"Welcome to iNtense"

Darkness fades to gritty sepia when the opening piano of "Warriors" by PelleK (Imagine Dragons Cover) hits. We see image of an empty jOlt Arena filling with people in time lapse

The screen then explodes into full color when the drums and song kick in!

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

(In sync with music) We see scenes of action and images of current superstars Pietro Geist, Eiji Kugasari, Jeremy Ryan, Diamond Jewelz, Sarah Winterton, Charlotte, Keegan, Hank Wright, The House, and The Heirs of Wrestling

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

We continue to see images of action as the intrustmental continues to the very end...

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

We see Diamond Jewelz posing with Them MF'n Goons, The Rebellion standing tall in the middle of the ring, Mack Brody hitting the Gold Rush on Omega, Pietro Geist and Jeremy Ryan brawling, a shot of Kayden Paulton cracking a genuine smile, Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

With the final pulsing beats of the song, we see Jeremy Ryan striking a grin with the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder!

The scene flashes back into the arena where the song starts again, but in his complete form, starting with Verse 1 of the lyrics. The camera pans around the Arena as a splendid display of fireworks goes off on the main stage and above the ring. The set is a giant jOltvision with the N logo for iNtnese sitting to the left and to the right of the big jOltvision. The N itself is a massive red light that is illuminated. Above the jOltvision is a pseudo semi-circle steel structure that houses a curved screen that will be used to display a wrestler's name above it while their entrance video plays below on the jOltvision. On the stage itself, to the left and right of the entrance ramp are two more small, elongated mini screens which will display the wrestler's brand logo on them when they make their way out... unless they hold a title. Then it will display their championship belt on the left and the name of the title on the right!

The fans were buzzing with electricity as iNtense officially begins!

"How Not to Win Friends and Influence Hatred"

“Welcome one and all to iNtense right here in The Staples Center!” greeted Michael Buhrman. “Right here tonight, we have ourselves a HUGE night in store for all of you! Tonight, we’ve got a Champion versus Champion match here in our main event where the jOlt World Champion, Jeremy Ryan, will go one on one against the near FOUR-HUNDRED SIXTY-POUND half of the jOlt Tag Team Champions, “The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck!”

“And speaking of The House,” Nathan Powers added, “The Sin City Series sponsored by our Tag Team Champions comes to a close tonight! It started with eight teams, now we’re down to four! The Natural Athletes, Them MF’N Goons, The Entertainers, and Cross The Hood all compete tonight in that elimination match! The winning team faces The House for the titles at Breakdown!”

“And how the hell else can we forget… KEEGAN and HANK WRIGHT have now joined up with jOlt Wrestling! The Hall of Famer and ACW’s last King of Ages respectively have joined the roster and have called out Jeremy Ryan! What are their plans going forward? We’re sure to hear more from them later, but right now, we’re gonna go to ringside… Jeremy Ryan has a few words regarding the main event and the announcement of those two blockbuster signings and we’ll hear from him now…”

It was now time for the last interview of the night. After days filled with anticipation, after what was being called the Screw Job in Seattle, (okay, I called it that, but it works, damn it) the new jOlt Champion, “jOlt’s Last Real Man” Jeremy Ryan, was set to have a few words regarding his unconscionable actions that resulted in him becoming the new champion.

“Ladies and gentlemen…” Dean Carrington said with a hint of annoyance in his own voice. “...please welcome at this time… the jOlt Heavyweight Champion… he is jOlt’s Last Real Man… JEREMY RYAN!

And it was time for The Staples Center to stand up and show their love for one of the most miserable sons of bitches walking the planet. And if you believe that, welcome to your first jOlt show.


“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

The music thundered over the PA and standing at the top of the ramp in black baggy jeans, a sleeveless ‘REAL MAN’ Bloody Knuckles shirt and his newest accessory, the jOlt Heavyweight Championship, Jeremy Ryan scanned the crowd and mean-mugged the shit out of them before making a slow and deliberate walk to the ring.

His actions were unconscionable and whether or not anyone liked Jesse Ramey, the way that Jeremy Ryan schemed himself into his place, injured Ramey and took his title was disgusting. At the top of the show, Jeremy Ryan was eyeballed by several different wrestlers who wanted nothing to do with him as the top champion in the company. His skills were never in question, but his controversial and disgusting attitude earned him zero allies either in the locker room or with management. Damien Lee wanted nothing to do with him, but he was stuck with him like it or not.

Jeremy Ryan stood front and center in the ring now and he gritted his teeth as he stole the microphone from Dean Carrington. Just a week ago, Jeremy Ryan threatened to drop Carrington on his head for calling him the Self-proclaimed jOlt’s Last Real Man. He took a beat from last week and Ryan watched the announcer leave the ring.

“You learn,” Ryan said to Carrrington. “You’re only SLIGHTLY less fucking stupid then I tell people.”

The camera panned to Dean who had a sour look on his face before going back to the jOlt World Champion.

“First off…

Hank Wright…


It was apparently on like Donkey Kong as the kiddos say. He apparently heard what jOlt’s newest signees had to say and didn't take kindly to it.

“Last week, some backwater hick and some Cockney Cocksucker came out here and my name passed through their lips like so many dicks have before that. Now, I won’t insult the intelligence of the fanbase or the management here… any more than I already do. I know who the both of you are and I can understand why you two are big “gets” for jOlt. Keegan, you’re a Hall of Fame wrestler and you’ve been around the block. Hank Wright, I know all your exploits in ACW being the King of Ages as well as what you’ve done in Japan. Wright, I understand that you feel a little raw about what I did to that pretender, Jesse Ramey…”


“If the two of you have a problem with me, get the fuck in line. Rest assured, I'm aware of both of your reputations, but when you signed on the dotted line, the two of you set foot in MY house. This title says that all of this around you... everything in it. The stage, the locker room, these arenas, this ring. This title here says that ALL belongs to me. That line I just mentioned starts with Damien Lee and goes I don’t even know how far back. I've got me a busy night because Damien Lee can't stand me, so I'll leave it at this: I promise you both that the next time I hear you drop my name derisively like you don’t know what I can do, I promise you that the both of you will end up JUST like ACW. If you try and offer up your little “help” and it involves you sticking your nose in my business, well… you best learn from Jesse’s example and stay away from stairs.”

Ryan let out a laugh as he continued while the crowd continued voicing their displeasure.

“I don’t need a twenty-minute monologue to put myself over; I believe that my actions speak enough for me in that regard, so I will also address tonight’s match quickly… Adam Roebuck, being bigger doesn’t make you BETTER than me. jOlt Wrestling is now MY world and the only reason that people are still breathing is because *I* allow it. Tonight, you’re going to learn a lesson that your partner, Derrick Huber, learned the hard way when I dropped him on his head to win this title… it’s survival of the FITTEST, Roebuck… not the FATTEST.”

And even as the crowd continued booing jOlt’s Last Real Man, the jOlt World Champion pressed on and cut right through the jeering.

“And DIAMOND JEWELZ… you little fucking cheap shot artist. I saved my Breakdown opponent for last. You think that Damien Lee gave you some kind of Christmas present when he awarded your poser ass with a shot at MY title at Breakdown… no. This isn’t some Christmas box that you’re waiting to open on Christmas morning, boy… no, this shit is the living embodiment of Pandora’s Box. I WILL fucking hurt you and your Goons and your Relentless title and these IDIOTS who have taken a shine to you ONLY because I refuse to kiss their weak little asses…. NONE of it will save you. Take notes, Jewelz. Watch the main event tonight and watch as I make life easier for whichever team wins the Sin City Series when I take out Adam Roebuck tonight!”

On that pleasant note, Ryan tossed down the microphone and he headed back up the ramp as “A Man” began to play again, raising the jOlt World Championship to lord over everybody. Brief, but very much to the point. Ryan was making enemies left and right and one had to wonder if he was making a stupid mistake by doing so or if he had something up his sleeve…

One thing was for sure; tonight's main event was going to be hard-hitting.

You know. The good shit.

The Heirs of Wrestling vs Sweet Sweet Lovin'

Tonight’s opener would pit together two of the teams that were on the outside looking in on the Sin City Series Finals that were going to happen later tonight. The Heirs of Wrestling were set to take on old rivals, Sweet Sweet Lovin and both teams needed a win tonight to break out of the rut they had been in. Who was going to win out in tonight’s opening match?

“The following contest is a tag team match and this will be set for one fall!” Dean Carrington announced.

"Sweet Emotion" by Aerosmith

Sam Sweet and Lennox Love came out from the backstage area with Jon Katz Jr. by their side. Katz lowered his shades and checked out the lovely ladies at ringside as Sweet and Love entered the ring. It's been a while since we've seen this duo, but they have experience being former tag team champions themselves and they've fought and beaten numerous championship tandems – The Heirs of Wrestling included! Sam Sweet and Lennox Love being the veterans that they are, they were ready for this opportunity tonight.

“First, making his way to the ring at a combined weight of 545 pounds… being accompanied by Jon Katz, Jr and The Candy Girl… Sam Sweet… Lennox Love… SWEET SWEET LOVIN!

“The Love Machine” Lennox Love and “The Candy Man” Sam Sweet hit the ring and the fans cheered them on as they waited for their opponents…

Three letters started to flash on the jOltVision…

“H" “O" “W"

"With Me Now" by Blacklite District.

When the smoke settled there was Ryan Gallway and Frank Silver with their backs to the cameras. They both wore sparkling lavender jackets with "HOW" embroidered with gold on the back. They stood there with their heads down as the lyrics were sang.

They spun around as pyro exploded to the left and right of them. A curtain of pyro rained down behind them as they energetically made their way down to the ring to a surprising mix of cheers and jeers from the crowd, mainly thanks to Frank’s recent attitude… and this time, they were being accompanied to the ring by Sonny Silver, the man that had been taking charge of Frank and the man many say is the reason or Frank’s more desperate attitude.

“And their opponents… being accompanied to the ring by Sonny Silver… at a combined weight of 445 pounds, they are the team of… FRANK SILVER AND RYAN GALLWAY… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!"

Frank looked like he couldn’t spare a fuck, let alone rent one from the crowd response as he surveyed the scene. The multiple time Tag Title holders and former two-time jOlt Tag Team Champions stopped on the ring apron and climbed inside as the bell rang…


The big men for each team were going to start things off as the 330-pound rotund Sam Sweet came face to face with “The Baron of Ballistics” Frank Silver. He extended a hand to Frank, who then glanced over at Sonny.

Sonny nodded quietly…


The crowd booed the cheap shot by Frank Silver and it even surprised Ryan Gallway in the corner! He threw Sam Sweet into the closest corner and rushed forward, nearly turning his fucking jaw inside out with a Running European Uppercut! The Candy Man was on dream street when Frank began putting the boots to him. Referee Ian Nguyen tried to get Frank Silver out of the corner, but Silver turned around…

“YOU DO NOT FUCKING TOUCH ME!” Frank screamed.

Ian backed off when Frank grabbed Sweet by the arm and tried to Irish Whip the large man. Instead, Sweet turned the tides on him and came right back at Silver with a big Stinger Splash! This match was certainly not starting the way that fellow fan-favorites Sweet Sweet Lovin thought that they were going in, but they could fight back if pushed.

Sweet took the fight right back to Silver with a pair of Open-handed Chops to the chest and then whipped him back out across the ropes. He ducked down too far and Frank made him pay for it with a kick to the head. Sweet shoved him back into the ropes, but that proved to be a very costly mistake…


He pushed Silver back into the ropes only for him to come right back with an EXTRA-STIFF Rebound Clothesline that almost beheaded The Candy Man! The impact was so great, Frank had to stop and shake the pain out of his hand, but Sweet looked a whole hell of a lot worse than he did. Sonny watched on with a smirk on his face while the normally fun Jon Katz Jr. looked sour as all hell that Frank Silver was playing this rough.

Sweet was way too dazed to fight back against Frank who picked him up and drilled him with another pair of European Uppercuts that stunned him so bad, he went sailing right back into the corner. From there, things went from bad to worse when Frank worked him over with a series of vicious stomps to the gut…

Then the arms…

The legs…

And one stomp to the head…


Big Sam Sweet was being punished horribly now by Frank Silver as The Baron of Ballistics almost seemed to be ENJOYING this… this was not like the old Heirs of Wrestling when they were on the dark side. Those were more little assholes who enjoyed flaunting success in the face of others; this was something different that Frank had never unleashed before.

He picked up Sweet by the head and put him in the corner. Ryan Gallway was almost afraid to tag Frank Silver, but he did so anyway and Frank was civil for the most part. He held Sweet in the corner, allowing The Prince of Precision to charge and deliver a whomping Double Knee Strike! The blow rendered Sam Sweet helpless in the corner as Frank helped to whip Gallway in the corner again…


Right into Sam while he was in the seated position! The Intergalactic Heart Throb grabbed Sam Sweet’s leg and had a heck of a time trying to get him out of the corner, but when he did so, Ryan rolled over and put all his weight on Sweet’s shoulders…




The Candy Man kicked out, but Ryan Gallway stayed on the attack. When he tried to stand, Gallway went to work and fired off a series of kicks aimed right at his chest in an effort to knock the wind right out of him. When he swung again with another big kick, Sam Sweet caught him by the waist and DROPPED him with a big Belly to Belly Suplex! Frank looked like he was about to have a meltdown as Sam took a few seconds to recover before he crawled over to try and pin Gallway.



Gallway’s shoulder went up and the groggy Sweet looked hurt, but he tried to stand up. He bounced off the ropes…


Sonny Silver leaped on the apron and for no reason at all, gave the double bird to Ian Nguyen. But as the referee got distracted, Sam got tripped from the outside by Frank Silver! He tried to cheat when he was at a numbers disadvantage two weeks ago against The Natural Athletes, but tonight, he and Sonny were on their game! Ryan looked upset by this turn of events when Frank yelled at Gallway.


Gallway nodded and waited as Sweet tried to stand. He kicked him in the gut and tried to go for some sort of a Sliced Bread #2, but Sweet was cognizant enough to hold on, sending Gallway flipping behind him. Gallway landed on his feet, but when he turned, Sweet kicked him in the gut…


The Fameasser from the big man DROPPED Gallway like a bad habit and now he was completely laid out on the canvas! Both men were down and now both Sonny and Frank were SEETHING mad that their gambit had been all for naught.

“GET THE FUCK UP, RYAN! NOW!” Frank demanded.

Sam Sweet rolled over and ignored where Gallway had landed, trying to get to Lennox Love. JKJ and Candy Girl were both cheering on and the fans continued to cheer on the fired up Love Machine who had yet to tag into this match. Frank was waiting, but the groggy Gallway was trying to soldier on and managed to slowly get back up…


The Love Machine headed up to the top rope and came down right on Gallway with a Flying Double Axe Handle that put The Prince of Precision on his back! He then jammed towards the opposite corner, catching Frank Silver in the jaw with a big Dropkick to knock him off the ring apron!

“DAMN IT!” Sonny screamed. “DO SOMETHING!”

Frank Silver was holding his jaw in pain while inside the ring, Lennox Love waited for him to stand. He rushed off the ropes and flew right at Gallway with a Spinning Back Elbow! The 222-pounder waited again as Gallway was trying to stand before planting him again, this time with a big Slingshot Elbow!

“Y’ALL GONNA LOVE THIS!” Lennox screamed to the fans.

He waited as the stunned Gallway tried standing up again despite the high pace that Lennox Love was bringing his way. He jabbed him with a few good shots and then whipped him off the ropes, coming back with a Slingshot Dropkick! Gallway was down when Lennox went for a cover!




He dropped an elbow into the side of Lennox Love’s head, but Frank’s entry into the match brought out Sam Sweet who was still reeling from earlier, but managed to charge and Clothesline Frank Silver over the ropes, sending him all the way outside the ring! Sweet was standing tall for the moment when he noticed Gallway flying at him…


The Triangle Enzuigiri out of the corner caught Sweet upside the jaw, dropping him down to the ground and scattering him from the ring! The Prince of Precision was back up when he didn’t see Lennox Love sneaking up from behind with a School Boy!




SO CLOSE right there, but Ryan Gallway kicked out! Lennox Love tried to measure him up and dropped Gallway mid-ring with a short Snap Powerslam! Lennox had a huge grin on his face as he pointed towards the top rope… could we be looking at Love Potion 450?

He was close to the top when once again, Sonny Silver stuck his head where it didn’t belong. Jon Katz. Jr tried to get him to back off, but Sonny turned around…


The STIFF High Head kick that Sonny had used during his time in his active wrestling days just laid out JKJ on the outside! The crowd booed Sonny’s actions for taking a cheap shot on perhaps one of jOlt’s more beloved personalities. Love dropped off the turnbuckle and yelled at Sonny for his atrocious act, but he took his eye off the ball and Frank took the opportunity to tag himself in. He charged and BLASTED Lennox Love in the back of the head with one of his nasty European Uppercuts! The shot allowed Frank to pick him up…


The crowd gasped at the impact of Frank’s new move, but he didn’t care what the fans thought. He rolled Lennox over onto his back and nonchalantly went for a cover, but you could’ve counted to a thousand at this point.




The crowd jeered the Heirs of Wrestling member, but Frank didn’t care. It felt fucking AWESOME to taste victory once again and now, he was back on top. When Ian Nguyen went to grab him by the arm, Frank pulled it away on purpose and reserved that right for a proud Sonny Silver, who raised it for him.


Ryan Gallway had just come around and witnessed the bodies that had all piled up around them. Sam Sweet was laid out. Lennox Love was laid out. Even JKJ, a non-wrestler, had his head nearly kicked clean the fuck off his shoulders by Sonny Silver. He then looked at Sonny and Frank celebrating this victory… and he felt sick…

Gallway headed into the ring and looked at Frank dead in the eye.

“Dude…” Ryan snapped. “What did you just do?”

Frank looked to Sonny and then back to Gallway.

“I did what was needed.”

Sonny and Frank both left the ring while a beet-red Gallway gritted his teeth. Sure, the Heirs were not always known for being men that played fair, but Ryan seemed like he was getting close to this breaking point. For six years, these men had been an incredible trio, but with Mack’s own singles career taking precedence and what Sonny had been doing… the bonds between then were possibly at their weakest…

Winner: The Heirs of Wrestling via Pinfall

"The Investigation Continues"

Backstage, Damien Lee was a busy man like usual, but with a still sore neck from the attack by Jeremy Ryan at Wrestlecade. As he strode the corridor he noticed a man in a dark suit leaned up against the wall apparently flipping through some reading on his tablet.

It was FBI Agent Sullivan, again; the man who last week began digging into Draconian’s past. Lee had spotted him with an answer as to Draconian’s origins by referencing a small town in Belarus. Unfortunately, it didn’t appear that his explanation plus filing all necessary paperwork (which was forged) would have shaken the FBI agent.

“Mr. Lee,” Agent Sullivan said while holding up a hand to stop Lee’s progress. “Mind if we chat for a minute?”

“I’m sorry, Agent Sullivan, but I believe I answered your questions last week and made sure my staff had filed all the applications with all the documents needed. Did we miss one?” Lee asked his question, but it was rhetorical.

The Agent shifted from leaning against the wall and was now standing confidently. “No, no. My friend at the INS said all the paperwork had checked out. But I… well, I wasn’t satisfied.”

Lee sighed.

“And why not?”

“A couple of things. One, I checked the address listed as Draconian’s current living space, but it just so happens that address is one of your rental properties. I swung by to see but the blinds were closed and it looked like no one was home.”

Lee was a good business man, and like most good businessmen he had some property investments. “Perhaps Draconian had run to the grocery store or something to that affect.”

“Maybe, but both the water and electricity have been shut off since it was last vacated and weren’t turned back on when Draconian… arrived.” Agent Sullivan held his grin while making a bothersome observations.

“Ah, well I can’t speak to Draconian’s living habits, but I will ask him if he needs my assistance contacting the city about it.” Lee replied.

“And the second question I had, Mr. Lee, is why has no one in Belarus heard of Draconian?”

“Excuse me? You contacted everyone in Belarus.” Ask Lee incredulously. Maybe that came off a bit too defensive…

“No, of course not. It was just the city government of Horki, as well as the manager of every wrestling promotion within a 200-mile radius. Not a single one of them knew of a wrestler by that name, nor by that description. And let’s admit, that description is rather unique.”

This one might be tricky to explain.

“Well...” Lee obfuscated until he could come up with an acceptable answer. “As far as I know, Draconian was wrestling in Eastern Europe, but maybe not in Belarus. I only know that he was from there originally, but perhaps he honed his craft across borders.”

Agent Sullivan smiled.

“Perhaps. But maybe it’s best if I hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. Is Draconian available for a meeting tonight?”

“Besides his match, it’s hard to catch him! If he wants to meet, he usually comes up unexpectedly and even then he’s not much of a talker. You can walk around and look for him if you want but I can’t give you much advice. The location of wrestlers that aren’t in the ring aren’t usually my problem.”

Agent Sullivan tilted his hand to his head in a mock salute.

“Sounds good, Mr. Lee. Thanks for your time, and I’ll contact you should I have any further questions.”

With that the two men parted, but something nagged Lee. Maybe it’s the fact that he knew the questions weren’t going to stop.

"A Starlet's Wrath"

“Redneck Woman” By Gretchen Wilson explodes throughout the arena. Tammy Lynn Foster made her way out to the stage holding the Starlet Championship high in the air to a loud chorus of jeers from the LA fans. Last week TL successfully defended the Starlets championship when Charlotte was hurt and not at the arena. Foster smirked as she made her way to the ring as the fans continued to jeer the country girl. She pointed to the ring announcer and asked for a microphone. He gave her a microphone and she stood in the ring with the title over her shoulder with a smirk.

“Last week I came out here and showed tha world why I should be tha Starlets champion. I destroyed Monica who had the audacity ta come out here and step in tha ring with me. She met the same fate dat Charlotte will meet very soon. Now some people have been sayin’ dat I’m holdin’ a title dat don’t belong ta me. Ta dat I say, screw you, possession is nine-tenths of tha law. Ya’ll didn’t think I knew dat. But I didn’t come out here ta put down you people. I actually have bizness ta attend ta.”

The Portland crowd continued with low jeers for the starlet.

“Charlotte, I know ya here tonight. So lissen good, at breakdown, you and me for the Starlets Championship, in a First Blood Match. It’s time I bust up dat pretty little face of yours.”

The crowd roared as Tammy Lynn issued a challenged to Charlotte. The fans hopefully would get their answer tonight from the Starlets Champion.

Tammy Lynn waited for Charlotte to come out and accept the challenge but nothing happened. TL smirked as she leaned over the ropes looking at the stage. Suddenly a figure hopped the barricade and slid into the ring and tackled Foster from behind. The fans erupted in cheers to see the Starlet champion, Charlotte in the ring wailing away on Tammy Lynn. Charlotte picked up TL and drove her into the mat with a wicked neck breaker. Charlotte was absolutely insane as she continued to nail Tammy Lynn with vicious right hands.

Charlotte stood up and drove a big boot to Tammy’s side. She was not done as she grabbed Tammy by the head and slowly moved her head between her legs. She grabbed her arms looking for the double under hook but Tammy was able to slide out and grabbing the Starlets Championship in the process.

Charlotte reached down on the mat and picked up the microphone that was dropped by Tammy Lynn. Breathing heavily she spoke into the microphone. “If that ass kicking was not enough, I accept your challenge, bitch. I will see you at Breakdown, where the Honda Center will be painted red with your blood.”

Charlotte dropped the mic as the fans erupted in cheers. Charlotte stood on the second ropes pointing at Tammy Lynn who continued to backpedal up the ramp with a smile on her face holding up the Starlets Championship.

Rafael vs El Tigre Verde

"Diesel Punks" by Cliff Lin would ignite the Staples Center masses as a cadre of Emerald & Pearl strobe lights began dancing frantically from overhead. On cue, the jOltvision screens would begin streaming the edited high flying exploits of the international journeyman whom would saunter out from the backstage area. The masked Puroresu-styled luchador would keep his head downcast while swathed within a extravagant Emerald Tiger-striped cloak. Centering himself before the apex of the entrance ramp way, the recent graduate from the Hype would soon fling the cape off his person proudly and silently bask within the rousing volley of cheers. The arena lights would quickly return with him casually scanning his surroundings and taking in the moment before making his way towards the ringside area…

Dean Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen….jOlt Wrestling fans across the globe...the following contest is scheduled for 1 Fall; introducing 1st...Representing The Kugasari Clan!!!! From Tokyo, Japan by way of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil...Making his jOlt Wrestling debut and weighing in at 215 pounds!! EL TIGRE!! VERDE!!!

A hearty sprint onward led to the nimble luchador to dive over the bottom rope and use his forearms to Front Handspring to his feet. Turning his head from side to side, El Tigre Verde would soon ascend the nearest turnbuckle post to rally forth the masses before mirroring his actions atop the opposing ring post. Referee Darius Underwood would nod silently to himself as the promotional neophyte climbed down and pointed both fingers toward the heavens during the conclusion of his musical entrance music. A rising volley of ’Tigre’ chants would peper throughout the stands as he was calmly wringing his wrists before rolling both shoulders in preparation for his opposition…

"Believe" by Since October would audibly carpet bomb the masses. Hurrying through the crowd, a single archangel made his way to the ring. Rafael was all alone this evening, as Lee threw down the ruling that there would be no outside interference from either The Dead Cell or the Kugasari Clan. While the smallest of all of Ezekiel's soldiers, Rafael's agility was unrivaled. He easily kong vaulted over the barrier and leapt up to the apron. He launched himself up to the top rope and bounced over to the adjacent rope before executing a front flip into the ring.

Rafael looked over to tonight's enemy, making sure he knew of his location before slipping out of the military attire covering his upper torso. After giving the top rope a firm, yet fast tug, the archangel met his opponent near the middle of the ring.

With this being their first encounter and the stakes being very high, both men took their time to get started. They slowly circled the ring. El Tigre Verde started to circle a little faster and found Rafael keeping pace. The archangel closed the gap, but he had to step back to safety to avoid an open-handed strike to the face. Tigre kept his position in the middle of the ring with Rafael trying to find a way to close the gap without injury.


A low roundhouse struck Rafael in the thigh as he ventured too close and he took a few steps back, so he could shake off a possible Charlie horse. Rafael nodded, accepting that Tigre had gotten one on him. The archangel wiped his hands on his pants before stepping towards his opponent. Tigre looked for another kick and had this one blocked, which left him open for Rafael to force him into a collar and elbow tieup. The archangel forced Tigre back into the corner where the referee called for the break. Much to everyone's surprise, Rafael gave a clean break.

"I don't need to cheat to send you to hell," he announced to his foe.

El Tigre Verde paid no mind to the comment. He was focused firmly on what he needed to do. Rafael bounced up and down, as he waited for Verde for step out of the corner. There was no circling this time. The two men went right back into the collar and elbow tieup. The two men jockeyed for position. A step backwards by El Tigre Verde made it seem like Rafael would once again take control. However, he turned up the heat and forced Rafael back and then, one step further. Tigre wasn't prepared for his enemy to spin them around, but he kept the pressure on and slowly started to push Rafael back to the ropes. The archangel was just about at the ropes when he used Tigre's own momentum to send him tumbling through the ropes and out to the floor.

"Here kitty kitty kitty," Rafael mocked his opponent and motioned for him to get back in the ring.

The tumble didn't cause much damage, as it was more of a way to annoy the young luchador. Tigre hopped up onto the apron and looked at the archangel, who bounced back and forth like a boxer. Tigre took his time climbing into the ring. He was not going to rush in and make a mistake. It only took half a rotation around the ring for them to butt heads once more. In the blink of an eye, the archangel snapped him over with an arm drag.

Both men were up in a flash and this time, Tigre capitalized with an arm drag of his own.

Once again up quickly, they met in the middle of the ring and Tigre tripped Rafael down with a drop toe hold. Tigre darted to the ropes and just as Rafael got to his feet, snapped him over with a gorgeous hurricanrana.

Looking for safety, Rafael slipped out to the floor, where he shook off the effects of the series of attacks. Tigre couldn't help himself. He looked down at his enemy and motioned for him to come back and fight, just like Rafael did earlier. Tigre watched his enemy complete half a lap around the ring before sliding back into the ring and rolling up to his feet.

It looked like playtime was over for both men. This time, a tieup led to Rafael taking control with a side headlock. A quick take over by the archangel lead to Tigre turning the tables with a headscissors that Rafael immediately kicked out of.

They raced back up and Tigre made use of a side headlock takeover of his own to which Rafael countered just as his foe did earlier.

Neither was going to slow down and once standing, Rafael looked for a hip toss.

Tigre blocked it and looked for a back slide.

The archangel rolled through, not even letting the referee count, and tried for a school boy.

That too didn't get a count and Tigre hooked his enemy in a small package.

Rafael kicked out instantaneously and a double leg pickup opened the door for him to try a jackknife pin.

Tigre pushed his adversary back over to escape the pin and he found himself in a terrible upside-down situation, as Rafael pulled him up into piledriver position. The luchador went immediately into damage control and cracked his enemy multiple times in the face with his heel. The archangel lost his grip, allowing Tigre to hook him in a victory roll.




With only a few moments to spare, Rafael was able to break free. He instantly slithered to the corner, as that was too close for comfort. Tigre was poised and ready to strike at any moment, while Rafael tried to regain his focus. He took a deep breath and set his sights on his intense enemy. Looking to change things up, the archangel extended his hand upward offering the luchador the chance at a test of stength.

Tigre was not going to hurry into this knuckle lock. He wiped off his hand on his tights before slowly lacing his fingers with Rafael's. Just as he did, the archangel tried for a sneak attack in the form of a kick to the gut. However, Tigre caught his foot coming in and looked to counter attack with a kick of his own. Yet, he too failed to connect with Rafael with his enemy catching it. The two men found themselves both on a single leg. Rafael quickly took charge by driving his hand into Tigre's Adam's apple.

While not the cleanest tactic, it gave the archangel the upper hand. He forced his enemy's still captured foot upward, sending Tigre flipping backwards. The luchador landed safely though and clocked him square in the jaw with a forearm.

El Tigre Verde hurried back to the ropes, looking to build some momentum, and found his enemy charging right at him, delivering a forearm strike of his own.

Taking off in the opposite direction, Rafael darted to the far ropes. Verde leapt up for a possible leapfrog, only to have Rafael halt all of his own momentum by hooking the top rope. The Archangel restarted his charge and was blasted in the gut with a spinning solebutt that put him on his ass. El Tigre Verde wasted no time in following it up with a huge roundhouse square to Rafael's chest.

The archangel looked to create some space by commando crawling to the ropes, but the luchador snagged him by the ankle and pulled him back to the middle of the ring. Rafael rolled to his back and used both feet to shove his enemy away. Tigre rolled backwards to his feet, as Rafael spun around and used a front handspring to get to a vertical base, where he caught an incoming Tigre with a roundhouse of his own.

Stumbling back into the ropes, Tigre was met almost instantly by his enemy and whipped off to the ropes. Tigre ducked under a clothesline and ricochetted off the middle rope with a moonsault. Rafael was able to catch him over his shoulder, but he couldn't contain the luchador. Tigre whipped his lower body around and snapped the archangel over with an arm drag.

Both men were up quickly and Rafael tried to blitz his foe. Tigre was able to avoid him with a leapfrog, which gave him a perfect opportunity to launch his enemy into the air with a reverse monkey flip.

Rafael was dazed, as he stood up against the ropes. The luchador kept the pressure on. With all the speed he could muster, he leapt into the air, catching the archangel with a hurricanrana that sent both over the top rope.

While Rafael tumbled all the way to the floor, Tigre was able to land safely on the apron. He rolled back into the ring, never taking a second to regain energy. He was looking to do more damage and knew just how to do it. Tigre hit the far ropes and looked to be going for a suicide dive between the ropes. However, Rafael was ready to blast him with a kick to the head. Adapting on the fly, Tigre flipped over the top rope with his arms hooked on it, which would allow him to land on his feet on the apron. It would have if Rafael didn't catch him by the ankles. With one solid tug, the archangel pulled the luchador from the ropes and spiked him on the floor with a powerbomb.

A handful of mask pulled Tigre up from the floor and he was blasted with a pair of roundhouse kicks to the chest. El Tigre Verde was unable to defend himself against what Rafael had in mind. He was led by his tights and the mask around the ring and found himself fired head-first into the steel steps.

Rafael looked over the crowd, who were anything but joyous over what had just occurred. Back into the ring went Tigre and the archangel climbed up onto the apron. Rafael launched himself up to the top rope, so he could take to the skies.


Showing his agility, Rafael easily rolled up to his feet, where he stood proudly. He wanted to hear the crowd's jeers and he got them, as he dropped to one knee and motioned with his hands for more. The archangel forced his adversary back up, so he could smack him with a pair of roundhouses that made Tigre crumble to the mat.

Rafael had things firmly in control. He pulled Tigre up and looked for an Irish whip. Tigre reversed it and shocked him with a dropkick right square in the mouth. The luchador once again looked for the air attack. He tried again for an Asai moonsault. Yet, Rafael was ready for him. The archangel took a few steps backwards, letting his enemy land in front of him and hook him in a full Nelson. Tigre used all of his might to break free by forcing his arms downward. While his first hold was escaped, Rafael locked his arms around his enemy.


Tigre was seeing double after being dumped right on his head with the suplex and his foe knew he was hurting. The archangel pulled Tigre up only to immediately spike him with a brainbuster.

A pin attempt by Rafael...




Tigre's right shoulder exploded off the canvas. He was determined to defend the honor of the Kugasari Clan and it would take more than a few drops on his head to stop him. He was pulled back up by his mask. A vicious right forearm and European uppercut sent the luchador stumbling back into the corner. He was blasted with a second uppercut, which made it easy for his enemy to whip him to the opposite corner. Tigre leapt into the air, placing his right foot on the turnbuckle and pushing off of it to execute an inward front flip.


A superkick struck a stampeding Rafael right in the mouth, laying him out. Off to the ropes in a flash, Tigre displayed his agility even further by dazzling the crowd with a handspring into a phoenix splash.

There was solid impact with the attack and even the luchador had to clutch his abdomen in pain. He stumbled towards the middle of the ring, where he once again fell to the mat.

Suddenly, the lights went out. No one was sure exactly what was going on, but a fair share of them were certain that it was another of the Dead Cell's sinister shadow tactics. Lights from cell phones and flames from lighters bring just enough light to the scene, showing a massive outline in the ring. Many thought it could be the Dead Cell's weapon of mass destruction, Azrael, turning the tide in his ally's favor early on in this match.

However, they were wrong.

The lights rose back up and standing in the middle of the ring was a massive man, but not the Archangel of Death. This one was garbed in a tattered camo jack with a massive hood that engulfed his entire head, showing only the jawline of face heavily wrapped in bandages. Also wrapped up tightly were his hands, which he clenched next to his worn out jeans, when the referee raced over to him, hoping to stop any possible havoc he may wreak.

That referee would later regret that decision.

A gigantic backhand sent the official flying across the ring, leaving him nothing more than a lifeless heap on the mat. The unknown monster breathed heavily, as he remained in the center of the ring. His eyes hidden under the hood, so his target was still a mystery. Neither El Tigre Verde or Rafael knew what was going on. They watched the intruder closely while each climbed back up to their feet. The luchador was not going to wait and see. He charged the mystery man, striking him in the side of the head with a right hand. It had zero effect and neither did a second one. Tigre found himself gripped by the throat, so he tried his best to break free, unleashing a roundhouse.

That did little more than offer the big man another point to capture Tigre with him catching the incoming leg.


Standing over his victim, the unknown warrior didn't bask in the destruction. His gaze snapped to the archangel. Rafael took a step back in fear before trying to take off to safety. He nearly made it out to the floor when the stranger grabbed him by the back of his tactical vest.

Rafael was flat out man handled by the mystery man, who fired him harshly into the corner. Rights and lefts of all shape, size, creed, and color smashed into the archangel's head and torso. There was no hesitation from the monster. He scooped Rafael up into powerbomb position, as if he were a child.


That, friends, was one wicked powerbomb. Far from done, the mystery man pulled him right back up from the mat and...


Powerbomb number two was just as brutal as the first. The bandaged man pulled Rafael up once more and they were on the move.


Rafael's battered body bounced off the top turnbuckle and his built-in autopilot caused him to stumble out of the corner. He had no idea that he had just stepped onto the tracks of an on-coming train.


With the archangel nearly cut in half, the unknown warrior stood uncontested. His heavily bandaged head was shown in its entirety. Little tuffs of blond hair poked out of the bandages that hid his identity. He pulled his hood back up to once again cover his head and leaned down while on one knee to whisper something to the fallen Rafael.

Things shifted to the backstage area where Ezekiel was glued to a montior. The other four members of the Dead Cell lurked behind him, as he become enraged by what he saw. Behind his back, Gabriel happened to catch sight of Magdalena with a worried look on her face.

"It looks like a new player has entered the game," the wise prophet growled.

"That was nothing more than a random attack," Michael replied, thinking nothing of it. "He took out both men."

"The tiger provoked him and was decimated," Ezekiel countered and turned to face his lead henchman, as a fire started to burn in his eye. "He was not his target."

"Are you sure?"

"Beyond a shadow of a doubt. When you have done time in the trenches, you know the difference between self-defense and a premeditated attack. What you have seen here is a hell fire that needs to be extinguished before it grows into an inferno."

Ezekiel shot Magdalena a quick glance, saying without words that they knew more than they let on with her cowering with concern. Gabriel noticed it, but remained silent. Ezekiel harshly pushed past his soldiers, angrily marching off, leaving them to ponder the danger presented to them.

Winner: No Contest

"Two's Company... Three's A..."

The camera closed in backstage on the lovely interviewer, Dawn Cassidy, who was standing at the ready to bring to you that journalistic goodness. Dawn?

“Ladies and gentlemen, thanks so much for joining us here tonight on a massive show tonight! We’ve got Jeremy Ryan going one-on-one with Adam Roebuck and we also have some great matches coming your way. But tonight, we’ve also got the finals of the Sin City Series. Standing by at this time is none other than one of the four teams who qualified to make it to the finals of the Sin City Series tonight… Please welcome Cori “Striker” Albright and Terry “Mass” Massimo… The Natural Athletes!”

And cue for LOUD fucking applause for two of the hottest properties going around in jOlt today. Standing by was the former soccer star Cori Albright and to her right, the massive former football player, Terry Massimo!

“How you doin’, Dawn?” Terry asked. “You havin’ a good night?”

“I am, thanks for asking,” She giggled. “But let’s talk about the two of you. Tonight, you’ve got a HUGE task ahead of you with the Sin City Series. The winner goes onto meet The House for the Tag Team Titles at jOlt’s Breakdown PPV. What are your thoughts heading into this match?”

“We’re as ready as we’re ever going to be, considering we have no idea how each stipulation of this match will change,” Cori said. “But we proved it down on The Hype when the two of us got together and raised HELL… but in a fun way. We’ve taken on MANY tag teams down there, fought all the odds and week in and week out… well, not to toot our own horns, but we kicked that ass.”

“Got dat right, dawg,” Terry said. “We’ve been bustin’ our asses down on The Hype ta get ta tonight. Sure, we didn’t win dem Hype Tag Titles back last week, but tonight we have a chance to trade up. Da House wanted some competition? Tonight, me and Cor are gonna TEAR through Da Entertainers, Da Goons AND Da Hood and when we get to Breakdown? We gon’ TEAR through Da House and you’ll be lookin’ at the baddest, sexiest lookin’ Tag Team Champions y’all eva seen!”

“Confident as ever, I see!” Dawn said. “Good luck tonight. Now there’s been some rumors about the meeting you guys had last week with Nate Quartermaine. Do you guys care to elaborate on what this “business” was that you talked to him about?”

“Glad you asked, Dawn!” Cori said. “That was a good segue and I didn’t have to think of something clever to do this… NATE!”

Cori let out a loud whistle that pierced the hallway and the two waited… moments later, out came Nate Quartermaine wearing a matching red and gold singlets as they did!

“We told Nate here that he had a lot of talent that not even he knows about and last week, he beat that loudmouth, Gabriel Gold. He beat him and now, we’re proud to make this wrestling prodigy a member of our team!”

The crowd cheered the announcement as they both patted Nate Quartermaine on the shoulders.

“Thanks, guys, this is awesome. A lot of people are already in the back, calling us the future… well, I say screw all that. Let’s make sure that tonight, you guys show the world that the future is NOW when you bring home the Tag Team Titles!”

“Dis ain’t no Rebellion here, Dawn,” Terry added. “We’re friends, we’ve got each otha’s backs and if anybody try some shit, then they gon’ deal with ALL of us.”

“Thanks for your time, guys!” Dawn said. “You heard it here first! The Natural Athletes have included Nate Quatermaine as one of their own and tonight, they’re ready for competition.”

The three Natural Athletes all dapped fists with one another before they headed off set. Could arguably The Hype’s best tag team continue their momentum tonight and win the Sin City Series?

Well, be patient, mofos. That’s still to come.

The New Breed vs Draconian

"Symphony of Destruction" by Megadeth

To a pop of the crowd out walkedThe New Breed: Mike Patterson and Brian Williams. With something to prove, they arrived at the ring ready to put a clinic on the wrestler no one had yet beat. The war they put on at Wrestlecade would never be forgotten, but now was a new time for them as a team, and tonight they had to show what they could do vs. just one opponent.

In the ring Patterson and Williams bounced off the ropes and warmed themselves up. As per usual, referee Darius Underwood patiently waited for the delayed entrance…

The lights go off.

Blue lights pan the arena.

“Scheme” by STS9

7’2’’ of white muscle, blue hair and black eyes walked out quicker than normal. Never taking his eyes of the ring and his opponents, the dreadnought known as Draconian stomped his way down. As he demanded of Damien Lee, he had his test in front of him. Two of the toughest men to ever come from the Hype: Mike Patterson and Brian Williams.

Before entering the ring, Draconian stopped at the ropes and glared across the sea of people. Even to the oblivious, it was a sign of judgment and disapproval. The lights came back up to full strength;Williams stepped out onto the apron and took his place while Pattersonstood in place in the middle of the ring. Referee Underwood waltzed to his right and called for the bell.

Fearlessly, Patterson approached Draconian as the fans got riled up. So far Draconian had proven to be more than handful for any given man, but what about two?

They locked arms immediately and Draconian pushed Patterson to his left into a corner different from Williams. Three hard punches to a trapped Patterson, Draconian got to business. With a yank of the arm Draconian whipped Pattersonto the far corner and followed him landing a strong body avalanche. As Patterson stumbled out behind his opponent, Draconian grabbed and led him back into the corner.

Three times Patterson’s head rang off the turnbuckle and in the midst of his short-term daze followed by something a little unexpected this early in the match. Draconian bent Patterson over, reached around for a gutwrench, lifted and threw him backwards over his shoulder somersaulting Patterson in the air and straight on his face!

Asuplex known now as Situational Gravity.

Draconian moved like a machine: no emotion and no noticeable effort. He picked Patterson back up in the middle and kept going. A hand on the throat of Patterson… you know what’s coming.

Patterson managed a kick to the stomach to break the hold! A new sense of energy came over the man from Manitoba who whipped himself of the ropes and drilled a huge knee to Draconian’s midsection. Patterson grabbed the dreadnought from behind, lifted and fell backward; an EXPLOSION from the German Suplex rattled the ring since Draconian’s mass would cause no other kind of impact.

Like a good athlete knowing when to get fresh legs out, Patterson tagged in his partner Williams. Williams picked up Draconian and bent him over face forward while Patterson lifted into Draconian’s stomach followed by a high jump into a knee in the back. The athleticism of the move prompted a SWEET cheer from the crowd while Patterson got back on the apron.

Now was Williams’s chance to get a piece of Draconian. The former Hype champion showered some hits on Draconian who was now standing, but suddenly Draconian caught one of Williams’s fists into the clench of his palm! Draconian squeezed and Williams’s face twisted with pain… ouch.

By the hand, Draconian led Williams to the corner and moved himself to a sitting position on the turnbuckle with his feet on the second rope. With a leap Draconian let go of the hand and delivered a solid elbow over Williams’s head. Draconian got Williams standing, let go a couple of a shots, threw him off the far ropes and leveled him with a stand-still clothesline. Williams held his head but was dragged back up to his feet where the Draconian clubbed him with arms, and then drug him to a corner away from Patterson.

Pinning Williams against the turnbuckles Draconian climbed up to the first rope and straddled him, wailing down slow, hard punches. Finally, Williams stopped one of the punches and attempted to push Draconian off… it didn’t work. Draconian tried to throw another punch, but again Williams blocked, pushed with all his might and sent the Draconian stepping backward. Obviously annoyed, Draconian rushed back in to be met with a high boot to the face!

Draconian grabbed his jaw but was given no quarter. Williams seized on the moment by dragging Draconian to Patterson, making the tag and teeing up a double team kick to the gut. Hunched over both men jumped high and dropped elbows to the back of Draconian’s head. Williams stepped out onto the apron.

Patterson grabbed Draconian from behind and attempted a German Suplex toward the middle of the ring but Draconian held up, threw a back elbow to stun Patterson, turned around and lifted Patterson for an Atomic Drop! Patterson jittered away holding his crotch while Draconian followed.

Draconian let out a deep, bellow.

“Now you will LEARN!”

Patterson was quickly scooped into a sidewalk slam which left him prone on the mat. He tried to sit up but found two tree trunks of legs scissoring his midsection.

Draconian had him in Detainment!

The white warrior clenched his legs which kept Patterson from taking any sustainable breathes. Patterson writhed and tried to undo the massive legs wrapped around him, but it was all for not. The referee bent down and asked Patterson if he wanted to keep going.

With a gasp…


Patterson was stuck in place but finally wedged one of his huge arms between his stomach and leg wrapped around his front. Slowly Patterson began inching his way to his partner Williams dragging Draconian along the ground. Just as Patterson was mere inches away from tagging Williams in Draconian, the dreadnought found a resurgence of strength and dragged Patterson into the middle of the ring using old his upper body. You simply don’t see a cross-body scissor submission of this ilk.

The ref asked Patterson again if he wanted to continue.


Patterson was cut off from a hard hit to the face. Draconian dismounted the leg scissor and brought Patterson to his feet. Instead of pressing the attack, Patterson found himself standing on his own volition looking at a still Draconian.

Draconian pointed toward the corner. Toward Williams.

“Go.” said Draconian.

Patterson eyed Draconian while holding his ribs and slowly stepped backward to Brian Williams. Draconian stood still in the middle of the ring ready for more.

Draconian sidestepped Williams’ charge and with a sweeping arm ushered Williams through the ropes but didn’t follow. Williams clamored back to his feet while Draconian backed off to let him back in the ring. Cautiously Williams ducked between the ropes and squared back up.

He might be outnumbered but Draconian felt like he was the favorite in this match and obviously dictated the pace. Williams and Draconian locked horns in the middle of the ring which led into Williams getting turned flipped into a Fisherman’s Suplex.




Draconian didn’t usually go for covers until he knew he had the match won, but the speed and agility caught both Williams and the crowd off guard.Perhaps the big guy had some tricks up his sleeve. Williams scrambled to his feet and lunged at the approaching Draconian letting loose a flying clothesline. It might not have knocked Draconian down but it did send him backpedaling for a moment. Wallace pushed the pace delivering a few punches and wrangling the hulking Draconian into the corner next to where Patterson was standing. Patterson asked if Williams was ready to tag but Williams told him to hold on.

In the corner, Williams delivered knees and punches, wearing down Draconian. Finally, with a prone Draconian sitting in the corner, Williams slapped Patterson’s hand. Patterson and Williams switched spots but during the transition Draconian had gotten to a knee and lunged at Patterson and knocking him down!

Instead of pursuing Patterson, Draconian turned slowly and looked at Williams with dark, obsidian eyes but Williams didn’t flinch. Draconian rushed forward and rammed Williams with a hard forearm, grabbed Williams by the head and flipped him off the apron and into the ring! While Patterson got back to his feet, Draconian let Williams get to his.

In the ring Draconian faced Williams and Patterson face to face. The ref yelled at Williams to get back on the apron but was simply ignored. When both men rushed at Draconian he went for a double clotheslinebut the New Breed ducked underneath and came back. Williams lunged and hit a head-high forearm while Patterson nailed his spear!

jOlt! jOlt!jOlt!

The bodies went crashing and Draconian obviously took the worst of it. Williams and Patterson lifted Draconian to his feet and went running to the ropes in tandem for what looked to be a nearly identical attack as before. This time they got stopped on the return.

Both found a hand around their necks.

The crowd gasped as both men were lifted high above the ring, above the head of the 7’2’’ Draconian.


Brian Williams and Mike Patterson lay leveled in the middle of the ring while Draconian stood calmly. He picked up Patterson and quickly threw him rolling toward the ropes, then approached a prone Williams to hook the leg.

Referee Underwood nervously shook his head against counting the pin because it was, in fact, Patterson who was the eligible man. Draconian grunted, stood and turned to where he thought he had placed Patterson behind him…


Patterson had laid in waiting and then delivered a stomach crunching spear to Draconian. Apparently, Draconian’s own hubris and inattention might have cost him this one... Patterson helped Williams to his feet, where as a team they lifted Draconian and sent him off the ropes. Williams stepped to the side while Draconian came back. Patterson delivered a knee, bent Draconian over and lifted him into a cradle.





Draconian tried to roll away but Patterson led him by the head to Williams. With a helping hand Williams got Draconian into a similar cradle…


Patterson, the eligible wrestler, leapt on Draconian like a soldier on a grenade.




The newest duo in jOlt just delivered a hardfought handicap victory against someone no single man could beat. New Breed raised their arms while Draconian sat up; bewildered and agonized by what just happened. Williams and Patterson cautiously watched while Draconian got to his feet meeting them standing in the middle of the ring.

Patterson and Williams were on guard but Draconian’s arms were down to his sides, his fists clenched and arms flexed. Slowly Draconian nodded toward the tag team in what appeared to be a sign of begrudging respect, and then he walked out of the ring up the ramp even though it wasn’t his music playing.

Winner: The New Breed via Pinfall

"Trust Issues"

The scene opened up backstage as we see Sebastian Saje and Raevynn standing there. After what had happened last week, this scene wasn’t all too friendly.

“So you expect me to believe that after everything we went through on The Hype that you and Alyssa are just FRIENDS!? That is some of the biggest crap I’ve heard in my entire LIFE!” yelled Raevynn.

Saje let out a sigh

“You’ve been acting like this ever since The Rebellion split up.. both on and off camera. I don’t think the problem here is Alyssa Corliss… I think the problem here is the fact that you no longer have a meal ticket on the main roster nor a reason to be in the spotlight and it’s eating away at you.” Said Saje..

That statement took Raevynn back a bit.

“Yeah, that’s right… I said it. You see… Alyssa and I had a conversation after you stormed out of here last week and you were the subject. I reached out her… AS A FRIEND… to find out just what in the hell is wrong with you. From the moment you walked behind that curtain until the very moment that we’re in right now.. your attitude has done a complete 180. You stormed away from me after The Rebellion split.. you ignored my texts and my phone calls for an entire 48 hours… whenever I talked to you, you would snap at me.. .hell, you almost bit my head off because I overcooked your damn toast one morning. Something has been eating away at you and the only logical conclusion is that you’re afraid that you’re going to have to work for your spot now.. that you’re not going to get another free ticket to the Starlet Championship.. that you…”

With that…


Raveynn belted Sebastian Saje across the face! She began to breathe a bit heavily and began to sweat just a little.

“H… H… How dare you say that to me!?” said Raevynn.

Saje rubbed the side of his face as he turned back and looked at Raevynn.

“You only talked to Alyssa because you want to get rid of me, don’t you? “ said Raevynn…

“No… I don’t want to get rid of you…. Can’t you see… I’m concerned about you. I’m trying to HELP you” said Saje.

Raevynn began to breathe just a bit harder.. her nerves were tensing up.

“No one can help me… the only one that did is gone now…” said Raevynn.

“Is this what this is about? Your androphobia? I thought you beat it?” said Saje.

“It never truly goes away… he was the only one who could say the right things to help quell it. He was right all along… I owed everything to him and I walked away.. I abandoned the only one who helped me…” said Raevynn.

“What do you mean the only one? I’m here right in front of you. Haven’t I loved you and supported you? Haven’t I been of any help to you?” asked Saje.

Saje went to grab Raevynn by the shoulders, but she quickly backed away.

“What are you doing? Don’t touch me.” Said Raevynn.

“Just calm down… we can work through this” said Saje,

Saje extended his hand back to Raevynn.

“Just calm down.. take my hand and let’s go somewhere… let’s talk.

“Lies” said Raevynn. “All lies… you’re talked to Alyssa behind my back… twice… take you hand and give it to Alyssa… I don’t need this and I don’t need you!” yelled Raevynn a bit hysterically.

“What are you saying, Veronica?” said Saje, calling Raevynn by her real name!

“I’m… I…” Raevynn tried to form the words, but it looked as if this experience caused a relapse in her androphobia and she ran off. Saje just stood there, placing his hands on his hips and letting out a heavy sigh. He looked up and the scene faded to black.

The Natural Athletes vs Cross the Hood vs The Entertainers vs Them MF'n Goons

The finale of the Sin City Series was coming up next and the camera focused on the familiar spinning wheel that had been used to determine the stipulations for each of the matches. The final four teams would all be out momentarily, but first, “House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch played and the fans started to scream and cheer to their hearts content!

The jOlt Tag Team Champions, Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck, walked out from the back and raised their belts for the crowd to see first hand! Roebuck was dressed for competition as he would be fighting the jOlt World Champion Jeremy Ryan later tonight while his muscular counterpart was dressed in street clothes. He pointed to the wheel and looked out to the crowd. Their music cut out as Derrick screamed.

“Los Angeles, how the hell are you tonight?” Huber asked and the crowd responded with legions of screams. “This thing started with eight teams and out of those eight, only four remain. And when it’s all said and done, we will have a new number one contender for the jOlt Tag Team Titles! So enough with the talking … let’s see some action! Bring our teams out here!”

“My Time” by Fabolous.

It was a new theme for Cross the Hood. Earlier, they made the statement that they were going to do exactly what they did on The Hype… rise up through the ranks and prove that they can make it to the top and by winning this match, they could earn that opportunity. Jackson Cross and Machida Hood stepped out from the backstage area and the crowd gave them a pop. They exchanged a tense glance with The House members on the ramp - their former rivals. Vogue Gonsalvez, stepped out and came between both Hood and Machida. The three of them made their way down to the ring. Vogue remained at ringside as Cross and Hood stepped between the ropes. Hood knelt down in the center of the ring and held out his arms while Cross stood behind him and crossed his arms, striking a pose. Their music died off as their stood there and waited.


Four pillars were near the entrance, two on each end with “THE NATURAL ATHLETES” in a yellow and red shield logo. The camera took notice of an inflatable tunnel with the same logo followed by a legion of sexy red-and-yellow clad cheerleaders on the entrance ramp…

“Unleashed” by Chris Classic feat. Nazareth played and the crowd went crazy for the arrival of two men with… pardon the expression… a whole lot of hype behind them! The 6’ and 211-pound former LA Galaxy player Cori “Striker” Albright and the 6’4” and 354-pound former linebacker for WSU and the Seattle Seahawks, Terry Massimo!

The crowd went crazy for the newcomers as they each stood on the ramp while a massive explosion of red and yellow pyro went off on either side of the stage! Massimo surveyed the crowd and pointed to a section of fans with Natural Athletes signs. Cori jumped to the top rope and did a cartwheel over the ropes before landing in the ring while Massimo climbed into the squared circle. Both men posed for the crowd before the music finally faded out.

Schoolboy Q’s “Gangsta” banged through the speakers as Diamond Jewelz’s personal security team appeared on the ramp and took in the jeering from the fans in the Staples Center. The rowdy Latrell Samuel, decked in in numerous articles of blinging jewelry courtesy of his employer Diamond Jewelz, was through the curtains first and he agitated the crowd by screaming out loud strings of cursings at the hostile fans, and following right behind him was the monstrous Khalil Straightgully, also decked out in all kinds of jewelry, raising his hands to more boos. Them M’fn Goons were unsuccessful in their tag team bid at jOlt’s second edition of WrestleCade, but to have been featured in barnone the most important tag team match of the year on the most important show of the year after less than a year in the company says that this tag team has extraordinarily bright future. The House were enemies of theirs also and both teams couldn’t help but have a staredown as they headed to the ramp.

Latrell posed on the top turnbuckle while the muscle of the group, Khalil, stood next to him, arms folded with a menacing scowl on his face. Tonight, the Sin City Series provided a quick chance to correct the loss at Wrestlecade.

'The Best' by Tina Turner played and introduced the final team in the series. You couldn't say these boys were befitting of such a song yet, and they emerged to a smattering of boos. Alfie, keen to get on television, actually cut a concentrated figure, albeit on his cell phone. The two completely blew off The House, which was probably good for their health - these two teams met during the Wrestlecade Xperience by spraying Huber with water - the end result was a match where The Entertainers were killed in record time. In the interim, the result of Button’s fingers and thumbs, and he assures us he’s lethal down there when he and Darren are indeed ‘entertaining’ Ashley and Chelsea, were revealed:

“Put your HOUSE on me and Dazza to win Sin City. We’re about to mug off three teams.”

Thank fuck his texting is actually legible because imagine if the Englishman had said those words out loud. You would’ve needed subtitles.

Still, the opportunistic Entertainers knocked off the then-undefeated Freak Show to get here. Darren elected to step through the ropes, but the flashy Londoner mirrored another beneficiary of this theme, Chris Eubank, and jumped over the top rope, showcasing his athleticism. He'd need every bit of it here against three popular teams. And with that, all four teams were in the ring now as Huber stood on the ramp.

“Because we’re a sucker for the classics, this first match is going to be standard rules … but don’t worry, guys. We’ve got some things to keep you on your toes right after each fall when we spin this wheel! Ring that bell!”

The bell was called for and it rang with Cori “Striker” Albright taking up the mantle for his team. He looked around to see who else was going to start first. He turned towards the corner of Alfie Button and Darren Best, but neither of them wanted anything to do with anybody at this time and opted out. He then glanced at The Goons, but the same thing happened: Khalil and Latrell both stood back, which meant the fans were getting a first time meeting between The Hype’s best two tag teams that had never met until now!

Cori Albright came face to face with former Tag Team Champion Machida Hood and much to Cori’s surprised, he extended his hand in a sign of sportsmanship. Cori took the hand and the crowd was happy to see some action. The two men locked up collar and elbow tie up style when the larger Cross pushed the Striker backwards into the ropes. The referee ordered him to keep it clean and Cross did so without any sort of incident

… Until he kicked him in the stomach! The Hood as they were now simply known, were turning the corner as guys looking to work their way back to the top, but they were expert brawlers by nature. Big Machida unleashed a series of body blows to Cori Albright punctuated by a headbutt and then an uppercut against the ropes.

Cross led Cori across the ring by the arm and tried to swing at the Striker when he came back. Cori ducked underneath that and continued running, dodging a second elbow off the comeback. The former soccer player then slid between the legs of Hoodand when he tried to stand, he was taken off his feet when Cori landed a standing dropsault kick! He landed on his feet out of the kick that dropped Hood on his back and wasted no time trying to cover.



and a kickout by Hood!

Cori Albright reached over to pull Hood over to their corner so he could make the tag to the large Terry Massimo. The crowd popped loud for the former football player as he stepped in between the ropes. Terry and Cori both whipped him into the ropes and when Hood came back at them, Cori put him down with a spinning wheel kick. Terry finished off the combination by running off the ropes and delivering a large elbow drop to the heart of Hood! Terry rolled him over and went for a pinfall now.



Cross saw enough and put a boot in Terry’s back to save his partner! This was elimination rules which meant no other team was going to do anything for each other. It was the very definition of every team for themselves. He used the moment to get away from the biggest man in the match and tagged to Jackson Cross. Both men took turns working over Terry Massimo with body shots and then tried a double suplex on the three-hundred fifty pound Massimo. They were close and even elevated him once or twice, but Terry reversed that and he dumped them both over with a double suplex all his own!

“Damn, that kid is powerful!” Huber said.

“Yeah,” Roebuck nodded in agreement.

The Natural Athletes were getting the better of The Hood right now and Vogue Gonsalvez looked a little worries. The Entertainers and Them MF’N Goons continued to watch as Terry went to pick up the new legal man Jackson Cross. He scooped him up and was possibly thinking a powerslam of some kind when Jackson kicked his legs free and slipped behind the big former defensive tackle. Jackson picked the leg and dropped him with a DDT as he tried to stand. That gave him an opening to try and pin the Natural Athlete.



A big kickout prevented that!

Jackson Cross rolled away after the cover, but it was now time for a new team to shine when big Khalil Straightgully tagged in next. Jackson protested with the official, but it was a legal tag and that meant there was about to be a fight. The crowd started to watch on even more interested along with The House as Khalil towered over the tank-like Massimo. As he still tried to stand after Jackson’s DDT, Khalil had him reeling with a right hand.

Terry grinned and he returned a big right of his own!

Punch from Khalil!

Punch from Terry!

Punch from Khalil!

Punch from Terry!

Punch from Khalil!

Punch from Terry!

The crowd was hanging on every blow the two mastodons were throwing at each other and it kept on going like that until it was Khalil who blocked one and stunned him with a headbutt. Terry went stumbling to the ropes and Straightgully tried a big boot when he came back, finally getting Massimo off his feet! Khalil took a few seconds too long to antagonize the crowd when Machida Hood had tagged. He made it to the top turnbuckle …


The signature flying upper cut off the top rope caught big Khalil underneath the jaw and he wasted no time in going for a cover …



Latrell made a save!

He kicked him into the ring and soon, those two men were fist-fighting in the middle of the ring. Machida pulled Khalil Straightgully back to his feet and it was now all four men brawling in the center with the official losing control quickly. The House watched and were clearly having a good time watching this huge fight on the ramp as all the teams were going to bat. Khalil clotheslined Machida over the top rope and sent him spilling out to the floor, but Jackson Cross came to his partner’s aid and threw him up and over the ropes!

Those men were on the floor when Latrell Samuel snuck up from behind Jackson Cross and dropkicked him in the back, sending him flying through the ropes and spilling to the floor. Latrell Samuel was now looking for a chance to dive when he flew all the way over the top rope using a corkscrew and landed on both members of The Hood!

Khalil was not one to be outdone and tried to get back to his feet on the floor when out of nowhere, Terry Massimo came charging in with a three point shoulder tackle and checked his ass like was a member of the Seattle Seahawks’s Legion of Boom!

The fun was far from over when Cori Albright started to stand and waited for a chance to go for something big himself. The high-flying former soccer player charged from one side of the ring to the other and amazingly stepped up to the top rope in one leap and dove off with a big suicide senton onto The Hood and Latrell Samuel!


All of the six men were on the floor, but the fans were not done with the high-flying craziness. The Entertainers wanted to get in on the action and Alfie Button was all about having all eyes on him. He ran off the ropes just as Cori and Latrell did only to stop …


The tope con hilo was as graceful as could be and even if the fans considered the Entertainers to be a bunch of douchebags, it was still pretty cool to witness first hand. Darren Best was not going to be outshined, even by his partners when he too prepared for take off … only to suddenly stop and climb calmly to the apron to fly at Terry Massimo with a double axe handle off the apron. The crowd absolutely booed Best’s attempts to to troll them …

The only problem with that was Terry Massimo was upright and easily caught him. Massimo turned him sideways and threw him across the ringside floor with a massive - pun intended - fall away slam!

Perhaps Best did not think things through.

As the official was trying to restore some order among all the chaos, Cori and Latrell got to fighting while Alfie Button slinked away, Terry returned to his corner and the members of The Hood both threw the legal man, Khalil back into the ring. The Hood members each grabbed him by the arm, cross them over into an “X” and they spiked the tallest man in this match down with a two-man cross arms neckbreaker! Hood rolled over and tried to finish things.



And a kick out by Khalil!

Machida Hood rolled back up and now he was thinking something big was coming. He was looking for his finishing STO backbreaker called the Project 347, but Latrell came back into the ring and slid in, just short of him getting in before he headed out. The official chided Latrell for his actions when Khalil took advantage …


The running elbow smash that he named after himself took Machida clear off his feet when the referee wasn’t looking and now The Goons were trying to steal one!



Close, but no!

Khalil was angered by the defiance of Machida Hood, but he wasn’t done with him. He pulled him to their corner and he dropped three big elbow drops into the chest of Hood before he tagged into Latrell Samuel. He picked up Machida off the ground and slammed him with a side slam as Latrell leaped over the ropes to hit a slingshot senton. Latrell tried to eliminate the only team out of these four that had been jOlt Tag Champions.



Cross made the rescue!

As fast as the members of The Goons were at working people over, Cross The Hood were just as adept at ring awareness. Cross returned to his corner as Latrell ripped off his shirt. He was about to choke him with it, but the official took it away. instead Latrell went really old school and undid his wrist tape as the ref was distracted and choked Hood with it.

The Natural Athletes both did the right thing and tried to snitch on them while a beaten Darren Best finally had returned to his corner.

“Tattletales,” Best sneered.

The ref turned around but didn’t catch Latrell in the act because he had already undone the tape and got rid of the evidence. Latrell continued kicking at him and then ran off the ropes thinking a rolling thunder of some kind when Hood’s knees went up. Latrell crashed and burned the hard way and that allowed Machida to make a hot tag!

The crowd responded well for the energetic Cross running right through Latrell Samuel with a big tackle. He exploded back to his feet and the fists went flying continuously by Jackson Cross as he scooped Latrell up and dropped him with a big power slam. Khalil tried to make it in the ring to surprise Cross when he pulled the top rope down, sending Khalil down for another ride.

Cross made his way back to where Latrell Samuel had fallen when the high-flyer of The Goons surprised him with an inside cradle.



Cross kicked out!

The two men stood up at about the same time when Cross jabbed him with some hard shots and sent him for the ride. He pivoted and tossed Latrell right into the corner with a bone-crunching release german suplex into the corner! It was extra brutal and now Cross The Hood had Latrell right where they wanted him. He set the broken Latrell up in the corner and used that to get him in the back pack position


Backpack stunner from Cross jacked the jaw of Latrell Samuel. When Khalil Straightgully tried to save his partner, Hood ran directly at him and knocked him away from the ring with a baseball slide allowing Cross to pin Latrell.




Them MF’N Goons were the first team eliminated, but they showed the same promise that almost made them the tag team champions at Wrestlecade! The House stood up and clapped and Vogue Gonsalvez looked pleased with her men scoring the first pinfall of the match!

Dean Carrington: Ladies and Gentlemen… Them MF’N Goons have been eliminated!

“That was some great shit, you guys, but we are just getting started here!” Huber shouted. “Roebuck, spin that wheel!”

As the disappointed Goons collected themselves and were escorted away from the ringside area, the wheel continued to spin …

The crowd cheered loudly because now this meant that there were no tags. This was going to be a crazy skirmish. Cori and Terry looked ready for the challenge and The Hood were also ecstatic. They showed what they could do with crazy rules when they beat the Conways two weeks ago. The Entertainers were less than pleased because they could no longer hide in a corner. Things could get hairy real quick.

“Let’s get on with the action again! Ring that bell, referee!” Huber smiled.




Cross readied himself as Cori Albright stepped into the ring… both members of The Entertainers hung back for the meantime on the ring apron as they wanted to see this play out. Right now, two members of, arguably, the best tag teams in The Hype’s history were in the ring and were about to face off. The question of who was the better team… Cross the Hood or The Natural Athletes weighed a bit on everyone’s minds and were about to get a sample of that right here and now!

They locked horns and Cross immediately bent Albright over and laid into his upper back with heavy forearm shot after forearm shot. He backed Albright into the ropes and whipped him across the ring, but Albright reversed it and sent Cross into the ropes, instead. Albright went for his Super Kick, but Cross held onto the ropes and stopped his momentum, causing Albright to miss and stumble. Cross then charged in and swung with a lariat, but Albright used his agility to duck out of the way. Albright then hit a Pele Kick to the back of Cross’ head that staggered him forward, causing him to fall against the middle rope. Albright, ran into the ropes for momentum, but Alfie Button hopped over the ropes and clotheslined Albright right out of his boots! Alfie went for the cover as Cross was trying to recollect himself!



Albright kicked out!

Cross turned around and Button rolled back out to the ring apron. He and Darren Best smirked as this was going to be their strategy since they knew they didn’t have to wait for a tag to enter the match. Cross turned and made his way over to Albright where he called for his partner Machida Hood, to enter the ring. Hood came in and the two of them pulled Albright up to his feet, but with their backs to the enemy corner, Terry Massimo entered the ring. Terry nodded to Albright as he was being set up for the double team whip. Cross and Hood whipped Albright, but Albright immediately ducked as Massimo ran in and with his huge frame, hit a Double Flying Clothesline to Cross and Hood, knocking them down!!

Hood rolled back to the outside as Cross was brought to his feet by Terry Massimo. Massimo hit an Inverted Atomic Drop and then fell to all fours… Albright ran and used Massimo as a platform, hitting a Leg Lariat, knocking Cross back into the ropes. Massimo stood and shot Cross the ring. He scooped up Cross off the rebound, up onto his shoulders and nailed a Samoan Drop! Massimo stood and hit the ropes as Albright did the same, just a lot sooner than Massimo. As soon as Massmio rolled out of the way, Albright sliced across Cross’ throat with Running Leg Drop then quickly moved as Massimo hit the Running Senton Splash…


However, Darren Best ran along the apron and clotheslined Cori Albright! Alfie Button perched himself up top and hit a Top Rope Shotgun Drop Kick right to Massimo’s face!! With both of them down, Button went for the cover on Cross!!



Machida Hood came into the ring and broke it up!!

Hood quickly stood as Darren Best protested on the ring apron. Hood grabbed Button and slung him, shoulder first, into Darren Best, knocking him down to the floor at ringside! Hood then rolled Button from behind!!



Button kicked away and rolled to his feet. Hood stood up and was met by a Super Kick attempt. At this time, Terry Massimo had stood back up, but Hood caught Button’s leg and swung it around… Button improvised and nailed a Spinning Heel Kick on Terry Massimo! Hood grabbed Button from behind quickly with a Full Nelson, but Cori Albright quickly ran up and grabbed Machida Hood in a waist lock… They both popped the hips and…




Hood and Button rolled to the outside as Albright and Massimo got back to their feet. Massimo looked at Button, Best, and Hood all standing up on the outside. Massimo grinned and hit the ropes…

No way…


The big man flew and to say he wiped out Button, Best, and Hood was an understatement! It was like a train wreck at ringside and the people inside the Staples Center were going absolutely insane!!!

Back in the ring, Cori Albright looked on at the train wreck and didn’t notice that Jackson Cross had gotten back to his feet. When Albright turned around, Cross kicked Albright in the stomach. He hoisted Albright up onto his shoulder to try and position him for the Backpack Stunner… the Cross Breaker, but Albright slipped off and landed behind Cross! Cross turned around and Albright hit a low dropkick to the knee which caused Cross to fall to a knelt position. Albright shuffled back and laid in the Super Kick dead into Cross’ face!!


Hood, Best, Button, and Massimo were still down on the outside! Albright covered Cross and hooked the leg…




Dean Carrington: Ladies and Gentlemen… Cross the Hood have been eliminated!

We were down to two teams! The Natural Athletes and The Entertainers! The camera then panned up to the stage where the wheel was set to be spun to determine the fate of the final fall!

“Roebuck, give that wheel a spin, would you?”

Roebuck nodded and the wheel got spun, rotating pretty damn fast. The Natural Athletes and The Entertainers were on opposite sides of the ring waiting until the wheel came up on…

“Luckily, we prepared if a ladder match came up on the wheel! If I can direct your attention upwards, gentlemen …”

The cameras showed a contract hanging off a clipboard being lowered from the ceiling. The Natural Athletes looked pleased with this turn of events while the Entertainers were now worried. They couldn’t hide much longer. If they wanted to defeat the Athletes tonight, they would need to climb …

“Ring that bell!”

Alfie whispered into Darren’s ear, and then what he’d said suddenly became apparent as he exited left and went to fetch the ladder. Cori Albright shook his head, assigning himself with the task of tackling Alfie which left Darren Best to take on Terry Masimo, not a challenge he particularly relished, particularly when a telegraphed right hand was converted into a big-time hiptoss packed with elevation and impact upon landing.

Darren nursed his spine, but the massive Massimo wasn’t going to let up and helped the host of a reputable, at least I’m told, wrestling podcast, only to plant him again with authority in the form of a bone-crunching scoop powerslam.

Unshockingly, Albright hammered Button with a hard right hand as Alfie, audacious and arrogant to think he’d be able to outrun these two guys, was caught folding the ladder up. A stiff headbutt floored Alfie and this gave Cori the room to rest the ladder against the ring apron. This didn’t bode well for the obnoxious and hapless Button, who was putting in Albright’s possession as he gave him a helping hand.

I say helping.


London bridge had already fallen down, but their loudmouth native took a major bump as it’s called in the trade and looked like he’d been scraped off the object like a burger being scooped off the grill.

This was going to be simpler than they though. By rights, The Entertainers could consider themselves to be unbelievably fortunate to be here. Knowing them though, they’ll think it’s thoroughly deserved.

Cori passed the ladder underneath the bottom rope to Terry and went to check on Alfie, who was dead too the world. Before deciding the ideal spot to start climbing, Massimo stuck Darren with a couple of boots and kicked him out the ring on the far side.

Both Best and Button were out of commission. A ‘shall we?’ glance between the Natural Athletes was universally approved of and the quicker of the combination, Cori, started the ascent to potential greatness, earning a shot at The House. What a physical encounter that would be.

Button didn’t know if his name was Alfie or Allison right now, trying to shake countless cobwebs loose, but somehow he was aware of his surroundings and met eyes with his partner and gestured for him to attack from the other side.

The Cockney, a true one unlike Keegan, his trainer, who’d been called that by Jeremy Ryan earlier on, propped himself up with some assistance from the steel ringpost, resembling a pisshead on a Saturday night in Essex, and unsteadily made his way to the top turnbuckle. Terry Massimo, who’d been more worried about Darren Best on the other side, started to see this, though Alfie’s amazing athleticism came into play when he launched himself onto the third rung from the top turnbuckle, just one below Albright. That even attained some cheers from the crowd, not enamoured with Alfie’s antics, but nobody could deny his natural ability.

A southpaw, the wannabee connected with a couple of left-handed shots to Cori’s cranium. Massimo came round to meet Button, who had no option but to jump…

straight into a bearhug!

Massimo put the squeeze on Button, who was in a world of hurt. Tellingly, he wasn’t in a world of trouble though, as the ploy may have come off.

You see, while Terry tortured him, it enabled Darren to slide in from the other side and join Cori on the ladder…

Belly-to-back suplex!

And to use a phrase coined from soccer, sorry Cori, we were back to square one.

The ex-American football player (I wonder who’s writing this portion of the match) turned his head to see Albright and Best were on the ground, tossing Button to the side…

It was another AB he should have kept his eye on.

Bobby Dazzler!

Alfie’s version of the kip-up hurricanrana took Terry off his feet. Before the big man could compose himself, Button had some supporters on the edge of their seats, using that scintillating speed to impose his will on Massimo, not a sentence you’d expect to read in this outing ordinarily, with a…


Massimo had had his throat draped across the throat. Alfie was rather pleased with himself, and a high-five with Darren was punished when Albright moved them down with a double clothesline!


That leg was twitching. Cori was about to score a match-winner on Darren Best, get ready for a precious, priceless, powerful..


Wait a minute…

Chop block?!


No wasted motion, the principal Heir built on his handiwork and gave Albright a shocking…


The cradled Styles Clash put Cori on the sidelines for the foreseeable future. Darren Best was in utter astonishment. Terry Massimo, who was pissed off on all fours, was about to suffer humiliating…


The Garvin Stomp and kneedrop was enough to take the winds out of Terry’s sails. Silver shouted at Best to get Button up and he did, hoisting the ladder up shortly after. As expected, Nate Quartermaine emerged from the back and ran to the ring, but stood no chance against the united front of Silver, Best and Button, who simply stood their ground and kicked the shit out of him the moment he entered. They booted him out of the back door, and just as Massimo was climbing to a knee, exhaustion starting to kick in, Best cut him off with a gorgeous rolling neck snap!

Even Frank Silver looked impressed.

The quickest cat left in the match, well he was anyway, had to be Alfie and he shot up that ladder faster than the Jamaican 4 x 100 relay team.

One problem…

“I can’t un’ook the damn fing!”

Silver shook his head and Best barked: “What? Are you kidding, Alfie? This had better not be a prank of yours!”

“I’m not kiddin’, honestly, it’s giving me jip!”

Darren was doing his nut. He needn’t have as that naughty, chirpy cockney had that twinkle in his eye: “Admit it, Dazza, I ‘ad you goin’?”

In that moment, with utter ease, Alfie unhooked the briefcase and kissed it with a phenomenal amount of passion, throwing it down to Darren, who caught it as the bell rang.

He couldn’t believe it.

Frank Silver was on his bike and you have to believe The Natural Athletes will inflict an awful lot of punishment when they catch up with the tag team specialist. He took off the way he came in, over the ring announcers’ table and into the crowd, like a thief in the night.

Alfie jumped off the ladder and hugged his friend, and it still hadn’t sunk in until the official result was declared. Button took the briefcase off Best, who was in a daze, and scaled the turnbuckles once again, resting the all-important briefcase, not the first one they’d stolen if you cast your minds back to the smash-and-grab job they pulled on El Principe prior to his match with Gordon Patrick days before Wrestlecade. Crossing his arms, cutting an uncanny resemblance to Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather just moments after winning the so-called Fight of the Century in Las Vegas eight days ago, the Briton was joined by Best, stood behind him on the second rope, posing towards an unappreciative crowd.

In Spain, jokes had gone viral of Floyd Mayweather being a chicken, belonging on the athletics track rather than the ring and promises of free hugs. The Entertainers had adopted a safety-first approach that shat all over their name, but like sports’ highest earner, sometimes you have to win and other times you can focus on thrilling the fans.

Button put Best in a playful headlock and shouted ‘WE DID IT, DAZZA’ as they stood down for a photographer to join them in the ring. The House, dumbfounded on the ramp, were going to meet the duo they’d dismantled in record time at Wrestlcade Xperience not much more than a month ago,,

With index fingers raised in the air, and one hand each on the prize, The Entertainers had been rank outsiders to win the Sin City Series, yet here they were.

They had defied the odds.

Could they beat The House on the second roll of the dice?

Winner: The Entertainers via Retrieval

"Those Who Burn, Shall Burn Eternally"

It was time to return focus to the ring, as the next of tonight's match-ups was ready to take place. The official adjusted his shirt to make sure he looked emaculate, due to knowing he would be on television. To his left, the ring announcer stepped out to the middle of the ring. However, he found himself cut off just as he raised the microphone to his lips.

That interuption was the song that many a fan of jOlt had come to downright loathe, "Believe" by Since October.

The crowd parted like the Red Sea with the sinister Dead Cell blazing a path towards the ring. Ezekiel was surrounded on all sides by his archangels, acting like his personal security team with Michael leading the way and the still hurting Rafael bring up the rear. Normally, the smallest soldier was in front, working as recon for the group. However, his encounter with an unknown assailant had definitely injured him. They reached the barrier where Azrael and Michael helped the wise prophet over the barricade before joining him. Gabriel looked over to Magdalena when they got to the security barrier.

"You're going to tell me what you know," Gabriel told her firmly and leapt over the barricade.

"Shut shour face," the lone female of the group replied angrily, shooting him a hate-filled stare while finally speaking for the first time on camera. "Zhere is nozhing to tell. Any furzher questions, run zhem zhrough zhe fuhrer. I do not answer to shou."

Gabriel glared back at her, watching her closely, as he darted past him and slid into the ring. Magdalena held the ropes open for their commander, as he hobbled up the steel steps and into the ring. The black-clad soldiers lined up behind Ezekiel with Rafael being the last due to the combination of his battered body and having to obtain a microphone for the wise prophet.

"Now that everyone has bared witness to the footage of last week's iNtense," Ezekiel began, "you all will recognize the dilemma it presents. Being the righteous and good man that I am, I offered an opportunity to spare the hellhole named jOlt from a war of clans that would surely decimate the entire landscape. One does not need the ability of precognition to know that a battle between my archangels and the clan of shinobi would leave jOlt looking worse than Sodom and Gamora combined. However, one man took it upon himself to destroy any hope of avoiding that. Perhaps "man" is not the correct term for what this creature is. He WAS a man. Now, he is nothing more than a revenant that should have stayed in his grave. Rest assured, those with a fear of the supernatural or undead, these soldiers of the Lord will return him there in short order."

Azrael was chomping at the bits, loving the sound of his leader giving him a chance to wreak havoc, while to his left Michael was stoic as ever. Gabriel was still looking towards Magdalena, who was doing all she could to avoid his gaze. Ezekiel never gave them a single look. His focus was fully on the camera.

"It is no secret that catching spectres can be an extremely difficult task. Mankind has been trying for centuries to do so. Yet, these vengeful spirits have a far greater frequency of appear than the others..."

Ezekiel's hunt for the unknown monster was short, yet fruitful.

The lights began to flicker, bringing a devilish smile to the wise prophet's face. The entire DC jumped to attention, forming a human shield around their leader. Throughout the arena, monitors began to cut in and out with the tron doing the same. The flickering of the lights grew more rapid and finally, all electronics in the arena cut out. Suddenly, the tron came online.

An image of a poorly-lit, wooded area appeared on it. Rain from a heavy storm poured down on the unnamed forest and it cut to the sight of a massive boot stepping into the mud, splashing muck in all directions. Light seemed to radiate from in front of the mysterious figure standing in the rain, as the camera panned up showing the unknown attacker from last week on the tron. His heavily bandaged face still hidden from the massive Grim Reaper-esque hood of his tattered camoflauge jacket, letting only the bottom quarter of his face be seen, as lightning flashed in the background. In his right hand was an old, rusty metal, gasoline container and in his left, was a box of matches.

"Left for dead,
This worlds so bleak,
No power left inside,
Not even for me to speak,

Hurt so many times,
But never truly healed,
No you cannot see them,
My emotional scars are sealed,

Sometimes they ask me,
Have I always been this way?
It breaks my heart to answer,
But it is the truth that I must say,

No I have not always,
But probably will always be,
The darkness that dwells inside,
Is the living part of me,

I’ve kept it in for so long,
So much anger never let out,
Struggled with every tantrum,
Suppressing the urge to shout,

But the turning point is now,
You will not be my demise,
I will uplift my spirit,
And spring to your surprise,

No longer will you hurt me,
No more pain will I feel,
This day will end my sorrows,
And break that holy seal,

My emotions will flow with hatred,
And death you will meet,
Through this day of reckoning I have realized,
Revenge through success is sweet.

-Matt Pike"

With that, the unknown monster turned around started walking away, behind him was an image that meant more than the words that just echoed through the arena. He walked towards the camera with a an old country church engulfed in flames behind him.

Without warning, the tron cuts out and the lights come back up. Michael and Rafael had to restrain Azrael, who was practically foaming at the mouth with rage. Magdalena had a complete and utter meltdown. She scurried backwards, putting as much distance as she could between herself and the tron before cowering in the fetal postion in the corner.

"What the fuck is her problem?" Gabriel questioned him loudly after stepping in front of the Dead Cell's leader and pointing at the scared female. "One of you better tell me what the fuck is going on here."

Ezekiel couldn't care less about what his henchmen were doing or Gabriel's demand for answers. He just stared a hole through the tron, as he trembled with rage.

"Skip to the Good Part"

Ever since The Fearless Champion, Omega, made a call for competition to come out and face him, the gOlden bOy Champion Mack Brody had come out to accept that challenge. The end result became a slugfest between the two monsters that ended with Mack Brody displaying his incredible strength when he managed to PRESS Omega over his head and THROW him from the ring in a scene he would no doubt add to his highlight reel.

Last week, Mack Brody successfully defended his own championship against a very game Michael “Phantom” Donavan only to have been attacked after the match by the massive Omega. Brody had been Speared out of his boots and then subsequently attacked and laid out with Omega’s devastating finisher, The End. Now, the rumor was that Brody was coming out to address his new budding rivalry with perhaps jOlt’s most fearsome individual.

And that time…




After a voice could be heard, the jOltVision flickered to life a cameraman had reached the parking lot of the Staples Center where Mack Brody was standing at the ready. Wearing blue jeans and a sleeveless gold-hued muscle shirt, it was clear that Mack Brody wasn’t here for a wrestling match tonight.

“Omega, your punk-ass will need to forgive me for skipping to the good part, but after you jumped me from behind last week, I’ll answer the question you posed after you beat Statuz Quo last week. Am I afraid of the Boogeyman?”

Brody then leaned back against a van in the parking lot.


The answer was met with a resounding cheer from the crowd.

“If you don’t believe me, then get your ass to this parking lot and you can come find out for yourself. I’ll be waiting right here.”

The gOlden bOy Champion leaned back against the van, arms folded and eyes shut as he listened for any sort of movement backstage. Several moments passed with that as the crowd in the Staples Center watched the action start to unfold.

“Come on, Omega, I know you can hear me… Do you only have one nut to match the whole one-eyed thing or what? Or maybe…”

The crowd “OOOHED!” that comment as SuperMack turned a full 180 until his back was turned to the camera. He waved his right hand almost to egg the monster on.

“Or is this more of your liking? I know what you can do when my back is turned because you SURE AS SHIT can’t rattle me when you’re face to face with me…”

The crowd couldn’t believe that someone actually had the audacity to talk to Omega as he had, but Mack Brody had proven he was not afraid of the sadistic Fearless Champion. As soon as those last words the lights flickered just a little… almost unnervingly so… a low clang could be heard. Mack turned and it was the Fearless Championship dropped to the ground. He looked up from that…

“Your hubris will be your undoing… and WE’LL make sure of that...”

And out from the darkness, an oncoming Omega rushed right for Brody! The two juggernauts came to blows right in the middle of the parking lots! Fists were thrown, faces were punches, knees were flying and the two men showed no signs of slowing down! Omega had a punch caught before Brody threw in a Headbutt of all things!

“Does your question still need answering?!”

Omega’s retort was much less verbal; the Fearless Champion kneed Brody in his abdomen several times before palming the back of his head and SLAMMING him right against the van that he had been leaning against just moments ago. Omega continued slamming Brody’s head against the car about four or five times until SuperMack…

“We know you aren’t afraid… which makes this all the more enjoyable…”

The Fearless Champion watched as Brody was about to stand. He reached over and grabbed a lead pipe from nearby on the ground and came right at the gOlden bOy Champion…


Mack Brody had just DODGED a proverbial bullet as the lead pipe went crashing right through the front passenger door of the van, smashing the glass into thousands of little pieces! Brody then sped forward and the bull-like Philly Powerhouse tackled Omega and sent him flying back first into another nearby car, leaving a massive dent where his body had landed! He unleashed a barrage of elbows to the head of the Fearless Champion and batted him with right hands…


A security detail of five men rushed towards the scene first and tried to get between the two behemoths. They tried to restrain Omega, but the Fearless Champion palmed the back of a guard’s head and tossed him right into the previously broken window of the van!

Another tried doing the same to Brody as he held his hands out, but Mack wanted right at Omega so he grabbed him by the throat and chucked him across the pavement, sending him skittering!

Soon, a second wave of men were coming into the fold and were trying to break up this massive slugfest. They were joined by several junior referees and the massive referee Simon Boulder. From there, several wrestlers got in between the two.

Kayden Paulton.

Michael Donavan.

Sebastian Saje.

Statuz Quo and Khadafi.

Nate Quartermaine.

The Conways.

Ryan Gallway.

It was mayhem now in the parking lot area and Brody and Omega were STILL trying to get at one another. A shot from Brody had busted Omega open right across his forehead and the big man was still SMILING about it as Boulder, Donavan and The Conways tried to restrain him! Brody himself had a busted arm from some of the glass catching him, but he couldn’t spare a fuck, let alone rent one. He wanted this fight and he wasn’t going to stop until he got it.

The numbers of referees, officials and wrestlers became too great and the mob had enveloped the scene. Omega was being dragged away by some of the wrestlers and yet another wave as others worked to try and restrain Mack Brody. Gallway ran over to Brody's side as things tried to settle down.

“Mack, you okay?” Ryan asked his stablemate.

“Yeah…” Mack said, looking after Omega.

The final sounds would leave just about everyone unnerved...

Omega's laughter echoing through the lot, drowning out all other noise.

Seraph vs Gabriel Gold

Seraph and Shiloh made a statement last week and this week they were ready to back it up those words against Gabriel Gold here tonight!

“Golden Dawn” by Gospel

Out from the back came Gabriel Gold to some jeers from the crowd. The smirk on his face told the tale of him not caring one bit what the crowd thought. Gold cockily made his way to the ring, feeling that he was going to have an easy time tonight. We would soon find out whether or not that was true as Gold ascended the neutral turnbuckle pad and struck a pose that wasn’t well received. Gold hopped down as his music faded.

“Devil’s Dance” by Metallica

Out from the back stepped “God’s War Machine” Seraph, flanked by Shiloh. Seraph and Shiloh made their way down to the ring as the crowd cheered him on. Shiloh remained at ringside while Seraph got up on the apron and stepped over the top rope into the ring, coming face to face with Gabriel Gold, who simply just smiled. These two Hype originals were about to clash when the referee called for the bell!




Gold and Seraph circled each other in the ring… Gold went pick Seraph’s leg, but Seraph turned on the speed to avoid it. They went to lock up, but Gold went behind Seraph with a waist lock. He tried to take the big man over, but it wasn’t happening. Gold gave up and pounded against Seraph’s back with a forearm shot. The only served to piss Seraph off as he quickly turned around and shot Gold a death glare through his mask. Gold backed into the corner as Seraph stepped in, but Gold tagged him in the face with a heavy right hand! Seraph didn’t even flinch! He stared at Gold whose face just sank. Seraph grabbed Gold by the neck with both hands and flung him over head with a Neck Clutch Belly to Belly Overhead Release Suplex!!!

Crowd: OOOOH!!!!

Gold went flying almost half way across the ring, landing on his back HARD! Gold stumbled up to his feet and back into the corner where Seraph charged in and slammed into him with a body avalanche. Gold fell into a seated position as Seraph backed up and charged in again, but Gold wisely escaped to the outside, causing Seraph to put the brakes on. Gold pulled himself back up as Seraph stepped over the top rope and out to the floor. He grabbed Gold and flung him into the steel ring steps with a sickening thud that echoed throughout the Staples Center! Gold sat there against the steps writhing in pain as Seraph backed up and charged in, hitting what he was aiming for in the ring… a running knee strike to the face, but this time it slammed Gold up against the ring steps even harder!!

Shiloh looked on and smiled as she told Seraph to take it back to the ring.

Seraph did just that as he grabbed Gold by the head and rolled him back in underneath the bottom rope. Gold flipped to his hands and knees and tried to crawl away, but Seraph re-entered the ring and grabbed Gold by the seat of his tights. He yanked Gold up to a vertical base and whipped him to the ropes. Seraph went for a big boot, but Gold baseball slid under the leg, got up and hopped up onto Seraph’s back with a Standing Rear Naked Choke!! He had the legs wrapped around Seraph’s body as well…


Gold was trying to put the big man to sleep.. it was a desperation move, but Seraph was just too big and powerful! He backed up and slammed Gold into the turnbuckle pads and that got him to release the hold. He walked Gold to the ropes and whipped him across the ring. Seraph toassed Gold up into the air, caught him and nailed him with the Pop Up Spine Buster…


Seraph looked to Shiloh and gave Seraph the nod. Seraph bent down and picked up Gold with one arm by the neck. He lifted Gold up and planting him with the Sit-Out Chokeslam!


You could count to one hundred…. It didn’t matter




Seraph picked up a victory in dominating fashion. Shiloh entered the ring and stood side by side with her monster. She raised the hand of God’s War Machine as she was very pleased with his dominance here tonight. Shiloh looked down at Gold and waved goodbye as the two of them exited the ring and headed for the backstage area.

They made a statement with words last week and this week, Seraph made a huge statement with his actions. After losing to Omega at Wrestlecade II, it would seem that Seraph is now re-focused and a re-focused Seraph is pretty damn scary!

Winner: Seraph via Pinfall

"Four Real Men in The House"

They'd had their fun spinning the wheel.

Now it was down to business.

Adam Roebuck and Derrick Huber, not only the finest tandem in this company today but in any era, received a cracking reception as their massive frames were multiplied on the big screen inside the arena. These guys look like trailers, let me tell you.

No tag team titles in tow, no concerns about the Sin City Series, nothing else mattered right now except avenging Jesse Ramey and shutting the condescending cunt up that is known as Jeremy Ryan.

Well, you won't get any arguments from the masses on the subject and as the camera swayed to the left for a second, the crowd went crazy for a second time in the matter of seconds as Keegan and Hank Wright rolled in. We'd been waiting a while to see them.

Partners stood side-by-side looking straight across at the others. It was an incredible shot. Nobody was shorter than 6'4 and none of them weighed any less than 270. You had two formidable outfits here.

Just in case you thought it might kick off, a Hank Wright handshake broke the ice and was reciprocated by smiles from Derrick Huber: "Hey, Derrick. It's been a long time. How are you?"

The duos had encountered each other from multiple tours in Japan. Of the quartet, Hank and Derrick were most familiar with each other, hence the breakthrough. Meanwhile, Keegan respectfully extended his right hand, which was accepted by Roebuck's shovel. Then, there was a cross as Special K did the same with Derrick, and Wright paid his respects to the robust Roebuck. Manly handshakes here, lads and lasses. None of that loose shit.

Hank crossed his arms: "What amazes me is that Jeremy Ryan thinks he's the last real man in jOlt. Man, oh, man. Who could ever accuse The House of not being men?"

Keegan chipped in: "Who would be daft enough to do that?"

Huber shook his head. Roebuck, the gruff giant designated with the task of taking Ryan down tonight, stated coldly: "After I'm through with him, he's going to be MY bitch."

"Watch out," Roebuck told his partner. "That fucker will take any shortcut that he can. I got your back, tonight." He turned to his friends. "Sorry if you came all this way just to knock Jeremy Ryan's dick in the dirt. After tonight, we don't plan on leaving anything of him behind."

Special K smirked and Wright nodded: "You won't get any complaints from either of us," said the Forth Worth native.

Derrick tapped Hank on the shoulder: "So, what are you guys here for? Really? Are you after the belts?"

The two newcomers looked at each other for a second and The Tank did the talking, once again: "We might be. We're here to make a difference. For now, we want what you want and that's why we wanted to come along and say good luck tonight."

Adam retorted: "It's not me you need to say that to. It's that asshole after I tear his heart out."

Amen to that.

Roebuck wasn't done though: "Guys, we respect you, but if you're here for our titles, you're going down the wrong road. I'm just saying."

Keegan piped up for once: "We wouldn't expect anything less, would we Hank?"

The leggy Texan, and I don't mean Jerry Hall, shook his head: "No, sir."

Back to the Briton, who looked Roebuck dead in the eye: "We're not here for your titles...

"We're here for all of them."

Wishes of good luck were then exchanged as Adam and Derrick headed through the curtain and the camera zoomed in on a watching Keegan and Hank watch them go. Rather than just maintaining their gaze to fill time and make it more dramatic, the Englishman ended the dead air, as he has on so many occasions while hosting E-Fed Guerrillas: "Screw me seven ways on a Sunday and call me Sandra...they're big bastards, aren't they?"

All his buddy could muster was: "Yeah."

As various spectators laughed, Keegan and Hank headed off, presumably to do what everyone else was at that time.

Praying The Big Bucks would provide payback on behalf of Jesse Ramey and jOlt and emasculate the so-called 'Last Real Man.'

It's coming next.

Jeremy Ryan vs Adam Roebuck

It was now time for tonight’s main event and it was right out of the frying pan and into the fire for the new jOlt World Champion, Jeremy Ryan. The self-proclaimed jOlt’s Last Real Man had made himself many enemies in the two weeks that he’d been at the top and that list only continued growing. The wresling legends, Hank Wright and Keegan, both called him out last week and he retorted. The House wanted revenge and in three weeks, The Relentless Champion Diamond Jewelz was going to get his shot at the championship at Breakdown.

For now, Jeremy Ryan made his bed and he would have to lie in it. It would be the jOlt Champion taking on the bigger half of the massive jOlt Tag Team Champions and that match… was now!

“The following contest is a Champions vs. Champions match and this will be scheduled for one fall!” Dean Carrington announced.

“House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch.

The music played and the crowd started to come alive! The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive pop from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of card toward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the large Nevada-bred four time jOlt Tag Team Champion appeared from the backstage area.

“First, making his way to the ring, being accompanied to the ring by the other half of The House, Derrick Huber… from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at FOUR-HUNDRED SIXTY EIGHT pounds… ”THE BIG BUCKS” ADAM ROEBUCK!”

The rare singles match was coming up for Adam Roebuck as he walked to the ring with his focus on the battle ahead. He raised his half of the jOlt Tag Team Titles and the crowd was going to witness a fight. The camera took note of Roebuck in his wrestling gear with his “Don’t Bet Against The House” shirt and his badass demeanor. Jesse Ramey was their friend and tonight, Roebuck was going to make Jeremy Ryan pay for what he did. Roebuck stepped into the ring and the crowd started to roar to a loud ovation. The crowd was in FULL support of The House.

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

The anthem of all things manly blasted throughout the arena, and the buzz that had been generated from the opening announcement of the match quickly turned sour. Even more so when jOlt’s self-proclaimed Last Real Man stepped through the curtains and onto the entrance stage for the first time since scheming the strap away from Jesse Ramey and injuring him indefinitely. Ryan stood at the top of the ramp long enough to survey the capacity before beginning his slow paced walk toward the ring, absorbing all of the booing and jeering he was receiving along the way – the whole time, he raised the title over his head with a smile on his face.

“Making his way to the ring, from Bangor, Maine… weighing in at 254 pounds… he is the NEW jOlt World Champion… this is ”JOLT’S LAST REAL MAN” JEREMY RYAN!

Ryan was no frills, no tricks, no quarter. He told it like it was; more appropriately, what HE thought it was. Ryan gave less than zero fucks about who he offended and who he did things to. He had his fists taped, he was in his wrestling gear with the addition of a sleeveless black tee Man Bloody Knuckles logo. Adam Roebuck leaned back against the ropes, getting ready to stretch. Roebuck was the most massive man on the jOlt roster, but Ryan was easily its most unpredictable. Ryan had almost never backed down from a fight and his response to Adam Roebuck’s threats of taking him down?

A shit-eating grin on his face.

He handed the jOlt Championship over to referee Darius Underwood and the head official called for the bell.


Jeremy Ryan approached the larger Roebuck when the monster tried to lunge at him, but Ryan ducked underneath him. Ryan fired off a series of STIFF Elbow Smashes and tried to stumble the big man early. If this was anybody else, the shots would have definitely rattled whoever was hit with them.

Adam Roebuck was NOT anybody else!

The jOlt Champion swung, but the Tag Team Champion grabbed him by the head and he LAUNCHED him across the ring! Ryan was a big man himself at six-one and a shade over two-fifty, but he was ragdolled by the massive Huber. He charged at Ryan in the corner, but jOlt’s Last Real Man rolled out of harm’s way and headed out of the ring…


Ryan backed off from the ring and was clearly stalling for the moment to come up with something better. There was no way that he could approach this match like most others that he took part in – Roebuck was a big man and coming out swinging wasn’t smart. When Ryan tried to go one way…

Derrick Huber was in his way.

“Get the fuck back in there and take your beating like the REAL man you supposedly are.”

Ryan sneered at him and then started to climb back up to the ring apron. Roebuck was ready to launch an attack when Ryan yelled at Darius Underwood.

“BACK HIM THE FUCK UP!” Ryan shouted.

Darius Underwood protested, but Roebuck was right. The ropes were Ryan’s only safe haven and he stayed there. The Las Vegas Leviathan stood still and allowed Ryan to get back in the ring. jOlt’s Last Real Man tried a cheap shot on him only for The Big Bucks to bury his large knee into Ryan’s stomach. He laid right into Ryan with a series of STIFF Clubbing Forearms of his own, about three or four aimed right at the back and enough to bring him down to a knee.

Ryan grabbed him by the head and drilled a big elbow into the top of Ryan’s head and then threw him right into the ropes. When he came back, The Bad Man from Bangor dropped him with a stiff Shoulder Block that knocked him right on his ass! Roebuck bounced off the ropes to get some momentum going and dropped a HUGE Elbow Drop to the chest! Ryan was sucking in wind now when Roebuck tried to pin him.




Ryan kicked out from a rather lax cover, but Roebuck didn’t seem too concerned about Jeremy Ryan kicking out. He was out here more to punish him than win a match of any kind. He picked up Jeremy by the head and threw him into the corner before he raised a hand…









Four extra HARD Chops to the chest made up…


Ryan tried as he might to try and show toughness, but Roebuck’s chops were nasty as all hell. Roebuck then grabbed him by the arm and whipped him across the ring before turning on a dime and whipping the jOlt Champion right back around to the corner he was just in… BODY AVALANCHE! Ryan was sucking in even more wind now when Roebuck went to town with a series of VICIOUS Clubbing Forearms. Roebuck was more resembling a bear mauling smaller prey than looking like a man in particular.

The Big Bucks sent him flying across the ring again and he charged in with intent to try and crush him another big Body Avalanche. Instead, Ryan inched out of the path of the oncoming train and Roebuck hit nothing but the corner! Ryan was groggy, but he finally had a chance to go on the offensive. Ryan ran all the way across the ring and he came back with a big Running Back Elbow to the chest of Roebuck!

The Tag Team Champion doubled over in the corner before Ryan darted across the ring and went back on the attack again and caught him with a Jumping Knee Strike to the chest this time! Roebuck was winded when jOlt’s Last Real Man executed the dash across the ring a third time…

Roebuck got his boot up!

However, Ryan was quicker on the draw and he grabbed Roebuck’s knee before DROPPING down into a Stunner-like maneuver! Roebuck’s braced knee was a target and he stumbled around the ring until Jeremy Ryan charged off the ropes and came back with a HUGE Running Palm Strike that brought him down to a knee. Ryan shuffled off the ropes a second time and a Sliding Shoulder Tackle blasted Roebuck and finally got The Big Bucks on his back! Ryan sat up to a knee and glared at Derrick Huber on the outside…


Roebuck was down when Ryan crawled over for a cover on The Big Bucks.




Roebuck powered out, throwing Ryan off of him, but the jOlt World Champion continued to attack him. He sat up when Ryan clobbered him with a boot as he tried to rise. A stiff Uppercut caught him under the jaw and he threw in another boot before he ran off the ropes and delivered a HARD Shining Wizard-style Knee Strike to the face! Roebuck was down a second time and that gave the jOlt World Champion a chance to go for the win!




The jOlt Tag Team Champion kicked out of the cover a second time, but this time there wasn’t as much force behind it this time. Roebuck was still trying to make a go of standing when Ryan sped off the ropes and went right into a Sliding Headlock! Ryan had in a tight Sleeper-style choke locked on tightly and he was cranking back to try and drain the life out of the Tag Team Champion.

“TAP OUT, YOU FAT FUCK!” Ryan screamed.

Derrick Huber watched on from the outside and slapped his hand on the ring apron to try and rally behind him. The crowd was 150% behind the massive Roebuck if that was even possible, but when it concerned Ryan, it absolutely was.

“Roebuck, do you give up?” Underwood asked.


The Big Bucks was hurt, but he was still going strong even with Jeremy Ryan cranking back on the hold tightly. Roebuck managed to finally start wiggling back to his feet despite the jOlt World Champion’s best efforts as he hoisted him up…


Both men were down and out not as Roebuck used his strength advantage to get Jeremy Ryan off his guard. The Las Vegas Leviathan was trying to make it back to his feet just as the jOlt World Champion held the back of his head in pain, trying to regain his bearings. Ryan got back to his feet when Roebuck pulled the jOlt Champion upward and scooped him up, possibly looking for a Snake Eyes. Ryan snuck out by falling behind him and going after the leg again with a Chop Block!

Roebuck was back on a knee when Ryan DRILLED him with a DDT and kicked he big man over onto his back. Ryan pointed a finger at him before leaping off the ropes and connecting with a Running Senton! Roebuck was heavier than Ryan by far, but Ryan’s 254-pound frame still hurt like a bitch. In fact, he ran off the ropes a second time and connected with a second Running Senton across the chest! Ryan turned over and went for a cover on Roebuck again!




Roebuck and Ryan were both down and they were both now trying to stand as Ryan held his back in pain. Roebuck popped his neck to make sure everything was still in place before he also got back to his feet. Ryan was a lot quicker and tried to get the jump on him with another right hand, but Roebuck grabbed him by the head and fired a headbutt that knocked Ryan back down.

When Ryan tried to stand, Roebuck fired himself up and he leveled Jeremy with a big clothesline that dropped him to the ground. He snatched him back up a second time and threw a second shot that nearly knocked his head clean off!


Now the crowd rallied behind The Las Vegas Leviathan and Huber continued to cheer! Roebuck was back up and shook his leg to try and shake off the pain. Ryan was snatched and thrown into the corner where The Big Bucks launched a successful corner splash to engulf him. Ryan was rattled and sent to the other side of the ring and he was again crushed with another corner splash. Jeremy Ryan was now showing a lot more concern for his soldier as he was taken down with a shoulder block again.

Adam was now feeding off the energy of the loud crowd and pointed at Ryan as he tried to sit up. Roebuck grabbed him by the neck and tried to go for a Chokeslam, but when he caught in at the apex of the move, Ryan went for the eye and caught him with a thumb! Darius Underwood reprimanded him, but Ryan ignored him. The jOlt Champion doubled him over with a couple of kicks before trying to set him up… could he land A Real Man’s Finisher…

He tried…

And once again…


Roebuck powered The jOlt Champion up and over, sending him crashing over to the mat! The Las Vegas Leviathan let out a roar and the masses responded in kind as he waited for Ryan to stand. He kicked him in the gut and set him up for a Powerbomb…


The Fallaway Powerbomb drilled him hard into the canvas again as he rolled him over to pin the jOlt World Champion!




Ryan got his shoulder up at the last second, deflating the loud crowd in the Staples Center! Derrick Huber gritted his teeth together and pounded on the apron as he watched his tag partner try and wrap things up.


Roebuck nodded before he was ready to call an end to things. He was looking for his finishing maneuver when he forced Jeremy Ryan up by an arm…


The jOlt Champion saw it coming and escaped, but not before Jeremy Ryan ran across the ring. Roebuck nearly tried to decapitate him with a Lariat when Ryan ducked underneath…


He crashed right into Derrick Huber on the outside and picked himself up, laughing at his misfortunes. Huber was holding his jaw while Roebuck glared right at Ryan. The referee started to count as Roebuck rushed to the floor and attacked Ryan! The referee started to count!




Ryan swung at Roebuck, but The Las Vegas Leviathan THREW him into the steel steps!




Adam Roebuck looked at the referee and took notice of the count as he slid back into the ring.


Ryan was about to get up…


And then he STAYED out of the ring…


The match was over and Adam Roebuck was going to be the winner via Countout, but Jeremy Ryan didn’t give two shits at this point. He collected the jOlt World Championship and walked around as Derrick Huber finally started to stand at ringside.


Darius Underwood raised the arm of the jOlt Tag Team Champion while Huber joined him in the ring. He scored the victory over the jOlt Champion in tonight’s main event, but this was not how he wanted it. Roebuck watched as Jeremy Ryan took off up the ramp.

“Fuck this shit and fuck the both of you!” Ryan screamed.

He was about ready to get to the back, but the crowd CHEERED again…


The Relentless Champion was here! Jeremy Ryan’s opponent for the jOlt World Championship at Breakdown in three weeks and he grabbed Ryan by his tights! He THREW the jOlt Champion down the ramp where Derrick Huber was already waiting…


There was zero love lost between Diamond Jewelz and The House, but they could all agree that they fucking HATED Jeremy Ryan! He threw Jeremy Ryan inside the ring and now both members of The House were surrounding him. The Relentless Champion watched with a big grin on his face as Jeremy Ryan tried to stand… the crowd was going nuts with anticipation for what was coming next…


BRUTAL Double-Team Powerbomb!

The finisher of The House just DRILLED Ryan almost through the mat and damn near to China! Huber and Roebuck stood over him and the jOlt Tag Team Champions raised their belts in the air! They got themselves a little bit of payback for what happened to their friend, Jesse Ramey, and now Diamond Jewelz watched from the top of the ramp, twice now showing up jOlt’s Last Real Man in the span of two weeks.

Ryan had schemed his way into winning the gold in perhaps the biggest screwjob ever, but now Diamond Jewelz was taking advantage of the fact that everybody was out to get Jeremy Ryan. The House left the ring and as the burly Tag Team Champs celebrated for the night, Diamond Jewelz slid into the ring and raised the jOlt Championship for all to see.

Could this be a look at the future in two weeks? Could Diamond Jewelz make good on his promise to dethrone Jeremy Ryan and win the jOlt Championship at Breakdown?

Watch that shit in a couple weeks and find out!

The iNtense logo appeared on the screen as the show went to a close with the final shot of Mr. Relentless waving the title over his head.

Winner: Adam Roebuck via Countout