"Welcome to iNtense"

Darkness fades to gritty sepia when the opening piano of "Warriors" by PelleK (Imagine Dragons Cover) hits. We see image of an empty jOlt Arena filling with people in time lapse

The screen then explodes into full color when the drums and song kick in!

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

(In sync with music) We see scenes of action and images of current superstars Pietro Geist, Eiji Kugasari, Jeremy Ryan, Diamond Jewelz, Tammy Lynn Foster, Raevynn, Keegan, Hank Wright, The House, and The Freak Show

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

We continue to see images of action as the intrustmental continues to the very end...

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

We see Diamond Jewelz posing with Them MF'n Goons, Sonny Silver standing by Frank Silver, Mack Brody hitting the Gold Rush on Omega, Pietro Geist and Jeremy Ryan brawling, a shot of Kayden Paulton cracking a genuine smile, and a lumbering Spike Saunders standing tall in the ring. Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

With the final pulsing beats of the song, we see Jeremy Ryan striking a grin with the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder!

The scene flashes back into the arena where the song starts again, but in his complete form, starting with Verse 1 of the lyrics. The camera pans around the Arena as a splendid display of fireworks goes off on the main stage and above the ring. The set is a giant jOltvision with the N logo for iNtnese sitting to the left and to the right of the big jOltvision. The N itself is a massive red light that is illuminated. Above the jOltvision is a pseudo semi-circle steel structure that houses a curved screen that will be used to display a wrestler's name above it while their entrance video plays below on the jOltvision. On the stage itself, to the left and right of the entrance ramp are two more small, elongated mini screens which will display the wrestler's brand logo on them when they make their way out... unless they hold a title. Then it will display their championship belt on the left and the name of the title on the right!

The fans were buzzing with electricity as iNtense officially begins!

"gOlden bOy Reunion"

Backstage, twinkling and glistening light of all kind emit from the many various different articles of jewelry of Diamond Jewelz who walks through the corridors of the backstage area emotionlessly sipping on a slurpee, the tension of stress and anxiety of the kidnappings of his friends wearing thick on his face like a mask.The gold and diamonds lining his wrists and his chains emmit a blinding sparkle into the camera. Jewelz gives a half hearted hug and kiss to one of the makeup ladies, and then daps up one of the camera men in passing... The once arrogant and conceited Jewelz is rubbing elbows with regular folk now???? Has the kidnapping of Jewelz's brothers pierced through the callous heart of "Mr. Relentless" and found his humanity??? Only time will tell, but Jewelz continues on through the hallway sipping his slurpee...

"Big Homie!!!"

Jewelz turns around, dropping his slurpee in the process!!

"Big Homie, it's me!!!"

A big, gleaming, green and gold blinging grin pierces through the emotionless but labored countenace of jOlt's resident jeweler. A once stoic, blank, emotionless stare has transformed into overflowing joy....

"O.G.!!! What's good O.G.... It's been hellaz bro...."

O.G. Simpson runs up to Jewelz and gives him a huge hug... His juicy, jerry curl locks drip all over Jewelz's face, and his gold grill blings as his mouth hangs agape with jOy... Jewelz wipes the jerry curl juice off his face, looks at O.G. to make sure he is real and hugs O.G. again.. Jewelz's old personal announcer has been a stranger around the gOlden bOy click since Jewelz lost his gOlden bOy Title and the rights to O.G to Mack Brody in their gOlden bOy challenge series match...

"Good to see you Big Homie!! I heard about what happened with Gully and Trell... I was gonna call but said fuck it my nigga; I had to see you in person just to tell you keep yo head up..." O.G. exclaims

Jewelz tears up a bit and then embraces O.G. with another strong hug...

"That's real my nigga... But u always been a real ass nigga... Real Talk!!!" Jewelz proclaims...

Suspiciously the lights begin to flicker above them, and both Jewelz and O.G. are unsettled by the event. Their faces were like “what the fuck?” Finally the lights went out completely, and when they came back on, a pale dreadnought stood before them.


Jewelz sneared at the presence of the large, pale gargantuan.... then remembered Draconian’s comment about Them MF’n Goonz last week. Did Draconian really know something about the whereabouts of Trell and Gully?

"My nigga!!! What the fuck... Didn't you see I was having a conversation with the little homie.."

Draconian didn’t flinch a muscle in his face or say a word. He just stared downward at the two smaller men. O.G. Simpson gave as hard of a snarl at Draconian as his former employer..

"Ehhhh my niggga... This grown folks business... Get the fuck lost hoe!!!" O.G. chimes in.

Finally, Draconian’s mouth began to move and a deep bellow emanated, “Indeed, I am aware of the location of your two associates.”

Jewelz had to restrain himself from lunging at and pounding on Draconian for answers. Somewhere deep down Jewelz knew that wouldn’t get him anywhere.

“I invite you, Jewelz Of Diamond, to join me next Intense in the ring, live in front of the world and I will help you find your friends. I am familiar with the hands they have fallen into!"

"How the fuck is that my nigga!!! What you know!!! Jewelz says half incensed and half concerned!!" O.G. looks on with an ice cold stare.

Instead of getting an answer from Draconian, the lights began to flicker and then went out completely. After a moment of darkness the lights reappeared and Draconian was gone.

"Where he go Big Homie... He know where they at!!! I know it..." O.G. exclaims with balled up fists..." I was about to hit his ass but...."

"You think he serious though..." Jewelz asks O.G. in bewilderment.....

"Damn straight!!!! I can feel shit like this my nigga."

"That's why I asked you... I know u can read a nigga.... My nigga hella weird... But if.he can help me out.... I'll put dollars on this shit.... Straight up....

"I wouldn't trust him DJ...." O.G. interjects

"Dun worry my nigga... I don't!!" Jewelz says coldly

Adam Roebuck vs Derrick Huber
The opening match for tonight’s episode of Intense was going to be a true first for jOlt. The House had been considered by many to be its most successful tag team, winning the jOlt World Tag Tem titles on four separate occasions with a dominant reign in their fourth. Recently some hard times had befallen the Las Vegas superheavyweights involving Adam Roebuck’s only son, Zane, clearly stirring up trouble between the two. After a situation got physical between Zane and Roebuck’s partner, Derrick Huber, Adam demanded this match. Huber was against it, but the only way they could put this behind them was to settle their issue in the ring. When skirmishes happened between the two in the past, they got their physicality out like brothers and had mended fences. Could that really help the situation here, though?

"House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch.

The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a decidedly mixed reaction from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of cards toward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before one of the Nevada bred four-time jOlt Tag Team Champions appeared from the backstage area, Adam Roebuck.

The larger half of the largest team in jOlt stomped down the ramp and looked completely focused on the task laid out in front of him. He had been chosen as one of the twelve potential Number One Contenders for the jOlt World Heavyweight Title and had to fight a rival in Natural Athletes member Nate Quartermaine to vie for the spot next week. Tonight, this issue was personal between he and his tag partner. Roebuck wanted a fight and now he was going to get one out of his own tag team partner.

The music cued up a second time and once again the entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, this time the crowd cheering Derrick Huber! The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of cards toward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the other half of the House came walking down the ramp.

At his side, the former three-time Starlets champion and Huber’s wife, Charlotte, followed him to ringside as Huber looked a little uneasy. They were like family in that they had good times and bad, but this issue with his son Zane trying to horn in on their success was unlike anything they ever dealt with. Huber protested, but when Roebuck demanded this match, he had no choice but to accept. In other organizations, the two fought to get their aggression out and make amends, but Huber felt he was justified in hitting Zane. He said nasty things about he and his wife – two people he could call family – and Huber was pushed too far.

Huber climbed into the ring and Roebuck watched him raise his hands for the crowd. They seemed to side with Huber on this issue, seeing firsthand what a lying snake Zane Roebuck was, but Roebuck’s love for his only son seemed to override any common sense in his head.

“Roebuck,” Huber said, “we don’t have to do this.”

“Yeah. We do.” Roebuck said. “I have a huge opportunity competing in Thieves Honor and I’m not going to have shit go undone. Let’s do this.”

The four-hundred and sixty pound Roebuck held a hand out which kind of surprised Huber at first, but he took his hand and the two men shook amicably. It was going to be the “Sin City Strongman” Derrick Huber taking on ‘The Big Bucks’ Adam Roebuck for the first time ever in jOlt. Charlotte could only shake her head and hoped that this match could resolve their issues as the official called for the bell.

The big men both thought the same thing and took an opportunity to start out in a test of strength. Roebuck had a weight advantage which was something very few people could say on Derrick Huber, but both men had locked up. Roebuck managed to power Derrick Huber against the ropes, but the official who drew the short straw to take this match got in the way and told them to break it up. Roebuck backed off and patted Huber on the chest before proceeding with a clean break.

Huber was uneasy about this whole thing. Last time he saw Roebuck storm around like this, he was hot. Perhaps Roebuck did want to forgive and forget and just have this match. Whatever the case may be, Huber got out of the corner and the two mastodons went at it a second time. They were at a stalemate a second time, but Huber used all the power he could muster and managed to lock Roebuck up agains the ropes this time around. The unfortunate official had to get in between the two superheavyweights and ordered them to back up.

Huber did just as his partner did and observed the official’s requested and patted Roebuck on his chest before he stepped back to allow him to get out of the corner.


Roebuck came out of the corner like a monster and chopped Huber across the chest!

“Enough of this shit!” Roebuck screamed. “Let’s fight!”

Huber wasn’t sure what got into his tag team partner, but he shrugged and brought the fight out when he kicked Roebuck in the stomach! He stunned his tag partner with a slew of heavy shots to the chest before running off the ropes to try and run his partner over with a shoulder … the blow barely staggered Roebuck.

“You’re holding back.” Roebuck screamed. “Do it again.”

Derrick looked to his wife, Charlotte, who supported him even though she thought this entire match was crazy to begin with. Huber then charged from the ropes one more time and put some more forced into a big shoulder takedown, only for Roebuck to bounce back a couple of steps and stay right where he was.

“Better. Now it’s my turn.”


Huber stood his ground as the large man ran off the ropes this time. The Las Vegas Leviathan tried to knock his own partner right over, but Huber only went back a little. He was six-four, but he was over three-hundred pounds of solid muscle so he wasn’t knocked over either. Huber pointed to the ropes to tell Roebuck to do it again and the crowd watched as he tried to run his partner over … but instead, Huber moved out of his way and sped towards the ropes, coming off with his own flying shoulder block that got Roebuck off his feet at long last! Huber went for a cover.


And that was all he got as Roebuck powered out. Roebuck looked like he was having some fun in that ring as he looked to his partner.

“You dick …”

Huber allowed his partner to get back to his feet. Roebuck shoved him back to the ropes and when Huber came flying back, Roebuck took him down this time with an extra-stiff shoulder of his own. Huber was planted on the canvas and now the Big Bucks tried a pinfall on the Sin City Strongman.



Huber kicked out and the crowd was liking what they were seeing – two of the biggest men in jOlt trying to outdo one another in this first-time match. Charlotte was cheering on her husband while Roebuck tried to pull him up. Huber instead chopped him across the chest. Roebuck returned fire with one of his own.

Huber chop!

Roebuck chop!

Huber chop!

Roebuck chop!

Huber chop!

Roebuck chop!

They kept going at it until Roebuck blocked a chop and used a double sledge to the chest of Huber to send him stumbling back to the ropes. When he got back, Roebuck used a throat thrusting uppercut and then a solid head butt to finally get Huber down. That gave Roebuck an opening to beat his partner.



Huber’s shoulder erupted off the mat at two. The Las Vegas Leviathan grabbed Huber’s neck and got him back to his feet before taking him off his feet again this time using a painful looking body slam. Huber got dumped on the mat and that gave Roebuck another opening to come off the ropes with a flashing elbow right to his rib cage! The elbow drop with extra quick impact drove the oxygen from Huber’s lungs and now Roebuck was in control.



And Huber with another kick out!

“Should know when to stay down, Huber …”

Roebuck led his partner back to his feet again and he threw him into the corner prior to following him in with a big splash that drove the wind out of him again. Now he placed his forearm against Huber’s chest to pin the Sin City Strongman right there so he could follow up. He was looking for his Four of a Kind chop combination.




CH …

As painful as they were, the fourth one didn’t connect! Huber grabbed him arm to block it and held it there! Almost nobody in jOlt had ever overpowered the Las Vegas Leviathan like this, but if there was anybody that could, it would be perhaps one of the purely strongest men in jOlt – his own partner. Huber roared and the crowd cheered him as he launched Roebuck backwards. Adam charged the corner but he got nothing but the turnbuckle as Huber moved. The quicker of the two men launched an offensive, running and burying his shoulder right into Roebuck’s chest!

He did so again and again and again until he finally managed to get Roebuck into a seated position in the corner. Seeing an opportunity staring him in the face, Huber walked backwards and he gave himself some room before charging at his partner.


The corner cannon ball from the three-hundred pound Huber landed and crushed Roebuck in the corner! Huber rolled back and grabbed Roebuck’s knee to get him out of the corner.



And Roebuck kicked out!

Huber wasn’t shocked his partner kicked out, but he was kicking himself for not doing a second Money Roll or following up with something bigger to keep him down. When Huber tried to get Roebuck back on his feet, the big Las Vegas Leviathan caught him in the face with an extra violent head butt that actually busted Huber’s lip! A trickle of blood was running down his face and now Roebuck looked to finish off his partner. He was thinking either some kind of a suplex or a brainbuster, but Huber was still aware of what was going on to block it with his own leg.

Roebuck punched Huber twice in the stomach and tried to do it a second time, but he blocked that and fired back with a knee to the chest. Huber strained as he tried to block the suplex once again, but the crowd was now going nuts …


Both men were down and Charlotte couldn’t help but cheer in support of her husband who had just pulled off an incredible physical feat, even for him. Roebuck wasn’t moving after the massive power move, but Huber was pounding his fist into the mat to rev himself up in this huge first time encounter. The Sin City Strongman was on his feet first and waited for Roebuck to get back to his so he could continue his enormous offensive.

When Roebuck got to his feet, Derrick Huber took Adam Roebuck by the arm and he whipped his own tag team partner, sending him flying into the corner, marking a rare chance that an Irish whip actually worked on Adam Roebuck. Huber charged and he clubbed Roebuck with a huge clothesline right in the corner. He did this a second time and with all of his power, Huber sent Roebuck sailing to the other side of the ring so he could repeat another huge clothesline right in the corner.

The fans were mostly behind Derrick Huber as he turned and went to set up his partner in the corner. He powered him up to the second rope, trying to go for his finishing muscle buster called the Odds are Against You. The odds, coincidentally, were not in Huber’s favor to hit it as Roebuck elbowed him in his dome to free himself from his partner’s grip. Huber was stunned and that gave Roebuck and opening to go running off the ropes to try for something to turn the tide in his favor.


The discus lariat that belonged to Derrick Huber looked kind of awkward to hit on his partner, but the blow was enough to knock him clear off his feet! Huber saw his chance and went for a lateral press on his partner looking for the win.



Close, but no cigar!

Roebuck had kicked out and Derrick Huber was completely shocked. It had been a couple of years since they’d fought in a singles match of any kind – the last time was back in a Canadian organization, Toronto Wrestling, where Huber had retained their World Title against his own partner. This was a much different time now and they were both a little older, but the fans seemed to enjoy watching a first time match in jOlt.

Huber was intent on trying something huge and the fans gasped as he was actually going to try and use the Roulette Wheel giant swing on his own partner. The fans were not going to know if it was going to work or not because Roebuck got his feet up first and kicked Huber away from him.

Roebuck stood up again and when Huber tried to catch his partner off-guard, Roebuck picked him up on his shoulder with his own feat of strength and flipped him backwards into a painful mountain bomb! The move took a lot out of him, but the Las Vegas Leviathan soon got himself to his feet and used the ropes for some much needed speed to drop all his weight on him with a running body press! The fans gasped from all his weight being dropped on Huber, but Roebuck went for broke here.



Huber with another kick out!

The fans were surprised that Huber had anything left after being trampled by his own tag team partner, but Roebuck knew this match wasn’t going to be a walk in the park. Roebuck didn’t pussyfoot around and turned Huber by the head before trying to drag him to his feet. Like his partner did earlier, his finisher was the end goal. He tried setting him up for the big waist-lifting side slam that he called the Bad Hand, but it was also a move Huber knew all too well – he taught him the damn move for heaven’s sake, but Roebuck wasn’t going anywhere.

The two partners were thinking the same thing as Huber charged from the ropes and they slugged each other with simultaneous clotheslines. Both men teetered for a few seconds before they both tried their luck again. They both hit one another and they didn’t move. Huber took to the ropes like a duck to water, but Roebuck learned his lesson this time. He caught his partner and drove him down with a spinning sidewalk slam!



Close, but no prize here!

Roebuck raised both of his eyebrows, but he showed a very rare smile on his face. He grinned as he pulled Huber to his feet again, but the large Huber elbowed his way free from his massive palms. He tried to get Roebuck on his shoulders … and he did so! Huber strained but he got his partner on his shoulders looking for something massive, but Roebuck kicked his legs until Huber had no choice but to let him go. Roebuck clapsed him by the side.


Roebuck dropped Huber with all his might and collapsed on top of him, going for a cover.




And thus, the first ever match between the two long time friends and tag team partners ended with Adam Roebuck victorious here tonight. Charlotte looked on worried for the well-being of her husband and closest friend and she climbed into the ring with them to check on Derrick Huber.

“Come on …”

Roebuck managed to stand first and then held out a hand for Derrick Huber to take it. Huber grabbed his ribs with one hand before he took Roebuck’s hand … and the two embraced in a bro-hug! The crowd clapped for the two men and it seemed whatever issues they had may had between them could be smoothed over after all.

“About Zane …” Huber said.

“I know … this shit needs to stop. But I’ll deal with it.”

Roebuck showed he was more than ready for his Thieves Honor Qualifying Match next week and Huber and Charlotte raised hands … but the happiness in the ring did not last long. Huber turned first …


Zane Roebuck had run out from the crowd and he caught Derrick Huber in the face with a flying version of his signature bakatare sliding kick! The blow sent Huber stumbling into the ropes and before Roebuck knew what was going on, Zane had already taken him out of the ring and escaped towards the back.

“Dad, he’s just using you and you know it! You’re better than that bald ape!”

It looked like his attempt to drive a wedge between the two tag team partners had failed, so he took out his aggression Derrick Huber with a cheap shot. Zane was already running up the ramp. The elder Roebuck seethed as he watched his son walk away towards the back. He helped Huber up, as he held his jaw. It was obvious that this issue was not going to end peacefully.

Winner: Adam Roebuck via Pinfall

Spike Saunders vs Seraph
The Thieves Honor Match loomed just three weeks away and we had another round of qualifying matches last week. This week we have another set of matches with the first putting Spike Saunders, a man who was in Thieves Honor two years ago, against Seraph, who looked to get back on track. Seraph, being a former #1 contender to the Fearless Title, it gave him the edge among the candidates for this opportunity here tonight.

“Devil’s Dance” by Metallica

Out from the backstage area came Seraph with Shiloh by his side. Seraph looked about as focused a one can look wearing a mask as he stared down at the ring from the top of the entrance ramp. Shiloh motioned for Seraph to begin his walk and he did so. The people in the crowd cheered as Seraph made his way to ringside. He got up on the apron and stepped over the top rope, entering the ring as Shiloh smiled at her War Machine on the outside. The music faded and was replaced by..

“Any Means Necessary” by Hammerfall

The once fan-favorite turned antagonist, Spike Saunders, stepped out from the back. Two years ago, people were excited for the return of The Colossus, but now, they would rather see him gone once again for his attacks on the jOlt roster thus far. Saunders made it a point that he wasn’t playing around this time and he wanted to reach the top. A win here tonight would get him one step closer to that goal.

Saunders entered the ring and cracked his knuckles as he looked over at Seraph who was ready to go. The referee called for the bell!




The two behemoths circled each other in the ring and locked up. Each tried to overpower the other, but it proved to be futile and they broke up the hold. They circled and went for the lock up again, but Saunders hit a knee lift to the stomach of Seraph, doubling him over. Saunders the pounded onto Seraph’s upper back with a forearm shot, but instead of going down, Seraph stood straight up and stared back into the eyes of Saunders! Saunders backed off a bit, but Seraph stepped in and rocked Saunders’ head with a big right hand! Seraph unleashed a second, then a third, then a fourth under Saunders was backed up against the ring ropes. Seraph grabbed Saunders by the arm and whipped him across the ring. Seraph pivoted and picked up Saunders by the waist, driving him into the canvas with a sidewalk slam and a quick cover early on in the match!



Saunders with the shoulder up.

Seraph pulled himself up as Shiloh yelled to “stay on him” on the outside. Seraph pulled Saunders to his feet, but Saunders fought back with heavy rights and lefts to the stomach. Saunders fully stood up and rocked Seraph’s head with forearm shots to the jaw. Saunders backed into the ropes and hit a running quick uppercut under the jaw which staggered Seraph away. Saunders then got underneath Seraph and lifted him up off the canvas, dropping him with a Back Drop Suplex. Saunders stood and looked down at Seraph. He backed into the ropes and looked to go for the BOOM! Headshot! The fist drop, but he stopped short, looked around the crowd, smirked, and stomped down on Seraph’s head with his boot instead!

Saunders sneered as the crowd booed. He walked away, but circled back, picking up a little more momentum and stomping down on Seraph’s face for a second time. Saunders taunted the crowd and drew even more heat as he looked back and saw Seraph attempting to pull himself up. Saunders ran over and stomped down on Seraph’s chest, putting him onto his back once again. Saunders leaned against the ropes and looked out over the crowd, telling them that he will become the next jOlt World Champion to which the crowd booed him. Saunders looked back at Seraph and slowly built some momentum into the ropes. He went for the elbow drop, but Seraph moved out of the way!

Seraph got up as did Saunders, shaking the pain out of his arm while standing. Seraph grabbed Saunders and whipped him into the corner. Seraph got a full head of a steam and hit a Body Avalanche. Seraph quickly charged the other neutral corner, turned and ran in at full steam. This time, he turned his body and nailed a running back elbow to Saunders which caused him to collapse to a seated position. Seraph held his index finger up to signal for one more time and he took off to the ropes. He bounced off, charged the corner once again, and slammed into Saunders’ face with a Hip Attack!

Seraph looked to Shiloh who instructed him to do something..what that something was, we were about to find out. Seraph turned to Saunders and grabbed him, pulling him back up to his feet. He then hoisted Saunders up onto the top turnbuckle pad and climbed up!! Now… you don’t usually see two 300+ pounders on the ropes, but there was Seraph and Saunders! Seraph grabbed Saunders by the neck, pulling him to the very top rope!!! Seraph was going to go for a Super Chokeslam, but Saunders drove the point of the elbow into the top of Seraph’s head! Saunders hit him over and over again until Seraph released his grip and stepped down off the ropes. Saunders stood and launched himself off with a Top Rope Clothesline, taking the big man off of his feet! Saunders crawled over into the cover and hooked the leg.



Seraph kicked out.

Saunders stood and pulled Seraph back to his feet. Saunders rocked him with a haymaker of a right hand to the temple. Seraph staggered back against the ropes as Saunders walked over and grabbed his arm. Saunders whipped Seraph across the ring. Seraph bounced back and leapt into the air, slamming a double axe handle right into Saunders’ face at full speed!


Saunders hit the canvas hard as Seraph began to amp himself up. Saunders tried to shake it off as he got back to his feet, but Seraph grabbed Saunders in a front waist lock, trapping the arms in the process. He then unleashed headbutt after headbutt after headbutt into Saunders’ face. Seraph followed that up with a whip to the ropes. Seraph then showed some scary power by popping a man the size of Saunders into the air and dropping him down the a highly elevated spinebuster!


Seraph rolled into the cover, hooking the leg.



Saunders kicked out and the people booed because they thought it was over.

Seraph stood and signalled that he was going to put Saunders away for good. Saunders got back to his feet and turned around only to get tightly grasped by Seraph’s neck, preparing for the chokeslam, but Saunders had other plans as he stomped down on Seraph’s shin and then qucikly hoisted Seraph up onto his shoulders. Saunders tilted off to the side and nailed a Death Valley Bomb on the big man that shook the ring! Saunders then went for the cover, hooking the leg...



Seraph powered out of it at one and got back to his feet! He was completely amped up and Saunders had a look of shock on his face! Saunders scooted along the canvas, over to the ropes, pulling himself up as Seraph turned his attention to him. Seraph charged in, looking for a Running Big Boot, but Saunders moved and Seraph’s leg went over the top rope and he caught himself in a precarious position. Saunders went over to the near neutral corner and hopped up onto the second turnbuckle Saunders took aim and flew off, knocking Seraph off the rope with a Flying Clothesline! Seraph flopped back over into the ring as Saunders got back to his feet and stared down at him.

Shiloh yelled out for Seraph to get back up, but Saunders was there to meet Seraph. Saunders kicked Seraph in the stomach and placed him between his legs. He showed his power by lifting Seraph up to a powerbomb position, but he, instead, draped Seraph over his shoulders, hooking into the Gory Guerrero Special!!! Saunders looked like he was trying to flip him over for the Dream Killer, but Seraph was just too big. Instead, Saunders hooked the arms and fell to his seat, hitting an Inverted Faceplant out of the Gory Special!! Saunders turned and made the cover, hooking the leg!



Thr.. NO!!!

Seraph kicked out of it!

Saunders shook his head in frustration as he knew he couldn’t hit the Dream Killer on a man that big. Saunders needed to come up with a plan. Saunders sat there for a moment and then got back up. He backed himself into a corner and wound up his arm. He was going to go for a heavy hitting lariat. Seraph staggered to his feet and turned to face Saunders. Saunders charged in, but Seraph stuck his arm out and grabbed Saunders by the neck and in one fluid motion, he lifted Saunders up and nailed the Sit-Out Chokeslam!


Seraph had the cover...







The crowd was red hot and even Shiloh was up on the apron, arguing with the referee over it. Seraph, meanwhile, stood and signaled for a second one. He pulled Saunders up, but Saunders utilized the distracted official and low blowed Seraph!! Seraph doubled over, but Saunders grabbed him and shoved him shoulder first between the buckles and into the ring post. The referee turned around and saw Saunders pulled Seraph out and hoisting him up to the top turnbuckle pad, with his back to the ring. Saunders then turned and stood back to back with Searph. Saunders hooked him and used the elevation to his advantage. He flipped Seraph over and dropped him with the Sit Out Powerbomb...


Saunders held Seraph down as the referee counted..




That was it! Spike Saunders took a dirty shot and stole a ticket to Thieves Honor in three weeks! The crowd was livid over Saunders’ actions, but he didn’t care. He would return to the match he was in two years ago for a shot at becoming the number one contender to the world heavyweight championship!

Saunders rolled out of the ring, grinning the entire way to the back a Shiloh rolled into the ring to check on Seraph. Saunders turned at the top of the ramp and looked back down at the ring, grinning. He then disappeared behind the curtain as Shiloh looked disgusted. The scene then faded out.

Winner: Spike Saunders via Pinfall

"Foot to Ass"

Loud noises could be heard in the backstage area as the wrestlers were gathering. There were no cameras in the area to see what was going on but screams and noises could still be heard near the loading dock. A lone cameraman raced down the hall to the open area with camera in hand. The cameraman came to the open area and adjusted his camera to see Tammy Lynn Foster screaming at Vogue Gonsalvez on the floor.

The Starlets champion knelt down next to the New Yorker and started to drive big right hands into the side of Vogue’s face. Officials tried to get the country girl off Vogue but Tammy pushed them out of way and went back to Vogue. The Brooklyn native took advantage of the opening and nailed Foster with a big right hand. She was able to get to her feet and grab Tammy by the head, driving her face first into the loading dock doors.

Vogue rushed at Tammy and drove her shoulder into Tammy’s midsection which sent the champion back into the door once more.

Vogue looked down at Tammy with a smirk.

“I’m done plain’ round with your country ass. I am going to show you why I ran the streets.”

Vogue nailed Tammy with a shot to the face.

“I hope you bring more than this at Thieves Honor.”

Tammy smiled as she spat in Vogue’s face. Vogue wiped her face as Tammy drilled her with a big right hook. The Starlet champion drove a forearm into Vogue’s temple. The Brooklyn native staggered backwards as Tammy was up on his feet. The champion raced over to Vogue and clotheslined her to the floor.

The champion was back on top raining down big right hands.

“Yer not worth my title. You don’t deserve a shot at me. I’m gonna hogtie yer Yankee ass and make you mah bitch.”

Tammy Lynn continued her onslaught until a few of the other starlets came from the backstage area to hold these two women apart. Vogue broke free and rushed at the champion nailing her with punches as Tammy tried to fight back. More jOlt officials came running in to separate these two women who wanted to tear each other apart.

Tammy Lynn pushed a few people out of the way as she dove toward the crowd and tackled Vogue to the floor as the two women continued swinging and trying to pull each other’s hair. The officials and the starlets grabbed Tammy and moved her down the hallway as the other starlets and officials held Vogue at bay.

Tammy was being pushed down the hallway as she yelled at Vogue. “Yer mine bitch.”

Vogue pointed at the Starlets champion. “I’m right here, bring it on.”

The camera faded as the two women continued to be separated.

Zane Roebuck vs Nate Quartermaine
Earlier tonight, the members of jOlt’s most successful tag team, the House, went one on one. In the battle of the superheavyweights, Adam Roebuck was victorious over Derrick Huber thanks to an unwanted assist by his son, Zane. Now Zane was in action tonight by taking on the man he defeated to earn his spot on the main roster a few weeks back – Nate Quartermaine. The other Natural Athletes had to deal with Cross the Hood tonight to stay alive in their best of three series for jOlt’s Tag Team titles. Was Zane going to keep his win streak alive or would Nate Quartermaine get payback against Zane for his loss a few weeks ago?


“I Don’t Wanna Stop” by Ozzy Osbourne.

The member of The Natural Athletes arrived from the back and raised a fist to the crowd, letting out a shout before he headed towards the ring. A focused and intense-looking made his way down the ramp and hands with the fans!

The fans gave a great response to the Washington native as he climbed up to the top turnbuckle. His stablemates, Cori Albright and Terry Massimo, were both preparing for their match later so he was out here solo. He had beaten Zane in a six-man tag a couple of weeks ago, but he wanted a win tonight knowing next week, he was taking on Adam Roebuck in one of the final spots in the Thieves Honor match.

Halestorm’s “Get Lucky” played next, signifying the arrival of his opponent for the evening. Zane Roebuck walked through the entrance and pointed to the fans with a big cheesy smile on his face, but the crowd reacted to him negatively! He looked a little appalled at first, but he shook it off and showed off his new singlet!

Zane walked down to the ring, but he pulled out a microphone which seemed to be his favorite thing to do since joining the main roster – hearing himself talk.

“Nate … Nate … Nate. I just want you to know that before we begin this match, you need to know that our last match was nothing personal. I, as the best Hype star to have never won the Hype Championship – heck I’m better than some of those guys *coughPattersonWilliamscough*”

The crowd started jeering the annoying little deluded 23 year old as Nate paced around the ring looking eager to get his hands on a man that had caused him trouble in the past.

“Nate, you have the honor of taking on my dad next week in a match for the Thieves Honor qualifier, but I just want you to know that even though it should be me and not you on account of me beating you a couple weeks ago … I really mean this. Nothing personal, but tonight you will get to witness history! You will witness both father and son be victorious here tonight!”

Zane headed into the ring finally and Nate was ready to take his head off, but the younger Roebuck made the official hold him back. Nate was escorted to his corner and the second the bell rang, Zane tried to attack him! He ran right at Nate, but the former amateur wrestler got out of Zane’s way, sending him flying right into the turnbuckle. Nate grabbed him out of the corner and rolled him up right away!



Zane kicked out quickly and got as far away from Nate as humanly possible! The Ace of jOlt backed off and headed to the corner, hiding in between the ropes when Nate tried to go after him.

“Get him away, ref! He’s got that crazy look in his eyes!”

Quartermaine backed away and looked incredibly angry like he wanted to hurt him. Zane took a second and called for a time out. He held his hand up and wanted to lock up with the former amateur wrestler. Nate looked like he was going to humor him and went for a lockup when Zane twisted behind him and used a headlock.

“Got you!”

Zane laughed as he looked awfully proud of himself for having him near the ropes, but Nate headed back to the ropes and used the momentum to take him across the ring. Nate Quartermaine came right back and slammed right into him with a running shoulder. Nate stood over him and ran the ropes, running right past Zane as he ducked down. Zane was up on his feet and did a leapfrog over him, showing off some great athleticism.

When he turned around, he was smacked right in the face with a great dropkick! Nate wanted this win tonight to lead into his big Thieves Honor match next week so he went for another cover fast.



Zane’s shoulder popped up, but Nate was taking him to task right now. When Zane tried to stand, the Natural Athlete chopped him in the chest. Two more chops and an uppercut sent Roebuck flying back into the corner. Nate ran at him and used a big running elbow to the head and followed that up with a huge suplex!

Zane was looking worse for wear but Nate was not through punishing him. He pivoted to the side pulling up The Lucky Little SOB to his feet as he took him over with a second suplex. Nate pivoted one more time and got Zane back up to his feet before hooking a leg and taking him over with a beautiful Perfectplex!



And another kick out! Zane broke out of the cover and when Nate tried to pin a second time, Zane wasn’t having that. The former Hype star hid near the ropes again and headed to the floor. Nate chased after him and both men went halfway across the ring. Zane Roebuck ran back inside and when Nate tried to go after him, Zane tried to kick the ropes, but Nate was onto him! The low blow in the ropes was how Zane beat him last time, but Nate moved away from them. When Zane was caught off guard, Nate blasted him with a right hand.

Zane went stumbling backwards as Nate entered the ring. He chased Zane into the corner, but Zane saw an opening by raking his eyes! The official scolded the Lucky Little SOB for his actions but Zane had already turned the tide and threw Nate shoulder first against the middle turnbuckle. With Zane finally having a chance to attack him, Zane flew to the opposite ropes and came back with a jumping knee to the side of the head. The younger Roebuck then did the same thing going to the opposite corner and used that speed to give some extra oomph to a clothesline in the corner. Zane threw him out of the corner with a snapmare and sped off the ropes for the third time …


Zane pointed to the fallen body of Nate and yelled at the official to hurry up as he covered now.



Nate’s shoulder was up in the air at two and Zane was furious with the official for what he thought was a slow count. He took a deep breath and rolled over to punish Nate some more with a few right hands to the face.

“I told you father and son will win! You won’t ruin this for me!”

Zane was acting like a petulant child now and he was going to let Nate have it some more. He tried a sleeper hold quickly to wear down Nate, but before he could get it locked in fully, the former amateur wrestler came out with a desperate jawbreaker counter to save himself. Zane stumbled back towards the ropes and held his jaw just as Nate tried to get back up again. Quartermaine tried to create distance between he and Zane, but Zane had already charged in the corner and hit a spin kick to him right in the face.

The kick led to him pulling him away from the corner by his arm and kicked him in the stomach. He doubled him over with a pumphandle before hoisting him up and drilling him down with a nice looking sitout side slam! That was more of that innovation that Derrick Huber had trained him in – coming up with moves outside of the box. And he’d used that training by being a class A butt hole. Zane hooked the leg from Quartermaine.



And no!

Zane angrily looked at the official again and then gave him a stupidly playful smile. He turned his attention back to Nate Quartermaine and tried to go for a suplex, but Nate suddenly jumped on the chance to roll him up for a small package!



Close, but no cigar!

When both men scrambled to their feet, Zane pushed him away into the corner perhaps out of sheer frustration. Quartermaine was now in the corner when an angry Zane charged, but Nate side-stepped him again he smacked the ring post after missing a spear!

Nate was still reeling a little from his attack, but Zane was recovering and was turning around to face him. Zane blindly charged at him looking for a spear when Quartermaine moved out of his way, shoving him right into the middle buckle as payback for earlier! Zane was slumped into the middle buckle while Nate took a powder to try and recollect himself.

The fans were on the side of Nate as Zane got up out of the corner and rushed at Nate again looking for a clothesline. Nate moved and he ran off the opposite ropes, catching Zane right in the face with a flying elbow smash! Zane was left in a daze when Nate ran off the ropes again and caught him with a leaping clothesline right to the face! He was down!

Nate took a few seconds after his rush as he got back to his feet and waited for Zane to move back up again. Zane took a swing and missed and then Nate made him pay for it. He grabbed Zane by his leg and dropped him with a shinbreaker before he threw him up with a back suplex! After that combination, Nate let out a loud “whoo!” sound before he hooked him in the figure four leg lock!

Some classing wrestling was going on now and Zane was locked in the submission. The crowd was all for cheering Nate as Zane tried to turn him over to reverse the pressure, but Nate wasn’t going to turn around.

“Tap out!” Nate screamed. “Tap out!”

The crowd went along with it and various members of the crowd wanted to see Zane tap out, but he wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction. Zane scrambled backwards and used the ropes to save himself, gripping them tightly with his right hand. Nate played by the rules, so he let go of the hold quickly to save himself. Zane ignored the jeers of the crowd and tried to save his leg. Nate grabbed him by the leg and looked like he was trying to go for the STF, following up on the leg attack, but Zane elbowed his way out.

Zane was limping to the corner and Nate ran right at him with every intent to hurt him more when Zane got his elbow up and popped Quartermaine in the mouth. Roebuck took the opportunity to leap onto the second rope.


Diving overhead neckbreaker was on the menu for Nate Quartermaine! Zane could not follow up immediately at first due to his knee still being in pain but he fought through it and hooked the leg.



Nate with the kickout!

Zane was done with him and grabbed him by the head. Nate felt this move once before and he was about to get a reintroduction to Zane’s deadly package piledriver. He had him up for the move … but out came Derrick Huber! Huber angrily ran towards the ring and then stopped short of getting into the ring, perhaps wanting some payback for Zane’s earlier cheap shot.

“Nice try, Uncle Derrick!” Zane shouted. “You won’t get to me!”

Zane hoisted him up, but Nate wriggled his way free and landed back on his feet. The former amateur wrestler buried a foot in his gut before hoisting him up into a suplex position against the ropes. Nate turned around as he grabbed him by the head…


Nate pulled him off the ropes after hitting the suspended stunner and hooked the legs while Derrick Huber watched.




Nate won the match! Huber watched as the young former amateur wrestler celebrated in the ring with this big victory before his showdown with Adam Roebuck next week in their Thieves Honor qualifying match. The official raised Nate’s hand and he left the ring, celebrating this win.

Derrick Huber stood in front of Zane Roebuck now and he had a microphone in his hand while looking down at Zane. The House member towered over Zane as he was still sprawled out on the ground.

“I have had enough of you!”

Zane was holding his jaw as he looked up at Derrick, freaking out at the sight of his angry hulking surrogate uncle towering over him.

“Your father and I gave you the tools to succeed, we helped you get onto The Hype, we gave you every opportunity to succeed and what do you do with it? You manipulate your way onto the main roster, you try and tear apart what Adam and I built, you stand in our way, you cost us matches, and try and get in Adam’s head! I am fucking done!

Huber stepped towards Zane and the Lucky Little SOB crawled away from him a step.

“That’s why your father came up with an idea for this to end … Zane, I am done watching you manipulate him. So if you want to be famous, kid, then here’s your chance: You and me, Zane; THIEVES HONOR!”

Dropping the mic with a thud, Huber let it fall right at Zane’s feet as he left the ring to let his offer sit in Zane’s brain. If only it would actually work like that … Zane grabbed the microphone …

“You … you ruin EVERYTHING!

Zane was still nursing a sore jaw and checked it again as Huber stopped to look back at him.

“You ... you think you know my father … he wants nothing to do with you! Do you really think that he would ever side with you over his own … his only flesh and blood? Mom died when I was young and it was just me and him before you ever came along, Derrick! You and Auntie C … no, you and Charlotte think that you know what’s best for him, but all you’ve done his hold him back!”

“What did you just say to me?”

“You hold him back!” Zane screamed like a child. “You and her! You … and that red-headed witch.”

That was the last straw and Huber made a beeline right for the ring, but Zane limped away as he headed up the ramp …

He stopped when he looked up and saw his father, Adam Roebuck now standing over him.

“Enough!” Roebuck roared. “Zane … I wish I could’ve told you this sooner, but you need to hear it now. I am sick of your shit. You’re a whiny little bitch!”

Zane’s jaw nearly dropped to the floor when he heard that!

“Dad … you can’t talk to me like that! I’m your son! Your only son!”

“I can talk to you however the fuck I want when you’re out here, whipping your dick out and pissing all over the Roebuck family name!”

The crowd hooted again as Zane was astonished that Adam Roebuck had finally put his foot down after weeks of his son’s shenanigans almost costing them their friendship. Derrick looked at Zane with a grin while Roebuck laid down the law.

“You’ve wanted to be treated like a man and thanks to dear old dad, you’re getting your big chance. I talked to Damien Lee just a little bit ago and got you what you wanted! You get your first Pay Per View payday … against Derrick Huber!”

Zane snapped his head back and his face turned white! His father was not only condoning this, but he was the one who arranged this!

“But Dad … Dad, I love you! Don’t do this!”

Roebuck dropped the microphone and he walked towards the back while Huber followed him. Zane was still ghostly-white when Huber passed by him.

“See you at Thieves Honor, Zane!”

The House were not only a united front again, but Zane’s machinations were crumbling down around him. Zane hadn’t pictured that his own father would do this to him, but tonight he was now faced with taking on Derrick Huber, one of the men that trained him. Did Zane have any hope of overcoming his surrogate uncle?

Winner: Nate Quartermaine via Pinfall

Alex Reyn vs Darren Best
‘The Best’ by Tina Turner.

Was Darren wild and wired? Considering he was supposedly defending his partner’s honour, his effort may’ve been construed as tame. Here, he was getting a second crack at Alex Reyn, who’d made a hell of a first impression.

He walked down the aisle, eyes straight ahead, not bothered by anyone else in the vicinity. It was tough to gauge what was going on in Best’s head as he strolled to the ring, stepping in between the ropes just as Tina belted out the money line in her world-renowned anthem.

Darren had always perceived himself to be someone with the potential to belong in the elite, yet here he was on the back of another defeat.

Reflecting on that defeat…

Best, leaning forward on the ropes, was treated to last week’s emphatic ending, one he wouldn’t remember for himself. Darren tried to ignore it, but his tongue buried deep in his mouth made it stick out betrayed him and showed that he was seething having to watch what had transpired. Anyway, after a week to stew, which Darren Best would turn up tonight?

‘Sacrifice by Jeff Williams

The lights dimmed as the opening notes of 'Sacrifice' begin to play. The arena was almost pitch black, only showing a few trailing spotlights. Viewers watching at home would see Images begin to flicker across their tv screen as the camera panned over the crowd. The images were of violence, natural disasters, and a solitary figure, watching it all.

“And the opponent: Weighing in at 200 pounds. The East Wind of Adversity, ALEX!! REYN!!!”

Smoke begins to fill the arena, and within the smoke, lit up by the searchlights, ghostly images appeared. Famous heroes and villains from throughout history. At the top of the ramp, a silhouette slowly comes into view. A young man, waiting on the stage in a three point stance. Looking almost like some hungry predator. The rock part of the song kicked in and he took off, charging to the ring and sliding in. He span around, back into that same three point stance to stare down his opponent.


As the bell rang, both men circled around each other, searching for an opening.

Buhrman: Darren Best is going to have to be careful here, we’ve seen what those palm strikes can do.

Powers: Yeah, well Darren knows about that trick now! If Alex tries anything like that again,he’ll be ready.

Alex suddenly moved forward, feinting with another palm strike, but suddenly dodging to his left, shifting behind Darren Best to strike him with a roundhouse kick to the knee!

Buhrman: OW! You can hear that from here!

A second, third and fourth kick followed as Darren was forced to kneel. Alex then moved in front of the now kneeling Darren. He locked in the front facelock, setting up for a DDT, but as he fell backwards Darren grabbed Alex’s legs for a quick takedown.

Buhrman: Quick counter by the veteran, and now he sees his target, going for the arm-!


Darren Best had indeed tried to grab Alex Reyn’s arm, only to be struck with a violent headbutt to the temple. As he reeled back, Alex grabbed HIS arm. slipping out from under Darren to lock in a modified standing fujiwara armbar on the kneeling Best.

With Darren’s arm twisted up, Alex then placed his heel on the back of Darren’s neck and stomped his face HARD into the mat.

Buhrman: OOH!!! A VICIOUS short-range curbstomp from Alex Reyn.

Powers: Darren’s nose has gotta be broken for sure!

With his foot still grinding Darren’s face into the mat, Alex slammed his free boot into Darren’s temple again, and again, and again.

Buhrman: And here we see the ruthlessness of Alex Reyn! Not giving Darren a second to recover, striking him with a relentless assault of kick after kick!

Best tried to roll away, tried to raise his hands to shield his head, but doing so only exposed his ribs to Alex Reyn’s barrage of remorseless kicks. As Darren rolled onto his stomach, Alex followed through with a sharp elbow drop directly to Darren Best’s back before grabbing Darren Best in that same modified Camel Clutch from their first match, wrenching on Darren Best’s spine.

Best however, was not ready to tap yet and rolled INTO Alex, converting the submission into an impromptu roll-up pin!




Both men rolled to their feet, but Darren Best got the drop on Alex Reyn this time. Knocking the new guy’s legs out from under him with a swift Basement Dropkick.

Getting to his feet, Darren grabbed the knee he’d just kicked and-

Buhrman: HALF CRAB! CENTRE OF THE RING!! Darren, taking control of this match!!

The referee was immediately in Alex Reyn’s face, asking Alex if he was ready to quit as Darren seemed to be trying to pull Alex’s foot over his head. Venting weeks of frustration into his hold.

Alex didn’t even acknowledge the ref. Instead he placed his hands upon the ground to push himself up.

Buhrman: Is he trying to crawl to the ropes?

Powers: He’ll never make it!

Alex then placed his free foot on the ground, pushing off with his hands so he was literally standing on one leg while still in the Boston Crab!

Buhrman: WOW! What agility from Alex Reyn! But Darren Best, still with the Boston Crab, REFUSING to let go!

Still balancing on one leg, Alex reached up behind himself, wrapping his hands around Darren Best’s chin.

Powers: The Hell does he think he’s do-


Buhrman: Holy CRAP, what a counter!!

With both men down, Alex crawled towards the ropes, trying to get a little feeling back into his legs before Darren could capitalise, while Darren was still reeling from that neckbreaker.

Both men staggered to their feet, using the ropes for leverage as they stared each other down.

Darren made the first move, but Alex ducked under his lariat as he made a dash to the ropes, springing off them with a springboard crossbody that NARROWLY missed the target as Darren rolled out the way.

Both men rolled to their feet again, hitting the ropes to propel themselves towards their opponent. Darren swung with a lariat agai-


Powers: He looked like he was trying to impale Darren with his own body!!

Indeed. Alex Reyn seemed to have taken the move name somewhat literally. Body straight as the move’s namesake as he rammed the full force of his bodyweight directly into Darren Best’s ribs.

Getting to his feet, Alex immediately dashed to the top rope, launching himself off with a Diving Hurricanrana that once again threw Darren to the ground.

As his back hit the mat, Darren rolled out the ring, trying to catch himself a breather.

Only to see Alex Reyn come crashing down on top of him with a Running Suicide Springboard Crossbody!!

Buhrman: ASCENDANT’S WRATH!! Alex Reyn comes crashing down!

Alex grabbed Darren by the hair, rolling him in the ring before going for the cover.




Darren kicked out and Alex lifted himself up. Once again showing absolutely no emotion as he began to methodically slam his knees into the side of the prone Darren’s ribs. Face blank as Darren cried out from the pain being inflicted upon him.

As Darren tried to curl into the fetal position, Alex hit the ropes, running to Darren to try to kick his head of his bod-

Buhrman: Darren’s got the leg!! He just grabbed Alex Reyn’s leg in mid kick!!

Powers: The kid’s still fighting!

Darren Best stood to his feet, still holding Alex Reyn’s leg-

Only to be struck HARD with an enzuigiri.

Alex covered.





Alex picked Darren up again, whipping him violently into the corner before immediately crushing him against the turnbuckle with a running splash. He then grabbed Darren again, whipped him into the OPPOSITE corner and speared him in that corner.

Buhrman: Impressive combo from Alex Reyn.

Tossing Darren to the mat, Alex took to the air once again with a Shooting Star Press that CRUSHED Darren Best on impact. Unlike in their first match, Alex covered him immediately.





For the first time since his debut, Alex Reyn showed a sign of emotion. A blank look of shock crossed his face as he closed his eyes, clenching his fists white as he breathed in deeply. Then his head tilted as a smile slowly spread across his face. In fact, he almost looked…

...Impressed with Darren.

That did NOT mean he would show him any mercy however, picking Darren up, he locked in the Inverted Facelock.

Buhrman: Looks like he’s gonna finish this with the East Wind Cutter!

As Alex lifted Darren up however, Darren pressed his feet against the middle rope, using the leverage to flip backwards and execute a-


Yes, that. Thank you Buhrman.






Darren slapped the mat in frustration, Getting back to his feet as he pulled Aex up by his hair. Alex tried to kick Darren again, but Darren grabbed the leg and took him down with a Dragon Screw Legwhip. With Alex flat on his stomach, Darren grabbed the legs and applied a BEAUTIFUL Texas Cloverleaf. This time sitting down to prevent Alex from doing that same Neckbreaker trick as before.

Buhrman: Alex is in trouble here, he’s got to reach the ropes!! He is literally CLAWING at the mat to move himself forward! You can see the agony on his face, the desperation!! Darren Best is wrenching on those legs, he REFUSES to let go! This is a battle of pure pride Ladies and Gentleman! A testament to the wills of two warriors who absolutely REFUSE to submit themselves to the other!!

Powers: ...Uh… Yeah, what he said.

Alex continued crawling towards the ropes, Darren giving a look of disbelief that his opponent was STILL fighting!!

FINALLY, Alex grabbed the bottom rope.

But the damage had been done, his leg was hurt and he stumbled as he tried to stand. Nevertheless, he lashed out at Darren again with a roundhouse kick, only to be caught with ANOTHER Dragon-Screw.

Now his leg was on fire. Darren Best watched as Alex Reyn crawled his way up the turnbuckle. A sly grin came across Darren’s face as he pointed at Alex Reyn with both arms, measuring him up.

Buhrman: I think Darren’s about to take a page out of his opponents textbook!

Powers: It’s karma time people!!!



At the LAST second, Alex moved out the way, causing Darren to crash HARD into the top of the ring post.

...Crotch first.

Buhrman: ....

Powers: ….

The Crowd:...

Powers: ….Ladies and gentlemen, a moment of silence for Mr. Best’s children.

Buhrman: He doesn’t have any children.

Powers: Exactly.

Alex however, had no sympathy for Darren Best’s genitals (Did I SERIOUSLY just type that!?) and with the poor man now hanging from the top turnbuckle, Alex would grab him by the head and drive him down directly on his head with a DDT.

As Darren laid on the ground, Alex slowly ascended the turnbuckles. Reaching the top, he tried to get some life back in his leg before:


The Corkscrew Moonsault connected and Alex Reyn immediately made the cover.





“Here is your winner: ALEX!! REYN!!!!”

Reyn rolled out of the ring, clutching his leg. As he walked up the aisle, he took a look back. He appraised Darren with his eyes for a hard-fought performance, just as Best, on the back of a second successive defeat to Alex, got to one knee. Best gritted his teeth, perhaps out of a combination of damage and disappointment. Sure, he’d put on a better performance and run Reyn closer than their initial encounter, but that’d be scant consolation to the Entertainer right now, who did not notice the slight appreciation he was being shown by his opponent.

Not that it mattered to Darren, he was still gutted by not living up to his surname.

Winner: Alex Reyn via Pinfall

"Bottom of the Ninth. Checkmate."

To the backstage interview area!

Dawn Cassidy.


You know what time it is. Dawn, earn yo paycheck, girl.

“Hello, ladies and gentlemen, I’m Dawn Cassidy and standing by with me are two of the men about to go to battle tonight in the second of the Best of Three Series for the jOlt Tag Team Championships. Please welcome at this time, my guests… the jOlt World Tag Team Champions… Cori “Striker” Albright…” she stopped and blushed a little when saying his name. “And Terry Massimo… The Natural Athletes!”

Nate Quartermaine was not present, due to his own celebration, defeating Zane Roebuck earlier tonight. However, who WAS there was none other than the jOlt World Tag Team Champions, Cori Albright and Terry Massimo! Terry walked in and nodded while Cori winked right at Dawn.

“Dawn, girl, how you doing tonight?” Cori asked.

“I’m good, Cori, thanks!” she said, smile on her face again. “Now, gentlemen, two weeks ago you accepted a Best of Three Series for the jOlt World Tag Team Titles against Cross The Hood… but in match number one, Cross The Hood were the better team that night. They’re 1-0 against you and handed you your first loss in a traditional two-on-two tag team match since joining the main roster. Now… what are your thoughts going into tonight’s battle?”

Cori took a second to think before speaking first.

“Well, Dawn… last week – if I can be crass for a minute – sucked big, fat, floppy donkey dick. We lost. Plain and simple. Cross The Hood were the better team that night and you are right about that, 1000% percent. And things aren’t looking so good… one more loss and this doesn’t go to match three. This is done and over, we lose the titles tonight and there will be no third match. We get shut out.”

“Yeah, dat sucks,” Terri added. “Dat sucks knowin’ that’s in da back of our minds, dat one mistake gonna cost us everything. But I’ll tell it like dis, Dawn… this game ain’t over yet. We down by one, but I can’t tell you how many games I’ve played where we looked like we were down and out… people didn’t give my Seahawks a chance and guess what? Dey got Super Bowl rings to their name and haters gonna keep hatin’. Da bottom line is dis… this game ain’t over yet, we ain’t down and out and tonight, we tyin’ dis up!”

“It’s the bottom of the ninth!” Cori said. “We still got the bat and you can bet your ass we’re gonna knock that shit outta the PARK! We’re gonna…”

“Cor… Cor… COR!”

Cori stopped his rant before it could truly get going.


“You play soccer, my dude. Stick to da right sports analogy.”

The crowd laughed while Cori shook his head.

“Hey, I used to play baseball! That one time... LOOK! The point is, Cross The Hood, you won the first battle and like Dawn said, you were the better men that night… but with these belst, we have much more to prove than you do. These belts say that we’re THE best every night until somebody knocks us off that perch! We like you both and you’re certainly good enough to win the belts again, but tonight won’t be that night! And tonight will be no different! Tonight, we’re hitting that bullseye and the rest of the dominoes are gonna fall like a stack of cards. Checkmate, bitch!”

Terry raised an eyebrow at his partner.

“What da fuck? That’s like five different games dat have nothin’ to do with kickin’ a ball in a goal.”

“Futurama, dude,” Cori said. “Get some culture in your life.”

Terry let out a heavy sigh before he walked off-camera, leaving Cori alone with Dawn.

“Yeah, that was just like Kif Kroger. See, I KNEW you knew Futurama.”

Cori winked at Dawn and the young interviewer blushed before the scene headed elsewhere.

Keegan vs Brian Williams
Keegan and Hank Wright made their official in-ring debut and overcame Mike Patterson and Brian Williams at Rise of the Legends.

The four would meet again, over the course of two matches, to reserve two spots for Thieves' Honor.

Coincidentally, probably not actually, Keegan had pinned Williams and they had been pitted against each other here this evening.

Without further ado...

Light swirled around the arena before an electric guitar kicked in. With each passing drum beat, a light pulsed, illuminating the stage. Brian Williams had done that with his dance partner, and now tag partner, Mike Patterson at the biggest stage of them all - Wrestlecade. Oh, you'd heard? Okay then.

Williams was knelt down, looking ready to go. As the pace of the music picked up, he slowly stood up. A passionate punch in the air triggered off pyro either side of him. It wasn't the only power he possessed.

When Brian entered the ring, treated to a terrific reception, so was this guy...


'One...two - take control of me.'

Special K could take control of a crowd, and he nodded to himself and them upon emerging. Walking down the aisle, eagerly or nervously depending on your standpoint, the Geordie Genius just wanted to get this on. He waved to the crowd while on the apron, drawing an excellent riposte in his own right, and as soon as he stepped through the second rope, Keegan walked up straight to Brian.

The bell sounded hastily. The foreigner wasn't going to get any change out of the former Hype champion, who responded to Keegan's attempted left with a straight right that gave him the advantage instantly.

Keegan returned with another left, not his strongest hand, and that told as Brian brushed it off with another big-time right, which broke through The Yardstick's defensive guard and allowed Williams to score with two rights to the side of the face and a massive one that wobbled the Englishman, who was miraculously still on his feet.


Now, he wasn't.

Williams jumped on the Geordie Genius, mounting him and letting fly with fantastic rounds of rights and lefts, being warned by the referee. The New Breed member begrudgingly got off at 4, staring holes through the authority figure as he returned to a full vertical base. He wasn't going to allow Keegan to, mindful and probably hell-bent on getting revenge for the fact that he'd had his shoulders pinned to the mat by Special K when their two respective teams met three weeks ago.

Brian grabbed Keegan by the head and that was the operative word...


It fucking hurt too. Special K wasn't feeling fine and dandy, staggering backwards, nursing his nose.

Williams wasn't going to allow the Brit to breathe.


That's just the beginning.

Release German suplex!

A close-up shot of Keegan showed he was dazed. The camera, inadvertently, also captured the sight of the veteran going up for another German!

Executed painfully and perfectly.

At this minute in time, Keegan was flat on his back with his legs dangling on the bottom rope on the right hand side of the ring. Williams was all business, oblivious to the cheers he was receiving for an impressive power display.

Believe it or not, the Brit was going for another German, words that might annoy the victim's compatriots...

Third time was indeed the charm for Keegan. When Williams applied the waistlock, the former three-time Fighting Zone franchise fought back with two reverse elbows, the second of which caused separation...

Overhead belly-to-belly by Brian!

That didn't last long.

Will the match?




Mind you, Keegan was finding it hard to. He hadn't got started here at all, Williams overwhelming him from the outset.

Wow. Williams was going up top and as soon as he stepped out onto the apron, thousands of others followed suit, wondering what was in store.

They never found out as the experienced European made a recovery, able to stun Williams who was concentrating on his balance, attempting to steady himself, and not keeping his eyes on Keegan.

On the second rope at this point, K flung two hard rights to Williams, which went unreturned, and that gave the fighter-cum-wrestler, or vice-versa depending on which promotion you first saw him in, the hope to join his fellow hard-hitting heavyweight on a perch that might not be able to seat the pair of them comfortably.

Keegan clutched Bri's tights...


That shook the ring. Hey, so much for building towards spots like this, eh? They were dishing it out already and the audience apparently approved of that, dishing out another round of applause.

The count was on. Nobody budged a muscle until seven. Then, naturally, they both started to stir.

Perhaps because of the early initiative, Williams was up first, but he had definitely felt the effects of the superplex, missing with a right and being brought back down to earth with an inverted atomic drop.

Fully aware that was just to earn a breather, the nbW hall of fame inductee cracked Williams with a left punt, doubling the ex-Hype kingpin over into position for...

Snap suplex.

Wait, The Yardstick wasn't done yet...

Fisherman's suplex.



And only two.

No wasted motion. With Williams in a vulnerable position, Keegan took the precocious beast by the head and rammed him into the mat....

Buhrman: Bulldog!

Powers: Wouldn't that be British bulldog?

Fair question. More importantly, it garnered a two-count. Special K attempted to settle this scintillating tempo down with a front chancery...

Fat chance of that.

A right hand by William was complemented by a front suplex reversal, which deposited Keegan in the corner.

Brian was caught coming in with another stiff elbow by K. However, as the forty-year-old dashed out of the corner himself...


For some peculiar reason, Williams didn't elect to go for a cover. Instead, he was heading up north once again, this time from the diagonally opposite turnbuckles, and perhaps they'd hold more luck for him.

On this occasion, Keegan hadn't made it back to his feet in time. On the contrary, it looked rather bleak...


Fuck me, Brian's swanton bomb had exploded all over the Englishman's chest. Williams scurried over to execute the cover, which seemed academic...




I say that. He barely, just barely, managed to get a shoulder up. In the end, it's a case of if and not how, I guess.

Keegan had been shocked when Kayden Paulton somehow failed to succumb to this move, and now was inspiring similar awe in spectators from various sections.

Williams waited for Keegan to get to his feet, almost taunting him, and he'd done this to Mike Patterson in the past as well. When the nbW fan favourite got to his feet, aided by Brian, his upright stance was cruelly quashed shortly after courtesy of a toe kick. Williams was most definitely back in pole position.

The pumphandle stance cemented that thought.


No, no, no!

Keegan unearthed the obvious counter, alas it's effective, in the form of a hip toss. Williams wouldn't lie down, though maybe he should have, as he was put down, pun intended, when Special K scooped him up and placed him on his shoulder, paying testament to a countryman...

Running powerslam!



Closest call for Keegan so far!

Brian retreated to a corner, not born out of cowardice but by simply being a bit dazed, and Special K sensed blood. Two knife edge chops lit his opponent's chest on fire, figuratively obviously, and the fans in the process. A flurry of four knees threatened to fuck the New Breed member's insides up and a handful of European uppercuts had Williams lying on the bottom rope and if this were a boxing bout, the official would have stepped in. Then again, Williams would be way up on the score cards, so thankfully for our pair, it's not the so-called sweet science and there was diddly squat sweet about this.

Keegan took a couple of paces back. When Williams could actually see his tormentor...

Yakuza kick - missed!

K practically crotched himself, and believe it or not lads, it was the least of his worries...

German suplex!

Notice there was no release.

Another German suplex, complete with pinning predicament...



Shoulder up!

And both bruisers were also up, though Keegan's vertical base wasn't of his own accord or will...

Release German suplex!

Make that 5 in total; if Englishmen didn't like their Bavarian brothers at the best of times, they had even more ill will towards them...

Would it lead to three?




Williams shook his head and held up three fingers. What he got hoyed back at him was a polite peace sign by the referee.

He'd have to graft his bollocks off to achieve redemption at the Englishman's expense. You've heard references to England and Germany, and while it was in a completely different context, this was turning into a war of its own.

You've seen a running powerslam and tribute from Keegan to a deceased compatriot. How about his opponent's ode to a namesake?

Lifting the legendary Fighting Zone trophy holder up, teeing him off the top turnbuckle for luck and measure, Brian, as another legend who's no longer with us did so often in the past, connected dead-centre with an outstanding Oklahoma stampede!

Would the referee's hand rubber-stamp the victory?



No, it wouldn't!

And you had to hand it to Keegan. He wasn't going to roll over and allow Bri to tickle him Elmo out of contention for Thieves' Honor.

Brian would have to unleash it to plot...


His cradle piledriver never saw the light of day as Keegan, once he felt Bri's arms on his head, rammed Williams into the middle turnbuckle, spine-first, on the left hand side of the squared circle and butted Brian four further times, until it appeared we might see the contents of what he had for lunch earlier today.

Hold that though...

One belly-to-belly...

Two belly-to-bellies...(is that right?)

Oh, I don't know. What I am aware of is Keegan is intent on making it....

A triple belly-to-belly!

And a count to match?



Williams affirmatively got his left shoulder out of there.

Special K stayed on him...

You've seen plenty of German suplexes, so it's high time for a...

Russian legsweep!

That attained another 2.

Come on Keegan, not another nod...

Vertical suplex!

He held it there for several seconds, letting the blood rush to Bri's head...




No, though getting closer and back into the bout genuinely.

Two soccer kicks, football to me you fuckers, may just have given Williams a headache and if that weren't enough...

Scissors kick to the spine.


With Williams lying flat on his face, Keegan thought he might just go upstairs, uncharacteristic of him especially these days, even if I've heard about some guys being middle-aged and crazy. Don't let him hear me say that.

You're kidding...


Taking a page out of his tutee's playbook, the former nbW champion Ali Amore, the greatest fighter in TFZ's modern era had just squashed Brian with a frogsplash!

It was more effective than exquisite, but I'll give the old man credit for courage, creativity and the crash landing!



That's all she wrote?

That's not enough to put Williams away!

Undeterred, Keegan, who was buzzing rather than being broken, dragged Williams to his feet...

He may wish he hadn't done that...


Surely not another German?!





In the blink of an eye, Bri had altered the complexion of the contest. He was on a mission...

Second backdrop driver...reversed!

Instead, Keegan scored with a backdrop driver of his own!



Same result!

The crowd seemed to be dizzy, up and down, can you imagine how the two combatants felt?

Keegan was on it...

Right hand by him...

One back from Bri...

A left hook by K...

Daringly, Bri sprang back off the ropes...

Lariat...Enzui lariat!

The former had missed; the latter had landed and left Keegan with the initiative in case anyone was wondering.

Visually up for it, the Geordie Genius geed the crowd up, urging them to increase the volume as he hauled Williams up into the air, showing he was no mug in the strength department himself...

Turnbuckle bomb!

Wobbly, Williams rebounded into the waiting arms...

Another vertical suplex...NO!

Bri escaped via the back door....BACKDROP DRIVER!

Amazingly, it wasn't by Williams; by the time you'd read that sentence, Special K had re-countered Brian's counter and now had the phenomenal prospect in position for a second successive defeat...




Out of quick thinking or frustration, Keegan took Williams down, perhaps paying him back for the mounted punches earlier, with a side headlock and wailed away at his younger adversary with a barrage of lefts.

Reprimanded by the ref, though he couldn't give a fuck, the Brit brushed past the authority figure to get at Williams again...

German suplex!

Yes, you'd better believe it. Williams had given Keegan the slip, but had he put him to sleep, another bridge included?



Try as he might, it wasn't drei!

Three smacks of the canvas subsequently followed, though tellingly, they weren't by the referee. That was Williams throwing his toys out of the pram.

Remarkably, this match hadn't been going on that long; try telling that to the participants, who were going all out in order to qualify for the Thieves Honor fixture at the pay-per-view of the same name. The spot would have to be earned; there'd be no stealing this one.

Keegan was going to be given another guided tour...

Welcome to Williams Street - no thank you, been there, done that and felt the agony, thanks very much.

Instead of the pumphandle being cashed in for a rock-hard neckbreaker, it was Keegan who escaped by the rear route, calm yourselves down, and bucked patriotism for a split second in order to rattle Williams with a...

German suplex of his own!

The bridge, whether it was the Rhine or the Tyne wasn't essential, was included...



Bri flat out refused to lose to that!

Not that the Newcastle native minded. He shrugged it off, Williams' shoulder shot off the canvas, but he was still in a precarious predicament, particularly when the Prince of Palermo, say that when you're pissed on a plethora of Pilsners, you prick, attempted to hook Bri with a clever fisherman's suplex...

2 only!

Another Russian legsweep was followed by another near-fall.

A legdrop by the nbW legend, not to mention an elbow drop by the other side, and he hooked a leg...

I won't tell you what he got as you already know. Nonetheless, the Brit was building some magnificent momentum.

Belly-to-belly suplex!

Another belly-to-belly...

A third? A sixth in total?


Williams had ushered a head into Keegan's forehead, slipped away and hoyed his opponent halfway across the ring. He flipped K over like a burger technician working for McDonalds might do with an overdue Big Mac...

Start the count....



No surrender!

Williams shook his head; Keegan couldn't move his.

Something had to give.

The fans seemed to be enjoying it though, applause coming from all sides, pleased they'd bought a ticket tonight.

Keegan had scored a pinfall for him and Hank with this a fortnight ago; Williams had cracked his opposite number with it earlier in that particular contest.

A death valley driver.

Keegan elbowed his way to freedom and turned the tables on Williams, elevating him into the air with exactly the same, only he called it BFH.

DDT by Williams!



The umpteenth two of this tear-up.

Fucked if I know why Williams' style is listed as technical on the jOlt website. Technically, whenever I've seen him, he's kicked nine types of nitrogenous waste out of someone and this was no different.

What did he have in store for Special K next?


Lots of them.

To the head.

Two count - again.

Annoyed, Williams whipped Keegan into the bottom left hand corner of the ring. K slumped, unable to stand, and got a warm...


Upon being bashed by the incredible cannonball, by his feet, the unconscious European was dragged towards the middle of the ring...







German suplex.

Not released.

German suplex.

See above.

German suplex...


Three German suplexes and fuck knows how many over the course of this contest. It was getting beyond the joke, or perhaps it was a running gag only Williams got. Whatever it may be, he hadn't let Keegan on it; instead he'd let him have it and in a vicious manner.

Would that trio lead to a count of the same number?







Yes, it would!!!

Mercifully, it was over. Williams looked relieved as he rolled off Keegan, who the referee checked on immediately after raising Bri's hand to signify that the New Breed beast had gained some semblance of revenge for what had occurred three weeks ago at Rise of the Legends.

On this night, it had been Rise of the New Breed. The crowd applauded both men, not that Keegan had a clue because he was totally oblivious to his whereabouts.

There'd been no restholds and it wasn't one for the wrestling aficionados and purists. These guys had had it out, and on this night, Williams had pulled it out of the bag, just as the Geordie Genius had done for his team when all four badasses had put their bollocks where their mouths are. Oh, disgusting Lanny Poffo reference, and totally coincidental that I'd mentioned genius too.

In fact, this had been brawn over brains, but it had been brilliant to watch for some who love their wrestling to be full of near-falls and big falls.

No chicanery or robbery; plenty of honor.

Watching Williams walk out, you can only imagine that, one day, time would creep up on him as he had with Keegan and subject him to the kind of treatment he'd dished out.

Speaking of Special K...he was awake, not standing, but thousands of fans were. He hadn't won the match.

Along with Brian, he'd won the fans over. He'd be back.

But let Brian bask in his moment. Tonight, the one-time measuring stick on The Hype had outdone 'The Yardstick.'

Winner: Brian Williams via Pinfall

MONARCHY vs The SOBs & Jameson Scott

Inside the ring already, the fans were eagerly awaiting with anticipation as members of The Hype were here in the ring now. The MMA submission specialist, Jameson Scott, along with one of the newer tag teams on The Hype roster, Scanlon and Selby O’Brien, collectively known as the SOBS. Al three men were leaning around in the ring and discussing strategy for what was to easily be the biggest test for their young careers.

“The following contest is a six-man tag set for one fall!” Dean Carrington announced. “Introducing first in the corner to my left… they are the team of Jameson Scott… along with the team of Scanlon and Selby O’Brien… THE SOBS!”

All three of The Hype stars raised their hands respectively as the crowd gave them a polite applause, following their careers in jOlt’s developmental territory. As the crowd continued to look to the ring, a voice stopped them.


Strutting out from the back was none other than perhaps jOlt’s biggest dickbag managwer today, the self-professed “jOlt’s Last Real MANager” Sonny Silver! With a grin on his face, Sonny walked out from the back and took noticed of The Hype stars in the ring now.

“First off, please give a hand to these brave souls that hopped a red-eye flight to get here tonight for what will be without a shadow of a doubt, the biggest match of their careers! Give a hand to Mister Jameson Scott and Scanlon and Selby O’Brien… the SOBS!”

The crowd did just that as all three Hype stars raised their hands to the cheers of the crowd. The camera went back to Sonny.

“I asked for any members of The Hype that wanted to come here tonight to have a match and these three men signed on the dotted line first. I flew them out here with money out of my own pocket just for this opportunity tonight. See… I believe in giving the future of jOlt a chance. And their opponents tonight... well, they ARE the future! In fact, they’re the right-mother-fucking NOW of jOlt! Please open your eyes, watch and learn for the future is now! Please welcome… ”THE FIRST” FREDDIE RICH AND BRADY AND STRAUSS… THE LAW!

“Coming for the Throne” by Otherwise.

The music played and the lights began to swirl in shades of blue and white, the signature colors of MONARCHY as its member started heading out to the ring. The 6’3” and 237-pound Freddie Rich, along with the walls of muscle. The 6’6” and 285-pound Strauss and the 6’9” and 315-pound Brady! To their credit, the trio of Hype stars didn’t show any fear of their larger opponents. If they could band together and somehow score the massive upset here tonight, then they could REALLY turn heads!

Brady and Strauss each stood on a turnbuckle and looked out to the crowd from underneath their masks while Freddie Rich pulled off his famed “THE FIRST IN LINE” hoodie and locked eyes with The Hype stars. Sonny Silver watched on like a proud father as the members of MONARCHY all lined up at ringside. Jameson Scott was starting off for his team while Freddie Rich would do so for his.


Jameson Scott had earned the nickname of “The Seattle Shooter” being a talented shoot-style wrestler. He was looking forward to locking up with Freddie Rich…


But the crowd booed him as he immediately turned and made the tag to the 315-pound Brady!

“I don’t fight this riff-raff,” the entitled Rich said. “Handle your business.”

Brady nodded and stepped into the ring as the arrogant Rich sat backwards and did nothing. Scott was only 209 pounds and gave up a lot of height to Brady, but he had scored wins on The Hype over men much bigger than he, so with him there was always a chance. He went right at the leg of Brady and tried to pick the ankle, but Brady was too large and swatted him away.

Scott rolled backwards and got right back on his feet before charging a second time. If he could no tuse a takedown, he’d chop him down to size with his signature kicks! He went at the legs of Brady and tried to pick him off his feet. The blows made Brady wince for a few moments as he tried to get him near the ropes. Jameson tried to take him down with an Armbar Takedown, but that failed when Brady shoved him away a second time. Brady charged at Scott, but he moved out of the way and crashed right into the turnbuckle as Scanlon O’Brien made the tag!

The shootfighter and the scapper both went to work on the large Brady in the corner and used a volley of kicks and uppercuts to faze him before referee Ian Nguyen forced him back to the corner. Scanlon O’Brien used a few chops to try and rattle Brady, but the tank-like security for MONARCHY tried to swing right back at him. Scanlon ducked each shot and came back with a European Uppercut before trying a (har har) Irish Whip.

The massive Brady reversed the whip and sent Scanlon across the ring. Scanlon was a fairly big man himself at six-foot and two-thirty plus, but he leaped right to the second rope and came back with a cross-body… that failed!

Brady had him in his grip and tried to segue him right into a Powerslam, but the quicker Scanlon slipped out the back and landed on his feet behind him. Brady once more tried to get back at him, but Scanlon made the tag to his twin brother, Selby! Scanlon stunned him with another European Uppercut while Selby came off the top rope with a Flying Headbutt to the standing Brady, finally knocking him off his feet! Sonny watched on with surprise as his man was being pinned now!



Brady LAUNCHED Selby O’Brien right off of him and Sonny went back into boss mode.


Selby went to try and follow up on what Jameson did as he attacked the leg, but Brady shoved him off the ropes. When he came back…


A HUGE Clubbing Back Elbow caught Selby in the jaw and now the younger of the two twins (by twelve minutes) was down. Sonny nodded as Brady reached over and threw the much smaller Selby into the corner to tag in his partner, Strauss. The two former officers of the LAPD went to work with an effective double-team move as Brady blasted Selby in the face with another huge elbow. Strauss pulled Brady out of the corner only to assist him with a Running Body Avalanche in the corner! After that, Brady threw him out and Strauss nearly KICKED his head off his shoulders with a huge Big Boot!

“That’s the way! Fuck them up, guys, fuck them up!” Sonny shouted.

Both Jameson Scott and Scanlon O’Brien showed concern as Strauss kneeled down and went for a cover.




Selby kicked out, but MONARCHY looked to be having fun with this. You couldn’t see it due to their masks, but The Law were in there having fun picking apart the stars from The Hype. Brady pressed a foot down on Selby’s chest and reached over to tag in the bigger Brady. The 315-pounder rushed right in and headed off the ropes before he came back with a HUGE Running Splash! Selby gasped for air and clutched his ribs in pain as The Law were making quick work of them.




The crowd cheered the former MMA star as he came in and broke up the cover with a boot. That may have been a big mistake because as Jameson returned to his corner, Brady ran right at him and BLASTED him with a Big Boot of his own, sending him flying off the apron and head-first into the barricade!


It was the most brutal cheap shot seen in quite some time, but as Scott remained on the floor, it gave Selby a chance to get to his corner. He crawled right between the legs of Brady and made a tag to Scanlon! He went right at the massive Brady while Freddie Rich watched on from the corner, almost bored with having to do this match. Brady was being lit up by Scanlon with a series of hard rights and chops. He headed to the ropes and Brady tried a big swing, but NO!

Scanlon ducked and caught him in the side with a knee, sending Brady back a couple of steps. Strauss made the blind tag and before Scanlon knew it, he was CLOCKED with a massive Clubbing blow from his opponent.


Scott was still laid out on the outside and Selby tried to get back up, only for Brady to rush over and once again blast him off the apron. They both turned their attention to Scanlon…


Strauss went high with a Lariat while Brady went low with a Spear, taking him down with two very brutal moves at once! The Law were working together quite nicely until Rich raised his hand.

“Okay. I want in.”

Strauss tagged in the man called The First, who had made a career so far out of letting others do the dirty work for him. He probably COULD have pinned Scanlon right there, but instead he grabbed him and poised him up…


A Gotch-style Piledriver DROPPED Scanlon right on his dome and Rich casually rolled him over, not even bothering with a real cover. Then again, he didn’t have to… Scanlon was done.





Sonny Silver joined his men in the ring after a quick and systematic destruction of The Hype stars who gave it their all only to come up short against some fierce competition. Sonny patted Rich on the arm and The Law had their hands raised. This was a good night for them tonight. Could Frank Silver make a perfect night by capturing The Fearless Title from Omega?

We’d find that out later.

Winner: MONARCHY via Pinfall

"In Spirit"

The scene opened up backstage as Sebastian Saje was standing there with Alyssa Corliss

"I'm going to find Raevynn tonight and I'm going to.." said Alyssa before she was cut off.

"You're going to what?"

The camera panned over and it was Raevynn who was standing at a distance. Alyssa went to charge in, but Saje held her back.

"Seems like the same thing you've been saying for the past two weeks. You're going to do this.. you're going to do that. All you are is talk talk talk. After what I did to your petty little boyfriend last week, you wouldn't even move. You stayed there in your spot just like the obedient dog that you are. I tainted his victory which was supposed to be a monumental occasion. Sebastian Saje.. the briefcase winner at Thieves Honor wins his qualifying match and is going back for the second year in a row... just got his ass handed to him by the girl who thought loved him. Such a tragic and sad story, really."

Alyssa gritted her teeth as Raevynn kept talking.

"Saje can try and have his moment in the sun.. but at Thieves Honor... I'm going to finish what I started, Alyssa because you know as well as I do that I had you beat at Rise of the Legends and then your boyfriend put his hands on me and in the end.. you won... that is.. until he cost you your victory.. so by the record books.. I really did win after all!" said Raevynn

Raevynn laughed to herself as Alyssa was about to say something, but Saje cut her off.

"Raevynn... you want to talk about pettiness.. look in the mirror. I stood by you in The Rebellion. I gave you all of my attention and love. Then when Jon Le Bon got fired... your safety net disappeared and it was YOU who couldn't trust ME. YOU are the one who became petty. In fact.. that's why you're able to stand all the way over there and say those things.. because you know, deep down inside, you can't come near me, otherwise you'll be reduced to nothing more than a quivering mass of anxiety." said Saje.

Raevynn had no comeback for that.

"I loved you, Raevynn.. I truly did. I would have helped you through everything had you just put your trust in me... but instead, you chose this path.. and at Thieves Honor.. I don't need to be in the ring or involved in any way... I know that Alyssa will put you in your rightful place." said Saje.

"Oh? And how does she plan to do that? Remember... I won the battle AND the war at Rise of the Legends. She's already proven that she can't beat me. There's nothing she can do and... hey... what are you doing!?"

Saje walked towards Raevynn, getting closer and closer until Raevynn was pinned against a wall.. She started breathing heavily as sweat formed on her brow.

"When you wrestle Alyssa at Thieves Honor.. know this. I may not be there physically due to the stipulation.. but you better believe my spirit will be with her.. standing at her side at all times. When she's standing next to you.. I will be as well... just keep that in your mind heading into Thieves Honor."

Raevynn was visibly shaking.. her androphobia was getting the best of her. Saje slowly backed off and grabbed Alyssa by the hand.

"Let's go"

The two of them walked off side by side as Raevynn stood there, trying to compose herself

The Natural Athletes(c) vs Cross the Hood
Last week, these two teams clashed in the first match of a best of three series that would determine the fate of the World Tag Team Titles. Cross the Hood pulled out a shocking first match victory over The Athletes and now this would be match two. Should Cross the Hood win here tonight, they will become the two-time jOlt Tag Team Champions! The two teams have come a long way since their respective days on The Hype. Many wanted to know which team was truly better and this series is one definitive way to prove it!

“My Time” by Fabolous

Out from the back came the team that was 1-0 in this series.. Jackson Cross and Machida Hood. Vogue Gonzalvez was not out by their side tonight, however. The duo made their way down to the ring where they both slid in underneath the bottom rope. The each picked a turnbuckle and climbed up garnering some cheers from the crowd. They hopped down, fist bumped each other and switched corners, striking another pose for the crowd. They hopped down again and awaited the arrival of their opponents.

“Thunderstruck” by AC/DC

The cheers continued as the first team in jOlt history to hold both the Hype Tag Team Titles and, currently, the jOlt World Tag Team Titles made their way out from the backstage area. Cori Albright and Terry Massimo.. The Natural Athletes.. have taken the jOlt world by storm. Trailing behind them was the third member of the group, Nate Quartermaine. The trio walked down to the ring in a triangle formation. Massimo and Albright hit the ring while Quartermaine remained at ringside. Massimo and Albright held up their championship titles as they came face to face with Jackson Cross and Machida Hood.

It was a bold statement that they weren't afraid of the challenge. They weren't going to back down even knowing that a loss tonight would be the end of the their tag team title reign here on the main roster. They handed the belts over to the referee who held them up high for the world to see before passing them off to ringside. Machida Hood and Cori Albright were set to start things off. Once everyone was in position, the referee called for the bell.




Both men began to circle each other in the ring. As the pace quickened, the crowd inside of the Reed Arena started to clap along. They finally locked up and Albright went with a quick go behind into the waist lock. Hood performed a standing switch and pulled Albright up off the canvas and back down with a takedown. Hood floated over and placed Albright into a front face lock, but Albright battled back up to his feet and shoved Hood back into the corner. Albright lifted his head and let loose with a knife edge chop across the chest. It didn't have any effect on Hood as he dared him to go for the chop once again. Albright grinned and let loose another sick chop that echoed throughout the arena. Hood felt that one, but he stood his ground and slapped his own chest telling Albright to put some more effort into it. Albright laughed to himself and asked Hood "Do you really want me to put everything into it?" Hood nodded his head and went "Yea.. give me EVERYTHING you've got!" Albright said "okay.. stay there." and walked away.

Albright rubbed his hands together as he stood in the opposite corner. Albright charged in at full speed and swung his hand...


That one vibrated into the front row. "SON OF A BITCH" yelled Hood as he staggered away from the corner, holding his chest. Albright shrugged as Hood leaned against ropes, gleaning over at Albright with a look of approval. "Aight.. let's see ya handle this" said Hood as he stepped in and hit a left hand, then a right hand, then a left, then a right.. .the punches alternated back and forth before Hood backed Albright into the ropes and whipped him across the ring. Hood telegraphed a back body drop, but Albright placed his hands on Hood's back and hurdled him! Hood stood and turned around, but Albright caught him with a back thrust kick to the stomach.



Hood side-stepped it and Albright landed on his stomach! Hood backed up and went for a punt, but Albright swept the legs out from underneath Hood. He went for the cover..


Kick out by Hood. Albright stood and now it was Hood that swept the legs out underneath. Cover by Hood.


Kick out by Albright

Both men got to their feet and we were at another stalemate to a round of applause from the crowd. Hood offered his hand out of respect and Albright shook it. That's when Hood pulled Albright into a Short-Armed Clothesline! The crowd booed Machida Hood for that.

"Hey man.. no disrespect.. but this is about them tag team titles.. and we want em!" said Hood to Albright.

Hood walked over to his corner and tagged in Jackson Cross. The slightly larger muscle of the duo came in and picked Albright up off the canvas. He scooped him up onto his shoulder then dropped to his knees with an Over the Shoulder Gutbuster. He then made the cover, hooking the leg.



Albright kicked out of it.

Cross placed Albright into a seated position and tried to wear him down with a Rear Chin Lock. Massimo and Quartermaine shouted out words of encouragement as Cross applied the pressure. The crowd began to rally behind Albright and he slowly battled back up to his feet. Albright threw a pair of elbows into the ribs of Cross and it broke the grip he had over him. Albright went to step away, but Cross grabbed him by the seat of his shorts and pulled him right into a Back Drop Suplex! Cross turned and made the tag back to Machida Hood.

Hood climbed up to the top turnbuckle pad and took aim. He leapt off and dropped an elbow right into Albright's chest! Hood made the cover, hooking the leg.



Albright kicked out of it a second time.

Hood grabbed Albright by the hair and pulled him up to his feet. He rocked Albright's head back with a haymaker punch before placing him against the ropes and tagging Jackson Cross back into the match. The two of them hit a double team whip across the ring. Hood backed into the ropes and nailed a flying shoulder tackle mid-ring, knocking Albright down! Cross backed into the ropes and dropped down with a Senton Back Splash. Hood hit the ropes and dropped a leg across Albright's chest while Cross stood, hit the ropes and nailed a Knee Drop for good measure. Hood exited the ring as Cross made the cover, hooking the leg.



Albright kicked out once again

Albright was taking a lot of punishment and Cross went right back to the Rear Chin Lock to try and wear Albright down some more. Massimo began to pace back and forth on the apron while Quartermaine slapped the ring apron and told Albright to fight. Albright reached for his corner, hut was just way too far away. Albright turned to his side and battled back up to his feet. He grabbed the sides of Cross' head and dropped down with a Jaw Breaker! Cross was stunned. Albright stood and backflipped...


It connected this time! Albright turned to his hands and knees and looked towards his corner. The crowd began to rally behind him as he crawled closer and closer to his corner. Albright was about to leap in to make the tag when Cross rolled to his stomach and lunged at Albright, falling on top of his legs and preventing him from getting there!! The crowd booed as Cross stood and pulled Albright back to his feet. Hood hit a Hip Toss on Albright sending him away from his corner. Albright popped back up and Cross ran over him with a vicious lariat that turned Albright inside out!!

Cross signaled for the end as he pulled the dazed Albright up to his feet. He shoved Albright back into the corner and hoisted him up to the top turnbuckle pad. Cross turned his back to the corner and hopped up to the middle turnbuckle. He hooked Albright for the Cross Breaker.. the Backpack Stunner, but Albright drove forearms into the back of Cross' head! Cross released it and staggered off the turnbuckles and towards the center of the ring. Albright stood up and hit a missile drop kick, knocking Cross down to the canvas. The crowd came alive once again as Albright started to shimmy towards his corner. Massimo reached over the top rope as far as he could to make the distance as short as possible for Albright. Cross began to get back up and he saw the tag about to happen. He charged in, but Albright made the leap...


The crowd erupted as Cross stopped dead in his tracks and backed off. Massimo entered the ring as Cross cracked a smirk, looked away, and then went for a sucker punch, but Massimo blocked it and hit a huge right hand to Cross' face! He hit another and another and another, backing Cross up with each and every step. Massimo backed Cross into the ropes and whipped him across the ring. Massimo charged in with a double axe handle smash that knocked Cross to the canvas! Cross popped back up as Massimo placed Cross into a Bear Hug. Massimo had Cross lifted up off the canvas when he converted the Bear Hug into a Side Slam.


Massimo stood and looked down at Cross. He then turned and charged the corner, nailing a running Body Avalanche into the ropes which knocked Machida Hood off of the ring apron and down to the floor! Massimo then used the nearby ropes for momentum and leapt up, looking for All the Way, but Cross put his knees up and Massimo came crashed down on top of him, but the weight of Massimo also just Cross' knees as well! Cross had to crawl over to the turnbuckles in order to pull himself up, but by the time he got there.. the still-fresh Massimo recovered, stood, and charged the corner, slamming into Cross with a running shoulder tackle that doubled him over!

Massimo wasn't done. He walked Cross to the middle of the ropes and whipped him across the ring. Massimo got down into a football stand and lunged in, slamming his body into Cross as hard as he could!


Massimo made the cover hooking the leg.




Hood had slid back into the ring and made it to the cover just in time to break it up! Hood pounded away on Massimo when Albright climbed the turnbuckles. Albright leapt odd with a flying side kick to Hood, knocking him down! Massimo stood and the two of them pulled Hood up to his feet.

Inverted Atomic Drop by Albright who then took off to the ropes. Highly elevated Bear Hug by Massimo. Albright leapt up and..


Hood rolled out of the ring, but Jackson Cross got back up to his feet. He charged in and caught Cori Albright with the Sling Blade...


Massimo grabbed Cross in a front waist lock..


Massimo stood and hit the ropes... he leapt into the air..



Crossed rolled out of the way, but staggered up to his feet against the ropes. Albright got back up and charged Cross, but Cross lifted him up and over the top rope and down to the floor. Hood recovered and rolled back into the ring, getting behind Massimo who pulled himself up. Cross shuffled forward...


Massimo spun around as Hood backed into the ropes..


Hood rolled out of the ring and onto the apron. Albright staggered up and Hood ran along the apron and jumped off hitting the Shotgun Drop Kick from the apron to the outside...


Cross had the cover!






"THIS IS AWESOME!" Clap Clap ClapClapClap
"THIS IS AWESOME!" Clap Clap ClapClapClap
"THIS IS AWESOME!" Clap Clap ClapClapClap
"THIS IS AWESOME!" Clap Clap ClapClapClap
"THIS IS AWESOME!" Clap Clap ClapClapClap

Cross stood and dared Massimo to get back up to his feet. Hood got back up and made it over to his corner. Albright was slowly getting back to his. Massimo got back to a vertical position when Hood caught him with a toe kick and then turned his back to Massimo.

No way.. he wasn't going to try...


354 pounds lifted up onto Hood's back, but Hood was having trouble holding on. Massimo was able to wriggle free and place Hood into a waist lock. He lifted Hood up for what looked like a German Suplex when Massimo slammed him face first to the canvas and off to his side..


Massimo rolled over towards his corner and reached up, making the tag to Cori Albright who immediately scaled the turnbuckles to the very top. Jackson Cross was pushing himself up when Albright flew off the top and put him back down with a head to head collision courtesy of a Flying Headbutt..


Albright got back to his feet as Hood was face first on the canvas with his posterior in the air. Hood tried to shake it off as Albright got into position. Hood lifted his head as Albright lunged in..



Cross grabbed Albright's foot and blocked it! Cross stood and swung Albright's foot around, but Albright, while spinning, backflipped..


Cross staggered back into the ropes, bounced off of them..


Cross scurried into his corner and tagged in Machida Hood! Hood came in and ran over Albright with another clothesline. Albright popped up and got taken down with a third clothesline. Hood helped him to his feet and sent him into the ropes, but Albright leapt to the middle rope and twisted off with a Cross Body Block, taking Hood by surprise and down to the canvas! Hood got back up to his feet and was met with a front kick from Cori Albright. Albright butterflied the arms, leapt up, and dropped his leg across the back of Hood's head with the Butterfly Famouser


Albright quickly stood and hit a Standing Moonsault into the Double Stomp


Albright had the cover, hooking the leg...




This brought Terry Massimo into the ring. He ran over and grabbed Cross, tossing him over the top rope and to the floor. Cross staggered up to his feet and... no way...

Massimo with a full head of steam.



Back in the ring. Albright stood up as Hood was pulling himself up to his feet. When in the knelt position, Albright lunged in..



Hood stood up and quickly grabbed Albright in an Electric Chair position. he then let him free fall into a waist lock then into a deadlift German Suplex...


The referee was in position.






Nate Quartermaine was on the outside with his hands on his head in disbelief! Cross the Hood just beat them two straight!!

Hood was jumping up and down with excitement! He raised his arms into the air, but the referee forced his arms down and signaled "NO!"

He pointed over at Albright who had reached out and grabbed the rope at the last possible second!. The look on Hood's face said it all. The even threw an instant recap up on the jOltvision.



Reach out with the arm..




It just BARELY made, but it made it in time and thus it was a two count!

Terry Massimo rolled back into the ring..



Hood tried to pull himself up... Massimo helped Albright to his feet..



Massimo off the ropes..



Massimo stood guard as Albright collapsed into the cover..




No kick out.. no rope break.. it was decisive.. That was a three count as The Natural Athletes retained the jOlt World Tag Team Titles, tying this series at one match a piece! Both men were exhausted as they were handed their titles. The crowd was on their feet in a standing ovation for both teams!

Jackson Cross rolled back into the ring and checked on his partner. Massimo and Albright tapped him on the shoulder and extended their hands. Cross nodded and shook both of them and the Tag Team Champions exited the ring. Hood slowly sat up as Cross and Hood conversed amongst themselves in the ring. Hood sat there and looked up the ramp. Cross the Hood stared at Massimo and Albright. They knew that they came close... VERY close to regaining those titles.

There will be a third match..

After tonight's performance.. match three can easily be anybody's game.

Winner: The Natural Athletes via Pinfall (STILL World Tag Team Champions)

Omega(c) vs Frank Silver
Two weeks ago Monarchy put everyone in jOlt on notice as they destroyed the Fearless champion in the middle of the ring after a big three on two tag team match where Frank Silver pinned Omega to the win the match (well with the help of Freddie Rich and Sonny Silver holding the big man’s legs down so he couldn’t kick out). Frank was ecstatic that he pinned the Fearless Champion that he issued a challenge for the title. Probably not the best move by the Fortunate Son but his ego was exorbitant right now.

“The following contest is for the Fearless Championship and this is set for one fall!” Dean Carrington announced.

“Heavy Is The Head” by Zac Brown Band feat. Chris Cornell.

The entire arena was bathed in darkness with the sole exception of a single spotlight. In that spotlight… The man. The myth. The traitor himself. With his godfather and manager right behind him, Frank Silver raised his fists in the air as he soaked in the adulation of jeers from the crowd.

“Introducing first the challenger, being accompanied to the ring by ‘JOlt’s Last Real ManAGER’ Sonny Silver… from Seattle, Washington, weighing in at two hundred and forty-seven pounds… he is representing MONARCHY… ”THE FORTUNATE SON” FRANK SILVER!”

Complete with a shitty dickheaded nickname, Frank Silver was clad in brand-new black knee-length tights not unlike the ones that his ex-partner, Ryan Gallway, used to wear. With a blue “FS” logo and a sword through a new family crest, the MONARCHY member started to make a mad dash for the ring… then he stopped and flipped off the crowd before calmly walking up the steps and heading into the ring without incident. As the self-professed Fortunate Son stood in the ring, he threw off his MONARCHY shirt while Sonny Silver stood proudly of his godson. Frank waited for the biggest opportunity of his short singles career.

“Introducing next hailing from Parts unknown, weighing in at three hundred and forty-eight pounds… he is the current and reigning Fearless Champion… OMMMMMEEEEGGGGAAAAAAAA!!!!

The Reed Arena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of “Redeemer” by Marilyn Manson echoed throughout the arena. A mixed reaction from the fans in the arena as they looked toward the stage and the jOltvision to see the stage light up with fire and an ominous figure stood in the flames. A young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

we bask in the glory of pain

we are one with pain


A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the fire subsided and the Fearless Champion stood in the smoke making his way down the ramp to the ring. The lights slowly illuminated as the boogeyman made it to the ring. The large champion climbed up the steps dragging the Fearless championship behind him as he climbed between the ropes and made his way into the ring. The Fearless Champion stood in the middle of the ring and pulled his hood back from his face as he looked at Frank Silver in the corner who looked very confident.

Omega handed the title to Nyugen as Sonny gave Frank a few words of advice before jumping down from the apron. The bell sounded as the Fearless champion stood towering in the middle of the ring. Frank was very confident as he walked up to the boogeyman without fear. He knew Omega was not in good shape after the beating from two weeks ago. However, Omega showed Monarchy last week that you need to be afraid of the boogeyman.

Frank did the unthinkable and slapped the Fearless champion across the face. The big man smirked as Frank quickly rolled out of the ring to have a conference with his Godfather. The Fearless champion stood in the middle of the ring and did not move even after the slap. Frank did not know how to take the situation in the ring as he slowly climbed back into the ring.

Omega stood in the ring as Frank cautiously made his way into the ring. He peered across the ring to see the champion standing absolutely still. Ian cautioned both men to get the match started as Omega lunged for Frank but he moved out of the way and quickly nailed Omega with a jab.

Frank smiled as he looked down at Sonny. Omega’s smirked never subsided from his face as tried to back Frank into a corner but the Fortunate Son quickly moved so he would not be caught in the corner. Omega turned and was met with a quick dropkick that sent the champion backwards into the corner.

Frank went to work on the champion in the corner with rights and lefts trying to keep the champion off guard. Omega pushed Frank off but the challenger rushed back into the corner and nailed Omega with a big flying forearm. The challenger was not done as he grabbed Omega by the hair and pulled him to the middle of the ring. Frank hooked Omega and drove him to the mat with a snap DDT.

Frank quickly went for the pin as Nyugen dropped down for the count.



Frank was quickly back to his feet stomping away at Omega who was still down. Silver tried to stomp every part of the body while Omega was down but the champion quickly made it to his knees. Frank raced over to the champion but Omega reached up and grabbed Frank by his throat. Sonny yelled at Frank as the fans erupted in cheers as Frank was about to be driven into the mat but Silver put a thumb to the big man’s eye to break the hold.

Omega let Frank go as he fell to the mat. Silver got to his feet and went toward Omega.


The Fearless champion looked down at Frank before picking him up and whipping him into the corner very hard. Silver hit the corner and bounced to the mat from the force. The fans erupted in cheers as the champion walked slowly to the corner. Omega grabbed Frank and pulled him from the corner. He picked Silver up in the air.


Omega dropped down for the cover.




Sonny wiped his brow because it was almost over as quick as it started. Omega grabbed Frank by the head and pulled him to his feet. The boogeyman hooked Frank in a front chancery in the middle of the ring.


Omega sat up as Frank rolled on his stomach holding his back. Sonny motioned for Frank to roll to the floor which he did do get himself a little breather. The Fearless champion looked at Frank as he rolled to the floor himself. Sonny quickly made his way around the ring not wanting to get in Omega’s path. The champion went to reach for Frank but the challenger nailed him with a vicious low blow that sent the champion to his knees.

Frank gathered himself while the champion was suffering from the recent low blow. The Fortunate Son nailed the champion with several right hands while Omega was on his knees still. Frank raised his arms high in the air as the fans at ringside jeered the former tag team champion. Silver did not care as he went back to work on Omega. Frank nailed Omega in the back with a stiff kick. The challenger grabbed Omega and shoved him backwards into the ring apron.

The champion smirked as Frank pulled him back and rammed him into the ring apron once more. The fans were all over the challenger as the boogeyman slumped to the floor. Silver was not done as he started to show his vicious and relentless side laying in boots to Omega’s midsection as he lay on the floor.

Sonny started to clap for his god son as Frank wanted to show everyone that it was not a fluke that he beat the Fearless champion two weeks ago. Sonny slowly pulled the champion to his feet and whipped him into the guardrail. The champion hit the guardrail hard as the fans at ringside started to touch the champion to get him back into the match.


Frank Silver started to chant with the fans as well in a condescending manner. Silver grabbed Omega by the hair and pulled him to the ring. With all his might he picked up the champion and rolled him into the ring. The challenger climbed to the top rope from the apron as Omega lay in the ring. The challenger dove off the top rope.


Frank went for the cover on the champion.




Sonny and Frank thought they had the championship in their hands right there. Frank was not wasting any motion as he grabbed the boogeyman by his locks and pushed him into the corner. Frank measured Omega in the corner.


The crowd gasped.


The crowd gasped again.


Frank continued to nail the champion in the corner as the crowd gave him a loud chorus of jeers. The challenger did not care as he pulled the champion from the corner. Frank nailed Omega with a stiff open hand slap. That must have awaken the champion because he stood up and smirked at Silver. Frank nailed Omega with a big knife edge chop and the monster just looked at the challenger.

Omega grabbed Frank and threw him into the corner. The champion unloaded on Frank in the corner with vicious right and lefts in the corner going upstairs and downstairs with every shot. Frank tried to cover up but to no avail as the champion connected with about eighty percent of his punches. Sonny tried to urge Frank to get out of the corner. Frank could not get away from the monster as Omega drove a big clubbing forearm into Frank’s neck and back area. The fans erupted as Omega continued the onslaught.


The Fearless champion smirked as he reached down and grabbed Silver by the head. Omega whipped Frank into the ropes…


The big man whipped him into the ropes again. Frank bounced off the ropes and was taken down with a huge power slam. Omega held on with the cover.




Omega rolled to the floor and pulled the ring apron up. The Fearless Champion reached under the ring and pulled out a wooden table. He was looking to take out a member of Monarchy tonight. He yanked out the long table with one big pull and shoved it into the ring. He rolled into the ring and picked up the table and propped it in the corner. The boogeyman grabbed Frank but the challenger nailed Omega with one of those stiff European Uppercuts. The champion staggered back as Frank made it to his feet.

Silver quickly drilled the champion with a dropkick that sent him sprawling to the corner. Frank raced to the corner.



Omega made his way over to Frank and went for the pin. PAIN!!!




Sonny placed his head on the mat in relief as the fans jeered that the Fortunate Son was able to kick out. Omega slowly made it to his feet and pulled Silver up to his feet as well. Omega hooked Frank in the ring and tossed him clear across the ring with an overhead belly to belly suplex throw right into the table that he set up into the corner just a few moments earlier. The boogeyman smirked as he watched Frank crumble in the rubble of the table.

The boogeyman slowly stood to his feet. He made his way over to the broken table where Frank lay. Omega moved the mangled table out of the way as he grabbed the challenger by the arm and drug him to the middle of the ring. Omega hooked his far leg for the cover.




Sonny wiped his brow because he was sweating profusely but his God son was still in this match. Omega sat up and turned toward Sonny with a sick smile on his face. Frank pulled himself to the ropes as Omega still sat in the middle of the ring. Sonny slipped a pair of brass knuckles into the ring to Frank as Omega finally stood to his feet. The champion walked over to Frank who already slipped the brass knuckles onto his right hand.

Omega reached down to grab Frank.


Omega dropped to his knees and Frank nailed him again with a brass knuckle shot to the face. Ian looked at Frank who had a big grin on his face as he pulled himself over to Omega who was on his back now. Frank draped an arm across Omega’s chest as Ian dropped down for the count.




Frank couldn’t believe it as he held his hand over his face. Sonny was not happy but the fans enjoyed every minute of it. Frank looked at Sonny as he pointed to the Fearless champion. Frank with the brass knuckles still on his hand drove a couple more rights into Omega’s head for goof measures. Omega was now bleeding from the wound that he suffered in the Fearless title match. Frank groggily stood to his feet. The challenger turned Omega onto his stomach and hooked in the camel clutch in the middle of the ring.

Sonny slapped the mat as Frank continued to wrench on Omega’s massive back.


The fans continued to spur on the champion as he slowly started to make his way up with Frank still on his back. Frank tried to hang on but the monster continued to do everything he could to stand on his feet. Finally the champion made his way to his feet and raced backwards to the corner sandwiching Frank in the middle. The boogeyman staggered out of the corner with blood racing down his face as he slowly turned and looked at Frank who was trying to catch his breath in the corner.

Omega made his way to the corner and grabbed Frank by the head. He pulled the challenger from the corner and hooked him in the middle of the ring.


Omega quickly hooked his leg for the pin.




The match was finally over as Omega had retained the Fearless Championship. Omega smirked at Sonny before looking down at Frank once again. The boogeyman picked up Frank once more. Sonny saw this and started to wave to the back for help. Omega quickly dropped Silver as The Law and Freddie Rich raced down the aisle and slid into the ring. Rich slid into the ring and was met by a clothesline from Omega. The fans erupted as Strauss made his way into the ring and was met by big right hands by the champion. Omega was going to take on Monarchy all by himself. Omega had Strauss in the corner but the monster Brady made his way into the ring and nailed Omega in the back with a big forearm. The Law started to pound on Omega in the ring as Sonny directed traffic. The Law picked up Omega and whipped him into the ropes.


Omega was now in control as he looked at the carnage in the ring. The boogeyman grabbed Brady by his throat and pulled the big man up. The fans erupted in jeers as the World Champion raced down the ramp with a steel chair in hand. Omega hoisted up Brady high in the air displaying his massive strength.


The arena was the loudest of the night as the jeers deafened the arena. Sonny was now in the ring as the five on one beat down commenced in the middle of the ring. Ryan dropped the chair on the mat as he directed The Law to bring Omega over to him. Omega was bloodied and battered from the beat down. Ryan smiled as he hooked Omega in the middle of the ring.


The fans continued to jeer as Monarchy stood in the middle of the ring over top of the fallen body of the Fearless champion. Monarchy destroyed Omega in the middle of the ring for the second time in three weeks. This was going to be an uphill battle for the Fearless champion if he wanted to wrangle the World title away from Jeremy Ryan.

The camera slowly faded out on the prone body of Omega in the middle of the ring. As the camera faded and the jOlt logo faded into the left corner of the screen, a small grin was seen on the face of the Fearless champion.

A very eerie sight indeed.

Winner: Omega via Pinfall (STILL Fearless Champion)