"Welcome to iNtense"

Darkness fades to gritty sepia when the opening piano of "Warriors" by PelleK (Imagine Dragons Cover) hits. We see image of an empty jOlt Arena filling with people in time lapse

The screen then explodes into full color when the drums and song kick in!

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

(In sync with music) We see scenes of action and images of current superstars Pietro Geist, Eiji Kugasari, Jeremy Ryan, Diamond Jewelz, Tammy Lynn Foster, Raevynn, Keegan, Hank Wright, The House, and The Freak Show

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

We continue to see images of action as the intrustmental continues to the very end...

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

We see Diamond Jewelz posing with Them MF'n Goons, Sonny Silver standing by Frank Silver, Mack Brody hitting the Gold Rush on Omega, Pietro Geist and Jeremy Ryan brawling, a shot of Kayden Paulton cracking a genuine smile, and a lumbering Spike Saunders standing tall in the ring. Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

With the final pulsing beats of the song, we see Jeremy Ryan striking a grin with the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder!

The scene flashes back into the arena where the song starts again, but in his complete form, starting with Verse 1 of the lyrics. The camera pans around the Arena as a splendid display of fireworks goes off on the main stage and above the ring. The set is a giant jOltvision with the N logo for iNtnese sitting to the left and to the right of the big jOltvision. The N itself is a massive red light that is illuminated. Above the jOltvision is a pseudo semi-circle steel structure that houses a curved screen that will be used to display a wrestler's name above it while their entrance video plays below on the jOltvision. On the stage itself, to the left and right of the entrance ramp are two more small, elongated mini screens which will display the wrestler's brand logo on them when they make their way out... unless they hold a title. Then it will display their championship belt on the left and the name of the title on the right!

The fans were buzzing with electricity as iNtense officially begins!

"The Battle for the Belts"

Rather that start with a massive bally-hoo as the show has returned to the jOlt Arena, the camera pans in on a table with Damien Lee standing by at the helm with a PLETHORA of security guards watching all sides of the ring. Something like fifteen suits in total are forming a human blockade throughout the ring while jOlt CEO Damien Lee nods to the audience.

“Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for having us back at the home that jOlt built! WELCOME ONE AND ALL TO INTENSE!”


The crowd roared with approval as Damien Lee nodded.

“No matter what is being reported in the press about recent Wresltenet NOW subscriptions or jOlt’s stocks… tonight is about ACTION! Tonight is about KICKING THINGS OFF RIGHT! What I’m out here to address is the ending to Thieves Honor… specifically, our jOlt World Heavyweight Champion, Jeremy Ryan…”


Damien Lee even says the name with a little bit of disdain in his voice, knowing full well what Jeremy Ryan did to procure that championship months ago… and what he’s done to keep it since, forming MONARCHY with his manager, Sonny Silver, and Frank Silver.

“Jeremy Ryan – with some help from his MONARCHY cronies – managed to retain his jOlt World Heavyweight Championship against Omega. However, at Rise of the Legends before that, Omega managed to defeat Jeremy Ryan to retain his own Fearless Championships. By virtue of these victories, both men do deserve a rematch for both titles, but what can I do? How can we raise the stakes a little bit?”

Lee raised a hand.

“That’s why I want both men out to this ring right now. And I am warning BOTH of you… should there be ANY physical contact between the two of you while I have you out here to make the announcement I’m going to make, I will NOT hesitate to strip you both of your titles and send you both packing without pay! First… the Fearless Champion… OMEGA…”

The crowd POPPED at that shit as they waited for the first man to come out. The jOlt Arena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of “Redeemer” by Marilyn Manson echoed throughout the arena. A loud chorus of cheers from the fans in the arena as they looked toward the stage and the jOltvision to see the stage light up with fire and an ominous figure stood in the flames. A young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

we bask in the glory of pain
we are one with pain

A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the fire subsided and the Fearless Champion stood in the smoke making his way down the ramp to the ring. The lights slowly illuminated as the boogeyman made it to the ring. The large champion climbed up the steps dragging the Fearless championship behind him as he climbed between the ropes and made his way into the ring. The Fearless Champion stood in the middle of the ring and pulled his hood back from his face as he looked out to the crowd. He chucked his hoodie right off and tossed the Fearless Championship in the pile at ringside as he paced around. He grinned at the mass of humanity surrounding all sides of the ring as if that’d be enough to stop him. As Omega remained motionless in the corner now, Damien Lee shook his head.

“And I am also requiring the presence of our jOlt World Heavyweight Champion… JEREMY RYAN!”

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

The anthem of all things manly blasted throughout the arena, and the buzz that had been generated from the opening announcement of the match quickly turned sour. Even more so when jOlt’s self-proclaimed Last Real Man stepped through the curtains and onto the entrance stage, equally offended as Omega was at the thought of being summoned out here by the CEO of jOlt.

Not far behind was “jOlt’s Last Real ManAGER” Sonny Silver as he kept pace with a very focused champion. Jeremy Ryan entered the ring and the man having the audacity to call himself jOlt’s Last Real Champion waited impatiently for the wall of security guards to move, allowing him entry into the squared circle. He raised the jOlt World Championship over his head and looked stoically at Omega, smug that he defeated him last time they faced in a jOlt wrestling ring. Both men made it into the ring as Damien Lee had the members of security start to swarm around the ring to ensure no funny business between the top two champions of jOlt Wrestling.

“Tonight,” Damien began, “jOlt continues to make history. Omega… you defeated Jeremy Ryan at Rise of the Legends.”

Omega nodded, reveling in that fact.

“Jeremy Ryan… you did the same, retaining your title at Thieves Honor.”

“And Damien…” Sonny said with a mic in hand. “The ONLY reason that Jeremy Ryan and I are out here and not celebrating the fact that MONARCHY made a CLEAN SWEEP at Thieves Honor is because Ryan wants to be here. Save your bullshit threats of taking the jOlt World Heavyweight Title for somebody that is actually afraid of you. The last time he tried to threaten this belt… Ryan almost took off out of this company with it.”

Lee fumed for a moment, but then regained his composure.

“First off, Sonny, the ONLY reason that I allowed YOU out here is because you’re Ryan’s manager… but right now, your services are not needed as I’m talking… so SHUT UP. I can still fire YOU.”

Silver rarely remained quiet, but he did so not wanting to jeopardize whatever was happening here. Damien Lee presented a contract in the middle of the ring.

“What I have here at this table is a contract with HUGE implications for the future of both the jOlt World Heavyweight and the jOlt Fearless Titles. The top two titles in our organization and for the first time ever… there will be a chance for one man to hold BOTH.”

The crowd gasped collectively at that announcement! This was virtually unheard of since jOlt Hall of Famer Sylo had once held the Legacy and the Underground Titles in LoC, but no man had held both the World and Fearless tItles in jOlt.

“You’ve both made no secret you want to make history… gentlemen… what I have here is history. You sign this… and you agree to the main event at Death Wish… a STEEL CAGE MATCH… so there will be no interference from MONARCHY…”

Omega grinned while Sonny was about ready to flip his lid! Jeremy Ryan scowled at first, but betrayed little emotion. He had been obsessed with taking the Fearless Title and now was a chance to do it. Lee flipped the clipboard on the table.

“It will be two men. One cage. Pinfall or submission ONLY. That cage will be locked shut, there will be no way out. This ends when one man has been defeated in that ring! The winner will make history as the first-ever man to hold both of these prestigious championships… those are my terms… you sign on this dotted line and you make it count.”

Lee dropped it on the table and motioned for either man to make a move.

“Who’s first?”

Without hesitation, jOlt Last Real Man stepped forward and snatched up the contract. Sonny actually showed some concern for Ryan’s eagerness, but the MONARCHY leader stepped forward and took the clipboard, putting his John Hancock on the dotted line. When Sonny was about to comment, Ryan took the microphone from him.

“You sign this, Omega… you’re FUCKED. I know what you’re all about… I know that even YOU have limits… nothing is going to stop me from making history and making sure that for once, jOlt’s BULLSHIT Hall of Fame has a REAL fucking man on a pedestal!”

Ryan slid the contract on the table, but Omega happily reached over and signed it also… but not before giving his own parting words…

“You know what we are all about Mr. Ryan, well the same can be said about you. You’ve done everything that you could to keep us down albeit not by yourself we may add. We have taken everything you and Monarchy done and we still stand here in front of you. Sonny knows and you will soon find out that it doesn’t matter what you and your flunkies do you still will not be able to keep us down. But in a few weeks you will be locked in a steel cage with us, No Monarchy, NO ESCAPE. We will put you down for good.

Omega threw the clipboard at Damien Lee’s feet and raised his Fearless Championship in the air as the crowd gave him a TREMENDOUS ovation (some boos, but he was a fighter first and foremost.) Ryan took the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship and raised it high over his head, too. Sonny wasn’t sure that his client should take this match, but Ryan had shown no fear of Omega, even at the prospect of being locked in a cage with the most dangerous animal jOlt had today.

“There you have it, folks!” Lee said, looking proud. “Death Wish, jOlt WILL MAKE HISTORY! ONE MAN! TWO TITLES! WINNER TAKES ALL!”

The scene closed in on both men raising their championships before Jeremy Ryan, Sonny Silver, and the masses of humanity that made up the security team carefully moved away from ringside, in case either man prepared to do something to piss off the other… shockingly, both men edged away from the ring while Omega watched Ryan head up the ramp with a grin on his face. Both men could’ve attacked one another right there, but both men wanted the other at their very best… There was not going to be any room for failure come Death Wish.

"Lights Out"

We open up in the backstage area where Sebastian Saje and Alyssa Corliss are seen standing there face to face.

"Are you sure you're okay after last week? You seemed like a completely different person out there" said Saje.

"Don't worry about me, just focus on taking out Frank Silver tonight." said Alyssa.

"Focus on taking on Frank Silver? That goes without saying, but that's something you don't normally say. Are you absolutely sure that you're okay?" asked Saje once again.

"Look... Rise of the Legends was a wake up call. I can't have you stepping in to save me every time. I have to hold my own and I think i did that at Thieves Honor. When I planted my knee into Raevynn's face and knocked her out cold, it was one of the most empowering feelings in the world. I came to realize that I can stand on my own two feet so yeah.. maybe it's changed me a little.. but I think it's for the better. It's better to steel your heart than it is to leave it soft and vulnerable." said Alyssa.

Saje cracked a smile.

"I'm glad to hear that. Don't worry about Frank Silver. MONARCHY won't stop me from redeeming myself tonight. I won the briefcase two years in a row... and although I didn't win the Thieves Honor match, no other jOlt superstar can claim what I can. That's still a win in my books. Tonight, I'll show the world that I'm the rightful number one contender and Damien Lee will have to give me a fair shot once I take Silver down."

Alyssa leaned in and gave Saje a kiss on the cheek.

"Go get ready, then." said Alyssa.

Saje smiled and walked away as Alyssa let out a bit of a playful sigh with a smile on her face. As soon as Saje had cleared the area, Alyssa turned to walk away herself when..



Raevynn drilled Alyssa from behind with a vicious lariat. She immediately picked up Alyssa and threw he shoulder first into the wall!! Alyssa held her shoulder in pain as she crumpled down to the floor. Raevynn then knelt down and pressed her forearm against Alyssa's neck, pinning her against the wall.

"Do you have any idea how much my head is killing me right now!?" snarled Raevynn. "You hit me pretty hard... thankfully the doctors said I don't have a concussion, but this headache.... it just won't go away... no matter how many aspirins I take... the pain... it persists and persists and PERSISTS..."

Raevynn leaned in and placed her lips next to Alyssa's ear.

"Hey.. want to hear a secret on how to get rid of a headache?"

With that, Raevynn stood up and backed up a couple of steps then...


Raevynn knee'd Alyssa right in the face!!! A HUGE receipt from what happened just seven days ago!

"Aahhh... It worked! I'm feeling much better now" said Raevynn.

Raevynn cracked a grin.

"If you can still hear me then know this... this isn't over... not by a long shot."

Raevynn turned and exited the scene. The camera zoomed in on Alyssa laying there on the floor unconscious. The scene faded to black.


The camera pans to the lovely backstage reporter, Dawn Cassidy standing near a monitor. The fans started to cheer as the lovely Dawn held up a microphone to her lips.

“Please welcome my guest tonight, the former Starlets Champion, Tammy Lynn Foster.” Dawn said as Tammy made her way into the picture.

Tammy was not happy and she was especially not happy with what Dawn just said as she introduced her for the interview.

“First off Dawn, how dare ya intraduce me as da for mah champeen. That bitch Vogue stole mah title. She did not earn da Starlets champeenship.” Tammy replied.

Dawn cleared her throat. “Well Vogue is the new Starlets Champion, so what does this mean for you? Will you be revoking your rematch clause tonight?

Tammy looked at Dawn with her face growing more and more irritated. “To answer ya first question, I will be getting’ mah title back soon. Vogue got real lucky at Thieves Honor. She must had a lucky horseshoe in her tights because she was beat in dat ring. That stupid ref, Adams did not see dat bitch grab a hold of my tights for the pin. Now ta answer ya second question, I will get mah rematch in due time.”

“Will you be in action tonight?” Dawn asked.

“I’m only in action if I feel like it and tonight I don’t feel like it. I have issues with Lee letting travesties like last week happen.” Tammy replied.

“I didn’t lose mah title, Lee lost mah title.” Tammy said.

“What do you mean Lee lost your title?” Dawn quickly replied.

“Look wench, Lee saw what happened last week but he did nothin’ about it. I bet if my name was Raevynn or Alyssa, then my match would have gotten the same justice as those two. I have done more for dis division than Charlotte and Winterton combined but I get credit…. HELL NO!! I have been dominating this division since my debut and I don’t get the recognition that those two former champeens get.”

Tammy paused.

“Dat Brooklyn ghetto trash can enjoy her fifteen minutes of fame now but when I’m ready to take back mah title then she will be the first ta know. Oh and Dawn ya might want to watch wat ya say because you’re lucky that I’m such a lady or you could be picking up those pearly whites off the floor.” Tammy Lynn smirked as she walked out of the camera’s frame.

Dawn looked at the former Starlets champion leave and shrugged as she turned back to the camera, which faded out.

Sebastian Saje vs Frank Silver
Following the Thieves Honor Pay-Per-View event, jOlt Wrestling made this match between the briefcase winner, Sebastian Saje, and the winner and new #1 Contender, Frank Silver.Saje came up short in the Thieves Honor match, but a win here tonight could possibly cause jOlt officials to reconsider Frank Silver as the number one contender!

“Rescue Me” by Coldrain

Out first from the back was Sebastian Saje. Absent from his side was Alyssa Corliss due to the altercation between her and Raevynn earlier in the evening. Saje made his way down to the ring to cheers from the crowd before stepping into the ring between the middle and top rope. Saje cracked his knuckles and ran the ropes as he loosened himself up, awaiting the arrival of the opposition.

“Heavy is the Head” by Zac Brown Band

The cheers turned to boos as “The Fortunate Son” Frank Silver came out from the back with Sonny Silver by his side. Absent was Jeremy Ryan.. the World Champion, The Law, and “The First” Freddie Rich. This seemed to be a Silver-only business affair which why the two of them are out here without the rest of MONARCHY. Sonny remained at ringside while Frank entered the ring and cracked a grin. He flexed his bicep and patted it as if to say “there’s an uppercut with your name on it” at Saje. Saje paid no mind to his showboating and readied himself.

The referee called for the bell.




Saje and Silver started off circling each other. The eventual lock up transpired and Saje went into a side head lock. Silver backed Saje into the ropes and went to shove Saje off, but Silver quickly grabbed Saje by the seat of his tights and pulled him back into a European Uppercut right to the back of the head! Saje stumbled forward and dropped to all fours on the canvas! Silver took off to the ropes and dropped an elbow into Saje’s lower back, collapsing him down to the canvas! Silver stood up and just simply stared down at Saje, cracking a grin. Not even thirty seconds into the match and we’ve already seen our first uppercut out of Frank Silver and he was firmly in control!

Saje tried to get back up, but Silver hit the ropes and dropped another elbow into Saje’s lower back. Silver then leaned against Saje’s body in a relaxed position as if to say that this match was too easy. Silver even yawned at the camera which drew some heat from the crowd! Silver stood up and taunted Saje to get back to his feet. Saje began to do so, but Silver went to the well once too often because when he tried the elbow drop for a third time, Saje rolled out of the way, causing him to miss! Silver sucked it up and got back to his feet quickly, but Saje stood and hit a Drop Kick into a Moonsault..


Silver hit the canvas and when Saje got up, Silver had rolled to the outside to prevent any kind of follow-up offence. Sonny commended Frank for being smart.. just any good family member would, but Saje was about to take it to Frank as he hit the ropes, building up momentum. Saje then front flipped over the ropes to the outside, but Frank moved out of the way and Saje hit with an echoing thud on the mats at ringside that caused the crowd to groan. Silver got a running start and dropped down on top of Saje with a Running Senton on the floor. Silver stood and picked Saje up. He then rolled Saje into the ring before climbing up onto the ring apron. Silver stepped through the ropes and pulled Saje back up. Silver looked for a European Uppercut, but Saje blocked, hooked the arm, pivoted back to back to Silver, and took him over with a backslide pin!!

One.. Two...

Thr… NO!!!

Saje ALMOST had Frank Silver down for a three as he caught him completely by surprise!! Silver got back to his feet really quickly and leveled Saje with a lariat before Saje could even react to it! Silver looked a bit pissed off now and began to stomp down on Saje until the referee administered a five count and had Silver back off. Saje began to stand, but Silver rushed over and grabbed Saje in a front face lock. He took him over with a quick Snap Suplex before standing back up to measure him once again. Saje attempted to get back up, but Silver charged in, looking for a punt to the head, but Saje dodged in and used his arm to sweep Silver’s legs out from underneath him!

Saje quickly stood and headed to the ropes. He hopped to the bottom rope and dropped a leg across Silver’s neck and chest. Saje rolled backwards up to his feet and hopped up to the middle rope. He front flipped into a leg drop that connected! Saje stood and motioned to the crowd that he was going to complete the Sebastian Special MK I. He went to the ring apron and grabbed the top rope. He leapt up top and got some tremendous height, flipping off...


The moment that Saje left his feet, Frank Silver kipped up to his feet and NAILED an uppercut as Saje was in mid-flip for the Shooting Star Leg Drop!! Saje fell flat on his ass and against the ropes after the vicious hit! He then just slumped over onto his side! The crowd couldn’t believe what they just saw!


Silver dragged Saje away from the ropes and quickly made the cover, hooking the leg.



Thr.. NO!!!

Saje popped the shoulder up and the crowd popped heavily as Frank simply sat there with a disgruntled look on his face.

Silver flexed his bicep again and patted it as he backed off and waited for Saje to get back to his feet. Saje used the ropes and pulled himself up and that’s when Silver charged in, looking for a running European up against the ropes, but Saje hit a back thrust kick to mid-section and grabbed Silver by the head… he planted him into the canvas with a DDT! Saje held on, floated over and pulled Silver back up. He planted him face first into the canvas with a second DDT! Saje continued to hold on.. he floated over, got back up and ran into the corner, walking up the turnbuckles and using them to swing off into a Tornado DDT!!


Saje quickly stood up and went to the ring apron. He went to the outside, grabbed the top rope, leapt up and flipped off, connecting with the Shooting Star Leg Drop.. completing the trifecta from earlier!


Saje went for the cover, hooking the leg deep.



Thr.. NO!!

Shoulder up by Silver as Sonny nearly lost it on the outside after that close nearfall!

The crowd booed as they thought this one was over, but Silver showed his resilience as he kicked out of three DDTs and a leg drop in succession. Saje motioned to the crowd that he wanted to put Silver away and the crowd cheered him of. Saje pulled Silver back to his feet and leapt up to deliver the Lights Out, but Silver shoved Saje off of him, causing Saje to stumble back into the turnbuckles. Silver charged in, but Saje made Silver eat a back elbow to the face. Silver staggered away as Saje exploded out of the corner, looking for a lariat, but Silver ducked out of the way. Silver turned around and kicked Saje in the mid-section, doubling him over. Silver picked up Saje over his shoulders, in the Alabama Slam position… everyone knew what was coming next...


Saje reversed it into a pinning situation, but Silver kicked away before the referee could even get down there to count one! He rolled to his feet and immediately dove in low..


Silver with the cover...



Saje kicked out!

Silver pounded his fist on the canvas and got back up as Saje struggled to get to his feet. Silver pulled Saje back up and placed him in a waist lock. Silver went for a German Suplex, but Saje flipped over and landed on his feet. Silver turned around as Saje leapt up to connect with the Lights Out, but the second time got countered as well as Silver shoved him backwards towards the ropes. Silver charged in, looking for a Running Uppercut, but that was also blocked for the second time by Saje as he blocked Silver’s arm, pivoted and hooked Silver by the head! Saje leapt to the ropes and used them to spring off, hitting a Tornado Ace Crusher!!

Saje stood and made his way to the corner. He ascended the turnbuckle pads to the top and took aim, waiting for Silver to get back to his feet. Silver slowly got up and when he stood, Saje made sure to go for a move that Silver couldn’t counter with an uppercut… a missile drop kick… but Silver countered anyway by dodging it! Saje slammed down hard on his front side and popped up. Silver backed into the ropes and finally found the Running Uppercut he was looking for in this match! Saje hit the canvas hard and flipped over onto his stomach!

Silver wasted no time rushing over and wrapping his arms around Saje’s waist. He pulled him up off the canvas and then nailed a Deadlift Gutwrench Suplex! Silver cracked a grin as Sonny advised Frank to finish him off. Frank walked over and pulled Saje up to his feet. He placed Saje between his legs then lifted him up for a powerbomb. Silver ran forward and powerbombed Saje straight into the turnbuckles! Saje slumped down in the corner slightly as Silver gained some distance and charged in..


Silver turned and ran away to the opposite corner. He charged in once again and nailed a second one..


Silver turned and ran again. From the opposite corner he lunged in and dealt a third blow..


Saje fell to a seated position as Silver backed away and charged in at the seated Saje. Silver looked as if he were about to leap into the corner, but he stopped dead in his tracks… casually walked over and flicked his foot lightly into Saje’s face.

“You don’t deserve to see that” said Silver to the corner.

Silver turned and walked away, but quickly pivoted and dove into the seated Saje.


Silver stood.

“But he deserved it anyway!” said Silver with a smile!

Silver grabbed Saje by the boot and dragged him out of the corner to the center of the ring where went for the pin.



Thr.. NO!!

Saje kicked out of it and the crowd stood up and cheered!

“THIS IS AWESOME” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME” Clap Clap ClapClapClap

Silver grabbed Saje by the hair which drew an admonishment from the referee. Silver made the slight mistake of yelling at the referee for the admonishment, which allowed Saje to leap up and hit Silver with the single knee codebreaker..


Silver almost lost his balance, but he stumbled back into the ropes. Saje got up and pulled Silver away from the ropes. Saje leapt up to deliver Lights Out, but Silver held onto Saje and popped him up into the air...


Silver was still off balance as Saje landed on his knees then fell over onto his back. Silver braced himself against the ropes and shook off the effects of the Lights Flicker. He walked over to Saje, pulled him up, and placed him into the Alabama Slam position. He then dropped to his knees nailing the Crown’s Gate.


It was academic from here as Silver made the cover, hooking the leg.




Silver stood up and staggered against the ropes again. Silver wiped his nose to check for blood as that Lights Flicker must have done a number on him. Sonny Silver came into the ring and raised Frank’s arm!

Sonny held the ropes open for Frank and he exited the ring. Frank and Sonny made their way to the back and a victory for MONARCHY was in the books! The number one contender proved that his victory at Thieves Honor was well deserved and Sebastian Saje still needs a little more polish before reaching for that brass ring.


The Silvers were about ready to head towards the back…

Winner: Frank Silver via Pinfall

"A Naturally BADASS Segment"

The crowd was rowdy as balls in the jOlt Arena tonight. That could be in part to some big matches signed for tonight. And one of those was about to come to pass. But before we get to that, we got to Donny Layne who is backstage right now.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am Donny Layne and with me at this time are two men who were successful at Thieves Honor! Coming off a successful win in the Best of Three Series to retain the jOlt World Tag Team Titles, here are Cori Albright and Terry Massimo… The Natural Athletes!”

And right on cue comes the World Tag Team Champions!

Cori Albright and Terry Massimo appear to either side of Donny Layne with the belts on their shoulders. Cori is looking mighty proud of himself while Terry Massimo held up his half of the belts and patted it proudly.

“Donny?” Terry shouted. “What’s good, my man?”

Terry reached his hand out and shook Donny’s own, dwarving it in the process on account of him being a big fucking dude.

“I’m doing well, thank you,” Donny said. “First off, I’d like to say to you both congratulations on the huge win at Thieves Honor!”

“Thank ya, thank ya!” Cori said. “Dude, Cross the Hood are LEGIT. They gave us the fight of our careers… they’re the only team that’s beaten us in a traditional tag team match since we’ve been on the main roster and they deserve all the props that they can get… however, WE busted our asses off to win these belts and we’re going to work that much harder to KEEP them. We overcame the Heirs of Wrestling and we stopped the unstoppable House not once, but twice when these belts were on the line! That’s only going to continue going forward!”

“And that brings me to my next question,” Donny said. “You requested this time to make a decision regarding the jOlt World Tag Team Titles. Your thoughts?”

“You got it,” Terry said. “In spite of all the shit that jOlt’s been gettin’ lately in the press, we done fought the best this company has to offer and one thing our asses can do is straight WRESTLE! And that’s what Cori and I are gonna keep doin’. We’re ain’t stoppin’ with da House and we ain’t stoppin’ with my homies, Cross da Hood. Tonight, we makin’ an open challenge. TO ANY TEAM!”

“Really?” Donny said.

“We announced this to all the teams in the back earlier today,” Cori said, “and tonight, we’ve got a challenge.”

“Well, who did you guys get for your match tonight?”


The camera panned and it was definitely an unfamiliar sight that greeted the Natural Athletes… however, they were both known for the jOlt Arena crowd.


They were the most badass tag team in wrestling today.

No, seriously.

That was their name.

“The Wise Ass” Tripp Wise in his fancy-ass red-colored Cobra Kai-inspired trunks.

“The Bad Seed” Davis Bloome in the same trunks, but looking miserable with having to wear them.

They were BADASS. And they were the Hype Tag Team Champions.

Tripp Wise and Davis Bloome approached the jOlt World Tag Team Champions and shook hands with both men, albeit the Athletes were a wee bit cautious. While they weren’t your conventional fan favorites, the rabid crowd loved them some BADASS after Tripp Wise got the crowd into his wacky-ass demeanor with Davis Bloome being the serious hard hitter that he was in between the ropes.

“Your Friendly Hype Tag Team Champeens were in the neighborhood,” Tripp said to Donny, “and tonight, we wanna add some MORE gold! We want them jOlt World Tag Team Champions and I’m going to put them next to my “What’s Cookin, Good Lookin?” Pick-up Line Champoinship and my “Best Hair in jOlt” Title on my mantle.”

David sighed. “You don’t have either of those things… or a belt mantle… in fact, that one belt you have now, you never take off. EVER.”

“Guilty,” Tripp said. “Don’t worry, I’m not a fucking weirdo… I wear this in the shower, too, so it stays clean.”

Cori sighed while Terry shook his head.

“You one whack-ass mothafucka, you know that?” Terry said.

“No...” Tripp corrected. “I’m a BADASS mothafucka, my big friend! And we’re gonna be BADASS jOlt Tag Team Champions! We hope you guys are ready for new Tag Team Champions tonight, because that’s gonna be BAD…”

“HO-HO-HO-HO-HOLD UP!” Terry cut him off. “You ain’t gonna be playin’ catchphrase bingo with us. Besides, we got a catchphrase that you and all our future opponents can hear…”

“Oh, yeah?” Davis asked.

“Yeah, how’s dis for a phrase?” Terry asked. “STILL YO TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS… THE NATURAL ATHLETES!”

Davis wasn’t impressed and it was clearly meant to be rhetorical, but Tripp had to open his mouth.

“Four out of ten.”

Terry was about to approach him when Wise grabbed his half of the Hype Tag Team Champions and ran like a bat out of hell, leaving The Bad Seed with the Athletes.

“We’ll… see you out there…”

Davis walked off and left the Athletes alone with Donny.

“They’re good guys, really,” Cori said. “But the only thing that’s gonna be badass out there is when thousands of fans in the jOlt arena scream GGGGOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL in unison!”

Tripp suddenly ran the opposite direction.

“Six out of ten.”

And headed off again while The Natural Athletes shook their heads collectively.

"More Obstacles"

The jOltvision gradually lit up as the arena slowly dimmed to see the darkness and flickering lights of the boiler room, the place that the Fearless champion calls home. The fans erupted in cheers to see the boogeyman on the screen. The overpowering reek of emollient and bristle from the air made it unbearable for all who would venture to step foot in this concealed asylum of the JOLTArena. The coiling echoes of a generator and a furnace was resolution and tranquility for the Fearless Champion, Omega.

The disturbing madman’s, hoodie covered his face as he sat in the darkness sodden in the vapors of the boiler room.

“Last week the World Champion and Monarchy got the better of us in the ring. Mr. Ryan did not prove to us that the middle of the ring was his domain as he so eloquently reverberated several time in the weeks leading up to our encounter. He only proved one thing and that was the fact that Silver has no faith in his client to get the job done by himself. Mr. Silver and Mr. Ryan decided that they needed to keep that title on Ryan by any means necessary. We can respect that, do anything you can to stay on top.”

“However, if you think that we are done with you or your flunkies then you are sorely mistaken. We are aware that in a few weeks we will get you, Mr. Ryan one on one in a steel cage. But tonight we still want a piece of Monarchy.”

Omega’s head continued to stay low as the lights continued to flicker. The fans in the arena erupted in cheers for the boogeyman.

“These fans know what kind of man you are Ryan. They know that ever since you won that title that you have done nothing on your own to keep it. You survived against us at Thieves Honor but your luck will run out very soon. But before that one of your Monarchy’s members luck will run out. Tonight I will happily put my Fearless Championship on the line against one member of The Law. See Ryan we know that we will have this title in our possession come Death Wish. So we are planning to take out each and every member on Monarchy in order to save you for last.”

The arena almost blew the roof off.

“Mr. Silver you can pick any member of that team that you want to face us. We do not care. All we want is vengeance and later tonight we will have it. Keep Ryan and the other members in the back and tell them to watch the utter destruction of one of their members.”

Omega slowly moved his head up and pulled his hoodie back to reveal his face.

“Look into our eye Ryan. Tonight your Monarchy member will get just a taste of we plan to do to you. Once we are locked into that cage we will make you suffer inhumanely. No Sonny, no Monarchy, just you and us and this time we will prevail. YOUR END IS NEAR!!!”

The jOltVision went black as the lights came back on to the roar of the crowd.


"My Time" by Fabolous hit the PA system as the crowd hit their feet for Jackson Cross, Machida Hood, and the NEW Starlet Champion Vogue Gonsalvez. The trio walked down to the ring with Vogue leading the way. They each entered the ring individually as Machida Hood grabbed a microphone.

"Yo MIAMI! Make some damn noise!" said Hood.

The crowd cheered loudly.

"Naw naw naw... it ain't goin' down like that.. Last Sunday... Thieves Honor.. we put up a good fight.. we came up short.. ain't meanin' a DAYUM thang about our ability. The fact that we, technically, beat The Athletes two straight means we know we got what it takes to capture them tag team titles. We can't exactly get a rematch 'cause they be defendin' against BADASS later ta'night.. but we can deliver a message to the rest of the tag team roster... we lookin for a fight.. so if ya game... then take us on next week!"

The crowd kind of booed that it wasn't going to happen tonight.

"Naw hold up MIami.. I know you're a little heated 'cause we ain't throwin' down for ta'night.. BUT.. that's cuz.... THE CHAMP... got something she gotta get off her chest."

With that Vogue Gonsalvez took the microphone as the crowd gave her a round of applause she looked down at the Starlet Championship.

"My boys may have come up just a little bit short, but like they said... it don't mean nothin' The Hood still rose up to tha occasion at Thieves Honor and I took that redneck and sent her packin' back to the trailer park... or so I thought.."

Vogue took a second to reflect.

"Earlier ta'night... Tammy be up in here blamin' Damien Lee for losing this here title. The way I see it.. ya should be blamin' yerself because you were the one who got her ass beat by this piece of Brooklyn trash!"

Vogue held the championship up high as the crowd cheered.

"It wasn't luck by any means. This Starlet Division always be run by big names like Sarah Winterton... Charlotte.. and now you tryin' to claim that name to fame, too... but I got news for ya... a little punk ass hood rat from Brooklyn just went from rags to riches at your expense... and now that I've staked my claim, I'm going to issue an even bigger statement."

Vogue paused

"Don't think I'm stupid for one second. I heard the whispers.. I heard the talk. People think my win was a fluke jus' cuz' I don't look like a princess... that I don't act like a champion should act... cuz' the way I talk. They look down on me 'cause they be afraid of somethin' different... ain't no two ways 'bout it. So... I'mma gonna take all them damn naysayers.. an' I gonna flip that shit on them right here right now."

Vogue held the belt up once again.

"This belt right here.. is officially on the line... RIGHT... NOW! Get me anybody.. I don't care if it's someone from The Hype.. hell.. I don't even care if that trailer trash bitch want her rematch. I'm offering a free shot to this belt right here.. RIGHT NOW! Jus' know when it all said and done.. that this little hood rat gonna be called "Miss Legit" after this shit get's lit.

We had an open challenge and a Starlet title defense next!! Who's it going to be!?"

Vogue Gonsalvez(c) vs ?????????
Cross nudged Hood and the two of them exited the ring. Vogue stood there and waited to see if anyone would take her up on her challenge.

"I Got an Attitude" by Antoinette

The person who accepted the challenge was Monica from The Hype! Monica has been in a slump ever since her feud with Deisree on The Hype... if she could pull off a win here tonight, not only would it send a major shockwave through the Starlet division, but it would ignite her career in the biggest way possible! Monica knew that full well as she came down to the ring.

Monica slid inside, but she wasn't exactly warmly received by the Miami crowd. Monica looked ready to go and referee Kim Adams held up the Starlet Championship! This inpromptu match was set to go at the sound of the bell!




Vogue wanted to get things started off quickly as she circled Monica with a quick pace, but Monica side stepped her and simply walked away toward the corner. Monica was obviously trying to control the pace of his match as she leaned in the corner and even beckoned Vogue to come attack her. Vogue, took the bait and charged into the corner, but Monica moved out of the way as Vogue leapt into the air. Vogue, however, used her cat-like reflexes to land on the middle turnbuckle and twist off with a Cross Body Block, but Monica simply walked away and caused Vogue to slam down into the canvas.

Monica simply laughed at Vogue's attempts to harm her before she walked over and helped Vogue to her feet. Monica then lit up Vogue's chest with a knife edge chop that staggered her back into the corner. Monica stepped in and hit another knife edge chop and Vogue walked out of the corner, holding her chest. Monica backed Vogue into the ropes and shot her across the ring to the opposite side, but Vogue front flipped against the ropes and came back with a Handspring Elbow, but she was a little short and Monica caught her in a waist lock. German Suplex attempt by Monica ended in a miss as Vogue flipped out and landed on her feet.

Vogue rode the momentum and backed into the ropes, lunging forward with a clothesline, but Monica ducked underneath, reached back and nailed a Hangman's Neckbreaker. Monica immediately went for the cover, hooking the leg.



Vogue kicked out.

Monica then sat Vogue up and placed her in a Dragon Sleeper submission. She wrenched back on Vogue's neck, hoping that the rookie would tap out, but Vogue made use of her amazing flexibility and kicked Monica in the face! She did it a second time and Monica released the hold. Vogue then kipped up to her feet as Monica ran in from behind with a clothesline, but Vogue leapt into the air and landed on Monica's shoulders...


Monica landed hard on the back of her neck and she wisely rolled to the outside after getting hit by a move like that. The crowd rose to their feet as Vogue looked to the outside and measured up Monica. It took a bit of time, but Monica staggered back up, holding the back of her neck. Vogue then charged in at full speed and leapt to the top rope hitting a Springboard Corkscrew to the outside!!


Vogue ate nothing but the floor as Monica dodged it at the last possible moment!! The crowd became silent as Vogue landed hard and was visibly shaken up after the bad landing. The referee even slid out of the ring to check on Vogue to make sure she was okay. Monica would have none of that as she shoved the referee out of the way and slammed Vogue's head into the announce table. The referee told Monica to get Vogue back into the ring so Monica did just that by literally ramming Vogue back-first into the ring apron!

The referee continued to admonish Monica, but Monica didn't care. Nobody mouths off to the Queen of Attitude and she wanted to drive home that point by making an example of the newly crowned Starlet Champion here tonight.

Vogue was down on one knee when Monica grabbed her by the back of her neck and threw her back into the ring. Monica then hopped up onto the ring apron and ascended the turnbuckle pads to the very top. Monica then dove off the top rope, driving the point of the elbow straight into the chest of Vogue! Monica then made the cover, hooking the leg deep.



Vogue kicked out and the fans cheered!

Monica wasn't frustrated.. in fact, she smiled at the notion that she could do more damage to the Starlet Champion and possibly make her mark! Monica grabbed Vogue by the hair and ignored the referee's warning as she pulled her up to her feet, but Vogue countered with a pair of elbows to the stomach! Vogue then leapt up and hit a CCS Enzugiri to the side of Monica's head that dropped her down to a single knee. Vogue then backed into the ropes and charged in, looking for what looked to be a Shining Wizard, but instead, she swung the leg over Monica's head and stopped dead in her tracks. She then swung that same leg backwards and kicked Monica right in the back of the head!!

Monica fell face first into the canvas as Vogue staggered over toward the corner. She was a bit slow, but she climbed up the turnbuckle pads with her back to Monica.. which wasn't a good idea because she took a bit too much time and Monica knocked her legs out from underneath her. Monica climbed up and got underneath Vogue's arm. She lifted her for a Super Back Drop Suplex, but Vogue twisted in mid-air and landed on top of Monica with a Cross Body Block!

She couldn't hold the pin as the momentum caused her to roll off of her. Monica staggered back up as Vogue was already back to her feet. Vogue quickly lunged forward and there was no black magic this time.. it was as blatant and as clear as day...


Two vicious shots to the head back to back and Vogue found herself on top of Monica with a pinning combination!



Thr.. NO!

Monica just got the shoulder up and the crowd sighed in disappointment.

Vogue grabbed Monica by the head and pulled her up. Irish whip sent Monica on her way... or so we thought. Monica grabbed Vogue by the arm and sent her to the ropes instead. Monica, however, gave chase, but Vogue sensed it and nailed Monica in the face with a back elbow after stopping dead in her tacks at the ropes. Monica turned around and staggered away. Vogue quickly turned and grabbed Monica by the waist, but Monica fought off with an elbow... but Vogue ducked her head and avoided it and the momentum spun Monica around. Vogue then nailed a Belly to Belly Suplex!




Thr.. NO!!

Vogue stood up and signaled that she was going to finish it. She pulled Monica up and then scooped slammed her back down. She headed for the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads, looking for En Vogue.. aka the Sky Twister Moondault, but Monica got up and knocked Vogue off of her perch. Monica then placed Vogue into the tree of woe and backed away. She got a running start, but slid under Vogue as she sat up! Monica went crotch first into the ring post!! Vogue got up onto the top rope and leapt backwards... she dropped an elbow right across the back of Monica's neck!!!

Crowd: OOOOH!!!!!

Vogue grabbed Monica by the arms and pulled her out of the corner. She then rolled her over onto her back and went for the cover!



Kick out by Monica!

Vogue stood and dared Monica to get back up to her feet. Monica did so slowly, but she tried to feign fatigue and catch Vogue off guard by swinging with a clothesline, but Vogue ducked underneath and hooked her with a backslide pin!



Kick out again by Monica

Both back up once again. This time it was Vogue with the clothesline, but Monica ducked and wrapped her arm around Vogue's neck. She then fell back and drove Vogue face first into the middle turnbuckle pad. Monica quickly stood and grabbed Vogue in the waist lock. She went for the German, but Vogue flipped over and landed on her feet! Vogue shuffled back and nailed a Super Kick right into Monica's face! Vogue then went back to the corner, climbed up top and twisted off with the Sky Twister Moonsault...






Vogue Gonsalvez went through a battle here tonight. Monica looked better than she ever has, but Vogue still picked up the victory and retained the Starlet Championship! Was Vogue lucky now? Could Tammy Lynn Foster make that excuse?

Vogue just shut up her critics with a successful defense. As Cross and Hood entered the ring to celebrate, the future seemed pretty bright for the girl who wanted to be known as "Miss Legit"

Winner: Vogue Gonsalvez via Pinfall (STILL jOlt Starlet Champion)

"Admission of Defeat"

While the fans were riled up and enjoying another great night of exciting j0lt action, 'Any Means Necessary' by Hammerfall erupted over the PA.

"You know," the voice of the seven foot three Colossus boomed over the speakers while he stepped through the opening and to the edge of the stage ramp. The music dying as the cheers were drowned out by his voice. "I'm good enough man to admit defeat." He smirked and looked out at the fans. "But, you know, I think I had a good run at Thieves Honor. Sebastian Saje, gone. Brian Williams, gone. Saje, again, gone. And then that Frank Silver..."

With a pause the giant lowered the mic and listened to the mixed cheers and jeers thrown his way and at the names mentioned. After a few moments he continued.

"There are certain people in this industry that I can not respect. Be it for their past transgressions, their overall holier-than-thou attitude, or there affiliations. You can go back in my career to say thirty years ago and pretty much guess by the amount of effort we put into destroying each other, just where they fell on that line. I won't name names," he grinned and raised his finger high in the air, "unlike some others say up in Chicago or down here in Florida, I know what is BEST for this industry."

A highly prolific history backed the giant, with his top rivals being his closest friends.

"Frank Silver is a new breed. Love him or hate him, that kid has the 'IT' factor it takes to survive in this business. He took everything I had, and then some, while he gave everything he had, and then some... to pull out that victory." With a cheshire grin the giant continued, "This kid is the future."

The fans however were not quite as enthralled and started to boo the Colossus whom simply let it be.

"You are all open to your own opinions. I am simply stating my own and a matter-of-fact. I had no other purpose being down here tonight than to choose to walk out here for this very moment."

Be what it is, there was no scheduling for his appearance. No advanced hooha or news posts.

"I could probably call somebody out from backstage for a good fight." He thought on it. Shrugged and turned around to face the curtains. "So let's do this! Impromptu mayhem! Who wants to prove themselves tonight?"

The fans erupted in the JOLT arena in cheers at the prospect.

There may have been one or two hopefuls behind the curtain biting at the bit for their music to hit but Saunders didn't give them the time of day.

"Nothing. And that folks is the problem with this generation of selfie-takin', social media whorin', gangster wannabees, soandso lives matter-" Saunders grinned and turned back to look out over the audience, "with not a single soul in this pathetic company, let alone today's society, interested in succeeding and rising to the top. No wonder-" he knew where he was going and what his words meant but only chuckled before finishing, "this company is in financial hell. Nobody wants to back the pathetic miscreants that run this place, nor those that fight for youra entertainment in that ring."

Satisfied, Saunders turned and headed back towards the curtain. Stopping only to add in a final stab.

"I'm a mother fuckin' giant." His expression no longer cheery, "if you want a fight, you have to prove yourself to step in that ring with me. And best damn sure ensure that the price is right." With the resounding chorus of boos, jeers and still mixed cheers he continued through to the back.

As far as anybody was concerned, the Giant had left the building.

Omega(c) vs Strauss
The next match will be another battle between Omega and Monarchy as one half of The Law will get a shot at the Fearless champion. Omega came very close last week at becoming a double champion but was stopped by the Law. The Fearless champion wanted retribution so he gladly accepted a match against the smaller of the combination called The Law in Strauss.

“The following contest is for the Fearless Championship and this is set for one fall!” Dean Carrington announced.

“Coming For The Throne” by Otherwise.

A single shining “M” appeared on the jOltVision followed by the word…


The man known as Strauss slowly walked onto the stage as the fans erupted in jeers. The big man was followed by jOlt’s Last Real MANager, Sonny Silver as the two men made their way to the ring.

“Introducing first the challenger, being accompanied to the ring ‘JOlt’s Last Real ManAGER’ Sonny Silver… one half member of The Law, weighing in at two hundred and eighty-five pounds… he is representing MONARCHY… ”STRAUSSSS!”

Strauss climbed into the ring as he looked out into the arena. Sonny stayed out on the floor as he watched his henchman get a shot at the Fearless champion. Sonny was doing all he could to make Omega’s life a living hell. But to Sonny’s surprise, Omega enjoyed every bit of it. Sonny knew Ryan barely escaped at Thieves’ Honor so he wanted to make sure that Omega did not make it to Death Wish.

“Introducing next hailing from Parts unknown, weighing in at three hundred and forty-eight pounds… he is the current and reigning Fearless Champion… OMMMMMEEEEGGGGAAAAAAAA!!!!

The Reed Arena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of “Redeemer” by Marilyn Manson echoed throughout the arena. A mixed reaction from the fans in the arena as they looked toward the stage and the jOltvision to see the stage light up with fire and an ominous figure stood in the flames. A young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

we bask in the glory of pain
we are one with pain

A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the fire subsided and the Fearless Champion stood in the smoke making his way down the ramp to the ring. The lights slowly illuminated as the boogeyman made it to the ring. The large champion climbed up the steps dragging the Fearless championship behind him as he climbed between the ropes and made his way into the ring. The Fearless Champion stood in the middle of the ring and pulled his hood back from his face as he looked at Strauss in the corner who looked very confident.

Omega handed the title to Nyugen as Sonny gave Strauss a few words of advice before jumping down from the apron. The large member of Monarchy was not afraid of the Fearless champion who was much larger than himself. The two large men traded heavy blows in the middle of the ring as the bell sounded. Most men would not dare go toe to toe with Strauss in the middle of the ring but Omega was not most men. The crowd erupted as both men continued to throw haymakers in the middle of the ring. Strauss started to get the upper hand as he forced Omega back to the corner. One half of The Law had nailed Omega in the midsection with a vicious shoulder block. He nailed Omega several more times to the dismay of the fans as the boogeyman doubled over in the corner.

Strauss peered out to the fans as they cheered the Fearless champion. Strauss went back to the corner and grabbed Omega by the hair and pulled the smiling maniac to the middle of the ring. He picked up the champion and drove him to the mat with a powerful body slam. The fans watched as the large member of Monarchy showed he also had power. Strauss grabbed Omega and pulled him to the corner once more but Omega had quickly drove an elbow into Strauss’ midsection. The madman grabbed Strauss by the head and drove him into turnbuckle face first. The Fearless champion was not done as he drove Strauss into the top turnbuckle once more as the fans loved every minute of it by counting with each shot.











Omega watched as Strauss slowly fell to the mat in the corner. The Fearless champion was not done as he grabbed Strauss by the head and whipped him into the opposite corner. The boogeyman raced into the corner and nailed Strauss with a huge body slam. The full force of the champion driving one half of The Law made Sonny Silver cringe. The maniacal one moved toward Strauss and drove the point of his elbow into Strauss’s temple. The fans loved how Omega was putting it to a Monarchy member.





The madman smirked as he reached down and pulled Strauss to his feet. Omega picked up Strauss and hooked him in the middle of the ring, driving him to the mat with a high vertical suplex. The champion looked at Sonny for a split second before turning his attention back to the Monarchy member.

”Our wrath is unmatched. You will suffer for Ryan’s transgressions”

The champion rolled under the ring ropes to the floor pulling Strauss with him. Omega picked up Strauss and sent him to the guardrail but Strauss reversed the move and sent Omega spiraling into the guardrail instead. The sound of flesh and metal reverberated throughout the arena as Strauss stalked Omega near ringside. Sonny Silver yelled at his client to stay on the Fearless champion. Strauss looked down at Omega and started to unleash a fury of right hands into the champion’s skull. Every shot that Strauss laid into Omega’s skull was increasingly vicious because of the smile on Omega’s face. This made the member of The Law angrier as Omega slumped to the floor. Omega looked up at Strauss.

“Pain is but a window to existence. Our pain is transcendent but your pain will be monumental.”

The fans at ringside looked at the fallen champion cheering as they heard his words. Strauss did not care as he stomped the madman into the floor. One half of The Law wanted to leave nothing left of Omega in this match. He was here to put Omega out of commission. Strauss reached down and picked Omega up before sending him shoulder first into the steel steps. The boogeyman’s force was enough to knock the steel steps off the ring post as the fans gasped. Sonny Silver smiled as the big man Strauss was taking it to the Fearless champion.

The crowd really let Strauss have it.





Strauss grabbed Omega and rolled him into the ring. The Monarchy member slowly rolled into the ring and stalked his prey. Strauss climbed to the second rope, waiting for Omega to get to his feet. He knew it was going to take a lot to keep the boogeyman down for a three count. Omega got to his feet and turned toward the corner where Strauss was perched on the second rope.


The clothesline caught Omega flush sending the big man to the mat again. Strauss went for the cover.



Omega with a massive kick out at two. There was no wasted motion with Strauss as he picked up Omega once more. He hooked Omega and showed the arena his massive power by driving Omega to the mat with a vicious double under hook DDT. The Law member was not done as he grabbed the champion by the dreadlocks again. He whipped him into the ropes and caught the madman as he bounced off the ropes.


The crowd was surprised at the strength of the Monarchy member.





The force from the move was enough to send Omega to the floor. The champion sat on the floor with a smile on his face as Strauss continued bring it to the madman. Strauss rolled under the bottom ropes to the floor and had no wasted motion as he went straight for Omega. Strauss looked out into the crowd before picking Omega up and driving his head into the guardrail. The mad man fell to the floor holding on to the guardrail as his tormentor stood over top of him. Strauss grabbed Omega by the head and helped him to his feet before striking him with a head butt. Omega looked to be feeling the effect of the World Title match as Strauss continued to stay on top of him. Strauss was going to take out the champion and show the world that no one stood a chance against Monarchy. He reached down to grab Omega once more but maybe one time was too many.



The last thrust sent Strauss reeling back from the shot. It was enough to give the madman some time to recoup from the pounding from Strauss. Strauss staggered backwards as Omega kicked him the gut. In one quick motion, Omega picked up Strauss and drove him into the floor with a vicious power bomb. Both men laid on the floor as Nyugen watched ideally by. Both men started to move as the fans let out some cheers for the Fearless champion.






The two started to get to their knees trading vicious shots back and forth at each other. Strauss started to win this battle but the Omega used a quick jab to the throat to defuse the situation. Omega smirked as he reached over the guardrail as a fan gave him his chair. He folded up the steel chair and blasted the Monarchy member in the back with the chair.

The chair shot did not seem to affect the large Monarchy member as he shrugged it off. Omega smiled and nodded to himself before unleashing a barrage of chair shots to Strauss’ entire body.









The champion was relentless with the chair shots. The last chair shot dropped Strauss down on the floor as Omega dropped the mangled chair to the floor as well. The boogeyman slowly picked up Strauss by the head and drove him into the chair with a high impact DDT. The madman stood over top of Strauss with a sick sadistic grin on his face as the fans clearly cheered the boogeyman. He moved his way toward the ring and pulled up the apron and started to look under the ring. Omega pulled out one table from the ring but he was not done as he reached back under the ring looking for more hardware. The Fearless Champion pulled out another table.

Omega slid both tables into the ring as he rolled into the ring himself, grabbing one of the tables and setting it up in the corner. The other table was setup in the ring near the ropes. The madman had nothing but bad intentions as he looked at Strauss who was trying to make it to his feet.

Omega slowly grabbed Strauss by the head and pulled him up. Strauss quickly swung at the boogeyman but Omega ducked and grabbed Strauss from behind. Omega hooked Strauss with a sleeper hold. The maniacal one did not keep Strauss in the hold for long as he drove him down with an Inverted DDT. Omega picked up Strauss again hooking him in the ring before driving him through the table in the corner with a Russian Leg Sweep. The arena with nuts as a chant started.






The champion and Strauss were both down under the rubble of the broken table in the middle of the ring. Sonny was beside himself as he watched Strauss under the broken table. Both men slowly moved through the rubble. Omega was the first to his knees and pulled Strauss from the shards of wood and hooked his leg for the pin.




Sonny slammed his hands on the apron to get Strauss back into the match. Omega looked at Sonny with a really big grin before he looked at Strauss. The Fearless champion picked up Strauss once more and hoisted him up in the air once more.


The boogeyman covered Strauss for the pin as he stared at Sonny.




The match was finally over and Omega has retained the Fearless championship. The champion stood over Strauss as Sonny Silver looked on. Suddenly the arena jeered as the huge man Brady made his way down to the ring. The champion smirked as Brady climbed over the top rope. The two huge men stood in the middle of the ring as Silver pulled Strauss to the floor. Brady went right after the champion as the two men threw heavy rights at each other. The fans erupted as the two men continued to battle in the ring. Brady started to get the advantage on the tired Omega in the ring. The big Brady drove a knee into Omega’s midsection as the champion dropped to his knees.

Brady grabbed the champion by his head and whipped him into the ropes. The champion bounced off the ropes as Brady went for a clothesline but the champion ducked. Omega turned around and grabbed Brady by his throat.


Sonny looked on in utter amazement as the Fearless champion just drove Brady into the mat with a thunderous chokeslam. The fans went ape-shit again as the Fearless champion stood tall in the middle of the ring.






Silver was not happy as the fans continued to cheer the Fearless champion. Sonny grabbed The Law and slowly pulled them up the ramp as Omega sat in the middle of the ring watching the men leave the ring. We can see Omega was ready for whatever Monarchy was going to throw at him on his way to the title versus title match.

Winner: Omega via Pinfall (STILL jOlt Fearless Champion)

"It's Time to Play Family Feud"

The fans that had been fans of The House for the two years they were in jOlt wrestling and close to fifteen years of being a team before that had witnessed something they never thought they would see – the House had broken up all thanks to “The Las Vegas Leviathan” Adam Roebuck helping out his own son, “Good Luck” Zane Roebuck to defeat his now former tag team partner Derrick Huber. The word around the locker room was that Derrick and Charlotte Huber were going to talk about the things that were done to them at Thieves Honor and that moment would be coming up next.

"House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch played first and out came the former four-time Tag Team Champions! The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive pop from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of cards toward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the Nevada bred four-time jOlt Tag Team Champions appeared from the backstage area.

No, wait. It was the father and son team of Judases that stabbed Derrick Huber and Charlotte Huber in their backs.

“The Las Vegas Leviathan” Adam Roebuck!

“Good Luck” Zane Roebuck!

They were coming out to the House’s theme song and stage entrance and the crowd was livid! The Roebucks looked like they were having the time of their lives at the expense of Adam’s former best friend and Zane’s surrogate uncle. The two stepped into the ring and soaked in the negative response of the crowd. Adam Roebuck was handed a microphone from his son and the music went quiet.

“Derrick Huber … there is something that I wanted to say to you about why I did what I did at Thieves Honor. I turned my back on a man I called family – heck, he was a man that I could call a brother. You watched Zane here grow up and you and I helped train him to become the talented and gifted athlete and fruit of my loins that he is today.”

“Thanks, Dad!” Zane said with a stupid cheesy grin.

“Truth – I was going to come out here and apologize for what I did. Derrick Huber, I really mean that. I wanted to come out here and explain to you that I didn’t mean to do what I did, but when it comes between you and my son, my son is going to win every single time. However, I wanted to offer my sincerest apologies …”

The crowd wasn’t buying into any of Roebuck’s garbage and rightfully jeered the beastly veteran but Roebuck ignored their calls.

“But you just had to be a little turncoat, did you? I am truly sorry for what I did, but what I did I did it for the love of my son. Our relationship has been strained for the last couple years, but we put ourselves back together and now our relationship couldn’t be any better!”

The elder Roebuck patted the younger Roebuck on his back and then got serious.

“But what you did to me, Derrick? Actively interfering when I had the Thieves Honor match won? That was bullshit. That was just shallow and petty jealously on your part. I was going to come out here, shake your hand and part ways, but then you cost me the chance to the number one contender to the jOlt World championship!”

Adam Roebuck paced across the ring.

“You screwed me and my son from the biggest moment of my career and for that, I will never ever forgive you, Derrick. What you need to know is that if you ever even so much as look at me the wrong way, I will make you sorry, Derrick I will make you sorry that you ever knew me, I will make you sorry that you ever crossed me, and I will that make that STUPID little slut of a wife regret marrying you after what I do to you.”

A collective gasp washed over the arena! How dare he say such things about Charlotte, a person he also called his best friend. Zane took the microphone now.

“Uncle Der … no, I’m sorry. Just Derrick. You aren’t my uncle. You were never like an uncle to me. You were more like an albatross that held my father’s career back! You are a horrible person and you don’t deserve anything you’ve had anything in your own time in wrestling. Anything you did, it was because Dear old Dad carried you to it! Charlotte isn’t even a wrestler! She’s a street walker that got lucky enough to go to wrestling school!”

This was just complete blasphemy on the part of the Roebuck clan at this point and the fans weren’t having any of it any more.

“Now that Dad has woken up and seen the light at last, the Roebucks are going to rule jOlt! We will have all of the titles and we’re going to start with the Tag Team Titles! Dad and I heard that the Natural Athletes were making open challenges, so we want in on that! We aren’t going to wait for Badass …”

“House of the Rising Sun” played a second time and the crowd was going wild! The Hubers – husband and wife – were at the top of the ramp now. Enough was enough of the Roebucks talking a whole lot of not. Zane and Adam Roebuck were in the ring and watched as Derrick and his wife Charlotte, both came out with chairs in their hands! The crowd cheered on the Hubers as they headed for the ring now, looking to clear it out! Both Roebucks cleared out form the ring just as the Hubers came gunning for the traitors.

“You fat fucker!” Huber screamed.

Adam Roebuck climbed out of the ring, but wanted to head back in. He thought twice when Derrick Huber threw his chair…


He caught Roebuck in the side of the head with a chair! The blow opened up a cut in his forehead and he was enraged! Adam tried to get into the ring to get at his partner but Zane tried to restrain his massive father.

“No, Dad, no, we’re better than them! Not tonight!

Charlotte was ready to chuck her chair at Zane’s head, but Derrick held his head up and wanted a fight. The Roebuck’s knew enough was enough and started to walk all the way back up the ramp. Adam was bleeding with a cut over his eye, now seeing read but Zane held him back. The issue was not dead at Thieves Honor and it looked like the makings of a new family feud in jOlt.

The Natural Athletes(c) vs BADASS
Coming up in just a few short moments was the opportunity of a lifetime for The Hype’s Tag Team Champions, BADASS! While The Hype was on indefinite hiatus due to some of the outside financial woes that had been publically plaguing jOlt, they were performers first and looked to put on the best show possible for the fans. The Natural Athletes let it be known they were putting out open challenges and would take fights any where, any time for the coveted Tag Team Belts. BADASS answered the challenge and if they could win, they’d make history as the first and only team to hold both the jOlt World Tag Team Championship and the Hype Tag Team Titles! The camera now went to ringside as the graphic for the coveted titles appeared on the tron.

“The following contest is a tag team match set for one fall and this will be for the jOlt World Tag Team Championships!”

“In One Ear” by Cage the Elephant

Tripp Wise exploded out from the backstage area, trying to get the crowd pumped up. They cheered for Tripp as he went back and forth on the stage from side to side, getting each portion of the jOlt Arena into it. Davis Bloome stepped out from the back nonchalantly and just watched as Tripp Wise made a fool of himself to the live audience. Tripp hopped up and clung to Davis Bloome as he pointed around the arena, but that’s when Bloome smacked Tripp upside the head and told him to get down to the ring.

“WHAT A BUZZKILL” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“WHAT A BUZZKILL” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“WHAT A BUZZKILL” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“WHAT A BUZZKILL” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“WHAT A BUZZKILL” Clap Clap ClapClapClap

Wise pouted as he walked down to the ring. Wise and Bloome rolled in under the bottom rope and they unfastened their Tag Team Championships from around their waists. Tripp was about to celebrate with his title when Bloome lowered his arm and told him to give the championship to the official. Wise sighed and did so and then Bloome handed his over. Wise audibly called Bloome a party pooper as they waited for their opponents to arrive.

Four pillars were near the entrance, two on each end with “THE NATURAL ATHLETES” in a white and blue logo. The camera took notice of an inflatable tunnel with the same logo…

“Unleashed” by Chris Classic feat. Nazareth.

The music played and the crowd went crazy for the jOlt World Tag Team Champions! Cori “Striker” Albright and “The Big Hitter” Terry Massimo raised their respective titles to a huge pop from the crowd! Behind them was Nate Quartermaine who soaked in the positive cheers. Massimo surveyed the crowd and pointed to a section of fans with Natural Athletes signs while Cori Albright scanned for the hottest ladies the eye could see.

Albright jumped to the top rope and did a cartwheel over the ropes before landing in the ring while Massimo climbed into the squared circle. Both men posed for the crowd and their cornerman, Nate Quartermaine, got the crowd going as Dean Carrington made with the SUPER-CEREAL in-ring introductions.

“Introducing first, they are the team to my left… at a combined weight of 464 pounds… they are the team of ”THE BAD SEED” DAVIS BLOOME AND “WISE ASS” TRIPP WISE… BADASS!

Tripp Wise juked and jived like a hyperactive child version of Mike Tyson before all the life problems fucked him up. Davis Bloome modestly rose a fist for the crowd and then attempted to settle his partner down.

“And in the corner to my right, being accompanied by Nate Quartermaine… at a combined weight of 565 pounds, they are the reigning and defending jOlt Tag Team Champions… CORI “STRIKER” ALBRIGHT AND “THE BIG HITTER” TERRY MASSIMO… THE NATURAL ATHLETES!

Cori and Terry raised the jOlt World Tag Team Titles overhead for the raucous crowd before handing the belts over to referee Ian Nguyen. He raised them up before handing them off to ringside and calling for the bell.


Cori Albright leaped over the ropes in his highly energetic fashion while “The Bad Seed” Davis Bloome leaped into the ring to get things kicked off. The two locked up and the technically skilled Davis took advantage first, controlling the pace with a quick Hammerlock before trying to tie him up. He took control of Cori quickly and flipped him up and over into a side Headlock. Cori moved back to the ropes and used the momentum to send Davis flying, but the Bad Seed came right back and knocked him down with a Shoulder Tackle…

But Cori kipped right up after that!

“Nobody likes a showoff except when I do it!” Tripp screamed from the apron.

Davis locked up a second time with Albright, but this time the Striker used his speed to his advantage and sent him flying off the ropes and when he came back, Cori Albright ducked underneath him. When he came back, Cori leapfrogged over him and when Davis bounced back, he used an Arm Drag and rolled that right into a Skayde pin!



Davis kicked out!

Cori almost caught him unaware, but when he tried to stand, Davis Bloome made him pay for it…


He caught Cori Albright right on the button with a Greco-Roman thumb to the eye! Some of the crowd booed the cheap tactic, but he wasn’t called the fucking Bad Seed because he was a good Samarian. Instead of going for a cover, Davis quickly wasted no time as he tagged out to Tripp Wise. Tripp had been waiting on the ring apron like a hyperactive child for the tag and actually shouted out “OH BOY!” as he got it.

“Don’t screw this up, Tripp,” Davis pointed.

Tripp nodded as Davis dropped Cori Albright with a huge Body Slam! Tripp Wise followed that up by scooping Cori up off the mat and Body Slamming him a second time! He then tied up like a pretzel and then tied him some more, crossing his own legs before putting a boot on his chest in a REALLY fucked-up looking pinfall combination!



Cori kicked out at two and Tripp frowned. The Wise Ass picked him up and tried to go for some sort of Scoop Slam when Cori slipped out behind him and made him pay with a Discus Forearm Smash! The blow sent Tripp into no man’s land where he did not want to be. Albright reached over and tagged out to Terry Massimo! He lifted him up and actually PRESSED the 239-pound Wise over his head, parading around the ring with him before SLAMMING him down! Terry then took off to the ropes and came back with a HARD Elbow Drop right to the chest, knocking the wind out of Tripp! Wise gasped for air as Terry stayed on top for a cover.



Wise kicked out, but The Wise Ass needed to get away from the big man as quickly as possible. Terry reached back out to make the tag to Cori Albright and gave The Striker some room to run off the ropes. When he came back, Terry caught him in a Powerbomb position before FLIPPING him over into an Aided Moonsault out of that position! Cori popped the crowd and pumped his fist before making the tag.




The Natural Athletes were busy taking BADASS to task right now and The Hype Tag Team Champions needed to rebound quickly. Cori picked up Tripp again and tried whipping him across the ring when Tripp reversed that and sent him flying into the ropes. Cori ran up the ropes and backflipped right over Wise, sending him crashing into the corner! Cori then Irish Whipped him right back into the corner and tagged back out to Terry Massimo once more. Cori FLOORED him in the corner with a Leaping Corner Enzuigiri before throwing him right at Massimo, who caught him in a Bearhug position. The 350-pound linebacker paraded around the ring with him…


Wise crashed into the mat while Davis Bloome buried his face in his hands, feeling the jOlt World Tag Team Titles slip from their grasp. Wise limped around the canvas as Terry Massimo got back up and tried to pick him up. Of all things, Tripp BIT Terry on the nose! Some members of the crowd laughed and a few “WTF” murmurs could be heard in the crowd, but it worked. Tripp managed to use all the strength he could use to maneuver him into the corner before making the tag to Davis Bloome. The Bad Seed and The Wise Ass both charged in the ring and wore down Terry Massimo with fists before Tripp left.

Davis Bloome shellacked Terry with some stiff Elbow Smashes before running off the ropes. An attempt at a Running Front Dropkick crashed and burned badly when Terry surged to life and swatted him out of the way! Davis hit the ground and Terry reached out to tag Cori Albright again as he leaped over the ropes. He stood over Davis…


That was an INCREDIBLE Standing Moonsault Foot Stomp to the chest! Cori slipped right out of that and went right into another cover.




The Bad Seed was gasping for air after such a breathtaking (in the most literal sense of the word) move before Cori picked him up again. Cori set him up for Bend It Like Beckham, but, Davis used some quick thinking and sent him flying off the ropes…


Right on the button, Davis Bloome BLASTED him right in the face with a Leaping Side Kick that nearly knocked Cori Albright the fuck out! Even Terry Massimo and Nate Quartermaine looked taken aback by the impact of the kick as Davis hurriedly crawled over to his corner. They had a chance to become double champions here tonight!

Davis hooked the leg of Cori Albright to keep the high-flyer from getting away just as Tripp made the tag to get into the ring. Tripp leaped over the ropes and ran across the ring before dropping Double Foot Stomp of his own right into the chest of Cori Albright! The crowd grimaced from the impact, but laughed when Tripp slid to his knees after the stomp and threw up the devil horns. Because, you know. Rocker reasons. Tripp turned over to work Cori over a little more.

Tripp picked up The Striker and launched him all the way across the ring before running in with something huge planned… or not? Tripp stopped and delivered a BACKHAND of all things while Cori Albright was dazed! Tripp laughed and yelled “KEEPING THE PIMP HAND STRONG!” before he turned over and yelled.


Laugh if you want (go ahead), but he KNOCKED Cori Albright almost smooth the fuck out with a Palm Strike Uppercut! Cori sunk down to the mat and Tripp Wise finally went in for a cover! The belts were coming home with BADASS!




Tripp held up three fingers to the referee, but Ian Nguyen scolded him with only two fingers in return. Tripp took a second to regain his bearings before he pulled Cori Albright back to his feet and throwing him back into the corner. Cori was still dazed and confused from Tripp’s attack as he tagged to The Bad Seed. Wise and Bloome sent him flying only for Davis to leapfrog over him and Tripp to duck over. They repeated this again as Cori came back with Tripp impressively leapfrogging over him, Davis ducking. Cori ran a third time only to get stopped with a hard knee by Wise. That doubled him over and Davis followed that up with a HARD Running Knee Lift of his own! He was dazed when Davis leaped to the top rope and came back with a HARD Springboard Flying Forearm to the jaw! Tripp Wise literally climbed back into the ring just to pat his tag partner on the back before leaving as Davis grumbled. He walked over and went for a cover.




Cori kicked out! As much as Tripp was goofing off in the ring, it was clearly getting under the skin of The Natural Athletes and throwing them off their game, allowing BADASS to keep control. Davis Bloome went over and went to pick up the dead weight of Albright, keeping him in place before tagging back out to Tripp Wise. The two men lifted Cori up…


They didn’t have a name for the BRUTAL but impressive toss-up into the Neckbreaker by Tripp Wise on the way down, but was effective as all get out! Tripp Wise went over and went for a cover on the fallen Albright again!




The Big Hitter made the save for his partner and now returned to his corner while Tripp Wise plotted out what to do next. As Cori Albright tried to get up, Tripp ran off the ropes looking for a kick of some sort when Cori surprised him with a modified School-boy!




Tripp Wise got back up and ran off the ropes just as he kicked out. Cori tried to stand up, but Tripp came out of nowhere with a Sliding Hip Attack of all things! The ass of the Wise Ass was a deadly weapon. Who knew?

Tripp picked up Cori again and made the tag back to Davis Bloome just as Tripp went to put him in the corner. Both Wise and Bloome took turns scraping their boots on either side of Cori Albright’s face! They were working him over just as Tripp turned around and waved his hands. He got the crowd into building a roaring crescendo...


Both members of BADASS ran off the adjacent sides of the corner where Cori was prone…


Usually that was a signature move of Tripp Wise, but the Stereo Facewash kicks from the members of BADASS nearly caved in the head of Cori Albright from either side! Davis pulled him out of the corner by the leg and went for a cover now, feeling the Tag Team Titles within reach…




Davis was in complete shock! He held up three fingers, but then turned his attention back to Cori Albright who was having trouble trying to get back up. Standing on wobbly legs, the high-flyer of The Natural Athletes was right in the crosshairs..


Davis Bloome’s take on the Zig-Zag failed as Cori Albright clutched the top rope, making Davis crash and burn! Cori fell to the mat also and rushed over to try and get back to his corner just as Terry was waiting for the tag. Tripp Wise tagged himself in and climbed to the second rope… he waved at Cori Albright…


He tried his take on a Ropewalk Middle Rope Senton, but Cori rolled out of the way and then executed a somersault forward into the corner…


The crowd surged to life as Terry Massimo climbed into the ring and waited for the legal man, Tripp Wise to get back to his feet. He waited for him to rise before he charged forward and CLOBBERED him with a Running Clothesline! Terry stood over him and waited a second time as he sped forward and knocked The Wise Ass down on his wise ass with a second Running Clothesline! When Tripp Wise tried to stand up once again, Terry launched him with high speed right into the corner, nearly shaking up Wise’s spine!

Terry turned to see Davis Bloome flying off the top rope with a huge Diving Crossbody in mind, but The Big Hitter caught him in mid-air and paraded around the ring like a small child. He then DROPPED him across his knee with a huge Rib Breaker! Tripp Wise was on the second rope and elbowed Terry as he ran right at him, catching him with an elbow. He then climbed out to the apron and started clapping to get the crowd into a chant of “WE WILL ROCK YOU!” The crowd clapped along with Tripp Wise as he then headed to the top rope…


And that he did, Missile Dropkick-style! Terry was finally off his feet and Tripp Wise tried to pin him! The jOlt World Tag Team Titles would join the Hype Tag Team Titles!




Massimo kicked out, which shocked Tripp, but he waited for the big man to get back up to his feet. He had him right in his sights and sped off the ropes, looking for his finishing move…


Terry caught him in mid-move! Tripp shook his head before Terry Massimo threw him up…


The Pop-up Clothesline nearly knocked Tripp out of his boots just as Cori Albright was rejuvenated on the ring apron! Terry reached over and tagged in his partner as he measured up Tripp Wise, who was trying to sit up…


It was an INCREDIBLE version of a Diving Double Knee Strike to the seated Tripp Wise, but that was that! Cori Albright stayed on top for the cover and hooked both legs just as Terry stood by and blocked Davis Bloome from getting back inside the ring.




It was a great fight put up by BADASS and they had the match almost won in several key moments, but once again…


Terry Massimo and Cori Albright and rejoined in the middle of the ring and they were handed the jOlt World Tag Team Titles. Davis Bloome showed disappointment on his face as he slid into the ring to go help his goofy tag team partner back to his feet, but he helped him up. Cori and Terry offered up a hand and Davis slapped the hands in a sign of showmanship.

A punch (knee-drunk) Tripp was groggy as all fuck from the new hard-hitting combination from The Natural Athletes, but he was handed the Hype Tag Team Titles before BADASS took their leave, giving the champs a nod in a show of sportsmanship. The Natural Athletes were joined by Nate Quartermaine and the three were enjoying their time…

“Yours Is An Empty Hope” by Nightwish.

As Davis Bloome helped Tripp Wise up the ramp, out came another tag team… a tag team that had defeated The House in tag team a few weeks back! Another HUGE tag team on the rise and you might know them from such matches as their show-stealing epic at Wrestlecade II… Brian Williams and Mike Patterson… THE NEW BREED!

BADASS nodded in their direction and The New Breed moved out of their way, allowing the Hype Tag Team Champions to go backstage while Brian Williams motioned for their music to fade out.

“Cori… Terry… allow us to be the very first to say congratulations to both of you and to BADASS for that match we just saw… Tripp is goofy as HELL and Davis can barely keep him in check, but you can’t deny that BADASS aren’t talented. Congratulations to the both of you.”

Terry motioned for a microphone and was given one as he huffed from his match…

“Thanks… thanks, my dudes… but y’all didn’t just come out here ta verbally blow everybody, did you?”

“Very astute, you are,” Brian said. “Nope… see, Mike and I have been in this tag team division for some time… and granted, while I lost the chance to call myself the #1 Contender to the jOlt World Title because MONARCHY can’t do shit without help from each other…”

The crowd booed that, but Patterson took the mic and continued.

“However, in the realm of the tag teams… we defeated THE HOUSE three weeks ago, clean as a sheet in that ring you’re standing in now. We heard the both of you saying that you’ll fight anybody, anywhere, any time… well, we just got done talking to Damien Lee and NEXT WEEK… we’re gonna be taking you up on that!”

The crowd EXPLODED at that prospect! The New Breed were easily jOlt’s hardest-hitting team. The Natural Athletes were its most athletic tandem. Mike Patterson continued.

“As good as you guys are in that ring, what these people want are FIGHTERS… they want men who strap their boots up, punch the clock, and get the hell to work, giving whoever stands in front of them the fight of their LIVES! Brian and I ain’t here to kick a ball down a field or catch a pass. We’re WRESTLERS! And next week, you two are gonna find out first hand that jOlt is ready for… well, not to toot our own horn… but we’re tired of being known as just the guys that tore the house down at Wrestlecade II! We’re ready for a NEW BREED of jOlt Tag Team Champion!”

Terry nodded.

“Well, big homey, I only gots one word for you… DEAL… actually, I don’t even need that…”

He and Cori dropped the belts at their feet and waved a hand, accepting their challenge and daring the two Strong Style wrestlers to come down to the ring and take the belts. Mike and Brian nodded as the Natural Athlete’s theme played, satisfied that they’d be getting their jOlt Tag Team Title match next week! With that, iNtense went off the air.

Winner: The Natural Athletes via Pinfall (STILL jOlt World Tag Team Champions)