"Welcome to iNtense"

Darkness fades to gritty sepia when the opening piano of "Warriors" by PelleK (Imagine Dragons Cover) hits. We see image of an empty jOlt Arena filling with people in time lapse

The screen then explodes into full color when the drums and song kick in!

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

(In sync with music) We see scenes of action and images of current superstars Pietro Geist, Eiji Kugasari, Jeremy Ryan, Diamond Jewelz, Sarah Winterton, Charlotte, Jon Le Bon, The House, The Heirs of Wrestling, Raevynn, and Sebastian Saje!

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

We continue to see images of action as the intrustmental continues to the very end...

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

We see Diamond Jewelz posing with Them MF'n Goons, The Rebellion standing tall in the middle of the ring, Mack Brody hitting the Gold Rush on Omega, Pietro Geist and Jeremy Ryan brawling, a shot of Kayden Paulton cracking a genuine smile, Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

With the final pulsing beats of the song, we see Jesse Ramey striking a pose on the top turnbuckle with the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship around his waist!

The scene flashes back into the arena where the song starts again, but in his complete form, starting with Verse 1 of the lyrics. The camera pans around the jOlt Arena in Miami, FL as a splendid display of fireworks goes off on the main stage and above the ring. The set is a giant jOltvision with the N logo for iNtnese sitting to the left and to the right of the big jOltvision. The N itself is a massive red light that is illuminated. Above the jOltvision is a pseudo semi-circle steel structure that houses a curved screen that will be used to display a wrestler's name above it while their entrance video plays below on the jOltvision. On the stage itself, to the left and right of the entrance ramp are two more small, elongated mini screens which will display the wrestler's brand logo on them when they make their way out... unless they hold a title. Then it will display their championship belt on the left and the name of the title on the right!

The fans were buzzing with electricity as iNtense officially begins!

"A Show-Opening Promo!"

After the fireworks display went off to signal that jOlt Wrestling iNtense was BACK UP IN THIS BITCH right here in Miami, Florida…

The camera panned inside the ring where there was most certainly a unique sight. Unique in that there was not one, but FOUR bodies already in the ring.

Frank Silver, Ryan Gallway and YOUR gOlden bOy Champion, “Midas” Mack Brody aka The Heirs of Wrestling! All three men were dressed for a fight tonight!

And even more oddly, the CEO of jOlt Wrestling, Damien Lee. Lee had been up to his neck in issues stemming from all sides. Roster members fighting each other, wrestlers seeking to get themselves on the last spot on the jOlt Wrestling Wrestlecade card. The Dead Cell had been running roughshod over the roster with no regard for the safety of anyone around them. And the rumors were that he was here to address the situation. But what The Heirs of Wrestling were out there for? Well, Lee was about to break shit down as the opening theme faded out.

“I would like to thank all of you for joining us RIGHT HERE ON INTENSE!” Lee shouted.


The crowd was already rowdy tonight, so Lee got right down to brass tacks.

“Now here in jOlt, the wrestling matters! The guys busting their asses off in this ring night in and night out matter. With that being said, I’m not in the business of having to stand here and give you a twenty-minute monologue; you aren’t here to see me talk, you’re here to see the superstars and Starlets of jOlt Wrestling do what nobody else can do and that is bust some ass! We’ve got a big show for you tonight including a HUGE main event! ‘The Anti-Star” Jesse Ramey will be defending the jOlt Championship against the man that pinned him two weeks ago, one half of the jOlt Tag Team Champions, “The Sin City Strongman” Derrick Huber!”


Two of jOlt’s most popular and most dominant personalities respectively were cheered by the masses.

“And we aren’t going to leave out the other half of The House! The other half of the Tag Team Chamoins, Adam Roebuck will be in action in a No Fear match against one half of Them MF’N Goons, Khalil Straightgully! But we’ve go way more than that going on… Brody, that brings me to you, Diamond Jewelz and Jeremy Ryan.”

Brody nodded as Lee turned in his direction.

“You, Jewelz, and Ryan have been breaking up each other’s matches and getting into fights all over my arena and I won’t being having any more of that! Not tonight! I also owe a debt to The Hype team of Cerberus for having their Unlimited debut match ruined by these masked nuisances called The Dead Cell! So tonight, there will be three matches! Cerberus members will get a shot they deserve against the three men who will face each other for the #1 Contendership to the jOlt Championship at Wresltecade! Jeremy Ryan will take on Shi No Ryu, Diamond Jewelz will take on Jenson Todd and Mack Brody… that will leave you with Maddox St. James.”

“You got it, boss!” The gOlden bOy Champion said.

“And let me be PERFECTLY clear… NONE of you are laying hands on one another until Wrestlecade UNLESS I have put you in a match before then! If I catch ANY of you attacking each other, getting involved in the others matches or even if you’re just coming out to the ring for a meandering jaunt… your spot in that #1 Contender’s match is forfeit. Do I make myself clear?”

“Crystal. Let’s get this show on the road!” Brody patted his chest.

Lee then turned to Silver and Gallway.

“And one more piece of business… The Dead Cell. If it’s a war that you degenerates want, then it’s a fight you’re going to get. I’ve got two men right here willing to lead the charge against you. If you think that you’re as tough as you think you are, then… well, Frank? Ryan? You want to handle this part?”

He handed the microphone over to Frank Silver and the crowd cheered for the Heirs of Wrestling’s spokesman.

“DEAD CELL… any two of you against The Heirs of Wrestling! The Heirs ride again and tonight, I have no witty catchphrases… okay, I have lots of those that mainly involve variations of you being a bunch of Supernatural Fanboy Fucks and Ry-no here having sex with all of your moms… but tonight, if you want a fight, then get your narrow asses down to this ring and will GIVE you a fucking FIGHT!”

The crowd loved that as they handed the microphone back to Damien Lee.

“Enjoy the show, folks!”

“With Me Now” by Blacklite District played as Damien Lee and The Heirs of Wrestling all left the ring and headed up the ramp. It was a blockbuster card tonight, but were The Dead Cell here? And would they accept the challenge lobbied by The Heirs?

Well, you’ll just have to watch, won’t you?

"gEt That gOld"

Khalil Straightgully, his neck and wrists lined in various jewelry pieces. sits upright on one couch with his phone in his hands, while Latrell Samuel is stretched out on another one of the normal, plain, dingy couches of the jOlt backstage area across from Gully with an all purple LA Kings hat over his face, and a blanket over his body, his plentiful dreads poking out from underneath the hat being the only thing clearly marking the identity of the man who formerly went by the moniker of “Mr. Fly High”. These days, the gOlden bOy promotions locker room is naked of its’ once former plentiful and lush luxuries, and is as dingy and barren as any other. The door to the dressing room flings open and the room is flooded with a deluge of twinkling and glistening light. Diamond, formerly a pit of emotions and distraught, wears a grin of pure gOld, no bling this week, and is in an apparent jovial mood. The defeat of Shojii and Ruby have obviously worked wonders for the Jeweler who is coming out of his once seemingly inescapable sorrows.

“Rise and Shine my niggas… What’s good…” Diamond gleams to an unresponsive Gully and Samuel. Diamond’s joy is unaffected by the lack of enthusiasm by Them M’fn Goons.

“What’s good with my favorite goon as niggas.. Ehh… Hoefuck and that other motherfucker from Whore House been tweeting me talking bout you snuffed them at a bar or something... Them and some lame motherfuckers from lOc been blowing my Twitter shit shit up.

“We ain’t snuffed shit,” Samuel’s voice is muffled from under the covers…

“Yeah.. We ain’t dun shit to them motherfuckers….” Gully emotionlessly chimes in.

Confusion creeps up all over Jewelz’s face. “Then what the fuck… Why them niggas….” In the middle of Jewelz’s confused response, snickers can be heard from up underneath the covers from Samuel, and right after that, Gully begins to chuckle lightly until both Goons are a ball of laughter. Samuel falls of the couch, and a devious grin creeps up onto the face of Jewelz…

“So you did ransack The House huh… Ehhh but why ain’t you went for that gOld yet… You know your boy thirsty for another customization project. You niggas need to get that gOld.

“Big Homie, we got this shit…. Khalil got a bead on one of them niggas, and we gon work from there…. We gon get that gOld for you.” Samuel chimes in from the floor.

Diamond’s countenance turns serious. His gOlden grin becomes a determined scowl. “You better. Because that’s why I pay you. To protect, and procure gold my niggas… Get that gOld.” Diamond rubs his hands together deviouisly

Jeremy Ryan vs Shi no Ryu

As was announced earlier tonight by Damien Lee, to make up for the fact that the highly-touted Hype team of Cerberus was not given a chance to compete before being interrupted by The Dead Cell back at Unlimited. All three members of Cerberus were set in singles matches to face off against the three men who would be competing in a Triple Threat at Wrestlecade for the #1 Contendership to the jOlt Championship. Mack Brody would be taking on Maddox St. James, Diamond Jewelz would take on Jensen Todd and that left the silent Shi No Ryu alone to contend with a VERY heated and volatile Jeremy Ryan.

“The following contest is a singles match and this will be set for one fall!” Dean Carrington shouted with his usual gusto.

“Harvester of Sorrow” by Metallica.

The music started to rumble across the PA system and making his entrance into the jOlt Arena was one of The Hype’s best and brightest! The man known as The Black Cloud made his appearance on the stage and got a polite reception from the crowd before he headed towards the ring.

“Making his way to the ring, from Nagasaki, Japan, weighing in at 201 pounds… he is a member of CERBERUS… SHI NO RYU!

Shi No Ryu paid the crowd no mind as he climbed up the steps, walked up to the top turnbuckle and surveyed the ring before he hopped into the ring as the arena was still enveloped in near-darkness. The lights returned to life and he waited for his opponent.

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

The anthem of all things manly blasted throughout the arena, and the buzz that had been generated from the opening announcement of the match quickly turned sour. Even more so when Jolt’s self-proclaimed Last Real Man stepped through the curtains and onto the entrance stage. Ryan stood at the top of the ramp long enough to survey the capacity before beginning his slow paced walk toward the ring, absorbing all of the booing and jeering he was receiving along the way.

“Making his way to the ring, from Bangor, Maine… weighing in at 254 pounds… this is ”JOLT’S LAST REAL MAN” JEREMY RYAN!

Ryan was no frills, no tricks, no quarter. He told it like it was; more appropriately, what HE thought it was. Ryan gave less than zero fucks about who he offended and what he did. He was a cutthroat bastard through and through and as good as Shi No Ryu was, he would need everything to beat the Hype alumni. He climbed into the ring and waited for his opponent to enter the ring. He had his fists taped, he was in his wrestling gear with the addition of a sleeveless black tee with his Real Man Bloody Knuckles logo. He threw the shirt at Shi No Ryu as the bell rang!


And Ryan went right to work on the member of Cerberus! A vicious volley of elbows in the corner hit him before he knew what was doing it! The Bad Man from Bangor continued to spike an upward series of knees right into the ribcage of Shi No Ryu and backed him off into the corner. He turned to referee Simon Boulder.


He didn’t pay any mind to Shi No Ryu as he turned around to finish what he started… that turned out to be a big fucking mistake…


It was clear from that Ryan’s thought about Shi No Ryu! Ryan had almost zero time to get out of the blocks when the quick-footed Cerberus member went on the offensive with a high rib kick, sending Jeremy stumbling backwards into the corner. jOlt’s Last Real Man had no idea what the hell just hit him when Ryu made a quick leap over the ropes to the apron. He jumped again and this time, he caught Ryan right in the chest with a Springboard Missile Dropkick! The blow knocked The Dominant Male backwards and sent him stumbling into the opposite corner where he tried to get some distance…

Unfortunately, he was not going to get it.

A high Corner Big Bot caught Jeremy Ryan flush in the face! Shi No Ryu wasn’t done and he rushed off the opposite side of the ring only to come back this time with a jaw-cracking Knee Strike, putting Ryan down into the seated position. Ryu wasn’t taking any shit from Ryan no matter of his high status in jOlt a and the crowd immediately warmed up to as he started to rub the heel of his boot across the face of Ryan, Facewash-style. He once again took off to the ropes and caught Ryan with a STIFF Hesitation Dropkick!

The crowd cheered when Ryu took hold of the groggy Ryan by the waist and mustered up his strength to get him over with a Bridging German Suplex! He was going for broke!




The high-octane offensive salvo only got Shi No Ryu a two-count, but if he kept this up he could be on the way towards a HUGE upset tonight! The crowd was firmly on the side of Shi No Ryu as the Japanese-born striker started to force jOlt’s Last Real Man up to his knees. He struck him with a left and a right kick before he backed up and tried for another shot only for Ryan to double him over with a stiff Shoulder Strike to the gut.

The Bad Man from Bangor had his first opening and he rushed off the ropes to try for a big Shining Wizard-style Knee Strike when Ryu ducked and caught him with a not-fancy but still effective Schoolboy pin! Ryan was agile enough to roll through, but Shi No Ryu was quicker and rolled also before CRACKING Ryan in the head with a creative counter! He pushed Ryan down again.




Ryan popped his shoulder up when the Japanese striker waited for him to stand. He doubled him over with another Low Spin Kick followed by a succession of elbows to the head meant to stun him. He reeled back and fired off another move in the form of a Single Leg Dropkick! Ryan flush underneath his chiseled chin and while he didn’t go down fully, he was groggy enough for Ryu to try and maneuver the powerhouse into a Backslide predicament…




Ryan used his strength to roll backwards and land on his feet again, but Shi No Ryu was already waiting for a chance to go at him again. He secured an arm and was trying to go for his finishing move called Kokushibyou, but Ryan was too strong for that and elbowed his way free.

He turned around and caught him with a STIFF straight elbow to the head, actually jutting Ryu. To the crowd’s surprise, he stood his ground and fought back with a two or three elbows of his own. However, Ryan was also well-versed in the Strong Style striking of wrestling and nearly BLISTERED his chest with a stiff Knife-Edge Chop followed by another sick elbow that knocked Ryu clear off his feet! He wiped his lip to check for blood before he gritted his teeth.

“You got heart, kid…” Ryan said. “Now I’m going to tear it out of your fucking chest!”

When Shi No Ryu tried to get up to a knee, Ryan palmed the back of his head and BLASTED him upside the head with a vicious Knee Strike! The crowd cringed at the blow fired with lots of force behind it and Ryu crumbled to the mat in a heap. Ryan then stood there and soaked in the jeers from the crowd.

“Go ahead cheer this little asshole! RYU! RYU! RYU! RYU!”

Ryan turned around to face the Japanese-born luchador again and The Bad Man from Bangor was less than pleased that Ryu managed to surprise him with some great offense. When Ryu tried to stand again, he was hit with not one, but two more vicious knees to the top of his head and brought him down. Ryu wasn’t moving now when Ryan kicked him over onto his back and went for a lateral press.




Ryu got his shoulder up, to the surprise of the crowd! One of The Hype’s rising statrs was making a great showing for himself against one of jOlt’s top stars and a former Hype alumni. Ryan didn’t care about any of that, though, and kicked him flat on his back before running off the ropes. The 254-pound Ryan came off the ropes and CRUSHED him with a devastating Senton! Ryan was a thick-bodied man so the move took the utter wind right out of Shi No Ryu, but Ryan was by no means done with him. He caught him again in a Suplex and this time, threw him right up into the air…


The Vertical Suplex into the Backbreaker nearly BROKE Shi No Ryu in half as he rolled over and arched his back in pain. Ryan knelt over and kicked him onto his back a second time before trying for a cover again.





Ryan was shocked that he hadn’t finished him just yet, but he still had some more tricks up his sleeve. The Bad Man from Bangor did nothing but pull him up by his mask and kick him in the gut. He was going for his finishing move that had – except against Pietro Geist back at Death Wish – had put down everybody he’d ever hit with it, including former champions such as Derecho and EIji Kugasari. Even the CURRENT Champion, Jesse Ramey knew a little something about it.

He pried the dead weight of Shi No Ryu off the canvas and set him up for the Piledriver, but out of nowhere, Ryu caught him by surprise with a Jackknife pin!




He ALMOST caught Ryan unaware right there! Shi No Ryu tried to stand back up again and when Ryan tried to catch him, he was blasted with a HARD Penalty Kick to the chest! The wind was knocked out of Ryan when he tried yet ANOTHER cover!




Shi No Ryu had thought for sure the Penalty Kick would’ve been enough, but alas it wasn’t. Simon Boulder help two fingers so the Cerberus member went on the offensive. Ryan surprised him with a shove back against the ropes…


Ryan surged forward, grabbed him up and DRILLED him right into the canvas with a vicious Running Spinebuster! The fans cringed from the impact, but what was coming next was much worse as he kicked Ryu again…


The SICK Stalling Piledriver dumped him right on his head and Shi No Ryu dropped lifelessly to the mat! But Ryan STILL wasn’t done with him as he flipped the unconscious Shi No Ryu onto his stomach…


His other finisher, the Camel Clutch/Tazmission hybrid was locked in tightly and there was nowhere for the Cerberus member to go… he hadn’t moved so Simon Boulder mercifully called for the bell…


Shi No Ryu was STILL locked in the hold after the bell and Ryan continued to crank back on the body of the striker until Simon Boulder tried to use physical restrainst. Jeremy let The Hype star fall to the ground and he stood up, practically frothing at the mouth.



Ryan shouted as he took the microphone from Dean Carrington and shoved him on his ass! He headed back into the ring and Simon Boulder stood guard while trainers attended to the unconscious Ryu in case Ryan tried something. jOlt’s Last Real Man was front and center in the ring, huffing after his brief and very physical jaunt with Shi No Ryu.

“Mack Brody… Diamond Jewelz… THE DEAD CELL… JESSE RAMEY! None of you… NOT A SINGLE FUCKING GODDAMN ONE OF YOU… know exactly the world of hurt that all of you are in for once I become the jOlt Champion. I am close… SO FUCKING CLOSE… to making it to the top and yet forces conspire against me. I was on the verge of becoming the new Relentless Champion when these swat-wearing queers broke into the ring and ruined MY moment!”

The Loose Cannon seemed to only get worse by the week and the misogynistic psychopath was getting more reckless.


Ryan spiked the mic down at his feet and rolled out of the ring before he noticed three of the trainers attending to Shi No Ryu as he headed up the ramp. Ryan then paced around like he was going to attack The Hype rookie, but he smirked and moved out of the way to allow he and two of the trainers to pass without incident…



He had grabbed one of the trainers by his hair and SPIKED him right there on the stage with an over-the-shoulder Belly to Back Piledriver on the stage! It was becoming clearer that the recent events and Ryan’s own lack of championship success were festering under his skin and he was taking out his own frustrations on anybody that moved.

...and a questionably sane Jeremy Ryan may be the most dangerous Jeremy Ryan of all.

Winner: Jeremy Ryan via Knockout

"We Want Atonement"

Damien Lee sat in his office flipping through some paperwork. He sighed as he looked at a certain paper before putting it in the top drawer of his desk. Damien’s head jerked up from his papers as a massive figure stood in front of him. The massive figure was none other than the Fearless champion himself, Omega. The huge man slowly sat down in front of Lee draping the Fearless title across his lap.

“Last week Lee, we issued a challenge to anyone in the back to step up and see if they were fearless enough to step into the ring with Omega. One man stepped up and you witnessed what happened.”

“Yes I am aware Omega. So what do you want me to do? You issued the challenge and Seraph stepped to the plate. That’s what makes you a great champion because you will take on anyone.” Lee said.

“You are correct Lee, that’s why we are here tonight. We want a Fearless championship match, tonight.”

The fans erupted in cheers at the expectation of seeing Omega and Seraph in the ring tonight.

“You want it then you got it, Omega versus Seraph tonight for the Fearless title.” Lee replied.

“Hold on Lee, that’s not what we wanted.”

Lee looked confused.

“We want a Fearless Championship match tonight, but against Shiloh.”

Lee was shocked at what Omega just requested. He was about to open his mouth but Omega spoke again.

“We don’t want to hear anything from you but yes and Seraph is banned from ringside. Make it happen Lee or we will cause more damage and chaos than the Dead Cell.”

Lee was definitely backed into a corner as he looked at the Fearless Champion. “You got your match.” The madman smiled as he stood to his feet and slowly walked out of the door. Damien Lee looked down at his desk and shook his head. “What have I done?”

"State of the Roster - The Singletons"

We are whisked off to a studio to see two guys, Darren Best and Alfie Button, who offered their expert opinions and insight on The Freak Show v The West Texas Terrorists one week ago.

A commercial played, plugging the Best Podcast in Wrestling, as Darren nodded at Alfie. Button returned in kind with a thumbs-up sign.

"Welcome back to the show and we're going to round what's been another brilliant night with a round-up of jOlt. This is the first edition of a two-part special and we're gonna go through the singles stars making waves right now. Ready, Alfie?"

Button, coolly, used his thumb and index finger to form an 'O' to suggest he was.

"Let's start off with Jesse Ramey. The Anti-Star. Alfie and I agree that Jesse is anything but an anti-star these days and is just another sell-out."

The Brit butted in: "'e's been wrestlin' for twenty-four years and I guess 'e's got his reasons for selling out but I just don't wanna know because for twenty-four years I've been livin' next door to Jesse..."

The production team joined in: "Jesse, Jesse, who the fuck is Jesse?"

Darren looked mortified that a swear word had been uttered on his show and Alfie stopped the others from continuing: "But yeah, did I mention 'e's been wrestlin' for twenty-four years? 'e couldn't win a raffle in that time, but now Jesse Ramey's the man to beat. The Anti-Star? More like jobber to the stars. Next!"

"Jeremy Ryan is the last REAL man in jOlt. What do you make of that? I think he may have a point. He's a tough dude, Alf."

With his feet perched up on the desk like a boss, and his hands on his head, Button nodded: "Yeah, 'e gets it done, don't 'e? Mind you, a couple of real men in this studio disagree 'e's not the only man in these parts, and 'alf a dozen tarts me and Dazza shagged in the disabled toilets in Burger King would definitely disagree if their froats (throats) weren't sore..."

"Not the only things that were sore, eh?"

A drum roll succeeded Darren's joke and even Button fell apart at that, smacking his knee in applause: "Good one."

"We think Jeremy Ryan is definitely on a destructive path, one that will lead him to being the world champion in the near future. I can't remember ever seeing anyone so aggressive, brutal and physical inside the ring and I've been doing this..."

Button couldn't resist: "For twenty-four years - just like Jesse Ramey."

"I'm not even twenty-four years old," Best retorted.

Alfie's mouth was wide open: "Poor bugger. You must 'av 'ad an 'ard paper round then."

"Cheeky swine. Next on our list...Diamond Jewelz."

Alfred, as he hated being called, stood up and gestured towards his crotch: "'e's the only guy who can rival me down in California, if you know what I mean."

Once again, Darren was taken aback: "What? No, no, I don't follow."

Apologetically, Button shrugged his shoulders: "Come on, Daz. It's pretty 'ard, pun intended, NOT to notice the guy is 'ung like an 'orse on Nigerian viagra."

The presenter of this podcast was no shrinking violet, oh I'm full of it tonight, but even he was shocked by his co-host's outlandish analysis: "What has this got to do with what goes on inside the ring?"

"I don't know, you'd 'ave to ask 'er that. I pity any girl who gives up the back door for Jewelz. Anyway, he mocks Jeremy Ryan's claim that there's only one real man in jOlt. Diamond is pretty good when it comes to wrestlin' too."

"WHAT? Now you mention wrestling," Darren shrieked.

"Yeah, 'e's 'andy there too. I wouldn't particularly like to fight him. Honestly, I can't believe 'e's never used that fing as a finisher..."

Best was incredulous: "Right, moving on..."

"I've pinned a couple of people with it before," Button boasted.

Everyone, except the frontman for this show, was in hysterics at Alfie's antics. Then again, there was nothing new there.

"Speaking of people I wouldn't like to fight, how about Omega? He made some statement the other week about the Underground title. Omega is definitely an Alpha in there, and he's someone who has to be considered as a future champion. I wouldn't back many people against him," Best stated sensibly.

"Dazza, you know what I'm lookin' forward to? Citizen, 'oo you just know likes a pint when he takes that mask off, taking the title off Jesse Ramey. 'ave I mentioned 'e's been wrestling for twenty-four years?"

The joke was wearing a bit thin on Darren, though their crew couldn't help but chuckle. Before Best got madder, his European cohort continued: "You can tell 'e's a naughty boy, and at Wrestlecade, and we're gonna do predctions for this when the time is right, 'e's gonna take that title away from Ramey. No two ways about it, my mucka."

Alfie's assessment had Darren back in the groove: "Mack Brody's a powerful guy, but we have our doubts about him, don't we?"

"Yeah, we do, Dazza. You see, Brody's rougher than a badger's arse and he's a strong, strapping lad, but 'e knocks about with the Heirs, more on them next week, 'oo 'ave gone right off the boil lately. If you knock abaht with losers, that's what you become."

Darren nodded: "Jon Le Bon. Unlucky at Unlimited? A little, but me and Alfie really thought he was gonna get the job done, and now we're not sure. Like Brody, he's got a lot to prove, but he can come again..."

The Englishman interjected: "Course 'e can. He 'asn't been wrestlin' for twenty-four years. Speaking of which, and Dazza tell 'em what we've got goin' on next week, pal..."

"Next week, we're going to review the TAG TEAMS in jOlt..."

Alfie shook his head, covered his face and complained: "Oh no."

Best looked on as Button playfully banged his head on the desk and tore at his own hair, pondering what he was going to say on the upcoming episode.

"Two of your favorite guys are going at it tonight: Jesse Ramey..."

Sensing an interruption, Darren didn't lose his train of thought: "Yeah, I know he's been wrestling for twenty-four years and he's going to face Derrick Huber. Could Derrick be a double champion?"

His partner sighed: "Yeah, 'e can and that's what sad because I fink 'e's lucky to 'ave one title, let alone two. Jesse can do it though, and I 'ope 'e does, simply because I wanna see Citizen wind 'im up good and proper from now until Wrestlecade and then do the business there an'all. There's nuffin' better than 'avin someone's number and then doin' a number on 'em."

For once, Darren was pleased with Button's contribution: "We return you to Intense. Enjoy the rest of the show."

As viewers left the studio, Alfie revved everyone up into seeing the podcast out with another rendition of Smokie's classic, Alice.

Adam Roebuck vs Khalil Straightgully

The House had earned themselves some new enemies lately in the form of the hired guns for Diamond Jewelz, Them MF’N Goons. The jOlt Tag Team Champions had promised to make this reign a memorable one where they defeated the teams of jOlt Champion Jesse Ramey and Gordon Patrick two weeks ago along with Cross The Hood in a Winner Take All match of the Starlets and Tag Titles. But The Goons may have had The House’s number, beating them in an Underground Rules match back at Courage 100. They renewed their feud last week when Latrell Samuel and Khalil Straightgully told them they were coming for the belts. Adam Roebuck was attacked by two masked men that resembled The Goons at bar in Miami last Tuesday. Now tonight, Roebuck wanted revenge and Khalil answered the challenge for a No Fear brawl tonight via the jOlt Twitter feed. Falls counted anywhere and no disqualifications.

Five Finger Death Punch’s “House of the Rising Sun” played and the crowd started to come alive. The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive pop from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of card toward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the large Nevada-bred four time jOlt Tag Team Champion appeared from the backstage area. The rare singles match was coming up for Adam Roebuck as he walked to the ring with his focus on the battle ahead. He raised his half of the jOlt Tag Team Titles and the crowd was going to witness a fight. The camera took note of Roebuck in his wrestling gear with his “Don’t Bet Against The House” shirt and taped up knee where the assailants at the bar did a number on the knee Cross The Hood worked over. Despite a slight limp, he was ready to lay a beatodwno on someone.

“Gangsta” by Schoolboy Q played next, but Roebuck’s eyebrow raised when it wasn’t the larger Khalil that appeared – his scheduled opponent was nowhere to be found and instead, it was Latrell Samuel standing at the edge of the entrance.

“Eat a dick, ya fat bitch!” Latrell screamed.

Roebuck threw down his half of the belts and quickly got the hell out of the ring as Latrell watched him march. The Las Vegas Leviathan headed up the ramp at an alarmingly quick rate for a man with a slightly bum wheel and Latrell was standing his ground. Roebuck got up to the ramp when Khalil came out from the entrance behind him, catching The Big Bucks off-guard with a big right hand.

The Tag Team Champion stumbled on the ramp and Huber was backstage preparing for his main event jOlt Championship match later with Jesse Ramey so Roebuck was all alone. Latrell watched and egged on his larger partner as he grabbed Roebuck by his thinning long hair. He threw some punches into his head and tried to slam him into the video wall, but Roebuck blocked it and he chucked Khalil right into the metal plating holding up the jOltvision.

Latrell panicked that their trap hadn’t worked and he instinctively went after Roebuck trying to protect Khalil. The foot soldier for Diamond Jewelz quickly learned the hard way that trying to attack Roebuck from behind was a bad move. He lifted him up off the ground and body slammed him right there on the hard unforgiving ramp!

It was a two-on-one situation that had just been turned into a one-on-one now. Roebuck picked up Khalil and threw another fist that sent him stumbling down the ramp. Roebuck was going to take this fight to the ring where he felt it belonged. He ripped off his House shirt and wrapped it around Straightgully’s throat in an effort to strangle the life out of him. The crowd was all in for Roebuck’s corner and The Las Vegas Leviathan was going to take him to task. With the shirt wrapped around his neck, he muscled him over and threw him right into the barricade.

Both of Them MF’N Goons were incapacitated for the moment, so a war-hungry Roebuck pulled up the apron skirt and grabbed several weapons ranging from a couple of chairs, trash cans and their respective lids, an inexplicably-placed stop sign and others before throwing it all back into the ring. Khalil tried to stand when he grabbed him by the neck and his wrestling tights before he threw him inside the squared circle.

The Las Vegas Leviathan climbed into the ring when his progress got halted by a trash can lid right between the eyes. The strike echoed out like a loud gunshot in the jOlt Arena and the crowd freaked out some. Both Roebuck and Khalil stood at six-foot seven but the Goon had the youth and speed on his side so he opened up on him with some stiff punches in the corner.

With Roebuck stunned in the corner, he grabbed a trash can and brought it down right on the big dome of The Big Bucks which sent him backwards. When Khalil lifted it up for a second one he kicked him right in the chest and swatted the dented can out of his hands. When Straightgully tried another right hand, Roebuck blocked that and struck back with one of his own sending the Goon across the ring. Roebuck then charged right at him and crushed him with a body avalanche that drove the air out of him. Straightgully got thrown out of the corner and Roebuck ran off the ropes to deliver a running twisting elbow drop right into his heart! Roebuck rolled over and covered him.




The camera closed in on Latrell Samuel up on top of the ramp who was still hurt on the ground. The Big Bucks was back in the ring and shoved Khalil back in the corner with some elbows. He then picked up the trash can lid …


His usual four open handed chops were replaced with four vile shots with the trash can lid, each one denting it worse and worse against Khalil’s skull. The Las Vegas Leviathan then picked up the trash can itself and he cracked him upside the skull with it! The crowd was cheering and Roebuck tossed the can aside and hooked a leg.



Big kickout!

Khalil Straightgully’s head was ringing really bad but Roebuck wasn’t going to forget or forgive Them MF’N Goons attacking him at one of his favorite drinking establishments in Miami. Roebuck picked him up again and he struck Straightgully with body shots and pinballed him back and forth against the corner. Khalil came back off the ropes he kicked him in the taped-up left knee.

Roebuck’s knee was hurt and he dropped down slightly while Khalil took some precious free time to recover from the hurting laid down on him. The near three-hundred pound Straightgully headed out of the ring, but Roebuck chased after him and the two traded blows on the floor now. Khalil fought with two big right hands and Roebuck answered with a devastating headbutt that sent him stumbling around the ringside floor. He palmed the back of his head and he threw him into the ringpost now. Khalil leaned against the post when Roebuck tried to charge only to hit nothing but the post itself!

Straightgully had seen enough and he took the steel steps from the nearby area. The weapons were in his hand when he grabbed it and slugged him in the knee with it! Roebuck feel to the ground and was seething in pain as Khalil dropped the steps. He picked up one of the chairs and clobbered Roebuck the knee followed by a brutal shot to the top of his head. He went down when Khalil went for a cover on the ringside floor.



Roebuck kicked out!

The jOlt Tag Team Champion was being worked over by Khalil Straightgully and it was working to perfection just as Latrell Samuel started to head down the ramp. Them MF’N Goons both muscled Roebuck into the ring and got the big monster back inside the ring. Latrell rooted on his tag team partner getting back into the ring in order to put the boots to him. He aimed some kicks at the wrapped up leg and continued to beat him down.

He picked up a chair and grabbed it before folding it shut and slamming it down into the knee again! Roebuck was being taken to task in this match after a dominating start and now they were focusing in on the knee that they both attacked at The Abbey when they jumped Adam.


The Goons were reveling in the negative crowd response and Latrell yelled at them from the outside while Khalil waited for Roebuck to try and stand. When the big Las Vegas Leviathan tried to limp upwards, Straightgully charged with the chair …


Roebuck knocked the chair out of his hand with a good shot of his own with another steel chair! He swatted it out of his hand and he kicked Straightgully into the ropes with his good hand. When he came back towards him, Roebuck caught him and he flattened him with a spinning sidewalk slam! Roebuck’s knee was hurt badly though and he couldn’t follow up immediately, but he tried to fight through the pain and crawled over to pin him.



Close, but no cigar!

The bigger of the Goons just kicked out of the move, but Adam Roebuck was still ready to finish things for good. He tried pulling him back up to his feet when Khalil stopped him by raking the eyes. Straightgully them took another chair again when Roebuck punched it back in his face with a sick left hook.

Roebuck shook his hand in pain while Straightgully stumbled around the ring. He was picked up and taken down with a big belly to belly throw on the canvas before Roebuck ran his hand across his throat. He ran off the ropes and he dropped all of his weight down by simply falling right into a splash on Straightgully! Roebuck was slow to cover due to his knee, but eventually followed through after hitting the deadly move.



But a chair to the back from Latrell Samuel stopped that cover! Roebuck flinched in pain and stayed there while Latrell frantically smashed him right in the back three more times with the chair. He tried to swing again when Roebuck got his hand up to block the shot and threw it away. He slapped the chair out of Latrell’s hand and grabbed him by the throat…


His vicious running elbow smash caught Roebuck in the back of the head and made him let go in the corner and sent him stumbling against the ropes! He dropped Latrell and the high flyer got the hell out of the ring as Khalil dropped a chair mid-ring …


The big spine-rattling side slam dropped Roebuck on the chair and now Straightgully covered him for the win.




Khalil Straightgully had just pulled out a massive upset tonight and despite it being a two-on-one situation, Roebuck put up a great fight only to go down to the younger and more vicious Goon! The crowd was jeering en masse as Them MF’N Goons stood over Roebuck with Latrell coming into the ring with the half of the Tag Titles that belonged to Roebuck.

“This shit gonna be ours, Hoefuck!” Latrell shouted in his ear.

Khalil and Latrell looked like they had some bad intentions in mind for Roebuck when they were about to pick up some more weapons … but then came Derrick Huber to the rescue! The other half of the Tag Team Champions had the opportunity of a lifetime tonight against Jesse Ramey, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t come to the rescue of his friend!

Huber had a chair in hand of his own so Them MF’N Goons scurried from the ring like cockroaches. They retreated up the ramp as Huber watched them before checking on a pissed-off Roebuck. The big story was that coming out of this match, Them MF’N Goons had just made a massive statement. They had defeated the House back on Courage 100 in an Underground Rules match and tonight, No Fear Rules led to a huge win for Khalil Straightgully! They had made a serious case for a future jOlt Tag Team Title match!

Winner: Khalil Straightgully via Pinfall

"Zero Tolerance"


The camera zoomed in on Damien Lee’s office and the man he was yelling at?

It was none other than Jeremy Ryan. Fresh off a victory over Shi No Ryu from earlier and a vicious attack of an innocent trainer that had merely come out to do his job, Ryan stood front and center in front of Damien Lee seething behind this own desk.

“Well,” Ryan said. “I was thinking about dropping some pencil-necked fuck on his head… and then I dropped some pencil-necked fuck on his head.”

“You think this is FUNNY?” Lee’s voiced raised with the last word. “You think that your actions have made you in ANY way deserving of a title shot, Jeremy? And before you answer that with some profanity-laden tirade and throw out tired derogatory slurs on MY show and get us in trouble with our sponsors… you THINK that you, somehow, deserve a title shot?”

As serious as a heart attack, Ryan leaned forward with both hands pressed down on the desk.

“Yes. I do.”


Lee pointed a finger at Jeremy before inching closer to the desk.

“You’ve been NOTHING but trouble for me since day one, Ryan. Yeah, on The Hype, you were one of – quite possibly THE best wrestler that has come out of it. You work a style that isn’t seen that often in America and as much as I can’t stand you personally, you’re an attraction. But you want to know why you’re not in more main events? Why you haven’t gotten many more opportunities until recently? Because of your – to coin a phrase from you – your SHITTY attitude!”

Ryan quietly fumed and stood there while Damien Lee continued.

“You come in here and act like you own the place. Sure, I’ve dealt with lots of people like you before… “Superstar” Vince Jacobs. Aran Thompson. Landon Stevens. And maybe I didn’t like the way they all handled their business, but at the end of the day, they respected the business. They showed no respect for almost no one and not a damn thing, but at the end of the day, they all had respect for it. You? I have no doubt you want to be at the top, but you coming out there weekly, using my airtime and my show to push whatever ignorant misogynistic propaganda about you being a quote-unquote ‘real man’ throwing out slurs like this was still early 2000 when that kind of behavior was more rampant. And what’s worse… you attack MY staff. Not wrestlers, but STAFF! Remember Raul Zapada? He QUIT after his first day on the job because you broke his nose and I had to do EVERYTHING short of giving him your job to get him to not sue me and this company!”

After damn near blowing a gasket, he scooted back in his chair while Ryan simply stood there, ready to flip.

“You done?”

Lee laughed. “No. I’m NOT done, Jeremy. This behavior won’t stand. You WILL be fined for what happened out there with that trainer, Greg. You WILL pay in full by next week and your pay from Wrestlecade? That’s now going to whatever medical bill results from this stunt with Greg.”


“No, this ISN’T okay. Effective immediately, there will be a zero tolerance policy on you! If you lay a SINGLE hand on any of my officials. Myself, referees, trainers… even the damn hot dog guy! Then you’ll be suspended indefinitely You will sit at home until your contract runs out and I will make damn sure that the only place you’re wrestling for is some Boys & Girls Club gymnasium in front of ten people! Am I clear?”

jOlt’s Last Real Man popped the bones in his neck and leaned back.

“Yeah… But let me tell YOU…”

Now he was just about nose to nose with Damien Lee.

“I WILL be at the top whether people want me to be or not. There is NO power that will keep me from being the fucking man in this company. Not Brody… Not Jewelz… and certainly not YOU…”

He turned on his heel and slammed the door behind him, leaving a disgusted Damien Lee alone to consider Ryan’s promises.

"A Close Encounter"

His robe swooshed and his boots clapped off the pavement with every step. As The Draconian marched through jOlt arena garage, other wrestlers and staff took notice.

This tall, thick man with white skin, dark eyes and bold blue hair caught everyone’s eye. They murmured to each other…

… Who the hell is that?

… He ain’t normal, that’s for sure.

… Dear god he’s big.

Where was The Draconian going this moment? No one could fathom, and no one seemed to want to try and catch his attention, until Nate Quartermaine stepped from a group of four wrestlers into the way of the outsider.

“Oh hey there” Nate looked with a semi-suspicious eye.

The Draconian stopped and looked down to Nate. Yes, Quartermaine was 6’2’’ but now he was looking up at the thick jaw of a beast. The unfamiliar, pale giant was a bit more intimidating up close.

Nate postured. “New to jOlt, I take it? Name’s Nate Quartermaine, former college All-American, what’s yours?”

The Draconian simply continued to look down at Nate without response.

“Alright, alright, I get that you’re not the talkative type.” Nate was doing his best not to take offense. “Big guy like you is probably looking to make a splash, eh? I'm looking to do the same myself. Now that I earned my freedom from The Rebellion, I'm taking matters into my own hands now.”

The Draconian didn’t respond… he just stared. Nate kept place and stared straight back up into the black, deep eyes.

“Still not talking, eh? Well... since I haven’t found a willing foe tonight, how about you and I go out to that ring so we can both prove ourselves... tonight!” Nate chuckled in a way that wasn’t self-depracating for friendliness’ sake, but because he knew he wasn’t an easy opponent.

“Are you in or out, guy?”

The Draconian just… stared.

“Do you speak English?”

The Draconian stared.

“All this blank staring is starting to get under my skin... if you don’t want to go, I do. I’m going to find Mr. Lee and get this set.”

The Draconian stopped staring and looked past Quartermaine to seemingly nowhere. A deep, dark voice emanated, “I will break you.”

Nate’s brow furrowed and his jaws clenched as The Draconian walked past; the swishing of his robe and boots clapping the pavement continued as he disappeared around the corner.

Diamond Jewelz(c) vs Jensen Todd

A graphic displaying Jensen Todd vs Diamond Jewelz is displayed on the jOltVision sending the jOlt Arena into a frenzy. It’s now time for jOlt’s resident Jeweler to “shine”, literally and figuratively, in front his loyal “Customers”, and detractors alike, once again. As punishment for their actions for interrupting each other’s affairs in previous weeks, Mack Brody, Jeremy Ryan and Jewelz have all been paired against a different young and hungry up and comer from the “Cerebrus”. Tonight “Mr. Relentless”, the reigning and defending Relentless Champion, is pitted against young hungry superstar Jensen Todd in a No Holds Barred, one on one affair for the Relentless Title. Simon Boulder stands in the middle of the ring under a spotlight, the rest of the arena, including one Jensen Todd, who bounces around frantically awaiting jOlt’s “gOlden bOy”, is shrouded in darkness. Jewelz’s entrances, minus the grand fare of the custom ring attire and O.G. Simpson have lost much of their flare; but nonetheless, the jOlt faithful are no less electric preceding the entrance of the Jeweler as his customers, clad in faux jewelry pieces and imitation grillz chant loudly “We Stay Shining” pledging allegiance to the jeweler and “tHe hUstle”, while his dissenters emit the ever so familiar chants of “Wal-Mart Jeweler”.

“And now, hailing from Las Vegas Nevada, the Champion…..” Simon Boulder announces.

The bass rifts from "Gotta Take It" by Nipsey Hussle pulse through the PA system of the jOlt arena as Mr. Relentless, Diamond Jewelz, cursive signature logo flashes across the joltVision followed quickly by his trademark "#sOdAmnsErious" slogan and a serious face with blinged out grill emoticon logo. A raucous cheer erupts from the crowd. Jewelz is more loved than hated these days; his ruthlessness, aggression and the spectacle of all that jewelry have made him the greatest spectacle in jOlt. Jewelz, covered in the gleam of diamonds and gold from his numerous articles of jewelry, chiefly his Relentless Title, bursts out from behind the curtain to the mostly cheers, of the jOlt arena. Unlike former days, Jewelz’s “Customers” far outnumber his “Haters” now.

“He is Mr. Relentless…. Diamond Jewelzzzzzzz” Boulder finishes Jewelz introduction with style and flare; these entrances or nothing like O.G. Simpson does it though.

His shoes are hightop tennis shoes, a combination of purple and gold; his kneepads are white, and covered in a yellow "#sOdAmNsErious" insignia, as are his elbow pads; he sports his usual purple tights with his logo on the back!!! A white form fitting Diamond Jewelz/#sOdAmNsEriOus shirt covers his tall, muscular frame, and his neck and wrists are draped in a plethora of diamond, gold, and platinum jewelry pieces; his Relentless Title, his chief piece of jewelry, is wrapped across his waist, and his custom DJ chain, which JCon stole a little over a year ago, hangs down right above it. His white shirt is stained from a mixture of baby oil and sweat; he freezes in front of the crowd, showing off the different articles of jewelry on each body part he wears, and then goes into a piece by piece display, flaunting his custom pieces of jewelry he has crafted much like a bodybuilder would show off each individual muscle group he has crafted. As Jewelz approaches the ring, he reveals the gleam of the purple, platinum and gold grill he wears as he mumbles words inaudible to the camera. With each passing week Jewelz is regaining the swagger and bravado he lost due to the devastation losing his prized gOlden bOy Title brought him! Despite having lost his most valuable piece of jewelry to Mack Brody, Jewelz is quickly regaining his form heading into WrestleCade and his opportunity at a shot at jOlt gOld and possibly his old Next Generation Superstars tag partner Jesse Ramey. Seems about right for Jewelz. But don’t you remember last WrestleCade season when Jewelz was in an identical situation with JCon concerning his custom DJ chain. His hunger for his most prized jewelry piece catapulted him to one of his most inspiring performances to date against JCon on jOlts biggest stage; his gOld lust is once again driving another WrestleCade gOld Rush as Jewelz is now set to now battle for what is almost guaranteed title reign, for the simple fact that the #1 contendership that is on the line at ‘Cade can be cashed in at any time. Jewelz’s lust for his custom crafted jewelry pieces made of the fines precious metals and diamonds, although it should be keeping him from prosperity, keeps fueling runs at jOlt’s most prestigious titles and competitors. Jewelz’s quest to regain his gOlden bOy Title has him in the mix to obtain legendary status by putting him in line to be jOlt’s next World Heavyweight Title Holder.

Jewelz climbs into the ring and in his arrogance, slowly and methodically removes his various pieces of jewelry, lastly his Relentless Title, to the jeers of his haters.

“Ehh Bitch…Let’s do this shit,” Jewelz commands to Kim Adams, smiling after his obviously repugnant and chauvinistic comments. Kim immediately goes over to Jewelz and inaudibly offers a stern warning, influencing Jewelz to hold his hands up.

“Be gentle hoe.. Be gentle… This my first time having a woman ref!.. I’m a virgin… Take care of me”, He backs off his previous comments now adding new insults and then giving a wide blinging smile. Adams, blushing in anger, gives another stern warning and rings the bell.

Jewelz quickly rushes Todd in a viscous onslaught of punches forearms and kicks. Jewelz, being the devious villain that he is, mixes shots to the groin and the back of the head to his onslaught; Todd is overwhelmed. He’s never experienced anything like this on the Hype. The match being contested under NHB rules though, Adams is helpless to step in and legislate anything. Jewelz flings Todd into the corner and hits him with shots to the midsection coupled with shots to the groin and the thigh. Todd is obviously in a world of pain and is doubled over. Jewelz jumps up on the second rope and hits a guillotine leg drop on Todd. He immediately goes for the cover.


The young gritty masked superstar immediately kicks out. There’s no way the quickly up and coming superstar from the Hype is going to allow his opportunity at superstardom to be squandered like that. Jewelz, the crafty veteran, gets up from Todd and immediately goes back to his high flying antics by mounting the top rope. Todd makes his way back to his feet and the flashy high flyer Jewelz hits a huge front kick which almost decapitates Todd, Jewelz stands prone over Todd. And seeing the devastating effects of his assault, waits for Todd to get back to his feet. Todd slowly makes his way off his knees and Jewelz goes bouncing off the ropes.

“Moissanite Tester”

The Frankensteiner, rechristened and named after the tool that jeweler’s use to test the authenticity of precious metals and jewels has marked Todd as “false goods. Jewelz immediately goes for the cover.



Kickout… Todd has got a load of heart. He’s definitely a survivor. Jewelz is throwing the most potent shots from his arsenal early and often at Todd and Todd is refusing to Relent. Jewelz, grits his teeth in anger, emitting a stunning bling. Jewelz doesn’t capitalize on the downed Todd and continue to work on him but instead, goes to the Top Rope to deliver another home run swing.

Asaiiiiiiii Mooonsault…

He misses… Jewelz misses the flashy move and lands face first on the mat. Jewelz is way too arrogant. He’s in a title match and he’s underestimating Todd. Todd collects himself and immediately capitalizes. Todd seems like more of the veteran here. He hits Jewelz with viscous blows to the head, punches and knees and then… out of nowhere… Lycan Driver… Lycan Driver….

We could have a new Relentless Champion here… The match being contested under NHB rules though, Adams is helpless to step in. 1………………………


Kickout… At the last second. Todd rolls away from Jewelz devastated as the crowd, mostly Jewelz partisans, exhales a sigh of relief. Todd bangs both hands on the matt in agonizing frustration. He went for the homerun and got intercepted on the warning track. In this homerun derby, that missed shot could cost Todd the contest between these two sluggers.

Todd picks Jewelz up and flings him into the ropes…

Crown Jewel

Jewelz hit one of his potent moves out of nowhere. Another homerun shot by Jewelz. Todd didn’t swing hard enough at his turn at bat and this could be the end of him. Jewelz, still dazed from the missed moonsault and the Lycan Driver tries to regain his feet but stumbles into the ropes in a punch drunk haze. Jewelz manages to regain his balance and stumbles over to the turnbuckle to mount the top rope. 3,106.75 Carats

The Phoenix Splash by another name… Jewelz goes for the cover.




Jewelz has retained his title in this exhibition. Jewelz rolls from Todd with his hands on his head in a mix of exhaustion and relief, and sits up, giving a large blinging smile into the camera. Boulder slides him his Relentless Title and he includes it in the picture. If tonight’s match was any indication, Jewelz is ready to put it all on the line at WrestleCade and repeat history by regaining his most prized custom jewelry piece, and also as a bonus, a promissory note for jOlt wOrld Heavyweight gOld.

Winner: Diamond Jewelz via Pinfall

"Silver Bullet"

And back to the locker room we go! To the locker room of the Heirs of Wrestling, to be precise. Frank Silver, Ryan Gallway, and Mack Brody all sat back in the locker room discussing strategy.

“You guys got this tonight?” Brody asked, watching his partners train for their possible match tonight against members of The Dead Cell.

“Yeah,” Frank said, holding a heavy bag for Ryan throwing kicks into. “We NEED this tonight. We’re getting fucking sick and tired of getting laid out by whatever punk bitches want to come in here and get famous. If it’s not The Dead Cell, it’s Orphan. If it’s not Orphan, it’s somebody else. We’re fucking DONE with this shit and somebody needs to take a stand.”

“Might as well be us!” Ryan said, still throwing kicks at the bag.

Brody looked nonplussed at The Prince of Precision.

“Did… did you just say something without making a big joke about it? Frank, did you hear this?”

“Yeah,” Frank replied. “He’s almost as pissed off as I am about this whole thing. We ain’t dicking around tonight. We have 364 other days where we can do all of that…”

“Hmph. No wonder you’ve been slipping.”

Brody, Silver and Gallway all turned to the doorway and when the camera panned over, a loud gasp could be heard in the crowd. A man who the wrestling world had passed by in 2009 had made his first appearance ANYWHERE on a wrestling show in the last six years. When he was last seen, he had a cup of coffee in the fWo and before that, became a Universal Champion and Hall of Famer for the defunct PRIME promotion. The man was the person that Frank Silver got his last name from…


For the wrestling fans that remembered him, Sonny was a cutthroat bastard who terrorized many organizations with a brand of violence and evilly sarcastic wit. Sporting longer salt-and-pepper hair with a clean-shaven face for the first time in a long time, Sonny entered the room and glanced at Mack Brody and then at Ryan Gallway in a somewhat dismissive manner before turning to Frank.

“THIS is what you’ve been doing when I allowed you to use the Silver name?” Sonny asked. “The FUCK is up with this shit?”

Frank turned to Ryan and Mack with a displeased look. “Ryan… you’ve met my Godfather, Sonny. Mack… meet the man who uses the word “Fuck” as a comma instead of a swear word.”

“Bro…” Brody said extended a hand.

Sonny looked at it before tensely shaking his hand. He turned to Frank.

“I’m not here to gladhand and suck your dicks,” Sonny said. “You asked me here for a reason. Why did you call me away from my island paradise in Hawaii to come back here and deal with… I dunno, whatever the hell you’ve got going on here?”

“Look, I’ll leave you guys to this, this is a family moment and…” Brody said. “Got my match to prepare for. Later.”

“See you, man,” Ryan called out.

Mack took his belongings and left he ring before The Sovereign Superman turned to his Godfather and sighed.

“Sonny… we’re tired of this shit. I’m going to be the first to admit it… lately it feels like we’re getting to the end of our rope. Mack Brody’s doing his all out there, but me and Ryan? We’ve been jumped from behind and people have been coasting off OUR name…”

“You mean MY name…” Sonny corrected. “The Silver name.”

Frank got quiet. “Yeah… you’ve told me about these moments in your career… the one where you hit your head against the brick wall trying to change things when it didn’t go your way. How did you get over those moments?”

“Me?” Sonny told him. “I went out there and fucked the other guy up! When somebody challenged me, I stomped the life out of them until they stopped moving… unless, it was Lindsay Troy. Then I lost unceremoniously except a ladder match that one time… man, that was a fucking hoot, you should’ve seen the look on her dumbass face when I grabbed the belt and she thought she was going to beat me in a match SHE excelled at… I mean, I lost every other time, but that one… haha. Yeah, that one was final. I beat her and ended that rivalry.”

Frank said. “Wait, I was training with you at that time… didn’t she beat YOU for the Universal Title a few months later?”

Silver glared at him. “…Do you want my help or are you going to stand there and correct MY revisionist history? Fuck you, junior.”

“Yeah, man! What do you we do?” Gallway asked.

“…This is seriously scary, his mental train is more on time than yours, Frank. You kick the living SHIT out of them! And if they stomp you back… you stomp THEM harder! Fuck up these retarded swat rejects and make them wish they never turfed on you or jOlt Wrestling! That’s my advice!”

Frank and Ryan exchanged glances.

“Uuhh…. That’s all you got?” Ryan said, perturbed.

Sonny turned to look at Gallway again. “Or I dunno… fucking kick them in the balls. What do you want me to do, go out there and WRESTLE for you?”

“Well… no, no, I guess not.”

“But… good luck out there. Don’t let THESE guys get to you. Stomp them out.”

“Gee, thanks, Dad!” Frank said with a sarcastic tone.

Sonny turned and glared at him with a look that was probably meant to spontaneously combust him.

“…What the fuck did I tell you about doing that?”

The Hall of Famer took his leave while Frank and Ryan went back to their training. Despite Sonny’s… well, Sonny-ish demeanor, he spoke truth. And perhaps getting over the mental block could help them.

The Draconian vs Nate Quartermaine

“I Don’t Wanna Stop” by Ozzy Osbourne blasted from the speakers to a hail of cheers as out stepped a 6’2’’ thick necked wrestler in black and brown attire. Down the ramp Nate Quartermaine walked, occasionally pointing to the fans in recognition, a few sparks of pyrotechnics but nothing extravagant. After rolling into the ring he bounced off the ropes a couple of times to loosen up his muscles.

Nate was the All-American Athlete; always prepared, always strong of mind and always willing.

But then his waiting and warming up got awkward when his music blared on and his opponent didn’t appear. Nate looked around in annoyance while the fans began to buzz in anticipation. He anxiously glanced over to referee Simon Boulder, and all Boulder could do was shrug.

The lights fell.

Blue strobes of light began to bounce off the crowd and ring.

“Scheme” by STS9

A few moments later out from the curtain emerged a titan; 7’2’’ of unadulterated pale white muscle. Blue hair shrouded a face featuring completely black eyes.

The Draconian stopped at the top of the ramp and took in his surroundings. It was a mixed reaction as the fans began their assumptions and formed immediate opinions; nobody seemed to agree on this new wrestler which made for an odd noise from the typically black and white fan chorus.

As the rhythmic, odd beat of “Scheme” echoed he made his way down to the ring. With each step down the ramp a double shot of blue pyros screamed up vertically behind him. He found the stairs and climbed up, taking two steps down the side he ducked and sidestepped between the ropes.

There was no bouncing, pacing or movement then; he stopped and looked across the ring at Nate Quartermaine. Nate pulled his knees one-by-one to his chest for one final hamstring stretch as his coaches taught him all his life.

“Scheme” faded out and the lights returned to normal as referee Simon Boulder ran backwards between them calling for the bell with his arm.


The Draconian stood still while Nate spent another second sizing this new guy up. Guardedly Nate approached his opponent while The Draconian made no movement in preparation of the altercation. The crowd began to boo the listless, giant, or just the situation in general. They didn’t like the delay.

Nate looked to the crowd and shook his head in both agreement and amazement. With a shrug of amusement, Nate turned back around and initiated battle.

It was a quick step in to take a punch and test the white behemoth’s defenses when The Draconian flinched his large arm out catching Quartermaine’s fist. Nate’s eyes went wide with surprise then instantly clinched shut with pain as he fell to his knees.

The Draconian gripped his opponent’s fist for a moment then picked him up by it, followed by an unexpectedly quick spin flinging Quartermaine to the ropes. Off the far ropes Quartermaine came flying back into a brick wall, his head bouncing off the white wall of a chest.

Nate bounced on the ground and scrambled to his feet… this wasn’t going well. The Draconian stood his ground and stared while Nate reminded himself he should always be on offense.

The All-American Athlete came rushing back, faked going left and spun his body around to the right catching The Draconian squarely with an elbow to the side of the head. The Draconian took a few steps away looking annoyed as Nate pressed his attack.

Nate grabbed The Draconian’s left hand with his own and delivered two solid rights, then leaned in to throw his opponent off the ropes. In the effort Nate found himself pulling an immoveable object as his legs went out from under him.

A huge boot flashed above his face and came down. Then another. Then another.

The Draconian picked Nate up and moved him toward the corner, edging any possible escape. It was there that this strange, large newcomer dropped his shoulder and began repeatedly ramming it into Nate’s gut. Nate felt some ribs bruising, if not breaking.

Feeling himself being lifted, Nate was suddenly sitting on top of the turnbuckle with his legs planted on the inside of the middle ropes. His opponent climbed up in front of him looking for a superplex… Nate refused to let it get out of hand this early. With a quick, well placed punch Nate knew he caught his foe off guard.

Nate reached over the mass of blue hair to clinch a guillotine, then moved his feet up to the top rope and leapt forward performing a front flip. The Draconian’s thick neck firmly entrenched under his arm, Nate pulled off a top rope neckbreaker.


The crowd cheered and Nate felt surprised at what he just did; he had to keep up the momentum. Nate flipped onto this stomach and pressed up to be on his feet – he had done countless exercises to get back on his feet as soon as possible.

He stepped to The Draconian and strenuously picked him up to his feet, from there Quartermaine threw too quick elbows upward, ran off to the far rope and came back. With a quick lift of his leg on the return he caught the bending giant with a knee to the head.

The fans started to get riled up and Nate was feeling his groove. This new guy was big, a little immobile but not unbeatable, right?

Nate kept up the attack trying once more to use his speed and strength off the ropes. Coming in behind for a bulldog, The Draconian ducked and shied his neck away as if he knew it was coming. Quartermine fell firmly on his ass, sending a stab of pain up his back. Nate rolled in agony more than would be expected from such an impact; something wasn’t right. The pain was strong… stronger than he had ever felt in his lower back. Ruptured disc? Some sort of crack? It hurts.

The Draconian stood silently and looked around the arena while Nate attempted to get back up on his feet. Clearly Nate was in trouble; The Draconian stepped forward and swatted Nate’s defensive punch to the side, delivering a solid headshot of his own. Nate dropped to his back, which sent yet another shot of pain through his back.

Scooped to his feet Nate felt himself being lifted quite high. Head over heels he landed victim to a solid, perfectly executed suplex… his toes were 15 feet away from where they just were. Again he was lifted off the mat, pain seized up is lower back and legs.

Something didn’t seem right since he was on his feet and a large hand was gripping his throat; spit ejecting from his mouth every time he tried to take a breath. Up into the air, he looked across to the announcers’ desk realizing they must be 20 feet below him off to the side of the ring. Wait, that meant he was easily floating 11 feet above the ring…


Nate’s body banged off the matt with absolutely incredible force; his head spun and his lower back totally gave out on him. If there was one natural instinct left in him it was to keep breathing, but even that was out of his control… The Draconian’s hand firmly clenched around Quartermaine’s windpipe as he was being picked back up by the throat.

He was again floating in the air… The Draconian didn’t even use his spare hand to lift him 11 feet above the mat.


What was going on? Nate’s brain was reverberating.

There was someone or something laying sideway a top of him.

One smack on the mat echoed near his ears.

Then another.

Then a third.

A bell rang.

“Scheme” by STS9 again came from the speakers as The Draconian climbed to his feet, stepped out of the ring and walked backstage ignoring the fans. The crowd wasn’t sure what they saw, but a curious part of them liked it even if it was at the expense of a wrestler they liked. Then again, what they witnessed seemed wrong in so many ways.

It took a while to get back on his feet until referee Simon Boulder and a member of the medical staff helped Nate backstage. The show had gone to commercial 45 seconds well before that, though.

Winner: The Draconian via Pinfall

"One of Us"

The opening panning shot would gradually open the scene, leading to the ongoing murmur amongst the clan subordinates on hand themselves. Some uncovered as most preserved their identities via traditional ninja head gear or the garb of the renown Crimson Elite. The sound of the chamber opening quelled the subtle rumblings as the upper echelon of clan leadership entered in succession, led by the Blood Raven himself. Eiji Kugasari would soon halt at the apex of the raised platform as his fellow officers assumed their places to his immediate flanks in the positions of seiza. Adorned in predominantly Vermillion & Onyx hues, the new clan patriarch would calmly bring the assembly to order.

“There is much to say thought I will be brief…” Kugasari opened. “WrestleCade approaches...In a matter of weeks, we shall be brought full circle with an opportunity to get revenge upon the very heathens who have robbed not only myself of the jOlt Championship and of a viable symbol of power & control..but to redeem the honor of this clan upon the grandest stage of this promotion, if not, the industry itself.”

The Ibara native would casually saunter his way down each step.

“It is imperative that you all fulfill your respective obligations without fail.” Eiji continued. “Your respective superiors will disseminate further instructions before the end of this day. Remember to adhere to the The Oaths without any deviations of any kind. These moments shall stand among the most critical within this clan’s existence. We have endured many changes, as with many challenges...However, heed our unified stance…”

”...Failure is NOT an option…”

The chamber doors were heard opening again where the muscular masked man is seen lumbering onward. The Crimson Elite stood to attention on cue yet Kugasari kept them at bay by holding his hands out as a means of reassurance. Adorned with the hues familiar with the gathered assembly, the subordinates would visually inspect the ’outsider’ who was standing almost nose to nose with their clan general as the chamber hall doors were sealed shut...

“What if I were to tell you all about a contingency plan that was set in motion the very moment that our clan security was openly and publically compromised?” Mamoru bellowed as he slowly ascended to his feet. “What if the very individual that stand among us was personally vetted by our departed Lord Kenshiro himself? A ’gift’ as well as a ’weapon’ that will aid us in eradicating the most ardent of our enemies renown as The Rebellion?”

The murmurs would lessen as the reassuring nods grew in number. Both Heido & Takeshi would briefly look at one another before returning their attention toward the revealed sleeper agent. Eiji was seen nodding in kind with a subtle smirk.

“May I present to you the man known as Sayber” The elder statesman mentioned as he gently placed a hand on the respective shoulders of both Eiji & the enigmatic masked man.

“Well versed in Puroresu, like most of us, yet very cunning for a man of his size & stature. A virtual powerhouse yet this is not what makes him a dangerous individual; he is highly knowledgeable about the inner workings of our enemies in question. Coupled with our respective strengths and numbers, his wisdom will spell the end of this rival faction’s unsightly existence.”

Mamoru slowly walked past both men to formally address the rest of the assembly.

“Both Hubris & Wayward Ambition has placed the enemy into a highly compromising position.” Mamoru continued. “Their advances against us now must be measured for they cannot afford to remain careless. However, they are still highly dangerous. Desperation bring about the very worst in such an enemy so remain mindful within the days ahead. They now know they have overplayed their hand...Now, in time, we will no doubt crush it with our collective heels.”

Sayber would slightly turn his head toward the elder statesman briefly before scanning the remainder of the clan officers. Shoji was seen nodding subtly in kind.

“Get to know this man...for he is one of us…” Mamoru ordered. “The Kugasari Clan will be that undeniable force that our enemies will respect, if not, fear…”

The Blood Raven again nodded in respect before both he & Sayber would formally greet each other with a Forearm Clasp Handshake. On cue, the clan officers would rise to their feet to make Sayber feel welcome.

“Report to your assigned teams and await further instructions..” Mamoru ordered. “Destiny awaits our divine favor…”

The meeting was convened with a tangible sense of forward momentum and empowerment swelling within the air as the subordinates murmured while physically excusing themselves.

“Thank you for your assistance & allegiance…”The Blood Raven mentioned to Sayber, whom would engage him inaudibly in private as the scene faded in short order.

Mack Brody vs Maddox St. James

The show was now back from commercial break and with all gold ERRYTHANG in the ring, that meant it was that time once again… The ring ropes were not their usual colors and the ring was not, either. The ring was decorated with all gold ropes and the canvas was covered up with an equally shiny gold color. The fans were waiting with anticipation as to what was to happen.

“Ladies and gentlemen…” Dean Carrington announced. “Introducing at this time… HE IS O.G. SIMPSON!”

“I’m Getting Money” by OG Da Juiceman!

The camera panned to the top of the entrance ramp where none other than the personal ring announcer for the current gOlden bOy Champion made his way out… once again, he was wearing a downright swank golden-colored suit, an ungodly amount of gold chains, rings, and even a crown for some reason. He still hated this gig since it wasn’t his original employer, Diamond Jewelz with the belt, but the crowd gave the entertaining ring announcer some love as he walked towards the ring. He climbed up the steps and pulled out the signature golden-colored microphone as his music faded out.

“Ugh…” he said looking a little disgusted at the attire he was made to wear. “It’s that time of the evening, ladies and gentlemen… Eastside, Westside, I want all of you to stand up, say it loud and say it proud! Please welcome the Man Called Midas… SuperMack! The Bronze Bomber! The Philly Powerhouse! The Golden God! The” Simpson sighed before raising a hand and holding it out for the entrance. “yourgOldenbOychampionmackbrody…”

But the song wasn’t “What You Know” by T.I. Not tonight. Tonight was a little more fitting for the occasion…

“All Gold Everything” by Trinidad James.

When the music started to kick in, four LOVELY looking ladies stepped out from the back and started to dance in tune to the music, getting a series of loud cheers and catcalls from the males in attendance. They made their way out from the back and waved to the entrance where the gOlden bOy Champion himself, Mack Brody, was on his way out! He stopped and got a kiss from two of the lovely ladies before they went back to their alluring dancing.

The Arena of Champions began rocking along with the bass heavy anthem of all things gold while the entrance video showed a streaming collage, laden with the acquisitions of success & the array of destruction created by a hulking wrestling phenomenon. Brilliant flashes of Gold, Emerald & Pearl would dance along the entire entrance staging area and throughout the vast arena before the Bronze Bomber walked out from the back and slapped hands with the fans. He walked into the ring and actually shook hands with O.G. Simpson who just looked disgusted at having to do this. The winner of the gOlden bOy Championship meant that the services of The Juice came with it!



He raised the title before he patted the faceplate.

“Now, tonight, I’ve got a match against a member of Cerberus from The Hype… he is also another former ACW alum like myself… his name is Maddox St. James! Now, Maddox, I have no beef with you and in fact, I’ve got… wait for it…” He gestured to the belt. “A GOLDEN opportunity for you tonight my friend! As if you people haven’t already guessed by my already-awesome decoration of this ring… Maddox, if you want it, all you gotta do is show up and this becomes the Mack Daddy Challenge for the gOlden bOy Championship! What do you say to that?”

Brody sat back and waited for his opponent to see if he would indeed take him up on the challenge.

“Sound of Madness” by Shinedown.

The music played and the deaf star came out from the back to a nice ovation from the crowd. He looked to the ring and nodded towards Brody… I guess we were getting his answer!

“And the challenger…” O.G. Simpson said. “Some snowflake from up in Canada weighing at 245 pounds of cracker… Maddox St. James!

The Cerberus member couldn’t hear any of it, but was pleasantly surprised by the crowd’s reception. Already touted as a highly athletic prospect in the ring, he climbed up the ropes and cleared the ropes in a single leap! St. James approached Brody and he shook hands with the big man before the match began…


Referee Ian Nguyen signaled for the bell and the two men locked up! St. James was perhaps The Hype’s best pure athlete when it came to all-round skill in the ring, but one place he would not match Brody was in the power department. They grappled and SuperMack had the early advantage as he backed him into a corner. When Ian Nguyen ordered him to keep it clean, he did just that and the gOlden bOy Champion backed off without incident.

Maddox watched as Brody backed off from the corner and waved his hand, ordering him to bring it. The Cerberus member obliged and the two locked up a second time when Brody switched things up into a Headlock. The gOlden bOy Champion snapped him over with a takeover and held him down on the mat when he went for a cover.


St. James kicked out quickly and rolled around until he could get himself up to a knee, but Brody had that Headlock shit locked on tight. When St. James managed to get him back to the ropes and pushed him off. When Brody came back, he mowed him right over with a Running Shoulder, but James popped right back up with a kip-up!

“Damn,” Brody said to himself. “Good hops, bro.”

The Canadian-born St. Maddox looked a little proud of himself as he tried to lock Brody’s arm up in an arm wringer now before…




Three nice Knife-Edge Chops caught Brody in the chest and stunned the big man. He tried another whip when Brody shoved him away. He ran off the ropes looking for a big move when Maddox impressively leapfrogged over him. Brody came back off the rebound and caught him again with a nice Jumping Calf Kick off the rebound!

Brody was taken off his feet when Maddox St. James decided to up the tempo of this match quickly. He headed out to the ring apron and waited as Brody tried to recover from the leaping kick that St. James caught him with. The Cerberus member then leaped and connected hard with a Springboard Elbow Smash! The crowd popped for the high-impact move as Brody rolled out to the floor… St. James prepared for another attack…



He sacrificed himself in a big way to take down SuperMack on the floor and did just that with a DAMN impressive move! St. James and Brody were both down on the floor for several moments, but Maddox eventually got his way up first. He negotiated the large Brody back to his feet and rolled him into the ring before following up with a cover.



SuperMack kicked out! But now St. James was in control now and exercised said control with a barrage of Elbow Smashes to the jaw of Brody as he tried to rise. O.G. Simpson watched with some interest in the match was St. James led Brody to the corner with a few more well-placed shots to the head. He tried the Irish Whip on Brody, but SuperMack reversed that and sent him across the ring. He tried to leap backwards when Brody caught him on his shoulder. He turned around looking for a Running Powerslam when St. James crept out behind him and caught him with a roll-up!




He almost pulled out a big upset over one of the three men competing for the #1 Contendership at Wrestlecade! Brody rolled backwards and the big man tried to roll back. Mack ducked a Clothesline and St. James kept on running to the ropes. He tried a NICE Sunset Flip and tried to take Brody over, but SuperMack goozled and him and LIFTED the 245-pounder up by the throat and to his feet with great strength! He threw him into the corner and SLUGGED him with a huge Corner Clothesline!

Brody grabbed Maddox and set him up between the ropes in the corner as the cheering crowd started to go nuts. They knew what time it was….”


And the flex of the arm because fuck you, that’s why…



The Cerberus member was groggy on the apron when Brody brought him back in with a Suplex… but held him in place! He paced around the ring with Maddox in his grip before walking around in a circle to show off only to bring him down HARD with a Delayed Vertical Suplex! Brody rolled over and went for the cover while the crowd applauded the show of strength.




St. James got his shoulder up quickly! But Brody wasn’t done with him yet. He threw him into the corner and caught him with a Running Body Splash followed by hooking him by the waist. He held him out in a Bearhug before he THREW him over his head with an Overhead Belly to Belly!

The Hype star was down and now Brody was heading to the second rope. He’d used an ultra-effective Shoulder Tackle off the ropes in the past and looked like he was about ready to fly as the groggy St. James was about to stand again. When he did, Brody took flight and connected with the Flying Shoulder Tackle!




St. James was getting a good performance in for himself tonight, but he couldn’t be counted out yet. Brody grabbed him by the hair and shouted out to the crowd! He was going for the Midas Touch Powerbomb…


He landed on his feet and escaped the Powerbomb before throwing a flurry of kicks followed by a Low Spin Kick that doubled Brody over. He ran off the ropes…


A NASTY Flying Big Boot caught Brody right in the head, dimming the big man’s lights out! Maddox had his finisher well-scouted and came back with a heavy hit in his own arsenal! He rolled over and hooked the far leg of Brody!




St. James thought he had Brody there, but SuperMack had proved his own toughness in many wars with the top of jOlt’s upper echelon himself. Maddox kicked him in the leg several times now and possibly looked to soften up Brody for his Toronto Cloverlead submission. Expertly applied when used and could tap out the big man. He tried to cross the legs and get Brody over, but he used his free leg and kicked him away. Brody tried to stand and tried a Military Press when St. James slipped out behind him.


Brody ducked the oncoming Roundhouse and pushed St. James into the ropes. When he came back, he lifted him up and popped him up RIGHT into a Powerbomb position and started the multiple rotations that led right into…


SuperMack held onto the cover…




St. James gave him a great fight and even countered his finisher once, so Brody thought on the fly and used his power to get him set into a different variation on the Midas Touch Powerbomb, but he was defeated! The camera cut to O.G. Simpson who – despite not liking Brody as his employer – was visibly impressed with that scary show of power.


He raised the title for the cheering crowd and then reached over to help a shaken-up Maddox back to his feet.

“Fucking awesome, man.”

Brody held out his hand and patted on him the back and the two engaged in a friendly handshake before a groggy Maddox left the ring and limped towards the back, albeit under his own power. Maddox St. James proved himself tonight while Brody himself proved he was shying away from no challenge. And he would need every last ounce of strength and courage he could muster if he was to walk out of Wrestlecade as the #1 Contender to the jOlt Championship.

Winner: Mack Brody via Pinfall

Omega(c) vs Shiloh

This match was demanded earlier in the night by the Fearless Champion. This shows how maniacal and devious Omega really is by demanding a match with Shiloh. Lee was backed into a corner but Seraph is not going to be happy.

"Devil's Dance" by Metallica started to play over the PA system as the crowd looked to the stage to see the manager of the seven foot monster Seraph walking out from the backstage area without the monster. She was not happy and very afraid at what the mad man Omega may do to her. Shiloh walked down the ramp and slid into the ring. You can see her shaking as she waited for the mad man to come to the ring.

The arena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of Marilyn Manson’s “Redeemer” echoed throughout the arena. The lights from cellphones illuminated the arena as the lyrics continued to play. The cameras panned around to the stage as Omega suddenly appeared holding the new Fearless Championship in his right hand. The fans jeered as a young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

we are free
now we are ONE

A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the champion slowly made his way down the ramp to the ring. The lights slowly came back on as Omega made it into the ring with his black hoodie covering his entire face. The Fearless Champion climbed into the ring and smirked as he looked at Shiloh who was scared to death.

Simon Boulder was in the middle of the ring pleading with Omega to not go through this match. The champion smiled as he handed his title to Boulder. Boulder pointed for the bell to be rung as he handed the Fearless title to the timekeeper. The boogeyman circled Shiloh in the ring as she tried to stay away from him. Shiloh tried to run out of the ring but Omega grabbed her from behind dragging her back into the ring. The big man was just playing with Shiloh in the middle of the ring because he knew he could do anything he wanted to her.

Omega pulled Shiloh up to her feet by her hair and slammed her down hard to the mat. Boulder tried to step between the two in order to get Omega to stop this match. The crowd erupted in a commotion as Seraph was trying to make his way to the stage but was being held back by a dozen of security. Omega smirked as he picked up the lifeless body of the starlet and hooked her in the middle of the ring in a Reverse Argentine Backbreaker. The Fearless Champion stared at the seven foot monster as he carried Shiloh around the ring.

A loud hush covered the arena as Omega drove Shiloh to the mat with THE END. The champion smirked as he cover Shiloh in the middle of the ring. Boulder reluctantly dropped down for the count. Seraph was still trying to break through security as he just witnessed Shiloh being driven into the mat by the mad man Omega.




Seraph finally started to break through the security force as a dozen men could not stop the monster from getting his hands on the champion. Seraph raced to the ring and started to climb over the top rope where Omega was waiting for him with huge right hands. Boulder was able to get himself and Shiloh out of the ring. The mad man continued to pound on Seraph as the monster was finally able to make it into the ring. The two powerhouses started to trade blows in the middle of the ring. Omega drove a huge knee into Seraph’s midsection that staggered the seven footer for a second. That’s all Omega needed as he grabbed Seraph by the arm and whipped him into the ropes.

Seraph bounced off the ropes and Omega was looking for a clothesline but the seven footer was able to duck under the attempt. Seraph quickly turned around and grabbed Omega by the throat.


The huge sit out choke slam got a gasp from the crowd as Seraph just drove Omega into the mat. Seraph pushed Omega to the side as he rolled to the floor to check on Shiloh. Boulder quickly moved out of the way as Seraph picked up Shiloh who was still out from being dropped earlier with The End. Omega slowly turned to his stomach to see Seraph carrying Shiloh up the ramp. The camera panned in to see Omega with a smile on his face as he was just driven into the mat by the seven foot monster. The camera faded backstage as Omega continued to smile.

Winner: Omega via Pinfall

Heirs of Wrestling vs The Dead Cell
With the focus returning to the ringside area, the crowd rose to their feet with the playing of "Money" by D/R Period. Ryan Gallway was bursting with energy, as he came rushing out to the top of the entrance. Frank, on the other hand, was focused solely on the task at hand. His godfather's pep talk, and that term is being used very losely, had lit a fire under him. He just marched directly to the ring, while Ryan couldn't stop himself from slapping hands with various fans along the ramp. Frank climbed the steps while his teammate hopped up onto the apron and motioned for the crowd to get hyped up. Once entering the ring, Silver paced back and forth by their corner, paying no attention to Gallway's attempt to make the crowd cheer louder and louder.

"Get your head in the game," Silver commanded his teammate, pulling him by the arm so they were face to face, as Gallway tried to walk past.

"No worries. I got this," Ryan nodded with a smile.

The challenge was issued by Damian Lee. The Heirs of Wrestling were more than ready to fight, but the question that lurked in everyone's mind was if their opponents would show up. Gallways and Silver waited patiently and Ryan motioned for the crowd to get louder, as they chanted for them.


They wouldn't have to wait long for an answer.

Accompanied by "Believe" by Since October, the black platoon of archangels known as The Dead Cell slipped out of the sea of humanity that was the capacity crowd and climbed over the barricade. Ezekiel positioned himself in front of the announce table with Michael, Gabriel, and Rafael forming a human shield between him and the ring. The three men dropped to one knee before him and looked up at him, eagerly awaiting his command. After drawing a cross on each man's forehead with his index and middle fingers, they rose back to their feet and turned their attention to the ring.

"Do not forget that you have been blessed with righteous purpose. Let the words of Samuel 15:18 remind you. And the LORD sent thee on a journey, and said, Go and utterly destroy the sinners the Amalekites, and fight against them until they be consumed."

"Amen," the trio replied in unison.

No other instruction was needed for the trio to take positions at three different sides of the ring. Gallway and Silver positioned themselves back to back in the middle of the ring, making sure to keep themselves from being blind-sided by their adversaries. All at once, the trio slipped into the ring. The Heirs had hoped to take out the big dogs first, as Gallway went right after Gabriel while Frank looked to cut Michael off at the pass. They threw all they had into punching and kicking the larger members of the trio, but it proved to be futile.

Ryan was no match for Gabriel in a slugfest. His punches were easily shrugged off by the huge archangel, who just glared back at him. Into the corner Ryan was thrown, as if he was a small child. Gabriel unleashed a barrage of punches and kicks that left Gallway crumpled in the corner.

His ally was able to hold his own against the gigantic Michael. The pair traded right hands until Silver got the upper hand courtesy of a kick to the lead archangel's groin. However, he had his blinders on and never saw an uncontested Rafael coming. Just as Michael dropped to all fours, the smallest archangel raced in and leapt off his commrade's back to deliver a downright evil knee strike to Silver's jaw.

That shot was right on the button and Frank's knees immediately buckled. Never missing a beat, Rafael put the boots to their enemy, which allowed Michael to regain his composure and rejoin the attack. Gallway was dragged out of the corner and sent racing into the ropes. Gabriel launched him high into the air with a back drop. Yet, instead of just crashing to the mat like normal. Ryan was caught on the way down with a swank powerbomb by Michael.

With Ryan down and out, Silver had no one to help level the playing field against the three archangels. His eye was already swelling from Rafael's knee colliding with his orbital bone. There was nothing he could do to stop Rafael from throwing him to the waiting Michael and Gabriel. The two larger archangels whipped Frank into the ropes and looked as if they were going to double hiptoss him. However, they caught him as he flipped, never letting him touch the mat. Displaying their uncanny strength, they threw him as high as they could into the air and spiked him into the mat.

Three on two was not the contracted match, so the referee still had not called for the start of the match. He was back up into the corner by Gabriel, making sure he wouldn't interfere with Rafael and Michael bringing tables into the ring.

"Move and you'll be joining them on their trip to hell," Gabriel growled.

The tables soon found themselves right where the Dead Cell wanted them. One was propped up in the corner and one was set up in adjacent corner. Michael kept his foot down across Silver's throat, making sure he wouldn't get involved, while Rafael dragged a hurting Gallway to him.

"Don't enjoy yourself too much," Rafael grinned under his mask and dropped Ryan at Gabriel's feet.

"To smite the unrighteous is the only reason I get out of bed or put my beer down," Gabriel informed his ally.

Up into crucifix powerbomb position went Gallway. Gabriel held him up for all to see in the corner opposite the propped up table. Like a charging bull, the archangel stampeded towards the table and viciously threw Ryan head and neck first through the table. A mixture of growns and excitement engulfed the arena, as many of the fans in attendance were either horrified or electrified by the brutal act.

The Dead Cell were far from done.

They collectively pulled Frank Silver over to the other table and began to pummel him from all sides. Silver was a lifeless mass on the mat, as Michael positioned himself on the middle rope, while Rafael slipped out to the apron. Gabriel pulled Frank up and put him up on Michael's shoulders for what looked to be a major league powerbomb. Michael rose to his feet and took his adversary even higher, changing it to a Last Ride from the middle rope through the table!

As if that wasn't bad enough, Rafael delivered a springboard neckbreaker on the way down!

Once again, The Dead Cell had left nothing but destruction in their wake. Neither member of the Heirs of Wrestling were moving. It was not so much an attack as a slaughter. Ezekiel casually made his way into the ring and withdrew a microphone from inside his jacket.

"Mr. Lee, with my sincerest apologies, I must decline your offer for a match tonight on the account of the Dead Cell's opponents not being able to compete tonight. We are not going to follow your stereotypical professional wrestling tropes. Just because you book it, does not mean it will come to pass. This righteous army follows only one man in realm of existence and unfortunately, it is not you. Now, I offer you a compromise. Pride, envy, and avarice will be the three sparks that set these men's hearts ablaze. They can have a true chance at vengeance. I will show mercy upon them for they do not know the evil that they do by following you, Damian. At Wrestlecade, three of my archangels will be ready for battle. Find these unclean men an ally and they will be given a chance to dam the great flood destined to raze all of jOlt."

Ezekiel turned away as if he was going to lead his troops out of the ring, but just as he reached the ropes, he stopped and once again brought the microphone to his lips.

"Please pardon me. There was one more thing. We are fully aware that there are those who would try to impede us on our journey to the coming apocalypse. Allow me to issue a warning to you all. Should anymore of the nonbelivers in jOlt should try to play spoiler when we are conducting our holy business... Well, allow me to use one Kayden Paulton as an example."

The wise prophet directed everyone's attention to the tron. On the screen was a live feed of the backstage area. Laying face down on the concrete floor of the arena was the aforementioned Paulton. His head is pulled up from the ground by the massive hand of the archangel Azrael. Blood trickled from Kayden's nose and mouth and he was definitely unconscious. The monstrous Azrael could be heard growling, as he held his prey up for all to see. Magdalena stood beside him with her arms crossed. Only the sharpest eye would have noticed their absence with all the carnage going on in the ring. However, they were surely hard at work in the back.

"Let Mr. Paulton's destruction act as a warning to you all. Face us and face divine wrath."

Winner: No Contest

"The Voices Out of My Head"


Shoji; the Hokota Holocaust sought fit to personally segregate himself from the safety and company of his peers within the often unsettling confides of the arena basement. The subtle hissing of steam would add a looming sense of foreboding and danger, accompanied by the low lighting and the cold embrace of numerous shadows abroad. Unlimited proved to be a highly unsuccessful endeavor. Even with the implementation of psychological ploys, the muscular ninja came to the full realization of the cost of completely undermining the mettle of the reigning Relentless Champion. The lulling cheer of the crowd was briefly overheard as he rested his Right Fist against his chin. The weight of failure was felt in many ways…


“This isn’t the time…” The Hokota Holocaust hissed. “Virtually every opportunity has proven to be a tragically failed endeavor....”

The shadows would barely peel back to reveal the gleaming surface of the mask that belonged to the highly enigmatic ’associate’ renown as ’The Voice’. A white suit jacket that complimented the Obsidian mask itself.

“...Hubris stands as the leading source of your self inflicted wounds…” The individual replied. “...Perhaps the concept as to whom you have come to be is intentionally flawed…” The muscular ninja angrily stood to his feet only for several eyes to illuminate behind the masked individual to not only pierce the darkness yet to intentionally make him strongly reconsider his first few options. Shoji would reluctantly relent and gradually wrest back his aggression.

“...While your issues are many, Shoji…” The Voice conveyed with a stern tone of authority. “...May I remind you that ‘this’ is one problem that you do not need nor aspire to entertain…” Shoji carefully scanned the darkness for their secrets as the glowing sets of eyes gradually diminished one by one, in short order.

“And what do you propose?” The Hokota Holocaust inquired.

“...Your clan is currently immersed in a new direction…” The Voice continued. “...It is but a suggestion that you glean wholeheartedly towards their cause. Perhaps you may discover more than just the answers you so desperately seek …” “I am not some mewling child…” Shoji retorted. “I needn’t a counselor in such matters…”

“...With all due respect…”The enigmatic figure continued. “...You make a horrendous liar…Even you do not believe such rhetoric….The answers are much closer than you can begin to imagine...” “Where can I ‘find such answers’?” Shoji inquired.



The hissing of the pipes perked the ninja’s ears in the distance as he instantly knew he was left alone to his own devices. The japanese native would take a few moments to reassess his surroundings and thoughts before beginning his needed egress toward personal resolution…

Jesse Ramey(c) vs Derrick Huber

It had been one wild night for jOlt. Despite all the craziness, the crowd was still full of energy and ready for tonight's featured match-up.

The World Heavyweight Champion Jesse Ramey versus one half of the World Tag Team Champions Derek Huber.

First out was the gigantic man known as "The Oddsmaker". Tonight, he was just accompanied by the sound of Five Finger Death Punch and nothing else. Always outgoing, he smiled his entire way to the ring and made sure to embrace the fans as much as he could. This match was going to be one of those rare occassions where the fans weren't going to solely be on his side, but he made sure to show his love of them. He made it to the top of the steel steps when he looked around the arena and motioned for them to cheer louder, as he was in a rocking mood tonight. Huber climbed into the ring and immediately took off to the camera side ropes to pose with his tag title belt, much to the delight of the crowd. He did the same to the opposite side, making sure everyone got a good look.

"That's right folks," He yelled, while displaying his title. "The odds say I'm going to be leaving here tonight with another one!"

He handed his belt to the referee and positioned himself in a corner. He looked around the arena at the cheering crowd, only to have his attention immediately grabbed by the changing of the music to a little diddy called "The Phoenix" by Fallout Boy. The crowd exploded at the sound of it, as they knew the jOlt World Heavyweight Champion was about to appear.

"Let's do this," Jesse Ramey said to himself, as he slipped through the curtain, bringing the crowd to their feet.

It was game time and the champion knew it. Focused as ever, Ramey held the title belt in the air by the strap with one hand, as he made his way down to the ring. After slapping a couple of hands, Ramey jumped up onto the apron and climbed up to the middle rope, putting his right boot up on the top rope, so he could pose with his cherished World Heavyweight Title.

And that would be all the television viewing audience would get of that match up. The picture suddenly went fuzzy before being engulfed in snow and finally, it went to a jOlt's standard "Sorry, we are experiencing some technical difficulties. Please stand by." picture.

Now, it might be called technical difficulties by some. To others who were there live at the event, it was called THE DEAD CELL were dismantling the audio/visual truck. A hand held camera displayed what was going on to the crowd via the tron. The heavy breathing and unsteady camera of a running and now, tired cameraman could be heard upon reaching the truck. The first glimpses of anything were an A/V tech being thrown over the hood of the truck. The camera finally made it to the entrance of the truck, finding the monstrous Azrael snarling like a wolf. In each of his hands were an unconscious A/V tech and off to his right, another tech was thrown out the door by Gabriel. Bodies littlered the pavement around the truck.

"Exterminate him," Ezekiel commanded upon seeing the cameraman lurking around the area.

Rafael shot out of the truck like speeding bullet.

"Oh shit," the cameraman exclaimed, quickly backing up.

Rafael was on the hunt and there was nothing going to stop him. He was at a full sprint upon reaching a parked car, which didn't slow him down a tiny bit as he Kong vaulted over the roof of the car. The cameraman knocked over a stack of crates, hoping to get a little more breathing space, but Rafael executed a side flip over the obsticle. With a giant thud, the cameraman and camera fell to the ground upon being tackled the archangel.

"May your trip to hell be swift," Rafael snarled and kicked the cameraman into next week. He picked up the camera and looked into it. "Keep testing us, Lee, and you will meet eternal damnation."

The camera was then violently slammed into the ground and all went black.