"Welcome to iNtense"

Darkness fades to gritty sepia when the opening piano of "Warriors" by PelleK (Imagine Dragons Cover) hits. We see image of an empty jOlt Arena filling with people in time lapse

The screen then explodes into full color when the drums and song kick in!

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

(In sync with music) We see scenes of action and images of current superstars Pietro Geist, Eiji Kugasari, Jeremy Ryan, Diamond Jewelz, Tammy Lynn Foster, Raevynn, Keegan, Hank Wright, The House, and The Freak Show

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

We continue to see images of action as the intrustmental continues to the very end...

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

We see Diamond Jewelz posing with Them MF'n Goons, Sonny Silver standing by Frank Silver, Mack Brody hitting the Gold Rush on Omega, Pietro Geist and Jeremy Ryan brawling, a shot of Kayden Paulton cracking a genuine smile, and a lumbering Spike Saunders standing tall in the ring. Here we are don't turn away... now!

We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

With the final pulsing beats of the song, we see Jeremy Ryan...

Fuck that asshole.

The opening of the show cuts off and things turn to the parking lot of the arena. The scene was hard to figure out at first with the picture bouncing and shaking due to the camera man hurrying out of the building. Once he was able to get a good view of the action and keep a safe distance from it, the camera man steadied the shot. What was displayed was a brawl straight out of Mad Max. The holy army of the Dead Cell was engaged in an all-out war with the alliance that Gunnar Van Patton had dubbed the Sinners.

Chaos reigned supreme. Van Patton and Maddox were battling up against a large black Cadillac, while Michael was being pummeled by Pietro Geist on the pavement. Off to their left, Mack Brody was fending off the combined forces of Jensen Todd and Shi No Ryu in a fight that could best be described as the pair of raptors fighting the T-Rex at the end of the original Jurassic Park. Alice Castle and Lorelei Albrecht were the only ones not getting physical, but they were barking instructions to their allies.

"Attack as a unit," Lorelei demanded of Todd and SNR. "Overcome his size vith your speed!"

"Jesus tap dancing fucking Christ Maddox," Alice growled at her boyfriend, despite knowing he couldn't hear her anyway. "Would you kick his fucking ass already?"

Things quickly got more intense.


That was the sound of Jensen Todd being thrown violently into the windshield of the Cadillac, creating a giant spider web.


Head first into the driver's side door of a nearby pick up truck went Maddox St. James.


Geist speared Michael, sending both flying over the hood of the Cadillac.

It was complete and utter havoc. Suddenly, the scene was swarmed by police cars. Damien Lee stomped his way out of the arena, flanked by security guards. The arrival of all the outside parties brought a stop to the combat, but not before Brody press slammed Jensen onto the roof of a Honda Civic.

"Everybody freeze," a sergeant instructed loudly with a large group of fellow officers surrounding them. None had drawn their weapons, but with giants like Michael and Brody, they had their hands on them just in case.

"Look at this bullshit," Damien muttered to himself before raising his voice. "Stop them officers. I don't give a damn if you have to taze them, lock them up, or frickin' shoot them. Just put a stop to this carnage and get them the hell out of here."

Lee forced his way between GVP and Geist, who had gone nose to nose.

"Listen closely, you jack asses," Damien demanded their full undivided attention. "You are all banned from the arena. I am not going to have another show be screwed up by you bastards. Now, collect your crap and get out of here or the nice gentleman with the badges will make your next appearance the local jail. I suggest some of you hit the hospital, as you are required to be at the next show. Until then, get out of my sight."

Knowing the day would soon come when they could fight without any interference, the two factions backed off. They started heading towards their respective rides, but Damien Lee cut off Alice and Lorelei.

"Not so fast, ladies. I'm going to get something positive out of this if it kills me. The show needs one more match and the fans are going to get their money's worth. Tonight, you will have a match. You two broads want to kill each other, here's your chance. Go hit the locker room and get ready."

With one situation handled, Lee started back to the arena with the security team assisting the police in making sure the Dead Cell and the Sinners were kept separated. Damien shook his head in annoyance.

"I'm too old to deal with this bullshit. I have a show to run."

"MONARCHY Rulz, lol"

Welcome one and all to iNtense brought to you live from AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas and right now, before we get to the good stuff, we have to start with some bad stuff to get that out of the way.

I am sorry.

“Coming For The Throne” by Otherwise.

A single shining blue-hued “M” appeared on the jOltVision followed by a new word…


One by one, the members of this new alliance came out from the back.

“The Fortunate Son” Frank Silver wearing a BRAND SPANKING NEW MONARCHY t-shirt!

“The First” Freddie Rich, wearing same BRAND SPANKING NEW MONARCHY t-shirt and looking out to the crowd with a hate-filled gaze.

The two massive men that aided in the gruesome five-on-one beatdown of Omega, yet to be named.

Sonny Silver. The brains of the operation.

And finally, “jOlt’s Last Real Man” Jeremy Ryan, jOlt World Championship high in the air, still wearing bandages from his vicious Rise of the Legends Boiler Room Brawl against Omega. The six men walked towards the ring with the crowd booing them every step of the way.

“I can’t believe what these men did to Omega,” Michael Buhrman said. “Normally, anybody who did THAT to Omega would have a death wish coming, but ever since Sonny Silver came into jOlt and put this group together, they’ve looked unstoppable!”

“Yeah,” Nathan Powers added, “you look at this talent! The jOlt World Heavyweight Champion, Jeremy Ryan. Rising stars Frank Silver and Freddie Rich. And now these two MASSIVE monsters that participated in the five-on-one attack to Omega. We’ve heard only rumors that Omega may not be here tonight after a triple-team Spike Piledriver, but MONARCHY are no doubt going to have something to say about that!”

As the introduction concluded by both men, MONARCHY stood in the ring as the crowd started chanting.


Frank put up his ear to the crowd and begged them to get louder, if that were even possible. The masked thugs remained motionless in the corner while Freddie Rich nodded at Sonny Silver with a smirk. Jeremy Ryan and Sonny Silver both had microphones and it looked like the jOlt World Champion was going to start first.

“Omega… you fucking idiot!” Ryan shouted. “And you retards… you people BOUGHT into his crap, didn’t you? His tired rhetoric about how I was afraid that I couldn’t beat him, how I was insecure, how I couldn’t best him at his own game. Well, guess what, Omega… you’re playing MY game now.”

He gestured to the other members of MONARCHY.

“You think that you being a master of all things hardcore makes you something special, Omega – news flash. IT DOESN’T. What makes somebody special is the man that can plan for any and all situations. All you did was best me in a match that was your specialty when it wasn’t EVEN IN THIS RING… MY ring! And at Thieves Honor, Omega, you’ve walked into a world of shit. Your Fearless Title is still something that I want and rest assured, I WILL have it! But first off, you need to get through ME now… and when you try and get through me, Omega, you’ll need to get through US.”

Sonny patted Ryan on the shoulder as he took over.

“What you see before you now is a mix of the present AND the future of jOlt Wrestling! I, jOlt’s Last Real MANager of jOlt’s Last Real MAN have formed a MANARCHY… sorry, a MONARCHY that you can all be proud of! You already know about one of my proteges and YOUR reigning, defending, and CHAMPION OF ALL THAT IS MAN… JEREMY RYAN… but let me make the rounds.

He started with Frank Silver.

“You have the man that – just last week – PINNED the jOlt Fearless Champion’s shoulders to the mat for the first time since he was defeated by Derecho for the then-Underground Title… The Undisputed Uppercut Master… and the man that tonight, will – SPOILERS - defeat Jack Dawn in his Theives Honor Qualifying match later… “THE GALLWAY AND OMEGA KILLER” FRANK SILVER!”

Frank took a bow as the crowd continued to JEER!

“YOU’RE A TRAITOR!” clap x5
“YOU’RE A TRAITOR!” clap x5
“YOU’RE A TRAITOR!” clap x5
“YOU’RE A TRAITOR!” clap x5
“YOU’RE A TRAITOR!” clap x5

He walked over to “The First” Freddie Rich.

“You have the man that – IN HIS JOLT DEBUT – main evented a show against some of the best talent this place has to offer in Mack Brody and Omega… and WON… “The First” Freddie Rich!”

Rich nodded as he and Frank shook hands. The crowd knew they were full of shit since it was a three-on-two match in the main event and Frank only pinned Omega thanks to Sonny, Ryan, and Freddie holding his legs down… but the win was in the books.

“Good job,” Frank said.

“Yeah, you, too.” Rich told him.

Sonny then walked over to the large masked men behind them and gestured in their direction.

“And these BEASTS… they are what happens when that inept piece of shit, Damien Lee, allows Ryan Gallway, Omega, and others to keep harassing my clients weekly without so much as a fine or a ban from the building! These men have been allowed to attack myself and my clients unprovoked… BUT NO LONGER! I’d like to formally introduce to you, jOlt Wrestling, the two men that are contracted EXCLUSIVELY to myself and not to this company… our own personal security force…”

He gestured to his left, a large man in a ski mask with a black shirt and dark jeans with a blue MONARCHY-emblazoned pin on the sleeve. He stood about 6’6” and 285.

“This man to my left, you can call Strauss!”

And over to the slightly larger man wearing a very similar get-up, but with a red MONARCHY-themed pin on the right sleeve. He stood close to 6’9” and weighed in at the 315 mark.

“And the man to my right, you may refer to him as Brady!”

The two masked men nodded to the crowd silently and stood, both arms folded like the biggest pair of fucking watchdogs that money could buy.

“And together, they are all about keeping the peace and ensuring the protection of our most valuable assets… jOlt’s future as well as its present… our shield… our greatest gift… the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship!”

Ryan held onto the title and held it out once more for all to see as Sonny gestured back to the supersized thugs.

“They are THE LAW!”

The crowd JEERED the two men that turned the tide in MONARCHY’s favor when it looked like Omega was close to running through all of them on his own. Jeremy Ryan picked up his mic and picked up where Sonny left off.

“Since the first fucking day that I walked into jOlt Wrestling, my mission has always been the same – do whatever it takes to get to the top. I pulled off the heist of the fucking century, injuring that fucking has-been, Jesse Ramey, and taking his spot at the top of the mountain! A REAL MAN always finds a way to make it to the top and they will do whatever it takes to STAY ON TOP! MONARCHY will be on top for as long as we want it to happen!”

Jeremy Ryan looked right out to the camera near ringside.

“Omega… I want you to hear me when I say this… you asked for this last week when you challenged me for my jOlt World Championship and now you’re going to regret your decision of trying to take what is mine. You are NOT better than me. I hope you learned this lesson when I DROPPED you right on your head and you didn’t get back up. I showed the world last week that even the almighty god of pain has a limit. I showed the world that you can be hurt… and at Thieves Honor, I will show the world that when it comes to where it all count - this ring - that you’re just simply NOT MAN ENOUGH.”

“Coming For The Throne” played as Jeremy Ryan dropped the microphone and raised it for the crowd one more time. Sonny, Frank, and Freddie all clapped for the jOlt World Champion and the new team dubbed as The Law. The crowd jeered as they all took their leave of the ring and Ryan delivered a message to Omega that he would no doubt have a rebuttal for in time.

"No Escape from the Boogeman"

The AT&T Center went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of “Redeemer” by Marilyn Manson echoed throughout the arena. A loud chorus of cheers from the fans in the arena as they looked toward the stage to see if Omega would come out to address Monarchy. However it would be prudent if the Fearless champion did not come to the ring with the six men standing in the ring. The jOltvision slowly lit up to see a young girl in all white standing in a graveyard. Her hair was long white and stringy as it covered her entire faced so she could not be seen. The barefoot little girl walked along several headstones lined up in a row. Each one had the word “MONARCHY” on each one.

“Pain is nothing more than an afterthought to him.”

“He revels in it.”

“He lives it.”

“He expects it.”

“He knew exactly what he was walking into last week. He was not going to back down, he never backs down. What you all fail to realize is that he has ascended the pain threshold and that is why he is the boogeyman. He may not be there in the arena but trust me he is always around. He is the one that creeps in the night and hides under your bed. He is the one that made these open graves behind me for a reason. He plans to use each and every one of them for each member of Monarchy.”

A cold hush fell over the arena as the men in the ring started to look around the ring to see if Omega was anywhere to be seen.

“You men have signed your own death certificate because he lurks in the shadows and the shadows are everywhere. “

The little girl continued to walk through the graveyard until she came to the last headstone that read “Here lies what was left of Jeremy Ryan”

“He has a blueprint for redemption.”

“Check the shadows.”

“Check your closet and under your bed because the boogeyman is coming for Monarchy.”

The fans in the arena started to cheer as the jOltvision faded out with the little girl sitting next to the Jeremy Ryan headstone. The lights in the arena came back on as Monarchy looked around ringside searching for the monster Omega who was nowhere to be found. Looks like the Fearless champion continued with the mind games.

Alex Reyn vs Darren Best
‘The Best’ by Tina Turner.

Funnily enough, given what happened to Alfie Button, Darren might be coming to the ring wild and wired. When he emerged, a few things appeared to be somewhat different from his customary entrances. Firstly, he got a few cheers, which weren’t regularly reserved for him or his loud accomplice, Alfie. Not only that, he wasn’t interested in showing off to the crowd, ironic when you consider they were now cheering him.

Instead, he walked, not strutted, down the aisle focused only on the ring, not one iota bothered or affected by the outstretched arms to greet him or the potential high-fives he could have exchanged. All he wanted to do was exchange punches.

“This match is set for One-Fall! Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 223 pounds! DARREN!!! BEEEESSSSST!!!!

Sliding underneath the bottom rope, Best strutted back and forth like an elderly polar bear who’d spent too much time in conservation. He had twenty by twenty to operate, but he was pacing back and forth two, perhaps three paces. His eyes veered towards the entranceway as soon as he heard….

‘Sacrifice’ by Jeff Williams.

The lights dimmed as the opening notes of 'Sacrifice' begin to play. The arena was almost pitch black, only showing a few trailing spotlights. Viewers watching at home would see Images begin to flicker across their tv screen as the camera panned over the crowd. The images were of violence, natural disasters, and a solitary figure, watching it all.

“And the opponent: Weighing in at 200 pounds. The East Wind of Adversity, ALEX!! REYN!!!”

Smoke begins to fill the arena, and within the smoke, lit up by the searchlights, ghostly images appeared. Famous heroes and villains from throughout history. At the top of the ramp, a silhouette slowly comes into view. A young man, waiting on the stage in a three point stance. Looking almost like some hungry predator. The rock part of the song kicked in and he took off, charging to the ring and sliding in. He span around, back into that same three point stance to stare down his opponent.


Darren Best, being a textbook wrestler in many regards, wanted to negotiate an old-fashioned tie-up, but Reyn wasn’t interested in convention and rocked Darren with a palm strike directly to his jaw. That took everyone by surprise.

Alex wasn’t done there. No, sir. He was just getting started and followed up his speedy and stunning start by tripping Darren with a leg sweep. Immediately afterwards, he started grinding his heel into Darren’s throat. I guess this is where the phrase ‘going straight for the jugular’ would be appropriate.

Best gained his bearings, grabbing Reyn’s right leg to trip him and up and he didn’t hang about either, negating Reyn, albeit briefly, with an ankle lock. I say briefly, because quicker than you could say breakthrough, the newcomer had gone from being on the receiving end of a submission move to converting it into a victory roll.


Both men were up on their feet, eager to get at the other, but an attempted chop by Best went awry, Reyn ducked underneath, hit the ropes and returned with interest in the form of a gorgeous springboard crossbody. Displaying feline-like reflexes and agility, before anyone could applaud or react, Alex had rolled to his feet again. With Best on all fours, Alex let the straight man of the Entertainers have it in the ribs with a groan-inducing soccerball kick. As if the non-stop tempo wasn’t enough to contend with.

Whether it be out of choice or necessity, Darren took a minute out of the ring, but Alex wasn’t going to allow him to have even that. While Best was clutching his ribcage, Reyn went back to the well with a running springboard crossbody, only Best wasn’t going to play the role of sitting duck, darting towards the apron. This caused Alex to crash and burn, almost literally onto the ringside barricade. The resultant ‘Holy Shit’ chants were certainly apt in this case.

Moments ago, Best had rolled to the outside, favouring his ribs. Now, he was re entering the fray, still shocked and hurting, though Alex was worse for wear following his second springboard, a really risky move, and perhaps regretting a sequel that could not be viewed as a success in any sense.

Understandably, Alex was slow getting to his feet. The fact that he was able to, told you a lot about the latest member of the jOlt roster, who’d made an instant impression on the startled spectators who didn’t know what to make of him. Thus far, he’d been vicious yet flashy and now he was showing he had courage as well.

Gradually, with great will to compete and ultimately win, Alex made his way to the apron. As he put one knee up, he was greeted by an eager Best, who was keen to unleash a brand of aggression we hadn’t seen from him and gain revenge for Alex’s decimation of his partner.

Beautifully, Best brought Reyn back in the hard way with a suplex. Surprisingly, his executed cover barely, arguably, brought 2. You may not know much about Alex Reyn, but he had to be made of the proverbial old shoe leather.

Undeterred, and concentrating on the most difficult challenge of his own short stin here in jOlt, Darren unleashed a fabulous fireman’s carry gutbuster that would surely ask questions of Alex’s abdomen and neighbouring muscles.

That registered a 2-count outright.

Though portrayed as cocky, Best couldn’t be accused of resting on his laurels here as he took a step back, but you’d better believe it was so he could take two steps forward…

OUTstanding moonsault!!!



Reyn kicked out in the closest near-fall so far.

Best backed Alex into the corner and was keen to pour scorn on Reyn’s ribs even further with an attempted knee, but our latest addition somehow saw it coming and whacked, and I mean WHACKED, Darren with a rock-hard headbutt. If that wasn’t enough…


While Best was tending to his jaw, Reyn was heading north to the night sky, well the bright sky here in this world-famous promotion. What he had in mind, well no one knew, except for Alex himself and that’s why quite a few interested observers ascended with him….

Shooting star press!!!

Spectacular to see, and the impact on BOTH competitors was clear. While Best lay there motionless, Alex clutched his ribs, crawling, trying to capitalise on his cracking craftsmanship, only he couldn’t.


Now he can.





Best’s resilience impressed our audience. Not Reyn, or if it did, he wasn’t displaying it. On the contrary, he hooked his opponent in a tight dragon sleeper. Sensing peril, Darren lashed out with a trio of overhead kicks, desperately struggling and scrambling to steer clear of Alex’s clutches.

This enabled Darren to climb to his feet, and that slight advantage also allowed the Entertainer an opportunity to drill Reyn with a jawbreaker. FINALLY causing separation

There’d been a number of springboard-based spots in this lively encounter, and Darren continued in that fashion. Was it because of that, that Alex countered Best’s sprint with a spinning heel kick?

Best, who for once was on the right side of the fans, saw all momentum shift towards Reyn’s side and with it, the atmosphere took a downturn. Rightly so. Alex was now measuring Best, waiting for him to realise where he was. It would appear Darren was having problems with that, staggering towards the corner in the bottom right-hand side of the squared circle, not looking at his opposite number. His eyesight was impaired moreover when Alex dropkicked him face-first into the turnbuckles.

Thereafter, not letting up one bit, Reyn pulled off a picturesque bulldog and subsequently applied a modified camel clutch, Digging his left knee into the prone Darren’s back while wrenching with a rear chin-lock. But there was life left in Best yet. Remarkably, he managed to bide a bit of time before hauling Alex up into a sidewalk slam position. He then dropped Reyn with a technically-sound backbreaker prior to cinching in a backbreaker hold.

Before he could do serious damage to his tormentor, Best was nursing another headache as Alex had cracked him with double knees to the noggin, hence escaping.

If you thought Darren had problems before, they increased two-fold as Reyn attempted - and completed - a tremendous front flip DDT that wowed the crowd, not that Alex showed any interest in that or them. He had his eyes on the prize, a resounding victory on his in-ring debut, though he elected to return to the dragon sleeper, which hadn’t quite worked out earlier.

Dare I say it did this time.

Rather than putting Darren to sleep with the submission, it was a precursor to…


Alex had pulled Darren up, not allowing the Entertainer to get comfortable and resist as he had done earlier, and LEVELLED him with his lifting rolling cutter.

Like a crocodile with its prey, Alex maintained the facelock, rolling it BACK into the Dragon sleeper submission, wrenching on the neck of Darren Best who struggled and flailed, trying to break free from this hold.

Slowly, Darren’s arms went limp as his body stopped moving.

Alex released the hold, standing up as Darren Best lay unmoving on the mat.

“Check him.” he said to the referee, who immediately got on his knees and lifted Darren’s hand before letting it fall once…

...Alex began to walk away, sliding out of the ring.


...Alex paid no attention as he began to walk down the ramp. by the time Darren Best’s hand fell for a third time, he was already halfway down the ramp.

He didn’t even stay to hear the bell ring, or his name declared the winner.

The battle had been over the second he’d hit the cutter.

Winner: Alex Reyn via Knockout

Sebastian Saje vs Kayden Paulton
It was time for the first Thieves Honor qualifying match. The winner will move on to the annual event for a chance at becoming the #1 Contender to the jOlt World Championship!

“Less Talk More Rokk” by Freezepop

The people cheered as everyone’s favorite underdog… “The World’s Nicest Man” Kayden Paulton, stepped out from the backstage area. Kayden was all smiles as usual as he slapped hands with the fans on the way to the ring. Many count Kayden Paulton out immediately due to his lack of recent exposure, but the last two times they counted Paulton out like that, he ended up becoming the number one contender to the Underground Championship as well as the number one contender to the World Championship.

Lightning has struck twice with Kayden Paulton before and he certainly has the tools to pull it off. Will lightning strike for a third time? That’s what Kayden is hoping as he rolls under the bottom rope and ascends a turnbuckle, giving a thumbs up and a smile to the live crowd in attendance. Kayden hops down and warms up as his music fades out.

“Rescue Me” by Coldrain

The crowd cheers as Sebastian Saje stepped out from behind the black curtain. Saje stopped at the top of the entrance ramp and looked back. Alyssa Corliss then walked out from the back, making her return after being brutalized by Raevynn at Rise of the Legends. The crowd popped louder when Alyssa walked out and gave Saje a kiss. The two of them walked down the ramp side by side

Alyssa circled around ringside as Saje hopped up onto the ring apron. Saje stepped into the ring through the middle and top rope and struck a pose in the middle of the ring. His music faded out and he looked ready to go. The referee called for the bell.




The two of them circled, but Kayden stopped and extended his hand, wishing his opponent good luck. Saje cracked a smile and shook Kayden’s hand. Kayden then clapped to get the fans into it as he and Saje circled each other. The two of them locked up in the middle of the ring and Saje applied a side head lock. Saje wrenched on Kayden’s neck, but Kayden backed Saje into the ropes and whipped him across the ring. Kayden telegraphed the back body drop, but Saje rolled off of Kayden’s back and hit a leg sweep, knocking him down to the canvas! Saje backed against the ropes and hopped to the bottom rope, looking to start his leg drop trifecta, but Kayden rolled out of the way and Saje landed on the canvas. Both men got up and came to a staredown to a quick round of applause from the crowd.

The two of them circled once again and locked up for a second time. Kayden backed Saje into the corner and went for a Knife Edge Chop, but Saje ducked out of the way and the two of them traded places. Saje let loose with a chop of his own and it found the mark. Saje hit a second chop and then whipped Kayden into the opposite corner. Saje charged in, but Kayden put the boot up, kicking Saje away. Kayden quickly scurried out to the ring apron and grabbed the top rope. He hit a Springboard Missile Drop Kick that put Saje down and he made the cover, hooking the leg.



Saje got the shoulder up as Alyssa applauded the kickout on the outside.

Kayden sat Saje up and placed him in a Rear Chin Lock with the knee wedged between the shoulder blades. Saje fought through it and battled up to his feet where he threw a pair of elbows into Kayden’s mid-section. Saje took off to the ropes, but Kayden followed him in and hit a knee lift, doubling Saje over. Kayden placed Saje in a front face lock and lifted him up into the air. He bounced Saje stomach first off the top rope and he a Rebound Jackhammer Suplex! Kayden made the cover, hooking the leg once again!



Saje managed to get the shoulder up!

Kayden stood and headed to the corner. Saje was still down as Kayden climbed up top. He took aim on Saje and leapt off...



The top rope leg drop did not find its mark as Saje rolled out of the way! Sajek got to his feet and hit a running kick to the chest of Kayden Paulton! Saje quickly went to the bottom rope and bounced off of it with a leg drop. He rolled backwards to his feet and backed against the ropes where the hopped to the middle rope and hit a Summersault Leg Drop. Saje rolled backwards to his feet again and stepped out to the ring apron where he grabbed the top rope. Saje took a deep breath as he leapt and flipped off with a Springboard Shooting Star Leg Drop with wowwed the crowd!


Now it was Saje’s turns to make the cover… the first one for him in this match!



Kayden kicked out!

Alyssa pouted on the outside as Saje stood and pulled Kayden to his feet. He hooked Kayden in a front face lock and lifted him for a suplex, but Kayden floated over and landed behind Saje! Kayden hooked Saje for a Side Russian Leg Sweep, but Saje fought out of it with elbows. Saje pivoted and went for a lariat, but Kayden ducked and went to the ropes where he leapt to the middle rope and flew off with a Springboard Back Elbow that caught Saje in the jaw, knocking him down to the canvas!

Kayden went back to the corner, perhaps wanting to go for the Leg JAM again, but Saje got to his feet and met Kayden in the corner, knocking him to a seated position on the top turnbuckle pad. Saje climbed up and tried to hook Kayden, but Kayden punched Saje in the head and then doubled him over. Kayden stood and tried for a Sunset Flip Powerbomb, but Saje held into the top rope. Kayden turned and pounded on Saje’s lower back with a barrage of Forearm Shots. Kayden then showed tremendous leaping ability by hitting a drop kick into Saje’s lower back that caused him to fall forward!! Saje tumbled over, hitting the floor very hard on the outside!!!

Crowd: OOOH!!!!!!

Alyssa rushed over to check on Saje to make sure he was okay. Kayden simply waited in the ring as the referee started his mandatory ten count. Saje was hurting, but he began to pull himself up to his feet. That’s when Kayden got momentum and Alyssa saw it. She darted out of the way and yelled for Saje to move, but by the time Saje looked up, Kayden was already flying through the ropes...


Kayden got back to his feet as the crowd in the AT&T Center were cheering! Kayden grabbed Saje and rolled him back into the ring. Kayden got on the apron and grabbed the top rope. Third time was the charm…. he leapt to the top rope and hit a Springboard variation..


Kayden made the cover, hooking the leg!



Thr.. NO!!!

Saje got the shoulder up as Alyssa breathed a sigh of relief on the outside of the ring.

Kayden stood and then signaled that he was going to end it. He pulled Saje up and delivered a toe kick to the mid-section. He placed Saje between his legs and was about to butterfly the arms, but Saje countered it with a Back Body Drop! Kayden popped back up as Saje turned and ran him over with a clothesline. Kayden popped up again and was dropped with another clothesline. Kayden slowly got up and Saje backed him into the ropes, sending him across the ring. Saje delivered a toe kick then took off to the rope. Axe Kick by Saje was attempted, but Kayden moved out of the way! Waist lock by Kayden with a German Suplex attempt, but Saje landed on his feet. Another clothesline by Saje put Kayden down!

Saje turned and grabbed Kayden by the head, pulling him up. He planted Kayden’s head into the canvas with a DDT! Saje held on, turned over and pulled Kayden back to his feet. He spiked him once again with another DDT! Saje turned over and pulled Kayden back to his feet again. This time Saje ran into the corner with Kayden and walked up the ropes, spinning off with a Rope Assisted Tornado DDT!


Now it was Saje that was signalling for the end as he waited for Kayden to get back up. Kayden was very groggy after getting hit with three DDTs, though. Kayden was a bit wobbly when he got back up to a vertical base. Saje leapt up, looking for the Elevated Code Breaker.. the Lights Out.. but shockingly, Kayden grabbed Saje and shoved him away! Saje landed on his feet and swung with a lariat, but Kayden ducked and got underneath Saje, lifting him up and dropping him with an Olympic Slam...


Kayden could have just punched his ticket to the Thieves Honor match! He went for the cover, hooking the leg...



Thr… NO!!!

Saje got the shoulder up in time!

Despite this, Kayden wasn’t getting frustrated. In fact, he even applauded the fact that Saje kicked out of that move. Kayden stood up and grabbed Saje, pulling him up to his feet. He hooked Saje and lifted him, looking for a second Bundle of Joy, but Saje slipped out of it and landed behind Kayden. Kayden turned around and Saje leapt up, dropping him face first across a single knee..


Kayden was wobbly, but he didn’t go down fully. He fell to a single knee, but got back up. Saje leapt up and this time brought Kayden down with both knees!


Saje crawled into the cover, hooking the leg.




Lightning did not strike for a third time with Kayden Paulton. He gave it a hell of an effort here tonight, but Sebastian Saje.. the man who won the Thieves Honor Briefcase last year as part of The Rebellion, will go back this year for another shot. Last year it was for the title, but this year, Sebastian Saje could become the #1 Contender to Jeremy Ryan’s championship. There are a lot of IFs for this event.. but if Saje wins Thieves Honor and if Jeremy Ryan were to retain against Omega… Saje would meet Jeremy Ryan for the first time since the initial days of The Hype where Sebastian Saje defeated Jeremy Ryan to win the vacated Hype Championship!

The stars would have to align for this scenario to happen, but Saje had one piece of the puzzle to set up that possibility. Saje stood and had his hand raised by the referee in the middle of the ring as Kayden rolled to the outside and stumbled up the ramp to the backstage area. Alyssa Corliss was about to enter the ring when..


No.. not Saje’s finisher… the lights in the arena literally went out to pitch black.



There was a moment after the noises where the lights remained blacked out. When they came back on, Raevynn was in the ring, kneeling over Sebastian Saje’s head and he was laid out on the canvas! Raevynn was kneeling, yet, propping herself up with a steel chair in one hand and a microphone in the other..

The other thing to behold was Saje was on the canvas and covered in black feathers! Scenes of the cryptic messages leading up to the formation of The Rebellion began to jolt people’s memories. Raevynn chuckled a bit as Alyssa rolled into the ring.

“Stay right where you are” said Raevynn

Raevynn then took the chair and pressed the top part of the back rest against Saje’s neck.

“I’d stay right where you are if I were you” said Raevynn

Alyssa stood up and stayed up against the ring ropes. Raevynn stood up made sure to stand over Saje’s head so she could strike it with the chair should Alyssa make any sudden movements.

“What was it that you were telling Saje last week on the phone? That you were going to come here and tear me apart? Huh? You want to hurt me.. just like I hurt you at Rise of the Legends? Well, I’m sorry, but you’re not going to get that chance.” said Raevynn with a smirk on her face.

“You see… right now, I’m not interested in hurting you. I’m interested in hurting him.. You are the one who walked back into his life and took him away from me! I was a fool to trust Saje in the first place. I should have known that as soon as you decided to make your return that this would have happened… Men are nothing but cowards and pigs and they all should be punished… and that is exactly what I plan to do to Sebastian.” said Raevynn

Alyssa gritted her teeth and went to make an advance towards Raevynn, but Raevnn, again, pressed the chair against Sebastian’s neck.

“I told you to stay where you were, didn’t I? Be a good little bitch and do as you’re told.” said Raevynn as the crowd booed her heavily for that remark.

Raevynn slowly lifted the chair back off of Saje’s neck, keeping her eye on Alyssa to make sure she was obedient.

“It was very precious of your boyfriend to protect you at Rise of the Legends. I’m surprised that you only missed one show from the beating I gave you. If it weren’t for him putting his hands on me and being an unfair referee, I would have ended your career permanently and all that would have been left would be to take care of the man who betrayed me, but you just refused to stay away.. you just couldn’t do your best to die, could you? That’s okay because I am going to take my revenge on Saje.. and I’m going to do it right now. He’s not going to make it to Thieves Honor!

With that, Raevynn tossed aside the microphone and raised the chair. Alyssa bolted as fast as she could towards Raevynn and by the time Raevynn had lifted the chair all the way up, Alyssa burned her shoulder right into Raevynn and nailed a massive Spear! Raevynn and Alyssa fell through the ropes and all the way to the outside with an ugly landing! The chair flew out of the ring as well and safely landed in the ringside area!

Despite the bad landing, Alyssa mounted Raevynn and began to hammer away at her with heavy right hands. She stood up and looked around for the chair and found it. She picked it up and wasted no time...








By the seventh hit, officials ran out from the backstage area and swarmed Alyssa. She was crazed… she actually tried to fight them off, but there were just too many of them. They pulled Alyssa back away from Raevynn as she screamed out in rage! Some more officials came down and checked on Raevynn as Sebastian Saje started to come to in the ring.

Saje looked around to see what was happening and was a bit confused, but he rolled out of the ring and got over to Alyssa asking her what happened. Alyssa was still beyond pissed, though and wasn’t answering him. Saje looked back in the direction that she was looking and saw Raevynn laid out at ringside. Saje started to put two and two together and grabbed Alyssa by the arm, urging her to come with him.

Alyssa began to calm down when she realized it was Saje that was pulling her away. The two of them walked around ringside with the officials making sure Alyssa didn’t turn around and try to attack Raevynn again. Saje managed to get Alyssa to the ramp and they walked to the back as Alyssa was seen visibly trembling. That was how pissed she was!

Needless to say.. this entire situation just came to an explosive head!

Winner: Sebastian Saje via Pinfall

"I Want Vindication"

Damien Lee sat in his makeshift office flipping through some papers on his desk. He opened his desk draw as he suddenly heard a knock on his door.

“Come in.”

The door swung open and in walked the Starlets Champion, Tammy Lynn Foster. The brash country girl slammed the door behind her. With a scowl on her face she made her way over to the desk and sat down in front of the man in charge.

“Have a seat Ms. Foster.” Lee said sarcastically as Foster was already seated.

“Listen Lee, ya know why I’m here. I want Vogue in a match t’night. She had no right ta attack me afta mah match.”

Lee listened to the champion’s claim. “Ms. Foster I understand your frustrations about what happened to you after your match. If you want Vogue then you got her in a match and it will be for the Starlets Championship, I assume.”

Foster’s face went cold.

“Uhh, I neva said she will get a title shot.”

Lee’s jaw dropped.

“So you are saying that are not going to defend your title against Vogue?”

Tammy smirked. “Dat’s exactly wat I’m sayin’.”

“Well I disagree with that. I believe that Vogue deserves a shot since you’re a fighting champion.”

Tammy knew Lee was trying to goad her into committing to something that she did not want.

“Lee do not try ta prod me. Vogue does not deserve a shot at dis title. Wat have she done to be even elevated to mah level. Before ya speak, I can answer dat for ya, NOTHING.”

Lee rubbed his chin as he looked at Foster.

“You know what Tammy, you’re right. Vogue has not done anything to garner a title shot but I do have an idea.”

Tammy looked on concerned.

“So tonight Vogue will have a one on one match against someone of my choosing. If she wins the match she will be the number one contender and get a title shot at Thieves Honor.”

Tammy did not look happy at that announcement.

“How is dat a punishment for Vogue for wat she did ta me?”

Lee smiled. “Who said it was a punishment?”

Tammy stood to her feet. She couldn’t believe what Lee just did. Tammy scowled then turned to leave the room definitely not happy with the outcome.

Zane Roebuck vs Sayber
This was the moment that Zane Roebuck had been waiting for since his full-time promotion to jOlt’s main roster. The man known as “Good Luck” Zane Roebuck would have an incredibly tough test ahead of him. The young 23 year old had to take on the very first Hype Champion and a member of Clan Kugasari – Sayber. He was known for his very fierce in-ring style. Sayber could very well play a spoiler for Zane Roebuck if he were to overlook him even a little bit.

"Sabertooth" by Yasuharu Takanishi

The fans cheered as Sayber stepped out from the backstage area. Clad in white tights with black claw marks on the side of each leg, black boots with white trim, black elbow pads with white trim, and a chrome tiger mask which covered only the eyes and nose, he gazed around the arena at the fans who cheered him. Sayber brushed his long black hair back and charged the ring, hopping up onto the ring apron and then diving over the top rope with a flip and roll. Sayber knelt on one knee in the middle of the ring for a moment before standing and heading to a corner, ascending it and soaking up the praise. He hopped down and awaited his opponent.

Halestorm’s “Get Lucky” played next, signifying the arrival of his opponent for the evening. Zane Roebuck walked through the entrance and pointed to the fans with a big cheesy smile on his face, bu the crowd reacted to him negatively! He looked a little appalled at first, but he shook it off and showed off his new singlet. He had a one-piece singlet that looked identical to the ones worn by the House, but the fans hated it.

Zane rolled under the ropes and nipped right to his feet to show off his agility. Zane was a crafty wrestler and had pulled off improbable victories on the Hype against much larger opponents. He’d defeated Nate Quartermaine a few weeks ago and showed he could take shortcuts if he had a chance. Sayber waited as Zane waved to the ring announcer for his microphone.

“Sayber, Sayber … before we begin tonight’s match, I just want to say to the fans that it is both an honor and privilege to be here competing with the best of the best right here weekly on Intense!”

The crowd was less than skeptical about Zane’s sincerity, but he shrugged off the negative crowd reaction before he acknowledged his opponent.

“Mister Sayber … you were the first-ever Hype Champion, you were a proud member of the Rebellion and now here you are as a member of Clan Kugasari. You’ve been told by many that you have a promising career, my friend.”

Zane turned to him.

“What happened?”

Sayber had a great poker face and didn’t show any emotion over the backhanded comment, but Good Luck continued to smile it right off.

“What I want you all to know is that I look at Mister Sayber’s career as a cautionary tale … that I will not squander this opportunity! In Japan where Mister Sayber here competed, they have a saying that the man at the top of the wrestling company is known as the ‘ace.’ That is what I will be! I, Zane Roebuck, will be the Ace of jOlt and it will all start here tonight!”

Zane Roebuck gave the microphone back to Dean Carrington and shook his hand before he turned and faced Sayber. He dared to extend a hand after what he said to Sayber and Sayber kicked it away! The crowd popped a little, but Zane shook his head and looked to wrestle his heart out here on his debut.

The two wrestlers locked up and it was Zane Roebuck who got the drop on his opponent first with a neck lock. Zane used an arm drag and snapped Sayber across the ring. Zane nipped up to his feet again and raised a hand. He landed the first successful move of the match and the self proclaimed Ace of jOlt laughed cockily.

“You all saw that! Yeaaaahhhhhhh!”

Sayber brushed himself off and stepped up on his feet as the two locked up a second time. Zane tried an arm drag a second time, but Sayber kicked back with a leg kick to break up his grip. Sayber had him back to the ropes and when they fired back he elbowed Zane right in the face several times and then threw him outside of the ring to keep him there.

It was clear that Sayber had some mastery of the English language and knew what Zane Roebuck had said about him, which angered him to no end. He grabbed Zane by the arm and he launched him across the floor to send him crashing right into the barricade by his chest! Sayber looked like he was going to punish the young Roebuck for his heinous outbursts about his career and he could definitely do it. Sayber ran forward and he clocked Zane with a huge kick to the face that took him right over the barricade!

The Ace of jOlt wrestling was knocked completely silly thanks to Sayber and the aggressive Clan Kugasari member reached out to grab him by the turnbuckle. He threw him back into the ring and Saber climbed back inside. When Zane tried to get back up to his feet, a shining wizard greeted him right in the side of the head! Sayber went for the first cover attempt of the match.

1 …

2 …

A kick out by Zane!

Sayber went to grab him again, but Roebuck rolled away from him and he disappeared to the outside. Sayber wasn’t playing any games tonight and he went after him, but when he climbed through the ropes, Zane backed away. Sayber was disgusted as Zane took a second to rest near ringside.

“Hold on a minute!” Zane said loudly. “I went overboard!”

The crowd was booing. They wanted to see some action tonight; not Zane Roebuck chugging water. Sayber had enough of this stalling and he headed to the outside. Sayber tried to approach Zane Roebuck when Roebuck turned and elbowed him in the face! Sayber was disoriented from the water and Zane took him by the head to slam him face first into the ring post!

“Oh, crap! What a klutz!!!”

The crowd did not buy into his act whatsoever and Zane Roebuck helped Sayber up to his feet. He threw them into the ring and used the ropes to get himself over with a senton atomico over the ropes. What he did not have in his father’s size, he made up for with his surrogate uncle Derrick Huber had shown him in innovating moves. Zane tried to cover him now.

1 …

2 …

And a kick out, this time by Sayber.

Zane took the fight back to him after a quick start by Sayber and he was now in control. The Ace of jOlt grabbed the back of his head and smashed him with a few fists to disorient Sayber before he ran off the ropes to gear up for something big in mind. Whatever that was, nobody knew because Sayber came back up and he caught Zane in the face with a nice palm strike! Roebuck went down like a ton of bricks and that gave him the chance to get Zane into another pinfall attempt.

1 …

2 …

And Roebuck’s shoulder came back up again. Zane’s dirty tricks were not going to slow down much as he thought they would, so Zane Roebuck went to the corner to try and save himself. Sayber wasn’t going to have any more of this nonsense go on, so he kicked him in the head. He was thinking of using his Korosu sideswipe brainbuster when Zane flipped out and landed to the ring apron behind him. When Sayber turned around to greet him, Zane dropped his throat across the rope!

Sayber was left gasping for air and he fell to the canvas after a hard forearm smash to the back of the head! Zane finally got him down and he smiled to the crowd before he flipped the Japanese wrestler over onto his side. When Sayber tried to sit up, Zane was right there waiting for him.


Zane’s sliding bakatare kick was right on the money and he caught Sayber square in the face with a nice shot. Zane hammed it up for the crowd after Sayber went down and then pointed to his fallen body.

“I’m gonna pin him now!”

Zane Roebuck went for a cover.

1 …

2 …

And another kickout by Sayber this time!

Zane looked annoyed, but he hid it behind another phony smile. Now that he had control over the former Hype champion, the younger Roebuck stood up and stomped him in the chest several times. The goal was to weaken Sayber and soften him up for whatever else the young start had in mind. When Sayber tried to get back up, Zane used a strong knee smash to the side of Sayber’s head to try and get the fight out of the strong style wrestler.

Sayber was laid out on the mat while Zane Roebuck stood over his opponent proudly while putting a boot to his neck. He continued to press his foot down to choke the life out of Sayber and the official ordered him to stop. Zane put his up his hands and waved scout’s honor, but while he did so, his foot was still pressed down on the neck.

“I broke it up, I broke it up!” Zane told the official. “I have a five count!”

The Lucky Little SOB continued bringing more pain to Sayber as he pressed down and choked him against the ropes until the official spotted him doing it again.

“I warned you!” He said. “I’ll disqualify you Zane!”

Zane crossed his heart a second time as Sayber leaned against the rope. Zane turned around and kicked that rope upwards, catching him in the eye! Sayber fell to the canvas and was being worn down by Roebuck. He was very young but he’d been around the business almost all his life thanks to his father, so he knew a lot of tricks of the trade for skirting the rules.

He snapped Sayber over onto his back and dropkicked him in the back of the head! Sayber fell back and cradled his head, but Zane Roebuck wasn’t done launching an attack. Zane took to the ropes and came back using a jumping knee drop. Zane rolled out of the move and sped to the ropes a second time and dropped a second knee. He was up a third time and he went back to the came back.


Zane landed his triple knee drop series and pointed at Sayber, calling for another cover that he was going to be getting the win.

1 …

2 …

Close, no cigar!

Sayber kicked out and now Zane was slowly starting to crack. Zane went to the corner and tried to set Sayber up for a Tornado DDT. He spun off the ropes, but Sayber managed to free Zane Roebuck and he sent the young Roebuck went crashing to the mat! Sayber was taking the cheers from the crowd now as Zane tried to recover from his bad landing.

When Sayber rested as Zane got back up, he clocked him in the chest with a hard chop that had him gasping in pain. Sayber continued to lay a beating on him in the corner and chopped him several more times with the fans counting along. He was landing hard chops at turbo speed, Satoshi Kojima style until he threw Zane out of the corner.

Zane’s chest was wearing red marks on it and that gave him enough time to strike. Roebuck got back up and he kicked him in the chest several times and then lit him up with a knee lift. Zane then took a forearm right to his upper back and then ate a European style uppercut.


Sayber hunched over after the big strike barrage and he covered Zane Roebuck now.

1 …

2 …

Zane’s shoulder came up!

Sayber snarled underneath his breath that the noisy youngster was kicking out, but Zane had proven in fights with guys like Mike Patterson, the retired Magma, and several other Hype stars that he could survive punishment and keep on going. Sayber plucked him off the canvas and may have been thinking Sayber Driver, but Zane desperately broke up his grip with some side elbows to the head. Sayber backed up and Zane sped into the ropes. Sayber caught him by the side.


Roebuck was driven right down to the mat following a throwing side slam and he covered quickly trying to spoil Zane’s official debut as a roster member!

1 …

2 …

Close, but no cigar for Sayber!

The Japanese jOlt star didn’t bother protesting with the official on his count. Unlike Zane his focused remained 100% on point and now he was trying to end things. He grabbed Zane by the head and tried to drop him into his sideways brainbuster, but Roebuck disappeared again and headed to the ring.

“Water! Water!”

Zane pushed the timekeeper aside and started grabbing for his bottle of water. Sayber had enough of this ridiculous stalling and once again grabbed Zane by the throat. He threw Zane into the ring while Zane had the bottle in hand. He handed it to the referee who looked confused but when Sayber got into the ring, he spat water right in his eyes! Sayber was wearing a mask, but the water still got to him, so he took a second instinctually to try and wipe it out. A second was all that Zane needed to pounce on an opportunity as he went to the second rope.


Zane came off the second rope with an overhead diving neckbreaker! The distraction was more than enough for Zane to capitalize on so he picked him up again to make sure Sayber stayed down.


Sayber was dropped on his noggin with a package piledriver and after his body went limp, the Ace of jOlt covered as the crowd booed.

1 …

2 …


Zane stood up and celebrated his big victory over a former Hype Champion and tapped his head! He outsmarted Sayber and picked up the win in his first official match as a member of the main roster. “Good Luck” Zane Roebuck strutted over to where Sayber had been laid out ... and shook his hand while he was unconscious.

“Good luck on your future matches, my friend!”

The Texas crowd was booing Zane as he climbed out of the ring and pulled out a Snickers bar from the jacket he wore to the ring. He waved it in the air and let the crowd see it.

“Now to enjoy my victory bar!”

Zane strutted to the back with his candy bar in his mouth, sure to make the world of jOlt a more annoying place.

Winner: Zane Roebuck via Pinfall

"Does Jewelz Have a Lead on Mf'N Goons"

Backstage, twinkling and glistening light of all kind emit from the many various different articles of jewelry of an obviously distraught Diamond Jewelz who is sitting on a bench in the hallway backstage with his face buried in his hands. The gold and diamonds lining his wrists and his chains emmitted a blinding sparkle into the camera...

DJ: Trell and Gully ain't dead... FBI told me after the show last week that agent was fake as fuck... But man..

As Jewelz stewed in his own thoughts, the lights began to flicker and the thud of heavy footsteps echoed. Around the corner came Draconian, the 7'2'', pale, dreadnought.

Draconian was walking past Diamond Jewelz when he came to an abrupt stop and looked down with a scowl. Diamond Jewelz pulled his head up out of his hands and looked up. Diamond Jewelz gritted his purple and silver grill and grimaced at the sight of the hulking Draconian.. Jewelz's agony immediately transformed into disgust.. Both men wore the grimaces of wild dogs..

DJ: Ehhh... My nigga.. Do I look like the visa office?? Go away, ol musty ass, immigrant, motherfucker.....

The larger, pale, wrestler regarded Jewelz before responding.

Draconian: I have no interest in your business, which I understand revolves around the petty obsession of a petty metal.

Diamond's disdain for Draconion immediately turns into confusion... Jewelz's expression transforms again, this time to disbelief...

DJ: What!!! Catch a hike, or you bout to catch a fade my nigga!!! Get lost!!!

Draconian: Only the weak minded find value in a metal such as gold. Your people have not learned what is truly valuable in this world, or beyond.

DJ: What the fuck you mean by your people!? You trying to say black people buy non necessities like jewelry and shoes and not the things they need?? Ain't that some stereotypical shit!!!

Jewelz hesitates waiting for Draconian to make a wrong move or say a wrong word... Draconian remains stoicly silent...

DJ: But I ain't black anyways.. What am I mad about.. My race is ballin ass nigga... And it's just one of us in the world cause dun nobody shine like me homie... I stay shining... I ain't got no people...

Draconian: Ah yes. In addition to the metal 'gold' you are equally encumbered by the concept of race.

DJ: Yeah... Race Matters... This is America.. You a motherfucking alien or something bro?? U dun watch the news? What planet u from??? Get the fuck outta my face...

Draconian: I must go, but there is one thing you must know... The FBI does not have the answers to the questions that possess you.

With that Draconian turned and took his heavy steps down the hall and out of Diamond Jewelz's sight. Jewelz is left dumbfounded by Draconian... Does the Belarus native know about the whereabouts of Trell and Gully???

DJ: Draconian know where my niggas at??

Jewelz hesistates for a second contemplating the thought extra hard..

DJ: Nah

Jewelz laughs off the thought and drops his head back into his hands in despair... Who's hands have his comrades fallen into?? The heart and vuneralbility of "Mr. Relentless", once thought to be non aspects of the character of the vile and villanous Jewelz, are being exposed..

Lorelei Albrecht vs Alice Castle
After the chaos caused by the warring factions at the beginning of the show, this match up was one that the fans were looking forward to seeing.

Lorelei Albrecht versus Alice Castle...

The lone female, righteous soldier of the Dead Cell against the Sinner's foul-mouthed, bloodthirsty alpha female.

"Du Riechst So Gut" by Rammstein meant the archangel was on her way. Lorelei wasn't as comfortable walking through the crowd all by her lonesome, so as the Dead Cell rarely had done, she made her way down the entrance ramp. This was her first time doing battle since joining the righteous army and while her mask was gone, her hair was still her natural color of black. She ignored the crowd completely as she made her way to the ring and stopped at the top of the steel steps, so she could say a small prayer before slapping the steps and entering the ring. She took a deep breath and began to stretch. This was her opportunity to show everyone the power the Dead Cell was gifted with by their lord. Gunnar Van Patton believed in her. That alone filled her full of the confidence she needed.

She was going to get her chance to show her worth.

Alice exploded through the curtain, as "The Other Side" by The Birthday Massacre replaced Rammstein. She looked around the entire arena. She wasn't used to the crowd actually cheering for her and it brought a smile to her lips. She spewed a blast of blood red mist into the air, paying tribute to her own teacher Xin Xin Xiong, before dashing down to the ring.

The living dead girl slid head first into the ring and executed a front handspring to her feet. She pointed her gun-shaped hand at her hated rival and started to her corner. She had just dropped down from the second rope where she was posing when, in a shocking turn of events, Albrecht bum-rushed Alice sending her stumbling back into the corner with a front dropkick.

Lorelei knew she had to take the fight to her enemy from the start and pounced on the surprised Alice, delivering knees to her chest. Castle tried her best to escape the barrage by hurrying along the ropes to the next corner, but Albrecht was having no part of it. She just continued to rain down right hands, as Alice staggered around the ring. Lorelei finally stopped Alice in a corner and just flat out mauled her with lefts and rights before mercilessly driving her shoulder several times into the Briar Rose's gut. The referee had to actually get involved to pull the lone female archangel off her foe and that allowed Alice to spin out of the corner, positioning herself against the adjacent ropes on one knee.

Allowing her foe no time to breathe, Albrecht snatched up her rival and took her down hard to the mat with a swank belly-to-back suplex.

To say Lorelei was amped up was an understatement, as she ran up to the second rope and decided to talk shit to the capacity crowd.

"Behold zheir Lilith," she exclaimed in reply to their hatred. "Bask in her evil before I send her straight to hell."

Alice had once again gotten to one knee and this time, held the middle rope to steady herself. She had zero time to rest and Lorelei kept the hits coming with a trio kicks to Alice's chest. Albrecht brought her foe back to her feet only to take her over with a snapmare. A lightning fast roundhouse to the back of the head rattled Alice's brains and Lorelei spun with the momentum, so she could deliver a low dropkick to the same spot.

"Shou are a fool to zhink shou stand a chance against a righteous warrior like I," Albrecht informed her adversary while pulling her up to a vertical base.

An Irish whip by the young woman sent Alice into the ropes and she lowered her head. She telegraphed that one and had the Castle put on the breaks. A grip on the back of Lorelei's head kept her doubled over and Alice tried to break her face with a vicious punt. A solebutt followed and dropped Lorelei to all fours.

Trying to build momentum, the living dead girl took off to the ropes and leapt over her rival, as Lorelei dropped face down on the mat. Albrecht executed leapfrog over the incoming Alice and immediately took her off her feet with a beautiful dropkick that caught the Briar Rose flush in the mouth.

"Try spewing shour filth vith a broken jaw," Albrecht hissed, as she was oozing with confidence.

Stopping Alice's check of blood for blood, Lorelei pulled her up and pinned her in the nearest corner. A trio of stiff right hands rocked Alice's head back. Castle knew she had to do something to turn the tide and in a flash, she grabbed her foe by the head and quickly switched positions. All lightning fast combination of punches capped off by a spinning back hand by Alice dropped the Lorelei to her bottom in the corner. Alice darted to the ropes and her attempt at a boot wash wielded no results with Albrecht somersaulting away to safety.

Things had returned to an equal playing field and the two women traded stares from opposite corners. Alice launched a glob of blood-laced saliva from her mouth and her lip curled in rage. Spiteful as ever, Lorelei didn't back down from her opponent and walked right out to meet her in the middle of the ring.

"I am going to send shou back to zhe abyss from vhence shou came," the archangel announced.

"It's gonna be pretty fucking hard to sing in choir when you're taking communion through a straw, you dumb, blond cunt," Alice fired back, pissing off her enemy to the point where Lorelei smacked her in the jaw with a right hand.

Alice fired back with a punch of her own and a pair of stiff European uppercuts.

Albrecht fired right back with a trio of right hands.

There was no element of surprise to help Lorelei in the striking match this time and the living dead girl had enough of it. A ferocious left hook stopped the female archangel in her tracks and a left-footed round house to the chest sent her back into the ropes.

Just as she hit the ropes, Albrecht was pounced on by her enraged foe and struck with a barrage of roundhouses to the chest that sent her tumbling between the ropes to the apron. Castle was not going to let up for a second. She pulled her foe up and pulled her between the top and middle ropes. Holding her opponent in place, Alice unleashed a brutal series of knees to the face and followed them up with a hooking knee strike to the top of Albrecht's head that sent the young woman tumbling out to the floor.

Lorelei had lit a fire under Alice and was feeling the effects of it, as the Briar Rose was out of the ring in no time and had her backed up against the security barrier. The crowd cringed in horror upon hearing Alice deliver a knife edge chop to Albrecht's chest.

Once rolling her foe back into the ring, Alice climbed up onto the apron. However, Albrecht met her and unleashed a pair of forearms to which Castle responded with one of her own. Thinking fast, Lorelei locked on a three-quarter nelson and dropped to her rear, snapping her enemy throat first off the top rope.

Alice plummeted to the floor and Albrecht watched her closely, as Castle fought to get back to her feet. A slingshot plancha looked to be in near future and Alice dashed out of range, but Lorelei landed on the apron to save herself from falling to the floor. The living dead girl turned to her foe and found the young woman racing along the apron towards her. The hurrying long the ropes Lorelei turned out to be a bad idea by Lorelei, as Alice clipped her knee, sending her flying shoulder first into the steel post.

It only took Alice a split-second to notice the injured limb. She climbed up onto the apron and hosted her enemy up on her shoulder for what looked to be a powerslam. However, she stepped off the apron, sitting out on the way down, so she would get as much momentum as she could while driving Lorelei's shoulder down into the apron.

Castle was huffing and puffing, her rage coursing through her veins like deadly venom.

"Poor Lorelei... It looks like the archangel has a broken wing," Alice said mockingly like she felt even the tiniest bit bad for her opponent.

She put some distance between herself and Lorelei, lining her up for her next attack. Alice let her foe use her own energy to stand back up before she started towards her. The Briar Rose sprinted at Albrecht, leapt up onto the security barrier and ran along it a few steps before destroying her with a dropkick to the chest.

Once breaking the count and brushing the hair out of her face, Castle pulled her foe up and violently threw her shoulder first into the security barrier and then, into the steel post once again.

Unable to gain the victory on the outside, Alice rolled her opponent back into the ring and began stalking her. The DC's alpha female had just gotten to one knee when she crumbled back down to the mat courtesy of a roundhouse to her injured arm.

Albrecht clutched her arm in agony, as she rolled to the nearest corner where she didn't even have the power to climb up to her feet. Though, that was not a concern, as Alice mercilessly pulled her back up to a vertical base. Lorelei was hooked around the waist.


However, instead of bridging for a pin, Alice executed a back handspring with it, so he ended up on her feet where she immediately clamped on a cross arm breaker.

Already having her arm throbbing from its collision with the steel post earlier, the submission hold was not helping matters for Albrecht. She squirmed with all of her energy, not allowing her enemy to fully lock in the hold, and she was able to reach the bottom rope with her boot.

Alice made sure to use each and every second of the four-count before breaking the hold just before five. Lorelei held her arm in pain while being thrown into the corner by her rival. She tried to shake the pain away, but tending to her arm would have to wait, as she had to quickly avoid an in-coming right hand from Alice. Albrecht fired away with all she had and yet, Alice easily put a stop to whatever comeback she had hoped for with a left-footed kick to her outer thigh and a right-footed one to the damaged arm.

After taking a second to adjust her glove, Castle pulled her enemy up and looked for an Irish whip. The duo traded reversals of the whip with Alice getting the upper hand by turning the Irish whip into an over the shoulder, martial arts style take down, which she used to flow right into a cross arm breaker.

Albrecht roared in pain, as Alice had her in the dead center of the ring. The submission hold was expertly applied and while only a few feet, the distance to the ropes seemed like miles to Lorelei. she growled and repeatedly declined submitting the hold. Alice pulled on the arm with all of her might and Lorelei knew she had to do something. Just sucking up the pain, Albrecht was able to use all of her might to stand up in the hold. It took a couple of tries, but driving her boot into Alice's face broke the hold.

Free of the hold, Lorelei fell to one knee and clutched her arm. Alice shook off the effects to those stomps and kicked at her foe's arm from her back, but she was met by a pair of kicks to the gut upon standing up. Making use of her good arm, Albrecht tried for an Irish whip. Alice reversed it and she was able to catch her enemy's boot, as she ran in, preventing being kicked in the face. She fired the snagged foot to the side, forcing Albrecht to rotate so her injured arm was exposed. The Briar Rose immediately struck with a trio of roundhouse kicks to the damaged arm and followed them up with a step up enziguiri.

"What's that? Huh? I'm sorry, fugly. I can't hear you over the sound of you weeping like a little fucking bitch."

It was apparent that Alice was in a rather foul mood, as everything she did had just a little more impact than normal and she was a little more vile in her move selection. As if the use of the steel post and barrier earlier wasn't enough proof of that, Alice began scraping the bottom of her boot along the face of her opponent with Lorelei seated in the corner. However, Albrecht was not going to just give up and she caught the third scrape with both hands and rose up to her feet. She fired the living dead girl's leg down and socked her in the jaw with a right-left combination of forearms and she tried to take control with a roaring elbow. Alice blocked it by slamming her vertical left forearm into Lorelei's approaching forearm and sent her stumbling back with a forearm with the right.

The shot sent Albrecht all the way back into the corner. Like she was shot out of a rocket, Alice raced towards her foe and connected with a seated clothesline in the corner.

Lorelei stumbled out of the corner with her hand holding the top rope, as Alice slipped to the outside after the strike. Taking advantage of the positioning, Castle drove her enemy down harshly, doing further damage to the arm with a slingshot single arm DDT.

Alice nipped up to her feet and looked over to her fallen opponent, who was rolling around in pain. The Briar Rose marched over to Albrecht and kicked her square in her damaged arm. Not just once or twice, but three times, causing Lorelei to navigate the ring in hopes of escaping the assault. Alice was not satisfied with that. Each time her adversary stopped crawling and rose up above all fours, she blasted Albrecht with either a kick to the arm or a right hand to the jaw.

"You emo shitbricks aren't so tough one on one are you? I'm sending you back to the Hot Topic you crawled out of in a fucking bodybag."

Once again, Lorelei got too close to the ropes and she had just gotten to one knee when the living dead girl struck her in the side of the head with a spinning solebutt that sent her tumbling out to the apron.

Not letting her adversary get even a second to recuperate, the Winter Soldier tried to rip Albrecht's arm from her body with an arm drag with Lorelei being stopped from falling to the mat by the ropes.

Albrecht's arm was seriously damaged and the referee stepped in to make Castle give Lorelei some space. Alice could not care less about what the referee had to say and casually brushed him aside.

"Fuck off, zebra. That flat ass isn't going to kick its fucking self."

She quickly made her way back to the now standing Lorelei, who surprised her with a jumping kick to the side of the head over the top rope.

That forcibly created space between the two and Albrecht took to the skies with a springboard. A clothesline was what she was looking for. Instead, she found was Alice waiting for her.


As if she delivered a long blower to the injured arm, Castle had once again used her foe's weakness against her. The archangel cried out and gripped her arm in agony. She couldn't escape the pain engulfing her appendage. It blinded her and made her an easy target for Alice to come racing off the ropes.


The Dead Cell's lone female was lifeless on the mat and her adversary went for the rare cover.




Lorelei dug down deep and fired her shoulder up off the canvas. Never one to argue with the referee about the count...

Okay, that's a lie. She looks for any chance to run her mouth.

"Helen Keller could see that was three, shit brick."

Anyhow, Alice pulled her opponent up and fired her into the corner. Castle looked to crush her enemy in the corner, but she was sent face first into the middle turnbuckle courtesy of a drop toe hold.

Instinctively climbing back to her feet, Alice put herself in a bad spot and she paid for it.


Albrecht connected with a super kick that sent the living dead girl through the ropes to the floor.

Alice would not stay down and her refusal to do so left her wide open to be the victim of Lorelei's adrenaline rush. This time it's in the form of a dazzling plancha over the top rope that had Albrecht come crashing down on the wobbly Castle.

Be it a little bit of adrenaline left in her system or the holy spirit, Lorelei refused to give in to the pain coursing through her body. Using her good arm, she pulled Alice up and rolled her into the ring. Once climbing up onto the apron, Lorelei took as much time as she could before taking the fight to her opponent with a flawless springboard side kick that struck Alice in the back of the head.

Knowing she had to take the chance, Albrecht went for the cover.




The left shoulder of Alice was able to leave the mat with just moments to spare. Lorelei rolled to the nearest ropes and used that to pull herself back up. Hoping to regain as much energy as possible, she waited for her rival to stand up under her own power before starting towards her. Alice ducked under a lariat and clamped on a rear waistlock. She tried for a German suplex, but her adversary surprised everyone by executing a back flip, landing safely on her feet. The Briar Rose hurried back up to one knee and was smacked in the jaw almost immediately.


Making sure to hook the leg, she went for the cover...




Castle put her remaining energy into getting her shoulder up off the mat. Once again letting her foe waste energy by climbing back to her feet without assistance, Albrecht darted to the ropes. Out of nowhere, Alice hurried towards her and caught her coming off the ropes with a swank STO.

That brought the archangel's momentum to a halt and both women were doing their best to recapture lost energy. The archangel was the first up, but her rival was right behind her. Lorelei struck with a roundhouse to the chest that echoed through the arena and to their surprise, Alice motioned for her to try it again. Happy to oblige, Albrecht rattled her insides with a second kick and while it knocked her opponent to her knees, Castle fought back up and motioned for another.

"That all you got, princess?" Alice asked, barely able to breathe from the wind being driven from her lungs with those kicks. "Maddox hits me harder during sex."

Despite the show of bravery, she knew the defiance would definitely make Lorelei quite angry and when the barrage of strikes of every shape and size came flying towards her, Castle did her best dodge or block them. she covered up best she could, allowing her foe's rage to take over. The anger fuelling the archangel caused her to leave an opening that Alice would not miss. A huge roaring elbow missed its mark and that was all the living dead girl needed. She fired back with every punch, elbow, kick, knee and forearm in her arsenal, with the crowd rallying behind her. Her try to finish it off with a step-up enziguiri unfortunately wiffed, leaving her wide open for Lorelei to crack her in the back of the head with an axe kick.

An opening like that wasn't going to happen again and she knew it, so Albrecht rolled Alice over and climbed up to the top rope as fast as she possibly could. She stood tall atop the corner and took a deep breath before crashing down on Alice.


A cover...




Someway, somehow the Briar Rose narrowly escaped defeat once again. The crowd was sure that was it and they couldn't believe that she had kicked out with barely a moment to spare. Albrecht stood over her foe, her arm being clutched by the opposite hand. She watched on as Alice started her climb back to a vertical base. Just as she got there, Lorelei dug deep and looked for a possible brainbuster. The archangel was looking to end it with a FUKSZ, her mentor's self-proclaimed best brainbuster in the business. Alice blocked her attempt to lift her twice and spun out holding Albrecht's injured arm.


The entire arena and probably ninety-nine percent of the people at home gasp in horror at the sight of the move. They thought it could have very well of dislocated Lorelei's shoulder, as the living dead girl went for the cover...




The crowd erupted in shock, as no one thought Lorelei would escape defeated after being taken down so horribly. Alice was not going to let things slip from her control again and hurried Lorelei up to deliver an over the shoulder arm breaker. Never letting her rival fall to the mat, Castle locked her in what looked to be a Pepsi twist, but instead took her down with an STO, slamming her down on her own arm.

Another cover by Alice...




Albrecht refused to give in despite her arm being destroyed by her enemy. Alice was beginning to get frustrated, but she would not lose focus again. She pulled Lorelei up and it looked like a belly-to-back suplex or possibly something much worse. While training under Gunnar Van Patton, Albrecht had developed great instincts and even being as dazed as she was, she knew how to block the move. Two attempts were blocked and a third saw Lorelei allow herself to be lifted, only to twist in midair and lock on a front facelock.


The DDT came out of nowhere like it so often does. Lorelei rolled backwards with it and sat her adversary up.


A downright evil, spinning, roundhouse heel kick to the temple turned Alice's lights out. Albrecht could barely breathe and she battled with every fiber of her being to just drape her good arm over her fallen foe.




Be it an act of god or just plain luck, Alice somehow found the energy to get her left shoulder off the mat with under an inch to spare before the referee struck the mat for a third time. Albrecht lay next to her opponent on the mat; looking up to the heavens and wondering what she had to do to put her away unlike. Barely able to stand, Alice was pulled up and shoved into the corner. Lorelei muscled her tired frame up and sat her on the top rope. Alice had enough wits about her to notice the positioning. She had to dig deep, but she did and fired back best she could.

Lorelei was caught offguard. The flurry knocked caused her to stumble towards the middle of the ring, allowing Alice to slip off the top rope. Castle hooked on a rear waist lock. She tried to lift Albrecht but a pair of elbows stopped her and broke her grip, allowing her foe to slip behind her and lock on one of her own. Lorelei hurried the pair to the ropes, looking for a roll-up.



The Briar Rose reached up and pulled Albrecht's tights, causing her to lose her footing and bend backwards between Alice's legs. Just that quick, Castle had clamped on a cross face chicken wing on her rival's damaged arm!

"Tell that fucker GVP that his time is up," Alice snarled, while locking in the submission as tight as she could. "I hope he is watching, as I've been waiting a long ass time to give that piece of shit this personalized 'fuck you'."

Lorelei battled best she could, but her struggling allowed Alice to the roll the pair to the side, putting Albrecht face down on the mat. One bridge later and Albrecht had taken a trip to Crystal Lake.


In the dead center of the ring, Alice had Gunnar Van Patton's trademark submission, a crossface chicken wing variation of cattle mutilation, expertly applied. Albrecht battled for all she was worth. She tried to roll the pair over. She tried to lift herself from the mat to break the hold. She tried to rotate the duo. She tried everything she could think of in hopes of her foot reaching the ropes or breaking the hold. Just nothing came up a winner. She cried out in agony, as her tortured arm was being torn from its shoulder socket. Lorelei had given it her all, but in the end there was only one thing she could do.


Oh that had to sting.

Gunnar Van Patton's first and last female student was just forced to submit to his own finishing move. There was a hotel room that was now in shambles. You can be sure of that.

It took some prodding from the referee, but Alice finally released the hold, leaving Lorelei to deal with the horror of defeat and the pain of her arm nearly being torn from her body. The living dead girl sat up next to her foe. She smiled evilly. How she loved winning and pissing off people in the process. So, she was on could nine right now. Castle stood up and looked down Albrecht. She slowly pressed her boot down across the back of Lorelei's neck, keeping her from moving.

"How does it feel to have your wings clipped, angel? When they take a break from gangbanging you, warn those fuckwads you hang with. My boys are slaughter them like the livestock they are."

With that, Alice turned her focus to the approving crowd and raised her fists up into the air in victory. Could this be symbolic of what is to come at War Games or just the dillusions of a lunatic?

Winner: Alice Castle via Submission

"Poof, Be Gone"

The scene opened up backstage to the interview set where none other than Donny Layne was standing by with one of the men involved in the start of tonight’s three-week series of Thieves Honor Qualifiers.

“Ladies and gentlemen...” Donny said. “Standing by at this time is one of the men you will see in action later tonight against “Mister Magic” Jack Dawn for a spot in the Thieves Honor qualifying match… please welcome “The Fortunate Son” Frank Silver.”


If the crowd could possibly have less than zero love for Frank Silver, they would do so. Instead, they settled for LOUD jeers as Frank traipsed onto the set looking about as smug as a motherfucker could look.

“Tonight, Frank…”

“NOPENOPENOPENOPE!” Frank said. “Nope, before we get to any of your dipshit questions about that dipshit magician or his dipshit chances of winning tonight, let ME say a few things, si’l vous please.”

Donny silently nodded, with an annoyed look on his face.

“Muchos grats, Layne-brain… see, let’s talk about how I, Frank Silver – The Fortunate Son… The UNDISPUTED Uppercut Master… The Gallway Killer… Let’s talk about the main event, shall we? What happened, Donny?”

“MONARCHY wrestled Mack Brody and Omega in a handicap match…”

“And how did that match end, Layne Bryant?”

Donny sighed.

“You won. You won by pinning Omega.

“YOU HEAR THAT?! I DROPPED THAT ONE-EYED BITCH LIKE…” He snapped his finger. “THAT! I took a man that hasn’t been defeated in months and what did I do? Well, just a week after I rid jOlt of that little cock-gobbler, Ryan Gallway… I PINNED OMEGA! More to the point, I pinned The Fearless Champion! And I believe that entitles me to a Fearless Title match! So I’d like to take this time to say hi to a special one-eyed bitch…”


“Omega, I hope you heard Jeremy earlier, because that means you can hear me now. What you can hear is that if you can pull yourself out of whatever funk we dropped you into… I’m not just satisfied with winning Thieves Honor. I’m calling YOU out next week! And I want a match for The Fearless Championship!”

The crowd gasped. Was Frank Silver out of his fucking right mind? He probably was, but he had shown since he’d broken away from the Heirs of Wrestling that he’d been very successful thus far in his singles tenure. Frank turned back to Donny Layne.

“Okay, now I’ll answer your questions about tonight’s match with Jack Dawn… he’s a wannabe Frank Silver.”

When he said that, Donny raised an eyebrow quizzically.


“He thought he was cute when he ended the careers of Trouble… Trouble were MY bitches up on the main roster while he was toiling with a “will suck for food” sign on The Hype! I end the career of Ryan Gallway and now suddenly he wants to jock my steezy! Nah, fuck that, son. Tonight, I’m gonna do my own magic when I uppercut his head off his body and send it flying into the nose bleeds for some nine-year-old little twat to take home. And then… ugh…”

Frank stopped his annoying diatribe when none other than that very opponent – “Mister Magic” Jack Dawn – appeared, The Lovely Assistants Bobbi and Breezy on each arm. The crowd cheered Mister Magic as he took off his sunglasses.

“Oh, brother, I know YOU’RE not accusing anybody of being a rip off!” Dawn shouted. “You think you’re cool with your little uppercut t-shirts and a potty mouth, but you still WISH you could have a TENTH of the talent Sonny Silver had and you WISH you were doing more than carrying the bags of the jOlt World Champion.”


Silver fumed as he inched towards Dawn.

“The fuck you say to me, boy? What’s your claim to fame? Learning ‘magic’ from street magicians? Just so you know, Jackie, openly participating in circlejerks with Penn and Teller doesn’t mean you know magic.”

“Oh, I know you didn’t drag down two of the greatest stage performers of all time!” Dawn shouted. “But aside from all that… let’s be real. You’re a pretty lousy human being, Frank. You don’t deserve the tutelage of Sonny Silver, you didn’t deserve good friends like Ryan and Mack and you SURE AS HELL don’t deserve to participate in Thieves Honor. That’s why tonight will be my pleasure to pull off my great magic feat since getting rid of Trouble… and that’s beating YOUR ass tonight!”

Dawn nodded to the ladies and walked off the set as an angry Frank Silver eyeballed him the whole way. When Donny tried to get another word…

“Get that microphone away from me, Walter Cron-Cunt.”

Frank stormed off in the opposite direction as Donny shook his head in disgust.

Vogue Gonsalvez vs ????????
Earlier in the night, Damien Lee made this match after Tammy Lynn Foster demanded Vogue in a match tonight, but quickly changed her tune when Damien Lee said it had to be for the Starlet Championship. If Vogue were to win this match, however, she would become the number one contender to the Starlet Championship.. the only mystery though, is who is Vogue’s opponent for this evening?

“My Time” by Fabolous

The people cheered as Vogue Gonsalvez came out from the backstage area. She stopped at the top of the ramp and threw her fist into the air. All of a sudden, violet pyro popped behind her from wires dangling in front of the jOltvision. It spelled out her name “VOGUE” in cursive lettering. The crowd applauded the new entrance as she walked her way down to the ring, giving the crowd a wink as well.

Vogue hopped up onto the ring apron and flipped over the top rope, rolling up to her feet. She then ascended the turnbuckle pads to the very top, striking a pose to the crowd in the far neutral corner. She moonsaulted off the top rope and landed on her feet. She turned her attention to the entrance way as she waited to find out who her mystery opponent was going to be.

After a few moments of silence… the lights dimmed.

“Antigod” by Samael

Oh my...

The unstable and dangerous Un-Fayth from The Hype was the one chosen by Damien Lee to face Vogue Gonsalvez here tonight. Back in the days of The Hype, Vogue was one of those people who stepped on Faith Hines every chance she got. Faith underwent this personality change when she was tired of being stepped on. Not only was this match now for a chance at the Starlet Championship for Vogue, but she now had to struggle with her past as Fayth hasn’t forgotten any of Vogue’s bullying whatsoever!

Fayth entered the ring and just gave Vogue a death gaze. Sure, Vogue had turned over a new leaf since her non-fan-friendly days on The Hype, but it didn’t matter to Fayth one bit. She wanted revenge and if she could prevent Vogue from becoming number one contender, then she was going to do it. Somewhere backstage, Tammy Lynn Foster had to be grinning from ear to ear after seeing Damien Lee’s selection.

Fayth and Vogue stared at each other, but Vogue looked ready and not intimidated in the least bit. The referee called for the bell.



DING RIght from the start, Fayth exploded at Vogue and began to throw rapid and wild punches at Vogue’s head, but Vogue did the same! It was a slugfest right in the middle of the ring that looked as if there was no upper hand from either of them! Fayth switched to knee lifts which stunned Vogue, but when Fayth tried an Irish Whip, Vogue reversed it into a knee lift of her own followed by rapid forearm shots to the face! Fayth powered through the forearm shots, though and hit a double leg takedown on Vogue and began to slam the back of Vogue’s head into the canvas, but Vogue rolled Fayth over onto her back and laid in with heavy forearm after forearm! Fayth tried to cover up, but the shots still went through and the more Vogue hit her, the more dazed Fayth became.

Vogue stood up and over Fayth.. she looked down and taunted her..

“YOU STILL AIN’T SHIT!” yelled Vogue to Fayth

Fayth turned to all fours and began to get up. Vogue hit the ropes, but before she could do anything, Fayth fully stood and slammed into her with a lariat that turned Vogue inside out! Fayth fell to her knees from the force and momentum from the lariat, but for got back up and checked her mouth for blood from the forearm shots she suffered just a few short moments ago.

Fayth bent over and picked Vogue off the canvas and hit a knife edge chop across the chest, staggering her back into the corner. Fayth walked over to the corner and pressed her boot against Vogue’s neck, choking the life out of her. The referee started his count, but Fayth didn’t break it until the count of four. Fayth backed off for a second, but then walked back into the corner, but she was surprised when Vogue grabbed her by the neck and tossed her against the turnbuckles!

Vogue grabbed the top rope for support and hit a high kick to the face of Fayth. She hit a second high kick to the face then hopped to the middle rope and hit a Rope Assisted Roundhouse to the side of Fayth’s head!!! Fayth slouched down in the corner as Vogue walked away and gained some distance between them. Vogue got a running start and leapt over Fayth onto the middle turnbuckle. She then swung her legs outward before swinging them into Fayth’s face with a Drop Kick!! Vogue grabbed Fayth by the leg and pulled her out of the corner before making a cover a hooking the leg..



Un-Fayth kicked out!

Vogue stood and pulled Un-Fayth up by the hair. She grabbed Fayth by the waist and picked her up. She then dropped Fayth across her knee with the Pendulum Backbreaker. Vogue positioned her near the corner and signaled that she was ready to put Fayth away already! Vogue went to the corner and climbed up to the top turnbuckle pad with her back to the ring, but Fayth got up and hit a forearm into Vogue’s lower back. Fayth climbed up behind Vogue and got underneath her. Fayth lifted Vogue up and...


The match that started off hot and heavy now came to a crawl as both women were down on the canvas after taking that huge hit. The referee started his mandatory ten count.






Fayth was the first to start moving.


Vogue began to stir as well.


Fayth got up.


Vogue was up, but was met with a big right hand from Fayth.. followed by a chop, then a right, then a chop, then a right, then a chop, and finally a whip into the neutral corner. Fayth charged in and hit a Running Back Elbow.. she took two steps forward and then pivoted and hit a discus forearm! Vogue fell to a seated position as Fayth walked away, gaining some distance. Perhaps it was payback time as she charged in, looking for a running knee strike, but Vogue moved out of the way and pulled her over with a school girl roll up!



Fayth kicked away!

Both of them got back up and Fayth ducked a clothesline and ran into the corner. She jumped to the middle turnbuckle and twisted off with a Cross Body, but Vogue turned and leapt into the air, connecting with a drop kick! Fayth pulled herself into the corner and pulled herself up using the ropes. Vogue walked in and went back to hitting those high kicks to Fayth’s face! After three of them she grabbed Fayth and threw her out of the corner onto her hands and knees. Vogue climbed out onto the apron and ascended the turnbuckle pads to the very top, facing the ring. Fayth slowly got up and turned around and that’s when Vogue front flipped off the top rope, landing on Fayth’s shoulders, looking for the Dragoncanrana Pin!



Fayth held onto Vogue’s legs and pulled her back up..


Fayth spun and hit another Discus Forearm in the corner. She then pulled Vogue out to the center of the ring and turned her around. She pulled back on Vogue’s arms, looking for a Tiger Suplex, but when she lifted Vogue, she got her arms feet and flipped forward, hooking her legs under Fayth and pulling her over with a Victory Roll!



Thr.. NO!

Fayth kicked away and almost got caught by the flash pin!

Fayth got up and swung with a clothesline, but Vogue put her arms up and blocked it! Fayth spun around for a Spinning Backfist, but Vogue blocked that as well! Vogue leapt up onto Fayth’s shoulders and...


Fayth flipped over completely onto her knees where she was on dream street. Vogue turned and lunged in.. connecting with a Shining Wizard!!! She had the cover, hooking the leg!



Three……??? NO!!!!

Fayth kicked out at the very last second and the crowd even began to chant!


Vogue didn’t even think to question it.. she got back up and looked to end this match, but all of a sudden, Tammy Lynn Foster ran down from the backstage area as Vogue was picking up Fayth off the canvas. Tammy slid into the ring, but Vogue turned around at the right time and ducked a lariat from Foster! Vogue quickly grabbed Foster and flung her over the top rope to the ring apron!

Fayth took advantage of the confusion and kicked Vogue in the stomach. She went to whip Vogue to the ropes, but Vogue reversed and sent Fayth to the ropes in Foster’s direction. Foster stood and turned her attention back to the ring just in time for Fayth to collide with her! Foster fell to the floor as Fayth staggered backwards. Vogue backed into the ropes and charged in full speed. Fayth turned around and got smacked in the face with the Busaiku Knee!


Vogue made the cover, hooking the leg deep!




Vogue had done it! Tammy Lynn Foster tried to run interference, but it backfired! As a result, Vogue pinned Un-Fayth and punched her ticket to Thieves Honor where she will now face Tammy Lynn Foster for the Starlet Championship!

Foster looked pissed as she looked on from the floor at ringside. Vogue got up on the ropes and pointed at Foster then motioned that she was going to become the new Starlet Champion as the crowd around her cheered!

Foster got up and looked like she was ready to charge the ring. Vogue invited her to bring it as she stepped backwards, giving Foster the room to enter. Foster got up on the ring apron as Vogue grinned, but Foster had a change of mind and hopped down, heading to the backstage area. The people booed, but Vogue simply cracked a grin.

Vogue scaled a turnbuckle and celebrated as Foster turned and looked back with a disgusted look on her face.

Winner: Vogue Gonsalvez via Pinfall

"Remember Who You Are"

We open up backstage and we see a couple that we haven't seen in quite a while... Seraph and Shiloh!

"You know they don't respect us, Vance" said Shiloh. "I'm not talking about the people. They like seeing you deliver God's justice to those who deserve it. I'm talking about those here in the back. They're afraid of us, Vance.. This is why we haven't been on television in weeks. The last time they saw you, you lost a three way match with Draconian and Michael Donavan. They saw what you were capable of in that match... they saw what you were capable of when you face Omega.. and they tried to lock you away out of fear, Vance... but... not anymore."

Seraph sat there and even though he was wearing a mask, you could feel the mood start to change with him.

"Next week, you have Spike Saunders in a qualifying match for Thieves Honor. Spike Saunders made his return and immediately he got put into a match for a championship opportunity. That's not fair, Vance. You've cut your teeth on The endured the ridicule of Jon Le Bon in The Rebellion. You made the right choice when I reached into the darkness and pulled you out. You truly are God's War Machine, Vance... and next week... you will destroy Spike Saunders and you will go to Thieves Honor where you will become the new number one contender to the World Championship."

Seraph pounded his fists together as he was getting psyched up.

"Just remember, Vance... remember who you are. You were the one true monster of The Hype once. You are an unstoppable machine. Next week.. Spike Saunders will wish he never came back to jOlt because next week.. it's time for God's War Machine to destroy those who stand its way once again."

Seraph then did something he rarely does... he lifted his mask and revealed his face.

"Spike Saunders.." said Seraph. "Divine punishment awaits those who have clipped their wings and have fallen... and I will deliver it"

Seraph stood up as Shiloh latched onto his arm and smiled. The scene faded to black.

The House vs The New Breed
The House seem to be having their problems internally.. especially with the young, caustic Zane Roebuck stirring up the pot. The House lost their tag team titles to The Natural Athletes due to Zane’s actions and then once again in a rematch last week. The House want to get back to their winning ways and regain the tag team titles for an unprecedented fifth time so tonight they are taking up the challenge of taking on one of the hottest new teams here in jOlt… Brian Williams and The Hype Champion, Mike Patterson.

“Symphony of an Empty Hope (Arena Mix)” by Nightwish

The opening orchestra of “Symphony of Destruction” transitioned into “Yours is an Empty Hope.” Hype Champion Mike Patterson and Brian Williams stepped out from the backstage area. It was at Rise of the Legends that Patterson and Williams were defeated in a tag team classic against Hank Wright and Keegan. They, too, needed a win here tonight in order to get things back on track. A win here over the former four-time World Tag Team Champions would send a shockwave through the tag team division and raise their value significantly. Both Williams and Patterson knew that as they entered the ring.

Patterson unfastened the Hype Championship, which he will be defending in two weeks at Hype: Retribution against Crucifix, and passed it off to ringside. The two of them looked ready to go and awaited their opposition.

“House of the Rising Son” by Five Finger Death Punch

The crowd cheered as Charlotte, Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck stepped out from the backstage area. Adam looked to be a better mood tonight, however, the cheers they were getting turned to boos when Zane Roebuck poked his head out from behind the curtain and grinned. He then tiptoed out from the back and shoved Charlotte aside, wedging himself between Adam and Derrick. Charlotte looked a bit perturbed at what Zane just did, but nevertheless, the four of them made their way down to the ring.

Charlotte and Zane remained at ringside as Derrick and Adam entered the ring. Adam immediately said he was going to start the match and Derrick tried to ask if he was sure, but Adam ordered Derrick out of the ring. Derrick shook his head and shrugged and stepped out. So much for Adam being in a better mood..

Mike Patterson was going to start things off for The New Breed. Once the referee saw that both teams were ready he called for the bell.




Roebuck and Patterson circled with Roebuck having a bit more pep in his step than normal. The two locked up and they tried to overcome each other for position, but neither man budged. They broke the lock up and circled each other and went for it again, but it was the same result.. neither man being able to budge each other.

You could see the frustration in Roebuck’s face as he broke the hold and circled Patterson again. They went for the lock up, but Roebuck took the cheap shot with the knee to the stomach. He clubbed Patterson over the back twice and that brought the Hype Champion down to a knelt position. Roebuck stood Patterson up and backed him into the ropes, looking for an Irish Whip, but Patterson reversed it and pulled Roebuck into an impressive Belly to Belly Suplex! Patterson showed off his power there as he stood and dared Roebuck to get back up.

Roebuck slammed his fists into the canvas and got back to his feet. Huber yelled out “Come tag me” and Roebuck looked back and responded with “SHUT UP!” This momentary distraction lead to Patterson decking Roebuck in the face with a right hand. Patterson unleashed another and another, rocking Roebuck back. Patterson sent Roebuck into the ropes and hit him with a Big Boot that staggered him back. Patterson then charged forward for a clothesline, but Roebuck lifted the big man up and over, but Patterson landed on the apron! Roebuck turned around and Patterson hit a headbutt to Roebuck’s face! Roebuck took a few steps back as Patterson launched himself over the ropes with a Slingshot Shoulder Block that knocked Roebuck down! Patterson went into the cover, hooking the leg..



Roebuck kicked out.

Patterson walked to his corner and tagged in Brian Williams. Williams entered the ring and immediately ran at Roebuck who was about to get up, but Williams nailed a Senton Back Splash and kept the former multi-time tag champion down. Williams turned and made a cover on Roebuck, pressing his forearm into the face.



Roebuck kicked out again.

Williams sat Roebuck up and placed him in a Sleeper Hold. Roebuck gripped Williams’ arms and tried to pry them apart, but Williams’ grip was just too tight. Roebuck’s only option would fight he way out of this. Roebuck battled up to his feet and sent a pair of elbows into Williams’ mid-section. Roebuck then hit a hard chop to the chest.. then a second.. then a third.. then a fourth!


Roebuck grabbed Williams and whipped him into the neutral corner. Roebuck charged in and nailed a running Hip Attack right into Williams..


Williams fell into a seated position and Roebuck scraped his boot across Williams’ face multiple times with a Face Wash. Patterson ran along the ring apron, but Roebuck turned and delivered a stiff right hand that knocked Patterson down to the floor. Roebuck pulled Williams up and fired rights and lefts into Williams’s gut. The referee warned Roebuck to let him out, but Roebuck got in the referee’s face and told him to back off. The slight distraction was enough for Williams who grabbed Roebuck and maneuvered him into the corner. Williams began to stomp on Roebuck’s legs to get him into a seated position and then he stomped on his chest.

Williams quickly ran to the opposite corner, turned, and got a full head of steam. He cannonballed into the corner, slamming right into Adam Roebuck!


Williams got back to his feet and quickly went to the opposite corner again. He charged right back at Roebuck and cannonballed into the corner a second time..


Williams couldn’t drag Roebuck out so he opted to pull Roebuck up to his feet. Williams went to whip Roebuck to the opposite side of the ring, but Roebuck gripped the top rope and prevented that from happening. Roebuck hit a knee lift to Williams and then clubbed him over the back of the neck with a forearm. Roebuck looked to be wearing down and would probably benefit from a tag, but Roebuck was determined to try and pick up a win here and continued his offense by picked up Williams into his arms. Roebuck then dropped Williams across his knee with a Rib Breaker, but he held on. He pulled him back up and dropped him across his knee a second time with another Rib Breaker, but he continued to hold on again. Roebuck stood and dropped Williams across his knee with a third Rib Breaker and held on, but when he stood, he flipped Williams overhead with a Fallaway Slam!


Williams was writhing in pain and now it was he who needed the tag out. Patterson had already gotten back on the ring apron and reached out for the tag, trying to encourage Williams to make it there, but Roebuck walked over and stepped on Williams’ hand, causing him pain and preventing him from reaching out. Patterson shot Roebuck a death gaze, but Roebuck didn’t care. Roebuck pulled Williams up to his feet and rocked him with another big right hand. He hit a second, then a third, then a fourth punch.. meanwhile on the outside, Zane Roebuck was mimicking his father with the punches as if he were some sort of cheerleader. Charlotte looked rather disgusted by it.

Roebuck grabbed Williams by the arm and whipped him to the ropes, but Williams grabbed the ropes and held onto them. Roebuck walked in, but Williams stepped forward with a back elbow to the face. Roebuck staggered back as Williams turned, grabbed the ropes, and sprung off the second rope, pivoting in mid-air and knocking Roebuck down with a Springboard Discus Elbow-like maneuver! Williams turned and rolled to his corner where he got the much needed tag to Mike Patterson.

Roebuck got to his feet and Patterson slammed into him with a clothesline, but Roebuck didn’t go down. Patterson hit the ropes and slammed into him again with a second clothesline, but Roebuck continued to stand his ground. Patterson then hit the ropes again, but this time he leapt into the air and clotheslined him with all of his momentum and weight and that finally took Roebuck off his feet. Patterson then pulled Roebuck up and got behind him, placing him into a waist lock.

No… Patterson wasn’t going to..

But he did!


Mike Patterson just German Suplexed 468 pounds!!!

Patterson stood up and let out a bestial roar as the crowd went insane! Patterson backed into a corner as Roebuck had to grab the ropes to pull himself up! Patterson was ready to strike and when Roebuck was on his feet, Patterson charged in, but Roebuck side stepped and Patterson ended up Spearing the ring post!

Roebuck staggered over to his corner where he leaned against the buckles. Derrick Huber asked for the tag, but Roebuck shoot his head “no.” Huber had had enough of this and ended up tagging himself in.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?” yelled Roebuck.

Huber ignored him and entered the ring. He was about to give chase to Mike Patterson when Reobuck grabbed him by the shoulder and spun him around.



Roebuck seemed to come to his senses for now and put his hands up as he stepped otu of the ring, however as all of this happened, Patterson had recovered and when Huber turned around...


Roebuck immediately came back into the match as Zane looked a bit worried. Zane ran around ringside towards the time keeper’s table and grabbed the Hype Championship. Zane ran back around to where the entrance way was and hopped up onto it as Patterson and Roebuck had a bit of a staredown.

“DAD! DAD! USE THIS!!” said Zane as he handed him the Hype Championship.

“Are you really going to stoop that low!?” asked Patterson.

Roebuck was actually giving it some thought. He looked at Zane standing there with a smile on his face, holding the title over the top rope. Charlotte on the outside was even yelling at Adam to not even do it. Roebuck just wanted a win so badly that he became conflicted.


Adam gripped his face as he turned his back to Patterson.. he was really tempted, but that’s when Huber got up and grabbed the title right out of Zane’s hands. He then tossed the title over the top rope and down to the floor. Huber walked over to Zane and grabbed him by the shirt.

“What do you think you’re doing!? This is all your fault, you know that!? Take some responsibility!”

That’s when Adam grabbed Derrick by the shoulder and spun him around.



Patterson, on the other hand rolled his eyes

“Allow me to offer you a solution” said Patterson.

Patterson turned and decked Zane Roebuck, knocking him off the apron to a rather large pop from the crowd! Adam saw red as he tried to charge Patterson, but Huber held him back

“LET ME GO!! THAT SON OF A BITCH HIT MY SON!!” yelled Roebuck.

Huber could only hold him back so much until Roebuck broke free.. but Patterson simply stepped forward, lunged in and nailed Spear on Roebuck!!! Huber immediately grabbed Patterson in a front face lock and hit knee lift after knee lift to Patterson. Huber backed Patterson into the corner and hit forearm after forearm to Patterson’s jaw, rocking him. Huber with a whip across the ring and then a charge. He sandwiched Patterson in the corner with a Body Avalanche. He then hoisted Patterson up on the top turnbuckle and he tried to hook him for the Muscle Buster.. The Odds Against You, but Patterson punched him in the head and it staggered Huber away. Patterson leapt off the top turnbuckle with a shoulder tackle and it connected!

Patterson quickly pulled Huber up to his feet and placed him between his legs. He tried to lift Huber for the Trailervision, but Huber countered with a Back Body Drop! Patterson staggered up as Huber charged in, but Patterson ducked and took off to the ropes. He bounced off and when Huber turned around..


Patterson pulled Huber to his feet and got behind him. He got underneath Huber and lifted him up, dumping him on the back of his neck with the Back Drop Driver!


Patterson made the cover, hooking the leg while Adam Roebuck turned to his side and reached out for Huber..




The New Breed just picked up a HUGE win. Adam Roebuck, while laying on his side, had a look of angst and frustration as he felt powerless to get in there and break up the pin. The thought of getting a win overcame Roebuck so much that he became blind and it, ultimately, cost his team the victory here tonight.

Roebuck, instead, rolled out under the bottom rope as Zane got back to his feet. Adam walked up the ramp to the backstage area alone. Zane grinned and ran up behind his father and walked with him. Zane turned and looked back at Charlotte, who could only watch on and cracked a smile to her. The two of them disappeared behind the curtain. Charlotte entered the ring to check on her husband. Patterson and Williams weren’t just going to leave, however. Patterson offered a hand to Huber and helped him up to his feet. The two of them patted Huber on the back before making their exit, showing a bit of class as they knew that they got a win here only because of the implosion that happened between the members of The House.

Huber looked at Charlotte and mouthed “What am I going to do now?” Charlotte rubbed Huber’s back as the two of them stared back up at the entrance ramp.

Winner: The New Breed via Pinfall

"Breaking News"

As things were wining down from the The New Breed and The House doing battle, the camera switching to the ringside are... more specifically, the announce position where Michael Buhrman and Nate Powers were sitting at ringside.

Michael Burhman: Ladies and Gentlemen.. as we get the ring cleared for our next contest, we wanted to share with you some unfortunate news. Apollo was scheduled here tonight in a rematch with Eiji Kugasari, however that match had to be called off due to an unfortunate incident.

Nate Powers nodded his head.

Michael Burhman: Earlier today, while driving to the AT&T Center, Apollo was involved in a car accident. He was taken to a nearby medical facility and we are happy to report that, thankfully, there are no major injuries such as broken bones, however, he did hit his head very hard during the accident and has suffered a concussion. The doctors are going to be keeping Apollo at the hospital until he is cleared for travel and then he will be sent home to rest and recover. It is expected that Apollo will be out for at least the next three to four weeks before he can be fully cleared to return to competition here in jOlt.

Nate Powers: It is an unfortunate thing... I know a lot of people don't like Apollo, but there's no denying that this young man has talent and he came into jOlt like a wrecking ball.. even getting a VERY impressive win over Eiji Kugasari last week on iNtense. Like you said, Eiji requested a rematch and that was scheduled tonight, but obviously, that cannot happen now. We do want to wish Apollo a speedy recovery and say thank God he walked away with just a concussion.. of course, that's not downplaying the concussion itself, but we've seen far too many accidents whether on television or in real life where we know it could always be much worse.

Michael Burhman: Indeed, you're right about that Nate. It's time to press on with iNtense though.. we have one on one action here as Draconian, who had a bit of a run-in with Diamond Jewelz earlier tonight, is set to go one on one with Gabriel Gold.. let's send it back over to the ring and Dean Carrington.

Draconian vs Gabriel Gold
"Golden Dawn" by Gospel

Gabriel Gold stepped out from the back and took a kneeling stance on the stage to survey both the crowd and the ring.

A golden hue washed over the crowd in waves, swirling about as he walked towards the ring. He headed towards the ring and leaped to the second turnbuckle and sneered at the crowd before simply stepping over the ropes to climb inside. The Technical Wizard leaned back on the ropes and waited with a scowl for his opponent to arrive.

The golden lighting in the arena was cut to darkness and blue lights began to pan around...

"Scheme" by STS9


Out from backstage walked Draconian in a hurry while he popped his knuckles and furrowed his brow. Like always Draconian looked to be in a bad mood. He quickly entered the ring and walked forward while Gold shuffled side to side. Gabriel Gold gave up nearly a foot and a half in height to Draconian, which would make for an interesting match.


Surprisingly Gold attempted to lock up but Draconian simply threw him to the mat. Gold got back up and attempted to slide around for a waist lock but Draconian threw back an elbow. Gold staggered back and was met with a hard body block. It doesn't look like traditional wrestling manoeuvres were going to work very well tonight.

Draconian picked Gold up, delivered a knee to the ribs and threw him off the ropes. When Gold came back he ran face-first into a clothesline but bounced back up to his feet. Draconian stepped into grab Gold but Gold side stepped and delivered a vicious kick to Draconian's leg. Then another... then another! He was trying to chop a tree down!

Gold switched it up and went for a high roundhouse kick but Draconian grabbed his ankle out of mid air. Gold simply jumped up with his other leg and hit an amazing kick to Draconian's temple! Draconian staggered to the side and Gold ran next to him and bounced off the second rope... grabbed Draconian by the head... tornado DDT!

Draconian laid out flat on the mat and Gold decided to go big, so he climbed the top rope and wasted no time getting airborn.

Golden Elb-NO!!!

Draconian rolled out of the way and Gold crashed down. Draconian attempted to put Gold in detainment but Gold was still quick enough to spin around and catch Draconian with a rear naked choke plus some body scissors of his own.

Silence is Golden!

Could the smaller Gold really do damage with a body scissors versus Draconian's larger frame? Nope. Draconian simply stood up with Gold on his back, ripped Gold's legs apart and fell onto his butt to deliver a major stunner!

The momentum of the impact popped a woozy Gold back on his feet where Draconian doubled him over into a gutwrench suplex. Draconian released in mid air letting Gold flip again and onto his face.

Situational Gravity!

Instead of pressing the pace, Draconian stood still and looked across the crowd. The crowd certainly wasn't on Gold's side, but Draconian's callousness certainly wasn't appealing either.

Gold started to get back to his feet when Draconian kicked him onto his back. Draconian then dropped several knees and stood up confidently. Out of nowhere a hurting Gold spun on his back and caught Draconian in that same knee as earlier with a leg sweep! Both competitors quickly got to their feet and squared off. When Draconian rushed in Gold deftly dropped to the side and took Draconian down with a drop toe hold!

Sensing an opportunity Gold ran to jump off the ropes for a moonsault but Draconian got to his feet, caught Gold and whipped him into a backbreaker! This thing was going back and forth as Gold kept targeting Draconian's knee while Draconian kept answering with vicious power slams.

Draconian picked Gold up and took him to the corner where he smashed Gold's face into the turnbuckle several times. He picked Gold up and proceeded to ram him back-first into the post. After five of those, he backed Gold up into the corner and laid in several powerful knees, punches and ultimately stomps when Gold fell. Draconian turned Gold slightly and began pushing Gold's face onto the rope, but after a few seconds the referee called for Draconian to back off.

Not liking the referee's meddling, Draconian turned around and slowly walked toward him. The referee backed off with a scared look in his face, which was just enough distraction for Gold to get up and dropkick Draconian in the back!

Draconian fell toward the ropes and when he turned around he was met with a spear by Gold! Gold dashed to the top rope looking for his signature move again... and the Frog Elbow connected!

Golden Elbow!




Gold looks exasperated! He quickly attempted an arm bar but Draconian simply threw him like a rag doll. Obviously Gold didn't have the power to make someone of Draconian's size submit. The two competitors got to their feet and squared off... they were back to square one or so it seemed. The power of Draconian's slams were beginning to take affect.

Draconian stepped forward to grab Gold but Gold ducked and ran to the ropes. Draconian had his leg raised for a big boot but Gold held onto the ropes. Draconian huffed in annoyance and ran at Gold, but Gold simply side stepped and held down the top rope letting Draconian spill out of the ring! Draconian stood up dazed and Gold slid out of the ring delivering two feet to Draconian's face!

Gold picked Draconian back up and looked for a ringside suplex, but Draconian countered with a knee to the stomach. He reversed the suplex and lifted Gold straight into the air, then down with a MAJOR jackhammer! He lifted Gold up into a Gorilla Press and dropped him straight into a gutbuster which sent Gold rolling and holding his stomach.

Quickly Draconian again lifted Gold into a Gorilla Press but this time tossed him over the ropes and back into the ring. What a display of strength!

Draconian climbed back in and got Gold back onto his feet. With a side lift Draconian carried Gold and delivered a huge side body slam which made the ring shake. Draconian was relentless and lifted Gold up into a power bomb, but instead threw Gold up into the air. When Gold came down Draconian grabbed him by the head and hit a SWEET neckbreaker!

Gold appeared to be getting gassed by all the heavy slams he had taken, which led to Draconian easily picking him back up off the mat yet again.

In front of Draconian stood Gold, wobbling and barely standing... Draconian waited a moment and grabbed his opponent by the neck, then lifted Gabriel Gold over 11 feet in the air.





"Scheme" by STS9 hit the airwaves again, which was quickly followed by Draconian unceremoniously leaving the ring. After nearly four months, the fans still weren't sure what to make of him, but they at least knew they were one thing: impressed.

Winner: Draconian via Pinfall

"People Going in Directions"

We open up in the locker room of Cross the Hood... Vogue is still on an emotional high after pinning Un-Fayth and becoming the number one contender to Starlet Championship. Cross and Hood were celebrating along with her. Cross popped the cork on a champagne bottle when Hood smacked him upside the head.

"Da hell was that fo' my brotha?" asked Cross.

"Fool.. she didn't WIN the damn title.. she just became a contender! The hell wrong with you? You jus' wasted a perfectly good bottle of Cristal! Man.. put that shit away before I smack yo ass again!" said Hood.

Cross sulked as he put the bottle down on the table.

"But seriously, tho... good job ta'night Vogue. Later on.. we gonna take care of those Athletes and show errybody why we was the best damn tag team to come outta The Hype. I know for a FACT that if them tag titles were on The Hype back in our day.. we woula been the first champs... but.. we got somethin' on The Athletes that they don't... and that's we were the first members of The Hype to be the jOlt World Tag Team Champions!" said Hood.

"That's right my brotha.. but.. ya know.. we gotta tainted legacy with that.. I mean.. yeah.. we beat The House for them titles.. but it was when we was runnin' with Jon Le Bon and The Rebellion. Lotta people be hatin' on us for that.. so we gotta do this straight up. Best of three series? I'm all for that... it'll prove who the better team really is!" said Cross.

"Finally, you makin' some damn sense" said Hood.

That's when Vogue stood up.

"An' don't forget me. At Thieves Honor.. I'm gonna kick that Rednack bitch back to her farm so she can be with her chickens.. and she won't have the Starlet Title to hug at night in bed... I'll be takin' that for myself. So you boys betta focus on winnin' them tag team titles for a second time.. because come Thieves Honor.. I'm going to complete the puzzle and The Hood.. we comin' up!" said Vogue.

"Yeah.. we comin' up.. and them Athletes.. tonight.. they be goin' down!" said Hood.

"Ha Ha yeah my brotha.. we be comin up.. they be goin' down.. everyone be goin' side ta side.. ALL OVA TOWN!" said Cross.

Hood and Vogue just stood there and kind of looked at him. Cross stopped and looked at both Hood and Vogue. All of a sudden Hood smacked Cross upside the head again.

"Get yo motha goosin' ass outta here. We gotta go get ready for our match. Damn nursery rhymes and shit.." said Hood.

Cross walked away as Hood followed behind him shaking his head. Vogue just stood there and smiled.

"Them boys" said she

The scene faded to black.

Frank Silver vs Jack Dawn
Now was the time for one of the next Thieves Honor Qualifying Matches to take place and in this particular match, things got heated after a volatile confrontation backstage earlier. Since breaking away from the Heirs of Wrestling to help form MONARCHY, Frank Silver has been on a huge roll, recently winning a huge Loser Leaves jOlt match against one of his ex-tag team partners, Ryan Gallway, and then an improbable victory over Omega in a three-on-two tag team match.

Frank Silver lobbied a challenge to Omega for his Fearless Championship next week, but for right now, the business was this qualifying match for Thieves Honor where this year’s winner would become #1 Contender to the jOlt Championship. In his way was a rising star from The Hype, Jack Dawn, fresh off not one, but two victories of his own last week. Could Dawn upset Frank Silver or would MONARCHY’s inclusion into the series make it to the big show?

“The following contest is a Thieves Honor Qualifying match and this is set for one fall!” Dean Carrington announced.

“Heavy Is The Head” by Zac Brown Band feat. Chris Cornell.

The entire arena was bathed in darkness with the sole exception of a single spotlight. In that spotlight… The man. The myth. The traitor himself. With his godfather and manager right behind him, Frank Silver raised his fists in the air as he soaked in the adulation (Read: FUCKING boos) from the crowd.

“Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by ‘JOlt’s Last Real ManAGER’ Sonny Silver… from Seattle, Washington, weighing in at 247 pounds… he is representing MONARCHY… ”THE FORTUNATE SON” FRANK SILVER!

Complete with a shitty dickheaded nickname, Frank Silver was clad in brand-new black knee-length tights not unlike the ones that his ex-partner, Ryan Gallway, used to wear. With a blue “FS” logo and a sword through a new family crest, the MONARCHY member started to make a mad dash for the ring… then he stopped and flipped off the crowd before calmly walking up the steps and heading into the ring without incident. As the self-professed Fortunate Son stood in the ring, he threw off his MONARCHY shirt while Sonny Silver stood proudly of his godson. Frank waited for his opponent.

“Magic” by B.o.B. feat. Rivers Cuomo.

The lights started to flash and swirl in several shades of various colors filling the area... smoke began to fill the stage… and the crowd began to cheer! Out from the back came two lovely twin ladies, each with blonde hair, blue eyes, and sparkling red sequined skirts that left little to the imagination. The lights continued to shine brightly and flashed again and as a box appeared on stage. Both ladies walked towards either side of the box and grabbed a door…

“And his opponent,, being accompanied by The Lovely Assistants, Bobbi and Breezy... from Los Angeles, California, being accompanied by Bobbi and Breezy… weighing in at 236 pounds… this is “MISTER MAGIC” JACK DAWN!


The doors both opened and a handsome and chiseled man called Jack Dawn stepped out of the box, rocking a cape and top hat as he took a bow for the audience. Dawn got a peck on the cheek from both of the girls and smirked proudly before he and The Lovely Assistants hit the ring, arm in arm for his match tonight. He put up a very tough fight against The Draconian and while he did not win, he was looking forward to the task at hand and get back on the winning track. Bobbi and Breezy both took off his cape, top hat and cane before he entered the ring…


Frank Silver tried to get the jump on Jack Dawn at the bell, but the athletic Dawn surprised him with a HIGH Dropkick right to the face! Dawn liked to play around, but when a shot at Thieves Honor and a #1 Contender for the jOlt World Title were up for grabs, there was no time for games!

Frank tried to stand himself up by using the ropes, but Jack Dawn was already up and waiting for the chance to fight back. He rushed at The Fortunate Son and BLASTED him with a Clothesline that sent the MONARCHY member flying over the top rope ass over teakettle, sending him out to the floor! Sonny was beside himself as Jack Dawn then headed to the ring apron to continue his opening salvo. When Frank Silver tried to go vertical…


And he was taken down again!


They liked The Hype graduate for having fun and they fucking HATED Frank Silver that much more! Jack Dawn didn’t mess around and when Sonny Silver tried to get involved, Dawn threw up his fist to get him to back off. Jack Dawn reached over and pulled Silver up before throwing him back inside the ring. As Frank Silver was still trying to stand, Dawn was inside with him. With a single leap, he jumped to the top rope…


The Turnbuckle Leaping Clothesline caught Sonny right on the mush and that’s when Dawn went for a cover right away!




The Fortunate Son got his shoulder up right before the three count and the crowd went nuts! They thought Dawn had the upset win, but Mister Magic stayed on the attack. With The Lovely Assistants and a rowdy crowd cheering him on,, Jack CHOPPED Silver across the chest and backed him into the ropes. He used the tried and true Irish Whip to get him to the other side of the ring and then stunned Frank with a Corner Clothesline! Frank jutted around in the corner when Dawn smirked to the crowd. He pulled him out of the corner…


Frank slipped out the back and in desperation, grabbed him by the shirt…


He threw Jack Dawn right into the ringpost, shoulder-first! The fans cringed from the impact as Frank scooted away from the corner to take a breather after Mister Magic’s explosive offense. He went back again and waited before he grabbed Dawn…


…and posted him a second time! An angered Silver liked to fuck around and be a dickhead in the ring, but he was a cutthroat son of a bitch who could seriously hurt somebody. He grabbed Dawn a third time by the waist…


The third time was certainly not a charm for Jack Dawn after getting tossed a third time! Frank snuck in behind him and went for a Schoolboy!



THR... NO!

Dawn just barely kicked out, but his left shoulder was hurt now and the last thing anybody wanted to do was give him an opening. Dawn tried to stand, but Frank Silver BLASTED him under the chin with a stiff

European Uppercut! The Undispute Uppercut Master unleashed a shot and Dawn fell to the canvas. Frank then kicked him outside of the ring where he followed! Frank Silver then climbed to the outside with him and stood over to deliver some boots. He scooted him up to his feet…


Frank dropped him with a good shot and threw Dawn right back to the floor before climbing into the ring himself. Darius Underwood looked at Frank.

“COUNT, DICKBAG!” Silver shouted.

Darius Underwood shook his head before doing his job.





Jack Dawn was just starting to move as Frank Silver grimaced.



Dawn was back up…




…And back in the ring!

Frank’s attempt to win by countout backfired on him, but he wasted no time in punishing Jack Dawn for his tenacity by climbing over him and delivering a hard series of vicious right hands! He slid to the outside while Dawn was draped over the ropes as he grabbed the ring skirt and draped it over the head of Dawn. The ultimate in dickhead technology that was Frank Silver reeled back and started to bash him with several hard right hands and knees while the skirt was still over his head! He blasted him with more shots until he was done. He slipped back inside the ring and pulled Dawn away from the ropes before hooking the leg.




Annoyed by Mister Magic, he rolled over and hooked the leg a second time.




And again!




“AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!” Frank yelled out in frustration. “WILL YOU LEARN TO COUNT, RETARD?!”

After yelling some more at Darius Underwood, Silver got up and he pulled Jack Dawn upwards by the neck. Dawn tried to fight back with a few hard shots of his own, despite being disoriented by Silver. He ran off the ropes, only for Silver to nearly take him out of his boots with a hard Spear! Dawn was clutching his abdomen in pain now as Silver didn’t waste any time. He stacked up Dawn in a pin again!




Frank Silver shot an ice-cold stare at jOlt’s senior official before he turned his attention back to the attack on Jack Dawn. The Lovely Assistants showed some more worry for the fallen Dawn as Frank continued putting the boots to him. Because he was an outright asshole, Frank started to blow an ugly snot rocket right onto Dawn!


The Fortunate Son soaked in the jeers from the crowd as he forced Mister Magic back to his feet. He cracked him in the jaw with an extra-nasty right hand that sent Dawn back into the ropes, but Dawn bounced back with a rebound…


A makeshift version of his signature Running STO dropped Silver right on the back of his head as Sonny started freaking out on the outside. MONARCHY could not afford to blow a prime position like this – not tonight. The camera cut backstage to see MONARCHY’s co-leader, jOlt World Champion Jeremy Ryan watching the match. It would indeed create an interesting situation if his own stablemate won Thieves Honor, but for now they all seemed to be on the same page.

“MISTER MAGIC!” clap x5
“MISTER MAGIC!” clap x5
“MISTER MAGIC!” clap x5
“MISTER MAGIC!” clap x5
“MISTER MAGIC!” clap x5

The crowd was in full support of Mister Magic now as wrestling’s only magician started to try and make a comeback for himself. Frank was looking glassy-eyed after being dropped by Dawn, but eventually both men made it to their feet. The Fortunate Son swung with an Uppercut, but Dawn sidestepped it and fired back with a huge right hand. He followed that up with a chop and then a punch. He chopped and punched his way back into it, but Frank blocked a shot and raked the eyes before doubling him over. With Dawn in a vulnerable position, Frank bounced off the ropes and went looking for another Spear when Dawn moved again, sending him flying through the ropes and out to the floor!

Dawn was huffing, but these two men were going back and forth – they NEEDED this win tonight to get a shot at the biggest opportunity of their careers and Dawn also wanted to shut up the MONARCHY member. With Frank down on the ground, Dawn got himself a running start off the opposite ropes before leaping over the ropes…


The uber-athletic Jack Dawn cleared the ropes and took down Frank Silver for the second time in this match with another beautiful dive! Both men were down and Sonny Silver had worry in his eyes for his godson. They’d underestimated Jack Dawn and now that decision was coming back to haunt them. Dawn got back up to his feet once more and dragged Frank up by the hair to get him back inside a second time. He followed him in and went for a cover!




The Fortunate Son kicked both of his legs out and Mister Magic bit his lip, trying to figure out what to do next, so he headed out to the ring apron. The high risk game had been paying off for the David Blaine of Wrestling so he was trying one more time. He was on the top rope…


Frank shoved the referee backwards and TRIPPED Dawn on the bottom rope! Frank was toeing a line that he needed to not cross, because an irate Darius Underwood protested that he’d disqualify Frank if he did something like that again! But with him down, Frank ran up the ropes and THREW Dawn over the ropes with a HUGE Super Hip Toss Slam! That wasn’t all, though, as Frank grabbed him by the head and DRILLED him into the mat with a huge Reverse STO! Frank then rolled him over and locked him in a Gedo Clutch pin! He’d won matches off this series before? Could he do it again?




Frank started to celebrate for a second, thinking he got the three-count, but Darius Underwood still had two hands held up. An irate Silver punched the mat repeatedly! This opportunity was everything to both men and neither man was going to stay down. Frank then started to get back up and set him up for his deadly Axe Guillotine Driver… He was looking for the F-Bomb, but Mister Magic saw it coming and he kicked his legs frantically and rolled Frank up right into a Sunset Flip!




He almost got Frank Silver off the roll-up pin out of nowhere, but Jack Dawn still stayed on him. The second that The Fortunate Son tried standing up, Dawn let him have it with a Magic Touch haymaker! The extra-solid blow caught Silver across the jaw and he staggered back into the ropes again. He then followed that up out of nowhere with a Running Bulldog!

The David Blaine of Wrestling had Frank Silver right where he wanted him and now set him up by forcing him back to his feet. Sonny was starting to sweat bullets for his godson as he tried to set him up a second time for the Spellbinder! He tried to spin Frank around but Frank slipped out and landed on his feet in front of him. Frank sidestepped the oncoming shot from Dawn and he leaped to the ropes again, looking for his turnbuckle clothesline again…


Dawn tried to catch Frank just as he did earlier, but this time Silver was ready and SWATTED him out of the sky with a brutal Uppercut to the jaw! Frank wasn’t about to take any chances with Dawn trying to kick out again. He dragged the dead weight back up to his feet…


The Axe Guillotine Driver was right on the mark and Dawn was dropped right on the top of his head! Frank crawled over and sat on his chest while pulling the leg back into a pinning combination as he confidently counted with the referee.




Frank tossed the leg down and got back to his feet as he celebrated!


The crafty Undisputed Uppercut Master had his signature Uppercuts come through once again! Frank stood up to his feet after a very hard-fought match with a very game Jack Dawn and laughed as Sonny crawled into the ring and patted his godson on the back.


The Fortunate Son stepped onto the second turnbuckle and kissed his bicep before uppercutting thin air just because he could! He punched his ticket to Thieves Honor and The Lovely Assistants along with a trainer came to help Jack Dawn out of the ring. He had nothing to be ashamed up after a performance like that, but Frank seemed to be on the roll of his career. He’d ended the career of his long time tag partner, scored an ultra-rare victory over the dangerous Omega (with a lot of help from his friends) and now punched his ticket to Thieves Honor.

Was this a sign of things to come for the dominant MONARCHY?

If this was a sign of things to come for Thieves Honor, the future of jOlt could very well be shaped by this new group. The scene ended with Frank Silver on the top turnbuckle, celebrating with Sonny Silver while the camera cut backstage. Jeremy Ryan once again watched what happened with his stablemate winning the match. His face betrayed little emotion, but he looked at his jOlt World Title before he walked off…

Back in the ring, Frank Silver stood proudly as Sonny Silver clapped. With a microphone in hand, he waited…

“To the other men competing in the Thieves Honor match, I want you to see what my godson just did. And to Omega… I want you to SEE what awaits you, should you find the BALLS to accept our challenge! I told you that MONARCHY will have both major titles in jOlt and not even YOU can stop us…

Frank took the microphone.

“You fancy yourself a boogeyman, Omega, but what you need to know is that I’m like Jeremy Ryan… I FEAR no boogeyman especially when I PINNED that fucking boogeyman last week! You all saw it! I handed you a defeat, Omega and…”


Guerilla radio.

The fans in the AT&T Center tried illuminating the place with their camera phones and digital cameras, but it wasn’t doing much good.


The lights returned… and nothing. Frank and Sonny looked at one another before they laughed. They both left the ring, but Frank wasn’t done.

“You think flickering the lights on and off is scary, Omega?” Frank yelled out. “We have the numbers, we have…


A hand reached out from under the ring! Frank was tripped and the hand tried to drag him under, but the ring apron peeled away…


Omega crawled out from under the ring and now stood tall! Frank Silver ran right at him, but Omega grabbed him by the throat with both hands and THREW him against the ropes, whiplashing him back to the floor! Sonny watched on in horror as Frank Silver was thrown in the ring now.


When he climbed into the ring, Frank tried to get back up and threw hard right hands to Omega that stunned him for a few moments. The blows continued to keep coming and Frank tried to go low with a kick, but Omega caught the leg…


He SPIKED Frank Silver into the canvas, but the other members of MONARCHY were speeding towards the ring!

“The First” Freddie Rich and The Law all ran towards the ring, but they were seconds too late. Omega fled the ring and The Fearless Champion headed into the crowd, with a grin on his face behind his hood. But the challenge was accepted by Omega.

Just when MONARCHY thought they’d done away with him during last week’s show… Omega was here and in the flesh. Sonny Silver and Freddie Rich both tended to the fallen Frank Silver as both Brady and Strauss stood in the ring, watching Omega disappear into the crowd, but not before delivering a wicked smile across his face.

They thought they’d stopped the boogeyman, but that shit was only a myth.

Omega was real.

And next week, he was coming for payback.

Winner: Frank Silver via Pinfall

"Enough is Enough"

The scene adjusted to the shaky view of a camera, roaming one of the many hallways backstage, no doubt seeking some juicy gossip. Well, there were none juicier than what seemed to be a shouting match.

“You had no business out there!”

“He’s my Dad and I’ll support him no matter what!”

“Cut the horse shit!”

“I am speaking the truth! I care about him!”

The camera that wasn’t supposed to be there was capturing a very heated conversation between “Good Luck” Zane Roebuck and “The Sin City Strongman” Derrick Huber with his wife, Charlotte, right in the middle of all of it.

“You guys! You both need to calm down!” Charlotte shouted.


Derrick Huber turned to his wife and then he looked down at Zane. He was still wounded from his match earlier tonight, favoring the back of his head with an ice pack, but he was furious.

“Zane … you need to hear this. I don’t know what kind of a long con game you’re trying to play, but you have been up our asses for weeks now with this doey-eyed Dear Old Dad bullshit. It ends now.

“No,” Zane said. “He’s my father and I’ll continue to support him no matter what! You really think he’d ever pick some jacked-up nimrod and some ex-stripper over his own flesh and blood?”

“Hey!” Charlotte said. “I was a dancer, but I didn’t strip.”

“You might as well have been, Auntie C …”

That was the last straw! Huber reeled back and socked Zane in his jaw! Mike Patterson did so earlier, but the fans really cheered when Derrick let him have it! Zane crumbled in the hallway …


Adam Roebuck approached all of them and saw what Huber just did.


Roebuck shoved Huber, but Huber defended himself.

“Dad!” Zane said. “He went nuts and he just attacked me unprovoked!”

“That is not true!” Charlotte said. “He’s clearly got something planned! Adam, he’s playing you like a damn fiddle!”

“SHUT IT! ALL OF YOU!” Roebuck said and then he turned to Zane. “YOU …”

“Dad …”


Zane got quiet when his father spoke to him.

“I’ve had enough of you stirring up shit, Zane.”

“But …”

Roebuck glared at him again and Zane went silent. HHe looked stone cold serious at his tag team partner.

“Huber … I don’t care what is going on in your head, you do NOT strike my son! If you want a fight then I’ll give you one.”

Derrick’s eyes went wide.

“Wait, what do you …?”

“Next week , we’re going to hash this out in the ring!”

“What, no! Roe …”

“I’m NOT taking no for an answer. You against me. I have the Thieves Honor qualifying match in two weeks and the last thing that I need is for any of this shit to cost me my opportunity! We’re going to hash this out in the ring, squash this, and then we go from there. Do you understand me?”

Huber nodded. Roebuck looked at Zane.

“You are my son and I will always love you, Zane … but if we’re going to co-exist, you need to live your own career. Take some time and do whatever you want with your career. If you’re really serious about being a family up here, then you need to cut the shit and act like it.”

Roebuck said his peace and then walked away as Zane brushed himself off. He stared at Charlotte and Derrick Huber, who didn’t want to fight his tag partner, but this was how they always handled stuff before jOlt. They fought, they hashed it out, and they were stronger because of it. Zane looked at the two Hubers.

“You two ruin everything!

Huber raised a fist again and Zane walked down the hallway to get away from him. Huber and Charlotte could only look at each other and sigh. The House was crumbling down around them all.

Best of Three Series - Match 1
The Natural Athletes vs Cross the Hood
As first announced by Donny Layne earlier this week on, the first in a Best of Three Series for the jOlt Tag Team Titles was set to take place here shortly! Two generations of Hype Tag Teams with very similar career paths were set to do battle shortly with both teams being driven by their respective desires to be the best.

Cross The Hood – Machida Cross and Jackson Hood were considered the best team in the first generation of Hype stars, well before the Hype Tag Team Titles were created. They were former jOlt World Tag Team Champions as members of The Rebellion and had a much-talked about feud with The House and The Crimson Order. They wanted the gold back and to do so, they’d have to go through the current champs…

The Natural Athletes - Cori “Striker” Albright and “The Big Hitter” Terry Massimo. Unlike Cross The Hood who had been tag partners for a long time, the Athletes started out as two singles wrestlers on The Hype that were brought together by their own sports backgrounds. What resulted was what many called the most dominant run by a team. They were the inaugural Hype Tag Champs and put together an incredible resume.

With that all laid out, it was now time to put to a rest which team was the best. Let’s rock.

“The following contest is match number one in the Best of Three Series for the jOlt Tag Team Championships!” Dean Carrington announced to an excited crowd. They were gonna see some shit.

“My Time” by Fabolous

Jackson Cross and Machida Hood came out from the backstage area with Vogue Gonsalvez in their corner! The fan gave a great ovation for the hard-working former jOlt Tag Team Champions as they headed toward the ring.

“Introducing first, team number one… being accompanied to the ring by Vogue Gonsalves, from Brooklyn, New York… they are MACHIDA HOOD AND JACKSON CROSS… CROSS THE HOOD!!

Cross and Hood got on the apron and stepped into the ring. They each picked a side of the ring and got up on the middle rope, leaning over and playing to the crowd. They switched sides and did it again, getting the crowd fired up for this match! Cross and Hood smashed their arms together in a show of support as they waited for their opponents.

Four pillars were near the entrance, two on each end with “THE NATURAL ATHLETES” in a white and blue logo. The camera took notice of an inflatable tunnel with the same logo…

“Unleashed” by Chris Classic feat. Nazareth.

The music played and the crowd went crazy for the NEW World Tag Team Champions! Cori “Striker” Albright and “The Big Hitter” Terry Massimo raised their respective titles to a huge pop from the crowd! Behind them was Nate Quartermaine who soaked in the positive cheers. Massimo surveyed the crowd and pointed to a section of fans with Natural Athletes signs while Cori Albright scanned for the hottest ladies the eye could see.

“And introducing Team Number Two… they are the jOlt World Tag Team Champions! Accompanied by Nate Quartermaine, they are CORI ALBRIGHT AND TERRY MASSIMO… THE NATURAL ATHLETES!

Albright jumped to the top rope and did a cartwheel over the ropes before landing in the ring while Massimo climbed into the squared circle. Both men posed for the crowd and their cornerman, Nate Quartermaine, got the crowd going as Ian Nguyen called for the bell.


Jackson Cross and Cori Albright were about to start for each team and the two shook hands before getting into the action. The two locked up mid-ring and Jackson Cross used the strength advantage he possessed to get Cori near the ropes quickly. He held him there until Ian ordered him to get him away from the corner, but the former jOlt Tag Team Champion backed out of the corner without incident.

The two locked up a second time and Cross used his power again to take over again and tried to ground the high flyer with a Hammerlock. Cori grabbed him by the head with his free arm and leaped in the air, using the momentum to send Cross flying over his shoulder. Jackson Cross rolled back to his feet and stopped Cori with a quick kick to the gut followed by an Irish Whip that sent him into the corner. Cross was about to run when Cori used the ropes and did a GREAT fucking handstand on the top turnbuckle!

The ultra-talented high flyer stood there while Cross shook his head with a smirk… and then tried to bring him down. Instead, Cori used his legs and wrapped around his neck before sending him FLYING out of the corner with a Headscissors! Cross went for a tumble as The Striker got back to his feet. He ran to the nearby adjacent rope, flipped to the OTHER side of the corner and came out swinging with a Springboard Dropkick! Cross went down and Cori went for the first cover.



That was barely a two-count when the fresh Cross kicked out. Cori held him in a Headlock and tagged out to Terry Massimo and the 354-pound tank of a man was all business here. Cori threw him into Terry, who hit a hard Body Slam! Cori took to the ropes and then flew at his partner, who caught him in a Powerbomb position. He flipped Cori over into an Aided Moonsault! Cori left the ring as Terry finished off the combination with a Running Elbow Drop! Cross was sucking in wind was Terry went for a lateral press.




Cross’ shoulder came up, but Terry stood over him now and the former Seattle Seahawk went to work, doubling over Cross with a hard series of jabs to the stomach. He pushed him back to the corner and wore him out with a series of hard Clotheslines to the chest! Machida Hood and Vogue Gonsalvez didn’t look happy with what was happening and it was about to get worse as Terry threw him out of the corner with a HUGE Gutwrench toss out of the corner!

The crowd cheered the brute strength on the display by Terry Massimo as he waited for the limping Cross to get back to his feet. When he did so, Jackson was grabbed and launched into the ropes. Terry had something big in mind, but Cross slipped out behind him and when he turned, he SOCKED him with a good Discus Punch that hurt his own hand, but caught Terry unaware! The big man was reeling so Cross went low with a Dropkick to bring him down. He then followed up off the ropes with a Running Knee! Terry was stunned for the moment and that gave

The former Tag Team Champions went to work by muscling Terry to the ground with a Double Shoulder Block! After that, Cross allowed his own partner to use a Suplex position and slam him down with a big splash! Cross rolled out of the ring and now Machida went for a cover.



The Big Hitter took a couple of double-teams from Cross The Hood and he STILL kicked the fuck out! Hood was no small man, but he looked shocked that Terry made the kick out look easy.

“Oh, FUCK no!” Hood said disgusted while a few fans laughed.

Vogue shook her head just as Terry was about to get back to his feet. Hood went at Terry and tried to slug it out with the big man, but Terry shoved him by the ropes and swung with a Clothesline. The blow missed, but the Flying Shoulder Tackle did not! Terry went bouncing back into the ropes, but used the momentum to come right back and just BULLDOZE Hood, knocking him to the mat! So far, Cross The Hood didn’t have an answer for The Natural Athletes and that was compounded by Terry going for a cover.




Hood kicked out, but this match had been all Athletes so far and Terry was not about to let go. Terry grabbed Machida Hood by the waist and pushed him into the corner before he tagged to Cori Albright. The Striker hopped over the ropes in clear athletic fashion as Terry ran off the ropes…


Machida Hood just had three-fifty across his back and Cori finished off the combination by heading to the top rope…


He hurt his head a little, but then he sucked it up and went for a cover now.




Machida kicked out, but now Cori stayed on the attack. Cori headed to the ropes and tried to launch another aerial offensive, but when he got back up and tried a Dropkick, Machida saw it coming and he managed to CLOCK Cori with a right hand, knocking him out to the floor! Cori crashed and burned in a hard way, but Cross The Hood were only doing to save themselves! No rules were broken, but things were about to go from bad to worse for Cori…


Machida Hood had some great athletic prowess of his own and even though he was hurt after a bad landing himself, the Running Dropkick off the ring apron was right on the button!


The move took a lot out of both men and Hood was seething in pain, but he was better off than Cori as he limped up to his feet. He threw him back inside the ring and he crawled in to roll over to his tag team partner, Jackson Cross! The fresh Cross was ready to rock and roll as Cross helped him to his feet. Boht members of Cross The Hood took Cori over across the ring and when he came back, they took him down with a HUGE Double Flapjack Slam! Perhaps in a bit of a showy mood, both men kipped up to their feet simultaneously before they slammed their fists together. Machida left the ring and Cross went for a cover.




Cori kicked out even after a pair of bad landings, but after a rocky start, it was now The Natural Athletes who were forced to fight from behind. Jackson took the boots to Cori and tried to ground the high flyer by picking him up and dropping him with a hard slam. He headed off the ropes and came back with a picture-perfect Knee Drop right to the chest!

The jOlt World Tag Team Champion was hurt, but Cross went to set him up. He pushed him back to the corner and had him pinned there..


The intense flurry of Chops, Punches and Kicks were taking a toll on The Striker as he tried to protect himself, but the blows were going too fast for him to block them all. Jackson nodded and looked proud of himself before he tried to pull Cori Albright out of the corner. A big Suplex attempt was up next, but when he tried to pick up Cori, he surprised him with an Inside Cradle!




Cross kicked out and when Cori Albright tried to get to his corner, Cross stopped him by grabbing the leg and pulling him back to the corner. Cori tried to fight back and he delivered a series of Forearm Smashes to try and free himself. The Striker took to the ropes, but when he came back…


Cross came out of nowhere with a BEAUTIFUL Sling Blade takedown and sent Cori crashing hard to the canvas! Cross rolled over and hooked the far leg trying to keep the high flyer down now!




Cross the Hood were just inches away from winning the match and taking the first match in the series, but Cori Albright’s shoulder crept off the canvas. Jackson Cross held up three fingers to Ian Nguyen, but he only counted to two. Cross rolled over and headed back to the corner and also took Cori’s leg. The tag was made again when Cross had him up in the over-the-shoulder position. Cori tried to elbow his way free, but Machida tagged himself in…


The crowd cringed from that move as Cross held him up in a Hart Attack-style position, allowing Machida to come off the top rope with his huge Flying Uppercut! There was no way that Cori Albright was kickout out this time as he stacked him up for the cover…




The Big Hitter got there in the nick of time and put a boot into Machida’s back to break up the cover! The jOlt World Tag Team Champions needed to make the fresh tag quickly if they wanted to take the first match of the series and get the early lead. Terry returned to his corner as Machida Hood waited for the groggy Albright to try and get back to his feet. He grabbed him and set him up for something out of the Electric Chair position, but Cori rolled forward out of desperation! Machida tried to roll with him for fear of him trying a pin, but Cori jumped out of it…


Out of nowhere, no less! Cori stomped down hard on his chest and knocked the wind out of him with his signature stomp! The Striker and Machida Hood were both down now with both men trying to get to their respective corners. Machida got the tag out to Cross first and the Brooklyn native made a mad dash to the corner…


The big man was in the ring! Terry headed inside and Cross charged at him, but like so many did on the gridiron before him, Terry knocked him down with relative ease courtesy of a big Shoulder Tackle! When he tried to stand up one more time, Terry blasted him with a hard Back Elbow on the second go-round knocking him down to the ground.

When Jackson Cross tried to stand a third time, Terry grabbed him by the arm and CRUSHED him with a big Body Avalanche! He then whipped him off to the other side and hit a second Body Avalanche! When he pulled him out of the corner, Terry Massimo picked him up and DRILLED him with a Standing Spinebuster!

Machida had seen enough and tried to catch the Seattle powerhouse…


He tried coming off the top rope, but Terry GRABBED the two-hundred fifty pounder out of the air and DROPPED him across his knee! He then held on and casually tossed Machida Hood away! Vogue Gonsalvez was freaking out while Nate Quartermaine was rallying the crowd behind the powerhouse. He turned his attention back to Jackson Cross.

Cross tried to get back up, but Terry fell to his knees and let out a loud dog bark before batting Cross wti a flurry of JYD-style Headbutts to the head! He was disoriented, but things were about to hit the fan as he whipped him across the ring and bounced off the adjacent rope…


The Pounce-like tackle had to be enough right there was Terry Massimo went for a cover.




Despite being in pain from being batted around earlier, Hood slid in and elbowed the back of his head. Hood tried to pull Massimo back up and hooked him for Project 347, but Terry Massimo elbowed his way free and sent Machida Hood out of the ring! Hood was still down when Terry reached out and made the tag to a ready and able Cori Albright! He was going up top now and the crowd was going nuts…


Hood moved!

Cori landed his feet and rolled through the landing before something bad happened to his knees. He turned around, but Jackson caught him out of nowhere with a HUGE Superkick! Cori went down and Terry tried coming to his partner’s aid. He rushed at Jackson, but Cross ducked as he hit the ropes. They both rushed at Terry and sent him flying over the ropes with a Double Clothesline!

Vogue was cheering on her boys and Nate was yelling at Cori to get back up, but Cross The Hood had him dead to rights…


Hood dropped Cori across his knee with an STO Backbreaker, but didn’t let him fall. He picked him up and threw his limp body to Jackson Cross…


Cross hooked the leg while Machida Hood blocked Terry from trying to get in the ring!




That was it! Cross The Hood had just defeated the jOlt World Tag Team Champions and were now up with a one-to-nothing lead!


The combination of the STO Backbreaker Vogue came into the ring to celebrate with the boys and they all raised one another’s arms in triumped while Nate and Terry commiserated on the outside. They not only came to The Natural Athletes with this challenge, but they had beaten them tonight and handed the Natural Athletes their first loss in a traditional tag team match since they became part of the main roster!

“ONE AND OH, BABY!” Cross shouted. “ONE AND OH!”

The two teams laid it all out on the line and this was only match number ONE of this Best of Three Series! Terry helped Cori out of the ring and Terry nodded to Cross The Hood.

“This ain’t ova.”

Terry Massimo helped Cori out of the ring and they along with Nate headed to the back, allowing Cross The Hood and Vogue to celebrate this huge victory tonight! And if they could do the unthinkable and shut out The Natural Athletes, then we’d have new jOlt World Tag Team Champions this time next week!

Winner: Cross the Hood via Pinfall