"Welcome to iNtense"

Darkness fades to gritty sepia when the opening piano of "Warriors" by PelleK (Imagine Dragons Cover) hits. We see image of an empty jOlt Arena filling with people in time lapse

The screen then explodes into full color when the drums and song kick in!

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

(In sync with music) We see scenes of action and images of current superstars Pietro Geist, Eiji Kugasari, Jeremy Ryan, Diamond Jewelz, Tammy Lynn Foster, Raevynn, Keegan, Hank Wright, The House, and The Freak Show

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

We continue to see images of action as the intrustmental continues to the very end...

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

We see Diamond Jewelz posing with Them MF'n Goons, Sonny Silver standing by Frank Silver, Mack Brody hitting the Gold Rush on Omega, Pietro Geist and Jeremy Ryan brawling, a shot of Kayden Paulton cracking a genuine smile, and a lumbering Spike Saunders standing tall in the ring. Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

With the final pulsing beats of the song, we see Jeremy Ryan striking a grin with the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder!

The scene flashes back into the arena where the song starts again, but in his complete form, starting with Verse 1 of the lyrics. The camera pans around the Arena as a splendid display of fireworks goes off on the main stage and above the ring. The set is a giant jOltvision with the N logo for iNtnese sitting to the left and to the right of the big jOltvision. The N itself is a massive red light that is illuminated. Above the jOltvision is a pseudo semi-circle steel structure that houses a curved screen that will be used to display a wrestler's name above it while their entrance video plays below on the jOltvision. On the stage itself, to the left and right of the entrance ramp are two more small, elongated mini screens which will display the wrestler's brand logo on them when they make their way out... unless they hold a title. Then it will display their championship belt on the left and the name of the title on the right!

The fans were buzzing with electricity as iNtense officially begins!

"Crazy Enough"

The American Airlines Arena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of “Redeemer” by Marilyn Manson echoed throughout the arena. A mixed reaction from the fans in the arena as they looked toward the stage and the jOltvision to see the stage light up with fire and an ominous figure stood in the flames. A young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

we bask in the glory of pain

we are one with pain


A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the fire subsided and the Fearless Champion stood in the smoke making his way down the ramp to the ring. The lights slowly illuminated as the boogeyman made it to the ring. The large champion climbed up the steps dragging the Fearless championship behind him as he climbed between the ropes and made his way into the ring. The Fearless Champion, hood covering his face as he asked for a microphone.

The Fearless Champion stood in the middle of the ring and pulled his hood back from his face as he had a large bandage on his forehead from his match at Rise of the Legends.

“Tonight we stand in this ring battered, bruised and still the jOlt Fearless Champion.”

That got a cheer from the fans in Dallas.

“We are not here to mince words. Ryan was a tougher son of bitch than we first gave him credit for but he also knows what we can do it that ring. He now realizes that this one eyed freak is the biggest threat to that title that he carries around his waist and he and Silver are shaking in their boots. The fear that they feel right now is unmatched.”

Omega paused as the fans continued to listen to the Fearless champion.

“Ryan your ego was your undoing. Mr. Silver knew exactly what would happen in that boiler room and everything that he was afraid of materialized. He didn’t want his meal ticket to be shown up in a match and Omega did just that. We told you that you was not ready for Omega and at Rise of the Legends we showed the world that Jeremy Ryan can be taken out back behind the woodshed and beaten to a bloody pulp.”

“However, you would think that this would have satisfied our hunger but it doesn’t. We were content in being the face of the Fearless division and just causing chaos. But now we have a new agenda. Our new agenda is to strip your life from you. We see you people’s faces and no, Omega is not going to literally kill Jeremy Ryan, even though it would rid the world of one less asshole.”

A RYAN SUCKS chant started throughout the arena as Omega leaned on the ropes and smirked. The boogeyman little the chants die down before pulling the microphone back to his lips.

“We are going to kill Ryan by taking away from him the thing that he holds dearest to him, the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship. See after Rise of the Legends we had an epiphany. We thought since we defeated you in the main event that automatically made us the number one contender for the World Title. We are aware that you are battered from last week but we do not care. How about we make this official? Omega versus Jeremy Ryan for the jOlt World Heavyweight title…. TONIGHT!!!”

The fans erupted in cheers at the challenge that Omega just laid down to the World Champion.

“And just to let you know Mr. Lee, we will not be leaving this ring until Ryan comes out here and accepts our challenge face to face.”

Thankfully, Omega, nor jOlt CEO Damien Lee would have to wait long.

A new theme played.

“Coming For The Throne” by Otherwise.

A single shining “M” appeared on the jOltVision followed by a new word…


One by one, the members of this new alliance came out from the back.

“The Fortunate Son” Frank Silver, fresh off ending the career of his once-best friend, Ryan Gallway.

“The First” Freddie Rich, fresh off a pre-match attack of that aforementioned ex-best friend.

Sonny Silver. The brains of the operation.

And finally, “jOlt’s Last Real Man” Jeremy Ryan. The jOlt World Champion with a bandaged head of his own and while he was wearing a t-shirt, his shoulder had been bandaged up as well, coming off a bad spill from Omega Powerbombing him into a stack of pipes, burying him under said pipes, and then winning the match. The music faded out as Sonny Silver stood front and center along with Ryan, Rich, and Silver each lined up behind him.

“LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!” Sonny shouted. “Allow me to introduce to you the newest member of my group, “THE FIRST” FREDDIE RICH!”

Rich stood and made no acknowledgement of the crowd.

“The man that ended the career of that little albatross, Ryan Gallway… FRANK SILVER!”

Silver did the exact opposite and took a bow, almost reveling in the booing.

“And the man that is YOUR jOlt World Heavyweight Champion… JOLT’S LAST REAL MAN… JEREMY RYAN! AND WE… ARE… MONARCHY!”

Ryan walked forward and glared out to Omega, who smirked knowing that he’d defeated Jeremy Ryan at Rise of the Legends. Ryan took the microphone.

“NO!” Ryan screamed. “I’ll tell it like it is, Omega, because unlike you, a REAL MAN knows when a mistake was made and I have no problem admitting this… that night, Rise of the Legends, despite everything that we threw at each other, you won. You were the better man that night.”

Sonny looked at Ryan and slightly shocked by that admission.

“HOWEVER… let me correct you on one thing, Omega… ALL that you did was prove that when it comes to life outside that ring… you can be violent. You can be the best at that game. You can be the best damn fighter in that boiler room or that back alley or that basement or wherever you like to mind fuck people, but let me tell YOU something, you one-eyed fuck…”

Ryan unstrapped the jOlt World Championship and held it out as Omega continued to watch from underneath his hood.

“I admitted that for one night, you were the better man… but this title says that *I* am the ABSOLUTE, GODDAMN BEST in this ring EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. And listen to me when I say this, Omega… IN THAT RING! Not your boiler room, not your back alley, not your basement… THAT RING. You beat me, but you had to bury me under almost a hundred pounds of steel pipe to get the job done, Omega. When you do face me for this championship, you don’t have that, do you?”

jOlt’s Last Real Man walked forward as the other members of MONARCHY watched.

“You live by these anarchistic ways and you cite me as being afraid, but what if… what if the mighty and insane Omega had to wrestle like a normal person in that ring? You’ve had that Fearless Championship for months and you’ve ruled that realm, but that is but one part of the ring. Don’t mistake that to mean I don’t want your title – I still do. In that ring you stand in? That’s MY boiler room. You’re big and you’re strong – nobody can take that away from you. But in that ring – I rule all! I reign supreme! I’ve proven I can chop any man down to size… and when you’re in MY reign, you are no exception!”

Omega took in everything that jOlt’s Last Real Man had to say before he spoke.

“Beyond your delusions, you have yet to answer our challenge! Either you fight us tonight with your jOlt World Championship on the line… or we will TAKE it from you by force!”


Sonny patted Jeremy Ryan on the shoulder and the jOlt World Champion gave the microphone back to jOlt’s Last Real ManAGER. “Omega, what my client has said is all true. He CAN AND WILL beat you for this championship… but it sure as shit won’t be here tonight!”


“Cowards.” Omega muttered.

“No, no, no…” Sonny said. “You know that’s bullshit. You won, but you didn’t walk out of that boiler room unscathed either, big man… but what I am proposing is a much bigger stage. jOlt World Heavyweight Championship! Jeremy Ryan vs. Omega! Thieves Honor!”

Omega smirked as Sonny continued.

"You were given a grand stage to do this on, so we want one as well. I want you both rested up because I want there to be no excuses for injury or anything when my client PROVES why he is not only jOlt's Last Real Man, but jOlt's Last Real CHAMPION as well!"

It didn't take long for The Fearless Champion to give his answer.

“We agree to your terms. We WILL enjoy picking apart Jeremy Ryan in this ring and we will enjoy his public execution when we take the prize he covets the most!”

Sonny smirked, but he wasn’t done.

"That's your incorrect opinion, Omega... BUT... we are not just REAL MEN here, Omega. We are reasonable men. If you want a fight, then you will get one tonight. You and Ryan are both beaten and battered from Rise of the Legends, so what I’d like to propose is a tag team match… Jeremy Ryan, Frank Silver, and Freddie Rich… against you and any partners of your choice!”

Omega smirked. It was clearly a bullshit scheme. Omega had no friends and certainly didn’t need them, nor did he want them.

“You take us for a fool?” Omega laughed. "Heh... we laugh at Jeremy Ryan's attempts to proclaim himself as a real man and yet, only willing to fight with his friends to help him. Very well. If facing your band of thugs is what it takes to get to Jeremy Ryan tonight, then so be it... we are no strangers to having multiple targets try and stop us, only to fail. I need no help. I accept.”

“Redeemer” played as The Fearless Champion was actually NUTS enough to accept what could potentially be a one-on-three fight! Freddie, Frank, Jeremy and Sonny all looked confident, but so did Omega. And only one of these sides was going to be right tonight.

Jack Dawn vs Statuz Quo
Coming off a loss to The Draconian, “Mister Magic” Jack Dawn was looking to get back on a winning streak and perhaps with the announcement of the annual Thieves Honor match now being for the #1 Contendership to the jOlt World Championship, a win here could either put he or his opponent, Statuz Quo towards a qualifying match. Speaking of Quo…

The camera was already in the ring where he, his tag partner Khadafi, and manager Duzza were all present at ringside. Quo’s music, “Serial Killa” by Snoop Dogg came to a halt when an angry Duzza took the mic.


Duzza continued.

“We SICK of this bullshit! We keep gettin’ ignored EVERY single fuckin’ week just because they keep on floodin’ this shithole, jOlt Wrestlin’ with some rookies from the Hype! They all up in our shit! They in our hair! They everywhere! It’s time that jOlt started takin’ Trouble seriously! So tonight, my boy Quo here is gonna kick the SHIT outta this Sigfried and Roy-lookin’ ass Jack Dawn. And if he don’t win tonight…”

Quo took the mic.

“I will WALK my black ass right on outta here! I ain’t gettin’ disrespected any more.”

The crowd cheered at the prospect of the long-tenured and hated Trouble member leaving jOlt! He was putting a LOT of pressure on himself tonight, but they were on a long losing streak and needed to snuff it tonight if they wanted jOlt to take notice.

“Magic” by B.o.B. feat. Rivers Cuomo.

The lights started to flash and swirl in several shades of various colors filling the area... smoke began to fill the stage… and the crowd began to cheer! Out from the back came two lovely twin ladies, each with blonde hair, blue eyes, and sparkling red sequined skirts that left little to the imagination. The lights continued to shine brightly and flashed again and as a box appeared on stage. Both ladies walked towards either side of the box and grabbed a door…

“Introducing first, being accompanied by The Lovely Assistants, Bobbi and Breezy... from Los Angeles, California, being accompanied by Bobbi and Breezy… weighing in at 236 pounds… this is “MISTER MAGIC” JACK DAWN!”


The doors both opened and a handsome and chiseled man called Jack Dawn stepped out of the box, rocking a cape and top hat as he took a bow for the audience. Dawn got a peck on the cheek from both of the girls and smirked proudly before he and The Lovely Assistants hit the ring, arm in arm for his match tonight. He put up a very tough fight against The Draconian and while he did not win, he was looking forward to the task at hand and get back on the winning track. Bobbi and Breezy both took off his cape, top hat and cane before he entered the ring…



Right as he entered the ring, Mister Magic was caught with a hard boot to the chest from his opponent for the evening, putting his own career on the line if he didn’t win tonight! Quo continued to pound away on Jack Dawn in the corner.

“WE’RE RUNNIN’ THIS NOW!” Quo yelled.

The A-Town Assassin continued to deliver vicious boots to the chest of The David Blaine of Wrestling and kicked a mudhole almost right through him. The official for the match, Ian Nguyen, ordered him back off out of the corner, but Quo smelled blood and had to make the most of this opportunity as he continued to pound away on the Hype graduate. The man formerly known as Picture Perfect was grabbed by his arm and sent flying cross-corner.

Quo took his time and he smirked as he had a groggy Dawn right where he wanted him. He charged full speed ahead and CLOBBERED him with a harsh Clothesline right in the corner! Seeing that he was in charge of the match now, he grabbed Dawn by the arm and whipped Mister Magic across the ring. He ran in right behind him, but Dawn skipped right over him and rolled him up with an O’Connor Roll right out of the corner…





Dawn turned his head to the referee and Ian Nguyen held up three fingers before he called for the bell! The match was over and Jack Dawn had just turned in a victory in less than twenty seconds!

“Here is your winner of the match… ”MISTER MAGIC” JACK DAWN!

Quo’s eyes nearly bugged out of his head as he protested with the official, but it was a plain as day three count! He’d just been made to look like a fool and now his jOlt career was no more.


Dawn’s music faded out and now as the VERY irate Duzza had hijacked a microphone.

“BULLSHIT! That was some goddamn fluke! Double or nothing, double or nothing! Dawn, if you can pull a set of nuts out of your magic hat, then take on Khadafi right now! If he beats you here, then Quo’s job is safe, but if you win, then we’re ALL gone!”

Khadafi turned to his manager and yelled at him.


Dawn turned to Quo who was still shocked to all hell that he was just defeated so quickly, but the man called Mister Magic looked at him and smiled.

“I got this!” Duzza shouted. “You gonna take our challenge or not! Double or nothing, Dawn!”

The crowd cheered on Mister Magic as he looked out to the fans and grinned.

“You got it!” Dawn shouted.

Khadafi was completely irate! His own career had been put on the line by his manager after Quo’s shockingly short defeat, but he was about to fight for it! Quo let the ring as Ian Nguyen called for the bell…

Winner: Jack Dawn via Pinfall

Jack Dawn vs Khadafi

The Hawaiian Headhuter rushed right at Jack Dawn and took him to the ground with a harsh spear tackle before just unleashing a series of hard right hands into his temple! He was now fighting for his own career in addition to that of Statuz Quo, thanks to the impulsiveness of his manager, Duzza, so now he had to dig them all out.

Dawn covered up while The Lovely Assistants watched on, worried for the well-being of their… ahem, friend.

“Go, Jackie!” Bobbi screamed.

“You got ‘em, Jackie!” Breezy yelled with her.

The blonde beauties were watching as Dawn was pulled up by his feet and slugged with a hard right hand before being staggered back into the corner. He pulled Dawn by the arm into a Short-Arm Clothesline, but Dawn suddenly ducked the shot and came back with a beautiful Dropkick! The 244-pound Dawn had him reeling now as he waited for Khadafi to stand. He was wobbly, but mostly angry and he came charging right at Dawn with a Clothesline. Dawn ducked that and when he came back, Mister Magic caught him and dropped him with a wickedly-good Flapjack!

He pulled Khadafi up and whipped him into the corner where Dawn followed up by climbing to the second turnbuckle.

“Let’s work some magic!” Dawn shouted.






He was going for the ten punches in the corner when Duzza climbed up on the ropes to distract the referee. Ian ordered him off the apron, but the distraction allowed Statuz Quo to grab his leg and THROW Dawn off the ropes, sending him crashing on the back of his head! After that distraction, Khadafi frantically scurried over and tried to cover Mister Magic with all of Trouble’s career’s on the line!




Dawn kicked his shoulder up, but he continued to attack him by reeling him with more right hands. Bobi and Breezy showed more concern for Mister Magic, but Dawn tried to fight back with a few rights of his own! Khadafi blocked a shot and leveled him with a High Knee! Khadafi went for another cover now!




The crowd was still firmly behind wrestling’s only magician (that I’m aware of, anyway) and when Khadafi went to grab him, he threw him into the corner only for Dawn to leap up to the top turnbuckle in one quick leap…


The Leaping Turnbuckle Clothesline got him! Dawn fought back and now he was on his feet, waiting for Khadafi to try and get back to his feet. Duzza took a beat and stepped on the ring apron again, trying to distract the official. Quo took that cue and entered the ring, but Dawn raised his hand, which somehow made Quo stop in his tracks! Quo was in shock! His own arm was lifted up by Dawn despite the fact that he was halfway across the ring…



The crowd POPPED like all hell! They had NEVER seen magic like that before and certainly not on a youtube video called “Magic Choke Slam” if you want to look it up for a reference! Duzza’s jaw dropped in almost cartoon wolf-like fashion as Jack Dawn raised his hands again. Khadafi had enough of the fucking playing around and caught him with a forearm to the back of the head before trying to steal the win with a School Boy… but Dawn rolled through and caught him with a kick to the side of the head! Khadafi was wobbly when Dawn lifted him up…


The Sit-out Fireman’s Carry Facebuster connected! He rolled Khadafi onto his back and went for a cover.




That did it! The members of Trouble had put their own careers on the line thanks to Duzza’s impulsiveness and now thanks to Jack Dawn, both members were now GONE from jOlt Wrestling!

“Here is your winner of the match… ”MISTER MAGIC” JACK DAWN!

They’d witnessed the spectacle that was the Magic Chokeslam and now, Duzza had fallen to his knees. He hadn’t imagined that the careers of Trouble were going to end like this. He’d made the career stipulation just to give them both extra motivation and it exploded in their faces in the worst way possible. Dawn stood tall in the ring and he was handed a microphone by one of the officials. Quo was FURIOUS, kicking things along ringside as security started to come out to shuffle Duzza and company away.

“Hey, hey, hey…” Dawn said. “I’m sure I’ve made this joke at some point, but if I don’t do it now, I would just be passing up the opportunity of a lifetime. Okay, so Dallas… guess what I just did?”

He looked to his girls and then to the crowd waiting for his answer.


Dawn dropped the mic in “drop the mic” fashion and the crowd started to clap and cheer for The David Blaine of Wrestling again! Two nice little wins tonight as well as sending the nuisance known as Trouble packing from jOlt. That was a nice way to rebound from Rise of the Legends! Security was basically dragging away the members of Trouble at this point!


A nice little chant of “Hey, Hey, Goodbye” started to erupt from the crowd as they were dragged away from jOlt Wrestling for the final time. Dawn celebrated with The Lovely Assistants and if I can be PG, he’d probably celebrate with the girls later tonight.

Winner: Jack Dawn via Pinfall


”It’s time, Lord Kugasari” One of the Crimson Elite voiced from within the secluded Kugasari Chamber with the Blood Raven’s focus centered within his meditation & slow martial arts katas that would be brought to a subtle conclusion.

“May I have a word with you, Lord Eiji?” Mamoru opened as he motioned for the sentry to dismiss himself from the room. The young ninja merely rolled his neck slowly and stretched his extremities. “I’m ready, Mamoru…”

“It is not your measure of readiness that concerns me…” The elder statesman mentioned in which Eiji turned his head slightly over his shoulder in response. “We are more concerned with the resurrection of old habits...Those of the highly compromising variety…”

“You worry too much, ‘old man’...” Kugasari chided while allowing the arriving female subordinates to finish mending his entrance attire. “The loss of Elder Genzo is a heavy one still yet clan business is paramount. I have to show this upstart his rightful place in the pecking order of this promotion; my championship ambitions demand I make an example of him in grand fashion…”

“In which, I am here to aid you in making good on your claims to the jOlt Championship once again, my Lord.” Mamoru replied. “However, I whole heartily encourage to see reason and do not attempt to underestimate this one…”

Heido exposed him…” Eiji retorted. “In which, I shall be victorious this evening. This is Rise of the Legends where the road to becoming champion begins anew. I defeat this vermin and state my case to contend to make the jOlt Championship mine once again with an even longer reign than the first…”

“Well, on behalf of the clan, we shall honor wishes and stand ready to intervene at a moment’s notice.” Mamoru replied before excusing himself from the room. “Just be mindful, Lord Kugasari…”

The Blood Raven merely scoffed at the notion as he nodded with approval of the subordinates’ finishing touches. Moments later, Eiji Kugasari would punch his fist against his palm before veering out of the camera’s view…

"Grave Development"

Knock... Knock... Knock....

An average built caucasian man knocks on a dressing room door.... As the camera zooms in, the cursive signature logo of Diamond Jewelz is revealed to the raucous approval of the crowd... Jewelz is here to address Damien Lee's ultimatum

Knock... Knock... Knock....

The small caucasian man knocks again...

Bang!!!! Bang!!

The small caucasian man's demeanor is unphased by the anger of whoever is inside..

Knock... Knock... Knock....

Bang!!!! Bang!!

The door flies open to reveal the angry, twinkling and glistening snarl, and the bloodshot eyes of Diamond Jewelz.... Diamond charges out the door and immediately gets in the face of the short statured man..

"Trick ass nigga... That means fuck off hoe..." Diamond snarls angrily... The small man is unmoved by the anger...

"Mr. Jewelz... I'm agent Patton with the FBI,"

Jewelz demeanor morphs immediately into one of concern.. His glistening snarl dissipates; the aggressive posture of his shoulders lowers...

"I've been sent here to inform you that there has possibly been a grave development in the case of your former employees Latrell Samuel and Khalil..."

"Yeah what about 'em", Jewelz barks at the agent hastily... "And what you mean by former homie.. They still work for me.."

"Mr Jewelz..... We have every reason to believe that due to involvement of a powerful Mexican drug cartel, the Sinola's...Mr. Samuel and Mr. Straightgully are deceased...."

"What... Wait.... No!!!", Jewelz screams in agony and disbelief... Tears well up in his eyes and drip down onto the agony of the twinkle and glisten of his wide open mouth..."

"We're going to need you to come with us..."Agent Patton exclaims without ny break in his demeanor.. More men in black suits come into the picture as Jewelz falls to his knees in despair and a ball of tears...

The Natural Athletes(c) vs The House
It was a good run with the jOlt Tag Team championships for close to five months. When you thought of tag team domination in jOlt, the House were probably the first team on that list. They not only beat their own record of being three-time champs, but had gone one to become the only four-time Tag Team champions on record. They said a team would come along that would be better than them one day to take the belts – at Rise Of The Legends, that team was the Hype’s best tag team, The Natural Athletes!

The Athletes were so proud of their victory, that they actually challenged the House in an interview near the end of a show. The new champions wanted this rematch and tonight, the fans of Dallas, Texas, would get it. Could the House become the unprecedented five-time Tag Team champions or were The Natural Athletes the team that had their number? And would Zane Roebuck play a part in this match at all after some argued that he had inadvertently cost the House the titles? All this and more right now!

"House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch played first and out came the former four-time Tag Team Champions! The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive pop from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of cards toward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the Nevada bred four-time jOlt Tag Team Champions appeared from the backstage area.

“The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck.

“The Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber.

And …


The former three-time Starlets Champion was back and wearing a sexy pink dress! While she had not been cleared for return to action just yet in light of her concussion from a brutal match with Tammy Lynn Foster, she was well enough to be at the side of her husband, Derrick Huber, and her best friend Adam Roebuck! The Hubers were all smiles despite seeming naked without title belts. However, Roebuck was much more business as he came to the ring. He was in the ring first and stomped around as Derrick followed. There was no sign of Zane here tonight, which meant the House could focus on the task at hand.


Four pillars were near the entrance, two on each end with “THE NATURAL ATHLETES” in a yellow and red shield logo. The camera took notice of an inflatable tunnel with the same logo…

“Unleashed” by Chris Classic feat. Nazareth.

The music played and the crowd went crazy for the NEW World Tag Team Champions! Cori “Striker” Albright and “The Big Hitter” Terry Massimo raised their respective titles to a huge pop from the crowd! Behind them was Nate Quartermaine who soaked in the positive cheers. Massimo surveyed the crowd and pointed to a section of fans with Natural Athletes signs while Cori Albright scanned for the hottest ladies the eye could see. Albright jumped to the top rope and did a cartwheel over the ropes before landing in the ring while Massimo climbed into the squared circle. Both men posed for the crowd with their belts in tow before giving them over to the official. He raised the Tag Titles up and signaled for the bell to ring.

When it did, Adam Roebuck went after Terry Massimo at the bell! The powerhouse of the Natural Athletes was being taken to task by the Las Vegas Leviathan and was forced to eat a series of big elbows in the corner. It looked like the loss to the Natural Athletes lit an extra-hot fire underneath Roebuck as he continued to attack him in the corner. The official tried to get him out, but Roebuck wanted no part of him and was close to shoving him away.

“Whoa!” Huber screamed. “Don’t get us disqualified!”

Roebuck had to keep his temper in check tonight and he did so as he used a big splash in the corner on Massimo. The former football player was reeling when Roebuck whipped him across the ring to hit another big splash on the opposite side. He rolled Massimo out of the corner and used the ropes to drop an extra harsh flashing elbow drop onto his chest! Roebuck barked at the official to count.



Massimo kicked out right after the second hand landed. Adam Roebuck remained incensed and continued to put a hurting on the new tag team champion, but Massimo was no pushover. He punched Roebuck in the throat as he was about to stand and then went after the knee. Massimo wised up a little and went after the knee – the weak point of Roebuck – and then rushed him into another corner where he gave him a receipt from earlier by punching him repeatedly.

The crowd seemed to favor both teams as equal chants for both the House and the Natural Athletes started to erupt.

”Let’s Go, House! Let’s Go, Athletes! Let’s Go, House! Let’s Go, Athletes! Let’s Go, House! Let’s Go, Athletes!”

Massimo continued laying right into Roebuck and a head butt from the football player had him reeling. He grabbed him by the arm and tried to irish whip him when Roebuck put on the brakes and sent Massimo off to the other side. Roebuck came charging in like a freight train, but Terry got his elbow up right into his face. As Roebuck was dazed and confused, Terry got himself ready…


Cori and Nate cheered from ringside as Terry took down the monstrous Roebuck with a hell of a running shoulder tackle! Roebuck was down and Terry followed that up with a big leg drop. Nothing too fancy from Terry Massimo, but with raw power like he had, he didn’t need to do a lot.



Huber with the save!

The Sin City Strongman walked into the ring and broke up the cover. Huber returned to his corner while giving Massimo the stink eye. Massimo returned one in kind, but when he tried to pick up Roebuck off the mat, the Las Vegas Leviathan right crossed him in the ribs and delivered some hard forearms shots. He pushed Massimo into the corner and now Huber got to have a go. Charlotte at ringside cheered as they both launched Massimo off the ropes and spiked him with a vicious double shoulder tackle. Huber then followed that attack by heading off the ropes and delivering a falling headbutt to the chest! Huber patted his head and always liked to try new things in the ring. He went for a cover.



Now Cori with the save!

Albright kicked at Derrick to break up the cover, but Huber shoved the smaller high-flyer away from him. That gave Massimo an opening to just bulrush him back to their corner now! Massimo was a surprisingly tough man and he used some shoulders to the gut of Huber to wear him down. He held him in place and the tag was made to Cori!

The ladies in the arena got an extra cheer as Albright ripped off his customized polo shirt and tossed it into the sea of fans! He jumped to the top rope while Massimo held onto Derrick Huber. He did his patented amazing rope run and came off with a missile dropkick to Huber’s chest, knocking him down! He was finally down now and the anxious Cori was itching to fight! He was outsized by everybody in this match, but his heart put him on an even keel with everybody else in there.

Cori waited for Huber to get back to his feet as he headed to the top a second time and came back with an amazing corkscrew moonsault body press! Huber was down and Cori tried to steal the win right there!



Huber used a huge kickout and powered out of the pinfall attempt. Cori was surprised his high-flying one-two combination didn’t end it there, but he ran towards the corner and used a springboard back elbow to catch Adam Roebuck in the face with a nice shot! The blow staggered Roebuck, but when Cori was up, he was surprised to see Huber not only on his feet already, but he threw him down with a standing spinebuster!

Huber held onto the legs and the crowd started roaring! They knew what was coming next.


The crowd was going crazy. Terry and Nate were worried for Cori, but Charlotte led the crowd going with a count.

”1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … 5 … 6 … 7 … 8 … 9 … 10!”

Ten clear rotations for the giant swing and that was all she wrote for Cori Albright! He was worn out on the mat while Huber leaned backwards. Roebuck tagged himself in, which caught Derrick Huber a little bit off-guard, but he figured this was something he needed to get out of his system, so he didn’t dwell on it.

“Enough fucking around,” Huber yelled.

He grabbed Cori Albright and chose to throw him between the ropes and Albright crashed on the floor hard! Adam Roebuck then climbed out to the ringside floor with him and picked up Albright before cradling him in his arms like a small child. He hoisted him up and rammed him right into the barricade!


Now Huber looked a little concerned. Roebuck was a beast in the ring, but he was even more physical than he tended to be. Terry and Nate were forced to watch Cori Albright get picked apart by the massive Roebuck as he dropped him with a hard fall away slam on the floor. Roebuck dusted himself off and picked up Albright off the canvas. He knew he couldn’t win the Tag Team championships back on the floor, so he picked up Cori and threw him back inside. Roebuck went to pin him.



Close, but no cigar!

Adam Roebuck was utterly shocked! That should have been enough to put away the young high-flyer, but Cori Albright was full of fight and full of heart, as were all the Athletes. Roebuck picked up Cori like a bear picking up its foot before he ate it and forced him into the corner.



Cori Albright was doubled over and his chest now bore the badges of war with Roebuck. He was left with several large red handprints left on his chest and was now forced to a knee. The Las Vegas Leviathan tagged out to Derrick Huber and the Strongman went to work. Roebuck grabbed his partner and used added momentum to whip him right into a big spear in the corner! Albright was sucking in wind and Huber launched him out of the corner before going for a cover.



Another kickout!

Cori Albright could take his licks, but The House were chief among those that could dish out unrelenting punishment. Charlotte cheered her husband on while Terry was itching for a tag. The Sin City Strongman pulled him up by the head into a headlock-like submission and threw some hard knees upwards into the face of Cori before turning him over and then setting him up …

And he was brought down with a stalled double arm suplex! The fans clapped for the freaky show of strength by the Sin City Strongman who wasted no time shooting the half! He wanted those Tag Team title belts back and a record-breaking reign number five!



Massimo broke up the cover and saved his ally in arms from suffering a defeat. Huber then hoisted Albright up his shoulder and planted him down with a pendulum backbreaker, but held him there, following up on what his partner started earlier.

The official asked him if he wanted to give up, but Cori yelled out an emphatic no as he tried his best to fight out of the submission attempt. Cori kicked and elbowed both arms of the Sin City Strongman trying his best to break free when Huber simply powered him up.


The move that was a swinging side slam backbreaker could’ve almost broken Cori in half! The Sin City Strongman covered again.



Terry with the save!

Terry Massimo tagged Huber with a kick to the side of his ribs and walked back to his corner while Nate tried rallying the crowd back to them! It was split fifty-fifty with this hot crowd who loved both teams. Huber was wincing from the kick from Massimo, but he made it over to Adam and tagged him in. Roebuck was keen on finishing things off now, so he powered up the smaller Albright, but Cori was out. Cori turned and used a dropkick to the knee to save himself. A second one finally got Roebuck on his back and then …


The kneeling Roebuck took a pele kick right from the former soccer player and now both men were down! Cori was so close to the corner, he could taste it…

Tag to Terry Massimo!

The big three-hundred fifty pound football player was on the second rope and waited for Roebuck to rise and when he did, he took him down with a flying shoulder takedown! Huber looked impressed for a second before he remembered they needed to win the Tag Team titles and charged at him. He blocked a punch and head butted Huber in the face!

He took the fight to Roebuck as he got up in one corner and used a running hip attack! He did the same off to the other side and charged at Huber and crushed him with a running splash! The Big Hitter was taking the fight to both members of the House and the crowd was loving it!

He turned to Adam Roebuck and tried to catch him with his jackhammer slam, the Fourth and Long, but Huber saved his partner by elbowing him in the back. Both members of the House worked together and try and cut off his momentum as they whipped him to the ropes. They both ducked down too early and Terry made them both pay with double DDTs!

Terry was back up and now he called for his finisher! Charlotte was worried for her husband as Terry Massimo looked to end things. He ran off the ropes and tried to connect with the All The Way running senton but Roebuck moved and hit nothing but mat.

The House had a chance to win now as Roebuck reached over and tagged in Huber while Terry tagged out to Cori Albright again. Albright went up top and used a springboard rolling senton right on top of Huber!




Huber kicked out, but he pushed him away. When Cori tried to kick him low to set up Bend It Like Beckham, Huber socked him in the mouth! He motioned for Roebuck to come in and put an end to this. Roebuck had him in the full nelson.

They were going for BUST!

If they could hit their finishing double-team powerbomb, the reign would end before it truly began for the Natural Athletes. However, Terry came back in and he slugged Roebuck with a shot from behind and then actually muscled the Las Vegas Leviathan over the top rope! Huber scrambled and tried to save his partner, but Cori Albright doubled him over.


The inverted double underhook facebuster planted Huber face first into the mat! Cori muscled him over and turned him onto his back, before tagging Terry Massimo in again! They waited as the groggy Huber tried to kneel up …


The superkick put him down and Massimo finished it off.


Three hundred and fifty pounds came crashing down across the chest of Derrick Huber with a senton and Terry covered him. Roebuck tried to save him, but Cori Albright ran over the ropes in a spectacular somersault dive, taking Roebuck out!




They had just proven that Rise Of The Legends was no fluke! The members of The Natural Athletes climbed back up to their feet and Nate joined them for the celebration! The had just been announced as the winners of this very hard fought match-up and beat the House two consecutive times! Cori held onto his back after being ravaged by the House while Terry and Nate hugged it out. Tonight they not only proved the future was now, but it appeared that they were here to stay as the heads of the incredibly talented tag team division.

Charlotte was trying to help her husband out of the ring. She turned to Adam Roebuck

“Roe, could you …”

Before she could even ask, Adam Roebuck was already halfway up the ramp and he stormed off. He looked mad after they lost at Rise Of The Legends, but this was their one rematch and now that was gone, too. The camera changed over to one of the monitors backstage and there was Adam Roebuck’s double-talking troublemaker of a son, “Good Luck” Zane Roebuck. He watched the disappointed look on the face of his father as he stormed off.

And then a smile crossed his.

Winner: The Natural Athletes via Pinfall (STILL jOlt World Tag Team Champions)


The scene opened up backstage and we see Sebastian Saje pacing back and forth on his cell phone.

"So.. how are you doing?" asked Saje

There was a momentary pause.

"That's great... when will the doctors say you will be back?" asked Saje.

Just then, Saje cracked a smile.

"Next week sounds wonderful. So what are you...." said Saje before he was obviously cut off.

"Whoa.. hold on.. I don't think Damien Lee will..... No, No.. I agree with you, I'm not telling you no.. I'm just saying that if you do that, you could land in some pretty hot water.. like I did..."

Saje paused for a moment.

"Yes... I know... I'm surprised you weren't mad at me for costing you the match in the long run... I'm happy to know that you understand that I could just stand back and let her to any further. I had to protect the one I love..."

Saje closed his eyes and smiled.

"See you next week, then.. and I mean it... don't do anything too rash. "

Saje hung up the call. He turned around and was stopped in his tracks. The camera pulled back and leaning up against the wall in the shadows was Raevynn. She had heard everything.

"Isn't that sweet.. the love bird is posthumously conversing with the one he loves.. spinning a classic tale of plotting and revenge." said Raevynn.

"Heh..." said Saje. "You speak as if she were already dead, but I assure you, Alyssa isn't dead yet."

Raevynn cracked a grin.

"Truer words have never been spoken... you chose them well.. especially that last word..... yet."

Raevynn turned and walked away laughing to herself, making sure to keep her distance from Saje. Saje glared at her as she walked off.. the scene faded to black.

"Voice from the Wind"

The lights in the arena dimmed as Jeff Williams 'Sacrifice' began to play. Fog was creeping into the area, thick and white as images of people fighting appeared in the fog. Movement was seen at the top of the stage. As a young man began walking slowly to the ring.

Buhrman: There he is folks! There's the man who assaulted The Entertainers last Sunday at Rise Of The Legends.

Powers: What does this psychopath want now? Wasn't hospitalizing an innocent man enough?

Buhrman: Well we'd like to take you back folks to just two nights ago when this man rather brutally assaulted Alfie Button.

A video played, showing the strangers rather vicious attack on Alfie Button.

Buhrman: Still no word from our medical staff on when or if Alfie will be able to continue. Hopefully though, we will be able to get some answers for this man for why he did what he did.

Nathan: He better have a good explanation. I'm all for making a statement, but that was going too far!

The lights slowly brightened as the stranger finally stepped inside the ring, raising a microphone to his lips as he began to speak in a calm, soft tone of voice.

"My name, is Alex Reyn." he said "And I speak this message directly to you, Darren Best."

He had begun to pace back in forth inside the ring.

"Right now, I'm sure you're asking yourself: Why? Why did I do it? Why did I cripple your friend?"

He let out a resigned sigh. lowering his head

"To be honest... I didn't want to. Every life destroyed is a waste of potential."

His voice hardened as he raised his head once again. Eyes cold and pitiless.

"However." he continued "It is an unfortunate truth of this world that for one to rise, another must fall. I had to make a choice. And Darren? I've chosen you. You should be honoured."

"So Mr Best..." he said, lips curling into a small smile "I submit to you a question: You know what I did to your friend, you know what I will do to you. The question is, will you scurry and hide like a pathetic coward and WAIT for me to tear you limb from limb? Or will you seek me out YOURSELF, and take the revenge I KNOW you desire?"

'Sacrifice" once more began to play, as Alex lowered his microphone, and left the arena.

Apollo vs Eiji Kugasari
The gathered legions would respond negatively en mass as ”Set It Off” by Audioslave angrily roared from the PA system. The sculpted frame would slowly walk forward from the gorilla position; head downcast with both hands gradually balled up & released as the moment of truth arose. The pay per view debut led The Voice to proudly rant & celebrate the arrival of his lauded protegee’...




There was a brief moment where The Voice silently pointed towards Dean Carrington whom would roll his eyes and rest himself against the opposing ring post in silent protest. A smug smile would form across The Voice’s lips before he casually raised the mic to his lips to formally address the crowd…

“Ah Hem!” The Voice ensured to clear his throat to further infuriate the masses as the musical entrance was brought to a gradual halt. “Ladies & Gentlemen...and perhaps it’s best to use such terms loosely…” He quipped as the crowd angrily voiced their shared displeasure towards him. “...It is your divine privilege to bear witness to the pay per view debut of a legend personified...To behold the arrival of a technical wrestling demigod, willing to ply his trade and present himself amongst the unwashed masses both here and abroad out of the sheer kindness of his heart...Underlings, both obese & small, I present to you 255 pounds of chiseled masculinity, 18.2143 stone of North Hero’s tribute of technical mastery & ring savvy…THE MAN RENOWN THE WORLD OVER AS APOLLO!!!



Again, another salvo of pyrotechnical eye candy & explosions would rock the arena amidst a equal hail of crowd heat from the masses. The unwelcomed pair would continue their trek down the aisle before laying siege to the squared circle for themselves. The self professed Grappling God would shuffled about in a circle within the ring before running the ropes for several laps. He would soon begin hopping in place before tugging at the ropes as the musical entrance slowly ebbed out of earshot…

A trinity of Crimson lighting swept across the cheering crowd before darkness enveloped the entire arena. ”Dawn Awaits” - (Extended version) by Cliff Lin would generate an arena wide volley of cheers as a lone strobe light was trained on the ninja clan leander, immersed in his pre-fight martial arts katas. Reddish arcs of angry lightning would dance along the mesh grating and along the leg & forearm armor of the young ninja as he began to slowly stand himself erect…

Carrington: “...And his opponent, representing The Kugasari Clan; from The Okayama Prefecture of Ibara, Japan...Weighing in at 195 pounds...He is the ’The Blood Raven’...EIJI!! KUGASARI!!!

The Prince of Puroresu would radiate a stoic demeanor as he held his head towards the heavens briefly before the manufactured lighting dissipated. The former jOlt Champion would casually reconnect with the crowd from the long hiatus before making his way towards the ring. Apollo would slowly pace back & forth toward the opposing ring posts as Eiji would walk up the ring steps, ascend the nearest turnbuckle and siphoned even more adulation from the crowd. The ninja quickly dove and rolled into a kneeling posture to execute a pair of Double Back Handstand Flips into a defensive posture to dazzle the crowd. However, Apollo remained unamused by the ninja’s theatrics as he rolled both shoulders and wring both wrists. Eiji merely popped the bones in his neck as the his theme music eroded away. Referee Darius Underwood would pass through the ropes and quickly inspect both men before calling for the opening bell…

DING!!!! DING!!!! DING!!!!

The cerebral newcomer would rush in with an intended Feint to test the ninja’s mettle yet Kugasari would casually sidestep out of harm’s way while retaining his composure. Apollo nodded to himself before initiating a Single Handed Greco Roman Knuckle Lock in which, Eiji merely scoffed at the gesture casually looked off to the crowd. Apollo would inaudibly insist yet Eiji would carefully oblige him. A wry smirk would flash across Apollo’s lips as he turned the young ninja’s wrist upward having seized full control yet the adroit assassin would execute an expedient Side Cartwheel before dumping the newcomer over with a hasty Fireman’s Carry Takeover. The Reverse Chin Lock prompted an annoyed Apollo would swivel about and counter with a Rear Side Hammerlock before shifting to a Kneeling Side Headlock. The Side Headlock Takedown left room for the young ninja to batter Apollo with a Short Bike Kick across the back of the head before scrambling back to his feet. A short sprint jettisoned the heralded superstar airborne with a Flying Headscissors Takedown. The momentum rolled the slightly dazed grappler back to his feet before being overwhelmed via Red Solstice - A High Tiger Wall Flip to Hurricanrana Take Down! The pissed off Apollo staggered about before collapsing onto the canvas, rolled off the ring apron and slapped the ring apron in outright frustration. Shaking the cobwebs free, he would open his eyes in time to witness a streaking Eiji flatten him with The Screaming Eagle - A Running Arabian 1 to an Arabian 3/4 OTR Corkscrew Senton! The Blood Raven would cast a disrespectful stare down at the fallen grappler before causing The Voice to retreat around the distant ring post. Unwilling to help the promotional rookie up, Eiji quickly rolled himself back inside the ring before basking within the ongoing shower of praise…

Chants for the Kugasari Clan leader would echo through the stands as Eiji watched a scowling Apollo reclaim his footing and allow the ref to continue his count. The Voice would head back to his client’s side to offer him sage advice before Apollo clambered up the ring apron and carefully passed through the ropes. Kugasari arrogantly motioned for his opposition to challenge him again yet Apollo shifted his jaw before making his approach. Encircling the ring, both men sized each other up before Apollo would ground the nimble ninja with a Double Leg Takedown. Eiji would slap on a Front Facelock as a countermeasure yet Apollo hoisted the young ninja upward and retaliated with a Bear Hug. The grimacing ninja would ward off the urge to submit in having released the hold before utilizing a pair of Ear Boxes to free himself. A Double Throat Thrust Strike would drop the ailing Apollo to a knee before Kugasari blasted him with a Shoot Kick across the Jaw! A swift carom off the ropes would allow the running ninja to leap and connect with The Flying Osprey - A Leaping Double Stomp! The Blood Raven was quick to shoot the Cradle in short order



An angry kick out by Apollo led to the Japanese neophyte to slap on a La Magistral Cradle Pin!


...1 1/2!

and the prideful grappler was quick to roll away to the outside again to reclaim his bearings. The Voice would quietly calm his wayward mind before setting him loose again. The chiseled newcomer would smooth out his face with both hands before climbing back in. Eiji would rise from the position of seiza before inching his way forward. Both men briefly clashed with a Elbow & Collar Tie Up before Apollo quickly hurled the ninja ninja airborne with a hard Biel Throw. Immediately, the 275 pounder would batter the ninja with a running Stinger Kick between the shoulder blades. A pair of Crossface Punches were the prelude to a trinity of Downward Elbow Strikes before launching Kugasari with a Release Deadlift Full Nelson Suplex!

An ailing Eiji was left writhing as he rolled off his chest and Apollo angrily latched onto his prey with a Chickenwing Over the Shoulder Crossface. The referee diligently monitored the ninja’s resilience which led Apollo to transition to a Deadlift Gutwrench Suplex! The spine rattling attack garnered the support of The Voice as the North Hero native dragged his prey into the nearby corner and began battering him with a hail of Turnbuckle Stomps. Referee Underwood would adamantly shove the technical assassin off of Kugasari before wedging his knee firmly against the ninja’s throat for the count of 4. Having been shoved off by the in ring official, Apollo mockingly taunted the ninja before ejecting him with a Short Armed Pumphandle Fallaway Slam! Eiji gnashed his teeth yet was quickly bundled up with a Cradle Pin



Kugasari kicked out with Apollo back to his feet battering Eiji with a deliberate Wheelbarrow Suplex! The North Hero demigod sat up with a faint shit-eating grin was plastered upon his face before reclaiming his footing. Stalking after the ninja clan general, Apollo inaudibly taunted his prey before insulting him with several Paintbrush Slaps. Having his fill, Apollo would seat his opposition atop the turnbuckles with a Front Suplex before standing along the middle ropes. Projecting his intent for a Super Belly to Belly Suplex, the battered Kugasari would begin fighting back with a barrage of Downward Elbow Strikes atop Apollo’s brow. The consecutive blows would weaken the grappler’s grip which gave Eiji a needed breather before landing a quartet of Clenched Forearm Strikes. Another Ear Box would leave Apollo exposed before being violently sandwiched with a Super Double Knee These Press! The audience rallied behind the ailing ninja’s recovery as The Voice began slapping the ring apron while yelling for Apollo to reclaim his footing. The Ibara native would ward off the lingering damage to low crawl and cover with a Lateral Press



...2 ½!

A hint of annoyance flashed across the Blood Raven’s visage as he watched The Voice coach his client onward to stand. The Japanese hothead would soon stand himself erect to slap on a Koji Clutch Submission Lock. Apollo’s arm would gradually slow down to a halt before hovering above the canvas with the seasoned ninja rearing back to apply even more pressure yet the North Hero demigod was seen digging in and dragging himself onward towards salvation. The size advantage weighed in his favor as he managed to cling to the bottom ropes to force the rope break.

Kugasari reluctantly slithered away to the outside, allowing The Voice to approach his client before quickly sprinting away as Eiji nailed Apollo with a Spinning Roundhouse Heel Kick to the skull from the outside! With the larger Apollo recoiling from the attack, the nimble ninja would slide back onto the ring and stalk after his rising prey. Eiji would carom off the opposing ropes and haul off with Blunt Force Trauma - A stiff Shining Wizard Knee Smash. However, the North Hero native would spin away from the attack and nail the recovering ninja with a Arn Anderson-esque Spinebuster! Apollo would remain kneeling briefly before rising with a hardened scowl etched along his face as he grabbed the ninja by the hair and punished him with a Running Buckle Bomb! The impact left Kugasari stumbling forward as the returning Apollo would connect with a vicious STO Backbreaker! The animated Voice was overheard lauding his harbinger’s praises as he covered him with a Lateral Press



...2 ½!

Several disrespectful pokes with his boot would push the smaller ninja around followed by several Slaps across the back of the head & neck before locking in a Hanging Full Nelson Submission. Referee Darius Underwood would monitor the ailing ninja’s status before the technical terrorist blasted him with a Dragon Suplex Pin!




Undeterred, Apollo would hold on and jettison Eiji with a violent Half Nelson Suplex! The Voice was overheard yelling at Apollo to make the ninja’s suffering long and deliberate in which he would casually stalk after the low crawling ninja before seizing him with a Half Nelson and starting to batter him with a set of Clubbing Forearms. Eiji was soon cast away like rubbish as Apollo’s arrogance spurned the crowd even further. Focused on delivering a Double Underhook Powerbomb yet the reluctant ninja blocked by dropping to a knee. The embittered technician would launch Kugasari airborne with a High Release Butterfly Suplex where the nimble ninja landed and stumbled forward to cling onto the ring ropes to stop himself. Apollo scrambled back to his feet and rushed in to lay siege to his target when his haste exposed him to be force fed a desperation Pele Kick between the teeth!

Palming his face with both hands, Apollo’s staggering retreat led to his collapse as Kugasari struggled to stand himself erect. The crowd would begin rallying behind the resourceful ninja as Apollo wobbled back to a knee. Every Shoot Kick would weaken the taller assailant’s vertical base as the momentum began to accelerate until Eiji unleashed his patented Crimson Sword Dance; Snap Kick to Thigh, Spinning Back Elbow to Skull, Spinning Back Fist, Open Palm Strike to Jaw would be the sequence that sent the titan stumbling sideways into the middle ropes. Still grimacing from an ailing back, Eiji would still soldier on and deliver another pair of Shoot Kicks to his opponent’s legs before using Tomoe Nage - A Judo Leg Wheel Throw to roll through and delivering a stiff Knee Drop atop Apollo’s sternum. A barrage of Alternating Punches would lead to the referee to physically pry the angry hot head off of Apollo yet Eiji would swivel around the referee and flatten the rising grappler with another The Flying Osprey - A Leaping Double Stomp! Kugasari stumbled forward and collapsed onto all fours before standing himself up and reeling his opposition upwards. The Voice was adamant with his warnings as Apollo was clutching his chest while standing. Eiji vaulted airborne to land on his prey’s shoulders to deliver the Shinobi Sunset - A Step Up Snap Reverse Frankensteiner Driver yet Apollo immediately countered with an Electric Chair Drop! The Voice would breathe a notable sigh of relief as Apollo slowly sat up. The fallen ninja clan leader would soon find himself pummeled with a set of Measured Right Hands before hurling the ninja forward with a hard Irish Whip into the opposing corner. Slammed chest first, Kugasari stumbled backwards into Apollo’s clutches to be dumped on his head with a Tiger Suplex! Underwood with the sliding count



...2 9/10ths!

Eiji collapsed onto his side as the pissed off Apollo took a moment to center himself before walking toward the opposing turnbuckles and standing poised to make the charge toward his rising opponent. Apollo lumbered forward to deliver a Spear yet the cunning ninja used his opponent’s momentum to slam him shoulder first into the unforgiving ring post!

The ailing North Hero grappler howled as Eiji gradually used the ropes to pull himself back up to his feet. Another battery of Shoot Kicks to the shoulder would send Apollo retreating away before collapsing chest first. The Blood Raven smelled blood as he sprinted forward and finally connected with Blunt Force Trauma - A stiff Shining Wizard! Kugasari took a moment to stare down at his fallen opposition and opted to forego the pinfall and began to ascend the nearby turnbuckles. Apollo groggily hobbled his way back to his feet as Kugasari pounced with Hanzo’s Comet - Front Flipping Seated Senton (Molly Go Round)...

The Devil’s Terminal - A Reverse Flatliner !!!

The audience groaned as the back of Eiji’s skull careened against the canvas soundly before landing onto his side. Apollo rolled away notably favoring his shoulder for several moments before staggering after the near motionless ninja and draping his arm over the fallen ninja…


The majority of the masses remained shocked as The Voice adamantly ran into the ring and hugged his protegee’ in celebration. ”Set It Off” by Audioslave would openly screamed from overhead as the numerous boos began pouring forth as the victorious wrestling technician silently raised his good arm upward and inaudibly barked back at the crowd defiantly. The unruly pair continued their egress to the back when several plumes of smoke arose near the opposing ring apron to reveal several members of Eiji’s clan; Takeshi, Heido & Mamoru were accompanied by 4 Crimson Elite. Apollo was seen scowling at the gathered reinforcements whom were ordered by Mamoru to reclaim their fallen brother. A notably disappointed elder statesman would watch Takeshi drape Eiji over his shoulder before turning his attention back towards Apollo. Seconds later, the masked entourage would make their smoke laden egress with The Voice inaudibly urging his rising star to head to the back and revel in this triumphant moment. However, the promotional newcomer knew retribution was on the agenda and the ninjas would never take this failure lightly from this moment forward…

Winner: Apollo via Pinfall

"Announcing the Qualifiers"

The jOltvision came to life and we saw Damien Lee on the screen in his office with his hands folded on his desk.

"Ladies and you know.. our next big event is going to be Thieves Honor, coming to you live on Pay Per View from the Kemper Arena in Kansas City. Each year we have the Thieves Honor Match to decide the fate of the jOlt Championship, but this year will be different. This year it will determine the number one contender to the world championship. There will be six participants... who they are will depend on whether or not they can win their qualifying matches."

Lee smiled.

"I am here to announce those qualifying matches. Starting next week on iNtense, we will have two qualifying matches each night to determine the six contenders."

Lee paused briefly

"Next week on iNtense, it will be Frank Silver taking on "Mr Magic" Jack Dawn... and Sebastian Saje taking on "The World's Nicest Man" Kayden Paulton!

The crowd cheered

"In the week after, it will be "The Colossus" Spike Saunders taking on "God's War Machine" Seraph... and Keegan taking on Brian Williams!

The crowd popped even louder for that!

"And finally in the last week.... it will be "The Big Bucks" Adam Roebuck taking on a member of The Natural Athletes... Nate Quartermaine.. and finally you will have Hank Wright taking on The Hype Champion himself, Mike Patterson!"

The crowd cheered some more!

"Six of these twelve will move on to Thieves Honor where one of them will become the new number one contender to the jOlt World Championship! Thank you and enjoy the rest of iNtense!

With that, the screen faded out to black.

"A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"

Things finished up elsewhere and the viewers were pleasantly surprised to find the adorable Dawn Cassidy sitting upon what had become a staple of her interview area, a director's chair. She gave a quick wave and a smile to everyone in attendance, as they cheered for her. She was looking dapper in a black business suit with mini skirt and heels. She brought a microphone up to her lips.

"Rise of the Legends was a spectacular event. It was full of action and definitely surprises."

She directed every one to the large LED screen hanging over her right shoulder. Footage began to play of the highly rated pay per view.

Brody slowly battled up to one knee. He looked up at his newly found allies Maddox St. James and Alice Castle before looking to the Revenant, who he knew all too well. ​

"It is time you learned the truth," the Revenant informed him before giving a nod to the deaf fighter and the female.

The young woman reached down and harshly removed the mask covering Magdalena's face. She tried to keep her head lowered, so her raven-colored hair would keep her identity hidden.

"LOOK AT HIM," the Revenant demanded loudly. "LOOK AT HIM OR I WILL END YOU!"

The lone female archangel flipped her hair out of her face and looked up at the monstrous spectre with a look of hatred in her eyes.

It was...


The love of Pietro Geist's life was a member of the Dead Cell. The very group that attacked him all those weeks ago.

"Shou deserve to burn in hell for vhat shou have done," she hissed at the poltergeist.

"You gotta be fucking kidding me," Mack said aloud, not believing what he was seeing. However, her being exposed caused the light bulb above SuperMack's head to not only turn on but explode. He turned to the lifeless Azrael, who the Revenant was keeping sat up by the hair. "That means he HAS TO BE Pietro Geist!"

"Unfortunately not," the Revenant replied, while removing the massive blond archangel's mask to reveal a face that Mack didn't know. "His name is Erik Kroenen, son of the false prophet's former ally K.R. Kroenen. He is nothing more than a doppleganger, brought on to use a name and reputation that didn't belong to him because the true warrior refused to kneel before the crown."

"Shit," Brody exlaimed and drove his boot into Kroenen's face out of frustration. He looked to the heavily bandaged warrior. "If that isn't him, then where the fuck is he?! You seem to have all the fucking answers here. Spit it the fuck out! Where is he?! Where is Pietro Geist?!"

The Revenant sighed and reached into his boot to pull out a knife. He lowered his head while slowly slicing the bandages that wrapped around his head. As each length of bandage fell, more blond hair began to fall out. The spectre slowly lifted his head, so his blue eyes could lock on Brody's. SuperMack took a few steps back in shock, as Maddox grinned from ear to ear.

The Revenant was...


Things returned back to the ring, where Dawn looked around the arena, as the crowd chanted one name and one name only...


"Well, you got him! Granting me his first interview since his return... accompanied by Mack Brody, Maddox St. James, and Alice Castle... "The Revenant" Pietro Geist!!!"

Static and crackling could be heard throughout the arena, as the lights and tron began to flicker. Marching could be heard, as the tron displayed a platoon of zombie German soldiers doing just that. The camera zoomed in on the soldier leading the charge to show Geist's painted face. His last name burst onto the tron as a massive explosion of fire lit up the entrance ramp and the lights in the arena came on. Walking out to the top of the ramp was the quartet that shoved the bitter taste of defeat down the Dead Cell's throat. Brody's face was taken over by a confident grin, as he stood next to his friend. To Geist's left, their new found allies, Maddox and Alice were polar opposites. St. James stood like a pillar of strength, as his lady love was full of energy and played to the crowd, causing them to cheer louder.

Down the ramp they came. About halfway, Maddox and Alice took off like rockets towards the ring. They slid in under the bottom rope and both executed a handspring up to a vertical base. Brody ascended the steel steps, where he stopped to play to the crowd himself.

"Come on, get out of your fucking seats! I can't hear you," Mack demanded of the crowd, motioning for them to get louder.

He slipped into the ring, as Geist leapt onto the the apron and looked around the arena. He was proud to once again be without a mask in front of all the jOlt fans. Once he entered the ring, Dawn offered them a chance to sit down, which all but Geist took advantage of.

"Welcome to the Dawncast," Dawn said with a smile to her guests. "Thank you for giving me this exclusive interview. So, it can't be ignored, these great jOlt fans are happy to have you back Pietro!"

The mentioning of them and the Todesengel once again got a positive reaction from the crowd. Even the rage-powered Geist couldn't stop himself smiling just a little.


"Bitte," he replied into his own microphone.

"I know you are a man who doesn't like to beat around the bush, so let me get right to the big question, what is the issue between you and the Dead Cell? At Rise of the Legends, we saw that one of them was actually the woman we all believed was your girlfriend, Lorelei Albrecht. Like many others, I am completely lost," Dawn chuckled.

"Go ahead and tell the broad," as expected, Alice chimed in.

"People need to know the truth," Brody made his opinion known. "Let the Dead Cell deal in secrets. We don't fuck around."

Geist sighed, while looking down at the mat. He took a deep breath and snapped his head back, exposing his German flag-inspired face paint.

"Where do I begin? You all witnessed my lynching by the Dead Cell all those weeks ago. When they dragged me away, it was not to injure me further. Ezekiel had hopes of converting me into one of his followers. Try as he might, he could not break my will. This soldier follows no general. He even went as far as to use my relationship with Lorelei against me. Yet, I refused to break. I learned of their plan and took it upon myself to stop them, sacrificing my own life, if necessary."

"Speaking of Lorelei, how did she end up with them?"

"After her injury at the hands of Jeremy Ryan..."

Let the boos begin.

"Her and I separated. Now, this was not two people falling out of love and going their own way. Many do not know this fact..."

Geist had to stop and collect himself, as speaking of this topic upset him quite a bit.

"Lorelei miscarried our child. Now, this was not due to Ryan in any way. She was in a car accident on the way home from the store where she was buying food for a night in with me."

Dawn and the crowd were caught off-guard by the announcement and a black cloud of gloom came over the arena.

"The loss of our child destroyed her and she fell into a deep depression. Nothing I did was ever enough to pull her out of the darkness. She let it consume her and in doing so, it drove her to her former mentor Ezekiel. That is how she aligned herself with the Dead Cell."

Maddox nodded in agreement, as Alice acted as his personal interpreter, signing what Geist was saying.

"All of the members including the two from the Cerberus were all students of Ezekiel. If you remember my time on the Hype, she spoke of a history with Shi No Ryu and Jensen Todd. They all studied together under Ezekiel. It was no coincidence that they appeared there. The wise prophet has his soiled hands in everything and never makes a move without planning it out completely. The Dead Cell's sudden appearance was anything but. It was planned far in advance, even before I arrived here."

"You speak of him like he is something out of Mission Impossible. Just who is Ezekiel?"

"The man you know as Ezekiel is a leader unlike any other. He surveyed the landscape himself first and then, sent his scouts here under the guise of rookies on the Hype to obtain a foothold, despite Maddox trying to stop it. You all never knew it. Months before my debut, he was on your television screens promoting justice. He lured you all in believing that he was a hero, here to protect you all from the evil that lives in jOlt. Then, just when he had your attention, he vanished without a trace. It was all a ruse. He was doing nothing more than taking a lay of the land. Maddox used to be his tag partner and best friend. Through the mask and the trickery, he knew who the wolf was behind the sheep's clothing."

"But who is he?"

Geist looked to his allies and they nodded in approval. He should let the world know just who the wise prophet is. Pietro was about to speak when the crowd began to stir. Attention turned to the top of the tron where The Dead Cell was standing. Ezekiel positioned himself out front with Azrael and Lorelei both noticeably missing. Dawn quickly slipped out of the ring, while the quartet violently cleared the ring of anything that wasn't needed. They were ready for battle and itching for the DC to give them a fight. However, the war they crave would have to wait for another day, as the wise prophet was going to make his own feelings known.

"The most unholy has chosen himself to be the great purveyor of truth."

"Your words hold no value and they fall upon deaf ears," Geist interrupted and his choice in words got a grimace from Alice, as of course Maddox couldn't hear them. "You are anything but righteous. Prove you are the right and just warrior you claim to be. Remove your mask and show them all who you truly are or I will. We four know who you are and if you think you can intimidate us into becoming silent, you are gravely mistaken. At Rise of the Legends, we proved that your Dead Cell is imperfect. No matter how many of your pupils you enlist, we will bury them all. Spare yourself anymore shame and remove your mask."

"Come now, uberkreiger, you of all people should know that one battle does not make a war. You may have unmasked Kroenen and my cherished Lorelei. Pietro, it will take more than strong words to force my hand. However, I will not let this dangle over my hand like the proverbial sword of Damocles. If you want me to reveal just who I am to the masses, you and your merry band of sinners must agree to what I have to offer. You know the old saying, 'you scratch my back and I shall scratch yours.' Do you not?"

"Get to the fucking point already," Mack snarled, as his patience was wearing thin.

"Maddox and I could be up that shit in a fucking second," Alice informed her allies. "Just give the word, big G."

"Hold your positions," Geist was not looking to have two of his allies run head-on into a trap.

"At Thieves Honor, we truly do battle in a style that only soldiers like us. No more black ops or shadow tactics. The lord sent me a vision of two rings... surrounded by steel... five warriors against five warriors... submit or surrender... a battle truly for the ages... WAR GAMES."

The crowd loved the sound of that and so did the DC who seem to get excited by the idea. It was easy to that agreeing to this would be playing right into Ezekiel's hand. Geist already said it, "Ezekiel never makes a move without planning it out completely." The idea didn't scare Alice or Brody, as those two crazy fuckers were always ready for a fight.

"Bring it on, you black parade pricks," Brody snarled

"Fuck yeah! Let's put those fucktards in body bags," Alice joined in and punched SuperMack in the shoulder.

Yet, Geist wasn't as confident as his confidants and neither was Maddox when Alice signed what was happening to him. His hands immediately began to move.

"This is bad... REALLY BAD..." St. James signed to which Geist nodded in agreement.

"All I need is an answer," Ezekiel announced. "You demons accept my offer and I will remove the mask. I am a man of my word, but the clock is ticking, Pietro."

Geist shot a quick to Maddox, the only other one who knew the true evil that Ezekiel represented. The silent soldier balled his fist and moved it up and down. The Todesengel growled, as he turned his attention back to Ezekiel.

"We accept."

"A bargain is a bargain," Ezekiel replied.

He slowly slid his hand to the back of his head, gripping the edge of his mask. With one firm pull, the wise prophet opened the back of his mask and pulled it off, leaving just a solitary black eye patch upon his face. A devilish smile stretched across the face of...




The crowd wasn't sure what to make of the development. Van Patton was a well-known hero from ACW and had a short stint in jOlt, but each time the self-proclaimed lycan preached justice, not the holy apocalypse he now strives for. The crowd just looked on in shock, unable to process what happened and what could cause him to change. Yet, the breadcrumbs were there from the beginning and like many puzzles, you just need to put it all together to see the big picture.

"The battlelines have been drawn and the date is set," GVP announced. "Your day of reckoning now has an official date. Just one curiosity... War Games is five on five and unless my eyes deceive me, there are only three of you. Calm yourself, Miss Castle. You know jOlt doesn't allow the fairer sex to compete against men. Therefore, you heathens are short two fighters. I do hope they are more durable and stable than your last set, Mr. Brody. You would not want to make this too easy for my archangels, now would you? Good luck in your search. Oh and dearest Pietro, you wanted the wolf... you will get the fangs."

Just as they appeared, the Dead Cell vanished into the darkness above the tron. Geist kept his stare upon where the Dead Cell once stood, while his allies began to discuss what had happened and what their next step would be. Dark days were coming. Geist knew it. They would be forced to walk through the valley in the shadow of death on their journey to the final battle between good and evil. There's a good chance they may not make it back. The worst part? They have to find two bastards crazy enough to join them.

"Three x 2 Company"


That voiced belonged to an exuberant Cori Albright as the scene opened up backstage to The Natural Athletes enjoying a cold water after their defense tonight. The Natural Athletes had not only ended the six-month reign of The House to become the jOlt World Tag Team Champions for the first time, but they proved that Rise of the Legends was no fluke when they defeated them a second consecutive time tonight to retain them – something practically unheard of in their long jOlt tenure. Cori and Terry each looked to their respective World Tag Team Titles while Nate Quartermaine smiled.

“You guys did it again!” Nate yelled. “Even *I* came away impressed and I was pretty much rooting for you guys there.”

“Dat ain’t all we did, my dude,” Terry told his partner. “We EARNED this, man. We done tore through The Hype and everything they could throw at us. We done tore through da Heirs of Wrestling, and now, we done beat The House not once, but twice. I ain’t gonna sit here and toot our own horns, Cori, but… you know.”

Cori pulled an imaginary lever to… you know… toot their own horns without actually saying it.

“What’s next for you guys?” Nate said, somewhat sarcastically knowing the answer already. “I know this one… you are… clearly going to rest on your laurels and retire early?”

“Boy, ain’t nobody retiring!” Terry shouted. “The House had somethin’ good goin’ when they promised to put these belts on the line against all comers and that’s what we’re gonna do. Unfortunately, we ain’t the first team from The Hype to win these, but we’ll be first team from there to take on anybody at any time.”

Cori dapped fists with Terry and nodded.

“Fucking right,” Cori added. “When it’s all said and done, people are gonna remember what The Natural Athletes did with this division and…”

“Hold, hold, hold, hold up!”

The three members of The Natural Athletes were stopped in their tracks when a voice rounded the corner. A voice belonging to that of Machida Hood! You may remember him from such former jOlt Tag Team Champions along his partner, Jackson Cross, aka Cross The Hood! Along with them was their valet and rising Starlet, Vogue Gonsalvez.

“Boys,” Cori said, “what can we do you for?”

Jackson and Machida shared a laugh amongst themselves.

“Something funny?” Nate asked.

Machida nodded. “Look, homey… we ain’t here to shit on y’alls parade. Congrats on that badass match out there. That was some shit.”

“SOME. SHIT.” Jackson added.

Machida continued. “We couldn’t help but overhearin’… but I heard you talkin’ a little something about being the best team outta The Hype… we hear right?”

Terry had a smirk. “Big fan of what you guys have been doin’, Machida… but yeah…” He held up the World Tag Team Title on his shoulder. “Dis be da proof.”

Jackson Cross had a laugh to himself. “You forget, without us, y’all wouldn’t be here to follow in our footsteps.”

“That so?” Cori said.

“Look, we was meanin’ to talk to ya, anyway,” Machida said. “We was hopin’ you’d knock off The House for dem Tag Titles because we got somethin’ we wanna run by ya. Y’all can THINK you run this shit, but we’ve been thought of as the best ever since ”

“Lay it on us, brotherman,” Terry said.

As they were about to discuss, all six of the men and woman in the hall turned to the camera as Terry moved up.

“Boy, mind ya bidness!”

The door shut on the cameraman and from there, business was discussed. What business, though? I guess we’d be finding that out soon.

Tammy Lynn Foster(c) vs Desiree
"Girls Girls Girls" by Motley Crue started up and the crowd cheered as Desiree made her way to the stage. She was about to embark into a match with Tammy Lynn Foster for the jOlt Starlets Championship. Desiree looked out into the crowd before she headed towards the ring. The Connecticut native was given the opportunity by Damien Lee to dethrone Foster but it will be a tall order for her. Desiree made her way down the ramp smiling and pointing to the fans.

Desiree rolled into the ring and raised her arms high in the air for the fans in Dallas. Desiree made her way to the far corner as Kim Adams checked her.

“Redneck Woman” By Gretchen Wilson explodes throughout the arena. Tammy Lynn Foster made her way out to the stage holding the Starlet Championship high in the air to a mixed reaction from the Texas fans. Last week she got her revenge on Bally at Rise of the Legends by defending and retaining her championship. Foster was not happy that she had to defend her title one week after her pay-per-view match. She climbed into the ring and held the championship high in the air parading around the ring showing the title to Desiree with every stroll.

Tammy handed the title to Kim Adams as she called for the bell. The two women looked at each other before locking up in the middle of the ring with a front chancery. Tammy Lynn started to get the advantage over Desiree. It was well documented that TL was the strongest starlet in JOLT. She continued to show her strength as she pushed Desiree to one knee. Tammy quickly turned the front chancery into a head lock. Tammy grinded on Desiree’s head in the ring.

The challenger tried to break free but Foster’s grip was just too snug. Tammy Lynn continued the head lock as Desiree was able to move the champion to the ropes. Desiree tried to push the Blonde Bomber off but the champion held on, not releasing the hold. Desiree nailed TL in the side with a couple of forearms trying to just loosen her grip. Foster’s grip did loosen slightly as Desiree was able to push TL off into the ropes. Tammy Lynn bounced off the ropes and nailed Desiree with a shoulder block.

Foster picked up the challenger and whipped her into the corner. TL raced into the corner and was met by a big boot from Desiree. The champion staggered backwards, which gave Desiree a great opportunity.


The challenger took down Foster in the ring as the fans erupted in cheers. Desiree was not done as she picked up TL and drove her to the mat with a swinging neck breaker. The challenger went for the quick cover on the champion.



That was not going to be enough to keep the starlets champion down. Desiree grabbed Tammy by her blonde locks and whipped her into the ropes. TL bounced off the ropes.


Desiree dropped a quick elbow on Tammy’s chest. She quickly stood to her feet and played to the fans who serenaded her with a big cheer. Desiree was nor done as she dropped another elbow on top of TL’s chest. The challenger picked up the champion and slammed her down to the mat with a hard body slam. Desiree knelt down next to Tammy Lynn and started to drill her with several rights to the face.

Cheers by the fans…

Cheers by the fans…

Cheers by the fans…

Cheers by the fans…

The fans continued to cheer as Desiree stood to her feet. The challenger reached down and picked up the champion and hooked her in a front chancery. Desiree tried to pick Tammy Lynn up but the champion blocked the move. The challenger tried to pick TL up again but she continued to block the move. Foster was able to pick Desiree up.


TL just drove Desiree down with a big time suplex DDT. The fans gasped as Desiree looked to be out in the middle of the ring. Foster rolled over and hooked the challenger’s leg.




The crowd cheered Desiree as she showed some fight in this title match.


TL looked around as the fans cheered for Desiree and jeered for Tammy Lynn. Foster was not happy as she went for the cover again on Desiree.




TL was not happy as she rolled off Desiree and stood to her feet. Foster grabbed Desiree and whipped her into the corner. TL slowly made her way into the corner and started to blatantly choke the challenger in the corner as the fans jeered loudly.

“That’s enough Tammy. Break the hold.”

Adams started the count on Tammy in the corner.





Tammy broke the hold as she looked at Adams.

“I’m da fuckin’ champeen, respeck dat, you bitch.”

Kim was not amused as she was back in the champion’s face. “I will disqualify you in a heartbeat if you disrespect me.”

Tammy went back to Desiree who quickly turned her around and started to nail TL with some shoulder blocks in the corner. Desiree nailed TL with a big right hand that rocked the champion in the corner. Desiree looked at the fans and then looked back at Foster.


Desiree just slapped TL across the face. The challenger pulled Tammy Lynn from the corner and drilled her into the mat with a DDT. Desiree went for another cover.




Desiree looked at Adams and held up three fingers. Kim shook her head as Desiree looked around with an exhausted look on her face. The challenger rolled to the side as she stood to her feet. She reached down and picked up Foster and nailed her with a European Uppercut. Tammy staggered backwards as Desiree rushed toward her.


Tammy just took Desiree up and over the top rope to the floor with a big crash. The fans in the arena exploded.


Tammy rolled to the floor and went right after Desiree who looked hurt from the fall. Foster grabbed Desiree and rammed her back first into the ring apron. Tammy let go as she watched the challenger fall to the floor. The champion was not done as she picked up Desiree.


Adams seen enough as she started the ten count on both ladies.






Tammy looked up at Kim before rolling Desiree into the ring.


Tammy rolled into the ring and looked at Adams before driving a knee into Desiree’s already injured back. The champion was relentless as she picked up Desiree in the middle of the ring and smirked. Tammy hooked the challenger.


Tammy rolled over and hooked Desiree’s leg for the pin. ONE…



Tammy successfully defended the Starlets championship again. She was showing to the world why she was a dominate champion. Foster looked down at Desiree and smiled before she stood over top of the challenger and hooked her in the middle of the ring.


Tammy Lynn hooked Desiree with her Surfboard maneuver in the ring trying to injure her back even more. Adams tried to get Foster to break the hold but she didn’t care as she continued the pressure on the fallen Desiree.

Suddenly the fans erupted as Vogue Gonsalvez ran full sprint down the ring. Tammy broke the hold but it was too late as Vogue slid into the ring and went right after the Starlets Champion. The feisty New Yorker went toe to toe with Tammy Lynn. Vogue grabbed Tammy and whipped her into the ropes but the stronger TL reversed it and sent Vogue into the ropes.

Vogue hit the ropes and slid under Tammy’s legs and nailed her with a standing dropkick that sent Foster to the floor. Vogue ran across the ring and bounced off the ropes, racing back toward the ramp.


The fans erupted in cheers as Vogue got to her feet and rolled into the ring holding onto the ropes. Tammy lay on the floor holding her head as she scooting up the ramp on her bottom. The Starlets champion had a disgusted look her face as Vogue celebrated in the ring holding the championship high in the air.

Looks like Tammy Lynn Foster has a brand new challenger for her title.

Winner: Tammy Lynn Foster via Pinfall (STILL jOlt Startlet Champion)

"Goeth Before the Fall"

”Put him down carefully, Takeshi...” Mamoru ordered as the fellow ranking officers to ease the fallen ninja into one of the unfolded seats. Kugasari was left with a permanent scowl after Heido gave him the smelling salts. A bruised ego is never a delicate affair.

“Rest, Lord Eiji…” Mamoru bellowed as he knelt before the Kugasari Clan leader. “There is no doubt you would redeem yourself in the wake of this defeat…We know you are highly upset and have every right to be yet you need to get back into proper form. You know what needs to be done so in all respects, we shall leave you to settle this affair in private…” The elder statesman mentioned before motioning for Eiji’s peers to excuse themselves. Mamoru gently laid his hand atop Kugasari’s shoulder before leaving the dejected ninja alone in the dimly lit locker area to contemplate…

"No Games Allowed"

Ordinarily, Donny Layne would be interviewing these two and getting verbally berated for not being Dawn Cassidy.

On this occasion, his more attractive counterpart was happy to be out on the beat and scoop this, sans one half of the outfit.

Next to our pretty presenter stood Darren Best, who was pacing the floor as Cassidy opened: "At Rise of the Legends, Alex Reyn injured Alfie Button..."

Best couldn't contain himself and mockingly applauded: "I should be honored, he says. Oh, lucky me. You put my partner on the shelf just as he's set to make a recovery and then act like I should be grateful?"

Darren shook his head repeatedly, left palm resting against his forehead, seemingly nursing a headache: "Sure, Alfie may talk a lot and be a pain in the ass and nobody knows that better than me. That English accent, that ridiculous hair, up to his eyeballs in hairspray and aftershave, but he's my partner and I'm the only one who can criticize him. We're a team, like a married couple're right. You've destroyed his potential."

Cassidy couldn't get her attempted query out as Darren was clearly on edge, and in search of something to destroy, tearing his hair out: "Will I run away like a coward? He talks about honor yet he attacked Alfie and me when we had no idea who this guy was. Does anyone know who this guy is? Well, we're gonna find out. Well done, Alex. You're damn right that I want revenge and I'll get it. I'm not here to play games, especially not hide and seek. No, this is seek and destroy."

Best coughed, excused himself to Dawn, and then resumed his rant: "You seem to already know a lot about me, Alex. Let me tell you something you don't know. The rulebook, the textbook, both of them have been tossed out of the window. Up front, in the middle, if you want it, you won't need to come looking for me. I'll be there."

"The Stench of Failure"

The scene opened to various objects flying around, courtesy of an irate Adam Roebuck. Since losing the Tag Team titles at Rise Of The Legends to the upstarts, The Natural Athletes he was not the same man. This combined with personal issues with his son did not make for a pleasant mood. Roebuck stormed through backstage and kicked over one of the tables in catering!

“Shit! We lost again!”

Adam Roebuck was pissed off and he continued to thrash whatever was in front of him. The Las Vegas Leviathan picked up a trash can and chucked it across the hall, nearly smacking a pair of production assistants that thought twice about getting in his way. They went running down the other end of the hall as both Derrick and Charlotte Huber tried to calm him down.

“Stop it, Adam! Now!” Huber shouted.

“No!” Roebuck fired back.


Charlotte stepped in between the two mammoths.

“Look,” she said, exasperated, “I came back to support the both of you because I thought you could use a lady’s touch around until I can compete again, not to break up these fights! Face it, you guys lost tonight! It happens!”

“Charlotte, don’t tell me what I can and can’t feel!” Roebuck shouted. “I’m pissed we lost again to those cocky little shits!”

Roebuck was about to yell again when Derrick cut him off.

“Don’t raise your voice at my wife again, Adam,” he warned. “Look… is it about Zane? You never told me what the hell he said to you after he left.”

The Big Bucks took a second to calm himself down and let out a heavy breath.

“Yeah… look, he’s my son and I love him. I always will, but he says the way that he’s been conducting himself the way he has been because of how you and I used to handle our business, Derrick. I had a moment when he slid that title in the ring. I could’ve done some damage with it… and I keep thinking because I didn’t that shot, you and I would still be the champs right now.”

Derrick was in shock that this was going through his partner’s head.

“No!” Huber scolded. “We talked this out before we took our three-month break last year. We needed to let cooler heads prevail when you went all apeshit on Red and Ted – those asshats both deserved it – but it was wrong. We can use our talents in the ring to win, but we lost because a better team won. That’s that.”

“And hon … I am so sorry for what I’m about to say, but you need to hear this from someone other than your own tag team partner here,” Charlotte said, “I’ve been watching these shows while I’ve been gone and it’s clear he’s just trying to manipulate you. He got a spot on the roster and now suddenly, he thinks his shit don’t stink! Hon, he’s your son and we’d never ask you to choose between us and you. That’s not fair. But maybe you should let him find his own way.”

“I’m not blind to what he’s been up to,” Roebuck replied. “But … it’s just that part of me wanted to have him around. My own son on the same roster as me. You always want your kids to do better than you …”

“My ears just keep burning!”

The crowd could be heard voicing displeasure as Zane Roebuck approached them, sans Snickers bar.

“Auntie C,” Zane said to Charlotte, who looked miffed.

“Zane.” She said.

“I don’t know where all this talk is about me being some sort of master manipulator. I was out there trying to support my father at Rise of the Legends! It’s not my fault that you took your eye of the ball and lost your Tag Team title matches!”

The crowd gasped at what he said and Derrick Huber was about ready to explode.

“Boy, you need to watch what you say around me … you also need to stop coming around here and starting shit up or there will be trouble.”

“Hey!” Adam barked as he shoved Huber. “Don’t talk to my son like that!”

Adam Roebuck turned around before he started to walk away.

“I don’t need this right now.”

The Las Vegas Leviathan turned around and walked away and Huber tried to follow him, which left Zane Roebuck all alone with Charlotte.

“I’m glad that you’re feeling better, Charlotte,” Zane said.

“Not 100% yet, hon, but I’m hoping to be soon enough.”

“I know what’ll cheer you up! It’s what I wanted to tell my dad before you all started blowing up at me for no reason … you should watch me make my official debut as a member of the roster next week! I have a match next week! I can’t wait to show the world what I can do on the biggest stage of them all!”

Zane patted her on the arm and walked away, whistling while Charlotte rolled her eyes.

“What a little shithead."

Charlotte walked off after her husband and best friend as the scene closed out.

Monarchy vs Omega/Mack Brody
It was now time for our main event of the evening. After a VIOLENT Boiler Room Brawl resulted in Omega retaining the jOlt Fearless Championship, the roles were now reversed. It was first announced that earlier tonight, that in four weeks at Thieves Honor, the jOlt World Champion Jeremy Ryan would be putting his own title on the line against the Fearless Champion, Omega. But before we got to that, Jeremy Ryan and Frank Silver were set to take on Omega and a partner of his choosing… he had chosen NOT to have a partner, so was he truly going to go it alone?

Let’s find out!

“The following contest is a tag team match set for one fall and this is your main event of the evening!” Dean Carrington announced for the crowd.

“Coming For the Throne” by Otherwise.

The new theme played and out came the new group that had declared its intentions earlier tonight. The group called MONARCHY. Co-led by Sonny Silver and Jeremy Ryan, the group made its way out as the lights in the arena became bathed in gold. MONARCHY announced earlier they were all about championships and wanting all of the gold in jOlt – a group put together for this purpose that could definitely do so.

Led by “jOlt’s Last Real ManAGER” Sonny Silver, the group was about to come out in full force. “The First” Freddie Rich making his debut here tonight. “The Fortunate Son” Frank Silver, rocking a black and pink color variation on his trunks with a pink and teal “MIND IF (UPPER)CUT IN?” T-shirt. And finally, the Crown Jewel of MONARCHY, the jOlt World Champion. jOlt’s Last Real Man and Champion, as he liked to claim.


The newest power trio to make their way into jOlt Wrestling was in full force tonight as all three men entered the ring. If Omega did not have any partners to speak of, this was going to be a handicap match. And as dangerous as Omega was – everything that he did, and all the bodies that had fallen before him – he was but one man still. Ryan, both Silvers, and Rich all took a turnbuckle and the crowd BOOED the ever-loving shit out of all four men! They took their places in the ring as they waited for their opponent… or possible opponents, if Omega had someone? MONARCHY looked pretty confident here tonight in their debut as a trio.

The arena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of “Redeemer” by Marilyn Manson echoed throughout the arena. The lights from cellphones illuminated the arena as the cameras panned around to the stage. The Fearless champion was nowhere to be seen. A mixed reaction from the fans as a lone spotlight hit the middle of the ring. A young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

We are here

We are many, you are few

A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the lone spotlight disappeared. The lights slowly came back on as Omega stood in the middle of the ring head down as his black hoodie covered his head and face holding the Fearless Championship in his left hand.

“And their opponents… first, making his way to the ring… standing in at 345 pounds… he is the JOLT FEARLESS CHAMPION… OOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMEEEEEEGGGGAAAAAAAAA!

Jeremy Ryan in particular had a stitched-up head and wrap on his shoulder from being powerbombed onto heavy pipes in the Boiler Room Brawl. Still, no setbacks ever stopped him and he glanced out to Omega in particular while The Fearless Champion had a smile on his face. He knew he could beat Ryan and if he could do it again at Thieves Honor, he would lay claim to becoming jOlt’s first-ever hold of both the World and Fearless Championships that Ryan had coveted also. Omega stepped on the ropes and all three members of MONARCHY stayed their ground. He was about to step over when…

“It’s a Fight” by Three 6 Mafia.


Loud explosions of golden pyro erupted from the stage! And walking through the sparks was none other than the man himself…

“Making his way to the ring, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 303 pounds… THIS IS THE MAN CALLED SUPERMACK… MACK BRODY!

With a roar, he erupted from the sparks and stood proudly! Frank Silver in particular looked SHOCKED! He was involved with the Dead Cell battles and Frank thought he’d seen the last of him, but Mack did not forget what he did to Ryan Gallway – their former stablemate –by ending his career. Omega turned and had a smirk on his face. There was no love lost between the two men that recently went to war with Brody almost defeating him for the Fearless Championship, but coming off a HUGE win over Ezekiel, Brody was primed and ready to fuck his former friend up tonight!

Brody made a beeline right towards the ring, slide in PAST Omega and ran right for Frank Silver! The Fortunate Son hightailed it from the ring as SuperMack gave chase! Referee Simon Boulder didn’t see anybody else coming, so I guess this match was going to be a three-on-two handicap match then!


As Brody was using his former best friend like a pinball on the outside by THROWING him into the barricade, Omega was left alone with the jOlt World Champion Jeremy Ryan and “The First” Freddie Rich who had the HUGE opportunity to be surrounded with some of jOlt’s best in his debut! They both lunged at Omega and though he was a massive monster, the two took him to task in the corner early!

Ryan and Rich both went at him with a series of vicious boots intent on wearing The Fearless Champion down some! They continued to stomp away at him and when Simon tried to break it up, Ryan snapped right him.

“DON’T YOU FUCKING TOUCH ME!” Ryan screamed.

The jOlt World Champion went back to try and get at him, but Omega grabbed him by the throat with both hands before THROWING jOlt’s Last Real Man in the corner! Rich tried to help by prying Omega off him, but The Fearless Champion turned and LEVELED him with a Throat Thrust for his troubles, knocking The First backwards!

“The First” was sent skittering backwards so that way Omega could continue to abuse Ryan! He went at his rival and BLASTED him in the chest with a series of vicious knee shots to the gut! Omega then sent him flying across the ring and the ruler of the Fearless Division ran forward and CRUSHED him with a huge Corner Clothesline! Rich tried to get back up and take him down by kicking away at the knee, only for Omega to elbow him right in the face! Ryan tried to jump on him again, but Omega palmed him by the back of his head and THREW the jOlt World Champion out of the ring!

The camera caught a glimpse of Mack Brody and Frank Silver and their fight continuing to spill across the ring. Frank blasted him in the jaw with one of his signature Uppercuts and stunned him. Frank reeled back and ran full speed ahead with intent for some other attack, but Brody took him over with a Back Body Drop, sending Frank spilling right into the timekeeper’s area!

Simon Boulder was reprimanding Brody on the outside and ordered him back inside the ring, where he was allowed to finish things. SuperMack reluctantly returned to his corner as Sonny rushed over to try and help his godson back to his feet. Back inside the ring, Omega was the legal man with “The First” Freddie Rich who was now going to get his first taste of the big time tonight. With Rich down on the ground, he ran off the ropes and SPIKED his elbow right into the heart of MONARCHY’s newest member! Omega went for a cover quickly!




The First kicked out, but Brody and Omega the two powerhouses had taken MONARCHY to task so far while Sonny Silver watched on, about to freak out a little bit. When Freddie tried to stand again, he was hoisted up by the back of his head and then DRIVEN face-first into the top turnbuckle with an Inverted Chokeslam! Rich went bouncing out of the corner just as Frank returned to the corner where he and the angered Jeremy Ryan were continuing to look on.

When Omega tried to pick Freddie Rich off the ground, he caught The Fearless Champion out of nowhere with a Jawbreaker! Freddie had Omega stunned and the 237-pound athlete tried getting back to his corner, but Omega was STILL standing and STILL itching to lay a hurt on someone.

“Oh… no…”

Omega laughed before he PULLED Freddie by his leg right into the path of an extra-stiff Clothesline! Omega towered over the fallen recruit to MONARCHY before he looked over to where Mack Brody was waiting.

“I want in.”

Omega glared at one of the more recent rivals for the jOlt Fearless Championship and smirked.

“I wasn’t ASKING.”

The Fearless Champion reluctantly put his hand out and made the tag to SuperMack! The crowd ROARED as Brody wanted in to get at one of the men responsible for ending the career of his former stablemate, Ryan Gallway. He charged right at Freddie Rich and LEVELED him with a big Shoulder Tackle before gunning right for Frank again! He slugged Ryan and knocked the jOlt World Champion right off the ring apron before muscling Frank OVER the top rope and into the ring.

Both he and Freddie were trying to get back up and when they did, the 300-pound SuperMack CHARGED right through both of them with a Double Flying Clothesline! The Philly Powerhouse stood up again and let out a loud, guttural roar as the crowd lent their full support.


Omega didn’t care much for Brody’s pandering and he cleared Frank from the ring before he turned his attention back to the legal man, “The First” Freddie Rich. He stood over him before setting him up, looking for his Release Exploder Suplex called the 24K, but Rich slipped out with a series of elbows. Brody tried to turn and Clothesline him again when he was grabbed and SLAMMED down with a Hammerlock DDT!

The First just saved himself from the beating that he’d taken at the hands of both Brody and Omega before he reached over and made the tag to Jeremy Ryan. The slightly hurt, but still very bloodthirsty jOlt World Champion stepped into the ring and BLASTED Mack as he was on his knees, trying to keep him down. Brody was still reeling from his head being driven into the mat when his old rival, Ryan, brought up several knees to the side of the head!

“NEITHER OF YOU OWN THIS RING! I DO!” Ryan screamed, shouting out to both Omega and to the fallen Brody.

With Brody down at his side, Jeremy Ryan headed towards the ropes and SLAMMED his arm right into his neck with a brutal Sliding Lariat! Brody was now rendered on his back and that gave Ryan the opening to try and pin him there.




Brody was still VERY much in the game and powered out! Jeremy Ryan wasted no time in going on the attack again with several vicious Elbow Smashes to the head as Brody tried to stand. The jOlt World Champion took to the ropes and was looking for his signature Running Knee Strike called The Hit-Man, but Brody CAUGHT the leg.

SuperMack rose to his feet and dropped the leg before he whipped the jOlt World Champion into the corner. He CRUSHED him with all his might, courtesy of a Running Body Avalanche! Jeremy convulsed from the impact, but things went from bad to worse as he whipped him off to the other side. He CRUSHED him again with a second Running Body Avalanche! When Jeremy Ryan stumbled out of the corner, the jOlt World Champion powered him up into a Bearhug before THROWING him up and over with a release Overhead Belly to Belly! Now Brody went for a cover. Could he follow up on his HUGE win over the newly-revealed Gunner Van Patton with a win over the jOlt World Champion?




Ryan’s untaped shoulder went up off the mat, but that’s when Brody picked him up and walked him back over to the corner. He reached out and made the tag to Omega.

“Returning the favor,” Brody told him.

Omega climbed over the ropes and he SMACKED Jeremy Ryan right in the face with a sickening Big Boot! Ryan went bouncing backwards off the ropes and remained slumped over. Omega gritted his teeth and advanced towards Jeremy Ryan, but Ryan SURPRISED Omega with a JUMPING KICK of all moves, whacking the big man in the side of the head! The glancing blow did not take him down completely, but Ryan knew when discretion was the better part of valor and tagged into a recovering Frank.

Frank charged at the stumbling Omega and went to town with a series of hard shots to the side of the head of The Fearless Champion. He taunted Mack Brody by flipping him off, but that was a very stupid mistake…


Omega had The Fortunate Son wrapped by the throat and he was hoisting for a Chokeslam when Freddie Rich charged in to try and save him….


Now he had both of MONARCHY’s troublemakers by the neck and the crowd was looking for him to try and finish them both off. He was about to lift them both when Ryan snuck into the ring…


The powerhouse Jeremy Ryan snuck into the ring and he THREW Omega overhead with a deadly Release German Suplex, dropping him on his head and shoulders! Ryan had saved MONARCHY’s chances of winning and now with Omega down, the referee reprimanded Jeremy Ryan for his actions, but that allowed Freddie Rich and Frank Silver to put the boots to the #1 Contender to the jOlt World Championship!


Omega was easily one of jOlt’s toughest men, but MONARCHY had the numbers advantage and they continued to lay into him with boots! Freddie and Frank both booted Omega outside of the ring just as Ryan returned tot eh corner. Of course, now that he had an opening, Jeremy Ryan wanted in on the action. He climbed out to the ring apron and waited for The Fearless Champion to stand when….


Even Omega was reeling from something as deadly as Jeremy Ryan’s vicious Running Knee Strike and he went down like a ton of bricks at the ringside area! Jeremy took a few seconds to recover from his own brutal landing before he climbed back into the ring and once again made the tag to “The Fortunate Son” Frank Silver!

The Undisputed Uppercut Master waited for Omega to try and get back to his feet, but when he was about to, Frank ran full speed ahead and SMACKED him underneath the jaw with a sickening Running European Uppercut!

If MONARCHY was going to have any chance of working over the ultra-tough Fearless Champion of all people, the constant barrages of attacks where what was necessary. Jeremy Ryan screamed at the official for seemingly no reason just as Frank took one of the cables near ringside and started to STRANGLE Omega with it! The fallen Fearless Champion was struggling to try and get Frank Silver off him, but the cheating Megabastard continued to choke the life out of him with an extension cord near ringside.

Eventually, he relented when Simon Boulder turned back around and Frank let go of the cord. He motioned to “The First” Freddie Rich and he climbed off the ring apron to help get Omega back into the ring. Frank Silver rolled him underneath the bottom rope and wasted no time trying to go for a cover after everything they’d thrown at him.




Frank was almost two-fifty himself, but Omega had shoved him off! Still, Frank wasted no time in trying to pick him off. He jumped up and delivered a HARD Double Foot Stomp to the chest of Omega in return, eliciting a gasp of air from The Fearless Champion! Frank battered him into the corner with another HARD European Uppercut! And another! And another! And another!

Finally, Omega was back in the corner and “The First” Freddie Rich tagged in again while Mack Brody was helpless to do anything but watch. Omega STILL fought back against both men in the corner and hti a right on Frank!

Right on Rich!

Right on Silver!

Right on Rich!


The referee had once AGAIN had his attention diverted by Jeremy Ryan, which allowed him to stop Omega in his tracks! It didn’t matter how big or how strong you were… that was always going to hurt. Omega was doubled over in the corner and both Silver and Rich stomped him down before The First wiped his heel across his face as Silver pressed him down in place. He ran off the ropes…


A possibly concussing Running Boot caught the side of Omega’s head and now he dragged Omega out of the corner with all his might! Once Omega was out of the corner, but far away from his corner, he went for a cover on The Fearless Champion!




Another quick kickout right after the two-count, but Omega had fallen victim to the numbers game from the likes of MONARCHY and now Sonny marched around the ringside area, proud as a proud father could be.


The First continued to wail on Omega as he tried to get back to his knees. He blasted him with more rights to the side of the head where The Fearless Champion’s head had been bandaged up by Jeremy Ryan. The attacks continued as he tried to wear down Omega, but The Fearless Champion fought back and BLASTED him in the stomach with a crippling haymaker!

Freddie Rich was doubled over in pain and now Omega was back where MONARCHY did NOT want the Craziest Bastard in Wrestling… back on his fucking feet. Mack had a smirk on his face when he watched Rich try to take a swing only for Omega to catch him under the arm. He then caught him as he tried to swing the other hand and then DRILLED Freddie Rich with a sick series of Headbutts! He was stumbled over when he Double Underhooked the arms and DROPPED him with a gruesome Powerbomb! He went to cover Rich now!




Rich kicked out and showed his own toughness! But Omega was far from done trying to punish the members of MONARCHY just by their mere association with the jOlt World Champion. Jeremy Ryan continued to watch as Omega grabbed Rich and set him up for another deadly move, but Rich used a thumb to the eye to save himself! More of that complete dickery from the members of MONARCHY, but it was effective. Rich kicked Omega in the gut and went looking for a Cutter – the same move that he’d attacked Ryan Gallway with before his match with Frank Silver – but he sent him flying into the ropes…


Off the return, Omega had caught Freddie Rich, spun him almost a complete 360 and CRUSHED him in the middle of the ring! Omega now had his chance to get to the corner where Mack Brody was ready and itching to get in and get back at his ex-best friend for ending the career of their former stablemate Ryan Gallway.


The chants for both men were loud and while Omega didn’t give two shits about what anybody thought of him, he limped over to the corner…


The crowd went NUCKING FUTS as Mack Brody charged into the ring just as Rich had made the tag out to Frank Silver! He PLOWED right through one of his former tag team partners with a huge Running Vader Attack! Jeremy Ryan tried getting into the ring when Mack Brody grabbed him by the head and clobbered him in the chest with a brutal shot!

Brody now tied up Jeremy Ryan in the ropes by his arms and started to flex his arms. He was proud of his guns and it was time to show them off…






Frank was back up and he caught Mack Brody from behind with a cheap shot, saving the jOlt World Champion in the process! Frank turned to attack Brody, but SuperMack grabbed him by the throat, buried a knee in his gut and then threw him over the top rope…





And he stopped to flex…



After the last blow landed, he grabbed Frank Silver and turned him around before he DEADLIFTED him over the ropes and dropped him with a powerful Vertical Suplex on the mat! Freddie Rich had limped back into the ring and tried to come to the aid of his MONARCHY allies, but Mack Brody caught him…


And there went Freddie Rich, getting tossed over head with a big Release Exploder Suplex! He now turned around as Frank Silver was in the corner and he rushed at him, but Frank caught him by the side and rammed him into the turnbuckle with a Complete Shot! Mack Brody was now doubled over and Frank looked to put an end to things right then and there…


Brody fought his way out and shoved Frank away to the ropes. When he came back…


The Running Body Block crushed his former tag team partner and now Mack went for a cover.




The jOlt World Champion was back in the ring and blocked the cover with a Senton to SuperMack! Jeremy Ryan broke up the cover, but Omega came back into the ring and tore right through Jeremy Ryan with a huge Spear, sending him packing from the ring! Omega pried Mack away from him and tore towards the ring when Frank rolled away to try and save himself. As Mack tried to recover…

The members of The Dead Cell surrounded ringside!

GVP, Michael, Rafael, Jensen Todd, and Shi no Ryu. Mack saw them coming and rushed right towards the floor…


The former Underground Champion, Pietro Geist was followed by Maddox St. James rushed at them beore they could do anything, but the numbers game was still too much, so Brody rushed to their aid! The fight continued with all the parties and spilled out all over the stage! Fists were flying every which way and the members of The Dead Cell had the numbers advantage! That still didn’t stop them from their fight! The fight spilled out all over the arena with the two warring factions.

In the middle of the ruckus, Frank Silver was cornered by Omega and attacked with a SICK Uppercut sending him flying backwards! Omega now had him dead to rights as he scooped him up and elevated him across his shoulders…


Freddie Rich pulled the legs of Omega, as did Sonny! They tripped up Omega while Frank Silver was on top of him! The Fortunate Son dropped on top of The Fearless Champion!




An absolute HUSH could be heard throughout the arena for a few seconds, not believing what they had just seen! Frank Silver – thanks to a major assist from Freddie Rich and Sonny Silver – had just fucking PINNED The Fearless Champion! Omega had pushed Frank off of him just split second too late!


Jeremy Ryan was still hurt from The Spear on the outside, but he had a sinister grin on his face! Thanks to the numbers game, Frank Silver had just scored the BIGGEST win of his jOlt career by pinning the seemingly unstoppable Fearless Champion… who was now back on his feet and kicked Frank’s face off with a Big Boot!

Omega was on the fucking warpath! He attacked Freddie Rich with a brutal shot to the head and then threw him out of the ring, now leaving himself alone with Jeremy Ryan mid-ring. jOlt’s Last Real Man had no allies to back him up now with Omega ready to attack…

Omega lunged…


Two LARGE men had just run right into the ring and assaulted The Fearless Champion right where he stood! Omega tried to defend himself and threw right hands, but the attackers were hovering close to his size! Sonny stood up and helped Frank Silver to his feet before nodding at he and Rich…

What had started as a one-on-one between Jeremy Ryan and Omega was now a FIVE-on-one beatdown! Spearheaded by Jeremy Ryan, all five men pounced on him and the two masked attackers wearing ski masks and black garb continued to assault him.


Whether they liked Omega or just fucking hated Silver and his new group that much, the chants did nothing to help. Omega STILL fought back and pushed the two large attackers out of the way briefly and grabbed Ryan by the neck! The jOlt World Champion kicked away and soon, the numbers continued to overwhelm The Fearless Champion! They continued to rain down fists, kicks, whatever they could do to finally beat the life out of a man known for having nigh-infinite stores of pain tolerance…

“GET HIM UP!” Ryan shouted. “GET HIM UP NOW!”

Even Omega could not take the odds for too long and now the crowd was calling for the heads of these two bastards that had jumped in the fray. The two large masked men hoisted up the dead weight that was Omega towards Jeremy Ryan. Frank Silver and Freddie Rich each took a side as Omega was powerless to fight back. Ryan had Omega set up and with incredible strength, he gingerly elevated Omega up…


With help from The First and The Fortunate Son, Jeremy Ryan had some help elevating the massive body of Omega before he CRUSHED down to the canvas in a heap! Omega crumbled to the mat after the extra souped-up version of Ryan’s finisher aided by the other MONARCHY members and now they all stood front and center.

jOlt World Champion, Jeremy Ryan.

“The Fortunate Son” Frank Silver.

“The First” Freddie Rich.

The two unknown assailants, stoically standing by.

And Sonny Silver, the ringleader of all of it.

“Coming For The Throne” played and the awful group stood over the fallen body of Omega and each man threw up an “M” with their hands. It looked like at Rise of the Legends, Omega had answer for just about everything Jeremy Ryan could throw at him, but Jeremy Ryan and MONARCHY had just changed the questions.

The final image stood with MONARCHY standing over Omega as Jeremy Ryan took the jOlt World Championship and raised it over his head, standing over the fallen body of the #1 Contender to his title.

Good fight, and good night, folks!

Winner: Monarchy via Pinfall