"Welcome to iNtense"

Darkness fades to gritty sepia when the opening piano of "Warriors" by PelleK (Imagine Dragons Cover) hits. We see image of an empty jOlt Arena filling with people in time lapse

The screen then explodes into full color when the drums and song kick in!

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

(In sync with music) We see scenes of action and images of current superstars Pietro Geist, Eiji Kugasari, Jeremy Ryan, Diamond Jewelz, Tammy Lynn Foster, Raevynn, Keegan, Hank Wright, The House, and The Freak Show

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

We continue to see images of action as the intrustmental continues to the very end...

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

We see Diamond Jewelz posing with Them MF'n Goons, Sonny Silver standing by Frank Silver, Mack Brody hitting the Gold Rush on Omega, Pietro Geist and Jeremy Ryan brawling, a shot of Kayden Paulton cracking a genuine smile, and a lumbering Spike Saunders standing tall in the ring. Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

With the final pulsing beats of the song, we see Jeremy Ryan striking a grin with the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder!

The scene flashes back into the arena where the song starts again, but in his complete form, starting with Verse 1 of the lyrics. The camera pans around the Arena as a splendid display of fireworks goes off on the main stage and above the ring. The set is a giant jOltvision with the N logo for iNtnese sitting to the left and to the right of the big jOltvision. The N itself is a massive red light that is illuminated. Above the jOltvision is a pseudo semi-circle steel structure that houses a curved screen that will be used to display a wrestler's name above it while their entrance video plays below on the jOltvision. On the stage itself, to the left and right of the entrance ramp are two more small, elongated mini screens which will display the wrestler's brand logo on them when they make their way out... unless they hold a title. Then it will display their championship belt on the left and the name of the title on the right!

The fans were buzzing with electricity as iNtense officially begins!


The scene opened up in Damien Lee's office. There was a knock on the door.

"Come in" said Lee.

The door creaked opened and on the other side was Hype General Manager Shayne Anderson who actually got a bit of a pop from the crowd. Shayne entered the office and closed the door behind him. He approached Damien Lee's desk with a smile on his face.

"Mr. Lee" said Anderson. "Thank you for having me here tonight, but, I found it quite odd that you invited the entire Hype Roster here to iNtense as well."

Damien let out a heavy sigh

"Well, first off.." said Lee. "I wanted to congratulate you on an amazing Pay-Per-View event a few days ago. It was action-packed, well-received, and was among one of the most watched events on the WrestleNet NOW Network. You truly did an amazing job and I have to admit it... I was wrong to judge you. You really have turned a new leaf over and have brought The Hype to an entirely new level."

"Thank you, Mr. Lee" said Anderson

Lee interlaced his fingers and glanced in the direction of his desk before sitting back in his chair.

"Which is why it makes this a lot harder to say." said Lee.

Shayne Anderson stood there with a puzzled look on his face.

"What is it that you have to say, Damien?" said Anderson.

Gone were the formalities. Anderson called Damien Lee by his first name in a rather stern tone. Shayne knew something just wasn't right about this meeting.

"Shayne..." said Lee. "I'm temporarily cancelling The Hype."

The crowd in the background ERUPTED in a sea of boos so loud that you'd think that this meeting was taking place inside the ring.

"I... don't understand... what have we... no.. what have I done wrong to deserve this?" asked Shayne.

"That's the thing, Shayne... you didn't do anything wrong. You're doing everything right.. it's me, Shayne... I made a company-changing decision that has not yet paid off. I made jOlt Wrestling public and it's been six days since we've been on the New York Stock Exchange and... well... to spare you the PC talk and dance around the issue, I will be blunt. Sales of stock have not been anywhere near initial projections. In fact, they're only at ten percent of our projected goal by this time."

Shayne looked rather worried.

"But like I said.. this cancellation.. it's temporary. I met with our financial advisors and they have assured me that this is sometimes normal for new companies on the stock exchange. People need to watch.. they need to become invested in our product and when they do, they will invest in us. Our projections are lower, but we expect to hit them and when we do, we'll make even more money than we are making now. I'll bring back The Hype.. hell.. I might even add Warriors and Rock the House back to our line up! It'll be fine, but I was advised as a precautionary measure to make some cutbacks."

"And what if this doesn't pan out?" asked Shayne.

"That's in impossibility. Our advisors are now doing key target adverts and they have beefed up marketing. Since doing so, interest in our product is on the rise. It's only a matter of time now. So I wouldn't worry about it too much. When I talked to the advisors, they told me that we should cease operations in the jOlt Arena.. shut it down for a while. That will save on bills. I actually did the comparisons and by making The Hype roster part of the main roster and flying out the talent we need for shows, then we will be saving enough money to sustain the company until the stock purchases increase. That's why it is temporary. I called you in here because I want you to relay that message to the entire Hype Roster. In fact, I have some Hype talent booked tonight so they feel at home here on iNtense."

"I see... well... you were kind enough to put your trust in me and I thank you for your praise earlier. I will return the favor and put my trust in you on this." said Shayne.

Shayne nodded, turned, and exited the office. When the door closed behind him, Lee let out a heavy sigh and sat back in his chair. He looked to the ceiling and muttered.

"I'm sorry... but this just might be one time where you can't trust me..."

With that, the scene faded to black.

Derrick Huber vs Gabriel Gold
Both members of the House were set to be in singles matches tonight, but right now it was about Derrick Huber trying to get some energy heading into his match with his best friend’s annoying and scheming son, Zane Roebuck. After weeks’ worth of Zane trying to drive a wedge between the tag team of fifteen years, Adam Roebuck had enough of it and finally went to Damien Lee to have the match made. Zane Roebuck, his son, would take on Derrick Huber. Before that would come, Derrick Huber was in a match tonight and he would be taking on Gabriel Gold.

"House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch.

The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a decidedly mixed reaction from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of cards toward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before one of the Nevada bred former four-time jOlt Tag Team Champions appeared from the backstage area, Derrick Huber!

At his side, the former three-time Starlets champion and Huber’s wife, Charlotte, followed him to ringside as Huber looked ready for action tonight. Derrick Huber flexed his muscles on the ramp for the whole crowd to see before he marched towards the ring, holding hands with his wife. The Huber marched towards the ring and then the Sin City Strongman stepped in between the ropes. He raised his hands to a positive reception as the theme music changed.

"Golden Dawn" by Gospel

Gabriel Gold stepped out from the back and took a kneeling stance on the stage to survey both the crowd and the ring.

A golden hue washed over the crowd in waves, swirling about as he walked towards the ring. He headed towards the ring and leaped to the second turnbuckle and sneered at the crowd before simply stepping over the ropes to climb inside. The Technical Wizard leaned back on the ropes and waited with a scowl. Derrick and Gabriel both paced around the ring and locked up at the bell.

Charlotte was cheering on her husband as Huber grabbed him by the head and threw him across the ring. Gold was back up to his feet and dusted himself off.

“Come on, you big oaf.”

Derrick launched an early offensive and threw knees into his chest before he backed him off the ropes. He went for a whip, but the technically skilled Gold slid underneath the ropes and headed out to the floor where he begged for Derrick Huber to follow. Huber went after him on the floor and chased after Gold. The Floridian tried to hide behind Charlotte, but she got away from him quickly.

“Don’t touch me, ya bleach-blonde asshole!”

Gold took offense to him and waited for the chance to fight back when the party got interrupted.

Halestorm’s “Get Lucky” played and Zane Roebuck strutted out from the back like the little douchebag that he was with a microphone in hand. The Hubers watched him sit a chair at the top of the stage and prop it down before having a seat with the microphone in hand.

“Go, Uncle Derrick! Go! Go! Go!”

Huber wasn’t focused in on the match and that’s when Gabriel Gold made him pay for it with a running punt kick right to the chest! The crowd was all over Gabriel for his cheap shot before he turned over and waited for Huber to try and stand. Huber was slumped over the ring apron by the head and that gave Gabriel a chance to take advantage. He stomped his head on the apron and even pressed a boot down onto his neck.

“I got you, roidhead!”

Gabriel Gold backed off as Derrick Huber tried to get back to the ring. Gold made him pay for his attacks with a series of stomps to the head to try and soften up Derrick Huber for something more. Gold continued to go on the offense while Zane Roebuck leaned forward in his chair eating a Snickers bar and looking mighty pleased with distracting Huber. Charlotte was now watching her husband get picked apart by Gabriel Gold as he took off all the way to the other side of the ring only to charge right back and land a stiff running drop kick to the head. He helped to pull Derrick Huber all the way out of the corner and then went for a cover.



Huber powered out.

Gold was thrown right off him, but the tenacious Gold went right back to attacking him. He focused right on the neck and the head of Huber and worked him over with some targeted kicks upside his head. He used a headlock on Huber when he lifted him up and threw him across the ring. Gold came back only to get shellacked with a huge lift into a huge tree slam!

Huber let out a scream to the crowd and he muscled him into the corner. His early attacks only seemed to piss him right the hell off as he charged into the corner and delivered a series of head butts to the face repeated until the official ordered him to back off. Huber pulled him out and he slugged him with at short arm clothesline and then dropped an elbow right into his heart. That wasn’t enough for Derrick Huber so he reached up and pulled him up by both arms.

The double underhook suplex was set and now he was held up in the air for the whole world to see. Huber had him in place and he had him high in the air now as Charlotte started to climb the steps. She was on the apron and started to get the crowd behind him by raising his arms and waving them high into the sky. The Sin City Strongman was living up to his name and he had Gold up for almost twenty seconds before he threw him down at last. Huber dropped him at long last and rolled over into a cover of his own now.



Gold with the kickout this time around.

Huber wasn’t done with punishing him, but Zane Roebuck had something to say again when the Ace of jOlt raised the microphone up again.

“Man, that was a good Snickers. Yum. Go, Uncle Derrick!”

Derrick ignored him and turned his attention back to Gold, but Gold had other ideas and kicked him in the leg. Now that he was stunned, he headed to the middle rope and he grabbed him by the neck. With a turn, he spun right out of the corner and landed an incredible Tornado DDT that dumped him right on his head! Gabriel Gold was smirking now as he headed to the apron and to the top.


And right to the heart of Derrick Huber! Pinfall now!



Huber with the kickout!

“That was awesome, Uncle Derrick!” Zane cheered.

Charlotte stuck a finger down her throat as she shot a glance at Zane Roebuck before turning her focus back on her husband. Gabriel Gold then looked to finish off Derrick Huber.


Gabriel Gold had him dead to rights with his rear naked choke submission attempt. He was now tied up in the customized sleeper submission and now he had him right where he wanted him. Huber was struggling in the hold while Zane Roebuck was clapping and cheering on the top of the ramp his surrogate uncle. Huber was trying to get up and he managed to grab Gold by the head before dropping to his backside and catching him with a backpack stunner!

Gold’s jaw got jacked by the very creative move on the part of Huber and now Derrick Huber was back on his feet, waiting for him to stand. Huber stood up and now and when Gold tried to stand, he caught Gold with a standing clothesline and then a second one. He pulled Gold on his shoulder and charged at the corner to run him into the corner with shoulder tackles. Huber then grabbed him by the legs and pulled him to the center of the ring. The crowd cheered and Charlotte was leading the chants. She wanted it. The fans wanted it. Now …


The crowd counted along with the rotations as the giant swing was being used.

”1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … 5 … 6 … 7 … 8 … 9 … 10!”

Huber let him drop to the mat while Zane Roebuck was clapping and cheering him on. Derrick ignored him and dropped the straps which meant in wrestling terms that he meant bidness! Huber yanked Gold upward and threw him into the corner. Gold was severely disoriented when Huber snatched him out of the corner.


The crippling muscle buster landed mid-ring and Huber rolled over to cover him.




Despite Zane Roebuck’s best efforts to try and mess with him, Huber got the duke in the match as he stood up. The Hubers embraced in a kiss, but the tender moment was ruined almost immediately.

“Uncle Derrick! That was awesome! You did it! Great win!”

Zane stood up and Derrick and Charlotte watched on confused, wondering what the hell Zane Roebuck was doing out here. The Ace of jOlt had a microphone.

“Look … guys, I came out here to offer my sincerest apologies for everything. I wanted to come out here and tell you both that I am truly and sincerely sorry for trying to manipulate the situation. Uncle Derrick, truth be told … I was jealous. I was jealous of how much time you get to spend with my father and I think that it kept on bugging me. I’m his own son and I never got to know him while he was gone all the time on the road living this dream … at least not like you got to.”

”Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!”

Zane addressed the questionable chants from the crowd.

“I know, that’s what I thought of all of this, too! What I need you all to know is this – that I am a good man and that Uncle Derrick, we don’t need to fight! We don’t need to have this match at Thieves Honor! What good would it do for me to fight my uncle? I’m a good man, you’re an okay man. I think that we should just call this match off, Uncle Derrick. What do you say? Bygones be bygones and all that?”

Charlotte reached over and retrieved a microphone for her husband. Derrick took it and addressed Zane Roebuck.

“Zane … they’re chanting “bullshit” at you because that’s what you’re full of. The way you’ve conducted yourself as a man and as a human being since you got here has been nothing short of deplorable. And thanks to your daddy’s blessing, I’m going to hand you the ass-whipping that your dad’s probably always wanted to give to you! So no, the match is still on and I’ll see you at Thieves Honor, Zane.”

Zane’s jaw almost dropped to the floor when he heard that!

“No! No! This is BS!” Zane screamed. “No! No! No! You suck! You both suck! At Thieves Honor, you’re going to get the beating you deserve, Derrick!”

He threw the microphone down and stormed off like a kid having a temper tantrum while the Hubers resumed their celebration of his victory.

Winner: Derrick Huber via Pinfall

"Tag Team Preview"

After that last action-packed match, we go back to the backstage area with the quickness! This week, it’s Dawn Cassidy’s much more business-oriented and less hotter male equivalent, Donny Layne, taking care of things on the interview end.

“Hello, ladies and gentlemen,” Donny said. “Over the last several weeks, we’ve paid witness to some INCREDIBLE matches in jOlt’s ever-popular tag team division! In the last two weeks, the jOlt World Tag Team Champions The Natural Athletes have been involved in a Best of Three Series with former jOlt Tag Team Champions, Cross The Hood! These two teams have followed very similar trajectories with both coming from jOlt’s own developmental system, The Hype, and have gone on to become some of the best today. Now, we’re going to look at match one in that series!”


Cross tried to get back up, but Terry fell to his knees and let out a loud dog bark before batting Cross wti a flurry of JYD-style Headbutts to the head! He was disoriented, but things were about to hit the fan as he whipped him across the ring and bounced off the adjacent rope…


The Pounce-like tackle had to be enough right there was Terry Massimo went for a cover.




Despite being in pain from being batted around earlier, Hood slid in and elbowed the back of his head. Hood tried to pull Massimo back up and hooked him for Project 347, but Terry Massimo elbowed his way free and sent Machida Hood out of the ring! Hood was still down when Terry reached out and made the tag to a ready and able Cori Albright! He was going up top now and the crowd was going nuts…


Hood moved!

Cori landed his feet and rolled through the landing before something bad happened to his knees. He turned around, but Jackson caught him out of nowhere with a HUGE Superkick! Cori went down and Terry tried coming to his partner’s aid. He rushed at Jackson, but Cross ducked as he hit the ropes. They both rushed at Terry and sent him flying over the ropes with a Double Clothesline!

Vogue was cheering on her boys and Nate was yelling at Cori to get back up, but Cross The Hood had him dead to rights…


Hood dropped Cori across his knee with an STO Backbreaker, but didn’t let him fall. He picked him up and threw his limp body to Jackson Cross…


Cross hooked the leg while Machida Hood blocked Terry from trying to get in the ring!




And back to Donny Layne.

“Cross The Hood took the shocking lead, going 1-0 in the series and handing The Natural Athletes their very first loss in a traditional tag team match since arriving on the main roster. The Natural Athletes weathered the storm in match two last week, and now we go back to the conclusion of that match now.



The referee was in position.






Nate Quartermaine was on the outside with his hands on his head in disbelief! Cross the Hood just beat them two straight!!

Hood was jumping up and down with excitement! He raised his arms into the air, but the referee forced his arms down and signaled "NO!"

He pointed over at Albright who had reached out and grabbed the rope at the last possible second!. The look on Hood's face said it all. The even threw an instant recap up on the jOltvision.



Reach out with the arm..




It just BARELY made, but it made it in time and thus it was a two count!

Terry Massimo rolled back into the ring..



Hood tried to pull himself up... Massimo helped Albright to his feet..



Massimo off the ropes..



Massimo stood guard as Albright collapsed into the cover..




Now back to Donny Layne one more time.

“We all thought that Cross The Hood had the match won and rightfully so, but due to Cori Albright’s hand being on the ropes, the match continued. The Natural Athletes fought and evened the score. Now, they will fight for Match Number Three. I am here to announce that match WILL take place at Thieves Honor! The Natural Athletes will take on Cross The Hood and there MUST be a winner! The winning team will be the jOlt World Tag Team Champions!”

The Natural Athletes popped into view with the jOlt World Tag Team Championships at their side. Cori and Terry waved to the camera and with them, Nate Quartermaine waved also.

“Even fuckin’ steven,” Terry said. “And at Thieves Honor, we got dat sumbitch on lock!”

“That’s right!” Cori screamed.

To Donny’s right, the challengers appeared. Machida Hood and Jackson Cross, along with #1 Contender to the Starlet Championship, Vogue Gonsalvez.

“See, you THINK you gon’ walk out of Thieves Honor wit’ dem belts,” Cross said. “But I’m afraid, my brotha, WE got that sumbitch on lock! Series over, my dude.”

“We had you beat,” Machida said, “and Cori got lucky enough to get dat hand on the ropes, but that ain’t gonna save you this time. We’ve proved we can beat you and we’ll prove that WE’RE the better team.”

“Bring it, son,” Cori said, raising his belt. “We’ll see you guys at Thieves Honor.”

The two teams locked eyes as Cori and Terry held the prestigious World Tag Team Titles for Cross The Hood to see. It was going to be for the richest prize in the tag team game! Tune into Thieves Honor and see who comes out on top.

Or not. You know, if you’re lame

Darren Best vs Kayden Paulton
"Less Talk More Rokk" by Freezepop signalled the arrival of wrestling's nicest guy, Kayden Paulton.

The crowd cheered as the all-smiling 6'3 230-pound ray of sunshine emerged from the backstage area and headed towards the squared circle for another round of action and fair play.

He pumped the crowd up by moving from side to side while walking down the aisle, pumping the air and slapping the hands of everyone who extended high-fives his way. Once he approached his destination, he slid underneath the bottom rope and scaled a turnbuckle to pose for those with millions of pixels, whichever poison they had in their pockets. And no, I'm not pleased to see you.

Unlike Kayden, who loved everyone.

'The Best' by Tina Turner.

Darren Best got a half-decent reaction by his usual standards, and that was down to some sections of the jOlt faithful taking a shine to him during his series with the impressive Alex Reyn, new to our organization. Evidently, he wasn't a novice in the art of war and had outfought and outthought Best in the bouts they'd had thus far.

Best followed suit and slid underneath the ropes. However, he didn't pose nor did he accept Paultons polite offer of a handshake. That snub earned him some boos in spite of his rise in popularity.

When the bell sounded, Kayden started a clap to get all observers involved before tying up.

Darren wasn't in the mood to play ball; he negotiated a side headlock and then quickly converted it into a front chancery.


The crowd didn't count along with the heavy-handed half a dozen shots the Entertainer reeled off in succession to bloody Kayden's nose. A shaken Kayden stood up, wiping the slight trickle of claret away from his left nostril. Best took him further by surprise with a kick to the gut and a snap suplex.

Speaking of snap, it was exactly what Darren was trying to do when he slapped a cross armbreaker on for good measure.

Kayden wouldn't give up 15 seconds into the submission. Best stood up and stepped on the hurting limb, full force, a couple of times and then wound it up like a modified figure four before going back to the cross armbreaker.

Best only relinquished the hold when the referee started counting, albeit for some unknown reason. Perhaps it was because he, like everyone else, was astonished at this mean streak being shown by Darren against everyone's best friend.

"What the fuck do you want?"

In fact, the official had no answer. Best moved on and wrapped Kayden up...

Best of Both!!

An exploder into the turnbuckle, which Paulton bounced off like a tennis ball.

Best of Both!!

Times two and back where he came from.

Darren dragged Kayden into the middle of the ring and covered him nonchalantly...



This is academic...

Best dragged Kayden up, which infuriated the authority figure. Darren didn't care though.

From a mounted position, he wailed away and beat on a hapless and clearly unconscious Kayden with eight consecutive punches that all occurred in a blur.

When Darren stood up, the spectators started to jeer him. He was used to that, though this wasn't cheap heat. He really deserved the negative acclaim for what he was doing to a poor Paulton, who besides being the nicest guy in the game, hadn't done anything to anger the New York native.

Obviously, Darren was annoyed by the fact that the Best Man, as he likes to call himself, wasn't good enough to overcome Alex Reyn.

Back in the present...




Torque, twist and terrorise was what Darren had in mind and he was crossing all three tees here. Kayden couldn't respond to the official's queries because he was already out before Best unearthed this gem in his arsenal - the Scorpion armlock.

The official, seeing Kayden couldn't continue, called for the bell and it promptly followed.

Best's release of the hold, however, did not and he simply glared at the man in the middle when he gestured the match had ceased to be.

Despite the constant ringing in his ears, not to mention everyone else's, the bell being rung over and over again went unnoticed by the victor. Something had snapped inside and he was taking it out on Paulton. In fact, the pressure seemed to be rising rather than reducing.

Eventually, the referee managed to convince Darren to let go. As he stepped away and surveyed his handiwork, boos emanated. Fans had grown to like Best and this was certainly two steps back. They weren't hostile towards him. The overwhelming feeling seemed to be disappointment.

Darren immediately picked up a mic and screamed into it.


He paced back and forth in the ring, shaking his head like a mad dog before raising the microphone to his lips

“You think this is over?! You think that you can just walk away from me?!! I KNOW I can beat you! And I won’t stop until I’ve put you down for good! NOTHING will stand in my way! I WILL FIGHT YOU WITH EVERY LAST BREATH IN MY-”

“How utterly pathetic.”

Darren Best turned to see Alex Reyn stepping onto the apron. Having entered in through the crowd.

“So… At least we see your true nature.” As always, Alex spoke softly, calmly, absolutely zero traces of emotion as he began to circle Darren Best.

“The talented entertainer is laid bare as the man he truly is: An insecure, deluded, CHILD. Tell me Darren... wasn’t the entire point of this crusade to be avenge your friend? What happened to your concern for poor Alfie Button? Have you visited him even ONCE while he was in the hospital? Or has he been forgotten even by his supposed best friend?”

Darren growled.

“You don’t get to play Mind Games with me you sick FREAK!”

Alex actually seemed amused at that.

“Freak? My, you really ARE a child if you’ve been reduced to such banal insults. But if I’m merely a ‘freak’, as you say, then what does that say about you: the man who has consistently FAILED to beat me?”


“But then… failure is what you’re all about, isn’t it Darren Best? See, you can try to put on this circus show of pretending to be a talented athlete. But you and I both know that you’d never faced real competition before in your life. And now that you have, you're crumbling, becoming desperate, the arrogant facade falling away to reveal a petty little infant still trying to convince the audience that his life has any worth whatsoever.”

He was circling Darren like a shark now, close enough that he could almost whisper into his ear.

“No matter how hard you try, no matter the effort expended, you can never seem achieve anything in your life besides boring, pathetic, MUNDANEITY.”

“Shut up…”

“And you know it, don’t you? That’s why you put on this performance. Why you dress up your averageness as something to be proud of when deep down you know that you and your friend could be replaced in a heart-beat and no-one would even miss you.”

“Shut up!”

“Am I touching a nerve Darren? Or am I speaking a truth that you’ve LONG tried to keep hidden? Your very NAME is a lie!”

“SHUT UP!!!!”

Darren took a swing at Alex, but he was blinded by rage and Alex easily dodged, slamming a knee into Darren Best’s abdomen before switching behind him. Grabbing him in an Inverted Facelock.


As Darren lay face down on the mat, Alex Reyn placed the tip of his boot under his chin, lifting him up to look him in the eye.

“So no Darren, I will not fight you. You’ve already wasted enough of my time. I came to this place seeking someone to challenge me. And instead, all I found was this mediocre human clingy to whatever scrap of shameless glory he can find. You’re not anything special Darren. And just like everyone has forgotten about your partner, when you leave, they will all forget about YOU.”

His boot whipped out, striking Darren across the face and sending blood and spittle flying from the unconscious man’s mouth.

He turned away, calmly stepping out the ring and walking down the ramps.

....As the cameras got close to him however, they were able to pick up a small sentence muttered under his breath.

“Your move Darren Best. Let’s see how you respond to THAT.”

Winner: Darren Best via Submission

"Bring on Tonight"

We open up backstage as we see The Hype's Marshal Stetton standing by with Sebastian Saje and Alyssa Corliss.

"Thank you two for joining me... tonight, Sebastian, you go one on one with an old rival and not only that, but you are being an afforded an opportunity at the jOlt World Championship when you face Jeremy Ryan. Your thoughts?" asked Stetton.

"You're right when you say an old rival. Jeremy Ryan has a personal history with myself as well as with Alyssa Corliss. We were a part of that first generation of Hype competitors and a simple misunderstanding caused me to get on Jeremy Ryan's shit list for all eternity, but that's okay because even though we've had our setbacks, Alyssa and I were brought closer together than ever because of what happened between the three of us on The Hype and in a twisted kind of way, I'm very grateful for that because without that, Alyssa and I probably wouldn't be together right now."

Alyssa rubbed Saje's back.

"As for tonight, though... yes.. I have my ticket punched to Thieves Honor for a chance to become the number one contender, but jOlt decided it would be cute to put one of the members of that match into a match with Ryan here tonight. They decided to sweeten the pot by making Ryan put his championship on the line... that's fine by me. I guess they felt that our heated rivalry would make for good television."

Stetton nodded his head and brought the microphone back to his lips.

"Can you tell us a little more about that rivalry and why this match tonight could be a bigger main even than people realize?" asked Stetton.

"It's quite simple.. if I win this match tonight.. then the Thieves Honor match becomes for the World Heavyweight Championship.. just like it has in the past... as for Ryan versus Omega.. I guess those two would have to fight over who will face me for the World Heavyweight Championship.. tough luck on them if that's the case.. and it just might be because I have zero intention of leaving here tonight without that title... and here's the secret, Marshal. The man I beat in order to become the second-ever Hype Champion... was Jeremy Ryan. Jeremy Ryan was never Hype Champion... I was... I beat him before when it counted... I will beat him again, tonight."

"Some might argue that was a different time, though. Jeremy Ryan has undergone a transformation since the last time you two fought. You don't think that tonight will be a bigger challenge?" asked Stetton.

"Each encounter is always different and you can talk about transformations or how he joined MONARCHY and whatnot, but the human behind the mask doesn't change. Out of every single person on this roster, I am the one with the most experience in dealing with Jeremy Ryan. Sure.. my name hasn't been in the marquee since I was part of The Rebellion and the fans, while they support me, just think that this match is poster boy food to help promote the upcoming Pay-Per-View... that's where I aim to change everyone's perspective. There's going to be a bombshell dropped here tonight.. and that will be me, walking out as the NEW World Heavyweight Champion and showing everyone that Cards really are Subject to Change."

The people cheered in the background as Stetton turned his attention to Alyssa Corliss.

"Speaking of Thieves Honor, you face Raevynn one on one with a No Fear stipulation involved. Sebastian physically intimidated Raevynn and it seemed to work because as far as we know, Raevynn isn't here tonight.. she couldn't bring herself to come to the arena. What do you have to say to that?"

"Fear is a funny thing, Marshall. It's just a simple emotion and yet we let it control us. Raevynn has something wrong in her brain on many different levels.. the most glaring defect is she thinks that she's going to beat me at Thieves Honor. Just like Sebastian Saje.. every encounter is different and I fully intent to give back what Raevynn dealt to me at Rise of the Legends two-fold."

Alyssa turned her attention towards the camera.

"So sit at home, Raevynn. Shiver in your cold sweat because at Thieves Honor, I will have Sebastian Saje with me there in spirit. Every time my fist hits your face, Sebastian's will, too. Every time I DDT you in the canvas, Sebastian will do the same. I will not stop until we end this pettiness once and for all.. and if that means putting you on the shelf... then so be it. This isn't a prissy little Starlet Match.. this is going to be one of the most brutal beatings that anyone will witness and I know that's a bold statement when we've had guys like Derecho, Sylo, Ninja K, Turk, and others walk these halls. Let's just say they paved the way for the Fearless Division.. at Thieves Honor.. I'll use Raevynn's body to continue forging that path ahead."

With that, Alyssa and Saje walked off camera.. Stetton looked a bit surprised by Alyssa's harsh words. The scene faded to black.

Adam Roebuck vs Nate Quartermaine
The Thieves Honor match was just weeks away at the titular Pay-Per-View and the next two men that were about to fight were two of the final men. Adam Roebuck was coming off a win over his own tag team partner, Derrick Huber, last week while Nate Quartermaine came off a big win over Adam’s own smartmouth of a son, Zane Roebuck. The Natural Athletes and the House were no strangers to facing each other and this was going to be another match in that rivalry. Could Nate Quartermaine find a way to topple the giant or would the former four-time World Tag Team Champion find his path to singles gold?

“I Don’t Wanna Stop” by Ozzy Osbourne.

The member of The Natural Athletes arrived from the back and raised a fist to the crowd, letting out a shout before he headed towards the ring. A focused and intense-looking made his way down the ramp and hands with the fans!

The fans gave a great response to the Washington native as he climbed up to the top turnbuckle. His stablemates, Cori Albright and Terry Massimo, were both watching the match from the back as the camera caught up with the jOlt World Tag Team champions viewing on a monitor. Nate had beaten Zane Roebuck last week. And if he could beat his father tonight, he would have the biggest chance of his career to become the #1 Contender to the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship!

As Nate Quartermaine entered the ring and celebrated with the crowd, his music quickly faded out and was replace with that of his opponent here tonight. "House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch started to play next.

The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a decidedly mixed reaction from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of cards toward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before one of the Nevada bred four-time jOlt Tag Team Champions appeared from the backstage area, Adam Roebuck.

The larger half of the largest team in jOlt stomped down the ramp and looked completely focused on the task laid out in front of him. He had been chosen as one of the twelve potential Number One Contenders for the jOlt World Heavyweight Title and had defeated his own partner, Derrick Huber, to bury a potential hatchet between the two. After weeks of his son, Zane, trying to weasel in and drive a wedge between the former four-time champions, Adam had enough. He and Derrick appeared to be on the same page and now his best friend was set to fight his son at Thieves Honor. That left Adam Roebuck himself with a huge chance tonight.

Nate watched Adam Roebuck stepped into the ring and the crowd responded in kind with a mostly mixed reaction from the fans here in Oklahoma. Roebuck stood in the ring and warmed up as the former amateur wrestler, Nate Quartermaine, carefully approached his much larger opponent. He offered up a handshake to Roebuck, but the surly monster ignored it.

“I’m not here to shake your hand. I’m here to go to Thieves Honor!”

Adam lunged right at Nate Quartermaine, but the former amateur wrestler moved out of his way. When he turned, Nate unleashed a hard chop to his chest in a bid to stop him. The blow only seemed to make The Big Bucks angrier and he tried to grab him again. Nate also ducked that and came off the ropes with a big flying forearm smash trying to stumble Roebuck. Instead, the blow barely stunned him and Roebuck was still standing.

Nate tried to run off the ropes a second time and Roebuck tried a swing. He missed and Nate continued to run the ropes. The Big Bucks tried an elbow to swat him down, but Nate continued moving. A third time led to him landing a front drop kick right to the chest that sent Roebuck stumbling back to the ropes!

Nate had his chance to launch an offensive as he fed off the crowd that were cheering him on. Cori and Terry were watching the monitor backstage and continued to support their friend as he backed Roebuck into the ropes with some elbows to the head. He ran off the ropes to try and get some speed for something else to attack Roebuck with, but just he came back, Roebuck exploded off the ropes and he floored Quartermaine with a huge shoulder block.

Some of the crowd cheered the impact and others were jeering the big monster, but Roebuck ignored the reaction from the crowd as he picked up Nate by the neck. He was thrown into the closest corner and now pinned by the bear-like arm of the Las Vegas Leviathan. The fans couldn’t help but cheer on Roebuck.






He threw Nate out of the corner with a single arm and measured him up as he took to the ropes and came back with a rib-crushing flashing elbow drop! The blow was more than enough to take Nate’s air out of his lungs when he went for a cover on the Natural Athlete member.




Nate’s shoulder just quickly got off the mat. When Nate tried to get back to his feet again, he was swatted right back down with another huge chop from the big Las Vegas Leviathan. Nate was grabbing his chest and writhing around in pain, but Roebuck wasn’t done with him. It was once again time for Nate Quartermaine to take a trip into the corner. Roebuck charged at him.


Nate moved away from the corner and Roebuck almost tipped the ring with his sheer size hitting the corner. Roebuck was grabbing his chest in pain and Nate Quartermaine was finally given a chance to mount another comeback. He went right for the braced left knee of his larger opponent that might as well have been a bullseye for Nate. He kicked him in the leg several times to chop the proverbial tree down.

Roebuck swatted him away like a fly, but that only made Nate bounce off the ropes only to come back a second time using a running forearm to the head. Roebuck was teetering when Nate continued to go after the leg. A drop kick from the former amateur wrestler stopped him in his tracks again and brought Roebuck down to one knee. That gave him the chance to head off the ropes again try another move, but Roebuck CHOPPED him right in the chest again!

Just one shot turned the tide right back in success for Adam Roebuck and he got back to his feet right away. He put a foot down on Nate’s chest and walked right over him, pressing his boot down into his stomach! Nate was grabbing his chest and sucking air in to try and breathe, but Roebuck wasn’t going to give him any sort of a break.

“Sorry, kid, but you’ll have more opportunities than I do for singles gold.”

Adam Roebuck now dropped a huge leg across his throat! After that, Roebuck rolled over and draped his elbow over Nate’s chest.




Nate’s shoulder came back off the mat again and Adam Roebuck was surprised, but the Las Vegas Leviathan shook his head.

“Kid, you’re making me start to hate you.”

Roebuck picked up Nate Quartermaine and dumped him on the mat near the corner with a standing slam. Nate was right at his mercy and Roebuck started to climb to the top rope, looking for a chance to go for something huge. He wasn’t normally a flyer of any kind, but Roebuck slowly made his way to the second rope with something bad waiting for Quartermaine. Nate wasn’t moving as Roebuck jumped with a corner slingshot splash.

And he missed!

Thankfully for Nate’s well-being, he was much quicker than the Las Vegas Leviathan and moved out of the way before Roebuck connected with the splash. Adam Roebuck was hurt and now he was down and sucking in air trying to fight back to his feet. Nate Quartermaine was up first and he kicked him in the head and threw in some uppercuts trying to keep Adam Roebuck down. He ran off the ropes and came back with another running drop kick to the knee that chopped him down again.

Nate grabbed him by the head and was looking for some type of a DDT when Roebuck suddenly surged up to his feet again. He lifted him up and tried to throw Nate out of the ring, but Nate landed on the apron. He ducked a clubbing forearm from Quartermaine and grabbed him by his beard before dropping his neck on the top rope. Nate now had a chance as he climbed up towards the top rope. He flew off with a front missile drop kick right to the chest and knocked him on his back at last!

Quartermaine had the large Roebuck on his back now and he was about ready to end this! He took a chance and headed to the top rope. The technical high-flyer was all the way to the top rope while Adam Roebuck was down and took flight.


One of his two finishing moves, the swanton bomb, connected and the crowd cheered! Nate Quartermaine landed right on Roebuck’s chest and stayed on top of him for the cover.



Close, but no cigar!

As quickly as he got his hopes up, they came crashing back down when Roebuck powered out and threw Nate Quartermaine off of him! Cori and Terry were watching backstage and watched the match in shock as Roebuck kicked out. Roebuck kicked out and held onto his chest as Nate Quartermaine waited for him to get back up. He tried picking the leg and looked for perhaps his STF submission hold, but Adam kicked him away.

Nate rolled and got back to his feet, but when he did, Roebuck leveled him with a huge kick to the gut. Nate was doubled over when Roebuck snatched him up.


The fall-away powerbomb splattered Nate right into the canvas! Despite all he’d given, Adam Roebuck had that much more fight in him and he wasted no time pulling Nate off the canvas.


Roebuck sent him crashing into the mat a second time and he covered Quartermaine.




The fans showed a mixed reaction for Adam Roebuck as he stood back up to his feet and had his arm raised by the official. The Natural Athletes were shown backstage and despite their support, Nate did not have an answer for the raw power on display by The Las Vegas Leviathan. Roebuck raised his arms and left the ring to head back up the ramp. When Roebuck got to the top of the ramp, his own son Zane was there to greet him. He tried to sweet-talk Huber out of his match with him earlier today and that failed, but here he was to greet his father.

“Dad! That was great! Good job!”

Zane clapped and wanted a hug from his father, but Roebuck only gave him a death stare.

“The match with you and Huber is still on.”

As soon as he heard his father say that, his jaw dropped!


The crowd did cheer that as Adam Roebuck left while Zane stomped his feet and yelled.


Zane followed after his dad. Adam Roebuck was going to let Derrick Huber deal with his son one way or another. Zane had spent the better part of two months trying to manipulate them and now he was going to pay for what he had done. His good luck had finally run out.

Winner: Adam Roebuck via Pinfall

"No, You Cannot"

The camera closed in on one of the locker rooms that was backstage; specifically, the locker room for the group called MONARCHY. Standing at the door were the two massive bodyguards for Sonny Silver’s band of rabble-rousing dickheads – The Law – and hoping to get an interview was Dawn Cassidy.

“Um…” Dawn said, looking to the slightly larger member of The Law, Brady. “I was told that this would be the time to interview Jeremy Ryan before his jOlt World Title defense against Sebastian Saje tonight.”

The large man in the black ski mask and sunglasses nodded in the negative. Dawn looked to the other half of The Law, Strauss.

“Hey… is Jeremy Ryan going to come out here or what?” Dawn asked impatiently.

Strauss shook his head and pointed a finger towards the end of the hall as if telling her to get lost.

“Ugh. Fine.”

When she was about to leave, the door to the MONARCHY locker room opened… and out came one of the other members of the group, “The First” Freddie Rich. Peeking out from under his hoodie, he glanced at Dawn Cassidy.

“Do you want something? I’m afraid I’m not meeting with ring rats until AFTER the show, honey.”

Dawn was offended and shook her head in disgust.

“No… I’m Dawn Cassidy. I was here to interview Jeremy Ryan. Is he or Sonny Silver…”

“They’re both preparing for tonight’s match-up against Sebastian Saje,” Rich told her. “Jeremy Ryan is offended at the thought of having to defend his title so close to Thieves Honor when he has Omega to deal with, but since Omega accepted and was lucky enough to make it past Frank Silver last week for his Fearless Championship, MONARCHY will prove that anything Omega can do, Jeremy Ryan can do better.”

“And what of your own career path?” Dawn asked. “Last week, we saw you in your debut match with The Law against Jameson Scott and The SOBs, but we didn’t really get to see a lot of you…”

“Dawn, Dawn, Dawn, let me stop you right there,” He said pointedly. “What you need to realize is that Freddie Rich doesn’t fight for free. That’s what Brady and Strauss are paid to do. I’m a prizefighter around these parts and like Jeremy Ryan and like Frank Silver, I fight when it suits me. Fighting with a bunch of Hype stars? That’s not what I do.”

“So what DO you do? You hold their fucking bags?”


The voice belonged to “Mister Magic” Jack Dawn and his Lovely Assistants. While Jack Dawn did not win two weeks ago against MONARCHY member Frank Silver, he still had something to say to the members of MONARCHY and how they conducted themselves. Freddie Rich scowled at him.

“Boy, you have a LOT of nerve coming here and talking that mess,” Rich said. “If I wanted to have Brady and Strauss destroy you, I’d do it.”

“Oh, I bet you could,” Jack said, “But then you’d be proving me right. All you’ve done is hang out in the background like a little bitch while Silver, Ryan, and even the uggo twins here have done your dirty work. You want a prize fight? Then fight ME tonight!”

Rich laughed.

“I’m called “THE FIRST” for a reason, Jack. I fight for huge opportunities. I don’t fight Jack Dawns. I helped beat Omega my very first night in this company.”

“There you go again,” Jack said while Bobbi and Breezy laughed. “You’re The First, all right… you’re The First in a long line of pussies.”


Rich scowled before he shook his head. He looked like he was about to explode, but then stopped himself and whispered something into the ear of Strauss. Strauss nodded in agreement while Mister Magic laughed.

“What? Seeing if it’s cool to go play outside in traffic?”

“No, you little smartass…” Rich said. “I’ll make it worth your while. Countdown, Jack. If you can get past Brady, then I’ll give you the privilege of taking me on in my Pay-Per-View singles debut at Thieves Honor. What do you say?”

Dawn nodded.

“Fine. Just remember, Freddie… Maybe I didn’t beat Frank Silver… but I ain’t afraid of any of you MONARCHY bitches. And I’ll do a great magic trick at Countdown when my undefeated Countdown streak stays alive and I make this big lug interesting for once! Ladies!”

The cocky, but talented Mister Magic grabbed Bobbi and Breezy and the two walked off while Freddie Rich glanced over to The Law.

“Don’t fuck this up,” Rich said.

Strauss nodded and with that, the scene went elsewhere.

Hank Wright vs Mike Patterson
On our last edition of iNtense, Brian Williams gained some semblance revenge for the New Breed by recording a hard-fought victory over Keegan and qualifying for Thieves' Honor as a result.

That particular result may have gone some way to redeeming the two powerhouses, Patterson and Williams, who'd made the step up to the main roster since their war at Wrestlecade had gone down in jOlt folklore.

Essentially, it is 1-1 between these teams and tonight, this could be dubbed the rubber match between the hard-hitting and evenly-matched outfits.

Sorry for the spoiler if you've not read it: Mike Patterson also lost the Hype title in the main event to Crucifix in a classic at Retribution and would be seeking just that against Hank Wright tonight: two-fold.

Queens of the Stone Age don't do a bad cover of Going out West. The fans gave Hank Wright a really respectable ovation and that grew when the ACW King of Ages appeared at the top of the ramp, allegedly ready for what would be another barnstormer with an angry giant.

Wright strutted down the aisle, tagging the hands of fortunate ringside spectators, though you could see he had one eye on the squared circle and that's just as well. He'd have to be focused and in fairness, he knew that. If he didn't, all he'd have to was cast his mind back to the predictably physical warfare the two teams had waged on each other at the aptly-named Rise of the Legends.

Hank stepped between the ropes and raised his right arm, pun meant 100%, garnering another healthy cheer as a result. It was nights like this that The Tank lived for and where he really earned his wages.

Same goes for this beast.

'Symphony of Destruction' by Megadeth was another cover, though this guy was a one-off in jOlt.


A pyro explosion hit in tandem with thundering drums. Behind a wall of fireworks and effects stood a towering titan from north of the border. Mike had his arms by his side before slowly raising his arms. He stared straight at Wright, keen to avenge his loss, prior to making his way to the ring. His stare didn't waver one bit.

It seemed strange referring to Mike Patterson as the ex-Hype champion and judging by his sourpuss, he hadn't recovered from the devastating yet deserved loss that had been inflicted on him by Crucifix. It had taken everything Crucifix possessed to put Patterson down for the count, Mike again demonstrating remarkable resilience. Would that have any bearing on this bout?

Mike slid in underneath the bottom rope, a rarity for men of such size, and ignored the waiting Wright to march over to a corner and gain a whole host of accolades from an appreciative crowd. They still believed in this guy and that he'll be a key component in jOlt's immediate and distant future.

With that out of his system, he walked straight up to Wright, who hadn't vacated the premises like Crucifix had at Hype Retribution. The Tank took a backseat to nobody, not even near seven-footers.

The bell sounded with these two gladiators punching holes in each other with an eye-to-eye confrontation.

Patterson stole a march on Wright a cracking headbutt. Feeling the full force of Mike's nut, Hank stumbled towards the rope, where Patterson didn't afford him any room to rest. A knee to the gut from this gigantic figure hurt more than the average wrestler, something the Hype titleholder could certainly not be accused of.

The Canadian whipped the Texan into the opposing set of ropes and committed a cardinal sin, maybe demonstrating a slight lack of experience, by putting his head down prematurely. The veteran Wright punished him accordingly with a boot to the face...

Where the West Begins!

Hank's version of the Western lariat contained more than enough to floor the skyscraper that now sat before him. What it didn't possess was enough to garner a three-count, resulting in a straight two instead.

While Patterson was feeling it, he was already up to a knee. If you needed any proof this cat wasn't ordinary, it was another bit of evidence. Wright knew that anyway and wasn't going to rest on his laurels. In fact, he darted off the ropes nimbly, especially for his age...


This early on?!

He had gone for it. However, Patterson extended his paw at the last second and now had Hank in a chokeslam position. The Forth Worth native fought against it, ushering in a couple of elbows to cause separation. Mind you, it was the experienced campaigner's turn to make a basic mistake as he ran the ropes again...

Only to fall prey to Patterson, who was again searching for a...


1 result found and it was exactly what Mike wanted.

Rather than go for an immediate cover, an obvious thought to most observers, Patterson vacated the squared circle momentarily and sought higher pastures. In other words, he was going to the top rope.

As he did, unsurprisingly, thousands of fans also rose to their feet. We knew what he was going for. Would he land it?


That's an affirmative and resounding 'SI' where I live.

It was, hands and pants down, the biggest frog splash in sports entertainment. Unfortunately, while it had impacted Wright's insides and left him in a hell of a state, Patterson was struggling to say the least. While his ribs may've totally healed, this would hurt anyone, even at 100%. The man mountain had taken a massive risk. Had it paid off?

Desperately, he inched towards the motionless Wright. If only he could get there in time, Mike might book a slot alongside Brian Williams in the Thieves' Honor offering and gain proper revenge for their tandem defeat at Rise of the Legends.

Hey up.

Patterson was on the brink of the promised land.




Mike didn't have the energy at this specific second to get mad at the official for a slow count or any of those shenanigans. He must've felt frustrated though.

It showed. He hauled Hank up easily...

Belly-to-belly suplex.


A second belly-to-belly suplex!


No, the official misread that. Patterson was going for the trilogy.

Hank shocked Mike with a couple of headbutts to the bridge of the nose. As Patterson nursed his snout, his Texan tormentor leaned back and returned with interest...


That would floor the majority of competitors. As already established, the Canadian colossus doesn't fit into that category. Therefore, it would need a second shotei...

That did the job - just about.

He had sung on pay-per-view. Wright rested his vocals and reserved his energy, focused on hurting Patterson further...

The Heart of Texas!

A fantastic flashing elbow, packed with snap, speed and size found its way into the big, beating heart of Patterson. It wasn't in a romantic way.

Patterson tended to his chest and ribs; not for much longer. Hank shoved him down, hooked the leg and hoped for the best...



Only two.

With Patterson getting to his knees, Wright rattled the phenomenal prospect with a couple of chops that echoed around the arena. Thereafter, he whipped Mike into the ropes. Hank telegraphed the lariat attempt and didn't see the ferocious...


...coming when Patterson rebounded off the opposing ropes and buried his head deep in the ribs of Texas.

Patterson scurried over for the cover...



Not yet!

Patterson appeared to be frustrated; Wright was hurt. Yet, he still had enough left in the tank, pun absolutely intended, to rebuff the referee's count.

Could he handle everything his enormous opponent could dish out? We were going to find out.

Patterson picked Wright up. Both of these big, strapping warriors executed this move so it may've felt like a slap to the Texan when he was planted with an excellent...

Alabama slam.



No cigar.

Wright was groggy. Momentarily, he'd suffer even more damage to the equilibrium as Patterson helped him up, only to deposit him into the turnbuckles with an Irish whip full of impact. Hank could see what was happening, though was helpless to avoid the corner clothesline.

Notwithstanding, and Wright barely was, Patterson stormed in again and this time Hank was able to get a reverse elbow up. Call it instinct. Mike was running on the same; the result was identical. He ate another elbow from Wright.

The Tank came storming out of the corner...


That's a bell clap in case you're wondering. What an effective yet elementary counter. However, Hank wasn't happy with just that...


Wright waylaid Mike with a spectacular bicycle kick, executed with his left, hence the name. It caught the colossus flush on the chin and pole-axed him. Seemingly, the near seven-footer had been rendered unconscious. Was he?



No, he wasn't.

Hank applied a front chancery and rained punches in on Patterson until he was warned by the official. Wright protested his innocence, well until Mike rose to his feet...

Wrong foot to the back!

His partner in crime, Keegan, was famed for that move too. Patterson didn't go down. Wright rushed towards him to put that, er, right...

Wrong move on this occasion.

Patterson's outstretched paw found a home around the Tank's throat. Wright was going for a ride...

Maybe not. Hank pulled the same stunt and had his hands around Patterson's throat too. Nonetheless, as Hank acknowledged himself on commentary while watching Mike mangle Seraph, the Hype titleholder may be even stronger than he is...

Second chokeslam!!

Would it work this time?

Patterson flopped on top of his man...



Tr...emendous effort, but not quite!!

Even after all of these years, The Tank could still go to war and he would have to in order to resist the potentially irresistible Patterson, whose future in this industry was brighter than Joseph's dreamcoat.

Patterson swooped Wright up for a bear hug. Then, with the wear-down move still intact, he rammed Hank into the turnbuckle. Not even that was enough for the New Breed member to relinquish his grip...

Belly-to-belly suplex!

Hooking the leg...



Keep going Mike.

German suplex!

We'd seen plenty of them during the match between Keegan and Brian Williams, predominantly by the latter, last week...

Patterson wasn't done here.

Second, he actually converted into a schoolboy...


Could the youngster surprise the veteran?


Just in the nick of the time!

Patterson waited for Wright...


Well, it would've been if Wright hadn't cleaned his clock with a cracking knee to the face. When you're onto a good thing...


Patterson staggered to the side. He was a stubborn so-and-so and still was upright, which Wright didn't like...

Powerslam by Patterson to the charging Hank!

With his hands clasped tightly around The Tank's left leg, shall we?



Wright wasn't having any of it.

Patterson was pissed. He climbed to the second rope. When Wright had risen and knew where he was, Patterson was primed to pounce...


Hank, like Mike moments ago, made a terrific transition from there...


Boy, was it.

In fact, Hank held his own back and then seemed to get a second wind. He whipped Patterson into the buckle with force...

Running headbutt to the gut.

With Patterson favouring his ribs, Hank moved in for the kill.

A European uppercut was accompanied by a machine gun chop.

Double that.

A left knee to the gut was mirrored seconds later by a right one, two punches to the head, a couple of kicks to the chest and finally, a Yakuza kick all comprised...


Hank took a pace back to survey his handiwork. He wasn't done there. Another Yakuza kick paved the way for a beautiful backdrop driver, AKA TSE.



No way.

Wright mounted Mike and let him have it with four punches to the head. At the count of four, funnily enough, he broke and then set off on a journey...


Yes, the Sliding D had connected on this occasion.




Patterson, ever so stubbornly, had resisted Wright's finishing move. He wasn't going to let Hank have the final word in their rivalry.

Wright was open-mouthed and the crowd couldn't believe it, applauding both competitors. The Tank, and who could blame, really thought he had it wrapped up there.

Patterson was barely moving. I'm stunned he was moving at all. Wright summoned up his strength just to pick Patterson up and hold his head between his legs...

Backbody drop out of pure desperation!

Mike fell forward. There would be a breather in proceedings and no wonder. Skip the drama of the referee's count, which reached seven.

Patterson got to a knee.

Wright rolled onto his side in preparation to get up and go again.

Mike steadied himself.

Hank staggered to his feet...

Turn around...

No, don't...







How had Hank managed to kick out?

Mike didn't have the answer to that either, just like he probably couldn't explain how he'd thwarted The Tank's signature Sliding D.

War isn't over to misquote John Lennon.

Even if they want it. The Canadian monster marched the Forth Worth brickhouse to the ring ropes situated south of the ring. Holding Hank by his blonde mane, the two of them stepped out simultaneously.

Clearly, Mike was looking to do what he did at Wrestlecade to Williams (have you read that match by the way? It's a cracker.)

Powerbomb on the apron!!!

Upon impact, Wright rolled off onto the floor below. The audience, as it had in Tokyo, erupted in shock and awe at the single and tag specialist's superhuman strength.

Peering down at the damage he had done, Patterson had a glint in his eye. Apparently, he wasn't done there...



He hadn't banked on that happening and his plan had backfired big time. The referee commenced the count. It got to 6...

Patterson, holding his abdomen, got up just as Hank did. Who'd get there first?


Wright stood up a few seconds after, rolled onto the ring apron and back out to quash the count on the stroke of 9. We were going to have a bit more fun away from the squared circle; risky for the pair of them.

The Texan then took Mike Patterson and whipped him into the steel steps spine-first, which clearly hurt the giant. Hank wasn't done there though...

Russian legsweep into the steel steps.

Hank took a few paces back...

Running knee to the face.

Patterson, one of the biggest men in the business when upright, was slumped against the stairs and uncharacteristically vulnerable.

Up he went again...


That was the sound of his spine being rammed into the apron.



Wright followed that up by smacking Patterson's back against the ring post.

Still, highlighting he had plenty of power, Hank had a 337-pound baby cradled in his arms. Not for much longer...

He pressed Patterson above his head and chucked him through the second rope, forcing Mike to land on his ribs. I wonder if that was intentional.

Hank stepped up onto the apron. He took a few seconds to brace himself, hanging onto the rope...

Slingshot splash!!!

Again, you know where and how he landed.



It'll have to wait.

Nothing sophisticated about The Tank's next plan of attack: three knees to the stomach after helping Patterson to sit up. The next knee, a running one to the face, threatened to knock him out.

Only it didn't do the trick, leading to another two count.

Wright hooked Patterson by tights and led him over to the corner towards the bottom right-hand side of the ring and placed him gently, ironically given how much they'd taken out of each other. I have a feeling it was a bid to maximise the profit of the next spot.

Vertical suplex, maybe?

We wouldn't find out. Mike managed to usher in a headbutt and shoved Wright to the ground, somehow maintaining his own balance on the second rope, which was shaking under the weight of a collective 611 pounds.

Making sure he was on an even keel, again the audience ascended to its feet at the sight of this skyscraper set to take off once again.

Mike launched himself at Hank, who miraculously caught him in mid-air. Not only did he do that, he adjusted his position and now had Patterson in a precarious predicament. Our former Hype supremo had a penny-drop moment prior to being dropped, knowing what awaited him...


Could it be?




Hank wearily got up. The official waited until he was on steady footing before proclaiming him the winner in what had been - and most knew would be - another closely-contested battle between the past, present and future.

What a finish it had been. You would've expected that from two cruiserweights. Instead, a 337-pound missile had been plucked out of the air by someone who was a decent dinner away from the 280 mark. Either way you looked at it, there were two genuine heavyweights, super heavyweights for that matter, involved.

Throughout the three matches, singles and tag action, not one had been a walk in the park and could easily have gone either way. It would only be a matter of time before Williams and Patterson inherited Keegan and Wright's positions in this profession.

For now, Wright had rolled back the years, like he had in ACW in the glorious summer of 2012. He would join Patterson's other half, the brilliant Brian Williams, at Thieves Honor.

Mike would have to sit that pay-per-view opportunity out. How would he rebuild after two agonizing defeats in less than a week? No Hype championship around his waste and no ticket to earn the right to have a crack at Jeremy Ryan's jOlt championship either. No doubt, he'd be back, but it was a setback indeed.

Meanwhile, it was onwards and forward for The Tank.

Winner: Hank Wright via Pinfall

"Where My Goonz At!?"

“Please Let Me Floss My Jewelrrrryyyyyy”

The hook to “Jewelry” by Gucci Mane bangs through the PA system of the Chesapeake Energy Arena as Diamond Jewelz’s cursive signature logo flashes across the jOltVision followed quickly by his trademark "#gOldenbOy" logo and a grilled out, blinging serious face emoticon logo. A raucous cheer erupts from the crowd. The fans in the Chesapeake Energy Arena begin to sing along with the Gucci Mane anthem.

"Please let me floss my jewelry

So much ice make ya eye sight blury

Jewelry, have on too much jewelry

Neva too much neva too much so much

Jewelry, this ant even half my jewelry

It's gettin kinda cold n here i'm serious

Jewelry, please let me rock my jewelry

Everybody starring cuz we rockin' big jewelry

The Chesapeake Energy Arena is rocking. There's no split or division amongst the fans tonight; everybody is a cUstomer, everybody is behind Jewelz due to the fact that they haven't seen "The Jeweler" in weeks, and they sympathize with the formerly cold-hearted jeweler andegotistical jeweler who has exhibited humanity recently that no one knew was present, Jewelz bursts through the curtains, but does not exhibit his trademark blining grin, or any of his usual flossing or showboating tactics. Jewelz is obviously a pit of mixed emotions: anger, confusion, and nervousness, are all on the face of Jewelz. Draconian told him last week that he'd find his answers in the ring if he went there, and in an obvious act of last ditch desperation, Jewelz has showed up in a jOlt ring for the first time in weeks to see if there is a truth here the FBI or other government authorities were not able to settle on concerning the whereabouts of his friends. "Cut that joint yo!!!" Diamond demands... His demands are met abruptly but then the crowd erups. "We stay Shinin'"
Clap 5x
We stay Shinin'"
Clap 5x
We stay Shinin'"
Clap 5x
We stay Shinin'"
Clap 5x
Diamond, obviously distraught over the kidnapping of his employees, nods along with the fans and musters a slight blinging grin.

"All my customers loyal... I love all ya'll real talk... But I'm out this motherfucker for one reason..."

Diamond's demeanor and tone turn ultra serious.

"I wanna know where my Goons at!!! Because not only are they my employees... They my niggas.."

The crowd pops huge...

"I can't eat without my Goons... I can't sleep without my Goons... My jewelry store is closed.... My life is at a grinding halt yo.... So whoever it is that's holding my niggas up.... If it's a fight you want... A fight is what you're gonna get, and if it's money u want..."

Jewelz pulls a stack of cash out of his pocket....

"Money is what I got yo... But this ......

Suddenly the lights in the arena go dark… no one can see anything, but when the lights come on a pale dreadnought is standing before Jewelz.


Jewelz was in the middle of saying “muthfucka” to himself when Draconian snapped a hand and grabbed Jewelz by the throat. Jewelz stumbled a little bit under the shear strength of Draconian’s grasp, and his eyes were wide open.

With the left hand, Draconian reached and grabbed Jewelz dangling chain and RIPPED the bling right off Diamond Jewelz.

"Holy Shit!'"
"Holy Shit!'"
"Holy Shit!'"
"Holy Shit!'"
Draconian picked Jewelz up and lifted him nearly 11 feet in the air before…


Jewelz’s body bounced like a ragdoll and rolled to the side of the ring. In the middle of the ring stood Draconian with Jewelz’s bling in hand. Jewelz was holding his head with one hand and trying to get to one knee when Draconian came over and firmly kicked Jewelz right in the head.

Draconian stood above Jewelz and proceeded to clamp down Jewelz’s chain in his hand, squeezing harder than a vice grip. When Draconian’s hand opened, the bling was absolutely crushed. Draconian simply let it drop on the ground next to Jewelz and summoned a microphone.

“Diamond Jewelz. You represent all that is immature and shortsighting in your people. You place illogical value upon meaningless metal. But… you perhaps have recently earned what is truly valuable. Those who know and live with you. Your friends. Your family… your GOONZ.”

The crowd buzzed in wonderment of where Draconian was taking this. Jewelz was a few safe feet away from Draconian on the matt looking up in a very pissed off manner. The jOlt Vision screen flickered and on it a strange scene appeared.

The Goonz were sitting calmly in what appeared to be a frame of metal. Nothing appeared to be around the metal so why weren’t the Goonz simply walking out of it?

Latrell Samuel looked over at Khalil then stood up. Latrell approached the side of the metal frame which surround him. With a finger he poked into the open air and a blue static energy shocked into the air. Khalil poked it again, and the energy showed. Finally he pounded a fist against the invisible force in frustration. The jOlt Vision faded to black.

Back in the ring Draconian looked down upon Diamond Jewelz with contempt.

“I have destroyed your gold, but you can still have your friends back. If you value them more than you value the metal, then you will accept this challenge: Face me at Thieves Honor, and if you win your friends will be free. Should you lose, then I will take every piece of gold you have, including your championship!”

The crowd booed mercilessly as Draconian stood over the bloodied, broken, beaten body of Jewelz... Draconian was the culprit all along!!!

"Time is Now"

The camera pans to a black jOlt backdrop with the Starlet Champion, Tammy Lynn Foster standing in front with the Starlet Championship strapped around her waist.

“Vogue you bitch. I gave you an out, but you still seem ta want ta continue wit dis delusion you have.”

Tammy paced in front of the backdrop. Her face was trying to hold in the rage as she turned to the camera.

“There is always someone wantin’ ta take yer place at tha top.”

Tammy unstrapped the title and held it high in the air.

“Dis belt right here shows dat I’m tha best at wat I do in dis ring ev’ry night. Look at it Vogue.”

Tammy pointed to the championship.

“Last week I showed you wat it’s like to grab tha bull by the horns. At Thieves’ Honor in two weeks dis bull is gonna shove her horns right up yer ass.”

The champion walked away from the backdrop as the camera faded out.

Jeremy Ryan(c) vs Sebastian Saje
It was now time for the main event of the evening and in the go-home show before Jeremy Ryan was set to defend his championship against Omega… he took a challenge last-minute from his old rival, Sebastian Saje! Long ago, these men had fought tooth and nail over both Alyssa Corliss and The Hype Championship. Saje had proven to have Ryan’s number back then, but that was a different time. Saje made opportunities in The Rebellion happen, but Jeremy Ryan had eventually schemed and plotted the heist of the century to oust Jesse Ramey from his title by injuring him, blackmailing his way into a new title match and then making his way off with the belt.

Saje had already qualified for Thieves Honor and completed a talented group of six between MONARCHY’S Frank Silver, the ACW King of Ages Hank Wright, The House’s four-time Tag Team Champion Adam Roebuck, former Hype Champion Brian Williams, and “The Colossus” Spike Saunders. Up-and-comers and legends alike were in the match, but Saje had the chance to circumvent all that with a title win here tonight! Ryan wanted this match to prove to Omega – and quite possibly himself – that his title was more important than Omega’s constantly defended Fearless Title. Could Saje do the unthinkable? Let’s check it out here now?

“Rescue Me” by Coldrain

The crowd cheers as Sebastian Saje stepped out from behind the black curtain. Saje stopped at the top of the entrance ramp and looked back. Alyssa Corliss then walked out from the back, accompanying her man for the biggest opportunity ever in his young career. The crowd popped louder when Alyssa walked out and gave Saje a kiss. The two of them walked down the ramp side by side

Alyssa circled around ringside as Saje hopped up onto the ring apron. Saje stepped into the ring through the middle and top rope and struck a pose in the middle of the ring. His music faded out and he looked ready to go for this opportunity. He’d beaten Jeremy Ryan before back in the early days of The Hype, but both men were far different from that time.

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

The anthem of all things manly blasted throughout the arena, and the buzz that had been generated from the opening announcement of the match quickly turned sour. Even more so when jOlt’s self-proclaimed Last Real Man stepped through the curtains and onto the entrance stage, defending his jOlt Championship for the second time after a successful first defense against House member Adam Roebuck. Ryan stood at the top of the ramp long enough to survey the capacity before beginning his slow paced walk toward the ring, absorbing all of the booing and jeering he was receiving along the way – the whole time, he raised the title over his head with a smile on his face.

Not far behind was “jOlt’s Last Real ManAGER” Sonny Silver as he kept pace with an infuriated Ryan, having to defend his own title two weeks before his bid to try and become jOlt’s first Fearless and World Title simultaneous titleholder.

Jeremy Ryan entered the ring and the man having the audacity to call himself jOlt’s Last Real Champion stepped into the squared circle. He raised the jOlt World Championship over his head and looked stoically at Spike waited for the in-ring introductions. His music faded out and Dean Carrington made with the in-ring goodness.

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall and this is set for the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship!”

The camera panned to Saje first with Alyssa Corliss at his side.

“Introducing first, in the corner to my left… he is accompanied to the ring by Alyssa Corliss – from Duluth, Minnesota, he is the challenger, weighing in at 226 pounds… he is a former Hype Champion… SEBASTIAN SAJE!

Saje had the full support of the crowd in Oklahoma who wanted to see the massive upset here tonight. The camera panned to Jeremy Ryan now with Sonny Silver in his corner.

“And his opponent, in the corner to my right… he is accompanied to the ring by MONARCHY leader Sonny Silver… he is the reigning and defending jOlt World Heavyweight Champion… from Bangor, Maine, weighing in at 260 pounds… JOLT’S LAST REAL MAN… JEREMY RYAN!

Jeremy Ryan raised his title in the air and held it up for all to see. He walked up to his old rival, Saje, and smirked while practically putting the belt right to his fae.


Saje pushed him away and the official Darius Underwood had to get in between the two to break it up. He picked up the title and held it up for all to see before handing the World Heavyweight Championship off to the timekeeper for safekeeping. The bell rang.



Right off the bat, the challenger was not wasting any motherfucking time against a man that he called a long-time rival! Jeremy Ryan was all out of sorts in the opening moments and as he tried to get back to his feet, he was met with a second Running Dropkick and the blow was enough to send him flying all the way out the outside!


The blow was enough to send him packing from the ring! Jeremy Ryan was trying to collect himself on the outside, but Saje wasn’t going to give him an opening of any kind. Saje headed to the ring apron and waited for his opponent to stand. Alyssa Corliss was cheering on her boyfriend for kicking her ex-boyfriend’s ass and now the fans were going to go nuts even more…


The blow hurt him pretty bad himself and Saje was writhing about in pain on the floor, but Jeremy got the worst of it and now jOlt’s Last Real Man was sent flying right into the barricade! Ryan looked hurt while Sonny Silver yelled at the referee.

“What kind of bullshit is that?! Saje is a cheap shot artist! You’d NEVER see a Real Man do that!”

And while the fans were booing at his complete bullshit, Sebastian Saje was already up and threw a flurry of right hands into the face of Ryan, backing him up into the corner. He started to throw jOlt’s Last Real Man back inside the ring before climbing up onto the ring apron. Sebastian slapped the turnbuckles before he climbed up towards the top rope, measuring his target. When Sebastian jumped off the ropes…


And with that, he stayed on top of Ryan and went for a huge cover!





Alyssa watched and cheered on her boyfriend. He tried once again to pick up Ryan off the ground only for Ryan to elbow him in the face and then land a STIFF Elbow Smash right to the temple that backed him up a step. Jeremy Ryan went on the attack and tackled Saje into the corner. All physicality by jOlt’s Last Real Man as he hoisted Sebastian up over his shoulders before the brute DROPPED him into the canvas with a sick over-the-shoulder slam.

Ryan slapped the back of his head and then stood to his feet, looking at Sebastian like he was a wounded gazelle in the maw of a hungry lion. The wild and erratic Jeremy watched as Sebastian started to stand. He was already winded from the slam, but stood up and shook his head, realizing how this was going to be.

The crowd had chosen their favorite, but to his credit Ryan showed no attention to the fans. He talked a lot of trash but when it came to business, he gave 100% to his opponent. He came at Sebastian a second time but this time Saje was ready and he took down Ryan with a quick Drop Toe Hold! He took off to the ropes and came back with a nice Front Dropkick to the side of the head! He scurried over and covered Ryan.



Ryan kicked out early but Sebastian was staying on the offensive. He picked up Ryan and while he didn’t use any punches, he fired off a series of right hands! Sebastian grabbed him by the head and went for the whip only for Ryan to reverse and hang on… HOTSHOT ON THE ROPES!

He connected neck-first and collapsed to the canvas. The Last Real Man of jOlt had just zeroed in on the neck and now the challenger was left completely vulnerable for the attack. Ryan quickly went to the head and neck before letting loose with a flurry of stomps to the exposed area. Sebastian tried to cover up and protect himself, but the former Hype standout continued his relentless assault on the ribs. He then looked out to the fans with a sadistic smile on his face. He wanted to work over the neck and go for that Piledriver that had served him well for the majority of his career.

Ryan yelled to the crowd and they continued to boo him, but he gave somewhere around less than zero fucks about anything they had to say. He clamped down on the neck and locked in a modified Camel Clutch with a knee going right into his side, cranking back on the injured area as he continued to sneer at the crowd. They were trying to get behind the challenger but he wasn’t going anywhere for the moment. Ryan looked out to his ex-girlfriend, Alyssa Corliss and laughed.

“How my sloppy seconds, Saje?” Ryan yelled in his ear.

With all of his might, Saje started to get up early and tried to fight his way back to life despite how much pain he was already in. The challenger elbowed him in the chest several times and continued to fight his way out when Ryan stopped him in his tracks with another quick knee strike. He shoved him into the ropes and when he bounced back, Ryan nearly took his head off with a NASTY Short Range Lariat! With no hesitation, he went right to the cover on the Minnesota native.




Sebastian escaped defeat and the former Hype Champion was looking for Ryan to make a mistake, but he wrestled a perfect game so far. He shot an angry glance at referee Darius Underwood who held back two fingers. Sonny Silver laughed while Alyssa Corliss showed worry for her boyfriend.

jOlt’s Last Real Man quickly snatched Saje off the mat via a deadlift and held him in place. Despite the fact that Sebastian was a good solid 226 pounds, Ryan made it look easy as he deadlifted right into a NASTY Deadlift Release German Suplex! The fans cringed as Saje was dumped on his head and shoulders before collapsing to the other side of the canvas. Ryan cracked his neck before calmly rolling over and going for the cover again.




An even closer fall than before, but Sebastian was still in the game much to Ryan’s annoyance.

The crowd cheered Saje’s resolve but jOlt’s Last Real Man wasn’t hearing any of it. He pushed Saje and shoved him back into the corner again and drove a series of hard Turnbuckle Thrusts into the chest of the former Hype Champion to soften him up some more. Sebastian yelled out in pain as Ryan continued his attack only for him to fight back. He then started to hold out his hand an unleashed a STIFF series of open-handed Palm Strikes! The shots were swift and brutal and they didn’t want to believe it, but Ryan was having his way with Saje. Right now, the challenger had nowhere to go.

“You got this, Sebastian!” Alyssa said.

“No, he can’t, shut up!” Sonny yelled back.

Sebastian looked disoriented when Ryan kicked him in the gut and took him over with one HARD Snap Suplex. Ryan wasn’t done and rolled him up a second time. He adjusted his position and then dropped him again with an even harder Teardrop Suplex! The fans cringed from the impact as Saje writhed around the mat in agony. His ribs were on fire and each big blow that Ryan was hammering down on him was making this match slip away from him.




The shoulder was up again!


He kept on fighting through the pain he was in, but that didn’t stop Jeremy Ryan from imposing his will. He stood up and soaked in the reaction of the crowd as he ran off the ropes and delivered a nothing-fancy Running Senton to the chest! Saje was definitely hurt now and kicked his legs frantically around the mat as Ryan had picked him off very well. And another cover.




It was close to two and a half, but Jeremy Ryan still hadn’t gotten himself the win. Saje was a fighting man and had survived battles with the likes of the elite in jOlt. There was no doubt he couldn’t succeed in the ring, but needed a big win here tonight over the relentless Ryan. Speaking of, Ryan angrily glared at Underwood, but he wasn’t going away just yet. Ryan calmly walked over and tried for another suplex, but this time Sebastian was ready and he adjusted his body weight to trap him in an Inside Cradle!




That was exactly what Sebastian was good at, the out-of-nowhere victory. He stood up only to have his clock cleaned with another STIFF Palm Strike to the temple that sent Sebastian stumbling backwards into the corner. Ryan took a second and backed up as he went looking for his Spear that he had used in the past – on Saje, in fact. He didn’t focus any more on the crowd and came charging…


Ryan hit the post with a dull smack, shoulder first after Sebastian moved! The blow couldn’t definitely changed the complexion of the match, but Sebastian had saved himself in the nick of time and The Challenger finally had a chance after Ryan made a costly mistake.


The challenger struggled to breathe, but he had a chance and the crowd went wild as he looked up at Ryan, even more determined to fight. Ryan was nursing his arm now when Sebastian turned him around and chopped him again. He protected his ribs with one arm while throwing some solid Elbow Smashes with the other!

The big shots caught him and he tried to whip Ryan again. This time Ryan reversed it and when he came off the ropes…


Yet again, the former Hype Champion fell victim to another tide-turning move! A picture-perfect Spear/Spinebuster that rattled the canvas! He DROPPED Sebastian with a thunderous impact and went for the cover again quickly!




“NO! DAMN IT!” Ryan shouted.

That move coupled with Sebastian’s injury should’ve been over, but he was still in the game much to Ryan’s dismay. jOlt’s Last Real Man had enough of Sebastian’s tenacity and just opted to elbow him in the face several times to wear him down some more before he tried his next move. Ryan shook out the pain in his shoulder before he pried Sajeto his feet. He hoisted him up in the corner with intent to drop him down with a Superplex of some kind and looked to finish this match. Sonny slapped the ring apron.

“Finish this little peckerhead off!” Sonny shouted.

“Don’t listen to that shithead!” Alyssa shouted back, almost shooting a glance at Sonny.

Ryan tried hooking the arm for a Superplex only for him to shove him right off. Saje fought back and fired a few good Elbow Smashes to the face. He stunned jOlt’s Last Real Man and continued the blows until he finally knocked him off! Saje then jumped…


It was one of his bread and butter moves and downright nuts of him to use considering the work Ryan had put into his back and ribs, but he finally managed to slow down Jeremy Ryan long enough to continue. The Frog Splash took a lot out of both men as Darius Underwood started to go for the count when neither man got up.






Sebastian started to get up first and got to his knees while Jeremy Ryan was starting to get to his. The challenger was using the ropes to stand while Ryan was groggy after the Splash. Slowly, Ryan used the ropes and used them to pull himself up as he focused solely on Saje.




Both men were up! Sebastian ran full speed ahead at him and when Ryan tried getting the boot up, he turned him around and caught him with a Schoolboy pin out of nowhere!




The very angry Ryan rolled away from Saje and he charged himself only to eat a pair of feet to the face as he approached the corner. Ryan stumbled around punch-drunk while Sebastian sprang off the ropes looking for something big when he came back…


The Dropsault caught Jeremy Ryan flush in the face. And Saje thought the cool flip move was so nice, he did it twice, this time in the form of a Running Shooting Star Press! He stayed on for the cover!




These two were putting on a great match and despite all that Ryan threw at him, Sebastian was still coming back from the onslaught. The Minnesota native quickly stayed on the offensive now and tried to pull Ryan up by the hair only to eat a solid haymaker directed at the ribs. Saje winced in pain and he was victim for Ryan to try for another kick. He tried for a suplex once again but this time Sebastian landed on his feet behind him and DROPPED him with a swift Spinning Headlock into an Elbow Drop! Another innovative move and now Saje with the cover.




And another kick out by Ryan! This time, Ryan’s own toughness was on full display for the crowd and he pushed Sebastian away from him with the intent to create distance from the high-octane flurry of the challenger. He grabbed him in the corner and dropped another series of chops and Elbow Smashes to the head and hooked him by the head. He was looking for his finisher…


Ryan turned around and pushed him away to the ropes and when Saje he bounced up, he caught Ryan flush in the face with a Discus Forearm Smash that sent Ryan stumbling backwards into the ropes! When he came back, Saje cocked his right foot back…


Another slick move dropped Jeremy Ryan onto the canvas and finally stunned him long enough to keep the momentum in his favor! It was the one-knee version of his finisher, Lights Out, but Saje was too hurt from Ryan’s earlier offensive to follow up immediately. Eventually, he limped over and crawled towards Jeremy Ryan!




STILL Ryan had kicked out despite everything Saje was throwing at him. jOlt’s Last Real Man was getting more than he could handle from a man that he would make pay for his harsh words to his girlfriend – not to mention just for being a dick on general principle. Sonny Silver was looking worried while Alyssa cheered on her boyfriend to fight back and finish him off. Saje started to head to the ring apron now and slapped the turnbuckle. He was still feeling the effects of his match, but he headed to the ropes…


He got it, but that was just the first part of three-part combination that Saje had in his arsenal. He headed to the second rope now…


He got that one, too! He was just one away from being able to complete one of his two big trifecta moves as he headed to the top rope. Ryan still wasn’t moving and now light bulbs were going off…



The crowd came un-fucking-glued after an INCREDIBLE Shooting Star Leg Drop! Jeremy Ryan was down when Saje went right into the cover now!







Ryan draped his hand underneath the bottom rope! Saje looked over and his faced turned white, but The Sebastian Special did not get the job done! Ryan was very aware of his in-ring surroundings and finished things off. Saje then got back to his feet. He still had more bullets in the proverbial chamber and even though he was hurt, he had the chance to win here coming up as the very groggy Jeremy Ryan tried to save himself.


He stunned him and knocked Saje clear off the turnbuckle and watched him fall to the apron. Ryan slashed a thumb across his throat and yelled at the crowd to tell them that this was done. He stood on the second cable and hooked The Challenger over the ropes. He took a second to poise himself and when he hoisted him…


DEADLIFT SUPERPLEX from the outside of the ring and all the way back inside over the ropes! Always an amazing power move to Superplex a man with the height and body type of Saje and he did it! Alyssa was now worried as all hell and the former Rebellion member was in trouble as Jeremy rolled over for the cover.





He was growing increasingly frustrated with what was going down. He NEEDED this Goddamn win. Ryan started to pick him up and set up Saje for his finisher. He dragged the dead weight of Saje off the mat…


Sebastian surprised him with a Jacknife pin and caught him out of nowhere!




Ryan was almost caught sleeping! When he got up, Jeremy Ryan paid for it when Saje caught him under the jaw with a STIFF Superkick! He was closing in on the championship when…


Saje turned around and saw Alyssa trying to fend off the unwanted advance of MONARCHY member and another one of the men in Thieves Honor, Frank Silver. Silver strutted towards her with a bottle of water…


Like a jackass, he spit the water all over Alyssa Corliss! Saje had enough and came right at Frank Silver like a missile, sliding between the ropes and connecting with a Dropkick through the ropes, sending him out to the floor!

“Don’t touch her, you son of a bitch!” Saje yelled.

He turned his attention back to Jeremy Ryan, but the champion was already back on his feet…


Frank got back up and dusted himself off after the Dropkick from Saje while Jeremy Ryan rolled the corpse of Saje over.




And with that, another explosive chapter in the careers of Jeremy Ryan and Sebastian Saje put on a clinic, but tonight, the night belonged to MONARCHY!


Frank Silver tossed down his water bottle and slid into the ring entered. He patted Jeremy on the shoulder as he held up his title and then looked down towards one of the other men in the Thieves Honor match…

“Well, time to take out some competition, eh?” Frank said to Jeremy.

The jOlt World Champion nodded as they both turned their attention to the fallen Sebastian Saje. Alyssa Corliss tried to jump in when Sonny held her back.

“Nope,” Sonny said. “Time for him to pay for sticking his nose where it don’t belong.”

Ryan and Silver were both putting the boots to Sebastian Saje…


But Hank Wright and Bryan Williams had seen enough! They were rivals, but both men were also set to take part in the Thieves Honor match as well! Hank Wright had seen enough as he and Bryan Williams went right for Jeremy Ryan and Frank Silver respectively! Fists were being thrown every which way as Alyssa helped Saje out of the ring.

“I’ve had enough of your shit!” Wright yelled at Ryan and the two continued to slug it out with one another. On the other side of the ring, Bryan Williams was taking the fight to Frank Silver!

Saje and Corliss were trying to get out of the ring, but standing in their way was somebody who had the right idea to try and take advantage of an open opportunity.


Another member of the Thieves Honor match was there and attacked Saje by grabbing him by the throat! He tried to defend himself from Saunders…


But the last of the six men in the Thieves Honor match, Adam Roebuck, sped down to ringside and soon he and Saunders were in the midst of a fight of Godzilla vs. King Kong proportions! Fights were break int out all over the place and soon, Williams and Wright both went after Frank Silver and he and Sonny ran into the crowd. Saje and Alyssa were leaving the scene just as the House member and The Colossus brawled all the way to the back!

After all the members of the Thieves Honor match brawling with the camera catching the Silvers trying to fight off Hank Wright and Bryan Williams, Roebuck and Saunders were tearing into each other going back up the ramp. That left Ryan all alone…


Winner: Jeremy Ryan via Pinfall (STILL jOlt World Heavyweight Champion)

"Just You and Me"

The arena sunk into total darkness!

Various flashes from digital camera and camera phones tried to brighten up the darkness. It was not long before the lights returned…


In the ring, standing right above him, Jeremy Ryan looked up at his challenger for the jOlt World Championship at Thieves Honor! Ryan gritted his teeth and to his credit, he had not backed down from the challenger to his title.


Ryan looked up at him, but Omega had the Fearless Championship strapped over one shoulder and a sinister grin etched across his face. He gestured up to the jOltvision and Ryan looked…

The camera scrambled backstage to the MONARCHY locker room.

With a large chain strapped across the double doors…

And various voices calling for help…


More pounding. That could only mean that “The First” Freddie Rich and The Law were all trapped in the confines of their own locker room…

And that meant that FINALLY… Omega had Jeremy Ryan all to himself!

When the gears turned in Jeremy Ryan’s head, jOlt’s Last Real Man turned and tried to land a cheap shot on Omega, but he grabbed his fists…


The second that his Argentine Rack Neckbreaker connected, the crowd EXPLODED as Jeremy Ryan was laid right the fuck out in the middle of the ring! Omega dusted himself off and now stood over his opponent, making sure to grab the jOlt World Championship that Jeremy Ryan coveted more than anything.

There the Fearless Champion stood and the crowd roared when he held up both the jOlt World and Fearless Championships in the air with his boot down on the chest of his fallen opponent! Omega didn’t care much for the adulation from the crowd, but the devilish grin cross the face of the Craziest Bastard in Wrestling Today. The final scene showed that of a future that could very well come to pass should Omega defeat Jeremy Ryan and win the jOlt World Championship.

See you at Thieves Honor, bitches!