"Welcome to iNtense"

Darkness fades to gritty sepia when the opening piano of "Warriors" by PelleK (Imagine Dragons Cover) hits. We see image of an empty jOlt Arena filling with people in time lapse

The screen then explodes into full color when the drums and song kick in!

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

(In sync with music) We see scenes of action and images of current superstars Pietro Geist, Eiji Kugasari, Jeremy Ryan, Diamond Jewelz, Tammy Lynn Foster, Raevynn, Keegan, Hank Wright, The House, and The Freak Show

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

We continue to see images of action as the intrustmental continues to the very end...

Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town!!

We see Diamond Jewelz posing with Them MF'n Goons, Sonny Silver standing by Frank Silver, Mack Brody hitting the Gold Rush on Omega, Pietro Geist and Jeremy Ryan brawling, a shot of Kayden Paulton cracking a genuine smile, and a lumbering Spike Saunders standing tall in the ring. Here we are don't turn away... now!
We are the WARRIORS who built this town... FROM DUST!!

With the final pulsing beats of the song, we see Jeremy Ryan striking a grin with the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder!

The scene flashes back into the arena where the song starts again, but in his complete form, starting with Verse 1 of the lyrics. The camera pans around the Arena as a splendid display of fireworks goes off on the main stage and above the ring. The set is a giant jOltvision with the N logo for iNtnese sitting to the left and to the right of the big jOltvision. The N itself is a massive red light that is illuminated. Above the jOltvision is a pseudo semi-circle steel structure that houses a curved screen that will be used to display a wrestler's name above it while their entrance video plays below on the jOltvision. On the stage itself, to the left and right of the entrance ramp are two more small, elongated mini screens which will display the wrestler's brand logo on them when they make their way out... unless they hold a title. Then it will display their championship belt on the left and the name of the title on the right!

The fans were buzzing with electricity as iNtense officially begins!

"New Battles Announced"

‘Sacrifice’ by Jeff Williams

The arena lights dim as the familiar sight of Alex Reyn makes his way to the ring. Unlike normal however, he carries a microphone in hand.

Buhrman: Ladies and gentleman, we would like to-

Powers: -reluctantly-

Buhrman: -welcome Alex Reyn to ringside. Just last week, Alex Reyn defeated Alfie Button in the latters first match since returning from injury.

“Mr Button, Mr Best, it seems we have a conundrum.” Alex said, now standing in the ring “You and I already have unfinished business Darren Best, but I cannot deny that your partner showed potential. FAR more potential than I had anticipated. Had he kept his focus in the match, he very well may have beaten me.

“Therefore, the question becomes: ‘Who shall have the honour of facing me at Death Wish?’ ‘Which of you is worthy enough?’ and rather than arbitrarily deciding myself, I think it will be better to let YOU TWO decide.

“Tommorow night at Countdown, the two of you are going to have a match. The winner, gets a chance to redeem himself against me at Death Wi-”

Alex’s speech was interrupted as Damien Lee’s music blared from the PA system. The CEO of jOlt walking out onto the stage.

“Alex, Alex, Alex… Before you get too carried away there boy, I think you need a reminder as to exactly WHO’S in charge of this company.”

Alex smirked

“And you’re doing a WONDERFUL job of that. This organisation is set to collapse in… HOW long exactly?”

Damien’s cold expression did not change.

“Until jOlt closes Reyn, I’M still the man in charge here. That means I’M the one who decides which matches do, and do not take place.

“Still… I have to admit, your matches against The Entertainers ARE putting butts in the seats. So, I’ll give you your matches, but don’t think this means you run the place! I’ve got my own little match set up for you tonight! You and Darren have been going at it for over a month now, but TONIGHT, the two of you are going to be teaming up against Darren’s former partner, and ‘The First’, FREDDIE! RICH!”

The crowd applauded this announcement. For the first time, They would be seeing members of the two hottest feuds in the company standing together in the same ring. The anticipation of how these personalities would collide was thick in the arena.

Alex on the other hand merely raised an eyebrow.

“Freddie Rich? You mean that pup on Monarchy’s leash? How cute.

“Still, I see no reason to object. I haven’t fought on a team with anyone besides my family in a VERY long time. This could be fun…”

Adam Roebuck vs Derrick Huber
In what was the final edition of iNtense, things were about to live up to that very hype from the get go. in a battle of bitter former tag team partners, the traitor Adam Roebuck was going to try and take on “The Sin City Strongman” Derrick Huber in a No Fear Rules match! Adam and his son, Zane, would be taking on Derrick Huber and his wife, Charlotte, for the rights to the House name at Death Wish but

"House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch played first and out came the former four-time Tag Team Champions! The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive negative reaction from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of cards toward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the Nevada bred four-time jOlt Tag Team Champions appeared from the backstage area.

No, wait. It was the father and son team of Judases that stabbed Derrick Huber and Charlotte Huber in their backs.

“The Las Vegas Leviathan” Adam Roebuck!

“Good Luck” Zane Roebuck!

They were coming out to the House’s theme song and stage entrance and the crowd was livid! The Roebucks looked like they were having the time of their lives at the expense of Adam’s former best friend and Zane’s surrogate uncle. The two stepped into the ring and soaked in the negative response of the crowd. Zane went to the outside to watch his dear old Dad try and take care of business.

“House of the Rising Sun” played a second time and the crowd was going wild! The Hubers – husband and wife – were at the top of the ramp now. Enough was enough of the Roebucks talking a whole lot of not. Zane and Adam Roebuck were in the ring and watched as Derrick and his wife Charlotte, both came out with chairs in their hands! The crowd cheered on the Hubers as they headed for the ring now, looking to clear it out! Both Roebucks cleared out form the ring just as the Hubers came gunning for the traitors.

“You fat fucker!” Huber screamed.

Adam Roebuck climbed out of the ring, but wanted to head back in. He thought twice when Derrick Huber threw his chair…


He caught Roebuck in the side of the head with a chair! The blow opened up a cut in his forehead and he was enraged! Zane ran away from Charlotte, who had a lead pipe in her hand and she chased him up the ramp! It appeared this was going to be a one-on-one situation now between the two former tag partners of a decade and a half.

Huber battled with Roebuck on the ramp and opened up on his former best friend with a series of stiff right hands to his dome. He was going right after the open gash on the forehead of Roebuck and continued to open them up. Huber stiffed him with a head butt to the face and then pushed him into the ring post.


The sound was Adam Roebuck’s head being rattled against the post before he slumped over. Derrick Huber reached out underneath the ring and pulled out a second chair and a trash can lid. He picked up the can and WHACKED his head, rattling the big monster in the process. After the can was dented over his head and Roebuck was staggered, Huber stepped up the steps and headed to the ring apron. Adam Roebuck was just about to turn around.


The massive cannonball from Huber was usually reserved for cornered opponents, but he was going all out tonight! Derrick Huber took a second to recuperate from his risky move and then attempted to pin him right there on the floor.



But Roebuck was no weakling and he kicked out from his partner’s attack. Derrick stroked his moustache and was thinking of some more new and exciting ways to punish the traitorous Las Vegas Leviathan. Huber used the chair to prop himself up again and the Sin City Strongman swung with the chair…


Roebuck moved out of the chair’s path and hit the ring post! The reverb shook up Huber’s hands and made him drop the weapon which gave Roebuck a chance to go after his own partner with a huge Vader attack. The blow mowed him right over and Roebuck took a second to wipe some of the blood off his face. The Las Vegas Leviathan picked up Huber by the head and propped him up against the steel steps near the ring.

“You’ll regret ever taking this match …”


Roebuck used his weight advantage and he crushed Huber in between that and the steel steps! Huber slumped away from the steps and fell to the ground which gave Adam Roebuck a chance to pin him on the floor now.



The Sin City Strongman kicks out!

Even with this kick out, Roebuck was still in control after a rocky start. The Las Vegas Leviathan led Derrick Huber back to his feet and then threw him over the barricade. It looked like this No Fear Rules match was going to get even dicey for Huber’s chances of victory. Adam Roebuck elbowed his former partner in the dome and the battle continued as the two super heavyweights started fighting in the crowd.

“You bald bitch!”

Roebuck’s trash-talking was almost as vicious as his punches as he continued the fight with Derrick Huber going all the way through an empty pocket of the arena that led backstage to some of the concession stands and other parts of the arena. Huber blocked a punch and he fought back with several of his own. He reached over and took a beer that a fan handed to him and took a drink before spitting it in Roebuck’s face!

The Las Vegas Leviathan was sent stumbling backwards underneath the bleachers and the two giants were heading to the backstage area to settle their score like this was some fight from the mid-to-late 90’s. The fans in the crowd cheered the fight heading their way and the official tried to follow them both to the backstage area. The fight continued with Adam Roebuck clawing at the eyes of his partner! Huber was left stumbling and Roebuck reached over…


Back and forth, Derrick Huber’s head got slammed between both sides of the entrance to the backstage area and now a gigantic gash was on his forehead now! Both partners had made each other bleed and this fight was going to continue in the backstage hallways. Roebuck’s thick skull greeted Huber’s own chest, leaving the powerhouse out on his feet. Roebuck picked him up and dropped him with a huge slam right on the concrete floor with a side belly to belly suplex and then tried covering his former partner.



And another kick out by the Sin City Strongman!

Roebuck started to undo his wrist tape and used it as a weapon to strangle Huber with now as he tried kneeling back up. Huber was turning blue in the face rather quickly and with the weight of his partner strangling him, it was not going to be easy for him to break. Huber tried to rip the tape and he probably could have if his partner wasn’t so damn big himself. Roebuck continued to fight with him and struggled until he slammed him into the side of a garage-like steel door backstage.

The Las Vegas Leviathan slammed his partner again and again against the door before taking him across the hall and throwing him into another room…


Some onlookers in the hall ran in the opposite direction as Roebuck chucked his former tag team partner through the door and ending up in one of the many restroom facilities in the arena. Adam Roebuck dragged him in…


Huber kicked his partner in his leg and them slammed him into one of the bathroom stall doors!


He did it to the second stall!


And the third one so now Roebuck was woozy after getting slammed across the ground by his partner. Huber kicked his partner and ripped off the steel paper towel dispenser …


The steel dispenser landed right in Roebuck’s head and he continued to bring it down on him again and again and again! He rushed backwards about two steps and then with a yell, rushed out at his former partner and speared him right on the bathroom floor! This battle was getting crazy and Huber was going to pin the traitor Roebuck in a bathroom of all the places they could fight.



Roebuck with a kick out!

Huber drilled his partner continuously with several shots as he was on the ground.


Roebuck spat blood on the ground and laughed.

“Because you’re weak!

Huber snarled and he forced Roebuck to stand up with much effort. He slugged him into the door and the fight continued out into the hallway where the two big bulls tried to finish one another. Huber’s head met with Roebuck’s unprotected face again and Huber attempted to whip the massive Roebuck into a garage-like door …


Roebuck switched things around and Huber’s face got smashed right into the door! Huber was left dazed and confused and now Roebuck was gunning for vengeance. He placed Huber’s body and left him under the grating of a door before walking around to a side door. Roebuck grabbed a chain and lowered the door on his throat! Huber kicked and gasped for air while Roebuck actually took delight in the suffering of his former tag team partner.

“I told you that you were weak, Huber!”

He eventually lifted the door off of his partner and dropped all his weight with an elbow right to the heart! Roebuck laid across the chest of his partner and gestured to the official to count.



Close but no cigar!

Roebuck was shocked that Huber was still breathing, let alone fighting! The Las Vegas Leviathan sat up and then forced Huber back up by grabbing his neck and slamming him into another door. A few more punches sent Huber staggering back through the wall that they came in. The camera closed in from a different angle and now saw Derrick Huber rolling across the concrete floor with Roebuck lumbering over him, a trash can in his grip.


Another trash can shot, but this time the Sin City Strongman was on the wrong end of it. Roebuck forced Huber to stand again and he beat him over the head and back with more of his bear-like hands. Both men fought their way back towards the ring and Roebuck threw Huber over the barricade and back in front of the ring. Roebuck climbed over the barricade right after his partner.




Huber was reduced to a bloody mess at the feet of his former partner of fifteen years and Roebuck dropped the dented can right next to him. Huber was once again picked up and hurled back into the ring like the piece of trash that Roebuck now look at him as. The massive Roebuck was in the ring.


He threw all his weight into a big splash at four-hundred and sixty-seven pounds! Roebuck kept him pinned down to ground and barked at the official to count.



Close, but no!

Adam Roebuck growled at the official and could’ve hurt him right then and there. It wasn’t like he would have a job in two weeks any how, but Roebuck was fixated on hurting his partner. He propped him up near the corner and charged for another Bottom Dealing. Huber moved out of the way as the massive train crashed. Huber charged and clubbed him with right hands. He tried to wipe some of the blood off his face before he picked up Roebuck and put him on the second rope to set him up for something bigger.

Could he?

Would he?


The nearly five-hundred pound Roebuck was spiked into the canvas with Derrick Huber’s muscle buster!


Huber didn’t make the cover but he chose to go to the top rope instead! Huber wasn’t your typical powerhouse in that he had an expanded moveset but he didn’t go to the top rope that often. This was the finale of Intense and this was a special occasion. Huber was on the top turnbuckle and the three-hundred pound muscle man took flight.


Big splash off the top! The crowd popped major for Huber as he covered his partner.




This big brawl to kick off Intense was over and the result was a victorious Derrick Huber! Huber was still covered in blood, as was Adam Roebuck, but he got back up and celebrated! Charlotte had run back down to ringside after she chased Zane Roebuck off and rejoined her hubby in the ring. She hugged her husband on this huge win tonight.

Adam Roebuck rolled out of the ring with help from his father and the two Roebucks regrouped from the ring. This was a set back for the father and son but they still had Death Wish to get the rights to the House name. Charlotte waved her hand at a ringside official and asked for a microphone.

“Before … before my husband and I leave here tonight, we need to say this. Despite what happened with The Roebucks and us … we still love all of you! Without you, there would not be the House! Without all of you, there would be no Derrick Huber or Adam or Zane Roebuck or Charlotte! None of us would be in jOlt as long as we have if it weren’t for each and every one of you tonight!!!”

The crowd gave a big ovation for the husband and wife. The official handed Derrick a towel to wipe off some of the blood on his face. He took the microphone and addressed the crowd.

“Thank you to all of you! I … I can’t even express how I’m feeling right now. I don’t want to see jOlt go and I don’t want to see this place not exist anymore. No matter what happens with LoC or whatever happens with us, I want you people to know from the bottom of my heart … we’re husband and wife, but whatever bullshit is going on between the Roebucks and us … you’re not just fans. You’re our family! Thank you, good night and enjoy the rest of the show!”

The Hubers waved to the fans one last time before they took their final walk for Intense.

Winner: Derrick Huber via Pinfall

"Supremely Confident"

Dawn Cassidy used to be the subject of some flirtation with Alfie Button and Darren Best. Now, she was standing by to interview the latter about his association and current relationship with the Londoner.

"Darren, you used to be best friends and tag team partners with Alfie Button. In fact, he's the reason why you went after Alex Reyn in the first place. How is it you're now facing your former friend and actually teaming up with your rival, the man who injured Alfie in the first place?"

Best nodded, conceding Cassidy had a point: "All true, Dawn. This started off by getting revenge for Alfie and while I know he now thinks it's about me, it isn't. The truth is, I'm a changed man. I am not the same person I was when I first faced Alex Reyn. I'm smarter, stronger, fitter and just plain better. Alex has got out of me what he set out to, but I haven't got out of him what I want and I will not stop until I do."

Dawn didn't have to do much to do, other than ask what that was, but Darren continued: "Sorry, Dawn. I said this isn't about me. Well, yes, it is. For a long time, people have said Alfie's the more gifted of the two, the quicker, the flashier, the more athletic, the more extravagant, the more marketable and the breakout star in our team.

"Sure, they've also said I'm stronger, bigger and probably better all round, but because of his lighting speed and big mouth, he's always been tipped to go on and leave me behind. Has he?"

Affirmatively, Darren shook his head: "No, he hasn't. Alfie is an outstanding athlete, I would never take that away from him, but I've always had more about me. I'm a faster learner for one, I'm smarter for definite and I've taken more on board, learning from my mistakes when I've made them. I'm more durable, tougher and can actually take a beating - what did Alfie do last week? Once he got caught, he got squatted like a fly."

The last comment drew shock, laughter and applause from the audience.

"We've often wondered what would happen if we faced each other. He's supremely confident and so am I. My name is Darren Best - no relation - for a reason. Alfie's good, maybe even very good, but I'm better - always have been and always will be."

With that, Darren departed and he was looking what he had just described Alfie Button as...

Supremely confident.

Tammy Lynn Foster vs Desiree
"Girls Girls Girls" by Motley Crue started up and the crowd cheered as Desiree made her way to the stage. She has not been seen lately on iNtense but seeing as this was one of the last shows for the company she was getting her turn to shine but had to be against the number one contender for the Starlets title and former champion, Tammy Lynn Foster. Desiree looked out into the crowd before she headed towards the ring. The Connecticut native made her way down the ramp smiling and pointing to the fans.

Desiree rolled into the ring and raised her arms high in the air for the fans in the arena. Desiree made her way to the far corner as Kim Adams checked her.

“Redneck Woman” By Gretchen Wilson explodes throughout the arena. Tammy Lynn Foster made her way out to the stage looking like she was all business. A couple of weeks ago she scored a pinfall in that big six woman tag team match. She climbed into the ring and went right after Desiree with big rights and lefts but the Desiree was not going to be out done as she stood her ground. The two starlets battled in the middle of the ring. Desiree wanted to make her final match in jOlt a good one but Tammy was in a seek and destroy mode.

Desiree was able to back Tammy into the ropes as the fans erupted. Desiree grabbed TL’s arm and whipped her into the ropes. The former champion bounced off the ropes and was dropped with a big back body drop. Desiree picked up her opponent and whipped her into the corner. She raced into the corner nailing Tammy Lynn with a big clothesline. Desiree pulled Tammy from the corner and drove her into the mat with a snap suplex. Desiree quickly dropped down for the cover on Foster.




Desiree reached down and pulled Tammy to her feet before slamming the former Starlets champion hard to the mat. Desiree dropped a quick elbow on Tammy’s chest. She quickly stood to her feet and played to the fans who serenaded her with a big cheer. Desiree was nor done as she dropped a leg on top of TL’s chest. Desiree picked up the Blonde Bomber and slammed her down to the mat with a hard body slam. Desiree knelt down next to Tammy Lynn and started to drill her with several rights to the face.

Cheers by the fans…

Cheers by the fans…

Cheers by the fans…

Cheers by the fans…

The fans continued to cheer as Desiree stood to her feet. Desiree reached down and picked up TL and hooked her in a front chancery. Desiree tried to pick Tammy Lynn up but Foster blocked the move. Desiree tried to pick Foster up again but she continued to block the move.


The former champion quickly goes for the cover on Desiree.




Tammy slammed her hands on the mat in frustration. She was not done as she quickly stood to her feet, pulling Desiree up with her.


TL just drove Desiree down with a big time suplex DDT. The fans looked on as Tammy stood over top of Desiree. She has been a woman possessed after she lost the Starlets championship to Vogue. Foster dropped down and hooked Desiree’s leg for the cover.




The crowd cheered Desiree as she was still in this match with Foster.


was not happy as she went for the cover again on Desiree.




TL picked up Desiree and whipped her into the corner. Foster raced into the corner and was met by a big boot to the face. Desiree was in desperation mode now. TL shook her head as she went right back into the corner but Desiree again nailed her with another big boot to the face. Desiree tried to get herself together as she raced out of the corner and clotheslined Tammy to the mat. TL bounced back up and Desiree clotheslined her again. Desiree waited for Tammy to get to her feet.


Desiree just slapped TL across the face. TL was pissed but Desiree did not give her a chance to react as she drilled her into the mat with a DDT. Desiree went for a cover.




The fans gasped as Tammy kicked out. Desiree was not done as she grabbed Foster and whipped Foster into the ropes. Tammy bounced off the ropes and was nailed with a back body drop. Desiree picked up TL and was surprised with an inside cradle from Tammy.




Desiree almost lost but she was able to kick out. She sprung to her feet and tried to clothesline TL again but this time Foster ducked and caught Desiree from behind.


The Rolling German Suplex was vicious as Desiree was down. TL looked out into the arena as she let out a primal roar. She motioned for the title belt around her waist as she grabbed Desiree.


The fisherman powerbomb was vicious as Tammy was looking to make a statement on Desiree. Tammy pointed at the Death Wish banner high above the arena before picking up Desiree.


Tammy rolled over and hooked Desiree’s leg for the pin. ONE…



Tammy was determined to get the Starlets title back and at Death Wish, Vogue better be prepared.

Winner: Tammy Lynn Foster via Pinfall

"Worth Another Shot"

The scene opens up backstage inside Damien Lee’s office. Lee is looking over some paperwork when there is a knock on the door.

“Come in” said Lee.

The door creaked open and “Dragonfly” Amber Ryann poked her head inside. The fans in the arena popped pretty big for her.

“Yo, bossman!” said Amber.

Lee lifted his head up and looked at Amber.

“Deja vu…” muttered Lee under his breath.

Amber walked into the office completely and stepped up and Lee’s desk.

“So… I had this vibe run through my head… it was like.. telling me to come and see if there was a way I could sway your opinion of having a match here on the last iNtense. I mean.. isn’t there some sort of contractual loophole or something you would work your magic with? I mean.. if Jon Le Bon could do it.. why can’t you?” asked Amber.

Damien Lee let out a sigh.

“Look, Amber… I know you’re going through a rough patch right now and I’d really like to help you, but… as I explained last week…”

Damien Lee paused as he saw the disappointment in Amber’s face.

“You know what, Amber? To hell with it… I mean.. I’m practically fired in two weeks anyway… I’ll give you a match tonight.. in fact.. since this is the final iNtense… I’m going to make a match for people to remember.”

Amber’s face lit up with anticipation.

“Tonight you are going to go one on one with the Starlet Champion.. Vogue Gonsalvez… it’s going to be the jOlt Starlet Champion vs the LoC Bombshells Champion… BUT… since I’m doing this under the table for you… you can’t defend your title and neither can Vogue.. this will just be a one on one non-title match… as for your payment.. I’m going to pay you out of my own pocket so it’s completely off the books.”

Amber walked around Lee’s desk and embraced him in a hug.

“Thank you so much!” said Amber as she squeezed him. “I’ll go get ready!”

Amber quickly walked out of the office and closed the door behind her. Damien Lee cracked a smile as he sat back in his chair.

“Yep.. I’m fired in two weeks… so you know what? I have another idea…”

Damien Lee picked up the phone and started dialing some numbers. Lee looked up at the camera before he finished dialing and shot the cameraman an evil glare..

The scene faded to black.

Alex Reyn & Darren Best vs Alfie Button & Freddie Rich
A mere few months ago, Darren Best and Alfie Button were challenging The House for the tag team titles live on pay-per-view. Now, they were on opposite teams.

Darren’s mission to avenge Alfie, who had been savagely attacked by Alex Reyn and put on the shelf, had deviated from its initial objective.

In an interview several minutes ago, Best talked about how Alfie had always been earmarked for stardom and how they’d discussed what would happen if they ever faced off. Alongside Alex Reyn and Freddie Rich respectively, they were about to find out.

That’s not to mention the one-on-one showdown on Countdown, where they’ll get no help whatsoever, to determine who’ll oppose Alex Reyn at the forthcoming Death Wish pay-per-view.

‘The Revolution Will Be Televised’ by Smoove.

The catchy beat brought Alfie, fresh off being dismantled by Reyn seven days ago, to the fore and he revelled in the spotlight, thrusting his hips and feeling the music. Shortly after, showcasing that scintillating speed, he had raced down the ramp and into the ring. Texting messages to the big screen were a thing of the past. The Entertainers were no more.

His partner for tonight, Freddie Rich, had been on quite a roll and hadn’t disgraced himself in a losing effort to the most fearsome monster on the roster, Omega, last week.

‘Only’ by NIN and the signature hoodie since Rise of the Legends marked Freddie Rich’s appearance. One thing was missing tonight…

No Sonny Silver.

Would that have an impact of Freddie’s performance?

‘The First snapped the hood off as he stood up on the apron. Then, he casually unzipped his pa-


(Thank GOD! I thought he meant his pants!!)

-and dumped it to the side, reluctantly accepting Alfie’s over-the-top high-five request. How would these two ego-fuelled yet very different competitors function?

Up next…

Darren Best, and cheers finally rang out for the most popular performer in this contest, who was embroiled in a fierce rivalry with his temporary tag team partner. How would that work out?

Usually, Best’s focus would be on Alex Reyn. Seeing Alfie Button in the middle of the ring, opposing him for the first time ever, meant Darren had another distraction. As he ascended the steel steps, the emotional Button had to be restrained by Rich and the referee from attacking his former partner. Best didn’t budge. He slowly stepped through the ropes and went into the zone, as Alfie paced back and forth trying to catch his eye. Darren was too intense, here on iNtense, to notice. Plus, they’d go at it again next week on Countdown to face…

Speak of the devil.

‘Sacrifice by Jeff Williams

The lights dimmed as the opening notes of 'Sacrifice' begin to play. The arena was almost pitch black, only showing a few trailing spotlights. Viewers watching at home would see Images begin to flicker across their tv screen as the camera panned over the crowd. The images were of violence, natural disasters, and a solitary figure, watching it all.

“And the opponent: Weighing in at 200 pounds. The East Wind of Adversity, ALEX!! REYN!!!”

Smoke begins to fill the arena, and within the smoke, lit up by the searchlights, ghostly images appeared. Famous heroes and villains from throughout history. At the top of the ramp, a silhouette slowly comes into view. A young man, waiting on the stage in a three point stance. Looking almost like some hungry predator. The rock part of the song kicked in and he took off, charging to the ring and jumping on the apron. Ascending to the top rope to stare down at his opponents.

On the left-hand side of the ring, Reyn and Best stood side-by-side, not looking at, let alone talking, to one another. Eventually, with Best standing his ground, Alex slowly vacated the premises and it became apparent that the New Yorker would be kicking things of for the rivals-cum-partners (for one night only.)

With that set in stone, Alfie Button was pleading with Freddie Rich on the far side to have a crack at his ex-colleague. Freddie wasn't having any of it and it was clear he was captaining this ship. Angry, Alfie kicked the bottom rope once he'd stepped out onto the apron, having a teenage-like tantrum.

As the bell sounded, Rich cockily strutted towards the middle of the ring and raised his arm, seemingly challenging Best to a round of Roman knucklelock. Fans urged Darren not to fall for this routine trick, and in fairness he didn't. That being said, once he got within Rich's range, Freddie extended his size thirteen boot into Darren's midsection and took control with an elementary hammerlock. Old faithful.

If Freddie thought he had things his own way, he was dead wrong. From the blindside, he, along with everyone else involved and in the audience, was taken aback when Alex Reyn attacked him with a terrific springboard dropkick. He was in and out, via a slide, before the referee could muster a count.

Rich, nursing his neck, couldn't believe it. Neither could Best, who wasn't sure what to make of the intervention. While they were stunned, Alfie was crying wolf to the official. What could he do? Alex was in and out like another satisfied customer in Amsterdam's Red Light District.

A clothesline by Rich was badly done, enabling Best to negotiate an arm wringer. While Darren could wrench at it somewhat, Freddie's superior size and strength saw the Monarchy member march Best into a corner. The referee called for a clean break.

Unsurprisingly, he didn't get one. Rich tried to sneak in a right hand, but once again, it was plainly predictable. Best merely blocked the blow and returned fire with one of his own. Back to the well Best went, again going for an arm wringer and then planting Freddie with a sweet single arm DDT.

Not that the technically-proficient Best was done there...

Cross armbreaker all the way.

Impatiently, Darren's former partner, Alfie Button, was set to storm the ring and rescue Rich. The official, though, sought to stop him from sticking his beak in and tried to block Button's path.

What Alfie didn’t know however, was that Alex Reyn had walked along the side of the ring and now chose another method to restrain Alfie: a chop block, which subsequently sent Alfie flying off the apron and caused him to suffer a near-concussion, landing on the arena floor head-first.

Alex wasn't done there though. With Alfie in a daze, Alex connected with a stiff running knee and then locked in the Dragon Sleeper. He couldn't make Alfie tap, but he COULD wear him down significantly, thus reducing his effectiveness if Rich did make the tag.

Good luck to the referee here: trying to prevent Reyn from interjecting himself into this bout. Reyn already had done so and had also been unforgiving towards referees in his previous battles with Best. Here, albeit verbally, he made a mockery of their role again: "Am I doing anything illegal?" And, in fairness, he wasn't. The referee reluctantly concluded and conceded Reyn wasn't breaching any rules and in the process, probably avoided eating an East Wing Cutter, a meal his colleagues were still having problems digesting weeks after tasting it.

Rather than dishing out another serving, Alex compassionately pointed out that the authority figure's attentions should be on the in-ring action itself. What a humanitarian!

Meanwhile, Rich had fought against the debilitating cross armbreaker, and now had Best hoisted up in the air, using his free arm. Showing tremendous power, Freddie launched his tormentor through the air to cause separation and keep Best at bay momentarily.

Freddie was still favouring his shoulder and when he got up to charge at Best, he was found wanting as he was picked off with an old school armdrag by his opponent. Darren then aggressively yanked at the shoulder, pouring further pressure on it by locking in a grapevine-like grip on Rich’s shoulder, and steering Freddie towards the corner, reaching up to tag Alex.

Only Reyn wasn't there. Upon seeing where Darren was, Alex released Alfie and ran THROUGH the ring to his side, before making the tag.

“When Alfie is the legal man, target the head and neck.” he informed Darren. Before twisting Rich’s arm and using a shoulder arm-breaker.

With Rich's arm still twisted, Alex cracked him with a gorgeous roundhouse kick to the chest. Not one to ever rest on his laurels, Reyn dropped Rich with a modified keylock DDT, cinching in the hold properly after the DDT had connected.

Albeit groggy, and that's putting it mildly, Alfie stumbled in out of sheer desperation and scored with a hesitation dropkick to the side of Reyn's head as he was being asked to leave. The operative word being “hesitation”.

Best contested this with our authority figure, all the while Alfie was smirking to himself like a teenager discovering the side-effects of weed for the first time. As Alex realised that he himself had received a taste of his own medicine and had been blindsided by his opponent, he contemptuously rolled his eyes and muttered

“About time you morons started thinking.”

Freddie tried to shake off the pain in his arm and deposited Reyn over towards his side of the ring with a fabulous monkey flip.

Tag to Alfie, who ran straight to the top rope.  What did he have in mind?  Fuck knows and I reckon he hadn't got a clue of his whereabouts right then, which allowed Alex to mug him. How? By running straight up the turnbuckle, applying a front facelock and falling back with a thunderous DDT from the second rope. As last week showed, the loud-mouthed Cockney wouldn't be able to take much more of this.

It worked before.

Dragon sleeper by Alex.

At this point, Rich Was shaking his head incredulously and not only turned away from the action, but dropped down off the apron completely.

He was Freddie Rich. Monarchy’s secret weapon. He had better things to do than babysit some weak little-

Ascendant's Wrath by Reyn!

A barrage of fists followed, laser focused and ruthless as always and then Alex grabbed Rich by the throat to deliver a direct message to a guy whose lights were on, though like Button, not at home:

"NEVER turn your back on me."

Knee to the diaphragm!

Lesson heeded, I think.

Reyn rolled into the ring. Alfie was at his mercy. He could do whatever he wanted...


He opted out, and for the first time ever, The Entertainers were about to mix it up in a competitive environment.

Darren looked down at Alfie, the gears in his head visible to the masses, and most of all Alex. Best's gaze moved from his ex-partner to the one assisting him tonight and he shook his head:

"No, not like this," he stated clearly. Best did want to meet Button, but it would be head on and contested on a level playing field.

Reyn seemed to respect that, and went outside to help Rich back in following Ascendant's Wrath. I say help; he taunted Freddie into tagging himself back in, essentially eliminating Alfie from this match, and manning up (hate that phrase personally.)

After some hesitation on the Monarchy member's part, who only took orders from Sonny Silver ordinarily, he reluctantly accepted the bait by retreating to his side of the ring. He left through the ropes for a second or so and 'blind' tagging an oblivious Button, who was still the legal man.

Not anymore.

Talk about manipulation: the moment Rich returned, Reyn raised his hand and tagged Darren in. We had come full circle. The two combatants that had kicked proceedings off were going to go at it again. Alex had nullified Alfie completely and left Rich at Best's mercy.


From the moment Best re-entered, he looked a wee bit unsure of himself, still respectful of Rich's reputation. In a short space of time, Rich had established himself as the third strongest of jOlt's latest and greatest stable, Monarchy, lagging behind only Frank Silver and Jeremy Ryan - no shame in that while you're still learning your trade.

Darren wiped his tights in preparation for a collar-and-elbow, which allowed Rich to readjust mentally and physically, easily winning this tug-of-war and marching him into a neutral corner. Again, Alex shared his inner thoughts with us:

"Idiot. Don't fight on your opponent's terms; make him fight on yours."

There was no referee count here.  Rich, pissed off and back in the game, let Best have it with two massive chops.  That’s what you get for being silly.

Thereafter, the second generation star whipped Best into the corner where Alfie should be standing. He did so with authority, forcing Best to slump down to the bottom rope where he was about to receive a...

First Class Stamp!

Buoyed by the turnaround in fortunes, Rich taunted Alex:

"See what happens to your little friends when they get in MY way."

Unflustered, unscathed and unaffected, Reyn replied:

"Do what you want. He means nothing to me.”

Psyched up, Freddie's intensity ascended to the next level. He steered Darren towards the apron with the sole of his boot and then put it to further use, placing it over Best's throat. When he was done with that, he catapulted Darren underneath the bottom rope, throat-first. Low risk and high reward for Rich. Best was struggling when it had appeared all too easy.

Freddie dragged Darren up and brought him back into the battlefield with a suplex. He floated over for the pin…



Not far away.

Methodically, Rich followed up his handiwork with a fist drop.  Suddenly, Rich was having his way with Best and was very much in charge.

Unexpectedly, Alex greeted Alfie, who was starting to stir on the ringside floor, stomping his head into the mat.

“Pardon the distraction - please continue.”

That made a few observers laugh and Rich even managed a wry smile. It may've been his downfall, taking his eye off the ball as it gave Darren time to capitalise and capitalise he did. Best took Freddie off his feet with a single leg takedown and wailed away at Freddie in a fit of rage.  Seeking approval or reassurance, Darren glanced over at Alex, who gave him a tiny grin as if to say 'not bad.' That was it.

The next move was better than was perfect.


Rolling necksnap!

On this occasion, Darren peered over at Alfie, who was lying in a heap on the outside. He was about to be imitated and duplicated without even realising it. Best, his former partner, paid homage to the brash Brit with a sensational poisoned frankensteiner just as Rich was poised, pun intended, to get up.

A wrist-clutch exploder was being prepared, otherwise known as...


Rich ran Darren straight into the corner like a battering ram, and then continued the series of headbutts to the abdomen, partly out of concern and also because it was working.

A First Class Stamp had paid off earlier...would First Class work?

Whip - ticked.

Dropkick - nobody home!

Scouted, and learned through his series of duels with Alex, Darren left Rich with egg on his face and a bang on his head. He'd seen Alex in close quarters, rolling through and avoiding similar offence, and had incorporated it into his own arsenal. Like his rival, could he now close the show?

OUTstanding moonsault!

That's a start.

Not hanging about, Best set Rich's arms up. This could be a huge scalp two-fold:

1. Darren Best hadn't tasted victory in some time.

2. The guy he had in position went at it with the fearsome Omega last week.






Darren jumped up and had his arm raised in the air, glancing at Alex Reyn, who seemingly approved without saying a word. The rivals had worked wonderfully well together, perhaps surprisingly so, effectively quashing the ridiculously quick Alfie Button as any type of threat and doubling up on second generation star, Freddie Rich.

Best had got better in his series with Alex Reyn and was so desperate for a final opportunity to avenge not Alfie, but himself.

To get it, he’d have to do something he never would’ve thought, especially at the outset of this rivalry and see off Alfie.

Next week’s Countdown wasn’t about ‘entertaining’ the fans.

It was about winning.

Winner: Alex Reyn & Darren Best via Pinfall

"A Not So Easy Exit"

The arena was still buzzing from the action when all of a sudden..

"Angels and Demons" by 55 Escape

The people stood up and booed as The Hype Champion, Crucifix made his way out from the backstage area with a rather annoyed look on his face. He made his way down to the ring and rolled in underneath the bottom rope where he immediately demanded a microphone. He snatched it up rather aggressively and walked to the middle of the ring.

"Cut the music.." demanded Crucifix.

"I love how jOlt was making budget cuts and in order to save money they cancelled The Hype..."

The crowd booed that statement.

"So Damien Lee's solution was to integrate all of The Hype competitors onto the main roster, but yet, here I stand... The Hype Champion and I have been used a grand total of zero times!"

The crowd booed that statement as well.

"And you want to know how I feel about that!?" asked Crucifix

Crucifix paused as the crowd waited to hear his reply. That's when Crucifix cracked a grin.

"I'm loving every single minute of not coming out here and performing for all of you mindless pieces of trash!"

Crucifix laughed as the crowd booed him heavily.

"I have already proved myself when I was the man who held the Hype Tag Team Titles and defended them by myself week after week after week and the only reason why I don't have those belts today is because The Widow's Nest threw a monkey wrench into my plans... but I can easily forgive them because if it wasn't for that, I wouldn't be standing here right now as The Hype Champion so I traded up to something better!"

The crowd continued to boo.

"And now that I am The Hype Champion, I'm living the champion's life! Nice pay... little to no work... it's great! The fact that I get to sit back and collect a paycheck and not do a damn thing is the dream of dreams afterall and the fact that I get to live it and nobody else can makes me smile from ear to ear!"

Crucifix did just that... cracked a pretty big smile.

"And now that we're here on the final iNtense.. it looks like I'll be ending my jOlt career... once again... not doing a damn thing and collecting my final paycheck! This is truly the best way to go ou...."

"HOLD ON ONE SECOND" said a voice that boomed from the backstage area. Everyone in the crowd turned their heads to the entrance ramp when Shayne Anderson made his way out from the backstage area. Anderson stood atop the stage as the crowd cheered him and even gave him a chant.


"Crucifix... Damien Lee has given me the authority to come out here and make a match so I'm sorry to say that you will NOT be leaving jOlt on an easy note... right here tonight you will be defending your Hype Championship!" said Anderson.

Crucifix didn't like the sound of that.

"I thought about who your opponent should be. I considered Sayber.. the first-ever Hype Champion because it would make things come full circle... but then I said.. well, that has a lot of meaning, but Sebastian Saje.. the second-ever Hype Champion would work just as well.. but I remembered he's staying by his girlfriend's side as she decided to put her career on the line against Raevynn."

Anderson paused.

"The third Hype Champion, Pietro Geist is nowhere to be found and both Brian Williams and Mike Patterson are focusing on their tag team title match coming up at Death Wish... so having you wrestle a former Hype Champion would be a daunting task to pull off.. but then I remember something... or more specifically... someone."

Anderson stepped to the side and pointed towards the entrance ramp.

"You will be defending your Hype Championship RIGHT NOW.. and here is your opponent..."

"Believe" by Since October

The crowd stood up. That was the theme of The Dead Cell!! Out from the back came one of the remaining masked members... Rafael. Known for his high-flying ability, Rafael could go toe to toe with Crucifix, but why him?

The music cut off as Crucifix began talking.

"Whoa whoa whoa... what is this about? Rafael is not a member of The Hype Roster... and if you think I'm going to defend my title against a main roster member, you're out of your damn mind!!"

Rafael looked towards Anderson and Anderson gave him the nod. With that.. Rafael slowly grabbed his mask and lifted it up until it came off of his face. The crowd was shocked... Crucifix's jaw almost hit the floor...


The man who turned on Crucifix and abandoned him on The Hype! He said he was going to the main roster, but he disappeared for months! Xtreme was on the main roster all along as Rafael of The Dead Cell!!

Xtreme walked down the ramp as Crucifix gritted his teeth. All of the emotion of being turned on came flooding back. He clenched his fists in complete anger as Xtreme hit the ring and walked right up to his former partner. He looked down at the Hype Championship and then back up at Crucifix with a grin on his face.

A referee ran out from the back and slid into the ring. He asked Crucifix for The Hype Championship and Crucifix, consumed with rage, ripped the title off of his own waist and thrust it into the chest of the referee. The two of them came face to face.. nose to nose as the referee held the title up high! He passed the belt off to ringside and got some separation between the two.

He then called for the bell and we have ourselves a title match!!!

Crucifix(c) vs Xtreme



Immediately, Crucifix and Xtreme came to the middle of the ring and began to pummel each other right hands! This match opened up with a slugfest between the former members of The X Age! Xtreme began to get the upper hand as he backed Crucifix into the ropes and whipped him across the ring! Xtreme leapt up and took Crucifix down to the canvas with a Leg Lariat! Crucifix immediately rolled to the outside and kicked the steel ring steps in frustration as Xtreme beckoned him to bring it back into the ring.

With speed, Crucifix slid back in and charged Xtreme, locking up aggressively in the middle of the ring. The two of them powered around until Xtreme found himself with his back up against the corner. Crucifix fired off a knife edge chop across the chest followed by a whip to the opposite corner. Crucifix charged in, but Xtreme hopped up onto the middle turnbuckle causing Crucifix to stop dead in his tracks. Xtreme simply hopped over Crucifix, landing behind him and when Crucifix turned around, Xtreme flipped backwards and caught Crucifix upside the head with a Pele Kick that staggered him back first into the turnbuckles!

Xtreme turned around and hit a running knee lift into the corner. He then followed it up with a pair of forearm shots to the side of the head and then a European Uppercut underneath the jaw. Xtreme twisted Crucifix's arm with an arm wringer before whipping him to the other corner. Xtreme charged in, going for the Tiger Wall Flip, but when Xtreme landed on his feet, Crucifix spun out of the corner and drilled him with a Discus Clothesline! Crucifix stood and immediately put the boots to his former partner, keeping him grounded and on the canvas. The referee ordered Crucifix to back up, but Crucifix ignored the referee until the count of four then backed off.

Crucifix bent over and pulled Xtreme up to his feet. He grabbed Xtreme by the waist and dropped him across his knee with a Pendulum Backbreaker. Crucifix then made the cover, hooking the leg deep.



Xtreme popped the shoulder up.

Crucifix stood and sat Xtreme up. He then belted Xtreme across the back of the head with a stiff elbow shot which dazed him. Crucifix took off to the ropes on the opposite side and dove in with a low flying forearm to the back of Xtreme's head! Crucifix stood and dragged Xtreme away from the corner. Crucifix went up top and took aim on his former partner and that's when he looked to end this match immediately...



It was much too soon to try and put Xtreme away and the pair of knees that Crucifix had landed on spoke volumes to that! Xtreme pulled himself up and backed into the corner. Crucifix got up to his knees and Xtreme lunged in, looking for a super kick, but Crucifix ducked out of the way and avoided contact. Crucifix sprung back to his feet and grabbed Xtreme in a waist lock, but Xtreme performed a standing switch and got behind Crucifix. Xtreme with the German Suplex attempt, but Crucifix landed on his feet. Xtreme turned around and ducked a lariat attempt by Crucifix. Xtreme backflipped again, looking for another Pele Kick, but found nothing! Crucifix grabbed Xtreme by the leg and rolled him up to his feet with his back turned to the champion. Crucifix then rode up onto Xtreme's shoulders, looking for the Crucifix Driver, but Xtreme cradled Crucifix by the head and hoisted him up to a Fireman's Carry. He then tilted off into a Death Valley Driver instead!!

Xtreme went to the corner and climbed up top! Now he was in position to end this match early as he perched himself on the turnbuckles. Xtreme then twisted off with the 540 Senton Splash.. his finisher as a member of The Dead Cell..



It was the Hype Champion who moved out of the way this time and Xtreme crashed and burned on the canvas!! Xtreme stood up, holding his back in pain as Crucifix darted over and rocked Xtreme with a big right hand, stunning him. Crucifix unleashed another heavy right that caused Xtreme to teeter backwards, but he kept his balance and remained on his knees. Crucifix grabbed Xtreme and placed him in a front face lock, lifting him to a vertical base. He then hit a Snap Suplex, taking Xtreme back over and doing a little more damage to the back.

Crucifix sat Xtreme up and then placed a knee between Xtreme's shoulder blades while wrenching back on his arms. If Crucifix took Xtreme's back out of the equation, he would negate both of his finishing maneuvers as well as his ability to fly in general, however, the crowd began to rally behind Xtreme and he used the energy to get back up to his feet. He fired a pair of elbows into the stomach, doubling Crucifix over. He then switched to forearm shots to the face and took off to the ropes, but a well-placed knee from Crucifix stopped the comeback and flipped Xtreme back over onto his seat! Crucifix wasted no time and rehooked the surfboard submission hold on his former partner.

Xtreme needed another way out of this. He mustered up the strength once again and battled back to his feet. Once again he elbowed Crucifix in the stomach and took off to the ropes. Crucifix followed him in, looking for that knee a second time, but Xtreme stopped himself by grabbing onto the ropes... Crucifix tried to stop, but the momentum carried him right into..



Crucifix went down in a heap and Xtreme jumped on top of the Hype Champion! The title was on the line with this very pin!



THREE... NO!!!

Crucifix kicked out at the last possible second and everyone thought that we had a new Hype Champion on the final edition of iNtense!

Xtreme stood up and pulled Crucifix back to his feet. Xtreme hauled off with a knife edge chop that staggered Crucifix back. He hit another and another and another, inching him closer and closer to the ropes. Xtreme shot Crucifix across the ring, but Crucifix reversed and sent Xtreme to the ropes instead. Xtreme held onto the ropes again and Crucifix charged, but he stopped short, waiting for a second super kick, but it didn't come. Xtreme grinned and Crucifix gritted his teeth and charged in again, but Xtreme lifted Crucifix up and over the top rope to the ring apron, but Crucifix landed on his feet. Xtreme turned around and ate a forearm to the face. Crucifix grabbed the top rope and leapt up top, but Xtreme dove forward and fell against the ropes and Crucifix lost his balance, hitting the apron and down to the ringside area!!!

Crowd: OOOOOHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Xtreme waited for Crucifix to get back to his feet as he grabbed the top rope. Once Crucifix was near vertical, Xtreme lunged himself over the top rope, pivoting and landing on the middle rope. He then twisted off with a corkscrew moonsault to the outside and took Crucifix down to the floor once again!!! The crowd stood up and applauded the move as the two of them were laid out at ringside after the collision! The referee began his mandatory ten count.





Xtreme pulled himself back up and reached down, grabbing Crucifix by the hair...


Xtreme then hurled Crucifix into the steel ring steps!


Xtreme backed up and charged in, going for a running knee, but Crucifix moved and Xtreme's knee slammed into the steel!


Crucifix rolled back into the ring and grinned as there was no way Xtreme would be able to get back in, but he grabbed the apron and tried to pull himself up...


Xtreme tried to stand, but his knee buckled and he fell onto his back!!


Xtreme pounded his fist on the canvas, rolled up to his feet and dove for the bottom rope..



Xtreme was able to beat the ten count, but he clutched his knee as he tried to get back to his feet. Once vertical, Crucifix got behind him and hit him with a Chop Block, taking him back down to all fours. Crucifix quickly stood and went to the corner. He climbed up to the top turnbuckle pad.. took aim and... Crucifix LEAP OF FAITH ONTO XTREME'S BACK!!!

Xtreme collapsed face first into the canvas as all of Crucifix's weight came crashing down across his back! Crucifix turned Xtreme over and made the cover, hooking the leg!




Xtreme would not be denied here as he kicked out of that variation of the Leap of Faith.. the Swanton Bomb. Crucifix gritted his teeth and stood, pulling Xtreme back up. He hooked Xtreme for a suplex, but when he lifted him, he walked forward and placed Xtreme up on the top turnbuckle pad, facing the ring. Crucifix quickly turned his back to Xtreme and placed him into a Reverse Splash Mountain Bomb position.. looking for the 7th Judgment... but when he stepped forward, Xtreme slipped off and landed behind Crucifix. Xtreme wrapped his arms around Crucifix's neck with the Sleeper then popped the hips...


Crucifix landed HARD on the back of his neck and the crowd went silent as the referee rushed over to check on his condition. Crucifix showed signs of lift and the referee gave the all clear after a very scary looking maneuver. Xtreme went right back to the attack and propped Crucifix up into the corner in a seated position, stomping away at him. Xtreme backed up and gained a running start. He leapt into the corner and connected with a Hesitation Drop Kick to the face of Crucifix! Xtreme rolled to his feet and grabbed Crucifix by the leg, pulling him out of the corner!

Xtreme climbed the turnbuckles to the very top and took aim...








The crowd couldn't believe that Crucifix was able to counter that!! Nevertheless, both men got back to their feet! Xtreme swung with the lariat, but Crucifix ducked out of the way! Both men turned around and Crucifix kicked Xtreme in the stomach. Crucifix set him up between his legs, looking for a powerbomb, but when he lifted Xtreme up, Xtreme slipped off his shoulders and landed in front of Crucifix where he returned the favor with a toe kick of his own! Xtreme lifted Crucifix up for a powerbomb, but Crucifix continued the momentum and pulled Xtreme over with a sunset flip, but Xtreme wouldn't be held down as he continued the momentum and rolled up to his feet! Xtreme with a roundhouse kick, but Crucifix ducked and pulled Xtreme over with a School Boy Rollup!


Xtreme kicked away at one!

Xtreme got up, shuffled back.. Super Kick missed as Crucifix side stepped it! Half Nelson by Crucifix, looking for some sort of slam, but Xtreme pivoted out of it and landed on his feet! Waist lock by Xtreme... standing switch by Crucifix.. standing switch by Xtreme... Full nelson applied, Crucifix dropped down, brought his legs up under Xtreme's arms and flipped him over...



Xtreme kicked away...

Both men were back up...they swung..



"THIS IS AWESOME" Clap Clap ClapClapClap
"THIS IS AWESOME" Clap Clap ClapClapClap
"THIS IS AWESOME" Clap Clap ClapClapClap
"THIS IS AWESOME" Clap Clap ClapClapClap
"THIS IS AWESOME" Clap Clap ClapClapClap

The referee had to start another mandatory ten count...







Both men began to stir...



Xtreme up!


Crucifix up!

It was about to turn into a typical slugfest, but Crucifix felt that Xtreme would go for the punch, so he switched it up and went for a knee lift! He doubled Xtreme over and then grabbed him by the shoulder, hurling him right between the turnbuckles and into the ring post! Crucifix grabbed Xtreme by the seat of his pants and pulled him out of the corner. He got underneath him and hoisted him up top, placing him on the top turnbuckle pad.

Crucifix climbed up behind Xtreme and tried to hook him for a Super Back Drop Suplex, but Xtreme fought it off with a pair of elbows that knocked Crucifix off the ropes! Crucifix gathered himself and stumbled back up to his feet. Crucifix turned to face the corner and that's when Xtreme stood on the middle ropes and looked backwards. Xtreme then hopped backwards off of the middle rope... landed on Crucifix's shoulders, and in one fluid motion, flipped backwards...


Crucifix hit the back of his neck again and the momentum carried him over to his stomach! He tried standing up, but was on his knees and off balance! Xtreme shuffled back and...



Xtreme quickly headed to the corner. He climbed up top as the place was on their feet! Xtreme took aim and flipped off with the Shooting Star Press...







The referee handed Xtreme the Hype Championship and he couldn't believe it himself! Xtreme will go down in history as the final Hype Champion of jOlt! Xtreme fell to his knees as he clutched the Hype Championship in his hands.. all of a sudden..

"Sabertooth" by Yasuharu Takanishi

The first-ever Hype Champion, Sayber came out from the backstage area! He only got about half way down the ring when...

"Rescue Me" by Coldrain

It was Sebastian Saje!! He came out from the backstage area and made his way down to the ring... soon after..

"Links 234" by Rammstein

He was here after all!!! Pietro Geist.. came out from the backstage area and the crowd lost it!! He made his way down to the ring when...

"Yours is an Empty Hope" by Nightwish

One half of The New Breed... Brian Williams came out from the backstage area, but he stopped at the top of the ramp when..

"Symphony of Destruction" by Megadeath

His partner, Mike Patterson came out and joined him! Every single Hype Champion in history walked out from the back and made their way into the ring. Xtreme stood up as the all of the former Hype Champions surrounded him and gave him a round of applause! Each one of the Hype Champions walked up and shook Xtreme's hand.

By the time Mike Patterson shook his hand, Crucifix got back up to his feet, stumbling into a corner, holding the back of his neck. Crucifix, with a pissed off look on his face, forcefully nudged his way between all of the former champions and went face to face with his former partner, Xtreme. Xtreme slung the championship over his shoulder and stared Crucifix in the eyes. Crucifix huffed and puffed and looked ready to lay Xtreme out, but then he lunged in and embraced Xtreme with a hug!!!

The crowd applauded wildly as the two of them buried the hatchet in the middle of the circle of champions! Crucifix then raised Xtreme's hand high into the air, turned and..



Crucifix immediately hit the ring, rolled out and darted away just as all of the former champions reached out to try and grab him!! Crucifix backpeddled up the entrance ramp with a disgusted look on his face as all of the other Hype Champions stared him. Williams and Patterson were on a knee, propping Xtreme up and checking to see if he was okay. Sayber, Saje, and Geist all taunted Crucifix to bring his ass back down to the ring but Crucifix continued up the ramp before disappearing behind the curtain.

It was a bitter end to a warming moment... but it will still reflect in the records that Xtreme is the final Hype Champion of jOlt!

Winner: Xtreme via Pinfall (NEW Hype Champion)

"Returning Your Call"

Damien Lee was sitting in his office when his phone rang. Lee picked it up

"Hello?" asked Lee.

Lee's face lit up

"Wow.. thank you for returning my call from earlier. I, honestly, didn't think you would do that."

There was a brief pause.

"That attitude of yours... as expected of you. Nevermind the sarcasm, though. About my proposal... are you doing to take me up on it?"

Lee sighed

"Just going to consider it, eh? I really wish you would... I mean.. it is our final show and all and it's something I think you should be apart of."

Another pause as Lee pounded his fist on his desk.

"LOOK! Either you want to or you don't.... there is no middle ground here... this is just a yes or no question that needs an answer. Are you willing to do this or not!?"

Lee then facepalmed.

"You know that I hate it when you toy with me like that... " said Lee.

Another pause.

"Well it's not fun for m.... STOP LAUGHING.. "

Lee was clearly upset.

"Look.. you agreed to show up.. so just be there at Death Wish!!"

Lee slammed the phone down on his desk..

"Last time I ever call his ass for something important."

Lee let out another heavy sigh as the scene faded to black.

Vogue Gonsalvez vs "Dragonfly" Amber Ryann
The match was made earlier tonight.. a former member of The Hype and one who impressed many here in jOlt went on to LoC and captured her first singles championship. Now, thanks to Damien Lee’s blessing, she has returned to where it all started for her….

“Antinotice” by AKIAKANE

The crowd hit their feet as the LoC Bombshells Champion and jOlt alumni, “Dragonfly” Amber Ryann, darted out from the backstage area with the LoC Bombshells Championship firmly around her waist. She stopped at the top of the entrance ramp and raised her fist high into the air before falling to a knelt position, pounding it into the steel.

Normally this is where her pyro would go off, but I guess they left that stuff up in Orlando because nothing happened. Amber looked as if she pouted a bit, but she shrugged and skipped down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans at ringside. Amber rolled into the ring under the bottom rope and unfastened the LoC Bombshells Championship, hoisting it high into the air. Her music died down and the fans struck up a chant.


Amber fist pumped the air as she was into the chants. The crowd continued to cheer as…

“My Time” by Fabolous

Out from the back came the jOlt Starlet Champion, Vogue Gonsalves. She stopped at the top of ramp and struck a pose clenching her fist as the white spotlights closed in on her from every direction. When the beat of the song kicked in, the spotlights scattered and swirled around the arena. Vogue walked down the ramp, keeping her eyes on the ring.

Vogue hopped onto the ring apron and stepped in between the ropes. She unfastened the Starlet Championship and stepped up to Amber Ryann. Both of these women held up their respective championships for the crowd to see. Tonight we were about to see which company’s champion was better

Both women passed their titles off to ringside and the referee called for the bell.




The crowd stomped their feet as these two ladies circled each other in the ring. They locked up and Amber went into a side headlock, but Vogue backed her into the ropes and sent her across the ring. Vogue went for a clothesline, but Amber ducked and continued to the opposite side. Amber bounced off and flew at Vogue with a Flying Clothesline, but Vogue matrixed back and Amber flew right over her, but Amber tucked her head and rolled back up to her feet while Vogue bridged up and spun around!! Amber turned and charged, but Vogue hit an arm drag, but Amber got up and saw Vogue charging in so Amber returned the favor with a Japanese Style Arm Drag!

Both women were up and Amber charged at Vogue, but Vogue side-stepped and shoved Amber off to the ropes. Amber leapt to the middle rope and with no hands, leapt backwards over Vogue with the Mega Man X Wall Jump! Amber landed behind Vogue, but Vogue immediately leapt to the middle rope and backflipped off of it and over Amber, landing behind her!! Amber turned around and Vogue grabbed her by the arm, whipping her to the opposite side. Vogue leapt up and wrapped her legs around Amber’s head, flipping her over with a Huracanrana! Amber dazily got back up and stumbled against the ropes. Vogue charged and clotheslined her over the top rope and to the floor, but Amber actually landed on her feet and stumbled back against the announce table!

Vogue immediately took off to the opposite end and charged towards the side of the ring that Amber was on, but Amber ran towards and the ring and slid back in under the bottom rope as Vogue passed over head, but Vogue grabbed the top and middle rope and swung her legs through and ended up back in the ring!! Amber had already taken off to the opposite end, but Vogue charged in and when Amber bounced off the ropes...



Referee Kim Adams immediately exited the ring to check on both of them and it appeared as if they were both okay after that scary spill to the outside. The referee rolled back in and began the ten count as Vogue was already getting back to her feet to a big round of applause from the crowd. Vogue grabbed Amber by her rainbow-colored hair and pulled her back up to her feet. She rolled Amber back in and slid into the ring after her. Vogue stood then bent over to pull Amber back up, but Amber kicked Vogue in the face from her back then kipped up to her feet, but Vogue shook off the kick and immediately grabbed Amber in a waist lock as soon as she kipped up!

Amber fought Vogue off with a pair of back elbows to the head. She turned and hit a toe kick to the mid-section before setting her up in a front face lock. She lifted for a suplex, but Vogue countered with a knee strike to the top of the head! Amber dropped Vogue and staggered away, holding her forehead in pain. Vogue charged in from behind and went for a Running Bulldog, but Amber sensed it and ducked and Vogue fell to her seat! Amber then hauled off and kicked Vogue in the side of the head with a low roundhouse kick!! Vogue fell to her back and Amber wasted no time grabbing an arm and a leg and dragging Vogue towards the corner. Amber climbed up top with her back to the ring and was ready to fly, but Vogue got up and climbed the turnbuckles as well, getting behind Amber. Vogue placed Amber in a waist lock and then swung her legs through the middle and top rope, throwing Amber off the top turnbuckle with a Spider Suplex.. but Amber flipped over and landed on her feet!!!!! Vogue was hanging upside down in the corner and that’s when Amber charged in and went for the baseball slide kick to the face, but Vogue sat up!!!

Vogue quickly pulled her legs out and bounced up off the bottom ropes.. then to the middle ropes where she kicked her legs out and swung them back in, driving both of them right into the top of Amber Ryann’s head as she laid there under the bottom turnbuckle!!

Crowd: “OOOOOH!!!!”

Vogue rolled to her feet and dragged Amber out of the corner by her arm. When she got her near the center of the ring, she rolled her over and made the cover, hooking the leg.



Amber kicked out!

Vogue sat Amber up and placed her into a seated Sleeper Hold. Amber struggled to get out of it, but Vogue pulled her down to the canvas and then wrapped her legs around her in a Body Scissors. She had completely grounded Amber Ryann and she was dead center in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go! Amber realized that when she reached out for the ropes, but they were just too far away. Amber gripped Vogue’s arm and tried to break her grip, but Vogue had the hold synched in too tight.

The fans began to rally behind Amber as she began to build up some momentum and got to a seated position! She then began to stand when Vogue got to her feet and placed a knee into the back of Amber’s knee, bring her to a knelt position. Vogue quickly released the hold, took a step back, then hit a drop kick to the back of her head, sending Amber face-first into the canvas! Vogue then turned Amber over onto her back, positioning her in just the right spot. Vogue headed to the corner and climbed the turnbuckle pads to the top with her back to the ring. Vogue then twisted off with the Sky Twister Moonsault..



Ryann rolled out of the way and Vogue crashed and burned hard on the canvas! Vogue rolled onto her back as she held her stomach in pain. This time it was Amber that went up top with her back to the ring. She flipped and twisted into the Corkscrew Senton...



Amber had the cover, hooking the leg!



Vogue shot the shoulder up in time!

Amber sat up and got back to her feet. She made her way to the corner and crouched down, daring Vogue to get back up. Vogue pulled herself up slowly and Amber charged in, but Vogue pivoted and connected with a back elbow, staggering Amber back into the corner. Vogue charged the corner, but Amber gave her a receipt with a back elbow of her own. Amber turned to the corner and grabbed the top rope. She leapt to the top turnbuckle, but Vogue turned and charged the corner, knocking Amber off of her perch! Vogue climbed up behind Amber and stood her up onto the top ropes! Vogue got behind her and underneath her.. looking for a Super Back Drop Suplex, but Amber hit more back elbows and knocked Vogue off the rope and onto the canvas where she landed hard. Amber then fell to a seated position on the top rope and bounced off with a Split-Legged Moonsault and slammed down on top of Vogue! She went for a cover, hooking the leg.



Vogue kicked out once again!

Amber stood up and signaled that she was going to put Vogue away! She pulled Vogue up and hit her with a toe kick. Amber turned her back to Vogue and hooked Vogue’s arms. She twisted and lifted, looking for the Kudome Valentine.. the Fate/Stay Dead, but Vogue flipped off of Amber’s back and landed on her feet, but Vogue stumbled back against the ropes, almost losing her balance in the process. Amber turned, but Vogue pivoted and hit a back thrust kick into Amber’s mid-section, staggering her away. Vogue grabbed the top rope and looked over her shoulder. Once Amber turned around, Vogue leapt to the middle rope and moonsaulted off, catching Amber in a reverse facelock, dropping her with a Reverse DDT!

Vogue got up and hit the ropes. She came back and hit a Running Leg Drop across Amber’s neck and chest. Vogue got back up and hit the ropes a second time, hitting another Leg Drop. The third time was the charm and Vogue pulled off the hat trick. Vogue stood and motioned to the crowd that it was over. She positioned Amber near the corner and climbed up to the top turnbuckle pad. She missed this move before and she was about to try it again..



The crowd rose to their feet as Vogue made the cover, hooking the leg..



Thre.. NO!!!

Amber Ryann kicked out of the Sky Twister Moonsault and the crowd cheered!

“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap

Vogue pulled Amber to her feet and hit a knife edge chop across the chest. She hit a second, then a third, then a fourth, then finally a fifth… the last one stung so much, Amber turned away from Vogue and dropped to her knees, clutching her chest. Vogue ran past Amber and bounced off of the ropes. She came back and planted both boots right into Amber’s face with a Shotgun Drop Kick!




Thre.. NO!!!!

Amber Ryann kicked out AGAIN!

Vogue even looked at the referee to make sure it was just a two and Vogue let out a huge sigh when the referee confirmed it. Vogue got back up and then grabbed Amber by her hair, pulling her up. Vogue hoisted Amber up onto her shoulder and charged the corner, ramming her head and neck first into the turnbuckles. Vogue turned and charged the opposite corner, repeating the same move. Vogue then showed some muscle by switching Amber from her shoulder into a Fireman’s Carry! Vogue then ran towards the middle of the ring and with that momentum, jumped to the side...


Another cover!



Three…!!??? NO!!!!


You could really see the frustration starting to set in on Vogue’s face… the LoC Bombshells Champion just refused to die! Vogue pulled Amber back up, but Amber broke free, shuffled back and...


Vogue went down and Amber collapsed back down to the canvas again! It was a desperation move, but it kept her in this match! Kim Adams looked at both competitors and began the ten count...










Amber kipped up at the count of nine!

She stumbled over and grabbed Vogue, pulling her up to a vertical base. She hit a right hand, then another right hand, then a third right hand. She grabbed Vogue by the arm and whipped her into the ropes. Amber telegraphed a back body drop and Vogue rolled off of Amber’s back! Vogue went for a leg sweep, but Amber hopped over it!! Vogue stood back up and Amber lunged forward with the Double Palm Thrust..



Vogue side stepped and grabbed Amber in a waist lock which transitioned into a Half Nelson, but Amber stomped down on Vogue’s shin and performed a standing switch! Amber then hopped up onto Vogue’s shoulders, looking for a Poisoned Frankensteiner, but Vogue fell backwards with the Electric Chair Drop with a bridge pin!!!



Amber kicked out again!!!

Amber immediately got up to all fours and stood up, but she staggered around the ring. Vogue stood and kicked her in the stomach and then placed Amber between her legs. She lifted Amber up for a powerbomb, but Amber went up and over into a Sunset Flip...



Reversed back the other way!!



And back again!



Vogue kicked away.. went for a kick to the head, but Amber ducked… School girl roll up!



Vogue kicked away, Amber charged in.. single leg sweep, front flip into a Jackknife Pin!



Right shoulder up then down..



Left shoulder up then down.



Bridge up.. twist… and Amber hooked Vogue’s arms and with all of her might and a huge snap...


Vogue flipped over to a knelt position and was on dream street. Amber backed into the ropes and ran forward...


Amber quickly stood and grabbed Vogue, pulling her up. She stood back to back to Vogue and grabbed her in the Inverted Headlock, but Vogue twisted, lifted Amber, but couldn’t quite hit the Back Drop Suplex.. Vogue collapsed and Amber fell on top of her, but both Vogue and Amber’s shoulders were down and their arms were draped across one another. The referee simply saw a pin and made the count...




The bell rang.. the referee then noticed that they pinned each other and told the ring announcer the result.

Dean Carrington: Ladies and Gentlemen.. both women had their shoulders on the mat at the time of the pin… therefore, the official ruling of this match.. is a Draw!

The crowd booed heavily as both Amber and Vogue rolled to their sides. A chant broke out…


Amber and Vogue got back to their feet and looked around the arena at the people chanting for them to restart the match.. Amber and Vogue then looked at each other and nodded. Vogue told the referee to ring the bell!! The referee agreed and the people cheered loudly!!




Amber and Vogue began to circle each other as this match was set to continue!! All of a sudden..


She came in through the crowd and hit the ring… she then laid out both Amber and Vogue with a double clothesline!!

As soon as the bell rang to restart the match, it was called again and ruled a No Contest due to Foster’s interference!

Foster pulled Vogue up and then placed her into the Gory Special.. from there she hit her patented neckbreaker..


Foster looked over at Amber Ryann who was starting to pull herself up. Foster ran over, grabbed Ryann and lifted her into the Gory Special as well..


Foster exited the ring and grabbed both the jOlt Starlet Championship and the LoC Bombshells Championship and came back into the ring with them. Foster stood in between both Vogue and Amber and raised both titles up into the air! Foster then threw the Bombshells title down on top of Amber and then looked at the Starlet Title before tossing it down on top of Vogue. Foster cracked a grin as she exited the ring and headed to the back with the crowd booing her.

Winner: No Contest

"One Light in the Darkness"

The scene opened up backstage as Alyssa Corliss was walking the halls. All of a sudden, she heard the message alert on her phone go off. She reached into her pocket and pulled it out. She scrolled through the screens and cracked a smile as she read the message out loud.

"Getting a bite to eat in catering. Come join me." said Alyssa aloud.

Alyssa put her phone in her pocket and continued to walk the halls. There was a sign on the wall that said "Catering" and an arrow pointing to the left. Alyssa turned the corner and she stopped dead in her tracks. The cameraman followed Alyssa and there was a streak of blood on the floor.

Alyssa looked down at it and cautiously moved forward, following the streak. The smear made a turn around a corner and as soon as Alyssa turned the corner, the lights in the hallway went pitch black. All of a sudden, a voice could be heard speaking.

"That glass pane didn't feel good at all, Alyssa..." said the voice.

Undoubtedly, that was Raevynn's voice.

"You think you have what it takes to end my career.. to take away what I do for a living.. to put food on my plate.. clothes on my back.. and a roof over my head. You think that just because you have Sebastian that you are a woman with nothing to lose... that your boyfriend will support you no matter what happens in our match.... that's..... cute..... "

Raevynn was then heard laughing.


"Tsk tsk, Alyssa. If I revealed myself now, it would spoil the surprise I have for you! You see... I want to show you something, Alyssa. It took a lot of effort on my part to pull this off and you wouldn't believe how fast my heart was beating as I did it... filled with both excitement and fear... I overcame it all on my own.. just so I could show you my gift."

There was a pause as Raevynn laughed again.

"Oh, Alyssa... my dear sweet Alyssa... my gift to you is to show you that your little plan of having Sebastian be your security blanket has a flaw in it... because... you see... what good is the one who will protect you if he can't even protect himself?"

"WHAT DID YOU DO!?" yelled Alyssa.

"What did I do? I simply took Sebastian out of the equation... but don't worry.. I'll afford you one final moment with him to allow you to realize that at Death Wish.. no one will come and save you."

With that, a spotlight lit up behind Alyssa shining down the hallway she was facing. The hallway was actually a dead end...and...

"OH MY GOD! SEBASTIAN!!! SOMEONE... I NEED HELP!!!" screamed Alyssa at the top of her lungs.

The camera panned over and Sebastian was seated up against the wall... he was out cold and his face was covered in a crimson mask of blood. The floor around Sebastian was littered with shattered glass. On the wall above Sebastian's head, the words "Who Will Protect You Now?" were written in Sebastian's own blood. Alyssa tapped Sebastian on the face, but he was unresponsive, but he was breathing.


A shadow then passed over Alyssa. She turned and a silhouette of a female figure stood in front of the spotlight.

"This is a private moment... allow me to give you two some privacy" said Raevynn.

Raevynn then smashed the spotlight, returning the hallway to pitch black.

"Cherish this moment, Alyssa... it will be your last" said Raevynn


After that.. no sound... just silence... the scene had ended.

The Natural Athletes(c) vs ??????????
The Natural Athletes were riding on the high of their careers and after a hellacious defense against The Roebuck family, but as far as anybody knew, they were not scheduled tonight for a defense… that’s why the crowd was surprised when they heard the music…

“Unleashed” by Chris Classic feat. Nazareth.

The music played and the crowd went crazy for the jOlt World Tag Team Champions! Cori “Striker” Albright and “The Big Hitter” Terry Massimo raised their respective titles to a huge pop from the crowd! Behind them was Nate Quartermaine who soaked in the positive cheers from the crow and rallied behind them. Massimo surveyed the crowd and pointed to a section of fans with Natural Athletes signs while Cori Albright scanned for the hottest ladies the eye could see.

Albright jumped to the top rope and did a cartwheel over the ropes before landing in the ring while Massimo climbed into the squared circle. Both men posed for the crowd and their cornerman, Nate Quartermaine, got the crowd going as Terry Massimo wielded a microphone.

“FLORIDA! HOW THE HELL ARE YA?!” Terry screamed.


Terry nodded.

“Well, earlier this week, y’all heard it on!” Terry continued. “Dis is da last episode of iNtense and Cori and I will be DAMNED if we sit our asses on the sidelines not doin’ nothin’! With da blessin’ of both The New Breed – our scheduled opponents at Death Wish – we puttin’ dese belts on da line tonight!”

The crowd cheered again as Cori Albright took the microphone.

“We didn’t ask for just anybody in jOlt… not just the Hype… but ANY tag team in the world! The caveat being that if you win tonight, the match we have with The New Breed at Death Wish becomes a Triple Threat for the belts! So we put out the challenge earlier tonight and I know you people didn’t come to the last-ever iNtense to get talked to death! So Open Challenge… bring us ANY team… and let’s make some history!”

Cori, Terry, and Nate all put their hands in a huddle….


Cori chucked the microphone aside and The Natural Athletes waited for whoever was going to come out.

A few moments passed by, but the fans were going to get their wish…

“Godzilla” by Dire Peril.

Cori and Terry shook their heads in a bit of disbelief, but then they smiled at what was coming their way.

The fans gave a HUGE cheer for the music as two large men stepped out from the back. Fans of ACW and more recently, DEFIANCE and No Brand Wrestling would know the two men coming out from the back as a bad-ass tag team of two big men…



“Introducing the challengers… at a combined weight of 597 pounds, they are the team of ”HOSSZILLA” ANGEL TRINIDAD AND “THE IWO LEGEND” CAPITAL PUNISHMENT… THEY ARE THE HOSTILE ORDER OF STRONG SOLDIERS… TEAM HOSS!

Despite the stupid name, they were the team of a long-time wrestling veteran and powerful and some would say overeager powerhouse. In ACW, they were a dysfunctional team that were greater than the sum of their parts. In nbW, they won the Dynasty Tag Team Title. In DEFIANCE, they were two-thirds of the DEFIANCE World Trios Tag Team Titles! Nowadays they were a force to be reckoned with and could add the jOlt World Tag Team Titles to an already impressive wrestling resume! Capital Punishment and Angel Trinidad both took in the reception from the crowd before they stepped over the ropes in unison! The 6’7” Capital Punishment and the 6’10” Angel Trinidad approached The Natural Athletes and Angel gestured to the jOlt World Tag Team Titles. The Natural Athletes raised the belts over their heads and demanded they come and get it! That shit was on!


But both men attacked at the bell!

It looked like jOlt was going to be the seeing the nastier side of Team HOSS tonight and the crowd booed as Angel went on the attack over Terry Massimo just as Cappy went right after Cori Albright with full force! All four men brawled in the ring right at the onset and Cappy drilled Cori with a stiff right hand, dropping him to the ground!

The 354-pound Terry Massimo had Angel Trinidad at bay, until Cappy got involved and slugged him right in the back of the head with a cheap shot! Both members of Team HOSS sent Terry Massimo for the ride and waited for the return. They both ducked down just a scoch too early and Terry made Angel pay for it with a huge boot to his face! Cappy popped up and tried to catch Terry off-guard, but The Big Hitter ducked the shot. Cappy was near the ropes, but not for long as Terry charged forward and Clotheslined him all the way over the top rope!

Cori Albright was back up and Terry whipped Angel to the corner, allowing Cori to go on the attack. He sped off the ropes and connected with a FAST Running Dropkick right to the chest of Angel! The giant 25-year-old was stunned in the corner, but Cori ran cross-corner a second time before coming back and whacking him with a second Running Dropkick in the corner! Terry followed right behind him and stunned him with a Running Hip Attack, finally slumping Angel over onto his stomach. Cori gestured to the outside and Terry kneeled over in front of the ropes as Team HOSS tried to regroup…


With his partner acting as a launching pad, the former LA Galaxy member CLEARED the top rope and came down on both giants with a spectacular dive! Team HOSS tried getting the drop on the jOlt World Tag Team Champions early, but the Natural Athletes were ready for any challenge! Terry climbed through the ropes and both men picked up the 280-pound Capital Punishment, rolling the elder HOSSman into the ring. The legal man was going to be Terry and he went for the first cover of the match.



That was not even a full two-count when the tough Team HOSS member kicked out! Terry sat Cappy up and drilled the big man with a few good right jabs to the face, trying to wear him down early. The Big Hitter twisted the arm around and tried to work him over with an Arm Wringer before he made the tag to Cori Albright. FIFA’s Favorite Wrestler ascended the buckles and came right off into a Diving Stomp on the arm!

Cappy reeled back from the blow as Cori Albright went back on the attack now. He worked the knee of Capital Punishment with a few sharp kicks with intent to work him over. Cappy swung at him… MISS! He tried with the other arm… ANOTHER MISS! Cori ran underneath a third shot and leaped off the middle rope, coming right back…


His signature Springboard Flying Headbutt caught Cappy in the face and was enough to stagger the big man over! Nate Quartermaine slapped his hands on the ring apron and cheered on his friends as Cori went for a cover on Capital Punishment…



Cappy was approaching fifty years of age in the ring, but he still had no shortage of power in his frame and was able to push him right off. The David Beckham of Wrestling made the tag back out to Terry Massimo and the two worked over Cappy some more while Angel was sequestered in the corner, watching his mentor get worked over. Terry used all the strength he could to lift up Capital Punishment and drop him on the ground. Terry made another tag out to Cori Albright before Terry ran the ropes…


The combination move was a new thing the two had been working on! A Falling Headbutt Drop from Terry Massimo combined with a Slingshot Elbow Drop from Cori right to the face! Terry left the ring while Cori went for another cover!




Capital Punishment made another big kick-out but this match had been The jOlt Tag Team Champions proving their worth as the champs. The IWO Legend was picked up by Cori, with the Striker trying to land his move, Bend It Like Beckham, but Cappy was too strong and shoved him into the ropes. Angel caught him in the knee with a cheap shot and then Cappy made him pay…


He came off the ropes and just ONE Lariat turned the tide for Team HOSS! Cappy then kicked away at the younger Albright and pushed him with his foot until he was out on the floor near Team HOSS’ corner! Cappy made the tag to Angel Trinidad and now the hyperactive giant was ready to fight.


The crowd JEERED as Angel dropped his annoying or charming catchphrase, depending on which wrestling fanbase you asked (here tonight, it was annoying 1000%). Angel picked up Cori Albright and hoisted him over his shoulder before simply DROPPING him with a vicious Throwing Body Slam on the floor! Angel’s moveset was mostly consisting of bullying people around with a variety of slams, but he was really good at it! Cori writhed about the ringside floor in pain while Nate Quartermaine looked on with concern for his friend.

The jOlt fans got their first glimpse of Angel Trinidad as he picked up Cori Albright and rolled The Striker in the middle of the ring. With Cori Albright down, Angel Trinidad took off to the ropes…


It was a needlessly long name for a move that equated to a Running Splash, but at his core, Angel was a athletic 303-pounder that drove all his weight across the chest of his smaller opponent! With that, Angel pushed him down and tried to claim the jOlt World Tag Team titles!




The tenacious Albright’s shoulder escaped underneath Angel Trinidad, but the kid formerly known as The Rookie Monster was no dummy when it came to good tag team wrestling. Nobody was going to confuse Team HOSS for being technical marvels, but what made them so good was their ability to use power and combined attacks to work over anybody put in front of them. It would not be a stretch for them to work over The Natural Athletes considering Angel and Cappy had been a team for a little over three years now!

Angel picked up Cori Albright by the back of his neck and held out a free hand.

“NEXT TAG TEAM CHAMPS, BABY!” Angel yelled arrogantly.

He then DROVE a succession of about four or five hard knee strikes to the chest of Cori Albright before bullying the high flyer in the corner. Angel made the tag back to his mentor, Capital Punishment. Angel whipped Cappy across the ring, but then changed the trajectory by turning him around, hitting an aided Body Avalanche in the corner! Cappy then pulled him right out of the corner and hoisted him up in the air…

Five seconds…

Ten seconds….

FIFTEEN seconds…

And into a Release Delayed Vertical Suplex! Cappy didn’t fall down with him like a regular Suplex, instead opting to simply SLAM Cori down with vicious force! Capital Punishment then went for a cover on Cori Albright, putting all his weight down with a lateral press.




Albright kicked out again, much to the chagrin of Capital Punishment. The IWO Legend picked him up again and was thinking a Powerbomb now as he propped him up. He had Cori up, but Albright surged to life and fought back with a flurry of fists to the head. Cori rolled over him and tried to use a Sunset Flip on the big man, but Cappy was too wise to that and simply DROPPED a humongous Falling Haymaker!

The Striker was left punch-drunk now and Team HOSS had him right where they wanted him. Cappy dragged Cori back up to his feet and the high-flyer was shoved back into the corner where the tag was made to Angel Trinidad. He waved a hand out and for fans of their work in DEFIANCE and No Brand Wrestling, the fans knew what corner move Angel was going to execute next..


Corner Clothesline!


Corner Clothesline!


Corner Clothesline!

He threw Cori out of the corner, thus completing a trifecta of hard Corner Clotheslines he liked to call THE HOLY TRINIDAD! Albright was down yet again and now Angel Trinidad went for a cover on the fallen former soccer player!




Massimo ran into the ring and dropped a Leg Drop across the back of Angel Trinidad’s head, hurting him a little in the process! Terry Massimo rolled away from Angel and returned to his corner. HOSSzilla was down and Cori Albright finally had the opening that he needed to make it back over to his corner…


Angel grabbed him by the waistband of his shorts and tried to pull him back while he was on his knees, but Cori quickly clipped him in the side of the head with a kick. He then motioned backwards…


Since Angel was on his knees, he was a prime target for the HUGE Overhead Kick, catching Angel right between the eyes! Angel went down and Cori finally had his chance to get to the ropes where Terry was ready to get in and kick some ass! Angel made the tag to his mentor, Capital Punishment and the IWO Legend tried to stop Cori…


The crowd went crazy as Terry Massimo rushed right at Capital Punishment and slugged him with a hard Running Back Elbow to the head! Capital Punishment was rendered wobbly when he tried to get back up to his feet. Angel tried to come right at him as well, but Terry picked up Cappy and pushed him right into his tag team partner and the two towers smacked their heads together! Trinidad wobbled back to the corner while Terry Massimo hoisted up Cappy and dropped him down with a HARD Scoop Powerslam!

With Angel still groggy in the corner, Terry Massimo leaned forward…


He CRUSHED Angel Trinidad in the corner with the splash! Terry Massimo turned around just as a groggy Cappy tried to stand again, only to eat a pair of Junkyard Dawg-style Headbutts to the head! When he tried to stand up, Terry Massimo hoisted Cappy up and SLAMMED him down with a huge Thrust Spinebuster! Terry went for a cover now!




Cappy with the shoulder up!

Terry Massimo slapped his hand on the canvas out of frustration before he got back up. He took Cappy up with him, but Angel crept behind him (hard to do when you’re 6’10”, but whatever…) and SMACKED Terry with a hard elbow! With Terry stunned, both men whipped The Big Hitter into the corner. Angel caught him with a huge Corner Splash and then threw Terry right into the grip of Capital Punishment…


His old name from the mid-nineties for a Double Underhook Facebuster! It was somewhat sloppy, but effective enough and now Cappy turned The Big Hitter over to go for a cover!




Cappy was FLOORED that Terry kicked out! That was one of his two finishers that the former Seattle Seahawk just kicked out of and he couldn’t believe it! Cappy angrily pushed Ian Nguyen aside as he gestured to Angel. They looked to be going for their Double-Team Crucifix Bomb called “The Greatest Move in the HOSStory of Our Sport!” however…


Cori caught Angel Trinidad with an incredible aerial move and knocked the giant loopy while Terry freed himself from Cappy’s grip with several elbows to the face! He kicked him in the gut and hooked him up…


A HUGE Jackhammer Slam! Cappy went down after the move and now he pointed to the corner where Cori had returned and was itching for the tag! Terry tagged to his high-flying partner in crime as Nate Quartermaine cheered him on from the outside… Terry Clotheslined Angel over the top rope and got rid of HOSSzilla just as Cori waited for Cappy to try and sit up…


The Diving Double Knee Strike caught Cappy right on the button and now Cori went for a cover!




Team HOSS gave The Natural Athletes a hell of a fight and had almost won the jOlt World Tag Team Titles on several occasions, but as they were wont to do, The Natural Athletes had pulled out victory from the jaws of defeat.

“Here are your winners of the match and STILL jOlt World Tag Team Champions… THE NATURAL ATHLETES!

Terry Massimo and Cori Albright were handed their respective belts by Ian Nguyen and the two best friends slapped the plates together in a sign of victory! Tonight was the final night that jOlt would broadcast iNtense, and they wanted to leave the fans with the best show possible. In their mind, they had given them a heck of a show one final time before they turned to defending their titles against The New Breed.

Nate, Cori, and Terry all took one final bow for the applauding audience in the jOlt Arena before they took their leave, slapping hands with the fans on the way back. It was truly an emotional moment for them indeed, but it was one that they could savor as they looked to hold onto their belts at Death Wish as the final jOlt World Tag Team Champions.

Winner: The Natural Athletes via Pinfall (STILL jOlt World Tag Team Champions)

MONARCHY vs The New Breed, Omega, & Mack Brody

It was now time for tonight’s MASSIVE main event on what would be the final broadcast ever for jOlt Wrestling’s flagship program, iNtense! Emotions had to be running high backstage with only Death Wish to go. Scores were finally going to be settled and wars would be concluded, but for tonight, Damien Lee was going to give the fans a massive show to remember! Days before Fearless Champion Omega met jOlt World Champion Jeremy Ryan in action, they were going to be on opposing teams. Omega would have “SuperMack” Mack Brody along with the best up-and-coming tag team in jOlt to have never won the jOlt Tag Titles – The New Breed – on his side. Meanwhile, they would be opposing MONARCHY consisting tonight of Ryan, Mack Brody’s rival and ex-tag parter, the 2015 Thieves Honor winner Frank Silver, along with MONARCHY’s hired enforcers, The Law. This was going to be a good one, no doubt and one worthy of a final main event!

“The following is an EIGHT-MAN TAG TEAM MATCH AND IS YOUR…” Dean Carrington had to stop, almost getting caught up in the moment. “FINAL INTENSE MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING!”


The crowd responded well to the long-time ring announcer for jOlt as the camera got ready for the entrances. He composed himself long enough to continue.

“Yours Is An Empty Hope” by Nightwish.

Light swirled around the arena before an electric guitar kicked in. With each passing drum beat, a light pulsed, illuminating the stage. Brian Williams had done that with his dance partner, and now tag partner, Mike Patterson at the biggest stage of them all - Wrestlecade. Oh, you'd heard? Okay then.

“First, making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 579 pounds… they are both former Hype Champions and the #1 Contenders to the jOlt World Tag Team Titles… They are the team of MIKE PATTERSON AND BRIAN WILLIAMS… THE NEW BREED!

Williams was knelt down, looking ready to go while Mike Patterson raised his arms to the sides and let out a huge roar for the crowd! As the pace of the music picked up, he slowly stood up. A passionate punch in the air triggered off pyro either side of him. It wasn't the only power he possessed. Both men entered the ring, excited at having the privilege of being in the final main event for iNtense!

“It’s a Fight” by Three 6 Mafia.


Loud explosions of golden pyro erupted from the stage! And walking through the sparks was none other than the man himself…

“Making his way to the ring, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 299 pounds… THIS IS THE MAN CALLED SUPERMACK… MACK BRODY!

With a roar, he erupted from the sparks and stood proudly! His long locks were cut and replaced with a stylishly messy short blonde haircut. Golden taped wrist bands, thigh-length dark blue trunks and dark red wrestling boots. Brody stood his ground at the top of the ramp and walked to the ring as the lights began to pulsate and flash in colors of red, gold, and blue for several seconds at a time. Brody really was feeling his new SuperMack motif, so to speak, as he high-fived the fans. Mack headed up the steps and then climbed into the ring before he ascended a turnbuckle, slapping his chest with his hand and letting out and energetic roar. He shook hands with both members of The New Breed. This was their first, and by proxy, last time teaming together.

“Introducing next hailing from Parts unknown, weighing in at three hundred and forty-eight pounds… he is the current and reigning Fearless Champion… OMMMMMEEEEGGGGAAAAAAAA!!!!

The jOltArena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of “Redeemer” by Marilyn Manson echoed throughout the arena. A loud chorus of cheers from the fans in the arena as they looked toward the stage and the jOltvision to see the stage light up with fire and an ominous figure stood in the flames. A young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

we bask in the glory of pain
we are one with pain

A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the fire subsided and the Fearless Champion stood in the smoke making his way down the ramp to the ring. The lights slowly illuminated as the boogeyman made it to the ring. The large champion climbed up the steps dragging the Fearless championship behind him as he climbed between the ropes and made his way into the ring. The Fearless Champion stood in the middle of the ring and pulled his hood back from his face as his teammates looked at his cautiously. Omega was not normally known to play well with others, but they all had a common enemy in MONARCHY. Omega wanted Ryan, Mack wanted to hurt Frank, and The New Breed wanted to get payback on The Law for stealing their original World Tag Team Title match two weeks ago.

“Coming For The Throne” by Otherwise.

A single shining blue-hued “M” appeared on the jOltVision followed by a new word…


One by one, the members of this new alliance came out from the back. “The Fortunate Son” Frank Silver wearing a BRAND SPANKING NEW MONARCHY t-shirt! The two massive masked security for MONARCHY – Brady and Strauss AKA The Law. Sonny Silver. The brains of the operation. And finally, “jOlt’s Last Real Man” Jeremy Ryan, jOlt World Championship high in the air with the same hate-filled scowl on his face.

“And their opponents, being accompanied to the ring by “jOlt’s Last Real MANager” Sonny Silver… they are the team of BRADY AND STRAUSS AKA THE LAW… THE 2015 THIEVES HONOR WINNER FRANK SILVER… AND THE JOLT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… “JOLT’S LAST REAL MAN” JEREMY RYAN!!!

All four men entered the ring and Sonny Silver talked strategy with them to see which man was going to start. Shockingly, it was going to be Frank Silver that started while former Hype Champion Brian Williams wanted to for his team. This was a massive opportunity for The New Breed to get some momentum going their way.


The bell sounded, and as he was wont to do, Frank Silver liked to talk some smack to whoever he was facing.

“Come on, rookie biotch!” Frank yelled.

“I’ve been here a while, too, asshole,” Brian countered.

The two were about to circle up, but out of nowhere, the jOlt World Champion Jeremy Ryan ran right into the ring and attacked Williams from behind with a HUGE Running Knee! Frank then laughed while Jeremy Ryan AND The Law all ran off to the other side of the ring to attack their opponents!


MONARCHY ran in and they all jumped on their respective partners right away! Jeremy Ryan and Omega picked up right where they last left off at Thieves Honor as the two slugged it out with one another Brady and Strauss gunned right for Mack Brody and Mike Patterson! Brady and Strauss got to fighting outside the ring as the two big bulls, Brady and Mike Patterson traded blows all outside the floor!

Only Simon Boulder, one of wrestling’s biggest referees, could handle the bodies in this match, but right now things were already getting out of hand between all eight men! Sonny Silver stood back and stood by the announce table with Michael Buhrman and Nathan Powers while MONARCHY continued their fights all around the ringside area. The camera went back inside the ring where Frank was putting the boots to Brian Williams in the worst way possible! He pulled him back up and SLUGGED him with a Stiff-ass Uppercut before rolling him up into a Backslide. He was going to try and steal the match immediately!




That would’ve been a complete travesty right there, had MONARCHY ended the final main event of iNtense in such a quick fashion! Frank pulled Brian Williams up again and BLASTED him underneath the jaw with a second European Uppercut before rolling him up again, this time with a Head-and-Leg Cradle!




Frank Silver had a second chance to end it there, but Brian Williams – The New Breed by extension – were two tough bastards that were not going to be caught unaware with roll-ups! Frank then stomped on Williams repeatedly and lifted him up right away. He was going for broke already…


…But the former Hype Champion kicked his legs free and got back to a vulnerable positon for Frank. He hooked the legs now and tried to cradle them…


The Fortunate Son kicked his own legs free and both men were in the middle of the ring now slugging it out with one another, with neither man having the advantage yet! The camera closed in on one side of the ring where Mack Brody hauled off and THREW Strauss right at the barricade before charging with a Clothesline, sending him tumbling over the barricade!

Mike Patterson and Brady were duking it out with one another as well and it looked like Brady had Mike dead to rights with a flurry of right hands. However, Patterson turned the tide right back on him and SMACKED him with a vicious Headbutt that rocked him. Brody ran over and joined him, allowing the two monsters to CLEAR him away from the ring with a huge Running Double Tackle on the floor!

Omega and Ryan continued to tear into one another at ringside! Omega had Ryan by the skull and reared back with a series of hard Knee Strikes to the gut, but Ryan blocked one and dropped an elbow of his own right into The Fearless Champion’s leg! He dropped him with the huge elbow, but then Omega rushed in and SLAMMED the jOlt World Champion right into the announce table, sending him tumbling over! Buhrman and Powers all moved out of the way as Sonny rushed over to check on his meal ticket. MONARCHY had the advantage at the start, but Omega and his team eventually regained the advantage here to the delight of the crowd!

The good guys had the advantage now and all three men returned to the corner of the good guys as MONARCHY tried to regroup on the outside floor. Williams and Silver continued to exchange blows in the ring until Frank missed a big shot via an Uppercut. Brian dodged it and he BULLED Frank Silver right into the corner! This was NOT where he wanted to be and that much was evident…


The 6’10” and 330-pound member of The New Breed entered the ring and the two went right to work on Frank Silver! They both sent him flying to the ropes and when they came back, they BLASTED him with a Double Shoulder Tackle! Brian Williams rushed off the ropes as Mike sat Frank up in the corner…


The blow caught Frank flush in the face! Brian Williams returned to the corner before Patterson dragged him out of the corner and finished off the combination by dropping a HUGE Leg Drop right across the throat of Frank! The Thieves Honor winner was being worked over now as he went for a cover.




Frank’s shoulder came up, but Patterson wasn’t done. He picked up Frank by the head and slammed him face-first into the top turnbuckle! He cocked his knee back and fired a series of hard knees and elbow strikes to the head of Frank before scooping him up out of the corner and DROPPING him with a Side Belly to Belly Suplex! Frank went sailing across the ring just as Jeremy Ryan and The Law all got back to their corners, recovering from their respective attacks on the outside.

“LET ME! COME ON!” Mack shouted.

Mike Patterson looked to the crowd and pointed towards Mack! The crowd wanted it and he was going to oblige…


Brody had been the victim of two back to back MONARCHY-led assaults in the last two main events, including one coming up short against Jeremy Ryan last week for the jOlt World Championship. He would have no more chances at the title due to jOlt’s closure, but he could still make Frank Silver pay for what he did. Frank was still winded from The New Breed’s beatdown, but he tried to crawl away…


Mack grabbed him by the leg and pulled him back to the corner…


A HUGE Release Exploder Suplex from Mack Brody dropped his ex-tag team partner and best friend right down in the middle of the ring! Brody rolled over and went for a cover on him now!




The jOlt World Champion got into the ring and dropped all 264 pounds of his stocky frame across the back of Brody to break up the cover! It may not have helped Frank much since Mack was still ON him, but he did manage to take him out for the moment! Ryan barked orders at his partner.

“Get up! Stop dicking around!” Ryan shouted to Frank.

Sonny looked annoyed with Jeremy Ryan barking out orders like that, but decided to ignore it as Frank rolled over and made the tag out to the 285-pound Strauss. The Law member walked inside the ring and stomped away at Brody with a huge series of boots! He continued to rain down the brutal shots on Mack Brody and then whipped him to the corner. He charged at him with a big Running Corner Clothesline! Strauss had every intention of trying to finish him off with a second one as he ran across the ring, but he didn’t count on SuperMack already recovering and SPEARING him right in the corner behind him! Brody then lifted him up and dropped him with a slam before heading to the second rope…


The Running Slingshot Corner Splash caught Strauss across the chest and now Brody with the cover!




Strauss kicked out, but now Omega wanted in, as noticed by him raising his hand and looking as dead-fucking-serious as a one-eyed badass could do. Mack nodded and pushed Strauss to the corner so that way Omega could come in and have his fun! MONARCHY had been using the game plan of throwing member after member of their group at him, but he’d been able to retain his title against Strauss and “The First” Freddie Rich in recent weeks. Omega ran right at Strauss and rammed his head repeatedly into his face with a series of hard Headbutts!

The Fearless Champions was a very unorthodox opponent in between the ropes and he rushed Strauss cross-corner before following him in with a huge Corner Clothesline of his own! Strauss got rocked by that one, as he did by running across the opposite end and getting crushed again, this time with a Running Knee Strike to the gut. Omega pulled him out of the corner and took to the ropes again, this time mowing right through the MONARCHY member with a Running Big Boot! Omega looked down at Strauss and then to Ryan…

“Observe, Ryan! We will make sure this is you soon enough!”

Ryan growled as Omega went to cover the fallen Strauss.




He didn’t just break up the cover – Brady had wanted some payback after being left laying by Omega two weeks ago after their failed bid at the jOlt World Tag Team Titles! Brady continued to rain down rights on Omega, but Mike Patterson rushed into the fray and went to grab Brady by the waist…


The crowd went fucking NUTS at that feat of strength! Omega rolled away from his corner, but before he could do anything more, Brian Williams tagged himself in! The Fearless Champion was shocked by the development, but The New Breed were main eventing the final iNtense show alongside he and Brody, so they had a lot to prove tonight. He went after Strauss and elbowed him with a HARD Elbow Bat to the face! He rushed at the corner to attack Frank Silver and then the jOlt World Champion with elbows, but Ryan blocked the shot. The World Champion made him pay for his headstrongness by SNAPPING his neck across the top rope.

“Give me the fucking tag!” Ryan shouted.

Strauss rolled over and tagged him just as Brady returned to the corner, holding the back of his neck in pain from Mike Patterson’s freaky German Suplex! The jOlt World Champion pulled Brian to the ring apron…



The HUGE Backdrop Suplex DROPPED Brian Williams across the ring apron in a gruesome manner, sending him slipping to the floor right after the hard impact! Sonny Silver stood up and cheered!


Ryan nodded at Sonny before he peeled Williams up off the canvas and rolled him back inside the ring to where he could be worked over some more. Jeremy Ryan rolled into the ring and now and looked like he was about to go for a cover.




Just BARELY, Williams had just kicked out, but Jeremy continued to assault him. He rained down a HARSH series of elbows right into the head before he rushed him back to MONARCHY’s corner. He stepped back a step…






He went apeshit on Brian Williams with his signature Chop/punch combination in the corner and continued to do so until Simon Boulder tried to step in. He warned Jeremy Ryan about using such heinous tactics, but Ryan snapped at him.

“Get the fuck off me!” Ryan howled.

jOlt’s Last Real Man went back to punishing him before he made the tag out to Frank Silver. Silver skipped right across the ring now that MONARCHY had the advantage. Jeremy Ryan threw Brian Williams to the ring apron again and started to climb to the second rope just as Frank Silver waited from the top rope on the other side…



Jeremy Ryan had shown off his own strength as he DEADLIFTED a 250-pound Brian Williams OVER the ropes and dropped him with a Deadlift Superplex! Whether Ryan was liked or hated (mostly hated by the jOlt fans) it was damn impressive! He left the ring as Frank Silver did the double point to the heavens…


Frank took a bow for the crowd before he rolled over and went for a cover, laying all his body weight across Brian’s shoulders.




Patterson ran in and grabbed Frank by the leg before pulling him off his partner! Simon Boulder reprimanded Patterson and counted him down to return to his corner, but The Law both entered the ring behind his back and put more boots to Williams!


The Law were playing the part of the loyal foot soldiers to perfection as they both stomped away at Brian Williams. Omega stood in the corner stoically while Brody and Patterson both pointed out what was going on. The Law both climbed out of the ring before Boulder was any the wiser and Frank could continue to work him over. Frank picked up Williams off the canvas with relative ease and then dropped him with his own Deadlift – this of the Gutwrench Suplex variety! Frank held onto Williams before he tagged to big Brady.

The 6’9” and 315-pound member of MONARCHY’s security detail stood in the ring with MONARCHY now dominating things for the moment. Brady tried to pull Brian off the canvas, but Brian STILL fought back with a few rights to the chest. The blows stunned Brady slightly, but he then fought back with a huge knee to the face that rocked The New Breed member. The former Hype Champion got picked up off the canvas and Brady held him in place…


It was nothing fancy at all from the former LAPD officer, but it was effective enough! Brady made the tag out to Strauss who climbed into the ring now and picked up Williams…


Another stiff and nothing-fancy slam! Brian’s back was being worked over by the two massive enforcers… another tag to Brady who entered the ring. He gave Mike Patterson a death stare before scooping him up…


The crowd was booing both members of The Law for their basic offense, but they were working Willams over for something else. Another tag to Strauss…



The Law ignored the booing crowd when Strauss made the tag back to the bigger Brady. He scooped Brian up over his shoulder once more and did something else all right…



Frank was having a laugh while Jeremy Ryan continued to watch on and enjoy the suffering of The New Breed member. The Fortunate Son laughed some more as Brady tagged out to Jeremy Ryan. The jOlt World Champion rushed in…


Another big Senton, this time to Brian Williams! He’d been worked over immensely in the last several minutes by the members of MONARCHY laying him out and now Jeremy Ryan tried to finish him right then and there with a cover.




The shoulder just NARROWLY came up before Simon Boulder could slap his hand a third time! Jeremy Ryan was seething now and continued to drill Brian with a few kicks. He hoisted him up with a Suplex… NO! Brian slipped out behind him and he tried to roll up the World Champion with a Schoolboy!




Ryan rolled back up to his feet, but before the groggy Williams could capitalize…


The Running Knee Strike to the kneeling Williams caught him FLUSH in the face and dropped him right back down to the mat! The crowd booed and hissed at the jOlt World Champion, but Jeremy Ryan practically stood in the ring and bathed in their hatred of he and MONARCHY. Ryan looked over to Omega and flipped him the double deuces. Omega tried to get at him, but it took both Simon Boulder and Mack Brody trying to talk down The Fearless Champion from doing anything rash. Omega eventually remained in the corner, but MONARCHY were now about to finish picking off Williams. Jeremy Ryan made the tag to Frank Silver, but it seemed all the MONARCHY members wanted a piece of the action.

One by one, they all entered the ring and Jeremy Ryan used an Irish Whip to send him flying all the way across the ring. Once Brian Williams hit the corner, Ryan charged in with a big Corner Knee Strike to the chest!

It was Brady’s turn to go on the attack next…


Now Strauss was up…


Three of the big four of MONARCHY attacked and now, Frank Silver was there to play clean-up duty…


Brian Williams may have been done for because Frank simply palmed the back of his head and threw him right from the corner! Brian hit the canvas while Frank Silver went to finish him again.




Brody put a boot right between the shoulder blades of his ex-tag team partner to stop MONARCHY from winning! Brody walked back to the corner, talking shit to Frank in the process, but The Fortunate Son continued to punish Brian Williams. He was going for a slow jam in the form of a modified Camel Clutch, putting a knee to the back of his neck in the process! MONARCHY had wrestled a great game, but Brian needed to make a tag out.

“Brian, do you give up?” Boulder asked.

“NO!” Williams replied.


The crowd was firmly behind The New Breed member as he tried to fight back to his feet, but he was spent after everything MONARCHY did to him. He tried to fight upwards, but Frank saw it coming and whacked him with ANOTHER Uppercut, this time to the back of the head! The blow brought Williams back down to his knees when Frank jumped up. He tried to sit on his back, but Williams just barely rolled over…


And ended up getting stunned for his troubles. Frank rolled over quickly and made the tag to Strauss as he limped out of the ring. Strauss quickly picked up Williams then slowly limped back to his feet. He tossed him to the ropes…


It took all he had right there to finish him off with his signature Sick Kick, but he got it! Both Strauss and Williams were down, and now both men needed to make a tag over to their respective corners. Patterson, Brody, and Omega were all chomping at the bit to get the tag in while Strauss was seeing stars, trying to get back over to his corner. Frank was ready willing and Gable… er, sorry, able to get the tag again, so he did it…

But the second Williams got to the corner…


It was going to be the ex-best friends facing off tonight before their one-on-one encounter at Death Wish! Brody charged like a mad bull and fucking CLEANED Frank Silver’s clock with a huge Running Shoulder Block! He rushed at the corner…


Some payback for earlier! Brady went flying off the apron while Jeremy Ryan was forced to watch the fight go on between them. Brody picked up his ex-partner and threw him over the ropes before pointing out to the crowd. They knew what was coming next as he flexed his arm…


Brody stopped and kissed his bicep as the crowd – especially the ladies – went nuts…


Right after the TEN-GUN SALUTE from Brody, he turned Frank Silver around and Suplexed him back inside! Frank hit the mat hard, but things were going from bad to worse as he climbed back inside the ring and headed to the top rope. Mack waited…


He nearly drilled right through his partner as he went for the cover now!




Frank kicked out, but Mack Brody wasn’t done. He pulled up Frank by the arm and slashed a thumb across his throat. He was ready and able to call for his finishing move as he cocked a fist back…


The Fortunate Son ducked and tried to steal the win from Mack Brody right there, rolling up the big man with a School Boy and using the ropes for leverage!




The count stopped when Simon Boulder caught what Frank was doing and kicked his leg off the ropes! Boulder was trying to pay attention to everything around him and wasn’t going to let jOlt’s final main event end in some type of controversy like that! Frank protested with the official, but he wasn’t going to let it go down like that… Mack pulled Frank into the ring and CLOCKED him with a Discus Punch that sent Frank tumbling back to the corner!

Brody was focused on punishing his old tag team partner, but when he charged, Jeremy Ryan pulled him right out of the corner, sending Brody crashing chest-first into the ring post! Ryan ran in illegally and tried to attack him, but Omega was done sitting on the sidelines..


He SPIKED Jeremy Ryan down and went right after his opponent for Death Wish when they met to be the first and final jOlt World and Fearless Title holder! The Law both tried to intervene again with what was going on, but Mike Patterson had seen enough…



The New Breed sent The Law packing from the ring and now, gave chase to the two men going up the ramp! They sent The Law packing from the ring and chased them back up the ramp, leaving Brody with Frank Silver. Silver had some time to recover, so he charged right at Brody….


He didn’t go down…


He STILL didn’t go down, so he bounced back in between the ropes…


He FINALLY got Brody off his feet and scurried right for a cover!




Brody kicked out and Silver’s eyes nearly bugged out of his head! Meanwhile, Omega and Ryan were STILL outside the ring, fighting and tearing into each other! Omega tried for The End on the floor… NO! Ryan clawed at his one good eye until he forced him to let go! He then pushed Omega into the ring post!

Back inside, Frank was trying for an F-Bomb on his tag partner, but Brody continued to fight back… he twisted his way out…


The blow turned Frank INSIDE-THE-FUCK-OUT and the crowd ROARED! Mack hooked the leg!




That was it! The final iNtense of the night saw Omega and his team win tonight!


Brody had just defeated his ex-tag team partner tonight, leading into their huge showdown at Death Wish in a few weeks time where there would be nobody to help Frank Silver. Brody stood with his hands raised in the air…

Winner: Omega, Mack Brody & The New Breed via Pinfall

"But Wait... There's More!"



“The First” Freddie Rich hadn’t been seen, but the final member of MONARCHY was back out there with a chair and blasted Brody from behind! Rich tried to turn and attack Brody…


Jeremy Ryan came back into the ring and RAMMED Brody with his Spear-turned-Spinebuster! The New Breed were out somewhere, fighting against members of The Law so they were all nowhere to be found, leaving Brody all alone with what was left of MONARCHY! They all put the boots to Mack Brody and Ryan and Rich eventually booted him from the ring! Frank was still laid out in the corner from Brody’s Speeding Bullet Lariat, but…


The Fearless Champion was back in the ring and he mowed through BOTH Ryan and Rich with stereo Clotheslines! Omega roared at his feat of strength and now he was all alone with Ryan… right where he wanted him and right where a legion of cheering jOlt fans wanted to see him get his comeuppance for all that MONARCHY had done.

Seeing Jeremy Ryan in trouble, Sonny Silver jumped into the ring and threw off his jacket before jumping inside and trying to save his clients! He went right at the eye of Omega, clawing away at it, but Omega was still coherent enough to swat him away, but he didn’t see Ryan getting back..


Ryan had picked up the chair that Omega had used before hand and DROVE it right into the back of Omega’s knee, tripping him up and stopping the nigh-unstoppable monster in the process. Ryan motioned for the cage.


Nobody knew who, but the crowd was jeering the ever-loving shit out of MONARCHY’s remnants in the ring taking the fight to a lone Omega now. Slowly, the cage lowered and lowered while Jeremy Ryan continued to deliver a VICIOUS beatdown with the steel chair







The cage was finally fully enclosing the ring. At Death Wish, both the Fearless and the World Title were up for grabs in this very type of match, but this wasn’t Death Wish – this was tonight and clearly, MONARCHY had some sort of a gameplan, should they have gotten the chance to use it. Omega was trapped in the ring with Sonny Silver, Freddie Rich, a rising Frank Silver, and the jOlt World Champion!

Brody tried to help, but the door was locked shut and he was unable to pry it down. He tried to get in and get at his partner by climbing…



Ryan SLAMMED the chair into his fingers and kept SuperMack from being able to climb into the cage! Brody grabbed at his fingers while the crowd jeered.


A groggy Frank and Freddie Rich tried to pull him up again, but Omega STILL fought back! He limped up to his full height and grabbed them both by their throats, but both men stopped him…


Even Omaga was not immune to a man’s greatest weakness! They doubled him over as Ryan dropped the chair…


Omega was laid out and not only that- he was BLEEDING from the horrendous move! But that wasn’t all… Jeremy Ryan had a little help from Silver and Rich trying to get back up. Both Frank and Jeremy hoisted him up…


The crowd gasped at the GRUESOME attack! Omega and his team may have won, but the final visual that anybody was going to get was Jeremy Ryan now standing over the fallen carcass of his Death Wish opponent. Brody tried to get back in the ring and at his ex-partner, but Frank held his neck while laughing.

“You won tonight, Mack, but I’m still standing! Hahaha!”

The final scene was Jeremy Ryan with Sonny Silver raising the hands of MONARCHY’S crown jewel with a horrifying image of a possible future for jOlt’s final show.

Omega at his feet.

jOlt World Title and jOlt Fearless Titles in each hand.

For the final time, this is your intrepid narrator telling you all good fight, and good night.

jOlt, you will truly be missed.