"Welcome to Rise of the Legends"

The scene opened up in black and white. It showed Derecho pinning Suicide to win the Underground Championship. The scene then shifted to Sylo pinning Chris Titan to regain the jOlt Championship. Another black and white scene showed The Heirs of Wrestling standing tall in the middle of the ring with the Tag Team Championships. All the while, a voice boomed over the video montage.

"Men forged by determination will always rise up and claim their spot in the annals of time"

Ninja K is seen pinning Sylo to become the new Underground Champion. Aran Thompson was then shown pinning Derecho to become the jOlt World Champion.

"These men are then born into a world of greatness as they stand atop the pedastols which they, themselves have built"

The scene grew dark.


The scene then showed Kayden Paulton winning the Open Season Match to become the number one contender to the Underground Championship. They showed pictures of Eiji Kugasari and Landon Stevens. They showed The House breaking free from Team EGO and setting their sights on The Heirs as well as Red & Ted's interjections over the past month.

"No matter how tall a pedastol you build, there will always be someone looking to knock it down."

A scene from the mixed tag match showing Charlotte and Sarah Winterton mixing it up. Scenes from The Hype of Sebastian Saje and Michael Donavan having a staredown were shown as well.

"Tonight, the cycle of champion versus challenger begins again as mortal men look to climb atop the perch of a champion and knock them off, forever immortalizing themselves in the pages of history."

A final picture showed Charlotte, The Heirs of Wrestling, Aran Thompson, Sebastian Saje, and Ninja K on the left. On the right it showed Sarah Winterton, The House, Red & Ted, Landon Stevens, Eiji Kugasari, Michael Donavan, and Kayden Paulton. All of which looked ready to fight.

Then, in between them, the Rise of the Legends logo fades into view and we are taken inside the arena!

"Better Scarred" by FADE played over the PA

The stage was a simple set up. One big jOltvision in the center of the stage. To the left and to the right were a total of ten pillars.. five on each side. The ones closest to the screen were the tallest and they descended in height as they went away from the screen, curving to make a half circle. Each of the pillars had an enlarged version of a jOlt Championship title on them.

The one to the left of the screen had the jOlt Championship, the one on the right had the Underground Championship. The next two had a Tag Team Championship, then the next one going left had the Hype Championship and the next one going right had the Starlet Championship.

At the base of the entrance ramp, by ringside, a single pyro jet shot into the air. Another one fired off in front of it and in succession, a trail of pyro blew up the entrance ramp. When the pyro trail got to the top of the ramp, it split left and right toward the pillars. Then, all ten pillars shot pyro from the left and right sides at the base, traveling up to the top. When the pyro reached the top of each pillar a bigger pyro jet shot out from the top of it. This caused a domino effect up toward the jOltvision.

When both pyro trails met at the screen, pyro shot out randomly from every side of the jOltvision and then one final massive blast from the tops of each pillar as well as a wall of pyro at the top of the entrance ramp blew.

The people cheered the awesome display of pyrotechnics as the commentators welcomed us to Rise of the Legends. After the smoke cleared and everything died down, the jOltvision illuminated as we were taken backstage.

"The Rising Star"

Jimmy B Martinez The camera shifted backstage as Landon Stevens was seen sitting in his locker room. The hopeful contender for the Jolt championship was patiently waiting to hear whether or not he would be facing his Mentor later this evening. Stevens sat with headphones on lounged back as he watched the pay-per-view broadcast on the television in front of him. His door was open and Donnie Layne came walking in, he tried to knock but Landon paid no mind. Finally Landon noticed and pulled out the ear buds.

“Hey Donnie, what can I do ya for man?” Stevens looked up as he spoke.

“I wanted to try and fit in a word with you before the big announcement about who would face Aran tonight.” Donnie questioned.

“All I got is time until that announcement is made. Have a seat and ask away.”

“On the last episode of Warriors, Aran certainly pulled a number on you. Getting counted out and then having you viciously attacked by Black Faction, what do you have to say about that?”

“There really isn’t much to say except Aran is a coward and he will do what cowards do. He’s obviously not man enough to actually face me one on one. I think he knows I would be the one to derail his plan of being this companies “future”. But tonight I may get my shot and then there is that chance I might not. It’s all in the hands of Damien Lee and what he decides would be best for the company.”

“Speaking of, how do you feel about the other possible opponent Eiji Kugasari?” Layne questioned Stevens.

“Eiji is a great competitor and would make for some good competition for Aran. Would I agree it would be the best choice for the company? No. I believe what the fans want to see is Aran Thompson versus Landon Stevens, Teacher versus Student. I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want to see that? I am exactly the competitor that Aran is looking for. The time will come where we see what happens when we step into the ring together. Maybe it will be tonight and maybe it will be someday down the road. Rest assured though, that whenever it happens, it will be breath taking.” Steven’s had a big grin on his face as he spoke.

“Thank you for your time Landon. I wish you the best of luck tonight.” Layne said as he moved up from his seat and shook Stevens’ hand and made his way out the door.

Who will face the jOlt champion tonight? Will it be “The Rising Star” Landon Stevens or Eiji Kugasari? No matter what, Aran Thompson is in for a big surprise.

Sebastian Saje (c) vs Michael Donavan
Jimmy B. MartinezLandon Stevens

The scent of the pyro was still fresh in the air and the people were still hyped. What a lovely word that was chosen to describe the people because the opening contest at Rise of the Legends is for The Hype Championship!

"Demon Cleaner" by Kyuss

The people booed as Michael "Phantom" Donavan made his way out from the backstage area. Donavan turned his back on his best friend Sayber and took aim on the Hype Championship in order to prove the point that he is not someone who fell off his horse.. he is still one of, if not, the best member on the entire Hype roster. That chip on his should would remain there until he could prove otherwise.

Donavan made his way down to the ring looking focused. He paid no mind to the fans who booed him as he climbed into the ring. Donavan simply tested the ropes and warmed up, looking ready for the challenge ahead.

"Save Me" by Coldrain

The boos turned to cheers as The Hype Champion, Sebastian Saje, stepped out from behind the black curtain with the championship firmly around his waist. Saje has had a storied history with Alyssa Corliss, Raevynn and Jeremy Ryan as well. Speaking of Raevynn, her whereabouts are unknown along with Sven Deadly. The two disappeared together and haven't been seen since. Saje could probably only thank Sven for hauling her crazy ass away!

Saje kept his eyes focused on Donavan as he made his way to the ring. Saje hopped up onto the ring apron and stepped inside. He unfastened the Hype Championship and held it up right in Donavan's face. Donavan didn't even stare at the title, he was focused right on Sebastian Saje. The staring contest became tense and the referee had to step in between and separate them.

The referee took the championship from Saje and held the belt high into the air before passing it off to ringside. Once the competitors were at a safe distance, the referee called for the bell!




Saje and Donavan started off slowly circling each other in the ring. The sounds of stamping feet from the crowd quickened the pace of their circling. Eventually they stopped abruptly and locked up in the middle of the ring. Donavan went into an arm wringer submission hold and controlled the champion by adding a wrist lock to it as well. Saje went down to a knee as Donavan applied more pressure to the hold. Saje got back to a vertical base, however, and was able to reverse the wringer into a wringer of his own.

Saje then converted the arm wringer into a hammerlock submission. Donavan twisted and tried to find the escape, but Saje was positioned well and didn't give Donavan many options. Donavan tried the back elbows, but none of them found their mark as Saje tightened the hold. Donavan then tried for another back elbow which loosened the grip just a bit. Donavan then made quick work of that openning and got underneath Saje, lifting him up for a back drop suplex, but Saje flipped out and landed on his feet.

Donavan turned around and swung with a clothesline, but Saje ducked out of the way. Saje feigned a run to the ropes by stopping short. Saje turned around and delivered a toe kick to Donavan, catching him as he turned around. Saje then hooked Donavan for a suplex, but Donavan put his leg between Saje's and blocked it. Saje tried for the suplex again, but again it was blocked by Donavan. Donavan then countered by hitting a vertical suplex of his own, putting Saje down hard.

Donavan stood and gripped his wrist, fixing his wrist tape as he looked down at Saje. Donavan then stomped down on Saje's chest with a heavy strike. He circled Saje and stomped on his chest for a second time. Donavan stopped and looked around the crowd as the people booed him, but that only caused Donavan to grin. Donavan took a couple of steps back and waited for Saje to get back up. Saje turned to his stomach and got on all fours. Donavan then charged in, looking for a knee strike, but Saje avoided it and grabbed Donavan from behind with a school boy roll up!



Donavan kicked away and quickly got back to his feet as did Saje. Clothesline by Donavan was ducked by Saje and Saje took off to the ropes. Saje sprung off the opposite side and came back with a flying shoulder block that knocked Donavan down. Saje went back to the ropes as Donavan got back to his feet. A second shoulder block put Donavan back down a second time. Saje then helped Donavan back to a vertical base and whipped him to the ropes. Saje then hit a back elbow to Donavan's mouth that staggered him back. Saje then leapt into the air and hit a standing drop kick that knocked Donavan up and over the top rope and down to the floor!!

The crowd came alive as Saje took off to the opposite side. He got some extra momentum from bouncing off the ropes, but Donavan saw it and moved out of the way, but Saje leapt to the middle rope and backflipped to his feet at the center of the ring! Donavan pointed to his head as he looked out into the crowd and Saje took advantage of it. He ran to the middle rope and used it to flip over the top rope to his right. Saje connected with the moonsault and took Donavan out on the floor!

Saje staggered to his feet to applause from the crowd! He pilled Donavan up and fired off a knife edge chop across the chest. Donavan staggered over to the steel ringsteps as the referee was in the middle of his mandatory ten count. Saje followed Donavan in and Donavan surprised him with an elbow to the gut. He then grabbed Saje by the head and slammed into the top of the ringsteps. He then grabbed Saje by his blonde hair and threw him down onto the floor.

The referee was up to the count of five as Donavan rolled back into the ring and back out to reset the count. Donavan put the boots to Saje on the floor before he pulled him back up to his feet. Donavan then lifted Saje up and dropped him chest first across the top of the barricades. Realizing he couldn't win the championship outside the ring, Donavan grabbed Saje and rolled him back into the ring. Donavan then hopped up onto the ring apron and then ascended the turnbuckle pads! Donavan... six feet... ten inches... 265lbs looked to fly.. and fly he did!


Top rope elbow drop!

Donavan drove the elbow deep into the heart of Sebastian Saje and then made the cover...



Saje kicked out!

Donavan sat Saje up and then placed him in a rear head lock. The people began to rally behind Saje to get him back up to his feet. Saje then used that energy from the crowd to fight back to a vertical base. Saje then fired a pair of elbows into the mid-section of Donavan and tried to take off to the ropes, but Donavan grabbed Saje by the arm and pulled him back into a short arm clothesline! Donavan then quickly went down to the canvas and placed Saje into another head lock, this time he kept Saje grounded on the canvas.

Saje reached out and tried to muster some strength, but Donavan had more height and weight than Saje and that kept him pinned to the ground. Saje couldn't get back up to his feet so he tried another option. He began to rock back and forth to build some momentum. He then used his feet and pushed himself on top of Donavan, pinning him in the process!



Donavan released the hold and kicked out before he ended up getting pinned. Saje got some separation from Donavan by crawling over to the corner. Saje used the turnbuckles to pull himself back up. Donavan charged into the corner, but Saje quickly moved out of the way. Donavan hit chest first and staggered back right into the arms of Saje. Saje then lifted Donavan up and placed him up on the top turnbuckle pad. Saje then ascended the corner and got underneath Donavan, hooking him for a super back drop suplex, but Saje felt the sting of a pair of back elbows as Donavan fought to get free. The elbows worked as Saje loosened his grip and stepped down off of the turnbuckles.

Donavan stood and turned himself around in order to face Saje. Donavan took aim and leapt off with a Diving European Uppercut, but Saje side stepped and Donavan ate canvas! Saje then took this opportunity to re-climb the buckles in the corner. He got up top and leapt off with a missile drop kick and caught Donavan right in the chest! Saje kipped up to his feet and began to fire himself up as the crowd also got pumped. Saje crouched down in the corner and waited for Donavan to get back to his feet. Donavan staggered back up and Saje charged in, looking for a flying knee strike, but Donavan side stepped!

Saje staggered up to his feet when Donavan grabbed Saje by the neck! He lifted Saje up for a choke slam, but fell backwards with it, planting Saje face first into the canvas!! Donavan then turned Saje over and hooked the leg...


| Two....

Saje with the shoulder up!

Donavan quickly got back up to his feet and pulled Saje back to his. Donavan opened up with rights and lefts, combination blows, that rocked Saje's head back. He then grabbed Saje by the arm and whipped him across the ropes. Donavan telegraphed the back body drop and Saje stopped right in front of him. He dropped to a knee and hit a quick jab to the throat of Donavan! Saje then followed it up with a running lariat that knocked Donavan down. Saje then went to the ropes and flipped off with a second rope moonsault! He came crashing down onto Donavan's chest and quickly made the cover!



Shoulder up!

Saje wasted no time in bringing Donavan back to his feet. He fired off a pair of knife edge chops and then went for the irish whip, but Donavan reversed it and pulled Saje into a Fireman's Carry. Saje wriggled free and fell behind Donavan. Saje then placed Donavan into a half nelson and tried to lift him, but Donavan spun to the side and got out of it. Donavan then delivered a toe kick and then placed Saje back into the Fireman's Carry position. Donavan then flipped and twisted Saje over his head and shoulders....


"OOOOH!!!" exclaimed the crowd! Donavan held him down in the cover



Thr... NO!!

Saje got out of it just in time!

Saje struggled to get back to his feet. He was on all fours and Donavan charged in...


The move he looked for earlier connected and the champion was out cold on his back! Donavan felt it still wasn't enough as he dragged Saje toward the corner. He then climbed the turnbuckles with his back to Saje. Donavan motioned that he was about to become the new Hype Champion and flipped off with a moonsault... alll 6'10" and 265lbs of him!


Saje moved out of the way and used the corner to pull himself up. As Donavan was trying to get back up, Saje staggered in and kicked Donavan right in the face! Saje then pulled him up to his feet and hooked him for a suplex. Saje lifted Donavan straight up in a disaply of power and then dropped him right on his head!


Saje went to the corner and climbed up top. He took aim and flipped off...


Saje nailed it and had the cover!



Thre... NO!

Donavan kicked out!

Saje was a bit miffed that he didn't get the pinfall there. Both Saje and Donavan got back to their feet. Saje fired a right hand, but Donavan fired back. Saje retaliated with another right hand and Donavan answered with another of his own.

Saje with a right
Donavan with a right
Saje with a right
Donavan with a right
Saje with a right
Donavan with a right
Saje with a right
Donavan with a right
Saje with a right
Donavan with a right

Back and forth they traded blows until Donavan began to get the upper hand. His rights came faster and faster and faster as they rocked Saje's head back. Donavan stopped for a moment as he wanted to whip Saje, but Saje quickly fired back with a forearm smash. Saje then nailed a series of rapid fire forearms to the face of Donavan. Saje then wound up for a stiff forearm shot, but Donavan countered with a knee lift!

Donavan then hit a series of alternating knee strikes to the chest of Saje, backing him into the ropes. Donavan took a few steps back and charged in for what we would assume is a move designed to send Saje to the outside, but Saje stopped Donavan with a front roundhouse kick to the chest! Saje then nailed kicked after kick after kick to the chest of Donavan, but Saje switched it up and hit a spin kick to the back of Donavan's leg dropping him down to a knee. Saje then shuffled back...

Kick to the chest!

Roundhouse kick to the side of the head...


The audience was on their feet during that entire exchange.. the red hot crowd counted along as Saje made the cover!




Donavan kicked out!

Saje said it was enough and called for the finish. He pulled Donavan back to his feet, but much to Saje's shock, Donavan dropped him with a jaw breaker mid-lift! Donavan staggered up and grabbed Saje in an odd position. Donavan's back was to Saje as he had Saje's head cradled with his right arm. Donavan then reached with his left arm and hooked Saje's left leg. Donavan then lifted Saje up, draping him across his back. Donavan then spun to the side and dropped Saje right on the back of his neck...



It was also a pinning move!



Saje kicked away from it!

Both men were down on the canvas after the pinfall attempt. Both men struggled to get back to their feet. Saje was up first and he immediately grabbed Donavan, but Donavan drove Saje back into the corner. Donavan hit several shoulder blocks which weakened Saje. Donavan gained some distance from Saje and charged in to the corner, but Saje quickly hopped over the rope to the ring apron. Saje hit a high kick to Donavan's face that caused him to stagger out from the corner. Saje then climbed the turnbuckle pads and front flipped off...





Donavan kicked away!

Saje slammed his fists on the canvas as he gained some distance. He dared Donavan to get back to his feet. Saje then charged in at full speed and leapt up with both knees.. he was looking for Lights Out, but Donavan caught him!!!

Donavan held Saje up.. he turned Saje toward the corner and threw him!!


Saje staggered forward as Donavan hit the ropes.. he came back and took Saje's head clean off his shoulders...





Thre.. NO!!!

Saje kicked out!

Saje kicked out!!

"THIS IS AWESOME" clap clap clapclapclap
"THIS IS AWESOME" clap clap clapclapclap
"THIS IS AWESOME" clap clap clapclapclap
"THIS IS AWESOME" clap clap clapclapclap
"THIS IS AWESOME" clap clap clapclapclap

Donavan couldn't stand it anymore.. he wanted his championship and he went for it all. He got up and grabbed Saje. Kick to the stomach! He had Saje set up between his legs. He butterflied the arms and lifted him up for the Phantom Driver.. the Snap Double Underhook Piledriver, but at the apex of the hit, Saje countered...


Donavan flipped over. He dizzily got back to his feet and Saje leapt up with both knees, putting them right in Donavan's face. He grabbed him by the back of the head and fell back to the canvas...





THREE!? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saje couldn't believe it!! He was going to go for it again. Donavan was on spaghetti legs.. he knew a second one would end it. Donavan stood... Saje leapt... Donavan.. COUNTERED


| Donavan then hopped over Saje, planted his feet and hit a low moonsault...


Donavan wasted no time.. he got back to his feet and pulled Saje up between his legs. He hooked the arms, lifted and snapped him down....





THREE!? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The crowd was going ballistic!! Neither man was able to get the job done with their finishers... what was left for them at this point?

They both fought and clawed their way back to their feet. They fell against each other, pressing against each others foreheads. They mouthed off some words to each other and they both went for a right hand at the same time, but it was Saje would beat Donavan to the punch, but Donavan fired back with a right of his own. Once again the two of them began to trade punches with each other, but it was in slow motion.

Saje balled his fist up tight and nailed a haymaker punch during the trade that knocked Donavan for a loop. Saje then leapt up and hit a single knee version of Lights Out to Donavan! Donavan didn't go down from it. Saje stood and hit another single knee version of Lights Out, this time with the other knee! Donavan fell to a single knee and was about ready to flop forward, but Saje stood and adjusted the height.. nailing the full version of it...


Donavan was dead... he wasn't moving... Saje barely was able to get him onto his back, but he did and he made the cover...40,000 strong counted in unison!




It was over! Sebastian Saje retained his championship here tonight! The crowd gave the two of them a standing ovation and this was only the opening match of the PPV! If the purpose of this match was to fire the crowd up for the rest of the show, they did it, but they also did something else.

They proved that they had the talent.. the heart.. and the determination to compete at a level with anyone on the main roster. They were able to display their skills to a worldwide global audience... and after tonight's match.. it could only be a matter of time before we see these two on the main roster!

The referee handed Saje his championship, but Saje was still down on the canvas after that match. The referee helped Saje up and Saje raised his title into the air to a massive pop from the crowd. Saje staggered out of the ring and headed to the back. After a while, Michael Donavan sat up and received the same standing ovation that Saje had just received. He looked around the Arena of Champions at all the admiration he was getting and from a seated position, flipped off every single one of them!


After flipping off the crowd, Donavan rolled out of the ring and made his way to the back. Donavan set out to prove a point and he wasn't able to prove anything. One had to wonder how this would transition on the next edition of The Hype.

Winner: Sebastian Saje via Pinfall

"Ladders, Ladders, and So-Called Losers"

Jimmy B Martinez Dawn Cassidy was backstage getting ready for her next interview. Later tonight, two of the big title title matches would be the Starlets Championship and more importantly the jOlt Tag Team Titles.

“Folks, with me right now are three of the stars involved in two of our big title matches. One looks to keep her title from the clutches of her perennial contender Sarah Winterton. The other is the biggest team in jOlt right now and they want back the titles they lost months ago. Please welcome at this time… Starlets Champion Charlotte along with Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck… The House!”

“Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber, “The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck, and Huber’s wife, Charlotte all stepped into view as the crowd celebrated with a big round of cheers. The threesome were tight-knit like a family and the crowd loved them for it. The fans also liked the fact that The House were destructive forces of nature but cared about giving the fans a good show.

“Dawn, pleasure!” Huber nodded.

Charlotte smiled. “Hey, hon!”

Roebuck only gave her an acknowledging grunt. The surly giant meant business tonight.

“Now, to Charlotte. Tonight, you’re going up against your rival, “The Heiress” Sarah Winterton. She holds a pinfall victory over you and has Persephone in her back pocket it seems. How do you plan to keep your title against a woman who has had your number?”

“Dawn, the only number she’s going to get is twelve… that’s the amount of armed guards and security it’s going to take to pull me off her body once I’m done kicking that cheating bitch around!”

The crowd was cheering Charlotte as she continued to speak on the subject.

“Winterton pulled a fast one on me and she did beat me once, I’m not going to lie. She’s cozied up to Persephone because she knows she can’t get the job done on her own, but I’m not afraid of any of them. Winterton’s doing all she can to try and screw me over and Persephone couldn’t beat me when I gave her a shot at this belt, so they teamed up. They can form the Womanly Power Hour for all I care and she can keep her prissy little tiara and her good manners and her waves because I’m keeping this title!”

“Well said,” Dawn said. “And to Huber and Roebuck. You two have been chasing back the Tag Titles and to add to the mix, the formidable Red and Ted have been hungry for gold, too. This match is a ladder match and despite that you outsize your opposition, this match could favor your opponents. Care to comment?”

“Yeah, I do!” Derrick shouted. “The Heirs took our titles months ago and the only time they’ve been able to defeat us is with outside interference. Whether it was Team EGO or Red and Ted, the teams may be different but the circumstances have always been the same. I don’t care that this is a ladder match and we might be giving up a lot of speed, but there’s more than one way to win this match. It’s hard to climb a ladder when you’ve been beaten half to death. The Heirs have been having this ass-whooping put off for months now and Red and Ted are right behind them.”

“Little pampered fucks…” Roebuck muttered. “I’m sick of looking at all of them.”

“You and me both, Big Bucks.”

Dawn raised the microphone back to her lips but didn't say anything. Huber nudged Roebuck as they split looks of grins and snarls. The mic was picking up the sounds of a conversation off screen that grew louder and louder still.

" that was when the firetrucks show up, and fuck if that didn't just make that nympho hornier still. Suffice to say I can no longer stay at a Motel 6 under that name again."

"Speaking of fires, I think my ears must be burning," said Alexander Redding striding into frame. Shortly behind him was Teddy Jacobs, proudly wearing a tee that read, "I Voted for Rob Ford." They exchange fake smiles with all they just interrupted.

"Ah, the obligatory title fight talk with the bimbo behind the mic. Well, don't let us stop whatever bullshit y'all had to say." He paused to turn to the camera and apologize to the producer behind the camera. "Just don't get too attached to the idea of leaving tonight with the tag titles."

"Maybe if you guys play nice, we'll let ya have a picture taken with us, celebrating the inevitable," Red offered with a shrug. And in an act of total arrogance, indifference and as a giant fuck you, the duo left the scene just as suddenly as they happened upon it.

"WOW..." Roebuck said. "Pussies..."

"Don't worry," Huber added. " They can't walk away from us in the ring."

Diamond Jewelz & Jesse Ramey vs reVolt
Jimmy B. MartinezJimmy B. MartinezLandon StevensJimmy B. Martinez

The next match here on Rise of the Legends began before Cataclysm when reVolt offered Diamond Jewelz and Jameson Lennox a spot within their faction, but they refused, however, right before the scheduled match, Jameson Lennox was attacked by an unknown assailant and the debuting Jesse Ramey took his spot. Since then, something didn't seem right about Diamond Jewelz and Mattock manipulated and pulled some strings, showing Jesse Ramey the truth.. that Diamond Jewelz was the one who attacked Lennox. This drove a rift between the two teams, but once they realized they had been manipulated by reVolt, they decided to put differences aside here tonight to try and defeat them and move on with their lives.

"The Northern" by Alexisonfire

The crowd booed as Mattock and Sanchez Cano, collectively known as reVolt, made their way out from the backstage area. In typical fashion, the march single file down to the ring, entering one after the other. The two of them stand side by side and ball up their right hands into a fist, placing them over their hearts in their faction-style salute. The music died down as they both turned toward the entrance ramp to await the arrival of their opponents.

"Gotta Take It' by Nipsey Hussle

Out from the back stepped Diamond Jewelz. He made his way to the top of the ramp and then stopped. He pointed down to the ring at reVolt and then pointed to the entrance way. A silence grew across the arena as it was once again plunged into darkness. The jOlt Vision began to hum with life as a single phrase etched across the screen brought the crowd back to life.

The Anti-Star

"I'm Not Alright" by Shinedown

Out from the back, to a massive pop came the former "Spirit of ACW" himself, Jesse Ramey!!

Ramey was fired up as he and Diamond Jewelz high fived each other and made their way down to the ring. Mattock and Cano bailed as the two hit the ring and took command of it. Ramey ascended the top turnbuckle pads and received a huge ovation from the crowd. He hopped down and Jewelz said he was going to start the match. Jesse nodded and stepped out of the ring as the referee called for the bell.




Jewelz and Cano slowly circled the ring, Jewelz with a smile on his face and Cano with an emotionless gaze, both tried to find the opportune moment to strike. Jewelz drove in trying to capture Cano with both arms, but the smaller agile man dropped to a knee and ducked under the attack. Cano twisted and came up behind Jewelz and caught him with a waist lock.

Cano attempted to lift Jewelz up for some sort of suplex, but Jewelz wrapped his leg around Cano’s blocking the attempt. Jewelz then continued by wrapping one arm around the back of Cano’s neck and flipped him over with a snapmare. Jewelz came back to his feet quickly and darted toward the ropes. He bounced off and came running back in the direction of Cano.

Cano rolled onto his stomach and forced Jewelz to leap over him. Jewelz continued on toward the ropes getting more force behind him. In that time Cano quickly jumped back to his feet and attempted to leap frog over Jewelz as he ran through, instead Jewelz was able to catch him in motion and drive him down with a running powerslam followed by a pin attempt.



Shoulder up

Jewelz smiled as he lifted Cano back to his feet and shot him off into a turnbuckle. Ramey stood perched on the middle rope extending his arm for a tag, but Jewelz ignored it. Instead he rushed toward Cano in the corner, only for Cano to shove a boot in his face. Jewelz staggered back a few steps. Then in a fit of blind rage attempted to charge in once again; only this time lifted his legs up into the air above Jewelz’ head. Cano then twisted his legs around the body of Jewelz and flipped him over onto his neck and compressing his body into a roll up pin attempt of his own.



Kick out!

Jewelz shoved Cano off of his body with his legs, but as Jewelz tried to turn onto his hands and knees Cano was already diving toward his corner. Cano was able to smack the outstretched arm of Mattock for the clean tag. Mattock quickly entered the ring and before Jewelz could come to feet was caught in the face with a running low dropkick. Mattock smiled as he slowly pushed his way up off of the mat, bragged Jewelz by the hair, and proceeded to lift him up as well.

Jewelz looked to be out of it, which made Mattock very happy until a spark through Jewelz. Jewelz hit Mattock in the side of the head with a closed right fist, the fact that Jewelz was coming back had Mattock rocked. Jewelz connected with a chop across the chest, and then a stiff boot to the midsection. Jewelz rushed toward the ropes coming back toward Mattock with a great amount of speed.

Snap scoop slam. From Mattock to Diamond Jewelz; and with Jewelz incapacitated once more Mattock slowly stood back to his feet. Mattock turned back toward his partner, but quickly turned right back around and drove one more foot into Jewelz ribs. Then Mattock slowly made his way toward his corner and tagged Cano back into the match.

Cano jumped over the top rope and made his way over to a crawling Jewelz and lifted him back to his feet. Cano grabbed hold of Jewelz’ arm and tossed him off into the nearest turnbuckle. Cano paused for a moment, and then darted toward the corner nailing Jewelz with a clothesline. The maneuver caused Jewelz to stagger out of the corner, and Cano climbed onto the apron and up the turnbuckle.

Cano now perched on the top rope waited until Jewelz began to turn back around in a daze, but just as the two were about to connect, Jewelz dropped to his knees. Cano’s attempt at a cross body block missed only by a few inches, but instead of connecting with Jewelz he connected with the canvas. Cano now writhed in pain in the center of the ring, and Jewelz finally turned to acknowledge the man in his corner; his partner for the evening. Jewelz slowly began crawling toward his corner, using the middle rope as his aide along the way. He was about to make the tag when he felt a tug on his leg... Cano had pulled him back to the center of the ring and released him. Instead, some taunting ensued.

"GO ON... TAG THE MAN WHO DOESN'T BELIEVE IN YOU" shouted Cano to Jewelz.

Jewelz continued to crawl as Cano continued to taunt him.


Cano stood there as Jewelz crawled back toward his corner, but before he got there, Cano grabbed his leg and pulled him back to the center of the ring.

"LOOK AT HIM STRUGGLE" yelled Cano toward Ramey. "YOU DON'T EVEN CARE, DO YOU?"

He then tied Jewelz up into an inverted Texas Cloverleaf dead center in the middle of the ring. Cano looked on to the corner where Ramey was looking on, comtemplating a tag. Ramey looked conflicted if he wanted to tag in or not. Cano applied more pressure as Jewelz reached out toward his corner. Ramey decided he was going to step in to help Jewelz and entered the ring, but stopped half way through the ropes and backed out. Jewelz was begging and pleading for help, but Ramey hopped off the ring apron and began to walk to the backstage area.

Ruby Rocks Jewelz ran up and tried to stop Ramey from walking off, but Ramey had had enough. he pie faced Ruby down to the ground and the look on Jewelz face was enough. He wanted to rush out of the ring immediately and help her, but Cano had him tied up in the reverse cloverleaf. Mattock hopped off the ring apron and made his way around ringside as Ramey walked all the way to the backstage area, disappearing behind the curtain.

Jewelz fought and clawed his way toward the ropes as Mattock walked over to Ruby and knelt down next to her. Jewelz shook his head as Mattock gently held her chin up with his fingers. He then brushed the side of her face with his hand and turned his head toward Jewelz and gave him a wink.

Mattock then pulled Ruby up to her feet and in one fell swoop, spiked her with a DDT on the floor!!!!

"OOOOOHHH!!!" yelled the crowd following by heavy booing.

Jewelz couldn't get out of the hold.. he needed to tend to her and decided that this match wasn't worth it anymore.. he quickly tapped out, hoping that Cano would release the hold.




Even though the bell rang, Cano would not release the hold at all. Mattock simply knelt down next to Ruby and brushed the side of her face with his hand once again. Jewelz struggled, but Cano kept that Cloverleaf locked in. All Jewelz could do was watch as not even the referee could get Cano to release the hold.

Mattock then pulled Ruby's head up off of the canvas and looked at her for a moment. He then planted a big kiss on her lips with infuriated Jewelz. Mattock then let go of Ruby's head and walked to the ring. Mattock slid in and came face to face with Jewelz while he was in the Cloverleaf position. Mattock simply smiled and winked at Jewelz before he stood up and planted both boots right into Jewelz's face..


Jewelz was out cold. Cano finally released the hold. Mattock and Cano stood tall in the center of the ring. They raised their hands to loud booing from the crowd.

Ramey split

Mattock tainted the relationship between Ruby and Diamond

Two months in a row and this issue has gotten heated.. all we knew was that this was far from over.

Winner: reVolt via Submission

"In the Belly..."

Jimmy B Martinez In The Belly…
Starring Waymoth Turnbull


“Those that don’t learn from history, are doomed to repeat it..” by Many Authors

At 3:30 in the morning, the last place the camera man expected to find himself (along with jOlt’s expensive equipment) was walking down the badly lit and often dangerous Mercy Drive. Still, this is the place that was chosen for this venture and the man he followed to this place had no worries about their current location. After all; the West Indian Obsidian, Waymoth Turnbull rarely had a reason to fear anything.

The camera was fixated Waymoth, who made his home sitting atop the back of rusted metal bench. The Lynx Public Transportation had long stopped coming through this area, and wouldn’t be resuming for some time. In the background, the hustle of the night can be seen as they worked to avoid being spotted by the lens – and law enforcement.

“Las’ yeah,” Waymoth spoke, breaking the silence. Even in Florida, the Winter chill had dropped the temperatures down to early 60s and with every word, Waymoth’s breath became visible.

“Las’ yeah ah moved up ‘ere to Orlando, ah de request of a man who ah could call meh own Fatha, but inna he head, Ah wasn’t he son, ah was he paycheck,” Waymoth’s recollection of Cloyd Monsanto and their relationship placed a sour taste in his mouth.

“An’ den, tinkin’ ah had every’ting unna’me control , Ah went an’ hook-up with a man, who made very clear dat de relationship we had was nothin’ but business but it mean dat I wouldn’t have to wondah who meh friends dem really was.”

“It meant dat de line was no longer blurred, dat when de time come an’ oppah’tunity ah knock, there wouldn’t be any surprises when it finally happened. Like dem ol’ folk ah say, when you lie wit snake, you must geh bite. Ah gah four holes inna me body that prove just dat. Two from de each ah dem.”

“Ay you! You with the camera!” The camera jerked at sound of a voice beckoning in his direction.

“Nuh worry bout dat man,” Waymoth stated in what seemed like an attempt to calm him down. The voice belonged to a young man that emerged from the shadows of Mercy. His facial features were hidden by a black bandana and a dirty gray hoodie.

“I know you hear me talkin’ to you nigga, what you doin’ up here with dis camera? Ya’ll makin’ a movie or some shit? You know ya’ll in the wrong place for all dat right?”

Waymoth wasn’t moved by his manner and tough talk and stood up from the bench. “My yout’, ah home you should be ah dis time a’night.”

“Da fuck?!” The young man scoffed and turned his attention to the West Indian Obsidian, “Who the fuck you think you are? Hell nigga, do you even know where the fuck you are? This is Mercy mutha’fuckin’ Drive! Not fuck’n Haiti so I suggest you si--!”


He never got a chance to finish his sentence. That type of thing is hard to do when your jaw meets with a fist that is trained to put a hole through concrete. Plus, it didn’t help the matter that he assumed Waymoth was Haitian. Ask anyone; that shit wasn’t going to fly at all. Waymoth kneeled over and yanked the bandana off the young man’s face, which had already begun to show signs of swelling. Waymoth stood up, using the bandana he had just confiscated to wipe off and wrap around his fist.

The camera man was still jittery from what had just transpired but continued to do his job.

“Das’ de problem with these yout man, de always ah talk and never gah de gall to show any action. Mos’ ah dem let the people de run wit big dey head up to believe dat dey tougher than what they actually is. Dem de one dat does mek me laugh.”

Waymoth looked back at the downed would-be mugger, and back at the camera, flashing a toothy grin, “An’ to you know who…consider dis ah pre-lude. Hide behind all de man, ‘oman, and child yah want to, but remember, each one ah dem is flesh an’ bone – an’ bone ah break easy with enough presshah. Consider yuh’self warned.”

The camera shut off and could to static, and an all too familiar hash-tag appeared shortly after; “#savetheking”


Charlotte (c) vs Sarah Winterton
Jimmy B. MartinezLandon Stevens

Weeks of bad blood between the number one contender “The Heiress” Sarah Winterton and the Starlet Champion Charlotte were about to come to ahead. Their respective groups had been at war for months over the coveted jOlt Tag Team Titles and while The House and the Heirs of Wrestling were fighting, Derrick Huber’s wife Charlotte and The Heirs’ Sarah Winterton were about ready to fight for the first time.

Charlotte had been a fighting champion since taking the belt at Cataclysm and had successfully defended it against Persephone, Desiree, and “Dragonfly” Amber Ryann in a number of weeks and now this was her fourth defense against her most difficult challenger yet. And to make matters worse, Winterton had a pinfall victory over the champ. Winterton had done everything he could to get under Charlotte’s skin ranging from stealing the actual belt, stealing her clothes, and forging an alliance with Persephone to attack her. Charlotte was a fighting champion and wasn’t about to take things lightly. Who would win out in the battle of the top Starlets?

“Pageant (instrumental)” by Moi Dix Mois.

That music played for the fans and lights began to swirl in shades of pearl as a lovely shade of pyro began to shower from the ceiling. As the pyro shower continued to fall on the stage, the fans in the arena began to boo and shout at the prissy girl ready to claim her first Starlet Championship.

“She is the challenger… from Tampa, Florida, representing the Heirs of Wrestling… She is ”THE HEIRESS” SARAH WINTERTON!

She was brought in by The Heirs of Wrestling and shared their outright arrogance as noted by the ridiculous fireworks and hype she’d given herself. Dressed in a top and leather pants with a light-up crown on her head, she gave the old princess wave to the fans before she pranced to the ring. The Heiress was ready for action and she was ready to become champion.

“The Jack” by AC/DC played next and the crowd responded very well to the current champion! Charlotte had the title around her waist and was wearing a tight red bustier with black tights. She waved a big bright pair of red feather boas and did a sultry dance on top of the ramp that got the crowd revved up.

She threw the boas aside and walked to the ring and slapped hands with the fans heading to the ring. The Starlet Champion was primed and ready for action as she stopped at the ramp and raised the title as a shower of pink and red pyro exploded from all four corners of the ring!

Charlotte and Sarah Winterton came face to face and were ready to come to blows. Charlotte raised the title over her head before giving it to the referee. Sarah Winterton looked at the title and ran her fingers across the surface of the nameplate.

“That’ll be my name on it!”

“Sorry, sug, keep dreaming…”

A nasty right hand caught the Heiress in between the eyes! The crowd cheered for the Queen of Hearts as she reeled her back into the ropes with a sequence of right hands before sending her off to the ropes. She quickly took her down with a nice leg lariat that nearly kicked her head off her shoulders.

“Come on, you prissy bitch!” Charlotte screamed.

She fought back against the Heiress as she took the fight ot oher number one contender. A pair of uppercuts caught her on the tip of her chin and knocked her backwards into the corner. The Queen of Hearts kept on pummeling her into the corner until the referee ordered her to back away. She kept on swinging until the referee had no choice but to forcefully pull Charlotte out from the corner!

The Queen of Hearts broke free form her grip and tried to get back into the ropes when Sarah poked her eye and tossed her into the corner. The Heiress was all smiles now when she tried to fire off a pair of knife edge chops into her chest to wear her down. The Heiress swung a third time when she ducked and pushed her back into the corner. She jumped to the second rope and leaned over to lock in a submission in the process…


The Tarantula was locked in tightly and the Heiress had nowhere to go! Charlotte only had about four seconds of the referee’s count to hold onto hit and she kept on holding all the way until she heard the count before she let go. As she let go, a weary Winterton headed to the floor…

Charlotte wasn’t about to let her go and she quickly started to climb to the top turnbuckle. The ill-tempered redhead perched herself on the very top and waited for Sarah Winterton to turn around before she jumped with an incredible suicide planch all the way to the floor!!!

The crowd was fully behind Charlotte as she launched herself at her rival and now both Starlets were sprawled out across the ringside floor in front of the announce table.

After a few seconds of rest, Charlotte grabbed her by the head and tossed Winterton back inside the ring. She then headed to the top rope a second time when The Heiress tried to get back to her feet only to take a diving cross body!



And a big kick out from the Starlet number one contender! Charlotte was completely on offense right now and wasted no time in picking up the Starlet Champion from behind. She was setting her up for the Queen of Hearts neckbreaker when Sarah suddenly grabbed her by the arm and slinged her over. Charlotte headed back to her feet when Winterton grabbed her by the tights and shot her backwards into the turnbuckle!

She collided with the turnbuckle and after a brief rest this finally allowed for miss Winterton to get the advantage. The Heiress swung and continued to land several chops to the upper chest area before whipping her across the ring. She followed up with a running elbow in the corner and followed with a snapmare that led into the kick to the back and finished with the dropkick to the back of the head…


Finally with the advantage, Sarah Winterton rolled over and tried to close in on her first Starlet Championship!



Charlotte gets the shoulder up!

An angry Winterton slapped both hands on the ground before forcing the Queen of Hearts back to a standing position. She was looking for a neckbreaker set-up when Charlotte came out of nowhere in order to take her down with a backslide.



Winterton escapes this time!

The Heiress stood up to meet Charlotte only to eat a low kick to the stomach for her troubles. Charlotte fell to her knees and actually socked her in the jaw with a nice uppercut that sent the Heiress tumbling through the ropes. Charlotte reached over and was about to pick up the Heiress from the mat when she saw none other than Sarah’s new partner in crime, the former Starlet Champion Persephone watch the match closely.

“Wait your turn, bitch!” Charlotte shouted in her direction.

She took her eyes of Winterton for just one second and she grabbed her by the head in order to drop her with a hard faceplant on the ring apron! Charlotte was stunned from the shot and was knocked back into the ropes while Winterton took a second to make sure all of her teeth were still in place. She climbed up the steps and gestured one of her princess waves to the crowd before she ran across the apron and landed a nice running dropkick to the side of Charlotte’s head! She frantically crawled into the ring while Persephone watched as Winterton went for the cover and the win.



Close, but no cigar!

Once again the Queen of Hearts was proving to be more trouble than she was worth so Sarah Winterton decided to go on the attack once again. She sat Charlotte up and ran off the ropes before landing a running uppercut to the back of her head. She was learning tricks from the Heirs every week and putting them to great use.

The Heiress stood up and pranced around, walking a little walk across the ring as Charlotte was down holding the back of her neck in pain. Once she was finished with that she walked over and put the boots to the Starlet Champion in the ring before punctuating her combination with a double footed stomp down to her ribcage.

Charlotte was in pain now and was in a very bad position for The Heiress to capitalize on as she walked over and picked her up to set her up in the corner. Persephone watched as she remained slumped in the corner and watched Winterton fly across the ring to connect with a hard flying body press in the corner.

The Starlet Champion fell to her knees while the number one contender was now standing on the apron to give the fans another wave. She crawled back inside the ring and placed a foot on the chest of Charlotte…



Charlotte slapped the foot away and it was clear that Sarah Winterton wasn’t taking the Starlet Champion too seriously as she had tended to do during the course of their budding rivalry.

Once again she tried to take Charlotte back to the mat with another move this time in the form of one of her suplexes. She hooked her for the vertical suplex and leaped off the ropes only for Charlotte to roll her up from behind and caught her with the schoolgirl pin!



And another kickout from The Heiress! The number one contender was almost caught unaware but when Charlotte tried to stand she was booted in the chest before connecting with a fishermans… no a fisherwoman’s suplex!



“NO!” Sarah yelled.

Charlotte had kicked out yet again when it seemed that things were bleak for the champion she managed to kick out time after time. The Heiress started to slap the back of her head and continued to ridicule her.

“Somebody like you doesn’t deserve to be the champion of all Starlets!” Winterton yelled before she hit another slap.

“You are not worthy!”


“You are worthless!”


“You are not a role model!”


“And worst of all… you are nothing more than a jezebel…”

The last slap never came because it was blocked by Charlotte! She grabbed the hand of her opponent and tripped her up by the legs before letting a fast flurry of fists fly upside her head. She had heard enough trash talk from the Heiress and was intent on making her pay for all of it.

The Starlet Champion stood up and shouted to the fans with a lot of energy behind her. She grabbed Sarah Winterton by the legs and then catapaulted her right into the second turnbuckle in the corner! She was hurt now and stumbled out of the corner right into a big back elbow to the face.

Several more elbows to the face from Charlotte continued to pummel her in the corner just damn near until her arm went numb. She charged off the ropes as Sarah went staggering out of the corner and connected with a flying back elbow to the face. Charlotte was on fire now and the crowd cheered as she watched and waited for the Heiress to get to her feet. The second that she stood, Charlotte charged…


She connected with the running one-armed neckbreaker and dropped Winterton in the middle of the ring! She was looking for the win and looked to successfully defend her title for a fourth time.



Close, but no!

The Heiress’s arm went up just before the three count which surprised Charlotte. The valet for the House wasn’t giving up that easily and started to head to the ring apron one more time. She was about ready to climb and made it way to the top rope when Winterton stood up and stopped her with a jumping uppercut to stun her on the top.

Winterton maneuver her with a fireman’s carry from the corner and tried to turn her around when Charlotte squirmed out the back. She was elbowed into the ropes by Winterton when she came back…


She went down with the discus big boot! She was closing in on the win!




Charlotte was now definitely surprised that she hadn’t put an end to the match and that Winterton was still fighting. There was more of a toughness to her number one contender than she first thought. Persephone continued to lurk at ringside, obviously with a vested interest in the outcome. A title shot was promised to her in exchange for a title win and she would make sure Sarah followed through if she won.

The Starlet Champion was taking Winterton to task and seemed dead-set on finishing her off once and for all. Again she tried setting her up for the belly to back neckbreaker that she called the Queen of Hearts when she turned around... Winterton slipped out the back and landed on her feet, but still looked quite punch-drunk.

When she saw her stagger back into the corner she charged at her and jumped to the second rope with intent to punish her but Winterton caught her and ran out of the corner with a running powerbomb!



And another kick out!

Winterton went bug-eyed! She thought that she had the title in her mitts when Charlotte’s shoulder went flying off the mat again. The Heiress was very close to winning the belt but Charlotte was not going to relinquish her prize.

The Heiress slowly crawled upwards and grabbed Charlotte by the hair when she suddenly sprang to life and fired back with a volley of right hands. The shots kept on coming and Persephone jumped up on the turnbuckle. Charlotte turned her attention to the former Starlet Champion when Winterton snuck behind her! She pushed her into the ropes and went looking for the Beauty Queen Suplex only for Charlotte to move… Collision!

Sarah Winterton was sent crashing right into Persephone! Charlotte came out of nowhere and caught her… ENCHANTING PIN! Winterton’s own move!




Charlotte had done it! Despite the odds and cheating from both Winterton and Persephone, she had stuck it right to her rival and had just retained the Starlet’s Championship!

The crowd cheered loudly for the popular valet of The House as she was handed her title while Sarah Winterton remained on the mat, absolutely shocked. Things were going her way but thanks to the botched interference of her partner in crime she had just lost out on the chance to become champion.

The Queen of Hearts stood on the middle turnbuckle and celebrated with her prize before she left to celebrate with the fans. Winterton had given the champion all that she could handle, but in the end Charlotte was the better Starlet on this night!

"Sorry, hon, better luck next time!" Charlotte said with a wink.

Inside the ring, Winterton and Persephone were at odds, shouting and screaming at one another other what had just happened. Their crimes had come back to haunt them both.

Winner: Charlotte via Pinfall

Omega vs The Crimson Order
Jimmy B. MartinezLandon Stevens Landon Stevens

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen, this handicap tag team contest is scheduled for one fall and is to be contested under Underground Rules!

The legions were seen and overhead cheering throughout the arena as Referee Darius Underwood looked and stood in the ring waiting. Dean Carrington turned to him briefly and nodded amidst a brief inaudible conversation. Darkness quickly overwhelmed the arena, leading the masses to respond with a volatile mixed reaction amidst the masses...

‘Ultraviolence’ by Cliff Lin

The smoldering overcast began to overwhelm the entrance staging area per the rising panning shot offered by Camera Three. The infrequent flashes of light within drew attention to both ninja, slowly rising to their feet within the strobe lit smoke. One donned a Kendo Mask. The other kept his head downcast. Covered by a tattered coolie hat as both men brandished the hues of predominantly Crimson, Onyx and Pearl.

Carrington: “Introducing First; From The Okayama Prefecture of Ibara, Japan...weighing a total combined weight of 605 pounds...they are the team of Heido & Takeshi...They are THE CRIMSON!!! ORDER!!!

The arena lights returned, allotting a brief shot of the crowd reacting. Camera Four began its intentional retreat as the trinity of ninja clan officers made their approach toward the squared circle. The band stopped briefly in front of the ring apron before Takeshi pulled himself up via the ring ropes & stepping over them. Heido stood atop the ring steps & slowly removed his coolie hat from his brow before passing through the ropes. One of the jOlt’s officials reached up and received Takeshi’s Kendo Mask before The Mute Mountain casually strolled about near their assigned corner with Heido, assuming a stoic stance. Casting a reserved glance into the stands as their entrance theme slowly fell out of earshot. The team looked a little lost because their faithful leader Mamoru was still in the hospital suffering from a broken neck. The two men wanted this match more than anything in the world because of the maniac that put Mamoru in the hospital.

"Redeemer" by Marilyn Manson

Carrington: “Introducing Next; From Somewhere in Missouri...weighing in at 340 pounds...Here is OMEGAAAAAA!!!!

The arena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of Marilyn Manson echoed throughout the arena. The Crimson Order stood in the ring as the lights from cellphones illuminated the arena. The cameras panned around to the stage as Omega was nowhere to be seen. The fans jeered as a lone spotlight hit the middle of the ring. A young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

We are here

We are many, you are few

A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the lone spotlight disappeared. The lights slowly came back on as Omega stood in the middle of the ring with a sick grin on his face. The Crimson Order looked at the man that had put their leader in the hospital with much disdain. Omega backed toward the corner as Underwood called for the bell. Since this match is Underground Rules that means the Crimson Order will have the two on one advantage against Omega. Both men raced toward Omega and started to pound on the maniac. With every punch that was thrown they thought about their leader lying in the hospital.

The tag team cornered the big man and started to pound on him as the fans looked on. Omega tried to cover up but Takeshi and Heido connected in between each cover up. Heido grabbed the big man by his locks and pulled him to his feet. He nailed Omega with a right hand then drove him to the mat with a swinging neck breaker. Takeshi soon followed up with a huge leg drop to Omega’s throat. Both men smiled as they looked at each other. Heido turned to the fans as they jeered. Takeshi grabbed the maniac and whipped him into the corner.

Takeshi raced in and was met by a boot from The End that sent him staggering from the corner. Omega followed the boot with a clothesline from the corner that sent one of his challengers down to the mat. It was impressive to see Omega take down a large man like Takeshi. Heido saw this and went over to Omega who caught him with a boot to the gut. The big man hooked Heido with a front chancery, which was followed by a quick snap suplex. Omega stood to his feet as the crowd started to jeer him. He bent down and picked up Heido by his hair and threw him out of the ring to the floor.

Omega looked to set his sights on Takeshi. He knew he had to take care of the men one on one and now he had Takeshi all by himself. Omega reached down to grab Takeshi but the challenger gabbed Omega and hooked him in an inside cradle. The ref was out of position but he finally dropped down for the pinfall.




The crowd gasped as Takeshi surprised everyone with such an athletic move. Takeshi made it to his feet and caught Omega with a right hand. Takeshi grabbed Omega and whipped him into the ropes. The maniac bounced off and was caught with a quick power slam. Takeshi stood to his feet and dropped a quick elbow to Omega’s throat. Heido rolled into the ring and jumped on Omega and started to nail him with some right hands to the face. Takeshi tapped Heido on his shoulder as The Crimson Order picked the big man up. They hooked Omega in a front chancery and held him high in the air with a vertical suplex before sending him crashing to the mat. The Crimson Order grabbed Omega and pushed him back to the corner.

Heido grabbed Takeshi and whipped him into the corner nailing Omega with a huge splash that rocked the craziest bastard in wrestling. Omega slumped in the corner a little with a smirk on his face. He motioned for the Crimson Order to bring more. Heido raced into the corner with a big clothesline. Takeshi was not going to be outdone as he raced into the corner as well with a clothesline himself. This sent Omega to the mat. Takeshi picked up Omega by his locks and slammed him to the mat. Takeshi picked up Heido and dropped him across Omega’s chest. Heido rolled to the floor and pulled up the ring apron looking for some hardware.

Takeshi stood his three hundred plus pound frame on Omega’s chest trying to take the air from his lungs. Heido pushed a table and a chair into the ring as Takeshi pulled Omega to his feet but Omega nailed him with a head butt to the midsection. Takeshi released his hold as Omega nailed him with a quick uppercut. Heido rolled into the ring and raced toward Omega who drove a big boot into his face. Omega grabbed the steel chair in the ring and drove it into Heido’s back several times before dropping the mangled chair to the mat. Omega went for the cover on Heido.




Omega drove a boot into Takeshi’s head and then started to stomp on Heido while he was down. The big man was back on his feet now and was going to work. Omega picked up Takeshi and whipped him into the ropes. Takeshi bounced off the ropes and was nailed with a belly to belly suplex throw from Omega. The fans gasped as they witness the scary power that Omega possesses. Omega grabbed the table and propped it into the corner. Omega turned his attention back to Heido. Omega bent own to pick up Heido. The monster stood Heido to his feet but Heido was quick to cut the big man off with a kick to the gut. Heido quickly nailed Omega with the Hateful Haiku to the collarbone. Heido called for Takeshi to get to his feet. Takeshi was up as Heido directed traffic. Takeshi grabbed Omega and hooked him in a powerbomb position. Takeshi drove Omega into the table in the corner with the Spoken Word.

Takeshi just sent Omega crashing through the table in the corner. The Crimson Order had revenge on their mind for Mamoru and Omega was going to get more if they had anything to say about it. Takeshi pulled Omega from the broken and splintered table to the middle of the ring. Heido quickly hooked the big man’s leg for the cover.




Heido hooked the big man’s leg again for the cover.




Heido was trying to make the big man exert a lot of energy by kicking out of the pinfalls. Heido picked up Omega and whipped him into the ropes. Omega bounced off the ropes and was speared from out of nowhere by Takeshi. The fans gasped as Takeshi tried to cut the monster in half. Takeshi went for another cover on Omega.




The Crimson Order looked on in disbelief as this man was enjoying the torture that the duo was putting him through. Omega had a smirk on his face as the Crimson Order looked down at the craziest bastard in wrestling. Omega tried to make it to his feet as the smile continued to grow on his face. Takeshi reached down and picked up the monster and gave him a punch for good measures before slamming him to the mat. Takeshi rolled to the floor and grabbed another steel chair and threw it into the ring. The Crimson Order was in charge as they looked to entrance way seeking approval from Ninja K and Mamoru who were not there. Heido picked up Omega but the monster jabbed his thumb into Heido’s throat. Takeshi saw this and raced toward Omega who held down the top rope which sent him flying over the top rope to the floor. Omega grabbed Heido and drove him to the mat with a vicious belly to back suplex. Omega went for the cover on Heido.




Omega went for another cover.




Omega picked up Heido and forcefully drove him into the mat with a huge powerbomb.




Takeshi made his way back into the ring as Omega met him with a big right hand. He two massive men were now in the middle of the ring throwing huge haymakers at each other. The two men continued to go blow for with each other as neither man seemed to be giving an inch. Takeshi nailed Omega with a discus punch that staggered the big man. Heido was back to his feet and he hooked Omega in the middle of the ring.


Heido goes for the cover on Omega.




Heido slammed his hands on the mat in frustration. He slowly rose to his feet as he knew that was it. Heido looked at Omega who was staggering to his feet. Heido measure the big man before driving him to the mat with the Burning Knee Strike. Omega rolled to the floor to get a breather. Takeshi rolled to the floor but Omega was ready as he nailed Takeshi with a huge spear. Omega was not done as he ripped and pulled at the guardrail to break free from the other railing. The big man picked up the guardrail and slammed it across Takeshi’s back. Omega rolled back into the ring and Heido jumped all over him. Heido nailed Omega with a knee to the midsection. One half of the Crimson Order tried to whip Omega into the corner but Omega stopped the move and nailed Heido with a short arm clothesline.

Omega picked up Heido and drove him to the mat with a big powerbomb. Omega went for the cover on Heido.




Omega rolled to the floor with a sick grin on his face. He raced toward Takeshi and drove a boot into the side of his head. Omega slowly walked back to the ring steps and pulled them from the corner. The big man hoisted the steps into the ring. He made his way back into the ring as he looked down at Heido. Omega moved the steps into the middle of the ring before grabbing Heido and putting him in the powerbomb position. Omega lifted Heido up in the air and drove him into the steel steps violently as the crowd gasped.

Omega covered Heido on the steps as Underwood started the count.




It was over as Omega had beaten the Crimson Order in a handicap match. Omega has gone through Mamoru and the Crimson Order to get to Ninja K. Kenshiro has to be looking on at the destruction this man has caused. What is Kenshiro going to do to stop this monster?

Winner: Omega via Pinfall

"Flight of the Blood Raven"

Jimmy B Martinez The audience is heard in the backstage area as Donny Layne is seen smoothing out his Golden Tie to compliment his White Shirt & Onyx Suit before turning his focus onto the trained camera.

“Good evening, ladies & gentlemen. JOlt Wrestling fans, both home and abroad. We are here LIVE! At the illustrious Arena of Champions and tonight is the long awaited pay per view, Rise of the Legends. Championship opportunities have been laid out and there is no doubt that they are and will be answered. Tonight. Anything is possible on this anticipated event and speaking of championship opportunities, this leads me to turn the attention to this man, we all have come to know him as the ’Blood Raven’...better known as Eiji Kugasari...”

Dressed in predominantly Black, Red & Gold, Eiji turned his head toward Donny Layne as the camera pulled him into the conversation. Kugasari stood with both arms folded. The red highlighted hair covered his right eye until Eiji brushed them aside.

"Good evening, Eiji.” Layne opened warmly. “It’s a pleasure to have a word with you this evening.”

“Thank you.” Eiji replied in a reserved tone.

“Given the unfortunate circumstances that took place earlier this evening, I understand your feelings must be all over the place at this moment.” Donny mentioned.

“Yes.” Eiji started with a heavy sigh. “There is no word, as of yet, of Mamoru’s medical condition. I have no doubt that the medical staff will ensure that he has an expedient recovery and full understand of the damage suffered. His attacker will no doubt see justice dealt out as only my clan is all to ready to deliver. I can assure you of that.”

Donny nodded while holding the mic in front of the slightly agitated ninja.

“However, that is a matter that will be addressed in due season. I am more concerned about tonight. Something that is under my control and set before me. Contending for the World Heavyweight Championship.” The Blood Raven mentioned much to the approval of the cheering legions.

“Well, with all due respect to you and your efforts, many will question your ability to properly challenge the reigning champion. Many words are being cast amongst the renown pundits and wrestling elite circles. According to them, you are labeled as ‘Too Green.’ ‘Every match is a handicapped match due to your inability to out wrestle your ego.’ They say ‘it is just not your time. That you are afraid of the consequences of actually winning that belt. Now given all of these unsettling beliefs, what is your response.?”

Eiji lowered his head at an angle. A scoffing chuckle was heard before responding.

“What the self professed ‘Wresting Elite’ have to say means nothing to me.” Eiji replied. “They are not capable of doing how and what I do in that ring. They are not as athletically inclined as I am nor in my position. Their hypocrites. It is these same people who have either have been placed in this position at one time or another. Others have been nowhere near it. The sheer audacity to criticize my placement or this opportunity alone is as comical as it is humiliating on their behaves.” The ninja continued as the fans expressed their growing support.

Lord Kenshiro has taught me a great deal as even he was a young champion himself. He told me that ‘Critics are supposed to challenge your ability. They are supposed to motivate you to not only test yourself but to prove detractors wrong via your commitment to face adversity and win.’ I have every right to challenger Aran Thompson and truth be told, he prays that my challenges continue to go unaccepted. He beat me with the help of a truth that even I have issues with accepting. I continue to get in my own in times where I shouldn’t. I am not afraid of becoming champion for I anticipate it and the opportunity to show everyone, especially myself that I can and will handle the weight of that crown.”

“Even if it is against your mentor himself, Kenshiro...” Layne questioned.

“Anybody.” Eiji interjected. “You people referred to me as ‘hot headed’. Even members of my own clan have cited this. However, I am proud of my passion for this business. I am more than capable of competing against all manners of opposition. Both here and abroad. Why would I even bother enlisting myself into the ranks of ANY promotion if I did not feel this strongly about my abilities as a wrestler? I have yet to establish an On/Off Switch when it comes to competing in that ring like Lord Kenshiro. Perhaps, it was not meant for me to develop one. Who am I to say that is how I must function as a credible competitor. I will say that, as a proud representative as this clan, not IF I become champion...but WHEN, I will do my part in helping my clan become a prominent fixture in this promotion.”

“Well, um...” Layne rebutted while holding his hand up to ease the ambitious ninja’s bold proclamations. “Now, let’s put things into perspective here...”

“I believe I already have.” Eiji interjected. “Your once beloved Jimmy Martinez, the promotional darling of your choosing abandoned you. All of you, knowing full well that I can not only beat him but surpass him. All of his grandstanding was far worse than what I could ever do and still I was bastardized by the public and people like yourself. I, on the other hand, have no interest elsewhere. With that said, I don’t need your approval nor that from a fair-weather republic. I have the unwavering faith of my clan and I know the Heavyweight Champion is listening. He’s been officially served notice that his reign is set on borrowed time. Eiji Kugasari. The Blood Raven. World Heavyweight Champion. I love the sound of that...” The Prince of Puroresu scoffed at Layne before strolling away from the camera’s view, leaving Donny to watch him leave as the Arena of Champions audibly responded in kind.

"Trouble Brewing with the Heirs?"

Jimmy B Martinez It was just moments before the big match-up for the much sought-after jOlt Tag Team Championships. The Heirs had a stranglehold on the belts going on five-six months now, but they would face their toughest challenge yet. The threesome would be defending their belts against the team of the brash Red and Ted along with the super heavyweight former champions they stole the belts from in The House.

Throw some ladders into that bitch and we had a triple-threat cluster for the jOlt Tag Team Titles!

Standing by is none other than Donny Layne backstage.

“Ladies and gentlemen, later tonight we are going to see the jOlt Tag Team Titles up for grabs in a three-way ladder match! It will be Alexander Redding and Teddy Jacobs – Red and Ted! It will be the former jOlt Tag Team Champions Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck – The House! The reigning and defending champions are my guests at this time… please welcome…”

Donny stopped for a second to let out a heavy sigh of disgust. He was essentially a doormat for the people he would be interviewing…

“The Heirs of Wrestling.”

One by one, the jOlt Tag Team Champions pop into view and spawn a big negative reaction from the crowd. Frank Silver is up first followed with Ryan Gallway shortly behind him. To the left of Donny is the big Bronze Bomber himself, “Midas” Mack Brody flexing his guns.

“How they hangin’, Layne Bryant?” Frank laughed a little before he lightly jabbed Donny in the shoulder.

Mack adjusted the tie of Donny Layne and fixed it up for him before he patted him on the shoulder. “You gonna interview us, I’m not going to have you looking like a slob.”

“Noted,” Donny said in an exasperated tone. “For weeks now, we’ve been seeing you guys exchange victories with the House and Red and Ted with those belts on the line, but now you’ve got both teams breathing down your necks… now in a match where you don’t even have to be pinned or submitted to lose the belts, you have perhaps your toughest challenge yet… what are your thoughts?”

Instead of answering his question outright, Ryan Gallway bursts out into a small chuckle. One uncomfortable half-minute later, this turns into a louder laugh. By the time exactly one minute has passed, The Prince of Precision finally wipes a tear from his eye.

“Oh yo... this ramalama has jokes!” Ryan said, jerking a thumb in Donny’s direction. “Toughest… that’s fucking rich! Grandmama Gallway didn’t raise no fool! The only threat that the House poses is to foodkind! Those fatass relics of the past ain’t got shit on us and they only won last week because they sat on Mack until his lung collapsed and he blacked out. But with the finest healing technology money can buy, Mack is back, upright and ready to fuck bitches up.”

“True story, boy. Look at me now!” Brody laughed while making his pecs dance a little ditty. “MACKTION!”

Frank nods. “And we beat those Red and Ted scrubs on iNtense. They think that they’re hot shit just because they got a few wins under their belt… well, they haven’t beaten us and they don’t have these belts that we’ve held PROUDLY for months. You get that, Don Johnson? Take THAT back to the newsroom. We. Run. This…”


All three of the Heirs turn around to see another trouble-making trio. In fact, Trouble was their name!

The Heirs came face-to-face with the members of the stable known as Trouble. “Mr. Big Time” Dallas Griffin, Statuz Quo, and Khadafi all locked eyes with the jOlt Tag Team Champions, who didn’t take too kindly to the interruption. From behind the members of Trouble, their manager Duzza strutted into the scene with a big smile across his face.

“You fucks got a staring problem?” Frank snarled. “This is 2013 and it’s against every last fiber of my being to make some stupid and childish gay joke, but… lots of staring going on from your side of the table. Dudes could be talking.”

“Nope,” Dallas spoke up first as he tapped the jOlt Tag Title on the shoulder of Frank. “Just a problem with undeserving shitsippers holding onto titles they don’t deserve. We been seeing that quite a lot lately. Been thinking of doing something about it.”

Ryan – despite being the smallest man in the vicinity that wasn’t Donny – walked right up to Dallas Griffin and measured up the tall rookie.

“Well, well, well, rookie biatch!” Gallway chuckled. “You and your rinky-dink South Central posse have a lot to say! You guys win a couple pre-matches and think you’re hot shit? That it?”

Duzza took the reigns for his crew and adjusted his sunglasses before glaring at The Hipster Heartthrob. “Nope. What my boys have been doing these last few weeks is snacking on morsels. Getting ready for something more and building up their appetite. And now my boys are HUNGRY for more. We’ve been watching you little pretty boys talk shit and amuse yourselves by picking on Donny Layne like a trio of idiots. Donny ain’t shit. What you NEED to worry about is the three of us coming for you.”

“WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, WHOA!” Mack jumped in as Donny held the microphone his way. “First off… thank you for noticing that yes, we do make this shit look good. Secondly… you leave Donny alone! To the untrained eye, it looks like we’re picking on Donny when in reality; he’s like a little brother to us! Like an OFFICIAL…ish Heir. He’s one of the boys!”

“Really?” Donny asked.

“NO, QUEERMO!” Mack shouted as the crowd couldn’t help but get a laugh out of the big Bronze Bomber. He pushed Donny to the side before he glanced down at Trouble’s manager. “But you three picked the WRONG guys to mess with. When we get done dealing with Red and Ted and The House… we can dedicate fifteen minutes to bringing you fuggos up to the A-show before we send you packing back to obscurity.”

The three members of Trouble each look ready for a fight at Mack’s words when Duzza stepped in between them to ease the tension.

“Guys, guys, guys… I appreciate the enthusiasm, but we’re not fighting for free. Not any more.” Duzza turned back to the Heirs. “Despite what you may perceive to be aggression, we just came here to say that we hope The Heirs win the ladder match tonight and keep those belts. We’re rooting for you!”

“Huh… cute…” Frank said. “We’ll be sure not to disappoint you, Duzza.”

“We’re not just rooting for you because you’re the most decorated team in that whole bunch… we’re rooting for you because it’s YOU who needs to be made an example of. While you three sit back, play video games, flaunt money, crack jokes and laugh like some juvenile little shits, we’ve been biding our time, waiting for the right moment. And now that time is over. Tonight, people finally started taking notice of Trouble the same way we did for Vince Jacobs… we’re dangerous. And even you three aren’t safe anymore.”

All three Heirs let the words soak in before Frank finally offered a retort.

“Well, whenever you three get tired of waiting or doing nothing or being irrelevant… you come on back.” Frank said. "We aren't hard to find. We're the guys carrying the tag team division on our backs!"

“Oh, you gonna get your wish, homie,” Quo said. “Sooner than you think.”

“Let’s go, boys…” Duzza snapped a finger. At his command, Griffin, Quo, and Khadafi all exit stage left while The Heirs shake their heads in unison before they also leave.

The Heirs of Wrestling (c) vs The House vs Red & Ted
Ladder Match

Jimmy B. MartinezJimmy B. MartinezLandon StevensJimmy B. MartinezLandon StevensJimmy B. Martinez

One of the most anticipated matches at Rise of the Legends was about to get underway. The ring was properly set up for the action and the chaos to come as the cameras panned all along the ringside area. Stacks of ladders were placed all along the ringside area and all the way up the ladders, at least seven ladders – one on each end of the backdrop – were all in place.

Red and Ted had made a big splash in the Tag Team Division by interjecting themselves into the mix of what had become a personal rivalry between The Heirs of Wrestling and The House. Alexander Redding and Teddy Jacobs had taken the division by storm and had their sights set on the belts.

The House – Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck – were the powerhouses who had tangled with the Heirs many times over the last several months and looked to finally wrestle the belts away. They could easily overpower the other teams in this match, but speed was the name of the game here and the ladders could put the big man at a disadvantage.

By hook or by crook, The Heirs of Wrestling had done it time and time again and had been the kingpins of the division for some time now. They had defeated The House for the Tag Titles back at Power Struggle and hadn’t looked back. After defeating multiple teams including The House, The Crimson Order, Team VIAGRA, Sweet Sweet Lovin, there seemed to be no end to their reign, but they were now staring down the barrel of their most hated adversaries. Rodney Carrington… take that shit away!

“The following contest is a triple threat ladder match and this is for the jOlt Tag Team Championships!” The camera panned above the ring about fifteen feet high where the belts where suspended. “The first team to climb the ladder and retrieve the belts up high will become the jOlt Tag Team Champions!”

“My Reward” by Hail the Villian.

The crowd jeered and the fans started to shower the troublemaking trio with a big negative reaction. One by one the men that comprised the tag team tandem of Red and Ted made their way out. Grady Patrick was out first with his cane and tipped it for the audience. Behind him was the lecherous party animal Teddy Jacobs and bringing up the rear was the arrogant and joker-like grin of Alexander Redding.

“First, the challengers… making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 472 pounds… they are accompanied by Grady Patrick… the team of Alexander Redding and Teddy Jacobs… RED AND TED!

The two men entered the ring looking like they already had this match in the bag. They had put together a successful string of wins here tonight and could walk Rise of the Legends with the gold. They had been thorns in the sides of the champions and even had a victory over The House once before. They looked up at the belts and Red had that smile on his face. They wanted the belts.

“Money” by D/R Period.

Lights began to flash rapid pulses of green as the anthem of all things cash started to play. Three figures were hidden in the shadows and stood with their backs to the fans. One large man in the middle. One short man on the left. One well-built man to the right. Their jackets started to light up one by one and when it came time to see what was happening, the fans jumped out of their seats. The short man jumped.


A big, bright purple H was on his back. The tall man jumped next.


The O was bright and silver. Finally, the last person stepped up.


The W was gold. The lights flipped back on and the douchebags in their matching light-up jackets walked to the ring, ready for action. One by one, Frank Silver, Mack Brody and Ryan Gallway ran to the ring.

“And their opponents, they are the reigning and defending jOlt Tag Team Champions… they are accompanied to the ring by Mack Brody… weighing in at 441 pounds… Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!

Mack Brody tapped fists with Gallway and Silver before heading to the back. As evidenced earlier by their interview, The Heirs had something to prove They had ruled the division with an iron fist and looked to keep their stranglehold on things tonight. Silver and Gallway came face to face with Redding and Jacobs, each team talking trash with one another before their music cut.

“Aces High" by Iron Maiden.

The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive pop from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of card stoward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the Nevada bred former jOlt Tag Team Champions appeared from the backstage area. The obese fan favorite extended his arms outward and nodded while his muscular counterpart anxiously greeted the masses in an enthusiastic fashion. Walking from one end to the other, the power lifter rejoined his partner A brief shot was cast back inside the ring with both ninjas holding their ground as Mamoru was seen yelling instructions to his brethren...

Carrington: “...And making their way to the ring; From Las Vegas, Nevada...Weighting in at a total combined weight of 777 pounds...they are the team of ADAM ROEBUCK & DERRICK HUBER!!!...They are THE!!! HOUSE!!!

The burly Roebuck lumbered his way down the ramp as both Huber began greeting the fans in the front row before rounding the ring. Roebuck stormed his way up the ring steps… Adam Roebuck was seen clapping his hands to jumpstart the crowd as their musical theme dissipated.


The Heirs and Red and Ted had to come to an understanding so each team split off to gun for the biggest men in the match! Red and Ted fought with Adam Roebuck on one side of the ring and tried to take the biggest man in the match out early! Off to the other side of the ring, Derrick Huber was already trying his best to fight off the numbers game of both Gallway and Silver.

Redding and Jacobs continued to wait on him while on the outside, Grady Patrick as cheering on both of his guys. He had the only outside participant hanging around the outside, but he wasn’t afraid to help his boys if it came to that.

“Come here, fucker…” Roebuck scowled when he grabbed Redding and fired a headbutt into his face!

Teddy fired back with a couple of big rights to The Big Bucks but he fought back and drilled him in the gut with a knee before simply tossing Teddy through the ropes and sending him out to the floor with a dull thud!

Back to the other side, Gallway and Silver were stomping away at Derrick Huber with every last kick and punch that they could throw, but The Oddsmaker fought back and elbowed Ryan in the face and then threw one right hand for Silver. Frank came right back with a European Uppercut to the jaw. With him stunned, Frank whipped Silver who tried a running Dropkick only for him to get swatted away by the big muscle man from Las Vegas! An elbow caught him the face!

“Damn it!” Silver shouted.

Gallway charged at him now when Derrick took him over head with a Back Body Drop only for him to land on the ring apron. When he turned he caught Ryan and punched him the face, sending him flying out to the floor!

Silver came back and fired a couple more EuroCuts into his face and Huber retaliated with a Headbutt to push him backwards… into the goliath form of Adam Roebuck. When he hit, Frank stopped in his tracks and reached behind him, tapping at the belly of his big opponent in comical fashion. When he turned around he finally saw the big form of The Las Vegas Leviathan.

“Oh… sh…”


Silver was CRUSHED in between both big men who hit him with running Standing Splashes before he collapsed to the sides as the crowd cheered them both for splattering the de facto leader of The Heirs! He rolled outside of the ring.

Teddy Jacobs came back into the ring with a chair in hand and the showoff of Red and Ted was on the top rope. He jumped and looked for a big swing when Huber moved out of the way! Teddy stumbled in his tracks for just a second but recovered his footing. However he came back and Huber caught him and THREW him over head with a Belly to Belly Suplex!

The Oddsmaker and The Big Bucks were standing tall for the moment to the delight of the crowd when Alexander Redding came back into the fray to jump Huber! He landed a Dropkick to the knee to take out the big man and followed up with a flurry of Elbow Smashes in the corner. He was then grabbed by Adam Roebuck who held him up in a press slam position…

“PUT ME DOWN, ASSHOLE!” Redding screamed.

He then saw Teddy Jacobs was staring to stand on the outside. The Las Vegas Leviathan then grabbed him by the body and THREW him over the top rope and to the outside right onto Jacobs on the outside!


Roebuck batted his chest like a gorilla and yelled at the top of his lungs after his impressive display of strength in taking care of Red and Ted for the moment. He and Derrick nodded before Huber went to the outside to grab his first of what may have been many ladders in the match coming to play.

While Roebuck was starting to take the fight to both members of the collapsed Red and Ted on the outside, the field was clear for Derrick Huber to get to the top and get at the jOlt Tag Titles they’d been changing for months. Huber came back inside the ring and started to throw the ladder inside before he headed into the squared circle. The Oddsmaker set up the ladder in the center and made sure that it was level before he started heading to the top of the ring.

“Okay… I can do this…” Huber said with a sigh.

With little hesitation, the muscle for The House started his climb to the top rope and was about halfway up when the fans started to stir again. While Roebuck was on the outside trying to keep Red and Ted and bay, Ryan Gallway had slipped through and jumped to the ropes. He measured himself carefully before he jumped and SPRIGNBOARDED FROM THE TOP ROPE RIGHT TO THE LADDER!

The crowd was in shock and amazement for the Heir as he started to climb up the ladder at a hurried pace. While Huber was a lot stronger, The Prince of Precision was a lot quicker and had already matched Derrick Huber’s pace as he got near the top of the ladder.

“Hahaha!” Gallway cackled. “Eat it, ramalama!”

He was close… almost there…


A little more…


He kept his throat pressed on him and continued to strangle him until Gallway started to frantically fight back against the big man on the ladder. He then clawed at one of his eyes and laughed at his misfortune before he reached up. Ryan had a hand right on the belt when Huber grabbed him again.

“One good eye, asshole.”

The Oddsmaker TOSSED Ryan off the ladder and pushed him away, sending Ryan crashing down to the canvas with a nasty splat!

With the distraction of The Hipster Heartthrob out of the way, Huber had a clear path to the belts…


Frank Silver was back and he tossed a big chair right upside the head of Huber, stunning him on the top. While Huber was stunned for the moment, Frank also had a second ladder that he brought into the ring with him. The Baron of Ballistics grabbed the ladder and held it back before he BLASTED him in the chest with the ladder, finally knocking him off the ladder and keeping the tag titles safe for the moment!

Huber’s big body bounced off the mat and Frank took his ladder to set it up in the corner. He stood over Huber and started pressing the ladder against his throat in the corner, trying to choke the life right out of him.

“Got you now, asshole!” Frank shouted.

He then ran across the ring and came back with a big Dropkick, knocking the ladder right into the face of Derrick Huber!

He was taken out of the equation for the moment but that wasn’t going to be the case. He pulled Huber out of the corner and started stomping away one at a time. The knees. The arms. The chest. The head. He finally finished things off with a Jumping Stomp to the face… THE BOOTLICKER!

Redding and Jacobs were both down in the aisleway when Adam Roebuck saw what was going on inside the ring so he started in that direction. Frank ran at him only to eat an elbow to the side of the head by the big man. He charged him back inside the ring and came at him.

The Las Vegas Leviathan was now in the ring and ready to attack. Frank stood up and bombarbed the big man with a series of punches to the head and looked to stun him. He charged off the ropes but when he came back…



The Rib Breaker was followed by the Fallaway Slam and Frank was sent sailing across the ring by the big man! The crowd was amazed with the show of strength from The Big Bucks as he stood tall. Huber was hurt from the ladder attack from Frank so it was up to him to climb the ladder… which may not have even held his weight…

“SHIT!” Roebuck snarled.

He grabbed a ladder and pulled it up in the center before he started to step. The ladder clearly was not meant for a man that pushed in excess of 450 because he slightly bent it.

Roebuck snapped before he turned his attention to his tag partner who was starting to stir. Roebuck tried to slap him back to life when he turned around… Redding and Jacobs each had one side of another ladder in their hand and they charged with all the strength they could…


They caught the big man with a running shot from the ladder that finally stunned the seemingly unstoppable Roebuck since this match had begun. Derrick Huber tried to get back to his feet once more time and when he did, Redding and Jacobs were ready also..


They RAMMED the ladder into his face and sent the Las Vegas native tumbling through the ropes, sending the big man out to the floor where he crashed near the announce table. A replay showed that the shot caught him in the forehead and now he was bleeding from a nasty cut at the ringside area! Redding and Jacobs celebrated when they turned around to finish the job that they started on Adam Roebuck.

“Let’s ice this fuck!” Red shouted.

“Fucking straight!” Jacobs yelled.

Grady Patrick watched the match from the security of the announce table (which offered little, but hey, it was something) as his boys came charging at Roebuck a second time… The second verse was not the same as the first, however. He grabbed the ladder in the middle and with a big burst of strength, he surged through and PUSHED both members of Red and Ted away from him!

There seemed to be no stopping The Big Bucks! The big 450-pounder was yelling and had the crowd in the palm of his hand as he looked for another ladder. His partner was still down on the outside so this was up to him.

Roebuck reached to the outside and grabbed an even bigger and wider ladder for which to climb. This was a fortuitous turn of events as he started to slide the bigger ladder inside. The Big Bucks was back inside the ring now and he was about to prop the bigger ladder up…


Gallway had a shorter ladder and even looked perplexed by it, but nevertheless it did its job and he managed to finally to stop the big man for the moment. Roebuck shouted and then pushed Gallway away, but by the time he managed to fight back, Alexander Redding came out of nowhere…


The Springboard Superman Punch caught him in the same knee and he went down! Roebuck shouted in pain just as Teddy Jacobs managed to get back inside. Gallway dropped his ladder and ran to the second rope while Roebuck was on his knees…


The Springboard Gamengiri was one of the better moves in Ryan Gallway’s arsenal and the Prince of Precision landed the blow to the side of Roebuck’s head. Teddy Jacobs measured him up while he was on his knees. He dropped a chair to the ground in front of the Las Vegas Leviathan and waited…


The Reverse STO was a modified version but it was effective enough as he splattered on the ground. The biggest monster in the match had finally been taken out of the equation by the collective teamwork of the other teams finally getting back into the game. But they still weren’t done. One of the ladders left in the corner was stood up against the corner when Frank Silver raised a pinky to the crowd from the top of the ladder. Redding, Jacobs and Gallway each watched as Frank took his position on the ladder…







The big elbow drop form the 252-pounder of The Heirs connected right to the heart of Adam Roebuck! The giant was finally taken out of the equation and each member of The Heirs and Red and Ted kicked his big carcass underneath the bottom rope. To make sure he stayed there, the collection of other teams started throwing ladders down.

They even waved Grady over and he along with Silver, Gallway, Redding, and Jacobs started putting the boots to the fallen Roebuck! They each picked up ladder after ladder and big Las Vegas Leviathan at bay by burying his prone body under several more…




No, wait! Eight!

Eight ladders on the outside on this massive dogpile were each enough to keep The Big Bucks down. After a job well done by everybody Redding and Jacobs each shook hands with Gallway and Silver…


Silver was popped by Jacobs at the same time Redding was kicked in the shin by Gallway and now a fight broke out inside the ring between the other two teams to the delight of the crowd! Neither team was particularly loved but they were happy to see them get the shit kicked out of one another.

Teddy Jacobs squared off with Frank Silver on one side of the ring while Gallway and Redding were brawling on the other side now. The brawling continued until Frank clawed at the eyes of Teddy and then dropped him hard against the corner. He pushed him in place and when Frank charged…


Frank SMASHED into the ladder at a hard angle and crumbled while Teddy turned his attention his partner in the corner eating a barrage of Shoot Kicks from The Intergalactic Space Cowboy. Teddy turned him around only to eat a kick of his own. Ryan was doing a good job fending off the members of Red and Ted for at least a few seconds until he got plugged from behind by a big right from Teddy!

Redding shouted. “Get his ass up!”

Teddy nodded and the two men went to work. He kicked Ryan Gallway in the gut and powered him up…


The vicious Powerbomb/Lungblower combination from Red and Ted nearly broke Gallway in half! He crumbled into a mess before they kicked him clear of the ring. The battlefield was clear as Redding went over to deliver the boots to Frank. As that was going on, Teddy propped up another ladder. This time, it was their time to get at the ladder.

For the first time since the match started it was a member of Red and Ted that was almost up the ladder. He quickly moved. Ryan was down and out; Adam Roebuck was buried under the ladder pile on the outside, Redding was choking Frank with a ladder in the meantime and Derrick was… wait…


There was Huber back in the ring…

Teddy felt the ladder start to shake right underneath him as he looked down and saw the strongman of The House push the ladder over. He tried to grab one of the belts to hang on but he wasn’t within reach. He then got shoved off the tipped ladder and landed SPREAD EAGLE ON THE ROPE!

The social life of Teddy Jacobs was going to go way down after that shot as he started to crumble over and fell. Redding saw Huber in his peripheral vision and charged at him when Derrick took him over with a Back Body Drop! He was hurt while Huber started to shake the ropes. The Oddsmaker was fired up now as he looked at Frank in one corner and crashed into him with a Running Knee as a receipt for the Dropkick from before!

Huber rolled out of the way and the agile big man was back on his feet when Redding was stunned. He caught him by the legs and tripped him on the canvas before smiling for the fans who were cheering. They knew exactly what move was coming next. He spun one finger in the air and the crowd was calling for it. Being that Huber was a showman above all else in the ring, he went for it…


Five times!

Ten times!



He had spun him around for exactly 20 rotations around the ring before he threw him far away from the ring as the crowd started to give the big man from Las Vegas a big ovation! The Roulette Wheel that he had been using to wow the crowd had claimed another victim and now he was on his own about ready to get to the top. Huber had a chance to win the match for his team again!

After he had cleaned house, The House member set up another one of the ladders in the ring and started another arduous climb to the top rope. He was bleeding from taking a full on ladder shot to the face, but that wasn’t going to stop him from getting to the top.

He was about ready to climb when he felt a pair of hands wrap around his leg. It was that of Grady Patrick! The limping manager for Red and Ted had managed to limp into the ring and tried to keep him away.

“No!” He shouted.

Derrick climbed back down the second rung of the ladder and was about to kick him away when he felt a second body jump on him!


She had recovered from her match earlier in the evening and jumped on Derrick Huber’s back, trying to keep the big man from getting anywhere up the ladder or at the very least- buy time for the other members of her team to get back in the game.

Huber was struggling to get her off his back; to his chagrin she had a strong grip for such a dainty girl. He tried to shake her off as Grady rolled out of the ring to try and wake up his guys on the outside…


She grabbed Winterton off of her husband and threw her to the ground before she drilled her with the right hands! Winterton rolled away and was sent scurrying from the ring! Apparenly, it looked like nothing had been settled earlier tonight between the Starlet Champion Charlotte and The Heiress as they continued their fight up the ramp and headed to the back!

Back inside, Huber smirked at his wife’s fighting prowess before he was about ready to get back to the ladder. He was about halfway up when he felt a big ladder hit him in the back! Frank Silver was back up and he dropped him up off the ladder. He kicked him in the gut and measured him up as he muscled him up…


The fans had to be impressed with the strength of Frank Silver as he DROPPED Derrick Huber hard across a prone ladder on the ground! Huber held his rib cage in pain after the big man ate the big Cradled Styles Clash which left Frank with ample time to get to the Tag Titles.

He started to climb once more time and got about halfway up. Frank was exhausted from all the beatings he’d taken but he didn’t see Teddy Jacobs start to stand again. He was limping from his nasty fall earlier, but it wasn’t anything a hot chick wouldn’t cure after he and Alexander won the Tag Titles.

Teddy was up top and met up with Frank as the two men started exchanging right hands at the top.

“No, you’re not getting those belts!” Teddy yelled with the firing of a right hand.

“Go back to porn, you stupid fuck!” Frank screamed right back as he landed a right of his own.

The two men were keeping up their fight with no end in sight while a second ladder started getting back to where it needed to be. Alexander Redding was also up there and was making his own climb to the top rope. When Redding was about to get up top, he was stopped. That was because RYAN MOTHERLOVING GALLWAY was back and he managed to stumble back into the ring. His back was still in pain from taking a move called Blow It Out Your Ass… so yeah, he was rightfully pissed.

And now it was two teams each struggling over all ends of the ladder! On one side, it was Frank Silver and Teddy Jacobs duking it out like pro boxers. On the other ladder, Redding and Gallway were about to go at it. The fight continued between all four men. Hands touched the belt and were snapped away quickly…

The ladder pile started to stir and the fans started to crazy. After a few moments, the pile exploded apart! THE BIG BUCKS WAS BACK!

With a roar, he fought his way free from the pile of ladders that he’d been buried under and the beast looked PISSED after all the ganging up that he’d suffered from earlier. He then started to climb into the ring where the other participants were having their own fights until they felt both ladders start to give way…

Roebuck was between both ladders and like Moses parting the Red Sea with the might and magic of God (or however that worked exactly… I dunno, Google it). He pushed both ladders at the exact same time and all four men went flying! Frank Silver and Teddy Jacobs caught themselves hotshot-style on one side of the ring while off to the other side, Ryan Gallway and Teddy Jacobs were about to fall! Teddy hit the ropes while Gallway stopped himself with one FOOT on the ropes and bounced the ladder right back!

The crowd was amazed by the big feat of agility and precision from a man calling himself The Prince of Precision. He was about ready to climb when Adam Roebuck grabbed the ladder! He lifted the ladder and pulled it AWAY from the tag titles as Gallway held on for dear life! The crowd gasped as Adam Roebuck continued to shake the ladder until he finally flung Ryan off of it and he crashed and burned on the canvas!






Adam Roebuck pushed the ladder back in the middle of the ring and propped it back into place while the crowd was on their feet for the incredible feats of strength and athleticism on display from this match!

Teddy Jacobs started to get to his feet so he mowed him down with an elbow and took him to task. When Redding started to get up again he was floored with a good right and tossed onto one side of the ring. The Big Bucks took both men down and ran through them both clotheslines on either side of the ring. He then whipped Teddy across the ring…


He was crushed underneath the weight of the monster as he started heading off the ropes. He came back at a staggering Teddy and he dropped him hard into place with a big Shoulder Tackle!

Roebuck was on fire now when he continued the fight. He grabbed Alexander Redding by the back of his head and tossed him back over the ropes and out to the floor! Frank tried his luck at stopping him when he managed to get elbowed by the big man for his trouble before he was kicked in the gut and tossed into another one of the ladders on the ground! He was cleaning house!

The Big Bucks was on fire now when he turned around to come face to face with Mack Brody coming down the aisle! The heavy for The Heirs of Wrestling was tough and he managed to get to the corner as he charged into the ring. He was ready to go on the attack as he charged and ran right into Roebuck!

The two big monsters were fist-fighting in the middle of the ring to the delight of the crowd as the chaos continued to erupt!

They continued their fight as Alexander Redding was close to getting back into the ring. He hurriedly went to the top rope and started limping but he was able to prop the ladder over and started to climb! Grady Patrick was yelling for his boy to get back into the fight and continued charging.

“Go, Alex, go, go, go! Get the hell up there!” Grady screeched as he pounded the ring apron.

He was close, so very close. Red and Ted had been experts at finding openings in this match and they had exploited any opportunity they had at the belts. He was once again halfway up. He managed to get to the top of the ladder and was close to reaching the belt…

Frank started to set up a ladder again out of the corner when he was about ready to climb. Ryan Gallway was dumped to the floor in tremendous fashion earlier and he was out so it was all on Frank’s shoulders to try and get the belts. Alexander Redding just about ready to reach the title as Frank met up him up there. Silver stopped him in his tracks with a right hand, so Redding grabbed one of the belts and SMASHED the dangling belt upside his head not once, but twice! He was down and sent Silver sailing off the ladder and crashing to the canvas in spectacular fashion!

He was on it, literally with just seconds to spare, but when he saw Derrick Huber with a ladder in hand, he knew trouble was coming. He had another ladder in hand and he landed a nasty pair of shots that dropped Redding off of it! When he was stunned, Huber grabbed him up and set him up with another ladder that had been propped in the corner earlier…


He was dropped viciously on the ladder in the corner and crushed! The crowd was on their feet after such a vicious move as Huber sat up! Mack and Adam were still fighting until they managed to take him down. He charged in the corner with a splash and caught Brody!

The big man was stunned and now both members of the House were about to get at him. They set Mack up on either side..


The double-team Powerbomb DRILLED Brody into the ring as the fans responsed with cheers! The House members finally managed to get to their feet and surveyed the scene. Bodies were everywhere. Redding was down. Silver right next to him. Ryan was on the ground. Mack was hurt.

They were about to stop him when Teddy Jacobs came in and tried to sneak attack them again with a chair in hand only for the two of them to turn around and BLAST him with a Double Headbutt in the corner that knocked him down. They both looked at Jacobs and at one another. They were each ready to bounce off the ropes…


The Running Senton from Huber was followed up with the Splash from Adam Roebuck! He was done!

Huber wasted no time now. He started climbing up the ladder while a game Adam Roebuck stood guard. The crowd was cheering as Huber started to get up there. Ryan Gallway managed to limp upwards, but Roebuck was already there and stopped him by pressing a boot on his chest!

Huber was up there and The Oddsmaker had his hands on the belts…



The crowd was on their feet celebrating the efforts of all six men involved in the match, but in the end the dominant team of The House – Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck – who had been chasing the belts for months were now proud to call themselves the champions!


For the second time in their jOlt careers, the two men had become the jOlt Tag Team Champions! They had been chasing the belts for months and after months of manipulation from Team EGO, fights with The Heirs of Wrestling and the scheming of Red and Ted, they were finally able to get their hands on the belts again.

“We fucking did it!” Huber shouted.

He stepped up off the ladder and dropped down to hand Adam Roebuck his half of the jOlt Tag Team Championships and the monstrous tandem raised their belts in the air to the celebration of the masses!

On the outside of the ring, Grady Patrick was helping a disappointed Redding pull Teddy Jacobs out of the ring so they could get them away. They had come SO SO close to winning the jOlt Tag Team Titles, but for tonight they had come up a little short. This wouldn’t be the last that you would see of them.

Back inside the ring, Frank Silver was helping Ryan Gallway limp to his feet as the two now-former champions shared a glance at the two men. Mack was hurt as he tried sitting up after the damage done to him by The Heirs. The music of The House started to cut when they came face to face in the ring. Everybody was limping and hurt as the five met up.

Huber growled. “Go on, fuckers. Do something.”

Frank, Ryan, and Mack each shook their heads before they looked at the belts and then to one another. For months, the two teams had put one another through hell and after this spectacular match, the crowd was giving everybody a standing ovation! The Heirs continued to look at one another before they came to a silent understanding about something.

Finally the first one to make a movement was Frank.

He extended a hand.

Huber and Roebuck shared awkward glances at one another. This was some bullshit trick. This had to be. The three of them were going to jump them and take the belts.

“Shake it. The only time we’re offering.”

Roebuck withdrew his own hand and wasn’t about to do anything, but Derrick uneasily offered.

“You try anything and we’re going to fucking snuff you out, you cheating pricks…”

The hands reached uneasily, but they did and the crowd went into an even bigger ovation than before. The match was a spectacular effort from all six men involved and highlighted an explosive and competitive tag team division.

They shook hands before The Heirs of Wrestling silently left the ring to contemplate exactly what was next to leave The House with their moment in the sun. Huber and Roebuck raised their hands in the air with the belts. They were the Tag Team Champions again!

Red and Ted were looking back at the scene unfolded. They didn’t care what was going on. They weren’t going to stop until they had those titles in hand.

Winner: The House via Belt Retrieval

Derecho vs Tyke
Jimmy B. MartinezLandon Stevens

The arena awaited the next match. Their rivalry stemmed back over a decade and tonight was just another chapter. Tyke felt that Derecho had screwed him out of a win during the Open Season Match at Cataclsym and has done everything in his power to make Derecho's life a living hell. Tonight, at Rise of the Legends, the re-awakened King of Hell will try to silence the man who successfully brought him back to the Underground against his will.






Run ledgendaryarrival.exe



.................................................. .................................................. ....... 100 %


"Bullets" by Creed

Tyke was the first man out from the backstage area. The people booed as he came out from the back with a smirk on his face. He marched down to the ring confident that he had broken Derecho enough to the point where he could easily take advantage of him and possibly get the victory in this match, but with Derecho's frame of mind and his past within that said mind frame, that may be a bigger task than he had thought.

We would see, though as Tyke hopped up onto the ring apon and then stepped into the ring. The lights in the arena returned to normal as Tyke awaited the opposition.

The lights in the arena went dark and then turned to a crimson hue. The song sounded familiar.. it was the song used against Sylo at Power Struggle... it was..

"King of Hell" by Helstar

...except it was a bit of a remix.. the guitar hit and immediately we went into the lyrics...

Bow down... to the King of Hell....
Bow down... to the King of Hell....

After the second one, the song switched and the opening drums hit..

"Charisma" by WASP

Out from the back, stepped Derecho. This was the second Pay-Per-View in a row and the second Pay-Per-View in jOlt's history since the reopening in 2011 where Derecho has come out without a championship title around his waist. It was also the first Pay-Per-View since jOlt's reopening where Derecho wasn't challenging for a championship. Tonight it was simply about quenching a bloodthirsty appetite.. it was about gaining redemption and putting someone in their place.

Derecho hit the ring and came face to face with Tyke.. the tension levels were off the charts as the two stood there forehead to forehead... Derecho looked as if he were begging the referee to call for the bell. The referee wanted separation before any of that happened, though and he backed the two of them apart. Once they were separated, the referee called for the bell..




Just like that, the match had begun. All of the tension… all of the hatred between these two could finally be unleashed. Everyone thought that Derecho would have gone right after Tyke from the very start of this match, but Derecho decided to slow play this as he circled with Tyke like a hunter stalking its prey.

They lock up!

Derecho powers Tyke around using the rage inside him as fuel. Derecho backed Tyke into the corner and then went for a big right hand, but Tyke ducked underneath. Derecho turned around only to see Tyke lunge in with a forearm shot to the face of Derecho. Tyke laid in a few more forearm shots in hopes to incapacitate Derecho early on into this match up. Tyke then gained some distance before he turned and grabbed a running start for what looked like a flying forearm shot into the corner, but Derecho moved at the last moment and Tyke crashed into the corner. Tyke turned around and there was Derecho with a knife edge chop across the exposed chest of Tyke. Derecho laid in another knife edge chop that caused Tyke to cringe in agony.

Derecho then walked Tyke over to the middle of the ropes where he shot him across the ring to the opposite side. Derecho made Tyke eat a back elbow to the face that knocked him down onto his back. Derecho then headed for the ropes, but Tyke flipped over onto his stomach. Derecho stepped over him and sprung off the opposite end. Tyke was up and he leapfrogged over the returning Derecho. Tyke then went low for a monkey flip, but Derecho front flipped over him and turned around. Tyke nipped up just in time to see Derecho leap up onto Tyke’s shoulders for a huracanrana, but Tyke blocked the attempt at it!

He pulled Derecho back up onto his shoulders, but Derecho kept the forward momentum going and flipped over Tyke where he rolled him up for a pin.



Tyke pushed it back the other way.



Derecho kicked away from it. Both men stood to an applause that was short lived as Derecho clotheslined the holy hell out of Tyke! Derecho then took this opportunity to head outside of the ring in search for a weapon. He lifed up the ring apron and there the people erupted when he found a ladder!! He laid it down on the ring apron and began to climb back up, but Tyke got back to his feet and used a basement drop kick to kick the ladder into Derecho’s feet. Derecho lost his balance and fell off of the ring apron and smacked face first on the ladder that remained there!

Derecho fell to the floor mats as he held his jaw and his face in tremendous pain. Tyke then finished sliding the ladder into the ring. He propped it up and unfolded it near the ring ropes. Tyke looked to the crowd for approval and they cheered him on as Tyke began to ascend the ladder to its very top. The bad news was that Derecho had recovered enough to grab a hold of the ladder at its base. Tyke saw this just in time and hopped off of the ladder and back into the ring. He then grabbed the top rope as Derecho noticed his plan had failed. Tyke slingshotted himself to the outside with a plancha and took Derecho back down to the floor!

Tyke staggered up to his feet and walked around to the opposite side of the ring where he folded up the second ladder and carried it with him. Tyke then set up the second ladder like a bridge between the ring steps and the barricades. Derecho staggered back to his feet and saw what Tyke had in mind. Derecho then went for a baseball slide underneath the ladder, but Tyke parted his legs as to not get caught, but Derecho grabbed both of Tyke’s legs anyway and tripped him up. Tyke then fell face first into the ladder that he had just set up!

Derecho didn’t wait for Tyke to recover. He pulled him and then placed him down on top of the bridged ladder! Derecho then climbed up onto the ring apron and took aim on Tyke. Derecho then got a running start and leapt into the air for a double stomp on Tyke, but Tyke rolled off of the ladder which caused Derecho’s feet to go through the holes! Derecho ended up crotched on the ladder!

The crowd cheered as Derecho was left there in pain and agony. Tyke then hopped up onto the ring apron and got a running start!


Missile Drop Kick!

That was enough force to knock Derecho and the ladder off of its perch and down to the floor! Derecho laid there in pain as Tyke headed over and pulled Derecho out of the ladder. Tyke then used an irish whip that sent Derecho head first into the steel ring post. Derecho staggered around like he was punched drunk when he felt a swift kick to the stomach. Tyke set him up for a suplex on top of that fallen ladder, but Derecho floated up and over which caused him to land behind Tyke. Derecho then grabbed a hold of Tyke in a waist lock and then proceeded to shove him face first into the ring post as a measure of revenge.

Tyke now staggered around from the harsh shot to the head. Derecho grabbed Tyke and rolled him back into the ring. Derecho got up onto the ring apron and slingshotted himself over into an elbow drop across the chest. Derecho then had the cover with the leg hooked.



Tyke grabbed the ropes with a free arm to break up the pinfall attempt.

Derecho pulled Tyke back to his feet and then backed him into the ropes. Derecho lit up Tyke with more knife edge chops across the chest. Derecho then sent Tyke into the ropes and caught him with a heel kick on the way back! Tyke hit the canvas as Derecho saw another opportunity. Derecho grabbed the unfolded ladder and brought it over to the center of the ring near Tyke. He placed the ladder next to the fallen British Lion before he pulled Tyke back up to a vertical base. Derecho then positioned himself with his back toward the ladder and with Tyke in front of him. He grabbed Tyke for what looked like a belly to belly overhead suplex, but Tyke used elbow shots to the top of Derecho’s head to break free! Tyke then ran in the opposite direction and bounced off of the ropes, but Derecho was quick to react. Derecho used a drop toe hold and Tyke fell face first to the canvas where he narrowly missed the strips that held the ladder open; however, his head was now underneath the ladder.

Derecho then folded up the strips so that ladder could close. He then took his boot and kicked the ladder closed right into Tyke’s head! Derecho then leaned the now closed ladder with Tyke’s scissored head at it’s base, up against the ring ropes! Derecho then got a running start and bounced off of the ropes. He flew in with a shotgun drop kick to the bottom of the ladder which caused it to close on Tyke’s head a second time! It was not obvious that Derecho had tried to decapitate Tyke!

Derecho opened the ladder and dragged Tyke out of it. He then made a cover with the leg hooked.



Tyke shot the shoulder up much to Derecho’s surprise!

Derecho got back to his feet and pulled Tyke back to his, but Tyke used a quick knee into the stomach to break free. Tyke then used a double leg trip that planted Derecho onto his back. Tyke then got the right distance from the ladder and catapulted Derecho face first into it. Derecho staggered back and turned around where he was met with a leg.

Spinning Tyke Kick!

Derecho took the brunt of the kick and fell back up against the ladder. Tyke got a running start, bounced off the ropes for extra momentum, and then hit a flying cross body onto Derecho! Derecho had nowhere to go but to have his skin dig deeper into that unforgiving metal apparatus. Derecho staggered forward but Tyke caught him with a kick to the stomach. He set Derecho up for a suplex it looked like, but instead of taking him over, Tyke lifted him up into the air and threw him forward back onto the ladder!!

Derecho then fell toward the canvas face first, but he rolled off onto his back. Tyke then grabbed the ladder and laid it on top of Derecho before he went to the top turnbuckle pad. Tyke looked behind him to get his aim and then flipped off with a picture perfect moonsault, but Derecho put his knees up, which, in turn, elevated the ladder! Tyke crashed down stomach first on top of the ladder and Derecho’s knees! Tyke rolled around on the canvas as he held his stomach in intense pain.

Derecho removed the ladder off of himself as he stood up and dusted himself off. He walked over to Tyke and used a well placed boot to the stomach for good measure. Derecho then rolled out of the ring and lifted up the ring apron. Out from underneath he pulled out an eight foot wooden table! Derecho stood the table up on its side and unfolded the legs before he fully propped it up at ringside. Derecho slid back into the ring where Tyke began to get back up to his feet. Derecho measured Tyke up and delivered a toe kick to the stomach of Tyke. Derecho then placed Tyke between his legs and then pointed out toward the table. This didn’t look good.

Derecho lifted Tyke up onto his shoulder and got a running start! Derecho was going to powerbomb Tyke over the ropes and through the table, but Tyke wriggled free at the last possible moment! Derecho turned around and was met with a stiff knife edge chop across the chest. Tyke used another and another redden the chest of Derecho. Tyke then shot Derecho across the ring and telegraphed a back body drop, but Derecho stopped that with a face buster against his knee. Derecho went back to the ropes and came back with a running big boot, but Tyke side stepped it! Derecho got back to his feet when Tyke saw his chance!


But Derecho grabbed Tyke by the boot!

Derecho spun Tyke around and wrapped his arm around Tyke’s neck, but Tyke countered with elbows to the side of Derecho’s skull. Derecho released the hold as Tyke wrapped his arm around Derecho’s neck.

Moonsault Uranage!

Tyke stood up and grabbed Derecho by the arms as he dragged him over to the ring ropes. Tyke then hopped out of the ring as he continued to drag Derecho under the ropes and onto the ring apron. Tyke then climbed up onto the apron and began to bring Derecho up to a vertical base. Once Derecho was on his feet, Tyke shoved him down between his legs for a powerbomb. Tyke tried to lift Derecho, but Derecho grabbed the ring ropes to block the move. Derecho got himself free from the position and forearmed Tyke in the head. Derecho then spun the stunned Tyke around and got underneath his arm. Derecho lifted Tyke up and then jumped off of the apron.


Back Drop Suplex on the Ring Apron!!

If Tyke was not in agonizing pain before… he was now! Derecho pulled Tyke off of the ring apron and placed him on top of the table laid out at ringside. Derecho quickly rolled back into the ring and unfolded the ladder near the ring ropes.

Derecho then began to climb.

The crowd rose to their feet as Derecho neared the top of the ladder. Derecho cautiously stepped over to the other side of the ladder and sat on the very top. He then stood up and took his aim at Tyke.

He Flew!

Frog Splash!

Tyke moved!


The table literally exploded from impact! Derecho laid there face first in the rubble of what was once a wooden table! Tyke looked back at the carnage and destruction that could have been him if he had not moved when he did!

“Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit” chanted the crowd!

Tyke staggered up and held his lower back in pain. He bent over and pulled Derecho up out of the rubble of the table and rolled him back into the ring. Tyke slid back into the ring as well, but had to move the ladder out of the way. Once that was gone, he made the cover on Derecho, but he was too close to the ropes.



As expected, Derecho got his foot on the ropes to break up the pinfall attempt.

Tyke then dragged Derecho away from the ropes and made another pinfall attempt with both legs hooked in deep.



Derecho popped the shoulder up this time. Too much time had passed and while in pain, Derecho was not stunned enough to not kick out of that pin.

Tyke then rolled out of the ring and grabbed the second ladder that was used as a bridge earlier, and slid that back into the ring. Now, both ladders were in the ring at the same time! Tyke then propped that ladder up in the corner up against the turnbuckle pads. Tyke then folded up the first ladder and brought that over to the opposite corner where he set that one up in the corner as well. Tyke helped Derecho back up to his feet as he whipped him toward one of the corners set up with a ladder, but Derecho put the brakes on and reversed the irish whip on Tyke! Tyke was sent toward the ladder, but Tyke stopped before he made contact with it. Tyke quickly turned and charged back toward Derecho with a clothesline, but Derecho ducked out of the way. Tyke spun around only to be caught with a 180 Spinebuster by Derecho! Derecho held his ribs and his abdomen in pain after that move as he had still felt the effects of missing that Frog Splash just a mere few moments ago in this match.

Derecho made his way over to the corner and grabbed a ladder. He unfolded it in front of Tyke and began to climb. Derecho was determined to hit a high spot off of one of those ladders, but it didn’t look like it would happen this time either. Tyke got back up to his feet and began to climb the opposite side of the ladder! Once both men reached the top, Derecho grabbed Tyke by his head and slammed it into the top of the ladder. Derecho then front flipped over and grabbed Tyke in a powerbomb position. Derecho then ran toward the opposite corner where the second ladder was still placed, but Tyke countered with a huracanrana and flipped Derecho upside down and into the ladder in the corner!

Tyke then rolled Derecho back up to his feet where he got underneath him and nailed a back drop suplex on the canvas. Tyke maneuvered Derecho into position in front of the ladder and then began his climb to the top! The fans came alive as Tyke flipped off with a moonsault! There wasn’t anyone home the first time and it was the same this time around as Derecho moved out of the way! Tyke crashed and burned on the canvas! Derecho staggered back up to his feet and motioned that the end was near. Derecho folded up the ladder and laid it down on the canvas. He then rolled Tyke on top of it before he ventured off to the corner to get the second ladder that was still propped up there.

Derecho then held the ladder at his side and got a running start. He leapt into the air and side slammed the ladder on top of Tyke which sandwhiched him between the two ladders! Derecho left the second ladder on top of Tyke and saw this as an opening. Derecho headed toward the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads. Two attempts at this move before have failed… would the third time be a charm?

Frog Splash!

It connected!

Tyke just got sandwhiched between two ladders by a hellacious Frog Splash from off the top rope, but Derecho took a big hit with that move as well as he added more damage to his ribs and abdomen. Derecho rolled around the canvas in pain while Tyke looked to be out cold! After the pain subsided, Derecho crawled over to Tyke and removed the top ladder off of him. Derecho then draped an arm across Tyke as it looked to be academic from there.



Thre… NO!!!

Tyke kicked out!

Derecho couldn’t believe it! He was absolutely beside himself! He figured that there would be no way in hell that Tyke would ever kick out of that move! Derecho knelt there in absolute frustration. He had to make good on his promise. He had to find a way to destroy Tyke here tonight. That is when a devilish grin came across Derecho’s face.

Derecho rolled out of the ring and headed toward the announce table where he grabbed two steel chairs from there and tossed them inside of the ring. Derecho rolled back in and grabbed both chairs, one at a time, and unfolded them in the center of the ring. He then placed the chairs where the seat of each chair touched each other. He then bent over and pulled Tyke back up to his feet. Derecho shoved Tyke between his legs and lifted him up onto his shoulder.

Derecho wanted to break Tyke’s neck!!

Before Derecho could flip Tyke over for what presumably was the Vortex DDT, Tyke squirmed free and landed behind Derecho. Tyke then placed Derecho into a half nelson and tried for a half nelson face plant into the chairs, but Derecho twisted out of that before it was too late. Tyke then answered with a European uppercut that rocked Derecho back a few steps. Tyke lunged in with another one that staggered Derecho back some more to the point where Derecho was now cornered. Tyke then grabbed one of the steel chairs and folded it up. He kicked the other one out of the way as he felt that he didn’t need it.

Tyke got a running start at Derecho and lunged into the corner with the chair in hand, but Derecho moved out of the way! Tyke slammed into the corner and into the very chair he held! Derecho quickly set up one of the ladders and began to ascend it. What was Derecho thinking at this point?

Derecho neared the top of the ladder, but the hit Tyke took didn’t stun him for long. Tyke then turned and used a forearm to the back of Derecho. Tyke grabbed Derecho by the waist and tried to pull him off, but Derecho slid his foot into one of the holes between the rungs and stopped that plan, but the bad part was that Derecho inadvertently set himself into a tree of woe on the side of the ladder!!!

Derecho was open to any shot that Tyke wanted to take at him and Tyke did with a stiff kick to the chest followed by another one! Derecho sat up and tried to free his foot so he could end this torture quickly. When Derecho sat up, Tyke noticed that he was at the perfect height and lunged in.


Tyke nailed a Tyke Shot to Derecho’s head! Derecho fell limp and that was enough to tip the ladder over onto its side! The momentum, however, caused Derecho to fall out of the ring and to the floor!!

Derecho tried to pull himself up to his feet, but Tyke grabbed the top rope and vaulted over with a body press, taking Derecho back down! Both men were down and out on the floor at ringside as the fans cheered on just for the sheer action that these two were willing to give tonight!

Derecho and Tyke laid there on the floor, already exhausted from the physicality from the ladders now from the war that has continued. Derecho began to stir first, then Tyke. Both men pulled themselves up to their feet. Derecho made it first, Tyke soon followed suit.

Derecho reared back and went for a punch, but Tyke grabbed Derecho’s arm and slammed it down against the barricades! Derecho held his arm in pain as he staggered around trying to shake off the effects. Tyke charged in and nailed a shoulder block that sent Derecho onto his back. Tyke then grabbed Derecho by the legs and positioned him in an unfavorable position.. well.. at least it was unfavorable for Derecho.

Derecho pulled back and slingshotted Derecho face first into the lower rope! Derecho immediately fell back to the floor mats as he held his face in pain. His face had been covered up by his hand so people didn’t know if his forehead, his eye, his lip or what, if anything, got smacked by the hard cables that were the ring ropes. When Derecho pulled his hands away, the answer became clear as his right eye looked like it was beginning to swell a bit.

Tyke then grinned as he reached underneath the bottom rope and much to the dismay of many, pulled out BARBED WIRE!!

The people booed as a sadistic grin came over Tyke's face! Tyke then grabbed Derecho and wrapped the barbed wire around his face and began to move it back and forth in a saw-like fashion! Even the people groaned at the sight of the wire brushing against Derecho's face!

Derecho’s forehead and right cheek were lacerated from the barbed wire and he was losing copious amounts of blood from the forehead wound. Tyke, like a shark in the water, smelled the blood and got right to work on the open wound of Derecho with stiff shots to the forehead. When Tyke finally let up on the physical assault, Derecho fell to his hands and knees and began to crawl away from Tyke. Derecho needed to find some sort of sanctuary.. some sort of refuge… even if for a minute, to recollect himself and get back into this match; however, Tyke would not give him such luxury as he gave chase.

He didn’t touch Derecho; however, he merely just followed him around ringside to see where he would end up. Derecho used the announce table to pull himself back up to a vertical base. Blood dripped out of Derecho’s head and onto the table much to the disgest of the commentators sitting there. Tyke grabbed Derecho and laid in another big right hand that staggered Derecho toward the time keeper’s table. Derecho grabbed the ring bell and with a last ditch effort, took a swing.


The bell smacked off of Tyke’s skull and down he went in a heap! Derecho went down too as it was evident that the blood has had made him woozy. Derecho knew he needed an equalizer to get back into this match so he lifted up the ring apron and pulled out one of the most horrific sights seen so far in this match.

A steel chair wrapped in barbed wire.

We all knew Derecho's "best friend" was the steel chair.. but now, his friend came with thorny armor.

This wasn’t just lightly wrapped… this was completely wrapped in barbed wire. The only safe parts of the chair were the legs which Derecho grasped firmly. Derecho tapped the chair on the floor and waited for Tyke to stand. Once Tyke was vertical, he took a home rung swing, but Tyke saw it and, thankfully, ducked out of the way!. Derecho held up the chair for another strike but…..


Tyke spin kicked the chair right back into Derecho’s skull!! That wound which was oozing blood before was probably gushing blood now! Derecho’s back up plan had failed and now Tyke had possession of this demonic weapon of destruction. Derecho staggered up to his feet and practically begged for Tyke to stop, but Tyke shook his head in a negative fashion and reared the chair back for another strike. That’s when it happened…

Low Blow to Tyke!

Derecho used a Low Blow to gain the advantage. Tyke dropped to his knees and Derecho easily relieved him of his possession over the wire wrapped steel chair. Derecho wiped a handful of blood off of his forehead and wrote a word on Tyke’s forehead:

“D I E”

With one mighty swing, Derecho slammed the chair over Tyke’s head. Blood instantly started to pour out of Tyke’s forehead. The people in the front rows squirmed… some had to look away. What we saw right there was pure hatred fueled by violence, but did you think Derecho stopped there? Nope.


Another shot.. this time to the back of Tyke. More puncture wounds opened up and Tyke’s back bled some more. This was getting barbaric.

Derecho tossed the chair aside and grabbed Tyke, pulling him up to his feet. He then rolled Tyke back into the ring. Derecho wanted to finish this and climbed up onto the apron and then up to the top rope. It took Derecho a good long while to get up there, but he did. Derecho looked and took aim and then leapt off...



Tyke rolled out of the way at the last moment and Derecho fell on his seat. Bloodied and in pain Derecho just sat there in that position.. he couldn't move... Derecho staggered to his feet and saw his opportunity.. he aimed low and lunged in...



Derecho put his arms up as he was able to see it coming from out of the corner of his eye, but the block was knocked away by the force of the super kick. Tyke tried for the Tyke Shot again, but Derecho moved to the side and avoided it and rolled Tyke up with a School Boy!!



Tyke grabbed one of the steel chairs in the ring as the referee slapped his hand for the two and then used it to bean Derecho in the head with it!! Derecho broke the pin and fell to his knees a few times as he tried to stand up and staggered away.

Tyke used the chair to get himself back up to a vertical base. When Derecho turned around, Tyke jammed the chair into his stomach and then tossed it aside. He quickly grabbed Derecho by the head as he was hunched over and nailed it...


Would it be enough? Tyke made the cover...




Indeed it was enough... Tyke just pinned Derecho! The people were just about as shock as the commentators were. Nobody thought that Tyke would come out on top in this brutal and bloody war between two men with such a storied past, but Tyke was the victor!

"Bullets" by Creed played over the PA system as Tyke needed to be helped up. The blood loss was affecting him as he was barely able to stand on his own two feet. Derecho couldn't stand at all and in fact, he may have been out cold. Tables.. Ladders.. Barbed Wire... Chairs... and pure hatred were seen in this match.

Call it a war... Call it a classic... but Tyke had actually succeeded in getting his revenge. After pinning someone like Derecho, an Underground Championship match definitely had to be in Tyke's future and as for Derecho.. the losing streak for him continued. What was next for these two? Time would be the only answer.

Winner: Tyke via Pinfall

"Eiji or Landon Versus Aran, OH MY"

Jimmy B Martinez "Ladies and Gentlemen..."

The scene faded in with jOlt Wrestlings crack reporter, Donny Layne, standing infront of a jOlt Wrestling back drop.

"I'm standing here with jOlt Champion, and leader of The Black Faction; Aran Thompson."

Before Donny Layne even finished his statement the sound of the fans in attendence booing took over as the camera panned out and revealed Aran Thompson looking not so pleased as his Black Faction stood just behind him all staring at Layne with contempt.

"Aran, early both of your possible opponents spoke as to why they think they deserve a championship match with you, and why they feel that your reign as jOlt Champion will end tonight."

Aran glared at Donny Layne before snatching the microphone from him.

"....jOlt Champion AND Relentless Champion." Aran acosted Layne who tried to remind Aran that technically the Relentless Championship had been retired but Laurie Williams put her hand in the face of Donny Layne while adjusting the Relentless Championship that she had taken to coddling like a child.

"Donny, it doesn't matter who they pick." Aran continued shaking his head in disbelief.

"I don't know who these two just can't grasp the concept of what exactly it is that I've been doing as champion. I've been fighting harder than anybody else on this roster to maintain my championship. To maintain my point. I am the future of this industry and they are just hurdles. Much smaller hurdles than I've had to atest too during my championship reign, in regards to my past opponents: Johnathan Conspiracy, Reno Davis, Vince Jacobs, and especially Derecho."

"Tonights event is RISE OF THE LEGENDS. Tonight I garuntee that I will win, no matter what Damien Lee decides. Hell, put me in a match with both of them and I'll..."

Aran was cut off.

"GREAT IDEA!" An enthusiastic voice announced.

The camera panned over to reveal Damien Lee with a smile on his face.

"The buy rates have been through the roof with fans wanting to see which talented young upstart attempts to dethrone quiet arguibly the most heinous jOlt Champion we've had since it's return to fruition. So both of them will sell merch and create signs and ..."

Damien Lee was interrupted.

"Who do you think you are?" Laurie Williams chimed in.

"Aran Thompson has been nothin but a superstar for this a MEGASTAR and you wanna call him names like a third grader? Aran Thompson ain't gunna take on both Eiji and Stevens, s'unfair! He was prepared t'face just one!"

Aran raised his head arrogantly agreeing with his wife but Damien Lee disagreed.

"Look" Lee began. "I make the decisions around here, the board wants a blockbuster match. Whether it's Student vs. Teacher in a Championship match or Champion vs. Talented Young Upstart. I'm killing two birds with one stone by giving them ALL OPTIONS! The match is set."

Every member of Black Faction reacted in disgust of Damien Lee's decision except for Aran who smiled his sly smile.

"So you're telling me that the board and the fans wanted to see me take on either one of them?" Aran questioned and confused Damien Lee who responded with; "Yeah???".

"Well why not give them what they want AND make it a triple threat in theory." Aran asked Damien who looked intrigued.

"I'm listening." Lee replied.

"Why not make it Rumble Rules? I come out to the ring and Landon and Eiji are both randomly picked by an unbiased party. One comes out and they have ten minutes to give me all that they have before the other comes out and adds a bit more flavor to the fight. A possible fatigued champion versus a fatigued and fresh challenger. If i'm so heinous."

Damien Lee looked at Aran quizzically before nodding his head.

"I don't understand how even you could have something planned out to get out of this." Lee remarked.

Aran smiled once more and continued. "I only ask that it is not an elimination style match. If I can pin the first man in under ten minutes I walk out as champion."

Lee looked even more confused.

"You couldn't beat either man in ten minutes before." Lee said.

Aran continued to smile.

"That was before, so we got a deal?"

Aran put his hand out to Damien Lee who reluctantly shook his hand making the match set.

First Opponent will have ten minutes to pin or submit The Champion before the Second opponent comes out.

Aran Thompson motioned for his Black Faction to leave not before saying.

"Too easy."

What was too easy? Did Aran just set yet another trap?

Ninja K (c) vs Kayden Paulton
Jimmy B. MartinezLandon Stevens

The following match had been building for months, but it was finally time for “The Softcore Saint” Kayden Paulton to finally cash in his Open Season title shot against the incomparable Ninja K. Kayden Paulton was especially nice, but now he had to do what he could in order to fight. Tonight, Paulton was finally going to step up against the Underground Champion. Could he finally get his first major championship around his waist or could Ninja K get the best of his opponent?

“Less Talk More Rokk” by Freezepop.

The crowd? Oh, yeah, they fucking LOVED this guy! Especially his brand new laser show entrance. The familiar ice blue laser show flashed to the tune of the beats as they began to pick up tempo. The arena lights pulsated in three-second tempos between purple and blue and when they picked up, Kayden Paulton appeared on top of the ramp with a thumbs up to the crowd!

Paulton waved his hands and egged the fans on who responded with a big reaction in return. Kayden had been on the biggest roll of his jOlt career and he was looking to carry that right forward tonight against a big beast. Kayden had on his black shirt with the pink happy face with a bandage over the right eye and a phrase that read “YOU’RE AWESOME!” He tossed the shirt to a lucky fan in the crowd before he ran up the steps. He jumped over the ropes and once again to land on the second turnbuckle. Kayden scanned the crowd before jumping off the buckles getting ready for his biggest challenge to date.

“Vicarious” by Tool.

The music began to audibly bleed into The Arena of Champions, triggering the trademark expulsion of strobe lit smoke being emitted through Exit 150. Several moments would elapse before the Underground Champion appeared before the masses. The arena lights returned to reveal the ninja swathed in the hues of predominantly Pearl ensemble with Crimson & Obsidian trim begin his descent toward the ringside area. The ninja was trailed by The Blood Raven who was unusually reserved during his advancement forward. The championship belt in his left hand, the Inogami clan leader passed through the cluttered sea of humanity to momentarily stand atop the barricades.

Both challengers continued barking adamantly at the Osaka native before he stepped down and began his defiant parade around the squared circle. Eiji was ordered to take a seat near the lead broadcast position as Ninja rounded the southwestern corner of the ring. Simon Boulder kept the Aussie at bay as the ninja stood atop the ring steps before making his ascent up the turnbuckles. Raising the belt overhead, the stoic Chief Retainer eventually lowered it before making his quick descent to the canvas. The ninja casually looked at both opponents respectively as he casually made his way toward Simon Boulder to hand off the Underground Championship before walking backward toward his respective corner. Cameras One, Three & Five traded views of the violent trinity within the ring as both ring official and announcer were ready to perform their duties.

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the Underground Championship!” cried Rodney Carrington. “First, in the corner to my left… he weighs in at 230 pounds and he hails from Dothan, Alabama… he is THE SOFTCORE SAINT… THE NICEST GUY IN WRESTLING… KAYDEN PAULTON!

Kayden gave a big thumbs up to the crowd before Rodney turned the introduction to his stoic opponent.

“And from the Kansai Prefecture of Osaka, Japan...He is the current...reigning and defending jOlt Wrestling Underground Champion of the World! Weighting in at 245 pounds...He is the ’Athletic Freak of Nature’...KENSHIRO!!! INOGAMI!!!

Ninja K relinquished the championship before he turned things over to the referee. It was go time.


Kayden and Ninja K circled one another before they locked up. Kayden went low and quickly tried taking Ninja K down with a School Boy!




Ninja K kicked out quickly. He was by no means any pushover, but Kayden was fighting for something very important that he kept close to himself. He had to take ANY kind of an opening against the successful workhorse that was Ninja K.

The Athletic Freak of Nature and The Good Guy locked horns a second time, and this time it was Ninja K who tried pulling a fast one with Kayden, going for a Ranhei position only to follow through into a quick roll-up of his own!


TWO... NO!

It was Ninja K’s turn to catch his lithe opposition off-guard. Despite the chaotic nature of such bouts, the two were keeping things respectful for the most part. Ninja K stood 6’3” and 245 while Kayden stood at 6’3” and floated around the 230 mark. The height and weight was negligible but the fans that knew what Kayden

Paulton was capable of. Like Ninja K, he too was an athletic freak of nature who could fly around and jump with any cruiserweight. Ninja K knew this and was going to have to keep things on the mat if he wanted any chance of besting the Open Season winner.

The two men locked up a third time with Ninja K getting the better of the exchange. Ninja K kept the Headlock clinched in tight and tried to keep the slightly quicker Kayden under control. Kayden saw this coming and pushed him off to the ropes and knocked down Ninja K with a Shoulder Block. Immediately following that, he jumped on top of Ninja K to go for the win!



Not even a full two-count that time because Ninja K was onto him. When Kayden went to pick him up, he slapped on a Headlock of his own and kept him grounded there with full intent to control the pace. The Athletic Freak of Nature turned the tables on Paulton’s game plan and pushed him to the ropes before he sent him flying to the ropes. He ducked down once when Kayden came running and the second time, he leapfrogged over The Softcore Saint and kept on running. When Kayden came back, Ninja K score with a sliding Drop Toe Hold!

Kayden was on the mat now when he saw Ninja K coming off to the corner and dropped him good with a sliding Dropkick to the face! Paulton was kicked over onto his back from the force and now allowed for Ninja K to try for the quick win.



A regular Mexican standoff was happening here, but the two men weren’t trading holds. In this first-ever match between the two, they weren’t going to do a disservice to one another by holding back; especially with Ninja K’s Underground Championship being put on the line.

Ninja K pulled Kayden Paulton back to his feet and quickly took control of the pace by jabbing him with a few Elbow Smashes. Each blow forced The Softcore Saint backwards towards the corner where he was game for whatever plan Ninja K was forming in his head.

Kayden Paulton was forced into the nearby ropes and whipped across the ring, but he put the brakes on and sent Ninja K into them. Ninja K came back with a full head of steam only for Kayden Paulton to catch him and toss him overhead with a Belly to Belly Suplex! Paulton showed off by kipping up right after the move and hurried over with a lateral press.




When he stood up, Ninja K put a Front High Kick to the head of PAULTON! He was done playing around! The Open Season winner was scrambling to get out of the starting blocks, but Ninja K wasn’t having any of it. In fact, he pinned him to the corner with his body and fired off a series of stiff kicks to the chest.


And the referee could do nothing but count a pinfall or a submission to whoever could get there first. The Softcore Saint fell to the ground while Ninja K soaked in the booing from the crowd. He ment well, but Kayden was so well-liked by the fans that this was the equivalent to kicking a bag of puppies

He lifted Paulton back to his feet again and tossed the flyer into the ropes, which turned to be a massive mistake on his part


The flying Sleeper Slam that Paulton had used in previous matches caught Ninja K and put him down on the ground! The crowd cheered the Softcore Saint.




Not even a close two-count. Ninja K muscled Paulton right off of him and sent him bouncing across the ring. The Softcore Saint was back up to his feet and headed back up to the top rope, the friendly skies where Paulton excelled above all others. As Ninja K was still trying to shake off the opening salvo of The Nicest Guy in Wrestling, Paulton came flying off the top rope…

He was caught quickly by Ninja K with the MORNING STAR KICK!

The crowd winced at the impact of the Running Double Mule Kick that Ninja K had employed as one of his most dangerous moves. The Athletic Freak of Nature even took note of the replay on the Tron before he tried to mercifully end things.




He didn’t know how he did it, but the courageous Paulton kicked out and shocked Ninja K. The Underground wasn’t going to take this lying down and he planned on hurting Paulton even more.

He landed a couple of painful kicks directly into the chest of THE NICEST GUY IN WRESTLING. Ninja K tossed the limp flyer into the ropes, but Paulton had just enough sense to stop himself from flying back into the grip of the giant again. He clinged to the ropes for dear life and saw Ninja K coming so he pulled the ropes down, sending himover the ropes and out to the ringside floor!

The Underground Champion had taken quite a spill and landed hard on the floor after the dive. Ninja K stumbled up while the crowd took notice of Paulton heading to the very top turnbuckle. He waited and waited…


There was no way or direction that the master of aerial artistry could not turn to and showed the fans just that! He’d taken down The Underground Champion with one hell of a gamble that had paid off hugely! Paulton and Ninja K were both down on the floor now and Paulton quickly crawled over to where The Underground Champion was laying.






The Softcore Saint continued to crawl towards Ninja K and pinned him on the canvas looking for the cover.




And another big kickout from Ninja K sent Paulton flying back a few feet. The Softcore Saint tried to muscle Ninja K off the ground but this turned out to be an exercise in futility when Ninja K grabbed him by the arm and launched Paulton with great impact into the barricade!

The hits kept on coming when Paulton was given no recovery time between that and Ninja K’s next big move. The Underground Champion grabbed The Softcore Saint by his neck with both hands and tossed him over the barricade and into the crowd quickly. The man that was loved by the people had been tossed right into them!

“Now the true test begins for you, Kayden…” he hissed.

The Underground Champion was truly enjoying himself as he stepped over the barricade to follow Paulton, who was crawling across the floor in a desperate bid to save himself from whatever bastardly things Ninja K could concoct.

Paulton stumbled to his feet and walked around the ringside area while Ninja K followed closely at his side. He took Paulton and picked him up again before he launched him a second time into another barricade on the ground floor of the arena!


The Softcore Saint was man enough to express when he was in pain and pain was what he was feeling right at this moment. He took another tumble and Ninja K tried to go for another pin on the ground.




He pushed the big boot of Ninja K off his chest, but The Underground Champion just put that same foot right on his throat now and continued to choke the life out of Paulton like he was David Carradine hanging out in the closet. The only exception being that Paulton wasn’t getting any kind of a thrill from being abused by the Ninja.

Said Ninja was ready to continue fighting. He yanked Paulton to his feet by one arm and dragged the Open Season winner. He across the ground floor to the far more dangerous stage area where nothing but trouble could lie ahead.

He wound up his boot and charged at Paulton, but The Softcore Saint was just quick enough to move out of his way, watching him kick over one of the many massive speakers on the stage area. Paulton took a chance while Ninja K tried to shake the pain out of his foot. He grabbed an extension cord and jumped onto the giant’s back, strangling him with the cord in a noose-like fashion!

“Check this out, guys! I’m hardcore!”

Paulton showed some fire that he hadn’t unleashed in some time. The Good Guy was quickly becoming a tough little bastard who was choking the life out of Ninja K. The Underground Champion was struggling against him and tried to do all he could, but The Softcore Saint was doing his best impression of a pitbull who just wouldn’t let go. Finally, Ninja K did the only thing he could do…


He fell backwards and crushed Paulton between his body and the unforgiving concrete! Paulton was coughing in pain now while Ninja K was gasping for air, trying to breath after Paulton’s desperation attack. While The Softcore Saint was flattened like a pancake, Ninja K picked him up and hit him with a brutal Half Nelson Suplex that sent Kayden bouncing across the floor on his stomach! He was hurt when Ninja K went over.




Paulton was still alive and just barely moved a shoulder underneath t of Ninja K. The Underground Champion didn’t argue or protest with the referee. Paulton wanted a fight and he was going to get one.

Ninja K saw one of the production boxes used to crate some of the equipment so he had an idea. He had a painful idea where he lifted Paulton and threw him up against it. He had planned to crush him against the massive box and charged with a knee… CONNECTED!

Kayden slumped over to the side while Ninja K shook out the pain in his knee. He looked halfway to unconsciousness when Ninja K went for the pin.




In another shocker, he kicked out again and even surprised Ninja K a little bit. He was masked but his eyes told the story. Paulton was going to fight.

He tried to pick up Paulton again when The Nicest Guy in Wrestling stunned him with a Jawbreaker! The Softcore Saint snuck into one of the boxes and pulled out a fire extinguisher. He raised up the weapon for the cheering crowd and waited for Ninja K to turn around. He swung and nailed the big monster in the stomach with the broad end. The Underground Champion was gasping for air while Paulton pulled the pin and unleashed a massive blast of foam right into his face.






Another big blast of the foam caught Ninja K in the face, debilitating the Ninja long enough to head for higher ground! He stumbled around past the stage and looked to be heading towards the backstage halls. Paulton gave chase with the fire extinguisher still in hand. He went to fire off another stream of foam, but it got jammed. He clicked several times with nothing happening. The Softcore Saint shrugged and straight up threw the canister at the head of Ninja K, sending him stumbling backwards into the wall.

The crowd was now watching the brawl spill backstage where Paulton was now controlling the pace. The pissed-off Ninja K quickly staggered around until he hit the stairwell leading up to the upper decks of the arena. Kayden had a bright idea and started running up the stairs like a hyped-up little crazy person. Ninja K was still disoriented from having foam in his face and a can thrown at his head.

Paulton came sliding down the banister all the way from the upper levels all the way down to smack Ninja K in the face with a sliding clothesline off the railing! The crowd cheered and even laughed at some of the wacky, but effective and ingenious offense that Paulton was using. Ninja K was out on the middle of the steps and Paulton added a jumping double stomp to his chest before he fell on top of him for a chance to win the Underground Championship!




Ninja K threw him off and Paulton almost took a bad spill down the remainder of the steps but The Softcore Saint quickly caught himself against the railing backstage. Paulton had to do everything he could to stay one step ahead of the gigantic who was up and now hot on his trail up the steps.

Through heavy breathing from his unorthodox opponent, Ninja K managed to catch up to Paulton close to the top of the steps and club The Softcore Saint in the back of the head with a nasty shot that sent him spilling across the floor. Both men were now scrambling across the floor in front of the concession area where pockets of fans were cheering on The Nicest Guy in Wrestling.

A couple of drunken wrestling fan boys started a “KAYDEN!” chant while another one just yelled “kick his ass, seabass!”

Paulton was grabbed by the head and thrown right clear over the gift shop counter, crashing into a pile of JOLT merchandise!

The battle had been taken to the mezzanine area where Ninja K was happy to have gotten his lead back. He laughed at Paulton’s misfortune before he reached over the counter and tried to grab him…

Face full of soda!

Paulton smacked him in the face with an open half-full two-liter of Mountain Dew behind the counter. It only served to annoy him, but Paulton jumped off the counter…. And right into Ninja K’s grip.


The crowd the vicinity winced for poor Paulton getting tossed like a lawn dart right into the cold unforgiving ground. He felt to the ground and went to cover again.




Paulton was not going to stay down no matter how hard Ninja K tried. The Underground Champion looked up and saw one of the open doors leading outside to the parking lot outside the arena.

Ninja K dragged Paulton by his wrestling tights and pulled him up to his feet, raining down more blows to the back of the head simultaneously with kicks. He continued to force Paulton through the doors that led to the parking lot in the back end of the arena where the trucks and ring equipment had been parked at. Ninja K grabbed him by the waist and THREW him harshly into the corner with a Throwing German Suplex!

That was it!



No! Paulton still wasn’t staying down, no matter what The Underground Champion could come up with to hurt the high flyer. Ninja K continued to rain down the fists on top of Paulton’s head, a cut now forming across his face after getting tossed head first into the side of a dumpster on the outside of the arena.

Ninja K took note of a series of tractor trailers lined up out back where jOlt stars had their equipment carted to for the shows. He dragged Paulton up once again and he was trying to fight back. He nailed a few kicks to the leg of Ninja K, but they only made him angrier and he fired back with a headbutt that sent him rolling across the pavement.

The Underground Champion chuckled as he forced him across the parking lot and dragged him to a tractor-trailer once more. He scooped up the dead weight of Paulton and seemed like he was trying his best Kevin Nash impression of tossing Rey Mysterio into the side of the wall…

Paulton saw what he was planning and scurried his way out of his grip, elbowing him time and time again. Ninja K tried to charge him into it, but he moved and Ninja K took a nasty face plant into the side of the tractor-trailer door. Paulton saw his chance and swung the door open wide before he quickly swung it to smack Ninja K hard with the door!

The Softcore Saint of jOlt had the chance to go for the win as he tried to pin him on the cold concrete.




So close when Ninja K got his shoulder up. The Softcore Saint was stunned that didn’t put him away. He was going to keep fighting though and he was now… running away?

Paulton took off behind the tractor-trailer and left Ninja K on the concrete, now just started to stir. He held the side of his head in pain and checked for blood, seeing a nice gash form on his own face. Ninja K unleashed a loud bellowing scream before he pulled himself up off the concrete.


Ninja K yelled out as he looked under the trailer with no sign of Paulton. He scanned the vicinity with The Softcore Saint nowhere in sight. He grabbed a pipe off the ground and gave chase, smacking it around as a way to try and intimidate the young high flyer some more.

He continued his search until he came across the front door of the truck. He smiled and figured that was the only place Paulton could’ve gone. He carefully approached the door and swung the pipe at the glass, shattering it in the process!

Ninja K was not expecting this much resistance from the Softcore Saint when he looked up and saw him on the rafters…



The nutjob that was Kayden Paulton tried to jump from the top of the semi when Ninja K caught him in mid-air amazingly! He started to struggle when Ninja K ran…


The camera caught several replays of the very dangerous move from the impact of the move when Kayden bounced off the steel before collapsing to the concrete. Kayden was down and out and Ninja K had collapsed on the ground right next to him. Seeing his only chance to keep his opponent down for good, he rolled over and slapped in his deadly submission…


Kayden was nearly unconscious from the impact of the move while Ninja K had the submission locked in on the concrete. He wasn’t moving and unresponsive after the move which is when the referee signaled for the bell…


Ninja K collapsed next to Paulton and relinquished his grip on the hold as he fell to his side. Perhaps his most unexpected but dangerous opponent to date. Kayden had given Ninja K more of a fight than he could handle and had thrown everything at him only for The Athletic Freak of Nature to retain his cherished prize once more. The fans had given both men a standing ovation for their tremendous efforts, but on this night Ninja K was the better man.


He stood up and was handed his championship before he looked down at Paulton and patted him on the shoulder as a pair of trainers attended to the now barely conscious Softcore Saint.

“You were worthy, Kayden…” Ninja K stated.

He looked at his prized possession - The Underground Championship - and disappeared into the night. Omega was lurking after his decimation of The Crimson Order… a threat that could not be ignored for much longer. He would be dealt with in time.

Meanwhile, Kayden was being helped to his feet by a pair of trainers and an EMT standing by at the scene of the massacre. The groggy Paulton started to finally muster up some words…

“Did… did I win?”

One of the trainers delivered the bad news with a disappointed shake of his head.


He had given it everything he had…


A lead pipe shot came out from out of nowhere, CATCHING KAYDEN ACROSS THE BACK!

The trainers scattered as Paulton fell into the ground again. He was bloodied, battered, and could barely move from his unforgiving bout with Ninja K. Kayden barely looked and stood as the crowd got the first glimpse of his attacker…


The Hype’s own Jeremy Ryan was standing over The Nicest Guy in Wrestling with a lead pipe in hand! The crowd started showering the dangerous man with a negative wave of booing as he screamed.



A brutal lead pipe shot caught him across the chest! Two more landed across his chest! Kayden was defenseless against a man that had made life hell for many stars in jOlt’s Developmental system. It seemed that he felt he was now ready for the big time and wanted to make some kind of an impact…










Each shot was more vile than the last and security finally advanced on the scene to rush Jeremy Ryan away! The Hype’s most dangerous man tossed the pipe down in the skirmish and continued to yell into the night as they dragged him away. Paulton was coughing up blood on the ground after an downright despicable assault from Ryan. The gruff Ryan was still being hauled off by security now as he continued to scream.


After this incredible match, it had been tarnished by this rookie possibly looking to make a name for himself in such a abhorrent way. But what did Jeremy Ryan mean by what he was saying and what did it have to do with the innocent Kayden Paulton?

For now, these were questions for another time.

Winner: Ninja K via Submission

Aran Thompson (c) vs Eiji Kugasari vs Landon Stevens
Rumble Rules: 10 Minutes Between Entrants

Jimmy B. MartinezLandon StevensJimmy B. Martinez

It was time for the main event of Rise of the Legends. Carrington, the announcer, stood tall in the center of the ring and brought the microphone to his lips.

Carrington: Ladies and Gentlemen... the following contest is your MAIN EVENT for this evening. This contest is a triple threat match set for one fall with one stipulation. Both Eiji Kugasari and Landon Stevens drew a number backstage. Whoever drew number one will start the match against Aran Thompson and the participant who drew number two will enter the match after ten minutes have passed.


Out from the back came Laurie Williams, holidng the jOlt Relentless Championship, Mace Williams, along with Eli and Ezra Conway. Four of the five members of Black Faction. They came out and stood at the sides of the entrance way. As they did, Aran Thompson stepped out from the backstage area with the jOlt World Championship fastened around his waist on the outside of a lavish ruby red robe with white trim.

Aran smirked as he walked down the entrance ramp. As he did, the rest of Black Faction followed him in tow. Aran hopped up onto the ring apron and then stepped inside. As the members of Black Faction tried to get up on the ring apron, the referee stopped them in their tracks. The music suddenly cut off as the referee told all of the members of Black Faction to head to the backstage area.

Aran didn't look happy, but the crowd was ecstatic! There was much confusion among the Conways and the Williams well as Aran Thompson, but the referee insisted that they were banned from ringside. Aran finally caved and told them to head to the back. Aran was visably displeased by the referee's ruling as he aggressively unfastened his championship belt and practically jammed it into the bread box of the referee. Aran took his robe off and flung it to ringside in anger as the crowd waited to see who drew number one in this bizarre match.

"Your God" by Stone Sour

The people cheered loudly as the one man who remained undefeated here in jOlt sprinted out from the backstage area and hit the ring with tremendous speed. Stevens immediately stepped up face to face with Aran Thompson. The people continued to cheer as Aran cracked a smirk. The referee got in between them to create a bit of separation and then called for the bell.




10:00 read a timer on the jOltvision

Stevens began to circle Aran and did so at a quickened pace, forcing Aran to quicken his pace as to not get caught by Stevens. Stevens then sprinted in toward Aran for the collar and elbow tie up, but Aran side stepped it and hit the canvas, rolling to the floor on the outside which drew the mire from the crowd.

Stevens looked on at Aran as he looked back into the ring and pointed toward his head, Stevens, however, would have none of it as he slid out of the ring, but Aran began to run away. Stevens gave chase as Aran ran to the other side of the ring and then rolled back inside. Aran immediately got up and charged toward the ropes. Stevens slid back in and chased Aran, but instead of bouncing off the ropes, Aran flipped himself over the ropes and landed on his feet back out on the floor.

The crowd booed heavily as Aran cracked a smile and outstretched his arms, challenging Stevens to bring it.

"GET IN HERE AND FACE ME LIKE A MAN" yelled Stevens toward Aran Thompson.

9:00 read the timer on the jOltvision as Aran just burned through a solid minute before Eiji Kugasari would make his entrance into this match.

Aran smirked and said "Fine" and then walked over to the steel ring steps. He slowly climbed the steps and Stevens went to advance, but Aran shouted out at the referee to back him up and allow him fair access into the ring.

"You're a pussy" clap clap clapclapclap
"You're a pussy" clap clap clapclapclap
"You're a pussy" clap clap clapclapclap
"You're a pussy" clap clap clapclapclap
"You're a pussy" clap clap clapclapclap

The crowd was getting rather colorful toward Aran as he waited for the referee to hold Stevens back. Aran then reclimbed the ringsteps slowly and then with one foot after the other, casually stepped into the ring. Once Aran said that he was ready, the referee let Stevens go and he charged, locking up with the World Champion!

Aran and Stevens powered around the ring, jocking for position. Stevens had gotten Aran backed into the corner where the referee wanted the clean break..

One... Two... Three... Four...

Stevens backed away slowly as Aran covered up, expecting a cheap shot, but it never came. Stevens backed off as Aran stepped out from the corner. They locked up once again, and again, they powered around the ring, jocking for position. This time it was Aran that had backed Stevens into the corner and once again the referee wanted a clean break.

One... Two... Three... Four...

Aran broke clean at first and began to take a few steps back, but then he stepped back in and opened up with heavy right hands to Landon Stevens, but Stevens was covered up in the corner so none of the punches were going through. Still, the referee warned Aran to open up the closed fists and to let Stevens out of the corner. Aran didn't heed the referee's warning and it drew another five count from the referee.

One... Two... Three... Four...

Aran finally backed off as the referee got in his face and admonished him, but Aran looked at the prone Stevens in the corner and shoved the referee aside. Aran quickly darted to the corner and grabbed Stevens by the arm. He whipped him across the ring to the opposite corner where Stevens hit back first.

Aran measured up Stevens and charged in as well, but Stevens side stepped out of the way. Aran put the brakes on, though and stopped him from hitting chest first into the corner. Stevens then came up from behind and placed Aran into a waist lock. He pulled Aran out of the corner toward the center of the ring and then used a take down to put Aran on his stomach. Stevens then floated over and hooked the head of the world champion in a front face lock.

6:30 remained on the timer on the jOltvision

Aran tried to power up to his feet, but was unable to so as Stevens put all of his weight on Aran's head and shoulders, keeping him grounded.. Aran then did a desperate maneuver and rolled over onto his back taking Stevens with him which ended up pinning Landon's shoulders to the canvas..



Landon with the shoulder up.

Aran looked up at the clock and saw 5:45 left on the jOltvision. Aran knew that Eiji would be coming out soon and that he would need to get a pin quickly if he wanted to have the highest chance to remain champion.

Aran and Stevens got back to their feet. Aran swung with a clothesline, but Stevens ducked underneath. Stevens quickly hooked Aran's arms and tried to take him over with a back slide, but Aran wouldn't budge. Aran then used his might to flip Stevens over his back which caused Stevens to land on his feet in front of Aran. Stevens immediately acted when Aran was hunched over. He quickly shoved Aran between his legs for a powerbomb, but when he lifted Aran, Aran used the momentum to flip over and over, rolling Stevens up in a sunset flip!



Stevens reversed the pin and ended up on top of Aran!



Back the other way!



Stevens kicked away and then front flipped into Aran with a bidge pin!



Aran with the left shoulder up, but he was soon pressed back down to the canvas.



Aran with the right shoulder up, but again, he was pressed back down by Landon Stevens.



Bridge up by both competitors.. Aran spun Stevens around and connected with the move Stevens looked for earlier.. the back slide pin!



Stevens kicked away and went a stiff kick to Aran's head, but Aran dodged it and Stevens swung wildy with his leg, missing his mark. Aran then quickly grabbed Stevens from behind and pulled him over with a school boy pin..



Stevens kicked away. Both men quickly got back to their feet.. Aran went for a clothesline, but Stevens grabbed Aran's arm as it swung, hooking it. He then rode up onto Aran's back and pulled him over with a crucifix pin!



Aran kicked away!

The crowd was getting into all of the nearfalls as the time on the jOltvision began to dwindle down. There was exactly 1:02 left until Eiji Kugasari would be making his entrance. Aran looked up at the clock and saw it dwindling down. He knew he had to do something and fast to try and put Stevens away. While Aran was looking at the clock, however, Stevens grabbed him from behind in a waist lock. Stevens tried for a German Suplex, but Aran, despite being caught off guard, had the experience with him to flip out of it and onto his feet.

Aran quickly grabbed Stevens from behind and placed him into the abdominal stretch! Aran was going for the Icarus Switch!!

Aran tried to flip Stevens, but Stevens was blocking Aran's attempts at hitting the move! Stevens then nailed a hip toss that flipped Aran onto his set. Aran looked up at the clock and saw it down to 0:20 seconds!

The crowd was getting super hot as they knew that as soon as that clock ticked down, Aran would be in deep trouble. Stevens stood there and grinned as Aran stood as the crowd counted down the final seconds..




Aran turned toward Stevens.



Aran then stepped up to Stevens and poked him in the chest...




FOUR! One...

THREE! Two...





Carrington: Here is the winner of the match.. and STILL YOUR jOlt World Champion.... ARAN THOMPSON!

The fans didn't know what to think. Aran helped Stevens up to his feet and embraced him in the middle of the ring. Right before the timer ran out which would have signaled the entrance for Eiji Kugasari, Aran Thompson poked Landon Stevens in the chest and Stevens laid down for the world champion!

The undefeated streak was sacrificed for the champion, but why? Landon and Aran were in cahoots with one another! Was Landon a part of Black Faction all along? There were many questions that needed answers, but one of them was as clear as day as Aran and Landon both raised each others arms in the middle of the ring and embraced. The people were booing.. some were even throwing garbage into the ring. The crowd was red hot for all of the wrong reasons, but then a glimmer of hope was found in perpetual darkness.


The arena went into darkness. It was only a few moments, but the suspense made it feel like an eternity.

All of a sudden, the lights came back on and the crowd erupted!


Aran and Landon looked stunned.. the former general of Black Faction stood across from the man who beat him down, put him on the shelf, and kicked him out of the group. Waymoth took a step forward and Aran grabbed Landon Stevens and pulled him in front of Waymoth as Aran hit the canvas and rolled out of the ring!

Left Hand to Stevens!

Right Hand to Stevens!

Left Uppercut put Stevens down!


Aran quickly backpeddaled up the entrance ramp with the jOlt Championship clutched to his chest. Waymoth leaned over the top rope and pointed up the ramp toward Aran. The message was clear as day.. Waymoth wanted revenge and he wanted the jOlt Championship on top of it!

The final scene of Rise of the Legends showed a shot over Aran Thompson's shoulder, looking down at the ring at a pissed off Waymoth Turnbull. The commentators thanked us for watching and the PPV faded to the jOlt logo and then to black.

Winner: Aran Thompson via Pinfall