laying down the law here tonight and I’m demanding a match against the man known as Citizen for my championship on the biggest stage of them all, Wrestlecade!”

The crowd once again came to an uproar at the sound of the champion being the one throwing down the challenge, and not running away from a fight. This wouldn’t last long though as the arena was plunged into darkness. The Jolt Vision sparked to life and blood red text began to form on it. As each letter formed it also began look as though it were dripping from the Jolt Vision itself giving off the impression of not only being blood red, but like it were dripping blood as well.




The lights in the arena cued back up and the Jolt Vision went dormant. The Anti-Star stood in the center of the ring in total confusion. This was obviously a clear message from the man known as Citizen, but what did he know? What exactly could you know that the Jolt champion hadn’t already divulged upon.

But the music that he heard did not belong to the mysterious assailant, Citizen… however, it was one that Ramey was very familiar with still…

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

The crowd BOOED for the appearance of the man that music belonged to. An old rival of Jesse Ramey’s and one of his final feuds before he had moved onto competing for the jOlt Championship. jOlt’s Last Real Man entered from the back and stopped short of the ring.



The crowd had enough of the chauvinistic and arrogant asshole already as he stared down the jOlt Champion who looked annoyed with his presence.

“No, fuck THAT shit, Ramey. You may have that belt now, but that doesn’t mean you get to hand out fucking title shots like they’re candy to whomever you please. Citizen hasn’t done SHIT to earn a title shot other than run around like a little homosexual in swat garb, thinking that playing around with the lights a little bit makes him scary. As far as you and I are concerned, you and and I are STILL not done from our business several months back. I haven’t forgotten about how you tried to horn in on what I was doing when I was protesting unfair treatment on this show.”

Ramey shook his head. “You mean how you sat here like a prissy little bitch making demands instead of getting off your ass and doing something? Let me ask you something, Ryan, do you think that’s something REAL MEN do?”

There were a loud collection of “ooooooohhhhss” from the crowd, but jOlt’s Last Real Man ignored them and kept his attention on the jOlt Champion.

“No, you know what a REAL MAN does, Jesse? A REAL MAN doesn’t give two shits about what people think and does what it takes to win no matter what. A REAL MAN drops former world champions like Eiji Kugasari and Derecho on their heads and makes them his bitch. A REAL MAN like me beat YOUR punk-ass. Sure, you got some wins over me, Jesse, but you can’t refute that the last match we had, one-on-one, iNtense 103, to be exact… I. BEAT. YOU. So if there’s anybody that deserves the jOlt World Championship match at Wrestlecade, it’s…”

“Gotta Take It” by Nipsey Hussle.

Ryan turned around and scowled…


But the party wasn’t going to stop just because Jeremy Ryan wanted it to. Out from the back came The Relentless Champion, Diamond Jewelz! Another man that Jesse Ramey had all too well was on his way out here wearing his various bling and his new Diamond Jewelz-brand hoodie - go buy that shit NOW on jOlt Jewelz smirked and motioned for his music to be cut.

"Cease to bump my shit”

And the music cut just like that as Diamond Jewelz was halfway down the ramp, twirling the microphone in his hand.

“Nah hoe ass nigga, if there’s ANYBODY that deserves for this match to happen, it’s Mr. Relentless! Not some motherfucker with a bad buzz cut.... And def not some motherfucker in black jammies and a luch mask... You 0 for against The Big Homie lil nuts.... I pinned you twice, and the other time you failed the gOlden bOy challenge!!! Not to mention....

Diamond Jewelz snapped his finger as if the very idea came to him while Ramey groaned.

“OH! That mothafucka Shoji, and that slut Ruby cost me my title! I was gonna prove myself the better man than Not-A-Star for the umpteenth time when that bitch-ass nigga and that hoe made me miss my flight here with their games! You talk about all that honor and dignity shit.. All that Mr. Rogers bullshit.... Well be a good neighbor and man up hoe.


Ramey got a kick out of the loud Miami crowd while Jeremy Ryan told him off-mic to go perform acts of sexual congress upon his own person off-mic. Meanwhile, The jOlt Champion wasn’t finished yet.

“Just admit that you pussed out, Jewelz. Besides, the only thing that’s going to happen is that both of you would come down to this ring, talk a whole bunch of shit that you can’t back up, and then I’d send you both home crying like the both of you are doing right now.”

The crowd ASPLODED! Ryan was about ready to blow a gasket.

“You can hide behind your little barbs, Ramey, but you don’t need to worry about this piece of shit, Jewelz… what you NEED to do is fear me and what I can do to…”

“What You Know” by T.I.

What you know about that?
What you know about that?
What you know about that?...

The Arena of Champions began rocking along with the bass heavy Southern anthem as a streaming collage, laden with the acquisitions of success & the array of destruction created by a hulking wrestling phenomenon. Brilliant flashes of Gold, Emerald & Pearl would dance along the entire entrance staging area and throughout the vast arena before the Bronze Bomber rhythmically lumbered forward from the back. Finally, other than Ramey, a real friendly face! And he wasn’t out there alone… He was there with the gOlden bOy Championship that he successfully defended against The Rebellion’s Sebastian Saje.

“Oh, I love this game,” Brody said as his music faded out. “The one where we interrupt The Last Person In jOlt That Nobody Gives A Shit About!”


Brody nodded. “Ah-thank ya. Thank ya. After I wiped that stupid smug fucking look off Sebastian Saje’s face and avenged him costing me the chance to end Landon Stevens’ miserable jOlt Title reign at Thieves Honor… I decided what better way to celebrate my triumphant return to the jOlt Title scene than by reiterating what we talked about, Ramey?”

Ramey was in the ring, feigning confusion. “Gee, oh, wise SuperMack, what would that be?”

Brody shrugged. “Give you three guesses, homeboy, and they’re all that title you got. You and me at Wrestlecade! You can even have a shot at the gOlden bOy Title that Jewelz DIDN’T defend against you and have the mother of all Mack Daddy Challengers… The Mommy Daddy Challenge? I know, that was a terrible joke.”

Ryan cut in and turned to Brody. “No, Poster Boy… YOU’RE a terrible joke. You hardly pass as a wrestler, you’re some manufactured pretty boy stepping off the factory line and you think that defending a make-believe title makes you worthy of the Wrestlecade Main Event? Fuck right off a cliff!”

“Nah, fuck YOU, Jermz,” Diamond Jewelz jibs.... "i made the gOlden bOy title an officially sanctioned title.. I made it the most valuable and coveted piece of gOld in the fed. World champions stepped up to the plate couldn't pass the gOlden bOy Challenge ” He then turned to Mack Brody. “Which reminds me. Bleach-blonde Bimbo, da FUCK makes you think you're worthy of my shine hoe. You got my girl because of Shoji and that stanking pussy ass bitch.”

Brody ran a hand over his chin.

“Well, since Jeremy here liked to drop a history lesson on everybody, I have a little of my own. Maybe you guys have some legit claims, but I have a couple of my own if we’re playing a game of Who Beat Who? If I remember correctly, Ryan, you and I fought last year at Wrestlecade when you basically recycled your little spiel from last year… and if I also remember right, this factory-made pretty boy beat YOUR ass in front of more than sixty-thousand fans in Safeco Field!”


“And as for you, Jewelz...well…” Brody raised the gOlden bOy Title over his head. “Need I say more? So if we’re done with this dick-swinging contest… I believe *I* win! What do you say, Ramey? Wrestlecade?”

Before the jOlt Champion could retort…

“Gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen…” And to Brody’s left, coming out from the back himself was The CEO himself. The Grand Poobah of All Things jOlt glanced at all four men. Once Lee knew he had their undivided attention he raised the microphone back to his lips.

“It’s obviously very apparent here that all of you have claims that could literally get you involved in the Jolt championship main event at Wrestlecade, but unfortunately you can’t all be…”

“Why not?”

The question that cut Lee off and rang throughout the entire arena wasn’t coming from any of the challengers seeking to fight the Anti-Star at Wrestlecade; instead it was coming from the champion himself. This had everyone inside of the arena with their jaws hitting the ground. The fans salivating at the idea of the huge match. Lee confused as hell that Ramey would even ask the question, and all three men challenging scratching their heads.

“This kind of stuff happens every year at Thieve’s Honor. I don’t see why you can’t just go ahead and book the main event for Wrestlecade as Jesse Ramey versus Diamond Jewelz versus Mack Brody versus Jeremy Ryan versus Citizen. Doesn’t matter anyway, I’m walking out of Wrestlecade with this championship held high.”

Ramey raised the belt high into the air which drew a huge pop from the crowd. Not only from seeing the championship, but because the Anti-Star was so willing and confident enough to take on every single challenger.

“No, I’m sorry, but that’s just not going to happen. I’ve got other things already in mind heading into Wrestlecade.” Lee continued, which brought a large sigh from the crowd hearing the potential of their great match being plucked away from them. “Ramey you want Citizen at Wrestlecade and this has been brewing for quite some time and we’re going to see that finally finished at Wrestlecade in a one on one competition.”

“As for the rest of you,” Lee thought for a moment, “if you three feel as though you should be granted an opportunity for the Jolt championship then prove it to me, because the three of you are going to be doing battle against each other at Wrestlecade and the winner will receive a contract that can be cashed in whenever you want for a shot at the belt.”

It was obvious more than a few of the men standing with microphones wanted to speak up and try to persuade Lee out of his decision.

“Now, I don’t want to hear another word from any of you on this topic. The decision is made and nothing is going to change my mind, be happy with what you have and make the best of it. Nothing is going to sway my decision, now get out of my arena and let’s get this show started!”

With that, every single microphone being held was cut off completely. Despite the fact that both Jeremy Ryan and Diamond Jewelz trying to make them work so they could get the last word in. “The Phoenix” began to blast throughout the arena once more as Ramey held his Jolt championship high in the air and the scene slowly faded.

"Pre-emptive Strike"

In the backstage area, we see Jon Le Bon and The Rebellion standing around. They were having a meeting after Lee’s big announcement not that long ago. Le Bon looked like he was deep in thought as The Rebellion members stood there waiting to see what he had to say.

“This is quite situation we’re in. I had a plan in store that would have gotten us our rematch clauses cashed in, but Damien Lee threw a huge monkey wrench into those plans. Now with that stupid stipulation, we can’t afford to screw up. I’m thinking we need to strike first and it has to be tonight. We have to show that this stipulation isn’t going to phase us. We need to make an example out of someone.” Said Le Bon.

“Who? Kayden Paulton? We can rain on his parade since he just came back from Japan. “ said Sebastian Saje.

“No… spoiling something like that is too basic. We need to make a bigger impact” said Le Bon.

“What if we went an’ took care of Sayber, Seraph, and Nate Quartermaine inna six man tag ta’night and send a message through them damn turncoats?” said Jackson Cross.

“Honestly, my business with them is over. They are in the past and as I figure it.. they will drown by themselves. Without The Rebellion to support them.. they will soon become nothing more than afterthoughts in the jOlt universe and they will simply just fade away into nothing. We already beat them down and made them go lick their wounds.. it’s up to them to fail on their own now.. that will be the biggest lesson we could teach them” said Le Bon.

There were a few moments of silence when Le Bon started to shake his finger as if he were scheming something.

“No… No… you know what we need to do… we need to take it straight to the Kugasari Clan tonight. There’s no better message than a direct message. Their numbers are already less than ours… it’s only Kugasari, Shoji, and the Crimson Order. Ever since Kenshiro Inogami jumped ship, they’ve been weakened. We need to drop their numbers to three tonight. That way we can get the momentum in our favor. We need to.. “

“I will do it” said Michael Donavan cutting off Le Bon.

“I am still seething over the fact that I lost to Omega at Unlimited. I’m the one who took matters into my own hands. I want my redemption. I don’t care who they send out there tonight. I’ll crush them and drop their numbers.” Said Donavan

“You sure you can handle it?” asked Le Bon.

“I’m DAMN sure.” Said Donavan with conviction in his eyes.

“Fine. The duty is yours. I can’t be mad at anyone for failing Sunday. I, myself, even failed, but I can’t worry about going after Jesse Ramey. We have to fight for our right to exist. We came here to take all the top spots and dammit to all hell.. we’re going to take those spots once and for all. I don’t care if you get DQed… I don’t even care if you lose. KILL whoever they send out there tonight.”

Donavan nodded.

“We will not go down quietly… we are The Rebellion… and this company is ours staring tonight.”

They all joined fists and glared at each other. There was a sense of motivation within the Rebellion. They knew that this was it. Do or die time at Wrestlecade II. They couldn’t stand around and do nothing. They had to take action.

The scene faded to black.

Heirs of Wrestling vs West Texas Terrorists

With The House now standing strong in the Tag Team Division for a record-breaking FOURTH time, the other tag teams in the division were ready to get back to fuckin’ bidness. The Heirs of Wrestling had not tasted gold since late 2013 and the returning West Texas Terrorists wanted a shot at the gold they lost back during the War Games match.

Two teams. No waiting.

“The following contest is a tag team match set for one fall!” Dean Carrington announced.

“Gimme Back My Bullets” by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

The music played and out came the two twins from Texas ready to fuck somebody up. Eli looked out to the crowd with a scoff while Ezra clinched his fists and looked ready to hurt somebody Landon Stevens had apparently washed his hands of the twins after they’d lost their titles at Rise of the Legends, but that didn’t mean they didn’t hold a grudge against the Heirs of Wrestling. A victory over one of jOlt’s most decorated Tag Teams would put them right back in contention for another title shot.

“First, making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 490 pounds… they are the team of Eli and Ezra Conway…THE WEST TEXAS TERRORISTS!"

The crowd booed the Texan thugs as they stepped into the ring. Eli and Ezra both stood up on opposite turnbuckles and jaw-jacked with the crowd before they both jumped down and back into the ring. They were ready for a fight.

Three letters started to flash on the jOltVision…

“H" “O" “W"

"With Me Now" by Blacklite District.

When the smoke settled there was Ryan Gallway and Frank Silver with their backs to the cameras. They both wore sparkling lavender jackets with "HOW" embroidered with gold on the back. They stood there with their heads down as the lyrics were sang.

Got no time for my game, I put it on the shelf
And this money and fame ain't gonna earn itself
I'm not wasting my time, you better recognize
The flame, the hustle, the pain, the redness in my eyes
When the pressure comes down you throw the towel in
But for me and my crew, that's where the work begins
At the end of the day we like to cut it loose
By the end of the night we're making bodies move
We're waiting, we're waiting, we're waiting
I'm ready for the...

They spun around as pyro exploded to the left and right of them. A curtain of pyro rained down behind them as they energetically made their way down to the ring to the cheers of the crowd. They were proud, somewhat immature, but nobody could deny their tag team pedigree. Over ten tag team titles in wrestling to their name including two jOlt Tag Title reigns. Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway entered the ring and dapped fists as the Conways were ready to lay a hurt on them.

“And their opponents… at a combined weight of 445 pounds, they are the team of FRANK SILVER AND RYAN GALLWAY… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!"

Gallway and Silver stood in the ring and took their jackets off before tossing them aside. They were both ready to get back in the saddle after a couple of weeks off due to an undisclosed injury being suffered by Frank Silver.


Ryan Gallway was at bat first for his team while Eli Conway was ready to start things off. Both twins pushed about 6’3" and 245 and had bad attitudes. As former Tag Team Champions in their own right, they could also get the job done against the Heirs if they focused. Eli and Gallway weren’t going to lock up and the larger Texas threw a knee into a Gallway’s stomach! He pushed him back into the corner and stood over him.

The West Texas Terrorists were ready to come out swinging.. He swung his fist, but Gallway ducked out of the corner and fired back with a barrage of HARD kicks to the knee and the chest of his larger opponent! Eli was stunned when Gallway changed it up a little…





FOUR hard Knife-Edge Chops caught Eli in the chest. Gallway went to whip Eli across the ring, but the larger Texan turned that around and sent him flying towards the corner. Conway charged and hit nothing but the turnbuckle as Gallway flipped over him and did another NICE front flip before he landed on his feet! The Prince of Precision stood up and took a bow as he watched an irate Eli stand behind him. The twin charged at him when Gallway ducked underneath a Running Big Boot. When he came back, Gallway snapped him over with a fast Headscissors!

An irate Eli tried to stand again when he got caught in the jaw with a Jumping Spin Kick to the face his opposition! Conway stumbled around and backed off to the corner as he took a breather on the ropes.

The Heirs of Wrestling were always popular and tonight was certainly no different. Gallway charged at him and kicked him in the gut before he threw in a few solid jabs just to wear down the high flying portion of the Heirs. He spun around and went for a Discus Punch but Gallway ducked that only to come back with a hard kick to the gut! He clipped him in the side of the head with a nice Leaping Leg Lariat, sending him flying through the ropes and out to the floor!

The pissed of Eli came back into the ring and tried to jump Gallway from behind, but the quicker Gallway pulled the ropes down, sending Eli tumbling right over the ropes and spilling out to the floor below. The Baron of Ballistics was ready on the ring apron and lined up with his target as Ezra started to stand. He rushed at him…


The 6’3" and 252-pound Silver showed off great agility when he dove off the ring apron and came down on Ezra with a spectacular dive! Eli was just starting to pick himself up off the floor when he saw a big blur coming his way…


The crowd was going NUTS! Ryan Gallway jumped from one rope to the top rope before diving out to the floor on Eli Conway with an incredible dive of his own! Gallway stood up and he and Frank dapped fists on the outside! They were in control for the moment and now they looked to continue their advantage.

Silver and Gallway both picked up the legal man, Ezra, and tossed him back inside the ring so that way The Heirs could continue their advantage. Gallway reached over and tagged into Frank who was now ready. The crowd cheered the Royal Knight of Sunday Nights as he picked up Ezra and dropped him with a vicious Scoop Slam. After the fact, he picked up his own partner, Gallway, and Scoop Slammed Ryan right across the body of Ezra. Frank then went to the second rope and raised the pinky… the crowd knew what was coming next…


Silver dropped the elbow into the heart of Ezra Conway and rolled over so he could make the cover on his opponent.




Ezra kicked out, but that didn’t stop Frank from bringing the punishment to one of the men that gave him a concussion three weeks ago. Ezra was forced up and he got punched with a flurry of hard European Uppercuts to the jaw before Silver sent him off the ropes. When he came back, he FLOORED him with a big Clothesline to the neck! Ezra went down like a sack of potatoes and Silver was ready to finish things off already. He jumped back to the ropes when he came back…

Eli grabbed him by the leg on the outside and tripped him!

The crowd booed when Ezra started to stand again, holding his neck in pain. He started to stand when Ezra came at him…


A gruesome shot by the twin! The Faction was now in control of things and now Ezra went for a cover.




He turned around and both twins started to put the boots to the fallen Silver. He tried to block what shots he could, but The Conways were firing of shots too fast for him to block them all. Eli tagged in now and Ezra pulled up Frank into a Full Nelson position. Eli cocked a fist back and fired a solid right hand into his head, doubling him over in pain and bringing The Bishop of Bringin’ Da Pain to his knee.

Perhaps Silver had come back too soon, but this was the grudge they wanted to settle with The Faction ever since they stole the titles away from them at Breakdown several months ago. Eli pushed him to the ropes and put a knee down into the back of his head, effectively choking him against the ropes. He continued to punish him as referee Ian Nguyen started to count down.


Eli cleared the scene and let a choking Frank fall to his knees. There was nothing pretty or fancy about The Faction – Eli and Ezra were straight-up brawlers and shit-kickers who could get the job done when it suited them.

When he pulled Frank back up by his knees, Silver fought back with a slew of hard right hands to the chest! He fought back with more right hands to the stomach, but one stiff knee to the head brought The Baron of Ballistics right back down. He turned him around by his neck and cranked on the joint before he DROPPED him with a solid Neckbreaker!




Silver shot his shoulder up off the canvas at the last second! But now the twins were ready for this victory tonight – they needed to show that they could get things done on their own without help from somebody like Aran Thompson or Landon Stevens.

With a tight headlock around the neck of Silver and reached over to tag back into Ezra. Both twins shot him off to the ropes and when he went to the ropes. Both twins came back and BOWLED Frank over with a hard Double Thrust Spinebuster in the center of the ring! That kind of impact could not have been good for the back of his skull!

“Frank! Come on, bro, you can do this!" Gallway yelled in support.

Frank wasn’t moving for the moment and that’s when Ezra went for the cover just as Eli left away from the ring.




“THAT WAS THREE!" Ezra barked.

Ezra stood up and picked up Frank by the neck again and he was already on spaghetti legs, but that didn’t concern The Faction – victory did at any cost. Ezra shoved Silver back into the ropes and when he came back again he was levelled with a NASTY Running Back Elbow from the brutal Texan! Ezra doubled over in pain and went for yet another cover on The Royal Knight of Sunday Nights.




The Hipster Heartthrob stood on the ring apron in full support of his tag team partner, but didn’t see Ezra as he turned around and decked Ryan with a fist to the face! The shot knocked him off the apron and the crowd booed the ever-loving shit out of the twins.

Eli now stood over him and cocked a fist back waiting for his Lariat called Southern Justice. If he could hit his devastating Lariat, then this would certainly spill the end for The Heirs of Wrestling. Frank was very slow to stand up, but he was doing just that. He rushed off the ropes…


Gallway caught him and knocked him silly with a nice shot! Chris Adams reprimanded The Prince of Precision for his actions but it was a receipt from Ezra’s cheap shot earlier. Eli turned around stunned when Silver caught him…


An impactful Half-Nelson Backbreaker turned the tides and now both men were down in the center of the ring with nowhere else to go! cradled his back on the canvas from the deadly move and tried to roll over to his corner to get back to a ready and able Ezra Conway. Meanwhile on the other side of the ring Gallway was waiting with an outstretched hand and hoping for the tag. The fans were actually starting to get behind the match and let out some cheers.

Tag to Ezra!

He got into the ring first and grabbed Silver by a leg to drag him back over to the corner. The Margrave Digger rolled around and kicked himself free with his other leg sending back into the corner. He finally had his chanced…


The Prince of Precision jumped into the ring and started to run right at Ezra Conway in the corner before FLOORING him with a Running Dropkick to the face! Ezra was now drooping over in the corner while Eli tried to cut him off by stopping his momentum early.

Ryan Elbow Smashed his face in several times before trying to whip the larger Ezra. He reversed that and thought that would take care of the former two-time jOlt Tag Team Champion when he came back…


The Headscissors into the Single Arm DDT dropped him like a bad habit! The Intergalactic Space Cowboy rolled up to his feet when he caught Ezra Conway with a Dropkick sending the bigger man to the outside! With him disposed of, a frantic Gallway ran off the ropes before he exploded…


He CRUSHED Eli against the guardrail with the impact of the big dive and the crowd roared for the action being brought by jOlt’s Pinball Wizard. Gallway thrived off the cheers of the fans in the moment just showing off his quick offense as he ascended the top turnbuckle. He waited as Ezra tried to get back up in the ring…


The Diving Double Knee Strike found its mark! Ezra was down and now The Prince of Precision had him right where he wanted him!




Eli had just barely, BARELY made it into the ring and he shoved Ryan off his brother’s body! The action was getting frantic quickly and the upped tempo had the crowd cheering the action going on inside.

“Get out of my face, you fagbasket!" Gallway shouted as he frantically kicked Eli away long enough to try and finish off Ezra. Frank ran back into the ring and threw Eli the fuck out, getting him out of the equation. A groggy Ezra tried to stand again as Gallway kicked him in the face before Silver returned to the corner so he could tag in. Frank held out Ezra in the Front Powerslam position so Ryan could Springboard…


The double-team finisher of the Front Powerslam and Springboard DDT connected! Frank hooked the leg of Ezra.




Silver rolled off of his fallen body and made it back to his feet to have his hands raised along with Ryan!


Winner: Heirs of Wrestling via Pinfall

"Pretty Girl"

With the oh so delicious taste of victory still on their lips, Silver and Gallway basked in the adulation of the capacity crowd. Silver raised his arms up in victory while standing on th second rope. His teammate's attention was grabbed by one member of the crowd in particular. Gallway found himself a a perfect example of his favorite type of Heir fan, a gorgeous young raven-haired lady with cleavage on the verge of exploding our of a tanktop.

"Now, that's what I'm talking about," Ryan said to himself and slipped out to the floor.

The gorgeous Asian girl was bursting with excitement, waving her "I wanto to ride the space cowboy" sign, as Ryan headed towards her. Frank just shook his head and laughed, as he watched Gallway tried to work his magic while suavely leaning against the security barrier.

"How you doin'?" Ryan asked with his best attempt at a cool smirk to which the female turned red and started playing coy with him. "We should hang out after the show."

Silver was shocked that his ally was actually not sending the girl screaming in horror.

Almost as surprised as when he turned around and found THE DEAD CELL standing in the ring.

There was no time to react. Michael and Gabriel instantly pounced on him, brutally assaulting him with punches and kicks. Silver was easy pickings for them to continue the onslaught. Michael showed his great strength by taking their target into the air with a gorilla press. He launched Frank upward and it was going to be a bad landing for him.


Gabriel caught Silver on the way down with a ring shaking slam, knowing all the wind clear out of his lungs. Rafael slid a pair of chairs into the ring and they were quickly set up by his two larger allies. Out on the outside, Gallway had no idea what was going on. The girl's overflowing bosom had mesmerized him. His teammate would suffer for it and suffer greatly.


The impact of the move was so loud and gruesome that it snapped Ryan out of his stupor. He turned around to see the damage and was going to rush to Silver's rescue when the young lady pulled on his arm, turning him around to face her.


Once again, Ryan's pecker had gotten himself in trouble. He clutched at his eyes while stumbling along the ringside area. Completely blind and defenseless, he had no idea that Rafael would deliver some death from above.


While he wasn't close to being the biggest member of the Dead Cell, Rafael showed why he was on the team by breaking out one of the most daring high-flying moves the crowd had ever seen. Far from done, Rafael pulled Gallway up and after putting on her mask, the young woman now known as Magdalena helped him hold Ryan up for the rapidly approaching Azrael.



Adrenaline fueled, Azrael exploded back up to his feet and his allies had to hold him back from delivering more damage to their victim. The time to bask in their annihilation of the former tag team champions would have to wait, as security flooded the scene along with Mack Brody, trying to come to the aid of his friends as The Dead Cell walked away. The Dead Cell had once again delivered a message. Last time it was the Widow's Nest and now, the Heirs of Wrestling. Good or evil, fan favorite or hated villain, no one was safe from their divine wrath.

"Going All In"

The weight of a man isn’t measured in the possessions that he holds, but in the integrity that he brings with him. This was the mantra that the Jolt champion, “The Anti-Star” Jesse Ramey, believed in more than anything else in life. Though he had surely not seen as much prestige throughout his career as some of the other members of the Jolt roster, he felt as though he was at the top of his game at this very moment in time.

In his mind, at Unlimited he had put the nail in the coffin for the Rebellion by thwarting his adversary and the leader of the Rebellion, Jon Le Bon. However, there were other things running through his mind now as well. Like the reemergence of his once foe, Citizen. The two men had never met inside of the ring, but Citizen had seemed to make it his mission to ruin everything good in the Jolt champion’s life once before.

Now with the Jolt championship firmly latched around his waist, the evil mastermind that Citizen was, seemed to deem it fit to interfere in the Anti-Star’s life once again. Ramey knew the first time was a definite uphill battle and this time, with so much more at stake he knew Citizen was going to be willing to go to much more extremes. It was only a matter of time before the onslaught would begin to rear its ugly head.

Tonight, however, only a week removed from his successful defense of the championship and unsuccessful post match celebration other things were beginning to take motion. The target on the champion’s back was in full force as not Citizen, but another man would step into the limelight with aspirations of taking the Jolt championship from around his waist.

The Anti-Star found himself seated in the backstage area, preparing himself for iNtense. He knew that despite not being booked on the show yet, that anything could happen and this was the case more recently than previously when two large men and one female casually entered his dressing room.

Very familiar faces to not only the Anti-Star, but to the live audience on hand as well. The room glimmered with shining belts, now four, that resided inside of Ramey’s locker room. If that reference didn’t give it away, then let’s spell it out a little more in detail.

Enter stage right, the reigning Jolt Tag Team Champions, Adam Roebuck and Derrick Huber otherwise known as The House, along with the current reigning Starlet Champion, and wife of Derrick Huber, Charlotte.

The two behemoths stood with the smaller Charlotte between them and smiled with their arms folded over their chest. The Anti-Star looked up from lacing his boots, and then proceeded to continue which drew a little ire from the House.

“Is there something I can assist your gentlemen,” Ramey paused, “and lady with this evening?”

“Thanks, hon,” Charlotte replied, “it’s good to see there’s some people here that still have manners.”

“Hey!” Huber said, slightly offended . “I have feelings … I have lots of them.”

“Your dick doesn’t count.”

Huber rolled his eyes before he approached Ramey. “Jesse. Congrats on retaining your title against Jon Le Bon. He deserved that beating especially for everything he and the rest of the Twat Pack have put us through.”

The Anti-Star let out a sigh of relief as he finished lacing his boots and leaned back in his folding chair.

“If I were the religious type I would probably have come out of this chair and shouted “hallelujah!” at that statement.” Ramey snickered, “It’s honestly the truth though, I’ve got a feeling the Rebellion is going to be least of our worries moving forward.”

“Thank you though, for that, and congratulations to all three of you as well.” Ramey smiled, “It’s nice knowing I wasn’t the only one to do some good against those turd blossoms at Unlimited. Seems it was a open and closed night against them. Plus, this is what? Your fourth title reign with those belts since joining the company. That’s obviously some kind of record, so kudos on that.”

“Now, I know you three didn’t come here tonight though so we could have a dick swinging contest on sending the praise back and forth.” Ramey hesitated for a moment, “No offense intended with that comment Charlotte. So, what’s on your minds?”

“No offense taken, hon. I just nabbed my third reign with this belt. Seems like we got a room full of record-breakers here!”

Roebuck simply pointed at the jOlt Championship. “We’ve come for that.”

“But you know, fairly,” Huber elaborated. “You’re right, fourth reign for these belts and we have no plans anytime soon to let them go. You may think this to be a little bizarre, but in a funny way, we actually have you to thank for what I’m about to ask. See, we’ve been in this business a little over fifteen years now. We’re not ready to call it a twilight on our careers, but Roebuck and I both know that time isn’t our side.”

Huber let out a sigh.

“But if we’re going to go out and make this record count, we’re going in with all our chips on the table making as much noise as humanly possible. You didn’t sit around and let an opportunity come to you; you grabbed one, you made it count and you’re the jOlt Champion. With this now being the Wrestlecade season … you may say I’m ready to jump. I want to make these Tag Team Titles matter, but I also want to hold that.” he pointed to the jOlt title. “So what do you say, Ramey? You and I for the jOlt Championship!”

The Anti-Star let out a sigh, he knew what was eventually going to be asked in the back of his mind. Then the words came flooding out of Huber’s mouth; and the Jolt champion sat silent for a moment leaving the room in a bit of an awkward state until he finally broke through.

“I completely understand where you’re coming from.” Ramey sympathized, “I’ve been in this business for well over twenty-five years. Nothing has ever fallen into my lap, I have worked my fingers to the bone to get anything I’ve ever earned in this business. I’ve left blood, sweat, and tears in that squared circle.”

“Any other person who this belt has resided on,” Ramey patted the championship as he lay next to him on a bench, “they would have heard what you had to say and most likely they would have come up with some excuse to not put the belt on the line against you. I could easily do the same, what with Citizen poking his head back in my business.”

A look of almost disappoint crossed Huber’s face, thinking that Ramey was going to turn him down completely; but then Ramey continued.

“However, I’m not that kind of champion.” This brought a smile back to Huber’s face, “I’ve said it since I won the belt. I’m going to bring a sense of respect back to this championship, much like you all want to bring a level of respect to your respective divisions as well. So, considering we are in the Wrestlecade seasons I’ve got a proposition for you.”

Huber nodded. “Let’s hear it.”

Ramey paused for a brief moment and then stood from his chair.

“Let’s do exactly that, I don’t have anything planned tonight and I’ve heard tale that a certain individual that I’ve worked with in the past has just signed a contract deal with Jolt, so tonight lets bring a little bit of prestige to the Jolt Tag Team Titles and have The House versus The Ring Nightmares and then on iNtense in two weeks time the main event for the evening will be “The Anti-Star” Jesse Ramey defending the Jolt Championship against none other than Derrick Huber. What do you say to that?”

Huber and Roebuck traded glances almost like they could read the other one’s mind … then Huber extended his hand.

“You got it. We shy away from no challenge, so let’s go out there and get arrested.”

“Huh?” Roebuck asked.

Huber grimaced. “I was going for the obvious ‘steal the show’ joke there, but the moment’s over, Big Bucks.” He turned back to the jOlt Champion with more of his showy confidence. “I just hope you and your friend aren’t keen on walking out with these … they ain’t going anywhere anytime soon.”

The Anti-Star extended his hand and embraced Huber with a handshake, smiling the entire time.

“As will go with our Jolt championship match, the only thing I can say is may the best man win and I’m definitely looking forward to it. The fact that we all have so much in common as far as the interest of this company goes the only thing for certain is that this is going to be a win-win situation for the people watching in that crowd.”

Two huge matches signed, sealed, and delivered in the span of seven minutes. That is definitely not something you see happen every evening on iNtense. All three members of the House turned, everyone pleased, and exited the Jolt champion’s locker room leaving Ramey all to his lonesome once again.

It was obvious at this point that breaking out the wrestling gear was definitely a good idea. Ramey pulled a bag of tape from within his gear bag, sat back down at his folding chair, and began tapping up his wrists as the scene faded.


We are back from commercial break. Damien Lee is in the ring and he had a podium set up with a black cloth over an object. Lee had a microphone in his hand.

“Earlier tonight, I said I had a third big announcement to make. Before I make that announcement, I would like to invite the jOlt Underground Champion, Omega, down to the ring.”

The arena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of Marilyn Manson’s “Redeemer” echoed throughout the arena. The lights from cellphones illuminated the arena as the lyrics continued to play. The cameras panned around to the stage as Omega suddenly appeared holding the Underground Championship in his right hand. The fans jeered as a young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

we are free
now we are ONE

A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the champion slowly made his way down the ramp to the ring. The lights slowly came back on as Omega made it into the ring with his black hoodie covering his entire face. The Underground Champion stood in the ring turning slowly surveying the arena before standing near the ropes near the podium.

“Thank you for joining me, Omega. You have epitomized the Underground Division in quite some time. I understand that Derecho set the standards in the beginning and that was carried on by Sylo, Ninja K, Pietro Geist, and yourself. You’ve done an amazing job representing what The Underground is to jOlt Wrestling, but I’m afraid I do have a bit of bad news along with a solution to that.”

Lee paused.

“The bad news is that as of this moment… you are no longer the Underground Champion.”

The people booed and cheered, depending on how they felt about Omega.

“LoC wants their championship back so, unfortunately, I need to take that title from you, BUT... before you go and think that I’m going to let you leave empty handed, I want you to first realize, that I wouldn’t dare think of doing that.”

Lee walked over to the podium.

“You have represented the Underground Division and faced all challengers without fear. In fact, all of the past Underground Champions have done just that. The Underground has been a unique staple of jOlt over the past two years and I don’t want that to change. That is why… as of right now, The Underground Division will now be known as The Fearless Division, and you, Omega, will represent it as the first Fearless Champion.

Lee pulled up the cloth and unveiled the jOlt Fearless Championship.

It was a black leather strap with a silver demonic skull as the main plate and two smaller different skulls on the plates on the sides of the belt. The belt looked truly sinister. Lee picked the title up and handed it to Omega.

“Nothing about our Underground Division will change. The name is different... the title is different, but other than that… everything else that you know and love about the division will remain intact. Instead of being called an Underground Rules Match... it will now be known as a Match with No Fear. Omega… I look forward to you representing the Fearless Division.”

Damien Lee held out his hand to Omega who looked at it and then back at Lee.

“…I do still need the Underground title, though.” Said Lee.

Omega peered down at the Underground Championship, a title he helped build to astronomical heights during jOlt’s run. The crowd jeered as the champion held the title up in the air.

“So Lee, you are telling us that you are conforming to threats from a rival promotion. You are basically belittling us and the people before us that have worn this championship by letting Legacy of Champions take this championship back to their promotion.”

The fans in the arena started to actually cheer what Omega had to say.

“We have given our blood, sweat and tears for this championship here in jOlt not in LoC. So we have to sit idly by and watch as they crowned a new champion at their pay-per-view that would never stand a chance against ANYONE in the jOlt’s Underground division.”

The fans quickly erupted in a jOlt chant, which made Damien Lee smile.

“If LoC really wanted to make their claim on the Underground division and their title, then why didn’t their champion Lindsay Troy come here to take the title personally. We will tell you why because they are aware that Omega is the most destructive force in wrestling today. They realized that lawyers and injunctions are the only way that they can enforce getting the Underground Championship back into Legacy of Champions. But since LoC was not man or should we say woman enough to come and take the title back to LoC then we will give them what they want.”

The fans jeered about Omega giving up the Underground championship. Omega slid out of the ring and pulled the apron up from the ring. He pulled out a trashcan from under the ring and slid it into the ring. Damien Lee looked shocked as he did not know what Omega was about to do. The champion slid into the ring and stood to his feet.

“We know you want the championship to give to LoC and we don’t agree but we have no choice.”

Omega looked at the Underground championship in his hand. He reached into his hoodie and pulled out a small bottle. Omega dropped the championship into the trashcan and took the top off the bottle. He sprayed the liquid into the trashcan before throwing the whole bottle into the trash. He looked at Lee and gave him a sly smirk.

“Here is the Underground Championship you should give to the people of LoC.”

Omega pulled out a lighter and dropped it into the trash can igniting the contents of the trashcan which included the Underground Championship. A sick smile formed on Omega’s lips as the fans erupted in chants.


Omega watched as the Underground championship burned in the trash.

“Now that’s Fearless Lee.”

Michael Donavan vs Shoji

It was a shockwave that sent through The Rebellion earlier tonight as Damien Lee announced that there would be a five on five tag match at Wrestlecade II where if The Rebellion lost, they would be disbanded forever. With Le Bon not waiting around for things to fall into place, he asked if anyone wanted to face The Kugasari Clan here tonight. Michael Donavan wanted redemption for taking things into his own hands with Omega and decided he would step up face the Clan tonight. The Clan selected Shoji and this match was the result of that. While it was a last minute decision, this match carried a heavy weight to it as whoever won this match would have the beginning momentum heading into Wrestlecade II!

“Pyrotechnics” by Cliff Lin

Shoji came out from the backstage area being accompanied by Mamoru. Mamoru talked strategy to Shoji as he focused his attention down towards the ring. Shoji nodded when they got to ringside and he climbed into the ring as Mamoru remained on the floor. Shoji warmed up in the ring as his music died down.

“Demon Cleaner” by Kyuss

Perhaps one of the most agile big men to arrive in jOlt in quite some time, Michael Donavan took it to Omega at Unlimited but came up short. Here he looks to apply his tools in an attempt to get the momentum rolling back in favor of The Rebellion. Donavan made his way to ringside amidst the boos from the crowd. He rolled in under the bottom rope and focused on Shoji as his music cut off and the bell was called for.




At the sound of the bell, the two of them immediately locked up and Donavan showed an aggressive side by hitting huge knee lifts that were able to stun the 280 pound Shoji. Donavan then rocked Shoji’s head back with heavy Haymaker punches, staggering him into the corner. Once cornered, Donavan made Shoji eat a pair of back elbows that caused him to slouch. Donavan attempted the irish whip, but Shoji reversed it and sent Donavan into the corner. Shoji charged in, but Donavan made him eat another back elbow. Donavan turned and hopped to the middle rope and hit a moonsault!

Crowd: OOOOHHH!!

You don’t see many 6’10”, 260lb men with that kind of agility and Donavan showed it right there with the second turnbuckle moonsault that took Shoji off of his feet. Donavan got back up and dared Shoji to stand. Shoji slowly got back up to his feet, but when he did, Donavan drilled him with a clothesline that knocked him down. Shoji popped back up and Donavan drilled him with another clothesline, knocking him down again! Donavan then stood with his back to the fallen Shoji and flipped, hitting the standing moonsault!


Donavan with the first cover of the match.



Kick out by Shoji

Donavan stood and pulled Shoji up to his feet. From there he hoisted Shoji up onto his shoulders with the fireman’s carry, but Shoji elbowed his way out of it, landing behind Donavan. He placed Donavan into a Hammerlock and then nailed the Russian Leg Sweep!


Shoji didn’t go for the cover. Instead, he used this time to get some of his energy back as he waited for Donavan to get back to his feet. Shoji picked up Donavan and scoop slammed him down to the canvas where he dropped an elbow into his chest once… twice.. and then a third time for good measure. Shoji stood after the third elbow drop and grabbed Donavan by the legs, looking to apply a figure four, but Donavan used his great leg strength to kick Shoji away and onto his back!

Both men stood and collided in the center of the ring as they both laid into each other with heavy right hands. Donavan seemed to get the upper hand in that battle and he whipped Shoji to the ropes. Donavan looked for a big boot, but Shoji stopped short and grabbed Donavan by the leg! He took Donavan down with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip and then went to apply the Figure Four again, but when he pivoted, Donavan placed his foot on Shoji’s backside and shoved him away. Donavan attempted to stand, but Shoji turned and pummeled Donavan on the top of the head with heavy forearm strikes.

Shoji backed Donavan into the corner and hit a pair of shoulder blocks before hoisting Donavan up to the top turnbuckle pad. Shoji climbed up top, but Donavan hit a pair of headbutts that caused Shoji to step down off of the top turnbuckle and stagger away from the corner. Shoji turned around as Donavan leapt off with a flying knee strike to the side of the head!! Shoji spun around from the impact and fell to his knees and then down to all fours. Donavan quickly took off to the ropes and came back with a low flying single leg drop kick to the side of Shoji’s head! The sickening smack echoed throughout the arena as Shoji flipped over onto his back and held his head in pain. Donavan quickly made the cover, hooking the leg…



Shoji with the shoulder up!

Donavan stood and pulled Shoji back up. He hoisted Shoji up onto his shoulders once again, but again, Shoji slipped off and landed behind. Shoji regained his footing upon landing and attempted to place Donavan in a straightjacket, but Donavan spun around and pulled Shoji in for a Short Arm Clothesline, but Shoji ducked and ended up behind Donavan again. Straightjacket locked in! Shoji leapt up and fell backwards with a Lung Blower!


Mamoru shouted from ringside to end the match and Shoji nodded. Shoji walked over to Donavan and pulled him up, but Donavan surprised Shoji with a Manhattan Drop! Shoji stumbled away as Donavan turned him around and hoisted him up onto his shoulders for a third time. Donavan then flipped the 280 pounder over his shoulders and landed with a sitout powerbomb!!!


Donavan held Shoji down in the cover!



Shoji kicked out!!

Mamoru got the crowd to rally behind Shoji as Donavan stood. Shoji crawled to the ropes and gripped them as he pulled himself up. Donavan dared Shoji to get up and when he did, Shoji had his back to the turnbuckles. Donavan charged in, looking for a running big boot in the corner, but Shoji moved and Donavan’s leg got caught up on the top rope! Shoji unleashed a devastating kick to Donavan’s back.. then he struck with the kick a second time and then a third time, but this time to the back of the leg and Donavan lost his balance and fell to the canvas. Shoji then stepped over Donavan and onto the bottom rope… then then middle rope… then he leapt backwards…


A 280 pound man just came crashing down on Donavan’s chest with a double knee strike!! Donavan was in tremendous pain after that as Shoji stood and once again signaled for the end!! The crowd stood as Donavan gripped at the ropes and used them pull himself up. Donavan turned with his back to the turnbuckles as Shoji stepped in, but Donavan grabbed Shoji by the neck and in one fell swoop, he lifted Shoji up and fell backwards….


The Fallaway Choke Slam drilled Shoji’s face into the middle turnbuckle! Donavan staggered away holding his chest in pain, but he gritted his teeth as Shoji turned around and stumbled into a big boot. Donavan placed Shoji between his legs….

No way… this was a near 300 pound man…

Arms butterflied…





Donavan made the cover, hooking the leg…




Donavan rolled off of Shoji and stood before he doubled over, holding his chest, still feeling the effects of that double knee strike. Donavan redeemed himself slightly for failing to take the Underground Championship from Omega at Unlimited. This swung momentum back in the direction of The Rebellion and if they are this dominant at Wrestlecade II, Damien Lee’s plan will backfire!

Donavan exited the ring as some people actually applauded Donavan’s effort, but the majority of the crowd booed him as he made he way to the back.

Winner: Michael Donavan via Pinfall

"Nightmare on Jolt Street"

After all of the things that had transpired this evening it was most definitely one of the most exciting post pay-per-view iNtenses that Jolt Wrestling had ever seen. Finally suited up in his wrestling gear, the Jolt champion stalked through the backstage area.

He looked like a man on a mission, was he trying to find Citizen to get answers for the cryptic message at the beginning of the show? Was he trying to find the man he set to team with this evening?

The Anti-Star quickly scanned every single room that he passed with an open door, and finally something caught his eye causing him to stop in his tracks. Ramey quickly entered the room and in a loud booming voice he shouted.

“I almost thought I had bit off more than I could chew tonight!”

Ramey stood with his arms folded over, stern look on his face as the camera quickly panned around revealing an unfamiliar face to the Jolt audience. Ramey’s stern look shifted to one of joy as he approached the man, practically lifted him up out of his seated position and wrapped both arms around him embracing him in a hug.

“I’m glad my sources were right about you signing a contract deal here.” Ramey smiled as he released the hold around the man, “It’s been way too long Gordon, and I hope you’re okay with making your debut in the company tonight in the main event going for some tag team gold. We were kind of robbed of that chance back in the CSWA.”

“Well, Jesse, I couldn’t let my old tag team partner down! I’m just glad they gave me a one-night deal to get in here and help you out. So what are we lookin’ at tonight, Boyo?” Gordon Patrick asked.

“Well, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but…” Ramey patted the championship silver strapped around his waist, “I’m pretty sure if things go well tonight you can be looking at a bigger deal than just one night. If that’s something you’d be interested in…”

“That silver is nice, Jesse, but don’t forget I’ve been a World Champion myself, and that GOLD was a lot nicer!” Gordon Patrick teased his partner with a wink. “But yeah, a new place, new obstacles, a new adventure. I’m always game for that. But we gotta focus on the House tonight. Now you know I’ve always got your back, Jesse. And tonight… I’m gonna make them kiss my Blarney stones!” Patrick declared, reaching into his pocket.

“WHOA! WHOA! I don’t need to see all that!” Ramey objected, averting his eyes.

“What? I got these on a trip to Blarney Castle when I was wrestling in the U.K.” Patrick assured the jOlt Champion as he produced two stones from his pocket. “I bought them in the gift shop. “Anyway, if we wanna take those Tag Team Championships off of Roebuck and Huber then we need to get ready. Hell, I still gotta get my ring gear on!”

“Still need to get your ring gear on?” Ramey questioned, “How long have you been here? Did they give you problems getting in the building because they thought you were just some dirty Irishman coming to steal stuff?” Ramey laughed.

Gordon shot him a dirty look.

“Honestly though,” Ramey continued, “it’s good to see you here and I’m looking forward to going out there and taking a crack at winning some more championship gold here in Jolt. I’m also glad we’re getting the opportunity to do this team again and not letting it go to waste like what has happened to most of the teams I’ve been involved with in the past.”

“I’m just glad we get the opportunity to show the House why we’re every team’s worst Nightmares!” Patrick belted out.

The Anti-Star extended his hand to which Patrick extended his own and the two embraced in a handshake. Ramey then turned and exited the room leaving Patrick to continue getting ready for the evening at hand and the opportunity to clinch championship gold on his first appearance in Jolt Wrestling.

"The Freak Show"

The arena fell into darkness as the Jolt Vision sparked to life. The eerie sounds of a street organ began to fill the airwaves as “The Dark Ride” by Prelude to a Nightmare cued up. The camera slowly faded into the video package playing on the Jolt Vision leaving the arena altogether.

The scene moved at a fast pace down a narrow path in a haunted looking forest. Lights began to emerge in the distance as hanging canopy signs began to spring up along the path. The pictures on the canopies were crude, and the grotesque, some even offensive looking.

At the end of the path the scene opened up into a huge area; tents sprang up all over the place, carnival games, and patrons walking around the grounds, and in the dead center a huge tent. Along the path to the huge tent were more huge canopy pictures, similar to the ones on the path to the grounds. The camera quickly zoomed by these and to the folded back entrance to the Big Top.

Complete darkness engulfed the picture, but the sound of people clamoring from the sides could be heard. Then a single spotlight shined down in the center of the Big Top. Perched on top of a white and red striped elevated circle, was a majestic looking female figure. Top hat, open tuxedo top with tails, white button up underneath, spandex bottoms with fishnet stockings, and large black boots.

She smiled, visibly chewing gum, took the top hat from her head and took a bow before the audience on hand. The camera spun round and round as she began her stick.

“Ladies and germs gather round and feast your eyes on the most amazing sights you were ever come in contact with in your entire lives.”

She paused for a moment, as two large masked men in tights emerged from the darkness behind her.

“You’ve seen goons, you’ve seen heirs, you’ve seen ninjas, and you’ve World Series of Poker stars!” She exclaimed, “The one thing Jolt Wrestling has been lacking in their tag team department though is some real entertainment. From this day forward we bring you that entertainment inside of the square circle.”

“I, your humble servant, Bally, present to you the soon to be more death defying, ecstatically entertaining, gruesome twosome in all of professional wrestling; Missing Link and Pinhead!”

The two men began flexing in the background as Bally outstretched her arms for all of those watching to admire.

“Jolt Wrestling, prepare yourself for some amusement, entertainment, and the best tag team under the Big Top, because we are going to blow your minds. Prepare for the Freak Show!”

The camera had panned in on Bally’s smiling face and soon thereafter quickly panned out and began spinning upward and out of the center of the Big Top causing the canopy to fall down in on itself as a huge logo for The Freak Show ended the vignette.

"The Mack Daddy Challenge"

The show was now back from commercial break and with all gold ERRYTHANG in the ring, that meant it was that time once again… The ring ropes were not their usual colors and the ring was not, either. The ring was decorated with all gold ropes and the canvas was covered up with an equally shiny gold color. The fans were waiting with anticipation as to what was to happen.

“Ladies and gentlemen…” Dean Carrington announced. “Introducing at this time… HE IS O.G. SIMPSON!”

“I’m Getting Money” by OG Da Juiceman!

The camera panned to the top of the entrance ramp where none other than the personal ring announcer for the current gOlden bOy Champion made his way out… once again, he was wearing a downright swank golden-colored suit, an ungodly amount of gold chains, rings, and even a crown for some reason. He still hated this gig since it wasn’t his original employer, Diamond Jewelz with the belt, but the crowd gave the entertaining ring announcer some love as he walked towards the ring. He climbed up the steps and pulled out the signature golden-colored microphone as his music faded out.

“Ugh…” he said looking a little disgusted at the attire he was made to wear. “It’s that time of the evening, ladies and gentlemen… Eastside, Westside, I want all of you to stand up, say it loud and say it proud! Please welcome the Man Called Midas… SuperMack! The Bronze Bomber! The Philly Powerhouse! The Golden God! The” Simpson sighed before raising a hand and holding it out for the entrance. “yourgOldenbOychampionmackbrody…”

But the song wasn’t “What You Know” by T.I. Not tonight. Tonight was a little more fitting for the occasion…

“All Gold Everything” by Trinidad James.

When the music started to kick in, four LOVELY looking ladies stepped out from the back and started to dance in tune to the music, getting a series of loud cheers and catcalls from the males in attendance. They made their way out from the back and waved to the entrance where the gOlden bOy Champion himself, Mack Brody, was on his way out! He stopped and got a kiss from two of the lovely ladies before they went back to their alluring dancing.

The Arena of Champions began rocking along with the bass heavy anthem of all things gold while the entrance video showed a streaming collage, laden with the acquisitions of success & the array of destruction created by a hulking wrestling phenomenon. Brilliant flashes of Gold, Emerald & Pearl would dance along the entire entrance staging area and throughout the vast arena before the Bronze Bomber walked out from the back and slapped hands with the fans. He walked into the ring and actually shook hands with O.G. Simpson who just looked disgusted at having to do this. The winner of the gOlden bOy Championship meant that the services of The Juice came with it!



He raised the title before he patted the faceplate.

“Now earlier tonight, you all saw when I made my intentions clear… I am gunning for the jOlt Championship and I will do whatever it takes to have it, even if that means going through a completely chauvinistic ASSHOLE like Jeremy Ryan…”

Pause for the crowd booing.

“Or that gold-digging fuck, Diamond Jewelz…”

A more and very LOUD mixed reaction. O.G. Simpson was visibly annoyed with that comment as well.

“But tonight, as a proud titleholder of jOlt Wrestling, this gOlden bOy Championship is itching to be defending, so I’m gonna be scratching that itch! I told Gabriel Gold, Sebastian Saje that if they wanted a title, then all you gotta do is come out here and take the Mack Daddy Challenge! So tonight, I’m BEGGING for some competition! If you think that you got a set or you just want to come out here and look for a fight, then step on up! That challenge… begins NOW!”

Brody stopped and waited for somebody to come out and answer his challenge. He paced around and several moments passed as the crowd waited.

“Come on, we’ve got a lot of hungry young guys back there itching for some fame! Let’s do…”

“Gotta Take It” by Nipsey Hussle.

Brody’s eyebrow raised and there was no mistaking who that music belonged to, nor the man that was coming out. He was the original owner of the gOlden bOy Championship – the man that Mack Brody defeated for that very title he held now. Brody watched as Diamond Jewelz made his way out from the back solo. There was no more Shoji getting in his business and there was no more Ruby Rocks Jewels any more. Now he, like Brody, was focused on the jOlt Championship, but that didn’t mean his property wasn’t important. The jOlt Relentless Champion was halfway down the ramp.

“Oh Naw… HELL naw… FUCK naw…” Jewelz said. “It’s one thing for your bleach-blonde ass comin’ out and interruptin’ me when I was stakin’ my RIGHTFUL claim to the jOlt Championship! I’ve beaten “Not A Star” Jesse Ramey more times than I’ve had bitches on my dick!”

Like him or hate him, the crowd did laugh at that derogatory comment as Brody watched him inch closer towards the ring. O.G. Simpson was on the verge of laughter as he doubled over, almost wiping a tear from his eye with equal parts laughter and joy that his original employer was here.

“I’ma show YOU and I’ma show EVERYBODY in the back that there ain’t NOBODY who can measure up to me! I want what’s mine and I want it RIGHT NOW!”


Brody raised a hand.

“I know that we’re gonna in a triple threat at Wrestlecade in the most important match of our careers… but that’s then. This shit is TONIGHT! I accept your challenge!”

Diamond Jewelz said nothing and skulked towards the ring again when Brody waited.

“Normally if you want a shot at this title, you know that all you gotta do is ask… but if you want THIS title back… well, I’ve got a title on my shoulder… and YOU’VE got a title on your shoulder…”

Jewelz looked at the Relentless Title draped over his shoulder as even the blind could see where this was going.

“Diamond Jewelz vs. Mack Brody II: Now With More Titles! My gOlden bOy Title for your Relentless Title, winner takes it all! What do you say, Bling Bling Boy?”

The rising star of jOlt Wrestling looked at his title and climbed into the ring before forking the belt over.

“Let’s fuckin’ do this.”


Brody smiled. “Yo… referee? Let’s do this shit!”

The two men entered the ring with their respective titles and a few moments passed before Simon Boulder started heading towards the ring. The largest official within jOlt Wrestling entered the ring and raised both titles on the line… this was an impromptu and rare double title match the fans were getting!

Mack Brody vs Diamond Jewelz

Referee Simon Boulder held up both championships in the air and the crowd was buzzing with what was going to no doubt be a hot contest! Two big matches had already been made for Wrestlecade and now, we were getting an impromptu Title versus Title match!


The Relentless Champion Diamond Jewelz actually started out on the offensive this time – the polar opposite from their previous match when an enraged Brody went after DJ for he and Them MF’N Goons attacking his stablemates Frank Silver and Jewelz Gallway. Neither man were with their particular groups as they wanted to handle their business solo!

Jewelz rushed the bigger Brody in the corner and unloaded with a series of hard right hands and some kicks to the chest in order to try and subdue Brody earlier. The gOlden bOy Champion blocked a shot and grabbed his arm before THROWING him out of the corner with a massive Biel Throw! Diamond Jewelz was a big man himself at 230 pounds, but he was being ragdolled by the 300-plus pounder from Philly.

Said Philly Powerhouse watched as The Relentless Champion tried to stand only for Brody to bounce off the ropes and come back with a HARD Running Shoulder Block that knocked him right over! Perhaps his overzealousness was coming back to bite him and that Mack Brody was looking more confident than he ever has in his career, especially since knocking off the seemingly unstoppable gOlden bOy Champion Diamond Jewelz a few weeks ago for his title.

The Relentless Champion was palmed by the back of his head and Brody rushed him full-speed before SLAMMING him face-first into the ropes. From there, Brody pinned him to the corner and held his arms out as the crowd started to cheer as he FIRED off a series of hard alternating left and right hands to the sides of Diamond Jewelz’s head! He turned and pulled him out of the corner before SLAMMING him hard with a Short-Arm Clothesline! Brody kneeled over and went for the cover.



The Relentless Champion kicked out quickly. Brody wasn’t deterred and picked him back up by his arm before whipping him to the other side of the ring. Brody ran at the corner Diamond Jewelz tried to jump over him when Brody caught him in the Fireman’s Carry position. He then ran forward and DROPPED him with a Rolling Fireman’s Carry Slam! Brody was working on some new moves in his arsenal and was about to hook the leg.




Again, the Relentless Champion fired a shoulder up off the mat, but SuperMack was ready to continue bringing the fight. He yanked Diamond Jewelz up and whipped him off the ropes to wait for a big Back Body Drop, but Jewelz caught him straight away in the face with a big kick. Brody was stunned and stumbled back to the ropes when The Relentless Champion ran off the ropes to launch an offensive. Brody grabbed him by the head and tried to send DJ over the top rope when the former gOlden bOy Champion used his agility to land on his feet on the apron!

He tried to grab Brody by the neck and tried to drop him neck-first on the ring apron, but Brody ducked the right hand and set him up first. Brody then flexed an arm… they know what shit was coming…


SuperMack flexed his biceps and made his pecs dance to the delight of some of the female fans before he swung again…



Diamond Jewelz was in a very bad position and was slumped over the ropes when Brody ran off the opposite side and tried to run him off the apron, but The Relentless Champion headed for higher ground. He was on the floor now trying to head for higher ground. Brody wasn’t going to have any of that shit and rolled underneath the bottom rope to meet Jewelz with a BIG Clothesline that laid him out on the floor!


The chants of the crowd brought a big grin to the face of SuperMack as he once again manhandled Diamond Jewelz. He had him on his shoulders now and was looking to throw him right towards the ringpost, but Jewelz slipped out and he got smacked right into it! Brody was stunned from such a brutal shot, but Diamond Jewelz caught him with a big Dropkick that sent him backwards into the ringpost!

The complexion of the match changed drastically as The Relentless Champion got back up and soaked in the mixed, mostly jeering reaction from the crowd. He took a second to roll inside the ring and back out again to reset referee Simon Boulder’s count before he took Brody to task with a series of stomps. When Brody tried to stand, Jewelz hopped off the barricade…


A modified version of his Busaiku Knee Kick that he called the Crown Jewel caught Brody flush in the face, laying him out on the floor! Diamond Jewelz hurried up and tried to get the dead weight of Brody back up because this match operated under normal rules. The winner had to beat their opponent by pinfall or submission only if they wanted to walk out of here with both titles. When he got him back inside, Jewelz made the first cover of the match.




Brody powered out quickly, but that trifecta of nasty headshots on the outside really didn’t help his chances of winning the Relentless Championship. He tried to pull Mack Brody up to a seated position and let him have it with a series of hard shots to the top of the head. He drilled him with a right hand and another boot to the face, but Mack shoved him backwards into the corner.

SuperMack got himself vertical again and charged at Diamond Jewelz in the corner only for The Relentless Champion to get both feet up to kick him square in the jaw! A second kick from Diamond Jewelz put Brody down on his knees again and allowed him the time to head to the top rope. He looked out to the crowd and he was about to bust out something awesome…


An AMAZING aerial move drove him down to the ground and now he was on top of Brody, trying to pin him to regain his precious gOlden bOy Championship!




SuperMack once again with the close kickout when he got his shoulder up. Diamond Jewelz glared at the referee before he turned his attention back to SuperMack who was now seated upright. Jewelz saw him coming and ran off the ropes before coming back and clubbing him with a Front Seated Dropkick to to the side of the head! And now here comes Diamond Jewelz with another cover now!




That was another close one, but Brody was still able to kick out! Furiously, Jewelz started to direct his attack at his arm and started to fire kicks away at he shoulder before he wrapped it around his own arm and lockedin a Chinlock/Armlock combination, perhaps trying to set up SuperMack for The Iced Out Crossface Chickenwing.

With that having been said, he was now left in a very vulnerable position in the middle of the ring as Brody tried to fight his way out. He scratche and clawed for the ropes trying to get to them for safety, but Diamond Jewelz had him trapped right in the middle of the ring! There was a lot on the line with both big titles up for grabs, but Brody was not about to give in.

“Brody, do you give up?” Simon Boulder asked.


SuperMack was still very much in the fight despite Diamond Jewelz controlling the last few minutes of the match. He fought back and tried to get free from the hold and was about to as he managed to get back up to his feet and use his free arm to punch the exposed rib cage of The Relentless Champion.

Diamond Jewelz opted to switch up the hold and used it to lock in a Chinlock while putting all his body weight on Mack Brody’s back. He lunged backwards and rammed him into the ropes. Brody realized that he still wasn’t letting go when Brody jumped back a second time, crushing him between his own body weight and SuperMack. However, Diamond Jewelz caught him with a pair of blows to the back of the head before flying off with a Diving Bulldog right off the second rope! Brody was down again and Diamond Jewelz pushed him over onto his back before scrambling for the cover again!




“Count faster, ya dumb fuck!” Diamond Jewelz shouted!

The Relentless Champion stood over Brody as he tried to sit up again only to get hit with a big trifecta of hard shots to the top of his head. The blows only served to wake Brody up as he tried to get back to his feet, but he managed to fight his way back. Diamond Jewelz hit two big punches, but Mack Brody threw a bigger one and doubled over with a big shot. He pushed him off the ropes and when he came back…


A big Double Sledge caught him in the chest and laid him out! SuperMack rushed towards the ropes and leaned out to the crowd, almost like he was drawing off their energy directly.

Brody was somewhat hurt now, but he kept on going as he ran right into Diamond Jewelz with a big shoulder block that rocked the Bangor, Maine native. He got up a second time as he ran off the ropes and charged right at Brody again, landing an even HARDER shot and knocked him back down to the canvas! Mack shouted to the crowd and they roared back with approval as CenturyLink Field’s fans looked on in approval!

When he started to stand up a third time, Brody kneed him in the gut for about five brutal shots before launching him across the ring with tremendous force into the turnbuckle. He played to the crowd and yelled out in approval as he bounced off the ropes to deliver a GRUESOME Body Avalanche in the corner! And shit was only going to get worse for The Relentless Champion as he hooked Brody around the body..

THE 24K!

The Release Exploder Suplex THREW Jewelz nearly all the way across the ring! Mack Brody ran off to the corner and pulled Jewelz away from the ropes before hooking both legs of The Relentless Champion!




The crowd was shocked that Jewelz kicked out of the big flurry of power moves as Brody’s head sank into a palm. The Philly powerhouse shook away the feeling of disappointment and started to stand again. He was up first and stalked Jewelz as he continued to go for the big move. Diamond turned around into the grip of Mack Brody who set him up on his shoulders, trying for The Gold Digger backbreaker, but Jewelz went high and drilled him with several vicious elbows to the head before he slipped out and landed behind him. He charged off of the ropes and came back..


Another explosive Suplex variation from the big man, this time in the form of the Belly to Belly Overhead edition! Jewelz was drilled into the mat and went for the cover again on him, hoping he could put away his rival and win both titles…




The crowd bought that this was over, but sadly for Mack Brody it was not. The major problem people had with Diamond Jewelz in the ring was his utter lack of respect for anybody else, but he was one of jOlt’s true rising stars. Brody was shocked that he hadn’t put The Relentless Champion away, but he was about to finish things off. He stood up and shook the ropes frantically as tends of thousands cheered along with the big man.

The Philly Powerhouse didn’t wait for Jewelz to recover this time as he pulled him up and crossed his arms. He was looking for the Midas Touch Powerbomb for the second time and he was ready to get him back up…




The third man who would be part of the #1 Contender’s jOlt Championship match at Wrestlecade was here! Jeremy Ryan SLUGGED Mack Brody in the back, making him drop Jewelz to the canvas! He WHACKED him a second time in the gut… WHACK! BRUTAL third shot to the top of Brody’s head


It was “jOlt’s Last Real Man” Jeremy Ryan who was standing tall. Jewelz tried to stand himself when Ryan kicked him hard in the gut…


The Relentless Champion had just been laid the fuck out with a Piledriver! Jeremy Ryan wasn’t in a match tonight, but that didn’t mean The Loose Cannon wasn’t able to make his presence felt. He had just interrupted a dual title match. The match would be ruled a No Contest which meant that both men would keep their respective titles, but Jeremy Ryan didn’t care about any beef that these two men already had with each other. He was there to send a warning to both men and safe to say, it was heard loud and clear. He stood over Brody and Jewelz, almost boring holes in each man with an intense stare.


Mack Brody had been busted open and was laying on the mat unconscious while Diamond Jewelz was laid out, looking up at the lights. These three men were engaged in a heated battle now trying to make sure that no one else would be 100% by the time they made it to their triple threat showdown at Wrestlecade.

And in this war, as Jeremy Ryan left the ring and surveyed the damage that he caused, he smiled proudly knowing that he had just fired the first shots.

Winner: No Contest

"The Body Count Will Rise on The Hype"

As the fans in the arena clammored amongst themselves, their rabid nature could not be denied. They’d come for action. They’d come for intensity. They’d come for the best Professional Wrestling on the planet and they were sure to be fulfilled by the time the night was over with. They were about to get that in mere moments with the Tag Team Titles on the line in your main event.


A strange almost irritating sound echoed throughout arena stealing everyone’s attention as the jOltvision screen came to life and the house lights lowered to black. Matching the ear splitting noise from the speakers was a screen filled with classic 1970s style static.

A deep, loud voice could be heard, booming through the speakers, narrating the video that’d begun to play.

“He is a former two-time Pro Wrestling Japan Heavyweight Champion.”

As the words cut short, a grainy black and white video played on the screen. The image was distorted. It was dimly lit. There was this nifty graphical grunge overlay that made it nearly impossible to even see what was being shown. Still, it was evident that the massive man in the video doing damage to much smaller opponents was a force of nature to be reckoned with.

A montage of decapitating Lariat’s were shown. Each one progressively more dangerous. There were clips of the monstrous man nailing his unsuspecting victims from behind with Enzui Lariat. Spliced into the feed were numerous shots of the viscous Short-arm Lariat. Followed by one knockout Burning Lariat which upon impact in the video sent the screen into a frenzy of malfunction. The screen appeared to shake. The video feed cut off. The image on the screen was replaced with the rainbow colored display of vertical stripes that come up when a feed is lost. Then the screen went to static once more.

“He has decimated opponents all over the United States, from hardcore Wrestling organization to the fans Wrestling Organization, to Legacy of Champions and now, once again, he’ll step foot in a jOlt Wrestling ring to wreck havoc on the sport he loves.”

As the last few words of the narrators voice drifted to silence the video began to play, this time showing clips of dangers looking maneuvers. The first of the clips showed the gargantuan competitor lifting his opponent for a suplex and dropping him down with an Emerald Flowsion. The second clip was even more gruesome as it showed the famed and feared but rarely seen Falcon Arrow Suplex to Sitting Piledriver. Upon impact through the blurred vision of the video, you could see the spine of his opponent compress, his head spiked off the ring canvas. The final shot in the video was of a man being thrown from inside the ring, over the top rope and to the arena floor courtesy of a Running Jack-knife Release Power-bomb Throw. With the impact of the final maneuver the video again distorted until there was simply no image left.

The screen was filled with Japanese Kanji symbols, all written in white and glowing red. In the center of the screen in English were the words.

“The Bodycount will rise on Hype!”

The House(c) vs The Ring Nightmares

“Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is your main event of the evening!” Dean Carrington shouted from the center of the ring.

The fans all rejoiced, not a single jeer was heard throughout the arena as Carrington made his announcement. The biggest decision that could be crossing any of their minds this evening is who in the blue hell are they going to cheer for the loudest?

“This match will be contested under normal Jolt wrestling tag team rules, with a twenty minute time limit, and will be for the JOLT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS!” Carrington bellowed.

“Nightmare” by Avenged Sevenfold began to blast throughout the arena and from the backstage area onto the entrance ramp quickly came the team of the Jolt champion, Jesse Ramey and Gordon Patrick. The two men stood at the center of the top of the ramp for a moment, then turned to each other and gave a huge double high five. It was at this point that Ramey burst toward the ring while Patrick continued his more casual approach.

“Making their way to the ring, they are the challengers, weighing in tonight at a combined weight of four hundred and forty-five pounds they are GORDON PATRICK AND THE REIGNING JOLT CHAMPION “THE ANTI-STAR” JESSE RAMEY; THE RING NIGHTMARES!”

Their music slowly faded from the house PA and was quickly replaced by the sounds of “Turn the Page” by Metallica and the mammoth Tag Team champions slowly made their way out onto the entrance stage. Roebuck and Huber definitely had their game face on this evening as they just shot a glance at each other with a nod before making their way toward the ring.

“Making their way to the ring weighing in tonight at a combined weight of seven hundred and seventy-seven pounds; THEY ARE THE REIGNING JOLT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, ADAM ROEBUCK AND DERRICK HUBER, THE HOUSE!”

The two big men stalked their way to the ring and then made their way up onto the apron via the steel ring steps. Ramey stood inside of the ring ready to start the match for his team, and Roebuck and Huber wasted no time with fanfare as Roebuck stepped through the ropes and handed his championship belt to referee Mike Hunt. Hunt handed off the belt, checked both men, and quickly rang for the bell and the start of the match.


The Anti-Star looked across the ring at the man he was set to go head to head against. Standing seven inches taller than the Jolt champion and weighing two hundred and sixty-three pounds more, the nonreligious Ramey could visibly be seen mouthing, “Jesus Christ”; and Roebuck was definitely not in any hurry to him Ramey only looked like an appetizer at an all you can eat buffet.

The two men slowly both made their way to the center of the ring and began running their mouths off at each other. Roebuck drew back and took a swing at Ramey, but the Anti-Star ducked under the fist popping up behind Roebuck and he drove a boot into the back of Roebuck’s knee. Those knee braces were a definite target for the Jolt champion.

The kick caused Roebuck to stagger forward a bit, but he quickly turned toward Ramey. The Anti-Star continued his assault on the knees of the bigger man with several quick kicks, only for Roebuck to plant both of his massive palms on Ramey’s chest and push him off into the ropes. The Anti-Star bounced off the ropes and rebounded toward Roebuck, who jumped toward Ramey with a standing clothesline. The Jolt champion ducked under the attempt from Roebuck and continued off into the opposing ropes.

Ramey bounced off of the opposing ropes, and just as Roebuck was turning back around he was caught directly in the knee with a falling dropkick. The move brought Roebuck down to one knee, and Ramey quickly made his way back to his feet where he darted toward the ropes once again. Bouncing off the ropes the Anti-Star came rushing back through catching Roebuck in the side of the head with another falling dropkick.

Roebuck fell to the canvas, as the smaller Ramey was able to use his speed against the bigger man to gain an upper hand. The Anti-Star once again darted toward the ropes and jumped onto the middle rope leaping backward with a springboard. Roebuck had been able to push his way back to his feet just as Ramey was leaping off with his springboard cross body attempt, and just when the Jolt champion felt he was catching the upper hand Roebuck caught him midair. Roebuck held Ramey tight against his chest for several moments, and then tossed him up and over with a massive fallaway slam.


The one thing that Roebuck hadn’t factored into hitting his signature move though was the direction he was tossing Ramey. The Anti-Star bounced off of the canvas and backward toward his corner where he was able to get enough leverage for Patrick to reach in and make the tag. Patrick quickly made his way into the ring and shot toward Roebuck who was turning around ready to try and make a cover on Ramey.

Patrick dropped to one knee sliding around behind Roebuck who was coming at him with a collar and elbow tie-up attempt. Patrick quickly popped back up to his feet; Roebuck quickly turned and was met with a sharp jab to the side of his head. Gordon wasn’t done though as he continued his assault on the much bigger man.



With the final move of his flurry, Patrick nailed Roebuck with a massive headbutt that would have brought any other normal man to his knees. However, Adam Roebuck was not a normal man and while the move staggered the Tag Team champion a bit, it did nothing more than piss Roebuck off. Roebuck then caught Patrick with a vicious uppercut, followed up by a back elbow that sent Patrick flying backward and into Roebuck’s corner.

Roebuck finally tagged out of the match, and Huber quickly entered the ring. Roebuck grabbed Patrick by the arm and whipped him out of the corner into the waiting arms of Huber who was able to catch Patrick with a discus clothesline.


Huber crawled himself on top of Patrick’s body and shoved his forearm across his face with the pin attempt.




The Anti-Star entered the ring as Hunt’s hand was coming down to make the three count, grabbed Huber by the leg and pulled him off of Patrick. Huber quickly came back to his feet and came face to chest with the Jolt champion, who slowly backed away smiling and exited the ring back onto the apron.

Huber turned back to the still downed Patrick, grabbed him by the head and began lifting him back to his feet. Patrick burst back to life catching Huber with a jumping uppercut, and then jumped once more catching him in the skull with a massive headbutt.


The impact of skull on skull contact caused Huber to drop to one knee and Patrick staggered toward his corner tagging the Jolt champion back into the match. The Anti-Star jumped onto the top rope and sprang into the ring, but Huber quickly made his way back to his feet catching Ramey on his shoulder. Huber flipped him from his stomach on his shoulder to his back, and then twisting him down into the middle of the ring with the Yokosuka Cutter.


The fans in the arena all looked on in amazement at Huber hitting the Anti-Star with his finisher and planting him in the middle of the ring. Roebuck quickly entered the ring and rushed toward the opposition’s corner catching Patrick with a clothesline that dropped him out of the ring. Roebuck then followed behind dropping out of the ring and to the floor below. Huber climbed on top of the lifeless Jolt champion’s body for the pin attempt.




The crowd had all been waiting on Ramey to get a shoulder up off of the canvas, but it just didn’t come. Huber made his way back to his feet as Carrington handed the Jolt Tag Team championships in to Hunt, who then gave one belt to the now standing Huber and presented the other to Roebuck who had slid back into the ring.

“Turn the Page” began to play throughout the arena once more as The House stood in the center of the ring with their championships held high. Carrington then gave Hunt the Jolt championship to present back to the Anti-Star, but Huber quickly stopped him for a moment and grabbed hold of the Jolt championship.

Huber looked at the championship for a moment, and then handed it off to the Anti-Star who was now resting on his knees looking at both members of The House with disappointment in his eyes. Ramey clinched hold of his championship, and then rolled out of the ring to check on his tag team partner.

Was tonight a sign of what was to come for Ramey in two weeks’ time when he would step back into the middle of the squared circle against Derrick Huber, only this time putting his Jolt championship on the line? The scene slowly faded out on iNtense as the logo appeared in the bottom of the screen.

Winner: The House via Pinfall