"Welcome to iNtense"

Darkness fades to gritty sepia when the opening piano of "Warriors" by PelleK (Imagine Dragons Cover) hits. We see image of an empty jOlt Arena filling with people in time lapse

The screen then explodes into full color when the drums and song kick in!

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

(In sync with music) We see scenes of action and images of current superstars Pietro Geist, Eiji Kugasari, Jeremy Ryan, Diamond Jewelz, Sarah Winterton, Charlotte, Jon Le Bon, The House, The Heirs of Wrestling, Raevynn, and Sebastian Saje!

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

We continue to see images of action as the intrustmental continues to the very end...

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

We see Diamond Jewelz posing with Them MF'n Goons, The Rebellion standing tall in the middle of the ring, Mack Brody hitting the Gold Rush on Omega, Pietro Geist and Jeremy Ryan brawling, a shot of Kayden Paulton cracking a genuine smile, Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

With the final pulsing beats of the song, we see Jesse Ramey striking a pose on the top turnbuckle with the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship around his waist!

The scene flashes back into the arena where the song starts again, but in his complete form, starting with Verse 1 of the lyrics. The camera pans around the jOlt Arena in Miami, FL as a splendid display of fireworks goes off on the main stage and above the ring. The set is a giant jOltvision with the N logo for iNtnese sitting to the left and to the right of the big jOltvision. The N itself is a massive red light that is illuminated. Above the jOltvision is a pseudo semi-circle steel structure that houses a curved screen that will be used to display a wrestler's name above it while their entrance video plays below on the jOltvision. On the stage itself, to the left and right of the entrance ramp are two more small, elongated mini screens which will display the wrestler's brand logo on them when they make their way out... unless they hold a title. Then it will display their championship belt on the left and the name of the title on the right!

The fans were buzzing with electricity as iNtense officially begins!

"Ain't No Celebrating When You're The Champ"

The pyrotechnics after the opening video package for iNtense were coming to a close and the Seattle, Washington fans within the KeyArena were buzzing. The night after Wrestlecade II, the start of Jolt’s venture on a tour outside of the Florida area, tonight was surely going to be one of epic proportions in their minds. The cameras inside of the arena panned around, not an empty seat in the house, it was a testament to where Jolt had come from with its humble beginnings starting out in the Arena of Champions and being able to sell out their first stop on this new tour. It was a little sad that the man who had put all of these things in motion, Damien Lee, would most likely not be in attendance this evening due to the actions of Jeremy Ryan at Wrestlecade.

“The Phoenix” by Fall Out Boy began to blast throughout the arena bringing the entire packed house to their feet. After a night like Wrestlecade, it only made sense that the ambassador of Jolt Wrestling would be the first person to step out from behind those curtains and this made the fans in the arena very happy.

The Anti-Star slowly made his way out from the backstage area and onto the entrance stage. The wear and tear from his matches last night at Wrestlecade were evident from the stitches on his forehead down to the bandages that were wrapped around waist that were barely visible underneath the Jolt Heavyweight Championship strapped around his waist. Ramey certainly did not look like he was ready for any kind of action this evening being decked out in his newest Jolt Wrestling black T-Shirt and blue jeans.

Ramey slowly made his way down to the ring, taking in all of the cheering the best that he could. To display the damage he had taken at Wrestlecade more, instead of entering into the ring under the bottom rope in his normal fashion the Anti-Star made his way up the steel ring steps and into the ring through the ropes. The Jolt Heavyweight Champion made his way to the center of the ring and produced a microphone from his back pocket. Ramey brought the microphone to his lips, but had to wait a few more moments before being able to speak so that the crowd had a chance to calm down.

“I don’t know whose idea it honestly was for our first show back in the states to be in the state of Washington, but I think after seeing the amount of abusive matches lined up on the card for Wrestlecade II they knew this would be the perfect state medically for myself and the rest of the members in the Jolt locker room to be able to recuperate.”

A huge smile crossed Ramey’s face as the fans within the arena all cheered knowing exactly what the Anti-Star was talking about. Ramey had lowered the microphone to keep his laughter from being heard, but then slowly raised it back to his lips.

“In the interest of being honest, which is something for the past couple of months I’ve been called out on not being, I will say this. Since landing back in the states, yes, I have partook and I don’t think the question of if I did inhale or didn’t isn’t a matter to be questioned.”

Maybe the Jolt Heavyweight Champion was just on point tonight, because all of his little jokes were hitting hard with the fans. Maybe the crowd on hand was just so excited for Jolt’s first stop on their first tour that they were elated beyond belief that they would be happy with anything, but the Anti-Star didn’t care what the situation was, he was fully enjoying himself her tonight. He had definitely deserved it after the past few months he had to endure.

“In all seriousness though,” the crowd began to simmer down again, “I specifically asked for the opportunity to be able to walk out here tonight in front all of you first thing because I want to thank each and every single one of you.”

The fans all began to cheer once again, and a chorus of chanting began to ring throughout the arena.


“I want to thank you because since I stepped foot in this company your support for me has never wavered. It hasn’t been the easiest journey, after clawing my way from the bottom for around three and a half years to reaching nearly the top in All-Star Championship Wrestling for it close down and then finding myself in a new landscape that was Jolt Wrestling and starting over again at the bottom, you didn’t lose hope in me.”

“It took us almost ten months to get to this point, but through all of the struggles, all of the trials and tribulations, we did it and we’ve managed to hold onto this for one hundred and twenty-nine days.”

The Anti-Star unstrapped the Jolt Heavyweight Championship from around his waist and hoisted it high into the air. The fans in the arena were driven into a wild frenzy of cheering once again, as Ramey lowered the belt and tossed it over his shoulder.

“The most redeeming thing through all of this is the fact that no matter what hatred the man known as Citizen spewed out to all of you, you never let that change your perception of me. I honestly think his plan of trying to turn you all against me backfired because deep down inside you all know any of the secrets he claimed I was hiding weren’t anything that had to do with me stepping inside of this ring, they were personal things that didn’t interfere with what I was doing week in and week out for all of you.”

“Again I thank each and every one of you, inside of this arena, and watching around the world for having my back through all of this when it could have been just as easy to jump on the Citizen bandwagon and turn on me.”

“Now as far as tonight is concerned,” Ramey paused for a moment, “things are pretty hectic backstage right now. Lots of people scrambling around to try and make sure that you’ve all got the best show lined up for you considering the circumstances surrounding the man who usually makes all of the executive decisions.”

For the first time tonight the fans all began to boo, knowing that Ramey was making reference to the situation at Wrestlecade where Jeremy Ryan spiked Damien Lee head first in the center of the Wrestlecade ring with a piledriver.

“As far as I know, I’m not slated for action this evening, so I just wanted this opportunity in case it wasn’t afforded to me later to say thank you for everything and here’s hoping for an even longer reign at the top with all of you by my side.”

The fans commenced cheering once again, and just before the Anti-Star had a chance to exit the ring “House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch began to play throughout the arena! The Key Arena started to cheer loudly for another of the successful champions that walked out through the other side of Wrestlecade with his title intact! “The Sin City Strongman” Derrick Huber walked out from the back without either his tag team title co-holder Adam Roebuck or his wife, the Starlets Champion Charlotte, which meant that he had some big fish to fry tonight. “Seattle, how the fuck are you?!” Huber grinned. A loud pop overtook the arena as Jesse Ramey clapped for one half of the jOlt Tag Team Champions. Huber had his title over his shoulder as he glanced at the jOlt Champion. “Now, Ramey … you’ve been through hell and back and there again after everything that Citizen and Diamond Jewelz tried to do to you, my man. That very well could’ve been one of the best performances by any man that has ever held that championship and for that, you should get a round of applause …” The Sin City Strongman led the audience in a big show of support for the jOlt Champion. “But I didn’t come out here to kiss your ass, Ramey … I’ve got two pieces of business for tonight! One of those pieces of business will concern the jOlt Tag Team Titles that Roebuck and I are sporting along with the best god damn tag teams in the business! But we’ll get to that a little later. I’m here for a much more selfish reason, I’m afraid; you and I both know what that is, Jesse …” Ramey knew where he was going with this and had a smile on his face as he held up the jOlt Championship. “You mean that title match I still owe you for you beating me and Patrick a few weeks ago to retain your own Tag Team Titles, yeah?” “Oh, that?” Huber said, feigning the question, “I wasn’t gonna bring that up, but you said it, not me … But yes, what do you say since the both of us got screwed in our initial title match thanks to the Swat Twats … you and I - RIGHT HERE IN SEATTLE FOR THE JOLT TITLE!” The fans certainly liked the sound of that and flooded the arena with more cheering. Ramey seemed pleased and was about to give his answer when ... “This Ain’t Even All My Jewelrrrryyyyyy”

The hook to “Jewelry” by Gucci Mane bangs through the PA system of the kEy Arena as Diamond Jewelz’s cursive signature logo flashes across the jOltVision followed quickly by his trademark "#gOldenbOy" and a grilled out, blinging serious face emoticon logo. Jewelz has a new theme!!! A raucous cheer erupts from the crowd. Jewelz has no moral grounding, but him, his swag and his bravado are undoubtedly jOlt’s most intriguing spectacle and jOlt’s fans can’t get enough of “Mr. Relentless”.

Jewelz, covered in the gleam of diamonds and gold, chiefly his Relentless Title, bursts through the curtains. Jewelz does not exhibit his blinging grin tonight, but instead, his face is full of the Relentless aggression that we have seen exhibited from a scorned Jewelz in the past. WrestleCade was bittersweet, or should it be said “sweetbitter” because although his win in the #1 contendership match against Mack Brody and Jeremy Ryan was sweet, his second win in as many WrestleCade’s, the ending was bitter as Jewelz, undefeated in 4 previous contests vs. Jesse Ramey, tasted his first defeat against “The AntiStar” and even worse, on the largest stage possible, the main event of the biggest show of the year.

Diamond’s was a twinkling ball of glisten as usual because of his jewelry, but his eyes were bloodshot red, undoubtedly from a loss of sleep caused by the stress and disappointment of last night, and his dreaded ponytail was a bit disorderly; Jewelz was obviously scorned. Jewelz, stops at the top of the ramp “Even though that new cut is hella fresh… Cut my music!!!”

Gucci Mane’s track stops abruptly

“You telling me, I beat two of jOlt’s toughest heavyweights, and after that grueling war of attrition… Overcoming 600 lbs. of sheer aggression and malice… Diamond Jewelz is no longer the number 1 contender… And of all people…

Jewelz lets out an obnoxious laugh.

“Derrick Huber is! I thought my nigga was in the tag team division… What The Fuck..”

Jewelz’s sniveling and crying emits a heavy chorus of boos from the crowd, who is right now pro-Ramey.

“Just so you know, buddy, I’ve held my share of singles titles in my career while you were still trying to figure out what sex was.” The crowd laughed, but Diamond Jewelz wasn’t finished. “Yeah I cashed in last night… Why you think they call me “Mr. Relentless”.. It’s cause I’ll stop at no ends to get what I want… Yeah… I got my shot… But I had to beat two men… This hoe in the ring only had to challenge one.”

Another heavy chorus of boos rains down on the ramp.

“I figure yeah I lost my attempt last night at the Heavyweight Title… But you know what… That makes me 3-1 against Ramey… That means Ramey needs to beat me 3 more times before he can prove he’s better than me… I’m still 2 times better than ya boy...

The crowd is really turning against the Jeweler from Las Vegas in the face of their brave champion Jesse Ramey.

“Shut up Haters!!! There obviously ain’t many of my cUstomers in Seattle tonight… Ya’ll ain’t nothing but a bunch of weirdos and fags anyway… Not nearly sophisticated enough to appreciate the craftsmanship and elegance of pro-wrestlings only jeweler “Diamond Jewelz”.

The crowd is livid at this point. Objects begin to fly onto the ramp at Jewelz...

“I’m the number 1 contender until somebody pins me in the ring 1…..2….3… If you go to, in the #1 contender spot is you know who… “The Big Homie”.... Ramey… If Huber getting a shot… “Mr. Relentless” wants one too…”

The Anti-Star stood center of the ring with his arms folded against his chest, then he slowly brought his left hand up and rubbed his face. It was obvious that this entire situation was really beginning to make his skin crawl. Then he brought the microphone back to his lips.

“Huber, we’ve got no beef. You were supposed to get a shot at the title a while back, but unfortunately that show got cut short because of the actions of the Dead Cell. You want your chance at the strap you’ve got it.”

The fans within the arena all rejoiced at the idea of finally getting to see Ramey and Huber square off in the ring for the Jolt Heavyweight Championship.

“Jewelz, I’m really beginning to get sick and tired of your constant bitching, moaning, and whining. You’re honestly worse than a two year old child throwing a temper tantrum because you didn’t get to eat Coco Puffs for breakfast. You fought two men at Wrestlecade before cashing in your number one contendership, but you fought those two men at the beginning of the show. You cashed in right after I had competed, I’m pretty sure you had a lot longer than I did to catch your wind, but I didn’t complain. I fought you and I beat you in the center of that ring, it doesn’t matter what a scorecard says, you want to have a go again I’ll knock that fake gold custom grill you’ve got in down your throat.”

The fans all cheered in excitement as Ramey was visibly beginning to become more and more pissed off.

“You both want your chance at the Jolt Heavyweight Championship tonight, fine. I’ve never ran from a fight and I’m not going to start now, you’ve both got it. Triple Threat Main Event for the the title tonight!”

The Anti-Star tossed down his microphone and made his way to a corner as “The Phoenix” began blasting throughout the arena again. The chants for the champion echoed throughout the arena as he had just agreed to what could possibly be a bigger main event than they saw at Wrestlecade II. The big question though was did the champion just let his pride get the best of him and did he walk into a match that he’s not going to be able to walk out in the shape he’s in?

"Spin the Wheel"

The camera went backstage to an elaborately set-up spinning wheel somewhere. Standing by the wheel was the lovely Starlets Champion, Charlotte, dressed up in a light blue showgirls outfit and a sequined top. The Seattle crowd greeted her with catcalls and whistles along with legions of cheers.

“Hey, y’all! If y’all haven’t heard the news, tonight we’re going to be kicking off the Sin City Series! And here to explain to you how that works is my husband who’s less attractive than me, but I promise I’ll be here for you to look at! Welcome Adam Roebuck and my husband and next jOlt Champion, Derrick Huber!”

The jOlt Tag Team Champions, the muscular Derrick Huber and the man-mountain Adam Roebuck stepped into view getting a huge pop from the crowd. Both had on their brand new black-and-gold “DON’T BET ON IT!” House-brand jOlt shirts and Huber looked genuinely excited for tonight.

“While my wife, the Starlets Champion, continues to look banging in that outfit I’m going to be taking off her after this segment is over …”

“ … Ugh,” Roebuck grunted. “Get a room.”

“That’s the idea, Big Bucks! Now tonight when I challenge Jesse Ramey and kick around Diamond Jewelz after we kicked around his cronies at Wrestlecade … for those that got to see the big announcement last week, we’ll be kicking off tonight’s party with The Sin City Series! This tag team division is one of the absolute best in this business and tonight, we’ll be kicking off which team will win the next Tag Team Title shot. There’ll be two matches tonight and next week and the winners of those four qualifiers will meet in two weeks in a four-way elimination match. The Winners of the Sin City Series will meet us at Breakdown for the Tag Team Titles!”

He turned to Charlotte.

“Tonight, we’ve got two big matches! The first one will be a match between two sets of former Tag Team Champions. The Conways will be taking on those dickheads that stole our titles and ran around with them for months before we beat their ass and ripped the titles from their hands … sorry, we might be a little biased. The Conways will be taking on former Rebellion members Cross The Hood! Let’s spin that wheel!”

Charlotte spun the wheel and it continued to click around several times while making sounds that were not unlike the wheel on The Price is Right. The wheel spun around and came up on


“Falls Count Anywhere!” Huber yelled. “Big Bucks, you got a favorite?”

“I’m biased like yourself, so I’m rooting for the Conways to kick the shit out of ‘em.”

“You heard it here first, folks. Conways go for the gold! The other is a little closer to us because we don’t like one team personally, but we have to give them respect for how talented they are. The other is a team making a debut tonight after they tore up the Hype’s tag team division, The Natural Athletes! Now what do we got? Babe?”

Charlotte spun the wheel and second time and more of the same wheel effects were heard in the background.

“Are you sure we aren’t going to get sued for that? Seriously? Get somebody to check that shit.”

The wheel came to a stop on an interesting stip.


“Elimination rules! That means you gotta take out both members of team for you to win! Best of luck to both teams here tonight because you’re all going to need it! We’ll be back for next week’s matches when The Freak Show fights the Entertainers and Diamond Jewelz’s personal jock straps, Them Mf ‘ N Goons take on Sweet Sweet Lovin! You can also see me win the jOlt World Championship tonight in the main event! Good luck to you all in the Sin City Series and we’ll be seeing you on the other side.”

Jack Dawn vs Khadafi

The show was coming back from a commercial break when the camera found itself already in the ring. Standing inside was a man looking for a win tonight to perhaps re-jump his career in the form of the gritty Khadafi and the mouthy Statuz Quo. Standing by was his manager, Duzza, who looked ready to air some of his grievances.

“’Bout fuckin’ time one of my boys gets some TV Time!” Duzza shouted.

He was the manager for the tag team known as Trouble and the last time either member had been seen was a few weeks ago when Khadafi came up short in a bid to win the Fearless Championship from the man called Omega. Quo mouthed off to some fans near the front row while Duzza was touting the wares of Khadafi

“Now they gon’ send us up one of these graduated Hype rookies… JACK DAWN? The FUCK is a Jack Dawn? I hear he some kind of whack-ass MAGICIAN?”

Both members of Trouble had a laugh along with Duzza before he continued. Statuz Quo peered out from behind his bandana with a look of disgust to the masses.

“I’ma tell YOU what’s gonna happen tonight! My boy, Khadafi, here is gonna bust Dawn’s Siegfried and Roy-lookin’ ass and make this punk-ass bitch disappear! Then…”

“Magic” by B.o.B. feat. Rivers Cuomo.

The lights started to flash and swirl in several shades of various colors filling the area... smoke began to fill the stage… and the crowd began to cheer mainly because somebody shut Duzza up.And out from the back came two lovely twin ladies, each with blonde hair, blue eyes, and sparkling blue sequined skirts. The lights continued to shine brightly and flashed again and as a box appeared on stage. Both ladies o“Making his way to the ring, being accompanied by The Lovely Assistants, Bobbi and Breezy... from Los Angeles, California, being accompanied by Bobbi and Breezy… weighing in at 244 pounds… this is “MISTER MAGIC” JACK DAWN!

The handsome pened either side of the door…

and chiseled man called Jack Dawn stepped out of the box, rocking a cape and top hat as he took a bow for the audience. Dawn got a peck on the cheek from both of the girls and smirked proudly before he and The Lovely Assistants hit the ring, arm in arm. Quo wasn’t the least bit impressed, but Jack Dawn was on an uphill swing. He defeated another recent Hype graduate and former rival Gabriel Gold at Countdown. Could he make it 2-0 tonight?

“Why is everybody here concerned with puns and things?” Dawn asked rhetorically, referring to when he and Gold got into a verbal jab pre-match. “Duzza, if you and Trouble want to do the fine people of Seattle a favor and kindly get yourself mauled by tigers, that would be great!”

The crowd was laughing, but no member of Trouble was.

“I’m about to do another magic trick… it’s one me and the girls have been working on with a magic box… when I haven’t been working on you know…” he said with a grin when the fans knew where he was going with this. “...Their magic boxes! Anyhow, this trick requires a lot of willpower and I’m gonna need some help from the audience, but I’m about to make people GIVE A CRAP about you and your crew, Duzza, for at least a few minutes when I beat Khadafi here tonight! How’s THAT for an illusion?”

BURN. Khadafi was FUMING at that remark and Duzza had to hold him back. Dawn entered the ring to some good applause as referee Ian Nguyen called for the bell…


The two men were of about equal height and weight, but whereas Jack Dawn was very flashy, Khadafi would just bust you in the mouth. And that’s exactly what he tried to do off the bat! He clobbered Dawn in the jaw with a good right hand after that remark! The Lovely Assistants gasped while Duzza and Quo hooted and laughed like a pair of older frat boys.

Khadafi wasted no time pulling The David Blaine of Wrestling back to his feet before unleashing hell on him via a barrage of straight fists to the skull. He was really laying into him tonight until Ian told him to back off.

“Get him out of the corner, Khadafi! Now!”

“Make me!”

The Hawaiian Headhunter continued to slam more boots into his stomach until he was forcibly removed from the corner by Nguyen. He protested with him, but when Khadafi turned around…

Jack Dawn was gone!

Quo and Duzza both saw him slide underneath the ring just as he did against Gabriel Gold at Countdown and each man took an opposite side of the ring skirt to see if they could help Khadafi find him. Quo turned around after not finding him, but it was too late…


He slipped away from both men and headed back inside the ring, taking Khadafi down with a Dropkick! The Hawaiian Headhunter rolled to the outside to create some distance between he and Dawn, but Mister Magic had another… yep, I’m gonna say it… trick up his sleeve when he leaped OVER the ropes and came down on both members of Trouble with a No Hands Plancha to the floor!

The crowd was already warming up to the fun Jack Dawn as he picked up Khadafi and rolled him back in the ring before he tried making a cover on the thug.



Khadafi kicked out, but Dawn was far from done showing what he could do. He waited for Khadafi to stand when he leaped off the second rope trying for a Springboard Cross Body. It would’ve been a perfect plan, had he not seen it coming! Dawn crashed and burned, which allowed Khadafi a chance to follow up…


The Running STO drilled Dawn into the mat and now Khadafi had the chance to get a big win and play spoiler to the Hype graduate.




Dawn’s shoulder went up first, but Khadafi wasn’t done trying to punish him. He picked him up and whipped Dawn to the corner before catching him square in the jaw with a back elbow to the face. He then repeated the feat by whipping him all the way to the other side of the ring only to catch him a second time with another elbow. When he was sure he was done, Khadafi muscled him up before bringing him down with an ugly, but effective Powerbomb! He stayed on top and bridged right into a pin.




Mister Magic kicked out once more, angering Khadafi. Quo was just now recovering from the dive to the floor and Duzza was yelling instructions to Khadafi to finish the match off for good. He picked up Jack Dawn by the head and set him up again, maybe thinking another Powerbomb or some sort of driver, but Dawn surged to life and took him over with a Back Body Drop!

The Lovely Assistants Bobbi and Breezy were both slapping the ring apron in unison, inciting a round of claps from the crowd as Dawn got back to his feet. He ran right through Khadafi with a big Clothesline! When he turned around, he caught him with a second one, knocking the thug right on his ass! The Hawaiian Headhunter surged up, looking punch drunk when Dawn grabbed him by the waist and dropped him with a big Side Belly to Belly Suplex!

The Trouble member was down on the mat as the agile Dawn pointed towards the turnbuckles. He waited for Khadafi to get back to his feet and when he did, he made him pay for it. With one fell leap, the incredible athletic Dawn got to the top rope and flew back…


Khadafi was down and as the crowd popped for the sensational maneuver, Dawn hooked the legs.




His shoulder got up off the mat, but Jack Dawn still had the chance to finish things for good. He waited for Khadafi to stand again and hooked him in a Fireman’s Carry when Duzza jumped on the ring apron to try and distract the referee. That allowed Quo the chance to get in the ring and BLAST Dawn with a Superkick! He dropped Khadafi and now the Hawaiian Headhunter tried to steal the win as the crowd booed!




Dawn’s shoulder was up again, now royally pissing off Khadafi. The Hawaiian tried to get back up again and turned him around, waiting for a chance to strike. When he got back up, he pulled him up looking for the Overdrive that he called Break Yo’ Neck. Instead, Dawn spun out of it and caught Khadafi with an Uppercut before setting him up on his shoulders…


He went for the cover on KhadafI!




Dawn rolled off of the fallen member of Trouble and raised his arms in victory! He was 2-0 now as The Lovely Assistants joined him in the ring!


An angry Duzza barked orders at Quo to help Khadafi up and he begrudgingly did that. Another loss for his boys was never a good thing and the three men headed up the ramp and disappeared from sight, leaving Dawn get some lovin’ from his ladies. A peck on the cheek from Bobbi….

A peck on the check from Breezy…

An a Shotgun Dropkick to the chest, courtesy of Gabriel Gold!

…Wait, whuh?

Yeah, that’s right! Mister Magic’s longtime rival from The Hype hadn’t forgotten about losing to him on Countdown it seemed! He caught Dawn right the chest with a powerful Shotgun Dropkick that propelled him several feet backwards until he collided with the corner! The Master of Dropkicks was already back up and the girls scattered when he ran off the ropes and caught Dawn with another one, this time right to the head!


He pulled Dawn out of the corner and yelled at Bobbi and Breezy to clear the ring and they did just that out of far. Gold didn’t seem like the type to hit a woman, but they didn’t want to find out. He then latched on a Sleeper Hold he’d perfected that he liked to call SILENCE IS GOLDEN! The hold was locked in tight now as Dawn was gasping for air. After the hard bout with Khadafi combined with this sneak attack, he was virtually defenseless as Ian Nguyen tried to pry Gabriel off.


After several more excruciating moments of the hold, Gold finally let go and rolled back to his feet, raising his hands in the air to a sea of jeers from the crowd. Gold had made an impactful debut himself as a member of the roster at the expense of another tonight as he left the ring, adoring his handiwork.

Winner: Jack Dawn via Pinfall

"No Rest for the Weary"

No rest for the weary.

That seemed to be the motto lately for the jOlt Champion, Jesse Ramey. He had defended his title twice in the biggest stage that jOlt offered at Wrestlecade. And tonight, he would be defending his championship one more time against one half of the Tag Team Champions, Derrick Huber, and the Relentless Champion Diamond Jewelz.

And he was walking backstage in his ring gear, Ramey had his game face on tonight and he looked ready for the challenge to come.

"Jesse… Jesse!"

Running down the halls after Jesse Ramey was none other than one of jOlt’s backstage interviewers, the one and only Donny Layne With a chance to get a big story and perhaps get Ramey’s words before his massive title match tonight.

“Donny... look,” Ramey said. “I have to apologize for how I was at Wrestlecade… I needed my focus that night.”

“Water under the bridge,” Donny said. “I just wanted to say congratulations on your successful defense of the jOlt Championship… TWO of them at Wrestlecade. And now, you have two more qualified contenders to the championship tonight in “Sin City Strongman” Derrick Huber and Relentlesss Champion Diamond Jewelz, which you accepted pretty quickly. Your thoughts on this huge match tonight?"

"Yeah, I can answer. They can all line up as far as I’m concerned… this championship says that I’ll…"

He never got to finish that sentence.

A HARD shot from a lead pipe to his side kept him from completing it!

Said lead pipe belonged to a very irate and furious man who looked over at him..

A man that shouldn’t be here…


A REAL man that shouldn’t be here…


Donny Layne stood petrified while Ryan stalked towards the fallen jOlt Champion! Ryan wasn’t supposed to be here and was effectively benched after the events of Wrestlecade, dropping his head with a Piledriver during a Hall of Fame ceremony…

But that appeared to mean absolutely nothing to him. Ryan and Ramey had some run-ins in the past but whatever rage Ryan had been harboring was now bubbling over. Ryan glanced at the camera capturing the action and sneered.


When Ryan ried to pick Ramey up a second time, the jOlt Champion fought back! He was still dazedfrom the unexpected shot, but he was swinging at whatever moved! He punched away at jOlt’s Last Real Man and continued to force the bastard backwards.

Ramey picked up the title off the ground and grabbed his title like a weapon to try and defend himself, but The Bad Man from Bangor had already recovered and TACKLED him through one of the exit doors!

The Anti-Star collapsed against the ground after the wind was knocked out of him. Jesse was now laying in front of the stairs, trying to gasp for air as Ryan coldly stood over him stalking him like a lion over a sick gazelle. Ryan pulled his foot back and reeled back for a big kick right to the ribs, sending Ramey BOUNCING around in the stairwell before he crashed at the foot of the bottom step.

The crowd watching this take place on the big screen shouted and jeered at the actions of Jeremy Ryan. He had been pushed far off the edge due to his lack of championship success and now it was coming back to haunt jOlt only days after his announced suspension. The beast stood on the top step, looking down at the mangled mess that used to be the jOlt Champion. The Anti-Star wasn’t moving and neither was Donny Layne, who remained frozen in fear at what he’d just witnessed.

Ryan saw him and when Donny tried to run, Ryan grabbed him before he could get away! Donny looked frightened at what Jeremy had just done and when he raised a hand, he flinched…

Luckily for him, jOlt’s Last Real Man had opted to steal the microphone from him. He picked up the jOlt

Championship belt.

"You want a story, Layne? Here’s a fucking news story for you, you little pussy…”

Donny made him turn to look at the unconscious body of Jesse Ramey still resting on the bottom step, slumped over.

"Tell Damien Lee that if he wants the jOlt Championship back, he’ll lift this bullshit suspension and grant me my title match TONIGHT… and if anybody tries to come after me, I will take this and you will NEVER see me again…”

Ryan simply walked away and disappeared from sight while Donny was finally going to get attention for a bleeding Ramey at the bottom of the stairwell…


"Desperate Measures"

iNtense came back from commercial... the Key Arena in Seattle, Washington was buzzing from the opening contest they had just witnessed moments ago.

“Machine” by Downstait

Talk about a buzzkill..

The people booed as Jon Le Bon, Jackson Cross, Machida Hood, Sebastian Saje, Raevynn, and Michael Donavan all came out from the backstage area. As per the stipulation, they shouldn’t even be here right now as a collective unit. The Rebellion had to disband, but yet, here they were en masse as they made their way to the ring. They each grabbed the ropes and climbed up onto the apron, two by two. Le Bon immediately called for a microphone as The Rebellion lined up by the ropes by the announce position. Le Bon walked to the center of the ring and brought the microphone to his lips.

“It seems that things never change around here. Here we are after our second Wrestlecade and here we are talking about Chris Titan…” said Le Bon

The people cheered loudly when Le Bon mentioned his name.

“Chris Titan thinks he’s clever… coming back to try and ruin our parade… well, I’m sorry Chris Titan, but I am going to have the last laugh here tonight… not you…. Because The Rebellion is not going away, much to your hopes and dreams. The Rebellion is here to stay and right now, I want Damien Lee to drag his ass out here so I can hand him the biggest ultimatum of his life.” Said Le Bon

The other members of The Rebellion began to look at each other as Damien Lee came out with a microphone in his hand, sporting a neck brace courtesy of a piledriver from Jeremy Ryan at Wrestlecade two weeks ago.

“Well, Le Bon… here I am.. what’s this ultimatum of yours?”

Jon Le Bon scoffed at Lee’s non-chalant remark.

“I’m sorry, Lee… are you not taking me seriously? By the looks of that neck brace... you have a problem with taking people seriously. It should be a symbol that you need to because what I have goes further beyond any secret… any business plan… any corporate strategy. What I have in mind will force you to reverse the stipulation from Wrestlecade once and for all. Unless you want your life ruined… you will allow us to remain as a group.”

Lee scratched his head.

“My life, ruined? And how do you plan on doing that, Jon?” asked Damien Lee.

“The answer is simple Lee. The answer can be found in the white collar around your neck, for you see... I’m going to get rid of you. Then everything you’ve said… everything you’ve done will be null and void” said Le Bon with a bit of hysteria in his voice.

“That’s right Lee… I’m going to remove you from power… with force. I'm going to finish what Jeremy Ryan started at Wrestlecade!! SAJE… DONAVAN… you know what to do!”

Le Bon stood there for a moment, but he didn’t hear anyone moving.

“My microphone is working, correct? You heard me. Go take care of Damien Lee” said Le Bon.

Again.. nothing. Le Bon turned and saw Saje and Donavan standing there not moving.


Sebastian Saje asked for a microphone and he was handed one.

“No” said Saje to a pretty loud pop from the crowd.


Donavan then took the microphone from Saje.

“It’s over, Jon.” Said Donavan. “It’s over.”

Donavan passed the microphone to Machida Hood and then stepped out of the ring.

“Where are you going? Get back in here!” said Le Bon.

Sebastian Saje was the next person to step out to the ring apron and hop down to the floor.

“Saje… get in here… I didn’t say you could leave! YOU WILL NOT BETRAY ME LIKE THE OTHERS!”

Raevynn began to step out and Le Bon took notice.

“You would leave me, too!? I did everything for you! I coached you… I listened to your pain… your troubles… I helped you overcome your fears… YOU OWE EVERYTHING TO ME!” yelled Le Bon

Raevynn still hopped off the ring apron and stood side by side with Sebastian Saje.

“Cross.. Hood… you’ll do this for me, right? You’ll stay by my side, right?”

Hood and Cross looked at each other… Hood handed the microphone to Jackson.

“Sorry, my brotha… but you heard Saje and Donavan… it’s over, man. We out.”

Cross laid down the microphone and exited the ring, joining up with the other three. In unison, they walked around ringside and up the entrance ramp to the roar of the crowd.

“Jon... I want to make something clear to you” said Damien Lee. “I have had many people backstage advise me that the best thing I could do right now would be to fire you on the spot.”

The crowd erupted at that.

“After all.. you’ve blackmailed me… you’ve blackmailed jOlt Wrestling… you’ve attacked and threatened people on my roster… you’ve caused property damage… and have just been an all around pain in the ass for the past two years. There should be zero reasons as to why I shouldn’t fire you… but… in fact… there is one reason as to why I shouldn’t and once you hear it, you’re going to wish I had fired you.”

The people began to buzz… then all of a sudden…

“13 Steps to Nowhere” by Pantera

The Key Arena came unglued!

Chris Titan stepped out from the backstage area. By the time he came out, the former members of The Rebellion had already made it backstage leaving Jon Le Bon alone in the ring. Titan stood side by side with Damien Lee who waited for Titan’s music to die down, but the fans continued with the interruption.


Once the crowd settled down, Lee spoke once again.

“You see.. there has been a man who has been waiting a very long time for retribution. At Wrestlecade, Eiji Kugasari got his retribution… and tonight.. Chris Titan is going to get his. Tonight here on iNtense, it will be Chris Titan versus Jon Le Bon and if you lose, Le Bon… you’re fired!”

The crowd erupted as Le Bon dropped his microphone and fell to his knees.

“I’m sure Chris Titan is looking forward to this. You have no Rebellion.. you have no hope… you have no future. I would say it’s been fun, but I’d be lying. Suffer well in your match tonight Jon. Everything this man does to you… you’ve had it coming.”

With that, Damien Lee took his harsh words and exited the stage. Titan grinned as he slowly backed away. The look on Jon Le Bon’s face told the story of a man completely shattered. Tonight could easily be Le Bon’s swan song here in jOlt!

"Our Take on Wrestlecade"

On a plush sofa in the middle of a chaotic backstage area, microphones in hand, the mischievous Entertainers, Darren Best and Alfie Button, are sitting down awaiting a cue, which promptly comes.

Darren, the host of the self-proclaimed BEST Podcast in Wrestling, starts us off in a fairly professional tone: "Hi, this is Daren Best and I'm joined by the one and only Alfie Button. Alfie, before we start off with the action itself, Jeremy Ryan caused a stir. What would you say to anyone who was offended by his words?"

Seeing himself on the monitor, the cheeky Cockney got a visible buzz before issuing a trademark tirade: "I say bollocks to 'em. If they're offended, they can go and pay an extra quid to that other company to 'ave their intelligence insulted and they'll deserve it, the mugs."

Darren turned to his wrestling and broadcast partner: "Your favourite superstar south of the border stole the match from Jeremy Ryan in the end to become number one contender."

Button nodded, ignoring the wise crack about Diamond downstairs: "It didn't surprise me Jewelz robbed the place, it's what 'es abaht (about) and to quote anovver wrestler from the past, he was outta there like 'e stole somefing. Anyway, it was a crackin' start. Just a shame about 'ow it all ended."

Best extended his right hand, moving it forward to imply the future: "We'll get into that later. To fast forward to something else that happened later in the show, Jeremy Ryan flipped out later and gave our boss a piledriver. Care to share with the people what your reaction was?"

The Englishman adjusted his seated position, squirming somewhat, flicking his thick mane back a bit: "Er...what d'ya mean?"

His partner probed, looking deadpan at the camera too: "You know, what you thought and how you reacted when Jeremy Ryan blasted the CEO of this company with a piledriver?"

Alfie shook his head repeatedly, apparently outraged, though it seemed to be exaggerated to the naked eye: "It's terrible, innit? I can't really remember 'ow I felt, but it's bang out of order," he stated, thumping his right fist into his left palm.

"Unbelievable," scoffed the host.

Alfie, unquestionably flustered for once, feigned ignorance at what his buddy was insinuating: "I can't remember. It was a show wiv loads of action and you're askin' me about one fing. Ridiculous, Dazza."

Then, despite a disapproving shake of the head and Button biting his lip and telling Darren to move on, which was caught on camera though clearly shouldn't have been, the host changed Larry Tact: "The Draconian was impressive. Usually, you get turbulence when you're that high in the air," joked Darren, who held his left hand way above his head."

Again, Alfie was underwhelmed: "Yes, but we 'af to remember 'e was only taking on Quagmire from Family Guy."

"The Natural Athletes..."

The Londoner, invited or uninvited, leapt on the question and almost out of his chair as well: "The Conways are becomin' a joke Dazza, and they need to sort themselves out good and proper, my mucker. Same goes for The Heirs an'all."

Darren nodded: "The Hype - and it lived up to the hype. Best match of the night?"

The rising intonation in the host's voice was born out of Alfie's notorious unpredictability and tendency to disagree with everyone else's unanimous opinion: "It probably was, but if I wrestled Bryan Williams, it wouldn't last five minutes."

There you go! Best, who was used to it, grinned and shook his head incredulously: "You're not going to give them credit, Alf? Come on, even I was impressed with it. What a war. Two strong guys going at, everything they had, it was awesome..."

Begrudgingly, Button conceded: "Okay, it was all right. I enjoyed it. There, make you feel better?"

"Charlotte and The House won their title matches."

Once again, the Englishman pretended to be shocked: "Did they? I must 'av been 'avin it away with Chelsea and Ashley when they were on. Did I miss much? Nah, I didn't fink so."

The straight man in this relationship fired back: "You were back in time for The Rebellion."

Button smacked his knee in delight and surprise: "What a giraffe that was! Chris Titan, where's 'e been? Convenient timing eh, Dazza? Jon Le Bon gone and 'e's one of the few fings I actually like about jOlt. It's a mess, mate."

Darren offered Button another bone: "Omega continues to dominate."

Alfie adopted a serious tone for once: "Yep. You won't 'ear me argue wiv that. Then...another reason I like jOlt, Citizen, 'oo cut a pucka promo on Ramey, tellin' him 'ow it is and I was gutted 'e didn't win the title. You know 'e was gonna 'av it off in Japan, take his mask off, sink ten pints and leave the belt in some sushi bar. It was gonna get naughty real quick, but Ramey 'ad to ruin the night."

I said serious.

Coming across as a natural anchorman, Darren built on the foundations left for him by his straight-talking sidekick: It wasn't over there, though. Diamond Jewelz, who said he wouldn't cash in..."

A pause ensued until both of them bellowed together: "CASHED IN."

Down to you, Darren: "And it looked like he had Jesse where he wanted him."

Crudely, the Cockney offered the following analogy, not approved by this company or any of its sponsors: "Pants down, in the kitchen and 'is 'ead in the oven. I don't know 'ow Ramey got past The Masked Magician and Mandingo in one night. It baffles me, Dazza," said Alfie, shaking his head and then placing his hands there theatrically, presumably because he knew time was almost up.

There was room for one closing query: "Fair play to Ramey?"

Alfie nodded: "That's all I'm givin' 'im mind. Naht else."

Afterwards, Darren turned back to the camera: "That's the end of another podcast from us, The Entertainers."

Putting their heads together, literally, Alfie snuck into shot and they were all smiles as they signed off with: "It's been YOUR pleasure."

Tammy Lynn Foster vs Sarkhaya

"Last Theater" by NoisyCell hit the arena as Sarkhaya made her way to the stage. She slowly walked down the ramp with a sly twisted grin. The new comer slid under the bottom ropes into the ring and stood in the middle to a mixed reaction from the fans. Sarkhaya stood in the ring waiting for a woman who has been terrorizing the Starlet division and the Starlet Champion, Charlotte.

“Redneck Woman” By Gretchen Wilson explodes throughout the arena. Tammy Lynn Foster made her way out of the backstage area to the stage. She was in no mood to play around as she ran to the ring sliding under the bottom ropes. TL was one week removed from losing a close match at Wrestlecade to Charlotte and coming up empty handed in capturing the Starlets championship. TL wasted no time as she went right after Sarkhaya in the ring.

Kim Adams finally called for the bell as Tammy continued her onslaught on the new comer. TL picked up Sarkhaya and slammed her to the mat with force. The fans jeered as TL stood over top of her opponent. Tammy reached down pulling Sarkhaya up by the hair and flung her into the corner. Foster raced into the corner but the new comer quickly moved from the corner. Sarkhaya drove a stiff kick in Tammy’s midsection in the corner. The seemingly dark starlet nailed Tammy with a few stiff forearm shots before pulling her from the corner. Sarkhaya hooked TL in a front chancery before driving her to the mat with a quick snap suplex. Sarkhaya quickly hooked her leg for a pinfall.


Foster kicked out at a one count. The dark starlet picked up Tammy and whipped her into the corner. She raced into the corner and nailed TL with a dropkick in the corner that sent Tammy to the mat. Sarkhaya was not done as she drove a knee into TL’s head several times to the delight of the fans. Tammy was trying to block the knee shots to no avail. Sarkhaya was definitely not afraid of possibly the strongest woman in jOlt. Sarkhaya climbed to the second turnbuckle over top of the downed Tammy Lynn. Sarkhaya jumped off the second rope and nailed Tammy Lynn with a dropkick. Tammy held her mouth as Sarkhaya stood to her feet. The new starlet looked around the ring before grabbing Tammy Lynn by her long flowing blonde hair and pulled her to her feet.

Sarkhaya tried to pick the bigger TL up but Tammy kept blocking the move. Foster drove a big forearm shot to the back of Sarkhaya’s head. Tammy quickly scooped up Sarkhaya and drove her to the mat with a big body slam. The Blonde Bomber was not through as she pulled the smaller starlet to her feet and drilled her with a short arm clothesline.

Tammy Lynn was not done as she grabbed the rookie and hooked her in the middle of the ring. She looked out into the crowd with a smirk before driving Sarkhaya down with an inverted DDT. Foster did not go for the cover as she quickly hooked the rookie in a standing figure four in the ring. The fans started to jeer more as Tammy relished in the pain she was administering. What took Tammy by surprised was Sarkhaya’s look on her face, a look of pure enjoyment. Tammy Lynn continued to apply pressure as Sarkhaya tried to do anything she could to break the hold.

Sarkhaya tried to grab Foster but the Blonde Bomber kept herself from grabbing distance as she continued to apply more and more pressure. The starlet rookie started to scream in pain as she continued to fight toward the bottom ropes. Sarkhaya finally made it to the ropes as the Adams articulated to Foster to break the hold. TL broke the hold with no qualms. She backed away from the ropes as Sarkhaya tried to get to her feet. But the damage was done as the rookie could not stand on her right leg but that was not going to stop this starlet.

Tammy Lynn raced over to the rookie, grabbing her arm she whipped her into the ropes. Sarkhaya bounced off the ropes but not with her normal velocity as TL waited for her. Foster caught Sarkhaya in a belly to belly position. The Blonde Bomber threw Sarkhaya overhead with a belly to belly release suplex. The crowd gasped as Sarkhaya hit the mat hard. TL went over for the cover on Sarkhaya.




TL was trying to make a statement with the rookie. She sat up and pulled the rookie up as well. TL grabbed Sarkhaya’s arm and whipped her into the ropes however the rookie had other ideas as she reversed the hold and sent Tammy Lynn into the corner. Sarkhaya rushed into the corner and nailed TL with a flying forearm. Sarkhaya quickly grabbed her by the head and raced out of the corner with a running bulldog. The rookie quickly hooked Foster’s leg for the cover.




Sarkhaya couldn’t believe that Tammy Lynn kicked out. She went back down for another cover.




Sarkhaya slammed her fists on the mat before she stood to her feet. She grabbed Foster and quickly nailed her with a DDT that sent shivers up the spine of the fans in attendance. The rookie picked up Tammy Lynn and placed her in a power bomb position. Sarkhaya tried to lift Foster up but Tammy Lynn kept blocking the attempt. Foster used her power to back body drop the rookie up and over to the mat. Tammy Lynn fell to her knees as she looked around. The Blonde Bomber turned to the rookie who was trying to get to her feet.

Tammy slowly stood to her feet as she picked up Sarkhaya. TL hooked the rookie from behind… HAVE A COLD ONE. The rolling German suplex drilled the rookie into the mat with force. Tammy Lynn positioned Sarkhaya in the power bomb position. She lifted Thompson up and held her by her head and chin behind her back. Foster dropped down to a seated position as the crowd jeered.


TL didn’t go for the cover as she looked down at her opponent. Kim was trying to get Tammy to end the match but TL wasn’t listening. Foster picked up an already groggy Sarkhaya…. TRAILER HITCH, again. You know this was a message to the Starlets Champion. Foster went for the cover on Sarkhaya.




The match was over as Tammy Lynn Foster was making her statement for getting back in contention for the Starlets championship.

Winner: Tammy Lynn Foster via Pinfall

"Time for The Hood to Rise"

We open up backstage where we see Jackson Cross and Machida Hood. They actually got a pop from the crowd as they stood there with grins on their faces.

“Free at last! Free at last! Good God Almighty we are free at last, my brotha!” yelled Cross.

“I know what people be thinkin’, though. They thinkin’ that we jus’ gonna fade out into the sunset. That now that The Rebellion ain’t no more, that we jus’ gonna become memories. That ain’t the case. We know that we gotta prove ourselves. After all.. we were The Hype’s greatest tag team until Shayne Anderson done went and messed up stuff for us. The way we see it… we gotta whole new playin’ground in front of us and we gotta step up once again and prove that for a second time. That’s why tonight… we gonna be in the Sin City Series where if we go the distance, we gonna get another tag team title shot.” Said Hood

Cross then waved his arms in a “no” fashion.

“Don’ worry, brothas… we ain’t gonna jump The House like we did before. We get this opportunity, we gonna go toe to toe with them like men. Face to face… and see if we got what it takes to really hold them belts. We know we did ‘em wrong last time at Death Wish… but this ain’t then… this be a new day.. not like no bright blue gospel new day neitha… this here is a new day where proving you’self is our top priority… but we ain’t alone in this endeavor. We gots someone who wanna start fresh jus’ like us.”

With that, Vogue Gonsalvez stepped into view! That’s quite the shock.

“She be called up to the main roster an’ she came to us, asking us if they was room in The Rebellion. I tol’ her baby girl… The Rebellion ain’t gonna be ‘round much longer.. jus’ wait it out and we’ll go to the top. She was down with that so here she is. She gonna be by our side from now on.. she gonna’ fresh start… and all three of us… we ain’t Crossin’ no Hood…. We are The Hood.” Said Machida Hood.

With that, Machida, Jackson, and Vogue held up their new T-Shirts… white chalk outlines of their silhouettes with the words “THE HOOD” plastered across the front of it.

They have been renamed.. they have been refocused.. and tonight, they have a chance to reclaim the jOlt Tag Team Titles!

Fade to Black.

"Starlet Light, Starlet Bright"

The jOlt Vision flickered on and went backstage to the Starlets locker room where Charlotte was standing by the door with her prized Starlets Championship resting over her shoulder. She changed out of her elaborate showgirls costume from earlier and was in something considerably skimpier – a simple leather top with decorative red suit patterns of cards and very short white shorts with the same patterns that left little to the imagination as far as wrestling gear was concerned.

“Hey, hons! As much fun as I had showing off my pretty little assets earlier tonight spinning my hubby’s wheel ... and as fun as it was to play, it’s time for mama to get back to business. By business, I mean the Starlets Championship. I’ve worked hard to make this belt mean something and despite the cowardly actions of one Tammy Lynn Foster after our match, I am proud to have made it through Wrestlecade as the Starlets Champion!”

The crowd resonated with cheers following that announcement.

“Despite what Tammy Lynn did by attacking me with not one, but two of her Trailer Hitches, her ass can go to the back of the line now! I wasn’t kidding when I said that I wanted to be the best champion that I can be. I also want to showcase all of the hard-working division both on The Hype and on Intense! It’s time for new blood to step up and it’s time to make the most of an opportunity that I had to work very hard for!”

Charlotte smiled.

“With the approval of the championship committee here in jOlt, I have decided to take some inspiration from our jOlt World Champion Jesse Ramey and tonight, I will also be putting the Starlets Title on the line tonight against not one, but two of the up-and-comers here in jOlt Wrestling! One of them is making a return to active duty tonight and I’m proud to call her a friend …”

The door opened behind Charlotte and out came a perennial contender to the title – Callie “Scrapper” Scott! Scott had victories over such stars as the long-reigning former champion Sarah Winterton and battled in top contender matches previously. She could very well get the job done tonight.

“Charlotte, it’s good to see you again,” she said. “I know you mean well with this challenge tonight but I just want you to know that if you think this is gonna be easy…” She patted the sparking skull and bones elbow pad that she used for her Scrap Heap elbow strike. “Well, you’ve felt this before.”

“Hon, you best be ready to take your best shot because you know that I’m going to!” Charlotte said. “The other lucky Starlet I’ve selected tonight is actually competing in her very first match. You’ve seen her accompany the newcomers who have been tearing it up lately – The Freak Show. Now, she’s going to step up tonight and go for that shiny brass ring! Welcome … Bally!”

The lovely young valet for The Freak Show also stepped out from the locker room and shook the hand of Callie “Scrapper” Scott. She turned to the Starlets Champion and also extended a hand and a slight curtsy.

“Hello, ladies!” Bally said. “Charlotte, thank you very much for this golden opportunity tonight. Just know that as serious as Ms. Scott is about throwing loads of elbows in every direction, I plan to give these fans the most captivating and entrancing attraction this evening! Much like my Freak Show will do for the Sin City Series, I have every intention of seizing that championship.”

“Not if one of my ‘loads of elbows’ as you put it finds your faces!” Scott said confidently.

Bally turned to the brawler. “Oh? Dearie, I’m afraid you’ll have to catch me first!”

“Ladies, ladies … “ Charlotte said. “Let’s save this all for the ring, shall we? Let’s go out there and show the wrestling world that we don’t need some stupid hashtag to be given a chance! We go out there and take it.”

None of these ladies were hated, but they all had intention to win tonight. That being said, they could all agree on that statement. Charlotte, Bally, and Callie Scott all went their separate ways for what was to come.

Cross the Hood vs The Conways

Not that long ago, The Rebellion officially disbanded. While their former leader, Jon Le Bon, would face Chris Titan later tonight in a match that will determine Le Bon’s fate, Cross the Hood found themselves with an opportunity to become the number one contenders to the jOlt World Tag Team Championships! The Sin City Series was orchestrated by the jOlt Tag Team Champions, Adam Roebuck and Derrick Huber. While Cross the Hood and The Conways were set to do battle, they did not know, yet, what kind of match they were going to have! That was going to be decided by the champions themselves!

“My Time” by Fabolous

It was a new theme for Cross the Hood. Earlier, they made the statement that they were going to do exactly what they did on The Hype… rise up through the ranks and prove that they can make it to the top. Jackson Cross and Machida Hood stepped out from the backstage area and the crowd gave them a pop. Vogue Gonsalvez, who they announced was going to be by their side, stepped out and came between both Hood and Machida. The three of them made their way down to the ring. Vogue remained at ringside as Cross and Hood stepped between the ropes. Hood knelt down in the center of the ring and held out his arms while Cross stood behind him and crossed his arms, striking a pose. Their music died off as their stood there and waited.

“Gimmie Back My Bullets” by Lynyrd Skynyrd

The crowd stamped their feet to the beat as Eli and Ezra Conway stepped out from the backstage area. The former members of The Faction and former world tag team champions, took this opportunity to try and gain another shot at becoming tag team champions once again. The two walked down to the ring, side by side with each other. They stepped inside and warmed up as their music faded. It looked as if Eli and Machida Hood were going to start things off. This, now, Falls Count Anywhere match began with the sound of the bell!




Eli and Hood locked up in the middle of the ring as they both tried to get the upper hand. They powered around the ring until Hood backed Eli into the corner. Hood opened up with body blows to the mid-section before attempting an irish whip, but Eli reversed the whip sending Hood into the corner. Eli charged in and Hood lifted him up and over the turnbuckles, but Eli pivoted and landed on the ring apron. Eli delivered a forearm shot that staggered Hood forward before grabbing the top rope. Eli took aim and went for a springboard move, but as soon as he left his feet, Hood turned and darted in with a European Uppercut and knocked Eli down to the floor!

Hood stepped out onto the ring apron and taunted Eli to get up while Vogue clapped for him in the distance. Eli got up to his feet and Hood leapt off, looking for a Double Axe Handle Smash, but Eli socked Hood in the stomach in mid-air! Hood hit the floor and fell to his knees as he held his stomach in pain. Eli pulled Hood up to his feet and rocked him with a big right hand. Hood staggered back and Eli stepped in and hit another big right hand. Since this was Falls Count Anywhere, Eli reached up and made the tag to Ezra from the floor! Ezra backed up a bit and ran along the ring apron, hitting a Flying Knee Strike to Machida Hood that knocked him down!

Ezra got to his feet as Eli hopped up onto the apron. Ezra grabbed Hood and pulled him over to the steel ring steps. Ezra walked up the steps and pulled Hood onto the bottom two steps. Ezra hooked Hood and lifted him into the air, falling off the steps with a Vertical Suplex down onto the floor at the base of the entrance ramp!!!


We’ve never seen a suplex executed from that position before! The Conways were definitely bringing innovative offense here to this match in an effort to regain a shot at the tag team championships! Ezra turned and covered Hood right there on the floor as the referee made the count..

One... Two…

Hood kicked out!

Ezra turned and hopped up onto the ring apron and tagged Eli back into the match. Eli hopped off the apron and walked over to Hood, picking him up off the floor. Eli hit an inverted atomic drop that dropped Hood back to his knees. Eli shuffled back and then smacked Hood dead in the face with a Super Kick, knocking him out! Jackson Cross couldn’t watch anymore as he hopped off the apron on his side and began to jog around ringside as Eli made the cover…



Cross made it there in time and broke up the pin! Ezra immediately hopped off the apron with a double axe handle smash of his own, but Cross caught him and popped the hips, hitting a Belly to Belly Suplex out on the floor! Eli stood up and took a swing a Cross, but he ducked the clothesline and began to rock Eli’s head with quick jabs to the face. Ezra got up and stepped in, but Cross began to bounce back and forth between Eli and Ezra with the quick jabs. He then charged forward and ran over both of them with a double clothesline. He then helped his partner up to his feet and the two of them walked over to The Conways. Cross pulled Eli up and Hood pulled Ezra up. The two of them began to punch away at each other, rocking them back in opposite directions.

Cross and Hood then shot each other a visual signal and whipped Eli and Ezra towards each other, but The Conways each reversed their respective whips and sent Cross and Hood into each other instead!



Both members of Cross the Hood hit the ground very hard. Eli and Hood were the legal men in this match still and that was made apparent when Eli went for a cover on Cross, but the referee informed him he had the wrong guy! Eli darted over to Machida Hood and made the cover there.


Not even a two count as Hood kicked out after the confusion allowed him enough time to recover!

Eli pulled Hood up to his feet and instructed Ezra to grab something under the ring. Ezra lifted up the ring apron and pulled a wooden table out from underneath! Ezra set the table up as Eli kicked Hood in the stomach. He set up Hood between his legs for a powerbomb through the table, but Jackson Cross got up and blindsided Eli with a forearm shot! Ezra was cut off by the table and couldn’t get through! Cross mounted Eli and pummeled him with heavy right hands. Ezra rolled into the ring on one side and slid right through to the other side, ending up behind Cross. Ezra pulled Cross off his brother and lit him up with a knife edge chop. He hit a second chop, then a third, but Machida Hood got to his feet and hit a toe kick to Ezra! Cross and Hood both grabbed Ezra and hooked him for a double team suplex! They positioned him, lifted and then…



Vogue got pumped up as both Cross and Hood stood back up and looked at Eli, who was using the barricades to pull himself up. Hood told the people in the front row to move as the two of them charged in and…



While the two of them were reeling a bit from the hit, Cross stood up and told Hood to cover him. Hood made the cover as the referee quickly got into position and made the count..



Thr.. NO!!!!

Eli kicked out of it and both Cross and Hood were pretty shocked!

Cross gave some instructions to Hood and Hood nodded. Machida grabbed Eli and pulled him up off the floor while Cross crouched down a few steps back and waited, but what he didn’t anticipate was Ezra getting up after going through that table! Ezra got behind Cross and spun him around, connecting with a quick uppercut under the jaw! Ezra rocked Cross backwards a couple of steps with each uppercut. Hood saw it and went to step in to help, but Ezra shoved Cross backwards into Hood, causing Hood to put his arms out to brace his partner. Ezra then took that opportunity to charge in with a Running Big Boot… but Hood shoved Cross out of the way and took the hit for his partner! Eli staggered to his feet just in time to see Hood jumbling backwards. Eli grabbed Hood and the crowd held their breath..


The crowd cringed and groaned as Eli held him down with the bridging pin.. at the same time, Cross grabbed Ezra off the running big boot and whipped him towards his brother, Eli..


Drop Toe Hold by Cross…


Ezra went head first between Eli’s legs, hitting him in the nether regions!!

Cross went over and immediately checked on his partner as both members of The Conways were down. Cross helped Hood up to his feet who looked to be on dream street. He had no idea where the hell he was after taking a hit like that. Hood stumbled back over to the ringside arena where Vogue took a look at him. Cross picked Eli up off the floor and lifted him up, hot shotting him chest first across the top of the barricades. He picked up Ezra off the floor and did the same thing to him! Both Conways were back down on the floor as Cross grabbed Eli by the head, pulling him back up. Cross walked Eli back to the ringside area and then over to the entrance ramp. He walked Eli about half way up the ramp when Eli put the brakes on and began to fight back! Eli punched away at Cross’ mid-section.

Hood saw what was happening and began to stumble away. Vogue voiced her concerns, but Hood ignored her and began to pick up speed. Eli heard Hood approaching and turned around, but he was running faster than Eli could react to! Hood then drilled Eli with a running lariat right there on the entrance ramp!! Hood pulled himself up and was on spaghetti legs and then looked over at the staging area and got an idea. He had Cross help him pull Eli up to his feet. The two of them walked Eli up the entrance ramp and on top of the stage. Ezra got to his feet and looked around, noticing the three of them up at the entrance. Ezra started to make his way up the ramp when Hood spotted him.

Cross left Eli and Hood alone and went down the ramp to meet Ezra. The two began to trade punches back and forth as it became an all out brawl between the two of them. Meanwhile, Hood positioned Eli up near the edge of the stage and then backed up. Hood was about to charge forward when Eli charged in instead and plowed Hood up against the steel scaffolding of the iNtense set! Eli hit a pair of shoulder blocks which dropped Hood down to a knelt position. Ezra and Cross continued to brawl with Ezra getting the upper hand as his punches were hitting heavier and heavier. Ezra then hauled off and hit a huge haymaker that leveled Jackson Cross on the ramp! Eli called his brother over and Ezra walked up the ramp. They had the idea of hitting a double hip toss off the edge of the stage!

They got Hood in position, but Hood hit an elbow to the side of Ezra’s head, then one to the side of Eli’s! He turned and rocked Ezra with a right, but Eli caught him with a left hand. Eli went for a whip. But Machida reversed it and sent Eli colliding into Ezra!!! Eli staggered back as Hood backed up towards the entrance set. He got a running start and…



The staging platform below cracked as both men tumbled through it! The referee hopped off the stage and saw that Machida Hood was laying on top of Eli! He then made the count…




The crowd stood up and cheered as Cross the Hood won the match and advanced in the Sin City Series!!

Winner: Cross the Hood via Pinfall

"Burn, Baby, Burn"

After the conclusion of the previous match and the competitors had all left ringside…


…The camera was back at ringside.

No music.

No fanfare.

Just a man and a jOlt Championship draping from his arm. The crowd in Seattle was BOOING the very presence of Jeremy Ryan who had entered through the crowd and stole a microphone. He was supposed to have been gone after his offensive remarks about the jOlt Hall of Famers and his even more heinous actions, but here he was, in the flesh.

“What the HELL is he doing here?” Nathan Powers asked.

“I don’t know,” Michael Buhrman said to his broadcast partner. “What he JUST did to Jesse Ramey… what he did to Damien Lee… is there REALLY no low that Jeremy Ryan will stoop to so he could be the jOlt Champion?”

“He’s a piece of …”

Both men stopped instantly when jOlt’s Last Real Man skulked in front of the announce table, looking every bit ready to hurt someone. Both Buhrman and Powers remained silent as he headed towards Dean Carrington and SHOVED him down on his ass! The crowd was growing more irate by the second as Ryan picked up a microphone and had a seat in the middle of the ring. This part was nothing new; Ryan had tried to hijack shows before just to make a point, but tonight… something was different.

“DAMIEN LEE…” Ryan yelled aloud. “Do I have your attention NOW?”

Ryan dropped the jOlt Championship at his feet and laid it out perfectly on the canvas in a straight line, almost as if he was daring somebody to cross it.

“You tried to keep me down… you tried to silence me… hell, you tried to bench me… and do you SEE where the fuck that’s gotten you? NOWHERE. You have a champion that may not even be able to compete tonight… and a man you don’t even like has the one thing that you as an organization care about the most…”

Ryan tapped his foot near where the belt rested.

“…Is laying at my side where it BELONGS! Have you received the message I sent Donny Layne earlier, Lee? I told you to meet me here where we’re gonna renegotiate the terms of my bullshit suspension and this title… you have exactly sixty fucking seconds to meet me here otherwise, this title…”

The Bad Man from Bangor reached into the pocket of his hoodie and pulled out a small bottle of lighter fluid and a matchbook. The noise in the Key Arena was growing to a fever pitch.

“…This title, the representation of EVERYTHING jOlt stands for goes up in smoke, live here on television! I know that you can probably have another championship made, but do you REALLY want this to go down under your watch? Do you REALLY want your shield; your symbol of greatness to go up in flames in this ring? After everything that you’ve done with the Rebellion, your little vendetta against Aran Thompson, and the Dead Cell still running amok… can you REALLY afford a PR nightmare?”

He flicked a match and watched as the flames danced a little. He lowered it towards the belt and the bottle, but suddenly had a change of heart and dropped the match before putting it out with his boot.

“Nah, maybe I won’t burn it. Maybe I’ve realized the error of my ways and I’ll go home like you wanted me to, Lee. Maybe I’ll spend my free time taking the jOlt Championship on a tour of the world with me where you fuckers will never find me… or perhaps I’ll go take my talents elsewhere. Take this title and drop it at the feet of Scott Riktor and Jonathan Conspiracy instead! Maybe LoC needs a REAL MAN with a REAL CHAMPIONSHIP…”


Damien Lee – neck brace and all, courtesy of his previous run-in with Ryan at Wrestlecade – headed out to the ring. Before he could get any further…

“Where you’re at is just fine, Lee, we can do this for the world to see,” Ryan said with a menacing grin. “If I catch one whiff of security trying to come down here, you cut my microphone off or you do anything cute that I don’t like, I’ll be making an in-ring bonfire with this belt!”

“You’re bluffing!” Lee screamed. “After all you’ve done… you injure Jesse Ramey, who WILL NOT be cleared to compete tonight…”


Lee repulsed after the jeers of that announcement, but he pressed on.

“…And you do all this for the belt? You wouldn’t DARE.”

“Oh, am I bluffing now?” Ryan posed. “Trust me, Lee. As you know first-hand, I’m not a very happy man anyway without this belt, but if I can’t have it, then I’ll be better off knowing that I RUINED jOlt and kept anybody else from having it, too! So… you going to continue swinging your miniscule dick my way or are you going to shut up and listen to my demands?”

Lee remained silent, but seethed as Ryan leaned forward.

“You have two options… what I want is my suspension lifted IMMEDIATELY.”

The CEO of jOlt’s very back was against the wall as he was visibly seething with rage. But as much as he wanted to throw Ryan out on his fucking punk-ass… Jeremy Ryan did have all the cards right now.

“Fine. Your suspension is lifted and you’ll be reinstated…”

“Well, thanks, Damien Lee. I guess we’re all squareOHWAITFUCKWEARENOT!” Ryan blurted. “I want one more thing from you… I want Jesse Ramey’s spot in that Triple Threat Title match tonight! If he is unfit to compete, then you WILL strip him of this championship and you WILL give me his spot against that blinged-out faggot Diamond Jewelz and that roided-out fuck, Derrick Huber!”

The red face of Damien Lee was now turning white. There was no way that this was happening. He clutched at his neck brace and his lip shook.

“You… what? I can’t…”

“YOU HEARD ME! That’s all I want, Lee. All I need is one shot. You don’t need some frail, gutless pussy like Jesse Ramey heading this ship. I’M the greatest thing that’s ever come out of The Hype no matter what noise The Rebellion made! You know it, I know it, those fucking pretenders in the back know it and these fucking spineless little nobodies in Seattle know it, too!”

The jeering had reached max fucking capacity at this point and Lee took a step back, resigned…

“fine… you will be inserted into that match… and after what happened earlier and what doctors have told me… I have no choice but to STRIP Jesse Ramey of the jOlt Championship…”


With that said, Lee dropped the microphone and walked off in a huff without saying so much as a word. The brief glimpse of his face as he disappeared behind the curtain was ghostly-white. He thought the Jeremy Ryan situation was done and other with… but Ryan succumbed to no authority. jOlt’s Last Real Man took the jOlt Championship and hoisted it over his shoulder with a grin on his face.

In one night, he went from not even being seen to blackmailing himself into the biggest match of his career.

And somewhere, Damien Lee was sick to his fucking stomach.

"The New Breed"

We open up outside Damien Lee’s office. Brian Williams is seen and he gets a pretty good pop from the crowd. All of a sudden, the door to Lee’s office opens and Lee walks out smiling.

“I think you’re going to love it here on iNtense. Now.. just to be sure.. you don’t mind going back and forth. We’re on the road now so the travel for you is going to be brutal.”

With that, the Hype Champion, Mike Patterson stepped out of Lee’s office with the title over his shoulder.

“I don’t mind. I’ll be more than happy to pull double duty.” Said Patterson.

“Okay.. if your mind is made up.. then I officially welcome you to the main roster!” said Lee

The crowd cheered loudly as The Hype Champion was offered a spot and he accepted it! The two of them then notice Brian Williams standing there.

“Brian! Good timing! I wanted to commend you on your match with Mike Patterson at Wrestlecade. That is the kind of competitive fire and spirit I love seeing. I was already impressed with you, but Mike Patterson blew me away with his performance so I invited him to the main roster as well! I hope you two get along, though. Don’t tear any of the arenas we go to apart.. save it for the ring if need be. Well… Mike… I’ll let you two get reacquainted.. feel free to mingle and introduce yourself to the other talent!”

With that, Lee patted Patterson on the back and stepped back into his office. The door closed and the two of them went face to face.. nose to nose with a look of intensity. Then.. they broke into a smile and hugged each other.

“I had a feeling this was going to happen” said Williams

“Honestly, I didn’t. I didn’t think I would get called up, but here I am. As a thank you to Lee, I agreed to remain on The Hype as their champion. I know Pietro Geist is a good wrestler and an even more impressive person, but I’m not going to take his path and vacate the championship. I just became The Hype Champion.. what would it say if I just threw away what I worked hard for?” said Patterson.

“I hear you on that.. I mean..I worked hard for that as well… but no champion reigns forever. I can accept that and I’m glad you were finally able to beat me. I was beginning to worry about you.” Said Williams

“Hey… don’t say stuff like that..unless you want me to powerbomb you on top of the steel ring steps again. Then we’ll just see who is worried.” Said Patterson.

“Yeah.. that kind of hurt.. don’t do that again.” Said Williams.

“Don’t do anything to force me to” said Patterson.

You could feel the tension rising again, but Patterson cracked a grin.

“I think you and I proved that we are two very tough bastards. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could work together instead of against each other?” said Patterson before laughing as if he were joking around, but Williams didn’t laugh.

“You know… that’s not a bad idea.” Said Williams.

“Wait.. what?” said Patterson. “I was just making a joke.. you actually want to team?”

“Why not? Think of what we could do together. You just said it yourself.. if we could that to each other at Wrestlecade, what could we do to this roster if we stood side by side? We could take this place for outselves.” Said Williams

“Heh.” Said Patterson. “Who would have thought that one day, the leader of The X Movement and the leader of The Dying Breed would be on the main roster as a team. Seeing how I just got here and have zero plans.. I’d like to see where this goes. You’ve got yourself a deal.”

Patterson extended his hand and Williams shook it.

“This isn’t going to be a Dying Breed like on The Hype… you and I.. we’re the new guys here… more like.. we’re The New Breed.” Said Williams with a smirk.

“I like the sound of that.” Said Patterson. “The New Breed it is.”

A close up of the handshake was seen before the scene faded to black

Charlotte(c) vs Bally vs Callie Scott

Charlotte wanted to continued proving her worth as a fighting champion as the only three-time champion in Starlets history and so she asked for a huge challenge tonight where she, like Jesse Ramey later on, would defend her title against two other Starlets who had never been champion before and wanted to give them a true opportunity tonight. After surviving against the powerful and dangerous Tammy Lynn Foster, she was looking forward to new challenges and would get one tonight in the form of two talented Starlets.

“Octane” by Burnos played first and the adrenaline-fueled anthem played and the crowd started to cheer for the brawler from Battle Ground. Two pillars of smoke billowed out from either side of the entry ramp and out came the woman nicknamed The Scrapper! A blue bandana was draped over her head as she approached the ring, adjusting her signature black elbow pad on her right arm with a sparking red skull and cross-bones adoring it.

The crowd started cheering as The Scrapper headed towards the ring meaning all business. She climbed up the steps and jumped onto the second turnbuckle, pointing to the sparkling skull on her elbow pad. After stepping off the top rope, she was all business in the ring. This was a golden opportunity tonight to win her first Starlets Championship!

“The Dark Ride” by Prelude to a Nightmare’s strong street organ intro blasted throughout the Key Arena as the Freak Show’s own manager and newcomer to the Starlets division, Bally, made her way out! The flashy show-woman took a bow at the top of the stage before heading to the ring. Bally would have a heck of a way to make an immediate impact if she could overcome both the uber-tough Scott and the three-time and defending Starlets Champion to win in her debut!

Bally stood on the top rope and took another bow before she sat on the ropes and earned a nice cheer from the crowd. The barker for the Freak Show entered the ring and waited for the last piece of this puzzle.

The fans turned their attention to the ramp as the lights quickly cut to black. Two spotlights, one red and one pink, shined on the stage and started to flash as the opening chords to “Poker Face” by Lady GaGa started to echo throughout the building. The lights swirled and the fans gave a rousing ovation for the gorgeous and tantalizing current Starlets Champion, Charlotte!

She blew kisses to the fans at the top of the ramp and started to walk towards the ring with the title fastened around her waist. She slapped a few hands on the way to the ring and climbed inside the ring. One more time, she blew a kiss and when she did, a series of pink sparks rained from the turnbuckle posts as she got ready to go to war for the belt that many had identified with her as the standard-bearer for the division. She struck another pose in the center of the ring as the flashbulbs went off all around her. The camera did a swooping pan to capture the atmosphere before switching to the hard camera for a close up shot.

The Starlets official Kim Adams raised the Starlets Title high and all three ladies looked ready to rock and roll. All three ladies took a moment to shake hands with each other and display some good sportsmanship before the bell rang.

Bally took the first shot quickly when she went right at Callie Scott and kicked her in the gut! She was going for the woman on top of the division quickly and pushed Charlotte to the ropes and kneeled down, allowing Charlotte to trip over her so she could cradle the champion with a pin!


Callie broke that up quickly and the brawler slugged her with an elbow to the face that rocked the Freak Show’s valet. Charlotte was already back up and she slapped on a chinlock to try and restrain the Scrapper, but she used the ropes and shoved the champion forward to knock her down with a shoulder on the way back.

Bally was back up and she crept up behind The Scrapper with a waistlock just as Charlotte did the same to her. Callie hit the ropes and Charlotte bounced back with Bally in her grip to try and roll her up now!



Bally kicked out and sent Charlotte flying forward right into Callie who caught the Starlets Champion with a hard right. Charlotte was thrown out to the floor and when Bally tried to sneak up on her a second time. He threw her between the ropes also and now both ladies were on the floor with Callie Scott taking control. She was out on the apron now and waited for Bally and Charlotte to jump when she flew off the apron with a flipping senton off the apron onto both of her opponents!


The Scrapper was in full control of the match after a great opening offense. She picked up her friend, Charlotte, and threw her back into the ring. She crawled over and dropped an elbow right into her chest before going for a cover.



Charlotte kicked out!

The Starlets Champion was picked up and Callie went for a running elbow quickly, but the quick champion tripped her up on the second rope. Charlotte rolled back up and sped off the ropes coming back with a jumping double knee strike to the back of the Scrapper’s back! She pulled Callie away and went for a cover.



It was the Scrapper’s turn to kick out and Charlotte was going to try and finish her tough opponent quickly, but Bally leaped all the way into the ring. Charlotte tried to whip her over with a hip toss when Bally landed on her feet which surprised Charlotte. The Starlets Champion used an irish whip and tried to hit her off the rebound when Bally ducked. She did the same going the other way and she came back with a flying head scissors, sending Charlotte flying across the ring!

The Scrapper was back up and tried a running clothesline at Bally, but the speedy valet for the Freak Show spun around …


She dropped Callie Scott with a quick spinning head scissors and turned that into a quick facebuster. Bally basked in the cheers of the crowd who were impressed with her as she tried to cover the other challenger for the Starlets Title!



No! Callie Scott kicked out, but Bally was earning some fans with a great showing so far. She picked up Callie and got rid of her to try for some kind of a dive, but Charlotte was back on the apron and caught her with a shoulder to the stomach. Charlotte then leaped over the ropes …


She dropped Bally with a quick turning one-armed neckbreaker and after that, the path seemed to be clear for her to retain her title…



Callie broke that up with a diving elbow drop off the top rope! She caught Charlotte in the back with the move and threw her right off of Bally so she could try and pin the lovely valet for the Freak Show!




Bally kicked out after Charlotte’s signature move, so Callie Scott rolled over towards Charlotte and tried to pin the Vegas Vixen herself.




All three ladies had put the pedal through the floor with rapid-fire pinfalls to score the Starlets Championship, but they were all evenly matched for the moment. Charlotte and Bally both stood up and champion and challenger traded shots with each other trying to get the other off their ground. Callie Scott joined in and the brawler continued to fire shots at both.

Callie pushed Bally out of the way and threw Charlotte into the corner before she ran right at her and caught her with an elbow in the corner. Callie turned and rushed at the Scrapper in the corner and landed an elbow her direction as well. Charlotte was pulled out of the corner and thrown with a T-bone suplex that launched her in the air!

Bally was punch-drunk but when she came out of the corner, things were about to get a whole lot worse for her as she readied a fist …


A superman … or superwoman punch caught Bally upside the chin when Callie rolled over and tried to cover her for the title!



Close, but no cigar!

Callie was shocked when Bally’s shoulder came up off the canvas, but the Scrapper had some other weapons in her quiver – mainly sitting her up and getting ready for her finishing move called the Scrap Heap. She ran …

She ducked it and Bally ran up the ropes. She sprang off the corner just as the Scrapper leaped off the ropes herself …


She landed right on Callie after the cross body from the middle rope when she cradled both legs for Charlotte!




Charlotte broke up the fall with her take on a springboard lionsault! She pulled Bally off of Callie Scott and rolled over to hook a leg on one of her challengers!



Bally with the kick out! Charlotte was equal parts surprised and impressed with the performance put on by both ladies here tonight. The Vegas Vixen went to pick her up and she was trying for her own finisher. She scooped up Bally by both arms and she was thinking Royal Flush, but Bally rolled forward and reversed that into a pinfall!




Bally did her homework tonight in her bid for the Starlets Championship and almost caught Charlotte off-guard. Bally fired more shots to the champion and tried to whip her into the corner, but Charlotte reversed that. The Vegas Vixen ran at the corner when Bally stunned her with an elbow to keep her from running. Bally climbed up to the top turnbuckle and was thinking a moonsault when Charlotte tripped her up.

The Starlets Champion climbed to the top turnbuckle and was trying a move, but Callie grabbed her by the waist and lifted her up before trying to lift her up. She pulled her up into a firemans carry and dropped Charlotte with a gutbuster! She was going to try one more time for the Scrap Heap and almost got it when Bally came off the top rope and took her out with a dropkick! The blow sent Callie flying out of the ring when Bally rushed over and tried to cover Charlotte again.



Close, but no cigar!

Bally was shocked with the cover, but she had another weapon herself. When Charlotte got back up, she was trying a cross-armed suplex when Charlotte elbowed her way free. She lifted Bally up and dropped her with a powerbomb! Bally crashed into the canvas when Charlotte picked her back up right into …


Bally hit the mat after the belly to back neckbreaker and Charlotte followed that up by pinning her!




Callie Scott was just a second too late when she slid into the ring and tried to break up the pinfall! The Vegas Vixen just started to get back to her feet and she had the title in hand. This was a very grueling match for all three of these ladies and Bally certainly impressed in her debut tonight, but Charlotte managed to get the pinfall victory and retained her title against very competitive odds. Callie Scott helped Bally to her feet and despite the frustration of the situation, she shook hands with Charlotte.

“I’ll get you next time,” Callie said.

“Next time,” Charlotte smiled.

The two ladies shook their heads and they raised the arm of Bally. The two ladies each headed towards the back and left Charlotte to celebrate her big moment. As Callie Scott and Bally both separately walked to the back, Charlotte was raising the title over her head and she celebrated a momentous victory.

“This is for all of you!” Charlotte said aloud to the crowd.

When Charlotte was about to stand off the middle buckle Tammy Lynn Foster slid into the ring and shoved her right off the top turnbuckle and sent the Starlets Champion flying out to the floor below! Seattle gave Tammy Lynn a negative reaction when she stood in the ring above Tammy.


Her previous challenger at Wrestlecade hadn’t forgotten about the stinging defeat despite having control of that match. It burned Foster to the core and this message meant she wasn’t through with him. Foster dragged Charlotte upwards and then threw her head first into the steel steps!

More booing filled the Key Arena and Foster picked up the Starlets Title off the ground. She held it up over the head of Charlotte, who now appeared to be bleeding from a cut on the side of her head! This wasn’t the first time that Tammy Lynn Foster had done this to Charlotte, busting a beer bottle on the back of her head. But this was much worse. She had been defeated fair and square by Charlotte and this was just payback.

“Y’all ain’t a real Scarlet Champeen! Ah’ll be takin’ this belt!”

Tammy Lynn Foster picked up the Starlets Championship and she walked off with it as if she’d won the title tonight. This was highway robbery and Charlotte was just left broken at the hands of a devastating and vindictive woman who stopped at nothing to get that title.

Winner: Charlotte via Pinfall (STILL jOlt Starlet Champion)

"Elimination, What's Your Frustration"


Dawn Cassidy.

You know how we do.

The camera turned on and looking as good as ever at the backstage area. She greeted the Seattle fans with a smile as she continued.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got some huge matches coming up tonight in the form of two Sin City Series Qualifiers with one of these matches coming up next. With me at this time is a team coming off a very successful debut! Please welcome former Hype Tag Team Champions making their iNtense debut tonight… Cori “The Striker” Albright and Seattle’s own Terry Massimo… The Natural Athletes!”

The Seattle crowd went FUCKING NUTS for The Natural Athletes making their iNtense debut tonight! The two men appeared on either side of Dawn Cassidy with Cori playfully leaning against the way, shooting her the smoldering “come hither” look while Terry Massimo was his usually mean-as-fuck self.

“Hey, Dawn, how you doing, baby?” Cori asked.

Dawn let out a giggle before clearing her throat. She was here to do a job, after all.

“I’m doing well, thank you for asking, Cori! First off, congratulations to both you and Terry for a successful debut at Wrestlecade!”

“Thanks, Dawn. Not gon’ lie; it was pretty badass!” Terry said. “We couldn’t have picked a betta way to debut than in front of SEVENTY-THOUSAND PEOPLE! I don’t know about my boy, Cori, but I ain’t eva played in front of a crowd dat large! Dat somethin’ I ain’t eva gon’ forget!”

“Indeed it was!” Dawn replied. “But out of the frying pan and into the proverbial fire tonight! You guys are both set in a first-time ever match against The Heirs of Wrestling in an Elimination Rules match! You have to defeat both of your opponents tonight. Do you have any doubts going into this match tonight?”

“No.” Terry said, matter-of-factly.

“What he means,” Cori added, “is that we aren’t sleeping on the Heirs of Wrestling. We know as far as tag teams are concerned, they’re the king shit of that mountain. But Terry and I have been busting our ASSES for this chance tonight and we don’t care if it’s them, Cross The Hood, or even The House themselves. We want this shot tonight and if we have to go through tag team kingpins tonight, then we’re gonna do it!”

“Oh? You’re gonna go through US?”

The voice came from their left and as a certain announcer once said: “business was about to pick up, King.”

Frank Silver.

Ryan Gallway.

And more importantly… SONNY SILVER.


For those not in the know, Frank Silver was also a Seattle native. And to make that loud noise even more clearly, Sonny was a fucking celebrity in Seattle for his wealth of success in the sport and operating the legendary Silver Lining Wrestling Academy just outside Seattle proper. Still, The Natural Athletes showed no trepidation even in the face of the highly decorated Heirs of Wrestling. Frank stepped forward and got into the face of Cori and then turned to big Terry.

“Oh? You’re gonna go through US?” Frank said, a hint of annoyance in his voice. “You think that because we lost to those Dead Cell fuckbags that we’re gonna be fucking pushovers for you?”

Cori put up his hands. “Whoa, whoa, Frank. Look, we respect the hell out of you and trust me, we aren’t taking either of you lightly, man. Nobody wants that.”

But Terry stepped forward.

“Look Frank, I know you a Seattle boy, too, so I’m gon’ let this all slide. I know y’all under some pressure, but we ain’t some fuckin’ pushovers you’re steppin’ in that ring with tonight. You gon’ get a fight and me and Cori are movin’ on to tha finals of this Sin City Series. You can BANK on that.”

When Ryan was about to say something, Sonny Silver cut him off when he raised his hand.

“Look, kid, you’ve got a lot of potential. The both of you do, in fact. But tonight, this isn’t going to be a night where the both of you make your name at the expense of my godson and Gallway. Tonight, they’re refocused, reengerized and to be blunt… they will FUCK. YOUR. SHIT. UP.”

The crowd went nuts for that statement, despite Sonny not really being known for being likable, but Cori and Terry nodded.

“Sonny, I hope all of that is true,” Cori said. “Let’s go, Ter.”

The Mass glared icy daggers at Sonny, Ryan, and Frank before the two men departed. Dawn knew when to take a powder as these types of interviews got hairy, so she left. That left The Heirs and Sonny alone when the Hall of Famer spoke up.

“You heard it right there. The Natural Athletes just pulled your fucking punk cards. You going to LET them to do that or are the both of you going to FIGHT to get back to your spot tonight?”

“I’m going to stomp their fucking teeth in,” Frank said. “You in, Ryan? We do what’s needed to win tonight. We NEED to win.”

“Look, Frank, come on… all of this? Do we…”


Ryan resigned quietly and nodded his head. Sonny patted Frank on the shoulder.

“Good… now I’m not going out there. I’m not going to be there to hold your fucking hand, so you handle your business any way possible… but WIN.”

“You got it, Sonny,” Frank said assuringly.

Sonny and Frank headed towards the gorilla position while Ryan Gallway was left alone. He let out a sigh before heading towards the ring.

The Natural Athletes vs The Heirs of Wrestling

On what was already going to be a blockbuster edition of iNtense with a Triple Threat main event for the jOlt Championship pitting Ramey defending against Relentless Champion Diamond Jewelz and one half of the four-time Tag Team Champions, Derrick Huber, shit was in full swing tonight. For the tag team division, a MASSIVE tag team match was one of four Sin City Series qualifiers for a future Tag Team Title shot! Could the highly-decorated Heirs of Wrestling defeat their opponents making their iNtense debut or would The Hype’s first-ever Tag Team Champions, The Natural Athletes win? And with the extra wrinkle of both members of the team having to be eliminated, that left any number of scenarios. Dean Carrington started with the in-ring introductions.

“The following contest is a Sin City Series match and this will be contested under Elimination Rules! The match ends when both members of the team have been eliminated by pinfall, submission, countout, or disqualification!”

The lights in the arena went dark and as the WTT waited in the ring, a voice could be heard throughout the arena…


Four pillars were near the entrance, two on each end with “THE NATURAL ATHLETES” in a yellow and red shield logo. The camera took notice of an inflatable tunnel with the same logo followed by a legion of sexy red-and-yellow clad cheerleaders on the entrance ramp…

“Unleashed” by Chris Classic feat. Nazareth.

The music played and the crowd went crazy for the arrival of two men with… pardon the expression… a whole lot of hype behind them! The 6’ and 211-pound former LA Galaxy player Cori “Striker” Albright and the 6’4” and 354-pound former linebacker for WSU and the Seattle Seahawks, Terry Massimo!

“Making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 565 pounds… they are the team of Cori “The Striker” Albright and SEATTLE’S OWN Terry Massimo… THE NATURAL ATHLETES!

The crowd went crazy for the newcomers as they each stood on the ramp while a massive explosion of red and yellow pyro went off on either side of the stage! Massimo surveyed the crowd and pointed to a section of fans with Natural Athletes signs – as well as some “WELCOME HOME, TERRY!” signs while Cori Albright scanned for the hottest ladies the eye could see. He jumped to the top rope and did a cartwheel over the ropes before landing in the ring while Massimo climbed into the squared circle. Both men posed for the crowd before the music finally faded out.

Three letters started to flash on the jOltVision…

“H" “O" “W"

"With Me Now" by Blacklite District.

When the smoke settled there was Ryan Gallway and Frank Silver with their backs to the cameras. They both wore sparkling lavender jackets with "HOW" embroidered with gold on the back. They stood there with their heads down as the lyrics were sang.

They spun around as pyro exploded to the left and right of them. A curtain of pyro rained down behind them as they energetically made their way down to the ring to a surprising mix of cheers and jeers from the crowd, mainly thanks to Frank’s recent attitude. Frank Silver marched to the ring with a look of intent to hurt someone while Ryan kept pace, looking focused as well.

“And their opponents… at a combined weight of 445 pounds, they are the team SEATTLE’S OWN… FRANK SILVER AND RYAN GALLWAY… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!"

Frank looked like he couldn’t spare a fuck, let alone rent one from the crowd response as he surveyed the scene. The multiple time Tag Title holders and former two-time jOlt Tag Team Champions stopped on the ramp and both of them looked a little sullen, but still looked ready for a fight. This was a very important match for these two teams and they both wanted this victory badly.


The two high flyers for each respective team were going to start. Cori Albright met up with Ryan Gallway and the two remained civil for the most part with a handshake. Frank didn’t looked pleased with it, but The Prince of Precision ignored him and the two locked up. Gallway and Albright tangled up and Albright took advantage early by trying to Snapmare him over… but Ryan landed on his feet!

Gallway ran off the ropes, but Albright laid flat on the mat and Ryan continued running. When he came back, Albright leapfrogged over him and let him keep running. He clipped Gallway in the stomach with a kick and ran the ropes himself. Gallway sidestepped him off the return and pushed him off the ropes when he BACKFLIPPED off of a handspring twice before landing on his feet!

The two had a standoff in the middle of the ring and Gallway himself – known for being a big rope runner – was downright impressed with the aerial artistry of Albright. Ryan was more grounded in technical game and he rushed at Albright by heading off the ropes and snapping him over with a quick Headscissors! The move sent him flying into the corner where Ryan tried to get at him. Albright jumped up and kicked Ryan with a boot, using the impact to leap over the ropes!

Gallway was stunned when Cori headed back into the ring and jumped to one corner rope, leaped and spun around off the second rope before CATCHING him with an incredible Inside Springboard Dropkick! The crowd was already impressed with The Natural Athletes and they popped as Cori Albright kipped to his feet! He picked up Ryan and put him back in the corner, allowing big Terry Massimo to get the tag!

“Aw, crap,” Ryan frowned.

Terry Massimo grabbed him by the arm when Ryan countered quickly with a series of hard shots to the big chest of Massimo. The Mass reacted like he barely felt the shots, which did not bode well for Ryan as he grabbed him and chucked him into the ropes. When he bounced back, Ryan tried another Headscissors, but the 354-pounder wasn’t fucking moving at all. He stopped him and tried to flip him u[ when Ryan just barely got away to land on his feet.

He stood face to face with the big wall that was Terry Massimo, but try as he might, he wasn’t allowed to get to the corner. Gallway tried to get away from him and ran off the ropes to try for a high-impact Dropkick, but the blow only made Massimo bounce back a few feet. He tried again and went for a Cruficix, but he was too big. He adjusted himself out of that and switched it up to a Sunset Flip position, but Massimo still didn’t move. He grabbed The Prince of Precision by both hands and threw him right up to his feet again! He threw Gallway into the ropes, and he came back with a flip one more time…


He finally made a dent in the armor of Terry Massimo by dragging him down with the Tornado Single Arm DDT and while the blow didn’t completely stop him, it did enough to let him tag out to Frank Silver. The Baron of Ballistics got a mixed reaction as he headed to the second rope and came off with a big Flying European Uppercut that finally got The Mass off his standing frame and put him on the mat! Frank crawled over for a cover.



He just KICKED the fuck out after one and Massimo shoved Frank right off him! A surprised Frank stood up and he went on the offensive quickly with a HARD series of European Uppercuts that finally rattled Terry and sent him backwards to the ropes. He tried to flip him over with a whip, but Terry reversed that and THREW him hard into the corner of The Natural Athletes! He was hurt now when Terry Massimo reached over and made another tag to Cori Albright. He dropped Frank with a huge Body Slam and then grabbed his own partner, Body Slamming him right across the top of Frank! Terry returned to the corner while Cori went for a cover.




Cori Albright pulled him back up and made another tag to Terry Massimo. The two men both whipped him off the ropes and when Frank came back, Terry LAUNCHED him into the air with a huge Flapjack Press as Cori Albright caught him hard on the way down with a pair of feet pointed upwards! The crowd was amazed at the Flapjack/Dropkick combination and now Frank was hurt, but it was Terry’s turn now to go for a cover and try to eliminate Frank!




Frank was in a bad way now after that kickout and the crowd was going nuts as the fight continued in this first-time meeting. Terry picked him up and pushed him to the corner to tag out to Cori Albright once again. Cori entered the ring and let loose with a flurry of kicks to get Frank Silver down. He shoved him back to the ropes when Frank came back…


The Rebound Lariat nearly took Cori Albright’s head clean off and the crowd gasped after such a brutal shot! Cori Albright was down and that gave Frank Silver the chance to go back on the offensive again as he crawled over and made a cover of his own.




Albright’s shoulder went off the mat quickly, but Frank Silver stood up and planted the boots to him! Ryan Gallway wanted the tag in, but Frank ignored him. He wasn’t sure if this was 100% Sonny Silver’s influence or something else that had been festering within, but the crowd’s reaction was loudly mixed for one of its former citizens as he continued throwing stomps to the fallen Albright.

Stomp to the chest.

Stomp to the arms.

Stomps to the legs.

Stomps to the chest again…

And finally…


His take on the classic Garvin Stomp ended with a big Jumping Stomp right to the face! He could’ve gone for another cover on the young former LA Galaxy player, but Frank Silver wasn’t having any of that. He was here to fucking hurt somebody.

He pulled Albright back to his feet and Irish whipped him into the corner. He followed up with a big Running European Uppercut, catching him right in the jaw! Albright flinched from the impact and Frank rolled him out of the corner before dropping a series of elbows right into his chest! After about three or four elbows, he finally went for another cover.




Cori Albright was tenacious and The Natural Athletes had earned their reputation for being hard-working in-ring machines on The Hype for not laying down for anybody. Frank was pissed off and continued to try and end things early…


Albright managed to flip his way out and surprise Frank with a Jackknife pin!




Albright scurried away from Frank and was near the ropes when he saw him charging at him. Frank rushed at him when Albright sent him flying up and over the ropes, hitting the floor hard. Cori Albright was hurt, but the high flyer was getting cheers from the crowd as he leaped over the ropes and landed on the ring apron. When Frank tried to stand…


Both men crash-landed on the floor after the Flying Headbutt off the apron to the standing Silver, but that now gave the Athletes the opening they needed! Ryan Gallway was looking worried while the camera caught a quick glimpse of a disappointed Sonny Silver watched his godson in action.

It was now back to the ring where Cori got inside and tagged in to big Terry Massimo! The crowd cheered as he headed to the floor and picked up Frank Silver off the mat before powering him up over his shoulder and dropping him, Snake Eyes-style on the ring apron! There was nothing dirty about what The Natural Athletes were doing tonight. They singled out Frank and could get him eliminated quickly if they wanted the chance to win this Sin City Series qualifier.

Terry picked Frank up by the hair and rolled him into the ring where Cori was waiting for another tag. Terry Massimo tagged out to The Striker as he jumped into the ring. Massimo grabbed his own partner by the arm and turned him around before launching him at Frank with a nice-looking Dropkick! He then whipped Frank right into the grip of Massimo, who caught him and dropped him with a big DDT! Frank was down and Terry left the ring, giving Cori the chance to attack as he jumped once… STANDING 450 SPLASH! That rapid-fire series of moves could finish off Frank right here and now!




Gallway entered the ring and he pulled Cori by his leg to get him off the cover. Referee Simon Boulder ordered him back away, allowing Cori to go back on the attack. Frank’s head was killing him, but he was still in the fight as Cori Albright tagged Terry Massimo again. The Natural Athletes both whipped him near the ropes and they sent him flying across the ring. Terry whipped Cori at Frank, but he quickly stopped him with an Uppercut that nearly staggered him. He tried to run at Massimo, but he former Seattle Seahawk DROPPED him like a bad habit…


He stopped Cori Albright, but not Terry Massimo. Frank’s decision to go to business for himself instead of tagging out earlier was a very costly one and The Natural Athletes had Frank down. Terry smartly showed some promise for a rookie of only a couple years in the business and pulled Frank away from the ropes, going for a cover now.




But it was much weaker than previous kick-outs. He needed to make a tag to Ryan Gallway and put away his foolish pride for just a moment to do so. Frank Silver was picked up again and now Massimo had something big in mind. He tried a suplex, but Frank fought back with a series of hard knees to the thick body of the former Seahawk. More knees caught him in the gut until he freed himself. He fired off a rapid-fire series of hard chops and right hands to stun Terry and a few more blows did just that. He then tried to get past Terry, but the wall-like former defensive tackle caught him in a Bearhug!

Silver continued to fight, trying to get past the wall of mass with more elbows to his head followed by an old school, but effective Bell Clap or three to finally free himself! Terry rushed at him again but Frank sidestepped it and Massimo went crashing into the turnbuckle! Frank made the tag just as Terry did for Cori..


Gallway made his first big move by jumping to the top rope quickly and taking down Cori Albright with a fancy-looking Springboard Crossbody that took down the high flyer! Gallway headed back to his feet and the Prince of Precision headed to the second rope, coming back with a Springboard Corkscrew Senton to the standing Albright!

The crowd was going nuts now for the high-octane offensive as he waited for Albright to get back to his feet. A series of Forearm Smashes and kicks were the lead-in to Gallway whipping him across the ring. He ran off the side and connected with a big Corner Elbow Smash, but he wasn’t done! Gallway headed across the ring a second time and landed a Corner Double Knee Strike that knocked the wind out of him!

The Prince of Precision rolled him out of the corner and headed up top as the crowd was going crazy. He waited and then leaped off the top rope…


The Flying Double Knees off the top rope caught Albright and now Ryan stayed on top for the cover.




Massimo got in the ring and pulled Ryan right off him with relative ease. He pulled him up and he whipped Ryan off the ropes, but he came back…


The Springboard Gamengiri was enough for Ryan Gallway to stun the big man and Frank Silver came back in the ring, crawling over just enough to dropkick the knee out from under Terry Massimo, trying to get him out of the ring. Cori Albright tried to get up again and stop Gallway, but Gallway pushed him outside the ring. Cori Albright was hurt now when Gallway headed up top, trying to measure his target…




All of Gallway’s risk-taking may have finally caught up to him, because when he tried to dive out onto Cori Albright, the flyer had moved and he took a nasty crash right into the barricade! Gallway was hurt and not moving now as Ian Nguyen counted both men down.







Cori Albright was up first and crawled upwards while Ryan Gallway followed shortly behind…



Cori was back in!


Gallway was almost back up…


…But he couldn’t make it in time! Gallway collapsed to the mat just as the fans booed that decision! Frank was left in complete shock that Gallway’s riskiness had just led to his elimination!


That left Frank Silver up against both members of The Natural Athletes, but he went on the attack quickly! He saw an opportunity and put the boots to Albright viciously! Terry Massimo was still out on the floor himself as Frank grabbed Albright and THREW him shoulder-first into the ringpost! The crowd was now booing the unrelenting Frank, but he didn’t care. He rolled up Albright with a hook of the tights!



…Ian Nguyen saw it and stopped counting immediately!

“What the fuck are you doing?!” Frank screamed.


Frank cocked a fist back and had to refrain from laying him out with a right hand right then and there. He still had a chance to win when he went to pick up Albright… who had crawled over to tag Terry Massimo! The fans went nuts as Terry entered the ring and blocked a right hand from Frank, only to come back with a Headbutt! The blow sent him into the ropes and when he staggered back…


The Bearhug Front Slam put Frank down on the mat hard! Terry Massimo then yelled out to the crowd…




He CRUSHED Frank with a big Running Senton Splash consisting of 350-plus pounds and now Terry went for the cover!





The crowd ROARED as the hometown boy got the HUGE win right here in their iNtense debut! The Natural Athletes had won and now they were moving on in the Sin City Series!


As good as The Natural Athletes had been on the Hype, this was considered a COLOSSAL upset! They not only defeated The Heirs of Wrestling, but had completely blanked them, going 2-0! Albright and Massimo stood up and raised one another’s hands in triumph over this amazing match! They left the ring and the hometown boy Massimo celebrated IN the audience, partying now with the members of the Seattle fanbase in the Key Arena.

The camera once more switched back to Sonny Silver, watching with complete disgust that even after his pep talk, the Heirs had been defeated 2-0 by the upstart Natural Athletes. This was a massive setback for the Heirs…

But a massive victory for The Natural Athletes who just steamrolled their way into the Sin City Series finals in two weeks!

Winner: The Natural Athletes via Pinfall

"I Won't Make the Same Mistake Twice"

Jewelz sits at his purple laptop in a locker room backstage, his massive figure covered in twinkle and glisten; his numerous articles of jewelry bling and shine into the camera, but frustration is all over his face. Jewelz watches a bit of the action from his impromptu match with Ramey last night at WrestleCade and then, rewinds and watches another clip. Jewelz shakes his head after this clip, and holds his head in his hands after the next one. Jewelz is a deep pit of emotions. Jewelz mouth gapes open, , in disbelief at what he’s seeing, revealing a green and gold bling

“I can’t believe I missed that shit. I had that motherfucker...” Jewelz screams.

From behind jOlt’s gOlden bOy, the jovial laughter of Khalil Straightgully and Latrell Samuel fills the room.

“Big Homie, What’s Good!!!” Samuel exclaims; comes up from behind Jewelz, peers over his shoulder at the laptop and scoffs at what he’s looking at. .

“What you watching this shit for Big Homie… You know you shoulda had us out that motherfucker with you after that war you had earlier… That’s the only reason he got you… He was the fresher man” .

“True…True,” Gully chimes in. .

Jewelz looks back in disgust at Samuel initially and then back to the screen and holds his head in his hands. Jewelz knows that Samuel speaks nothing but the truth by his actions. .

“Shit Trell… It was personal. I ain’t want that bitch Ramey talking shit… even though he ain't in no position to do so now thanks to Ryan. I felt like when I pinned him, I ain’t want him or nobody else talking bout I took top prize on some scandalous shit.” Jewelz says full of frustration. .

“Ehh… You had a two on one war, with two behemoths and then you expect to go out and take out the champ after that cake walk he had… You The Big Homie.. Not Superman bro..” Samuel rationalizes with Jewelz. .

“Right.. Right..” Gully chimes in again. .

“Quit cosigning Apu…” Samuel jabs at Gully’s Arab heritage… Jewelz manages a small blinging grin from out of his despair at the jab. Gully is hot at Samuel’s jabbing. He is getting fed up with this. Samuel smiles to try and pacify the much larger Gully. Gully’s slight grin reveals, he relented from his initial anger. Gully is the Arab little brother everyone like to pick on.

“Fuck what people think… Don’t make the same mistake twice… Have us out there with you tonight Big Homie and I bet you take home that chip.” Gully chimes in. .

“Nah.. I appreciate you niggas, but I gotta do this myself. After what went down at Wrestlecade.. ain't gonna let that shit happen again. Huber... can do his Sin City Bullshit... Ryan.. he can hold gold up for ransom all he want. I walking out with two titles and I'm gonna do it better than a Real Man.. or a Sin City Strongman. I gonna do this MY way.”

Jon Le Bon vs Chris Titan

Earlier, we watched The Rebellion fall apart before our very eyes. The once loyal soldiers to Jon Le Bon’s crusade turned against him one by one. Then, Damien Lee unveiled what he hopes to be Le Bon’s final nail in the coffin. This match, where if Le Bon loses he would be terminated, was something Chris Titan has wanted for over a year. Tonight here on iNtense, he has a chance at retribution.

“God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash

The slow beat was one that was to be feared, but tonight, it held a different meaning. The final marching song of Jon Le Bon as he somberly walked out from the backstage area. Almost like a prisoner walking their final walk to the electric chair, Le Bon slowly made his way down to the ring. The crowd booed him and some even heckled him. Le Bon looked around the arena where he, for the first time since April of last year, was truly alone.

Le Bon stepped into the ring and took another look around the arena. His music died off and he just stood there.

“13 Steps to Nowhere” by Pantera

The crowd erupted! Chris Titan made his shocking return at Wrestlecade and delivered chair shot after chair shot to the members of The Rebellion which lead to Eiji Kugasari picking up the victory, ending the faction. Eiji got his retribution and tonight, Chris Titan wanted his! Titan stepped out from the backstage area and stopped at the top of the stage. He simply looked down at the ring and cracked a grin. Titan placed one foot in front of the other and made his way down to the ring, never taking his eyes off of Le Bon.

Titan entered the ring and came face to face with Le Bon who looked as dejected as one could look. The referee saw that both men were ready and called for the bell.




Chris Titan immediately went for a punch, but Le Bon threw his hands up.

“WAIT! WAIT! WAIT!” yelled Le Bon.

Titan pulled his punch as Le Bon began to get down on the canvas. Le Bon then laid down.

“JUST DO IT! JUST END IT ALREADY!” yelled Le Bon at Titan! He was giving himself up! After seeing The Rebellion crumble around him, Le Bon decided that he wasn’t going to put up a fight. He just wanted to get pinned and get it over with. He knew the deck was stacked against him and if had, somehow, managed to beat Titan tonight, he knew that Damien Lee would have something else waiting for him. Rather than go through this week after week, Le Bon decided that he might as well just let the inevitable happen.


Titan stood there and made Le Bon wait for a response. Le Bon simply laid there on the canvas, looking up at Chris Titan with a look that said “please take pity on me.” Titan looked down at Le Bon and shook his head “No.” Then…


Titan exploded from the standing position and nailed the Senton on Le Bon! Chris Titan wasn’t going to let it end this way! He wanted to get his own form of retribution and had waiting too long for this moment to just let it pass him by!

Titan pulled Le Bon up to his feet and shoved him back into the corner. Lefts and rights… combination blows… found their marks on Le Bon’s face! Titan switched to knee lifts, driving them into Le Bon’s mid-section. Titan grabbed Le Bon by the arm and whipped him across the ring where he followed through with a massive clothesline in the corner. Le Bon fell to a seated position and immediately tried to pull himself out of the ring, but Titan quickly bent over and grabbed Le Bon by the leg! Titan dragged Le Bon back to the center of the ring where he slapped on an STF Submission hold!

Le Bon cried out in pain as he realized he was a long way from the ropes. In an effort to end the match quickly, he went to tap out, but Titan released Le Bon’s head and quickly butterflied the arms to prevent him from doing so. When the referee asked Le Bon if he wanted to give up, he was about to say “Yes” when Titan, with the arms still hooked, reached around and covered Le Bon’s mouth with his hand! The referee told Le Bon to nod if he wanted to give up, but Titan tightened his grip on Le Bon’s face and twisted his head in a “no” fashion! Titan was going to herculean efforts to make sure Le Bon didn’t find a way out of this match!

Titan released the submission hold and stood up, looking down over Le Bon. Le Bon slowly crawled towards the ropes, but as he got close to them, Titan planted his foot into Le Bon’s lower back! Titan then grabbed Le Bon by the hair and pulled him up to his feet. Titan rocked Le Bon with a big right hand, staggering him over towards the ropes. Titan stepped in and hit another big right hand before switching to a knife edge chop!


Titan was relentless with those chops as they turned Le Bon’s chest bright red! After the chop fest, Le Bon almost fell to the canvas, but his arm was on the top rope and that was the only thing keeping him vertical. Titan then grabbed Le Bon in a front waist lock, popped the hips and tossed him over head with a Belly to Belly Suplex!! Titan stood, walked over, and made the cover, hooking the leg..



Titan pulled Le Bon up off the canvas, shaking his head and cracking a grin.

Titan brought Le Bon back up to his feet and nailed another harsh Knife Edge Chop that knocked Le Bon down to the canvas. Le Bon writhed in pain, but Titan grabbed him by the hair and pulled him back up only to chop him again which sent him back down to the canvas! Titan taunted Le Bon to stand up. Le Bon turned over onto his stomach and slowly pushed himself up off the canvas. Le Bon got to his feet and raised his head to look at Titan. Titan then swung with a massive lariat, but Le Bon ducked!! The two traded positions and when they turned, Le Bon kicked Titan in the stomach…



Titan stayed on his feet and just looked at Le Bon and smiled who looked like he had just seen a ghost! Titan scooped up Le Bon onto his shoulder and sat out with the Snapmare Driver!!


Titan got back up to his feet as Le Bon laid there dead on the canvas. Titan grabbed his jaw and shifted it around as the Rockstar Stunner stung like hell, but he simply ate the pain in order to his Le Bon with the Titanic. Titan shook off the pain from the stunner and reached down and grabbed Le Bon. He pulled him up to his feet and flipped him the bird right to his face.


Chris Titan nailed the Codebreaker on Le Bon! Titan went into the cover, hooking the leg.




Jon Le Bon was officially fired from jOlt Wrestling! The crowd hit their feet and cheered as Titan stood up and grinned. He placed one foot on top of Le Bon and then raised his fist into the air, claiming dominance. The match was short… it was one-sided… and may have been bowling shoe ugly, but for Chris Titan, this was one of the greatest matches in his career. For every member that Jon Le Bon attacked… for Reno Davis, who Le Bon was responsible for getting fired… for The Backbone… for reVolt… for everything, Chris Titan took all of that upon his shoulders tonight and did what he had to do… he ended Jon Le Bon and with that, The Rebellion became nothing more than a mere memory.

The rest of the jOlt roster can breathe a sigh of relief. The group that has tormented them for so long has finally come to an end. Chris Titan exited the ring and headed to the backstage area. After he left, Le Bon slowly sat up in the middle of the ring. He took one look around the arena before he rolled out. He somberly walked up the ramp as the crowd began to chant..

“YOU GOT FIRED!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“YOU GOT FIRED!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“YOU GOT FIRED!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“YOU GOT FIRED!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“YOU GOT FIRED!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap

Le Bon stopped at the top of the ramp and turned to take one last look at the Key Arena. Le Bon, without saying a word, just turned around and left. No last threats… no final words… nothing… just a man who has been shattered inside walked behind the black curtain, disappearing forever.

Winner: Chris Titan via Pinfall

"Open Challenge"

The arena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of Marilyn Manson’s “Redeemer” echoed throughout the arena. The lights from cellphones illuminated the arena as the lyrics continued to play. The cameras panned around to the stage as Omega suddenly appeared holding the Fearless Championship in his right hand after successfully defending the title against Seraph at Wrestlecade II. The fans jeered as a young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

we are free
now we are ONE

A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the champion slowly made his way down the ramp to the ring. The lights slowly came back on as Omega made it into the ring with his black hoodie covering his head and entire face. The long flowing dreadlocks from the Fearless Champion crept out from the hoodie as the champion stood in the ring turning slowly surveying the arena before pulling a microphone from his pocket.

“You people still have not realized the true meaning of Omega. We have been here for over two years, with the same continuous message of fear and pain and it still has not sunk in yet. We have ran roughshod over this division for over one year with every single person that has been put in front of us eventually succumbing to utter annihilation. Omega has struck fear and pain into every one of those jOlt superstars in the back, even if they don’t want to admit it.”

A few groans from the jOlt fans in attendance.

“We stand here tonight to educate you people on a few things. There has not been a more dominate force in jOlt than Omega. There has been no one person to ever keep this man down for a long time. In the two years’ time that we have been in this company there has only been one blemish on our record which we cannot expunge because that person is no longer in this company.

Everyone knew who Omega was talking about but no one chanted Derecho’s name.

“But that is an afterthought right now. We are out in this very ring to demand to Lee or any of those wrestlers in the backstage area to come and challenge Omega for this Fearless championship. A month ago we issued an open challenge and Seraph stepped up to the plate. He was a game opponent but in the end he was hardly a formidable challenge. They may be still scraping him off the floor from that vicious drop off the stage. We have caused more chaos and destruction than any other force in jOlt and we are not done. We said in the beginning that we had a plan and it’s almost completed. We want more destruction, so if there is one in the back that…”

Omega was interrupted by the chords of “What You Know” by T.I.

The fans erupted in cheers as the gOlden bOy Champion made his way to the stage carrying his title on his left shoulder. The man known as SuperMack slowly made his way down to the ring as the fans continued to serenade him with cheers. Mack Brody made his way into the ring and went right up to the Fearless Champion, Omega. Omega slowly pulled the hoodie back from his head and stood eye to eye with Brody. The boogeyman smirked as he looked at one third of the Heirs, who offered a stoic gaze of his own.

“So you are the one to come challenge the enigma now?” Omega said with a smirk.

“This is no golden boy challenge from some made up belt. This is a division and a man with No Fear. If you step in this ring with Omega just be forewarned that your life will change forever. Are you afraid of the boogeyman?” Omega slowly pulled the microphone away from his lips and smirked as Brody turned to the fans before turning his attention back to Omega with a huge right hand. The fans erupted as the two big bulls went at it in the middle of the ring. Brody continued his onslaught on the Fearless champion with some big haymakers that connected to Omega’s face but did not take the boogeyman off his feet.

Brody grabbed Omega by the arm and whipped him into the corner. SuperMack raced into the corner but Omega exploded out of the corner with a big spear that took the gOlden bOy champion hard to the mat. The enigma looked down at Mack before slowly inching his way to the down challenger. Omega grabbed Brody by his hair and pulled him to his feet. He whipped Brody into the ropes but SuperMack blocked the move and whipped Omega into a short-arm clothesline that staggered the boogeyman. SuperMack quickly picked up Omega and pressed him high in the air to the amazement of the fans! Brody tossed Omega over the top rope to the floor, Omega hit the floor and rolled near the ramp, holding his side!


The fans erupted in cheers as Mack stood in the ring, slowly bending down reaching for the microphone! Brody faced the champion and despite any setbacks from Wrestlecade, Brody was moving full speed towards The Fearless ChampIonship.

“If me chucking your big ass from this ring wasn't clear enough, let me spell it out for you, Omega... I ACCEPT!” Brody said as the roof in the arena blew off.

Brody dropped the microphone to the mat as he looked out to the floor at Omega who grabbed his side with a slight grin on his face. He issued another open challenge and someone stepped up again. Now the Fearless Champion has been put on notice by the gOlden bOy champion.


Great leaders communicate a vision that captures the imagination and fires the hearts and minds of those around them. Eiji Kugasari was able to do just that with his ever-loyal clan of kagemusha. The overcame the threat that was the Rebellion and once again found themselves atop the food chain in jOlt in regards to factions. However, as it always seems to happen, there are always challengers to the crown.

"Victory is ours, my dear comrades," Eiji announced, as he stood over his contingent of warriors, who respectfully knelt down before him. "The Rebellion was squashed by our greatness. With their defeat, we shall once again re-focus on capture what has been lost, the Tag Team Championship and the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship."

Before Eiji could announce his plans complete their next series of objectives, an unexpected visitor hobbled out of one of the many shadows that existed in the deeper regions of the arena.

"Now, that sounds like a fine plan," Ezekiel interupted and stepped into view.

The entire group of kagemusha instantly prepared for battle, not fond of being surprised. Especially, when it is a sinister bastard such as the wise prophet causing the intrusion. Sabre was ready to squash the intruder, but with a single motion of his hand, the entire Kugasari Clan stopped in place.

"Why is everyone in this wretched bowel of hell so eager to fight?" Ezekiel pondered aloud, making full use of his cane to slowly hobble over to the entire clan. "If I wished to wage war on you heathens, my archangels would have pulled your worthless souls from your carases and sent them to hell where they belong."

"You will be held accountable for what you say, so I suggest watching what putrid filth your mouth expels," Eiji informed the one-eyed mouthpiece for the Dead Cell and motioned for his cohorts to stand down.

"A fact I am very aware of and does not cause even the smallest iota of concern within my righteous soul. However, I will honor your feelings, for I am here for diplomatic reasons. We both know that a war between our two factions is inevitable. You are truly the only group of warriors that could stand up and defend jOlt from what we look to accomplish. I am no fool, Eiji... May I call you Eiji? I know you too are no fool. A war between us would cost many lives and rage on for longer than either of us would truly want. Not to mention how many innocents would be caught in the crossfire and to be frank, being as honorable as you are, that is not really something you would like to have on your conscience, is it? Therefore, I come to you with a proposition that would save jOlt from a war unlike anything it has seen before."

"Why should we listen to your offer when we could just cut the head off the snake right now and then, destroy your rutterless group with our superior numbers?" Eiji asked sharply, not showing any signs of fear.

"You could do either of those things... Well, you could try to. It is true that you have the clear number advantage against my archangels. Yet, I am a believer in quality over quantity. A true leader knows the weakness in his group and his enemy's. While you outnumber us, there are some of you who do not measure up to the standard set forth," Ezekiel replied just as sharply, making sure to look at Sabre, El Tigre Verde, and Shoji, as he spoke his last few words. "That leaves us at a stalemate and so, I offer you this: Pick one man from your clan to do battle with one of my archangels on next week's iNtense. Should you lose, you are bound by your honor to stay out of our affairs, not matter how much horror we rain down upon jOlt."

Eiji stared deep into Ezekiel's eye, trying to find a flaw or a possible trick to what he offered.

"And what if we should win?"

Ezekiel placed both hands on the top of his crane, resting his weight upon it. He remained as serious as ever.

"That is what I am here to find out. I do not doubt any of my archangels' ability to obtain victory, so I am willing to hear any wager."

The undisputed leader of the Kugasari Clan was a battle-hardened warrior and he never flinched.

"When my ninja wins, I want you. I want to personally decapitate the serpent and bring an end to the anarchy and destruction you and your flock of vultures thrive upon."

That brought a smile to the wise prophet's face.

"I knew there was something about you that I liked. That, Eiji, is quite the decision and one that K would not have made. On behalf on The Dead Cell, I accept your terms. Do you accept mine?"

Try as he might, Eiji couldn't read Ezekiel. His lone exposed eye glared back at the head ninja, displaying nothing but ice water in his veins. Eiji knew of the Dead Cell's actions and knew very well of how they were more like a pack of wolves than a band of honorable warriors. They had no code and couldn't be trusted, but Eiji couldn't cower or show the tiniest lack of faith in his clan. He took a deep breath and let it out.

"I accept."

Ezekiel nodded in approval and looked over the entire clan.

"Who do you choose to represent the great Kugasari Clan?"

Eiji didn't need to think over his choice. He knew exactly who the ninja would be.


"I would like to fight for the honor of the clan."

Kugasari was surprised to find himself cut off by one of his allies. It was clear that Heido was his choice, but he turned to find the young upstart El Tigre Verde stepping out from the line of kagemusha that had formed behind their leader.

"My training on the Hype is complete. It is time for me to show my worth and defend the clan's honor," Tigre Verde explained himself. "It would be my greatest honor to eliminate these vermin and prove that no faction will ever complare to the Kugasari Clan."

"You do recognize what is at stake," Eiji responded and his young soldier nodded in confirmation. He turned back to the wise prophet. "Then, he shall get your chance."

"Outstanding," Ezekiel smiled. "Confidence is a great attribute for a young fighter to have. Due to that, I will show that I am not above showing mercy to even my enemies. I will forgoe making you do battle with Azrael and keep things in your weight class. Rafael will be your opponent."

Ezekiel turned back to the shadows from whence he came, leaving the Kugasari Clan to themselves, as he hobbled away. Yet, not before making sure he had the final word.

"May luck be on your side, young tiger, for God will not."

Jeremy Ryan vs Derrick Huber vs Diamond Jewelz

Earlier in the night, the suspended Jeremy Ryan attacked and injured jOlt World Champion, Jesse Ramey and held the title hostage. Damien Lee, after listening to Diamond Jewelz and Derrick Huber, made the gut-wrenching decision to strip Jesse Ramey of the championship. Tonight’s main event, which was scheduled to be Jesse Ramey against Derrick Huber and Diamond Jewelz in a triple threat match, now, Jeremy Ryan will take Ramey’s place in a match to determine the vacant world heavyweight title.

The lights go out and after a prolonged time period, Diamond Jewelz’s custom signature flashes on the screen eliciting a smattering of boos overwhelmed by the chants of, “We Stay Shinin’ clapx5 “We Stay Shinin’ clapx5 “We Stay Shinin’ clapx5 “We Stay Shinin’ clapx5 Diamond Jewelz’s customers rock the Key Arena with their chants in anticipation of the appearance of the “Jeweler”. “Jewelry” by Gucci Mane

Diamond Jewelz stepped out from the backstage area with the Relentless Championship around his waist. Diamond Jewelz wanted this match to take place tonight because he had an opportunity to become a double champion here in jOlt since losing the gOlden bOy Title. Jewelz headed to the ring and stepped between the ropes, striking a pose and showing off some of his flashiest jewelry. Jewelz headed to the corner and waited.

“House of the Rising Son” by Five Finger Death Punch

The people cheered as Derrick Huber stepped out from the back with one of the jOlt World Tag Team Championships draped over his shoulder. He and Adam Roebuck hosted the first part of the Sin City Series earlier tonight, but now, Derrick Huber had the opportunity to become a double champion as well. Huber made his way to the ring and slid in as he prepared himself for this match. Huber had been screwed out of his world title shot the iNtense before Wrestlecade and he’ll be damned if he was going to get screwed out of it again!

“A Man” by Cypress Hill

The boos continued as Jeremy Ryan stepped out from the back with the jOlt World Championship on his shoulder.. a title that doesn’t belong to him. He stole it from Jesse Ramey after sending him to the hospital and then held it for hostage. The only reason why Ryan can work out with that belt is thanks to Huber and Jewelz who wanted this match and a chance at becoming champion. Ryan stepped into the ring and hoisted the title in the air, taunting Huber and Jewelz with it.

Huber made a step towards Ryan and he backed off, grinning, claiming that he was walking out of there with the belt. Jewelz shook his head and laughed at Ryan as he removed his jewelry and his gold chain. The referee demanded the title from Ryan and Ryan simply threw it at him with force and told the referee to shine it up real nice for him. The referee held the title up into the air and passed it off to ringside and called for the bell




At the sound of the bell, both Jewelz and Huber charged in and cornered Ryan. Ryan covered up, but the two of them began to pummel away at him. Ryan hunched over as they pounded him down into the corner. Huber put the boots to Ryan until Jewelz yelled “move nigga” and pressed his boot against Ryan’s throat.

Huber shoved Jewelz away and told him the title was going to be his and then knelt down and began hammering away at Ryan in the corner. Jewelz pulled Huber off of Ryan and spun him around and got in Huber’s face, saying the he would be a better champion than Huber. Jewelz then grinned and asked Huber what he was going to do about it. Huber hauled off and laid out Jewelz with a right hand. Jewelz popped back up and Huber threw another right hand and rocked Jewelz back into the neutral corner. Huber stepped in and hit shoulder block after shoulder block, doubling Jewelz over. Huber tilted Jewelz head up and lit him up with a knife edge chop across the chest. Huber then whipped Jewelz across the ring to the opposite corner and then charged in..

Jeremy Ryan got up and exploded out of the corner and as Huber made it to mid-ring, Ryan arched upward, scooped up Huber in his arms and drilled him right into the canvas…


Ryan let out a bestial roar as Huber rolled out of the ring. Ryan then turned his attention to Jewelz in the corner and charged in, but Jewelz put the boot up and kicked Ryan in the face. Jewelz then hopped up onto the middle turnbuckle and twisted off with a Flying Cross Body Block, connecting with Ryan, but Ryan took the momentum, rolled through with it and got up to his feet, cradling Jewelz in his arms! He hoisted Jewelz up onto his shoulders with the fireman’s carry, but Jewelz wriggled free and landed behind Ryan, locking him into a waist lock. Ryan hit a back elbow that rocked Jewelz head, causing him to stagger back. Ryan turned to face Jewelz, but Jewelz shook off the damage and leveled Ryan with a drop kick!

Ryan got back to his feet as Jewelz backed him against the ropes, whipping him across the ring, but Ryan reversed the whip and sent Jewelz into the ropes. Ryan backed into the opposite ropes for added momentum, but he felt a tug on his leg and Huber tripped him up from the outside. Jewelz continued his momentum, though, and flipped over the top rope to the outside and took out Derrick Huber with a Top con Giro!! The fans in Seattle hit their feet!


Diamond Jewelz stood up and brushed himself off and grinned while folding his arms, as if to say “I got this.” Jewelz walked over to the ring where Ryan was getting back up to his feet. Jewelz got up onto the ring apron and Jewelz quickly found himself getting his neck snapped over the top rope as Ryan hit the snapmare. Jewelz and Huber got back up to their feet as Ryan took off to the ropes. Ryan flew through the middle and top rope with a Tope Forearm, but Huber grabbed Jewelz and pulled him into Ryan’s path, knocking him down!! Ryan staggered up as Huber pivoted around and knocked Ryan out of his damn boots out on the floor with the discus clothesline..


Huber then quickly grabbed Jewelz and threw him back into the ring. Huber rolled in and made the cover while Jeremy Ryan was out cold on the floor at ringside!



Jewelz shot the shoulder up!

Huber pulled Jewelz up to his feet and hit an inverted atomic drop that caused Jewelz to turn and drop to his knees. Huber grabbed him by the hair and pulled him back up. He hit a head butt and Jewelz staggered away to the corner where he propped himself against it. Huber charged in and Jewelz countered with the boot to the face. Jewelz decided to go to the well once again since it worked before and hit the springboard cross body block and for the second time it backfired as Huber caught him in his arms and fell forward with the powerslam!

Huber stood and turned around to see Jeremy Ryan slide back into the ring. Ryan charged forward, but Huber sidestepped, grabbed Ryan by the head and ran along with him, throwing him over the top rope and back to the outside!! Huber told him to stay out there, but Jewelz got back to his feet and when Huber turned him around, Jewelz hit him upside the head with a CCS Enzugiri! Huber staggered back into the corner as Jewelz gained some space, charged in and nailed a double flying knee strike into the chest! Jewelz then grabbed Huber by the head and charged forward for a running bulldog, but Jewelz didn’t go far as Huber blocked it, lifted Jewelz and…



Jewelz was out in the corner as he was in the seated position. Huber backed away and then charged in, nailing a huge hip attack in the corner to Jewelz. Jeremy Ryan got back onto the ring apron and Huber with for another Moneyline, but Ryan ducked and charged to the corner. He leapt up to the middle turnbuckle, pivoted and flew off with a clothesline!! Ryan took the hard hit, landing on the apron, but he clocked Huber in the head and knocked the big man down!

Ryan got up to his feet and shook it off. He dared Huber to get up as he grabbed the top rope. Huber stood and Ryan launched himself over with a slingshot shoulder block, but Huber ducked and caught Ryan onto his shoulders with the fireman’s carry!! He then rolled through with the Fireman’s Carry Slam…


Huber went into the cover…


Jewelz up out of the corner!



Huber rolled off to the side.. Jewelz then covered Ryan trying to steal one!



Double axe handle smash by Huber to break it up!

Huber grabbed Jewelz and pulled him up to his feet. Huber threw him over the top rope, but Jewelz landed on the apron and hit a forearm to the face! Jewelz grabbed the top rope and jumped off with a springboard, but Huber caught him on his shoulders! Ryan got up to his feet and charged in, but Huber spun Jewelz’ legs right into Ryan, knocking him down. Huber stepped forward for another Spread Bet, but Jewelz wriggled free and landed behind Huber. He leapt up and nailed a backstabber to Huber! Ryan got back up and Jewelz lunged in with a Super Kick to meet him, but Ryan grabbed Jewelz by the leg, pulled him in and tossed him over with a Capture Suplex!

Jewelz popped back up and Ryan then clotheslined him up and over to the outside! Huber got back to his feet as Ryan turned to gain momentum by heading to the ropes, but Huber picked up Ryan, looking for a Spinebuster, but Ryan countered with a DDT!! Ryan made the cover, hooking the leg.



Huber kicked out

Ryan sat there and wondered what we was going to do next. A grin came over his face as he stood and headed to the outside and grabbed a steel chair. The referee warned him that this was not a No Fear Rules match, but Ryan ignored him and brought the chair into the ring anyway. The referee argued with Ryan and played tug-o-war with him with the chair. Ryan finally let it go as he saw Huber stand up. The referee passed the chair off to ringside and while the referee’s back was turned Ryan kicked Huber right between the legs!! Ryan then quickly placed Huber between his legs and lifted him…


Jeremy Ryan just dropped Derrick Huber on his head with the Piledriver!!! The referee turned around in time to see the pinfall attempt!




Huber rolled to the outside as Jewelz pounded away on Ryan, hitting heavy right hands to try and keep him grounded. Jewelz stood and brought Ryan back to his feet, but Ryan broke the grip and began to hammer away at Jewelz with forearm shots to the face, but Jewelz put a stop that with a knee lift to the stomach, doubling him over. Jewelz placed Ryan between his legs and lifted him for a Powerbomb, but Ryan slipped off his shoulders and landed in front of Jewelz. He then began to bring Jewelz over to the corner to slam his face into the turnbuckle pad, but Jewelz put the brakes on and slammed Ryan’s head into the turnbuckle instead. Jewelz then let loose with a knife edge chop across the chest. He hit another and a third, lighting up Ryan’s chest. Jewelz with the whip to the opposite corner followed by a corner clothesline that dropped Ryan into a seated position!

Jewelz then pressed his boot against Ryan’s face, breaking it at the count of four before he got disqualified. The referee backed Jewelz away from the corner as Ryan pulled himself back up to his feet. Jewelz shoved the referee aside and stepped back in, but Ryan caught him with a right hand. Ryan stepped out of the corner and hit another right, then a third right, then a fourth, staggering Jewelz back with every punch. Ryan then grabbed Jewelz and sent him into the corner, hitting against the turnbuckles chest first. Jewelz staggered backwards and Ryan went for a Back Drop Suplex, but Jewelz flipped out and landed on his feet. Jewelz applied the waist lock, but Ryan performed a standing switch into a waist lock of his own. He went for a full nelson, but Jewelz dropped down and pulled him over into a pinning roll up!



Ryan kicked away from it!

Both of them stood and went for lariats, but they caught each other and both men went down! The referee started the mandatory ten count!








Huber slid into the ring and covered Ryan!



| Ryan kicked out!

Huber bounced over to Diamond Jewelz with the cover..



Jewelz kicked out!

Huber stood and signaled that he was going to end it as the crowd roared and got up to their feet. He grabbed Jeremy Ryan and hoisted him up to his feet. He then shoved him back to the corner and then lifted Ryan up to the top turnbuckle pad. He bent Ryan over and placed him neck to shoulder. Huber went forward when…



Ryan fell and landed on his knees. He stood up and Jewelz lunged in with another Super Kick, but Ryan side stepped it! Ryan then clotheslined Jewelz over the top rope and to the outside! Ryan then quickly turned and covered Huber, trying to steal one here in Seattle!



Th.. NO!!!

Huber kicked out!

Ryan pulled Huber up to his feet and shoved him between his legs, but Huber wouldn’t get hit with the Piledriver for a second time… he countered with a back body drop, but Huber fell to his knees, trying to shake off the effects of the Super Kick. Meanwhile, Jewelz got on the apron, grabbed the top rope, twisted 180 degrees up to the top rope and twisted off with the Phoenix Splash!!!!







Huber quickly pulled Jewelz up to his feet and then shoved him into the corner. He hoisted Jewelz up to the top turnbuckle pad and bent him over. He walked him off and dropped him with the Muscle Buster!







Ryan got up to his feet as did Huber. Huber and Ryan began to trade punches in the center of the ring! Whip to the ropes by Ryan, but reversed by Huber! Huber spun and swung with The Moneyline, but Ryan ducked underneath. Ryan turned and kicked Huber in the stomach, doubling him over. He hooked Huber for a suplex, but Huber blocked it and lifted Ryan up instead. Ryan floated over and landed behind Huber. Waist lock by Ryan, but Diamond Jewelz got back to his feet. Jewelz charged in, but Ryan shoved Huber dead into Jewelz. The two knocked heads and Jewelz was knocked down. Huber turned around and was met with a toe kick. Ryan set him up and then dropped him with the Piledriver!


Ryan with the cover…


Jewelz came to…


Jewelz dove in..



The crowd booed heavily as Ryan immediately rolled out of the ring and fell against the barricades, laughing maniacally. The people didn’t want to hear it… but then the announcement came over the PA system..

Dean Carrington: Ladies and Gentlemen… the winner of this match and NEW jOlt World Heavyweight Champion…. JEREMY RYAN

The man held the damn title hostage and only got this match because Huber and Jewelz wanted their opportunity and now Jeremy Ryan walked out of it with the title officially! Jeremy Ryan also made history as becoming the first man to come from The Hype and win the world title, but many felt that this shouldn’t be the way to do it.

Many feeled that Jesse Ramey got screwed at the hands of Jeremy Ryan. Did Ryan bank on this happening? Did he plan this? After attacking Damien Lee at Wrestlecade, he shouldn’t even be here. Damien Lee must be seething mad backstage at this point, but we’ll never know as the camera focused on Jeremy Ryan being handed the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship as he sat there against the barricades.

He stood up and hoisted the title up into the air as he backpeddled up the entrance ramp. Diamond Jewelz and Derrick Huber looked on from the canvas. Huber gritted his teeth as Ryan was all smiles. The first iNtense after Wrestlecade.. the biggest event in jOlt’s history and the landscape completely changed on a dime!

Ryan standing at the top of the ramp, holding the title high into the air was the final scene as jOlt went off the air.

Winner: Jeremy Ryan via Pinfall (NEW jOlt World Heavyweight Champion)