"Welcome to iNtense"

Darkness fades to gritty sepia when the opening piano of "Warriors" by PelleK (Imagine Dragons Cover) hits. We see image of an empty jOlt Arena filling with people in time lapse

The screen then explodes into full color when the drums and song kick in!

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

(In sync with music) We see scenes of action and images of current superstars Pietro Geist, Eiji Kugasari, Jeremy Ryan, Diamond Jewelz, Sarah Winterton, Charlotte, Jon Le Bon, The House, The Heirs of Wrestling, Raevynn, and Sebastian Saje!

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

We continue to see images of action as the intrustmental continues to the very end...

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

We see Diamond Jewelz posing with Them MF'n Goons, The Rebellion standing tall in the middle of the ring, Mack Brody hitting the Gold Rush on Omega, Pietro Geist and Jeremy Ryan brawling, a shot of Kayden Paulton cracking a genuine smile, Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

With the final pulsing beats of the song, we see Jesse Ramey striking a pose on the top turnbuckle with the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship around his waist!

The scene flashes back into the arena where the song starts again, but in his complete form, starting with Verse 1 of the lyrics. The camera pans around the jOlt Arena in Miami, FL as a splendid display of fireworks goes off on the main stage and above the ring. The set is a giant jOltvision with the N logo for iNtnese sitting to the left and to the right of the big jOltvision. The N itself is a massive red light that is illuminated. Above the jOltvision is a pseudo semi-circle steel structure that houses a curved screen that will be used to display a wrestler's name above it while their entrance video plays below on the jOltvision. On the stage itself, to the left and right of the entrance ramp are two more small, elongated mini screens which will display the wrestler's brand logo on them when they make their way out... unless they hold a title. Then it will display their championship belt on the left and the name of the title on the right!

The fans were buzzing with electricity as iNtense officially begins!

"My Goal Will Be Attained"

Dawn Cassidy stood near the jOlt backstage backdrop as she held a microphone in hand. The camera focused on her as she raised the microphone to her lips.

“I would like to introduce the number one contender to the Starlets title, Tammy Lynn Foster.”

Tammy Lynn stepped into the screen as she looked at Dawn. The number one contender was not on iNtense last week and it looked like she was not happy about it.

“Last week you were not seen on the show and we all want to know why you were absent from the show.” Dawn said.

“You want to know why I why I was absent from tha show. Well Mr. Lee saw fit ta suspend me for one week. Evidently he did not like me crackin’ the beer bottle ova his champeen’s head.”

The fans erupted in jeers after the comment from Tammy.

“That was a disgusting act from two weeks ago. Charlotte had to get a few stitches to her head from the broken glass.” Dawn stated to Tammy.

Tammy Lynn smiled. “Dat’s not my concern. I have said many times ova dat Charlotte is just a placeholder for my Starlets title. I am the best women wrestler in this company and its time I have dat title to compliment me.”

“In a few weeks you will get your shot at Charlotte for the title. How will you make your dream come true?

“On the biggest stage of da year, I will become the next Starlet champion. Charlotte and Sarah Winterton made a mockery of dis division and I plan to be the most destructive force ever in Starlet history.”

Tammy Lynn smirked as she looked at Dawn. Dawn looked back at Tammy Lynn before the number one contender walked off to the side and out of the camera view.

The Draconian vs Magma

“Resident Evil” blares out across jOlt Arena and out walked the monster of Hype: Magma. All 6’6’’ 350 pounds of power and bad intentions took no time to stomp toward the ring. As he climbed the steps, referee Simon Boulder backed up to the far corner out of his way. Magma’s strings of black hair draped over his hair and shoulders as his arms bulged to showcase the fiery tattoo on his left arm.

Magma paced around the ring impatiently as his competitor’s arrival was delayed. Simon Boulder briskly walked by Magma and mouthed something to the effect of “He’ll be here.”

The lights dropped. Blue lights panned around the arena.

“Scheme” by STS9

Out strode The Draconian and his 7’2’’ frame. Making his way down the ramp blue pyros streamed upward; the crowd still hadn’t made a uniform decision on him which resulted in a mixture of cheers, boos and murmuring.

Unlike last week where The Draconian’s entrance was slow and methodical, he quickly climbed up into the ring and approached his opponent.


The two behemoths locked arms and pushed their foreheads together like two elk in rutting season. Neither appeared to have any additional move planned, rather they were gauging each other’s strength. Backward stepped The Draconian as Magma gained some leverage, but then the momentum went the other way. Magma began giving ground.

Nearly twenty seconds had passed before finally Magma backstepped out of the lock and delivered a kick to the white stomach of the The Draconian. A right punch from Magma. Then another.

Magma took a few steps backwards quickly for a man his size, and bounced off the ropes toward The Draconian. With all his power he bounced his large frame against jOlt’s newest wrestler.

Neither budged.

Magma took a second crack at the same move but The Draconian sidestepped at the last moment, which sent Magma toward the far ropes. Trying to control his momentum Magma held on to the ropes, and before he turned around a charging Draconian thundered a large arm across Magma’s back. As Magma toppled over and out of the ring The Draconian allowed his body to follow suit.

It wasn’t an especially fast-paced affair as the two climbed to their feet. They traded shots while referee Boulder counted upward to 10.

Suddenly they mutually gave up punching. After staring for a moment toward each other they surprisingly backed away from each other and made it up separate staircases into the ring stopping the count.

At first they approached each other slowly but then The Draconian broke out in a quick sprint clobbering Hype’s monster with a clothesline. He bent over and picked Magma up by the head, then followed by whipping Magma into the corner. The Draconian seemed to like putting his opponents there as he had done the same to Nate Quartermaine last week.

With a charge The Draconian body checked Magma, then took two steps backward and stepped in for a two handed hammer punch. Magma’s body jolted and his head dazed. With his incredible size, The Draconian climbed and straddled Magma from the first rope. He clenched Magma in a guillotine, hopped back and dropped Magma’s face onto his knee.


The crowd could feel the impact.

In full control of the match, The Draconian picked his opponent back up and delivered two shots to the back of the neck. With all his might he threw Magma to the far ropes which slung him back in The Draconian’s direction. To The Draconian’s surprise, Magma launched and turned his enormous body sideways in midair (as much as he could considering his weight), which mostly caught the pale white monster across the hips. The Draconian fell backward and was covered.




Magma didn’t let up as he flicked his head back and the hair out of his face, delivered two hammer punches, a solid knee to the ribs, the stood and dropped a knee squarely to The Draconian’s head.




This time The Draconian didn’t let himself continue to get clobbered. He stunned Magma with an elbow while laying down and climbed back to his feet. Magma equally rose.

Magma cocked back and threw a solid punch but it whiffed as The Draconian slipped past and around. Magma was shoved back toward the ropes, came back toward center ring directly into the big boot of The Draconian. Falling to his back, The Draconian bounced off the ropes, jumped and dropped an enormous leg over Magma’s face.

He picked Magma up, bent him over and lifted him with a gutwrench. All 350 pounds of him… what strength!

Instead of a traditional gutwrench suplex, The Draconian lifted his opponent upside down, forward and bounced his back off the ropes. Upon release Magma flung forward and landed on his face. The Draconian stalked Magma who was rolling in discomfort.

After picking Magma up by the hair, The Draconian looked around to the crowd for a moment… then grabbed Magma by the throat. With a labored lift he thrusted the suspended Hype monster onto his back.





“Scheme” by STS9 was back in the air for a moment and the pale white giant rose to his feet. His completely black eyes showed no emotion. Before he could exit the ring, his music cut off and was replaced by a different song.

“I Don’t Wanna Stop” by Ozzy Osbourne

Out from the back walked Nate Quartermaine with a microphone in a black t-shirt and jeans, not his regular wrestling attire. The crowd cheered, but it was obvious Nate had a limp in his step. The music faded out.

“You know folks… When you’re an All-American athlete, injuries happen. Last week I suffered one such injury to the… man… you see standing in the ring.”

The crowd murmured uncomfortably, remembering the brutality Nate endured the previous week on iNtense.

“But folks, what you have to remember about men like me is that WE DON’T QUIT!”

Quartermaine! Quartermaine! Quartermaine!

“I’m man enough to admit I was beat, and I can’t change that… BUT I can fix it. Now, no one knows who the hell this guy is. The call him The Draconian, but that’s all anyone knows.”

In the ring The Draconian stood still and stared toward the top of the ramp.

“You’re a mysterious guy, aren’t you? Don’t talk much, huh? Well let me give you something to at least think about.”



The crowd liked the idea, and if The Draconian did he wasn’t letting on. Turning his head toward the announcer’s booth Dean Carrington rolled a microphone toward The Draconian’s feet. Slowly the big man picked it up and positioned it in front of his face.

“Your people are weak. Frail. Arrogant.”

The crowd booed their displeasure at such a judgment.

“I will meet you at Wrestlecade and I will break you… again.”

The show fades to black as commercials come back on.

Winner: The Draconian via Pinfall

"From Turncoat to Brethren"

In the backstage area, The Rebellion were walking the halls when they spotted Sayber alone.

“isn’t this convenient” said Jon Le Bon as the rest of The Rebellion remained behind him.

“I bet you think you made a wise decision last week by joining The Kugasari Clan.. but I think that you and I both know that adding someone like you to their ranks isn’t going to save them. You know… we still haven’t forgotten how you proverbially spit in my face after you left us… citing that I wouldn’t grant you your precious wish… the fact was, Sayber.. you never EARNED your wish. You always stood there in the shadows, watching, doing nothing but the bare minimum to keep me off your back all for some stupid personal vendetta.. and what has that gotten you? Yeah.. you beat Derecho.. the self-proclaimed King of Hell..and you ran him out of jOlt.. good job… but what have you done between then and now? Absolutely nothing because without me.. you were lost in the shuffle.. without me.. you didn’t amount to anything.. and now.. you think that you can justify your existence by joining the Kugasari Clan to get even more revenge on us just because we gave you what you deserved?”

Le Bon laughed.

“I think not because, Sayber… you’re not even going to make it to Wrestlecade.”

Le Bon snapped his fingers and The Rebellion began to advance towards him, but all of a sudden, the power went out in the hall for a moment and when it came back on, there was the Kugasari Clan standing right by Sayber’s side.

Mamoru stepped out from behind the clan with that cigar in his hand.

“Sayber has overcome life’s trials and tribulations and he has proven himself more than worthy to stand among the clan as our brethren. Where our brethren go.. we will always be close behind. “ said Mamoru

“Fancy talk from a mere manager.. but it doesn’t matter… tonight, I’m going to go one on one with one of your….. “brethren”… the very same man The Rebellion had the pleasure of dismantling one year ago and tonight isn’t going to be any different. Tonight, Eiji Kugasari…. We cut the head off the snake.”

Le Bon grinned as he ordered The Rebellion to turn and leave. They all slowly walked away as Eiji stood there firm.

“The longest journeys begin with a single step. Sayber, you have taken yours… tonight.. it’s time to take mine” said The Blood Raven.

The scene faded to black.

"From One Monster to Another"

The jOltvision lit up as the arena slowly dimmed to see the darkness of the boiler room, the place that the Fearless champion calls home. The incontrollable reek of lubricant and smolder from the air made it excruciating for all who would venture to step foot in this concealed sanctuary of the Arena of Champions. The reeling sounds of a generator and a furnace was peace and tranquility for the Fearless Champion, Omega.

The disturbing madman, sat in the darkness soaking in the bouquet of the boiler room with a slight grin on his face. The champion looked down at the Fearless Championship as it lay at his feet. The slight flickering of light from the furnace gave the fans a glimpse of the boogeyman.

“Last week we caused an uproar by doing what we did to Shiloh in the middle of the ring. Some may call us a bully or a maniac for the damage we dealt. However, we see it differently than you people that want to criticize us before knowing why we did what we did.”

Omega paused for a few seconds breathing in the fumes of the boiler room.

“Shiloh was nothing more than a sacrifice. See Seraph you my seven monster, she was nothing but bait. You claimed you have no fear of Omega but trust us everyone fears something in this world and it’s our duty to expose it. You are bound in this world to Shiloh, she is the reason you have fear. You need to eliminate all doubts and boundaries in order to embrace fear.”

The boogeyman rolled his neck to the side as the light continued to flicker to catch glimpses of his one good eye.

“We applaud your tenacity and your intestinal fortitude but you need to ask yourself is it worth it. Do you really want to step into the ring with a man that has no limits… no sense of human decency… no fear. We understand that you need to justify this by standing up for Shiloh but how do think Shiloh will feel when you don’t make it back to her. How do you think she will take it if you actually survive this match but are not able to protect her? The pain that she would feel will be unbearable but that will be nothing paralleled to what we will bring upon you.”

“Seraph we understand where you are coming from. You want to be the one that takes Omega out of jOlt. Many men have tried to take the first incarnation of Omega out of jOlt. It took cowardice from Providence to get us committed in order to relieve us from this place… our playground. Derecho tried to cast us away but where is the self-proclaimed King of Hell at now, he’s wasting away in Legacy of Champions while we are still here. Pietro Geist thought he was the one that would carrying the division while we were locked away. That also fell apart upon our return and where is Geist now.”

The champion smirked. “No one knows.”

“Seraph, a few words of advice. Break your bonds and come at us with ferocity and fury… “. The champion stood to his feet and pulled his hoodie back from his face. He slowly threw his dreadlocks back to uncover his damaged left eye as he looked into the camera. “…maybe, just maybe you may survive. Remember SHOW NO FEAR.” The jOltVision faded out.

Heirs of Wrestling & ?????? vs The Widow's Nest

Despite catching another violent beatdown in retaliation of an open challenge of The Dead Cell that turned into a heinous sneak attack, The Heirs of Wrestling were going to suit up for combat. The rumor was they were going to address the challenge laid down by The Dead Cell at Wrestlecade tonight in the form of this match. Mack Brody was their regular partner, but the gOlden bOy Champion had been booked weeks ago for a huge #1 Contenders match against his rivals Relentless Champion Diamond Jewelz and “jOlt’s Last Real Man” Jeremy Ryan, which meant that tonight, they needed somebody. Did they have somebody in mind?

“The following contest is a six-man tag team match set for one fall!” Dean Carrington announced.

“Spiders” by System of a Down.

The jOlt Arena was bathed in red lights and out from the back came the arachnid-themed stabled known as The Widow’s Nest! One by one, the members of The Hype’s dangerous trio arrived on the stage, backs turned to the ring. They each started to turn and skulk towards the ring in single file formation with the beautiful Black Widow leading the charge.

“Making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 695 pounds… being led to the ring by Black Widow… MUERTE, ARAKNIS, AND WOLF-SPIDER… THE WIDOW’S NEST!

Supaida had left the group on The Hype, but The Widow’s Nest were still very strong and with a great showing tonight, they could pull out a huge upset by defeating The Heirs and whoever they had lined up as a mystery partner… if anybody at all.

Three letters started to flash on the jOltVision…

“H" “O" “W"

"With Me Now" by Blacklite District.

When the smoke settled there was Ryan Gallway and Frank Silver with their backs to the cameras. They both wore sparkling lavender jackets with "HOW" embroidered with gold on the back. They stood there with their heads down as the lyrics were sang.

They spun around as pyro exploded to the left and right of them. A curtain of pyro rained down behind them as they energetically made their way down to the ring to the cheers of the crowd. They were proud, somewhat immature, and they were both still wearing wounds of their attack from The Dead Cell, but they were proud and they were ready for a fight. Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway entered the ring and dapped fists as The Widow’s Nest were ready to lay a hurt on them.

“And their opponents… at a combined weight of 445 pounds, they are the team of FRANK SILVER AND RYAN GALLWAY… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!"

The multiple time Tag Title holders and former two-time jOlt Tag Team Champions stopped on the ramp and both of them looked a little sullen, but still looked ready for a fight.

“So… everybody wants to know. Who are the Heirs going to have as a partner for Wrestlecade? We accepted the challenge that is laid down by those assholes, The Supernatural Ninja Turtle Brigade… but I’ll admit. We wanted Mack Brody, but respectfully, our brother is going to be busy that night making two other guys his bitch en route to becoming the jOlt Champion. So we’ve got an open spot… didn’t get a lot of invites this week. Seems everybody else is tied up with other engagements or not MAN enough to take them up on their challenge… so I guess this shit is two-on-three tonight. But it don’t matter… we’re gonna show The Widow’s Nest tonight and then The Dead Cell at Wrestlecade that it don’t matter if it’s three or three-hundred against us…”

The Widow’s Nest looked pleased that this would be a two-on-three handicap match, significantly increasing their chances for victory. Still being defiant as they always were, Ryan took the microphone and was about ready to drop their catchphrase…


“Less Talk More Rokk” by Freezepop!

Another man who felt the wrath of the Dead Cell last week, Kayden Paulton stood at the entrance ready to compete. A man who had won jOlt’s first-ever Open Season match and even held upset victories in the past over such athletes like Derecho and Ninja K was no pushover when push came to shove…

“HEY, GUYS!” Kayden Paulton said, educing cheers from the crowd who loved the positive underdog. “If you need a partner for tonight AND for Wrestlecade… you’ve got him!”

Paulton pointed at himself.

“The Dead Cell… they attacked me last week, too, all because I stood up to them two weeks ago! Enough is enough and if you cool guys will have me as your tag partner, then I think that’d be AWESOME! What do you say, guys? Wanna squish some NASTY spiders first?”


Frank and Ryan took notice of the crowd’s loud reception for perhaps jOlt’s most successful underdog. Once upon a time, they had no love for Kayden Paulton for an earlier feud with Mack Brody in the lead-up to The Open Season match some time ago, but that was then and this was now. Ryan jerked a thumb at the ring.

“Then get your hyper happy ass in this ring and let’s do this!”

Kayden’s eyes lit up and jOlt’s Friendly Neighborhood Grappler ran full-speed into the ring. Referee Ian Nguyen separated both sides to prevent all hell from breaking loose and he then called for the bell.


Frank and Ryan allowed Kayden Paulton to have the first go of things, perhaps to see what he could really do in the ring and if he could be a good mesh for things. He locked up with Araknis who went on the attack with a flurry of hard elbows right off the back, backing Kayden into the ropes. He pushed him backwards and tried to whip the happy-go-lucky Paulton across the ring. He LEAPFROGGED over Araknis and came back off the ropes with a Running Dropkick!

Silver and Gallway were impressed so far with the quick-footed Paulton getting back up and taking in the cheers from the crowd. He picked up Araknis and whipped him into the corner before tagging out to Gallway. The crowd cheered the Prince of Precision as he leaped over the ropes and landed a Snapmare. He ran off the ropes, did a stomp to the face of Araknis and then FLOORED him with a Running Leg Lariat as he tried to seat!

The tag was made to Frank Silver who then headed to the second rope and got the crowd cheering as he held his pinky out. The crowd started getting louder as they knew what move was coming next…


He connected right in the heart of Araknis with the second-rope Diving Elbow Drop and went for a cover.




Araknis kicked out, but The Heirs and Paulton were still in full control of the match. An angry Black Widow scowled from the outside as Frank picked off Araknis with a HUGE extra-stiff European Uppercut that worked more than usual. Araknis went back down and Kayden wanted the tag back in, so that’s what he was going to get. The Nicest Guy in Wrestling quickly climbed into the ring and took down Araknis with a big Northern Lights Suplex! He held on with a bridge pin!




Araknis kicked out, but he was going to need to make a tag quickly. Kayden pulled him back up, but Araknis shoved him away into the ropes, but The Nicest Guy in Wrestling stopped when he caught himself on the ropes. Araknis started screaming at the referee which allowed Muerte to get a cheap shot in the form of a knee to Kayden’s back! He then stumbled into a HUGE Running Clotheline from Wolf-Spider on the ring apron!

Ryan and Frank protested with Ian Nguyen from their side of the ring and the crowd booed, which left The Widow’s Nest with an opening to pick up the scraps. Araknis hopped over to Paulton and ran him into the corner where he threw in a slick series of knees before tagging in Muerte. The other member of the Nest sat between the ropes and stuck both feet out, allowing Araknis to drive Kayden’s face into his boots! Kayden stumbled over onto his side when Muerte set up behind him. He tripped him up with a quick Leg Sweep followed by an impressive Standing Shooting Star Press…


He took a second to stare down The Heirs on the other side of the ring before he rolled over and tried to cover Paulton.




Paulton got the shoulder up. jOlt’s Friendly Neighborhood Grappler was forced up to a seated position as Muerte tagged in Araknis again. The two both whipped Paulton off the ropes and used some lightning-fast double-team work when Muerte hit a Drop Toe Hold, allowing Araknis to dropkick him in the side of the head! Murte then held in place so Araknis could get back up and land another, this time Dropkicking him while held in a Rear Chinlock position!

Frank and Ryan watched as the two men picked off Paulton now and made the tag to big Wolf-Spider. Araknis pulled Paulton up and whipped him into a corner where he whipped him up with a big Jumping Back Elbow in the corner. He then whipped Kayden out…


A HUGE Spear nearly broke Kayden Paulton in half, courtesy of the heavy for The Widow’s Nest! Kayden looked hurt and clutched his ribs in pain as Black Widow looked very pleased with the job her men had done. Paulton was dragged away from the ropes by his feet and Wolf-Spider tried to pin him.



Via a Leg Drop to the back of the head, he saved Paulton from certain defeat at the hands of the Widow’s Nest. Wolf-Spider angrily grabbed the back of his head before turning to Paulton and dropping a succession of fists into his head. He then pulled him up and dropped him across his knee with a Rib Breaker before flipping him around and dropping him, Front Powerslam style. The powerful Wolf-Spider then laughed as he reached over and tagged out Araknis once again.

He picked up Paulton off the mat and tossed him right into the grip of Araknis who was trying for a move that he liked to call Emaceration, but the Reverse DVD attempt failed when Paulton flipped out…


jOlt’s Friendly Neighborhood Grappler planted Araknis on the ground with his take on the Olympic Slam and now needed to make the tag. Both Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway were ready to get in and kick some fucking spider ass. Araknis tagged into Muerte and he hit the ring…


The Prince of Precision immediately hopped onto the top rope and caught Muerte in the chest with a Springboard Missile Dropkick, sending him rolling backwards. Gallway kipped up to his feet after the landing and took in a series of cheers from the fans in Miami before he rushed towards the corner with a Springboard Inside-style Dropkick, knocking Wolf-Spider right off the apron.

Muerte tried to stand up and catch Gallway with a Clotheline, but Ryan ducked and kept on running only to come back with a Single Leg Dropkick right to the head! More of Gallway’s fancy footwork was keeping Muerte off-base. He reached over and picked him up with intent to use an Irish Whip, but Muerte was able to reverse that and send him across the ring. Gallway leaped up the ropes and backflipped right over Muerte, running off the ropes. When he came back…


The Headscissors Single Arm DDT led right into a Fujiwara Armbar! He cranked back on the hold and was showing more viciousness than usual, cranking back on the arm as if trying to rip it out of Muerte’s socket, but Araknis ran back into the ring and broke up the submission! Frank ran into the ring and grabbed Muerte before he whipped him into the ropes…


The crowd CRINGED at the impact of the Flapjack European Uppercut and Muerte had been taken out of the equation. Frank left the ring to contend with him, but Wolf-Spider came back. He charged at Gallway, but he ducked and Kayden pulled the ropes down, sending him flying out to the floor! The opening left Muerte with a chance to strike as he kicked Gallway in the gut. He tried to throw him out of the ring but Gallway spun around and ejected him from the ring where all three members The Widow’s Nest were scrambling.

Frank was back inside the ring and pointed to both sides of the arena before pointing right at Gallway who was ready for something big. Ryan ran all the way across the ring and Frank LAUNCHED him over the ropes into a HUGE Corkscrew Plancha, taking Araknis and Muerte down!


Wolf-Spider moved and he headed back towards the ring, but didn’t count on Kayden Paulton getting back in the mix…


His take on the Suicide Dive took down Wolf-Spider for good! Paulton was back up and high-fived a couple of the fans in the front row after his big move while Frank rolled the legal man Muerte back inside for Gallway to deal with. Gallway made tag to Frank Silver who headed into the ring. He picked up Muerte and started to climb the top rope. The fans knew what was coming next as he went with a big Suplex… the Top Rope Superplex by Silver followed up with the Springboard Frog Splash by Gallway…


Their take on the old Power and Glory finisher spiked Muerte and normally, Frank would go for the cover here, but Kayden was back up and wanted the tag. Frank obliged and tagged in Paulton before he headed up top..


Paulton’s flying Top Rope Leg Drop caught Muerte across the throat! Big time elevation with the move as Kayden made the cover.




Frank, Ryan, and Kayden Paulton all stood up now and Ian Nguyen called for the bell before raising the hands of the winners! Black Widow angrily stomped away from ringside as Wolf-Spider and company dragged Muerte out of the ring and headed back up the ramp as the winners of this hot contest celebrated.

The cohesion between these three men after only one match showed a lot of promise. As the Widow’s Nest made their exit, none other than Frank’s godfather, wrestling Hall of Famer Sonny Silver walked out from the back and nodded as if giving a thumbs up to his godfather and company. The Dead Cell may have made some dangerous enemies here tonight thanks to their actions. The Heirs and Kayden Paulton looked like a team who were ready for a war and at Wrestlecade, that’s exactly what they would bring to The Dead Cell.

Winner: The Heirs of Wrestling & Kayden Paulton via Pinfall

"State of the Roster: The Couples"

Yes, it was night to go back to that soulless studio, though the presenters themselves weren't. Darren Best was about to conclude another edition of his creation, the Best Podcast in Wrestling, his baby, and was alongside his crazy co-host, Alfie Button.

"Alfie, before we address and dress down the tag team division in jOlt, Emma from Essex, who claims she knows you pretty well, says if Diamond Jewlz is hung like a horse on Viagra, what does that make you?"

Without any hesitation whatsoever: "Em, you've seen it so you know love, but I would say I'm like a blue whale on Cialis."

There was uproar in the room, and Alfie turned to his detractors, using choice words: "Straight up."

Best restored order - or tried to: "The House always wins. To be fair, they seem to."

Button shook his head: "Yeah, because all of the other teams in jOlt suck more than Annabel Chong and Lisa Sparxxx combined. Sure, they may be big, bad and strong, but let's face it, they're not the brightest, quickest, fittest or fastest - a team with technique and speed would do them like we ploughed froo (through) those waitresses at 'ooters last night after hours."

Darren was actually interested in Alfie's opinion when he was in this frame of mind: "Does anyone fit that description?"

"For the time being, no," Button offered.

"Cross The Hood."

Alfie nodded: "They're abaht the best of the bunch. I'll give 'em that."

Best went into detail himself: "We watched The Freak Show terrorize The West Texas Terrorists two weeks ago, ringside, on Intense. The Terrorists have had better days, they used to be okay, and we're still not bowled over by The Freak Show. Only time will tell.

"The Goons..."

Button came back off the bench: "Like The Freak Show, they're aptly-named. Let's see what they're made of at Wrestlecade."

"India's Import..."

"Should be sent back to India, flights paid for by jOlt management," blasted Button.

"You really don't..."

The Londoner constantly shook his head: "No, I don't rate 'em very 'ighly, do I? You know this and what annoys me most is that jOlt is famous for its so-called tag team division. Well, I don't see one. I fink it's there for the takin' personally for a team with talent, ability, agility, balls and buzz came in and set the place - and The 'ouse - on fire - literally."

Damning comments by the co-host, there.

Oh wait, he hadn't finished. He was now on his feet: "And I'm sick of beatin' around the George and Kate on this show so I'm gonna tell you what I really fink. 'ere goes: the tag team division, the Darren in the world apparently, needs a good, old-fashioned kick up the arse."

Alfie's appraisal drew applause and plaudits from the podcast's hangers-on. He put his hand across the desk to his partner: "Instead of talkin' about it, why don't we just bloody do it?"

Best waggled his index finger back and forth between himself and Button, checking if he was gesturing to them: "Are you saying what I think you're saying?"

Both of them took their headsets off and stepped away from the table, venturing off into a corner of the room and talking for a minute, intently and seriously, exchanging ideas back and forth. They shook hands at long last and headed back to tell their listeners and the viewers of jOlt.

"This is a mixed day for both of us; we regret to inform listeners that this will be the FINAL Best Podcast in Wrestling and we'll be sorry to be leaving you guys."

Gasps, disappointment and shock all swept through the airwaves and studio in which they strutting their verbal stuff.

"That's because we'll be too busy being the BEST tag team in Wrestling."

Talk about mixed emotions for the hosts. Their crew, who were devastated just moments ago, were delighted to hear that news.

"It was my idea a year ago, when both of us ended up on the scrapheap, to set this podcast up to be involved in this game somehow. The time is right and opportunity is ripe. Me and Alfie, we've been sizing up guys and studying jOlt for weeks now, and we've had the glint in our eye."

"I fort you just fancied me," claimed the charismatic Alfie.

"What we fancy is another crack at fulfilling our potential, which is unlimited, when..."

As usual, Alfie interjected: "When we're on the same Diamond Dallas."

But, it was up to Best to sign off on HIS show: "Thanks to everyone for their support and we trust you'll be behind us all the way. We'll be back here one day, much richer and much more successful, satisfied and fulfilled, like your mom..."

"Saucy," Button suggested.

"Normally, we tell you that it's been your pleasure to listen to us, but so for one last time..."

At that moment, the production team gathered round in a huddle with Best and Button in the centre of it.

Take it away, Darren and Alfie: "It's been OUR pleasure."

"Do You Even Know?"

The scene faded in on an all too familiar room, the dimly lit room of Jolt’s current most sadistic villain, the man known as Citizen.

It had been two weeks since the fans had encountered this room last. In the past the room had been viewed as more of a war room for the enigmatic superstar, where he had tossed down truth and vowed to eradicate the evil within the Underground division.

Now the room could be viewed as more of an unholy sanctum, where it would seem Citizen’s life mission would be the undoing of the current Jolt Champion, “The Anti-Star” Jesse Ramey.

The masked man brooded in the room, pacing back and forth while still seated in the center of the room bound to the chair was Jesse Ramey’s wife, Nicky Santiago-Ramey.

“People think what I’m doing here is a little unorthodox.” The vocalized voice rang throughout the room as Citizen was either addressing Nicky or simply talking to the voices in his own head, neither could really be certain. “I gave him a chance to address his sins almost a year ago. These things he did refuse, and instead he decided that he wanted to go up against my monster in the form of Spike Saunders, but that wasn’t enough for him.”

“I’ve bided my time and I’ve been watching as Jesse’s stock slowly began to rise in this company.” Citizen paused as he continued to pace, “Until finally he was able to do something he’s only been able to do one other time in his career and reach the pinnacle. This was not part of my plan; his chances for this kind of success were astronomically not in his favor.”

“Nevertheless, things have to be accounted for and this pushed my plans into motion much sooner than I would have liked them to have been.”

Citizen slowly walked in front of the bound and gagged Nicky Santiago-Ramey, crouched down and tilted his head to the side. It was almost like he was trying to gaze into her soul and actually find out what made her tick. Her breathing could audibly be heard rising, indicating that her heart rate was beginning to climb. Citizen then placed one hand on Nicky’s knee.

“You have nothing to fear from me,” Citizen continued, “I’m not the one who has wronged you. I only want you to see things in a perspective as I see them. This man, whom you call your husband that you have been fully, engaged with for at least the past ten years; how have you been able to cope with the lies that come forth from his mouth? You’ve obviously had to deal with the torment of those lies yourself, as a matter of a fact you’ve been one of those lies.”

Citizen left room for a long pause as the idea of Nicky being a lie was something he really wanted to let sink in to her.

“You’ve never been mentioned, not once, since your first interactions with Jesse in the days of the Squared Circle. Hasn’t that bothered you in the least little bit? Knowing that your husband is in a profession that lends him to being on the road for the majority of the year; what’s to stop him from making other women his dirty little secret just like he’s made you?”

“Then there was his time in All-Star Championship Wrestling,” Citizen let the name of Ramey’s previous company hang for a moment, “where his touring schedule wasn’t even primarily in the same country you were located. Obviously to keep up his façade you don’t tour with him, I know finding you wasn’t as easy as many people would think. It’s not like I just found you wondering around the backstage area. That’s an entirely different topic as well, considering the home I found you in was not located in the area Jesse is billed as being from week in and week out.”

“Back on topic though,” Citizen continued, “your husband spent years abroad and without you. There are different rules in so many different countries, what makes you think you’re his only wife? Who’s to say he doesn’t have a wife in every country they toured in? I guess maybe you’ll get to find that out soon enough once Jolt begins touring outside of Florida, won’t you?”

“Then there was that time he got shot and left for dead in Greece.” One could assume there was a smirk under that mask residing on the face of Citizen, “Did you even get contacted after that? How long was he gone before he even decided to show his face on your doorstep? Take all of these things into account dear, because if he’s willing to lie to the people he claims he loves more than anything else, his so called fans, what makes you think he wouldn’t be lying to you as well?”

Citizen stood from his crouched position and began pacing once again.

“All things in due time, do come to light, and I plan on making these things known. At Wrestlecade, there will be bloodshed.”

The scene faded in on an all too familiar room, the dimly lit room of Jolt’s current most sadistic villain, the man known as Citizen.

It had been two weeks since the fans had encountered this room last. In the past the room had been viewed as more of a war room for the enigmatic superstar, where he had tossed down truth and vowed to eradicate the evil within the Underground division.

Now the room could be viewed as more of an unholy sanctum, where it would seem Citizen’s life mission would be the undoing of the current Jolt Champion, “The Anti-Star” Jesse Ramey.

The masked man brooded in the room, pacing back and forth while still seated in the center of the room bound to the chair was Jesse Ramey’s wife, Nicky Santiago-Ramey.

“People think what I’m doing here is a little unorthodox.” The vocalized voice rang throughout the room as Citizen was either addressing Nicky or simply talking to the voices in his own head, neither could really be certain. “I gave him a chance to address his sins almost a year ago. These things he did refuse, and instead he decided that he wanted to go up against my monster in the form of Spike Saunders, but that wasn’t enough for him.”

“I’ve bided my time and I’ve been watching as Jesse’s stock slowly began to rise in this company.” Citizen paused as he continued to pace, “Until finally he was able to do something he’s only been able to do one other time in his career and reach the pinnacle. This was not part of my plan; his chances for this kind of success were astronomically not in his favor.”

“Nevertheless, things have to be accounted for and this pushed my plans into motion much sooner than I would have liked them to have been.”

Citizen slowly walked in front of the bound and gagged Nicky Santiago-Ramey, crouched down and tilted his head to the side. It was almost like he was trying to gaze into her soul and actually find out what made her tick. Her breathing could audibly be heard rising, indicating that her heart rate was beginning to climb. Citizen then placed one hand on Nicky’s knee.

“You have nothing to fear from me,” Citizen continued, “I’m not the one who has wronged you. I only want you to see things in a perspective as I see them. This man, whom you call your husband that you have been fully, engaged with for at least the past ten years; how have you been able to cope with the lies that come forth from his mouth? You’ve obviously had to deal with the torment of those lies yourself, as a matter of a fact you’ve been one of those lies.”

Citizen left room for a long pause as the idea of Nicky being a lie was something he really wanted to let sink in to her.

“You’ve never been mentioned, not once, since your first interactions with Jesse in the days of the Squared Circle. Hasn’t that bothered you in the least little bit? Knowing that your husband is in a profession that lends him to being on the road for the majority of the year; what’s to stop him from making other women his dirty little secret just like he’s made you?”

“Then there was his time in All-Star Championship Wrestling,” Citizen let the name of Ramey’s previous company hang for a moment, “where his touring schedule wasn’t even primarily in the same country you were located. Obviously to keep up his façade you don’t tour with him, I know finding you wasn’t as easy as many people would think. It’s not like I just found you wondering around the backstage area. That’s an entirely different topic as well, considering the home I found you in was not located in the area Jesse is billed as being from week in and week out.”

“Back on topic though,” Citizen continued, “your husband spent years abroad and without you. There are different rules in so many different countries, what makes you think you’re his only wife? Who’s to say he doesn’t have a wife in every country they toured in? I guess maybe you’ll get to find that out soon enough once Jolt begins touring outside of Florida, won’t you?”

“Then there was that time he got shot and left for dead in Greece.” One could assume there was a smirk under that mask residing on the face of Citizen, “Did you even get contacted after that? How long was he gone before he even decided to show his face on your doorstep? Take all of these things into account dear, because if he’s willing to lie to the people he claims he loves more than anything else, his so called fans, what makes you think he wouldn’t be lying to you as well?”

Citizen stood from his crouched position and began pacing once again.

“All things in due time, do come to light, and I plan on making these things known. At Wrestlecade, there will be bloodshed.”

Charlotte vs Vogue Gonasalvez

Making her return from a one-week hiatus after getting her head smashed in with a beer bottle two weeks ago by her number one contender Tammy Lynn Foster, the reigning and three-time Starlets Champion Charlotte would be in action shortly. She would be taking on the young Hype Starlet Vogue Gonsalvez and if she looked past her towards Wrestlecade she could be in for a real shock.

“You Can Do It” by Ice Cube played first and out came the arrogant street-wise Vogue. She had a cocky sneer on her face and promptly blew off the crowd with a couple of choice gestures before strutting down the ramp like she had the match won already. Vogue was looking for her moment in the sun tonight and with Charlotte’s mind apparently elsewhere, tonight could be bad news for the Starlets division’s most decorated champion if she wasn’t careful.

The fans turned their attention to the ramp as the lights quickly cut to black. Two spotlights, one red and one pink, shined on the stage and started to flash as the opening chords to “Poker Face” by Lady GaGa started to echo throughout the building. The lights swirled and the fans gave a rousing ovation for the gorgeous and tantalizing current Starlets Champion, Charlotte!

She blew kisses to the fans at the top of the ramp and started to walk towards the ring with a serious look on her face. She wore a bright pink bustier and pink leather shorts. She slapped a few hands on the way to the ring and climbed inside the ring, but she asked for a microphone.

“Vogue, I’m gonna get to you in a moment, but I want to talk about why I wasn’t here since Tammy Lynn Foster felt compelled to share earlier.”

Vogue didn’t take kindly to this interruption, but Charlotte had something to get off her chest. She turned to the camera and showed off a scar just below her hair where stitches had been.

“Ten stitches it took to close this up. I knew that Tammy Lynn was going to be a challenge – perhaps my biggest yet. More than Raevynn, maybe even more than that prissy bitch, Winterton! She jumped me from behind and has even beaten me in a singles match … some back there may think that she has my number, but Foster, you made a HUGE mistake when you didn’t finish me off two weeks ago. All you did was motivate me! You stupid Trailer Park Barbie better bring your best at Wrestlecade. With the exception of my husband and our best friend, this title … this means everything to me and despite you beating me before and trying to bash my head in, I have no plans to let this go!”

Firmly on her side, the crowd showed love to the Vegas Vixen, but Vogue heard enough.

“Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah,” Vogue mocked, “nobody gives a shit about your little sob story, Charlotte! This ain’t about you no more … This is about me now!”

Charlotte turned around and scowled at Vogue Gonsalvez.

“Normally, I’d indulge you, hon and I know this match is important to you, but not tonight. Tonight of all nights, you don’t want to do this.”

Vogue spat right at her feet!

“I don’t give a shit what you think, Charlotte! I’m going to beat you tonight and that’ll be my name all over the Wrestlecade banners!”

Vogue rushed right at Charlotte and she tackled the champion to the ground just as the bell rang! Vogue was trying to make a huge statement here tonight and this physicality would do just that! Charlotte tried to defend herself when the shots kept on coming when the official yelled at Vogue tog et off of her.

Gonsalvez backed off and she waited as Charlotte tried to recover from the beatdown … but Vogue attacked her in the corner again with a running elbow that sent the champion jutting backwards. Vogue continued laying into the Starlets Champion with a barrage of punches and kicks trying to wear her out. The three-time Starlets Champion covered up in the corner and again, Vogue was forced to back off for a few moments.

“I told you that tonight was going to be my night, bitch!” Vogue snapped.

She appeared to be on another level of violence here tonight and Charlotte was the recipient of this beatdown. Vogue tried to rush at Charlotte yet again, but the champion came right at her with a spear! She nearly took Vogue out of her kicks and started unleashing violent shots of her own, continuing to deliver a nasty beatdown to her opponent.

Charlotte stood up and something in the champion snapped tonight. The Starlets Champion was back up and she pressed her knee down right into Vogue’s throat trying to choke the life out of her! Gonsalvez was trying to get the Vegas Vixen wasn’t going to stop. She was in the zone, seeing read and all she could see with this beatdown was her Wrestlecade opponent, Tammy Lynn Foster.

The Starlets Champion grabbed Vogue by the hair before she chucked her through the ropes, sending her out to the floor. Vogue was forced up to her feet and threw her right into the barricade, back first! She crumbled quickly, but Charlotte lifted her up and threw him back up into the ring. She was wrapped up in the ring skirt now and the Vegas Vixen continued to deliver boots while she was trapped and couldn’t defend herself.

“Here’s your shot, Vogue! Here’s your shot!”

Charlotte continued to attack her and the official tried to break it up as he pulled her back away from the ring. The reigning Starlets Champion rolled back into the ring now and forced Vogue back up before she fired up knees into the head and continued to attack her! The blows were coming and she continued to wail on Vogue.

“Get off of her!”

The official tried to pull Charlotte away, but she knocked him right on his ass before continuing to attack Vogue. He had no choice but to call for the bell …

Vogue Gonsalvez would win this by disqualification, but the Starlets Champion didn’t care. She grabbed her by both arms and dragged her out of the corner …


It was an elevated underhook into a double knee gutbuster that nearly broke Vogue in half as Charlotte now stood over her opponent for the evening and had just gone straight-up ballistic. Vogue picked the wrong time to push the champion’s buttons here tonight and she paid a hefty price for it. Charlotte rolled underneath the ropes and grabbed another microphone and also picked up her Starlets Championship.

“Tammy!” Charlotte screamed. “I am ready for you, Foster, I want you to know! I am ready for you and at Wrestlecade, you will not stop me! You may think that Wrestlecade is a foregone conclusion, but I can’t wait to prove you wrong!”

Charlotte whipped the microphone away …

Tammy Lynn Foster attacked from behind!

She entered through the crowd while Charlotte tried to walk away and drilled her in the back of the neck where she had been cut open with a beer bottle shot!


The crowd got on the challenger’s case as she pulled Charlotte back up to her feet and threw her inside the ring. Tammy Lynn Foster grabbed the Starlets Title that she had coveted and picked it up before heading into the ring with it.


They continued to lend support to the champion as Tammy Lynn Foster had the belt in her hand and got ready to use it as a weapon. More damage to the head is not something that Charlotte could afford to happen. Tammy charged like a bull and swung the championship, but Charlotte saw her coming and ducked. She caught the champion underneath the chin with a superkick in retaliation!

Tammy was still standing after the first kick, so Charlotte cocked back and floored her with the discus big boot that she called THE DEATH CARD~!

The blow was enough to get the powerhouse off her feet and she got knocked through the ropes and out on the floor! Foster tried to finish what she started two weeks ago, but Charlotte had just proved that Tammy Lynn Foster was going to be in for the fight of her life!

“Come on, Tammy! Let’s finish this!”

Charlotte stood her ground and picked up the Starlets Championship. Tammy Lynn had pushed her buttons, but now she could have made a huge mistake because tonight was the night that Charlotte proved she could push back against a woman that had her number in the last month. Charlotte and Tammy Lynn were both ready for a fight at Wrestlecade.

Winner: Vogue Gonsalvez via Disqualification

"Moonlight Drive"

The camera took us out to the parking garage where a familiar sight made the fans start to cheer! The solid gold SUV-style limousine belong to none other than one of the three men slated to take on Diamond Jewelz and Jeremy Ryan in a Triple Threat match at Wrestlecade to crow the new #1 Contender to the jOlt Championship…

The limo pulled up and came to a complete stop. The driver got out and circled all the way around to the other side so he could open the door for none other than the only man in jOlt with All Gold Everything…


Out came the gOlden bOy Champion himself, “Midas” Mack Brody! The man also known as SuperMack came out looking as immaculate as he usually did, dressed to the nines in a sharp dark blue suit and his – formerly Diamond Jewelz’s – gOlden bOy Championship. Mack stepped out and patted the driver on the back before doing the old “handshake the guy and give him a $100 bill” bit.

“Thanks, man, smooth ride as always.”

Brody nodded and the driver headed back into the car. SuperMack had a lot on his plate tonight with a massive eight-man tag tonight where he would team up with Tag Champs The House and the jOlt Champion Jesse Ramey to take on jOlt Relentless Champion Diamond Jewelz, Them MF’N Goons and “jOlt’s Last Real Man” Jeremy Ryan.

He hadn’t gotten very far when…

“That’s far enough, Mister Brody.”

The gOlden bOy Champion turned around to see a form in his peripheral vision. A man that with his crew, had run amok in the last several weeks in the name of an as-of-now-unknown campaign to cause chaos and disorder to all things jOlt.


The leader of the enigmatic Dead Cell approached him and for now, in the darkness, he appeared to be by his lonesome. Brody let out a hefty sigh.

“Now? You’re going to do this NOW, huh?” Brody asked him. He’d seen enough of the mysterious Dead Cell to know a meeting with them hadn’t ended without somebody getting hurt.

“You were fortunate enough to escape us once when that Neanderthal, Jeremy Ryan, and that egocentric Jewelz attacked you before my men had the chance to do so. But it’s impeccable timing that brings you here. Since your friends don’t seem to heed our warnings via direct means and are choosing to sacrifice themselves in vain at Wrestlecade, I thought sending a message this way would be make sure our message would be more… clear.”

Without even so much as a movement from Ezekiel, others stepped out of the shadows.






They were all out in full force and surrounded Brody, who darted his eyes around to see how many were all present for this. The limo was still behind him and if he beat a hasty retreated, he probably COULD still make it… but did he really want to test that?

“Know that this is nothing personal, Mr. Brody. None of this is… but the more nonbelievers that blindly follow the false idol, Damien Lee, the more you and anyone else that choose to rise against us will incur our wrath. Silver, Gallway, Paulton all chose the wrong side with their little display of insolence earlier tonight, but we will remedy that and show them the error of their ways…”


No visible facial expressions could be made from any member of the Dead Cell, but of all responses from Brody, laughter wasn’t going to be one of them. Ezekiel seemed to be less than pleased.

“You find something humorous in this situation, Mr. Brody? I’ll bite. Enlighten me.”

Brody took a second to compose himself as he approached Ezekiel. The other members of the DC tried to advance, but Ezekiel motioned with his hand for the masked vigilantes to stand down.

“What’s funny is that for an alleged mastermind… you’re too stupid to realize y’all just got played, son!”

The members of the DC watched as one by one, Brody was riding with his own posse to even the odds…

Frank Silver with Wreslting’s favorite weapon… a steel chair.

Ryan Gallway with 2x4.

Kayden Paulton… who didn’t, but probably SHOULD believe in weapons right about now.

Frank’s godfather, Sonny Silver… with a lead pipe in hand.

And a surprise person… the return of Callie “Scrapper” Scott! Complete with a bat of her own. Perhaps to counter Magdalena who had been a problem, once misting Ryan and another in the aid of the attack on Kayden Paulton last week. Brody had his own army and soon enough, the battle lines were drawn as SuperMack had a smile on his face.

“How do you like MY crew?” Frank said with a smile, directed at Ezekiel. “We’ve been here since before the show and since Brody’s match wasn’t until the main event, he was cool to help arranged this little scene. We kept driving in circles around the arena until we got wind that you fucksticks were lurking about.”

Brody turned to the Dead Cell.

“And the award for hottest, greatest actor of the night goes toooooooooooo….”

He trailed off because by this point, the message was loud and clear… their mysterious tactics had been turned on them. An angry Gabriel wanted to fight anyway and moved forward when Ezekiel stopped him. A fight like this most likely would not bode well for them and even if they could get in on some shots, they had weapons – enough to counteract most size differentials or ploys.

“All this little act bravado did was seal your fates.”

The members of the Dead Cell were trying to scatter, but the massive Azreal still wanted to fight. He was about ready to jump when Gabriel, Michael, and Rafael tried to hold him back! This was not going to turn out like any of their previous assaults where they had numbers and the element of surprise; there would be casualties…

Just barely managing to muzzle the beast called Azreal, Ezekiel and the other members of the Dead Cell fled just as Brody and company all gave chase. The member of the Dead Cell scrambled acorss the parking lot until they reached out to two black, unmarked vehicles Frank used his swing and just BARELY caught Michael in the back with the chair! He flinched and Gabriel pushed him away before the members got back into their vehicles and disappeared into the night just as Sonny threw his lead pipe, cracking the back window of one of their vehicles!

“Fucking cowards…” Sonny said.

All of the men and one woman in the parking lot were confronted by Damien Lee, who looked at Silver, Gallway, and Kayden most notably.

“You know I don’t approve of this kind of thing, but…” Lee’s voice trailed off. “Against THESE men… this needed to happen. I’m gonna get this placed locked down and I’ve already got police watching our AV truck… there’s no damn way I’m letting this happen again… not this close to our biggest show of the year. Are you guys sure that you want part in this match?”

“Yeah,” Ryan said without hesitation. “We NEED this.”

“Me, too,” Paulton spoke.

“We made sure those assholes know exactly who they’re dealing with,” Frank said.

And the scene faded to black.

Eiji Kugasari vs Jon Le Bon

Earlier in the night, we saw Jon Le Bon and The Rebellion target Sayber, but the Clan came to back up their newest member, but now, Le Bon must turn his attention to Eiji Kugasari as a Team Captains match was signed for the final stop before Wrestlecade II!

“Dawn Awaits” by Cliff Lin

Out from the back came Eiji Kugasari, who took over the clan when Ninja K left jOlt Wrestling. The Kugasari Clan has been doing very well under Eiji’s guidance and many feel that he has been the perfect successor to the Midnight Assassin.

Eiji entered the ring to cheers from the crowd and awaited as the lights went down low.

“God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash

The boos became rampant as “The Rockstar” Jon Le Bon.. the leader of The Rebellion, stepped out from the backstage area. Le Bon made his way to the ring looking a bit focused as he knew he had to cut the head off the snake before their match. Sebastian Saje came up short just a couple of weeks ago.. now it’s time for Le Bon to try his hand at defeating The Blood Raven.

Le Bon entered the ring and the referee called for the bell.




The two of them locked up and immediately Le Bon went into a head lock, but Eiji with the go behind into the hammer lock. Le Bon reached back to go for a snapmare, but Eiji avoided it and switched into a Side Head Lock. Le Bon tried to counter with a Back Drop Suplex, but Eiji landed on his feet. Le Bon turned around and walked into a toe kick followed by another side headlock, but Le Bon backed Eiji into the ropes and shot him across the ring. Le Bon went for a backhand chop, but Eiji ducked and leapt to the middle rope and the former world champion hit a springboard cross body block that took Le Bon down to the ground. Eiji rolled back to his feet as did Le Bon. Eiji charged and Le Bon side stepped and shoved him off to the ropes… swing and miss by Le Bon with the clothesline as Eiji handspringed against the opposite ropes and came back with a back elbow, but Le Bon caught Eiji in a waist lock. German Suplex attempt by Le Bon, but Eiji landed on his feet. Leg sweep attempted by Eiji, but Le Bon leapt over it. Side head lock by Le Bon, but he’s shoved off by Eiji. Eiji leapt up as Le Bon hit the opposite ropes and nailed a drop kick. Le Bon rolled to the outside and kicked the steel ring steps in frustration!

Eiji taunted the leader of The Rebellion to bring it back into the ring, but Le Bon took his time on the outside as the referee was initiating the mandatory ten count. Le Bon knew he had to slow the pace down and control the match if he were going to have a chance here against the leader of The Kugasari Clan. Le Bon took his time as the referee was up to the count of six before Le Bon slowly got back up onto the ring apron. Eiji made a move forward and Le Bon hopped down. The referee was up to the count of seven when Le Bon walked around to another side of the ring. At eight, Le Bon got back onto the apron and Eiji advanced again. This time, Le Bon baited him and grabbed Eiji by the head and dropped him across the top rope with a Hot Shot. Le Bon realized he had little time to work with as when he dropped to the floor, the referee was at the count of Nine. Le Bon rolled back in just before the ten count as Eiji staggered up to his feet.

Le Bon grabbed Eiji from behind with a reverse face lock and dropped him across his knee with a back breaker. He then stood with the inverted face lock still firmly in place. He then took Eiji up and over with a Reverse Suplex! Eiji landed on his stomach as Le Bon turned him over and went for the first cover of the match, hooking the leg..



Eiji got the shoulder up.

Eiji got up on all fours as Le Bon waited for him. Le Bon ran in and kicked Eiji in the mid-section as he was trying to stand. He immediately followed that up with an elbow drop to the lower back, collapsing Eiji back down to the canvas. Le Bon stood and leaned over, taunting Eiji before paintbrushing the back of his head. Le Bon backed up a few steps and waited for Eiji to pull himself back up. Le Bon got a running start and looked to try to kick a field goal using Eiji’s head, but EIji stood and grabbed Le Bon by the leg! He then took Le Bon down with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip! Le Bon rolled back to the outside to try and get some feeling back into his leg, but Eiji stood up and got a running start as the crowd hit their feet. Eiji, with no hands, flipped and twisted over the top rope with a Corkscrew Plancha to the outside, colliding with Le Bon and taking him down!

Eiji popped back up and immediately grabbed Le Bon, throwing him into the steel ring steps! Eiji gave chase where he pulled Le Bon up and threw him shoulder first into the barricades. Eiji showed a bit of a mean streak here because, after all, it was right after he lost the world title one year ago at Wrestlecade, that The Rebellion made their presence known for the first time and it was Eiji Kugasari that was their very first victim. Those memories flooded The Blood Raven’s mind as he grabbed Le Bon and threw him back into the steel ring steps. The referee was up to the count of five when Eiji walked away from Le Bon. Eiji charged in, but Le Bon moved and Eiji struck the ring steps with his knee! He fell to the ground and clutched it as Le Bon rolled back into the ring!

The referee was at the count of seven when Eiji tried to get back up. He got vertical, but he collapsed back down at the count of eight, clutching that knee. Eiji grabbed the edge of the ring to pull himself up. At the count of nine, he used one last burst and rolled back into the ring, but like a shark smelling blood in the water, Le Bon was right there and he began to stomp down on Eiji’s knee to continue to soften it up, but fortunately, Eiji was still partially under the bottom rope and the referee forced Le Bon back. Eiji grabbed the ropes and pulled himself up, but Le Bon circled around the referee and hit a Chop Block to the back of Eiji’s knee from behind! Le Bon grabbed the top rope and stomped down on Eiji’s knee some more and again, the referee had to back Le Bon up.

Eiji pulled himself back up and Le Bon tried for the Chop Block a second time, but this time, Eiji hit a mule kick and doubled Le Bon over. Eiji pivoted and drove right hands into Le Bon’s head, rocking him back into the corner. Eiji stepped back and went for a palm strike on Le Bon, but Le Bon grabbed Eiji by the arm and slung himself over the top rope, pulling Eiji’s arm along with it. Le Bon hung upside down in the ropes, pulling on that arm as the referee administered the five count, but Le Bon didn’t break it until the count of four. Le Bon dropped down to the apron and rolled back into the ring as Eiji staggered away. Then with a sickening thud, Le Bon LEVELED Eiji from behind with a massive lariat that caused Eiji to face plant into the canvas!!!

Crowd: OOOHHHH!!!

Le Bon rolled Eiji over and hooked the leg.



Eiji shot the shoulder up in time

Le Bon grinned as he knew he had The Blood Raven right where he wanted him. Le Bon grabbed Eiji by the leg and dropped an elbow across the injured knee. The plan now was to keep Eiji grounded and possibly injure Eiji’s leg to reduce The Kugasari’s Clan’s numbers heading into Wrestlecade II. Le Bon stood and dropped another elbow across Eiji’s knee and then signaled for a submission hold. Le Bon grabbed the injured leg under his arm and turned Eiji over into a Single Leg Boston Crab! Eiji grimaced in pain as he reached out for the ropes, but they were a good distance away. The crowd began to rally behind Eiji and he used every bit of his strength to crawl towards those ropes, but just when he was a finger tip’s distance away, Le Bon pulled Eiji back to the center of the ring and sat down on his lower back, wrenching back with all his might.

Eiji pounded his fist into the canvas as he gritted his teeth. Eiji knew he had one good leg still free and did a push up with Le Bon sitting on his back. He was able to elevate himself enough to plant his good leg and flip Le Bon off of him! Eiji staggered to his feet, but Le Bon simply got up and grabbed the leg, but Eiji hobbled forward far enough to lunge at the ropes, grabbing a hold of them. Le Bon tried to yank on Eiji’s leg to get him off the ropes, but Eiji was hanging on too tightly and it was futile. The referee was about to step in to get Le Bon to back up, but being a very agile individual, Eiji held onto the ropes, twisted his body and hit a makeshift Gamengiri to the side of Le Bon’s head! Le Bon held his ear as he staggered backwards. Eiji tried to shake some feeling into his leg and that’s when Le Bon charged in. Eiji countered by lifting Le Bon up and over the top rope, but Le Bon landed on the ring apron.

Eiji turned around and for the second time in this match, Le Bon hot shotted Eiji off the top rope, but when Eiji staggered back, his knee buckled and he collapsed to the canvas. Le Bon got up on the apron and then climbed the turnbuckles to the very top. He took aim on Eiji and leapt off with a Flying Elbow, driving it right into the heart of the former world champion! Le Bon made the cover, hooking the leg…



Eiji kicked out again!

Le Bon stood and grinned as he said that it was time to put Eiji Kugasari away. Le Bon reached down and grabbed EIji by the hair, pulling him and drawing some admonishment from the referee. Le Bon then kicked Eiji in the stomach and went for the Rockstar Stunner, but Eiji shoved him away. Even though it must have hurt like hell, Eiji lunged in with his bad leg and caught Le Bon under the chin with a Super Kick as he turned around! Eiji hobbled away to get feeling back in his leg, but that Super Kick was a pivotal point in this match! Eiji walked to the corner furthest away from Le Bon and shook some feeling back into that knee. Eiji walked on it and felt a little more limber than before. Le Bon slowly got up and that’s when Eiji got some speed and hit a Running Drop Kick, planting both boots into the side of Le Bon’s head! Eiji stood and pointed to the top rope as Le Bon flopped over almost in perfect position. Eiji stepped out and started to climb the turnbuckles, but Le Bon was able to recover in time as Eiji was a bit slow going up top. Le Bon fell against the ropes and Eiji lost his balance, crotching himself up top.

Le Bon staggered over to the corner and climbed up top as well. He hooked Eiji for a Superplex, but Eiji fired shots to the mid-section and broke it up. Eiji then hit a headbutt that caused Le Bon to stagger away. Eiji saw Le Bon’s back to him and Eiji knew that with his knee.. it was now or never. Eiji then front flipped and landed on Le Bon’s shoulders.. he then snapped backwards and hit it…




Eiji made the cover and hooked the leg…




Eiji Kugasari hobbled to his feet and his hand was raised by referee Simon Boulder. Eiji exited the ring and headed to the backstage area, but when he got to the top of the entrance ramp, the expected happened.

Jackson Cross… Machida Hood… Sebastian Saje… Michael Donavan… the members of The Rebellion blocked Eiji’s path to the back. Slowly, Eiji backed down the ramp towards the ring, but the crowd erupted when Takeshi, Heido, Shoji, and their newest member, Sayber all hopped the barricades and joined Eiji at the bottom of the ramp! It was now five on four and an intense staredown happened between the factions. You feel as if it could erupt at any time, but all of a sudden…


Someone came out from under the ring and just threw a massive powder bomb on top of the Kugasari Clan…

It was Raevynn!!! She rolled back into the ring… and by the time the powder had a chance to clear, The Rebellion pounced on the Kugasari Clan like a pack of wild animals! Takeshi and Hood, Heido and Cross… Shoji and Saje… Donavan and Sayber.. they each paired off and pummeled each other as Eiji Kugasari was shoved to the ground in all of the melee.

Le Bon rolled out of the ring, holding the back of his neck. He found Eiji on the ground and simply began to choke the life out of him! The referee saw that and tried to get Le Bon off of him, but at that point, Donavan whipped Sayber into the referee and the two collided! The referee went down as Sayber staggered back. Donavan delivered a toe kick and set up Sayber between his legs, looking for the Phantom Driver, but Sayber countered and hit a back body drop on the floor. Sayber then ran over and dropped a double axe handle on Le Bon.

Raevynn got out of the ring and got a little gutsy as she hopped onto Sayber’s back and pummeled away on him, but Sayber leaned forward and snapped Raevynn down on the steel entrance ramp! Sebastian Saje saw that and went absolutely nuts! He grabbed Shoji and threw him into the steel ring steps and made a bee line for Sayber, decking him as he turned around. Saje mounted Sayber and began to hammer him with heavy right hands. Takeshi and Heido tried to go save Sayber, but Cross and Hood did whatever they could to hold them back.

Eiji pulled himself up, but Le Bon recovered and pinned him against the barricade, forcing Eiji to watch as Saje punched and punched and punched at Sayber’s face! Sebastian Saje even ripped the mask off of Sayber and began to punch him some more. When his mask was peeled off, we could see that Sayber had a bloodied nose as the rage in Saje’s eyes gave away the fact that Saje broke Sayber’s nose! Eiji was forced to watch this as Le Bon held him there.

All of a sudden, Shoji recovered from being thrown into the steps and Le Bon called an audible on Saje, but Saje was blind with rage. Shoji delivered a hellacious shot to the back of Saje’s head with a running knee strike. Saje was knocked the FUCK out from it! Le Bon stood up, but Shoji grabbed him by the neck with both hands and he threw Le Bon with a huge biel on the entrance ramp! Takeshi and Heido continued to pummel away on Cross and Hood as they both had them in low bear hugs, preventing them from advancing. Shoji charged over and pulled Hood off of Takshi and threw him into the barricades. That’s when Takeshi and Shoji grabbed Cross and grabbed him by the neck, nailing a Double Choke Slam on him on the floor! The Kugasari Clan then regrouped around Sayber and Eiji as they helped their brethren to their feet.

Shoji had come into his own here tonight and proved that all his training had paid off. The Hokota Holocaust just saved his clan and could be a major factor come Wrestlecade II. As they backpeddled up the ramp, Le Bon, on his knees, looked around him and saw The Rebellion dismantled. Le Bon stood up and almost lost his balance as he couldn’t believe the carnage.

Everything was under control and in an instant… everything changed.

“No… NOOO!!” yelled Le Bon as he grasped his hair.

“This isn’t happening.. GET UP!” he yelled at The Rebellion.

But they were all down at the hands of the Kugasari Clan. Le Bon knew that this could be the scene at Wrestlecade II… and if it was… it would be the absolute end for The Rebellion.

“No… I… I can’t let this… No… not this way.” Said Le Bon as he turned and ran to the backstage area.

Paranoia could be the word to describe Jon Le Bon’s feeling right now. Where was Le Bon going… what was he going to do? Le Bon headed off as if he had a plan… what could Le Bon do to prevent this scene from repeating itself in just three weeks?

Winner: Eiji Kugasari via Pinfall

"More Than Just Hype"

”For a long time now… we’ve been biding our time…”

Scenes of spectacular aerial maneuvers and death-defying dives.

”Watching… waiting… wanting…”

Scenes of brute force. A wall that cannot be moved in the ring.

”We’ve ruled The Hype and its tag team division…”

Legions of fans yelling out one word…


Followed by some of the most on-target and deadly Superkick variations ever used… and in this business, that covers a whole lot of ground…

”And now… after all the talk… all the build-up… forgive the expression, but all The Hype…”

Two men who had become main event stars in the world of The Hype.

”The time has come.”

Scenes of these two men taking on countless teams. India’s Import. BADASS. Dragon Born. The X Age. The Widow’s Nest. Trouble. The Crimson Order.

”And now, at Wrestlecade… we prove that after it’s all said and done…”

Two familiar faces. Two of the most talked-about stars on The Hype finally get their shot.

”We’re gonna show you and all of the world that we are more than just Hype.”





Omega(c) vs Khadafi

Serial Killa" by Snoop Dogg

The fans turned their heads to the entrance ramp where Khadafi raced to the ring. He rolled into the ring and waited for the monster to come to the ring. Khadafi had been in jOlt for a while now and wanted to finally taste gold but it was going to be tough sledding against the Fearless champion.

The arena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of Marilyn Manson’s “Redeemer” echoed throughout the arena. The lights from cellphones illuminated the arena as the lyrics continued to play. The cameras panned around to the stage as Omega suddenly appeared holding the new Fearless Championship in his right hand. The fans jeered as a young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

we are free
now we are ONE

A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the champion slowly made his way down the ramp to the ring. The lights slowly came back on as Omega made it into the ring with his black hoodie covering his entire face. The Fearless Champion climbed into the ring and smirked as he looked at Khadafi.

Khadafi moved away from the man in the middle of the ring. Darius Underwood was the man that had to control these two men in a No Fear Rules match. Underwood motioned for the bell as Khadafi moved to the middle of the ring. Khadafi drove a big right hand into Omega’s face as the big man looked on with a smirk. Khadafi nailed Omega again and tried to push the monster to the corner.

Khadafi was hugely outweighed by Omega. Khadafi tried to do what he does best which was brawl with the monster but that may have been a bad decision seeing that Omega loved pain. Khadafi pushed the big man backwards into the ropes. He grabbed Omega’s arm and tried to whip him into the ropes but the boogeyman did not budge. Khadafi drove a knee into OMEGA’s midsection which doubled over his opponent.

Khadafi was able to whip Omega into the ropes this time. The champion bounced off the ropes as Khadafi nailed him with a clothesline that did not move the big man. The challenger bounced off the ropes and nailed Omega with a dropkick that staggered the monster. Khadafi tried to hook the monster in the middle of the ring but the big man blocked the attempt and nailed Khadafi with a vicious standing clothesline. The champion grabbed Khadafi and whipped him into the corner but the force was so hard that it sent Khadafi up and over the top rope.

Omega quickly rolled to the floor to stalk the challenger. Khadafi crawled around the ring to try to get away from Omega. He stopped and reached under the ring and grabbed a steel chair. The challenger got to his feet and drove the steel chair into Omega’s head. This staggered the big man but he did not fall down. Khadafi pulled back with all he had and nailed Omega with the chair again. The big chair shot was enough to send the champion to one knee on the floor.

Khadafi continued to hold the mangled chair which he drove it into the boogeyman’s back. Khadafi was now in control of the monster as he threw the chair to the floor. Khadafi struggled to pick up the three hundred plus pounder to roll him into the ring. He finally rolled Omega into the ring and followed him. The challenger dropped a leg across the big man’s throat before he went for the cover.

Khadafi hooked Omega’s leg for the cover as Underwood hit the mat for the count.



Or should we say kick out with authority as Omega sent Khadafi flying off of him. Khadafi got to his feet and moved toward Omega and started to stomp the big man trying to keep him down on the mat. The big man was trying to make it to his feet but Khadafi quickly hooked him with a DDT. Khadafi once again went for the cover.



Khadafi realized he had to do more to keep Omega down. Khadafi continued to stomp Omega in the head to keep the bigger man off his feet. Khadafi rolled to the floor and pulled up the apron to look for something under the ring. Khadafi grabbed a pipe and rolled into the ring. Khadafi grabbed the pipe and drove it into the back of the Fearless champion as the big man tried to get to his feet. The Hawaiian native was not done as he took the pipe and wrapped it around Omega’s throat and pulled back. The champion smiled as Khadafi continued with the pain which he loved so much. You know Seraph was somewhere in the back looking at this match.

Underwood watched as Khadafi was trying to choke the life out of the monster. Omega put his hands between the pipe and his throat and started to pull. Khadafi’s hold on the pipe around Omega’s throat was forcibly broken by the boogeyman. The champion pulled the pipe from his throat but before he could follow up Khadafi nailed him in the back of the head with a kick.

Khadafi grabbed Omega by the head and drove him to the mat with a swinging neck breaker. He picked Omega up and whipped him into the corner. Khadafi raced into the corner and was nailed by a big boot from Omega. Khadafi staggered backwards as the big man exploded out of the corner with a huge clothesline that turned the challenger inside out. Omega turned around slowly, reaching down to pick the Hawaiian native up off the mat.

Omega whipped the challenger into the ropes and drove him down with a big power slam that sent shivers up Khadafi’s spine. The champion was not done as he picked up Khadafi again and threw him half way across the ring with a T-Bone suplex. The monster was now back to his feet which Khadafi started to witness. Omega knelt down next to Khadafi and drove vicious right hands into the side of the challenger’s face. The brutal force of each punch drove the boogeyman into intrepid laughter. The big man grabbed Khadafi and picked him up to a standing position. Omega hooked Khadafi and drove him into the mat with a huge belly to belly suplex. The big man dropped an elbow into Khadafi’s chest.

Omega dropped down for the cover.




The monster rolled to the floor and grabbed a couple of chairs and threw them into the ring. He looked under the ring and grabbed a table and pulled it all the way out. OMEGA picked up the table and pushed it into the ring. The monster was still not done as he grabbed the Fearless title and threw it in the ring also. The monster rolled into the ring as Khadafi nailed him with a stiff kick to the side of his head. Khadafi picked up one of the steel chairs and waited for Omega to get to a knee.

Khadafi reached back but couldn’t get the chair to connect because Omega bolted from his position with a huge spear that cut Khadafi in half. Khadafi dropped the chair and fell to the mat as the boogeyman reached down and grabbed him by the throat lifting him up off of the mat. Omega with a huge choke slam on the challenger. The big man grabbed a chair and looked down at Khadafi with a smile. He took the chair and drove it into Khadafi’s back several times. The fans cringed with every chair shot from the champ. The big man was not done as he took another chair and placed KHADAFI’s right leg into the chair.




That was the sound that was heard throughout the arena as Omega drove the chair into the challenger’s right leg that was locked in the chair. The boogeyman dropped the chair that was in his hand to the floor. He picked up the table and set it up in the middle of the ring. Omega picked up Khadafi hooked him in the middle of the ring.


The champion sat up and smirked as he looked at the carnage and debris of the table. The big man pulled Khadafi from the rubble and hooked his leg. Underwood went down for the count.




Omega quickly sat up hearing the noise from the crowd as Seraph had made his way down to the ring. There would be no officials to stop the seven foot monster from getting his hands on Omega. He rolled into the ring and the two behemoths pounded on each other in the middle of the ring. Underwood pushed the prone body of Khadafi to the floor as jOlt officials tried to help get Khadafi medical attention. No one was going to step into the ring with these two men. Seraph continued to pound on the Fearless champion. He started to get the upper edge as he was able to push the champion to the corner. Seraph drilled some huge shots into Omega’s midsection. The champion tried fighting back but Seraph was countering every attack.

Seraph whipped Omega into the ropes but the champion reversed it sending Seraph into the ropes. The seven footer stopped at the ropes but Omega was already in motioning nailing Seraph with a flying clothesline that sent both men tumbling to the floor. Omega was up first as he grabbed Seraph and rammed him head first into the steel post. Seraph did not fall to the floor but he was staggered a little. The boogeyman pulled back one of the mats from the floor. Omega grabbed Seraph and hooked him on the floor. The boogeyman picked up Seraph and drove him down with a vicious sit out power bomb on the concrete. The crowd fell silent as they just witnessed for the second straight week the power of these two men. The champion got to his feet pulled his title from the ring. He grabbed a microphone and looked at Seraph with a sick twisted grin.

“You may not fear us but you will fear what we plan to do to you. Be mindful of what you wish for.”

Omega dropped the mic and walked up the ramp as the camera faded backstage.

Winner: Omega via Pinfall

"When Paranoia Sets In"

We arrive in the backstage area… more specifically, the office of the CEO of Jolt, Damien Lee. Jon Le Bon bursts into the office, still a bit sweaty from his match earlier in the evening.

“Lee… our match at Wrestlecade, I have a stipulation for it.” Said Le Bon.

Lee stood up.

“Hold on one second.. let me enjoy this moment. “ said Lee.

“I don’t have time for this Lee… spare me from whatever it is you have say and just give me a stipulation.” Said Le Bon

“No no.. I want you to realize what you’re doing right now. You… the mastermind who blackmailed me into being the proxy leader of your little group.. you.. the man who seems very paranoid right now due to the match you have coming up at Wrestlecade… is standing here in my office and instead of demanding something from me like you were a few months ago… you’re now asking me. I want to bask in this because it’s very symbolic of how the tables have turned so drastically, wouldn’t you say?”

“LEE….” Said Le Bon with his teeth gritted.

“I guess I can humor you, although I shouldn’t… What do you want?”

“Lee… you need to make this a little bit more fair. You have a stipulation against us at Wrestlecade, but what about The Kugasari Clan? They lose.. they get to walk away scott free. Let me have one… make this match an Elimination Match!”

Lee chuckled.

“I’m kind of glad I listened to you because I actually like that idea. I can just imagine The Kugasari Clan picking you off one by one at Wrestlecade.. much like how Shoji picked you off one by one out there just a few moments ago.. You know what? I’ll actually grant you that wish, Le Bon. The match at Wrestlecade II is now an elimination match.”

The crowd cheered, but Le Bon was grinning from ear to ear.

“You, Lee… are a damn fool. It was at Breakdown last year that we destroyed The Backbone and revolt in an Elimination Match.. and now.. one year later… we’re going to do the same to The Kugasari Clan and there is no Chris Titan to get in our way. Good idea? No… Mr. Lee… it’s not because you just sent The Kugasari Clan to their graves.”

Le Bon turned and walked away, Lee cracked a grin

“I guess we’ll have to see about that, I suppose.”

With that, the scene faded to black.

"Off the Card"

“This… this has to be some sort of mistake!”

The voiced belonged to a person that had not been seen in several weeks – not since Unlimited when she narrowly missed out on her window to become the #1 Contender to the Starlet Championship. That woman?


The portly assistant to the OTHER woman ready to pitch a fit…


jOlt’s longest-reigning Starlet Champion of eight months had also not been seen since being pinned by Tammy Lynn Foster on her own way to meeting Charlotte for the Starlet Title at Wrestlecade. And both of them were standing by one of the stagehands responsible for organizing the programs that would display the entire wrestling card for Wrestlecade. Winterton picked one of the programs up and darted her head towards the stagehand with an annoyed look.

“Good sir… is this the final card for Wrestlecade?” Winterton asked.

“Yeah, ma’am… final.”

Winterton’s head darted up and she did NOT look happy.

“Excuse me, urchin… WHAT did you just say?”

The young intern stagehand looked at the two angry women standing by him as he checked his clipboard.

“I said ‘final.’ You know. The last. Finished. You can probably find other meanings in the dictionary!”

The self-professed Queen of the Starlets was still red in the face.

“This… this is a travesty! You plebe! You mean to tell me one of the PIONEERS of wrestling’s most robust and successful division – thanks solely in part to me and no other – is left off the biggest show that jOlt Wrestling has to offer? That’s what you’re telling me?!”

“Yep, that’s right, ma’am…”


The hit didn’t come from Winternon, but rather an equally infuriated Desta! She wound up and bitchslapped the stagehand right across his face! She then hauled off and poked him in the chest.


She poked him in the chest.








Winterton and Desta both turned on their heel and started to leave as the former let out a heavy sigh.

“This is preposterous. This is… OW!”

Sarah walked right into a person that she had never met before – a man who was no stranger to setting records in his time in wrestling for douchebaggery. A man who had helped fend off an attack by the Dead Cell in aiding his godson and his friends.

Sonny Silver.

“Look, I ain’t about to hit a lady… Lindsay Troy doesn’t count,” Sonny muttered. “But you two need to watch where I’m going.”

Winterton was irate.

“First off…” Sarah said. “I have no idea who that is! Secondly, I have no idea who YOU are! I am royalty, I am a queen and I WILL be shown respect! Now apologize and be on your way… probably to the Just For Men meeting that you’re missing.”

Sonny pulled at the strand of his long hair, specifically a salt-and-pepper strand.

“Yeah, I’m not going back to that. But if you don’t know me, lady, let me tell YOU… I know who you are Winterton. I know about your history here with my godson and I know all about you. You’re one of the finest talents that I’ve seen in female wrestling… and believe it or not there was a time that I just made farting noises or dick jokes when those matches would come on, so take that as the biggest compliment that I could give anybody.

Winterton was almost taken aback. If only she had an idea how RARE a compliment from Sonny fucking Silver was.

“Why… well, thank you.”

“I just have one question, Sarah… what happened?”

Sarah looked flummoxed by the comment and was about ready to blow a gasket! Sonny then turned and walked away while Winterton and Desta sighed. All Sarah did was let out a sigh and leave.


Jesee Ramey, Mack Brody & The House vs Diamond Jewelz, Them MF'n Goons & Jeremy Ryan

It was now time for a huge blockbuster main event here tonight! This would involved eight men who all had scores to settle at Wrestlecade in just mere weeks. For three men who had never had the chance to win the big one here in jOlt, it would be their time to rise when Relentless Champion Diamond Jewelz took on the gOlden bOy Champion Mack Brody and the mentally unstable Jeremy Ryan.

For four men, the coveted jOlt Tag Team Championships would be on the line in a battle of the time-tested veterans against the hungry young blood. The dominant House – Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck – would contend with Latrell Samuel and Khalil Straighgully who found success against the champions in the past using underhanded and brutal street tactics.

As for the final man in this match, the jOlt Champion Jesse Ramey, a target was on his back especially this time of year. He had three very talented men all coming at him intending to take away his title, but the man he was looking to fight at Wrestlecade was the enigmatic and dangerous Citizen, the masked menace that threated harm to his wife all in the name of winning the championship. It was now time for eight men to try and secure that final bit of momentum before they headed into the biggest matches of their respective careers.

“The following contest is an eight-man Tag Team Wrestlecade Preview match and this will be scheduled for one fall!” Dean Carrington announced.

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

The anthem of all things manly blasted throughout the arena, and the buzz that had been generated from the opening announcement of the match quickly turned sour. Even more so when Jolt’s self-proclaimed Last Real Man stepped through the curtains and onto the entrance stage. Ryan stood at the top of the ramp long enough to survey the capacity before beginning his slow paced walk toward the ring, absorbing all of the booing and jeering he was receiving along the way.

“Making his way to the ring, from Bangor, Maine… weighing in at 254 pounds… this is ”JOLT’S LAST REAL MAN” JEREMY RYAN!

Ryan was no frills, no tricks, no quarter. He told it like it was; more appropriately, what HE thought it was. Ryan gave less than zero fucks about who he offended and who he did things to. He climbed into the ring and waited for his tag team partners to arrive. He had his fists taped, he was in his wrestling gear with the addition of a sleeveless black tee Man Bloody Knuckles logo.

“Gotta Take It” by Nipsey Hussle.

Mr. Relentless, Diamond Jewelz, cursive signature logo flashes across the joltVision followed quickly by his trademark "#sOdAmnsErious" slogan and a serious face with blinged out grill emoticon logo. A raucous cheer erupts from the crowd. Jewelz is more loved than hated these days; his ruthlessness, aggression and the spectacle of all that jewelry have made him the greatest spectacle in jOlt. Jewelz, covered in the gleam of diamonds and gold from his numerous articles of jewelry, chiefly his Relentless Title, bursts out from behind the curtain to the mostly cheers, of the jOlt arena. Unlike former days, Jewelz’s “Customers” far outnumber his “Haters” now. But then the cheers turned to jeers when Them MF’n Goons made their way out next.

“And his partners, making their way to the ring… at a combined weight of 732 pounds… they are Latrell Samuel and Khalil Straightgully… THEM MF’n GOONS! And weighing in at 230 pounds, he is the Relentless Champion… DIAMOND JEWELZ!

Jeremy Ryan largely ignored the flashy trio entering the ring and paced as the three entered the ring. Jewelz raised his prized possession and The Goons jawjacked with the fans as their music cut.

“House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch.

THe cheering from the crowd as the two massive members of The House made their slow paced walk out from the backstage area and onto the entrance ramp.

“Weighing in tonight at a combined weight of seven hundred and seventy-seven pounds. THEY ARE THE JOLT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS… DERRICK HUBER & ADAM ROEBUCK, THE HOUSE!

Roebuck and Huber both stood at the top of the ramp, and then continued their paced walk down to the side of the ring. Roebuck’s knee was taped up from two weeks of hellacious matches and collective damage done by Cross The Hood and more recently, The Goons. Still, Roebuck was cleared and The House were ready to prove the old dogs had plenty of fight.

“What You Know” by T.I.

The music began to beat throughout the arena and from the backstage area decked out in his roman warrior looking attire strode the SuperMack himself! Brody stood at the top of the ramp with a smile on his face, and the Golden Boy championship resting across his shoulder, as he bobbed his head to his music and then began making his way toward the ring. He and the Heirs pulled a fast one on The Dead Cell earlier tonight, so he was looking mighty proud of himself.

“Making his way to the ring first, weighing in tonight at three hundred and three pounds and hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; HE IS THE GOLDEN BOY CHAMPION, MACK BRODY!

The fans in the arena all cheered throughout the arena as Brody climbed into the apron, stepped into the ring through the middle and top rope, and as soon as he reached the center of the ring he shot the gOlden bOy Championship high into the air, earning an evil stare from Diamond Jewelz in particular. Brody’s music slowly died down and was replaced by the sounds of…

“The Phoenix” by Fall Out Boy.

The song was creeping into a beating thump throughout the arena. The reigning Jolt champion made his way out from the backstage area onto the entrance ramp. He was a bit pissed off that he and Huber never got to have their anticipated jOlt Championship match at Wrestlecade, but Ramey stood with a serious look on his face, and the Jolt championship clasped around his waist, and then shot toward the ring like a rocket.

“And their partner, making his way to the ring tonight weighing in at two hundred and five pounds and hailing from Harts, West Virginia; HE IS THE JOLT CHAMPION, “THE ANTI-STAR” JESSE RAMEY!

The Anti-Star slid into the ring under the bottom rope on his hip and popped back up into the center of the ring. Ramey unclasped the Jolt championship from around his waist and made his way to the ropes. He threw one foot up onto the middle rope and then climbed up propping his other foot on the top rope and raised the Jolt championship high into the air much to the approval of the crowd on hand. It was a full house now and all eight men were ready to try for a huge win on the final full show before Wrestlecade. Simon Boulder was the only man that could handle all this business and wrestling’s largest referee called for the bell.


The high flyer Latrell Samuel wanted to start things first for this team and Diamond Jewelz was happy to oblige. He stepped into the ring with one half of the Tag Team Champions who the Goons would meet at Wrestlecade – Derrick Huber!

The Sin City Strongman got in the ring first and the feisty Latrell came right at him with a barrage of right hands. To the surprise of everyone in the last several weeks, Them MF’n Goons had twice taken the fight to the superheavyweights and Khalil even scored a HUGE victory last week in an No Fear Rules match against the massive Adam Roebuck so they felt good about their chances.

Latrell continued to go right for the larger Huber but he shoved him away. Samuel rolled back to his feet and he went on the attack again only to get THROWN with a massive Biel Throw that had him landing on his back the hard way!

He wasn’t nicknamed The Sin City Strongman because he was a cruiserweight – Huber had STRENGTH in spades and the worst part was he had a moveset like no other superheavyweight around. Case in point when he rushed right at Latrell in the corner and CRUSHED him…


After the last two weeks of Roebuck getting assaulted and having his jOlt Title match he was still owed cut off by The Dead Cell, he was in a pissed-off mood tonight. Huber dragged him out the corner after his deadly Cannonball Senton and went for a cover.




The Relentless Champion came to the aid of his subordinate and broke up the fall with a kick to the back of his skull. He scowled at Jewelz before he leveled Latrell with a series of hard Headbutts in the corner as he tried to stand. The assault continued until Huber grabbed him and CHUCKED him halfway across the ring again!

Khalil Straightgully took the tag now and climbed inside the ring to face off with Derrick Huber. The two of them locked up, but not for very long as Khalil drilled him in the stomach with a barrage of knees. He followed that up with a barrage of elbows to the top of Huber’s bald head and ran off the ropes before dropping him hard with a huge Shoulder Block.


After his trash talk, he ran off the ropes again and looked to repeat knocking one half of the Tag Team Champions down again, but Huber caught him in the stomach with a stiff shoulder of his own. He doubled him over and ran off the ropes to hit… A SUNSET FLIP! YEAH, IT WAS!




Khalil used his legs to clip Derrick in either side of the head to break up the cover. Khalil waited and then rammed him all the way in the corner before unleashing a series of hard knees and elbows, Kevin Nash-style. Huber was leveled in the corner before Khalil whipped the Tag Team Champion into the ropes. He ducked a Clothesline, but Huber came back with a HUGE Flying Shoulder Tackle that knocked Khalil right on his ass!


Huber let out a loud shout of energy that the jOlt Wrestling fans reciprocated a thousand percent. He then pushed him into the corner to make the tag to Adam Roebuck! The Big Bucks was in the ring and despite a taped-up knee, he was looking to pick up where he and Khalil left off last week. Khalil was in the corner when Roebuck grabbed Huber and launched him into Khalil with a big Spear in the corner! Huber left the ring and Roebuck charged behind him…


He crushed him with his massive frame and doubled over Khalil to before he went for a cover on the big man.




Khalil proved his toughness last week outlasting Roebuck (with some interference) last week in a No Fear Rules match. Roebuck threw a massive Headbutt and dropped Khalil against the ropes again. When Roebuck tried to launch another offensive, Khalil smartly went for the knee! He kicked him right in the knee, doubling Roebuck over. He maneuvered the big man into a neutral corner before…


A vicious barrage of straight punches in the corner was actually enough to level the massive Roebuck and stun him for the moment. He grabbed the knee and held it up against the ropes, trying to attack it again. He pressed it into the ropes until Simon Boulder ordered him to back off.

“Take it out of the corner, now!” Simon screamed. “ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!”

He rode the four-count and pulled Roebuck out of the corner while Ramey, Brody and Huber all watched on. It was a very impressive list of champions in the good guy side with the jOlt Champions, Tag Team Champions, and gOlden bOy Champion. When Straightgully tried to attack him again, Roebuck lunged out of the corner with a huge Clothesline!

Both men were down for the moment until Roebuck got up first and made the tag to Jesse Ramey! He was eager to fight tonight and he would give the foot solider of his longest and most hated jOlt rival, Diamond Jewelz, just that. As Khalil tried to stand, Ramey hit the top rope and caught him with a big Flying Forearm Smash that knocked the seated Khalil down!


The crowd loved them some of jOlt’s Workhorse as he got back to his feet and egged on Khalil. When the big bodyguard of Diamond Jewelz tried to get back to his feet, he clobbered him with a Running Dropkick to the back of the head! He went down and Ramey headed off the ropes…


The high and tight Split-Legged Moonsault landed!




Khalil kicked out, but Ramey wasn’t done with him just yet. He continued to pummel Khalil upside the head with more Forearm Smashes! Ramey was seething over the past events with Citiizen still weighing heavily on his mind, but he kept up on the attack and landed more blows to the head! Simon Boulder tried to get the jOlt Champion off Khalil, but he wasn’t having it. He kept on attacking…


… jOlt’s Last Real Man had enough of sitting on the sidelines and BLASTED Ramey in the back of the head with a nice boot! Simon reprimanded him, but The Loose Cannon didn’t care about rules, or so it seemed. After attacks on multiple officials in the last couple of weeks, he was given an ultimatum that if he attacked just one more, Damien Lee would bench him for the remainder of his jOlt contract!

Ryan backed off and Khalil shoved Ramey and threw in a kick for good measure to the champion before tagging the Relentless Champion Diamond Jewelz for the first time!

“Just like old times, ain’t that shit right, Not A Star!” Jewelz heckled before he turned to Ryan. “And CHECK yo’ self, asshole! Ain’t gettin’ DQ’ed cause of your punkass!”

Ryan flipped him the double-bird and remained silent as the jOlt Champion and Relentless Champion - - long-time rivals - were face to face and Ramey was still indisposed of thanks to the boot the back of the head from Jeremy Ryan. Jewelz stomped away at him and continued to drill Ramey with boots to the chest, trying to wear him down. Brody, Huber and Roebuck all watched and the big men of jOlt were watching the jOlt Champion get picked apart now. He grabbed Ramey and slammed him down before leaping to the ropes and coming back with a Springboard Discus Leg Drop to the throat! The super-athletic certified jeweler of jOlt went for a cover now.




“Three, my nigga, three!” Diamond Jewelz yelled.

Not happy with the cover, he turned back to Ramey and floored him with more rights. He turned him around and tried to go for a Back Suplex, but the ever-agile Ramey landed on his feet behind him and surprised him with one HELL of a Thrust Kick! Jewelz went stumbling back to the corner after the shot and gave chase with a Corner Elbow Smash to Jewelz! Ramey had never actually beaten Diamond Jewelz in competition yet and tried to do so for the first time…


Diamond Jewelz kneed his way free of the Darkness Buster that he called the Attitude Adjustment well before that OTHER guy in that OTHER place called his inferior move the same thing. Jewelz kicked him in the stomach and doubled him over before trying a rushing move off the ropes. Ramey leaped and caught him by the head…


A standing version of the Tornado DDT caught Jewelz! He now went over and tried to hand Jewelz his first defeat to him with a cover!




Ryan and Them MF’n Goons had the same idea because now everybody was in the ring now and ran over to the other side of the ring! Fights broke out between Huber and Latrell, Khalil and Roebuck and Brody and Ryan just as Ramey was left alone with Jewelz. He stood up and kicked him in the gut now, trying for something big when the Relentless Champion scrambled out of the ring! Ramey was about to go after him…


Ryan had broken away from his fight with Brody just enough to nearly DRILL the jOlt Champion through the mat with a massive Spear-turned-Spinebuster! Ryan got out of the ring quickly while Simon ordered everybody else back to their corners or he would disqualify the shit out of everybody! Eventually, all men complied and headed back to the corner, but the bottom line now was that Ramey was down. Diamond Jewelz tried to climb back in…


An angry Jewelz turned around and scowled at a smirking Ryan now as he headed into the ring and tried to pin Ramey.




These two had traded a lot of victories over one another in 2014 and Ryan felt that is was his privilege and no other to be the one to strip Ramey of his jOlt Championship. At Wrestlecade, the loose cannon could make that a reality and he could prove he could belong with a victory tonight over the champion.

“GET UP, YOU SACK OF SHIT!” Ryan screamed.

When he tried to stand, Ryan grabbed Ramey by the arm and pulled him into a Short-Arm Elbow. He did it a second and a third time before he THREW the champ overhead with a HARD Exploder Suplex! Ramey went bouncing off the canvas while Ryan turned to Brody…


…And then Diamond Jewelz.


Ryan made his message loud and clear before turning to the fallen body of Jesse Ramey and tried to get a monumental victory over the jOlt Champion!




Ramey’s shoulder went up! But Ryan wasn’t done with what many considered to be Ramey’s fiercest rival. The Hype alumni picked him up off the mat and was thinking perhaps a Brainbuster or his Man Down Vertical Suplex Backbreaker, but Ramey quickly reversed that and tried to pin him off an Inside Cradle!




Ryan kicked up and got back to his feet. He tried to charge at Ramey when he ducked and caught him with a Schoolboy this time!




Ramey was back on his feet and tried to pick up Ryan, but when he was on his knees, Ryan cut him off HARD with a Shining Wizard-style Knee Strike to the head! No fancy name for it, but it was brutal and effective! Ryan leaned back against the ropes to catch his breath when Latrell tagged himself in now!

“NO!” Ryan shouted. “MY PRIZE! MINE!”

But it was perfectly legal for tag team action and went to cover Ramey!




The precious seconds wasted in their skirmish may have led to a HUGE upset of Latrell Samuel pinning the jOlt Champion, but it was not to be. He picked up Ramey and whipped him into the corner while an irate Ryan looked ready to flip his shit. He had this unhealthy obsession with being the one to defeat Jesse Ramey after previous encounters where Ryan had been defeated. Ryan’s pride was hurt and he was the kind of man to hold grudges.

To the action now! Latrell had charged and he landed a hard Corner Dropkick to the chest! He shoved him out of the corner and headed to the second rope…


Latrell came off the ropes with a nice Somersault Diving Neckbreaker! He was down and now the tag was made back to Khalil Straightgully. Them MF’n Goons double-teamed him by having Khalil whipped him off the ropes and held him in a Sidewalk Slam while Latrell ran off the ropes and hit a Sidewalk Slam/Falling Reverse DDT combination! Latrell rolled out of the ring as Straightgully hooked the leg of the jOlt Champion.




You hear people that don’t know the meaning of the word “quit” but Ramey didn’t know that word or any of its synonyms. That shit might as well have been in Swahili because those were not worse he observed. Still, Striaghtgully angrily picked him up and doubled him over with a gut punch followed by a HARD Double Sledge to the back!

The gOlden bOy Champion Mack Brody watched on with interest as now he was the only one of the eight people in this match who hadn’t been tagged in yet. He wanted into this match so bad, but Ramey was far away from the corner and despite their discord, DJ, Ryan and The Goons were working together well enough to keep the jOlt Champion out of the opposite side.


The crowd continued to vocally support the jOlt Champion, but it was all for naught right now as Straightgully pushed him towards the ropes and pressed a boot down on his throat while Ryan jumped out to the floor and yelled.


Jewelz and Latrell gave each other WTF looks on their faces as Ryan returned to the corner. DJ purposely switched places on the apron to put Latrell between them, making Samuel a little bit nervous. Diamond Jewelz reached out with a hand now.


And the tag went to Jewelz now as Straighgully rushed across the ring and FLOORED Ramey with a Corner Clothesline! Khalil then whipped him into the path of Jewelz…


The Busaiku Knee Kick caught him right in the jaw and Ramey crumbled to the mat! The Relentless Champion rolled over and tried to pin the jOlt Champion now!




SuperMack was now chomping at the bit to get into the match now and pulled Diamond Jewelz off of Jesse’s body before Mack returned to the corner! The angry Jewelz had made sport out of the fact that he’d pinned Ramey multiple times and was undefeated against him, but Diamond Jewelz picked him up and drilled him with more elbows to the head. He propped him up and tried going for…


Ramey twisted his way free and CRACKED the Relentless Champion upside the head with a nasty shot….


The jOlt Champion brought the Relentless Champion down to his feet and crushed him with one hell of a Jump Spinning Heel Kick to the side of the head! Both men were down now and they needed to get the tag to their respective corners. Brody was wanting to make good on getting over to his corner while the irate and possibly concussed Diamond Jewelz needed to get to his side. When they rolled towards the corners…


Jeremy Ryan wanted in and tried to cut Ramey off at the pass and did so by grabbing his leg! The Anti-Star was scurrying towards his corner when Ryan picked him up and DEADLIFTED trying to Powerbomb him! It was very impressive strength by jOlt’s Last Real Man when he turned it into a Hurricanrana, sending Ryan back to the corner! Ramey then headed towards the corner when Latrell tagged himself in!

Ryan was SEETHING again while Latrell tried to stop him, but Ramey kicked him away! Both Huber and Roebuck got the crowd to cheer louder and Huber stomped his foot down on the steel steps in rhythm, as the crowd got louder…



Mack Brody jumped into the ring for the very first time and charged with the fucking quickness as he mowed right through Latrell Samuel with a Clothesline! The second that Latrell staggered upwards a second time he was mowed down with a second Clothesline! A third attempt at getting back up turned out back when Brody leveled him with a HARD Double Sledge to the chest that knocked the wind right out of him.


The question was poised and the crowd roared in kind. It turns out they were all ready for it to happen. He pulled him back up and whipped him across the ring to the nearby corner and SQUASHED him with a hard Running Knee Lift in the corner! He charged off the ropes and when he came back, he FLOORED him with a Running Shoulder Tackle! Khalil Straighgully tried getting to get back into the ring to save his partner, but Mack Brody saw him coming and LEVELED him with a vicious Spear that sent him crashing outside of the ring!

When Jeremy Ryan tried to also attack him, Brody blocked the shot and turned him around into the ropes…


And Brody the flex… the girls with the cheers…



Ryan fell off the ring apron and clutched his chest in pain now on the outside. Meanwhile, Huber and Roebuck both clapped and played cheerleaders for their former rival and now fellow powerhouse – funny how time changes things, huh? And now the focus was back to Latrell Samuel as Mack Brody stomped his feet and was ready to lash out all the while Diamond Jewelz remained on the ring apron watching one of his Wrestlecade opponents. He grabbed him by the head and hoisted him up…

THE 24K!

The Release Exploder Suplex sent him FLYING across the ring and crashing to the canvas! He was about ready for the win when he rolled over and went for the cover.




Diamond Jewelz tried to break things up when Jesse Ramey came back into the ring and caught him with a kick that sent him through the ropes and out to the floor! Ramey followed him to the floor…


In the skirmish, Ryan snuck up behind Brody and charged at him with a big Knee Strike of his own before running off the ropes and dropping his entire 254-pound frame on Brody with a Senton!




Brody kicked out!


In the heat of the moment, he seemed to forget that he was not allowed to strike another jOlt official or he would be benched. He grabbed Boulder by the shirt and then let him go… He then turned to the corner where he reached over and tried to tag Jewelz…


“Nope! You wanted in, mothafucka, now you in!” Diamond Jewelz shouted.

He collected the jOlt Relentless Title and Them MF’n Goons and the three men hightailed it up the ramp! The shaky alliance between Ryan and company was too much and Diamond Jewelz and company didn’t need this fucking shit. jOlt’s Last Real Man yelled and stared him down,


When it was futile, he turned….

Mack Brody behind him.

The Tag Team Champions Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck on either side of him…

And Ramey in front of him! He turned to Boulder.


Boulder shook his head.


The Running Variation on the Sunset Flip Powerbomb drilled him into the canvas! Ramey rolled away since he wasn’t the legal man, but that led perfectly into The House and what they wanted to do…


They BOTH buried Ryan with Huber’s Running Senton followed by Adam Roebuck’s Running Body Press! 777 pounds came crashing down on him as Mack Brody finally started to stand up. He yelled out to the crowd and pried Jeremy Ryan off the mat…


The legal man Brody held the cover!




It was finally over and thanks to a big blowout between two of the three challengers for the #1 Contender’s Match at Wrestlecade, Mack Brody scored the win here and the champions of jOlt were victorious!


All four men stood triumphant and raised their hands in the air. This didn’t completely take away the sting of what Ramey had bene through with Citizen, but it certainly didn’t hurt. Roebuck and Huber yelled out to Them MF’n Goons and Diamond Jewelz who watched the match from the top of the ramp, watching Ryan get picked off by all four men. Diamond Jewelz pointed at Jesse Ramey and scowled.


Champions and challengers locked eyes for the final moments of iNtense. We’ll see you folks for Three days of Wrestlecade Xperience and the 2015 Hall of Fame ceremony before we take that shit home to Wrestlecade!

Till then, this is your intrepid narrator saying “good fight and good night!”

Winner: Mack Brody, The House, & Jesse Ramey via Pinfall