"Welcome to iNtense"

Darkness fades to gritty sepia when the opening piano of "Warriors" by PelleK (Imagine Dragons Cover) hits. We see image of an empty jOlt Arena filling with people in time lapse

The screen then explodes into full color when the drums and song kick in!

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

(In sync with music) We see scenes of action and images of current superstars Pietro Geist, Eiji Kugasari, Jeremy Ryan, Diamond Jewelz, Tammy Lynn Foster, Raevynn, Keegan, Hank Wright, The House, and The Freak Show

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

We continue to see images of action as the intrustmental continues to the very end...

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

We see Diamond Jewelz posing with Them MF'n Goons, Sonny Silver standing by Frank Silver, Mack Brody hitting the Gold Rush on Omega, Pietro Geist and Jeremy Ryan brawling, a shot of Kayden Paulton cracking a genuine smile, and a lumbering Spike Saunders standing tall in the ring. Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

With the final pulsing beats of the song, we see Jeremy Ryan striking a grin with the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder!

The scene flashes back into the arena where the song starts again, but in his complete form, starting with Verse 1 of the lyrics. The camera pans around the Arena as a splendid display of fireworks goes off on the main stage and above the ring. The set is a giant jOltvision with the N logo for iNtnese sitting to the left and to the right of the big jOltvision. The N itself is a massive red light that is illuminated. Above the jOltvision is a pseudo semi-circle steel structure that houses a curved screen that will be used to display a wrestler's name above it while their entrance video plays below on the jOltvision. On the stage itself, to the left and right of the entrance ramp are two more small, elongated mini screens which will display the wrestler's brand logo on them when they make their way out... unless they hold a title. Then it will display their championship belt on the left and the name of the title on the right!

The fans were buzzing with electricity as iNtense officially begins!

"Damien Lee Sings the Blues"

The general feeling in the office was one that was not good. Backstage, Donny Layne was seen greeting the audience with a solemn look on his face.

“Last week, I made an announcement that shook jOlt Wrestling to its very core… that Death Wish will be our final show. We appreciate all the heartfelt messages, tweets, calls, emails and message that you, the jOlt fanbase have been providing us. And while these last three shows are not easy, we are going to give you, the fans, THE BEST DAMN SHOW POSSIBLE WHILE WE’RE STILL KICKING!”

A loud pop could be heard in the background!

“I’ve made a heck of a main event for tonight’s show. Given that Omega has been defending his jOlt Fearless Championship on an almost weekly basis, I’ve decided that if Omega is going to prove himself right before our huge jOlt World and Fearless Championship match at Death Wish… Jeremy Ryan will see action tonight! And he will see it against the man he attacked in last week’s main event! You will defend your title, Jeremy Ryan, against none other than the man that beat you back at Wrestecade I… MACK BRODY!

The crowd was definitely lively after that announcement!

“And should Brody win tonight’s match-up, he will take Ryan’s place in the Title for Title match at Death Wish! But I’ve got some other matches to make, to… see, The New Breed were SCREWED out of their jOlt World Tag Team Match when Sonny Silver stated that he made a fake emergency call, taking Brian Williams away from last week’s show… rest assured that punishment WILL be doled out for that, but tonight, I’m going to announce that should they still be the champions by Death Wish, The Natural Athletes WILL defend their jOlt World Tag Team Championships against The New Breed!”

He smiled.

“But that’s not all! I’ve said ‘if they are still the champs’ because last week, a challenge was issued by Adam and Zane Roebuck to The Athletes for a World Tag Team Title match and that has been accepted! However, one half of the New Breed will be in action tonight – Brian Williams, you will go one-on-one with the third member of The Natural Athletes, Nate Quartermaine! Two of jOlt’s youngest and brightest for all the world to see!”

As another cheer could be heard from the fans of the jOlt Arena, Damien Lee raised a hand.

“But wait… THERE’S MORE! I’ve got one more ace up my sleeve… Next week, a HUGE eight-man tag team main event is going to be in store for you, the jOlt fans! In a preview of some of the biggest matches on our final card… it will be Fearless Champion Omega, Mack Brody, and The New Breed taking on MONARCHY in an eight-man tag… jOlt World Champion Jeremy Ryan, the Thieves Honor winner Frank Silver, and The Law! Now let’s not worry about the future just for tonight… let’s worry about tonight! Let’s get to the action!”

Brian Williams vs Nate Quartermaine
The New Breed issued a challenge two weeks ago for the the jOlt World Tag Team Titles that was supposed to have taken place last week. Due to Sonny Silver and MONARCHY pulling a fast one on the team by faking a family emergency for Brian Williams, The Law tried to steal their spot only to come up short. With the news of jOlt’s pending closure, The Natural Athletes offered up The New Breed a chance to wrestle for the jOlt World Tag Team Titles should they still be champs after tonight’s matchup where they would defend against The Roebucks.

In a preview for that possible jOlt World Tag Team Title match, it was going to be one-third of The Natural Athletes, Nate Quartermaine, taking on one-half of the team, The New Breed, Brian Williams coming up next!

“The following contest is a singles match set for one fall!” Dean Carrington announced for the masses.


“I Don’t Wanna Stop” by Ozzy Osbourne.

The member of The Natural Athletes arrived from the back and raised a fist to the crowd, letting out a shout before he headed towards the ring. A focused and intense-looking Nate had Cori Albright and Terry Massimo as backup tonight and all three of these rising stars hit the ring. The fans gave a great response to the Washington native as he climbed up to the top turnbuckle. Terry and Cori were both handing out high fives to fans on the edge of the ring. Quartermaine was ready for a fight tonight as he hopped inside the ring.

“Introducing first, from North Bend, Washington, weighing in at 223 pounds… he is a member of The Natural Athletes… NATE QUARTERMAINE!

It truly was sad to see some great talent no longer have a home in just a few weeks time after Death Wish, but for The Natural Athletes, their mantra was no matter what – go hard or go home. Fans paid for a show and that was exactly what they were going to get.

Without further ado...

Light swirled around the arena before an electric guitar kicked in. With each passing drum beat, a light pulsed, illuminating the stage. Brian Williams had done that with his dance partner, and now tag partner, Mike Patterson at the biggest stage of them all - Wrestlecade. Oh, you'd heard? Okay then.

“And his opponent, being accompanied to the ring by his partner, Mike Patterson… from Houston, Texas, weighing in at 247 pounds… he is a member of The New Breed… he is a former Hype Champion… BRIAN WILLIAMS!

Williams was knelt down, looking ready to go. As the pace of the music picked up, he slowly stood up. A passionate punch in the air triggered off pyro either side of him. It wasn't the only power he possessed. When Brian entered the ring, treated to a terrific reception, Mike Patterson remained focused on the jOlt World Tag Team Champions at ringside.

“We’ll be coming for those titles soon enough… don’t lose them tonight!” Mike Patterson shouted.

“Wouldn’t dream of it, bro,” Cori yelled back. “Just make sure the both of you stay healthy until then!”

Brian Williams and Nate Quartermaine came face to face and the two shook hands before the bell. There was no ill will with either man here tonight, but The New Breed needed some momentum going their way tonight if they wanted to challenge for the World Tag Team Titles.


The two men locked up and right away, Nate Quartermaine caught his arm! Using some of that famous amateur technique that he liked to employ, The Fire rolled the former Hype Champion up right into a Backslide!




He almost got the Texan native right off the bat with that quick pin, but Brain kicked out. The New Breed member tried to stand up and swing at him with a kick to the gut. Nate was doubled over and he tried for a Suplex, only for Nate to counter right back with an Inside Cradle!




The Fire tried to control the pace by locking on a tight Headlock to keep him restrained, but Brian Williams quickly saw that old trick coming. He stepped back to the ropes and used the momentum to propel Nate forward. When he came back, he tried using a shoulder knockdown, but the bigger Texan moved only slightly. The Strong Style practitioner waved a hand, almost daring Nate to bring it… so he did! He rammed him with a trio of Forearm Smashes, but Brain wasn’t going to take it.

“Come on! Bring it, son!” Williams demanded.

Nate rushed off the ropes and the intent was for him to come back with a big move of some sort, but he didn’t count on Brian Williams running off the adjacent side and taking him right out of his boots with a huge Spear from the get-go! Cori and Terry were shocked by the move, but Brian Williams lured him in and caught Nate Quartermaine! He kneeled over and he went for a cover on the former amateur wrestler.




Nate’s shoulder came up off the mat right after two, but Nate Quartermaine was a fighter first and foremost, so he wasn’t going to give up without giving Williams a fight. Brian Williams pulled him up by his feet and threw him up into the corner. He pushed him backwards to into the corner and waited his hand up…





Four nasty shots to the chest, courtesy of Knife-Edge Chops from the former Hype Champion. He ran away from the corner and he bounced off the ropes before he came back with a hard Running Knee Strike to the chest! Brian had him trapped in the corner still, so he ran all the way across the ring, bouncing off the corner before coming right back with a HARD Corner Clothesline! He then pulled Nate Quartermaine out of the corner before running off the ropes a third time…


The running Cannonball Senton crushed him right in the corner! Brian pulled him away from the corner and went for another cover on Quartermaine!




Cori and Terry stood on one side of the ring cheering on their cohort while the massive Mike Patterson continued to do the same for his tag partner.

“Stay on him, Brian, don’t give him a chance to fight back!” Patterson shouted.

Brian had him locked down in a hold by working him over with a HARD Pendulum Backbreaker and holding him over his knee, pressing down in the process! He lifted him up a second time and then DROPPED him even hard with a second Pendulum Backbreaker before he locked him in a submission attempt!

Nate was doubled over on his knees Williams almost looked to try and break him in half! Nate was trying to fight his way out, but Brian had him locked up in the hold with nowhere to go. Brian continued to keep the pressure on him while referee Ian Nguyen asked him if he wanted to quit.

“Nate, will you quit?” he asked.

“NO!” Nate shouted.

The Fire continued to struggle in the hold while Brian pressed down but Nate got a knee up and hit Williams right in his face! He stunned him, but had to throw a second knee up to finally get him to let go of the Backbreaker submission! Nate fought his way out and tried to get back over to the ropes. Nate Quartermaine got to the ropes and Williams charged, only for Nate to get his elbow to the face! Nate walked back to the corner just as Brian was trying to recover. When he charged at him again, Nate moved…


A quick attempt at the Corner Cannonball missed when Nate moved out of the way, making Brian Williams crash in the corner badly! Nate took a breather and held his back in pain while Patterson, as well as Albright and Massimo, were each cheering for their respective sides while the crowd cheered on both proud competitors.

Nate fed off the crowd before he rushed all the way to the other side of the ring and attacked the man called Killer B with a HUGE Flying Forearm Smash, catching him right on the top of the head! Nate got back to his feet and ran off the corner and hit him with a second Flying Forearm Smash, catching him off the rebound. He pulled him to his feet and send him flying all the way to the corner before he came at him with a Corner Elbow Smash! He pulled him away from the corner and use a big Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge!




Killer B kicked out, but Nate rolled through the cover. He drilled him in the face with a few more Forearm Smashes before kicking him and rolling him over with a huge Vertical Suplex! He turned him around and went to lift him up again, this time with a big Fisherman’s Suplex! He held onto the cover with another Suplex variation!




Nate thought he had three right there, but Williams broke free from the cover right before the third hand came down. Nate rolled back up and tried a German Suplex, but Brian Williams elbowed his way free from the hold. Brian tried to pry him up with a Pumphandle, possibly trying to set up the Welcome to Williams Street when Nate elbowed his way out. He spun him around…


He dropped him with the Blue Thunder Powerbomb! He held him down for the cover and hoped this would be enough.




The Natural Athletes member almost caught him right there, but Brian used his legs and kicked out of the cover! Nate held up three fingers to Ian, but the referee only came back with two. A frustrated Nate was heading out to the apron and went up top, but he went back…


The back that he worked over gave him a huge opening! The crowd cringed at the impact that he hit the knees across his back. Brian Williams went back to his feet and waiting for Nate to try and do so. He pulled him up and set him in the Pumphandle positon again...





Cori and Terry both breathed collective sighs of relief, but Mike Patterson shook his head. He knew that Nate Quartermaine had a lot of fight in him, but he was taking a lot of punishment and coming back! Brian pulled him up again and it looked like he was going for his version of the Cradle Piledriver called The Downfall…


Nate broke free and tried to roll him up with the Jackknife pin!




Nate almost caught him yet again, but Brian Williams was just as tenacious as he was tough in the ring! Nate had the former Hype Champion on the ropes and went with a Fireman’s Carry trying to turn it right into a slam when Nate reversed that and hooked him in the waist…


Nate CRUMBLED from the impact of such a devastating maneuver and the crowd cringed! He got back up and pulled Quartermaine with him, setting him up in the Reverse Fireman’s Carry position where he had Nate dead to rights.


Cori and Terry both cringed from the impact! Killer B rolled him over and went for the cover.




That was a HUGE win for The New Breed member and they earned some momentum here tonight! Brian slowly got back to his feet and had his arm raised by Ian Nguyen.


Brian Williams and Mike Patterson both climbed into the ring while both Cori Albright and Terry Massimo did the same. The jOlt World Tag Team Champions both went to check in on Nate Quartermaine, and then Terry turned to Brian Williams.

“You boys better win tonight,” Brian said. “First, this happens to Nate. Then we’re coming for those belts at Death Wish. If anybody will be the final Tag Team Champions of jOlt, it’s gonna be us!”

“Keep fuckin’ dreamin’, homey,” Terry said. “These ain’t goin’ anywhere!”

He patted the belt before turning to check back on Nate. Nate was helped to his feet by Cori and he extended a hand out. Brian Williams took the hand and despite nearly dumping him on his head, there was mutual respect between the two.


Action like this was what jOlt Wrestling was all about. Hard-hitting action and some of the best wrestlers on the planet. No matter what was going to happen to jOlt Wrestling, the men were going to give 110% for the fans, no matter what.

Winner: Brian Williams via Pinfall

"This is Totes Not Filler"

The scene opened up backstage in Damien Lee's office. Damien Lee sat there looking into a ledger with his hands over the back of his head. After last week's announcement and what happened earlier tonight, the stress was really piling on. Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

Lee slowly looked up from his ledger and muttered...

"Come in"

The door opened and the crowd exploded!


"A..Amber!?" said Damien Lee in complete and total shock.

"Yo, bossman! How's it goin'?" asked Amber in a chipper way.

"I... It's going fine, but what are you doing here?" asked Lee with a puzzled tone in his voice.

Amber walked up to Damien Lee's desk and stood before him.

"So like... you remember Mattock, right? He was running around here with Sanchez Cano? Well the two of us kinda got close... he got all romantic and junk and I kind of goofed when I flipped out and pushed him away.. like far far away... and so I was all in a mess and decided to come confront him to be like.. yo.. my bad... but he wasn't there.. then this total chode named Mr. Conspiracy is like.. making people walk out.. and this janitor who couldn't speak a lick of English tells me that everyone left.. so I'm like.. yay free days off for life! So I go home and body some people in Smash, but then apparently that chode suspended me and that was like months ago and I kind of need a paycheck because bills and all that nonsense.. so I figured since I saw Derecho on the Hype PPV.. maybe I could work a match here and there until someone El Kabong's Mr. Con and gets him outta power and l can go back to work.. so whaddya say? A few matches here and there for old times sake?"

Damien Lee sat there wondering if Amber ever took a breath during all of that. He wasn't even sure if he understood half of that.

"Uh.. Amber.. I really would love to have you back on the roster, but there's a couple of problems. Suspended or not.. you're still under contract with LoC... and secondly... I can't pay you because if you didn't see the end of iNtense last week, I had to sell the company because we were going bankrupt... and the company that bought us.... is LoC. So if I were to let you wrestle... that means you would be getting paid by the company that is currently suspending you."

"ARE YOU TOTES SERIOUS!?" said Amber in a bit of shock.

"Yeah.. I am, unfortunately." said Lee

Amber just kind of stood there. There was an awkward silence as Lee was waiting for her to say something. Finally she did...


Amber then turned and exited the office. The door closed behind her and Damien Lee simply sat there staring off with a look on his face that said "Did this just really happen?"

The scene faded to black.

Alex Reyn vs Alfie Button
“Messing With The Best” by Miracle of Sound plays through out the arena as Darren Best makes his way to ringside.

Buhrman: Ladies and gentleman, welcome back to ringside as we get set for our revenge match of this evening!

Powers: Last week, Darren had an opportunity to redeem himself for his loss against Alex Reyn at Thieves Honour. It looked to be a hellacious match until it was unfortunately cut short by a returning Alfie Button.

Buhrman: Alfie was looking to also avenge himself for the savage beating he suffered at the hands of Alex Reyn which put him out of action for several weeks.

Powers: However, neither Alex Reyn, nor Darren Best appreciated this interference and Alex Reyn has requested this match here tonight against Alfie Button.

Buhrman: Emotions are sure to be running hot and we’ve got Alfie Button’s partner and rival to Alex Reyn, Darren Best joining us in commentary. Welcome Darren.

Best: Thank you.

Powers: So what’s your prediction for tonight? Any favourite?

Best: We’ll just watch and see.

Powers: So, I take it you WON’T be cheering for your partner then?

Best: We’ll just wait and see.

Smoove’s "The Revolution Will Be Televised" plays from the speakers as Alfie Button cheerily makes his way down to the ring. Waving his hands excitedly to the booing fans. Many of whom are still pissed off at him for ruining what had been one of the most anticipated matches of the night (Not Hyperbole, The Darren Best vs Alex Reyn matches have been getting more views than any other match).

‘Sacrifice by Jeff Williams

The lights dimmed as the opening notes of 'Sacrifice' begin to play. The arena was almost pitch black, only showing a few trailing spotlights. Viewers watching at home would see Images begin to flicker across their tv screen as the camera panned over the crowd. The images were of violence, natural disasters, and a solitary figure, watching it all.

“And the opponent: Weighing in at 200 pounds. The East Wind of Adversity, ALEX!! REYN!!!”

Smoke begins to fill the arena, and within the smoke, lit up by the searchlights, ghostly images appeared. Famous heroes and villains from throughout history. At the top of the ramp, a silhouette slowly comes into view. A young man, waiting on the stage in a three point stance. Looking almost like some hungry predator. The rock part of the song kicked in and he took off, charging to the ring and sliding in. He span around, back into that same three point stance to stare down his opponent.

The Bell Rings:

Buhrman: And here we go with Alfe Button vs Alex Reyn!

Alex tries to catch Alfie with a straight punch but Alfie leapfrogs OVER Alex Reyn’s head, dash’s to the ropes, rebounds of them with a handspring, leaps onto Reyn’s shouldrs in the Electric Chair position and then takes Alex down with a spinning headscissors.

Powers: Wow!

Buhrman: Great agility by Alfie Button!

Alfie’s momentum is still running hot as he dashes to the ropes and leaps of the with a springboard corkscrew crossbody, taking Alex Reyn down. He’s not done however as he leaps of the ropes again with a SECOND corkscrew Crossbody.

Buhrman: Alfie Button is all over Alex Reyn!

Powers: The guy’s like a human pin ball. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Reyn in this position before.

Buhrman: Indeed. Alex Reyn has been in control in everyone of his matches so far, but it seems that Alfie’s athleticism is proving too much for him. What are your thoughts Darren?

Best: Alfie’s good, he always has been.

Powers: Is that some jealousy I’m hereing?

Best: Excuse me?

Powers: Well think about it. You spent over a month trying to beat this guy and then the FIRST match Afie has with Reyn, he wins it with ease.

Best: ...Alfie hasn’t won yet.

Powers: So you’re saying you’re hoping he loses?

Best: …

Powers: Hey! I’m just doing my job. No judgements from me.

Best: ...No. As much as that guy REALLY pisses me off, he’s still my partner. I’ve got his back. But seeing him get the snot kicked out of him would be IMMENSELY satisfying.

Meanwhile, Alfie still won’t let up as he catches Alex in a running Leg trap. But rather than simply going for a Sunset flip, he instead turns it into an inverted Wheelbarrow Tornado DDT!!

Powers: Holy CRAP!! This guy’s fast.

Both men are down from that move until Alfie lazily sits up. As Alex crawls to the ropes to get his bearings, Alfie yawns and stretches.

Buhrman: What is Alfie doing here?

Powers: Hey, you gotta keep limber. Don’t want a pulled muscle.

Alex growls at this and charges Alfie who rolls out the way. Alex is against the ropes, and as Alfie comes in with a clothesline, he ducks and sends Alfie flying over the top rope, only for Alfie to Skin The Cat and land on the apron.

Catching Alex of guard, Alfie grabs him by the chin and drops down. Pulling his neck hard against the ropes and causing massive whiplash. With Alex clutching his neck in pain, Alfie leaps of the ropes with a Springboard Somersault Facebuster, taking Reyn down.

Getting back to his feet with a kip-up, Alfie waited for Alex to rise, expressng his excitement with an energetic fistpump.

Best: Hmmph. Show off…

Buhrman: Said the kettle to the pot.

Best: What was that?!

Buhrman: Nothing!

Alfie charges once again, avoiding Alex’s attempted strike by baseball sliding through his legs and out the ring. Bowing mockingly to Alex once outside. Incensed by this mockery, Alex charges toward Alfie, going for Ascendant’s Wra-


With an amazing display of agility, Alfie had used a triple jump to leap onto the apron, second rope, then top rope just in time to catch Alex Reyn in midair with a kitchen sink knee that sent him flying out the ring and down to the outside floor!!


Buhrman: OH MY GOD!!! Alfie Button just caught Alex Reyn in midair! So far Alex has been unable to find a counter to Alfie’s amazing speed and athleticism.

Powers: And Reyn isn’t exactly slow himself, we saw that at Thieves Honour.

With Alex Reyn stumbling to his feet on the outside, Alfie runs to the far side of the ring, hit’s the ropes and comes flying out the ring with a Tope-con-hilo!!!


Powers and Best just stare at him.

Buhrman: ...What?

Powers: ...Really man? REALLY?!

Buhrman: What? That’s the name of the move.

Powers: No, it’s just… Never mind.

Grabbing Alex, Alfie rolls him back inside the ring and Here’s… ALFIE!!! (Standing Shooting Star)




Kick out!

Buhrman: Only a two count!

Best: Idiot. If he’d spent less time posturing and letting his opponent recover, he might have actually won this match by now.

Alfie, apparently, had not received the memo, as the second he rolled off Alex, he proceeded to have a little yawn and a stretch. Walking over to a turnbuckle, he decided to relax by leaning against it as he waited for Alex to stand.

Struggling to his feet, Alex saw Alfie leaning casually against the turnbuckle, smiling arrogantly at him.

The two stared at each other for about a minute…

Then an idea came to Alex Reyn.

With an arrogant smirk of his own, he turned his back to Alfie, and sat down in the ring.

Alfie was shocked. Alex was… ignoring him?!

“Official?” Alex called out to the referee

Understandably confused, the referee came over to Alex Reyn.

“May I have a book to read?” he asked “I’m afraid my opponent has become incredibly boring.”


That was Alfie.

“Actually,” Alex said, “It’s not so bad. I haven’t felt this relaxed in years. In fact-

“-Don’t you dare!”

“- I might just-”

“-I’m warning you!”

“-Have a little sleep.”

“THAT’S IT!!!”

Alfie charged out the corner towards the reclining Alex. How DARE that bastard make fun of him! How dare that bastard call HIM boring!!! How dare he-


Blinded by his anger, Alfie had been caught by suprise when Alex had suddenly caught his legs, and dropped him face first on the mat with a Drop-toehold!

Alfie had only a few seconds to register the pain when he suddenly felt a pair of hands around his chin and his back suddenly stretched hard against his opponent’s knee.

Buhrman: Alex Reyn’s got that Collosal Clutch locked in!!

Wrenching against Alfie’s chin, Alex suddenly transfers his grip from the chin to the arms, creating a modified Bow & Arrow lock. With Alfie’s arm’s pulled backwards, Alex placed his boot against the back of Alfie’s head before stomping his face into the mat! Then he proceeded to repeatedly stomp on the back of Alfie’s neck as the boy’s face was driven further into the mat with each stomp.

Buhrman: Alex Reyn has finally taken control of the match, and here we see that vicious, ruthless side of him come into play.

Powers: Mr Best, any thoughts on Alfie’s chances of survival?

Best: Not good. The kid can barely even take a punch, much less this kind of beating.

Having finished with the stomps, Alex rolls Alfie onto his back and goes for the Dragon Sleeper. Clearly targeting the neck of Alfie Button, who thrashes in a desperate attempt to escape the hold as Alex slowly gets to his feet.

Reverse DDT!! Down on the back of Alfie’s head.

With Alfie in a daze, Alex drags him to the corner. Setting him up for the same Basement Dropkick that put him out of action (sans chair, of course).

Alex charges in, but Alfie rolls out the ring at the last second, clutching his injured head until


This time the move is far more successful and Alfie is crushed against the barricade. Taking advantage, Alex rolls Alfie into the ring so that his body’s in the ring and his head is hanging of the apron.


The crowd winces at that and Alex rolls Alfie in the ring completely. Lifting his opponent up by the neck from behind, he finally drops his opponent.






“Here is your winner! ALEX!! REYN!!”

Buhrman: And there we have it folks! Alfie Button put on a hell of a show in the early parts of this match.

Powers: However, his physical conditioning simply wasn’t enough to stand up against Alex Reyn’s brutality. And once control of the match shifted, it was all over for Alfie Button!

Winner: Alex Reyn via Pinfall

"To a Permanent End"

iNtense came back from commercial and the camera panned around the arena when..

"Supermassive Black Hole" by Muse

The people stood up and cheered as Alyssa Corliss and Sebastian Saje walked out from the backstage area. Last week, Sebastian Saje mentioned that Alyssa Corliss had an announcement that she wanted to make and it appeared that the time had arrived for just that. Alyssa walked down to the ring with purpose as she stormed up the steps and then between the ropes.

Saje rolled into the ring under the bottom rope and got to his feet. By the time he did, Alyssa had already procured a microphone from the ringside attendant. Alyssa's music faded and she wasted no time bringing the microphone up to her lips.

"Tonight... I'm going to settle things once and for all between myself and Raevynn. This has gone on long enough. From The Hype to the main roster, you and I just can't seem to settle our differences."

Alyssa paused for a moment.

"In our first match at Rise of the Legends, it has been well documented that you tried to take me out. I, then, returned the favor to you at Thieves Honor. Now at Death Wish, I say we do it one last time and have it again under Fearless Rules, BUT.... there's one little caveat to this whole thing.. and for that.. I want you out here so I can look you dead in the eyes and say it to your face."

With that, Alyssa and Saje turned their attention to the entrance ramp. It didn't take long...

"Where is the Edge" by Within Temptation.

Out from the back came Raevynn. She made her way down to the ring and wasted no time getting into it, however, she kept her distance mainly due to Sebastian Saje being in there. Her androphobia was still a real thing. Alyssa gave Saje a look and Saje nodded and backed up into the corner, allowing Raevynn to step forward just a bit.

"Raevynn... two weeks ago... you tried to take me out again... and you failed... and I know why. Because I KNOCKED you out at Thieves Honor. My knee connected with your face and it was over for you, but you know what? I give you credit because you came back swinging. You came back swinging backstage two weeks ago and you came back swinging last week in our tag team match... now it's my turn to take a swing... but not in a physical way.."

Raevynn tilted her head to the side slightly as if she were trying to get a better listen as to what Alyssa was saying.

"At Death Wish.. as I said.. I want you one on one in a Fearless Rules match.. just like we had at Thieves Honor.. but these Fearless Rules will truly test how far we are willing to go to settle this because... the loser of that match... well... their career is done."

The crowd clammored amongst themselves with that announcement.

"And when I say career.. I don't mean jOlt. WHEN you lose this match, Raevynn... there is no going to LoC... no going to DEFIANCE.. no going to HoW... UTA... ANYWHERE. WHEN you lose.. you officially RETIRE from professional wrestling."

And now the reality of the situation just settled in.

"This is the only way, Raevynn. This is the only way that you and I are ever going to settle this because we both know that even if you lose and we both end up in the same promotion down the road.. as soon as we see each other.. it's going to start over again. This will truly never end... unless it comes to this."

Alyssa stepped in closer to Raevynn.

"I already made peace with myself. I have already fulfilled a dream by getting to wrestle in one of the best wrestling promotions this world had to offer and while I never was Starlet Champion... I still got to step between those ropes and compete against the very best... If I were to retire right now.. I could do so with a smile on my face... but the thing is.. that's only IF it comes down it because make no mistake about it, Raevynn... I'm not planning on retiring. I don't plan on losing to you. I want to live in a wrestling world where you don't exist and I am willing to stake my ENTIRE career on the line in order to fulfill that dream.

Alyssa got as close as she could to Raevynn

"Now the question remains.... are you willing to go that far to end this?"

Alyssa shoved the microphone into Raevynn's chest and backed away, outstretching her arms. Raevynn looked at the microphone and then around the arena as the crowd awaited her answer.

"You know.. deep down.. I HATE everything about you Alyssa... everything from what you look like to who you are on the inside. Everything about you makes my skin crawl to the point where I cannot stomach it.. .and the thought of living in a world without you in it also would be a dream come true for myself....

"So in other words..." "I agree!"

The crowd was stunned! At Death Wish.. .someone's professional wrestling career will come to a permanent end!

"But here's the problem, Alyssa. This isn't going to be like our first match. You wanted to take this as far as it could possibly go... but are you truly prepared for the journey that gets you to that end point? I mean... with Fearless Rules in play... that means we can do anything to each other. Chairs... Tables... Ladders... Barbed Wire... Fire... if we want to use it... we can. We used a little bit of that in our match at Thieves Honor, but that was because we were trying to settle this with the possibility of having to do it again in the future... now.. you want to take either your future or mine out of the equation... "

Raevynn walked back up to Alyssa Corliss.

"How hard will someone fight if they knew that their future could be taken away? Are you prepared to go the lengths to make sure your career doesn't end? I mean... I guess when you look at it, you have the upper hand because so what if your career ends. You have your boyfriend to lean on. He can get a job anywhere and support you while you stay at home. You kinow I don't have that luxury. I'm not dumb, Alyssa. I know that ran through your mind when you decided on this..."

Saje reached over and asked for a microphone and was granted one.

"If I could interrupt here... last week, I stated that I would stand by Alyssa through this and support her. That's why I have decided that if Alyssa loses her match at Death Wish.. I will officially retire as well to be by her side so she won't suffer alone."

That actually got a huge pop from the crowd. Raevynn simply laughed

"Then it's settled. At Death Wish.. I will take great pride and joy in ending two careers at the same time."

Raevynn dropped the microphone and then went to exit the ring. That's when Alyssa grabbed Raevynn by the arm and spun her around. She kicked Raevynn in the stomach and then...


She drilled Raevynn face first into the canvas!! Alyssa quickly scooped up a microphone and stood over her.

"You want to know how far I would go!?"

Alyssa dropped the microphone and exited the ring. She lifted up the ring apron and pulled out a glass panel. She rolled back into the ring as Raevynn rolled to her back, holding her face in pain. Alyssa placed the glass pane on the canvas and mounted Raevynn, punching away at her face to immobilize her. Alyssa then turned Raevynn over onto her stomach and placed her face first down on the glass pane!

Alyssa backed up then ran in..


Alyssa just drove Raevynn's face into the glass and Raevynn just stopped moving!! Alyssa, once again, grabbed a microphone up off the canvas.

"That far... and then some"

Alyssa tossed the microphone and exited the ring with Saje following behind her.

The two of them walked up the ramp as the camera zoomed back in on Raevynn laying there, seemingly out cold. The scene faded to black.

The Natural Athletes(c) vs The Roebucks
It was another week and despite the outside circumstances affecting jOlt, the Natural Athletes were competitors first and foremost. After demanding a shot at the jOlt Tag Team titles for the last two weeks, the Roebuck family were finally going to get it. Last week, the Roebuck family issued a challenge to his former tag partner, Derrick Huber and wife Charlotte Huber for a tag team match at Death Wish. The winner would get the rights to the House name, music, and merchandising rights, but The Hubers had not answered after a heinous backstage assault from the Roebuck clan.

While they waited, tonight, the Roebucks had a chance to be the first father and son duo to win the Tag Team titles! They were certainly no strangers to the Natural Athletes and traded victories back and forth when the House were the champs, but now Adam Roebuck could regain the belts with his own flesh and blood, breaking his own record of tag titles reigns by claiming his fifth one!

"House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch played first and out came the former four-time Tag Team Champions! The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive negative reaction from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of cards toward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the Nevada bred four-time jOlt Tag Team Champions appeared from the backstage area.

No, wait. It was the father and son team of Judases that stabbed Derrick Huber and Charlotte Huber in their backs.

“The Las Vegas Leviathan” Adam Roebuck!

“Good Luck” Zane Roebuck!

They were coming out to the House’s theme song and stage entrance and the crowd was livid! The Roebucks looked like they were having the time of their lives at the expense of Adam’s former best friend and Zane’s surrogate uncle. The two stepped into the ring and soaked in the negative response of the crowd.

Four pillars were near the entrance, two on each end with “THE NATURAL ATHLETES” in a white and blue logo. The camera took notice of an inflatable tunnel with the same logo…

“Unleashed” by Chris Classic feat. Nazareth.

The music played and the crowd went crazy for the jOlt World Tag Team Champions! Cori “Striker” Albright and “The Big Hitter” Terry Massimo raised their respective titles to a huge pop from the crowd! Nate Quartermaine had wrestled earlier tonight so he was not present for this match, leaving his friends by themselves tonight. Massimo surveyed the crowd and pointed to a section of fans with Natural Athletes signs while Cori Albright scanned for the hottest ladies the eye could see.

Albright jumped to the top rope and did a cartwheel over the ropes before landing in the ring while Massimo climbed into the squared circle. Both men posed for the crowd and raised their Tag Team titles in the air. They had been fighting champions, going out weekly and it didn’t look like the defenses were going to stop – the Roebucks might have something to say about that. I am not being cute because Zane snatched a microphone and was about ready to talk.

“If it isn’t our old friends, Cori Albright and Terry Massimo!” Zane said, dripping with sarcasm. Albright and Massimo weren’t too keen on listening to him talk. “We just wanted to say thanks to the two of you. Unlike that bald ape, Derrick Huber, and his tramp of a wife, Charlotte …”

The crowd booed! He just talked about two people that were family to him once and talked to them.

“You guys know how to answer a challenge! We’re still waiting to hear about our challenge for Death Wish, but tonight you two will do! Before you guys lose your titles and I help Dad make history here tonight as jOlt’s only five-time holder of those coveted Tag titles, I just wanted to wish you both …”

The crowd was already showering Zane with booing as he extended a hand.

“… good luck!”

Even Adam Roebuck got in on the mocking of the Natural Athletes and the gigantic behemoth extended a hand to Terry Massimo. The two beasts had plenty of run ins in the recent summer months, so they were no strangers to each other tonight. Terry looked at Cori and the two decided to shake hands when Zane tried to reach over and attack Massimo! Massimo saw it coming and he clocked Zane with a head butt that sent him packing from the ring.

Adam Roebuck came to the defense of his son and attacked the former Seattle Seahawk player with a hard right hand. He tried sending Terry Massimo to the ropes, but he didn’t expect for the big tank of a man to come back and knock him down with a running shoulder tackle that used to put down many on the gridiron! Zane stood up and he tried to come to his father’s aid, but all he got was a drop kick right from Cori Albright that sent him flying. Terry Massimo walked over and picked up Zane Roebuck before he extended his own hand and shook it.

“Thanks for the luck, pal!”

Then he delivered a punch to Zane’s face~!

The Big Hitter as he was known by the fans of jOlt shoved “Good Luck” backwards and put him in the corner of the champions. He rushed forward and crushed him with a big splash in the corner before he scooped him up and dropped him with a massive slam on the canvas. Adam Roebuck started to get up and was sequestered to his corner while the Natural Athletes got to take turns kicking Zane Roebuck around.

Cori Albright was given the tag by his partner and they used some of that expert team work that made them such a great team. Terry Massimo picked Zane up and then dropped him again with another slam, allowing Cori Albright to come off the ropes with a big springboard moonsault off the second rope. He moved and allowed his heavy partner to come in and drop the mother of all elbows across the chest! Zane was roughed up badly and Cori went to pin him.



Zane with an early kick out.

Cori Albright picked Zane up by his neck and chopped him in the chest with a few well-placed shots. The crowd wooed with each shot until Zane was put into a neutral corner now. Cori chopped him again and then sent him to the opposite end of the ring via an iris whip. Zane hit the corner and the second that he did, the lightning-fast Albright was right there behind him with a running drop kick in the corner! The Ace of jOlt’s brains may have been rattled from the kick and Cori went for another pinfall.



Zane kicked out a second time!

Despite what many thought about Zane’s personality, he proved that he was tough and had a lot of ring awareness for a twenty-three-year old. Cori kicked him twice in the chest and then he went back to the Natural Athletes corner, allowing Cori to make another tag back to the Big Hitter of the duo. Cori and Terry both worked him over again and Terry waited for his partner to make his move. Both men worked out something new when Cori yelled.



The crowd yelled in unison at the sound of Cori yelling “Charge!” just as Terry reeled back and cracked Zane upside the chin with a hard upper cut! So far this match was 100% controlled by the former Hype tag team and current jOlt Tag Team champions and they showed no signs of slowing down, especially when Adam Roebuck was angry they were attacking his son. Terry took off to the ropes again and this time landed a falling headbutt right to the chest of Zane as he tried a cover.



But that was broken up quickly when the mother of all leg drops came from the four-hundred sixty-pound Adam Roebuck, heading into the ring to save his son! The shock was enough to stun Terry, which finally gave Zane some room to breathe. He rolled from the body of Terry and made it to a corner for safety, but it wasn’t too long because the former Seattle Seahawk was already on his feet. He charged at Zane Roebuck, but the kid that called himself Good Luck moved out of the way by slipping between the ropes, making Terry crash into the corner.

With Terry stunned again, Zane quickly climbed to the second rope and waited before taking flight with a missile drop kick aimed right at his left knee! Terry limped around after the risky shot from Zane and that finally gave Zane the opening the Roebuck family needed to make history. Terry tried to stand up when Zane kicked his leg several more times. Terry pushed Zane backwards, but that may have been a mistake on his part because the elder Roebuck tagged himself in now.

Both Roebucks charged at Terry Massimo with Zane using another drop kick to the knee just as Adam Roebuck charged with a shoulder of his own and the two finally knocked over the tank-like man! Adam and Zane – who had the audacity to refer to themselves as the House – shared a quick father and son hug that made the collective stomachs of the fans turn. Zane returned to the corner and The Big Bucks went to work, working over the knee of Terry with some hard kicks to the leg.

Cori was forced to watch as his partner got picked apart by the giant veteran of the squared circle. Roebuck was usually brute force first before anything else, but he was in the business for close to two decades and could exploit a weakness when he saw one. Roebuck worked over Terry’s knee with more kicks and then slammed it down on the mat with brute force. Terry flinched, but things were going to get worse when Adam hit the ropes and used his patented flashing elbow to drive right into the knee of Terry! He tried right there to cover the bigger half of the Athletes to nab what would be his record-breaking fifth title reign!



Terry with the kick out!

Terry was still on his back, which was where he did not want to be. Adam used his brute strength and dragged Terry off to the corner to tag his son and allow him to get in on the action.

“Go for the leg, son!”

“Okay, Dad!”

Zane hit the top rope and flew right off with a big diving elbow drop, aimed right at the left leg that the Roebuck clan had been working over! Terry shouted a harsh cry of pain while Zane was right back up to his feet. He waited for Terry to try and get back up and when he did, he made him pay for it.


The sliding bakatare kick was on point and so was the wrestling game of father and son. Zane rolled over into another cover on Terry Massimo.




Terry was strong enough to power the smaller Zane off of him, but the younger Roebuck wasn’t giving him any room to breathe. He jumped up and delivered a jumping stomp to the knee again, which put Terry back in his place on the ground. Zane tagged Terry and now Cori was bouncing up and down the ring apron like a kid with ADD, wanting to get into the ring to save his partner. Zane tagged in his father and Adam Roebuck climbed back into the ring. He pulled Terry up, but Massimo started to fight back with some lefts and rights to the stomach. Roebuck blocked a shot and used a knee to the head to sent Massimo stumbling back to the corner. Adam had the former football star pinned with his left elbow and Zane aided in keeping Terry grounded so his dad could attack.



The shots were strong enough to even stop a mighty man like Terry Massimo in his tracks. He shoved him off the ropes and came right back, Roebuck made him pay with a spinning side slam that landed awkwardly on such a big body like Massimo. However it got the job done for him and now Roebuck felt he and his son were closing in on their first Tag Title reign together.



Close, but no cigar!

Roebuck slapped both hands on the mat angrily and raised three fingers to the official. He accused him of a slow count and then went back to rolling towards Zane Roebuck. Zane got the tag again and he headed to the top rope to wait for Terry Massimo to stand up. He jumped up and tried for his somersault neckbreaker called the Pocket Ace, but Terry had enough strength to catch him in mid-air! He dropped him down…


He didn’t get the full impact that he wanted due to his bum knee, but he turned his attempt at the somersault neckbreaker into a version of his bearhug into a slam before Terry finally had the chance to get to his partner. Zane was sucking in wind and tried to get back up to his feet again as he tried holding his ribs in pain.

“Stop him, damn it!” Adam yelled at his son.

Zane did try to help and stop Terry from getting to his corner, but by the time he recovered, it was too late.

The tag was made to the high-flyer Cori Albright and one could feel the complexion of the match change instantly. The crowd was on their feet cheering loudly as Cori ran right into Zane Roebuck with an elbow and then leaped off the corner rope to land a big jumping enziguri kick to the face of Adam Roebuck, sending the giant tumbling off the apron. The former soccer star put his fancy footwork to work and delivered a volley of hard kicks to the stomach of Zane and then pulled off a wicked side drop kick to the head, rattling Zane’s brains again.

With Cori in complete control now via his speed, he whipped Zane to the corner and followed him right there with a double knee strike to the chest. He used a legsweep and took the legs out from under him so he could take off to the opposite end of the ring. He flew right back with a second double knee strike right into the face of Zane! He pulled him out of the corner and then set him for his new move.


In some places, the move was called a killswitch but for now it was called Bend It Like Beckham! He got faceplanted in the worst way and then Cori went for a cover on Zane.



Roebuck with the kick out!

Cori thought he had it right there, but Zane managed to kick out right before the three. Cori couldn’t believe it, but he shook the feeling out from his mind as he waited for Cori to stand. He tried going for the kneeling superkick called the “goal” kick, but Zane moved out of the way and tried to catch him with a roll-up!




Zane then picked him up and tried to go for a finisher with a kick of the gut. He tried for his Pocket Aces, but Cori shook himself free. He tried a Pele kick when Zane ducked that and Adam Roebuck clocked him with a right hand from the ring apron. Zane was about to finish him off after the cheap shot.

“HEY! HEY~!”

The crowd cheered when both Derrick and Charlotte Huber approached the ring with a microphone in hand.

“Zane … you ungrateful little turd! If you want to call me names that’s fine, but you don’t EVER talk about my wife like that! As far as your little challenge, Adam … we just wanted to give you the news in person!”

Adam Roebuck marched towards Derrick Huber while Zane Roebuck tried to finish off Cori again after a slam. He went up top…


He missed his huge top rope moonsault after Cori rolled out of the way! He bounced off the ropes as Terry Massimo tagged in.


The crowd shouted goal in unison when Cori popped Zane Roebuck with a huge superkick as he was in the kneeling position! That was the perfect set up to go right into Terry Massimo’s finisher, as he was now the legal man.


The three-hundred fifty pound former linebacker may have crushed Zane’s innards and he pinned him while Huber gave his answer.

“We accept!”




The Hubers got some payback and stuck it to the Roebucks for their vicious attack last week! Adam Roebuck turned around just to see what became of his son! He rushed to the ring but the Natural Athletes had cleared the ring and walked to the back. This was another tough defense for them, but The Athletes had overcome the odds again. Meanwhile the Hubers were ready to accept the challenge from the Roebucks over who would have final control to the name The House. Derrick and Charlotte both waved goodbye to their former best friend, who was now standing over his fallen son, angry as a hornet that their Tag Title match had been ruined.

Winner: The Natural Athletes via Pinfall (STILL jOlt World Tag Team Champions)

Omega(c) vs Freddie Rich
The next match will be a Fearless title match that will pit the champion, Omega once again against Monarchy. Monarchy is trying to do all they can to weaken Omega for Jeremy Ryan as those two men will battle again at Death Wish in a title versus title match.

“The following contest is for the Fearless Championship and this is set for one fall!” Dean Carrington announced.

“Only” by NIN.

The tune started to thump over the speakers and out from the back came the man in the signature hoodie that he had been sporting ever since he made his debut at Rise of the Legends. At his side was Sonny Silver, looking very proud of the fact that his new charge was looking to make a big impact by taking on one of jOlt’s most tenured stars.

“Introducing first the challenger, hailing from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at two hundred and thirty-seven pounds…being accompanied to the ring by Sonny Silver, he is MONARCHY member… ”THE FIRST” FREDDIE RICH!” The First was ready for this big opportunity to bring home another championship for Monarchy as he climbed into the ring. He snapped the hood off of his hoodie and unzipped it before tossing it aside causally. Choosing a pair of black trunks with green trim and “1ST” written on either side in green sequins, Freddie truly believed he was meant for great things. The First had a setback last week as Mack Brody returned to get revenge on Monarchy for what happened to Ryan Gallway. Now Freddie had the incomparable task of stepping into the ring with the monster, Omega.

The First climbed into the ring as Sonny Silver looked on at his young protégé.

“Introducing next hailing from Parts unknown, weighing in at three hundred and forty-eight pounds… he is the current and reigning Fearless Champion… OMMMMMEEEEGGGGAAAAAAAA!!!!

The jOltArena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of “Redeemer” by Marilyn Manson echoed throughout the arena. A loud chorus of cheers from the fans in the arena as they looked toward the stage and the jOltvision to see the stage light up with fire and an ominous figure stood in the flames. A young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

we bask in the glory of pain
we are one with pain

A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the fire subsided and the Fearless Champion stood in the smoke making his way down the ramp to the ring. The lights slowly illuminated as the boogeyman made it to the ring. The large champion climbed up the steps dragging the Fearless championship behind him as he climbed between the ropes and made his way into the ring. The Fearless Champion stood in the middle of the ring and pulled his hood back from his face as he looked at the smaller Freddie Rich with a smirk.

The bell sounded as Omega went to reach for Rich who moved quickly out of the way. Sonny must have told Freddie to use his speed to outwit Omega. You definitely do not want to have this monster get his hands on you and Rich knew that. Omega and Rich circled each other in the middle of the ring. Omega inched toward Rich but the smaller man slid under the bottom rope as he started to talk to Silver at ringside.

Omega stood in the ring and did not follow Rich to the floor. Freddie slowly made his way into the ring as Omega slowly moved back to the corner. Freddie slowly climbed into the ring as Omega moved from the corner. The two men continued to circle each other in the middle of the ring. Omega reached for Freddie again and this time Rich ducked and nailed Omega with a dropkick to the knee. The big man dropped to his knee as Freddie quickly nailed Omega with a thrust kick to his face.

The First was quickly back on the champion as he hooked him in the middle of the ring. The challenger drove the champion into the mat with a DDT!!

The First quickly went for the cover on Omega.

Boulder went for the count but the Champion kicked out of the attempt before Simon could even make a count. Freddie hopped on his feet and started to stomp Omega into the mat, trying not to let the champion get to a standing base. Freddie quickly bounced off the ropes and nailed Omega with a quick leg drop. The challenger had no wasted motion as he climbed to the top rope. The champion made it to his feet as he turned to see Rich…


The fans erupted in the match as they wanted to see Omega destroy Monarchy.





Sonny Silver smiled as the chant filled the arena. Rich looked out into the crowd and smirked before he made a quick cover on Omega.



Omega with a massive kick out at two. Sonny pointed to Omega as he wanted Rich to continue the quick hitting moves. Rich faced another big man last week but these two men had two different styles. Brody was a big man with power and incredible agility, however Omega was a different breed. The Fearless champion was the epitome of the belt he carried, he was fearless. Omega was a big man with unmatched strength and an insatiable lust for pain, something Freddie was not accustomed to.

Freddie was going to be up for the challenger because it was an opportunity for him to hold his first title in jOlt and he was not going to let this slip by. Freddie made his way over to Omega and started to nail him with several right hands. Maybe not the smartest thing to do as Omega smirked with every right hand he took. Rich looked at Sonny who yelled at him to continue to hit him. The boogeyman was already up to one knee as he shoved Rich toward the corner.

The challenger made his way back over to the champion but Omega bolted from his kneeling position and almost took Rich’s head off with a vicious clothesline. The crowd erupted in cheers as Omega stood over the First in the middle. This is not what Sonny Silver wanted to see. He was trying to keep his client Jeremy Ryan safe from the boogeyman but it was not enough as Omega guaranteed he was going to go through all of the Monarchy members so he could have Ryan one on one.





The madman reached down and pulled Freddie to his feet. Omega hooked him in the middle of the ring, driving him to the mat with a body slam. The champion grabbed the smaller Rich.


Omega did not go for the cover as the fans in attendance cheered. The boogeyman whipped Freddie into the corner. The challenger nailed the corner with velocity as he slumped. Omega walked over to Rich as he had another member of Monarchy at his mercy.

”We are everything that your world champion fears. He needs all of you Monarchy rejects to massage his ego. You are only delaying the inevitable for your boss. Ryan and Monarchy will fall.”

Omega pulled Rich from the corner and whipped him into the far corner. The champion raced into the corner.



Rich was down…

Omega was down…

Boulder was powerless because the Fearless Rules matches had no rules.

Rich was able to get to his feet and slowly pull Omega from the corner. Sonny slid a Kendo stick and a couple of chairs into the ring. Rich picked up the Kendo stick and started to lay in shot after shot to Omega’s back and neck area.









Sonny started to applaud as the fans jeered Rich for his actions.

Rich flipped off a few fans before looking down to see the boogeyman trying to get to his feet again. The First quickly bounced off the ropes.


Picture perfect dropkick for the challenger. The challenger was not done as he placed Omega in the corner. Rich started to drill Omega in the corner as the champion fell on his but in the corner. Rich looked at Sonny before moving near the opposite side of the ring.


The First pulled Omega from the corner and went for the cover on the champion.




Freddie was not happy that Omega was able to kick out. The challenger picked up the Kendo stick and was looking to use it for more damage. Rich went to swing the Kendo stick but Omega caught the stick. The champion pulled the stick from Rich and snapped it in half. Rich went for a punch but Omega block him and started to drive right hands into the side of Rich’s head.

Freddie was in trouble now as Omega was laying heavy shots into the side of his head. The big man picked up Rich and hooked him into the middle of the ring.


The crowd erupted at what just happened.






Omega smirked as he picked up the First. He hooked the challenger in the middle of the ring.


The boogeyman covered Freddie for the pin as he stared at Sonny.




The match was over and Omega has retained the Fearless championship. The champion stood over Rich as Sonny was ready this week as he called for Monarchy. The Law and Frank Silver made their way to the ring as Omega slowly backed out and climbed over the guardrail through the crowd. Sonny was not going to let Omega injure one of his clients. Omega pointed to the men in the ring as the fans erupted for the Fearless champion.






The champion slowly made his way out of the arena as the camera faded to the backstage area.

Winner: Omega via Pinfall (STILL jOlt Fearless Champion)

"Where They At!?"

The scene opened up in the back locker room where we saw Cross the Hood and the jOlt Starlet Champion Vogue Gonsalvez. Vogue was standing, with the title over her shoulder, side by side with Machida Hood while Jackson Cross was laying on the couch with a Five Guys burger bag on the table next to him.

"Man.. tha hell wrong witchyall?" said Hood.

Cross slightly glanced over at Machida with a "You serious?" look on his face.

"Don't give me that look.. you know I'm talki' 'bout you! Layin' there eating some damn fast actin' carbs... spikin' yo blood sugar... probably gonna destroy a bathroom later. Man.. you need to git up off that ass of yours and get ready."

"Ready for what?" asked Cross.

"For any challengers, man. We threw out that open challenge to the tag division remember?" asked Hood.

"Yeah, but we already beat them Alis, my brotha. No one else answered the challenge." said Cross.

"But that's the thing, man... we gotta be ready in case someone DO answer, ya feel me?" said Hood.

Cross sat up and reached inside the bag, pulling out a burger. He held it in his hand and then looked up at Hood.

"Y'all see this right here? This is a greasy ass mo'fucking BURGER. What I plan to do to this burger.. is shove this damn thing down my throat and enjoy it. I'm an athlete.. my body gonna take care of this shit and when I hit the gym later tonight.. I'll burn this sumbitch off. As for this whole open challenge... man.. look around.. ain't NOBODY steppin' up."

Cross paused for a second.

"Athletes got themselves tied up with the New Breed and other teams are focused on beatin' them. LIke the Roebucks tried earlier ta'night. Alis? They take us up.. and we beat 'em down. Dead Cell? Where they at? Them religious nut bags walked off a random cliff somewhere.... Draconian? Probably zoomed up outta here after the damn FBI showed up lookin' for his ass.. probably got warrants and shit. Them Goonz? They come back at Thieves Honor.. where they at? Pussy ass muthafuckas aint NO-WHERE, man... NOWHERE. They ain't anybody LEFT man... we ain't got no answers to our challenge 'cause they any nobody around man. jOlt be closin'... people be peacin' out... so while you sit back and worry about bein' focused... I'mma focus on sucking down this here greaseball burger."

Jackson Cross had a point.

"Guess I can't argue with that logic... but we still got problems though. Our girl here got that trailer park ho at Death Wish." said Hood.

"Man.. don't sweat it. She only 1 trailer park girl. She can't go 'round the outside, man. She gonna trip up and our girl here.. she gonna come up and beat that ASS.. 1. 2..3... ain't nothing to worry about, right baby girl?" asked Cross.

"I ain't yo baby girl.. just sit there and eat yo' damn burger... but you right... I'm not gonna lose this. I worked too hard to get this.. I didn't scrape and claw my way up from The Hype after being busted down there from the main roster to just come back up and fade into nothin' I am the Real Deal and at Death Wish.. I'm gonna show that I'm not a paper champion... I'm gonna get it done and cement my legacy here in jOlt before they close them damn doors" said Vogue

"Mmm mmm mmm.. them words as juicy as this here burger... MMM! this some good shit. Man.. I feel like singing this burger so good..." said Cross.

"Oh my goodness... oh my damn... oh my goodness.. they goin' ham!"
"Oh my goodness... oh my damn... oh my goodness.. they goin' ham!"
"This is the way bacon is supposed to be..."
"The fries.. they blend so perfectly.."
"The cheese up in here... is going HAM!"


Machida Hood smacked him across the back of the head.

"Man you ain't no Dayum Drops! Get outta here with that shit!" said Hood.

"Man can't even enjoy a burger up in here... shiiiit. Fine.. I take this someplace else and eat it then."

Cross picked up his food and walked away still singing as the words faded out the further he walked away.

"Skittermarinkie dinkie dink... Skittermarinkie doo... I..... love... You!"

Hood and Vogue shook their heads as the scene faded to black.

Jeremy Ryan(c) vs Mack Brody
It was now time for one of the final main events of the evening for jOlt Wrestling. With the news that jOlt would be closing its doors with Death Wish being the final show, Damien Lee wanted to make tonight’s match as big as possible! Just two weeks before “jOlt’s Last Real Man” Jeremy Ryan was set to meet The Fearless Champion, Omega, in a Winner Takes All match for both that and the jOlt World Title, he’d have to defend his title against perennial top contender “SuperMack” Mack Brody! And in tonight’s match, it was also going to be contested under No Fear Rules! Damien Lee truly meant to give this show a huge main event that the fans wanted!

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall! This will be contested under No Fear Rules and this will be for the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship!”

“It’s a Fight” by Three 6 Mafia.


Loud explosions of golden pyro erupted from the stage! And walking through the sparks was none other than the man himself…

“Making his way to the ring, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 299 pounds… THIS IS THE MAN CALLED SUPERMACK… MACK BRODY!

With a roar, he erupted from the sparks and stood proudly! His long locks were cut and replaced with a stylishly messy short blonde haircut. Golden taped wrist bands, thigh-length dark blue trunks and dark red wrestling boots. Brody stood his ground at the top of the ramp and walked to the ring as the lights began to pulsate and flash in colors of red, gold, and blue for several seconds at a time. Brody really was feeling his new SuperMack motif, so to speak, as he high-fived the fans.

Mack headed up the steps and then climbed into the ring before he ascended a turnbuckle, slapping his chest with his hand and letting out and energetic roar. After feeding of the energy from the tremendous fans in the jOlt Arena, Brody hopped off the turnbuckle and scanned the crowd. He had defeated Jeremy Ryan in the past at the 2014 WrestleCade… could he do it again, win the big one and turn the Death Wish main event on his head? If anybody could do it, it was Mack Brody! He wanted some payback in a bad away against MONARCHY for their attack on him in the aftermath of his match with Freddie Rich – no doubt that Mack Brody was going to give the ultimate payback if he won tonight!

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

The anthem of all things manly blasted throughout the arena, and the buzz that had been generated from the opening announcement of the match quickly turned sour. Even more so when jOlt’s self-proclaimed Last Real Man stepped through the curtains and onto the entrance stage, defending his jOlt Championship for what would be the seventh time since injuring the previous champ, Jesse Ramey in Seattle and then winning it in a decision match to crowd the vacant title. Ryan stood at the top of the ramp long enough to survey the capacity before beginning his slow paced walk toward the ring, absorbing all of the booing and jeering he was receiving along the way – the whole time, he raised the title over his head with a smile on his face.

Not far behind was “jOlt’s Last Real ManAGER” Sonny Silver as he kept pace with a very focused champion. Jeremy Ryan entered the ring and the man having the audacity to call himself jOlt’s Last Real Champion stepped into the squared circle. He raised the jOlt World Championship over his head and looked stoically at Omega waited for the in-ring introductions. His music faded out and Dean Carrington made with the in-ring goodness.

“And his opponent… being accompanied to the ring by MONARCHY’s manager, “jOlt’s Last Real MANager” Sonny Silver…” Sonny took a bow as the crowd booed. “…From Bangor, Maine, weighing in at 264 pounds… ”JOLT’S LAST REAL MAN” JEREMY RYAN!

Jeremy Ryan was about to talk some shit with the belt right in Brody’s face, but he didn’t count on Brody going right for the attack…


Ryan was doubled over when Brody MOWED right through him with a Running Body Block! Sonny nearly went crazy as Brody went for the cover right off the bat!




… NO!

Ryan had JUST kicked out right before the three! It was so close, that referee Simon Boulder almost called it right then, but quickly waved it off and held up two fingers! While Brody protested with Simon’s officiating, Ryan took a powder and rolled all the way out to the floor! He held his ribs in pain and held out the middle finger with his free hand.


Sonny went to take the title and the two men slowly walked out and up the ramp, but Brody wasn’t giving them an out. He chased the two men up the ramp…


Ryan came right at Mack Brody with a flurry of punches right there in the aisle! He actually caught Brody off-guard with more shots on the aisleway, but Brody fought back and caught Jolt’s Last Real Man in the breadbasket with a knee that had some stank on it! He tossed him HARD into the nearby barricade, actually knocking it back several feet from the sheer impact!

“REAL MAN, MY ASS!” Brody shouted.

The crowd cheered as Brody high-fived a couple of people in the audience and then took a plastic beer cup from a fan at ringside. The chubby man in the Miami Heat jersey looked pretty pissed, so Brody made amends by reaching into his pocket and pulled out a twenty and handed it to the guy.

“Thanks, dude!”

The fat man waved the twenty to cheers from the crowd as SuperMack took a swill of the drink. Ryan was trying to pick himself up off the ground only to get a mouthful of beer spit right into his face! jOlt’s Last Real Man backed off and tried to get some distance away from the pissed-off big man as he staggered around ringside trying to get the booze from his eyes. He did his best to try and get away only for Mack to palm him by the back of the head so he could bring him to one side of the announce table…


The sound of skull bouncing off the announce table was loud that the first few rows of blood-thirsty fans could hear such a thing. He was hurt now and Ryan almost started to swing blindly at whatever moved, but Mack dodged a couple of shots so he could fire back with a right hand that sent him staggering. Brody picked jOlt’s Last Real Man up by the back of his head and threw the 264-pounder back into the ring.

Brody walked up the steps and tried to make it into the ring, but the crowd booed as they watched Jeremy Ryan roll all the way across the canvas only to exit to the other side of the floor. The crowd was all over Ryan’s shit, but jOlt’s Last Real Man wasn’t going to give them any favors. He reached underneath the ring to go for a weapon early, but felt a hand palm the back of his head again. SuperMack tried to pull jOlt’s Last Real Man back up again…


A NASTY shot, courtesy of a Singapore Cane, caught Brody in the side of his face and left a nasty gash! Sonny Silver laughed at ringside as the shot was enough to send The Bronze Bomber staggering back a few steps and that gave Ryan his opening. He tapped the cane on the ground like a bat and prepared to go for a home run swing… MISSED!

Brody ducked the shot and before he could turn around, SuperMack BLASTED him with a monstrous Clubbing Forearm that rocked the Maine native. The Philly Powerhouse came back with two more shots and tried for a third, but Ryan went low and caught him in the knee with a stiff kick that was enough to shake the tree trunk-like limb of Brody. Ryan gritted his teeth and landed two Uppercuts followed by a STIFF Headbutt right to the face!

“Fight back, faggot!”

Mack was hurt and Ryan doubled him over to fire an upward series of knees right to the face to stun him some more before he rushed to the ropes…


An even STIFFER shot courtesy of a near knockout blow caught Ryan in the jaw! Ryan fell backwards and Mack ducked over to go a cover! He could change up the final days of jOlt with a win here!



Ryan kicked the shoulder up off the mat, but Mack Brody was still very much alive. He took Jeremy by the hair and threw him outside of the ring looking to dole out some more damage. Ryan was still looking a little punch-drunk after the nasty shot from Brody and SuperMack was ready to fire back. He waited patiently on the ring apron waiting for Ryan to stand. When he did, he ultimately regretted it when he at a FLYING SHOULDER TACKLE OFF THE APRON!

Ryan went down and the fans started to cheer some more as Brody stood up and let out a raucous howl that was reciprocated by thousands of Miami fans. Brody crawled over and tried going for a cover on the ringside floor.




Ryan kicked out a second time! His toughness was never under dispute, but his attitude left a whole hell of a lot to be desired. Jeremy Ryan continued to get yanked up by the arm by Brody when Ryan sprang to life and clawed him in the eye! Mack was stunned again and when Jeremy grabbed him by the head..


A harder thud than before, this one was Jeremy Ryan slamming the side of Mack Brody’s face right into the nearby steel steps. The small gash that was left on Brody’s face from the cane shot earlier was even more red now as the big man teetered backwards. Ryan slugged it out with him again and he looked to whip him into the steps, but Brody stood in place, planting his feet in the ground. Ryan tried again, but…


That sound was Ryan getting picked up in the Fallaway Slam position and getting LAUNCHED into the barricade for the second time since the match began! The crowd winced from the impact and though Brody was a little hurt from throwing himself on the ground, Ryan got the worst of all of it.


After taking a quick breather, Brody was able to get himself back to his feet and collected some more weapons from underneath the ring. Mack tossed a trash can inside the ring and followed that up with a pair of steel chairs and looked mighty proud of himself. If the person behind Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway’s accident didn’t want to show their face, he was happy taking out his frustrations on Jeremy Ryan.

Speaking of, Ryan was now getting forced up to his feet and got himself tossed into the ring now and Brody followed right after him. Ryan was still licking his wounds from being thrown into the barricade a short time ago and now Mack was propping one of the chairs up in the corner looking to use it as a weapon. SuperMack turned around…





No, Jeremy Ryan was not imitating Bam-Bam Rubble from the Flintstones, but he had the trash can in hand so he smashed that sumbitch upside the skull of Mack Brody. The impact was enough to bring the big man down to his knees and that allowed Ryan the opening he needed to rush off the ropes and connect with a Running Knee Smash to the face! Brody was nearly knocked out from the shot and now jOlt’s Last Real Man went for the cover!




A massive shoulder went up and that only seemed to set off jOlt’s Last Real Man. He climbed on top of Brody and landed a series of hard rights to the temple to wear him down some more before he stood up and picked up the unused chair. Mack rolled over onto his stomach and tried to stand up only to get WHACKED across the back with it! SuperMack arched his back in pain and winced when Ryan brought it down across his massive back a second time!

The chair was slightly bent from the impact and Ryan let it fall off to the side so he could do something else. Jeremy slid out of the ring and did some digging before pulling out… the TABLE!

The weapon of choice for all lovers of wood started a big cheer from the crowd, but Ryan shut them out completely. He took the table and slid it inside the ring before climbing back inside. Ryan stepped over Brody and delivered a few more stomps just to wear down the big man some more. He then set up the table up on his own and put it there so he could dole out some more damage.

“Get up!” Ryan screamed.

He planted more elbows into Brody’s face and tried whipping him across the ring, but Brody put the brakes on again and tried to toss him… NO! Ryan caught his footing and stopped himself short of taking a spill through the table, but Brody grabbed him by the head and put him back in the corner. He charged at Ryan only to eat a knee to the babymaker!

The great equalizer in wrestling was perfectly cromulent (it’s a word, go ask the Simpsons) in the confines of an Underground Rules match and the blow was enough to save Ryan from certain harm. Brody tumbled to his side and that gave Ryan the opening to charge over and connected with a STIFF Sliding Lariat!

With Mack down now, Ryan had himself another opening as he slithered underneath the ropes again to get yet another fun weapon. Ryan dug around underneath the ring and pulled out a giant wrench that was normally used to screw together some of the ring cabling. Jeremy tapped it against the ringpost and cackled to himself. One good shot would stop this musclebound fuck in his tracks, he thought.

jOlt’s Last Real Man headed back in the ring while Mack Brody was trying to get back up again. He was about ready to swing…


The Singapore Cane was enough to double Ryan over and made him drop the wrench! He was hurt now and Ryan was doubled over when Mack rose to his full height and BROKE the cane over his back with a vicious downward swing! It snapped in two like a toothpick and now Ryan was in a very painful position as Brody rose to his feet and howled for the crowd!


Ryan was hurt now when he went for a few more shots to the doubled over Ryan and tossed him over the ropes before holding him in place. Mack ripped the shirt right off of Jeremy Ryan’s back and held him in place as the crowd started to count.


SuperMack flexed his arm…



Ryan was in a complete daze now as Mack took him by the arm and tossed him into the corner before ENGULFING him with a nasty Running Corner Splash to the chest! Jeremy was doubled over when Mack hoisted him up…


The Sitout Argentina Backbreaker RATTLED Jeremy Ryan’s spine and that’s when SuperMack crawled over to hook the far leg of Ryan.




The one-two combination of big moves was almost enough to take down jOlt’s Last Real Man, but he still kicked out to the surprise of both the crowd and to Mack Brody. The Last Heir Standing rolled over and forced him back to his feet before pointing to the table that Ryan had set up earlier. Brody sported a big grin on his face now as he picked up Ryan. He exerted a little effort before trying to finish him off for good…


Ryan slipped out the back and landed right behind Brody. The Bronze Bomber turned, but Ryan grabbed him by the head and SPIKED him head first into the chair that Brody had propped up in the corner earlier! The shot rattled Mack’s brains when Ryan wrapped both hands around the waist…


The impact nearly SHOOK the ring and Mack was dumped on his head in a very bad way! Ryan was giddy as he rolled over now and threw his body weight onto SuperMack trying to score a huge win heading into Death Wish.




Brody POPPED his shoulder up off the canvas right before the three-count and now it was Ryan’s turn to be PISSED!


Ian Nguyen shook his head and watched as jOlt’s Last Real Man went at Mack Brody with a pair of hard alternating palm strikes to the face. He fired off a Backfist and then reared back for a big shot to the face only for Mack to get back up and deliver a thunderous double sledge to the chest, followed by a HUGE Tombstone Piledriver!

He had him dead to rights now and Brody was calling for his finisher. He’d knocked off Freddie Rich by using the Tombstone and leading right into his finisher…



Out of fucking nowhere, Frank Silver BLASTED Mack Brody in the back of the neck with a Flying Uppercut – made worse by the fact that the camera caught a glimpse of a pair of brass knuckles attached to his hand! Brody crumbled and Frank then doubled his ex-tag team partner over.

“GOT YOU, MOTHERFUCKER!” Frank laughed.

He muscled Brody over his shoulders…


Frank SPIKED Brody’s head down, much to the chagrin of the crowd! He dropped him hard while Jeremy Ryan was just starting to rise up. Sonny motioned for Ryan to finish the job, though Jeremy Ryan did not look happy…

“FINISH HIM OFF!” Frank cried.

Jeremy locked eyes with the #1 Contender and Thieves Honor match winner as Frank left the ring. It looked like Ryan wanted to do this by himself, but he got the assist anyway! Jeremy scooped Mack up…


He probably didn’t need to do it at that point, but Mack Brody’s ex-tag team partner had just screwed him out of the biggest opportunity of his career and Ryan was going to win here.




Jeremy Ryan rolled off the fallen body of his old rival, Mack Brody, and raised the title over his head. Ryan got to his knees before getting back to his feet.


Jeremy Ryan looked to Sonny Silver and Frank Silver, before he took his belt and left.


Ryan was angry and pushed his way past the two Silvers, leaving them in the ring. Sonny went after his meal ticket while Frank Silver kneeled over his ex-tag team partner, Mack Brody and laughed in his face.

“Looks like we’re still on for Death Wish, pal of mine!” Frank laughed.

The crowd JEERED as the final vision of tonight’s show was The Megabastard, Frank Silver, standing over Mack Brody. Brody fought valiantly and now thanks to this opportunity, Frank Silver had him dead to rights. With only two shows left in jOlt for Mack Brody to get his revenge, could he do so at Death Wish? Or would Frank Silver be the final man standing?

Winner: Jeremy Ryan via Pinfall (STILL jOlt World Heavyweight Champion)