"Welcome to iNtense"

Darkness fades to gritty sepia when the opening piano of "Warriors" by PelleK (Imagine Dragons Cover) hits. We see image of an empty jOlt Arena filling with people in time lapse

The screen then explodes into full color when the drums and song kick in!

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

(In sync with music) We see scenes of action and images of current superstars Pietro Geist, Eiji Kugasari, Jeremy Ryan, Diamond Jewelz, Sarah Winterton, Charlotte, Keegan, Hank Wright, The House, and The Heirs of Wrestling

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

We continue to see images of action as the intrustmental continues to the very end...

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

We see Diamond Jewelz posing with Them MF'n Goons, The Rebellion standing tall in the middle of the ring, Mack Brody hitting the Gold Rush on Omega, Pietro Geist and Jeremy Ryan brawling, a shot of Kayden Paulton cracking a genuine smile, Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

With the final pulsing beats of the song, we see Jeremy Ryan striking a grin with the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder!

The scene flashes back into the arena where the song starts again, but in his complete form, starting with Verse 1 of the lyrics. The camera pans around the Arena as a splendid display of fireworks goes off on the main stage and above the ring. The set is a giant jOltvision with the N logo for iNtnese sitting to the left and to the right of the big jOltvision. The N itself is a massive red light that is illuminated. Above the jOltvision is a pseudo semi-circle steel structure that houses a curved screen that will be used to display a wrestler's name above it while their entrance video plays below on the jOltvision. On the stage itself, to the left and right of the entrance ramp are two more small, elongated mini screens which will display the wrestler's brand logo on them when they make their way out... unless they hold a title. Then it will display their championship belt on the left and the name of the title on the right!

The fans were buzzing with electricity as iNtense officially begins!

Seraph vs Michael Donavan

Last week, Seraph looked dominant against Gabriel Gold, this week, he has a tougher challenge in front of him as he takes on his former Rebellion stablemate, Michael Donavan. Donavan has been on a bit of a losing streak as of late and need something to turn it around and win over Seraph could do just that!

“Demon Cleaner” by Kyuss

The Cow Palace gave Michael Donavan a mixed reaction as he stepped out from the backstage area. Even though he received praise for leaving The Rebellion, he hasn’t said much, if anything at all, since his exit. Nobody knows what is going through Donavan’s mind, but the once loyal soldier of Jon Le Bon’s faction made his way down to the ring, checking his wrist tape in the process. Donavan climbed up onto the ring apron and stepped over the top rope. His music faded and was replaced by…

“Devil’s Dance” by Metallica

The crowd cheered as “God’s War Machine” Seraph and Shiloh stepped out from the backstage area. Seraph stood at the top of the entrance ramp until Shiloh gave him the signal to head on down to the ring. Seraph walked to the ring in a menacing fashion, not taking his eyes off his opponent. At ringside, Shiloh remained there as Seraph climbed onto the apron and stepped into the ring over the top rope, much in the same fashion as his opponent. The arena returned to normal and the referee called for the bell.




The two of them came face to face in the center of the ring. The atmosphere seemed a bit tense as the two of them knew each other very well. The crowd waited with baited breath to see who would be the first to strike. Donavan shook his head and turned his back to Seraph, but then, he suddenly pivoted and went for a right hand, but it was blocked and countered by Seraph with a quick jab up underneath the chin. Donavan staggered backwards and Seraph caught him with another quick jab under the chin. Seraph backed Donavan into the ropes and shot him across the ring. Seraph picked up Donavan in a side waist lock and drove him down to the canvas with a Sidewalk Slam.

Seraph stood up instead of opting to go for the cover. Shiloh gave Seraph a nod from the ringside area and he bent over and grabbed Donavan by the neck. He pulled the 265 pounder up to his feet, but Donavan stomped on Seraph’s shin and countered by lifting the 351 pounder up onto his shoulders! Seraph wriggled free and landed behind Donavan. He grabbed Donavan in a waist lock, but Donavan fired a pair of back elbows into Seraph’s head that rocked him and caused him to let go of the hold. Donavan took off to the ropes, but Seraph countered with a Big Boot to the face, knocking The Phantom down. Seraph took off to the ropes himself and then came back with a huge Running Leg Drop, showing a little bit of agility on his side of things! Seraph then went for the first cover of the match, hooking the leg..



Donavan got the shoulder up.

Seraph stood and cracked his neck as Donavan got back to his feet. Seraph grabbed Donavan by the arm and whipped him across the ring to the ropes. Donavan bounced off as Seraph went for another Big Boot, but Donavan grabbed the boot and shoved it away! Donavan then lunged in with a clothesline, but he couldn’t take the big man off of his feet. Donavan backed into the ropes and nailed another clothesline, but Seraph remained vertical once again! Donavan backed into the ropes and this time, leapt into the air. He drilled Seraph with the leaping lariat and that finally took God’s War Machine off of his feet, but not for long as Seraph immedately turned over and got to all fours, however, that’s when Donavan quickly stood, turned his back to Seraph and hit the Standing Moonsault..


The weight of a 6’10”, 265 pound man came crashing down on Seraph’s back, collapsing him to the canvas! The fact that Donavan, at that height and weight, could pull something like that off was an amazing feat in and of itself! Donavan grabbed Seraph and pulled him over onto his back. He then went for the cover, hooking the leg deep..



Seraph kicked out of it.

Donavan sat Seraph up and knelt down with a knee strike between the shoulder blades. Donavan hit another knee strike, stood and took off to the ropes. Donavan then dove at Seraph and nailed a Flying Knee to his upper back… the sickening smack echoed throughout the Cow Palace and the live jOlt faithful cringed at the sound of the impact!

Donavan grabbed Seraph and brought him up to his feet. Donavan then hoisted Seraph up onto his shoulders once again, but Seraph fought him off with elbows to the side of the head. Seraph fell behind Donavan and then nailed a headbutt to the back of the head that staggered Donavan forward, causing him to fall to a single knee. Seraph walked over, pulled Donavan up and nailed another headbutt to the back of the head. Donavan fell to all fours and Seraph took off to the ropes. Seraph gave Donavan a receipt from earlier with a Running Senton Back Splash, collapsing Donavan down to canvas!! This time it was the weight of a 7’1”, 351 pound man crashing down onto a lower back. Seraph, however, elected to not go for the cover. Instead, Shiloh gave the command to finish him, feeling that Donavan was done after that Senton.

Seraph nodded and grabbed Donavan by his hair, pulling him up to his feet. Seraph then grabbed Donavan by the neck, looking for Divine Destruction, but Donavan used the same counter as before and stomped down on Seraph’s shin! Donavan then grabbed Seraph by the neck and in a show of raw power, lifted Seraph up then fell backwards with the Fallaway Chokeslam, planting Seraph face first into the canvas!!


Donavan went for the cover, hooking the leg...



Seraph popped the shoulder up!

Donavan pounded his fist on the canvas and stood back up. He grabbed Seraph by the hair and pulled him up where he hoisted him onto his shoulders with an Inverted Fireman’s Carry. The Fireman’s Carry position hasn’t been kind to Donavan tonight as Seraph wriggled free again. Donavan turned around and got caught with another quick jab under the neck. Seraph backed Donavan into the ropes and shot him across. Seraph then backed into the ropes as well for momentum and charged at Donavan. When Doanvan sprung off the opposite site, he was met with a Leaping Double Axe Handle Smash to the face!!


Seraph quickly turned and grabbed Donavan. He grabbed him under his arms and lifted him straight up, before falling down with the Elevated Spinebuster...


Seraph felt he had this one as he went for the cover, hooking the leg..



Thr.. NO!!!

Doanvan kicked out of it!

Shiloh shouted out him to end it. Seraph stood and immediately grabbed Doanvan, pulling him up to his feet. He kicked Donavan in the stomach and set him up between his legs, perhaps looking for God’s Destruction, but Donavan countered it with a Back Body Drop, flipping the big man over! Donavan staggered and fell against the ropes. Seraph slowly got to his feet and when the two of them turned around, they both had the same idea and they knocked each other down with a lariat!!

As they both laid there on the canvas, the referee started the mandatory ten count.








Both men began to stir...



It doesn’t look like they’re going to make it up in time!


All of a sudden, the arena grew dark and it stopped the count. It was pitch black in the arena. Then, there were sounds of electricity as the arena flashed a hue of dark blue. After a few moments, all of that stopped and we were returned to darkness. The lights suddenly returned and in the ring was Draconian!

Draconian charged in and leveled Seraph with a lariat!! Michael Donavan then went for a forearm to Draconian’s upper back, but Draconian turned, grabbed him by the neck and in a show of inhuman power, chokeslammed Donavan from nearly eleven feet in the air!!


Seraph was staggering to his feet. Shiloh was yelling at him to get out of the ring, but Draconian was a bit too quick. He grabbed Seraph by the neck and he too, got PLANTED with a Chokeslam!! Draconian looked like he had zero trouble hoisting a 351 pound man that high into the air! The collision with the canvas sent shockwaves throughout the arena that left the live crowd in a state of awe.

Draconian then exited the ring and without saying a word or even taking the time to look back, he walked to the backstage area. Why did he come out here and attack these two? Was it for redemption? Was it to simply make a statement? Was it both or was there something more to this? The longer he stays silence, the longer we may never know the answer to those questions.

Winner: No Contest

"Deliver a Message to Us"

Ryan Gallway was making his way through the backstage area and had a lot on his mind. Frank's change of attitude... lack of communication with Mack. Things had not been good for the Heirs at all and Ryan knew at some point he would have to make a stand, but for now, he was happy to be alone.

Frank Silver had not made his way to the arena just yet and Mack Brody was already in the locker room waiting for his Heirs members to arrive. Ryan continued through the docking area where he acknowledged a few of the techs in the area. The Prince of Precision was stopped by a beautiful young tech. She was going over the schedule for the upcoming show when Gallway was blindsided by a monster of a man. The young woman screamed as the Fearless Champion stood over top of her and Ryan.

The young tech ran trying to get out of the way of the boogeyman. The towering giant grabbed Ryan by the head and hoisted him high the air before slamming him down to the ground on his back. Gallway screamed in pain as the Fearless champion continued to stalk him.

Ryan slowly moved away but Omega kept on coming for him. The boogeyman placed his big foot on Ryan’s back stopping him from moving.

“You will deliver a message for us, Mr. Gallway.”

Ryan trying to squirm from Omega’s clutches. Omega reached down and grabbed Gallway by his throat and lifted him up off the ground high in the air. Gallway nailed Omega with a knee to the side of his head which loosened his grasp a little, giving Ryan the opportunity to break free. Ryan pushed a heavy tech cart to Omega’s knees sending the big man to the ground.

Gallway ran toward Omega but like a rocket that had just took off, the boogeyman speared Ryan right out of his boots. The champion smiled as he looked down at the Heirs member. Omega breathing heavily looked at Ryan with a smirk.

“As we were saying, you will deliver a message for us to Mack.”

Ryan muttered as he looked at Omega. “What is the message, you freak?”

Omega laughed. “Not what, but who.”

Omega picked up Ryan and slammed him hard on top of the tech cart that the Prince of Precision used earlier on the big man.

Omega stood to his feet and peered down to the fallen Gallway.

“Message sent.”

The camera switched to the ring.

"An Entertaining Silver Screen"

Backstage, Donny Layne was at the ready near the interview set, prepared to meet with the men that had come up aces (See what I did there?) during the Sin City Series - not to mention the man that made it all possible for them to win. Donny? Take care of that shit, s’il vous please.

“Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for joining us on the last stop before jOlt’s Breakdown Pay Per View! Later tonight, there will be a huge six-man tag team match pitting together some of the budding rivalries of jOlt Wrestling in our red-hot tag team division! The Heirs of Wrestling will be taking on The Natural Athletes! And the jOlt Tag Team Champions, The House, will be defending their Tag Team Titles against the winners of the Sin City Series… please welcome with me at this time… from the Heirs of Wrestling, Frank Silver, and the Sin City Series winners, The Entertainers!”

The crowd in the Cow Palace started to give some verbal shit to the shit-making threesome now gracing your screens.

Darren Best and Alfie Button - The Entertainers! Matching shit-eating grins and all.

And one of the Heirs of Wrestling - the one that had been going all sorts of postal in the last several weeks - Frank Silver.

“Now, first off, Frank, inquiring minds want to know…” Donny said.


Frank cut him off right there with a wave of the hand.

“You’ll ask why I did it, but I’m not going to spoon-feed you or anybody else some bullshit… I’m going to tell you like it is: The Natural Athletes don’t DESERVE our spot. The Heirs of Wrestling have been running tag team wrestling for GOD knows how long but then these… these ASSHOLES think that because they racked up an impressive resume on The Hype, that they are ready for the big leagues. I can tell you first-hand how tough Terry Massimo is. Cori Albright does crazy shit in that ring most can’t even THINK up. But I’m going to tell you all RIGHT FUCKING NOW… The Natural Athletes aren’t in our league and no matter what you or anybody else thinks, we’ll prove that at Breakdown.”

“But,” Donny asked, “what about your seemingly fracturing relationship wit…”

“NO. THAT’S where I’m going to stop your journalistic lie-spreading right now. There ARE no problems with the Heirs. We’re the same dominating faction that we’ve always been and we’ll prove that again. Now go talk to these two…”

Frank stood silently and purposely stood backwards, arms folded which allowed The Entertainers to do what they do best… talk shit.

Alfie was livid: "Donny, mate, really? You've got the 'ottest new tag team on the planet, and you go to the Silver medallist first?"

Layne was taken aback by Button's upfront attitude. Silver stepped forward assertively as well: "You may be number one contenders, but have you ever been the number one team in wrestling?"

Darren tried to 'shh' Button, but the Briton wasn't in the mood for reasoning, wagging his finger in Frank's face: "You did that for yasel as much as us last week, mate. Oh, you used to run tag team wrestling, but this our manor now. I've said it before on air, in 'ere and I'll say it to ya face..."

Alfie allowed himself a slight chuckle first and then, dead-pan, told Frank what he thought: "You're past it."

Unsurprisingly, Silver got closer to Button to the point that Donny was flustered, and Darren was trying to restrain his loudmouth sidekick, who was intent on winning his staredown with the Heir.

"Oh yeah? We'll see about that. You hold up your end of the deal tonight and then maybe me and Ryan..."

Scoffing at the claim, Button fuelled further flames: "Do what? Lie down for us? You're gonna do that anyway, pal. Don't you worry about us, Frankie. We woulda got 'ere wiv your 'elp..or not. 'Ow do you reckon we got to the final then? Where were you then? Us do our fing? Oh, we will."

Silver had had enough, but Button had to have the final word, impersonating Anne Robinson: "You are the weakest link. GOODBYE."

Frank exited left while Darren dragged Alfie towards the right. Which trio would turn up? The well-oiled unit that overcame, albeit illegally, the Natural Athletes at the back end of the Sin City Series or the bickering boys we'd just seen?

Charlotte vs Monica

Charlotte’s biggest test to date as the Starlets Champion was coming down the pipeline when she was set to take on her latest blood rival, Tammy Lynn Foster. Three weeks ago Charlotte had been jumped after a three-way title match and got put out for a week thanks to a sneak attack by Foster that bloodied her along with taking her title. Tammy Lynn Foster even had the audacity to steal the championship and “defend” it against Hype star, Monica. But now Charlotte came back with a vengeance last week and accepted Tammy’s challenge for a rarely-seen first blood match in the Starlets Division. Charlotte had been part of many firsts in the division with her feud against Sarah Winterton and it would be another one for her prized Starlets Championship on the line.

The fans turned their attention to the ramp as the lights quickly cut to black. Two spotlights, one red and one pink, shined on the stage and started to flash as the opening chords to “Poker Face” by Lady GaGa started to echo throughout the building. The lights swirled and the fans gave a rousing ovation for the gorgeous and tantalizing current Starlets Champion, Charlotte!

She blew kisses to the fans at the top of the ramp and started to walk towards the ring with the title fastened around her waist. She slapped a few hands on the way to the ring and climbed inside the ring. One more time, she blew a kiss and when she did, a series of pink sparks rained from the turnbuckle posts. The Champion was still without her belt thanks to Tammy Lynn Foster still possessing it, but she was out tonight to compete. Charlotte waited for her Hype opponent.

"I Got an Attitude" by Antoinette hit the PA system as Monica was the starlet to come out here. She wanted to prove herself and while she had a good fight against Tammy Lynn Foster, if she could somehow upset the only three-time Starlets Champion in jOlt history, she could make here career tonight. She ran down the ramp and slid into the ring as Charlotte watied.

The bell rang and the young Starlets came face to face. Charlotte was about to raise her hand and shake it when Monica not only kicked it away, but spat at the ground in front of The House’s valet. The crowd booed Monica while Charlotte shrugged

“Oh, I can give you a fight!” Charlotte yelled.

But before he could, out came an arrogant Tammy Lynn Foster with the Starlets Title she’d been walking around with the last two weeks. Charlotte glanced at her when Monica snuck up behind her with a school girl pin!



Charlotte kicked out at two. She stood up again and this time it was Charlotte coming at her with an explosive clothesline! Charlotte was seething at the thought of Tammy Lynn holding the title that didn’t belong to her and she rolled over to cover Monica while glaring at Foster.



This time, Monica kicked out, but Charlotte was irate. She tried to pull Monica up when she dropped to her knee and rocked her with a jawbreaker. Tammy continued to smile as Monica whipped Charlotte into the ropes only for the very quick champion to jump right over her and hit the ropes. She came back and connected with a spinning wheel kick! The much taller Charlotte covered her again.



Another pinfall was attempted and again Monica managed to kick out a third time. The match had started off at a high octane pace quickly and Charlotte tried to keep her focus on Monica, but it was hard with Tammy now at the floor, walking around the ring slowly as she tried to get into the champion’s head.

Monica was on the ropes when Charlotte continued the offensive. She charged right at her when she stood, but this time Monica was ready. She caught Charlotte and grabbed her by the head before slamming her face into the second turnbuckle. She was stunned long enough for Monica to finally force her down with a nasty snap neckbreaker.

Finally with the chance to be in control of the match, Monica had managed to turn the tide in her favor and bombarded Charlotte across the face with a trio of some vicious kicks to the side of the head to rock the Vegas Vixen.

The crowd booed Monica who responded in kind by yelling at the crowd to shut their mouths. She pulled Charlotte up to her feet and punished the Starlets Champion against the ropes by choking her with a knee. She continued to apply pressure until the referee started the count to force a break. Monica backed off for a few seconds before she pulled Charlotte up again.

She used the ropes and trapped her between the second and third ropes before firing off a series of nasty forearms to the back of the head to punish her further. She landed about six or seven before Monica smiled. The Starlets Champ was reeling in the ropes when Monica grabbed her by the back of the head and drove her into the canvas with a rope hung neckbreaker! She was going after the head and neck of Charlotte and the game plan could work here!



Close, but no cigar!

Monica had managed to get another close one off of Charlotte but she still needed that pivotal three-count if she wanted to score what would easily be the biggest win of her short jOlt career.

The Hype Starlet pulled the current one by the arm and drove a couple more elbows to the face of the Vegas Vixen and then whipped her to the ropes a second time. When she came back Monica caught her with a drop kick to the face. Monica got to her knees and shook her head at the disdainful crowd as she covered again. She may have been closing in on the big win with Tammy Lynn Foster there to gloat!



And another kick out by Charlotte!

Angrily, Monica protested to the official but it was only a two count. She grabbed Charlotte again and whipped her to the ropes a third time but this time Charlotte was ready and slid downward before throwing an upwards kick to Monica’s face.

The Vegas Vixen stood up again and the crowd cheered her on as she waited for Monica to stand. She charged at Charlotte in the corner only to get a boot to the face for her troubles. Charlotte tackled her to the ground with a leaping lariat to the face.

Monica was stumbling into the corner while Charlotte did another dance in the ring for the crowd. She targeted Monica in the corner and ran at her with a pair of double knees to the chest. Monica was doubled over when Charlotte scooped her up. She hooked her by the side and went for her finisher only for Monica to flip out at the last second. Tammy Lynn Foster flashed the Starlets Championship at her when she When Charlotte turned around she was greeted with a running discus forearm smash …


The crowd was genuinely surprised! Monica wasted no time jumping on top of Charlotte to go for a huge upset!



No way!

Monica was in disbelief that Charlotte was still ticking. She yelled out in rage and tried to lock on her submission finisher she called the Rage Queller, but the taller Charlotte kicked her away with her long legs. Monica had come back off and walked right into


The discus big boot caught Monica flush in the face and the crowd cheered the Starlets Champion as she posed for the fans letting them know the end was coming. She picked Monica up by the arms and looked right out to Tammy Lynn Foster …

“This is what’s waiting for you at Breakdown!”


The double underhook into the gutbuster dropped Monica down and the crowd cheered as Charlotte laid across her while hooking a leg.




Tammy Lynn had seen enough and she tried to get the drop on Charlotte just as she had several weeks ago. She tried a swing of the belt to striker her opponent, but Charlotte was just a little bit quicker. Tammy spun around right into a superkick from the Vegas Vixen!

Charlotte stood over her now with the title in her hand, but she dropped it on the ground face up before hooking the arms of Foster. The crowd roared with approval as she muscled her up and also spiked her down on the belt with the Royal Flush. The blow was enough to drop Foster down and Charlotte raised her championship, finally able to take it back for the first time in three weeks!

“That’s the last time you’ll ever hold this championship, bitch!”

Charlotte rolled out of the ring just as Tammy Lynn Foster’s head crept up to stare at her rival. Her head was still throbbing, but payback was on her mind. If anybody could defeat Charlotte, it was the tough Tammy Lynn Foster.

Winner: Charlotte via Pinfall

"A Waste of My Time"

“No. I TOLD you that wasn’t the theme song for Breakdown. How hard is it to tell the difference between YES and NO!” Damien Lee screamed through his phone. A staff member was in serious danger of losing their job.

“Listen… LISTEN! I don’t have time for this, and neither should YOU!”

Lee was not a happy camper with all that was going on in jOlt. With a flick of the wrist he ended the call and went back to his laptop in the makeshift office. Ugh… his phone was ringing again, but this time the caller ID wasn’t working.

“This is Damien Lee.” He said pointedly.

“Mr. Lee, my name is Director Fairchild of the Federal Bureau of Investigation,” said a woman.

Ah crap… thought Lee. For the past few weeks he had been dogged by an FBI agent named Sullivan. Agent Sullivan was digging into Draconian’s past, and Lee knew the questions wouldn’t stop. Questions he didn’t have time to answer, and in some cases had no honest answer to give.

“Is now a good time to speak?” asked the FBI director.

“Yes, Director Fairchild. What may I do for you?”

“I understand that you have been questioned twice by Agent Sullivan?”

“Indeed. And how may I be able to answer your questions as I have answered his?”

“Stop answering his questions.”

The phone call hung in the air while Lee paused. This didn’t make sense, but the director continued.

“Agent Sullivan has been pulled off of this goose chase of his and he is no longer authorized to continue his investigation. Aliens…”

Lee gulped.

“…legal or illegal…”

Lee exhaled.

“…are not his jurisdiction. We are planning on a formal internal audit of his access to INS records and –“

Lee felt like he had the upper hand now that he knew Agent Sullivan was acting rogue.

“His access to INS records? He was citing a source within the INS itself.”

“He has been lying, Mr. Lee. Agent Sullivan has no INS contact and has been acting upon his own accord. I apologize for the inconvenience, but this phone call should suffice… if Agent Sullivan appears again, please understand that it is of no official capacity and you are not required to even say hello, let alone speak to him,” said Director Fairchild.

“Well, thank you for your call, Director Fairchild. I appreciate you reaching out about what has been a frivolous use of federal tax dollars.” It was a pointless jab by Lee, but he was just blowing off steam at this point.

Lee hung up the phone and stared up at the ceiling… what had he gotten himself into with Draconian? He now had secrets he must take to his grave and an agreement he didn’t know if he could reciprocate.

Draconian had been honorable about his end of the deal, but how would this end?

But, why should Lee worry about how it will end with Draconian?

He knew was only the beginning.

Omega(c) vs Ryan Gallway

The next match was going to be for the Fearless championship. For weeks Omega and Heirs member Mack Brody have been going at it tooth and nail with a game of one upmanship. Omega issued the challenge and Brody accepted. Their match will be at Breakdown and we get to see if Brody can take the Fearless championship from the monster. Tonight Omega will be taking on another member of the Heirs of Wrestling in Ryan Gallway. Earlier this week Omega wanted to defend his title tonight and by attacking Gallway earlier in the night, Ryan wanted the match.

Three letters started to flash on the jOltVision…

“H" “O" “W"

"With Me Now" by Blacklite District.

When the smoke settled there was Ryan Gallway with his back to the cameras. He wore a sparkling lavender jacket with "HOW" embroidered with gold on the back. The former tag team champion stood there with his head down as the lyrics were sang.

Ryan spun around as pyro exploded to the left and right of him. A curtain of pyro rained down behind Gallway as he energetically made his way down to the ring to a load of cheers from the crowd. Gallway was looking for some redemption from the earlier attack backstage. He knew it was going to be a daunting task but he was not going to back down from the monster.

The arena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of “Redeemer” by Marilyn Manson echoed throughout the arena. Ryan Gallway stood in the ring as the lights from cellphones illuminated the arena. The cameras panned around to the stage as Omega was nowhere to be seen. The fans jeered as a lone spotlight hit the middle of the ring. A young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

We are here

We are many, you are few

A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the lone spotlight disappeared. The lights slowly came back on as Omega stood in the middle of the ring with a sick grin on his face holding the Fearless Championship in his left hand dragging on the mat. He handed the championship to Boulder as the fans jeered the champion.

Ryan moved around the ring trying to stay out of Omega’s reach seeing that the Fearless Champion was very much larger than him. Ryan moved from the corner as the big man continued to stalk him. Gallway nailed Omega with a right hand and then skirted away, trying to avoid being grabbed in the clutches of the big man. Omega smirked as he continued to try to corner Ryan in the ring. Ryan backed into the corner as Omega came closer to him. The big man lunge into the corner but Ryan was able to use his quickness to move.

Omega turned around and Ryan drilled him with several kicks and punches. Gallway had to be in and out with his shots on the champion because if the big man gets a hold of him its goodnight Ryan. Ryan drilled Omega with several kicks to his thigh trying to get the big man off his feet. The champ shoved Ryan back sending him to the middle of the ring. Gallway raced toward the corner and tried to nail Omega with a cross body block but the big man caught him in the air. Omega slowly walked around the ring toying with the smaller man. The champion swung Gallway to his side and drove him viciously into the mat with a side slam. The fans jeered loudly as the former tag team champion writhed on the mat in pain.

Omega knelt down next to Ryan. “You will learn as will your friend. You all will fear us.”

The champion grabbed Ryan by his head and pulled him to his feet. Omega hooked Ryan and drove him to the mat with a big vertical suplex. The champion went for the cover on Ryan as Boulder dropped down for the count.




Omega sneered as he looked at Gallway. “Keep getting up will only make us enjoy this more.”

The champion picked up Ryan and whipped him into the corner. The mammoth of a man slowly stalked Ryan into the corner. The big man nailed Gallway with a huge right hand that sent the Prince of Precision to the mat once more. The enigma was not done and he gradually hauled Gallway to his feet again before slapping him across his face. That little move drew the ire of the fans as they let Omega have it while starting up a chant for his challenger.


Omega listened to the fans chant Gallway’s name as he looked around the Cow Palace. The boogeyman threw Ryan into the ropes. The champion was looking for a clothesline but Gallway ducked under the attempt and quickly turned around to nail Omega in the knee with an on point dropkick. The Fearless champion dropped to one knee before Ryan was back on top of him with a vicious jumping kick to the back of his head. Ryan held onto the ropes trying to get himself back into the match. He had the support of the fans who continued to cheer him. Omega started to stir in the ring, however Ryan was back on the champion with kicks and punches trying to keep him off balance. The big man was on one knee as Ryan grabbed him by the head and drilled him into the mat with a big DDT.




Ryan was not sure what he had to do to keep the monster down on the mat. The former tag team champion picked up the Fearless champion and whipped him into the ropes but Omega reversed it and sent Ryan to the mat with a vicious clothesline. Omega picked up Ryan and whipped him hard into the corner. The champion rushed into the corner but Gallway moved just in time and Omega hit the corner hard. The champion stumbled out of the corner as Ryan quickly made his way to the top rope and waited for Omega to turn around… MISSILE DROPKICK BY GALLWAY!!! The champion hit the mat to the pleasure of the fans. The Hipster Hearthrob was not done as he made his way to the top rope once again. The Intergalactic Cowboy dove off the top rope… FALLING COMET CRASH. The flying double knee drop caught Omega by surprise. Gallway quickly hooked the leg for the cover.




Ryan slapped his hands on the mat in frustration. The Prince of Precision went to grab Omega but the boogeyman grabbed Ryan by his throat as he stood to his feet. Omega hoisted Ryan high in the air and drove him into the mat with a monstrous chokeslam. The boogeyman was not done as he picked up Gallway and drove him into the mat with a big powerbomb. The champion did not pin Gallway as he looked out into the crowd. He slowly pulled Ryan up to his feet and slapped the Heirs member. The champion looked into the camera and smiled.

“Brody witness what we are about to do to your friend. You caused this and now you can watch us end your friend.”

Omega picked up Gallway setting him up for the End but the crowd exploded in cheers as Mack Brody made his way down the ramp at full sprint. Omega dropped Ryan as Brody slid into the ring. The two men started to come to blows in the middle of the ring. The fans continued to cheer Brody as he was going toe to toe against the monster, Omega. Ryan slowly rolled to the corner to make sure he was not in the line of fire. Brody was able to push the champion back to the ropes. He whipped Omega into the ropes and caught him with a huge back body drop that shook the ring.

Mack jumped on top of Omega and started to nail him with several right hands. Brody quickly made his way off of Omega and pulled the Fearless champion to his feet. SuperMack picked up Omega and displayed his strength by drilling the boogeyman into the mat with a big T-Bone suplex. Brody went over to check on Gallway in the corner. He picked up his friend in the corner but was not aware of a train barreling down on them in the corner. Big gasp was heard in the Cow Palace as Omega nailed both Brody and Gallway in the corner with a huge splash. Ryan slumped to the mat as Brody fell backwards from the force of the monster.

Omega smirked as he grabbed Brody and tossed him to the floor. The Fearless Champion grabbed Ryan from the corner and hoisted him high in the air.


Omega just laid Ryan out in the middle of the ring. Brody looked up in the ring and saw what Omega did. The gOlden Boy Champion grabbed a steel chair from the crowd and raced into the ring. Omega quickly rolled out of the ring as Brody took a swing with the chair. The boogeyman slowly walked up the ramp as he heard it from the fans in the Cow Palace. Brody knelt down next to Gallway as he watched Omega backpeddle up the ramp.


Brody turned downward to the fallen Gallway as the scene went elsewhere.

Winner: No Contest


Long before the arrival of any stagehand or technical advisor arrived to the arena in preparation for this evening's festivities, Ezekiel stood before his archangels upon the the empty floor where the ring would later be constructed. Each member of the Dead Cell, from Michael to Magdalena, knelt before him. There heads were all lowered with eyes closed tightly. In one hand, the wise prophet held a tattered version of the bible and in the other was his cane, that helped keep him injured body upright.

"Tonight, we shall speak of Gideon from Judges 7:13 through 15...

Gideon travelled down to the enemy’s camp and there his enemies suffered from nightmares about him.

It is time for The Dead Cell to understand that we have been positioned to charge the gates of Hell and shake them off of their hinges. The existence of the Dead Cell is the devil’s purgatory. For we do have our devil. One who exists solely to test our conviction. Rest assure. He is going to hell, for the word of God tells us that, and our job is to torment him until he gets there. We have had enough DEMONstrations. What we need now is a manifestation of God’s fire and power in our lives to change this sinful promotion called jOlt. It must be more than just hype or talk. It must be something, which energizes and emotionalizes. We as the righteous must get excited and when we get in the real battles of life, we are defeat those who oppose us.

We have to understand who we are and what God has called us to do.

God called upon Gideon to assemble an army. Gideon was hiding deep within a cave when the Lord found him. The angel of the Lord was commissioned to call Gideon... A MIGHTY MAN OF VALOR, something Gideon did not believe himself to be. He did not look like a such a man and he surely did not act like one. However, the angel called him a mighty man of valor. When god titles you, that is what you are.

You are not labeled by your problem. You are who God says you are. 'I am the head not the tail…'

The meaning behind these words is simple. God knows the truth about us all and will label us that way. Hell will always challenge your title. A voice spoke from heaven and said in Matthew 4, “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.” Within mere seconds, Hell made their presence felt by challenging what heaven had called Jesus. Therefore, anytime Satan is attacking you, your dream, or your calling, he is attacking what God has claimed is the truth of your being.

If God is putting something in your spirit about your future, show a zeal unlike the world has ever seen about it. He will make it come to pass. THE HARDEST PROBLEM THE LORD FACES IS GETTING US TO BELIEVE THAT WE WILL BE SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT FOR HIS NAME SAKE. We are who he says we are, we can do what he says we can do, we can go where he says we can go. You my archangels are the righteous soldiers bringing about the apocalypse that jOlt greatly needs. So says the Lord.

Gideon, you are a mighty man of Valor. So, he arose and did what God told him to do...


32,000 brave warriors, such as yourselves, appeared. God instructed him tell all who are afraid to go back to their homes. For darkness is where people develop their negatives. Fear will paralyze you from doing impossibilities for God. Sometimes it takes more FAITH to stay than it does to leave. Tenacity is a holy attribute, my dear archangels. Sometimes people walk away from greatness simply because they are not willing to stick it out.

22,000 went home only 10,000 left...

The next test God said to take them down to the river, give them a drink. Whoever cups their hands to drink, I will use them. Why would he use them? Cupped hands meant two things: they were clean hands and they were empty hands.

Moses, throw down your rod.

They had to lay aside their carnal weapons in order to cup their hands. To the Lord, character means more than talent. A less many of the heathens in this promotion should take to heart. Natural ability nor carnal weapons will win the battles. Lean on God’s power... On God’s wisdom... on God’s strength. You may feel like you have empty hands. Yet, if you have empty, clean hands God is going to use you in a mighty way.

With Gideon still not convinced, the Lord told him to take a friend and sneak down to the enemy’s camp, so he may listen to what the enemy is saying about him. It was midnight. One Midinate was interpreting the dream of another...

Barley cake is what the poor people ate. God announced to them that he shall take their poverty and in turn, convert it into power. He will turn their weakness into strength. The bread represents the word of God. The Lord's word is all you need.

While Gideon was thinking he was nobody inside, he heard his enemy say in secret that the barley cake is Gideon's army and they are going to wipe us out.

The Lord empowered me so I can tell you that the wrong crowd has been worrying all along.

Your discovery of who you truly are is without a doubt the devil's greatest nightmare.

Believe in yourselves and we shall overcome both your opponents this evening, the Widow's Nest, and the devil that has made himself known, the Revenant. With the Lord's power fueling us, we shall cast their souls to hell, so they may endure indescribable horrors worthy of their heathen ways."

Ezekiel looked to the heavens and touched his forehead, chest, left shoulder, and right shoulder before looking back to his black-clad soldiers.

"Arise, archangels... Let us bring damnation to them all."

"Amen," the entire Dead Cell said aloud and rose up to their feet.

Jack Dawn vs Gabriel Gold

If you’re here looking for a proud technical wrestler coming to blows with a magician, then jOlt Wrestling has the match for you coming up next! Over the last several weeks, two of jOlt’s new Hype graduates, Gabriel Gold and “Mister Magic” Jack Dawn had rekindled their ongoing rivalry stemming back from their Hype days when Dawn triumped over Gold on the Wrestlecade: Countdown show. Since then, these two have been involved in each other’s business when Gold attacked Dawn after a victory over Khadafi. Dawn would have his revenge the following week by using a very good disappearing act involving the clothes of The Lovely Assistants to cost Gold a match against Nate Quartermaine. The match was supposed to have happened last week, but a family emergency kept Jack Dawn, leading to Gold being defeated by Seraph. Now, could Goldfinally avenge his loss to Jack Dawn or would Mister Magic prove to have the number of the Elitist?

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall!” yelled Dean Carrington.

“Golden Dawn” by Gospel.

The music played and the majority of the crowd that followed The Hype outright booed the wrestling purist known as Gabriel Gold. He stepped out from the back and took a kneeling stance on the stage to survey both the crowd and the ring.

“First, making his way to the ring from Tampa, Florida, weighing in at 213 pounds… this is GABRIEL GOLD!

A golden hue washed over the crowd in waves, swirling about as he walked towards the ring. He headed towards the ring and leaped to the second turnbuckle and sneered at the crowd before simply stepping over the ropes to climb inside. The Technical Wizard leaned back on the ropes and waited with a scowl on his face for his opponent. Since being promoted to the main roster, he was 0-1 while Jack Dawn had a spotless 2-0 record. Could he finally defeated Jack Dawn here tonight and ruin that winning streak?

“Magic” by B.o.B. feat. Rivers Cuomo.

The lights started to flash and swirl in several shades of various colors filling the area... smoke began to fill the stage… and the crowd began to cheer mainly because somebody shut Duzza up.And out from the back came two lovely twin ladies, each with blonde hair, blue eyes, and sparkling blue sequined skirts. The lights continued to shine brightly and flashed again and as a box appeared on stage. Both ladies walked towards either side of the box and grabbed a door…

“Making his way to the ring, being accompanied by The Lovely Assistants, Bobbi and Breezy... from Los Angeles, California, being accompanied by Bobbi and Breezy… weighing in at 244 pounds… this is “MISTER MAGIC” JACK DAWN!


The doors both opened and a handsome and chiseled man called Jack Dawn stepped out of the box, rocking a cape and top hat as he took a bow for the audience. Dawn got a peck on the cheek from both of the girls and smirked proudly before he and The Lovely Assistants hit the ring, arm in arm. He knew his rather… er, unique…brand of showmanship irritated Gold and he was happy to watch the dirty look as he approached the ring. He climbed inside...


Dawn handed his cape and top hat to the girls as Wrestling’s David Blaine turned around only to get caught in the gut with a kick from Gold! Dawn had the size advantage, but Gold had the wrestling skills and aggression to counteract that and he did so as he approached him in the corner… CHOP! CHOP! SPINNING CHOP! Mister Magic reeled back in the corner and leaned against the corner as Gold took some time to talk trash…



A NASTY right hand from Jack Dawn stumbled Gold and sent him backwards! Jack Dawn continued to attack him with more rights until he backed him up into the corner himself. Dawn grabbed him by the arm and he launched Gold cross-corner before jumping on him with a big Corner Splash. The blow stunned The Master of Dropkicks, but Dawn wasn’t through punishing him. He whipped him across the corner again and followed that up with a big Clothesline in the corner!

He continued to wail on Gold with a series of hard Clotheslines to the chest and Gold was doing what he could to protect himself. The Lovely Assistants Bobbi and Breezy continued to cheer on Jack Dawn and the fans were, too, as he rushed out of the corner only to come back with a big Dropkick of his own! Gold was down when he went for a cover!




Gold pushed Dawn away from him and tried to get back to his feet only for Dawn to snatch him back up again. He threw him off to the ropes and tripped Gold up on the second rope before leaping over the ropes and heading out to the floor. With Gabriel still laying across the second rope, Dawn waved a hand…



A stiff-as-hell Haymaker caught Gold right in the mush and laid him out in the ring! Dawn walked back up the steps and headed towards Gold before he jumped OVER the ropes and came down with a Slingshot Legdrop! Impressive agility on display from the athletic Dawn as he went for a lateral press.




Gold with a second kickout, but all of this only motivated Dawn to fight some more. He picked up Gold by the hair and threw him into the ropes only to swing with a big Running Clothesline that sent Gold FLYING over the ropes and back out to the floor! The attack at the onset of the match only seemed to stoke the fire of Mister Magic and now The Lovely Assistants were cheering him on even louder now.

“GO, JACKIE!” Bobbi shouted.

“KICK HIS ASS, JACKIE!” Breezy added.

Dawn seemed extra motivated as he forced Gold up again and slammed him head-first into the barricade! Gold’s brains may have been scrambled a little bit by the blow before Gold was thrown back inside the ring. Dawn went after him and tried to set up Gold, perhaps for something big.

“Watch me as I make this lameass disappear!” Dawn yelled for the crowd.

He set him up over the ropes with a Suplex in mind, perhaps trying to get Gold over the ropes and back out to the floor yet again. Whatever he was thinking, we’d never know because Gold grabbed him by the head in a last-ditch effort to save himself and dropped him across the top cable! The blow stunned Dawn long enough for Gabriel to get on the ring apron with him. A groggy Gold positioned him carefully…


The blow knocked the wind out of Gold slightly, but his big risk paid off because Dawn went flying into the ringpost and stumbled off the apron, landing the hard way on the floor now! The Lovely Assistants showed great concern for Mister Magics as he crashed and burned on the ground, holding his back in pain. Gabriel Gold took a second to recover from the beating he’d taken in the match before he rolled out to the floor.

He kicked away at where his arm was and then SLAMMED it hard into the steel steps just as he did to El Tigre Verde last week. He threw the arm into the steps repeatedly, trying to wear it down so he could set up for his finishing maneuver. The arm was hurt now and Gold was going to take full advantage of it by throwing him back inside the ring. Just to be an asshole, Gold blew a kiss to the Lovely Assistants who both looked grossed out.

Once inside the ring, Gold went back to the arm and threw him hard into the corner. He sat on the top rope and grabbed the arm while Dawn tried to shake himself free. Gold fired off a couple of right hands before he fell backwards, locking him in the Cross Armbar while he was trapped in the ropes!

“Come on, idiot, where’s your magic now?” Gold shouted.

He held tightly onto the arm as long as the five-count would allow him… you know, the typical five seconds and shit… and then finally let go, but not before the damage had already been done. Dawn fell to his knees in the corner as Gabriel went back into the ring and stomped him hard. He continued to stomp him down into the corner before he backed up, only to DRIVE both feet into the back of his head with a Running Dropkick! The Master of Dropkicks caught him with a brutal shot! Dawn fell backwards while Gold pulled him out of the corner. He hooked the leg.




Mister Magic kicked out with the shoulder when The Master of Dropkicks continued to hurt him. He went back to the arm and dropped him with a hard stunner-like move dropping his arm against his shoulder. Gold picked him up by the head and ran towards the corner, sitting through the middle rope as he SPIKED Dawn’s head in the corner with a Turnbuckle Bulldog! Dawn reeled back from the impact while Gold took to the second rope. He measured his opponent before flying off with a Front Dropkick! The blow was right on the money as Gold went for the cover again.




Gold was starting to become a little irate now with the count of referee Ian Nguyen and held up three fingers to the official. When he held up only two in kind, Gold ignored him and muttered under his breath before coming back on the attack. He stomped on his arm again and tried to lock in a Seated Armbar trapping him in place.

The hold was cinched in tightly now as Gold continued the pressure. He kept the pressure on Mister Magic and continued to crank back on the arm as Dawn tried to get towards the ropes. Gold had him trapped where he was, but that didn’t stop Dawn from trying to make the arduous crawl.

The Lovely Assistants continued to clap and slap their hands on the ring apron, which in turn got the fans behind him also. Bobbi and Breezy cheered him on as he got near the ropes and wrapped his free hand around the bottom rope! He was there, but Gabriel Gold was still clutching tightly onto the hold!

“Break it up, Gold, now!”

The Elitist did no such thing and continued to hold onto the arm until he finally decided to let go at the count of four and a half. Gold rolled away from him and laughed as he was prepare to finish off Mister Magic once and for all as he clutched his arm, trying to get back to a vertical base. Gold then grabbed the arm…


Dawn shoved him out of the way as he tried to segue right into the Flying Armbar finisher! He shoved him off the ropes and when he came back…


With one good arm, Dawn caught him out of nowhere with the Running STO, but could not follow up immediately! His arm was in a lot of pain and he continued to writhe as he tried to stand. He started to use the ropes to get back up as Gold clutched the back of his head in pain, trying to stand. When he got back up, Gold rushed forward only to get it with a couple of punches using the good arm of Dawn. The Elitist tried to stand again only to get taken down with a big Back Elbow to the head. Mister Magic headed up to the middle rope and leaped backwards before he sprang back with a nice Springboard Cross Body!

He couldn’t stay on for the cover due to the arm being hurt, but he got back to his feet and looked to finish Gabriel Gold off for good. He set him up and tried going for The Spellbinder, but Gold slipped out the back and shoved him away. Jack Dawn came rushing at him only to get taken down with a Drop Toe Hold into the middle buckle! Dawn was hurt when Gold headed up top quickly…


The Frog Splash-turned-Elbow Drop made its debut for Gabriel Gold and after driving it right into Jack Dawn’s heart, he went for the cover by hooking the leg!




Dawn kicked out much to the surprise of the technical wizard. Gold was angry with Ian Nguyen and Dawn himself for being so damn resilient. He waited for him to get back to his feet again and tried setting him up for Doubled in Value, but the much taller Dawn turned himself around and threw him with a big Northern Lights Suplex!




his arm was still bothering him, but Dawn continued to go on the attack again as he climbed up towards the top rope and was about to try something big of his own. He got back up when Gold shoved Ian into the ropes, tripping him up!

The referee reprimanded Gabriel for his actions, but he didn’t care; he had the proverbial…. I’m so sorry… golden opportunity…


The Flying Cross Armbar was finally applied mid-ring and there was nowhere for Dawn to go.


The Lovely Assistants had their little hearts broken and the crowd booed, but none of that mattered to Gabriel Gold. He let go of the hold and he celebrated now, smirking and looking over the fallen body of his long-time rival on The Hype.


Ian went to raise his hand, but Gold only continued his attack! He wasn’t happy about just having this victory over his rival; he grabbed a microphone from ringside as the Lovely Assistants grimaced.

“I told you all that I was better than some poser-ass wanna-be… MAGICIAN… but I’ll tell you what’s going to happen. You’ve won a match… I’ve won a match… but that’s not good enough. I won’t be walking around here having people think that we’re even REMOTELY on the same level… you and me, Dawn... at Breakdown! Rubber match that will end this all and prove to you that a better WRESTLER will win!”

Bobbi and Breezy both looked concerned for the well-being of Jack Dawn as Gabriel dropped the microphone in front of him. The Elitist left the ring and now Gold stood at the top of the ramp, holding his hands in the air with a smug smirk on his face. He got what he came for, but this issue between former Hype stars was not over yet.

Winner: Gabriel Gold via Submission

"Clock + 4 + A + Coins"


The camera was front and center in the locker room where Ryan Gallway had put up a great effort only to be defeated by The Fearless Champion, Omega, just two weeks before his showdown with Mack Brody. For the first time in a good while, all three members of the Heirs of Wrestling were in the locker room. Ryan was wearing the wounds of his battle with Omega while Frank leaned back against the locker room. Standing over them both was an angry Mack Brody.

“Hello?” Mack said. “I asked you a fucking question, Frank. Where WERE you?”

Frank shrugged.

“Busy, okay? I was doing my interview with The Entertainers…”


Again, Frank offered nothing more than a passive shrug. Mack was much more aggressive than passive when he pushed him against the locker.

“MACK, STOP!” Ryan pleaded.

Frank was ready to jump when Ryan got in the middle of the two. After a few tense seconds, Mack Brody released his death grip on Silver who brushed off his shirt. SuperMack took a quick moment to compose himself while Frank looked at his long-time friend.

“…since when do YOU care about the Heirs anymore?”

Oh, THAT didn’t set right with Mack.

“What the HELL did you just say to me? I don’t care about the Heirs?”

“Yeah,” Frank said, matter-of-factly.

“Guys, come on…” Ryan tried to plead again, but Mack cut him off.

“NO, NO, NO!” Mack said. “Frankie has something he wants to say… go ahead and say it.”

“Sonny was right. You don’t. When you told us you wanted to embark on your singles career, we supported you the whole way, but what have Ryan and I gotten in return since then? DICK. That’s what. You’ve had big matches, big opportunities, big chances to shake things up around here. Ryan and I? We’ve been handed to every fucking flavor of the month that can just come in here and act like they run this shit. It’s gotten us fucking NOWHERE and I’m tired of it!”

Brody took in everything that Frank just had to say…

...And he let out a LOUD belly laugh! Frank was NOT pleased with this.

“Oh, do you find something fucking funny about all of this, Mack?” Frank asked, annoyed.

“Yeah,” Mack replied, “I do. You’re letting Sonny Silver POISON you. That’s all that guy ever does! We’ve been in this business for relatively the same time, Frank, but he gave you everything you ever needed to get started so you’re blinded. Sonny is NO GOOD. He has almost no friends in this business and the ones he has left he’s probably just waiting until he can get something out of him. He’s nothing more than fucking leech and...”

“He’s done more for us than YOU have in the last two months!”

Things were dead fucking silent after that. Ryan Gallway wasn’t sure how to process all of this, but Frank wasn’t done.

“Ryan, think about this… this shit he has going on with Omega? He poked the bear and that was YOUR ass out there taking that beating, not his! Being The Fearless Champion is a golden opportunity so I know why you took the challenge, but you know Omega was using you to get to Mack… aren’t you TIRED of being a fucking stepping stone for everybody else’s shit? I know I am. If it’s not The Dead Cell or Omega, it’s going to be The Natural Athletes or some other jackholes who think they can just TAKE what we’ve built! I don’t know about you, but I am DONE being somebody else’s footstool. We need to TAKE.”

“Ryan, don’t let him poison you…”


Finally, The Prince of Precision also had enough with the fighting.

“Frank, Mack is right… you’ve changed. We ran Sweet Sweet Lovin out of here last week when we could beat them any day of the week! You didn’t NEED to do what you did.”

Mack was about ready to pile onto that when Ryan cut him off.

“And Mack… I’m sorry to say this man. You’re my friend, but Frank is right! While you were out chasing title opportunities, The Dead Cell did a number on us. I can’t take this shit… I need some space…”

Ryan fled the locker room completely while Mack Brody shot a disgusted look at Frank. This whole situation appeared to be too much.

“Look… you guys are my friends… but as long as you guys are associating yourself with a leech like Sonny, then I want nothing to do with any of this… I’m done.”


Mack turned on his heel and followed not long after Ryad had fled, leaving Frank Silver all alone… and despite all this emotion finally coming to a fever pitch between the three long-time friends…

All he could do was grin.

"Time for a change..."

"Custom Fitted"

The camera starts focused on a sign which reads "Segalowhich's Jewelry Store". The camera focuses in on the sign for few seconds and then the screen fades to black. When the screen returns, we see Diamond Jewelz not only decked out in numerous, various different articles of jewelry, his various different bracelets and chains made from the finest diamonds and precious metals emitting all kinds of different hues and colors of twinkling and glistening light, but also a jeweler's loupe magnifying glass mounted on his right eye.. Jewelz holds up one jewel after another of varying different sizes and then examines it with his loupe in glasses form and also his moissanite tester. The camera switches angles to reveal Jewelz's security team, Them M'fn Goons decked out in wife beaters, matching purple shorts, purple tennis shoes and a load of blinging ice from their boss. Khalil and Latrell both have pistols in hip holsters and watch the storefront attentively on the lookout for any possible robbers or swindlers looking to possibly one up "Big Homie" on the strip.

"I already know exactly what I'mma make this motherfucker look like squad.... This motherfucker gonna be ten times more ballin then that Relentless joint."

"Jewelz allows a blinging grin to pierce through the stone faced focus of his countenace. Jewelz obviously has a new customization project in mind for the world title he is certain he will win from Jeremy Ryan on Sunday at Breakdown. Jewelz continues to examine various diamonds and jewels laying on the table and also some of the large bars of precious metals on the table."

"Another custom joint by the gOlden bOy... This motherfucker gonna be so ballin TMZ, mediatakeout and the rest of them internet motherfuckers gonna be all over it... I can see the headlines now 'jOlt wOrld Heavyweight Championship: Most Ballingest Shit Eva By The Most Ballingest Nigga Ever." "Right.... Right..." Samuel chimes in his focus still heavy on the streets of Vegas."

"I can't wait to get my hands on Jeremy.... Ol bitch ass nigga.. At 'Cade, I thought my nigga being jacked as he is, was gonna be hella strong.. NOT.... Ol girly ass motherfucker...... I knocked his ass out at 'Cade and I'mma bling that motherfucker up again at 'Breakdown'." Jewelz rambles full of bravado..

"Ehh dun get ahead of yourself Big Homie... That nigga Ryan a serious force... U gotta bring your best on Sunday." Gully says in all seriousness. Samuel peers at him with an evil snarl because of his comments and Jewelz does the same.. Then in unison all three men break out in laughter. Unlike so many times in the past, Gully is not the out man out of the joke this time. All three men explode together in unison.

"That nigga a hoe lol.. Talking bout he the last real man... This nigga think he Ice Cube now. All this last real nigga talk... Bullshit." Samuel screams as he explodes into a ball of laughter. Gully falls on the floor. Jewelz knocks down one of his tools in his laughter.

"Wait till I get my hands on softy.. Big ol' crying ass motherfucker. And Gully you and Trell gon' be ringside to make sure dun no shady shit go down. Wait till' I get my hands on that title... That ol' lame ass shit bout to get a straight extreme makeover by yours truly, pro-wrestling's only jeweler. Diamond Jewelz. The most ballingest jewelz ever... Jade and errthang... The most ballingest diamondz ever... By the most ballingest nugga ever.. I'mma give it that custom fit.. Fo so'."

The Dead Cell vs The Widow's Nest

Having hit their limit with all the jibber jabber that seems to engulf every televised North American wrestling show, the crowd was ready for some action. And as luck would have it, a flawless example of gang warefare was coming their way.

"Caught in a Web" by Dream Theater.

Through the curtain with Black Widow leading the way came the Widow's Nest. Black Widow had just hit the bottom of the entrance ramp when Araknis and Muerte raced by her and slid into the ring. Each one took a corner, so they could posture for the crowd, while their larger ally climbed up onto the apron. Despite their displays of confidence, every member of the nest was fighting nerves. The last time they crossed their opponents, it wasn't pretty.

"Believe" by Since October.

Prepped for battle, the Nest positioned themselves with their backs to the entrance ramp. They weren't going to be blindsided this time by the creeping threat called the Dead Cell that was slowly approaching the ring. Michael led the way with Azrael, Gabriel, and Magdalena in tow. Like a massive shadow, the four archangels swept over the ringside area and slid into the ring. The Widow's Nest lined up near the middle of the ring and found their foes doing the same, as if they were pairing off.

In a shocking turn of events, Michael whistled and guestured with his hand, instructing all but Azrael to leave the ring.

"Don't have too much fun, big fella," Gabriel grinned and patted his animalistic teammate on the back.

"Zerstören sie alle," Magdalena instructed Azrael with her hands cupping both sides of his masked face, their eyes locking before she kissed him on his masked forehead.

He whipped his shaggy blonde hair back, displaying the crudely stitched mask for everyone to see. His opponents were not sure what to make of this development. They had prepared for a war of attrition, not a handicap match, but who were they to look a gift horse in the mouth. Azrael was in the corner trying to tear it from the turnbuckle, as they were given instruction by Black Widow.

"Quick tags and use the numbers to your advantage. Get two on one and three on one, as much as possible. Wolf Spider, you start."

The biggest and easily most powerful of the Nest turned to face their foe while his allies slipped out to the apron. The referee called for the bell and it was as if the bell was the sound of the starting pistol. Azrael charged out of the corner, forcing Wolf Spider to dive out of the way to safety. He may have avoided the first stampede. However, he couldn't escape the second and the Archangel of Death easily scooped him up. With a boom, Wolf Spider was driven violently into the corner. Brutal shoulders crashed into his stomach, folding him in half between the top and middle ropes. WS could barely breathe when his enemy pulled him out of the corner by the front of his tights and right into a waist lock.


Azrael had an unhealthy blood lust. He was on his foe in an instant and pulled him right back up just to throw him back in the corner. Rights and lefts brutalized Wolf Spider. Mercy was one quality that Azrael didn't have. The referee had to physically step in and pry him from his pummelled adversary.

With a hand around his throat, the dazed Wolf Spider was pulled up from his ass in the corner and right into a gorilla press. Azrael pushed WS as high as he could, causing him to actually lose his grip, before catching him on the way down.


The Archangel of Death remained knelt over his enemy.

"Is zhis zhe best shou have?" Azrael roared, pulling Wolf Spider's lifeless upper body up from the mat by his mask. "I eat men like zhis und use zheir bones to pick zhe flesh from mein teeth."

Araknis and Muerte could only watch, while their ally was forced up to a vertical base. A right cross and a spinning backfist with the same hand smack each side of Wolf Spider's jaw and Azrael dashed to the ropes.

Any one have a straw? Wolf Spider will be eating through one for the next few weeks.


This might well have been the French Revolution because WS had his head taken from his shoulders by the Archangel of Death. Azrael dragged the now lifeless Wolf Spider to the Nest's corner and positioned himself in the middle of the ring.

"Who among shou shall be mein next victim?" Azrael snarled and began rocking front to back, nearly foaming at the mouth with anticipation.

With one spider down and things going completely haywire, Black Widow stepped in to make the choice, seeing as how neither of the remaining spiders was eager to do so.

"Muerte, destroy him," she demanded and slammed her hands against the apron.

His mind raced with ideas of how to overcome their remorseless enemy, as he slapped his battered teammate and climbed into the ring. Almost instantly Azrael stepped towards him, trying to close the gap. Muerte was far lighter on his feet than Wolf Spider and quickly began to circle his foe. He had just lined up with a corner when Azrael darted towards him. The Archangel of Death was looking to corner his smaller adversary just as he did earlier with his teammate. Yet, Muerte was able to stay out of reach.

Muerte kept mooving, but as soon as he was in front of another corner, Azrael tried again. This time, he picked up the pace and just narrowly missed capturing his speedy foe. Muerte saw this as an opening and began socking his opponent with right hands. They had very little effect, but it gave Muerte a chance to try and whip Azrael out of the corner.

That was not happening.

Azrael's grip was vice-like on the top rope and there was no way the spider was going to move his massive frame. With one hand, he pulled Muerte into the corner and spun around just adding even more impact to the incoming strike.


That put Muerte on his ass in the corner where the WMD of the Dead Cell stomped the holy hell out of him. Azrael had no regard for any living creature besides Magdalena and Ezekiel and it showed, as he left boot prints on the chest of his opponent. With one hand, he harshly pulled Muerte up took him vertical.


Azrael let Muerte think about it a little bit and even removed one arm from holding him, as he walked around the ring, displaying his uncanny strength. Not finished with one suplex, Azrael kept his grip on his enemy and forced him back up into suplex position. This time there was no suplex. Azrael tossed him into the air like he was a child, catching him in a fireman's carry. Azrael spun around a few times, giving everyone a chance to witness his control before bringing the pain down up Muerte.


As if he were an angry Bruce Banner, the Archangel of Death slammed both fists down on the mat like sledgehammers. He roared and stared a hole through Araknis.

"I hope shou have made shour peace vith god for shou vill be seeing him shortly," Azrael announced while dragging a spaghetti-legged Muerte back up. "Time for zhis one to meet his namesake."

Once again, a member of the nest was out on his feet in the middle of the ring, as their lone enemy built up a head of steam.


For those keeping score, that would be amputation of the head number two on the evening.

Just as before, Azrael dragged his unconscious victim over to the Nest's corner and propped him up against the turnbuckle on his ass. Araknis was the only spider left standing and the task before him had just gone from difficult to im-fucking-possible. He surveyed the damage from the apron. Wolf Spider was still not moving out on the apron and Muerte just had his head removed from his shoulders. Now, it was all up to him.

"I vill swallow shour soul," Azrael growled, his gaze solely on his remaining adversary.

The lone spider dropped off the apron and was immediately met by his female teammate.

"What are you doing?!" She interrogated him. "Get in there and fight him!"

"Shut up," Araknis replied, never once looking at her. His focus was on his monstrous foe.

"Come und fight me," Azrael thundered and the referee stopped him from climbing out of the ring. "Zhe longer I vait, zhe longer shour suffering vill be."

The referee turned his attention to the outside where Black Widow was still demanding that Araknis enter the ring.

"Get him back in here or I will count him out," the official informed the young woman., which pissed her off and she climbed up onto the apron to get in his face now.

"What does it look like I'm doing, you moron?"

The referee wouldn't get a chance to respond, as the entire arena flickered and then, went dark. The tron showed a nearly pitch black scene. Light in the form of a lantern came into fram and it swayed back and forth, as the person carrying it took each step. The lantern's light gave tiny glimpses of the location before it was set down upon the ground. Suddenly, there was a loud boom and a crudely made tombstone was slammed into the ground. Crudely etched into the front of it was the name Erik Kroenen. A shovel slammed into the top of the headstone, driving it deeper into the muddy ground. The camera panned out a bit more. Now, for all to see was the mysterious Revenant, who gripped the shovel tightly. He slowly turned his head, so the camera could just catch a glimpse of his heavily bandaged face peeking out of his hooded jacket.

Again darkness engulfed the arena with the tron cutting out, leaving all with no other option but to hear the ghostly words that echoed through the arena.

"Breathe in the sultry song of deceit,
for it tells a sore tale of despair.
Music that shuns pride and conceit,
and speaks of dreams to beware.
Wreathed in the shadows of guilt and dismay,
a fraud walks in sorrowed crime.
Following the notes of Mi, Do, Re,
to a life believed sublime.

-Evil and Imaginary"

The lights flickered wildly, showing everyone tiny glimpses of the Revenant standing over a fallen Azrael with a massive knife in his hand, before coming back to full power with the Revenant nowhere to be seen. The other members of the Dead Cell swarmed the ring, but it was too late. The Revenant had vanished into the shadows. However, the evidence of his appearance was written on Azrael's chest.

Well, sliced...

The word "LIAR" was harshly cut into the body armor that all the members of the Dead Cell wore.

The referee quickly called for the bell, as things had gotten out of his control. Black Widow and Araknis tended to their allies. They did their best to flee the scene. They were down two men and were definitely in no shape to face the Dead Cell's wrath.

Magdalena tended to the fallen Azrael. She examined him to see what injuries he had, while Michael was struggling to keep his temper in check. Gabriel crossed his arms and just watched on, as the lead archangel finally exploded.

"You don't scare me," Michael erupted, glaring up at the tron. "Come out and fight, heathen! I'm going to cast your soul to hell and paint this ring with your blood!"

Yet, his words fell on deaf ears. The Revenant had delivered a terrifying message and was gone in a flash. Michael and his allies would have to wait to get their vengeance. However, the question is: Would vengeance get them first?

Winner: No Contest

"Coffee is Best After a Breakup"

The scene opened up backstage. We see Sebastian Saje on his cell phone with his head down, hand placed on his forehead.

"How could you even consider something like this? Do you truly, honestly believe that!?" asked Saje.

A few moments passed and Saje let out a huge sigh. He sat up straight and put his back to the wall, looking up towards the ceiling.

"I really wish you would reconsider, but if that's the way you feel, then that's the way you feel. The funny thing is.. I'm not even sad about this. Maybe it truly is for the better."

There was another pause and then Saje just lashed out.

"NO! DON'T YOU GET IT!? THERE IS NOTHING BETWEEN US! I can't believe you're still using that as an excuse. The REAL problem here is that you never trusted me from the start, isn't it? Now that Le Bon is gone, your little personal pyschiatrist is out of the picture.. so anything I do is going to get blown out of proportion! The fact that you can't even trust me... your own boyfriend... really shows that perhaps, this was all just one great big mistake... so if you want to run away.. then run... GO!"

Saje hung up the call and paused for a moment.

"DAMMIT!" yelled Saje at the top of his lungs

Saje then threw his phone and it shattered up against the wall! All of a sudden Alyssa Corliss stepped into view.

"Sebastian? Is everything okay?" asked Alyssa

"Oh yeah! Everything's JUST FINE! It's not like Veronica and I just broke up or anything"

Alyssa sat down next to Saje and placed her arm around him.

"Oh wow... are you okay?" asked Alyssa.

Saje kind of just laughed it off.

"Yeah.. I'm not even sad. I'm actually kind of embarrassed, though. I felt like I've been played like a fool. She never loved me.. she was using me as a damn test this entire time to see if she would control her androphobia. Ever know what it feels like to be a lab rat? If not.. I can tell you exactly how it feels." said Saje.

Alyssa pulled back her arm and folded her hands in her lap.

"I feel bad about this, too. This is my fault. If we hadn't talked and if I hadn't shown up..." said Alyssa

"No.. it's not your fault. I have a feeling that this would have happened sooner or later. Without Le Bon, she would have slipped back into her reclusive state. Who knows... I was probably just one piece of burnt toast away from losing her anyway. Reflecting back on it.. I think this is for the better so don't beat yourself over it, okay?" said Saje.

Alyssa nodded.

"Say.. want to go somewhere, have some coffee and talk about this some more? Maybe it'll help calm you down." asked Alyssa.

"That sounds good... although, just talking things out with you here has already helped me calm down quite a bit." said Saje.

Saje then looked at Alyssa... Alyssa stared back at Saje. It wasn't just a normal stare... it was one of those stares where you knew where it might head, but Saje realized it and cleared his throat.

"So.. coffee, right? Let's out then. I think there's a coffee shop within walking distance from here.. I saw it on the bus ride over from the airport." said Saje as he stood up. Alyssa followed suit.

"Yeah.. let's go." said Alyssa

The two of them walked off scene. As the two of them left, the camera pulled back and there was Raevynn hiding behind a corner. She gritted her teeth.

"I knew it.." said Raevynn under her breath. She turned and stormed away.

Yep.. Raevynn was now batshit crazy.. No good could come from this.

The Natural Athletes & Derrick Huber vs The Entertainers & Frank Silver

Two huge tag team matches were made official for Breakdown! First off, in a rematch from the Sin City Series, The Heirs of Wrestling would be taking on the rising stars from The Hype, The Natural Athletes. And for the grand prize of the tag team division, the Sin City Series winners, The Entertainers were going to be taking in the superheavyweight powerhouses, The House for the Tag Team Titles! But right now, was a big-time preview match. Despite what happened with the Heirs of Wrestling earlier, Frank Silver would team with The Entertainers to take on half of the Tag Team Champions, Derrick Huber along with The Natural Athletes!

“The following is a six-man tag team contest set for one fall!” Dean Carrington shouted to the masses of the Cow Palace, who responded in cheers. The lights in the arena went dark and a loud announcer’s voice could be heard throughout the arena…


Four pillars were near the entrance, two on each end with “THE NATURAL ATHLETES” in a yellow and red shield logo. The camera took notice of an inflatable tunnel with the same logo followed by a legion of sexy red-and-yellow clad cheerleaders on the entrance ramp…

“Unleashed” by Chris Classic feat. Nazareth.

The music played and the crowd went crazy for the arrival of two men with… pardon the expression… a whole lot of hype behind them! The former soccer player, Cori “Striker” Albright, the 6’4” and 354-pound former linebacker for WSU and the Seattle Seahawks, Terry Massimo, and their newest ally, the former Rebellion member and amateur wrestling prodigy, Nate Quartermaine!

“Making their way to the ring, being accompanied by Nate Quartermaine, at a combined weight of 565 pounds… they are the team of Cori “The Striker” Albright and SEATTLE’S OWN Terry Massimo… THE NATURAL ATHLETES!

Nate supported the two while Albright and Massimo entered the ring! The athletes entered and took in the great response from the crowd as the crowd continued to support them.

“House of the Rising Son” by Five Finger Death Punch.

The familiar music played and the casino-themed lights played as Derrick Huber stepped out from the back with one of the jOlt World Tag Team Championships draped over his shoulder!

“And their tag team partner… from Sin City… weighing in at 309 pounds, he is one half of the jOlt Tag Team Champions and a member of The House… ”THE SIN CITY STRONGMAN” DERRICK HUBER!

Huber walked down to the ring and slapped hands with the fans on his way to the ring. Tonight, his tag team partner had the chance of a lifetime by taking on Jeremy Ryan for an unprecedented jOlt World Championship match just before Ryan’s own match with Diamond Jewelz at Breakdown. But right now, it was about Huber taking on The Entertainers before their match. He joined in-ring with the Natural Athletes and shook hands with Massimo and Albright – who some say should’ve been the rightful winners of the Sin City Series. They all waited for their opponents…

'The Best' by Tina Turner.

The music played and introduced the team that won The Sin City Series. You couldn't say these boys were befitting of such a song yet, and they emerged to a smattering of boos. Alfie, keen to get on television, actually cut a concentrated figure, albeit on his cell phone. The two completely blew off The House, which was probably good for their health - these two teams met during the Wrestlecade Xperience by spraying Huber with water - the end result was a match where The Entertainers were killed in record time. In the interim, the result of Button’s fingers and thumbs, and he assures us he’s lethal down there when he and Darren are indeed ‘entertaining’ Ashley and Chelsea, were revealed:

"Watch us show Silver why we're gonna win GOLD."

The opportunistic Entertainers knocked off the then-undefeated Freak Show to get to the finals and then outlasted three other teams to get to the top. Darren elected to step through the ropes while Alfie Button leaped over the ropes. They waited for their last opponent…

"With Me Now" by Blacklite District.

The last of the themes played and there was no fancy pyro or shiny lights tonight. Out came Frank Silver, raising his hands to a chorus of jeers from the crowd as he headed towards the ring calmly. It didn’t seem like the big explosion between the Heirs earlier affected him too much – he was obsessed with defeating The Natural Athletes tonight.

“And their partner, being accompanied to the ring by Sonny Silver… from Seattle, Washington, weighing in at 252 pounds... FRANK SILVER!

Sonny gave his godson instructions as he approached the ring with a look of intent. Cori and Terry were both shooting evil laser-beam looks at the man who cost them the Sin City Series as he approached the ring happy with what he did. Six men wanted some payback right before the big show and now they were going to get it.


Derrick Huber was in the ring first and standing by in a very brazen manner was Darren Best. Perhaps winning the Sin City Series when they were considered possibly the least likely team to have done so may have given him even more of an ego… if that were possible…


He cracked Huber in the side of the mouth with a big slap and started to practically bathe in the jeers of the crowd! A shocked Huber was confused by what The Entertainer was trying to achieve – probably to piss him off – but if he was going to do that, then he’d oblige. Huber charged at him, but the much quicker Best slid underneath his legs and stood up on his feet. When Huber turned around…

SLAP X2: Revenge of the slaps!

The self-professed best (even though that WAS his actual last name) took a few seconds to hold up two fingers that he’d just punked out Huber twice. The Sin City Strongman took him to task by LIFTING him up and charging him HARD into the nearest corner before slugging the shit out of him with a series of hard Clubbing Clotheslines in the corner!

Frank Silver shook his head with disgust. He knew about fighting The House all too well and knew poking the bear was a very bad idea. Not without something of a gameplan, anyway. And now Darren Best was paying for it as Huber switched up the attack, throwing a series of hard Headbutts to the side of his head!

He pulled Best out of the corner and shoved him to the corner of The Natural Athletes who no doubt wanted payback on the Entertainers. Huber tagged into Cori Albright and had Darren Best in a catapault position before he swung…


Things were kicking off quickly for these six men when Huber busted out one of his biggest crowd-popping moves, spinning him around several times! Darren Best continued to swing while Cori waited for his chance to strike. He got in about four or five big rotations before he CRACKED Best in the ribs with a Front Dropkick as he swung around in the dreaded Roulette Wheel! Already, Cori went for a cover on him!



The Entertainers were both quicker than hiccups, so they knew when it was time to break up a cover. He pulled Cori off his tag team partner before Darius Underwood ordered him back to the corner. Cori Albright went to pick up Best by the head when the sneaky podcast host caught him off-guard with a knee to the gut.

Best reached over and Frank wanted the tag while Sonny Silver watched, but Best tagged into his partner, Alfie Button. He leaped over the ropes and jumped into the ring, ready to launch an attack on the quick-footed Albright, but said quick foot took him over with a HUGE Japanese-style Arm Drag! Cori Albright then kipped up to his feet, doing a little showing off of his own before coming at Button with a trifecta of HARD Knife-Edge Chops against the ropes!

Best flinched in pain as Albright whipped him off the ropes. Alfie reversed that and sent him flying into the ropes, but the former soccer player did a handspring off the ropes. Button moves out of the way when Cori did a backflip to land right on his feet. The Striker waited and kicked Button in the gut again before running to the corner. He leaped off one side, spun around to the other adjacent corner and came back with a Springboard Dropkick! The crowd cheered on Albright as he crawled over to cover Button.




Button kicked out, but Albright wasn’t done with him for sure. He pulled a frightened Button to the corner and made the tag to big Terry Massimo! Cori and Terry were both in the ring when Cori threw Alfie right into his tag team partner. He scooped him up and DRILLED him with a big Body Slam. Nothing fancy, but it got a little bit fancier when Cori ran off the ropes as Massimo caught his own partner in a Wheelbarrow position, then dropping him HARD across the chest of Alfie with a Wheelbarrow into a Senton Splash! After the double-team, things got cleared when Terry Massimo grabbed him by the head and pointed a finger to the sky before dropping a thunderous Elbow Drop across the chest!




Like a rabid dog, Frank Silver charged the ring and went right at the massive… well, Massimo and started raining fists down on the 354-pound former linebacker. Terry Massimo blocked a punch just as Huber came into the ring and threw Frank right into Derrick Huber. Terry picked up Alfie Button off the mat and lifted up the Brit…


The crowd was going wild! There was no Suplex City here, but this shit was a Suplex PARTY! Darren Best tried to get in on it, but Cori Albright rushed in and cut him off with a low spinning kick. He then hoisted him up…



Both Silver and The Entertainers were sent packing from the ring while The Natural Athletes and Derrick Huber were all taking in the big reception from the crowd… who somehow knew to chant “suplex party” like a lot of crazy animals they were. Nate Quartermaine was cheering on his boys from the outside while Sonny Silver remained pissed off on the other end. Cori Albright headed off the corner…


He jumped on top of three men with a death-defying dive in his arsenal of many death-defying dives! Cori stood up and frantically slapped the ring apron, all fired up in the moment as he reached over and high-fived Nate Quartermaine.

“Kick some ass, Cori…”

Cori nodded before pulling up the legal man Alfie Button. He tossed him back underneath the bottom rope and Terry tagged out to Albright. The Striker pulled him up and he drilled him with a volley of stiff Forearm Smashes to the head. He whipped Alfie Button into the corner and Albright followed him in, going for a big move, but Button saw him coming and used a Back Body Drop…

But Albright landed on the ring apron! Alfie swung at him, but Cori ducked and caught him with a right hand. When Cori tried a move, Darren Best started to rush towards him, but Cori kicked him away. That gave Frank Silver the chance to CRACK him in the back of the head with an Uppercut! Frank jumped off the apron and that finally gave Alfie Button a chance to get on the offensive…


The Overhead Kick was one right of Albright’s playbook and he was sent flying to the outside! Alfie saw his chance and his risk had paid off now as he rolled back over to his corner. Before he could even get there, a vengeful Silver slapped him on the arm and made the legal tag!

Frank went to the floor with Sonny egging him on.


Frank nodded…


Cori hit the steel steps shoulder-first and went crashing hard into the structure! The upper half of the steps went flying right off from the sheer impact as Frank stood over him, looking ready to attack some more. Frank Silver slowly grabbed him by the head and he SLAMMED him again, this time into the ring apron…


Then into the barricade…


Back into the ring apron again! And finally, Frank Silver lifted him up…


Cori Albright was writhing about in pain now after Frank’s vicious assault, cradling his back. Frank pushed him back into the ring before he followed him inside. Frank reached out his boots as he stomped him around. He aimed at the arms, the legs, the back, and finally…


The head! Frank then pushed him down to the canvas and went for a cover on the fallen former LA Galaxy player.




The Entertainers were actually taken a little aback with the viciousness of Frank Silver. They’d proven with their manipulation of winning the Sin City Series they were more opportunists than vicious bastards, but that didn’t make their threat to the Tag Team Titles any less to take lightly. Frank kicked Cori Albright at their feet and pulled him up before he ran at him, CRUSHING his jaw with a sickening Running European Uppercut! Cori fell down to a seated position as Frank tagged out to Alfie Button again…

“Let’s finish this shit,” Frank said.

Alfie nodded to Frank and he scooped up Cori before setting him up in the Tree of Woe position. He was propped up and left very vulnerable while Terry Massimo and Derrick Huber were powerless to watch. Alfie Button then ran off the corner as Frank held him in place…


And Cori’s face was nearly kicked in with the Hesitation Dropkick! Cori fell off the ring ropes as Alfie pulled him out of the corner before he tagged into Darren Best. The other half of the Entertainers stood him up…


The OUTstanding Moonsault as he liked to call it dropped his body weight across the body of Cori Albright! Darren stayed on top of him for a cover.




Cori’s shoulder went up, but Darren stood up and put the boots to him again in the corner. He pressed down a boot into the chest of Cori, trying to strangle him before he kicked him all the way out to the outside. He was on the floor again and Darren Best took a bow for the audience before he ran off the ropes…


It was a move reserved usually for the less flashy, but with The Entertainers, there was no such thing! He landed on Cori Albright, taking him down in the process as he started to pat himself on the back. Even Alfie Button climbed off the apron quickly to pat him on the shoulder also.


They both looked at Derrick Huber when they screamed that Huber didn’t look pleased at all, but there was nothing they could do. Terry Massimo wanted into the ring, but Huber put up an arm to tell the young powerhouse to cool his jets. Nate Quartermaine watched as Darren pulled him back in the ring. He went to catch Albright, but he caught him with an Inside Cradle!




Best kicked out and when Cori tried to rush back to his corner, Best caught him by the leg and pulled up again before kicking him in the hamstring! He lifted him up into a Fireman’s Carry and let Alfie Button tag himself in. He hoisted him up and DROPPED him with a Fireman’s Carry Gutbuster, allowing for Alfie Button to come in again…


A NICE Frog Elbow off the top rope! The Entertainers were showing their in-ring prowess when they had things under control and now Button was going in for the kill.




Massimo got there in the nick of time and was quick for a big man, breaking up the cover for his partner. Ian Nguyen ordered him back to his corner while all three heels came in and started putting the fucking boots to Cori again!


Frank Silver and The Entertainers used the precious seconds to stomp out Cori Albright like he was on fire, but… well, the dude wasn’t on fire. Ian turned as Silver and Best left, leaving a cheeky-grinning Alfie Button smirking like a dickhead like they just hadn’t done anything. Darren Best went back to what he was doing and made the tag to Frank Silver who was going to come in and finish things off. He stood over Cori.









He was about to say he couldn’t have his spot when he blocked the shot! When Cori went back to the ropes…


Frank Silver was down while Cori Albright had the chance to get back to the corner now! She was stumbling over in pain now while Frank went over to his corner to try and tag into the ropes. Cori was almost to his corner where both Terry and Derrick were waiting for a tag. Frank tagged into Darren Best and he tried to stop him from getting to Cori Albright…


Cori kipped up and flipped him away with a Hurricanrana from the Kipping position, sending him flopping into the corner where Massimo socked her…


Huber was fired up and ready to fucking rock as he bashed right through Darren Best with a big Shoulder Block! He charged right at the corner and hit both Frank and Alfie Button, sending him flying off the corner! He ran back to scoop up Darren Best, who managed to use his quickness to slip away from the Sin City Strongman. He kicked Derrick and went to the ring apron before he jumped to the top rope…



The ring nearly shook from the impact of the blow as he stood his ground and stomped around the ring, ready to put an end to The Entertainer right before their Tag Team Title match at Breakdown! He swung his fist and was about to get ready to launch an attack…


Alfie Button pushed his partner out of the way, only to take the shot for himself! It was actually rather chivalrous of his partner to take the proverbial bullet, but a groggy Best tried to steal a win with a roll-up while hooking the tights!




Best almost got him right there, only for him to kick out! Huber slowly crawled back to his feet when Best came at him with a few kicks. He tried to set him up for his finishing move The Best of Both, but the larger Derrick elbowed his way free before stumbling back to the corner to tag in Terry Massimo. Best ran at him again, but Huber wrapped both arms around his waist and THREW him overhead with a Belly to Belly Suplex! Terry was in and he lined him…


He nearly crushed Best before he pulled him outside of the corner, but not before Silver came in with a blind tag. Terry Massimo scooped up Darren Best and tried a Powerbomb, but Sonny went low and caught him with a Chop Block, making him drop Darren! He got the hell out of the ring and Frank tried to save him when Terry caught him with a right hand, sending him back to the ropes…


Frank was a big man himself and nearly took off Massimo’s head with a huge Rebound Lariat! Frank went for a cover on Best…





Frank slapped his hands, but Ian nodded that it was only two. Frank then tried to get the dead weight of Terry Massimo up and tried to pull the former linebacker up by his neck. He tried to set him up looking for the Cradled Styles Clash called the Stay of Execution, but Massimo took him over with a huge Back Body Drop! Frank was hurt and Terry rolled back, allowing Cori Albright to tag him into the ring. Best and Button were both keeping Derrick Huber at bay on the outside, not paying attention to the inside.

Frank was back up and tried to swing at Terry Massimo again, only for the big man to catch him…


The Suplex Powerslam DRILLED him into the mat as Cori Albright started to stand on the top rope. Terry set him up in the seated position…


Cori Albright’s take on the Meteora Double Knee Strike caught Frank right in the chest and now he cradled him up for a cover.


Best tried to intervene, but Derrick cut him off.


As did Alfie, but Terry went back to his football days and intercepted that shit.


Cori jumped off of Frank and the high flyer was victorious tonight! Sonny Silver shook his head and looked disgusted with this end result of The Natural Athletes beating him twice in the span of three weeks.


Best and Button had enough of this rubbish and headed back up the ramp, ignoring their celebration. Huber hadn’t beaten them and they still had their date with destiny when they would take on The House for the Tag Team Championships. They had cheated their way to win the Sin City Series and it could be wrong to bet against them.

For tonight, however, Quartermaine joined Massimo and Albright in the ring as they all held hands up with Derrick Huber holding his Tag Team Title in the air. The good guys had the momentum going into their respective matches in two weeks at Breakdown, but things could change in the blink of an eye. Sonny helped Frank out of the ring and carried him to the back, but not before he whispered something…

“We know what we have to do…”

Winner: The Natural Athletes & Derrick Huber via Pinfall


The camera was once again passing through the backstage area and this time, was going through the halls before it came across the form of the smirking Gabriel Gold. Fresh off a huge victory, he had just walked from the direction of Damien Lee’s office when Donny Layne approached him.

“Gabriel… a few words?” he asked.

The technician sighed.

“What the HELL do you want? You don’t think I got things to do?” he asked. “Like make Jack Dawn eat more crow?”

Donny fixed his glasses before he continued.

“Congratulations on your victory tonight… and we wanted to inquire about your challenge to Jack Dawn for a rubber match at Breakdown. Have you heard a response from Damien Lee or from Dawn?”

Gold turned his head back at the direction of the office.

“Oh, because I walked out of Damien Lee’s office just now? Wow, some crack journalism there. Well, I’ll give you a news story here that even Brian Williams couldn’t get wrong… I’ve just been informed by Mr. Lee that Dawn came barging into his office, hurt arm and all, and wanted the match just as bad as I do. It was granted and I’m finally going to put this issue with this idiot to bed... “

Gold shook his head and showed much disgust at the mention of his long-time rival on The Hype.

“Jack Dawn isn’t a WRESTLER like me. He’s a sideshow act and he’s good for a cheap crowd pop at BEST. These people eat up his BS antics and his womanizing and whatever else he brings to this table, but in between the ropes, that’s MY world. JOlt is full of sideshow freaks like your Draconians, your Seraphs, Freak Shows and at the bottom of that totem pole… Jack Dawn. They’re a dime a dozen, but what you get with me is REAL. I…”

Gold stopped when he noticed across from him…

A massive person-sized wooden box not unlike the one Dawn used for his entrances and like ones used for sawing people in half and… you know, whatever weird crap magicians do. Gold rolled his eyes.

“What is this garbage?” Gold asked, jerking a thumb at Donny. “What, I come and open it, he comes out and tries to attack me or something? Do I LOOK like some kind of rube? That idiot doesn’t even know HOW to do magic. Get out of my way, Donny…”

Gold tried to leave down the hall…


An explosion of confetti and miniature sparklers shined from a SECOND box just a little further down from the first one. Gold jumped back in shock and looked angry with this trickery…



Gold turned and was laid out from the oncoming blow from a massive cane, earning a big cheer from the crowd in the Cow Palace! Out from the corner came a hurt, but still proud Jack Dawn and The Lovely Assistants. Dawn shot a glance at Donny before he reached down at the injured Gold.

“How DARE you think of me as a liar, good sir!” Dawn shouted. “Trust me, Gold, I know magic. See?”

He reached behind the downed Gold’s ear and a bandage appeared in his hand.

“You’ll need this, asshole. See you at Breakdown!”

The Lovely Assistants helped Dawn down the hallway as Gold was left, seething and embarrassed from this recent Looney Tunes-esque setback.

"Step Up"

Viewers were taken into a locker room where on one bench, apparently alone, Mack Brody was taping his fists and cut a focused figure, undoubtedly thinking about Omega, who he'd been beaten up by in a vicious altercation.

Oblivious to what was around him, the strapping Brody was surprised to look up and see Keegan on his left and Hank Wright to the other side. I can't say Wright on the right, can I?

"Mind if we join you?"

Hank answered his own query by sitting down before Mack could pipe up with: "Sure."

The Governor of Texas addressed Mack "We've talked a lot about you in the bar, in the car, on the road and in our rooms. Ain't that right, Keeg?"

The Newcastle native nodded his head: "Sure have, Hank. If anyone was listening to our conversations, they'd probably think we wanted to roast you in a threesome."

"You mean like Patterson and Williams against The Draconian last week?"

Keegan chuckled, and you got the impression they must've spoken about that in their rental.

Getting back on track, fortunately, as this was getting weird: "We're waiting for you to step up, Mack. You're right there," Wright barked, slamming his left hand into his right paw with a chop.

Brody turned his head when The Yardstick echoed The Tank's assessment: "Almost there."

Mack was confused: "Almost?"

Wright laid it out: "Ryan thinks there are no real men in jOlt. We know different. You're looking at two and we know we're looking at the next in line for Ryan's title. If you get that opportunity..."

Brody's annoyance increased: "If? What do you mean by if?"

The Brit beckoned for his buddy to tell their talented peer: "Well...Hank, you know better than I do."

"Omega. I applaud you for it. The two of us, we've got more balls than brains, we don't duck anyone - we're warriors," Wright professed, and you would find few individuals who'd argue with him on that.

"I went through hell to win King of Ages, and I had hard, hard fights, so when Ryan says he's the last real man..."

Like an old couple, and I guess they were essentially, Keegan completed his partner's phrase for him: "It boils our piss."

Hank remembered where he was: "Omega was the only guy I didn't pin in the tournament. After ACW, I had to take time off. I faced so many badasses: Orphan, Zimmerman, Jack Harris, Keller and Spike. Out of all of them, Omega was the strongest son-bitch I faced and not someone you want to face every week."

Keegan pointed over at Hank: "You remind me of him. You're your own man, you should be, but I can't avoid it. You're the same size, you made your way in Japan, you like the life outside of the ring, but you're all business in it. Seriously. I'm looking at a young Hank Wright and nobody wants to face people like him. Like nobody wants any piece of Omega."

Mack begged to differ: "I do, I'm not scared..."

The Tank, akin to a teacher lecturing a student, put his arm gently on Brody's shoulder: "That's the thing. Your time is now. We're not telling you to avoid him. We're telling you that you need to step up, be on top of your game and be better, stronger and..." pointing to his head, Hank emphasised his point: "smarter."

"Step your game up against Omega and you go the next level, Mack," the Geordie Genius concluded.

Hank extended his hand. Brody stared at it and thought hard. Eventually, he nodded and accepted the invitation. Special K followed suit and Mack acknowledged it with a firm handshake.

On their way out, the Englishman whispered to Wright: "Think it worked?"

"It HAS to," Hank said unequivocally.

Mack, who wasn't privileged to that, was left with even more on his plate to ponder.

Jeremy Ryan(c) vs Adam Roebuck

In the main event of last week’s Intense, one half of the Tag Team Champions, Adam Roebuck had defeated the World Champion Jeremy Ryan via countout. Because of his punishment of walking out, Jeremy Ryan would now have to face off against Roebuck again, this time the Championship was on the line just a few days before Ryan would have to defend the title against Relentless Champion Diamond Jewelz! Diamond Jewelz’s own title shot was intact and if Roebuck could win the championship tonight, he would have double-duty and the main event would become a triple threat between Roebuck, Ryan, and Jewelz. The complexion of Breakdown could very well do just that … break down!

“House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch.

The music played and the crowd started to come alive! The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive pop from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of card toward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the large Nevada-bred four time jOlt Tag Team Champion appeared from the backstage area.

Roebuck was ready for what was the BIGGEST opportunity in his jOlt career. He and Derrick Huber had dominated the tag team scene with their stellar reign, but now much like Derrick Huber had three weeks ago, Roebuck had a chance to get to the top of the mountain! The crowd was completely in the corner of Adam Roebuck as he walked to the ring with his focus on the battle ahead. He raised his half of the jOlt Tag Team Titles and the crowd was going to witness a fight. The camera took note of Roebuck in his wrestling gear with his “Don’t Bet Against The House” shirt and his badass demeanor. Jesse Ramey was their friend and tonight, Roebuck was going to make Jeremy Ryan pay for what he did by taking the one thing that meant more than anything else. Roebuck stepped into the ring and the crowd started to roar to a loud ovation from the crowd!

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

The anthem of all things manly blasted throughout the arena, and the buzz that had been generated from the opening announcement of the match quickly turned sour. Even more so when jOlt’s self-proclaimed Last Real Man stepped through the curtains and onto the entrance stage for the first time since scheming the strap away from Jesse Ramey and injuring him indefinitely. Ryan stood at the top of the ramp long enough to survey the capacity before beginning his slow paced walk toward the ring, absorbing all of the booing and jeering he was receiving along the way – the whole time, he raised the title over his head with a smile on his face.

Ryan was no frills, no tricks, no quarter. He told it like it was; more appropriately, what HE thought it was. Ryan gave less than zero fucks about who he offended and who he did things to. He had his fists taped, he was in his wrestling gear with the addition of a sleeveless black tee Man Bloody Knuckles logo. Adam Roebuck leaned back against the ropes, getting ready to stretch. Roebuck was the most massive man on the jOlt roster, but Ryan was easily its most unpredictable. Ryan had almost never backed down from a fight and his response to Adam Roebuck’s threats of taking him down?

He STILL gave zero fucks and shot Adam Roebuck the same shit-eating grin he had from last week despite walking out on the match. Dean Carrington made with the super-serial in-ring introductions for the biggest match of Roebuck’s career and a VERY tough first test for Jeremy Ryan!

“This match is set for one fall with a sixty-minute time limit! This will be contested for the jOlt Heavyweight Championship!”

The camera panned to the corner where Adam Roebuck was doing some stretches on his side, getting ready for a fight.

“First, in the corner to my right from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at FOUR-HUNDRED SIXTY EIGHT pounds… this is the challenger… ”THE BIG BUCKS” ADAM ROEBUCK!

Roebuck raised his hands in the air with the title in his hand as the crowd cut over to the referee.

“And his opponent... from Bangor, Maine, weighing in at 254 pounds… he is the REIGNING AND DEFENDING jOlt HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… ”JOLT’S LAST REAL MAN” JEREMY RYAN!

Ryan raised the championship and allowed all to bask in the glory (well, his own idea of glory) of him holding it before he handed the belt to the official. He gave him the jOlt Championship and then raised it before calling for the bell.

And when that bell rang Adam Roebuck wasn’t going to give Jeremy Ryan a chance for any tricks or any bullshit this time around. Ryan tried jumping right at the Las Vegas Leviathan, but Roebuck buried a fist into his stomach. He held him by the back of the head and cracked the bones in his fist.

“I’m really glad I got to do this …”

The Big Bucks went to town and buried a series of some stiff knees right into the stomach, doubling him over even more with each shot. The crowd was chanting for Roebuck loudly as he fired off another big shot to the chest. He elbowed him in the head and threw him right into ropes, knocking him down with a shoulder tackle that knocked Jeremy Ryan on his back. He took off to the ropes and he raised a big hand before dropping a flashing elbow to the gut! Ryan was sucking in wind, but Adam Roebuck pushed him flat on his back and tried to win quickly.




Jeremy Ryan’s chest may have been caved in after the shot and when Ryan tried to get away from him, he was already on his way to the outside when he saw …


The Relentless Champion had a front row seat front and center to the match as he pulled up a chair and had a seat at the top of the ramp. Ryan scowled in his direction as the #1 Contender nodded and pointed behind him. Ryan turned around…


The crowd was amazed by the agility on display from Adam Roebuck of all people! It truly wasn’t that graceful on account of his size and usually Derrick Huber did all the cool moves in the ring, but Roebuck had some extra motivation tonight. Ryan went flying a quarter of the way up the aisle and Roebuck went after him. He wasn’t going to give Ryan the chance to get counted out this time as he grabbed him by the back of his head …


Roebuck had thrown Ryan into one side of the barricade and then did the same off the other side, smashing him against the wall. The Big Bucks was completely in the driver’s seat and Jewelz’s presence was a detriment to Ryan’s attention. He was not getting away this time. Ryan would have to fight his battle like a real man this time.

Roebuck took the fight back inside and Ryan’s insides were about to get turned into pancake batter when Roebuck came charging in with a monster of a running splash … but Ryan moved at the last second and Roebuck hit nothing but the blank canvas!

This was now Ryan’s first opportunity to muster a comeback so he stayed on the attack quickly by coming at Adam Roebuck with massive elbow strikes aimed at his head. Jeremy Ryan continued to go to town on Roebuck as the Las Vegas Leviathan tried to rise again. He shoved Ryan into the ropes, but he used the momentum to come right back and go right at the Big Bucks with a sliding lariat! Ryan scurried over and he tried to go for his first cover of the match on him.



The second the referee’s arm hit the mat a second time, Roebuck had powered out and Jeremy Ryan was sent flying backwards several feet. The jOlt Heavyweight Champion was back on his feet and he tried to attack Roebuck again when the monster blocked a punch and clasped his hand around his fist. He tried to swing with the other hand, but now Roebuck had him trapped and delivered a head butt to the chest to knock the wind out of him again.

Ryan spun backwards and clasped his chest, but things were about to get much more worse for the jOlt Champion when Roebuck managed to pin him in the corner. He pulled his right arm over his throat and waved a big hand, trying to shush the crowd.





The succession of the chops turned his chest into a mess of red welts as he gasped for air and held his chest in pain. Roebuck took Ryan by his arm and he whipped him across the entirety of the ring prior to crashing into him with a running corner splash. Jeremy was hurt as he was sent flying across the ring again only to get another running corner splash. Roebuck threw him right out of the corner with a throwing scoop slam and then came off the ropes to deliver a leg drop this time.




Jeremy Ryan kicked out, but Adam Roebuck was ready to finish him off right away.He grabbed him by the throat and was looking for a choke slam of some kind, but Ryan suddenly surged to life and kicked away from him. He then went to the knee with about three good kicks before he ran ahead and a football tackle to the front of his knees got Roebuck down.

“You big fuck!”

Ryan spat at the ground and then tried to rush at him for another big move when he was goozled by the large Las Vegas Leviathan again! He was clasped in the air and lifted up, but in mid move, Ryan switched things up a little bit and he drilled him into the mat again with a DDT! The crowd was booing Ryan with intent, but his brilliant maneuver paid off as he went in for a win.



Roebuck kicked out with force!

The visibly frustrated Ryan shot a glance at Diamond Jewelz as he waved hello from the top of the ramp. Truth be told, he wanted Ryan to win somehow as he wanted the pleasure of shutting up Jeremy Ryan for good, but if Adam Roebuck had it his way, the monster could definitely play the spoiler. He’d stood over Jeremy Ryan last week after hitting him with the Bust, but to win the title he would have to do it without his tag team partner.

The four-time jOlt Tag Team Champion was now being beaten to a pulp by the jOlt Champion now as he rushed over and dropped a big knee drop into the side of his head. He kicked him in the side of the head and then went to town with his signature chop/punch combination to try and wear down the massive Las Vegas Leviathan.

Roebuck was doing his best to try and fight back as he tried to rise again, but every time that he sat up, Ryan was right there in his face to put him back down with boots to the jaw. He tried and failed about two or three times to get him down, but Jeremy Ryan wasn’t done. He kicked him in the head and when he finally went down, Ryan ran to the ropes and he dropped all his weight with a double foot stomp!

From two-hundred and fifty pounds, he was hurt and Roebuck held onto his own chest but Ryan once more dropped a running senton across the chest. Two big attacks to the stomach and that finally allowed Ryan to finish him off.



Roebuck shoved him off again, but he was losing strength after the latest beatdown delivered by the jOlt Champion who chose to go after the left leg he started on earlier. He grabbed the leg that had his knee brace on it and threw in some elbows to the joint to try and keep Roebuck on his back. Ryan then did that one trick where he put Roebuck’s leg on the bottom rope and then jumped up, dropping all his body weight into the crook of his knee!

The challenger for the jOlt Championship was on his back and his leg was in pain now, which was exacerbated when Jeremy Ryan tried to grab the leg and maneuver right over into a half boston crab. He tried to turn the largest man in jOlt over, but Roebuck used his free leg to kick him away, sending Ryan rolling backwards.

Roebuck tried to limp back up to his feet, but he didn’t get very far because the faster Jeremy had caught his knee with a drop kick, toppling the top-heavy beast. He fell to a knee again and Jeremy Ryan closed in on him, now locking in a leg grapevine instead!

The leg lock was tightly locked on and Roebuck was in a dangerous position as he tried to get back up to save himself from defeat. Jeremy had his body essentially wrapped around the huge leg of the six-foot seven Roebuck trying to make him tap.

“Tap out, fatty! Tap out!”

Ryan was a master wordsmith, but Roebuck was ignoring his taunts as he crawled over to the corner to try and get away from him. He clawed his way to the corner despite Jeremy Ryan’s best efforts and he was able to clasp his kitchen-utensil-comparison-goes-here hand to the ropes.

“Let him go, Ryan!”

The official got on his jock as he rolled over and got away, but Ryan had possibly done some good damage to the knee. Adam Roebuck was trying to use the ropes to get back up again, but Ryan had a pitbull-like mentality as he gunned for the leg again. He tried to shoot in on him when Adam grabbed him by his head slammed it, Andre the Giant-style against his face.

The blow hurt his knee a little, but Roebuck trucked right through the pain and kicked Ryan low. He was trying now to go for a huge power bomb, but the jOlt Champion snapped to life again and he picked the knee out from under him again, once again toppling the Sin City superheavyweight. Adam seethed and tried to shield his knee from whatever Ryan had planned next, but when Ryan had an opportunity he made a habit of kicking that damn door open and taking whatever was inside. The blow had him in prime position for Jeremy to use a running knee to the back of the head!



Close, but no cigar!

Jeremy Ryan thought that he had him after his signature running knee smash when Roebuck spoiled that party right then and there. Jeremy then tried to grab him by the head and was trying to secure his submission finisher called The Dead Man … He almost had it locked on, but Roebuck was slowly able to fight back and he had Ryan on his shoulders before falling backwards with an electric chair drop!


The Cow Palace’s fans were all on their feet, hanging onto every move as they desperately wanted to see Jeremy Ryan get his comeuppance from the Las Vegas Leviathan. Roebuck had defeated him last week and he needed to do it one more time. Roebuck was trying to get feeling in his knee and he managed to get back up finally.

He blocked a right hand from Ryan and threw him down with a head butt. The jOlt Champion was hit with a second and a third head butt again and sent packing to the corner. Roebuck had a slightly busted wheel, but he rushed forward again …


Running hip attack came full force and crushed Jeremy Ryan in the corner. Ryan was bound for irish whip city again and when he came back he was taken all the way down to spinning sidewalk slam town! Roebuck favored his knee for a few seconds and then covered him again.




Roebuck was so close to winning the gold when Jeremy Ryan’s shoulder just managed to creep out off the mat. Diamond Jewelz even sat up from his seat and got worried. He was tired of this triple threat bullshit since that was how Ryan schemed to win the title in the first place and wanted him one-on-one without Roebuck’s involvement. Jeremy Ryan was at the mercy of the Las Vegas Leviathan as he stood up and waited with arms outstretched. He was prepping for the Bad Hand finisher …

“Hey! Celebrity over here!”

The official’s attention was on what looked like Darren Best of the Entertainers! He was on the apron dicking around with his cell phone. But one thing that Roebuck remembered was that where one of the Entertainers was …


… Alfie Button wasn’t far behind! He had jumped through the crowd and caught his opponent for the Tag Team Titles with a chuck kick! The blow was hard enough to stumble Roebuck and that allowed for Jeremy Ryan to capitalize as he rushed right at Adam Roebuck. He started to hoist him …


The side death valley driver that he called Man Down put him away and Jeremy Ryan laid across his shoulders. The Entertainers both ditched out of the ring and the camera made their escape.




They lost to Derrick Huber and the Natural Athletes earlier, but the Entertainers got some payback in the worst way possible when they had just helped to take away the jOlt Championship shot that Roebuck earned! The Cow Palace was irate as Jeremy Ryan stood up and celebrated. He had slain the massive Roebuck thanks to assistance from the Entertainers.

Still standing now was Diamond Jewelz, who wanted his match one-on-one and being a less-than-reputable man himself, he allowed the interference to happen. If anybody was going to take the title, it was him.

The final shot of tonight’s broadcast were two things…

An angry Roebuck who had charged out of the ring and limped into the crowd, gunning right after the two men that cost him the opportunity of a lifetime just before their tag title showdown at Breakdown.

And the shot of Relentless Champion Diamond Jewelz gesturing that he would add a second belt to his impressive resume. Jeremy Ryan held the coveted jOlt Championship up and looked like he could take on the world as he was confident in this victory tonight. This final staredown between champion and challenger ended the broadcast.

Winner: Jeremy Ryan via Pinfall