"Welcome to iNtense"

Darkness fades to gritty sepia when the opening piano of "Warriors" by PelleK (Imagine Dragons Cover) hits. We see image of an empty jOlt Arena filling with people in time lapse

The screen then explodes into full color when the drums and song kick in!

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

(In sync with music) We see scenes of action and images of current superstars Pietro Geist, Eiji Kugasari, Jeremy Ryan, Diamond Jewelz, Sarah Winterton, Charlotte, Keegan, Hank Wright, The House, and The Heirs of Wrestling

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

We continue to see images of action as the intrustmental continues to the very end...

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

We see Diamond Jewelz posing with Them MF'n Goons, The Rebellion standing tall in the middle of the ring, Mack Brody hitting the Gold Rush on Omega, Pietro Geist and Jeremy Ryan brawling, a shot of Kayden Paulton cracking a genuine smile, Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

With the final pulsing beats of the song, we see Jeremy Ryan striking a grin with the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder!

The scene flashes back into the arena where the song starts again, but in his complete form, starting with Verse 1 of the lyrics. The camera pans around the Arena as a splendid display of fireworks goes off on the main stage and above the ring. The set is a giant jOltvision with the N logo for iNtnese sitting to the left and to the right of the big jOltvision. The N itself is a massive red light that is illuminated. Above the jOltvision is a pseudo semi-circle steel structure that houses a curved screen that will be used to display a wrestler's name above it while their entrance video plays below on the jOltvision. On the stage itself, to the left and right of the entrance ramp are two more small, elongated mini screens which will display the wrestler's brand logo on them when they make their way out... unless they hold a title. Then it will display their championship belt on the left and the name of the title on the right!

The fans were buzzing with electricity as iNtense officially begins!

"Who is jOlt's Last Real Champion?"

If you were privy to watch Breakdown on either PPV or the WrestleNet NOW Network (or via less legal means SHAME ON YOU BIT-TORRENTORS), then you would know how the Pay-Per-View ended. jOlt World Champion “jOlt’s Last Real Man” Jeremy Ryan defended the championship successfully against #1 Contender and Relentless Champion Diamond Jewelz. However, the chauvinistic and vicious loose cannon of jOlt had a wee bit of help off a distraction from now ex-Heir of Wrestling member Frank Silver and his godfather, Sonny Silver. What relationship did the Silver family have with the new champion?

Well, if you know how wrestling works, you would get your answer…

Right now.


The capacity crowd filling up the EnergySolutions Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah, voiced their displeasure as Sonny Silver stepped out from the back, arms confidently resting behind his back as looked out to the crowd with a smug look and a fancy business suit. At his side was his godson and the ex-Heir of Wrestling, Frank Silver who had on a dark blue dress shirt, black jeans, and sunglasses tucked neatly into the front collar. Frank held the microphone out for Sonny Silver as the PRIME Hall of Famer spoke.

“Hello, retards.”

Yeaaaaaaaaah, that was the typical Silver greeting after all these years of him being away from the business. Not being one to mince words, he nodded towards the man he’d been leading these last several weeks.

“My name is Sonny Silver! You may remember me from running roughshod over such organizations as tSC, the fWo, PRIME, OSW, just to name a few… and if you didn’t know that and you don't know my outstanding history, go play jumprope with some tangled power lines. You all know my godson… one of the most decorated tag team wrestlers in the last ten years, one of the best kept secrets of jOlt Wrestling… but now that secret is out: He is solely looking out for number ONE now. This is Frank Silver!”

Frank raised his hands expecting an enormous ovation, but all he got was...

“YOU’RE A TRAITOR!” clap x5
“YOU’RE A TRAITOR!” clap x5
“YOU’RE A TRAITOR!” clap x5
“YOU’RE A TRAITOR!” clap x5
“YOU’RE A TRAITOR!” clap x5

Frank and Sonny exchanged glances as Sonny continued.

“These idiots will never understand. Frank Silver was the TRUE talent in the Heirs of Wrestling and I really wanted Ryan Gallway here with him. He was ultra-talented and I would’ve made the Heirs something special again, but he was soft, so that fuck is out of the picture! He won’t be here tonight, so sorry… but not sorry. To Ryan Gallway, I say this…DEUCES, BITCH!”


And the worst part was that comment brought a smile to the face of Frank Silver. He dropped Ryan on his head with a brutal Belly to Back Piledriver and thanks to that, he would not be here tonight Frank continued to relish in the thought as Sonny moved along.

“Please welcome at this time, one of my finest students! The man who made history by being the first graduate of The Hype to become the jOlt Heavyweight Champion! The man who defeated not only BOTH Superheavyweight Tag Team Champions in the last month, but also jOlt’s Relentless Champion… please welcome not only jOlt’s Last Real Man… JEREMY RYAN!

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

Seconds after the music roared through the arena, the crowd broke into a fever pitch for jOlt’s Public Enemy #1. The loose cannon who had blackmailed his way into and won the jOlt World Championship appeared on the stage, belt strapped over his shoulder and a look of intensity in his eyes. He turned to both Frank and Sonny, shaking hands with both before the new troublesome trio headed towards the ring.

Sonny climbed up the steps first and held the ropes open so his charges could step through. They climbed into the ring and stared out to the crowd with the fans jeering them all. The music faded out as Jeremy Ryan raised the jOlt World Championship over his head and Frank applauded right behind him. Sonny still had the microphone with the crowd still booing. Sonny was about to raise the mic and say something that was no doubt witty, but the crowd continued booing. He walked out of the ring and he started to stare out with some of the fans individually.


He moved to a lovely young couple.


Now to a father taking his son in the front row.


Then to an inconsiderate fuck texting.


And finally, to a man who just got from the concession stand with a Mack Brody t-shirt in hand and some food.

“And sir, since you clearly missed what’s going on here, allow me to catch you up to speed. HE! TOLD! YOU! HE TOLD ALL OF YOU RETARDS THE TRUTH! Jeremy Ryan walked into Breakdown as the jOlt World Champion and he walked OUT of Breakdown as the jOlt World Champion!”

The crowd grew even louder with jeers as Sonny scoffed.

“Oh, listen to you sorry little crybabies! WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH JEREMY RYAN CHEATED! WAAAAHHHHHHHHHH DIAMOND JEWELZ IS MY LORD AND SAVIOR AND HE SHOULD BE CHAMP! WAAAAAHHH. Right now… well, Ryan, do you want to say something here?”

He handed the microphone over to Jeremy Ryan and The Bad Man from Bangor scowled.

“Yeah. I won. Jewelz lost. Eat a bag of dicks if you don’t like that.”

After once more lording the jOlt World Championship over his head, the champ handed the mic back to Sonny who continued to weather the never-ending storm of boos and insults being hurled at the threesome in the ring.

“I know the REAL reason that you people have your panties in a bunch. You want to know WHY. Why, after I’ve been mainly getting Frank’s career back on track here, why would I reach out to Jeremy Ryan? What connection do I have with this man? Well, if you’d watched Countdown, you’d know. This man came to me years ago with a dream, a need to beat the hell out of people and a whole wad of money so I taught him how to wrestle and I taught him how to fight. He worked his ass off to get good, he made other organizations his bitch and proceeded to do the same to jOlt where this handsome fella now runs this shit. How could you hate this mug?”

Sonny pointed to the ultra-intense and disdainful sneer on his face.

“Getting to the top the way he did makes people enemies. And since Damien Lee has CLEARLY shown a propensity in the past for gunning after those he hates just like he did with Aran Thompson, I came to Ryan offered my services. I’ve been involved in this business in some form or fashion for over twenty five years and I will be DAMNED if some of the best talent in the last several decades in this business gets screwed like that. So myself and Frank will continue to watch his back. We will continue to KEEP him at the top of jOlt! He’ll continue to do what he does best and that is HURT whoever is put in front of him and I will make sure that jOlt’s Last Real Man… well, he will have the guidance of none other than jOlt’s Last Real ManAGER right here with him! ME!”

Cute, really. Sonny continued to laugh as he pointed to both men at his side.

“What you are looking at is complete control. In Jeremy Ryan, we control jOlt’s present. With Frank Silver, I control jOlt’s future! With the three of us in charge, we will continue to control jOlt Wrestling for as long as we feel like controlling things! Now, I’m going to give Jeremy Ryan the floor as there’s something he needs to get off his chest.”

The microphone was passed back to Jeremy Ryan as he continued to raise the jOlt Championship.

“As Sonny said to all of you… in the last month, I’ve defeated Derrick Huber, I’ve defeated Adam Roebuck and I’ve defeated Diamond Jewelz! And in the last year, I’ve defeated rising stars like Mack Brody! I’ve defeated former jOlt Champion Cori Albright! I've beaten Jesse Ramey! I’ve even defeated HALL OF FAMER, Derecho! All good athletes in their own right, but what stand before you is somebody who isn't just a good athlete and not even just a great athlete... hell, I'm no longer content on being JUST jOlt’s Last Real Man! What you see before you is a ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME talent! What stands before you know is JOLT’S LAST REAL CHAMPION!”

“But… as much as I have proven my worth with this title, I will not rest on JUST the jOlt World Championship! At the start of the year, I told all of you that I wanted to not just be the best jOlt World Champion that this place has ever seen, but I will be the history-making champion that comes along once in a lifetime! I wanted to be the first man to hold both the top two championships, the jOlt World and the jOlt Fearless Championship and I plan to make good on that promise… OMEGA…”

The crowd gasped at the mention of the long-reigning Fearless Champion. Those that called him out only had a death wish, but Ryan was doing it like it was mentioning any old word in the dictionary.

“I heard what you had to say about me at Countdown and likewise, you heard what I had to say a few weeks ago. That if you were to step across this ring from me, that I would TAKE your title, you one-eyed faggot, and I MEAN that. You think that because you’re tall, that I fear you? Ask Adam Roebuck what I thought of that. You think that because you can hit people with stupid shit like light tubes, barbed-wire boards and jump off rooftops, you somehow frighten me? Ask Derecho what I did to him when I fought him in one of my few No DQ matches. I mopped the floor with that emo fuck and sent his ass packing to that OTHER company. You think because you can intimidate some idiot technician to dim the lights for you so you can yell at people from some alleged dingy basement? Get outta here with that shit, son. So if you’ve got a set, Omega, and I know you THINK you do, then…”

“Mr. Ryan…”

The jOlt-vision lit up with the Fearless Champion in the bowels of the EnergySolutions Arena. The crowd gave a mixed reaction to the enigma known as Omega!

“We see that you are in the ring running your big mouth again about the man known as Omega. We have sat back and witnessed your illustrious rise to fame in this promotion. As you have claimed, you have bested many men in that ring but we need to remind you that you have never beaten us. We are the longest reigning Underground/Fearless champion for a reason because we fear nothing. Everyone we have faced always have something to fear and that usually is what and who we are.”

The Fearless champion slowly made his way into the dim light near the furnace. The champion's face was still covered with his hoodie as he continued.

“We know you Jeremy Ryan. We know what you fear. You may come out here and play up to these sheep and believe in the words that Sonny Silver is funneling into your ear. However, you my friend are afraid. You may claim that you are not like the others that we have faced but we know your weakness. You are scared of failing, so you will do any and everything you can to not let that happen. We know you fear failing and we are going to make sure that it’s recognized by you, Silver and those people sitting in the audience. We have never backed away from a challenge, you can ask Mack Brody on that. So if you want the Fearless championship, we are not hard to find. We will put the Fearless title up against you at Rise of the Legends. Show us that you can overcome your fear of failing. However, after we win the match we want a Heavyweight championship match. Its real simple Ryan, you tackle your fear of failing or we destroy you and everything your hold.”

Ryan looked at the image of Omega with a sideways glance as he turned towards Sonny and Frank. They shrugged at him as he turned back to face the rules of all things Fearless.

“…Me? AFRAID? Motherfucker, you’ve got most of those spineless pussies in the back drinking your cryptic-flavored Kool-Aid, but I’m gonna tell YOU what I think of you and your reign… sure, you’re a big, bad dude, and yeah, it’s true… right now, you’re the longest-reigning title holder in the company. But if you were to even THINK about coming after me and my jOlt Championship, I would wrestle CIRCLES around your big, dumb one-eyed ass. What I do takes actual wrestling talent and skills… something that you sorely lack when you aren’t surrounded by your tables, chairs, and whatever other crap you have. But that’s for a situation that will never happen. I’ve proven I can hang with the best of the Fearless Division already, so to your challenge… Sonny, want to manage here?”

Sonny approached him and took the microphone to face the growling Omega.

“Mister Omega… my client ACCEPTS your challenge for Rise of the Legends!”

And a loud WHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOA echoed all throughout the arena and brought a smile to the face of Omega.

“You can kiss your title goodbye and later tonight, you can see how a real Champion handles his business! Tonight, JOLT’S LAST REAL MANAGER will lead JOLT’S LAST REAL MAN to the ring in an open challenge for the jOlt World Championship! If anybody - except you, Omega, because you've already agreed to the terms for Rise of the Legends – wants to step up and have their dreams crushed in front of a worldwide audience, come on down to OUR ring tonight and Jeremy Ryan will show you why he is jOlt’s Last Real Champion!”

The fans looked at the jOlt-vision as the Fearless champion pulled his hoodie back as the one side of his dreads flowed down his face.

“Ryan, your profane tirades only shows your ineptitude. Our acumen only shows how injudicious you are when it comes to what you see when you gaze at us. Yes we have made a living abolishing wrestlers with weapons and such but that does not mean that we have never been in a pure wrestling match as well. You state that you have proven yourself with others in the Fearless division but you and hopefully your associate Mr. Silver comprehend that Omega is above the division. We are on a dissimilar level than those others that you have dealt with. Jeremy if you feel that you can take our title then we will undoubtedly see in a few weeks.”

The fans erupted again with the thought of the two champions facing off against each other.

“Mr. Silver, make sure that your client is ready because he will experience something that he has never ever felt before in his life. If you don’t understand then watch our history and see how the men we have faced have all changed because of what Omega has done to them.

The Fearless champion slowly moved his head up to look into the camera.

“Good Luck tonight champ, we’ll see you soon.”

The image of the beastly Omega faded to nothing and with it, Jeremy Ryan turned to his new business partners before they left the ring. This was nothing short of an earth-shattering announcement and for the first time ever, the very own jOlt World Champion would be competing for the Fearless Championship with intent to hold both titles.

The landscape of jOlt may very well not survive two of its most violent competitors.

???????? vs Michael Donavan

After the commercial break, jOlt returned to the airwaves and standing in the ring already was a rather well-built individual. About 6’5”… 275lbs give or take. He looked like a solid mountain of muscle. This virtual stood there in the middle of the ring looking a little bit lost.

“Demon Cleaner” by Kyuss

Out from the back came Michael Donavan who came out of a triple threat match at Breakdown on the losing end of things. Donavan had been struggling to find a win since leaving The Rebellion and tonight, as a result, he’s curtain jerking against an unnamed opponent. Donavan entered the ring as the crowd in Salt Lake City began an auspicious chant.

“KILL THE JOBBER!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“KILL THE JOBBER!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“KILL THE JOBBER!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“KILL THE JOBBER!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“KILL THE JOBBER!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap

Donavan stared across the ring at this rookie as the referee called for the bell.




At the sound of the bell, the deer in the headlights look on the face of the unknown became a sinister grin. He exploded from the standing position and nailed a Flying Shoulder Tackle that knocked Michael Donavan off of his feet!! This man pulled Donavan up to a vertical base and trapped the head under his arm and proceeded to hit knee strike after knee strike into Donavan’s mid-section! He then heaved Donavan over with ease with a Snap Suplex before popping back up to his feet in a quick and timely manner!

Donavan rolled to the outside as this unknown rolled out of the ring and slammed his forearm into Donavan’s upper back. He then grabbed Donavan by the waist and…


This beast of a man got back up and grabbed Donavan … throwing him back into the ring under the bottom rope. Donavan staggered to his feet when this guy pulled Donavan up and shot him into the ropes. The unknown man popped Donavan into the air and nailed him with a vicious European Uppercut on the way down!! Donavan is 6’10” and 265 pounds and this guy hit the move with ease on a man of that size!!

Donavan rolled over onto his stomach and grabbed the ropes, using them to pull himself back up and into the corner, but this man charged in and slammed his arm into him with a corner clothesline. He repeatedly hit Donavan over and over and over again until Donavan fell into a seated position in the corner. Donavan was then subjected to numerous stomps in the corner by this unknown who is leaving the crowd here in Salt Lake City silent with this dominant display.

The man wasted no time hoisting Donavan up to his feet and hitting a Belly to Belly Suplex out of the corner on Donavan. To his credit.. Donavan still managed to get to his feet as he didn’t want to stay down. The man lunged in and hit another Flying Shoulder Tackle, knocking Donavan back down. The man stood and made a slashing motion across his throat. He pulled Donavan up and hooked him for a Side Russian Leg Sweep, but he kicked Donavan’s legs out and drove him face first into the canvas with a Reverse Flatliner! This man made the cover, hooking the leg…




The man got up and immediately exited the ring by the announce table.

Dean Carrington: The winner of this match...

The man grabbed the microphone away from Carrington

“No… you don’t get to say my name. I am the only one who gets to say my name and right now.. because of these assholes here tonight chanting what they did a few short minutes ago.. not a single damn one you deserve to know my name. However… what you people do deserve.. is a chance to say goodbye to Michael Donavan”

With that, the man tossed the microphone over his shoulder and grabbed two steel chairs from ringside. He tossed both of them into the ring and rolled back in, picking up one of them. Donavan was just starting to get back to his feet and when he fully stood…




Donavan hit the canvas with a hard thud… he was out cold! The man tossed the broken chair aside and unfolded the second chair. He pulled Donavan’s limp, lifeless body up and hooked him in the leg sweep position..




The chair flattened under Donavan’s weight. The man stood up and laughed to himself as he looked around the arena.

“WHO KILLED WHO, NOW!?” he yelled out to the crowd as they stood there silent, some covering their mouths.

The man laughed as he stepped through the ropes and exited up the ramp. He disappeared behind the curtain as the referee checked on Donavan. He motioned to the backstage area as officials and trainers rushed out with a stretcher. They quickly entered the ring and safely put a neck brace on Donavan. They positioned him onto the board and slid him under the bottom rope, carefully placing Donavan on the stretcher. Once he was secured in place, they wheeled Donavan to the backstage area.

Michael Burhman: I.. I don’t know who that man was… but if he’s part of the jOlt roster now… God help us. Like him or hate him.. Michael Donavan is a human being and no human being deserves that kind of treatment. We can only hope Michael Donavan is all right.

Nate Powers: That was some freak-ish power and strength. I know we have monsters on the roster, but this guy.. whatever his name may be.. just.. damn… I mean, with destruction like that, do you even need to know his name?

Michael Burhman: Nope.. you just need to know to stay out that man’s way.

Winner: ???????? via Pinfall

"No Good Luck Needed"

The camera focused in on Donny Layne backstage at the interview set as he waited for the cue to begin.

“Hello, ladies and gents, I’m Donny Layne and with me right now are the Tag Team Champions!” he said as he gestured to his left. “Please welcome THE HOUSE - Adam Roebuck and Derrick Huber.”

Roebuck and Huber the Tag Team champions appeared on camera and greeted Donny by shaking his hand. Despite coming off a very successful defense, the two did not appear to be in good spirits.

“First of all, I wanted to say congratulations to the two of you on successfully defending the jOlt Tag Team titles against the Entertainers. They were your toughest challenge to date and you overcame them.”

“Thank you, Donny,” Derrick said, “it was tough. Those boys got under our skin like gnats and burrowed their way in. They cost Adam Roebuck the jOlt Title, but we got our payback. There is no doubt despite their little B.S. tactics against us, Big Bucks and I took those little bastards back to the woodshed, to borrow a phrase. Someday they made be Tag Team champions, but that night was our night.”

“Now, I do apologize for bringing up the subject, but at Breakdown we also saw your wife Charlotte lose her Startlets championship to Tammy Lynn Foster. Are there any updates on her condition?”

“Yes,” Huber replied. “Unfortunately, my wife did lose her championship and Tammy Lynn Foster took things one step too far by injuring her. She will be out for at least a month recovering from a concussion; maybe longer. We like to say “don’t bet against The House” but you can also bet that when Charlotte comes back, she’ll be stronger than ever and she’ll be a record four-time Starlets champion before you know it! Tammy Lynn will be sorry that she ever did what she did and she’ll find that out first hand.”

Roebuck was behind him and nodded in agreement.

“You may not have been at the show but another challenge was lobbied at you. The Natural Athletes wanted a shot at your Tag Team titles and wanted one tonight. People are calling them the fastest rising tag team in the division. Do you have any response for them?”

“We do,” Roebuck boomed. “Just like the Entertainers, Them Mf-N Goons and any other team that wants to try and take down the kings we don’t shy from a challenge. Charlotte is hurt, but I’ve known that girl long enough to know the show must go on. We accept their challenge.”

A resonating roar of the crowd filled the arena. Derrick Huber continued speaking for the duo.

“We follow the Hype and they’re quite possibly the best team to come out of there, but we’re going to teach these boys another lesson that we had to learn the hard way once: it’s called disappointment. In life, you don’t always get want you want and you kids won’t be winning these titles tonight.”

“Hahahaha! You tell ‘em, uncle Derrick!”

The House members turned and there was Adam Roebuck’s son from the Hype, “Good Luck” Zane Roebuck, walking up to them with his hands in his pockets.

“Dad, uncle Derrick, glad to see you guys here!”

“We work here,” Huber said, “you don’t. What are you doing here, Zane?”

Zane laughed it off in an almost exaggerated fashion and he patted him on the back.

“Oh, Derrick, that cracks me up! Look, I just flew out here to surprise my dad, so … well, surprise! Here I am!”

The elder Roebuck turned to his son with his arms folded.

“Thanks for coming, Zane, and for your support against the Entertainers, but we finished them off. Tonight, it’s going to be the Natural Athletes that need all the luck tonight so you can watch what we do to them.”

Zane nodded.

“Oh, I know, Dad. You guys are gonna win tonight no question. I just wanted to ask you guys for a huge, huge, huge, huge, huge, huge favor, though.”

“What’s that?” Huber asked.

“They have that Nate Quartermaine guy that comes out with them for their matches in support. Since I flew all the way out here to Utah and had to use up a lot of my frequent flyer miles, I was wondering if … well … could I go out there with you guys? Just for moral support.”

Huber shot a somewhat concerned look to his larger tag team partner.

“Your call, papa bear.”

The elder Roebuck looked at the younger one.

“… that’s fine.”

If Zane Roebuck could’ve jumped out of his skin he might have at that moment. He jumped and reached up to high-five his Dad, but the Big Bucks wasn’t a high-fiver.

“You got it! I won’t even bother wishing you good luck because you guys won’t need it. I’ll see you out there later!”

Zane Roebuck ran down the hallway with excitement about being able to debut on Intense for a large audience. After he left, Derrick turned to his tag team partner.

“The kid needs to lay off the Pepsi.”

Nate Quartermaine vs Statuz Quo

We were just coming back from a commercial break advertising that new Jurassic World movie coming out where Star-Lord fights a bunch of dinosaurs for our amusement when the shot came back to a very unpleasing sight: that of an angry Duzza standing by in the ring with one of his boys. The tag team known as Trouble had been seen sparingly lately and that was something that Duzza was looking to rectify for the members of his group. Tonight, The A-Town Assassin was in action tonight against Nate Quartermaine of The Natural Athletes and wanted to play spoiler for the former Rebellion member.

“Well, well, well, look who got the mic now!’ Duzza said. “Tonight, my boy Quo, is gonna make some quick work of this mothafucka, Nate Quartermaine… that has to be the WHITEST name I’ve ever heard… and tonight when this dumb wrasslin’ cracka comes out here, there’s gonna be…” he shot a glance at Quo standing by. “…Trouble.”

He dropped the mic (yes, in that badass mic drop fashion) and let referee Ian Nguyen pick it up as the music of his opponent played.


“I Don’t Wanna Stop” by Ozzy Osbourne.

The member of The Natural Athletes arrived from the back and raised a fist to the crowd, letting out a shout before he headed towards the ring. A focused and intense-looking made his way down the ramp and hands with the fans!

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall… making his way to the ring from North Bend,Washington, weighing in at 223 pounds… he is a member of The Natural Athletes… this is NATE QUARTERMAINE!

The fans gave a great response to the Washington native as he climbed up to the top turnbuckle. His stablemates, Cori Albright and Terry Massimo, were both in the back preparing for their important Tag Team Title match against The House. Quo was with Duzza, but no Khadafi tonight. Still, Quartermaine would need eyes in the back of his head if Duzza had anything to say about things. Quartermaine entered the ring and Ian Nguyen called for the bell.


Statuz Quo went on the attack quickly! The former LoC Tag Team Champion put the boots to him right the gut and tried to wear down the amateur wrestling prodigy quickly with a series of hard rights to the back of the head. Quo piefaced him as Nate got backed into the ropes with a few good shots.

“FIGHT BACK, BITCH!” Quo shouted.

The A-Town Assassin continued to rub his taped forearm across the face of Quartermaine in the corner and continued to drill him with knees to the gut. Quartermaine had yet to get out of the box as Quo threw in a few body shots to wear him out. He pulled The Fire out of the corner and tried to take his head off with a Short-Arm Clothesline next when Quartermaine ducked!

He fought back by grabbing Quo by the waist and throwing him high into the air before crashing down hard with a big takedown! Some of that wrestling prowess was coming into play as he segued forward right into a Gator Roll! He looked to wear down Quo quickly before he pulled him up and took him down with a Snap Suplex right into a floatover!




Quartermaine got a two and pulled Quo up, only for the brawler to stop him with a Kneeling Jawbreaker. He stood up and whipped him off to the ropes, but Nate blocked and fired pair of hard Elbow Smashes to the face! He then backed Quo up to the ropes.




Three hard Knife-Edge Chops garnered three different “WHOO!” from the Utah crowd as he looked to toss Quo into the ropes. He reversed that and sent Nate flying back. When he came back, he ducked under a Clothesline and kept on running when Quo caught him and SPIKED him down with a nice Spinebuster! He stacked him up right into a cover, looking to play spoiler for the former Rebellion member!




He was angry with the defiant kickout from the young wrestler, but Statuz Quo continued to drill him about the chest with about three different Driving Elbow Drops to wear down the member of The Natural Athletes. He stood up and he walked backwards to the ropes only to come back with a crowd-hating move…


The Double Foot Stomp connected and Duzza was probably the only one in the arena that was happy with that at all. Quo turned around and he scurried right into a cover on Quartermaine again after the blow.




Nate Quartermaine kicked out again, which only served to piss off Statuz Quo some more. He reached down to pull him back up to his feet, but when he did, The Fire continued to fight back! He elbowed Quo in the stomach with tremendous force and managed to get back to his feet. Quo pushed him back to the ropes with a good shove, but Nate came right back and BLASTED him in the jaw with a tremendous Flying Forearm Smash!

The Fire slapped a fist on the canvas and the crowd started to clap along in unison as Statuz Quo started to make a quick comeback. When he got back to his feet, he kicked him in the gut and rushed back to the ropes to take him down with a Jumping Lariat takedown!

The Fire was on… well, his nickname, as he went to pick up Quo off the mat. He launched him at the corner and followed him in with a big Corner Elbow Smash. He hooked him up and took him down with a Northern Lights Suplex… but no! He rolled up for another one! He landed two big Nothern Lights Suplexes and took Quo up with him a third time and nailed it! He covered after the Rolling Northern Lights!




Quo kicked out and when Nate tried to follow up with his next move, the disoriented A-Town Assassin rolled to the floor where Duzza was waiting for him. Nate wasn’t going to take kindly to this at all and The Natural Athlete member didn’t wait for a chance to strike. He bounced off the ropes and came back with a Suicide Dive, taking down both Quo and Duzza in the process!

Their plan to escape failed and now Nate Quartermaine was making Quo pay for it. He picked him up and threw him right back into the ring where he tried to pick him up for something big. He kicked him in the gut and was looking for the Blue Thunder Bomb that he called Three Quarters, but Quo was able to elbow his way out. He kicked him in the chest and tried going for his own finisher called Ether, but Nate blocked the Reverse STO with a few elbows to the back of the head. Quo fought back with a pair of jabs of his own before being taken to the ropes…


He was caught off the return and dropped with the Spin-Out Powerbomb! Quatermaine held right on for a cover!




Quo kicked out, but Nate fluidly grabbed the leg and in one quick motion, rolled Quo onto his back and slapped on a tight STF submission! Quo was left in the center of the ring with nowhere to go, but as he tried to escape, Nate Quartermaine reached over and wrapped both arms around the neck and waist, locking him in a modified Regal Stretch! He cranked back on the hold and there was nowhere left for him to go…


After garnering the tapout, Nate rolled off of Quo and stood up to his feet, celebrating a big singles win here tonight!

“Here is your winner of the match as a result of a submission… NATE QUARTERMAINE!

Quartermaine rolled out of the ring while Quo was on the ground, still writhing about in pain. It was a new submission move that Nate had been working on and while he didn’t have a name for it quite yet, you could still call it deadly. Nate headed to the back with a big win under his belt. Big things could be in the future for all of The Natural Athletes if they could upset The House later tonight and win the Tag Team Titles.

Winner: Nate Quartermaine via Submission

"Everyone Deserves A Second Chance"

The scene opened up backstage. We saw Sebastian Saje and Alyssa Corliss standing there with their hands cupped each other’s.

“This seems just like old times, doesn’t it?” asked Alyssa.

“Yeah, except I don’t have to worry about Jeremy Ryan coming around and kicking my ass because we just happen to be standing here talking.. haha” remarked Saje.

Alyssa kind of chuckled at that statement.

“Say” said Saje. “I know this is kind of a weird question, but… do you think there might be any chance of us getting back together?”

Alyssa’s eyes widened.

“What makes you ask something like that all of a sudden?” asked Alyssa.

“Well.. it’s just that.. when Raevynn got in my ear, I did and said a lot of things that rubbed a lot of people the wrong way and it cost me my relationship with you. In the grand scheme of things, I realize that it was far from worth it and I want a chance to make it up to you. You deserve that from me at the very least and… well… even though I didn’t really show it… the truth is I never really stopped loving you.”

Alyssa let out a sigh.

“You really think it’s just that easy, don’t you?” asked Alyssa. “I put a lot of trust and faith in you and you really stepped all over that. I can’t really just forget that, you know.”

Saje closed his eyes and bent his head down and looked towards the floor.

“However… that just means you’re going to have to try that much harder to make me forget that.” Said Alyssa.

Saje looked up and opened his eyes.

“Then…” Saje said with a hopeful tone in his voice.

“Everyone deserves a second chance… that’s what I believe” said Alyssa. “BUT… remember… I’m a pro-wrestler… if you step on my trust again, I won’t hesitate to show you that women do belong in a men’s sport if you get my drift.”

Saje swallowed hard at that last comment.

“G-G-Got it loud and clear” said Saje with a smile.

Alyssa then embraced Saje with a hug.

“I’ve missed you…” said Alyssa.

“I’ve missed you too” said Saje.

The camera panned back and we saw Raevynn lurking behind a corner. She saw the entire thing. She gritted her teeth and clenched her fist. She turned and stormed away. The scene of Alyssa and Saje hugging in the background faded out to black.

Brian Williams vs Kayden Paulton

The audience was ready for some action here tonight as we were coming off the heels of the Breakdown PPV. As the crowd cheered, they got a bit more amped up when a theme hit the PA speakers.

“Less Talk More Rokk” by Freezepop

The crowd cheered as “The World’s Nicest Man” Kayden Paulton came out from the backstage area. He went from side to side on the stage and got the crowd pumped up before making his way down to the entrance ramp. Kayden slid underneath the bottom rope and climbed up onto the turnbuckles, striking a pose for those with the benefits of flash photography.

Kayden hopped down when the lights in the arena went dim.

Before Brian Williams joined Kayden, Kasabian’s Club Foot meant the crowd had no respite from utilising their voiceboxes. K-E-E-G-A-N. All smiles, and isn’t it easy when you’ve not thrown a punch in anger, the Brit emerged to an excellent reception and was going to get involved so to speak, providing commentary on a future opponent in the form of the former Hype champion. The Yardstick tested the high-tech equipment out as soon as he could: “It’s such a shame because they say nice guys finish last, not something I agree with. It could be true in Kayden’s case though,” Keegan stated, almost apologetically. While the newcomer was being welcomed to the booth, could the recipient of this next song be composing a message to Kayden and Keegan? “Yours is an Empty Hope” by Nightwish

The lights swirled around the arena until the electric guitar kicked in. The lights then began to pulse with each beat of the drum as a spotlight hit the stage. Brian Williams was showed in a knelt position as the lights continued to flash each time the drums struck. When the pace picked up, Williams slowly rose up to his feet as the lights flashed quickly and randomly as if it were a live rock concert.

When the lyrics kicked in, Williams punched the air and it caused pyro to explode to the left and right of him. Williams then made his way to the ring as the was roaring over his new entrance. They petitioned for it and they got it. Williams entered the ring and the music died down. The crowd applauded as Kayden walked over and extended his hand at the sound of the bell.





Williams laughed as he grabbed Kayden’s hand and Kayden did just that.. he pulled Williams in and gave him a pre-match hug! After that they separated and circled each other in the ring. At the lock up, Williams powered Kayden back into the corner and the referee gave Williams to the count of five for the clean break and Williams obliged, backing away. Kayden came out from the corner and they locked up again, but Williams was quick and pulled Kayden to the canvas with a side head lock. Kayden swung his legs around and applied a head scissors, but Williams immediately kicked out of it and the two of them stood and came to another face off to a round of applause from the crowd. Kayden wanted another handshake and Williams gave it to him.

“I’ll be honest: it is nice to see sportsmanship still exists. I haven’t seen this much hugging since the first Fury-Chisora fight though,” The Yardstick said referring to the all-British boxing affair in 2012. They circled once again and on the third lock up, Kayden slipped behind with the waist lock, then a take down to the canvas. Kayden floated over and applied the front chancery, but Williams powered up to his feet and shoved Kayden back into the corner. Williams hit a pair of shoulder blocks and then sent Kayden across the ring to the opposite side. Williams charged in, but Kayden slipped through the ropes and decked Williams in the face with a forearm shot, staggering him away. Kayden grabbed the top rope and leapt off, but Williams caught him in mid-air and wrecked his day with a Powerslam!!




Kayden got the shoulder up in time.

“Lovely forearm shot by Kayden, give him credit for that, but Brian is a big lad and too strong for him. Different style altogether,” observed the special guest commentator at ringside. Williams backed into the corner as Kayden tried to regain his composure. Kayden got up to his feet and Williams charged in, looking for a lariat, but Kayden ducked and leapt into the corner, twisting off with a Cross Body Block which took Williams off of his feet. Kayden rolled with the momentum and got back to a vertical base. Williams stood and charged in, but Kayden side stepped and shoved Williams off to the ropes. Kayden leapt over Williams, forcing him to the opposite side. Kayden went to his back for a Monkey flip, but Williams stopped short and kicked Kayden in the top of his head! Williams darted to the adjacent ropes and crashed down on top of Kayden with a Senton Back Splash! Another cover!



Kayden kicked out again!

“He might be wetter than a school of dolphins, but Kayden’s game and I respect him for that. You’ve got to have a set of bollocks to get in there with either Patterson or Williams or not have a brain. That’s why me and Hank fancy it.” “Balls or brains?” “Both - I think!” Keegan chuckled that time. Williams pulled Kayden up to his feet and then scooped him up into his arms. He dropped Kayden across his knee with a rib breaker, but he continued to hold on. He dropped him down across the knee with a second rib breaker and then finished it off with a Fallaway Slam! Williams stood and backed into the ropes. He looked for a second Senton Back Splash, but Kayden put the knees up and Williams crashed down on top of them! Williams stood up holding his back in pain as Kayden leapt up and dropped Williams across his knees with a Backstabber!

Kayden got back up and positioned Williams before heading to the corner. Kayden climbed up to the turnbuckle pad, but Williams got to his feet and scrambled to the corner, knocking Kayden off his perch. Williams climbed up top and hooked Kayden for a Superplex, but Kayden fought back with heavy right hands. Kayden switched it up and nailed a couple of headbutts to Williams which caused him to fall off the middle rope and back into position. Kayden stood up and leapt off, connecting with his Top Rope Leg Drop..


Special K was as shocked as anyone: “Wait a minute,” he whispered, rising to his feet, very much invested and interested in what was unfolding. Kayden could have him here as he went for the cover.



Williams kicked out.

Kayden sat Williams up and placed him in a Dragon Sleeper. Williams was struggling to get free, but Kayden tightened the hold. Eventually, Kayden pulled Williams up while maintaining the Dragon Sleeper hold. Williams was now in perfect position for The Upside Down Frown, but Williams pivoted his body and countered by hoisting Kayden up onto his shoulders with a Fireman’s Carry, but Kayden wriggled free and landed behind Williams. Kayden applied a waist lock, but Williams countered with a pair of back elbows to the head. Williams pivoted, looking for a discus forearm, but Kayden countered by wrapping his arm around Williams neck and nailing a Standing Uranage Slam! Kayden backed into the ropes and hit a Running Leg Drop across the neck and chest. He stood up and took off to the ropes again, hitting a second Running Leg Drop. Kayden stood and pointed his finger into the air a the crowd popped. He took off to the ropes, but Williams kipped up to his feet, scooped Kayden up into his arms and planted him with a Double A Spinebuster!

“Brian Williams is a beast and you’ve got to be one to fight fire with fire, like Mike Patterson did. Unfortunately for all of us, Hank and myself will stand dead-centre and have a ruck with these lads. Kayden’s a good wrestler and that’s what he needs to do - wrestle. He’s giving it a right go, but he needs to mix it up!” Williams stood and headed to the corner. He climbed up the turnbuckle pads, trying to shake off the effects of the Leg Drops from Kayden. Williams took aim and flipped off with the Swanton Bomb, but again, Kayden sensed it and put the knees up and Williams crashed down upon them for a second time! Williams was on his knees, holding his back in pain. Kayden got to his feet, backed into the ropes and nailed a Shotgun Drop Kick to the back of Williams head! Williams hit the canvas face first and immediately decided to roll out to the ringside area by the announce position. Williams needed a new plan here, but Kayden wasn’t going to give him time to think about it. Kayden backed into the ropes and got a full head of steam as he dove through the middle and top ropes...



Williams reached up and grabbed Kayden by the upper torso as he flew through the ropes. He then used Kayden’s momentum to toss him back first into the edge of the announce table!!!!!


After the fecal chant died down.. a new chant struck up.

“YOU KILLED KAYDEN” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“YOU KILLED KAYDEN” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“YOU KILLED KAYDEN” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“YOU KILLED KAYDEN” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“YOU KILLED KAYDEN” Clap Clap ClapClapClap

Keegan was back on his feet, Williams shooting him a quick stare, nothing else. All three members of the commentary desk stood up. Only one dared say anything, though it was purely professional: “I think the crowd is right! Kayden, bless him, went for it, didn’t he? Brian and Mike, they’re the future of jOlt and that’s why, right there - unfortunately for them, we’re still the present and they won’t do that to either of us. We’re too experienced, and can you imagine me trying that? I’d put my back out before I even got to Brian!” Williams pulled Kayden up off the floor and rolled him back into the ring. Kayden got up on all fours, but he collapsed back down, holding his back in pain. Kayden continued to crawl across the ring as Williams rolled back in. Kayden grabbed the ropes and used them to pull himself up. Williams simply walked over and grabbed Kayden by the arm. He pressed Kayden against the ropes and shot him across the ring. Williams backed into the ropes, charged in and nailed a Flying Sick Kick right into Kayden’s face! The smack echoed throughout the arena and Kayden was done! Williams went to the corner and climbed up to the top turnbuckle pads. He felt there was no way Kayden would put his knees up this time. Williams flipped off and sure enough.. he connected!


The Swanton Bomb connected and Williams sensed victory as he went for the cover.



THRE.. NO!!!!!!

Kayden got the shoulder up and Williams couldn’t believe it! The crowd went nuts as Kayden Paulton was still alive!

They weren’t alone as an open-mouthed European summed up what some sections of the audience must have been thinking, albeit in an unconventional manner: “Fuck me seven ways on Sunday and call me Sandra. How did he kick out of that?!” Williams stood and signaled for the end. He grabbed Kayden by the hair, pulling him up to his feet, but Kayden shocked Williams by hoisting him up onto his shoulders and spinning him off with a TKO!!! That was pretty much all that Kayden had left as he couldn’t follow up with it! Both Kayden and Williams was down as the referee started a mandatory ten count.







Both men began to stir...


Williams got to his feet first...


Followed by Kayden

Williams stepped in, but Kayden rocked him with a punch to the face. Williams fired a punch back, but Kayden blocked it and returned the favor with another punch! Kayden hit a third punch, then a fourth.. a fifth.. a sixth.. a seventh.. and eighth.. a ninth.. and then he wound up for a huge Haymaker, but WIlliams quickly countered with an Inverted Atomic Drop! From there he quickly placed Kayden into a Pumphandle, lifted him up and dropped him neck first across his knee!!


He quickly scooped Kayden up, placed him between his legs, lifted, grapevined the leg and dropped Kayden right on top of his head...


“OH! Kayden won’t kick out this time,” Special K stated solemnly. Williams made the cover, hooking the leg...




It was over! Kayden Paulton put up a hell of a fight, but the resilience and the explosiveness of Brian Williams won out in the end. Williams knelt there beside Kayden and nodded his head as if he acknowledged Kayden’s ability.

The referee raised Williams hand and then Williams walked back over and helped Kayden Paulton up to his feet. He gave Paulton a hug in the middle of the ring and raised his hand for the crowd and the crowd responded positively for “The World’s Nicest Man.” Kayden thanked Williams with a handshake and was about to leave when Williams darted over to the ropes and held them open for Kayden. Kayden hopped out and Williams followed suit.

Keegan stood up and exchanged handshakes with the announcers as well: “Pleasure. Thanks for having me. That was an impressive performance by both lads. Kayden Paulton is a sweetheart of a lad and a fierce competitor, but he was in there with an animal. We know what we’re up against. Why? We’re looking in the mirror.” The two of them walked side by side up the ramp just talking about whatever with each other.

Winner: Brian Williams va Pinfall

"New Era Begins"

The camera fades backstage to the jOlt backdrop to see Dawn Cassidy standing with the new Starlets Champion, Tammy Lynn Foster.

“Tonight I am standing here with the new Starlets champion, Tammy Lynn Foster.” Dawn said as she looked to her left.

The fans erupted in jeers as the new champion smirked with the title on her right shoulder.

“Ya need ta respeck the Starlets champeen. You and all these people did not think I could beat Charlotte for dis title. Look at me now, I beat her, made her bleed, and now she’s sittin’ in a hospital bed somewhere.”

The fans jeered again.

“Speaking of Charlotte, she was a great champion and you continued to power bomb her putting her in the hospital. What do you have to say about that?” Dawn asked Tammy Lynn.

TL smirked as she looked at Dawn before answering. “Wat do ya mean what do I have ta say? Didn’t I say it at Breakdown? I told Charlotte dat I was gonna destroy her and I did just dat. Maybe now you people will take me seriously. Charlotte may have been a good champeen for you people but I’m gonna dominate like no other. Dis title will stay with me for as long as I see fit.”

“Will you be defending the title tonight?”

“You have to be kiddin me right, Dawn. There is no one on this roster ready ta face a champeen like me.”

"...Oh? That so?"

The crowd started to cheer! That sound was that of a perennial contender for the coveted Starlet Championship and a woman that had faced off with not only a long-reigning Sarah Winterton, but even Tammy Lynn in the past.

Callie "Scrapper" Scott.

"Pfft. You?" Foster scoffed.

"Yeah... Me." Scott said, adjusting the signature black elbow pad with the familiar sparkling skull and bones logo.

"And what makes y'all think you'd even be a challenge for dis champeenship?"

"I must've hit you pretty hard with this elbow of mine harder than I thought. If you don't remember, let me refresh your memory. A few months ago on Intense 112, I laid you out and PINNED you with this elbow. I bet that I could do it again and I bet I could do it and take that shiny Starlet Title from you."

"Dat a fact?"

Callie smirked. "Yeah, Lurlune, it is. And if you think that you're gonna get away with hurting my friend, Charlotte, then you've got another thing coming... that being another elbow right between your beady little eyes."

Tammy took the title and laughed. "You got yurself a match, ya little bitch. See ya in the ring."

Foster left the set and Callie watched her leave with a hateful glare. Could Callie finally become Starlet Champion for the first time? We'd find out later tonight!

Draconian vs Khadafi

“Serial Killa” by Snoop Dogg

Out walked Khadafi, who was in the mix for a singles match tonight against the dreaded dreadnought, Draconian. It was obvious he was ready to rock and had the will to try and pull this off. The fans were giving him some jeers along the way but the Hawaiian Headhunter didn’t give a shit.

Then the music cut out… and the lights go dark.

Blue lights panned and flashed throughout the arena…

“Scheme” by STS9

It was eerie music for an eerie wrestler. His hair was cobalt blue, his eyes were black and his skin was beyond pale. At over seven feet of height Draconian made his way down the ramp and into the ring. In his match with Donovan and Seraph at Breakdown, Draconian proved himself to be a master in the art of chokeslamming. Would Khadafi learn this first hand?

Ding dingding!

Khadafi avoided a lock up with his bigger opponent and instead opted for a run-and-gun attack tonight. He ran past Draconian, bounced off the ropes and came back with a lunge catching Draconian with a shoulder block. Draconian stumbled a couple of steps backward. Khadafi went back for another run off the ropes but was met with a big boot to the face!

Draconian grabbed Khadafi’s head and pounded a few hammer fists before dropping Khadafi’s face onto his knee. Khadafi bounced back up from the impact in a daze before Draconian pulled him in and clotheslined him onto his back. Draconian dropped several stomps before pulling Khadafi back up to his feet.

Khadafi felt himself get grabbed by the head and shorts… perfectly executed suplex!

Draconian was in control.

Khadafi was lifted by the head back up to his feet and flung to the corner. Draconian charged in for a body avalanche but found only turnbuckle after Khadafi ducked through the ropes and out of the ring. Draconian grimaced as Khadafi walked around the ring catching his breath.

“Back.In. The. RING!” yelled Draconian.

When Khadafi finally reentered the ring, the referee took a moment to get in his face and lay down the rules of engagement and the repercussions for delaying the match. During this distraction the other half of Trouble, Statuz Quo, came running down and slid into the ring. He ran behind Draconian and caught the dreadnought off guard with a major drop kick! Quo nearly got his feet all the way to the back of Draconian’s head in a feat of pure athleticism. Statuz Quo rolled out of the ring and the referee finished his conversation with Khadafi.

Khadafi smirked knowing full well what just happened, and he planned to capitalize on the opportunity. Draconian was attempting to get back to his feet when Khadafi laid him out with a running knee to the head. Khadafilaid his boot onto the back of Draconian’s head and pushed down rubbing the white monster’s face into the canvas. Khadafi jumped and dropped a leg onto the prone Draconian, got back to his feet and went to the ropes. Draconian had gotten back to his feet, just barely, when he was met by Khadafi…

The King Killa!

Khadafi just smoked Draconian with a running STO leaving Draconian a pile on the mat, which was followed by a pin attempt.



Khadafi flew upward into the air. Draconian had just BENCH PRESSED the Hawaiian Headhunter off of him in a fit of defiance. Both wrestlers climbed back up to their feet before meeting in the middle of the ring to trade punches.

After some back and forth Draconian grabbed Khadafi, led him to the corner and up the turnbuckles. Perched above the ring, Draconian spied Statuz Quo loitering ring-side. Not taking his eyes off of Quo, Draconian lifted Khadafi by the throat…


Draconian just threw Khadafi down with a top rope choke slam and he remained alone above the ring, above Statuz Quo and above the fans. Down in the ring Khadafi laid motionless, and it wasn’t long before Draconian got down to go for the cover.




Immediately Statuz Quo was in the ring to avenge his tag team partner, but the attempt was futile. First he ran into Draconian’s big boot. Then Draconian kicked him in the stomach and flung him across the ring via gutwrenchsuplex. Finally Quo found a hand gripping his throat as if he were about to be chokeslammed…

Quo was absolutely GASPING for air while Draconian appeared to be delay. While holding Quo by the neck, Draconian looked deep into his eyes. Was he going to chokeslam him or not?

The lack of oxygen was starting to take effect on Quo whose face turned colors and whose arms started to go limp. His feeble attempts to break the hold on his neck were fruitless, and he had black spots in his vision.

Without rhyme or reason Draconian released the hold and Quo crumpled to the mat holding his neck, choking and spitting in an attempt to breathe. Draconian looked at the fallen members of Trouble, shook his head slowly in contempt before leaving the ring and going backstage.

Winner: Draconian via Pinfall

"The Maid Was in the Garden"

The scene faded in on a black and white image, the capture from a CCTV overlooking the Segalowhich & Son’s Jewelry Store in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the bottom right hand corner of the screen was the white letters reading, “No Audio”. A few minutes passed by building anticipation as to why the CCTV footage outside of Diamond Jewelz’ jewelry store was being shown. It was that this point a figure emerged from inside of the store and casually made his way onto the sidewalk. It took a little bit of zooming in from the camera, but once the camera came into focus the man became clear to be one half of the M’FN Goons tag team, and Diamond Jewelz’ lackeys, Latrell Samuel.

Samuel made his way out to the edge of the sidewalk, pulled a black and mild out from his pocket and lit it up. Samuel stood smoking on his cigarette as he watched the traffic making its way up and down the strip, then turned and began pacing back and forth as if he were waiting for something or someone. Something seemingly caught Samuel’s eye though as he began slowly walking toward the darkened alleyway between the jewelry shop and the building beside of it.

Samuel knelt down and picked up the item he had been captivated by, and it looked like a smile struck across his face as he turned to make his way back to the sidewalk. It was at this moment that an arm stretched out from the darkened alleyway and covered Samuel’s mouth with a white cloth. These were the only things visibly seen from the alleyway, the rest was darkness. Samuel looked to be putting up a fight, but slowly the life was drained from his body and he fell limp to the ground.

The arm reached down from the darkness, grabbing Samuel by his own extended arm and slowly pulled him into the darkness as well.

Mack Brody(c) vs Frank Silver

At Breakdown, the unthinkable had happened to perhaps one of the best and most tenured tag teams not only in jOlt history, but recent wrestling history when after nearly seven years, the Heirs of Wrestling were no more. After another crushing loss to The Natural Athletes, Frank Silver had dropped Ryan Gallway on his head with a nasty Belly to Back Piledriver and unceremoniously ended the relationship between the Heirs. Tonight, Mack Brody, the other member of that now-broken group was set to take on Frank Silver tonight. He wanted revenge for his friend and wanted to perhaps beat some answers out of his now best friend.

Unlike the usual Mack Daddy Challenge where the gOlden bOy Championship was on the line, there were no golden ropes. There was no OG Simpson. There was no big party tonight. This shit was business and business was about to pick up.

“What You Know” by T.I.

What you know about that?
What you know about that?
What you know about that?...

The EnergySolutions Arena began rocking along with the bass heavy Southern anthem as a streaming collage, laden with the acquisitions of success & the array of destruction created by a hulking wrestling phenomenon. Brilliant flashes of Gold, Emerald & Pearl would dance along the entire entrance staging area and throughout the vast arena before the Bronze Bomber rhythmically lumbered forward from the back. Donning a Solid Black sleeveless shirt with ’Gold ‘N’ Mine’ etch in Gold & Silver emblem, the Super Mack slowly turned his back toward the fans briefly before slowly extending his arms outward, prompting several brilliant plumes of Golden sparks to rise.

He paced to the ring and truth be told, Mack Brody was more dressed for a fight than being dressed for a wrestling match. He let the gOlden bOy Championship fall to the ground about halfway down the aisle before SuperMack simply rolled inside and had a microphone.

“Cut the music… RIGHT. FUCKING. NOW.”

The music faded out as Mack paced around the ring with a lot of energy.


His voice boomed.

“I want you to get your backstabbing ass out here… I want you to explain yourself. I want to know why you threw away nearly seven years of friendship just for a quick buck. I want to hear it from your lips why you took OUR friend, Ryan Gallway, and you kicked him in the dick and spiked him on his head. I’m going to be waiting here, I’m going to be sitting here in this ring and let you say your piece…”

Brody then turned to the ramp.

“…And then I’m going to kick the piss out of you in front of ten thousand people.”

SuperMack wasn’t in the mood to be messed with tonight as the fans were 100000% behind Brody, waiting for a fight.

“Mack, Mack, Mack…”

No music or fancy entrance played out Frank Silver, who appeared on the ramp with a lone spotlight shining on himself. Right at his side was self-professed jOlt’s Last Real Man-Ager, Sonny Silver. He patted Frank on the shoulder.

“Mack… do I REALLY need to tell you why I did what I did? The same reason that YOU turned your back on us. We were perfectly fine with you having a singles career while Ryan and I took care of ruling the tag team division. But then you had to go and be the hero. We got our asses kicked week in and week out by guys like Diamond Jewelz and the Goons, The Hands of the Cause and lest we forget, that little asshole muppet, Orphan. And where were you?”

Brody was red in the face.

“I FOUGHT for you, especially when Omega injured you and Ryan!”

“And where did that get HIM?” Sonny asked. “Nowhere, that’s what! Frank was the real star of this stable, not you! You did not…”

But the voices stopped.

And forms started to come out of the crowd… familiar men and a woman in swat-esque uniforms that the crowd and especially the Heirs had known all too well from Wrestlecade…


“Whoops, gotta go,” Frank said with a smirk. “You left us to The Dead Cell once, so this is us returning the favor. Deuces!”

Brody was wide-eyed when the members of the Dead Cell started to swarm just as Frank and Sonny took their leave from the back. There was no Mack Daddy Challenge, but tonight, there was still about to be a massacre.

It was apparent that the DC hadn't forgotten Mack's alliance with the Heirs either and how he assisted them and Kayden Paulton and they were looking to make him pay for his sins. Every side of the ring was being patrolled by Ezekiel's platoon. Brody tried his best to keep each of them in his view, but it was obviously futile. Michael nodded to Rafael and the smallest archangel looked to enter the ring. The simple move drew Brody towards him, allowing Gabriel and Michael to slip in uncontested.

The DC looked as if they had Brody right where they wanted him. However, Mack had anticipated their move and met the two incoming archangels with right hands, dropping them both. Going back and forth between the two of them, he drove his boot down into their chests.

Rafael dove into the ring and pounced on Brody from behind like a kid trying to piggy back on their father. Mach reached back and with one massive pull, snapped the smallest archangel over his shoulder and down to the mat with a thud.

Just as he got up to his feet, Gabriel was sent back down courtesy of a clothesline.


Michael fared no better, as a devastating discus punch cracked his jaw, dropping him where he stood.

Rafael found himself all alone as his two large allies rolled out of the ring. He was at the mercy of the man they called SuperMack. Brody easily captured him and sent him clear across the ring.

THE 24K!

Things looked to be going Brody's way. He stood tall in the middle of the ring, keeping a close eye on his three would be attackers. Yet, just as before, he couldn't keep his eye on everyone. Approaching from behind was the animalistic Azrael. Mack turned around and found the Archangel of death staring him in the face. Neither man cowered at the sight of the other, as Mack was quite the mountain of a man himself.

Suddenly, things took an unexpected turn.

Mack backed up just a little bit with a look of confusion on his face. This was the first time that he had gotten a good look at the snarling archangel. There was something familiar about him and the pieces of the puzzle rapidly came together in Brody's head. Yet, he couldn't believe it. There was no way he was standing face-to-face with a man who hadn't been seen in jOlt in quite some time.

"Pietro?" Mack asked aloud.

The mention of the former champion's name made Azrael smirk before using the opening to tackle Brody to the mat and blast him with ambidextrous punches to the face. Mack tried his best to cover up, but the pain kept raining down on him. Azrael was unleashed and he pulled his victim up only to try and drive him through the ring with a pop-up spinebuster.

Azrael was growling and nearly foaming at the mouth. He wanted to deliver more punishment. He pulled off his right elbow pad and launched it into the air, while Gabriel and Michael dragged Brody up to a vertical base. A quick bounce off the ropes and Brody would be having his dinner through a straw tonight.


Even with their target destroyed, the Dead Cell was far from finished.

"Get a table," Michael instructed and Rafael slipped outside to assist Magdalena in retrieving one.

Just when things looked their darkest for SuperMack, a ray of light shown through and fate smiled down upon him.

Well, it wasn't a ray of light.

It was the coming of darkness.

Every piece of electronic in the arena began to flicker and have issues. The crowd exploded to their feet, as they knew who was coming. The table never made it into the ring before the entire arena went dark. The sound of thunder and hurricane like winds and rain were all that could be heard. Lightning strikes the top of the tron and slowly coming into view atop it was...


"I'm bleeding out
Almost empty

You spite me
You tried to kill me

Sorry, I should have told you
I'm immortal

I bathe in blood
Drink the souls of those who fail

I created evil
Gave birth to fear

Yet, you think it's simple
To end me here?

Hear that ringing in your head?
That's a sign

Soon enough, I'll have your life
It's mine!

I can't wait until the moment
I steal your breath

It's such a rush
My own ecstasy

Oh, don't even scream
No one cares

Not a single person will hear it
They just don't value life anymore

Haha! Isn't is funny?
It's all because of me!

Now, cry. Beg me!
I want to hear your suffering

It's nothing to be ashamed of
You were misinformed

You didn't know who I was
Now you see

Shh It's all over now
Don't worry dear

After you die
It won't sting.

-Autumn Ann"

With that said, the lights went out once more. This time, they came back on within a few moments and to the surprise of everyone, including the Dead Cell, the revenant was in the center of the ring with his grave digger shovel in hand. He stood, straddling the fallen body of Mack Brody, ice cold like the corpse he was.

Magdalena immediately took off over the barricade and through the crowd, wanting no part of the undead warrior. Gabriel shook his head in disapproval and rolled out of the ring. His mixed emotions on the Revenant situation shining through, while leaving Azrael, Rafael, and Michael in the ring. Even the bloodthirsty Azrael paused at the sight of the Revenant. Michael refused to show fear and charged right at the intruder.


That would be the sound of the grave digger shovel crashing into the head archangel's skull.


One for Azrael as well.

That was enough for Rafael to scurry out to the floor with Gabriel, making sure to drag their unconscious leader with them. The Revenant looked down at them, never showing any emotion, just fixating his ice cold stare upon them with his weapon of choice in hand. The flock of Archangels quickly made their back from whence they came, choosing to live to fight another day. Discretion is the better part of valor, wrote Shakespeare.

The threat was vanquished and the Revenant made his way over to the bruised and battered Brody. He looked to help Mack stand, but just as he placed his hand upon him, Brody violently shoved his arm away.

"Get the fuck off me," Brody roared and blasted the undead warrior square in the jaw.

The punch looked as if it could have caved a mountain and yet, only caused the Revenant's head to turn. The Revenant's head snapped back and he stared a hole through SuperMack, as he rolled out of the ring. Mack didn't trust the undead warrior and honestly, who could blame him? Add that in with all the horrible things that had occured tonight and you get a volatile mixture equal to any explosive.

It was quite the rough evening for Mack. Ryan was on the shelf, Frank had abandoned him, and it seemed as if Pietro Geist had been consumed by the darkside. For truly the first time, Mack Brody found himself without a single ally in jOlt...

...and that is a terrible situation to be in when the Dead Cell is hunting you.

Winner: No Contest

Tammy Lynn Foster(c) vs Callie Scott

The opening riffs to Melissa Burnos’s “Octane” started up and the crowd cheered for the fighting Starlet coming out first for this big title match! The woman nicknamed the Scrapper headed towards the ring doing some shadowboxing. She was a tough woman and have shown her toughness in her time in jOlt. Scott interrupted the new champion’s interview earlier in the night which prompted this match. Callie had been in big matches during her time in jOlt and this was another one.

Callie made her way down the ramp to the ring, stopping to shake hands with some fans along the way. The Scrapper slid into the ring and waited for the new Starlets Champion to make her way to the ring.

“Redneck Woman” By Gretchen Wilson explodes throughout the arena. Tammy Lynn Foster made her way out to the stage holding the Starlet Championship high in the air to a loud chorus of jeers from the Portland fans. Last week she continued her mission of becoming the Starlets champion by going toe to toe with the former champion Charlotte after she defended her title in a three way match last week. Foster actually smirked as she made her way down to the ring. She climbed into the ring and held the championship high in the air parading around the ring showing the title to Callie with every stroll. She stood in the ring with the title over her shoulder as the Portland fans jeered her to no end.

Tammy handed the title to Kim Adams as she called for the bell. Callie walked over to the champion and slapped her across her face. That did it as the two ladies went blow for blow in the middle of the ring. These two women happened to be the biggest brawlers in jOlt and they are not going to disappoint. Callie was not going to be intimidated by the bigger Tammy Lynn. She was going to show the champ a thing or two and also get a few licks in for her friend Charlotte who was out with a concussion.

Callie nailed Tammy Lynn with a right hand that staggered the champion backwards. Scrapper grabbed TL by her arm and whipped her into the ropes. The champion bounced off the ropes and was taken down with a big back body drop from the challenger that got a great reaction from the fans. Callie tried to grab for the champion but the Blonde Bomber quickly rolled out of the ring.


Foster looked ringside as the fans jeered the Starlet champion. The champion pointed to Adams to get the challenger back as she tried to get into the ring. Callie moved back from the ropes motioning for Tammy Lynn to get in the ring. Callie knew she could not win the title on the floor, so she waited for the champ. Foster slowly grabbed the ropes and pulled herself up on the apron as Callie waited in the corner. Adams motioned for TL to get in the ring or she would administer the ten count. Foster climbed into the ring as Scott moved from the corner.

The two women went for a collar and elbow tie up in the middle of the ring but that did not happen as Tammy Lynn nailed Callie with a big knee to the midsection. Scott was hunched over and Foster hooked her by the head and took her down with a quick neck breaker. The champion was quick to lay some big right hands on Callie’s head as Kim Adams tried to get the champ off the challenger.

“Get off Scott, Tammy or I will have to administer the five count.” Adams stated.

Tammy didn’t listen as she continued with the big blows on the downed Scott.





Foster stood up to her feet and looked at Adams with a sneer. The champion picked up Callie and whipped her into the corner. Foster slowly made her way to the corner and started to nail Scott with some vicious shoulder blocks in the corner. The crowd was all over the champion as she stood up and started to choke the challenger in the corner.

“Release her Tammy.”

Adams started the count again on Tammy in the corner.





Tammy broke the hold again as Adams got in her face for the blatant choking. Tammy moved Adams to the side as she went back to Callie but the Scrapper nailed the champ with a big stiff kick. Foster staggered back as Callie bolted out of the corner with a big clothesline sending the Starlets champion down to the mat. Callie was not done as she grabbed Tammy and slammed her to the mat. Scott picked up Foster again and drove her to the mat with a Russian Leg sweep. Scott quickly went for the cover on Foster.




Scott did not waste any time as she grabbed Foster by the hair and whipped her into the ropes. Tammy Lynn bounced off the ropes and was nailed by a big dropkick. The champion was in trouble and fans loved it as they let the challenger hear it.


Scott pulled the champion up to her feet and nailed her with a European uppercut then a big right hand. Callie was not done as she laid in several shoulder blocks on the champion while she was on the ropes. Adams warned Callie as she grabbed Foster by the arm and whipped her into the ropes. The champion bounced off the ropes as Callie put her head down for a back body drop attempt but the champion stopped right before Scott.

TL hooked Callie for a power bomb, lifting her up in the air but Scott was able to break free and drop down from the move. Foster kicked Callie in the stomach….


TL dropped down and hooked Callie’s leg for the cover.




Callie came out strong in this match but the champion found a way to pull out the victory in her first official title defense. Tammy rolled out the ring and flipped off a few fans at ringside as she grabbed her Starlets championship and headed up the ramp. Callie Scott slapped the mat in frustration as she knew she let a big opportunity slip right out of her hands.

Winner: Tammy Lynn Foster via Pinfall

"You Say Bagel"

Donny Layne looked all smug as it was his turn to interview the old school duo of Keegan and Hank Wright: "Gentlemen, you saw what Brian Williams did to Kayden Paulton tonight. Keegan, you had a ringside seat so we'll start with you. What are your impressions of Brian Williams?"

The Briton, who had behaved himself at the broadcasters' position, was in mischievous mood: "Donny, don't go thinking you've got one up on Dawn by getting us tonight. She's a sweetheart and as gentlemen, as you called us, we thought we'd throw you a bone tonight."

That definitely deflated Donny's ego.

"Brian Williams is a big, strong lad with a bucket load of potential. Kayden was as game as a badger."

Hank interjected: "Game as a bagel."

Special K smirked: "You say bagel and I say badger. Anyway, where was I? Aye, Kayden's a great kid, a decent wrestler and all, but there won't be any head guard and shoulder pads when they get in there with us."

Wright stepped forward, pointing back and forth between himself and his partner: "There's no weak link here and now we know there's no weak link in your team. You see, Mike Patterson impresses me as someone who could be the future of this company, but Bri, we're not underestimating you either and know it could just as easy be you."

Donny swivelled to put the microphone in front of The Yardstick: "We're going to be facing the reigning Hype champ, the previous one and if you put Jeremy Ryan on that list, there's a lot of..."

Suddenly, Hank cleared his throat and spat on the floor: "That's what I think of Jeremy Ryan. Don't mention his name again."

K moved his head back in amusement and amazement: "Funny, you can't keep his name out of your mouth in the car, in the hotel room, in your sleep..."

Wright wasn't playing: "Get his name out of your dirty, whore mouth. He doesn't belong in the same breath as Jesse Ramey."

The Englishman changed Larry Tact: "Shall we get back to this?"

Childishly, The Tank shrugged his shoulders: "Do what you want."

"Donny, have you got a question? Just don't ask questions about Jeremy...Kyle," Keegan said knowingly.

Sternly, Hank stared straight through Special K and then burst out laughing: "You're too much. Do you think we got him?"

Donny gulped as Hank put a massive hand on his shoulder and Keegan did likewise from the other side: "We told you not to get ahead of yourself, Osmond."

They patted him on the head and the interviewer, lost for words on this rare occasion, watched them leave and wondered what had just happened.

Just by chance, Dawn Cassidy walked by. Our other resident interviewer, who had a friendly rivalry with Donny, flashed a cheeky smile, which was soon eradicated as Layne shot her down: "I may not have gotten the exclusive here, but did you know Alfie Button has two cracked ribs?"

No more to be said, as Cassidy kicked her heels while Donny departed. Both of them had been led a not-so-merry dance. It wasn't easy being an interviewer.

The House(c) vs The Natural Athletes

Perhaps one of the biggest clashes in recent memory was about to go down for the Tag Team titles pitting the defending champs, the House, going up against the very impressive and incredibly talented Natural Athletes! The Athletes had scored huge victories including over old House rivals, the Heirs of Wrestling, but now this was the big moment they’d been working hard for. Who was going to come out on top?


Four pillars were near the entrance, two on each end with “THE NATURAL ATHLETES” in a yellow and red shield logo. The camera took notice of an inflatable tunnel with the same logo followed by a legion of sexy red-and-yellow clad cheerleaders on the entrance ramp…

“Unleashed” by Chris Classic feat. Nazareth.

The music played and the crowd went crazy for the arrival of three men that were turning heads by the week! The 6’ and 211-pound former LA Galaxy player Cori “Striker” Albright, the 6’4” and 354-pound former linebacker for WSU and the Seattle Seahawks, Terry Massimo! They were accompanied by their third member, “The Fire” Nate Quartermaine and the crowd gave them a great reception!

The crowd went crazy for the inaugural Hype Tag Team Champions as they each stood on the ramp with a massive explosion of red and yellow erupting from the stage! Massimo surveyed the crowd and pointed to a section of fans with Natural Athletes signs while Cori Albright scanned for the hottest ladies the eye could see. Albright jumped to the top rope and did a cartwheel over the ropes before landing in the ring while Massimo climbed into the squared circle. Both men posed for the crowd and Nate stood on the outside. Could his win over Statuz Quo earlier tonight serve as an omen of things to come? Were we about to see a huge upset?

"House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch played next. The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive pop from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of cards toward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the Nevada bred four-time jOlt Tag Team Champions appeared from the backstage area.

“The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck.

“The Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber.

Top of the ramp, jOlt Tag Team Titles raised high!

The crowd remembered The House very well and greeted both super heavyweights with a massive series of cheers! The obese fan favorite Adam Roebuck extended his arms outward and nodded while his muscular counterpart Derrick Huber anxiously greeted the masses in an enthusiastic fashion. Walking from one end to the other, the power lifter rejoined his partner as the jOlt Tag Team Champions thundered down to the ring. Right behind them was the spirited “Good Luck” Zane Roebuck from the Hype. His recent acts of hanging onto his father and best friend for recent outings led some to suspect he was only doing this to sneakily get on the main roster. Zane Roebuck was also a class-A jerk, but it seemed like he was trying to get back in his father’s good graces.

The burly Roebuck lumbered his way down the ramp as both Huber began greeting the fans in the front row before rounding the ring. Zane reached to also slap hands with a few fans and cheer along with the crowd as he supported his friends. Albright and Massimo watched Roebuck storm his way up the ring steps and pass through the ropes as Derrick followed suit. Derrick Huber was seen clapping his hands to jumpstart the crowd as their musical theme dissipated.

Zane Roebuck and Nate Quartermaine cheered on their respective teams as big Terry Massimo came face to face with the “ Sin City Strongman” Derrick Huber.

“Hope you’re ready, kid.”

“Born ready.”

The two monsters locked up and looked for an early advantage over the other. Huber was impressed by the physical gifts that Massimo possessed in being able to stand toe to toe with him, but Huber still powered him back to the corner and kept him pressed there until the official demanded he let go. Huber did so and playfully patted him on the chest.

“You been eating your Wheaties, haven’t you, kid?” Huber said with a cheesy grin.

This did not amuse Terry Massimo as he rushed back at him. Massimo dared Huber to run the ropes and he ran at the three-hundred fifty pound former linebacker with a hard shove. The blow took Terry back about two steps, but otherwise didn’t budge. Huber repeated it again and the second attempt yieled the same result: Massimo was still a large guy that wasn’t easily move. Huber signaled to him to try the same thing. Terry charged from the ropes, but that’s when Huber got wise and tripped him up from behind!

He caught the rookie off-guard and tried to cover him, but he didn’t even get a one-count when Massimo moved! Huber perhaps took him a little too lightly and now Massimo stood up and muscled Huber over which surprised both Roebucks watching. Massimo turned around and delivered a vicious blow to the chest of Huber and followed that up with two more to the neck. He led Huber out of the corner by an arm and snapped him over with a headlock before tossing in two elbows for good measure. A running kick landed in between his shoulder blades and now he went for ac over.


Huber snapped up quickly. Massimo forced him up until he stood and then pushed him back to the ropes for the whip. Huber stopped on a dime and turned him around only to force Massimo down to the mat with a shoulder block and he followed up with hard elbow drop to the heart. Nothing fancy from Huber which was a little out of place for him but sometimes, you had to go with the basics.



Massimo kicked out but Huber was already on top of him. He shoved Massimo back to the corner and unleashed a series of headbutt strikes to the head and chest of the former Seahawk. He tried to toss him over with a front powerslam when Massimo elbowed his way free. The Sin City Strongman was pinned in the corner and he got to tag to Cori Albright

Albright was only two-hundred eleven pounds and was by far the smallest man in this match, but he was perhaps its best high flyer. Massimo impressively bodyslammed Huber and then Cori ran at him. Terry grabbed him in a wheelbarrow position and dropped him across his chest with a senton. Cori turned over and tried to win the tag titles now!



And a kickout. When Cori tried to follow up, Huber pushed him away and made the tag to the beastly Las Vegas Leviathan, who now climbed into the ring. Albright wasn’t even fazed by the big man, but likewise Roebuck wasn’t impressed that a former Hype Tag Team champion was standing in front of him. In his eyes, everybody was a target if it meant they tried to take their jOlt Tag Team Titles.

Cori approached the larger man and tried to go for the legs right away when Huber grabbed him by the head and tossed him right to the mat. The Big Bucks stood his ground and snarled when The Striker popped right back up and came at him a second time. Roebuck opted to just shoved him back a second time. The Las Vegas Leviathan was back on his feet again and tried to throw the smaller Cori into the corner now. He swung a massive palm and was looking to chop him to death with his Four of a Kind combination, but Cori moved and landed a jumping high kick to the head that knocked the big monster back a few steps.

The Striker advanced forward when Roebuck threw him up and over with a back body drop … but not so fast! Cori landed on his feet on the apron and Roebuck turned around when the former champion grabbed him by the head and dropped the monster throat first on the top rope. Roebuck reeled when Cori leaped to the top rope, actually ran halfway length of the ropes and struck Roebuck in the back of the head with an amazing rope running missile dropkick!

The amazing feat of agility had the crowd standing on their feet! Amazingly, Roebuck was groggy but still somewhat vertical so Cori ran up the ropes again and used a corkscrew moonsault body press to bring the Las Vegas Leviathan down. Cori tried to pin him now!




Adam used a powerful kickout and nearly tossed Cori out of the ring! Albright managed to hurriedly climb back into the ring and climbed to the top rope again. He jumped right at The Las Vegas Leviathan a second time…


He caught young Cori in mid air and dropped him over his knee with a hard rib breaker before flowing right into a fallaway slam that shot him far and away across the ring. Roebuck took a second to make sure that his jaw was all still in place before he got back up and headed back to Cori’s body.



Cori kicked out, but it took a lot out of him and now the former Hype Tag Team champion was in a bad place. As Nate showed a look of concern for his friends, Zane Roebuck was playing a loud cheerleader for his friends.

“Should’ve done a little less flippity-doo-dah!” Zane shouted.

He gestured to big Roebuck who held out his hand and stretched it out for the crowd …



Cori Albright was doubled over and his chest now bore the badges of war with Roebuck. He was left with several large red handprints left on his chest and was now forced to a knee. The Las Vegas Leviathan tagged out to Derrick Huber and the Strongman went to work. Both men whipped him across the ring and landed a hard double shoulder tackle on the return. Roebuck left the ring and Huber went for a pin.



Another kickout!

Cori Albright could take his licks, but The House were chief among those that could dish out unrelenting punishment. Something that various tag teams and even top stars like Adam Roebuck, Pietro Geist, and others had felt in the past. The Sin City Strongman pulled him up by the head into a headlock-like submission and threw some hard knees upwards into the face of Cori before turning him over and then setting him up to the double underhook position. He was now up … he hung there for almost a good twenty seconds …

And he was brought down with a stalled double arm suplex! The fans clapped for the freaky show of strength by the Sin City Strongman. Zane Roebuck was outside, being almost overly enthusiastic with the cheerleading as Huber rolled him over tried to pin the Striker …



Massimo broke up the cover and saved his ally in arms from suffering a defeat. Huber then hoisted Albright up over his shoulder and lifted him for a Canadian backbreaker style of submission trying to break him in half. The official; asked him if he wanted to give up, but Cori yelled out an emphatic no as he tried his best to fight out of the submission attempt. Cori kicked and elbowed both arms of the Sin City Strongman trying his best to break free when Huber simply dropped to a knee and spiked Cori across his back with a backbreaker drop. Huber dropped over for a cover again.



Close, but no cigar!

Huber was close to the end and now he grabbed the legs of Cori as he scanned the crowd. He was looking for his signature giant swing that he called the Roulette Wheel, but suddenly Cori shifted his body weight and contorted upwards until he grabbed him and took him down with a nasty tornado DDT!


It was an incredible counter to what would’ve been a devastating move but he needed to make the tag out. Huber still couldn’t believe what happened to him but needed to get to his corner and tag into Adam Roebuck. The Las Vegas Leviathan was slapping a turnbuckle and the crowd clapped along while Zane ran the length of the ringside floor.

“Cheer my dad! Cheer on the House! House! House! House! House! House!

Nate Quartermaine also played cheerleader and yelled at Cori to get to his corner. Huber had a chance even though his head was throbbing, but when he grabbed Cori, he got a nasty surprise.


His pele kick dropped Huber which gave Cori an opening he desperately needed. Huber was groggy from two big headshots and he slowly crawled back to his corner to get to Adam Roebuck. Roebuck got the tag as did Massimo and now we were about to see unstoppable force versus immovable object! The powerful and freight train-like Terry Massimo into the ring at a charging Roebuck and ducked a lariat so he could come back with a good rushing elbow. The shot teetered Roebuck but the mass of mountain remained upright. Massimo headed into the ropes a second time and clocked him only to get taken down a peg again.

He finally took to the ropes and decided that he was going to go low on the Las Vegas Leviathan with a tackle to the leg. Adam Roebuck was wounded and Terry Massimo tried one more time to knock him down.


The charge finally took the four-hundred sixty pounder with a shoulder tackle! Massimo rushed forward to knock Huber off the apron to make sure he couldn’t interfere with his progress. He rushed back over to the ropes and landed a big body splash and followed that up with a climb to the second rope and another falling splash! Roebuck was big, but could two big splashes finish off Roebuck and net the Tag Team titles?



Roebuck powered out again!

Massimo and Albright were looking to pull out what would be a massive upset for beating the reigning four-time champions. Roebuck was groggy but still trying to stand when Massimo headed to the second rope waiting for him to get him. He was trying some sort of big leaped right into a bear-like hand wrapped around his throat. Roebuck hauled him up looking for a chokeslam but Massimo broke free by elbowing him down. He set up Roebuck and looked like he was going for his jackhammer called Fourth and Long when Huber broke that up with an elbow to the head.

The Sin City Strongman wanted some payback for the earlier attack. He pulled Massimo up and pushed him to the far back corner and jabbed him with a series of shoulders to the chest. Huber tried to throw Massimo into the other side of the ring when he reversed that and ran right into an enziguri kick from The Striker on the apron. Massimo followed that up with a charging splash in the corner and muscled Huber on his shoulders.


Huber had been drilled with a bearhug front slam, which left the Natural Athletes with a two-on-one advantage over Roebuck. Both men tried to send Roebuck for the ride and hit something on the way back, but double clotheslines took down Albright and rattled Massimo!

Roebuck towered over both men and beat his chest with his fists while letting out a guttural roar as the crowd went wild now. Roebuck picked up Massimo and was trying to set him up for his reverse powerbomb called the Turn, but Massimo went low and clipped the left leg a second time to stun him. Zane Roebuck angrily stepped onto the ring apron.

“Don’t you do that to my Dad!” Zane shouted.

Terry ignored him, but in the heat of the moment, the elder Roebuck pushed Terry Massimo right into Zane which sent him flying off the ring apron! The kid that believed himself to be blessed with Good Luck was on the ringside floor with Nate Quartermaine watching on as things were breaking down into complete disorder. Cori Albright saw Huber trying to stand again so he leaped off the ropes with a big somersault dive over the top rope to get rid of him!

All that was left was Terry and Adam and the two large mastadons continued to fight with each other. The Bad Hand was on the way but Terry blocked that. He actually managed to fight his way out and dumped him on the mat with a scoop powerslam! The strength of this man was incredible and it looked like they were closing in on the tag team titles with Massimo looking to finish things. He tagged into Cori Albright and he was about to hit something big. He leaped off the top rope with an amazing frog splash with high hangtime! We were going to have new Tag Team champions.



Zane Roebuck attacked Cori Albright!

Good Luck had been dropped off the ring apron a few moments ago and he was now seething mad. Zane had run right into the ring in full view of the official who had no choice now but to disqualify the House!

Zane continued to throw down with Cori Albright and Terry had to pull him off his tag team partner. As the announcement was made that the House had been disqualified and thus, no title change, Terry was furious! He grabbed Zane by the throat and he was ready to light him up, but Huber was back in the ring.

“Oh, fuck no! That’s my nephew!”

Not his literal nephew, but he helped to practically raise the kid. Huber threw Massimo back and the two monsters were getting into a slugfest. Nate Quartermaine tried keeping the piece between everybody, but Adam Roebuck was back up and he wasn’t hearing it. Zane had just cost them the Tag Team titles whether he meant to or not and now all six men were in the ring engaging in a massive fist fight. The crowd did not like this decision when this great match was ruined by a questionable ending.

"You don't touch my son!" Adam Roebuck howled.

"He cost us the titles!" Terry screamed back.

Roebuck now fought with Massimo, leaving Nate with Huber and Cori with Zane and the official called on both more officials and security to rush to the ring and break up the fight. If this explosive ending meant anything, things with the House and the Natural Athletes were not done.

Winner: The Natural Athletes via Disqualification

"The Letter"

Damien Lee walked into his office after relieving himself in the bathroom – everything on the show seemed on track tonight, and his stress levels weren’t astronomical for once. Since Breakdown, Lee had been feeling better knowing that the FBI investigation into Draconian was over. Agent Sullivan was a dogged investigator, but he may have bit off too much when he tried to confront Draconian.

Lee didn’t know for sure, but he was pretty sure Draconian did something to dramatically affect Sullivan’s mind. Lee sat back down at his desk and typed in the password to his laptop to do some quick work, but the desktop of his computer didn’t appear as it did before. All of his programs were closed and there was a Notepad document open with what appeared to be a letter.

Mr. Lee,

You were wise to spurn the offer of Agent Sullivan, but you won’t be able to walk the road with Draconian by yourself. My organization is ready to intervene and save you from what will come, but only if that is what you want.

A contact of ours will be in Las Vegas next weekend for your episode of iNtense. There is nothing you need to do other than have an open mind.


Albert Sisko

CEO, Starchild Industries

Damien reread the letter once more before his computer’s screen flickered. The screen died completely for a moment, and when it turned back on the Notepad document was gone and his programs were back running.

Lee stared at the desk and wondered to himself what would come next with Draconian.

Jeremy Ryan(c) vs ????????

It was now time for the main event of the evening and in tonight’s challenge, Jeremy Ryan would be – coming off a huge title defense against Diamond Jewelz – was brimming with so much confidence that he and Sonny Silver asked for ANYBODY to take him up on an open challenge tonight for his very own jOlt World Championship just before he was set to take on Omega for the Fearless Championship. In his bid to become the first jOlt and Fearless Champion at the top of the heap, could somebody come right in and swoop the title right from the jOlt World Champion? Anything was possible in wrestling.


“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

The anthem of all things manly blasted throughout the arena, and the buzz that had been generated from the opening announcement of the match quickly turned sour. Even more so when jOlt’s self-proclaimed Last Real Man stepped through the curtains and onto the entrance stage, defending his jOlt Championship for the third time after successful defenses against House member Adam Roebuck and Relentless Champion Diamond Jewelz. Ryan stood at the top of the ramp long enough to survey the capacity before beginning his slow paced walk toward the ring, absorbing all of the booing and jeering he was receiving along the way – the whole time, he raised the title over his head with a smile on his face.

At his side was his new manager and other charge, Frank Silver and the self-proclaimed “jOlt’s Last Real ManAGER” Sonny Silver, pointing at the champion and patting him on the back. Ryan had his fists taped, he was in his wrestling gear with the addition of a sleeveless black tee and his BRAND-NEW “jOlt’s Last Real Man CHAMPION” Bloody Knuckles logo. Diamond Jewelz leaned back against the ropes and eagerly awaited his opponent for tonight’s proceedings.

Jeremy Ryan entered the ring and the man having the audacity to call himself jOlt’s Last Real Champion stepped into the squared circle and raised the title.

“Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Frank Silver and “jOlt’s Last Real Manager” Sonny Silver…”

Sonny nodded and laughed as the crowd jeered him on the outside. Frank coldly raised his arms and egged on the crowd to do their worst with the jeering. They already were.

“From Bangor, Maine, weighing in at 260 pounds… he is “JOLT’S LAST REAL MA…”

Ryan shot a death glare at Dean Carrington, who then cleared his throat.


The Bad Man from Bangor raised the jOlt World Championship over his head with one arm also basking in the negative response from the Utah crowd.

“And his opponent…”

The Silver family glanced at one another. Silver had already gotten himself into some major trouble tonight with the crowd for essentially leaving his ex-best friend Mack Brody to take a beating from The Dead Cell. Meanwhile, in the ring, Jeremy Ryan was pacing about the ring like a lion getting ready to stalk whatever prey dared come from behind the curtains.

He waited…

And waited…

“Magic” by B.o.B. feat. Rivers Cuomo.

The lights started to flash and swirl in several shades of various colors filling the area... smoke began to fill the stage… and the crowd began to cheer mainly because somebody shut Duzza up.And out from the back came two lovely twin ladies, each with blonde hair, blue eyes, and sparkling blue sequined skirts. The lights continued to shine brightly and flashed again and as a box appeared on stage. Both ladies walked towards either side of the box and grabbed a door…

“His opponent, being accompanied by The Lovely Assistants, Bobbi and Breezy... from Los Angeles, California, being accompanied by Bobbi and Breezy… weighing in at 244 pounds… this is “MISTER MAGIC” JACK DAWN!


The doors both opened and a handsome and chiseled man called Jack Dawn stepped out of the box, rocking a cape and top hat as he took a bow for the audience. Dawn got a peck on the cheek from both of the girls and smirked proudly before he and The Lovely Assistants hit the ring, arm in arm for what was EASILY the biggest opportunity of his career.

Sonny and Frank both laughed while Jeremy Ryan looked completely unamused that jOlt’s only magician of all people was trying to step toward his challenge. A long time ago in the early days of The Hype, Dawn and Ryan were no strangers to each other as they tore each other apart in one of the first big blood feuds. Now, Ryan’s success had grown exponentially since that time, but if Dawn could catch him sleeping, he could become only the second Hype graduate to become the jOlt World Champion!


Dawn was coming off two major victories himself – one where he scored the fall in a tag team match at Countdown, the other in the first-ever Mindfreak Street Fight against Gabriel Gold – but with all due respect to those athletes, this was Jeremy Ryan who was public enemy number one. He reached out to attack him…


Dawn went on the attack first with a huge series of rights! Mister Magic wasn’t going to take no shit from anybody and he’d proven that in his recent battles with Gabriel Gold as he continued to take the direct route to throw the champion off his game!

He reached out to Irish Whip the jOlt Champion and whipped him across the ring when he backed off and fired a big back elbow to the jaw. He then grabbed Jack Dawn and he LAUNCHED him across the ring with a huge Release German Suplex!

Dawn came out swinging against the Sherman tank of a jOlt World Champion, but The Bad Man from Bangor looked ready to rock and roll tonight. He hovered over Jack Dawn as he clutched his head and neck in pain before slamming him in the head with a few good elbows. He pushed Dawn back into the corner and readied and attack.







The vicious sequence of hard Knife-Edge Chops and Elbow Smashes in the corner already had Jack Dawn reeling. Mister Magic – to make a horrible pun here – was going to have to pull something huge out of the hat if he was going to walk out of here with the biggest prize in jOlt Wrestling. Ryan laid into him with more Elbow Smashes in the corner and rocked him good with a few nasty strikes.

“You? YOU?! This was the best this shithole could offer me?!”

Ryan was almost livid at his choice of opponent tonight, but Jack Dawn continued to fight back! He came at the jOlt World Champion with a few big right hands followed by two gut shots, but Ryan blocked a kick by grabbing the leg and delivering a HUGE kick to the hamstring! It was questioningly low, but not a low blow. Nevertheless, Jack Dawn needed to get a string of offense going against the champ which was easier said than done.

With Dawn against the ropes, Ryan took him by the arm and tried pulling Ryan right into the signature Short-Arm Back Elbow, but Mister Magic had that shit well-scouted and managed to roll up the Champion with a School Boy!




He almost caught Ryan right there! Jeremy Ryan reached up and swung at him only for Dawn to duck the shot. He then grabbed Ryan by the back of the head and he chucked the champion right from the ring! Sonny and Frank showed concern for jOlt’s Last Real Champion as he tried to stand on the floor. Dawn could not win the jOlt Championship on the floor, but he may have had something else in mind. He ran off the ropes and the 6’4” and 244-pound Mister Magic CLEARED the ropes and dove right onto the champion with a Leaping Suicide Dive!


Bobbi and Breezy were both elated to see their boy start to finally take the fight to Jeremy Ryan. If he had one advantage over the champion, it was his unpredictability. Dawn always had crazy-good athleticism that he showed flashes of brilliance with – if there was a time to put that all together, it was tonight!

Dawn didn’t waste time playing to the crowd with the biggest opportunity of his budding jOlt career right in front of him. He threw Jeremy Ryan back into the ring and he followed him in by going for a big Slingshot into a Sunset Flip!




Ryan kicked out, but Jack Dawn stayed on the attack as the jOlt Champion tried to rise. He picked him up by the head and he tried to send him flying to the ropes. Ryan put the brakes on that shit quickly and caught him with a big move before he SNAPPED him over with an Exploder Suplex! Sonny Silver jumped for joy while Frank continued to watch on quietly. Ryan, in one fell move, just turned the tide right back to his favor. The Bad Man from Bangor continued holding his hands out looking like the smug motherfucker he could be.


Dawn tried to catch him off-guard with some big flashy moves, but for Ryan, it just took one power move to turn the tide back in his favor. He hoisted Jack Dawn right back to his feet only to snap him up in a big Fireman’s Carry. The move that came next was a HUGE Fireman’s Carry right into a vicious Gutbuster! Dawn was sucking in wind after the move as Ryan dropped him, but things were going from bad to worse when he rushed off the ropes and came back with a HUGE Running Senton! He dropped all 260 right into his gut and finally turned over to go for a rather lackidasical cover on Dawn.



Dawn kicked out, but Ryan hadn’t really put much pressure on the cover. It seemed he was going to take his time trying to punish Mister Magic and make an example out of him to Omega for their date in a few weeks time.

Dawn was gasping for air as he tried to stand while Jeremy Ryan hovered right over him, almost daring Mister Magic to get up. He actually cracked a very rare smile as Sonny Silver continued to clap and cheer for his new charge on the outside. Frank Silver looked on when Jeremy Ryan delivered a hard kick to the side.

“Fight back, you little pussy!”

Ryan pulled him up by the arm and finally pulled him right into a hard Short-Arm Back Elbow to the head! Dawn was considerably rocked now, but he continued his assault. He pulled him right into a second shot to the mouth that actually busted Dawn’s lip open. He then pulled him in for number three, catching him right in the jaw before he pulled him into a Short-Arm Clothesline. He kneeled down and tried to cover the challenger again.




He was close to defeating Dawn only for Mister Magic to kick out again! The Utah crowd and not to mention Bobbi and Breezy were all cheering for the mega-underdog to pull out the improbable victory, but Ryan had outdone him at almost every turn.

Ryan slashed a thumb across his throat before he pulled Jack Dawn up to his feet slowly. He kicked him right in the gut with a toe kick when a disturbance occurred near ringside…



The Heirs of Wrestling member that Frank Silver had turned his back on! The report of some injury may have been exaggerated or Ryan didn’t care! He was not scheduled to be here tonight, but he leaped through the crowd and went right at Frank Silver! The two were no longer friends of any sort and Ryan was overcome with rage as he attacked Frank while the crowd ROARED!

Sonny tried to get Gallway off of his godson, but The Prince of Precision attacked him as well! Gallway scratched and fought with both Silvers at ringside as Ryan turned his attention their way. He was about to reach out to stop them when Jack Dawn reached out and he kicked Ryan in the gut! jOlt’s Last Real Champion blocked the move and tossed Dawn to the corner, but he leaped right to the top rope…


The Leaping Turnbuckle Clothesline caught Jeremy Ryan flush in the face and he knocked down the jOlt World Champion! On the outside, Ryan Gallway had fled when Frank Silver gave chase, but the situation was different now that Ryan was not going to go away quietly and wanted payback for his friend!

Back inside the ring now and Jack Dawn was trying to mount a comeback. When Ryan swung at him, Jack Dawn blocked it and Mister Magic made him pay with a huge right hand! He fired off about two or three more shots before he whipped him off the ropes. When he came back, it was Mister Magic catching him by surprise with a Flying Leg Lariat!

Jeremy Ryan was in a complete daze now when he picked him up by the body and dropped him down with a Scoop Slam. He was pointing to the top rope and started to climb, which sent Sonny into a look of grave concern. Dawn was up top…


He landed right across the throat of Jeremy Ryan with the huge move, but Mister Magic wasn’t done yet! Some questioned that he should have gone for the cover right then and there, but he wasn’t done as he headed to the top rope a second time. Mister Magic raised both hands for the crowd and motioned them like he was trying to mesmerize the cheering crowd…


He stayed on top of the cover now!




He came THAT close, but Jeremy Ryan still kicked out! Jack Dawn looked to The Lovely Assistants before he called for his finisher. He was looking for a move that he called The Spellbinder and if he could hit the Sitout Fireman’s Carry Facebuster, we could have a new jOlt Champion!

Mister Magic grabbed jOlt’s Last Real Champion by the neck before he hoisted him up for a big move only for Ryan to elbow him in the head repeatedly. Ryan slipped away and Dawn turned around to try for his Running STO, but Ryan shoved him into the ropes…


The crowd CRINGED from the impact of the Spear-turned-Spinebuster and now Jeremy Ryan wasted no time in trying to finish off his annoyingly quick challenger. He grabbed Dawn by the neck and kicked him again…


The classic Jumping Piledriver put his head damn near into China and Dawn lifeless bounced off to the side. Ryan wasted no time this time as he pulled him by the leg and then covered him tightly.




Despite an outside disturbance and Jack Dawn showing some decent flashes of brilliance in this match, Jeremy Ryan showed why he was a dangerous champion here tonight. Ryan kicked away from the challenger and stood back up, raising the championship over his head.


Frank had departed the scene thanks to Ryan Gallway coming out for revenge, but Jeremy Ryan’s obvious concern was the jOlt World Championship. Sonny patted him on the back as The Lovely Assistants pulled Dawn out of the ring and helped him to the back. Ryan and Sonny now had the ring to themselves as Ryan laughed.

“I hope you watch this, Omega! I hope you…”

Lights out…

Guerilla radio.

The crowd remained buzzing and tried to illuminate the darkness with their cameras and cell phones, but they did little to see what was in the ring. Ryan and Sonny remained entrenched in darkness…

Sonny and Ryan remained in the ring, but as they turned…


Ryan was about ready to jump while Sonny glared up at the massive Fearless Champion. They called him scared and they dared to call him an easy challenge, but The Fearless Champion simply raised his championship and DARED for Jeremy Ryan to come take it.

The final shot of the show would be champion and challenger coming face to face. Ryan looked up at the Fearless Champion before his eyes remained firmly locked on the belt. His quest to solidify himself as a once-in-a-lifetime superstar of jOlt was right before him, but in order to attain greatness, his quest would take him through the keeper of all things Fearless.

The iNtense logo appeared before the show faded to black.

Winner: Jeremy Ryan via Pinfall