"Welcome to iNtense"

Darkness fades to gritty sepia when the opening piano of "Warriors" by PelleK (Imagine Dragons Cover) hits. We see image of an empty jOlt Arena filling with people in time lapse

The screen then explodes into full color when the drums and song kick in!

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

(In sync with music) We see scenes of action and images of current superstars Pietro Geist, Eiji Kugasari, Jeremy Ryan, Diamond Jewelz, Sarah Winterton, Charlotte, Jon Le Bon, The House, The Heirs of Wrestling, Raevynn, and Sebastian Saje!

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

We continue to see images of action as the intrustmental continues to the very end...

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

We see Diamond Jewelz posing with Them MF'n Goons, The Rebellion standing tall in the middle of the ring, Mack Brody hitting the Gold Rush on Omega, Pietro Geist and Jeremy Ryan brawling, a shot of Kayden Paulton cracking a genuine smile, Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

With the final pulsing beats of the song, we see Jesse Ramey striking a pose on the top turnbuckle with the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship around his waist!

The scene flashes back into the arena where the song starts again, but in his complete form, starting with Verse 1 of the lyrics. The camera pans around the jOlt Arena in Miami, FL as a splendid display of fireworks goes off on the main stage and above the ring. The set is a giant jOltvision with the N logo for iNtnese sitting to the left and to the right of the big jOltvision. The N itself is a massive red light that is illuminated. Above the jOltvision is a pseudo semi-circle steel structure that houses a curved screen that will be used to display a wrestler's name above it while their entrance video plays below on the jOltvision. On the stage itself, to the left and right of the entrance ramp are two more small, elongated mini screens which will display the wrestler's brand logo on them when they make their way out... unless they hold a title. Then it will display their championship belt on the left and the name of the title on the right!

The fans were buzzing with electricity as iNtense officially begins!

Tammy Lynn Foster vs Monica

"I Got An Attitude" by Antoinette hit the arena as Monica made her way to the stage. She was focused as she walked down the ramp flipping off a few people at ringside. Monica slid under the bottom ropes into the ring and stood in the middle of the ring to a chorus of jeers.

“Redneck Woman” By Gretchen Wilson explodes throughout the arena. Tammy Lynn Foster made her way out of the backstage area to the stage. She was in no mood to play around as she ran to the ring sliding under the bottom ropes. Monica was not waiting as well as she attacked the number one contender as soon as she hit the ring. Monica was not going to let TL get to her feet as she continued to pound on Tammy with several forearm blows to the back of her head.

Kim Adams finally called for the bell as Monica continued her attack on Tammy. Monica picked up Tammy Lynn and drove her down with a quick DDT. The Jersey girl was not done as she dropped an elbow across Tammy’s throat before quickly hooking her leg for a pinfall.

Foster kicked out before a one count. Monica picked up Tammy and whipped her into the corner. Monica raced into the corner and nailed TL with a spear in the corner. Monica was not done as she drove her shoulder into TL’s midsection several times to the delight of the fans as the counted with every blow.





Monica pulled Tammy from the corner and hooked her in a front chancery. She tried to pick her up for a vertical suplex but the stronger TL was not letting that happen. Tammy picked up Monica and drove her to the mat with a brain buster. That move surprised the fans as Tammy shook her head to try to get back into the match. Tammy grabbed Monica by the hair and whipped her into the ropes. Monica bounced off the ropes and was met by a huge power slam from the powerhouse. Tammy quickly made it to her feet and pulled up Monica as well. She grabbed Monica by her arm and nailed her with a big short-arm clothesline. Tammy went for the cover.




The Blonde Bomber picked up Monica and set her up with the vicious HAVE A COLD ONE. The rolling German suplexes almost knocked Monica out. The Jersey girl lay on the mat as Tammy stood to her feet. Tammy hoisted Monica up… TRAILER HITCH. TL knew this was over as she arrogantly laid back for the cover.




The country girl from Oklahoma continued to be dominate as she looks to get her opportunity at becoming Starlets champion.

Winner: Tammy Lynn Foster via Pinfall

"The Best Podcast"

After intense had returned from a commercial break, a short advert of their own aired, predominantly with a blue background and bold, black text. It read: "jOlt is pleased to announce a deal with the BEST Podcast in Wrestling, granting their hosts special access to what goes on inside the ring and backstage in the locker room."

A montage showing the likes of Jesse Ramey, our world heavyweight champion and Jeremy Ryan, the company's last real man, strutting their stuff on the big stage interrupted the narrator.

"Catch up with the biggest names..."

"Catch up with the biggest news..."

"In association with the BEST Podcast in Wrestling..."

As the video came to a halt, showing the House raising their tag team titles into the air following yet another victory, the narrator, who would give a few of those pesky E-Fed Guerrillas a run for their money, rounded off with the promotion's missions statement: "jOlt - BELIEVE THE HYPE."

"Taking Back Everything"

The scene opened up backstage. Much like last week, it was a group meeting with Jon Le Bon and The Rebellion.

“Last week, we did very well taking out Shoji. That gave us the momentum we needed. Last week, Michael Donavan stepped up big for us and it has inspired me. It has inspired me to do something wreckless. Tonight… we’re going to make the biggest and most emphatic statement we have made in quite some time.” said Le Bon.

The other members of The Rebellion looked at each other as Le Bon continued.

“When you have a snake slithering on your property, you have a couple of options. You can run and hide and hope the snake goes away on its own, or you go into action and you cut the head off the snake to make sure it never bothers you ever again. Tonight, we cut the head off the snake… tonight.. we take out Eiji Kugasari.” said Le Bon.

“Man. THAT’S how we do. I like this plan, my brotha. Now.. who gonna get their hands dirty?” asked Jackson Cross.

Sebastian Saje stepped forward.

“I’ll do it.”

Le Bon turned to Saje.

“You think you can handle this?” asked Le Bon.

Saje gritted his teeth.

“I’m not going to let Michael Donavan take all the glory. I’m more than ready to take on Eiji Kugasari. After all.. I drilled him face first into my knees at Wrestlecade last year… I’ll do the same tonight.. twice if I have to… three times if I have to.. I’ll knock his lights out to the point where they won’t even come back on anymore. The Kugasari Clan will lose its figurehead tonight… I guarantee it.”

Le Bon smirked.

“Very well then.. the task is yours to complete, but we need a Plan B. I’m not saying I don’t have confidence, but even if you sever the head of a snake, you need to dissect it.. you need to surgically decimate it until there is nothing left. Since I’m putting faith in you… when you win… it won’t be enough. Tonight… we will remove Eiji Kugasari once and for all.”

Le Bon paused.

“While we focus on that.. Raevynn.. Cross… Hood… you three have a match to prepare for as well. We’ve been afforded an opportunity. Tonight, you three will face The House and Charlotte in a Winner Take All match. Pin any one of them and we will regain the championships that we lost. The House and Charlotte have no idea what they’re getting themselves into here. In fact, they are damned fools for agreeing to do this. “

Le Bon laughed as a grin came over the faces of Cross the Hood. Raevynn simply gave a sly look as if she were ready for anything

“My man.. consider them punks punk’d tonight.” said Hood.

“My brotha.. understand.. those tag titles will be ours once again” said Cross.

“The tag titles… the starlet title… Eiji Kugasari’s head on a silver platter… TONIGHT IS OUR NIGHT! TONIGHT WE RISE AGAIN! TONIGHT WE SHOW THE WORLD WHY WE ARE THE REBELLION!” said Le Bon emphatically. With that, the members of The Rebellion held out their fists in their traditional pose. The scene faded to black.

"The B Team"

Just prior to our next match, a debut featuring The Freak Show, a new tandem here in jOlt, the customary commentary couple of Michael Buhrman and Nathan Powers were taken aback when they saw a second broadcasting desk being brought out, just a little to their right, courtesy of 4 jOlt employees.

"What's going on here," Buhrman wondered.

"Maybe I'm gonna get some help - about time," Powers offered as a solution.

It was up to our ring announcer, Dean Carrington, to inform bemused staff and supporters alike: "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome the hosts of the Best Podcast in Wrestling - Darren Best and Alfie Button."

To virtually no fanfare, two youngsters strolled down the aisle, smiling at the opportunity to be introduced on Intense.

Powers had the scoop: "Well, we saw the advert earlier and I've heard these guys on their show - they are GREAT."

"Never heard of them," Buhrman stated sincerely.

As Alfie and Darren arrived at their special booth, Best, who the podcast was name after, got the first word in: "Hi, my name is Darren Best - no relation to Lee or Mike. This is my partner, Alfie Button, and we're here to do special commentary on this tag team match."

It appeared that Buhrman was trying to talk, but later realised his mike had been muted. Nathan's, however, hadn't been. As Button entangled the wires and negotiated the headset past his thick, flowing black mane, he introduced himself: "Watch ya. Alfie Button here. It's all goin' on, innit? Buhrman, I know you can 'ear us. We don't rate ya, mate. Naith, you're all right," Alfie concluded, holding a hand up that acknowledged Powers' presence, who waved back in a cringe-worthy way.

"The B-Team is on the air: Best and Button," Darren proudly declared.

"Soon to be A-Team if ye ask me," Alfie shot back, looking squarely at Michael Buhrman, who had no clue of what was going on and that made Nathan Powers all the more smug.

"I pity tha fool," Button chuckled, pointing at Buhrman, which cracked Powers up further still.

"Alfie, are you ready?"

"Dazza, we was born for this, my man. 'oo 'a we got?"

"The Freak Show..."

The Englishman, Alfie, intervened: "You can say that again. Cor, blimey. 'ave you seen 'em? Honestly. They look like Conchita Wurst gone wrong."

"Against The West Texas Terrorists."

"Ever known a faction to be only two people? No, neever 'av I, but the Conways are a decent team," piped up Alfie, who wasn't showing any nerves of being on live television. In fact, as anyone who knows him will tell you, he'd lived for this moment. Radio was a means to an end. TV was where he wanted to be.

Dean Carrington, take it away.

The Freak Show vs West Texas Terrorists

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Dean Carrington stood center of the ring, “the following contest is scheduled for one fall and will be a tag team competition.”

“Gimmie Back My Bullets” by Lynyrd Skynyrd played throughout the arena as the rough and rowdy group known as the West Texas Terrorist made their way out onto the entrance stage. The fans still hadn’t been able to get past the things this tandem had done as members of the Black Faction, so the resounding sounds of booing filled the arena.

“Making their way to the ring first,” Carrington continued his announcements, “weighing in at a combined weight of four hundred and ninety pounds and hailing from Houston, Texas; THEY ARE ELI AND EZRA CONWAY, THE WEST TEXAS TERRORISTS!”

Eli and Ezra had made their way to the ring as Carrington finished with their introductions. They both entered the ring under the bottom rope and began yelling and shouting preparing themselves for the match to come.

"Looks like someone's been at the brandy," Alfie offered. Valuable insight, as always.

"Someone or both of them?" Best asked.

Their music slowly faded and the familiar sounds of street organ music filled the arena as “The Dark Ride” by Prelude to a Nightmare cued up.

Bally entered the arena through the entrance curtains and skipped her way to the center of the stage. She produced a microphone from behind her back as her two large companions made their way out onto the stage.

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,” Bally began as the trio began making their way down toward the ring. “Gather round and feast your eyes on the new attraction that is sure to leave you captivated, motivated, and yearning to see more inside of this very ring.”

"What attraction?" Alfie sarcastically asked. He followed it up with a pearl of wisdom: "I'd ravver go to a Cliff Richard concert than see these two geezers up close. Mingin', man."

Bally leapt up onto the apron, and slowly entered the ring between the bottom and middle rope. She made her way to the center of the ring and Missing Link and Pinhead made their way up onto the apron.

“Prepare to be amazed by the outstanding tag team of Missing Link and Pinhead!” The two men had finally made it inside of the ring at this point, and struck a pose with hands on hips as Bally announced their names, “West Texas Terrorists you may have been the Jolt Tag Team champions at one point in time, but tonight you’re going to be took to school and be made to look like clowns tonight. Welcome to the Freak Show!”

"Amen," Button added, seemingly agreeing that the debutants were aptly-named.

"Didn't you go to school with a guy called Pinhead?" It was clear Darren Best was the play-by-play man in this outfit.

"Yeah, 'e wanted to be a wrestler an'all."

Best probed Button: "What happened?"

"Last I heard, he had gone to work on his uncle Cyril's pig farm. I woul'n't be surprised if that's where these two horrors were born."

"Pinhead is masked though," Best reasoned.

"There's a reason for that," fired back Button.

Bally dropped to the canvas and rolled out of the ring as Missing Link made his way out onto the apron leaving Pinhead inside of the ring. On the opposing side of the ring Ezra slipped out of the ring leaving Eli inside with Pinhead, and Darius Underwood signaled for the bell.


The smug Eli made his way to the center of the ring and stood with a huge smirk on his face as the masked Pinhead approached. Eli began laughing and poked Pinhead in the chest, to which Pinhead snatched hold of Eli’s arms and delivered a massive blow to the side of his head. The smirk that once adorned Eli’s face had now turned into rage as Eli turned and lunged toward Pinhead with a fist of his own.

The blow landed squarely in the center of Pinhead’s chest, but Pinhead just took the blow and cocked his head sideways. Pinhead then latched onto Eli’s fist and clinched down on it causing Eli to let out a huge bellow as he dropped to one knee. Pinhead then quickly scooped up Eli and slammed him down to the canvas with a massive scoop slam. Pinhead grabbed Eli by the hair and pulled him back to his feet, only for Eli to break free.

Eli rushed toward the ropes, bouncing off and rebounding toward Pinhead who only stood waiting. As Eli approached Pinhead snapped him up quicker than Eli had a chance to respond as he was dropped down to the canvas with a huge spinebuster.


Pinhead climbed on top of Eli’s body for the pin attempt.




Darren called that: "Hard Cash almost earned The Freak Show the hard cash on their debut."

His partner in crime couldn't resist: "Yeah, they need it for the surgery."

Seeing the trouble the Eli was in, Ezra quickly entered the ring, grabbed Pinhead by the leg, and yanked him off top of his brother. Despite the pleas from Underwood for Ezra to exit the ring, he wasn’t finished either. Ezra yanked Pinhead back to his feet and sent him flying across the ring.

Ezra had seen the error of his brother’s way by waiting for the action, so Ezra continued behind Pinhead and as soon as he bounced off the ropes Ezra was waiting with a snap sit-out powerbomb.


Before finally exiting the ring, Ezra pulled Eli on top of Pinhead’s body after hitting his finisher.




Ezra was wearing a huge smirk on the apron, until he saw Pinhead power his brother off of the pin attempt. Then a look of despair crossed his face, because Pinhead had just kicked out of his finisher. Ezra stood ready on the apron with his arm now extended, but both men were moving slowly on the canvas.

Both Pinhead and Eli fought to make their way back to their feet, but Pinhead was the first to reach a full standing base. Pinhead cocked his head sideways as he just stood watching as Eli crawled on his hands and knees toward his corner. When Eli was mere inches away from tagging the ready Ezra into the match Pinhead slowly turned and began making his way toward his own corner.

As soon as Pinhead heard the snap of Eli’s hand hitting Ezra’s, he also reached out and tagged in Missing Link. Despite the fact that Ezra knew the full steam ahead approach had not worked for his brother, in the heat of the moment that is exactly what he did.

Meanwhile, Buhrman was wondering why Powers wasn't talking at all, to which Nathan said he was enjoying Best and Button's blow-by-blow account of in-ring events.

Back inside...

Missing Link casually walked toward the center of the ring as Ezra charged toward him as fast as he possibly could. The former Jolt Tag Team champion had a clothesline in mind, but Missing Link used his sheer strength to cut Ezra off, caught him up, twisted him around, and slammed him down to the canvas hard with a twisting capture side slam.


Missing Link didn’t try to pin Ezra though, instead he came back to his feet and charged toward his opposition’s corner. Eli was just getting back to a standing base in the corner when Missing Link caught him with a clothesline that dropped him off the apron.

"You woulda thought they would've gone for the cover there," Darren suggested.

"Two and two don't go togevver for these dipsticks," Alfie rationalized.

Missing Link then slowly made his way back over to Ezra who had made his way onto his hands and knees trying to get back to his feet. Missing Link grabbed Ezra by the head and lifted him back to his feet, with the motion of his head Missing Link signaled for Pinhead to enter back into the ring.

Underwood attempted to stop Pinhead, but it was too late. The big man entered the ring and shot toward the ropes, Missing Link quickly positioned Ezra for an STO, and Pinhead hit him with a massive big boot. Missing Link followed through with the momentum from the boot and dropped Ezra with the STO.


Pinhead made his way back out onto the apron as Missing Link hooked Ezra’s leg for the pin attempt.




That was all she wrote, the debut match of the Freak Show against the former Jolt Tag Team champions The West Texas Terrorists was in the books. If the rest of the Jolt tag team division wasn’t on notice before tonight, they definitely were now. The Freak Show was a team to not be messed with; Eli and Ezra Conway were the first to witness this hands on.

"Impressed by them?"

Alfie shook his head at his partner's brainteaser: "Nah, you?"

"Me neither. Ladies and gentlemen..." Best said standing up, and taking off his headset.

The two debutants outside of the ring said in perfect unison: "It was YOUR pleasure."

Speaking of the two debutants that really mattered though...

Bally made her way back into the ring as “The Dark Ride” began to blast throughout the arena once more; Pinhead and Missing Link stood in the center of the ring, while Bally walked between them both and lifted their hands in victory. Bally then took a bow with a smile on her face as the scene faded.

Winner: The Freak Show via Pinfall

"Old Dogs and Young Blood"

A champion’s work was never done in professional wrestling; this was very true for jOlt’s Tag Team Champions in The House. The Las Vegas super heavyweights were on the roll of their careers when they defeated Cross The Hood and Crimson Order to become the record-breaking four-time jOlt Tag Team Champions. They followed up that big win by retaining against a tag team famous in other organizations in The Ring Nightmares – made up of Gordon Patrick and the jOlt Champion Jesse Ramey. By virtue of Huber pinning Ramey in the main event, he earned himself a title match for Intense 119.

To make the best possible use of an expression for a Las Vegas-themed tag team, things were coming up aces for The House. In the backstage area, The House and Huber’s wife, the Starlets Champion Charlotte were all talking about their upcoming match.

“Winner Takes All, huh?” Huber asked, looking to his wife and best friend. “That’s a bombshell that Damien Lee just dropped on me when we got here. Cross The Hood and Charlotte are cashing in their rematches for our Tag Team Titles and your Starlets Title tonight. You guys ready for this?”

“You bet your sweet ass, hon,” Charlotte glimpsed at the Starlets Title on her shoulder, “We all went through hell and back just to get these titles back that they stole in the first place. They ain’t gettin’ them back and we’re gonna fight like hell to keep them.”

Huber turned to face the massive Roebuck. “You ready, Roe?”

“I’m going to dismantle those fucks.”

“That’s the Roebuck I know,” Huber laughed. “If this title reign is going to be number four, then we’re going to make this the best one yet! We’re going to stick it to those Rebellion assholes one more time and then I’m going to Wrestlecade with both the Tag Team and jOlt Championships! The House are gonna be running this bitch in 2015!”

Huber and Roebuck slammed their arms together and then Derrick planted a kiss on his wife and a slap on the ass. The two shared a sweet laugh and all three were about to leave when they had something in their way. Two somethings.


That was Latrell Samuel standing in the doorway that led towards the gorilla position. Next to him was his large associate, Khalil Straightgully, and the two made up Them M F’N Goons who were the hired hitmen for the Relentless Champion Diamond Jewelz. The two men stood in the doorway to purposely impede the progress of the Tag and Starlets Champions.

“And what the fuck do you two want?” Adam sneered.

Khalil gestured at the Tag Team Titles.

“Them belts…!” Khalil screamed. We the real motherfucking champs around this bitch. We ran you motherfuckers at iNtense 100.. Yet we ain’t never got a sniff at them joints one on one… ”

Latrell was either feeling confident, stupid or some combination of the two as he tapped the very belt that Huber held.

“It’s time for the Whore House to step aside, and them gOlden bOys promotions Goons to run shit up in this motherfucker officially… These young hungry motherfuckers ready to eat. Plus DJ got an itch for a new customization project… Them belts look perfect for that.

Huber and Roebuck looked to one another and then the Sin City Strongman addressed them.

“First off, Samuel, there’s a reason that we’ve been around as long as we have. Those “old ass tricks” we do still work! Secondly, we haven’t forgotten iNtense 100, either, boys … I also didn’t forget the only reason you both won was because you had Diamond Jewelz attack Roebuck from behind. And to clear the air, the only reason we didn’t come knocking was because we had more pressing matters to deal with like getting our belts back. As you can see, though …”

The Sin City Strongman pulled the belt so both of Diamond Jewelz’s thugs could see it.

“Mission accomplished. So if you want a jump, you name a place and you name a time and when we deal with The Rebellion tonight, then we can finish our business.”

Roebuck moved in and eyed both of Them M F’N Goons down. “Go ahead. Try and take them.”

Charlotte stood by her man proudly as Latrell and Khalil exchanged their own looks. Samuel turned around and laughed.

“Don’t worry Whore House… We coming to get them shits.. On our time doeee.....”

Them M-F’N Goons walked past The House and Charlotte and disappeared from sight and they went the opposite direction, ready for their match.

"Weekend Update with Frank Silver"

The jOltron flickered to life for the fans in attendance watching and opened up to one Frank Silver of the Heirs of Wrestling. But this wasn’t your garden-variety act-like-something-of-a-shitbag-but-still-be-loved Frank Silver. This was a pre-recorded message that came as a result of what happened last week to the Heirs, fresh off a victory over old rivals, The West Texas Terrorits…


There was no time to react. Michael and Gabriel instantly pounced on him, brutally assaulting him with punches and kicks. Silver was easy pickings for them to continue the onslaught. Michael showed his great strength by taking their target into the air with a gorilla press. He launched Frank upward and it was going to be a bad landing for him.


Gabriel caught Silver on the way down with a ring shaking slam, knowing all the wind clear out of his lungs. Rafael slid a pair of chairs into the ring and they were quickly set up by his two larger allies. Out on the outside, Gallway had no idea what was going on. The girl's overflowing bosom had mesmerized him. His teammate would suffer for it and suffer greatly.


The impact of the move was so loud and gruesome that it snapped Ryan out of his stupor. He turned around to see the damage and was going to rush to Silver's rescue when the young lady pulled on his arm, turning him around to face her.


Once again, Ryan's pecker had gotten himself in trouble. He clutched at his eyes while stumbling along the ringside area. Completely blind and defenseless, he had no idea that Rafael would deliver some death from above.


While he wasn't close to being the biggest member of the Dead Cell, Rafael showed why he was on the team by breaking out one of the most daring high-flying moves the crowd had ever seen. Far from done, Rafael pulled Gallway up and after putting on her mask, the young woman now known as Magdalena helped him hold Ryan up for the rapidly approaching Azrael.



Adrenaline fueled, Azrael exploded back up to his feet and his allies had to hold him back from delivering more damage to their victim. The time to bask in their annihilation of the former tag team champions would have to wait, as security flooded the scene along with Mack Brody, trying to come to the aid of his friends as The Dead Cell walked away.

And now back to Frank Silver, sitting at home and recovering from the beatdown that was handed to he and his best friend.

“Hmph… this seems to be a recurring theme lately for the Heirs of Wrestling. Come back, do some cool shit… then some fucking assholes pounce on us to prove a point or show they’re hot shit or whatever gets those fuckwads hard every night. And quite frankly… Ryan and I are fucking SICK of this!”

The crowd started to cheer in response to the mysterious masked men known only as The Dead Cell.

“The Heirs of Wrestling have been one of THE constants in jOlt Wrestling! While everybody else has either come and gone, come and disappeared or came and petered out like the limpest of the limp dicks… of course, by that I mean those two retards, Red and Ted… WE have been the constant! We have been the fucking backbone before there WAS a Backbone stable! Before Orphan tried to end myself and Ryan and tear apart the Heirs of Wrestling, we were the ones tearing shit up!”

A few more cheers came out again for one of wrestling’s most prolific modern-day tag teams.

“Well, the point has come where Ryan and I have decided that ENOUGH is E-FUCKING-NOUGH! If Ezekiel, Rafael, Gabriel Gold, Donatello, Leonardo, Azazel, Ruby, and the rest of the Archangel Ninja Turtle Supernatural Fan Fucking Fiction club want to jump some people from behind, then maybe… JUST maybe The Heirs of Wrestling take the fight back you masked pussies. Just so you peter-puffers know where we’ll be… we’ll be back next week…”

Frank stifled his thought for just a second.

“… And none of you are gonna like us when we’re back.”

And with that, the screen went to black.

"Going for the Gold"

“You sure you don’t want my help, man? I got your back if you want...”

The camera went back to the locker room and the voice came from none other than jOlt Wrestling’s resident gOlden bOy Champion “SuperMack” Mack Brody. Said gOlden bOy was on the phone with Frank Silver of the Heirs of Wrestling, who was not at the show due to an attack sustained by the mysterious Dead Cell.

“All right… but if those motherfuckers try anything else, I ain’t making any promises… all right. Yeah, I got Jesse Ramey tonight. Non-title, but glad you understand. I can’t pass up this opportunity this close to Wrestlecade… all right, man. Later.”

Brody shut off his phone and tucked it back into his pocket before he went back to taping his wrists. He had Wrestlecade on his mind and a big triple threat match where the winner would receive a jOlt Championship shot at a time of their choosing. But as most wrestling segments are wont to do, almost nothing happens without an interruption.

“You know what they say about being a champion?” The camera panned up to catch the Jolt champion leaning in the doorway of SuperMack’s dressing room, “Huh, I was kind of expecting some kind of response from you. I’ve never known you to be a man short on words, but the answer I was looking for was once you’ve got the championship then you don’t get any more rest because you’re stepping into that squared circle week in and week out to prove that you’re worth your weight in the championship gold, or silver in my case.”

The Anti-Star came off of his leaning base and entered the room, where he stood Jolt championship strapped around his waist, and making sure that it caught some shine catching Brody’s attention.

“You know last week really wasn’t my night,” Ramey continued, “and I even said it on Twitter. I’m not blaming anyone else for that failed attempt at the Tag Team championships than myself. My head wasn’t in the game last week because of all of this Citizen crap that’s been going on, but half of the battle is just getting out of your own head. You’ve got chops kid.”

This caught Brody off guard a little bit, catching a little praise it seemed from the champion standing before him.

“I’ve stepped inside of the ring with both of your opponents at Wrestlecade individually and I’m telling you right now that you’ve got your hands full.” Ramey paused, “That aside, I know I’m not telling you anything right now that you don’t already know, and honestly I’m hoping that when you step inside of the ring with them that you knock their heads around a little bit and win that match. I’d someone win that contract for the match anywhere down the line for the Jolt championship have a little bit of integrity about them. If Ryan or Jewelz win I know they’d cash in after I’ve probably had my head bashed in and try to pick up the easy win for themselves. You, I have a feeling you’d want to do things right and would let me know in advance when you’re planning on cashing in.”

Brody took in everything the jOlt Champion had to say and extended a hand, which he shook.

“Thanks for the vote of confidence, my man,” Brody said. “And you’re telling me. I’ve had to deal with both of those fuckbags on several occasions now. I got into it with jOlt’s Last Man Nobody Gives Two Fucks About last year with him questioning my manhood and… well, I kicked his fucking ass. And as for Low-Rent Silky Johnson, I’ve got his number, too. There’s NO way that I’m dropping the ball. Not this time. There’s no Saje to cost me this match, there’s no Landon Stevens tanking our Twitter Feed with Generic Bad Guy Threats. This is me kicking the ass of two other men and PROVING that I belong as the man in this company!”

The fans could be heard cheering in the background with the sentiment. SuperMack turned to Ramy and ran a hand through his beard.

“Originally, I wanted Ryan tonight after what he did, but Jewelz got him first in a strap match for some fucking reason…” Brody shook his head. “HOWEVER... “ he turned to face the Champion. “...This, I will take. This is a “Beat the Man to Prove I Can BE The Man” situation. I hope that you won’t hold it against me when I come out swinging. Business, you see.”

“That’s the ring Mack,” Ramey began as he also stroked his beard, “last week I made one fatal flaw inside of that ring against Derek Huber. I took my head out of the game and I may have just let the fact that I am the top of the heap now really go to my head in thinking that I can do whatever I want inside of that ring without consequence, but I’m not letting that happen tonight against you.”

“I honestly hope you do come out guns blazing during this match,” Ramey smiled, “because as much as you like to think you are SuperMack, tonight I’m going to be packing a little bit of kryptonite with me and despite the fact that you’re probably good hundred pounds and well over a half foot taller than I am, I’m going to show you exactly why I am the top of the heap.”

“I’m not a brick shit house like Jeremy Ryan and I’m definitely not a jokester inside of that ring like Diamond Jewelz.” Ramey continued, “I’ve been stepping inside of that squared circle for twenty-four years and maybe I have become a little jaded, but I’m not going to back down from a fight and I’m certainly not giving up the Jolt championship unless it’s pulled from my cold dead hands. So, tonight, bring your A game, because I’m going to give you a bigger challenge than either beast with no neck or the Eastbound and Down reject could ever give you.”

Brody smirked. “Oh, snap. Kryptonite jokes. To be honest, I’m SHOCKED AND APPALLED it took this long for somebody to connect those dots.”

SuperMack shrugged as he finished his wrist tape. He stood up to his full height and looked down at Ramey.

“With all due respect, Jesse, I have been through TOO much this year with Stevens, Orphan, Ninja K, Jeremy Ryan, Diamond Jewelz… ALL of them to give a fuck about what what you’re gonna bring tonight. I know that you’re gonna bring your best, but so am I. And as much as we both hate the idea of this, my friend… somebody’s gonna come out of this looking wrong. And I have no intention of that being me.”

“With all due respect,” Ramey quipped back at Brody, “I’ve had to deal with every single one of those men inside of the ring as well with the exception of Kenshiro and as far as your last year is concerned I’m bring nearly a quarter century of having to claw my way into the position I am in with me tonight. So, trust me, when you say you have no intention of looking bad tonight, I understand that completely and I’m under the same impression that I’m not going to be the one looking that way either. Best of luck out there tonight.”

There was the slightest twinge of not really meaning that last sentence in Ramey’s voice as he slowly turned and exited the room leaving Brody to continue his routine. SuperMack managed to crack a knowing grin all his own.

“Oh, yeah, THAT’S gonna be a fight.”

The House & Charlotte(c's) vs Cross the Hood & Raevynn

The Rebellion wanted back the gold they held onto for months and that is why coming up next, we were about to see a very unique match. For the first time ever in jOlt history the Tag Team and Starlets Titles were being defended in the very same match. The House and their valet, Charlotte, would be putting up their titles in the same ring against the previous champions, Cross The Hood and Raevynn. Could The Rebellion get back their gold from the three that they stole them from last year or will The House and Charlotte continue the big roll of momentum they’ve been on. Derrick Huber also had his jOlt Title match next week against Jesse Ramey to worry about and could ill afford a loss here.

The graphics appeared on the screen for the first-ever Winner Take All match in jOlt Wrestling and the crowd booed as “Machine” by Downstait played, signifying the arrival of the former Tag Team and Starlets Champions. Jackson Cross and Machida Hood had their game faces on tonight and not far behind was Raevynn. The pale-skinned cutthroat Starlet followed the former champions down to the ring as they took in the jeering of the crowd.

“Those Tag Titles are comin’ back to us!” The lively Jackson Cross screamed over the booing. “And you can take that shit to the bank!”

All three entered the ring and Raevynn stepped on the middle of the second rope, raising a fist in the air while both members of Cross The Hood took a turnbuckle and raised their fists in the air. They were a very capable team and all it was going to take was one pinfall or submission and The House and Charlotte could lose it all! The collective former champions all touched fists in a sign of unity before this massive undertaking ahead.

Five Finger Death Punch’s “House of the Rising Sun” played next. The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive pop from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of card toward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the Nevada bred four-time jOlt Tag Team Champions appeared from the backstage area. The obese fan favorite extended his arms outward and nodded while his muscular counterpart anxiously greeted the masses in an enthusiastic fashion. Behind them, coming out waving a pair of large pink feather boas was the three-time Starlets Champion, Charlotte!

“...And making their way to the ring they are the defending Tag Team and Starlets Champions; From Las Vegas, Nevada...Weighting in at a total combined weight of 777 pounds...they are the jOlt Tag Team Champions ADAM ROEBUCK & DERRICK HUBER!!!...They are THE!!! HOUSE!!! And with them, the Starlets Champion… CHARLOTTE!”

The record-setting trio of jOlt Wrestling entered the ring and they stepped inside, holding their respective titles as The Rebellion members stared them down. The Hubers handed their belts to the referee and Roebuck handed over his half of the Tag Team Titles. The referee held them in the air and showed what was on the line tonight as the bell rang.

The ladies were going to start things off and it was Raevynn launched the first attack. She went low and kicked her in the stomach quickly before she locked her in a headlock. The taller and stronger Charlotte pushed her away quickly and she attempted to end this early by going for her signature finisher, the Queen of Hearts, but she flipped out behind her. She landed into position with a reverse DDT and looked to set her up for her own move, the TEARS Breaker, but Charlotte adjusted herself and pushed her away now.

They started off at a stalemate. It looked like both women had done their homework on their opponent’s killing blows and Charlotte remained focused on an arrogant and dismissive Raevynn.

“Keep smilin’ bitch, you won’t be for long,” Charlotte said.

The two women locked up a second time and this time it was Charlotte pressing the advantage. Charlotte had the height and reach advantage as she pushed the smaller Raevynn into the corner and threw a few blows to the side of her head to disorient her early. Charlotte hadn’t forgotten about all the sneak attacks and plans she coordinated with Jon Le Bon to take her title away and was looking to make her pay for those.

With Raevynn left vulnerable in the corner, the crowd cheered Charlotte as she kept her smaller opponent pinned to the corner before unleashing a hard series of back and forth left and right elbows to the face. Charlotte was a bit of an all-rounder in the ring and she had no trouble with beating people up if she had to.

The official ordered Charlotte to back out of the corner and she complied with the referee, but Raevynn saw her opening and the Rebellion’s first lady popped her in the jaw with two rights of her own. She pulled Charlotte into the corner and unleashed a flurry of kicks to the stomach before trying to irish whip her across the ring. Charlotte turned the tables and Raevynn was sent to the corner where she fell victim to a hard running elbow shot by the champion.


The Vegas Vixen was in full control and she pulled up Raevynn before throwing some extra malicious knees to her face and then whipped her across the ring only to take her over with a well executed back body drop that dropped her right on her back. The challenger was hurt and she tried to stand on her own accord, but Charlotte ran right at her full speed and got taken out of her boots with a heck of a running clothesline!

Raevynn was down on the ground and Charlotte rushed off either side of the ropes before she dropped a flipping leg drop to the fallen challenger! Charlotte made her first attempt to finish her off.



Raevynn kicked out! When Charlotte tried to pick up the former champion, she landed an upward kick and caught the Starlets Champion in the face. She rolled over and made the tag over to Jackson Cross who entered the ring.

“What you gonna do to me, bitch?” He snapped.

Her retort was a painful slap! She slapped the taste right of Jackson Cross’s mouth, but the former tag team champion wasn’t in a playing mood. He reached forward and tried to grab her, but she got to Adam Roebuck first and tagged out before he could do something that he would regret. Cross was now face to face with the biggest mass of humanity in jOlt Wrestling.

“Try and pick on me, sweetheart,” Roebuck vented.

Cross obliged and tried to him when Roebuck blocked the right and fired back with a head butt. Jackson Cross was backed into the ropes and The Las Vegas Leviathan thundered forward to crush him with a big splash in the corner! Jackson was hurt when Roebuck picked him up with a big biel and launched him out of the corner! The crowd was all for The House and the crowd roared along with Roebuck as he towered over Cross. He scooped him up in a delayed position and let Huber tag in now and the two big men went to work. Cross was dumped on the ground and then Derrick Huber hit the ropes and came down with a big three-hundred pound splash!


2… No!

Jackson kicked out, but Huber was going to enjoy punishing The Rebellion member. Both Raevynn and Machida Hood looked concerned for their partner who was being mauled by the two monsters. Huber forced him up and used a hefty shove to put Jackson back in The House’s corner before he unleashed a fast series of headbutts so hard that they put him back in the seated position. He backed off and the crowd knew exactly what was coming next …


The running cannonball senton nearly crushed Cross in the corner and Huber snatched him away from the ropes so he could cover him again.


2… and Machida Hood makes the early save!

He ran in quickly and pulled Huber off of his tag team partner before walking backwards to his corner. An exasperated Huber wasn’t done with Cross, but the double-tough former champion fired back with a surprise series of jabs to stun Huber on his feet. An uppercut rattled his jaw and Cross hit the ropes quickly but Huber surprised him by catching him with a thesz press and slamming the back of his head repeatedly into the mat before following a big leg drop!

Cross’s attempts to best his large attacker went nowhere and The House kept on attacking him. They tagged to Roebuck again and the two men pushed him back to the ropes before they took turns headbutting the living hell out of him against the ropes. They both whipped him to the ropes and maximized their use of the five-count by dropping him with jOlt wrestling’s largest double shoulder tackle!

Things were already looking very bleak for The Rebellion and somewhere out there, Jon Le Bon could not be happy with his cohorts. Adam Roebuck threw Cross into a corner and slugged him with a big clothesline this time before he pointed off to the corner. He was going to try and crush him with the running hip attack that he called The Bottom Dealing, but Machida Hood came to his partner’s rescue and pulled him out of the corner!

The ring nearly moved from the missed impact of the forceful move, but now Roebuck was groggy on his feet. Cross tagged to Hood and the two men quickly double-teamed the giant. They each slugged him with right hands and then both men came off the ropes with a little high-and-low action when Hood landed a jumping clothesline as Cross went low and took out the knee with a big chop block! The braced knees of Roebuck might as well have been a painted target on The Big Bucks and he was now down thanks to some quick double team work from the former champions. Hood made the cover now on Roebuck.



But a strong kickout wasn’t enough to win Cross the Hood and Raevynn the belts back! Charlotte and Derrick watched their partner struggle to stand as Hood laid into him with some boxer-like fists to the jaw. He tagged back to Cross and the other member of the team tried to follow up the attack on Roebuck when he was caught by the neck! Roebuck was thinking Chokeslam, but Cross slipped out behind him and delivered another chop block to the knee, forcing The Big Bucks down to a knee once again.

He tried to go after the leg a second time, but a forceful shove from Roebuck sent him back into his corner. Machida Hood tagged in again and went right at Roebuck with a big dropkick to the knee, sending The Big Bucks flat onto his back again. The fearsome Roebuck tried to sit up, but each time that he did, he was knocked back down with oncoming boots from the six-five Machida Hood. He headed towards the ropes again when he caught Roebuck with his flying uppercut called TIME TO GET FREE~! Roebuck was down and Machida tried to win again. They could feel the titles coming back!



Close, but no cigar!

It was a great move on the part of Cross The Hood, but Roebuck was too stubborn to quit that easily. The Huber family watched Roebuck try and fight back by shoving Machida out of his way, but Cross made another blind tag. The two men beat the crap out of Adam Roebuck with stomps and kicks before they threw him back in their corner. Raevynn climbed up the ropes as Cross The Hood kept the big monster restrained …


Raevynn was a she-devil if there ever was one and the crowd was completely on the case of The Rebellion as they were controlling the match now. Cross The Hood each grabbed the side of Roebuck’s head in a headlock and they brought him down with a double bulldog out of the corner! The classic one, not any of that palm on the back of the head crap. Cross had a heck of a time getting Roebuck on his back but when he did another cover took place.





The assorted chants were coming out by the hot crowd tonight and Roebuck needed to get to his corner, but Cross The Hood and Raevynn had cut him off any time he tried to get away. They beat on The Las Vegas Leviathan again and Cross held him down by the knee before the tag was made to … Raevynn? Yes, the former Starlets Champion headed to the top rope and she jumped off to deliver a stomp to the knee herself! She was only a buck ten, but the knee was in pain and that certainly didn’t help matters any. Raevynn walked over and gave the bird to Charlotte! The champion wanted in there, but Raevynn tagged back out to Jackson Cross.

Cross was back in the ring again and kicked away at Roebuck’s knee in an effort to chip away at it some more. He continued to try and attack the leg until he used his free leg to kick him away. Machida Hood tagged in again behind him and both men assaulted the big man. The Rebellion members went back to the knee and tried a double suplex on him. They almost got him up and over but Roebuck stood his ground and came back with a big double suplex of his own on both members!

Both members of Cross The Hood were down on their asses after the big power move from Roebuck, but now he needed to make a tag in the worst possible way. The Big Bucks turned over onto his side and headed towards the corner where Huber was waiting for the tag. When he got it, the crowd started to go crazy!

Huber waffled Jackson Cross and threw him clear from the ring so he could focus on picking off Machida Hood. He clubbed him in the head with a big shot to the head and followed up with a second. Huber then leveled him with an elbow and then a headbutt that sent him staggering into the corner. The Sin City Strongman clobbered him with a right hand and then threw him across the ring with a release pumphandle suplex. When he crashed into the ground, Huber picked him up by the legs and smiled. The crowd was cheering loudly for what was coming next …


He was spinning Machida Hood around and the crowd loved counting along with each rotation with the giant swing …

”1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … 5 … 6 … 7 … 8 … 9 … 10!”

He chucked Machida across the ring after the throw and celebrated along with the crowd! They were going nuts and the number-one contender to the jOlt Championship was on fire. Hood crawled to the corner and Raevynn tagged herself in so she could head into the ring and jump on Derrick Huber’s back! She tried to claw away at his eye and managed to actually stagger the big muscleman, but he turned back to the corner where Charlotte made the tag now! Huber turned Raevynn around so she was in his grip to allow Charlotte the chance to run off the ropes and take her down with what had to be wrestling’s first version of a hart attack clothesline. Charlotte tried going for a cover now.



Cross reached back into the ring and pulled Charlotte off of her to break up the cover! Jackson Cross laughed on the outside and looked awful proud of what he did … at least until the massive Adam Roebuck lunged at him with a big shoulder block on the floor. Fights broke out at ringside with The House and Cross The Hood, leaving Charlotte in the ring with the previous champion, Raevynn. She pulled Raevynn back to her feet and tried to finish her off, but Raevynn grabbed the band of her shorts and pulled her into the turnbuckle. She got hit with the cheap shot and then Raevynn followed up with an attack …


The cravate neckbreaker planted Charlotte into the ground. She was in a vulnerable position now and Raevynn could not only win the Starlets Championship back, but the Tag Titles as well!



Close, but no! Charlotte kicked out at two and three-fourths! Raevynn turned to the referee and shrieked in his general direction, freaking out about the fact she thought she had the match won. She tried to pull Charlotte back to her feet again and this time hooked her head for what looked like the Tears Breaker. She tried, but Derrick Huber caught his wife at the apex of the move, helping her back to her feet! When she turned around, Charlotte clocked her with a right hand and spun her back around …


Charlotte drilled her with the double underhook lift into a painful-looking gutbuster. The Starlets Champion rolled her over and went for a cover.




The Starlets Champion and the Tag Team Champions regrouped in the ring and basked in this massive victory! The members of The Rebellion gave it their all tonight, but it was The House and Charlotte that stuck it to their rivals tonight and retained their Starlets and Tag Team Championships for the first and second times since winning them back respectively. Defeated, Cross The Hood and Charlotte took off out of the ring and limped towards the back. Huber took a second to motion for the camera.

“That’s what’s waiting for you, next week, Ramey!” Huber shouted. “The House are all in! Next jOlt Champion, baby!”

Huber had defeated Jon Le Bon, the previous contender and Jesse Ramey in a matter of weeks. Were we looking at jOlt's next champion? And if he won, what would become of his match with Citizen? A lot of intriguing questions on the way to Wrestlecade!

Winner: The House & Charlotte via Pinfall

"The Book of Mormon"

The scene faded in on the water cooler area of the backstage area. Standing with a cup in hand, already decked out in his wrestling attire, and with the shining silver of the Jolt championship resting around his waist was none other than “The Anti-Star” Jesse Ramey.

It was very apparent at this point in time that the Anti-Star was not going to be able to enjoy his cool, wet, cold watery beverage in peace while he prepared himself for his match against “SuperMack” Mack Brody a little later in the evening when into the scene stepped the enigmatic Ezekiel. Much to everyone’s surprise, he wasn’t flanked by his platoon of archangels, just Magdalena.

“Salutations and may the lord be with you, Mr. Ramey,” the wise prophet broke the silence, standing with his dragon-topped cane in hand.

The Anti-Star looked Ezekiel up and down for a moment as he took a sip from his paper cup of water and cocked an eyebrow in confusion.

“Not really sure if you’ve picked up on any of the little hints I’ve dropped in the past about my belief in faith, but I’m totally agnostic. So, while the sentiment of your opening statement there is totally appreciated, is there a reason that you and your little friend are eyeballing me all creepy like and stuff while I’m trying to partake of my tasteless yet thirst quenching beverage?”

“Agnostic… I think they make a cream for that. I will not hold your beliefs against you. For to be right, someone must be wrong. Anyhow, we have come here to speak to you about your standing and how an alliance would benefit us both.”

“No offense,” Ramey responded, “but I’m pretty sure I’ve turned away my fair share of your kind at my doorstep back when I had a permanent residence in the past. Can’t say I’ve ever been approached like this before, but just out of curiosities sake, what kind of religious propaganda are you shilling anyway? Mormon? Jehovah’s Witness?”

“Don’t your people believe in a nonviolent approach to things?” Ramey questioned, “What good would that kind of alliance benefit me? I go out to that ring week in and week out and I leave my heart and soul inside of that ring for the people paying admission to this arena. Plus, you know I kind of have my outfit already picked out. Wouldn’t you need me to dress up in the black dress slack, white button up t-shirt, and black tie if I did join you? Would I have to pack around a little bible with me everywhere I went and have to spread the gospel to try and get people to convert so I could become a full fledged member of the church as well?”

Ezekiel took a deep breath and looked over to his female cohort.

“Before you say anything, I know you are right and I should have just sent you to handle this.”

Turning his focus back to Ramey, the wise prophet shook his head.

“Why is everyone in this promotion so quick to resort to snide remarks? I did not come here to threaten or debate with you. I chose to approach you due to you being the face of this company. Do you truly grasp how much power you and that title possess? You could bring about change that jOlt had never bared witness to before. How long did it take for you to be given a chance to hold that title belt of yours?”

“All of the joking aside,” Ramey began, “I don’t know exactly what you came here looking for this evening, but I’m going to tell you right now whatever you’ve got in mind here as far as an alliance goes is null and void. You can trying to continue ringing it up at the register all you want, but this barcode isn’t scanning. I know exactly how much power goes behind this championship belt, don’t you ever question that again.”

“It took a damn long time for me to get into the position I am in now, but I didn’t need help getting here and I’m not handing out applications for hired goons to ensure that I’m going to be keeping it either.” Ramey paused, “It’s been a long road back to the top and I was just fine going it alone getting here and I’m going to be just fine standing here alone holding it too. Your change is already going on all around you and you’re obviously so blinded by your bound by faith beliefs to even see them going on.”

“I don’t know if you were paying attention to this company since it’s re-inception, but the individuals who have held the Jolt championship haven’t exactly been the kind of champion I am being right now.” Ramey paused, but didn’t give Ezekiel enough time to counter, “As far as I’m concerned I am the change this company needs at this point in time and I’m going to continue to be that change going forward and it’s not going to be with you or your little group of hoodlums backing me up.”

The Anti-Star was completely done hearing anything that Ezekiel had to say, gave the two one more glance up and down, before exiting the scene. The wise prophet adjusted his jacket and looked to the door closing shut behind Ramey.

“Such insolence,” Ezekiel spoke quietly to Magdalena. “I was a fool to think that someone at the top would be interested in true change. I think we may have to show jOlt that even their most pure are still sinners in the eyes of the lord. Get the archangels.”

"Fear is Pain and Pain is Inevitable"

The arena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of Marilyn Manson’s “Redeemer” echoed throughout the arena. The lights from cellphones illuminated the arena as the lyrics continued to play. The cameras panned around to the stage as Omega suddenly appeared holding the new Fearless Championship in his right hand. The fans jeered as a young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

we are free
now we are ONE

A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the champion slowly made his way down the ramp to the ring. The lights slowly came back on as Omega made it into the ring with his black hoodie covering his entire face. The Fearless Champion stood in the ring turning slowly surveying the arena before pulling a microphone from his pocket.

“Last week Mr. Lee had the daunting task to take the Underground championship from me in order to give it back to the Legacy of Champions because they wanted to stake claim to it. We gave them their title back in burnt pieces because they have to go the corporate route in order to claim what they thought was rightfully theirs. However, we don’t care either way about LoC or the Underground championship. Now we are the ones that will usher in a new history into jOlt with the Fearless championship.”

“Matches with no fear are now on our agenda.” Omega smirked as the crowd filled the arena with a mixed reaction.

“We have said for a while now that fear is pain. Once you succumb to pain then you inevitably capitulate to your qualms. We have brought and witnessed the fear of this promotion. Now it’s time for Omega to unleash pain to a cataclysmic level. Since Lee has given us this new era of fear to usher into jOlt, they have decided to challenger anyone in the back that wants a Fearless title match then come and see the boogeyman.”

Omega stood in the ring waiting for any man or woman in the back that had no fear to come to the ring.

"Devil's Dance" by Metallica started to play over the PA system as the crowd looked to the stage to see the seven foot monster Seraph walking out from the backstage area with Shiloh by his side. The monster had no words as he walked to the ring looking at the Fearless champion. Seraph climbed into the ring and walked right up to the champ coincidently showing no fear. Omega slowly pulled back his hoodie and put the microphone up to his lips.

“So there is someone that is not afraid of the boogeyman. Pain is a vir—“ Omega spoke as he was cut off by a big right hand from Seraph. The champ dropped the Fearless championship to the ground and the two behemoths brawled in the middle of the ring. The two big men were so evenly match but Seraph was trying to dethrone the Fearless champion. Seraph grabbed Omega by his arm and whipped him into the ropes, bouncing off the ropes the champion was nailed by a huge boot. Seraph picked up Omega who pushed Seraph’s arms out of the way and nailed God's War Machine with a monstrous clothesline that staggered the seven footer. Omega raced across the ring and nailed Seraph with a big spear that sent him flying to the floor from the impact.

Seraph stood up holding his ribs and was about to go back into the ring for more, but Shiloh stuck out her arm and stopped her War Machine from re-entering.

"This isn't over" mouther Shiloh as she ordered Seraph to follow her to the back.

It looks like the Fearless champion has found one man without fear in jOlt. The seven foot monster, Seraph meet the bogeyman, Omega.

Jesse Ramey vs Mack Brody

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Dean Carrington stood in the center of the ring, “the following contest is scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit.”

“What You Know” by T.I. began to beat throughout the arena and from the backstage area decked out in his roman warrior looking attire strode the SuperMack himself. Brody stood at the top of the ramp with a smile on his face, and the Golden Boy championship resting across his shoulder, as he bobbed his head to his music and then began making his way toward the ring.

“Making his way to the ring first, weighing in tonight at three hundred and three pounds and hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; HE IS THE GOLDEN BOY CHAMPION, MACK BRODY!”

The fans in the arena all cheered throughout the arena as Brody climbed into the apron, stepped into the ring through the middle and top rope, and as soon as he reached the center of the ring he shot the Golden Boy championship high into the air. Brody’s music slowly died down and was replaced by the sounds of “The Phoenix” by Fall Out Boy creeping into a beating thump throughout the arena.

The reigning Jolt champion made his way out from the backstage area onto the entrance ramp. Ramey stood serious look on his face, and the Jolt championship clasped around his waist, and then shot toward the ring like a rocket.

“His opponent making his way to the ring tonight weighing in at two hundred and five pounds and hailing from Harts, West Virginia; HE IS THE JOLT CHAMPION, “THE ANTI-STAR” JESSE RAMEY!”

The Anti-Star slid into the ring under the bottom rope on his hip and popped back up into the center of the ring. Ramey unclasped the Jolt championship from around his waist and made his way to the ropes. He threw one foot up onto the middle rope and then climbed up propping his other foot on the top rope and raised the Jolt championship high into the air much to the approval of the crowd on hand.

Ramey dropped back down to the canvas and made his way over to referee Simon Boulder and handed over the Jolt championship. The Anti-Star then made his way over to his corner, while across the ring Brody was already standing in wait as he had already handed his belt off to Boulder. Boulder handed the championships out of the ring, made his way back to the center, looked in both men’s direction and then signaled for the bell.


SuperMack casually walked to the center of the ring, where he stood with his hands on his hips. He could be seen visibly shouting for Ramey to come to the center of the ring and also nodded his head for Ramey to come. The Anti-Star slowly walked toward the center of the ring and Brody extended his hand toward Ramey. The Anti-Star cautiously waited for a moment, but with the reaction from the crowd actually getting to see some honor among friends in the center of the ring before the actual start of a match was something that had them buzzing to their feet. Ramey couldn’t turn it down now, no matter how he felt about it.

The Anti-Star extended his hand toward Brody and the two embraced in a handshake. When the Jolt champion tried to pull his hand free to turn back toward his corner though SuperMack did not release and it was at this point that Ramey knew his suspicions of taking the handshake were true. A look of shock crossed Ramey’s face while a smile rested on Brody’s as he quickly yanked the Anti-Star in caught him in both arms and brought him up, around, and down with a huge belly-to-belly suplex followed by the instant pinfall attempt.




The Anti-Star was barely able to shove SuperMack up and off of his body as he gasped for air having it driven from his lungs. Brody made his way back to his feet, pulling Ramey up to his by his hair, released the hold on Ramey’s hair opting for his arm instead, and shot him flying across the ring and into the ropes. The Anti-Star rebounded off of the ropes and back toward a standing Brody who jumped toward him trying to catch him with a clothesline, but the Anti-Star ducked under the attempt and continued off into the opposing ropes.

Ramey bounced off of the ropes heading back in Brody’s direction, but the bigger man quickly turned and looked to grab hold of the approaching Anti-Star. Ramey dropped to his stomach though and slipped between the legs of Brody fully extending his arms and catching SuperMack on both ankles with his forearms. The move caused Brody to drop to one knee, and Ramey jumped back to his feet.

The Anti-Star shot across the ring hitting the ropes once more, and this time as he approached he went to leapfrog over top of Brody’s head as he was getting back to his feet. SuperMack caught Ramey up in the air and looked to drop him to the canvas with a big powerbomb, but the Anti-Star locked his legs around the neck of Brody as he was trying to drive him down and instead SuperMack was sent flipping across the ring with a huge hurricanrana.

Brody twisted up to a kneel position directly in front of turnbuckle padding. The Anti-Star wasn’t finished though as he had made his way back to his feet and charged toward Brody, leaping into the air, and catching him in the chest with a falling dropkick. The move caused Brody to fly backward into the turnbuckle padding, his head and neck snapping against the middle turnbuckle padding while his back hit squarely against the bottom padding.

The Anti-Star jumped back to his feet, and seeing the position that Brody was in, made his way to the opposing turnbuckle then quickly turned and charged toward the seated SuperMack. Ramey jumped into the air and came flying down toward Brody with another basement dropkick attempt, but Brody pulled himself out of the ring underneath the bottom rope at the last second. The Anti-Star came down onto the mat and scooted toward the metal post that split his legs.

The fans in attendance all winced, but Ramey was able to stop his momentum at the last second before his private parts connected with the metal. A sigh of relief not only escaped from the Anti-Star, but rang throughout the arena as well. Until SuperMack reached his feet, grabbed hold of both of Ramey’s ankles, one in each hand, and yanked him the rest of the way causing very sensitive fleshy areas to connect with unforgiving metal. The groaning the fans were going to let out the first time around now rang throughout the arena and a bit of confusion struck their faces.

This was twice now during the duration of this match that Mack Brody was doing things he wouldn’t normally do inside of the ring against his opponents. Instead of trying to have fun and make the match exciting for the fans in the arena it looked like tonight he was on a mission to prove a point. That point obviously being that if given the chance against Ramey in the middle of the ring for the Jolt championship that Mack Brody would do whatever it took to win that championship. Regardless if he considered the Anti-Star a friend or not, all bets were off the table if the main prize were on the line for SuperMack.

Brody slipped back into the ring under the bottom rope and made his way back to his feet. SuperMack grabbed hold of the Anti-Star by the hair once more and pulled him free of the corner, and lifting him back to his feet. SuperMack clinched hold of the Anti-Star with one arm around the back of his neck and the other held tightly to his leg. Brody then lifted Ramey up into the air released him soaring backward and down to the canvas hard with a massive release exploder suplex.


Brody then made his way over to the fallen Jolt champion, climbed on top of his body for the pin attempt, and hooked the leg for good measure.




The Anti-Star shot his shoulder off of the canvas at the last second, much to the surprise of Brody. SuperMack would not be deterred by these actions though; instead he made his way back to his feet, and lifted Ramey back to his via the use of his hair once more. Brody left Ramey standing on staggered legs in the center of the ring as he slowly turned in place and charged at the wobbly legged Ramey catching him with a huge burst running body block that dropped the Anti-Star to the canvas and sent him rolling outside of the ring.


Ramey’s body hit the padding that surrounded the ring hard as he bounced to a still position. Brody slowly walked toward the ropes and exited the ring much to the disapproval of Simon Boulder. Brody jumped from the apron onto the padding surrounding the ring, slowly made his way over to the downed Ramey, and lifted him back to his feet while Boulder shouted for both men to get back into the ring.

SuperMack shrugged off the demands of Boulder, and instead clinched hold of the Anti-Star’s arm and sent him flying toward the steel ring steps. Brody didn’t watch for the impact, he turned and threw his arms out with a huge smile on his face. However, there was no thud heard, instead the Anti-Star was able to jump onto the steps and run over them instead of making impact.

The Anti-Star quickly turned, ran up the steps onto the apron, and as soon as Brody turned to see the damage or why there was no thud made Ramey was charging across the apron. The Jolt champion jumped off of the apron, clinching hold around the neck of Brody and dropped him down to the padding around the ring with a huge Tornado DDT.


SuperMack was so busy thinking he had this match well in hand that Ramey took the advantage to hit his opponent with one of his signature moves. Probably one his more devastating connections with the move in his career, while in the ring Boulder shrugged his shoulders and began making the ten count on both men outside of the ring. The fans in attendance all rang out with how they felt after that move as well.



The chanting throughout the arena began with a resounding sound of joy from the crowd at the move the Anti-Star had just hit on SuperMack. At this point both men continued to lay on the padding outside of the ring breathing heavily.



Then the chant for the man who had actually hit the move began to ring throughout the arena. While Ramey made his way onto his stomach and clinched at the ring apron.



Finally another chant from fans in the arena for Mack Brody began to break through the other two chants. Despite his actions so far tonight inside of the ring his mainstay fans’ chants were still breaking through the other two. This sound made Brody come to life as he made his way onto this stomach.



The chant for Ramey hitting his signature move continued to ring, but slowly began to taper off as the Anti-Star made his way back to a wobbly standing base still clinching onto the apron to keep his balance.



Ramey pulled himself close to the apron, lifted his leg onto the apron, and rolled back into the ring under the bottom rope. He didn’t roll too far into the ring though until he found himself lying on his back still panting for breath as Boulder signaled he had stopped the count for Ramey and then turned his attention back to Brody outside of the ring who was now crawling toward the apron cover himself.



Brody’s fans continued to cheer for him as he slowly made his way up to one knee holding onto the ring apron. Inside the ring Ramey began shoving his way back to a standing base.



SuperMack finally made his way back to his feet, but was still shaking the cobwebs out. Unfortunately for him though, the Anti-Star had made his way back to a standing base as well. Ramey darted for the ropes across the ring from where Brody was standing and bounced off.



The Anti-Star dropped sliding under the bottom rope catching Brody square in the jaw with a baseball slide dropkick and breaking the ten count that Boulder was in the process of. The two men then slowly made their way to their knees, and began trading right hands until they came back to a fully standing base.

It was at this point that the fans in the arena all began to boo, and rightfully so when from the backstage area came charging Jeremy Ryan. Ryan rushed down the ramp toward both the Anti-Star and SuperMack, both turned at the perfect time to be caught by Jolt’s Last Real Man with a huge double clothesline.

Boulder didn’t need to continue with another ten count; instead he turned toward the time keeper and began signaling for the bell. There was no way of knowing for sure which man that Ryan had connected with first out of the double clothesline and Boulder was only left with one option.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” the sound of Dean Carrington’s voice rang throughout the arena once more, “this match has been ruled a NO CONTEST!”

Ryan smirked at the sound of the match being ruled a no contest after seeing the fight that Brody and Ramey had put up. Ryan reached down though and lifted Brody back to his feet, but from behind Ryan was caught with a clubbing forearm blow as he wasn’t the only one who wanted to get in on this little scuffle and Diamond Jewelz had made his way out from the backstage area.

All three men were now entangled in a huge brawl that saw them make their way up the side of the entrance ramp and behind a stage curtain into the back and out of sight. While still at ringside, the Anti-Star had slowly made his way back up to his feet, and rolled back into the ring. Boulder was holding onto the Jolt championship that he was going to hand off to the Anti-Star when the lights in the arena dropped completely off.

This was typically the point where the JoltVision would have kicked to life and some cryptic message from the man known as Citizen would have began spewing onto the screen, but the arena continued on in nothing, but darkness and silence until the lights suddenly kicked back on and surrounding the Jolt champion inside the ring were the members of The Dead Cell. A look of “fuck me” crossed Ramey’s face.

Like a pack of wolves, The DC pounced upon the already exhausted Ramey. Outnumbered and physically outmatched, Jesse’s attempt to fend them off was truly futile. All four members battered the World Champion with punches and kicks, leaving him a lifeless mass on the mat. A slight motion of the head by Michael was all Rafael needed to head out to the floor.

“You failed to choose wisely,” Michael informed Ramey, while Gabriel and Azrael held him upright.

And here come the tables…

A pair of tables were slid into the ring by Rafael and were immediately positioned right where the Dead Cell wanted them with one propped up in the corner while the other was in the middle of the ring. A double Irish whip sent the World Champion right into the waiting arms of Michael who scooped him up easily from the mat. The top soldier of the DC held their victim up with one arm, letting the crowd get a good view of how Ramey was being manhandled before taking off towards the corner like a stampeding bull.


Shards of the table flew in all directions with the thunderous impact of Ramey being driven through the table. Michael clutched at his own head and directed his two large allies to keep the pain coming.

“Finish him.”

Jesse’s battered body was laid across the second table, as Rafael positioned himself out on the apron. The smallest of the Dead Cell looked to once again go airborne and did he ever.


The crowd may despise the DC now more than ever after they chose to attack the beloved Ramey, but they couldn’t ignore the fact that Rafael hit heights never before seen in jOlt with that frog splash. Holding his abdomen in pain, Rafael would have to wait to lick his wounds. He was pulled up by his brothers-in-arms and hurried out of the ring, as the Heirs of Wrestling along with jOlt security rushed the scene. Each member took off in a different direction, vanishing into the sea of humanity that surrounded the ringside area.

Winner: No Contest

"Sins Revealed"

Still inside of the ring after the beat down at the hands of the Dead Cell, referee Simon Boulder was attempting to help the Anti-Star get back to his feet. It was at this point that the lights in the arena dropped once more, and everyone in the arena could only think what more could be done to the Jolt champion at this point in time? Things were only looking grimmer for Jesse Ramey, as the JoltVision sparked to life.

The glowing red eyes of the man known as Citizen were the first thing to come into frame, and then the vocalized sounds of laughter rang throughout the arena.

“You’ve obviously never been the type to play well with other inside of that ring, or make wise decisions, Jesse.” Citizen spouted.

Despite the wishes of Boulder, Ramey pulled loose of his grip and made his way through the dark ring to ring announcer Dean Carrington who was standing and waiting to make the call for the next match. The Anti-Star snatched the microphone from his hands and made his way to the ropes nearest the JoltVision. Ramey leaned against the ropes trying to keep his composure obviously still suffering from being put through two tables by the Dead Cell.

“I’ve never understood what your obsession has been with me Citizen, and this whole playing the role of the cryptic messenger got old the first time around. How about you get to whatever point you’re going to try to make tonight so we can all get on with the show already?” Ramey retorted toward the man on the screen.

“That’s another of your problems, Jesse.” Citizen continued, “You like to assume too many things. You’re too willing to give into whatever is presented in front of you in the best interest of the business and just go with the flow. Much like how I lured you into casting down the challenge against me at Wrestlecade by stealing your spotlight moment at the end of Unlimited.”

“You’re not anti-star, Jesse, you’re exactly the typical prototype of exactly what a superstar is.” Citizen laughed, “You play the role you’ve been given with gusto and you’ve only waivered from that path a few times in your career and it was the worst decision you could have ever made because your stock in popularity plummeted every single time.”

“You’re the atypical cookie cutter and I’m honestly surprised that you were even able to rise to where you are today and finally break out from under that glass ceiling that you’ve been trapped under for so long.” Citizen paused, “You know deep down inside of your heart of hearts that you’re mid-card at best, you need individuals like myself to be able to help you rise to the main event status you’ve longed for your entire career.”

“Are you planning on making some kind of point any time soon that anyone within this arena, including myself, is honestly going to give a flying fuck about Citizen?” Ramey questioned, “Because as of right now you’re not saying anything that anyone else hasn’t already said about me my entire career. I’ve worked for everything I’ve gained inside of this ring, I’ve never cut corners, and I’m standing maybe not so tall after that beating, but I’m still fucking standing.”

The fans in the arena all began to cheer at the sentiment that the Anti-Star was expressing. Then the sounds of vocalized laughter sprang back to life.

“Wearing your bleeding heart on your sleeve until the bitter end, Jesse aren’t we?” Citizen continued to laugh, “The problem is, you come out to that ring every single week and you leave that bleeding heart for the fans that you so desire to inspire, when outside of that ring you live a totally different life.”

“That’s because the shit I deal with outside of this ring I never bring to it with me!” Ramey shouted, “It doesn’t matter what happens behind closed doors, Citizen, the only thing that matters is what happens when you step inside of this ring. The moment you let what goes on outside of the ring cloud your judgment is when things like that week with Derek Huber happen. So, chalk a victory up for yourself in that one, I let you get into my head and it cost myself and Gordon Patrick our chance at adding tag team gold to the Ring Nightmare’s resume for the first time.”

“Exactly!” Citizen hissed, “That’s all it took to get into your head was a little bit of blood red text on a screen and you were completely thrown off of your game, Jesse. I’ve got a little bit of an inside joke for you though, something that you’ve been lying to the fans about for years! It’s so juicy that I just couldn’t keep it to myself and if you think the blood red oozing text on the JoltVision threw you off, you’re going to love this!”

“I don’t care what you thro…” The Anti-Star attempted to counter Citizen.

“THAT’S WHERE YOU’RE WRONG JESSE!” Citizen shouted cutting off the Jolt champion, “You’re not just going to take this in stride like you’ve done everything else in your career. Tonight the tables shift and you find yourself in a position of being weak, powerless, and utterly useless more than you ever have at any other point in your career. There is no scrapping and clawing your way from the bottom of this to overcome it.”

Though the ring was dark, there was a bit of lighting shining down on the Jolt champion, and he was visibly becoming more and more angered at the words escaping Citizen’s mouth.

“I can tell by the distortion on your face that I’m finally beginning to hit a cord.” Citizen laughed.

“No, what you’re doing is pissing off a hillbilly from the backwoods of West Virginia to no end and the beating you’re going to suffer at my hands at Wrestlecade is only growing more and more with every single word that escapes your lips.”

“Think what you want Jesse,” Citizen paused before continuing, “however, the fact your little routine isn’t fooling anyone. You see the one thing that I know that very few people within your life outside of this ring know, is that you’ve been playing the game of bachelor on screen for years. When in fact you’ve been happily married since 2005, haven’t you?”

No words escaped the Anti-Star’s mouth, only hate filled eyes and a pissed off look crossed his face.

Citizen let out a loud laugh, as the camera in his blackened room expanded its view and sitting mouth bound, arms tied behind the chair, and legs tied to the front of the chair was a face that would have been familiar to anyone who was a fan of the Squared Circle wrestling promotion when it was still alive and active. A gasp rang throughout the arena as the image came in full.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Citizen started again, “I present to you the former professional wrestler, Nicky Santiago. Well, formerly Santiago, now Nicky Ramey for at least the better part of ten years. You see, Jesse, this is what happens when you try to keep secrets from people, your dirty little things that go on behind closed doors eventually rear their ugly little heads.”


“I really don’t think you’re in any kind of position to be making threats right now, Jesse.” Citizen laughed, “As far as I’m concerned you’re sitting in a position of check and your next move could ultimately be her last.” Citizen leaned around the chair and stroked his gloved hand down Nicky’s face, “Now that I have the queen, just how much longer will it be before the king falls as well? Tick tock, Jesse, tick tock.”

The JoltVision died, the arena lighting queued back up, and inside of the ring a panicked and pissed Anti-Star dropped out of the ring and began quickly making a b-line for the backstage area as the scene faded.

"Crack Open a Bottle"

Things had been good for The Hosue since they had reclaimed their belts and tonight was no exception, coming off a big victory in a Winner Takes All match. The Houe had retained their Tag Team Titles while Charlotte had retained her Starlets Championship tonight. The camera now panned to Charlotte backstage when Dawn Cassidy approached her with a microphone in hand.

“Charlotte, can I get a moment with you?” Dawn asked her.

“Sweetie,” Charlotte said, “you can have all the time in the world! Ain’t nothing going to ruin my good mood tonight!”

“First off, congratulations on your huge victory tonight in retaining your Starlets Championship! That has to be a good feeling after everything you have been through in the last few months with Raevynn and The Rebellion.”

“I can’t understate that enough, hon! This belt means the world to me! This title was actually my first major singles championship and I consider it an honor to be in some very talented company. Raevynn gave me her best shot tonight and I gave it right back to that pasty bitch! As far as I’m concerned, that door is shut and I’m moving on!”

“That brings me to my next question, then. Tammy Lynn Foster has made it no secret that after she won a triple threat to become the #1 Contender to your title, that she called you out last week that you were scared of her. Do you care to comment on her?”

Charlotte actually let out a laugh.

“Hon, I ain’t laughing at Tammy Lynn Foster herself … she’s tough! Granted, she had some help from Raevynn getting up in my business but she did beat me once and now she thinks gonna be a cakewalk when she faces me for this belt. What was laughing at was when she said I was scared. Let me tell you Tammy, if you’re back here listening or watching somewhere, let me tell you this …”

The Vegas Vixen held the belt on her shoulder.

“I’ve taken on all comers for this belt and I’ve fought against some of the best female wrestlers in the world whether I love them or hate them. If you would like to put your little theory to the test, how’s this for scared … you have that #1 Contendership and I have the title you want. If I’m scared, then I wouldn’t be challenging YOU to a match at Wrestlecade for this belt! I’ll be waiting for your answer, Tammy the Slack-Jawed Yokel!”

“Huge announcement there!" Dawn exclaimed. "Folks, we'll get back to you when we can to see if this challenge gets accepted. Thanks for your time!” Dawn said.

Dawn and Charlotte embraced with a friendly hug before going their separate ways. Charlotte was on her way back to the locker room …


A loud scream filled the halls … the scream belonged to Tammy Lynn Foster who just SMASHED a beer bottle over the back of Charlotte’s head in the halls! The powerhouse of the Starlets division kneeled over the fallen champion in the hallways.

“I heard yer challenge, ya painted-up bitch … and yeah, I do accept! That Scarlets Championship is gonna be ‘round my waist soon enough!”

Charlotte was holding the back of her head in severe pain and droplets of blood started to form on the floor where some of the glass may have cut her! Tammy stepped over her on purpose and calmly walked off after this vicious assault!

Sebastian Saje vs Eiji Kugasari

The Rebellion looked to continue getting the upper hand and after a victory over Shoji last week, The Rebellion made the decision earlier tonight to go straight for the throat and not waste any more time. They targeted the leader of the Kugasari Clan himself.. former jOlt World Champion, Eiji Kugasari. Sebastian Saje stepped up after seeing Michael Donavan’s performance last week. Full of inspiration, if Sebastian Saje could knock off Eiji Kugasari here tonight, it would make for an insurmountable amount of momentum heading into Wrestlecade II for The Rebellion.

“Dawn Awaits (Extended Version)” by Cliff Lin

The artist, who at this point could very well be a ninja himself, filled the arena with sound that heralded the arrival of the leader of the Kugasari Clan…. Eiji Kugasari. Eiji stood atop of the entrance ramp as the thousands of jOlt faithful stood on their feet and revered him with cheers and approval. Eiji nodded his head and made his way to the ring. He knew that he could not fail the clan tonight and he was going to do everything in his power to stop The Rebellion’s momentum and shift some of it back in his direction.

Eiji hopped up onto the ring apron and stepped inside as he ran the ropes and warmed up as he made his final preparations for his opponent.

“Rescue Me” by Coldrain

The boos struck up in the arena as Sebastian Saje stepped out from the back with the former Starlet Champion, and his girlfriend, Raevynn by his side. The two of them walked side by side down the entrance ramp as Raevynn snarled at the fans who admonished their existence. Saje focused on Eiji the entire time as he sized up his opponent knowing that he needed a victory here tonight to help The Rebellion continued their momentum into Wrestlecade II for what could very well be their final match as a group.

Raevynn remained at ringside as Saje slowly climbed up onto the apron and motioned to the referee to keep Eiji back as he stepped between the ropes. Once safely inside the ring, the referee saw that they were both ready and called for the bell.




Saje and Eiji didn’t make a move at the sound of the bell. They wanted to size each other up and it gave off a big fight atmosphere in doing so. Eiji took the first step as they slowly began to circle each other. Finally, after moments of hesitation, they locked up. Eiji spun into a hammer lock, but Saje countered by flipping Eiji onto his back. Eiji popped back up and Saje immediately went into the head lock. Back Drop Suplex by Eiji to counter, but Saje landed on his feet and gripped him in a waist lock. A pair of back elbows found their mark and a newly freed Eiji took off to the ropes, but Saje followed him in and rebounded off the ropes behind Eiji and nailed him with a clothesline, knocking him down!! Saje bent over and yelled in Eiji’s face.


That would prove to be something that would bite Saje in the ass… or better yet.. the head because that’s where Eiji kicked Saje from his back! Saje staggered into the corner, holding the side of his head as Eiji got to his feet and charged in, but Saje made him eat a back elbow. Saje turned and leapt to the middle turnbuckle and twisted off with a Flying Cross Body, but Eiji dropped to a knee at the right distance and countered with a Gut Buster! Saje flopped to the canvas, holding his stomach as Eiji quickly stood and stepped over Saje and into the corner where he used the turnbuckles to leap up and go for a second turnbuckle Moonsault, but Saje rolled out of the way, but Eiji had the ring awareness to land on his feet. Upon landing, Eiji immediately went for another Moonsault and Saje didn’t expect it! Eiji came crashing down on top of Saje with it and held him in down with a cover!



Saje popped the shoulder up.

Eiji stood as Saje pulled himself up. Eiji measured Saje up and laced into him with a pair of quick kicks to the rib section, driving Saje back into the corner once again. Eiji then switched it up to alternating knee strikes before stepping up to the middle rope and nailing a knee strike right to Saje’s face! Saje slumped down into the seated position in the corner as Eiji gained some distance. Eiji charged full speed and aimed for Saje’s head with a running double knee strike, but Saje moved and Eiji nailed the turnbuckles instead, hitting hard on his back. Saje quickly pulled Eiji back to his feet where he scoop slammed him back down to the canvas near the center of the ring and in front of the ropes. Saje stepped up onto the bottom rope and leapt off with a Leg Drop. Saje rolled backwards up to his feet and then hopped to the middle rope and hit a Summersault Leg Drop. Saje rolled backwards to his feet again and then stepped out on to the ring apron. Saje grabbed the top rope as Raevynn cheered him on from the outside. Saje leapt up top and nailed a Springboard Shooting Star Leg Drop to complete the trifecta..


Saje hooked the leg with the cover..



Eiji kicked out

Saje stood and grabbed Eiji by his hair, ignoring the admonishment by the referee as he pulled him back to a vertical base. Saje let loose with a knife edge chop across the chest that staggered Eiji back. Saje stepped in and hit another knife edge chop on the former world champion. Saje grabbed Eiji by the arm and went for an Irish Whip, but Eiji twisted and grabbed Saje’s arm, pulling him into a toe kick to the mid-section. Eiji hoisted Saje up onto his shoulders with the Fireman’s Carry. Eiji began to spun around, but before he could get any momentum, Saje fell behind Eiji where he grabbed him by the shoulder, spun him around and looked to his Lights Out… the Codebreaker to the face, but Eiji shoved Saje away! Saje landed on his feet where he stumbled back a couple of steps. Saje dared Eiji to come at him, which he did with a lariat, but Saje ducked. Saje turned around and delivered a toe kick to Eiji. He set Eiji up for a Vertical Suplex, but Eiji floated over and landed behind Saje. Saje turned around and Eiji hoisted him back up onto his shoulders and locked him into the Airplane Spin! After a few rotations, Eiji hoisted him off his shoulders, causing him to free fall into a Gut Buster…


Saje held his mid-section as he gasped for air. He got up on all fours as Eiji took off to the ropes and rebounded. He connected dead on into Saje’s face with the Shining Wizard.


This could be the momentum shift of the match that Eiji was looking for as he made the cover on Sebastian Saje! Raevynn was going frantic at ringside as the referee dropped down for the count…



Thr.. NO!!!

Saje kicked out and Raevynn breathed a sigh of relief while the rest of the fans in attendance booed.

Saje got up on all fours again as he tried to shake off the effects of the Shining Wizard. Eiji slapped the side of his knee as he wanted to go for it again. Eiji took off to the ropes and bounced off. As he went for the knee strike, Saje was ready for him and he hoisted up Eiji onto his shoulders!! He charged into the corner and nailed a Buckle Bomb!! Eiji staggered forward as Saje shuffled back. He then smacked Eiji under the chin with a Super Kick! Eiji stumbled back and fell up against the turnbuckles. They were the only thing holding him up at this point. Saje stepped into the corner and laced into Eiji with another pair of Knife Edge Chops. Saje then hoisted Eiji up onto the top turnbuckle pad and climbed up top. He hooked Eiji by the head, looking for a Superplex, but Eiji continued to show heart and determination as he fought back with punches to the mid-section that eventually caused Saje to step down off the turnbuckles. Saje turned around as Eiji front flipped off and took Saje down with a Senton!


Eiji sprung back up to his feet as Saje used the ropes to pull himself back up. Eiji dared Saje to stand and once he was vertical, Eiji ran up behind him and leapt onto his shoulders, looking for the Shinobi Sunset.. the snap poisoned frankensteiner, but when Eiji leaned back to flip Saje, Saje held onto Eiji’s legs and countered it! Eiji was dangling upside down on Saje’s back… Saje stepped away from the corner and a grin came across his face… Saje then leaned forward with all of his might.. Eiji was then reverse catapulted face first into the top turnbuckle pad!!!

Crowd: OOOOOHHH!!!!!!

Eiji slumped in the corner as Saje grabbed him in a waist lock. Saje popped the hips and nailed a Release German Suplex, dumping Eiji on the back of his head! Saje made a slashing motion across his throat as Eiji stumbled to his feet. Saje charged in and leapt up, looking for Lights Out, but Eiji, again, somehow, countered by tossing Saje backwards! Eiji then lunged in with a Palm Strike, but Saje grabbed Eiji by the arm and applied a standing Arm Bar Submission! Eiji fought out of it by kicking away at Saje’s leg. Each time Eiji struck, Saje’s grip loosened. Eiji then swung high, aiming for Saje’s head, but Saje ducked and Eiji ended up in a Pumphandle position. Saje flipped Eiji up onto his shoulder and backed into the corner. Saje got a running start, but Eiji slipped off behind Saje. Eiji leapt up and…


The back of Saje’s head spiked off the canvas, but as soon as it did, almost like clockwork, Jon Le Bon, Michael Donavan, Jackson Cross, and Machida Hood ran out from the back, hitting the ring! They bulldozed Eiji and that prompted the referee to call for the bell!

They all stomped down on Eiji, but The Kugasari Clan wouldn’t take this! Takeshi, Heido, and Shoji came out, but The Rebellion saw it and stood ready. The Clan stopped at ringside as The Rebellion made a line against the ropes. Sebastian Saje staggered up, holding the back of his head as Le Bon checked on him. All of a sudden, the crowd erupted as a figure came in through the crowd…


Sayber hit the ring from behind and nailed a Leaping Leg Lariat on Sebastian Saje! This grabbed the attention of The Rebellion and they all converged on Sayber. This allowed the Kugasari Clan to enter the ring and while The Rebellion began to pummel away on their former member, Takeshi pulled Michael Donavan off of him and grabbed him by the neck. He nailed a HUGE Choke Slam on him! Heido grabbed Machida Hood and nailed a series of knee strikes before he tossed him over the top rope and to the floor. Shoji hit a headbutt on Jackson Cross and tossed him to the outside as well. Meanwhile, Sayber and Le Bon were trading blows back and forth and Sayber began to get the upper hand! Sayber whipped Le Bon to the ropes and then hit a Tiger Palm Strike right into Le Bon’s face, knocking him down HARD! Le Bon had blood coming out of his nose as he rolled to the outside and regrouped with The Rebellion.

Sayber then helped Eiji Kugasari back up to his feet and Eiji extended his hand. Sayber nodded and shook it as he stood side by side with the Kugasari Clan!!

Does this mean that Sayber is on their side? Is he joining the clan? If so, that would even the numbers for Wrestlecade, giving the Kugasari Clan the five members it needs to face off against the remaining five of The Rebellion! All we knew right now was the Sayber came out and aided them and right now, gratitude was being shown.

Winner: Eiji Kugasari via Disqualification

"Stalking the Prey"

The scene faded outside of the arena, the inside of a production truck more specifically. Inside of the truck monitors were strewn all about, and a handful of technical workers were seated when the door of the truck burst open and the Anti-Star bound into the scene grabbing hold of the first worker he could find.

“I want answers!” The Jolt champion shouted as he pulled the worker up out of his seat.

The production worker had obviously never been in a confrontation before, because all he could do was mutter under his breath at the demands of the Anti-Star.

Ramey clinched at the collar of the worker’s Jolt polo t-shirt more tightly, “I said I want answers and I want them now! So drop your little terrified act and start acting like a man and own up to what you’ve done!”

The worker gasped for air, but finally was able to break through his silence, “I’m not sure what I’ve done, Mr. Ramey.”

“You sick fucks knew exactly what that evil bastard was doing and you provided the cameraman for it all to happen! I want to know where you were broadcasting Citizen from within the arena so I can get my wife back now!” The Anti-Star shouted.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Ramey.” The worker hung his head low.

“What do you mean you’re sorry?! What kind of response to my demands is that?!” The Anti-Star released his hold and pushed the worker back as he drew back his fist ready to knock the production worker out cold.

“Please, no!” The production worker shouted, “It’s not like that!”

“You’ve got ten seconds!” Ramey shouted, “Ten seconds to explain to me exactly what you meant when you said you were sorry, before I start throwing punches and I beat the answers I want out of you!”

The worker brought his head back down low and began sobbing, “I’m sorry, Mr. Ramey. In the entire time that Citizen has been a part of this company since it reopened we’ve never provided him with a camera crew for anything he’s ever done. We don’t even queue up the JoltVision when he appears on it. It’s never been in our hands, and we had to sit in this truck like you did out in that ring and watch what he was doing tonight. I’m really sorry, Mr. Ramey. We don’t have any information on where he is even broadcasting from; he always cuts into our feeds and does this all on his own.”

The Anti-Star let out a huge sigh as he ran his hand through his hair and his demeanor changed completely, “No, I’m sorry.”

The production worker looked up, with tears still streaming down his face.

“I should have already known that was going to be the case,” Ramey continued, “I don’t see how anyone could in this company could have allowed him to do the things he is doing now and given him any kind of approval on it. I can tell this has messed you all up just as much as it’s killing me, so let me ask you a favor.”

“Anything, Mr. Ramey, we’ll do anything we can to help.” The production worker chimed in quickly.

“You guys,” Ramey started, “you’re pretty much the eyes and ears of this place. I want you to give my personal cell phone a call the second you catch sight of Citizen anywhere on these grounds.”

The Jolt champion handed off a piece of paper to the worker, and with a nod of assurance from the Anti-Star he turned and made his way out of the production truck. The production worker wiped his face with the sleeve of his long sleeve polo and slipped the piece of paper into his pocket.

"The Draconian Agreement"

In the bowels of the building, Damien Lee walks alone down the long hallway as he passes stacks of chairs and other arena-related items. His footsteps echo on the hard concrete floor with each stride, making for a solitary scene. He is a busy man with much to do tonight so taking shortcuts through the non-trafficked parts of the arena keeps him on schedule.

The fluorescent lights above him flicker, but Lee doesn’t pay much mind. It wasn’t the first time he had seen this happen in hallways like this. But then the floor begins to rumble stopping him in his tracks.

“That’s not normal…” Lee mutters as he assesses the situation.

The lights resume flickering and the walls now begin to shake. Behind him, the furthest light goes out completely… one-by-one the lights die and the darkness closes in on him. The floor shakes violently, sending him groping at the wall for stability.

The final light above him goes dark leaving him in pitch black. In the void, the shaking completely ceases and all he can sense are his own deep breaths and pounding heart. Was it just an earthquake? Do they even have earthquakes around here?

Suddenly, the shaking returns stronger than before, throwing him off his feet in surprise. He lands on his back and looks up to the ceiling where blue streams of electricity flash and connect across the dead light bulbs.

The pulses of blue energy provide only quick glimpses of the scene amongst the dark.

Pitch black

Flash: Damien is struggling to his feet amidst the shaking.

Pitch black

Flash: Damien is now running blindly down the hallway.

Pitch black

Flash: Damien is stopped in place with four large, shrouded figures in front of him.

Pitch black

Flash: Damien floats six inches off the ground in front of the mysterious group and his arms are stretched to each side. His eyes are wide. Time seems to have stopped.

Pitch black

Flash: One large figure remains as Damien is now standing on the instable concrete.

Pitch black

This time the darkness is extended. After what seems to be about 30 seconds, the lights come back on to full power and the ground is still.

Before Damien is a man, roughly seven feet tall, with opaque white skin, cobalt blue hair and completely black eyes. His frame isn’t the typical bloated mass of stomach common among men his size; it is apparent his physiology is chiseled muscle and incredible strength. The man is draped with a large, dark blue robe; green trim runs down the seams of the fabric and the bottom six inches of his robe reflect a sharp silver color.

The fear is now gone from Damien’s eyes as if he understands the man standing in front of him.

“Then it’s agreed?” asks Damien.

The eyes of the large man narrow and he lets out a hard, deep bellow for a voice.

“It is agreed.”

“I will have everything arranged,” confirms Damien with a slow nod.

“That is all that is required. I will appear when it is necessary.” The man’s sentences are short and sharp with an odd twist to vowels within the words. With that, he turns and walks away from Damien down the hall as his boots clap on the concrete.

“Wait! What do you wish to be called?” yells Damien and the man stops. He doesn’t turn around to respond, but his voice is loud enough to be heard.

“The Draconian.”

The large man resumes walking and turns the corner, out of Damien’s sight.

Diamond Jewelz(c) vs Jeremy Ryan

At the sight of a graphic, pitting Jewelz vs. Jeremy Ryan with a strap in the middle, electricity pulses through the crowd and a raucous cheer goes up from the crowd. “gOlden bOy”, “gOlden bOy” chants break out without being couples with the usual jabs of “Wal-Mart Jeweler” to counteract them. In a match pitting two of jOlt’s most heinous and deviant “bad guys” in the history of the promotion, Jewelz’s flash and bravado take precedent over former world heavyweight champ Ryan’s badass bravado.

Tonight, because of Jewelz’s loss to Mack Brody a few weeks back on iNtense, there will be no custom ring padding or apron for the Jeweler, and there won’t even be any O.G. Simpson as all of these things are now the property of the gOlden bOy champion and captain of the Mack Daddy Challenge, Mack Brody. The issue was Jeremy Ryan interrupting the Relentless/gOlden bOy Championship to lay out Brody with a chair and Diamond Jewelz with his Piledriver called A Real Man’s Finisher. Now the two men would do battle in a strap match requested by the Relentless Champion. Ryan accepted the challenge and wanted to taste his first singles gold in jOlt, so tonight, that match was on.

The crowd then ROARED! Not because either of the men were likable by any means. But it was a coveted title and somebody was going to get their ass beat. The strap was a legal weapon, but this was contested under regular rules. None of that four-corners-touching-shit.

The bass rifts from “Gotta Take It” by Nipsey Hussle kick in, and the crowd goes crazy. There is no division in the crowd tonight. Although depressed in past weeks, Mr. Relentless bursts through the curtains, a burst of twinkle and glisten follow him. After having defeated Shoji and plunged his ex beau Ruby through a Table as a form of revenge over having cost him his most valuable asset, despite being Relentless Champion, the gOlden bOy Championship, Mr. Relentless has apparently been rejuvenated and revived. DJ strap in hand, breaks into his usual ICED out pose so that his numerous articles of Diamonds and gOld can be openly exhibited. Jewelz, being the Relentless Champion, has chosen the “Strap Match” as the stipulation of choice for tonight. In the middle of Jewelz’s attempt to regain his lost glory, Ryan interrupted the match resulting in a No Contest, and prolonged separation from his coveted gOlden bOy Championship. As a result Jewelz wants to exhibit all the punishment he can on Ryan tonight.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is a Strap Match and Pin Falls will count anywhere. First from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at 220 lbs, he is your Relentless Champion the ‘gOlden bOy’, Diamond Jewelz!!!” Carrington announced.

Jewelz, sans O.G. and his elaborate announcement seemed naked coming down to the ring despite being the reigning and defending gOlden bOy Champion.

“A Man” by Cypress Hill began storming out of the state of the art PA system ruthlessly to ignite the vivid battery of strobe lighting along the entire entrance staging area. A tsunami of jeers would crash against the gorilla position long before the self professed ”jOlt’s Last Real Man” flung the curtains back and defiantly sauntered out before the resentful masses to silently stoke the flames higher. Sporting his loose MMA-styled fighting shorts and fingerless gloves, the stout man beast would slowly scan the horizon before allowing a gradual smirk to form across his lips...

“And his challenger; he hails from Bangor, Maine...Weighting in at 254 pounds...This is ’jOlt’s Last Real Man’! JEREMY!!!! RYAN!!!!” Carrington announced..

The unrepentant brawler would be seen hopping in place in a boxing styled fashion before thrusting his chest outward to generate massive plumes of pyrotechnical rage from each flank. Several miniature explosions would conclude the brief introduction before Jeremy began power walking down the rampway en route to the ring. Not one to play to the people, the self admitted asshole would storm his way up the ring steps, quickly pass though the ropes before anxiously laying siege to his kingdom within the covered cables.

The fight atmosphere remained thick as he arrogantly maneuvered about within the ring before scaling the nearest turnbuckles to further agitate the crowd. Mockingly grabbing his testicles and extending middle fingers would only inspire the masses to yell back at him louder as he inaudibly barked back in kind. Referee Mike Hunt was seen keeping a healthy distance from the ’Beast of Bangor’ as he made his descent and started loosening up his extremities before tugging at the ring ropes. The musical introduction would slowly fade out of earshot, leaving the crowd to angrily voice their displeasure onto their assigned target...

Crowd: “...BITCH FROM BANGOR!!! (clap x5)...BITCH FROM BANGOR!!! (clap x5)... BITCH FROM BANGOR!!! (clap x5)... BITCH FROM BANGOR!!! (clap x5)... BITCH FROM BANGOR!!! (clap x5)... BITCH FROM BANGOR!!! (clap x5)... BITCH FROM BANGOR!!! (clap x5)... BITCH FROM BANGOR!!! (clap x5)...”

Feeding off the hate of the crowd, the hero tonight, Diamond Jewelz, slides in the ring and bangs into “The Last Real Man” with a viscous forearm that sends him crashing to the mat. Jewelz begins to hit Ryan with lash after lash with the leather strap that is around his wrist. Ian Nguyen, our referee for the night attempts to pull Jewelz off of Ryan to attach the strap and legally start the match, but Jewelz is forces Nguyen off of himself and Relentless in a haze of rage continues to punish Ryan. The crowd roars in blood thirst at the display. Jewelz attaches the strap to a downed, cowering Ryan himself and instructs Nguyen to start the match. In the midst of the chaos Nguyen obliges.

Jewelz wraps the leather strap around the neck of Ryan and mercilessly chokes him. The Face of the Bangor Beast is bright red. Ryan stabs at Jewelz with useless body shot after useless body shot but then winds up, and finds the nuts of Jewelz…

“Ohhhhhhh!!” the crowd moans collectively. They burst out into a collective mass of boos.. Ryan grabs at his neck and then regains his feet. He looks down at the man by the name of Jewelz whose family Jewelz he has assaulted with malice and ill intent. Ryan gives off an evil smirk and begins to get retribution on the flailing Jewelz with a strap choke of his own.. Ryan’s choke is more of a tight rear naked choke with the strap then the long noose style choke that Jewelz used… Ryan, being so much more massive and powerful than Jewelz though, is able to hoist Jewelz up and fling him across the ring. Ryan laughs as boos rain down on the ring. Ryan goes over to Jewelz again and sinks in the same choke and throws him back into the initial position that they started in. Jewelz is in a world of pain and writhes and moans on the ground.

Ryan heads over to Jewelz and begins to lash him mercilessly again and again.

“You had enough Homie…” Ryan shouts at Jewelz… Huh…

Ryan picks up Jewelz and begins to press him again and again over his head. He drops Jewelz like a sack of potatoes on the ground.

Ryan grabs Jewelz by the face and smashes him with a knee to the face. Jewelz is bleeding… Ryan begins to pose and gesture to the crowd. Ryan gives a “most muscular” pose and then grabs his nuts. Ryan goes back to the downed Jewelz to pick him up but a wash of white smoke goes up in the air..

It was powder.. Jewelz matches Ryan dirt for dirt and hits him with a wash of white powder on the ground. Jewelz rolls to the outside, and with all his might, runs to the barricade dragging Ryan head first into the steel. Ryan’s nose is busted! He threw Jeremy Ryan back inside the ring and went to go for a cover on him.




A welt was left on the back of jOlt’s Last Real Man as he tried to fight back again. Jewelz got a running start off the ropes, trying to strike the a wrapped fist, but Ryan grabbed him by the head and dumped him on the apron. Straightening out the Strap, he wiped a trickle of blood off the side of his face while jOlt’s Only Certified Jeweler tried to get back to his feet. A running knee from The Bad Man From Bangor sent him spilling out onto the floor!

Resting for a moment, jOlt’s Last Real Man wasted no time in bringing his hated rival back up onto the apron. He grabbed him by the neck and set him back onto the apron, but DJ used quick thinking and dropped back down, snapping Ryan’s neck across the top rope.

With The Bad Man From Bangor staggered backwards, he hopped back into the ring and on the turnbuckle just as Ryan started to come around….


DJ finally got The Bad Man From Bangor down and went for the cover.




The beast still had enough strength to throw the smaller man right off him. Waiting for The Bad Man From Bangor to get back to his feet, he wrapped the Strap up and tried to choke him with it, but JOlt’s Last Real Man saw it coming and grabbed him by the throat with both hands before THROWING him halfway across the ring with an Overhead Double Choke Suplex!

The LARGE majority of the fans continued to jeer the beast, but he paid them no mind. Using his brute strength, he dragged DJ over onto his stomach and pulled him closer to the ringpost, looking his rival dead in the eyes.

“This WILL hurt, you funny little fuck” he motioned before PULLING on the Strap, sending Diamond shoulder-first into the ring post!

But he didn’t stop there. JOlt’s Last Real Man made sure it was a lot more excruciating when he put a foot on the steel steps for leverage and pulled, pressing the shoulder into the buckle! DJ screamed out in pain as Ryan pulled on the Strap, torturing his opponent. Ian Nguyen had no choice but to watch the fight unfold.

Ryan stopped the tortuous hold for all of three seconds before he bunched up the Strap as DJ did earlier, BEATING him all across his back! Several more shots kept flying as Jewelz never imagined he’d be put into a situation like this.

After the whipping, Ryan raised his unstrapped hand to the sky, absorbing the screams from the fans, both bloodthirsty and conscionable alike. Rolling into the ring casually, jOlt’s Last Real Man stood over the fallen body of Diamond Jewelz. Rather than opt for a cover, he put a few boots into his head and rolled the Relentless Champion onto his back before pulling him up, choking him with the Strap while pressing a foot into his back!

DJ tried gasping for air, but there was absolutely no mercy shown from the challenger. After close to a minute in the precarious position, Ryan tied DJ up into a Cobra Clutch with the Strap before HURLING him halfway across the ring. After being flung a great distance, JOlt’s Last Real Man climbed atop his opponent with a rather lax cover.




DJ got a weak shoulder up off the mat, but Ryan wasn’t done with him by a long shot. Grabbing jOlt’s Only Certified Jeweler by his neck, he lifted him up… DROPKICK! A big dropkick out of nowhere stunned the beast, bringing him to one knee. Hooking him by the neck, DJ revved up the crowd, looking for his knee…



The fans gasped in astonishment at the ring savvy of the beast, actually breaking free from DJ’s grip and sending him back to the canvas. Ryan was a physical specimen in the ring, but he certainly was no idiot in between the ropes.

Sitting back up, JOlt’s Last Real Man got back to his feet, standing over the woozy Jewelz who was still trying to get himself back into the match. Taking the Strap, he stood directly over Jewelz and floored him with a series of Strap-covered Crossface punches that each connected with sick force. After about three or four shots, Jewelz was nearly out of it as Ryan knelt down, going for a cover with a forearm across the face.




Somehow, JOlt’s Only Certified Jeweler was still in the match as several pockets of fans started to cheer him on in between cries of “WAL-MART JEWELER!” Ryan brushed him a few times across the face with his boot, merely rubbing it in that he was at his mercy. Jewelz knelt up against the turnbuckle, trying to stay on two feet. Measuring him up, JOlt’s Last Real Man ran full bore…


DJ got out fo the way in the nick of time! Jeremy wobbled around, clutching his chest when Jewelz slid between his legs and brought the Strap up!


The men in the crowd were having sympathy pains after DJ brought the Strap up, hitting him for the second time in this contest with a ballshot. Ryan, with tears welling up in his eyes, rolled to the floor as The Relentless Champion tried to buy himself some time. The challenger tried to get away, but The Relentless Champion grabbed the strap and pulled him forward, smacking him into the ringpost.

Diamond Jewelz grabbed him and helped pull Ryan back into the ring, drilling him with several right hands as he got back to his feet, a small “DJ!” chant coming from the fans. After several kicks to the stomach, he backed up a few feet and bumrushed Ryan with a stiff Strap-wrapped Running Forearm!

Teetering out of the corner, Ryan clutched his skull, now bleeding a bit from a gash in his face while Jewelz took a rest against the ropes, trying to fight back. Getting a running start off the ropes, he caught Ryan with a Spinning Elbow Smash to the face that sent him staggering backwards. Trying to get him off his feet again, he went for another run off the ropes…



Diamond Jewelz on the mat and deflating some of the crowd in the process who were jumping on the DJ bandwagon. Ryan crawled over and hooked the leg this time, trying to keep him down.




Ryan was angry with Ian Nguyen’s count. Seeing him stunned, Ryan got back to his feet while waiting for the Quarantine Boy to get back to his. He raised his right fists to the sky and clinched it, waiting for him to get back. A few moments passed before Ryan smirked, looking at the Strap. He bound up the strap for a whip and swung…


Out of literally NOWHERE, DJ ducked underneath the oncoming blow and came back with his variation of the Busaiku Knee Strike! After he caught Jeremy right between the eyes, he hooked both legs of the beast and pulled back!




Off the very close fall, DJ looked in shock that he came very close to beating Ryan. The Relentless Champion was gaining support from pockets of the crowd behind him as he leapt to the top turnbuckle, measuring his target… CUT OFF!

Ryan pulled the strap down and tripped him up on the top rope! Jewelz was down and tripped to the apron when Ryan went into the corner…


The DEADLIFT Superplex put both men down into the canvas the hard way! Both men were down and out after a physically exhausting battle with neither man showing signs of slowing down…

However, things were about to drastically change direction, as both men’s futures were about to be put in jeopardy.

Like a flood, the quartet of black-clad soldiers engulfed the ring. Each one took a corner and were just chomping at the bits to get their hands on the two fallen competitors. Nearly frothing at the mouth in anticipation, the DC waited for their prey to stand. Ryan was the first to show any signs of life. Gabriel pointed to Azrael and both came charging towards him.


The crowd cringed and groan with the impact of the lariat, which knocked Jeremy into next week. Michael grew impatient and violently pulled Jewelz up from the mat, making sure to remove his arm from the strap. He was looking to deal out some pain, which he would be able to do in abundance.


Far from done, Michael showed amazing strength by pulling his vicitm up from the mat, still in powerbomb position. Rafael had slipped out to the outside and when Michael was positioned with DJ just right, he took to the skies with a springboard.


“Time to send them to hell,” Michael ordered.

Though as they often do in jOlt, plans went arry. Not wanting another match to end in injury, Damian Lee directed traffic at the top of the entrance ramp, leading the jOlt security task force along with most of the Hype roster, Kayden Paulton, and Mack Brody to the ring. The numbers game had shifted and was no longer in the Dead Cell’s favor. Their field general Michael motioned for them to clear the ring and they just barely escaped the clutches of Mack Brody.

Damian Lee was beside himself, as the DC escaped punishment once again and he just glared down at the ringside area with a look of utter contempt. The time had come to put an end to the terrorist attacks of the DC and Lee was going to make sure of that.

Winner: No Contest