"Welcome to Rise of the Legends"

The screen was black. A voiceover boomed as the picture faded in. It showed a black and white slide show of old people from jOlt... Derecho... Aran Thompson... Landon Stevens... Sylo... Chris Titan...

"There are those who have etched their names into the annals of time and have been called "Legends"

The scene then switched to more black and white photos.. this time of current jOlt superstars: Frank & Sonny Silver... Mack Brody... Eiji Kugasari... Charlotte... Diamond Jewelz... Omega... Jesse Ramey... Jeremy Ryan...

"Then there are those who could be considered the new legends once their time has come and gone... but..."

The screen went black.

"Who will replace them?"

The screen then turned toward Sebastian Saje and Alyssa Corliss standing side by side, Bally & The Freak Show standing at the top of the ramp, Draconian hitting a Chokeslam on Michael Donavan, Tammy Lynn Foster applying the Trailer Hitch to Charlotte, The New Breed fist bumping each other, The arrival of Hank Wright & Keegan... These pictures flashed by quickly as the voice continued to speak.

"They are the future of jOlt.. and tonight.. they look to prove themselves against each other and against those who seek to earn the status of legend. Tonight... everyone has one goal. To etch their names in the annals of time alongside those who came before them. TONIGHT.. it's time for new legends... to RISE!"

The screen tore away and we are brought inside the U.S. Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona! The stage was a huge black marbled stone wall with an entrance carved out in its center. The jOltvision was embedded into the wall above the entrance. All of a sudden, a rumble began to be heard over the PA speakers and...

Pyro began exploding above the ring, starting from the backside of the circular metal structure above the ring and splitting in half. It met in the middle on the opposite side and traveled across wires above the entrance ramp to the stage. The rumbling over the PA speakers got louder as the pyro reached the top of the wall.

Pyro then blew on the top of the wall in its center and split left and right. When it got to the center of the left and right portions of the wall.. the rumbling got bigger then..



The walls to the left and right of the jOltvision crumbled as pyro exploded from behind them! Behind the walls were two screens, one that said "RISE OF THE" on the left and the other that said "LEGENDS"

Finally, a wall of pyro exploded on stage as the camera swirled around the U.S. Airways Center, capturing the roar of thousands of jOlt faithfuls

Michael Burhman: Hello everyone and welcome to Rise of the Legends! I'm Michael Buhrman alongside Nate Powers and we have a monumental night as Omega will clash with Jeremy Ryan.. jOlt's top two champions will battle with the Fearless Championship on the line!

Nate Powers: That's right.. Jeremy Ryan has an opportunity to leave here with the top two biggest prizes in jOlt around his waist, but that's not all... The House will defend their Tag Team Titles against one of the hottest tag teams we've seen in a while... The Natural Athletes who were dominant on The Hype and found some good success here thus far on the main roster!

Michael Buhrman: Indeed.. the first ever Hype Tag Team Champions will get a shot to become the first team in history to hold both the Hype and World Tag Team Titles during their jOlt careers!

Nate Powers: Speaking of titles... Tammy Lynn Foster will defend the Starlet Championship against Bally of The Freak Show. The Freak Show has been making themsleves known as of late and now it's Bally's turn to step up to the plate and try and take the title off of jOlt's resident redneck woman!

Michael Burhman: Careful Nate.. don't say that too loud.. she might hear you and I don't feel like teaming with Jeff Hartman...

Nate Powers: Then let's talk about The New Breed... it's a classic tale of young lions versus the established veterans. jOlt signed two big legends in Hank Wright and Keegan and tonight, those two will face The New Breed of Brian Williams and Hype Champion Mike Patterson in what is sure to be an epic clash!

Michael Burhman: And let's not forget the disintegration of the Heirs of Wrestling. When Sonny Silver entered the picture, it drove a wedge between Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway. Ryan won the beat the clock challenge and because as such, tonight Ryan will face his former partner Frank Silver in where the loser is gone from jOlt Wrestling for good!

Nate Powers: I, personally, can't wait to see that one. Of course, we have so much more for you tonight, We have Mack Brody taking on Ezekiel of The Dead Cell, we have Draconian taking on Jawn Dawn, but we're about to kick things off with a bit of a love triangle rivalry that needs to be settled. Sebastian Saje is set to be the special referee in this one. Raevynn versus Alyssa Corliss is your opening match and it... starts... NOW!

Alyssa Corliss vs Raevynn

The issue between these two starlets stems all the way back to the early days of The Hype. Alyssa Corliss, the former girlfriend of jOlt World Champion Jeremy Ryan, noticed that Raevynn had an issue with speaking and interacting with men, but yet, she liked Sebastian Saje. Offering up some advice to Saje himself, the two of them became friends. This lead to Jeremy Ryan becoming overprotective of Alyssa and that resulted in a bloody war between Ryan and Saje.

During this war, Raevynn and Alyssa formed a bit of a rivalry when Raevynn felt that Alyssa was trying to steal Saje away from her. This ended up with Raevynn completely rejecting Saje. After Saje defeated Ryan, Alyssa broke up with the, now, world champion and started dating Saje. Raevynn would disappear only to re-emerge as part of The Rebellion. Raevynn overcame her androphobia thanks to the efforts of Jon Le Bon and it was because of this that she was able to persuade Sebastian Saje to join the ranks of The Rebellion.

After being stepped on by a corrupted Shayne Anderson for weeks, Saje snapped and agreed to leave The Hype with the rest of The Rebellion members. As a way of saying thank you to Raevynn for saving him from the hell that The Hype had become, Saje completely flipped his attitude and dumped Alyssa Corliss. After all the time that had passed, Raevynn finally got what she wanted.. Sebastian Saje all to herself.

Things went well until The Rebellion crumbled at the hands of The Kugasari Clan and Chris Titan. When Titan defeated Le Bon in a Loser Leaves jOlt match, Raevynn lost the one man who could help keep her androphobia in check. Add in the fact that Alyssa Corliss returned from injury and began to reconcile her friendship with Saje, and what you get is a recipe for a broken mind and that is exactly what happened with Raevynn.

Her androphobia came back and she could no longer trust Saje. In fact, in recent weeks, she kept her distance and merely observed, not just to confirm her suspicions, but make sure she didn’t have any close contact with her now former boyfriend. Alyssa gave Saje a second chance and the two reconciled their relationship, but one thing was for certain.. Raevynn wasn’t going to sit idly by and let them reconcile in peace. The two have been each other’s throats for nearly a month now and it got to the point where Damien Lee made it official. Raevynn will take on Alyssa Corliss here tonight with Sebastian Saje stuck in the middle as the special referee.

“Rescue Me” by Coldrain

The crowd cheered as Sebastian Saje made his way out from the backstage area dressed in an official jOlt Referee uniform. Saje made his way down to the ring and stepped inside. He didn’t look too thrilled to be the referee for this match, but it was Damien Lee’s edict that made it so, therefore, he had little choice in the matter. Saje let out a heavy sigh as he stood there in the ring and awaited the arrival of Alyssa and Raevynn.

“Where is the Edge” by Within Temptation

The crowd booed as the lights in the arena went dark and turned into a deep violet hue. Raevynn stepped out from the backstage area wearing the same black cloak that she wore when she began delivering black feathers to the would-be Rebellion members. Perhaps it was a ploy to get Saje on her side by making him remember what she did for him, or maybe it was just symbolism. Whatever the intentions were, Saje, clearly, wasn’t amused by this ploy she was attempting to pull off.

Raevynn made her way into the ring and pulled back the hood on the cloak, staring a hole right through Saje. She removed the cloak and passed it to ringside, staying in the neutral corner away from him.

“Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse

The people cheered when Alyssa Corliss stepped out from the backstage area. Alyssa didn’t waste any time, making a beeline for the ring. Raevynn saw her charging and exited the ring on the opposite side. Alyssa slid in and went right over to the ropes, daring Raevynn to get back inside. Raevynn merely stared back up at Alyssa from the floor and Saje had to push her back to the center of the ring.

Her music died down and Raevynn slowly stepped up onto the apron and back into the ring. Once Saje saw that both women were inside and ready to go, he called for the bell.




Alyssa charged right at Raevynn as soon as the first bell rang. Raevynn knew she would try something like this, given her entrance, and immediately bolted to the outside. Raevynn backed away looking up at Alyssa as Alyssa taunted her from the ring to bring it back inside. Sebastan started the ten count as Raeynn looked at him with a “Really?” look on her face as if she couldn’t believe that her former boyfriend would count her out.

Raevynn let out a sigh and got back up onto the ring apron. Alyssa stepped in, but Raevynn hopped back down. Saje was up to the count of five since getting onto the ring apron does not reset the ten count. Raevynn paced back and forth as Saje was up to seven.

“BACK HER UP!” yelled Raevynn at Saje, but Saje just continued to count. He was at eight.

Raevynn didn’t want to be embarrassed...losing to her rival via countdown. When Saje yelled nine, Raevynn’s face cringed and she quickly slid back into the ring and sure enough, Alyssa began putting the boots to Raevynn’s upper back. Alyssa then turned Raevynn over onto her back where she mounted her and rained down heavy right after heavy right to her head. Raevynn tried to cover up, but Alyssa’s onslaught was relentless and more than a few punches made their way through Raevynn’s guard.

Normally, a referee would count to five or try and break this up, but Saje did nothing but stand there and watch. Could he vicariously be teaching Raevynn a lesson through Alyssa? Alyssa stood and grabbed Raevynn by the hair, pulling her up to her feet. She backed Raevynn into the ropes and shot her across the ring, but Raevynn grabbed the top rope and pulled herself out of the ring and back down to the floor.

Raevynn stepped away, but Alyssa wasn’t going to let her go far. Alyssa charged in and dove through the ropes with a Suicide Dive, colliding with Raevynn and taking her down to the mats! Alyssa stood and looked down at Raevynn, brushing her hair back. Alyssa pulled Raevynn back up and whipped her shoulder first into the steel ring steps. Raevynn fell to a seated position as Alyssa backed up and measured Raevynn up. Alyssa charged in, looking for a running knee smash, but Raevynn moved and...


Alyssa’s knee slammed right into the ring steps and she collapsed down to the floor, clutching it in pain. Alyssa just came back a little over a month and a half ago from a head injury that she suffered at the hands of former jOlt starlet “Dragonfly” Amber Ryann. The last thing she needed right now was another injury.

Saje was up to the count of six when Raevynn pulled herself up. Raevynn rolled back into the ring and back out again to reset the count. Raevynn grabbed Alyssa’s right leg and lifted it into the air before stomping on the backside of her knee joint. She held Alyssa’s leg up and stomped that same joint for a second time. Alyssa turned to her side and clutched her knee as Raevynn turned and walked up the ring steps, holding onto the ring post for balance. Raevynn then lept off and...


Alyssa SCREAMED out in tremendous pain.. so much that it stopped Saje’s count as he rushed to the outside to check on Alyssa. Raevynn took a few steps back, smiling and hooking her bottom lip with her index finger. She was happy with the damage she just caused. The camera got in close to Saje and Alyssa and picked up on their conversation.

“Come on.. let me stop the match. We’ll get you checked out.. there’s always another time..don’t risk it.” said Saje

“No.. I’m going to continue.. the throbbing is subsiding.. I don’t think anything’s broken” said Alyssa.

“Please think this through. Don’t continue just for the sake of continuing.” said Saje.

“No.. this is something I have to do.” said Alyssa

Saje shook his head and stood back as Alyssa pulled herself up. Raevynn charged in and immediately hit a chop block to the back of the knee. Saje got between Raevynn and Alyssa and told Raevynn to back off in a very stern manner. Raevynn looked up at Saje and realized she was just a bit too close to him and backed off, looking quite nervous. Saje knelt down and asked Alyssa to fight again another day, but again, Alyssa shook her head “no” and grabbed the ring apron, pulling herself up.

Saje stood in front of Alyssa, making sure Raevynn didn’t try anything a second time. Alyssa rolled back into the ring and Saje looked right at Raevynn and told her to do the same. Raevynn walked around towards the announce position and used those steps to get back into the ring. Alyssa used the ring ropes to pull herself up and Raevynn charged right in towards her, but Alyssa stepped on her good leg and hit a back elbow to Raevynn, staggering her back. Raevynn turned and charged again, but was met with another back elbow.

Alyssa hobbled forward to get some momentum, hitting a lariat on Raevynn, knocking her down. Alyssa then walked around the ring to get some feeling back into her leg. Each step she took looked a little better than the last as her muscles warmed back up. Raevynn got back to her feet as Alyssa stepped in and laid in a knife edge chop into her chest. Raevynn staggered towards the corner where Alyssa laid in another chop. She pressed Raevynn’s back against the buckles then sent her across the ring to the opposite side. Alyssa charged in, but Raevynn exploded out of the corner and hit a lot basement dropkick to Alyssa’s right knee!

Alyssa hit the canvas, clutching that leg of hers again. Raevynn grinned as she headed towards the corner and climbed up to the top turnbuckle pads. Perhaps, she was going for it again.. and she did!!



Alyssa rolled out of the way, but Raevynn landed on her feet. Raevynn quickly turned and grabbed Alyssa by the right leg, but she used her left one to kick away at Raevynn’s face, breaking the hold she had over her. Alyssa slowly got back up to her feet, but Raevynn was right there and she grabbed Alyssa in a Dragon Sleeper hold. She was looking for the Tears BREAKER, but when Raevynn lifte her, Alyssa continued the momentum and floated over her, landing behind her, but when she landed, she hobbled away, clutching her knee. Raevynn turned and looked to capitalize on that with a lariat, but Alyssa knew she would try something like that and ducked it. Alyssa then took off to the ropes, picking up momentum. She bounced off and came back with a Flying Shoulder Tackle taking her down!

Alyssa remained there on her hands and knees for a few moments before getting back to her feet and, once again, hobbled around to try and get feeling back into her knee once again. This let Raevynn recover as she began to stand back up. Alyssa walked back over and rocked Raevynn with a right hand, keeping her down on a single knee. Alyssa hit her with another right hand before pulling her up and backing her into the ropes. She went for a whip, but Raevynn sent her across the ring instead with the reversal. Raevynn went for a Drop Toe Hold, but Alyssa leapt over her completely, landing on the other side!

The right knee gave a twinge, but she shook it off and when Raevynn stood, she took to the air with a dropkick, taking Raevynn back down! The look on Alyssa’s face could tell you that she was in pain, but she was sucking it up for the sake of putting Raevynn away here. Raevynn got back up as Alyssa backed into the ropes, got a running start and took Raevynn back down again with the Leg Lariat! Alyssa went into the cover and despite it being several minutes into the match already, this was the first official cover of it! Saje went down for the count.



Raevynn kicked out!

Many were waiting for this first cover to see if Sebastian would try and fast count Raevynn, but he didn’t. He called it fairly with a normal count. Alyssa sat Raevynn up and trapped her head under the arm. Alyssa then began to hit elbow after elbow into the side of Raevynn’s head in an attempt to knock her out cold. After she hit about a baker’s dozen worth, she threw Raevynn back to the canvas and made another cover, hooking the leg.



Raevynn kicked out again!

Alyssa stood and seemed to be getting more and more fired up as she stood and dared Raevynn to get back up to her feet. Raevynn pulled herself back up, shaking off the effects of the blows to the head she sustained a few short moments ago. Raevynn turned and was met by a toe kick to the stomach by Alyssa. Alyssa hooked her for The Corliss Effect, but Raevynn twisted out of it and decked Alyssa in the face with a forearm shot. Raevynn backed into the ropes and rode up onto Alyssa with the head scissors, looking for Seconds to Midnight, but as she swung her body around, Alyssa hooked her by the waist and drove her down into the canvas with a Sidewalk Slam!

Alyssa popped back up and headed to the corner. She hopped up onto second turnbuckle as Raevynn slowly turned over and got up on all fours. Alyssa took aim and dove off with a Diving European Uppercut and it caught Raevynn under the jaw, knocking her back down! Alyssa with another cover, hooking the leg.



Saje was only able to count two as Raevynn kicked out!

Alyssa stood and grabbed Raevynn by the hair, pulling her back up, but Raevynn quickly grabbed Alyssa by the sides of the head and dropped to her knees with a Jaw Breaker! Alyssa stumbled away as Raevynn stood and quickly hooked on the cravat. She front flipped into the neck breaker, driving Alyssa into the canvas!


Raevynn quickly stood and grabbed Alyssa, pulling her back up. She placed Alyssa into the Dragon Sleeper, lifted and planted her on the back of her neck a second time...


Raevynn grinned as she made the cover. Sebastian Saje let out a heavy sigh as he went down and made the count he was hoping he didn’t have to make.






Raevynn couldn’t believe it. She immediately stood and grasped at her hair. She looked at Saje, then back at Alyssa. Raevynn walked away and over to the corner where she buried her face into the top turnbuckle as she was in utter disbelief that Alyssa just kicked out two of her best moves in succession. Raevynn shook her head as if she were arguing with voices inside of it and then climbed out of the ring.

Raevynn walked over to the time keeper and grabbed his chair. The crowd began to heavily boo as Raevynn rolled back in and took aim on Alyssa’s knee while she was still down, but Saje stepped in front of her and demanded the chair. Raevynn, with the chair raised, froze. Saje yelled to give him the chair and Raevynn’s lip began to quiver. You could see her androphobia was beginning to kick in as she backed away from Saje slowly. Raevynn lowered the chair and she let out a little yelp as Saje reached in and snagged the chair right out of her hands. Saje tossed the chair to the outside and walked away.

Raevynn began to calm down a bit, but then that fear completely disappeared when Alyssa started to get up. Raevynn charged in, looking for a punt to her head, but Alyssa avoided it, stood, and kicked Raevynn in the stomach. She hooked Raevynn by the head and went to lift her for the Corliss Effect, but her knee gave out and she dropped Raevynn!

Alyssa fell to a single knee as she clutched her bad one, but this allowed Raevynn to stand and hit Alyssa dead in the face with a Shining Wizard! Raevynn turned Alyssa over onto her stomach and hooked her right leg as if she were going for a surfboard submission, but, instead, she leapt up and hit a single Calf Stomp to her right leg! Raevynn’s leg was still hooked with Alyssa’s and she leapt up and hit another Calf Stomp! The leg was STILL hooked so she jumped up and hit a third Calf Stomp. Raevynn unhooked her leg, but immediately bent over and grabbed Alyssa’s right leg, lifting it up into the air and slamming it, knee first, into the canvas! Raevynn picked up the leg again, lifted it a second time, then slammed it into the canvas again!

Saje began to look worried as Alyssa turned on her side and went into the fetal position, clutching her knee. Raevynn backed up into the corner and went to the top rope… she tried this earlier and Saje could only stand back and watch...


For the second time this match, Raevynn nailed a double stomp to that knee. It had to be destroyed. Alyssa screamed out as she pounded her fist into the canvas in pain.

“JUST PIN HER” yelled Saje at Raevynn, but as soon as Saje said that, She knew that she had both Alyssa and Saje right where she wanted them.

Raevynn walked over and stomped down on Alyssa’s knee. She stomped again.. and again… and again… each stomp, Alyssa cried out in anguish… her knee had to have been broken, fractured, or had a muscle injury. The pain she was enduring was excruciating just from a single stomp. Raevynn made sure not to apply a submission hold because she didn’t want Alyssa tapping out. She wanted to erase Alyssa from the picture completely!

Raevynn went to the corner and climbed back up top. Saje shook his head “no” and walked over and stood in between Raevynn and Alyssa. Saje told her it was done.. it was enough. Raevynn looked around the arena at the people booing her and slowly climbed down off the top turnbuckle pad, but then she shoved Saje out of the way, fighting through her fear and went right back to stomping on Alyssa’s right leg. With each stomp, Alyssa’s cries were filled with more and more pain.

Saje was being tortured just standing there and watching

He gripped his hair and just couldn’t take it anymore.

He grabbed Raevynn by the shoulder and had her face him...


The Codebreaker connected and Raevynn hit the canvas hard as the people exploded with cheers!

Saje grabbed Alyssa’s arm and pulled it on top of Raevynn as Alyssa looked up from the canvas at Saje… Saje quickly went down and counted...




Saje signalled for the bell and then for the trainers. “Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse struck up over the PA system. Trainers poured out from the backstage area, hitting the ring. They slowly pulled Alyssa out of the ring and had her stand on her good leg. Alyssa used them for support as she essentially hopped to the backstage area with the trainers.

Saje stopped right before the ropes and looked back at Raevynn one last time before he stepped to the outside and walked to the back with the trainers and Alyssa.

Saje tried to remain impartial.. but Raevynn took it too far. Saje could have called for the bell, but he let his emotions get the best of him. While Alyssa may have won here tonight… there was a feeling deep down that this issue wasn’t close to being finished.

Winner: Alyssa Corliss via Pinfall

"Alive and Well"

Dawn Cassidy's pearly whites were gleaming, though they same could not be said for the sour-puss bruisers stood next to her.

She gleefully announced: "In another world exclusive, I'm with Hank Wright and Keegan ahead of their in-ring debut against the New Breed here at the Rise of Legends."

Hands on hips, shaking his long limbs in anticipation, preparation, trepidation and exhilaration, Hank then theatrically took a step back: "How on earth could Sonny Silver call you a four? Doesn't she look gorgeous?"

The Newcastle native on the left nodded profusely as the crowd gave their vociferous thumbs-up, and the Englishman actively encouraged them to make even more noise, raising his arms while Wright gave Cassidy a twirl.

As she completed her 360, she giggled: "Thank you. Are you feeling relaxed?"

Wright raised his index finger to his top lip and whispered: "Calm before the storm, Dawn."

It was time to hear from the so-called and self-proclaimed Yardstick: "You won't get us going back on our word. Sonny called you a four a short while ago and then made a move on you just last week. That's not our style. The two of us can talk, but we respect Mike and Brian, we've said that all along, and we reckon they're the future. We don't need to get nasty."

Our Texan intervened, grabbing the mike in the nick of time: "Here, he means," gesturing towards the 20 x 20 canvas.

"Out there is a different story altogether," Hank stated unequivocally.

Special K smiled as a few fans reflected on what could well turn out to be a wild foursome - no, not that type, you dirty buggers.

Stamping his foot, assertively and downright angrily, The Tank marked his territory: "We're sick of watching and hearing about your classic at Wrestlecade..."

The Geordie Genius couldn't resist the opportunity to wind his partner up: "Great match, by the way. Available on..."

Wright glared at him and when Keegan comically mouthed 'sorry' the elder statesmen of the experienced duo regained his runaway train of thought: "I had my own match of the year in ACW when I blew Orphan out of the water," was spat venomously towards anyone who'd pay attention.

"Not only that; I went through Jack Harris, Keith Scott Zimmerman and a beast who happens to be co-headlining this event just to get there."

Three guesses who he's referring to.

Keegan couldn't get a word in as Wright resumed his rant: "Bad news for us you've been cleared to compete, Mike? I hope you really have healed cause my guy here once killed a man live on TV, and I'm not here to have a pillow fight. Prepare yourselves for ten, fifteen, twenty minutes, however long it lasts, of HELL."

On that note, go and get some popcorn, preferably sweet, to complement the beverage of your choosing and make sure you've stumped up $8.99 for the month.

The New Breed were about to face an old, though not over-the-hill, breed of wrestler, out to prove that real men were indeed alive and well.

That match was next!

The New Breed vs Hank Wright & Keegan

If you didn't already know, Mike Patterson and Brian Williams stole the show at Wrestlecade II in an instant classic. Thereafter, they started this tandem, born out of mutual respect, and have been mightily impressive thus far.

Keegan and Hank Wright had apparently changed the landscape of jOlt, such was the shock their appearance at iNtense 122 had generated. It hasn't happened yet, but tonight is their in-ring debut and they could hardly have chosen a harder task.

The New Breed has been scouted by their elder opponents: Keegan watched Williams decimate the nicest guy in the game, Kayden Paulton, while Wright was ringside for Patterson's battle against Seraph.

Patterson has been pulling double duty ever since he dethroned his sidekick at Wrestlecade and has had problems with his abdomen, but has been officially cleared to wrestle. His predecessor has seamlessly made the transition to the main roster.

Even a blip against The House, if you could call it that, gained The New Breed universal respect. It'll stand them in good stead, especially for tonight.

Hank Wright and Keegan are well-travelled: the former was the 2012 King of Ages in ACW, enjoying his own 'Wrestlecade moment' in a barnstormer with Orphan and Keegan is an inductee into the nbW Hall of Fame.

Let's cut through the bullshit. There's no animosity here. It's about competition. Without further ado...

'Going out West' by Queens of the Stone Age.

The jOlt virgins, who were by no means first-timers, anything but in fact, were also set to enter first. While their response wasn't quite as loud as the one that greeted their debut, it was still an excellent ovation for two veterans that had wrestled all over the world and could present a serious threat to anyone on the roster, whether it be in singles or doubles competition.

That response went up a notch when the two of them appeared together at the entrance, stood side by side and staring at each other, accepting and acknowledging the audience with respective waves before strutting to the squared circle in a no-nonsense fashion, also eager to take up Patterson and Williams on the challenge that they'd issued.

Special K led the way as he stepped between the ropes, though Hank chose to go over the top, so much for being unfussy, lifting his right leg first and showcasing his 6'6 278-pound frame. Hank then revved the masses up by punching the air while Keegan quietly started throwing punches. That wasn't enough for Hank, who got up his transatlantic cousin's face, going nose-to-nose and shouting 'let's do this.' It had the intended effect as Special K shoved Hank back and then they both smiled at one another. They were pumped and ready.

Or were they? They'd been out of the ring for such a prolonged period and this was far from being a gimme or a gentle way to ease into things. We were about to find out.

The opening orchestral piece for “Symphony of Destruction” cued up, but instead of going into that song, it transitioned into “Yours Is An Empty Hope” by Nightwish, right at the point where the drums kicked into the song.

The lights in the arena pulsed to the beat of the song and when the main guitar riffs kicked in, Brian Williams and The Hype Champion Mike Patterson stepped out from the backstage area. They stood side by side with each other and gave each other a fist bump as they made their way down the ramp together. Patterson’s athletic tape was absent tonight.. perhaps that sent a clear message to the challengers that he is back to a hundred percent.

The two made it to ringside before they stopped and looked at each other. They then both hit the ring and stood up, each taking a corner and ascending the turnbuckles, striking a pose for the crowd on hand. They hopped down and regrouped in their corner as they talked strategy amongst themselves.

It's been said that jOlt is a land of giants, mind you so is nbW, where Keegan is a household name. Anyway, this proves it. Special K and Brian Williams, stood opposite, were more or less eye-to-eye at 6'4 apiece and Hank didn't have to look up to many people on this planet being 6'6 himself, but Mike Patterson is no ordinary individual. The reigning Hype champion, and you'd better believe all the fuss about this guy, was a towering 6'10 and tipped the scales at a meal shy of 340lbs. This was the big kids' playground.

Our audience provided apt background noise as nobody took their eyes off the guy that was standing opposite. In the end, Hank extended a hand to Mike Patterson, who looked him dead in the eye before accepting it, and it was also an acceptance that they were going to sit on the bench for the kick-off.

Patterson patted Williams on the back while Wright had a quiet word in his English accomplice's ear, smacking him on the shoulder and telling Keegan to 'go get him.'

Then, the bell sounded.




Special K walked towards Williams, who didn't budge from the spot. Clearly, they were sizing each other up, though Keegan, despite having a definite experience advantage, didn't know what to make of Bri. A step back and a knife edge chop echoed around the arena, prompting the usual howls.

Williams smiled and beckoned for the Brit do have another go if he thought he was hard enough.

Keegan complied and got a warm reception from the paying public, though it was lukewarm from Williams. Changing gears, the Geordie Genius then booted Bri in the gut and applied a headlock, which the previous Hype champion tried to escape by bouncing off the ropes where his successor and partner stood, throwing the import into the opposing set with ease. As the Brit rebounded back towards Brian as a boomerang would, K went down (under) as Brian took him for a bumpy ride in the form of a massive powerslam.

It yielded a one count.

Brian showed shades of his namsake, Steve, (they share the same surname) as he stayed on top of Special K and pressed home an early advantage, scooping Special K into the air, bouncing him off the top turnbuckle for added leverage and plating him with an impressive Oklahoma Stampede.



Headway had been made already. Williams wasn't one to rest on his laurels and it showed when he whipped Keegan into the corner place at the bottom right-hand corner of the ring with such oomph, K fell upon impact, his spine smacking the buckles. In nbW, Keegan was once tossed fifteen feet off a steel cage and his back has never been the same since. I guess you could say that's the least of your worries when you take such a bump.

It set the table up perfectly for Williams to bolt toward his target, who you could call a sitting and lame duck right about now as he rested on the bottom rope, only he wasn't there when the time came.

Welcome to Williams Corner...

No, Williams, you are welcome to the corner yourself. Keegan got out of Ryan Harms way comfortably and Bri landed upside down and in quite a mess.

The Englishman mustered up enough energy to grab the opportunity - and Williams physically at the same time - with a beautiful biel throw. That'll test his back, though his power passed its respective exam emphatically.

As Williams got to a knee, speaking of knees, Keegan hit him with two to the mush. Mind you, Keegan, eager to get back at Brian and assert himself, tried to run before he could walk and a million dollar kneelift never materialized as a younger, fresher and fitter Williams showed attack can be the best form of defence with spinning spinebuster, Double A style.

You could visibly see The Yardstick's spine spasm upon impact, this must be a nightmare for the Newcastle native, and things weren't poised to get any better any time soon...

Williams made way for Patterson.

On the outside, Wright shouted encouragement to his long-time friend. He'd need a lot more than that.

For anyone, and Special K isn't small at six four, I imagine being on the ground and looking up at Mike Patterson before you must be how the mouse feels when he sees the Gruffalo for the first time in the book/animated film of the same name.

Patterson didn't hang around either. An effortless belly-to-belly suplex confirmed everyone's suspicions that Keegan was in a world of trouble.



Two and a half.

Once again, Wright tried to support Special K, clapping and calling for Keegan to 'come on.' But, once again as well, Patterson punished his opposite number with another belly-to-belly suplex.

Mike, hands on hips, stared down at Keegan in a contemptuous manner and then over at Hank, whose eyes didn't waver from the Hype supremo. They'd started this showdown with a staredown and a mark of respect by exchanging a handshake. Evidently, that had all been forgotten about.

Patterson picked Hank's partner up, having his way with him and you usually can when you're a high heel away from seven foot on the nose, and placed the hapless Keegan between his legs. It was high time to go for a ride...


Gallantly, the Geordie Genius fought back, blitzing Patterson with a barrage of big-time rights. Ordinarily, a guy would've gone down after the first or second, particularly in this predicament. Mike didn't buckle until the fourth attempt and the momentum led to Keegan falling on top of the titan too...


Though the freak of nature's in-built GPS meant Mike knew exactly where he was, enabling him to kick out before the official's hand grazed the canvas for a second successive time.

Undeterred, the executed cover happened accidentally after all, Keegan's sense of urgency beat Patterson to the punch as the pair climbed to their feet. Some much-needed separation on Special K's behalf was reached as the former three-time Fighting Zone franchise tied Patterson up and rocked him with a Russian legsweep.

Keegan was hurt, yet the bout was still in its infancy, thus he had enough energy in the tank tank to enthusiastically crawl to the waiting hand...

Speaking of 'Tank...'

A roar went up as the Forth Worth native, who'd shone like a shooting star in ACW over several months between late 2011 into the summer of 2012 before fading seemingly into retirement, timed his entrance into this supporting role on a magnificent evening of wrestling, especially in terms of tag team action, impeccably.

Not only was it his first move of the match, but essentially in jOlt, and what a way to come in...


It all began for Hank with a sensational short-range western lariat that would have launched a lightweight into the air, turned a cruiserweight inside out and even hoisted a heavyweight up. Mike Patterson, unfortunately for Hank, didn't slot into any of those categories, but he sure as hell fell to the ground in a hellacious heap, bearing the brunt of some pent-up annoyance from Hank as the crowd lapped it up, especially when Hank's index finger repeatedly pointed at the downed man mountain in a 'fuck you' gesture of sorts.

Yeah, Hank was happy with himself.

In front of him, he saw a mirror image of his youth, a strapping and saddling young man with buckets and bags of potential, poised to rip through the world of wrestling. The competitive nature of Hank didn't want to allow him and Keegan, who'd worked, wrestled, trained and travelled so hard that they'd merely be pawns to Mike and Brian, a springboard to gaining a rematch against The House, which went down a storm on iNtense a few weeks ago and would surely be repeated on pay-per-view in the not-so-distant horizon.

Knowing he had to close this tornado down, the Hurricane lived up to his moniker, even after all these years, as he grabbed Patterson and marched him, asserting his own will on Mike, into a neutral corner.

Hank paid tribute to Keegan with a fierce European uppercut, unloaded a machine gun chop, went back to the well with another unbelievable uppercut and brought it full circle with a rip-roaring machine gun, alternating between left and right as he did so. A left knee to the stomach, it's standard regardless of Mike's recent woes in that department, was complemented by one from the other side. From there, Hank went upstairs with a left hook and a right cross, peppering Patterson with powerful punches. The leggy Texan then showed his pins off with a left kick to the ribs, ouch Mike must be feeling this, and you've guessed it...a right boot for the thrill of it too.

That proved to be too much, Mike was mortal after all, as he slumped to the second rope, just as Patterson had battered Keegan to a pulp before. Hank, doubtlessly seeking revenge on his partner's part, rounded it off with a marvellous yakuza kick.

Lads and lasses, that is what is known as...A WRIGHT BEATING.

From one corner to another, and it's not easy to send Patterson coast to coast let me tell you, Hank whipped Mike and wasn't far from behind, squashing the phenomenal prospect with a fearsome lariat.

When he intended to deposit him back where they started from and repeat the feat, Patterson had the physical and mental tools to turn the tables on The Tank and he didn't hang about either, unleashing a running shoulderblock to Wright's ribs and Hank fell to the ground, holding them and kicking the mat with his feet. What a difference-maker.

Buoyed by that, and the sheer sight of Patterson going up to the top in kind, made everyone else get to their feet. Keegan was concerned. Hank was feeling the effects of the running shoulderblock more than he should, was it testament to how long they'd been out of the ring? Patterson, seemingly, had all of the time in the world to steady himself on the top rope...



Keegan must've breathed a sigh of relief.

Patterson couldn't breathe.

It was his turn to kick the mat in agony. Yes, he'd taken a massive risk and there was also a chance he'd re-injured his abdomen, judging by his grimacing riposte.

Wright had pondered whether Patterson had taken too much on by appearing on both iNtense and The Hype every week. Right now, pun intended, he was solely focused on reaching his corner, where an eager Englishman was keen to repay the favour Hank had done him earlier and give him a breather...

Keegan came in and positioned himself against the ropes near his corner, the bottom of the ring, like a novice swimmer in a crowded pool, only he wasn't a beginner at all. Patterson was showing life, and it looked like Keegan was ready to launch himself, though he did a double take when it appeared Patterson wasn't fully up. When he was, Keegan catapulted himself up the ropes, used every ounce of pace left in those ageing legs and utilized a one-time finisher in nbW, a move that had handed Ali Amore a World title on a silver platter, sorry Sonny, and one the victim was very familiar with...


Just what the doctor DIDN'T order.

Keegan got over there as fast as he could to the point that I'd swear he was answering a booty call from compatriot, Kelly Brook, rather than competing a guy who packed the punch of Kell Brook.




That was CLOSE!

Akin to you laughing at a shocking joke that you know you shouldn't, you know the guilty giggle I'm talking about, that 'OOOOH' was on the lips of Keegan, and I couldn't tell whether he was shocked it was so close or amazed it hadn't got the job done.

In an exaggerated fashion, with his mouth contorted in a fashion to when you pronounce the letter 'O' with emphasis, he looked at Hank, who nodded back at the Newcastle native that it was, in fact, a near-fall and then urged the Brit to exploit his breakthrough.

Americans invented the expression 'payback.'

A guy from across the pond was about to exact it on Patterson.

One belly-to-belly suplex...

Make that two...



Triple belly-to-belly and whoever said what makes you bad makes you better hadn't taken into account this situation because if I asked Mike at this minute in time, I think he'd call that guy a fucking liar.

However, Keegan had also aggravated his back slightly, you try moving 337 pounds around quickly and powerfully, and he nodded when Wright audibly asked him if he was all right. K also nodded when Hank ordered that he should be tagged in.

Ever so gently, K moved towards the corner...

Patterson was really feeling the effects of the damage that had been done to his ribs, though the monster was awake and that meant he was always a danger.

The Geordie got there.

Hank came in and hoisted up Patterson like a groom carrying his wife over the threshold, no mean feat given Mike XXL's size, ahem, and brought him back down to earth, figuratively and literally, with a rib breaker.

The elder tall blonde, not the kind most of you fantasize about, stepped out for some air. He'd need it. I guarantee the gigantic figure on the floor would too...

Slingshot splash!

A 278-pound missile launched itself through the air with the intention of raining down on damaged ribs and I'd say, judging on Patterson's rolling-around-in-torture reaction, the mission had been an unquantifiable success.

Would it, ultimately, bring success though?



No, sir!

Wright uttered 'damn it' and looked at the referee, not really questioning the count, but frustrated, more with himself.

Hank Wright suddenly experienced a metamorphosis, taking on the form of George Strait, pointing at Keegan and himself: "The stars at night are big and bright..."

I kid you not, Hank was singing. Then, as he used the nearby ropes for additional momentum, he dropped his snapping, speedy flashing elbow, but not before clapping four times and telling you exactly what the name of the move was via the power of song....

"Deep in the heart of Texas!"

This time, when the resultant count was only two, Hank queried it, though he didn't dwell on the denial and what a time it was to apply an...

Abdominal stretch.

Wright didn't regularly bus out restholds, prided himself on not doing so actually, but this came with a twist. As he was pulling back, all legally mind, these four guys didn't have to cheat, Wright was softening up Patterson with purposeful, probing, powerful punches.

Fast-forwarding a little, Patterson eventually took The Tank down with a hip toss, yes you read that correctly, to give him vital respite. While Wright would no doubt get the nod experience-wise, he made the wrong choice. The guy, whose catchphrase insists he's the Wright man in the Wright place at the Wright time, was on this occasion, the opposite of all of those things for the second...


Wright was wasted, and if Patterson had been fresh, this match might've been over. Instead, the race was on to get out of the bottom to quote the Spice Girls, though Geri's boobs have never been forgotten.

Patterson was on the move and stealing a march on Wright, who hadn't budged. He was flat out.

Just when you count one of these guys out, they make you look like a fool, which is what Wright did as he got up, groggily mind, as if his alarm clock had cruelly quashed a deep sleep. However, this was not the location to be out like a log.

Patterson, such a giant, had been reduced to a toddler on all fours. Mind you, in addition to his physical gifts, he had been blessed with intestinal fortitude too, which had been tested with repeated blows to that area of his body, and it was his will to win that enabled him to reach Williams...


On the far side...

So was Keegan.

Right by Williams!

Right by Keegan!

They made it 2-2, and the second one by Brian was telling as it allowed him to get off shots 3, 4 and 5, and in desperation, Keegan resembled a drunken cowboy in a western, swinging helplessly, punch-drunk...

German suplex!


Another German!


Another German, this time complemented by a Magdeburg Water BRIDGE...



Barely, and I mean barely, Keegan moved a shoulder. When Williams jumped up, he questioned the crowd, but immediately dropped the issue when the ref reiterated it with a peace sign.

Williams was behind Keegan again, and didn't provide as warm a reception as Elmo and Big Bird down in 'Plaza de Sesamo...'


A treat for you, though not for The Yardstick, as Williams had hauled Keegan into the air and dropped him like a cheating boyfriend, neck-first, with his patented pump handle neckbreaker.



Hank was there with a boot to the head! Williams glared at Hank, who wasn't going to apologise, as the referee reprimanded his interference. He merely shrugged his shoulders.

When Williams was fixed to turn his attention back to Keegan, he got a surprise...

The original five knuckle shuffle!

Fourteen years after Keegan had dubbed his discus punch that, he was airing it once again on another debut, his first appearance in action here in jOlt, and it was enough to put Bri on his backside.

A soccer kick, a penalty to me, threatened to switch the lights out on Williams Street...



No, they were still flickering and its mayor was still fighting.

As Williams gradually got to his feet, Keegan dashed to the left side of the ring, and it looked like he was going to let rip with a scissors kick to the back. All of a sudden, Bri exploded like Maurice Green out of the blocks, I can't use Usain as an example because he doesn't start well, and stunned Special K, not to mention everyone with a staggering superkick. He flopped on top of Keegan...


Before Hank could even react...


Keegan kicked out and showed his partner, who had just stepped through the ropes, to have a bit more faith in him.

Williams, though, who lest we forget, had racked up a trio of triumphs before 'Big Mike' had got the better of him on the grandest stage, was also firmly in control as he showed his own impressive strength, lifting a 270-pound bruiser in his own right into a fireman's carry position, poised to put the fire out.

Death Valley driver!

Talk about adding insult to agony.

It's unknown whether Williams realises this is Keegan's finishing move, nor does it matter. What mattered was that it had connected, dropping the nbW stalwart squarely on his noggin.



This time, The Tank had his wits about him and cut Williams off. However, it brought the beast in too, and Mike tagged Hank with a clubbing right that David Plunkett could have seen. Somehow, Wright, who must be as blind as his hero Hansen, didn't clock it in time and instead, er, just got CLOCKED. Patterson then tossed Hank over the top rope in a not-too-dissimilar fashion to a German shot-putter and joined him on the outside. Things were warming up...

Meanwhile, take two and action as Williams once had Keegan up in an inverted fireman's carry...

One Man's Requiem is another man's....


Keegan slipped out the back door, negotiated a hiptoss as Patterson had done to escape Wright's abdominal stretch, and took the ex-Hype titleholder down with a cross armbreaker!

At the same time...


That was Wright hitting the steel steps shoulder-first, and the official warned Patterson on the outside to return to his own corner. The referee was clearly worried about losing control of this one, easy to do when you've got four ferocious competitors and not one of them is under six feet four.

Special K squeezed with everything he had, though once our authority figure was back with us, we could hear that it wasn't quite having the desired effect with a determined and stubborn Williams repeatedly rejecting the referee's offers of an early bath - not together obviously.

Keegan was like that symbol of his home country, a bulldog, but so was Williams and astonishingly, well maybe not because it is Brian Williams and he's an animal, with the cross armbreaker still locked in, Brian summoned up an awesome burst of might to powerbomb the Geordie Genius, one-handed, to the ground.

To quote that old radio-inspired saying, courtesy of radio football commentary, we were back to square one.

Having Keegan on the ground, Williams saw his opportunity to recharge himself and head towards his corner where Patterson, as per the referee’s admonishment, had perched himself once again.Patterson reached out for the tag, but Williams was stopped in his tracks when he felt a tug on his ankle. He turned and saw Keegan with a firm grip, preventing his advancement towards his corner.

Keegan began to stand, but Williams aided in that by hoisting Keegan up to his feet. He hooked Keegan in a front waist lock, looking for a Belly to Belly Suplex, but Keegan put a halt to that with a well-placed headbutt! Williams staggered away as Keegan built momentum. The Englishman went for a lariat, but Williams ducked out of the way. The two traded positions and faced each other. Williams was swift with a toe kick to the stomach. He shoved Keegan between his legs and lifted him up to shoulder height, taking a few steps back towards the corner.

Williams charged the corner, looking for a Running Powerbomb, but Keegan slipped off the shoulders before Williams could gain full momentum. Keegan hit Williams with a European Uppercut followed by a toe kick of his own. Keegan then placed Williams between his legs and lifted him up to shoulder height. Keegan backed up a few steps to allow room and Keegan tried the running powerbomb, but this time it was Williams that slipped off his shoulders. It was when Williams landed that he took a step back to strike Keegan that he felt a sharp blow to the back of his neck!

Hank Wright had recovered and made it up to the ring apron! He forearmed Williams right in the back of the head!! Williams staggered forward and Keegan hoisted Williams up onto his shoulders, looking for his Death Valley Driver to not only end this match, but to give Williams a receipt from earlier! Williams wriggled free and landed behind Keegan. He placed Keegan in a waist lock and ran him straight into his partner in the corner! Wright fell off the apron as Williams looked to end this with a School Boy Roll Up!



Keegan escaped defeat with a kick out!

Keegan scrambled to his feet as did Williams. Williams with a knee lift to the stomach and then a whip into the corner. Williams charged in, but Keegan made Williams eat a back elbow. Hank Wright got onto the apron as Williams charged in again, but Keegan side-stepped to the right and Wright decked Williams in the face with another forearm shot! Williams staggered away and Keegan ran in behind, hitting a Bulldog Headlock, planting Williams face-first into the canvas! Keegan stood and signaled for the end, but that drew Patterson back into the ring. He charged at Keegan, wanting to hit another Spear, but Keegan side stepped and Patterson had to put the brakes on otherwise he would have gone into the corner!

Keegan charged in and slammed into Patterson with a corner clothesline. Wright grabbed Patterson by the back of the head and dropped down to the floor with a reverse hot shot! Patterson staggered forward and was met with a kick to the stomach by Keegan who placed Patterson between his legs. He lifted Patterson up to shoulder height, turned and noticed Williams standing up. Keegan simply threw Patterson off of his shoulders, powerbombing him right into Williams and taking out both members of The New Breed in one fell swoop!!

“OOOOH!!!” muttered the crowd

Patterson rolled off his partner and towards the ropes as Keegan got a running start and hit a baseball slide drop kick, right into Patterson’s injured abdomen, sending him under the bottom rope and to the outside! Keegan looked down at Williams and then up at Hank and the two of them nodded. Keegan with the tag, but he didn’t exit just yet. He turned and grabbed Williams pulling him up to his feet.

Keegan lifted Williams up onto his shoulders and flipped him off...


Wright backed himself up into the opposite corner as Keegan sat Williams up and then got the hell out of Dodge. Wright charged in and went low, clobbering Williams right in the chest with the low Clothesline..


Keegan stepped out as Wright made the cover, hooking the leg. A devastating combination of both of their finishers connected and it was academic from here...



3……. wait what?

No 3?


Patterson slid back in and hit a double axe handle to the back of Hank Wright! Patterson stood and grabbed Wright, hooking him around the neck and leg. He tossed him over with a T-Bone Suplex! Keegan came back in, but Patterson popped Keegan up into the air and slammed him with a Pop-Up Powerbomb!

Wright got back to his feet and charged in with a lariat, but Patterson ducked underneath and got underneath Wright. He hit the Back Drop Driver!


Keegan rolled back out as Patterson grabbed Williams and dragged him on top of Wright. The referee slid back into the ring and made the count...



3.. NO!

Wright kicked out and showed that he still had some fight left! Hank Wright just became the first person to kick out of Mike Patterson’s new finisher!

Patterson couldn’t believe it. He ran over and grabbed Wright, pulling him back up to his feet. He went for a whip, converted into a short arm clothesline, but Wright ducked and placed Patterson into the Abdominal Stretch, just like earlier in the match, but he wasn’t going to let Patterson counter it with a Hip Toss this time.. He lifted Patterson up and converted the Abdominal Stretch into a falling Powerslam! Wright stood and then crashed down on top of Patterson with a Senton Back Splash!

Patterson gripped his stomach as those two moves did it. If the injury wasn’t re-aggrevated before.. it was now. Wright pulled Patterson to his feet and shot him into the ropes. Wright sneered as he charged in...


A taste of Patterson’s own medicine!!

Patterson immediately rolled to the outside as he cringed in intense pain. Wright stood and turned around as he completely forgot all about Williams..


It didn’t take Wright off of his feet, but it staggered him into the corner where he lost his balance and fell to a seated position. Williams stood and charged in… he Cannonballed into the corner...



Wright moved out of the way! Williams staggered up to his feet. Wright got underneath Williams and lifted him for a Back Drop Suplex, but he spun Williams around and dropped him neck and shoulder first across the top turnbuckle pad! Wright quickly scurried away into his corner. Blind tag by Keegan. Wright charged the corner and hit a Corner Clothesline. Keegan followed suit with a Corner Clothesline of his own. WIlliams slumped into the corner as Wright charged in..


Wright slid under the bottom rope and extended his arm, catching Williams in the chest! Wright slipped to the outside and immediately hit a Senton on Patterson who was still down on the floor!! Keegan charged the corner and...


Keegan got to his feet and pulled Williams back to his. He hoisted WIlliams up onto his shoulders...






Hank Wright rolled back into the ring and embraced his partner as “Going Out West” by Queens of the Stone Age blared over the speakers. In their first official match in jOlt as a tag team, Hank Wright and Keegan went to war with two of the toughest young lions jOlt had to offer. Many said that Williams and Patterson were the future and that the past should remain just there.. in the past, but Wright and Keegan proved that the future still has a few things to learn before they could truly be considered as such.

Experience outweighed youth here tonight. The encounter was as epic as anyone had ever expected. Williams and Patterson gave it everything they had here at Rise of the Legends and that namesake couldn’t be anymore true because tonight it was the Legends that rose!

Winner: Keegan & Hank Wright via Pinfall

"I Own All Starlets"

Fade in to the JOLT backdrop as the Starlet champion, Tammy Lynn Foster stood with a microphone in hand. It was just her and the camera man as the champion had something very important to say before her big title defense against Bally. She smirked as she adjusted the title around her waist.

“Tonight some people may think dat this may be a tough title match for me. Ya know wat I’d say to those people. I would say dat freak is no competition for a champ like dis country girl. Dis title ‘round mah waist tells you people out there dat Tammy Lynn Foster is tha best woman in dis company.”

Tammy paused as the fans in the arena started to jeer her.

“I know some of ya’ll think dat circus freak is gonna beat me in dat ring just because she got a fluke win in a tag match. See the problem wit dat match was dat it wasn’t for the Starlets Championship. Tha title that I fought tooth and nail to git mah hands on. I would neva surrender dis title to some reject from Circus de Solei.”

Tammy unstrapped the title from her waist and held it in the air for the camera and all the fans in the arena could see.

“Dis right here signifies dat I’m tha best woman wrassler in dis company and trust me, there is no way some reject from a circus will eva beat dis Redneck woman.”

“Bally I hope dat you ready to catch a real country ass whoopin’. Dat tag team win over me will be the highlight of your short career. You betta be ready freak.”

Tammy Lynn walked away from the backdrop as the camera faded to the ring.

"The Rib is on YOU"

Smoove’s mock ‘The Revolution Will Be Televised’ aired through the speakers, and caught some spectators by surprise as it had only previously been heard on one occasion in jOlt, hence why the crowd had problems connecting the dots between the theme and the recipient.

Darren Best emerged first, and he looked fully-fit in spite of being absent for the last few shows. However, Alfie Button looked far worse for wear, nursing his ribs as he slowly sauntered from the entrance. There was no text going to be uploaded to the big screen, no spring in their step, no verve, no energy and no razzle and dazzle. What was their purpose of being here?

Best led the way up the steel steps, a scattering of boos, though for the most part, the audience was hush-hush to quote LA Confidential. Button lagged and lingered behind, showing weakness and tenderness, seemingly hurt from simply breathing. Was he still feeling the effects of when we were last on pay-per-view? Had Roebuck and Huber left more than a psychological imprint on these two pesky loud-mouths, who normally cut such confident figures?

Nevertheless, Darren beckoned for a microphone and forced a smile: “We said we’d be here to face The Freak Show and here we are.”

On commentary, Buhrman, who should know as he took a call from the duo, debated that point: “That was supposed to be a few weeks ago. Are The Freak Show even here?”

Fair point and Darren referred to it: “So, shall we?”

The official in the centre of the ring pulled Darren up on what he was doing, presumably not being paid extra to officiate this additional outing.

Alfie whispered in Darren’s ear and it was the first time the Cockney actually cracked a smile. Perhaps he was worried he’d aggravate the ribs furthermore.

Best grew impatient pretty quickly: “Freak Show, we’ll give you ten seconds. We’ve not got time to be waiting around for you. Alfie's got bad ribs.”

Button piped up: “We’ve got Ashley and Chelsea waitin’ for us in room four oh four. Let’s be ‘avin’ you so we can 'ave them.”

Spluttering and coughing succeeded Alfie’s afterthought, ouch, he sound like he should be nestled up in bed with a glass of Lucozade, as that apparently cures the flu. Fucked if I know.

The straight man of the outfit, who’d done the majority of the talking tonight, was certainly running his mouth off, though not on the microphone. He mock applauded when, assuming he’d requested it, a timer appeared on the jOlt Vision screen starting at 10.

Whether out of hope or adopting a herd mentality, our capacity crowd chanted the numbers with each passing second, but to no avail.

Smiles all round, even on Alfie’s boat face to pay tribute to Cockney rhyming slang, as Darren hugged his partner, forcing the Londoner to yelp in agony and draw an all-too-seldom sorry, not a word these two uttered to one another, and Darren insisted on shaking the refeere’s hand, who was bemused, though he eventually accepted the empty gesture.

Then, as bad lads often do, The Entertainers raised their arms, or elbow in Alfie’s case, as they officially claimed their first supercard triumph at the third time of asking. Well I say officially loosely.

A murmur had begun to spread throughout the crowd, the boos were fading into hushed whispers and stirring. Realisation slowly dawned on the Entertainers, their smiles slowly fading as they turned and-


A steel chair suddenly smashed into Alfie’s mouth, dropping him to the floor. Darren tried to counter, but the stranger rammed the chair into his ribs. He dropped the chair, grabbed Darren in a standing inverted facelock, lifted him up and span under Darren to drive the man’s face into the chair.

The man then calmly stood to his feet, Walking over to Darren, he untied a length of chain from around his waist, allowing the crowd to get a good look at him in the process. Long, stringy black hair, a small frame, dark blue tanktop and ragged jeans. The man’s eyes were completely calm as he wrapped the chain around the dazed Darren’s throat, dragging the man by the neck towards the left ring corner closest to the ramp. Wrapping the chain around the post, he fished a padlock out of his pocket and latched to the chain. Chaining Darren by the throat to the bottom turnbuckle.

Alfie was starting to stir now, and the stranger calmly stepped back into the ring. Walking towards Alfie with his arms clasped at ease behind his back.

“Did you say your ribs were in pain?” the man asked politely.

Alfie swung a punch at the man in response, but the man caught his wrist and slammed a knee into Alfie’s chest. The entertainer gasped from the impact, dropping to his knees as he coughed violently-

A boot slammed into his temple.

Then another.

And another.

A rain of vicious kicks and stomps slammed into the side of Alfie’s head again and again and again. He tried to cover himself up and roll out the way, but the stranger merely slammed his boot into Alfie’s unprotected ribs. Causing another wheeze of pain from Alfie.

The stranger dropped his knee onto Alfie’s chest, striking Alfie’s now bloody face with precise, high-speed punches. Darren was now struggling against his chain, trying to help his friend who was being assaulted by this man.

The stranger stood to his feet, walking over to pick up the steel chair still in the ring. His calm, unhurried pace at complete odds with the viciousness of his attack.

Then he slammed the chair into Alfie’s head, then his shoulders, elbows, ribs, anywhere he could reach. Alfie tried to curl himself into a ball, but the stranger delivered a hard kick to Alfie’s kidneys before raising the chair once again.

A hand suddenly grabbed the chair in mid-swing.

The referee, having finally seen enough, was attempting to wrestle the chair from the stranger's grasp, only to have the stranger let go of the chair before superkicking it onto the referee’s face.

The referee fell forward, but Alex caught him by his collar.

“I have no quarrel with you.” he said. “But interference will NOT be tolerated.”

ANOTHER elevated spinning cutter onto the chair!

Alfie by now was trying to crawl out of the ring, Daren yelling at his friend to get out of there, but the stranger walked over to Alfie and grabbed him by the hair. Dragging the poor man back before stomping his face into the mat, ripping some of Alfie’s hair out in the process.

Alfie was now a bloody mess, swingly blindly and disorientedly at the stranger who simply kicked him in the face once again. Causing Alfie’s head to snap back from the impact.

The stranger picked up the now battered steel chair and once again grabbed Alfie by the hair, dragging him to the corner, gently laying Alfie against the bottom turnbuckle before resting the steel chair on the same turnbuckle, edge against Alfie’s throat. The stranger backed away to the opposite corner, and Darren realised what was about to happen. He thrashed desperately against his chain, trying to break free, to stop this man, to-

Blood burst from Alfie’s mouth as the running dropkick rammed the chair into his throat. His face paled as his eyes rolled back into his head. The stranger kicked the chair away before grabbing Alfie’s now limp form.


Alfie was no longer moving as the stranger stood to his feet, walking over to the side of the ring near the ramp. As he slid out of the ring, his eyes met Darren’s horrified gaze and for a brief second, the man’s face shifted into a smile.

“A pleasure meeting you both.” he said, before walking down the ramp.

Nathan Powers: *static* ...Hello? Hello?! Ye- OH THANK GOD! FINALLY! We need EMT’s down here NOW! There’s been an assualt! Some lunatic just- What do you mean communications were down? Look, just get someone out here, I think Alfie is hurt- Then WALK to the EMT truck if the radio won’t work! Why in the Hell aren’t they parked inside the arena in the first place?! Orders from- What idiot ordered THAT?! Look, just get the EMT’s down here!

"An Angel Has Fallen"

"What the fuck is this?"

For the first time on camera, a member of the Dead Cell spoke out of turn. All eyes immediately turned to him, as he whipped a folding chair across the locker room and it crashed into a set of metal lockers. He was anything but pleased by the sight of the two newest recruits upon entering the area. Both Jensen Todd and Shi No Ryu backed off, as the sudden outburst caught almost everyone off-guard.

"This is complete and utter bullshit."

"Watch your mouth," Michael said through gritted teeth, placing himself in the tattoo-covered Gabriel's path.

"Who the hell are you to say anything to me?" Gabriel snapped back. "You are nothing more than Ezekiel's top lackey. You may have the title of field leader, but at the end of the day, you are still just a henchman. Congratulations on being the equivalent of the smartest student in special ed."

"You need to remember your place and shut your damn mouth."

"My place? My place is in the afterlife sharing mead with Volstagg and Balder at a table in Valhalla, not here as some goon to a self-proclaimed savior."

"I shall tear your tongue from your mouth," Michael snarled and looked to strike, only to be held back by the massive blonde Azrael, "and beat the rebellious streak from your body."

Ezekiel made his way into view and gently motioned for Michael to calm himself. He shook his head, telling his lead archangel without words that there would be no physical altercation between he and Gabriel.

"He is allowed to speak," the wise prophet instructed. "I welcome the opportunity to hear him say what is truly in his heart."

"The heart you speak of is that of a warrior. A proud viking who has grown tired of the games and tactics of this guild of thieves. We attack from the shadows with our faces hidden like cowards. That is not how true warriors do battle. There was a time when you preached that. Now, you preach acts of terrorism. Let's call a spade a spade. That is what we are... terrorists. Then, as if these cowardly acts were not enough, you insult us further by bringing in two soldiers fresh out of your boot camp. The very idea that we need their assistance at all is a slap in the face to every one of us. However, they are just to blind to see any of it."

Gabriel sized up Magdalena with a hate-filled stare before turning back to the DC's undisputed leader.

"You and the woman keep well-guarded secrets. Even a blind man can see that you two know more than you let on regarding the Revenant that haunts us. Yet, you choose to keep us in the dark. She is a more than capable fighter, but she cowers like a frightened child every single time the poltergeist appears. The confidence that lives in your eyes vanishes the very instant he appears. These simple-minded sheep may follow you blindly, but not I. Ezekiel, I once called you teacher and swore there was no one on this Earth who could get a reaction out of you like the Revenant does. You were once a hero. Thor reborn. A warrior unlike the world had ever seen. You would walk right into the very deepest bowel of hell and Lucifer would run in terror. Now, you are a shadow of your former self."

The heavily tattooed Gabriel looked down at the floor for just a moment, as he shook his head in sadness.

"Maddox warned me of what you become. He came to me and told me of your plans. I should have told you to leave me be, like Maddox and James Cox had. Your two greatest allies turned you down, but my loyalty to the alpha wolf you once were led me to follow you in this holy crusade. You are no alpha, Ezekiel. You have surrounded yourself with all of your former students, ones who follow you due to what can best be described as brainwashing, and just like many cult leaders before you, you will lead them to their destruction. I will not follow you to the grave for YOUR dream... for YOUR war. I would never of believed Maddox could be right about you and yet, here we stand. You must know how wrong your mission is when even Cox won't follow you."

"How dare you doubt our leader? The Revenant is nothing more than the walking dead and St. James is one of the greatest of all the sinners," Michael interrupted. "Their fate is eternal torture in the inferno... much like you, should you continue to run your mouth."

"Save your barking. You will be euthanized with the rest of these mangy dogs," Gabriel was not in the mood to take anyone's shit this evening. "Like the members of Jonestown, you will all follow your master to your doom, but not I. I am no man's pet. I am a predator... a true wolf... and this wolf is tired of being on a leash and fed lies."

Gabriel shocked everyone by tearing off his mask and throwing it right at Ezekiel. His heavily bearded face now out for all to see.

"I am not an archangel. I am not Gabriel. My name is Wolf Stansson and I am a son of Odin!"

Ezekiel did his best to keep calm. Michael, however, was nearly bursting at the seems. It took the monstrous Azrael and the two former members of the Cerberus to keep him from pouncing upon his now former ally like a ravenous beast.

"You dare turn on us?!" Michael roared. "I will cast you to hell myself! Traitor!"

A quick look to Magdalena and a slight movement of the head instructed her to assist in calming down the lead archangel. Ezekiel had let Stansson get everything off his chest and knew that trying to change his mind would be futile. He took a deep breath before addressing his former student.

"It is clear that you have made your decision. It is a shame that you have chosen such a path, but I will not stop you. You are by no means an imbecile, so you know what repercussions come with your decision."

Wolf's attitude was already a bad one and the confirmation that this would not be a civil separation only made it worse.

"This is such a shame. You were one of my best students, Stansson. Your annihilation will sadden me greatly. Yet, you shall live to see another day, as your exit is far from the most pressing matter. Just be ready for battle when your name is called."

"Bring your hell down upon me for I will face it without fear," the former Gabriel responded heading towards the door. "For I can only wish that you and your minions would be great enough to give me a warrior's death."

Draconian vs Jack Dawn

To the pop of the fans, "Magic" by B.o.B. hit the speakers, smoke flooded the top of the ramp and out strode Mister Magic Jack Dawn with his two Lovely Assistants on each arm. All three beamed with smiles as they made their way down to the ring where Dawn took a moment to hold the ropes for his ladies to enter the ring. As they each bent over between the ropes the men in the crowd hooted from a quick upskirt glimpse. The Lovely Assistants removed Jack Dawn’s magician coat, took his top hat and his kendo stick… I mean "cane."

Then the lights lowered and the Lovely Assistants exited the ring…

Blue lights began to flash throughout the arena…

"Scheme" by STS9…


The pale dreadnought made a slow entrance plodding out onto the stage above the ramp and gazing out across the arena. The rhythmic sounds of STS9 pumped out while Draconian's scowl brought a hushed silence through the arena. Finally he made his way down and entered the ring before the lights came up.


Dawn was apparently in no mood to wait as he rushed Draconian, who simply sidestepped letting Dawn bounce off the ropes. When he came back Draconian stood strong with a body block but didn’t knock Dawn down. Dawn simply kept momentum and came off another set of the ropes. Again Draconian sidestepped and Dawn went for the ropes again. Draconian seemed like a bull who had an Australian Cattle Dog trying to herd him.

Finally Dawn came flying with a cross-body knocking Draconian down, and Dawn sprang up and jumped over to the ropes. Draconian got to his feet but Dawn hit him with a moonsault-style crossbody which took down Draconian again!

Dawn brought Draconian up to his feet, cocked back and delivered the Magic Touch! Then another! Then another! Draconian appeared wobbly in the middle of the ring, so Dawn ran to the ropes and came back…


The crowd popped huge for the move as Dawn went for the count.




Draconian popped Dawn straight up off his body in a fit of defiance and climbed to his feet. Dawn decided to continue his run-attack strategy so he took to the ropes, but on his return he was met with a HUGE boot to the face! Dawn bounced off the mat and back up into a gut wrench suplex from Draconian, which spun Dawn an extra rotation on to his face hard.


Never one to go for early pin attempts, Draconian picked Dawn back up and smoked him with a lariat. Draconian then drug Dawn to the corner and planted him down with shoulders to the chest, and once sitting in the corner Dawn felt boot after boot reign down on him. Draconian brought Dawn back up into a standing position in the corner and lifted him onto the top rope. Draconian followed up, hooked the shorts and fell backward with a THUNDERING superplex!

After a couple of moments, Draconian got Dawn back up to his feet and laid in a few punches, then went for a DDT… Dawn snuck out of it and got behind Draconian. Draconian turned around and was met with a spinning roundhouse kick! Draconian stumbled toward the ropes and Dawn came in after him… Draconian shouldered Dawn over his back onto ringside!

Draconian climbed over the ropes and stood on the ring apron as Dawn got to his feet, then launched himself to take down Mister Magic. Dawn sidestepped letting Draconian crash into the barricade to the roar of fans in the front row. The referee began the ten count, but it was slow enough for them to get some action in.

Dawn let Draconian get up before ran up the stairs, onto the ring apron and flew hitting a ringside bulldog! Draconian pushed himself back up to his feet and looked around but couldn’t find Dawn. He walked around the ring where the Lovely Assistants stood cautiously...


Dawn had snuck out from under the ring behind Draconian and DRILLED him with a dropkick. The Lovely Assistants cheered while Dawn led Draconian back into the ring, and the referee cut the ten count off at nine. Back in the ring Dawn slugged Draconian over the back a couple of times bending him over, but when he attempted to pick Draconian up into a fireman’s carry Draconian kneed Dawn in the ribs. Dawn spun away in sharp pain and when he came back around Draconian grabbed Dawn by the neck…


Dawn kicked Draconian in the gut and kneed him in the face, then picked Draconian up into a fireman's carry…





Dawn sat up and could not believe it! He had somehow found the strength to lift the Draconian and deliver his finisher but it simply wasn’t enough. Unsure what to do and with Draconian still mostly laid out, Dawn climbed the ropes for something aerial. He flew off the turnbuckle for a frogsplash but whiffed when Draconian rolled away!

Draconian rolled back toward an ailing Jack Dawn and wrapped his legs around Dawn’s midsection; Dawn's ribs had already taken quite a beating and now he was stuck in...


Draconian pressed his leg scissors harder than anyone had ever seen it done. Dawn began yelling in agony as Draconian clenched his teeth in earnest effort to cut his opponent in half. Ringside the Lovely Assistants began to look worried, but Dawn tried to inspire hope. In a feat of strength Dawn began to crawl toward the ropes dragging the 7'2'', 350 pound Draconian long with him. But just when he was within reach of the ropes Draconian dragged Dawn by the midsection to center ring still in Detainment!

Back in the middle of the ring all hope appeared to be lost for Dawn to get out of the leg scissor lock. He clawed at Draconian’s legs, punched and elbowed Draconian but it was all for naught. Dawn was stuck and his ribs were caving in…


"Scheme" by STS9 hit the airwaves again and Draconian rolled away from Dawn, who was now laying in the center of the ring holding his stomach. When Draconian began walking up the ramp the Lovely Assistants entered and helped Dawn back up to his feet. Dawn may have lost tonight, but he sure did have some great moments against one of jOlt’s most impressive wrestlers.
Winner: Draconian via Submission

"Operation Star Child"

In a corridor stemming off of backstage Damien Lee stood next to Cassandra, the representative of Starchild Industries. The corporation for which Cassandra worked had just transferred half a million dollars into Lee's account for the chance to capture Draconian.

But Cassandra and Starchild Industries weren't aware that Draconian knew they were coming, and had told Lee to play along. As per the agreement with Starchild Industries, Lee had made sure all jOlt employees were not in the area outside the main backstage hub.

Six Starchild Industries employees set up around the exit from the ramp in various positions. As for their appearance and preparation, they could only be described as a hired SWAT team.

Cassandra and Lee could hear the announcement of Draconian as a winner, so they knew operation was about to get under way. Cassandra, a tall beautiful woman with red hair, led Lee to the far edge of the room. Lee noted Cassandra had a gun in hand, too.

The thundering boots of Draconian could be heard echoing, and the Starchild Industries team remained calm with their hands on their weapons. Two appeared to have tazers... this was supposed to be a nonlethal operation.

Just before the footsteps got to the edge of the corridor entry, what light there still was disappeared... all sound vanished and it was a vacuum of Lee's senses.

Suddenly Lee began seeing the area in full light before it plunged back into darkness. It was merely quick glimpses as what was happening around him.


A Starchild Industries operative hit the wall next to Damien and Cassandra, and then slumped to the ground.


Draconian had another operative picked up by the neck and was squeezing, then a slam onto the ground.


Draconian dropped an operative into a backbreaker.


Two operatives were double chokeslammed.


Cassandra was gone from Lee's side and stood in front of Draconian.


Cassandra now floated a foot above the ground in front of Draconian with apparently nothing physically lifting her. Lee knew what that felt like.

Darkness... but this time it went on longer than before.

Finally the lights came back up to full power exposing an ugly scene of injured operatives. In the middle of the scene Cassandra was kneeling and staring at nothing in particular. Lee made it to her side and bent down.

"I'm sorry that this didn't work out for your team, Cassandra," said Lee.

Cassandra simply shook her head and looked down at the ground. Her hair was a mess but she was still beautiful in a powerful way. But that power looked diminished by what she had just experienced.

"All I ask is that you clear your team as soon as poss-" Lee was cut off.

"Mr. Lee... thank you for this opportunity. Starchild Industries very much regrets the outcome but understand the terms of our arrangement." Cassandra continued, but only after a heavy sigh. "All Starchild Industries asks is that you consider working with us again in the future. Remember that while the FBI isn't in the picture right now, they will be back."

"I appreciate that warning, Ms. Cassandra," said Lee.

"Mr. Lee... Damien..." Cassandra's eyes softened from what appeared to be a sincere moment of vulnerability. "We didn't just fail ourselves at Starchild Industries, we failed you. We failed everyone."

Lee took in her intriguing combination of smarts and beauty one last time before he stood up. The Starchild Industries team were beginning to get to their feet and it was time for Lee to move on with his night.

No matter what trouble Draconian caused Lee, Draconian always seemed to have an answer.

"Plan of Attack"

Later tonight, Mack Brody would have the unenviable task of being the first person in jOlt Wrestling to have the dubious distinction of taking on the head of The Dead Cell – the enigmatic Ezekiel. Brody was in a situation where he had no friends able to fight alongside him. Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway were at each other’s throats later tonight when they faced in a Loser Leaves jOlt match. Pietro Geist had seemingly joined the dark side and Brody wanted to end The Dead Cell tonight to fight for what would hopefully be Pietro’s freedom.

All alone with his thoughts in the locker room, Brody was getting his new ring gear ready.


The voice belonged to Donny Layne who had entered the locker room looking for a scoop. Brody turned to the story-hungry interviewer and nodded.


“Brody… can I get a few words from you regarding tonight’s match?”

The Man Called SuperMack was lacing his boots.

“Make ‘em quick.”

“Certainly,” Donny said. “Tonight, you take on the ringleader of The Dead Cell, Ezekiel. What’s going through your mind right now with everything that has happened in the last several weeks.”

“To be blunt, Donny… it’s about eleven levels of fucked up, that’s what’s going through my mind right now.”

“Can you elaborate?”

“Yeah… my best friend, Ryan Gallway, is going out there to literally fight for his career just to get rid of a man we both used to also call a best friend. Because I told him I’d let him handle his biz by himself, I can’t help him. Another man I’ve called a friend, Pietro Geist, had his fucking brains scrambled by this group of religious nutjobs led by an even bigger religious nutjob. Said big religious nutjob is wanting to fight me, despite the fact he’s clearly got some sort of a limp and he’s getting by with a cane. Something smells shitty about the whole thing, otherwise why else would they fear this guy so much? …But if I DON’T do this, these fucking assholes are free to run roughshod over jOlt and nobody else is willing to stop them.”

SuperMack turned to look up at Layne.

“That elaborate enough for you?”

“Quite,” Donny replied. “But The Dead Cell are not without their own discord right now. They’ve been fighting amongst themselves these last few weeks, and on top of that, this mystery assailant known only as Revenant has been repeatedly involved in their affairs. Do you have some sort of strategy or a plan of attack when you go out there?”

“Well, as a fictional rich guy with a badass suit of armor once said…”

Brody stood up from his seat and towered over the jOlt interviewer.

“I do have a plan: attack. People have called me pound-for-pound the strongest man in jOlt today, but I’m still just one man against however many of those assholes follow him. No matter what Ezekiel and his emo fuckasses have in store, just know that cutting the head off this fucking snake, or I’m taking as many of them with me as I can… and if Revenant gets in my way, he’ll be one of them, too.”

With that, Brody stormed out of the locker room and sped right past Donny Layne, heading towards an uncertain fate.

Tammy Lynn Foster(c) vs Bally

The next match was going to be for the Starlets championship. Two weeks ago Bally scored a surprising pin fall on the current champion and that did not sit too well with Tammy Lynn Foster. The champion has vowed that she was going to hurt Bally because she doesn’t believe in flukes. Foster has been saying that Bally’s victory was nothing short of a miracle and she is going to hurt the former circus performer.

“The Dark Ride” by Prelude to a Nightmare’s strong street organ intro blasted throughout the US Airways Center as the Freak Show’s own manager, Bally made her way out! The flashy show-woman took a bow at the top of the stage before heading to the ring. It was her first title match in JOLT and she was looking to make the best of it by shocking the world. Bally made quite the statement two weeks ago when she pinned the current champion in a tag team match. This was going to be a battle and Bally did not look like she was going to back down.

Bally stood on the top rope and took another bow before she hopped into the ring and earned a nice cheer from the crowd as she waited for her opponent to arrive.

“Redneck Woman” By Gretchen Wilson explodes throughout the arena. Tammy Lynn Foster made her way out to the stage holding the Starlet Championship high in the air to a loud chorus of jeers from the Phoenix fans. Tammy raced down the ramp and slid into the ring and tackled Bally in the middle of the ring. Kim Adams quickly called for the bell as she grabbed the Starlets championship and handed it to the timekeeper. Foster was not happy as she went ballistic on Bally but the manager of the Freak show tried to fight back.

Tammy and bally was about the same size but Foster has shown in the past that she is probably the strongest starlet on the roster. Now that Daryn Thompson is no longer in JOLT, Tammy may be the strongest. The two women continue to battle on the mat before Kim intervened and broke up the scuffle. TL took the opportunity to nail Bally with a shot to the throat. Kim admonished the champion who just scoffed at her and went to work on Bally with vicious rights and lefts to her midsection.

TL drove a back elbow into the side of Bally’s head. The champion pulled Bally from the corner and drove her to the mat with Belly to Belly suplex. TL was not done as she whipped bally into the ropes. The challenger bounced off the ropes and caught Tammy off guard with a dropkick to her face. Bally quickly hooked Tammy in the middle of the ring and drove her into the mat with a DDT!! Bally dropped down for the cover on the champion.




Bally pushed Tammy back into the corner and nailed her with a big uppercut. The challenger grabbed Tammy from the corner and drove her to the mat with a big DDT. Bally quickly climbed to the second rope and sat there waiting for TL to get to her feet. Tammy got to her feet and turned around only to be nailed with a second rope back elbow that sent Tammy to the mat. The crowd exploded in cheers as Bally never gave Tammy a moment to get herself situated. She grabbed Tammy and took her down with a snap suplex. Bally went for another cover on the champ. Adams dropped down for the count.




The challenger looked out into the arena as the fans started to chant her name, something she never heard before.


The former circus performer stood to her feet, picking up TL in the process. Bally grabbed Tammy and whipped her into the corner. Bally raced into the corner and nailed the champion with a clothesline. Bally was not done as she grabbed Tammy’s arm and whipped her into the opposite corner. The challenger raced into the corner again…


Bally staggered back to the middle of the ring as TL tried to get herself back into the match. The challenger shook off the cobwebs before rushing back into the corner.


Both women down on the mat again as the fans started to get into the match.


Tammy Lynn was up first as she grabbed Bally by the hair and hoisted her up in the air.


Tammy dropped down for the cover again.



TH--- NOOOO!!!

Bally was able to get her shoulders up again. Foster smirked as she looked down at the challenger. Tammy raced over to Bally with a clothesline attempt but Bally ducked the attempt and nailed Foster with a Belly to back suplex. Tammy was down on the mat again and was definitely frustrated that she couldn’t put bally away. Bally did not let Tammy get back to her feet as she quickly nailed her with a swift kick to the back. Bally was relentless as she nailed TL with several more kicks to the back.





The champion crumpled to the mat. The fans shuddered as Tammy lay on the mat writhing in pain. Bally watched as Tammy Lynn slowly made it to her feet. Bally watched as Tammy made it to her feet. The former carnival worker sprung off the second rope.


Bally nailed Tammy with a springboard cross body. She hooked her far leg for the cover as Adams dropped down for the count.




The challenger sat up and slammed her hands on the mat in frustration. Bally dropped several elbows onto Tammy’s chest trying to at least get the wind out of the champion. Bally quickly got to her feet and stomped TL’s midsection, knocking out what little air she had left. Bally grabbed Foster by her hair before whipping her into the corner. Bally slowly walked into the corner and nailed TL with a few shoulder blocks. The challenger picked up TL and set her on the top rope. Bally was not able to get up the ropes as TL kneed Bally in the head. Bally turned as Tammy hopped off the top rope.


TL made her way over to the body of Bally and hook her far leg for the cover.




Tammy rolled off Bally and stood to her feet. TL grabbed Bally and drove her to the mat with a swinging neck breaker. Foster wanted to make Bally hurt because of the embarrassing loss she suffered at her hands. TL whipped her into the ropes, as Bally bounced off the ropes the former carnival worker was caught by a deep power slam from the Blonde Bomber. Foster hooked the leg again for the cover.




The fans in Arizona started to get behind the challenger as they chanted her name again.


The challenger was getting her support from the fans which drew the ire of the champion. TL reached down to pick up Bally who nailed her with a chop to the throat that caught the champion off guard. This was only to buy Bally some time to get to her feet. TL moved backwards as Bally pulled herself up with the help of the ropes. The challenger grabbed Tammy and nailed her with a head butt. Tammy retaliated with a right hand. The two women engaged toe to toe in the middle of the ring. Bally was running on instinct because she did not want to get into a brawl with Foster. Tammy the country brawler got the upper hand as she nailed Bally with a big right. Tammy grabbed Bally and hooked her in a front chancery but Bally quickly turned into the hold and drove Tammy to the mat with a swinging neck breaker. Bally draped an arm onto Tammy’s chest for the cover.




Bally was frustrated as she could not keep the champion down on the mat. The challenger moved to her feet and slowly picked up the champion. The former carnival worker picked up Tammy and hooked her in a front chancery in the middle of the ring. She lifted TL up in the air but the champion was able to drop down behind her. Tammy grabbed Bally and took her down with a HAVE A COLD ONE. That rolling German suplex nailed Bally as Tammy went for the pin.



THRE--- NO!! NO!! NO!!

Tammy had Bally on the ropes now. She grabbed Bally and nailed her in the back with several forearm blows. Tammy hooked Bally in the middle of the ring.


The fans jeered as Foster covered Bally in the middle of the ring.




Tammy Lynn Foster retained her Starlets championship in a very hard fought battle. Bally came close to dethroning the champion but Foster continued to show why she is a very good champion. The champion snatched her title from Adams and held it high in the air to a loud chorus of jeers from the fans. Tammy Lynn rolled out of the ring and walked up the ramp as she antagonized the fans.

Winner: Tammy Lynn Foster via Pinfall

"Father & Son Chat"

In the locker room area, The House were prepping themselves for a Tag Team title defense. They would be making their eighth defense since winning the belts back near the start of the year against the Natural Athletes – a team that have been thought of as the future of the tag team division. The House wanted to prove that while that could be true one day, tonight would not be the day that jOlt found out. Huber was doing stretches and Roebuck was leaning back against the locker room and clearly in a foul mood.

“You ready for tonight, Big Bucks?” Huber asked his partner.

Roebuck turned his head up and looked at his partner.

“Yeah. I just need to straighten something out with Zane before tonight.”

Huber sighed. He knew his partner was referring to Countdown where fought against the Natural Athlete’s Terry Massimo in a preview before tonight’s tag team match. He won out against Terry Massimo, thanks in part to Zane Roebuck interfering on his behalf.

“Yeah … look, Papa Bear, he’s your son and I’m happy for him being promoted to Intense along with us. That’s great news. But whatever talk you’re gonna have with him, you gotta straighten this kind out. Charlotte is very close to being cleared for competition and I think it’d be great if the four of us could compete as a big, happy family and that ain’t gonna happen if Zane is sticking people behind our backs.”

The Las Vegas Leviathan turned to his partner.

“I’m gonna say my piece,” said Roebuck. “I’m going to tell him exactly that. This bull shit ends now.”

Just then, the Tag Team champions turned their heads when they could see Zane Roebuck at the door with a wide grin on his face. He strutted right into the locker room and took in a deep breath.

“Can you believe it? I’m free!” Zane said aloud. “I’m free, I’m a member of the roster full time now and I’m a member of The House!”

Zane pulled out a Snickers bar and started to take a bite.

“You guys want some?” he asked.

The elder Roebuck turned to his son, but first he looked to Huber silently who knew when it was his cue to leave.

“You got it, Papa Bear,” Huber said, then he turned to Zane. “Congrats, buddy. Welcome to the roster!”

Zane took a bite and gave him a thumbs up.

“Thanks, Uncle Derrick!”

The Sin City Strongman walked out of the locker room, leaving the Roebuck father and son alone to speak.

“What’s up, Dad? I got your text.”

“Countdown. You know what you did and I’m here to tell you the shit ends now.”

Zane looked flabbergasted.

“Dad, you know that I was trying to help! I told you that!”

“I don’t care why you snapped Terry Massimo’s head on the top rope behind the official’s back. I’m pissed that you would do something like that in the first place. You want to be treated like a man, here’s what a man does: he fesses up when he makes a mistake. Son, you made a mistake so I want to hear you apologize.”

Zane’s head sunk for a brief moment before he looked upwards.

“Dad, I’m sorry …”

“Thank you. Now, I’ve gotta go get ready for our match. We’ll talk later and we can go celebrate with a beer after we beat the Natural Athletes. We haven’t gotten to celebrate you graduating the Hype.”

Adam patted Zane on the back as he was about to leave when Zane muttered something under his breath.

“I’m sorry you don’t appreciate what I did for you.”

Adam stopped in the doorway and snapped his head back.

“What did you just say to me?”

Zane shook his head.

“You heard me, Dad. I did what I did for you. The Natural Athletes have been talking a whole lot of garbage about how you guys are nothing but pushovers and how they’re going to win tonight. I was trying to protect the family name by doing what I did.”

Now it was Adam Roebuck’s turn to look confused.

“Family name? Excuse me? Boy you need to take the bass out of your voice when you speak to me or …”

“You’ll what, Dad?” Zane snapped. “I’ve seen you at your highest and your lowest, Dad. What you’re doing with Uncle Derrick? You’ve got titles right now, but you used to be killers in the ring. You didn’t care what rules you had to bend or what people you had to step over to beat people. You guys set a record by holding those tag belts four times, but if you guys were still tearing people down like you used to, you wouldn’t have lost them three times before that!”

“That …” Adam stopped himself from shouting, which was incredible rare. “That was a long time ago! What we do in that ring now is working hard and playing fair. I’ve followed you on the Hype and I’m not blind to what you’ve been doing down there. I thought it was something you would grow out of … but I guess not.”

Zane let his arms drop to his side as he looked at his father.

“Hey, I can’t help it that I’m a success now because of those things I did! And I’ll continue to be with or without your help, Dad. I thought that we could run jOlt as a family … but I guess not.

Zane was about to turn and leave while Adam stood there furiously.

“Oh, and Dad? Good luck out there.”

With that final sarcastic shot, Zane left the locker room as Adam Roebuck let himself lean back against the locker. This was the last thing he expected this conversation to turn into, but he had to shake that out. The Tag Team titles were up for grabs tonight.

"Defend Your Title"

The camera focuses in on the various sights and sounds of the backstage area: the hustling and bustling stage hands, the makeup ladies, the various different "suits", and also various different indiscernable jOlt talents as well... The camera continues on its' aimless course until... Was that who we thought it was... The camera snatches back and focuses in on "Mr. Relentless" himself, Diamond Jewelz. He's not only decked out in numerous different articles of jewelry, his various different bracelets and chains made from the finest diamonds and precious metals emitting all kinds of different hues and colors of twinkling and glistening light, but he also carries a purple and gold rollaway suitcase, that includes gOld wheels, which assuming the baller status of Jewelz, are made out of real gOld. The crowd emits a raucous cheer at the sight of the "lately been missing" jeweler. Usually, divided concerning the jeweler from Las Vegas, everyone is a customer tonight... If you haven't heard, Jewelz's Goons have been kidnapped, and Jewelz has been AWOL ever since. Jewelz pushes the camera out of his face and continues on towards the empty corridors of thestadium exit. All of the sudden, a dressed to the nine's Damien Lee runs up behind Jewelz and grabs his arm...

"Jewelz!!!! Where u going??? You're supposed to have a match tonight against Citizen!!" Jewelz yanks his arm away and continues on his way..

"Nah homie.... If you ain't been paying attention, gOlden bOy promotions is in a state of emergency.... Gully gone... Trell gone... You motherfuckers can wrestle this dick.... Contract says I can defened this "Relentless" Title when I wanna lil nuts!!!" Jewelz proclaims!!! His voice cracks with emotion...

Damien Lee has no remorse for Jewelz and is bright red with anger.. "Defend your title by iNtense Jewelz, or we'll be taking steps to strip you of it no matter what your contract says!!"

Jewelz looks backs for a second and shoots a blinging, sorrow filled snarl at Lee... By the look in his face, Jewelz is obviously distraught at the loss of his Goons, and is obviously too proccupied with his sorrows to respond to Lee...

"Ehh Lee.... Defend these motherfucking Diamond Jewelz bitch.." Diamond jabs choked up at Lee holding back tears before continuing towards the exit... Lee is beat red with anger. Why doesn't Lee care that Them m'fn Goons are missing? Is it because of their acts of lawlessness throughout their jOlt tenure, or is Lee somehow involved in this bizarre plot???"

Frank Silver vs Ryan Gallway

It was now time for what was set to be the first – and ONLY – chapter between two men that founded one of the more famous and decorated tag teams of the last decade. A seven-year relationship had completely gone down the shitter thanks to one’s tremendous ego and another’s unwillingness to compromise his new morals. The Heirs of Wrestling – Frank Silver, Ryan Gallway, and Mack Brody – had been a successful freebird-style team for years, at one point holding not one, but FOUR sets of tag team titles between four organizations at one time. They stole wins, they cheated, they annoyed, but the bottom line was that they WON. About a year and a half ago with a feud against Trouble, The Heirs of Wrestling had stared to turn their hateful ways and started to wrestle like people who respected the ring…

…Something that Frank Silver fucking HATED. One could argue that he was right; The Heirs became popular, but only Mack Brody’s singles career thrived. Numerous failed attempts to become the Tag Team Champions pissed Frank off to the point where he called his Godfather and Hall of Fame-level wrestler Sonny Silver to his side. Sonny wanted to manage both Frank and Ryan, but as Frank returned to his asshole ways, Ryan did no such thing. That resulted in a complete implosion of the original Heirs members and now brought us to right now. Ryan won a Beat The Clock challenge for tonight’s stipulation and chose Loser Leaves jOlt. Either Frank goes or he goes. There will be no chase for redemption. Silver or Gallway only had one shot to prove the other right and they had to make it count.

“The following contest is a LOSER LEAVES JOLT match!” Dean Carrington shouted for the rowdy fans occupying the US Airways Center. “The man who loses this match will be banished from jOlt Wrestling!”

The crowd cheered! And they were going to be 1000% percent behind Ryan Gallway after everything that Frank Silver had put him through. The camera panned to the stage where there were

"With Me Now" by Blacklite District.

When the smoke settled there was Ryan Gallway with his back to the cameras. He wore a sparkling lavender jacket with GALLWAY embroidered with gold on the back. The former two-time jOlt Tag Team Champion stood there, taking in a HUGE series of cheers from the crowd!

“First off, making his way to the ring, weighing in at 190 pounds… ”THE PRINCE OF PRECISION” RYAN GALLWAY!”

Ryan spun around as pyro exploded to the left and right of him. A curtain of pyro rained down behind Gallway as he energetically made his way down to the ring to a load of cheers from the crowd. Gallway was looking for revenge on his former best friend and now, he had the chance for it. Tonight, either he would go or his ex-tag team partner would go…


The crowd was going nuts! A man in a silver-colored hoodie had run out from the back and SMACKED Ryan Gallway in the back of the head with a vicious blow! Ryan went tumbling about halfway down the ramp, but the mysterious assailant continued to deliver the punishment!

“OH, NO!”

Walking out from the back nonchalantly was Frank Silver, standing at the top of the ramp in his ring gear with a t-shirt of Dave Coulier that read “(UPPER) CUT! IT! OUT!” Frank watched with complete (feigned) surprised as the mystery assailant pulled Ryan Gallway up by the head and SLAMMED him right into the barricade! Gallway’s head collided with the hard barricade and he slumped over in pain.

He wasn’t through yet, but Frank Silver didn’t show any signs of wanting to stop him as the hood-enshrouded figure pulled The Prince of Precision up by the hair a second time, only to throw him VIOLENTLY into the steel steps!


There was no match that had started yet, but the former two-time Tag Team Champion was now bleeding from his head! Things were about to go from bad to worse as the man forced a groggy Gallway up again, only to drop him with a HARSH Cutter right onto the floor! The hooded attacker writhed in a little pain of his own after the drop, but Gallway was much, much worse and the repeated head trips into the ringside area had rendered him a bloody mess! Gallway wasn’t moving now as Frank Silver looked on with what some would call rehearsed shock.

“Dude! No! How could you do that? That was supposed to be our match!”

Frank locked eyes with the assailant, but the two stopped. As the hooded figure started to walk away and head back up the ramp. The camera caught a glimpse of a quick low-five between Silver and the mystery assailant as he disappeared from sight. Frank then looked out to the crowd as Ryan Gallway hadn’t moved since the vicious attack.


Frank just shook his head and disappeared from the back, but not before he yelled.


The Fortunate Son vanished from sight for a few moments…

“Heavy Is The Head” by Zac Brown Band feat. Chris Cornell.

The music played and the crowd started to BOO even fucking louder as The Fortunate Son casually jaunted from the back, dancing a little in tune with the music that was playing. He raised his hands to the delight (read: fucking dismay) of the crowd before he casually walked towards the ring. Gallway was STILL trying to move after the vicious attack by the unknown perpetrator, but Dean Carrington had no choice but to call this.

“And his opponent,” Dean said, with dismay himself, “from Seattle, Washington, weighing in at 247 pounds… ”THE FORTUNATE SON” FRANK SILVER!

Frank nodded his head and rolled into the ring as he yelled at Ian Nguyen to call the bell.

“Do it! Call for the bell!” Frank yelled. “These people wanted a match and by God, they’re going to GET a fucking match!”

Despite Ian’s protests, it was true. Per an earlier decree for this match by Damien Lee, there was to be a winner and a loser. Ryan Gallway was just barely able to use the ring apron to pull himself up to his feet and crawl into the ring, but thanks to the throw into the steel steps, he was bleeding badly.

“Ryan… do you want to continue?” Ian asked.

“He has to! If he doesn’t, it’s a forfeit! That means BYE-BYE, albatross!” Frank laughed.

Ian looked to Gallway who was barely able to stand under his own power thanks to the man that had carried out the vicious attack. Despite every fiber in his being telling him to stop, he had to press on. Gallway nodded to the official.


…And Frank wasted no time running right at Gallway in the corner and TAGGING his ex-tag team partner underneath the jaw with a vicious Running European Uppercut! Gallway nearly went limp when Frank threw him out of the corner and went for a cover!




Frank growled! His foolproof plan to have somebody jump Ryan before the match appeared to have encountered some resistance as Ian Nguyen held up three fingers. Frank picked up Gallway by his trunks and unceremoniously threw him outside of the ring. On the floor, Gallway was slumped over again and Frank yelled right at Ian Nguyen.

“COUNT HIM OUT! DO IT!” Silver screamed.

Ian did so and with that, started a ten-count. Was a Loser Leaves jOlt match going to end on a countout?







Ryan Gallway was just now starting to move as he sat up and crawled towards the ring skirt.


Frank was growing worried as Ryan Gallway tried to continue crawling.



He slipped!



The crowd went LOUD when Ryan Gallway inched his way into the ring, but he was fighting the ultimate of uphill battles all because his ex-tag team partner was being a total cunt-bubble. Frank looked at Ian Nguyen and growled before he pulled Ryan Gallway up and THREW him through the ropes a second time. Gallway landed roughly on the floor and Frank went after him while talking some shit the whole way.

“Didn’t have to be like this, Ry-no!” Frank shouted. “You could’ve just gone your own way after Breakdown, but you had to have this. Now, it’s coming back to bite you in the ass!”

Gallway was forced to his feet once again by his former best friend and then grabbed him by the back of the head, SLAMMING him viciously into the ring post! The last thing that Ryan Gallway needed now was some sort of a headshot such as that, but Frank Silver was pulling no punches with the man he once called his best friend of close to a decade. Gallway’s head was starting to get soaked now with blood as Frank casually picked him up and rolled him inside the ring. From there, Frank rolled inside and causally covered him with a boot on his chest.


Ryan kicked out!

But Frank looked like he was not only NOT regretting what he’d done to his tag team partner, he bloodied him and was having the time of his fucking life. Frank rolled over to where Ryan’s head rested and continued to drill the open wound with more right hands, trying to destroy the young cruiserweight! Gallway was hurt and tried weakly to defend himself, but this relentless offense coupled with the pre-match assault by an unknown person led to this situation he was in.

The Intergalactic Space Cowboy was forced to take another beating from Silver as he continued to wail on him. He picked him up by the hair and then threw him right into the corner before he slapped him across the face.









Gallway blocked a shot and returned fire with a HELL of a desperation Superkick that knocked The Fortunate Son right on his ass! Gallway collapsed due to equal parts exhaustion and blood loss, but he used the ropes to try and keep himself standing. Ryan rested backwards in the corner and waited for Frank to try and stand. When he did so, he charged right at his ex-best friend and SMACKED him with an extra-stiff Running Elbow to the face that staggered the larger Silver.

It seemed like Ryan had found his second wind as a second Running Elbow sent Frank Silver flying backwards into the nearest corner. Gallway charged off the ropes from one side of the ring and came right back…


Frank convulsed in the ring after the show and the crowd was firmly behind The Prince of Precision as he continued the offensive. Somehow, despite what he’d been put through, he found a second life as he charged off the opposite corner again…


Right in the face! A gob of spit could be seen being knocked out of Frank’s mouth before he collapsed over. Gallway may have been running on sheer adrenaline at this point, but he was fighting like his career was on the line because… well, it was, pay attention the match stipulation, m’kay?

Gallway climbed out to the ring apron and slowly rose to the top turnbuckle as he begged for Frank Silver to try and get back to his feet. When he was back up…


Gallway stayed on for the cover!




Biting his lip, a hurt Gallway rolled over and shook his head as he couldn’t believe that Frank kicked out still. The Fortunate Son tried to crawl away from him, but Ryan caught him with a hard clipping Dropkick to the mush that sent Frank flying all the way out to the floor! Ryan let out a scream and the crowd reciprocated with thousands of screams of their own as Gallway fed off the energy. Throwing some caution to the wind, he waited for his ex-best friend to try and stand on the floor before he took flight…


Gallway’s attempt to catch The Fortunate Son with a dive backfired horribly when Frank leaped up and caught him with an uppercut as he dove THROUGH the ropes! An angered Frank rolled him back inside the ring and tried to go for a cover, rolling him up before using a Gedo Clutch – the same pinning combination he beat Kayden Paulton with on iNtense!




Gallway was a man possessed tonight and he was not going to go quietly despite a very clear scheme designed to screw him over. Frank Silver was growing worried that Ryan wasn’t going to stay down, so he grabbed him by the head and set him up. It looked like was trying to put him away with his old finisher, The Stay of Execution. He had his arm up set for The Cradled Styles Clash, but when he set him up, Ryan caught him out of nowhere into a Hurricanrana pin!




That desperation move may have been Ryan Gallway’s last gas as he collapsed to the mat again, punching away at the mat in frustration. Meanwhile, a much fresher Frank Silver started to climb back to his feet again and laid into him with a STIFF right hand that sent Gallway into the corner. With Gallway stunned, Frank Silver charged at him in the corner, but fancy footwork allowed The Prince of Precision to slip through the nearby top and middle ropes, making Frank crash chest-first in the corner!

He shook it off and tried to grab Gallway only for the high flyer to use the ropes and jump up into a rope-assisted Leaping Kick to the head, staggering Frank backwards and landing to the mat! Gallway was set to go upwards for something big. He tried to set him up for something…


Gallway may have been thinking moonsault of some kind, but Frank Silver SHOVED him off the top rope and sent him CRASHING head-first into the barricade below!

Frank Silver watched what happened to his partner and wasn’t about to give him any more room to breathe as he rolled out to the floor. Ian Nguyen tried to check on Gallway’s condition, but Frank pushed him away.

“No! I’m ending this NOW.”

The crowd was full of hatred for Frank Silver as he grabbed the smaller Gallway and chucked him back inside the ring. The fact that he could do what he’s done to a man he once called friend was utterly deplorable, but to stage a pre-match attack by some unknown attacker and act like he’s done all the work was a goddamn affront.

Frank lifted Gallway up and The Prince of Precision offered little resistance…


The DEADLY Axe Guillotine Driver dumped Gallway right on the top of his bloodied head and there was a smear on the canvas right under him. Frank rolled over and really let the moment sink in.

“I warned you.”




Ian Nguyen looked at Frank Silver and he looked disgusted with him, but the demanding godson of a wrestling legend snapped.


The official raised his arm as the fans continued JEERING the fuck out of him.

“Here is your winner of the match… ”THE FORTUNATE SON” FRANK SILVER!

Ryan Gallway wasn’t moving and now thanks to the stipulation of this match, his jOlt Wrestling career was now over. Frank stood over the man whose career he’d just ended.


This wasn’t enough! Frank grabbed Gallway and peeled him off the mat! His career was absolutely over and there was no need for this bullshit…


The second Axe Guillotine Driver was even worse than the first! But Frank was not done here…



He had made a promise to let Ryan Gallway handle this business, but that promise was long off the table now! Mack Brody had been involved with The Dead Cell and had his own match against their leader, Ezekiel later tonight, but right now, he was set on making Frank Silver PAY!

Silver saw SuperMack coming and he rolled out of the ring as far as he could go before he headed all the way up the ramp, not wanting any part of the third part of the man that made up the Heirs of Wrestling.


Frank hightailed it out of the ring while Mack Brody went to check on the fallen Ryan Gallway, whose very jOlt career was over. Brody tried to help him to his feet and that was going it be it for Ryan. He helped Ryan to his feet and started to carry him out of the ring as the fans started to applaud him!


Trainers walked up to Ryan Gallway and they along with Mack Brody accompanied him to the back slowly. The fans were applauding the long-time member of the jOlt roster who may not have had a home here any longer, but thanks to his exploits in and out of the ring and his tremendous heart, he would not be forgotten. They had made it up the ramp before Gallway stopped to look out to the crowd one last time. He was heartbroken that all of this was over for him, but the appreciation from the crowd would lessen the sting.

Winner: Frank Silver via Pinfall (Ryan Gallway Leaves jOlt)

"The First"

Right off the back of a match that saw a man end the career of a man he no longer called his best friend, the camera panned to Donny Layne trying to keep pace with someone.

“Hey! Hey!”

It took a few seconds for the camera to get into focus, but once it did, they finally caught a face.

It was the hooded man that had made his impact by viciously assaulting Ryan Gallway right before his match to Frank Silver, leading to Frank stealing a win in the worst manner ever to secure his job and send his ex-tag team partner packing from jOlt Wrestling.

“Excuse me!”

The hooded man continued to walk, but…

“No, it’s okay.”

Appearing around the corner was someone that the hooded man was meeting up with. When the crowd got a glimpse of who he was talking to…


Sonny Silver.

“It’s cool, it’s cool,” the bastard punk-ass manager said. “Go ahead. I’ll give you a real introduction.”

Drawing back his hood, akin to a bride pulling back her veil, we saw this fresh-faced blonde-streaked youngster, stare coldly at the camera with ice-blue eyes, a strong jaw, a light tan and as the camera backed up, he cut a similar figure to Sonny's adopted son, Frank, in terms of height and weight.

“The world can now say goodbye to Ryan Gallway. His career was living on borrowed time, anyway. Frank Silver did away with that little shitheaded nuisance and now his career can truly be free to thrive as he wants it too. But Frank had his moment, now it’s going to be about the man that you see next to me. This man here ruined a career to make an impact. A man that’s willing to do that is a man that I want on my team. I’ve known this man’s father and uncle, Frank and Terry Rich, and they go way back with my father. That’s why I am more than proud to introduce the NEWEST member of our little group…”

He patted the unhooded man on the chest.

“This man isn’t here to be the next Derecho. He isn’t here to be the next Graphic Violence, Aran Thompson, Landon Stevens, or any of that shit. He isn’t even here to be like my other clients, Sonny Silver or your soon-to-be jOlt Double Champion, “jOlt’s Last Real Champion” Jeremy Ryan. This is a man that wants to make his own waves in this business and with my tutelage, he WILL get there. Allow me to introduce to you the first of his kind…”

Sonny nodded to his newest client.


The man now known to the world as Freddie Rich scowled at Donny Layne as Sonny laughed.

“Do I know how to pick ‘em or what, Danny?”

“It’s Donny.”

“Yeah, no one knows what the fuck you’re talking about.”

Freddie Rich was all business, keen to make a statement: "I've got a brother called Donny. He's a teenager and he doesn't talk as much shit as you."

While Silver reveled in Rich's remark, Freddie continued: "Jeremy Ryan is right. Guys in jOlt don't know how to get the job done. God, some of them are not even interested in winning titles. What are you here for? To advertise your bling? To hold the company hostage? To blackmail Damien Lee?

"I don't get in that ring unless it's part of the bigger picture. Everything I do, everything I say is geared to, one day, being a champion and who better to help me than this man right here, the very definition of one, as a wrestler and as a manager?"

Sonny acknowledged Freddie's glowing assessment. Rich resumed: "RYAN Gallway is an example of what Jeremy RYAN is talking about. I just showed you how to get it done and now...Gallway is out of a job. It doesn't bother me. I don't mind taking the bread off his table, he doesn't need that much anyway, because I've been in and around this business my whole life, it's what clothed and fed me, and it's why I'm a natural at it.

"My dad and Sonny's dad go way back. Generations have passed on their knowledge, but when it's all said and done, you've got to get in there and fight for yourself," Rich spouted angrily, intentionally barging Layne as he left, bad attitude and all.

Sonny also brushed by Donny Layne and was sure to knock his glasses right off his face just to be an asshole. Sonny laughed while Layne bent over to pick up his sunglasses… that’s when Frank Silver randomly scooted by and kicked Layne in the backside, knocking him over!

“Left yourself open, Layne Bryant!” Frank cackled.

Frank walked over, high-fived Sonny and Freddie and the new threesome walked off down the hallway, leaving a flustered and pissed-off Donny Layne seated on the floor.

The House(c) vs The Natural Athletes

With just a few matches left to go for Rise Of The Legends tonight’s match was set to be a big one in the tag team division. The Natural Athletes had risen from virtual obscurity separately to become possibly the best tag team to come out of the Hype, having the distinction of being its first ever Tag Team champions. From there they made a big splash making their debut at Wrestlecade II defeating former champions, the Conway twins, and then moving on to defeating the Heirs of Wrestling before their untimely breakup.

It was here and now that Rise Of The Legends could really make or break a career. The House were in the middle of their record fourth tag team title reign and by far their longest. They’d defeated teams comprised of former world champ Jesse Ramey and Patrick Gordon, spectacular talent like the New Breed, hungry teams like The Entertainers and Them MF-N Goons. Now perhaps their toughest test was in front of them in a rematch from Intense 125. Many argued the Natural Athletes were close to winning when Zane Roebuck attacked Cori Albright in front of the official to get the House disqualified. Would Zane try and play another part in this match?


Four pillars were near the entrance, two on each end with “THE NATURAL ATHLETES” in a yellow and red shield logo. The camera took notice of an inflatable tunnel with the same logo followed by a legion of sexy red-and-yellow clad cheerleaders on the entrance ramp…

“Unleashed” by Chris Classic feat. Nazareth.

The music played and the crowd went crazy for the arrival of three men that were turning heads by the week! The 6’ and 211-pound former LA Galaxy player Cori “Striker” Albright, the 6’4” and 354-pound former linebacker for WSU and the Seattle Seahawks, Terry Massimo! They were accompanied by their third member, “The Fire” Nate Quartermaine and the crowd gave them a great reception!

The crowd went crazy for the inaugural Hype Tag Team Champions as they each stood on the ramp with a massive explosion of red and yellow erupting from the stage! Massimo surveyed the crowd and pointed to a section of fans with Natural Athletes signs while Cori Albright scanned for the hottest ladies the eye could see. Albright jumped to the top rope and did a cartwheel over the ropes before landing in the ring while Massimo climbed into the squared circle. Both men posed for the crowd and Nate stood on the outside. Terry had lost to Adam Roebuck on Countdown, but he pushed it out of his mind. Tonight was a new night and the biggest opportunity of their careers was up next.

"House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch played next. The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive pop from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of cards toward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the Nevada bred four-time jOlt Tag Team Champions appeared from the backstage area.

“The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck.

“The Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber.

Top of the ramp, jOlt Tag Team Titles raised high!

The crowd remembered The House very well and greeted both super heavyweights with a massive series of cheers! The obese fan favorite Adam Roebuck extended his arms outward and nodded while his muscular counterpart Derrick Huber anxiously greeted the masses in an enthusiastic fashion. Walking from one end to the other, the power lifter rejoined his partner as the jOlt Tag Team Champions thundered down to the ring. No Zane tonight which meant that they could focus on business.

The burly Roebuck lumbered his way down the ramp as both Huber began greeting the fans in the front row before rounding the ring. Albright and Massimo watched Roebuck storm his way up the ring steps and pass through the ropes as Derrick followed suit. Derrick Huber was seen clapping his hands to jumpstart the crowd as their musical theme dissipated. It appeared Adam Roebuck would start things off and Terry Massimo wasn’t going to disappoint.

“Glad you left the boy at home,” Terry said.

“Worry about your own asses,” Roebuck shot back.

When the bell went off, the two big monsters picked up right where they left off on Countdown and traded shots. Roebuck had the slight size advantage over Massimo and went on the attack, but that didn’t last too long because Massimo shot right back with some nasty rights of his own. The two appeared to be at a stalemate and it was coming down to who got tired …

… or in this case, which monster blocked a shot and threw out a head butt to rock a former football player. That was Roebuck if you weren’t too sure.

Roebuck’s thick skull stunned Terry on his feet and then allowed Roebuck to send the former linebacker of the Seattle Seahawks rocking back to the corner. Roebuck charged in at him, but Terry got his elbow up to stop him from charging. Terry Massimo hit the ropes quickly, gathered up some speed only to find himself with a hand wrapped around his throat. Roebuck may have been thinking a chokeslam, but Terry threw several jabs at his head to get him to let go.

Using every bit of strength that he could, he overpowered the Las Vegas Leviathan which was incredibly hard to do for most people. He pushed him into the corner and charged at him to land a big corner splash. Under normal circumstances, that shot would stop most people, but Adam Roebuck was clearly not most people. He walked out of the corner seemingly unaffected.

“That all you got?” Roebuck asked.

Terry smiled.

“Just getting started, pops.”

The Big Hitter as he liked to be called attacked Roebuck again and this time, Roebuck could not put on a brave face. Roebuck tried to protect himself from the charging Massimo who pushed him into the corner and used a series of shoulders to try and drive the wind out of Adam Roebuck. Derrick Huber looked mighty impressed with the fight that Massimo had been putting on his partner. Roebuck got his knee up and he blocked a shot from the former Seattle Seahawk with that knee to the face.

With Terry stunned on his feet, Roebuck powered him across the ring and when he came back off the ropes, he clubbed him with an oncoming clothesline. Terry was down and Cori was helpless to watch the big Las Vegas Leviathan use the ropes and run right back with a flashing elbow to the gut. Roebuck rolled over and he went for a cover.


Only a one count!

The Natural Athletes were not here to play tonight, that was for sure! Roebuck seemed a little shocked that he wasn’t able to get what he thought was an easy two count off clothesline and elbow combination, but Terry was a fighter true to his word. Roebuck grabbed Terry by the head and he tried to once again whip him towards a corner of his choosing. Roebuck sped off the ropes and he tried to charge when Terry moved out of the corner. The Big Bucks hit nothing but the canvas which allowed Terry to get in a big move…


Roebuck was dropped off his feet right after one well-placed shot and gave The Natural Athletes control at last. The fans clapped in awe of the power on display from Massimo as he covered Roebuck.




Roebuck kicked out when Massimo turned towards the corner and tagged Cori Albright. It took the combined force of both Natural Athletes to get Roebuck vertical, but they picked him up and placed him in the corner. Terry whipped his own partner at him and Cori used a flying back elbow out of the corner to stun Roebuck, but he was in an ornery mood tonight. Cori stunned him, but when Terry came running, Roebuck charged out of the corner with a running shoulder tackle of his own, knocking Massimo down!

Huber came into the ring and cleared Cori out by using a military press! The Sin City Strongman held the two-hundred plus pound Cori over his head like he was a rag doll and he threw him over the ropes! Terry had managed to catch him, but both members of the Natural Athletes had taken a dive! Huber had returned to his corner briefly for Roebuck to make the official tag. Nate Quartermaine looked concerned for the well-being of his friend as Adam Roebuck charged and hit a baseball slide dropkick of all things, kicking Terry as he tried to get up. That allowed Huber to take to the ring apron. The Sin City Strongman was about to go aerial …


Huber had been known to take flight on occasion, but when the precious Tag Team titles were on the line, there was no line they wouldn’t cross or anything they would hold back! Huber dove onto both members of the Natural Athletes and though he knew he was getting too old for his crap, he was never too old to take someone out!


The crowd was alive with energy tonight and Huber grabbed Cori and pressed him again! Huber loved showing off his strength and he did so by throwing Cori through the bottom and middle rope. Cori was in a bad position and Huber knew it as he closed and elevated him with an under hook suplex. Huber kept the high flyer poised and positioned for a few seconds. Those few seconds became almost twenty seconds before he dumped the former soccer player on the ground! The women may have won a World Cup for the US, but the Striker was in danger of losing a shot at the tag team titles!




Cori kicked out, but Huber kept him restrained. He tried to ground the high flyer with another big suplex, this time a bog-standard vertical. Huber had him set up in the move, but Cori brought his right knee down onto Huber’s bald head. Cori did it twice more until Huber let go. Cori had his chance to use the ropes for some of his incredible high flying prowess, but Huber was ready for him as he flipped him over with a back body drop …


Cori Albright landed on his feet and looked pretty proud of himself as he did so. Huber saw this and turned to attack the high flyer when Cori got a jumping enziguri up to catch Huber in the head. The Sin City Strongman didn’t go down, but he was looking a little glassy-eyed. Cori took the time to jump to the second rope. From there he jumped up to the top and tried a double jump variation of the cross body.

Unfortunately, Huber was still aware enough to catch him right out of the sky! Huber may have been thinking a power bomb move when Cori slipped out behind him and landed on his feet a second time. The Sin City Strongman turned around only to take a low angled drop kick to the knee. With Huber left on his knees, Cori sped off the ropes and connected with a sliding DDT variation.


Some ingenious maneuvering from Cori Albright as he dropped the larger Huber on the ground. With Huber down near the ropes, Cori had used the ropes and leaped to the corner before heading up top and waiting to get the crowd going. He clapped a few times and got a rhythm going before he WALKED the ropes and came off with an amazing moonsault!


Terry showed elation while Cori basked in the chants of the crowd. He covered the larger Huber and tried to get the Tag Team titles!



Despite all he just threw at Derrick Huber, Huber powered out and threw him right off of him. Cori wasn’t smiling any more, but he knew when to continue attacking. Cori went to grab Huber by the head only for Huber to elevate him over his shoulder and ram him all the way into the corner. He tagged out to Adam Roebuck and the two launched Cori off the ropes. When he came back Roebuck grabbed him in a side slam and Huber dashed to the ropes again.


For the Natural Athletes, the House were dusting off the classics and used their Dead Money combination of a side slam and an elbow drop. Adam Roebuck with a cover now.



And Terry makes the save as he drops an elbow into the back of Roebuck’s head. Terry returned to the corner without a fuss to the official, but he saved his partner. The Las Vegas Leviathan looked ready to smack him in the head, but he backed off and he muscled Cori to the corner and tagged Derrick Huber a second time.

Huber and Roebuck took Cori Albright to task as they whipped him all the way to the other side of the ring and charged with a double shoulder that knocked him down. It was basic but it got the job done and now Derrick Huber was ready to end things. Huber once more picked up Cori Albright like a small child.

Huber was close to the end and now he grabbed the legs of Cori as he scanned the crowd. He was looking for his signature giant swing that he called the Roulette Wheel, but suddenly Cori shifted his body weight and contorted upwards until he grabbed him and took him down with a nasty tornado DDT!


It was an incredible counter to what would’ve been a devastating move but he needed to make the tag out. Huber was groggy from the big headshots and he slowly crawled back to his corner to get to Adam Roebuck. Roebuck got the tag as did Massimo and now we were about to see unstoppable force versus immovable object once again! The powerful and freight train-like Terry Massimo into the ring at a charging Roebuck and ducked a lariat so he could come back with a good rushing elbow. The shot teetered Roebuck but the mass of mountain remained upright. Massimo headed into the ropes a second time and clocked him only to get taken down a peg again.

He finally took to the ropes and decided that he was going to go low on the Las Vegas Leviathan with a tackle to the leg. Adam Roebuck was wounded and Terry Massimo tried one more time to knock him down with a flying shoulder tackle!

The charge finally took the four-hundred sixty pounder with a shoulder tackle! Massimo rushed forward to knock Huber off the apron to make sure he couldn’t interfere with his progress. He rushed back over to the ropes and landed a big body splash and followed that up with a climb to the second rope and another falling splash! Roebuck was big, but could two big splashes finish off Roebuck and net the Tag Team titles?



Roebuck powered out again!

Massimo and Albright were looking to pull out what would be a massive upset for beating the reigning four-time champions. Roebuck was groggy but still trying to stand when Massimo headed to the second rope waiting for him to get him. He was trying some sort of big leaped right into a bear-like hand wrapped around his throat. Roebuck hauled him up looking for a chokeslam but Massimo broke free by elbowing him down. He set up Roebuck and looked like he was going for his jackhammer called Fourth and Long when Huber broke that up with an elbow to the head. Roebuck came back to his corner and tagged in.

The Sin City Strongman wanted some payback for the earlier attack. He pulled Massimo up and pushed him to the far back corner and jabbed him with a series of shoulders to the chest. Huber tried to throw Massimo into the other side of the ring when he reversed that and ran right into an enziguri kick from The Striker on the apron. Massimo followed that up with a charging splash in the corner and muscled Huber on his shoulders.


Huber was drilled with a bearhug front slam and now Massimo covered.




The Natural Athletes had the focus back on their side and Nate Quartermaine was watching. The camera had closed in briefly on one of the backstage monitors where Zane Roebuck was watching while eating a second Snickers bar. The other camera returned to the ring where Terry Massimo kneeled down just as Huber tried to stand. Terry took some JYD type action and bumrushed him with a flurry of headbutts on the ground until Derrick Huber was keeled over.

The tag was made over to Cori Albright and the high flyer got himself ready for something big as Terry Massimo lifted Huber up on the top turnbuckle. Terry started to climb with him and Huber fought back, but Terry was too strong and elbowed him. Huber was prey as Terry lifted him off the turnbuckle with an incredible ring-shaking super-plex!

Both men were down, but what Huber didn’t know was that Cori Albright had tagged his partner prior to the move and now he was up top .. and connected with an incredible frog splash! Cori stayed on him! There was no way Huber was kicking out now.



Close, but no cigar!

Cori’s eyes went wide with disbelief! The Natural Athletes had been working on that new double team trick, but it was not to be just yet. The Tag Team titles were so close, that the Natural Athletes could just taste it. Cori and Terry both picked up Derrick Huber again and they used the entire five-count they were allotted to dole out some damage. Cori tagged Terry in again and Terry muscled the Sin City Strongman against the ropes. He dropped two elbows and then held him in the ropes.


There were a lot of claps going on from the crowd as Cori Albright ran the length of the ringside area, jumped onto the ring apron and landed a hard leaping drop kick to the temple of Huber! The Natural Athletes were both some athletic freaks of nature! Nate looked proud of his friends as Terry pulled Huber away from the ropes! One double team move didn’t do it, but could another?



Roebuck with the save!

The Las Vegas Leviathan pulled Terry by the leg and shook him right him off his tag team partner. Terry was about to return that favor from earlier, but Terry stayed on task. He elbowed Huber in the chest and set him up on the second rope. Nobody knew what Terry Massimo was thinking yet, but when he did it, the massive Massimo used a leapfrog body guillotine and crushed Huber’s throat against the ropes just as Cori made a tag! Huber went flying off the ropes and he connected…


The ode to a man that got himself banned from the 2006 World Cup by headbutting somebody else for unsportsmanlike conduct. Cori’s flying head butt took its toll on both competitors, but he went for a cover!



Close, but no again!

“Dude!” Cori yelled. “Three!”

Cori’s three fingers did not make a convincing argument to the official. Cori and Terry seemed to be at a loss of what to do, but he waited. He measured up Derrick Huber and he was looking for that big move that helped to win the Natural Athletes the Hype Tag Team titles. Cori tagged Terry Massimo and while Huber was down, he ran off the ropes. The running senton that was called All The Way could take the Natural Athletes all the way to the World Tag Team Championships …

Here’s another sports analogy.

Swing and a miss!

Huber rolled out of the oncoming beast that could’ve spelled curtains for their Tag Team title reign. Cori almost jumped out of his skin on the ring apron after that fatal miss. Huber was on his way to the ropes and Roebuck waited.

Roebuck got the tag and now all hell was about to break loose! Massimo tagged to Cori who tried to use a springboard drop kick but Roebuck was able to swat him out of the sky. Cori tried standing, but Roebuck didn’t let him get back up before he smacked him down. Massimo ran into the ring trying to save his partner when The Big Bucks grabbed him around the waist and slammed him down with a belly-to-belly side suplex.

His attention was back on the legal man Cori Albright and he set him all the way up in the House’s corner. Roebuck pinned the former soccer player with his hand and raised his other hand …


Four of the nastiest chops that anybody could throw in jOlt today were just thrown and now Cori’s chest was completely red from where he got struck. Roebuck finished the job by pulling him out of the corner only to throw him into the buckle with an inverted choke slam. Cori flew out of the corner in pain when Roebuck tried covering him.




It was a weak kick out, but it was a kick out all the same which annoyed Adam Roebuck to no end. The crowd was booing now because in the middle of the action, out came Zane Roebuck trying to root again.

“Go, Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad!”

Their little heart-to-heart got a little scathing earlier, so what Zane was doing out here was anybody’s guess. Nate Quartermaine stood in front of him on the aisleway, preventing him from coming near the ring. The action continued inside as Roebuck hoisted Cori up to his feet and sent him right at the turnbuckle. Cori reversed that by running up the turnbuckles and them coming back with an incredible corkscrew moonsault cross body, taking Adam Roebuck down!

Cori was in a daze as he tried to stand up, only for Huber to be waiting for him with a MONEYLINE~!

Huber stood proudly, but he shouldn’t have because out of nowhere, Terry rushed in and used a big boot to knock Huber out cold!

And as for Terry, he turned around when Roebuck grabbed him and hit a desperation spinning side slam!

Every man in this match was down in the ring!

Nate turned around and tried to cheer on his friends, but the split second was all that Zane Roebuck needed to grab him by his singlet and throw him headfirst into the ring post! Now everybody but Zane was down as he ran over and grabbed one of the World Tag Team titles from the ringside area. He slid the belt inside the ring.

“Use it!” Zane said.

Roebuck was up first after the simultaneous attack by everybody and with others down, he looked at it for a second. He looked like what Zane said to him was getting to him. He hesitated for a few seconds, but before he could do anything, Huber kicked the belt of the ring and made the decision for him.

“Get out! Now!” Huber screamed at Zane.

Zane held up his hands defensively and backed off, having a seat near ringside now as he continued to cheer on his dad. The House members both turned and Huber and Roebuck picked up Albright and Massimo respectively.

Pele Kick to Huber!

Fourth And Long to Roebuck!

The Natural Athletes had just taken them both down! Massimo and Albright kicked Huber away from the ring. As Roebuck was trying to stand, Cori Albright waited for him to sit up.


The kneeling version of the superkick flattened the giant Adam Roebuck, but that wasn’t all. Terry Massimo came charging off the ropes.


And the running senton from a three-hundred fifty pound Massimo crushed him! Zane’s mouth was wide open with shock when Cori Albright then took flight. If Adam Roebuck was going to go down, he was going to stay down.


His other finisher, the diving double knee strike! Cori stayed on top of the monstrous Adam Roebuck!




It took everything they could throw at The House, but everything they had was enough! Cori Albright and Terry Massimo had just done the impossible! The crowd came alive with this history-making title change! They were the second tag team from The Hype only behind Cross The Hood to win the jOlt Tag Team titles, but they were the first team that had held both of the Hype and the jOlt version of both titles!

The ring announcer had just finished announcing the Natural Athletes as the new Tag Team Champions and they were being given their belts! Cori fell to his knees as tears welled up in his eyes. All the hard work, the time that he’d put into wrestling after his first love of soccer prematurely ended … in this moment it was all worth it!

Zane Roebuck stood up from his chair and just left all without saying a word. His father and uncle had just lost the Tag Team titles and he felt like he was no longer needed here. The real story, though, was what was going on in the ring. The Natural Athletes told the world that since they got to the main roster that they were way more than just hype. Tonight they’d just proven that!

The disappointed Huber was caught in shock after these events. They’d had a bitter fight with the Natural Athletes these last few weeks, but at the end of the day, the better team had just won. Huber climbed into the ring as Adam Roebuck just barely limped to his feet.

“I … I got nothing else to say. Congratulations.”

Huber extended a hand and shook the hands of Cori Albright and Terry Massimo who’d taken all the House could give them and gave it right back. Huber waited for Roebuck to do the same … but instead, the gruff monster brushed past the Athletes and headed to the back all without saying a word to anybody. Trainers came out to try and help him to the back but Adam Roebuck was a proud man who didn’t want help. He ignored them as well as Huber turned to the new champions.

“He’ll cool off. He always does. Enjoy your night … until we use our rematch, boys.”

“You bet,” Cori said, still not believing this was happening.

Huber let the new leaders of the Tag Team division have their day. Nate patted them on the shoulder as Terry and Cori shook hands and engaged in a manly hug. Tonight they had just climbed to the top of the mountain. With the tag teams as talented as they had ever been, the Natural Athletes had big shoes to fill, but they would look forward to the challenge.

Winner: The Natural Athletes via Pinfall (NEW jOlt World Tag Team Champions)

"An Unpopular Decision"

The scene opened up in the backstage area, Sebastian Saje was seen walking through the hallway, still in the jOlt Referee uniform. He turned the corner and came across Damien Lee’s office. He knocked on the door and heard a muffled voice from within, presumably Lee himself.

“Come in”

Saje opened the door and Lee was sitting behind his desk… Raevynn was sitting off to the side on Damien’s couch, keeping her distance from Lee as much as possible.

“What’s this about?” asked Saje.

Lee folded his hands and let out a heavy sigh

“I saw the match earlier tonight and Raevynn came to me about it as well. Even though you are a wrestler, if you’ve been deemed a special referee, you are expected to adhere to the policies in place for that position. You had ample opportunity to disqualify Raevynn if you felt it was necessary to do so. You had the power to end the match, but instead, you opted to put your hands on one of the competitors of the match, which is only permissible if you need to break up an altercation by force. After putting your hands on Raevynn, you hit her with your finishing maneuver and placed Alyssa Corliss on top of her, counting three which is a blatant show of favoritism.”

Saje was mortified by this.

“Whoa.. hold on just a second, Lee. Yes… I will admit to everything you say.. but don’t act like you have nothing to do with any of this. You knew what was going on before this match happened and yet you were the one who placed me in that match as Special Referee. I’ll take MOST of the responsibility for what happened tonight, but you better take some yourself because you were the one who put me in this situation.” said Saje.

Lee closed his eyes and let out a slight sigh.

“That is a fair request. You’re right. I am partly to blame for putting you into this match in such a position.” said Lee. “It’s with that partial blame that I am reconsidering my position here in this matter.”

“What do you mean?” asked Saje.

“Well, if you had hit anyone with your finisher, that would be one thing, but Raevynn is a female and you still hit her. Whether it was justified or not, from a political standpoint, you can see what kind of a situation that would put me in. My original course of action here would be to suspend you for violating that policy… but… your truthful accusation of my involvement in this will surely come back to bite me in the ass, so I decided that I will shoulder all responsibility for that should anything arise and I won’t suspend you… HOWEVER…” said Lee

Saje looked a bit quizzical at Lee.

“I do need to do SOMETHING to justify this.. so I am going to make an unpopular decision here. I am reversing the results of your match earlier tonight. Raevynn is hereby the official victor of the match by way of disqualification. Surely, given the circumstances, that is a far more acceptable admonishment.

Saje sighed

“Fine… but you know Alyssa’s not going to be happy about this.” said Saje.

“I know” said Lee. “That’s why I’m going to say something about that right here and now.”

Raevynn looked at Lee as if she didn’t expect this.

“I know Alyssa may need some time off for her knee due to Raevynn’s actions. The trainers are giving me some positive updates on it so I’m going to allow her to heal At Thieves Honor, Raevynn will face Alyssa in a rematch, only this time.. Sebastian, you will be banned from ringside to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

“WHAT!?” screamed Raevynn as she jumped out of her seat.

“Problem?” asked Lee.

“I didn’t come here to get roped into a rematch..” said Raevynn. “You want to make me the winner and not suspend him.. fine… but I didn’t sign up for a rematch!”

“Well.. you just did. As Sebastian said.. Alyssa probably isn’t going to take this news well. It’s only fair after all. “ said Lee.

Raevynn balled up her fist and gritted her teeth. She turned and rushed out of Lee’s office, slamming the door behind her.

“I mean what I said.. stay away from that match no matter what. I don’t need any more issues.. got it?”

“Yeah.. I got it..” said Saje.

With that the scene faded to black.

Mack Brody vs Ezekiel

It was going to be one man against an army of unknown assailants that had wrought havoc on jOlt Wrestling since they debuted right before Wrestlecade. Mack Brody had been pulled into the war with The Dead Cell back when he tried to help the now-broken Heirs of Wrestling. Ezekiel and company had not forgotten this fact, so when Mack Brody had gone for revenge against Frank Silver for backstabbing he and Ryan Gallway, Frank had left him to rot at the hands of The Dead Cell.

What happened over the next set of weeks was Mack Brody convinced that another former friend, Pietro Geist, had gone AWOL for months only to come back as the masked Dead Cell member Azreal. He had made a deal with Ezekiel that if he could defeat Azreal, then he would get a one-on-one match against the head of the group himself. Ezekiel pulled a bait-and-switch, allowing the hot-tempered Gabriel to fill in for him. Brody was victorious after a tough battle, which leads to now. Ezekiel was a man confined to getting around with a cane. Brody stated earlier in a pre-match interview that something may have been afoot, but if there was any chance of SuperMack fighting for his friend and ending The Dead Cell, he would have to fight and do so tonight.

The pre-match bell rang, letting the fans know that the next match was coming up next. As usual this evening, Dean Carrington stood in the center of the ring.

“The following contest is set for one fall!” Carrington shouted, garnering a big pop from the crowd.

The arena lights quietly faded and it wasn’t long before the US Airways Center went completely dark. The fans started to wait in anticipation as a ring bell started to sound over the PA in tune with some slow music. It was apropos music for the mood that Mack Brody had been in and it seemed a new theme was in order…

“It’s a Fight” by Three 6 Mafia.

As the music could be heard, a voiceover of an old clip started to sound.


Record scratch…

A single golden spark of pyro fired from the ceiling and soon, it collided with the stage, ERUPTING a massive display of red, yellow and blue fireworks from every which way!


Loud explosions had the crowd going off as the music continued to thunder throughout the arena. Standing on the center of the stage, back turned to the fans with his head perked down, a red cape with his “SuperMack” emblem that waved in the air.

“Making his way to the ring, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 303 pounds… THIS IS THE MAN CALLED SUPERMACK… MACK BRODY!

With a roar, he erupted from the sparks and stood proudly! His long locks were cut and replaced with a stylishly messy short blonde haircut. Golden taped wrist bands, thigh-length dark blue trunks and dark red wrestling boots. Brody stood his ground at the top of the ramp and walked to the ring as the lights began to pulsate and flash in colors of red, gold, and blue for several seconds at a time. Brody really was feeling his new SuperMack motif, so to speak, as he ripped off the cape, bundled it up and threw it into the fans where a lucky hot redheaded woman had the chance to take home a souvenir.

Mack headed up the steps and then climbed into the ring before he ascended a turnbuckle, slapping his chest with his hand and letting out and energetic roar. After feeding of the energy from the tremendous fans in the US Airways Center, Brody hopped off the turnbuckle and scanned the crowd as he pointed out some pro-Brody (“Prody” if you will) signs. Taking in the enormous response from the crowd, he used the time to run the ropes back and forth, getting himself warmed up before stopping mid-ring, raising both fists in the air and letting out a roar. He was ready for a fight tonight and without any doubt, The Dead Cell had something in store for The Man Called SuperMack.

"Believe," by Since October engulfed the airwaves, causing the entire arena to scan the crowd. Unlike the massive Mack Brody, his nemesis didn't make use of the entrance ramp. The tron was completely black except for the white crucifix logo that had become a calling card of his enemy's platoon, the Dead Cell, as it was emblazoned on the front of all of their gear. Like a pitch black shadow, the flock of archangels slipped through the crowd. The two biggest members, Azrael and Michael, led the way with tonight's representative in the middle of them all. They may have lost one with Gabriel's decision to leave, but they brought on two more with the acrobatic Shi No Ryu and the bloodthirsty Jensen Todd.

"And his opponent, from the Kingdom of Heaven, weighing in at 245 pounds... THE WISE PROPHET... EZEKIEL!!!"

SNR and Rafael darted past the line leaders and dove head first over the barricade. Ezekiel stepped up to the barrier and climbed over with some assistance from the fairer member of the group, Magdalena. He handed her his cane and removed his overcoat to reveal a heavily tattooed right arm which seemed to have a horror movie theme. Despite his slow limping, he looked to be in surprisingly good shape.

Ezekiel hobbled his way up the steps and out to the middle apron. Brody watched him like a hungry wolf stalking his prey. He could barely contain himself and if not for the referee standing between them, he would've pounced right on the Dead Cell's leader.

Speaking of getting pounced, motion off to his left caught Mack's attention and he suddenly noticed that the other members of the Dead Cell had surrounded the ring. The bell had yet to ring, so he was still fair game to their attack. Rafael dove under the bottom rope, drawing Brody towards him. The smallest archangel slipped back out to safety. However, he did his job. Michael was able to get fully up onto the apron before Mack set his sights on him. Brody narrowly missed with a right hand due to the field leader dropping down to the floor.

The numbers game captured SuperMack's full attention. Thinking the wise prophet's goons were the main concern, he kept his back to Ezekiel.

"Come on fuckers," Mack snarled and motioned for his stalkers to enter the ring. "I'll tear your arms off and beat you to fucking death with them."

No one would have ever of imagined what would happen next.


Ezekiel exploded off the apron and was airborn in an instant. He drove both feet square into his opponent's back, sending Brody tumbling through the ropes to the outside. The wise prophet executed a handspring back to his feet and immediately prepared for his next move. The bell rang, as an enraged Brody hurried back up and reached for the bottom rope.


The impact sent Mack tumbling over the security barrier into the crowd. A forward roll led to Ezekiel hitting the far ropes. If the springboard dropkick wasn't enough to prove that Ezekiel's handicap was nothing more than a ruse, what he did next confirmed it beyond a shadow of a doubt.



That's right. Ezekiel was able to complete a 180-degree turn while leaping all the way up to the top rope with no hands before executing a back flip over the barrier and onto his enemy. Ezekiel was up in a flash. He easily leapt up onto the barricade and looked over the stunned crowd.

"Behold heathen and sinners," Ezekiel announced to all in attendance. "The Lord has given me the strength to smite this leviathan! Bow down and accept him as your savior!"

Brody wasn't sure what hit him, as stars revolved around his head. Ezekiel had focused back upon him and threw him back over the security barrier. Mack struggled to regain his focus. He tried to distance himself from the DC's leader, yet Ezekiel was hot on his tail.


Ezekiel spun his enemy to face him and immediately blasted him in the chest with a horrifying roundhouse to the chest that put even the monstrous Brody on his ass against the security barrier. The wise prophet slipped under the bottom rope and right back out, breaking the count in an instant. He was not going to let the massive Brody breathe let alone get back up. Two hands full of hair kept Brody from moving, as Ezekiel cracked him again and again right in the face with Muay Thai style knee strikes.

Knowing the match had a lot on the line, the referee was very lenient with his count and the rules. He pleaded for the wise prophet to bring things into the ring. Ezekiel paid him no mind while leading Mack over to the corner of the barrier where an empty chair was placed. Ezekiel pulled the chair away and seated his enemy on the top of the barrier. Once putting the chair right where he wanted it, the one-eyed prophet built up a head of steam and leapt off of it.


A brutal tiger knee struck Brody in the jaw, sending him back into the crowd.

"Sinners watch in fear for you too shall fall victim to the Lord's righteous wrath," Ezekiel enlightened all who could hear his voice.

SuperMack's will was far from broken. He put all his energy into pulling himself up off the arena floor. He had barely rose up from one knee when Ezekiel once again grabbed him by the hair and pulled him back over the barricade. Once again his enemy was in control. Brody could do nothing to stop Ezekiel from hooking him in a Muay Thai clinch, so the wise prophet could continue his knee assault.

Magdalena had the referee tied up on the far side of the ring, giving the Dead Cell's leader all the time he wanted on the outside to do damage. The count of alternating knees to Mack's jaw reached seven before Ezekiel forced him into the ring. The single ice blue eye of Ezekiel stared down at his adversary. There was an evil lurking inside him and everyone could see it, while he watched Brody try to stand.

"Your sin of pride has brought this hell upon you," Ezekiel yelled down at his weakened foe. "God shows mercy... I do not."

After dragging his enemy out into the middle of the ring, the one-eyed leader of the DC let loose with a reverse knife edge chop that echoed through the arena.

Instead of dropping back down to a knee, Brody shook off the strike and stared at his foe. Ezekiel wasn't going to just give up due to Mack's fighting through the pain and a second chop found its mark.

That one caused Mack to growl and step towards Ezekiel. The duo went nose to with adrenaline starting to pump through SuperMack's veins.

"Is that the best you got, fucker?" Mack snarled.

Ezekiel shoved him, creating just enough space to deliver another roundhouse that sent Brody stumbling back before falling to his ass.

Not going to be shown up by a such a faithless sinner, the wise prophet gripped his opponent by the ears and pulled him forward onto all fours, so he could demolish him with a barrage of Kawada kicks right to the nose and mouth. Ten straight kicks to the face with the last one being the worst of them all left Brody face down on the mat.

Mack's stay on the mat was a short one. He was pulled up and sent barreling into the corner. It still mystified the crowd just how could Ezekiel move so quickly after witnessing him hobbling around. He was a black blur aimed right at his dazed enemy.


A step up knee strike in the corner found its mark and Brody instantly dropped to one knee. Ezekiel kept moving. He hit the ropes, building up as much steam as he could to deliver another tiger knee right to his foe's jaw, sending Brody through the ropes and onto the apron.

The wise prophet quickly joined Mack out on the apron and hooked his arms around him from behind. The apron was no man's land. A fact Brody was fully aware of. He began to struggle, making it hard for Ezekiel to keep his grip locked. The trio of elbows to the side of the head didn't help Ezekiel much either and Mack knocked him off the apron with a discus punch.

Brody used the top rope to stay vertical, as he tried to regain as much energy as he could. He would quickly find Ezekiel interfering with that. The leader of the Dead Cell leapt back onto the apron and drove a knee into Supermack's ribs. That stunned Mack long enough for Ezekiel to jump and twist into a possible sunset flip power bomb to the floor. Brody's hold on the top rope wouldn't be broken though despite his opponent's pulling. A jumping knee drop to the chest by Mack bent the wise prophet back harshly along the apron.

It wasn't much of an opening, but it gave Mack a little bit of room to breathe. Ezekiel held his back, as he got back up to a vertical base on the floor. He gritted his teeth while blocking out the pain and turned right into the path of an on-coming freight train named Mack Brody.


Mack was starting to catch fire. He slapped the arena floor with both hands before standing back up. He marched over to Ezekiel and gripped him by the collar and seat of his pants.


Head first into the security barrier went Ezekiel. Mack easily tossed him around like he was dealing with a child. Mack was now in full control and he wasn't looking to give it up any time soon. He pulled his enemy up off the floor by the throat. As if he was lifting a feather, Brody hoisted Ezekiel into the air with a gorilla press and then, walked around the ringside area with him. He couldn't resist taunting his opponent just a by doing reps with him.






A sinister idea popped into SuperMack's head. With Ezekiel still held high, he charged towards the announce table and launched the wise prophet over the color commentator's head and the barrier into the crowd!


There was very little doubt now who just was the strongest man in jOlt. Brody just launched a 6'5", 245lbs man through the air without even an audible grunt. After breaking the slow, barely non-existent count, Mack met his enemy at the barrier and used a modified hip toss to launch him into the air.


Back first across the announce table with all the equipment still there went Ezekiel and he snarled in pain. Brody was showing a bonified mean streak tonight. He was determined to inflict as much pain as humanly possible upon the DC's leader. Ezekiel rolled off the table and slowly tried to crawl to safety, but there was no sanctuary for him. Mack once again grabbed him by the collar and pants, this time throwing him into the ring. The wise prophet looked to the ropes for assistance to get vertical. They didn't fail him, but maybe it was better that he stayed down, as an enraged Brody was waiting for him. A huge double sledgehammer to the small of his back dropped him to his knees, leaving him wide open for Mack to just wreck him with a vicious standing lariat.

"Talk shit now, you one-eyed fuck," Brody thundered while pulling his foe back up.

Mack sent Ezekiel flying into the corner. He whipped him into the opposite corner and instantly took off after him.


That would be sound of Brody's face being met with a superkick.

With his army cheering him on, Ezekiel rose back up, matching his enemy who was doing the same. The wise prophet let loose a brutal Muay Thai elbow strike. He immediately followed it up with a jumping elbow to the very top of Brody's skull.

Yet, it was all for naught.

Mack fired back with a single right hand of his own that sent him stumbling back into the corner. Another Irish whip and Ezekiel hit the corner hard. Brody again tried to charge in. Instead of being met with a kick, SuperMack found nothing but air waiting in the corner. His collision with the corner stunned him, sending him stumbling out towards the middle of the ring. He had no idea that Ezekiel had hit the ropes and was headed right at him.


He may have looked like a cripple, but Ezekiel's strong suit was definitely his legs. That leaping kick put down the much larger Brody with ease and sent him rolling out to the floor for safety.

Or so he thought.


Ezekiel was not going to just wait for Mack to bring the fight back to him. He was going to punish the man he sees as a sinner. Brody could do nothing to defend himself, as Ezekiel down through the ropes as fast as he could and socked him with an elbow. The crowd may have hated it, the Dead Cell exploded into cheers for their leader.

It took a few moments for both warriors to start the climb back up to a vertical base. Ezekiel was the first to do so and he rolled Mack back in, soon joining him in the ring. The wise prophet took a modified boxing stance while waiting for Brody to rise up from the mat. A right-left combination of punches were followed by a low right kick to the inside of Mack's leg and a matching one with the left to the outside, which dropped the monstrous Brody to one knee.


Once again Ezekiel struck hard with a roundhouse to big Mack's chest. However, this time, his opponent didn't budge.


Another connected and still Mack replied with a growl.

Ezekiel was not going to retreat at all. Quite the contrary, he decided to turn up the heat.


It sounded like a machine gun was going off in the arena with each kick just as horrifying as the last. Yet, Ezekiel was looking to put a violent cherry on top.


He dashed to the ropes and roared while delivering a devastating shining wizard.

First cover of the match-up...




Brody was able to use his considerable strength to remove his adversary from the cover. Ezekiel took his time standing back up. The normally ice cold Ezekiel was starting to show subtle signs of rage while looking down at his rival.

"All the strength in the world and it amounts to nothing more than a light breeze compared to the Lord's might," the wise prophet informed Brody, while standing over him.

By the hair, Mack was pulled up and quickly hooked for what looked to be a half nelson suplex. A pair of back elbows put an end to that and Brody spun around right into suplex position. There was no way Ezekiel was going to fight off the sheer power of his opponent, no matter how hard he tried. SuperMack took him vertical and gave him a few seconds to think about it.


The impact nearly dented the ring and Brody hooked the near leg, hoping to get a quick pinfall...




Ezekiel was able to slip his shoulder out from under Mack with just a moment to spare. Brody was not going to dwell on his opponent escaping defeat. SuperMack began bouncing up and down. He was hyping himself up for what next while timing it just right.

"This is for Pietro," he announced.

Ezekiel staggered back to his feet only to find Brody stampeding towards him from the ropes.


The trademark move of Brody's possibly last remaining friend in jOlt turned the leader of the DC inside out. Hoping that poetic justice would prevail, Mack went for another cover...




Despite some really good efforts by Mack, Ezekiel refused to stay down. Brody enjoyed hurting his foe, but he felt it was time to end it.

"Let's see if your god made you bulletproof."

He pulled his enemy from the mat and hooked half a straight jacket. He spun Ezekiel out like they were dancing. Brody's gun was cocked and ready to fire...


Missed the mark.

Ezekiel did not.


Brody still stood, but his running lights dimmed to almost nothing. Ezekiel slipped behind him to hook another half nelson and was quickly snapmared over. Mack charged with clotheslining his foe's head off as the goal. He whiffed due to the wise prophet bobbing under the attack. Ezekiel surprised everyone by lifting him up into a fireman's carry.


Despite the impact of the knee to the jaw turning Mack's legs into jelly, Ezekiel kept him up by keeping a half nelson applied. There was no way Mack was going to escape this time.


The leader of the Dead Cell spiked his adversary right on his head with unbelievable torque that many thought he had broken Mack's neck. Ezekiel hurried into a cover, making sure to hook the leg...




Everyone was sure that the vicious suplex had ended Mack Brody, but his will to win refused to let him die. Ezekiel stood at his head and leaned down, so he could draw a small crucifix on Mack's forehead with his thumb. The wise prophet captured Brody's arm at the wrist and pulled him up. A pair of quick, left-footed kicks struck the big man's gut. This allowed Ezekiel to twist into an arm wrench before pulling his enemy to him.


into a...


In the very dead center of the ring, the one-eyed warrior had a dangerous submission hold expertly applied on his enemy. Ezekiel cranked back with all of his might, hoping to break Brody's will for all to see. Mack roared in pain. His head and neck had been the focus of Ezekiel's attacks and now, he was hooked in a submission that focused on them. The positioning was just about as perfect as it could be. Even Brody's gigantic body couldn't reach the ropes. With each passing moment, things became a little bit darker for Mack. He knew he was going to have to do something and do it fast.

"Do you want to give it up, Mack?" The referee asked. "I can ring the bell right now."

"Hell no!"


The capacity crowd began to come alive and there was no doubt who they were rooting for. Things looked bleak for Mack, but the chanting of the crowd seemed to breathe new life into him. The fans began clapping along with their chanting and Brody began to snarl. He slowly pulled his legs up underneath him. His right foot slammed into the mat, planting it right there. His left foot did just the same. Mack gripped his enemy best he could. Mack wasn't a mat technician and he didn't try to be. He was all power and that power came into play once more. Brody's roar echoed through the arena, as he pulled Ezekiel up from the mat even with the hold still applied.

"I'll never fucking give up," Mack screamed and slammed his foe down as hard as he possibly could.

And the hold was broken.

He might have delivered the last attack, but Brody was far from better off than his opponent. Neither man was doing kip ups or anything. As a matter of fact, several moments passed before either even tried to get vertical. Ezekiel was just a little bit faster than his foe and came out firing with a forearm to the jaw.

Brody shook it off and got another forearm for his troubles.

This time, Mack fired back. He launched a forearm of his own that made his one-eyed enemy's knees buckle.

Ezekiel exploded into a trio of forearms. He blocked his foe's attempt to retaliate and unleashed a brutal spinning back fist.

Seeing a chance to regain control, the wise prophet headed to the ropes. However, he was not expecting his foe to be heading in his direction at a frantic pace.


Just flat out running over his foe, Brody had put a definitive monkey wrench in whatever plan Ezekiel had with a massive body attack that looked as if Ezekiel had run head on into a semi. Brody shook his head sharply and smacked himself in the side of the head, hoping to clear some of the cobwebs before pulling his enemy up and forcing him chest-first into the corner. A clubbing blow to the back nearly knocked the Dead Cell's leader to the mat. Mack still had enough in him to lift his foe and sit him on the top turnbuckle. He slowly climbed up to join Ezekiel. Both men were soon standing atop the corner and Mack was caught off-guard by a flurry of elbow strikes.

Heavily dazed, Mack found himself hooked for what might be a power bomb off the top rope. Ezekiel just couldn't lift the huge Brody and Mack countered by trying for a back drop. However, the wise prophet was able to slide down behind him and land safely on the second rope. That simple counter led to a lot of damage.


Brody was once again dumped on his head and neck, this time from the very top rope. Running on instincts alone, Mack tried to get vertical. He should've stayed down, as Ezekiel blitzed him, hooking on a scissored front choke.

To say Mack's head was throbbing would be an understatement. Things were going dark for the man they call "SuperMack". Ezekiel had the hold expertly applied and was using all of his body weight to keep the big man grounded. Brody stretched his arm out as far as it would go, but the ropes were just too far away to reach. He could hear his opponent roaring while applying more pressure and his hand began to slowly fall to the mat. Once it hit the mat, the referee swooped in to check on him. There was no response from the big man.

The referee grabbed Mack's wrist and raised his arm into the air.

It fell once.

For a second time, Brody's arm was lifted from the mat.

It fell twice.

For the third and possibly final time, it was pulled up from the mat.


It fell...

and stopped less than an inch from the mat!

With the fans clapping and stomping their feet, showing their support for him, a shot of adrenaline awakened the sleeping giant. Brody wrapped his massive arms around Ezekiel and flat out muscled him up from the mat. The wise prophet tried his best to choke the life out of him only to be driven into the corner harshly.

That broke the hold and Mack stumbled backwards to the middle of the ring. He was having trouble seeing and thinking clearly and he dropped to one knee. Ezekiel's arms hooking the top rope was the only reason he didn't plummet to the mat. Mack took a deep breath and hurried towards his enemy, getting a boot to the mouth. He was on wobbly legs while backing away from his adversary, giving Ezekiel time to climb up to the middle rope. The one-eyed warrior leapt towards his gigantic enemy. A bear hug was waiting for him.

Mack squeezed with all of his might and violent whipped Ezekiel from side to side. Then, he decided to make it worse.


With sound instincts of his own, Ezekiel's body went into autopilot and he stood back up. It was only for a moment.


Brody was not going to let up. He instantly pulled Ezekiel up and lifted him up into power bomb position. Like a tornado, Mack began to spin in place. The fans knew what this meant and they were about be proven right.


The revolution sit-out power bomb that had won Mack many a match was executed without mercy on his enemy. Mack felt this could be it and so did the crowd, as they joined in with the referee counting the fall...




Ezekiel's right shoulder exploded up off the canvas with barely the width of an eyelash between the referee's hand and the mat. The Dead Cell came to life, as even they couldn't believe that their leader had escaped the jaws of defeat. Brody fell to his back, looking up at the lights while wondering what he had to do to keep the wise prophet down. He looked at his opponent from one knee, trying to use his hatred to fuel him. Mack may be exhausted and hurting, but he still had more than enough to put Ezekiel up in a torture rack.

He had the Gold-Digger in mind and his enemy was determined to not let that happen. Elbows battered the side of his head, forcing him to drop Ezekiel. The wise prophet landed on his feet and shoved Mack into the ropes. After completing a forward roll, the wise prophet leapt into the air for a clothesline. Brody was having none of it. He just threw his airborn opponent unceremoniously to the side. Yet, his wasn't his intention to have Ezekiel utterly annihilate the referee.

As the referee rolled out to the floor, Mack snatched up his enemy and instantly hooked him in half a straight jacket. A simple forced rotation led to Brody pulling him back into...


There was no doubt that the leader of the Dead Cell would be taking his communion through a straw next Sunday and was damn lucky his head wasn't taken completely off his shoulders. The brown-haired Michael had seen enough and with a deafening whistle, the five righteous soldiers dove into the ring with Magdalena checking on their leader near the corner. Normally, SuperMack would have been quite the prey to overcome, but after all the damage he had taken, he was no match for them. From all sides, the black platoon engulfed him. Fists, feet, and knees came at him from all angles and all he could do was cover up.

"Get him up," Michael ordered with Jensen Todd, Shi No Ryu, and Rafael quick to obey his command.

The trio held Brody up while Michael blasted him with right hand after right hand. He slapped the bloodthirsty, blond Azrael on the chest and pointed to the ropes.

"I want his head on a platter."

Azrael knew exactly what he meant and began to remove the elbow pad on his right arm. The trio held Brody in place, so he couldn't find a single means of escape. He was on the tracks with the freight train coming right at him.


Not even the mountain of a man that is Mack Brody could withstand the horrifying impact of Azrael's lariat... shades of the man Brody claimed Azrael truly was, Pietro Geist. The flock of archangels stood over their prey and with just a look from Michael, Rafael knew what he wanted. The smallest archangel slapped Jensen on the chest and motioned for him to join him. The pair raced out to the floor, while Michael mounted their victim and assaulted him with punches. Rafael and Jensen pulled a table out from under the ring. They were just about to slide it in the ring when everything started to flicker.

Michael looked up from his pummeling of Brody to scan the arena.

"He's here."

The entire Dead Cell went into damage control, leaving Brody to suffer on the mat. The flickering became more frequent until the entire arena went dark. The fans burst into cheers. They knew who was coming and so did the Dead Cell...


Gigantic explosions of fire lit up the entrance ramp and walking with a purpose came the mysterious monster known as... THE REVENANT!!!

There was no waiting on their foe tonight. The Dead Cell immediately started towards the spectre that haunted them. Rafael was first.


He had his face smacked with the grave digger shovel.

SNR was next.


He caught a backhanded attack with the shovel across the face.

Jensen Todd tried his luck and took a different approach by leaping at the Revenant with a Superman punch. The poltergeist easily side-stepped it and drove his boot deep into Todd's bread basket.


The grave digger shovel was swung like a hammer driving in a spike, but this time it was brought down along the back of Jensen's head. Michael was filling with anger, as he watched his troops being mowed down by their sworn enemy. The Revenant pointed the tip of his shovel towards Michael and that pushed the lead archangel over the edge. Wasting no motion, both he and Azrael took off to the outside to meet their nemesis. For the first time, the Revenant showed emotion. He roared like a lion and threw his shovel aside, wanting to destroy the two monsters heading his way without any help from his favorite weapon.

The three men met at the bottom of the entrance ramp and the fans rallied behind the heavily bandaged ghost, as he traded punches and kicks with the two baddest that the Dead Cell had to offer. A huge right hand sent Michael stumbling back and his ally was violently thrown into the barricade. The Revenant was up to the task.

With a street fight occurring on the outside, Magdalena noticed the situation in the ring. Facing the Revenant was her greatest fear and she was not going to jump into the fray and risk it happening. Thus him being distracted by her allies allowed her to focus on the greater goal. Brody was obviously hurt, but starting to stir. She helped Ezekiel regain his focus and get back to his feet.

"He is shours for zhe taking, Herr Ezekiel," she informed him.

"Bless you, my child," he replied, turning to face the hurting Brody.

Ezekiel never noticed that his female cohort was dragged out of the ring and launched into the crowd by a woman in face paint. The wise prophet slowly made his way over to his opponent and was just about to grip him by the hair when there was a whistle. It grabbed his attention and he turned towards its origin.

Bad idea...


The former member of the Cerberus, Maddox St. James, had come from out of nowhere and took Ezekiel out of his boots with a leaping double knee strike square to the chest. The deaf warrior had picked his spot perfectly. There was no one to protect the Dead Cell's leader. Maddox forced the nearly unconscious Ezekiel to stand and quickly took him vertical.


Ezekiel was going nowhere. He was just spiked into the mat by his former ally. Maddox saw The Revenant starting to be overcome by the Dead Cell and knew he had to do something about it. The silent soldier hit the ropes and showed some unbelievable agility of his own.


The crowd and the unknown woman in war paint loved that and the fans began clapping and stamping along with the rhythm of her slapping the mat. It became clear who she was. She was Maddox's girlfriend, Alice Castle.

Bodies littered the ringside area. Inside the ring or out, the only man standing was Mack Brody. He used the top rope to stay upright until he could muster enough energy to stagger over to his opponent. Azrael saw what was going on and slipped into the ring.

"Watch out," Alice cried out to SuperMack and just in time too.

Brody just barely saw Azrael coming out of the corner of his eye. The blond archangel missed wildly with another lariat and hit the ropes. He had no idea that the Revenant was waiting for him.


There was an audible crack when the Revenant struck Azrael across the jaw with the attack. There wasn't a doubt in anyone's mind that the archangel just had his jaw broken. The Revenant pinned Azrael in the corner while Maddox rolled the referee back into the ring.

"Finish him," the Revenant screamed to Mack, as Maddox kept the rest of the DC at bay on the outside with the spectre's shovel in hand. Magdalena was being held in place by her hair by Alice and Maddox pushed the tip of the shovel against her throat, threatening to end her, should they get too close.

Brody pulled Ezekiel up and for what he hoped would be the last time, hooked him in half a straight jacket.

"Give the devil my regards."

He spun him out and roared.



Ezekiel was knocked into next week. All Brody could do was drape his enormous frame over his enemy. The referee crawled into position...





The crowd blowing the roof off the arena meant only one thing...


He didn't look like much of a victor, but he had defeated the leader of the Dead Cell. He remained on the mat for several moments. He had just gone through hell and was in no shape to stand. While Mack tried to regain even the tiniest bit of energy, Maddox and Alice slipped into the ring, making sure to drag Magdalena with them. The Revenant led Azrael out of the corner by the hair, looking like Jason Voorhees dragging one of his victims through the woods.

Michael and the other members of the Dead Cell swarmed the ring, so they could pull their leader from the it, leaving Azrael and Magdalena to their enemies. There was nothing they could do, even if they wanted to save them. They could only watch the events in the ring unfold, as their numbers advantage had gone by the waste side and their leader was a broken and battered mess.

Brody slowly battled up to one knee. He looked up at his newly found allies Maddox St. James and Alice Castle before looking to the Revenant, who he knew all too well.

"It is time you learned the truth," the Revenant informed him before giving a nod to the deaf fighter and the female.

The young woman reached down and harshly removed the mask covering Magdalena's face. She tried to keep her head lowered, so her raven-colored hair would keep her identity hidden.

"LOOK AT HIM," the Revenant demanded loudly. "LOOK AT HIM OR I WILL END YOU!"

The lone female archangel flipped her hair out of her face and looked up at the monstrous spectre with a look of hatred in her eyes.

It was...


The love of Pietro Geist's life was a member of the Dead Cell. The very group that attacked him all those weeks ago.

"Shou deserve to burn in hell for vhat shou have done," she hissed at the poltergeist.

"You gotta be fucking kidding me," Mack said aloud, not believing what he was seeing. However, her being exposed caused the light bulb above SuperMack's head to not only turn on but explode. He turned to the lifeless Azrael, who the Revenant was keeping sat up by the hair. "That means he HAS TO BE Pietro Geist!"

"Unfortunately not," the Revenant replied, while removing the massive blond archangel's mask to reveal a face that Mack didn't know. "His name is Erik Kroenen, son of the false prophet's former ally K.R. Kroenen. He is nothing more than a doppleganger, brought on to use a name and reputation that didn't belong to him because the true warrior refused to kneel before the crown."

"Shit," Brody exlaimed and drove his boot into Kroenen's face out of frustration. He looked to the heavily bandaged warrior. "If that isn't him, then where the fuck is he?! You seem to have all the fucking answers here. Spit it the fuck out! Where is he?! Where is Pietro Geist?!"

The Revenant sighed and reached into his boot to pull out a knife. He lowered his head while slowly slicing the bandages that wrapped around his head. As each length of bandage fell, more blond hair began to fall out. The spectre slowly lifted his head, so his blue eyes could lock on Brody's. SuperMack took a few steps back in shock, as Maddox grinned from ear to ear.

The Revenant was...


"You fucking asshole," Brody said in disbelief. "All this time you let me think that piece of shit was you."

"I could not reveal my identity," Geist responded and held out his fist to SuperMack. "However, that does not change the fact that I am and always will be your friend."

"It is good to have you back, you crazy fuck," Mack smiled and slammed his fist into Geist's, causing the crowd to cheer loudly.

There was no doubting their alliance. Yet, it was more than just a dynamic duo. St. James extended his fist to meet theirs while his lady love slipped under his arm and wrapped hers around him. Brody and Geist looked over at them, not sure what to make of it.

"What do ya say, fuckers?" Alice asked with a devilish grin. "Can we join in on the fun?"

Brody smiled at them while Geist was stone faced like normal.

"Yeah?" Alice looked to confirm.

"Fuck yeah," Brody replied.

And that was that. The four warriors turned their attention to the crowd, who started cheering for them once more with Brody's music playing in the background. All four knew that the Dead Cell was far from eradicated and would be back to wage an even great war. One defeat does not win a war and this war was just beginning. However, that talk would have to wait for another night. For tonight, the victory was theirs. Mack Brody had proven that even the mighty Ezekiel was human and the Dead Cell was far from invincible.

Winner: Mack Brody via Pinfall

"Insert Appropriate Queen Song Here"

After a CHAOTICALLY awesome match between Mack Brody getting the win over the enigmatic Dead Cell leader, Ezekiel, we were just one match away from the main event. The Fearless Championship main event pitting jOlt World Champion Jeremy Ryan as the challenger against the current and defending champion, the long-reigning Omega. But before that, we cut backstage one more time to Dawn Cassidy who had a bright smile on her face.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Dawn said. “Our night is about to wind down to a close, but before we get to our main event, my guests with me at this time… they are the NEW jOlt Tag Team Champions… please welcome THE NATURAL ATHLETES!”

A HUGE pop erupted from the fans in the US Airways Center! After a hell of a battle going back and forth between the present and the future of the tag team division, it was future that won out. Cori Albright and Terry Massimo, along with Nate Quartermaine, all stepped into view!


Cori and Nate were singing as they looked to Cori’s half of the Tag Team Championships wile Terry cleared his throat…

“CAUSE WE ARE THE… Ahem, tag…” then back to singing… VERY WELL, might I add. Pleasing baritone voice. “OF THE WORLLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!”

All three members of The Natural Athletes took a bow while the crowd chanted.


Dawn Cassidy laughed along with them as she shrugged.

“Well, I guess that answers the question of how you guys are feeling coming off the biggest win of your careers tonight!”

“It’s a’ight,” Terry said, coolly.

“IF by ‘a’ight’ you mean ‘CRAZY STUPID AWESOME’, Terry!” Cori added. “We busted our asses off! We worked hard to get here, didn’t take shit from anybody and now here we stand. The House tried to stop us and true to their word, they gave us the fight of our careers, but we persevered, we fought back and now, all that time we put into making The Natural Athletes the most talked-about tag team in jOlt history…”

Cori raised his newly-acquired half of the Tag Team Titles.

“Well, you can start the talking… NOW. HISTORY-MAKING. We’re only the second tag team after our boys, Cross The Hood, to graduate from the Hype to win the Tag Team Titles.”

“But, but, but, but,” Terry added again. “We’re da first to hold BOTH the Hype Tag Team Titles and now the jOlt Tag Team Titles! So we can start puttin’ ourselves for da best team eva now?”

“Never settle!” Nate said. “If you win a title, you covet it. You make the title mean something, so if you want to be the best, you have to set the goal higher.”

“Lofty goals!” Dawn said. “Now what’s on the horizon for The Natural Athletes?”

“Well, first things first,” Cori said. “I have two goals. One for myself and one as a team. Let me address the team part. The House created themselves an amazing reign with the Tag Team Titles and you can bet Terry and I are gonna do everything we can to TOP that! Huber mentioned to us after the match that they’ll be cashing in their rematch… so we’ll do you one better, House. On the next iNtense, if you guys want a fight, we’ll be your huckleberry.”

“You hearin’ it here first, Dawn,” Terry interjected. “House, if y’all can hear us, we’re INVITIN’ you to cash in yer rematch on iNtense! We ain’t waitin’ to fight again.”

Dawn nodded and smiled at getting this big announcement first before she turned to Cori Albright.

“You mentioned a goal for yourself? What was that?”

Cori handed her his iPhone from his back pocket.

“Get your digits?”

The crowd clapped and hooted at that as Terry and Nate couldn’t help but laugh. Dawn turned to the camera.

“Okay, interview over!” Dawn said.

Booing could be heard! Shot down on live TV! Nate and Terry patted Cori on the back.

“Tough luck, my dude,” Terry said.

He and Nate walked off, leaving Cori alone with Dawn who stood there. The camera hadn’t quite gone off yet, but the fans got to see something saucy…

Dawn Cassidy taking the phone and typing in her digits and handing the phone back to Cori who was now doing a cartwheel.

No, seriously.

Now let's go watch some guys beat each other up in a boiler room for our amusement, shall we?

"It's Coming... Soon"

Michael Buhrman: Mack Brody got the win, but what did we just see? The Revenant was Pietro Geist all along? Mack Brody entered this match to defend Geist's honor.. Geist.. a man Brody considered his friend, and Geist was there the entire time. I think I'm just as shocked as Mack Brody and everyone else here tonight!

Nate Powers: Yeah, but I don't think Mack Brody is complaining too much. Alice Castle and Maddox St. James are also standing side by side with Brody and now things have gotten really interesting with The Dead Cell. Maddox St. James doesn't exactly like The Dead Cell.. namely Ezekiel and he showed that when Cerberus was persuaded to join their ranks. Obviously we know that Shi no Ryu and Jensen Todd have done so, but we now know Maddox St. James full answer. Not only did he NOT join them.. he's set to oppose them alongside Geist, Brody, and Castle!

Michael Burhman: Indeed! While things get settled out in the ring, we would like to highlight our main event, which is coming up next. Jeremy Ryan and Omega have been at each other's throats and now, Jeremy Ryan has a chance to become a double champion, should he beat Omega here tonight inside a Boiler Room Brawl! Let's take a look at the video.

All of a sudden, the jOltvision turned to static

Michael Burhman: Another one of these? We saw that graphic on Sunday Night iNtense that read 7/24/15.. then we saw one on Countdown that read 7/31/15.. and now this one which reads 8/7/15?

Nate Powers: All of those dates are on a Friday and Shayne Anderson, The Hype General Manager, has stated that he is the one behind these graphics. What do they mean? What does Shayne Anderson have to say on the 24th?

Michael Burhman: I don't know, but I we're going to move onto our main event... Omega.. Jeremy Ryan.. It's NEXT!

Omega(c) vs Jeremy Ryan

The fans were electric sitting in the US Airways Center after witnessing one of the best and chaotic pay-per-views in JOLT’s history. The night still was not over as the main event of the evening was just about to begin as the JOLT World Heavyweight Champion, Jeremy Ryan was looking for something unprecedented. He was trying to be the first man in JOLT to hold both World and Fearless championships at the same time. But in order for this miraculous feat to happen, Ryan would have to take the Fearless title from Omega in a Boiler Room Brawl.

This was definitely an uphill battle for Ryan but the World champion’s mouth got the best of him by suggesting this match. Ryan was brash and driven but the Fearless champion, Omega has made destruction and chaos apart of his career in JOLT. The JOLT-vision lit up as the camera was seen inside of the infamous Boiler Room. There were lights in the ceiling of the room that were not there before. Darius Underwood stood in the room waiting for the participants of the match.

The camera focused back to the ring as Dean Carrington stood in the ring.

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall and this is your main event of tonight’s Rise of the Legends Pay-Per-View! This match will be a Boiler Room Brawl for the JOLT Fearless Championship. There will be No disqualifications and no count outs, in order to win the match you must either incapacitate your opponent enough to leave the room or pin your opponent.”

Loud cheer from the fans in the arena.

“Introducing first the challenger, hailing from Bangor, Maine, weighing in at two hundred and sixty pounds… he is the reigning and defending jOlt World Heavyweight Champion… this is… ”JOLT’S LAST REAL MAN” JEREMY RYAN!”


“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

The anthem of all things manly blasted throughout the arena, and the buzz that had been generated from the opening announcement of the match quickly turned sour. The JOLT-vision showed jOlt’s self-proclaimed Last Real Man walking down the hall. The JOLT-vision showed Jeremy Ryan making his way into the dark dank confines of the Boiler room. Auspicious by his absence was Sonny Silver, but the camera panned back to his locker room where he, Frank Silver, and the newest member of Silver’s crew, “The First” Freddie Rich were watching the events unfold.

“And his opponent, hailing from parts unknown, weighing in at three hundred and forty-five pounds… he is the reigning and defending JOLT Fearless Champion… this is… ”THE CRAZIEST BASTARD IN WRESTLING” OOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!

The arena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of “Redeemer” by Marilyn Manson echoed throughout the arena. Jeremy stood by the light of the hallway door in the boiler room waiting for the champion to make his appearance. The cameras panned around to the entrance of the boiler room waiting for the champion to emerge. A mixed reaction for the fans in the arena as they looked at the JOLT-vision. A young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

We bask in the glory of pain

We are one with pain


A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as Ryan still waited for Omega to appear. The lights slowly came back on in the arena as you can hear the fans yelling and screaming as the camera caught something in the back of the boiler room. A voice was heard in the dimly lit boiler room.

Be careful what you wish for Mr. Ryan. Come face the boogeyman if you dare.

Ryan had a “holy shit” look on his face as Omega was in the boiler room the whole time. Ryan slowly and cautiously made his way around the boiler room as the champion finally came into view. The world champion rushed at the Fearless champion but Omega was ready as he nailed Ryan with a big right hand. The two men went blow for blow now in the boiler room as Darius stood a good distance looking on. This was something that Jeremy did not want to do but the World champion’s ego would beg to differ.

The boogeyman was started to get the upper hand as his massive blows were starting to affect Ryan. Omega drove a big knee into Ryan’s midsection halting the fisticuffs at the moment. The Fearless champion grabbed Ryan by the arm and whipped him into a very large furnace. Ryan quickly fell off the furnace from the heat on his back. Omega drove a boot into Ryan’s face as the World champion fell to the floor.

The fans in the arena cheered the sight of Ryan lying on the floor.

Omega was not done as he knelt down next to Ryan.

“Don’t worry we have much pain in store for you.”

The big man drove several rights into Ryan’s face as he lay on the floor trying to cover up but the massive shot from Omega seemed to be hitting much of its mark. Omega stood to his feet as he looked down at Ryan. Jeremy was not going to quit as he tried to get to his feet. Omega drilled a knee into the side of Ryan’s head. The Fearless champion suddenly walked out of the camera’s view to another area of the boiler room as Ryan was on one knee.

The World champion made it to his feet, looking around for Omega in the process. The big man came into view with two by four in hand, looking to knock Ryan’s head off. Jolt’s last real man ducked the swing and nailed the Fearless champion with a low blow. This was to buy him some time as the fans in the arena jeered after witnessing that move which was legal in this match. The boogeyman dropped to his knees. Any man will drop to his knees after a shot like that. The fans in the arena let Ryan know how they felt about that move.


That was music to Ryan’s ears as the World champion now had the two by four in hand and you know something evil was about to happen. Ryan smirked as he pulled the two by four high in the air before unloading on Omega’s back as each shot to the back sounded like gunshots in the boiler room.


The fans in the arena cringed with each shot to Omega’s back. The World champion looked down at his prey.

“I told you before freak. I’m not scared of your motherfuckin’ ass.”

Omega looked up at Ryan with a sick smile on his face. “You should be.”

That set Ryan off as he kicked Omega in the stomach before nailing him again with the two by four to the back of his neck breaking the board in half. The Fearless champion was on his knees as Ryan grabbed him and drove him to the floor.


Ryan quickly hooked Omega’s leg for the cover. Underwood dropped down for the count.

ONE… TWO… KICKOUT!!! Jeremy Ryan was not done as he pulled Omega to his feet. He whipped the enigma into the wall, trying to further injure the back. The World champion looked around the boiler room for more weapons as Omega slumped to the floor from hitting the wall with such force. Ryan found something in the room as he made his way over to where Omega sat. The world champion found a lead pipe and steel chair which he had in each hand.

Jolt’s last real man dropped the chair to the floor as he went over to Omega with the lead pipe. Ryan took a swing with the pipe and hit nothing but wall as Omega moved out of the way. The pipe stung Ryan’s hand as he dropped it to the floor. The boogeyman was back on his feet as he bolted toward Ryan with a clothesline that missed its mark. Ryan hooked Omega by his waist but could not get the bigger man off his feet. The Fearless champion started to show Ryan his inhumane strength as he pulled the World champion’s hands apart, breaking the hold.

Jeremy was shocked from Omega’s strength. However he was not going to be outdone as he nailed Omega with a head butt to his back. Ryan turned Omega around and quickly took him down with a belly to belly suplex, showing his massive strength. Ryan was not going to rest on his laurels as he went right over to Omega and grabbed him by the arm. He whipped Omega toward a fenced area in the room but instead of letting go he turned it into a short-arm clothesline.

The force was not enough to take the Fearless champion off his feet. Ryan grabbed the boogeyman and drove him into the floor with a side suplex. Ryan dropped a couple of elbows onto Omega’s chest before hooking his leg for the cover.




Ryan grabbed the boogeyman by his locks and slammed his head into a steel crate. Ryan stood over top of Omega and smirked as he had the Fearless champion down. The World champion slowly picked up the massive Omega and hooked him with a front chancery.


Ryan showed everyone in the arena is strength. He was not going to be outdone by the Fearless champion. The World champion dropped a leg across Omega’s throat before hooking his leg for the cover. Darius counted… ONE…



Ryan was starting to get frustrated as he reached down and grabbed the steel chair from the floor. He went to swing the chair at Omega but the boogeyman nailed the chair with a big fist. The World champion dropped the chair and turned to see.


Ryan caught the boot square to his face. The fans in the arena cheered as they saw the World Champion fall to the floor.


Omega made it to his feet first as he went to reach for Ryan on the floor. The Fearless champion grabbed Ryan by his throat.


The Fearless champion dropped down for the cover on Ryan.




Omega sat up and smirked as he knew Ryan’s ego was not going to let him quit in this match. The Fearless champion grabbed the World champion and pulled him over to the area of the boiler room where the arena’s central air conditioning unit was being housed. The boogeyman drove Ryan’s head into the side of the heating unit. The Fearless champion was not done as he drove Ryan’s head into the side of the unit once more.

The fans in the arena gasped at the impact of Ryan’s head hitting the unit. Omega was not done as he looked at the World champion who was slumped on the floor. The boogeyman walked over and grabbed the steel chair from the floor. He slowly made his way over to Jeremy Ryan. Omega raised the chair high in the air with both arms as he looked toward the ceiling.

“We have learned to deal with pain. Time for your transcendence, Mr. Ryan.”

Omega brought the chair down and drove it into the side of Ryan’s head as it was still laid up against the side of the heating unit.


Omega dropped the chair and watched Ryan fall to the floor, seemingly unconscious. The crowd in the arena gasped at the sight of the World champion being pummeled with the Fearless champion standing over top of him with a smirk. Many people thought this was not the ideal setting for Ryan to battle Omega. Even Frank and Sonny Silver looked worried as they watched from a backstage monitor.

Omega grabbed Ryan by the leg and pulled him away from the heating unit as blood started to trickle from the side of the World champion’s head. The boogeyman dropped down for the cover on Ryan.




It was unbelievable that Jeremy actually kicked out from that abuse he just took from Omega. The ominous grin from the boogeyman was evident again as he slowly made it to his feet. The Fearless champion took his time with Jeremy as he pulled him to his feet. Omega hooked Ryan in a front chancery and hoisted him high in the air.


The big man sat up slowly before making it to his feet. Blood continued to trickle down the side of Jeremy’s head as Omega grabbed him by his hair and pulled him up to his feet. Ryan quickly nailed Omega with a EUROPEAN UPPERCUT. This move rocked the Fearless champion but Ryan showed more fight as he drove a thumb into Omega’s eye. Ryan put his hand on the side of head and saw the blood on his hand. This woke the World champion up as he started to lay rights into Omega, staggering the big man back toward the furnace.

Ryan raced toward the boogeyman…


The fans in the arena let their feelings known about the match.


The World champion stood to his feet as seemed to be in another gear after he saw the blood dripping from the side of his head. Jolt’s last real man grabbed the steel chair and moved it near the door. He picked up Omega…


Ryan hooked Omega’s leg for the cover.




Ryan looked down at the Fearless champion and then looked at the door.

“You’re a piece of shit Omega. You are not better than me!”

Ryan stood to his feet and looked at Darius Underwood.

“Underwood, open the fucking door now.”

The fans in the arena saw what was about to happen and let Ryan know about it.


Jolt’s last real champion smirked as he stood to his feet. Darius Underwood reached into his pocket and pulled the key out. He went over to unlock the door as Jeremy Ryan was about to become a double champion. Underwood finally open the door as Ryan walked over to the door raising his arms in victory. However, he did not notice that Omega was up on his feet. The Fearless champion grabbed the World champion from behind and drove him to the floor with a German suplex.

Darius went back to the door to relock it as Ryan almost won the match. Both men now down on the floor as Darius relocked the door and made his way back over to the match. Ryan held the back of his head as he made his way to one knee. Omega slowly got to his feet but Ryan caught him with a head butt to the midsection.

Omega staggered backwards as Ryan exploded from a kneeling position with a vicious clothesline that sent the Fearless champion backwards toward a ladder against the wall. Ryan moved toward Omega and grabbed the ladder and slammed it to the floor with Omega under it. The World champion was not done as he gave up his body by dropping a leg drop on top of the ladder with Omega under it. Ryan rolled off the ladder grabbing his leg in pain. The World champion continued to do anything possible to keep Omega down.

Ryan once again had that look in his eye as he crawled over to grab the steel chair. He stood to his feet a moved the ladder toward Omega’s head. Ryan had no hesitation in driving the chair into the ladder near Omega’s head.


Ryan dropped the mangled chair to the floor as the fans in the arena started to react to the violence being seen in the Boiler room.


Ryan hooked Omega’s leg for the cover once again.




Ryan slammed his hands on the floor. He was getting frustrated but the World champion knew he could be the Fearless champion. The ego-maniacal champion looked around the boiler room to see what he could find next.

The jOlt World Championship was shockingly back up and he WHACKED The Fearless Champion in the back of his head with a sick shot from what looked like a Fire Extinguisher! Omega reeled from the shot and went bouncing off the door when Ryan cocked back the extinguisher and SMACKED him again, this time with another shot to the gut.

“That title belong to a REAL MAN! Not some one-eyed retard!”

Omega was reeling near the door when Jeremy Ryan was about to step towards an incredible feat of being the first man in jOlt history to hold both the World and Fearless Championships simultaneously. However…

“Oh… no… we are NOT done with you.”

A hand grabbed him by the leg and THREW Ryan back several feet, sending him skittering across the hard floor of the boiler room. Omega once again tried to leave, but the World Champion scrambled to his feet once again and leaped right onto Omega’s back, using the wrist tape around his hand to try and choke the life out of him!

Omega thrashed and fought all around the front entrance to the door and tried to grab some sort of a toolbox off one of the nearby shelves, but Ryan relinquished his grip and knocked it right out of his massive hands. Omega still had not left his feet in some time, but Ryan didn’t’ care. He’d taken fights in the past to the likes of jOlt’s biggest me such as Spike Saunders and The House’s Adam Roebuck in past World Title defenses. Omega was a different breed of monster of the aforementioned men and he shook Ryan away from him.

Ryan came right back, kicking him in the knee with a hard shot to stun the giant monster before picking up some sort of a broom handle. He jabbed Omega right in the throat with it and then grabbed him by the back of the head.

“You talk a big game, but you’re gonna choke… ALL of your fucking stupid personalities are gonna choke!”

He THREW Omega’s head towards the ground, simultaneously pushing the pointed end of the broom right up into his throat! Omega felt to his knees now, gasping and choking in the process as he tried to breathe. It didn’t matter how big you were – the body needed air and without it, it was rendered useless.

Omega had fallen off to his side and clutched at his throat while the 254-pound World Champion stood over the monster. Omega was much taller on his feet than Ryan was, but that size was negated. Omega got up and slowly tried to crawl towards a door, but not the one that led to the way out. Nope, that was to one of the server rooms that house some of the electrical equipment for the US Airways Center. Ryan opened it and kicked Omega around so that his body was halfway between the door…






Ryan SLAMMED the door into his chest again and again and again, trying to wear down the monster who had shown in previous Fearless Title defenses that he had damn near unlimited stores of toughness. The door seemed to be working as Omega let out yelps with each slam. After about eight or nine brutal slams of the door against his rib cage, Ryan used all the strength he could muster to drag Omega’s head across the floor.

“Suck it, you big fuck.”



He tried to slam Omega’s head in between the door, but somehow Omega was still alive and despite all that Ryan had thrown at him in the last several moments, he was PISSED. And he was holding the door. He managed to push it back Ryan’s way and send him flying across the room. Omega was having some difficulty breathing after sore ribs, but he slowly got back to his feet and goozled the throat of the World Champion.

“Not bad, Ryan… not bad…” Omega wheezed, throat still raw. “But we’re better at this…”


Omega had used some sort of a makeshift Chokeslam, if you want to even call it that! He had just THROWN Ryan backwards into the shelf that was nearby and the impact rattled his spine! But that wasn’t all because for the second time, he scooped him up in something of a Snake Eyes and CHUCKED Ryan right at the shelf, sending him right into it and knocking it over in the process!

Ryan’s street clothing for this match wasn’t offering him much in the way of protection, especially against the long-reigning Fearless Champion who looked to be having the time of his life trapped in a massive room with the jOlt World Champion. Ryan was in pain and holding his sides, but much to Omega’s surprise, he was every bit as tough as he claimed to be as he crawled across the floor and kept coming back at Omega.

“Come on… fucker… you hit like a bitch…”

Omega laughed.

“Always wanting to have the last word… You amuse us…”

The Craziest Bastard in Wrestling continued to deliver punishment to the defiant Jeremy Ryan as he picked him up by the head and took the fight away from the entrance to the boiler room. If he wanted to keep him away, he needed to be free to punish him and not let any mistakes allow Ryan to walk out the door and lose his coveted Fearless Championship.


Ryan was thrown right into another table laid out nearby, housing some more tools! Ryan went flying over the propped table and came to a crash on the hard cement floor, writhing about in pain as Omega began to limp towards him. He was noticeably slower than when this match began thanks to the punishment Ryan had delivered earlier, but he was far from done with proving his point to the jOlt World Champion that the Fearless Title was his and his alone.

In most wrestling settings, it was almost an inevitability that the second a table was introduced, somebody was going through it… that was NOT the case here as Omega grabbed the table and started to hoist it…


Using his brute strength, The Fearless Champion rushed forward! Ryan saw it coming and tried to block the shot out of instinct, but his hands could only do so much! Ryan took the shot practically full on and rolled backwards across the ground. The jOlt World Champion was now in a very bad place as Omega stalked towards him. He reached towards a large Allen wrench on the floor and started to throw it…


Ryan just had enough to avoid getting a wrench lobbed at his head and it bounced off one of the many girders in the ring, echoing with a loud shot throughout the room. The Fearless Champion snarled when he missed the shot, but he edged forward trying to finish off Ryan…


Ryan laughed! It wasn’t readily apparent if he was just playing possum or if he was sucking up the pain (if you’re curious, it was a bit of both.) but however he did it, he just did it! He used a good old-fashioned Greco-Roman thumb to the eye that was normally something more out of Frank Silver’s playbook. However, in this fight, literally anything went and Ryan would be stupid NOT to do anything to win against the Fearless Division’s most dominant wrestler.

Omega was reeling when Ryan grabbed him by the waist of his pants and pulled him forward, THROWING him right into one of the actual boiler tanks! Omega’s skull bounced off of it with a dull thud and it appeared that his head was busted open! The camera caught a glimpse of The Fearless Champion as he turned around and indeed, Ryan had just busted him open!

The sight of his own blood didn’t seem to faze Omega as much as being disoriented by one of the boiler tanks, but Ryan started to rush towards him with a solid right hand! Omega went reeling back and despite the fact that was unheard of that a PPV would end with a match that wasn’t taking place in the ring, the crowd was hanging on every last shot between two of jOlt’s toughest.

Ryan used vicious Headbutts to the exposed face of Omega and got some of Omega’s own blood on his face, but Ryan didn’t care. He kicked him in the gut and he was clearly thinking his finishing maneuver. This was not a wrestling ring. A Piledriver here would stop even the mighty Omega…


Omega was still very much alive and he powered Jeremy Ryan right onto his back! He was trying to hold onto him and now had him in a Fireman’s Carry. With some maneuvering, he flipped Ryan so that he was on his back where he needed him to be…



No, the crowd didn’t start an elbow chant. That’d be fucking weird. What Ryan DID do, though, was elbow the living fuck out of Omega’s head until the hardcore giant had no choice but to relinquish his grip on Ryan. He slipped out behind Omega and tried to go after his leg, but Omega came back with an elbow of his own and dropped it right on the top of Ryan’s head!

The jOlt World Champion’s brains were scrambled from such a brutal shot, but Omega was far from done. He grabbed him with both hands and LOBBED Jeremy Ryan towards another one of the boiler tanks lined up across the room. Omega cocked a fist back and tried to catch Ryan, but The Bad Man from Bangor moved and he hit nothing but the tank!

Omega grabbed his fist in pain and tried to shake it out as Ryan moved away from The Fearless Champion, trying to create some separation so he could come up with his next plan of attack. He made his way towards another section of the boiler room with some older construction equipment. Plenty of hammers, nails, and all kinds of various plunder for Ryan to use.

“Eat tetanus, motherfucker…”

Ryan grabbed a nail and when Omega got his arm up instinctively, he stabbed him in the arm with the nail several times! Omega’s arm was sporting some nasty gashes… but Omega was STILL going and he swatted the nail out of his hand. That’s when he saw Ryan whip out a ball point hammer, trying to swing it into his ribs.


Omega used the underarm of his non-bloody arm and caught Ryan, making him drop the hammer and preventing his escape. Instinctively, Ryan tried to get his other arm up, but Omega grabbed that one, too. Omega smiled a sadistic grin…







He hadn’t forgotten about the several vicious shots to the head that Ryan had used on him earlier and returned the favor to jOlt’s Last Real Man! The crowd could be heard gasping after each shot thrown by The Fearless Champion! Omega let him slump over and now went for a cover and went for a cover.




Ryan went rolling backwards and his face was now all busted up also, wearing a mix of Omega’s blood along with his own. Ryan crumbled to the floor and now Omega had rendered his opponent groggy enough to head back towards the door to make his exit.

Breathing heavily, but still seemingly looking better than Ryan had been in this moment, he was heading back towards the door where a future jOlt World Championship match was waiting for him should he retain his title tonight. Omega was halfway across the boiler room and he checked to make sure that nobody was coming, but saw Ryan STILL crawling towards him. He was leaving a bloody trail where he was crawling, but soon Ryan was on his feet again. “Really?” Ryan seethed. “The great Omega is going to turn and walk out a door?” He was breathing hard, but still full of fight. “Come on… Finish the job, you big faggot!”

Oh, dear.

Them’s was fucking fighting words.

Omega said nothing, but turned and started to walk.. and then rush towards Jeremy Ryan…


Ryan had a miniature fire extiniguisher that was tucked away behind his shirt and he blasted Omega right in his sole good eye! Foam was in his eyes now and Omega struggled to maintain his balance. He was trying to swing wildly, trying to get at Jeremy Ryan, but that turned out to be a big mistake. Ryan grabbed one of his arms and he SLAMMED it right into the nearby wall!

Omega was struggling to see when Jeremy Ryan kicked him in the leg about three or four times. Omega caught him with an errant shot to the head only for Ryan to fight back with a low Chop Block! Omega was once again on a knee and that gave Ryan a chance to fight back…


Ryan liked to use such a choke in his matches to set up for his submission finisher, The Dead Man! He grabbed him by the neck and Omega continued to try and stand! That size advantage was paying off, but not for long as Ryan continued to restrict the neck. There were no submissions in this type of match, but if Omega couldn’t get up, he’d have a clear path to both the door and to making history.

“Say night night, asshole!”

Ryan continued to clinch the hold on tight as Omega tried to pry him off. He may have had the strength advantage, but jOlt’s Last Real Man was like a pitbull with submission holds and had him locked up. He held him in place until he was down to his knees. That’s when Ryan moved things up…


The jOlt World Champion had not used this submission in quite some time when he added the Piledriver to his arsenal, but it was serving him perfectly tonight! Omega continued to grunt and struggle, but Ryan was no small man that he was trying to fight back.


The crowd had chosen a side for tonight and had seemingly sided with the massive Omega. Whether that be out of respect for this fight or hatred of Ryan, maybe some combination of both – none of that mattered as Ryan was continuing to choke the life out of Omega in the Tazmission/Camel Clutch hybrid and he continued to keep the hold applied. Second by second, Omega’s hand had stopped moving and finally, Ryan let go of the hold. The jOlt World Champion fell off of Omega’s massive body and saw the door all the way across the other side of the boiler room.

“Stay down, retard.” Ryan kicked at Omega’s side just as a receipt for earlier punishment.

With that, Ryan had the arduous task of trying to get back to the boiler room doors after all the damage both men had inflicted on each other. Credit to Ryan where it was due – he asked for this match and even though there were a couple of spots that looked rather bleak, Jeremy Ryan was very close to making history as the first simultaneous World and Fearless Champion.

Ryan was trying to climb towards the door, limping towards it as the camera followed him towards the door. The referee, Darius Underwood walked towards the door with the impatient Ryan right behind him.

“HURRY YOUR ASS UP!” Ryan screamed!

As Ryan was about to make it out the door…

He could hear quiet laughter.

Ryan was a good fifteen feet from the door, but he turned to hear more…

And more…

There was no way that big fucker was already up, Ryan most assuredly thought to himself. He also remembered “hey, fuck that guy. I’m right near the door.” Ryan shut the sounds out of his mind and started limping towards the door once again. He was very close to getting to the door. He tried to open it, but…


That would be the sounds of Ryan struggling to breathe! A chain WRAPPED itself across his throat! Omega was soaked in some of his own blood and he was still breathing heavily, but he was slowly up to his feet and he’d used a chain to keep Ryan from walking out the door with the very prize he seemed to covet more than any other title in jOlt Wrestling!

The chain was in Omega’s hands and he wrapped it around Ryan’s throat, pulling him away from the door! Ryan fought and he kicked and struggled as Omega continued to pull back! Ryan’s face was slowly starting to turn a different shade as Omega pulled him as far back from the door as he could before using the chain to TOSS Ryan across the floor!

Ryan went bouncing across the floor and he thrashed about with Omega now standing over him. The camera cut to another part of the locker room that belonged to “jOlt’s Last Real ManAGER” Sonny Silver and crew. Jeremy Ryan’s jOlt World Championship – not on the line tonight – was safe on a table in full display. “The Fortunate Son” Frank Silver and the newest member, “The First” Freddie Rich had surrounded a monitor that was broadcasting this match. Given the nature of the match, Ryan’s crew were helpless to do anything but watch as nobody was allowed into the boiler room.

“Get the hell up!” Sonny shouted. “COME ON!”

As Frank and Freddie both watch, the camera inside the boiler room returned to view as Omega tried to strangle the life out of Ryan with the chain again. Ryan had reached along the wall to find a weapon... He may have just found one…


Several panes of glass for replacement of the rooms inside were lined against a portion of the construction area and it just EXPLODED all over both Ryan and Omega! The jOlt World Champion had cut his own hand after such a brutal smash, but Omega had clearly taken the worst of it as he crumbled over and fell to the ground.

For perhaps the first time in this match, Omega had been rendered completely motionless. The reigning and defending Fearless Champion was hurt and wasn’t moving now as Ryan huffed and wheezed in pain. jOlt’s Last Real Man was finally with another edge in this match again and he ripped off his own shirt, revealing some cuts and nasty marks all over his back and chest from this brutal main event to Rise of the Legends. He crawled over and tried to make another cover as Darius crawled into position.




“Count faster, asshole!” Ryan screamed. He used his shirt like a makeshift tourniquet and tried to sop up some of the blood in his cut-up hand before making his way towards a ladder nearby. The room had been loaded up for some great goodies for both men to use for this match-up and Ryan was going to try and finish Omega off for good.

He set the ladder down on the ground right near Omega who was on his knees and now bleeding even more. Jeremy Ryan dropped the ladder down and hooked Omega by the head. He was thinking a DDT of some type, but Omega managed to SURGE to life suddenly and threw Ryan backwards, tripping him up on the ladder and sending him flying…


…Right into a stack of boxes near them, containing what was no doubt more of the technical equipment near the ringside area. Omega was in a very bad way, but he still managed to stand upwards and wheeled one of the boxes. He had it right towards Jeremy Ryan and had every intention to rush it forward…



The punch-drunk Jeremy Ryan moved out of the way of the proverbial freight train and they collided with each other instead! Ryan would’ve been crushed in between the massive wheeled boxes, but he had managed to save himself. However, he did no such thing when Omega came at him with a brutal Running Knee to the chest, doubling Ryan over in pain!

The jOlt World Champion fell to his knees on the floor and was sucking in wind in a desperate attempt to breathe, just as he tried to do to Omega that much earlier. Jeremy Ryan was forced up and SMACKED in the head with a brutal right hand that sent him rolling across the floor again. Omega continued to follow Ryan and grabbed the back of his neck before he tossed him across the ground!

Omega was heading back towards the door and the camera showed split shot of Sonny Silver’s locker room with both Silvers and Freddie Rich still watching the match intently! The crowd had been watching every last bit of this incredible brawl going forward as the camera returned to just Omega and Ryan now exchanging fists with no signs of stopping!

The battle had taken its toll on both men and neither man was at full strength, but they were continuing to brawl to the enjoyment of the fans! Omega tried a wild right, but Ryan ducked it and used a straight right hand to the face! Omega staggered only for a second before using a Throat Thrust that sent Ryan packing away from him. The fans couldn’t help themselves as Ryan continued to fight with Omega, the two trading blows…







Omega finally blocked a punch and returned a Headbutt! Ryan was flying backwards again and the fight ended up taking both competitors not far from the door. Ryan saw a two-by-four on the ground near where he landed and gritted his teeth. Omega went to try and pick him up off the ground when Ryan swung it…


He got him square in the rib cage and doubled Omega over! The Fearless Champion was sent reeling when Ryan cocked the weapon back again and SLAMMED it right over his back! The two-by-four cracked in half and Omega arched his back in pain, letting out a loud howl as he stumbled over a massive dolly used for hoisting large equipment.

The light bulb went off over The jOlt World Champion’s head as he slowly crawled over to where Omega lay, only to set him up on the cart. He was trying something major to take care of him for good, but Omega got his boot up and SMACKED Jeremy Ryan in the face! Again and again, he brought his foot up until Ryan let go!

Ryan stumbled over onto one knee while Omega grabbed him by the head and set him up, seeing a stack of pipes near by….



Omega had just DRILLED Jeremy Ryan by throwing him right at a stack of pipes! The crowd was going nuts as Omega slowly limped over and let the stack of pipes cover the jOlt World Champion, burying him underneath the pile to keep him from moving! The Running Powerbomb may have done it, but Ryan was a cockroach that refused to stay down… He was keeping this fucker there! Omega crawled on top of the pile.

There was no getting out…




DING DING DING! After a GRUESOME match between the two, it was Omega who stood tall tonight! Darius Underwood was there to hand the winded Omega his prized Fearless Championship!


Omega was showing tremendous wear and tear from the match as the beast collapsed against the wall, bloody and a complete fucking mess. Worse than he’d looked in a lot of his previous defenses. Jeremy Ryan was true to his word and gave Omega everything he could handle, but The Fearless realm belonged to one man.

Omega was that man.

Said Fearless Champion started to use the wall to stand and raised his championship over his head.

In the backstage area, Sonny Silver, Frank Silver, and Freddie Rich all stewed. This was a major setback to Jeremy Ryan’s plan to hold the biggest prizes of jOlt all at once… not only that, but this HUGE victory by Omega tonight meant that he was now entitled to a future jOlt World Title match!

The camera closed in on Omega as he leaned against the wall, grinning from ear to ear sadistically as The Fearless Championship was propped over his right shoulder. He took notice of Jeremy Ryan STILL crawling towards the door! He had been seconds too late to get out and looked up at Omega.

Omega looked down at his challenger for the evening as the jOlt World Champion tried to stand, but could only make it so far as a knee, just BARELY able to support himself. Omega raised The Fearless Championship over his head and gritted his teeth as he looked down at the simmering Ryan, leaning against the door.

“Soon… we will add YOUR prize… your jOlt World Championship alongside our own!”

As gruesome as this fight was between the top two men in the company was… this was proof positive that this was only the FIRST fight between them. And if this was a sign of things to come, Ryan’s title reign may be over sooner than later. The final shot were a beaten and battered champion and challenger. The roles would be reversed when these two men met again…

jOlt’s Last Real Man was now the hunted.

Winner: Omega via Pinfall (STILL jOlt Fearless Champion)