"Welcome to Power Struggle"

Sylo The stage was massive. There was an entrance to the left and right of a tall building with a giant fist smashing through it. Thin cables caused massive chunks and stone and glass to hover in 3D space above the entrance stage. In the background, there is the silhouette of a city under siege.

To the left of the left entrance door to the right of the right entrance door there were two more buildings of equal height where the jOlt vision screens were set up. The mood lighting of the entire entrance ramp was Red and SIlver with some pockets of no light to create the third color of Black.

To the left of the leftmost building is a cop car turned up onto its roof. On the right side of the stage there is an ambulance turned over on its side. The entrance ramp stands as normal as it leads down toward the ring.

The ring was decorated with black rope, a grey canvas, and red turnbuckle pads with the ringside mats black as well. The apron held the Power Struggle logo and the broadcast booths were set up in traditional position at ringside.

"Last Man Standing" by FADE cued up over the PA speakers as the fans in the arena erupted. The 22,000 sellout crowd was filled with excitement. With almost no warning, pyro exploded from the top of all three buildings. The left and right buildings had red pyro... the center had white pyro. The pyro started at the top of the buildings and traveled down toward the ground.

When the pyro reached the entrance stage, random red and white pyro explosions blew in a random pattern of dissarray until one final massive pyro explosion of alternating red and white blew in "wall" fasion on the main stage.

The fans cheered in approval of the pyro. The camera continued to pan around as our announcers, dressed in tuxedos, welcome up to the jOlt extravaganza.

Michael Buhrman - Ladies and Gentlemen.. WELCOME to Power Struggle! Michael Buhrman here alongside Nathan Powers and what a show we have in store for you all tonight!

Nathan Powers - Tonight, two men will step into hell itself as the Underground Champion, Derecho will put his championship on the line against the jOlt Champion, Sylo, in a 2 Falls Match inside of the structure known as Crystal Nightmares to determine who is the true king of jOlt!

Michael Buhrman - And if that didn't whet your appetite for carnage, Grendel and Chris Titan WILL settle all of their hatred and differences in the ring tonight among the flames as the two of them will compete in an Inferno Match!

Nathan Powers - We also saw the return of Tyke to wrestling back on Warriors 16. He had a message for someone on Countdown. Will we see Tyke compete here tonight? We'll have that answer later on in the night!

Michael Buhrman - And let's not forget the Power Struggle Invitational. Tonight, one of six men will walk away with an opportunity to challenge for a championship of their choosing as six of jOlt's newest acquisition will battle for possible glory and bragging rights!

Nathan Powers - And that's just scraping the tip of the iceberg as we'll also see "Superstar" Vince Jacobs take on Aran Thompson, Ninja K take on Jonthan Conspiracy for the Relentless Championship.. the Tag Team titles will be on the line and so much more!

Michael Buhrman - And speaking of champions, let's send it backstage right now as we understand that the Flyweight Champion Jimmy B. Martinez is waiting!

"Time to Put Up or Shut Up"

Jimmy B Martinez "Yea, right there doc," Sylo said as the trainer stretched out his arm and massaged his shoulder.

"Aria you don’t have to stand there. I can feel the hole you’re glaring in me from here,” He told Aria as she just looked on worried for her future husband.

"Baby, I honestly think you should call this match off. You aren’t physically prepared for a match like this." She said as any concerned women would say who was only trying to protect her man.

"Aria please don’t start." Sylo replied.

Just then Sylo' s locker room door swung open. The flyweight champion; Jimmy B. Martinez entered with his championship draped over his shoulder.

"Crystal nightmare.. Yea, baby. I hope the king of hell is ready for the ass kicking that Sylo will be bringing. Now I have seen the promo video for this match. But.. when you see this in person you're going to be amazed brother." Martinez said as he entered excited more that Sylo was.

"Jimmy, not know." Aria said to Martinez, who quickly settled down.

“You're not even dressed for your match. Is everything ok?" He asked Sylo, as the trainer continued to massage his shoulder.

A snort of disgust came from Sylo’s nostrils.

“Ready? I’ve been ready. I’ve been ready since Legacy of Champions. I want everything perfect down to what I wear to the ring so none of its going on until go time,” Sylo glanced over at Jimmy.

“I’ve had a lot of people I don’t like but people I actually give a fuck enough to hate are few and far between. Jason is one of them. He wants to put me down?” Sylo’s question was rhetorical as he stared at the wall. “Well I plan on leaving his fucking head on a glass pike.”

“Yeah but you gotta be careful the jOlt title is on the lin-“ Jimmy went to say but soon found Sylo on his feet, face to face (Sylo had to bend down), and an inhuman look in his eye.

“That jOlt title? It means nothing to me. I did this because it’s time to complete my legacy. I want my Underground title back and I plan on leaving with it or die trying. jOlt means NOTHING and this title I’ve carried for close to a year? It’s only made me forget what I came to do and that’s preserve the Legacy of Champions name,” Sylo backed off a little as Jimmy raised an eyebrow.

"Wait! You're telling me, you've been jOlt champion nearly a year and it dosent mean anything to you?" Martinez said, as he looked at Aria confused. "I dont get it. I thought that title meant everything to you. What ever.. It dosent even matter. Im in your corner all the way. If your after that underground champiopnship Derecho has than go for it. I will leave you be Sylo, if you need anything just holla. Im going to get prepared for match tonight." Martinez said.

Something grew inside the Beast in front of Jimmy as he stared at his mentor.

"You don't get it do you?!" A single fist put a hole in the wall next to Jimmy. Sylo didn't remove his hand but just stared at his startled protegee. "Of course the jOlt title means something. It's one of the top two titles in this federation but it's not mine. I've held on to it, fought, broken my god damn body in half to hold this title out of spite. Spite for scum like Vince Jacobs, scum like Jim Johnson, and more importantly scum like Derecho. That's why tonight I walk in...and only I...walk...out." Sylo growled. Jimmy kind of frowned as Aria's eyes were wide, it's like the world had stopped. Jimmy just turned to walk away finally breaking his gaze from Sylo's.

"Jimmy, wait a minute." Sylo shouted, as Martinez stoped in his tracks.

"Yea, bother what's up?" Martinez replied as he slowly turned around.

"Good luck in your match tonight with Stevens. Show him what WE champs are made of." He told Martinez.

Martinez smirked and nodded at Sylo, he continued to exit his locker room to prepare for his up coming title defense agains Landon Stevens.

Jimmy B. Martinez vs. Landon Stevens
Jimmy B. MartinezLandon Stevens

“WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW!!!” echoed throughout the Arena of Champions as “Your God” by Stone Sour begins to play. Landon Stevens stormed his way from behind the curtain and quickly made his way to the bottom of the ramp way as the crowd jeered him as one of the most hated men in jOlt. Stevens has been antagonizing the flyweight champion for months just waiting for his opportunity. Tonight Stevens finally got his wish as he and Jimmy B. Martinez go one on one for the Flyweight championship.

The lights dimmed in arena of champions, as "Machinehead-Bush" began to blare over the speakers. They knew what was to come. It was none other than the savior of the flyweight division; Jimmy B. Martinez making his way towards the ring. The crowd grew more excited, as the music began to get louder so did the cheers. Mr. iNfamous slowly emerged out that back, with a smile on his face as the flyweight championship hung over his shoulder. Martinez stood on top of the ramp way. He than threw his hands up in the air, forming a X with his forearms as the pyros ignited behind him. He than continued to walk down the ramp towards the ring.

Just before Martinez could make his way into the ring Stevens attacks him from inside the ring. Stevens connected with a hard kick to the back of Martinez’s head forcing him to the ring floor. Landon made his way outside the ring and continued the attack as he grabbed Jimmy B. by the hair and pulled him to his feet. Stevens slammed his foe into the steel guard rails. Stevens wasted little time as he connected with several kicks to the flyweight champion. Stevens turned his attention to the crowd.


The fans inside the Arena of Champions jeered the challenger as he has cowardly attacked the champion before the bell even sounded. As Stevens kept his attention on the jeering crowd, Martinez moved back to his feet. Stevens turned around.


Martinez slammed Stevens to the ring floor with a spear before following up with several hard punches to the face. Stevens managed to regain the upper hand as he rolled Martinez onto his back. Stevens connected with several hard shots of his own before Martinez kicked him off. Both men moved to their feet and exchanged blows.

Right from Stevens, left from Martinez, right by Martinez, left by Stevens. It seemed like a long instant replay as the two superstars exchanged blows until Martinez connected with a hard kick to the gut of Stevens. Landon started to make his way up the entrance way when Martinez hit him from behind with a hard forearm. The fans in the front row could hear Martinez yelling at Stevens.

“If you’re gonna start something, you better damn well finish it kid.”

A shaken up Stevens flip Martinez the middle finger and connected with a hard right hand and quickly followed up with martial arts kicks to the sides of the flyweight champion as he staggered up the entrance way. Martinez fell back as Stevens connected with a kick to the midsection. Stevens moved his way in closer to Martinez only to be met with a kick to the groin. Stevens fell to his knees after stumbling back down the ramp way as Jimmy B. moved back to his feet.

The flyweight champion wasted little time as he hit Stevens with a vicious running knee to the face. Martinez grabbed his fallen challenger by the hair and pulled him up by his hair. Martinez began to drag Stevens towards the ring in a headlock. Stevens fought and fought to get out of the headlock. Jimmy B. just tightened his grip with every attempt. Just as the two superstars reached the edge of the entrance ramp, Stevens stopped dead in his tracks.


Stevens lifted Martinez up and dropped him back onto the steel ramp. Both men laid motionless for a moment as they caught their breath

Stevens finally made it slowly back up to his feet. He then crouched over JBM and slowly picked him up grabbing a hand full of hair. He then guided Martinez down the ramp way and slid him into the ring. Steven than jumped on top of the ring post, as Martinez slowly got back up to his feet in a daze. Stevens leaped off the top rope, but was put down hard on the mat with a superkick.

"Martinez looked as if he was playing possum."

"That's right. He has connected with his signature maneuver called bulls-eye. It could be over here. If only he can dig down and go for a pin."

Martinez must have heard the thoughts of the commentator, as he slowly crawled towards Stevens for the pin.




"NO! Stevens has kicked out, Stevens has kicked out."

Martinez could not believe it, as he slammed his fist to the canvas aggravated. Martinez finally made it back up to his feet. He began to pick up Stevens, but was put down once again with a low blow. Stevens than began to stomp away on the flyweight champion, who has been doing everything in his powers as of late to keep his title safe and secure. Steven pulled Martinez back to his feet and tossed him into the corner. Stevens than began to scream at the champ.

"YOU GOT NOTHING, ON ME MARTINEZ!" He said as he swung and connected with a right hand.

Stevens laughed to himself, as he cocked back his right hand for another jab. This time Martinez was one step ahead, as he blocked the jab and tossed Stevens into the corner. Arena of champions erupted in cheers as Martinez began to fire away on Stevens with right hands. Stevens fell to the canvas in a sit down position. Martinez crouched and flipped him the bird and began to stomp on Stevens as the cheers shook the arena

"Looks like the flyweight champion, Jimmy B. Martinez has had enough of Stevens."

"Hey, can you blame him? All the backstage conflicts they have had in the past. He finally gets his hands on him here tonight."

Martinez backed off from Stevens and threw his hands up, as Stevens slowly made it back up to his feet. Stevens still dazed leaned against the ring post for support. Martinez slowly turned around and charged back at Stevens. Stevens with his quick thinking, jumped out of the way leaving Martinez to connect hard with the turnbuckle. Stevens seizing the opportunity quickly went for a roll up pin.




Martinez managed to find his way out of the pin attempt. Stevens was the first to his feet and began to argue with the official about a slow count. Martinez slowly moved back up to his feet and seemed a little dazed but shook it off and quickly approached Stevens. Both men once again began exchanging blows. The two rising stars fought until the official broke it up. The two superstars locked up just as the official moved out of the way. It seemed as though Martinez had the upper hand in strength as he eased Stevens into the corner but Stevens managed to fight back as he connected with a hard elbow to the side of the head and quickly moved on the attack as he connected with several kicks to the ribs. Stevens quickly forced Martinez to the canvas with a double leg take down. Stevens then went for an immediate arm bar.

“What in the world is Stevens doing in there?

“It appears Stevens has brought with him, his training in mixed martial arts.”

Stevens locked in the arm bar as the official checked on the flyweight champion.

“Do you give up?”

“HELL NO!!!!”

Martinez inched his way closer to the ropes with his feet and just as Stevens tightened his hold, Martinez managed to get his foot on the ropes. Stevens kept the lock in tact as the official started to count.




“Stevens, I will disqualify you.”



Just before the official was about to reach his five count, Stevens released the hold. Martinez held his arm in pain as he laid on the canvas. Stevens moved back up to his feet and taunted the crowd… and Martinez.

“This is your flyweight champion? This is who you let claim to be the best? Are you kidding me?”

As Stevens taunted the crowd, Martinez moved his way back up to his feet. With Stevens now standing near the opposing ropes, Martinez took a leap of faith as he charged at Stevens. Martinez connected with a clothesline on an unsuspecting Stevens and sent both of them over the top rope. Both men laid dazed on the outside canvas.

“Martinez seemed to do more damage than good. It seems to be Martinez injured himself on the fall.”

Stevens moved back to his feet staggering as Martinez wrenched in pain. Stevens picked the seemingly injured flyweight champion up off the floor. Stevens tossed his foe back into the ring. Stevens immediately slid in himself. Landon moved to his feet and grabbed the fallen champ by the neck and set him up for a powerbomb.

“Looks like this is it folks, we have crowned ourselves a new champion if Stevens pulls this off.”

The challenger signaled for the end with a slash across the throat taunting the crowd. Stevens went to hoist Martinez up only to have the attempt derailed as Martinez blocked the attempt. Stevens grew irritated and once again attempted to hoist Martinez up. Once again Martinez managed to block it as he flipped Stevens up over his head. Stevens slammed hard onto the canvas as Martinez staggered back into the ropes.

“Seems like the champion is just working off instincts now.”

Martinez grabs Stevens up and tosses him outside, JBM jumps ontop of the ring apron and waits for his prey to get up from the floor. Stevens finally makes it up to his feet, as Martinez jumps off the apron and catches stevens in a hurricanrana. The crowd erupted in cheers as the ref begins to count.





Martinez began to pick up Stevens from the ground, but was put down with a low blow. Steven than laughed to himself, as he began to stomp away on the flyweight champion. Stevens grabed Martinez by the hair, and began to guide him up the ramp as the ref continued to count.

"Where in the world are these two going?"

"I have no idea, they have to get back in side the ring before they get disqualified here."




Stevens kicks Martinez in the midsection and plants him down onto the steel with a DDt. Stevens goes threw the curtain to the backstage area and comes back with a table. He sets up the table, and looks at it and shakes his head from side to side not satisfied. He heads back to the backstage area and comes back with one more table. He than stacks up the other table ontop of each other, as this sick smile comes across his face. EIGHT!






The bell rings as, the ref disqualified the two.

"Stevens just got himself and Martinez DQ'ed'. What is he doing?"

"All he had to do, was bring him back into the ring and pin him."

Stevens grabed Martinez once more by the hair, as he raised him off the steel Martinez fired back with a uppercut that floored Stevens. Stevens laid on the steel rolling around in pain, as he held his jaw. Martinez began to stomp on Stevens, with every stomp he shouted.

"IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED STEVENS?!" Martinez shouted as he stomped away on Landon Stevens.

Martinez began to walk back down the ramp towards the ring. As JBM continued down the ramp, Stevens slowly go back up. Martinez slowly turned around to see Stevens taunting him telling him to bring it. Martinez chuckled to himself, as he began to walk back up the rampway. Landon Stevens began to back step, as he turned around and began to scale the jOltVision screen.

"What the hell is Stevens doing?!"

"Has he lost his damn mind!"

"The answer to that question is yes."

Martinez finally reached the jOltVision screen and scaled it right after Stevens. Stevens the first man to the top, pulled up Martinez by the hair. Arena of champions erupted in cheers as the two flyweights battled ontop of the screen. Right hand to JBM, left hand to Stevens. Right, Left, Right, Left. Both men exhausted, grabed each other and began to teether back and forth until Stevens lost his footing. He quickly grabbed JBM, as they both flew off the jOltVision screen onto the tables stacked down below.

HOLY SHIT.. HOLY SHIT.. HOLY SHIT! Echoed threw the arena, as the two laid motionless on the steel.


"I can not believe what has just happen here. This is insane. Martinez regains his flyweight championship, but the real question is. Is Martinez OKAY."

Winner: Double Disqualification

"Starstruck and Relentless"

Superstar Vince Jacobs Standing next to the catering table stood Mr. Relentless Aran Thompson and his girlfriend Laurie Williams. Aran, leaning against a near by wall, had his arms crossed and nodded his head as Laurie Williams was talking to him but he was obviously side tracked inside of his own thoughts.

"All i'm saying is, give it some thought, you know Jacobs probably has some kind of back up plan and we should as well..." Laurie tried to explain.

"I know you are set on just taking it to him, but he is a seasoned veteran and as much as I hate him...he really is as good as they say." Laurie continued.

"Give it some though--"

Laurie stopped as she lost her balance as if somebody has bumped into her and Natalia walked into focus.

"Da, give it some thought Mr. Relentless. You can't beat him solo."

Natalia mocked and teased Aran whose thousand mile stare turned into red hot hatred when he saw the Russian bombshell.

"Listen to Laurie, we both know just how good my Jacobs is."

Aran snarled and Laurie put her hand on his chest as if to try and calm him down.

"Natalia, Natalia...."

The attention of all three turned to the same direction as Vince Jacobs appeared.

"It doesn't matter what this mid-lifer has planned for back up, or what his "lady" may have planned just in case. The fact is, I'm going to that ring...I'm going to be iconic, i'm going to be legendary, I'm going to grab the ratings and steal the show......."

Vince trailed off and stepped in closer to Aran's personal space.

"Well, maybe not...considering who my opponent is. But at least i'll become the new number one contender after this farce of a match up."

Aran stared into the eyes of Jacobs with the intensity of a thousand suns and Jacobs smiled and walked away.

"Mid-lifer...." Jacobs said with disgust and Natalia followed and Laurie tried to keep Aran calm the best she could.

The Reckoning vs. The House
HarbingerSven DeadlyThe HouseThe House

The next match to take place at Power Struggle was one that got personal real fast between two teams vying for one of Jolt’s biggest prizes. The jOlt Tag Team Championships had been held by The Reckoning for some time now. The team of the deadly brawler, Sven Deadly and the masked monster, Harbinger, were led to success by the mysterious Jade Dragon. They’d defeated all that had opposed them, but now they were set with their toughest challenge to date.

The House – the team of “Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber, his wife Charlotte, and Huber’s tag partner “Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck – had dominated their competition as well since coming to jOlt. The monstrous fan favorites had been calling for their shot at the gold against The Reckoning and tonight, they would get it. The members of The Reckoning fired the first shot against The House when they cost Huber a match to Strangler followed shortly by attacking him and Roebuck post-match. They’d staked their claim that the belts were going nowhere. Only one team was going to be right.

“Turn The Page” by Metallica played for the fans as a set of red and green pyro exploded on the stage. The lights snapped back on and the crowd cheered for the appearance of The House! Huber’s lovely wife, Charlotte, had on a harlequin-themed showgirl outfit for the occasion and got the crowd revved up with a sultry dance.

The six-foot four, three-hundred nine-pound “Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber, smiling and flexing his muscles for the crowd cheering him on. In the other spotlight was a bigger monster that was six-foot seven and weighed in at four-hundred sixty-eight pounds. “Fat guy” could be used to describe “Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck and judging by the look on his face, “killer” could as well.

Huber and Charlotte both slapped hands with fans on the way down to the ramp as they headed to the ring. Adam Roebuck kept up the rear and stomped down the ring like a mastodon. Tonight was their first ever chance at the jOlt Tag Team Championships and they would have to make the most of it.

“Weak and Powerless (Tilling my own grave mix)” by A Perfect Circle hit and orange strobes beat to the rhythm as the tag team champions were met with nothing but boos. Jade Dragon was the first to step out with Sven deadly close behind giggling manically. Behind them was the masked six-foot six, two-hundred sixty-five pounder Harbinger. The duo smiled at The House and climbed into the ring, showing off the gold they had since jOlt’s last major pay-per-view showing.

The crowd started to cheer when Charlotte got into the face of Jade Dragon.

“Your little freak show is getting fucked up tonight!” Charlotte grinned.

Harbinger and Deadly quickly stood in front of Charlotte, but now so did Huber and Roebuck.

Once the bell rang, everybody was off to the races!

Roebuck took on Harbinger on one side of the ring, the two monsters exchanging fists. Off on the other side, the smaller, but dangerous Sven Deadly was going right at Derrick Huber with a barrage of knees to the stomach. The big guy fought back with clubbing shots of his own while the referee made them clear the ring.

Harbinger continued his assault on Adam Roebuck only for the six-four three-hundred-nine pounder to fire back with a big right elbow smash to the face. He drilled him in the corner and continued to attack him until the referee ordered him to beg off.

The House were going on the attack against the two very dangerous opponents. Jade barked orders at her men to back up and they did so for the moment while Huber and Roebuck stood tall in the ring.

Charlotte cheered on her boys while The Reckoning began to strategize. They were beastly, but their opponents were almost a combined eight-hundred pounds. A plan of attack was needed against the House.

After some deliberation amongst themselves, it was Harbinger to go to bat. The big guns of The Reckoning would take on Adam Roebuck. Roebuck stood six-seven and close to four-fifty. He was a portly beast, but a beast nonetheless. The two mastadons fought in the center of the ring, exchanging big right hands!

The crowd chanted for The House as Roebuck and Harbinger continued their stalemate with one another. Roebuck fought back with a headbutt so Harbinger fired one of his own.

One for Roebuck.

One for Harbinger.

One for Roebuck.

One for Harbinger.

This kept going until Roebuck fought back and clobbered Harbinger with a charge that knocked him off his feet!

Harbinger stood up into the clutches of Roebuck. The Big Bucks was attempting to suplex him with a belly to belly but Harbinger clawed at his eyes and continued to gouge until the referee broke it up. He walked over and made the tag to the scrappy and dangerous Sven Deadly. The two of them had the best effect as they took turns wailing on The Big Bucks in their corner. Harbinger with the punches going high and Sven with the kicks to his brace-covered knee.

Deadly and Harbinger worked on the leg now like hungry buzzards pouncing on a carcass. Harbinger wrapped his leg up in the ropes. Despite Roebuck fighting back against Harbinger, Deadly came back with a targeted dropkick to the knee!

Sven had the bigger monster pinned in the corner and continued to chip away at the knee with some vicious kicks until Roebuck fought back with a headbutt to the face. He managed to get Sven away long enough to make the tag over to Huber and the two men quickly pounced on Deadly. They launched the jOlt Tag Team Champion into the corner and landed a pair of stiff shoulder blocks to Deadly. Roebuck limped out of the ring while Huber went for the cover.


2… no!

Sven just after the count of two had kicked out. Huber tried to pull him up only for Sven to follow suit as his partner did, clawing his eye! Charlotte protested with the referee while Huber tried to swing blindly. Sven landed a couple of stiff uppercuts to the head of Deadly and kept him backed up in the corner before following up with a running knee strike to the corner.

The Oddsmaker was stunned and Sven brought him down with a violent neckbreaker to the canvas. Now The Reckoning were on the offensive and he tried for the win.



Huber powered out and launched Sven Deadly right off him while Jade Dragon continued to bark orders at her charge to stay on the big monster Huber. He nailed a few more stiff elbows to the face only for Huber to push him away. When he bounced off the ropes, Huber blasted through him with a shoulder block.

The Oddsmaker played to the crowd before grabbing Sven and throwing him into the corner. He ran off the ropes before following up with a big cannonball senton in the corner. Deadly was crushed underneath the weight of Huber and he was put back to the center of the ring again.



Close, but no!

Derrick Huber tried picking him up off the canvas and lifted him up for his muscle buster finisher called The Odds Are Against You, but Jade Dragon stepped on the ring apron while yelling at the referee.

The referee was distracted and didn’t see Harbinger enter the ring and BLAST Huber with a mighty spear! Huber was dropped to the canvas in a heap while Charlotte and Adam Roebuck protested to the referee. Jade smiled and stepped off the ring apron gracefully proud that she’d given the champions a much needed opening. Sven Deadly crawled over and went for the cover on Huber.




Sven cackled while he stood up and dropped a barrage of violent knees into the side of Huber’s head while he tried to recover. The knees kept on coming until the referee ordered him to back off. Deadly didn’t comply and continued the blows until Jade ordered him to do so.

Like an obedient dog waiting for orders from its master, Sven listened quickly an stopped. He wickedly grinned at Jade before rolling over and tagging in Harbinger. The Forgotten One stepped into the ring and grabbed Huber quickly. He lifted the three-hundred pounder up and dropped him with a debilitating spinebuster he called…

The Fall of Babylon~!

Harbinger stood over Huber now before he stood over him and went for a pin… at least that’s what it looked like before he opted to just mount Huber and lay into him with a barrage of fists. Once he was done, he went for the pin when he was convinced he could win it now.



Close, but no cigar!

Huber got that shoulder up again. Charlotte showed some concern for her husband while Roebuck looked on at his friend and tag team partner. Harbinger stood up and lifted Huber up before pushing him into the corner and landing some hard blows to the back. Harbinger and Sven were beasts that Jade Dragon seemed to have a hold over, but they were not stupid. Harbinger worked over the back and dropped him over his knee with a mighty big backbreaker.

Harbinger was showing some decent technical expertise in conjunction with the scrappy brawling of Sven Deadly. He kept Huber trapped in the center of the ring with a variation on a camel clutch that saw him put a knee into the back while he cranked the neck simultaneously.







“Get up and kick his fucking ass!” Roebuck shouted.

Those were colorful words of encouragement, but Huber was trying. His wife/manager/best friend Charlotte continued to cheer on her hubby while he was being worked over by Harbinger. He almost got up, but Harbinger quickly snuffed out his hope for a comeback by dropping his weight onto the back. He continued to drop the elbow to the back that he’d been working over on Huber.

Derrick had tapped out once to Craig Thomas’ bodyguard, Strangler, but he wasn’t about to give in tonight. Not when the titles were on the line and not on a stage this big. He continued to fight while Harbinger was on him and suddenly, Huber was able to get to his knees.

Sven and Jade watch Harbinger continue to wear down Huber when The Oddsmaker started to get back on his knees. He lifted up and the crowd was WOWED by his immense strength on display. He had Harbinger in the Electric Chair position, but Harbinger rained down punches to the head until Huber let go. Harbinger landed on his feet and tried for something big, but Huber was ready…

The Moneyline~!

He wasn’t ready for the nasty spinning clothesline nearly separating his head from his shoulders. Huber had bought himself some time and both monsters were down. Roebuck was slapping the turnbuckle and itching for a tag while Charlotte continued tapping the ring apron, getting the crowd to clap the lovely showgirl.

While Huber was crawling over to the corner while nursing his back, Harbinger was heading over to his corner to tag in Sven. Deadly was chomping at the bit and ready to hurt somebody. He tagged in and jumped over the ropes to get into a fight…

Huber tagged into Roebuck!

The crowd cheered for The Big Bucks as he stepped over the ropes. Even Sven Deadly as battle-ready as he was, had to stop when the monster was in front of him. He charged when Roebuck knocked him down with a shoulder.

Deadly shot back up again and was ready for more so Roebuck brought it to him with another shoulder to knock down the scrapper. Harbinger was able to recover from the Moneyline and tried to attack Roebuck, but The Big Bucks stopped him with a round of gut punches followed by a run off the ropes and a big Vader-style body splash.

With Harbinger out of the picture for the moment, Harbinger palmed Sven by the back of the head and rammed him face-first into the corner. Sven fought back with a round of right hands when Roebuck stopped that with a knee shot (his good knee.) He kept him pinned while opening up his palm.


The four malicious open palmed chops to the chest all landed and knocked the wind out of Deadly. Jade Dragon showed a sign of worry for her men as Roebuck grabbed him and unleashed a second Four of a Kind chop volley! Deadly screamed in pain and was doubled over by The Big Bucks. He lifted Sven up and connected with a walking scoop powerslam that drilled him into the middle of the ring.



Another kick out by a very tenacious Sven Deadly. Despite giving up twice the weight to Roebuck, he kicked out anyhow which surprised The Big Bucks. He tried lifting Deadly a second time in the torture rack position, but Deadly had the strength to elbow his way out and land carefully on the top rope. He wasn’t particularly known for his aerial prowess, but that didn’t stop him from landing a flying knee strike to the face to finally get big Roebuck down!

Sven had slain the giant, but he didn’t see Huber coming…

Spread Bet~!

He came into the match and mowed him down with the forward fireman’s carry slam, drilling him into the mat with extreme force. Huber roared for the crowd, but he didn’t see Harbinger coming out of his peripheral vision…

The Reaping~!

With one good clean shot, a clothesline from Hell, Huber got a taste of his own medicine. But he didn’t see Roebuck now getting back up either and looking pissed off and dropping him with a thunderous belly to belly suplex!

All four men were down now with nobody moving!

Jade Dragon and Charlotte continued to watch the match while the crowd continued to support The House. Sven slowly crawled to his feet first and waited while Roebuck started getting to his knees. He had absorbed tremendous punishment and continued to bring it. He pounced on the taller Roebuck while he was still kneeling and fired some more knees to the face. He ran off the ropes only to get goozled!

He tried the chokeslam and nailed it!




Sven Deadly kicked out again, which only made Roebuck more furious. Roebuck grabbed him by the head and pulled him off the mat, but Harbinger clipped the knee behind him and now Sven had his chance. With Roebuck down, he grabbed the monster by the head and spiked The Big Bucks into the mat with a snap DDT. With a bit of effort he rolled the monster over.



Roebuck with the powerful kick out!

It was so close and that should’ve been all. Jade was in disbelief on the outside.

“Sven… finish it! Wrath!”

Sven nodded and tried a second DDT. Roebuck shoved him away and as Harbinger tried to enter the ring, he was launched at his tag team partner and knocked off the ring apron!

Roebuck yelled to the crowd and he tagged in Huber as the two of them cornered the smaller Sven! Jade yelled at Harbinger to get up while The House each kicked Sven in the gut and lifted him upwards…


The Double Powerbomb! Huber ran and covered Sven while Roebuck ran over and kneed Harbinger in the face to kepe him from entering the fray. The crowd chanted along with Huber.




The crowd came to life for The House! The fan favorite monsters had won their first Tag Team Championship in jOlt! The referee came into the ring while Charlotte jumped for joy on the ring apron before she came into the ring and planted a big old kiss on her husband, Derrick Huber!

The referee handed both Huber and Roebuck the jOlt Tag Team Championships and the two men slammed the belts together in a sign of respect.

The Reckoning clinged onto the titles for dear life and at several points, nearly had The House defeated. But the long-time, battle-tested veterans weathered the storm and secured the title belts!

On the outside, Jade Dragon was beside herself with rage! Harbinger furiously kicked at the guardrail while Sven Deadly still unconscious in the ring after the devastating BUST Double Powerbomb. Jade stormed off, but not before gesturing to Harbinger. The masked monster followed and the two headed to back, leaving Sven by his lonesome.

Tonight, the jOlt Tag Team Championships were in the hands of The House. Roebuck and Huber raised the titles for all the fans that supported them on their way to the top. They were finally on the top of the tag team mountain.

Who could stop the powerful monsters now that they had the gold?

Winner: The House via Pinfall

"Cover and Conceal"

Sylo “Are you ready, my Lord?” Mamoru questioned while approaching his trusted brother at arms. The camera panned over to the right to capture Kenshiro Inogami popping the bones in his neck in preperation for his relentless Championship match against Jonathan Conspiracy.

“Yes. I am ready to become Chief Retainer of the Relentless Championship” The ninja replied to the crowd’s approval in hindsight. “The benefits of disposing of Conspiracy as champion are tenfold.” Kenshiro mentioned. “His band of jackals will become discouraged. Defeated & likely forced to retreat as it was written per Sun Tzu’s Law.” Ninja conveyed while laying a hand on Mamoru’s shoulder and nodding. “With your permission, my Lord, I shall accompany you to the ring.” Mamoru suggested. “We both are keenly aware that this Conspiracy character will not partake in this challenge alone. He is cunning. Conniving. Inconceivably opportunistic, my Lord.” The elder statesman advised. “You will need the utmost level of concentration & focus this evening.”

Eijij Kugasari entered the locker room and respectfully saluted both of his superiors by placing his fist against his left breast & bowing to a knee. “Tonight is a promising night indeed for our clan.” The Blood Raven forecasted to his brothers. “I expect to contend & win the Power Struggle Invitational this evening and bringing both honor for us while striking fear into the opposition who stand against us.” Eiji rose to his feet as Kenshiro stood before him.

“I admire your dedication, Eiji” Kenshiro mentioned. “I anticipate that you will succeed and in grand fashion yet ensure that all of your eyes & ears are opened this evening.” The ninja warned. “Our enemies are looking for retribution in the wake of all that has befallen them. Protect yourselves & each other yet under no circumstances, are you permitted to interfere in my behalf should anything go awry this evening.”Kenshiro ordered with the hint of unfavorability cast toward such an order.

“But Lord Kenshiro...” Eiji questioned.

“Noone.” The clan leader interrupted. “Mamoru & I will address this affair on our own. I need my assignments carried out to the fullest extent of my expectations. Without question nor hesitation.” The ninja ordered. “Your tasks bear far more importance than that of lower class street urchin tactics nor remedial thinking. Focus on the vision that has been entrusted onto you to bring to fruition via your respective abilities. Now I must make my final preparations. Leave me.”

The presence of the numerous shadows dissipated in short order. Lady Akina sauntered forward into the clan leader’s embrace. Mamoru respectfully excused himself as the pair shared a moment of unfettered intimacy.

“Are you ready?” Kenshiro inquired as she rested her head against his chest. She sighed heavily before staring deep into his eyes & nodding in response. “Then take your leave. Your mission is the most vital.” Kenshiro instructed while stroking her hair before caressing the side of her face. Her eyes shut for several moments before nodding to herself & removing herself from the locker room. The clan leader was seen quietly contemplating the future ahead in the waning moments of tangible silence.

Tyke vs. Cordova

There is a momentary lull emanating from the crowd as the FWCentral Network miniature blip hovering over the northwestern section of the arena. Camera Seventeen took command with a casual downward pan shot toward the ring’s epicenter before making the smooth transition toward the cheering populous located in the Arena of Champions’ southeastern side.

’Latin Thugs’ by Cypress Hill ignited the masses as the arena lights dampened to give way to the trinity of Red, Green & White boldly sweeping alone numerous sections of the arena. The fast paced images of jOlt’s favorite luchador danced proudly against the ominous screens before Cordova appeared before the crowd. Extending both arms outward, the diminutive dynamo nodded with great approval to the fan reaction before moving toward the right hand side of the entrance staging area. A volley of pyro were jettisoned outward with a mere point toward the crowd. The ever so scrupulous superstar moved to the left and summoned a similar effect before slapping hands with as many fans possible.

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; this contest is scheduled for one fall...Making his way to the ring; weighing in at 190 pounds...From Guadalajara, Mexico...He is the ’ Latin Thug’ CORDOVA!!

The former LoC Flyweight champion sprinted towards the ring and slid underneath the ropes before quickly front flipping to his feet. Camera Four followed the luchador around his trek around to each turnbuckle as Referee Mike Hunt stood at the ready with both hands on his hips. The PA system drew silent allowing the fans to bask the luchador with a welcoming return to action. Cordova removed his hooded vest and tugged at the ropes to prep himself. Camera Eight briefly focused on a young father & daughter wearing masks similar to Cordova’s with her pointing at her favorite superstar. Cordova pointed back.







Run ledgendaryarrival.exe



.................................................. .................................................. ....... 100 %



’Bullets’ by Creed

{The jOltvision monitors were quick to flicker to life, depicting the hastened descent of the sun along the angled view of Big Ben itself. The scene shifted to a man, standing atop an elevated ledge. The winds at that height tugged angrily at the individual’s jacket during the camera’s approach from behind. A sizable garrison of state authorities frantically assembled and set themselves into position, training their weapons towards that individual’s direction. Inaudible commands from a bullhorn were cast out as the scene captured the brief gnarling of the man’s knuckles. Shots by the dozens were fired upon command initiating a immediate slowing of time of many rounds. The brief side view of the mark brandished the incoming army of metal rain approaching across his shades. Immediately, the screen was overtaken by the symbolic Union Jack flag, unfurled. The hues of Grey, White & Black adorned the flag before TYKE was intentionally burned across the screen center.}

Carrington: “And his opponent...; weighing in at 227 pounds...From Leeds, England ...He is ’The British Lion’...This is TYKE!!

Jeers were swelling within the Arena of Champions amidst the barrage of flashing lights. A faint silhouette began to take shape as it advanced forward, revealing the Tornado Wrestling legend himself. Popping the bones in his neck, Tyke calmly adjusted his Red tinted Aviator sunglasses while looking around the arena before making his way towards the squared circle. Ignoring the few marks cheering on his behalf, the nimble Englishman made his way up the ring steps & strode along the ring apron.

Tyke casually removed the jacket and cast it toward the stage hands before stepping through the ropes. Black tights with Red Trim. Union Jack Boots with Black Straps to accommodate the Black Wrist Tape. The attire of the technical freestyle wrestler. The PA system silenced the entrance music allowing the populous to continue noisily respond to the impending match up. Cordova was seen hopping in place as Tyke was wringing his wrists & shoulders before Referee Hunt signaled for the opening bell.

The representatives of both Mexico & England respectively began encircling the ring’s epicenter. Tyke quickly sidestepped the speedy luchador who slid to a single knee. The Englishman brushed off his shoulder before engaging into the circle once more. Mutual Head & Collar Tie Up led to Tyke cinching in a taunt Side Head Lock. The veteran widened his base before slamming Cordova with a Side Headlock Takedown. The Latin Thug quickly countered with a Leg Scissors counter. Both men scrambled to their feet and reassessed their strategies. Tyke lunged forward for another Tie Up but Cordova locked in a Rear Side Waist Lock to a Inside Cradle Pin. 1!...2! Kickout!

Cordova locked in a Kneeling Side Head Lock. Tyke quickly hoisted the Latin Thug into the air for a Back Suplex yet the lithe luchador landed on his feet. Single Arm Leg Sweep allowed Tyke to land on both feet & connect with a Front Kick to the mid section. Standing Hip Toss but Cordova with a block. A Punch to the Gut humbled the Englishman, allowing the luchador to connect with a dazzling Standing Crucifix Cradle. The British Lion rolled through back to a vertical base & spun Cordova over the top rope onto the ring apron. The Mexican native retaliated with a Forearm to the mid section before taking flight with a Slingshot Somersault Seated Senton! The crowd cheer amorously as Cordova sprinted towards the opposing ropes.

Cordova with the Step Over. The luchador returned and strode underneath a leap frogging Tyke. Cordova stopped short & blasted Tyke several times with a tandem of Snap Kicks to each leg. Diving Sunset Flip prompted Tyke to fight to retain his vertical base. Tyke grabbed his prey by the throat but the Latin Thug kicked him in the back. The British Lion somersaulted himself to his feet & shot towards the ropes as Cordova kipped up to his feet. Cordova brought Tyke’s momentum with a Flying Cross Body! ...1! Kickout! The masked Mexican’s Front Kick was caught and penalized with a Snap Fisherman’s Suplex! ...1! ...2! Shoulder! The British Icon displayed his strength by flipping back to his feet & hoisting Cordova up for another Fisherman type Suplex but the luchador land on both feet. Standoff and the masses ate it up. Slightly favoring his back, the luchador nodded in kind as Tyke snorted while stroking his chiseled jaw.

”jOlt! jOlt! jOlt! jOlt! jOlt! jOlt! jOlt! jOlt! jOlt! jOlt! jOlt! jOlt! jOlt! jOlt!...

Cordova led the crowd by clapping his hands together before circling the middle of the ring with Tyke. Both men would interlock their fingers with one outstretched hand. Engaging in a mutual Test of Strength, The British Lion eventually imposed his will by slowly forcing the luchador’s shoulders toward the mat. The Latin Thug quickly flung Tyke overhead with a Monkey Flip. Still interlocked, both men scrambled back to their feet but Cordova stuck back with a methodical succession of Snap Kicks to Tyke’s Legs. Seizing the opening, Cordova nimbly walked up the ropes but his attempted Tornado DDT was countered by Tyke stopping short & attempting a Short Arm Clothesline. Cordova ducked underneath and blasted the Englishman with a Snap Straight Jacket Suplex! ...1! ....2! NO! Undeterred, the Latin Thug quickly balled Tyke up into a La Majistral Cradle Pin! ...1! ...2! Kickout!

Still interlocked by one hand, both men rise but Tyke humbles the Mexican masked man with a Front Kick. Hammer Throw towards the corner but the aerial assassin dove feet first through the ropes & smacked Tyke upside the head with both feet! Landing along the ring apron, Cordova catapulted himself up & over with a Slingshot OTR Senton! Cover! ...1! ...2! Kickout! The Latin Thug angrily slapped the mat & debated the count with referee Hunt but to no avail. The embittered English Legend sought to recollect himself by rolling under the ropes to the outside. The masses rallied as Cordova pointed in Tyke’s direction before shooting towards the opposing ropes. The Human Torpedo was soundly adverted by a High Running Knee Lift to Cordova’s Jaw! Both men collapsed but the mixed cheers & jeers befell the British Lion, who remained on both knees while tapping his finger against his temple.

A moderate fecal chant swelled in proximity of the ringside area as a resurgent Tyke began laying the boots into his prey. Tyke dragged a groggy Cordova to his feet & leaned him against the barricades before blasting him with a stiff Knife Edge Chop! Cordova grimaced in response as The British Lion stood over him. Tyke quickly reset the ref’s count by doubling back underneath the ropes, turning his attention to the crawling luchador. Irish Whip by Tyke. The angry sound of flesh meeting metal rang as Cordova tumbled wildly over the steel steps. The sounds of jeers amplified as Tyke slapped an extra large drink into the chest of an elderly fan. Having toyed enough with his opposition, Tyke shoved the Latin Thug underneath the ropes and covered him with a Lateral Press...1! ...2! Kickout! Arrogantly, Tyke nodded with a faint smirk before pummeling Cordova with a measured set of Punches to the Head. Angrily, the British Lion began prying off The Latin Thug’s mask, prompting the referee to pull away. A short fit of cursing urged Tyke to continue his pursuit after the luchador before burying him into the corner with a hail of Boots to the Chest. Using the ropes as leverage, Tyke’s Front Face Lock began choking his rival before being shoved off again. A sizable wave of crowd heat rose yet Tyke arrogantly told the masses to ‘Piss Off’! A sneering Tyke sent Cordova away with an Irish Whip. Cordova with the Reversal but Tyke slams the luchador spine first against the turnbuckles with a Snap Belly to Belly Overhead Suplex!

The British Lion slapped his hands as if his business was finished before ordering the referee to get down & do his job will hooking the leg deeply...1! ...2! ....NO!!! A look of slight disbelief radiated across Tyke’s face before a sneer & a nod followed suit. Chuckling to himself, The British Lion mockingly stood Cordova before shoving the diminutive superstar off the ring apron with his boot. Camera Nine followed the Latin Thug’s struggle up the ring steps before kneeling along the ring apron. Tyke continued taunting the luchador while dragging him to his feet. The masses began rallying as Cordova began fighting back. The angry aerialist unleashed a torrid battery of Fists before blasting Tyke’s chin with Running Upward Kick! Staggering backwards, The Englishman was at the mercy of Cordova’s Slingshot Spinning Head Scissors Takedown! Stumbling backwards, Cordova caromed off the ropes & connected with a Flying Leg Wheel! Cover! ...1! ...2! Shoulder!

Slightly favoring his back, the Latin Thug attacked with a flurry of Clubbing Forearms & Boots to the body before hitting a Knife Edge Chop! The Ric Flair tribute was heard with each successful hit as Tyke was backed into the corner. Irish Whip by Cordova. Tyke with the Reversal. The British Lion gunned it towards his opposition but ate both boots to the face! Hammer Throw by the Latin Thug slammed Tyke chest first soundly into the corner, allowing Cordova to set Tyke up for a Twisting 3/4 Facelock Bulldog! The crowd groaned audibly as the British Lion countered with a Salto Suplex! Referee Hunt knelt down to assess the damage as both men were down. Tyke was shaking the cobwebs loose as Cordova fell off the ring apron. Favoring his jaw slightly, an irritated Tyke slid to the outside to stake after his prey.

English cursing & methodical slaps to the luchador’s head drew the ire of the crowd before using a Hammer Throw to smash Cordova against the ring steps. Grabbing his opponent by the back of his mask, Tyke briefly cursed at the fans before punishing Cordova with a Front Face Suplex atop the ring steps! Jaw agape out of sheer pain, Cordova was sent tumbling to the floor via Tyke’s European Uppercut! The British Lion happily ingests the crowd heat in front of Camera Six. Again, Tyke wisely resets the count before shoving Cordova back in the ring & making the cover...1! ...2! NO! Annoyed by the Latin Thug’s resilience, Tyke quickly cinched in a Kneeling Chin Lock. Cordova drew the energy from the crowd by pumping his fists. Gradually, the luchador would regain his footing & creating space with a tandem of Back Elbows. Tyke retaliated with a Clubbing Forearm but the Latin Thug fired back. Cordova assumed command of the exchange with a blistering series of alternate Snap Kicks. Cordova’s Drop Sault sent Tyke rolling backwards to his feet. The Latin Thug caromed off the ropes, ducking underneath the Clothesline. The fans rallied as Cordova countered Tyke’s Tilt A Whirl attempt with an Inverted Facelock DDT! Cover! ...1! ...2! Shoulder! Cordova immediately leapt to his feet & connected with a Running Shooting Star Press! Cover! ...1! ...2! NO!

The luchador angrily slapped the canvas as the groggy legend sought to recollect himself. Irish Whip by Cordova. Tyke with the Reversal. Cordova walked up the turnbuckles & landed before charging after his opponent...Spinning Tyke Kick! The air was nearly let out of the arena as Cordova crashed & burned near the corner. The arrogant sneer of Tyke garnered a volley of boos from the stands as he playfully kicked the luchador’s head before leaning him against the turnbuckles. The amateur boxing display was methodical until Cordova was left slumped over against the 2nd ropes. An Overhand Chop across the Chest summoned another tribute for the Nature Boy before Tyke seated the Latin Thug atop the turnbuckles. Palming the masked man’s face & taunting led to an audible Slap across the face! Another leaned the miniature sparkplug, almost to the point of falling off the turnbuckle yet Tyke climbed upward before setting him up for a Backpack Stunner from the Top Rope...

The fans began cheering as Cordova began unloading with a desperate series of Elbows to the Jaw! Finally able to break free, the luchador steadied himself & raised his fist toward the heavens...

UNO! DOS! TRES! CUATRO! CINCO! SEIS! SIETE! OCHO! NUEVE! DIEZ! Tyke was left wobbling in the corner when Cordova climbed upward and snapped off with a Leaping Frankensteiner off the top rope! The British Lion bounced off the mat but was faintly stirring. Resting on one knee, the Latin Thug held onto the rope before pulling himself upward to the top. The masses urged him on as he slowly made a slow slashing gesture across his throat as Tyke groggily reclaimed his vertical base...

Flying Cross Body off the Top Rope...


Camera One captured the rise of fans in the stands as Cordova bounced off the mat stomach first & was left in a lifeless heap. A resounding fecal chant bounced within the arena walls as Tyke was laying on his side, Tyke goes for the cover, the Latin thug is sprawled out on the mat. Tyke pulls up Cordova leg.




The British Lions, flips to his feet and “Oit give me a microphone!” Tyke gestures for a microphone, “Oit give me a microphone!” one is thrown at him, which he catches one handed. He looks at the fallen Cordova, the man who has just given him more of a match than his previous opponent.

“This man is a living legend and he deserves our applause, he has given me the best fight I have had here in jOlt, albeit being my only second fight. He is a born fight, the pride of Mexico, and a credit to his trainer Ceasar Cano. He is a shining light of the local community, and all round great guy. Can I get a loud cheer for the Latin Thug”

Tyke stands back and starts to clap the fallen Latin Thug, the Arena of Champions is somewhat shocked, but joined in with the clap for Cordova . This wasn’t the Tyke that had returned on Warriors , had he slipped back into his old ways. The British Lion he walks towards Cordova, to offer his hand to help him up.

Cordova, takes the outstretched left hand of Tyke, and grabs it with is right, Tyke starts to pull him up, and looks him in the eyes.

"Your such a trusting little twat fella, why on earth would I help you, your not worth even to be in the same ring as me!”

Tyke draws back his right arm which is holding the microphone, swoops down whacking Cordova across the top of his head



Tyke hits him again, knocking Cordova to the ring matt, Tyke drops to his knees and positions himself so that the Latin Thug can hear him clearly.

“You’re a useless, but you are the Pride of Mexico, cause you sum up what that god forsaken wash up civilisation is all about. Yes your county gave us Chocolate, and guess what you’re that stupid you used it as a form of currency, how pathetic is that.

If you're that much of a “all-round” great guy why does the Latin Thug, hide behind his mask?”

Tyke positions himself, behind the head of the fallen Latin Thug, who starts to move trying to move away from the British Lion.

“Stop moving, you're like that bloody poxy worm find in your shitty national drink?” Tyke smashed the microphone again repeatedly. Tyke hits Cordova so hard, the microphone head breaks.

“Bloody hell, cheap American shite. Don’t you build anything strong anymore?!? In fact do you build anything?” Going back to what he was trying to do, Tyke places his hands under the chin of Cordova, and starts to pull at the mask of Cordova

Just as it looked as the masked man's identity would be seen by all, the arena went dark. No one was quite sure what was happening. Was it a black out? Was it the promoters trying to protect one of their stars? While all good and logical guesses, the answer was about to be witnessed by all.

The lights flickered like lightning with the tron displaying a rain-soaked graveyard. Like a monster in a Ted Raimi horror flick, the camera blazed a path over, around, and through headstones until stopping on one lone tombstone. As the water droplets fell from the heavens, a black figure rose up from the ground. The red star on his chest breaking up the darkness.

Fans who had watched the prior show knew what was next and those who didn't were about to get quite the surprise. The arena slowly escaped the darkness and standing in the middle of the ring was the mysterious soldier. Despite his eyes being hidden by his black, metallic mask, it was clear that he was glaring at the British Lion.

"What in the 'ell?"

The soldier just stood in place, breathing heavily, as Tyke gave up on taking Cordova's mask and turned his attention to the intruder.

"I’d back off now ya little prick or I'll you’ll be like this shitbrick on the floor."

Not moving an inch, the unknown soldier stood his ground.

"Wiseguy I see It's your bloody funeral, fella."

The British Lion wound up and launched a right hand aimed right for the soldier's jaw. In one fluid motion, the soldier spun, snagging the incoming strike at the wrist with his right hand while delivering a back elbow with his left.

Never releasing the wrist, he quickly the arm behind Tyke's own head and rattled his brain with a left-handed Muay Thai elbow strike.

The British Lion could do nothing, as the soldier kept his arm locked behind his head and sent him crumbling to the mat with a left-footed roundhouse to the chest.

Moans of agony echoed through the arena at the sight of such a wicked kick. The unknown soldier payed them no mind, as he rolled backwards to a three-point stance. Tyke was out of it, but his instincts told him to stand up. That was a poor decision.


A running double knee strike to the chest sent his victim flying back into the corner, as if he was struck by a cannon.

The soldier glared down at the fallen British Lion, who had landed face first on the mat, after bouncing off the turnbuckle pads. Behind him, wide-eyed Cordova started towards the man in the metal mask.

"Gracias," Cordova smiled and reached to place his hand on the shoulder of the soldier.

In the blink of an eye, the soldier brushed the arm away and swept Cordova's legs right out from under him. Cordova may have escaped losing his mask, but it looked like he was about to catch an ass-kicking instead. The Soldier wound up and stopped just millimeters away from Cordova's mouth with his forearm. He didn't need to say a single word. Cordova got the message loud and clear.


The Latin warrior made sure not to make any movements with the soldier standing back up. The soldier's metal mask reflected the lights from above and without warning, the arena once again went black. A young woman's voice can be heard by all those in attendance.

"Few will have the greatness to bend history itself, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events. It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance."
— Robert F. Kennedy

With those words fresh in everyone's mind, the lights returned and the crowd found the soldier missing in action. Unsure of what to do, Cordova scampered to the nearest corner, where he looked around the ring, hoping to see the soldier and give into the fact that he just vanished into the night. However, like all others in the arena, he found nothing.

Winner: Tyke via Pinfall

Anson Larue vs. Craig Thomas vs. Jason Fosters vs. Eiji Kugasari vs. Colby Korver vs. Waymoth Turnbull
Anson LarueCriag ThomasJason FostersEiji KugasariColby KorverWaymoth Turnbull

Cameras Fifteen & Twenty One traded gradual panning shots of the cheering masses before briefly setting their focus on the jOlt Wrestling promotional banners & the jOltvision screens respectively before zeroing in on the lead broadcast position shared by Michael Buhrman & Nathan Powers

Buhrman: “It's been a long road for these six individuals, but it is now time to decide who the new breakout star of jOlt Wrestling is!”

Powers: “Whatever.. they're all still green to me.”

Buhrman: “That may be true, but Jim Johnson created this invitational to break the Status Quo around here and now these six will have an opportunity to shine.”

Powers: “I ask what's wrong with who we have on top now? I don't see a point in trying to shake things up. Don't fix what's broken!”

Buhrman: “That kind of attitude can kill companies. Everyone deserves an equal shot.”

Powers: “Whatever... all hail the glass ceiling if you ask me”

The respectable crowd response overheard draws the attention from the announcers for Camera Three turned its attention on Dean Carrington whom as standing by at the center of the ring.

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; on the behalf of jOlt’s time...for the Power Struggle Invitational Finals!

The announcement promoted a notable response throughout the Arena of Champions.

Carrington: “In this match.. it is simple. It will be a six man battle royal. You are eliminated if you are thrown over the top rope to the outside with both feet touching the ground. The last man standing will be the winner and your new breakout star of jOlt Wrestling!”

Camera Ten captured Colby Korver passed through the backstage curtains & began hopping in place & wrung out his limbs & neck before staring at the heavens. Many of the hometown faithful openly cheer for one of Florida’s native sons...

Carrington: “The first contestant in the Power Struggle Invitation; Weighting in at 232 pounds...Orlando, Florida’s own ...Colby Korver!!

Camera Two monitored the flyweight made an appearance by jolting through the heavy blue curtain, separating the cameras from the backstage atmosphere. Colby looked determined as he wanted to make a name for his self and tonight was the perfect opportunity. It had been a battle, but he made it to the finals. Now all he had to do was figure out how he was going to overcome the other five competitors, and it wasn’t going to be easy. The wily hardcore brawler nodded at a number of fans before standing atop the turnbuckles & acknowledging the crowd. Referee Darius Underwood approached him & engaged him in a brief discussion as his musical introduction subsided.

’Black’ by Sevendust is set loose from the arena PA system, igniting the barrage of Red & White strobe lighting to commence.

Carrington: “Making his way to the ring; Weighting in at 298 pounds...Jason! Fosters!!

Jason Fosters was the next competitor to split the blue curtains. As his music blared over the sound system, he power walked to the squared circle. The man formally known as Payne was never keen on gloating, he liked for his knuckles to do that for him as he had shown throughout the tournament. Although things hadn’t went his way, here he was, ready to become the number one contender for the Relentless Championship.

And he wasn’t the only one.

‘No Association’ by Silverchair brought out an amplified Eiji Kugasari as he cast aside the backstage curtains. The Blood Raven initiated his trademark pyrotechnical entrance before power walking toward the squared circle.

Carrington: “From the Okayama Prefecture of Ibara, Japan...Weighting in at 195 pounds...The Prince of Puroresu; Eiji! Kugasari!!

The ninja slid underneath the bottom rope, bouncing off the rope once to his feet to display the quickness in his possession. Eiji’s journey was similar to those inside the ring with him. He too, had fought hard to be where he was tonight and he too sought the same opportunity that his opponents wanted.

As the three men stood at a pleasurable distance from each other, ‘Blacken The Sun’ by Tech N9ne brought out The Sadistic One. Anson LaRue boldly walked onto stage, looking very sadistic with his lips curled into a snarl. He was one of the two men who had yet to be defeated and just by looking at him the reason was obvious.

Carrington: “From Brooklyn, New York....Weighting in at 268 pounds; Anson! LaRue!!

Once Larue entered the ring, the lights began to fade in and out to the beat of ‘Emergency’ by Mavado, and to the sound of jOlt faithful erupting in cheers, Waymoth Turnbull was spotted between the flickering of the lights as he walked to the ring. The Savage Islander was the other undefeated contender and all you had to do was like at the beastly figure to see why.

Carrington: “Making his way to the ring; he hails from Tortola, the British Virgin Islands...Weighting in at 287pounds...Waymoth! Turnbull!!

Waymoth had walked straight through the competition with ease thus far, but tonight was different. There were five other men in the ring with him and all of them were sure to go after him first. The determination on his face defined that of courage and will and tonight he would sure need it.

‘Voodoo Child’ by Stevie Ray Vaughn

New music.

New look.

New Style.

Carrington: “And the final contestant of the Power Struggle Invitational; Making his way to the ring; he hails from Little Rock, Arkansas...Weighting in at 264 pounds...He is ‘The Ego’Craig! Thomas!!

The Ego arrogantly walked into sight with his new wrestling attire fitted around his body and his cleanly shaved head glistening in the spotlight. Though the attitude was still the same, he walked with a pep in each step, taunting the nearby fans on his way down the steel ramp. He too had found his way into the finals, the only two men to defeat him were the only two undefeated competitors in the tournament and they glared at him as he entered the ring.

Craig raised his index finger and pointed it at both men before delivering a crotch chop in their direction, accompanied with a sleek smirk filled with arrogance. That’s all it took to set off Waymoth Turnbull, the man who despised him, hated him, due to his ill advised actions over the past month. Waymoth charged at him, wanting to take off his head with a powerful clothesline but The Ego fell to the mat and rolled out of the ring. Simon Boulder immediately called for the bell in this Over the Top Elimination Match.

As Waymoth had a few words to say to The Ego, Larue and Fosters decided it would be in their best interest to double team The Savage Islander. Fosters sent a double axe handle across his spine forcing him into the ropes. Larue connected with several hard fist and stiff kicks until The Ego reached into the ring from outside the ring and tripped up Turnbull, then pulling him out of the ring and flinging him into the ring steps. Meanwhile, Colby Korver found himself in a defensive stance, fending off each blow Eiji attempted. A high elevated dropkick sent Korver into the turnbuckle and Eiji displayed his quickness by flipping back to his feet and charging into with a high knee to the chin. Fosters and Larue were now trading punches across the ring. Larue connected with a left. Fosters replied with a right. It continued until Larue finally obtained the upper hand with a thigh to the midsection. Fosters doubled over and Larue sent a piercing elbow shot to the back of his head, before hooking his arms around Fosters and slamming him down to the canvas with a belly to belly suplex.

Outside the ring, The Ego had ripped off his shirt in Hulk Hogan fashion, and thought he was gaining some momentum, but Waymoth overpowered him and pushed him into the barricade. Craig bounced off of it and dunked under a right haymaker. Turnbull turned around and Thomas drilled him with a forearm shot, but The Islander wasn’t dazed. It only pissed him off and he retialated by wrapping his paws around The Ego’s throat and flinging him headfirst into the steel post. As Waymoth man handled The Ego outside the ring, Eiji continued his assault on Korver. The Blood Raven had taken Korver down to the mat with a headscissors takedown into an armbar. Simon Boulder kept a close eye on the situation at hand to insure Korver would not be seriously injured and when the situation escalated, Simon broke the hold causing Eiji to be overwhelmed with anger. Simon and Eiji were conversing as Fosters fell victim to a big boot to the face. Larue approached Eiji as he argued with the referee and connect with a reverse DDT. Larue popped off the canvas with a roar.

Waymoth slid into the ring, The Ego was down for the time being due to Turnbull’s violent strikes. Larue turned around and bumped into Turnbull. These two men stared at each other, they were the top two competitors in this tournament and for the second time in jOlt they were face to face. The fans began to chant, ”Fight! Fight! Fight!”Then they exchanged blows. Larue connected with a right. Waymoth with a left. Back and forth they went and no one had gained the advantage just yet, nor would they because Kugasari twisted in the air after jumping off a turnbuckle and bombed the two men with a suicide type splash. It was a costly moreover as it did more harm to him than it did to the other two wrestlers. Eiji, Waymoth, and Larue were down. Colby was getting back up, but Jason Fosters hit him with a spinning back kick. As Waymoth was regaining his strength, Fosters picked Colby off of the canvas into the gorilla press position, bench pressing the flyweight to show off his strength. Waymoth came up from behind and repaid Fosters with a double axe handle into the back, just as Fosters did to him at the start of the match. Fosters lost his handle on Colby and fell into the ropes, Colby hit the mat outside the ring.

Colby Korver - Eliminated.

Waymoth spun Fosters around and began showcasing his boxing skills with a series of combos. It started with a right hook to the body, followed by a left in a series concluded with a hard left uppercut. The Savage Islander called it the Red Hook Combo and it impaled Foster’s ability as he was now in the seated position against a turnbuckle. As Waymoth proceeded to stomp the hell out of Fosters in the corner, The Ego had finally slid back into the ring. It seemed he had been recovering from the brutal beat down received by Turnbull earlier in the match. Eiji was now up at this time, noticing The Ego standing up to his feet. Eiji charged at Craig, but only to be lifted into a forceful power slam that Craig Thomas deemed the EGO-BOOST. Larue immediately charged at The Ego afterwards, Craig dodged a clothesline as the momentum was in his favor. Larue turned around...EGO-SLAM!

It was Craig’s patent version of a side slam, but with arrogance. He popped up off the mat stroking his hand across his shoulder with a smirk stretched out his face as of gesture of wiping the dust off of it. But the cockiness would cost him, Waymoth wrapped his massive arms around the mid section and slung him over for a release German Suplex. The Ego landed on his head and rolled out of the ring, falling to the outside once again to stay out of harms way. If there was one thing good you could say about Craig Thomas was, the man is a genius. Whether it be the cowardly way, or not, The Ego always thought about his every move and played it smart.

While Craig rested with his face down on the mat, Waymoth proceeded to pick Fosters up from the corner but Larue charged in with a forearm shot to the back of the head but Waymoth sent an elbow crashing into Larue immediately afterwards and turned around wrapping his arms around Larue and slamming him down with a high angle belly to belly suplex. Fosters then sent his fist into Waymoth, jarring him into the ropes. Fosters turned him around and whipped him into the ropes where The Ego was waiting and tripped Waymoth up by grabbing his feet and sending him to the canvas. Eiji was up, flashing his speed by running at Fosters with a high knee attack but Fosters caught him and slammed him down to the canvas in a awkward fashion. Fosters shot back up as Waymoth stood back up and glared at Thomas outside the ring. Craig smirked at The Savage Islander and pointed behind him. Waymoth turned around and doubled over, sending Fosters over the top rope next to The Ego.

Jason Fosters - Eliminated.

The Ego moved out of the way as Fosters hit the rubber matting. He picked up Fosters, patted his thigh, and hit him with the EGO-BURST! Meanwhile, Eiji was hitting Larue with several quick strikes and kicks. He had Larue in pinned in the corner and leaped onto his shoulders looking for a hurricanrana but Larue power bombed him over the top rope, almost stumbling over them his self.

Eiji Kugasari - Eliminated.

The remaining three men were the same guys who led the competition over the past month; Anson Larue, Craig Thomas, and Waymoth Turnbull. The Ego still lurked outside the ring, as he had done so for most of the match. Anson Larue had regained his balance and stood in the center of the ring facing Waymoth Turnbull. Memories of their first match a week ago were revisited where Waymoth almost had Larue beat but time turned it into a draw. Here we were again, two former boxers now trading punches. The Ego waited for the perfect opportunity to strike from the outside of the ring. Larue and Waymoth were almost equal in strength, but no quiet. Waymoth overpowered Larue with the Red Hook Combo and Larue fell with his back in the ropes. Waymoth tossed Larue into the ropes and met him with a shoulder block. Turnbull hit the ropes his self and sent a leg drop across the throat of Larue. Waymoth picked up Larue and delivered some hard open hand chops before grappling him into tiger suplex and completing it.

Waymoth roared out loud, when he turned around...EGO-BURST!

Craig Thomas snuck in from behind and delivered a perfectly executed superstar kick to the jawbone of Turnbull but Larue was back up and sent his fist into The Ego’s face. Larue went for an irish whip, but The Ego reversed it with a beautiful counter into a belly to belly suplex. Craig picked up Larue...






Larue was forced into the ropes and The Ego followed up with a clothesline that eliminated Anson from the match.

Anson Larue Eliminated

Craig Thomas celebrated inside the squared circle to the jeer of the crowd. He thought he had it won, all he had to do was turn around, pick up Waymoth, and toss him over the ropes. That was the plan, but little did he know Waymoth recovered quickly from the EGO-BURST and was standing behind him. When he finally turned around, after showboating in front of the Power Struggle crowd, he was overwhelmed with bewilderment. Waymoth stood before him, with a sneer, and curled fist. Craig stepped backwards with an open mouth, waving his hands before Waymoth. When he worked up enough courage to strike, he did, but it failed miserably. Waymoth hooked an arm, a leg, and toyed with Thomas making him hop around on one leg. Waymoth nailed The Ego with a couple of hard shots before finishing him off.





Simon Boulder raised The Savage Islanders arm, declaring him the winner, and now the Number One Contender to the Relentless Championship Title. The Arena of Champions was ecstatic as they watched Waymoth Turnbull pound his chest with a single fist inside the squared circle. The cameras zoomed out and circled Waymoth inside the ring. The fans continued to chant his name. Waymoth Turnbull was still undefeated in jOlt and he was now a force to be reckoned with, The Savage Islander had made a name for his self and by completing the Power Struggle Invitational, he now had a chance to become a jOlt Champion.

Winner: Waymoth Turnbull via Elimination

"We Are the Wolves"

At the conclusion of the Power Struggle Invitational match, all the wrestlers had cleared the ring. The crowd waited in anticipation for what was to come next. All of a sudden, the lights in the arena went out completely. The jOlt Vision screens on the top of the buildings lit up with static pulses. Images of war and revolutionary moments in history flashed by in black and white. A voice boomed over the PA system.

"Anyone who knows anything of history knows that great social changes are impossible without upheaval"

"The only antidote to mental suffering is physical pain"

The static and images shut off to a black screen. Then another screen lights up to depict an image similar to that on Countdown.

"Sie sind das Essen und wir sind die Jäger!"

"Crimson Bow and Arrow" by Linked Horizon (Instrumental Version) hits the PA system Two figures step out from the backstage area as the logo "reVolt" appears on the jOlt Vision. The two men are Sanchez Cano and Mattock.

Mattock was involved in the Power Struggle invitational, however, came up short as he hadn't won a single match with the exception of the huge 8 man tag that took place on Warriors 16. Mattock curiously grinned after each loss to the bewilderment of many.

On Rock the House, Sanchez Cano spoke of a messiah that would be coming. Could that messiah be Mattock? With all of the losses that Mattock had incurred, Cano spoke of a man being a martyr. Seemingly this was all starting to add up.

Mattock and Cano both slid into the ring. They were each handed a microphone. Mattock brought his up to his lips first as the music died down.

"What stands before lesser beings is the evolution of mankind. A revolution against the status quo.. and the reVolt of your generation"

The people booed, but it didn't seem to phase Mattock one bit.

"Long have I stood in the shadows of my brother. Long have I been looked down upon. I have been vilified... I have been outcast... I have been demeaned.. but no matter what.. I have endured all of that to stand before the masses and proudly proclaim that all of that is about to change."

The people continued to booed as Mattock flicked his hair back out of his eyes.

"I am the messiah of the shoutbox. My words will reach your ears and the ears of all lesser beings around the world. What my words will form is more than just a song... but an anthem which will spin a truthful tale and proclaim that humanity is on a downward spiral because we have become complacent to live as livestock within these walls. We have become complacent as we are fed the standard issue tripe day in and day out and we choke upon it and smile back, asking for more and more until we've had more than our fill. WELL THAT STOPS NOW."

Mattock paused for a moment and composed himself.

"We will no longer be overlooked.. we will no longer swallow the tripe that is forced down our throats. We will no longer be opressed under the thumb that weighs down the glass ceiling. We will not be like countless flowers who have been trampled and had their names forgotten. People have overlooked us for far too long and saw us as nothing more than lambs in a pasture. To that, I state that even a lamb content in its pasture can be transformed into a hunter."

"As I look around this arena... as I walked through the back... all I saw were pigs sneering at our will to advance. Living in false prosperity like the livestock that they are. Far too long have they denied the freedom of us starving wolves longing for blood. We will starve no longer as now we are the wolves which were once lambs. Raising the cry, we charge into our twilight and we continue to fight."

Cano patted Mattock on the back and brought his microphone up to his lips.

"Heed the words of the messiah. He speaks a truth that you all need to hear. Day in and day out, countless wrestlers are sent through that curtain without a reason for anyone to care about them. They are like lambs being lead to the slaughter. I should know.. I was one of them. Mattock was one of them. We both were looked down upon and were nothing but mere afterthoughts. Now that has changed. We will be afterthoughts no longer."

"We are the hunters and you are the prey!"

The people continue to boo as Mattock drew the microphone to his lips again.

"Take notice.. the reVolt begins now."

"Crimson Bow and Arrow" strikes up once again as Mattock and Cano step out of the ring and head to the back among the boos from the crowd. A clear message has been sent to the entire locker room and everyone within the jOlt universe.

'Superstar' Vince Jacobs vs. Aran Thompson
Superstar Vince JacobsAran Thompson

The lights in the Arena of Champions abruptly turned off and the cell phones, lighters, and cameras illuminated the cast into purely darkened arena when a woman’s voice sliced through the darkness and the buzzing of the fans.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! I proudly introduce you to the most phenomenal, iconic, living ratings creator! The REASON THERE'S A WRESTLING FAN NOW! THE FUTURE OF THE INDUSTRY!"



A huge blast of pyro exploded in front of the jOltvision and instead of Aran's normal entrance song "Deliver Us" by In Flames began playing and Aran walked out from behind the entrance curtain to a huge ovation. Aran stopped and looked around with pure determination on his face before he pointed to the sky and looked at the camera.

"Better guard yourself from the shards tonight! The glass is coming down!"

Aran walked down the entrance ramp with Laurie Williams with him by his side and she looked proud of her man as he soaked in the admiration.

"I didn't have to come to the jOlt to become a superstar...I brought my spotlight with me"

The jeers would fall into hindsight with the visual eye candy, dancing across the ominous trinity of super screens. A select bevy of monikers would appear at random exploding on the Arena of Champions one after the other.

Pro Wrestling's Phenomenon - The Icon - The Living Legend – The Ratings Grabber - The Reason there is a show – Mr. Pay Per View

After the last moniker appeared on the screen music reverberated throughout the arena speakers. Vince Jacobs ready for action made it to the stage as “Villain” by Theory of a Deadman erupted throughout the arena.

Jacobs smirked as he put his hand out to the side and the lovely Natalia walked out and stood by his side. Vince had been in big money situations like this before and he was looking to add another footnote to his resume. SVJ held Natalia’s hand as they walked down the ramp toward the ring.

SVJ looked around ringside as he slowly made his way to the ring. The veteran made Aran wait as he stopped halfway down the ramp before turning to the crowd. The multi time champion and the Russian beauty smirked before walking to the ring where Aran and Laurie stood impatiently for the self-proclaimed superstar.

Jacobs and Natalia finally made it into the ring as Simon Boulder instructed the ladies they had to leave the ring in order to get this match started. Both Jacobs and Aran escorted their ladies out of the ring as they knew that tonight was the biggest match in both of their careers. One of these men was going to walk out of this ring as the number one contender to the jOlt Heavyweight Championship.

A title that every single man in this company wanted. The title that has eluded Thompson for so many years and the specific title that was robbed from Vince oh so many months ago. These two men knew what had to be done and for Aran Thompson he may never get another shot like this for a long time.

Boulder motioned for the bell as the match was officially started.

Aran rushed at Vince and took the Icon down with a tackle. Both men rolled around to try to get an advantage. They eventually rolled under the ropes to the floor, neither man gaining an advantage. Aran got to his feet and took a swing at Vince who ducked and grabbed Aran by the waist and drove him into the guardrail back first. Jacobs nailed Aran with a big right hand that dropped Mr. Relentless to the ground.

Laurie had a concerned look on her face as Natalia smirked. Vince grabbed Aran and whipped him into the opposite guardrail as the fans heard a big crash from Aran’s back hitting the steel.

”I can’t believe that Simon is allowing this to take place outside of the ring, this is not a No DQ match.” Michael Buhrman said.

”I think it’s good. Let these two men beat the hell out of each other. Jacobs need to finally shut Aran’s mouth. I am tired of hearing this mid-carder talk about breaking the proverbial glass ceiling.” Nathan Powers added.

Jacobs slowly stalked his prey as he made his way over to Aran. SVJ grabbed Aran by the hair and drove his head into the ring apron. Vince smirked as he played to the crowd who was jeering the superstar. Jacobs turned back to Aran and nailed him with a vicious European uppercut. Aran’s head rocked back but Jacobs quickly grabbed him and threw him into the ring. Vince blew a kiss to Natalia before rolling into the ring. He grabbed Aran and shoved him back into the corner. Vince grabbed Aran and pulled him to the middle of the ring. He picked up Aran and drove him to the mat with big vertical suplex. Jacobs quickly went for a cover on Aran.



Mr. Relentless was not ready to go down just yet. Vince knew it was too early to get his opponent down but he knew he had to do different things to wear Aran down. The veteran picked up Aran and went for a scoop but Aran was able to break away. He quickly nailed Vince in the back with a standing dropkick. Jacobs nailed Aran with a big leg across the throat.

Vince thought about going for the cover but decided not to. The fans started to get behind Aran as Mr. Relentless continue to try to make it to his feet. Jacobs decided that he wanted to keep Thompson down for good. Natalia continued to yell instructions for her man as Laure pounded the apron mat for her man.

Vince slowly walked over to Laurie and looked at her before leaning over the top rope.

“This is the man you back. This is your champion, well he is about to be a footnote in my history.”

”Vince is in total control of the match.” Michael Buhrman said.

”What did you think was going to happen. Vince is a multi-time World Champion, so you knew he was going to take it to Thompson .” Nathan Powers added.

Jacobs moved back to Aran who drove a right hand into Vince’s mid-section which surprised SVJ. Jacobs went to grab Aran again but he shot up with a vicious clothesline from out of nowhere. Jacobs hit the mat as Aran hopped on Vince and started pounding the Icon.

The Fans: 1

The Fans: 2

The Fans: 3

The Fans: 4

The Fans: 5

The Fans: 6

Aran looked at Vince and stopped his punches.

“I’m using you to elevate to the next level.”

Aran picked up SVJ and quickly hooked his head before sending him to the mat with a DDT. Aran did not go for a cover, instead he picked up Vince again and whipped him into the ropes. SVJ bounced off the ropes and was sent to the mat with a dropkick. The momentum from the dropkick sent SVJ flying to the floor. Natalia started to go check on her man but before she could Aran raced across the ring through the ropes and nailed Vince with a big suicide dive sending both men to the guardrail.

The fans erupted in cheers for that move from Aran. Both men lay on the ground as Laurie and Natalia tried to help their respective men to the feet. Aran was the first to get to his feet. He looked at Natalia who stood between him and Jacobs. But Laurie grabbed Natalia as Aran went toward Jacobs like a lion stalking his prey. Aran grabbed Vince and rolled him back into the ring. Aran looked around as an Aran chant started from the crowd.

”The fans are really getting behind Aran.” Michael Buhrman said.

”Yeah I know, it’s getting annoying.” Nathan Powers added.

Aran rolled into the ring and went for a cover on Vince.




Aran stood to his feet and started to climb to the top rope quickly. Mr. Relentless dove off the top rope with a big senton splash on Jacobs. Aran went for another cover on Vince.




”That’s that never say die attitude that SVJ has shown us over the years.” Michael Buhrman said.

”That’s why he’s the best in the business. Once Aran makes a mistake Jacobs will capitalize.” Nathan Powers added.

Aran was showing to the fans and the world why he knows he deserved to be main event material. Aran grabbed Jacobs by the hair and hooked him into a front chancery. Aran pointed to the sky but Jacobs quickly turned out of the hold and swung Aran to the mat with arm drag. Aran quickly got to his feet but Jacobs caught Aran with a spinning spine buster. Jacobs could not cover Aran as both men laid on the mat.

”What a move by Jacobs.” Michael Buhrman said.

”It was enough to buy him some time. Now he can end this match and send Thompson back to the mid-card.” Nathan Powers added.

Boulder did not know what to do he looked down at both men who were not moving. Simon new this match could not end in a count out especially with what was at stake in this match. Vince made his way to his feet with the help of the ropes. SVJ drove a boot into Aran’s while he was down. The Icon was back on his feet now and was going to work. Jacobs picked up Thompson and whipped him into the ropes. Mr. Relentless bounced off the ropes and was nailed with a standing dropkick from SVJ. Vince hooked the far leg for the cover.




Aran was still in the match as Jacobs looked out into the crowd who was starting to give the Icon a mixed reaction. Jacobs bent down to pick up Aran. He stood Aran to his feet but Mr. Relentless was quick to cut Vince off with a kick to the gut. Thompson hooked Jacobs and took him down with a quick swinging neck breaker. Aran quickly hooked Vince’s leg for the cover.




Aran hooked Vince’s leg again for the cover.




Aran was trying to make Vince exert a lot of energy by kicking out of the pinfalls. Aran picked up SVJ and whipped him into the corner. He raced toward the corner and speared Vince in the corner. The fans gasped as Thompson looked to have broken Jacobs in half. Jacobs somehow stayed on his feet in the corner. Aran smiled as he felt the ceiling starting to crack. He grabbed Vince by the arm and whipped him into the far corner. Jacobs bounced out of the corner with a clothesline but Thompson ducked at the last second. He grabbed Vince by the neck from behind and drove him down with a hangman’s neck breaker. Thompson quickly rolled on top of Vince for the cover.




Thompson sat up and quickly stood to his feet. He reached down and picked up SVJ and gave him a punch for good measures before picking him up and slamming him to the mat with force. Aran was now in charge as he played to the crowd and Laurie. The crowd was starting to give Mr. Relentless a mixed reaction which threw Aran off a little.

However, he went back to work on the multi-time champion. Thompson wanted to become the number one contender to the jOlt Championship which will be decided later tonight and he knew that tonight was going to be his night. Thompson grabbed a groggy Vince and drove him back to the mat with a DDT. Thompson went for the cover again.




Thompson went for another cover.




Thompson hooked SVJ’s leg again for the cover.




Aran sat up and looked around not understanding why Jacobs was still in this match. He knew this match needed to be finished and he was going to do it right now. Thompson got to his feet and looked down at Vince. He started to climb to the top rope as Jacobs started to get to one knee. Aran continued to look on as Jacobs finally got to his feet. Aran leapt off the top rope.


”Aran nailed that move. This could be it for SVJ.” Michael Buhrman said.

”NOOOOO!! Come on Vince.” Nathan Powers added.

Thompson went for the cover.





The fans started to erupt again and a very interesting chant started to reverberate throughout the arena.


Aran looked around shocked as he couldn’t believe that one, SVJ kicked out and that the fans were chanting for Vince. The fans were witnessing a great match as both men were giving it all they had for a shot at the top prize in jOlt. Aran stood to his feet and moved back to the corner.

”Don’t lose your focus. You got this honey.” Laurie said as she looked up at Aran.

Aran looked down at Laurie and smiled. “You’re right. I can do this. I can finish Jacobs off and become the new number one contender in jOlt.”

Jacobs was now on his feet as his back was turned to Mr. Relentless. Aran nailed Vince in the back of the head with a big forearm shot. Jacobs fell to the mat again as Aran quickly grabbed Vince and nailed him with a few big right hands. The Icon tried to fight back from his back but Aran was relentless he picked Vince up hooked him in a front chancery. He hoisted SVJ up in the air.


He held Vince in the air for what seemed like forever before driving them both back into the mat. Aran was not through with Vince as he pulled the ratings grabber to his feet and sent him into the corner.

“You have been a thorn in my side since your return it’s time that I make my way to the top and you are my stepping stone. You are a worthless piece of shit Jacobs. I am going to love becoming the new jOlt Champion and I will owe it all to you.”

Jacobs smirked in the corner as Aran talked.

“You are far from a main eventer, Aran. You are what we call in the business a mid-carder for life. You wish you could have the main event career I have had. The only way you will see the world title is when you look at me walk down to the ring each week. You are nothing more than dog excrement on the bottom of my boots.”

That did it as Aran just unloaded on Vince in the corner. The emotions from this match and the twisted games that SVJ has done to Aran just boiled over. Jacobs slumped to the canvas as Aran continued to stomp at him in the corner. Aran picked up Jacobs and nailed him with a European Uppercut. The fans continued with their mixed reactions toward Aran as he hooked Vince in a headlock before racing out of the corner with a running bulldog.

Aran knew it was going to take more than a bulldog to keep Vince down. He looked down at the Icon and started to beg him to get to his feet. Jacobs struggled to one knee as he looked up at Aran with a smirk. Jacobs finally got to his feet as Aran quickly went for DDT but Jacobs reversed the move and pushed Aran back toward the rope. Vince quickly shot Aran with a SUPERSTAR KICK that Aran caught. He smiled as Vince looked stunned, as Aran spun Vince around and went for a clothesline but Jacobs ducked it and nailed Aran.


The impact of the kick sent Aran rolling to the floor as Jacobs fell in the middle of ring. He was tired and couldn’t capitalize on his finisher. Natalia called to her man as Vince crawled toward the ring ropes. Laurie was trying to help Aran up from the floor on the other side of the ring. Jacobs finally got to his feet and made his way over to the other side of the ring. He looked down at Aran before quickly springing to the top rope. He dove off the top.


Fans: HO-LY SHIT!!!
Fans: HO-LY SHIT!!!
Fans: HO-LY SHIT!!!
Fans: HO-LY SHIT!!!
Fans: HO-LY SHIT!!!
Fans: HO-LY SHIT!!!

”Where in the world did that come from?” Michael Buhrman said.

”You can never count SVJ out in a match. He is a legend.” Nathan Powers added.

After a few minutes Jacobs made it to his feet and crawled into the ring. Thompson rolled into the ring himself a few seconds later. Both men started to nail each other with right hands while they were on their knees. These two men wanted this match and they were putting it all on the line tonight. Right hands flying back and forth between the two men who were exhausted. Jacobs grabbed Aran by the head and nailed him with a head-butt. He then drove his head into the mat. Vince stood to his feet as Aran pulled himself up from the mat. SVJ bounced off the ropes and nailed Aran with the STAR GAZER. The shining wizard connected flush on Aran’s temple. Jacobs hooked Thompson’s leg for the cover.




Jacobs stood to his feet and looked around the arena as the fans erupted in cheers. Vince was waiting for Aran to get to his feet. Mr. Relentless stood to his feet as Jacobs waited for him to turn around. Aran turned around.



Aran ducked the kick. He quickly kicked SVJ in the gut and drove him to the mat with a double underhook DDT. Aran went for the cover on Jacobs.




Aran shook his head as he made it to his feet pulling Vince up with him. He hooked Vince and drove him to the mat.


Aran draped his arm over Vince’s chest for the cover as Boulder dropped down for the count.




It was finally over. Aran Thompson just pinned ‘Superstar’ Vince Jacobs to become the new number one contender for the jOlt Heavyweight Championship. Both men lay on the mat exhausted as Laurie and Natalia came into the ring to help their respective men. The fans erupted in a standing ovation for both men giving it their all in that ring tonight.

”Mr. Relentless Aran Thompson will battle the jOlt Heavyweight Champion. This is the moment this young man has waited for his whole career.” Michael Buhrman said.

”I can’t believe this. This is definitely a dark day for jOlt wrestling.” Nathan Powers added.

Jacobs stood to his feet and was helped from the ring by Natalia as the fans started to cheer the Icon as he walked up the ramp way with Natalia right by his side. Aran finally made it to his feet in the ring as he hugged Laurie for a long time. It was his night and it was now his time.

Winner: Aran Thompson via Pinfall

"Another Message Sent"

Unknown The One Man Army of Chris Titan himself, Lusus, stood in a dimly lit boiler room. He squinted through the dim light white light clashing with the glowing “EXIT” sign lights. Lusus moved past one of the boilers making a trail further into the boiler room until a clang caught his attention.

“Chris, is that you?” Lusus yelled into the darkness; the darkness remained silent. “Chris!”

Lusus scratched his head. He still couldn’t figure out why Titan would want to meet here but the letter he received specifically told him to meet Titan here. Lusus knew Titan wouldn’t steer him wrong and that’s why he was Titan’s personal army ready to fight and vanquish anyone in Titan’s way.


This time it came from behind Lusus. He quickly turned and watched as a set of pipes rolled on the ground still clanging as they tried to settle. Lusus squinted again and retraced his steps towards the pipes.

“Chris? C’mon out man! Let’s game plan for this Inferno Match tonight!”

“I’m afraid you’ve been misinformed. Chris Titan isn’t in this room.” A modulated voice responded from behind Lusus. He quickly turned, ready to strike, but found no one.



The boiler room door slammed shut and the lock clicked. Lusus put his back to the wall and kept his stance watching for any faint shadows. “Whoever you are, if it’s a fight you want, get your ass out here! The Lusus Army can’t be stopped!”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk,” The modulated voice clicked his tongue. “Lusus, so quick for violence, we just want to chat,” The voice sounded like it had shifted to the other side of the room but that was impossible.

“Well I ain’t got anything to say that my fists can’t say for me!” Lusus yelled into the darkness.

There was a heavy sigh and yet again it was in another part of the room.

“Lusus you’re a puppet. You should be a free man yet you choose to play the role of the stooge. Do you think Titan likes you, much less wants you around? We offer you rebirth! Cast off your shackles of oppression and become something more!” The modulated voice proclaimed.

“Why don’t you come say that to my face!” Lusus roared.

Three cloaked and masked men of varying sizes stepped from the shadows as Lusus sneered.

“You’re them terrorists! Good! I’ll stop you, save jOlt, and show the world what the Lusus Army can do!”

Lusus meant it too until a barrage of steel pipes began wailing away at him. He tried to fend them off but he was busted open already, badly, and blood was now in his eyes. The bigger of the three men threw the pipe down and held Lusus by the throat.

“Terrorists…we hate that word. You will serve as a fine example Lusus; much like Mike Extreme did. Mr. Johnson, the board of directors, and the entire jOlt universe hear us now. You have had your chance and now the army will be assembled. This whole establishment is now under watch and when the time is right we will strike and we will strike hard and by the time we’re done your world and your remains will be reduced to cinder. But you will not raise from the ashes much like the tale of the Phoenix, no, we will rebuild this world in our image, under our rule, and we will pave the streets over your graves. So there’s your answer, Mr. Johnson,” The figure let go and Lusus hit the ground unconscious but they weren’t done.

They began laying the boots to Lusus to make sure he was down and out. One more kick and the largest one turned back to the nearby camera.

“You may want to send the EMT’s to the boiler room to help this man. He’ll be fine, after tonight that is.” They turned to leave but the biggest one turned and shook a finger.

“I almost forgot to mention. I know how crafty you are Mr. Johnson. I know you already have a team headed this way not only to help this man but to catch us as well. Well I regret to inform you this is a recording. Lusus has been lying in his own blood for at least ten minutes now so I do implore you to come give this man medical aid. Until we meet again.” The large figure flicked his hand in a half hearted wave as the three men walked away and the feed cut to static.

Grendel vs. Chris Titan
GrendelChris Titan
It has been quite a history between these two. Grendel was a member of Chris Titan's Backbone. Things were looking up when Chris Titan did the unthinkable and dethroned Sylo as the jOlt Champion. What looked like a victory was, instead, a curse. This prompted Sylo to seek revenge on not only Titan, but the entire Backbone as well. Sylo reclaimed his championship and at All or Nothing, put Chris Titan down for good. The Backbone had been shattered and that didn't sit well with Grendel.

Lusus and Reno Davis even got involved in the personal issues between these two, but that has come and gone. With Lusus taken out backstage prior to the match, Chris Titan was going to have to go it alone. Reno Davis wouldn't be there for either of them and the only way to settle this bad blood is settle it in the fires of hell itself.

"Voodoo" by Godsmack The people stood up and cheered as Grendel stepped out from the backstage area. Grendel may not say much, but he doesn't have to. His expressions and his actions will always speak louder than any words he cannot say. Grendel walked down to the ringside area and circled around, looking at the metal bar that had been constructed around ringside which will soon create a prison of flame. Grendel grinned as he walked up the ring steps and entered the ring. He was ready.

"13 Steps to Nowhere" by Pantera Those cheers of admiration were quickly sullied into boos of admonishment. The former leader of The Backbone, Chris Titan, stepped out from the backstage area. Titan stopped at the top of the entrance ramp and locked eyes with Grendel who gave him a menacing glare. Titan cracked his knuckles as he walked down to the ring.

To Titan, Grendel was a dog who bit his owner and as you know, if a dog bites you.. even once... you have to put him down. No telling who he's going to bite next. That was the mentality of Titan as he walked up the ring steps and entered the ring. Titan stared across the ring at Grendel as the referee did his job and separated them. The referee told them to stand still and don't move before he exited the ring.

The lights in the arena darkened and a tint of red fell over the arena. Then, all of a sudden, the metal bars encompassing the ring were lit aflame. The temperature in the arena instantly rose and the eerie glow of fire created a beautiful, yet, dangerous ambiance. Once the ring had been surrounded by flame.. the referee called for the bell.




Grendel and Titan were now free to do whatever they wanted to each other. They slowly approached each other in the center of the ring and gave each other a glaring look as bloodlust filled their eyes. Titan shoved Grendel back a few steps... his feet and ankles felt the heat of the flame. Painful memories of fire instantly filled the mind of Grendel and he exploded away from the flames and drilled Titan with a massive clothesline!!

Grendel then mounted Titan and began to rain down heavy right hands. Titan did his best to cover up his face, but the sheer power of Grendel pushed those punches through the guard. Each blow jolted Titan's head into the canvas as Grendel unleashes the pain of languished memories of how he came to be.

Grendel stood as Titan's nose was already busted open! Grendel had broken Titan's nose within the first minute of this match! Grendel pulled Titan to his feet and sent him into the ropes. Titan came back and ate a shoulder block by Grendel. Grendel then dropped an elbow into the heart of Titan, stood, and dropped a second one.

Titan was feeling the wrath of Grendel early on in this match and had to do something if he wanted to stand any kind of chance. Grendel grabbed Titan and flipped him over onto his stomach. Grendel then grabbed Titan by the arm and drug him over toward the fire. Titan scrambled and tried to put the brakes on, but Grendel still dragged him along.

When Titan was near the ropes, he grabbed the ropes to prevent himself from going any further. The searing heat could be felt on his hand as Titan used the ropes for leverage to get back to his feet. Once veritcal, Titan used a headbutt on Grendel to get him to let go of his arm. Grendel's grip lessened, but it was still firmly grasped on the arm of Chris Titan. Titan then used another headbutt and finally got separation.

Titan then lit up Grendel's chest with a knife edge chop. He hit another and another to try and stun Grendel. Titan then backed Grendel into the ropes and shot him across the ring, but Grendel tugged on Titan's arm and reversed it, sending Titan into the ropes instead. Grendel telegraphed a back body drop, but Titan dropped to a knee and placed an uppercut to the throat of Grendel. Titan then stood and grabbed Grendel by the head and brought his face down into his knee with a vicious strike. Titan then did this, alternating the knee each time.

After five or six strikes, Grendel was staggered. Titan then scooped Grendel up onto his shoulder and drove him down with a powerslam in the middle of the ring. It was now Titan's turn to bring Grendel over to the fire.

Titan dragged Grendel over toward the flames, but there was still a lot of fight in the monster. Grendel quickly got back to his feet as they neared the ropes. Grendel got underneath Titan and nailed a back drop suplex which brought them both to the center of the ring once again. Grendel then mounted Titan and grabbed him by the hair, pulling his head off the canvas. Grendel then laid in a massive right hand which caused the back of Titan's head to smack against the canvas. Grendel lifted Titan's head off the canvas again, and again, laid it back down with force with another right hand.

Grendel stood and then looked toward the flames which got the audience all riled up. Grendel then grabbed Titan by the legs and began to drag them, but Titan used his legs to shove Grendel away toward the ropes. Grendel got too close to the ropes and felt the heat of the fire on his legs. Grendel's memories jolted once again and Grendel began to flip out. He quickly darted away from the flames and right into a huge clothesline by Chris Titan!

Grendel, still frenzied, quickly got back up and ate another clothesline from Titan. Grendel got back up a third time and Titan then lunged in with a super kick which caught Grendel right underneath the chin. Titan decided to return the favor as he mounted Grendel and pulled his head up by the hair. He then nailed a big right hand that put Grendel's head back down. He lifted his head a second time and put it down again with another big right. Titan pulled Grendel's head up off the canvas and this time, smashed his face in completely with a hard forearm shot to the bridge of the nose!

Titan then spit on Grendel after he stood. The people in the audience booed Titan to hell for doing that. Even some in the audience began to chant:

"Burn, Titan, Burn!"

"Burn, Titan, Burn!"

"Burn, Titan, Burn!"

Titan looked around the crowd and gave every single one of them the middle finger. He went to pull Grendel up to his feet, but Titan took too much time with the crowd as Grendel scooped up Titan in his arms and drove him down to the canvas with a massive spinebuster! Grendel popped up to his feet and let out a roar as he was, to excuse a pun, all fired up.

Grendel pulled Titan off the canvas and delivered a toe kick to his mid-section. Grendel placed Titan between his legs and lifted him up to shoulder height...

Snap Powerbomb on Titan!

The impact shot the flames high into the air!

Titan looked to be down and out as the whiplash effect alone from that move did some serious damage. Grendel then decided it was time to end this match. Grendel grabbed Titan by the legs and brought him over towards the ropes, but as Titan felt the heat getting hotter and hotter, he began to kick viciously and he broke free from Grendel's grasp. Titan rolled back to the center of the ring where he tried to get back to his feet, but Grendel charged in and drilled Titan from behind with a lariat to the back of the skull that caused Titan to faceplant into the canvas, broken nose first!

Grendel pulled Titan back to his feet and grabbed his head from behind. Grendel then fell backwards with a Reverse DDT. Grendel still saw red in his eyes as he pulled Titan back up for more punishement. Grendel went to whip Titan to the ropes, but Titan put the brakes on. Grendel then charged in toward Titan, but Titan ducked down and lifted Grendel up and over the ropes to the outside!

Grendel soared over the fire and missed it completely and landed with a sickening thud on the outside by the base of the entrance ramp!!

Titan fell to his knees as he looked to the outside and saw Grendel down and out. Titan wiped the blood off of his mouth and cracked a grin. Titan stood back up and waited for Grendel to stagger back up to his feet. Titan saw his shot as he got some momentum and then vaulted over the top rope to the outside with a flying cross body! Titan soared over the flames and collided with Grendel at ringside!!

The people in the audience stood up as both men were now out of the ring with no way to actually get back into it!

Titan staggered to his feet and began to put the boots to Grendel. He pulled Grendel up and placed him in a side head lock as he walked Grendel up the entrance ramp. By the time they got to the top of the ramp, Grendel began to fight back by laying in some punches into the side of Titan's ribs. Titan released Grendel and staggered forward. He turned around and got drilled by Grendel with a lariat!

Grendel pulled Titan up to his feet and walked him over to the left building structure. He grabbed Titan by the arm and whipped him into the building. Titan then collapsed against the building in a seated position. Grendel then got a running start and drove his knee into the side of Titan's skull!!!

Titan appeared to be down and out cold!!!

Grendel gained some distance from Titan and measured him up for another running knee strike. Once Grendel was satisfied with the distance, he charged straight toward Titan, but Titan had enough energy to move out of the way! Grendel's knee slammed into the that building structure! Grendel turned around and hobbled toward Titan, but Titan leapt up and planted both feet into Grendel's face with a drop kick!

It was now Grendel that was in a seated position against the building. Titan got a running start and nailed a hesitation drop kick right into Grendel's face! Titan popped to his feet and then looked up at the top of the building. Titan got wide-eyed as a huge smile came across his face! Titan then slowly turned his attention to the pyrotechnics machine sitting in the pit near the entrance stage and began to walk over.

The audience near the machine saw Titan approach and were a bit shocked. Titan told the pyrotechnics guy to take a hike as he looked at the controls. He noticed a button with a label "Build-L" on it and then looked back at Grendel.

To win this match, you had to set your opponent on fire. Nowhere did it say you had to use the flames surrounding the ring to do so! Titan with a sadistic grin, slammed his hand down on the button!

Just like in the opening firework's display, red pyro started at the top of the building and began to explode downward toward where Grendel was sitting. Grendel, obviously, heard the explosions and rolled out of the way as quickly as possible. He escaped just as the pyro reached the ground where he was sitting.

Titan wasn't satisfied with the results and looked at the controls. He saw the button that was labeled "EntRmp-Top" and slammed his fist down on that. Grendel darted away from the top of the entrance ramp as the wall of red and white alternating pyro blew! Grendel knew that Titan had to take another moment to find another button so Grendel simply switched directions and charged straight at Titan. Grendel leapt off the entrance stage and slammed into Titan.. the two of them crashed down onto the floor!




The crowd chanted that as it was the unanymous opinion for Chris Titan's actions! Grendel and Titan slowly got back to their feet. Grendel was up first as he grabbed Titan and whipped him back first into the edge of the entrance stage. Titan crumbled down to two knees as Grendel walked over and grabbed Titan by the bloodied head. Grendel then pounded away on Titan until Titan just knelt there in a slump.

Grendel grabbed Titan and rolled him back up onto the stage. Grendel hopped up as Titan was on his hands and knees. Grendel quickly took advantage of that as he set Titan up between his legs. Grendel then lifted Titan up to shoulder height and walked him over to where the overturned cop car was on the stage. Grendel then snapped Titan down...





That was it! Titan was dead! Titan fell to the ground in front of the cop car, but Grendel wasn't done with him. Grendel gained some distance and charged in.





This was it... this had to be it. Grendel grabbed Titan's head and pulled it out of the car window. Titan's head was a bloodied mess, but sadly, this match wasn't over. Grendel hoisted Titan up onto his shoulders and began to walk toward the entrance ramp. Grendel then carried Titan down the ramp toward the ring where the flames continued to burn.

Grendel then stopped short of the ringside area and looked at the fire. Fire was Grendel's mortal enemy, but he knew that he would use it to defeat Chris Titan. Grendel then lifted Titan high into the air with a military press. He then threw Titan right into the fire!!!!




It wasn't over! Grendel then quickly pinned Titan down on the flaming bar! Titan's screams of pain echoed throughout the arena! The referee and a floor of personnel came out from the back and ripped Grendel off of Titan.

Titan quickly rolled off the metal bar as crew doused him with water and a fire extinguisher. His face bloodied.. His hair charred.. his chest and stomach scorched with burn injuries... Chris Titan was in life-threatening shape. EMTs and Paramedics rushed down as fast as they could to attend to Titan.

There were no cheers.. there were no boos. All there that remained in the arena was complete and utter shock. Personnel escorted Grendel to the back as the EMTs and trainers worked feverishly on Titan.

They gave Titan a shot of morphine to reduce the pain as they began to apply salves to the burned areas. They knew he needed proper treatment. They quickly, yet cautiously, loaded Titan onto a stretcher and rushed him to the back.

There was always the risk of something going horribly wrong in a match like this.. but to have it happen at the hands of a human being... left the entire arena in a state of shock. The future of Chris Titan in general was drawn into question.

Despite playing the role of the heel, everyone's thoughts and prayers were now with Chris Titan.

Winner: Grendel via Fire

"Not Getting Off That Easy"

Sylo The cameras switched backstage to see the EMTs rolling Chris Titan through the area. They rushed him down the halls as the EMTs randomally told bystanders to move out of the way. Titan lay there on the stretcher motionless.

The EMTs rounded the corner and there was an ambulance with the doors open and ready to go. The EMTs stopped and got ready to put Chris Titan into the back of it when all of a sudden, Grendel broke onto the scene and started tossing the EMTs aside. Grendel noticed that Titan was strapped down to the stretcher and couldn't go anywhere.

Grendel then mounted Titan and began to pound away at his skull! The burnt chest and face of Titan was exposed and Grendel continued to hammer away at him. Even though they gave him morphine, there was no way that even drugs could cause him not to feel that. Titan confirmed that by moaning in agony as Gendel pounded away.

Grendel then grabbed the stretcher as personnel flooded the scene to try and stop him. Grendel charged with the stretcher, bowling over personnel in the process. He released the stretcher and it crashed into some nearby staging equipment.

As soon as Grendel released Titan, he was swarmed by security officers. They all wrestled Grendel down to the ground and handcuffed him for their own protection. the EMTs ran over to retrieve Chris Titan. One person even yelled out..


It was Jim Johnson. Johnson got right into the lens of the camera.

"I said turn that off NOW"

The scene then went to black

Jonathan Conspiracy vs. Ninja K
Jonathan ConspiracyNinja K

Cameras Five & Nine exchange duties in capturing the looming wave of amassed euphoria within the state-of-the-art Arena of Champions. The images of both Kenshiro Inogami and Jonathan Conspiracy were displayed across opposing screens, urging the masses to choose their respective sides before the attention was centered on the Hype ring announcer and promotional newcomer Dean Carrington.

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; this match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the Jolt Wrestling...RELENTLESS! CHAMPIONSHIP!!

’Vicarious’ by Tool ignited the masses as the overall luminescence ebbed slowly away on cue. A collage of archived violence danced across the twin set of screens before the strobe lit overcast commanded the attention of the cheering populous.

Carrington: “Introducing First; the challenger - Weighting in a 245 pounds...He hails from the Kansai Prefecture of Osaka, Japan and is the Number One Contender for the Relentless Championship...KENSHIRO! INOGAMI!!”

Adorned in Obsidian with Crimson trim, the Resident Antihero stood brazen before the masses. Ninja casually popped the bones in his neck before making his descent towards the ringside area. Accompanied by his esteemed advisor, Mamoru, both clan members took a few brief moments to converse before Kenshiro ascended the ring steps and stood atop the turnbuckles. Eyes sealed for several moments, the ninja opened them before entering the ring slowly pacing the perimeter of his respective corner. Mamoru had finished removing the clan standard from Ninja’s back and was en route to the ring announcer tables as the intro music crept out of earshot.

Buhrman: “And there he is; Ninja K, whom has been hounding & harassing Jonathan Conspiracy & crew for the past month. This match was inevitable as both champion & challenge have established an intense measure of mutual contempt for one another.”

Powers: “I know for a fact that Jonathan Conspiracy. Mr. One Letter Better...has been looking forward to moment. .”

Carrington: “...And his...”

’Looking for Trouble’ (Feat. Pusha-T, Cyhi Da Prynce, J.Cole, Kanye West & Big Sean) by G.O.O.D Music Mixtape roared from the PA system setting the masses in a venomous torrent of jeers. In short order, accompanied by Dallas Griffin, Duzza hobbled from the backstage area with a microphone in his grasp. A look of growing disgust radiated from his visage as Kenshiro shared a similar sentiment. Mamoru was seen stoically chomping on his cigar while adjusting the lapel of his tailor made suit.

Buhrman: “And it seems as if Conspiracy’s band of thugs are here as promised. It was a few weeks ago that The Jury’s manager and unspoken mouthpiece, Duzza, was not only kidnaped but injured as well by Ninja. ”

Powers: “As they should be. They have every right be here, Buhrman. Kenshiro feels entitled to act reckless around here unchecked but tonight, there will be Trouble. There will be retribution served in extreme fashion tonight.”

The unruly collection of thugs made their way toward the ringside area and eventually encircled the outer perimeter of the ring. Duzza arrogantly held his front row seat ticket into the air as the rest of the crew continued taunting and antagonizing the clan leader before eventually taking their seats. Security ensured that the line between both wrestlers & fans were maintained. Kenshiro boldly remained perched atop the turnbuckles and extended his arms outward. Dallas Griffin & The Jury nodded in response as their musical introduction fell out of earshot. Both Inogami Clan figureheads traded brief glares at one another before preparing for the championship challenge.

’No Church In The Wild’ by Kanye West rolled out from the PA system overhead. The twin set of jOltvision monitors flickered to life, displaying the reigning champion’s various exploits. The ominous waves of jeers were legion as Jonathan Conspiracy casually stepped through the gorilla position and stood brazen before the angry masses. Accompanied by his adoring wife Sweet Aroma, she shouldered the Relentless Championship belt as her proud husband thrust both fists towards the heavens.

Carrington: “Introducing First; the challenger - Weighting in a 201 pounds...He hails from Brooklyn, New York...He is the current, reigning & defending jOlt Wrestling Relentless Champion of the World...’MR. ONE LETTER BETTER!’ JONATHAN! CONSPIRACY!!”

A torrid storm of pyrotechnics rattled the immediate area, leaving a billowing cloud of smoke in their wake. Rolling his shoulders & loosening himself up, Mr. One Letter Better gave his wife a warm kiss before leading the charge towards the ringside area. JCON stood amused at a small contingent of hecklers before making his way up the ring steps and along the ring apron. Kenshiro stood stoically in the opposing corner as Aroma handed Conspiracy his title before he stood atop the turnbuckles to arrogantly brandish his esteemed prize. The music faded but the animosity grew tenfold as JCON leapt down into the ring & handed off the belt to Referee Underwood. Sweet Aroma was proudly clapping her hands in support as Conspiracy wrung the tension from his shoulders & wrists as Referee Nguyen motioned both men to approach the center of the ring.

Both rivals sauntered forward out from their respective corners but the crowd groaned audibly as the champion slapped the challenger across the face. Immediately, Ninja responded with a similar rebuttal & collided with a volatile Head & Arm Collar Tie Up. Jockeying for dominance, Kenshiro jammed JCON against the turnbuckles before Conspiracy muscled his oppressor against the nearby ropes. The tussling duo maneuvered toward the opposing turnbuckle where Kenshiro was slammed back first into the corner. Mr. One Letter Better attempted a Side Head Lock Takedown yet Ninja held fast by hooking his leg against the ropes. The ring official quickly handed off the Relentless Championship over to the stage hands & attempted to pry both men apart. Immediately, Kenshiro, Referee Nguyen & JCON spilled to the outside, bouncing off the ring apron & collapsing soundly against the padded floor.

Camera Twelve zeroed in on fans cheering wildly as Nguyen continued grimacing along the canvas as both men rolled over to a kneeling posture. Conspiracy whipped the ninja against the barricades. The Relentless Champion unleashed a stiff Front Kick that rattled the barricades as Ninja sidestepped the blow & knocked his opposition against the ring apron with a stern Back Elbow to the sternum. The masses continued to rally as Kenshiro connected with a Back Hand Uppercut followed by an Open Palm Punch across the Jaw yet JCON ducked underneath the Standing Roundhouse Kick & punished the ninja with a hard Forearm Shot across the lower back. Clubbing Forearms pelted their intended target before using a Clothesline from behind to knock the challenger over into the crowd.

Buhrman: “This match hasn’t even officially started and they are looking to destroy each other!”

Powers: “All of that animosity. All of that hatred was bound to explode sooner than later. Who told that idiot to try to pry those two animals apart anyway?!”

The visual of civilians scattering with the aid of security on hand as Conspiracy punched Ninja’s left shoulder blade before following suit into the swirling mob. Cameras Twenty Three & Twenty Nine broadcasted the violence leading towards the northeastern section of the arena with Kenshiro using an Irish Whip to jettison JCON into the unsuspecting cameraman. Camera Twenty Nine was immediately disabled, prompting Camera Fifteen to capture the ninja attacking Conspiracy with a torrid series of Back Mounted Crossface Punches before being immediately jumped by The Jury. Dallas Griffin was tasked to protect Duzza, who was adamantly barking out instructions to lay waste to the ninja. Khadafi hooked the ninja’s arm’s from behind only to have his foot stomped on. Kenshiro slammed the back of his head into his captor’s face before using an Over The Shoulder Throw to dispatch the two-headed threat. Conspiracy from behind with a Running Lariat! The jeers can be heard rattling the rafters as Sweet Aroma applauded her husband’s efforts.

Buhrman: “This isn’t a championship match. It’s a public mugging! ”

Powers: “Conspiracy is brilliant; you use the numbers game to your advantage before picking your opposition apart piece by piece. I love it!”

JCON ordered Duzza & Griffin to head back to their seats before nailing a Running Kick to Ninja’s rib cage. The masses booed heavily as Conspiracy antagonized the crowd while holding Ninja with a Standing Front Face Lock yet Kenshiro countered with a Rear Side Hammer Lock. Ninja blasted the champion with a Forearm Shiver to the Neck but Statuz Quo leveled the ninja with a Steel Chair Shot! The crowd heat was ominous as Khadafi & Statuz Quo began laying the boots to the ninja. Camera Two panned out to watch the medical staff trot towards the ring to attend to the ailing referee before allowing Camera Five to watch Conspiracy orchestrate the pending curtain call for Kenshiro. Statuz Quo had hopped over the barricades to retrieve a table & prop it against the ring apron as Khadafi grabbed a kneeling Kenshiro by the hair. Mamoru drew a notable pop as he floored Status Quo with a Jab to the Throat! Seen flinging off his suit jacket & tie, he aggressively shoved Sweet Aroma to the floor before climbing over the barricades!

FUCK EM’ UP, NINJA! FUCK EM’ UP! (Stomp x2) FUCK EM’ UP, NINJA! FUCK EM’ UP! (Stomp x2) FUCK EM’ UP, NINJA! FUCK EM’ UP! (Stomp x2) FUCK EM’ UP, NINJA! FUCK EM’ UP! (Stomp x2) FUCK EM’ UP, NINJA! FUCK EM’ UP! (Stomp x2) ...

Powers: “HEY! HEY! He can’t do that! This is ludicrous!”

Buhrman: “Turnabout is fair play as Mamoru is cleaning house! ”

Camera One offers a brief viewing of Referee Nguyen being carried to the back fastened to a medical board & escorted to the back before Camera Five captured Kenshiro flooring Khadafi with a Skull Shattering Therapy {A Leaping Double Roundhouse Kick}, knocking over several chairs and security over! Mamoru counters Conspiracy’s Punch with a Martial Arts Throw but is abruptly leveled by Dallas Griffin via a stiff Yakuza Kick! Kenshiro sprinted onward toward the towering Griffin...JUST BUSINESS ON THE CONCRETE! Black Hole Slam}

Powers: “YES!! YES!! YES!!”

Buhrman: “This is all out war between Clan Inogami & JCON’s band of thugs.”

The band of jackals immediately pounded on the clan advisor in the more feral fashion. Referee Underwood trotted from the backstage area & began making his way into the sea of humanity as an amped up Dallas Griffin was praised by his cohorts. The opportunistic Duzza was seen hobbling over before jamming his crutch into Kenshiro’s abdomen. Conspiracy tapped his newly acquired rookie prodigy & ordered him to make a statement. Acting upon orders, Griffin drew the attention of the crowd as he hoisted the elder statesman upward for a Crucifix Power Bomb. Camera Seven panned outward to capture the clan advisor sailing over the barricades and destroying the propped up table! The Arena of Champions was flooded with bloodthirsty cheers as Mamoru’s arm fell limp to the floor. A seismic fecal chat assaulted the rafters as Kenshiro’s head lowered & clenching his fist.

Powers: “This is sweet justice!”

Buhrman: “Dear God...Ladies & Gentlemen; two men are down thus far and this match has yet to be official. Jonathan Conspiracy & his thugs are making Kenshiro & his clan pay for what has been done to Duzza. ”

Incensed by the unchecked recklessness, Referee Underwood ignites the crowd by ordering Trouble to be removed from the immediate area. The Jury were pissed off yet Underwood held his ground. JCON arrogantly sneered while ordering his crew to do as they were told yet they took parting shots at the ninja before making their public egress. Security ensured that they were escorted to the back as Dallas Griffin grabbed Kenshiro by the hair & dumped him over the barricades near the ring. Throwing his hands up, Griffin playfully threw up his hands and follow suit.

The EMTs had returned in order to attend pull Mamoru from the mountain of debris. Kenshiro painfully low crawled toward his esteemed advisor only to be stomped on by Conspiracy. Unmercifully taunting the ninja, the Relentless Champion began wailing on the ninja, much to the chagrin of the arena populous. Underwood quickly entered the ring as Ninja was rolled underneath the ropes and finally the opening bell was sounded. JCON with the cover...1! ...2! NO! A look of frustration radiated from Conspiracy’s face as he rebounded off the ropes and connected with a Leaping Knee Drop! A 2nd carom off the ropes led to a perfectly measured Elbow Drop to the back of the head! Looking to batter his rival, JCON grabbed Ninja’s head & unloaded with a hail of Punches before being pulled off by Underwood. Conspiracy extended his arms outward drawing the ire from the stands but applause from Sweet Aroma. JCON pulled a now bleeding Kenshiro upward by his hair but was stunned by a Forearm to the Rib Cage. Another shot connected but JCON fired back with a Clubbing Forearm of his own, followed by a Knee Lift. Jonathan seized the ailing ninja’s head from behind...Co-Conspirator {Reverse Falling DDT}! Conspiracy opted to playfully use the ninja’s blood as war paint before producing more with each measured shot. Referee Underwood reprimanded the champion but was waved off. JCON took a moment to stand atop the 2nd turnbuckle & play to the crowd before delivering a measured Shooting Star Splash! Cover....1! ...2! Kickout!

Sweet Aroma angrily pounded the ring apron as JCON scowled before pulling his rival upward. Kenshiro connected with an Open Palm Punch to the mid section. Another granted the ninja more breathing room. The third send Conspiracy retreating a few paces while hunched over. A Buzzsaw Kick left JCON hobbling slowly away before a succession of similar strikes drove him into the corner. A blend of Open Palm Punches, Forearm Strikes & Martial Arts Kicks battered the champion’s body before Underwood attempted to intervene yet Kenshiro sent him scurrying away by drawing back at him. A succession of Overhand Chops to the Chest summoned a tribute for the Nature Boy before Conspiracy staggered away from the corner. Kenshiro stumbled the retreating champion with a stern Kick to the back of the Thigh! Hammer Throw by Ninja. Conspiracy returns with a strong Shoulder Block. JCON ripped the ninja off the canvas before whipping him towards the ropes. Hip Toss by Conspiracy. Kenshiro lands on both feet. Back Flip Kick to the Skull leaves Conspiracy staggering backwards towards the ropes. Kenshiro with the patented Osakaplex {Northern Lights Salto Suplex}!...SEPPUKU {Leaping Double Foot Stomp}!

Conspiracy howled in trying to roll away along the canvas yet Kenshiro rolled him back into position...SEPPUKU! Again, the ailing champion extended his hand towards his wife near the ropes yet Kenshiro angrily stomped on the back of JCON’s hand before rolling him back into position...SEPPUKU! The inaudible screams from the Relentless Champion were drowned out by the raucous crowd as Kenshiro briefly stood over him. Ninja quickly rolled to the outside & began flinging a set of chairs into the ring, much the crowd’s delight yet Underwood created a measure of negative crowd heat by casting out the weapons from the ring. Kenshiro scowled at the ring official before turning his attention toward Conspiracy. Sweeping his crimson-stained brow by hand, Ninja dragged Conspiracy away from the ring apron toward the center of the ring. JCON desperately kicked away at the challenger’s advances. Kenshiro again with the Back Mounted Cross Face Punches with the champion low crawling towards the corner. Ninja waved off the ref’s influence, allowing Conspiracy to hug the middle ropes. Referee Underwood stood between both rivals, enduring the ninja’s wrath before being moved aside. Conspiracy managed to pull himself to the outside with the aid of his wife & the resounding boos befell the retreating couple.

Powers: “What the hell is going on with Underwood?! Disqualify that psychopath!”

Buhrman: “It appears Conspiracy is looking to high tail it out of here...”

Ninja spun the champion around & knocked him down to a knee with another Open Palm Punch to the Jaw! Sweet Aroma adamantly screamed that the ninja who seized her by the throat! She wildly swung & clawed at her captor yet Conspiracy violently pinned the challenger against the barricades with a Running Spear Takedown! A furious hail of Fists by Conspiracy in the defense of his wife was followed by a bevy of Stomps & Kicks. Kenshiro parried a JCON Left Hook before countering Front Kick with a Snap STO! Aroma fled from the ninja’s grasp yet Kenshiro dragged the champion by his feet back towards the ring. Ninja quickly reset the count before knocking Conspiracy down with an Underhand Throat Jab! Ninja took a moment to stare & point at Sweet Aroma, who was visibly distraught by the assault on her better half. Kenshiro reached over the barricades and drew a notable response by folding the chair, ready to flatten the reigning champion. However, Conspiracy managed to halt the ninja’s advances with a Kick to the Stomach before connecting with a European Uppercut before leaning against the barricades. A Running Release Power Bomb bounced Kenshiro against the ring apron, dropping him to the floor. Coughing hoarsely, Mr. One Letter Better eventually clambered back inside the ring as the referee maintained his count.

...5! Kenshiro struggled to stand himself erect...6! Ninja was seen pulling himself upward via the ring apron...7! Conspiracy noted the ninja’s return & caromed off the opposing ropes. JCON’s Baseball Slide Dropkick allowed Ninja to snatch him off the ring apron & bouncing Conspiracy soundly off the floor. The champion was busy cradling the back of his head as Ninja restarted the referee’s count. Ascending from a kneeling posture, Ninja used the barricades to add further damage with a Release Belly to Belly Hammerlock Suplex with Conspiracy bouncing head first against the floor! Fans demanded a repeat performance as Kenshiro sat up & looked around him.

Buhrman: “This is not what the champ was looking to turn this into; an Underground type match will more than likely favor Ninja in this capacity. ”

Powers: “GET UP, JCON! GET UP!!!”

The audience rallied wildly behind the ring steps being ripped off & audibly careening against the canvas. Underwood’s ranting went ignored by the ninja who was hell-bent on retribution. Shoving JCON underneath the ropes, Ninja followed after him & attempted a Brain Buster Suplex but Conspiracy countered by floating over, grabbing Ninja’s hair & landing several measured Forearm Shots to the lower back. Snap Suplex! Conspiracy whipped his hips in order to connect with another one. Another Snap Suplex! A Release Belly to Belly Overhead Suplex Into the Turnbuckle! Ninja landed atop Conspiracy’s head, prompting the ref to drops down & count...1! ...2! Sweet Aroma draped her husband’s foot on the ropes much to the chagrin of the masses. Referee Underwood exchanged words with JCON’s wife who adamantly pleaded her case as her husband shoved the ninja’s carcass off of him. From the kneeling, the champion leaned against the ropes, wring the pain from his left arm before grabbing Ninja by the arm & leaving him at the ring’s epicenter. Staggering over towards the corner, he briefly rested himself against the turnbuckles before climbing upward. Grimacing notably, JCON nodded with confidence before taking flight...CONSPIRACY THEORY!Top Rope Guillotine Leg Drop

Sweet Aroma squealed in delight as JCON painfully rolled to his side to recollect himself. He dragged himself toward Kenshiro & draped over him for the pin...1! ...2! NO! The champion’s face sank as Sweet Aroma lost it along the outside. Ninja began crawling away as JCON used the ropes to pull himself back to his feet. The masses booed nosily as JCON laid a solid Punch on Kenshiro. They praised Kenshiro’s rebuttal in kind. Conspiracy. Ninja. JCON. Kenshiro. JCON laid in an exhausted trinity of Punches before following through with an Irish Whip. Ninja’s Open Palm Punch was countered by JCON’s Abdominal Stretch! Several Elbows were used to free himself as Ninja powered out with a Hip Toss followed by a blistering Kick between the Shoulder Blades! Ninja hoisted JCON upward before rattling his spine with a stern Full Nelson Butt Slam! The cheers were legion as Ninja applied the Front Flip Bridge Submission to complete the Iron Maiden!

Sweet Aroma begged & pleaded for her husband to hold on as JCON angrily yelled in utter anguish. Referee Underwood diligently assessed the champion’s condition who adamantly refused to give in. The stands were rumbling urging the champion to tap when Kenshiro arched himself upward & unleashed a Buzzsaw Kick across Conspiracy’s skull, leaving him keeled over onto his side. Ignoring the masses, Ninja remained poised as a dazed champion sought to rid himself of the mental cobwebs. Wobbly to his feet, Conspiracy was seized by the challenger from behind...JAPANESE SKULL SPLITTER! A Full Nelson Pancake Lift into a Seated Reverse Ace Crusher! The champion eerily wobbled from a seated posture before collapsing onto his side. Kenshiro with the cover....1!! ...2!!! KICKOUT!

The audience groaned loudly at the close shave as Sweet Aroma slapped the ring apron again while screaming motivational words to her husband. The ninja shook his head in disgust before laying eyes on the ring steps, gleaming in the opposing corner. Kenshiro intentionally ignored Underwood’s warnings to drag the metallic structure towards the center of the ring. Amassed fanfare urged him to destroy the arrogant anarchist who was weakly prying himself off the mat. Grabbing his prey by the neck, Kenshiro looked towards Sweet Aroma with a sickening hint of satisfaction before placing Conspiracy in a Reverse Air Crash Raid position. Cradling his arm behind JCON’s head, Ninja carefully ascended the ring steps & nodded with full intent upon ending her husband’s career. Referee Underwood’s reprimands were audibly drowned out as Ninja readied himself for hit Hiroshima’s Revenge when Camera One caught Dallas Griffin hurdling the guardrails, diving into the ring and knocking both Ninja & Conspiracy to the canvas with a Running Clothesline. Referee Underwood called for the bell as Conspiracy stopped short of the ring apron while Griffin was burying his fists against the ninja’s skull! The bell rang noisily for several times along with the overwhelming jeers from the crowd as Sweet Aroma desperately snatched the Relentless Championship from the bell keeper’s table & rushed to her husband’s side.

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; Due to a disqualification, the winner of this match; Kenshiro Inogami! Jonathan Conspiracy is STILL your jOlt Wrestling Relentless Champion!!”

Cradling the belt in one hand & his head in the other, JCON was escorted away from the ringside area by Sweet Aroma as Dallas Griffin had flung the ring steps away from the ring’s epicenter before having Kenshiro hemmed up in the nearest turnbuckle. Punches to the Mid Section & Head, Griffin was going off on the ninja when Kenshiro used a Standing Switch to humble the giant with a stiff Kick to the Mid Section followed by several clubbing Forearms. Knee Strikes kept Dallas off balance until Griffin started fighting back. Irish Whip by Dallas. Dallas unfortunately straddled himself along the ring ropes in missing the Yakuza Kick. Ninja with a Lung Blower! IMPLODING STAR SUBMISSION!! An MMA-style variant of a Leg Nelson (Vazque-Fix)

Buhrman: “It is complete bedlam out here in the Arena of Champions as this war has brought out security by the numbers.”


Security swarmed in droves to keep The Jury at bay as Conspiracy & Sweet Aroma watched helplessly at Dallas Griffin being stretched out by the submission hold. The giant wildly slapped his boot against the canvas in submission but the ninja only wenched back further until Referee Underwood & a trinity of stage hands pried the big man free. Dallas painfully rolled off the ring apron and stumbled onto the floor. Statuz Quo managed to break through the ropes only to be tacked by the authorities. Khadafi was busy tussling with the security when Kenshiro shoved the referee aside, hoisted the steel steps over the top ropes and hit Dallas face first with the metallic missile soundly!

Another fecal chant arose from the stands as Camera Eight zeroed in on the heavily groggy Griffin sporting a growing crimson mask from his brow. Security personnel attended to the dazed giant, who was breathing heavily while staring at his blood soaked hand. Conspiracy audibly ordered his crew to pull back as The Jury rushed over to drag the bleeding giant away as Conspiracy inaudibly shouted threats towards the ninja, who was standing atop the turnbuckles, urging them to finish the fight. ’Vicarious’ by Tool cranked angrily the PA system overhead as the Ronin shoved his way through the security personnel & through the crowd en route to assess the condition of his fallen brother at arms.

Winner: Ninja K via Disqualification

"Burn the Other Cheek"

Sylo The distinct chorus of sirens flood the underground parking garage area as EMT’s, security & jolt Wrestling personnel are seen loitering in the immediate vicinity. The back of an ambulance is being loaded as there is a commotion overheard, leading the camera to pan over toward the source of the disturbance. Kenshiro Inogami muscled his way through the crowd only to be halted by security. Simon Boulder, Jim Johnson & Keith Kane are the notable representative of jOlt Wrestling staff on hand to permit the ninja access past the wall of authority.

Ninja places his hand along the gurney where Mamoru is bound to before being loaded into the back of the ambulance. As the doors are being shut, the head medical coordinator pulls the clan leader aside to have a word with him as the vehicle’s doors are firmly shut. Setting in hands onto each hip, Eiji Kugasari has entered the scene & observed being debriefed of the clan advisor’s current condition. Visibly upset, Kenshiro placed a hand onto his lieutenant’s shoulder & inaudibly orders him to adhere to an undisclosed task away from the eyes of civilians.

The ambulance is started up & the cavalcade of vehicles began their noisy egress from the Arena of Champions as Kenshiro watched. Fists gnarled for several moments before being tapped on the shoulder by Dawn Cassidy. The look of sheer annoyance radiated from the ninja’s entire frame as he slowly turned to address her.

Dawn: ”I am so sorry to bother you in the eve of such tragic circumstances, Mr. Inogami yet with all due respect, can we get a word concerning Mamoru’s current condition? Your honest thoughts concerning the conclusion of your Relentless Championship title match? What about Jonathan Conspiracy & his crew in the wake of what transpired tonight?”

Kenshiro was still looking off into the distance while clearing his throat. “My ‘honest’ thoughts...?” Ninja replied by posing an inquiry of his own. “My clan advisor has suffered a stinger in his neck. To what degree, we cannot be made sure. He has also been diagnosed with a moderate concussion & a separated shoulder having been put through a table tonight.” Agitation began to take a gradual tone of its own with each response.

“Miss Cassidy; as you can see, I am not in the best of moods. Especially at this very moments yet I shall honor your request.” Kenshiro uttered. “What was done this evening was personal. My instincts made me aware of the possibility of potential conflict, given the circumstances that befell this championship opportunity yet I did not anticipate for this to come to pass.”

The ninja allowed the medical nurse to apply an antibiotic to the wound suffered from the match while taking a moment to reclaim his thoughts. “In spite of being declared the ‘winner’ of the contest, I am far from satisfied with the results. The Relentless Championship is not in my sole possession as intended. Jonathan Conspiracy is still lurking within or beyond this arena on his own power versus riding in Mamoru’s place in the back of an ambulance.” Ninja continued. “I have no words for all that has transpired other than ’Time indeed is capable of mending wounds...” Kenshiro voiced. “ also grants one many opportunities to inflict or reopen those as well...” The ninja replied much to the delight of the masses overheard in the background.

“If you will excuse me...”Kenshiro uttered before storming out from the camera’s view, leaving Dawn Cassidy with a solemn expression across her face.

Sylo vs. Derecho
The ring crew began to setup the ring for this match. They laid out barbed wire around three of the four ringside areas. A special barricade was set up in front of the announce position and another one waited to be set up which would eventually close off the entrance ramp. Once the barbed wire had been laid out, three big panes of glass were laid from the ring apron to these barricades, creative a “bridge” of sorts. Above the ring, was four glass panes which would eventually descend to encase the ring much like a steel cage normally would.

With everything prepared as much as it could… all that was left was the arrival of the participants in this hellish environment.

The arena went completely dark. The jOlt screen illuminated with visions of fire and a labyrinth of hell itself. As this was displayed, a dark acoustic guitar faded in with a woman chanting. More various scenes filled the screen until the main electric guitars kicked in.

More chanting ensued as the stage lit on fire! A circle of fire was dead center on the stage. Not only that, but a “path” of fire was lit down the entrance ramp as well! As the lead vocalist gave off his classic metal scream, up from the ring of fire rose the Underground Champion, Derecho!

Derecho wore a closed black trench coat, a black skull mask, and a thin black crown upon his head. His long black hair, wet and straggly, covered the skull mask and his face. The Underground Championship was firm around his waist on the outside of the trench coat.

Derecho stepped out of the fire as the lyrics of “The King of Hell” by Helstar began to hit the song.

The morning star, I covet your throne
Denouncing your slaves I claim as my own
Master of darkness, creator of lies
Burdened with envy my beauty despised
I born of fire I will not prostate
He made of clay I will seal his fate
My music of beauty now music of sin
Devouring mankind I will draw him

Derecho had made it to ringside by the time the chorus hit

Bow down to the King Of Hell
Bow down to the King Of Hell

Derecho entered the ring and stood in the middle of it, dead center. Derecho removed the mask and crown and revealed black “scar” facepaint which ran vertically over each eye. Derecho then removed the Underground Championship and ascended a turnbuckle. By the time he had done this the second chorus had kicked in.

Bow down to the King Of Hell
Bow down to the King Of Hell

The people booed Derecho despite his intimidating entrance. Derecho hopped off the turnbuckles and handed the championship over to the referee. He then removed his trench coat. He threw his trench coat over the glass and barricade to the time keeper’s table at ringside. All that was left was the arrival of the jOlt Champion.

The lights would dim giving way to various hues of blues that danced on the stage. The Arena of Champions started to reach a fever pitch as the sounds of “Returns a King” by Tyler Bates kicked up. From the sides of the stage men clad in full Spartan armor ran to position. They wore tabards of blue and white with the infamous blue eye of Sylo embroidered in the middle.

They lined the stage standing perfectly stoic . Two approached the stage, kneeling with the jOlt title and the Legacy title. The fans had already started a chant of “All hail the king” as Derecho gritted his teeth in anger.


The symbolic white light of an explosion, synonymous with the arrival of Sylo, stretched across the stage. Blue sparks rained down from the heavens as “Episode 666” by In Flames kicked up.

For those playing the home version this was Sylo’s first theme ever and very fitting for a man going up against the “King of Hell”.

Sylo stepped from behind the curtain adorned in a blue cape with the hood drawn only showing dark strands of hair and those predatory blue eyes of his. The fans were in a frenzy as Sylo stopped just short of the two guards that continued to kneel. Both extended each title upward to Sylo, as if presenting a crown, and without taking his gaze from Derecho, Sylo retrieved both belts and held them toward the heavens.

Sylo slowly moved past the two guards and as he passed by each guard they extended their spears. The true King had arrived. Sylo looked at the ominous structure of glass before his lips curled in a smirk. Slowly he pulled the hood back and held the titles up for Derecho to see before removing the cloak and tossing it aside before entering the ring.

With both combatants in the ring, the ring crew quickly placed the makeshift barricade in front of the entrance ramp to seal it off. They quickly filled the fourth and final section with barbed wire and placed a glass pane and completed the four bridges around ringside. Then, the “glass cage” lowered and encompassed the ring. Sylo… Derecho… and a referee were all that remained inside of Crystal Nightmares.

The wait was finally over… the time to decide the fate of two kings had arrived!




Derecho and Sylo came to the center of the ring and stared a hole through each other. The tension was so thick, you’d need a chainsaw to cut through it. Tempers began to flare as neither man could hold back any longer. Sylo took the first shot with a big right hand, but Derecho absorbed it and fired back with a right hand of his own! Sylo fired with another right hand and Derecho retorted with another right as well. Sylo then switched it up with a big right followed immediately by a big left. He switched back to a right, then a left, then a right, then a left as the Underground Champion’s head was rocked back hard. Derecho staggered against the ropes as Sylo whipped him across the ring. Sylo then put Derecho down with a big time shoulder block.

Sylo dared Derecho to get back up, which he did, slowly. Sylo took off toward the ropes once again and nailed another big time shoulder block to Derecho.


Sylo waited as Derecho staggered back to his feet. Sylo went to the ropes once again, but Derecho quickly hit a low drop kick to the legs of Sylo which took him off his feet. Derecho waited for Sylo to get up to at least a knee before he unleashed a vicious kick to the face of Sylo! Sylo was stunned in place for a moment. Derecho followed up the kick with a low drop kick to the side of Sylo’s head which flipped him over onto his back.

Derecho then stood and dropped the leg across Sylo’s neck and chest. Derecho stood and dropped another leg across the chest of Sylo for good measure. Derecho then switched it up and dropped a knee onto the chest and neck of Sylo to finish off the trifecta. Derecho stood and made a slashing motion across his throat. He wanted to end Sylo within the opening moments of the match!!

The crowd rose to their feet as Derecho pulled Sylo to a vertical base. Derecho grabbed Sylo by the back of the head and attempted to toss Sylo head first into one of the glass walls surrounding the ring, but Sylo grabbed the ropes and put the brakes on immediately. Sylo then fired a pair of elbows into the mid-section of Derecho which broke Derecho’s grip over Sylo. Sylo then grabbed Derecho by the arm and whipped him away from the ropes, but it was a fake out!

Sylo yanked Derecho back into him where he grabbed Derecho with a front waist lock. One pop of the hips later and Sylo nailed a belly to belly overhead release suplex!

Derecho SMACKED against the glass pane, which did not break. He then fell between the pane and ropes, landing on his shoulder!!!


It looked like a car wreck already and Sylo grinned as he saw Derecho tangled up between the ropes and the glass pane. Sylo stuck his foot through the middle and bottom ropes and placed his boot onto the prone neck of Derecho! Asphyxiation by Sylo! Sylo attempted to choke the life out of Derecho and with the nature of this match, the referee couldn’t do anything to stop Sylo. It didn’t matter if Derecho was in the ropes or not!

Sylo felt Derecho had been worn down enough. He grabbed Derecho and pulled him back into the ring. Sylo then grasped Derecho in a front chancery and lifted him for a vertical suplex, but instead he hung him out to dry over the top rope, stomach first.

Derecho fell to a knee between the ropes and the glass pane as Sylo took a few steps back. The crowd roared as they rose to their feet. Sylo took aim and charged in with The Slaughter, but at the last moment, Derecho side stepped Sylo whose head went through the ropes. Derecho then quickly kicked Sylo dead in the face as he head broke through the ropes. Sylo’s head missed the glass pane, but one must wonder if the glass pane would have been the better choice than a field goal style punt to the head by Derecho’s size 10 boot.

Sylo was stunned for a bit and Derecho took this opportunity to kick Sylo in the face once again with his boot. Sylo staggered away from the ropes as he held his face in pain. Derecho grabbed the top rope and leapt off when Sylo turned around with the Straight Line Strike! The clothesline connected and Sylo went down. Derecho went for the first official cover of this match!



Sylo kicked out with authority!

Derecho stood and put the boots to Sylo to make sure he stayed down. Derecho then headed toward the corner where he ascended the turnbuckle pads. Sylo, however, was very quick to get up to his feet. He charged the corner and for a seven foot, three hundred pound monster, he showed tremendous agility by leaping to the middle turnbuckle pad. He quickly grabbed Derecho and tossed him off with a super belly to belly overhead release suplex! Derecho hit the canvas hard as he bounced off it from the impact! Sylo scurried over and made his first cover of the match!



Derecho kicked out!

Sylo then looked back to the glass pane he failed to break earlier and grinned. He pulled Derecho up to a vertical base and delivered a toe kick to the mid-section. He then placed Derecho between his legs, but Derecho fought and countered it with a back body drop! Derecho held his back in pain as he was still feel the effects of that top rope suplex hit on him by The Superbeast. Derecho, however measured up Sylo as he got back to his feet.

Derecho planted his boot in Sylo’s chest for the Step Up Enzugiri, but Sylo wrapped his arms around Derecho and lifted him off his feet! Sylo then slammed him down as hard as he could with a makeshift powerbomb! Sylo then wrapped his arms around the legs of Derecho and lifted him up into the air. Sylo dropped him with another powerbomb dead center in the middle of the ring. Sylo then continued to hold on and lifted Derecho up on more time. Sylo then pivoted a 180 degrees and got a running start. He then threw Derecho off his shoulders with all his might with a release powerbomb to complete The Three Faces of Sin!

Derecho smacked against the glass pane and this time it shattered! Derecho went through the glass pane on the ring, down into the glass pane that bridged ringside, and into the pit of barbed wire!!!!


Derecho was tangled in broken glass and barbed wire at ringside and he wasn’t moving at all! A sick sadistic grin came over Sylo’s face as he raised his arms in the ring. The crowd was a bit too stunned to even cheer Sylo at that point. Sylo then saw something he didn’t think he would see. He saw a hand grasp the ring apron!

Very slowly, Derecho’s head rose into view. Blood trickled down his forehead as his hand and arm was also lacerated. Derecho used all of his strength to pull himself back up where he rolled into the ring. The crowd couldn’t believe that Derecho could get up that soon after taking one of the biggest hits they’ve seen anyone in jOlt’s history take. Derecho gritted his teeth as he staggered to his feet. He then dared Sylo to come at him!

The crowd hated Derecho with a passion, but even they had to applaud that feat of strength. Sylo gave Derecho a look of pity. Sylo shook his head and then charged in with a clothesline, but Derecho fell to the canvas and hit a drop toe hold which sent Sylo neck first across the middle rope. Derecho hobbled to his feet and took off to the ropes. He came back and planted both knees into the upper back of Sylo. Derecho then grabbed Sylo by the legs and lifted them up so Sylo was extended straight out.

Derecho then decided to sink as low as any person could and proceeded to kick Sylo twice right between the legs! That applause quickly turned back into boos as Sylo writhed in pain on the canvas. Derecho pulled Sylo back to his feet and then tossed him over the top rope to the outside. Sylo then fell into the pit of what was now broken glass and barbed wire!

Derecho climbed out of the ring rather gingerly and made it to ringside. He walked around the barbed wire toward the time keeper’s position and asked for his best friend in the entire world… the steel chair. Derecho was handed a chair, but he wanted another. He was handed two steel chairs, but wanted another. He was handed a third. He grasped two in one hand and one in the other. He tossed all three back into the ring as Sylo tried to pull himself out of the jungle of barbed wire.

Derecho walked over and kicked Sylo in the ribs. He then grabbed a strand of barbed wire and wrapped it around Sylo’s neck! He pulled back on it choking Sylo with the wire! Sylo fought to get free, but Derecho released him. Derecho then helped Sylo to his feet and rolled him back into the ring. Derecho then lifted the ring apron and found a pair of wire cutters underneath.

Derecho then used the cutters to snip off a pretty big strand of barbed wire. He then brought that back into the ring with him as he rolled in. Sylo staggered up to one knee, but Derecho laid in a big right hand to the head to stun him. Derecho fired another right hand and put Sylo back onto his back. Derecho then grabbed one of the three steel chairs and wrapped the strand of barbed wire around the seat. He had enough barbed wire to wrap it around about four times.

With the chair now wrapped in wire, Derecho waited for Sylo to get to his feet. Sylo got back up to a knee as Derecho took aim with the chair. What Derecho didn’t anticipate was a receipt from earlier as Sylo uppercut Derecho right between the legs with a low blow!

Derecho dropped the chair as Sylo grabbed him by the head as quickly as he could…


What little trickle of blood that was coming from Derecho’s forehead was now a steady stream after that move! Sylo saw his chance to win the Underground Championship right here as he flipped Derecho over and made the cover!



Thre… NO!!!

Derecho kicked out at the last moment!

Sylo shook his head and then as if a lightbulb went on over his head he stood up and walked over to the only side of the ring with a big hole in it. He bent over and started to collect as many small fragments of glass as he could. He had a giant fist full of broken glass as he walked over to the turnbuckle pads. Sylo reached into the pocket of his shorts and pulled out a bottle of glue! Sylo began to squirt the glue all over the top turnbuckle pad. Once the pad was coated with glue he took his fist full of glass shards and just pounded it into the glue covered pad!

Sylo then walked over and pulled Derecho up to his feet. He walked him over to the corner where he attempted to slam Derecho’s face into the pad, but Derecho put the brakes on! Derecho fired an elbow into the mid-section of Sylo. He fired another and another until The Superbeast’s grip had loosened. Derecho then grabbed Sylo by the head and slammed his face into the glass covered turnbuckle pad. In fact, he did this repeatedly!

One… Two.. Three.. Four… Five.. Six… Seven.. Eight.. Nine… Ten times!

Sylo fell backward as he now shared Derecho’s fate. His face became bloodied as Derecho ascended the pads in the corner. Derecho was slow to get up top, but he eventually made it where he took aim on Sylo. Derecho had to twist a bit in mid-air, but he nailed it!

Frog Splash! Cover!



Sylo kicked out!

Derecho held his abdomen in pain as the punishment he had taken so far was beginning to catch up to him. Being suplexed through two layers of glass took an enormous amount of adrenaline to overcome, but now that that rush is over… fatigue, pain, and exhaustion were beginning to settle in. The loss of blood couldn’t have helped either and many wondered if this would be the Underground Champion’s final stand.

Derecho struggled to regain composure as he got an idea. Sylo was starting to stir. Derecho leaned over and picked up the glue bottle Sylo had dropped. There wasn’t much left in it, but he squeezed out as much as he could onto his boot.. both the shin portion and the sole portion. Derecho then began to coat the glue covered portions in broken glass!

Sylo got back to his feet. Derecho then planted the non-glass coated boot into Sylo’s mid-section, he then nailed a Step Up Enzugiri to the side of Sylo’s head with the glass covered boot! Sylo staggered back against the ropes and the rebound momentum caused him to stagger forward. Derecho then lunged forward…

Super Kick to Sylo with a Glass Covered boot!!

Sylo went back down, but Derecho didn’t go for the cover. Something else crossed his mind. Derecho picked up the other two steel chairs that weren’t wrapped in barbed wire and unfolded them. He placed them in the center of the ring with the seats facing each other. Derecho then took the steel chair that was wrapped in barbed wire and placed it on top of the other seats and made a bridged with them. Derecho then signaled for his finisher and the crowd went silent with fear.

Derecho was in pain… he was fatigued… the question would be, could he get Sylo up for A Forever Reminder? Derecho was going to try. He bent over and pulled Sylo up to his feet. He then hoisted Sylo up onto his shoulder and got into position, but Sylo wriggled free and landed behind Derecho! Sylo then got underneath Derecho!!

Systematic Shutdown!?


Derecho fell behind Sylo. When Sylo spun around, Derecho met him with a toe kick. Derecho then scooped Sylo back up onto his shoulder, but Sylo again fell behind Derecho. Derecho quickly turned around, but Sylo grabbed him with a front waist lock. He lifted him straight up and leapt forward with a spine buster toward the chairs, but Derecho grabbed Sylo’s head on the way down and spiked him with a DDT on top of the bridged chair!!!


Regardless that both men went through the structure, both unfolded chairs bent and there was a big dent in the seat of the barbed wire chair where Sylo’s head landed! Derecho’s back took a major hit as he was brought down with the force of a Sylo-sized Spine Buster. Both men were laid out on their backs.. Neither man was moving… both broken and bloodied, the referee was powerless to issue a ten count as it was not allowed in this match!

A good two minutes past before anyone made a move… the one that did was the Underground Champion, Derecho. The fact that he moved first showed why he has held that championship since June 3, 2012. Derecho slowly rolled over and draped his arm on the jOlt Champion Sylo. Derecho looked to retain the belt here and now!



Three………… NO!

Sylo kicked out about as close as you could to the hand slapping the canvas for a third time! The crowd erupted in cheer as their king.. their champion, kicked out!

Derecho and Sylo slowly battled back to their feet. Once at a vertical base we were right back to where this match started… with the two of them trading punches with each other. Derecho fired first with a right… Sylo fired back with a right of his own. Derecho fired with a right, then Sylo, then Derecho… then Derecho again, and finally Derecho with a huge haymaker punch that knocked Sylo onto his back. Derecho then staggered over toward the roped and hopped out of the ring.

Something ran through Derecho’s mind as he grabbed the top half of the steel ring steps. He waded through broken glass and barbed wire as he slid the ring steps into the ring itself. Derecho rolled in and used the steps to pull himself up to a vertical base. Derecho then positioned the steps a little bit away from the ring ropes, but more closer to them than the center of the ring. Derecho walked over to Sylo and put a boot to him to make sure he stayed down. Derecho then pulled Sylo over to the ring steps and then draped his body, face down, on top of them.

Derecho headed out to the ring apron where he looked out toward the crowd and screamed…




Sylo heard that and got up slightly, but not enough for Derecho to notice right away. Derecho turned and the split second that Derecho left his feet to hop up to the top rope, Sylo sprung to his feet and used the steel ring steps as a launching pad….




AND INTO THE BARBED WIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The crowd was stunned silent!

Sylo was down!

Derecho was down!

Both covered in glass and barbed wire right in front of the announce position!

The referee immediately jumped out of the ring to check on both men… They were breathing, but they weren’t moving. Their bodies lacerated… their faces covered in blood. The hatred of these two men were so great that they would sacrifice their health to end it all! Perhaps Derecho and Sylo meant it… perhaps they meant the fact that they wanted to put a permanent end to each other. The destruction seen here was unlike anything ever witnessed in jOlt’s history!

It had been about three minutes and neither man still had moved. The referee hadn’t signaled for help. We could only assume that both men gave their consent to continue, but where was the strength, where was the fortitude to continue?

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Sylo began to stir. He had to wade through all of the glass.. all of the barbed wire just to find the ring apron. Slowly and painfully, he pulled himself up with the help of the apron, but his strength had failed him. Sylo slipped back down to the floor. Derecho remained motionless as Sylo summoned the strength to pull himself up again. Perhaps when his hand reached up onto the apron to grasp it, he got stung by broken glass. Sylo did shake his hand and that could have been the case.

Sylo eventually pulled himself up. The crowd cheered and gave him a standing ovation.. something usually reserved until after a match concluded. Sylo just leaned there against the ring apron as he stared down at the floor at Derecho who still remained motionless, yet, breathing heavily. Sylo took this opportunity to lift up the ring apron and find a 2x4 underneath it. Sylo grabbed that 2x4 and began to wrap it in the barbed wire that was on the ground. He was able to find a pretty long strand of it… long enough that it wrapped most of the 2x4 with the wire. Sylo tossed that into the ring and then stumbled over to pick up Derecho off the ground.

Sylo pulled Derecho out of the mess of barbed wire and then rolled him back into the ring. It didn’t look good for the Underground Champion one bit. Derecho laid there on the canvas face down as Sylo grabbed the 2x4. Sylo the slammed the 2x4 across the back of Derecho! Derecho let out of cry of pain as the barbed wire pierced his flesh once again. Sylo then sat down in front of Derecho and grabbed him by the arms. He placed the 2x4 under Derecho’s chin and wrapped him up in a modified Triangle Hold!!




Derecho screamed out in agony as Sylo pulled as hard as he could with the submission hold! Derecho couldn’t take it any longer. The damage was too severe and the unthinkable happened.






The winner of the first fall…. And NEW Underground Champion….. SYLO!!!!!!!

The crowd erupted! The roof had been proverbially blown off the arena! Since June 3, 2012, everyone in the jOlt universe had to endure Derecho as their Underground Champion. Nothing stood in Derecho’s way… no one could defeat him.. until now! That reign had come to an end! The only man in jOlt to have never lost his championship since the reopening of the doors had finally lost his title!

Sylo released the hold! The referee gave Sylo the Underground Championship belt. He raised it high into the air as Derecho rolled himself over to the corner and propped himself up in a seated position. He could only stare back as Sylo celebrated with the championship that he never lost in Legacy of Champions. He once again regained his title and now he held both of jOlt’s top titles!

In celebration, Sylo grabbed the name plate on the title that read Derecho’s name and used his strength to rip the name plate off the belt! He then tossed it into the crowd to symbolize that Derecho was no longer the Underground Champion.

Among the blood, tears streamed down Derecho’s face, but he was actually smiling? What did this mean? A smile was on Derecho’s face and it was a genuine smile. Derecho pulled himself up to his feet. He was still in tremendous pain, but he still made it to his feet. He continued to cry and smile as he looked on at Sylo. Sylo looked back at Derecho and noticed this. He kind of looked puzzled by it.

The celebrations had to come to an end, though, as the rest period between falls was nearing its end. There was still a second fall to be decided here. The referee asked Sylo for the Underground Championship. He handed it over and past it back to ringside. An announcement came over the PA system.

“Ladies and Gentlemen.. we will now start the second fall to determine the jOlt Championship!”

The crowd had completely forgotten there was a second fall.. and for a minute, so did both Derecho and Sylo. Derecho tried to warm up in the corner, but his body ached. The blood did stop flowing, but it caked on his face. The referee did wipe the blood off of both Derecho and Sylo’s faces as they prepared them for the second fall.

Winner of the first fall: Sylo via Submission
Then.. the bell sounded.




Sylo looked ready to go, but then the unthinkable happened. Derecho walked up to Sylo and extended his hand. Knowing Derecho, Sylo had no idea what to think. The crowd was a bit silent as well.. silent enough to the point where they heard the words Derecho muttered.

“You lifted my curse… I want to shake your hand to thank you”

Sylo was a bit weary. He readied himself for a cheap shot as he reached out and grabbed Derecho’s hand. In perhaps the most stunning moment of the match, Derecho shook the hand of the new Underground Champion and then backed off! It was a genuine thank you and a genuine hand shake. Derecho received some applause and cheers for that display of sportsmanship. Derecho slapped his chest and yelled out.. “LET’S GO SYLO”

Derecho began to circle Sylo in the ring. Sylo looked confused and but circled Derecho as well.

Lock up! Collar and elbow tie up by Derecho. Standing switch into a hammer lock by Derecho. Derecho then placed his knee into the back of Sylo’s to bring him down onto his knees. Derecho then switched to a side head lock and wrenched away on the neck of Sylo. Sylo backed Derecho into the ropes and shot him across the ring. Derecho used a baseball slide to go through the legs of Sylo. He grabbed Sylo’s legs on the way through and tripped him up.

Derecho then floated over into the side head lock once again. Derecho… a man who did anything to brutalize his opponents was… chain wrestling?

Derecho continued to synch in the hold as tight as he could. Sylo used as much as strength as he recovered to power up to a vertical base. He lifted Derecho up for a back drop suplex, but Derecho kicked and reversed the momentum. He then flipped Sylo over with a mid-air snapmare and went right back into the side head lock.

Nobody, including Sylo, knew what to make of this, but Sylo’s temper began to flare as he didn’t want to play these games any longer. Sylo powered back to his feet and lifted Derecho up, but this drop dropped him with an atomic drop. Derecho staggered forward and then turned around in time to see Sylo swing with a lariat. Derecho ducked underneath, turned and immediately hooked Sylo. Derecho fell back with the Side Russian Leg Sweep. Sylo remained on his back as Derecho rolled back to his feet. Derecho then dropped an elbow into the heart of Sylo. He stood and dropped a second elbow and then finally a third. A burst of energy from the former Underground Champion lead into a cover!



Sylo kicked out!

Derecho brought Sylo back to his feet and lit him up with a knife edge chop across the chest. Hit hit another and another until Sylo had enough and countered with a knee lift into the stomach of Derecho. Derecho doubled over and Sylo hit a clubbing blow to the back of Derecho’s neck. Sylo then pulled Derecho back to his feet. He sent Derecho off to the ropes. Derecho bounced off and Sylo tossed him into the air for Blood Lust, but Derecho stretched out his legs and connected with a drop kick to the chest of Sylo to counter!

Sylo staggered back up to his feet and this time it was Derecho who sent Sylo to the ropes in the opposite direction of where the steel ring steps were placed. Derecho then grabbed Sylo and with all of his might, lifted and turned toward the steps!


Sylo laid there stunned on the ring steps as Derecho headed toward the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads… he leapt off…


Derecho bounced off of Sylo and onto the canvas!! Sylo held his stomach in pain as he rolled off the steps and onto the canvas as well. Derecho crawled over a the pain started to settle back in once again. He fell on top of Sylo and tried to hook the leg as deep as he could.



Sylo kicked out!

Derecho sat up and wondered what he had to do to put Sylo away. After everything they have gone through, they both felt that they had to be running on fumes. Derecho staggered to his feet and took a moment to survey the carnage around them. Broken chairs… barbed wire, a 2x4, ring steps, and shattered glass littered this battlefield. Derecho decided to add another element to it and headed out of the ring.

He lifted up the ring apron and pulled out a table. He slid the table into the ring and then rolled back inside. He grabbed the table and then hobbled over to the corner where he propped it against the turnbuckle pads. Derecho walked over to Sylo and pulled him up to his feet. After a quick toe kick to the stomach, Derecho whipped Sylo toward the table, but Sylo put on the brakes before he hit it. Derecho charged in after him, but Sylo made Derecho eat a back elbow. Derecho staggered back as Sylo charged in from out of the corner..

Big Boot to Derecho!

Derecho went down hard as Sylo quickly grabbed him and leaned him against the table in a seated position. Sylo then gained distance and got a running start!

Knee to……… The table!

Derecho moved out of the way and Sylo put his knee right through the table! Derecho then grabbed Sylo in a waist lock and pulled him out of the table. Sylo fired with a back elbow, but Derecho ducked and Sylo pivoted to face Derecho from the momentum. Derecho then picked up Sylo and simply droved him back first through the remains of the table in the corner!

Sylo fell to a seated position as Derecho staggered away from the table. Derecho then got a running start and gave Sylo a taste of his own medicine!

Knee to the face of Sylo in the corner!!

Sylo slumped over onto his side.. it could have been a knockout shot! Derecho grabbed Sylo by the leg and dragged him toward the middle of the ring where he made the cover!




Sylo showed signs of life and kicked out!

Derecho pounded his fist on the canvas as he didn’t know what to do. A lot of his finishers counted on strength and that was something that escaped him very quickly. Then he remembered that one of them didn’t. Derecho headed to the corner as Sylo remained down. He ascended the turnbuckle pads and took aim on Sylo… Derecho leapt off…



Sylo rolled out of the way and Derecho crashed and burned on the canvas! Sylo quickly pulled Derecho up to his feet.. He went to whip Derecho toward the ropes, but he pulled Derecho back in and lifted him into the air where he drove his knee right into Derecho’s face!


Derecho fell to a single knee and staggered heavily. Sylo yanked him back up to his feet and got behind him. This is how he finished Derecho off back on iNtense 68! Sylo lifted him for the Systematic Shutdown, but Derecho floated over and landed behind Sylo. The landing wasn’t clean as Derecho backed up toward the ropes and fell against them. Sylo charged in, looking for another Slaughter, but Derecho moved out of the way and Sylo went through the ropes.. Sylo knew his momentum would carry him all the way and he tried to protect himself!


Sylo when head and arms first through the glass pane!!!!


Sylo’s legs remained tangled in the ropes. Sylo slowly slid off the ropes and landed on the ring apron. Derecho walked over and grabbed Sylo as he attempted to pull him up to his feet. What Derecho then saw was Sylo, mouth full of blood and glass! Sylo smiled and then spat the bloodied glass right into the face of Derecho!!

Derecho staggered back as Sylo used the ring ropes to get back to his feet. Sylo was a little slow, but be stepped over the top rope with one leg, but before he could maneuver the other leg over, from out of nowhere, Derecho lunged in with a super kick that knocked Sylo off the rope and onto the ring apron! Sylo held his bloodied face in pain as he rolled onto the glass pane that bridged from the apron to ringside. Sylo laid there on his back as Derecho ascended the turnbuckle pads. Derecho took aim and leapt off!!


A leg drop that sent both of them crashing into the pits of hell!!! Both men were once again down! The crowd, once again, stunned. Neither Derecho nor Sylo were moving an inch.

The referee once again checked on both men, but Derecho showed signs of life. Many wondered how the hell he had the ability to pull himself back up to his feet, but alas, Derecho did it. Derecho, on wobbly legs, grabbed Sylo and pulled him out of the barbed wire. He tried to roll Sylo back into the ring, but he didn’t have the strength to do it. He took a deep breath and gave it another shot and managed to get Sylo onto the ring apron. Derecho shoved away at Sylo and finally got him back into the ring. Derecho heaved for air on the outside and then managed to pull himself up onto the ring apron. As Derecho stepped back into the ring, Sylo sprung to life and grabbed Derecho by his head!!



Sylo then pulled Derecho through the ropes and spiked him on his head with a rope assisted DDT! Sylo popped up and screamed out with bestial vigor as he looked to finish Derecho right here, right now! Sylo pointed to the fourth and final unbroken wall that faced the entrance ramp as he pulled Derecho up and placed him between his legs! Sylo lifted Derecho up for a powerbomb, but Derecho slipped off of Sylo’s shoulders and landed in front of him!

European Uppercut to Sylo… it rocked him back. Derecho lunged in with another European uppercut that rocked Sylo back even more. Sylo inched closer to the ring steps which hadn’t moved from that spot since Derecho brought them into the ring. Derecho then charged in with a clothesline, but Sylo ducked underneath. Derecho then turned and placed Sylo in a waist lock.. the momentum pushed Sylo forward a step or two. Sylo fired an elbow into the side of Derecho’s head and performed a standing switch. Sylo, with the waist lock on Derecho, popped his hips and went for a German Suplex, but Derecho not only flipped over and landed on his feet, he landed on the ringsteps!

Sylo stood back up and Derecho leapt from the steps onto the shoulders of Sylo… Derecho then flipped backward…



Derecho staggered to his feet and didn’t even give the referee any chance to check on Sylo. He grabbed him and hoisted Sylo up to his feet… from there, he used all of his strength to hoist Sylo onto his shoulder. Feeling his legs buckle.. it was now or never…






It was over!!!




The winner of the second fall… and NEW jOlt Champion……… DERECHO!!!!!!

Derecho rolled off of Sylo… both men laid there on their backs.. pushed beyond the limits of their own physicality.. the scene in the arena was that of a war zone. It was surreal, yet indescribable. The amount of punishment that these men went through was unparalleled and unlike anything seen in the history of jOlt Wrestling.

The referee made sure to check on both combatants as trainers rushed out from the back. They quickly removed the barricade and glass pane that blocked their path and made their way into the ring with first aid kits, water bottles, and towels.

Both men continued to lay there as the trainers began to check on them. After a few minutes, Sylo started to refuse treatment and pushed them away. Sylo wanted to get back onto his feet on his own. With his own strength and power, Sylo did just that, albeit slowly. The referee handed Sylo his newly won Underground Championship as he held the back of his neck in pain. He looked down at Derecho who was still out flat on his back. He told the trainers to move as Sylo staggered over to Derecho.

After everything that had just happened, the thought of Sylo still wanting to kill Derecho was unfathomable.. but that seemed to be the case as Sylo looked very angered as he pushed the trainers out of the way.

Sylo dropped the Underground Championship to the canvas and pulled Derecho to his feet. Derecho looked into the eyes of Sylo as he heaved in heavy amount of air. Derecho could probably collapse with just a gust of wind at this point and yet he stared at a 7’1” 330lb monster. Sylo then turned to the referee and demanded the jOlt Championship.

The referee handed Sylo the belt and he turned and looked at Derecho. Sylo then looked down at the championship and then nodded at Derecho with respect. He placed the title on Derecho’s shoulder and then raised his hand high into the air!!!

Sylo then picked up his Underground Championship and pointed to Derecho as Sylo exited the ring. It took Sylo a while, but he hobbled around ringside to the base of the entrance ramp. He looked back at Derecho who fell to his knees in the middle of the ring.

Derecho held the jOlt Championship in his hands as he stared at it. The prize he wanted most… the prize which symbolized the best wrestler walking the planet was finally his.. Derecho couldn’t believe it. It was like a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

Derecho stood up and then raised the jOlt Championship high into the air. The crowd reaction was actually stunning… there wasn’t a single boo in the audience… there was nothing but cheers, but mostly applause. The scene of Derecho holding up the jOlt Championship was the final image seen as Power Struggle went off the air.

Winner of the second fall: Derecho via Pinfall