"Welcome to Hype Retribution"

The jOltvision screen was dark. A voice boomed over the nothingness

“They are called rookies”

A spotlight shines down on the left side of the screen, displaying Prince Samir in greyscale..

“They are called up and comers”

A spotlight shines down on the right side of the screen, this time illuminating Jayshin Lee.

“Some are even called the future.”

Another spotlight fades into a greyscale image of Mike Patterson, dead center, holding the Hype Championship on his shoulder.

“But there is one thing they all have in common…”

With those words, as if the lights were turning on, images of wrestler after wrestler begin to fill the screen. We see Tripp Wise and Davis Bloome, we see Mad Morgan and Shovel, Darian Carver, Regan Hearst, The Widow’s Nest, Sarkhaya, Desiree, Monica, Un-Fayth, GLORY, The O’Briens, The Ali Boys, until the entire Hype roster is displayed in one giant greyscale group photo.

“They all have a voice that wants to be heard”

The screen fades to black and random images from The Hype since the very beginning flashed on the screen. We see Sayber winning the Hype Championship tournament, becoming the first-ever Hype Champion.. it transitions into him becoming a member of The Rebellion into a member of the Kugasari Clan.

We see Sebastian Saje defeating Jeremy Ryan to become the second-ever Hype Champion, and him transitioning to being paired with Raevynn to now being back with Alyssa Corliss

Next we see Terry Massimo and Cori Albright becoming the first-ever Hype Tag Team Champions then transitioning into winning the jOlt World Tag Team Championships

Pietro Geist handing over the Hype Title, then winning the Underground Championship on Sunday Night iNtense, to revealing himself as The Revenant.

“Many who were born here found their voices. Tonight… who will find theirs? For tonight… after being overlooked for so long.. they seek...

The screen goes black and then the Hype: Retribution logo fades into the screen.


The screen flashes a brilliant hue of violet and we are taken inside the main portion of the jOlt Arena in Miami, FL as “The Hype” by The New Cities hits the PA speakers. We weren’t cramped inside the sub arena in the back this time. There were 26,451 fans PACKED into the main arena, the former home of Sunday Night iNtense and they were on their feet cheering at the top of their lungs.

The stage had the jOltvision off to the left side…. The entrance way was underneath the jOltvision. On the right side hung three violet banners with gold trim that read 7-24-15: Intrigue, 7-31-15: The Build, and 8-7-15: Retribution. The Hype logo was in the center and hung high above the banners and the jOltvision.

There was a curved wall on the right side of the arena underneath the banners to give the illusion of a semi circle.

On the left side of the floor, purple pyro exploded, but it didn’t travel up.. it “rolled” across the floor to the right to where the curved all was. After a train of pyro rolled across the floor, the wall shot pyro at an arc up towards the jOltvision screen in violet hue as well. After firing pyro at the screen, violet pyro exploded randomly from all corners of the jOltvision and then like a fountain, violet pyro rained down from the Hype Logo before a final wall of pyro exploded on the floor in front of the entrance.

The camera panned around the arena as the fans were impressed with such a unique pyrotechnic display.

Jack Wallace: Hello everyone and WELCOME to The Hype! This is our very first live Pay-Per-View Special.. THIS… is Hype: Retribution. I’m Jack Wallace and I’m sure you are fully aware of my broadcast partner, Jeff Hartman.

Jeff Hartman: Hello! Hello! I am SOOOOO happy to be here tonight to share this WONDERFUL experience with all of you. I have absolutely no qualms about being here despite the fact I could be back at home with a certain prospect I paid good money for.

Jack Wallace: That sincerity seems as forced as a fast food worker happy to serve you your Combo Meal

Jeff Hartman: You’re right.. you saw right through me. I don’t really care about this event and I don’t want to be here. Why the hell couldn’t they have gotten Michael Burhman or Nate Powers to do this?

Jack Wallace: Because they’re in Texas with the rest of the jOlt roster, touring with Sunday Night iNtense, but tonight isn’t about iNtense.. tonight is about the FUTURE of jOlt Wrestling. Tonight is about those looking to find their voice.. those who seek Retribution against all those who say they don’t belong on the main roster or that they’re just a bunch of rookies.

Jeff Hartman: Yeah, but I say that and I work here on The Hype.

Jack Wallace: Oh trust me, Jeff.. we know. Tonight, however, the Hype Championship will be on the line as Mike Patterson will defend against a former friend and a former stablemate in Crucifix… a man who has said that he knows the secret to beating the seemingly unstoppable beast, Mike Patterson.

Jeff Hartman: …..

Jack Wallace: Jeff?

Jeff Hartman: Oh, you expect me to work and run down the matches… Nope.. you’re the wannabe Michael Burhman… but I’m still Jeff Hartman.. I don’t play the ping pong ball technique… the rest of the card is yours, man. Have at it.

Jack Wallace: Gee, thanks. The Hype Tag Team Titles will also be defended as BADASS puts them on the line against Broken Sanity… Prince Samir and Kareem will team up to take on Ryan Raysor and Michael Donavan who just recently made his return here to The Hype to rejuvenate his career… A tag team match for the ages was also signed to determined which era of The Hype’s tag division reigned supreme. Cross the Hood is here to take on The Natural Athletes and The Ali Boys in a triple threat match! We also have three Starlets who have grown to hate each other and tonight they will settle it all in a triple threat match with Fearless Rules… Desiree takes on Un-Fayth and Sarkhaya!

Jeff Hartman: Aren’t you done yet?

Jack Wallace: Nope.. because our opening contest is coming up in just a few moments.. Jameson Scott wanted to find some competition to continue to prove himself. While scouting the competition, Jayshin Lee caught his eye. He challenged Jayshin and he accepted. A match about nothing more than pride and pure competition opens up our event tonight! So let’s send it down to the ring and to our announcer, William Bell!

Jameson Scott vs Jayshin Lee
William Bell: Ladies and Gentlemen… the following is your opening contest set for one fall and a 25 minute time limit.

“Won’t Back Down” by Fuel

The people cheered as the rookie sensation, Jameson Scott made his way out from the backstage area. Jameson turned some heads with his feud with Tristan and then picking up a surprise victory over Eldridge Ali. Tonight, he has the opportunity to showcase his abilities against one of the most unorthodox and high flying competitors on The Hype roster today… Jayshin Lee.

Scott entered the ring and ascended the turnbuckle pad, holding his fist into the air as he glanced around the arena nodding his head. He pivoted off the turnbuckles and walked to the center of the ring where he began to shadow box to warm up. His music faded away.

“I Am Your Champion” by Jayshin Lee

Jayshin is a former member of the main roster. He left The Widow’s Nest before and had a pretty successful run, feuding with the likes of former Flyweight Champion Jimmy B. Martinez and former world champion Eiji Kugasari. He returned to The Hype as part of The Widow’s Nest, but he realized things haven’t changed so he left them a second time.. permanently. Now Jayshin looks to start anew and will be a fitting test for Jameson Scott.

Jayshin hopped onto the ring apron and front flipped over the top rope and rolling up to his feet! He darted to the corner and hopped onto the top turnbuckle pad and posed for the crowd as his self-made theme song blared over the speakers. Jayshin corkscrewed off and landed on his feet! After seeing that, Jameson Scott knew exactly what he was in for.

Jayshin hopped around to warm up as the referee called for the bell.




Jameson put up his fists as did Jayshin as the two of them quickly circled each other in the ring. Jayshin stepped in for the lock up, but Jameson threw a couple of feint punches to keep Jayshin away from him. Eventually, they stopped and hooked up with each other. Jayshin with the side headlock, but Jameson backed him into the ropes and shot him across the ring. High kick to the face by Jameson ducked by Jayshin! Jayshin ran to the ropes, leapt to the middle one, and twisted off with a Springboard Roundhouse Kick, but Jameson ducked that as well! Leg Sweep attempt by Jameson, hop over by Jayshin. Back to the side headlock goes Jayshin, but Jameson countered with a back body drop but Jayshin landed on his feet. Jameson turned around and Jayshin lunged in with a series of Palm Strikes that backed Jameson into the corner. Jayshin grabbed the top rope and looked for a Rope Assisted Gamengrir, but Jameson put his arms up and blocked it!

Jameson with a right, then a left, then a right kick, then a left kick, then a spinning back heel kick that put Jayshin down on all fours! Jameson took off to the ropes, but Jayshin leapt up and caught him with a Huracanrana that took Jameson over! Jameson stood… leg sweep by Jayshin… cover...


Kick out.

Leg Sweet by Jameson… Cover...


Kick Out.

Both men front flip to their hands, then to their feet and come to a staredown as the people inside the main jOlt Arena hit their feet and applauded the two of them!

Jack Wallace: Did I just see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon live in front of my eyes?

Jeff Hartman: What you saw was two monkeys flipping around and trying to look fancy. I’m going back to reading my self-help book on how to keep a woman after you’ve used chloroform on them.

Jameson and Jayshin did a quick little handshake as they circled each other once again. Another lock up by the two of them. This time it was Jameson with a headlock into a takedown. Jameson applied the pressure on the canvas in an attempt to cut off Jayshin’s air supply. Jayshin, however, began to get momentum back on his side and he battled back up to his feet. He backed Jameson into the ropes and shot him across before putting him down with a shoulder block. Jayshin took off and Jameson flipped to his stomach causing Jayshin to step over and hit the opposite side. Jameson stood up and leapfrogged over Jayshin. Jameson quickly turned around and went for the Hip Toss, but it was blocked by Jayshin! Jayshin placed a knee into Jameson’s stomach. He hooked his leg over the back of Jameson’s neck and backflipped to his feet!

Clothesline by Jayshin missed as Jameson ducked out of the way. Jameson fell onto his back while kicking his leg into the air, catching Jayshin with a modified Pele Kick! Jayshin staggered away as Jameson kipped up to his feet. Jameson scooped up Jayshin in his arms and slammed him down onto the canvas in the middle of the ring. He went to the ropes and came back with a Knee Drop across the chest. He turned and made the cover, hooking the leg.



Jayshin popped the shoulder up. Jameson went back to the side headlock, pulling him down to the canvas.

Jack Wallace: Jameson Scott is trying to slow Jayshin Lee down and knowing how fast and intense Jayshin can be, that’s a pretty sound strategy,

Jeff Hartman: Here’s a sound strategy. Tie her legs and arms to the bed posts so when the chloroform wears off, she’s more likely to hear what you have to say, increasing the chances of retention. Hmmm. Interesting.

Jameson continued to wrench away on Jayshin’s neck, but the hot crowd in Miami, Florida caused Jayshin to rally once again. Jayshin fought his way up to his feet and countered the headlock with a hip toss! Jameson got back up and was met with a back thrust kick to the mid-section, doubling him over. Jayshin took off to the ropes and came back with an Axe Kick, but Jameson moved out fo the way! Full Nelson by Jameson, but he didn’t quite get it hooked in all the way and it allowed Jayshin to drop to his seat. Jameson bent over to pick him up, but Jayshin kicked him in the top of the head, causing him to stagger away, holding his face in pain. Jayshin got back up and pressed Jameson against the ropes, whipping him across, but Jameson reversed the whip and sent Jayshin into the ropes instead.

Jayshin leapt to the middle rope as he sensed Jameson giving chase behind him. He backflipped over Jameson landing on his feet and immediately going for a waist lock. Jameson tried the back elbow, but Jayshin kept his head down and avoided it. Jameson went for the back elbow again, but Jayshin loosened his grip on purpose and Jameson spun around, finding himself in a front waist lock. Jayshin took him over with a Northern Lights Suplex, but Jayshin flipped over to his feet, pulled Jameson up and nailed a second Northern Lights Suplex. Jayshin flipped to his feet again, pulled Jameson up and scooped him up into his arms, nailing a Northern Lights Buster!!

Jayshin stood and looked to the corner. He grabbed Jameson by the arms and dragged him into position. Jayshin then stepped out to the ring apron and climbed up to the top turnbuckle pad. He measured up Jameson and flipped off with the Corkscrew 630 Splash…



Jack Wallace: Jayshin Lee has an amazing-looking finisher, but he completely missed with it. It didn’t get the job done and now he paid the price for that miscalculation.

Jeff Hartman: Miscalculation… OH! There’s a whole section in this book about that! Sometimes you rag the wrong girl and it could bite you in the ass because of your miscalculations!

Jameson moved out of the way and Jayshin crashed hard on his back. He sat up and that was a mistake when you’re in the ring with Jameson Scott! Jameson hauled off and hit stiff kick after stiff kick into Jayshin’s upper back!


Jameson took off to the ropes and came back with a stuff running kick right to the chest!


Jameson then headed to the corner and climbed up top. He took aim on Jayshin and leapt off with a Flying Double Foot Stomp! Jameson slammed down on top of Jayshin’s chest and immediately turned and went into the cover, hooking the leg.



Jayshin reached out and grabbed the bottom rope!

Jack Wallace: Jameson Scott made a rookie mistake and forgot to pull Jayshin Lee away from the corner to make the pin, which allowed him to escape a loss here in this opening match.

Jeff Hartman: It says here that rookie mistakes include using too much chloroform, which results in death, or not using enough and she clubs you from the back seat of your car while you’re driving, potentially leading to your own death.

Jameson looked at Jayshin’s hand gripping the rope and a look came over his face as he realized his mistake. He stood and grabbed Jayshin by the head, pulling him up to his feet. He backed Jayshin into the corner and let loose with a Knife Edge Chop. He hit a second one, then a third before grabbing Jayshin by the arm and whipped him into the opposite corner. Jameson charged in, but Jayshin slipped out between the ropes and hit a high kick to the side of Jameson’s head, causing him to stagger away. Jayshin grabbed the top rope and leapt up, looking for a Springboard Huracanrana, but when Jayshin landed on Jameson’s shoulders, Jameson held on for dear life and blocked the rana!

Jameson pulled Jayshin back up to shoulder height and threw him into the corner with the Buckle Bomb! Jayshin fell to a seated position as Jameson backed away to the opposite corner. Jameson got a full head of steam and leapt into the air, hitting a Hesitation Drop Kick right into Jayshin’s face! This time, Jameson grabbed Jayshin by the leg and pulled him out of the corner to make the pinfall attempt.



Jayshin kicked out!

Jack Wallace: Jayshin Lee is a lot tougher than he looks, but Jameson Scott did the right thing that time by pulling him out of the corner. This rookie is putting it all together and if he can be consistent with this, he’ll rise to the top of The Hype in no time.

Jeff Hartman: It also says here in this book about staying on top and.. HEY!

Jack Wallace grabbed the book out of Jeff Hartman’s hands and tossed it in the trash can next to him.

Jeff Hartman: Jerk...

Jameson grabbed Jayshin and pulled him up. He placed him into an arm wringer before sending Jayshin off to the rope, however, Jayshin front flipped against them and pivoted, catching Jameson in the side of the head with a Leaping Roundhouse Kick! Jameson went down and Jayshin returned the favor from earlier and hit a Standing Double Foot Stomp on top of Jameson Scott! Jayshin dragged Jameson to the dead center spot in the ring and headed for the ring apron. Jayshin climbed out and grabbed the top rope. He leapt up top and flew off connecting with a Springboard Senton Bomb! He immediately got to his feet, headed to the ropes again and leapt to the middle one, flipping off with an Asai Moonsault! Jayshin stood and hopped up once.. he hopped up twice, and on the third hop, he hit a move that brought the crowd up to their feet...


Jayshin had the cover as the live crowd here in Miami was electric! They counted along with the referee...



Thr.. NO!!!

Jameson got the shoulder up and the crowd gave these two a round of applause!

Jack Wallace: What a hell of a move by Jayshin Lee. He certainly has a lot of agility to match his skill in that ring and sorry Jeff.. you don’t have the book to try and match up something to what I just said.

Jeff Hartman: You’re still a jerk.

Jayshin pulled Jameson up and hit a pair of forearms to the face. He took off to the ropes and flew into a body scissors, looking to convert it into a Bulldog, but Jameson flipped Jayshin up into the air, quickly pivoted and caught him with a Hangman’s Neck Breaker!! Jameson stood as Jayshin turned over to his side. Jameson backed away as Jayshin turned to all fours and began to get up. Jameson saw this chance and charged in, hitting a swift Soccer Kick to the side of the head!


Jack Wallace: My GOD what a sickening smack that made!

Jameson dragged Jayshin away from the ropes and made the cover, hooking the leg...



Thr.. NO!!!

Now it was Jayshin that kicked out and avoided the pinfall at the last second!

“THIS IS AWESOME” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME” Clap Clap ClapClapClap

Jack Wallace: This capacity crowd here in the jOlt Arena is amped up… and just think.. this is the first match of the night! We still have five matches to go, including two title matches!

Jeff Hartman: (with sarcasm in his voice) Oh goody!

Jameson stood and motioned to the crowd that he was going to put Jayshin away. Jayshin staggered back up to his feet and that’s when Jameson grabbed him by the arm and tried to force him down to the canvas for the Cross Arm Breaker submission that he likes to use, but Jayshin fought to stay vertical and even began to punch away at Jameson’s mid-section to break free. Jameson loosened the grip on Jayshin. Jayshin got underneath Jameson and flipped him for a Back Drop Suplex, but Jayshin let go, pivoted and caught Jameson with a Sit-Out Powerbomb!!!!


Jayshin held Jameson down for the cover….



Thr.. NO!!!!

Jack Wallace: Jameson kicked out of whatever the hell that move was! Some people heard tales of it being called the Hart Rate by another wrestler. We have no idea if Jayshin Lee has a name for it, but that move was definitely jaw dropping!

Jayshin stood and motioned to the crowd that was it. He pulled Jameson up to his feet and hooked him in a front face lock. He tried to lift him for a suplex in an attempt to position him in front of the corner, but Jameson blocked it with his leg! Jayshin tried for the suplex again, but it was blocked a second time by Jameson. Jayshin let Jameson go and hit a pair of forearms to the face. He then spun, looking for a discus forearm, but Jameson ducked and lifted Jayshin up onto his shoulders into an Inverted FIreman’s Carry. He pivoted around with an Inverted AIrplane Spin and then swung Jayshin out into a Sit-Out Powerbomb of his own, but Jameson couldn’t sit up long enough to keep the cover and just fell over onto his back! Both men were down as this crowd had nobody sitting! All 25,000 in attendance here tonight were on their feet as the referee made his mandatory ten count.







Both men began to stir...


Jayshin was almost up...


As was Jameson.


Both men were back to their feet, beating the count! Jayshin fired a right hand, but it was blocked and countered by Jameson with a right hand of his own. Jayshin went for another right, but it was, again, blocked and countered by Jameson. Jameson picked up the pace with right hand after right hand, but Jayshin eventually blocked one of them and swung Jameson around, decking him in the back of the head with a forearm shot! Jayshin backed into the ropes and charged in. He leapt into the air with a Leg Lariat to the back of the neck, driving Jameson Scott face first into the canvas!! Jayshin then dragged Jameson to the corner and climbed up to the top turnbuckle pad. The crowd couldn’t stand because they were already on their feet. Jayshin had his back to the ring as he took a deep breath. He hopped up straight, landed on the top rope and got tremendous height for the Double Rotation Corkscrew Moonsault!


… MISSED!!!!


Jayshin landed on his stomach and bounced to his back, holding his stomach in pain Jayshin was about to stand when Jameson hauled off and kicked him in the right side of the head. He then kicked Jayshin in the left side of the head. Back thrust kick to the face of Jayshin Lee! Jayshin fell to all fours as Jameson hit the ropes. He came back and when Jayshin looked up, planted both feet into his face with the a Shotgun Drop Kick!!! Jameson made the cover, hooking the leg.




William Bell: Here is the winner of the match by way of Pinfall…. JAMESON SCOTT!

“Won’t Back Down” by Fuel hit the PA system as the crowd gave these two a standing ovation.

Jack Wallace: The opening contest usually sets the stage and the pace for the rest of the evening.. In my opinion, everyone in the back is going to have a hard time trying to follow that.

Jeff Hartman: I know I’m going to have a hard time trying to sit through another five matches. Three hour special!? Come on… it’s Friday night.. this is cutting in my club time!

Jameson Scott walked over to Jayshin Lee and helped him up off the canvas. Jayshin was wobbly as who wouldn’t be after getting kicked in the face four consecutive times? Jameson offered the hand to Jayshin, but Jayshin looked down and kicked the hand away with his leg. The crowd immediately booed, but Jayshin, instead, embraced Jameson in a hug and the crowd now had egg on their faces for booing him.

Jameson raised Jayshin’s hand and then exited the ring. Jayshin looked around at the people cheering him and took a bow. He then exited the ring as well and headed up the ramp to the backstage area.

Winner: Jameson Scott via Pinfall

"Who Is Regan Hearst?"

Marshall Stetton was backstage with Regan Hearst. It was an elaborate set up. Two director’s chairs and a big screen with The Hype logo on it. Marshall Stetton sat in one chair, Regan Hearst in the other.

Stetton: Thank you for joining me, Regan. Since you’ve arrived here in jOlt, not many people know about you. You made your first statement about making your name echo through these hall and you’ve done just that. People are talking about your dominance and especially that 60 minute match you had against the Hype Champion Mike Patterson. But we know about the in-ring capabilities, let’s talk about outside the ring. Who is Regan Hearst?

Hearst: Quite simply put… you see all of those jokes on the internet about “Da Struggle,” but that was my life. I’ve been a bodyguard for hire.. I’ve done some things in life that I’m not proud of and I’ve served time in prison because of it. Life has given me a second chance though… pro-wrestling has given me a second chance and I’m not here to lay down for anyone. I’m here to grab onto every opportunity that I get and dominate in a way that only I can until one day, I become jOlt World Heavyweight Champion.

Stetton: I noticed you said jOlt World Heavyweight Champion and not Hype Champion.

Hearst: That is correct. Everyone has this mindset that if you’re on The Hype, you should be aiming to become the Hype Champion.. like the title is the most prestigious award that this company has to offer. I’m sorry to burst people’s bubbles, but it’s not. The title around Jeremy Ryan’s waist.. that’s the title everyone on this roster should be gunning for. Everyone is here on The Hype to get noticed.. to get called up to the main roster.. to get their big break. Yes, the Hype Championship is a shortcut if they choose to use it and I understand the Hype Championship was also defended in some of the greatest matches in jOlt.. but the reality is… so has the World Heavyweight Championship. That’s the title I want.. it should be the title everyone else wants.

Stetton: Fair point. Your match with Mike Patterson. Obviously it was well-received. Did you think that the two of you would battle for sixty minutes?

Hearst: I knew it was going to be a fight going into the match. Mike Patterson is an insanely tough individual, but he’s not invincible. None of us are. In our rematch, he nearly collapsed after the beating I gave him, but still, he was the better man and I lost that match. I’m not ashamed by the loss because a great competitor.. a great man beat me fairly. However, I do think Mike Patterson is a little bit on the dumb side for working this kind of schedule. He’s trying to please everyone and he needs to realize that he can’t do that.

Stetton: What are some of the things you would say that people might find hard to believe about Regan Hearst?

Hearst: Probably where I’ve come from. I’m here to make a statement, yes, but I’m not being a jerk about it. I’m being as respectful as possible and that’s something that life taught me. Fifteen.. twenty years ago.. it was a different story. All of the night clubs.. the women.. the alcohol.. I was into it all. As a personal bodyguard I got to go and do different things, made a lot of money, and I partied with it. A guy my size.. no one was going to tell me no.. I couldn’t do that. Then one day, someone recognized me from my line of work. They tried to pull a knife on me… and.. well instincts kicked in. I broke his leg.. I broke both of his arms, cracked three of his ribs, gave him a concussion, and broke his orbital bone with my bare fist. He lived and he pressed charges. I made matters worse by skipping my court date and going on the run, figuring they wouldn’t bother looking, but they did… they found me at a bar two states over when I drew attention to myself. I was arrested on the spot, thrown in jail, thrown in detox and the found out about my.. well.. side business of laundering money.

Stetton: You laundered money!?

Hearst: As a bodyguard for hire, you tend to meet certain people. Sometimes you get pulled into worlds that you never thought you would get pulled into.

Stetton: So it was like an organized crime deal?

Hearst: Something like that.. I can’t confirm or deny that for obvious reasons, but, on the side I took part in some… activities that weren’t exactly legal, and they pinned that on me. I was in jail from about mid-2000 up until just last year when I got released on a sentence reduction due to some cooperation.

Stetton: When you got out, what was the first thing on your mind?

Hearst: I don’t know if I can pin just one thing because so much stuff was rushing through. Things like.. what am I going to do for money? Where will I stay? How has the world changed since I’ve been put away? Will there be anyone that I know still around and if so, will they talk to me? There’s a lot of things that go through your head and that’s when I saw jOlt Wrestling on television. I thought to myself.. hey… these guys.. they put their bodies through hell… maybe it’ll be some kind of self-therapy or something for me. I decided to give it a shot.

Stetton: So you weren’t a wrestler before?

Hearst: Nope. In fact, jOlt denied me. I went to a wrestling school and I learned. I learned a lot and I thought this was just some easy gig, but turns out it was a lot tougher than it seemed, but the funny thing is.. the more I did it.. the more I fell in love with it. I re-applied to jOlt.. in a more proper way.. and now i’m here on The Hype.

Stetton: So what’s next for Regan Hearst?

Hearst: To continue to dominate. When I came here I said that I wanted my name to echo through these halls. That wasn’t just some catchphrase… deep down inside I want to be talked about in a good way. I want the name Regan Hearst to mean something. Not just some wrestling monkier… but a name people respect.. a name people revere so that one day… when the time comes to hang up my boots, people can look back and say “I know that guy.. he was amazing.” because let’s be honest here, Marshall. When you go through things in life like I have… sometimes you need something to pick you back up. Knowing that I’ve done everything I possibly could to leave a memory inside people’s heads… that’s the thing that will pick me back up.

Stetton: Thank you for joining me Regan. We’re going to send it back to the ring.. back to you Jack and Jeff.

Desiree vs Un-Fayth vs Sarkhaya
This issue has been boiling over for the better part of the past couple of months. Desiree’s friendship with Faith Hines ended abruptly when Faith kept getting bullied by Monica. Faith snapped and believed that there truly was no God and that’s why she hasn’t had any success while on The Hype. She changed her look, her music, and her persona and became a vicious, vile, and spiteful human being.

While Monica was out of the picture, Desiree tried to bring some sense to Un-Fayth, but was unable to reach her. In fact, Desiree was attacked and sent to the hospital because of her actions. Around the same time, video vingettes for a newcomer to jOlt started airing, claiming to be the one who brings justice to The Hype. The Scarlet Crusader known as Sarkhaya had arrived and right away Un-Fayth felt that Sarkhaya’s brand of justice wasn’t true justice and she made her a target.

Desiree returned and befriended Sarkhaya because the two of them had a common enemy, but Un-Fayth began to play mind games and eventually drove a wedge between their friendship as well. It came to the point where both Desiree and Sarkhaya felt as if they were in each other’s ways when trying to obtain their true goal.. the elimination of the person formerly known as Faith Hines. Tonight, a triple threat match was set up to settle this once and for all and it will be contested with Fearless Rules.

William Bell: The following contest is a triple threat match set for one fall with a 25 minute time limit. This match will be contested under Fearless Rules.

“Girls Girls Girls” by Motley Crue

Out first came Desiree. Half of the fans cheered her while the other half booed her. One on hand, they liked Desiree because of everything she stood for, but they didn’t like Desiree for the words she said to Sarkhaya just a mere week ago. Sometimes tempers get the best of us and on that night on The Hype, Desiree’s got the best of her. Desiree entered the ring and warmed up. She looked back at the entrance ramp as her music faded away.

The arena became dark and then crimson lights began to swirl.

I’m not gonna make it…
Is it almost over now?
Can’t see the way…

“Last Theater” by NoisyCell

The arena “exploded” with red beams of light that originated at the entrance ramp and shot high to the ceiling. Standing at the center of those lights was Sarkhaya. She stood there until the lyrics of the song kicked in she began her journey down to the ring as, like with Desiree, the crowd half cheered and half booed her as she was the one who initiated the breakup of her friendship with Desiree.

Sarkhaya hopped up onto the ring apron and stepped into the ring. Desiree simply stood there and shot a gaze at Sarkhaya. As much as these two dislike each other.. they don’t hate one another.. not enough to pull off a sneak attack. There is still some shreds of respect there. Sarkhaya and Desiree stood in different corners, but the two of them looked towards the entrance ramp for the one person they both wanted to get their hands on.

The arena went dark once again. Smoke filled the entrance way and all of a sudden, two giant black crosses came down from the ceiling to the left and to the right of the entrance way. A voice boomed over the PA speakers

“I watched as he opened the sixth seal. There was a great earthquake. The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the whole moon turned blood red”

All of a sudden, the crosses ignited on fire!

“Antigod” by Samael

From the top of the jOltvision, Un-Fayth was lowered down to the stage via a cable sporting black angel wings. When she reached the stage, she unhooked the harness and the wings rose up to the height of the jOltvision. They, too, ignited in flame. The heat she got from the crowd was unparalleled as they were standing to boo her! Un-Fayth looked around the crowd with a smirk as she walked down to the ring.

Fayth walked up the ring steps and entered the ring. She gripped the top rope and leaned against them as she waved to both Desiree and Sarkhaya. Shortly thereafter, the arena returned to normal. Fayth tilted her head to the side and smiled at the two of them. All that was left was for the referee to ring the bell.




Immediately, Sarkhaya and Desiree bolted towards Fayth, but Fayth knew better and exited the ring and headed to the outside. Desiree didn’t waste any time and went to follow her out, but Sarkhaya pulled her back into the ring and tried to exit herself, but Desiree pulled her back into the ring and the two came to a staredown.

“What are you doing!? She’s MINE!” yelled Desiree.

“Hey, she hit me in the head with a pipe!” said Sarkhaya

“She put me in the hospital” said Desiree

“I don’t care.. I’m going after her” said Sarkhaya

Jeff Hartman: Oh I hope they just start tearing each other’s clothes off! That would keep me interested in this show, no doubt!

Sarkhaya went to step out and that’s when Desiree pulled her back in, but Sarkhaya wouldn’t have that and she shoved Desiree down to the canvas. Desiree looked at Sarkhaya in disbelief, but Sarkhaya didn’t care. Desiree was out of the picture, albeit temporarily, so she hopped out of the ring, but as soon as she landed at ringside, Un-Fayth ran up and grabbed Sarkhaya and threw her shoulder first into the ring steps. It was almost too easy for her!

Fayth began stomping away at Sarkhaya while she laid there up against the steps. Desiree hopped out of the ring behind Fayth, but Fayth turned around and decked her with a forearm, then a toe kick, then another forearm, driving her back. Fayth then swung with a clothesline, but Desiree ducked out of the way. The two changed positions and Desiree grabbed Fayth by the head and tried to slam her face first into the edge of the ring apron, but Fayth put the brakes on and elbowed Desiree to break free. Fayth then attempted to slam Desiree’s face into the ring apron, but this time it was Desiree that put on the brakes and stopped it.

Desiree grabbed Fayth and tossed her back into the ring. Desiree got up on the apron when Sarkhaya got up, ran over and grabbed Desiree’s leg, yanking her down! Desiree’s face smacked against the ring apron!

Jack Wallace: Desiree may have blocked it from Fayth, but there’s always that X Factor in a triple threat match that you can’t control.

Jeff Hartman: The book you threw away talked about X, too! By the way, can I have my book back?

Jack Wallace: No

Sarkhaya kneed Desiree in the stomach, doubling her over. She picked Desiree up for some kind of slam, but Desiree floated over and landed behind Sarkhaya! Desiree lifted up Sarkhaya and dropped her...


The crowd let out a big groan, but that took Desiree’s focus away from the ring and that’s when Fayth got a running start and flew through the ropes with a suicide dive, taking Desiree down in the process. Fayth got back up and grabbed Sarkhaya. She then threw her back into the steel ring steps for a second time, making sure she stayed out of her way.

Fayth lifted the apron and looked for a weapon, but she didn’t find one that was to her liking. She turned around and saw that Desiree had gotten back to her feet and that’s when Desiree lunged forward, but Fayth saw it coming from a mile away and grabbed her by the shoulder throwing her right into the ring post! The smack was real and Desiree screamed out in pain. It was apparent something was wrong and almost immediately the referee exited the ring and rushed over to check on Desiree who was holding her shoulder in severe pain. The referee threw up the X symbol and trainers rushed out from the backstage area to check on Desiree.

Jack Wallace: This is a scary situation here, folks. Desiree’s shoulder hit that ring post very hard and you can see by the expression on her face, that something got injured. We don’t know if it’s a muscle or a bone, but Desiree is definitely hurt here, folks.

Meanwhile, Fayth merely smiled at the fact that this match was, supposedly, going to be one competitor short. She turned to face Sarkhaya, but Sarkhaya was already up and she lunged in with a Super Kick and leveled Fayth out on the floor. She looked over and saw Desiree gripping her shoulder and surrounded by trainers. They helped Desiree up and they slowly began to walk her towards the ramp.

The crowd began to applaud her and even started up a chant.


Jack Wallace: As you can see, Desiree is being helped to the back by officials. We can only hope and pray that she’s okay. We’ll give you an update on her condition as soon as we get word from the back.

Desiree was helped to the back and Sarkhaya turned and picked Fayth up off the floor. She rolled Sarkhaya back into the ring and then lifted up the apron in search for anything under the ring. Sarkhaya paused for a moment and her eyes widened. She cracked a smiled and reached under the ring, pulling out a lead pipe!

Sarkhaya stood and looked at the lead pipe as it brought back some unwanted memories from Breakdown when she was going to have a match on jOlt Pay-Per-View only to have that ruined by Un-Fayth. Sarkhaya re-entered the ring and Fayth backed off, begging for Sarkhaya not to hit her, but Sarkhaya didn’t care… she wanted her retribution and raised the pipe above her head. She went for an overhead swing, but Fayth put her hands up and blocked the shot! Fayth smiled as she stood up and kicked Sarkhaya in the stomach. She took the pipe out of Sarkhaya’s hands and held the pipe like a baseball bat! She swung right at Sarkhaya’s head, but, thankfully, Sarkhaya ducked out of the way and took off to the ropes. She built up speed and leapt at Fayth with a Flying Forearm Smash and it caught Fayth right in the face. When she hit the canvas, the pipe flew out of her hands and rolled by the ring ropes.

Sarkhaya mounted Fayth and pounded away on her with quick right hands. Fayth tried to cover up, but more than a few shots got through and connected. Sarkhaya stood and took off to the ropes. She came back and hit a Running Leg Drop across the chest. She rolled backwards up to her feet and then she did the splits, hitting another leg drop! The crowd was impressed with that flexibility, but Sarkhaya wasted no time going into the cover, hooking the leg.



Fayth got the shoulder up.

Jack Wallace: That was an impressive leg drop by Sarkhaya. I don’t think I’ve seen a leg drop performed that way before

Jeff Hartman: I have once. It was back in my college days. There was this girl name Felicia. Man oh man was she flexible. I remember laying there on the floor and she did the splits and her...

Jack Wallace; AAAAND That’s enough story time out of Jeff Hartman for tonight.

Sarkhaya stood and walked back over and picked up the pipe. She walked over to Sarkhaya who stood up and then doubled over when Sarkhaya jammed the business end of the pipe right into her stomach. She then slammed the pipe across Fayth’s back which dropped her down to her knees. Sarkhaya then placed the pipe against Fayth’s throat then placed a knee into her upper back before pulling back on the pipe, choking the life right out her! The referee could only stand back and watch to see if Fayth wanted to give up as this was perfectly legal in an Fearless Rules match.

Fayth, somehow, mustered the strength to stand and bend over to alleviate the pressure on her neck, but Sarkhaya used her strength and pulled Fayth back up to a fully vertical position and continued to choke her with it, but Fayth could easily hit a back elbow into Sarkhaya’s head, causing her to let go of the hold. Sarkhaya staggered back as Fayth gasped for air. Fayth turned around and Sarkhaya lunged forward, slamming the pipe right into her forehead and knocking her to the ground! Sarkhaya could have gone for the cover here, but she didn’t want it to end like this.. not just yet.

She exited the ring and grabbed a steel chair from the time keeper’s position. She rolled back into the ring with it and unfolded the chair, placing it in the center of the ring. She then bent over and grabbed Fayth, pulling her back up. She walked Fayth in front of the chair and then kicked her in the stomach! She placed Fayth between her legs and lifted her up to shoulder height… looking for that Fire Thunder Powerbomb, but Fayth wriggled free and fell behind Sarkhaya. Fayth turned around and quickly grabbed Sarkhaya in a waist lock, but Sarkhaya broke Fayth’s grip and performed a standing switch. Fayth staggered forward, bringing Sarkhaya with her. Sarkhaya tightened her grip and went to take Fayth over, but Fayth put her foot on the unfolded chair and pushed off. The extra height and momentum caused her to flip out and land on her feet! Fayth backed into the ropes and when Sarkhaya turned around to get up, Fayth flat out kicked her dead in the face!

Crowd: OOOOH!!!!!!

Jack Wallace; Dear GOD! My face hurts just watching that! Another hit like that and the trainers will be out here to bring Sarkhaya to the back.

Jeff Hartman: That’s funny.. my face hurts just by looking at your face, Jack. Then again, so does everyone else’s because you are kind of an eye sore.

Fayth quickly grabbed Sarkhaya and placed her in a front face lock. She lifted Sarkhaya up and then slammed her down with a Brainbuster Suplex by the corner. Fayth stood and folded up the chair that Sarkhaya wanted to use on her. She placed the chair on top of Sarkhaya and walked to the corner. She hopped up to the middle turnbuckle, then the top turnbuckle and finally flipped off with the Triple Jump Moonsault! She came crashing down on top of Sarkhaya!


Fayth felt that one herself, but tossed the chair aside and made the cover, hooking the leg.



Shoulder up by Sarkhaya!

Jack Wallace: I don’t know who got the worst of that one, but Sarkhaya was able to kick out of that amazing moonsault by Un-Fayth.

Fayth grabbed Sarkhaya by her hair and pulled her back up. Fayth hit a knife edge chop across the chest, followed by a second one. She grabbed Sarkhaya by the arm and whipped her into the ropes and made her eat a back elbow, knocking her back down. Sarkhaya walked over to the chair and picked it up before heading to the corner and wedging it between the top and middle turnbuckle. She turned and pulled Sarkhaya up and went to throw her shoulder first into the corner, but Sarkhaya reversed it and it was Fayth that went into the chair in the corner instead! Fayth stumbled backwards and Sarkhaya picked her up into an Inverted Fireman’s Carry. She then tilted off and dropped her with a Burning Hammer!!!


Sarkhaya electd not to go for the cover. She, instead, exited the ring and picked up the steel chair that fell out from Fayth’s impact with it. She brought it back into the ring and stood over Fayth with the chair. Sarkhaya raised the chair high above her head and...


She slammed it down on top of Fayth! She raised the chair again and..

She slammed it down on top of her a second time!

THWACK! A third time!

THWACK! A fourth time!

THWACK! A fifth time!

She then unfolded the chair and reached down to pick up Fayth, but then something caught her eye… It was Desiree!! The crowd cheered as Desiree came back out with a bandage on her shoulder. Apparently her injury wasn’t as severe as we once thought and she wanted back in this match!

Jack Wallace: Desiree has reappeared, but is this really wise? Seeing the bandage on her makes me wonder if that shoulder is a hundred percent. I guess nothing is going to keep her away from getting her retribution., I only hope she knows what she’s doing.

Jeff Hartman: I hate dumb women and what she’s doing is pretty dumb.

Jack Wallace: I thought people were akin to their own kind? Guess I was wrong on that one.

Desiree entered the ring and asked for the chair. Looks like she wanted to get some shots in as well. Sarkhaya nodded and handed Desiree the unfolded chair which she folded back up. She looked down at Fayth and raised the chair above her head. She then quickly looked up and...



Jack Wallace: WHAT THE HELL!!??

Jeff Hartman: Are you shocked? Sarkhaya tried to prevent her from going after Fayth at the beginning of this match… now that Fayth is down and prone.. you think she wants Sarkhaya around when she has another opportunity? Come on Jack… it’s not really THAT surprising.

Sarkhaya hit the canvas and Desiree shoved her out of the ring with her foot. Desiree turned around and bent over to pick up Fayth. She pulled her up to her feet with chair in hand. She looked Fayth right in the eyes before taking a step back and..



Fayth hit her back pretty hard and Desiree dropped the chair. She made the cover, hooking the leg...


Sarkhaya crawled up onto the apron.


Sarkhaya was in the ring..


Sarkhaya jumped in, but it was too late!

William Bell: Here is your winner by way of pinfall… DESIREE!

The crowd actually booed Desiree for her actions! Desiree stood up and looked around the arena at the hatred she was being given by the fans. Sarkhaya staggered up to her feet and looked at Desiree, but Desiree only looked back at her as the referee raised her hand up into the air. Sarkhaya shook her head in disbelief that Desiree would go to that length just to finish off Un-Fayth.

Desiree turned and walked away, but Sarkhaya grabbed her by the arm and spun her around. Sarkhaya began to spout some words at Desiree, but Desiree shoved Sarkhaya back and told her to “get out of my face.”

Sarkhaya wasn’t going to take that and lunged in, tackling Desiree from behind! The two spilled through the ropes and down to the floor at ringside! Sarkhaya was on top of Desiree as she threw her head into the ground multiple times. The referee had to exit the ring quickly to pull Sarkhaya off of her. Sarkhaya was held back as Desiree laid there injured. The crowd didn’t know who to cheer or who to boo. This behavior was pretty odd on behalf of both Sarkhaya and Desiree,

Sarkhaya assured the referee that she was done. She threw up her hands and walked away as Desiree slowly sat up. Desiree got her retribution tonight.. and in a way.. so did Sarkhaya, but a dissolved friendship now acts as the catalyst to a new issue.

Jack Wallace: In the end, Fayth got what she deserved, but this one human being tore a rift betwen Desiree and Sarkhaya. I don’t think this can be repaired now. All I know is The Hype next week is going to be interesting if these two are going to be there.

Jeff Hartman: Wait.. we’re having a show NEXT WEEK, too!? Oh God.. and here I thought we got time off after a Pay-Per-View.

Winner: Desiree via Pinfall

"Sorry, You're Not on the List"

We are in the parking lot of The jOlt Arena. We see Tristan walking up to the arena strolling a suitcase along with him. He noticed a part of security guards standing at the staff entrance, but pays them no mind as this is usually standard operating procedure for jOlt.

Tristan walked up to the door and reached out to grab the handle, but that’s when Security Guards A and B stepped in front of the door, preventing Tristan from entering the building.

Security Guard A: I’m sorry sir, but there’s no admittance through this doorway.

Tristan: You’re kidding, right? I work here...

Security Guard B: What’s your name, sir?

Tristan: It’s Tristan.

Security Guard B: And your last name sir?

Tristan: I don’t have a last name anymore.

The two security guards look at each other and then Security Guard B looks at his list. He flips through a couple of pages and then looks up at Tristan.

Security Guard B: I’m sorry, sir, but your name is not on the admittance sheet for talent. Are you scheduled to compete tonight?

Tristan: Well, no, but I am an employee of jOlt Wrestling and The Hype. I should be able to come in and watch the show. I mean, I’ve been backstage are every show we’ve done regardless if I was working that night. I don’t understand how this is any different.

Before the guards could retort, Scanlon and Selby, The SOBs, walk up and the guards immediately open the doors without any questions.

Selby: Thank ye, lads.

The guards closed the door and Tristan stood there with his mouth agape.

Tristan: What the hell!? They’re not wrestling tonight either.. and you just let them in without even asking them a single question! Yet, you’re detaining me!? The man who was once the number one contender to the Hype Championship!? What the hell is going on…. wait.. you know what? Screw it.. I’m going in and you two aren’t going to stop me!

Tristan plowed forward, but the two Security Guards stood in front of the door. Tristan tried to muscle his way through to no avail. Tristan struggled and struggled, but kept getting resist. Finally, after enough attempts, Tristan threw his hands in the air and backed off.

Tristan: Okay.. Okay.. FINE! You want me gone… I’m gone...

Tristan turned and grabbed his bags, but he immediately turned on a dime, let go of his suitcase and ran at the door, but security stepped back in front of it and blocked his path. Tristan gave up and walked away pissed.

Tristan: I’m going to have you two fired once I talk to Shayne Anderson about this!

Tristan picked up his luggage and walked away. The scene faded to black.

Cross the Hood vs The Natural Athletes vs The Ali Boys
Over the course of The Hype’s history, many have come and gone. The originals paved the way and since the beginning, we’ve had two graduating classes from jOlt’s developmental territory. Each generation, a tag team has stood out and showed the world that they are the next sensation in jOlt.

Cross the Hood dominated the original days of The Hype and were considered the greatest tag team on the roster at the time. Then, when the next wave of talent came in, Terry Massimo and Cori Albright formed the team The Natural Athletes. Not only did they become the first-ever Hype Tag Team Champions, some say that the team was, hands-down, the best team The Hype had ever seen. Then in the third wave of talent, jOlt Wrestling signed The Ali Boys who are South Florida legends in their own right.

Last week on The Hype, The Ali Boys defeated The SOBs to earn their spot to represent the current generation of The Hype. Three generations… three teams… the time for one of these teams to prove that they are the best of the best has arrived

William Bell: Ladies and Gentlemen.. the following contest is the Generations Tag Team Match and it is set for one fall with a 30 minute time limit!

“Oye Como Va” by Carlos Santana

The sounds of the guitar hit the PA system as the lights slowly faded in the arena. All of a sudden, almost as if lasers were etched into the set itself.. a neon blue and purple outline of the New York City Skyline was displayed. Iago and Clemente.. The Ali Boys walked out from the backstage area to cheers from the crowd.

They may be from the Lower East Side of New York City, but Miami was their second home. They spent many years here.. in this very building which was previously owned by Jason Roberts. When Derecho left jOlt, he sold this arena to Damien Lee when LoC returned and took away jOlt’s home in Orlando. The Ali Boys are former World Tag Team Champions in a multitude of promotions, but they have yet to taste any gold in jOlt. Iago and Clemente entered the ring and each took a turnbuckle as the docile sounds of Carlos Santana continued to fill the arena. Their music faded and they hopped down.

“Thunderstruck” by AC/DC

The Hype faithful hit their feet as the team favored to win this match, Cori Albright and Terry Massimo… The Natural Athletes… also known as the only team in jOlt History to hold both the Hype Tag Team Titles and the World Tag Team Titles, stepped out from the backstage area with the World Tag Team Titles around their waists. Nate Quartermaine also was with them as this served to be a homecoming for him as well! The trio walked down to the ring and when they got to ringside, Massimo and Albright unfastened their titles and handed them to Quartermaine who remained at ringside as Albright and Massimo slid in under the bottom rope. There was no warm up or anything with them. They were straight forward and ready to take care of business.

“My Time” by Fabolous

The crowd continued to cheer as Jackson Cross, Machida Hood, and Vogue Gonsalvez stepped out from the back. Many would have loved to see Cross the Hood and The Natural Athletes go at it to see who truly was the best. Tonight, fans may just get a little glimpse of that. Vogue circled around the ring opposite of Quartermaine as Cross and Hood slid in under the bottom rope.

They each took a side of the ring and hopped up on the ropes, playing to the crowd. They hopped down, fist bumped each other and went to the ropes again, getting the crowd into it some more. Their music died down and it looked like Clemente, Machida, and Albright were set to start this match. The referee called for the bell.




Jack Wallace: This is a match I’ve been waiting to see. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing these teams and calling all of their matches here on The Hype. I want to truly see who is the best of the best.

Jeff Hartman: While I’ve had the horror of having to sit through all of those matches… much like I have to here tonight.

The three chosen to start the match began to circle in the ring. Everyone was waiting to see who would make the first move, as is typical in a triple threat match. Normally, you’d be worried about getting jumped by the third match, but in this match, you have a partner to watch your back. Clemente and Machida looked at each other for a moment and nodded. They then both went after Cori Albright! It seems they recognize the potential for disaster here if they left The Natural Athletes unchecked so a temporarily alliance has been formed!

Clemente and Machida pounded away on Albright with forearm shots, backing him into the corner. Clemente hit a knife edge chop and stepped back. Machida stepped in and hit a right hands. Clemente back in with another chop, Machida back in with another right hand. The two of them then walked Albright to the ropes and whipped him across the ring. They both hit him with a back elbow that knocked Albright down. Albright rolled to the outside as Machida walked to the ropes and looked over, to make sure Albright wasn’t going to do anything. That’s when Clemente saw his opportunity and rolled up Machida from behind with a School Boy!



Mahida kicked away!

Machida got up and got in Clemente’s face.

“THE HELL YA DOIN’?” snarled Machida.

Jack Wallace: And almost right away a partnership dissolves. That’s pretty much what you can come to expect in a triple threat match. Temporary allies when in reality, you’re all enemies of each other.

Jeff Hartman: This actually sounds more like the movie Hackers.

Clemente simply shrugged and that’s when Machida smirked then decked Clemente in the head with a heavy right hand! Needless to say their alliance is over. Machida backed Clemente up against the ropes and whipped him across the ring. Clothesline by Machida was ducked as Clemente came off the opposite end. Clemente ran over Machida with a shoulder block then took off to the ropes again. Machida flipped to his stomach and Clemente stepped over. Machida stood and went for an arm drag, but Clemente blocked it… swung with a heavy right, but Machida ducked, got underneath Clemente and dropped him with a Back Drop Suplex. Machida stood up and spat some ish at Clemente.

“Ya.. that’s what ya get!” said Machida to Clemente

Machida walked over and tagged in Jackson Cross. Cross stepped into the ring just as Clemente was getting back up to his feet. Cross delivered a toe kick then a forearm to the side of the head which staggered Clemente away. Cross sent him into the ropes, but Cori Albright got up on the ring apron and pulled the top rope down, causing Clemente to spill out to the floor! Cross charged in, but Albright hit him in the stomach with a shoulder block between the ropes. Albright grabbed the top rope, but from the floor, Clemente stood up and grabbed Albright by the leg, yanking him off the apron and causing his face to smack against the edge of the ring!

Clemente got up on the apron, but Cross was there to meet him with a right hand. He hooked Clemente and brought him back into the ring the hard with a vertical suplex over the ropes! Cross went into the cover, hooking the leg.



Shoulder up by Clemente

Jack Wallace: Jackson Cross brought Clemente Ali back into the ring the hard away, but the middle Ali Boy of the family was able to kick out of it.

Jeff Hartman: Just how many Ali Boys are there, anyway?

Jack Wallace: Three by my count..

Jeff Hartman: That we know of. I can’t trust an Ali as far as I can throw one.

Jack Wallace: You can’t even throw a twinkie anywhere but your own mouth.

Cross placed Clemente into a sleeper hold, but Cori Albright slid back into the ring and nailed a Double Axe Handle Smash to the back of Cross’ head! Albright pulled Cross up to his feet and hit a pair of quick kicks to the tights, a chop to the chest, then a forearm to the face before taking off to the ropes. Albright charged in, but Cross LEVELED him with a massive lariat that made Albright question where he was in the universe. Cross went down for the cover, hooking the leg.



Shoulder up by Albright.

Clemente came back into the ring and pounded on Cross with a forearm shot. Albright stood and now an alliance between Clemente and Albright formed as they double team whipped Cross to the ropes! Clemente charged in first and hit a low basement drop kick which faceplanted Cross into the canvas. As Cross pushed himself up… Albright lunged in and connected with the Super Kick...


Immediately Clemente turned his back on this temporary partnership and grabbed Albright in a waist lock, hitting a German Suplex!! Clemente then quickly scurried over and made the cover on Cross, hooking the leg..



Machida came in and broke up the pinfall attempt!

Jack Wallace: And AGAIN Clemente Ali breaks up another partnership to try and capitalize!

Jeff Hartman: It’s Cori Albright’s fault for being stupid enough to trust Clemente in the first place. Then again, all six of these people are pretty dumb to begin with. The Natural Athletes are three dumb jocks.. I mean just look at the blank expression on Nate Quartermaine’s face as he stands there looking into the ring like a huge derp. Then Cross the Hood call themselves street smart, but I doubt you can put “shanking people with a jimmy stick” down on a resume. Who knows what back alleys Vogue Gonsalvez came out of… and then we have The Ali Boys who are fighting amongst themselves to try and prove to each other how good they are. Tell me how that’s not dumb!

Jack Wallace: Wow Jeff.. tell us how you really feel.

Jeff Hartman: I thought I just did… Jeez, Jack.. you’re like the biggest dumbass of the lot that’s out here

Hood pulled Clemente up and whipped him into the ropes. He took Clemente down with a Thesz Press and began to hammer away on him. Cross began to pull himself up and that’s when Hood told him that he needed to get got. Cross and Hood pulled Clemente up, but Cori Albright also got to his feet. That’s when the two of them whipped Clemente into Albright, causing a meeting of the minds in the middle of the ring. Clemente staggered back as Cross lifted Clemente up for a Back Drop Suplex and Hood grabbed him in a reverse face lock. They dropped Clemente with the back drop/reverse ddt combo!

Hood stood and charged at Albright, clotheslining him up and over the top rope, but Hood spilled out to the floor with him. Cross made the cover, but Iago Ali went up top!



Iago with the diving elbow onto Jackson Cross to break up the pinfall attempt.

Iago remained in the ring as Cross stood back up. Iago hit a couple of quick front kicks, then a roundhouse kick to the side of the head that brought Cross down to his knees. Iago backed into the ropes and leapt onto Cross’ shoulders and spiked him face first into the canvas with a low rana! The crowd covered their mouths on that one as Cross looked to hit pretty hard. Hood got back up on the ring apron and Iago saw him out of the corner of his eye. Iago charged in and hit a running drop kick, knocking Hood back off. Hood collided with Cori Albright on the outside. Iago saw that it was enough to keep them down as the two of them were getting back up. Iago charged the corner and walked up the turnbuckles, pivoted, and flipped off with a Tope Con Hilo off the middle turnbuckle to the outside taking Hood and Albright back down to the floor as the crowd stood and cheered!

Back inside the ring, Clemente got back up and he tried to shake off the cobwebs. Clemente pulled Cross back up to his feet and sent him into the ropes. He picked up Cross, pivoted, and planted him with an Anderson-style Spinebuster in the middle of the ring! Clemente opted not to got for the cover because Iago got up on the ring apron and he begged to get into this match. Clemente walked over and tagged his brother to a pretty good pop. Iago got up on the top turnbuckle pad and took aim on Jackson Cross. He launched himself off with a Flying Body Press and slammed down on top of him! iago made the cover, hooking leg...




The one man we haven’t seen get involved in this match just did. Terry Massimo came in and pulled Iago off of Jackson Cross, saving the match! Massimo pulled Iago up to his feet and lifted him into a military press. Clemente came back in to save his partner, but Massimo tossed Iago right into Clemente! Cross staggered up to his feet and when Massimo turned around, Cross kicked him in the stomach with a toe kick. He hoisted the big man up onto his shoulders, but Massimo wriggled free and fell behind Cross. Massimo placed Cross in a waist lock, but Cross hit a pair of elbows to the side of the head.

Machida Hood came back into the ring and the two double teamed Massimo by sending him into the ropes. They went for a double clothesline, but Massimo ducked. Both members turned to face Massimo and that’s when Massimo held onto the ropes. Cori Albright slid back into the ring and leveled both members of Cross the Hood from behind with a double clothesline! Albright quickly dragged Hood on top of Cross as Massimo went to the ropes. He bounced off and leapt into the air, crashing down on top of both of them with Running Splash...


Massimo headed back to his corner as Hood rolled off of Cross. Albright, who was one of the actual legal men in the match made the cover, hooking the leg..



Both Iago and Clemente dove in and made the save as they finished recuperating in the corner! Jack Wallace: Terry Massimo made his presence felt, but the resilience of The Ali Boys prevented Massimo from ending this match right here and now with that patented splash of his.

Jeff Hartman: How are moves patented anyway? Do you just walk into the patent office and say “yeah.. I want to jump on people with my giant body while wearing spandex and covered in baby oil.. you got a form I can fill out for that?” Iago and Clemente pulled Albright up to his feet, but Albright hit a right hand to Iago.. a back elbow to Clemente.. a right hand to Iago.. another back elbow to Clemente that staggered him back. Albright then backflipped and caught Clemente in the face..


Albright kipped up as Iago charged in. Iago looked for a satellite head scissors, but Albright caught him mid-rotation and converted it into a sidewalk slam! Albright got up and pulled Clemente to his feet. He shot Clemente across the ring and charged in after him. Clemente hit the ropes then Albright did. Clemente had no idea where Albright went until he slammed into him from behind with a northern lariat! Albright went over to his corner and tagged in Terry Massimo into the match.

Albright stayed in as he and Massimo pulled up Iago and Clemente respectively. Albright sent Iago into one corner and Clemente into another. Albright grabbed Massimo by the arm and whipped him into Iago’s corner where Massimo hit him with Body Avalanche. Abright charged Clemente’s corner and hit him with a corner clothesline. Iago fell to a seated position while Clemente remained standing. They switched corners. Albright charged in and nailed a hesitation drop kick to Iago while Massimo hit a Body Avalance on Clemente! They switched corners again! Albright charged in and hit the Hesitation Drop Kick on Clemente while Massimo hit a cannonball into the corner on Iago, damn near killing him!!!

Jackson Cross had rolled by the ropes after getting saved by the Ali Boys while Hood was regaining his composure on the ring apron. The Natural Athletes looked around at the other four broken and beaten bodies and then showboated a bit to the crowd by raising their fists into the air. This was why they were the most dominant tag team in The Hype’s history.. because of stuff like this!

Albright headed back to his corner as Massimo pulled Iago up off the canvas. He then hoisted Iago up onto the top turnbuckle pad because what he just did to him simply wasn’t enough. Massimo climbed up as Clemente tried to hoist himself up to his feet. Massimo hooked Iago and Clemente knew he had to make it there in time to save Iago, but by the time set in motion, Massimo had already made the move...

Jack Wallace: This isn’t going to end well…


Clemente, however, got far enough to the point where he was able to catch his brother! Clemente hit the canvas, taking the brunt of the punishment. Iago rolled up to his feet and staggered back up against the ropes. Massimo charged in at Iago, but Iago slipped through the ropes and used them to hit a leaping Gamengiri to the side of Massimo’s head! Iago grabbed the top rope and leapt up top, springboarding off with a drop kick that staggered Massimo back. Clemente stood up behind Massimo. Massimo turned around and Clemente showed some power as he hoisted the big man up onto his shoulders. He tilted off to the side and nailed the Death Valley Driver on Massimo!!




Iago went back out to the ring apron as Clemente ran in and knocked Cori Albright off the ring apron. Clemente went over to Cross the Hood’s corner and knocked Jackson Cross off the apron, but Machida Hood grabbed Clemente by the head and hotshotted him across the top rope! Meanwhile, Iago grabbed the ropes and hit the Springboard Leg Drop on Terry Massimo...


Iago had the cover!



Thr.. NO!!!

Broken up by Machida Hood!

Jack Wallace: Another near fall here and… look out!

Hood took off to the ropes as Iago stood. Hood came back and nailed the STO into the Backbreaker..


He went for the cover, but the referee, somehow among the chaos, remembered that Jackson Cross was the legal man for Cross the Hood and wasn’t counting the pinfall! Machida couldn’t believe it and stood. He began to argue with the referee, but he realized it was futile.

Jeff Hartman: Remember what I said about all six of these people being dumber than holy hell? Well there ya go, Jack.. the proof is right in front of you.

Jack Wallace: This match is complete chaos, Jeff… I’d like to see you try and keep things straight

Jeff Hartman: I don’t have to because I’m not wearing the zebra shirt.

Jack Wallace: I doubt you’d even be able to fit in one.

He looked around desperately for his partner and saw Cross pulling himself up on the apron. Hood ran over and told Cross he needed to get in and make the pin. Cross rolled in under the bottom rope and was about to stand when Cori Albright hopped onto the ring apron, grabbed the top rope and hit a springboard leg drop to the back of Cross’ head, jamming his face right into the canvas!!!

Cross rolled under the ropes and out to the floor. Albright stood as Hood charged in with a lariat. The lariat was ducked by Albright who turned, hit a leg sweep and then when Hood was about to stand, Albright lunged in with the Super Kick...


Hood rolled under the ropes as Clemente got back up and ran up behind Albright. He hooked him in a half nelson then took him over with the Half Nelson Suplex! Massimo had begun to stir and got back to his feet. Clemente turned around and Massimo grabbed him by the arm and shot him into the ropes. Massimo picked Clemente up onto his shoulders and dropped him with a Samoan Drop! Massimo turned to get up and Iago charged at him, hitting in the face with a Running Knee Smash!! Iago was the legal man as he hopped on top of Massimo with the cover!



Th.. NO!!!

Massimo kicked out and he kicked out with force, sending the smallest of the Ali trio flying in the process!

“THIS IS AWESOME” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME” Clap Clap ClapClapClap

Jack Wallace: This action is really starting to pick up and the crowd here in Miami.. minus the one person sitting next to me… is loving every minute of this!

Jeff Hartman: You finally get me, Jack. You finally get me!

Iago stood and looked around for Clemente. He found his brother and helped him up to his feet. He told his brother that now was their chance to finish this. The two of them walked over and pulled Massimo up to his feet. They whipped him into the ropes, but Clemente got FLATTENED by a running Body Avalanche by Massimo. Nothing fancy about a big man simply running into you at full speed but goddamn was it effective.

Iago backed up as Massimo grabbed him by the head and ran him over to the ropes, flinging him to the outside. Massimo picked up Clemente and did the same thing.. he tossed him over the top rope to the outside. Massimo then told the audience he was going to fly!?




Massimo got a full head of steam and then leapt over the top rope to the outside with a flying body press taking out both members of The Ali Boys!!!



Hood, who was still under the ring ropes, reached up and grabbed them to pull himself up to his feet. He walked over to the turnbuckles and climbed up top. Terry Massimo got back up and Machida Hood flew off with a cross body block of his own, landing on Massimo and taking him back down to the floor! The Ali Boys, Terry Massimo, and Machida Hood were down. This left Jackson Cross and Cori Albright as the only ones recovering. Cross was recovering on the outside, but Albright was recovering inside of the ring after being dumped on his head by the half nelson suplex. Albright noticed Cross walking over to the ring steps. He dismantled the top half and tossed it aside. he then set up the bottom half near the pile of bodies. Cross didn’t think to look into the ring when he got a running start. At the same time.. so did Clemente.

Cross leapt onto the steps and jumped off, looking for a big splash on top of everyone..

Clemente dove through the ropes just as Cross leapt off.






Jeff Hartman: That asshole almost spilled my Mountain Dew Kickstart! Look.. it actually shifted the logo away from the camera. I better fix that before we breach contract.

Cori Albright… who hit that suicide dive covered into a mid-air spear, slowly got to his feet first. He knew his partner, Massimo, was the legal man and he helped him to his feet. The Athletes picked up Jackson Cross, who was the second legal man and rolled him back into the ring under the bottom ropes. Albright stood guard in front of the other three as Massimo rolled into the. Massimo hit the ropes and came back, hitting the Running Splash on Cross..


The Ali Boys got up and tried to hit the ring to save the match, but Albright fought them off with right hands, staggering them back.


Machida Hood got up and slipped past Albright!


Hood dove in...




Jack Wallace: Machida Hood with a save and another nail-biting nearfall! This has got to be the match of the night thus far!

Jeff Hartman: There’s only six matches, thank god, on this card, Jack. One of them is bound to be the match of the night.. otherwise we’ll just piss a lot of people off by screwing them out of their hard earned money.. that’s my job.

Hood pounded away on Massimo to try and keep him grounded. Albright tried to get in to help his partner, but this time it was THe Ali Boys that were detaining Albright, holding him down at ringside! Hood took off to the ropes as Massimo staggered to his feet. Hood looked to hit STO Backbreaker.. the Project 347, but Massimo picked up Hood and spun him around, nailing a swinging uranage slam right on top of his own partner, Jackson Cross! Both men were laying on top of each other and Massimo knew what was coming next!

On the outside, Albright had fought off both Clemente and Iago and turned to get on on the ring apron just as Massimo hit the ropes to go for another All the Way and he ended colliding with his own tag team partner!!! Iago and Clemente side stepped and Albright fell to the floor as the back of Massimo’s head collided with the back of Albright’s! Massimo staggered forward as Clemente and Iago slid into the ring. Clemente got on one side of Cross the Hood… Iago on the other! Clemente showed power of his own as he lifted Massimo up for the Flapjack… Iago lunged up and hooked his head with Ace Crusher...


Massimo landed on top of Hood and Cross! Massimo rolled off as Clemente turned and pulled Hood off of Cross! Iago, the legal man.. covered Cross.. the other legal man and the referee counted..





William Bell: Here are your winners by way of pinfall... Iago and Clemente... THE ALI BOYS!

Jack Wallace: The newest generation, but the oldest and most experienced team in this match picks up the victory! Cross the Hood.. former jOlt World Tag Team Champions… The Natural Athletes, the first-ever and former Hype Tag Team Champions… were just defeated by a team that hasn’t worn tag team gold in almost fifteen years! It shows that there is still gas in the tank for The Ali Boys!!

The Ali Boys stood tall in the middle of the ring as the crowd in the jOlt Arena in Miami, FL were on their feet giving them a standing ovation


Eldridge Ali came out from the backstage area and stood on the stage. He applauded his two brothers for picking up the win. They were tied coming into this with a win a piece in their personal challenge.. now The Ali Boys were ahead 2-1. Eldridge cracked a smirk and then disappeared behind the curtain knowing full well that he had more work to do to catch up and surpass his brothers.

Nate Quartermaine and Vogue Gonsalvez entered the ring and checked on their fellow stablemates. Terry Massmi got helped up to his feet and Cori Albright rolled back into the ring. The Natural Athletes walked over to The Ali Boys as Terry Massimo mouthed the words..

“Not bad”

The Ali Boys shook their hands and the crowd applauded the show of sportsmanship. The Hood recollected themselves and they too walked over to the center of the ring and extended their hands to The Ali Boys. The Boys shook their hands and then Cross the Hood shook hands with The Natural Athletes. All three teams then stood in the middle of the ring and raised their arms as the crowd gave them all a standing ovation.

The Natural Athletes and Cross the Hood exited the ring on opposite sides, leaving The Ali Boys alone in the ring to the sounds of Carlos Santana’s “Oye Como Va.” The Boys each picked a turnbuckle and climbed up, showboating for the crowd. They hopped down and swapped sides, doing another pose for those with the benefits of flash photography.

By this time, the other two teams had left the arena and headed backstage. The Ali Boys went to the middle of the ring for one final pose when all of a sudden… the lights in the arena went out.

A few seconds later..





The lights in the arena came back on...

Jack Wallace: WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL!!!!????





Derecho asked for a microphone….

Winner: The Ali Boys via Pinfall

"A Forever Reminder"

The crowd was still chanting HOLY SHIT at the top of their lungs at the sight of The King of Hell standing in the middle of a jOlt ring once again. Derecho was granted the microphone he asked for and when he brought it up to his lips, the arena fell silent.

Derecho: Well surprise, surprise. Fancy seeing me here in this arena once again.

The crowd had no idea how to respond.

Derecho: Yes.. I am under a Legacy of Champions contract, but in the slim chance you people are actually watching that show instead of jOlt Wrestling.. you’d know that Jonathan Conspriacy has been.. well.. kind of drunk on his own power. The entire roster has practically walked out of the company, including myself. When the Legacy Champion left.. I no longer had a goal in that company. My goal still is to become a two-time Legacy Champion and cement my name in the annals of time once again, but with that prize taken away from me… I had no reason to be there.

Derecho paused as he looked around the crowd.

Derecho: So I decided to pull some strings.. well.. I didn’t have to really pull many. You see.. I used to own this building completely. Anyone who knows me knows I ran a wrestling promotion here out of this very building AFTER I spent YEARS making my office the hood of my car.. after I spent YEARS.. holding Pay-Per-Views in back yards.. hell.. I even held on down on the beach in South Miami because I couldn’t get any venue to sign with my fledgling company. I scratched, I scraped, and I clawed my way to success and when I finally made more money than I knew what to do with.. I bought this building.. and it became known as the X Wrestling Arena.

The people cheered and applauded.

Derecho: I’ve been a jOlt Relentless Champion.. a jOlt Tag Team Champion.. a Two-Time jOlt Underground Champion.. and a jOlt World Champion. This company gave me so much that I wanted to give something back when jOlt was told to take a hike out of Orlando by LoC. I gave them my arena.. but what people don’t know is that I still own ten percent of this building and if I want to walk into something that was once fully mine and still partially is.. I WILL DAMN WELL DO SO AND NOBODY IS GOING TO STOP ME.

The crowd actually cheered that.

Derecho: You know.. I was planning on doing this to either Mike Patterson or Crucifix.. two people who used to work for me.. but when I saw The Ali Boys win this match.. I knew it had to be them. For YEARS I wrestled in the same promotions as them. WWA… FWA.. and then they became my employees. I wanted to build a company around their legacy and you know what they did? They retired on me and left me with the brother Eldridge to pick up their slack. I mean who in the HELL would want to build a company.. to build a legacy around Eldridge Ali? The guy wasn’t a draw when I gave him an opportunity as X Wrestling World Champion and he still isn’t a draw because you people care more about these two douchebags than you do that lumbering oaf standing in the back right now.

Now the crowd has begun to boo Derecho.

Derecho: So I wanted to come out here and extend a personal thank you to Iago and Clemente who decided it was better to hang up the boots than to make me even richer than I already was.. and now look at the two of you.. you’re in jOlt’s farm league making a couple of extra hundred bucks a show when you could have been making hundreds of thousands with me in X Wrestling. The only difference between me and you is that fifteen years later I can afford to retire any damn time I please while you’ll still be bouncing around in an upscale bingo hall in the back of this arena for chump change because you know your lives are over with out.

With that, Eldridge Ali couldn’t stand anymore and bolted out from the back to a thunderous ovation from the crowd.

Derecho grinned as he bailed from the ring. Eldridge stood there and focused his gaze on Derecho. He looked at Derecho who stood there with a smile on his face and his arms crossed laughing to himself knowing that he wouldn’t be caught by Eldridge.

Derecho: Such anger, El-Al. Too bad for you that this is just a one-time appearance. After I leave this arena I’ll be gone again. Who knows if I’ll even step foot into a jOlt ring again… so sorry to say you just missed your one shot at taking my head off. Such a shame… but I guess let this whole experience serve as A Forever Reminder that I can drop you any time I wish and just like your two worthless brothers… you’ll never…. see… it coming.

Derecho dropped the microphone and exited through the crowd.

Jack Wallace: A one-time appearance? Derecho came here just for this? Wow.. things must really be slow over at LoC for him to do this.. but then again.. is Derecho really in breach of contract? We’re being broadcast on the WrestleNet NOW Network and LoC is a part of that, too. There has to be some legal loophole for him to just show up here like this.

Jeff Hartman: I wish he would stay.. he would be the Lord and Savior for this show!

Ryan Raysor/Michael Donavan vs Prince Samir/Kareem
It all started when Ryan Raysor and Prince Samir formed India’s Import and joined The Dying Breed to fight against Shayne Anderson’s X Movement. After The Dying Breed won that battle and disbanded, India’s Import looked to take sights on the Hype Tag Team Titles, however, things didn’t really work out as planned. A man of Mexican royalty, El Principe, entered the scene and started offering bribes to competitors in order to garner himself some victories without ever getting his hands dirty.

Prince Samir was one of the ones who took the money, which disgusted and infuriated Ryan Raysor. This disgust lead to the destruction of the India’s Import tag team and Ryan set off on a quest to give Samir a taste of his own medicine. He did so by beating Samir and forcing him to be his servant for a week to show him the dark side of wielding the power of money. Samir wanted revenge for that embarrassment and challenged Raysor to a rematch in which Raysor won again.

Ryan then came to Prince Samir’s locker room when he was summoned by Samir himself, thinking that Samir had finally seen the error of his ways. That’s when we saw the return of Samir’s bodyguard for hire, Kareem, return to jOlt Wrestling, laying waste to Ryan Raysor. Ryan couldn’t handle the two-on-one battle and reached out for a tag team partner to take on Samir and Kareem here at Hype: Retribution. The man that answered the call was former Hype original and former Rebellion member Michael Donavan!

Michael Donavan returned to where it all began for him.. The Hype and stated that he was going to turn over a new leaf and start fresh. With Donavan’s new passion to retool and repackage himself, this would be a perfect opportunity to do so!

William Bell: Ladies and Gentlemen… the following contest is a tag team match set for one fall with a 30 minute time limit!

The lights in the arena went low and then the arena became bathed in golden and purple hues.

“Karukara” by Avial

It was a new theme for Prince Samir and Kareem. The slow, somber opening caused the purple and gold lights to swirl around the arena. After the initial lyrics finished singing and the thunder clapped, Prince Samir and Kareem slowly walked out from the backstage area. Samir was dressed in a purple and gold robe while Kareem was in his normal attire. Samir knelt down on the entrance stage and felt the air around him while Kareem stood tall behind him.

The guitar and drums kicked in and Samir stood up and began to slowly walk down to the ring with Kareem in tow. Samir hopped up on the ring apron and stepped between the ropes, holding his arms out. He twirled around and finally knelt in the middle of the ring. Kareem followed him into the ring and stood by Samir’s side with his arms crossed and folded. The music faded and the lights in the arena returned to normal.

“Word Up” by KorN

Ryan Raysor popped out from the backstage area to cheers from the crowd. He moved from side to side on the stage and got the crowd into it. He made his way to the center of the stage and his music faded as he stood to the side and cracked a smile.

Another new theme hit the PA system.

“Stranglehold” by Ted Nugent

The people cheered as the 6’10” 265 pound Michael Donavan came out from the backstage area sporting a slightly new look with a leather vest. He stepped out and and stood side by side with Ryan Raysor, giving him a fist bump


Donavan and Raysor made their way down the aisle to the ringside area. Donavan climbed up onto the apron and stepped over the top rope while Raysor hopped up to the apron and climbed the turnbuckles, striking a pose for the crowd. Donavan cracked his knuckles as Raysor hopped over and landed on his feet. The theme faded out as the crowd was still cheering the return of Michael Donavan to The Hype!

Jack Wallace: It’s good to see Michael Donavan back here on The Hype. He had so much potential and then it kind of went to waste with The Rebellion. He tried to find himself after they broke up, but all he got was an injury for his troubles at the hands of Apollo. Now Michael Donavan is looking to dust himself off and start anew here on The Hype and he’s going to do that as Ryan Raysor’s tag team partner here tonight!

Jeff Hartman: I liked Donavan before. He was cold, calculating, and a loyal man to the cause. Now what is it? He’s nothing more than just some wannabe biker looking guy who wants to help others? Makes me sick.

Raysor and Samir will start out this tag match and the referee called for the bell.




Right off the bat we get the match up we’ve all wanted to see. Ryan grinned as he looked at Samir and told him to bring it. Samir laughed to himself and wiggled his finger as he turned and tagged Kareem into the match almost instantly, garnering some hatred from the crowd here on hand. Ryan shook his head in disappointment as Kareem stepped in and nodded his head with confidence. Ryan slowly backed into his corner and stuck his hand out.

Michael Donavan tagged himself in!

Jack Wallace: Prince Samir is a coward tagging Kareem into the match because he didn’t want to deal with Ryan Raysor one on one.

Jeff Hartman: How DARE you call someone of the royal bloodline of India a coward, Jack! That is absolute blasphemy and you know it!

Jack Wallace: Then explain why Kareem is in the match about to go toe to toe with Michael Donavan then?

Jeff Hartman: Strategy, Jack. Prince Samir is smarter than he lets himself look to be. It’s all part of a plan, I just know it!

Raysor stepped out as Donavan stepped in. Big man for big man to open up this match. The two circled each other and they locked up. Each man tried to force the other into a corner, but neither man budged an inch. They separated and circled again, going for the lock up a second time and again, neither man would move from each other’s pressure. They broke the hold as Donavan called for the fans to rally behind him. They started clapping faster and faster as they circled for the third time and when they locked up, Kareem hit a quick knee to the stomach, doubling Donavan over. Kareeem pounded away on Donavan’s upper back and then sent him shoulder first into the turnbuckles.

Donavan staggered back and Kareem lifted him up and placed him in a sitting position atop of the buckles. Kareem climbed up behind Donavan, but Donavan fought him off with a pair of back elbows. Kareem stepped down and staggered away as Donavan turned himself around. Kareem charged in, but Donavan put the boot up into Kareem’s face, kicking him away. Donavan stood then used his agility to fly off the top turnbuckle pad, catching Kareem with a Flying Clothesline that put him down onto his back!!

Kareem pulled himself back up as Donavan backed him into the ropes and shot him across the ring. Donavan went for his Big Boot, but Kareem stopped short and grabbed Donavan by the leg. He pulled him in and in a tremendous show of power, took Donavan over with a Capture Suplex!! Donavan bounced off the canvas and rolled to the outside as Kareem stepped out onto the ring apron. Donavan went to stand, but while he was still hunched over, Kareem hopped off the apron and hit a double axe handle sledge to his upper back, putting Donavan down to his knees.

Kareem grabbed Donavan by the back of the head and slammed it face first into the ring apron. Donavan staggered away and Kareem gave chase. He pounded on Donavan’s upper back with a forearm as he continued to staggered towards Samir’s corner of the ring. Samir ran along the ring apron and...


Running Kick right to the face!!

Jack Wallace: Well that was a cheap tactic. I guess your so-called royal prince likes to resort to cowardly and cheap tactics like that, right?

Jeff Hartman: Call it what you will, Jack, but you don’t get to a position of power in this world by playing fair. You take what you get and then you take what you can’t get by any means necessary. That’s why he’s a prince of tremendous wealth and you’re just a lowly commentator.

Jack Wallace: Says the lowly commentator sitting next to me.

Donavan hit the floor hard as Samir went back to his corner smiling. The referee stopped the mandatory ten count to admonish Samir for his actions. This allowed Kareem to pick Donavan up and drop him chest first across the ring apron! Donavan was on the ground writhing in pain as Kareem stepped on Donavan’s sternum and then stepped over him, putting all that weight on top of Donavan. Samir applauded Kareem from his corner as Kareem pulled Donavan up by the hair and rolled him back into the ring under the bottom rope.

Kareem climbed up onto the apron and stepped back in between the ropes where he went for the cover on Donavan.


Two… Donavan kicked out

Kareem stood and waited for Donavan to sit up. Kareem backed into the ropes and hit a running stomp to the upper back. This only stunned Donavan so Kareem backed into the ropes and hit him with a second running stomp to the upper back, but Donavan was beginning to absorb the punishment and get fired up! Donavan started getting back to his feet and Kareem threw a right hand, but it was blocked and countered with a headbutt by Donavan! Kareem staggered away, but stepped back in with another right hand, but it was countered a second time by another headbutt from The Phantom.

Donavan grabbed Kareem by the wrist and whipped him across the ring. Michael Donavan looked for it earlier, but this time he connected with the Big Boot! Donavan took off to the ropes and came back with a Running Senton. He immediately stood and nailed the Standing Moonsault!


Donavan had the cover with the leg hooked.



Kareem powered out of it!

Jack Wallace: It still amazes me that a man that size can be that agile. I’ve noticed a lot of big men coming into jOlt are doing things that men half their size can do. It’s amazing the amount of talent jOlt has these days.

Jeff Hartman: But it wasn’t really all that effective because Kareem still kicked out of it. Kareem is a hired bodyguard for a reason, Jack. He’s one of the toughest men in all of India. You’d have to shoot him dead in order to stop him.

Jack Wallace: Can we just shoot you instead? Donavan stood and walked over to his corner, tagging Ryan Raysor into the match. Raysor got up onto the top turnbuckle pad and took aim as Kareem pulled himself up. Raysor flew off and connected with a missile drop kick that took Kareem back down! Raysor stood and waited for Kareem to get back up. Once he was vertical, Raysor hit the ropes at full speed and went for a spinning heel kick, but Kareem caught Raysor in his arms and simply fell forward with a Cradled Powerslam!! Kareem immediately stood and backed into the ropes. He charged in and hit a big Senton Back Splash of his own, crushing the smaller Raysor underneath him with all of his weight. Now that Ryan Raysor was incapacitated, Prince Samir wanted the tag into this match. Kareem walked over and tagged Samir in and he was all smiles as he entered the ring.

Samir stepped in and leisurely walked over and taunted Raysor to stand while he was laying on the canvas holding his stomach in pain. Samir grew tired of waiting and placed a boot right into Raysor’s abdomen. He taunted Raysor some more.. even going as far as bending over and slapping Raysor across the face. Samir grinned as he stomped down on Raysor’s stomach a second time. Samir walked away and showboated to the crowd as if he were proud for causing all the damage to Raysor himself.

Raysor tried to pull himself up, but when he was on all fours, Samir charged in and hit a running field goal-like kick right into Raysor’s chest and abdomen. Samir bent over and got in Raysor’s face.


Samir then slapped Raysor right across the face as hard as he could!



Jack Wallace: Will you sit your fat ass down? You’re making a fool of yourself!

Jeff Hartman: No I’m not.. I’m cheering on and paying respects to a true man of royalty.

Jack Wallace: No matter how hard you try, he’s not going to give you any of his money. So don’t dream of that island home just yet.

Jeff Hartman: You’re just saying that...

Samir stood up and once again pandered to the crowd as he looked for their respect but all he ended up finding was their admonishment. Raysor shook off the slap and saw his opportunity as he darted over and pulled Samir over with a School Boy Roll up!



Samir kicked away.

“YOU INSOLENT DOG!” yelled Samir as he kicked Ryan Raysor in the chest. Raysor fell to all fours as Samir walked over to Raysor’s side then got up on his back before flipping off with a Standing Moonsault off of it, landing on Raysor and collapsing him back down to the canvas! Samir walked back over and tagged Kareem back into the back.

“Finish him off” said Samir to his hired bodyguard.

Jack Wallace: Just as soon as Ryan Raysor mounted any sort of comeback, he ordered Kareem to come in and do his dirty work. Some leader he is.

Jeff Hartman: Great men don’t lift fingers Jack. Great men have others lift fingers for them.

Kareem walked over and sat down on top of Raysor’s back. He then placed Raysor into the Camel Clutch Submission Hold. Raysor was in pain as he reached out towards the ropes, but realized that they were a long ways away. Kareem wrenched back on Raysor’s neck even more and the pain was beginning to become unbearable. Michael Donavan tried to enter the ring to save his partner, but the referee saw it and blocked Donavan’s attempt at stepping in which got boos from the crowd, however, behind the referee’s back, Prince Samir ran into the ring and hit a Shotgun Drop Kick to the side of Raysor’s face while he was still locked into the Camel Cluctch!! Samir immediately bolted from the ring and when the referee turned around, Ryan Raysor looked to be out cold!

The referee walked over and checked on Raysor and saw no response from him. The referee raised Raysor’s arm once...

It fell.

The referee raised Raysor’s arm a second time...

It fell again!

Jack Wallace: One more and it’ll be over for Ryan Raysor and Michael Donavan!

Jeff Hartman: Oh please! FALL! FALL! FALL!

The referee raised Raysor’s arm up a third time...

It fell…. half way then remained steady!!

Jack Wallace: Ryan Raysor hangs in there!

Jeff Hartman: DAMMIT!

The crowd began to cheer as Raysor started to amp himself up! He was feeding off of the energy in the crowd and Kareem could feel the momentum shifting! Raysor started to power out of the move when Samir was shouting at Kareem to stop him. Kareem let the move go and simply jumped up into the air and sat down on Raysor’s back, collapsing him back down to the canvas. Kareem stood off to the side and stomped hard down on Raysor’s lower back. He went back and applied the Camel Clutch for a second time. While the referee was preoccupied checking on Raysor, Michael Donavan came in and clobbered Kareem in the back of the head, breaking up the hold!

The referee got back in Donavan’s face and told him he needed to back to his corner. While Donavan and Kareem were keeping the referee’s attention away, Samir dropped down and ran along ringside, grabbing Ryan Raysor and choking him across the bottom rope! When Donavan stepped back out, Samir ran back over to his corner and grabbed the tag rope. Kareem turned around and saw Raysor laid out across the rope and walked over, placing him into a waist lock. Kareem then nailed a deadlift German Suplex complete with a bridge pin!



Thre.. NO!!!

Raysor kicked out and the people erupted in cheers!

Jack Wallace: Ryan Raysor is digging down deep! Refusing to give up!

Jeff Hartman: I wish he would… I want this night to end so I can go home.

Samir paced back and forth on the canvas. He wanted the tag back into the match so he could finish Raysor off himself. Kareem walked over and made the tag and Samir went up to the top turnbuckle pad, taking aim. Samir leapt off with his Frog Splash...




Jack Wallace: This could be the turning point in the match if Ryan Raysor can make it to his corner!

Raysor rolled out of the way just in time and Samir slammed stomach first into the canvas! Raysor crawled over to his corner, but Kareem came back into the ring and grabbed Raysor by the leg, but Raysor turned to his stomach and kicked Kareem right in the face, staggering him away. Raysor turned and lunged into the corner making the tag to Michael Donavan!

Jack Wallace: And here comes Michael Donavan!

Donavan came into the ring and nailed a running Big Boot to Kareem, putting him down! Samir got up and Donavan grabbed him and whipped him hard into the corner. The impact caused Samir to fall into a seated position. Donavan charged the corner and spun in with a Side Cannonball into Samir!


Donavan got back to his feet and Kareem staggered back to his. Donavan got behind him and hoisted Kareem up onto his shoulders. In a show of power, he flipped Kareem over his shoulder into a Sit-Out Powerbomb!!


Donavan went over to the corner and pulled Samir up to his feet. He hoisted him up onto the top turnbuckle pad and climbed up. He hooked Samir and looked back into the ring, taking aim. Donavan then lifted Samir and took him over...



Kareem rolled under the bottom rope and flopped out to the floor. Despite getting his ass kicked, Raysor seemed to be amped up. He walked along the ring apron and around the post to the other side where Kareem was. Kareem staggered up to his feet and Raysor ran along the apron...



Jack Wallace: Ryan Raysor is putting it all on the line!!

Raysor took Kareem down with the impressive clothesline. Back in the ring Samir staggered to his feet holding his back in pain. Donavan grabbed him by the neck and lifted him high into the air. He fell backwards with the Fallaway Chokeslam!


Donavan turned and made the cover, hooking the leg deep!





Jack Wallace: MY GOD What a nearfall!

Jeff Hartman: STAY IN IT MY LIEGE!!!

Prince Saimr kicked out! The audience couldn’t believe it and neither could Michael Donavan!

Donavan stood shaking his head “no.” He yelled out “THAT’S IT” while giving a thumbs down to Samir. Donavan grabbed Samir and pulled him up to his feet, but as soon as he did there was the noise of a loud thud. Kareem had yanked Raysor off the ring apron and that thud was the sound of Raysor’s face smacking against the ring apron! Kareem rolled back into the ring and charged at Donavan, but Donavan side stepped causing Kareem to put on the brakes in order avoid a collision with Prince Samir! Donavan hit the ropes and came back hitting a running knee lift into Kareem’s lower back sending him into Samir anyway!

Samir fell through the ropes and landed on the ring apron. Donavan grabbed Kareem from behind and lifted him into an Inverted Fireman’s Carry, but Samir shook it off and stood, grabbing the top rope. Samir launched himself with a Springboard Missile Drop Kick and it caught Donavan in the chest! Donavan fell backwards and Kareem twisted so he landed on top of Donavan! Kareem rolled off of Donavan as Samir quickly made his way to the corner. He climbed up the turnbuckle pads, took aim and leapt off… KARMA!!!!

Jeff Hartman: YES!!!!

The Frog Splash connected! Samir had the cover, hooking the leg..



Ryan Raysor came in at the last second and saved the match up!

Jeff Hartman: How dare he interrupt that pinfall! YOU DON’T INTERRUPT ROYAL FROG SPLASHES!

Kareem stood and grabbed Raysor. He flung Raysor over the top rope to the outside, but Raysor hung onto the rope and landed on the ring apron! Kareem turned around, but Raysor grabbed him by the head and dropped down, hot shotting him. Raysor got back up onto the apron, but Kareem fell to all fours. Samir saw this and ran at the ropes. He leapt onto Kareem’s back and knocked Raysor off the apron with a Assisted Leaping Leg Lariat! Samir landed back in the ring and took a couple steps backwards. Little did he know Michael Donavan had gotten back up to his feet. He grabbed Samir by the pants and when Kareem got back up, he hurled Samir right into Kareem’s gut! Kareem stumbled back and fell through the ropes to the outside!

Donavan pulled Saimir up from his knelt position and kicked him in the stomach. He set Samir up between his legs and butterflied the arms. Raysor got back up on the ring apron and grabbed the top rope. Raysor leapt off and..


Jeff Hartman: AAAAAAH!!!!

Raysor assisted with the Double Underhook Piledriver, but he wanted the finishing touch. Donavan nodded and Raysor exited the ring to his corner. Donavan walked over and made the tag. On the outside, Kareem stood and Donavan charged in, diving through the ropes with a Suicide Dive, taking Kareem back down! Meanwhile, Raysor went up top and took aim on the lifeless Samir. Raysor flipped off and connected with the Shooting Star Elbow Drop.


Raysor made the cover, hooking the leg...




Jeff Hartman: (faint whimpering)

Dean Carrington: Here are your winners by pinfall… Michael Donavan and Ryan Raysor!

“Word Up” by KorN began to play over the PA speakers once again as Raysor stumbled up to his feet. Michael Donavan re-entered the ring and walked over. The referee raised both of their hands up into the air as they were victorious tonight. Three times Prince Samir took a shot at Ryan Raysor and three times Prince Samir has failed. Was Ryan Raysor truly his kryptonite? Was he the one man Prince Samir just can’t defeat?

Donavan and Raysor exit the ring. They give each other a fist bump as they walk up the ramp together and disappear to the backstage area.

Jack Wallace: That was a hard-fought victory here for Ryan Raysor and Michael Donavan! Prince Saimr is now 0-3 against Ryan Raysor since this feud between the two of them began. When is Prince Samir just going to take the hint and realize that he just can’t beat Ryan Raysor?

Jeff Hartman: Probably after you realize that you’re a really crappy commentator that asks meaningless questions.

Winner: Ryan Raysor & Michael Donavan via Pinfall

"What Tonight Means"

We are taken backstage where Marshall Stetton is standing by with the Hype Champion, Mike Patterson. When Patterson comes on the screen, the people cheered loudly.

Stetton: Mike Patterson, in just a little bit you will be stepping into the ring with Crucifix with your Hype Championship on the line. What are your thoughts on your opponent tonight?

Patterson: Well, Crucifix and I have been in this business together for a very long time. I’m sure you saw Derecho make a shocking appearance earlier tonight. I used to work for him as did Crucifix. I know him like the back of my hand, but the other side of the sword is he knows me like the back of his. I’ve faced Brian Williams in an epic at Wrestlecade II.. i’ve faced Regan Hearst in an epic 60 minute classic as well as a second time just one week later, but I’m not afraid to say that Crucifix could be my most dangerous opponent yet. Brawn and power doesn’t always win matches… Crucifix is a thinking man’s wrestler. He knows my weaknesses and I can’t let my guard down one bit.

Stetton: It doesn’t sound like you are confident going into tonight’s match..

Patterson: Oh trust me, I’m confident. Because like I said, there’s another side to the sword.. and as much as Crucifix knows about me.. I know just as much, if not more, about him. Don’t forget that it wasn’t all that long ago that Crucifix and I were in the same group together… The X Movement. I’ve seen him wrestle here on The Hype as a part of that group and after the group split up. I saw him take the tag team titles after his partner Xtreme ditched him and defended those by himself. I know it took BADASS as well as The Widow’s Nest to get those titles off of him. He’s a very tough individual and I’m aware of that.. but as much as he thinks he’s tough.. the weaker he truly is because I know exactly what Crucifix is about.

Stetton: There is talk about your health. Six weeks ago, in your rematch with Regan Hearst, you injured your abdominal muscles. On iNtense just two days later, you re-injured them again Seraph. It looked like they were healing the week after when you had a tag match against Cross the Hood and at Rise of the Legends, things seemed okay, but your abdomen has definitely been a target. How is it going into the match tonight?

Patterson: Never felt better. I’m a hundred percent and ready to go. My stomach...

Patterson patted his stomach.

Patterson: … is like a rock. Crucifix can target it all he wants.. it’s not going to get him anywhere tonight. Tonight.. I continue to dominate as your Hype Champion and I will continue to BE your Hype Champion.

Stetton: To be able to defend the title on Pay-Per-View… how does it feel?

Patterson: There’s no feeling like it. I won this title when jOlt Wrestling gave us Hype talent a chance. I won it on the biggest stage jOlt has to offer in Tokyo, Japan. Honestly. I thought that was the only time I would be on Pay-Per-View as a defending champion for The Hype. The fact that we got a Pay-Per-View to call our own is a great feeling. I feel honored to be here as The Hype Champion and to defend it on our first special event.

Stetton: Any last words, Mike?

Patterson: Only thing I have left to say.. is that tonight.. the reign continues. Crucifix will be lucky to walk out under his own power. With that Mike Patterson stepped out of frame. The camera readjusted onto Marshal Stetton.

Stetton: Mike Patterson is ready tonight. Patterson versus Crucifix will be later tonight in your main event! Back to you Jack and Jeff!

BADASS(c) vs Broken Sanity
Ever since coming under the guidance of Dr. Dean, Broken Sanity have been damn near unstoppable. In some cases, Dr. Dean lead to those victories through nefarious means, but right before Rise of the Legends, Dr. Dean made it very clear that Broken Sanity had the tag team championships in their sights. The former members of The X Movement had their opportunities before, but now with the miracles that Dr. Dean has been performing, Broken Sanity are more dangerous than ever. The question of whether or not BADASS’ reign as the Hype Tag Team Champions would be cut short was about to be answered.

William Bell: Ladies and Gentlemen… the following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 60 minute time limit.. and it is for the Hype Tag Team Championship!

“Slit Wrist Theory” by 36 Crazyfists

The crowd turned towards the entrance and booed as Mad Morgan and Shovel made.. well.. a rather unique entrance.

Both of them were wheeled out on handtrucks by people dressed in male nurse uniforms. Morgan and Shovel were both wrapped in straightjackets wearing Hannibal Lecter-esque masks. Dr. Dean walked out from the back and stood between them at the top of the entrance ramp. Dr. Dean folded his hands in front of him as the two well-built nurses unstrapped Morgan and Shovel from their straightjackets. With their arms now freed, each one ripped off their masks and let out a bestial roar as they stepped down the ramp.

Dr. Dean smiled as he walked behind them. The trio headed down to the ring and as unique as that entrance was, the people still booed them. Morgan rolled into the ring and did a lap around it on the inside while Shovel rolled in, stood and slapped the side of his head, psyching himself up.

Shovel got down on all fours while Mad Morgan placed his foot onto Shovel’s back, raising his arm up into the air while Dr. Dean stood at ringside, smiling and applauding. Shovel got up and two of them went to their corner and awaited the opposition.

“In One Ear” by Cage the Elephant

Tripp Wise exploded out from the backstage area, trying to get the crowd pumped up. They cheered for Tripp as he went back and forth on the stage from side to side, getting each portion of the jOlt Arena into it. Davis Bloome stepped out from the back nonchalantly and just watched as Tripp Wise made a fool of himself to the live audience. Tripp hopped up and clung to Davis Bloome as he pointed around the arena, but that’s when Bloome smacked Tripp upside the head and told him to get down to the ring.

“WHAT A BUZZKILL” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“WHAT A BUZZKILL” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“WHAT A BUZZKILL” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“WHAT A BUZZKILL” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“WHAT A BUZZKILL” Clap Clap ClapClapClap

Wise pouted as he walked down to the ring. Wise and Bloome rolled in under the bottom rope and they unfastened their Tag Team Championships from around their waists. Tripp was about to celebrate with his title when Bloome lowered his arm and told him to give the championship to the official. Wise sighed and did so and then Bloome handed his over. Wise audibly called Bloome a party pooper and told him to start the match since he was so serious.

The referee held the titles up into the air and passed them off to ringside. Mad Morgan would start for Broken Sanity and the referee called for the bell.




Jack Wallace: Here we go, guys. Our first of two championship matches is now underway here at Hype Retribution, which should make you happy Jeff because we’re almost to the end of the night!

Jeff Hartman: Yeah, but there are TITLE matches, Jack.. these could go 60 minutes a piece… I don’t want to sit here for that long. I want to leave now! Although, it would be nice to see Dr. Dean become the official doctor and manager of the next Hype Tag Team Champions.. so it might be worth paying attention to this one… just barely though.

Jack Wallace: Admit it.. you’re interested

Jeff Hartman: I can neither confirm nor deny that.

Bloome checked his wrist tape as he circled Morgan who had a deranged look on his face. Morgan shuffled and shimmied as he circled, making quick little jerk reactions to try and catch Bloome off guard, but Bloome was laser focused on Mad Morgan and wasn’t going to fall for anything. Finally, they locked up and they powered each other around in the ring, trying to gain the upper hand over one another. Morgan backed Bloome into the corner and hit an open palm slap to the chest. After the slap, Morgan walked away and went “SSHHHH” to the crowd as if he were going to do another, but instead, he pressed Bloome against the turnbuckles and whipped him across the ring.

Most likely, Morgan got that backwards and the crowd was kind of confused by it, but that didn’t matter as Morgan charged to the opposite corner, leaping in with his Body Avalanche only to find nobody home as Bloome moved out of the way! Bloome grabbed Morgan as he staggered back and placed him into a waist lock. Morgan performed a standing switch into a waist lock of his own and then bit the back of Bloome’s neck!!





Morgan broke the.. uh.. “hold” on the count of four while Dr. Dean yelled “Save me a DNA sample from that” at ringside.

Jack Wallace: Well.. uh.. that was unique, I guess. I don’t think I’d ever seen a man bite another man in the back of the neck before.

Jeff Hartman: I’ve seen it once between a man and woman.. It was in Bram Stroker’s Dracula.

Jack Wallace: You mean Bram Stoke… oh wait...

Jeff Hartman: AH HAAAAA!!

Morgan grinned as Bloome turned and was met with a heavy right hand. Morgan laid into him again with another heavy right that rocked Bloome back into the corner. Morgan hit a shoulder block to the mid-section before twisting his arm with an arm wringer and sending him back across the ring to the opposite post. Morgan hopped up and down three times before turning and charging in head-first to the corner, but Bloome had plenty of time to step into Morgan with a reverse elbow.. but that didn’t stop Morgan from turning and charging back in, but the second back elbow found its mark and caused Morgan to stagger away.

Morgan didn’t exactly learn from this Darwinistic experience and charged in a third time, only to eat another back elbow. Morgan charged a fourth time and.. you guess it… BACK ELBOW! Morgan stomped his foot on the ground and looked at Bloome with a psychotic look. Morgan slapped the side of his head and charged in again, expecting the result to be different, but he ate a fifth back elbow! Bloome charged out of the corner with a clothesline, but Morgan ducked, turned and charged at Bloome, hitting the running headbutt that he failed at so many times just seconds ago! I guess when you put your mind to something...

Morgan made the cover, hooking the leg.



Bloome got the shoulder up without any problems.

Morgan stood there and waited for Bloome to get back to his feet. Morgan backed into the ropes and charged in. He leapt into the air, throwing his body at Bloome, but Bloome casually side-stepped and Morgan slammed front side first into the canvas. Morgan got up on all fours as Bloome waited for him to get completely vertical. Bloome hit knee strike after knee strike into the top of Morgan’s head, trying to knock him out, but with each knee strike that connected, the opposite effect occurred and Morgan started to psych himself up. Dr. Dean could be heard yelling “YES! YES!” in a super villain-esque tone as Morgan got up to his feet and cracked a smile! Bloome backed into the ropes, but Morgan caught him with a Snap Powerslam!

Morgan didn’t waste any time with a cover.. instead he pulled Bloome back up and Scoop Slammed him back down. He picked Bloome back up again and Scoop Slammed him back down. Morgan figured, why not again.. and Scoop Slammed Bloome back to the canvas for a third time. Morgan backed into the ropes and did his best impersonation of a man from Charlotte, North Carolina and collided skull to skull with Davis Bloome. This unorthodox offense was working rather well and now Morgan went for the cover, hooking the leg.



Bloome kicked out once again

Jack Wallace: While their style isn’t exactly something you would see every day, Mad Morgan is really taking it to Davis Bloome right now. If this keeps up, we could be looking at new Hype Tag Team Champions..

Jeff Hartman: That’s what I’m counting on. Dr. Dean may have diplomas and licenses… but he doesn’t have championships. That will change here tonight.

Jack Wallace: Although I would doubt the credibility of any of those so-called licenses.

Jeff Hartman: The man is a certified trainer and physician for jOlt. Damien Lee wouldn’t have hired him if his credentials weren’t real.

Jack Wallace: jOlt hired you and your credentials were written on the back of a cocktail napkin..

Jeff Hartman: I’m the exception to the rule, Jack. Always have been, always will be.

Morgan sat Bloome up and placed him into a Sleeper Hold. The only thing was that Morgan sat down behind Bloome with the Sleeper Locked in. Morgan swayed back and forth, swinging Bloome side to side with him. Morgan then began to go “Shhhh…. Shhhh… Shhhh… “ while swaying Bloome, almost as if he were trying to sway an infant to sleep. When Bloome was succumbing to this… unique method of Sleeper… Morgan pulled him back to the neutral position and headbutted Bloome in the back of the head. Morgan did it a second time, then a third time.. then a fourth time, and finally a fifth time. Morgan maneuvered his body and wrapped his legs around Bloome’s waist, pulling him over with a Body Scissors pin..



Bloome kicked out again.

Shovel was pouting in the corner and Morgan noticed it.

“Now, Now, Morgan. It’s healthy to share the beatings. Let Shovel have a turn!” said Dr. Dean from ringside.

Morgan nodded and walked over, tagging Shovel into the match. Shovel walked into the ring and slapped the side of his head, amping himself up, but Morgan shoved Shovel in the shoulder and yelled “SHARE THE BEATINGS” at him. Shovel drooled a little bit as Morgan grabbed him by the shoulder. Bloome stood up and Morgan hurled Shovel shoulder first right into Bloome’s stomach!


Shovel made the cover...



Broken up by Tripp Wise!

Jack Wallace: Tripp Wise made the save there after Mad Morgan simply took another human being and hurled him into Davis Bloome. I guess that’s what Dr. Dean means by Share the Pain.

Jeff Hartman: No.. I’m pretty sure Dr. Dean meant to tag in Shovel so he could get his fill of beating on Davis Bloome.. The other thing.. well.. that’s how Broken Sanity work. You don’t know what angle their coming from.. kind of like in Bram Stroker’s Dracula.


Jeff Hartman: Oddly, that was also a line in that movie.

Tripp began to stomp down onto the back of Shovel’s head, but his head was emptier than Morgan’s and he didn’t feel a thing. he simply got back up and grabbed Wise by the neck. He lifted Wise up into a Military Press and tossed him off to the side where landed hard on his back. Wise stood up and Shovel came charging in with a clothesline, but Tripp ducked it, turned, and leapt into the air with a Gamengiri that stunned Shovel for a moment. Bloome got up to his feet and the two of them grabbed Shovel and hit a double irish whip to the ropes. Bloome went low with a dropkick to the legs, causing Shovel to faceplant into the canvas! Tripp backed into the ropes and hit a running kick to the top of Shovel’s head as he tried to push himself up off the canvas. Shovel flopped over onto his back as Bloome hit the ropes and nailed a Leg Drop across the chest. Tripp hit the ropes and hit a Knee Drop across the chest. Tripp rolled out of the ring as Bloome made the cover, hooking the leg deep.



Shovel kicked out!

Bloome sat Shovel up and immediately hit a standing drop kick to the back of the head. He sat Shovel up and hit a second standing drop kick. He then stood and ran to the ropes, but Morgan hit a knee into Bloome’s back, stopping his momentum. The referee admonished Morgan for that and that allowed Shovel to begin to get back to his feet. Bloome, who fell to all fours after the impact, got back to his feet and the two of them met in the center of the ring where Shovel hit hi in the head with an overhead chop. Bloome hit the canvas as Shovel kind of just stood there… doing nothing.

“ATTACK HIM” yelled Dr. Dean at Shovel and it seemed that it caught Shovel’s attention

Shovel looked down at Bloome and pulled him up to his feet. Shovel hoisted Bloome up onto his shoulders with the Fireman’s carry, but Bloome slipped off and fell behind Shovel. Bloome took a step back and leapt in for the In Bloome, the Leaping Reverse STO, but Shovel ducked and Bloome completely missed!

Jack Wallace: How in the hell did this half-wit even know it was coming!?

Jeff Hartman: They say special people inherit heightened senses to compensate.

Bloome fell on his knees, but stood and turned around. Shovel picked up Bloome onto his shoulders and spun him around in an Airplane spin. The crowd even began to count the seconds that Bloome was spinning around.

1… 2…. 3…. 4…. 5…. 6…. 7…. 8….9 … 10… 11… 12…. 13…..14 …..15…..16…..17…..18….19...20….21…..22….23…..24….25…..26…..27….28….29…. 30…. 31…. 32….. 33…. 34….35….36…. 37…. 38…. 39….. 40….41….. 42…..43….. 44….. 45….46…..47…..48…. 49…. 50…. 51…. 52….. 53…. 54…. 55…. 56….. 57….. 58….. 59…. 60...



Wise immediately came into the ring to break up the pinfall.. but there was none. Shovel kind of sat there staring off into space. Given his nature, we’re not sure if he was just flat out dizzy from a minute long airplane spin.. or if his mind really went to that happy place. Wise walked over and waved his hand in front of Shovel’s face. When there was no response, Wise shrugged and kicked Shovel dead in the face! He then grabbed Bloome’s arm and pulled him on top of Shovel and then bolted as the referee began to count!



Shovel kicked out!

Jack Wallace: Shovel just sat there… what is wrong upstairs with that guy?

Jeff Hartman: He was in his happy place, Jack. We all have a happy place.

Jack Wallace: Yeah, but you don’t go there in the middle of a match! You’re liable to get your face kicked in!

Bloome crawled towards his corner as he really needed to make a tag. Shovel stood and grabbed Bloome by the leg, which surprised many because no one really expected Shovel to have that much cognitive thought. Bloome turned to his back and kicked away at Shovel’s face. Eventually, Shovel dropped the grip and Bloome turned and made a dive into his corner, hitting Tripp Wise’s hand!

Wise came in and hit a leaping leg lariat to Shovel. He stood and charged the corner, knocking Mad Morgan off the ring apron. Wise turned and charged back at Shovel, hitting a Flying Knee to the side of Shovel’s head as he was hunched over. Shovel spun around, but remained on his feet. Wise turned and got underneath Shovel’s chin and dropped him with a Jaw Breaker. Again, Shovel stood his ground and staggered backwards, landing up against the ropes. Wise stood and went to whip Shovel across the ring, but surprisingly, Shovel reversed the whip and sent Wise across the ring instead.

Wise bounced off the ropes and hit a Flying Shoulder Tackle. Shovel popped back up, but Wise had already went to the ropes again, coming back with another Flying Shoulder Tackle. Shovel staggered back up and Wise dropped im with an Inverted Atomic Drop. Wise backed into the ropes, but Shovel simply ran at Wise and slammed into him with his body. No.. no clothesline.. headbutt or anything like that. He literally just ran right into Wise and squished him up against the ring ropes.

Wise stumbled forward and fell against Shovel’s chest as he just stood there, staring off into space again, but Shovel, in a blink of an eye, grabbed Wise, popped the hips, and hurled him overhead with a Belly to Belly Overhead Release Suplex! Shovel sat up and slowly got back to his feet. Shovel turned and took one step forward before free falling into a Fist Drop to the top of the head. Shovel actually crawled into a cover instead of spacing out and even had the knowabouts to hook the leg.



Wise kicked out!

Shovel got back to his feet and stood there for a second.

Jack Wallace: And there he goes again.. just spacing out..

Jeff Hartman: Wait Jack.. I think he might actually be ready to say something this time.

“SHOVEL SHARE THE PAIN” he said aloud.

Jeff Hartman: Such words filled with grace and wisdom have never been spoken before tonight..

Shovel walked over and “tagged” Morgan into the match by headbutting him in the shoulder. Shovel was about to step out when Morgan came in and grabbed Shovel by the seat of his jorts, pulling him back into the ring. Wise got back up to his feet as the two of them walked over and grabbed him. They backed Wise into the ropes and shot him across the ring. Morgan popped Wise into the air, setting up some kind of double team move, but Wise twisted his body and hit a dropkick to Morgan’s chest!

Shovel walked over and pulled Wise up to his feet, but Wise hit a Jaw Breaker on Shovel who stumbled back to where Morgan was getting up. Wise backed into the ropes, charged in, and hit a Single Leg Drop Kick on both Shovel and Morgan.. a leg for each! Both of them hit the canvas as Tripp Wise got back up to his feet!

“THAT WAS BADASS!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THAT WAS BADASS!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THAT WAS BADASS!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THAT WAS BADASS!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THAT WAS BADASS!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap

Jack Wallace: The crowd is really behind Tripp Wise here tonight in Miami!

Jeff Hartman: I like the old, snarky Tripp Wise better… the one that just put everyone down. He spat some ish.

Shovel rolled out of the ring as Wise pulled Morgan back up, spun, and hit a back mule kick into Morgan’s stomach, doubling him over. Tripp went to the ropes and flew at Morgan, looking for his new finisher, the Sick Kick, but Morgan simply put his hands up, grabbed Tripp’s boot, and shoved him away and down to the canvas! Morgan grabbed Wise, pulled him up and whipped him into the corner. Morgan charged in and hit the Body Avalanche. He held onto Wise and popped him with the Belly to Belly Suplex!


Morgan stood up and let out a roar as he made a twisted-looking face. Morgan picked up Wise up off the canvas and hoisted him into an inverted fireman’s carry, perhaps looking for The Burning Hammer, but Wise wriggled free and landed behind Morgan! Morgan spun around at the same time as Tripp and Morgan got caught under the jaw by the Palm Strike Uppercut..


Morgan spun around and fell to a knee, but immediately got back up and stumbled into the corner. Wise charged in and hit a running knee smash into Morgan’s face. The impact caused Morgan to fall down into a seated position as Wise pressed his boot across Morgan’s face, scraping it across with a Face Wash. After a few scrapes, Tripp took off to the ropes, came back and nailed a Running Face Wash!


Tripp pulled Morgan away from the corner and hooked the leg!



Thre… NO!!!

Morgan popped the shoulder up in time!

Jack Wallace: What a sequence of moves!!! I thought it was over right here and I think Dr. Dean thought it was too!

Jeff Hartman: NO! Dr. Dean… Calm yourself down!

Dr. Dean nearly had to prescribe himself pills after that one. Morgan was sat up by Tripp before he took off to the ropes. Tripp sprung off of them and went for a running knee smash to the face, but Morgan avoided it and pulled Tripp over with a School Boy Rollup!



Tripp kicked away!

Both men stood, but Tripp spun around and decked Morgan in the face with a Discus Forearm. Morgan backed up against the ropes and Tripp charged in, but Morgan sent Tripp up and over to the ring apron. Morgan turned around and Tripp decked in the face with a forearm again. Morgan staggered, but stepped back in, but Tripp hit a rope-assisted kick to the side of his head, knocking Morgan onto his back. Tripp quickly stepped back into the ring and went to the corner. He climbed to the middle turnbuckle and then shimmied across the ropes where he leapt off and slammed down on top of Morgan with a Senton Back Splash!


Jack Wallace: This could be it!! Tripp went into the cover, hooking the leg..



Thre… NO!!!

Morgan kicked out once again!

Jack Wallace: Another close near fall and I think Dr. Dean’s heart can’t take much more of it!

Jeff Hartman: If Dr. Dean dies.. I’ll die a little on the inside!

Davis wanted back into the match and Wise walked over and tagged his partner back in. Bloome stepped in as the two of them brought Morgan up to his feet. Bloome hit an Inverted Atomic Drop as Tripp went to the ropes. Running knee lift by Tripp spun Morgan around. Bloome hit the ropes and hit the Leaping Reverse STO!


Dr. Dean yelled at Shovel to get in the ring and Shovel began to step between the ropes, but Tripp charged into top him, but Shovel, with only one foot in the ring, lunged in and hit a short Spear on Wise, knocking him down! Shovel got up as Bloome made the cover...



Shovel made it and broke up the pinfall attempt by BADASS!

Jack Wallace: Shovel made it there just in time! I’m actually surprised that he was able to follow a command and not just stare off into space, drooling.

Jeff Hartman: Shovel can be taught, Jack. Anyone can be taught.. well.. except you. I’ve tried teaching you about being a better commentator for YEARS and yet, you’re still the same Jack Wallace. Maybe you should enlist Dr. Dean’s help… he’s doing wonders with Broken Sanity.

Jack Wallace: I’d rather enlist the services of Dr. Kevorkian than Dr. Dean.

Shovel grabbed Bloome and pulled him up to his feet. Shovel kicked Bloome in the stomach pretty hard, dropping him down to his knees. Shovel backed into the ropes, ran in and hit his one arm twisting neckbreaker...


Wise got back up to his feet and charged in at Shovel. He flew right at Shovel’s face, kicking dead in it with the smack echoing throughout the arena...


Morgan got back to his feet and when Tripp got up, Morgan grabbed Tripp from behind in a Sleeper Hold and hit the Russian Leg Sweep out of that position..


Everyone was down, but Morgan realized that Bloome was the legal man. He crawled over and made the cover, hooking the leg..



Three…. NO!!!!

Bloome kicked out at the last possible second and saved the Hype Tag Team Titles!!

Jack Wallace: GOOD GOD! Everyone and their mother hit their finishers and this match still isn’t over! What a sequence of events and the crowd on hand is really letting everyone know it!


The dueling chants rang throughout the audience as Morgan grinned. He pulled Bloome up to his feet and hoisted him up onto his shoulders with the Inverted Fireman’s carry, but Tripp Wise had recovered enough to get back up to his feet. Morgan turned and Wise flew in at Morgan’s face, connecting with another Sick Kick!


Shovel got back up and grabbed Wise, hurling him over the top rope and out to the floor! Shovel got a running start and actually flew through the ropes with a Suicide Dive, taking Tripp out, slamming him up against the barricades!!

Back inside the ring, Morgan and Bloome were both down, but Bloome was showing signs of life. He pulled himself back up and stalked Morgan as he began to pull himself back up to his feet. Dr. Dean began to jog around ringside to over where Tripp Wise was. Dr. Dean reached into his pockets and pulled out a bottle of pills.. similar to the one he gave to Ezra Conway right before Rise of the Legends.

Jack Wallace: Now wait just a minute here.. just what in the hell is Dr. Dean doing!?

Jeff Hartman: Forcing pills down Tripp Wise’s throat… duh, Jack. I mean, what does it look like? He’s certainly not offering him a stick of gum, or a lolipop for being a good patient and not crying when being given a shot.

Bloome was in position to hit the In Bloome on Morgan when he noticed Dr. Dean about to force some pills down Tripp’s throat. Bloome took off like a bat out of hell and flipped over the top rope to the outside with a Tope Con Hilo and crashed into Dr. Dean, taking him and Shovel out at the same time!!

Bloome staggered to his feet and helped Wise back up to his. They looked at each other and both slid back into the ring. Morgan was just about to get to his feet when they hit a double toe kick, doubling Morgan over. Tripp got behind Morgan and placed him in the Full Nelson. He then faceplanted him into the canvas.


Tripp pulled Morgan back up, however as Bloome hit the ropes. He hit the Leaping Reverse STO!


Bloome pulled Morgan back up to a seated position as Tripp hit the ropes. He flew low at Morgan’s face and connected with the Sick Kick!


Tripp stood and immediately charged the ropes, flying with a Suicide Dive to the outside, taking out Dr. Dean and Shovel as they both were getting back up! Davis made the cover, hooking the leg deep..




William Bell: Here are your winners and STILL Hype Tag Team Champions… Tripp Wise… Davis Bloome…. BADASS!

Jack Wallace: Many would call that a unique match due to Broken Sanity, but it was probably one of the best tag team title defenses I’ve seen come out of The Hype! BADASS retains the championships which denies Dr. Dean the opportunity to manage Broken Sanity as the tag team champions.

Jeff Hartman: Oh don’t you worry, Jack.. there will come a day when Dr. Dean will reign supreme!

Wise and Bloome were handed their tag team titles in a hard fought victory against a very unorthodox and unpredictable tag team! Wise hopped up and down yelling “CAN WE CELEBRATE!? CAN WE CELEBRATE!? CAN WE!? CAN WE!? HUH!? HUH!?”

The crowd even got into it.


Bloome pinched the top of his nose and let out a heavy sigh. He motioned to the turnbuckles and Wise went nuts! He ran to the turnbuckle, climbed it and raised the title belt high into the air! The crowd popped big as Wise fist pumped with the belt so hard, it flew out of his hands and down to the floor. Wise looked shocked and quickly exited the ring, picked up the title and held it up as he did a victory lap around ringside. The ringside fans patted the title as he ran around. Bloome simply stood there in the ring shaking his head.

When Tripp made his way around to the other side of the ring, Dr. Dean was getting to his feet! Tripp ran past Dean, thumping the title belt into his head on his journey.. not even stopping to care that he knocked him back down! For the first time since we’ve seen him on The Hype, even Davis Bloome cracked a smile at that and tried to hold in his laughter!

Wise rolled back into the ring, his chest heaving in and out.. covered in sweat. He looked at Bloome with a big ass grin on his face and held his arms open. Bloome sighed and embraced his partner in a huge. Tripp hopped up and down in Bloome’s arms and then bolted out of the ring, motioning to Bloome.

“C’MON!! BEERS ON ME!!” yelled Tripp

Bloome exited the ring, shaking his head. He joined Tripp who put his arm around Bloome and shoved his title into the air as the two of them walked side by side to the backstage area.

Winner: BADASS via Pinfall (STILL Hype Tag Team Champions)

"Cashing in That Favor"

The scene opened up backstage inside of Shayne Anderson’s office. All of a sudden Laurie Williams walked in with a man in a suit next to her. The duo approached Anderson’s desk as Laurie took a seat.

Shayne: Laurie.. where have you been?

Laurie let out a sigh

Laurie: I’m sorry it’s come to this, Shayne. I’ve been gone because I’ve been holding discussions here with my lawyer. You agreed to help me with something as long as I helped you, but each and every week where I brought it up, you simply said you’d do it and still, to this day, you haven’t held up your end of the bargain. So I was advised by my lawyer to step away, thus ending our agreement. Which means I was no longer helping you and per our agreement, it is now time for you to hold up your end of the bargain.

Shayne looked a bit surprised by all of this.

Shayne: The thing is, Laurie… I can’t hold up my part of the bargain because Damien Lee refused your request a long time ago… and… well… I just never told you because I needed your help running The Hype and getting Lee off of my back.

Laurie:’re admitting right here and now that you used me

Shayne: Yes… I’m sorry. I was desperate to get my job back and I wanted to prove that I could really run The Hype. Look.. I’ll be more than willing to compensate you in any way you wish.. except for that one thing because I’ve tried.. not just once.. but on three separate occasions. Damien Lee won’t budge no matter what. He’s just not going to let it happen. If you don’t believe me, I’ll pick up the phone and call him right now and you can see for yourself.

With that, there was a knock on the door.

“That won’t be necessary”

Laurie knew that voice. She stood up and turned around and there was the CEO of jOlt himself… Damien Lee! The audience in the background cheered as Lee stood there in the doorway with his arms crossed folded.

Lee: First off… thank you helping yourself to my office while iNtense is in Texas. I hope you find yourself comfortable, Shayne?

Shayne: Oh.. it was just for tonight.. I didn’t think you’d mind..

Lee: I don’t.. as long as everything remains as I left it. Now, Laurie, what Shayne says is true. He did come to me on three separate occasions. I am well aware of your request.

Laurie walked up to Lee and folded her arms, standing her ground firm.

Laurie: You know he’s fully healed… you know he’s ready to compete.. for Pete’s sake, Lee.. it’s been a year. Why do you keep denying him? Why do you deny Aran Thompson his chance to return!?

The crowd exploded when they heard the former world champion and former three time relentless champion’s name dropped.

Lee: As CEO, I can be loved by the fans for doing the right thing. By giving them what they want.. but as CEO, I can also be hated for doing the right thing for jOlt, even if it’s not what the fans want. This is one of those times where the latter isn’t going to make me pretty popular, but let’s get something straight here. You, the daughter of Black Tom Williams.. told Aran Thompson EVERYTHING about my acquisition of jOlt from your father and the selling of LoC. Aran used that information against me to try and blackmail me. The Rebellion also knew that information because of you. Jon Le Bon got information from you whether you knew it or not… and it almost jeopardized one of the biggest business deals in this company’s history. Had that information leaked.. we would still be in Orlando at the Arena of Champions because no one would want LoC… we wouldn’t be touring.. hell.. Wrestlecade II probably wouldn’t have even been in Japan. Aran Thompson, even though he is loved by many, almost destroyed jOlt with the knowledge YOU gave him.

Lee paused for a moment.

Lee: I feel bad that he got hurt.. and, honestly, as a man, I’m happy he is healed, but Aran doesn’t exactly like me all that much thanks to the things I had to do to keep him silent. I doubt Aran is a man who would understand that I did what I did out of necessity and I can’t have someone unstable like that return and wreak havoc in my company. It’s an unpopular decision, yes… I fully understand that, but it’s one of those tough decisions that, as CEO, I have to make from time to time. Perhaps if Aran would like to discuss things in a civilized manner, I MAY change my mind, but I will not guarantee anything… but until something like that answer is, was, and always will be.. NO!

Laurie: Well.. I supposed you made yourself clear. Damien… Shayne seems to be running The Hype pretty well without me.. so I guess since I am under a contract with The Hype… I’ll have my lawyer negotiate for my full release from it since I am, obviously, no longer needed here.

Shayne stood up from behind his desk.

Shayne: There’s no need to discuss it. If she wants a full release, I hereby grant it. I’ll take care of the paperwork and fax copies to you once it’s completed. Laurie Williams is now completely released from her contract and is free to work wherever she wants… that is… if anyone is willing to take her and her… baggage...

The crowd let out an “ooooh” on that last statement in the background.

Laurie: Well then.. I guess everything’s settled. Goodbye Damien… Goodbye Shayne… it’s a shame we couldn’t make more money together.. but I have a feeling in due time, you’ll both change your minds.

Laurie cracked a grin as her and her lawyer exited the room. Damien Lee walked into the office and closed the door behind him.

Lee: Even before you asked me, I could see this coming from a mile away.

Lee put his hands in his pockets and looked at Shayne

Lee: It takes a man to admit when he was wrong and I have to say, I really had my doubts about you Shayne. Everything you did when you were in charge of The Hype the first time around made me distrust you with every bone in my body. Now look at The Hype…. you embraced the talent and now you’re here LIVE on Pay-Per-View… a first for The Hype and for jOlt. You really did turn over a new leaf. Good job, Shayne….

Damien Lee extended his hand. Shayne looked down at it and grasped it.

Shayne: Thank you.

Lee: But… don’t let this go to your head. Remember.. the instant you try and pull anything, I will still fire you on the spot… permanently. Understood?

Shayne: Perfectly. Don’t worry.. I have no intentions of screwing this up again.

Lee: Good! Now.. how about we go to the Skybox and watch the Hype Title match. I can’t wait to see Patterson and Crucifix go at it.

Shayne: Sure thing!

Shayne got up and exited the office with Damien Lee. They were headed to the skybox for that Hype Championship match, which was NEXT!

Mike Patterson(c) vs Crucifix
The history between these two ran very very deep. It was over twelve years ago these two competed in this very arena when it was owned and operated by another promotion. They came and joined The Hype when Shayne Anderson assembled The X Movement. Mike Patterson spearheaded that faction with their intent to drive out any original Hype members in order to pave way for new, fresh blood. Shayne Anderson believed in keeping a constant cycle and not caring about the lives of the wrestlers he discarded.

It was Brian Williams who defeated Mike Patterson when Pietro Geist vacated the Hype Championship. Williams became the new Hype Champion and The X Movement was forced to disband. Mike Patterson tried to keep the group together as friends, but they all went their separate ways. Crucifix and Xtreme renamed themselves as The X Age and captured the Hype Tag Team Titles, but Xtreme decked Crucifix in the head immediately after winning the belts and disappeared, proclaiming he was going to the main roster. Crucifix defended the Tag Titles by himself until he lost them to BADASS.

Crucifix then set his sights on his old friend and his former stablemate, Mike Patterson. Patterson defeated Brian Williams to capture the Hype Championship and now Crucifix was ready to become the first member of The Hype to hold both titles. Crucifix claims he knows how to beat Patterson, but Patterson is a legitimate monster and it will take everything Crucifix has, and some say that everything just might not be enough.

William Bell: Ladies and Gentlemen… the following contest is your MAIN EVENT of the evening and is set for one fall with a 60 minute time limit and it is for the Hype Championship!

The lights in the arena went low then pulsed as a new theme came over the PA system..


Someone told me…


To live is to die...


I never thought it would come to this…


“Angels and Demons” by 55 Escape

The opening scream gave rise to a pyro explosion to the left and right side of the stage. Two holy crosses burned as Crucifix stepped out from the backstage area. He stopped at the top of the entrance ramp and stretched his arms out as the people in the crowd booed him.

Crucifix cracked a grin as he made his way down to the ring to his new song. Crucifix circled around ringside and rolled into the ring underneath the bottom rope. Crucifix looked ready to go as he tested the ropes and warmed up in the ring. He stood there and awaited his opposition.

“Symphony of Destruction” by Nightwish (Megadeth Cover)

As the orchestral intro revved up, the lights in the arena dimmed… then…


A pyro explosion his as the thundering drums hit. Behind the wall of pyro stood Mike Patterson, standing there with his arms to his sides, looking down at the floor with the Hype Championship firmly around his waist. Patterson slowly raised his head and stared down at the ring at Crucifix. He stepped forward and made the charge down the ramp.

Patterson slid in under the bottom rope as Crucifix bailed from the ring. Patterson unfastened the championship from around his waist and hoisted it into the air after climbing the turnbuckle pads. He hopped down and slung the championship over his shoulder and motioned the Crucifix to bring his ass back into the ring.

His music faded as Crucifix slowly grabbed the ropes and re-entered. The referee asked for the title and Patterson handed it over. The referee held the championship high into the air and then passed it off to ringside. He called for the bell and this match officially began!




Jack Wallace: Here we go! Tonight’s main event is under way!

Jeff Hartman: It’s about damn time. Mike Patterson better make this match short so I can get the hell out of here. This will probably be the only time you will see me pulling for him! GO MIKE!

Patterson cracked his knuckles as he slowly began to encircle Crucifix. Crucifix knew that he wasn’t going to win a power game with Patterson so there was no point in locking up with the beast. Patterson quickened his pace and it drew Crucifix in to try and pick Patterson’s leg, but Patterson darted out of the way and we were back to circling. Crucifix taunted Patterson, looking for a lock up and Patterson took the bait. Crucifix immediately switched to a knee lift and nailed Patterson right in his abdomen that has been the focal point of attention over the better part of the last month, however, when Patterson staggered away, he cracked a grin, turned and leveled a surprised Crucifix with a vicious lariat!

Patterson stood over Crucifix and patted his stomach as if to say he was just fine. Was this Crucifix’s master plan? To take advantage of an injury that was no longer there? If so, then this didn’t bode well for Crucifix at all!

Jack Wallace: We know that Mike Patterson has had issues with his abdomen over the past month, but he’s telling Crucifix right here and now that there’s nothing wrong with it tonight!

Jeff Hartman: Good! Mike Smash! Mike Punish! END HIM NOW!

Crucifix pulled himself back to his feet as Patterson rushed him into the corner. It was Patterson who now took aim at Crucifix’s abdomen hitting shoulder block after shoulder block in the corner until Crucifix slouched down into a seated position. Patterson pressed his boot against Crucifix’s face and that drew a five count from the referee in which Patterson broke at four. Patterson showed a little bit of attitude here in this match which means he respected Crucifix that much and couldn’t afford to even give him half an inch to work with.

Patterson backed up and then stepped back into the corner. He pressed Crucifix against the buckles and whipped him so hard that Patterson fell and hit the canvas. Crucifix slammed hard against the opposite corner and fell face first into the canvas from the impact! Patterson stood and leisurely walked over to Crucifix who pulled himself up to an all fours position. Patterson reached down and grabbed Crucifix by the hair, pulling him up to his feet. He pressed Crucifix back into the corner and fired lefts and rights, combination blows, to Crucifix’s stomach. He then grabbed Crucifix and hoisted him up onto the top turnbuckle pad into a seated position.

Patterson stepped up onto the top rope, but before he could pull Crucifix up, Crucifix slipped down off the buckles through Patterson’s legs! He hooked Patterson and pulled him away from the corner, slamming him into the canvas with a Powerbomb!!! Crucifix stacked up Patterson with a pinfall attempt..


Just a one count off a powerbomb! Patterson power kicked out of that!

Jack Wallace: That was a statement and a half right there by the Hype Champion, Mike Patterson! It’s going to take a tremendous amount of effort to put him down tonight!

Jeff Hartman: I was afraid of that.. this is going to be a long ass match, isn’t it? Dammit!

Crucifix immediately ran over and placed Patterson into a front face lock in an attempt to keep him grounded, but Patterson got to his knees.. then to his feet. He then lifted Crucifix into the air and threw him away into the corner where Crucifix hit back first against the buckles!! Patterson charged in with a corner clothesline, but Crucifix moved out of the way, grabbed the top rope and used it to hit a Gamengiri upside Patterson’s head as he faced the corner! Crucifix then returned the favor with repeated shoulder blocks into Patterson’s lower back!

After a few good hits, Crucifix turned Patterson’s back to the corner and hit him up under the chin with a Palm Strike, but this only angered Patterson as he stepped forward and pressed his forehead against Crucifix’s, pressing him backwards and away from the corner, but Crucifix qas quick to think and headbutted Patterson which staggered him back. Crucifix lunged in and hit a European Uppercut, knocking Patterson back into the corner. Crucifix went for a whip, but Patterson reversed it and gave chase, however, Crucifix leapt to the middle turnbuckle and flipped over Patterson.. or so he thought...


Patterson caught Crucifix on his shoulder and drove him into the canvas with a standing powerslam! Crucifix arched his back up in pain as Patterson stepped out between the ropes and ascended the turnbuckle pads to the very top. Patterson took aim on Crucifix and was about to go for his patented Frog Splash… the Big Souix Splash, but Crucifix quickly rolled out of the ring and to the outside where he stumbled away. The crowd booed Crucifix’s cowardly move, but Patterson wouldn’t let him get away with it that easily.

Jack Wallace: Crucifix saw that coming from a mile away and decided to get out of Dodge before getting hit with it. Like him or hate him, that was a smart move by Crucifix.

Jeff Hartman: Normally I would agree with you, but it’s only drawing out the length of this match and I want to go home… I have girls waiting for me.

Jack Wallace: If by girls you mean body pillows with girls printed on them, then yes, I could believe that. If you have actual girls waiting for you, I’m assuming they already raided whatever morsels you left in your fridge, abused your bathroom, stole whatever valuables you have and are probably half way to Mexico by now.

Jeff Hartman: I never told you about Roxanne and Sheila… how did you know?

Patterson hopped off the buckles, landing on the ring apron. He ran along the edge of the ring, looking for a Flying Shoulder Tackle, but Crucifix sensed it and backflipped with a Pele Kick and caught Patterson in the top of the head with it!! Patterson crashed and burned on the floor as the crowd let out a big “OOOH” in response to the sickening smack that echoed throughout the Arena of Champions here in Miami, Florida!

Crucifix quickly grabbed Patterson by the head and pulled him up to his feet. He whipped Patterson up against the corner of the barricades to the right of the entrance ramp. Patterson landed in a seated position as Crucifix backed away to the opposite side by the announce table. Crucifix got a running start and at full speed, sailed right into Patterson’s face with a heat seeking Missile Dropkick! Crucifix stood and walked away for a second time, getting the same distance between himself and the Hype Champion. Crucifix took off at full speed and connected against with a second Running Missile Dropkick!

Patterson looked dazed as Crucifix grabbed him by the hair and pulled him back to his feet. He pressed Patterson against the corner of the barricades and let loose with a hard Knife Edge Chop across the chest! Crucifix tilted Patterson’s head back and smacked him across the chest with another harsh chop! Crucifix walked Patterson back over to the ring apron and rolled him back in underneath the bottom rope. Patterson rolled almost into position as Crucifix got up on the apron and then he ascended the turnbuckle pads to the very top. Crucifix grinned as he looked down at Patterson and then he flipped off...



Patterson put his knees up and Crucifix slammed down back-first across them! Crucifix fell to his hands and knees and crawled away, holding his back! Patterson popped back up to his feet and when Crucifix turned around, Patterson charged in and...


Jeff Hartman: YES! Now we can end this match and I can go home.. hopefully to something more than baking soda in my fridge!

Patterson damn near cut Crucifix in half with that Spear and he was ready to finish him off! Patterson grabbed Crucifix by the hair and placed him between his legs. He went to lift Crucifix for the Trailervision.. the Cradle Piledriver, but Crucifix countered it with a Back Body Drop! Patterson sat up, but Crucifix wasted no time. He blindsided Patterson in the side of the head…



Crucifix quickly went into the cover, hooking the legs...



Patterson kicked out!

Jeff Hartman: Dammit.. now I’m convinced I’ll be coming home to baking soda.

Jack Wallace: That was an amazing sequence and all you can talk about is baking soda? Why are you even here? Why does jOlt even give you money?

Jeff Hartman: Demographical appeal, Jack.

Crucifix quickly sat Patterson up and placed him into a Rear Chin Lock, but Patterson didn’t stay down for long. Only after a fleeting moment, Patterson battled up to his feet and got underneath Crucifix, looking for his new finisher.. the Back Drop Driver that he called Dawn of the Final Moment, but Crucifix hammered into the top of Patterson’s skull with the point of his elbow and broke it up. Patterson stepped back and Crucifix went for another Super Kick, but Patterson grabbed Crucifix by the leg and spun him around. Patterson went for a clothesline, but Crucifix ducked and charged the corner. He hopped up to the middle turnbuckle and twisted off with a Cross Body Block, but Patterson caught him in his arms!

Patterson hoisted Crucifix from the cradled position into the Fireman’s Carry position and tiled him off with a Death Valley Driver, but Crucifix flipped over completely and landed on his feet! A back mule kick by Crucifix to the abdomen double Patterson over. Crucifix then hooked Patterson for what looked like an Ace Crusher, but Crucifix flipped over Patterson and brought the champion down on the back of his head and neck as Crucifix sat out with the Asai DDT! Crucifix held Patterson down for the cover...



Patterson power kicked out of it again!

Jack Wallace: Mike Patterson is proving to be as resilient as ever here tonight

Jeff Hartman: That was the most generic statement I’ve heard so far tonight, Jack. Why not just say that Mike Patterson kicked out of a pinfall as if the world just didn’t see it happen?

Jack Wallace: Because then you’d have nothing to say just now.

Crucifix stood and didn’t give Patterson any time to breathe. He sat Patterson up and kicked him stiffly right between the shoulder blades. He repeated this four more times for a total of five kicks to the upper back, but on that fifth kick, Patterson looked to have absorbed the blow and began to get to his feet. He turned and faced Crucifix, giving him the death glare! Crucifix backed away towards the ropes as Patterson made his way over to him. Crucifix found his back up against the ropes as Patterson stepped in.

Patterson went to grab Crucifix, but Crucifix darted to the right and avoided it. Crucifix then leapt up and kicked Patterson in the back of the head, dazing him. Crucifix then rode up onto Patterson’s shoulders and flipped him over...


Patterson rolled to his feet!


Crucifix got turned inside out with the brute force of Mike Patterson’s lariat! Patterson went for the cover, hooking the leg...



Crucifix was close enough to the ropes to reach out and grab them, breaking up the pinfall attempt

Jack Wallace: GOOD LORD WHAT A LARIAT! That damn near took Crucifix’s head off and I doubt he expected Mike Patterson to hit it after being dropped on the back of his head like that!

Jeff Hartman: Well.. hard heads are known for a few things...

Jack Wallace: Would you like to tell what those few things are to Mike Patterson’s face?

Jeff Hartman: I would not

Jack Wallace: Okay then.

That angered Patterson as he grabbed Crucifix and pulled him up to his feet, hooking him in a front waist lock. He popped the hips and nailed a Belly to Belly Overhead Release Suplex! Crucifix bounced off the canvas and staggered to his feet as Patterson advanced and pressed Crucifix into the corner. Patterson whipped Crucifix across the ring to the opposite side. He charged in and sandwiched Crucifix in the corner with a Body Avalanche! Crucifix stumbled forward as Patterson wrapped his arms around Crucifix’s head and popped the hips again, dumping Crucifix on the back of his shoulders and neck with a Head and Arm Suplex!! Crucifix didn’t get up from that one.. in fact, he barely moved at all outside of grabbing the back of his head in pain!

Patterson backed into the corner and crouched down, daring Crucifix to get back up to his feet. Crucifix slowly turned over and got up to a knee. That’s when Patterson charged in.


Jack Wallace: He got him AGAIN!

For the second time, Patterson Speared Crucifix right out of his boots!! Crucifix immediately rolled towards the ropes. Patterson realized it and tried to grab Crucifix to stop him, but he was just out of fingertip’s range and he successfully rolled out of the ring, flopping to the floor at ringside. Patterson stood up and walked over to the ropes, peering over and seeing Crucifix on all fours, struggling to get up. Patterson stepped out onto the ring apron and watched as Crucifix grabbed the edge of the ring and used it to pull himself up. Patterson was ready to club him with a Double Axe Handle Smash, but Crucifix, somehow, mustered up a burst of energy and grabbed Patterson by the legs, tripping him up!


Patterson’s back slammed against the edge of the apron and he flopped down to the floor! Patterson landed on all fours as Crucifix backed up. He ran in and..



Jack Wallace: Mike Patterson could be out cold! Crucifix absorbed that punishment and lured Patterson to the outside and this was the result. Does Crucifix really have what it takes to beat Mike Patterson?

Jeff Hartman: Welp… any chance of this match being short is out the window. I’m not rooting for Mike Patterson anymore. I’ll root for Crucifix since Mike Patterson betrayed me.

Jack Wallace: How is fighting for more than five minutes in a match a betrayal? The man is trying to retain his championship.

Jeff Hartman: Because I could be home right now trying to retain my libido. I can’t do that here with you…

Jack Wallace: Don’t EVER paint that image again...

Crucifix continued on and used the ring post to stop himself. He clung to the ring post for balance as he gleamed back at Patterson laid out on the floor at ringside. The people booed as Crucifix smiled, knowing that this could be it! He stumbled over to Patterson and brought him up to his feet. He rolled Patterson back into the ring and then hopped up onto the ring apron. Patterson got to all fours, shaking his head to get the cobwebs out of it as Crucifix grabbed the top rope. Crucifix leapt up top as Patterson got vertical and dove off with a Springboard Clothesline that took the champion back off of his feet! Crucifix went for the cover, hooking the leg!



Patterson got the shoulder up in time!

Jack Wallace: That springboard clothesline wasn’t enough to keep the champion down. Crucifix is going to have to think of another way to get the job done!

Crucifix continued to stay right on top of Patterson as he grounded him with a side head lock combined with a body scissors. Patterson reached out for the ropes, but he was dead center in the middle of the ring and even at his size, the ropes might as well been worlds apart from him. Crucifix continued to keep Patterson grounded, but Patterson began to muster up some energy and sat up, but Crucifix slightly released the hold and punched Patterson in the side of the head! He brought Patterson back down and rehooked the head lock and body scissors.

Each time that the referee asked if Patterson wanted to give up, Patterson said “no.” The fans began to rally behind Patterson as he sat up once again and used his power to get back to his feet, carrying Crucifix on his back! Crucifix hopped down and jumped into the air. He hooked his arm around Patterson’s neck and slammed the back of his head into the canvas! Crucifix quickly went for the cover, hooking the leg...



Patterson kicked out again!

Jack Wallace: Crucifix has been very aggressive in this match tonight, but no matter what Crucifix does, he’s unable to put away Mike Patterson.

Jeff Hartman: I know and it’s frustrating the hell out of me!

Most people would get frustrated at this point, but not Crucifix. Crucifix quickly got up and headed over to the corner where the turned and waited for Patterson to begin to get up. Patterson turned over onto all fours and Crucifix charged in with a Running Knee Strike, but Patterson avoided it and quickly rolled Crucifix up with a School Boy!



Crucifix kicked away!

Jack Wallace: Patterson with the surprise flash pin, but Crucifix didn’t fall for it!

Both men stood and Patterson went for a lariat, but Crucifix ducked out of the way and took off to the opposite ropes. Patterson turned as Crucifix ditched to the apron and taunted Patterson to charge in. Patterson did so and Crucifix went for a shoulder block between the ropes, but Patterson flipped over the top rope, landed on his feet, grabbed Crucifix and…




Jeff Hartman: I know, Jack… I was here. I saw it happen.

Crucifix hit the floor kicking his feet into the mats as he held his back in pain as Patterson propped himself up against the edge of the ring, admiring his work. Patterson stepped forward and bent over picking Crucifix up off of the floor. The referee began the mandatory ten count as Patterson hurled him into the steel ring steps with force. The referee was up to the count of three when Patterson walked over and claimed Crucifix once again. Patterson placed Crucifix into a bear hug and ran to the other side of the ring, ramming him back first into the ring post! He held on then hit a deadlift belly to belly overhead suplex!! Patterson got up and let out a bestial roar as the referee was at the count of seven.

Most champions would be content with taking a countout victory, but not Mike Patterson. He wanted to pin Crucifix and continue to assert his dominance. At eight he picked Crucifix up and hurled him back into the ring. Patterson quickly rolled back in after him at the count of nine. Patterson stood and dragged Crucifix away from the corner. He headed over to the turnbuckles and climbed up top. He took aim on the challenger and leapt off...


The Frog Splash connected on Crucifix and Patterson made the cover. It had to be over at this point...





Jack Wallace: DAMN What a nearfall. I thought for sure that Mike Patterson had the pinfall there!

Jeff Hartman: My sweet Lola.. Jeffy still isn’t coming home anytime soon...

Jack Wallace: Lola?

Jeff Hartman: Yeah that’s the girl I hir...I mean.. met.

Crucifix shot the shoulder up at the very last second and Mike Patterson was actually stunned! Everyone in the arena was stunned as they thought for sure that Crucifix would have been finished after what he was just put through on the outside of the ring! Patterson stood and grabbed Crucifix by the hair, pulling him back up. He kicked Crucifix in the stomach and placed him between his legs, but Crucifix fell to a single knee, blocking the Trailervision attempt. Patterson pulled him back up and set him in place, but Crucifix dropped to a single knee again. Patterson stepped back and hammered away on the top of Crucifix’s head with heavy right hands, dazing him. He pulled Crucifix back into position and lifted him up for the Piledriver, but Crucifix continued the momentum up onto Patterson’s shoulders! He then flipped Patterson over with a Huracanrana!

Patterson stumbled up to his feet and began to backpeddle. Crucifix got to his feet and got a slow start, but he picked up momentum and clotheslined Patterson up and over the top rope and out to the floor! Patterson flipped over the ropes and landed on his feet, but he stumbled back up against the barricades. Crucifix got a running start and flew through the ropes with a Suicide Dive, colliding with Patterson, putting his body and everything on the line here! The two men were down as the referee began the ten count once again, but Crucifix crawled to the apron and pulled himself up. At the count of three, Patterson began to pull himself back up, using the barricades to do so. Crucifix charged in and clotheslined Patterson over the barricades and into an aisle way on the floor!

Crucifix turned and rolled back into the ring. The referee was still counting Patterson out and was up to the count of six. Crucifix turned and grabbed the top rope as Patterson staggered to his feet. The referee stopped counting and admonished Crucifix for what he was about to do, but Crucifix didn’t care. Crucifix leapt to the top rope and propelled himself into the air!


Crucifix collided with Patterson and the two crashed into the aisle way between the ringside seats!! The crowd erupted!

“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“THIS IS AWESOME!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap

Jack Wallace: Crucifix is laying it all on the line here tonight! He has taken it to Mike Patterson and continues to do so.. even if it means putting his entire body at risk!!

The referee restarted his count as the two of them continued to lay there on the floor in the crowd. Crucifix, having the softer landing thanks to falling on top of Patterson, started to get back up. He took a few momentums to recompose himself as the referee reached the count of four. Crucifix grabbed Patterson by the hair and pulled him back up to his feet. He got some momentum and tossed Patterson over the guardrail and back to ringside at the count of six. Crucifix stepped over the rail and headed back to the ring at seven. He rolled in and back out and took a moment to catch his breath, leaning on the ring apron.

Crucifix let out a heavy sigh as he walked over and grabbed Patterson, pulling him back up, but Crucifix was surprised when Patterson fought back with punches to the mid-section, but Crucifix stopped that quickly with a knee to the stomach, doubling him over. Crucifix then rolled Patterson back into the ring under the bottom rope. Crucifix hopped up on the ring apron and walked to the turnbuckles. He was tired and in pain as he began to ascend them to the top, but Patterson exploded to his feet, ran to the corner, leapt to the middle turnbuckle and...


Crucifix hit the canvas hard as did Mike Patterson, but there was something odd happening here… Mike Patterson wasn’t getting up! After that burst of energy, a lot of people were expecting The Hype’s true beast to crawl over for a cover.. it was a bit unsettling that Patterson wasn’t able to move after executing that move! The referee checked on both men and began a ten count.

Jack Wallace: Both men are down after that hellacious impact off the top rope… Mike Patterson isn’t getting up either. Is the unstoppable beast becoming stoppable?

Jeff Hartman: Is the unending match finally ending? God I hope so.








Patterson began to stir.. 8..

Crucifix did as well.


Patterson up and instead of going for a count out, he rushed over and began to stomp down rapidly on Crucifix over and over and over again! Patterson was getting annoyed with Crucifix, but when Patterson was stomping him, his intensity lessened with each and every stomp until he had to walk away and catch his breath.

Jack Wallace: Mike Patterson is having to catch his breath! This match just surpassed the thirty minute mark and if you think back… Patterson versus Williams went just about as long and both men were near dead at the end of that match, however, when Patterson battled Regan Hearst, it was a slug fest and even though they hit a lot of power moves, there was a lot of down time between them which extended that match, giving Patterson enough time to pace himself.. When he had the rematch with Regan Hearst.. he wanted to beat him as quickly as possible as to not draw out that match again..

Jeff Hartman: Wow.. thanks for the History Channel special on Mike Patterson over the past few months.

Jack Wallace: My point is… was this what Crucifix noticed? Did he notice that time itself could be Mike Patterson’s kryptonite!?

We believe it is as Crucifix looked over at Patterson as he pulled himself up, cracking a smile. The smaller size.. the better cardio.. the faster speed. He was able to stay on top of Patterson every second of this match and take it to him in a way that no one has before. Patterson’s energy was draining fast and the fact that he withstood Patterson’s barrage let the pieces of the puzzle all fall into place for him.

Crucifix stood and advanced towards Patterson. Patterson charged in, but Crucifix was able to make him eat a back elbow. Crucifix then fired away with right hand after right hand into the side of Patterson’s head, rocking him into the corner. Crucifix switched it up to forearm shots to the jaw, each one dazing Patterson. Crucifix shot him across the ring into the opposite corner and then Crucifix charged in. He slammed into Patterson’s abdomen with a running knee and Patterson doubled over! Crucifix shot himself back to the opposite corner and then charged in again, driving his knee into Patterson’s stomach for a second time.

Crucifix then hoisted Patterson up onto the top turnbuckle pad and then turned his back to him. He tied up Patterson’s arm and yanked him off the top...


Crucifix stood and turned back towards the corner. He climbed up top and took aim on Patterson. He flipped off with the Senton Bomb...


It connected!! The two knees to the stomach.. the hard slam on his back.. and now the Senton Bomb to the abdomen! We were about to see a new Hype Champion crowned with this pinfall!



Thr.. NO!!!!


Jack Wallace: WOW! I thought we had a new Hype Champion right there!! Mike Patterson still has fight left in him and he showed that to Crucifix right now who must be running out of answers

Jeff Hartman: And I’m running out of patience.. somebody just WIN, DAMMIT!

Crucifix stood and grabbed Patterson, pulling him back to his feet, but Patterson, with a quick burst of energy got underneath Crucifix and nailed it...


Patterson hit the Back Drop Driver and sat up, looking out to the crowd who were on their feet, but suddenly they began to boo. Patterson turned to pin Crucifix, but there was no Crucifix!? Crucifix was close enough to the ropes that he rolled back to the outside once again.. just like he did earlier in the match when he got hit with Patterson’s Spear for a second time! He was going to make Mike Patterson expend more energy to go retrieve him and by the time Patterson did that, Crucifix would have recovered enough to kick out should Patterson attempt to pin him!

Jack Wallace: Crucifix rolled to the outside yet AGAIN.. forcing Patterson to chase after him! This has to be Crucifix’s plan. He has to be tiring out Patterson on purpose!

Patterson knew what Crucifix was trying to pull by rolling out and he pounded his fist into the canvas in frustration, but he had no choice as the longer he let Crucifix rest out there, the less of a chance he had to beat him. Patterson rolled to the outside and collected Crucifix off the floor. Patterson was about to roll him into the ring when he stopped and looked at the ring apron. Patterson then looked back at Crucifix and kicked him in the stomach, doubling him over. Patterson set up Crucifix between his legs and then lifted him up to shoulder height, but as soon as he did and stretched those abdomen muscles, the injury that has plagued him over the past month came back!!

Jack Wallace: This isn’t good...

Patterson dropped Crucifix in front of him and held his abdomen as he staggered away! Crucifix hung onto the ring apron to keep himself vertical and that’s when Crucifix had an idea. Patterson turned around and Crucifix lunged in...


He pulled a move out of Patterson’s playbook and drilled Patterson right in the abdomen with a Spear!!! Crucifix sneered as he stood back up and grabbed Patterson by the hair, bringing him back up to his feet. He rolled Patterson back into the ring and then rolled back in after him. Crucifix went for the cover, hooking the leg.



Thr.. NO!!

Patterson kicked out once again and the fans cheered!

Jack Wallace: Mike Patterson is once again showing the world just how tough he really is! He took Crucifix’s best shots.. he even took his own best shots and still continues to kick out! Mike Patterson is definitely one hell of a champion!

Jeff Hartman: And Crucifix wasn’t? The main single-handedly defended the Hype Tag Team Titles for MONTHS, Jack… and you dare call Mike Patterson a hell of a champion? Show some damn respect.

Although, Crucifix was calm. He knew Patterson wouldn’t be beaten by that. The objective was to force Patterson to expend even more energy kicking out. That plan was painfully evident when Crucifix went for the cover again immediately!



Kick out again by Patterson.

Back into the cover a third time!



Kick out again!

Crucifix began laughing and yelled at him “KICK OUT SOME MORE!” and covered him a fourth time!



Kick out!




Thre.. KICK OUT!

That one was closer! Cover AGAIN!



Th.. NO!!

Jack Wallace: The flurry of pinfall attempts is beginning to take their toll on Patterson! This could be a huge turning point here in the match!

Patterson kicked out and pie faced Crucifix, shoving him away! Patterson turned over onto all fours and tried to push himself up off the canvas. Crucifix backed into the ropes and leapt into the air, placing his foot on the back of Patterson’s head and...


The Curb Stomp connected!! Crucifix went for the cover again!!



Patterson kicked out!!!


Cover again!



Three… NO!!

VERY Close! Crucifix tried his luck a third time..



With a bestial roar, Patterson EXPLODED out of the pin and pure rage brought him to his feet!!! Patterson turned and swung with a lariat, but Crucifix ducked out of the way! Crucifix turned and kicked Patterson in the stomach, but Patterson simply looked up and leveled Crucifix with the lariat he looked to hit seconds ago! Patterson quickly pulled Crucifix up and shoved him between his legs. He lifted him up and...



Crucifix fell onto his back, but turned to his stomach. In about as slow as slow motion could look in real life, Crucifix reached out to the ropes to try and escape the ring, but Patterson grabbed Crucifix by the leg and dragged him to the dead center of the ring. Patterson stumbled around to Crucifix’s head and pulled him back up, but Crucifix got underneath Patterson’s chin and hit a Jaw Breaker!!!

Jeff Hartman: ….or… not...

Patterson staggered back to the ropes as Crucifix was on spaghetti… knees? From the knelt position, Crucifix looked as if he were about to fall over dead. Patterson’s back touched the ropes and he staggered forward. Crucifix stood, got underneath Patterson’s chin and nailed another Jaw Breaker! Patterson stumbled back again as Crucifix stood and staggered away to the ropes, slowly building up momentum. He charged in and aimed right for the breadbasket...


Another Spear to Patterson!! Crucifix rolled away after the impact and crawled towards the turnbuckles. He grabbed the ropes and pulled himself up. Patterson’s chest was heaving in and out for air as he grasped at his stomach. Crucifix stood with this back to the buckles and climbed up to the middle turnbuckle. He then took a step up to the top with one foot.. then the other. Crucifix leapt off with the Swanton Bomb...


Crucifix landed it, but he turned and crawled away!! He went back to the corner.. a little more quickly this time. He went up top and he took aim again.


A second one connected! Crucifix couldn’t do a third. He turned and covered Patterson, hooking the leg as the crowd stood up, covering their mouths..





William Bell: Here is your winner and NEEEEEEEEEEEEEW Hype Champion… CRUCIFIX!!!

Jack Wallace: Crucifix was right all along. He knew Mike Patterson’s weakness. From the time he spent with him back in X Wrestling.. to his time in The X Movement… to watching his matches, Crucifix saw that Mike Patterson’s weakness was time. The longer a match went and the better his opponent was in the area of mobility, the more energy Patterson expended and sooner or later, Patterson would run out of gas and that’s exactly what happened here tonight.

Jeff Hartman just sat there.

Jack Wallace: What’s wrong Jeff? You can go home now, you know.

Jeff Hartman: No point.. Lola left… my watches are gone and she even took the baking soda...

Jack Wallace: What a poor little accident you are.

Jeff Hartman: I know (sobbing). Well at least we have a real champion now.. ALL HAIL CRUCIFIX!

Jack Wallace: That was fast...

Pyro exploded above the ring as Crucifix stood and was handed the Hype Championship. His arm was raised by the referee as he brushed his hair back in pain and completely exhausted. This was what Crucifix meant when he said that he knew how to beat Patterson. He simply looked at his matches. All of Patterson’s matches were under ten minutes.. some even under five. The match with WIlliams tested his endurance.. the match with Hearst only went that long because of all the rest they got during it after big moves and spots… the fact that Patterson gave his weakness away by beating Hearst as fast as possible in their second match… all of it, Crucifix took notice. Crucifix didn’t need the injured abdomen to beat Patterson, but the fact that it was still there for him helped his stratagem even more.

As “Angels and Demons” blared over the PA system, Crucifix looked at the championship and sneered. He turned and purposely stomped on Patterson’s stomach as he walked over him and exited the ring which drew heavy heat from the crowd. Crucifix slung the title over his shoulder and simply walked to the back, not even taking the time to look back at his opponent.

In Crucifix’s mind… he walked into Hype: Retribution and got what he wanted. Now that business was done, there was no need to stick around.

Jack Wallace: He just won the title and he already performed a disgusting act of disrespect.

Jeff Hartman: I know! I love him already!

Jack Wallace: Folks, we’re out of time.. Thank you to everyone watching on WrestleNet NOW! We’ll see you next week on The Hype!

The PPV then faded to The Hype logo and then to black.

Winner: Crucifix via Pinfall (NEW Hype Champion)