"Welcome to Thieves Honor"

A single ray of light panned across the jOlt Lighting Bolt logo to briefly highlight it before being submerged back into the darkness...

Camera Thirty offered a brief angled panning of the northwestern section of the Arena of Champions. The A/V graphic displayed the count of 22,455 screaming fans who were adamantly rattling the rafters with their cheers. Camera Twenty One trained itself onto the entrance staging area resembled an ominous bank safe with a massive circular vault safe. The gorilla position is housed within the staging area that is set up to resemble a marble bank wall housing a massive vault. The wall is high w/ an ominous jOltvision monitor embedded high on each side of the entrance. The roof is accessible via fastened iron ladders along the sides to accommodate those seeking those respective high spots for the PPV. Assorted piles of riches & valued treasures adorn each side of the safe entrance.

The ring apron is Emerald Green w/ the PPV brand etched along each side of the ring. The ring posts are Black. The turnbuckle padding is either Emerald Green or something. The ropes are Gold w/ the canvas hue of Grey, Silver or Platinum. The outside padding is Black as well. The announce positions (both lead & Spanish). The armored trucks are parked at an angle, trained toward the entrance. The arena lighting lessened by 50%, prompting a tandem of vertical & horizontal Red beams to stream at their respective paces. An tandem of eager fans waved their hands out to break the plane of the beams, unexpectedly triggering the grand flashing of red lighting throughout the arena.

The ominous circular vault door wheels & gears began rapidly turning before a loud mechanical set of clicking was overheard. The massive door gradually swung open before a small detail of sufficiently armored security appeared. Maintaining formation, the detail commander stood in the middle as the remainder of the detail advanced further toward the ring. The rear hatches of both armored vehicles opened to reveal a small detail of 4 personnel each, making their exit. The armored trucks remained opened, revealing a mock pyramid of gold bricks set atop wooden pallets in each one. On command, the security group positioned themselves to face each other & assume parade rest. On cue, a crescendo of pyrotechnical magic began with a slow start before picking up the pace until its noisy conclusion.

The interior of the arena was adorned with the colors of Emerald Green, Gold & Silver. The ring apron is Emerald Green w/ the PPV brand etched along each side of the ring. The ring posts are Black. The turnbuckle padding was of a Pearl hue. The ropes are Gold w/ the canvas hue of Grey, Silver or Platinum. The outside padding is Black as well. The Spanish Announce team of J. Martinez II & Carlos Pena proudly welcomed the Latin contingent warmly in the dialect to connect with the masses both home & abroad before Camera One centers itself onto the lead announce tandem of Michael Buhrman & Nathan Powers...

Adam Lazarus vs Jason Rau
Adam lazarusJason Rau
’Passive’ by A Perfect Circle drifted from overhead to foster the aura of resentment within the Arena of Champions as the lights retreated. The jOltvision monitors flickered to life to display the technical & underhanded exploits of an intentionally conniving mind. Blue pulses of light danced at random before streams of white light were cast at the entrance staging area before fanning outward, bringing the full luminescence to brighten the arena with them. Gold & Black were the colors of choice for Jason’s attire. The former Zybertech Steel Champion exited the massive vault, sauntered forward several paces before hopping in place to loosen out his extremities...

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen, this opening contest is scheduled for one fall...Introducing First; Making his way to the ring and weighting in a 245 pounds...From Sydney, Australia...JASON!! RAU!!!

The amassed chorus of booing refused to remove the smug smirk etched across the Aussie’s face as he stopped at the end of the ramp way to raise both fists toward the heavens. Inaudibly rebutting his disgruntled fan base, the former Backbone member took his time to pace around the squared circle before entering. Climbing up the turnbuckles, Jason extended his arms outward and egged the legions on furthers before his musical introduction ebbing out cued him to drop down and start pacing toward the opposing corner...

’Praise’ by Sevendust wailed out from the PA system, amping the legions up to initiate a motivating pop. The jOltvision monitors continued belting out high flying arsenal & innovative means of assault & battery with such fluidity before a figure casually walked out from the massive vault. The various hues of flashing laser lines danced across his form before the shadow extended his arms outward, immersing himself with the brilliant barrage of Pearl strobe lighting to dance wildly from behind. The intensity waned as the New York native was clearly motivated by randomly pounding his chest with a fist & yelling inaudibly back to the crowd....

Carrington: “His opponent...Making his way to the ring and weighting in a 230 pounds...Hailing from Wading River, New York...He is ’The Air Apparent’...ADAM!! LAZARUS!!!

Camera Seven set itself on Jason Rau who was outside of the ring as Adam slid chest first under the ropes before nimbly flipping himself to his feet via his forearms. Extending his arms outward, Laz basked in the shower of praise before standing atop the middle ropes & acknowledging the masses before doing the same on the adjacent turnbuckles. Adam’s singlet was adorned with the Thieves’ Honor Skull logo. Predominantly Black with hues of Red, Gold & Pearl with ‘Air Apparent’ etched along each side. Rau continued to scowl while pacing along the outside before kneeling along the ring apron as the musical introduction succumbed to the simmering volume to sell out crowd. Referee Nguyen received a warm ‘Welcome Back’ chant from the masses as Jason slithered through the ropes while Adam held court in his respective corner. Chants of ’Laz’ echoed much to Rau’s displeasure before Nguyen called for the opening bell...

Both men sauntered toward the middle of the ring, inaudibly exchanging words of embitterment. Adam extended in warms out promoting a challenge in which Rau forcibly shoved the New Yorker to the canvas. The audience groaned as Laz reverse somersaulted himself to a kneeling posture. The Angry Aussie mocked Adam who responded with a retaliatory shove, knocking Rau on his ass. Jason angrily slapped the mat, stood to his feet and locked Adam into a taunt Side Head Lock. The Air Apparent broadened his base while checking the integrity of the hold before Rau knelt down with a broadened base of his own. Laz sought to shove his assailant toward the ropes yet Jason quickly hit the breaks and cinch in the hold tighter. Fishing for an opening, Adam tried to shove him away again yet as Rau hit the breaks, Lazarus balled him up with a Snap Cradle Pin...1! ...2! Rau wildly kicked out to avoid the 3 count. The former Backbone member sprinted after him yet was floored with a brilliant Hurricanrana Pin...1! ...2! As Rau kicked out, Adam somersaulted forward to his feet, spun about to extend his arms outward proudly to taunt him. Rau angrily gave chase & stepped over the prone aerialist. Laz was quickly knocked down by a sound Shoulder Block by Jason. Rau missed with the Elbow Drop. Single Hand Leg Sweep by Rau yet Adam deftly landed back on both feet to pull Rau back to his feet yet was humbled by a Hard Knee to the Abdomen. The Panhandle Power Bomb was adverted with Laz slipping behind him. Frustrated, Jason lashed out with a Running Lariat yet was ensnared with a Gannosuke Clutch Pin! ...1! ...2! Kickout and Rau slapped the canvas angrily before arguing with the referee. The masses cheered as Adam intentionally egged them on while playing to the crowd.

Rau looked about in pure disgust before pointing & spewing inaudible venom toward Lazarus who slapped his hand away. Both men stood chest to chest as the referee sought to intercede. Rau used the distraction to jam his thumb into his rival’s eye. A series of Clubbing Forearms dropped the Air Apparent to both knees before punishing him with a Gutwrench Suplex! Rau hooked the leg deep...1! ...2! Laz shot the shoulder up yet Jason locked him in a Reverse Chinlock. Laz was seen gnashing his teeth while working himself back up to a knee before using Back Elbows to free himself. The limber Lazarus strode toward the ropes yet the crafty Aussie grabbed him by the blonde dread locks and whipped him soundly against the canvas. Referee Nguyen quickly reprimanded the Zybertech alum. He mockingly feigned submission before sneering back the booing masses & connecting with a grueling succession of Elbow Drops before flipping off the crowd & finishing with a Leaping Knee Drop onto Adam’s skull! Rau with the Lateral Press...1! ...2! The reluctant New Yorker quickly turned to his side as Rau continued to angrily accuse the referee of a slow count. Rau was quick to grab Laz by the head, ran toward the turnbuckles & slammed Lazarus head first before flooring Lazarus with a malicious Head & Arm Suplex! The dominant Aussie shoved Laz back onto the canvas before hooking the leg deeply again...1! ...2! NO!

Frustrated, Rau smoothed out the hair on his chin while flashing his canines before peppering his opposition with a series of Paintbrush Slaps to the Head & Face. A Knife Edge Chop leaned Adam back before sending him away with a Hammer Throw. Laz was slammed spine first into the corner as Jason came flying in with a Turnbuckle Splash. Adam rolled to a kneeling posture as Jason landed horizontally atop the ring ropes. The audience groaned loudly as Laz audibly connected with a Running Soccer Kick to his exposed mid section! An Downward Elbow to the Spine was the prelude for another Soccer Kick. The crowd cheered as Laz grounded Rau with a Samoan Drop. Laz with a Kip Up before careening against the opposing ropes...Rolling Thunder! The Angry Aussie howled as he slowly rolled away from the impact site while Adam pointed to the upper decks while cradling his head. The motivated Wading River native scooped up all 245 pounds of Sydney’s Finest overhead with a Gorilla Press. The fans rallied behind each rep over head before dropping Jason chest first against the mat. Standing Phoenix Splash! Laz hooked the leg deeply...1! ...2! ...3?! Referee Nguyen flashed two fingers to stand behind his count to both Laz and the fans, leading Adam to drag the ailing Aussie to his feet before flinging Rau to the opposing corner. Laz sprinted forward before executing a Forward Somersault...

The Rau Deal - { A Running Knee Lift}

Jason collapsed onto all fours several feet away from the fallen Lazarus. Rau further annoyed the masses by chuckling to himself while gradually standing erect. Wobbly from the accumulated damage, the Aussie grabbed both of Adam’s arms and dragged him towards the ropes before draping laz over the top rope with a Double Underhook Front Face Suplex. Inaudibly jawing at the crowd, Jason violently used a Knee Strike against Adam’s skull. Several methodical Knee Strikes prompted Referee Nguyen to count all the way to 4 before Rau crushed Adam with a Snap Butterfly Suplex. The arrogant miscreant swivelled about to complete the Lateral Press...1! ...2! Shoulder yet Jason grabbed Laz by the head and began maliciously punching his head before grinding his Forearm against Adam’s Face during a 2nd Lateral Press...1! ...2! The Arena of Champions let their voices be heard as Laz kicked out, leading Rau to fully express his complete displeasure. Setting his left palm over his right hand that was giving the thumb down signaled to the crowd the end was near for Adam as he reeled the crowd favorite back to his feet. Adam staggered wildly from the kneeling when Jason cinched him upward with a Double Underhook yet Laz countered by dropping back down to a knee. Rau sought to wrest his foe upward yet to no avail. Adam flung his captor over with a Standing Back Body Drop yet Jason converted the maneuver into a Sunset Flip. Rau rolled through to promptly drop Laz with a stern Knee to the Stomach...

The Aussie Driver! - {A Double Underhook Piledriver}

The masses booed heavily as Lazarus’s body stiffened like a falling lawn dart before collapsing against the canvas. Jason flipped Adam over onto his back and initiated a Lateral Press before arrogantly doing Push Ups...1! ...2! ...NO! Rau reared back on both knees. Mouth left agape while staring down at the New York native. Supportive chants of Lazarus began to gain momentum as Jason pled his case yet to no avail. Several stomps were out of sheer frustration before Rau followed through with a Falling Elbow Drop. A hail of clubbing blows rained along Adam’s back was he struggled to return to consciousness. The frantic madman looked about before forcing Laz toward the nearest turnbuckle. A Ric Flair tribute was overheard as Adam leaned heavily into the corner. Rau seized Adam by the throat to stand him erect before unloading another Knife Edge Chop before using a Front Face Lock to set Laz atop the turnbuckles. Standing atop the middle ropes, Jason grabbed Laz by the hair and began spewing vile insults to his face before prepping him for a Superplex. Adam started showing life by laying a gradual succession of Punches until he secured a bit a of breathing room. Wavering to recollect himself, the unorthodox aerialist finally was able to ground Rau with a Front Face Suplex. The impact lured Rau to wobble vertically back to his feet. Flying Neck Breaker off the Top Rope and both men were down! Jason was clutching his head with both hand while laying on his side. Meanwhile, Laz was stirring working to rid the cobwebs from his head.

Amassed cheers of motivation urged the Air Apparent to get back to his feet as Rau used the ropes to stand himself erect. Jason hauled off yet Laz parried & hammered Rau with a retaliatory fist. The Aussie swung again yet ate a hard Forearm to the Face. The masses rallied behind every punch that led to shoving Rau into the corner. Adam wound his arm before hurling Jason away with a Hammer Throw. Rau with the Reversal yet Laz executed a Tiger Wall Flip to avoid the Corner Clothesline. Lazarus charged in as Jason staggered away from the corner backwards. The Turnbuckle Corner Springboard Bulldog was averted by Rau using the momentum to dump Laz over the top ropes. The nimble New Yorker had the presence of mind to latch onto the ropes and pull himself back onto the ring apron to humble his foe with a driving Shoulder to the mid section. Slingshot Flying Head Scissors Takedown by Laz! The momentum sent Rau tumbling backward to his feet to a wobbling stance before leaning against the opposing ropes. The Angry Aussie was immediately sent barreling to the outside with a Running Clothesline! Camera Five caught the look of growing intensity radiating from his facial expression as he draped himself along the top rope. The masses urged him to take flight as Rau was still stumbling to recover himself...

Corkscrew Senton Splash on Rau! The legions continued cheering as Laz remained on all fours with Jason left sprawled out along the floor, breathing harshly. The referee audibly initiated his count along with some of the fanfare. Adam staggered over toward the guardrails to reclaim his footing as Jason dragged himself closer toward the ring apron. Laz advanced toward his enemy who was lurched over the ring apron. Adam with a Rear Waist Lock in with Rau reached under the ropes & grabbed the referee’s foot. The adamant in ring official waved his hands wildly before staggering backwards upon release yet Jason used the diversion to deliver a Mule Lick Low Blow on Lazarus. The tsunami of crowd head masked the argument initiated by the referee as Laz was left in the fetal position along the padded earth. Rau took a few moments to regain his bearings before flattening Laz with a timely Stomp to the Chest. Referee Nguyen’s count was at 6 as Jason rolled himself back inside the ring. The arrogant Aussie knelt a few feet away and smile while panting in which infuriated the masses to no end yet the passionate New Yorker worked himself back up to the ring apron and pulled himself back inside before the count of 10. The sneer melted as the crowd volume increased & Laz was downcast at the kneeling posture.

A Running Stomp halted Orlando’s Adopted Son from advancing further before Rau used the ring ropes to apply more torque to the Boot Choke against the canvas. Jason waited until the count of 4 before setting his enemy free. However, he quickly knelt down and hugged the middle ropes to wedge all his weight into a Knee against Laz’s Neck. Frantically kick, Adam’s grunts & muffled screams were lessened as the referee forcibly pried Rau off of him. Rau told the ref to ‘piss off’ before connecting with a brutal Pendulum Back Breaker to a Lateral Press...1! ...2! Kickout and Rau repeatedly slapped the mat before yelling at the ref. Rau had his sights set on the turnbuckle before dragging Laz by the arm toward it. However, he snatched the aerialist to his feet before leveling him with a Short Arm Clothesline. The masses booed as Jason taunted them by slapping the padding before plodding his way to the top. Both unsteady & seemingly uncomfortable with the heights, Jason quickly measured his target before launching himself airborne with a Frog Splash...

No water in the pool was Jason Rau was left wrapping his mid section with both arms, screaming in anguish. Adam rolled himself in position to stand. Buzzsaw Leg Drop across the throat turned the Australian Assassin over onto his stomach before Laz grabbed his legs & placed his feet behind each of Rau’s knees. Adam played to the crowd briefly before cinching on a painful Surfboard Submission on Rau. The Aussie screamed with bitter anguish as he was stretched out before the public. Adam intentionally sought to grind the ligaments by rolling the maneuver about before extending his legs forward. The referee was angrily ushered away by Rau who powered himself upward to escape the hold when Adam palmed his forehead and applied an Inverted Facelock to make Rau’s arms move frantically in the air. Out of sheer desperation, Rau managed to escape by raking his captor’s eyes and collapsing alongside him. Laz struggled to regain his sight as the angry Aussie grimaced while struggling to stand.

Back to his feet, Jason quickly ran the aerialist down with a Big Boot to Adam’s head before grabbing the ropes and defiantly screamed inaudibly to the masses. A healthy measure of showboating ensued before Jason grabbed Laz by the hair up to both knees. Taunting him relentlessly, the former Backbone member lashed out with a Short Arm Clothesline yet Laz initiated a Single Back Handstand to his feet to avoid decapitation. A Leaping Roundhouse Kick careened soundly against the Aussie’s head, leaving him as a crumpled heap along the canvas...Cover...1! ...2! NO! Laz expressed a look of disbelief as the referee stood by his accurate count. Adam cinched in a Front Face Headlock to stand the wobbly Aussie back to his feet. Laz lashed out with a Spinning Hook Kick. Jason managed to use both forearms to block the kick and pushed Adam’s leg forward yet pivoted and blasted Rau flush across the jaw with a Dragon Whip Kick. Drunken from the impact, Jason was left at the mercy of Adam’s Shoot Kick. Rau’s arms fell lifeless as he too tumbled through the ropes onto the ring apron. Arm draped along the middle ropes, Rau was glossy eyed as his right leg dangled off the ring apron. Meanwhile, a resurgent Lazarus played to the crowd. Egging them on before tapping his wrist. Adam began pulling the dazed Aussie upward before draping his upper body over the middle ropes. Securing Jason’s head with a Standing Leg Scissors, Adam briefly made a slashing gesture across his throat before grabbing the ropes and raising Jason’s head upward...

Flight 187 - {A Hangman’s Ring Rope Piledriver}

Adam shoved Rau’s lifeless body back along the canvas as the Arena of Champions roared with approval of Lazarus’s new addition to his arsenal. The New Yorker nodded to himself before grabbing Rau by both arm & leg several feet before the turnbuckle and the legions welcomed that trademark sneer. Adam made his ascent to the top ropes to point out toward the upper decks & extend his arms out to his flanks before taking flight...

BIG AIR! - {A Shooting Star Guillotine Leg Drop}

Laz reverse somersaulted himself to a knee to extend both arms outward toward the jubilant crowd before hooking the leg deep for the cover...




’Praise’ by Sevendust screamed from overhead as Camera One panned out with a victorious Adam Lazarus sitting up and inaudibly giving thinks & appreciation while pointing a lone index finger toward the heavens. Drawing his eyes shut briefly, he draped both arms over his legs to revel quietly in the moment as the Arena of Champions echoed the voices of the elated. The referee placed his hand on Adam’s shoulder, urging him to stand to his feet...

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; your winner of the match by Pinfall...He is the ’AIR APPARENT’...ADAM!!! LAZARUS!!! Adam nodded his head with sheer affirmation as the referee raised his hand upward before attending to the fallen Backbone member. Both arms raised, the Wading River native gradually approached & stood atop the middle ropes to hungrily bask in the moment. Albeit premature, Lazarus began signaling to the crowd his championship aspirations boldly pointing toward the banners above before climbing down and rolling himself to the outside. A single yet engaging lap around the ring was used to warmly interact with the fans before casually walking toward the open vault. One last time, Adam thrust his hands upward before pointing at the lethargic Jason Rau, who was draped over the bottom ropes, glaring angrily back at his newfound rival...

Winner: Adam Lazarus via Pinfall

"The Heirs of Wrestling Want the Tag Titles, It's Not Complicated"

HOW It was just moments away from a few that had quickly gotten personal. The House, the current jOlt Tag Team Champions were being pulled in multiple directions. They had Team EGO controlling their every move. And on the other side of the fence were a triad of hungry young dogs looking for what could be their second jOlt Tag Team Title reign.

Donny Layne was backstage walking through the halls as he approached the locker room for The Heirs of Wrestling. They actually PAID good money not to sit with the rest of the locker room… there were rumors of the Heirs having amenities that would make the other wrestlers, quote, “mad jelly.”

“Folks, thanks for joining us for Power Struggle. I’m Donny Layne and I’m about to get word with The Heirs of Wrestling right before their match with The House. I’m… well, I’m going to be quite blunt. I’ve been shown disrespect by these gentlemen in the past, but I’m here to do a job and that’s what I’ll do.”

He knocked on the door of the locker room and entered. What he found was… well, odd to say the least.

The locker room had a small kids table set up in the center of the room. Seated at said table planning their strategy for later tonight were those lovable assholes, The Heirs of Wrestling. And in a strange turn of events that could originate only in that weird Twilighty thing in that one zone, Frank, Ryan, Mack, and Sarah Winterton were happy to see him.


They pulled out a chair for the interviewer, who looked completely nonplussed about what was in front of him. He wasn’t sure about what was going on until Mack stood up to his full height.

“Frank said,” Mack repeated as he kicked a chair out for Donny, “sit down.”

The backstage interviewer let out a heavy sigh before he sat down. The Heiress extended a hand for Layne.

“Welcome, my darling!” Sarah grinned. “Thanks for coming and we’re happy to have you here!”

Nervously, Donny was about to shake her hand when Mack kicked his chair.

“Wipe off your clammy hands before you rub elbows with royalty, you clueless putz!”

Submitted to Mack’s request under duress, he wiped his hands off on his suit before shaking her hand. Ryan Gallway was scribbling away in what looked like a coloring book. When Layne tried to peek at what The Prince of Precision was doing, he pulled the book away and hid it from him before coloring in the corner. Frank handed him a series of index cards.

“Okay, so here’s the skinny, Don Flamenco,” Frank said. “We’ve got some preapproved question for you to ask us before tonight’s match. Stick to the topics here and we’re all gonna have a good night!”

Above all else, Donny Layne was a professional so he shook his head and waited for Frank to give him the go-ahead. Silver nodded and Donny looked over the cards.

“Question one… is it better to be older or younger.”

“YOUNGER!” The Heirs all screamed in unison.

Layne was about ready to leave, but Mack planted him firmly in his seat and jabbed a finger into his index card. A disgusted Donny looked down at it and continued.


“OOOOOOHHHH!” Ryan yelled over everybody else. “ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, BITCHES!”

“Go ahead.”

“Oooh! Because we can actually see our penises without a sagging gut getting in the way! Oooh! And also because we are the shit! And also, because we’ve beaten these fat wastes of space before! Oooh! We’ll beat them infinity more times!”

“My dear Layne, “ Sarah spoke, “I believe what my compatriot here is trying to say is that we as a collective are better than The House in every conceivable way. While their bodies are massive they are also being chipped away slowly by the sands of time. The Heirs are younger, faster, and more skilled than The House are. Forgive my hubris, but I come from an upbringing that Charlotte could not afford… unless she earns that keep on a stripper pole.”

Poor Donny was wishing he had that Tylenol PM with a Vodka chaser right about now. Instead, he was forced to read the next question by Mack.

“What are you guys going to do when you win the jOlt Tag Team Titles?”

“I think it’s pretty simple, Donny,” Frank said. “Tonight, we not only have the chance to regain what we shouldn’t have rightfully lost to begin with, but we go out there and we pick up where we left off. There’s other gold in this place that needs to be liberated from unworthy hands. Sylo has been given break after break because his name meant something ONCE ten years ago while we sit here and FIGHT for title shots. Derecho is a very talented wrestler, but he’s burning the candle at both ends. Aran keeps a stranglehold on the Relentless Title because he apparently can’t get it done the first time. The Starlet’s Championship… well…”

Silver nodded to Sarah allowing The Heiress to say her piece.

“What must happen is Aria Murphy needs to be STRIPPED of that title! She continues to rack up days on a title reign she dominates simply because there was no worthy competition… until I came along, of course. We cannot change the fact that her child will most likely be a Neanderthal derelict with hair extensions, but we can still save the Starlets division for all!”

Donny Layne was about to stand up and leave only for Mack to once again impede his progress. He jabbed down at a card and told him to ask the last question.

“Okay…” Layne asked, appallingly. “Date, marry, kill. SueLyn Medeiros, Charlotte, and…”

The interviewer was about to have a brain aneurysm with the next name.

“…Donny Layne.”

The hands of Mack, Frank, and Ryan all went up at the same time. Sarah took her time before she finally pointed at Mack.

“Date SueLyn because you know… dat ass. Marry Charlotte because I’m ten times the man Derrick Huber is and she’s already being passed around Team EGO like a joint at a frat party... And…” Mack scanned the room before he turned to the interviewer. “Sorry, Donny. You’re boned.”

A revolted Donny Layne buried his face in his palms on the table while Ryan jumped up.

“TO VICTORY... wait, guys, you think that SueLyn would jump on this after we win the belts?”

Silver patted Ryan on the back.

“Ryan, with gold, you can hop on whoever you want!”

Gallway had an evil gleam in his eye as he faced Sarah only to get stopped when Mack ran a thumb across his throat. The SuperMack mouthed a quick “touch her and you fucking die” which made Ryan a little bit uneasy.

Frank nodded to Layne. “Donny, you are a professional among interviewers and great work tonight. Guys, tonight, we’re taking back jOlt from unworthy and unwashed hands! Let’s go!”

The Heirs all stood up from their chairs and headed out of the locker room in unison while Donny Layne sat back and glanced to the camera.

“Back to you.”

As Layne tried to pinpoint the exact moment where he went wrong in life, Ryan stomped back into the locker room and took his coloring book off the table. He stuck out his tongue at Donny before leaving the room and leaving Donny Layne to his own thoughts.

"It's 'Bout Time I Say Sometin"

Waymoth Turnbull A lot has changed since Waymoth Turnbull debuted in jOlt Wrestling. The term “rollercoaster”, as clichéd as it maybe, could be used to describe it. It was a ride that fans weren’t sure if they were enjoying but it was definitely one they were forced to stay on due to its bumpy nature.

Tonight, would be like many nights; a packed house with the fans screaming and jeering, their sloppily made signs being held high in hopes to be caught on camera for their three seconds of fame, and the overpriced beverages and snack foods being consumed and subsequently scattered to the arena floor.

Their energy had begun to mellow just a little bit, but they were poised and ready for a reason to get hype once again.

Time to get loud.


The blaring horn that accompanied “Emergency” by We The Best’s resident dancehall artist, Mavado brought the fans back to their feet.

“Yo Khaled,” Mavado said via voiceover, “This one is like a movie…”

Those words had perfectly described the aforementioned ride that Waymoth had taken the fans on. They still had no idea how to respond to the behemoth from the British Virgin Islands. Ever since he dropped the Relentless Championship in what may described as the jOlt equivalent of the ‘finger poke of doom’, he had slowly been losing their admiration.

“You know I told em’, death before dishonor! It’s death before dishonor!” the lyrics continued as the main lights blacked out, leaving only the strobe lights flashing about with colors of red and green. On the screen the words faded in four words;


A video package of a charging bull fades in and out with images of Waymoth’s path of destruction since his arrival. The impacts of his signature maneuvers like the “Red Hook Combo” and “Who Vex Dead” shown coinciding with that of the bull colliding into obstacles that stood in its way. The last portion of the package then showed the same bull charging towards the center of the screen as if its intentions were to come through the glass.

With the “collision” came an explosion of golden pyro flaring into the sky, and the man himself emerged from the backstage area. Donning a black t-shirt that showed a crest of some kind, best described as a bull’s head surrounded by a leather strap with the words “I Saved The King” written into the strap. On the back of the shirt, the words “From Me!” in big bold letters with the silhouette of a bull’s horns behind them. Waymoth’s torn Levi jeans accompanied the t-shirt and a pair of rustic (see; dirty) of Timbaland boots then had the pleasure of completing the ensemble.

The former Relentless Champion inhaled a good portion of the smoke that surrounded him and exhaled throw his nostrils, an image that the cameramen were capture on film. Waymoth walked his way down towards ringside while a house divided shared their feelings for the West Indian Obsidian. He remained unmoved by it all. Once he was inside the ring, he demanded a microphone from ring-side which tossed to him shortly after the request.

“This is very uncharacteristic for Waymoth, he’s never really been one to do in-ring promos,” Commentator #1 added, “In fact, and I think this might actually be his first one.”

Waymoth waited for a bit, looking around at a crowd that once cheered him in unison. A crowd that felt an explanation had become a necessary step for Waymoth to taken. Was he here for that purpose? Was here to finally give them the real and true reason he just laid down and lost the belt all those nights ago?

Waymoth lifted the microphone to his lips to speak but they wouldn’t quiet down enough for him to get a word in. No matter, his patience had ran its course and it was now time to get their attention.

“If ah’yo nuh shut yuh bloody mout’ dem, how it ta’is yuh gon ‘spect me to get a word in?! Meh nah talk over nobody! So ei’da close yuh trap or I come close it for yuh!”

“Wrestling Promo 101; an insult or threat to the crowd is not the way to go about getting them to do what you want,” Commentator #2 stated with the obvious. The crowed grew louder with their distaste.

“Ah swear ah’yo predictable to ah tee!! Nuh mattah, yuh ei’da gon’ listen to what it tais I haffi’ say whetha yuh like it or not!”

Waymoth pulled the microphone away from his lips and smirked as the crowd showed their displeasure. Shortly after, he returned the microphone to his mouth and began pacing around the ring.

“So leh’we play catch-up. By now, yuh know dat ah give up de Relentless strap to Aran, only a few weeks after geh’n it around mah own waist from Jonatun. Yuh find out las’ week that de reason behind it was becau’ ah needed to clear up a couple ting from meh past that was bitin’ away at my cheek dem. Ah say it before, and ah gon’ say it again so yuh unna’stand me clear dis time; the belts nevah meant a ting to me!”

“Um..are you getting all of this?” – Commentator #1

“Bits and pieces, but what is clear to us is that Waymoth isn’t showing much love lost when it comes to him laying down for Aran and just handing him the Relentless Championship,” added Commentator #2.

The camera cut back to Waymoth on the inside of the ring as he continued to his rant, “Ah tell yuh dat bein’ a Champion did two ting for me, and dats prove points ah been mek’n since I step foot inna dis place. Meh nuh need nah shiny peiceametal to inform me of how dangeruss ah coul’ be. Ask any ah dem man inna de back, meh done prove dat! Ah prove how much dat talkin’ is fi pussy ev’ry time I step outta back and inna dis ring. An’ tonight…”

The fans finally made a decision – they knew that Waymoth was back on their shit list.

“Tonight…” Waymoth kept going, “De brass put me inna anotha match widda chance to hold anotha title. DE JOLT CHAMPIONSHIP! Anotha clusta fuckery like de last nonsense Ah was a part ahf. De result gon’ be de same no mattah what though. Every’ting Ah’ve done to get to where ah’m at has allowed me to become designed tah win! And dat’s what gon’ be de outcome when de bell ring f’de final tree count!”

With that final statement, Waymoth dropped the microphone to the canvas. Its impact sounded off with an amplified thud. His confidence was undeniable and he had every right to be. He had pushed his way through the many roster members of jOlt Championship and made his way to being champion. Even if it was a short lived one. He still held his head high knowing that he never truly lost it.

He wasn’t defeated for the championship in a hard fought bout, but in a Chess Move. Thanks to tonight’s main event, he didn’t need the Relentless Championship to claim a shot at jOlt Championship. It was a win-win for everyone involved.

“Emergency” by Mavado played the West Indian Obsidian out, as he made his way towards the back. His trademark grin etched on his face as the fans booed and jeered. He didn’t care. He made his point. He said his piece. The time for talk was over.

reVolt vs Dead Cell
MattockSanchez CanoGunner Van PattonArkham

This tag team contest Honor was already surrounded in high drama. If Mattock or Cano scored the pin, they got five minutes alone with Julia, who is a superfan of Gunner Van Patton. Mattock and Cano have tried to form a revolution to revert jOlt to its golden days and away from the Status Quo. This tag match is the culimation of one man who wouldn't stand for it against two men trying to change the world


"Crimson Bow and Arrow" by Linked Horizon hits the PA system. Out from the back, Mattock and Cano walked out, side by side, sporting their new reVolt t-shirts. The two of them entered the ring and made a fist with their right hands and placed them over their hearts in an unique salute.

With Mattock and Cano in the ring, things went black.

Black as ever-loving night.

You know what's next.

Bring on the graveyard.

And out of the muck and into the rain climbed the undead soldier.

He's here...

G! V! P!

Wasting no time, Gunnar Van Patton and Arkham, collectively known as the Dead Cell, marched through the rain towards the ring with a purpose. Play time was over and when GVP bypasses his grandstanding, you know shit just got serious. He looked over his foe, as streamers flew in from all directions. Arkham stepped over the top and placed himself behid his ally. The massive hood of his trench coat letting only the lower half of his bandaged face be seen. All unneeded attire was launched to the outside of the ring and Van Patton began to pace back and forth like a caged animal, while Arkham was like a standing like golem behind him.

With the ringing of the bell, each team put out their lead off guy. As many expected, Cano started things off for reVolt and across the ring stood the massive Arkham for the Dead Cell. Cano bounced up and down with energy, as Mattock had spent quite a lot of time backstage, hyping him up. He needed it, as the size advantage was so obvious that Stevie Wonder could see it.

"Right is on your side," Mattock looked to help his ally keep his courage up. "We shall not be defeated!"

Cano marched out to the middle of the ring and stood nose to nose with his opponent. Well, it was more nose to chest, but you get the idea. Arkham's eyes told the story, as the flames of rage burned brightly within them.

"You don't scare me," Cano informed his enemy.

Arkham never was much of a talker. He easily shoved the smaller Cano down with just one hand.

Not wanting to look weak, Cano raced back to his feet and tried for a collar and elbow tie-up. He knew he was no match for his opponent in strength, so he used his speed to lock on a side headlock. He cranked with all of his might, but it was ultimately futile, as Arkham easily picked him up off the mat with one hand and carried him to the turnbuckle. The referee called for the break and got one, as Cano sat on the top turnbuckle. However, Cano was not going to be disrespected and immediately fired off a huge slap the Arkham's face.

The normally ice cold monster growled and stared a hole through his opponent, causing Cano to take off to the floor for safety. The referee was able to position himself between the ropes and Arkham to stop him from pursuing his foe, but just the threat of it sent Cano scurrying to the other side of the ring. He looked up to Mattock and got a nod of approval. Cano took a deep breath and slowly slithered back into the ring.

"Die," Arkham quietly growled and Cano could only let out an audible gulp in response.

Cano cautiously began to circle while his opponent just stood there and snarled. The two locked horns in a tie-up once again and in a split-second Arkham had Cano pinned against the ropes. The referee demanded a break and just as it happened, Arkham returned the favor with a slap of his own.

Unlike Cano's slap, that one put its victim down on his ass in the corner. The referee backed Arkham out to the middle of the ring, as Cano shook his head and rubbed his jaw. He took a few moments to think the situation over before getting back to a vertical base. Cano circled once more and this time found himself locked in a side headlock out of a tie-up.

The massive arms of Arkham felt like a vice around his head and he hurried to deliver a pair of forearms to Arkham's ribs. He looked to force his way out of the hold by countering with a top wristlock, but he just didn't have the power to do so. Arkham ground the hold in deeper and Cano put all he had into a barrage of forearms. It didn't break the hold, but it did allow him to hurry his foe back into the ropes. He tried to use the momentum to launch his rival towards the far ropes, but Arkham's grip refused to be broken and he pulled Cano to the middle of the ring by his head.

Using all of his weight to his advantage, the human horror flick forced Cano all the way down to the mat with the headlock still clamped on. Cano was in bad shape and he knew that he had to do something. He grabbed a firm grip on his foe and rolled Arkham over, so his shoulders were on the mat.



Arkham rolled the duo back over to escape defeat and snarled, as he applied more pressure to the hold. Cano tried once again.


This time, Cano was able to use his foe's momentum from kicking out to roll up to one knee. His head was throbbing and he was turning red, but put all he had into standing up and pushing Arkham against the ropes. The referee stepped in, but Cano went on the offensive as soon as the hold was broken. A kick to the gut allowed Cano to lock on a headlock of his own. Arkham was having none of it and launched him into the far ropes. Cano built up a head of steam, but just bounced off his massive adversary.

Not giving up, he kicked Arkham in the knee and took off to the ropes, so he would have a ton of momentum behind a low dropkick to the same knee.

A quick pace favored Cano and he hit the ropes once again. However, he was sent rolling backwards into the ropes by a stampeding Arkham and a shoulder block.

Cano slithered backwards on his stomach to reVolt's corner where he held the back of his head in pain. He looked out to the center of the ring and saw Arkham staring a hole through him, huffing and puffing like Kane Hodder in a hockey mask.

Unsure of what exactly to do, Cano took his time getting up. He sized up his foe carefully, as he circled him. He wasn't to sure if he wanted to accept, as Arkham offered a knucklelock. Cano wiped his hands on his attire and looked to engage his opponent in a test of strength. It was a ruse though. Cano wanted no part of the obvious mismatch and he used a go behind into a rear waistlock.

Arkham lowered his center of gravity and was able to quickly counter with one of his own. Cano crouched down much like his foe did, but he the size advantage was too much. He was hoisted high into the air and slammed down face first on the mat. At Arkham's mercy, Cano was defenseless to stop the big man from rotating and hooking a front chancery.

That's right. Big men can wrestle too, folks. That fact was displayed once more, as Cano tried to counter into a hammerlock, only to have Arkham execute a forward roll to avoid it. Arkham had gotten to one knee when his foe locked on a front chancery of his own.

Cano just couldn't keep his larger foe in place and despite the hold being locked on, he was forcefully slammed into the corner.

Not waitiing for the referee, Arkham broke the hold and unloaded with a stiff right hand to the jaw.

That shot rocked Cano's head back, but was nothing compared to the ungodly European uppercut that followed.

Cano fell to one knee in the corner and was only there for a second before his enemy pulled him up and delivered another huge European uppercut.

Arkham led his opponent of the corner by his arm and easily wrenched it. Cano hooked his hands and tried to forcibly untwist his arm and even with all the growling and snarliing he was doing, he just couldn't make any headway. He quickly changed tactics. He used a kick to the knee to give him enough breathing space to do a forward roll, a kip up, a cartwheel, a bawards roll, and a front handspring. All the motion loosened Arkham's grip enough for him to counter with an arm wrench of his own.

That was until Arkham pulled him into a huge forearm shot to the jaw.

Seeing stars, Cano was easily led to the corner.


Gunnar Van Patton came flying in over the top rope courtesy of a slingshot and Cano darted out to the middle of the ring. He sprinted to his corner and tagged in Mattock with a quick slap on the arm. Mattock looked somewhat frustrated with his ally, as Cano slipped out onto the apron. He shook his head and casually climbed into the ring. His attention turned to the crowd, as they began chanting for the man opposite him.


Without warning, Mattock exploded out of the corner and hit a grazing yakuza kick.

Van Patton took the wild strike almost as an insult, as when you do battle battle with the undead soldier, you better bring it full force. GVP wound up and socked Mattock with a vicious Muay Thai elbow.

The man known as Forever Forsaken was not going to be shown up or shut down by his adversary and he instantly fired back with a forearm of his own.

Oh yeah...

The battle is on!

Not holding anything back, Mattock and GVP went back and forth, trading some of the most brutal forearm strikes jOlt had ever seen. The fans began to rise up out of their seats and cheer on the duo, amazed how each man could take such a brutal strike and deliver one in return. Again and again, forearms landed against jawbone and Mattock was the first to cut off the onslaught by taking off to the ropes.

Mattock ran right into a Yakuza kick, but he showed his will to win by shrugging it off and he hit the ropes once again. He ducked under a lariat, but couldn't avoid a second Yakuza kick. This one stunned him and GVP took off to the ropes this time. He too found no luck, as Mattock clipped him in the jaw with a jumping boot to the face.

Never letting up, the Messiah of the Shout Box started blasting away at the kneeling GVP with roundhouse kicks square to his chest.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The kicks were hard as they come and he stopped only to take his foe over with a snap suplex.

GVP was down in the middle of the ring, as Mattock took off to the apron with Cano knocking Arkham to the floor, so he couldn't help his ally. Van Patton slowly climbed up to his feet and had no idea that his opponent was waiting behind him.


A picture perfect shot to the back of the head put GVP down, but he was only down for a second. Mattock pulled him up and unleashed a flurry of lefts and rights, capping it off with a spinning solebutt to the gut. Mattock took off to the ropes...


...only to be turned inside out by the Texan using a Texas favorite.

That little burst of offensive output by Mattock had fired up the undead soldier and he was snarling, nearly foaming of the mouth. He took off to the ropes, passed a wobbly Mattock on his way to the opposite ropes, and looked to inflict more damage with all that momentum. Boy oh boy did he ever.


GVP had nearly driven his boot through his opponent's face and unfortunately for Mattock, he was far from done. Mattock refused to stay down and in doing so, paid the price, as a blonde freight train ran right over him.


The stampeding double knee strike sent Mattock flying back as if he was struck by a cannon. He was out of it when GVP snagged him by the hair and pulled him up to his feet. In the blink of an eye, the crossface chicken wing was applied. Mattock dropped all of his weight to the mat, as the Millenium suplex would surely lead to a trip to Crystal Lake. He battled with all of his might to keep himself form being lifted and just in the nick of time, his savior appeared.


Cano had delivered a low blow to Arkham out on the floor, out of the referee's view, delaying him for the time being. This allowed him to slip into the ring and strike GVP in the side of the head with the sidekick. Mattock was able to break loose and he unleashed a massive roundhouse to the side of his kneeling enemy's head.

Van Patton refused to go down, so reVolt upped the brutality.


Having your head sandwiched between two vicious kicks will dim anyone's running lights and GVP was no exception. He feel to his face on the mat and Mattock had to take a second to shake out the cobwebs before going for a cover.




Without a leg hooked, Van Patton was able to kick out and he found himself violent tossed from the ring.

"You need to check his knee pads," Mattock told the referee and pulled him to him by the shirt, as he lay on the mat. "I swear they're loaded."

The claim was complete and utter bullshit. It was nothing more than a distraction, so Cano could do some damage on the outside. A trio of punches caught GVP right in the mouth and Cano followed that up by sending him crashing into the security barrier.

Mattock watched on as Cano deliberately ignored the referee and sent GVP crashing into the barrier once again.

Cano rolled his opponent back into the ring and climbed up onto the apron where his partner was waiting.


Knowing they had to wear down their larger foes, Cano clamped on a chinlock and made sure to position himself between Van Patton and the ropes. Once the referee had checked that the hold wasn't a choke, Cano shifted his weight and poisition himself with the hold, so GVP had his shoulders on the mat.




The undead soldier's shoulder exploded off the canvas and he held it in the air for a few moments. The respositioning by Cano had removed his human wall that blocked the ropes and Van Patton showed his great ring awareness by slowly but surely working towards them until his foot was on the bottom rope.

An enraged Cano slapped the mat and motioned for his opponent to stand up. Van Patton oblidged and was struck in the side of the head with a kick. The kick had some oomph behind it, but it seemed to breathe a little life into the undead soldier. A second kick found its mark and once again, it fanned the flames that started deep within Van Patton.



GVP was standing when Cano socked him with a right hand to which he responded with one of his patented elbows that sent Cano stumbling backwards, where he fell across the second ropes. Cano didn't want to risk losing control and went to the heel playbook, pulling out the Grecco-Roman thumb to the eye. It did the trick and he was able to force his foe back into reVolt's corner.

The referee's demanding was completely ignored by Mattock, who held Van Patton in place, so Cano could deliver a barrage of boots to his gut.


Cano's offered hand was slapped by Mattock and he measured the kneeling GVP before unleashing a trio of roundhouses to his chest. A snapmare took the undead soldier out of the corner and Mattock couldn't resist the opportunity to disrespect him by placing a single foot on his chest.

"Look at your hero now," Mattock commanded the crowd.




Van Patton batted Mattock's foot away and rolled to his side. A handful of hair pulled him up just enough for Mattock to clamp on a headscissors that looked more like a triangle choke without the arm captured. Forever Forsaken knew very well that he had to keep his larger foe on the mat and he snarled while bridging off the mat, applying extra pressure to the hold. He could only hold it for a few seconds, but he made sure to do it every chance he got with his foe grounded.

Things were looking grim for GVP and he knew it. He planted his feet firmly and bridged slightly from the mat. The little space he created was enough for him to turn and roll the duo into the ropes. While it did get the referee to call for the break, it also kept him in the enemy's corner.


Cano tagged himself back in and he pulled his opponent up to one knee, while Mattock surprised Arkham with a running dropkick. The referee dashed over to keep the furious Arkham from entering the ring, leaving GVP at the mercy of his opponents.

Showing their own ability to innovate, Mattock clamped on an abdominal stretch while Cano hooked GVP in an octopus hold.

The hold could easily tear all the muscles that run along the Texan's side and just might have, if it wasn't for the referee demanding Mattock leave the ring. Van Patton crumbled to the mat and Cano went for a cover.




The pain was beyond bad, but GVP refused to give into it. Cano was not going to give his enemy a chance to breathe let alone recover. He clamped on a three-quarter nelson and after brushing off some weak shots to the gut by GVP, he delivered a pair of knees right to the Texan's nose.

Van Patton had no choice but to use his size to pull the duo into the ropes. It broke the hold, yet Cano kept the pressure up. He grabbed two handfuls of GVP's hair and rocked his head back with a trio of knees.

The duo found themselves in the corner due to the knee strikes and Cano unloaded with a huge right hand. One Irish whip later and Van Patton had crashed into the opposite corner. His legs were weak and his head was spinning. He was at Cano's mercy.


That kick was right on the money and Cano knew it. He looked over to his teammate from one knee and nodded with a confident smirk on his face. The ropes were the only reason GVP wasn't down on the mat, as his legs were nothing but jell-o. Cano pulled his dazed opponent out into the middle of the ring and locked on another three-quarter nelson. He pointed to the corner, perhaps looking for a sliced bread number two. However, he found himself crashing into the corner instead.

Barely able to stay upright, the undead soldier fell to one knee. He blocked out every and took off like a rocket only to have Cano boot him in the face. Cano immediately leapt up to the top rope and took to the skies.


...or not.

Van Patton caught the in-coming Cano across his shoulders in a fireman's carry. That was definitely a place the member of reVolt didn't want to be.


The knee strike rattled Cano's brain and had him counting the lights. Van Patton stumbled back and forth, completely off-balance. He took a few steps and fell towards his corner with his hand held out.



The human horror flick flat out ran over Cano on his way to Mattock, who he sent flying back into the barrier with a forearm strike.

Cano looked to escape the ring, but he was snagged by the back of his trunks and sent crashing into the corner with enough velocity to move the ring.


The running Yakuza kick nearly took Cano's head from his shoulders in the corner and before he could even blink, Arkham sent him into the opposite corner twice as hard as before.


A second kick turned Cano's lights out and he was out on his feet, as he stumbled out of the corner and right into the path of a charging Arkham.


Arkham was aiming to drive Cano through the mat with the vicious running spinebuster and he came pretty damn close. He slid over into a cover.




Cano was able to slip free with barely a moment to spare. That meant nothing to Arkham, as he bypassed arguing with the referee. He had something in mind for Mattock's minion... something painful.

He pulled Cano up by the back of his trunks like a child and stood him up. However, his time standing was fleeting.


The crowd shuddered in horror at the site of the the human horror flick trying to slam his opponent straight down to hell with a Crash Thunder Buster. A second pin attempt by Arkham.




Mattock was able to slip in and stop the count, as it looked like Cano was in no shape to do so. The Messiah of the Shout box couldn't care less about what the referee had to say and he kept kicking away at Arkham who rose up without flinching once from the kicks. Mattock unloaded a trio of forearms and they seemed to have no effect. A thumb to the eyes did work however and a kick to the gut doubled the big man over.

Soon after, both members of reVolt were standing and they were beating away on the big man. A double Irish whip sent him into the ropes. His size plus momentum meant there was no way that the two smaller men would stop him with a double clothesline. He changed right through it, but missed clotheslining them both on the way back. He turned and was caught with a pair of kicks to the gut, a combination chop and forearm to the sides of his head, and a combination superkick-roundhouse to the head.

Mattock and Cano took off to the ropes in opposite directions. Yet, they both had the same thing waiting for them. Mattock was first off the ropes.


The vicious double axehandle strike put Mattock down in a flash.


What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Cano came racing off the ropes and was sent unceremoniously to the mat courtesy of the massive attack. Arkham wiped his nose with his thumb before stomping his foot and lowering his center of gravity. He watched Cano closely, as he slowly stumbled back to his feet. A boot to the gut and Cano found himself locked in a double underhook.


Arkham drove his foe down right on his head with a picture perfect DR Driver. A cover by the big man.




To the surprise of everone in attendance, Cano somehow slipped his shoulder out from under his foe and got it off the canvas just in time. The human horror flick growled at the referee while pulling his foe up to his feet. Arkham was in full control of the situation and he hoisted Cano up into the air. He seated him on the top rope, looking out to the crowd, and climbed up to the second rope. He locked his arms around Cano's waist and looked to be going for a belly-to-back suplex. His enemy locked his legs around the turnbuckle and battled with all he had to stop from being lifted. A back elbow smacked Arkham right in the nose and Cano went for it all.


The ring shook wildly, as the two men plunged to the mat. However, both refused to stay down. Cano hurried up, as he knew this would be his only chance to get to Mattock. His opponent gritted his teeth and blocked out the pain of being driven to the mat. The middle of the ring where Cano tried for a boot. It was caught, but it didn't stop him from delivering pain to his larger foe.


An enziguiri struck the Arkham in the head, sending him to one knee.


A step up enziguiri rattled the big man's brain in his head.


Cano hit the ropes like a rocket and caught the dazed Arkham square in the mouth with a dropkick. Mattock offered his hand to his teammate and in no time, Cano was there to accept it.


Mattock knew he had to turn up the heat and he wasted no time in doing so. Arkham was just to his feet when the Messiah of the Shout Box forced him back into the ropes. An Irish whip sent the big man into the ropes.


Even the human horror flick couldn't brush off the vicious kick to his face and he was sent crashing to the mat. Not getting paid by the hour, Mattock hurried Arkham up and went right to work. A pair of roundhouses to the chest, a shot to the outer thigh, and a solebutt to the stomach. In a flash, Mattock was out on the apron and springboarding off the top rope.


A quick pin attempt by reVolt's mouthpiece.




Even with a leg hooked, Mattock just couldn't keep his massive enemy down for three. He watched as his foe refused to stay down and was more than happy to kick him in the chest a couple of more times, as he got to one knee.

An Irish whip by Mattock was reversed and he hit the corner hard. Arkham charged in after him, but was struck right in the mouth with a boot. He tried to shake out the cobwebs, but Mattock locked on a front facelock while perched on the middle rope.



Arkham made sure he was not going to have his head spiked into the mat by locking his arms around Mattock's waist. He carried his foe out to the middle of the ring where he repositioned his arm and tried for a vertical suplex. Mattock floated over to escape and took off to the ropes. A wild lariat by Arkham missed and he turned around to be blasted in the mouth with a stiff right hand.

That strike woke the big man up and he sent Mattock flying back with a huge Eurpoean uppercut.

Unable to support his huge frame after that burst of energy, the human horror flick fell to one knee where he took a moment to clear his head. Mattock was still flat on his back when Arkham stumbled over to his waiting teammate.


Van Patton slipped into the ring and glared down at Mattock, who had just reached his knees.

"Time for ya to see what a real kick looks like, boy..."


The single most devastating roundhouse jOlt had ever seen connected with Mattock's chest and he was sent flying back, even with being on his knees. To say GVP was pissed off would be an understatement, as he forced his foe up to one knee.

"Ya can't talk much shit after yer lungs collapse..."


The crowd cringed and moaned with that kick, as it echoed through the arena.

There was no time to rest for Mattock. GVP had more in store for him and led him to the corner just to whip him into the opposite one.


The step up knee strike in the corner followed by a bootwash put the Messiah of the Shoutbox down on his ass. However, the undead soldier wasn't content with just trying to kick his opponent's face off. He tried to rip it off by violently scraping the sole of his boot across Mattock's face again and again. Cano knew he had to get involved and he attacked Van Patton from behind. His interuption was quickly brought to a screeching halt by Arkham who grabbed him by the throat and forced him into the adjacent corner.

While his gigantic ally kept Cano in the corner with a barrage of shoulder strikes, GVP hoisted Mattock up on his shoulders for what looked like a Kryptonite Krunch, but the Texan had something else in mind.


Van Patton charged towards the center of the ring and instead of falling to the mat with a jump, he landed on one knee, slamming the back of Mattock's head across his thigh. The Messiah of the Shoutbox clutched at his head and couldn't escape a pin attempt by the undead soldier.




No one could believe that Mattock was able to escape defeat and a low growl began to come from deep within Van Patton. He left Mattock laying on the mat and took off to the corner where he easily leapt to the top rope in one fluid motion with Arkham looking for a powerbomb on the apron to Cano. With Cano taking himself and Arkham to the floor by countering with a DDT on the apron, Mattock was able kip up and surprised the perched Van Patton with a huge leaping boot to the face.


The man known as "Forever Forsaken" displayed his great agility by taking his rival all the way down to the mat. Things were now in his control and the odds quickly became more in his favor. Arkham was hurt down on the floor, allowing both members of reVolt to take on Gunnar Van Patton. They fired Van Patton into the corner with a double Irish whip.


A huge running dropkick by Mattock made sure their foe wouldn't be leaving the corner and he immediately positioned himself on all fours. His teammate took a deep breath before hurring to the corner and leaping off Mattock's back.



Van Patton was able to snag the approaching Cano and slam him down across Mattock with a Ron Simmons style spinebuster. That fired up the crowd and they began to chant his name, as the two members of reVolt slipped out to the floor to regroup.


The undead soldier looked over the cheering crowd. He was starting to get hyped up, as the fire in his belly began to rage out of control. Without warning, he took off to the ropes. This surely wasn't the NFL and there was no way that he was going to let them call a time-out.


That would be two birds with one stone, for those keeping score.

Electrifying the crowd, GVP displayed some of the agility he used to be known for while making sure to level the playing field in the process. The impact took its toll on him as well and several moments passed before he was able to climb back into the ring. While the referee admonished him for not keeping the battle in the ring, Arkham staggered over to their fallen foes. Neither member of reVolt was at one hundred percent and they still down when Arkham reached down and pulled Mattock up. Mattock soon found himself being rolled back into the ring with an angry GVP standing over him.

"Devil, yer about to feel how truly awful good is," Van Patton snarled.

Mattock was out of it when the Texan pulled him up from the mat. A double chicken wing was locked on and there was only one place for Mattock to go.


When it comes to suplexes, very few compare to the flawless execution of the undead soldier. He kept his grip tight and pulled the Messiah of the Shoutbox up with the hold intact. Just as they got vertical, Van Patton released Mattock's right arm and draped it behind his head. It looked like he would be hitting his opponent's own move, The Switchblade Romance, but instead took him down with a modified flatliner.


A pin attempt by the soldier.




Cano was able to race in and save his partner from sure defeat. GVP glared at the intruder with a look of pure hatred, before walking over to the waiting Arkham.


The big man stepped over the top rope and grabbed his opponent by the throat with both hands. From the mat, Arkham alley ooped the laying Mattock to himself.


Power incarnate, Arkham looked as if he was tossing around a toddler with how easily he tossed his foe into the air, even with the floor starting face-up on the mat. Mattock had the wind knocked out of him and to make matters all that much worse, his huge foe decided now was a good time to take his taped forearm and grind it back and forth across Mattock's face.

Cano once again tried to interfere, but the referee cut him off at the pass. He tried his best to get involved. Yet, it only helped his foes do more damage. GVP slipped into the ring while Arkham pulled Mattock up from the mat. A bear hug by Arkham left Mattock elevated and exposed for the smaller half of the Dead Cell, who never missed an opportunity to strike.


With a sickening smack, Van Patton tried to take his opponent's head off with a wicked kick. Mattock was seeing stars and Arkham knew it. He looked to take advantage of the situation by going for the pin.




The referee had announce to everyone that it was only two, as no one in attendance could believe that Mattock had kicked out once again. Arkham remained focused on the task at hand. He never once second-guessed the referee before sitting Mattock up.

The Long Halloween...

Closer to his own corner than anywhere else, the human horror flick clamped on his version of a buffalo sleeper. Mattock disadvantage in size was now a big problem and it only made matters worse, as he was already exhausted from the abuse he had taken. He tried every way he could think of to escape the hold, but he couldn't battle his way out or reach the ropes in the condition he was in. He looked to be fading and his teammate knew it. Cano darted into the ring and delivered a dropkick to their foe, breaking the hold.

Arkham rose up to his feet and gave Cano a look of death while offering his hand to Van Patton.


Van Patton led Mattock to one knee before unleashing more fury upon him.


His trademark roundhouse lit Mattock up and caused him to crumble down to all fours. Mattock wasn't going to be shown any mercy by the undead soldier. He was fired into the ropes, but was able to slip under a clothesline. His momentum was building, as he slipped under a roundhouse aimed for his head. Mattock knew the time to strike was now and he looked to his agility.




It had become very apparent that the larger Dead Cell had been preparing for their smaller foes. The proof was staring everyone in the face, as Van Patton had locked on the modified stretch muffler counter to all things tilt-a-whirl based. Cano knew the hold very well and this time, didn't wait to see if his foe would be able to escape. However, GVP was hoping he'd stick his nose in.

Just as Cano started to climb in the ring, the undead soldier dropped Mattock to the mat and caught Cano coming in with a knee to the gut. All the air had been driven out of him and Cano found things only getting worse, as he was launched over the top rope to the floor.

While that was going on, Arkham had stepped into the ring and stood up Mattock. He and GVP only needed to trade glances to get on the same page and the only words on that page were "Concussion City, population: Mattock".


That made the crowd groan with impact and Mattock fell to the mat in a heap. Arkham drove his forearm into his opponent's face while going for the cover.




Cano didn't give a damn about the rules in this situation. He slid into the ring and started to stomp the living hell out of Arkham. However, all it did was piss the big man off and each stomp or kick that connected just pissed him off more on his way to a vertical base. Cano struck with a trio of uncontested right hands before he was blasted by a European uppercut that sent him airborne.


Momentum was certainly on one team's side, as Van Patton slipped back into the ring. He positioned his foe in the Dead Cell's corner and and connected with his beloved Muay Thai elbow. Mattock tried to fight back with a punch of his own. It looked as if the pair would trade strikes once again, but this time, GVP wasn't having it.


Mattock took one step out of the corner and looked for a right hand. It met nothing but air and Van Patton sat him right down with the kick.


Experienced as a team, the Dead Cells knew to keep the tags frequent and Arkham was back in the match. He led his enemy over to the adjacent corner and slammed him head first into it. Mattock had no energy and just plummeted to all fours. A double axe handle by Arkham struck his back and he fell to his stomach on the mat. Mattock could do nothing, as his foe fired him across the ring to the opposite corner. Arkham was light an out of control freight train racing towards him and Mattock just barely stepped out of the way.


A rolling elbow to the back of the head dropped Arkham to one knee and a brutal roundhouse to the back of the head caused him to collpase into the turnbuckle pad. He dove into a forward roll with Cano impatiently waiting with his hand extended.


Cano rushed into the ring and socked Arkham with a right forearm strike while on his way over to GVP, who he caught with a leaping version of the same strike. Arkham tried to clothesline Cano, but he slipped under it. A flurry of right hands rocked the big man and he entwined his fingers with Arkham's in a knucklelock. Cano took off to the corner with his enemy in tow and ran up the turnbuckle. However, the human horror flick was having none of it and he put a quick halt to whatever Cano had causing him to fall harshly to the mat by simply pulling on his arm.

Knowing that Mattock was in no shape to get involved, Van Patton joined his ally in the ring and the Dead Cell whipped Cano into the ropes. The speedy fighter was able to slip under a double clothesline and catch GVP in the leg, sending him down to all fours.

Arkham tried to apprehend his foe, but Cano was able to race past him and hit the ropes. The smallest man in the match was just too quick for his enormous adversary and he used a baseball slide to escape his grasp once more, kicking GVP in the mouth in the process.

Up in a flash, Cano tried to bring the fight to Arkham and struck him with a solid clothesline. The monstrous fighter just glared at him, never once even coming close to stumbling, let alone toppling over. Cano's mind quickly came up with another tactic and he darted to the ropes. A big boot caught nothing but air. However, Cano's barrage of kicks and low dropkick to the knee did not and the giant was chopped down to one knee. Never once stopping for a breather, Cano exploded off of the ropes with a sit-out clothesline.

A hurried cover by Cano...




Arkham shrugged his attacker off and instinctively sat up. Speed was the only weapon that seemed to work for Cano and he wasn't going to stray from it. He was a blur, as he came rocketting towards his dazed enemy.


Amazing momentum led to a flawless dowuble rotation headscissors that sent the big man tumbling to the mat. Cano looked to be getting frustrated. He was throwing a lot at his opponent and yet, the big man just kept coming. He slapped the mat with both hands and channeled all the energy he had, while his foe climbed to one knee.


That one was right on the money and it rocked Arkham's head back. Cano stumbled backwards, tired from the massive amount of energy he was expending. He knew the kick was a good one, but once he turned back to survey the damage, Arkham struck.


It was as if a freight train had ran right into Cano, as he was sent into the air before crashing harshly into the corner. Arkham had blocked out the kick best he could to deliver that strike, but he had very little left. Surely not enough to keep his massive frame upright and he joined his foe down on the mat.

Luckily for Arkham, his long reach became a very good asset to have, as just a little roll to his corner allowed the match to head in a new direction.


Van Patton hurried into the ring, looking to take full advantage of Cano being injured. He crossed Cano's arms and it looked like a Darkness Buster would be coming up, but GVP had something else in mind.


The cross arm Death Valley driver spiked Cano right on his head, much to the horror of the crowd. He floated over right into a cover.





Mattock narrowly made the save with Cano limp as a noodle. Arkham was tired of Mattock getting involved and just flat out ran him over with a running shoulder block. With the fresher half of reVolt, rolling back out to the apron, Arkham and GVP pulled Cano up and GVP positioned him on his shoulder for what looked like a powerbomb. The undead soldier took off running with Arkham just a few steps behind him.



A brutal one-two combo by the Dead Cell had Cano seeing stars and there was nothing he could do, as Arkham hoisted him up onto his shoulders. Van Patton was up to the top in a flash and it looked like a form of the Doomsday Device was in store for Cano. Mattock knew damn well that it would be the end of his teammate, if the duo connected, so he sprinted down the apron and shoved GVP from the top, inadvertantly sending him crashing into Arkham' stomach.

Both members of the Dead Cell were down and Cano knew he had to keep them there.


Displaying more of his blinding speed, a superkick to a kneeling Arkham was immediately followed by a shining wizard to GVP. Cano had created an opening and he took full advantage.


Mattock was not at one hundred percent, but he marched into the ring and right at the battered Van Patton. A simple combination of a right hand and a spinning solebutt kept GVP dazed long enough for the Messiah of the Shoutbox to hit the ropes.


The cartwheel powerbomb drove the Texan down hard and Mattock stacked him up in hopes of getting the pin.





Exhaustion mixed with frustration was taking its toll on Mattock and he slapped the mat in anger while standing back up. He snagged GVP by the hair and positioned him between his legs for what looked like a powerbomb or piledriver. When he tried to lift, Van Patton dropped to one knee to lower his center of gravity. Mattock just didn't have the strength to match his foe and he soon found himself being tossed into the air with a backdrop. He was able to escape impact by floating over and fired himself into the ropes. GVP tried for a lariat only to have Mattock kick it away with his boot. The block spun the Texan around and he found Mattock's arms clamped around his waist shortly there after.



The suplex wasn't enough for Mattock and he took it one step further by holding on after impact and pulling GVP up just to slam him back down with a blue thunder driver.





Mattock roared with rage. He pulled at his hair while kneeling on the mat. His rage was clearly taking over. He pulled GVP up and lit him up with a page straight out of Japan. A left-right combination to the body, a left to the jaw, a spinning back chop, and a roundhouse to the side of the head all lead to Mattock looking to behead his opponent.


Cano raced past Mattock to knock Arkham to the floor while Mattock drug a bruised and battered GVP to the middle of the ring.


A right roundhouse to the head.


A left one to the same target.


A downright hateful roundhouse square to the temple with the right put GVP face down on the mat. The gas gauge one Mattock was nearing empty and he fell on top of his brutalized foe.





No one could believe that GVP still had the wits about him to kick out, after it was clear that Mattock had just kicked his brains into the fifth row. Cano and Mattock ignored the referee's instructions to have Cano exit the ring, as they began to stalk the hurting Texan. Running on autopilot, Van Patton battled to get vertical, using the ropes for help to do so. However, he would have been better off staying down.


The flapjack-codebreaker hybrid that reVolt had perfected was well-executed and Mattock pointed to the approaching Arkham, who Cano took out with a suicide dive through the ropes. There was no way that Mattock was going to let anyone else take the spotlight and be the one to claim victory of Van Patton. He knew his foe was at his mercy. Once taking a deep breath, Mattock motioned for his foe to stand up.

"Come on, hero. Allow me to show you what it is like to have TRUE right on your side."

Mattock clamped on a dragon sleeper and pulled his foe the rest of the way up.

"I am your hero now," he excalimed and raised his arm up into the air.

Bad move, Matty.


Van Patton threw himself downward and fired off a kick, displaying his flexability and catching Mattock right in the mouth. The Messiah of the Shoutbox stumbled back and checked his mouth for blood. He had a look of pure distain on his face, as he turned and fired a right hand. The punch was avoided and having your back to GVP was one of the worst things you could ever do.


Just like that, Van Patton had leveled the playing field simply by dumping his opponent with a vicious Regal plex, making sure to bridge with it.





With Cano and Arkham still doing battle out on the floor, Mattock had to dig down deeper than he ever had to escape that one. Both men were tired and in agony, but GVP refused to give into the pain. He pulled his rival up and looked for a possible backdrop driver. Just as he looked to lift his foe, GVP was taken over by a headlock with a leg hooked, pinning his shoulders to the mat.




GVP kicked out and Mattock immediately captured his arm and looked for a la magistral cradle.




The rapidfire pin attempts failed, but did make Van Patton expend energy he was keeping in reserve. The increase in tempo worked in Mattock's favor. He was able to poisition GVP's arm in a hammerlock while the duo hurried to stand back up. He draped his foe's other arm behind his head and unleashed a trio of forearm strikes with his free arm. Mattock motioned that the end was coming by running his thumb across his throat and he roared with his windup.



Van Patton was able to get slip under the lariat and by doing so, captured Mattock's arm and head with his non-hammerlocked arm. From out of nowhere, Arkham appeared and charged the pair.


Mattock was struck from both sides and things only got worse, as Van Patton quickly repositioned his leg against Mattock's face.


GVP had a koji clutch clamped on tightly in the dead center of the ring with his massive teammate standing guard. Cano tried to enter the ring, but what cut off by Arkham who pinned him to the mat.

Suddenly, the crowd began to look to the entrance ramp, as the young Van Patton superfan, Julia, raced down to the ring. She stood on the floor in perfect position for Mattock to see her, as he was being tortured by his foe with the submission.

"Tap, you coward," she screamed. "Tap out!"

Mattock was nearly bursting at the seams with rage at the sight of her and the blatant mockery of him. However, his world was going dark. The hold was expertly applied and with no one coming to save him and his body too battered from the brutal match, Mattock had no choice but to give in.


Cano's head and out-stretched hand fell to the mat in defeat, as the referee signaled for the bell. With the biggest smile on her face, Julia slid into the ring and embraced Gunnar Van Patton once he released his grip on Mattock. Arkham made his way over to his ally and the female, assisting her in helping GVP up to his feet, while Cano pulled Mattock out of the ring to safety.

The day had been won. It was a long and hard fought battle, but in the end, the Dead Cell came out victorious. With the fans chanting his initials, Van Patton raised a pistol-shaped hand into the air in victory. He had gotten the win and the girl. Not a bad night's work, you'd have to say.

Winner: Dead Cell via Submission

"Bizarro World"

Sylo Sylo made his way down the hallway, bag in tow, as he was entering the arena for his first big event not as jOlt champion but as the Underground champion. In a matter of a couple of hours or so he’d be meeting one of his biggest rivals in the ring for what Sylo considered to be the second biggest prize in all of wrestling; the first was already his to keep. Sylo would meet Ninja K for an unprecedented THIRD time for the Underground title after the first two matches went to a draw.

Tonight, The Resident Anti-Hero and The legendary SuperBeast would clash one on one in a one hour Underground Rules Iron Man Match. Most people could hardly make it through a grueling one hour normal Iron Man match but under Underground rules? These two men wanted the other dead and didn’t care what they had to put themselves through to get results. It was time to find out, at Thieves’ Honor, who would win between Ninja K and Sylo in what was shaping up to be possibly the most violent match of the night.

Sylo made his way down the hallway, toward the back of the arena, where he’d find his personal locker room waiting for him. Even though the arena was huge it was well known, off screen, that only a few guys actually had their own locker room in the arena. Sylo let that thought pass through his mind. If everyone that gets shown in “their” locker room actually had a locker room, The Arena of Champions would have to be at least 3x’s bigger. Sylo shook off the thought as he passed a worker carrying a clipboard which he quickly stopped.

“Hey. Steve, is it?” Sylo asked as the “possible Steve” stammered. Sylo didn’t have the best history with backstage workers seeing as a few had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. It wasn’t like Sylo meant to hurt them, for fucks sake, he’d know Mike Hunt for years and he’d never hit that guy! Well, probably because behind the scenes MIKE HUNT WAS AWESOME!

“Uh, y-yeah, W-W-What can I-I do for you, s-s-s-s-s-s-s-sir?” Sylo cocked an eyebrow at “Steve”. He wasn’t sure if he should feel sorry for the guy, if he had a speech impediment, or if maybe “Steve” was an unfortunate backstage worker that, at one time, had been one of those people in the wrong place at the wrong time. OR Sylo thought hitting him MIGHT help.

“Okay…anyway, Steve, has Graham Youngblood arrived?” Sylo asked, eyebrow still cocked, and he spoke a little slower so maybe the man wouldn’t be so frightened.

“Y-Yes sir,” “Steve” informed the SuperBeast. Sylo nodded his head hoping it would put the poor bastard at ease.

“Okay Steve, you’re doing good buddy, just a couple more questions and we’re done here. Don’t worry; I’m not going to hurt you. Okay? Okay. Now, do you know if Muerte, from the Hype, he’s got long hair and wears a skeleton mask, is he here?” Sylo asked, again, as slowly as possible.

“I b-b-b-b-b-believe so,” Sylo stared at “Steve”. It had to be a fucking speech impediment, right? Of course he’d pick the one guy that was either about to shit his pants or had a speech impediment.

“Okay Steve, last question buddy and all you have to do is nod yes or no. Here we go. Can you tell Youngblood and Muerte that Sylo needs to see them A-S-A-P?” Sylo raised both eyebrows as he stared down at “Steve” who nodded yes.

“Awesome, thanks pal,” Sylo slapped the worker on the back and…he fucking fell flat on his face. Sylo growled and just continued down the hall, they’d get the message. He didn’t have time for this shit. Seriously, it wasn’t like he punched him, he’d hit Jimmy harder psyching him up. Wait, had Sylo just beat up a cripple? Nah. Guy just had to be a natural klutz.

Sylo headed even further down the hall and groaned. Why in all the fucks did his office have to be along the way to Sylo’s? Do you know how hard it is for a 7’1” 335 lb. man to sneak past someone he doesn’t want to see, much less, talk too? Thankfully Jim Johnson was engaged in a spirited conversation with a gentleman wearing a very expensive suit. Sylo stared at the guy for a quick second. Board of Directors? No, he didn’t have a bag over his head so no one would know who he was. That one guy Jim Johnson went to go see Jesus preach with? No, everyone knows he was busy trying to tempt Christ. Aw fuck, it was probably yet another investor. Sylo hated those people. “Here sell my shit on your show we give you money”. How fucking stupid.

If you looked at the poor asshole Jim was talking up a storm with just right he almost looked like Colonel Sanders. Sylo watched the two but quickly had to cover his mouth from both laughing and vomiting. It turned out Johnson had forgotten his fly in the bathroom. Sylo tried to shrink and blend in as he moved past the two and he almost got away with it; ALMOST.

“Hey champ!” Sylo heard it and clinched his teeth while closing his eyes. He did NOT need this shit tonight. Sylo adjusted the bag on his shoulder and turned to look at Johnson and his guest.

“Mr. Simmons I’m sure you’ve seen out former jOlt Champion as well as our current Underground Champion before,” Johnson said this while keeping a shit eating grin firmly planted on his face. The guy that was mentioned earlier, the guy that kind of looked like Colonel Sanders whose name was apparently “Mr. Simmons”, smiled before replying to Johnson.

“Yessir, I know this man. Hell of a fighter this boy is.” And the old man had the balls to pat Sylo on the back. Sylo kept his teeth clinched and even Johnson, who was very VERY familiar with Sylo’s temper, noticed Sylo wasn’t happy a man he didn’t know just touched him.

“Ah, well yes sir, he is. Did you know I discovered him?” Johnson was playing a dangerous game at this point. He discovered Sylo? Johnson apparently thought because a big wig was around to line his pockets and the brass’ pockets that Sylo would play nice and 90% of the time Jim Johnson would be right but this was a man that was part of the OTHER 10%. You’d think Johnson would stop but that’d be giving him WAAAAAAAAAY too much credit.

“Not only did I discover this man I predicted he’d be the future of this business! So far I don’t think I was wrong. To think, if I hadn’t signed this boy to PIW over ten years ago, there probably wouldn’t be a “SuperBeast” named Sylo!” Johnson laughed. Colonel Sanders laughed. Sylo mocked laughter.

“That’s quite the story Jim,” Both men stopped laughing. Apparently Sylo was supposed to call Jim “Mr. Johnson” right now and the other old fuck obviously thought the same. Sylo, of course, didn’t care.

“You left out one of my favorite stories though!” Sylo turned to the investor. “You’ll love this one Mr. Sanders, by the way, I am a HUGE fan of your chicken,” Mr. Simmons and Jim Johnson’s jaws dropped at the same time, much like their balls, which probably had rug burn from walking.

“So,” Sylo began before either could say something. “The very first episode of jOlt’s return, Jim here went to the ring, he started bossing people around like he always does, and what you need to know is he’s ran multiple companies into the gro-“ Johnson stuttered trying to cut Sylo off. Sylo’s response?

He pie-faced Johnson with one massive hand.

“Anyway he ran multiple placed into the ground. His own federation failed twice, He ran the federation I called home and the real reason I became such a “huge star” into the ground when he took over Legacy of Champions, and he would have done the same here but as I said on the first show while bossing people around, I decided to come out, and the funniest thing happened,” Johnson was trying to fight his way out from behind Sylo’s hand. The investor was obviously mortified for multiple reasons but he still found the ability to speak.

“Well, what happened, son? I don’t think I saw that one.” Oh man, he set it up, Sylo had to dunk it.

“Well I used him as a human fucking projectile and tossed him from the ring to the outside through a table!” Sylo smiled and mocked laughter again.

Both Johnson & Mr. Simmons (the Investor) stood slack jawed. Sylo moved his hand off Johnson’s face because his mouth was open and he had no idea where Johnson’s mouth had been. Sylo slapped them both on the back a little harder than needed and wished The Colonel the best of luck investing his money in such a fine establishment ran by such a fine business man and went along his way leaving the two to argue back and forth. That one actually made Sylo smile.

Sylo just hoped he could make it to his locker room, in peace, and be left the fuck alone. He just wanted to unpack, speak with two men he was training besides Jimmy, and then get ready to fuck Kenshiro’s day up. Sylo’s pace quickened as he passed various workers, other wrestlers, and jOlt officials. Sylo nodded to some as he passed but the guy he’d bump into next would be worse than the worker or Johnson. Actually it’d be worse than those two combined because standing directly in his way speaking to some poor soul that couldn’t get away was Jon Le Bon.

"I don't remember there being a wall here", muttered Le Bon as he looked up and saw the Underground Champion, Sylo, standing there. Le Bon grinned for a moment and then extended his hand.

"Jon Le Bon... future world champion, relentless champion, and underground champion. Who might you be?" asked Le Bon. Sylo stood there and cocked his head to the side and then grinned.

"I don't usually do this, but I'm going to give you a fair warning. I am in NO mood for any of this. Get out of my way... NOW." said Sylo with authority.

"Sure sure.." said Le Bon as he took a step to a side, but then he grabbed Sylo by the arm before he could pass.

"Before you go though.. I just want you to know that you are in the presence of greatness. I am THE GREATEST superstar to ever grace jOlt Wrestling! In fact, I'm more than sure you watch The Hype. I'm sure you saw that I am undefeated there.. and that I defeated a monster known as Serpah... which is odd becuase he seemed to be a legit monster... but I wonder about him since he's in the middle of having issues with someone who thinks he's a volcano.. Anyhoo.. with that in mind.. I was wondering what it would take to get a shot at that"

Le Bon points to the Underground Championship. Sylo looks at the title and looks back at Le Bon. Before Sylo can answer Le Bon speaks up once again.

"Before you answer that, I know what you're thinking. Gosh.. this guy is really something. Barging into my path, telling me he's the greatest thing since Garbage Pail Kids. This guy MUST be a serious contender.. I JUST might be intimidated by his star power... but I don't want you to worry about any of that.. I promise you that if you give me a fair shot at that championship, I'll wrestle you fair and square" said Le Bon.

Sylo went to answer and again was cut off by Le Bon.. but this time Le Bon leapt onto Sylo and clung to him with desperation.

"OH GOD PLEASE SAY YES! GET ME OFF THE HYPE! I CAN'T STAND IT THERE! THEY HAVE THE BIGGEST LOSERS IN THE WORLD... I mean.. you'd fit in and yet you're here on the main roster but.. I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE. PLEASE SAY YES MR. ROID SMURF.. PLEASE SAY YES" Le Bon froze and suddenly realized what he was doing and hopped off of Sylo. He brushed him off and cracked a grin.

"So.. what do you say, champ?"

Sylo had enough. He grabbed Le Bon by his jean vest and shirt collar and began to drag him down the hallway back toward Johnson's office.

"Are we going to the ring because I can walk there on my own!" said Le Bon. Sylo brought him all the way over to Johnson's office. The door was closed, but that didn't matter to Sylo. He grabbed Le Bon and threw him into the door. The door broke off its hinges as Le Bon went flying into Johnson's office. "While you're at it.. here's another piece of business you can discuss." yelled Sylo.

“OH GOD DAMN IT!” Johnson could be heard audibly yelling. Sylo chuckled at that one before he went back down the hallway.

“God damn it, I fucking swear to God…one more person,” Sylo muttered. Le Bon was enough. Thankfully Sylo wasn’t that far from his locker room. He even pulled his key out to unlock the door but that’s when something grabbed his attention from the corner of his eye.

Kenshiro’s…whatever the fuck they were…was standing in a circle, minus Kenshiro, and it looked like smoke was coming up from in between them. Sylo cocked an eyebrow. Okay, Sylo wasn’t anti-pot, at all, but these guys were smoking the shit in the hallway? That was ballsy. Then one moved enough for Sylo to see between them. There was some sort of fucked up little shrine sitting there with incense. Sylo groaned and actually slapped his palm against his face running it down. He took one more look and then looked away.

“Fucking ninjas…”

Sylo had enough of this shit. This was NOT the way to start Thieves Honor. He finally made it to his locker room, put his head against the door, and sighed. He took a moment to collect himself before unlocking the door as his phone began to ring. It was Aria.

“Hey Babe,” Sylo answered.

“No I just got to my locker room. It took forever. Let me get inside and I’ll explain. We work with a bunch of fucking freaks,” Sylo snarled before entering the locker room, slamming the door, and locking it for good measure. He’d already put up with enough shit and the night had just started.

"Right Time, Wrong Place"

Landon Stevens The camera pans to the backstage area to see Dawn Cassidy near a jOlt backdrop. She positioned the microphone before looking into the camera on cue.

“Ladies and Gentlemen we have witnessed a great night of action so far here tonight. Right now it’s my pleasure to introduce Landon Stevens.”

The crowd jeered the man who came to jOlt to gain the flyweight championship before jOlt officials decided to retire the belt leaving Landon searching for something else to strive for in jOlt.

Landon smiled as he looked at Dawn before speaking. “You’re right Dawn it is your pleasure.

Dawn smiled before speaking again. “Now that the flyweight title has been retired, where does that leave Landon Stevens in jOlt?

“Where does that leave me? It just elevates me to strive for one of the bigger prizes in jOlt, the World title or the Underground title. I am a gifted athlete and I proved that to JBM and the rest of the world. Tonight I once again prove that in the fatal four way match. I plan to show Jim Johnson that I deserve to be vying for one of the two top titles in this company.

“What makes you think you deserve to be a champion? You haven’t been here that long to make a mark.” Dawn added.

Landon laughed. “You don’t have to be somewhere for a long time to make a mark in this business. I made my mark the moment I stepped into this place. I made my mark the moment I showed the fans what a fraud JBM really was. I am the future of this business and I plan to continue to make a mark each and every night I step into that ring out there.

Dawn was about to speak but she suddenly had a chill hit her spine as a large man in an all-black hoodie walked into the view of the camera. The mountain of a man looked down at Landon before pulling the hoodie back to reveal Omega. The fans continued to jeer as the man showed no expression on his face.

“Are we hearing you correctly Stevens? You intend to make a mark here. Let us guess you would make the same mark that you did in ACW correct. Your status rose after you beat a lifetime jobber for the chance to hold the ACW Scorpion Championship but then fell quickly when you had to face someone that could care less about making a mark. He felt like making people feel pain which he did.”

“Now we know you very well Stevens and we know that you are already falsifying your status in jOlt.”

Landon was not happy that Omega decided to interrupt his interview time. But Landon knew Omega well and he knew what type of violence this man could wreak on a company.

“My dear friend Omega, nice of you to interrupt my scheduled interview time. It doesn’t surprise me that you would find your way near me again just like you did in ACW. See Dawn Omega here rode my coattails in ACW and now I guess he wants to try and do that again here in jOlt. However this time is going to be different Omega. I don’t plan to be dealing with the same backstage politics I had to deal with in ACW here. I know what I am capable of in that ring and Landon snickers you do to. So if you don’t mind stepping aside, I unlike others standing here have a pay per view match to prepare for.

A sick smile slowly crept onto Omega’s lips. “Same ol Stevens, big talk from such a small man. We know exactly what you are capable of Landon Stevens.

Omega slowly moved closer to Landon as Dawn slowly moved backwards to the wall. “And you are aware of what we can and will do in that ring or outside of that ring. Don’t believe that the last few years in the hospital have totally taken away our inhumanity. Remember Landon, we are many and you are few. Good Luck tonight, we will be watching.

Landon slowly walked past the larger man as Omega’s smile disappeared and he put his hood back on. Dawn was a little scared as she moved away from the man. Omega walked away as the camera faded to the ring.

"The Price We Pay"

Superstar Vince Jacobs Vince Jacobs is sitting on a sofa in his personal locker room as his manager/girlfriend Natalia grabs a water bottle from the fridge. She slowly walks over to Vince and sits down next to him. Jacobs is lacing his boots, getting himself mentally prepared for his match against Mike Extreme. The sexy Russian bombshell took a small sip of water before crossing her legs. She turned to Vince as he continued to lace up his boots.

“Are you sure about this honey? I mean I can’t go through seeing you in the hospital again because of that animal.”

Jacobs sat up and looked at Natalia.

“I have never been sure about any other thing in my life except for you and my kids. This has to be done. I have to get in that ring and prove to myself that I am still the best in this business.”

“But do you have to do it in his type of a match.”

Jacobs smiled before grabbing Natalia’s hand.

“I have to, there is no other way. He wanted Vince Jacobs so he can prove that he is worth a damn in this business. Well he has to prove to me that he is worth a damn because I am still the measuring stick in this business. You look out at all these young wrestlers in this company. They all want to try to beat me to propel them to that next level. No one sees the Sylos, the Ninja Ks, and even the Derechos of this sport as who they need to be. Everyone wants to be SVJ. Everyone wants to show the world that SVJ is past his prime. Well I am still in this business after all of these years. I am still doing what I love to do and still am the best at it.”

“Mike Extreme crossed the line when he attacked me. He made it personal when he touched you.”

You can see the emotion in Natalia’s eyes as Vince continued.

“I’ve been in far worst situations than this Nat. You saw personally what I went through with Sylo. I have been through hell and back with one of my best friends in the business, Chris Sheffield. I have gone to war with some of the greatest men in this business and I am still standing here today. Mike may think this match was made for him but he has no idea that this match was made for me as well. I plan to do things to Mike that will be beyond humane.”

Jacobs paused for a second before grabbing both of Natalia’s hands and looking at her lovingly in her eyes.

“I need you to do a big favor for me tonight Nat.”

Natalia moved closer to Vince and looked at him.

“Anything honey, what do you need.”

“I know for months I have become a changed man. I have tried to get our life in order as we continue to progress through this promotion. Tonight I need you to stay in the locker room.”

Natalia was shocked by what Vince just asked her to do. She has always been by his side from day one. She knew if Vince was going out to the ring that she had to be there with him.

“Why don’t you want me out there with you?”

“Because tonight I am going to do things to Mike Extreme that I do not want you to witness. He has forced my hand and he is going to pay for his many attacks and his touching of you, my everything. I know what I have to do against Extreme and that is go to a place that I have not been in months. That is what is going to take to hurt Mike Extreme. I am willing to go there but I do not want you there to see it.”

Natalia’s eyes filled up with tears. “If you do not want me out there then I will not be out there. You just promise me one thing.


“You hurt that son of a bitch.”

“Done.” Jacobs was about to kiss Natalia when his locker room door flung open and in walked Trouble minus their leader JCON.

“Whoa, I hope we didn’t interrupt anything playa.” Jacobs turned to see Duzza walking in with Dallas Griffin, Khadafi, and Quo in tow.

“As a matter of fact you were. I see your illustrious leader is nowhere to be found these days after he got punked by a seven foot wrestling hack.”

“You need not worry about JCON bro, he’s not a part of this group anymore. We have decided to cut the dead weight and it just so happens that he was extremely dead.

Jacobs stood to his feet as he scanned the four men. “How can I help you gentlemen? I have a match to prepare for.

Dallas Griffin stepped forward. “We only came to wish you luck Jacobs. Me and fellas don’t like Mike Extreme as much as you do and we hope you put that retard out of jOlt for good.”

Jacobs looked at Dallas. “That’s my plan Dallas. Now if you fellas can excuse me I have to get ready.

Duzza looked at Jacobs. “Good luck playa. We will be watchin’.”

The four men walked out of the room closing the door behind them. Dallas Griffin looked at his Trouble teammates. “Mike Extreme is a puss. I think we should be the ones to put down that relic down once and for all. I think Trouble needs to be under new management and I think I should be the one to take us to the top of jOlt.

Khadafi and Quo looked at each before Duzza stepped in. “I think you have a point Dallas. Its bout time you stepped yo game up. I think you will be a good leader for us, bro.

Dallas smirked as all four men walked down the hall obviously with bad intentions on their minds. Meanwhile Jacobs and Natalia looked at each other after the intrusion.

“Something is up with those guys. I don’t trust a word they say. Plus I don’t forget anything they have done as well. Remember stay put tonight. I’ll be back soon.”

“Good Luck honey.” Natalia said before she gave Vince a kiss on the lips.

Eiji Kugasari vs Jayshin Lee vs Landon Stevens vs Graham Youngblood
Eiji KugasariJayshin LeeLandon StevensGraham Youngblood
Eiji Kugasari versus Jayshin Lee versus Adam Lazarus versus Graham Youngblood Four Way Dance The Arena of Champions were still simmering within the stands as Camera Twenty & Fifteen took turns scanning the stands to capture the excitement radiating throughout the building’s interior before training themselves onto the tandem of both in-ring announcer Dean Carrington with referee Darius Underwood, arms folded behind his back, standing patiently by...

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen, this contest is scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit...and it is a jOlt Wrestling FATAL FOUR WAY DANCE!!!

The audience roared in kind at the conclusion of the announcement before ’Riptide’ by Sick Puppies applied more fuel to the supportive fire from the PA system. The jOltvision monitors were busy casting vivid aerial & high risk exploits when the RingRats Academy scholar strolled out from the massive vault opening & began stretching his extremities before scanning the broad horizon while embracing the moment. The security detail retained a stoic demeanor amidst the noise being made as Youngblood extended his arms outward, summoning a massive pyrotechnical explosion from behind him.

Carrington: “Your first contestant hails from Boston, Massachusetts & weighs in at 225 pounds...Ladies & Gentlemen; GRAHAM! YOUNGBLOOD!!!

Camera Three followed behind Graham as he made his way down the aisle to slap hands with the fans behind the railings before sliding underneath the bottom ropes. Camera Four aimed upward to see the Bostonian perched atop the turnbuckles still playing to the crowd. The colors of Celtics Green, Onyx & Pearl were set on his singlet & ring gear as he turned about & seated himself atop the turnbuckle padding as his musical introduction elapsed. Popping the bones in his neck, Youngblood rested his elbows against his knees while nodding with confidence.

’I Am Your Champion’ by Jayshin Lee

Several spires of Purple, Pearl & Green pyrotechnical streams of sparks were ejected from several locations around & atop the massive vault as a hidden platform aided the Headliner in his grand ascension. Back set toward the crowd, the Japanese export’s arms were extended outward before the platform stopped moving & the Hollywood transplant lowered his arms. Spinning about, the promotional newcomer snatched off & flung his jacket off the vault in front of him before basking in the hail of jeers...

Carrington: “...And his opponent...Making his way to the ring...From Osaka, Japan by way of Los Angeles, California...Weighting in at 195 pounds...He is ’The Headliner’...JAYSHIN! LEE!!!

Camera Four panned in closely to see Jayshin irking the masses with an arrogant sneer before preening against their ever so judgmental selves. The Japanese export threatened to backhand one of the cretins who happened to touch him without his permission. Hollywood’s Shining Star continued to parade himself around the squared circle before leaping to a kneeling posture along the ring apron. Beaming with a billion dollar smile, Lee nodded confidently before turning his attention toward Youngblood. Graham held his ground while the mouthy upstart continued his tour of Annoyance inside the ring. Purple Shorts with Platinum Stars adorned over its surface complimented his set of Black Boots with Lavender Kick Pads. Referee Underwood ensured that Jayshin was kept away from Graham as his music faded...


’Your God’ by Stone Sour angrily blared out from overhead as the arena’s interior was readily assaulted by the flickering barrage of Emerald, Purple, Blue & White hues. A heavier wave of jeers rang out as a living shadow was seen exiting the massive vault housing to stand boldly at the apex of the aisle. The arena lighting returned to reveal the West Coast native wearing a Black Sleeveless shirt with miniature outline of himself, arms outstretched toward the heavens merged with a Red Star that was melting at the ends like trails of blood. The letters ‘LS’ were etched in gothic font in the middle of that very star...

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; Making his way to the ring...He hails from Glendale, Arizona...Weighting in at 218 pounds...He’s the ’Rising Star’, LANDON! STEVENS!!!

Camera Two began to back pedal as The Rising Star casually assessed the crowd heat generated by his presence before uttering derogatory comments toward the camera & the people watching at home. Landon began to wring the tension from each wrist before sliding underneath the ropes. A slow ascent from the kneeling, Stevens cast several glares with the opposition while raising his fist to the heavens before snatching his shirt off & casting it over the top ropes. The musical interlude waned as Landon nestled himself into his respective corner and began stretching...


A turbulent mixed reaction bubbled over within the blackened landscape for several moments before ’No Association’ by Silverchair audibly crept freely from the PA system. The rolling bank of smoke belched forth from the circular opening. The Red & White pulses of light danced eerily overhead as the Blood Raven sauntered his way forward. Promptly executing his signature martial arts kata, the ninja angrily set off the pyrotechnical explosion at its conclusion before making his gradual vertical ascent...

Carrington: “The final contestant, making his way to the ring...From the Okayama Prefecture of Ibara, Japan...He weights in at 195 pounds...The Blood Raven...EIJI! KUGASARI!!! ”

The Prince of Puroresu was seen wearing predominantly Pearl with hints of Crimson & Onyx attire during his walk toward the squared circle. Every opposing eye was trained on him as he casually rounded the ring’s exterior before walking up the ring steps. Graham Youngblood was the most verbal as referee Underwood kept him at bay. Seen wiping his feet along the ring apron, Eiji held onto the ropes to reverse somersault flip himself into the ring. Jayshin nodded back at the ninja who merely stared back at him before tugging at the ropes & assuming command of his opposing corner. The ninja’s musical theme dissipated as Cameras Eleven, Nine, Eight & Six traded views of the four flyweight combatants, ready to wage aerial warfare amongst each other. The referee quickly checked the level of readiness of all before calling for the opening bell.

The audience hungrily cheered as all four rivals anxiously assessed each party for any opening. Fingers twitching was they all advanced toward the ring’s epicenter. All four engaged in a test of strength forming a human circle in the middle of the ring. Jayshin lifted his leg and broke the grip with Younblood. Jayshin then pulled Eiji in, who he was also locked up with and hit a Japanese Arm Drag! Eiji let go and was flipped by the move. Youngblood then charged in toward Jayshin, but Stevens swung his leg and hit a front kick that knocked Youngblood onto his back.

Jayshin then took advantage and lunged in with a super kick, but Stevens side stepped and went into a waist lock. Standing switch by Jayshin and a paid of elbows by Stevens broke him free. Stevens took off the ropes as Jayshin dropped down. As Stevens was leaping over Jayshin, Youngblood kipped up and hit an arm drag that sent Stevens to the outside from the momentum.

Jayshin then got a full head of steam, but Youngblood flipped him up and over to the apron where Jayshin landed on his feet, but he didn't see Eiji leap to the middle rope and thrust kick him off the apron and down to the floor! Both Jayshin and Stevens got back to their feet. Eiji and Youngblood took off to the ropes and both hit a Tope Con Hilo to the outside, taking them down!!

It's only been the opening moments of the match and already all four men have put their bodies on the line!

Eiji and Youngblood both got back up to their feet. Eiji grabbed Stevens and Youngblood grabbed Jayshin. They both rolled them into the ring and then got up onto the apron. They both clutched the top rope as they waited for their respective opponents to get back up to their feet. Once they were, Youngblood and Eiji sprung to the top rope and dove into the ring. Stevens side stepped a dropkick by Youngblood, but Jayshin wasn't able to dodge the thrust kick by Eiji. Stevens, however flipped into a bridge pin off of Youngblood's landing.



Eiji hit a running shooting star press onto the chest of Stevens to break up the pin!

Stevens held his stomach in pain as he got up to one knee, but Eiji kicked him right in the head! Eiji was about to go for the cover on Stevens when Youngblood surprised him with a school boy roll up from behind!



Eiji kicked away.

Youngblood and Eiji both got back up to their feet as Jayshin charged in toward them both. Both Eiji and Youngblood hit a double chop to Jayshin's chest that took him down to the canvas. Youngblood then wasted no time in hitting a knife edge chop to the chest of Eiji. Eiji responded with a quick front kick. Youngblood and Eiji then traded chops and kicks until Eiji started to kick just a bit harder.

Eiji got in a few good kicks. One of them staggered Youngblood back right into Stevens who leapt up and brought both knees into the chest of Youngblood as he fell onto his back. Youngblood bounced off of Stevens knees and right into a Michinoku Driver by Eiji Kugasari!



Jayshin leapt in and broke up the cover.

Jayshin then kicked Eiji in the head and brought him up to his feet. He then lifted Eiji into a suplex and dropped him straight down with a brainbuster. Jayshin then felt a clubbing blow from behind courtesy of Landon Stevens. Stevens then pulled Jayshin back into a reverse chancery, but when he lifted Jayshin up, Jayshin continued the momentum and flipped over Stevens landing behind him. Stevens now found himself in the reverse chancery position. Jayshin then swung his leg over and guillotine leg dropped Stevens down to the canvas from the reverse chancery position. He also had the cover!



Youngblood got there in time to break up the pin.

Jayshin got up and grabbed Youngblood by the hair, pulling him up. He then got some momentum and tossed Youngblood over the top rope and to the floor on the outside. When he turned around, he was met with a kick to the stomach by Eiji. Eiji then sent him to the ropes, but Jayshin held on. Eiji then charged in, but Jayshin lifted him up and over to the apron, but Eiji landed on his feet. When Jayshin turned around, Eiji hit a shoulder block between the ropes that doubled Jayshin over. Eiji then leapt over the top rope and hooked his legs under Jayshin's arms and flipped him with a Code Red Powerbomb!



Jayshin kicked out.

Landon Stevens got up to his feet and hit a drop kick to the knee as Eiji was getting back up to his feet. With Eiji in a knelt position, Stevens went for a Shining Wizard, but Eiji grabbed Stevens by the front of his tights and used his momentum to toss him through the ropes and to the apron. Stevens landed on his back and used the ropes to get back up. Eiji then leapt to the middle rope and hit a drop kick that knocked Stevens down to the outside. Eiji then went to the corner as he ascended to the top turnbuckle pad.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Youngblood circle around on the outside and leap up onto the apron. Eiji kicked away at him and got Youngblood off the apron, but he didn't see Landon hop up on the other side. Landon used the ropes to leap up and front kick Eiji in the face. Jayshin got back up and then leapt up to the middle rope, grabbing the stunned Eiji in a waist lock and in one fluid motion...


Eiji completely flipped over and landed on his stomach!! Stevens then ascended the turnbuckle pads as Jayshin moved out of the way. Stevens then flew off with a top rope elbow drop, driving it right into the heart of Eiji Kugarasi, but Jayshin wouldn't allow him to get the pin as he pulled Stevens up and tried for a DDT, but Stevens charged forward and drove Jayshin into the corner. Meanwhile, Youngblood then climbed up top and took aim. He flew off with a Frog Splash and slammed down on top of Eiji and had the cover!

Blood in the Water!



Stevens abandoned Jayshin in the corner and dove in as fast as he could to break up the pin!

When Stevens got back to his feet, he turned around and was met with a spinning wheel kick by Jayshin. Eiji rolled out of the ring to recouperate. Youngblood also got to his feet and headed to the ropes. When Jayshin got back to his feet, he was met with a running bulldog by Youngblood. Youngblood then took off to the ropes and sent for an Asai Moonsault, but Jayshin got the knees up. Stevens got up right when Youngblood landed across Jayshin's knees. Stevens kicked Youngblood in the stomach and grabbed him in a Gutwrench position. Stevens then lifted Youngblood for the Gutwrench Powerbomb when Jayshin got up and caught Youngblood on the way down with a hangman's neckbreaker!!!

Jayshin immediately stood and went for a kick to the head of Stevens, but Stevens ducked the kick and went for a school boy roll up from behind.



Jayshin kicked away.

Both men got back to their feet and hit a clothesline on each other in the middle of the ring. Eiji was still on the outside and all four men were down in this high octane flyweight four way!

Eiji was the only one recovering as he slowly saw that Youngblood, Stevens, and Jayshin were down. He then took his time and ascended the turnbuckle pads. He waited patiently as Stevens and Youngblood stood up. Eiji then leapt off the top turnbuckle pad... when he did this, Jayshin was getting back up to his feet. Eiji took out Stevens and Youngblood with a single leg drop kick to both men, landing on his back. When Jayshin stood and faced Eiji's direction, Eiji then kipped up and caught Jayshin with a huracanrana, flipping him over!

Eiji got back to his feet as Jayshin dizzily staggered to his feet and over to the ropes. Eiji charged in and clotheslined Jayshin to the outside! From behind. Youngblood got up to his feet and then dumped Eiji over the top rope to the outside! Youngblood turned around and then got smacked in the face with a super kick by Landon Stevens that sent him over the top and to the outside as well!!

All three of them began to stand on the outside as Stevens got a full head of steam. He leapt up to the top rope and flipped off...


Stevens took out all three men!!!

"HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!", chanted the jOlt crowd!

Stevens was the first up to his feet. He bent over and grabbed Youngblood and then rolled him back into the ring. Stevens then got up on the apron and grabbed the top rope. He then slungshot himself back into the ring with a corkscrew press. He then made the cover!



Jayshin reached in and pulled Stevens off the cover and back to the outside. There, Jayshin hit a knee strike to the face of Stevens. He then placed Stevens between his legs.. he lifted him up and nailed it....


Steven's back bounced off the ring apron and the crowd let out a collective "OOOOOH!" as Stevens fell limp to the mats at ringside!

Youngblood was still down in the ring. Jayshin then took to the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads to the very top. He took aim on Youngblood and then flipped off...


The corkscrew 630 splash... MISSED!!!! YOUNGBLOOD MOVED OUT OF THE WAY!!!

Youngblood quickly grabbed Jayshin and pulled him up to his feet.. he then hoisted Jayshin onto his shoulders....


Youngblood nailed his version of the Cradle Shock and had the cover!!



Eiji slid into the ring...

Three.... NO!

Eiji made it JUST in time and broke up the pin!!

Youngblood got to his feet and brought Eiji up to his. Youngblood then fired forearms to the face of Eiji before taking off to the ropes. Eiji shook it off and spun before leaving his feet with a discus roundhouse kick... in other words.. the Tenzo Kick to the jaw of Graham Youngblood! Eiji then surveyed the battlefield. Jayshin was still down and so was Youngblood. Eiji dragged Youngblood next to Jayshin and headed for the corner. He climbed up top and took aim on both men. Eiji leapt off with a double stomp, landing on both Youngblood and Jayshin at the same damn time!!


Eiji then made the cover on Jayshin..



Jayshin kicked out... Eiji then switched over to Youngblood and covered him...



Youngblood kicked out.

Eiji then knelt there with his hands on his hips, trying to figure out what to do next and how to keep one of these two down.

Eiji then bent over and picked up Jayshin off the canvas. Eiji then hit a snap kick to the thigh, then a spinning back elbow to Jayshin's head. Eiji followed that up with Spinning back fist and then finally an open palm strike to the jaw to complete the Crimson Sword Dance! By the time Eiji finished that, Youngblood was up and kicked Eiji in the stomach. He then quickly grabbed Eiji by the head and went for a DDT, but Eiji revesed it with a back body drop, causing him to land right on top of Jayshin Lee! Youngblood staggered up to his feet as Eiji then grabbed Youngblood in a headlock and then dropped forward...


Eiji then went to the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads, but Landon Stevens had recovered on the outside and crotched Eiji up top! Stevens hopped over the ropes and then ascended the turnbuckle pads. He wrapped his arm around Eiji's neck and fell backwards, pulling Eiji off the top...


Eiji bounced face first off the canvas and then rolled out of the ring to the outside, falling to the floor. Jayshin got back to his feet and was met with a kick to the stomach by Stevens. Stevens grabbed Jayshin by the head and slung him to the apron and then pulled him across the middle rope. Stevens then placed Jayshin between his legs and grabbed the top rope.. he used the top rope for leverage and then pulled Jayshin down...



Stevens made the cover and hooked the leg deep.


Youngblood was still down...


Stevens felt this was it...

Three.......................... NO!


Stevens then pulled Jayshin's foot off the ropes and tried for the pin once again.



This time Youngblood came to and broke it up.

Youngblood pulled Stevens to his feet and kicked him in the stomach. He placed Stevens between his legs and lifted him up for a powerbomb, but Stevens slipped off of Youngblood's shoulders and grabbed his head on the way down hitting a split-legged facebuster!

Stevens let out a bestial roar as he grabbed Youngblood by the head and pulled him up. He grabbed Youngblood by the head and nailed the small package driver...









Landon Stevens had done it! He survived three of jOlt's best flyweights and took home the victory.. but before the celebration could commence...


On the outside, Eiji Kugasari used the ring apron to pull himself up to his feet, but then got drilled with a vicious clothesline from out of nowhere...

Jimmy B. Martinez!

JBM then began to put the boots to Eiji on the floor. He then pulled Eiji Kugasari up to his and hoisted him up onto his shoulders. He then positioned him in a precarious spot and flipped him off his shoulders...


JBM just laid out Eiji Kugasari!! After dealing the damage, JBM hopped over the barricades and made his way through the crowd. Those in attendance didn't know what to make of this. Martinez had a shot at the jOlt Championship later in the night, but it was apparent he also had Eiji Kugasari on his mind!

Winner: Landon Stevens via Pinfall

"Moments Alone"

Craig Thomas "You nervous?" asked Strangler, without his mask, only his long flowing hair in his face and he pushed it behind his ears. There were no cameras around this time, just the two of them.

"No. Never. Just going through the motions in my head. This event means more to me than Power Struggle did. Tonight I could become the next jOlt Champion and that means something to me."

Thomas had a slight grin half smeared on the corner of his mouth. It was a different smirk than what we were use to seeing, this one carried determination with it. For once, The Ego was starting to take it seriously.

"We haven't broke the news about your training, so you can use that to your advantage tonight. Stay off your back and keep those feet moving. Use your strikes, you've got natural striking ability, but stay off the mat when Grendel, or Turnbull are in the ring. They will end you quickly if you allow it."

Craig agreed with Strangler as he continued.

"Steer away from submissions and just use those strikes and kicks and some high impact moves. You stick to that game-plan and you'll have as good as a shot as anyone else." Strangler continued, but with a different subject, "No one realized the real purpose for you bringing me into jOlt, they just assumed you needed someone to carry you to the top. But for two months, you and I have trained hard and I dunno if there is anything else I can show you that you don't already know. So I know you are ready for this, if you fail, get you ass back up and try it again."

Craig adjusted his wrist bands and nodded.

"Yeah and using The House really threw everyone off. I have to say, that was genius." he grinned, "But those monkies aren't so bad after all, they've changed my opinion on several situations. Those two guys, I've come to respect."

"I agree...just don't say that on camera...then everyone might actually like ya."

"I dunno what I'd do if Arena of Champions actually cheered for me."

Strangler laughed, "Me neither."

"It's almost game time, but do me a favor, let The House handle The Heirs alone tonight. We've been a big headache to them over the past few weeks. Let Charlotte know she can be at ringside with'em. And make sure The Heirs don't over power them, if you have too, even the odds but only if needed. After I get tonight over with, all of us are gonna sit down and talk."

Strangler nodded, "I'll take care of it, you just focus on what you have to do. Good luck, bud."

Strangler walked through the door and left Craig alone as he prepared for his shot at super stardom. All that stood in his way were seven other men.

It wasn't going to be an easy task by no means, but one thing was certain. Craig Thomas was starting to turn over a new leaf and The House had something to do with it.

Superstar Vince Jacobs vs Mike Extreme
Vince JacobsMike Extreme
"Melancholy (Holy Martyr)" by Iced Earth started to blast over the arena as the camera panned to the stage to see the monster Mike Extreme walks slowly out to the stage with Violet and Misty Gold right by his side. The fans were jeering loudly at the trio as the monster slowly walked down the ramp to the ring for the biggest match of his life. Extreme has made a very interesting impression on jOlt and also on Vince Jacobs. This war will eventually come to an end tonight as these two men will battle in a Falls Count Anywhere match which is right up Mike Extreme’s alley. Extreme rubbed his hands together as he climbed into the ring waiting for the superstar to come to the ring.

"I didn't have to come to the jOlt to become a superstar...I brought my spotlight with me"

The cheers would fall into hindsight with the visual eye candy, dancing across the ominous trinity of super screens. A select bevy of monikers would appear at random exploding on the Arena of Champions one after the other.

Pro Wrestling's Phenomenon - The Icon - The Living Legend – The Ratings Grabber- The Reason there is a show

After the last moniker appeared on the screen the all too familiar “Ring Superstar” reverberated throughout the arena speakers. Vince Jacobs in his ring gear made it to the stage.

The bank account's thick and his pockets are fat
Peep the smirk on his face when he watching you tap
A three-count or submission, which steez you wanna go?
'Cause this muthafucka right here is a reason there's a show!

Jacobs slowly made his way to the stage and looked out into the crowd. The fans were cheering loudly as Jacobs held both arms out soaking it in. SVJ was going at it alone tonight since he told Natalia to stay in the back. Vince wanted to prove to Mike how violent he could be if provoked. Jacobs made his way into the ring as fans continued to cheer him, especially when Jacobs climbed the turnbuckle and held out his arms to the crowd.

Vince hoped down from the turnbuckle and walked around the ring looking at Mike Extreme before he went to his corner. Misty and Violet made their way out of the ring as Simon Boulder talked to Mike in the corner. This match was right up Extreme’s alley as he was a hardcore specialist and Vince was a technical/Boulder. The crowd had been in a frenzy all night and it did not stop with the beginning of this match. Boulder checked both men before laying down the rules for the match. Basically there are no rules and a pinfall can happen anywhere in the state.

Buhrman: A lot of tension in that ring right now.

Powers: This is definitely an uphill battle for Vince.

Mike slowly walked around the ring and stood in the corner waiting for the bell. Boulder went over the rules of the match to both men in the middle of the ring. Boulder called for the bell.


The big grudge match was finally underway and both men started circling each other trying to figure how to get the first advantage of the match. Mike went to grab Jacobs but Vince ducked and nailed Mike with a couple of quick kicks to the knee. Jacobs being the savvy veteran tried to chop the big man down to size. Vince grabbed at Mike’s arm and drove another boot into his knee.

Extreme was reeling back to the corner as Vince went in with a few shoulder blocks to the big man’s midsection. Vince knew he had to keep the big man off balance and chop him down to his size. Vince grabbed Mike’s left leg and put it over the middle rope. He pulled back on the leg and knee trying to wrench it and possibly damage the knee. Jacobs continued to pull back on the knee with the ropes as Boulder looked on from the side as he knew he could not DQ Vince in this match. Vince continued to pull on Mike’s leg as Violet yelled at Simon from the apron. Vince stepped backwards as the fans cheered. He smiled before going back to the offensive. He nailed Mike with a big right hand in the corner to the adulation of the fans.

“Come on Vince get him out of the corner.” Boulder yelled.

Jacobs just smirked at Boulder before rocking Mike’s head backwards with a European uppercut. Vince grabbed Mike by the throat and started to choke the monster. The crowd cheered as Jacobs was giving Mike exactly what he deserved. Violet and Misty started to yell at Vince who stopped choking Mike and leaned over the top rope and blew the ladies a kiss. Violet was hot as she hoped onto the apron right into Vince’s face. Jacobs shoved Extreme’s manager off the apron to a roar from the fans.

Vince smiled as he turned his attention back to the giant. Mike was ready for Vince as he grabbed him and turned him into the corner. The big man unloaded with rights and lefts to Vince as the multi-time world champion tried to cover up from the fury of Mike Extreme. Mike pulled Vince up and stuck a big boot into his throat as he pushed on the top rope. Jacobs was choking and the fans jeered Mike Extreme. Misty started to cheer her man as Mike was now in control.

Powers: Extreme is just too much for Vince. I think SVJ has bit off more than he can chew in this match.

Buhrman: Jacobs may succumb to Mike’s power in the corner.

Powers: Extreme is starting to grow on me. The man wants to be a player in jOlt and this is his chance to take a big leap.

Buhrman: If he can beat Jacobs he will ascend in jOlt.

Mike Extreme grabbed Vince and pulled him from the corner, picking him and slamming him hard to the mat to every fans dismay. Mike bent down and hooked Vince in a rear choke trying to wear down the superstar. Extreme was putting all three hundred plus pounds down on Vince’s back. Jacobs tried to fight out of it but Mike continued to press down on the hold. The Icon was aware of his surroundings and grabbed the middle ropes and slung himself and Extreme through the ropes to the floor. Both men spilt to the floor as the fans cheered for Vince and jeered for Extreme. Vince grabbed the guardrail and pulled himself up. Mike also made it to his feet as well. Jacobs rushed at Mike and took him down to the floor with a big spear.

SVJ started to pound on Mike with big right hands on the floor. Jacobs was letting all his anger out on Mike on the floor.

“You are a piece of shit Extreme. I told you I was going to do things to you that were going to be inhumane.”

Jacobs got to his feet and lifted up the apron at ringside. He reached under the ring and pulled out a steel chair and a lead pipe. Vince picked up the steel chair and drove it into Mike’s leg. Jacobs looked down at Mike and drove the chair into his leg once more. The fans cheered with each chair shot. SVJ opened the chair and placed Mike’s leg in between. He was looking to cause some damage on Mike’s leg. However, Violet grabbed the lead pipe and nailed Vince in the back with it.

Violet dropped the pipe as SVJ turned around. Jacobs started to walk to Violet as she started to backpedal away from Vince. Jacobs continued to stalk Violet as this gave Mike enough time to get to his feet. Violet started to run around the ring as SVJ gave chase. Violet ran around the ring and Jacobs ran right into a big clothesline by Mike Extreme. Extreme got a sick smile on his face as he picked the chair up from the floor. Extreme held the chair up and drove it down into Vince’s back.





The fans erupted in jeers as Vince lay on the ground writhing in pain. Violet and Misty cheered Mike as the monster was now in control of the match. Mike picked Vince up and whipped him hard into the guardrail as Vince slumped to the ground holding his back in pain. Extreme smiled as he saw Vince kneeling on the ground.

“I told you I was going to hurt you Vince. This is just the beginning.”

Mike reached down and grabbed Vince by the hair. He nailed Vince with a big right hand that staggered the Icon. Jacobs crawling on knees to get away from the monster. Extreme stalked Jacobs around the ring. Mike nailed Vince with a kick to the back as Vince continued to crawl. Mike grabbed Vince by the hair and slowly picked him up from the ground. Mike tried to whip Jacobs into the guardrail again but Jacobs reversed it and caught Mike with a drop toe hold that sent the big man crashing face first into the steel guardrail. Jacobs made it to his feet and drove a knee into Mike’s head. Jacobs tried to get his bearings again as he sat on the ground near Extreme who was still lying near the guardrail. Both men had been beating the hell out of each other so far in this match.

Jacobs pulled himself up to the apron as Mike was still on the ground. SVJ waited on the apron for Mike to get to his feet. Extreme slowly made his way to his feet. Jacobs saw this and hoped onto the second rope. The Icon jumped off the ropes…. THE REASON THERE IS A SHOW

Jacobs hooked Extreme’s leg for the cover.




It was too early to keep the big man down. Vince quickly hooked both legs for another pinfall attempt. Boulder was on top of the cover again as he made his count.




Boulder held two fingers up as Jacobs looked on with a smile. The fans ringside was giving Vince love as he sat up from the pinfall. Vince rolled over and stood on one knee while grabbing Mike by the hair lifting the big man to his knees. Jacobs smirked before he backed up to the guardrail. He raced toward Extreme looking to connect with Star Gazer but Mike was ready for the Shining Wizard as he ducked. Jacobs’s momentum took him over Mike’s head to the floor. Mike went over and grabbed Vince and placed him in a sleeper hold.

Buhrman: Looks like Mike is trying to wear down the veteran.

Powers: Jacobs needs to get out of this hold. He can’t continue to support this much weight on his back.

Mike continues with the hold as Boulder checks the hold every now and again to make sure that Extreme is not choking Vince. Jacobs trying to fight out of the hold but Mike continued to apply more pressure keeping Vince grounded. Jacobs suddenly started to slowly fade as Boulder checked on the Icon.

Powers: Mike looks like he got Vince on the ropes.

Buhrman: Vince looks like he’s fading fast.

Powers: Mike is really showing me something tonight.

Buhrman: Well doesn’t look like SVJ’s going to make it.

Boulder grabbed Vince’s arm and raised it up in the air.


Boulder raised his arm again.


The crowd was hush as Mike was one drop away from taking that next step. Boulder reached in and grabbed Vince’s arm once again. He slowly raised his arm in the air.


Violet damn near had a heart attack as Vince was still in the match. Jacobs with a burst of energy stood to his feet and turned into the sleeper, lifting Extreme up and down with side suplex. Both men lay on the floor as the fans started to cheer for Vince, trying to get the Icon to his feet. Both men start to move slightly but neither man got to his feet. Each man was exhausted as the fans started to chant for Vince.





Both men were finally back to their feet. Mike went for a clothesline on Vince but the Icon ducked and sent Extreme over the guardrail to into the crowd with a back body drop. Before Mike could even gather himself Vince hopped onto the top of the guardrail balancing and waiting for Mike to get up. Extreme got to his feet as Jacobs flew off the top of the guardrail.


Jacobs nailed Mike with the Corkscrew Plancha to the floor. That got a reaction from the fans.






Buhrman: WOW!! What a move by Vince Jacobs.

Powers: That’s why the man is an Icon. You see these people standing because of his athleticism.

Both men crawled their way through the crowd as the security guards kept the fans at bay. Jacobs got to his feet first again and dragged Mike Extreme near the exit sign. Jacobs rammed Extreme into the wall as Mike fell to the ground again. Jacobs walked near the door and pulled a table from the side and set it up. Jacobs walked over to grab Mike but the big man nailed him with a low blow that sent Jacobs crumbling to his knees.

The fans jeered Mike Extreme but he could care less as he grabbed Jacobs by the throat and in one quick motion drove him through the table with a huge choke slam. The table split in two as Jacobs lay in the rubble. Violet yelled at Mike to cover Vince. Mike slowly pinned Jacobs in the rubble of the table. Boulder went down for the cover among the crowd.



THR--- NO!!!!


Extreme couldn’t believe what just happened. He thought he had this match won. Violet was yelling at Boulder but Jacobs did kick out before the three count. Mike quickly went back to work on Vince by picking him up and tossing him against the wall. Vince hit the wall hard and bounced out because of the force that Extreme sent him in with. Jacobs ran right into a big boot by Mike. Extreme knew it was going to take more to keep Jacobs down so instead of going for a pin he picked Vince up. He hooked the Icon and drove him to the ground with a double underhook suplex. This time he dropped down for the cover. Boulder got into position to make the count.




Jacobs still has fight left in him.

Mike grabbed Vince and pulled him to his feet. He drove Vince down with a big sidewalk slam. But he didn’t go for the cover. He actually picked up Vince again and pushed him up the stairs. Mike hooked Vince for a power bomb from the stairs but Jacobs drove a few right hands into Mike’s temple trying to break the hold. Jacobs took Mike down from the stairs with a huricarrana. The fans once again popped for Jacobs as both men were back on the ground.

“I am going to make you pay for what you did, Extreme.”

Mike smirked at Vince. “You’re still a pussy Vince.”

Jacobs smiled at Mike. “And you’re a big dick, so I guess we’re even.”

Vince crawled over to the exit door again and grabbed another table. Getting the first table did not go to well for him but Jacobs did not care. He set the table up near the stairs as Mike was started to get to his feet. Jacobs asked one of the fans for his steel chair. He looked at Mike and held the chair high in the air to the roar of the crowd. Vince drove the chair right into Mike’s head but the big man did not fall. Jacobs put more force in the next blow which sent Extreme falling back onto the table.

SVJ smiled as he looked up into the second deck. Vince started to climb the stair up to second deck which was about 25-30 feet from the ground. Jacobs told Extreme he was going to hurt and I think Vince has bad intentions on his mind. Vince stood on the ledge looking down at the table where Mike Extreme lay. Jacobs jumped off the ledge.

THE REASON THERE IS A SHOW Vince Jacobs landed on Extreme through the table from about 30 feet in the air with a shooting star press. Boulder looked was right there as he counted the pinfall.




Vince Jacobs picks up the victory over Mike Extreme but at what cost. The EMTs raced out through the crowd to check on both men. The crowd went nuts as Jacobs just brought this crowd to their feet. The EMTs check on both men as the camera fades to the backstage area.

Winner: Superstar Vince Jacobs via Pinfall

"The Pendulum of War"

?????? JCON sat with his wife, Sweet Aroma, since the two had been back in jOlt it had been quite the roller coaster ride for one of jOlt’s “power couples”. At times it would appear JCON was a threat to both the jOlt and Underground title after winning the Relentless title more than once. The problem was when it came time to cash in and take the next step something always got in JCON’s way. Then, of course, Waymoth would straight beat JCON for his meal ticket. JCON also had more than one chance to be in the Thieves Honor match which didn’t pan out. All in all it seemed JCON’s luck had ran out.

“It’s bullshit!” JCON complained to his wife. “I should be in that match! I should be jOlt champion! I beat both Derecho and Sylo back to back! This place has done nothing but try to keep me down since I walked in the door!”

Aroma wouldn’t attempt to correct her husband. Instead she’d sit quietly and let him vent.

“I deserve more! I’m not a star, no, I’m a superstar and yet I get treated like some mid-card fodder! I don’t even have a match tonight! I have half a mind to go to the ring and just mess up the entire main event!” JCON was seething. His ego wouldn’t allow him to admit that maybe he had screwed up.

“Ah, pouting are we?” A modulated voice spoke from the shadows. JCON and Aroma both jumped and turned as JCON was on his feet in no time.

“I know that voice…you’re one of those terrorists…well if you’re thinking you can take me out you’ve got a fight on your hands!” JCON roared into the shadows.

Only modulated laughter would follow. Typically it had been three men in masks but this time four stepped from the shadows.

“Mr. Conspiracy speaks about conspiracies. Ironic, isn’t it? You, Mr. Conspiracy, are the same scum cut from the same degenerate cloth as Jim Johnson and the so called board of directors. He seems to have forgotten about us but I assure you we haven’t forgotten about any of you.” The largest spoke, his voice undistinguishable due to the built in modulation device.

JCON just clinched his fist and his teeth.

“If you think-“ JCON was cut off as the largest held up a single hand.

“Mr. Conspiracy, we are not here to hold council with you. We are here to set yet another example of the impending war that will befall jOlt in due time. We will, of course, allow you the opportunity to let your wife leave,” The larger man stood with both hands behind his back, staring at JCON, even though his face and eyes were concealed.

“No way!” Aroma shouted. JCON looked to his wife.

“Aroma, get out of here, now.” JCON’s voice was quite as he accepted his fate.

“But-“ Aroma went to interject but JCON shot her a stern look.

“NOW, AROMA!” JCON screamed at his wife. She was hesitant but finally ran out of the locker room area.

“Fine, do what you must but-“


One solid fist to JCON’s gut would send the air violently out of his lungs. All four men closed around JCON and began beating him down. JCON tried to fight back but the numbers game wasn’t on his side. He hit the floor, hard, as the group of vigilantes began throwing hard stiff kicks all over JCON’s body. One of the men lifted JCON back to his feet and threw him into the lockers leaving a dent as he crumpled to the floor.

The biggest attacker would squat next to JCON.

“Nothing personal, Mr. Conspiracy, but Mr. Johnson must see the truth and accept it. Just know the pain you feel now serves to further the war. Your blood will serve as the start of the tidal wave that will engulf jOlt as we reduce it to cinder. We thank you for your sacrifice, Mr. Conspiracy,” The bigger one looked at JCON a moment before standing up.

He drew back a boot and began to savagely kick JCON’s head into the locker. Blood splattered all over the locker and nearby floor. One last shot and JCON was out cold. The four men looked down at their handy work and the largest nodded to the others.

“Come. Our work here is done. I doubt his wife will be long and she’ll be escorting security and EMT’s. Let us exit, Mr. Johnson will know what this means, and besides we have all the time in the world.”

The group finally made their exit and seemingly disappeared into the shadows. Not long after Aroma ran back in and screamed as the EMT’s checked on JCON.

“GET A GURNEY IN HERE!” One shouted. JCON wouldn’t be ruining a main event this evening. Instead he’d be spending the night as well as the next few nights in an Orlando Hospital all thanks to the actions of one group bent on the destruction of jOlt. War was coming, that was a given, but the question remained – when?

The House (c) vs The Heirs of Wrestling
Adam RoebuckDerrick HuberFrank SilverRyan Gallway
It was now the time of the night for the jOlt Tag Team Titles. The House had fought hard against any and all challengers and had been successful in-ring since setting foot into jOlt Wrestling. The two monsters, “Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber and “The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck came in and shook up the tag team division en route to winning the belts at the last PPV, Power Struggle.

The Heirs of Wrestling were their challengers and since earning a shot at the jOlt Tag Team Titles they’d antagonized, attacked, and publically berated the Tag Team Champions for weeks. Now that the Heirs had their second chance to get to the belts, The House have defiantly stood in their way. Will The Heirs of Wrestling finally be able to wrestle with the gold or will the champions retain against the Heirs for a second time.

“The following match is a tag team contest! This match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the jOlt TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS!

The nifty Tag Team Championship graphic appeared on the screen for all to see. The fans were ready for what was to come.

“Money” by D/R Period.

Lights began to flash rapid pulses of green as the anthem of all things cash started to play. Three figures were hidden in the shadows and stood with their backs to the fans. One large man in the middle. One short man on the left . One well-built man to the right.

Their jackets started to light up one by one and when it came time to see what was happening, the fans jumped out of their seats. The short man jumped.


A big, bright purple H was on his back. The tall man jumped next.


The O was bright and silver. Finally, the last person stepped up.


The W was gold. The lights flipped back on and the douchebags in their matching light-up jackets walked to the ring, ready for action. Behind them with a light-up Tiara was none other than the Heirs’ newest addition, the prissy “Heiress” Sarah Winterton! The foursome marched to the ring in unison.

“First, introducing team number one… being accompanied to the ring by Ryan Gallway and Sarah Winterton… they are the team of Frank Silver and Mack Brody… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!

Brody and Silver tapped fists before the two bigger men of The Heirs headed into the ring. They would need everything they could hit the champions with if they wanted to win the jOlt Tag Team Championships from the dominant House.

“Turn The Page” by Metallica.

The rock music played for the fans as a set of red and green pyro exploded on the stage. The lights snapped back on and the crowd cheered for the appearance of The House! They were now with Derrick’s lovely wife, Charlotte for the second time that made this all seem kind of cheap, but Huber and Roebuck had to remember that they were hoping to put the growing nuisance of the Heirs behind them.

“And their opponents, they are the jOlt Tag Team Champions at a combined weight of 777 pounds… the team of “The Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber and “The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck… they are THE HOUSE!”

The monster Tag Team Champions walked down to the ring while Charlotte Huber had on some sequined attire with the theme of Tank Girl. She gave a kiss to her hubby, Derrick, while Adam Roebuck climbed into the ring and looked ready to tear somebody apart.

“I’m gonna fuck them up myself,” Roebuck scowled as he looked at the Heirs inside the ring.

The Heirs were all huddled up in one corner discussing strategy while The House each talked about how bad they wanted to fuck these stupid preppy kids up. The House had been indentured to Team EGO via Charlotte’s contract owned by Craig Thomas, so they needed to do what they could to fight off the Heirs.


Referee Johnny Markson (new rookie referee) raised the belts over his head and showed off for the crowd before he handed them to the timekeeper. ‘Midas’ Mack Brody was starting things off for his team while Adam Roebuck was ready to tear shit up. The two men met up in the center of the ring and started to talk shit.

“I’m gonna break your fucking face, pretty boy,” Roebuck hissed.

“You WISH you had my pretty face, chunky fuck!”

Said pretty face had a big right hand delivered right to it courtesy of The Big Bucks! Roebuck took the fight to Mack and continued to drill the heavy of The Heirs with a volley of right hands. Brody was sent stumbling against the ropes trying to defend himself against the big Las Vegas native. He fired back with a few elbows of his own and backed him off before Brody went for the dirtiest move he could think up…


That fuckface.

The crowd booed while a grumpy Mack continued to hold Roebuck in place with the simple hold. It was clear he was doing this to piss off The Big Bucks and it was working. Roebuck tried to fight his way out but he had a tight grip around his neck with his massive arms.

“Come on, fight back!”

Adam backed up to the ropes and sent Mack Brody shooting across the ring. SuperMack came back and tried to rock him with a shoulder tackle that sent him stumbling back a step. Roebuck stood his ground in the ring and told Mack to try it again. Frank, Ryan, and Sarah all cheered Mack on as he took off across the ring and tried his luck a second time to knock the big mass of Roebuck off his feet, only to stun him briefly.

The Big Bucks shot a sly grin across his face. He egged Mack on to try his luck one more time. SuperMack ran across the ring and tried a third time when Roebuck popped him in the stomach with a low kick. Sure it might have been a dirty move, but Roebuck gave somewhere in the realm of zero to negative five fucks.

He pulled Brody into the corner and smashed his face into the turnbuckle repeatedly while the fans cheered on the big man. Roebuck held his hand out for the crowd…



FOUR HUGE BLISTERING Open Palmed Chops found their mark on the chest of Brody. He was a big man but even he felt the pain in his chest while an angry Roebuck continued to assault him. The Big Bucks fired off a series of back elbows in the corner to wear down the former jOlt Tag Team Champion. He whipped Mack across the ring and tried to follow him in with a big Body Avalanche only for Brody to sidestep and send the big man crashing into the corner.

While Roebuck was sucking up air, Mack rolled over and tagged in Frank Silver. The de facto leader of the Heirs ran into the ring and charged right at The Big Bucks with a volley of hands in the corner before putting the boots to him.

“The belts don’t belong to you, fatty!”

Frank continued to try and throw fists at him only to be stopped by Roebuck. It seemed The Baron of Ballistics had been stopped in his tracks and whipped him to the corner of the House where Charlotte was waiting.

“Go get him, hubby!” Charlotte shouted.

Huber smiled and tagged in while Roebuck whipped Frank off to the ropes. He caught him in a Sidewalk Slam and waited while The Oddsmaker ran off the ropes…


The Jumping Elbow Drop put Frank Silver down! Roebuck left the ring while Huber went for a cover.




Silver got the shoulder up after the first cover of the match. The House were dominating things early and were going to try and keep The Heirs off their game. The crowd supported Derrick Huber as he lifted Frank up off his feet. Silver caught him by the jaw and blasted him with a European IUppercut that knocked Huber off his game.

The Sovereign Superman grabbed Huber by the body and forced him into the corner where he fired off a volley of alternating chops and European Uppercuts to the head to try and wear him down. Huber tried fighting back, but the technically savvy Silver continued to fire some uppercuts to the big man.

Silver arrogantly raised a fist in the air while Derrick Huber was shaken in the corner from Frank’s assault. The leader of the Heirs headed off the ropes for something big only for Huber to EXPLODE of the corner with a nasty Thesz Press! He tackled Frank to the ground and rammed the back of Silver’s head into the mat repeatedly trying to almost bust his brains open on the canvas.

The Oddsmaker stood up and let out a roar to the crowd before he pulled Silver up by his hair. He whipped him off to the corner and now had his turn to exert some violence. He fired off a succession of headbutts to the face and body of The Baron of Ballistics. Huber was pissed off over everything the Heirs had done… even stupidly ripping off some AT&T commercials earlier while bashing them.

He grabbed Frank by the throat and BIELED him across the ring! Silver was a big guy himself (6’3” and 255 lbs to be precise) but Huber tossed him around like a small child. Frank tried to get back up again and was caught around the waist before being tossed overhead a second time with the Belly to Belly Suplex! Huber rolled over and tried going for the cover on Silver again.




Gallway and Winterton were wincing on the outside over the beating that Frank was taking from the Tag Team Champions. Huber peeled Frank off the mat by his hair and threw him over to the corner. The crowd roared and yelled their full support for The House as Huber tagged in Roebuck. Huber dropped Frank on the mat with a Scoop Slam. Huber hit the ropes first and came back with a big Elbow Drop to the chest of Frank. Silver yelled out in pain but what was gonna happen next was worse because Roebuck ran across the ring and dropped his massive leg across the throat!




Mack got the boot back into the head of Roebuck to break up the cover. Roebuck and Mack continued to have words with one another (none of which could be repeated… wait. PPV.) Okay, so Roebuck said Mack was a giant queer while Mack told Roebuck that he and Charlotte had contests who see whose mouth could hold more sperm… Huber’s sperm.

After that colorful banter, Roebuck stood up and pulled Frank up with him. He went for the ropes and tagged in Huber again. Adam Roebuck pulled Frank up and held him in place so Huber could deliver a violent kick to the chest. Silver coughed up as he hit the mat holding his rib cage.

“Get him, baby!” Charlotte cheered on again.

He winked at his girl before heading over to the ropes. Sarah Winterton tried getting involved, so Huber winked at her as well. Mack was pissed and tried jumping into the ring only for referee Markson to stop him. Huber then delivered a couple of cheap shots behind the referee’s back. Hey, these kids were talking shit about his wife. I’d probably kick them too.

Once he was finished hurting him Derrick Huber ran off the ropes to capitalize on another assault…


The blow was enough to stun Huber. When Frank stood up that gave him enough time to bounce between the ropes…


The crowd winced from the Rebound Clothesline that was full of impact. Frank finally scored with something big and just like that the momentum swung the way of the challengers. Frank took a second to compose himself after all the beatings he’d taken from The House in the last few minutes before he rolled over and fired off a barrage of right hands into the face of Derrick.

“You fucking prick!” Silver screamed.

Just like his Godfather.

Frank stood to his feet again and rolled over to make the tag over to Brody. The two men came into the ring and now finally had the edge. They led Huber into the ropes before doubling him over with a double kick to the chest. Huber was brought to his knees while Frank ran off the ropes and delivered a STINGING European Uppercut to the back of the head. Huber hit the mat as Mack ran off the ropes and delivered a Jumping Splash. A nice sequence of moves put Huber on the canvas so now The Heirs had full control.




The Bronze Bombshell was pissed when Huber got his shoulder up. Mack then pulled him from the canvas and got in Huber’s grill.

“You can’t beat us, Huber!”

Huber begged to differ and fought back with a series of desperation Forearm Smashes to the face. He continued to fire him back before he ran off the ropes only for a Running Elbow from Mack to SMACK him across the jaw!

“Midas” Mack Brody was a monster in his own right and he put him down rather quickly. Once Frank had a little time to recover he tagged in Frank and the two men went to work some more. Both Frank and Mack each took and arm and launched him off into the ropes again. When he came back Mack kneeled over and delivered a punch to the stomach. He was doubled over so Frank could come off the ropes and deliver a Corkscrew Neckbreaker. Mack finished off the combination of moves with a Running Senton this time!

Two painful combinations of moves had completely turned the tide for The Heirs now while Mack left the ring. Frank kneeled over and hooked both legs of the larger Huber.




Adam Roebuck had come into the ring and dropped a big kick into Frank’s back. The giant was reprimanded by the referee and ordered to go to his corner. Mack talked some more shit from the corner so Adam gestured by slapping the crook of his right elbow with his left hand – another fancy way of saying “fuck you.”

“Tame that Neanderthal!” Sarah shouted her own words of encouragement.

Charlotte took notice on the other side of the ring. “Don’t listen to that thesaurus-reading tranny!”

Gallway pointed and yelled at Charlotte from his side of the ring.

“You do not speak to The Heiress like that! Babies die and angels lose their wings.”

After Frank shook off the kick from Roebuck, The Knight of Sunday Nights turned his attack back to Derrick Huber. He jumped in the air and landed a Double Foot Stomp across the chest to knock the wind out of the big man before he casually strolled around the ring. Frank then walked over and he did it… the son of a bitch did it…

The royal pinky.

And with that…


The Flash Elbow dropped on his head and the crowd gave Frank Silver hell for his cocky maneuver. The Baron of Ballistics stood back to his feet and kicked Huber in the head lightly several times, talking trash the entire time.

“You suck and your wife pleasured me last night!” Frank laughed.

Charlotte looked like she threw up in her mouth a little while Roebuck desperately wanted to get into the ring and smack the stupid fuckers around. Mack Brody continued to watch from the corner of the ring while Frank went back to the attack.

Silver snatched him back off his feet only for Huber to fight back and drive more fists into the chest. He continued to fight back and clubbed him backwards until he backed Frank into the corner with his latest flurry. The Oddsmaker came charging at him until Silver caught him and DROVE him face-first into the turnbuckle with a Reverse STO!

The big man slumped over in the corner while Frank celebrated his latest counter like they’d won the jOlt Tag Team Titles. Frank rolled over to the corner while Huber was downed and made the tag over to Mack to bring the heavy of the Heirs into the fold. Brody stepped into the ring and the two men went over to the corner to pound away on Huber.

“Baby, get out! Come on!”

Charlotte slapped on the ring apron and the crowd clapped along with her while Huber tried to get away from the two Heirs. They whipped him into the cross-corner to set him up for whatever move was coming up next. Mack set up Frank and whipped him across the ring to hit some sort of move only for Frank to get hit with a big elbow to the face.

The malfunction at the junction – as one could say – was Huber’s chance to get away. Mack took a chance charging when Huber moved and sent the big man crashing into the corner. Huber took off to the ropes and came back…


The Cannonball Senton in the corner crushed Mack under the weight of Huber! The Heirs were finally making a mistake and the veteran Huber capitalized on it. The Oddsmaker rolled away from them and tried making his way to the corner while he had the chance.


Ryan and Sarah were sweating bullets while Charlotte was willing her husband over to the corner of the champions. Adam Roebuck was stomping his hand on the ring apron trying his best to get the crowd going. He was ready for a tag and he was ready to get in there and kick some ass. Huber was almost there…


Little more…



The House needed this win badly if they wanted to keep the belts and keep Craig Thomas happy. Mack Brody had made the tag over to Frank who was back in the corner. Frank rolled into the ring and charged right at the monster which turned to be a mistake. He clubbed Silver in the face and knocked him right over. When Frank stood up a second time Roebuck was waiting and he clubbed him with a back elbow to the face. A third time was just as unsuccessful for Frank Silver when he kicked him in the face with a good shot.

He grabbed Frank and sent the leader of the Heirs flying into the ropes. When he came back, he ducked under another Clothesline from the big man. Frank came back looking for a Crossbody only for Roebuck to catch him…


Frank Silver was sent flying across the ring courtesy of The Big Bucks! Roebuck stood up and saw Mack coming out of the corner of his eye when he caught the big man with a kick to the chest and sent him flying off to the corner. He charged at Mack and pancaked him in the corner with a Body Avalanche!

On the other side of the ring, Frank was starting to get back up and used the corner to pry himself up but this turned out to be a big mistake. Roebuck was in his line of vision and SPLATTERED him in the corner with another Body Avalanche of his own. He grabbed Frank by the waist as he staggered out of the corner only to FLATTEN him with a Belly to Belly Suplex!




Mack broke up the fall by getting past Huber and dropping a big leg across the chest of Roebuck. Derrick Huber came back into the fray and tried to stop Mack only for The Bronze Bombshell to blast him with a knee and toss him outside the ring for the moment to get rid of him.

The Big Bucks came swinging at Mack and the two monsters went toe-to-toe in the ring reminiscent out of some shit you’d see out of Pacific Rim. Roebuck tried stopping him with a Headbutt to the face! Roebuck saw Frank starting to stir in the opposite corner and ran at him…


Frank moved and Roebuck hit nothing but the corner. However, Mack didn’t miss when he charged at Roebuck with a Running Shoulder Tackle in the corner! Even Roebuck was stunned after a big move like that and Mack lifted him. The fans were amazed…


Mack had enough strength to SUPLEX the big man overhead with an Exploder Suplex. It wasn’t the most pretty looking move in the world, but it did its job and the crowd was amazed with the strength of Brody. Frank was waiting on the second rope and drove off with a Flying Elbow! That double-team sequence from The Heirs could net them the titles!




Huber grabbed Frank by the leg and pulled him off his tag team partner! Derrick pulled him out of the ring and slammed him into the barricade! The action was getting frantic between everybody involved now and The Heirs were doing their best to keep up with the two monster Tag Team Champions.

Mack came out to the ringside are to help his tag team partner by attacking Huber. Brody and Huber continued swinging on the outside while back on the inside of the ring; Frank was trying to capitalize on Roebuck being down. He kicked him in the chest and looked like he was going to go for the Cradled Styles Clash called the Stay of Execution… But Huber was almost twice his mass!

Silver tried, but Huber was too big and Back Body Dropped him right over to the cheers of the crowd. Frank was kicked in the chest by the big man and lifted over his shoulders. The Bad Hand was coming…

“NO, DON’T!”

Sarah jumped into the ring and pleaded with Roebuck to show mercy. Roebuck gave no fucks about such a thing after all that The Heirs had done. Charlotte ran into the ring and KICKED Sarah Winterton flush in the face! The Heiress was down and The Heirs gave chase!

The referee tried to break up the skirmish between them while Ryan ran into the ring and dropkicked the knee of Roebuck, making him drop Frank in the process! Ryan was a capable athlete in his own right, but Roebuck dwarfed him in size. Adam simply PUSHED him outside the ring…


Frank took the opportunity to grab of the belts and bash Roebuck in the face! The crowd started to boo as Roebuck was stunned from the shot. Roebuck was brought down to a knee while Silver dropped the belt in all the chaos…


Frank rolled him over and slid the belt out of the ring to dispose of the evidence. The referee turned his back and finally saw Frank…


Huber tried getting back into the ring when he saw what was happening…


…But Mack stopped him by holding onto the legs…



Frank rolled off of Adam Roebuck’s body and headed outside the ring! They had done it! Through the advantage of their number and the chaos at ringside, The Heirs took full advantage and they had won the jOlt Tag Team Titles for the second time!


Frank grabbed Ryan and the two Heirs took the jOlt Tag Team Titles from ringside! Through cheating and chaos, they had managed to hand The House their first pinfall loss in jOlt and in the process swipe the belts right from their fingertips.

Huber sunk his heads in his hands and looked absolutely stunned. The jOlt Tag Team Titles were supposed to be theirs as payment for Charlotte’s freedom from Team EGO. But now that The Heirs had won the belts, they had nothing.

The Heirs grabbed Sarah Winterton and pulled her up the ramp while holding the belts! The snobby dickheads had made good on their promise to bring gold back to their camp. inside the ring, Charlotte joined her husband and their fallen friend. Huber looked down at the barely conscious Adam Roebuck, who was pissed at himself for what happened.

Meanwhile at the top of the ramp, The Heirs of Wrestling were rejoicing at what they’d accomplished. They were one of only two teams to have held the jOlt Tag Titles more than once and for sure they would rub this victory into the faces of whoever they could. Mack and Frank raised the belts over their heads and basked in the jeers. The cocky bastards would probably celebrate tonight.

While Charlotte and the referee were checking on a frustrated Adam Roebuck, Derrick Huber didn’t take his eyes off the Heirs as they disappeared behind the curtain. They’d pay for this.

They would fucking pay.

Winner: The Heirs of Wrestling via Pinfall

"Performance Issues"

Sylo Sylo sat alone in his locker room locked in deep meditation before he’d step out in front of a lively, loud, and explosive crowd that totaled up in the thousands which didn’t include the countless others watching Thieves’ Honor from the comfort of their own home. Even though his Locker Room sat toward the back of the building, a good distance from the crowd and gorilla position, he could still hear them roaring.

Thankfully for Sylo he’d spent years learning to tune everything out and focus on the task at hand. It was one thing to be physically ready but a lot of people forgot the importance of being mentally ready. Being mentally prepared for a match could be the deciding factor between a win and a loss but tonight it wasn’t about a win or a loss, it wasn’t about the combination of leather and metal combined into a belt to mark the Underground Champion, no, it was about finishing what he and Kenshiro had started a life time ago.


The knock was small. It could have easily been drowned out by the fans but Sylo had caught it. He didn’t miss much even though a lot believed he didn’t pay attention to many things in jOlt. Sylo didn’t raise his head nor open his eyes as he called out for whoever it was behind the door to enter.

Jimmy B. Martinez.

Sylo could just feel something wasn’t right with his protégé, the kid he had dubbed “The Supernova”, and upon opening his eyes he could see Jimmy WASN’T alright. Sylo studied Jimmy for a moment, searching his eyes, and finally Sylo saw what it was. He knew that look but he decided to let Jimmy say it himself if that’s what he wanted.

“Hey, boss. You got a sec?” Jimmy asked quietly. “I know you’re getting ready and all so if you want to be left alone I can go.”

“No. Come in, Jimmy. Close the door and have a seat.” Sylo’s voice was calm and collected. For a man that had been a towering rage monster for a month it was shocking to see him so calm but the time for violence hadn’t come yet. That was soon enough.

Sylo watched his protégé, who, up until this point had shown a much more confident and aggressive side. It was something Sylo had enjoyed seeing. Sylo wasn’t afraid to admit he was proud of Jimmy and he told him every time Jimmy put his all into something whether he won or lost. Sylo would also be the first to admit that for someone so young and so green, Jimmy B. Martinez hadn’t just ran with the proverbial ball with his training, no, he ran with the ball and had scored six. Now, though, it seemed all of Jimmy’s progress had come to a screeching halt as he sat on the couch just slumping down in it.

The two would just stare at one another. The silence seemed endless and even though Sylo knew Jimmy wanted to talk he wasn’t going to ask what was wrong or force the kid. He just needed to give Jimmy time to collect his thoughts.

“I’m going to tape up. You wanna put the show on?” Sylo asked as he reached in his bag and pulled out black tape.

“Nah. Not really in the mood. Where’s Aria?” Jimmy asked as he watched Sylo begin the process of wrapping up each hand to about mid-forearm.

“At home.” Sylo replied not looking at Jimmy. He was focused on wrapping the tape just right, taking his time, making sure it was perfect. “I figured she didn’t need to see what was coming. She worries too much but I understand why. I didn’t want to put any extra stress on her and the baby even though she’s probably watching at home even after I told her I didn’t want her to watch,” Sylo sighed still focused on the tape.

“I guess it’s hard for her,” Jimmy replied. “She’s a competitor but she hasn’t been able to compete. I also suppose it’s hard for her to watch you go through hell and back in damn near every match you’ve been in since you started in this company,” Jimmy replied before moving both hands up to his face rubbing at his eyes. He hadn’t slept. Sylo could tell that by the bags under his eyes.

“It’s hard for her to watch you too, you know? She worries about both of us. She wants to help. You’re right, she’s a competitor, and it drives her crazy she can’t fight side by side with us. At the same time she doesn’t want to see anything bad happen to either one of us. She’s had nightmares about it. I’m hoping it’s just a side effect of being pregnant or something,” Sylo finished his left hand and smacked the tape to make sure it was secure before pounding it into his right, non-taped fist.

“Nightmares?” Jimmy asked as he rested his elbows on his knees and rubbed the back of his neck.

“Yeah. She stirs in her sleep. Thankfully she’s not the type to wake up screaming but sometimes I can hear what she’s saying. It’s always stuff about one of us breaking our necks or having to be rushed from the arena for emergency surgery. Usually I just wake her up, calm her down, and she sleeps the rest of the night but lately it’s been worse,” Sylo shrugged as he began taping up his right hand just as slow and methodically as the last.

“Fear,” Jimmy muttered. “Yeah I guess I know about fear. That doesn’t make me weak does it?” He asked looking up at Sylo. Sylo actually stopped taping his fist and looked up at Jimmy.

“No, kid, it makes you human,” He responded before setting his gaze back on his fist and continuing his work.

Jimmy let out a sigh and raised his head to stare at the ceiling. He ran both hands up his face and finally through his hair before dropping his head again. Sylo watched out of the corner of his eye. Something was defiantly up with Jimmy and as stated before, Sylo knew what it was.

“Spill it,” Sylo finally said as he kept wrapping his right hand.

“I just, I’m just, how do you do it? How do you stay so calm before a match so huge?” Jimmy’s tone suggested he didn’t understand how anyone could be calm before a huge match, especially docile like Sylo usually was before a match.

Sylo stopped and sighed tearing the tape off and securing it. He slammed his right fist into his left and just like before it was ready. Sylo tossed the tape over to Jimmy who caught it and shrugged before he started taping his own fists.

“Do you honestly think I’ve always been this way? Look, kid, I’m not going to lecture you, I’m not going to psyche you up, and I’m not going to give you some sermon. I’m defiantly not going to tell you it’ll be alright or that it gets better because those butterflies in your stomach turn into fucking pterodactyls jacked up on steroids as soon as your music hits. It’s normal though. My first big Main Event at a show this size I was terrified. I actually shook during my entrance even though I was able to hide it.” Sylo pushed the hair out of his eyes and stared at Jimmy.

“And I don’t care what anyone says, right now, going into the Thieves’ Honor match there’s a lot of people that are feeling exactly what you are. They’ll lie about it but I promise you right now Turnbull, Thomas, and even Aran are going through the exact same thing. If they’re not, they’re fools, because fear is natural. Hell, Aran has been doing this for a long ass time now and while he and I don’t see eye to eye, I know he’s terrified. He’s never been in a match this big,” Sylo continued to stare at Jimmy.

“But Grendel, Tyke, Spike Saunders, and Derecho are just fine I guess?” Jimmy asked. Sylo stood up turning his back to Jimmy as he went through his gear in his other bag.

“No, not fine, just used to being on the big stage. Grendel doesn’t have enough of a brain to be scared. Derecho is probably terrified but he knows what he has to do. He has everything to lose in that match. That match does not favor the champion. His back is against the wall and I promise you that scares him but he’s a veteran and he’ll push that fear down and use his brain to overcome his fear,” Sylo replied as he threw on his WAR dog tags.

“So what do I do then?” Jimmy asked, his voice laced with a hint of desperation, and that made Sylo feel for the kid. He knew that feeling all too well.

“You go out there and you use the various strategies we came up with and you use the training I’ve put you through for almost a year. Once the bell rings and you start doing what you do best the rest will fade away. You won’t feel fear at that point. You’ll feel pure adrenaline.” Sylo grabbed the Underground and Legacy Titles moving back over to the bench and draping them across before looking back at Jimmy.

“And if I lose?” Jimmy asked.

“Then you try again and you keep trying and you keep working until it’s your time. Win or lose, all I expect from you is your best. If you do that you’ve done everything right. You just have to realize sometimes it’s not your night but there will be other nights and eventually one of those nights will be yours. You were the most dominate Flyweight Champion I’ve ever seen.”

“I only had the belt thanks to you,” Jimmy seemed as if he wasn’t snapping out of it. Sylo let out a huff of air.

“Look at me,” Sylo said, his voice wasn’t aggressive but clam and reassuring. Jimmy looked over to Sylo giving him his full attention. “Did I make it possible for you to easily win the Flyweight title? Yeah I did. I gave you Phoenix on a silver fucking platter. After that moment though it was YOU that defended that title and kept that title and now you go down in history as not only one of the greatest Flyweight champions in the history of the belt but also the last. You’ve already made history, Kid! You haven’t even been here a year and you’ve made history. Tonight, win or lose, everyone in that ring is going to know who Jimmy B. Martinez is and they’re going to know he’s one hell of a fighter but that’s only if you start believing in yourself right now.” Sylo scanned Jimmy’s eyes and he could see it…

The Spark.

Jimmy sifted through his thoughts for a moment as he stared at the carpet of the Locker Room. When he raised his head back and met Sylo’s gaze Jimmy’s eyes burned with resolve. He was driven and all that fear seemed to melt away. Jimmy nodded his head as he locked eyes with his mentor.

“You’re right. You’re fucking right. It’s not the end of the world if for some reason I don’t win. You can bet money I’m going into this thing with every intention of winning but most of all, at the end of the night, no one will ever underestimate Jimmy B. MOTHERFUCKING Martinez EVER AGAIN!” Jimmy stood up pumped. “EVERYONE will know that the goddamn Supernova is here to fight and by God if I go down I’ll take as many of them with me as possible!” Jimmy damn near roared out.

Sylo just nodded as he stood back up, extending his hand, and looked at Jimmy. Jimmy locked his hand with Sylo’s and they embraced as brothers. Sylo slapped Jimmy on the back and smirked.

“See, it’s that simple.”

“Good luck with Kenshiro. I hope you beat his brains out. Fucking ninjas!” Jimmy did roar this time.

“And you go out there and show them exactly who the fuck “The Supernova” Jimmy B. Martinez is. The world is yours, kid. All you have is time. So when that music hits and you step through that curtain you walk with your head up, your chest puffed out, and you RAIN HELL on ANYONE that gets in your way,” Sylo smirked as he looked to Jimmy.

“Thanks brother. I’m going to go get ready but I’ll be watching your match. Let’s go out there and show the world who the fuck we are!”

“Fuckin’ right! Now go get ready . You’ve got a lot of ass to kick tonight.” Sylo replied grabbing both belts and strapping them on. It was almost go time for him.

“You’re damn right I do! I’m going to go get ready RIGHT.NOW!” Jimmy was pumped.

Jimmy headed for the door pulling it open. He stopped for a second and looked over his shoulder.

“Hey, Sy?”

“Yeah Jimmy?”

“Thanks…for everything,” Jimmy smirked.

“If you really wanna thank me go do what we do best and that’s kick peoples asses.” Sylo replied as he finished strapping both titles on.

“You got it brother. You better fuckin’ believe it!”

Sylo watched a more confident Jimmy B. Martinez leave his locker room. Sylo couldn’t help but to smirk.

“I swear…sometimes that kid can amaze even me,” Sylo said to himself before shaking his head.

Sylo realized he had a few minutes so he grabbed his phone out of his bag. Sylo would spend a few moments texting back and forth. The messages would read: It's go time. Just wanted to let you know I love you and JJ.

Reply: Good luck, baby. JJ? Why are you so sure we're going to have a boy? ;-)

I just know. We'll have a Jr. running around.

Reply: Great! One you is enough! Though I do really love his daddy so I know I'll love him. Might not be so bad after all. Miss you. Wish you were in bed with me.

I know but work calls. Jimmy and I will be on the jet on our way home as soon as the show ends. Well I should get ready, babe. It's about time. I love you.

Reply: BE CAREFUL! I love you! "JJ" loves you! Be safe and kick Kenshiro's ass!

Sylo locked his phone with a genuine smile. He took a moment to look at his lock screen background: A picture of him, Aria, and Jimmy. Sylo smiled a little more before tucking his phone away and zipping his bag up so he and Jimmy could get out as soon as the even ended.

He headed for his own locker room door and like flipping a light switch Sylo’s expression became nothing but pure granite. Jimmy was set. Jimmy was good. Now it was time for Sylo to go do what Sylo did best and that was go put on one violent ass match for one long ass hour against one of his greatest rivals to date. It was go time.

"Every Man for Himself"

Waymoth Turnbull ​Thieves’ Honor had so far been goin’ off without hitch, and the Arena of Champions was a lit ablaze by the adoration of its patrons. Still, the night was far from over. The main event, a Thieves’ Honor Match for the jOlt Championship that pitted some of the best jOlt had to offer against each other - all for the chance to call themselves great.

Derecho, the title’s current holder, had to bear witness as the cards were stacked heavily against him with seven other men. With each card, the chances of him walking away as the champion became more and more nonexistent.

One of his opponents was Waymoth Turnbull, former Relentless Champion, and one of the most ruthless individuals to step foot into the jOlt squared circle in recent memory. His goal was no different than any of the other six in the match – even though he may have proclaimed otherwise just moments earlier.

Waymoth wanted to be the jOlt Champion.

The man that had become known as the “West Indian Obsidian” was getting himself together as the time to the main event drew nearer. He’s seen seated in an aluminum chair that almost appeared too small for his hunkering size just a foot or so away from his assigned locker. He ferociously wrapped his wrist and hands, using his teeth to rip away at the tape when it fit what he wanted, opening and closing his fists to ensure proper fitment and comfort.


Without notice Waymoth introduced his right fist into the door of his locker. Waymoth smiled pleasingly as he moved his fist and gave the view of the indentation that had been made. Waymoth flexed his fingers again as if the introduction of fist to metal had meant nothing to his hand’s wellbeing. Waymoth returned his attention to the duffel bag of his gear had been in, reaching and grabbing the new singlet that he was set to debut later tonight. As he rested it on the back of the chair, a familiar voice is heard. “You always had a thing for property destruction….never understood it myself to be honest with you,” Cloyd Monsanto had only entered the locker room moments ago but his welcome was already beginning to wear itself out. Waymoth stood up and faced Cloyd – ready for any possible confrontation that maybe out to occur.

“Woah there my friend, I’m not here for a fight…not in the slightest, in fact, I came to wish you the best of luck in that match tonight,” Cloyd tried his best to reassure Waymoth that his suspicions were ill-placed.

“In fact, I also want to let you know that I’m proud of you. I may not agree with how you handled the whole situation, but you finally made good of all the bullshit and time I invested into you all these years,” Cloyd said, keeping his hands up as he moved closer to the champ.

“I guess I could admit that I took it a bit too far..”

“Hmph, yuh tink so?” Waymoth replied unimpressed by Cloyd’s faux praise. He didn’t expect anything better from the man, but it was a start. “T’say dat yuh tek it too far is a unnastatement.. Yuh come up ‘ere and tink because ah owe’d yuh some change dat yuh could push m’career in whateva direction you see fit. Ah grown man me be, and ah set out to mek sure dat de mark ah make was mine and mine alone!”

“By layin’ down for another man?” Cloyd scoffed, not helping the situation at all, “I saw what they were sayin’ about you on twitter William, whether or not you choose to believe it, Aran did you no favors. Not only did you humiliate yourself on live television by just layin’ there like a dead fish, but you put yourself in a position that may put you right where you began with me! The only difference is; I actually gave a damn about YOUwhereas Thompson could careless unless it meant there was something in it for HIM.

When you think about it, which one o’them braincells of yours convinced you that this was a great plan? Was it the same one that also convinced you that Aran didn’t leave a couple strings in your back to make you dance?”

Waymoth Turnbull stood as he listened to the words of a man who he called his Mentor. They may have had their fair share of differences over the decade they had known each other but it didn’t change the fact that something between the two had changed. The trust was gone.

Still, Waymoth had no time for what begun to develop into a “Montel” or “Dr. Phil” moment. It was too little, too late. Waymoth responded the only way he could; frigidly.

“Yuh done now?” Waymoth replied coldly, “Ah gah beh’ter tings to do dan sit aroun’ listenin t’yuh gripin’ about yesteryear. So ‘less yuh need sometin’ else from me, den I suggest ya kick bucket.”

“Heh, I see that you’re going to continue going the hardheaded way. That’s fine, I guess you feel that I deserve that and you could be right…” Cloyd stated with disappointment in his tone. Maybe he had hoped that the Savage Islander would come to some kind of realization. Still, Cloyd knew that he was on a journey to a lost cause and decided it was time to take his leave. Turning on his heel, he faced the door to the locker room but paused his step, “Actually…I do have one more thing.”

“Wha it ta’is you want now?” Waymoth replied heatedly. He wanted this encounter to be over and done with, but his wish was not being granted.

“You remember the last thing your father said when you first introduced me to him? And you tried to convince him how good of an influence I was on you?”

“Yea, ah do,” Waymoth replied, his attitude softening as he’s forced to reminisce with the memories of a Father lost, “De man tell me, ‘if yuh nah mash de ants, yuh nah gon’ find he guts.””

“Exactly….exactly,” Cloyd got exactly what he wanted, smiling as he opened the door to the exit. As he prepared his exit, “Mr. Relentless” himself walked into the doorway. The two locked eyes, a gaze that implied that there was a brooding hatred between them. Cloyd looked back at Waymoth once again, “Never forget to mash the ants William.”

On that note, Cloyd left the room, leaving only the Relentless Champion and the newest acquisition to his growing Family in the locker room area.

It was then Aran stated what everyone in the audience was sure to be thinking, “What the hell is that supposed to mean? We got ants in here or somethin’?”

“Island people…” Waymoth replied, not really wanting to go in to explaining what had just transpired. He only shook his head and returned his attention to his gear. In a few mere moments, the man that stood behind him, no matter what deals they may have made, will be his opponent. The goal and quest for the championship is something that will echo with both men and the understanding that “every man for himself” will be more than just a cliché.

Sylo (c) vs Ninja K
SyloNinja K
There was a brief moment of stillness within the Arena of Champions before Camera Fifteen drew the adamant cheers from the attention starved masses. There was a upheaval of cheers after the twins set of jOltvision monitors flickered angry static before displaying both champion & challenger on opposing screens for several moments before being abruptly going black. Camera One panned in slowly onto the dapper Dean Carrington who was standing by with a microphone in hand. Referee Simon Boulder stood beside him with both arms folded behind his back at parade rest. A brief smile flashed across his face before he exhaled deeply.

Buhrman: “jOlt Wrestling fans; it’s time. The sub main event is here yet with this capacity crowd has been expressing a literal bloodlust for the possible culmination of this volatile war waged for the jOlt Underground championship.”

Powers: “I have to agree with you, Buhrman; these two have literally laid waste to any & everything set between them as this is more as a personal vendetta with the Underground title set in the middle to add more gasoline to this promotional wildfire.”

Buhrman: “60 minutes. One full hour of violence. Governed by Underground Rules. People; you have to understand that a ‘regular’ Underground Rules match is beyond grueling. The lengths of careers are expected to be shortened & they usually range within a span of several to nearly 20 minutes. Tops yet an entire hour of unmitigated violence? This is not only a first for this championship alone but given the already bloodied history of both champion & challenger, it’s hard to fathom exactly what will unfold right here tonight.”

Powers: “I am going to be brutally honest but I can’t stand neither one of these guys. However, I know for certain that this will be one for the jOlt history books. Given the circumstances, you have to expect both men to be more cerebral rather than bash chairs like a couple of idiots.”

Buhrman: It sounds weird admitting that we are actually on the same page tonight. You are right. This will be a War of Endurance & Durability. Both men are very familiar with everything that is expected in this division and with the championship hanging in the balance, every competitor is no doubt watching to pick their opportunity to cash in against the unfortunate winner of this contest. I don’t expect neither man to leave unscathed on any level tonight yet here is Dean Carrington standing by...”

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen, jOlt Wrestling fans, both here in the illustrious Arena of Champions and to those around the globe, watching at home...The following contest is an IRON MAN MATCH....for the jOlt Wrestling UNDERGROUND CHAMPIONSHIP!!! This match is with a 60 minute time limit where falls count anywhere by way of pinfall, submission or knock out will be accumulated. The individual who manages to secure the most victories will be the winner...

Camera Ten casually panned across the Southeastern section of the arena triggering a energetic response from that area before Camera Thirty offered a bird’s eye pan across the western ground floor section with a legion of hands waving, pointing and fists thrusting upward. A seismic pop radiated as the arena was immediately submerged in darkness. The abundance of crowd noise continued to resonate amidst the infrequent luminescence of smart phones & glow sticks. The occasional volley of air horns blaring to further intensify the atmosphere...
’Vicarious’ by Tool

The tsunami of crowd heat rattled the rafters as the casual strumming of guitar strings continued with their gradual ascension. Exit 125 became the portal to belch forth the strobe lit overcast of smoke. A heavily obscured shadow was captured by Camera Thirty Five as the guitar riffs reached their acoustic summit. The angry riffs lured the challenger forward to a thunderous ovation as the ninja stretched his fingers & rotated his wrists, drawing his eyes shut while training toward the concrete earth before him. His clasped hands were drawn to rest against the bridge of his nose for several moments...

Carrington: “...Introducing First...the challenger; making his way to the ring...From the Kansai Prefecture of Osaka, Japan...Weighting in at 245 pounds...”He’s the ‘Athletic Freak of Nature’...KENSHIRO!!!! INOGAMI!!!!!!

The arena lights returned to full brightness to reveal the ninja extending his arms outward, flaring a gnarled set of fists before the masses. Head reared back longingly before fully extending his hands & fingers. Chest heaving with his head slowly trained toward the opposing side of the arena before gradually lowering his arms. Adorned with the hues of predominantly Pearl, Onyx, Crimson & Gold, Kenshiro casually scanned the horizon before gradually making his way toward the elongated uncovered stairwell. Random hands grazed his person undisturbed as the Inogami Clan leader continued to pop the bones in his neck during his descent. The ninja briefly caressed a adolescent fan’s face while power walking toward the ground floor.


Powers: “What do you expect, Buhrman? These psychopaths literally enjoy this arrogantly glorified garbage wrestler. This is nothing short of drunken frat boy madness set on the company’s dime. I get why these idiots are excited because this is actually personal between these two morons.”

Buhrman: “Unlike my ‘esteemed colleague’ here, to hold the Underground title is a definitive statement in & of itself as the champion, without question, usually is the proverbial ‘Bull of the Woods’. Unlike the jOlt Championship, the Underground Title itself, bears its own unique history. Especially to both challengers & champions alike yet much has been relegated to heavy speculation, among other things.”

Powers: “This isn’t the time to entertain one of your lame ass ghost stories, Buhrman. Focus on trying to call a decent match.”

The ninja halted his walk to stand nose to nose with Khadafi & Statuz Quo at the ground level. Duzza & Dallas Griffin advanced forward with the wheelchair bound manager inaudibly yelling to his crew before every member begrudgingly moved passed the ninja with Dallas pushing Duzza onward. One fan held his hand up for a High Five only for the ninja cast a brief glare at him before moving onward to the ground floor. Camera Thirteen offered an angled panning shot of him maneuvering his way through the crowd. Clearing the barricades, the ninja silently basked in the enormity of the moment before casually walking up the ring steps and coming to momentary halt along the ring apron. Kenshiro snatched the hair band away to allow his greyish-white locks to descend before sweeping them free from his visage. Camera One monitored him looking back into the screaming sea of humanity before passing through the ropes and making his ascent up the nearest turnbuckle. Moments elapsed before he dropped down & stood atop the opposing turnbuckle. Fingers rolling with anticipation, his face was again obscured by hair before whipping his head back & breathing in the moment. Kenshiro climbed down to assume command of his corner as his music subsided and the referee approached him to make a preliminary inspection.

Dueling chants between pro-challenger versus pro-champion began to ring out as Ninja began tugging at the ropes before casually pacing the immediate perimeter in wait for the imminent war ahead...


And the elated masses would make their voice heard with a thunderous roar. The normal herald of the Destroyer had been replaced by the deep and almost hypnotic voice of James Earl Jones as he quoted a section of The Destruction of Sennacherib by Lord George Gordon Byron

For the Angel of Death spread his wings on the blast,
And breathed in the face of the foe as he passed:
And the eyes of the sleepers waxed deadly and chill,
And their hearts but once heaved, and forever grew still!”

The jOltvision screens were caught displaying the slow motion movement of a white stallion & its bared rider, Death itself, amidst their unified march toward imminent destruction when the visual of an ascending mushroom cloud filled the screen. The PA system reverberated the looming shockwave before the entire massive vault housing area jettisoned several massive spires of blueish flames toward the heavens in rapid fire succession. Several mid-sized flames were set off, leading to the squared circle where all four turnbuckle angrily ejected hellish flames of a bluish-white hue. The lighting displayed Ninja K set in the position of seiza several paces from the ring’s epicenter. The audience roared adamantly as the spires were quickly extinguished.

“Get some” - Chevelle

The downpour of auditory madness erupted from the PA system as the jOltvision monitors began casting forth a literal archive of benevolent violence and unrepentant dominance of the opposition. Atop the housing compartment of the massive vault, the bluish flames began to grow and dance with intensity as the jOltvision monitors displayed the infamous hulking titan throwing a punch toward the screen. The scene immediately switched to an entire side of a tall building ruptured by a massive explosion. The unfortunate souls were seen falling toward imminent doom. One was rapidly descending toward the screen before the screen blacked from the impact. Sizable cracks formed against the screen, spelling out the name of the reigning Underground Champion with hints of Crimson, running along the fragmented surface, before turning to the trademark blue of The Human Natural Disaster. Camera One noted a hulking silhouette with its head downcast.

Carrington: “...And his opponent...From Atlanta, Georgia...Weighting in at 335 pounds...He is the current...reigning & defending jOlt Wrestling Underground Champion of the WORLD! ...He is the ‘Super Beast’...THIS! IS! SYLO!!!!!!

Camera One panned back as the champion fully extended his arms outward overhead, igniting the unified series of flaming spires to shoot upward. The pewter finish of the Underground Championship flashed a hardened gleam as light danced along its surface as Sylo plodded forward. The Legacy title remained draped over his left shoulder with him securing it against his chest like a warrior’s armor as he prepared to ride into the mouth of war. Black hair was strewn primarily over his face; the champion traded visual daggers between himself and the ninja waiting on the opposing side within the squared circle. The hulking mammoth stood eerily reserved a foot before the ring, allowing the flashbulbs to dance unchecked from his immediate flanks. Pulling the Legacy title off his shoulder, Sylo reached up and jumped from the floor onto the ring apron before using the steel cables as a slingshot to propel himself over the top rope and with amazing agility end up almost dead center of the ring.

Camera Three captured the champion casually unsecuring the Underground title from his waist before raising both belts slowly overhead. A rousing pop hit an audible spike as Sylo stood before Kenshiro, who never wavered with both arms folded across his chest. Simon Boulder patiently grabbed the Underground title and longingly raised it overhead as Sylo held out the belt for Carrington to make himself useful and ensure of its safety. The referee approached and both champion & challenger stepped backward to their respective corners as the Super Beast began popping his neck & the bones in his extremities. The Arena of Champions became a literal echo chamber as the dueling chants cast for both challenger & champion flooded the vast interior. Simon Boulder looked at each man and the crowd rallied as he called for the opening bell...

Buhrman: And here we go!

Both Sylo & Ninja broke into a dead sprint toward the ring’s epicenter where parries a searing Left Hook before drilling the title squarely under his left shoulder blade with a Spinning Back Elbow. The champion gnashed his teeth as his retaliatory Spinning Back Elbow sailed overhead, leaving him open to endure a Spinning Back Hand Punch immediately followed by a punishing Right Hook. Ninja’s Back Elbow Strike was quickly parried with a Shove yet Ninja’s Leaping Roundhouse soared over the champions head, leaving the ninja open to eat a hard Forearm Shiver across the chest. The impact send the ninja rolling backwards to a knee before sprint back after his rival. Sylo successfully blocked the ninja’s kicking onslaught before connecting with a menacing Body Shot. The ninja landed & was staggered by a Right Hook to the Jaw. Kenshiro used a Cartwheel to a brief retreat backwards to recover. The monster pounded his chest, urging the ninja to fight as he quickly closed in.

The Inogami Clan leader power walked forward toward his rival who hauled off with a searing Uppercut! Kenshiro quickly sidestepped the attack yet his Forearm Strike was blocked by Sylo yet Ninja staggered the titan back with an swift Open Palm Punch to the mouth. The Super Beast was quick to clasp onto Ninja’s wrist to stop the Punch yet the ninja extended his fingers outward, rearing the champion back by pressing firmly against Sylo’s Adam’s Apple. Coughing violently, the Super Beast managed to slap away the ninja’s Rising Knee Strike to knock his attacker backward off balance with a stiff Shoulder Ram. The Underground champion’s Backhand Strike was trapped by the ninja’s hands as his Diving Somersault put him in position to searing High Angled Roundhouse Kick. The kick cast Sylo’s hair about as it soared overhead, allowing the behemoth to grab Kenshiro by the leg and snatch him toward him along the canvas. The monster’s punch left a sound imprint into the mat as Kenshiro quickly rolled to the side, push himself up with one hand before driving his free foot into the grill of his enemy.

Wrapping himself around the leviathan’s arm, Kenshiro prompted Sylo to laying a series of random heavy body shots while seeking to effectively counter the variation of a Cross Armbar. The legions roared as Sylo broadened his base to hoist the ninja upward & soundly slam him against the nearby turnbuckle. His Forearm Smash bounced angrily off the turnbuckle padding yet he grabbed the ninja by the lapel and slammed him spine first against the corner. Kenshiro’s defenses attempted to weather the MMA style punching maelstrom before being cast nearly halfway across the ring via a Biel Throw. The challenger stumbled slightly before regaining his footing as Sylo spat out a pronounced dose of crimson before flashing his stained canines. The menacing stare radiated an oddly enhanced sense of hatred, brimming from within. Stalking after his prey, Sylo fired off a quartet of punches that grazed the nimble ninja who swung in with an Overhand Punch. The champion latched onto the arrant wrist yet easily trapped the Right Hand with his massive fist. The mountain of muscle & sinew mocked his rival by laughing. Blood dripping from his lips as their respective arms trembled with mutual tension.

Ninja’s brow furrowed while quickly assessing his situation before slamming Sylo’s face with a stiff Headbutt! A 2nd & 3rd finally allowed the ninja to jettison the champion backwards with a Drop Sault to a crouched posture. A mild stream of blood ran down from between Super Beast’s eyebrows as he staggered backward briefly. Dabbing his life essence with his fingertips, he licked the blood from his lips before motioning the ninja to come back for more. Both men power walked toward the ring’s epicenter yet Sylo spat crimson into the ninja’s eyes, temporarily blinding him. A hard Left Hook staggered Kenshiro sideways into the path an immediate Right Cross. A 3 hit Combo sent the challenger retreating wildly into the corner. Muay Thai Knee Strikes came in droves as the bewildered ninja sought to reclaim his bearings.

The ninja parried an incoming Knee Strike with his padded foot heel before slamming his Forearm against Sylo’s Thigh yet the titan wailed on his masked rival with a flurry of Overhand Forearm Strikes before connecting with a furious Knee Strike to the ninja’s Abdomen, lifting him off his feet a few inches. Sylo leaned him back to forcibly rip the partial mask free from the ninja’s face before connecting with a Hard Elbow Strike against the clan leader’s jaw. 2 consecutive Body Shots were the prelude to a angry Uppercut cast a notable stream of crimson from the lips of Kenshiro as it cascaded onto three fans situated in the front row. The ninja’s body was almost flung over the top rope from the impact yet Sylo grabbed him by the shoulder and pulled him back into the corner. The pro-Sylo demographic displayed their amassed bloodlust as their champion hoisted Kenshiro overhead before sending him sailing into the crowd with a Running Gorilla Press Toss. Several fans in the 5th row fell out of view as Kenshiro knocked them over. The blood drunken God of the Underground division perched himself atop the middle turnbuckles to emit a primal scream with both arms & fists extended outward.

Buhrman: “Jesus Christ! We are only over 5 minutes into this contest and the challenger has been sent sailing into the 7th row!”

Powers: “Both men are bloodied already, Mike. I could have told you these neanderthals were incapable of sound strategy. (mockingly) Me Sylo. Me hurt Pajama man... ”

Buhrman: “You better be careful there, Nate. These guys have no qualms in making short work of you.”

Powers: “They better focus on each other. As for Ninja, he’s gonna going to need a hell of a lot more than Tiger Balm before this night’s over...”

Camera Seven offered an overhead pan of a low crawling Kenshiro who was seen grabbing one of the patrons by the collar of his shirt who had the misfortune of having blood spat on his shoes. Simon Boulder continued counting...5! ...6! ...7! Planting his hand on the seat of a free chair, the resident Antihero pulled himself up to his vertical base. Seen flexing the hinges of his jaw, Ninja lumbered forward through the cheering masses. Meanwhile, Sylo was seen wiping his mouth with his forearm while clearing the barricades before grabbing the ninja’s hair and leading him forward through the crowd. Camera Five switched just in time to notice the ninja being forcibly shoved over the barricades onto the padded floor. Strewn out near the ring apron, Kenshiro reached underneath the apron was his oppressor knelt down & wrapped his massive hands around the ninja’s throat. Eyes bulging out, the Ronin managed to retrieve his patented Japanese Rose Stem - A Singapore Cane encased w/ hardened Honey, strands of Barbed Wire & Glass Shards....


A faint stream of crimson ran along the champion’s brow as the ninja’s makeshift weapon was tangled up in his rival’s hair. The champion howled in utter anguish as Ninja angrily attempted to pry the weapon free. One hand was still choking Kenshiro as Sylo desperately sought to use his forearm to pry the weapon off himself. The separation was made yet Sylo splashed crimson across a pair of light colored shirts while whipping his head away. Strands of the champion’s hair dangled from the barbed wire wrapped weapon. Camera Two followed Sylo as he crawled away on all fours before leaning against the Spanish Announce Table. Kenshiro remained around the corner working to regain his breath, coughing harshly. Palming his right eye, blood continued running between Sylo’s fingers. Camera Three captured the image of Kenshiro rounding the ring post, armed with a the Japanese Rose Stem. Ninja pointed the weapon at the referee, prompting him to keep his distance as Kenshiro closed in & slammed the weapon against the champion’s shoulder. A jagged splatted pattern was left along the giant’s right shoulder as he quickly staggered sideways before collapsing between the Spanish & Lead Announce Positions. The pro-Ninja crowd let their voices be heard as Kenshiro pointed the Japanese Rose Stem at his enemy before methodically beating the champion’s back, calves & quads. Writhing in sheer pain, Sylo rolled over to his back & reached upward only to recoil from being smack across the chest!

Camera One zeroed in as Kenshiro stalked after the grounded champion, panting with red beads of blood were coalescing across his back. Ninja grabbed the Super Beat’s legs in preparation for an Inverted Indian Death Lock before arching backward and bracing the Japanese Rose Stem across the bridge of the champion’s nose! Blood flow gradually increased as the howling monstrosity clawed at the ninja’s hands. Several intentional moments elapsed before Kenshiro arched himself upward, allowing his rival to collapse. The masses responded as Ninja flicked blood over to the lead announce team in sheer defiance...

Powers: AW SHIT! I got blood on my suit! This is an Armani suit, you asshole!

Buhrman: Nate; either one of these guys are a problem you really don’t need. You better keep it down.

The Athletic Freak of Nature broke the weapon atop the table before casting it before Nate Powers’ lap. Sweeping his hair back, Kenshiro spat crimson onto the table before battering his enemy with a series of Back Mounted Cross Face Punches. Referee Boulder kept watch was Sylo mustered a marginal defense for the ongoing onslaught before shoving Sylo’s head against the ground. Ninja casually sauntered toward the ring apron before pulling out a Steel Garbage Can, filled with a regular Kendo Sticks & assorted hardcore debris. Having dumped out its contents, Ninja turned his attention toward Sylo thus raising the canister overhead yet Sylo humbled the ninja with a stern Punch to Kenshiro’s mid section. The ninja stumbled backward to a crouched position as a bloodied yet pissed off champion sought to reclaim his bearings. Both announce teams were quick to scatter as Sylo began hurling chairs at the sinewy ninja. Sidestepping the incoming chairs, Kenshiro leapt atop the Spanish Announce table, grabbed the battered Rose Stem & swung at the champions head yet Sylo ducked, grabbed Ninja by the wrist and snatched him off the table to slam him shoulder first atop the lead announce position. Kenshiro gnashed his teeth as he fell behind the table out of view.

Asphyxiation - {Boot Choke} left the ninja pawing at his attacker’s calf & ankle. A methodical hail of Stomps would batter the ninja’s chest before he stepped over to pick up Kenshiro’s weapon of choice. Coughing up spittle, Kenshiro sought to reclaim his footing yet groaned audibly as Sylo cracked him across the lower back. The 2nd hit sprawled Kenshiro across the lead announce table as the 3rd caught a large portion of the ninja’s attire. Planting his foot between the ninja’s shoulder blades, several tugs by the champion were needed to literally expose the ninja’s left shoulder blade & lower back as the ninja fell onto the other side of the table out of view. The broken weapon beared the tattered fabric at the fragmented end, leading Sylo to snatch the fabric off the shattered object as a make shift bandage to minimize the blood loss from his arm before throwing the broken cane aside...

Buhrman: ...angry feedback...

Powers: ...angry feedback... ”I can’t””cheap shit””

The angry King of the Underground reared back and kicked the Spanish Announce position atop the Resident Antihero, spilling both TV monitors onto the floor. The audience roared as the Underground Champion knelt before the ring apron before dragging out a table. Leaning it against the ring, Sylo would pull out a 2nd table and shove it over the top rope before lumbering over to the other side of the broadcast table after Ninja. The kneeling ninja was grabbed by the hair allowing Ninja to swing the TV monitor, shattering the screen with the impact against the giant’s skull. Sylo fell against the barricades before collapsing along the floor. The Inogami Clan leader stumbled forward before grabbing the television cord and wrapped it around the champion’s throat. Planting his foot against the barricades, Ninja sought to strangle the life from his rival before slapping Simon Boulder’s hand off of his shoulder. Ninja stood toe to toe with the referee and ordered him to count the champion out. Boulder stared back at the ninja briefly before starting the count...







The Super Beast powered his way back to a knee with the help of the barricades. The challenger looked at Boulder before commandeering the unfolded tables resting against the ropes. Hoisting it overhead, Ninja readjusted himself before gaining a running start. The champion & fans in the front row scattered for cover as the elongated missile careened soundly against the barricades. Sylo gnashed his teeth as he snatched the cords free from his throat and stumbled over toward the ring. Sylo stepped aside the Ninja K Baseball Slide Drop Kick, allowing the ninja to turn about & landed a powered Right Hand across the Ninja’s jaw. Kenshiro stumbled wildly several feet away before Sylo grabbed him by the arm and flung him toward the ring steps, soundly knocking the upper portion over! Ninja slowly pried himself off the steel obstruction when Sylo grabbed the ninja by the hair and repeatedly banged his head against the steel steps. A splatter pattern began to grow with each impact before being flung backwards, left sprawled out along the floor. The hulking leviathan stared at his rival and the masses respectively before pulling the steel steps base away from the ring. Grabbing the ninja by the hair again, Sylo took another moment to look out into the crowd. Kenshiro weakly pawed his captors arm before being battered with a malicious series of Clubbing Forearms. Having dropped to the floor, the ninja was at the Underground King’s mercy, who hoisted him upward yet dropped him down as he began to favor his shoulder. The Super Beast flashed his canines before lifting the ninja overhead and briefly yelled out to the masses...


Downfall Atop The Ring Steps

An audible roar was overheard as the champion’s Cross Armed Power Bomb spiked the ninja atop the steel base with authority. Arms fell lifeless to each side, the ninja lied virtually motionless. Baited breathing with both eyes glossed over. Simon Boulder’s inquiries were silenced as the Super Beast slowly raised his head toward him. The referee look at the fallen ninja and began to make the count...






Kenshiro slowly keeled over onto his stomach, breath measured with a set of pursed lips as he began to will himself to fight his way back up to a knee...




The pro-Sylo crowd cheered as Kenshiro slipped and fell face first yet struggled to regain lost ground as the Underground Champion gnashed his teeth while holding onto the barricades...



The tsunami of cheers was overheard as Kenshiro as unable to beat the count in time while latching onto Boulder’s shirt. Simon signaled for the bell as Sylo nodded confidently to himself. The ninja’s inaudible protests went unheard as Dean Carrington commandeered the mic...

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; at a time of 19 minutes 04 seconds...your winner by way of Knockout...SYLO!!!

Sylo - 1 - Ninja K - 0

A sense of urgency powered the challenger up back to his feet while grimacing notably from the damage suffered. Simon Boulder hunched over to assess the ninja’s condition. A faint spray of crimson fell as the ninja leaned against the ring apron yet an embittered Sylo connected with a Running Yakuza Kick from behind to floor the ninja along the outside. Kenshiro coughed harshly as the champion snatched the ninja back to his feet and shoved him back inside the ring. Cover...1! ...2! Shoulder! Sylo was quick to punish the ninja with a Scoop Slam, leaving him arching his back in anguish before exiting the ring. Fishing underneath the squared circle, the masses emitted a hardcore pop as the Super Beast dragged out a table heavily wrapped in razor wire. Diligently, the monster carefully unfolded the table near the ring before casting a trinity of Chairs over the top rope. One of the chairs landed atop the fallen ninja’s shoulder as the Atlanta native slid back inside the ring. The Super Beast held the unfolded chair with his right hand while motioning for the ninja to stand himself erect. The ninja staggered upward awkwardly before slowly turning around...


Heavily weakened by the blow, the ninja eerily raised his hand outward before dropping to a knee. The ability to stand was evidently difficult yet the ninja struggled to stand. A broad reddish smile flashed across Sylo’s face as he promptly crowned Kenshiro with a massive Chair Shot! The ninja landed face first against the canvas with a small puddle of blood soaking staining the mat. Sylo whipped his head back after casting the chair aside & putting his hands on his hips. Simon Boulder stared at Sylo briefly before initiating his mandatory count...





Resting his weight with his Left Forearm, the ninja raised his head slowly. A notable stream of blood ran over the right eye of the Ronin while heavily panting...



Pushing himself upward, Kenshiro used his knee & both hands to steady himself during his plodding descent. Sylo was seen chuckling onto himself while shaking his head before grabbing the dented chair, unfolding it and resting it at the center of the ring...



The crowd offered the intentionally mixed reaction as Kenshiro stumbled forward to fall against the top rope before eventually breaking the count. Referee Simon Boulder stood before the ninja to assess his ability to continue yet Ninja waved him off. However, the Underground Champion’s approach led Boulder to step out of harm’s way before grabbing his rival by the head and shoving him to the floor. The black haired bully popped the bones in his neck as he approached his crawling rival. A handful of hair allowed the powerful monstrosity peel the ninja off the mat up to his knees before using Kenshiro’s blood as war paint. The King’s Court rallied behind the tyrant as he pulled the ninja back to his feet yet a stern Spinning Back Elbow slammed against the monster’s jaw. Sylo stepped back a few paces before turning his head slowly toward Kenshiro. A 2 hit Punch Combo only prompted the titan to wipe the blood from his lips with his forearm. Both men charged forward yet Sylo nearly decapitated Kenshiro with a powerful Clothesline. Kneeling briefly, Sylo stood to his feet and seated the ninja onto the banged up chair. Pulling the ninja’s head back, he inaudibly shared some words of ill intent before slapping him soundly across the face. Sylo quickly caromed off the opposing ropes & fired off with a Pump Kick. Ninja used a burst of speed to sidestep & shove his rival forward, slamming his nuts atop the back of the chair! The audience roared as both champion and the chair collapsed onto the mat with Sylo, scissoring his legs & pushing himself away toward the ropes. A loud fecal chant rose from the stands as Kenshiro remained on one knee for several moments as Sylo continued screaming in anguish.

Powers: “We’re back! Damn this cheap Salvation Army equipment...”

Buhrman: “Ladies & Gentlemen, we’re back and we whole heartily apologize for the technical difficulties yet as you can see here; both champion & challenger have been bloodied and the Underground Champion, Sylo appears to have suffered a ‘injury’ to his ‘mid section’...”

Powers: “You mean Sylo’s experiencing Testicular Trauma. Stop sugarcoating shit, Buhrman.” Kenshiro was seen rolling off the ring apron much to the pro-Sylo demographic’s chagrin. The Super Beast slammed the chair down and quickly hobbled to the outside to cut the ninja off. The masses responded audibly as the ninja quickly extended his arm toward Sylo and a concentrated expulsion of smoke enveloped the champion’s face. Sylo howled wildly as his began swinging blindly before falling backwards onto the floor. Resting his arm against the ring apron, Kenshiro offered a faint sneer at his blinded rival before sending the titan staggering backwards with an Underhand Throat Jab. Sylo swung wildly only to fall against the barricades. The ninja rushed forward & knocked the back of the champion’s head against the rails with a Running Leg Wheel. Leaving Sylo keeled over onto his side, Kenshiro gradually regained his footing before dragging the champion away with both hands before making a Lateral Press...1! ...2! Kickout and the ninja knelt over his prey before pulling him up to his knees with both hands and blasting him across the chest with a solid Kick across the Chest....2....3....4....5....6....7...8...9...The 10th Kick was used to sprawl the champion backward across the floor...Cover...1! ...2! ...NO! Kenshiro remained on a knee while ordering Boulder to count Sylo out...




Sylo was steadily breathing while staring at the arena lights. Fingers moving to signal his return to consciousness...




Sylo willing himself to roll over onto his side before reaching out to the ninja, who slapped his hand away and laid several embittered Stomps onto the massive leviathan before dragging him upward & shoving him against the ring apron chest first and pushing him back underneath the ropes. Kenshiro dropped to a knee briefly before following suit. Sylo struggled briefly to crawl forward on all fours before pushing himself to stand as Ninja staggered him back a few paces with an Open Palm Punch. Sylo slowly advanced and staggered Ninja back with a Left Hook. Ninja stumbled & landed on all fours before reclaiming his footing and hitting stern Backhand Punch. The audience rallied behind their respective choice as they continued to trade blows. Ninja’s Spinning Hook Kick missed, leaving hi open for Sylo’s Systematic Shutdown yet the ninja slipped off & stagged to retain his footing. Sylo swivled about and used a Standing Back Kick to stun Kenshiro before using a Piston Kick to knock the ninja airborne into the nearby corner. The move left Sylo hunched over as he was still sore from earlier. However, driven by vengeance, the Underground Champion gradually gave himself some running room...

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; there are 30 minutes remaining in this contest!”

The Slaughter

Kenshiro pulled himself upward as the 335 pound locomotive dove & slammed his shoulder violently against the unforgiving ring post! As Kenshiro remained seated atop the turnbuckles, a howling Sylo collapsed onto the ring apron. The ninja continued panting for several breaths before dropping down to the mat & to all fours as an ailing Sylo drew the referee toward him with his muffled screams. A gasp of disgust was overheard as Simon Boulder adamantly flashed a “X” sign overhead...

Powers: “Oh My God...”

Buhrman: “jolt Wrestling fans; it appears that the Underground Champion, Sylo, has suffered a severely dislocated shoulder. EMT’s are en route as we speak and...”

Powers: “What the hell is he doing...”

The Super Beast shoved the referee away from helping him to his feet as he stepped through the ring ropes, flung the dislocated appendage over the top rope before quickly using his amassed weight to reset the bone! A ugly grimace radiated from the Super Beast’s visage as her cradled his ailing arm. Referee Boulder made himself as a makeshift obstruction to impede the ninja’s progress An EMT slid into the ring leading Kenshiro to grab the man by the head and hurl him over the opposing ropes. Another EMT ate an Open Palm Punch before being humbled the resurgent Super Beast with a hard Knee Lift, stumbling him backward. Sylo grimaced notably before trying to hoist the ninja upward for a Vertical Suplex. The ninja flipped out, prompting the giant to pivot after him...

Shattering Skull Therapy - A stiff Double Roundhouse Kick to the Head

The behemoth spun away from the impact to land on all fours yet the ninja ran behind his rival and cinched in a hasty Rear Waist Lock...

- [sequence] Rolling Dragon Suplex + Release Cobra Clutch Suplex

The Arena of Champions exploded with an hardcore pop as Sylo sailed over the top rope & landed back first through the razor wire table! The Underground Champion emitted an agonizing scream as he tried to free himself from the serrated wire trap. Another pop was heard as Kenshiro used a Slingshot Senton to land atop his bloodied rival! Simon Boulder remained slack jawed briefly before making the count inside the ring...




Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; at a time of 31 minutes 04 seconds...your winner by way of Knockout...SYLO!!!

Sylo - 1 - Ninja K - 1

Several EMTs approached to pry the ninja away from the razor wire which left a few streams of blood, running down from the ninja’s exposed back. Pulling Kenshiro forward by each arm, the ninja fell forward to his knees and low crawling away from the wreckage as the remained of the medical team struggled to remove the Underground champion from the wreckage. The battered duo were ordered to allow alcohol to be used to sterilize their wounds yet Kenshiro stood to his feet & slapped away the fluid from their hands. Sylo angrily pie faced a medical staff member while dragging himself forward by his elbows. The health administrators scattered to come to the aid of their fallen personnel as the angry ninja again attacked his rival with another series of Back Mounted Cross Face Punches before Sylo latched firmly onto the ninja’s arm. The pain ridden giant switched back into Beast Mode as he snapped Kenshiro over with an short Arm Drag. Ninja sought to swivel free...Guillotine Choke! The amassed blood loss & pain on Sylo gave the ninja a split second to block the hold. Struggling to flee, Ninja widened his base before quickly digging in full rebuke of Sylo’s advances. Kenshiro angled Sylo’s body for a makeshift pin attempt....1! ...2! The ninja struggled yet stomped on the ailing arm of Sylo before both men separated with Kenshiro stumbling backwards & falling before struggled back to his feet. Sylo leaned against the barricades momentarily before stalking after his rival. Kenshiro was looking about and plodding forward toward the vault entrance with Sylo beginning to give chase & running the ninja down with a Running Lariat. Both men laid along the floor before the assembled security detail that moved out of harm’s way as both rivals sought to catch their breaths.

Buhrman: “Ladies & Gentlemen; we are already approaching the 35 minute mark in this Iron man match and both men are determined to break this literal tie between them...”

Powers: “Thank God we still have our table intact...”

Irish Whip by Sylo would slam the ninja angrily against the hardened side of the armored van, making the ninja collapse face first as the Underground champion dropped down to a knee still favoring his shoulder. Staggering back to his feet, the Super Beast lurched after the recovering ninja before sandwiching him against the armored vehicle with a Running Boot to the Chest. Kenshiro’s mouth remained agape as crimson dripped onto his clothing before keeling over onto his side. The hulking monstrosity took a moment to look out into the cheering crowd as he staggered away toward the other side of the reinforced truck before struggling to lift it from its side...

Powers: “What the hell is he doing? Especially with that bum shoulder?!...”

Buhrman: “Oh My God! He’s trying to crush the ninja with that vehicle.”

Powers: “Sylo’s literally lost it...”

Buhrman: “Get out of there, Kenshiro!!”

The rising cheers nearly drowned out the Super Beast’s grunts of anguish as the vehicle began to succumb to the monster’s herculean feat. The security detail flashed expressions of disbelief before scattering like roaches as Ninja shook his head to realize what was happening. Reaching into his clothing, Ninja palmed something small in his hand before quickly slamming it into the ground before being immediately enveloped by a massive gust of smoke. A primal yell was heard as the sounds of creaking metal became more pronounced before a sickening thud was heard as the vehicles consents spilled out along the floor from the back of the vehicle! The remainder of the smoke was quickly cast out before dissipating as the Super Beast was showered with an ominous fecal chant as he dropped to a knee and angrily cradled his arm. Breathing heavily. The security detail assembled & desperately continued their search around the immediate perimeter, ignoring the slumped over Sylo laughing with his jaw agape to himself...

Powers: “Ladies & Gentlemen; we are well beyond words as to what has just transpired. Just a few moments ago, the Underground Champion seems to not only injure himself even further by somehow overturning the vehicle yet...”

Buhrman: “Hey!.....”

The gradual clamoring of the crowd suddenly ascended to a feverish pitch as the passenger side door was raised upward and the ninja’s arm fell into view. Quick to pull himself upward, the ninja low crawled to his feet, urging the security detail to point upward at his direction. Ninja angrily searched after his rival. Sylo began to stagger backward before being floored with a Flying Head Scissors Takedown by Ninja! Sylo stumbled wildly into the barricades, where the pro-Super Beast fans began patting him on his person...

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; there are 20 minutes remaining in this contest!”

Camera Eight visually took note of the ninja’s transition from a low crawl to staggering toward the ladder affixed to the massive vault’s side. Meanwhile, the Underground Champion took a few moments to reclaim his bearings while watching the ninja ascent to the roof of the ominous vault. Driven to end the ninja, the Super Beast dragged himself back to his feet and angrily pulled himself up toward the structure’s apex. Kenshiro leaned back as he stood himself erect, armed with a weighted chain with a gleaming sickle in hand. The Super Beast stood brazen near the ladder before moving toward his rival. Both Ninja & Sylo began to encircle the vault roof with the champion stepping out of range from the flying chain aimed toward his head before trapping the Sickle between both hands. Kenshiro quickly wrapped the weighted chain around his rival’s throat & sent Sylo staggering backward toward the nearby ledge with a Spinning Back Kick to the Face. The audience gasped as Sylo spilled and latched onto the ledge, feet dangling underneath him as the ninja quickly retrieved his weapon. Wrapping the length of the chain around his forearm during his hastened approach, the ninja reared back and swung the Sickle toward his hapless foe yet the Super Beast remained hanging with one hand to avoid being skewered. Angrily, Ninja depressed an unseen button to detatch the handle from the sharpened blade embedded into the vault wall & reared back with the black handle as Sylo used his bad arm to cold cock his rival’s face. Out of sheer desperation, Sylo relied on his damaged appendage to aid him in his quick scramble back atop the roof. A floored Ninja shook the cobwebs free before pulling back on the chain once more yet Sylo’s might caused the ninja to gradually lose ground.

Camera Thirty One offered an angled pan of the literal tug of war between challenger & champion when Sylo rushed forward unexpectedly. The ninja succumbed to the abrupt shift in balance, rolled to his feet only to be spun out to a knee with a brutal Left Hook. The champion swung the chain free from the ninja’s arm before wrapping it around Kenshiro’s throat from behind. Teeth gnashing, the ninja struggled to keep his feet atop either one of his rival’s tights. Legs swaying in desperation, Ninja planted his foot against Sylo’s hip to thrust his foot backward flush against the titan’s teeth. Both men collapsed in opposing directions with the champion seeking to remove the weighted chain length from around his throat. Sylo reeled from the impact yet managed to wrench back tighter on the chain, pulling his rival upward onto both knees. Pawing the air behind him, the ninja quickly back pedaled toward his enemy. The blue-eyed leviathan stunned the ninja with a stern Forearm Shiver to the back of the head, bending the ninja forward before snatching the challenger soundly against the roof floor. Sylo began to chuckled onto himself as he dragged the ninja along the rooftop in a virtual circle, finding amusement in this brand of torture. The ninja’s feet skirted slightly over the ledge of the roof before using his feet as unofficial breaks. Quick to use the chain to reduce the distance, Kenshiro swung the links against the titan’s face. Grimacing form the impact, Sylo was defenseless against the incoming ninja’s Open Palm Punch. A chain-assisted Snap Mare was immediately followed by a Hard Knee Drop to the Face.

Buhrman: “Neither man has been apparently looking to score a decisive fall as they have every intent to destroy one another.”

Powers: “I would be out of life for wishing either one ‘Good Riddance’ but I got to hand it to them; they are displaying the will to do any and everything to be the undisputed King of the Underground division.”

Small splashed of blood fanned out as Kenshiro slammed his chain wrapped fist against his rivals forehead yet Sylo reached up & grabbed his rival’s hair, pulling him close to him and blasted him square against the forehead with a Knee Strike. The ninja fell backwards and was left cradling his face as Sylo keeled over to his stomach and palmed his bloody brow. Both men were notably digging deep for their reserves...

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; there are 10 minutes remaining in this contest!”

The announcement led both rivals to crawl their way back to their feet before they began exchanging punches. The divided fans cheered & jeered their respective choices again as a punch by the champion stumbled the ninja closer toward the ledge. Kenshiro returned fire with a Buzzsaw Kick. Sylo parried the attack by yanking the ninja’s leg toward him, flooring the challenger with a Hard Forearm to the mid section. The Inogami Clan leader was balled up in a partial fetal position as Sylo whipped his head back and motivated the crowd as he stuck out his tongue while drawing a slashing gesture with his thumb across his throat. The hulking monstrosity stood over his rival. Hands flared & snorting intently while stalking after his rising prey. The masses continued to cheer wildly as Kenshiro dragged himself upward before being humbled with a Front Kick to the Stomach. The ninja dropped to both knees from the impact yet the rejuvenated Super Beast snatched him up to his feet to grab him by the hair, leaning him toward the ledge. The pro-Sylo demographic let their voices be heard as Sylo began fishing for a verdict before slowly shaking his head & giving the convicted a stern thumbs down. Sylo hoisted the ninja upward into position...

Buhrman: “Hey! Sylo’s setting Ninja up for Hiroshima’s Revenge! Sylo’s looking to humiliate the ninja with his own finishing move!”

Powers: “This is fucking awesome! An excellent statement by the reigning champion!”

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; there are 5 minutes. 5 minutes remaining in this contest!”

The ongoing buzz activated the Fight or Flight instinct from within, prompting the ninja to wrap the chain around the base of his rival’s knee before driving the hardened weapon against Sylo’s calf. The titan gnashed his teeth allowing the ninja to swing his legs away before collapsing onto the floor alongside the ailing champion. Kenshiro knelt before his enemy as Sylo was favoring his leg before the ninja slammed the weapon against the damaged appendage before switching over to the monstrosity’s damaged shoulder A bloodcurdling howl was heard as Kenshiro grabbed his opposition by the hair and dragged him to his knees. The embittered champion displayed some fight in him by hitting Kenshiro in the stomach again, knocking the ninja onto his back. Sylo willing himself up to his feet and hobble over to his recovering rival while cradling his arm. Sylo grabbed Kenshiro by the hair only to have his arm slapped away and staggered backward towards the ledge with a stern Right Hook. A stern Left Punch leaned the monstrosity toward the ledge before grabbing the ninja by the chain wrapped arm for leverage to maintain his balance. Kenshiro stunned the giant with a stiff Head Butt to the Face draping the champion across his shoulders. The screaming legions were heard as Kenshiro shook while supporting all 335 pounds of dead weight...

Systematic Shutdown!



The Arena of Champions was overwhelmed with a audible explosion before a deafening fecal chant resonated overhead as Camera One trained itself on the bloodied heap of an Underground Champion, peeling himself off the heavily fractured windshield before collapsing soundly onto the floor below! The ninja was left dangling along the edge before falling several feet to the floor and laying sprawled out along the floor. The security detail & EMT’s were back on the scene before wheeling the stretchers out for standby.

Buhrman: “Sylo & Ninja are down yet jOlt Wrestling fans; it looks as if the champion is worse for ware as he was just hurled off the vault 20 feet onto the windshield of the armored car. A violent sight to behold as EMT’s are back out and surrounding the immediate area.”

Powers: *exhales*”All I am going to tell you is don’t look at the replay. This is not for the weak of heart, people.”

Dean Carrington is seen conferring with Simon Boulder and is overheard agreeing with the order to stop the clock as they began loading the champion onto the gurney when Sylo reached over to grab Carrington by the collar and orders him to keep the fucking clock running. Simon Boulder backs up a few paces as Sylo attempted to remove himself off the gurney when Kenshiro rushed into the picture with a Running Lariat from behind, knocking him to the floor. The ninja pointed at Carrington to keep that clock running and make the announcement.

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; there are 1 minute. 1 minutes remaining in this contest!”

A volatile mix of hardened jeers & bloodthirsty cheers filled the arena as Kenshiro wheeled the gurney over toward his fallen opponent and slammed it atop on the titan’s shoulder. Sylo howled angrily along the floor as Kenshiro sent personnel scattering away before slamming the gurney atop of his rival once more...

The Imploding Star Submission!

Simon Boulder Knelt down with a slightly squeamish look as the champion had crimson dripping freely from his lips. An audible pop was heard, leading Boulder to jump back as the titan howled at a feverish pitch. Camera One trained itself at the notable dislocation of the heavily damaged shoulder as Kenshiro wenched back further. The monster’s screams gradually drew faint as the final seconds drew to the end. Sylo remained motionless as Simon Boulder looked at the ninja before signaling for the bell! The Arena of Champions was set ablaze as the divided masses cheered & jeered enthusiastically. Referee Simon Boulder motioned for the medical staff to return. The band of white shirts were tentative in their approach as both champion & challenger remained almost motionless due to excessive fatigue and accumulative damage. The security detail returned to separate the two in order to aid the broken Super Beast.

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; your winner of the match by way of submission and....NEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW! JOlt Wrestling Underground Champion...KENSHIRO!! INOGAMI!!!

’Vicarious’ by Tool serenaded the masses as the ninja remained on both hands and knees. Head remaining downcast as Referee Simon Boulder made his way back from the ringside area. The pro-Ninja demographic erupted with an amorous pop as the new champion’s detractors jeered adamantly for the end of an abruptly shortened reign of their fallen King. Breathing heavily, Kenshiro reached for the shimmering championship with both hand and held it before him. Face caked with blood, the new Chief Retainer of the Underground division became lost in its surface.

Camera One watched the dethroned Sylo being hoisted onto the gurney with a team effort before being escorted to the back as Mamoru, Eiji Kugasari & The Crimson Order began to file out of the vault opening with Mamoru display an expression of Inogami Clan pride by placing his hand atop his clan leader’s shoulder. The remainder of the clan knelt before their master and bowed respectfully as Kenshiro gradually stood erect. Raising the Underground Championship with his right hand, the clan advisor raised the ninja’s left hand toward the heavens in victory. Streamers in the hues of the Inogami Clan colors soared over the barricades from all directions, draping themselves over the Osaka native and his officers. Drawing his eyes shut, the new champion breathed in deeply. After a term of seven long years, redemption was his at long last...

Winner: Ninja K via Submission

"It's Time"

Derecho Derecho sat alone in his locker room in the dark, essentially. Only the light from the hallway illuminated enough of the room to show him sitting on a chair with the jOlt Championship in his lap. He looked down at the title knowing full well that in just a few moments he would have to defend it against seven other men.

Aran Thompson was his biggest concern, but Craig Thomas also showed that he could easily take the championship away from him. Then, just when Jonthan Conspiracy was removed, he long-time rival, Spike Saunders suddenly made a shocking appearance and changed the entire complexion of this match.

Grendel was a monster and Waymoth Turnbull... while Waymoth claimed it was every man for themselves, he still owed a bit to Aran Thompson for his problems.

Tyke also posed a major problem. He knew The British Lion well as he had a very storied past with him dating back to 21st Century Wrestling some ten years ago.





Everything was all encompassed into this match for the jOlt Championship.. it was a quake of different emotions and possible outcomes and as the jOlt Champion, Derecho stood there at the epicenter.

All of a sudden, the faint sound of a humming/buzzing could be heard.





The illumination from Derecho's smartphone shined brightly in the dark. Derecho stared at the phone for a brief moment as it continued to vibrate in his hand. Derecho knew that that the time for the match had come. Derecho turned off his cell phone and stood up, slinging the jOlt Championship over his shoulder.

Derecho left the cell phone on the very chair he was previously sitting in. Derecho then cracked his neck and let out a heavy sigh. He then walked out of the room, a sillhouette of the champion was all that was seen in the doorway. Derecho's hand reached back and the door closed.

It was time.

The camera panned around the arena. The time had come for tonight's main event. High above the ring was a brown briefcase with the Thieves' Honor logo on it. What was inside was a prize that everyone desired. We sent it down to the ring with Dean Carrington standing by.

Carrington: Ladies and gentlemen.. the following contest is your MAIN EVENT for this evening and it is the Thieves' Honor match for the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship. In this match, the superstars who drew numbers one and two will start, then every 2 minutes after, a new superstar will enter the match. Pinfalls and Submissions will eliminate you from participation and the winner and jOlt Champion will be the last man standing. Also above the ring is a briefcase.. whoever claims this briefcase can cash it in before the match's conclusion and re-enter the match if and when they are eliminated for a second opportunity.

The fans cheer the rules when the first participant's music hit.

"Charisma" by WASP

Out from the back stepped the jOlt Champion himself, Derecho. He lost to Aran Thompson thanks to the infererence and debut of Mace Williams on Warriors. Therefore, according to the stipulation of that match, Derecho had to enter first while Aran Thompson will be entering the match last.

The people cheered as Derecho walked down to the ring. He looked around the arena when he stopped at ringside. He grinned and then hopped onto the ring apron. He stepped into the ring and unfastened his championship title, holding it high for the world to see. The people continued to cheer as Derecho passed the title off to the referee. We all knew he was number one.. now we had to see who drew number two.

As Derecho looked toward the entrance ramp, his music died down and we were treated to that moment of silence before the unknown. It seemed like an eternity, but we didn't have to wait much longer as the arena went completely black and the jOltvision illuminated






Run ledgendaryarrival.exe



.................................................. .................................................. ....... 100 %


"Bullets" by Creed

The people booed as Tyke stepped out from the back. Tyke and Derecho had a huge history together stemming all the way back to the days of 21st Century Wrestling. That carried over into the Legacy of Champions and now it looks as if that feud will be rekindled here in jOlt at Thieves' Honor!

Tyke walked down to the ring with a smile on his face as he knew that his newfound vicious streak could allow him to eliminate Derecho immediate, which would guarantee a new jOlt Champion by the end of the night. Tyke hopped up onto the apron and climbed into the ring. He came face to face with Derecho as the lights in the arena returned to normal. The referee made sure the two of them had enough distance and then he called for the bell!




With that, a 2:00 timer was placed on the jOltvision and this match was officially underway. Tyke and Derecho stared each other down. Tyke then looked up at the briefcase and then snapped a punch to Derecho from right out of nowhere! It was a sucker punch!

Tyke fired heavy rights to the face of Derecho, rocking him back and putting him up against the ropes. Tyke then delivered a kick to the mid-section and shot Derecho across the ring. Running leg lariat by Tyke put Derecho onto his back. Tyke then quickly slid out of the ring and lifted up the ring apron. He pulled a ladder out from underneath the ring! He wanted to get that briefcase as quickly as possible! Tyke placed the ladder on the ring apron, but Derecho had gotten up. Derecho hit the ropes and nailed a baseball slide into the ladder, which knocked Tyke back into the barricades. The ladder fell to the ground as Derecho got back up to his feet. Tyke staggered up as Derecho bounced off the ropes and hit a suicide dive to the outside, but Tyke moved and Derecho crashed and burned!

Tyke stood up and grabbed the ladder. He slid it into the ring, turned and the put a few boots to Derecho to make sure he stayed down. Tyke then slid into the ring and grabbed the ladder. He propped it up in the center of the ring and unfolded it. As he did so, the two minute timer was nearing its final 30 seconds. Tyke knew he had to hurry, but the sight of Derecho getting up caught him out of the corner of his eye. Derecho got back up onto the ring apron and Tyke charged toward him with a shoulder block, knocking Derecho back off and to the floor! Tyke then turned and began to climb the ladder, but he was going to have to deal with someone else very soon!

The crowd counted along as the timer began to tick down!












The arena lights would dim to almost near pitch black. The jOltvision and all accompanying screens would display the same, almost lullaby-like lyrics, which flicked in a harsh blood red font.

♪ Goodnight sleep tight don't let the dead bite. ♪


Red pyros would explode back and forth across the stage rocking the Arena of Champions.

”Dead Bite” – Hollywood Undead

The fast passed and violent tones of Hollywood Undead would blare through the arena. The lights throughout the arena remained dimmed and began to flicker red as it could be only one man with one single purpose, “The SuperNova” Jimmy B. Martinez. The arena rattled as fans stood up on their feet and began to cheer and chant for the former flyweight champion. The protégé of the SuperBeast known as SuperNova was about to make his way to the ring. The fan's continued to cheer as they continued to look on trying to catch a glimpse of Martinez. Just then the lights stopped flickering on and off. The Arena of Champions stood in the dark as the cheers and chants got even louder. Camera phones would snap across the arena dotting the place like stars. It was fitting considering the new moniker Jimmy had gladly accepted.



♪ Ain't a good shot, here come four more, Getting hot, so I play in the snow In a town made wicked, made from these wicked things. See the dead on the cover of a magazine. I see my smile, it was born from amphetamines. Better duck, 'cause it's war on my enemies. ♪

The lights flickered on filling the arena of champions with a sea of red. Martinez slowly emerged from behind the curtain with a look of pure determination on his face, as arena of champions erupted at the sight of his presence. Martinez seemed to be sporting a new look. His hair was cut short, his goatee and mustache was perfectly trimmed to fit his crew cut. His hands were wrapped up to his forearms. One hand had the letter "F", the other hand had the letter "U". He sported one black elbow pad on his right arm. He no longer had on long tights. He was wearing red trunks with the front forming a black V. In the black V was his logo; a red crown, which he has been using back in his boxing days. To finish it off he had black padded knee pads and boots with the letters JBM on the side.

Martinez looked into the crowd as he acknowledged all his iNfamous Revolution fans and those that had already taken up and accepted him as The SuperNova by nodding his head. He smirked but the determination that burned behind his eyes showed a new side to JBM. He’d continue to walk down the ramp shaking hands and giving high fives. He finally reached the ring side where he would slide under the bottom rope. He quickly got back up to his feet and scaled the top rope. He threw his hands high above his head before crossing them in an X. The Letters “F” and “U” in plain sight as the fans continued their warm welcome.

Tyke was nearing the top of the ladder. JBM then pushed the ladder over, but Tyke saw it and hopped off before the ladder tilted. The ladder landed up against the ropes as Tyke landed on his feet, however, the landing created a momentary stun that allowed JBM to leap up and hit a drop kick that took Tyke down. Tyke got back up and JBM hit, yet, another drop kick and took Tyke down again.

JBM pulled Tyke to his feet as Derecho got up onto the ring apron. JBM whipped Tyke toward Derecho and Derecho hit a shoulder block between the ropes. Tyke staggere as JBM leapt up and flipped Tyke over with a Huracanrana! Tyke staggered back to his feet as Derecho grabbed the top rope and sprung off of with with the Straight Line Strike, connecting with Tyke!

Tyke hit the canvas after getting hit with the flying clothesline and then rolled out of the ring to try and shake things off. Meanwhile, JBM extended a hand to the jOlt Champion and Derecho in turn, kicked JBM in the stomach. Derecho then taunted him by yelling at JBM.

"It's every man for himself!", yelled Derecho

Derecho then fired a big right hand into the side of JBM's head, rocking him back. Derecho then sent JBM off to the ropes as Derecho telegraphed the back body drop. JBM rolled off of Derecho's back and hit a quick leg sweep, putting Derecho onto his back. JBM then nailed a standing shooting star press onto the jOlt Champion and made the first official pin of this match!



Derecho snapped the shoulder up.

JBM placed Derecho in a seated position and went to the ropes. JBM then hit a dropkick to the back of Derecho's skull! JBM sat Derecho up a second time as Tyke slid into the ring. JBM charged back toward Derecho, but Tyke came at JBM in an angle and sideswiped him with a Spear to his ribs! Tyke quickly stood and then hit a drop kick to the back of Derecho's skull, completing what JBM was seeking to do just moments ago!

Tyke pulled Derecho back to his feet, but the time was reaching it's final seconds again!












"Voodoo Child" by Stevie Ray Vaughn

Voodoo Child began to play as Craig Thomas continued down the path of destiny, bouncing lightly on his feet, and jabbing at the air with his arms and fist in front of the entrance to ringside. The sound of jeers escalated and the volume of the Arena of Champions was at its highest peak. He knew it was his time to walk on stage and bathe in the spotlight. The arena lights dimmed to nothing, blackness ensued, and Craig stepped on stage as his adrenaline began to boil.

The red fireworks lined up across the stage ignited, shooting them into the air, and exploding.


Lights On.

Smoke filled the stage and his figure was seen in the midst of it all. The crowd continued to hold their jeers at a consistent volume while he power walked down the ramp with that same look of determination holding on his face.

This was it, his chance to be THE jOlt Champion, and he was willing to do whatever it took to get the job done.

Tyke was stomping away on Derecho as Thomas slid into the ring. Thomas turned Tyke around and went to lay in a big right hand, but Tyke stopped that and fired punches of his own! He rocked Thomas's head back and then clotheslined him over the top rope. JBM got back to his feet and kneed Tyke in the stomach as he turned around. JBM then grabbed Tyke and flung him over the top rope to the ring apron.

JBM then leapt up and nailed a drop kick into the face of Tyke that caused him to fall off the ring apron and into the arms of Craig Thomas who collapsed down to the floor. Derecho got back up to his feet as Tyke and Thomas did as well. JBM and Derecho then got a running start...

JBM which a Tope Con Hilo!

Derecho with a Suicide Dive!

Both of them took out Tyke and Craig Thomas on the outside respectively! The crowd hit their feet in excitement! Both JBM and Derecho got back to their feet and raced back into the ring. Derecho made it back in first where he went for the ladder, but JBM was right on his heels. A tug-o-war with the ladder ensued, but JBM shoved the ladder right into Derecho's face! Derecho staggered back up against the turnbuckles as JBM folded up the ladder.

JBM then rammed the ladder into the stomach of Derecho which doubled him over in the corner. JBM took a few steps back and rammed the ladder into Derecho again.. this time, into his face as he was hunched over from the first shot!!! Derecho collapsed in the corner as blood began to trickle down his forehead!

JBM then set the ladder up in the middle of the ring and began to climb, but Tyke and Craig Thomas were coming to on the outside. They both slid into the ring as Tyke climbed up underneath JBM and began to pound away with forearm shots to the lower back. Meanwhile, Craig Thomas climbed up the opposite side of the ladder. Tyke grabbed a fist full of JBM's tights and yanked him off the ladder.. JBM crashed hard onto the canvas!

Thomas reached up and grabbed the briefcase, but Tyke made it to the top of the ladder and grabbed Thomas by the head, slamming it into the top of the ladder. Thomas lost his balance and fell off of the ladder, landing hard on his back on the canvas! Tyke reached up and grabbed the briefcase, but JBM was back to his feet. JBM quickly grabbed the ladder and tried to push it over, but at the last moment, Tyke made a leap and grabbed onto the cable! The ladder tipped over and Tyke was left hanging from the wire with the briefcase!

JBM had to act fast as he ascended the turnbuckle pads.. but as he did, the timer was counting down again!












"Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" by Cage the Elephant

The people erupted as "The Collosus" Spike Saunders made his way out from the backstage area. Spike charged down to the ring and noticed that Jimmy was going to be able to hit Tyke.. even from that distance. Saunders told JBM to hold on as he stretched up and grabbed Tyke by the legs. Tyke tried to kick Saunders away, but Saunders had already began to swing Tyke backwards. Spike then gave Tyke a shove and swung him right toward JBM.. JBM then leapt off the top rope with height with Flying Cross Body block! He collided with Tyke in mid-air and the two of them crashed down to the canvas with JBM landing on top of Tyke!!!


The crowd went nuts and the briefcase remained up on top of the wire! Craig Thomas got to his feet and began to pound away on the back of Spike Saunders, but Saunders turned around and used a headbutt to the forehead of Thomas. Spike then grabbed Thomas and sent him across the ring, putting him down with a big boot. Saunders then hit the ropes and came back with a running leg drop across the neck and chest of Craig Thomas. Derecho had pulled himself up from the corner and and then ascended the turnbuckle pads. He told Spike to move as he leapt off and connected...


Derecho and Spike Saunders then had a staredown in the middle of the ring. Here is another pair that had history with each other. Derecho had beaten Saunders in NBW some seven years ago.. six years ago, Spike Saunders had returned the favor by pinning Derecho in the fWo. Now, they finally meet face to face once again with a score to settle. Derecho extended the hand, but Spike saw what he did to JBM earlier, but being the much bigger of the two, Spike knew that he would flatten Derecho if he tried anything. Spike grabbed Derecho's hand and shook it. The two of them circled each other as Derecho wiped the blood from his forehead.

They locked up and immediately Spike drove Derecho back into the corner. Spike then used a series of knee lifts to the stomach of Derecho to double him over. Spike then shot Derecho across the ring where Derecho hit the turnbuckles. Spike charged in after Derecho, but Derecho sprung out from the corner and hit a low drop kick to the knee of Saunders, taking him down to the canvas. As Saunders got up on his hands and knees, Derecho took a step back and lunged in...


Derecho stood right up and then from out of nowhere, ate a super kick from Jimmy B. Martinez! Cover!



Derecho kicked out!

By this time, the clock was winding down and another jOlt Superstar was about to make their entrance! Ten!











"Emergency" by Mavado

The familiar tune hit the PA system and out from the back walked Waymoth Turnbull with the Relentless Champion, Aran Thompson in tow behind him. Despite it being every man for himself, Aran Thompson still insisted on making his way out with Waymoth Turnbull. Despite coming out with him, Aran Thompson cannot enter this match yet, but Waymoth can.

Waymoth slid into the ring as Aran Thompson made his way around to the commentary desk where he unfastened his Relentless Championship and sat down, knowing he had at least four minutes to kill before he could legally enter this match.

Waymoth entered and ran down Jimmy B. Martinez with a vicious clothesline. He turned and did the same to Spike Saunders. Tyke who had just staggered to his feet was clotheslined up and over the top rope to the floor by Waymoth Turnbull! Craig Thomas was pulled to his feet by Turnbull and sent flying over the top rope to the outside as well. Turnbull then stared down the jOlt Champion as Derecho staggered to his feet.

Waymoth walked over and kneed Derecho in the stomach and doubled him over. Waymoth then hooked Derecho in a front waist lock and lauched him with a belly to belly overhead release suplex! Saunders got back up as Turnbull placed a boot in his mid-section. Meanwhile, JBM got back up and ascended the turnbuckle pads. Waymoth then whipped Spike to the ropes, but Spike held onto the ropes and blocked the whip. Waymoth then saw JBM fly off the top with a cross body block, but Waymoth caught him in mid-air. Spike then charged in and planted his boot right in Waymoth's face! JBM then fell on top of Waymoth as he collapsed down to the canvas!



Waymoth kicked out!

JBM stood and dropped an elbow into the chest of Waymoth Turnbull. He stood and dropped a second elbow and then stood and finished it with a quick leg drop. JBM then quickly made another cover...



Turnbull kicked out again.

Saunders had JBM back off for a moment as he clenched the fist. He then dropped straight down, driving the fist into Waymoth's head...


JBM then had Spike move out of the way. JBM hit the ropes, but he was tripped up on the outside by Craig Thomas! Thomas then yanked JBM by the legs and pulled him out of the ring. Thomas then slid into the ring in JBM's place, but Saunders nailed a clothesline which immediately took Thomas off of his feet. Turnbull then saw an opportunity and rolled up Saunders from behind with a school boy!



Saunders kikced out!

As this action went on.. the next participant came out!












"Voodoo" by Godsmack

Everyone hit their feet as quite possibly, one of the most dangerous men in this match stepped out from the back. It was Grendel! The man who lit Chris Titan on fire just one month ago, putting him on the shelf indefinitely, stepped out from the backstage area and meandered his way down to the ring in menacing fashion.

JBM had staggered to his feet and immediately Grendel grabbed him and threw him into the steel ring steps! Tyke slid back into the ring and saw the threat. He grabbed the top rope and launched himself back to the outside, but Grendel caught him in mid-air. Grendel then charged in and slammed Tyke into JBM and the ring steps, taking both of them out of the game for a bit. Grendel then rolled into the ring and stared down both Spike Saunders and Waymoth Turnbull. Craig Thomas then got back to his feet as did Derecho. The four remaining on their feet all stood up to Grendel, but Grendel didn't back down! He charged in!

Grendel rushed into all four men as they pounded away on the back of Grendel, but Grendel shoved Derecho away, then nailed a headbutt to Spike Saunders. He then kneed Craig Thomash in the stomach and then grabbed him by the arm. He then swung Craig Thomas into Waymoth Turnbull and the two of them collided. Saunders then came back with a quick uppercut under the neck of Grendel and then fired big right hands to the side of Grendel's head. Saunders then whipped Grendel, not to the ropes, but to that ladder that has been leaning up against the ropes this entire time. Derecho tried to pick Grendel up for a flap jack, but Grendel stopped that with a club over the upper back of the jOlt Champion.

Saunders charged in, but Grendel used his momentum and hip tossed the 300+ lb Spike Saunders right into mid-section of that ladder, breaking the bar that holds the ladder open and denting it in the process!!


Craig Thomas snuck up behind Grendel and leapt onto his back with a Sleeper Hold. Derecho staggered up to his feet and charged Grendel, but Grendel put the boot up and knocked Derecho onto his back. Grendel then positioned himself and reached back, grabbing Thomas by the head. He then flipped Thomas off of his back, slamming him right on top of Derecho! Grendel then looked around the ring and saw carnage everywhere with himself as the only man left standing!

Grendel slid out of the ring and lifted up the ring apron. He reached underneath and grabbed a new ladder and slid it into the ring, but by the time he did that, the final ten seconds of this match were counting down.












Aran Thompson stood up from the announce position, fully expecting his theme to play. The people booed, but were then stunned silent. Aran Thompson was even confused.

"American Idiot" by Green Day

Out from the backstage area came "The Rockstar" Jon Le Bon. Le Bon is not an official entrant into this match. Grendel, Thompson, and the crowd all looked at Le Bon. Some people were laughing in the crowd as Le Bon walked down the entrance ramp.

"That's right! I'm the surprise 9th entrant! I'm going to get myself off the goddamn Hype come hell or high water!" yelled Le Bon as he slid into the ring. He came face to face with Grendel.

"Lay down for me" yelled Le Bon to Grendel.

Grendel just stood there.

"Come on you burnt up sasquatch. Recognize true talent and lay your big ass down! I DESERVE this victory!"

Grendel just kicked Le Bon in the stomach and set him up in a suplex position. All of a sudden, he twisted and dropped him with a Screwdriver! Anguish was delivered to Jon Le Bon! Grendel then used his foot and pushed Le Bon out of the ring.

Officials ran down and grabbed Le Bon.. they then began to drag his limp body back up the entrance ramp. Aran Thomspon shook his head and then slid into the ring, being the final participant in this match. Grendel sensed Aran behind him and turned around. Aran stopped dead in his tracks and backed off. Aran noticed behind Grendel that Tyke and JBM were climbing the turnbuckles. They both were able to recover after being driven into the steel ring steps earlier.

Grendel noticed Aran looking behind him and turned around. Both Tyke and JBM leapt off and planted their feet into the chest of Grendel with stereo Missile Drop Kicks! This took Grendel off his feet! Saunders and Turnbull got back up.. as did Craig Thomas. Even Derecho got back to his feet as all seven of them noticed the biggest threat in this match down and out on his back.

Saunders then grabbed Grendel and nailed a big headbutt to him, which staggered him against the ropes. Grendel bounced off and went for a clothesline, but Saunders side stepped. Waymoth then grabbed Grendel in a uranage hold and positioned him for a T-Bone Suplex, but Craig Thomas slammed his forarm into the upper back of Turnbull, causing him to release the hold. Turnbull turned around and yelled "DA FUCK YA DOIN'?"

Thomas then yelled back..

"Fuck you, monkey"

Waymoth stood there as the other people in the match kind of made that "oh shit, that wasn't PC" look on their faces.


Waymoth then grabbed Thomas by the neck. He then pulled him into the uranage hold. What he was attempting on Grendel was now hit on Craig Thomas...


Waymoth then spit on Craig Thomas as Derecho walked over and grabbed Thomas. He then hoisted him up onto his shoulder and dropped him.


Derecho then grabbed Thomas and stood him up. Tyke then lunged in...


Aran Thompson then grabbed Thomas and pulled him up to his feet. He then placed Thomas in an abdominal stretch.


JBM pulled the lifeless Thomas up to his feet and then hoisted him up onto his shoulders. He then spun him off!


Everyone stepped away from Thomas' lifeless body as Grendel then grabbed Thomas and brought him up to his feet. He then placed Thomas into the Torture Rack known as PAIN! The referee asked if Thomas was going to give it up, but Thomas had no response.. the referee called for the bell!


Craig Thomas has been Eliminated!

Thomas rolled out of the ring and fell to the floor by the entrance ramp. Seven men remained in this match as they each noticed the unfolded ladded on the ring apron by the announce position that Grendel tried to bring into the ring earlier. At that point, they each tried to advance, but a big brawl broke out between the remaining seven men.

Among the brawling, Spike Saunders hit Derecho with a headbutt, then Aran Thomspon with one as well. Waymoth Turnbull then nailed a knee strike to Saunders and then threw him into JBM in spear-like fashion. Tyke side stepped it at the last moment and then lunged in with a Tyke Shot to Waymoth Turnbull, but Waymoth grabbed Tyke by the boot, but Tyke spun his other leg around and hit a spinning heel kick to the back of Waymoth's head that took him down.

Saunders got back to his feet, but before he could fully get up, Tyke dropped an axe handle over the back of Saunder's neck. Grendel then drove a knee into the side of Saunders head that took him down. Meanwhile, Derecho staggered back up as did Aran, but Aran elbowed Derecho in the face and then rocked him back with punches. Aran then clotheslined Derecho up and over the top rope to the outside. Aran then ascended the turnbuckle pads and waited for Derecho to get back to his feet. Aran then leapt off..

Flying Cross Body..


Derecho side stepped and used Aran's momentum and fling Aran mid-air into the announce table!!! Aran landed chest first across the edge of the very same booth he sat at, waiting his turn to come into the match!! Aran collapsed on the floor!!


While that was happening on the outside, back in the ring, Grendel continued to stomp away at Saunders while Tyke had grabbed the ladder and brought it to center of the ring, but JBM stopped him from setting it up. JBM and Tyke had battled to near the ropes so when Derecho turned around, He saw Grendel charge in and double clothesline Tyke and JBM over the top rope to the outside. Derecho had turned around after planting Aran into the table only to get taken down himself by both Tyke and JBM's bodies, courtesy of Grendel.

Grendel then set up the ladder in the middle of the ring. Waymoth pounded on the back of Grendel, but Grendel turned around and shoved Waymoth back. Grendel then charged in with a clothesline, but Waymoth ducked underneath. They stopped short and turned around. Waymoth met Grendel with rights and lefts to the face, but Grendel blocked on and headbutted Waymoth in the skull. Grendel charged in, but Waymoth hit a drop toe hold and sent Grendel face first into the bottom step of the ladder!

Waymoth pulled Grendel off of the bottom ladder rung.. Grendel's nose had been busted open. When Waymoth turned Grendel around, he simply smiled and spat blood into the face of Waymoth Turnbull. Blinded, Waymoth tried to wipe the blood away, but Grendel had already scooped Waymoth up and dropped him with a screwdiver...


Waymoth held his head as he rolled out of the ring.

Grendel, bloody nose and all, turned back toward the ladder and began to climb it. Spike Saunders came to and also began to climb the ladder on the opposite side. Tyke and JBM took the least of the damage and recovered a little more quickly than Aran Thompson or Derecho. Tyke and JBM slid back into the ring. Tyke climbed up underneath Grendel and JBM did the same undeneath Spike Saunders. Tyke got under Grendel and lifted him up...


Grendel's head hit the bottom rope before slamming into the canvas! There could be some serious damage there and even the referee rushed over to check on Grendel. While they did that, Saunders kicked away at JBM until he fell off the ladder and against the ropes. JBM writhed in pain on the canvas as Tyke shook off the cobwebs and began to climb. By this time, Saunders had reached up and got his hands on the briefcase, but Tyke made it to the top and fired a right hand into the head of Spike Saunders, momentarily stunning him. Tyke fired another and another, but Saunders continued to hold on. Saunders then finally answered with a headbutt that caused Tyke to get a bit dizzy, but Tyke answered with a headbutt of his own. He then slammed Saunders' head into the top of the ladder and climbed up one more step.

Tyke then placed his knee into the back of Spike's head, pressing it against top of the ladder. Tyke then reached up, grabbed the briefcase and unhooked it. The people booed as Dean Carrington made the announcement.

"Ladies and Gentlemen.. the owner of Thieves' Honor... "The British Lion" TYKE!

Tyke now had the briefcase! This means if he is eliminated from the match, he can cash it in before the conclusion of the match and re-enter it for a second shot at the jOlt Championship!

Tyke then took his knee off of Saunders' head and Saunders looked up. Tyke grinned and then slammed the briefcase right into Spike's skull... Spike fell backwards off the ladder as JBM stood up. JBM saw Spike falling and leapt up, placing both knees into Saunder's back..


Spike rolled off of JBM's knees and to the outside where he held his lower back in extreme pain! However, when Spike tried to use the barricades to brace himself, Waymoth Turnbull came out of nowhere and speared him through the barricades and into the front row!!!!


Both men were down from that impact!

JBM stood up, only to see Tyke leap off the top of the ladder, slamming the briefcase down upon the top of JBM's head! JBM then hit the canvas as Tyke landed on his feet. Meanwhile, the officials finished tending to Grendel as he stood up, wanting to continue. Tyke charged in and slammed the briefcase into the face of Grendel, knocking him down. The officials admonished Tyke, but Tyke flipped them off. Tyke held the briefcase up high and the people erupted in cheers, not for Tyke, but for Derecho who slid back into the ring with a steel chair in hand!!

Derecho got behind Tyke and waited for him to turn around. When Tyke did, Derecho swung the chair and cracked it over the top of Tyke's skull! Tyke dropped the briefcase and fell backwards against the ropes. Derecho then dropped the chair and scooped Tyke up onto his shoulder off the rebound, but Grendel got up and charged in...


It looked like a car wreck!! The ladder snapped in half from the impact of three bodies going through it! Meanwhile, Aran Thompson finally came to on the outside and slid into the ring, only to see bodies strewn everywhere. Aran noticed Grendel slowly getting to his feet. Aran hit the ropes and grabbed Grendel by the back of the head.. he then nailed a running bulldog into the remnants of the ladder!!

Thompson then saw JBM staggered to his feet, so he went over and met him with a big right hand. He fired another right, but JBM answered with a knife edge chop across the very sore and tender chest of Aran Thompson. A merely chop caused Thompson to yell out in pain. JBM hit another and another and didn't let up! He then grabbed Thomspon by the arm and shot him across the ring. JBM leapt up for a huracanrana, but Thomspon planted him with a powerbomb instead!

Thompson rubbed his chest and became enraged. He started to put the boots to JBM as he laid there helplessly on the canvas. Aran pulled JBM up and placed him in an abdominal stretch, but Derecho came from out of nowhere and blindsided Thomspon with a flying forearm! Meanwhile, on the outside, Spike Saunders recovered and tried to slide back into the ring, but Waymoth Turnbull grabbed Spike by the leg and pulled him back out. Waymoth then drove Spike back first into the steel ring post! Waymoth then turned Spike around and drove him shoulder first into the ringpost!! Spike hit the floor and Waymoth slid back into the ring instead!

JBM side stepped out of the way as Waymoth charged in and took down both Derecho and Aran Thompson with a double clothesline. JBM then quickly kicked away at Waymoth's legs, trying to take the big man down. JBM then backed up into the ropes and spun into a Flying Wheel Kick, but Waymoth grabbed JBM and caught him in a cradle position.

Waymoth then dropped JBM across his knee with a makeshift back breaker, Derecho staggered up and grabbed Waymoth from behind. He nailed a German Suplex with a bridge pin!!



Aran Thompson kicked Derecho in the stomach and broke up the pin.

Derecho could have had an elimination, but Aran Thompson completely prevented that from happening. Aran didn't want Derecho to have ANY glory at all as Thompson continued to put the boots to the jOlt Champion.

Aran pulled Derecho up and fired a few forearm shots to the face. Aran then backed up into the ropes and went for a lariat, but Derecho ducked it. Aran stopped short as the two of them turned around. Derecho then delivered a toe kick to Aran Thomspon and then set him up between his legs. Tyke staggered back to his feet and saw Derecho primed and in a good position. Derecho saw it coming and released Aran Thompson, shoving him backwards...


Aran hit face first on the canvas as Derecho then hit a kick to the stomach of Tyke.. He quickly scooped Tyke up onto his shoulders and dropped him...


Grendel, however, was up. He pulled Derecho up to his feet and then threw him over the top rope to the floor. Grendel then pulled Tyke up and hoisted him onto his shoulders, but JBM hit a chop block to the back of Grendel's legs. Tyke staggered up against the ropes as Grendel was on his knees. JBM lunged in with a Super Kick to Grendel's face and Tyke followed through with another...


Tyke collapsed on top of Grendel..



Thre... NO

Grendel kicked out of two super kicks! Then rolled to the outside to regroup. The fans were going nuts with finisher after finisher and still it ended with nobody getting pinned! This is how much the jOlt Championship meant to everyone here in this match! Tyke did fall to a knee as he was still feeling the effects of the Emerald Flowsion from just a few moments ago. JBM saw his shot and nailed an enzugiri to the back of Tyke's skull! Tyke remained there in a stunned state as JBM pulled Tyke up and backed him into the ropes. JBM then hoisted Tyke up to the top turnbuckle pad and climbed up.

JBM then hooked Tyke for what looked like a Pedigree... when he leapt off, JBM placed both kneed into Tyke's shoulder blades and drove him face first into the canvas from off the top turnbuckle!!!


A brand new finisher from JBM! He calls it Novacaine! JBM then flipped Tyke over and made the cover...





Tyke has been eliminated!

That took us down to six, but it was really still seven as Tyke possessed the Thieves' Honor briefcase.. he could re-enter the match at any time!

Tyke rolled out of the ring as JBM staggered to his feet. JBM slumped in the corner and surveyed the land. Thompson was recovering from the Tyke Shot.. Grendel was still down on the outside, Derecho was on the outside as well.. Waymoth was slowly getting up as was Spike Saunders who was hit hard by Waymoth on the outside.

Aran and Waymoth were both back up.. they both charged JBM, but JBM leapt over the top rope to the apron. He then hit a moonsault onto Saunders who had just gotten back up to his feet, taking him back down. JBM then stared at Waymoth and Thompson in the ring. The two of them conversed as JBM kept a watchful eye on the two of them.

Derecho slid in from the opposite side. He caught Waymoth's attention as Derecho charged in. The two of them turned around. They both moved as Derecho hit chest first into the corner. JBM then made his way to the opposite side of the ring and ducked down as to not be seen. Aran gained some distance as Waymoth pulled Derecho out of the corner.

"Send that son of a bitch to me!", yelled Aran.

Waymoth went to whip Derecho toward Aran, but Derecho put on the brakes. JBM slid into the ring at the same time and leapt onto Aran's shoulders.. JBM then spun around and hit a modified head scissors to Aran.. at the same time, Derecho reversed the whip on Waymoth and sent Waymoth toward Aran. Aran and Waymoth collided in the middle of the ring!! Both men went down!

Derecho then quickly headed to the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads.. JBM did the same on the opposite side. JBM set his sights on Waymoth.. Derecho on Aran... they both leapt off..


Double pin!!

One... One...

Two... Two...

Double kickout by Waymoth and Thomspon!

Grendel was finally coming to. He used the ring apron to get back up to his feet. Grendel rolled back in as JBM and Derecho continued to put the boots to him. Saunders then started to come to. He walked over, reached in and pulled Grendel back to the outside. Saunders tried to put him down with a clothesline, but Grendel drove Saunders back first into the barricades. Grendel then turned and slid back into the ring where JBM and Derecho were waiting. They both went low and nailed a double drop kick to the face of Grendel. JBM then grabbed a part of the broken ladder and laid it down on the canvas. He then grabbed the steel chair and placed it on top of the ladder. Derecho then grabbed Grendel and put him up to his feet. After that it was one swift motion to get Grendel up onto his shoulder.

Derecho then positioned Grendel over the structure JBM set up and dropped him..


Grendel's neck injury from earlier... that impact... there's no way Grendel could have survived that..





Grendel has been eliminated!

As we were taken down to five, Derecho stood up and JBM, knowing that this was every man for himself, rolled up Derecho with a school boy!



Thre... NO!!!

Almost a major upset, Derecho kicked away at the last second!

Derecho rolled up to his feet and kicked JBM in the head! He then hoisted JBM onto his shoulder, but JBM wriggled free and got behind Derecho. Waymoth Turnbull got back to his feet after resting in the corner. JBM then shoved Derecho forward and Waymoth damn near took Derecho's head off with a lariat that flipped him inside out! JBM lunged in and caught Waymoth in the jaw with a Super Kick immediately after!

Aran Thomspon got back up and nailed a flying shoulder tackle on JBM that took him down. Spike Saunders then slid into the ring and put Thompson down with a big boot!

Derecho stood and grabbed Saunders in a full nelson, but Saunders stomped on Derecho's shin to break free. Saunders then reached back and hip tossed Derecho onto his back. Saunders then charged in with a running high knee to Derecho's face as Derecho was trying to get back up. Waymoth staggered to his feet and kicked Saunders in the stomach as he turned around. Waymoth then lifted the big man up, showing us some power, and nailed a thunderous powerbomb on top of the ladder/chair combo that had just taken out Grendel!! Waymoth roared as he pulled Saunders back up and hooked him with a uranage, but Saunders, somehow, fought back with elbows to the side of Waymoth's head. Aran got back up to his feet as Waymoth staggered back.

Saunders delivered an elbow to the side of Aran's head and then once again to Waymoth's Saunders tried to fight off both of them, but JBM got back into it by leaping onto Saunder's back with a Rear Chin Lock!

Waymoth went for a spear, but Saunder put the boot up and kicked Waymoth in the face. He then flipped JBM over onto his back, but Aran nailed a toe kick to the stomach of Saunders. Aran then hit alternating knee lifts into Saunders' face.

Aran then sent Saunders across the ring and telegraphed a back body drop, but Saunders stopped short and set Aran up between his legs. Saunders lifted Aran up and positioned him for the Dreamkiller, but Waymoth got up and hooked Saunders in the uranage! Aran got free and landed behind Saunders. Waymoth popped the hips...






Spike Saunders has been eliminated!

We're down to the final four.. Aran Thompson, Waymoth Turnbull, Derecho, and Jimmy B. Martinez.

Derecho and JBM realize that they must form a team because Aran and Waymoth will not go against each other. Derecho and JBM stand side by side on the opposide side of the ring from Aran Thompson and Waymoth Turnbull.

The four of them collide. JBM and Waymoth square off and Derecho and Aran do so as well. Both are trading punches back and forth.. Waymoth is getting the upper hand on JBM.. Derecho is getting the upper hand on Waymoth. They both back their respective opponents into the ropes opposite from each other. Derecho whips Aran.. Waymoth whips JBM..

Double Reversal!

Waymoth clotheslines, Derecho out of his boots.. JBM charged in behind Waymoth, however and hit a flying forearm to the back of his head, sending him into Aran Thompson... Aran spills to the outside of the ring as Waymoth turns around. Derecho staggers up as JBM hits a step up enzugiri to the side of Waymoth's head. Waymoth staggers forward into the arms of Derecho, where he lifts the big man onto his shoulder..







Waymoth Turnbull has been eliminated!

Before anyone can celebrate, Tyke runs down from the back, slides into the ring and slams the Thieves' Honor briefcase into the back of JBM's head! Tyke tosses the briefcase to the referee who tosses it to ringside and makes the count as Tyke covers JBM!





Jimmy B. Martinez has been eliminated!

Tyke just snuck back in out of nowhere, cashed in the briefcase and delivered a receipt to JBM, eliminating him from the match!! We were down to two, but back up to three as Tyke is using his second shot at the jOlt Championship!

Derecho got back up in time to see Tyke eliminate JBM. It suddenly hit Derecho that Tyke had cashed in the briefcase.. everyone had soon forgotten about The British Lion, but now only he and Derecho remained in the ring as Aran Thompson was still recovering on the outside. Derecho, being the fighting champion that he was, called out to Tyke to bring it and Tyke did!

The two of them locked up in the center of the ring. Side head lock by Derecho, but Tyke backed Derecho into the ropes and shot him across the ring. Shoulder block by Tyke put Derecho onto his back. Tyke went to the ropes as Derecho flipped over onto his stomach and then back to his feet. Leap frog by Derecho sent Tyke back to the opposite end. Derecho went to his back to try and flip Tyke, but Tyke flipped over Derecho. Derecho kipped up to his feet as Tyke got back to his.

Tyke charged toward Derecho, but Derecho side stepped and sent Tyke on his way to the ropes. Swing and a miss by Derecho with the clothesline as Tyke ducked underneath. Tyke then leapt to the middle rope and came back with a springboard roundhouse that caught Derecho in the jaw. Tyke then took off to the ropes again and this time leapt to the middle rope for an inside Asai Moonsault, but Derecho put the knees up.

Tyke saw the knees and landed on his feet. He grabbed the legs of Derecho and pulled him up and over into a Boston Crab! Derecho was dead center in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go. Derecho entered this match at number one and the toll on Derecho's body had to be there. A move as simple as a Boston Crab could get Derecho to tap. Derecho wasn't responding and the referee went and checked Derecho's arm.

The arm was lifted and it fell once..

The arm was lifted and it fell a second time...

On the third lift, it didn't hit the ground.. Derecho showed signs of life as he used his arm strength to do a push up with Tyke on his back. Derecho then used the elevation to flip Tyke with his legs! Derecho hobbled up to his feet, but Tyke lunged in with a flying forearm to the face, taking him back down. Tyke quickly went into the cover...



Derecho kicked out!

Tyke then saw the ladder and the steel chair.. They had been pushed aside during the course of the match, but they were still there, hanging out on the ring apron. Tyke walked over and grabbed the steel chair and readied it, waiting for Derecho stand. Tyke used an overhead swing, but Derecho put his arms up and blocked it. Derecho then hit a toe kick to the stomach and snagged the chair away from Tyke. Derecho then swung...


The chair went across the back of Tyke...


A second shot brought Tyke down to a single knee...


A third shot put Tyke down. Derecho tossed the chair aside and then made the cover, hooking the leg deep!



Tyke kicked out!

Derecho then rolled Tyke over onto his back and grabbed the steel chair once again. Derecho then jammed the steel chair into the stomach of Tyke. He then placed the chair over Tyke's face and then headed to the corner. Tired and in pain, Derecho slowly ascended the turnbukle pads, but it was enough time for Tyke to get up and throw the chair at Derecho's head. Derecho was about to fall, but he braced himself and hung on. Tyke then ascended the turnbuckle pads and positioned himself. He then leapt up and flipped Derecho off the top rope with a Top Rope Frankensteiner!!

Tyke quickly made the cover and hooked the leg...



Derecho kicked out again and the fans popped!

Tyke then went to the corner and stomped his foot on the canvas. The people booed as Derecho staggered up to his feet. Once Derecho was up, Tyke lunged in..



Derecho side stepped it and hooked Tyke in a Half Nelson.. the crowd hit their feet as he quickly cradled the leg and popped the hips...


Derecho crawled over into the cover..





Tyke has been eliminated!!

Derecho staggered up, but he completely forgot about Aran Thompson! Thompson slid into the ring and drilled Derecho with his Relentless Championship! Aran must have grabbed it while he was "recovering" on the outside! Aran then quickly pulled Derecho up to his feet and put him in the abdominal stretch...







The people erupt in boos as Aran Thomspon kneels there in disbelief! The referee hands the jOlt Championship over to Aran Thompson who holds it close to his chest.

Aran Thompson had made a promise to be the future. The people doubted him and even said that he belonged in the mid-card. The said he should never be at the top of the mountain. Right now.. Aran Thompson is no longer known as Mr. Relentless... he is known as jOlt World Heavyweight Champion.

Aran Thompson grabbed the Relentless Championship and held it up high with the jOlt Championship. For now, Aran Thompson was a double champion. The boos continued as Aran Thompson stood over Derecho's fallen body with both titles held in the air.. It was the final scene as Thieves' Honor went off the air.

Winner: Aran Thompson via Pinfall