"Welcome to iNtense"

Darkness fades to gritty sepia when the opening piano of "Warriors" by PelleK (Imagine Dragons Cover) hits. We see image of an empty jOlt Arena filling with people in time lapse

The screen then explodes into full color when the drums and song kick in!

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

(In sync with music) We see scenes of action and images of current superstars Pietro Geist, Eiji Kugasari, Jeremy Ryan, Diamond Jewelz, Tammy Lynn Foster, Raevynn, Keegan, Hank Wright, The House, and The Freak Show

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

We continue to see images of action as the intrustmental continues to the very end...

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

We see Diamond Jewelz posing with Them MF'n Goons, Sonny Silver standing by Frank Silver, Mack Brody hitting the Gold Rush on Omega, Pietro Geist and Jeremy Ryan brawling, a shot of Kayden Paulton cracking a genuine smile, and a lumbering Spike Saunders standing tall in the ring. Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

With the final pulsing beats of the song, we see Jeremy Ryan striking a grin with the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder!

The scene flashes back into the arena where the song starts again, but in his complete form, starting with Verse 1 of the lyrics. The camera pans around the Arena as a splendid display of fireworks goes off on the main stage and above the ring. The set is a giant jOltvision with the N logo for iNtnese sitting to the left and to the right of the big jOltvision. The N itself is a massive red light that is illuminated. Above the jOltvision is a pseudo semi-circle steel structure that houses a curved screen that will be used to display a wrestler's name above it while their entrance video plays below on the jOltvision. On the stage itself, to the left and right of the entrance ramp are two more small, elongated mini screens which will display the wrestler's brand logo on them when they make their way out... unless they hold a title. Then it will display their championship belt on the left and the name of the title on the right!

The fans were buzzing with electricity as iNtense officially begins!

"A Fisher of Men"

”Lord Kugasari approaches!”

1 of the vocal subordinates exclaimed as the Clan Chamber Hall hatches were breached and a cadre of Crimson Elite would lead the assembly of clan officers into the secretive hall. The clan leader himself would flank his fellow officers casually as the chamber hall has been closed behind them. The team of clan elites would respectfully assume the position of seiza with their young leader maintaining his vertical base before his gathered subordinates.

“Konnichiwa, my brethren…” The Blood Raven opened. “I understand that quite a few of us are still mourning the passing of Lord Tesai Genzo...and with that, I encourage my brethren to make use of 1 month’s time to grieve and ensure the collective do all that is needed to reclaim themselves…”

“There are those among whom known one of our departed Elders intimately. In this, as your leader, I wholeheartedly respect the wishes of my clan. However, therein remains official Clan business at hand; I will need the reports by today’s end. I will need a word with my fellow clan officers immediately this meeting is convened. Your clan section leaders stand ready to issue the pending orders...You are dismissed…”

There was a subtle bustling amongst the clan affiliates as they began to disperse. Now, the upper echelon of clan hierarchy stand ready as they encircled the Prince of Puroresu.

“You all know or understand what must be done from this point forward…” Eiji Kugasari voiced in hushed tones. “Granted, most of you were among the closest to the departed Master Genzo yet we must regain the ground lost in our absence.”

“We understand.” Heido replied. “The balance of powers have shifted notably. There are new additions to the promotion and their wayward ambitions will no doubt, bring forth trouble our way. Business is business and we shall ensure that this clan regains and extends its overall efficiency.”

“This is good.” Mamoru opened. “In regards of this evening, we have an issue to address in the form of an arrogant upstart, determined to make a name for himself at this clan’s expense.”

“You mean the one that bested Shoji handedly?” Eiji mentioned in passing.

“Yes, Lord Kugasari…” The dejected Shoji mentioned with a dejected tone. The clan general offered a weighted sigh in response.

“According to the promotional elites, it is the clan’s personal preference as to who shall heed the call…” Mamoru mentioned while fishing for his cigar.

“Alright..” Kugasari replied while wringing his hands. “Then let us send forth an appropriate response, my brothers…”

Jack Dawn vs Eli Conway

Three weeks ago in the main event of iNtense, “Mister Magic” Jack Dawn had given up the fight of his life against the jOlt World Heayvweight Champion Jeremy Ryan for the very championship. Dawn was the first to answer an open challenge against the champ and while he came up short, he opened up some eyes that he was much more than the man with a silly magician’s moniker. After missing a couple weeks due to a slight concussion, he was cleared for competition tonight. Dawn was looking to get back on the winning track and had impressed many with his charisma and showmanship. He would half to face off tonight against former Tag Team Champion Eli Conway who would no doubt have his twin brother, Ezra, at ringside.

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall!” Dean Carrington announced.

“Magic” by B.o.B. feat. Rivers Cuomo.

The lights started to flash and swirl in several shades of various colors filling the area... smoke began to fill the stage… and the crowd began to cheer! Out from the back came two lovely twin ladies, each with blonde hair, blue eyes, and sparkling red sequined skirts that left little to the imagination. The lights continued to shine brightly and flashed again and as a box appeared on stage. Both ladies walked towards either side of the box and grabbed a door…

“Introducing first, being accompanied by The Lovely Assistants, Bobbi and Breezy... from Los Angeles, California, being accompanied by Bobbi and Breezy… weighing in at 236 pounds… this is “MISTER MAGIC” JACK DAWN!


The doors both opened and a handsome and chiseled man called Jack Dawn stepped out of the box, rocking a cape and top hat as he took a bow for the audience. Dawn got a peck on the cheek from both of the girls and smirked proudly before he and The Lovely Assistants hit the ring, arm in arm for his return. As they walked to the ring, a box appeared on the screen. It was Jack Dawn appearing via inset promo!

Jack Dawn: “Ladies and gentlemen, gather round and feast your eyes! Watch as I perform some magic tonight when I return to my winning ways and get a big win tonight over Eli Conway… shit, though, I’m uh… crap, I am stuck. I am stuck in this magic box right now and I can’t get out… um… excuse me, I have to remember how Houdini did this… hashtag magician problems.”

The inset promo disappeared and finished playing on the jOltVision as Dawn screamed out “DON’T WORRY, I GOT OUT OF THAT BOX!” And took a bow for some of the laughing crowd. Bobbi and Breezy each kissed Dawn on his cheek again as he waited for his opponent.

“Gimme Back My Bullets” by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

The music for his opponent played and the fans of Albequerque booed the former Tag Team Champions coming out from the back. Eli Conway looked pissed off as the twins usually did and Ezra talked some shit to the masses. And here was an inset promo for the Twins.

Eli Conway: “Ya know, all we’ve been hearin’ lately is how dem Conway boys done fell off lately… we went from bein’ top of da Tag Team division to not winnin’ shit. Well, ya know what?

Ezra Conway: “What?”

Eli Conway: “Dat shit stops NOW! Im’a bust up this TV Magic Queer, Jack Dawn, and we gon’ do things not da right way… not even da wrong way… but da CON-way!”

Ezra Conway: “Ugh... Ah think somebody already done said that once in wrasslin.”

The box faded away as Eli and Ezra tried to figure out if a wrestler named Rob Conway actually said something like that and if he did it front of other people. He did, in case you’re wondering. Oh. Match. Bell. Ring. Ian.


Eli Conway went on the attack right at the sound of the bell and delivered right hands to the magician! He elbowed him several more times and threw in a few knees for good measure, bringing Mister Magic to a seated position.

“BOY, DIS IS OUR RING NOW!” Eli shouted in his face.

When Dawn tried to get back up, Eli delivered a hard trifecta of harsh boots to the side of his head that sent The David Blaine of Wrestling out to the floor! The crowd was already over Eli with not even under a minute logged into the match while Ezra clapped in support of his twin brother. The much hotter twins at ringside, Bobbi and Breezy, both showed matching looks of worry for their… um… friend with benefits as he was outside.

The former Tag Team Champion climbed outside the ring and tried to find Mister Magic, but he was nowhere to be found! Eli got annoyed and started to search underneath the ring.


Eli searched high and searched low as Ian Nguyen started to count. Eli scanned the arena to see if he’d gotten scared and ran into the crowd. Eli and Ezra were both at the front of the ring, and it appeared he pulled a disappearing act.

“WHERE’D HE GO?!” Eli screamed.

Dawn rolled out from another side of the ring and before the twins knew what happened…


Dawn grabbed Eli and SHOVED him right into Ezra, knocking his twin brother down to the ground. And when Eli turned around, he got POPPED right in the mouth with a heck of a Superkick! Dawn waved his hands to the crowd and laughed.


The charismatic and entertaining Dawn grabbed Eli by the hair and rolled him back inside the ring. With his little bit of misdirection pulled off successfully, Dawn wasted no time in going for a cover on Eli.




Eli’s shoulder came off the mat. Jack Dawn pulled him up by the neck again and struck back at the former Tag Team Champion with a pair of hard right hands. Eli was sent back into the corner when Dawn ran backwards and connected with a nice Dropkick! Eli was sent bouncing back into the corner when Dawn grabbed him and took him back out with a Snap Suplex! Dawn floated right over into a cover.




Conway was back up again. Jack looked like he was ready to finish him off when he ran the ropes. Ezra tried to grab him by the leg, but Dawn saw it coming and jumped over him before trying to take a swing at the other twin. Ezra dodged blow, but it gave Eli ample time to BLAST Jack in the face with a Big Boot just as Mister Magic turned around!

An angered and humiliated Eli pulled Dawn up by the head and without hesitation, he pulled him up by the arm and neck only to DRIVE him down hard with a Swinging Neckbreaker with some extra stank on it! Conway rolled over onto his stomach and tried to cover Dawn.




Conway was looking mighty pissed at having been embarrassed by Mister Magic in the early going, so he pulled him up to a seated position again only to lay him out with a hard right. He repeated several more punches and then switched it up to some good old-fashioned mudhole stomping. There was nothing fancy or exciting about what The Conways did as far as their in-ring talents were concerned; they just beat the fuck out of people.


Conway continued to stomp on the head and chest as Dawn futilely tried to protect himself. Eli Conway backed up and ran a few steps forward before dropping a BIG Knee Drop across the chest! Dawn was left sucking in wind as Conway tried to finish him.




Dawn’s shouder rose off the canvas again, but Conway was already calling for his finisher as he waited for Mister Magic to rise. He threw off his elbow pad from his right arm and pointed a finger in gun fashion at the David Blaine of Wrestling as he ran off the ropes. He was searching for his decapitating Running Lariat


Dawn ducked underneath and kept running off the ropes. When he came back off the other side…


The Running STO from Jack Dawn caught Eli Conway completely unaware! Dawn was too hurt to follow up with a cover right away followed that big move, but Dawn was slapping the canvas and feeding off the energy from the crowd. Bobbi and Breezy both slapped the ring apron and the crowd clapped as Jack Dawn used the ropes to pull himself to his feet!

Eli Conway clutched the back of his head in pain as he tried to get back up. Angrily seeing Dawn out of the corner of his eye, he charged at the corner that Dawn was in and tried to catch him with some sort of Splash only for Dawn to land a back elbow! Conway was sent stumbling backwards when Jack Dawn leaped to the top rope and came back…


The Leaping Turnbuckle Clothesline got a great pop from the crowd and Dawn was finally about to gun for the win. The groggy Eli Conway was about to try and stand when Dawn caught him with a Toe Kick and lifted him into the Fireman’s Carry position. Ezra jumped on the ring apron to try and distract Mister Magic, but he swung Eli and used his own legs to kick his brother, once again sending him off the apron! Eli had no defense against…


The Fireman’s Carry Sitout Facebuster landed and Dawn rolled Eli over onto his back before casually pulling the leg back!





A brief, but hard fought bout showed that Jack Dawn was back tonight with a vengeance! Mister Magic stood tall in the ring as the Conway twins both scattered from ringside, licking their wounds. While this would not be their night, Dawn celebrated his victory!

The Lovely Assistants were about to join him in the ring when the lights dropped to total darkness. There was a rumbling in the arena and when the lights came back on Draconian stood in front of Dawn.

Dawn's eyes went wide as Draconian grabbed him by the neck.

A quick lift... DEATH FROM ABOVE

Dawn's body bounced off the mat and rolled toward the corner while a microphone was tossed in ringside, which Draconian grabbed and held to his lips.

Thee crowd went from an uproar to a hush. Draconian simply stared down at a limp Jack Dawn, while his lovely assistants stood ringside covering their mouths with their hands.

Draconian: "You are illusion. You are frivolous. You are embodiment of wasted effort and attention by your people... At Rise of Legends I will end illusion."

The crowd gasped in surprise of the new match scheduled, but Draconian's face said he'd been planning this all along. The pale dreadnought dropped the microphone and left to "Scheme" by STS9, which left the crowd to brew over the newest match at Rise of Legends.

Winner: Jack Dawn via Pinfall

"Friends New and Old"

It had been a little while since the Cerberus had been seen on jOlt television. They had advanced to the main roster, but their talents just haven't been needed as of late. They weren't pleased with their standing at all. Yet, like good employees, they showed up to every event and prepped just in case they may get a shot to show off their talents. Two thirds of the three-headed hellhound sat in the locker room by themselves. Jensen Todd and Shi No Ryu always seemed to keep themselves separated from the other members of the roster. Even in a room full of wrestlers, the Cerberus would be the ones in the back corner with a mile of space between them and anyone else. They weren't exactly making friends and no one was very eager to extend them an olive branch either.

Yet, the man walking in their direction was not one to follow what others do.

"No bloody fucking way," Jensen said aloud and slapped SNR on the shoulder.

"What?" Shi No Ryu replied and became confused by the look of shock on his ally's face.

"It's him," Todd announced, leaning back in his seat with eyes as wide as frisbees.

"Him who?"


That stopped the Ryuujin in his tracks and he slowly turned around to find the wise prophet positioning himself in front of them.

"May the Lord be with you, young warriors," Ezekiel smiled and took a seat on a metal folding chair.

"Oh hell," SNR quietly said and backed away from their visitor.

Ezekiel couldn't help but chuckle at their reaction.

"Calm yourself," Ezekiel grinned, loving that his very presence struck fear in the jOlt locker room. "No harm will come to you."

The pair of competitors were not sure what to think of the Dead Cell's unquestioned leader coming to them. It did ease them as there was no sign of his bloodthirsty platoon. He was normally surrounded by them, so they knew this could be worse... a lot worse.

"How can we help you, mate?" Jensen spoke up.

"An interesting question," Ezekiel replied and made himself more comfortable in his chair. "It just so happens that I have come to discuss such a matter."

"Let's cut to the chase," SNR cut into the conversation. "These talks go one of two ways. You're going to talk about how we should join the ranks of the Dead Cell. If we do, we become two more guard dogs on your leash. If we don't, we get our asses handed to us whenever you see fit. I saw what the Dead Cell did to Ramey when he turned you down. You and your soldiers left him a broken and beaten mess in the middle of the ring."

"Very good, HIRYUU," Ezekiel made sure to emphasize the Japanese word, instantly scaring the high holy hell out of Shi No Ryu, before turning to Jensen. "What you think, son of the slayer?"

The young upstarts were not sure what to think, as Ezekiel seemed to know quite a but more about them than they expected. The wise prophet's tone changed and he slowly rose up out of his chair.

"Now, you've made it clear that you are not the types to deal in subtly or pleasantries. Therefore, I shall instantly choose for you."

Todd and SNR burst out of their seats. Ezekiel could only mean one thing. The Dead Cell were about to appear and bring a whole lot of hurting down upon them. Shi No Ryu quickly took a fighting stance, while his teammate snatched up his chair and was ready to clobber someone with it.

Yet, the DC never appeared...

In a shocking twist, the wise prophet gripped his mask and pulled it down, exposing his face to them, while making sure to keep it out of the camera's view.

"No bloody way," Jensen exclaimed and a huge smile came to his face.

Shi No Ryu playfully shoved him and Jensen shoved him back like they were two excited little boys who couldn't contain their joy.

"Can you believe this?" SNR asked happily. "It's him! Finally he has come!"

"Why didn't you come to us sooner?" Jensen questioned Ezekiel who had pulled his mask back up.

"ATTENTION," the wise prophet roared and in the blink of an eye, the duo was standing tall like a pair of marines. "There will be no more of that. You are two of the chosen and shall act as such. Do you understand?"

"Sir yes sir," they loudly replied in unison.

From behind him, Ezekiel could hear the locker room door open and close. He looked back and found the third member of the Cerberus, Maddox St. James. A look of pure hatred came over the silent soldier's face. He threw down his backpack and stomped right up to the wise prophet, who returned the glare.

"And the devil has climbed out of the pit," Maddox demanded to know, making use of American Sign Language to relay the message.

"It is good to see you too, old friend. I wondered if you would recognize me despite all this."

"No mask can hide the wolf that lurks at the gates. What are you doing here?"

"Drafting two soldiers into the war they were trained for," Ezekiel answered back sharply.

"They know nothing of the evil that you represent."

"Now now, dear Maddox, may those without sin cast the first stone. Why don't we bring up how you sinned against me after I called you brother?"

"No man is without flaws. That is true. Yet, I will not let you guide them down the path to eternal damnation."

"It is not your choice."

"There will be no need for a choice when I tear your still beating heart from your chest."

"Your threats carry no weight with me. Remember, you are the omega while I am the alpha."

"This is not the past and we are no longer those men. I will not let you take them."

Maddox was nearly bursting at the seams with anger. His fists were clenched tightly and he was ready to strike. However, his rage would have to be directed elsewhere, as his two teammates forced themselves in-between them and stared down the silent soldier.

"We will not let you harm him," Jensen Todd informed the deaf warrior.

"You have no idea what you are doing," Maddox pleaded with his allies. "He will do nothing but lead you to your own destruction."

"He was there for us when we had nothing," SNR reminded St. James. "There is no way we can turn our backs on him when he could of left us for dead. Go... We do not wish to harm you, Maddox, but we will."

"From the mouths of babes, old friend. From the mouths of babes."

Maddox could only growl in response. He was watching his allies make what he knew would be the most horrendous choice of their young careers. It broke his heart, but there was nothing he could do. Their loyalty to the man behind the mask was unmatched. He picked up his backpack and there was no need for knowledge of ASL to know what Maddox meant when he glared at Ezekiel. It was a promise that he would come for him.

Maddox's exit left the trio to themselves and left everyone wondering, just who was hiding behind the wise prophet's mask?


Apollo vs Heido


The gathered populace opened up with a notable wave of crowd heat as ”Set It Off” by Audioslave was brought forward with a dominant set of pyrotechnical showers & explosions. The descending cascades of sparks and hubris led the cerebral newcomer out from the back with a smug smirk during his passing assessment of the assembly of nonbelievers. …



Carrington: “....The following contest is scheduled for 1 Fall; Introducing 1st...!!!”

The jeers would flood the arena loudly as and elevated hand & extended index finger brought the musical theme & entrance theatrics to a grinding halt. The muscular hulk would smile faintly as he rolled his neck, popped his knuckles before hopping in place. His manager would nod subtly as he willingly embraced the role of being the literal lightning rod of animosity…

The Voice: “Why thank you, Mr. Carrington but I believe I can take it from here…”

Another wave of swelling animosity would be heard before The Voice proudly continued his desired duty…

The Voice: “Introducing 1st; from the bastion of greatness that is North Hero, Vermont...Standing at a refined, chiseled & established 6 feet 5 inches...He is the Cerebral Icon...He is THE technical & tactical ring general of this generation without peer nor comparison...I proudly introduce to you jOlt’s prominent future & blueprint; I give you APOLLO!!!”

On cue, the musical entrance theme would continue onward to further spite the unwashed masses. Even Dean Carrington would offer an notably unimpressed stare in passing through the ropes as both The Voice & Apollo literally took over the squared circle. The Vermont native would intentionally run the ropes for several laps before hopping in place and wringing the tension free from his extremities. Referee Nguyen would maintain his distance in the far neutral corner with both arms folded behind his back. The musical theme would ebb out of earshot as Apollo shuffled about casually in a broad circle in wait for his unknown opponent. Again, The Voice would saunter toward the ring’s epicenter to formally address the people & the ‘mystery challenger’ himself...

The Voice: “...Now before our ‘enigmatic victim’ makes their way out here, we would like to forewarn whomever you are that we have done our research. Research on most as a measure of readiness yet in particular, on a shall we say, ‘extreme fringe element’ so out of ‘sheer kindness’, we shall allow you to hold onto that ‘illusion of anonymity’ yet in the end, this changes nothing; my client will…”

The jOlt Wrestling populace would openly rally behind to timely yet brief clashing of both shadows & light before the entire arena went black. Seconds later, ”Vanishing Twin” by Cliff Lin began streaming alongside with the edited signatures on each massive screen. Through the swirling strobe lit fog, a familiar sinewy figure would saunter out from the gorilla position; head downcast while slowly gnarling his knuckles. From his immediate flanks, both the elder statesman & his towering sibling held his back. The civilian masses welcomed them with earnest…

Carrington: “...and his opponent; representing the Kugasari Clan; accompanied by TakeshiMamoru...from the Kansai Prefecture of Osaka, Japan...he is a former jOlt Wrestling World Tag Team Champion…HEIDO!!!!

An uncharacteristic gesture came in the form of the sinewy ninja slowly removing the coolie hat from his person and casting it aside before making his way down to ringside. Socially frigid by design, the Kansai native would stand pat before the ring apron for several moments before making his way around the 1st ring post. Apollo remained unmoved while wringing his wrists as Heido assumed command of the ring apron before casually passing through the ropes to the inside. Set upon opposing sides of the ring, the war between battle hardened technicians was set before the masses…

DING!!!! DING!!!! DING!!!!

Apollo thumbed his nose before engaging the ninja with a mutual circling of the ring. The initial approach would lead Apollo to back off to privately reassess the situation before reapproaching. Mamoru would subtly offer slideline counseling to his brethren as both opponents tactfully probed opposing defenses. The eventual Single Hand Greco-Roman Knuckle Lock led to a few moments of offensive/defensive posturing before Apollo turned it into an impromptu Test of Strenght. However, the astute ninja would smoothly counter with a Snap Arm Drag into a Rear Side Hammerlock. A slightly agitated Apollo would check the hold before snapping the slender grappler over with a Kneeling Fireman’s Carry Takeover into a Reverse Chinlock. Heido’s diligence led him to maneuver his way back to a knee as the North Hero resident switched to a taunt Side Headlock. The Strong-styled based ninja would soon wedge his opposition against the ropes & pushed off toward the opposing ropes. The returning Apollo would evade the sliding ninja with a timely Step Over before pivoting and hauling off with a Lunging Boot to the rising ninja’s face. However, the crafty assassin would intentionally floor his opponent with a Roundhouse Leg Sweep Takedown. The Lateral Press was easily broken by Apollo yet The Voice was openly vocal in hindsight during the lasting standoff. The once kneeling Apollo would reclaim his footing with a hardened scowl as Heido reassumed his stoic stance several feet away.

The unwelcomed grappler would briefly smooth out his face with both hands, rolled both shoulders before encircling the ring with his opponent. Another Head & Collar Tie Up would lead to a mutual jockeying for control. A mastery of leverage would keep Heido as a pensive counterpart yet led him to being wedged deep against the turnbuckle padding. The referee blindly sought to physically intercede in which Apollo hauled off with a blatant Forearm Strike yet the tactical ninja ducked underneath and drove Apollo back with a stern Forearm Strike against the Left Thigh. The blow eroded the grappler’s equilibrium just enough for the ninja to land a trinity of alternating Open Palm Strikes. However, Apollo would wisely roll off the ring apron and recollect himself amidst the ranting of his manager and the annoying cheers from the people. Hands set on each hip, Apollo quietly settled himself and flashed a brief smiling nod before carefully reentering the ring. Heido would ascend from the position of seiza to meet the calculating approach of his opponent. A few moments of Apollo looking into the crowd was followed by him engaging his challenger with another Elbow & Collar Tie Up. An expedient Arm Wringer was used as a measure of control on the kneeling ninja before landing precisioned Elbow Drops onto his opponent’s exposed shoulder. The Knee Lift to the Chest send the ninja back pedaling into the ropes before being flung overhead via a picturesque Overhead Release Belly to Belly Suplex! The ailing ninja would grimace from the impact before Apollo draped him with a quick Lateral Press...1! ...1 ½! Heido would kick out strongly yet Apollo reared back and buried the ninja with a quartet of Stomps before seizing him up for a German Suplex! Heido held his own with a pair of counter offensive Heel Hooks yet Apollo used the shift in leverage to floor Heido with a grotesquely menacing Clubbing Forearm!

The unrepentant grappling specimen would tower over his fallen opponent, muttering incoherently onto himself before humiliating the ninja with a trinity of blatant Boot Heel Scrapes. Heido’s party remained highly unamused by the ranting Apollo amidst the applied a Double Chickenwing Camel Clutch. The ongoing clambering of the crowd did little to sway the ailing ninja to give Apollo the satisfaction outside of a marred grimace from being stretched out. The referee diligently monitored the Kansai Crippler fighting off the lingering effects before Apollo shuffled back and literally launched him airborne with a Deadlift Tiger Suplex! The muscular wunderkind arched himself upward to solidify the bridge pin...1! ...2! Again, Heido would kick out with The Voice openly expressing his displeasure as Apollo silently motioned for his manager to keep his cool. Heido’s hair remained strewn about as he sought to reclaim his bearings with the Cerebral Hitman wringing his hands in wait for the right opening. Apollo would pause briefly in holding the ninja in a Double Underhook before methodically blasting him with alternating Knee Strikes to the ribs. The barrage was forcefully concluded with a punishing Double Underhook Powerbomb...1! ...2! ...2 ½! Heido’s leg strength was on display as he keeled over onto his side, leaving the scowling grappler to peel the ninja off the canvas and send him stumbling away with a measured Right Hand. Another similar attack would lead Heido to careen against the neutral corner before shooting toward the opposing corner to gain some serious running room. However, a battered Heido offset the intended TB Running Shoulder Block with a timely sidestep away. The impact slammed Apollo’s shoulder soundly against the pole, leaving the staggering grappler to be force fed an Open Palm Punch across the Jaw! Kaiten Nage - Rotary Throw would further torque the ailing shoulder of Apollo before being flattened by a Running Knee Strike to the Face! Cover! ….1! ...2! ….2 ½!

The Voice remained animated from along the sidelines as the Kansai Crippler slapped on a Fujiwara Armbar! The Harvard alum would slam his forearm angrily against the canvas before dragging himself onward towards the distant bottom ropes. Mamoru & Takeshi would respectively will their brother onward to victory yet Heido would quickly stun his opposition with an expedient Jumping Senton before slapping in his patented The Tekahashi Clutch - A Step Over Head-Hold Arm Bar (Strangle Hold Gamma)! Apollo gnarled his fist before resting his head against the canvas. Seconds later, the budding ring general would will himself over to scissor the bottom ropes with his ankles. The in ring official would offer a hard count in which Heido broke the hold at 4. The raven haired ninja would saunter around from his opposition whom would cradle his ailing arm & shoulder en route from the ring apron. A calloused stare was cast onto the unmoved ninja as The Voice was heavy into his protoge’s ear. The crowd rallied behind the disgruntled look cemented on the rookie’s visage before he again reentered the squared circle. Repetitive chants for ‘Heido’ led the North Hero native to radiate even more anger as he lunged forward for a mutual Elbow & Collar Tie Up. However, the cunning ninja spun away and blasted the back of his target’s thigh with a stiff Knee Strike…

The Hateful Haiku

The debilitating series of rhythmic strikes would leave Apollo a crumbling mess as the resurgent ninja to add the exclamation point with his esteemed The Archangel Suplex - A Crossface Chickenwing Suplex! Apollo collapsed into a crumpled heap before Heido shot the Cradle Pin! ….1! ….2! ….NO! A calm Heido would calmly extend his hand outward to order his brethren to remain reserved as he pulled his opposition back to a knee before applying The Vermillion Compress - A Three-Quarter Nelson Choke. The feeling of being controlled before the public sector further infuriated the Harvard Hitman in which eventually led to him fighting back with a battery of Back Elbows to the midsection. Heido would fire back with a pair of Knee Strikes yet a desperation Samoan Drop would grant him that needed reprieve. A jubilant Voice would clap his hands passionately as Apollo struggled to reclaim his footing. Wringing the pain free from his arms, the admitted perfectionist would ascend to his feet to grab Heido by the hair and bend him in half with a Textbook Backbreaker! Apollo would soon hook the leg deeply...1! ...2! Again with the kick out as Apollo cupped his hand over his mouth while standing before hoisting him onto his shoulder and knocking the wind out of Heido with an Oklahoma Stampede attack. The Voice continued to remain animated as Apollo would forego the pinfall to stare at the watching ninjas before hoisting him airborne with a Pumphandle attack. The Kansai Crippler slithered free and attempting another Archangel Suplex yet it was countered by an impromptu Snap Mare followed by a Heavy Stomp between the shoulder blades! Quick to shrug off the lingering damage, Apollo displayed his strength with a Delayed Inverted Suplex before reclaiming his bearings. The Voice kept slapping the ring apron as Takeshi began motioning for the masses to rally behind his fallen brother.

Apollo would be seen muttering angrily to himself while standing as Heido slowly pushed himself up. Seconds later, Apollo would batter the ninja with a pair of Running Kicks to the ribs before unleashing a hail of Turnbuckle Stomps. The referee would physically pry him off the ninja only to continue the assault once more. The beleaguered newcomer would cup his hands over his nose & face briefly before delivering several measured TB Knee Strikes before flattening the ninja with a Short Armed Clothesline followed by a Lateral Press...1! ...2! ...2 ½! Again, the defiant ninja would further infuriate the arrogant one whom would seething onto himself; the internal unraveling was now on full display. Apollo sought to keep it together as he reeled the ninja back to his feet before streaking toward his prey for a violent Spear yet Heido intentionally collapsed, allowing his opponent to soar through the ropes and land hard along the outside. Mamoru would keep Takeshi at bay as a humiliated Apollo whom was left resting in all fours. Heido would drag himself over towards the ropes before rolling off the ring apron after his newfound assailant. The opposing parties would begin trading punching salvos onto one another before Apollo shoved the ninja spine first against the ring apron before leaning the ninja back with a Left Hook. The audience would clamber about loudly as Apollo positioned himself to cripple the raven haired ninja with a Ring Apron Butterfly Suplex yet Heido defiantly dropped to a knee to counter. A battery of Clubbing Forearms across the back was meant to loosen the ninja up for the 2nd attempt. Another block would lead Apollo to attempt driving the ninja face first into the ring apron yet Heido would wisely plant his foot against the ring apron and execute a Tiger Wall Flip to escape. The Harvard alum would spin about yet his Running Clothesline left him to be jettisoned airborne over the barricades!

The referee was broaching the count of 9 when Heido intentionally reset the count before pursuing his adversary. A quintet of Ric Flair tributes were overheard amidst a mix of Knife Edge Chops & Open Palm Strikes over the rails before punishing the rookie with Heaven’s Rebuke - A Head & Arm Suplex, leading The Voice to scurry over to his ward’s aid as the ninja sought to shake the cobwebs free. A lingering fecal chant would rise as Heido struggled to reclaim his vertical base before dragging Apollo back to his feet and using a hard Irish Whip to careen him against the ring apron into a collapsing heap. The masses rallied behind the often reserved ninja as he swept his hair from his visage before scaring The Voice away by looking towards his direction. Mamoru would openly rallying his clan brother on in their native tongue with Heido nodding in kind as he grabbed Apollo by the arm and slammed his chest first into the barricades before unfastening his obi on his male kimono. Again, the human past that was The Voice was sent scurrying away with haste before Heido turned his attention back toward his ailing opposition…


DING!!!! DING!!!! DING!!!!

The audience groaned angrily as the unrepentant newcomer cast aside the Steel Chair that was used to flatten the sinewy ninja. Immediately, the surrounding stagehands would flood the area in order to try keeping the Mute Mountain Splitter from destroying the smug Apollo. The Voice was prompt with ordering a handful of stagehands to help escort the North Hero representative up towards the entrance ramp. Outright chaos would ensue as order was struggling to be established…

Carrington: “...Due to disqualification, your winner of this match; HEIDO!!!

The fallen ninja was seen resting on all fours, clasping his Left Eye before slowly ascending back to his feet. Meanwhile, Apollo was still backpedaling before holding court at the top near the entrance staging area. Inaudible arguments were extended yet Mamoru would marshall in his peers and hold a private conversation amongst themselves in which The Voice began to pull his client toward the back in short order. Obviously, then the game in no longer in your favor, it is time to kick the board...apparently…

Winner: Heido via Disqualification

"Rebirth of Legends"

"Mike Patterson...Brian Williams...I've seen their type before because I've BEEN where they're at, I've been in their place. They're the future, they'll come again but in two weeks time..."

The Texas drawl fades into the background as Hank's ocean blue-tide mince pies are swept and blown away by the emerald green eyes of his brother from another time.

"You'll see the Rise of TWO Legends."

Hank Wright's crowning moment, fittingly the ACW King of Ages, follows Keegan's comment. Here, Hank is seen hoisting his only child, Charlie, into the air as he enjoys phenomenal fanfare in Tokyo, the place he dreamed of wrestling when he was a teenager and one that would become home on multiple tours in which he sold the Dome out on several occasions, chief antagonist to partisan protagonist, Kenshei Hakori.

"In Japan, the mantra is they hit you hard; you hit them back ten times harder."

A hard-hitting sequence of big-time blows, unsurprisingly, shows Hank getting the better of Kenshi, denying the hero with an almighty headbutt.

Speaking of Hakori, his gentle presence, belying his full-on fights with Mr. Wright, graced our screens in a way that makes you clutch you teddy bear at night in the knowledge that good still exists in the universe: "Hank was the hardest opponent I'd ever faced and is my greatest rival - and I've had many of them."

Again, we see the heroic Japanese superstar and American hurricane hurling hand grenades in the form of punches at each other in the corner, a downright and dirty scrap that saw Hakori get on top with a bionic elbow, only for The Tank to turn the tables with a stiffer-than-Viagra knee to the gut when Kenshei telegraphed an axe-handle smash.

"They didn't take liberties with me because I didn't let them. You gotta be tough to even get in the ring with these guys."

That last part was accompanied by Wright cracking an overzealous fan with an overhand right and chasing another herd off, and that was prior to a bout even starting.

"Mexico was the same."

John Stein, a soft-spoken Scot with a taste for tequila, was responsible for recruiting the Forth Worth badass for his legendary run in the world's largest Spanish-speaking and lucha libre nation: "Some fan got in his face right from the get-go and actually cocked his hand to punch him. Hank didn't even flinch. When he did the same back, the guy cowered. Hank pointed and laughed, and so did the fans."

The actual footage of that happening, which was taken from a show in the Lone State, was when Stein first laid eyes on the then next major draw in Mexico.

Bill Jameson, a thirty-something only labelled as a wrestling expert, weighed in: "Worker has two meanings in wrestling: One is the ability to work a match. One is the ability to work a crowd. Good wrestlers can do one or the other. Great wrestlers can do both. Hank was GREAT in Mexico."

Those words resonated as footage showed Hank cupping his hand to his ear and begging the locals to increase the volume levels, remarkable considering you could see the arena shaking, born out of boos.

"We got a thing in the States. It's called hygiene. You wanna try it sometime," Wright coolly uttered, a phrase that would garner and generate him heat for his entire tenure there.

"See these shoulders? They were broad enough to carry ACW twenty years ago and they ain't got any smaller. I ain't on the sauce," taken exclusively from Wright's pre-match interview, which doesn't do it any justice. He was about to dig deep and take a 42-minute tour of purgatory.

"And they're also broad enough to carry forty thousand fans screaming HANK, HANK, HANK."

Wright's ring walk played beautifully to the masses cheering his first name.

At Rise of the Legends, on the WrestleNOW network, eight ninety-nine no less, the fans would do the same.

But, like that fateful night, as we can now see, would a weary and punch-drunk 6'6 278-pound vehicle be able to navigate his way out of the ring?

I'll let him sign you out: "Too many of these shorten your career. Too many of them too soon and you don't have a career.

"At Rise of the Legends, you're gonna see The New Breed fall."

Cue to Williams crouching down and helping a worse-for-wear Patterson in the aftermath of his destruction of Seraph.

Was it poetic and prophetic?

Or tragic and pathetic?

Find out when these two tribes go to war.

Raevynn vs Vogue Gonsalvez

The saying that cards are subject to change rang true last week as a backstage brawl caused this match to get rescheduled for tonight. Vogue Gonsalvez wanted retribution for getting shoved off the top rope two weeks ago by Raevynn. She had to wait an extra week, but she is ready to deliver her retribution here tonight.

“Where is the Edge” by Within Temptation

The people booed as Raevynn made her way out from the backstage area. She looked a bit smug as she made her way down to the ring. Something went off in Raevynn’s head and because as such, we have the situation that we’re in right now. Raevynn stepped between the ropes and walked over to a corner where she hunched down and waited the arrival of her opponent.

“My Time” by Fabolous

The people cheered when Vogue Gonsalvez came out from the back by herself. Cross the Hood will have their hands full later tonight against The New Breed so they are preparing for that. Vogue power walked down to the ring and rolled in under the bottom rope. Raevynn cleared the ring as Vogue took a step toward her corner. Vogue nodded her head as if to say she was in Raevynn’s head, but perhaps it was the other way around.

Her music died off and Raevynn slowly got up onto the ring apron. Referee Kim Adams motioned for Raevynn to get into the ring and she did so slowly. Once inside, The referee called for the bell.




The two of them circled each other, but mid-way through the circle, Raevynn walked to the ropes and exited the ring to boos from the crowd. Vogue cracked a smirk as she told her to bring her pale ass back in. Raevynn simply walked around ringside as the referee was up to three on the mandatory ten count. Raevynn paced back and forth hoping that Vogue would come to the outside, but by the count of seven, she realized that wasn’t happening and got back up on the ring apron. Vogue nodded and told Raevynn to bring it as she stepped back through the ropes. The two of them circled once again and then they went for another lock up, but Raevynn ducked and avoided and bailed from the ring once again to boos.

The referee started the ten count again as Vogue shouted out..


Raevynn sighed as she realized agitating Vogue wasn’t going to work. She got back up on the ring apron and stepped back into the ring. Raevynn looked a bit dejected that her plan had failed, but then from a standing position, she exploded at Vogue with a rough tie up that backed Vogue against the ropes. Raevynn put her hand into Vogue’s face and then slapped her dead across it. Raevynn backed off and begged Vogue to bring it in, but Vogue wouldn’t be suckered in by another cheap tactic. She simply smiled and asked for a test of strength from Raevynn. Raevynn squinted her eyes as she wondered whether or not to go through with this.

Raevynn inched closer to Vogue and slowly reached out to interlace her fingers. Vogue went for the cheap trick and tried for the toe kick, but Raevynn caught Vogue’s leg under her arm. Raevynn smiled and shook her head “no,” but Vogue cracked a smirk and twisted into a back heel kick upside Raevynn’s head! Raevynn got back to her feet when Vogue let loose with a front kick, a chop, a forearm smash, then a right hand, each blow backing Raevynn into the corner. Vogue let loose with another knife edge chop followed by a third one. She grabbed Raevynn by the arm and whipped her into the opposite corner.

Vogue got a full head of steam, but Raevynn hit a back elbow. Vogue staggered back, but charged in again only to eat another back elbow. Raevynn hopped up onto the middle turnbuckle pad and flew off, but Vogue caught her in mid air with a Drop Kick! Vogue got up and helped Raevynn to her feet. She walked her over to the ropes and whipped her across the ring. Raevynn bounced off and ducked underneath as Vogue hit the Leap Frog. Vogue went low for a monkey flip, but Raevynn cartwheeled to avoid it and immediately hit a Seated Drop Kick to the face when Vogue sat up! Raevynn went into the cover and hooked the leg..



Shoulder up by Vogue

Raevynn sat Vogue up and placed her in a Sleeper Hold. The fans began to rally behind Vogue and she fed off that energy as she got back up to her feet. Vogue delivered a pair of elbows to the mid-section before taking off to the ropes. Vogue leapt into the air with a Leg Lariat and connected! Both of them got back up and Vogue took her over with an Arm Drag. Both up again and this time Vogue hit a Japanese Arm Drag. Raevynn staggered to her feet and up against the ropes as Vogue clotheslined her up and over the top rope and out to the floor!

Raevynn was back at ringside for the third time tonight, however, this time wasn’t by her choice. Vogue measured her up and when Raevynn stood, Vogue got a full head of steam and flipped over the top rope with a Tope Con Hilo taking Raevynn back down to the floor! Vogue stood up and backed against the barricades as the raucous New Mexico crowd started chanting.


Vogue turned and high fived a couple of fans before turning and pulled Raevynn up to her feet. She threw Raevynn back into the ring under the bottom rope and got up on the ring apron. Vogue grasped the top rope and flung herself over with a Slingshot Leg Drop that connected. She made the cover, hooking the leg.



Raevynn kicked out.

Vogue stood as Raevynn got back to her feet. Raevynn stood and was met with a toe kick to the stomach. Vogue went for a whip to the corner, but Raevynn reversed it and pulled Vogue into a back elbow to the face. Vogue staggered back and charged in with a lariat, but Raevynn ducked underneath. Raevynn took off to the ropes, leaping to the middle one. She twisted off and grabbed Vogue by the head when she turned around, spiking her with a DDT into the canvas!


Raevynn dragged Vogue over to the corner and climbed up top. She stood with her back to the ring and flipped off with a Moonsault, but Vogue put the knees up and Raevynn crashed down on top of them. Raevynn stumbled away as Vogue got back to her feet. Vogue backed into the ropes and charged in. She lunged with the Busaiku Knee… the Taken Off the Cover, but Raevynn side stepped and Vogue landed on her back. Raevynn immediately hit a front flip into a senton across Vogue’s chest. She turned and made the cover.



Vogue got the shoulder up.

Raevynn said “THAT’S IT” and grabbed Vogue by her hair, pulling her up. She placed Vogue under her arm with an Inverted Face Lock. She was about to lift Vogue for the Tears BREAKER when Vogue spun around and forced Raevynn back into the corner. Vogue hit a shoulder block before lifting her head and opening up on Raevynn with a pair of forearm shots to the face. Right when Vogue was about to hit a third forearm, Raevynn desperately dug her fingers into Vogue’s eyes! Vogue staggered away holding her face in pain. Raevynn stepped forward and placed Vogue into a Cravat. She front flipped into a neck breaker...


Raevynn had the cover, hooking the leg.



Th.. NO!

Vogue got the shoulder up in time!

Raevynn pounded her fist into the canvas and dared Vogue to get back up to her feet. Vogue staggered up and Raevynn hit a kick to the stomach before taking off to the ropes. Raevynn went into the head scissor, looking for Seconds to Midnight, but Vogue grabbed Raevynn by her legs and sat out, countering into an Inverted Sit Out Powerbomb!!! Raevynn’s face smacked hard on the canvas and we could tell because blood began to trickle out of her nose! Vogue stood up as Raevynn got on her hands and knees.

Vogue went to the corner and climbed up top. Raevynn got back to her feet and wiped the blood away from her mouth. She turned and looked to the corner as Vogue front flipped off, looking for the Dragoncanrana… the Hood Rat Special, but when she landed on Raevyn’’s shoulders and began to flip, Raevynn held her legs and pulled her back up into the powerbomb position. She charged forward and nailed a Buckle Bomb!

Vogue slouched down in the corner as Raevynn, once again, wiped the blood from her nose and mouth. She charged the corner, but Vogue moved out of the way and the two of them traded places. Vogue went to grab Raevynn when, again, she dug into Vogue’s eyes! She figured if it worked the first time, then why not a second! Vogue staggered away and fell to a knee. Raevynn looked ready to charge in and strike when..

“Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse

The crowd stood up and cheered as they knew that was Alyssa Corliss’ music! Raevynn snapped her attention to the entrance ramp as she was ready for her to run down to the ring. After a few moments, Alyssa didn’t show up. Vogue quickly came in from behind and pulled Raevynn over with a school girl roll up.






The crowd cheered as Vogue bailed from the ring and smiled. Raevynn was on her knees and she was livid. She asked the referee if it really was a three count and he assured her it was. Raevynn gritted her teeth as Vogue smirked as she backpeddled up the entrance ramp. Raevynn stood and was absolutely pissed. Vogue had gotten her retribution and disappeared behind the black curtain.

Winner: Vogue Gonsalvez via Pinfall

"Settling This Once and For All"

The dust had settled and Raevynn was still in the ring. She wanted a microphone and was granted one by Dean Carrington.

“No… we’re not going to let it end this way” said Raevynn. “You want to play your music and distract me.. that’s real cute… but I have a better idea. How about I come back there and beat the ever living hell out of you.

Just then.

“Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse

“Oh, this again? Real funny, Alyssa.” said Raevynn

However, it wasn’t a ruse this time as Alyssa Corliss and Sebastian Saje made their way out to the top of the entrance ramp. Alyssa had a microphone in her hand and her music died off.

“Even better idea” said Alyssa. “Why go through the trouble of searching for me backstage when I’m right. You want a fight, you don’t need to look any further.”

Raevynn smirked

“Funny… you came out here to accept my fight.. but you’re all the way up here. If you really wanted to fight, you’d bring your ass down to this ring instead of stopping a good thirty feet away from me, hiding behind… “ Raevynn’s tone changed to something she couldn’t stomach saying. “...your… boyfriend.”

Alyssa shrugged her shoulders.

“Hmm.. Okay!” said Alyssa as she handed the microphone to Saje. She began to walk down the entrance ramp toward the ring when Damien Lee walked out from the backstage area.

“Hold on just a minute” said Lee. “I appreciate the fact that you two want to settle your differences, but this isn’t The Hype.. we actually have Pay-Per-Views where we can settle our issues.

The crowd actually when “OOOOH” over that remark. That one stung just a little bit to the Hype faithful.

“That’s why, in two weeks at Rise of the Legends, I’m going to make it official. Alyssa Corliss one on one against Raevynn.”

The crowd cheered!

“HOWEVER… that match by itself is rather expected. Let’s give the fans something a little unexpected. At Rise of the Legends… since he has been the focal point of this bad blood between the two of you, I am making Sebastian Saje the special guest referee for that match.” said Lee.

Saje looked a bit surprised by that. The crowd and Alyssa loved that idea… Raevynn, however, did not. She tried to complain, but Damien Lee cut her off before she could say anything.

“Unless you object to it, Raevynn… if so.. no problem. I’ll just not allow you and Alyssa to physically be within fifty feet of each other at all times. That’ll end your differences, but it won’t be the ending you two want.”

Lee looked at Raevynn who let out a sigh.

“Good! Everything’s settled. Rise of the Legends just got that much more interesting!” said Lee as he turned and walked backstage. Raevynn and Alyssa stared at each other from the ramp and the ring. From the entrance stage, Sebastian Saje looked on with a “what did I get myself into?” look on his face.

"I'm Afraid I've Got Some Bad News"

The scene opens up in the locker rooms. We see Brian WIlliams walking in to a seated Mike Patterson. Williams walked over and sat next to Patterson as he looked down at the floor with his hands folded and resting on his lap.

“How you holding up?” asks Williams.

Mike sighed and looked to his partner.

“I received some bad news this morning.” said Mike Patterson.

Williams looked a bit worried because he knows that Mike Patterson injured himself during his rematch with Regan Hearst on The Hype. He also reinjured himself last Sunday on iNtense when he took on Seraph. Williams had a feeling he was going it alone tonight, but had to ask anyway.

“Okay.. let’s hear it. What’s the bad news.” asked Williams.

“Well…” said Patterson before leaning back and sighing. “I had a conversation with my doctor this morning and… well… he told me exactly what I was expecting to hear.”

Williams patted Patterson on the back to try and console him.

“Yep... “ said Patterson. “He said my abdominal muscles had detensified and I’m officially cleared to wrestle.”

The crowd popped pretty huge as Williams looked a bit confused..

“That’s great and all, but… I thought you said you had bad news?” asked Williams.

“That was the bad news” said Patterson as he briefly paused. “I never said that bad news was for you or me, though. It’s bad news for Cross the Hood because now they’re going to be up against two fresh members of The New Breed tonight.. and at Rise of the Legends, I will be ready to go against Keegan and Hank Wright.”

The crowd cheered heavily as Brian Williams grinned.

“Man.. you even had me fooled. I hate you for that, you know, but you’re right. We have two very tough teams tonight and in two weeks. We can’t afford to look past either of them so let’s go handle our business the only way we can.. after all, we have a reputation to live up to after our amazing match at Wrestlecade II”

Patterson shook his head.

“You’re still bringing that match up? Yeah.. it was a good match, but you don’t have to keep drilling it into people’s heads. If people want to see the match again, they can watch it on the WrestleNet NOW Network for just $8.99 a month!”

Patterson looked to the camera and winked as the audience got a chuckle out of that.

“When you’re right… you’re right” said Williams as he stood up and slapped Patterson on the back.

“We should go get ready. Our match is coming up in a bit.” said Williams.

Patterson stood up and the two of them exited the room. The scene was fading to black when it faded back in and Williams poked his head back in front of the camera.

“Seriously.. buy the network and go watch that mat… HEY!”

Patterson tugged on Williams shoulder and pulled him out of the scene. Now the scene faded to black.

"There is Nothing More Deceptive Than an Obvious Fact"

Things shifted to a rather odd place for iNtense or really any jOlt program. It was the one of the rare flat sections of the arena's roof. A light rain had begun to fall causing many to take shelter in doors and bringing a pleasant quiet to the outside of the arena.




The only way up or down from this section of the area's roof was a metal ladder that was bolted into its side. The sound of heavy footsteps making their way up the ladder broke the silence. With each step taken, the ladder shook just a little bit and after a few moments, a large pair of hands gripped the top of it's railing. Coming into view was the massive frame of the one fans had titled "SuperMack". Mack Brody climbed onto the roof and began to look around. He didn't flinch, as the rain picked up and struck him in the face. What he was looking for quickly began apparent.

"SHOW YOURSELF," Mack demanded loudly. "We have all heard the rumors about you lurking up here like you're goddamn Batman or something. I'm not in the mood for your creepy bullshit. GET OUT HERE NOW... so we can talk."

"You demand everything," the deep growl of the Revenant echoed, while he slowly stepped out of the darkness with grave digger shovel in hand. "Perhaps your lack of manners is why every wretched creature hunts you despite your power and size."

"Shut the fuck up," Brody snarled, his mood hadn't improved between shows. "I didn't come here to be taught manners by some Jason Voorhees wannabe. You either be shut up or..."

"Or what?" The mysterious bandaged man cut his visitor off and stood nose to nose with SuperMack.

"Or I am going to shove that shovel so far up your ass that you'll be legally considered a fudgecicle."

"Strong words for someone who cannot go one evening without being prey."

"I'll show you fucking prey when I boot your fucking ass all the way back to Haddonfield, Michael Myers."

"If you wanted to fight, you would have initiated the attack already. Do not speak wish such anger-filled words unless you are looking to act upon them."

Neither man was going to back up and potentially show any sign of weakness in front of the other.

"Tell me why you dare to summon me."

"Gladly! Let's get some shit straight. This isn't some bromance or buddy pic. There is no future to this. You are not going to be the Tango to my Cash. I don't know why you are helping me and I really don't give a flying fuck. I'm going to make this really fucking clear. I don't need your help. I don't want your help. Fuck, I don't even want to know you exist. You are nothing more than another speed bump in my path to Ezekiel. You got that?"

The Revenant turned away and lowered his head just slightly.

"Such arrogance," the Revenant replied. "You think your might can overcome all odds."

"Damn fucking right it can."

"You and I have enemies in common. Yet, my assistance was not done in hopes of a friendship. Those actions were done to stop them from accomplishing their mission. You are the one lucky enough to be helped by my war against them, as you cannot defeat them on your own."

"But you can, huh?"

"Your ego blinds you. You cannot see how in spite of all your god-given abilities, you still lose... and you will continue to lose until you accept your flaws and the fact that this may be a battle you cannot win. Your pride leads you into situations that will only bring about your destruction."

"Great another goddamn philosopher."

The Revenant could only shake his head, as Mack's pride knew no bounds.

"May these words not fall upon deaf ears. You will be destroyed by your enemies until you can see the truth."

Brody approached the enygmatic monster and spun him around, so they could once again go nose to nose.

"I know the truth. I don't know how the hell he did it, but that bastard Ezekiel corrupted my friend Pietro and I am going to run through the Dead Cell faster than bad Mexican food on my way to bringing him back."

"The conviction in your voice shows me that you truly believe what you say. However, strong belief does not change the fact that you are wrong."

Growing tired of the conversation, the Revenant turned and started his march towards the darkness that engulfed the far side of the rooftop.

"We will see who is fucking wrong when I bring Geist back," Brody shouted, keeping a close eye on the mysterious man as he slipped away.

"You as much as the Dead Cell with feel the pain truth delivers upon its arrival."

Frank Silver vs Kayden Paulton

It was now time for the first of two Beat The Clock matches between ex-partners Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway. The two core members of the Heirs of Wrestling had been at each other’s throats since Frank turned his back on his best friend at Breakdown. While Brody had been sidetracked with his whole immersion into a war with the The Dead Cell, Ryan had been gunning after the traitor and tried to get him into a match. He had attacked Frank Silver three weeks running, demanding a match with his former best friend. Frank refused, which forced Damien Lee to step in.

To that end, Damien Lee decreed that Gallway and Silver would fight at Rise Of The Legends. Tonight would be two Beat The Clock matches involving Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway. If one person had a better time than the other, then the person with the best time would be allowed to choose the stipulation for their match. If either man lost their match, the choice would automatically go to the other person. Should neither win, a coin toss would allow them to decide. With so much on the line, neither opponent could afford to lose.

“The following contest will be the first of two Beat the Clock matches and these will be set for one fall!” Dean Carrington announced.

“Less Talk More Rokk” by Freezepop.

The music played and with the light blue laser show, that could only mean one thing – The Nicest Guy In Wrestling was coming out!

“First, making his way to the ring… from Dothan, Alabama, weighing in at 230 pounds…. This is KAYDEN PAULTON!

Kayden put up a great fight a few weeks ago agains the former Hype Champion, New Breed’s Brian Williams, but this would not be a battle of respect against a man who had no respect for anybody – including a man that did what he did to his ex-tag team partner of close to seven years. Kayden rolled into the ring and the crowd gave him a great respect as they always did for wrestling’s nicest underdog. Kayden could beat anybody at any time and actually had victories over men such as Derecho and Ninja K. He could get a win here tonight, if Silver wasn’t careful.

“Heavy Is The Head” by Zac Brown Band feat. Chris Cornell.

The entire Pit was bathed in darkness with the sole exception of a single spotlight. In that spotlight… The man. The myth. The traitor himself. With his godfather and manager right behind him, Frank Silver raised his fists in the air as he soaked in the adulation (Read: FUCKING boos) from the crowd.

“And his opponent, being accompanied to the ring by ‘JOlt’s Last Real ManAGER’ Sonny Silver… from Seattle, Washington, weighing in at 247 pounds… ”THE FORTUNATE SON” FRANK SILVER!

Complete with a shitty dickheaded nickname, Frank Silver was clad in brand-new black knee-length tights not unlike the ones that his ex-partner, Ryan Gallway, used to wear. With a blue “FS” logo and a sword through a new family crest, the entitled shit walked towards the ring with a big grin on his face. Paulton watched him as Frank Silver started to make a mad dash for the ring… then he stopped and flipped off the crowd before calmly walking up the steps and heading inside the squared circle. Frank shot a sideways glance to Paulton who he blamed for The Heirs’ loss to The Dead Cell back at Wrestlecade. He wanted Kayden as his opponent specifically and would do whatever he could to get the win and set a good time.


Frank looked up at the starting clock now that was present on the jOltVision. He had to set the pace and Ryan would have to beat it, so he would need to go for the jugular and win as quick as possible. When Kayden reached out for a handshake…

“Hey guy… sorry about letting you down at Wrestlecade…”

“It’s cool,” Frank said. “Friends?”


The two shook hands! The crowd warned Paulton not to mess with the untrustworthy Frank, but it was too late…


All he got was a gob of spit in his face and one of Frank’s STIFF European Uppercuts for his troubles! Paulton was laid out while Frank laughed.


Frank kneeled over and hooked the leg of Paulton!



Paulton kicked out! The Fortunate Son cast a glance at the clock before he grabbed Kayden by the head and tried to lift him up for a Scoop Slam. He slipped back behind him and rolled him up into a Schoolboy!



Frank Silver kicked out and threw him away to the ropes. Kayden bounced off the ropes and when Frank tried to swing at him with a Clothesline, he ducked only to come back and get taken down with a big Flying Forearm Smash to the face! Kayden may have been one of the nicest people in all of wrestling, but one thing he didn’t like were meanies and there were fewer that were… well, meanieheaded than Frank Silver.

Sonny Silver yelled at his godson to fight back as Kayden pulled him up to his feet. Frank went low and delivered a hard knee to the gut before throwing him off the ropes. When he came back, Kayden turned the tables and grabbed him mid-whip to send him off the ropes. When Frank came back…


Kayden’s version of the Sling Blade caught Frank Silver around his neck and dropped him! With that, Kayden tried to roll over and beat him! He could spoil Frank Silver’s chances to pick the stipulation for his match with Ryan Gallway!




“Damn it, fight the fuck back!” Sonny yelled with the quickness.

A minute had lapsed when Frank rolled away from Kayden Paulton took in the sanctity of the corner. The Nicest Guy in Wrestling approached him when Frank kicked his knee out from under him! He then threw him head-first into the turnbuckle and unleashed a series of vicious stomps to the bottom of his head. He continued to drill him with a furious series of blows to the chest and ribcage.


He pressed down his boot on Kayden’s throat for several seconds before he pulled him out of the corner and went for a cover on Wrestling’s Nicest Man.




From there, Frank decided to waste no time as he rolled over effortlessly and pulled Kayden up with him into a Deadlift. He powered the 230-pound Kayden up by the side and CHUCKED him right over with a big Gutwrench Suplex! There was no time for Frank to dick around with him and rolled over as he dropped a succession of hard Elbow Drops to the chest. Kayden clutched his chest as Frank rolled over and went for a cover.




Just a hair over two minutes in now and Frank was starting to get very much annoyed with this crap. The crowd started to rally behind Kayden, so The Fortunate Son made him pay by throwing him HARD into the ringpost! Frank pulled him out and then chucked him in a second time, this time the impact sent him rolling all the way to the outside. Frank turned to Simon Boulder.


If he could get a ten-count, Kayden would be disposed of and Frank would give Ryan Gallway a huge hill to climb when he faced off against Gabriel Gold later.






Frank counted along and yelled at Boulder to count faster, but he was doing at the normal cadence a referee should. Kayden was starting to stir as the crowd cheered him on.



Kayden was up…


And he was back in!

Now to about two minutes and thirty seconds in, Frank started to become more annoyed as he slid over and started to just wail on poor Kayden with a flurry of hard right hands to the temple. Paulton tried to defend himself when Frank grabbed him by a Full Nelson and RAMMED him right into the top turnbuckle multiple times! Kayden was slumped over when Frank turned him around and then rolled him up into a Backslide!




Kayden was still kicking out, but The Fortunate Son would have none of it. He pulled him into a series of knee strikes to the gut before whipping Kayden off the ropes. When he tried to catch him off the rebound, Kayden grabbed him by the head and SPIKED him into the mat with a Facebuster!

Now just over three minutes and Sonny Silver was starting to get a little pissed off now. As always, Kayden may not have had the best won-loss record, but he was no easy wrestler to knock off. Frank was stumbling around when Kayden fought him back with a pair of Knife-Edge Chops to send him back on the ropes. When Kayden tried to stop him, Frank cut him off with a big Headbutt and then whipped him into the nearby corner. Frank ran at him only to get caught with an elbow to the face followed by a Second Rope Missile Dropkick! Kayden was going for the win now!




The Successor kicked out, but Kayden continued to throw more offense at Frank. He hooked him by the head and twisted him around, trying for a Rolling Cutter he called The Upside Down Frown, but Frank spun his way out of it and shoved Kayden Paulton away from him. Kayden ran forward and caught him with a huge Clothesline that sent The Fortunate Son flying out of the ring and out to the floor again. Paulton saw his target on the floor and he hoped his attempt at his next move would fare better than when he faced former Hype Champion Brian Williams a few weeks ago…


With a bit into four minutes now on the clock, Frank Silver was in all sorts of trouble at this point while Kayden Paulton was in the driver’s seat. Sonny Silver was about to have a conniption if his godson’s second ever singles match under his tutelage would end with him getting defeated. Paulton was never one to be underestimated, however.

Kayden picked up Frank and threw the groggy entitled little shit back inside the ring. Kayden was heading to the top rope again, perhaps looking for a move called the LEG JAM! The top rope Leg Drop Bulldog could spell curtains for Frank’s chances of picking a stipulation if he were to connect. Kayden was up top and was about to leap off when Sonny tried to distract him. Ian called him out on his action and ordered Sonny to back away, which he did without incident. Kayden leaped off…


Just a slight distraction from Sonny made all the difference! The Fortunate Son UPPERCUTTED the ever-loving shit out of Kayden Paulton in mid-air and laid him the hell out! The crowd was going nuts as Frank finally rolled him up by rolling him over and tying him up in a Gedo Clutch!




Just like he did two weeks ago to El Tigre Verde, some cheap tactics led to a big cheap shot which led to the victory!


Frank Silver had “4:55” on the clock as the time to beat as he pointed at the jOltVision. Sonny patted Frank on the back and The Fortunate Son glared at the camera.

“Beat THAT, Ryan! Beat THAT!”

The Silvers took their leave while poor Kayden was trying to figure out exactly what hit him. The referee helped him to his feet. Now that the time had been set, could Ryan Gallway hope to defeat Gabriel Gold? Well, he would have to. That match would be later tonight!

Winner: Frank Silver via Pinfall

Ryan Gallway vs Gabriel Gold

When the show came back from a commercial, the camera closed in on both Sonny and Frank Silver pulling up a seat near ringside. Frank Silver had defeated a game Kayden Paulton in four minutes and fifty-five seconds. Ryan Gallway would have to defeat Gabriel Gold in less than that, but that was no easy feat. Gabriel Gold was tenacious and with Frank Silver and Sonny possibly promising him a spot in their crew alongside the jOlt World Champion Jeremy Ryan, that was enough motivation for Gold to try and win.

“The following contest is the second and final Beat The Clock match and this contest will be set for one fall! Ryan must either beat the time set at four minutes and fifty-five seconds or Frank Silver will choose the stipulation for their match at Rise of the Legends!”

The crowd booed as Frank Silver stood up from his chair, bottle of water in hand and smirking about his… ahem… victory. He tipped the bottle to the fans and took his seat as Gold was set to make his entrance.

“Golden Dawn” by Gospel.

The music played and the majority of the crowd that followed The Hype outright booed the wrestling purist known as Gabriel Gold. He stepped out from the back and took a kneeling stance on the stage to survey both the crowd and the ring.

“First, making his way to the ring from Tampa, Florida, weighing in at 213 pounds… this is GABRIEL GOLD!

A golden hue washed over the crowd in waves, swirling about as he walked towards the ring. He headed towards the ring and leaped to the second turnbuckle and sneered at the crowd before simply stepping over the ropes to climb inside. The Technical Wizard leaned back on the ropes and waited with a scowl on his face for his opponent. It was true that Gold was a little down on his luck, but tonight he had all the motivation in the world – beat Gallway and he would have Sonny Silver, one of wrestling’s greatest minds, as a manager. He could turn his career around.

"With Me Now" by Blacklite District.

When the smoke settled there was Ryan Gallway with his back to the cameras. He wore a sparkling lavender jacket with GALLWAY embroidered with gold on the back. The former two-time jOlt Tag Tema Champion stood there, taking in a HUGE series of cheers from the crowd!

“And his opponent, making his way to the ring, weighing in at 190 pounds… ”THE PRINCE OF PRECISION” RYAN GALLWAY!

Ryan spun around as pyro exploded to the left and right of him. A curtain of pyro rained down behind Gallway as he energetically made his way down to the ring to a load of cheers from the crowd. Gallway was looking for revenge on his former best friend and now, he had the chance for it. Could Gallway take Gold down in less than five minutes to pick the stipulation for Rise of the Legends?


He was sure as fuck going to try!

Right off the bat, The Prince of Precision went on the offensive and rushed the slightly stronger Gabriel Gold in the corner with a hard volley of Forearm Smashes! Right out of the gate, Ryan Gallway was set to get through Gabriel Gold if it meant getting some sort of advantage over his ex-tag team partner and best friend!

“YOU’RE NOT STANDING IN MY WAY!” Gallway screamed.

He leaned Gold back against the ropes….




Three extra-STIFF Chops caught him across the chest. Gold was hurt when Ryan Gallway clipped him right in the side of the head with a leaping Enzuigiri kick! The blow stunned Gold and immediately, Ryan Gallway tried to roll him up with an inside Cradle!




Gold kicked out and the Technical Wizard quickly rolled away from him and tried to go to the ring apron for safety. The Silvers both watched as Ryan Gallway wasn’t having that shit. He reached over and he leaped over the top rope so now both men were on the ring apron. He grabbed Gold and was actually trying for a German Suplex-like move on the apron! That wasn’t going to fly, especially when Gold managed to fire a couple of elbows into the face of Gallway to make him loosen his grip. He turned around and grabbed Ryan by the head…


The crowd CRINGED from Ryan being dropped brutally on the hardest part of the ring! But Gold knew the proverbial golden opportunity when he saw it, so he rolled Gallway back into the ring without hesitation and shot the half before going for a cover!




Frank Silver was biting his lip, thinking that was it. He was angry with Ryan’s tenacity, as was Gabriel Gold inside the ring. The Master of Dropkicks was pissed off with this slight setback so he went to work picking up The Prince of Precision before throwing him head-first right into the top turnbuckle. He kicked him in the head several times before he took a few steps back. He launched another attack, this time catching Ryan right on the jaw with a well-executed Running Dropkick!


Gold confidently smirked as Gallway remained slumped over in the corner. Gold pulled him out of the corner by his arm and he whipped him right off over right into a bridging pin! With just under the two-minute mark, would this be enough to put away the former two-time Tag Team Champion?





Sonny was trying to restrain his charge/godson as Gabriel Gold angrily looked to the ticking clock and then back to Ryan Gallway. When The Intergalactic Heart Throb tried to stand on his own two feet, Gabriel Gold slammed him in the head with another vicious kick to the gut. Ryan fought back with a pair of elbows, but Gold blocked a shot and stopped him with a Jawbreaker that rattled his jaw. He followed up with two Knife-Edge Chops of his own followed by a HARD Spinning Chop that sent Ryan back to the corner.

With Gabriel Gold in control, he whipped Gallway all the way across the ring as hard as he could, rattling him with a HUGE Hammer Throw right into the turnbuckle! Gallway hit the corner back first and now Gold had him dead to rights as he jumped right on top of him for another cover.




Gallway’s shoulder went up again! He wanted this match with Frank Silver and he wanted it the way he wanted it. He needed to have the stipulation for their match. The Fortunate Son and jOlt’s Last Real ManAGER continued to watch on with a pensive glare as Gabriel Gold picked up Gallway by the hair. He had him up and he tried for a Vertical Suplex this time, but The Prince of Precision landed right behind him!

Gold turned around and got an elbow to the back of the face for his troubles from Gallway! The lightning-fast former Tag Team Champion twice-over ran to the ropes and came back with an Inazuma Leg Lariat to take down the Master of Dropkicks!

Gold was reeling from the kick and he tried to get back to the corner as Ryan Gallway looked at the clock. It was halfway to the time limit now and he needed to string some moves together in order to defeat Gabriel Gold. He rushed at the corner when Gold caught him flush in the jaw with a solid boot. Ryan was left staggering backwards when Gold ran forward, only to get rolled up by Ryan with a Huricanrana pin!




Gold’s shoulders left the mat! Ryan tried to surprise him, but Gold was a little bit quicker on the draw and stunned Gold with a big knee to the head. Gabriel then turned him around and dropped him back-first across his knee! This was the first part of the two-part move that he called Doubled in Value, but Ryan Gallway was coherent enough push him back to the ropes. When he came back, he SMACKED him in the back of the head with a Leaping Kick! Gold was left groggy as Ryan leaped to the top rope…


The Prince of Precision ascended the top rope with ease before SMACKING Gabriel Gold in the back of the head with a Springboard Roundhouse Kick! He crawled right over to Gold and pinned him again.




A bit over three minutes now and time was running out for Ryan Gallway. He headed to the top and may have been looking for something big when Gabriel Gold rolled out of the way and decided to try and stall a bit. Ryan Gallway leaped off the top turnbuckle and he followed Gold off to the corner, but the groggy Master of Dropkicks fell victim to a HUGE Slap called the 20422 Special! Gold was left groggy as Ryan Gallway leaped to the top rope in a single leap, waiting for the stunned Gold to turn around. When he tried for a Front Missile Dropkick… NO! Gold moved and he crashed into nothing but the mat! Gold quickly rolled him up in a Jacknife pin and hoped for the best!





Time was running out for Ryan Gallway as Gabriel Gold picked him up again and looked to finish him off. He tried to clutch in a Sleeper Hold, a submission finisher he called Silence is Golden when Ryan Gallway frantically elbowed his way free. He ran off the ropes…


The Headscissors into the Single Arm DDT landed and now Gallway had Gold down!





Frank was clapping and hooting like some jackass fratboy congratulating his buddy on getting laid. The time was vastly approaching four minutes as Ryan Gallway wasted no time in going for something big. He had Gabriel Gold set up and doubled over with a kick when Ryan Gallway tried to roll over and set up his finisher…


Gabriel Gold blocked it and shoved Gallway free. When Gallway landed back on his feet and turned around, Gold rushed towards the turnbuckle and he rammed Gallway’s head right into the top turnbuckle with a Bulldog! Gallway bounced back down when Gold headed up top and tried to finish things. He wasn’t set on just outrunning the clock – he wanted to BEAT the former Tag Team Champion…


Something something “Golden” Glen Miller gonna sue again, but Gold still didn’t care about all that! To the pin!




Frank looked like he was sweating bullets, but the action was now getting near the five-minute mark. Gabriel Gold picked him up again and he chucked Ryan towards the corner, looking to post him shoulder first to set up his Armbar finisher. He was almost there, when Ryan turned the tides and sent him FLYING into the post! He then pulled him out of the corner and then ran full speed ahead…


The Yoshi Tonic connected! FOUR FIFTY WAS ON THE CLOCK!





Frank ran right into the ring and tried to get the jump on Ryan Gallway, but The Prince of Precision got the hell out of the ring! He was just one second faster, but it was more than enough!


The lightning-fast Gallway used his speed to the best advantage possible and walked away with the win tonight! Frank Silver was now being restrained by Sonny Silver inside the ring as Ryan ran over to the ringside area and grabbed a microphone. Frank looked down at the downed Gold and flipped him the double deuces as he turned back to his ex-best friend.


Ryan huffed as he spoke into the mic. Frank was still being held back by Sonny as the crowd cheered for Gallway.

“Frank… After you did what you did to me… people may think that I’m nuts for wanting to go after you. And that’s true. Whether people have loved or hated me… I’ve always been out of my damn mind! But… but I’m smart enough to know things can never go back to the way they were. You are going to PAY for what you did to the Heirs of Wrestling! I’m not going to stop coming after you for what you did. And the only way that I can keep that from happening forever… wasting years of my career… is if you go… or I go.”

The arena was in a hush as The Prince of Precision finished his thought.

“This thing between you and me is going to end… when one of us is gone! At Rise Of The Legends… The stipulation I choose…




The Fortunate Son went wide-eyed and even the usually restrained Sonny was caught off-guard by this!

“That’s right… it’s a HELL of a gamble. Some may think I’m crazy for doing this, and they're probably right But after Rise of the Legends, I don’t even want to so much as LOOK at your lying, cheating, backstabbing cutthroat ass anymore! One way or another, this thing between us WILL end… but it will be all worth it to run your right out of jOlt on your ass!”

The microphone dropped and Ryan Gallway raised his hands as “With Me Now” by Blacklight District playing, garnering another huge cheer from the fans! Frank looked like he was about to be ill... Ryan had fought for weeks to get his match, got it, and is now playing Russian Roulette with both of their careers. Frank's singles career in jOlt could very well be over before it even started. And with how bad Gallway fought to make this happen, he could very well make it happen!

Winner: Ryan Gallway via Pinfall

"Locker Room Gossip"

The camera switched over to the locker room where all three members of The Natural Athletes stood, getting ready for a huge six-man tag team match tonight. Before Cori Albright and Terry Massimo were set to take on The House for a HUGE opportunity at the jOlt Tag Team Championships, they and Nate Quartermaine would face The House and their little shithead of a son, Zane Roebuck.

Ahem. Sorry. I’m a narrator, I’m not supposed to be biased… but what a shithead right?

“Nate,” Terry said. “You okay, dawg?”

Nate Quartermaine was fuming in the corner, most certainly NOT okay as Terry put it. He’d finished putting on his boots, but he was still angry.

“I had him right where I wanted him and Zane beat me last week,” Nate said, clearly agitated. “I should’ve seen him doing what he did.”

“Shit happens, dude,” Cori said as he slid his elbow pads on. “He’s a crafty little one. Everybody knows he’s playing his dad and Huber like fiddles to try and get on the roster and I think they’re the only two who don’t see it.”

“He ain’t nothin’ but a drama bitch,” Terry laughed. “When I get out there, I’ma gonna smack that little turdbullet around until my arms get tired, haha.”

Nate laughed.

“I don’t know if you heard it, but that stupid nerd actually came up to me before the match and said “good luck” like a little d-bag.”

“Really?” Cori said.

“Yeah… that should’ve been my first tip-off that he was up to no good.”

“Gentlemen, I am only about that good luck!”

The Natural Athletes all turned around and in the doorway was Zane Roebuck eating a Snickers bar. Terry stepped up from the bench in the locker room and furrowed his brow.

“Boy, you gotta lotta nerve comin’ ‘round here to start shit,” Terry said. “Gimme one good reason why I shouldn’t chuck yo’ smiley ass head first into one of these lockers.”

Zane walked up to all three men.

“Look … I know that we all got off on the wrong foot last week, but I just wanted to offer my apologies to Nate Quartermaine.”

He turned to Nate and the amateur wrestler looked at him like was insane.

“Mr. Quartermaine, I can see how to the untrained eye, it looked like I may have kicked that rope into your genetalia, but I assure you that such a tactic was not my plan. My aim was to just lightly kick you enough to stop you from entering the ring and not damage your man parts. I am sorry and for that and I hope that you can forgive me.”

Nate was red in the face now after that half-assed explanation?”

“And what about you bailing on your father after they decided to pick a fight with us, you little douche. You mean to do that, too?”

“I was disoriented after your large friend over there hit me in the head!” Zane pointed at Terry. “Which brings me to the other reason I’m here. I gave Mr. Quartermaine the courtesy of a face-to-face apology and I think that if you are the sporting athletes you say you are, then I should be shown the same respect.”

Terry folded his arms.

“You’re messin’ with me, right? Let me make somethin’ perfectly clear, asshole: I. DON’T. RESPECT. YOU.”

Zane looked a little discouraged, but he bravely and quite stupidly stood his ground.

“I should’ve figured my dad and uncle Derrick were right … Oh, well. The most I can do is wish you guys good luck tonight in our tag team match! See ya.”

When he was about to leave, Cori stopped him by putting his hand out.

“Right about what?”

Zane turned to Cori. “Well, Mr. Albright, I don’t like to report on locker room gossip … but they said that you’re nothing more than some disrespectful punks that don’t deserve a shot at any titles in the company, much less the coveted Tag team titles! They also said they’d rather give the title to a deserving team like a rematch with New Breed or even a pair of janitors over you guys.”

“You need to LEAVE.” Cori said, “or we’re gonna sic Terry here on you and I don’t think that we need to give him much warning at this point, do we, Ter?”


Zane shook his head.

“Way to prove my dad and Uncle Derrick right. Nate … GOOD LUCK!!!”

Nate lunged forward, but Terry and Cori held him back as Zane waved like a smarmy little brat and walked off. It took a second for Nate to calm down and compose himself, but Cori patted him on the chest.

“Don’t worry, dude, we’re gonna kick their asses tonight. We’ll show The House and Zane what we think of locker room gossip.”

The New Breed vs Cross the Hood

Earlier in the night, Mike Patterson informed the world of his “bad news” about being cleared to wrestle for this evening. He had an entire week off to let his abdominal muscles heal and apparently they were healed enough for competition, but to say that they won’t have a bullseye on them in this match will be an understatement.

“Symphony of Destruction” by Nightwish (Megadeth Cover)

Out from the back came both the Hype Champion Mike Patterson and Brian WIlliams. Patterson had the title on his shoulder and he had athletic tape wrapped around his waist. The duo made their way down to the ring as the fans here in New Mexico gave them a warm reception. Both of them got up on the apron and stepped into the ring. Williams knelt down in the middle of the ring and extended out his arms while Patterson stood behind him and hoisted the Hype Championship into the air.

Patterson passed the title off to a ringside attendant as Brian Williams warmed up in the ring. Their music died down and was replaced by..

“My Time” by Fabolous

Jackson Cross and Machida Hood came out from the backstage area, also to a warm reception. These four men were once part of The Hype together, but in very different roles. Cross the Hood went on to join The Rebellion while Mike Patterson and Brian William were bitter enemies thanks to a corrupted Shayne Anderson. The past is just that… the past. What a difference a year makes, doesn’t it?

Cross and Hood got on the apron and stepped into the ring. They each picked a side of the ring and got up on the middle rope, leaning over and playing to the crowd. They switched sides and did it again, getting the crowd fired up for this match. Cross stated he was going to start the match and Brian Williams would start for The New Breed. Once both teams were in their respective corners, the referee called for the bell.




Williams began to circle as Cross back peddled bobbing his head up and down to the sounds of the crowd clapping their hands in unison at the start of the match. They locked up and Williams immediately went into a waist lock, but Cross hit a back elbow and freed himself. Cross took off to the ropes, but Williams hit a shoulder block knocking him down. Williams hit the ropes and stepped over Cross as he made his way to the opposite side. Cross slid over again and caused Williams to step back over him and head to the original ropes his had hit. Cross stood and went for a discus punch, but Williams ducked it and stopped. Williams turned around and lit up Cross’ chest with a Knife Edge Chop. He then grabbed Cross by the arm and whipped him into the buckles.

Williams got a full head of steam, but Cross hit a European Uppercut out of the corner. Cross walked forward and grabbed Williams, tossing him into the buckles, reversing their positions. Cross put his dukes and rocked Williams with a few straight right hands. Cross whipped Williams across the ring to the opposite side, but Williams made Cross eat a back elbow when he charged in. Williams came out of the corner and hit a clothesline on Cross. Cross popped back up and Williams hit another clothesline. He helped Cross up and sent him into the ropes where he telegraphed a back body drop, but Cross kicked him in the chest. Cross rocked Williams with more right hands before setting him up for a suplex, but Williams picked up Cross and stumbled backwards, hitting a stun gun across the top rope. Cross staggered backwards and Williams hooked him in a Half Nelson… he popped the hips and dumped Cross right on the back of his neck!

Cross was slow to get up as Williams turned and pulled Cross back to his feet. He placed Cross into a Pumphandle, but before Williams could take him anywhere, Cross countered with a Hip Toss. Cross fell to his knees and reached out to his corner, but Williams got up and grabbed him by the leg, preventing the tag. Williams then grounded Cross with a side head lock on the canvas. Machida Hood urged his partner to make it to his corner, but Cross was pretty much grounded and going nowhere.

The fans eventually began to rally behind Cross and he battled back to his feet. Cross fired an elbow to the mid-section and then switched it to a knee lift which broke Williams’ grip over him. Cross then got under Williams chin and dropped to his knees with a Jaw Breaker. Williams stumbled away as Cross turned towards his corner and made there to tag in Machida Hood!

Hood stepped into the ring and charged in, running over Williams with a clothesline. He spun and hit a discus punch to Mike Patterson, but it didn’t knock the Hype Champion down. Hood turned and hit another clothesline to Brian WIlliams before pulling him up to his feet and whipping him to the ropes. Hood leapt into the air and connected with a Drop Kick under the chin. Hood made the cover, hooking the leg.



Williams kicked out.

Hood pulled Williams up to his feet and whipped him to the ropes. Hood went for a back elbow, but Williams blocked it and spun Hood around. Williams kicked Hood in the stomach and placed him into a Pumphandle. He lifted Hood into the air and dropped him neck first across the knee with the Pumphandle Neck Breaker...


Williams walked to his corner and tagged in Mike Patterson who didn’t look too happy right now. Patterson stepped into the ring and waited as Hood pulled himself back up. Patterson grabbed Hood in a front waist lock and took him over with a Belly to Belly Overhead Release Suplex. Hood bounced off the canvas, but Patterson wasn’t done with the man who took a cheap shot to his face a few moments ago. Patterson walked over and pulled Hood back to his feet. He spun him around and grabbed him in a waist lock, hitting a German Release Suplex. Hood got back to his feet, but he was off balance. Patterson walked back over and wrapped his arm Hood’s head, forming a Top Wrist Lock. With that Wrist Lock in place, he took Hood over with a Wrist Lock Exploder Suplex!

Patterson let out a bestial roar as he went over to the neutral corner and hunched down. He was measuring Machida Hood up for a Spear, but Jackson Cross ran along the edge of the apron, looking to take a cheap shot at Patterson, but Patterson saw him out of the corner of his eye and he ducked the attempted Running Forearm. Patterson grabbed Cross by the head and pulled the back of his neck down across the top rope with a Reverse Hot Shot and it sent Cross off the apron and face first down to the floor! That distraction bought Machida Hood enough time to get to his feet. He ran at Patterson and decked him in the back of the neck with a forearm shot. He backed Patterson up into the corner and he opened up with rapid fire punches to the taped abdomen of Patterson.

It was only a matter of time before Cross the Hood targeted the rib tape and Patterson winced in pain with every punch that connected. Hood switched it up to knee lifts to the abdomen to try and re-injure those strained muscles. Brian Williams was shouting at the referee to do something about that, but all the referee did was count to five. Hood shot Patterson across the ring before he got disqualified and Patterson hit back first against the buckles and now the injury seemed real as he fell to a single knee. Machida Hood charged the corner, but all of a sudden, Mike Patterson exploded out of the corner and damn near cut Machida Hood in half with a Spear!!!!

Patterson stood up and laughed as he patted his stomach as if to say “they don’t hurt afterall.” Patterson then slashed his throat with his thumb before turning his attention back towards Machida Hood. He grabbed Hood by the head and pulled him back up. He kicked Hood in the stomach and set him up between his legs for the Trailervision, but Jackson Cross rolled back into the ring and charged in, hitting Patterson in the side of the head with a forearm shot!

Cross grabbed Patterson by the arm and sent him into the ropes. Cross side stepped and Hood ran at Patterson, hitting a Running STO across his knee!!


He held onto Patterson and didn’t allow him to fall to the ground. He sent him off in Cross’ direction where he spun Patterson around and lifted him up onto his shoulders with an Inverted Fireman’s Carry. He then popped him up and let him free fall down across the knees!!


Hood then ran into Williams’ corner and tried to hit him with a forearm, but Williams grabbed Hood and pulled him down across the top rope! Williams slid into the ring and charged at Cross who swung with a lariat, but Williams ducked underneath, hit the opposite side and nailed a flying shoulder tackle to Cross! Hood recovered and game at Williams, but Williams ducked a clothesline and grabbed Hood, sending him into the corner. He pulled Cross up and sent him into the opposite corner. He turned his attention to Hood and charged in with a running shoulder tackle with dropped Hood to a seated position. He turned and charged in hitting a running shoulder tackle to Cross, dropping him to a seated position as well. Williams turned his attention back to Hood and charged in, front flipping into the corner with a Cannonball..


Williams stood up, turned and charged to Cross, flipping into the corner with another Cannonball!


Williams headed over to Hood’s corner and pulled him up to his feet. The referee was trying to get Williams out of the ring since wasn’t the legal man, but Williams didn’t care. He hoisted Hood up onto the turnbuckles and the referee finally stepped in between him and Hood. The referee got Williams to back off and when the referee turned around to check on Hood, he had to duck because Hood stood and jumped over the referee and collided with Williams with a Flying Cross Body!

Hood stood up as Patterson got to his feet behind him. He immediately got under Hood and nailed the Back Drop Driver!


Patterson made the cover as the referee counted...



Th.. NO!!!


Cross pulled himself out of the corner just in time to dive in and save his partner. Williams got back up, however and he grabbed Cross by the waist. Williams took him over with a German Suplex! Patterson went to the corner, but he was walking kind of gingerly. Williams went to the opposite corner as Cross was laid out in the middle of the ring. Patterson leapt off first...


The Frog Splash connected. He bounced off Cross and held his abdomen in pain.. not a good sign. Williams, however, leapt off with a front flip...


The Swanton Bomb connected on Cross! Williams pulled Cross to his feet and threw him over the top rope to the outside. Patterson was slow to get up, though. The referee finally got Williams to step out of the ring. Patterson turned and grabbed Hood, pulling him back up, but Hood punched Patterson in the abdomen and that really stunned him! Hood fired another shot, but Patterson let out a roar and sucked it up. He hit a knee lift to Machida Hood and then placed him between his legs. he lifted him up and spiked him with the Cradle Piledriver


Patterson made the cover wincing in pain the entire time.




The New Breed pick up the victory as Patterson slowly got up. Williams entered the ring and walked over and asked Patterson if he was okay. Patterson nodded and he collected his Hype Championship from the ringside attendant.

Patterson and Williams exited the ring with Patterson gingerly walking down the ring steps. The two of them headed up the ramp to the backstage area. At least Patterson didn’t collapse this time!

Winner: The New Breed via Pinfall

"Operation Starchild Accepted"

Damien Lee walked down the arena hallway between matches and caught sight of a tall redheaded woman leaning against the wall. It was Cassandra, the associate of Starchild Industries who was trying to get Lee’s help with Draconian, or at least betray Draconian in some manner.

Lee didn’t know what Starchild Industries was about business-wise, but he knew they they wanted Draconian. Last week Draconian told Lee to go along with any ‘partnership’ Starchild Industries had to offer… there was a plan.

Cassandra looked smart, beautiful and full of passion for the intensity in her work. The stakes were high for everyone, and she seemed to thrive under that pressure.

“Hello Mr. Lee, how is your evening?” asked Cassandra.

Lee smiled and decided to put his salesman attitude on. If he was going to convince Starchild Industries that he was going through with this then he had to use all his convincing ability.

“I fare well this evening, Ms. Cassandra. And you?” replied Lee.

“I’m doing well, thanks.” Cassandra smiled like a woman flirting because she wanted something.

“Have you given any more thought to our conversation two weeks ago?”

Lee made himself appear slightly uncomfortable as if everything he planned to say was natural response.

“I have, and I would like to talk more about it.” Lee stopped while Cassandra’s eyes brightened slightly. “Simply put, I’m struggling with how to control Draconian. His sole reason to be here is to defeat my entire roster, and while he’s had mixed results he very much has the ability to injure important pieces of talent I have. He could destroy my roster over the course of 2-3 years… my roster is my livelihood.”

Cassandra nodded and smiled.

“Please understand, Mr. Lee, that Draconian’s intentions go beyond your roster. Whether he’s telling you or not, their designs are much bigger than just a professional wrestling promotion.” Cassandra had gone from flirty to frank. It only made her the more intriguing.

She continued. “Mr. Lee, Starchild Industries not only anticipated your problem but we already have the solution: work with us and we will remove this threat to your business permanently. Not only will you be freed of the burden that is Draconian, but we’ll also reward you handsomely… to the tune of $250,000.”

Lee balked internally… Draconian predicted Starchild Industries would offer money, but this was insane. They wanted Lee to help them get Draconian and pay him for it? Just what would be so valuable to them to have Draconian out of jOlt?

“Ms. Cassandra, that’s quite generous,” said Lee. No matter the figure being low or high, he was always prepared to negotiate for as much as he could get. “Draconian may become popular, and I could be losing out potential merchandise sales. 2-3 years of dominating jOlt may result in close to $1-2 million in merchandise sold... and that’s lost revenue for me.”

Cassandra smiled slyly as if she expected it. “Mr. Lee, that is an excellent point. Unfortunately, the best I can do for you is $500,000. That’s half of a million dollars in your pocket, Draconian gone and you moving on with your life.”

“You have a deal, Cassandra.” Lee replied, smiling internally. “How do we facilitate this?”

Cassandra smiled and responded. “At your pay-per-view Rise of Legends, Draconian will be in a match. When that match has ended and he returns backstage Starchild Industries’ team will be prepared to apprehend him. I do warn you that you should not be around when this happens… Draconian is a dangerous being.”

“Oh, I know that alright.” Lee laughed.

“Mr. Lee, respectfully, you don’t know a fraction of it,” said Cassandra with her smile completely gone. “After Draconian’s match please make sure you, staff and wrestlers are completely vacated. Once this operation begins there is no stopping it.”

Lee brought himself to the same level of seriousness that Cassandra was at.

“I can do my part and keep the area clean for the ‘operation’ but I will be present. And I do expect to be compensated no matter how your ‘operation’ ends. Unless that is agreed upon, I will take my chances with Draconian on my roster,” replied Lee. It was business time, and silence hung in the air.

“Starchild Industries won’t let an opportunity like this dissipate just because you want to be there. The legalese of this transaction is another matter and we know how to make it work. Our legal team will correspond with yours and work out all the details so the FBI, IRS and INS will not notice… we’ve done this before.”

Cassandra’s phone vibrated in her hand taking away her attention and she glanced back up at Lee.

“I’m afraid I must go, but thank you for your time Mr. Lee. Your open mind will pay you in spades.”

With that she walked past Lee and answered her phone on the go.

What a complex, beautiful woman… Lee got distracted just thinking about her that moment.

But Lee had more important things to think about; Draconian.. Starchild Industries… and Rise of Legends. He barely squeaked by Draconian’s FBI investigation, but a private enterprise plays by different rules.

The Natural Athletes vs The House & Zane Roebuck

Six man tag team action was coming up next! Right before the highly anticipated Tag Team title match between four-time and defending Tag Team champions The House taking on what many called the Hype’s best tag team ever, the Natural Athletes, they would meet on opposite ends of the next match. The House and Hype star/Adam Roebuck’s son, Zane Roebuck, will face Terry Massimo, Cori Albright, and Nate Quartermaine. Who would win this big match right before their big showdown at Rise Of The Legends?


Four pillars were near the entrance, two on each end with “THE NATURAL ATHLETES” in a yellow and red shield logo. The camera took notice of an inflatable tunnel with the same logo followed by a legion of sexy red-and-yellow clad cheerleaders on the entrance ramp…

“Unleashed” by Chris Classic feat. Nazareth.

The music played and the crowd went crazy for the arrival of three men that were turning heads by the week! The 6’ and 211-pound former LA Galaxy player Cori “Striker” Albright, the 6’4” and 354-pound former linebacker for WSU and the Seattle Seahawks, Terry Massimo! Along with them was “The Fire” Nate Quartermaine and the crowd gave them a great reception!

The crowd went crazy for the inaugural Hype Tag Team Champions as they each stood on the ramp with a massive explosion of red and yellow erupting from the stage! Massimo surveyed the crowd and pointed to a section of fans with Natural Athletes signs while Cori Albright scanned for the hottest ladies the eye could see. Albright jumped to the top rope and did a cartwheel over the ropes before landing in the ring while Massimo climbed into the squared circle. All three men stood ready in the ring.

"House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch played next. The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive pop from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of cards toward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the Nevada bred four-time jOlt Tag Team Champions appeared from the backstage area.

“The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck.

“The Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber.

Top of the ramp, jOlt Tag Team Titles raised high!

The crowd remembered The House very well and greeted both super heavyweights with a massive series of cheers! The obese fan favorite Adam Roebuck extended his arms outward and nodded while his muscular counterpart Derrick Huber anxiously greeted the masses in an enthusiastic fashion. Walking from one end to the other, the power lifter rejoined his partner as the jOlt Tag Team Champions thundered down to the ring. Right behind them was the spirited “Good Luck” Zane Roebuck from the Hype. He encountered the Athletes in the locker room earlier and tried to start something which only got the Athletes angrier .

The burly Roebuck lumbered his way down the ramp as both Huber began greeting the fans in the front row before rounding the ring. Zane reached to also slap hands with a few fans and cheer along with the crowd as he supported his friends. Albright and Massimo watched Roebuck storm his way up the ring steps and pass through the ropes as Derrick followed suit. Derrick Huber was seen clapping his hands to jumpstart the crowd as their musical theme dissipated.

Derrick had offered to start the match for his side when Nate Quartermaine came running and threw Zane over the top rope! The referee made Derrick go back to the corner, but as the tag champion protested this Nate was going to town on Zane. He didn’t forget about Zane stealing a win and pulling out a major upset victory for a main roster member beating a member of the Hype.

The crowd was in firm support of Nate taking the fight to Zane in a corner far away from the House as he continued to unleash painful chops to his chest. Nate threw in a couple of punches before he snapped him out of the corner with a quick fisherman’s suplex!



Zane kicked out quickly! Nate Quartermaine quickly moved away from him after the kickout and held his back as he reached out and tagged to Derrick Huber. Zane rolled out of the ring quickly, leaving Huber somewhat puzzled, but Nate used the chance to reach over and tag Cori Albright. Speed vs power was coming up next and now Cori was going right at him.

He sidestepped Huber and kicked his legs twice before he slapped on a headlock. Huber shoved him to the ropes and then he knocked down Cori with a shoulder tackle. Huber looked down at Cori Albright with a look of anger in his eyes.

“Gonna be some respect into you, kid!”

When Huber ran off the ropes, he didn’t expect that Cori would already recover, but he somersaulted forward and came out of the jump, surprising Huber with a dropkick that was powerful enough send him stumbling backwards!

“There’s your respect, you bald bastard!”

With Huber stunned in the corner, Cori Albright ran off the side of the ring and leaped off the adjacent corner to deliver a springboard back elbow shot right to the jaw! Huber jutted out of the corner when Cori leaped to the second rope and the third to come off with another dropkick, this time being a big triple jump dropkick! Cori’s speed finally got the Sin City Strongman off his feet and he went for a cover on the Tag Team Champion.



Huber powered out quickly! Cori quickly got back to his feet and he continued to kick him again. Huber swung and Cori ducked again. He tried for his signature Pele Kick …


Huber snatched him right out of the air and elevated him into a military press before he threw him right to the ground with an ugly slam. The Sin City Strongman had him right where he wanted him when he pulled him up and bullied him right to the corner. The tag was made to Adam Roebuck and the two beasts went to work on Cori Albright. Terry and Nate were powerless to do anything but watch when they sent Cori for a ride into the ropes …


Huber had grabbed Cori in a side walk slam position as Roebuck came off the ropes and delivered a huge elbow drop! The fans of the Pit had cringed with sympathy pain for the innards of Cori Albright getting crushed by Adam Roebuck. Roebuck maneuvered to where Cori landed and draped his body weight into a quick press.



Terry with the save!

Big Terry Massimo had saved his partner with a boot to the side of Adam Roebuck’s head. The two largest men for either side of their team came face to face for a few moments and the crowd looked like they wanted o see them fight. Terry had to return to his corner as Zane returned to the ring apron.

“Go dad! Beat some respect into those guys!”

Huber rolled his eyes and Adam ignored his son. He scooped up Cori Albright off the canvas and then picked him up. He pinned Cori to the corner with his left arm and he held out a hand.


Four fearsome chops came down on the chest of Albright and he was left with red marks, but Adam was far from done punishing him. Roebuck picked him up out of the corner and then held him on his shoulder before dropping him with a running snake eyes in the corner! Cori was left dazed and confused when Roebuck picked him up a second time and then thundered him down with a delaying scoop slam.

With Cori down on the ground, Adam Roebuck ran off the ropes. Zane Roebuck then tagged himself in just as Roebuck came down hard on Cori with a leg drop across the chest. The Striker was sucking in air and when the older Roebuck tried to pin him, the official pointed out the tag that “Good Luck” Zane Roebuck just made. Roebuck shook his head and gestured to his son as he walked back to the corner, leaving Zane a chance to steal the win after the hard work had been done!



Close, but no cigar!

The seconds that the father and son Roebuck were in confusion with probably gave Cori the extra time needed to recover. Zane kicked him in the head several times and he continued to rush him with a few kicks. He dropped Cori Albright with a few good shots and then stood over him to deliver a jumping knee drop.

Zane was on the ropes again and used a running knee drop to the top of Cori’s head. Zane rolled right back to his feet and the agile youngster continued to run before he came back with a third knee drop in succession!


Zane now thought he had things in hand as he grabbed the far leg of Cori Albright and pulled back into a pin as far as he could pull.



Cori kicked out!

Zane didn’t like that very much when he continued to work over Cori Albright with a sleeper hold. Cori was beaten down by The House and Zane moved in like an annoying little vulture to pick up the scraps. Still, Cori fought and he started to get back on his two feet. He sat down suddenly and rocked Zane with a sitting jawbreaker. Roebuck checked his jaw and wobbled.


The jawbreaker did not take Zane down, but the incredible leaping Pele Kick certainly did! The former LA Galaxy soccer player used his last bit of energy on that one-two combination but it worked. Zane was left reeling when he rolled away to the corner to get to big Terry.

The crowd cheered when Terry made the tag and finally got into the match. Zane was down and he pulled him up by his arm only to smack him with a short arm clothesline. Terry pulled him up using the arm a second time and then smacked him some more. It seemed the fans really liked that and Massimo did too. He held Zane up by his hair and looked at Adam Roebuck.

“I’m gonna give him the ass-whipping you never gave him!”

That made Roebuck angry and the large Tag Team champion tried to enter the ring. It took the small official everything he had to keep The Las Vegas Leviathan from entering, but Terry was having his way with Zane. The crowd was behind Massimo as he charged the corner and crushed him with his three-fifty frame. He grabbed Zane by the arm and he put him on the ropes. Terry showed off his amazing agility as he ran off the ropes and used a leapfrog body guillotine! As he ran, Cori had made a tag and after Zane hit the ground holding his throat, Cori stood over him …


A standing moonsault foot stomp drove the air right out of Zane Roebuck’s chest. He was left with no air in his lungs and Cori tried to finish Zane for good.



Huber made the save now!

Derrick saw enough of the Athletes punishing Zane so he came into the ring, grabbed the leg of Cori Albright and dragged him off the kid he called his nephew. Huber walked back to his corner as Cori became pre-occupied with Huber’s interference, giving Zane a chance to steal one with a back slide!




Cori kicked out and when Zane tried to get back to his corner, Cori grabbed him by the leg. Zane turned his legs around and delivered a kick to the jaw of the Striker, stunning him long enough to give him space. Zane waited for him to sit up …


A sliding bakatare kick came his way and it landed right underneath Cori’s jaw! The Striker was hurt and things were going from bad to worse. Cori was well enough to at least roll to his corner as Nate took the tag from him. Zane got to his corner and the tag was made to an angry Adam Roebuck!

Nate tried to stop Adam Roebuck, but he was a man possessed and he charged right into Quartermaine with a running shoulder. Roebuck’s voice boomed loudly even without a microphone and the crowd even in the nose bleeds could hear him charge again. Nate was laid flat with a second running shoulder to the chest. Quartermaine was stood up by the Big Bucks who pushed him to a corner. When Quartermaine bounced out.


The crowd just about shit a brick when they saw how far Roebuck had sent Nate Quartermaine flying high in the air with a back body drop. Nate’s spine may have been realigned and Roebuck showed no signs of stopping. He waited for Nate Quartermaine to get back up before he aimed him at the corner.


Running hip attack!

He was crushed from the weight of nearly five hundred pounds crashing into him! Roebuck grabbed the back of Nate’s head and he threw him right out of the corner, biel style. The former amateur wrestler was in a prone position giving Roebuck a chance to land something big like a splash, but Terry Massimo used the ropes to pull down and send Roebuck to the floor.

Terry Massimo saved his own partner and Adam Roebuck tried to stand up when Roebuck got his clock cleaned with a running three-point tackle from the former football star! The blow was enough to put the Big Bucks on his back and Terry stood over him talking trash. Huber had seen enough and he came to the aid of his partner.


Huber’s signature spinning clothesline leveled Massimo and now he was out on the floor, but Derrick Huber did not anticipate that Cori Albright was still around. He cleared the top rope and made it look easy as he ran up the ropes and took out Huber with a springboard suicide dive!


The ringside area was covered with bodies and the official was about to count out Adam Roebuck who was still on the outside. Roebuck tried to hurry up while Zane stood up and tried to will on his dad.

“Dad, you can do it!”

Adam heard his son’s voice and he finally got up and started to stand, but Zane saw an opening as his father made it inside and tagged himself in again! Nate was still down after Roebuck’s earlier attack and Zane headed to the top rope as quick as he could while Adam protested. He tried to land his top rope moonsault, the SOL … but Nate rolled out of the way! Zane was sucking in wind and gasped for air after he crash landed, leaving Nate Quartermaine with an opening. He tried to roll Zane up with a school boy but the younger Roebuck rolled through onto his stomach. Zane grabbed him and pushed him to the ropes. When he had Nate rolled up with a reverse roll up pin, he didn’t see Cori Albright in his blind spot.


The powerful superkick from Cori Albright caught Zane right on the chin! Cori left the ring and Nate now had the chance for payback as he flew to the top rope. Cori took the knees out from under Adam Roebuck with a dropkick that sent the big man tumbling off the apron as Nate took flight on Zane.


Nate’s senton bomb landed and Quartermaine hooked both legs of the laid out Zane Roebuck!




Nate Quartermaine just pinned Zane and got himself some payback from last week! Nate got away from the ring and went to check on his friends now just coming around after the chaotic ending. Nate and Cori helped big Terry to his feet and when he realized that he won, Terry and the Athletes raised hands on the outside the Athletes celebrated with the crowd cheering!

A laid out Zane Roebuck was sprawled out on the canvas as Roebuck stomped his way over to where his son lay. He helped Zane to his feet and roared in his face.

“That was your mistake! You just cost us that match with your hotdogging!”

“No, I didn’t! I was trying to win!”

Huber finally rejoined his tag partner and tried to get in between father and son over the ending of that match, but the bottom line was the Natural Athletes had themselves a massive win before their Tag Team title match! Was this a bad sign of things to come for perhaps jOlt’s most dominant tag team? Had they finally met their match?

Winner: The Natural Athletes via Pinfall

"It's Coming"

Michael Burhman: The Natural Athletes pick up the pinfall here tonight! We want to urge you to head over to WrestleNet NOW and subscribe for just $8.99 a month where you will be able to see Rise of the Legends LIVE on Pay-Per-View in just two weeks!

Nate Powers: It will be an amazing show for all to see. Let's take a look at some of the matches that will be coming up at the event!

The arena lights went out and the jOltvision illuminated

Michael Burhman: Of course we have to talk about our main event. Omega, who is in the main event next, will defend the.... hey wait a minute..

There was a different graphic on the big screen. It wasn't Omega vs Ryan.. but instead it read...

Michael Burhman: That's obviously not the graphic for the match we're talking about which is Omega versus Jeremy Ryan with the Fearless Championship on the line... but maybe we can get the right... wait...

Burhman paused.

Michael Burhman: You hearing this, too, Nate?

Nate Powers: Yeah.. all of the match graphics we had to show were deleted and overwritten by the graphic you see on the screen now? Just what the hell is going on here!?

Michael Burhman: I don't know, but I'm being told we're just going to move onto the main event.. Omega vs Magma is NEXT!

Omega(c) vs Magma

The final match of the night was for the Fearless championship. Tonight Magma was going to get an opportunity to walk out of the ring with his first JOLT championship. Unfortunately he would be facing the boogeyman himself, Omega. The fans were a little taken aback by the fact that Omega was defending his title tonight with the match against the World champion, Jeremy Ryan looming in a week. Especially seeing how both men been trying to one up each other for the past few weeks. But do not discredit Magma because he would be a formidable opponent for the Fearless champion. The lights suddenly dimmed in the arena.

“Resident Evil” hit The Pit.

The huge monster from Iceland slowly made his way to the stage. He heard a chorus of jeers from the fans as he slowly made his way down the ramp. The powerhouse climbed through the ropes and stood in the middle of the ring. The lights came back up as Magma stood in the corner awaiting for his opponent.

The arena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of “Redeemer” by Marilyn Manson echoed throughout the arena. The lights from cellphones illuminated the arena as the cameras panned around to the stage. The Fearless champion was nowhere to be seen. A mixed reaction from the fans as a lone spotlight hit the middle of the ring. A young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

We are here

We are many, you are few

A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the lone spotlight disappeared. The lights slowly came back on as Omega stood in the middle of the ring head down as his black hoodie covered his head and face holding the Fearless Championship in his left hand. He handed the championship to Boulder as the fans jeered the champion.

There were a lot of larger men in JOLT and this was another case as both men tipped that three hundred and fifty pound mark. Omega slowly took off his hoodie and handed the title belt to Simon Boulder. Simon signaled for the bell as the two big men stood in the ring staring at each other. Omega seemed ready for this match with Magma and also looking forward to his match against Jeremy Ryan at Rise of the Legends. Magma wasted no time as he went right after the champ in the middle of the ring. The two bulls were throwing heavy blows in the ring as neither one was getting the upper hand. Boulder watched as both men continued to throw punches. Magma was able to push the champion back to the corner. He went to punch Omega but the boogeyman moved out of the way.

Omega was able to quickly nail the challenger with several power shoulder blocks in the corner, doubling Magma over in the corner. Omega pulled Magma from the corner by the hair before slamming him hard to the mat. The champion grabbed the challenger by the head and hooked him with a rear chin lock in the middle of the ring. This was definitely for Ryan’s attention as the champion has stated on several occasions that he was the better wrestler than Omega. The boogeyman continued to put pressure on the rear chin lock as Magma tried to stand to his feet.

The man from Iceland was able to get to his feet as he turned into the rear chin lock, picking up Omega in the process dropping him to the mat with a side suplex to break the hold. Magma stood to his feet rubbing his neck as grabbed Omega and took him down again with a DDT!! Magma quickly went for a surprise pin.



Omega kicked out with authority as Magma got to his feet and stomped on the boogeyman a few time while he was still on the ground. The big man from Iceland dropped a big leg across the champion’s throat as the crowd gasped. However he was not done as he picked up Omega and whipped him into the ropes. The boogeyman bounced off the ropes and was caught by a big clothesline from Magma but it did not send the champion to the mat. Magma hooked the staggered Omega and took him down with a swinging neck breaker. The challenger went for the cover on the champion.




Magma knew he had to continue to keep the pressure on Omega. He was ready after watching the champion in many previous matches. The challenger rolled to the floor and looked under the ring for some goodies. He found a sledgehammer, kendo stick and a fire extinguisher which he threw in the ring. The challenger rolled into the ring picking up the kendo stick. Magma wrapped the stick around Omega’s neck trying to choke the life out of the champion. Omega knew he had to break the hold because there was no rope breaks in Fearless matches.

The champion tried to stand to his feet as Magma continued trying to choke the life out of him. The monster from Iceland removed the stick from around Omega’s throat. He reared back and nailed Omega in the back with the kendo stick several times as the champion winced with every shot. Magma was not done as he unloaded several more kendo stick shots to Omega’s back as the champion dropped to one knee. The challenger dropped the kendo stick and nailed Omega with a big right hand. Magma grabbed Omega and drove him to the mat with a German suplex.




Magma looked like he was getting frustrated as he could not keep the champion down on the mat. He pulled Omega up and whipped him into the corner. Magma raced into the corner with a big clothesline that rocked the champion. Magma pulled Omega from the corner and hooked him in a front chancery. The challenger tried to pick up the champion but the boogeyman blocked the suplex attempt. Magma tried again but once again Omega blocked the attempt. Suddenly the champion turned the table on the challenger and drove him into the mat with a big snap suplex. Both men were down as Boulder stood over top of them. The boogeyman rolled to the ropes and grabbed the fire extinguisher. He pulled the pin as he had his back facing Magma. The challenger ran over to Omega who turned around and sprayed the fire extinguisher into Magma’s face.

The challenger stumbled backwards trying to see. Omega bolted from his kneeling position.





Omega smirked as he looked at the challenger. The champion pulled Magma up to his feet and whipped him into the ropes. The challenger held onto the ropes which Omega saw. The boogeyman raced toward Magma and clotheslined Magma and himself over the top rope to the floor. The two big men hit the floor hard as the fans started a very familiar chant.


Omega was the first to his feet as he pulled the challenger up and whipped him into the apron. The crowd gasped as Magma’s back was driven into the wood side of the ring apron. The boogeyman smirked as he moved closer to his opponent and drove a big right hand into Magma’s temple. Omega was not done as he continued to lay several blows to the challenger’s temple. The champion looked around at ringside as the fans gave the champion a mixed reaction. The boogeyman grabbed Magma and whipped him into the steel steps to the oohs and aahs from the fans.

Omega slowly walked over to Magma who was still trying to make his way to his knees. The man from Iceland pushed the steps to the side in anger. Omega grabbed Magma by the back of his hair and drove him to the floor with an Inverted DDT. The champion looked down at the challenger with a smirk.

“Sorry Magma, but you are my message to Mr. Ryan.”

Omega dropped down and hooked Magma’s leg for the cover. Boulder raced from the ring for the count.




Omega sat up from the pin and had no expression on his face but you know he was loving it on the inside because he gets to inflict more pain on Magma. The champion stood to his feet and walked over to the ring and pulled the steel chair from the ring. The champion stood near the ramp and waited for the challenger to stand to his feet. Magma stood to his feet and turned around only to be blasted by the chair.



Magma just crumpled to the floor as Omega dropped the chair on the ramp. The boogeyman looked at the challenger who was on his knees. The champion raced over to Magma and drilled him with a big boot to the face. The Iceland monster was down on the ground once more as Omega went for the cover again. ONE…



Omega rolled off the challenger and stood to his feet. The boogey man picked up Magma and dragged him toward the ring. The champion picked him up and rolled him into the ring. Omega grabbed the chair from the floor and threw it into the ring. The champion was not done as he ripped the loosened steel steps from the ring and threw them into the ring as well. The boogeyman rolled into the ring as Magma was pulling himself up with the help of the ropes. Omega went to grab for Magma but the challenger nailed the champion with an unconventional head-butt to the jaw.

This move staggered Omega backwards and gave Magma a little time to gather himself. The champion made his way back to Magma but the challenger drove a knee into his midsection stopping his momentum. The monster from Iceland picked up Omega and drove him into the mat with a modified spine buster. The move was just enough to buy Magma some time but he did not notice that the back of Omega’s head had hit the steel chair in the ring. The challenger noticed this and quickly picked Omega up once more.


That got an appropriate response from the fans.


This time Magma went for a cover. Boulder dropped down for the count.




Magma rolled off Omega and pulled the chair from under the champion, holding it in his hands. Omega started to get to his feet as well. The challenger took a swing at Omega once he turned around but the champion ducked. The boogeyman grabbed Magma by the throat…


The crowd gasped at Omega’s strength. However, the champion was not done with his show of strength. He grabbed the steel steps and placed them in the middle of the ring. The champion picked up Magma and hooked him in the middle of the ring.


Omega did not let go of the challenger as he picked him up once more displaying that inhumane power.


Omega smirked as he let Magma slump to the mat. He looked at the camera from the near corner.

“Fear us, Mr. Ryan.”

The champion dropped down for the cover on Magma.




The champion pulled Magma to his feet once again and hooked him in the middle of the ring.


It was evident that champion was trying to make a statement in this match. The challenger however may have a broken neck as he is not moving. The boogeyman dropped down for the cover as Boulder went for the count. ONE…



It was finally over and the champion successfully defended his title once more. This match was a direct threat to his challenger at Rise of the Legends, the JOLT World Champion. He basically sent a message to Ryan, saying you want my title, come and take it from me. The bigger question of the match is what injuries did Magma sustain because he looked like he could not mover after those beating with the steel steps.

Winner: Omega via Pinfall (STILL jOlt Fearless Champion)

"Boiling Point"

In the face of all the bloodlust that had just transpired in tonight’s main event, Omega stood tall with the Fearless Championship and proved exactly why ‘jOlt’s Last Real Man’ Jeremy Ryan should be afraid of facing him come Rise of the Legends. It should’ve been a clear message that Omega was not one to be fucked with.

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

But the fact that Jeremy Ryan’s music played at the end of the night meant that this image of Omega standing over the fallen body of Magma – now being attended to by EMTs – was not the final shot we’d see tonight. Ryan stormed out from the back, jOlt World Championship over his shoulder, and stomped towards the ring with a microphone in hand. Ryan hadn’t forgotten how after his victory over Spike Saunders last week to retain his championship, Omega’s presence led to Spike getting a sucker punch in on the monster.

“OMEGA!” Ryan screamed.

Jeremy Ryan stormed to the ring with Sonny trying to keep his charge in check, but Ryan rolled right into the ring to come face to face with the unstoppable Fearless Champion. Omega welcomed Ryan into the ring with a grin on his face as his music faded out.

“You think that what you did to me last week was fucking hilarious, don’t you? You come out here, pretend you’re some fucking boogeyman, and Spike Saunders gets to take a cheap shot at me after I BEAT that gigantic has-been for MY championship last week? BULL. SHIT.”

Sonny Silver continued to try and get him out of the ring, but Ryan shooed him away.

“NO. Unlike most people back there, I’m not afraid of this fucking mutant.”

Silver stood silently on the ring apron, leaning on the ropes while Jeremy Ryan continued to measure up a battered, but victorious Omega.

“If I wanted to, Omega, I could fucking drop you like…” He snapped his finger. “…THAT. When it comes down to brass tacks… all you’ve done is proven you need your shit like steel steps, your chairs, your weapons and all your other garbage bullshit to be successful. ANY idiot as big as you could do what you do in this ring!”


The crowd couldn’t believe Ryan, but the only response from Omega was another smirk. That somebody had the audacity to speak to OMEGA like he was doing was downright insane. Maybe Ryan was, maybe he wasn’t. Regardless, he’d walked right into the lion’s den and wasn’t moving and that fact was a welcome challenge to Omega.

“But not only am I going to PROVE that I can drop to your level and beat you at your own game at Rise of the Legends, Omega, I’m even going to do one better… I’m here to tell you face to face that I don’t want some No Fear Rules match with you…”

Jeremy Ryan continued to eye the Fearless Championship before he turned back to Omega.

“The idea I have is that two men enter… and only ONE man walks out. That man WILL be me, it WILL be me with the jOlt World Championship and the Fearless Championship over both of my shoulders… and I want to do it in a BOILER ROOM BRAWL!

A HUGE cheer erupted from the crowd. These types of matches were few and far between nowadays in wrestling, but Ryan stood his ground. Sonny shook his head.


“NO! Sonny… I know what I’m doing and I want an answer from this big retard NOW.”

Silver fumed while Ryan turned to Omega and awaited an answer. Ryan dropped the microphone at Omega’s feet, daring him to pick it up. Omega smiled and knelt over, not taking an eye off the self-proclaimed jOlt’s Last Real Champion as he did so to pick it up. His retort?

“You amuse us, Jeremy… your tirades and your demands are merely signs of an insecure man that wants so desperately to buy into his own hype. Your own bravado will be your own undoing.”

Omega laughed.

“We accept.”

The crowd now ERUPTED, but Omega didn’t appear to be done yet.

“Jeremy… while what we just did to Magma was partially to show what awaits you at Rise of the Legends when you step into OUR world… it was also to sate our hunger for violence… but we must let you in on a secret?”




Omega had Ryan’s throat clasped by his massive hand, but jOlt’s Last Real Man acted out of instinct and elbowed away furiously at the arm of Omega until he was forced to let go!

“GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!” Sonny shouted.

But Ryan would do no such thing! He charged right at Omega and muscled him backwards into a corner, but the two continued to fight! This was the first time the two had come to any kind of blows since this weekly game of one-upsmanship had started in the lead-up to Rise of the Legends! The two continued to exchange blows when MASSIVE swarms of security and referees tried to get into the ring!

Ryan was being restrained and pulled apart by two officials, but he laid out one with a Headbutt and then threw another outside of the ring completely! Ryan rushed forward and attacked Omega, who turned the tide and threw him into a corner by throwing him with both arms. Omega tried to swing at Ryan, but he ducked!

That’s when some actual wrestlers joined in on the fray as a panicking Damien Lee appeared on the stage, bringing out more security!

The Conway twins.

Statuz Quo and Duzza.

Kayden Paulton.

Cori Albright, Terry Massimo, and Nate Quartermaine!

Several bodies were in the ring now trying to keep the two apart as the fans continued to yell.


Ryan was in the corner being restrained by all of The Natural Athletes and more security as Omega contended with The Conway Twins, Trouble, and Paulton…


It was chaos and mayhem to close out this show! Things had reached a boiling point in this game of one-upsmanship and at Rise of the Legends, we would find out which man entered the proverbial thunderdome… and find out which man wasn’t going to walk. The iNtense logo faded in on Jeremy Ryan and Sonny Silver trying to peel themselves away from the massive skirmish while a bloodthirsty Omega glared out to them with a sinister smile in the midst of the sea of bodies flooding the ring.

See you all at Countdown, and then Rise of the Legends, bitches.