"Welcome to Rise of the Legends"

The screen was black. A voiceover boomed as the picture faded in. It showed a black and white slide show of old people from jOlt... Erik Rave... KroW... Hall of Famers "Kodiak" Vic Creed and erOn the Relentless!

"There are those who have etched their names into the annals of time and have been called "Legends"

The scene then switched to more black and white photos.. this time of current jOlt superstars and some who have left us such as "The Superbeast" Sylo... "Superstar" Vince Jacobs... Derecho... Aran Thompson... Ninja K... Landon Stevens...

"Then there are those who could be considered the new legends once their time has come and gone... but..."

The screen went black.

"Who will replace them?"

The screen then turned toward Eiji Kugasari hitting the Shinobi Sunset to Landon Stevens can capturing the jOlt World Championship. We see Omega defeating Ninja K to capture the Underground Championship. We saw the rise of the West Texas Terrorists as they captured the Tag Team Championships. We see pictures of Sarah Winterton, Charlotte, Jimmy B. Martinez, Diamond Jewelz with his Golden Boy Title, Vizier ta Seti as he captured the Relentless Championship, the arrival of the The Rebellion and so forth. These pictures flashed by quickly as the voice continued to speak.

"They are the future of jOlt.. and tonight.. they look to prove themselves against each other and against those who seek to earn the status of legend. Tonight... everyone has one goal. To etch their names in the annals of time alongside those who came before them. TONIGHT.. it's time for new legends... to RISE!"

The screen tore away and we are brought inside the Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida for the last time as jOlt will be taking their Pay-Per-Views on the road starting with their next event! The stage was a huge winged emblem that mimiced the one on the official Rise of the Legends poster! In the center of that elblem was the jOltvision screen!

There was no stage, nor was there an entrance ramp.. it was a flat aisle all the way down to the ring covered in a dark grey carpet. To the left and right sides of the jOltvision's winged border were four massive curved "blades" creating a bowl effect to the entire set.

Above the ring by the announce table side, two pops of pyro went off. They then took off in opposite directions, making a full trip around the elongated scaffolding which housed the double steel cage that would be used later tonight, until they met in the middle. They then zipped down a line toward the jOltvision where pyro blew from the tips of the wings starting at the top and fanning out to the sides. When the pyro finished there, random pyro jets shot straight out from the blades toward the middle of the entrance way and finally, it all ended with all the pyro jets on the blades, all the tips of the wings, and one big wall of pyro at to the left and right of the aisle blowing at once!

The camera panned around the arena as the fans were going insane for jOlt Wrestling! Even though there was a double cage, there was only one ring set up presently, leaving a pretty big gap between the entrance aisle and the ring itself. The second ring would be set up after the World Title match which was set to take place before the main event.

Rise of the Legends went down to that single lone ring to kick off tonight's action with a triple threat match!

Jeremy Ryan vs Jesse Ramey vs Jimmy B. Martinez

“The following contest is your opening bout of Rise of the Legends. It will be a triple threat match, the first person to score a pinfall or submission will be declared the winner and there will be a twenty minute time limit!” Brad Arnold announced from the center of the ring as the fans within the arena began to buzz. Arnold continued to stand center of the ring as referee Simon Boulder paced back and forth before taking his place in a corner.

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

The music played and the crowd began to boo. Out from the back dressed in his fighting gear was none other than the man who had made it his mission to destroy all things in jOlt. He was the vicious asshole who was looking to rule the ring by force and force alone.

“First, he hails from Bangor, Maine, weighing in at two hundred and forty-seven pounds: HE IS “JOLT’S LAST REAL MAN” JEREMY RYAN!”

Ryan approached the ring and looked ready for a fight after making a long way down the ramp. jOlt’s Last Real Man climbed into the ring and waited for his opponents to arrive.

“If It All Ended” by John Cena.

These were the sounds that quickly replaced Cypress Hill and from behind the curtains emerged Jimmy B. Martinez to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Martinez still didn’t look too sure of how to react to this kind of reaction, but he just shot that signature smile at the fans before starting his walk toward the ring.

“Entering next, weighing in tonight at two hundred and twenty pounds and hailing from the Bronx, New York; HE IS JIMMY B. MARTINEZ!”

Martinez had finally made his slow ascent to the ring, slid in under the bottom rope, but quickly came back to his feet. JBM then made his way to an open turnbuckle, climbed to the second rope and threw his arms into the air before dropping back down and eyeing across the ring at one half of his competition for the evening and his music slowly died.

“I’m Not Alright” by Shinedown began to blast throughout the arena, and the lights grew a little dim. A spotlight shined down at the center of the top of the stage as the Anti-Star burst through the entrance curtains and into the spotlight. The fans within the arena stood giving Ramey a standing ovation before he darted toward the ring.

“The final participant in the match,” Arnold finished his introductions, “making his way to the ring weighing in tonight at two hundred and five pounds and hailing from Harts, West Virginia; HE IS “THE ANTI-STAR” JESSE RAMEY!”

Just as Arnold finished Ramey slid into the ring under the bottom rope on his left hip, and popped back up in the center of the ring. Ramey made his way to an open corner as Arnold exited the ring, and climbed up raising the roof and the fans continued to raise their ovation. Ramey dropped down and looked at his competitors, before turning back to the ropes, perching on them with one foot on the middle rope and one on the top rope.

The music continued to blast, but before the bell could even be sounded Jeremy Ryan rushed up behind Ramey as he was still on the ropes. Ryan caught Ramey with a clothesline that sent Ramey spilling over the top rope and onto the ring apron. Boulder quickly signaled for the start of the match as the music died down and the fans within the arena turned their cheering to booing.


Ryan grabbed hold of the top rope with both hands and began driving boots down into Ramey’s side, until Ramey released the bottom rope and finally fell to the mats surrounding the ring. Jimmy B. Martinez seizing the opportunity quickly rushed up behind Ryan who was still looking down at Ramey on the floor nailed Ryan with a forearm blow to the back of the head, and quickly twisted him around into an open turnbuckle.

JBM nailed Ryan with a good closed fist to the side of the head before his back came to rest on the turnbuckle padding. JBM then grabbed hold of the top rope with both hands, and began driving boots into Ryan’s midsection.


As soon as JBM finished with his flurry of kicks, he launched himself into Ryan catching him with a vicious open hand chop across the chest. JBM reeled back and drove one more across Ryan’s chest. Ryan quickly came out of the corner as JBM took a few steps back, but he only walked toward another corner. JBM was quick to continue behind Ryan and turned him in the corner directly across from them.

JBM then quickly climbed to the second turnbuckle, straddled across Ryan, and began driving closed fists down onto his skull.


Before JBM had a chance to continue throwing more blows down upon Ryan’s skull the bigger man pushed JBM off of him. JBM fell backward into the ring, but was able to quickly roll back up to his feet and rushed back to the turnbuckle where Ryan was still resting, catching him with a forearm blow. JBM reeled back and caught Ryan across the face with a closed fist, grabbed hold of his arm, stepped out, and looked ready to launch Ryan across the ring. Ryan, however, only took a few steps out of the corner, planted his feet, and reversed the whip on JBM launching him back into the same corner, and viciously to say the least. JBM’s back bounced off of the turnbuckle padding very hard.

JBM caught his breath, and then slowly stepped out of the corner, only to be caught with a devastating back elbow from Ryan that dropped him to the canvas. JBM slowly got to a kneeling stance, before Ryan quickly picked him back up to his feet, grabbed hold of one of his arms, and shoved him backward into a corner. Ryan then grabbed hold of the middle rope with both hands, trapping JBM in the corner, and launched a shoulder into his midsection before coming back to a standing base.

Ryan shoved JBM’s head back, but then latched onto the ropes once more and drove the shoulder into his midsection again. Ryan then grabbed hold of JBM’s arm and whipped him across the ring to the opposite side of the ring. JBM’s back bounced off of the turnbuckle padding and as he walked forward Ryan dropped him back down to the mat with a standing shoulder block.

Ryan took a moment to run his hand through his hair, as JBM lay on the canvas grabbing at the back of his neck. Ryan then flexed his muscles and as he walked over to the downed body, but still moving, of JBM he shouted.

“Is that all you’ve got you piece of shit!”

Ryan grabbed JBM by the back of the neck as he was struggling to get to his feet, and lifted him back to his feet. JBM began trying to fight back as Ryan kept his grip on JBM’s neck, catching him in the midsection with a closed fist. JBM then launched two elbows into Ryan’s midsection that caused him to release his grip. JBM reeled back and launched a stiff elbow shot across the side of Ryan’s head.

Seeing that Ryan was dazed JBM then darted toward the ropes, launching himself toward Ryan with a cross body block. The move, however, failed to do anything as Ryan caught JBM midair and held him in his arms. JBM was not caught in Ryan’s grip, one arm between his legs and one wrapped around his head. Ryan then showed off his strength as he quickly transitioned JBM up onto his shoulder and dropped him down to the mats with a powerslam.

Ryan then turned and shouted out at the crowd as he breathed heavily. Ryan then slowly made his way back over to JBM who was nearly back to his feet; Ryan pulled him the rest of the way up, and placed his hands on JBM’s head. Ryan pulled JBM’s head between his legs, and lifted him up in a position to hit him with a devastating powerbomb, but before he had a chance to drop him Ramey had finally rolled back into the ring and caught Ryan from behind with a chop block to the back of the leg. Ryan instantly fell to the mats; JBM landed on his knees, but quickly launched himself forward and rolled outside of the ring.

Ryan rolled around in the ring grabbing at his knee as Ramey quickly came back to his feet and stalked around the bigger man. Ryan had managed to get into the ropes, but Ramey drove two boots into his chest. Then grabbed hold of the top rope and drove down three more across his chest. Ryan quickly turned to a seated position near the turnbuckle and tried to get his feet back under him.

Ramey quickly grabbed hold of Ryan’s head, twisted him around, and drove a punch into his head that sent him back into the middle turnbuckle padding. Ramey brought down one more stiff shot into Ryan’s skull, before grabbing him by the head, lifting him back to his feet, and pushing him back into the turnbuckle. Ramey drove one good forearm shot across Ryan’s face for good measure, grabbed hold of his arm, and went to launch him across the ring.

Ryan still had gas in the tank though as he reversed the move and sent Ramey flying into the turnbuckle padding across the ring instead. Ryan quickly rushed toward the corner, but was caught by surprise when Ramey lifted his body up and shot a boot into the side of Ryan’s face. The move caused Ryan to stumble backward into the center of the ring. Ramey lifted himself up to a standing perch on the middle rope, seated on the top turnbuckle padding. As soon as Ryan turned around Ramey launched himself off of the ropes, but Ryan brought a boot up into his midsection.

Ramey was able to land on his feet, but bent over from the pain of the kick, and bounced forward a bit. Ramey then turned back toward Ryan, who quickly scooped him up, walked toward the turnbuckle and dropped Ramey face first across the top rope. Ramey slowly made his way out of the turnbuckle holding onto the top rope, while Ryan wiped the sweat from his brow and found himself standing in the center of the ring.

Ryan readied himself in the center of the ring watching Ramey, and waiting for him to walk toward him. Ryan took a few steps back measuring Ramey for the opportune moment, but got too close to the ropes and JBM outside of the ring grabbed hold of Ryan’s leg just as he was ready to pounce and caused Ryan to fall face first to the mats.

Ryan was pissed, and quickly made his way back to his feet, while JBM continued to hold onto his leg. Ryan quickly drove his free foot into the side of JBM’s head causing him to fall back down to the mats below surrounding the ring. Ryan slowly pulled his foot back through the ropes, and as he turned around it was Ramey who was now waiting. Ramey launched himself toward Ryan catching him with a dropkick that sent Ryan tumbling between the middle and top rope.

The camera panned out to catch an angle of JBM and Ryan lay out on the outside of the ring. While Ramey stood in the center of the ring looking at their wrecked bodies. Ramey continued to stand in the ring for a brief moment while Boulder told him to stay inside of the ring. Ramey, however, was quick to exit the ring as Ryan was trying to get back to his feet, much to the dismay of Boulder.

Ramey dropped to the mats just as Ryan was up to one knee. Ramey tried to grab Ryan by the head, but he was met with a stiff closed fist to the gut that caused him to wrench in pain and turn away. Ramey staggered over toward the steel ring steps, and Ryan charged toward him. Ramey was ready though as he caught Ryan as he was coming with a drop toe hold that sent Ryan’s shoulder smashing into the ring steps.

Ramey quickly crawled around the ring steps out of sight as Ryan was shaking the cobwebs out of now on his hand and knees. JBM had managed to get back to his feet in the entrance way, but then noticed Ryan’s position charged toward him and hit him with a falling dropkick that launched his back and head backward into the ring steps once more.

JBM then quickly made his way back to his feet, walked around, and made his way to the ring crawling back in under the bottom rope. Across the ring from JBM crawling back in Ramey had rolled back into the ring as well, and now both men stood across from each other eyeing the other one down. The two men stood breathing heavily and continued to look each other over.

Ramey then walked toward JBM, as they exchanged a few words that were inaudible for the cameras surrounding them. It got to the point that they were standing head to head locked in a verbal debate before JBM stepped back and drove a forearm shot across Ramey’s skull and sent him stepping back. JBM continued in toward Ramey catching him with another forearm shot that backed him into the ropes, and then JBM brought an open hand chop across Ramey’s chest. JBM grabbed hold of Ramey’s head, yanked him toward the nearest turnbuckle and bashed it off of it.

JBM then quickly turned Ramey’s back to the corner and drove a forearm shot. JBM quickly followed up with a stiff punch to the side of Ramey’s face, but what he wasn’t expecting was Ramey to battle back with a fist of his own. Ramey stepped out of the corner delivering another stiff shot to JBM’s head that staggered him backward even more. Ramey drove an open hand chop across JBM’s chest, grabbed hold of his head, and drove another closed fist into it.

The encounter had forced JBM and Ramey from one side of the ring all the way across to the other side at this point. Ramey grabbed hold of JBM’s arm and pushed his back against the ropes before launching him across the ring. Ramey quickly made his way to the center of the ring, and off of the rebound caught JBM with a knee lift that sent JBM flipping back into the center of the ring.

Ramey stood smiling as he caught his breath, and JBM came to a seated position with an agonizing look on his face. JBM slowly made his way back to his feet only for Ramey to quickly twist him around placing his head under his arm, but before Ramey had a chance to hit whatever he was looking for JBM quickly slipped out, grabbed Ramey by both legs and made him fall hard to the mats. JBM held onto the legs and tried to twist Ramey over for a Boston crab submission, but Ramey was able to reach up grabbing JBM by the neck and pulling him down, flipping him over, and pinning his shoulder to the mat with an inside cradle pin attempt. Boulder dropped down for the count.




Ramey quickly made his way back to his feet after the kick out and stood in the center of the ring, as JBM slowly made his way back to his feet. Just as JBM was getting back to a standing position Ramey charged in driving a boot into JBM’s midsection. As JBM popped back up Ramey drove a stiff fist into the side of his head. Ramey twisted back to the center of the ring as JBM walked along the ropes to a corner, and then out of it still holding onto the top rope.

Ramey then made his way over to JBM, grabbed hold of his arm, pushed his back into the ropes, and sent him flying off into the ropes again. Ramey charged toward JBM as he approached with a clothesline attempt, but JBM managed to duck under the move and continued off to the ropes once more. Ramey quickly planted his feet and turned, but JBM had made his way off of the opposing ropes and as Ramey turned around caught Ramey with a cross body block.

JBM and Ramey fell to the mats, JBM looked to use the move to go into a pin attempt, but Ramey was able to roll through and pin JBM’s shoulders to the mat instead. Boulder quickly dropped in for the count once more.




Ramey rolled back to his feet, panting for breath, as Boulder explained to him that JBM had managed to get his shoulder up at the two count. Ramey didn’t dispute it though; he simply grabbed JBM by the head as he had made his way to his knees and helped to lift him back to his feet. JBM though had one thought in his mind, an eye poke to Ramey’s eye socket. Ramey was so caught off guard by the move that he stumbled backward into the center of the ring while JBM got his bearing back.

The fans in the arena actually booed the use of the eye poke from JBM, but it had no reaction on him. JBM just turned his attention back to Ramey as he walked up behind Ramey, quickly twisted him around, stepped back and planted Ramey across the face with a vicious superkick.


Ramey crumpled to the mats as JBM quickly twisted and then fell across Ramey’s body for the pin attempt. Boulder once again dropped down to the mats to make the count.




Ramey managed to shoot a shoulder up off of the mats just after Boulder’s hand had come down for the two count. JBM was looking a big frustrated as he rand both hands through his hair and rested on his knees for a moment. What JBM should have been paying attention to though was Ryan who was able to sneak back into the ring and catch him in the back with a forearm shot that sent JBM tumbling forward.

Ryan looked pissed coming back into the ring, and kept his attention on JBM as he grabbed him by the back of the neck and his tights, brought him across the ring and launched him shoulder first between the top and middle turnbuckle padding. JBM’s shoulder bounced off of the steel ring post and then he tumbled outside of the ring to the mats once again.

Ryan ran his hand through his hair and he made his way over to Ramey who was slowly getting back to a kneeling base. Ryan grabbed Ramey by the back of the neck and twisted him back up to a standing base. Ramey managed to bring a boot up into Ryan’s midsection, grabbed hold of Ryan’s head and placed it under his arm; Ryan twisted out grabbing hold of Ramey’s arm and shot in for a short-arm clothesline attempt, which Ramey ducked under. Ramey once again kicked Ryan in the midsection and bolted toward the ropes, Ramey jumped off of the middle rope, launching himself back at Ryan and dropped him to the canvas with a springboard tornado DDT.


Ryan’s head spiked off of the canvas, as he flipped over onto his back, Ramey did his best to roll on top of Ryan pulling at his leg for the leverage pin attempt. Boulder dropped back down to make the count.




Ryan shot his shoulder off of the mat as Boulder was half way down for the three count. The fans in the arena were already celebrating, but were cut off as Boulder came back to his feet only holding two fingers in the air. Ramey came to a seated position breathing heavily and holding his back as Ryan rolled onto his stomach. Ramey slowly made his way to his feet as Ryan had crawled to the bottom rope where he rested with one arm across it.

Ramey made his way to the center of the ring where he looked ready for something big, he waited for Ryan to begin making his way back to his feet. Ramey stood ready as Ryan slowly made his way back to his feet. Ryan rested in the corner on a turnbuckle, and as he went to turn around Ramey was going to hit him with his patented sunset flip powerbomb, but JBM had managed to get back into the ring and rushed toward Ramey catching him across the head with a flying forearm that sent both men falling to the canvas.

Ryan knew he had just missed out on something thanks to the interference by JBM, as he was the only one left standing in the ring. Ramey rolled under the bottom rope, but JBM quickly came back to his feet, and as Ramey grabbed hold of the bottom rope JBM began raining down stiff kicks to his chest. Noticing something behind him though; JBM quickly turned and rushed toward Ryan in the center of the ring, only be brought down hard with a spinebuster that left JBM feeling the whiplash effect of the move.

Ryan came back to his feet, but quickly dropped right back down for the pin attempt on JBM pulling his leg in for the extra leverage. Boulder once again dropped back down for the count.




Ramey had managed to twist his body under the bottom rope, and launch himself across the ring catching Ryan in the back of the head with a forearm shot that broke the count. Ryan and Ramey slowly made their way back to their feet at the same time as JBM rolled over near a turnbuckle. Ryan caught Ramey under the chin with an uppercut closed fist. The move staggered Ramey, but Ryan continued at him with a closed fist to the side of the head, that backed Ramey into the ropes.

Ryan grabbed Ramey by the arm and sent him across the ring into the ropes leaving Ryan at the center of the ring. Ryan dropped his shoulder, but Ramey grabbed hold of the top rope stopping his moment and brought a boot up across Ryan’s chest. The move caused Ryan to pop back up to a full standing position and Ramey quickly leaned back into the ropes and darted toward Ryan. Ryan looked to plant Ramey with a spinebuster much like he had done JBM, but Ramey went up and over Ryan’s shoulder, flipping him over with a roll up pin attempt. Boulder once again dropped back down to the mat for the pin attempt.




There was no authority behind that kick out though, Ryan was so gassed at this point that he was lucky to push Ramey up and off of him. Ramey rolled back to the center of the ring and pushed his way back to his feet, Ryan had managed to get in the ropes and use them to help find his way back to his own feet. Ryan quickly made his way around the ropes and noticing Ramey standing across the ring from him rushed toward him looking to catch him with a clothesline, but Ramey grabbed hold of the top rope and dropped just as Ryan got there. Ryan went spilling out over the top rope and to the mats below.

As Ramey came back to his feet still holding onto the top rope and looking at the crumpled mess that was Jeremy Ryan outside of the ring JBM quickly came up from behind Ramey, dropped down, brought his arm up between his legs and pulled Ramey over for a roll-up pin attempt.




Ramey, much like Ryan, was barely able to get the kick out from the pin attempt, but came back to a seated position quickly. JBM rolled onto his hands and knees, and slowly pushed his way back to his feet keeping an eye on Ramey who was crawling on his hands and knees now. JBM brought a boot up catching Ramey in the side of the head forcing him near a corner. Ramey rested on his knees, but JBM quickly brought him back to his feet and backed him into the corner.

JBM brought a forearm shot across Ramey’s face, and then hit him across the chest with an open hand chop; JBM then grabbed Ramey by the hair, and brought a knee up into his midsection and chest area. JBM stepped out of the corner holding onto Ramey’s arm and shot him across the ring, but Ramey held tight to the hold and twisted reversing JBM off into the turnbuckle. JBM’s back snapped against the turnbuckle, and then Ramey rushed in toward him, only for JBM to bring a boot up and catch him in the side of the head.

Ramey staggered back out of the corner, and JBM rushed in behind him looking to hit Ramey with a bulldog, but Ramey quickly shoved JBM off and into the ropes. JBM quickly came back toward Ramey off of the rebound, and Ramey brought a boot up to catch him in the face, but JBM ducked under the boot and darted off toward the opposing ropes. Ramey wasn’t quick enough to get turned around and JBM caught him with the original idea, a running bulldog attempt that brought Ramey down to the mats face first.

Ryan was making his way back up onto the apron, which JBM caught out of the corner of his eye. JBM rushed toward Ryan, catching him with a forearm shot that sent the big man flopping back down outside of the ring. Ramey had managed to get back to his feet, and just as JBM was turning back into the center of the ring Ramey drove a boot into his midsection, and then planted him in the center of the ring with the crossed arms brainbuster.


Before Ramey had the chance to crawl on top of JBM’s body though, Ryan had slipped back into the ring, snapped Ramey up by the hair of his head, placed his head between his legs, and drove him right down to the canvas on the top of his head with his jumping piledriver.


Martinez was incapacitated from Ramey’s finisher, and now Ramey was incapacitated by Ryan’s finisher. Ryan rolled on top of Ramey’s body and shoved his forearm across the side of his face with a pin attempt. Boulder dropped to the mats for the count.




The bell sounded and “A Man” by Cypress Hill began to blast throughout the arena once more as Ryan slowly made his way back to his feet. Boulder made his way over and raised Ryan’s arm in victory.

“Ladies and gentlemen, you’re winner of the match, JEREMY RYAN!” Arnold shouted the results of the match over the loud speakers.

As the results of the match began to sink in throughout the arena the fans began booing heavily at the sight of Jeremy Ryan’s arm being raised in victory. Ryan only smiled knowing that tonight he had won this battle.

Winner: Jeremy Ryan via Pinfall



The scene began to open as the camera retreated from the back of the walking ninja clan general. Surrounded by a gathered assembly of the Inogami rank and file, Kenshiro Inogami stood before the audience of his peers to formally address them. Swathed in the hues of predominantly Pearl, Obsidian & Crimson, the former Underground Champion swept his hair from his visage...

“We have remained virtually silent since our inception.” The ninja opened. “The Underground & World Heavyweight Championship divisions have experienced our collective influence. We are a disciplined faction. An assembly of the enigmatic elite. A brotherhood. Family...Tonight, our clan will represent not only The 3 Oaths that we passionately adhere to, preserve & protect with our very lives but ourselves as both individuals and a collective alike...”

The ninja clan general slowly scanned the gathering of familiar faces.

“Tonight, Eiji; our esteemed clan lieutenant has the opportunity to gain retribution in returning the jOlt Championship underneath our clan banner once more. We know he shall exercise every means necessary to accomplish his mission.”

Kenshiro casually placed his hand atop kneeling Blood Raven’s left shoulder briefly before walking onward.

Heido & Takeshi...aptly renown as The Crimson Order.”Kenshiro continued. “Our proud representatives that shall enter this night as passionate contenders and we expect to leave as the new champions of that division. Together, they are a formidable unit but on this evening, we all believe that they shall prove to be virtually unstoppable....”

Kenshiro stood over both ninjas who assumed to position seiza.

“It’s time for us to prepare...” The quartet of clan officers stood in unison as Kenshiro motioned for his brethren to follow suit....

”Lord Kenshiro...”

All heads would turn immediately toward the source of the disturbance as the clan patriarch’s knuckles gnarled briefly. The focus was set upon the slowly ascending yet muscular form of the Hokota Holocaust renown as Shoji. Mamoru was seen angrily muttering into the defiant ninja’s ear but to no avail...

“And what do you require of me, Lord Kenshiro?”

“My Lord...” The elder statesman intercession was interrupted by the raised hand of the clan general, whom would break ranks and stands 3 paces in front of Shoji.

“I believe my order was to escort this initiate to the development league, was it not?” The ninja clan leader bellowed with his head turned toward his clan adviser whom would keep his head downcast. “With ’all due respect’, my Lord..” Shoji continued. “Why am I deprived of the opportunity to strike blows in the glory of our clan? I am among the strongest, as you can clearly see for yourself...”

“Shoji...” Kenshiro hissed. “This will be the only time I will repeat myself; you are NOT ready. Your strength alone is not sufficient to the my liking nor the clan as well. It takes much more than mere physicality to serve properly amongst our ranks. Victory has been elusive to you since Day 1. Your technique is insufficient, at best...”

”Insufficient?!” The massive ninja replied with a look of disgust, prompting Kenshiro to stand nose to nose with Shoji. Mamoru stepped forward to intercede yet the muscular ninja gently brushed him aside with his forearm.

“I know what this is about...” The defiant ninja continued. “Your apparent fear of being surpassed by the youth of this clan. You have insulted me one too many. I am a passionate and devoted soldier of this clan. Its tenets and its survival. Admit it, Lord Kenshiro; you know that I am capable of leading this clan forward...” The clan leader slowly back pedaled a few paces away while extending his arms outward. “Who among you believe that Shoji is far more capable to lead this clan than I?” Looking around, not a word was uttered as the muscular ninja looked around for at least 1 hand of support.

“Is there not 1?” The clan leader inquired slightly mockingly. “Anyone?”

The Hokota Holocaust scowled immensely onto himself as he began to mutter onto himself.

“Shoji...” The Ronin replied. “I believe you now have your answer. However, I, for 1, strongly detest insubordination. Especially in the time of war. Your ambitions to lead are sorely misguided and an embarrassment to yourself and this clan and since you aspire to challenge my authority, I have the perfect opportunity for you to prove yourself; you will face me on iNtense...inside The Pitt...”

The entire assembly looked amongst themselves as the Arena of Champions were overheard with the impromptu announcement.

“It’s simple; IF you prove successful in this endeavor, I shall personally commission you as one of my commanding officers to stand by my side, accompanied by a personal pick of Crimson Elite at your disposal...”

“And IF you succeed?” Shoji quipped.

The ninja clan general turned away from Shoji to quietly scowl coldly at Mamoru for several moments before walking past both The Crimson Order & Eiji...

“Now let us all claim to what that is rightfully ours...”

"O.G. Simpson"

The scene opens backstage in a small room backstage … Each of Them M’fn Goons sports various shining and gleaming articles of jewelry, and is dressed in casual clothing: Latrell Samuel wears a purple shirt, jeans and dark shades, and Khalil Straightgully wears jeans and a yellow t-shirt. Jewelz walks into the ring wearing an open, silk, purple, Versace shirt displaying his abs and chest, and a pair of matching silk yellow shorts along with countless articles of jewelry… Ruby Rocks sits in shorts and a t-shirt in the back of the room…

“Hear ye… Hear ye, my niggas….Girls…Goons… gOlden bOy promotions has just added a new member to its’ family.”

The Goons and Ruby look up curiously: Khalil and Ruby are more interested than Samuel.

“From now own, he’s our official ring announcer… To put it simply, He’s a real O.G.... An ambassador of the west coast if there ever was one… He’s from Sin City like me…

Slowly through the door… A jerry-curled, middle aged black man in gold glasses, a gold suit, with matching gold shoes comes into the ring…

“Meet our new ring announcer… ‘The Juice’ O.G. Simpson…”

Now, O.G. is not not to be confused with the likes of O.J. “The Juice” Simpson of football fame… The former was nicknamed such due to his initials.. O.G. on the other hand, gained his name from the dripping, wet, jerry curl locks he has sported for decades now…At the sight of him, Ruby and The Goons burst out in jovial laughter….

“Let’s get ready….”, O.G. begins in an announcing voice reminiscent of Michael and Bruce Buffer…With every word, the solid gold of his grill shines brightly..

“To shine on these motherfuckers… You feell me…”

Diamond, The Goons and Ruby clap and cheer at the prospects of the new team member of gOlden bOy Promotions.

“O.Ggggg...”, Samuel shouts out… Indeed, gOlden bOy Promotions new ring announcer, is in the truest sense of the word, a real OG… A bird of the same feather of the ballers, and thugs of gOlden bOy promotions…

Sarah Winterton(c) vs Charlotte

It was now do or die for Charlotte in her bid to finally get back the title that she had been chasing since last December. 2014 had not been kind to Charlotte Huber when she lost her title, lost a subsequent rematch at Unlimited and then had her arm slammed repeatedly into a car door multiple times. As this was going on, Sarah Winterton had gone on to hold the Starlets Title for a long time – longer than any current title holder in the company in fact. She was given one last chance to defeat Sarah Winterton in a Last Starlet Standing match – the first of its kind in jOlt. Charlotte had one last chance to either bring the title back to her side. If she lost the match, she would never get a title shot ever again.

This was for all the marbles and this one was going to get as physical as they come. And the fans were going to be in for a treat.

The fans turned their attention to the ramp as the lights quickly cut to black.

Two spotlights, one red and one pink, shined on the stage and started to flash as the opening chords to “Poker Face” by Lady GaGa started to echo throughout the building. The lights swirled and the fans gave a rousing ovation for the gorgeous and tantalizing former Starlets Champion, Charlotte!

She blew kisses to the fans at the top of the ramp and started to walk towards the ring with a serious look on her face. She had no elaborate costume for tonight, opting to wear a simply House hoodie and jeans – she was dressed more for a fight than a wrestling match. She slapped a few hands on the way to the ring and climbed inside the ring. One more time, she blew a kiss and when she did, a series of pink sparks rained from the turnbuckle posts as she got ready for the fight of her career.

She climbed into the ring and the religious Starlet climbed into the ring and said herself a little prayer before her match. The crowd was now jeering for the arrival of the personal assistant of the Starlet Champion, Desta. The portly business-like woman stood on the ramp and cleared her throat in exaggerated fashion, which only garnered more booing.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please rise and provide a mandatory standing ovation to a woman with the kindness of Mother Teresa... the elegance, grace, and dignity of Queen Elizabeth… the fighting spirit of Joan of Arc without all the crazy… the power and influence of Oprah Winfrey… and better hair than Michelle Obama… She is YOUR Queen of the Starlets! SARAH… WHITNEY… WINTERTON!”

"Pageant (Instrumental)" by Moi Dix Mois.

The former Heiress stepped out from the backstage area, holding that Starlet Championship over her shoulder. Winterton had a look of disgust as she stood atop the entrance ramp and gazed down at the ring at her competition for the evening. She was about to approached the ring…She climbed into the ring and the religious Starlet climbed into the ring and said herself a little prayer before her match. The crowd was now jeering for the arrival of the personal assistant of the Starlet Champion, Desta. The portly business-like woman stood on the ramp and cleared her throat in exaggerated fashion, which only garnered more booing.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please rise and provide a mandatory standing ovation to a woman with the kindness of Mother Teresa... the elegance, grace, and dignity of Queen Elizabeth… the fighting spirit of Joan of Arc without all the crazy… the power and influence of Oprah Winfrey… and better hair than Michelle Obama… She is YOUR Queen of the Starlets! AND SHE WILL END THE TITLE ASPIRATIONS OF THIS LITTLE RED-HEADED MENACE… SARAH… WHITNEY… WINTERTON!”

"Pageant (Instrumental)" by Moi Dix Mois.

The former Heiress stepped out from the backstage area, holding that Starlet Championship over her shoulder. Winterton had a look of disgust as she stood atop the entrance ramp and gazed down at the ring at her competition for the evening. She was about to approach the ring with the title in hand and held her prized possession for the world to see. The referee in the middle of the action rang the bell and held up the title.

The two women met up in the center of the ring. The normally elegant and showy Charlotte Huber was wearing street clothes for this fight while Winterton had chosen her standard attire for this battle.

“I told you that you can’t defeat me…”

She was shut up by Charlotte with some elbows to the face and rocked her back as the crowd cheered! They were firmly behind Mrs. Huber as she started to wail on the Queen with more good shots in the corner. She took her by the back of Winterton’s head and turned her around prior to slamming her into the turnbuckle. The fans were counting along with every shot.

“One! Two! Three! Four! Five!”

Charlotte pulled herself off of Sarah Winterton before she took her by the arm and whipped her across the far side of the ring. Winterton barely had any time to hit the corner because when she bounced back she walked right into a hard clothesline and nearly took her head off!

Riding on waves of energy from a pumped up crowd, Charlotte turned and waited for her antagonistic rival to stand again. When she tried to push her back up, Sarah threw a surprise knee up and caught the former champion in the gut before dragging her into the corner and smashing her face into the top turnbuckle!

“My Queen, you can defeat her!” Desta yelled.

The shots continued to come by Winterton as he pulled Charlotte back only to fire off a pair of wicked European uppercuts that caught her underneath the jaw. The ladies were going at this like this mathc meant everything to them and that’s how much the title meant to both – everything.

Winterton took her sweet time in the corner by rubbing her foot against the face of Charlotte in a bid to ruin her good looks, but the fiery redhead fought right back and the crowd was roaring for Charlotte as she wailed away at her with another flurry of elbows to the temple.

“I’m going to beat you!” Charlotte shouted.

The cries were returned with another stiff European uppercut from the champion which staggered her back into the corner. Winterton gave Charlotte another trip across the ring and tossed her into the corner before she charged and hit a shoulder right to the ribs. Charlotte was sucking air when the Starlets champion put a boot on her throat and started to choke the life right out of her. Desta was watching the action and cheered on her boss as she watched her go to work on the challenger. There was going to be no fancy wrestling between the ladies tonight who would be in the fight of their careers. With Charlotte hanging over in the corner now by an arm, Winterton took her sweet ass time walking across the ring looking for the chance to strike again before she jumped right at her and threw a running uppercut to the jaw.

Charlotte looked glassy eyed now as Winterton strutted around the ring like a proud peacock. The Starlets champion was acting like she already won the match and even turned around to give a thumbs up for Desta. When she turned around…


The former Starlets champion sprang back with a second life in her and nearly took Sarah’s head off her shoulders as the crowd cheered again. Charlotte headed to the ropes and when she came back a second time she fired off a second clothesline that nearly took her on her ass. Charlotte was ready to launch an attack when she took off the ropes and leveled the Queen of the Starlets with a running spinning wheel kick. She was hurt now when Charlotte lined up her target again and fired off…


The one armed neckbreaker put the Queen down! Charlotte was doing the best thing she could in this match by hitting move after move in order to wear down the champion. Winterton was in a tizzy now and was scrambling across the mat but Charlotte wasn’t done with her by a long shot. She kicked her in the chest again and this time snapper her over with a snap suplex that took the Queen into the mat. Charlotte rolled over and hopped back to her feet to allow the referee to count.

”One …

Two …

Three …

Four …

Winterton rolled over onto her belly before forcing herself up to her feet. Charlotte was already on her after the referee broke the count up and went at her again with a flurry of kicks to the chest. Sarah blocked one more and grabbed her by the leg before dropping into a stunner position across the knee, hurting Charlotte bad! Mrs. Huber stumbled around the ring until Winterton charged at her with an ugly shoulder tackle to the knee that took the leg out from under her! If she couldn’t stand, she wouldn’t be able to really win!

“Count her down! Count!” Winterton hastily said to the referee.

”One …

Two …

Three …

Four …

Charlotte was now starting to turn and used the ropes to get back to her feet, but now Sarah Winterton had created a weak spot that could easily be exploited! She had already broken Charlotte’s arm a few months ago and had enough killer instinct to possibly do the same to her leg if it meant keeping the title and keeping her biggest rival away from her for good.

Winterton rushed at her and delivered a kick to the leg that made Charlotte flip so hard that she took a dive right on her stomach. She was hurt and Winterton took full advantage by grabbing the leg and dragging her across the ring. Sarah exited the ring and took hold of the leg before she lifted it up and slammed the knee right into the ring apron.

Desta clapped and cheered for the Queen while Charlotte was left writhing in pain thanks to the viciousness of the Queen. Sarah Winterton had made it this long through her title reign by managing to cut every throat and take every shortcut possible in order to retain her prized gold and she was easily comfortable doing that in a match where there really were no rules.

She pulled back on the knee and slammed it a second time into the ring apron which made Charlotte cry out in pain. The Vegas Vixen was hurt in a very bad way now and Winterton finished things with a solid forearm to the jaw just for good measure before she climbed up to the apron and waved to the crowd mockingly. The Queen was now on the top rope and lined up her target carefully before flying off and connecting with a front missile dropkick! Charlotte was hurt and now the referee had the chance to count again.

”One …

Two …

Three …

Four …

The tenacious former champion rolled over and was starting to move which only made Sarah angrier.

“Five …


Seven …”

And she was back up again!

The Queen of the Starlets started to stomp her feet in the manner of a petulant child who wasn’t getting her way. She gestured to Desta and her chubby sidekick ran over and stole a chair from ringside so she could slide it into the ring. Winterton picked it up and was now ready to turn but Charlotte was quicker and kicked the chair back into her face!

The crowd loved watching Winterton get hurt and that’s when she stumbled around the ring holding her jaw in pain from having the chair kicked back at her in an awkward fashion. Charlotte limped over and pelted her with some fists to Winterton’s prized face.

“You’re gona get yours bitch!”

Charlotte leveled her with a short arm clothesline that knocked down Winterton once. She pulled up Sarah a second time and nailed another clothesline and then when she went for a third, only to turn around and drop her with a headlock elbow drop back into the mat! Now that she was down once again, Charlotte limped out to the ring apron and headed to the top rope. She was perched and ready to strike with a big cross body…

She was hit with the chair in mid air~!

The impact was sick and both ladies were down now as the crowd gasped after the heinous action by the Queen of the Starlets. The trick had turned against her, but now both were down as the referee counted again.

One …

Two …

Three …

Sarah and Charlotte each tried picking themselves up off the canvas but on this exchange Sarah Winterton was little bit quicker.

Four …

Five …

Winterton was now to her feet first as Charlotte continued to struggle.

Six …


Eight …

The crowd came back to life again! Charlotte was already hurting but she made a promise that she wasn’t going to stop until she became the champion once again and made Winterton pay for her crimes over the last eight months as the champion. The defending champion came right back at Charlotte and took out the leg a second time this time using a front dropkick to the knee. Charlotte went down and bit her lip as she gasped in pain.

Desta was the only person in the arena showing any support for the champion as she took the knee and slammed it down on the chair! Charlotte continued to writhe around the canvas while Winterton set up another big move by taking the chair and propping it up between the two corners. She took it back and propped her down before snatching her by the leg and heading to the outside again. The Queen was taking glee in delivering such punishment to her rival by slapping in a figure four leg lock and looking out to a crowd who was now wooing the move..


The hold was dangerous and could definitely do some lasting damage to the leg! Charlotte howled out and tried to break free of the hold, but there was nowhere for her to go as Sarah continued the punishment! She had the perfect gameplan of taking out the leg of the woman who rivalled her for the better part of a year in the Starlets division and if she couldn’t stand she couldn’t win. Simple as that.

After a very painful near minute in the hold, Winterton finally let go of the submission and rolled back to her feet as she watched the helpless challenger to the title try and get back up. She was hurt now in a very bad way and watched comfortably from the opposite corner now with the referee counting along.

One …

Two …

Three …

Four …

Five …

The challenger for the Starlets Championship was still in the fight and had trouble getting to her own two feet so she used the ropes in order to use the ropes as an ally to get back up.

Six …


Eight …

She was slow to rise again, but she continued to eye Winterton with a crazed expression. This was her last chance to succeed and she couldn’t fail now.

Nine …

And she stood again!

The Starlets champion couldn’t believe it! Charlotte was still in this match and she was back on her feet again. The crowd in attendance was loving this match the more brutal it got. Winterton angrily charged at her opponent but Charlotte sidestepped and she went flying head first into the very chair she set up earlier!

She was completely OBLITERATED by the bad crash landing and tumbled up and over to the outside now! Sarah Winterton was nearly unconscious on the floor while Charlotte was using the ropes to pull herself back up to her feet as the referee counted down the champion!

One …

Two …

Three …

Four …

Five …

Winterton was just now starting to stir on the floor as Desta rushed over to help her out. She was trying to run over as fast as she could and much to her credit, she had much speed for a bigger gal.

Six …


Eight …

And Desta helped the Queen to her feet! That cheating shrew had just helped the Queen of the Starlets to at least delay the possible inevitable but there were no rules against any of it! She helped the Queen manage to get back to her feet and the two women were about to start getting the hell out of there but Charlotte had other plans. Her pained leg be damned, she was already ready on the top turnbuckle and waited for her chance to strike…


She had just crashed onto both Winterton and Desta! Charlotte had returned and pledged that there would be no length she would not go to in order to pry the title from the waist of Sarah Winterton and that statement was proving to be so very true. All three women were down on the floor in the big space that would be used for the second ring prior to tonight’s war games main event!

“Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!”

The crowd was positively rabid for the action between two of the top female talents going in jOlt today! Less so for the pudgy sidekick, Desta, who was completely out cold after taking the majority of the moonsault. All three women were down and the referee had once again started the count.

One …

Two …

Three …

Sarah and Charlotte each tried picking themselves up off the floor now. Charlotte was up first and her own risky move may have done some more damage to the knee but she fought through the pain.

Four …

Five …

Charlotte used the ring apron to stand again and Winterton was just now getting her own bearings. Winterton was hurt in a very bad way now and was close to stirring.

Six …


Eight …


And she was back into the ring now, just barely! The Queen had stood up to her feet as Charlotte limped over and pulled her by the hair! Winterton shrieked before eating a punch to the face that sent her stumbling backwards into the corner! Charlotte was a one-legged woman in an ass-kicking contest but tonight she looked like she could still take the grand prize.

She hobbled over immediately to try and get some more of the Queen. She was ready to attack her on the ring apron and the beatdown continued as the fans continued to cheer for the former champion. She dragged the dead weight of the Queen back to her feet and when it looked like she was ready to finish things, Charlotte kicked the leg out form under her!

Charlotte was hurt now and that’s when Winterton picked her chance to strike. She grabbed Charlotte by the arms and turned her around on the ring apron propping her into the cross armed neckbreaker position. And now things were looking bleak…


The neckbreaker against the hardest part of the ring shook up both ladies, but by far Charlotte Huber had gotten the worst of the move and she fell lifelessly to the floor while Winteron was hanging on by a literal cable. She was upright enough to avoid getting counted out, but Charlotte was out. With the crowd jeering loudly, Sarah Winterton was raising fingers along with referee as they counted down Charlotte Huber and her chances of becoming the champion.

One …

Two …

Three …

Four …

Five …

Six …

The very smug Winterton was down one lackey, but she was looking very confident. She was very close to victory and would just need four more in order to be rid of her rival’s chances at getting to the championship for the rest of her career.

Seven …

Eight …

The fans were getting even louder now! Charlotte was using the ring apron to stand once again! She was slowly rising, but could she beat the count?

Nine …

Back up!

Charlotte rolled into the ritng while a bug-eyed Witnerton launched into another vicious frenzy of strikes to the face! She tackled her rival to the ground and continued to assault her viciously as the blows kept on coming. Charlotte tried to get her arms up but it was to no avail now as Winterton pulled her up. She was ready to strike once again and blocked a right hand only to return one of her own!

Sarah was looking punch drunk, but Charlotte continued to fight back with two more rights followed by a kick to the stomach. She turned her around and was dead set on landing her finishing maneuver called The Queen of Hearts, but the power move didn’t work due to the bad leg! Charlotte flipped over and was ready to strike. She shoved her into the ropes and rolled back…


The rolling chaos theory suplex nearly planted Charlotte on the back of her head! The crowd went silent now as Winterton let go of the pinning portion of the hold. She drilled her into the mat in a harsh manner completely and with it, her chances of keeping the title were looking pretty damn good. Sarah started to sit up slowly and watched as Charlotte hit the mat lifelessly.

“Goodbye, darling!”

Sarah Winterton was back on her feet and looking primed and ready for the big victory here tonight while Charlotte had yet to move after being unceremoniously dumped on her head. The referee was starting up another count again.

One …

Two …

Three …

Four …

Five …

Six …

“No! NO! NO!

That was Sarah Winterton frantically protesting with the referee as she watched Charlotte continue to fight back. The fiery redhead opened one eye and glanced up at the frayed facial expression of the Queen.

Seven …

Eight …

The fans were getting even louder now if that was even possible! Charlotte rolled herself back into the closest ropes possible and while she didn’t get up, she just barely managed to get out to the floor!

Nine …


Charlotte Huber had stood up just long enough to break up the count before she collapsed to the ground once again! She wasn’t going to give up or give into Winterton’s demand that she be rid of her and her title chances once and for all. But the viciousness was getting to her and rolled outside the ring in order to finish the job that she started.

While Charlotte was falling on the ground, Winterton rolled over to the announce table and started to rip off monitors and the rest of the stuff on the table. Michael Buhrman and Nathan Powers each backed away from the table as she cleared its contents right off. She was ready to finish things off once and for all as she yanked Charlotte back up and threw her on the table.

Orlando was booing loudly and the fans didn’t want any of the Queen as she finished things off. She was looking for a final end to the match. She had her set up and was going for a giant piledriver through the table!


Charlotte kicked her legs frantically and stopped her hated rival from doing the unthinkable. She did it again … no! Charlotte stood her ground and picked the leg out from under her! Charlotte then set her up…


The table didn’t break, but it did give about halfway! The impact from the belly to back neckbreaker shook up both ladies and the crowd was going wild!


Both women had fallen off the table and collapsed to the floor with neither woman moving now! If this match ended in some type of a draw, Charlotte would still not be able to challenge for the title any longer due to not winning. The referee had no choice and started to go for another count.

One …

Two …

Three …

Four …

Five …

Six …

Seven …

Eight …

Out from the wreckage, the fans started to see Charlotte rise to her feet first! She reached over with the crowd counting along. Winterton was just starting to crawl …


Winterton looked ready to stand up as she got to a knee ….

And then fell!



Charlott once again collapsed to the canvas once again and handed to be helped back up to the ring by the referee, but she had done in! Winterton had given Charlotte all that she could handle, but at the end of the day, she neutralized Desta’s interference, weathered the storm and became the NEW jOlt Starlets Champion! Charlotte was now in rarified air as she became only the second-ever two time Starlets Champion after the original pioneer of the division, Aria Murphy!

The crowd grew even louder in celebration now as her husband, Derrick Huber, and Adam Roebuck of The House came out to celebrate! The superheavyweights would be in action in tonight’s main event of the Tag Title War Games match, but for tonight it was celebration time as they entered the ring! The crowd applauded the giants as the surly Roebuck actually greeted Charlotte with a hug.

“Congrats, sweetheart.”

With the title now over her shoulder, she hugged the big guy right back.

“Thanks, hon…”

Charlotte then reached over and locked lips with Derrick Huber and the crowd cheered for the big kiss between husband and wife! The House had some gold back in their camp once more and if they had their way this would be a shade of things to come later tonight if they could beat eight other teams.

But for now the celebration was for Charlotte with not only a record-matching win, but a long road to redemption that had finally met its end.

Winner: Charlotte via Ten Count

"A Jolt of Defiance"


The fans rose to their feet at the sound: signs went up all around the arena declaring themselves part of the Tribe, one of the People of the Moon, and singularly aware of their Third Eye. A quick sweep around ringside showed several insane fans showing off their crescent moon tattoos.

All of that paled to the moment when the Relentless Champion emerged. Vizier ta Seti did not wait at the head of the ramp for the reaction: he simply continued forward. His head was covered by his hood, and the title belt shone in the glow of thousands of flashbulbs.

Before he entered the ring, Vizier ta Seti retrieved a microphone from Dean Carrington. He managed to do this without stopping his gait, and he slid under the bottom rope into the ring.

Vizier stopped in the center of the ring, facing the hard camera. He left the hood over his head, but unhooked the belt and hoisted it over his shoulder to another ovation.

Pause for effect, except Vizier ta Seti never did anything just for effect.

"People of the Moon!" he finally shouted into the microphone, bringing another ovation, and a chant of "VEEEEEE-ZHIER!" repeating.

"Your Champion has arrived."

Another cheer.

"I have ridden your support to this Championship, and I thank you for it. But the only way I can think to return that support is to defend it for your entertainment."

He raised his hands in a half - shrug motion.

"Where is my challenger? Where are the brave, take - no - prisoners athletes that I heard Jolt Wrestling is famous for? Why am I, the Champion who is called to defend his title against all comers, standing here without a single opponent to test me."

"Where is Landon Stevens?"

"Where is Omega?"

"Where is Aran Thompson?"

"Where is Sylo?"

"Where is Vince Jacobs?"

He paced.


Vizier stopped, and faced the entryway.

"I am supposed to be the hunted, but now I am the hunter. And I challenge any man, woman, and athlete in Jolt Wrestling to face me! Ring the bell!"

After a moment, the bell did ring. Vizier removed his hooded vest and dropped it on the mat, and stopped just in front of the ropes.




By this point, the entire arena was counting along.








The bell rang again, and the fans cheered as one. After a full minute, the cheers died down enough for Vizier ta Seti to address them one more time.

"People of the Moon!" shouted Vizier, drawing yet another pop.

"Jolt Wrestling... fears us."

"People of the Moon" by PUi played over the sound system again as Vizier ta Seti dropped the microphone on the mat, and the Relentless Champion exited the arena throug the crowd.

The fans would be vocal and unruly for quite a bit, so Rise of the Legends wisely went elsewhere.

Diamond Jewelz vs Providence

The lights in the arena go out, leaving the fans murmuring in the darkness. As "Stinkfist" by Tool begins to play, the jOltvision screen starts to come to life with a bright blue color followed by 10 golden letters scrolling up at once.


The familiar yellow beam of light appears from atop the jOltvision to the stage where Providence stands, bathing him in the light as he looks down at the ramp. Wearing his dark hooded robe, Providence slowly begins to make his way to the ring. The crowd's cheers begin to grow louder, as everyone is anticipation of his in-ring debut.

He walked slowly down to the ring, never looking up or to the side as he made the walk. Once at ringside, he methodically walked up the steps and through the ropes. Standing in the middle of the ring, with the yellow light having followed him the whole way, he finally lifted his head and pulled the hood back, with the lights coming back up and the yellow beam disappearing at the same time. A wintery mixture of boos and cheers hits the ring in anticipation of Diamond Jewelz’s entrance. The paradoxical superstar, hated by many for his bravado and attitude, and loved by just as many for the same, is jOlt’s biggest conundrum. He’s neither loved nor hated, but every fan in the arena is, because of his larger than life persona, invested in him in some way. All of the sudden ,the unfamiliar rifts of a rap song hit the arena; the jOlt crowd is dumbfounded by the tune, and the wintery mix of boos and cheers transforms into curious silence. The song is “I’m Getting Money” by O.J. The Juiceman. Through the curtains, dressed in a crisp, gold suit, O.G. Simpson, Jewelz’s newly acquired personal ring announcer, not to be confused with O.J. “The Juice” Simpson of football fame, bursts through with a golden mic in hand. The crowd responds with some jeers, but Simpson responds with a gleeful, golden smile. He makes his way into the ring, peers at Providence, and then stands prone in the center of the ring as the lights go off and a golden spotlight illuminates him.

“Ladies and Gentlemen.. gOlden bOy promotions is proud to present to you its finest product….”, Sampson bellows out.

The wintery mix of boos and cheers explodes again, at Sampson’s intro.

“He is jOlt’s reigning and defending gOlden bOy champion.. Measuring 6’3 inches tall… Weighing in at 230 pounds, or for our European brothers, 105 kilo’s of pure precious gold.. Being pure gold, he’s worth an estimated 5,000,000 dollars in weight alone…… He is.. Sin City’s most precious product.. He is… the “gOlden bOy” Diamond Jewelz.”

At the conclusion of O.G. Sampson’s entrance, “Gotta Take It” by Nipsey Hussle pipes into the arena. Diamond Jewelz bursts through the curtain with his gOlden bOy title around his neck. His signature gleaming, and glistening million dollar smile is covered by the shine of his title around his neck, but nonetheless, the rest of his articles of jewelry twinkle and gleam endlessly. Ruby Rocks tails Jewelz, clapping joyfully behind him. Jewelz, full of machismo, pauses his walk down the aisle and raises his arms as Ruby claps behind him.. Jewelz removes his title from around his neck and places it around his shoulders, revealing a twinkling and glistening purple and diamond smile… Jewelz makes his way into the ring with Ruby where, upon his arrival, he embraces his employee O.G. Simpson in the ring,… The two men’s grills are worth more than most people in the arena’s houses. Jewelz removes his various articles of jewelry, hands them to Ruby and then stands prone for battle.

The two men stood in their respective corners for a moment, but then as their eyes locked, they both knew the time had come to finally have their battle.

They both charged forward with fists flying, alternating blows until Jewelz ducked a Providence punch and kneed him in the midsection. Jewelz whipped his opponent into the ropes and sized him up for a lariat, but Providence ducked and instead grabbed DJ around the waist from behind and tossed him backward with a release German suplex.

As Jewelz held the back of his neck in pain, Providence was first to his feet, yanking DJ up and pushing him back into the nearby corner. Holding one of the ropes for leverage, Providence pounded Diamond's ribs with kicks, causing the Golden Boy to double over in pain. As he did so, Providence hooked his right arm around Diamond's head and then cradling his opponent's right leg with his left arm, lifted him up and back for a fisherman's suplex with a bridge.



Not surprisingly, Jewelz was able to kick out before the early pinfall attempt. Still, Providence was in control and pulled Jewelz to his feet to send him into the ropes again. This time, however, DJ held onto the ropes to stand his ground, causing Providence to change tactics and charge toward him.

Bad move.

As Providence moved in for the attack, Jewelz ducked down and sent him flying in the air with a back body drop. The landing was a rough one, as Providence crashed down in the large empty area where the second ring would be erected later on for the War Games match. He clutched his back in pain as Jewelz took a moment to recover. Seeing Providence start to get to his feet, Jewelz took his opportunity to attack. He charged forward toward the ropes and leaped into the air, launching himself over the ropes like a missile right into Providence, sending him back in a heap.

Back on his feet and now in control, Jewelz took a moment to flash his cocky grin to the crowd, who rained boos down on him as he kicked Providence in the head repeatedly. Each boot was accompanied by a little trash talking. Few enjoyed having the upper hand in a match as much as Diamond Jewelz.

After Jewelz tossed him back into the ring, Providence grabbed hold of the nearby ropes to help pull himself up, but he could barely get up as Jewelz followed him the whole way, methodically punching him in the kidneys from behind. Providence tried to fight back with a couple of rights, but Jewelz cut him off once more with a knee to the midsection. A second later, Jewelz tossed Providence back over the ropes once more, this time to the floor on the opposite side of the ring.

Many in the crowd grimaced in pain as Providence landed hard on his shoulder with an audible thud. The referee slid out of the ring to check on him, but so did Diamond Jewelz, and he was far less concerned with Providence's well being. Jewelz pushed the ref aside and grabbed a cable wire nearby, wrapping it tight around Providence's throat and pulling hard. Providence's legs thrashed about as he gasped for air, while Jewelz smirked as he looked down on his foe.

Jewelz released the hold finally, as Providence rolled away and slumped back against one of the barricades in a seated position trying to catch his breath. As he did that, Jewelz grabbed a nearby steel chair and held it up with both hands, readying to swing away at Providence's head.


Fortunately for Providence, he regained his senses just in time to slide out of the way of the chair. DJ kept stalking him, though, swinging the chair down two more times toward the floor, but Providence was able to roll out of the way both of those times as well. When Jewelz lifted the chair up a third time, Providence finally stunned him with a hard kick to the knee. That gave the newcomer enough of an opening to climb to his feet and drive the Golden Boy, back first into the steel ring post, causing a loud cheer from the crowd as Jewelz dropped to his knees in pain.

With Jewelz on a knee and holding his back in pain, Providence reached down to grab the chair and took his own swings, which connected once...twice...and three times across the back of Diamond Jewelz. Each shot seemed more furious than the one before it and after the third one, Providence stood triumphantly over Jewelz and tossed the chair into the ring.

Providence only gave Jewelz a moment's peace, as once the chair was tossed away, Providence lifted Jewelz off one knee and used his strength to slingshot Jewelz nearly the length of the ring to the opposite barricade. Again the Golden Boy was left in pain leaning back against the barricade and Providence went in for the kill.

But once again, Jewelz had a last-ditch move up his sleeve.

As Providence reached him, Jewelz quickly moved slightly to the side and used all his strength to hip toss Providence over the barricade and onto the concrete floor in the crowd. As Providence lay crumpled on the floor, Jewelz climbed over and dropped an elbow down across his throat. Once he was back to his feet, something caught DJ's eye.

One of the fans at ringside had a motorized wheelchair. And it made Jewelz grin.

With Providence struggling to one knee, Jewelz lifted the wheelchair up and tossed it right at Providence's face. It wasn't a clean hit, but the impact was enough to send Providence sprawling back down to the floor and giving Jewelz another chance to give a cocky salute to the crowd, many of whom responded with a one-finger salute of their own in return.

Kicking the wheelchair aside, Jewelz tossed Providence back over the barricade, followed him over and then tossed him back into the ring also. Once inside, Jewelz waited patiently in one of the corners as Providence made his way to his feet. As he started to turn back toward Jewelz, the Golden Boy ran forward...


Providence was flat on his back and Jewelz rolled back over for the cover...



THR-NO! The kickout by Providence surprised Jewelz slightly but only for a few moments. Jewelz laid in a couple of boots to the head and then rolled back outside the ring. This time, he went under the ring near one of the corners and pulled out a brown bag. He reached inside and from the bag emerged his hand holding a silver steel pipe.

"Yeah, nigga," Jewelz said to himself as he nodded. "Them Goons came through again."

With the pipe in hand, Jewelz came back in with a cold look on his face. Immediately he brought the pipe down on Providence's already injured left shoulder with a vicious swing. Then another. And another. And another. A fifth shot and Jewelz tossed the pipe down to the mat, spiking it in pleasure the way an NFL player would after a touchdown.

"Dat's what you get, nigga," Jewelz shouted down at Providence. "You wanna mess wit my glory, bitch? Dat's what happens to bitches that get in my shit!"

Hearing Jewelz shouting above him, Providence forced his head up to stare DJ straight in the eyes and with his own menacing glare shot a look back before raising a hand up to wave Jewelz forward, asking for more.

The crowd roared and Jewelz was incensed. He quickly reached back down and grabbed the pipe again, charging forward to rain more blows down on Providence. But Providence regained his senses and brought Jewelz down to the mat with a drop toe hold, sending the pipe rolling across the ring. Providence waited for Jewelz to get back to his feet and as the Golden Boy turned around, Providence caught him with a boot to the midsection and then planted him into the mat with a double-arm DDT. Providence rolled his arm back over for a cover...



Kickout by Diamond Jewelz. Pulling Jewelz to his feet, Providence started to run him toward the ropes to toss him over, but Jewelz caught him with an elbow to the ribs to halt him. As Providence grabbed his side, Jewelz grabbed him in a chancery and prepared to hit him with one of his signature moves, the Moissante Tester!

But again Providence fought it off first, landing a pair of punches to the ribs strong enough to get Jewelz to release the hold. Once that happened, Providence mustered up enough strength to toss Jewelz over the top rope, landing in a heap on the floor to the approval of the capacity crowd. The move left Providence on one knee momentarily, as he held his injured left shoulder. Precious seconds passed by before Providence could slide outside the ring to continue his attack. Unfortunately for him, that time had allowed Jewelz to find his brown bag and this time his hand emerged with another weapon...

Brass knuckles.

The front row crowd saw the knux in hand and tried to warn Providence but Jewelz was too quick, spinning around to catch him with a direct hit to the face. When Jewelz pulled Providence up from the floor, a trail of blood was trickling down from a cut just above his eyebrow. Jewelz caught him with another shot from the knux in the same spot before tossing them aside and tossing a few more choice words in Providence's direction.

Jewelz grabbed a chair from the floor nearby and tossed it into the ring. He grabbed Providence and began to bring him back in as well, but the dark-haired opponent elbowed Jewelz in the side of the head and then slammed his head against the edge of the ring. As Jewelz spun dazed, Providence grabbed him and locked DJ's head down between his legs before lifting him for what appeared to be a powerbomb. Instead, he dropped backward...


Diamond Jewelz's throat crashed down across the top of the barricade, causing yet another eruption from the crowd. Both men lay in a heap - Jewelz clutching his throat and Providence exhausted, having used a huge energy boost to pull off that move. The referee slid outside to check on both men, looking around and wondering what could happen next.

Both of them crawled toward the ring. As they rolled inside, Jewelz saw the lead pipe nearby and grabbed it before getting to his feet. He saw Providence on one knee and swung, but just as he did, Providence grasped the steel chair nearby and swung it up, hitting Jewelz's hand and knocking the pipe away. Providence dropped the chair to the mat and hoisted up Jewelz on his side for one...two...three...a triple backbreaker!

But that wasn't all.

Instead of just letting Jewelz fall to the mat, Providence lifted him one more time, his face grimacing in pain to show he was operating on sheer will. Then, he brought Jewelz crashing down hard with a side slam right on the steel chair! Sliding the chair away, Providence went for the cover...



THR-NO! Another kickout by Jewelz. Now it was Providence who was frustrated. He looked around and noticed the other chair nearby and took it toward one of the corners, wedging it between the second and third turnbuckles. But as he turned back toward Jewelz, the Golden Boy pulled himself up to one knee and stopped Providence dead in his tracks with an uppercut to the groin. Again both men were on the mat recovering for a few seconds before Jewelz made his way up and pulled Providence up as well. Eyeing the chair in the corner, Jewelz hooked Providence's left arm behind his back and drove him with incredible force shoulder first into the chair, causing it to careen to the floor.

Typically Jewelz would look toward his high flying 3,106.75 Carats to finish off his opponent. But tonight, seeing Providence in tremendous pain in his shoulder, he had something else in mind. He moved in slowly and as Providence got to his feet with his back toward Jewelz, the Golden Boy made his move...


Diamond Jewelz locked in the cross-faced chicken wing, which immediately put even more stress on Providence's injured shoulder. It appeared he had nowhere to go and with no break in the Underground Rules match, the ropes wouldn't be a saving grace. Jewelz kept cinching it in tighter and harder as the crowd tried to cheer Providence on.


Jewelz shook his head defiantly, yelling at Providence to give up. The ref kept checking but Providence kept refusing. Still, the pain was obvious and he appeared to be fading, as Jewelz sensed a victory.

Then....destiny changed.

Pulling together one last burst of energy, Providence let out a yell and powered backward to slam he and Jewelz into a corner. Jewelz maintained the hold at first, but Providence was able to slam back against him a couple of more times with his head and upper body to break the hold. The two weary competitors turned to face one another and somehow each man ignited again, trading rights and lefts in a fury that brought the crowd to its feet. Then, Jewelz took the advantage with a thumb to the eye and before Providence could recover, he charged out of the corner with a clothesline to knock his opponent to the mat.

As he did so, Jewelz slowly made his way outside the ring again, once more to the brown bag at ringside. This time, he emerged with one final item - what appeared to be a can of mace. He sprayed it a couple times toward the ringside crowd, snarling at them and showing them what was in store for Providence.

As he rolled back inside, Jewelz made his way toward Providence with the mace in hand, but Providence saw him coming and reached up, holding the mace away. The can sprayed a couple more times as the two men jostled and for an instant, the nozzle was only inches from Providence's eyes...

But before Jewelz could find his target, Providence's fighting turned the can ever so slightly and this time when Jewelz pressed down on the release, the nozzle was directed straight at him, sending a huge spray of mace right into the Golden Boy's eyes!

"Ahhhh, fuck man, FUCK!" Jewelz yelled out in pain and instinctively dropped the can to reach up to his eyes.

It was the final opening Providence needed. He grabbed the confused Jewelz around the neck and shoulder and lifted him into the air...


Providence brought Jewelz down with the urange slam with tremdous force right on top of one of the steel chairs! The Golden Boy looked out and Providence made the cover...




The battle was finally over and the fans exploded with approval as "Stinkfist" began to play once more. While Jewelz remained down, Providence slowly made it to his feet, his arm raised in victory by the referee for a moment before he leaned to his right to grasp onto the ropes for assistance. Providence may have won the match, but it was obvious as he slowly left the ring that both men had lost a little something in this war.

Winner: Providence via Pinfall

"Sons of the Orient"

The scene opened with a Royal Blue backdrop and a creative logo entitled ’The Fast Layne’ with the camera finally training itself onto the forming smile of the broadcast’s host himself. Sporting a Black tailor made suit w/ a complimentary silk Blue Tie he was seen smoothing out before squaring his shoulders to face the public...

“Welcome jOlt Wrestling fans, both here and abroad, to ’The Fast Layne’! I am your host, Donny Layne and I am here with one of the nine teams that will, no doubt, compete in tonight’s Main Event; the inaugural War Games Match to determine the fate of the jOlt World Tag Team Championships. Now this team are no strangers to neither jOlt television nor in their pursuit of the elusive championships in question...Representing the Inogami Clan; they are The Crimson Order...”

Both ninjas would saunter forward with Takeshi adorning his high tech barbarian-esque type attire and Heido swathed in a Pearl & Obsidian traditional male kimono and obscured by his tattered Coolie Hat as both men positioned themselves next to Layne whom was turning to properly address them.

“Gentlemen...” Layne opened. “Welcome to the broadcast. We are pleased to have you here this evening.”

“The pleasure is ours...” The Kansai Crippler mentioned as Takeshi was quietly clasping onto each wrist and wringing his fingers while rolling his neck in hindsight.

“Well, you both have had a few opportunities to contend for the Tag Team Titles and at every turn, somehow, the very belts that you both covet, have proven to be very elusive to you both so given the nature of both this match and the grand assembly of opposition set before you both tonight, what do you both aspire to do differently in order to change your championship fortunes this evening?”

The camera panned over slightly to focus on the ‘voice’ of the Crimson Order, who was heard quietly clearing his throat.

“There are no other teams on this roster that overstand the definition of Sacrifice than The Crimson Order...” Heido opened. “This promotion...this division is inundated with talented tandems throughout its esteemed ranks; from top to bottom, it is a literal dogfight for tag team supremacy. Even our most esteemed rivals that are currently in possession of the very belts we aspire to hold, are just as formidable as they are overtly cowardly in their methods.”

The Hands of the Cause...The House...The Heirs of Wrestling...The reVolt...The Faction...It makes no difference as to whom Takeshi & I are destined to face tonight; 1 by 1...they shall all fall...This is War Games; No Disqualifications. No Pinfalls. Eliminations only by way of Submissions or Knockout...This is what Takeshi and I were bred for...This is what we live for...This environment is our mutual passion in which we shall thrive...we have been personally groomed to instill gratuitous violence upon our opposition and what better stage to cement our unified legacies than on this very evening?”

Heido slowly veered his head towards Layne.

“We had sacrificed our opportunity to showcase our abilities at Wrestlecade...An opportunity that many would have given everything to participate. Many for self serving reasons yet we, as a team, had to admit to ourselves that we were not ready. There was much that required that made that decision, at the time, difficult yet necessary. Now, standing before the eyes of millions, is a matured team. A unique pairing, both ready to bleed & shed blood in the name and honor of our clan and ourselves respectively...we are very precisioned with our techniques and avid penchants more than willing to dispense innovative brutality at leisure and moreover, fully prepared to assume our proper mantle as this promotion’s new Tag Team Champions...”

The crowd were overheard responding in kind as Heido casually removed the tattered hat from his crown. A icy and unsettling stare radiated at Donny leading him to uncomfortably clear his throat.

“Let it be know both here and now; The Crimson Order are declaring Open Season on every team that dares to enter that hellish structure...” Heido mentioned while standing face to face with Layne, quietly popping his knuckles before clearing his throat. Takeshi’s jaw was seen shifting.

“No team is safe in that cell. Not a single one. So tonight, at Rise of the Legends, the world shall remember that this was the event where The Sons of the Orient rose to the occasion atop the backs of the bloodied and broken of this promotion’s elite to claim what they have been long denied with extreme prejudice...the jOlt World Tag Team Championships.”

The Arena of Champions were overheard cheering in hindsight as Heido slowly removed his tattered Coolie Hat and held it against his chest while holding an unsettling calloused glare at the interviewer for several moments. Donny was faintly overheard swallowing the lump in his throat.

“So with all due respect, Mr. Layne; we are done here....” Heido seethed.

The ninjas coldly walked away from Layne with Takeshi snorting at him before following suit. Donny reared his head back and watch the Crimson Order delve deep into the arena’s recesses as the scene faded away...

Mack Brody vs Ninja K

Two men.

One grudge.

One man’s mission to prove to himself and to his peers that he belonged at the top of the card.

One man’s mission to stave off the young lion that wanted his throne.

Ninja K and “Midas” Mack Brody. One has been one of the top stars in some time and the other is a bonafide star on the rise. The man called SuperMack has been on a mission the last three months to finally prove himself by defeating a man who he felt was at the top of the industry. Their first match ended in a no contest. Their second match ended in the favor of Ninja K. The third match was a six-man tag between The Heirs of Wrestling and Clan Inogami that saw Mack Brody get the win. Tonight was one more opportunity for SuperMack to finally get a decisive singles victory over the former Underground Champion and Hall of Fame-level athlete Kenshiro Inogami.

Neither side would have anybody at ringside due to what was on the line. These two men did not hate each other by any stretch, but they were both proud and competitive athletes. Words had been exchanged and fights have even broken out between the two men and their respective stables. Now this was the chance for Mack Brody to put up or shut up. And this was Ninja K’s chance to stave off the rising star. Ninja K also had beaten Mack Brody once before at Breakdown by running out Mack’s endurance. Did Mack have a different strategy for Ninja K tonight or would Kenshiro adapt and survive the onslaught of perhaps jOlt’s physically most powerful man once more?

Dean Carrington was ready for the next match to begin.

“The following contest is a grudge match scheduled for one fall!” Dean Carrington announced.

“The following contest is a grudge match with at 30-minute time limit! The Heirs of Wrestling and the Crimson Order are all banned from ringside for this match!”

“What You Know” by T.I.

What you know about that?
What you know about that?
What you know about that?...M

The Arena of Champions began rocking along with the bass heavy Southern anthem as a streaming collage, laden with the acquisitions of success & the array of destruction created by a hulking wrestling phenomenon. Brilliant flashes of Gold, Emerald & Pearl would dance along the entire entrance staging area and throughout the vast arena before the Bronze Bomber rhythmically lumbered forward from the back. Donning a Solid Black sleeveless shirt with ’Gold ‘N’ Mine’ etch in Gold & Silver emblem, the Super Mack slowly turned his back toward the fans briefly before slowly extending his arms outward, prompting several brilliant plumes of Golden sparks to rise.

“First, making his way to the ring… from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 312 pounds… this is the man called SuperMack… MACK BRODY!

The man nicknamed SuperMack pensively approached the ring and unlike most opportunities where he played to the crowd… he didn’t any more. He and the Heirs of Wrestling had been one of the most decorated tandems in wrestling today – however, tonight was about proving that Mack Brody the man without a team or without a hand to hold could be every bit as good as he wanted.

He entered the ring and slammed a fist into the mat in emphatic fashion, sparking up an explosion of golden-hued pyro from all four turnbuckles. Brody was ready. He and the Heirs were no stranger to high profile matches. They had main evented various editions of both iNtense and Warriors and defended the Tag Titles against a bevvy of different opponents, but tonight Brody needed the performance of his own solo career and make up for what was an ego-crushing defeat at Breakdown. Could he do what he set out to do and defeat Ninja K once and for all?

The abrupt submersion of darkness brought forth a rousing response. The random sources of incandescence perforated the blackened landscape for several brief moments...

”Vicarious” by Tool.

Entrance 105 D became the strobe lit smoking portal of choice as the former Underground Champion sauntered forward and casually scanned the horizon. Shrouded in the hues of Crimson & Onyx, the former Xtreme Wrestling Federation Champion began his march toward the ringside area. The crowd was very responsive to the man known by many as the Athletic Freak of Nature. He was an island alone tonight as he walked towards the ring with his unchanging stone-faced gaze.

“And his opponent… from The Kansai Prefecture of Osaka, Japan… he weighs in at 245 pounds… he is the former Underground Champion… Kenshiro Inogami… NINJA K!

Ninja K walked up the ropes and the few lights left in the arena focused on the multiple-time champion as he stood on the top turnbuckle, perched with perfect balance as he gazed at his gargantuan opponent. Kenshiro was no stranger to wrestling against some of the biggest and baddest. Between the two men there was a measure of respect underneath the surface. But there was room for only one man to call himself the best tonight and we would find out who that was. Inogami approached Brody in the center of the ring as the referee in the middle – Simon Boulder – called for the bell.



The crowd was already amped up for what was to come. Last time these two men met in a one-on-one setting was at Breakdown where Ninja K and Mack Brody had wrestled to a thirty-minute classic only for Brody to lose via submission with just seconds to spare. That fact was weighing heavily on his mind as he approached his rival of the last several months. Did he learn anything from his previous match with Kenshiro and work with any new tricks up his sleeve or did the patriarch of Clan Inogami have his number?

SuperMack locked horns with Ninja K and the two men picked up right where they left off at Breakdown! Brody tried to take over immediately with a Headlock that kept The athletic Freak of Nature in his tracks. Ninja K elbowed his way free and pushed him back into the ropes before breaking free to slap on one of his own. Kenshiro tried to keep the big monster at bay, but Brody punched his way free now and backe dup towards the ropes to send him flying to the other side of the ring. When he came back, Ninja ran right into a brick wall called Brody.

The crowd laughed when Brody stood there and dusted himself off after Ninja K’s first failed attempt at knocking the big man over. Ninja K remained stoic as ever and rushed off to the ropes again only to run right back into him again… but no effect. A third time yielded a different result...


Brody roared to life after the big shot knocked him right down! He wasn’t going to play any games with Ninja K this time. The former Underground Champion had defeated him at Breakdown and didn’t let SuperMack forget about it so he picked up Ninja K whipped him far off to the corner and FLOORED Kenshiro with a Running Knee Strike to the gut in the corner!

Brody then charged out of the corner and took Inogami with him before launching right back and BLASTING him with a Running Knee Lift to the face! Ninja K went down hard and Brody went for a cover immediately!



Kenshiro with the shoulder! The two competitive men had enough fights between them to know what the other’s movements were. Brody decided that the best defense was a good offense. He pulled Ninja to his feet and elbowed the patriarch of Clan Inogami three times before hoisting him up in the Suplex position. When he got Kenshiro up overhead, he dropped a knee in mid air and made the big man drop him.

Brody went on the offensive and tried to swing with a big right when Ninja K ducked and ran off the ropes. A big elbow missed off the opposite side and when Ninja K came back he came right at Brody with a Flying Elbow Smash to the face that actually stunned SuperMack! The heavy for the Heirs didn’t go down, but he teetered against the ropes just enough for Kenshiro to launch another offensive.

The crowd was on fire for the action between the two men as Kenshiro reached over only to get struck with a big Elbow Smash to the face that rocked him. Brody watched as Kenshiro stumbled around and then ran off the ropes only to see Inogami rushing right behind him, catching him with a Jumping Heel Kick that sent Brody tumbling backwards into the ropes a second time. He remained posed against the ropes and that allowed for Ninja K to hit the ropes again and come back with a Running Front Dropkick to the chest that knocked him clear through the ropes and out to the floor!

As Brody scrambled to the floor to regain his composure, Ninja K wasted no time going on the attack himself. Brody had launched the first strikes of this contest, so he was going to match his intensity and could very well exceed it. Kenshiro was on the apron now when he jumped…


The shot caught Brody clean between the eyes and knocked the monster right down! Kenshiro Inogami landed on his feet and the former Underground Champion took in the monstrous reception from the hyped-up crowd. While the fights between the men were getting a little more personal between the two, they were both proud athletes and fan favorites first. Kenshiro wasn’t going to take a countout loss so he used some muscle to get the 300-pounder up before rolling him back inside the ring. After he did that, he headed to the second rope and waited…


And off the second rope, no less! Kenshiro and Brody had both come out swinging, but it was Brody who was on the receiving end of punishment as Kenshiro rolled into the cover.




Brody kicked out despite having the 245-pound Inogami nearly crush him with the double-footed Stomp. Ninja K snatched Brody up by his hair and pelted him with some sharp kicks to the leg in order to work over the big man. When Brody swung with his elbow, he moved and caught SuperMack with two more shots before dropping him with a Dragon Screw! Brody tumbled over now and Ninja K quickly segued into a twisting Leg Lock that had him trapped in the middle of the ring. Simon Boulder checked on him.

“Brody do you give up?”


The Man Called Midas got his other leg up and kicked away at Kenshiro in his side just enough to finally get him to let go. Kenshiro was like a pitbull and went for the leg again, but now it was SuperMack’s turn to strike when he levelled with a series of Clubbing Forearms across the side of his head! Brody did his best Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy impression and continued to maul him before another solid right dropped Inogami to the mat.

He picked up him up again and threw him over the ropes before starting to set him up for the familiar ten Clubbing Forearms to the chest that he named in tribute to his massive biceps…. The Ten Gun Salute!


The forearm was blocked by Ninja K who then turned and grabbed him by the neck. Brody landed a right that stunned him and when he followed out to the ring apron, he went back with a right once again and now Ninja K was trapped and right where he wanted him…



And a kiss for the bicep for his troubles that the crowd cheered.


SuperMack was in control now and then took Ninja K up over his head before he set him up for the Vertical Suplex! After he snapped him up and over, Brody rolled over and went in for the win.



Barely a two-count! It was going to take a hell of a lot more to beat a man that had been renowned for his toughness. When he tried to get Kenshiro back up again, he stopped him with a stiff Throat Thrust to the neck that rocked SuperMack and he followed that up with a Jawbreaker. He finished off the combination with a series of STIFF Elbow Smashes to the face! He landed a series of nasty shots to the head and charged off the ropes only to get snatched up by the big man…


The ring had nearly shaken from the impact after he landed and now he was looking to finish this match off. He pushed Kenshiro to the canvas.



T… NO!

Another shoulder by a resilient Kenshiro. The Mack Truck forcibly picked up Ninja K again and pushed him into the corner, not letting him get any kind of opening in. SuperMack got into position and unleashed a vicious series of Shoulder Thrusts in the corner! Five good shots doubled him over before Mack grabbed him by the arm and launched him cross-corner. Brody got himself into position and charged before CRUSHING him with a Corner Clothesline! Kenshiro’s head snapped back after the impact and Brody rolled him over before going into another lateral press.




Kenshiro wasn’t going to stay down despite Brody’s best efforts, but Mack was ready to go back into action again. He picked up Kenshiro and a pair of headbutts rocked the former Underground Champion as he stumbled backwards into the ropes. The monstrous Heir ran off the ropes and when he came back to the ropes only for Ninja K to catch him HARD in the face with a Backflip Kick! Brody was stunned while Kenshiro lived up to his “Athletic Freak of Nature” moniker and landed the ring apron feet first!

The crowd popped for that and popped even louder when SuperMack charged only for Ninja K to jump up and catch him flush between the eyes with another Leaping High Kick from the ring apron! He measured up his target and executed…


The Dragon Clutch in the ropes! The big man was trapped, but it wasn’t going to be for too long! Simon Boulder started the five-count to make Kenshiro release the submission hold, but again he was trying to wear out Mack Brody.


Ninja K did no such thing so that’s when he started the mandatory count.


He released the hold and let Brody go at long last. It was only a few seconds of the move, but anything that could take the wind out of his sails to give himself the advantage. Ninja K then waited and posed to the top rope…


The kick landed right from the front and dropped the big man! SuperMack was down and the crowd cheered for Ninja K as he rolled over and hooked the far leg of Brody.




Brody kicked out, but that didn’t deter Ninja K from going on the attack some more. He unleashed a flurry of kicks to the back of SuperMack as he rose again and then adjusted with a Penalty Kick right to the chest! Brody sank over before Ninja K landed his signature Standing 450…


He landed the move to perfection as the crowd exploded! Kenshiro stayed on top of the big man and hooked the legs for the cover.




The crowd was amazed with the strength of Brody for powering out with a lot of authority after the series of big moves! He tried standing up to his full height, but another flurry of kicks from Kenshiro punctuated by a big Left High Kick caught him upside the head! Brody rocked backwards and stumbled into the corner which allowed for Kenshiro to continue going on the offensive.

Ninja K got himself a running start and bounced off the opposite corner as he came back and landed Double Running Knee Strike to the chest! The blow stunned him and Brody started to stagger towards the center of the ring as Kenshiro sprang off the ropes…


THE 24K!

He got THROWN nearly the majority of the way across the ring with an amazing Release Exploder Suplex! Kenshiro skittered across the ring before coming to a stop near the ropes. Brody rolled him over and pulled him away from the ropes to allow for no mistakes as he tried for the win again.




“Damn it!” Brody said as he sat up to his knees, holding up three fingers to the referee. Simon Boulder only flashed to up so the match was going to continue.

He muscled Kenshiro back up and let out a guttural roar as he pushed him all the way back into the corner overlooking the timekeeper’s table. Inogami let out a grunt after having the wind knocked out of him before Brody set him up on the top turnbuckle. The crowd was starting to come to life as he maneuvered him up to the top turnbuckle and waited. Mack started to climb…


Kenshiro was STILL full of plenty of fight and tried to stop SuperMack from whatever big move he had planned off the top turnbuckle, but Brody fought back with two shots of his own followed by another Headbutt right between the eyes. He was rocked considerably and after Ninja K got punch and headbutt-drunk, Brody headed up and started to prop him up for what looked like a Superplex…


A DELAYED Superplex, bitches!

He HELD up Ninja K high over his head and propped him up high over head as the crowd looked in utter astonishment.

Five seconds…

Ten seconds…



“THAT WAS AWESOME!” Clap Clap-Clapclap
“THAT WAS AWESOME!” Clap Clap-Clapclap
“THAT WAS AWESOME!” Clap Clap-Clapclap
“THAT WAS AWESOME!” Clap Clap-Clapclap
“THAT WAS AWESOME!” Clap Clap-Clapclap

The crowd was already alive with cheering as both men remained down on the canvas after such an incredible move! The impact was great to both men and the crowd was on their feet cheering such an insane burst of strength from SuperMack! The heavy for the Heirs of Wrestling had no doubt lived up to his name as he rolled over and even stacked up the legs of Kenshiro!




Kenshiro had just BARELY kicked out of the move and Mack was in shock that his biggest power move of the match hadn’t put him away! Now shit was going to get serious because Brody had just taken off both of his leather gauntlets and threw them down on the ground.


Brody was egging on the groggy Ninja K as he tried to stand to his feet once again only to get stunned with a Toe Kick. He was setting him up for a big time move… actually, his biggest move yet. He powered him up over his shoulders and he was going for the kill…


Ninja K slipped out the back and The Athletic Freak of Nature landed on his feet. He was caught off-guard with a vicious back elbow from Brody before he could really catch anything and then whipped him off to the ropes once again. When he charged he delivered a knee to the chest that once again knocked the wind out of Kenshiro. Brody turned around and charged into the ropes but he was cut off…


He executed a Running Handstand and blasted Brody right between the eyes as he rocked him back against the ropes after one of his best moves! Brody actually got a cut on the side of his forehead after the shot and was sprawled out against the ropes as Ninja K rolled up to his feet and tried to shake the cobwebs out after Brody’s big series of moves.

Ninja K slid back into the ring and he jumped off the ropes before he measured up his target on the outside and came down on him with a Somersault Suicide Senton over the ropes and out to the floor!


The roof was blown off the Arena of Champions! The blow sent Mack Brody and Kenshiro crashing into the ground near the replaced announce table! Luckily they had a makeshift table to them after the crazy brawl that was the Last Starlet Standing match earlier in the night!

The crowd was even louder now as Kenshiro picked himself up off the mat and started to maneuver Brody so the big man was sent back into the ring underneath the ropes. Kenshiro headed to the top rope in one fell swoop as he waited for his target. He turned around and landed a big Springboard Moonsault to the Bronze Bomber! He reached over and sat on top of his chest.




That sequence of incredible aerial moves from the patriarch of the Inogami Clan still wasn’t enough to get the job done against a man that wanted to fucking win here tonight. Just a little over twenty plus minutes into this match and Ninja K showed no signs of stopping. He went to Brody and helped the giant back to his feet before unleashing a stiff barrage of Uppercuts intent on dazing the big man from Philly.

He tried to lock in the big Full Nelson once again looking for the Japanese Skull Splitter, but SuperMack stopped him him in his tracks with a trifecta of elbows to the side of the head. Ninja K caught him with a low Spinning Kick to the chest to double him over and ran off the ropes to come back for a bigger kick when Brody lunged forward and stopped him with a Kitchen Sink Knee Lift! The Athletic Freak of Nature landed on his stomach as a heaving and panting Brody started to wait. He charged again at the big man when this time, Kenshiro got up a boot to the side of the head that rocked him. This time, it was Kenshiro’s turn to head to the ropes with a Handspring into someTHE GOLDDIGGER!

No way!

Mack Brody STOPPED him by catching him over his shoulders and DROPPING him hard with an Argentine Backbreaker! The crowd was amazed at the timing and execution of the counter, but the big man did it! He still had a few tricks left in his sleeve as he hunched over and rolled into a cover by laying his body over Inogami’s and hooking a leg.




Timing was everything and on this occasion, the timing just wasn’t enough! Just barely, Kenshiro eked a shoulder out from under the big man and the match had been even more physical than their last fight!

Brody had to think of something quickly if he wanted this win. He wanted the opportunity to prove that he could succeed on the biggest stages and among the upper echelon of jOlt’s elite and there were few in that class quite like Kenshiro Inogami. He slammed a fist down into the canvas in exaggerated fashion to let the crowd know what was going down as they started to cheer some more.

“You’re done, Kenshiro!”

He picked up The Athletic Freak of Nature off the canvas and booted him in the chest. This was his third time going for it and hopefully this could be the charm. He snagged him up and set him up in the Gutwrench position when suddenly, Ninja K sprung to life and landed a chop block to the leg! Brody yelled out in pain as Kenshiro rolled away and gathered speed off the ropes. Brody swung at him with a Clothesline that missed, but off the rebound the gigantic Gamengiri kick to the face did not! With all that speed behind him, he rolled over seamlessly into cover on The Bronze Bomber!




Brody was NOT going to quit as he got the shoulder up, albeit weakly this time. Kenshiro, even after all this time, remained undeterred as he kneeled forward and connected with an alternating series of extra-STIFF Round Kicks to the head! The fourth blow got him into the position he wanted when he took off to the ropes and a Buzzsaw Kick clipped him in the side of the head! He fell on top of the cover!





The shots just weren’t going to stop, it seemed! Both men wanted this badly. Kenshiro and Mack Brody both wanted to follow up on the momentum of the other’s respective wins from WrestleCade, but that’s where their similarities ended. Brody wanted this to get to that next step in his singles career. Ninja K wanted this in order to preserve his current legacy and show any other interested parties that he was not to be anybody’s stepping stone.

Ninja K picked him up off the canvas and tried for a kick that just barely missed, but he adjusted himself and stunned Brody with a sharp Palm Strike. Brody ELBOWED him with an extra-vicious shot of his own! Now the two men were trading strikes yet again as they looked to finish things! Brody charged in with THREE more hard Clubbing Forearms to the sides of the head as he tried to maul Kenshiro like a golden grizzly. Kenshiro still fought back defiantly with elbows of his own and the strike party went on again.

Clubbing Forearm!

Elbow Smash!

Clubbing Forearm!

Elbow Smash!

Clubbing Forearm!

Elbow Smash!

Forearm! Forearm! Forearm!

The blows stunned Ninja K, but a Low Spinning Roundhouse Kick doubled him over Brody was powerful, but Ninja K had found a way to successfully negate the power advantage of the former two-time Tag Team Champion as he waited for him to get back up again. Kenshiro swung again and elbowed him to the back of the head, but Brody returned fire with an even BIGGER right! Kenshiro viciously swung again and elbowed him three or four times, even firing off a big elbow that sent him bouncing off the ropes…


The crowd EXPLODED and Mack Brody unleashed a devastating Discus Punch counter that nearly MURDERED Ninja K via caving his skull! Both men were down and out now on the canvas as this hard hitting match continued. Boulder waited for both men to get up but when neither man did, he counted.






Brody was up first and started to slam a fist on the mat to get a rhythm going as the crowd started to clap along with the powerhouse. The Bronze Bomber was starting to feel it now as Kenshiro





Ninja K was up!


Brody swung for the fences…


Snap Reverse STO connected and dropped Brody into the mat! Ninja K rolled him over in one fluid motion...


No way! Out of nowhere, Ninja K caught Brody and dragged him down to the ground before he slapped him into the submission! Brody was winded again and over the course of the match, Ninja K wasn’t going to let go! Despite everything that Brody had thrown at him, things weren’t going his way!

The submission had his neck constricted in a very bad way and to make matters worse, Brody was in the center of the ring with nowhere to go! Brody had lost to this very same submission once before and struggled to the ropes trying to escape!


Brody looked at the ropes as the hold was clinched in tight! SuperMack couldn’t believe that Ninja K had played possum like that, but the man that he challenge to prove himself in the upper echelon of jOlt’s finest athletes held that very spot for a reason! Boulder leaned over to ask him one more time!



Brody was locked in the modified version of a Crucifix crossface submission but he was STILL STARTING TO STAND!


He was back up to his feet and even Ninja K grew wide-eyed at this display of strength! Brody had managed to power himself back up and out of the submission and he staggered backwards to the ropes and SMASHED him! Again and again and again into the corner until he broke free of the hold! The crowd roared as he collapsed to his knees, but he had SURVIVED the Imploding Star!

As tight as he held it in, the submission did a lot of damage to Brody and he just barely rested in the opposite corner, now trying to create distance himself from his adversary. Ninja K was just starting to get up on the opposite side. He charged at him looking for a Corner Big Boot that Mack Brody stopped by dodging! Brody ran off ropes right behind him…


One of the most powerful moves in his arsenal– The vicious Running Body Block -- nearly took Ninja K an out of his boots as the crowd cheered and roared at the collision! Brody screamed to the masses in the Arena of Champions and they shouted back as The Bronze Bomber shook out the cobwebs. He was winded to all hell, but he picked up Ninja K off the mat and pointed across the ring. With some effort, he lifted him up and set him up over the shoulder…


The powerful Fire Thunder Bomb DRILLED Ninja K into the canvas and Brody quickly held on in the stacking pin position!





Brody was in complete shock! NOBODY up until this point in his entire career spanning around seven years had ever kicked out of the Midas Touch Powerbomb, but Ninja K was no ordinary man! They had thrown their biggest bombs at one another, but they had survived all of it and Brody was wondering what it would take to stop Ninja K once and for all!

He picked up off the mat a second time and powered him up for the Midas Touch Powerbomb out once again, but once again Ninja K scurried out! He slipped out the back and across his shoulders in order to drag him down into a Crucifix pin!




He was trying for the Imploding Star a second time! Brody saw it coming and frantically elbowed his way free and then rolled over into grabbing the legs! Ninja K didn’t know what was going on, but before he knew it, Brody limped back to his feet…


Brody HAD been working on a secret weapon after all and had him trapped in the Inverted Cloverleaf position, holding the legs and trying to break him in half! SuperMack used all the strength he could muster in his body as Ninja K was bent in a direction his body wasn’t meant to go!

The crowd was in awe of the deadly submission as Brody now leaned back, pushing forward on the legs while latching on the massive Bodyscissors!

SuperMack had dragged him back dead center into the ring and looked like he was absolutely ready to break him in half! He was tied up with nowhere to go!

Ninja K raised a hand…


Brody let go of the vicious looking hold and rolled away from his opponent! He had done it. After three months of feuding and fighting back and forth with one of wrestling’s most decorated men…


SuperMack rolled over and fell onto his back. Their first match had been longer than this one, but this one had been much more physical. Brody had learned from his previous mistake, stayed the course, worked over Ninja K and busted out an incredibly deadly submission move in order to claim the win here tonight.

After sucking in a lot of air, SuperMack had made it to his feet and leaned against the ropes in exhaustion as Ninja K started to stir himself. His rib cage felt like it was on fire after all the punishment that he absorbed form his young adversary. Brody stood up to his feet and he offered Ninja K a hand.

“Get up,” Brody said.

Kenshiro looked out to the cheering crowd around them before looking at the extended hand of his opponent. He glanced at Brody and then reached out to grab his hand as Mack pulled him up!

The crowd cheered the show of sportsmanship between the two men as Mack said something to him.

“I know what you think of me, but thank you for this match,” Mack said to Kenshiro. “I needed this.”

Kenshiro responded only with a sole nod of sportsmanship and held his rib with one free hand before being helped out of the ring. Tonight in a show that still had a lot of action to come, this had proven to be the biggest night of the young career of Mack Brody as he raised his hands and let out a roar that was reciprocated by thousands of others.

SuperMack had finally arrived.

Winner: Mack Brody via Submission

"Long Term Strategies"

The scene faded to the backstage area, but more specifically the office space of one Damien Lee. The head honcho running things on screen and behind the screen for jOlt wrestling, and at this point in the evening it looked as though he was pretty happy with the way Rise of the Legends was taking shape. Lee stood in front of a monitor just catching the ending of Mack Brody going toe to toe with Ninja K, then…


Lee took a deep breath and turned off the monitor. He then made his way over to his desk, straightened out his suit, and then plopped himself down in his comfy chair. He then shouted, “Enter!”

The office door slowly opened and into the room, still a little beaten up from his match earlier in the evening walked jOlt’s resident Anti-Star. A very calm, yet stern, look was etched over Ramey’s traveled face, yet Lee continued to smile.

“What can I…” Lee began, but was quickly cut off by the gruff ring veteran.

“Skip the formalities.” Ramey barked as he made his way over to Lee’s desk. “I’ve battled a sociopath with a thesaurus in his back pocket, a man who would rather shill his jewelry than actually compete in that ring, an Australian who thought he had a temper problem until he met me, a backstabbing giant, and now the two pieces of work that you’ve put me inside of the ring with tonight.”

“I may not have won my match tonight,” Ramey continued, “but I’m going to tell you one thing here and now. That match that you so easily threw into the curtain jerk position; will be the best match anyone of those fans in this arena are going to see the rest of the evening.”

“And as far as I’m concerned what was supposed to settle any kind of disputes between myself, Jimmy Martinez, or Jeremy Ryan, were not settled this evening.” Ramey stopped.

“How exactly do you not see that match as the end?” Lee questioned, “Jeremy Ryan beat both you and Martinez in the center of that ring, and from what I saw, pretty fairly as well.”

“If you would shut up for five seconds, I would explain my reasoning.” Ramey snapped, which took Lee by surprise a little. “Yeah, you see, I don’t care what you think about me. I know your type when it comes to working in this business, I’ve been around a lot longer than you ever have and I’ll be here longer than you last. I’m like a cockroach, no matter what gets thrown at me; I’m the one left standing still alive after the nuclear residue clears.”

“Now,” Ramey continued, “as far how this ‘little dispute’ between the three of us is concerned. I’ve beaten Ryan, Martinez has beaten Ryan, and tonight he beat both of us. This is a fucking stalemate you moron. We’re right back at square one here; no one has an advantage over the other we’re all on equal playing field yet again. I can tell you’re not the brightest crayon in the box though Lee, so I’m going to spell it out to you using large flashcards here so you truly get the message.”

“You want to keep your job.” Ramey paused, “Jesse Ramey, Jimmy B. Martinez, and Jeremy Ryan when placed in a ring together, that draws ratings.” Ramey paused, “Ratings equal revenue.” Ramey paused, “Revenue makes the investors of this company happy enough to let you continue to do your job.” Ramey paused one final time, “Understand?”

Lee sat quiet for a moment, thinking about the words that were coming from Ramey’s mouth, then broke his silence, “So, what are you proposing?”

A look of sheer stupidity crossed Ramey’s face as he brought his right hand up and rubbed it down his jaw line.

“It continues.” Ramey left a large break after those two words so that it finally sunk into Lee, “We take a break from each other on the next iNtense. Then we start a series of matches on the three iNtense shows leading into Thieves Honor. I’ll face Jeremy Ryan on one, Ryan and Martinez will square off on the next, and finally I’ll go up against Martinez on the show just before Thieves Honor.”

“The man with the best record at that point in time is declared the victor of this entire thing and then we’re finished.”

“What happens if you’re left with another of these stalemates that you speak of now?” Lee questioned.

“That’s where the final contingency plan comes into play.” Ramey continued, “If we’re still dead even at that point in time then we go into sudden death overtime. The record is wiped clean, we no longer look at what has happened in the past, and at Thieves Honor myself, Jimmy B. Martinez, and Jeremy Ryan meet in the middle of that ring one final time, only this time it’s triple threat elimination rules. The man standing at the end of the night has no way of complaining that they were cheated out of anything or saying that the fight continues, it’s over.”

Lee pondered on the idea for a moment, leaning back in his chair, “Done.”

“One final thing,” Ramey rattled off, “I know you’re going to be looking for a number one contender for the jOlt Championship coming out of Thieves Honor too. Considering you’ll be sticking your champion up against five other competitors on that night, you may as well make it a number one contender’s match as well, that way you’re guaranteed a contender to go up against your champion at Death Wish. You and I both know that long term planning doesn’t hurt business in the least and saves you the headache later on down the road.”

Lee smiled at the possibility and leaned forward in his chair, “You make a very good point there, fine. Consider it signed, sealed, and delivered.”

Ramey smiled at how easily he was able to manipulate Damien Lee into doing exactly what he wanted. The Anti-Star then slowly turned and made his exit out of the room leaving Lee with a big shit eating grin on his face.

Aran Thompson vs Sebastian Saje

When The Rebellion came in, Reno Davis and Mattock formed an alliance to try and stop them from taking over. The Rebellion ended up defeating that alliance at Breakdown. Chris Titan went four on one at the end of that match and almost pulled it off until The Rebellion came back out and interfered in the match, giving Sebastian Saje the win for his team. Chris Titan wanted revenge and was put through the wringer by Damien Lee, who was outed as the leader of The Rebellion on this historic iNtense 100.

Meanwhile, Aran Thompson had become a thorn in Damien Lee’s side.. especially when it came to Landon Stevens and the jOlt World Championship. At first, it looked as if The Rebellion and Damien Lee had struck a deal where they would take care of Aran in exchange for Damien Lee’s “gifts” in the form of title opportunities. When Aran discovered Lee’s secret, he announced it to the world and Lee wasn’t too happy.

On iNtense 101, Damien Lee was hell bent on not allowing Chris Titan to face Sebastian Saje at Rise of the Legends. He placed Titan in a match against the entire Rebellion and as predicted, Titan fell and lost his shot, however, Aran Thompson came out and called out Sebastian Saje in Titan’s place. Aran had already went through The Rebellion’s members and Saje was the last one in his way before getting his hands on Damien Lee. Lee shot down Aran’s request, but Sebastian Saje he came onto the main roster with The Rebellion to take the top spots and if he can’t beat Aran Thompson then the entire movement is for naught. Saje accepted Aran’s challenge and here we are tonight when Mr. Relentless takes on the mouthpiece for The Rebellion one on one!


“Onion” by ONE OK ROCK

The crowd hit their feet as the former three time jOlt Relentless Champion and the former jOlt World Champion, Aran Thompson, made his way out from the backstage area alone. Aran looked focused as he made his way down the aisle to the ring. Aran slid in under the bottom rope. There was no fancy entrance for him. Tonight, he was here for one reason and one reason only… to take on Sebastian Saje and get his hands on Damien Lee. The situation had reached a boiling point and Aran was ready to get the job done.

“Rescue Me” by Coldrain

Sebastian Saje also came out alone and to his personal theme rather than The Rebellion’s. It was only fitting since Aran’s words struck a chord with Sebastian Saje. Saje was right though.. if he couldn’t beat Aran Thompson, then what was the point of taking the top spots here in jOlt. The Rebellion even had some dissention during their match with Chris Titan on iNtense 101. If there was going to be any glue to keep this faction together.. right here.. right now, Sebastian Saje had to be that glue. He was making this personal.

Saje stepped up on the ring apron, not taking his eyes off of Aran Thompson. He stepped in between the ropes and stood there in case Aran tried to jump him. The music died down and the referee saw that both men were ready. He called for the bell.




Aran and Saje slowly circled each other in the ring, not taking their eyes off of one another. Eventually, they stopped and locked up with a collar and elbow tie up. Saje went into the side headlock, but Aran backed him into the ropes and put Saje down with a shoulder block. Saje kipped up to his feet and shoved Aran back out of frustration. Aran flipped off Saje and that drew him in as Saje charged toward Aran, but Aran side stepped and shoved Saje off to the ropes. Saje bounced off and Aran hit another shoulder block and Saje rolled to the outside where he kicked the steel ring steps out of frustration.

Aran Thompson smirked because he knew that even though Sebastian Saje was a part of one of the biggest and most dominant factions in recent history, he was still just a rookie from The Hype that only has one PPV under his belt. Compared to the success that Aran Thompson had, Sebastian Saje was nothing and his frustrations were showing his rookie status right now.

Saje rolled under the bottom ropes and walked right up to Aran Thompson. He said a few obscenities in Aran’s face and then shoved him back. Aran simply laughed and that angered Saje even more. He charged in and locked up with Aran for a second time. They fought for position and Saje found himself with his back to the corner. The referee wanted the clean break and as Aran backed away, he slapped Saje across the face and then backed off to the middle of the ring where he loosened himself up while telling Saje to bring it.

Saje charged in from out of the corner, but Aran hit a drop toe hold and floated over into a side head lock. Saje battled up to his feet and hit a pair of elbows into Aran’s mid-section. Saje went to take off to the ropes, but Aran grabbed him by the seat of his tights and pulled him right into a Back Drop Suplex! Aran made the cover, hooking the leg.



Saje got the shoulder up.

Aran placed Saje into a seated position and slapped on a Rear Chin Lock. Aran almost had a smile on his face as if he thought that this match would be too easy for him. So far, in the early goings, it has been as it’s been all Aran Thompson.

Saje fought back to his feet. He went to go for a jawbreaker to counter, but Aran has seen this too many times. He simply let go of Saje and stepped back and Saje simply fell straight to his ass! Aran then hauled off and kicked Saje right between the shoulder blades. Aran kicked him again for good measure and then took off to the ropes. He came back with a running Drop Kick to the back of Saje’s head! Aran put Saje onto his back and made the cover once again.



Saje kicked out.

Both Saje and Aran got back up to their feet. Aran fired a right hand that caught Saje in the jaw. He fired another until Saje poked Aran in the eye causing him to stagger away. Saje then charged in and hit a running bulldog, putting Aran down. Saje got up and yelled at Aran as he stomped away at him on the canvas.

“YOU WANT TO MOCK ME?” yelled Saje before stomping on Aran’s lower back.


Saje took off to the ropes and came back with a knee drop aimed right at Aran’s back, but Aran rolled out of the way and Saje ate the canvas again! Saje hobbled up to his feet as Aran hit an Inverted Atomic Drop before taking off to the ropes. Aran came back and smacked Saje in the face with a Flying Big Boot! Aran stood up and front flipped into the Senton. He stood and backflipped into a Standing Moonsault. He got to his feet, took a step back and nailed a Standing Shooting Star Press! He stood up and got in Saje’s face.

“I MOCKED YOU JUST FINE!” yelled Aran who just completely owned Sebastian Saje there.

Aran didn’t even bother going for a cover. He walked over to the corner and leaned against the turnbuckles as Saje writhed in pain on the canvas. Saje started to get back up as Aran pretended to check a watch on his wrist, noting that Saje was taking forever to stand. Once Saje was completely vertical, Aran charged in with a running clothesline, but Saje ducked it and rode up Aran’s back.. he then took him over with a Crucifix Pin!!!



Thr… NO!

Aran just barely kicked out after not expecting that at all!

Aran looked at the referee while on his knees to confirm it was only a two and Saje took this opportunity to haul off and kick Aran Thompson upside the head. Saje quickly grabbed Aran by the head and placed him in a front face lock. He lifted Aran into the air and dropped him straight down with a Brainbuster, but Saje rolled backwards to his feet and pulled Aran back up to his. Saje lifted Aran back into the air and nailed a second Brainbuster! Saje stood up and headed to the corner quickly with a very pissed off expression on his face.

Saje climbed the turnbuckles in the corner as he took aim on Aran Thompson. Saje leapt off with a 450 Splash and slammed down on top of Aran’s chest with it! Saje had the cover, hooking the leg..



Aran kicked out again.

Saje propped Aran up into a seated position and then applied a Dragon Sleeper hold. The referee asked Aran if he wanted to give it up, but Aran refused to do so. Saje stood up, pulling Aran up with him. Saje then dropped to a knee, driving Aran’s upper back into it. Saje held on and stood back up before dropping back down with another Dragon Sleeper Back Breaker. He stood once again and this time lifted Aran straight up, nailing an Elevated Inverted DDT! Saje went for another cover, hooking the leg in deep.



Aran kicked out once again.

Saje pulled Aran back to his feet and got in his face again.

“WHO’S MOCKING WHO NOW!?” said Saje before he slapped Aran across the face, causing him to stagger away into the corner.

Saje got to his feet and charged the corner hitting a running knee lift, doubling Aran over. Saje took off to the opposite side and got a running head of steam. This time he leapt up and drove both knees right into Aran’s chest at full force. Aran slumped down into the corner as Saje pressed his foot against Aran’s neck with a blatant choke in front of the referee.





Saje let it go for a second and then went right back to the foot choke.





The referee admonished Saje even more, but Saje didn’t care. He went right back to the foot choke one more time.





Saje let it go and this time the referee stepped in front of Aran and forced Saje to back away. Aran pulled himself up in the corner and Saje shoved the referee out of the way to go back on the attack, but Aran stuck his boot up and kicked Saje in the face. Saje staggered away as Aran went to the middle turnbuckle. Aran leapt off the top rope and caught Saje with a missile drop kick, putting him down.

Aran got back to his feet and pulled Saje back up to his. Aran hauled off and hit him with a knife edge crop across the chest. He hit another and another and another and soon we found Saje’s chest turning red from the chops. Aran didn’t let up until Saje was backed up against the ring ropes. It was there where Aran went into barrage of rapid fire chops, Kenta Kobashi style. The crowd got fired up for that as Aran didn’t allow Saje any time to breathe. He whipped him across the ring, but shockingly, Saje reversed it, sending Aran to the ropes, but Aran leapt to the middle rope, flipping off with a Moonsault and catching Saje with a Reverse DDT!


Aran Thompson didn’t elect to go for the pin… instead he signaled he was going to end with right here and now. Aran pulled Saje to his feet and hooked him in the Abdominal Stretch as the audience rose to their feet, but Saje shocked Aran by hitting a Hip Toss to counter the set up for the Icarus Switch! Aran got back to his feet as Saje charged in and put him down with a Running STO!

Saje got back to his feet and he signaled for the end! Aran staggered back up to a vertical base and Saje leapt up, looking for the double knees to the face.. the Lights Out, but Aran grabbed Saje and didn’t allow him to fall back to hit the move. Aran charged forward and slammed Saje into the corner with a Buckle Bomb! Aran took off to the ropes as Saje staggered forward, but Saje exploded from the corner and turned Aran Thompson inside out with a running lariat!! Saje went for the cover!

One... Two…

Aran with the shoulder up

Saje stood and taunted Aran. Aran got back to his feet and Saje delivered a toe kick, doubling him over. Saje went to the ropes and went for a running yakuza kick, but Aran side stepped and grabbed Saje in a waist lock. German Suplex attempt by Aran, but Saje flipped over and landed on his feet. Saje backed into the ropes and swung with another lariat, but Aran ducked underneath. They both turned around and this time it was Aran who hit the toe kick that doubled Saje over. Aran took off to the ropes and went for a flipping neckbreaker, but Saje avoided contact and Aran landed in a seated position!

Saje swung his leg for a kick to the face, but Aran leaned back and grabbed Saje from behind with a School Boy, but Saje rolled through it completely and kicked Aran in the top of the head! He pulled Aran up to a front face lock and looked for another brainbuster, but Aran knee’d Saje in the top of the head at the Apex of the lift. As Saje was about to put Aran down, Aran grabbed Saje by the head and rolled him up with an inside cradle!



Saje kicked away.

Both Aran and Saje got back to their feet. Saje with a clothesline, but Aran blocks it and spins Saje around into a waist lock. A pair of back elbows sets Saje free as he takes off to the ropes. Aran chases after him and when Saje bounces off the ropes, he doesn’t see Aran anywhere… that is until Aran blasts him from behind with a Northern Lariat! 131240453075 Aran wastes no time pulling Saje back up to his feet. Aran kicks Saje in the stomach and places him between his legs. He lifts Saje up for a powerbomb, but Saje slips off of Aran shoulders and lands in front of him. Saje goes for Lights Out, but again, Aran blocks it and shoves Saje away! 131240453075 Saje landed on his feet and Aran comes in with a lariat, but Saje ducked underneath and went to the ropes. Saje leapt up to the middle rope and twisted off with a Springboard Front Roundhouse Kick and it caught Aran in the face as he turned around! Aran fell to his hands and knees as Saje got up and took off to the ropes. Saje swung his leg in for what looked like a Shining Wizard, but Saje swung his leg over Aran’s head and stopped on a dime. Saje then mule kicked Aran in the back of the head, sending him face first into the canvas!

Saje took off to the ropes. He came back and leapt into the air, driving both knees into Aran’s lower back! He rolled Aran over and made the cover…



Shoulder up by Aran!

What started off as a one-sided contest where Aran simply mocked Sebastian Saje, has turned into a full athletic competition! Many people who were laughing at Sebastian Saje now have shut their mouths and are watching on the edges of their seats!

Saje pulled Aran up to a seated position and placed him in a Surfboard Submission hold. Saje pulled back on Aran’s arms as he told the referee to see if Aran wanted to give up. Aran shook his head no and the fans began to rally behind him. Aran battled up to his feet. Aran then front flipped and brought both heels into Saje’s chin, breaking the submission hold and sending him staggering against the ropes.

Aran got up and charged at Saje, but Saje lifted him up and over to the ring apron, but Aran landed on his feet. Saje turned around and Aran hit a shoulder block between the ropes. He pulled Saje onto the apron and hooked him by the head. Aran dropped down and…


Crowd: “OOOOOHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Saje fell against the apron and slowly slipped off, flopping to the floor and onto his back. The referee started his mandatory ten count as Aran pulled Saje back up. Aran didn’t want to win this with a countout so he slung Saje back into the ring under the bottom rope. Aran got up onto the apron and grabbed the top rope.. Saje was in the perfect position!! The crowd hit their feet as Aran pulled himself over with the springboard spinning leg drop…



Saje rolled under the bottom rope back out to the floor and Aran ate the canvas!

Saje reached in under the bottom rope and pulled Aran to the outside. Saje rammed Aran’s back into the edge of the ring apron. Saje then hooked Aran and nailed an Exploder Suplex out on the floor! Saje, however, had zero problems winning by countout and rolled back into the ring as the referee began his ten count…







Aran began to stir…



Aran got back to his feet, but was still a little bit away.


Aran made a mad dash for the ring…


Aran slid in right before the referee could say the word ten! However, there was no time to celebrate as Saje quickly went to work stomping away on Aran’s back. Saje pulled Aran up to his feet and hooked him in a front face lock. Saje lifted Aran up for a suplex, but mid-lift, he twisted Aran and draped him across his shoulders. He then tilted off, driving him down to the canvas with a Death Valley Driver! Saje stood up and went to the corner where he crouched down and tapped the side of his leg. Aran staggered up to his feet and Saje lunged in with the super kick…



Aran was flat out on his back as Saje went for the cover, hooking the leg..



Thr.. NO!!

Aran kicked out and the crowd erupted in cheers!

Saje stood and grasped at his face in frustration. He flicked his hair back and crouched down once again as he taunted Aran to stand. He was thinking about going for Lights Out.. it failed to hit twice before in this match, but perhaps the third time was the charm. Aran got to his feet and Saje charged in. He leapt up into Aran’s face, but again, Aran grabbed Saje and shoved him off!

Saje landed on his feet and thought maybe Aran wouldn’t think he’d go for it twice in a row. Saje stepped in and went for Lights Out for a fourth time, but being the multi-time champion and veteran that Aran was, Aran countered by shoving Saje off again! Saje again landed on his feet and charged back in with a clothesline, letting his emotions get the better of him, but Aran ducked the clothesline and when they both turned around, Aran kicked Saje in the stomach and set him up with the Abdominal Stretch.. from there, he leapt up and nailed the Crucifix Driver!


The crowd came alive as Aran cracked a grin as he went into the cover.





Aran Thompson couldn’t believe it and neither could the crowd.


Aran thought maybe it was a fluke and went for the cover a second time.



Saje kicked out again.

Aran quickly stood and grabbed Saje, pulling him to his feet. He locked him into another abdominal stretch, but Saje countered with another hip toss. Aran got back to his feet and Saje went for it for a fifth time and it connected!!


Aran was flat on his back! Could this be a major upset!?



Thre.. NO!!!!

Aran kicked out of Lights Out!

“THIS IS AWESOME! Clap Clap ClapClapClap
THIS IS AWESOME! Clap Clap ClapClapClap
THIS IS AWESOME! Clap Clap ClapClapClap
THIS IS AWESOME! Clap Clap ClapClapClap
THIS IS AWESOME! Clap Clap ClapClapClap”

Saje was visibly pissed. He wanted this match to end right now. He got back up and looked to go for The Sweet Smell of Saje.. the Super Kick a second time. Aran staggered to his feet. Saje lunged in, but Aran side-stepped it! Saje turned around and Aran kicked him in the stomach… Aran leapt up…


Aran hit Saje with his own finisher and made the cover, hooking the leg deep!



Thr.. NO!!!

Sebastian Saje kicked out and proved that he was more resilient than he looked! After all, Sebastian Saje had an Underground War with Jeremy Ryan on The Hype and Saje did end up walking out of that war the victor! It’s no surprise that he’s showing some tenacity here tonight at Rise of the Legends!

Now Aran was the one who was looking a bit frustrated. He wanted to know what he had to do in order to put Sebastian Saje away. Aran got back to his feet. He crouched down and waited for Saje to get back to a vertical base. Saje staggered up and Aran hooked his arm around Saje’s neck, but Saje used a pair of elbows to the side of the head and broke free. Saje then took off to the ropes, bouncing off the opposite end. Aran tried to counter with a lariat, but Saje ducked underneath. Saje leapt to the middle rope, looking for the Springboard Roundhouse again, but Aran side-stepped it and Saje landed on his feet. Saje turned around and Aran leapt up.. it was only a single knee, but he caught him..


Saje turned and fell to his knees as Aran didn’t get all of it. Aran then quickly stood and when Saje stood up, he rode up Saje’s back and snapped him over with the Crucifix Driver…


Saje fell to his back and was laid out parallel to the ropes! Aran scrambled to his feet and went to the apron. He grabbed the top rope and pulled himself up and over, twisting along the way and hitting the Leg Drop…


The crowd was going nuts as Aran made the cover, hooking the leg…




Aran Thompson has done it! He defeated the number one ranked man in The Rebellion cleanly in the middle of the ring here at Rise of the Legends! With this defeat, one had to question whether or not The Rebellion could actually fulfill their goal of taking the top spots here in jOlt! Together the were a force to be reckoned with, but individually, they continued to fall! Even Michael Donavan and Seraph fell to Aran Thompson in a Handicap Tables match a few short weeks ago on iNtense!

With Sebastian Saje down and out… the hopes of The Rebellion lied in Cross the Hood as Jackson Cross and Machida Hood had an opportunity to become jOlt World Tag Team Champions later tonight in the main event… but for now, Aran Thompson celebrated his victory here tonight against Sebastian Saje! The only person he has left to confront is Damien Lee!

Would it be tonight?

Would it be on iNtense?

The only man who had the answer to that question was Aran Thompson!

Winner: Aran Thompson via Pinfall

"Reclaim Olympus"

The camera began its gradual embrace of the established set up that consisted of a large lavender backdrop and Electric Pink neon sign promote the masses to respond with random catcalls and moderate cheers as Dawn Cassidy welcomed the masses with a brilliant smile.

“Good evening, everyone and I like to welcome you all to The DawnCast!” Cassidy opened. “And with me now is the Number One Contender for the jOlt Heavyweight title himself; the ’Blood Raven’, Eiji Kugasari...

A rousing volley of cheers were overheard as the Inogami Clan representative appeared from the Left Side flanked by a pair of Crimson Elite. Dressed in Onyx & Fire Truck Red full body spandex ninja armor, Eiji casually swept the hair aside before peeling down the partial mask down.

“Eiji; tonight, you have an opportunity become a 2 time jOlt World Heavyweight Champion yet the man standing in your way is the reigning champion himself, ’The Rising Star’, Landon Stevens...Now, your thoughts on tonight’s encounter...”

“It’s about damn time...” The ninja opened. “Way too many excuses...obstacles...political pandering; all of it are but blatant examples of outright fear. A coward who knows that I am hellbent on taking back what is rightfully mine. Tonight, the game has changed; Landon won’t have any of his usual bag of tricks to rely on. He will have to finally face me one on one. Diamond Jewelz was but a speed obstruction to keep Landon out of harm’s way or so he thought yet here I stand; ready to walk in as the No. 1 Contender and well prepared to walk out as the NEW jOlt World Heavyweight Champion...”

“Now, Eiji..” Dawn replied. “Of all the matches, what was the reasoning behind this particular match? A match that is no doubt, a 1st in jOlt History...”

“A Tables To Fall Match, is actually NOT a new concept...” Eiji continued. “It, however, is rarely utilized...until tonight. You see, this match is perfect in its necessity for unmitigated brutality, as well, as my pursuit for retribution. Naturally, many would seek to rush through this match and exercise extreme caution yet on this night; I am going to deliberately take my time and punish this sonofabitch for everything since Wrestlecade...On the grandest stage of this promotion, my legacy was supposed to be christened with a definitive victory yet with the aid of your ‘accomplices’, you robbed me of that opportunity...”

Eiji slowly stared at the camera.

“I look forward to putting him through a table in a myriad of violent ways.” Eiji mentioned. “At Rise of the Legends, I will make a violent statement. Both physically and psychologically. I have every intent to break him. To scar him. To personally dismantle his image and destroy his Faction. It is said that ’Once you sever the head, the body shall fall’...I shall personally take great pleasure in bringing this parable to every means necessary...”

Kugasari breifly scoffed at Dawn before pulling the partial mask upward before making his egress into the depths of the arena, leaving Cassidy to watch him and his party leave...

Omega(c) vs Derecho

The crowd had anticipated this match all night. The last time that these two met, it was a bloody war between the two. Omega, seeking to become one with the Underground Championship and his split personalities while Derecho wanted to reclaim his throne, however, Derecho failed to do so and it caused him to go off the deep end. The two were on another collision course and many wondered what they would do to try and top their last encounter. The answer to that was just a mere couple of moments away.

“King of Hell” by Helstar

The arena dimmed to black as the guitar faded in. The audience sat there in darkness as the choir chimed in with their lyrics. The arena turned to a crimson hue during this time. When the drums and the guitar hit the opening riff, a large explosion of pyro went off on stage.

After the pyro disappeared, the huge wing emblem that housed the jOltvision screen was engulfed in flames! The fiery wings was an awe-inspiring sight to see. Derecho stepped through the curtain from the backstage area and stood there in aisle way. The camera panned back for a wide shot, showing Derecho standing there clad in his trench coat and his black skull crown against a flaming wings background.

Derecho got to his knees and held out his arms. As he did that, the blades on each side of the staging area shot random fireballs out toward the center of the stage where Derecho was knelt, however, they would dissipate before reaching him.

The lyrics kicked in and Derecho stood up. He then began to walk down to the ring with the fiery wings in the background. He made it to ringside where he hopped up onto the apron and then stepped inside. He removed his skull crown and trench coat, passing them off to ringside. Derecho had self mutilated himself to teach Omega a lesson about pain over the course of the past five weeks. Tonight, Derecho was ready for anything Omega was bringing to the table.

“Redeemer” by Marilyn Manson

As the song began, the arena faded to black. The beat kicked in and the lights arena began a slow alternating pulse between deep violet and white. The crowd stood and looked to the entrance way. When the lyrics kicked in, Omega stepped out from the backstage area with the Underground Championship draped over his shoulder.

Omega raised the title up to his ear as if he were listening to it. He gave it a hug and then laughed to himself. He then raised the title high up into the air as pyro exploded outward from the blades on each side of the stage and then from all the points of the wings that housed the jOltvision screen.

Omega then walked down to the ring with a grin on his face the entire way. He made his way to ringside where the rolled in underneath the bottom rope, quickly getting up to his feet. Both Omega and Derecho looked down at the Underground Championship.

You could see it in their eyes. That was the prize they were after. Derecho wanted his throne back and Omega wanted to become one.. and a simple title.. the Underground Championship, was the key to achieving each of their goals. Derecho and Omega continued to stare at the title, then slowly, they lifted their heads and began to stare at each other as if each man knew exactly what had to be done in order to achieve their goals. One man had to be put down and they were prepared for that.

The referee, Simon Boulder, looked a bit worried. He asked for the championship and Omega handed it over. Boulder held it high into the air and then passed it off to ringside. Boulder did the one thing people have been waiting for. He called for the bell.




Derecho and Omega continued to stare at each other in the center of the ring. They stepped closer and closer to each other to the point where they were almost nose to nose. Omega cracked a grin, but Derecho’s icy blue eyes his pierced through it, unphased. Omega wanted Derecho to make the first move. He was almost begging for it, but Derecho was thinking the same thing. By not reacting, he was hoping to draw Omega into making a move. Both men wanted the advantage, but neither man would allow it to happen.

Derecho sighed in disgust and turned to walk away, but he stopped short, turned, and threw a punch. He knew Omega would block it so when Omega put up his arm to do so, Derecho pulled his arm back and quickly went behind into a waist lock, faking Omega out! Derecho kept his head low as Omega went for a back elbow, but found nothing to hit. Derecho then used some muscle to lift the 300+ pounder up, hitting a takedown. Derecho immediately dismounted Omega and stood up, taking a step back.

Many thought Derecho would allow Omega to get up, but as he stood, Derecho ran in and dropped an elbow into Omega’s lower back, dropping him back down to the canvas. Derecho then applied a side head lock, but Omega easily powered back up to his feet, looking for a Back Drop Suplex to counter, but Derecho flipped over and landed on his feet. Derecho backed into the ropes, charging at Omega, swinging with a lariat, but Omega ducked underneath it causing Derecho to stop short and turn around. Derecho quickly planted his foot into Omega’s chest, looking for a Step Up Enzugiri, but Omega ducked and Derecho fell flat on his stomach on the canvas.

Omega quickly grabbed Derecho while he was on canvas and deadlifted him up to his feet. Derecho hit a pair of back elbows and broke Omega’s grip. Derecho went to take off to the ropes, but Omega grabbed Derecho by the hair and yanked him backwards into an elbow smash to the back of the head! Derecho hit the canvas hard as Omega looked at his hand and noticed a few strands of Derecho’s hair. Omega simply grinned as he let the strands fall to the canvas. Derecho turned to his back and kicked Omega in the leg. Derecho kicked at him again and Omega hobbled away, holding his knee. Derecho got back to his feet and immediately grabbed Omega in a waist lock. Omega used his strength to break Derecho’s grip and hit another back elbow… an elbow so hard that Derecho dropped to a single knee from it’s impact.

Omega then charged in and…



Derecho looked down and out as Omega rolled the challenger over and it could be over just this early!



Derecho got the shoulder up!

Omega stood and brought Derecho up to his feet. He hoisted Derecho up onto his shoulder and charged toward the corner, but Derecho slipped off and continued with Omega’s momentum, ramming him chest first into the turnbuckle pads. Derecho then hit shoulder thrust after shoulder thrust into Omega’s lower back. He turned Omega around and repeated the shoulder thrusts into Omega’s mid-section. Derecho gained some distance and charged in from the opposite corner. He drilled Omega with a clothesline in the corner, but Omega didn’t go down. Derecho went back to the opposite corner and tried again, but Omega still remained on his feet! Third time was the charm as Derecho hit the opposite corner and sprinted as fast as he could. Derecho leapt into the air to deliver a leaping clothesline into the corner, but Omega countered by wrapping his arm around Derecho’s neck and slamming as hard as he could into the canvas with an Elevated STO!!

Crowd: “OOOOOOOH!!!!”

Derecho hit the back of his neck and flipped to his stomach from the impact! Omega stepped out of the corner and let out a bestial roar before reducing it down to a cackling grin. Omega gripped at his face as he smiled at Derecho writing in pain on the canvas.

Omega bent over and pulled Derecho back up to his feet. Omega slammed his forearm into Derecho’s lower back. Omega repeated it a second time and then pivoted, delivering a discus forearm to the back of Derecho’s head!!! Derecho hit the canvas once again as Omega turned him over, hooking the leg.



Shoulder up by Derecho!

Omega knelt down on top of Derecho after flipping him to his stomach. Omega pulled Derecho’s head up by the hair and slammed his forearm into the back of it!! Omega repeated this not just once, but twice! The referee couldn’t stop it due to the nature of the match, but the level of physicality was beginning to pick up.. and to think, no weapons had been introduced yet!

Derecho laid there motionless as Omega stood up. He grabbed Derecho by the hair and brought him back up to a vertical base. Omega then delivered a headbutt to Derecho that caused him to stagger away and drop down to all fours. Derecho got back up and faced Omega only to be caught by another headbutt that knocked him onto his back. The so-called King of Hell was in trouble in the early goings of this match, but he continued to fight and pull himself up to his feet. Omega went for a third headbutt, but Derecho used a headbutt of his own and the two of them collided in the center of the ring! Neither man went down, but both men were gritting their teeth as they pressed against each other! Derecho could feel himself getting pushed back and quickly side stepped, allowing Omega’s momentum to carry him forward. Derecho quickly lifted his knee and buried it into Omega’s mid-section, doubling him over. Derecho grabbed Omega by the head and showed some power hitting the big man with a Vertical Suplex!

Derecho hung on and turned Omega over. They both got back to their feet where Derecho couldn’t quite hit a Snap Suplex, so he opted for another Vertical. Derecho continued to hold on as he pulled Omega back to his feet. He lifted Omega up and immediately dropped him face first into the canvas with a Split-Legged Gordbuster!


Derecho then rolled Omega over onto his back and went for his first pin of the match!



Omega not only kicked out, he kicked out with authority, sending Derecho flying backwards!

Derecho got back to his feet quickly and charged in, kneeing Omega in the side of the skull! Derecho then grabbed Omega by the head and began hitting alternating knee strikes to the top of his head! Derecho quickly stood Omega up and hoisted the big man onto his shoulders, but Omega wriggled free and landed behind Derecho. Omega then lifted Derecho up into an Inverted Fireman’s Carry, looking to sneak in The End, but Derecho, too, wriggled free and landed behind Omega

Omega turned around and was met with a toe kick by Derecho. Derecho scooped Omega up onto his shoulder, looking for A Forever Reminder, but Omega escaped from that as well! Omega then slammed his forearm into Derecho’s back before getting underneath him and going for a Back Drop Suplex, but Derecho kicked and wiggled until he reversed the momentum and converted it into a bulldog! Omega lifted his head up off the canvas and that’s when Derecho lunged in…


Derecho opted not to go for the pin. Instead, he opted to head to the outside and grab his best friend in the entire world…. the steel chair! Derecho got back up on the ring apron as Omega was coming to. Derecho looked ready to strike with the chair when Omega balled up his fist and when Derecho swung the chair, Omega punched it, knocking it out of the ring and into the front row where some fans had to move out of the way!!

Omega then swung with a clothesline, but Derecho ducked underneath. Derecho stopped and tried to whip Omega to the ropes, but Omega reversed it and sent Derecho to the ropes by the announce position. Omega turned and charged at Derecho, chasing him into the ropes. Derecho didn’t expect that and got clotheslined up and over the top rope and down to the floor! Omega showed that Derecho wasn’t the only one who could use sneaky tactics to gain an upper hand.

Omega grinned as he stepped out of the ring and pulled Derecho to his feet. Omega let loose with body blows to Derecho’s mid-section before wrapping him in a front waist lock and ramming him back first into the edge of the announce table. Derecho held his back as Omega gripped him again and rammed him into the announce table for a second time. Omega grabbed Derecho once more, but this time he hit a Belly to Belly Overhead Release Suplex and Derecho’s lower back slammed into the edge of the ring apron and he fell right on the back of his neck!!!


We’re only a couple of minutes into this match and we got our first fecal chant! Derecho already looked to be dead after taking that hit and Omega may pull off a shocking early win here if he could get him back into the ring! At least, that’s what any normal man would do and as we know, Omega is not any normal man.

Omega grabbed Derecho and pulled him back up. He gripped Derecho in a front waist lock again, but this time he positioned him differently. The crowd stood up as Omega hit another Belly to Belly Overhead Release Suplex.. this time, Derecho’s back slammed into the edges of the steel ring steps!!!


The crowd couldn’t believe how Derecho was just being destroyed this early on! Derecho flipped to his stomach and you could see blood on his back. The ring steps had lacerated his flesh! Omega knelt down next to Derecho and grabbed a fist full of his hair. He pulled his head up off the floor and said to him…

“You spoke of pain.. you spoke of suicide.. Omega is happy to deliver both unto you!”

Omega then slammed Derecho’s face into the floor before standing back up. Omega lifted the ring apron and pulled out a 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire. Omega placed it at the top of Derecho’s back and then raked it down to his lower back. Derecho yelled out in pain and you could see the streak marks from where the barbs dug into Derecho’s skin. Derecho’s back was beginning to look like a bloody mess in the early goings in this match. Derecho cringed as he rolled onto his back. Omega raised the 2x4 high above his head.. he wanted to crush Derecho’s face with it! He swung, but Derecho put his arms up and blocked the shot!

Derecho pulled himself back up to his feet and grinned.

“MORE! GIVE ME MORE!” yelled Derecho at Omega

Derecho even took the 2x4 and scraped it across his forehead…lacerating it.. all while smiling right in Omega’s face.

“I AM PAIN INCARNATE!” yelled Derecho.

He then hit a headbutt to Omega, stunning him. Derecho then pulled the 2x4 out of Omega’s hands. Omega turned to face Derecho when Derecho grabbed the 2x4 and slammed into Omega’s forehead, busting him open! Derecho then knelt down on top of Omega and pressed the barbed 2x4 against Omega’s throat as he began to choke him with it, but Omega reached up and dug his nails into Derecho’s lacerated forehead and then raked Derecho’s face. Derecho yelled out in pain as he got up and stumbled away.

Omega got back to his feet and charged in at Derecho, but Derecho quickly hit a Drop Toe Hold and sent Omega’s face into the top of the steel ring steps! Derecho climbed up onto the apron and then up to the top turnbuckle pad, directly above Omega. Omega lifted his head slightly as the audience held its breath. They hoped Derecho wouldn’t… but he did… he leapt off…



Derecho landed the curb stomp and immediately fell off of the ring steps and down to the floor. Omega looked to be out cold from that move! Derecho used the barricades to pull himself up. He laughed maniacally as he stumbled over to Omega. He grabbed him by the head and pulled him to his feet. He rolled Omega into the ring and slid in after him. It was all but over as Derecho covered Omega and hooked the leg.



Omega kicked out!

Derecho gritted his teeth and then rolled out of the ring to the outside by the bottom of the aisle way. He lifted up the ring apron and pulled out a table from underneath the ring. He set it up at ringside and then rolled back inside. He walked over and pulled Omega to his feet. He walked Omega over to the ropes where Derecho stepped back out onto the apron. He then hooked Omega for what looked like an inside to outside suplex through the table, but Omega began to punch away at Derecho’s mid-section through the ropes! Omega then grabbed Derecho by the head and hot shotted him across the to rope.

Derecho hung onto the top rope so he wouldn’t fall through the table. Derecho struggled to keep himself from falling and that is when Omega had an idea. Omega got a full head of steam and hit the opposite ropes. He came charging in and when Derecho turned around…


Omega speared Derecho through the ropes and both men crashed through the table Derecho had set up! Both men were down as the referee exited the ring and checked on both men. Both said they could continue, but neither man was moving. All of this in the early goings of the match proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is what the Underground Championship meant to them. There was no slow build up to the violence. They went at it from the time the bell rang. They wanted to end each other as quickly and as brutally as possible and what we’ve seen so far has been the result of their desires.

Omega was the first to show signs of life. He pulled himself to his feet and grabbed Derecho by the head, pulling him up out of the rubble. Omega then hoisted Derecho up onto his shoulders and began to walk him down the aisle toward the entrance area. When they got about half way, Derecho wriggled free and landed behind Omega. Derecho placed Omega in a waist lock and turned him. He then drove Omega stomach first into the guard rails! Omega hunched over the rails, but Derecho took a step back. Derecho then drove his shoulder into Omega’s lower back not once, not twice, but three times. Omega arched his back and stumbled away in pain. Omega turned toward Derecho who leapt up onto the top of the rails and pivoted, hitting a Leaping Leg Lariat to Omega’s neck and chest, taking him down in the middle of the aisle!

Derecho landed hard as well as it’s not padded out there. Derecho laid there on his back, clutching his hip and thigh in pain from the landing. Derecho hobbled back to his feet as Omega turned on all fours and tried to get up. Derecho taunted Omega to stand as he gingerly took a couple of steps backwards. Omega got to his feet as Derecho charged in, looking for a Running Bulldog on the aisle, but Omega grabbed Derecho as he leapt up to hook his head and he simply threw Derecho off of him! You could hear the sickening thud as Derecho landed flat on his back on the hard floor! Omega walked over and grabbed Derecho, pulling him up. He, once again, placed Derecho into a Fireman’s Carry and walked him the rest of the way to the entrance set. Omega then lifted Derecho up into a military press and threw him into the bottom of the structure that held up the jOltvision. Derecho hit it and flopped a few feet down to the floor, landing on his stomach!!

Derecho coughed and gasped for air as he tried to crawl backstage. Omega grabbed Derecho by hit tights, however, and flung him through the curtain. A camera on the other side saw Derecho fly through the black curtain and down a few steps and into the gorilla position! Random workers were caught off guard as they scattered. Omega stepped through and walked down the stairs to where Derecho was broken and bloodied, laying on the cold, concrete floor.

Omega pulled Derecho back up and he rammed him back first into some equipment cases! Derecho fell to his knees as Omega took a few steps back. Omega went for a Running Yakuza Kick to crush Derecho’s skull, but Derecho moved out of the way and Omega ended up kicking the equipment case!! The case didn’t budge as it was up against a concrete wall. The shock from the kick caused a twinge in Omega’s leg. He held it as Derecho scrambled to his feet and hit a Chop Block from behind putting Omega onto his back.

Derecho then stood and grabbed the equipment case. He raised it high above his head and slammed it down on top of Omega’s chest!! Derecho then grabbed one of the computer monitors from the gorilla position and began to slam that down on top of Omega’s chest repeatedly. Derecho tossed it aside as he pulled Omega back to a vertical base. Derecho walked Omega out of the gorilla position and down a hallway where he whipped him back first into the concrete wall! Derecho got a running start and hit a drop kick to Omega’s face, causing him to fall into a seated position! Derecho then decided to take a chance… he got a running start and went for a Knee Strike when Omega moved!!



Derecho hit the ground and was yelling and cringing in pain! He could have shattered his knee right then and there! That was a critical turning point for this match as Omega was like a shark that just smelled blood in the water! Omega pulled himself up and found a rack of steel chairs a little bit down the hallway. He grabbed one from off the rack and walked back over to Derecho who was still groaning in pain on the floor. Omega lifted the chair up and..






Five times Omega slammed the chair over Derecho’s knee! Omega tossed the chair aside and pulled Derecho up to his feet. Derecho hopped up and down on one leg as he couldn’t stand to put pressure on the other. Omega pulled Derecho over to the rack of chairs and slammed him face first into the top of the rack. Derecho hunched over the rack as Omega walked back over and grabbed the chair he tossed aside. He walked back over and…




Three thunderous chair shots across Derecho’s upper back!

Derecho said he was The King of Hell.. he said that he was Pain Incarnate. He sung about Suicide being painless… but Derecho was completely destroyed at this point. Omega knew he had to get him to the ring.. he if did, the match would be over.

Omega, however, wanted to make sure. After their first match together, Derecho proved to be beyond resilient. Omega wanted to put the exclamation point on this match and do so right here right now. As Derecho laid there, hunched over the rack, Omega got under Derecho’s arm and pulled him back a step or two. He then lifted Derecho up for a back drop suplex, but Omega pivoted 180 degrees and…



Derecho’s lacerated upper back slammed against the chair rack! He landed on his feet, but his leg buckled! Derecho collapsed to the ground and laid there, twitching in pain… his eyes closed tight.. his teeth gritted. Derecho was in a world of back as Omega leaned against the chair rack and simply laughed at Derecho.

Derecho’s lifeless body was taken up by Omega. He hoisted Derecho onto his shoulders and walked down the hall, turning right to a set of doors. He opened the doors and it was one of the side aisles in the arena. The fans cheered the sight of the Underground Champion carrying a dead, lifeless challenger on his shoulders. Omega walked down the aisle as fans patted him on the back. Omega picked up a little speed and tossed Derecho over the barricades to the ringside area!

Derecho made no attempts to get back to his feet as Omega stepped over the rails. Omega pulled Derecho back up and threw him under the bottom rope. Omega lifted the ring apron and pulled out another steel chair from underneath…. As if Derecho didn’t experience enough pain from a steel chair in this match already. Omega slid into the ring and placed the chair on top of Derecho’s face. Omega took off to the ropes and came back, looking to return the favor from earlier by stomping the chair, but Derecho rolled out of the way back to the outside, causing Omega to miss!

Derecho hobbled on one leg as he used the barricades to brace himself. Derecho had grabbed the chair, bringing it with him to the outside. Omega exited the ring, but Derecho jammed the chair into Omega’s mid-section. Derecho did it a second time, doubling Omega over. Derecho then pulled an old trick out of the book and swung upward, slamming the chair right into Omega’s face!! Omega staggered back and the only thing keeping him on his feet was the ring apron. Omega checked his face and noticed that his nose was bleeding after that chair shot! This added to the blood that already dried and caked on his face from taking a barbed 2x4 earlier in the match.

Derecho stepped in and jammed the chair into Omega’s stomach once again, doubling him over. Derecho decided to go for another upward swing, but Omega anticipated it and put his hands up, blocking and grabbing the chair! Omega ripped the chair out of Derecho’s hands and went for an overhead swing to the top of Derecho’s head, but Derecho side stepped and immediately kicked the chair, sending it back into Omega’s face! Omega hit the floor as did Derecho as his knee was still in too much pain to keep his balance!

Derecho, however, used the rails to pull himself up as Omega continued to hold his face in pain. Derecho hobbled over and picked up the steel chair, tossing it back into the ring. Derecho winced in pain as he bent over and pulled Omega up to his feet. Derecho rolled Omega under the bottom rope and then he rolled in after him.

Derecho used the ropes to stand as he limped over and grabbed the steel chain, unfolding it in the center of the ring. Derecho made a slashing motion across his throat as he bent over and pulled Omega up. Derecho scooped Omega up onto his shoulder, but his knee gave way and Derecho fell to the canvas with Omega crashing down on top of him. Omega rolled off of Derecho and Derecho clutched his knee, groaning in pain.

Omega knew it was merely academic from here. He stood and grabbed Derecho. He placed him in an Inverted Fireman’s Carry… looking for The End on top of the unfolded steel chair, but Derecho wriggled free and did his best to land on his good leg. Derecho turned around and grabbed Omega. He then pulled him backwards…


The chair collapsed under Omega’s weight as Derecho turned to his stomach and slowly got back up. Derecho then looked to the corner and even in that state, he wanted to go high risk. Derecho hobbled to the turnbuckles and turned his back to them. He hopped up to a seated position on the top turnbuckle and then slowly got himself positioned to a standing position on top. Derecho took a bit of time, but he took aim, nevertheless. Many felt Omega was going to move, but much to people’s shock.. he didn’t!


Derecho crashed down on top of Omega, but immediately bounced off him and grasped his knee. Derecho tried to shut the pain out of his mind as he turned and crawled into the cover!



Shoulder up by Omega and the people came alive!

Crowd: O-ME-GA! O-ME-GA! O-ME-GA!

Omega sat back up as Derecho applied a sleeper hold. Yes… a sleeper hold. After everything they’ve done in this match, Derecho went to a basic submission hold and the crowd booed and gave him hell for it, but he didn’t care. Derecho needed to keep Omega from getting up and if a sleeper hold was going to do the trick, then he was going to use it. Derecho pulled all of his weight down to the canvas, bringing Omega with him. Derecho then locked in a body scissors in addition to the sleeper to try and drive as much air as possible out of Omega’s body, but Derecho’s mistake was that his bad knee was the one on top of Omega.

Omega simply grabbed Derecho’s leg and twisted it at the knee and that was enough for Derecho to let go of the submission hold. Derecho tried as hard as he could to get back to his feet, but Omega got up before him. Omega doubled Derecho over with a kick to the stomach. He set up Derecho between his left and butterflied the arms. He lifted Derecho up and nailed it…


The Double Underhook sit out powerbomb connected! Omega had Derecho down in a pinning position. The crowd rose to their feet as they believed this could be it!



Thr.. NO!!!

Derecho kicked out!

Many thought Omega would have been surprised by this, but again, after their last match, he knew about Derecho’s resilience and his toughness and Derecho showed it right there. Omega quickly stood and brought Derecho to his feet. He went to whip Derecho to the ropes, but Derecho’s knee gave out again and Derecho simply fell to the canvas. How could a man in this kind of shape continue on? It was almost a hopeless situation. Omega was about one good move away from retaining the championship at this point.

Derecho rolled to his back and gripped his knee. Omega came over to pick him up, but Derecho used his good leg to kick away at Omega, but Omega grabbed Derecho’s good leg and pulled him forward. Omega grabbed Derecho’s other leg and got a good grip. He used his might to lift Derecho up off the canvas.. He then just let him go…


Omega immediately with the cover!!





Derecho kicked out!!!

“THIS IS AWESOME! Clap Clap ClapClapClap
THIS IS AWESOME! Clap Clap ClapClapClap
THIS IS AWESOME! Clap Clap ClapClapClap
THIS IS AWESOME! Clap Clap ClapClapClap
THIS IS AWESOME! Clap Clap ClapClapClap”

Omega rolled out of the ring and walked around ringside. His face bloodied.. his nose bloodied. The battle scars were definitely being shown here, but Derecho was the one that looked like he went through a meat grinder. His forehead lacerated… his entire back looked like a bear just clawed at it.. a bum knee. All of which took its toll on both champion and challenger.

Omega grabbed not one, not two, not three, but FOUR steel chairs and threw each one into the ring. This was similar to what we saw last month at Breakdown. All that was missing was the ladder, but Omega opted not to get it. Instead, he rolled back into the ring and grabbed one steel chair and unfolded it. He grabbed another steel chair and unfolded it, placing the seats toward each other. He then grabbed the other two chairs and laid them down on top of each other on top of the two unfolded chairs, making a thick bridge. Omega then took the damaged chair that he went through and slid it under the bridge between the two unfolded chairs.

It was another diabolical structure that could only come from Omega’s mind. Omega walked over, but when he went to grab Derecho…


Derecho was desperate! He hit a low blow that brought Omega to his knees. Derecho stood and backed into the ropes. He sucked up the pain in his knee to lunge in and hit…


Derecho hit the Wizard with his good leg and Omega looked to be out. Derecho got up and hobbled around the ring, taking a full lap… trying to warm up the knee and get at least some feeling back into it. Derecho knew that it wasn’t broken… it was probably a deep bruise at best, but the pain was enough to the point where it might as well have been broken. The more Derecho walked, the more he was able to tolerate the pain.

When he circled back to Omega, He looked at the structure he set up and shook his head “no”. Derecho walked over and began to dismantle the structure, much to the audience’s chagrin. Derecho tossed aside the two chairs that were bridged and he kicked the wrecked chair out of the way. He then brought he two unfolded chairs together so that their seats were touching. He then walked over and pulled Omega up to his feet. He walked him in front of the steel chairs where he took a deep breath because he knew this was going to hurt like hell.

Derecho hoisted Omega up onto his shoulder. The weight of 338 pounds on your shoulder, put pressure on Derecho’s body, including his knee. Derecho wanted to collapse, but Derecho yelled out in pain and sucked it up. He couldn’t take anymore.. he knew it was now or never so he disregarded his knee and went for it..


The crowd stood up on their feet as Derecho didn’t even bother holding his knee. He knew there was no time for that. He needed to cover Omega and he needed to do it now! Derecho fought through it all and draped his arm across Omega’s chest…






The biggest look of shock fell over Derecho’s face! The crowd was stunned as well! Omega.. the Underground Champion.. just took Derecho’s best shot and kicked out!!! What could Derecho do now!? The Show Stealer was gone.. no way he could get the distance with his knee. Legends Get Forgotten could be possible, but Derecho used all of his knee strength to hit A Forever Reminder. The Vortex Powerbomb and DDT isn’t possible due to the strength needed in both arms and legs… Derecho had nothing left in his arsenal that he could hit and he wasn’t in the shape to do it. He had to think and do it fast so Omega couldn’t have time to recover.

Derecho pulled himself up and grabbed one of the other steel chairs, unfolding it. He placed it on the canvas and then grabbed Omega by the head, placing him face first onto the chair. Derecho then grabbed the other steel chair and laid it across the back of Omega’s head. Derecho took a few steps back and shook some feeling back into his leg. It wasn’t the best, but it was good enough to get a hobbling running start. We don’t know what Derecho was going for as Omega got up and exploded into a massive lariat, twisting Derecho inside out!!!

Omega, however, couldn’t follow up. Both men were down and out on the canvas! It was Omega’s desperation move to try and get some separation between the two of them. The referee couldn’t count either man down due to the Underground Rules. All he could do was stand there and wait for the two of them to recover.

Omega got to his feet first as Derecho slowly began to stand. Once vertical, Omega took a shot with a right hand, but it was blocked by Derecho and countered with a Knife Edge Chop. Omega then fired another right hand, but Derecho blocked and countered with another Knife Edge Chop. Derecho picked up the speed and chopped Omega’s chest over and over and over again. Derecho then went for a whip, but Omega put the brakes on. He pulled Derecho right back into a front waist lock, but Derecho countered the suplex attempt with a headbutt to Omega’s bloodied forehead. Derecho hit another headbutt that caused Omega to break his grip. Derecho then quickly wrapped his arm around Omega’s neck, looking for a T-Bone Suplex, but Omega hit a pair of elbows to the side of Derecho’s head and caused him to break the grip. Omega then grabbed Derecho by the neck and positioned him in front of the unfolded chair. Omega lifted Derecho up with the Choke Slam, but Derecho floated behind Omega, landing on his good leg first.

Derecho grabbed Omega with a waist lock, looking for a German Suplex, but Derecho couldn’t lift Omega. Omega broke Derecho’s grip and performed a standing switch into a waist lock of his own. Omega tried to lift Derecho for a German, but Derecho hooked his legs under Omega’s arms and countered with a Victory Roll!




Omega nearly got pinned after a surprise counter, but Omega kicked out!

Derecho got back up to his feet, still favoring his leg. Omega got back up and was met with a toe kick to the stomach. Derecho tried to hoist Omega back onto his shoulder, but Omega landed behind Derecho with a waist lock. Derecho hit a pair of back elbows and then took off as best as he could to the ropes. Derecho bounced off, but Omega caught him with a powerslam!!

Omega grabbed the unfolded chair and positioned it dead center in the middle of the ring. He took the other folded chair and unfolded it causing the seats to touch each other. Omega grabbed Derecho and hoisted him onto his shoulder! Omega was looking to give Derecho’s own finisher to him in the same manner that Derecho hit it earlier, but Derecho slipped off and landed behind Omega. Omega turned around and Derecho went for the irish whip, but Omega pulled Derecho back into him and popped the hips…


Derecho arched his back in pain as Omega turned and made the cover!!




Derecho kicked out AGAIN!

Omega stood and rolled Derecho out of the way. Omega grabbed all of the other broken chairs and created a huge twisted metal pile in the center of the ring. Omega pulled Derecho to his feet and went to lift him for The End, but Derecho landed behind Omega, turned, and shoved Omega away. Omega turned and immediately charged in, but Derecho used Omega’s momentum. He lifted Omega, pivoted on his good leg and..


Derecho popped up. He grabbed one of the broken chairs from the pile and began to slam it down on to of Omega over and over again. With each swing, Derecho’s eyes widened. Blood dripped from his forehead and a sick, sadistic grin fell over his face!





Over and over again, Derecho slammed the chair on top of Omega. He must have hit him at least ten times already before Derecho simply couldn’t swing his arms anymore. Derecho dropped the chair back down next to the pile and grabbed Omega by the head, pulling him up to his feet. Derecho stared into Omega’s glossed over eyes as he grabbed him by the hair and yelled in his face…





Derecho quickly got behind Omega and placed him in a Half Nelson. He hooked Omega’s leg as he gritted his teeth as he knew that this was going hurt like hell..

This was it…

His final shot..


The Regalplex connected!! Omega landed on the back of his neck into the pile of twisted steel. Derecho clutched his knee as he pushed himself toward Omega with his good leg. Derecho… blooded… beaten… and broken… collapsed on top of Omega…




The crowd couldn’t believe it!

Carrington: Here is your winner… and NEEEEEW Underground Champion…. “The King of Hell”…. DERECHO!!!!!

The match was shorter than their first encounter… but the level of violence was greater. They went after each other hard from the opening bell. Each man, trying to kill the other to erase them permanently and cement themselves as the ruling force in the Underground. Omega couldn’t become one… however, Derecho took back his throne!

The last time Derecho was Underground Champion, he held the championship for over a year. No one could take him down.. and after seeing how far he was willing to sacrifice himself here tonight.. whoever was going to challenge for this title would have to pry it from his cold dead hands because that’s the only way Derecho would let this championship go!

Derecho sat up in the middle of the ring. The referee helped him up to his feet where he handed the Underground Championship to Derecho. Derecho looked at the title and held it high. Despite being hated, the audience gave him a standing ovation for his performance here tonight. Many men would give up to live and fight another day, but Derecho pushed through the blood.. he pushed through the pain.. and he came out on top. For that, the fans gave Derecho their respect, but we all know that Derecho couldn’t care less about any of that.

Derecho hobbled out of the ring with the championship over his shoulder. He gingerly exited off the ring apron and limped to the backstage area, not even taking the time to look back at his fallen opponent. In Derecho’s mind, he was done with him. It was time to heal up and get ready for the next challenger because if being Underground Champion for a year has taught Derecho anything, is that the path of carnage has begun again and there would be many waiting to knock him off his throne. Derecho took that knowledge with him as he disappeared backstage.

Omega then came to in the middle of the ring. The referee helped clear the chairs out from under him and helped him to his feet, but Omega shoved the referee away. Omega gripped his face and laughed as he rolled out of the ring.

Omega laughed to himself all the way to the backstage area where he disappeared behind the curtain. This certainly wasn’t good…

Winner: Derecho via Pinfall

"The Rose Bush"

As the ring crew began to return the ringside area back to normal, the arena plunged into darkness. A few squawking fans stood too close to the cameras made their voices heard but as a whole there was a quiet dull rumble of discussion and anticipation.

The screen lit up.

“You think you’ve had a hard day?” some plain white text asks the audience rhetorically.

“Cracka, you gots no idea.”

It was obvious to them now. The audience cheered the word ‘cracka’ at volume.

A familiar face popped up on the screen, visible from his shoulders upwards. His thinning blonde hair pulled right back into the trademark tight ponytail. A maroon suit jacket covering his shoulders, a crisp white shirt beneath it with a matching white tie neatly tied in a half-Windsor knot.

“Babayyyyyy!” Phoenix Rose exclaimed into the camera, his perfectly white teeth popping out of his lips forming a smile that stretched from ear-to-ear. “Y’ain’t gots no idea!”

The screen moved back to black.

“Next week.”

Beneath the plain text, a piece of artwork faded in advertising ‘The Rose Bush’.

Beneath that plain white text faded in next and it read:

“Guest starring Derecho.”

Landon Stevens(c) vs Eiji Kugasari

The crowd continued pumping adrenaline throughout the vast arena’s interior. The southern portion of the arena became the focus of Camera 15, allowing the cheering legions to wildly respond to the opportunity to be on TV. Moments later, the video transition was made to Camera 3 where a casual pan swiveled about the 2 rings joined together. The ringside crew were seen neatly arranging the assembly of tables alongside the opposing barricades as Dean Carrington stood himself erect by the lead announce position to begin his approach of the ring steps.

Carrington: “...And now, Ladies & Gentlemen, the following contest is a ...TABLES TO FALL MATCH!!!!! ...And it is for the jOlt Wrestling WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!”

The esteemed ring announcer gave pause to the masses who were responding in kind to the long awaited rematch. A few air horns were heard blaring throughout the various pockets of the arena before the attention was reset back to the incomparable Dean Carrington.

Carrington: “...By rule, each contestant must put their opponent through a table in order to ensure either a Pinfall or Submission is deemed valid. If at any time, either opponent who manages to kickout, successfully escape a submission or ensure a rope break, they must put their opponent through a table once more in order make any other pinfall or submission legal. The process shall continue until a winner is finally determined by way of Pinfall, Knockout or Submission...”


Minute flashes of red lighting were as distinct as there were at random throughout the vast arena. The ongoing chatter made by the masses were sustained throughout the blackened landscape before the jOltvision screens began flickering to life with intentional flashes of innovative offense and aerial supremacy before the scene drew black and the kanji symbol of ‘death’ began to glow bright red before shattering into crimson silhouettes of scattering crows, leading the red strobe lighting to cease. The crowd volume began to swell with the rising level of anticipation...

”Dawn Awaits - Extended Version

The acoustic ascension brought forth a collage of edited footage; soaring over the top ropes to obliterating his opposition in a myriad of ways as the white light shone from overhead trained at the apex of the aisle way with the challenger standing with both palms out a few inches away from his sides. Head downcast, the preemptive martial arts katas were initiated proceeded by a Leaping Double Roundhouse Kick and a pulled punch against the grating promoting the lighting to immediately return. Standing himself erect, the Blood Raven casually scanned the horizon before making his way down the carpeted path....

Carrington: “Introducing 1st, Representing The Inogami Clan...from The Okayama Prefecture of Ibara, Japan...Weighing in at 195 pounds & is the current Number 1 Contender for the jOlt Wrestling Heavyweight Championship of the World! He is ’The Blood Raven’...EIJI!! KUGASARI!!!

Glancing from side to side to side at the assembly of tables before climbing onto the ring apron, walking over to the northwestern ring post to passively play to the crowd before entering the ring and patrolling Ring 1's interior. Referee Underwood was standing by with both arms folded behind his back as the ninja clan lieutenant continued pacing about for several moments after his musical interlude had elapsed before holding court in his respective corner. Fists balled up and silently seething in wait for his opportunity for retribution...

"Lift Me Up" by Five Finger Death Punch

The infectious musical theme did absolutely nothing to sway favor from the jeering masses as the reigning jOlt Champion arrogantly sauntered out from the backstage position with the belt fastened around his waist. A hardened scowl radiated from his visage as he slowly looked at the aimless gathering of peasants spewing waves of venom in his direction. Slowly pacing from Right to Left, the former ACW Scorpion Champion remained transfixed upon his enemy as he slowly raised his fists upward to promote Pearl & Pink plumes of sparkling pyro erupting from behind before a barrage of pyrotechnical explosions rattled from overhead...

Carrington: “...and his opponent; Representing The Faction....he hails from Glendale, Arizona...Weighing in at 218lbs and is your current...reigning & defending jOlt Heavyweight Champion of the WORLD!!! He is The Rising Star...LANDON!!! STEVENS!!!!

The patriarch of The Faction slowly made his descent to the ringside area where debris was beginning to cascade over the barricades in his direction. The ringside crew were already at work seeking to clear it as Stevens inaudibly vented his resentment back toward the Unenlightened. For several moments, Landon would lock eyes with his enemy from the outside of the squared circle while Eiji was held at bay by the in ring official. Pulling himself onto the ring apron, Landon remained kneeling briefly before ascending the nearest turnbuckle, unfastened the championship and raising it overhead. Several rolls of toilet paper would sail over the top rope with 1 roll bouncing off Landon’s chest, prompting him to extend his middle finger back into the crowd before dropping inside the ring. The musical theme concluded yet the crowd animosity was laid thick while the referee was the only individual left to separate both champion and challenger...

Crowd: ...“FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5)...

The Rising Star handed the official the coveted jOlt championship before backing into the corner as the official explained the rules of the match to each of the competitors. Stevens stretched in the corner as the official raised the championship high above his head before handing it over to the time keeper. The fans began to erupt as the sound of the bell echoed throughout the arena.



DING!!! The champion and the challenger stared each other down as they circled the ring. Eiji faked moving in for a lock up as Stevens backed up. Stevens smirked before both men lunged forward and locked up in the center of the ring. The two of them each struggled to gain the advantage until Kugasari connected with a kick to the thigh of Stevens forcing him to break the lock up. Eiji then bounced off the ropes and dropped Stevens to the canvas with a back heel kick. The champion rolled back to his feet and Kugasari slammed him back down to the canvas with a hip toss as Stevens attempted a clothesline. Once again Stevens rolled up to his feet only to be met with a back flip kick to the jaw. Stevens fell to the canvas and sat up against the ropes as he held adjusted his jaw. The Blood Raven wasn’t done with his attack but Stevens pulled the official in front of him and Kugasari stopped dead in his tracks.

“YOU’RE A PUSSY!!!”(clap x5) “YOU’RE A PUSSY!!!”(clap x5) “YOU’RE A PUSSY!!!”(clap x5) “YOU’RE A PUSSY!!!”(clap x5) “YOU’RE A PUSSY!!!”(clap x5) “YOU’RE A PUSSY!!!”(clap x5)

Stevens used the ropes behind him to pull himself up and pushed the official back out of the way. The Rising Star ran towards The Blood Raven and took him down to the mat with a Lou Thez Press and began to pummel the challenger with hard fists to the skull. Kugasari managed to free himself by connecting with a knee to the back of the champion. Stevens rolled off and moved to his feet. The Rising Star grabbed Eiji by the arm and pulled him to his feet. Kugasari connected with a hard right and Stevens returned with a right of his own before hitting Eiji with a hard kick to the midsection followed by a knee as the challenger hunched over. The Blood Raved moved to the ropes and Stevens came up from behind but Kugasari turned around at the last minute and flipped him over the ropes. Stevens landed on the apron and connected with a shoulder to the midsection that staggered the challenger back. Landon spring boarded himself over the top rope and hit Kugasari with a flying back heel kick that sent him to the canvas. Stevens rolled back to his feet and taunted the crowd as he sprawled his arms out slowly for dramatic effect.

“FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5)

Kugasari moved back to his feet. The two superstars circled the ring staring each other down before locking up in the center of the ring for the second time. Stevens gained the advantage as he forced Kugasari into the corner. Stevens stepped up to the second rope only to have Eiji push him off, the champion landed on his feet and quickly reacted with an uppercut that forced Kugasari back into the corner. The Arizonian Assassin smirked and slapped Eiji across the face.


The fans erupted in jeers as Stevens smiled as he walked away from the corner. The Rising Star turned his attention back to the challenger as he ran shoulder first towards Kugasari.


Stevens went shoulder first into the ring post as Eiji rolled out of the way. The fans cheered as the champion fell out of the corner holding his shoulder. The Blood Prince immediately went after the injured arm of Stevens as he targeted the shoulder with a drop kick. Kugasari continued his assault as he grabbed the arm and went to lock him into an arm bar but Stevens managed to roll out of the ring.

“YOU’RE A PUSSY!!!”(clap x5) “YOU’RE A PUSSY!!!”(clap x5) “YOU’RE A PUSSY!!!”(clap x5) “YOU’RE A PUSSY!!!”(clap x5) “YOU’RE A PUSSY!!!”(clap x5) “YOU’RE A PUSSY!!!”(clap x5)

“Really?” Stevens began to yell towards the fans before turning around.

Stevens turned around to Eiji leaping off the top rope with a flying cross body that sent both men to the lightly padded floor outside the ring. Eiji slowly moved to his feet using the nearby guardrail to pull himself to his feet. The challenger made his way over to Stevens and connected with several kicks to the injured shoulder. Stevens rolled away wrenching in pain before crawling towards the ring. The champion pulled himself up with the apron as Eiji came up from behind. Eiji threw a right punch; Stevens blocked it and returned fire with a right of his own. Eiji staggered a bit before he too returned fire. The two superstars exchanged blows back and forth until Stevens hit Kugasari with a knee to the midsection. The Rising Star grabbed a handful of hair and slammed Eiji headfirst into the top of the barricades before whipping him into the ring apron. Eiji wrenched in pain.

“You thought I was scared of you? ” Stevens screamed at Kugasari as he hit him from behind with a forearm to the back that dropped him to the ringside floor. Stevens wasn’t finished as he grabbed Eiji up and pulled him to his feet. The Rising Star locked Kugasari in a front headlock and smiled to the crowd.


The Blood Raven slammed Stevens to the floor with a snap suplex. Eiji rolled away trying to catch his breath. Stevens held his shoulder as he crawled back to his feet. The champion stretched out his shoulder before going back on the attack. Stevens made his way towards Kugasari and attempted to stomp down on him, but the challenger was waiting and grabbed the foot of Stevens and pushed him back. A furious Stevens rushed an attack only to be tackled to the floor by Kugasari. The challenger pummeled Stevens as he tried to gain some momentum. The fans cheered behind him as they loved to see Stevens get his ass handed to him. Stevens tried to protect his face but to no avail. Kugasari pushed himself off the champ and moved back to his feet before grabbing a handful of Stevens’ hair and pulling him to his feet. Eiji pulled the right arm back and slammed Stevens into the nearby ring post, shoulder first. The champion fell to one knee holding his shoulder in pain. The Blood Raven came at Stevens and connected with a stiff kick to the already injured shoulder. Stevens fell over wrenching in pain as Kugasari moved over towards the side of the ring and went under the ring apron.

“WE WANT TABLES!!!! (clap x5) WE WANT TABLES!!!! (clap x5) WE WANT TABLES!!!! (clap x5) WE WANT TABLES!!!! (clap x5) WE WANT TABLES!!!! (clap x5) WE WANT TABLES!!!! (clap x5) WE WANT TABLES!!!! (clap x5) WE WANT TABLES!!!! (clap x5) WE WANT TABLES!!!! (clap x5) WE WANT TABLES!!!! (clap x5) “

The crowd erupted in chants for tables as Kugasari pulled a table out from under the ring. The Blood Raven dragged the table over towards the barricades and leaned it against the barricade. The challenger once again moved over to Stevens and stomped down the aggravated right shoulder. Kugasari pulled Stevens up to his feet and pushed him into the barricade throwing a hard shot towards the head of Landon only to have it blocked. Stevens returned with hard knee to the midsection before grabbing Eiji by the hair slamming his head into the top of the barricade before whipping him into ring steps.


Kugasari’s flipped over the ringsteps knocking them over in the process. Stevens caught his breath for a moment as Kugasari tried to move to his feet. The Rising Star saw The Blood Raven using the barricade to pull himself up. Stevens ran across the entrance area and jumped ontop of the barricade before running the ledge and leaping off.


Stevens rolled to his feet and taunted the crowd immediately as he flared his arms out wide with s smile on his face. The champion moved to his knees and pulled out a table from under the ring and then a chair. Stevens grabbed the chair as Kugasari once again attempted to make it to his feet. Stevens moved to his feet and swung the chair back.


Stevens hit Kugasari in the back with the chair.


Stevens brutally attacked Eiji with the chair as he laid out on the floor. The fans jeered as Stevens threw down the chair.

“YOU WANT MY BELT???? FUCK YOU!!!” Stevens yelled out at the downed challenger before flipping his two middle fingers up.

Stevens grabbed Kugasari and picked him up off the floor before shoving him into the barricade. Stevens connected with a hard knee that brought Kugasari down to a sitting position. Stevens stepped back and ran full force towards The Blood Raven trying to connect with a knee to the skull. Kugasari rolled out of the way, but Stevens caught himself before ramming his knee into the barricade. Eiji laid against the barricade as Stevens looked down and grabbed him by the hair pulling him to his feet. Stevens forced Eiji back into the ring before grabbing the table he pulled out earlier and pushed it into the ring. The champion climbed up to the ring apron and once again taunted the crowd.


Kugasari came up from behind and hit Stevens with a drop kick sending him into the barricade. Steven’s head bounced off the top of the barricade. Both competitors laid out but there was nothing the official could do. The Blood Raven used the ropes to pull himself to his feet as Stevens slowly tried to stand up holding his head. Stevens pulled himself up with help from the barricade.


As Stevens pulled himself up and turned around Eiji Kugasari came flying off the ropes connecting with a crossbody that sent both men crashing to the floor. Kugasari was the first to his feet as the fans went nuts as he pulled the table leaning against the barricade down and set it up. The champion crawled towards the challenger and pulled on his pant legs to pull himself up but Eiji shoved him off and finished setting up the table. As he finished he moved over to the downed champion and grabbed him by the hair and went to pull him up.


Stevens used his forearm and brought it up between the legs of Kugasari dropping him to his knees. The Rising Star stepped up to his feet and smiled as he grabbed Eiji up off the floor and pushed him up against the set up table. Stevens tried to roll Kugasari up on the table but was met with a kick to the side of the head and stumbled back. The Blood Raven rolled what little of him was on the table off. Kugasari followed after Stevens and turned him around. Kugasari went for a quick kick but Stevens grabbed him by the leg and shoved him to the floor. The challenger dropped Stevens to the floor with a quick sweep of the legs. Both men began to rise to their feet. Kugasari quickly connected with a stiff kick to the damaged shoulder of the champion. Stevens fell down to one knee favoring his right shoulder. Kugasari picked grabbed the arm of Stevens and pulled down causing more damage to the already injured shoulder before pulling him up to his feet and dragging him over towards the table.

“WE WANT TABLES!!!! (clap x5) WE WANT TABLES!!!! (clap x5) WE WANT TABLES!!!! (clap x5) WE WANT TABLES!!!! (clap x5) WE WANT TABLES!!!! (clap x5) WE WANT TABLES!!!! (clap x5) WE WANT TABLES!!!! (clap x5) WE WANT TABLES!!!! (clap x5) WE WANT TABLES!!!! (clap x5) WE WANT TABLES!!!! (clap x5) “

Eiji locked Stevens in a front face lock and attempted to hoist the champion up for a suplex. Stevens blocked the attempt by wrapping his leg around Kugasari’s. Stevens pushed himself away from the challenger.


Stevens connected with a jumping corkscrew roundhouse kick. Kugasari landed face first onto the ringside floor. The Rising Star still favored his right shoulder as he caught his breath for a moment. The official checked on Stevens to make sure he wanted to continue and Stevens pushed him away as he moved back over to his fallen foe and grabbed a handful of hair. The champion pulled his challenger up to his feet and once again attempted to force him on to the table, only this time being successful. The Rising Star looked around and smiled before climbing up onto the ring apron and then up to the top rope.


Stevens leaped off the top rope with a corkscrew shooting star press.


Kugasari rolled off the table and Stevens went crashing through.

”HOLY SHIT!!!!(clap x5) HOLY SHIT!!!!(clap x5) HOLY SHIT!!!!(clap x5) HOLY SHIT!!!!(clap x5) HOLY SHIT!!!!(clap x5) HOLY SHIT!!!!(clap x5) HOLY SHIT!!!!(clap x5)”

The excitement of the crowd echoed throughout the arena as Kugasari was one step closer to regaining the jOlt heavyweight championship. The challenger was slow to crawl over to the fallen champion as he rolled Stevens over and attempted the pin.





The resilient champion managed to get his shoulder up at the last possible second.


The crowd was displeased with the failed attempt as Stevens still had a shot to remain champ. Kugasari moved back to his feet and grabbed Stevens by his bright red hair and pulled him up.


The Blood Raven connected with a snap kick to the thigh followed by a spinning back elbow, then a spinning back fist before finishing with an open palm strike. The fans went nuts as Kugasari finished his signature sequence. The Rising Star collapsed to the floor.

”FINISH HIM!!!! (clap x5) FINISH HIM!!!! (clap x5) FINISH HIM!!!! (clap x5) FINISH HIM!!!! (clap x5)”The fans chanted for Eiji Kugasari to put an end to the reign of Stevens.

Eiji pulled Stevens to his feet once again and rolled him into the ring. The Prince of Puroresu tore down one of the tables set up around the ring and carried it to towards the ring before sliding it in under the bottom ropes.


Stevens connected with a baseball slide forcing the table into the chest of Kugasari. The challenger stumbled back holding his chest as the champ jumped to his feet before running to the opposing ropes. The Rising Star bounced off the ropes and ran across the ring.


Stevens leaped to the top rope and jumped off with a miraculous shooting star press. Stevens found the momentum on his side once again as he jumped to his feet. The Rising Star pealed Kugasari up off the floor and pushed him up against the now leaning table that leaned against the ring apron. Stevens took several steps back. Kugasari started to come to as he shook the cobwebs from his head. Stevens grinned as he flipped his middle fingers towards the challenger.


The Arizonian Assassin drove Kugasari through the table with an uncharacteristic spear. The fans in the arena erupted with jeers as Stevens could now attempt a pinfall or submission.


Stevens favored his shoulder once again after using it to drive his foe through the table. The champion moved to one knee as Kugasari tried to crawl away. Stevens watched and smiled as The Prince of Puroresu struggled to get trying to get to his feet. Landon moved to his feet and began to stalk Eiji as he crawled into the ring. Stevens climbed up onto the ring apron watching as Kugasari laid on the canvas before stepping in through the ropes.


Stevens leaped into the air and drove Kugasari’s skull into the canvas with a curb stomp. Stevens moved over towards the table he pushed into the ring earlier in the contest and set it up in the middle of the ring. The Arizonian made his way back to Kugasari and pulled him to his feet setting him up between his legs.


Stevens drove the challenger through the table with a powerbomb. The crowd looked on in shock as this was another uncharacteristic maneuver from Stevens. Still the arrogance of the champion shined as he once again picked Kugasari up off the canvas.

“FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5)

Stevens draped the dazed challenger into the corner before over to the opposing corner kicking away any leftover debris from the table on his way. The Rising Star ran full speed towards Kugasari leaping in the air as he drew closer, Kugasari ducked under and flipped Stevens over the rope. Stevens grabbed onto the top rope landing on the apron. The Prince of Puroresu turned and kicked Stevens but he still held on to the ropes. The Blood Raven then jumped and connected with a drop kick.


Stevens fell off the apron and through a table set up on the outside. Kugasari sling shot himself over the top rope landing onto the chest of Stevens feet first before rolling to his feet.

”JOLT!!!! (clap x5)” ”JOLT!!!! (clap x5)” ”JOLT!!!! (clap x5)” ”JOLT!!!! (clap x5)” ”JOLT!!!! (clap x5)” ”JOLT!!!! (clap x5)” ”JOLT!!!! (clap x5)” ”JOLT!!!! (clap x5)” ”JOLT!!!! (clap x5)” ”JOLT!!!! (clap x5)”

The crowd went nuts chanting the name of the number one promotion in the world as Kugasari picked Stevens up off the ringside floor. The champion staggered as he made it to his feet.


The Blood Raven connected with his finishing maneuver leaning back and locking the legs of Stevens for a pin.





The fans gasped as Stevens kicked out at the last possible second. Kugasari looked on in shock as he rolled up to his feet. Stevens still laid on the floor breathing heavily.

“THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!! (clap x5)” “THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!! (clap x5)” “THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!! (clap x5)” “THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!! (clap x5)” “THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!! (clap x5)” “THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!! (clap x5)” “THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!! (clap x5)”

The fans were pissed that Stevens once again managed to find a way to stay in the match and Kugasari had to find a way to put Stevens through a table. Kugasari picked the downed champion up. The drained Stevens staggered back once he reached his feet. The Blood Raven whipped his foe into the ring. The Arizonian Assassin wrenched in pain as he favored his back. Kugasari made his way over to the hunched over Stevens and slammed his head down onto the ring apron several times.





The sound of the champion’s skull hitting the apron echoed throughout the building. Kugasari turned Stevens towards him and looked him in the face as blood began to poor down the face of Stevens. The groggy champion tried to gain his balance but stumbled over into the ring post. The Blood Raven stepped back and swung his leg up for a stiff kick but Stevens ducked down and his foot connected with the hard steel of the ring post. Kugasari favored his foot as he hopped around. As he turned around Stevens saw his opportunity and forced Kugasari into the ring where the challenger laid favoring his foot. The official stopped and asked The Prince of Puroresu if he could continue and was given the nod as he tried to make it to his feet. Stevens slid into the ring after grabbing something from under the ring hiding it from the camera’s as he made his way towards Kugasari who was still favoring his foot trying to walk but with a heavy limp. Stevens turned him around.


Stevens connected with a jumping corkscrew roundhouse kick once again and rolled to his feet. Landon climbed up to the top rope as Kugasari laid motionless on the canvas.


Stevens hit Kugasari with a corckscrew springboard shooting star press. Stevens hooked the legs.




The sound of the bell echoed throughout the arena as “Lift Me Up” by Five Finger Death Punch played muffled in the background.The fans erupted in boo’s and began to throw trash towards the ring as Stevens pulled off yet another victory to remain champion. The Rising Star rolled to his feet as the official approached him with the Jolt Heavyweight Championship. Stevens snatched the championship from the hands of the official and raised it high in the air above his head.

“FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5) “FUCK YOU, LANDON!!!” (clap x5)

The Rising Star exited the ring with a smile on his face as he once again proved why he is still the man to beat in Jolt. Stevens raised the championship high above his head as he made his way up the entrance way with the fans still chanting.

Winner: Landon Stevens via Pinfall

"Spoiler Tags Needed"

The scene opened up backstage. Donny Layne was standing by with “The Rockstar” Jon Le Bon! The crowd popped when Le Bon stepped into frame and he cracked a wide smile for the camera.

“We are backstage here with “The Rockstar” Jon Le Bon who came up a bit short in the Relentless Championship tournament on iNtense 100, losing to Vizier ta Seti in the finals. Le Bon, I’d like to hear your thoughts and what you have planned for the future.” Said Layne.

Le Bon pulled down his sunglasses for a second then pushed them back up.

“In other words, you’re hoping that I can stall long enough to allow the ring crew to set up the second ring for the war games match!” said Le Bon.

Layne adjusted his collar and cleared his voice and then responded in a lower pitch.

“Why yes…. Yes I do…” said Layne.

Le Bon then patted Layne on the back and leaned on his shoulder.

“Then allow me to regale you with a tale that will whisk you away on an adventure.. provided if you have the imagination to fuel it. It was a warm summer evening in Orlando, Florida… the stars were shining brightly in the sky. The breeze blew gently, caressing the skin of a man who stood there, peering up into said sky. He closed his eyes and envisioned a dream.. a dream that would change the world… change the future. A hopeful man he was. Then… all of a sudden, through his eyelids, the flashing of lights caught his attention. He opened his eyes and there they were… local law enforcement officers, flashlights pointed at the man.” Said Le Bon

Le Bon sulked a bit and lowered his head, shaking it.

“Apparently, a man can’t realize his dream of urinating freely off the side of an overpass without SOMEONE having a say about it. Who knew that it was also punishable by a fine, too? Well, I guess that’s up to me to discuss with the judge. I was thinking on hiring ZaC the Monkey as my attorney.” Said Le Bon.

“The same ZaC the Monkey that was chokeslammed by Jeremy Ryan a few months back?” asked Layne.

“No.. that one died from internal injuries shortly after. There’s a new ZaC the Monkey now… kind of think of him in terms of Lassie. It’s never the same dog, but hell, people won’t be able to tell the difference.” Said Le Bon.

Layne just stood there, mouth agape at the fact that Zac the Monkey died, but Le Bon looked at him funny for a moment.

“You might want to close your mouth. I kept my mouth open like that once.. you wouldn’t believe the things that found their way inside of it.”

Layne was speechless for a moment, but he shook his head.

“WHAT!?” yelled Layne.

“What what?” asked Le Bon

“Oh God.. nevermind. So… this new ZaC… he actually knows the law or something?” asked Layne.

You could see the look on Layne’s face. It’s almost if he regretted asking that question in the first place.

“HA! Would you listen to yourself. What a stupid question. Monkies can’t practice law! I’m simply bringing him because people love monkies! The judge will take one look at him in a business suit and melt from the adorableness that is ZaC the Monkey II! I’ll be sure to win my case then!” said Le Bon.

Layne didn’t want to go any further on that subject. He decided to ask one more, possibly safer, question.

“Be that as it may.. what do you have in store for iNtense 102 and beyond?” Layne asked, hoping that he would get a normal answer.

“One would expect me to challenge for the Relentless title to try and win it back from Vizor la something or other.. you know.. the guy with the people who like to moon you as part of a fan club or something.. but I’m not going to do that… I don’t want to see thousands of asses when I’m trying to have a serious match! Besides… I’ve been in jOlt long enough. I was a MEGASTAR on The Hype… I successfully made it to the main roster… I got to the finals of a tournament.. I think I’m ready. Next time we’re on Pay-Per-View, it’s going to be from Boston, Massachusetts… it’s going to be Thieves Honor.. and it’s going to be the Thieves Honor Match for the jOlt World Championship! I figured I would ask Damien Lee if I can be in that match!”

The people in the background actually erupted in cheers at the thought of Le Bon going for the World Title.

“Uh.. you do realize that Damien Lee has yet to officially announce when and where Thieves Honor was going to take place, right? Let alone the fact that there was going to be a Thieves Honor match…” said Layne.

“Oh.. uhm.. SPOILER ALERT!” yelled Le Bon.

“Well.. now that the cat is out of the bag… I’m sure ol’ Lee will put me in the match! After all.. he’s the leader of my fellow Hypesmen! Surely, he can see that I’m from The Hype as well and that, alone, will get me into the match. I mean, he’s going to put Sebastian Saje into it as well!”

“AH GEEZ WHAT THE.. LE BON!” yelled Layne.

“Oh…right! I forgot again.. SPOILER ALERT!” yelled Le Bon.

“Well.. I think we’re done here” said Layne. “Thank you for your time, Jon.”

“Wait! I haven’t even talked about how the Thieves Honor match will have six people and that there will be qualifying matches and…”

As Le Bon was rambling Layne made a slashing motion across his throat and the scene quickly faded to black.

"What's on the Inside"

We transition to the locker room area where “Dragonfly” Amber Ryann is sitting against a corner, up on top of an equipment case. She had a grey hooded sweater on with the hood pulled up over her head. She had on a pair of sunglasses as well. We could see wires from some earbuds running down her chest to her pocket where it was assumed her cell phone was. She looked like she was in her own little world when Alyssa Corliss walked by then stopped in her tracks. She turned around and noticed Amber Ryann there. Ryann didn’t acknowledge her which probably meant she was asleep. We couldn’t tell what lied beyond the shades.

Alyssa was a bit hesitant to bother her, knowing the things that she said before. When Faith Hines defeated her on The Hype, it seemed that everything that was bottled up inside of Alyssa came out all at once. It was like someone brought reality back to her and now she felt terrible about how she pushed those away who cared about her.

Alyssa swallowed her pride and then took a step forward towards Amber Ryann. She reached out and nudged Ryann on her knee to try and get her attention. Ryann slowly pulled the ear buds out of her ears before reaching into her pocket. We heard the music stop. Ryann didn’t say a word.. she simply sat there and looked at Alyssa.

“Hey Amber” said Alyssa a bit sheepishly.

Ryann took off her sunglasses and she looked at Alyssa. Her eyes were bloodshot red and there were some bags under her eyes. Alyssa looked a little concerned as Ryann looked like hell.

“Are… are you okay, Amber?” asked Alyssa

“Yeah.. I’m fine.. besides, why do you care all of a sudden?” asked Amber.

And there it was. The reaction that Alyssa knew was coming, but didn’t want to hear, but she knew she wasn’t going to escape this conversation without hearing it. Alyssa took a deep breath before continuing.

“Yeah.. I had a feeling you would feel that way after the last time we spoke to each other. Look… I’m really sorry for the things I’ve said. When I lost Sebastian, I didn’t know how to take it. Here was a guy who I thought was going to be my world, but instead, he decided to toss me away like everything we’ve been through meant nothing. I honestly gave up because I felt like I had lost everything.. even though I had friends who were trying to help me.. I just couldn’t see it because I was so bitter and jaded. What I said to you… was anger… it was frustration… and I can’t go back and erase what happened. All I want to know is if you would forgive me” said Alyssa.

Ryann hopped off the equipment case and looked at Alyssa face to face.

“So you want me to forget everything you said to me? You want me to forgive you? At least you had a boyfriend. You know what it’s been like growing up and being looked at funny? Being made fun of for who you are? Having a boyfriend wasn’t an option for me because who in the hell would want to go out with the loner girl? You can stand there and claim your words were said out anger and frustration.. but to me.. they were like knives that cut deep… deeper than you could imagine. On top of that, you attacked me… you left me laying on the ground… and now just because I beat you and Faith beat you.. you and it caused you to have this miraculous epiphany… you think that makes everything okay again?” said Ryann.

Alyssa knew she deserved it, but she didn’t want to give up reconciling with Amber Ryann.

“No.. I don’t. I don’t think it instantly makes things better. Look.. I’m trying to be sincere here. If you don’t want to forgive me.. I completely understand… I can take that.. I can accept that. I just want to know… what can I do so we can be friends again?” asked Alyssa.

“You insulted who I am… it makes you no different than anyone else I’ve had to deal with growing up. I’ve heard this story before and whether you’re sincere or not.. I’m not buying it. You want to know what you can do to make things right again?” asked Amber.

“Yes.. I do..” said Alyssa.

“You can drop dead.” Said Amber with a catch in her throat.

Alyssa closed her eyes and cringed at those words. The audience even was taken back a bit as Amber walked past her, covering her mouth as I think even she couldn’t believe what she had just said. Alyssa looked back as Amber walked away. The camera closed in on Alyssa’s face as the scene faded to black.


We transitioned to the locker room area. Cross the Hood was getting warmed up as Sayber, Michael Donavan, Nate Quartermaine, Raevynn, and Seraph stood there talking amongst themselves. Suddenly the door opens and a sweaty Sebastian Saje entered the locker room. It got kind of quiet as they all looked at him.

“Yeah.. go ahead and stare. I have no problem admitting that I lost to Aran Thompson earlier tonight, but I’m just going to say this… after tonight.. when Jackson Cross and Machida Hood walk out of this show with the jOlt Tag Team Championships, we will be back on track and we will start heading to where we need to be.” Said Saje,

“This isn’t the point, Saje. Your loss tonight has pretty much summed up The Rebellion over the past month.” Said Donavan. “We made one of the biggest impacts in jOlt at Wrestlecade.. and we cemented the fact that we were a force at Breakdown when we defeated the reVolt and Backbone alliance… and now look at us… we can’t even handle Chris Titan.. and you couldn’t handle Aran Thompson. What does that say about us?”

Saje snapped back.

“Hey.. I may not have been able to handle Aran Thompson tonight, but you and Seraph couldn’t even get the job done a few weeks ago. Let’s not forget who ended up going through a pair of tables against him!”

Seraph stood up from the bench he was sitting on and looked in Saje’s direction. All of a sudden, Damien Lee walked in and everyone became a bit uncomfortable.

“What is all this squabbling I hear?” asked Lee. “What I hear is a group... a solid unit coming apart. You guys had issues on iNtense 101 against Chris Titan and now you’re having more issues with each other here tonight. Mike here said it himself… you guys are a dominant force that made its mark on jOlt. I wouldn’t have brought you up here to the main roster if I didn’t believe you could be that dominant force. You’ve had a few setbacks. They hurt… they sting… they start messing with your pride, but in the end, you are still The Rebellion and I know that Cross the Hood has what it takes to plow through the eight other teams in that match and capture the jOlt Tag Team Championships”

“And what if they don’t?” asked Sayber.

Cross the Hood glared at Sayber after he said that.

“If you’re not feeling confident in your team, then maybe you should leave” said Lee.

“The way I see it.. I’ve been on this main roster for nearly three months. I came here because I was promised that I could have my revenge on Derecho. He put me in the hospital TWICE. He cost me the Hype Championship. He nearly ended my career. I was told when I joined The Rebellion that I could have my revenge and what has happened since then? He’s been in a feud with Omega for the Underground Championship. Just when in the hell am I going to be granted my opportunity to get my revenge? I honestly don’t care about any of this. I’m only apart of this group because something was promised to me.”

“Bold words, Sayber, but honestly… you’re right” said Lee. “You are the odd man of this group because you’re the only one of the eight that doesn’t share the same vision and you’re right again in the fact that you only joined this group because it was your gateway to Derecho… but honestly… look at Derecho. Look at him in his current state. He just became the new Underground Champion for the second time and he sacrificed his body to do so. He’s, for all intents and purposes, insane and has proven that he will do anything to destroy an opponent put in front of him. He’s done it to you twice… are you sure you want to confront him NOW of all times? This is possibly the worst I’ve seen him and if you want to walk out there and challenge him.. I guarantee you it’ll be like signing your own death warrant. Don’t worry… your time will come, Sayber.. it’s all about picking spots… just remember that.”

Lee took a moment to look around the room.

“Anybody else want to air their dirty laundry?” asked Lee

Nobody said a word.

“Good because I hardly believe that the eight of you would end up defeating yourselves. Tonight we had one setback. We’re not going to have another. Tonight, we bring gold to The Rebellion and we begin to fulfill our mission.. and that is to take the top spots here in jOlt. I am SICK of people like Aran Thompson holding the top spots.. and even Landon Stevens is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. People want to see new blood. They want to see a new regime. Tonight… we’re going to give that to them.” Said Lee

“Well said, Lee.”

Lee turned around and there was a figure in the doorway. The figure was cloaked in black with a hood pulled over their face. This was the same cloaked figure that had been seen numerous times in the past. The first time the hood was pulled back, it was Raevynn, but seeing as she was clearly standing in plain view, who could this new cloaked person be?

“Your words are a bit encouraging, but I came here to remind you. I don’t tolerate failure. Not from you, Lee…. Not from ANY of you. Should Cross the Hood fail tonight, iNtense 102 is going to become… VERY… uncomfortable.” Said the figure.

The figure then simply turned and walked away. Even Lee looked a bit worried. Just who the hell was that and why were their words striking fear into The Rebellion’s minds?

The scene faded to black.

"She's Gone"

We are in the backstage area. We see Omega bracing himself up against the wall of one of the hallways. He’s still sweaty and bloodied from his match with Derecho earlier in the evening. Omega gripped his face as the camera got in close enough to listen.

“She’s gone!”

(whispering) “She’s no longer with us!...”

“Omega has been defeated…”

(whispering) “We cannot become one…”


“But it has already happened.. she is gone and you lost her…”


“Omega will get her back and then we can become one…”

(whispering) “Yes… we must become one.. we NEED to become one…”


(whispering) “How will you unite us without her. She was everything to us… the key”

“Omega can’t unite us without her. It’s futile to even try.”


Omega picked up a table that was up against the wall opposite of him and flung it across the hall. People in the hall scattered as Omega went toward another table and flung that one as well. Just as he did that, Providence walked out of the catering area and he stopped when he saw Omega.

(whispering) “Who is that?”

“That is the one who defeated us. That is Derecho.”

(whispering) “He is the one who took her from us.”

“Omega… you must get her back!”


Omega then charged in at Providence, drilling him with a clothesline down to the floor! Omega quickly picked up Providence and threw him back first into the wall where he followed it up with a knee strike to the stomach.

Omega grabbed one of the tables he flipped and threw it into Providence. Providence put his arm up to block it, but he still took the table full force. By this time, officials and security ran down the hall and jumped Omega, tackling him down to the floor. They restrained him while the officials checked on Providence.


“Omega needs to get her back! Let us go!”

(whispering) “A mistake you are making. You must let us go!”

The officials helped Providence to his feet and got him out of there as they continued to restrain Omega.

(whispering) “He is escaping.. we must go after him”

“We can’t.. we are restrained!”

They continued to hold Omega down as the scene faded to black


We found ourselves backstage at the interview area once again and in mere moments we would be seeing the first-ever War Games Tag Title match! The finishing touches were being placed up on the secondary ring necessary for the blockbuster event with nine teams all vying to either become the Tag Team Champion or at the very least retain their titles in the case of the current champions, The Faction.

Dawn Cassidy was standing at the ready with a bright smile on her face and greeted the crowd with a smile.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It has been a downright WILD night! We have seen championships change hands, we have seen titles retained, we’ve seen some of the best action jOlt has ever seen and in mere moments, we’re going to go live to the ring. Standing by at this time we have one man that was victorious tonight and two more who are hoping to follow suit in the War Games match. They are Mack Brody… Ryan Gallway… and Frank Silver… the Heirs of Wrestling!”

The crowd ASPLODED!

Not really. That’d be fucking horrible for jOlt’s future. But nevertheless, three men were here tonight. They were The Heirs of Wrestling, they were large, in charge and they looked ready for what was to come tonight.

“Dawn,” Brody said with a wink.

She let out a light laugh before remembering she kind of had a job to do.

“Tonight, Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway, the two of you are going into this match which is completely unprecedented. Nine teams are going for the gold. How do you handle pressure for this type of match?”

“Well, Dawn,” Frank began. “You don’t. No way to prepare for this shit. I can’t go out, recreate this War Games structure with a bunch of homeless people and then recreate the exact conditions planned for victory. It’s just impossible.”

“Uh… dude, we DID do that,” Ryan said as he nudged his tag partner with his elbow. “Remember? You are all ‘Bumfights’ don’t got shit on us, yo! They…”

A fist jabbed him on the arm.


“Stop that shit, dude! You know that I don’t speak Spanish!”

Silver buried his face in his hands and shook his head in disgust. Dawn laughed and probably didn’t buy that they were serious about paying bums to fight in a mock cage, but this WAS The Heirs of Wrestling.

“MOVING ON… So yes. You can’t exactly plan for this kind of shit, but we’ve been on a ROLL in the last several weeks. The three of us beat Trouble… we beat Ninja K and The Crimson Order on Intense 100! I was part of the winning team in that War Games preview match! We’re fucking READY as we’ve ever been! These titls have eluded us since last year, but no longer. We’re gunning for the belts, we’re going for record reign number three and we’re going to have the biggest fucking party that jOlt has ever seen because we’ll be the guys who end the run of the fucking Blunder Twins.”

Dawn then turned to Mack Brody.

“Mack Brody, congratulations on your incredible victory over Ninja K earlier tonight! What’s going through your mind after what is being called the biggest victory of your career tonight?”

The man called SuperMack nodded in Dawn’s direction.

“What else can I say, but this… I DID IT. I can sit here, sling shit, get all cocky, arrogant, talk about how great I look… but what I’m actually going to talk about is to personally THANK Ninja K for these fights over the last several months. This isn’t me kissing your ass, Kenshiro, this is me paying my respect to YOU.”

The crowd roared with approval after the amazing battle earlier between Brody and Ninja K earlier tonight.

“We’ve been at this shit tooth and nail for months, but this series taught me that if I want to succeed and be at the top, I needed to evolve. I needed to better myself and prove that I belong in that ring with those who have been or currently on top in this company. Tonight, I PROVED that I’m ready for the big time and everything that comes with it. I want to be the absolute God-damn best this company has to offer and after this win tonight, I’m looking at a certain SOMEBODY who has been slinging some shit of his own for too fucking long…”

The crowd knew what he was talking about. Twitter had been very personal for The Heirs of Wrestling and the man who retained his jOlt Championship against a very game Eiji Kugasari… that was the reigning champion, Landon Stevens.

“I made a promise to that fucker that if I squashed this beef with Ninja K once and for all, that I was going to be paying that piece of shit, Landon Stevens, a visit on iNtense 102. You’ve been lording around with that fucking title for too long and somebody needs to kick that smug, retarded Hot Topic-looking ass. Stevens, since I’m in a good mood tonight, this is your friendly warning. An Heir is going to be on top of this company!”

Silver and Gallway each high-fived Brody as from out of nowhere, some patriotic music started to play and it kind of sounded like a rap remix of Hail To The Chief. Brody balled up his fist and nodded.

“It’s time for an Heir to stand at the top of this company and lead it into a new generation! It’s time for a sexy beast of a man to carry this company across his broad-ass boulder-like shoulders! It is time for Landon Stevens to know that my hand is going to burn! That my hand is going to burn because that torch that he’s so fond of carrying as the supposed champion is going to be ripped right from his fucking hands! I pledge to you many things… a Chicken in every pot… a cap in every unworthy ass that thinks they’re hot shit in this company… a free Heirs of Wrestling “We Are Your Betters” t-shirt! And of course… a title around this gorgeous waist!”

“YEAH!” Silver shouted.

“BRAVO!” Gallway clapped right behind him before he turned the music on his phone off.

“But if I can end this on a slightly more serious note… I’m going to break his fucking face and after I do, you will be looking at the NEXT jOlt Champion!”

Brody and the Heirs nodded before the three of them scattered, leaving Dawn alone.

“Thanks for your time and good luck.”

The Heirs stepped off screen as Dawn pressed against her ear as if she received a message.

"I'm being told that the second ring has been set up! It's time to send it back into the arena for War Games!"

The crowd could be heard cheering in the background! The main event.. NEXT!

Camera 25 returned with a panoramic panning of the Arena of Champions where a vast assembly were cheering. Many were visibly garnering attention for the audience at home & abroad. Others were seen brandishing homemade signs; NoBody STILL AIN’T Watching...Anal Cancer Wrestling...and a myriad of other amusing & off color poster boards were raised overhead before Camera 2 centered itself onto premier tandem of jOlt Wrestling commentary; Michael Buhrman & Nathan Powers...

Buhrman: It's time, Ladies and Gentlemen for the main event.. it's time.. for WAR GAMES!

Powers: You are not the son of Michael Buffer....

The Arena of Champions quickly became filled with the enthusiastic cheers from the masses as the arena lighting quickly dissipated for several moments before the lulling yet rhythmic beat, escaped from the PA system. Accompanied by random pyro explosions, the intentional flashing of strobe lighting were seen sweeping from overhead, promoting the distant ambiance of ongoing war. The faint mechanized churning of the state-of-the-art pulley system gradual descent of the adjoined pair of meshed cells. The ringside crew stood at the ready as the cells finally touched down.

Buhrman: We waited for the second ring to be constructed and now that it has.. the demonic double cell has been lowered and we are set to watch the chaos unfold as NINE teams get set to do battle for the jOlt Tag Team Championships!

Powers: Mayhem and destruction.. my kind of match! I should have brought popcorn.. oh wait...

Powers lifts up a bag of Jiffy Pop

Powers: I did!

Camera 8 offered a casual angled pan of the massive enclosure, unforgiving by design and the perfect setting to the literal war set to be waged for one of the promotion’s esteemed symbol of power & tag team supremacy; 10 Teams. 20 Individuals. 1 Championship Opportunity. A respectable pop was emitted by the crowd as the incomparable Dean Carrington was seen rising from his seat, adjusting his suit jacket before proudly scanning the horizon and raising the mic to address the crowd.

Carrington: “...And now, jOlt Wrestling fans, both here and those watching at home...”LET THE WAR GAMES BEGIN”!!!!!

Camera 15 offered a casual pan across the western section of the arena. A few air horns were heard blaring from various sections throughout the stands before returning the focus back onto the ringside area.

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; the following contest will be your Main Event!...and it is for the jOlt Wrestling WORLD!! TAG TEAM!!! CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!”

Another salvo of blood-thirsty celebration for faintly controlled chaos continued to resonate as the ring announcer received the cue to continue. Senior Referee Mike Hunt would lead follow referees Simon Boulder, Darius Underwood & Ian Nyugen down the rampway before they formally assumed their assigned positions around the cage.

Carrington: “...Now; there will be a total of 9 teams, vying for contention in this elimination-style match in either cell. No Pinfalls. No Count Outs. NO DISQUALIFICATIONS! In Intervals of 5 minutes, a new team will enter until all the participating teams have been called forward. Let it be stated that every eliminated team MUST leave the ringside area and return to the back. Immediately. The lone surviving team shall either remain or become your NEW...World Heavyweight Tag Team Champions!!!

"The Northern" by Alexisonfire

A notable volley of adulation was heard as an invisible serrated blade quickly carved a ’V’ in the middle of the blackened screen before an expedient seepage of crimson formed the letters of the 1st scheduled tandem of entrants from the gorilla position; reVolt...

Carrington: “Introducing First; representing the reVolt; weighing in at a total combined weight of 422 pounds...The team of MATTOCK & SANCHEZ CANO!!!

Accompanied by their comrades at arms in Persephone & Sephiroth de Luc, the estranged wrestling revolutionaries brandished a mutual look of reserved focus. The grey haired wrestling luminary donned his Onyx opened Trenchcoat as the Mexican Lucha Legend adorned his Black studded yet tattered Leather Vest & Gloves. Given the unstable climate of war, Total Conquest rounded the northeastern ring post to remain outside as both of their representatives. Mattock scanned the crowd after handing his trenchcoat to his peers as Sanchez eagerly entered the northern cell and began roaming its segregated perimeter. A few inaudible words of encouragement & strategy were exchanged before both industry stalwarts cleared the nearby barricades and made their way toward the back. The Silver Serpent clawed the mesh fence as the calculating extrovert in Cano hungrily shook the cell wall and screamed to rally the audience as their musical intro was silence on cue...

"Taking You Down" by Egypt Central escaped from the affixed sound system from overhead, prompting an angry battery of strobe lighting to assault the entrance staging area. On cue, the unified pair of jOlt Wrestling Originals sauntered out from backstage. The jOlt faithful warmly welcomed the pairing, leading both men to embrace the love in their respective ways with the seasoned submissionist began stoically playing to the crowd as the towering titan beat his fists against his chest and inaudibly yelling back and the cheering republic on opposing ends of the aisle way....

Carrington: “And now, representing the The Backbone; making their way to the ring and weighing in at a total combined weight of 504 pounds...The team of RENO DAVIS!!! & MIKE!! EXTREME!!!

The enigmatic high flyer was seen leading the way forward with the muscular Extreme in tow as they both walked up the ring steps, entering the hellish structure with a broad aura of confidence. Both Cano & Mattock maintained their mutual space from their opposition who were still holding court while casually inspecting the cell’s interior as the musical entrance had subsided. The crowd volume continued to amplify as both teams maintained a mutual stare down with the Canadian seen shifting patiently in place, ready for war...

Crowd: “...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!! ...”


The entire atmosphere was electric as both teams were shifting in place briefly before they mutually rushed forward into battle. Reno quickly strode underneath the Double Clothesline by reVolt yet they mutually set their sights on the massive Mike Extreme. Both staggering Extreme back with Stereo Flying Punches before punching and kicking away at the hulking Hardcore Icon & backing him deep into the corner yet their Double Team Suplex was thwarted by the nimble Canadian’s Running Knee into Mattock’s right leg. The Silver Serpent would hobble away before shoving The Unwanted Angel away toward the ropes. The aerialist vaulted off the middle ropes and sent Mattock airborne with a Flying Head Scissors Takedown as Cano continued with a barrage of Mounted Turnbuckle Punches before Extreme jettisoned Sanchez several feet away with a Heavy Shove! The leather clad luchador rolled himself back to his feet staggering back a few paces before running underneath a demonic Lariat by Extreme! The New Brunswick native was seen executing the La Mistica’ when he trapped Cano’s head with a Leg Scissors. The crowd continued cheering as reVolt would recollect themselves and use Reno as a human battering ram to stagger Extreme backwards to the canvas before both men sprinted in the direction of the adjacent ropes toward the east and violent bounced the Canadian against mesh steel cage wall! The crowd groaned as the diminutive jOlt Original fell between the ropes and the mesh cell while both Cano & Mattock sprinted after the recovering Xtreme. A Double Team Irish Whip propelled the giant to the opposing ropes. Mike returned to weather a Double Team Clothesline that he defiantly shrugged off by shaking his head and inaudibly cursing at both men. Both Cano & Sanchez quickly look at each other before executing stereo Dropsaults! Extreme was staggered backward toward the ropes before brutally leveling both members of reVolt with a pair of Double Clotheslines with an blood curdling yell!

The Unwanted Angel was seen grimacing while dragging himself off from a knee and staggering back into action before drilling Cano with a recovering barrage of Headbutts as Extreme grabbed Mattock by the throat and snatched him back to his feet. However, Derecho’s estranged sibling began fighting back with a quartet of Front Kicks to the midsection, freeing himself to break Mike’s grip with a Clubbing Forearm before staggering the giant back with a trinity or Leaping Forearm Strikes...






Reno was garnering major crowd favor with every Knife Edge Chop laid against the kneeling Cano. The violence picked up as Reno began switching up with a pair of European Uppercuts before grabbing the Sadistic One’s mohawk, playing to the crowd before shooting toward the ropes. Cano managed to reclaim his bearings to lash out with a Leaping Roundhouse Kick that missed its intended target, leaving him to turn about...Pele’ Kick! Cano was left flattened as Mattock was seen leaning Extreme back with a stiff Spinning Back Fist before drilling Mike with a follow up Forearm Strike! A Vaulting Spinning Hook Kick to the skull yet Reno balled up the Silver Serpent with a Roll Up Pin as he landed. Mattock rolled through to broaden his base and fling the Original jOlt alum aside with a swift Standing Hip Toss. Reno with a prompt Monkey Flip yet the deft Mattock landed on his feet and carom off the opposing ropes. The Unwanted Angel with a high Leap Frog to quickly dodge the incoming Mattock who utilized a Tiger Wall Flip off Extreme’s broad chest to land, spin about haul off with a Buzzsaw Kick.

Meanwhile, Reno initiated a Hammer Throw yet Sanchez immediately responded with a Reversal. The Blue Eyed High Risk Taker evaded Sanchez with a Step Over yet fell prey to Mattock’s Running Knee Strike to the abdomen, leading the Innovative Intellectual to humble the aerialist with a stiff Standing Back Kick! The audience groaned as The Unwanted Angel staggered wildly backwards before dropping to a knee. The Silver Serpent quickly seized his opposition before hoisting him upward for the Mental Abrasion - An Inverted Jackhammer. The Forever Forsaken would turn about yet was violently blasted in the teeth with a stiff Yakuza Kick by Extreme!! The legions cheered wildly as Mattock hit the canvas like a ton of bricks with the nimble Canadian bouncing away from him. The muscular Chicago native defiantly swung his fist across the air before clenching the cage wall and angrily shaking it repeatedly before a highly energized crowd. Reno inaudibly yelled at his Backbone partner to focus on laying waste to their opposition as a staggering Cano was wobbling back to his feet with the aid of the ring ropes. Measuring his target, Extreme stepped over to crawling Mattock to close in on the recovering Cano. Sanchez sought to defend himself with a tandem of methodical Front Kicks & a Knife Edge Chop yet was staggered backwards with a Choke Slam against the nearest turnbuckle followed by a stiff trinity of Corner Back Elbows & Knee Lifts. Astern Headbutt humbled the Latin Daredevil before lifting and seating him atop the turnbuckle facing away from him as Reno swivled focus between both members of reVolt before Extreme dropped to a knee with both hands cupped, nodding for his partner to follow suit. The Unwanted Angel sprinted forward before being catapulted airborne to land atop Sanchez’s shoulders and began landing 10 Rabid Punches before clinging to the wall, displaying a ’throat slashing’ gesture before sending him airborne with an Super Inverted Hurricanrana! The crowd began roaring as Extreme staggered back a few paces in seeking to balance the weight and momentum of catching an airborne Cano...

Carrington: 2 MINUTES!!!!

The Rogue Crusher - Dragon Sleeper into Over-the-Shoulder Stomach Breaker

The audience groaned as the maneuver would rattle the Sadistic One’s frame before Extreme violently ran over a recovering Mattock before gradually seated himself atop the turnbuckles before Reno steadied himself high atop Mike’s shoulders. The Arena of Champions openly expressed their unified level of interest as Italy steadies himself, with the aid of the cell wall for the high risk attempt before taking flight...


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!

A 900 Degree Splash!!!

The impact jettisoned the Manitoban native up several inches before collapsing alongside a reeling Cano, draping his forearms across his mid section while pushing away via both feet. Mike Extreme extended both arms outward while nodding his head with full appreciation...

Crowd: “...HOLY SHIT!!! ...HOLY SHIT!!! ...HOLY SHIT!!! ...HOLY SHIT!!! ...HOLY SHIT!!! ...HOLY SHIT!!! ...HOLY SHIT!!! ...HOLY SHIT!!! ...HOLY SHIT!!! ”

With a writhing Sanchez still on his side, pushing away with both feet, a smiling Extreme used the cell wall to stand himself erect atop the turnbuckles yet a running Mattock would save his partner by tacking the ring ropes, causing Mike to land unceremoniously on his nuts! The raucous crowd sympathized with the jOlt Original as a vengeful Mattock would scramble up to the top with the help of the cage before drilling him with several punches to the head before clinging to the wall with both hand and sandwiching Mike’s head against the mesh wall with his knee! The masses groaned louder with each blow before Mattock planted both feet against the left side of Mike’s face and applying more weight before using the mesh ceiling to help him violently slamming each foot against the giant’s head until the titan slumped forward upside down and careened soundly onto the canvas in a heap...

Carrington: ...10!!!!
Crowd: ...9!!!!

"House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch

The Arena of Champions exploded as a barrage of casino lighting visually assaulted its vast interior. The entrance staging area became the focus of Camera One as over 3/4 of ton of pure West Coast Warfare were seen lumbering out from the backstage area in unison. Both radiating expressions of mutual no nonsense attitudes as the camera briefly switch to catch a recovering Big Little Italy staring up at the aisle...

Carrington: “Making their way to the ring; weighing in at a total combined weight of 777 pounds...The team of ’The Oddsmaker’ DERRICK HUBER & ’The Big Bucks’ ADAM ROEBUCK!!! THIS!! IS!! THE!! HOUSE!!!!

Huber was the first to approach the ring steps when a flying Davis sailed through the middle ropes and out the cell door with a Plancha Suicida! However, Roebuck quickly staggered a recovering Reno Davis with a Heavy Clubbing Forearm before slamming him soundly against the unforgiving barricades with an Atomic Whip! The scrappy aerialist managed to reclaim his bearings to pivot about and punch Huber square in the teeth before an embittered Roebuck grabbed Reno by the scruff of his neck...

Crowd: WHAM!!!!

Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!

Roebuck with an authorative Inverted Choke Slam against the cell wall, led the Unwanted Angel to collapse onto the padded earth in a crumpled heap! Adam slowly muttered something while staring down at the fallen luchador as Derrick parried the Overhand Right by Mattock and drilled The Innovative One with a strong Samoanesque Headbutt. Mattock staggered back wildly before dropping to a knee as a recovering Sanchez leapt atop the big man’s back to land several Crossface Punches before applying a Piggyback Sleeper Hold. Roebuck just passed through the ropes and lumbered forward after Extreme who was standing himself erect in the corner. Mike side stepped the Running Turnbuckle Splash and strode toward the adjacent ropes before staggering Adam backwards with a Running High Knee to the Face! Several Measured Punches & Forearm Strikes were dealt out before Adam executed a Standing Switch and began landing some shots of his own...

Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!

A Piggy Back Splash by Derrick rattled both the ring and Cano’s spine as he angrily recoiled from the impact. Huber gradually regained his bearings was both Extreme & Roebuck were mutually trading blows. Mike with the Irish Whip out of the corner. Roebuck with the Reversal would slam Extreme spine first against the turnbuckles...

The Money Roll - A Corner Cannonball Senton

The masses roared as Extreme staggered forward out of the corner and dropped to a knee as Derrick knelt down to grab Mike by the hair and inaudibly taunt him...

Vision Shatter - A Shining Wizard to the Back of the Head

Huber inadvertently knocked Mike down with a Headbutt as a pissed off Mattock scrambled to his feet to vault off the middle ropes and stagger the portly Adam back several paces with a Flying Back Kick. Cano managed to stagger back to his feet and begin laying the boots on both Extreme & Huber respectively as the Silver Serpent backed the large Vegas native with Kawada-style Kicks before hitting home with a Roaring Elbow! Adam dropped to a knee leading Mattock to cinch Roebuck up and initiated a Walk Up 3/4 Bulldog yet Roebuck managed to regain his bearings and hurled his attacker airborne to land back first against the canvas. Adam shook his head breifly before grabbing Mattock by his silver mane and utilized a Walking Scoop Slam against the turnbuckle, setting him up into an impromptu Tree of Woe. Looking out to the crowd, Adam motioned for the crowd’s favor as he stretched the sinewy innovator out...

Crowd: 1!!!!




4 Of A Kind - A Quartet of Big Open Palmed Chops

Mattock’s jaw remained agape as he aimlessly braced his forearm across his reddened chest as the masses expressed their enthusiasm of the moment...


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!

The Super Heavyweight himself returned with a vengeance as he smacked the shit out of Roebuck’s Right Knee with a Steel Chair! The corpulent Roebuck grimaced heavily as Italy drove the weapon into the big man’s groin before battering a dangling Mattock across the exposed chest with unforgiving steel! Mattock screamed angrily as Italy spun about and smacked the toppling super heavyweight again! Meantime, Cano was blasted with a Mike Extreme Right Hook before driving a stiff Knee into Huber’s Face, standing him up yet having absorbing a pair of Overhand Lefts, Derrick retaliated with a stiff Uppercut, staggering Extreme backwards into the corner...


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!

Derrick’s Right Arm flailed back as a vengeful Reno smacked soundly across his back of his target’s Left Thigh, allowing a rushing Sanchez Cano to be annihilated with a stiff Standing STO Slam before shaking the cobwebs from his head. Huber grimaced from a battery of relentless Chair Shots by the Unwanted Angel until Derrick was left into a howling heap. The Backbone representative screamed toward the heavens as Mike Extreme dropped down to subject Sanchez Cano with a Kneeling Bow & Arrow Submission. Gnashing his teeth and panting, the Canadian stared back at Extreme and nodded with maniacal intent as Cano continued screaming to refute to submission hold...


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!

Sanchez continued screaming obscenities at both members of The Backbone and the referees as the New York animosity radiated from the 5'11" submissionist who inaudibly taunted the ailing Cano before rearing back yet to have the weapon seized from behind. The chair was held over Reno’s head before it was violently smashed against his skull with a Super Heavyweight Overhand Punch which dropped the Unwanted Angel soundly along the canvas, angrily clutching his head. A pissed off Roebuck flung the chair airborne into the unoccupied 2nd ring before clasping his Right Hand around the high flyer’s throat and holding him upward when Mike Extreme came to his ally’s aid by drilling Adam with a Heavy Left Hand. Reno was cast aside as Roebuck staggered away from the blow before regaining his bearings and firing back at Extreme. The crowd remained divided in their cheers as both titans were exchanging bombs with one another. ReVolt were seen creeping away to the 2nd ring to lick their wounds and allow the vermin to beat each other senseless as the brawling monstrosities unsuccessfully managed to topple the other over with Running Clotheslines!

Meanwhile, Derrick measured up Extreme for a blind side attack as he sprinted toward the adjacent ropes yet Davis intercepted the 300+ pounder with a Diving Spear, staggering the big man heavily off course and onto a knee before the jOlt Original boldly attempted a Flying Crucifix Armbar yet the muscular monstrosity in Huber deftly reared back and flung Reno away into a reverse somersaulting ball of fury. Back to his vertical base, Davis broke into a dead sprint yet the audience groaned loudly as Derrick connected with an swift Overhand Slap across Reno’s chest! Roebuck was seen careening against the ropes yet Extreme displayed a inhuman measure of strength with a massive screaming Samoan Drop, rattling the ring upon impact! An audible spike was elevated as Huber seized the nimble extremist by the legs while standing himself erect, looking from side to side before nodding with confirmation...

Carrington: 2 MINUTES!!!!

The Roulette Wheel - A Giant Swing

Crowd: 1!!!!










The 2x fWo Survivor competitor’s arms hung lifelessly amidst each rotation as Huber steadily gained momentum...










The legions continued cheering as the revolutions continued...










The Arena of Champions roared as Davis pin wheeled wildly over the top ropes and careened dead center along the 2nd ring’s epicenter before rolling several feet closer to the opposing cell’s wall. Huber inaudibly flexing while leaning chest first against the ring ropes, resting his forehead against the mesh wall. Both Extreme & Roebuck were still tussling in the heart of the opposing corner before Adam stole back the momentum by rubbing his taped forearm across his opposition’s eyes before continuing his assault....

Crowd: ...10!!!!

"Ready to Go" by David Whitaker escaped from the PA system leading the masses into a notable chorus of heel heat as both Brooklynites appeared from the backstage area in tattered street clothing, inaudibly pointing toward the ring and yelling at one another before they mutually sprinted down the aisle with great haste as both Mattock & Cano were seen both bum rushing Derrick Huber...

Carrington: “Representing The Rebellion; weighing in at a total combined weight of 496 pounds...The team of JACKSON CROSS & MACHIDA HOOD!!! THE TEAM OF CROSS!! THE!!! HOOD!!!!

Respectively armed with a heavy Bike Chain and Kendo Stick, both Rebellion emissaries would sprint around the massive cell, scramble up the ring steps and ran over a heavily dazed Reno before being intercepted by the reVolt. The brawl between both opposing teams dominated the 2nd ring as Mike Extreme was seen landing Multiple Corner Clotheslines on Huber in the far corner as a recovering Roebuck was seen using the ring ropes to reclaim his footing. Back inside Ring 2, Machida was seated atop the turnbuckles to sustain a Hangman’s Choke aided with that lethal Bike Chain around Sanchez’s throat as Mattock was deft in his ability to evade Jackson’s Kendo Stick Swings as he leapt over the torrid Low Swing yet Cross would double the Silver Serpent by jamming the handle deep into Mattock’s mid section...


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!

Cross arrogantly sneered as Mattock howled while scrambling away toward the opposing end of the ring as the focus briefly returned back to Ring 1 where Mike Extreme was still holding his own by leveling both members of the House with a Flying Double Lariat! Jackson inaudibly chuckled to himself while pointing the Kendo Stick at the helpless Cano with Machida egging his comrade on. Jackson barreled in yet the Guadalajara, Mexico native drove both feet into Jackson’s chest that would vault him upward onto Hood’s shoulders! The Arena of Champions rallied behind the mohawked madman’s unleashed fury of punches to his opposition’s skull before screaming in fluent Spanish and sending Machida airborne with a majestic Super Hurricanrana that flattened Jackson soundly along the canvas! The nimble Mexican superstar laid on his back with his Left Index Finger raised in the air before pumping his fist and staggering himself back to his feet. As Extreme was being blind sided by a Double Ax Handle by Roebuck, Cross The Hood were staggering themselves back to their feet. Both members of reVolt mutually stared at each other before blasting both Machida & Cross with Stereo Knife Edge Chops to th the opposing end of the massive cell. Leaned against the ropes, Cross The Hood were mutually led away with a set of Irish Whips. Machida & Cross would both reverse the momentum yet both miss with Stereo Short Armed Clotheslines before shooting toward the ropes. ReVolt missed with the Double Back Elbows before Cano stunned Jackson with a Standing Back Kick as Mattock ducked underneath the Running Lariat...

Switchblade Romance - A Hammerlock into a swinging clothesline (Pepsi Twist)

Irish Whip by Cano yet Machida with the Reversal. A stiff Back Elbow kept Mattock at bay as Sanchez countered the Back Body Drop, kicking his legs wildly for a Snap DDT yet the Brawler from Brooklyn merely chucked Cano airborne who landed in a crouched posture before evaded the Running Pump Kick with a Forward Somersault. Reno Davis was seen making a staggering transition from Ring 2 to 1 as Jackson knocked Mattock back a few paces with a hard European Uppercut while Cano connected with an electrifying Tilt A Whirl Arm Drag as Mattock was steadily battering Jackson with a barrage of Alternating Knees. Machida rolled back to his feet and rushed in after the Sadistic One who soared overhead with a High Leapfrog! Hood returned only to be overtaken...

Dance With The Devil - A torrid Dragonrana Pin!

Immediately, Mattock caromed off the opposing ropes and delivered a Diving European Uppercut to the small of Hood’s exposed back! The attack prompted Cano to Reverse Somersault himself back to his feet as a recovering Mattock drilled Hood with a stiff Kick to the back of the skull! The legions wildly cheered as Sanchez quickly scrambled his way up the cell wall before swinging his way into position overhead...

Gemini’s Destruction - A Rolling German Suplex into a Blue Thunder Driver

Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!

The Arena of Champions were overheard roaring as a standing Mattock held Machida’s legs while looking upward, inaudibly yelling toward a dangling Cano, swinging his way along to hang above his ailing target before raising both knees during his timely descent from the cell’s ceiling.....

Sadistic Spike - A Double Foot Stomp to the Chest

Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!

Crowd: “...CANO!!! ...CANO!!! ...CANO!!! ...CANO!!! ...CANO!!! ...CANO!!! ...CANO!!! ...CANO!!! ...CANO!!! ...CANO!!! ...CANO!!! ...CANO!!! ....”

Machida was reeling from the impact as Cano bounced off his chest and collapsed several feet away, notably favoring his knees. Immediately, the Silver Serpent swivled about and locked Machida in a Texas Cloverleaf Submission! Hood angrily shook his head in rebuke of giving up...

Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!

A devastating Right Hook by Jackson Cross leaned Mattock into a near motionless heap to make the save as he seamlessly grabbed Cano by the back of his pants and slammed him shoulder first into the adjacent corner post. Back in Ring 1, Mike Extreme is seen clinching the cell wall with both hands to prevent having his face being slammed against it before humbling Huber with a Back Elbow. However, Roebuck was repeatedly clubbing Extreme across the back before Huber aided him in battering a slightly weary Extreme with a Double Team Suplex against the cell wall! Mike’s massive frame folded up in a ghastly manner as he landed on his neck & left shoulder! The House hovered over the ailing Extreme with Derrick using the ropes to brace his heel against Mike’s neck...


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!

An ailing Roebuck staggered backwards as a resurgent Reno Davis assaulted the super heavyweight with a fresh Kendo Stick! Again, the crowd would rally behind each attack that would lead Adam to collapse soundly against the canvas before Huber came up from behind and grab him by the Left Arm...


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!

Carrington: 2 MINUTES!!!!

A pissed off Huber cupped his hand over his Left Eye as Davis swung upward & smacked the Kendo Stick was slammed across his eyebrow. The minute masked man swivelled about and slammed the Kendo Stick handle violently above Derrick’s Left Knee before slamming the weapon across the athletic big man’s exposed shoulder, leading him to stagger away as Mike Extreme was seen peeling himself off the ring ropes in pursuit of retribution. Back in Ring 2, Jackson Cross had just slammed Cano’s face against the cell wall as Sanchez was enduring a barrage of Corner Shoulder Blocks to the Midsection. Returning to Ring 1, crimson began to seep from around Derrick’s eye as he seized Reno Davis & hurled him upward to bounce soundly against the mesh ceiling before careening against the canvas via a Gorilla Press Slam! Extreme, cradling his Left Arm, still staggered Huber backwards with a Heavy Right Hand. Undeterred by the pain, the Hardcore Harbinger followed up with a Running Knee Lift before initiating a Hammer Throw as Roebuck was finally back up. Derrick with the Reversal, leading Extreme to be pummeled by a swift Belly to Belly Suplex! Both Roebuck & the bleeding Sin City Strongman stared at the fallen Extreme before sharing a mutual sneer before shooting to the opposing ropes...

Double Belly Buster Straight Draw - A Double Splash

Both members of The House remained on one knee, fully assessing their surroundings with The Backbone currently incapacitated. Both opposing teams were fully engaged in their respective war in Ring 2 when the crowd volume drew their attention...

Crowd: ...9!!!!
An ailing Reno Davis was gnashing his teeth, pawing his way toward the ring ropes as Extreme remained breathing on all fours. The House paused and set their sights up at the entrance staging area...


’Believers’ by ¡Mayday!

Carrington: “...And now, representing The Faction; weighing in at a total combined weight of 490 pounds...They are the current, reigning & defending jOlt Wrestling Tag Team Champions OF THE WORLD!!! They are team of ELI & EZRA CONWAY!!! THEY ARE THE WEST!!! TEXAS!!! TERRORISTS!!!

A tsunami of crowd heat swelled throughout the arena as the reigning jOlt Tag Team Champions arrogantly brandished their esteemed championship belts before a highly disgruntled public. Wrists & Fists taped, the Twins took the time to bask within the negative ambiance as they watched the ongoing chaos unfold before them; both Huber & Roebuck were beckoning the reigning champions to engage them before The Backbone blind sided them, leaving the approaching champions greatly amused. Casually, the twin siblings strolled along the length of the meshed enclosure with Jackson Cross scowled at them while grinding Mattock’s brow into the steel mesh. Hood & Sanchez were busy tussling before Machida sent Cano reeling by raking his eyes as the Twins set the belts atop the time keeper’s table before storming the southern hatch. Machida fell prey to the Texan assault as both twins drove Hood’s face into the mesh soundly before humbling both Jackson & Sanchez with a battery of Front Kicks and Punches. Back in Ring 1...

Bottom Dealing - A Running Hip Attack

The impact rattled the battle worn Mike Extreme who was seen collapsing against the mat before being dragged into position to deliver a Springboard Butt Splash. As Reno successfully drilled Huber with a Vaulting Liger Kick before following up with an Anaconda Vice submission, The Southern Texas Twins would ambush the super heavyweight from behind, allowing Extreme to roll out of harm’s way as they both grinded Roebuck’s face repeatedly against the mesh wall before rattling the ring with a Double Team Russian Leg Sweep off the middle ropes! The jOlt Tag Champions swivled to their feet and applied the explanation point with Stereo Short Arm Scissors! Adam was heard screaming in anguish as the Twins applied more pressure before Cross The Hood & reVolt continued brawling their way into Ring 1 and assaulting the Twins with a hail of Boots. As Jackson Cross & Mattock peeled both Eli & Ezra away to engage them physically, Hood & Cano briefly stared at each other before teaming up to attack the ailing Roebuck! A recovering Huber had seized the advantage by slamming Davis against the cell wall to try and break the submission hold as Ezra was pinned between the ropes and the cell wall while being bounced repeatedly by Stereo Knife Edge Chops by Machida & Sanchez...

Direct Damage - A Running Corkscrew Spear

The crowd roared as Ezra’s mouth was left agape from the impact with Mattock staggering backward from the kneeling before a resurgent Mike Extreme flung Eli Conway aside with a hard Biel Throw and crushed the ailing Tag Champion with a Running Body Splash! The massive Roebuck leveled Cano with a stiff Headbutt before careening Machida with a swift Release Belly to Belly Suplex against the turnbuckle as a heavily groggy Ezra Conway was being staggered by Mattock’s Busaiku Knee Strike! Groggily, the Tag Champion dangled aimlessly over the top ropes as Reno Davis jettisoned a recovering Mattock away with a Flying Head Scissors Takedown. Mike Extreme utilized a Running Gorilla Press Slam to send Sanchez Cano crashing & burning in Ring 2 as Jackson Cross buried Davis with a Straightjacket Suplex in short order! Huber humbled Eli with a hard Front Kick to the Stomach with Roebuck inaudibly yelling to him while pointing directly at the incapacitated Ezra. Derrick hoisted the Twin upward...


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!

A Running Release Power Bomb jettisoned both Tag Champions through the mesh cell door, leaving them laying in a crumpled heap! The referees along the outside quickly scrambled toward them as the door was busted off the hinge and fell atop of them in short order! Derrick inaudibly pumped his fists toward the earth as his portly partner cut Mike Extreme off at the pass, leading to both powerhouses to commence brawling...

Crowd: “...HOLY SHIT!!!!!! ...HOLY SHIT!!!!!!...HOLY SHIT!!!!!!...HOLY SHIT!!!!!!...HOLY SHIT!!!!!!...HOLY SHIT!!!!!!...HOLY SHIT!!!!!!...HOLY SHIT!!!!!!...HOLY SHIT!!!!!!...HOLY SHIT!!!!!!...HOLY SHIT!!!!!! ....”

Referees Ian Nyugen & Darius Underwood held a brief conference amongst themselves as the remaining combatants continued to wage war amongst themselves before Underwood made the order to initiate the standing count...

Crowd: ...1!!!!
Eli was faintly moving as both Simon Boulder & Nguyen pried the dislodged cell hatch from atop the fallen Twins. Machida’s Right Arm was seen entangled between the ropes with Mike Extreme drilling him with a barrage of measured Punches across the Jaw as Mattock & Davis were trading blows amongst each other...

Ring 1 shook violently as Mike Extreme audibly grunted in delivering a Samoan Drop on the unfortunate Adam Roebuck as Jackson Cross & Derrick Huber were teeing off on each other before Sanchez Cano flattened both men with a Corkscrew Moonsault...

Clasping onto the steel barricades, Eli’s desperate struggle continued as he dragged himself closer to the railed before raising himself to a knee. Utilizing what reserves were left, Eli relentlessly tugged at his brother’s arm to keep them both in the fight...


Eli pulled his brother upward before both collapsed against the barricades, leading the legions to explode as Simon Boulder was seen waving both arms, deeming them unfit to continue...


The Arena of Champions exploded as Eli looked out in utter disbelief as the recovering Ezra clung to his brother’s shoulder. Inaudibly, Eli began his adamant protest as he began pushing away the junior referees away before jOlt Security would physically impose their will onto the eliminated twins. “THIS IS BULLSHIT!” Eli exclaimed as Ezra weakly tussled for freedom before both were notably dragged to the back! “GOTDAMNIT! THOSE ARE OUR BELTS!” Ezra exclaimed while being overwhelmed. “GIVE US BACK OUR GOTDAMN BELTS!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

Crowd: “...FUCK THE FACTION!!!!!! (clap 5x) ...FUCK THE FACTION!!!!!! (clap 5x)...FUCK THE FACTION!!!!!! (clap 5x)...FUCK THE FACTION!!!!!! (clap 5x)...FUCK THE FACTION!!!!!! (clap 5x)...FUCK THE FACTION!!!!!! (clap 5x)...FUCK THE FACTION!!!!!! (clap 5x)...FUCK THE FACTION!!!!!! (clap 5x) ....”

The angry screams of frustration led to a brief cease fire with all the remaining teams looking amongst each other all hell broke loose once more as the fans trolled the shit out of the defeated twins...

Crowd: ...10!!!!

‘Thought Crimes’ - Extended Version by Cliff Lin

The Arena of Champions opened up with a energetic crowd c anting the lyrics in unison as the entrance staging area flickered to life with both ninjas power walking from the back en route toward the massive cell. The ninjas held their ground watching the highly pissed off former Tag Champions being pulled to the backstage area as The House were recollecting themselves...

Carrington: “...Representing The Inogami Clan...Weighing in at a total combined weight of 605 pounds...The team of HEIDO & TAKESHI...They are THE CRIMSON ORDER!!

The Sin City natives caught their wind when they were alerted of the approaching tandem of ninjas as a reeling & bleeding Mike Extreme was being tended to by the Unwanted Angel. Both clan officers would stand their ground outside the massive cell with both Roebuck & Huber staring back at them amidst the rising rallying of fanfare. Back in Ring 2, Machida kept a Guillotine Choke on Mattock before a pair of Stomps onto Hood’s Ear set his comrade free. Inaudibly, Huber would beckon the ninjas to enter the cell as Takeshi rolled both shoulders before storming up the steps and entering the mesh enclosure. Roebuck was already on top of The Mute Mountain Splitter as Heido stopped Derrick short with several Elbows and Punches to the Midsection and Head. Huber with a Knee Lift before grabbing the sinewy ninja by the hair and running him toward the opposing cell wall yet Heido clenched the wall and freed himself with another Back Elbow before both men continued brawling.

Takeshi & the Las Vegas Leviathan were slugging away at each other as Big Little Italy was inaudibly yelling at Mike Extreme whom was exiting the cell’s interior. Cradling his injured Left Arm, Mike physically dismissed the gathering of referees and ring side workers and yelled back at Reno Davis before allowing the extreme aerialist to use the guardrails to violently pop Extreme’s dislocated shoulder back in. The audience groaned as he gnashed his teeth for several moments before being blind sided by a Chop Block by Machida. A chorus of crowd heat radiated from the stands as the unsavory duo began laying the boots to the ailing giant before setting their sights on Reno.

Cross The Hood both chuckled as they each grabbed the luchador by the scruff of his vest before they tossed him at the cell yet the agile high flyer clung to the mesh wall and began climbing his way upward. Jackson Cross was the first in hot pursuit after him yet Roebuck hurled Heido soundly against the cell wall with a Running Gorilla Press, successfully knocking Cross off and toppling Sanchez Cano below. The nimble Davis remained dangling by his Left Hand. Legs kicking, the diminutive New York native would fight to reclaim his balance before continuing his climb near the top of the cell. As Takeshi slammed Huber’s face against the northern cell wall, a bleeding Mattock was numbly running along the barricades and took flight with a high Corkscrew Frog Splash yet Mike Extreme shook his head as he caught him while staggering back a few paces before slamming him spine first against the unforgiving corner of the cell structure! A Fallaway Slam sent the Silver Serpent sailing overhead into the front row, toppling several fans over! As the brawl continued along the outside, The House led Takeshi away with a Double Team Hammer Throw and flattened the Mute Mountain Splitter with a pair of Stereo Diving Shoulder Tackles yet the recovering heavyweights would be knocked off balance by Underhand Throat & Knife Edge Chops by The Kansai Crippler. Back on the outside, Mattock was seen snatching a drink from a patron’s hand and blinding Machida Hood with it...

The opportunistic Machida collapsed along the padded earth along with the ring steps bouncing nearby with a hallowed thud as Extreme lumbered after the brawling duo of Sanchez Cano & Jackson Cross. Atop the massive cell, Reno remained poised to pounce yet his massive partner began brawling with both Sanchez & Cross. Jackson managed to kick the massive Extreme above the knee, humbling him while The Sadistic One leapt onto his back to initiated a Piggyback Sleeper Hold. Arms flailing, Cross staggered about with the watchful Reno Davis lurking from above as both Heido & a bleeding Huber were tussling within the northwestern corner of Ring 1 as Mattock slithered back inside the cell after a recovering Roebuck...

Cross Breaker - A Backpack Stunner

A pair of referee’s initiated a Standing 8 count on Machida who displayed a bleeding brow as he struggled to use the barricades to stand himself back erect. As Mattock dropped Roebuck with a Pump Kick to the side of the head, Cross gnashed his teeth in reeling from his tailbone hitting the floor as Sanchez remained laying almost motionless, staring at the arena lighting. Jackson’s moments of recovery were short lived as the 6'10" powerhouse snatched him off the floor...

Fate of the Damned - An Iron Claw Submission Hold

Cross howled in sheer anguish as Extreme gnashed his teeth before violently slamming the back of his head against the steel mesh wall. Jackson was relentlessly clawing his oppressor’s arm before enduring another Iron Claw Slam against the cage. In a display of sheer versatility, the towering Chicago native hurled Jackson away while drilling the incoming Machida with a Spinning Back Kick to the Stomach to drop him to the floor. The Unwanted Angle continued to monitor the chaos taking place below as both The Crimson Order & The House were slugging it out inside the massive structure, Mattock stalked after staggering Hood...

The Quantum Driver - An Over the Shoulder Sit Out Reverse Pile Driver

A reluctant Machida frantically kicked his legs to try and free himself by clinging onto the mesh cell, making his captor’s base unsteady. A massive Yakuza Kick by Extreme sent both men to the floor with Mattock being the worse for wear amidst a bloodthirsty audience. The vengeful behemoth grabbed Mattock by his silvery mane, snatched him to a Standing Head Scissors position. As Roebuck utilized a Clothesline to send Heido tumbling over between the ropes of both rings inside, the masses audibly groaned with each impact of a Triple Power Bomb atop the unforgiving ring steps! A motionless Mattock slid off the battered steps, landed on both knees before landing face first against the floor. Machida was unceremoniously flung against the nearby barricades before leveling a bleeding Jackson Cross with an Angry Man’s Clothesline!
Carrington: 2 MINUTES!!!!

Extreme was in deep into the Bloodlust as he dragged the pawing Mattock along by his hair toward the Spanish Announce Positions where both Carlos Pena & J. Martinez II were already standing to their feet in passive protest. The Arena of Champions continued rallying for violence as Extreme slammed Mattock face first against the table before ripping monitors and the protective station free and shoving his silver maned rival across it. Hearing a familiar voice, Extreme actively searched until he located Reno waving him aside from atop the cell. Turning his back toward the crowd, Reno made his last minute adjustments before sailing into shimmering oblivion...



Upbeat Tempo - A Double Rotation Moon Sault

The crowd went apeshit as the Unwanted Angel bounced off the ‘dead’ Mattock and draped both arms across his midsection! Pushing away with his feet, Reno was soon tended to by a kneeling Extreme. The ongoing fecal chant masked the low crawling Machida who watched the revised Backbone representatives slink away to recollect themselves by rounding the southwestern corner of the cell. Camera 5 monitored the opportunistic Hood clenching his teeth as Mattock coughed up crimson at random while Jackson Cross staggered back to his feet & before sending a recovering Sanchez with a Cactus Clothesline over the rails. Back inside the cell, The Crimson Order were seeking to complete their patented Tokyo Train Wreck as Heido jettisoned Huber airborne with a Monkey Flip yet Roebuck flattened the streaking Takeshi with a volatile Flying Cross Body Attack! Along the outside, Machida was seen quickly cinching in a Guillotine Choke on the defenseless Mattock. Ian Nguyen hovered in close as Mattock’s fingertips gently tapped the padded earth...


Crowd: ...10!!!!

"Hail to the King” - Avenged Sevenfold

The entrance staging area became awashed with radiant hues of Red & Yellow, leading the former jOlt Tag Team Champions out from the gorilla position. Both men brandishing similar scowls toward the assumed inferior class, casting aside their red Kings’ Coats and power walking their way back toward the massive war zone...

Carrington: “...Making their way to the ring; weighing in at a total combined weight of 442 pounds...The team of FRANK HENDRIX & BRONE HAGGARD!!! They are THE HANDS OF THE CAUSE!!!

The roguish tandem spied a battered & bloodied Mattock with his arm slung over the shoulder of one Sanchez Cano. Both were limping toward the back when both Brone & Hendrix began pummeling them at will. The heelish assault would garner a healthy wave of crowd heat as they reveled in their relentless streak of carnage. Cano careened against the opposing barricades before Haggard speared the boots off of the Sadistic One! An Exploder Suplex on Mattock left him laying with Hendrix softly chucking to himself before standing himself erect. Back inside the ring, Takeshi crushed the massive Las Vegas Leviathan with a swift Spine Buster...

Moneyline - A stiff Spinning Clothesline

The sinewy ninja deftly used his rival’s momentum by utilizing Gyaku Hiji Nage - Reverse Elbow Throw, careening the muscular Huber to a Kneeling posture. Their mutual senses detected the gathering of ravenous wolves as each end of the cell as The Rebellion’s representatives were seen creeping from the South while Brone & Hendrix were cautiously passing through the opening from the North. The masses openly beckoned the clashing of clans as both The House, The Backbone & The Crimson Order assumed defensive postures before all teams rushed each other in Ring 1. Cross The Hood sprinted onward at both Extreme & Davis in Ring 2. Meanwhile, The Hands of the Cause collided with The House to ignite the war between former jOlt Tag Team Champions as The Crimson Order tactfully remained out of harm’s way to allow their opposition to tear each other apart. Hendrix & Huber were throwing bombs at each other as Haggard took the fight to a resurgent Roebuck. Back in Ring 2, Cross The Hood executed a Stereo Hammer Throw into the corner before Jackson Cross used an Irish Whip on Machida. Hood with the Reversal jettisoned Jackson onward to drill Extreme with a TB Cannonball Senton. The opportunistic Reno Davis floored the unsuspecting Hood with a Leg Sweep. Reno was breifly favoring his ribs before leaping into the air...

Trampled Underfoot - A Moonsault Double Foot Stomp

The recovering Cross came sprinting after the lissome Canadian who evaded the Running Lariat with a Back Bend to a Back Handstand. A Leaping Double Roundhouse Kick spun the Rebellion representative about before the nimble aerialist eloquently locked Jackson into The Final Anthem - A Tarantula Submission! Reno was seen gnashing his teeth as a screaming Jackson alerted his recovering partner in crime. However, the Chicago juggernaut grabbed the clawing Machida from behind and buried him into the canvas with a powerful Wheelbarrow Release Suplex! Back in Ring 1...

The Turn - A Fall Away Power Bomb

The crowd groaned audibly as Frank Hendrix careened soundly against the turnbuckle padding as Brone desperately blind sided the Las Vegas Leviathan with a Leaping Superman Punch to the back of the ear! Takeshi quickly dispatched Derrick Huber with a Haymaker Punch as Heido began pummeling Haggard with The Hateful Haiku. A dazed Roebuck used the ropes to stagger himself back to his feet as an ailing Brone stumbled wildly into the cell wall. A pair of Back Elbows would keep the sinewy ninja at bay before Adam began battering both Haggard & Heido in succession with Headbutts. Meanwhile, The Mute Mountain Splitter applied the pressure on Huber with Shuko Ken - A Double Trapezius Nerve Hold. Back in Ring 2, Mike Extreme arrogantly sneered at the ailing Machida while hitting him with measured Slaps across the face before cinching him into a Standing Front Face Lock. Looking from side to side, Extreme quickly snatched Hood out from the Tarantula with a Snap DDT!


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!

Carrington: 2 MINUTES!!!!

Jackson Cross used the a Steel Chair to crowd a recovering Extreme who stumbled aimlessly after his attacker. Cross shifted out of harm’s way before blasting titan across the small of the back. Mike hooked his Left Arm over the top rope in dropping to a knee as Jackson ruthlessly jammed the Chair into the giant’s rib cage before Assaulting Cross form behind with several rapid fire Kicks before leaping airborne and seeking a Hurricanrana yet a recovered Machida caught him and peppered him with several Clubbing Forearms before they exploited the Canadian’s ambitions with a Power Bomb/Falling Neck Breaker Combination! Reno was left laying as Cross The Hood began their unified assault on their recovering yet towering threat. Back in Ring 1, Frank Hendrix dropped Roebuck with a mean Chop Block before staggering Heido with a Running High Knee to the Face as the unusual pairing of Haggard & Huber teamed up to hurl Takeshi against the massive cell with a Stereo High Hip Toss before immediately turning on each other...

Crowd: ...10!!!!

Carrington: “...And now....”

The announcement was intentionally interrupted by an overpowering mic with loud throat clearing. Camera One was set on Dean Carrington raising his eyes toward the heavens, searching the rafters for the source of the disturbance. Moments later, a middle aged Black man with a semi-wet Jheri Curl ‘complimented’ his gaudy pair of golden glasses & matching suit with shoes, preening before the entire assembly before raiding the platinum and diamond microphone. Meanwhile, the battered assembly of teams drew to a complete halt to pay heed to the pending announcement...

“Greetings & Salutations to all of you Entra-po-niggas & Bitches!” The eccentric announcer opened. “My name is O.G. ’The Juice’ Simpson; veteran hood entrepreneur of our beloved Sin City and proud Co-Vice President of gOlden bOy Promotions...Ha Ha!”

A virtually unified air of confusion resonated throughout the Arena of Champions with Camera Two catching numerous teams looking amongst each other. Many bloodied. Others worse for wear and scanning the others at random. Simpson’s broad smile quickly eroded with him looking from side to side and sucking his teeth.

“Well...Fuck y’all then!” O.G. replied arrogantly. “Any-muthafuckin’ way; representing gOlden bOy Promotions...Both weighing in at a total combined weight of five hunnit & fotay’ two got-damn pounds...The Swag-tastic, Intergalactic, far more anticipated than Dr. Dre’s sequel to The Chronic!...Sin City’s Ambassadors of Ass & Titties! The team of LATRELL SAMUEL & KHALIL STRAIGHTGULLY!!! THEM!! MUTHAFUCKIN’!!! GOONS!!!

A rolling wave of negative crowd heat breifly filled the arena as the entrance staging area promoting the arrival of the unwelcomed heels in question yet the focus shifted to Huber & Hendrix spilling through the torn out cell portal onto the outside with both Brone Haggard & Heido following suit. The chaotic brawl gained momentum as it rolled around the northeast corner en route toward the leading aisle way before a disturbance from the crowd was heard and seen with Khalil Straightgully & Latrell Samuel lunging out from the crowd. The Goons were laying into the battle worn teams together as back in the massive cell, Jackson Cross had finished slamming Reno’s face against the cell before grabbing the top rope and laying the boots on the fallen Canadian as Mike Extreme was using the opposing ropes as leverage to choke the life out of Hood with his massive boot. Back on the outside, the unsavory hoods imposing their will as Khalil grabbed Hendrix by the back of the head & slammed the bearded patriarch face first into the cell as Latrell jammed the Aluminum Bat into Haggard’s stomach, allowing The House to beat the breaks off Brone before The Crimson Order were united to fully engage the threatening goons. A hint of Crimson seeped from Frank’s brow, urging him to embrace the Blood Lust as he staggered himself into a dead sprint after The House whom were beating on Haggard. Latrell was seen diving into the cell to escape the embittered ninjas as Khalil intercepted Takeshi, leaving both men to brawl away from the cell’s gaping maw. Haggard toppled the massive Roebuck with a stiff Uppercut, spraying hints of blood along the floor as Huber & Hendrix slugged it out toward the entrance staging area, closing in near the sound/electronics staging area. The crowd groaned as Haggard’s intended Spear missed, bouncing him violently against the barricades as a bloodied Huber staggered backwards to a kneeling posture before seizing the advantage...

Spread Bet - A Swinging Side Slam Back Breaker

The maneuver bounced Brone’s spine against the barricades, leading the muscular behemoth to spill over into the screaming crowd! As Huber knelt before the rails, Khalil doubled over the massive Takeshi with a Clenched Knee Strike as Mike Extreme & Heido physically jockeyed for control. Latrell was seen sailing overhead a running Davis with a high Leap Frog before leveling Reno with a Leaping Hook Kick to the Face! Quickly, the dreadlocked degenerate grabbed Reno by the pants and drove him skull first into the cell wall as a bleeding Takeshi hoisted Strightgully upwards with his patented The Song of Sorrow - An Elevated Double Chickenwing Hold yet the muscular ninja began repeatedly slamming Khalil face first into the outer cell wall! Back toward the entrance staging area, Hendrix was seen wailing on a struggling Derrick Huber before a recovered Adam Roebuck lumbered in and crushed the rival patriarch with a Running Body Avalanche against the barricades, leaving Frank favoring his back before hoisting the ailing brawler upward...

Bad Hand - A High Angled Waist Lock Side Slam

The former jOlt Tag Champion was inaudibly screaming along the thinly padded floor as the hulking Roebuck staggered over to his partner in crime. Back inside the cell, Cross The Hood flattened the Kansai Crippler with a Double STO! Both unrepentant members of The Rebellion arrogantly played to the crowd briefly before Machida ordered Cross to scale the turnbuckles as both Extreme & Reno were recollecting themselves in Ring 2. As Khalil hoisted and bounced Takeshi along the outside with a Release Dragon Suplex, Hood steadied himself stop the turnbuckles ready to deliver a Moonsault when Mike Extreme was seen hoisting Reno overhead with a Gorilla Press before gaining a running start...

Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!

Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!

The makeshift Canadian javelin speared Machida against the cell wall before both men spilled violently along the floor with Hood landing in between the ropes & cell wall! Jackson’s jaw remained agape as he looked at the fallen Machida before noticing Extreme angrily stepping over the set of top ropes en route toward him. Meanwhile, repetitive chants of ‘jOlt’ were overheard as both Derrick Huber & Adam Roebuck stared at each other before peeling Hendrix off the concrete and leading him toward the nearby electronic relay area.

A trinity of referees were inaudibly protesting the intentions of The House as they were busy beating Hendrix down before garnering the crowd’s attention as they hoisted him upward...

Carrington: 2 MINUTES!!!!


BUST! - A Double Powerbomb
Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!

A flurry of electronic sparks and upheaval of smoke arose as several backstage hands quickly stormed the immediate area with fire extinguishers as The House stood nearby staring down at their fallen opposition...

Crowd: “...HOLY SHIT!!!!!! ...HOLY SHIT!!!!!!...HOLY SHIT!!!!!!...HOLY SHIT!!!!!!...HOLY SHIT!!!!!!...HOLY SHIT!!!!!!...HOLY SHIT!!!!!!...HOLY SHIT!!!!!!...HOLY SHIT!!!!!!...HOLY SHIT!!!!!!...HOLY SHIT!!!!!! ....”

Darius Underwood knelt down and flashed an “X” sign before the unrepentant yet bleeding tandem casually slapped hands during their trek back toward the massive cell. Brone Haggard gnashed his teeth in hooking his Right Arm over the barricades to pull himself erect as the stage hands were clearing the debris in order to bring forth the stretcher in close...


The atmosphere rose exponentially as the countdown for the last team started running while Camera 1 took one lasting shot of the action taking place inside and outside the hellish structure...

Crowd: ...5!!!!

“With Me Now” by Blacklite District.

The Arena of Champions cheered unanimously as the entrance staging area began flashing with rapid pulses of blue and white lighting. Sans the anticipated flashing jackets, the former 2x jOlt Tag Team Champions charismatically made their appearance before the capacity crowd with both men looking and pointing at the carted away Hendrix breifly. A hardened scowl radiated from Brone Haggard’s visage as security kept the rivals separated before the boisterous fan favorites began playing to the masses....

Carrington: “...And the final team, making their way to the ring; weighing in at a total combined weight of 442 pounds...They are team of RYAN GALLWAY & FRANK SILVER!!! THEY ARE THE HEIRS!!! OF!!! WRESTLING!!!

Slowly, The House turned around to stare coldly at their distant rivals. The musical interlude quickly diminished, leaving the crowd marking out like crazy. A mutual standoff ensured before a dead sprint was made by both Silver & Gallway as they immediately took the fight to their massive rivals. The Intergalactic Space Cowboy staggered the weary Huber with a Flying Forearm Strike followed by a battery of more to follow as Frank Silver ducked underneath the Running Clothesline and leaned the behemoth back with consecutive European Uppercuts! Back inside the cell, Mike Extreme caught Heido’s wrist to counter the Open Palm Punch before slinging him over his shoulders for a Death Valley Driver. The ninja kept kicking his legs to slip free...Enzuigiri by Davis, setting Extreme up to pick the ninja up into a Gory Special! The clan officer clawed the air as The Unwanted Angel strode away to the opposing ropes...A Combination Gory Bomb/Cutter drove the ninja chest first into the canvas! Still holding onto Heido’s head, Reno seamlessly slapped on the The Straitjacket - A Last Chancery Submission Hold

Heido’s muffled screams were further amplified by Mike Extreme applying a Single Leg Crab to maximize the accumulative damage. Both members of the Backbone reveled in their rival’s anguish before Takeshi steam rolled Extreme with a Running Open Palm Strike across the Jaw! A bloodied Extreme staggered wildly sideways before collapsing along the mat before standing over the arched frame of Reno Davis...


Reno’s piercing screams were heard as Takeshi delivered the stiff Overhand Slap across his exposed rib cage, immediately breaking the hold! As The Heirs & The House were still waging war along the outside, The Mute Mountain Splitter breifly monitored his partner’s condition before the massive mute ripped Davis off the mat for an Irish Whip...Onager Shot - A Flap Jack Press followed by a stiff Punch to Stomach! The Unwanted Angle crashed and burned as Khalil & Latrell were both ducking underneath Cross The Hood’s tandem Lariats in Ring 2. The disreputable thugs strode to the opposing ropes with Latrell connecting with a Falling Neck Breaker on Jackson while Machida’s Lout These Press was dramatically countered by a violent Alabama Slam! A notable pop from the smarks as the thuggish brute cinched in a Sharpshooter as Samuel began low crawling toward the turnbuckles. Meanwhile, Gallway displayed his agility to run along the barricades and attempts a Tornado DDT yet Roebuck jettisoned the arrogant flyweight who caught himself via the opposing rails. stumbled forward toward the nearest turnbuckle post, catching his breath before pulling himself upward. A Basement Dropkick robbed Roebuck of his balance, driving his upper body atop the rails. The nimble Gallway ran up Adam’s back and drilled him with the Falling Comet Crash - Flying Double Knee Attack! The Sin City Leviathan recoiled from the impact as Derrick Huber & The Sovereign Superman were still brawling several feet away...

The Sky High - A 450 Splash!

Jackson Cross’s battered frame remained motionless as the LoC alum wildly pushed away with both feet as Machida continued reeling from the submission hold before an impatient Straightgully broke the hold, grabbed Hood’s leg and drove it into the canvas with a vicious Knee Slam yet Heido & Takeshi got the jump on Khalil before The resurgent Backbone staggered after the fallen Hood & Jackson. Back on the outside, the weary titans in Huber & Silver were still swinging until Derrick countered the Discus Elbow with a swift Double Leg Trip! The masses cheered loudly as Huber raised his head toward the heavens briefly, signaling for the Roulette Wheel!...


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!

Derrick’s screams were partially muted out by the crowd as The Pirana blasted him across his ailing shoulder, sending him stumbling away sideways...


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!

Heavily favoring his arm, The Oddsmaker made stand by doubling Ryan over with a Front Kick before Roebuck punished Gallway with his patented Double Ace-Flush - A Rib Breaker segued into a Fallaway Slam! Silver was back in the picture by drilling Huber with a Running European Uppercut before battering the massive Roebuck with highly exaggerated Punches. A brief Wind Up and a Hard Right Hand sent Adam crumbling back first against the floor. Gnarling both fists, The Baron of Ballistics actively played to the crowd before adding an exclamation point to the assault on the fallen Huber...

The Bootlicker - The Garvin Stomp

Crowd: BOOOOM!!!!

Crowd: BOOOOM!!!!

Crowd: BOOOOM!!!!

Crowd: BOOOOM!!!!

Crowd: BOOOOM!!!!

Crowd: BOOOOM!!!!

Crowd: BOOOOM!!!!

Crowd: BOOOOM!!!!

Crowd: BOOOOM!!!!

The Arena of Champions celebrated as Silver paused for the cause to hit a ‘Que Dawg Stance’ igniting random barks from the crowd before laying a heavy Stomp on his rival’s bloodied brow. Back inside the cell, Khalil & Samuel just destroyed Reno with a Double Crucifix Power Bomb atop a prone Machida Hood before using a pair of Back Elbows to stun Heido before rendering him obsolete with a swift STO/Russian Leg Sweep Combination! As Takeshi was being clubbed across the back by Mike Extreme from atop the turnbuckles, Frank Silver was seen broadening his base, reeling him Derrick for the kill. Ryan Gallway stumbled back to his feet, favoring his ribs before assaulting the rising Roebuck with a fresh salvo of Buzzsaw Kicks. The crowd rallied behind the duo as Huber was placed in the Standing Head Scissors with Silver signaling to the crowd...

The Stay of Execution - A Cradle Belly to Back Inverted Mat Slam

Huber was motionless as Frank remained kneeling over him amidst the ongoing fecal chants. Ryan staggered over to shove Silver forward, prompting him to eventually cinch in a Texas Cloverleaf Submission! The Oddsmaker valiantly pushed up slowly with a battered Left Shoulder to try and counter the hold when the diminutive Gallway angrily stomped on his sore shoulder before locking in a Fujiwara Armbar! The referees nearby hovered in close as Huber angrily cursed the Heirs for several moments after landing face first against the floor and tapping out! The audience offered a divided response as Simon Boulder signaled for the announcement...


The jubilant yet slightly worn Heirs helped each other back to their feet before heading toward the cell as a dejected Huber beat his forearm against the floor. Bloodied and left shaking his head, Roebuck watched their successors standing outside the cell while being aided to his feet and escorted toward the back. The Heirs were seen carefully entering the ring, ready engage as Diamond Jewelz’s handpicked goons were seen exiting the cell with The Crimson Order in hot pursuit as The Backbone were left sprawling along the canvas, trying to recollect themselves. Heido’s Gi was tattered from being caught and torn by the mesh cell as Latrell Samuel hurled a Steel Chair that careened off Takeshi’s Shoulder as Heido strode in and knocked vermillion spittle from Latrell’s lips with Burning Knee Strike - A Running Knee Uppercut to Jaw! Straightgully seized the opening to punish the Kansai Crippler with a hard Elbow Strike across the Jaw before unleashing a literal blitzkrieg of Punches & Front Kicks against the cell wall.

Meanwhile, as The Heirs hit the Reversal in stereo, both Brooklynites ran underneath the duel Lariats to carom off the ropes and floor both Heirs with Running Shoulder Blocks. Machida & Cross both strode to opposing ropes, stepped over each Heir, hooked arms to both spin about and humble both Standing Back Kicks. The mutual Russian Leg Sweeps were neutralized by Stereo German Suplex attempts that both thugs slipped free from. Frank Silver staggered Cross backwards with a stiff Back Elbow to the face as Hood initiated another Irish Whip. Ryan with the Reversal, drilling Machida with a hard Forearm Shiver before slamming Hood’s jaw with a Running Bulldog atop Silver’s Knee! However, Jackson Cross would sternly hoist Silver with a textbook Tiger Suplex!

As The Backbone wisely maintained their distance, in succession, Khalil soundly ran both Inogami Clan officers down with the ring steps to the face. Arrogantly, both thugs beamed in sheer delight as the ring steps bounced soundly against the floor before their timely egress back into the ring. Takeshi & Heido were struggling to reclaim their equilibrium while fighting against the Standing 8 count. Back inside Ring 1, Reno Davis soared into the air and spiked recovering Frank Silver’s skull into the canvas with a Double Vaulting Tornado DDT! Ryan Gallway snapped off a Quasar Kick - A Springboard Gamengiri on Machida, Hood wobbled into a daze before eating a Pele Kick by the Unwanted Angle before being broken in half with an Argentine Back Breaker! Reno was quick to take the fight to a groggy Gallway as the massive Extreme used a Running Clothesline to knock Jackson Cross tumbling over the top rope before flexing his muscles and standing over a fallen Machida to express a deliberate Throat Slash gesture before locking in a punishing Camel Clutch! Hood desperately shook his head in protest for several moments before sending the crowd into a cheering frenzy by adamantly tapping Extreme’s thigh!


Nodding his head in excitement, Extreme added an exclamation point by punishing his foe with a Full Nelson Slam before being tackled to the floor by both Samuel & Straightgully. A chorus of boos reigned overhead as the ghetto piranhas began making short work of the weary giant before flattening Reno with a Double Team Spine Buster! Camera 2 breifly followed the defeated Rebellion stand outs as they slinked their way toward the backstage area before showing Straightgully defiantly beat his chest as Latrell pounded on the unaware Frank Silver and burying him with a hail of Boots to the Chest! The Crimson Order were seen clinging to the outer cell wall during their return back toward the inside of the structure as crowd stood unified in their chants...

Crowd:”...WALMART JEWELERS!!! (Stomp 5x) ...WALMART JEWELERS!!! (Stomp 5x) ...WALMART JEWELERS!!! (Stomp 5x) ...WALMART JEWELERS!!! (Stomp 5x) ...WALMART JEWELERS!!! (Stomp 5x) ...WALMART JEWELERS!!! (Stomp 5x) ...WALMART JEWELERS!!! (Stomp 5x) ...WALMART JEWELERS!!! (Stomp 5x) ...WALMART JEWELERS!!! (Stomp 5x)....”

The hallowed thud of the ring steps bouncing off the canvas in Ring 2 drew the attention of both goons as the ninjas made their return, leading the Final 4 to remain aware of one another. 2 opposing teams in each ring stared at one another as The Backbone stared at one another before The Crimson Order joined them in the united assault on Diamond’s Goons. The legions cheered as a look of mounting desperation set in before the Heirs, The Order & The Backbone bum rushed them! Both Reno Davis & Gallway were shoved backwards to the mat yet Mike Extreme jettisoned Straightgully airborne with a Release Belly to Back Overhead Suplex! Frank Silver swiftly grabbed Samuel by the hair and slammed him face first against the cell wall! A Hammer Throw by Silver led to Heido to obliterate Samuel with the patented Archangel Suplex - A Head & Arm Suplex! Trampled Underfoot - Moonsault Double Foot Stomp by Reno would nearly cave in Khalil’s chest as he recoiled angrily from the impact.

Crowd:”...FUCK EM’ UP, BACKBONE!!! FUCK EM UP!!! (Stomp 2x) ......FUCK EM’ UP, BACKBONE!!! FUCK EM UP!!! (Stomp 2x) ......FUCK EM’ UP, BACKBONE!!! FUCK EM UP!!! (Stomp 2x) ......FUCK EM’ UP, BACKBONE!!! FUCK EM UP!!! (Stomp 2x) ......FUCK EM’ UP, BACKBONE!!! FUCK EM UP!!! (Stomp 2x) ......FUCK EM’ UP, BACKBONE!!! FUCK EM UP!!! (Stomp 2x) ....”

The Sovereign Superman soon stood himself erect to stare back at Extreme before they teamed up and battered Khalil with a Double Team Wheelbarrow Suplex! Meanwhile, the tandem of Reno & Gallway sent Latrell bouncing off the ropes before crushing him with a High Double Dropkick! Palming his face, Latrell desperately scooted away for safety as Extreme kept Khalil under wraps with a Full Nelson as Frank Silver battered his exposed ribs with a bevy of Punches. Samuel soon found himself trapped between both rings and gathered opposition, seeking to reason with his rivals before Takeshi & Heido grabbed him by the locs and flung him into Ring 2. Both The Crimson Order & The Heirs looked amongst each other and garnered the crowd’s favor as they gave the pair of Jolt Originals free range to raise hell on the ailing promotional miscreants. Both looking out into the crowd, both Extreme & Reno reeled their ailing targets back to their collective feet to engaged them when a growing disturbance rose within the crowd. The Conway Twins were seen quickly hurdling over the rails, diving into the cell and assaulted every target in sight with a pair of Steel Chairs!


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!

Leaving the Alliance in a writhing heap, both Eli & Ezra quickly claimed dominion within the massive cell before they opted to bum rush recovering members of The Backbone. A crescendo of Chair Shots were virtually muted out by the seismic chorus of crowd heat as Extreme limped away only to be crowned by Ezra’s crowning Chair Shot! In Ring One, The Goons were putting in work on both Heirs, whom were desperately seeking a opening yet to no avail...

Crowd:”...THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!! (Stomp 5x) ...THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!! (Stomp 5x) ...THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!! (Stomp 5x) ...THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!! (Stomp 5x) ...THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!! (Stomp 5x) ...THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!! (Stomp 5x) ...THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!! (Stomp 5x) ...THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!! (Stomp 5x) ...THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!! (Stomp 5x) ...THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!! (Stomp 5x) ...THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!! (Stomp 5x) ...THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!! (Stomp 5x) ...THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!! (Stomp 5x) ...THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!! (Stomp 5x) ...THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!! (Stomp 5x) ....”

Reno recoiled from having the Chair jammed into his rib cage before Eli reared back and violently rattled his spine with an Overhead Chair Shot! Another landed across the back of his Left Calf before Ezra kept him in place with a Grounder Front Face Lock and allowed his brother to blast The Unwanted Angle 3 more times! The recently dethroned Tag Championship bearers stood together and admired their work before setting their focus on the inhabitants of Ring 1. Both Khalil & Samuel stood their ground as The Faction casually made their transition on the opposing end of Ring 1. Chairs in hand, the Twins exchanged glared before both teams looked at the ailing Heirs, crawling about to reclaim their bearings. The wounded Goons kept posturing the Twins inquiring about their intentions before the Texas Twins rushed the rising Ryan and smacked him square between the shoulder blades! The Hipster Heartthrob collapsed onto both knees before Ezra & Eli banged the chairs against the canvas and hit a Con Chairto on Gallway! The Arena of Champions were outright livid as the apparent fix was in with The Goons wrapping Silver’s arms into the ring ropes before Straightgully began teeing off on Ryan’s Jaw before stepping aside and allowing Eli to bang the battered Chair against the canvas....


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!

Ezra extended both arms toward his brother to get them to stop in order to grab both of Frank’s legs, leaving him completely defenseless...


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!


Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!

Unceremoniously, the Architect of the Heirs untangled himself and collapsed along the canvas virtually motionless. Dragging themselves closer to the ropes, The Goons stared back at the Twins who responded each with a maniacal sneer before making their casually egress from the cell. A hail of debris bounced off the Twins as they arrogantly made their way to the backstage area. Back inside the cell, every team was left bloodied yet the opportunistic Goons peeled themselves off the mat to relentless stalk after a wounded Extreme. Both Samuel & Khalil dragged the ring steps upward before slamming it against Extreme’s skull with a hallowed thud! Together, they set the ring steps up in front of the corner before Khalil rattled his spine with a Gutwrench Power Bomb! After steadying himself, Samuel steadied himself before punishing Reno with a Double Stomp off the top ropes! The masses booed as Khalil motioned for the referees to check on Davis. Simon Boulder passed through the ropes to make a brief assessment before waving his arms over Reno...


The crowd angrily responded in sheer defiance as The Goons breifly celebrated their victory by dumping both Backbone members out of the cell before setting their running Heido & Takeshi down with Yakuza Kicks as the gathered stage hands aided the pair of jOlt Originals to the back. Straightgully sneered as he grabbed Gallway by the hair and arrogantly mocked the crowd before hoisting Ryan upward...A SPEAR by Heido with Gallway collapsing atop his rival! The cheers were overheard as Silver braced his forearm across his ribs while standing. Jaw left agape, Latrell slowly backed into a distant corner as both Takeshi & Frank clung to opposing ropes to stand themselves erect before locking eyes on their mutual enemy. The masses rallied for blood as Samuel desperately petitioned for amnesty before both Silver & Takeshi began clubbing him to oblivion. A recovering Gallway began laying the boots to Khalil as Takeshi hit Samuel with an Irish Whip who in turn drilled Silver with a Flying Forearm Strike. Staggering backwards, Silver hit the ropes...

Off With Your Head - Rebound Lariat

Samuel was turned inside out as Frank fed into the rising crowd response. Takeshi & Heido slowly dragged the comatose Straightgully to his feet as The Heirs held Latrell at their disposal. Bound by vengeance, the inevitable was set in motion...The Oni Destroyer & Triple Crown in Stereo! Heido would quickly lock Khalil into the The Kansai Kraken Lock - A Bridging Double Chickenwing Submission as Samuel tapped to Gallway’s Kneeling Bow & Arrow Hold!


The Arena of Champions stood to their feet as the final teams recollected themselves in their opposing corners. Both caked with blood yet nodding to each other with mutual recognition as the eliminated Goons were pulled out from the cell. Dueling chants echoed throughout the building’s interior as The Heirs & The Crimson Order nudged each other before rushing toward the center of the ring. Opening salvos of Punches & Martial Arts Strikes were exchanged before The Order driven back against the ropes. Stereo Irish Whips were immediately reversed yet The seasoned Heirs countered with Stereo Dropkicks to knock the ninjas off their feet. Both scrambling back to action, Silver & Gallway cinched up Heido for a Double Team Suplex. Takeshi intervened with a Open Palm Punch to the wounded Gallway who collapsed in a heap as The Kansai Crippler stood Silver erect eerily with a stiff Knee Strike to the Face as Takeshi seized him from behind...

The Oni Destroyer

The Sovereign Superman hit the canvas in a crumpled heap as Takeshi smothered the recovering a Grounded Front Face Lock! Again, Heido with the The Kansai Kraken Lock - A Bridging Double Chickenwing Submission! Frank’s fists balled up hovered over the canvas, struggling to ward off the pressure. The muffled screams were overheard for several moments before Silver repeatedly slammed his leg against the canvas! The final bell sounded as Heido reared back on the hold for several moments before collapsing along the canvas. The Mute Mountain remained on all fours as The Heirs were seen recoiling in the championship aftermath...


‘Thought Crimes’ - Extended Version by Cliff Lin streamed from the overhead PA system as a ongoing pyrotechnical display danced overhead, accompanied by the hail of Crimson, Pearl & Onyx confetti descending from above. Frank Silver remained on both knees, clutching his shoulder as the new successors of the Tag Team Thrones laid seige of the belts. Takeshi quietly cradled the belt as Heido placed his hand atop his comrade’s shoulder in stoic celebration. The classy gesture was extended by The Heirs as they reluctantly stood to their feet and applauded their rivals. A mutual nod and bow was the response that led both seasoned rivals to part company, leaving the Crimson Order to bask atop the once elusive championship mountain top. Holding the belts upward, the scene ended with the Crimson Order assuming the position of seiza and silent celebration amongst brothers. Vindication was finally their to behold....

Winner: The Crimson Order via Pinfall