"Welcome to iNtense"

Darkness fades to gritty sepia when the opening piano of "Warriors" by PelleK (Imagine Dragons Cover) hits. We see image of an empty jOlt Arena filling with people in time lapse

The screen then explodes into full color when the drums and song kick in!

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

(In sync with music) We see scenes of action and images of current superstars Pietro Geist, Eiji Kugasari, Jeremy Ryan, Diamond Jewelz, Sarah Winterton, Charlotte, Keegan, Hank Wright, The House, and The Heirs of Wrestling

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

We continue to see images of action as the intrustmental continues to the very end...

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

We see Diamond Jewelz posing with Them MF'n Goons, The Rebellion standing tall in the middle of the ring, Mack Brody hitting the Gold Rush on Omega, Pietro Geist and Jeremy Ryan brawling, a shot of Kayden Paulton cracking a genuine smile, Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

With the final pulsing beats of the song, we see Jeremy Ryan striking a grin with the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder!

The scene flashes back into the arena where the song starts again, but in his complete form, starting with Verse 1 of the lyrics. The camera pans around the Arena as a splendid display of fireworks goes off on the main stage and above the ring. The set is a giant jOltvision with the N logo for iNtnese sitting to the left and to the right of the big jOltvision. The N itself is a massive red light that is illuminated. Above the jOltvision is a pseudo semi-circle steel structure that houses a curved screen that will be used to display a wrestler's name above it while their entrance video plays below on the jOltvision. On the stage itself, to the left and right of the entrance ramp are two more small, elongated mini screens which will display the wrestler's brand logo on them when they make their way out... unless they hold a title. Then it will display their championship belt on the left and the name of the title on the right!

The fans were buzzing with electricity as iNtense officially begins!

"Time to Light the Lights"

The MGM Grand arena is at maximum anticipation as the opening credits had been played. With the smoke still in the air and the crowd waiting, it felt like an appropriate time to have Sunday Night iNtense begin!


And with that, golden shower pyro and multiple arrays of firework pyro shoots throughout the MGM Grand. Growls from the opening part of Audioslave's hit song "Set it off" could be heard. The crowd was super anxious as they've never heard this song played in a jOlt show before. The firework pyro stopped with the golden shower pyro continuing.



As a large gentleman entered the stage along with a smaller, but very dapper man. The crowd started a chorus of boos as they realized it was the gentleman that laid out and injured Michael Donovan on last week's show. By a visual poll, I believe the crowd didn't like the guy, but they were very worried that if he could make a 6 foot 10 inch gentleman look like road debris on what he would do to them. He's one of those guys you don't want to end up in a dark alley having to fight to the death.

The two gentleman didn't interact with the crowd at all as they had their eyes set on getting to the ring. You could see in the crowd that there were some big Audioslave fans as they were yelling the lyrics to "Set It Off" as it was playing. The dapper gentleman entered the ring first as he went through the ropes. He went over to the other side of the ring to grab a microphone. The official went to give him two microphones, but he was insistent that he only needed one. As he was given the microphone, he instructed the large Goliath of a man to enter the ring. In the most methodical way, he slowly went up the steps, through the ropes, and entered the ring. The mammoth stood right beside the dapper man in the side where the camera view was at. The dapper man raised the microphone high in the sky like he was in a rally as "Set it off" stopped playing.

"Ladies and gentleman, I welcome this show!"

The crowd booed loudly as they didn't appreciate the arrogance that this dapper well dressed gentleman was showing. I mean who does this guy really think he is? With those questions in mind, he continued to address the crowd at the MGM Grand.

"Quite frankly, your opinion of us...just doesn't matter. I've been in this business for quite awhile...and..."

The dapper gentleman let off a huge breath as he continued

"I've never seen a this man standing right beside me!"

The crowd obviously knew that he was talking to the destroyer of Michael Donovan as they didn't like that reality too much...too bad!

"He has the speed of a gazelle, the athleticism of the great athletes of our time, and the power..."

The well manicured man sighed but to a delight as he continued his opening speech.


The sold out crowd at the MGM Grand proceeded with a loud assortment of displeasure. I mean a God? Really? Like there aren't other big men in the jOlt roster that towered over him in height. With this dismay from the crowd, the Stylin' man went forward.

"Whether you like it...or not the reality is: my guy has something that is SPECIAL! That's unique! That's...a one of a kind thing in this wrestling business. A HARVARD EDUCATION! He's smarter than anyone in this God forsaken roster. Remember this kiddies: Once upon a time stood two towers in Gotham. One day, a well architected plan went through and THOSE TOWERS...WENT...DOOOOWN!"

This got everyone in the arena to let out the most nastiest rants they could towards the two gentlemen. I mean...TOO SOON! How dare you make a comment about 9-11!!! It just isn't right for Americans to make spite out of a moment in American history that changed things forever. With that out there, the suave man started back again.

"Just in case you want "INTROS"...My name is THE VOICE! I am the man that speaks for this living legend (and damn proud of it too!). And when we sat back and thought of a "proper name" for this man right beside me we went through a lot of names, but at the end of the day we felt it was appropriate to name this man from this point on...APOLLO!"

The crowd started an Apollo Creed comment as this crowd was into this promo! It took minutes into the segment to say a name? Get the fuck out! Either way, The Voice continued.

"Why Apollo? First, he was a son of Zeus and Leto. Good company right? But he was the God of many things like medicine (which is what Michael Donovan needed so he got a fresh dose of APOLLO!) He also was the God of Music and art...which I felt was appropriate because my man is an artist when he's out there crushing these fools! Also, he's the God of beauty. LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL THIS MAN IS! LOOK AT HIM!"

The crowd was ready to riot as they couldn't stand hearing him gloat about a man that, purposely, injured another man...just because it was of sport! As much as they didn't want to hear him, The Voice continued.

"But of all the many things he was a God of, three things stuck out that made this name appropriate! Law....Prophecy....AND WISDOM! He went to Harvard law, so my man knows law and order and he makes sure you know your sentence! Prophecy, I'll just lay this one out for the masses: Apollo will RULE this God damned forsaken jOlt company and with a smile on our faces! And finally Wisdom. Takes a wise man to execute a plan and manipulate what you need to beeee...THE BEST! But those are great but let me tell you what Apollo TRULY MEANS! Apollo destroy! And that's exactly the message I want the fans in the MGM Grand, the fans watching at home, and all these cock suckers in the back apart of jOlt. WE ARE HERE TO DESTROY!!!!!!"

Guitar riffs played as loud yells were let out as it sounded very similar to "Black and Blue" by Brand New Sin. The Voice and Apollo shook hands as they both proceeded to leave the ring. As they were leaving, you could see Apollo and The Voice talking. As the scene was about to end and they we're on top of the stage, Apollo raises his hands up in victory!

"Where My Nigga At?"

The picture focuses in on the Segalowhich's Jeweler's Sign.. If you didn't know, that's the base of all the operations of professional wrestling's only certified jeweler, "Diamond Jewelz", and the sight of the kidnapping of Jewelz's personal "jewelry guard", Lattrell Samuel, last week. After a few seconds, the picture fades out and refocuses in a dark room, with two large figures stacked on top of each other, one sitting on a laptop, and the other focused in on the projecttion on the wall..

[/FONT][/COLOR] "Big Homie, how could this shit happen... My nigga was strapped, on lookout and everything.. And somebody just snatched him up like nothing..." The voice of Khalil Straightgully bellows out from the figure sitting in front of the projector. Diamond Jewelz, always refered to by the rank of Big Homie, stays quiet and rewinds the footage of Samuel having a white cloth placed over his mouth and being snatched away into an alley over and over again.

"You dun owe nobody no money or nothing do you Big Homie.... I mean kidnapping, especially a nigga with a strap, that's some mafioso type shit.." Gully continues to ramble. Jewelz is silently focused on the manipulation of the footage. Focusing in and out, and rewinding back and forth."

"I knew the shit was real when my nigga ain't show up for all you can eat chicken and lobster at Tootsie's Strip Club. Trell love Lobster and shit...He wouldn't miss that for the world." Gully asserts emphatically with words covered in grief and anxiety.

"I dun owe none of these niggas money out here. But plenty owe me." Jewelz responds 20 minutes late, showing how focused he is on the footage.

"You think some niggas trying to squirm they way out of an honest debt??? Just tell me who u think it is Big Homie. And me and some of the affiliates gon go in on they ass." Gully asserts enthusiastically.

"Nah Gully... This ain't none of my customers.... This some whole other shit.... Fuck!!###" Jewelz screams out banging hard on the desk.

"Where my nigga at???" Jewelz cries out in agony and bangs his head on the desk in despair. Latrell Samuel has been kidnapped but by who??

Trouble vs The Widow's Nest

"Caught in a Web" by Dream Theater.

Through the curtain with Black Widow leading the way came the Widow's Nest. Black Widow had just hit the bottom of the entrance ramp when Araknis and Muerte raced by her and slid into the ring. Each one took a corner, so they could posture for the crowd, while their larger ally climbed up onto the apron.

"Serial Killa" by Snoop Dogg.

From the curtain walked out the duo of Muerte and Statuz Quo, with Dallas Griffin absent for this match. The two walked the ramp and slid under the ropes into the ring, immediately taking to the center as their music died down and the official corralled them to their corner.

Ding ding ding!

And just like that it was on. Muerte rushed at Statuz Quo and immediately the two locked up, jockeying for position right out the gate. Muerte maneuvering into a headlock, but Statuz with the hard fists to the ribs to break clear and turn it in his favor with a backdrop to the mat.

''Any Means Necessary" by Hammerfall.

While the action continued the attention of most fans turned to the entrance aisle where a colossal form had emerged from the doors. Two duffel bags slung over either shoulder, the seven foot three Spike Saunders stopped at the center of the ramp. Took a deep breath and removed the shades from the bridge of his nose before mouthing out:

'I'm back.'

He made his way down to the ramp and stopped at the steps watching as Statuz connected with a Spinebuster on Muerte. The giant stepped up on the steps taking his sweet time before stepping over the top rope.

The official warned him of his interference but was swiped aside and through the ropes to the outside. Saunders stood in the center and waited out Statuz Quo to turn around. He nodded at him and mouthed out: 'Great Job'.

And a-s-w-iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! Duffel Bag to the head. BOOM! HEADSHOT!! Quo drops like a sack of rocks courtesy of the downward punch to the temple. Prompting Khadafi to enter to the ring and immediately get into the larger man's face. Right hook to the face of the giant, left shot to the ribs, right knee to the ribs, right knee again. Saunders backed up to the ropes where he ate a straight elbow to the face from The Hawaiian Headhunter.

The finish with the running clothesline to knock him over the top to the outside! Or not. A-s-w-iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! The Duffel Bag once more swung right into the skull of Khadafi, before being yanked forward right into the SPIKED!.

With a laugh the Colossus stepped between the two men and unzipped the bag, dumping the contents of broken hardware. Clunk after clunk as four PS4's broken in shards littered the ring - Why PS4s? E3 time, bitches.

His attention then turned ringside where the Widow's Nest were watching.

With a shrug he pointed down at the two, and stepped across the ring, back over the ropes and to the ground below. Muerte slid back in the ring and wondered as to if they should take advantage or not. With the official crawling back into the ring, his decision was made. TAG! to Araknis! Araknis exploded into the ring and the two hoisted up Statuz Quo for a double team flapjack.

Araknis to the cover.


Saunders from behind with the double forearm to the back of the head. With a cheshire grin he caught the foot of Muerte, tossing him back a step before driving his Big Boot into his face. Araknis back up, lining him up from behind for the hick kick to the head. Boot caught, yanked right into his grasp. CHOKESLAM!

He stepped back to the ropes and looked at the four men down and out. Pointing to each one and counting them off with his fingers raising one by one. He held them out at four, and stood there for a few moments while tapping his temple. His thumb then extended as a smile blasted across his face.

His head twisted around and Black Widow was like a deer in headlights. The Colossus stepped through the ropes and followed her around the ring as she ran and looked to get the hell out of dodge. Muerte leaped up on the turnbuckle and launched off with a splash at Saunders, only to get caught and swung around into a backbreaker across the knee, then tossed back into the ring over the ropes.

Black Widow spotting the opening jumped on him from behind, digging her fingers into his eyes and going for the gullet but reaching behind it was as simple as yank/flipping her over his head in front of him. With a shake of his head he sat her down on her feet.

'That'd be five.'

And what followed left the fans cringing as Saunders drove his knee into her gut, dragged her in between his legs and raised her up for the Powerbomb, maneuvering into the Gory Special, and finishing with the Sitout Powerbomb.



With a grin Saunders lightly tipped her away from his legs and stood to his feet. He looked at the bodies laying around the ring as EMTs and officials were storming down the ramp - immediately going to Black Widow first; he was quite proud of the devastation.

Saunders then walked over to the commentators desk and stood next to 'Micahel Burhman', waiting for him to move. When this did not happen, the Colossus grabbed the headrest of the chair and yanked him five feet out from the desk, spinning into the ether. Or at least those few feet; while he walked back around and snatched the microphone from the ring announcer.

Saunders then walked back around and reached back over and with a hard tug back, left 'Michael Burhman' to drop on his ass, as the chair was dragged back to the table. Taking seat, he kicked up his massive legs atop the desk and grabbed the discarded headset as it hung off the side, and placed it on his head and rested the mic on the table.

"What action! What excitement! Four talented wrestlers and a lovely valet slash manager, all with bright futures ahead. Wouldn't you agree?" He paused but wasn't going to wait for a reply. "Hopefully your answer would be a resounding NO Mister Saunders."

He looked to his left and a silent nod of agreement was had.

"Good. Now that that is settled, on to business. I'm BACK!" He tossed his arms out wide and turned towards the fans behind him who were jeering him for what he had just done. "Pft, what do you know," with a scoff he continued.

"You all can boo me until eternity for all I care. This isn't about you. This is about me and what I deserve." He started with a sneer. "Citizen enlisted my services previously because he knew that I brought to the table. This time however I am not letting someone else speak for me. This time, it is all about the Colossus getting what he wants and what he deserves."

He couldn't help but chuckle at the jeers being tossed his way. Expecting nothing better after all.

"I know what you are all thinking. 'Why can't he just get in line like the rest?, Why can't he earn his shot? Why does he think he deserves a title shot on his return?' And you know what, all GREAT questions folks. And well, truth is-" He paused. Then turned around and held the microphone up to his lips. "I AM A MOTHER FUCKIN' GIANT! I don't have to WAIT! I'm not standing in a line that I can squash under my boot, or waiting on the hairs on my sack to turn grey as management decides I earned a title shot. So yeah, there's that."

With a smile he spun back around and raised the microphone and held it up to his lips. Who cares if he still had the headset on and listening to someone in the back yelling in his ear.

"You shits in the back have five second to stop that yelling or I am going to drag you out to this ring by your ears and drive your heads into the canvas. Got me?" Pregnant pause. "That's better. Now, as for why I am out here before being rudely interrupted. It really is simple fact. I want what I deserve. And what I deserve is that JOLT Championship around that puny runts waist."

He laughed and smacked 'Michael Burhman' on the shoulder - perhaps a bit too hard as he backed away groaning. Oh well.

"So Jeremy Ryan. I don't care how you want to do it. We can throw down, where I beat you down into unconscious la la land, or you can come out here and simply lay the title on the ropes, and forfeit it." With a shrug he tipped the microphone down then brought it back up to his lips. "Or numero three, and this one is my favorite - I can leave this chair, walk around this desk, over these bodies, up that ramp, through the curtain, down the corridors, up to your wooden door, and KICK THAT FUCKER DOWN! And I will do so until I find you, Jeremy. The repair Bill's are on your head."

The annoying buzz returned to his ears. Seemed they weren't to please with his choice of words just then but no matter as Saunders ripped the headset from his head and tossed it aside.

"Annoying gnats." He shook his head and brought his legs back down to the ground. "So Jeremy, are you a fighting champion or a fuckin' cuntstain?"

He looked out at the stage and waited. And waited. Finally with a smirk he pushed out from the desk and stepped around to the front.

"Option three it is then. Great!"

And he tossed the microphone aside. Saunders walked around the ring, stopping next to Muerte and the EMTs as the others were being helped aside the ramp to the back, and punted Muerte in the gut a good few feet off the ground, before continuing around and up the ramp.

Destinations unknown but it looked like somebody needed to alert Jeremy Ryan to the impending mass hunting him down.

Winner: No Contest

"Enter: Cassandra"

Damien Lee made his way down the hallway between locker rooms backstage at iNtense, and something was in the back of his mind.

Last week he had been left a cryptic note from the CEO of an organization named Starchild Industries. The CEO, Albert Sisko, commended Lee for not accepting the FBI’s help with Draconian and instead offered his help of his own. He informed Lee that an associate of his would be stopping by this taping of iNtense, which Lee expected to meet any minute now.

Around a turn in the hallway, a tall, beautiful redheaded woman stood next to the wall staring at her cell phone. As Lee approached she looked up and smiled.

“Mr. Lee. I’m Cassandra, an associate of Mr. Sisko whom contacted you last week.”

“Ah, that was quite the way to contact me. Hacking my computer to intimidate me?” replied Lee. He was none too happy about such a flagrant intrusion.

“No offense intended, Mr. Lee. We simply have limited means by which to communicate with those outside our organization without government interference. We prefer not the clandestine approach, but it’s the times we are in.”

Lee paused for a moment… her voice was familiar. She sounded like the woman who called last month and impersonated an FBI director in order to get Lee to spurn Agent Sullivan’s investigation.

“Is that why you have to pretend to be an FBI director when you make phone calls? Director Fairchild?” Lee was incredulous. For the past two months he had been tugged in different directions regarding the curiosity that was Draconian.

“I regret to have mislead you before, Mr. Lee. The fact is that the stakes are too high to let the FBI get the edge in this matter.”

“And exactly what is this matter you speak of?” Lee asked. Lee knew much about Draconian, but not how it might involve the government and secretive organizations.

Cassandra smiled.

“Imagine, Mr. Lee, if a private bio-tech research company unlocked the key to something special. Something that attracted the attention of those whom we never knew existed,” said Cassandra. “Imagine if these people began to appear at points of influence throughout our world. Draconian is one of those very people, and Draconian’s role in the spotlight is by far the most public appearance thus far.”

Cassandra continued. “It’s very clear that this step into the public’s view is a sign of things to come. As we all go down this road together, it’s best that Starchild Industries be involved.”

“And just what does ‘involved’ mean exactly?” asked Lee.

“Involved means we help you contain Draconian. It means you are spared being in Draconian’s path, and trust me; his path ultimately has nothing to do with you. From what we can gather you appear to believe there is some sort of agreement with him. That agreement will end as soon as Draconian no longer finds it convenient.”

“And what it I don’t want your help?” Lee replied.

“You don’t have to make a decision just yet. Think about this conversation over the next couple of weeks and our organization will contact you again. Good day, Mr. Lee.”

Cassandra winked and turned away leaving Lee’s sight. Lee was getting used to the intrigue of his position with Draconian, which may or may not be a good thing.

"A Sin Called Wrath"

“What You Know” by T.I.

The music played and there was no fanfare tonight. No gOlden bOy Championship, no flashy entrance, no Heirs of Wrestling. The music played and walking out in a gold-hued sleeveless muscle shirt and black jeans was one of the more beloved singles stars of jOlt Wrestling…


The crowd in the MGM Grand chanted his nickname as Mack Brody nodded to the crowd.

“Ladies and gentlemen… please welcome to the ring at this time “SUPERMACK” MACK BRODY!

The Philly Powerhouse headed towards the ring, but tonight wasn’t a night about partying with girls, high-fiving fans or kissing babies… tonight, things looked much more serious for Mack Brody as he approached the ring. He climbed inside and raised a fist for the crowd as four HUGE bursts of pyro erupted from the corners of the ring! Brody pulled out a microphone from his back pocket.

“Cut the music. NOW.”

Brody paced around the ring as the rowdy crowd started to die down a little.

“Well, to start things off, it’s obviously been a REALLY shitty couple of weeks for me. As much as people are calling it the sleeper of the night and as much as people are calling it one of the better performances of my career, I came up short at Breakdown against Omega for the Fearless Championship. But I’m a competitor first and foremost, so I can shake off a loss and move forward. I WILL get an opportunity down the road, somehow, and I WILL taste that first big gold in jOlt. But there’s other matters right now that need more of my attention.”

The man called SuperMack continued.

“First off, I have been doing EVERYTHING within in my power not go snap off that backstabbing prick, Frank’s head off like a bottle cap. Ryan Gallway met with me after the show last night and he begged me to let him deal with Frank… I told him that he was high on crack and I was ready to go crush Silver’s head with my bare hands, but Ryan begged, so I relented… Ryan, he put the worst knife through your back, so I understand why you want him so bad. I really hope that you can deal with Frank, but if I even see so much of a SNIFF of something bad going down, I am breaking that promise.”

The crowd cheered, but Mack pressed on almost immediately.

“Like I said, though, it’s been a really shitty few weeks. The Heirs are gone and broken up. Frank tried to basically leave my career for dead at the hands of The Dead Cell. And soon, I figure out… that another person outside of The Dead Cell that I once called a friend… well, he showed up last week and tried to take my head off while some OTHER masked asshole stuck his nose where it didn’t belong. To whoever you are, Revenant or whatever you’re calling yourself… I don’t know or care quite frankly what bullshit you’ve got going on with The Dead Cell, because effective IMMEDIATELY, you can get your wannabe vigilante ass in line, because the list of people who now want to get rid of these masked assholes STARTS WITH ME!”

A loud pop resonated throughout The MGM Grand as he continued.


Brody screamed his name as he pointed a finger in the direction of the locker room.

“This goes out to you and the giant bitch in your camp called Azreal. You want to jump people when they’re not expecting it? Fine. You don’t like how things are done around here in jOlt? Fine. Get your asses out here and DO SOMETHING. I can’t say I know a lick about religion, but if you don’t come out here now, you’re gonna PRAY to God that I end you quickly if I have to come the fuck back there to find you.”

At this point, SuperMack was boiling over with so much anger that he could've broken the microphone in his grip. He paced around the ring and ripped off his shirt, tossing it away as a legion of girls who couldn't help themselves started cheering. Brody tuned it all out and continued to pace. Luckily, he wouldn't have to wait too much longer...

And god released his fury in the form of a flood...

A flood of pitch black.

The various members of the Dead Cell appeared out of the crowd from all sides, as if they were lying in wait for this very moment and they just might have. The rebellious archangel Gabriel positioned himself at the bottom of the entrance ramp, while the field leader Michael, the aerial artist Rafael, and the alpha female Magdalena stood watch on the other sides of the ring.

"That undead bastard doesn't get through us, understand?" Michael announced to his allies, making it clear what their duty was this evening.

The two men Brody wanted to have words with were the last to appear. Ezekiel was no fool and wanted to make sure his squadron had made sure there was no sign of the Revenant before he stepped out of the crowd. Azrael leapt onto the apron and traded evil glares with SuperMack. Once Ezekiel ascended the steps, Azrael held the ropes open for the Dead Cell's undisputed leader. Ezekiel gave Brody a smile and nod, as the monstrous archangel joined him in the ring.

"Wrath never was a very beautiful sin to commit," Ezekiel chimed in, as Mack stared a hole through him. "It is a deep, abiding rage: hatred and anger spinning out of control, hatred of someone or something that has done nothing to deserve one’s wrath."

"You deserve it for what you and your band of emo retards did to me last week."

"Do we now? Let us stop and think about this. Look back at the actions from the past. You were the first to draw your sword upon us, Mr. Brody, when you chose to assist your former allies and their pathetic partner all those months ago. We had no quarrel with you and yet, you chose to engage us in battle. Based on the facts, what we did was deliver righteous retribution for the sins committed against us."

That drew the ire of Brody.

"That's bulls shit and you know it. You fired the first shot by attacking my friend..."

Mack stared a hole right through Azrael as he spoke.


Azrael became enraged at the very mentioning of that name, while the crowd erupted for the former Underground Champion. Brody stepped towards the pair and Azrael immediately positioned himself in front of the wise prophet.

"I'm not sure what bullshit you pulled or what you are using to blackmail him, Ezekiel, but I know my friend, the honorable German warrior is lurking somewhere behind that mask."

Ezekiel smiled a devilish grin and casually patted Azrael on the arm, letting him know without words to back down.

"Now now, Mr. Brody," Ezekiel replied with the tiniest air of confidence. "Who or what lurks behind the mask is not as important as who that man is today. The archangel Azrael's loyalty to the cause is beyond measure. He is a soldier of God willing to lay down his very life for our cause. His past is of little to no consequence."

"If it takes me sending you to meet that maker you're always blabbering on about, so be it. I will break whatever spell you have over him," Mack growled at Ezekiel and then, looked towards Azrael once more. "Unlike everyone else in this place, I don't turn my back on my friends."

His words seemed to have no effect on the massive Azrael, one of the few who could measure up to Brody in sheer size and strength.

"You really think harming this poor cripple will pull your friend from the righteous path, don't you?" Ezekiel asked. "Well, allow me to show you some of our lord's infinite grace. Next week, you will be given the opportunity to get me one on one in this ring. You do not even have to put your shiny bauble on the line. You defeat one of my archangels and I will grant you a match at Rise of the Legends."

"Bring it on," Mack roared in reply. "Not a single one of them can touch me in this ring."

"And just because you show so much interest in him, why not make it Mack Brody versus the archangel of death, Azrael?"

Brody took a deep breath, turning his attention back to the massive archangel whose evil smile was warping his mask.

"Good luck," Ezekiel smiled.

"I don't need it," Mack replied sharply.

"That was not for next week match. That was for tonight. Good luck escaping this ring in one piece, you unholy sinner."

In a flash, SuperMack became aware of his surroundings. Ezekiel might have been making his way out of the ring, but Azrael stood before him and the other members of the Dead Cell had climbed up onto their respective sides of the apron.

"Come get some, fuckers," Brody demanded, refusing to back down in the slightest despite being heavily out-numbered.

Things looked grim for the heroic Brody. The flood was about to overtake him and there was very little he could do on his own to save himself from possible injury. However, if there was one thing Mack knew what to do and do well, it was fight.

Yet, lady luck had a little surprise for brave Mack on this night.

The flickering of the lights caused all of the DC to stop in their tracks and examine the area. Well, most of them. Magdalena took off like a jet to Ezekiel. Complete and utter terror etched on her face. The Dead Cell now knew the warning signs of a Revenant appearance very well and they were ready to unleash fury upon him. The lights, tron, and everything else powered by electricity looked to be starving for power.

Brody saw his chance and darted towards Gabriel. Despite his heart telling him to fight, his brain won this battle and he was looking to escape the possible lynching by his enemies. Much to his surprise, Gabriel just let him pass. The heavily tattooed archangel saw that his allies were preoccupied and just stepped aside, letting Brody escape the ring. It was becoming more and more obvious that Gabriel was becoming disillusioned with the holy crusade Ezekiel spearheaded.

Without warning, all power cut off except for the tron. The view of a camera racing through a nearly pitch black forest could be seen. The camera finally stopped to show the unholy spectre dubbed by many The Revenant. The view was from behind and he slowly turned around, so the camera could see his ice blue eyes peeking out of the heavy bandages, as it rose up to the correct height. The camera kept rising until it was far overhead of the undead warrior, showing him to be standing in the dead center of a pentagram drawn out in fire. Arching over him, it returned back to ground level with him in full view.

A voice echoed through the arena...

"You wanted the apocalypse. You never dreamt it would be your own."

The Revenant fired his grave digger shovel with all of his might towards the camera, its metal point shattering the lens of the camera and bringing the scene to an end and the arena to full darkness. After a few moments, the lights rose back up to full strength. The Dead Cell looked around the ring, finally discovering that their prey had escaped slaughter. Gabriel made sure to play along, while Ezekiel finally lost his temper and slammed his cane down upon the announce table. Whether Mack wanted his help or not, the Revenant had once again intervened, stopping the Dead Cell.

"This will be the last time that ghoul dares to interfere in our matters. With the Lord as my witness, he will be exorcised and cast back to the deepest bowel of hell from whence he came!"

Alyssa Corliss vs Vogue Gonsalvez

The arena was set for Starlets action here tonight. This would be Alyssa Corliss’ first match back since her injury that she suffered many months ago at the hands of “Dragonfly” Amber Ryann.

“My Time” by Fabolous

The crowd gave a pop as Jackson Cross, Machida Hood, and Vogue Gonsalvez came out from the back. Cross the Hood came up short during the Sin City Series, but were looking to get back on track as their new faction, The Hood, was looking to prove themselves here in jOlt to make up for all of the shortcuts they took as part of The Rebellion. Vogue came up from The Hype and wanted to do the same and together, they became a force with everything to gain from their time together here on the main roster.

Cross and Hood remained at ringside as Vogue hopped up onto the apron and flipped over the top rope and into the ring. She was known for her high-flying lucha style, but never really showed it that much on The Hype. Perhaps with her new attitude, we’ll see a little more flair out of her. Vogue warmed up in the ring as her music faded.

“Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse

Alyssa Corliss came out from the back to a pretty good pop as well. At her side was Sebastian Saje. These two have had a monumental history together stemming back to the very origins of The Hype. Last week, they patched things up completely and have started dating each other once again. Saje has his own worth to prove, but not to anyone in the locker room or inside the ring, but to Alyssa herself.

Alyssa stepped inside as Saje remained at ringside. In fact, Saje walked over and stood by Cross the Hood as the three of them started to strike up a conversation.. almost like old friends getting back together. Alyssa and Vogue looked ready to go so the referee called for the bell




Vogue and Alyssa shook hands before circling each other. They locked up in the center of the ring and immediately Vogue went behind with a waist lock. Alyssa pried her fingers apart and broke the grip, allowing her to perform a standing switch. Alyssa lifted Vogue up and pivoted, planting her front side first into the canvas with a take down. Alyssa floated over and applied a headlock, but Vogue used her quickness and scampered out of it. Vogue stood and kicked Alyssa in the stomach with a toe kick as she got back to her feet. Vogue grabbed Alyssa by the arm and whipped her across the ring into the ropes. Vogue leapt up with the Leap Frog causing Alysas to pass underneath.

Alyssa bounced off the opposite ropes and Vogue took her over with a Japanese Arm Drag. Alyssa popped back up and got taken over with a regular Arm Drag into an Arm Bar Submission Hold. Alyssa fought through it and got back to her feet. She twisted out and reversed the hold into an Arm Wringer, but Vogue front flipped, twisted and converted it into a Hammerlock. Alyssa hit a pair of back elbows and broke free. Alyssa went to take off to the ropes, but Vogue grabbed Alyssa by the seat of her tights and pulled her right back into a Back Drop Suplex, but Alyssa flipped over and landed on her feet! Vogue turned around and was met with a toe kick to the stomach! Alyssa quickly set her up for the Corliss Effect.. the Sit Out Gordbuster, but Vogue shoved Alyssa back and narrowly escaped getting caught in her finishing hold.

Vogue wiggled her finger as if to say “Nope.. not going to get caught in that” at Alyssa. Alyssa cracked a grin and pinched her fingers as if to say “it was was that close.” Vogue brushed herself off as the two of them circled and locked up once again. Vogue with a side headlock, but Alyssa countered with a Hammerlock. Reversal by Vogue in a Hammerlock of her own, but Alyssa reached back and caught her with the Snapmare. Alyssa took off to the ropes and went for a running kick to the chest, but Vogue leaned back and rolled Alyssa up with a Schoolgirl Rollup!



Alyssa kicked away and Vogue backed off. She made a pinch with her fingers to send Alyssa’s previous statement right back at her. Alyssa laughed it off and nodded her head, conveying the message of “if that’s how you want it…” to Vogue. Alyssa and Vogue circled and when they attempted their third lock up, Alyssa kicked Vogue in the stomach. She placed Vogue into an arm wringer then sent her into the corner. Alyssa charged in and hit a corner clothesline to Vogue. She hoisted Vogue up onto the top turnbuckle pad and then climbed up where she hooked her for a Superplex, but Vogue fought out of it with a series of punches to the ribs followed up by a headbutt to the face. Alyssa fell back and hit the canvas as Vogue adjusted her position up top. Vogue flipped off with a Shooting Star Press, but Alyssa put the knees up and Vogue came crashing down on top of them!

Alyssa stood and backed into the corner. She hopped up onto the second turnbuckle as Vogue staggered away, holding her stomach. Vogue turned her attention back toward the corner as Alyssa front flipped over her and nailed a Blockbuster Neckbreaker!

Alyssa turned over into the cover and hooked the leg deep...



Vogue popped the shoulder up in time.

Alyssa stood and pulled Vogue up to her feet. She hit a knife edge chop across the chest before backing her into the ropes and shooting her across the ring. Alyssa telegraphed a back body drop, but Vogue rolled off of Alyssa’s back and continued to the opposite side. Vogue hit the ropes and when Alyssa turned around, Vogue hit a Tilt-o-Whirl Headscissors into a DDT! Vogue kipped up to her feet as Alyssa staggered back to hers. Vogue took off to the ropes again and hit a Basement Drop Kick to Alyssa’s leg, knocking her legs out from under her. As Alyssa pushed up off the canvas, Vogue took off to the ropes again and planted both feet into her face with a Shotgun Drop Kick!

Vogue dragged Alyssa over to the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads to the very top with her back to the ring. Vogue corkscrewed off the top with the Sky Twister Moonsault...



Alyssa rolled out of the way and Vogue crashed hard on the canvas! Saje, Cross, and Hood all cringed together at the landing as Alyssa got up and measured Vogue up. Vogue held her stomach as she staggered back to her feet. Alyssa hit a swift kick to the abdomen, doubling her over, She hooked Vogue for the Corliss effect, but when she lifted Vogue, Vogue shocked her completely by pulling her over with an Inside Cradle!!



Alyssa kicked away!

Vogue was pretty slow to get up as that cradle was a desperation move to keep herself alive in this match. Alyssa got back to her feet and helped Vogue back up to hers. She whipped Vogue into the ropes, but Vogue grabbed the top rope and held on, baiting Alyssa to charge in. Vogue lifted Alyssa up and over to the ring apron where Alyssa decked Vogue in the face with a forearm shot! Alyssa grabbed the top rope and went for a springboard maneuver, but Vogue leapt up into the air and caught Alyssa with an Ace Crusher!!! Both women were down!

“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap

The referee began his mandatory ten count, but he didn’t have to get far into it because Vogue was showing some signs of life as she staggered up to her feet and taunted Alyssa to stand. Alyssa slowly got up to one knee and Vogue didn’t want to wait any longer. She walked over to Alyssa to grab her, but Alyssa got a hold of the front of Vogue’s jorts and she threw her neck and chest first into the middle rope! Alyssa stood and took off to the opposite side, but Vogue pushed herself off the ropes and...



Alyssa got hit so hard with that kick, she almost flipped backwards, landing on her shoulders and neck! Alyssa flipped over completely after landing and was on her stomach, face-down on the canvas!


Vogue fell into the cover, hooking the leg...



Thre… NO!!!!

Alyssa kicked out and the audience hit their feet and began cheering!

“THIS IS WRESTLING!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS WRESTLING!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS WRESTLING!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS WRESTLING!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS WRESTLING!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap

The MGM Grand Garden Arena was on fire here tonight for Sunday Night iNtense!

Vogue stood and pulled Alyssa up to her feet. He picked her up and scoop slammed her down near the corner. Vogue went to the corner and climbed up the turnbuckle pads, but Alyssa got to her feet and knocked her off her perch! Alyssa leaned against the ropes for a moment to try and recollect herself. Alyssa slowly climbed up the turnbuckle pads and stood on the middle ropes. She hooked Vogue for what looked like a Super German Suplex when all of a sudden...


She ran down the ramp and hit the ring! She made a beeline for Alyssa and nailed her in the lower back with a forearm shot! Raevynn quickly got underneath Alyssa and pulled her off the turnbuckles, hitting a vicious Powerbomb on her! Needless to say, the referee called for the bell.

Vogue turned around on the top turnbuckle pad, but Raevynn charged into the corner, leapt to the middle buckle and decked Vogue in the face with a forearm shot that knocked Vogue off the top rope! Vogue flopped down to the floor and landed very hard!!

Sebastian Saje looked at Cross the Hood and they nodded. All three of them hit the ring, but Raevynn bolted and escaped to the entrance ramp. Sebastian Saje knelt down next to Alyssa and checked on her. Jackson Cross stood guard in the ring as Machida Hood exited to check on Vogue. Raevynn cracked a grin as she backpeddled up the ramp, eventually disappearing behind the curtain. Saje helped Alyssa to her feet and he held her in his arms. Cross and Saje fist bumped as Cross exited to help Hood attend to Vogue.

The fans were a bit pissed that Raevynn ruined such a good match, but it appears after seeing Saje and Alyssa get back together last week, that deep-seeded hatred and jealousy came out of her tonight. Raevynn was a bit skeptical of Sebastian Saje ever since Alyssa texted him about her return to jOlt… jealousy, skepticism, and her resurfaced androphobia are a dangerous mix after all.

Winner: Alyssa Corliss via Disqualification

"Three Ring Circus"

The scene faded in on the backstage area of the MGM Grand Garden Arena, standing in front of an iNtense backdrop with a microphone in hand was the manager of the eccentric tag team the Freak Show, Bally. Bally smiled widely into the camera as she chewed on her bubblegum with a hand on her hip and standing behind her were her two mammoth cohorts, Missing Link and Pinhead.

“I couldn’t think of a better place than the city of sin to finally lay down a proclamation on behalf of myself and the two lovely gentlemen standing behind me.”

Bally blew a bubble with her bubblegum while Missing Link and Pinhead flexed their muscles behind her.

“What better place to get a reception than Las Vegas for the outcasts, the throwaways, the Freak Show? We’ve been sitting back and watching everything that has been going on since we lost our match in the Sin City Series to the Entertainers and it’s about time we step back into the spotlight and bring you all something to talk about.”

“Since they’ve already been mentioned, let’s go right into the first piece of business. Alfie Button and Darren Best, the Entertainers. We’re not going to complain about the Sin City Series, because if that had been a problem we would have been here talking about it a month ago. The problem is that my boys think it’s far past time for a little bit of a rematch because in all honesty you two are the only people so far to give the Freak Show a run for their money in this company.”

“You both like to run off at the gums about everything within this company, but as far as being able to back it up you obviously aren’t the best considering you didn’t walk out of Breakdown with the Tag Team Championships. We think that you beating the Freak Show in the Sin City Series may have been just pure luck, so let’s see if we can tie the field. All we need is an answer, and we’ll even let you name the time and place. My boys are itching for a fight, so step up to the plate boys, the ring toss is in your corner.”

“Second matter of business, Tammy Lynn Foster, I know the House would like to get their hands on you for what you did to Charlotte. Considering they are upright standing gentlemen though I know they aren’t going to be able to do anything. So, I’m telling you right now that I’m not too happy about it myself. You could have easily gone into your match at Breakdown straight up against Charlotte, but you had to take things out of line by beating her down the week before your match was even slated to happen.”

“You may be floating on cloud nine right now because you’ve got the Starlets Championship wrapped around your waist, but I’m telling you right now I’m gunning for you like an expectant boyfriend at the ball toss. My odds are just better, so you think you’re the queen of the double wide trailer I’m saying to you on behalf of me, the same thing my boys are saying to the Entertainers. Step up to the plate darlin’ because I’m itching for a fight too. It doesn’t even need to be for that Starlets Championship.”

“Now that the gauntlet has been thrown down, the cards are in your hands Entertainers and Tammy Lynn Foster. Are you adventuress to step into our house of mirrors? We’ll be waiting.”

Bally tossed down her microphone as she slowly exited the scene followed slowly by her behemoth tandem.

"A New Breed of Dawncast"

The scene opened up to the stage where Dawn Cassidy was standing. It was unusual to interview somebody right from the stage in a wrestling show as opposed to in the ring, but for tonight’s occasion, this was done intentionally.

“Hello, everybody!” Dawn said. “I’d like to welcome you all to a very special live episode of The Dawncast! I’m your host, Dawn Cassidy, and I have some special guests with me that you, the fine people of Las Vegas, know all too well!”

They seemed to already know.


Dawn didn’t hide from the chants and even turned her head towards the entrance.

“Allow me to bring to you ... they are your Tag Team champions! THE HOUSE~!”

“House of the Rising Son” by Five Finger Death Punch sounded and out came the jOlt Tag Team champions in their record-breaking fourth reign with the belts. The “Sin City Strongman” Derrick Huber and “The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck both walked out from the back and basked in a rousing ovation from their hometown crowd. The chants brought a smile to the face of Huber and even Roebuck had a grin he couldn’t hide (though he did try)

“So … “ Huber said, “I hear you guys might be a little excited to see the champions tonight!”

They were elated to see the triumphant return of the home town favorites. Adam and Derrick towered over Dawn Cassidy, but she wasn’t intimidated by their size.

“Tonight has to be bittersweet for the two of you getting to return to where you both started as the reigning jOlt Tag Team champions, right?”

“That’s right, Dawn!” Huber said. “Roebuck and I started not too far from here in a rinky-dink wrestling school that isn’t even around any more. “Wild” Winston Shoot trained the both of us and we went around the world, kicking some ass, taking some names, then kicking and taking a few more until we both came back! I am sorry that Charlotte couldn’t be here tonight. She’s still recovering from her injuries from Breakdown, but she will be back soon and when she does, Tammy Lynn Foster is going to pay!”


The chants brought smiles to both of their faces. Dawn turned to Derrick Huber and asked her next question.

“So,” Dawn asked, “What’s next for the two of you tonight?”

“What’s next, Dawn, is giving these fans the best damn show that they can ask for! Last week my partner and I ran into a snag when some unfortunate circumstances kept us from a fair fight with the Natural Athletes. They are due a rematch, but that’s a story for another night. Since these open challenges appear to be all the rage these days, Dawn, we figured we could get in on it seeing as we’re in The Entertainment Capital of the World, let’s entertain these awesome people! Whatever team wants a shot at these belts, come on out and claim them!”

They didn’t even get a few second to enjoy the announcement when a person that had been a shadow for The House appeared on stage with them! Dawn was a little thrown off, but recovered to give him a greeting.

“Er, ladies and gentlemen … from the Hype, I have Adam Roebuck’s son, “Good Luck” Zane Roebuck!”

“Hey everybody!” Zane Roebuck said.

The crowd now started to boo when Zane Roebuck walked out onto the stage. Adam and Derrick both looked genuinely surprised by the sudden appearance of the Hype star as he walked up to his father.

“That’s right, you guys!” Zane said to the crowd. “I booed when that Tag Team title never got a clean finish! I was looking forward to that contest and then the Natural Athletes had to go and attack me!”

Roebuck turned to his son.

“Zane … this is not the time or the place right now. We have business.”

“I know, Dad, I know, but I just needed to say one thing about last week. There have been a lot of whispers backstage that I have been trying to follow you and Uncle Derrick around to get a spot on the roster, but that’s not true!”

When both Adam and Derrick tried to cut Zane off, Zane continued.

“… and I will not hear any talk of how I intentionally got my dad and uncle Derrick disqualified! They attacked me first and in the heat of the moment, I fought back. I shouldn’t have done that … and I didn’t want to call, text or email so you guys would hear this. You both deserve to hear it face to face and I just wanted to say that from the bottom of my heart, I’m sorry.”

The House members both pondered his apology as the crowd voiced their opinion.


Roebuck turned to his son.

“Fine … but we’re going to have a long talk about these surprise appearances, Zane. We’re …”

“Yours Is A Dying Hope” by Nightwish is what played next! This was an open surprise, but Derrick Huber and the Roebucks were all ears when the current and the former Hype Champion respectively, Hype Champ Mike Patterson and ‘Killer B’ Brian Williams stepped out and greeted the Tag Team champions. Zane Roebuck in particular shot a sneer at Mike Patterson. The two had been engaged in a huge feud spanning several months on the Hype. Zane had not won the championship, but had solidified himself as a top contender.

“Sorry to interrupt the Maury show out here,” Brian deadpanned. “but if I can speak for the people of Las Vegas, I’m guessing you would all like to see some action, right?”

His poll of the crowd was a successful one. Mike Patterson stood toe to toe with Adam Roebuck and the crowd was enamored with the staredown between the two man mountains. Patterson held up his championship and he also had a microphone.

“Adam and Derrick, it is a pleasure to meet you both face to face … and I mean no disrespect, but you less so, Zane.”

“Hey, that title should be mine!” Zane yelled.

“Cool it, junior,” the Elder Roebuck said.

Williams walked up to Derrick Huber and pointed at the Tag Title: “After going sixty minutes with Regan Hearst last week and hanging onto one title, I think Brian and I would like to get some more gold. Last time I checked, you could classify us as somebody who wants a fight.”

Derrick Huber smiled.

“Pleasure to formally meet you both as well and like a great man once said: “A little less conversation and a little more action, please! Las Vegas, if you want to see us defend the Tag Team titles against the New Breed, let me hear you!”

The MGM Grand could’ve registered on the Richter Scale at this point in time. Huber smiled.

“You gentlemen have your answer and we’ll see you in this ring later tonight.”

The two teams had a stare down with the House elevating the Tag Team titles over their heads. Zane tried to get in on it as well as he glanced at Mike Patterson, but he and Williams were focused on the huge prize tonight. Dawn was giddy that she got this much action on her show.

“Thanks for joining us on the live Dawncast and best of luck to you gentlemen tonight!”

The Natural Athletes vs The Conways/Gabriel Gold

Last week, one could argue The Natural Athletes were close to making history as the first team to have held both The Hype Tag Team and the jOlt Tag Team Championships, but thanks to Adam Roebuck’s little shit of a son, “Good Luck” Zane Roebuck, that was not to be. The action led to a HUGE fistfight between The Natural Athletes and The House that had to be broken up by a bevy of officials. Tonight, The Natural Athletes wanted a rematch, but instead what they got was a challenge from another Hype graduate, Gabriel Gold, who wanted to prove himself since his luck had run down after a feud with Jack Dawn didn’t go so well for him. Could The Natural Athletes keep momentum alive or could Gold and his team of former Tag Team Champions knock them off?”

“The following contest is a six-man tag team match scheduled for one fall!” Dean Carrington announced.

“Golden Dawn” by Gospel.

The music played and shades of golden light began to swirl along the MGM Grand as an angry and some people would call an overlooked trio made their way out from the back. Gold had teamed once with the Conways to little success when they lost to “Mr. Magic” Jack Dawn and Nate Quartermaine on Countdown, but tonight was a new night and a prime opportunity to prove their worth.

“First, making his way to the ring from Tampa, Florida, weighing in at 213 pounds… GABRIEL GOLD! And his tag team partners… from Houston, Texas, weighing in at a combined weight of 490 pounds… they are the former jOlt Tag Team Champions… ELI AND EZRA… THE CONWAYS!

The Texan twins both followed Gabriel Gold’s lead as they walked towards the ring, ignoring the jeering crowd. Gold was being his normal bossy self as the proclaimed Master of Dropkicks ordered them to the ring. Both Conways nodded and each took a turnbuckle, taunting the rowdy Las Vegas crowd before they headed back into the ring. The threesome were discussing an attack plan as the opponents played…


Four pillars were near the entrance, two on each end with “THE NATURAL ATHLETES” in a yellow and red shield logo. The camera took notice of an inflatable tunnel with the same logo followed by a legion of sexy red-and-yellow clad cheerleaders on the entrance ramp…

“Unleashed” by Chris Classic feat. Nazareth.

The music played and the crowd went crazy for the arrival of three men that were turning heads by the week! The 6’ and 211-pound former LA Galaxy player Cori “Striker” Albright, the 6’4” and 341-pound former linebacker for WSU and the Seattle Seahawks, Terry Massimo and their third member, “The Fire” Nate Quartermaine and the crowd gave them a great reception!

“Making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 775 pounds, they are the team of “The Fire” Nate Quartermaine, Cori “The Striker” Albright and Terry “Mass” Massimo… THE NATURAL ATHLETES!

The crowd went crazy for the inaugural Hype Tag Team Champions as they each stood on the ramp with a massive explosion of red and yellow erupting from the stage! Massimo surveyed the crowd and pointed to a section of fans with Natural Athletes signs while Cori Albright scanned for the hottest ladies the eye could see. Quartermaine slapped hands with the fans. Albright jumped to the top rope and did a cartwheel over the ropes before landing in the ring while Massimo climbed into the squared circle. All three men posed for the crowd before the music finally faded out.


Nate Quartermaine was going to start things off with Eli Conway while Ezra and Gabriel Gold both sat back and watched the proceedings. Eli went on the attack early as he floored the former amateur wrestler with a right hand!

“Dis be OUR house, bitch!” Eli yelled.

He picked up Nate Quartermaine as referee Ian Nguyen watched on. He threw a couple more shots to the head of Nate before he whipped him off to the ropes. However, the quick Quartermaine dropped the elbow into the joint to get him to break up the whip before he snapped him over with a big Snap Suplex! Eli was taken over and nursing a sore back when they jumped up and Nate caught him right on the button with a Dropkick!

Eli tried to catch him off the bat, but that didn’t go so well for the former Tag Team Champion. Nate grabbed him by the arm and used an Arm Wringer to work it over. With Eli restrained, he reached out and tagged to Cori Albright. The ladies in the crowd especially went nuts as he whipped off his polo shirt and headed to the top rope. Eli tried to struggle only to get a big Double Foot Stomp to the joint of the arm!

The former Tag Team Champion was flailing about in pain while Cori Albright took the fight to him with a few good Knife-Edge Chops! The crowd made with the “WHOO!” with about five or six good shots before Cori whipped him back into the corner. He ran with full speed and ended up with a big Springboard Back Elbow to the face! He tagged into Nate Quartermaine again and the two went for a big double-team as they whipped him off the ropes. They came back with a Double Dropkick to the jaw! Nate with the cover now!




Eli’s shoulder went up, but The Natural Athletes continued to have their fun tonight! The lively crowd got even louder when they tagged in Massimo. Cori, Terry, and Nate all climbed into the ring and they whipped Eli Conway to a neutral corner. Cori came in first with another Jumping Back Elbow, Nate rushed in after the fact with a Corner Elbow Smash! Terry was the last, but certainly not least as he charged across the ring and nearly SPLATTERED Eli with a huge running Body Avalanche!

Nate and Cori both returned to their corners, leaving Terry Massimo in the ring with Eli. He fired off a Headbutt and then let out a roar before raising his hands…



There were a couple of cheers and boos from the hometown crowd that was no doubt in support of The House, but that was a clear message to The House members that their business wasn’t done. After he unleashed four of his own nasty Chops, Eli was hurt while Terry yelled to the crowd.

“JUST PLAYIN’, JUST PLAYIN’!” Terry shouted to the crowd with a laugh.

To bring the crowd back on their side, the tag was made to Nate Quartermaine and the two men were going for something big. Terry tossed his partner off the ropes and when he came back, he caught him up with a press slam! The crowd was cheering the strength of Terry as he threw Nate up and he landed right on Eli with a big Splash! Nate stayed on top for the cover again!




Ezra and Gabriel had seen enough and he pulled Nate Quartermaine off of his brother! Ian yelled at the brother to go back to his corner so Nate pulled him up and slammed a couple of Elbow Smashes into the head of Eli. Nate ran off the ropes, but saw Ezra trying a cheap shot on the ring apron that got him nowhere because Eli caught him. However…


Right on the button, no less, The Master of Dropkicks caught Nate flush in the jaw with one of his best wrestling moves! After the cheap shot, The Elitist left the ring before Ian was any the wiser and that allowed the groggy Eli to tag into his brother, Ezra. The former Tag Team Champions now went to work as they whipped Nate off the ropes and caught him with a Double Hip Toss. They then THREW the former amateur wrestler in the air and sent him CRASHING with a big Double Team Slam! Cori and Terry both grimaced from their corner while The Conways slammed their fists together.

“PIN HIM, YOU IDIOTS!” Gold screamed.

Eli and Ezra stopped buddying around and Eli returned to his corner while Ezra went for a cover on the man nicknamed The Fire.




Ezra was incensed the double-team didn’t finish him right away, so he picked up Nate Quartermaine and snapped him over with a Vertical Suplex! The 245-pound brawler rolled over out of the Suplex and delivered a vicious volley of right hands. The Conways had not forgotten about when they were defeated at Wrestlecade when The Natural Athletes made their debut and they wanted to play spoiler for the Athlete’s first-ever match as a six-man capacity.

Ian Nguyen warned him to stop with the attack, but he ignored him before Ezra Conway reached out and tagged Eli again. He had him locked in an Abdominal Stretch which then allowed Eli to catch him with a SICK kick to the gut! Nate was doubled over while Eli grabbed him up by the hair. He SMACKED him with a big right hand and the blow sent him back into the corner of Gold.

“My turn!” Gold said.

Eli nodded and tagged in the obnoxious and opportunistic Gabriel Gold as he leaped over the ropes just to show off his athleticism. The 30-year-old technician pulled Nate away from the ropes to make sure there’d be none of that “foot on the rope” garbage before dropping him across his knee with a Reverse DDT Backbreaker. He held him up and then DROPPED him with a Hangman’s Neckbreaker…


Gold had him now and went for a cover on Quartermaine!




The angry Gold then turned back to Nate and stomped the arm of The Fire, trying to wear him out for his finisher, arrogantly called Gabriel Gold Wins! He dropped a few shots into the joint before switching over to a Fujiwara Armbar attempt.

“Tap out, rook!”

The former Rebellion member was fighting towards the ropes as best he could, but Gold had him restrained in the vicious hold. Eli and Ezra both watched and laughed at the misery of Nate while the crowd continued to voice their support.


Cori and Terry egged on the crowd while Nate rolled over and tried to get back to his feet. Gold was like a pitbull with the arm as he continued to clinch it in tightly. Quartermaine was on his knees and used his free arm to go for a big shot. Nate landed a couple shots and Gold relinquished the hold. Gabriel came back…


He caught Gold with his signature Spinning Blue Thunder Bomb! He was dropped right on the canvas now and Nate needed to make a tag to either Terry or Cori as both men wanted in on the action. Nate crawled towards the corner while Gold was trying to get to his. He limped over and tagged Ezra, but Nate was already over there…


Cori leaped into the ring with a Springboard Flying Foremarm and caught Ezra right in the head! He continued the momentum with an Inside Springboard Dropkick to Eli in the corner, shooting him right off the ring apron and out to the floor where Gold was hurt also.

Ezra was back up and taken down just as quickly with a big kick. He came back with two or three more big shots to the chest, but Ezra blocked it with a knee to the gut. He whipped Cori Albright to the corner and he stopped him with a back elbow to the face. He leaped up to the ropes adjacent to the corner, leaped and spun to the other side before coming back with another flying Dropkick to the head! Cori Albright was grinning from ear to ear as he reached out to the corner and flew backwards while the groggy Ezrz tried to stand…


The Flying Springboard Headbutt to the standing Ezra made sure the former Tag Champ was no longer standing. Cori Albright rolled over and went for a cover on him!




Gold dropped a leg to the back of Cori’s head and tried to capitalize on the attack, but what he didn’t catch was a Terry Massimo coming right at him…


Like so many during his days on the gridiron, the shot sent Gold FLYING backwards and the crowd cringed from the impact! Gold was sent shooting to the outside and Eli tried to save his partner, but Nate pulled the ropes down and he sent Eli packing from the ring! Now Gold and Eli were both down on the outside and that allowed Quartermaine and Cori for some fun high-flying tandem…


Quartermaine and Albright flew at both Gabriel Gold and Eli Conway, taking them both down on the outside! The crowd was on their feet as Cori and Nate high-fived after their brief bit of aerial artistry. Cori slid into the ring and tagged into Terry Massimo, allowing the big mad to get inside. The Big Hitter waited for the groggy Ezra to stand…


He caught Ezra and he SPIKED him down with a Pop-up Powerbomb that nearly shook the ring! Terry beat on his chest like a beast and he pointed towards the ropes as the crowd knew what was coming next. He was about to go…


The Running Senton allowed Terry to drop his entire 340-pound frame across Ezra Conway’s chest, possibly caving it in! Terry Massimo rolled over and hooked the legs of the laid-out Ezra.




Terry Massimo pulled himself up and he, Nate, and Cori celebrated in the ring with a huge victory here tonight!

“Here are your winners of the match… Nate Quartermaine, Cori Albright and Terry Massimo… THE NATURAL ATHLETES!

The uber-athletic threesome stood up and all raised their arms for the cheering crowd while The Conways and Gold were all limping away from the ring, helping Ezra to the back after he had his innards squashed. Cori reached over and asked a microphone from somebody at ringside. One of the techie guys handed him one as he looked to the direction of the back.

“Now that the pleasure part of the evening is out of the way…” Cori huffed. “…It’s now time to get to what the experts call ‘bidness.’ Last week, Terry and I had a chance to become the new Tag Team Champions, but that got ruined when Zane Roebuck decided to stick his nose where it didn’t belong. If he wanted to come out and cheer on his dad, that’s fine, but him getting involved directly and attacking me from behind… that’s some shit.”

He handed the microphone to Terry.

“Nah, it ain’t gon’ be like that!” Terry’s voiced boomed. “The Natural Athletes are winnas! We ain’t sittin’ on no sidelines waitin’ for somethin’ to happen. That’s why we layin’ out one mo’ challenge. House… New Breed… whichever one of ya wins tonight for those Tag Team Titles… we wanna face the winner at Rise Of The Legends!”

The crowd cheered that announcement and the threesome celebrated as “Unleashed” played before they made their exit. That was a huge challenge lobbied at either one of the teams tonight and tonight's victory served to put all the other teams in the division on notice.

Winner: The Natural Athletes via Pinfall

"A Little Telly and Belly"

In a private lounge backstage, so much for being two of the boys, Keegan had his feet up on a table and was seemingly flicking through the channels. Only he wasn't. He had this episode of iNtense on, just as Dean Carrington was poised to introduced the New Breed.

Just as the Geordie Genius sank into the sofa, Hank Wright kicked the door open with two carries in hand, the kind you get from your local convenience store.

Special K sat up and remonstrated with Wright: "Where have you been? The match is starting now."

Wright replied in Champ Kind: "You won't be complaining when you see what I've got in these bags."

That had the Englishman's attention: ""Aye? Let's have it then."

Hank gestured for the Geordie Genius to remove his feet from the table and emptied the first one, upside down, to reveal at least twenty cans of beer.

Eagerly picking one up, K confessed: " K: "You've done well there, Hank. You're forgiven."

The Texan tipped his hat: "You're welcome."

As they both opened their cans, they toast and Hank turned towards the TV monitor: "How are they looking?"

Special K spoke so candidly that Hank almost coughed up his initial sip of alcohol: "I'm worried you're starting to give Adam Roebuck a run for his money. When was the last time you went to the gym?"

The leggy blonde set his drink down: "What do you mean?"

"Come on, Hank. Weightlifting is about picking dumbbells up and not packing the pounds on."

The Forth Worth native wasn't impressed: "You can talk. You've put half a stone on and that's just on your mouth. Shut up and drink your beer," rounded off Wright, taking another swig of his.

His partner enquired: "What's in the other bag?"

After taking his time over the second mouthful, Wright responded: "Not sure you want to know now."

"Out with it," asserted the European import.

Shortly after, four Tyson XL bags of popcorn were seen on the desk. Smiling, Keegan grabbed for one of them: "I guess some won't do us any harm," winking at Hank.

"Unbelievable," Hank, hands on hips, stated, virtually speechless.

He then joined Keegan on the sofa and nicked a piece as they settled down to see two of the toughest tandems in jOlt do battle in an exciting homecoming for The House.


"Pick Your Poison"

It was a new episode of iNtense from right here in the MGM Grand which could only mean one thing...


“A Man” by Cypress Hill.*

Seconds after the music roared through the arena, the crowd broke into a fever pitch for jOlt’s Public Enemy #1. The loose cannon who had blackmailed his way into and won the jOlt World Championship appeared on the stage, belt strapped over his shoulder and a look of intensity in his eyes.*There was no Frank Silver out here now, but he would be in action later tonight.

...Somebody was gonna come out and be a fucking asshole to somebody. That 'somebody' was "jOlt's Last Real ManAGER" Sonny Silver and the jOlt World Champion, Jeremy Ryan at the top of the stage. Sonny looked smug as a smug bug in a smug rug while Ryan could give two shots that tonight's iNtense emanated from the City of Sin.

"We'll make this short and make this sweet," Sonny started as the crowd already booed him. "In just four weeks time, you will live to witness HISTORY! My charge here... jOlt' Last Real Champion will take his place in the annals of time when he becomes the first man to hold the jOlt World ChampIonship AND the jOlt Fearless Title! He will be cemented as jOlt's Last Real LEGEND!"

Ryan stood his ground as Sonny tapped the jOlt World Championship belt on his shoulder.

"But before we get to Rise Of The Legends, Damien Lee decided that over the next two weeks that he was going to dick us around by allowing... Ugh. Omega to pick an opponent for my charge to face next week. No doubt this son of a bitch is going to try and pick somebody that can give Jeremy a hard time... But let me tell you a secret, Omega. Or rather, let Ryan tell YOU a secret..."

The microphone was passed off to Jeremy Ryan.

"There is NOBODY you can put in front of me that I can't knock down. NOBODY. Ask Ramey. Ask Derecho. Hell, if you have a Twitter account, ask that big blue retard, Sylo. I'd knock 'em down no matter how big or how tall they are."

Ryan passed the microphone off to Sonny Silver.

"But that's NEXT week. Tonight, it's OUR chance to pick your poison, Omega. And since Ryan has already proven he can defeat anyone in front of him, you should prove you can do the same. Ryan's chance at the Fearless Championship is locked for Rise of the Legends no matter who the champion is... So if Ryan can put up his title in an open challenge, then you suould, too."

Sonny smirked at the camera.

"Tonight, Omega, you're getting a taste of your own medicine. To prove you're even WORTHY of being in the same ring as a REAL man like our champion, you gotta prove you can hang against any other man with your title on the line... Especially a man bigger than you. Tonight, your poison goes by the name of... THE DRACONIAN!"

The MGM Grand filled with a huge mix of cheers and jeers against one of JOlt's more dominant and enigmatic stars.

"We're rooting for you, Drac. Fearless Title shot for you. Don't fuck it up!"

"A Man" by Cypress Hill played as Ryan and Silver took their leave from the stage. Pick Your Poison was the theme for the next two weeks. Could Ryan and Omega survive each other's respective mind games?

We'd find out the answer to part of that later tonight!

"Don't Write A Check Yo Ass Can't Cash"

The camera panned backstage to hear yelling and screaming near the loading dock. The camera finally was able to see where all the commotion was coming from. Tammy Lynn Foster stood over top of Bally pounding her with vicious right hands. The Starlets champion was brutally beating on the woman that called her out earlier in the night.

“Ya think ya can call me out. I’m the Starlets champeen an’ I don’t care for da disrespeck.”

The champion stomped on Bally while she was down.

“If ya want my title den come and try ta take it. I’m da best right now and no one is gonna take dat from me.”

Tammy picked up Bally and threw her face first into the loading dock door.

“Don’t write a check yo ass can’t cash, bitch. Ya betta respeck da champeen.”

The JOLT officials came rushing in past Tammy as they started to check on Bally by the loading dock. The Starlets champion continued to show that she was baddest starlet in JOLT.

The House(c) vs The New Breed

With much respect to the huge matches here tonight including the Fearless title up for grabs, this match was the one the fans were itching for the most. The House, the sons of Sin City, were performing in their backyard tonight defending the Tag Team titles against the New Breed. Brian Williams and Mike Patterson were the previous and current Hype Champions and many proclaimed out of all the tag teams today they may have the brightest future. Tonight, the House were going to put that theory to the test, but the hard hitting force of their challengers could pose a threat. The future could be here much sooner than anybody thinks!

“Yours is an Empty Hope” by Nightwish is what played first and the crowd responded with a decent ovation for the two men that caught the eye of Hank Wright and Keegan in recent weeks. The New Breed proclaimed they were looking to get a resume going, but when a chance for gold comes up, you take it. They defeated Draconian in a handicap match several weeks back, Brian Williams defeated Kayden Paulton last week, and Mike Patterson was cutting a swath on the Hype as its reigning and defending champion, just coming off a sixty-minute draw two days ago.

Patterson and Williams warmed themselves up as Williams raced back and forth across the ropes. Patterson’s workout of choice was practicing a few hard hits in the corner. The two looked as ready they could be. Could they do what no other team had been able to do in the last four months and wrestle the belts from jOlt’s biggest team today?

"House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch played next. The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive pop from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of cards toward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the Nevada bred four-time jOlt Tag Team Champions appeared from the backstage area.

“The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck.

“The Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber.

Top of the ramp, jOlt Tag Team Titles raised high in Sin City!

The crowd remembered The House very well and greeted both super heavyweights with a massive series of cheers! Huber was thirty-eight with Roebuck a little over forty years of age, but whenever the cheers and support from the crowd were heard it seemed to turn back the clock! The obese fan favorite Adam Roebuck extended his arms outward and nodded while his muscular counterpart Derrick Huber anxiously greeted the masses in an enthusiastic fashion. Walking from one end to the other, the power lifter rejoined his partner as the jOlt Tag Team Champions thundered down to the ring.

The burly Roebuck lumbered his way down the ramp as both Huber began greeting the fans in the front row before rounding the ring. His mind was also with his wife who had lost her Starlets Championship in a downright violent affair and was worried about her well-being, but he had business to attend to first before he could truly be at her side. Roebuck stormed his way up the ring steps and passed through the ropes as Derrick followed suit. Derrick Huber was seen clapping his hands to jumpstart the crowd as their musical theme dissipated.

Zane Roebuck wasn’t allowed to be out here tonight and Roebuck and Huber saw to that after the way last week’s match with the Natural Athletes ended. They were not going to give the fans a BS ending to a match tonight. Huber started for his team per usual and Brian Williams was going to start for his. Both men shook hands with each other. These teams had no beef with each other.

The two were engaged in close quarters combat first with Derrick Huber exercising his strength advantage. Brian was a tall man standing at six-four just like Huber, but gave up about sixty pounds to the former strongman. The Sin City Strongman muscled Killer B into the ropes until the official to step in and break it up. Huber tapped Brian Williams on the chest and clapped to give the no-nonsense Williams a show of respect.

Williams and Huber engaged a second time and Williams used a head lock to try and control Huber. Huber lifted him up in a back suplex, but the agile former Hype champion flipped over and actually landed on his back. Huber turned around and he was once again trapped in a head lock. Huber backed up to the ropes and used the momentum to throw him off the ropes. Huber picked him up in a military press on the return and wowed the crowd with a great feat of strength before he simply dropped Williams face first. Killer B came crashing down and Huber followed up with a heartstopping elbow drop.



And a kickout by Williams. Huber picked up the former Hype champion and whipped him into the corner as he followed up the attack with a flurry of head butts intended to wear him out to set him up for something big. The shots followed until Brian was in a seated position giving Huber the opportunity to go for his signature move called the Moneyroll! The move actually missed when Killer B moved out of the corner. As Huber tried to recover from missing the corner cannonball, Williams used a drop kick to put him down in the corner. Williams then got his own momentum going …


Huber missed with his rolling corner cannonball, but Williams’s version did not! He pulled Huber out of the corner and went for a cover on the big guy.



This time, Huber kicked out. Brian Williams picked up Huber from the canvas and a series of punches led him to the corner. When Williams tried to take him across the ring with a whip, Huber hung onto the ropes and he didn’t budge. He broke Williams’s grip, kicked him in the chest and he slammed him into the mat with a belly to belly suplex from the side! These teams were already going for bigger and bigger moves, so Huber went for another cover.



But the resilient Williams kicked out again. Huber wasn’t that shocked from the kickout, but he was no ordinary big man. Like Mike Patterson did, Huber was known for being anything but a typical power wrestler with an expanded arsenal of ways to hurt somebody. One of those was put to the test when he lifted him up for some sort of backpack stunner, but Williams elbowed his way out. He used all the strength he could gather and he executed a well-done suplex of his own, actually getting a German suplex in! He couldn’t bridge on the large Huber, but he could roll over and cover.



Huber kicked out now! Both men seemed evenly matched for the moment, but Brian Williams knew when to tag out. Patterson awaited the tag and he got it. The New Breed both launched Huber at the ropes which allowed the current and previous Hype champion a chance to knock him down with a double shoulder tackle. Patterson hooked the leg on Huber.



Huber once again kicked out, but the New Breed were surprisingly taking the beginning of this match. Huber was scooped up by the three-hundred thirty-pound Patterson, but some shots to the gut stopped him from whatever he had planned. He pushed Huber back to the corner, but Huber came right back out and hit a running shoulder of his own. The blow didn’t take Patterson off his feet, but it was enough to send him to the corner. Huber’s charge failed when Patterson got his boot up, but what happened next was amazing when he jumped to the second rope and took flight with a reverse back elbow! Patterson’s freaky agility was on display as he covered again.



Roebuck was inside the ring and he broke up the cover. The Las Vegas Leviathan returned to his corner, but now Huber really needed a tag. It was the Hype champion’s turn to try for a big boot, but Huber avoided the kick and when he came back, Huber tackled him and pushed him all the way into the corner. Shoulders from Huber wore him out and now the tag was made to Adam Roebuck!

It was the showdown the people were possibly looking forward to the most. The House members both pummeled Mike Patterson with head butts in one corner before they whipped him across the ring. Huber actually whipped the larger Roebuck right at Patterson with a big running corner splash. The blow nearly rattled the ring, but things were about to go from bad to worse as he came back up and got taken off his feet with a clothesline of all things!

The running lariat nearly sent Mike Patterson’s head into the third row! The crowd was on their feet as Roebuck finished off the combination with a flashing elbow off the ropes.



Patterson kicked out despite all the House had just thrown at him! Roebuck was in a slight state of shock, but he shook it off as if this was a Taylor Swift song. The Las Vegas Leviathan picked up Patterson from the mat and three head butts sent the towering Hype champion packing to the ropes. Roebuck grabbed him by the arm and it seemed he was going for a big back body toss but Patterson wasn’t having that and he stopped Roebuck with a kick.

Roebuck responded with a bestial roar like he was daring Patterson to try it again. The Hype champion was happy to oblige and ran off the ropes again with a big clothesline, but Roebuck still wasn’t going down. Patterson rushed a third time and Roebuck was trying to take him down with a big clothesline, but Patterson kept going. Williams made a blind tag off the ropes when he took Roebuck down with a spear!

The crowd was in shock that the match had been mostly New Breed so far and Williams was about ready to head up top. There was no holding back with any of these men tonight and it looked like Killer B had something huge planned.

That he did.


Patterson headed towards the corner and he blocked Huber from trying to break up the cover as the now legal Williams crawled over. He hit the swanton bomb and now could they win the tag team titles?



No way!

Roebuck was dazed after the gut-checking spear from Mike Patterson, but the spear and swanton bomb combination did not win them the Tag Team titles just yet! Brian Williams checked with the referee to see if that was a three-count, but it was not. Williams then waited for the dazed Roebuck to stand. He tried to get his massive arms around his body and looked to be trying for a DDT or guillotine choke, but Roebuck used a back body toss and Williams went flying!

The crowd was now cheering for The House making a comeback. Roebuck wrapped a big catchers mitt-sized hand around Williams’s throat and then pushed him all the way back in the corner. He raised his hands and the crowd knew what was coming.


The sequence of the four chops levelled Brian Williams and now that gave Derrick Huber the opening to tag in. They both whipped Williams off to the corner and they sent him flying across the ring. Adam Roebuck was the first one to charge.


The running hip attack was what crushed him in the corner and now Derrick Huber was smiling from ear to ear as he pointed towards the corner. Roebuck pummeled Williams until Killer B was left in the corner position. This failed once, but could he do it again?


The answer was yes, he could! This match had been one whole game of “anything you can do, I can do better” and the House truly thought they could do better after Williams ate a sequence of huge moves! Huber dragged him out of the corner and now that gave him the chance to win.



Patterson’s elbow broke that up quickly! The Hype champion stopped his partner from tasting defeat at the hands of the House. Huber was stunned from the shot and that gave Williams the chance to roll away. Patterson had returned to the corner and the official okayed it when Patterson was back in the ring again. The large Canadian was waiting for Huber to stand up before he used his own strength to bully him into a corner. He raised his arm and began slugging Huber repeatedly with corner lariats meant to take the wind out of him. He pulled him out of the corner and then powered him up and right back down into a flap jack slam.

The New Breed once again were in control of the direction that this match was going. Patterson kept Huber down on the ground and gave the tag back to a nearly breathless Williams. Killer B had been beaten up, but he was ready to rock and roll. He and Patterson threw Huber into their corner. From there, he swung his own partner forward and chucked him with a spear right in the corner. Patterson followed that up with a running knee to the corner that gave Williams a chance to strike. He tried to use a pumphandle. There was no way he could actually hit his pumphandle neckbreaker, right?



It was a huge gamble on his part to try such a powerful move on a big man like Huber, but they were in Sin City so this was the place where such a thing could pay off! A look of panic washed over the face of Roebuck as Williams shot the half and went for a pin.



Close, but no cigar!

Williams couldn’t believe it! That should have been the end right there after everything that the New Breed had thrown at Huber, but the House had made a huge career off both their sheer size and toughness. They had won tag team titles the world over and jOlt was no exception.


Not that the New Breed were chopped liver; this performance tonight proved that they were here to win, but the House had the crowd completely on their side. Williams rolled over and he made the tag back to Patterson. Patterson carefully rolled a fist back before throwing a solid right hand that left Huber reeling. The Hype champion threw two more shots and left him defenseless. Huber was sent across the ring and the very agile Mike Patterson crushed him with a corner splash.

Roebuck was with a hand out, but was nowhere near Roebuck while Patterson was looking for the killing blow. He stood to the side of Derrick Huber and he was trying for a backdrop driver. He had a deadly arrow in his quiver that would no doubt turn the tide for the New Breed. He tried to elevate Huber up, but the Sin City Strongman elbowed his way free. He tripped him up by both legs and had him where he wanted him. He was going to try and disorient Patterson with a giant swing, but Patterson knew it was coming and used his leg strength to kick Huber back to the ropes.

Mike Patterson fought back to his feet and he tried for another spear when Huber caught him with a knee. The blow stunned Patterson and that gave Huber a chance to pick him up and drill him right down with a throwing scoop powerslam.

Both men had each other’s key moves well-scouted, so Huber pulled out something different to throw both men off. Huber had fallen to his knees and turned to where Roebuck was ready to rock. The crowd was about ready to explode when Roebuck got that tag! Patterson had tagged out to Brian Williams and Killer B went head on at the Big Bucks, but he blocked a punch only to lay him out with a huge right hand of his own. Two more punches knocked down the previous Hype champion two more times and he used a head butt to roll him back to the corner.

In the middle of all the action, Mike Patterson came back in and he used a few good body shots on the Las Vegas Leviathan when Roebuck blocked one of them. He used two head butts to stop him and then actually hoisted the three-hundred thirty pound man in his arms. His knees were not good enough to drop across his knee, but he still used a fall away slam to send Mike Patterson flying!

The strength was on full display from Adam Roebuck now as he grabbed onto Brian Williams. He crushed him on one side of the ring with a big running corner splash. Two knees and a whip later and he repeated the attack just off the opposite end of the ring. Roebuck let out another roar for the crowd before he pointed out of the corner.


The fall away powerbomb sent Williams crashing right into the canvas! Here was Roebuck’s chance to go for a cover now and keep the Tag Team titles with the sons of Sin City.




Not only did he break up the cover on his own tag team partner, but he used all his body weight to leap on top of Adam Roebuck with his signature top rope splash! Both Patterson and Williams were freaks of nature, but the fact that both teams had thrown some incredible bombs at one another was just out of control. The blow was enough for Patterson to roll Roebuck over and that allowed Williams to roll over and try a cover on Roebuck.



Kickout by Roebuck!

If he had hit the diving splash straightaway there would’ve been no doubt jOlt would have new Tag Team champions, but the few seconds it took Williams to make the cover made all the difference. Williams was shocked, but Patterson got him to focus on the task at hand. They had Roebuck right where they wanted him and they could finish him off right here and now. They picked up the giant and it took both men but they managed to whip him to the other side of the ring. Patterson charged first, but Huber attacked from the side and he hit a flying shoulder that sent Patterson far away from the ring!

Williams went to the leg of Roebuck and used a drop kick to stun him low. That gave Williams a few extra seconds to try for his Downcast cradle piledriver … he was almost up, but he didn’t catch Huber coming …


The discus clothesline nearly knocked his head right off the rest of his body! Huber took Killer B down and he motioned for Huber to finish things off. Both men had Williams in their sights and once Roebuck had his arms locked, that was all she wrote.


The ring had shaken from the impact of their double team finisher and the crowd exploded! Roebuck rolled to the side and hooked the legs of Williams. Patterson tried to break it up, but a wall called Derrick Huber was in the way.




The crowd sat back in amazement from the killer tag team division that jOlt proudly put on display each and every week and tonight was no exception! The New Breed came so close to winning the belts on a few occurrences, but tonight, the home town boys were successful here tonight.

Roebuck was helping Huber back to his feet and the tag team partners of fourteen years were successful again. This had been the sixth occasion that they had defended the tag team titles against a bevvy of the best talent ever. Williams hadn’t moved since being dropped with BUST, but Roebuck and Huber both took the time to help the extraordinary talent back to his feet. Patterson came face to face with the champs. Would they come to blows over this ending?

They would not. In fact, Mike Patterson offered the first hand out. Roebuck shook his hand and Huber did as well. Both men patted Williams on the back.

“You guys almost had us,” Roebuck said.

“Yeah ... that was cutting it close!” Huber said.

Four men had just been through a huge war and while the House survived, they had to wonder just how much longer they could compete at this competitive level until somebody came along and knocked them off the top of the mountain. Williams was being propped up by his own tag team partner, but all four men were standing up and took a bow for the crowd. Keegan and Hank Wright were no doubt watching somewhere and trying to figure out just what they got themselves into by challenging these men.

Winner: The House via Pinfall (STILL jOlt Tag Team Champions)

"Someone Needs to Get Got"

The scene opened up backstage. Alyssa Corliss was sitting on a bench in the locker room drinking some water with Sebastian Saje sitting next to her, rubbing her upper back.

"Are you feeling any better?" asked Saje.

"Yeah... getting powerbombed doesn't feel good, but I'll live" said Alyssa.

As she said that, the door to the locker room opened and in walked Vogue Gonsalvez, Jackson Cross, and Machida Hood.

"Hey.. jus' wanted ta stop by and check on y'all.. see how y'all are doin' after what happened out there" said Hood.

"I'm sore, but that's to be expected.. I'll be fine." said Alyssa.

Vogue walked over and sat down on the bench next to Alyssa.

"I also wanted to come in here and thank you for an awesome match out there. It was some shit that it got ruined all because of some pale ass bitch, but I also wanted to tell you that you're not the only one she attacked. She shoved my ass off the top rope and I almost broke my damn shoulder in the process, but it's all good, though 'cause next week.. I'm gonna get me mine when I take that bitch to school and teach her how we do things on the streets of Brooklyn." said Vogue.

Saje glanced over at Vogue.

"Just watch yourself out there. I don't know what snapped inside of Raevynn's head, but trust me.. from someone who has lived with this woman.. this isn't her. The Raevynn I know is a lot different than what we see out there. There's no telling what she's going to pull if you have a match with her next week.

Vogue snickered to herself.

"Boy, I appreciate the warning, but... Raevynn jus' don't know how crazy I can be. I'mma show her that next week."

Vogue stood up and patted Alyssa on the back.

"Girl.. when this is all over, we need to have a rematch.. that shit was just too good to let it end like that.

Alyssa and Vogue fist pounded as she exited with Cross the Hood. Saje and Alyssa looked on as the scene faded to black.

"How the Land Lies"

"Up next, we have Frank Silver taking on El Tigre Verde..." Michael Buhrman said, setting the table for the next plate.

Suddenly, a muffled voice interrupted: "A rejuvenated Frank Silver, who's suddenly learned what it's like to win again, now he's dropped that useless jumpstart and started listening to his father again."

Buhrman knew he recognised the voice, but couldn't put a name to the voice: "I'm sorry..."

"'ang abaht Buhrman, we ain't finished yet," replied the other guy on the line and there was no mistaking who that was.

Alfie Button.

His partner, Darren Best, took responsibility again: "Someone sent me a text earlier to tell me Bally and The Freak Show would like another date with The Entertainers."

Button couldn't keep it, er, buttoned any longer: "All you 'ad to do was call us and we woulda set you up on a blind date with Stevie Wonder. Get it?"

While Alfie cackled wildly at his own wisecrack, Darren got down to business: "We may not be tag champions, but we've pushed you and The House to the limits. Not bad for a team just starting in this business, and we're only going to get better, so I don't blame you for trying to derail us this early. But, we're already that good and we're going to repeat what we did in the Sin City Series," Best stated logically and assuredly.

"Okay, let's 'ave it right. I ain't got cracked ribs so you can tell that dickhead, Donny Layne, to stick to being a paperboy. I've been told to take it easy by the doctors, but I'll be all right by next week so we might just show up to tell Bally, Big Bird and the Cookie Monster 'ow the land lies," Alfie told the commentary team in a not-so-practical manner.

"Speaking of how the land lies...we've got The New Breed, possibly Hank Wright and Keegan teaming together, someone you know a lot about, Alfie. Do these teams change the landscape?"

Best stepped up to the plate: "We respect these guys, but we're still the team to beat and that's why The Freak Show wants us. The New Breed and us are the future of this division. Maybe the Natural Athletes too. While they're big and strong, we've got..."

Alfie intervened: "Agility and ability in abundance. They've got the brawn, but we've got the brains and your eyes can't 'it what your eyes can't see."

Over to you, Darren: "The only team we've lost to is the House. Beaten The Freak Show, the Natural Athletes and everyone else in the Sin City Series. So, Bally, we might not be THE team right now, but we're THE team of the future and we're going to show you that."

For once, Darren had enjoyed the final word as the phone rang off the hook and your announcers had take two to introduce Silver against Verde.

Frank Silver vs El Tigre Verde

While Sonny Silver was very much in the pocket of the jOlt World Champion Jeremy Ryan, he was also managing the career now for the ex-Heir of Wrestling Frank Silver, who was in action next. Frank Silver was supposed to have competed last week against the third member of the Heirs, Mack Brody, but that was cut off immediately when Frank Silver left his ex-best friend to eat a beatdown from the Dead Cell. Things were not done, however, with Ryan Gallway when he jumped out from the crowd during the main event and jumped Frank Silver before escaping through the crowd.

Tonight, though, Frank needed to be focused on the task at hand. He would take on another recent graduate of The Hype, the masked El Tigre Verde. Could Frank made good in his first official solo outing since alienating the former Heirs of Wrestling or would El Tigre Verde make a big splash by playing the spoiler for Frank Silver?

“The following is a singles match set for one fall!” Dean Carrington announced for the audience.

“Diesel Punks” by Cliff Lin.

The music played and *the lights started to turn shades of green and out came the Japanese-born Brazilian native! He was always a top contender for the Hype Championship, but now here in the big leagues, you had to start somewhere.

“Introducing first, from Tokyo, Japan by way of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, weighing in at 215 pounds… this is EL TIGRE VERDE!

The masked superstar sped towards the ring like a bolt of lightning and he slid inside. He leaped to the second rope and did a full on backflip into a front roll before he leaped back to his feet! He stood front and center in the ring and he raised a finger to the sky. He waited for his opponent as the supportive Las Vegas crowd continued to cheer on the luchador.

New theme?

Oh, you betcha.

“Heavy Is The Head” by Zac Brown Band feat. Chris Cornell.

The entire MGM Grand was bathed in darkness with the sole exception of a single spotlight. In that spotlight… The man. The myth. The traitor himself. With his godfather and manager right behind him, Frank Silver raised his fists in the air as he soaked in the adulation (Read: FUCKING boos) from the crowd.

“And his opponent, being accompanied to the ring by ‘JOlt’s Last Real ManAGER’ Sonny Silver… from Seattle, Washington, weighing in at 247 pounds… ”THE FORTUNATE SON” FRANK SILVER!

Complete with a shitty dickheaded nickname, Frank Silver was clad in brand-new black knee-length tights not unlike the ones that his ex-partner, Ryan Gallway, used to wear. With a blue “FS” logo and a sword through a new family crest, the entitled shit walked towards the ring with a big grin on his face. El Tigre Verde watched him as Frank Silver started to make a mad dash for the ring… then he stopped and flipped off the crowd before calmly walking up the steps and heading into the ring without incident. As the self-professed Fortunate Son stood in the ring, he stared down El Tigre Verde as refereed Darius Underwood signaled for the bell.


El Tigre Verde locked up…

…And Frank Silver rolled out to the floor, which only served to piss off the crowd.


The chants only made Frank Silver laugh as he stood calmly on the outside of the ring, discussing all sorts of “strategery” with Sonny. El Tigre Verde’s face was covered, but one could tell he was annoyed with this as he slid out of the ring to confront The Fortunate Son…

…Who was now back in the ring!

Frank stood tall in the ring and was clearly trying to troll both the fans and El Tigre Verde. When the masked marvel from Brazil rolled into the ring, Silver exited stage right and rolled underneath the ropes to deliberately avoid him. Frank Silver stood on the outside and approached both Buhrman and Powers on the outside before having a seat on the announce table.

“I’m out here, dipshit!” Frank yelled.

El Tigre Verde was annoyed and gave chase to Frank Silver who seemed like he was now ready for a fight. Verde came back for him and attacked him with a pair of kicks to the leg of Frank before throwing him back inside the ring. El Tigre Verde had the crowd firmly behind him as he leaped to the top rope and came off with a Springboard Missile Dropkick, catching Frank right in the chest! He wasted no time in going for a cover on Frank.



Frank Silver rolled away from Verde, but the masked marvel was in hot pursuit. He stepped towards Frank, but he tried to get away from him by heading in between the ropes. An angry El Tigre Verde tried to get at him when Darius Underwood backed him out of the corner. Frank laughed as he was pulled away, but he wasn’t smiling as he saw his opponent coming…


The Running Cannonball Senton in the corner caught him hard and knocked the wind out of Frank Silver! He forced him out of the corner by pulling his leg and once he was away from the ropes, El Tigre Verde went for another cover.




Frank’s shoulder crept up off the mat again and Sonny was looking a little irate with his godson getting shown up in the early going. When El Tigre Verde tried to pick him up, Frank once again went to the sanctity of the corner. Verde crept towards the corner, but that’s when Frank kicked the knee out from under him! El Tigre Verde tried to defend himself, but Frank caught him by the head and DRILLED him right into the middle buckle with a Reverse STO!

Verde was hurt now and was disoriented after the big move, which gave Frank Silver the chance to go on the offensive. He stomped away at El Tigre Verde and continued to drill him with boots before he set him up on the top rope and snapped his neck over the top. After that, he set him up and DROPPED him with a big Scoop Slam.

And another.

And another.

And the crowd was getting annoyed with his offense, but Frank wasn’t done. He picked up Verde and rushed him towards the corner with a forearm before he wrapped both hands around his throat and started to strangle him. He continued to choke him until the referee ordered him to back out of the corner. He threw Verde out of the corner before he started to undo the turnbuckle pad in full view of the official!

The crowd continued to boo The Fortunate Son as he was wrestling a complete dickheaded match so far. He was keen on doing whatever he could to do damange to Verde while fucking with the crowd all the same. Darius Underwood kept him from doing it and took the padding off, allowing Frank Silver to undo his belt to CHOKE him!


Frank continued to ignore the crowd and strangled him with his belt for several more seconds before he tossed it aside just as Underwood finished putting the padding back on. Frank stood over Verde who had been stopped in his tracks completely. Frank finally did a wrestling move as he grabbed Verde off the mat and DEADLIFTED him right into a huge Gutwrench Suplex! He rolled over and finally went for a cover.




El Tigre Verde with the kickout, but Sonny Silver continued to strut around the ring as he paced around, watching the fallen Verde try to stand. He tried to sit up when Frank ran off the ropes and PUNT kicked him right in the ribs! Verde was sucking in wind when Frank turned him over and started to… yep, he was rubbing his face into the canvas repeatedly like a jackass.

“Oh, no! What a dick I am!” Frank said, feigning incredulousness.

Frank continued to drill him with a series of hard right hands to the back of the head before he threw El Tigre Verde rudely to the floor. Frank then pointed to the corner while a groggy Verde continued to try and stand. Frank started to climb to the top rope and was about to set up for something big…

…And then he calmly climbed down the corner until he was standing on the apron and beaned Verde with a Flying Axehandle! He’d just trolled the crowd and then threw Verde back in before going for a cover.




Verde kicked out a second time, but Frank Silver was still having and grand old time. When he went to pull him by the head, Verde fought back with a pair of right elbows to the chest followed by a few kicks to the leg to chop the bigger man down. Frank was stunned in his tracks when El Tigre Verde ran off the ropes, but he was caught with a big Standing Powerslam! Silver picked him up and just tossed Verde to the mat while The Fortunate Son continued to bask in the jeers of the crowd.


Silver went to pull Verde up again, but when he reached down, Verde’s leg came right up and caught Frank between the eyes! Sonny wasn’t happy with that development as Frank was wobbling on his feet. He tried to pick him up again when he kicked him in the head. Frank ran at him when Verde was quick enough to catch him with an STO Backbreaker…


He caught Frank with the STO Backbreaker and tried to roll him up into a Ranhei-style pin!




El Tigre Verde almost caught the upset there, but Frank kicked out. The tag team specialist was rattled now when Verde continued to drill him about the head with a series of Forearm Smashes. Frank whipped him to the corner and Frank tried to catch him, but Verde ran all the way up the ropes and moonsaulted right over him. He continued to run off the ropes, ducked a Clothesline attempt by Frank and SMACKED him in the jaw with a running Spinning Heel Kick!

Frank was disoriented while Sonny Silver was starting to show concern for his charge. The masked marvel with a million moves waited for Frank Silver to stand when he did, he grabbed him with a Full Nelson…


Double Knee Backbreaker out of the Full Nelson was on the way and now Verde tried another cover!




SO close, but it was not a three! El Tigre Verde set Frank Silver up near the ropes and started to climb the ropes. He was going up for something big…


Frank saw it coming and rolled out of the way! Amazingly, El Tigre Verde kept his balance as he managed to land on his feet, but when he stood up, Frank was there and he twisted the mask around! Verde was disoriented when Frank grabbed him by the head…


Frank cocked his arm back as far as he could and fucking SMACKED Verde underneath the jaw with the Thor’s Hammer of European Uppercuts! Verde was in a completely dazed state when Frank rolled him up into a cheap head-and-arm pinning combination!




After some dickery and the mother of all cheap shots, Frank laughed and had his arm raised by Darius Underwood.


But Frank wasn’t done yet. He forced the groggy Verde up who was still groggy from the headshot and powered him right up into the Belly to Back position…


The Belly to Back Piledriver that he had been using in the last few weeks was finally blessed with a name, but Frank Silver didn’t care about what he called it. The fact was he’d just made an example out of El Tigre Verde as Sonny Silver came into the ring to raise his hand. The crowd was booing the twosome, but Sonny nor Frank care. He handed Frank a microphone as the crowd continued growing vocally. It seemed Frank wasn’t done.

Winner: Frank Silver via Pinfall

"Drunken (Revisionist) History"

As Verde was being helped to the back, Frank and Sonny Silver were both front and center and Sonny was holding the microphone out for his godson to air whatever grievances he was about to say.

“Awww, what’s the matter? I didn’t do some cool moves? That wasn’t a five-star classic to you? Well, I SHIT ON WHAT YOU PEOPLE THINK!” Frank screamed. “YOU’RE the reason the Heirs of Wrestling petered out and broke up, not me! Why would I do anything to entertain YOU retarded clownbabies? We were the greatest group of talent ever amassed in a ring, but then you people started to cheer for us…”

Frank was not his playful self during this match. Not anymore.

“…it all went to SHIT. But I’m going to tell you people a little secret… this thing between Jeremy, Sonny and I was not meant to be just the three of us. I wanted Mack to be a part of this, but he was too damn selfish. I wanted Ryan Gallway to be a part of this, but he couldn’t find a set. I gave him multiple chances to prove that he hadn’t turned into a spineless sack and what did he do? He bitched out. Breakdown was the last straw, so I did what any good friend would do and parted ways before both of us got hurt… and instead, it was just HIM that got hurt.”

Frank continued his angry tirade and ignored the loud jeering at this point.

“You people POISONED something good and you ruined it. You made me do what I did and that was the last goddamn straw. I am DONE listening to you people. You don’t dictate to me the direction of my career. You don’t tell me what I can and can’t do. I don’t care WHAT you idiots think… I’ll win a fucking match however I want and you just saw me hand Verde his ass without having to do ANY cool, fancy, flippy-doo bullshit. I straight OUTWRESTLED that little shitstain. I…


A voice cut him off! It was his ex-tag team partner and best friend, Ryan Gallway and he was heated. With a microphone in hand, Ryan looked revolted by the sight of his former partner standing in the ring.

“God, I knew that Sonny had been pumping you full of bullshit, but you’re actually starting to believe it now?” Ryan asked rhetorically. “I don’t believe a word of ANYTHING you had to say. You KNEW Mack Brody wouldn’t be caught dead teaming with that prick, Jeremy Ryan, and I wouldn’t, either. Nobody wants to be lined up with that chauvinistic piece of crap!”

The crowd in Las Vegas was firmly behind what Gallway had to say, but Frank wasn’t done.

“You listen, you little…”


Another HUGE pop! Ryan ignored the crowd, though, and continued on.

“And the truth is… you were my friend, Frank… when nobody wanted to take a chance on you, I offered to team with you and we created something awesome – you, me and Mack! We created something that hadn’t been rivaled, but then you and your little ego had to kill it! Sure, we made no secret that at one point, we were all the biggest group of dicks jOlt had ever seen, but people grow up and people change. We became loved by the people and I wouldn’t give that up for a second.”


Ryan paused to take in the chants while Frank rolled his eyes.

“I never wanted things to come to this, but you dropping me on my head and thinking you injured me pretty much showed that there’s no going back from where we are now… but if you have the balls to tell everybody that I’m beneath you, then PROVE IT. I’m challenging you to a match next week, Frank! If Sonny doesn’t mind lending you your balls back for a second, why don’t you ask him if it’s okay?”

Frank was about ready to give his own retort when Sonny restrained him. He patted him on the shoulder to calm him down before taking the microphone.

“Ryan Gallway, mad respect to you. You have more spine than I first thought you did. But Frank Silver has made it perfectly clear that he has washed his hands of his past and is now focusing on his own pursuits. I’m afraid that at this time, Frank is going to respectfully DECLINE your little challenge.”


If the Prince of Precision’s stare could burn a hole through the Silvers, it would’ve done so at that moment.

“I’m afraid our night is over, Ryan. Have a good evening, chhuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… p.”

The Silvers both exited the ring as Ryan made a beeline right for them! He was ready for a fight, but the Silvers wanted nothing to do with Gallway on this occasion as they split away from the ring and headed towards the back. Despite what Frank and Sonny thought, it was clear that Ryan Gallway had not forgotten about this betrayal.

"They'll Get Theirs"

Ice Cube couldn’t have said it better himself … today was a good day. The House had retained their jOlt Tag Team championships against the New Breed in an incredible match and they did it in front of their hometown crowd in Las Vegas where they were local legends. Adam Roebuck and Derrick Huber both found themselves backstage resting up near the catering area and partook a victory water.

“To home,” Huber said.

“To home,” Roebuck replied.

The two shared a laugh and clinked their water bottles together before drinking their respective bottles. The moment had to be ruined a little when Zane Roebuck came in, popping a bottle of champagne that almost hit Huber in the eye.

“Watch where you’re shooting that shit, junior!” Roebuck bellowed.

The son of Adam Roebuck shook up the champagne before having a drink straight from the bottle like a little frat boy.

“That was sick the way you guys handled the New Breed! I mean, I softened up Mike Patterson during our fights for the Hype Championship, but you guys beat ‘em good!”

The elder Roebuck gave his son a death glare. Huber spoke up on his behalf.

“Watch it, boy,” Huber warned, “Patterson and Williams will no doubt hold these titles one day. Our time will come when a better team comes along, but tonight in front of our hometown, tonight wasn’t that night.”

“I’m sure, but with my dad out there, that won’t happen for a long time. Maybe until you guys finally retire or something.”

Zane’s facial expression changed as if he’d just remembered something.

“Oh did you guys hear about that challenge that the Natural Athletes threw at you after their match earlier?”

“Vaguely,” Huber said. “We’ve been a little preoccupied tonight with a huge fight tonight.”

“Yeah!” Zane responded. “They were out there, talking about how they were owed another match because they were under the impression I disqualified you guys to save your belts. They were talking about how they wanted a rematch at Rise of the Legends. That Terry Massimo guy even used one of Dad’s moves!”

Roebuck quietly fumed.

“Oh … he did, did he?”


The threesome turned and there standing in the area now were Terry Massimo, Cori Albright and Nate Quartermaine. Things went from friendly to Cold War-level tension really quick as Huber and Roebuck both stood up from their seats, fastening their belts.

“So … “ Huber said. “I hear you boys called us out. You got something to say to us now when we’re here in your faces?”

Terry was the first one up.

“Yeah... busy night for y’all, but I don’t mind repeatin’ myself. We want a rematch for dem Tag belts and we want it at Rise Of The Legends.”

“I also hear you’ve been talking a lot of other shit,” Roebuck said. “Something about how we can’t get things done without Zane?”

Cori shook his head. “No, no, no, big man, lost in translation. I don’t know what shit your snot of a son was saying to you, but all we did was issue a challenge earlier. That’s cool if you want to have Zane out there cheerleading, but what happened last week was bullshit. When we were about to win, he attacked me…”

A loud and exaggerated laugh from Derrick Huber cut the former soccer player off immediately. He turned to the Roebucks.

“Oh … listen to these kids!” Huber said. “They must’ve hit puberty between last week and now. They find hair on their nuts and then they come up to us, offer some backhanded apology and then they say they were about to win!”

“Hey!” Quartermaine said pointedly, cutting Derrick off. “You keep calling us kids and boys, but you need to realize the future is going to come a lot sooner than you think. So are you going to take their challenge or are you just going to sit there and pretend that you actually won last week”

Oh, that was fighting words all right. Huber looked down at Nate Quartermaine.

“Yeah … we are. We will be seeing you at Rise of the Legends. The future is going to come someday and we aren’t blind to that. It certainly won’t be coming from some punkass kids …”

“Yeah!” Zane shouted. “Since you guys like challenging people so much, I’ve got one for you! Nate, you like to talk some smack, how about you face me in a match next week!?”

Nate got in Zane’s face now and grinned at him.

“It’d be my honor kicking your ass on iNtense before Cori and Terry take those Tag Team Titles.”

Huber and the elder Roebuck both surrounded Nate, but then Cori and Terry appeared behind him. All six men were just waiting for somebody to make a move. Nobody did so and it looked like things were going to go off without a hitch.

“See you BOYS at the Pee-Pee-Vee,” Cori smirked.

Adam Roebuck was ready to jump, but Huber held him back. The Natural Athletes left without incident, but certainly leaving an impression with their future opponents.

“Let ‘em go. They’ll get theirs.”

Omega(c) vs Draconian

It’s time for the main event of the night. The fans had been raucous all night and now it was time to see the Fearless champion in action. This match was made by Jeremy Ryan earlier in the night in the wake of their big Rise of the Legends title match. Ryan chose the mysterious Draconian for Omega to face tonight. The mysterious new comer would be looking to continue his win streak. The lights suddenly dimmed in the arena.

“Scheme” by STS9

7’2’’ of white muscle, blue hair and black eyes walked out from the backstage area. The cryptic wrestler made his way down the ramp toward the ring for his first ever championship match in a jOlt ring. The dreadnought known as Draconian stomped his way down to the ringside area. Before entering the ring, Draconian stopped at the ropes and glared across the sea of people. Even to the oblivious, it was a sign of judgment and disapproval. The lights came back up to full strength as the Draconian stood in the corner awaiting for the champion.

The arena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of “Redeemer” by Marilyn Manson echoed throughout the arena. The Draconian stood in the ring as the lights from cellphones illuminated the arena. The cameras panned around to the stage as Omega was nowhere to be seen. The fans jeered as a lone spotlight hit the middle of the ring. A young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

We are here

We are many, you are few

A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the lone spotlight disappeared. The lights slowly came back on as Omega stood in the middle of the ring with a grin on his face holding the Fearless Championship in his left hand. He handed the championship to Boulder as the fans jeered the champion.

These were two large men in the ring as Omega outweighed the taller challenger. Simon Boulder signaled for the bell as the two men were ready for action. The Draconian made his way over to the champion as the two men locked up in a collar and elbow tie up in the middle of the ring. The two big men tried to see which one was stronger by trying to get leverage on the other. The mysterious challenger was trying to get Omega to his knees but the Fearless champion showed the challenger why he was a freak of nature.

The Draconian kneed Omega in the midsection to break the hold. He grabbed the champion and slammed his massive frame to the mat with a huge slam. The Draconian grabbed Omega by the dreadlocks and whipped him into the ropes. The champion bounced off the ropes and was met by a huge boot that did not send the champion to the mat. The challenger cocked his head to the side in astonishment that Omega did not go down to the mat. The challenger raced over to the champion who grabbed him and tossed him across the ring with a belly to belly suplex.

The challenger was caught by surprise by the inhumane strength of the champion. The Draconian showed no facial expression as he slowly stood to his feet. He circled the champion in the ring who had a smile on his face. The two men moved closer to each other in the middle of the ring but the Draconian nailed the enigma with a big right hand. The Draconian was not done as he drove another right hand into Omega’s jaw. That last hit staggered the champion back into the corner. The challenger made his way into the corner and unloaded several shoulder blocks into Omega’s midsection. The crowd was indifferent with who to cheer for but they did know they wanted to see some violence between the two men.

The Draconian had the champ slumped over in the corner as he drove a big forearm to his back/neck area. The challenger grabbed Omega by the arm and whipped him into the far corner. He raced across the ring and nailed the boogeyman with a big clothesline. The challenger pulled the boogeyman out of the corner and suplexed him to the mat. The Draconian dropped down for the cover on the champ.




The Draconian rolled off Omega, pulling him up in the process. The champion drove a thumb into the challenger’s neck, breaking free from his grasp. The boogeyman quickly hooked the challenger and drove him into the mat with a vicious DDT. Omega slowly sat up and looked down at his challenger who was already starting to stir. The champion picked up the Draconian and whipped him into the ropes. The mysterious monster of a man bounced off the ropes and was caught by a big boot from the champion. Just like earlier when Omega did not fall this time the challenger did not fall. The boogeyman saw this and raced at the challenger and clothesline him over the top rope.

The momentum was so great that Omega went flying over the top rope as well. Both of the big men went tumbling to the floor. The fans at ringside was in a frenzy as the champion was the first to get to his feet. Omega grabbed Draconian by the head and slammed him face first into the ring apron. A sick smile came across his face as the Draconian did not show any emotion on his face. The champion drove his head into the ring apron once more. No emotion from the challenger as Omega turned him around and rammed him back first into the ring, not once, not twice, but three times.

Omega let the Draconian fall to his knees, then nailed him with a vicious kick to the side of his head. The champion went for the cover and Boulder slid out of the ring for the count.




The crowd gasped as few people thought the Draconian would get up from the beating, but he did. The boogeyman sat up and move to his feet as he looked down at his challenger. As Omega continued to dish out pain, the Draconian continued to take it and the champ loved every minute of it. Omega reached down and picked up the Draconian who nailed the champ with a big uppercut. The Draconian stood to his feet as Omega was caught by surprise. The challenger nailed Omega with a quick reverse clothesline then an inverted DDT that sent the champion to the floor. The Draconian picked up Omega again and drove him into the floor…. CHOKESLAM. The challenger finally got an opening on the champion and grabbed a steel chair from under the ring. Omega started to move on the floor, getting up to knee to see the challenger standing over top of him with a steel chair. I’m sure you know what happened next.

Five massive chair shots to Omega’s head….


The fans at ringside was shocked as the Draconian’s facial expression actually changed when after he delivered the fifth massive chair shot to the champion. Omega was on both knees laughing and smiling at the challenger. The Draconian never seen anything like this before in his life. The Fearless champion was actually enjoying the brutal chair shots. This also had to have Sonny Silver and Jeremy Ryan a little nervous watching the enigma laughing in the face of pain and punishment. The Draconian dropped the chair on the floor and pulled Omega to his feet by his head and whipped him into the guardrail. The seven foot monster raced toward the guardrail but the Fearless champion sent him flying into the crowd with a big back drop.

The fans like the action outside of the ring and let the competitors know.


Omega turned around and climbed over the guardrail and made his way into the crowd. The security officers were able to disperse the crowd in order for the champion and challenger to get back into the ring. However the two men were not in a rush to get back into the ring. The champion drove a big forearm into the challenger’s back. Omega nailed the Draconian with a big right hand that sent the challenger back through the crowd. The fans made a lot of noise trying to get close enough to touch the two men. The two men battled through the crowd trading monster blows. The Draconian and Omega continued going toe to toe through the crowd.

Boulder tried to get the two men to get back into the ring. Omega nailed the challenger with a knee to the stomach. The champion grabbed the Draconian by the head and moved back through the crowd to the guardrail. Omega climbed over the guardrail but the Draconian nailed the champion in the back of the head. The Draconian climbed over the guardrail and grabbed the champion by the throat.


The crowd did not expect that from the challenger…


The Draconian stood over top of the champion and looked around the ringside area. He reached down and grabbed Omega, pulling him to his feet. He flung the champion under the bottom ropes into the ring. The seven foot monster climbed into the ring as well. He grabbed Omega and drove him into the mat with a side slam. The challenger went for the cover again.




Omega was able to get his shoulder up as there was a neutral reaction from the fans. The Draconian picked up the champion again and hooked him in the middle of the ring.


Another cover attempt….




The Draconian sat up and started to pull himself up along with Omega. The challenger grabbed the boogeyman’s arm and whipped him into the corner. He went into the corner but Omega bolted out of the corner with a vicious clothesline. The champion nailed the Draconian with some big vicious right hands as the champion was looking to dish out more pain. Omega hooked the Draconian in the middle of the ring…


Omega quickly hooked the Draconian and sent him flying with a T-BONE SUPLEX. The champion went for the cover on the challenger.




The Draconian kicked out again as Omega smirked. The champion rolled onto his stomach as he watch the Draconian slowly make it to his feet. The Draconian was on his feet as Omega quickly stood up and hooked the challenger from behind.


Omega hooked the leg for the cover.




The Draconian put up a good fight in his first title match in JOLT. The champion looked at the Draconian before exiting the ring. The Draconian watched as Omega made his way up the ramp. He simply just nodded as the champion looked at the jolt-vision to see the sign of respect from the Draconian. The boogeyman turned back toward the ring and shot the Draconian a nod in return as he disappeared behind the curtain. Somewhere Jeremy Ryan had to be looking on as the Fearless champion continued his utter domination of the division.

Winner: Omega via Pinfall