"Welcome to iNtense"

Darkness fades to gritty sepia when the opening piano of "Warriors" by PelleK (Imagine Dragons Cover) hits. We see image of an empty jOlt Arena filling with people in time lapse

The screen then explodes into full color when the drums and song kick in!

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

(In sync with music) We see scenes of action and images of current superstars Pietro Geist, Eiji Kugasari, Jeremy Ryan, Diamond Jewelz, Tammy Lynn Foster, Raevynn, Keegan, Hank Wright, The House, and The Freak Show

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

We continue to see images of action as the intrustmental continues to the very end...

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

We see Diamond Jewelz posing with Them MF'n Goons, Sonny Silver standing by Frank Silver, Mack Brody hitting the Gold Rush on Omega, Pietro Geist and Jeremy Ryan brawling, a shot of Kayden Paulton cracking a genuine smile, and a lumbering Spike Saunders standing tall in the ring. Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

With the final pulsing beats of the song, we see Jeremy Ryan striking a grin with the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder!

The scene flashes back into the arena where the song starts again, but in his complete form, starting with Verse 1 of the lyrics. The camera pans around the Arena as a splendid display of fireworks goes off on the main stage and above the ring. The set is a giant jOltvision with the N logo for iNtnese sitting to the left and to the right of the big jOltvision. The N itself is a massive red light that is illuminated. Above the jOltvision is a pseudo semi-circle steel structure that houses a curved screen that will be used to display a wrestler's name above it while their entrance video plays below on the jOltvision. On the stage itself, to the left and right of the entrance ramp are two more small, elongated mini screens which will display the wrestler's brand logo on them when they make their way out... unless they hold a title. Then it will display their championship belt on the left and the name of the title on the right!

The fans were buzzing with electricity as iNtense officially begins!

"I Spiked the Drink With Poison"

After the opening pyro finishing going off, we were now ready to get this shindig started…

“Helloooooooooooooooooooooo, Paradise…”


Out came none other than Sonny Silver to start the show as he stood there in a black business suit, adjusting his tie.

“We’ve all gotten to know each other these last several weeks as I’ve led not one, but TWO of jOlt’s top stars to success, but here goes… HELLO, RETARDS! For those who don’t know me, I am The Exalted Royal Adviser to The Fortunate Son of jOlt, Frank Silver! I am also jOlt’s Last Real ManAGER to jOlt’s Last Real Man AND Last Real Champion… YOUR CHAMPION AND MINE! The only man champion here that isn’t some quivering little pussy… JEREMY RYAN!”

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.*

The crowd’s reaction grew even more heated as out from the back came the man set to take on an opponent of Omega’s choosing tonight, the jOlt World Champion… Jeremy Ryan. He and Sonny walked towards the ring and took in the negative response. Sonny walked ahead of his prized charge and motioned to Dean Carrington to open the ropes for him.


Dean sighed and held open the ropes for Jeremy Ryan and then Sonny to step through. jOlt’s Last Real ManAGER handed him a dollar.

“Thanks, my good man.”

Sonny also helped himself to Dean Carrington’s microphone and Ryan started to get in his face, making sure Dean knew his role and got him the fuck out of the ring. jOlt’s Last Real Champion remained in the ring with his title.

“Please cut YOUR CHAMPION’S MUSIC, morons!”

Within moments, the music was cut and now left Sonny Silver and Jeremy Ryan in the ring.

“So tonight, the lot of you as well as my charge’s opponent, Omega, will be in for a treat. First off, I want to say congratulations to Omega for making it past Draconian. He’s a tough motherfucker, but Omega was that much tougher. I want there to be no excuse when Ryan takes The Fearless Championship from you at Rise of the Legends and breaks away the façade that is this quote-unquote ‘escapee from a mental institution!’”

Ryan nodded with only the SLIGHTEST of grins on his face. Part of his lip curled upwards as Sonny continued.

“As for the lucky part, after having to sit through a main event with Omega, now you’ll get to see how a REAL Champion conducts his business! Tonight, you will witness first-hand some poor lamb being led to slaughter by Omega when he gets to choose his opponent for tonight! So Smegma… sorry, Omega… if we can get a camera back there to whatever dark corner or cardboard box that stupid lunatic is shuffled into…”

Ryan took the microphone from Sonny suddenly and turned to the jOltVision.


jOlt’s Last Real Man gritted his teeth.

“I know that you’re back there and if you want to pick my so-called poison tonight, then you’ll get your ass out here and do it to my face! I don’t care…”

“Any Means Necessary” by Hammerfall.

That music was not Omega’s.

However, it DID belong to a man that was BIGGER than the current Fearless Champion as he waltzed his way out from the back. This was a legend in the industry of many years, many championships, and many victims. The crowd started to boo as “The Colossus” Spike Saunders stepped out onto the stage. He made an impact by brutalizing Trouble and The Widow’s Nest all to call out Jeremy Ryan. He did not get an answer from him last week, so it appeared he wanted one this week. Sonny tapped Ryan’s back and the jOlt World Champion handed the mic back as Sonny looked out to another legend in the industry.

“You… are most certainly not Omega," Sonny stated, "I dunno, are you lost, Jolly Green? Go back to your frozen bag of vegetables… or nbW, whatever.”

Raising the microphone he brought with him, he listened to the jeers and paused. Standing still as a tree in the dead heat of the Summer, he waited, and waited. With a heavy sigh the giant started on.

"Continue to boo all you want. I don't care." With a shrug he continued, "Old man, step aside as this is directed directly to your charge. Last Man, Last Champ, whatever it may be. He is lucky. I granted him a stay of execution last week."

With a snarky grin he pointed his finger at the ring and specifically, Jeremy Ryan.

"I had my fun squashing gnats under my boot last week -- and let you be. Want to know why?" With a smirk he waited for a response from Ryan or Sonny. Ryan had the microphone and popped the bones in his thick neck.

"I heard you. Everything you had to say, Spike. The fact that you think you're worthy because you're nothing more than a tall guy? THAT'S your fucking reasoning? Why don't I wait outside a basketball game and give title shots to the Lakers one at a time, too. Your logic is horrendously flawed."

Ryan continued to snarl.

"Spike, you've achieved a hell of a lot in your career, but the ONE thing you've never done is face anyone like me. You don't want any part of what *I* do to people. In case your pea-fucking-brain can't comprehend... Sonny?"


Saunders chuckled.

"No matter, Simple really, Option 3 has no deadline. It has no distance. That is why it is my favorite. So I let you have an extra seven days extension to your shelf-life and reign while sitting back in the cafeteria enjoying the nachos being served. But tonight... well," with a shrug he continued, "well quite simply, I haven't had any fun yet!"

The giant laughed.

"So you can stand up there and bask in your glory, and remain in that ring for another few seconds while I walk down this ramp and knock your ass out, and take that JOLT Championship title right from you."*

With a pause he looked out at the crowd that seemed to be booing them both but also looking forward to Ryan being unseated.*

"I told you all last week. I don't need your approval. I don't need to wait. I am a MOTHER FUCKIN' GIANT and I am TAKING what I DESERVE!"

With that he tossed the microphone up in the air and started down the aisle. Nearly reaching the bottom of the ramp by the time the stick thudded against the stage.

As Saunders headed down the ramp toward the ring the jOltvision lit up as the arena slowly dimmed to see the darkness of the boiler room, the place that the Fearless champion calls home. The uncontainable pong of emollient and bristle from the air made it agonizing for all who would venture to step foot in this obscured refuge of the Orleans Arena. The twirling reverberations of a generator and a furnace was armistice and serenity for the Fearless Champion, Omega.

The disturbing madman’s, hoodie covered his face as he sat in the darkness soaking in the fumes of the boiler room.

“We test the patience of the world champion, how quaint. He believes that we are not worthy of holding this title that lay in front of us. He feels that he would be better suited to wear all the gold in JOLT and everyone else should bow at his feet. However, we have a problem with this. We do not feel that Mr. Ryan deserves this championship and we will prove that at Rise of the Legends.”

Omega paused for a few seconds breathing in the fumes of the boiler room.

“But before we go down that road we have a few obstacles to go through first. Someone came up with the bright idea that Mr. Ryan and us could pick each other’s opponent before our match at Rise of the Legends. Last week the world champion decided that we should face the monstrous Draconian for the Fearless title. They reckoned that Mr. Ryan thought sending a monster to overthrow a monster would be a great strategy. Unfortunately for Mr. Ryan and Mr. Silver their plan backfired as we still have the Fearless title in our possession. We will give credit where credit is due… the Draconian is one tough bastard. We were thrilled with our match against the Draconian and welcome another match when the time deems fit.”

The boogeyman slowly tilted his head to the side as the light continued to flicker to catch glimpses of his one good eye.

“So now we come to present time where Omega has the enviable task of choosing the opponent for Mr. Ryan to defend the World title against tonight. We thought long and hard on who we wanted Mr. Ryan to face tonight. Mr. Ryan we do not want to keep you or the people in attendance in suspense any longer. Tonight Mr. Ryan we have decided that your opponent will be the man you are currently looking at…. Spike Saunders. Have fun, we’ll be watching.”

Omega started to laugh maniacally as the jolt-vision faded out and the camera focused on the ring. Ryan fumed and Silver looked like he was about to be sick as Saunders grinned. He'd been handed the proverbial golden ticket.

"Come to think of it... It'd be much better to do this in my RIGHTFUL place. The Main Event. Kiss your title goodbye, Jermz!"

Saunders' music played as he dropped the microphone with a sinister smirk. Ryan and Sonny watched him depart as the show went to a commercial.

Callie Scott vs Monica

After the ring cleared and the talking heads recapped what happened, tt was time for our opening contest featuring jOlt's voluptuous Starlets!! Callie “Scrapper” Scott had failed in her bid to become the Starlet Champion two weeks ago against Tammy Lynn Foster, but with a lot of ground to cover in a red-hot division, every win mattered. Tonight was the chance for either Scott to get back on the horse or for the hot-tempered and dangerous Monica to make her presence felt.

“The following contest is a Starlets match scheduled for one fall!” Dean Carrington announced.

“I Got An Attitude” by Antoinette.

When the music played for the fans in Paradise, the crowd gave her a chorus of jeers as she arrived at the top of the ramp. She had made no friends on The Hype and tonight, there were no friends for her; only winning mattered and everything else could go perform sexual congress upon its own person.

“First, making her way to the ring, from Newark, New Jersey weighing in at 130 pounds… MONICA!

Monica walked across the ring apron and sat up on the top rope, mocking the jeering crowd before using the ropes to backflip and land on her feet on the inside. The New Jersey native walked back into the ring and waited for her opponent for the evening.

“Octane” by Burnos.

The adrenaline-fueled anthem played and the crowd started to cheer for the brawler from Battle Ground. Two pillars of smoke billowed out from either side of the entry ramp and out came the woman nicknamed The Scrapper! A blue bandana was draped over her head as she approached the ring, adjusting her signature black elbow pad on her right arm with a sparking red skull and cross-bones adoring it.

“And her opponent… from Battle Ground, Washington, weighing in at 141 pounds… please welcome CALLIE “SCRAPPER” SCOTT!

The crowd started cheering as The Scrapper headed towards the ring meaning all business. She’d only been around sparingly in the last couple of months trying to rehab a shoulder injury, but now that it was healed and she had clearance, she was looking forward to getting to jOlt on a regular basis again! She climbed up the steps and jumped onto the second turnbuckle, pointing to the sparkling skull on her elbow pad. After stepping off the top rope, she was all business in the ring. Monica wasn’t that impressed with the former fighter, but Callie wasn’t there to impress…

She was here to win.


Starlet referee Kim Adams called for the bell and the two ladies came face to face with one another. Callie Scott watched Monica as she popped off at the mouth.


Callie only cracked a small smirk that Monica did not appreciate. She threw her foot up trying to kick her with a cheap shot, but The Scrapper grabbed her by the leg first! Monica pleaded with her to let go of the leg and she did… sorta. She spun her around and when she came back, she SMACKED Monica in the head with a huge right high kick! Callie shrugged before she rolled over to cover Monica off the bat!




Monica kicked out and she scrambled away from the former toughwoman fighter. When The Scrapper tried to approach her, Monica surprised her with a right hand of her own! She sent The Scrapper bouncing back to a nearby corner and fired off a few more punches before switching to some stomps to the gut to try and wear her own.

“YOU DON’T TOUCH ME!” Monica shrieked.

The New Jersey native backed off out of the corner after Kim Adams reprimanded her for her attack. Monica got in her face, too, and told her off before she turned her attention back to The Scrapper.


The Scrapper was already back in action and turned her around before she PUMMELED her in the corner with a flurry of her signature Elbow Strikes! She continued to drill her in the side of the head and then followed up with another stiff barrage of body shots while she was trapped in the corner! The Scrapper was on fire tonight and the crowd was supporting her the whole way!






Five stiff shots caught her in the stomach! She had been training with her husband from The Hype, “Seattle Shooter” Jameson Scott in the fine art of kicking and had added some new moves to her arsenal!

When she tried to whip Monica across the ring, the New Jersey native tried to stop her, but Callie kicked the elbow and then DROPPED her with a straight Elbow Bat to the face! When Monica tried to stand, Callie whacked her with a second and third strike. She then pushed Monica back to the ropes and off the return, caught her with a big Kitchen Sink knee strike! Monica was left gasping for air when she ran a few steps forward and SMACKED her right in the back with a hard kick! Monica was leaving tonight with bruises as Scott went for a cover.




Monica’s shoulder erupted off the canvas, but that did not deter Callie Scott from continuing an ass-beating. She pulled Monica back up by her hair and floored her with a pair of rights. She pushed Monica back to the ropes, but the technician reversed the whip and sent her flying. When Callie came back off the rebound…



The crowd groaned from the sickening Discus Forearm Smash that Monica had just leveled her with! Callie Scott prided herself on her signature elbow strikes laying out any and all opposition, but tonight Monica was looking for a big win against an established main roster Starlet. She took a quick breather before she rolled over and tried getting the upset win over The Scrapper!




Callie’s shoulder shot off the canvas right after the two-count. She’d proven in previous wars with Sarah Winterton, Charlotte, and Tammy Lynn Foster that she was double-tough, but Monica had her where she wanted her. She went after the arm of Callie and slammed her elbow right into the canvas! She was looking to take away her best weapon – the Sliding D Elbow that she called the Scrap Heap.

She grabbed her by the arm and slammed it right down into the canvas with a big Single Arm DDT! Callie writhed around in pain while Monica stood over her body. She delivered a succession of stomps to the chest of Callie Scott before gunning right for the arm again. She continued to take things a little more physical now and slammed the arm repeatedly against the canvas.

“Hit me now!” Callie shouted.

When she tried to pull Callie back up, Callie did just that with her left hand! Not as good as the right that Monica had been working over, but it did the job. The Scrapped pulled herself back to her feet and used a pair of elbows to catch her in the head, but when she tried to turn and head to the ropes, Monica grabbed a handful of hair and WHIPPED her down to the mat!

The crowd booed Monica and she even ignored the crowd and Kim Adams reprimanding her to go on the attack again. Callie tried to roll back to her feet, but she was on all fours which was not a position that she wanted to leave herself open for… giggity…


Monica dropped a vicious knee to the back of Callie Scott’s head and dropped her down to the mat! The Scrapper was laid out and Monica wasted zero time in shooting the half. This would be a HUGE win for the Hype Starlet!




Callie’s shoulder came up again! Monica got annoyed quickly and tried to go back to the arm for something big in the way of a submission, but The Scrapper fought back with a HARD Headbutt of all things! A second one caught her right between the eyes and now Monica was down! Callie was groggy from her own shot and went reeling back to the ropes, but she more than lived up to her name. She was arguably jOlt’s hardest-hitting Starlet and she was about to get back on the warpath.

When Monica staggered upwards again, Callie caught her and by the arm and pulled her right into a Short-Arm Clothesline. She held onto Monica’s arm and fired a second one, knocking her down. A third time and she pulled her right down with a third Short-Arm Clothesline! The trifecta of moves was meant to set her up for something big and that’s what she was about to do.

Monica was back up and Callie Scott whipped her across the ring. She lined her up and let out an energetic howl for the cheering crowd before she leaped in and caught her HARD in the face with a vicious Jumping Back Elbow Smash! Callie swept the leg from under Monica and left her in the seated position as Callie got a running start…


The Running Corner Dropkick caught her right in the face! Callie Scott pulled her out from the corner and hooked the far leg!




Monica’s shoulder came up off the mat, but Callie was ready to finish thing right then. She cocked a fist back and the fans knew what was coming up next. This move had laid out various Starlets and another one was about to feel the move. She flew right at Monica…


The Superwoman Punch KNOCKED Monica right the uckfay out. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, Callie pulled the Hype Starlet up into a seated position and pointed towards the sparking skull elbow pad. The fans knew what was coming up next as she bounced off the ropes…


The Sliding D Elbow landed right on the money! Callie nonchalantly rolled over and covered her opponent, but at this point, you could count to a hundred.




Callie was back on the winning end and the Hype Starlet picked herself up off the mat, victorious on this occasion.


This was a nice win to get her back on the drawing board as she exited the ring quickly. The cheering crowd supported the former fighter from Battle Ground, Washington and Callie pointed to the fans before leaving the scene. Perhaps a few more wins under her belt and she could make another play towards the Starlet Championship!

Winner: Callie Scott via Pinfall

"Your World Just Changed"

We open up backstage as Donny Layne was standing by with Alyssa Corliss and Sebastian Saje. The crowd cheered as the two of them came up on screen.

"Sebastian Saje... Alyssa Corliss... thank you for taking the time to speak with me here tonight. First off, congratulations on you two getting back together as I'm sure that many around the world are happy to see you two as a couple, except for one person.. and that's Raevynn. What exactly happened with her, if you don't mind me asking?" asked Layne.

"Well..." said Saje. "It's kind of a long story, but let's just say that once Jon Le Bon was terminated, there was a change in her. I think she realized she lost the safety net of The Rebellion and got scared and it retriggered some of the emotions she had been hiding. I guess when she saw Alyssa return from injury and try to get reacquainted, she took it the wrong way."

"TOOK IT THE WRONG WAY!?" yelled a voice from off camera.

Raevynn stepped into view as she looked quite disheveled.

"The text messages... the secret meeting... the conversations.. going out for coffee.. Jon Le Bon was right about you. She said that you secretly still had feelings for Alyssa and then as soon as Le Bon and The Rebellion were out of the picture and this bitch came waltzing back into jOlt.. all the pieces fell into place for you didn't they? DIDN'T THEY!!!? I knew I could never trust you.. to think I recruited you into The Rebellion.. to think I helped give you this spot on the main roster and you repay me with betrayal... I was wrong to have ever gotten close to you!" said Raevynn.

"Are you serious right now? You really think..." said Saje before Alyssa cut him off.

"Don't say anything. She's not worth your time." said Alyssa as Raevynn got back to her feet and wiped her mouth.

"Well.. I guess I should just..." said Raevynn.

She turned to leave, but then spun around and decked Alyssa in the face! She grabbed Alyssa and plowed her into an equipment case, but Alyssa punched away at Raevynn's mid-section and shoved her away. Alyssa darted in and jumped on Raevynn, taking her down to the floor. Saje ran over and grabbed Alyssa, pulling her off of Raevynn.

"Just calm down.. she'll get hers out there in the ring when Vogue takes care of her tonight." said Saje.

Alyssa struggled and struggled, but she finally calmed down, but Raevynn got to her feet and charged in, spearing Alyssa into a nearby door, which swung open into the Starlet locker room! The Starlet Champion, Tammy Lynn Foster was inside as Alyssa and Raevynn were pummeling each other on the floor. Foster didn't like the thought of being barged in on and grabbed Alyssa, pulling her off of Raevynn. Saje poked his head in and Foster shoved Alyssa out the door.. Foster didn't have to say anything.. her actions spoke louder than words, but Alyssa, being the firecracker she was, couldn't keep her mouth shut.

"This doesn't concern you. Keep your damn hands off me!" yelled Alyssa.

"Yer makin' it my business by stickin' yer head in my locker room. Since you're free tonight, why don't I teach you a bit of respect?" said Foster.

Raevynn pulled herself off the floor.

"I have a better idea... why don't we make it a handicap match? I'm not done with you yet" said Raevynn.

Foster grinned when Damien Lee walked by after someone alerted him to what was happening.

"Nobody is making matches around here" said Lee. "A crew member told me you two were about to tear this place apart. You realize this isn't the jOlt Arena, right? We have to pay for the damages we cause here, but seeing you want to fight, I have an idea. I feel bad for doing this because I know Vogue Gonsalvez wanted to get her hands on you, but tonight.. it will be Tammy Lynn Foster and Raevynn taking on Alyssa Corliss... but it won't be a handicap match.. to make things fair, I'm going to make Alyssa's partner someone that would love to get her hands on you, Tammy. Alyssa's partner tonight.. will be BALLY!"

The people in the background cheered. Tammy gritted her teeth in anger.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I have some apologizing to do to Vogue Gonsalvez" said Lee as he walked away.

Sebastian Saje walked over to Alyssa and grabbed her by the arm, pulling her away. Foster and Raevynn, who would now team up, didn't look too happy about Lee's interjection, but nevertheless, the match was made.

Mike Patterson vs Seraph

It was just two days ago that Mike Patterson defended The Hype Championship in a rather short, but barbaric match against Regan Hearst, a man who he went 60 minutes with just two weeks ago. At the end of that match, Patterson asserted his dominance, then collapsed. jOlt reported it was just an abdominal muscle strain. Patterson has been cleared to compete here tonight, but he has a pretty big test ahead of him in the form of “God’s War Machine” Seraph.

“Devil’s Dance” by Metallica

The people cheered as Seraph walked out from the backstage area with Shiloh by his side. Seraph was in the process of building up some momentum and another win here tonight, especially over a champion, would raise his stock considerably! Seraph was in a good position here tonight and he knew it.

Shiloh lead her muscle to the ring and she waited at ringside as Seraph climbed up to the apron and stepped over the top rope. He warmed up in the ring and awaited.

“Symphony of Destruction” by Nightwish (Megadeth Cover)

Because if Brian Williams is using a Nightwish song, why not Mike Patterson, the other half of The New Breed? Perhaps it was planned.. perhaps it was dumb luck that Nightwish did a cover of Patterson’s theme song. This version sounded harder, more badass.. a perfect accent to the Patterson mantra.

Patterson walked out from the back and right away he had a bullseye painted on him as he had athletic tape wrapped around his abdomen… along with the Hype Championship. Patterson power walked down to the ring and hopped up onto the apron before stepping in.. not letting a little injury slow him down. He entered the ring and raised his arm with the Hype Championship firmly in his grasp. He let out a bestial roar as the crowd cheered. Brian Williams remained in the back during this match as Patterson was set to go it alone.

Who wasn’t in the back was Hank Wright, on commentary, just as Keegan was a fortnight ago to watch Brian Williams overcome Kayden Paulton. Of course, aided by booze and popcorn, they’d also seen The New Breed’s impressive outing against The House seven days ago. He was thanked for his presence and he acknowledged it: “Thanks. I’m out here to see Mike Patterson, partner of Brian Williams, up close and in person. By the way, did you know they had a classic at Wrestlecade? Apparently, not many people do so I just wanna put that out there,” Wright said oh-so-sarcastically. The referee called for the bell.




The two circled each other and as Seraph passed by Shiloh on the outside, Shiloh gave Seraph a bit of a nod that he saw out of his peripheral vision. At the lock up, Seraph switched to a knee lift and drove that knee right into Patterson’s stomach, doubling him over. That athletic tape is a dead giveaway and Seraph wasn’t the type to let an opportunity like this pass him by. Patterson held his stomach and then Seraph drove another knee into it, causing Patterson to cry out in pain. While Patterson was hunched over, Seraph clubbed him over the back with a stiff forearm shot. Seraph backed Patterson into the ropes and shot him across the ring, but Patterson exploded into a Flying Shoulder Tackle that knocked Seraph down! Seraph got back up to his feet as Patterson placed him into a frost waist lock. He picked him up, pivoted, and planted Seraph with a Belly to Belly Suplex. Patterson held his stomach as he went for the first cover of the match.



Seraph got the shoulder up.

“I’ll give Patterson credit, this is a gut check in more ways than one, and that’s what REAL MEN do, Jeremy Ryan. Patterson had better hope he heals, real fast and real good, because we won’t hang back. Rise of the Legends? Yes, we’re risen and we’re gonna beat The New Breed to show Keegan and Hank have got plenty left in the tank,” Wright piped up, energetically and enthusiastically. Patterson stood and grabbed Seraph by the hair, pulling him up to his feet. Patterson hit a headbutt to the face, staggering God’s War Machine back. Patterson then pressed him backwards against the ropes and whipped him across the ring. Patterson grabbed Seraph and lifted him up into the air and planted him with a Spine Buster, but when Patterson popped up, he held his stomach and staggered over to the corner. Patterson looked to have fully re-aggrevated that abdominal injury and knew that he had to end this match quickly. Patterson hunched down in the corner and dared Seraph to get to his feet.

Seraph slowly stood up and when he was fully vertical, Patterson charged in, looking for the Spear, but Seraph put the boot up and kicked Patterson right in the face! Seraph turned and grabbed Patterson by the neck, pulling him back up. Seraph showed some power by lifting Patterson into the air with a Gorilla Press! Seraph then let Patterson free fall onto his shoulders where he nailed a Samoan Drop!! Patterson clutched his stomach and cried out in pain! Seraph turned and made the cover, hooking the leg.



Shoulder up by Patterson!

Seraph pulled Patterson up to his feet and placed him into an Abdominal Stretch! One of the oldest wrestling holds in the book and it could get The Hype Champion to tap out right here and now! Patterson reached out for the ropes, but he was too far away to grab them. Patterson couldn’t shimmy his way there because Seraph was just too big of an individual to drag with him. Patterson had one option and he knew it was going to hurt like hell, but temporary pain is better than constant pain and he countered the stretch with a Hip Toss! Patterson staggered back and propped himself up against the ropes as you could see he was in tremendous discomfort.

“I got to give this guy credit. I like him. I like him a lot, but like Mack Brody, I wonder if he’s bit off too much, too soon. He’s on The Hype, he’s on here every week doing double duty. Will it catch up with him? At the moment, it looks like it,” weighed in Wright. Seraph got to his feet and Patterson charged in, hitting a lariat. Seraph popped back up and was taken down again with another lariat by Patterson. Seraph got up and Patterson backed him into the ropes, shooting him across with the Irish Whip. Seraph charged in and leapt up, hitting a Running Double Axe Handle Smash to the face!


Patterson looked to be out as Seraph made the cover, hooking the leg.

“This could be it,” Hank stated matter-of-factly on the mike. One...


Patterson kicked out!

Shiloh shouted instructions to Seraph who listened to every word. Seraph grabbed Patterson by the neck and pulled him up to his feet. Seraph was looking to deliver the Divine Destruction.. the Sit-Out Chokeslam.. but when he lifted Patterson, Patterson floated over and landed behind Seraph! He got under Seraph, looking for a Back Drop of some sort, but Seraph elbowed Patterson in the top of the head! Seraph went to the ropes and went for a Running Big Boot, but Patterson ducked and hit the ropes. When Seraph turned around...


Patterson couldn’t immediately stand after that so he elected to go for the cover.



Seraph kicked out!

“That would have been it IF it hadn’t been for the injury. Fair play to Patterson. This is why me and Keeg know this guy is the future, but the future is tomorrow and not today. We know it’s gonna be tough, they’re gonna be stiff, but they didn’t blow The House down and we’re not ready for a passing of the guard either,” Hank offered up defiantly. Patterson stood and signaled for the end. He pulled Seraph up and delivered a toe kick the mid-section. He placed Seraph between his legs, but Seraph countered with a back body drop! Patterson cried out in pain as he staggered to his feet. Seraph then hoisted Patterson up onto his shoulders in a Fireman’s Carry before spinning out into an impressive TKO! Patterson immediately curled into the fetal position as Seraph made a slashing motion across his throat which put a smile on Shiloh’s face. He pulled Patterson up and grabbed him by the neck, but again, when Seraph lifted him, Patterson floated over and landed behind Seraph. Patterson backed into the ropes and when Seraph turned around...


Patterson hit a second Spear, taking Seraph down. Patterson stood and let out a war cry as he headed to the corner. Patterson climbed the turnbuckles to the very top and anyone with a brain knew that this was incredibly stupid, but Patterson is the kind of guy who won’t let stupidity get in his way. Patterson took aim and leapt off with the Frog Splash..



Seraph put the knees up and Patterson came crashing down on top of them! Seraph quickly stood and grabbed Patterson by the neck, yanking him up. Third time is the charm as he lifted Patterson up and sat out with the Choke Slam...


Seraph had the cover as he held Patterson down..



THREE!!!!... NO!!!!


A camera zoomed in on a speechless Hank, a rare occasion, and ironic given how he was out there to commentate. He let out an incredulous smirk instead. Immediately Patterson rolled out of the ring and flopped to the floor! Good GOD! Is Patterson even human!? Despite the unbelievable kick out, Patterson was done. He was curled in a ball on the floor and all Seraph had to do was go out and pick up the pieces…. and he did just that! Seraph exited the ring and grabbed Patterson, pulling him up to his feet, but Patterson got under Seraph, lifted and..


Again, Hank afforded himself a chuckle: “This guy really does remind me of myself back in the day. That is something I would have done. It’s like looking in the mirror - only this guy might be even stronger than me and that’s scary,” the Fort Worth native confessed. Patterson collapsed, holding his stomach in pain. He turned and grabbed the ring apron and used it to pull himself up onto the edge. Patterson rolled in under the bottom rope and simply just laid there in the ring as the referee continued his mandatory ten count which was up to the count of three. Seraph slowly turned and pulled himself up onto the apron, rolling back into the ring. Patterson was right there to quickly go into the cover.



Seraph kicked out!

“I keep bigging Patterson up, but Seraph is double tough too. Not many people get in there with Omega gladly, and he’s giving Mike a right fight tonight. Credit to him. He’s a tough bastard.” Talk about a backhanded compliment, courtesy of The Tank. Patterson crawled on his hands and knees to the ropes as he used them to pull himself up. Patterson stood and turned to see Seraph getting back up. Patterson charged in, looking for a third Spear, but Seraph flat out punched Patterson in the face! Patterson staggered back and almost fell after losing his balance. Seraph then charged in, looking for a lariat, but Patterson ducked underneath, turned, got underneath Seraph and nailed a Back Drop Driver!!!


Patterson slowly turned and draped his arm over Seraph as Shiloh covered her mouth at ringside.

“There’s a reason Shiloh is shit-scared,” Wright declared. One….



Mike Patterson has done it! He survived Seraph here tonight in a victory that many called foolish rather than brave. How much damage did Patterson do to himself just because he wouldn’t stay down to fight another day? Mike Patterson may be a beast, but if he were to continue like he did tonight, Patterson wouldn’t be a beast for much longer.

Let’s hear what The Tank has to say: “Too many of these shorten your career. Too many of them too soon and you don’t have a career. Patterson and Williams are phenomenal, but at Rise of the Legends, you’re gonna see the New Breed fall.” Patterson rolled out of the ring and tried to stand, but he collapsed down to his knees. Brian Williams ran out from the back and checked on his friend. Patterson insisted that he was okay and tried to stand, but immediately collapsed back down. Williams told Patterson he was full of shit and helped his friend up to his feet.

“I can do this..” muttered Patterson, but Williams wasn’t going to hear any of it. He kept Patterson on his shoulder as he helped walk him to the back. The people cheered on Patterson as he disappeared behind the curtain.

Winner: Mike Patterson via Pinfall

"Condom Full of Fire Ants"

The camera panned to the backstage area where we were no doubt ready to get to either Dawn Cassidy or Donny Layne trying to outdo each other to see which of jOlt’s intrepid interviewers could get the juicier dirt.

However, we had neither of those.

Nope. Instead, the crowd JEERED to kingdom come as the camera focused in on “jOlt’s Last Real ManAGER” and “The Exalted Royal Advisor” known as Sonny Silver. The former wrestler and Hall of Famer stood in front of the interview backdrop with a microphone in hand.

“Donny Layne looks like an inbred moron and Dawn Cassidy, I give a four of ten total and Frank Silver will be seen with only nines or higher if the ladies are involved. So tonight, I’d like to introduce to you The Fortunate Son of… well, Sonny! My godson, and the man that will rule professional wrestling for another million years… the man who single-handedly carried The Heirs of Wrestling from obscurity until they leeched off him so he had to kick open the escape hatch… FRANK SILVER!”

Stepping into view with a smug look on his face and a new “IF ALL ELSE FAILS, USE UPPERCUTS” shirt was none other than Frank Silver. In the background, the crowd could be heard voicing their opinion of Frank.


Frank ignored the crowd as Sonny approached his Godson and put his arm around him.

“Well, Frankie, the floor is yours, so I will ask you right away: How does it feel to finally be your own man now that the dead weight has been cut?”

The Fortunate Son rolled his eyes and folded his arms, thinking carefully about his next answer.

“Well, I’m not going to lie… It feels like I had to go to a doctor to make sure I didn’t get the clap from the threesome I was a part of last night and I got a clean bill of health! It’s like a second chance to have the career that I never thought possible! I mean, I did EVERYTHING for Ryan Gallway and Mack Brody and sure, we dominated tag team wrestler and yeah, we ruled every organization that we ever did... but worrying about what other people thought got me JACK SHIT for my own singles career.”

Sonny nodded. “And what of Ryan Gallway who has been coming after you in the last two weeks?”

“PSSH.” Frank spat. “You know that I WANTED Ryan and Mack to be a part of what we’ve had planned. We would’ve taken over this fed, but Mack became some self-centered asshole and he’s The Dead Cell’s problem now. As for Ryan… I wanted him to get in on the ground floor of what we’re doing, but like I’ve been telling everybody that will listen, he’s gone completely soft. With all due respect to my former partner who hasn’t been able to get off my jock since I dropped him on his head at Breakdown… I’d rather stick my dick in a condom filled with fire ants before I team with that little peckerhead ever again!”


“Jeremy Ryan has the jOlt World Championship in his possession and the three of us aren’t stupid; that’ll be the belt that everybody wants and there will be a time that I come for it. However, there are many other coveted championships here in jOlt right now that need to be touched by my awesome fingers. The Fearless Championship, The Relentless Championship… the world is my oyster now and there ain’t shit that anybody can do about it!”

“There you have it!” Sonny said to the crowd. “jOlt! My godson’s oyster! Frank, thank you for your time!”

“My pleasure, Sonny!”

The two shook hands in phony, gladhandling fashion as the crowd continued to jeer the dickheaded twosome.

“That’s a wrap,” Frank said. “Sonny, thanks for…”


He was jumped backstage by Ryan Gallway! His ex-tag team partner made it abundantly clear last week that he was not going to stop until he got a one-on-one match-up with Frank Silver and he meant it!

“Damn it!” Sonny yelled.

Ryan tackled Frank to the wall and he attacked him against the backdrop of the interview set. The Prince of Precision continued to lay into Frank with vicious kicks until Sonny tried to drag him off his body. Frank skimped away as five or six officials came into break the fight up.


He was clutching his chest, but Frank Silver still limped up to his feet and tried to get at Ryan, but the two were now being held back by security as Damien Lee ran right into view and all action ceased as Ryan and Frank continued to struggle to get at one another.

“I’ve had enough of these attacks! Frank... Ryan… if the two of you want at each other so bad, then I’m making the match right here… Frank Silver, you WILL face Ryan Gallway at Rise of the Legends!”

“Good!” Ryan screamed. “I’m gonna tear your ass apart!”

“You ain’t gonna do SHIT!” Frank snapped back.

“Can it!” Lee barked. “Next week, I’m putting the both of you in Beat the Clock matches so you can work out this aggression. If you both win, whoever has the shorter time can pick the stipulation for Rise Both of you can take the rest of the night off! Now get hell out out!”

Security escorted Frank and Sonny away from the scene while Ryan Gallway was escorted off in the opposite direction. Lee shook his head in disgust as the camera faded out.

Apollo vs Shoji

”Pyrotechnics” by Cliff Lin ignited the overall arena lighting systems from overhead into an ongoing strobe lit display. A notable mixed reaction was overhead as a few moments elapsed before brilliant pulse of light flashed rhythmically before the silhouette of the Hokota Holocaust was seen penetrating through the billowing overcast. Upon the 3rd impulse, the hulking ninja would execute a rhythmic regiment of striking katas amidst the ongoing barrage of dancing lights where his manager would soon stride past him en route toward the ringside area. Carrington: “....Introducing 1st, making their return to the ring...Accompanied by his manager, Mamoru...From Hokota, Japan...Weighing in at 285 pounds...SHOJI!!!”

Back from a clan-centric hiatus, Shoji & Mamoru silently nodded back towards the gathered masses as they stepped away from the entrance staging ramp and made their way up the ring steps. The hulking ninja would subtly roll both shoulders & his neck from along the ring apron before passing through the ropes. Meanwhile, the clan’s elder statesman would smooth out his seasoned whiskers before chomping lightly on his lit cigar. The often snake bitten enforcer was dead set upon changing his notoriously accursed fortunes for the better as his musical theme subsided. Mamoru stoically folded his arms behind his back while affording his protege’ a reassuring dose of sage advice….


”Set It Off” by Audioslave summons a rising wave of resentment as pyrotechnical showers & explosions were unleashed on cue. As the radiant eye candy subsided, the cascading shower of sparks continued to descend…



Carrington: “....and making his way to the ring; ...Accompanied by his manager, The Voice...!!!”

“Excuse me!” exclaimed The Voice as he rudely interrupted Dean Carrington’s scheduled announcements. “I’ll take it from here…”

The audience were overheard booing angrily as the entrance theme music was brought to an abrupt halt. The overtly confident mouthpiece would casually lead his muscular harbinger onward down the ramp.

The Voice: “....It is my honor...duty & privilege to formally introduce jOlt Wrestling it’s FUTURE...Forged from the heralded grounds of North Hero, a height of 6’5” and weighing in at a chiseled, calculating & unforgiving 275 pounds...the Cerebral...The Incomparable…APOLLO!!!

The Hokota Holocaust gnarled both sets of knuckles with an air of blatant dismissal as the chiseled newcomer would stoically set himself before the ring apron to stare back at his opposition. Eyes seething with arrested resentment, Apollo would soon casually pull himself onto the ring apron and hold onto the top ropes. The North Hero legend would shift his weight and his chin in a smug fashion before slithering through the ring ropes. Shoji had finished his preparatory martial arts katas as the silent assassin merely stared back at the ninja. Referee Simon Boulder inaudibly motioned final instructions to both combatants before calling for the opening bell…

DING!!!! DING!!!! DING!!!!

The jOlt faithful roared as both men visually fished for any opening weakness before Shoji lunged forward expecting a Mutual Elbow & Collar Tie up. However, Apollo merely slipped away and rolled off the ring apron to the outside. A hail of negative crowd heat resonated as both The Voice & Apollo conversed in private before turning their attention back toward their opposition. Hands on each hip, the newcomer would stare back at the notably agitated clan muscle whom was seen pacing back and forth near the ring ropes. The North Hero native would arrogantly urge the ninja to grant him space to reenter the ring. The notorious hothead would quickly advance, forcing the newcomer to retreat. Successfully resetting the referee’s count, Apollo would quickly scurry out of arm’s reach again. Mamoru would openly urge his protege to calm himself as the technical mastermind began briefly stretching his extremities before attempting to reenter the ring. However, the newcomer was caught off guard by the unexpected speed of his opponent whom grabbed him by the hair to pull him through the ropes. However, Apollo reared back to evade the Soccer Kick to the upper body to grab Shoji’s leg and viciously whipped it along the top rope while dropping back down to the outside. The ravenous grappler quickly dove back inside the ropes and began punishing Shoji with a barrage of precisioned Elbow Drops on the ailing appendage.

Out of sheer anger & anguish, Shoji lashed back with a stiff Kick to the newcomer’s face to free himself. However, the ailing ninja would push & hobble himself back to his feet before the pensive technician stormed over and leveled the ninja with a Running Clothesline! Immediately, Apollo swiveled about to snatch Shoji up to his feet and blast him with a stiff Drop Suplex! Apollo would carom off the ring ropes and crush the ninja with a Back Senton Splash before slipping on a Camel Clutch. The muffled screams sifted through the thick fabric as the Northeastern deity reared back with extra torque. Mamoru continued to will his muscular student onward in which Apollo opted to break the hold and punish the ninja with a High Knee Drop between the shoulder blades before making the Lateral Press...1! ...2! Shoji angrily kicked out in which the grappling god would slip on a greuling Sugar Hold where the crowd began rallying for a ninja resurgence to be brought forward. The referee hovered close as the defiant Shoji dragged himself onward before latching onto the bottom ropes. The hard count of 4 led Apollo to release him before holding onto the top ropes and drilling him with numerous Boots to the back. The referee physically pried Apollo off of the ninja before being brushed aside and tossing the ninja sternly against the turnbuckles. However, a brutal Throat Jab bought the hobbling Shoji that necessary room to start retaliating with a string of martial arts strikes. The Ear Box shattered the newcomer’s equilibrium as he reeled back a few paces where the masked opportunist to batter Apollo with ‘The Earth Spire Kick’ - An Inverted Stomp Facebreaker! The audience roared as Apollo collapsed with the rolling ninja quick to hook the leg deeply...1! ...2! Apollo with the Kickout as The Voice continued to will on his heralded harbinger onward.

Apollo remained on all fours, shaking the cobwebs free as Shoji used to ropes to stand himself erect. Mamoru barked at the ninja as he methodically drilled Apollo with a barrage of Open Palm Strikes to the Jaw before launching him with a Release Butterfly Suplex! The ninja sat up to shake his head briefly before walking gingerly after his opposition and blasting him with a trinity of Crossface Punches. However, the cerebral powerhouse would rip his adversary over with a Kneeling Arm Drag where the nimble yet muscular ninja would pivot and haul off with a Short Yakuza Kick. This proved to be costly as Apollo retaliated with a stiff Capture Suplex! Shoji grimaced from the impact as he sat up yet the relentless assault would continue as Apollo swiveled about and crushed the ninja with a follow up Karelin Lift Suplex! The feral yell only brought forth a rousing solo applause by The Voice as Apollo scowled menacingly back at the surrounding & spiteful populous.The smug expression radiated immensely from his visage as he covered Shoji again with a Lateral Press...1! ...2! ...2 ½! Slightly bothered, the feeling quickly eroded into a subtle chuckle onto himself as he peeled his opposition off the mat back to both knees. The masses booed angrily as the wrestling neophyte extended his arms outward briefly before nailing Shoji with a quartet of measured Punches to the Face. Each time, the dazed ninja would will himself back to all fours, determined to reclaim his footing. A moment of celebration was triggered as Shoji caught his opposition’s fist within his palm before Apollo knocked him backwards with a stiff Knee to the Face. A stumbling retreat urged Apollo to careen Shoji against the ropes with a Running Pump Kick before launching him airborne with a Pancake Press…

The Assembler - A Pancake Press European Uppercut!!!

A hardcore pop resonated with the sickening impact as the hulking ninja’s massive frame careened against the canvas. Hard. Mamoru fought back a hardening scowl from the outside as Apollo stared back at him with a mocking smirk & nod. His inaudible bravado was extended toward the clan’s elder statesman before grabbed the groggy ninja by his head, stand him erect before ending him with his patented finisher, The Devil’s Terminal - A stiff Reverse Flatliner!! The impact bounced the unconscious ninja over onto his back as Apollo stared menacing towards Shoji with the Lateral Press…


The victorious newcomer’s theme would ring out loudly from overhead as The Voice clambered his way through the ropes to raise the hand of his rising titan. Mamoru would harbor a heavy sigh as his snakebitten protoge's woes continued, in spite of his clan’s brief hiatus. Apollo would firmly plant his boot heel atop the fallen ninja’s chest, silently sending a message to all that the Age of Apollo was not only here yet wrought with malice & ill contempt for all that dare to stand in his way. The scene would fade shortly after Apollo clambered up the turnbuckles and siphoned all the swirling resentment from the non-believers. No worries for their ‘God’ was hell bent upon converting them all….

Winner: Apollo via Pinfall

Bally & Alyssa Corliss vs Tammy Lynn Foster & Raevynn

We were back from commercial break and we were jumping right back into the action with a Starlets tag team match up with four of the up and coming starlets in the division. It will be Alyssa Corliss and Bally going up against former Starlets champion, Raevynn and current Starlets champion, Tammy Lynn Foster.

“Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse

Alyssa Corliss came out from the back to a pretty good pop as usual. At her side was Sebastian Saje. Saje has had his issues as of late, not with the other wrestlers in the back but with his personal life. Saje did not know what to expect once he saw Raevynn on the other side Alyssa made her way into the ring as Saje stood on the outside at ringside.

“The Dark Ride” by Prelude to a Nightmare’s strong street organ intro blasted throughout the Orleans Arena as the Freak Show’s own manager, Bally made her way out! The flashy show-woman took a bow at the top of the stage before heading to the ring. She made a statement last week by calling out the Starlets champion, Tammy Lynn Foster. However, she paid the price for calling out the champion as she was mauled backstage by TL. Bally was pissed and she was ready to get her hands on the champion.

Bally stood on the top rope and took another bow before she sat on the ropes and earned a nice cheer from the crowd. The barker for the Freak Show entered the ring and waited for her opponents to arrive.

“Where is the Edge” by Within Temptation.

The arena darkened into a violet hue as the song struck up. Then when the drums and guitar hit, the arena flashed with white light as all the spotlights swirled and converged on the entrance where Raevynn stood with her back to the crowd. The people booed heavily as she spun around and stared down at the ring. She walked down the entrance ramp before climbing up the ring steps. She looked at Alyssa across the ring and peered down at Saje who was at ringside. She moved to her corner as she waited for the Starlets champion to come to the ring.

“Redneck Woman” By Gretchen Wilson explodes throughout the arena. Tammy Lynn Foster made her way out to the stage holding the Starlet Championship high in the air to a loud chorus of jeers from the Nevada fans. Last week the champ made a statement to Bally and that was don’t call out the champ. She climbed into the ring and held the championship high in the air parading around the ring showing the title to the three other ladies in the match. She handed the title to Adams before making her way to her corner.

The bell sounded as it looks like Bally and Raevynn would be starting the match off. The two high flying women stood in the middle of the ring circling each other. Raevynn went to hook up with Bally but nailed her with a knee to the midsection. Raevynn drove a vicious forearm shot to the back of Bally’s head and neck. Raevynn grabbed Bally and drove her into the mat with a snap suplex. Raevynn looked over into the corner at Alyssa and Saje. She turned back over to Bally who was up to her knees and nailed Raevynn with a shot to the midsection. Bally drove a big right hand into Raevynn’s jaw before grabbing her arm and whipping her into the ropes.

The former Starlets champion bounced off the ropes and was nailed by a quick somersault dropkick from the manager of the Freak Show. Tammy Lynn looked disgusted in her corner as she reached out for a tag but Bally kept Raevynn from her corner. Bally moved Raevynn to her corner and tagged in Alyssa. The former Starlets champion moved from the corner quickly and tagged in the current champion. The jeers deafened the arena as Tammy Lynn stepped into the ring. Alyssa Corliss looked at the champ as Tammy smirked. Foster went to grab at Corliss but Alyssa moved and nailed the champion with several quick jabs. Corliss grabbed the champion and took her down quickly with a swinging neck breaker. Corliss stayed on the attack as she dropped an elbow on to the champion. She went for a quick cover.



Alyssa got to her feet and pulled the champion to her feet as well. Alyssa tried to whip Foster into the corner but the champion reversed it and nailed Alyssa with a vicious clothesline. Tammy dropped down next to Alyssa and started to pound on her with big right hands. The champion stood to her feet and looked over at Bally with a smile. She grabbed Alyssa by the hair and whipped her into her corner. Tammy walked over to Bally and started to point at her drawing Kim Adams into the corner. This gave Raevynn the opportunity to choke Corliss in the corner with the tag rope. Bally pointed to Alyssa as Tammy smirked. The champion finally made her way to the corner.

Raevynn had already released the rope from around Alyssa’s throat. Tammy Lynn grabbed Alyssa and hoisted her up onto the top rope. Foster made her way to the second rope with Alyssa, hooking her in the process…


Tammy made her way over to Alyssa and hooked her leg for the cover.




Tammy slammed her hand into the mat before standing to her feet. Foster grabbed Alyssa and pulled her to her corner, tagging in Raevynn. Saje looked on concerned as Raevynn pounded on Alyssa in the corner. Bally tried to get the fans into the match and get Alyssa over to get a tag. She stomped on the ring apron as the fans cheered for Alyssa.


Raevynn snarled as she picked up Alyssa and slammed her to the mat. Raevynn quickly hopped onto the top rope and dove off nailing Corliss with a flipping senton splash. She hooked Alyssa’s leg for the cover.




Raevynn made it to her feet as she watched Alyssa get to her feet. Raevynn made her way over to Corliss….


The fans gasped as Raevynn went for another cover….




Bally started to clap to try and get Alyssa over to the corner. Saje started to yell as well to get Corliss back into the match. Raevynn made it to her feet and looked at Bally who was back on the ring apron. The former champion went to bend down to pick up Alyssa but Corliss caught her with an inside cradle for the pin. Adams was out of position as she jumped over Raevynn and started her count.




Alyssa tried to make her way over to her corner but Raevynn was up and grabbed her leg. Corliss was up on one leg as she nailed Raevynn with an Enzuguri. Both women was now down as Bally and Tammy Lynn both reached out for the tag. The fans and Saje were yelling to the top of their lungs hoping Alyssa could get to her corner first and that’s what happened. Alyssa dove to her corner and tagged in Bally. Bally was like a ball of fire when she came into the ring nailing Raevynn with a clothesline. Raevynn bounced to her feet and was met by a spinning heel kick. Bally quickly jumped onto the middle rope…


The cross body connected as Bally went for the cover on Raevynn.




Tammy Lynn nailed Bally with a big forearm shot before leaving the ring. Raevynn slowly crawled to her corner and tagged in the champion. Tammy Lynn bolted into the ring and hooked Bally in the middle of the ring. She picked up Bally and sent her to the mat with a powerbomb. Foster went for the cover.




Tammy was not happy as she picked up Bally and sent her to the corner. The champion raced into the corner but Bally was ready with a big boot to the champ’s face staggering her backwards. Bally bolted out of the corner with a spear that sent the champion to the mat holding her midsection. Bally made it to her feet first and pulled Foster up as well. Bally hooked the champion in the middle of the ring.


Kim Adams was right there for the count.





The fans erupted in cheers as Bally rolled out of the ring quickly holding her arms high in the air. Tammy Lynn couldn’t believe what had just happened. The champion was just pinned by Bally. Tammy Lynn screamed to the top of her lungs as Bally made her way up the ramp smiling and slapping hands with the fans. Foster slammed her hands on the mat still screaming as Kim Adams handed her the Starlets championship. Tammy was just embarrassed on television and this will not sit well with the champ.

All better beware…

Winner: Bally & Alyssa Corliss via Pinfall


The scene slowly began to fade in on the sounds of the heavy thumping of what sounded like a techno track playing in the background. As the picture began to come into focus flashing lights of all different colors were going off, and pretty quickly it was evident from the long stage at the center of the room and the shining metal pole that we had found ourselves located in a strip club.

As the camera panned around, over top of the bar area in glowing neon lights read; “Tootise’s”. After a few moments of the cameras panning around, it was evident we were viewing our surroundings from a hidden camera in the ceiling of the strip club, when through the front door burst Khalil Straightgully. The first thing Khalil did upon entering was grabbing the bouncer, who was far smaller than him, by the shoulders and shook him.


The bouncer did not look as overjoyed at the idea of ‘all you can eat fried chicken and shrimp’ night as Khalil did, and it was pretty obvious that he had grown accustom to this routine. Khalil made his way over to the bar area first off, slapped a fifty down on the counter, and yelled at the bartender.


The bartender poured Khalil a double of Hennessy and placed it on the counter. Khalil grabbed the shot glass, tipped it up, and downed the drink in one swig. Khalil let out a huge roar after the drink had made its way down his gullet, turned the glass upside down, and smacked it off of the counter. Khalil slowly made his way over to catwalk, juking and jiving the whole way over. A mildly attractive woman was one the stage shaking her money maker and a smile crossed Khalil’s face as he pulled a wad of one dollar bills from his pants pocket and began making them ‘rain’ on the stage for the woman.

Khalil having already annoyed every single person in the strip club at this point except for the dancer turned his attention to the corner of the room. A small buffet style container sat with sizzling fumes pouring out of it.


Khalil bellowed out one final time before making a b-line straight for the buffet. He didn’t even bother grabbing a plate, the big man just began pitching his fists under the plastic sneeze guard grabbing piece after piece of chicken and shoving it into his face. There was hardly any time for him to breathe as he gulped down a tremendous amount of chicken, latched onto a few pieces of shrimp, and checking to make sure no one was looking before doing so he grabbed a huge hunk of watermelon off of the bar and quickly devoured it.

Khalil looked pretty stuffed for the time being made his way back to the bar and smashed his hand against the counter prompting the bartender to pour him another double of Hennessy. Khalil quickly downed the drink much like the first, slammed the glass back down on the counter, and let out a huge yell.


Khalil made his way toward the restroom area, and once he entered the camera view quickly shifted from the colorful audio filled environment that we were being treated to in the main hall area of the strip club. Instead the camera installed in the bathroom had no audio and was completely in black and white.

Khalil made his way over to the urinals and began to do his business; just as he was ready to zip up and exit the restroom though the lights began flickering off and on very sporadically. The pace of the lights going off and on began slowing down increasingly and by the time Khalil had himself situated the speed of the lights was so much that you could barely see what was going on.

The lights went out, and came back on. A hooded figure was standing behind Khalil. The lights went out, and came back on. The person had pulled a white cloth out and was holding it up behind Khalil’s head. The lights went out, and came back on. The person had placed the white cloth onto Khalil’s face and he was struggling. The lights went out, and came back on. Khalil was lying on the ground of the restroom floor. The lights went out, and came back on permanently. Khalil’s legs could be seen at the bottom right hand corner of the screen as he was being dragged out a side exit into the alley in the restroom. Once the door shut, the recorded feed ended and came to a static end.

Mack Brody vs Azrael

It was now time for the member of The Dead Cell, Azreal, to take on “SuperMack” Mack Brody in what would no doubt be a battle between two heavy hitters. The fans knew all about Mack, but after promising some new changes to his career, what did he have in mind? And if Mack Brody could defeat Azreal, then he would be able to get his hands on the ringleader of The Dead Cell, Ezekiel. Mack would have to go through the man he truly believed to be Pietro Geist to get to the head of the snake. Could Mack do it?

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall!” Dean Carrington announced. “As agreed upon last week, should Mack Brody defeat Azreal tonight, then he will be taking on The Dead Cell’s leader, Ezekiel, at Rise of the Legends!”

The crowd cheered, but was this some sort of trap by The Dead Cell? As far as anybody knew, he used a cane to get around. How could anybody like that wrestle in the ring without problems?

The fans started to wait in anticipation as a ring bell started to sound over the PA in tune with some slow music. It was apropos music for the mood that Mack Brody had been in and it seemed a new theme was in order…

“It’s a Fight” by Three 6 Mafia.


Loud explosions of golden pyro erupted from the stage! And walking through the sparks was none other than the man himself…

“Making his way to the ring, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 303 pounds… THIS IS THE MAN CALLED SUPERMACK… MACK BRODY!

With a roar, he erupted from the sparks and stood proudly! His long locks were cut and replaced with a stylishly messy short blonde haircut. Golden taped wrist bands, thigh-length dark blue trunks and dark red wrestling boots. Brody stood his ground at the top of the ramp and walked to the ring as the lights began to pulsate and flash in colors of red, gold, and blue for several seconds at a time. Brody really was feeling his new SuperMack motif, so to speak, as he high-fived the fans. Mack headed up the steps and then climbed into the ring before he ascended a turnbuckle, slapping his chest with his hand and letting out and energetic roar. After feeding of the energy from the tremendous fans in the Orleans Arena, Brody hopped off the turnbuckle and scanned the crowd. Brody waited for his opponent.

Mack's wait would be a short one.

With the playing of "Believe" by Since October replacing The Three 6 Mafia, the crowd's reaction went fully in the opposite direction. A line of black forced itself through the crowd upon reaching the security barrier. The Dead Cell looked to be once again a unified platoon. In unison, they all made their way over the barrier. Magdalena stopped to help Ezekiel do the same while the massive blond Azrael had to be restrained by Michael and Gabriel from just blitzing the ring. Conspicuous by his absence was the agile Rafael.

Ezekiel positioned himself atop the announce table, where he was handed a microphone by the lone female archangel. Mack was in no mood for games and was ready to take every last member of the Dead Cell on. Gabriel and Michael ere having trouble keeping Azrael under control, yet he calmed down just a little with Ezekiel grabbing him by the hair.

"Calm down, holy soldier," Ezekiel instructed him, helping to relax him further, before turning his focus to Brody. "Mr. Brody, unfortunately, tonight will be one of those times when the term 'card is subject to change' comes into play.

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

"Take a deep breath and relax, Mr. Brody. I know you had your heart set upon fighting the ravenous archangel standing before me. However, I just do not think that you engaging in battle with him is in our best interest. Now, do not take this as me renegging on our agreement. Quite the contrary, the agreement is very much intact. You will fight one of my archangels."

Michael looked to step up and offer his services like the good field leader would, but much to everyone's surprise Gabriel cut him off.

"Allow me to do the honors, sir," the heavily-tattooed archangel spoke up. "Let me punish this sinner worse than sulfur and brimstone ever could."

"May the Lord be with you as you smite this heathen in his name," Ezekiel said proudly and rested his hand upon the lowered head of Gabriel.

Without any warning, a shortage of electricity plagued the arena. The crowd erupted into a roar of cheers. The Dead Cell, however, looked as if their worst fears were about to come true. Magdalena instantly clutched Azrael around the waist, while Michael and Gabriel began searching the arena. The power to the entire arena finally cut off. After a minute or so, fire began to rise up from the entrance ramp, allowing everyone to see the enygmatic Revenant stomping out to the top of the entrance ramp. Yet, he wasn't alone. Rafael's lifeless body was being drug behind him. The Revenant had a tight grip on his mask and was able to easily pull him with just one hand.

"Vincit omnia veritas."

Needing to hear no more, Michael and Azrael take off towards the monstrous spectre. Their sole mission was to recover their fallen ally while hopefully, punishing their enemy for what he had done. However, they were not fast enough. The Revenant had slipped back into the shadows with his prey with the lights coming back up as he vanished from sight. Michael and Azrael were the first two through the curtain with Magdalena and Ezekiel following behind them.

For the first time, Gabriel found himself alone with a member of jOlt.

Brody couldn't help but grin, as the threat of being out-numbered had gone up in smoke. He watched his opponent closely, while he entered the ring. Gabriel was a masisve man himself and was not going to cower in the face of one angry beast like Mack.

Yet, Gabriel did something no one expected. He looked to diplomacy.

"I know you wish to fight, but just for a moment, hear what I have to say," the archangel spoke without the slightest hint of anger in his voice. He sounded almost concerned. "Allow me to enlighten you."

"Fuck off."

"Allow me to speak. I am trying to save you from suffering that would make the devil quake in fear. You do not know what you are fighting for. You have no idea what demon lurks inside that crippled prophet. There is a reason he is the undisputed leader of our congregation and rest assured, it is not due to his ability to speak."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Do not let his appearance lead you to believe that you can just annihilate him as if he were a common invalid. Many of us outmatch him in size and yet, not a single soldier in the Dead Cell will cross him. Look past the facade... the illusion. The devil walks among us and he inhabits that body. You do not want to engage him in battle. You will lose more than a match. Ignore your rage and hear my words. I am offering you the opportunity to walk away from this conflict. Just exit this ring and forget all that is happened. Your life will be better for it."

"Is that right?"


A huge right hand struck Gabriel right in the jaw sending him stumbling back a couple of steps. The archangel sighed, as he knew that was a possible response to his offer and he probably should've known it was coming.

"So be it," Gabriel growled glared back at his opponent. "I tried to save you, Brody. I tried to show you the path to safety. Unfortunately, you chose to go the other way. You have forced my hand and now, I will save you from yourself."

The enraged archangel tore his body armor off exposing his massively tattooed upper body and clenched his fists tightly.

"Shut the fuck up and fight," Mack snarled back and motioned for Gabriel to meet him.


That was all that was needed for the two men to hurry towards one another. They met in the middle of the ring, each delivering huge right hands. Both men threw all they had into punch after punch, each one more brutal than the one before. Gabriel changed the script by driving his knee into his foe's gut, giving him the first advantage of the match. A second knee doubled Brody over and the archangel pulled him up by the hair just enough to blast him with another vicious right hand.

To the corner Brody stumbled and he was immediately blasted in the stomach by a pair of boots. An Irish whip send Mack crashing into the opposite corner where Gabriel clocked him with a running back elbow to the mouth.

A pair of headbutts made Brody's knees buckle and a second Irish whip sent him back to the corner he came from. Gabriel tried to follow it up as he did earlier, but Mack caught him coming in with a boot to the mouth. Using his massive frame to his advantage, Brody knocked his enemy down to the mat with a big, flying, shoulder tackle.

Staying on the attack, SuperMack hit the ropes and tried to drop the big elbow on his adversary. Yet, he found only air waiting for him. Both monstrous men stood back up. Gabriel immediately went on the offensive and clotheslined Brody over the top rope.

No slouch in the ring, Mack was able to land on his feet. His huge hands gripped Gabriel by the ankles and drug him out of the ring. Brody unleashed rights and lefts first to the head and then, to the body. He climbed up onto the apron, but was pulled right back down to the floor where the archangel returned the favor.

Gabriel looked to fire his enemy into the barricade only to have it reversed. With a boom, he crashed into the security barrier.

The crowd loved that and Mack took a quick moment to play to them. Their cheering always had a positive effect on him. Gabriel rolled back into the ring and Mack followed him soon after. Gabriel was able to catch his opponent coming in with a straight up punt to the rib cage. He pulled Brody up, pinning him against the ropes, so he could blast him with another huge right hand.

An Irish whip sent Mack to the far ropes and Gabriel lowered his head. Brody saw the opening. He kicked the archangel square in the face. A brutal discus punch followed it up, but Gabriel wouldn't go down. Mack showed his uncanny strength by hoisting his foe up onto his shoulder for a possible powerslam. Whether that was the plan or not would never be found out, as Gabriel slipped behind him and shoved Brody into the ropes. Swing and a miss by Gabriel and his inability to connect with the clothesline allowed Mack to blast him with a Polish Hammer!

Gabriel instinctively tried to get upright, but found himself being sent into the ropes courtesy of a boot to the gut and a haymaker to the jaw. He was draped over the middle rope for only a second before Brody pulled him up, so he was facing the crowd with his back being bent backwards along the top rope. SuperMack had a cocky grin appear on his face, as the crowd came alive.

It was time to go a clubberin'...











Brody's signature Ten-Gun Salute didn't have one misfire.

"Archangel my ass," Brody yelled for all to hear, full of confidence.

With his enemy dazed and down in what could best be described as a three-point stance, Mack darted across the ring to the far ropes. He never would've guessed that Gabriel would explode out of the stance like a human projectile with an unbelievable football tackle.

The impact was on par with two tractor trailers colliding head on and Brody rolled out to the apron. It took Gabriel a moment to collect himself, as he threw all he had into that attack. He had trouble keeping his balance while approaching the side of the ring, where Brody was kneeling on the apron. He gripped his opponent by the hair and looked to pull him up. However, Mack snapped him throat first along the top rope.

Brody took a couple of seconds to clear the fog in his head before once again dragging his foe out to the floor. He used his massive arms to clamp on a waist lock and lift Gabriel up just to drive him spine-first into the steel post.

Far from done, Brody made the short trip over to the announce table where he shoved aside the timekeeper and swiped his chair. Gabriel was using the same post to remain upright when Mack charged towards him with the chair ready to blast him.


Luckily for the archangel, he was able to duck under the incoming chair. The impact of the chair hitting the post sent violent vibrations through SuperMack's hands, forcing him to drop the chair. It also left him open for Gabriel to scoop him up and drive him back first into the security barrier.

After breaking the count, Gabriel once again used the security barrier to his advantage. This time, he looked as if he was going for a belly-to-back suplex and instead of falling to the floor, he fell to his rear end, dropping his enemy back-first across the top of the barrier.

Gabriel knew very well that a draw wouldn't help the cause, so he slid back into the ring. He kept a watchful eye on Mack, as he slowly climbed back to his feet and started to pull himself up onto the apron. Just as Brody's head was above the middle rope, the archangel blasted him with a running boot right to the face, knocking him back down to the floor.

Not wasting any energy, Gabriel remained in the ring while his adversary struggled to get back up to a vertical base. Mack had to use the ring to help him stand and he slowly climbed back up on the apron. Gabriel met him there and drug him all the way back in by the hair. An Irish whip by the tattooed archangel sent Brody into the ropes and Gabriel put him down in a hurry.


There was no looking for a cover just yet. Gabriel stood over Brody, glaring at him, as he battle to stand.

"I gave you a chance to avoid all of this," the archangel reminded his opponent. "There is no victory in your future. If you do battle with Ezekiel, you will be a martyr. Nothing more."

With a hand full of his foe's hair, Gabriel blasted him with a pair of right hand that easily dropped Mack.

"Stay down and spare yourself. This is not the movies. This is real life. The bad guys win. Accept defeat and live a long healthy life."

Brody ignored every word his enemy had to say and kept trying to stand up. He made it to his feet once more and was put right back down with a trio of punches and a boot to the side of the face.

Looking to dish out more punishment, Gabriel pulled his enemy up only to violently slam him right back down with a sit-out uranage.

Gabriel went for the first pin attempt of the match...




Brody was able to muster up enough strength to shove his foe off.

"Why can't you see how your rage clouds your judgement?" Gabriel quizzed SuperMack. "Do not get up."

There was no way Brody was going to just give up even when things were not in his favor. He gripped the second rope and pulled his massive frame from the mat. The archangel was not going to wait for him to slowly rise. Mack was dragged up by the hair just so Gabriel could unload with a barrage of body shots. Showing his own unbelievable power, the archangel muscled him up into position for a power bomb, before taking off as fast as his legs could carry him.


Mack's head whipped back upon impact and he stumbled out from the corner...


Gabriel flat out leveled him with that brutal boot to the face. There were all sorts of birds and stars revolving around Brody's head, as he laid motionless on the mat. The archangel looked down at him and shook his head. He was not happy that he had to take this route with his enemy. He had to dish out horrible pain to save him from even worse horror. It didn't sit well with him, but he had to do what must be done. Battling for good wasn't an easy job.

All Gabriel could do was let out a sigh while he watched his enemy do all he could to get upright. The tattooed archangel shoved him back against the ropes and drove his knee repeatedly into Mack's abdomen, nearly sending him tumbling through the ropes. He kept Brody upright by his hair, so he could clock him in the jaw with a trio of forearms. Mack would have fallen to the mat if it weren't for his arms being draped over the top rope.

"GIVE... UP..."

Brody replied by throwing all he had into a right hand.

That did nothing but tell Gabriel to unleash more hell upon him. A pair of boots found their mark, crashing into Brody's stomach. He stumbled over to the corner, but he wasn't there for long. Gabriel whipped him to the opposite corner and took off after him. Mack took a few steps out of the corner to catch Gabriel flush with a forearm strike.

And he rocked him with another.

Gabriel was still standing though. Brody hit the ropes and looked for a clothesline. He whiffed, as Gabriel ducked, but kept running. Gabriel hit the ropes as well and the two men met in the middle of a ring, each with Yakuza kick on their mind. Both connected and they dropped to the mat.

After a few moments passing with neither moving, the referee had no choice but to start the standing ten-count.










Both men were wobbly, but made it back up before the count of ten. Brody had the unfortunate circumstance of standing with his back to Gabriel, who immediately capitalized on it by driving a forearm into his lower back. The archangel hooked him in a rear waist lock. Mack wound up and unleashed a back elbow to his foe's temple. Brody spun around, so he could immediately daze Gabriel with a bell clap. That was enough to break the archangel's grip and SuperMack hooked him by the head and leg.


That took a lot out of SuperMack, yet he surprised everyone by willing himself up from the canvas. Just by watching him slowly walk with a little limp, everyone knew the toll this match had taken on him. Much to everyone's surprise, he made his way out onto the apron and over to the corner. He took a deep breath before ascending the turnbuckles. Showing good balance, he waited for his enemy to get vertical and stumble into position before taking to the skies.


Unable to stand due to exhaustion and pain, Mack crawled on all fours over to his adversary and draped his arm over him for a cover...




It wasn't much of a cover and Gabriel was able to get his shoulder up off the mat just in time. Brody pushed himself back up to all fours, but had to take a moment to get back even the tiniest bit of strength. He rested his head on the mat before slamming his fists down into it, hoping to hype himself up some, as the crowd began to chant his name.


He let out a subtle growl before rising up to one knee and grabbing Gabriel by his brown hair. He pulled his enemy up as he stood.

"I'll never fucking give up until I kill that crippled bastard..."

Mack quickly spun in place, looking for a big time discus punch. Gabriel was able to dip under it just mere moments before impact and hook SuperMack by the waist.


Out of nowhere, the tattooed archangel drove Brody down with his belly-to-back suplex lift into a Rock Bottom. However, he hadn't the energy to make the cover. It took quite a while for him to make it up to his knees. He snarled while pulling himself up to his feet, where he stared down at his bruised and battered opponent, thinking he might have just put the final nail in his coffin.

"This is the last time I will tell you... give up this heroic venture."

It was almost as if Mack's drive to conquer the Dead Cell heard the archangel's words and shot a surge of energy through him. Brody immediately started to rise up from the mat. Gabriel could only sigh, as he knew he would have to hurt Mack more than he wished to keep him down. He gripped his adversary by the hair and drew a crucifix upon Mack's forehead with his thumb.


The second time was just as vicious and violent as the first.

A cover by the archangel...




The crowd erupted with SuperMack's refusal to die. They were certain that he had been fed to the jaws of defeat. Yet, his will to win would not die. His enemy shot a glare full of utter contempt towards the referee who backed up and signaled that it was still only a two-count. It had become clear to Gabriel that he would have to truly unleash hell upon Mack to keep him down for a full three-count.

"There is no denying that you have a true warrior spirit, friend," Gabriel announced. "You shall be welcomed into Valhalla with open arms."

Upon getting Brody up to his feet, Gabriel rocked his head back with a huge right hand. He wound up and delivered a second. Much to his surprise, Mack refused to go down. A third found the mark as well and still Brody refused to crumble. The archangel took a step back to build up momentum to fuel a forth, only to have it blocked.

Not afraid to be an ambidextrous ass-kicker, Gabriel tried with his left and missed due to Mack dipping under it. In a flash, Mack had positioned himself behind his foe and hooked a waist lock.


Gabriel was dumped right on his head, but he wasn't going to just lie on the mat and suffer. Brody kept his grip tight and pulled him back up with the waist lock still clamped on. He released Gabriel only for a second to lock him in a straight jacket.


For the second time, SuperMack had dumped the archangel right on his head. For Gabriel, the lights were on, but there was truly no one home. He was on spaghetti legs when Brody forced him to stand with the straight jacket still applied. Mack released his left arm and spun him out as if the two were dancing before pulling him in...



Gabriel nearly fucking SPUN from the impact of the Rainmaker Lariat! That had to be the secret weapon Brody promised in an earlier interview he’d use on who he thought was his former friend, Pietro Geist. But nevertheless, Gabriel was out cold and Brody hooked the leg.




SuperMack was victorious tonight against a member of The Dead Cell! When they didn’t have the numbers advantage, it turned out that they were beatable after all!


Brody was back to his feet and Gabriel was still feeling the effects of being virtually KTFO-ed from the brand new weapon in the arsenal of Brody. The Man Called SuperMack raised both hands for the crowd and yelled out in victory. He had shown just how tough he was on this evening. It was going to take more than one archangel to stop him from obtaining the goal he set his sights upon.


With this victory, he also earned himself a match with the mysterious Ezekiel, the leader of The Dead Cell, but as far as anybody knew, he was crippled… Was Gabriel telling the truth about the wise prophet or was he just trying to bluff Brody into giving up in order to protect Ezekiel from utter annihilation? No one knows. But at Rise of the Legends, everyone would now find out.

Winner: Mack Brody vs Pinfall

"A Draconian Plans for Everything"

Damien Lee was back at it again. It was another round of crazy segments, another card of sick matches, another sell-out… it was simply another night in jOlt. Lee was nearly wrapped up with the card and already thinking about his next day’s schedule when the lights above him flickered.

Lee wasn’t fazed… he knew what was coming.


The lights went off completely and the room shuddered, and when the lights came back on the 7’2’’ pale dreadnought stood before him. Over the past several months, Lee had become accustomed to this entrance and, honestly, didn’t even mind it. He’d found his footing in his relationship with Draconian through the FBI investigation, and now he would do the same with Starchild Industries nipping at his heels.

The Starchild Industries representative, a woman by the name Cassandra, had pitched partnership with a promise to come back in a week or two. Considering she once faked being an FBI director and now wanted his to stop Draconian Lee trusted her no farther than he could throw her.

In the meantime Lee was ready to ask Draconian some questions and like an immovable object, Draconian stood before Lee as if he had been summoned.

"Draconian." Lee said bluntly, but respectfully.

Draconian’s jaw tightened and he replied. "Damien Lee."

"I have some questions for you," stated the jOlt proprietor, and in a sage fashion Draconian simply nodded his head. "I have been dealing with quite a lot since you arrived, and while I don’t need your help, I could use information that will help me keep my end of the bargain in this agreement."

The blue hair of Draconian shrouded his pale face and black eyes, but his jaw seemed to relax and he nodded in agreement. Could Lee finally get some answers?

"The FBI investigation… Agent Sullivan. What did you do to him?" asked Lee.

Draconian’s voice was the mechanical bellow of a monster.

"Agent Sullivan was neutralized. You need not worry about your government’s intervention in my plans," replied Draconian.

"You see, Draconian, I understood the FBI investigation. But now we are dealing with an entity I don’t understand." Lee continued while Draconian remained still. "Starchild Industries implicated that they did something or discovered something that attracted you. Is this true?"

There was simply silence as two stared at each other.

"It is true," said Draconian. "But it is not related to me. My mission is separate from the interests of the corporate entity."

Lee nodded and contemplated before he responded. "Then how do we handle this?"

"The corporate entity will offer you a substantial amount of your currency to betray me, and betray our agreement," answered Draconian with an unnaturally deep voice. "You will accept their offer."

"Accept it?" Lee asked.

Draconian slowly nodded and furrowed his brow in apparent disappointment that Lee didn’t understand.

"You will accept and make every promise they ask. When it is time I will neutralize them like I did with your government," stated Draconian.

"And what about the next interested party? Will you have to ‘neutralize’ them too?" asked jOlt’s head honcho.

"There are only two primarily involved parties; your government and this corporate entity. There is possibly a third, but not of your concern as of now," replied Draconian. "When the corporate entity is solved I can focus on my true mission here."

"To dominate jOlt?" said Lee. It wasn’t a question, but more of an affirmation.


Lee kept his gaze on Draconian while the lights began to flicker. The lights went out and the room shook for a moment, and when the lights were back on Draconian was gone.

Nate Quartermaine vs Zane Roebuck

Issues were heating up with the Natural Athletes and the Tag Team Champions, the House. Ever since Zane Roebuck had been making appearances with his father and Derrick Huber, things had been boiling over between the veterans and the up and coming Athletes. When the Athletes were close to winning the Tag titles two weeks ago, Zane attacked Cori Albright and got the House disqualified and led to a huge brawl between the six. Last week tempers flared between the teams again and that led to Zane Roebuck challenging Nate Quartermaine to a singlesmatch. Both members of the House and the Natural Athletes were all going to be at ringside, so things were no doubt going to get hot.


“I Don’t Wanna Stop” by Ozzy Osbourne.

The member of The Natural Athletes arrived from the back and raised a fist to the crowd, letting out a shout before he headed towards the ring. A focused and intense-looking Nate had Cori Albright and Terry Massimo as backup tonight and all three of these rising stars hit the ring. The fans gave a great response to the Washington native as he climbed up to the top turnbuckle. Terry and Cori were both handing out high fives to fans on the edge of the ring. Quartermaine was ready for a fight tonight.

Halestorm’s “Get Lucky” played next, signifying the arrival of his opponent for the evening. Zane Roebuck walked through the entrance and pointed to the fans with a big cheesy smile on his face and despite him being from Nevada, the crowd reacted to him negatively! He looked a little appalled at first, but he shook it off and showed off his new singlet. He had a one-piece singlet that looked identical to the ones worn by the House, but the fans hated it.

“Look at me! I’m a big-time jOlt star now just like my dad!” Zane said to the audience.

However, the crowd of Paradise, Nevada did cheer both of the Las Vegas-based super heavyweights walking from the back along to watch Zane’s back. The last two confrontations they had with the Natural Athletes had ended in physicality, so they were here to lend support to Zane Roebuck despite how much they did not like his meddling actions as of late. Zane rolled under the ropes and nipped right to his feet to show off his agility. Zane was a crafty wrestler and had pulled off improbable victories on the Hype against much larger opponents, so Quartermaine would have to be on his guard.

To Nate’s surprise, Zane offered a chance to shake his hand and Nate gave him a skeptic glance. He carefully reached out and the two shook hands. Zane gave him a wink.

“Hey, Nate … good luck!”

If Nate was ever close to projectile vomiting in a ring, it would’ve happened right there. The member of the Natural Athletes and Zane Roebuck circled up before they locked up. The technically skilled Huber grabbed him by the arm and snapped him around in a hammerlock. He carried Zane to the corner and lifted him up before he dropped his arm across the top rope. Zane winced in pain, but Nate Quartermaine still locked onto the arm. He pushed Zane into the ropes and used a big snapping over-the-shoulder hip toss before he crawled right into a pinning combo.


Zane’s shoulder popped up. The House and the Natural Athletes members were all watching the match was Zane was led up to his feet by Nate. The proud amateur wrestler took him by the arm and he was pushed to the ropes and then snapped him over a second time. Nate used a knee drop across him by the arm and worked over the joint.

Nate had taken the lead in the match right now and he continued to work over 23 year old Zane with an arm breaker. He clinched the arm tightly by pulling on the joint. He was working him over with a submission until Good Luck stretched his feet out as far as it would go and put it under the bottom rope, which meant that Nate Quartermaine would have to let go. Nate rolled away from Zane while the younger Roebuck checked to make sure his arm was in one piece.

Zane Roebuck and Nate Quartermaine locked up a second time and onw it was Zane trying his luck (hardy har har) with a hammerlock. Quatermaine got near the ropes and he stepped through one side and came back out the other, essentially trying Zane back up in the ropes with a Hammerlock of his own. Nate had to let go, but that was twice that he’d been able to get the better of the young Roebuck.

The look on Zane’s face showed that he looked irritated by this fact, but he brushed it off and the two locked up again. Quartermaine with another hammerlock, but now Zane was ready for him as he used an elbow of all things to break it up. The fans didn’t like the cheap shot, but Zane took his time going on the attack as he used a couple elbows of his own. Zane tried for the Irish Whip, but Nate reversed that. He bounced off the other side and caught him with a flying elbow smash to the face.

Nate was back up and he nailed Zane in the jaw with a drop kick! Nate was pressing the advantage when he hooked him by the head and took Zane over with a nice vertical suplex. Quartermaine continued to hold on and used the leg this time to drop him with another suplex, this time a perfectplex!



Roebuck broke out of the cover. Nate grabbed him by the head and scooped him back up by his neck. He was trying for Three Quarters, the spin-out powerbomb he liked to use, but Zane elbowed his way free again and slammed Nate’s face into the middle buckle in a rather aggressive manner. Nate was left disoriented and that gave Zane a chance to lift him up and bounce him off the top strand before he dropped him with a slingshot backbreaker!

“Damn,” Huber said, “where’d he learn that?”

Roebuck shrugged. The Natural Athletes members looked displeased with some of Zane’s more aggressive attacks, but he hadn’t technically broken any rules. Zane went to try and pin Quartermaine with a quick cover.



Quartermaine’s shoulder popped up. Zane reached over and he elevated Nate before he Irish whipped him into the corner. Zane pushed him back to the corner and he used a series of punches to weaken him before he pointed to his dad.

“Dad! This one’s for you! Four of a Kind!”

Nate was hit with four knife edged chops to the chest by Good Luck and the crowd booed him taking one of his dad’s moves. Roebuck didn’t seem that bothered, but even Huber looked like he was going to be sick. Cori Albright and Terry Massimo lent more verbal support to Nate as Zane whipped him to the other side of the ring and he followed up with an elbow to the face. Zane then took him out of the corner with a release German suplex!

Zane was rolling back up to his feet and he pointed towards the Natural Athletes before he jumped and landed a big knee drop to the top of Nate’s head. Zane stood up a second time and landed a second jumping knee drop. Nate was reeling as Zane took back to the corner and hit a final knee!


Three knee drops created the Triple Seven combination! Zane went for the cover on Nate Quartermaine and made sure to hook both legs.



Nate’s shoulder went up again. Zane looked vexed by Nate Quatermaine kicking of his move, but he wasn’t going to stop there just yet. When he tried to pull him back up again, Zane tried some kind of pumphandle-style move, but Nate struck his way free. He headed off the ropes and tried something big again, but Zane caught him with a low dropkick to the knee that cut off any momentum he tried to get back. The younger Roebuck charged back to the ropes.


Whether the fans liked or hated Zane Roeubuck they had to like what they saw talent-wise. He tripped him up and used a sliding bakatare kick to the head to reel Quartermaine backwards. Zane waved to the fans!


Zane turned over and he stacked up the pin.



Close, but no cigar!

“Come on, boy, you got this!” Terry yelled.

The Tag Team champions remained silent at ringside and they observed as Zane Roebuck went to pick up Nate Quartermaine. The former Rebellion thug was sent flying back to the corner and Zane used a corner clothesline to stun him. He continued to beat on him with multiple shots and then dropped him down. Zane pointed around the arena and waved to try and get them back into it. Good Luck pointed at Derrick Huber in the corner.

“Uncle Derrick! This one is for you!”

Zane tried to take another move from his father and a man who raised him like one. Zane charged at Nate Quartermaine and tried to use his Moneyroll cannonball, but Quartermaine moved under the ropes. There was no water in the pool for Zane and he was now hunched over in agony.

“Owwwwwwwwww!” Zane wailed.

Huber sighed despondently, but the fans liked watching the meddling Hype star crash and burn like that. Zane needed a few second to recover as Nate Quartermaine as he stood on the ring apron to try and recover from the beatdown that was handed to him. When Zane was trying to stand, he saw Nate in the corner of his eye and swung at him. Nate ducked and he grabbed Zane by the head before using a neckbreaker on the top cable.

The amateur wrestling star was about to show he was much more than that as he slapped the top turnbuckle, getting the crowd and the Natural Athletes to all clap along with him. Nate slowly climbed to the top rope and he was focused in on Zane Roebuck. The annoying Hype star favored his neck when he turned around to eat a diving crossbody!



Nate almost got him when Zane kicked out. Nate checked with the official to make sure that it was a three-count but two fingers gave him his answer. Nate rolled over and Zane tried to get as far away from him as possible. Nate charged at him in the corner when Zane got both of his feet up and kicked him in the face. Zane ran right at him and grabbed him while spinning around into a running tornado facebuster. Zane was pulling out some innovative moves tonight and he was ready to make the most of his first appearance on Intense with a huge victory.



No way!

This time, Nate Quartermaine was getting under the skin of Zane by kicking out again. Zane pulled him by the leg and put him near one of the turnbuckles. The fans that followed the Hype knew what move he was going for next. He jumped up to the top rope and he leaped backwards for a beautiful top rope moonsault he called the S.O.L., but Nate saw it coming and he rolled out of the way. Zane was able to land on his feet after the missed move and when he ran right at Nate, the Natural Athlete hoisted him up by the side.




Close, but no cigar!

Zane’s shoulder came up right before the three-count and the crowd was left in shock. Nate Quartermaine didn’t let the fact he didn’t win yet get to him that much because he was one or two more moves away from ending things. Nate pulled him over to the corner and tried to hook the leg to go for the STF submission that he’d beat Statuz Quo with a few weeks ago, but Good Luck obviously had it scouted and he kicked him away. When he tried to get back into things, Zane grabbed him by his own singlet and threw him to the outside.

It was clearly a stall tactic, but Zane Roebuck used a good tactic to give himself some breathing room. Zane was already up and then followed Nate to the outside. The Natural Athletes got themselves a closer look at Zane as he threw Nate right into the barricade. Cori and Terry both walked over and yelled at him to stop his attack, but the House were right there.

“Back the fuck off,” Roebuck commanded.

“Make us, you big asshole!” Cori snapped.

All four men got into a shouting match with each other and the official had to break them all free. Nate fought back and he threw Zane into the ring apron chest first. More shots followed and he threw him back into the ring to get the victory. Zane was winded from the attack, but the official continued to try and restore order on the outside, but the Athletes and the House were ready to come to blows again.

Nate was about ready to climb back into the ring when Zane saw an opportunity. Nate was between the ropes when Zane kicked the ropes upwards, catching him where the sun didn’t shine! Zane’s supposed fans didn’t like that, but the official was still trying to handle the tense situation on the outside. Good Luck grabbed Nate and propped him up by cradling his head and legs together. He had been working out some new moves and it looked like another one was coming.





Zane Roebuck and his shiny new package piledriver were the difference maker and he had just pulled what would have to be considered an upset, defeating a main roster member on his home turf! Cori and Terry shifted their attention to the ring where Zane was basking in victory.

“I did it! I did it! I dedicate this victory to you, Dad!”

The giant screen showed the replay of Zane Roebuck’s victory being attained by suspect circumstances. The kick to the ropes, low blowing Nate Quartermaine that led to the package piledriver. As soon as that showed on the vision, Terry Massimo stormed the ring where Zane was.

“You mothafucka!”

Terry and Cori both slid into the ring and surrounded Zane. Zane tried to defend himself by saying he stretched his leg and accidentally kicked the rope but they weren’t having that and Terry slugged Zane in the head! That led to the House coming to the aid of Roebuck’s son and for the second time in three weeks, the two teams were in the ring fighting amongst themselves. Terry Massimo and Adam Roebuck tried to rip each other to shreds. Cori Albright was being tossed around by Derrick Huber and when he tried to throw him out of the ring, Cori slipped out and cracked the big muscleman in the head with a pele kick!

Zane was reeling from the punch by Terry Massimo, but while his own father and the man he called an uncle were fighting and security was trying to break it up again, Zane Roebuck limped up the ramp. Zane only had one big take away from this whole situation.

“I beat a main roster member! I belong on Intense! I belong here!”

Zane walked up the ramp and celebrated all the way backstage as the Natural Athletes continued slugging it out the Tag champs with no signs of slowing down. They had a big tag team title match at Rise Of The Legends but this was going beyond a simple bout of pride.

Winner: Zane Roebuck via Pinfall

"I'm Lovin' It... or Not"

The scene unfolds inside the The Hood's locker room. Jackson Cross, Machida Hood, and Vogue Gonsalvez are sitting around when there is a knock on the door. The door was open, but it was Alyssa Corliss and Sebastian Saje standing in the doorway.

"Hey.. I just wanted to apologize for getting your match cancelled." said Alyssa. "Things got out of hand earlier and well.. things just happened."

"Hey, girl... it's all good" said Vogue. "We was watchin' the show an' saw you two punkin' each other out. Lee came over and apologized, but he also told me that come hell or high water.. I could get my hands on Raevynn next week. I still gotta pay her back for shovin' me offa that top rope last week. So if I gotta wait another week to handle business.. then I'll wait another week."

"Thanks for understanding" said Alyssa.

"Yo.. before ya go.. I gotta ask you somethin'" said Cross as he looked right at Sebastian Saje.

"I just gotta know. Da hell you ever see in that crazy ass bitch, man!? I was wit you on The Hype.. I seen you and Alyssa all happy n' shit. I gotta know why you sided wit Raevynn when she offered you that spot in The Rebellion, man? I mean.. you coulda taken Alyssa wit ya, but instead, you went with Raevynn. What gives wit that, man?"

Hood went and slapped Cross upside the head.

"The hell you askin' that fo'!? His girl RIGHT THERE, man... SHE RIGHT THERE and you askin' that shit right in fronta her? Man, I oughta smack you again 'cause the first one, I don't think done nothin' for ya!"

And Hood did just that... SMACK!

"AAH Alright, my brotha.. I got ya.. I got ya! Quit slappin' me!" said Cross.

"Hey.. it's a fair question" said Saje.

Hood and Cross looked at each other and then at Saje.

"You know how Shayne Anderson was back then... how he mistreated you guys and me as well. I was so frustrated.. so pent up with rage that when Raevynn proposed the idea of going to The Rebellion, she got inside my head... she said the right things to make me hate everything and everyone around me. I felt like The Rebellion was my way out and since Raevynn offered it to me.. I had to repay her somehow... and that's when I made the dumbest decision in my entire life. It's one of those moments where if you had the opportunity to go back and do it again, I would have gladly rejected Raevynn and stayed with Alyssa. They say failures make you stronger because you learn from your mistakes.. but in this instance, I feel like I came out weaker because if I was stronger in the beginning, then I none of this would have even happened."

"That be the deepest shit I eva heard" said Cross.

"Man.. you said the same shit about the back of the happy meal box at McDonald's last week. Stop frontin'" said Hood

"Hey... I was confused by the new Hamburgler.. OKAY!? Get off me wit' that!" Cross fired back.

"The hell you doin' eatin' a Happy Meal, for? You a grown ass man!" said Vogue.

"THEY CHEAP, MAN! McDonald's fulla carbs, man. I try to keep it small!" said Cross.

"Then don't eat it or get a McSalad or something." said Hood.

"The hell with salads, man. I ain't no rabbit. Do I look like a rabbit!?" said Cross.

"I think we better go" said Alyssa.

Saje nodded and the two of them slowly backed out of the room as Cross and Hood kept going back and forth. As they were closing the door they caught one final exchange..

"Well you got them nasty big teeth" said Hood.

"Then maybe I'll bite yo damn ear off.. TYSON STYLE!" said Cross.

Alyssa and Saje looked at each other and walked away as the scene faded to black.

Jeremy Ryan vs Spike Saunders

After an action-packed evening, it was now time for your MAAAAAAAAAIIINNNNNNNNN EVENT!

Before their match-up at Rise of the Legends when Jeremy Ryan would take on Omega for The Fearless Championship, Ryan’s bid to become the first man to hold both titles would have a HELL of a roadblock in it. Both men were allowed to pick respective opponents. Ryan chose The Draconian last week for Omega, however he had successfully retained his title. After two weeks of calling out the champion, the seven-foot two “Colossus” Spike Saunders had his chance to become the champion. At Wrestlecade last year, he wrestled his long-time rival, Derecho, so he proved to jOlt audiences he could go. Could Ryan somehow find a way past what could be his toughest title defense yet?

“Any Means Necessary” by Hammerfall.

The music thundered over the PA and thundering almost as loudly was the stomping of one of wrestling’s largest men going today. Looking out to a jeering crowd from behind his shades, “The Colossus” Spike Saunders stomped out from the back and scanned The Orleans Arena. Here in jOlt, it seemed the legendary giant had taken a much more threatening approach to his stay here, choosing to literally throw his weight around when he interrupted a tag match and demolished four people to call out for a shot.

The Colossus walked towards the ring and smirked as he stomped towards the ring, ready to do battle. He was all set for his challenge as he stepped onto the ring apron and easily stepped over the ropes. He stared down the official for the main event, Darius Underwood, and leaped at him, making him flinch.

“Haha. Pussy.”

Saunders took his place in the ring and skulked about before his opponent was called upon.

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

The anthem of all things manly blasted throughout the arena, and the buzz that had been generated from the opening announcement of the match quickly turned sour. Even more so when jOlt’s self-proclaimed Last Real Man stepped through the curtains and onto the entrance stage, defending his jOlt Championship for the second time after a successful first defense against House member Adam Roebuck. Ryan stood at the top of the ramp long enough to survey the capacity before beginning his slow paced walk toward the ring, absorbing all of the booing and jeering he was receiving along the way – the whole time, he raised the title over his head with a smile on his face.

Not far behind was “jOlt’s Last Real ManAGER” Sonny Silver as he kept pace with an infuriated Ryan, having to defend his own title two weeks before his bid to try and become jOlt’s first Fearless and World Title simultaneous titleholder.

Jeremy Ryan entered the ring and the man having the audacity to call himself jOlt’s Last Real Champion stepped into the squared circle. He raised the jOlt World Championship over his head and looked stoically at Spike waited for the in-ring introductions. His music faded out and Dean Carrington made with the in-ring goodness.

“The following contest is YOUR main event of the evening! This match will be set for one fall with sixty minute time limit and this will be for the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship!!!!”

Despite both men in the ring being outright assholes, they popped anyhow!

“Introducing first, he is the challenger! From England, weighing in at 317 pounds and standing at SEVEN-FOOT THREE! He is ”THE COLOSSUS” SPIKE SAUNDERS~

Spike Saunders didn’t move and stood there, arms folded as he eyed Jeremy Ryan from behind his signature glasses.

“And his opponent, in the corner to my right, from Bangor, Maine… he is accompanied to the ring by “JOLT’S LAST REAL MAN-AGER” SONNY SILVER… weighing in at 254 pounds… he is the reigning and defending jOlt Champion… this is… ”JOLT’S LAST REAL MAN” JEREMY RYAN!


The Bad Man from Bangor raised the jOlt World Championship over his head as he tapped the faceplate. He walked forward and showed off the championship before throwing it at Darius Underwood… Then he went on the attack!


Ryan launched a vicious assault against The Colossus and if there was any way to beat him, that was going to be it. He went right at Saunders with a series of vicious elbow strikes to the stomach to try and double him over so he could go for forearms to the head…

…only to get shoved away!

The Colossus stood his ground. Ryan himself was a mini-tank at six-one and two sixty, but The Colossus had just shrugged off each blow and threw Jeremy Ryan away from him.

“Bring it, you fucking runt!” Saunders barked.

Ryan rolled back to his feet and he obliged the veteran giant by going right at him a second time. He fought back with a flurry of elbows to the chest and actually managed to bully the much larger Saunders into the corner with a series of Shoulder Thrusts. Saunders blocked one of the shots with a knee to the head and actually used a BIEL on Jeremy Ryan, throwing him right back out of the corner!

Saunders was greeted with a mixture of cheers and boos. The fans never forgot how Jeremy Ryan won that title by being a despicable asshole who crippled the previous champion, blackmailed his way into a title match and then won the title by the skin of his teeth. However, since winning the title, Ryan had been able to survive against Adam Roebuck, rising star Jack Dawn and Relentless Champion, Diamond Jewelz. He had an impressive list of scalps tonight, but that could stop if Saunders had his way.

Saunders charged off the ropes and just as Ryan started to stand, The Colossus bowled him right over with a Shoulder Block; Saunders didn’t bother going for a pin, mainly because at this point he was showing off his size.

“You can’t beat me, Ryan!” Saunders shouted again.

Sonny Silver looked on worriedly, but Ryan managed to somewhat keep his calm as he rose to his feet again. Spike rushed off the ropes again and Jeremy Ryan ducked off the return. The tank of a man got back to his feet when Saunders BLASTED him with a second Shoulder Block! This time, he knelt over and went for a cover.



Barely a two-count, but Spike had proven his point. He wasn’t called The Colossus because he was a vanilla midget. The dude was fucking huge and could seemingly turn the tide of a match in an instant. He pulled Ryan up by the chin, but Ryan surged to life and POPPED him with a Headbutt of all things that essentially reeled both men backwards. Ryan shook off the pain first and tried to whip the larger Saunders across the ring, but The Colossus put the brakes on and sent him into the ropes. He ducked down too early and Ryan delivered a kick to the gut…


The shot only seemed to wake Spike up as he MOWED Ryan down with a sharp Short-range Lariat! Ryan was on his back when Saunders went low to try and finish him off with another cover.




Ryan’s shoulder came up again, but match was all Saunders so far and that continued as he grabbed Ryan by the head and THREW him right through the middle and top rope, sending jOlt’s Last Real Champion crashing ot the floor. Somewhere, Omega had to be watching and smiling, watching his Rise of the Legends opponent squirm against an opponent that his usual bullying tactics wouldn’t work on.

Saunders climbed to the floor and he whipped Jeremy Ryan across the stretch of the ringside floor, sending him crashing into the barricade with a dull thud. Spike backed up several feet and laughed to himself as he was having a good time. His first match back in jOlt in some time and he could very well be our jOlt World Champion if he kept this up. He charged full speed ahead and when Ryan was trying to stand…


Ryan got sent FLYING over the barricade and landed right into the timekeeper’s area, sending the timekeeper and Dean Carrington as far away from the war zone as humanly possible. Unfortunately for Spike, he couldn’t fulfill his promise of becoming the jOlt World Champion by slamming Ryan around like a ragdoll on the outside, so he grabbed Ryan and chucked him back inside the ring.

“Come on, Jeremy, get back in that shit! Take out his legs!” Sonny shouted.

Ryan was still trying to shake out the cobwebs as he saw Spike Saunders starting to step back onto the ring apron. He went at the leg and delivered a HARD kick to the left leg of The Colossus to try and halt any momentum he could gather. Ryan then charged off the ring ropes and was trying for something big when a big hand by Saunders wrapped around his throat!

“Nope,” Saunders quipped.

He tried a Chokeslam, but Ryan grabbed him by the arm and dropped it over the top rope, snapping Saunders’ elbow in the process. Ryan went low and used a rare low Dropkick to take the knee out from Saunders, dropping him to the ringside floor! Saunders was caught on the outside now and on his back, which finally gave Ryan a chance to strike.

“Talk shit now, you big fucker…”

Ryan was on the ring apron and he looked like he was getting ready for something big here…



Ryan had run halfway across the length of the ring apron and used one of his signature moves – a Running Senton – and flew right off the ring apron, landing his entire 254 frame across the chest and ribs of The Colossus!


Ryan was shaken up from a rare high-risk move, but he got back up to his feet first! Jeremy Ryan slowly crawled back inside the ring and yelled at Darius Underwood to start counting.






Saunders wasn’t moving for several moments, but he finally managed to get over onto his stomach. He was still trying to get his wind back as Ryan continued to yell at Darius to count quicker. In his mind, a Real Man as he so eloquently put it, wins by any means necessary and he wasn’t above a countout to retain his belt.




Spike started to stand finally and rolled back underneath the bottom rope!

However, when he got there, Ryan came at him and dropped all his weight across the chest of Spike with a second Running Senton! He was hoping after the huge move, he could get the win here!




Saunders’ shoulder came up and he powered Ryan off of him, but jOlt’s Last Real Champion seethed as he turned over and started to rise again. He was in control of The Colossus now after a few crafty moves and he put the boots to his chest, trying to drive the wind out of him. The fact he was that much bigger meant he needed more air to breathe. Ryan dropped more stomps into his gut and then dropped two more elbows to the side of the head. From that, he went into another cover.




Saunders kicked out again, but Ryan went right into a hold resembling a Rear Naked Choke! The hold was tightly locked in and Saunders seemingly had nowhere to go as he struggled in the submission attempt. Darius Underwood checked for any sign of a submission, but Saunders snapped at him.

“Don’t… even… fucking… ask me…”

The Colossus reached up and tried to grab Ryan’s hair, but it was so short he wasn’t able to clutch anything. He then tried to get back to his knees, but Ryan continued to apply the choke until Saunders elbowed his way free. He then managed to maneuver himself off to the side and got Ryan in his grip before DROPPING him with a thunderous Sidewalk Slam! The ring shook from the impact as Saunders slowly made an attempt to cover Ryan.




Ryan’s shoulder went up, but now Saunders had a fighting chance to get back on offense. He pulled Ryan back up to his feet and he whipped him across the ring. Saunders charged with the quickness, but the jOlt World Champion got his elbow up first and caught Spike in the jaw. The move rattled him and Ryan went to the second rope, grabbing him by the head and then DROPPING Saunders with a Tornado DDT! Ryan was pulling out moves he didn’t normally do in a bid to defeat Spike Saunders and he was doing just that!




It was less powerful than previous kickouts by Saunders, but The Colossus was still strong enough to escape defeat.

“COUNT FASTER, YOU FUCK!” Ryan howled.

Darius Underwood shook his head in disgust and tried to think of all the ways that he could retire after this evening when both of the wrestlers were being – pardon the pun – colossal dickheads to him. Underwood watched as Spike Saunders tried to stand again. Ryan was letting him do so to save some of his own strength before he kicked him the gut. He was done with Saunders as far as he was concerned and tried to finish him…


The Colossus let out a mighty roar and pitched Ryan backwards, sending him up and over with a Back Body Drop! Ryan crashed hard on his back and now Sonny looked like he was turning ghostly white as Saunders took the precious few seconds to recover from the beating that he’d been subjected to.

Saunders charged and he clobbered Jeremy Ryan with another short-range Lariat! Ryan nearly spun from the impact, but he was not finished by a long shot. He goozled Ryan by the throat and PULLED him right to his feet before taking him so higher, Ryan thought he could hear Creed singing…


The ring once again shook from the sheer force as if The Colossus was trying to spike (bad pun alert!) him through the ring! Saunders went to another cover now on the jOlt World Champion! He could be closing in on the title.




Spike’s eyes went wide in disbelief and he held up three of his massive fingers to Darius Underwood. He shook his hand and the senior official told him it was a two-count only, so an irate Saunders went back to pulling him to his feet. With tremendous force, Saunders let out a roar and he muscled Ryan back to the nearest corner overlooking the timekeeper’s table that Ryan was introduced to earlier. He pushed him back with a few knees to the gut.

Those were followed by Saunders turning his back to Ryan and pinning the jOlt World Champion to the corner before he went to town, slugging him with an alternating series of back elbows, Matt Morgan-style. The blows continued until Spike turned and pulled him out of the corner. Ryan tried to defend himself…


Ryan straight up collapsed in the corner after the STIFF Downward Punch to the head! Spike grabbed him by the body and threw him away from the corner before he rolled over and tried to cover him! That had to be it! Sonny Silver was seen almost sweating bullets for the supposed fall of The Last Real Champion…




“FUCK!” Saunders bellowed.

He about delivered a second Boom Headshot, but to the mat; that’s how pissed he was in that moment. Jeremy Ryan liked to talk a whole mess of shit to the locker room and had been doing so ever since he graduated from The Hype, but he was double-fucking tough which would earn him respect if he wasn’t such a right cunt.

Saunders decided now was time to end things as he got back up to his feet when he grabbed jOlt’s Last Real Man by the neck again. He was powered up into a Gory Special…


Ryan elbowed the side of Spike’s head frantically before he rolled off his back and landed on his feet again. He grabbed Spike by the waist…


He managed to POWER Spike Saunders right backwards and threw The Colossus! Saunders crashed hard into the mat and that’s when Ryan had found his second wind. Jeremy Ryan then ran forward and BLASTED him in the temple with a Shining Wizard-style knee strike! Saunders was down, but he tried to sit up again, which only made Ryan angrier. He charged off the ropes as Saunders tried to sit up only to SMACK him in the back of the head with a Sliding Enzui Lariat to the back of the head! Ryan crawled over and went for a cover on The Colossus!




Saunders’ arm lifted off the canvas, setting Ryan off in the process! He was about ready to jump out of his skin, but he kept his composure and tried to finish things off for good. When Spike was trying to stand despite how groggy he was in that moment, Ryan tried to set him up…


Spike elbowed his way free and saved himself from the Side Death Valley Driver by elbowing the top of Ryan’s head. Ryan retreated to the corner when a groggy Saunders stomped over and grabbed Ryan by the neck again. He pulled him away… and the turnbuckle padding came with it!

Saunders kicked him in the gut and was possibly thinking The Dreamkiller again, but Ryan moved out of the way and scurried away back to the corner. Saunders angrily charged when Ryan caught him with a Dropkick to the knee, tripping him up and sending him face-first into the exposed turnbuckle padding! The Colossus was stunned when Ryan caught him by the side…


With all the strength that jOlt’s Last Real Champion could muster, he DRILLED Spike into the mat by the side and he scurried over to hook the leg!




The crowd jeered! Saunders was a bastard and they hated both men in this match, but Ryan probably just a little more! Ryan rolled off the body of Spike Saunders and Sonny Silver clapped and cheered as his charged was handed the championship…


Ryan limped to his feet and Sonny Silver clapped while Spike was nursing a sore head, thanks to going head-first into the exposed turnbuckle! He had nothing to be ashamed of from this performance and showed that he was always one or two moves away from being a top contender for the jOlt Championship, but for tonight, it belonged to Jeremy Ryan.

The lights flickered and standing at the top of the ramp was the Fearless Champion himself, Omega. With a sinister grin looking out from underneath his hoodie, the massive champion patted the faceplate of his belt.

“You are ready, Jeremy… we will see you at Rise of the Legends!” Omega screamed.

Ryan raised his own jOlt Championship and gestured that he was ready to take the belt and make history as jOlt’s first-ever hold of the World and Fearless Championships, the top two prizes of jOlt! He turned…



Saunders was anything, if not a sore loser, but Omega’s impromptu faceoff with Jeremy Ryan distracted him for a few seconds! He shoved Sonny away and CLOCKED Jeremy Ryan with his deadly KO blow. The Colossus was PISSED about how he lost, so the large monster laughed. Omega sunk back into the darkness as Spike Saunders left the ring and gritted his teeth before heading back up the ramp. Jeremy Ryan had won the match thanks to finding an opening against the giant, but thanks to Omega, Saunders had the last laugh.

Ryan liked to claim that Omega was no match for him whether that be inside the ring or inside his head. Ryan was physically ready to take on the Monster at Rise of the Legends; that much was true. But was he prepared for the mental aspect of going one-on-one with perhaps jOlt’s most insane, but intelligent minds?

The final shots were that of Sonny checking on an angered Jeremy Ryan while the camera closed in on the sinister grin of Omega.


Winner: Jeremy Ryan via Pinfall