"Welcome to Thieves Honor"

"Same Old War" by Our Last Night

As the opening of the song revved up, we saw some black and white images from last year's Thieves Honor match featuring Derecho, Aran Thompson, Spike Saunders, Tyke, Craig Thomas, Jimmy Martinez, Grendel, and Waymoth Turnbull. An image of each current and former jOlt superstar flashed by in succession.

Then the song hit into full gear and the screen shattered and showed this year's participants.. Landon Stevens, Jon Le Bon, Mack Brody, Ninja K, Sebastian Saje, and Chris Titan. A completely different lot than last year, all vying for a shot at the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship!

The scene then transitioned to the Thieves Honor logo before the screen broke away into the arena. 15,000 plus were on their feet as they looked toward the entrance way. The jOltvision was in the center of the stage and being held up on each side by treasure crates stacked three high. At the bottom of each stack of crates there were three treasure chests in a half circle forming the base.

To the left and right were large steel scaffolding columns randomly strewn about with random pirate swords sticking up out of the stage.. almost as if it resembled a sword graveyard. Draped from the top of the scaffolds to the left and right were huge treasure maps with the jOlt and Thieves Honor logos on them.

From the tops of the sword handles, little miniature pyro blasts shot up into the air randomly, creating a dazzling display. Pyro then started at the top of the jOltvision and went left and right as it fired around the perimiter of the screen. As it traveled down the left and right sides, the six treasure chests at the bottom lifted their lids and golden pyro sparklers popped up out of them. Then when the sparklers ran out, a wall of pyro exploded at the top of the entrance ramp.

The camera zoomed around the arena as we heard the familiar voices of Michael Burhman and Nate Powers.

Michael Burhman: The time has finally come! WELCOME everyone to the 2014 edition of Thieves Honor.. Mike Burhman here alongside Nate Powers and we have an amazing night in store for you where everything is on the line in our main event. Landon Stevens will defend the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship against five other men in the annual Thieves Honor Match! He'll have to go through Ninja K... Mack Brody... Chris Titan.. Sebastian Saje... and Jon Le Bon!

Nate Powers: And if Sebastian Saje doesn't win that match, Damien Lee and jOlt's biggest secret will be unveiled by the cloaked leader of The Rebellion, next Sunday on iNtense 106! Damien Lee is definitely going to have his hands full here tonight!

Michael Burhman: Pietro Geist will also be defending his Underground Championship against Providence who has been intertwined in a feud with Omega that ended up seeing the former Underground Champion committed to a mental asylum, but tonight, he settles things with Geist in a proper rematch.. but not just any rematch.. it will take place inside of a Steel Cage!

Nate Powers: Oh but let's not forget the hatred and rivalry between two of jOlt's biggest Starlets. Sarah Winterton will get, perhaps, her final shot at the Starlet Championship as she takes on the champion Charlotte in a two out of three falls match! I can't wait to see that one!

Michael Burhman: There's so much more going down tonight, but we're going to open up the show with a match in which The Rebellion may end up gaining some momentum heading into tonight's main event. Raevynn will be taking on the newest edition to jOlt and the starlet roster... Cassidy Sky! Let's send it over to the ring and Dean Carrington!

Cassidy Sky vs Raevynn

Dean Carrington: The following contest is the opening match for Thieves Honor 2014 and it is set for one fall!

“Iodine” by Icon For Hire

Cassidy Sky made her debut in jOlt about a month ago when she encountered Raevynn of The Rebellion. The two hit it off right away as two individuals who didn’t like each other. Over the past month, they practically tore each other to shreds to the point where this had to be settled once and for all. Tonight at Thieves Honor, it will be a grudge match against the experienced Raevynn and jOlt’s newest starlet, Cassidy Sky!

I said I want to be healthy


Pyro exploded after the opening line and when the song fully kicked in immediately after that, Cassidy Sky darted out from behind the black curtain and onto the main staging area. Cassidy Sky raised her fist into the air as she trotted down to the ring, rolling in underneath the bottom rope. She ascended the turnbuckle pads and pointed out at the crowd who gave her some cheers. She hopped down and warmed up as her music faded and was replaced by…

“Faster” by Within Temptation

The people booed as The Rebellion’s Raevynn stepped out from behind the curtain. Tonight, her boyfriend Sebastian Saje had an opportunity to become the jOlt Champion and redeem The Rebellion’s downfall over the past couple of months. Raevynn had an opportunity here to set the momentum for The Rebellion going into tonight’s main event. Raevynn walked down to the ring and climbed up onto the ring apron. She stepped between the ropes and walked up to Cassidy Sky where she held out her hand and blew a black feather into her face!

Cassidy went right for Raevynn, but the referee held her back and told her that he has to start the match. He could tell that this was going to be an explosive situation so he quickly called for the bell!




Sky went right at Raevynn, but Raevynn went low and hit a double leg takedown on Sky. Raevynn tried to mount Sky and pummel her, but Sky turned Raevynn over and it as Sky that rained down the heavy rights and lefts, causing Raevynn to cover up. The referee stepped in and told Sky to back it off, but Sky just wouldn’t listen, so the referee started a mandatory five count.






Sky still pummeled Raevynn and the referee grabbed Sky and forced her off of her. The referee said if she disobeyed him again, she would get disqualified. Raevynn got up off the canvas and flew past the referee, taking Sky down to the canvas! Now it was Raevynn who was pummeling away on Cassidy Sky with rights and lefts! Again, the referee had to issue a mandatory five count because Raevynn wouldn’t back off of Cassidy!





Raevynn got up and then leaned over Cassidy and said “Look! I’m not as stupid as you. I break at four!” Then…


Cassidy swung her leg up and kicked Raevynn right in the face as she was bent over! Raevynn staggered away holding her mouth in pain as Cassidy kipped up to her feet! Raevynn turned around and was leveled with a clothesline! Raevynn popped back up and was drilled with a second clothesline. Raevynn staggered back up as Cassidy backed her into the ropes and whipped her across the ring with an Irish Whip. Cassidy immediately took off to the ropes to Raevynn’s left and when they met in the center of the ring, Cassidy bulldozed over Raevynn with a Flying Shoulder Tackle! Cassidy stood and rushed over to Raevynn, mounting her and pummeling her with rights and lefts again. The referee had to issue another mandatory five count.




Cassidy stood up and said “I’m smarter because I break at three, bitch” and then kicked Raevynn right in the side of the rib cage! Cassidy then bent over and pulled Raevynn to her feet. She drove Raevynn back into the corner hitting knee strike after knee strike to her stomach. She then switched it up to a very harsh knife edge chop across the chest. She hit a second chop and then finished it off with a headbutt to the forehead! Cassidy then lifted Raevynn up to the top turnbuckle pad and ascended to the top where she hooked her in a front face lock, but Raevynn fought back with shots to the rib cage. Cassidy lost her grip as Raevynn stood on the top rope. Raevynn looked down to the floor and adjusted her body slightly. Raevynn then shocked the entire jOlt Universe….


Raevynn flipped to the outside and landed on her feet. Cassidy, however, took two boots under the chin and fell off the middle rope, smacking hard on her back on the canvas!!!!


Raevynn slid under the bottom rope, back into the ring and made a cover, hooking the leg.



Cassidy popped the shoulder up!

Raevynn pulled Cassidy up to a seated position, hooked in a Rear Chin Lock, and then pulled her back down to the canvas. She was trying to now drive the air out of Cassidy’s lungs and weaken her. Cassidy tried to squirm her way over to the ropes, but Raevynn wrapped her legs around Cassidy’s mid-section, applying the body scissors, and preventing her from going anywhere. The referee asked Cassidy if she wanted to give it up, but Cassidy refused.

The fans began to rally behind her and Cassidy rolled over onto her stomach. She then got up on her knees and in a show of strength, she stood with Raevynn on her back with the body scissors and chin lock still locked in!! Cassidy then fell backwards and landed on top of Raevynn! That caused her to release the hold, but not for long as when Cassidy went to stand up, Raevynn reapplied the chin lock and body scissors and pulled Cassidy back down to the canvas with her once again! The crowd, once again, rallied behind Cassidy Sky. Cassidy turned over onto her stomach once again and began to stand, but this time, Raevynn released the hold, quickly leapt up, wrapped her arm around Cassidy’s neck and pulled the back of her head down into the canvas!! Raevynn went for the cover!



Cassidy kicked out once again!

Raevynn dragged Cassidy over toward the corner and climbed the turnbuckle pads to the very top. She had her back to the ring when she flipped off with a Moonsault, but Cassidy put the knees up, but Raevynn landed on her feet and grabbed Cassidy by the legs, looking to turn her over into a Boston Crab, but Cassidy used her leg strength to flip Raevynn onto her back! Cassidy got up and nailed a Running Drop Kick as Raevynn was beginning to stand, putting her back down to the canvas. Cassidy crawled over into the cover, hooking the leg deep.



Kick out by Raevynn!

Cassidy stood and grabbed Raevynn, pulling her up to her feet. She whipped Raevynn into the corner where she hit against the buckles with her back. Cassidy then charged in and nailed a Running Drop Kick to her stomach which dropped Raevynn down into a seated position. Cassidy pointed her finger up to the sky as she walked away to the opposite corner. She then got a running start and leapt in, hitting a Bronco Buster on Raevynn!


She didn’t stop there. She climbed the turnbuckles and leapt out, swinging her legs inward towards the corner, catching Raevynn in the face with a seated drop kick! Cassidy then grabbed Raevynn by the leg and pulled her out of the corner where the made another cover, hooking the leg deep.



Thr.. NO!

Raevynn kicked out in time!

Cassidy stood and fired up the crowd as she stalked Raevynn, waiting her for her stand. Raevynn got back to her feet and Cassidy delivered a toe kick, doubling Raevynn over. Cassidy hooked her in a front face lock and went to go for a vertical suplex, but Raevynn floated over and landed behind Cassidy. Raevynn then hooked Cassidy by the head in an inverted face lock, but Cassidy spun around and wrapped her arms around Raevynn’s waist, driving her backwards into the corner once again. Cassidy hit a pair of shoulder blocks before raising her head and hitting a European Uppercut which caused Raevynn to grab the top rope to keep herself from falling down. Cassidy then grabbed Raevynn by the arm and whipped her to the opposite side.

Cassidy charged in, but Raevynn put her foot up and Cassidy ran into it, staggering away. Cassidy didn’t give up as she turned and charged in, but Raevynn put the boot up again and caught Cassidy in the face! Cassidy charged in a third time and this time Raevynn made her eat a back elbow to the mouth! Raevynn then hopped up onto the middle turnbuckle pad and when Cassidy turned around, Raevynn flew off and hooked Cassidy Sky by the head, spiking her into the canvas with a Second Rope Flying DDT!


Raevynn wasn’t done, however. She went back to the corner and climbed back up to the very top with her back to the ring. She flipped off, looking for that same moonsault that she attempted earlier, only this time, it found its mark and connected! After two high impact moves like that, Raevynn felt she had Cassidy and hooked the leg after landing with the Moonsault..



Thre… NO!!

Cassidy Sky got the shoulder up and the crowd popped!

Raevynn pounded her fists into the canvas in frustration, but she stood and brushed back her hair. She grabbed Cassidy by the head, but Cassidy quickly hooked Raevynn and hit a Release Northern Lights Suplex!


Raevynn bounced off the canvas and started to get up, holding the back of her neck in pain. She staggered to her feet as Cassidy kicked her in the stomach. She then hit a European Uppercut that staggered Raevynn back up against the ropes. Cassidy then took off in the opposite direction, coming back, but Raevynn lifted her up and over the top rope and to the apron where she landed on her feet. Raevynn turned around as Cassidy attempted a forearm shot over the top rope, but Raevynn blocked it and hit a high drop kick, knocking Cassidy off the apron and down to the floor.

Cassidy staggered up to her feet as Raevynn took off to the opposite side, bouncing off the ropes and gaining momentum. Raevynn then grabbed the top rope and flipped over with a Giro, catching Cassidy and causing the two of them to crash down to the floor! Raevynn staggered to her feet while the mandatory ten count was going on. She grabbed Cassidy and threw her back into the ring. Raevynn then climbed up onto the ring apron and grabbed the top rope. She slung herself over into a Leg Drop across Cassidy’s chest! Raevynn then stood and signaled that she was going to end this match

The people booed heavily as Raevynn stalked Cassidy. Cassidy was slow to get up, but she eventually got up to her feet. Raevynn then took off to the ropes, came back and rode up Cassidy for what looked like a Satellite Head Scissors, but she spun and grabbed Cassidy by the arm, slamming her into the canvas with the La Mistica…


Raevynn turned Cassidy over and hooked the leg. The audience groaned as they knew this one was over.





Cassidy kicked out at the very last second and even Raevynn had a look of shock on her face! The crowd popped big for Cassidy Sky as they respected her ability to kick out of Raevynn’s primary finisher! Raevynn was about to pull her hair out because that right there symbolized everything that The Rebellion had become over the past two months.. people who just couldn’t get the job done!

Raevynn had a look of anger, frustration, and determination to finish of Cassidy on her face. Raevynn dared Cassidy to stand back up. Cassidy was a bit too slow for Raevynn’s tastes so she walked over and grabbed Cassidy and pulled her back up with force, but Cassidy broke free from Raevynn’s grip and then dropped to her knees, hitting a Jaw Breaker on Raevynn! Raevynn staggered and Cassidy was now stalking her! When Raevynn turned around, Cassidy leapt up and applied a Guillotine Choke on Raevynn. The next step would be to DDT her from this position.. which was her finishing move.. the Cloud Nine, but Raevynn charged forward and rammed Cassidy into the turnbuckles in a last ditch effort to avoid defeat! Raevynn then hit a shoulder block before lifting her head and hitting a high kick to the side of Cassidy’s head. Raevynn with the whip, but Cassidy surprised her again and reversed the whip, sending Raevynn to the opposite corner. Cassidy almost lost her balance doing so, but she recovered and charged in, but Raevynn leapt to the middle rope and flipped over her with a Sunset Flip, but Cassidy used the momentum to roll through up to her feet.

Cassidy went to kick Raevynn in the head, but Raevynn leaned back and avoided it. She then grabbed Cassidy from behind with a School Girl, but they were close enough to the corner where Raevynn sent the back of her head right into the bottom turnbuckle pad!! The crowd groaned at the impact as Raevynn dragged Cassidy out of the corner. She then climbed the turnbuckles to the very top and took aim. Raevynn twisted her body in mid-air, adjusting for Cassidy’s position as she looked for a Top Rope Leg Drop, but Cassidy rolled under the bottom top to the ring apron and Raevynn crashed hard! Cassidy stood and grabbed the top rope. She leapt to the top and it was a simply quick hop that allowed her to nail a Springboard Shotgun Drop Kick to Raevynn’s face!! Cassidy with the cover!



Thr.. NO!!

Raevynn got the shoulder up!

Cassidy dared Raevynn to stand. Raevynn was holding her face as she did and Cassidy leapt for the Guillotine DDT again, but Raevynn countered by grabbing Cassidy and hitting an Inverted Atomic Drop!! Cassidy staggered away and this was when Raevynn quickly grabbed Cassidy from behind with an inverted face lock. She lifted Cassidy high into the air and at the apex of the lift, slightly pivoted to the right before dropping Cassidy straight on the back of her head with a Highly Elevated Inverted DDT!


Raevynn then hooked the leg deep as she made the cover..




The people booed, but Raevynn had done it! She secured a victory here tonight and with that, she set the momentum for The Rebellion heading into the Thieves Honor Match later on tonight. The referee raised Raevynn’s hand into the air as she smiled and gripped at her long black hair.

Raevynn looked down at Cassidy Sky for a moment before reaching down into her tights. She pulled out a black feather and then laid it across Cassidy’s chest. She then blew Cassidy a kiss before she exited the ring and made her way to the backstage area.

Cassidy sat up, holding the back of her head. She got a nice round of applause from the crowd as she looked at the black feather that Raevynn left her. She crumpled it in her hand as she looked toward the entrance ramp, watching Raevynn disappear behind the black curtain. Cassidy then rolled out of the ring and made her way to the back as well.

Winner: Raevynn via Pinfall

"gOlden bOy Relentless"

“O.G.. Ruby… Can you imagine.” Diamond asks intuituvely of his gOlden bOy promotions comrades as he stand shirtless, staring narcissistically into the mirror, the twinkle and glisten of his grill, gOlden bOy Title and other various articles of jewelry shining into the camera for an overwhelming visual..

“Can you imagine… This pretty motherfucker right here.. The gOlden bOy title on the right…. “ Diamond clutches his gOlden bOy title.

“And.. and.. and.. get this.. On my left hand side, thet ballin ass new Relentless Title design I made on the left… 2x the gold.. 2x the shine. 2x the mothefucking ICE…” Diamond salivates at the thought.

“O.G… Ruby.. Can you imagine that shit??” Diamond goes on as the camera pans out to reveal his comrades staring intentively in the mirror at him.

“I see it now Big Homie… I see it now..” I’mma have to make up an entrance that’s two times more fuckin boss than that shit I do now.. O.G. says enthusiastically as his gold grill gleams with every word...

“Yeah Diamond.. And maybe I’mma have to get some bigger boobs.. I can’t let any two things out due these two things..” Ruby says clutching her breasts.

“I mean.. right now.. I’m just the gOlden bOy…But when I take that Relentless Title from that fag Ta Seti.. What will they call me.. gOlden bOy 2x??”: Diamond ponders….

“That could work Y.G… That could work Y.G” O.G. rides Diamond’s nuts endlessly!

“But what about gOlden bOy Relentless..” Diamond crosses his arms and clutches his chin pondering.. He then lets forth a huge twinkling and glistening smile..”

“I like that… I like that.. gOlden bOy Relentless!”

Seymour Almasy vs Rainbow Serpent

Dean Carrington stood in the center of the ring, because it was time for him to do his job once again. Pay-Per-View had long been the home for confrontations between established veterans of pro wrestling and young lions, and tonight would be no different as the Aboriginal Masked Snake, Rainbow Serpent, was set to do battle one on one with professional wrestling legend, Seymour Almasy.

“The following contest,” the Dean began, “is scheduled for one fall with a twenty minute time limit! Introducing first at this time!”

Cue “Down River” by Willcania Mob, and the arrival of the Indigenous Enigma, who burst out from behind the curtain full of energy and youthful vigor. He dropped to one knee, danced a hand through the air as if it were a slithering snake then struck the air with his index and middles fingers shaped into fangs.

“He comes to us from the the Red Centre of Australia! He stands six feet tall, and weighs in at one-hundred ninety-nine pounds! Ladies and gentlemen, making his PPV debut...RAINBOW SERPENT!”

He bounced to his feet and danced traditionally for a beat before he sprinted to the ring. He leapt into the air, sliding on his belly under the bottom rope and rising to his knees before coming to a halt. Rainbow Serpent, in his Pay Per View debut, moved to the corner and hung over the to rope, too nervous to watch his opponent enter, anything to still his rapidly beating heart and jangling nerves.

Tonight was the biggest match of his life, and if Rainbow Serpent had anything to say about it, he was going to pull off the shock of the year.

“And,” Carrington said, speaking three words that made the Serpent’s heart do flip-flops all over again, “HIS OPPONENT!”

“Monster” by Imagine Dragons hit the arena’s speakers, heralding the arrival of a man who had spoken very little in his brief jOlt tenure. Seymour Almasy was 3-0 in the company, having defeated Jason Rau, Keiichi Ito, and the debuting Hush in a tough contest - but it wasn’t a stretch to say that this contest against a youngster with speed comparable to what Almasy used to flash would be his toughest test to date in jOlt.

“Coming to us from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, he stands five feet, seven inches, and weighs in at one-hundred and seventy seven pounds! Ladies and gentlemen...SEYMOUR ALMASY!”

There was only one problem.

No Seymour Almasy.

In the ring, Rainbow Serpent looked quizzically at both ring announcer and official. Neither seemed to have an answer.

“Um, let’s try that again, everyone,” Carrington tried, raising the mic to his lips once more. “He is...SEYMOUR ALMASY!”

Nothing. No one.

And then, piercing the air were four words thought extinguished from the world of professional wrestling.

O R P H A N U S!
O R - P H A N - U S!

“Oh dear Christ,” came from the throats of both Buhrman and Powers at the same time.

And why, you ask? Because the song lyrics that had scrolled on-screen during Countdown 08 were the harbinger of perhaps one of the most violent, nihilistic, and sociopathic men to step into a professional wrestling ring.

Here it is, Chiaki Ishikawa’s masterpiece opening to an anime called Bokurano, “Uninstall” - but this time in the native Japanese.

Ano toki saikou riaru ga
Mukou kara ai ni kita nowa
Bokura no sonzai wa konnan imo tanjun da to
Warai ni kitan da
Mimi wo fusaidemo
Ryoute wo surinukeru shinjitsu ni madou yo
Hosoi karadano
Dokoni chikara wo irete tateba ii?

From behind the curtain emerged a man who looked very much indeed like Seymour Almasy, but there were a few key differences. The first was the man’s face, painted entirely in crimson, with white kanji etched on each cheek. Just what they said on this night was uncertain from distance. The second was that he wasn’t wearing a t-shirt tonight, exposing the “O R P H A N” tattoo on his midsection.

The third?

Just a little something that he and his partner had made infamous by the name of a barbed-wire wrapped steel chair.

Uninstall, Uninstall.

Kono hoshi no musuu no inochi no hitotsu da to
Ima no boku ni wa rikai dekinai

Dean Carrington simply left the ring - he had no interest in making this particular ring announcement. No introduction was really necessary, anyway - he had his name tattooed on his stomach, for Yevon’s sake!

Uninstall, Uninstall

Osore wo shiranai senshino you ni
Furumau shika nai


The song faded out, but the booing did not. It cascaded from every corner of the arena as the jOlt fans were forced to ask one simple question: had the last few weeks been a charade? Was this Seym--no, Orphan’s end game all along?

“Get out of there, kid,” Powers yelled, as Orphan slowly marched towards the ring, climbing the ring stairs with a solemn look in his eyes, armed to the teeth with his chair. A hand reached out, demanding the microphone from Dean Carrington, and Carrington obliged instantly.

“seymour almasy is preoccupied,” the fal’Cie told Rainbow Serpent, “but seeing as how he and i share this mortal vessel, i’ll be a good sport and give you the match that he signed for. just tell that referee over there to ring the bell and it’s on!”

Orphan stepped into a jOlt ring for the first time, brandishing both mic and chair, and a smile that, to those in the know, could only be called MILESwide.

The Serpent might have been new, but he knew Almasy - and as such, he knew something of Orphan, and what the fal’Cie could do with the object d’torture in his hands. Kirk Hampton, too, looked at Orphan, and demanded the barbed wire chair. Orphan looked at him for a long, long moment that made Kirk contemplate other potential lines of work, but then the blackened Spirit of ACW just shrugged.

“alright, alright,” the fal’Cie acquiesed. “i suppose my rules aren’t welcome here. there you are, referee. my weapon.”

Orphan handed the chair over to Hampton, who winced as he looked at just how covered the chair was in sharp, pointy wire. He very carefully placed it down near the apron, where some poor schmuck was in charge of taking the chair and putting it as far away from ringside as humanly possible. Orphan then placed the microphone down as well, relying on the sound of his voice to carry.

“now, mister serpent,” Orphan cackled, showing the empty palms of his hands to his would-be opposition “do we have ourselves a deal?”

The masked man swallowed. Hard. But this was his chance on worldwide pay-per-view. In a twisted way, he’d be getting his wish. This was Seymour Almasy, after all - but a twisted, hideously evil version of the Final Fantasy.

What the Hell did Orphan mean, anyway? They shared the same body? Of course they did.

“I’m game, mate,” Rainbow replied, “but you could've told me you were doing this last week. I was...looking forward to an honorable fight.”

The fal’Cie’s response? Laughter. Mocking, uproarious laughter.

“ohhohohoheeheeho you think he had control over this? such a silly child you are. now, come. this shan’t take long at all.”

Kirk looked from Orphan to Serpent, one more time. He knew of Orphan’s reputation, and winced, even as he asked the kid the question he knew he had to ask.

“You sure about this, Rainbow,” came the question.

Just as quick came the answer.

“Ring the bell.”

The referee nodded. He had no choice.


The fal’Cie feinted high kick at the bell, and the kid flinched, arms going up to block.

“got you.”

Two quick words, followed by a lightning fast spinning back kick to the solar plexus that drove the air out of the rook’s lungs. Orphan measured him carefully, very carefully, before raising a leg and dropping the heel down into the back of the head like the Sword of Damocles with a well-aimed ax kick.

“too predictable,” Orphan chided, as he stomped away at the back of Rainbow’s head. “that’ll get better in time, don’t worry. actually, maybe you should worry - if i’m lucky there won’t be much left of your career after this…”

Shaking out the cobwebs, the Serpent managed to get away from the stomping Orphan, and shoulder-rolled away. He needed time and distance to operate and clear the cobwebs - his strategy against Seymour had been to out-quick the aging high flyer, and that strategy seemed just as good against the more risk-averse Orphan.

There was also the matter that Orphan, Almasy, whatever he was, was a veteran. Chances were needed, in the Aussie’s opinion.

Orphan began to walk over to the Serpent, no fear on his face. He was poised to block against most things, but Rainbow Serpent quickly realized that one of his signature techniques was not among them.

Maybe Orphan really hadn’t prepared for him, after all. And if that was the case, well, Rainbow Serpent could put in some work.

A thrust to the throat caught the fal’Cie totally off guard. Four more left Orphan gasping for air and clutching at his throat with wide eyes, giving the Australian the time he needed to leap in the air and BRAIN Orphan with a big roundhouse kick. The blow sent Orphan careening to the ropes, but to the fal’Cie’s credit, he managed to hook the second rope and roll out to the floor. His landing wasn’t much fun, though, as he splatted the mats at ringside.

“The kid’s come to play,” Buhrman noted, as Serpent carefully measured the fal’Cie on the floor. He needed something big, something early, and his suicide dive Tornado DDT called the Death Adder Driver seemed like a Hell of a way to inflict heavy-duty cranial trauma on Orphan.

Rainbow Serpent saw Orphan rise, and he charged, diving out between the ropes to try and hook the head of the longest reigning Spirit of ACW ever.

Orphan, though, was ready.


And splat went the nose of Rainbow Serpent as Orphan caught him right on the button with a motherfuggin’ DRAGON PUNCH. To add insult to injury, the blow sent the Serpent twisting, to land hard on the mats at ringside, flat on his side.

It took Kirk Hampton another moment of wincing to realize that he had a count to make. Dutifully, he began it, as Orphan prepared for his next move.

As it turned out, it was a Hell of a move. The fal’Cie clapped on a front facelock, and set Serpent up, lifting him up for a big vertical suplex.

“Suplex on the floor,” Powers began to call...and then shuddered when Orphan didn’t drop backwards.

Instead, he dropped straight down, which means, well, it’s time for the bold and gold.


“Jesus Christ!” Buhrman screamed, as Rainbow Serpent went head-first into barely covered concrete. The vicious move, taken from a certain ex-Dean of a certain Digital Mafia, had become one of Orphan’s signature tactics.

Rainbow Serpent was motionless as the Spirit of ACW fired him back into the ring. Orphan rolled into the ring after him, standing up in the corner and assuming the Jesus Christ Pose.

Kirk Hampton stood over Rainbow Serpent, trying to adjudge if the kid could still go.

“You okay,” he asked, as the Serpent scratched and clawed, finally moving a bit, but clearly not coherent. Rainbow nodded his head, even as it was obvious to Hampton that the man’s nose wasn’t in good shape, hearing his muffled breathing through the snake mask.

“This kid’s got more guts than brains,” Powers said, with a shake of his head, as the Rainbow Serpent got up to hands and knees, operating on little more than instinct.

“come,” Orphan cackled, as Serpent staggered towards him, crimson seeping out from beneath the Aussie’s mask, into the face mesh. “i will remake you.”

Rainbow Serpent lunged, trying to throw a spinning wheel kick to the face of Orphan, but the once-Seymour Almasy simply sidestepped. Serpent crashed to the canvas in a heap, and the fal’Cie sat him up, stooping down behind the Serpent, working at the laces of his mask.

“He’s...the Hell? Why? Why, Goddamnit?!” Buhrman could only watch, in horror, like many in the arena, as Orphan easily unlaced the Rainbow Serpent’s mask. The fal’Cie pulled it up and off of the Serpent’s head, holding it in the air triumphantly, like a trophy of war.

“behold, world, the face of youthful exuberance!” Orphan smirked, parading around the ring with the mask. Both arms were raised triumphantly in the air.

And all the while, an exposed Rainbow Serpent crawled, and slithered, and painstakingly made his way over to Orphan. Threading an arm between Orphan’s legs, it became clear that his dignity and health had been taken, but not his spirit.





Orphan quickly scurried to his knees, shooting a death glare at Kirk Hampton, who held up two fingers. Rainbow Serpent made his way up to his knees a moment later, blood flowing from his nose, eyes glaring right into those of the fal’Cie.

“you have just made,” Orphan proclaimed, “the worst mistake of your insignificant life.”


And thaaaaat was the sound of a defiant Rainbow Serpent slapping Orphan in the face.

“i take it back,” Orphan said, not missing a beat. “that was the worst mistake.”

Orphan threw the mask in Rainbow Serpent’s face, and followed it in with a lunging, vicious elbow smash to the face. The fal’Cie growled, and began to rain a series of forearm-elbows to the exposed face of Rainbow Serpent, aiming as many blows as possible to the injured nose. Kirk Hampton began to throw down a five count, and Orphan only broke at four, hauling the Serpent bodily to his feet, and slinging him into the nearest corner.

“you will not embarrass me,” Orphan thundered, hooking on a Thai plum, and throwing vicious right knees to the face of the Serpent in the corner. Kirk was right there again, and again Orphan broke on the four count, then let out an anguished yell as if doing so was physically painful. He placed Serpent’s arms over the ropes, to prop him up in the corner, and then backed up across the ring.

Moments later, he charged, leaping in the air to drive both knees into the face of Rainbow Serpent, who tottered and fell to the canvas moments later courtesy of BAPTISM IN RUIN!

“Someone stop this, please!” Buhrman exorted, but the mercy well of Orphan was utterly dry. Grabbing Rainbow Serpent by an arm, Orphan dragged him to the center of the ring, and once again settled back into a nearby corner. As he watched Rainbow try, try desperately to get back up and in the fight, he began to tap his foot on the ground - a telltale sign for Merciless Judgment, his signature punt to the skull .

As an out-of-it Rainbow Serpent made his way to hands and knees, it became clear that he was about to be the punt’s first victim. The Fal’Cie charged, running hard, and then...suddenly...slowed?

“nothing personal, kid,” the fal’Cie proclaimed, even as he stopped short of punting Rainbow Serpent’s unmasked head into the sixth row, “but i have a statement to make tonight, and you are my canvas. you know that song i come out to now? that one word that keeps coming up over and over?”

The arena was quiet, booing giving way to a stunned silence at the unmasking and battering of one of jOlt’s great young hopes.

“be honored, rookie,” Orphan sneered. “only two men with far more meaning to this sport than you will ever obtain have ever experienced this.”

The All-Star Antichrist set the broken Rainbow Serpent up in piledriver position. Serpent’s arms hung limply at his sides, and soon, Orphan took hold of them, crossing the arms in straitjacket position underneath the Australian.

“What on Earth is he…” Powers began, only for his colleague to be right there with the reply.

“He’s only ever done this twice!” Buhrman yelled, trying in vain to get his voice to Kirk Hampton in the ring. “The first time was part of an attack that ended Khristain Keller’s career! The second time may as well have ended Alias’! CALL FOR THE BELL, KIRK! PLEASE, GOD! CALL FOR THE GODDAMNED BELL!”

The fal’Cie elevated Rainbow Serpent all the way up to his shoulders. It looked for all the world like a straitjacket powerbomb was in the offing...only for Orphan to let Serpent’s body fall slowly, dangling upside down, head utterly exposed and vulnerable.

Blood dripped down Serpent’s exhausted, beaten form, but if there was any comfort he could take in a moment utterly lacking, it was this - his night was about to be over.


Orphan simply dropped to his knees, hammering Rainbow Serpent’s head into the canvas like a railroad spike with his straitjacket variation of the Ganso Bomb. The Serpent flopped over to his stomach, falling slowly, and lying motionless, limbs akimbo as if the victim of a violent crime - something that really couldn’t be considered too far off from the truth.

“it’s okay, kirk,” Orphan grinned, looking at the jOlt official, who wasn’t having a particularly good experience refereeing his first-ever Orphan match. “you’ll get used to it, in time. i’m thinking of asking them to let you referee all my matches! now come on, count the poor kid out, won’t you?”

Orphan dropped down to the mat, rolling Rainbow Serpent’s corpse onto its back, before cinching the leg deeply in perhaps the most unnecessarily secure cover in pro wrestling history. Kirk Hampton took the opportunity, dropping down to the canvas, making his count.





The bell sounded three times, but it sounded more like a dirge than the end of a professional wrestling contest. At ringside, Mr. Carrington raised a microphone to his lips, but it took him a few tries to get sound to come out of his dry throat.

“Your...winner of this contest, at ten seconds, by pinfall...Orphan!”

Hampton looked at the fal’Cie with what could only be described as utter terror as Orphan popped up to his feet, extending his wrist to the official. Kirk raised it in the air, and then immediately began waving to the back for paramedics for the unmasked Rainbow Serpent.

Orphan, though, didn’t seem quite through for the night. Not if walking over to the apron where Carrington stood and loudly demanding “chair” was any indication. Carrington immediately caved, handing over his seating device to Orphan as the paramedics began to pour down the aisle.

Kirk Hampton, swallowing very, very hard, put himself between the fal’Cie and the obviously hurt Serpent. “Leave him alone! Haven’t you done enough?”

The Spirit of ACW grinned a malevolent grin...but then promptly unfolded the chair, placing it down on the mat. The paramedics slid into the ring, back board in hand, beginning the process of stabilizing the unconscious Rainbow Serpent for easier transportation. A neck brace soon followed.

“i am done with him tonight,” Orphan proclaimed, bowing towards Hampton’s direction. “that is as severely as i will punish a man who does not deserve it.”

That, as the paramedics could attest, wasn’t a particularly comforting statement. With Rainbow Serpent secured, though, they began to move him towards the gurney at ringside. It took only another moment to get the Serpent onto it, and another for it to begin moving safely towards the backstage area.

Orphan, seemingly, had lost interest in the plight of his opposition for the evening. With a flourish, he picked up the unfolded chair, only to plant it, dead-center, atop a jOlt logo liberally sprinkled with Rainbow Serpent’s blood.

“get me a microphone,” Orphan ordered Kirk Hampton, “and then begone.”

Hampton nodded - after seeing what happened to Rainbow Serpent, angering Orphan was not high on his list of priorities. The microphone was ferried from Carrington to Hampton and finally to Orphan, who bowed his head in thanks as Kirk fled the ringside area.

And as Orphan sat down upon the chair, microphone in hand, it became clear that he wasn’t done for the night, after all.
Winner: Orphan via Pinfall

"Occupy Jolt"

The Rainbow Serpent/Seymour Almasy battle of respect had turned into something else. Something horrible.

And now, with his first atrocity in jOlt under his belt, the fal’Cie had a microphone and an audience: two things that made him perhaps even more dangerous than he was when punting skulls.

“ladies, gentlemen, bizarre mutant hybrids!” Orphan screamed, to the heights of the arena. “To borrow a turn of phrase from both ultros the octopus and one of the many copycats and pretenders to my former throne of dorkdom, a sad little man named allen brown...i am here to jam up your opera.”

Orphan grinned, ignoring the jeers that cascaded down at him. They were music to his ears - a music that he hadn’t heard in far too long.

“it’s time for a quick history lesson, kids; seymour almasy signed his name on the dotted line with jolt for one simple reason - he thought i was gone. he thought keith scott zimmerman skullfucked me into submission, beat my malignant influence out of the vessel that i carried out atrocity after atrocity in,. seymour thought it was safe to return to the only thing left that he loves.”

The fal’Cie placed a hand on his chin, like the Thinker, as if contemplating this point.

“sadly for you all, he was sorely fucking mistaken.”

The smile returned to the fal’Cie’s face, a sort of mad, joyful grin that was hard to forget, even if a lot of people in professional wrestling fervently wanted to.

“for over a year and a half, i waged war on a little hellhole some of you might know called all-star championship wrestling,” the fal’Cie proclaimed. “i did so because i believed that it had been hopelessly tainted by a cancer that was terminal and inoperable. but as time has passed, i realized that, no, acw was not the exception. acw was the rule.”

There was something in the Orphan’s eyes - a touch of sadness behind the madness, a sign that maybe, just maybe, Seymour Almasy was buried in there, somehow or someway.

“this sport of kings, this once-honest profession has become a den for thieves, rogues, and sociopaths,” Orphan said, with a nod of his head. “jolt, acw, there is no difference. and i will treat the two promotions the same, which means...congratulations, jolt! you now have a man on your roster who will stop at nothing to see you broken and ruined - for the sake of all of your employees who suffer under the yoke of the oppressive work environment that professional wrestling has become.”

The examples were all on the tip of Orphan’s tongue - but he did not rattle them off. jOlt had its own. He would learn jOlt’s history in time, and turn it against the promotion itself. Such was the fal’Cie’s modus operandi.

“jolt, you have no one who can stop me.”

A statement. Not a question.

“and to anyone who thinks that statement false? step up to the plate, rabites. i beg of you. who do you have? the top titleholder here is a man who had a cup of coffee and a scorpion fighting reign in the company that i ended. i do give him credit for being smart enough to flee, but that simply means he couldn’t hack it in the ninth circle, and so against me landon stevens has no hope.”

Stevens? Not particularly popular with the jOlt faithful, but nor was the man verbally tearing the company and its talent apart.

“pietro geist,” Orphan cackled. “please. my lesser self beat him in a tournament a decade ago before his growth spurt. he’s too slow and too stupid, just like spike saunders. derecho, a would-be fal’cie? no. he might be enough to be this company’s biggest villain, but comparing him to me is comparing some two-bit murderer to the unabomber. there is no one. trust me now on that. just give up. but if you want to test your luck?”

Even with microphone in hand, there was still time for the Jesus Christ Pose - welcoming, open, and horrible all at once as face paint seemed to melt away from Orphan’s face as sweat dripped down his brow.

“i will do you the kindness that i did for so many over the course of my all-star championship wrestling carer. i will injure your body but free your mind. my advice to all of you is to retire. retire now, of your own free will, before i retire you forcibly. the only thing i regret about how acw died is that it did not expire with me as its standard bearer. thankfully, this company gives me an opportunity for a more perfect kill. i will be your champion as this company passes away. so sayeth the fal’cie. so sayeth the spirit of wrestling.”

His voice was still a monotone, but emotion crept into it as he delivered his final words.

“so sayeth the man professional wrestling has orphaned, and the man who, in turn, will orphan this pitiful excuse of a profession.”

Dropped microphone. Static.

And after that?

Only a horrible disquieting feeling.

Ironic, isn’t it, that a pay-per-view event called Thieves Honor heralded the arrival of a man without even that much to speak of?

...Yevon help us. Yevon help us all.

Jeremy Ryan vs Jesse Ramey vs Jimmy B. Martinez

“The following contest is your triple threat elimination style match, with no time limit,” Brad Arnold stood in the center of the ring, “and the winner of the match will be your new number one contender for the Jolt Championship!”

“A Man” by Cypress Hill blasted throughout the arena, and the buzz that had been generated from the opening announcement of the match quickly turned sour. Even more so when Jolt’s self-proclaimed Last Real Man stepped through the curtains and onto the Thieves’ Honor entrance stage. Ryan stood at the top of the ramp long enough to survey the capacity before beginning his slow paced walk toward the ring, absorbing all of the booing and jeering he was receiving along the way.

“Making his way toward the ring, weighing in tonight at two hundred and fifty-four pounds, and hailing from Bangor, Maine; HE IS “JOLT’S LAST REAL MAN” JEREMY RYAN!”

Ryan slowly made his way up the steel steps at the side of the ring, rubbed his feet against the apron, and ducked between the ropes into the ring. The massively built man made his way to the center of the ring where he folded his arms and smiled out at the booing of the fans. His music was soon replaced by the sounds of “Machinehead” by Bush and Ryan made his way to his corner where he waited.

The jeers in the arena quickly turned to that of a mixed reaction when Jimmy B. Martinez strolled out from the backstage area and stood at the top of the entrance ramp.

“Making his way toward the ring, weighing in tonight at two hundred and twenty pounds, and hailing from The Bronx, New York; HE IS JIMMY B. MARTINEZ!”

Martinez looked rather unfazed by the mixed reaction he was being given by the crowd. This wasn’t all that surprising though as Martinez had been acting more and more like a totally different person over the past months. Perhaps that’s what being in the hunt for championship gold does to some individuals. Martinez slid into the ring under the bottom rope on his stomach, pushed his way back up to his feet and looked in the direction of Jeremy Ryan.

A smile crossed both men’s faces and that gesture definitely wasn’t going to be a good thing for the next man entering the match. Martinez’ music died down as he slowly made his way to his corner and “I’m Not Alright” by Shinedown began to blast throughout the arena. The mood finally changed from hatred, to mixed reaction, to full blown joy. Every single person within the confines of the Arena of Champions stood to their feet cheering as Jesse Ramey emerged from the backstage area and stood smiling at the top of the ramp.

“Making his way to the ring, weighing in tonight at two hundred and five pounds and hailing from Harts, West Virginia; HE IS “THE ANTI-STAR” JESSE RAMEY!”

Ramey burst toward the ring like a cannon ball out of a cannon, where he slid into the ring under the bottom rope on his right hip. Ramey sprang back to his feet in the center of the ring, looked in the general direction of both of his opponents, and then backed his way into his corner. As the music died down, referee Mike Hunt quickly signaled for the start of the match.




Without any kind of hesitation, both Martinez and Ryan rushed toward Ramey’s corner. A look of shock crossed Ramey’s face, but that was all the time he had. Enough time to make an expression as Ryan was the first to come crashing into the Anti-Star with a massive body splash. Ryan stepped to the side after hitting the move, leaving Ramey room to stagger out of the corner, only to be snatched around the head by JBM, who dropped him down to the canvas with twisting neckbreaker. The shouts of joy from the fans that had previously resonated throughout the arena were now once again replaced with that of disdain.

”You two suck dick!”
“Let’s go Ramey!”
“You two suck dick!”
“Let’s go Ramey!”

Half of the chants in the arena were only falling on deaf ears, while the other half on fueled both Martinez and Ryan. Martinez grabbed Ramey by the hair, yanked him back to his feet, and tossed him across the ring. Ramey bounced off of the ropes and back into the direction of the now waiting arms of Jeremy Ryan. Martinez had ran toward the opposite ropes and was approaching the rear of Ryan. Ryan lifted Ramey up into the air for a spinebuster, but used his massive power to hoist Ramey higher in the air.

Martinez leapt into the air catching Ramey with a clothesline, and then both men dropped Ramey to the canvas. Martinez with the clothesline, Ryan with the spinebuster; Ramey rolled on the mat in extreme pain, finding his way to the bottom rope. The Anti-Star managed to pull himself from the inside of the ring to the padding outside that surrounded the ring.

Martinez and Ryan both gave pursuit, each man exiting the ring on opposing sides of Ramey. Just to make sure he wasn’t able to squirrel his way out of a fight with either man. Ramey grasped at the ring apron and slowly began pulling his way back to his feet, but that wouldn’t last long. Jeremy Ryan was the first to reach Ramey, who had turned right into the running outstretched arm of Ryan when he saw Martinez coming at him from the opposite direction. Ryan had charged in and caught Ramey with a clothesline that dropped him back down to the mats.

Ryan smiled as he reached down, grabbing Ramey by the hair, and yanked him back to his feet just as Martinez had made his way to the location of both men. Ryan grabbed Ramey by the arm and sent him flying off into the safety railing that separated the ring side area from the crowd on hand.

Ryan turned look at Martinez and nodded for JBM to do his thing. Martinez rushed toward Ramey, but the Anti-Star dropped his shoulder and pushed it up into the midsection of Martinez sending him flying over the railing and into the waiting laps of the fans in the first row seating. The fans in the arena finally buzzed back to life, hoping to see this as Ramey’s comeback.

Jeremy Ryan had other things in mind though as he quickly made his way over to the resting Ramey, grabbed him by the hair, pulled him over to the ring post, and smashed his head against the post. The hopes and dreams of that comeback were looking a little bleaker at this point in time. Ryan then grabbed hold of top section of the steel steps that, he then promptly tossed them off to the side. Ryan then pulled the bottom section out into the middle of the walk way.

Martinez finally slipped back over the safety railing, and made his way back to the ring. Martinez had glanced in the direction of Ramey and Ryan, but instead of making his way over to help Ryan he felt it better to rest up in ring, just in case things didn’t plan out the way Ryan had expected. At this current point in time though, they were going exactly how Jeremy Ryan had planned them to be.

Ryan grabbed Ramey by the hair, and then slowly began making his way up the two longest steps of both men’s careers. At the top Ryan stood for a moment, Ramey’s hair clinched in his fist, and then he shoved Ramey’s head between his legs. He let the shock within the arena sink in, then pulled Ramey up, jumped, and drove his skull into the top of the steel.


Ramey flopped back down to the mats surrounding the ring as Ryan slowly made his way to a standing base. Ryan was set to pull Ramey back into the ring, when he noticed what was in the ring. Jimmy B. Martinez propped up in a corner waiting on Ryan to finish his work. A look of disdain shot across the face of Ryan, as he turned his focus to his partner in crime inside of the ring. Ramey was now an afterthought as images of Martinez pinning Ryan in their first encounter swam through Ryan’s mind.

Ryan slowly entered the ring, fake smile painted on his face. He looked in Martinez’ direction as he sat on the middle rope offering it to Martinez so he could make his way out of the ring and do his own damage to Ramey. Martinez smiled and jumped at the chance to have a shot at the man who had beat him on the last episode of iNtense. Martinez stepped through the ropes with one leg, but was caught off guard as Ryan jumped up, turned quickly, and kicked the ropes up into Martinez’ scrotum.

The fans all groaned at the sight as Ryan quickly yanked Martinez back into the ring, pulling him to the center, Ryan grabbed hold of Martinez’ arm and shot him off into the ropes. Off of the rebound Ryan planted Martinez with a stiff standing clothesline that dropped Martinez to the mats. Ryan then proceeded to climb on top of Martinez’ body, and then slammed down fists of fury across his face.


Mike Hunt looked on as Ryan continued to slam each precise and calculated fist into Martinez’ face. There was nothing the referee could do in this match, anything was fair game. Obviously, considering nothing had been done when Ryan spiked Ramey’s head on the steel steps.

Ryan pulled Martinez’ head up off of the mat, and slammed his own head into Martinez’. Ryan stood to his feet and let out a primal roar as he lifted Martinez back to his feet, shoved his head between his legs, and signaled for the end. Ryan lifted Martinez up into the air, and planted his head in the center of the ring with the jumping piledriver.

A REAL MAN’S FINISHER! Martinez plopped to the canvas and convulsed around a bit, as Ryan rolled over, shoved his forearm into the side of Martinez’ face for the pin attempt. Hunt dropped in to make the count.




”Jimmy B. Martinez has been eliminated from this match!”

The announcement rang throughout the Arena of Champions, and then the wave of cheering began to pour down on the ring. Ryan looked a little confused because he knew the fans wouldn’t be cheering for him. Jolt’s Last Real Man turned and standing behind him was a blood soaked Ramey, who drove a boot into Ryan’s midsection. Ryan curled over in pain from the move, only for Ramey to hop on his back and flip him over for the sunset flip powerbomb.


Ramey held onto the move with his legs stretched across Ryan’s shoulder holding him pinned down to the mat as Hunt once again dropped in for the pin attempt.




The crowd erupted even more as “I’m Not Alright” blasted throughout the arena once more. Ramey slowly stood to his feet and wiped the blood stained hair from his face. The Anti-Star had proven all of the critics wrong and stood victorious as the rightful number one contender for the Jolt Championship.

Winner: Jesse Ramey via Pinfall

"War is Our Religion"


The camera offered a gradual pan to the left, revealing the heart of the Inogami Clan Chamber. The ninja clan hierarchy were on hand, nestled in the position of seiza in each row. A notable clear path was set in the middle of the chamber, leading toward the slightly elevated to support the collection of clan officers. The Inogami Clan patriarch himself and the enigmatic Eiji Kugasari remained at the platform’s center in a similar position as the rest with the reigning tag team champions to their immediate flanks.

“We need your prayers...”

The soft echo of dress shoes against the thin carpet filled the room as the back of a shadowy figure slowly advanced down the aisle way.

“Tonight, our brethren here, each have monumental tasks set before them...” Mamoru bellowed. “Both Heido & Takeshi have one of their greatest tests as this promotion’s champions. Our champions. Pray that they remain focused on this contest. Pray that they endure the challenges of not just their opposition on this evening but within every means necessary...”

The clan elder statesman continued to scan across the chambers’ inhabitants.

“I beseech you all to extend your prayers to our esteemed clan leader for he himself will challenge 5 other competitors for the right to become this promotion’s champion.” Mamoru continued. “Lord Kenshiro; The Inogami Clan stand with and behind you. As One. Together, we shall represent. Bringing ourselves each step closer to being the premier force within this promotion.”

The seasoned manager stood before the cadre of clan officers for a moment before slowly turning to face the attentive assembly.

“Pray for me to offer the utmost wisdom and instructions in order to help lead our brethren out of this venue as both defending and new Chief Retainers of promotional gold....yet more importantly, offer your support and prayers for the youth within our clan...for with proper guidance and sound examples, they shall breathe new life into the fold when their time to assume command presents itself...”

Eiji was seen breifly opening his eyes while keeping his head downcast, responding with a subtle snort to himself before drawing his eyes shut.

”...My brethren...”

“Our at hand...”

Vizier ta Seti(c) vs Diamond Jewelz

The ring crew heads out with various articles of gold and purple items in their hand, and a raucous mixture of boos and cheers breaks out in the arena; the jOlt faithful know what time it is: it’s time for tonight’s title vs title match. Despite the fact that the Relentless Title has its’ own set of rules to be abided by, because of Ta Seti’s desire to strip Diamond Jewelz of his craftsmanship and ruin his narcissistic pride, the gOlden bOy title, the match will be held under gOlden bOy rules per Diamond Jewelz’s agreement with Damien Lee that all gOlden bOy title matches be held under his rules; this is an official gOlden bOy promotions attraction! Ta Seti will sacrifice the odds being stacked against with DJ”s custom rules in tact, to put his rival through the humiliation of having to watch another man wear his most coveted piece of jewelry. This has become a truly personal rivalry.

As both sides of the ring will feature unique champions tonight, the crowd is divided into various unique factions; “gOlden bOy”, “gOlden bOy” chants break out in one area of the arena, and then, before they can be saturated into the entire crowd, “Walmart Jeweler”, “Walmart Jeweler” chants break out, silencing the former chants.

Diamond Jewelz is a mixed bag indeed. Some love him, some love to hate him, but everyone in the crowd is invested in the jeweler from Las Vegas. Everyone looks foward to witnessing, first hand, the spectacle of the twinkle and glisten of the Sin City native custom jeweler. As the back and forth between the crowd members perdure, the jOlt ring crew transforms the traditional iNtense ring aprons and turnbuckles into almost a completely different creation; as usual, the ring apron transforms into golden and purple; the turnbuckles are replaced with gOlden bOy promotions paddings. “I’m Getting Money” by O.J. The Juiceman pumps into the arena as a sharp burst of excitement rips through the mixed-reaction crowd. O.G. Simpson sports a gold suit; his gold grill and greasy locks shine to the came as he heads down to the ring. He finally makes his way in, and pulls a gOlden mic out of his pocket.

“It’s now time for the gOlden bOy Invitational.”, O.G. Simpson declares brazenly as a raucous mixed reaction from the crowd ensues.

“Introducing first.. He’s not just a champion. He’s the champion of champions. He’s the CEO of gOlden bOy promotions” O.G. shouts as the mixed reactions continue.

“He’s the reason you bought your ticket.. Mr. Hold off your bathroom break so you don’t miss it. He’s Mr. RiseandShine…. ..”

’ The cheers and boos escalate.

“‘Mr. West Coast’… ‘Mr Bling Bling’.. The first ever CERTIFIED jeweler in professional wrestling… He is thaaa… ‘gOlden bOy’...... Diamond Jewelz.

The bass from “Gotta Take It” by Nipsey Hussle pulses into the arena as the crowd’s mixture of boos and cheers reaches a fever pitch. From behind the curtain, the baby oil laden, twinkling and glistening body of Diamond Jewelz emerges, his various articles of jewelry complementing the light that bounces off his chest and abs; He wears a new ensemble this iNtense; gOIden boots, gOlden tights, and all of his various shining and glistening articles of jewelry, chiefly, his gaudy gOlden bOy title. Ruby Rocks follow behind him but then jumps in front him as he strikes a pose, grabbing his chain, and then clutching the gOlden bOy title around his waste,,, After he is finished, he heads to the ring.. Ruby leads her man down to the ring as the devilish, but expensive grin of Diamond Jewelz shines throughout the arena. Ruby holds the ring ropes open for her man as he heads into the ring. Diamond grabs the mic from O.G.

“Since tonight, my challenger has already been predetermined, allow me to use this time, to SHINE.. I’m so ICED out I’mma freeze this whole building with a new vignette I call #FREEZEFRAME!!!” Jewelz places the mic down on the ground, crosses his arms and holds his chin with one of his hands, arrogantly displaying all the various articles of jewelry he wears and cheesing to display his blinging grill; Jewelz holds his pose narcissistically as boos and cheers escalate. Diamond Jewelz’s supporters love his brash arrogance, while his detractors see it as fuel for the raging fires of their hatred. After completing his long pose, he breaks his frozen state, no pun intended, and instructs the bellman to cue up his opponents music.

“And…. the champion’’s challenger tonight. For a few more short minutes he is the holder of the Relentless Title...” O.G. announces.


The jOltVision screen came to life with an extreme - close up of the Relentless Champion.

Predictably, the place went off.

CUE UP: "People of the Moon" by PUi. The fans erupt into a raucous cheer that rocks the arena; everybody is behind the mysterious and enigmatic Egyptian Mystic. The Relentless Champion stalked down the aisle with his hood over his head and his Championship belt in his right hand. He enters the ring and begins to stare deeply and intently at Jewelz. DJ is unfazed by this situation; Jewelz sits perched on the top rope of the opposite corner still dawning his gOlden bOy Championship belt around his waist, and admiring his manicure as Ta Seti, still with his hood on, stares a hole through Jewelz. Jewelz, jumps down from his perch and begins to approach Ta Seti; Ta Seti, unintimidated, approaches Jewelz, and the two champions meet at the center. Ta Seti holds his Relentless Title up to a raucous chorus of cheers, and boos… Jewelz holds his title belt up to the same. This crowd is split right down the middle between the champions, and the varying forces of support create a whirlwhind atmosphere in the arena… Jewelz hands his Title to the referee first, but Ta Seti continues to hold his title up in the air, his hood still over his head to the pleasure of his half of the arena.

“Hand the title over bitch ass nigga,” Jewelz demands

Ta Seti keeps his hand raised rebelliously. Jewelz stares a hole through Ta Seti’s head. Ta Seti, unintimidated, lowers the title and hands it over to Ian Ngyuen, our ref for the night. Nyguen holds both titles up to the roar of the crowd! Ta Seti turns around and begins to take his hood off, Jewelz retreats to his corner, but when he sees Ta Seti preoccupied, he immidiately jumps him and begins pounding. Ta Seti is caught in a web of Jewelz’s rage and his tangled jacket. As Ta Seti attempts to manage to free himself from his jacket, he is tangled deeper in the tangled web of Jewelz’s viscous onslaught. Nyugen is indifferent to Jewelz’s seemingly illegal attack. It should be assumed that due to his pre-match briefing by Damien Lee, tNyugen must have been informed that gOlden bOy’s custom rules stipulate that pre-bell agression is legal under theircustom set of rules. Ta Seti finally manages to free himself from his jacket, but he defends himself no more effectively… Jewelz lands a knee to face of Ta Seti, hits a belly to belly slam and goes for the cover.



That’t won’t be nearly enough to down the reigning Relentless Champion. Jewelz gives Ian Nguyen a look of dissention at his count.

“That was at least two CHINAMAN… Ain’t ya’ll supposed to be good at math.” Jewelz disrespects the Asian-American referee with his scathing comments. Jewelz abruptly grabs Ta Seti’s jacket and begins to strangle him with it. Ta Seti kicks and struggles for air.. Nguyen does nothing; the crowd expresses its’ displeasure with Jewel’s antics and Nguyen's seeming indifference. The dissidents in the crowd must be aware that these are not jOlt rules in effect tonight, these are Diamond Jewel’s custom rules. As his jewelry is handcrafted to his liking, so are his promotions’ rules. Jewelz laxes his choke but drags Ta Seti to the ground.. He squeezes it tight again as the painted face of Ta Seti turns blush red. Jewelz uses the choke to pin Ta Seti.




Jewelz uses the chokehold he has with the jacket to slam Ta Seti’s back, and back of the head down into the mat with a crashing thud. Ta Seti is demoralized. He writhes on the ground in pain. Jewelz #FREEZEFRAMES in the center of the ring to the seething boos of his detractors and the cheers of his “Customers”, Jewelz’s Christened name for his contingent of followers. Jewelz walks over to the writhing Ta Seti grabbing him by the mohawk, staring off into the crowd and jawing inaudible jibe at one of the fans in the crowd. Thwack!!!!

Out of nowhere, Ta Seti lands a low blow on Jewelz, and then a viscous uppercut. Jewelz’s bravado has cost him dearly. Ta Seti makes it back to his feet and begins to land a viscous onslaught on Jewelz. Punch, Punch, Kick, Kick, Roundhouse kick.. Jewelz is down and Ta Seti’s fans are elated; Jewelz’s fans are devastated 1……


Jewelz gets his shoulder up at the last second… Jewelz’s brash arrogance almost cost him the match. Ruby Rocks face is blush red at the near scare and O.G. Simpson holds his head in a panic. Thud!!! Ta Seti lands a monster kick to the back of the Jeweler. Jewelz writhes in pain. Ta Seti’s approach to offense is at a stark contrast to Jewelz’s; no show boating for him. Ta Seti lifts Jewelz to his feet, plunges into the ropes and then hits Jewelz with a monstrous double kick to the face that stuns him and send him to the outside.. O.G. Simpson and Ruby attempt to comfort Jewelz as he sits in a daze outside, his mouth gaping open in pain, and his breathing labored by the blows Ta Seti has landed on him.. All the sudden Ruby looks up and her eyes buck in fear as she darts away.. O.G. looks confused until crash…. Ta Seti comes crashing down on Jewelz and Simpson with a sommersault placha. A viscous aerial assault indeed. The crowd erupts in pleasure… Ta Seti scoops Jewelz up and then goes for the pin. 1……



Jewelz again barely escapes the pin. Ta Seti’s fans are on the edge of erupting whileJewelz’s “Customers” are on the edge of a meltdown. Ta Seti lands some sharp elbows and kicks to Jewelz, then lands a monster kick to the head. Ta Seti mounts the top rope.. He’s measuring Jewelz for a monster blow to the head. Disheveled and delirious, O.G. Simpson climbs the apron and begins shaking the ropes leading to Ta Seti coming crashing down on his testicles. Ta Seti is in pain, but Jewelz is none the better.. Ta Seti and Jewelz are both incapacitated at this point. Both start to arouse at the same time though.. Jewelz makes his way to his feet and Ta Seti to his at the same time. Jewelz immediately at the sight of Ta Seti falls towards the ropes but Ta Seti, being the wiser, Sommersaults off and runs into the ropes…. Fury of the Fates

The viscous lariat misses… Jewelz counters…


It’s in, it’s in… the crossface chickenwing is in.. Jewelz tenses his muscles as he tugs on the hold… Ta Seti endures the pain… The ref checks.. He checks again.. It’s over.. Ta Seti is unresponsive…

The bell rings…

O.G. Simpson, his hair and suit a mess from the assault from Ta Seti, jumps up and down inadulation. Ruby Rocks does the same.. Jewelz raises his hands in victory on the ground. Simpson secures the gOlden bOy and Relentless titles and goes into the ring to present them to Jewelz. Jewelz, down on both knees cries tears of joy and holds both titles in euphoric pleasure. He looks at the gOlden bOy, he looks at the Relentless Title.. He looks at the Relentless Title again in disbelief that the title that he so long has coveted is finally his..

“I’m the new Mr. Relentless.. I’m the gOlden bOy… I does it all” He screams at the camera… Jewelz is truly a champion of champions after tonight..

The self proclaimed, gOlden bOy of jOlt, Jewelz has lived up to his monkier tonight. The Jeweler from Las Vegas has two times more gOld than any other title holder in jOlt.

Winner: Diamond Jewelz via Submission

"Pardon the Interruption"

With a camera man in tow, Donnie Layne frantically made his way through the backstage area. He was heading to the locker room, hoping to beat his rival interviewer to the punch. There was someone that he had previously spoken with who was going to be competing in a very high profile match on this night and he was not going to let her get an interview before him.

"They're right through here," he informed the camera man and burst through the locker room door.

Waiting on the other side of the door and never once expecting a visitor were Lorelei Albrecht and the reigning Underground Champion, Pietro Geist. The Todesengel was in the middle of doing a set of push-ups with his female ally extra weight to them by doing a handstand on his shoulders. The sudden interruption wasn't something the pair were very happy about. Geist growled in annoyance and went back to his push-ups while Lorelei transitioned to her feet as if doing a front handspring off of the Uberkreiger's shoulder blades.

"Vhat in zhe hell are shou doing?" the blonde bombshell hissed, her eyes consumed by fire.

"I was just looking to get a few words from Pietro in regards to his title match tonight," Donny replied back, making sure to take a couple steps back for his own safety.

"A little notice vould have been nice, arschlock."

"So, is that a no?"

Lorelei was in no mood to deal with any stupidity this evening and got right into the intruder's face. She snatched the microphone away from him and pie-faced him right back out into the hallway.

"Fick dich in Knie, drecksack."

The cameraman, however, was kept in place.

"Not so fast, Herr cameraman."


The locker room door was slammed shut right in Donny's face. Lorelei led the camera back to the middle of the room to the always intense Underground Champion, who was now standing in the middle of the ring.

"Eyes are up here," the femme fatale sighed, knowing exactly what the cameraman was focused on. "Remember zhat or my friend here vill rip shour arms off und beat you vith zhem."

Nodding in approval as fear could be seen in his eyes, the camera man made sure to keep his camera aimed right at her face.

"Sehr gut. Now, pay attention as I am not going to vaste mein time vith this. Providence, in battle zhere are numerous attacks from both sides. Shour verbal jabs vere shour choice of offense. Vhere ve come from a single blow must destroy zhe enemy... vithout regards of losses... a gigantic all-destroying blow. Zhat blow is Enthauptung. Shou have felt it before. I vant shou to remember zhat pain for zhe man who has no sense of history, is like a man who has no ears or eyes. Zhat pain awaits you, Providence, and vith it vill come an end to zhe vords shou love to speak. Enthauptung vill silence you und zhe "truth" shou purvey. Remember, zhe victor vill never be asked if he told zhe truth."

She adjusted the collar of her jacket and took a deep breath.

"Now, Pietro if shou could please show him zhe door."

The cameraman's eyes widened, as the Todesengel approached him. Whether he wanted to or not, the cameraman was manhandled by Geist, who picked him up as if he were a child and casually threw him out into the hallway.


With the violent slamming of the door closed, the camera went black.

The Heirs of Wrestling vs The Faction

It was now time for two teams who had been attacking each other for weeks to finally settle their score one and for all. This all started back during the main event of iNtense 102 when The Heirs of Wrestling were in six-man tag team action against Landon Stevens and the Faction. That match saw The Heirs come out victorious and Stevens essentially abandoning Eli and Ezra Conway.

The twins didn’t take too kindly to it and on 103, they launched an attack on Frank Silver and also cost Ryan Gallway a shot at the Relentless Title against Vizier ta Seti. Fast Forward two weeks later and Frank recovered from his concussion and The Heirs got their own dose of vigilante justice when what looked like an attempt at an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge turned into a water cooler being lobbed at the head of Eli Conway!

There was bad blood between these two former jOlt Tag Team Champions and now they were ready for a fight. It was now time to get to the action!

“The following is a tag team grudge match scheduled for one fall!" Dean Carrington announced.

“Belivers" by Mayday!

The music played and out came the two twins from Texas ready to fuck somebody up. Eli looked out to the crowd with a scoff while Ezra clinched his fists and looked ready to hurt somebody Landon Stevens had apparently washed his hands of the twins after they’d lost their titles at Rise of the Legends, but that didn’t mean they didn’t hold a grudge against the Heirs of Wrestling. A victory over one of jOlt’s most decorated Tag Teams would put them right back in contention for another title shot.

“First, making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 490 pounds… they are the team of Eli and Ezra Conway… THE FACTION!"

The crowd booed the Texan thugs as they stepped into the ring. Eli and Ezra both stood up on opposite turnbuckles and jaw-jacked with the crowd before they both jumped down and back into the ring. They were ready for a fight.

Three letters started to flash on the jOltVision…

“H" “O" “W"

"With Me Now" by Blacklite District.

When the smoke settled there was Ryan Gallway and Frank Silver with their backs to the cameras. They both wore sparkling lavender jackets with "HOW" embroidered with gold on the back. They stood there with their heads down as the lyrics were sang.

Got no time for my game, I put it on the shelf
And this money and fame ain't gonna earn itself
I'm not wasting my time, you better recognize
The flame, the hustle, the pain, the redness in my eyes
When the pressure comes down you throw the towel in
But for me and my crew, that's where the work begins
At the end of the day we like to cut it loose
By the end of the night we're making bodies move
We're waiting, we're waiting, we're waiting

When the chorus kicked in..

I'm ready for the...

They spun around as pyro exploded to the left and right of them. A curtain of pyro rained down behind them as they energetically made their way down to the ring to the cheers of the crowd. They were proud, somewhat immature, but nobody could deny their tag team pedigree. Over ten tag team titles in wrestling to their name including two jOlt Tag Title reigns. Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway entered the ring and dapped fists as the Conways were ready to lay a hurt on them.

“And their opponents… at a combined weight of 445 pounds, they are the team of FRANK SILVER AND RYAN GALLWAY… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!"

Gallway and Silver stood in the ring and took their jackets off before tossing them aside. They were both ready for a fight and after a Dark Match victory over The Hype’s team, BADASS, they wanted to make it two in a row. Not only was a possible future tag title shot possibly for the winner, but a grudge would be buried here tonight.


Ryan Gallway was at bat first for his team while Eli Conway was ready to start things off. Both twins pushed about 6’3" and 245 and had bad attitudes. As former Tag Team Champions in their own right, they could also get the job done against the Heirs if they focused.

Eli and Gallway weren’t going to lock up and the larger Texas threw a knee into a Gallway’s stomach! He pushed him back into the corner and stood over him.


He was pissed after Frank Silver tossed a cooler into his face and payback was on his mind. He swung his fist, but Gallway ducked out of the corner and fired back with a barrage of HARD kicks to the knee and the chest of his larger opponent! Eli was stunned when Gallway changed it up a little…





FOUR hard Knife-Edge Chops caught Eli in the chest. Gallway went to whip Eli across the ring, but the larger Texan turned that around and sent him flying towards the corner. Conway charged and hit nothing but the turnbuckle as Gallway flipped over him and did another NICE front flip before he landed on his feet! The Prince of Precision stood up and took a bow as he watched an irate Eli stand behind him. The twin charged at him when Gallway ducked underneath a Running Big Boot. When he came back, Gallway snapped him over with a fast Headscissors!

An irate Eli tried to stand again when he got caught in the jaw with a Jumping Spin Kick to the face his opposition! Conway stumbled around and backed off to the corner as he took a breather on the ropes.


The Heirs of Wrestling were always popular and tonight was certainly no different, especially against two men who had served Landon Stevens for months on end, attacking and helping him retain his championship. Eli backed off and tagged into Ezra as the other twin jumped over the ropes to land on his feet in the ring.

Gallway charged at him and kicked him in the gut before he threw in a few solid jabs just to wear down the high flying portion of the Heirs. He spun around and went for a Discus Punch but Gallway ducked that only to come back with a hard kick to the gut! He clipped him in the side of the head with a nice Leaping Leg Lariat, sending him flying through the ropes and out to the floor!

The pissed of Eli came back into the ring and tried to jump Gallway from behind, but the quicker Gallway pulled the ropes down, sending Eli tumbling right over the ropes and spilling out to the floor below. The Baron of Ballistics was ready on the ring apron and lined up with his target as Ezra started to stand. He rushed at him…


The 6’3" and 252-pound Silver showed off great agility when he dove off the ring apron and came down on Ezra with a spectacular dive! Eli was just starting to pick himself up off the floor when he saw a big blur coming his way…


The crowd was going NUTS! Ryan Gallway jumped from one rope to the top rope before diving out to the floor on Eli Conway with an incredible dive of his own! Gallway stood up and he and Frank dapped fists on the outside! They were in control for the moment and now they looked to continue their advantage.

Silver and Gallway both picked up the legal man, Ezra, and tossed him back inside the ring so that way The Heirs could continue their advantage. Gallway reached over and tagged into Frank who was now ready. The crowd cheered the Royal Knight of Sunday Nights as he picked up Ezra and dropped him with a vicious Scoop Slam. After the fact, he picked up his own partner, Gallway, and Scoop Slammed Ryan right across the body of Ezra. Frank then went to the second rope and raised the pinky… the crowd knew what was coming next…


Silver dropped the elbow into the heart of Ezra Conway and rolled over so he could make the cover on his opponent.




Ezra kicked out, but that didn’t stop Frank from bringing the punishment to one of the men that gave him a concussion three weeks ago. Ezra was forced up and he got punched with a flurry of hard European Uppercuts to the jaw before Silver sent him off the ropes. When he came back, he FLOORED him with a big Clothesline to the neck! Ezra went down like a sack of potatoes and Silver was ready to finish things off already. He jumped back to the ropes when he came back…

Eli grabbed him by the leg on the outside and tripped him!

The crowd booed when Ezra started to stand again, holding his neck in pain. He started to stand when Ezra came at him…


A gruesome shot by the twin! The Faction was now in control of things and with Frank just coming off a concussion thanks to a sneak attack by Eli and Ezra three weeks ago, this was not a good position for Frank Silver to be in! Ezra turned around and faced Gallway.

“Sorry about his head, asshole! Ahahaha!"

He turned around and both twins started to put the boots to the fallen Silver. He tried to block what shots he could, but The Conways were firing of shots too fast for him to block them all. Eli tagged in now and Ezra pulled up Frank into a Full Nelson position. Eli cocked a fist back and fired a solid right hand into his head, doubling him over in pain and bringing The Bishop of Bringin’ Da Pain to his knee.

Perhaps Silver had come back too soon, but this was the grudge they wanted to settle with The Faction ever since they stole the titles away from them at Breakdown several months ago. Eli pushed him to the ropes and put a knee down into the back of his head, effectively choking him against the ropes. He continued to punish him as the referee Chris Adams started to count down.


Eli cleared the scene and let a choking Frank fall to his knees. There was nothing pretty or fancy about The Faction – Eli and Ezra were straight-up brawlers and shit-kickers who could get the job done when it suited them.

When he pulled Frank back up by his knees, Silver fought back with a slew of hard right hands to the chest! He fought back with more right hands to the stomach, but one stiff knee to the head brought The Baron of Ballistics right back down. He turned him around by his neck and cranked on the joint before he DROPPED him with a solid Neckbreaker!




Silver shot his shoulder up off the canvas at the last second! But now the twins were ready for this victory tonight – they needed to show that they could get things done on their own without help from somebody like Aran Thompson or Landon Stevens like they had served faithfully for the past year.

With a tight headlock around the neck of Silver and reached over to tag back into Ezra. Both twins shot him off to the ropes and when he went to the ropes. Both twins came back and BOWLED Frank over with a hard Double Thrust Spinebuster in the center of the ring! That kind of impact could not have been good for the back of his skull!

“Frank! Come on, bro, you can do this!" Gallway yelled in support.

Frank wasn’t moving for the moment and that’s when Ezra went for the cover just as Eli left away from the ring.




“THAT WAS THREE!" Ezra barked.

Ezra stood up and picked up Frank by the neck again and he was already on spaghetti legs, but that didn’t concern The Faction – victory did at any cost. Ezra shoved Silver back into the ropes and when he came back again he was levelled with a NASTY Running Back Elbow from the brutal Texan! Ezra doubled over in pain and went for yet another cover on The Royal Knight of Sunday Nights.




The Hipster Heartthrob stood on the ring apron in full support of his tag team partner, but didn’t see Ezra as he turned around and decked Ryan with a fist to the face! The shot knocked him off the apron and the crowd booed the ever-loving shit out of the twins.


See? Told you.

Ezra Conway turned his focus back to punishing Frank Silver now and shoved him back into their corner. He ducked down and fired a couple of Shoulder Thrusts in the chest of Silver and then held him there as Eli reached out to tag himself into the match. Ezra backed off and allowed Eli to whip him into the corner where he landed a stiff Corner Clothesline to Silver. The combination continued when he whipped him right into a VICIOUS Jumping dropkick from Eli!


“YOUR MOTHERS TAUGHT ME HOW!" Eli yelled back.

That verbal assassin, Eli, turned over and went for a rather lazy press on Frank Silver. His head had been beaten into mush and now he was looking to finish things.




Eli now stood over him and cocked a fist back waiting for his Lariat called Southern Justice. If he could hit his devastating Lariat, then this would certainly spill the end for The Heirs of Wrestling. Frank was very slow to stand up, but he was doing just that. He rushed off the ropes…


Gallway caught him and knocked him silly with a nice shot! Chris Adams reprimanded The Prince of Precision for his actions but it was a receipt from Ezra’s cheap shot earlier. Eli turned around stunned when Silver caught him…


An impactful Half-Nelson Backbreaker turned the tides and now both men were down in the center of the ring with nowhere else to go! cradled his back on the canvas from the deadly move and tried to roll over to his corner to get back to a ready and able Ezra Conway. Meanwhile on the other side of the ring Gallway was waiting with an outstretched hand and hoping for the tag. The fans were actually starting to get behind the match and let out some cheers.

Tag to Ezra!

He got into the ring first and grabbed Silver by a leg to drag him back over to the corner. The Margrave Digger rolled around and kicked himself free with his other leg sending back into the corner. He finally had his chanced…


The Prince of Precision jumped into the ring and started to run right at Ezra Conway in the corner before FLOORING him with a Running Dropkick to the face! Ezra was now drooping over in the corner while Eli tried to cut him off by stopping his momentum early.

Ryan Elbow Smashed his face in several times before trying to whip the larger Ezra. He reversed that and thought that would take care of the former two-time jOlt Tag Team Champion when he came back…


The Headscissors into the Single Arm DDT dropped him like a bad habit! The Intergalactic Space Cowboy rolled up to his feet when he caught Ezra Conway with a Dropkick sending the bigger man to the outside! With him disposed of, a frantic Gallway ran off the ropes before he exploded…


He CRUSHED Eli against the guardrail with the impact of the big dive and the crowd roared for the action being brought by jOlt’s Pinball Wizard. Gallway thrived off the cheers of the fans in the moment just showing off his quick offense as he ascended the top turnbuckle. He waited as Ezra tried to get back up in the ring…


The Diving Double Knee Strike found its mark! Ezra was down and now The Prince of Precision had him right where he wanted him!




Eli had just barely, BARELY made it into the ring and he shoved Ryan off his brother’s body! The action was getting frantic quickly and the upped tempo had the crowd cheering the action going on inside.

“Get out of my face, you fagbasket!" Gallway shouted as he frantically kicked Eli away long enough to try and finish off Ezra. He picked Ezra up by the body and went for another big high flying move, but when he tried for the Hurricanrana, Ezra caught him…





But Ezra wasn’t done! He actually POWERED Ryan Gallway off the canvas and powered him up while the groggy Eli kneeled over…


The SICK double-team by the twins nearly broke Ryan Gallway in half! Now Ezra rolled over as Eli left the ring, looking to finish Gallway off for good.




Frank Silver rolled into the ring and dropped an elbow across the back of Ezra Conway’s head! Silver picked him up by the head when Ezra stunned him with a right hook of his own. Silver stumbled around while Ezra rushed off the ropes looking for a chance to strike…


The crowd WINCED in pain and cheered for Frank’s big move, pushing Ezra up into the air and blasting him upside the jaw with a rising European Uppercut that floored him for good!

The action was getting crazy when Eli jumped behind him and clocked him in the back with a hard forearm shot. The crowd booed Eli as he turned around and continued to stun him with several right hands. He chopped him and pushed him against the ropes, but Silver came back…


The Rebound Lariat TOOK Conway’s head nearly off his shoulders and now all four men were down! Frank rolled over back to the corner and now Ryan Gallway limped over. Holding his own back in pain, he reached over and tagged over to Frank Silver now!

Ezra was the legal man and now Silver went to pick him up over the shoulder. He started to hoist him up as Ryan Gallway head to the top…


The crowd went NUTS as the two men connected with a brutal double-team maneuver of a Front Powerslam from Frank combined with a Flying DDT from Gallway! Both men were down and Frank rolled Ezra over to go for the cover!




Frank rolled right off him and held the back of his head in pain, but the feeling of victory helped to lessen the blow a little bit! Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway both limped up to their feet. They had been put through the wringer by The Faction, but for tonight they were victorious.

“Here are your winners of the match… Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!"

The Dynastic Duo were proud of their victory here tonight and even though Eli and Ezra put up a fight, Gallway and Silver proved there was still plenty of life left in perhaps jOlt’s most exciting duo today. Both of them left the ring and slapped hands with the fans on their way back up the ramp.

“Victory, son!" Ryan barked.

“You know it!" Frank nodded!

That was one victory for the Heirs tonight. Could Mack Brody perhaps make it a clean sweep in the main event tonight and bring in the jOlt Heavyweight Championship?

Stay tuned!

Winner: The Heirs of Wrestling via Pinfall

Charlotte(c) vs Sarah Winterton

This was for all the marbles now. The defending Starlets Champion, Charlotte, had been through hell and back with her opponent, “The Queen of the Starlets” Sarah Winterton. This stipulation of Two out of Three Falls was chosen by Winterton due to this match being her official rematch clause being cashed in after losing the belt at Rise of the Legends two months ago. This would be the finale between a near year-long rivalry in the Starlets Division between two of the finest women’s wrestlers on the planet.

The fans turned their attention to the ramp as the lights quickly cut to black.

Two spotlights, one red and one pink, shined on the stage and started to flash as the opening chords to “Poker Face” by Lady GaGa started to echo throughout the building. The lights swirled and the fans gave a rousing ovation for the gorgeous and tantalizing current Starlets Champion, Charlotte!

She blew kisses to the fans at the top of the ramp and started to walk towards the ring with a serious look on her face. She wore a bright pink bustier and pink leather shorts. She slapped a few hands on the way to the ring and climbed inside the ring. One more time, she blew a kiss and when she did, a series of pink sparks rained from the turnbuckle posts as she got ready for the fight of her career.

She climbed into the ring and the religious Starlet climbed into the ring and said herself a little prayer before her match. The crowd was now jeering for the arrival of the personal assistant of the Starlet Champion, Desta. The portly business-like woman stood on the ramp and cleared her throat in exaggerated fashion, which only garnered more booing.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please rise and provide a mandatory standing ovation to a woman with the kindness of Mother Teresa... the elegance, grace, and dignity of Queen Elizabeth… the fighting spirit of Joan of Arc without all the crazy… the power and influence of Oprah Winfrey… and better hair than Michelle Obama… She is YOUR Queen of the Starlets and your soon-to-be NEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Starlets Champion! SARAH… WHITNEY… WINTERTON!”

"Pageant (Instrumental)" by Moi Dix Mois.

The former Heiress stepped out from the backstage area, holding that Starlet Championship over her shoulder. Winterton had a look of disgust as she stood atop the entrance ramp and gazed down at the ring at her competition. This was her long time rival. And the match would be one final time. If Winterton lost this match, she would get no more rematches as long as Charlotte was the champion.

The two women met up in the center of the ring. The normally elegant and showy Charlotte Huber was wearing her for this fight while Winterton had chosen her standard attire for this battle.

Charlotte and Sarah Winterton came face to face and were ready to come to blows. Charlotte raised the title over her head before giving it to the referee. Sarah Winterton looked at the title and ran her fingers across the surface of the nameplate.

“That’ll be my name on it!”

“Sorry, sug, keep dreaming…”

A nasty right hand caught the Heiress in between the eyes! The crowd cheered for The Vegas Vixen as she reeled her back into the ropes with a sequence of right hands before sending her off to the ropes. She quickly took her down with a nice leg lariat that nearly kicked her head off her shoulders.

“Come on, you prissy bitch!” Charlotte screamed.

She fought back against the Heiress as she took the fight ot oher number one contender. A pair of uppercuts caught her on the tip of her chin and knocked her backwards into the corner. The Vegas Vixen kept on pummeling her into the corner until the referee ordered her to back away. She kept on swinging until the referee had no choice but to forcefully pull Charlotte out from the corner!

The Vegas Vixen broke free form her grip and tossed her outside of the ring where Desta was watching on in complete panic. With her chance to succeed, she continued to head to the ring apron. She waited for Winterton to stand back up and when she did, Charlotte dove off the top rope with in incredible moonsault all the way out to the floor!


Charlotte had the crowd in the palm of her hands as she stood up and picked up Winterton before throwing the Queen of the Starlets back inside the ring. Winterton was disoriented in the corner when Charlotte backed up a few steps … she waited for her chance…


The cannonball senton that was one of her husband’s signature moves caught her flush in the corner! Charlotte rolled out of the corner and picked up The Queen before lifting her up…


Already, she hit her belly to back neckbreaker finisher! Already, the crowd was coming unglued as Desta freaked out and headed into a panic!






Charlotte backed off and allowed the thirty-second rest period between falls to occur, but the bottom line her was right off the bat, Charlotte had scored the first big fall right at the onset of the match! Now if Winterton had some kind of plan to turn the tide in her favor now would be the time to use it. Desta thundered around the ringside area and protested with the referee.


But the cries of Desta fell upon deaf ears and referee Kim Adams told her what was up – there was going to be no do-over.

Winterton was hurt now in the corner as she stood and the second the rest period ended…


Winterton tried to get back into the ropes when Sarah poked her eye and tossed her into the corner. The Heiress was all smiles now when she tried to fire off a pair of knife edge chops into her chest to wear her down. The Heiress swung a third time when she ducked and pushed her back into the corner. She jumped to the second rope and leaned over to lock in a submission in the process…


The Tarantula was locked in tightly and the Heiress had nowhere to go! Charlotte only had about four seconds of the referee’s count to hold onto hit and she kept on holding all the way until she heard the count before she let go. As she let go, a weary Winterton headed to the floor…

Charlotte wasn’t about to let her go and she quickly started to climb to the top turnbuckle. The ill-tempered redhead perched herself on the very top and waited for Sarah Winterton to turn around before she jumped with an incredible suicide planch all the way to the floor!!!

The crowd was fully behind Charlotte as she launched herself at her rival and now both Starlets were sprawled out across the ringside floor in front of the announce table.

After a few seconds of rest, Charlotte grabbed her by the head and tossed Winterton back inside the ring. She then headed to the top rope a second time when The Heiress tried to get back to her feet only to take a diving cross body!



And a big kick out from the Starlet number one contender! Charlotte was completely on offense right now and wasted no time in picking up the Starlet Champion from behind. She was setting her up for The Queen of Hearts neckbreaker when Sarah suddenly grabbed her by the arm and slinged her over. Charlotte headed back to her feet when Winterton grabbed her by the tights and shot her backwards into the turnbuckle!

She collided with the turnbuckle and after a brief rest this finally allowed for miss Winterton to get the advantage. The Heiress swung and continued to land several chops to the upper chest area before whipping her across the ring. She followed up with a running elbow in the corner and followed with a snapmare that led into the kick to the back and finished with the dropkick to the back of the head…


Finally with the advantage, Sarah Winterton rolled over and tried to close in on her first Starlet Championship!



Charlotte with the shoulder up!

An angry Winterton slapped both hands on the ground before forcing The Vegas Vixen back to a standing position. She was looking for a neckbreaker set-up when Charlotte came out of nowhere in order to take her down with a backslide.



Winterton escapes this time!

The Heiress stood up to meet Charlotte only to eat a low kick to the stomach for her troubles. Charlotte fell to her knees and actually socked her in the jaw with a nice uppercut that sent the Heiress tumbling through the ropes. Charlotte reached over and was about to pick up the Heiress from the mat when she saw a freaked-out Desta shriek in a pitch that only dogs could hear.

“Wait your turn, bitch!” Charlotte shouted in her direction.

She took her eyes of Winterton for just one second and she grabbed her by the head in order to drop her with a hard faceplant on the ring apron! Charlotte was stunned from the shot and was knocked back into the ropes while Winterton took a second to make sure all of her teeth were still in place. She climbed up the steps and gestured one of her princess waves to the crowd before she ran across the apron and landed a nice running dropkick to the side of Charlotte’s head! She frantically crawled into the ring while Desta watched as Winterton went for the cover and the win.



Close, but no cigar!

Once again The Vegas Vixen was proving to be more trouble than she was worth so Sarah Winterton decided to go on the attack once again. She sat Charlotte up and ran off the ropes before landing a running uppercut to the back of her head. She was learning tricks from the Heirs every week and putting them to great use.

The Heiress stood up and pranced around, walking a little walk across the ring as Charlotte was down holding the back of her neck in pain. Once she was finished with that she walked over and put the boots to the Starlet Champion in the ring before punctuating her combination with a double footed stomp down to her ribcage.

Charlotte was in pain now and was in a very bad position for The Heiress to capitalize on as she walked over and picked her up to set her up in the corner. Desta watched as she remained slumped in the corner and watched Winterton fly across the ring to connect with a hard flying body press in the corner.

The Starlet Champion fell to her knees while the number one contender was now standing on the apron to give the fans another wave. She crawled back inside the ring and placed a foot on the chest of Charlotte…



Charlotte slapped the foot away and it was clear that Sarah Winterton wasn’t taking the Starlet Champion too seriously as she had tended to do during the course of their budding rivalry.

Once again she tried to take Charlotte back to the mat with another move this time in the form of one of her suplexes. She hooked her for the vertical suplex and leaped off the ropes only for Charlotte to roll her up from behind and caught her with the schoolgirl pin!



And another kickout from The Heiress! The number one contender was almost caught unaware but when Charlotte tried to stand she was booted in the chest before connecting with a fishermans… no a fisherwoman’s suplex!



“NO!” Sarah yelled.

Charlotte had kicked out yet again when it seemed that things were bleak for the champion she managed to kick out time after time. The Heiress started to slap the back of her head and continued to ridicule her.

“Somebody like you doesn’t deserve to be the champion of all Starlets!” Winterton yelled before she hit another slap.

“That title is mine!”


“Not yours!”




“And worst of all… you are nothing more than a jezebel…”

The last slap never came because it was blocked by Charlotte! She tried to catch her off-guard with a punch, but Winterton blocked it and went right into the Spellbinder Dos Caras pin!



Hook of the tights…



The score was all even-steven now! Winterton cheered and laughed as she backed away! She now had the second fall here! This rivalry was going to come to a close soon and this match being neck and neck like it has was indicative of the rivalry they’ve had. Neck and neck, trading the Starlets title back and forth! Now the Queen had a real chance to get back her title!

Winterton jumped outside the ring and she and Desta started to jog around the ring doing a victory lap as an angry and humiliated Charlotte sat inside, protested with the referee and showing that The Queen of the Starlets hooked her tights, but Kim Adams didn’t see it which meant the fall was going to stick.

Winterton then headed back into the ring as the rest period ended, but her preening ended up biting her in the ass as Charlotte came at her with a spear followed by a series of hard punches to the face! Winterton tried to block the shots, but Charlotte was a madwoman possessed!

The Starlet Champion stood up and shouted to the fans with a lot of energy behind her. She grabbed Sarah Winterton by the legs and then catapaulted her right into the second turnbuckle in the corner! She was hurt now and stumbled out of the corner right into a big back elbow to the face.

Several more elbows to the face from Charlotte continued to pummel her in the corner just damn near until her arm went numb. She charged off the ropes as Sarah went staggering out of the corner and connected with a flying back elbow to the face. Charlotte was on fire now and the crowd cheered as she watched and waited for the Heiress to get to her feet. The second that she stood, Charlotte charged…


She connected with the running one-armed neckbreaker and dropped Winterton in the middle of the ring! She was looking for the win and looked to successfully defend her title for a third time.



Close, but no!

The Heiress’s arm went up just before the three count which surprised Charlotte. The valet for the House wasn’t giving up that easily and started to head to the ring apron one more time. She was about ready to climb and made it way to the top rope when Winterton stood up and stopped her with a jumping uppercut to stun her on the top.

Winterton maneuver her with a fireman’s carry from the corner and tried to turn her around when Charlotte squirmed out the back. She was elbowed into the ropes by Winterton when she came back…


She went down with the discus big boot! She was closing in on the win!




Charlotte was now definitely surprised that she hadn’t put an end to the match and that Winterton was still fighting. There was more of a toughness to her number one contender than she first thought. Desta continued to lurk at ringside and watched biting her nails as Winterton continued to get wailed on.

The Starlet Champion was taking Winterton to task and seemed dead-set on finishing her off once and for all. Again she tried setting her up for the belly to back neckbreaker when she turned around... Winterton slipped out the back and landed on her feet, but still looked quite punch-drunk.

When she saw her stagger back into the corner she charged at her and jumped to the second rope with intent to punish her but Winterton caught her and ran out of the corner with a running liger powerbomb! She held her down frantically and the fans even counted along with the brutal move!



And another kick out!

Winterton went bug-eyed! She thought that she had the title in her mitts when Charlotte’s shoulder went flying off the mat again. The Heiress was very close to winning the belt but Charlotte was not going to relinquish her prize.

The Heiress slowly crawled upwards and grabbed Charlotte by the hair when she suddenly sprang to life and fired back with a volley of right hands. The shots kept on coming and Desta jumped up on the turnbuckle. Charlotte turned her attention to the former Starlet Champion when Winterton snuck behind her! She pushed her into the ropes and went looking for the Beauty Queen Suplex only for Charlotte to move… Collision!

Sarah Winterton was sent crashing right into Desta! Desta crashed to the floor haplessly and now Charlotte came out of nowhere to trip Winterton up with a drop toe hold and now glanced out to the fans before she leaned back into a bridge, locking her up into a modified inverted STF!


Charlotte had her locked in the middle of the ring with an incredibly painful submission hold! There was nowhere for Winterton to go as she tried to get to the ropes, but her neck was being cranked back into a directly the neck wasn’t meant to bend.

“Winterton, are you giving up?” Adams asked.

“No!” Winterton screamed.

Charlotte bridged back even more now, cranking on the neck again!

“Sarah, do you give up?!” Adams asked again.

“NO! NO! NO…”

But there was nowhere to go…”


And now the crowd fucking EXPLODED! Charlotte had just made her long time rival, her hated menace of the last year … tap out!


Charlotte collapsed to a knee and looked down at the hurt Winterton as she started to limp to her feet. The Vegas Vixen finally sat up and raised the title over her head as Kim Adams pointed to her, signifying her as the winner!

It was finally over.

The nightmare of the Queen of the Starlets was finally over! This HUGE victory meant no more Starlets Title shots for Sarah Winterton as long as Charlotte still held the belt!

Charlotte departed from the ring and raised the title over her head, finally fending off her toughest test to date! The crowd cheered the fiery redhead as she finally started to turn on her heel and walk away. This signified the end of this long feud. Winterton was finally in the champ’s rear view mirror and a whole bevvy of new challengers could step up to the plate of perhaps jOlt’s most fighting champion…


The Queen of the Starlets was broken and defeated at long last. The crowd’s chants started to echo loudly…


Winterton finally sat up, holding her neck in immense pain after the brutal submission hold of Charlotte finally did her in. Desta was limping up as well after being laid out from the earlier collision…


Winterton shrieked and pouted before rolling out of the ring while Desta pleated for her to wait up…


The chants continued well on into the next segment.

This treatment couldn’t have happened to a more crooked woman.
Winner: Charlotte via Two Decisions to One

"According to Freud"

We are backstage with Dawn Cassidy as she is standing by with the most unlikely candidate to win tonight's Thieves Honor Match... "The Rockstar" Jon Le Bon. Cassidy first pulls the microphone to her mouth as Le Bon makes a smirk.

"I am joined here by..." said Dawn as she turned and looked at Le Bon who was giggling.

"Is something wrong?" asked Dawn.

"No no no. I was just thinking of what Freud said about sometimes a microphone just isn't a microphone." said Le Bon.

Dawn was kind of wide-eyed after that comment, but she brushed it off and continued.

*ahem* - "As I was saying, I am joined by Jon Le Bon, who won the Thieves Honor Qualifying Battle Royal on iNtense 105, shocking the world as the sixth and final entrant to this year's match where he has a chance to become the new jOlt World Heavyweight Champion. Jon, what are your thoughts going into this match?"

"I'm thinking that the Shure PG-58 in my pants is about to experience a bunch of feedback." said Le Bon.

"Excuse me!?" said Dawn, a bit insulted.

"Would you like to lean down and conduct an interview?" asked Le Bon.

Dawn disgustingly walked away muttering "Now I know why Donny always gets this assignment... UGH!"

Le Bon looked into the camera.

"Now that she's gone..." he then changed his tone to a more serious level. "Tonight... six men enter a war zone. Bodies will be broken.. blood will be shed.... careers shortened... all for the sake of being called champion... but one man stands alone among them... one man has the tools for success... one man is a certified scoopologist... a man who is an unofficial member of the Heirs of Wrestling and Le Bon.. aka HOWL. The man who represents all of his Le Boners out there. That man will walk away with the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship."


"That man..."



Le Bon then turned to the side tilted his head back. He then grasped the bridge of his nose with his index and middle fingers.

"The Rockstar..."

Le Bon then struck a pose like it was straight out of Kamen Rider or Power Rangers


Le Bon then looked over to his right. The camera panned to the left becuase, you know.. persepective directions and whatnot.. and there were two rather large men wearing security shirts.

"Excuse me, Mr. Le Bon. Damien Lee and Ms Cassidy would like to see you in the office." said Security Guard A

"Sure thing! I would love to see Ms. Cassidy again! Maybe this time, I can get her to put my microphone to her lips!" said Le Bon

The two security guards grabbed Le Bon.. one on each arm and began to drag him away.

"Hey Hey Hey! Union Jack! I am an important citizen! Do you understand!? Do you understand!?"

The scene faded to black.

The Crimson Order(c) vs The House

Camera 20 would slowly pan upward above the animated groundswell of jOlt faithful awaiting for Dean Carrington & Referee Darius Underwood to enter the squared circle. A collage of fans gathered in the western front row section where several men of girth displayed their cosmetic allegiance to the No. 1 contenders for the jOlt World Tag Team Championships. The self proclaimed Sin City Heavies, adorned with Poker clad symbols, were among the brazen in their adulation. The faux championship belts in hand, the corpulent quartet rallied the surrounding fans before Camera 3 trained itself onto the distinguished duo inside the ring.

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen...jOlt Wrestling fans...The following contest is schedule for 1 Fall with a 30 minute time limit and it is for the jOlt Wrestling World Tag Team Championships!”

The Arena of Champions were overheard roaring in anticipation for several moments before "House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch ignited the legions into a cheering frenzy. A cadre of casino laden lighting danced wildly throughout the arena’s interior as Camera 15 slowly panned toward the entrance staging area. The opening vignettes proudly began streaming detailed footage of both the challengers’ proudly lumbered out from the back. Colored spotlights would readily sweep across the entire ground level as both Las Vegas natives gave pause to scan the horizon. Nodding to themselves, they would solemnly play to the crowd...

Carrington: “Introducing 1st; they hail from Las Vegas, Nevada and are the current Number 1 contenders for the jOlt World Tag Team Championships! Weighting in a total combined weight of 777 pounds...They are team of...DERRICK HUBER & ADAM ROEBUCK!! THIS!! IS!! THE HOUSE!!!

The massive Roebuck was seen rolling both shoulders and his head respectively as Huber briefly flashed out his tongue before rolling each arm. Wringing his wrists firmly, the Oddsmaker radiated an air of sheer confidence as both men faintly interacted with the raucous crowd in the front row before making their way up the ring steps. Adam would walk to the middle of the ring apron and stare out into the crowd as his tag team partner ascended the top turnbuckles and beat his chest briefly before extending his arms outward. The seasoned veterans both meant business by their mutual demeanor as the musical introduction diminished yet the legions continued to scream the remaining lyrics in unison...

”Well, mother, tell your children
Never do what I have done
Spend your lives in sin and misery
In the house of the rising sun

In the house of the rising sun
Well, there is a house in Sin City
They call the Rising Sun
And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy
And God, knows I, I'M ONE!!!

An amorous chorus of ‘jOlt’ chants would echo through the arena as the 2x former tag champions began holding court within their assigned corner. Referee Underwood began his rudimentary task of inspecting the powerful tandem as Roebuck flashed a faint smirk at the crowd before Derrick began pacing back and forth. Eyes drawn shut, the Sin City Strongman continue to train his sights in the direction of the gorilla position...


A notable rise in clan centric incandescent lighting was displayed throughout the stands as the entrance staging area the volatile crescendo of Red & White strobe lighting accompanied the brief storm of bass before everything immediately fell back into the blackness. On cue, ‘Thought Crimes’ - Extended Version by Cliff Lin centered the focus back onto the staging area. A heavy overcast of billowing strobe lit smoke would compliment the ongoing vignette streaming across each jOltvision screen as the Japanese bred tandem slowly broke the plane to present themselves before the cheering legions...

Carrington: “...and their opponents, Accompanied both by their manager Mamoru & Shoji...From the Kansai Prefecture of Japan...They are the current...reigning and defending jOlt Wrestling Tag Team Champions of the World! Weighting in at a total combined weight of 605 pounds...They are the team of HEIDO & TAKESHI...THE CRIMSON ORDER!!

Head downcast, Heido would use the tattered coolie hat to obscure his visage. The Mute Mountain Splitter himself would don the gleaming Onyx Kendo Mask with the jOlt Tag Championship belt over his left shoulder. The clan elder statesman broadened his proud sneer before both challengers and the audience as the enigmatic quartet began their stoic march toward the squared circle. The raven haired ninja flared out his male kimono to expose his belt before rounding the ring post. The House would inaudibly mouth their growing resentments toward their opposition as both ninjas held their ground before the eastern ring apron. Unfastening his belt, Heido would lead his mute brother up the ring steps, along the narrow apron before mutually raising the belts overhead. A brilliant cascade of clan centric colored streamers would sail into the ring, leading on hand ringside personnel to clear the debris as the reigning champions basked within the ambiance. Both perched atop the adjacent turnbuckles, the current champions ignored the ongoing background noise to exchange calloused glares at their opposition.

The champions entered the ring and both teams slowly advanced toward the middle of the ring with Referee Underwood having the distinct misfortune of having to keep both rival teams at bay. It would be both Shoji & Mamoru whom would physically intervene by casually leading the reigning champions back to the opposing corner. The crowd continued to express their bloodlust as the Crimson Order whom were passively listened to the final instructions of their manager. Holding the belts overhead, Referee Underwood did the honors in raising both championships overhead and presenting them to each direction to the crowd before handing them over to exiting Carrington. Underwood motioned for both men to signal their levels of readiness before calling for the opening bell...


The Arena of Champions opened up as it would be the opposing titans would set the tone for this championship match, prompting dueling chants to swell throughout the stands. Both would halt a few paces away from their respective corners to mutually scowl before being cautious in their initial approach. The feuding behemoths clashed angrily to begin physically jockeying for the power advantage. The turbulent stalemate was broken with Roebuck shoving the mute ninja backwards with a massive Shove! Reverse somersaulting to a knee, Takeshi scowled at his rival who screamed at him while slamming his fist against his chest before shooting after him with a Running Shoulder Block. Takeshi quickly side stepped the incoming locomotive and shoved the obese veteran towards the opposing ropes. The Las Vegas Leviathan displayed some uncanny agility with Running Step Over before eating a Running Lariat. The impact staggered the bearded monstrosity back several paces, leaving the Inogami Clan officer flashing a look of bewilderment before sprinting to the opposing direction yet the Running Clothesline missed the portly Nevada resident. The Mute Mountain Splitter caromed off the ropes, countered the Standing Hip Toss with a Float Over to land and connect with a Discus Elbow Smash!

Again, the 400+ pounder reeled back from the impact yet managed to retain his vertical base. A pair of heavy Mongolian Chops was proceeded by a trinity of Clenched Forearm Smashes before initiating an Irish Whip. The Big Bucks hit the Reversal, sending The Silent Nightmare sprinting toward the ropes. The crowd marveled at Roebuck countering the Running Pump Kick to the face with a Spinning Back Elbow, leading the lumbering leviathan to tumble through the middle ropes and land hard along the outside! Physically pumping the crowd up with enthusiasm, The House reveled in the moment as both Shoji & Mamoru rounded the come to their brother’s aid. The angry mute scoffed in the direction of the rival team before pushing himself back to his feet. Referee Underwood reached the count of 4 before the massive ninja clambered back onto the ring apron and reentered the ring. Wisely, the wily veteran motioned the ninja to come after him from a respectable distance. Mamoru grabbed his 300+ pound protegee by the shoulder and gave him some brief instructions before turning him loose. Takeshi nodded while encircling the middle of the ring before the embittered rivals collided again. Both jockeying for position, Takeshi & Roebuck respectively drove each other to a knee before the porcine powerhouse floored the ninja with a taunt Side Headlock Takedown.

The Silent Nightmare wedged both palms against the leviathan’s jaw to help stand himself up to a knee. Stuck in the Kneeling Side Headlock, Takeshi began to weaken his captor’s hold with a tandem of Forearm Strikes to the ribs before landing several weighted Punches to stagger Adam back. A piston-esque Pump Kick to the Chest stumbled the giant against the ropes before Takeshi hoisted the super heavyweight up & over with a hard Samoan Drop! The ring rattled from the impact with both men laying along the canvas. Heido began shifting his jaw while Derrick continued slapping the turnbuckle padding while the massive team’s representatives were struggling to regain their bearings. Takeshi shook his head before ascending and extending his arm outward for the tag. The Kansai Crippler slipped through the ropes as Takeshi locked the leviathan down with an Inverted Seated Surfboard Submission. The raven haired ninja strode to the opposing ropes before blasting Adam in the face with a hard Running Stomp to the crown of his head. The Mute Mountain Splitter quickly pulled his enemy down with an Inverted Scissored Armbar, allowing the returning Heido connect with a High Double Knee Drop across the exposed Chest! The bald ninja crawled away, leaving Heido to make the Lateral Press...1! ...2! The crowd responded warmly as Adam Roebuck managed to kickout. The referee spied Derrick quickly retreating back to his corner while nodding before returning his attention back to the stoic submissionist pulling his prey into position...

The Tekahashi Clutch - A Step Over Head-Hold Arm Bar (Strangle Hold Gamma)

Derrick adamantly yelled at his tag team partner to keep fighting as the sinewy champion tightened the hold deeper. Using his target’s girth against him, Heido yelled in Japanese toward his supporting cast as the referee knelt to assess Adam’s condition. Ongoing chants reserved for Roebuck began to fuel him to regain his bearings before Derrick Huber strode inside the ring and blasted the ninja with a Running Bulldog! The athletic bog man rolled himself off the ring apron and inaudibly taunted Takeshi & his party, rallying the crowd before heading back to friendlier confides. Both men were down with a rejuvenated Roebuck low crawling toward his opposition and sending him airborne with an Overhead Release Belly to Belly Suplex! Careening against the mat, deep into enemy territory, Heido struggled to regain his footing. The obese wrestling paragon lumbered after his recovering prey and blasted him with a heavy Knife Edge Chop! The Ric Flair tributes echoed throughout the arena as Heido grimaced within the corner. The crowd play followed suit as Adam wrapped the ninja’s arm around the top ropes before silently ordering a hush from the crowd....





4 Of A Kind - A Quartet of Massive Open Hand Slaps

Roebuck used the ring ropes and his massive knee as leverage to wedge the ninja into the corner as Derrick Huber tagged himself in. Both men began to pummel the trapped ninja before punishing Heido with a Double Team Suplex. Huber would quickly shoot the half...1! ...2! Heido promptly jerked his shoulder off the mat, allowing Derrick to wear down his target further with a Gator Roll before cinching in a Cravat Face Lock. Diligently checking the hold, the Kansai Crippler sought to fish out a weakness before blasting his target with a Cravat Suplex. The ninja bounced hand quarters first, briefly draped over the bottom ropes before landing on his back. The Oddsmaker quickly dragged his rival away from the ring apron and battered him with a Snap Fisherman’s Suplex. Huber rolled through and garnered a healthy dose of fan reaction before hurling the ninja airborne with a Delayed Drop Suplex! Heido recoiled from the impact before Huber rolled him back over to apply the Lateral Press...1! ...2! Kickout by Heido and the well versed Vegas native would cinch in a Reverse Chinlock. Takeshi was seen pacing a bit as his partner warded off the referee while working himself upward. The measured Elbow Strikes would weaken his captor’s hold before flooring Huber with the Yonkeru Nage - Fourth Kick Technique. Both Roebuck & Heido traded glares as the ninja rose from a knee and retaliated with a measured battery of Back Mounted Crossface Punches on the fallen Huber. A hallowed Stomp to the Head drew a reaction from the crowd as the unrepentant ninja extended his middle finger towards Adam. The referee was prompt to intercept the pissed off leviathan. Meanwhile, the Kansai Crippler would hurl the Oddsmaker toward the ropes where Takeshi would intentionally pull down the ropes and Huber would spill violently onto the padded floor below. The crowd volume and the impact would leave a rising Huber disoriented as Heido carefully measured his prey before caroming off the opposing ropes. The fans roared for the Tope Suicida yet exclaimed louder as the agile powerhouse managed to retain his footing. Heido was draped across Derrick’s shoulders before he quickly readjusted and violently rattled the ninja’s spine with a Ring Apron Power Bomb!

Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!!


The ailing ninja slowly collapsed onto his side as Takeshi was held back by both Shoji & Mamoru. Having reset the count, Derrick shook the cobwebs free before inaudibly yelling at Heido’s comrades. Flashing a flexed Right Bicep to the crowd, Huber grabbed the ninja’s hair with both hands before delivering a hard Irish Whip against the barricades. The follow up Running Clothesline laid the clan officer out before Huber ascended back onto the ring apron. Playing to the legions, Derrick would find Takeshi impeding his progress by hovering over his fallen comrade. Adam Roebuck stood at the ready near the ringpost as the Mute Mountain Splitter adamantly motioned for Huber to take his shot. Adam inaudibly ordered Derrick to stand down as Takeshi helped roll his comrade back inside the ring before tagging himself in. The embittered pair stood off from a notable distance before Takeshi doubled Huber over with a Front Kick, followed by several Clubbing Forearms to the back. Holding onto the ropes, the massive ninja began laying the boots on his target before the referee ordered Takeshi to back off. The Silent Nightmare quickly retreated toward the cables before landing a High Knee Drop. Cover...1! ..2! No! The voiceless volcano gnashed his teeth before pulling his prey into position...

Shuko Ken - A Double Trapezius Nerve Hold w/ Measured Knees to Rib Cage

Each blow would inflict more damage before the bald titan slammed his rival’s head against the mat and shot the half...1! ...2! The veteran got the shoulder up, leaving him prey to a Front Chancery. Referee Underwood dropped down to assess Derrick’s vitals as Roebuck began clapping hands to get the crowd behind The House. Left hand trembling, The Oddsmaker began working himself upward to begin pummeling his captor with a long succession of Midsection Punches, further eroding Takeshi’s vertical base. The crowd echoed in unison with each measured Punch before the muscular showman briefly pointed to the crowd and slapping his Elbow Pad...

Moneyline -A Spinning Clothesline

The legions responded at the crowd favorite missed with the attack and was doubled over by Takeshi’s stiff Forearm Shot against the back of his neck...

The Iron Fan Suplex - A Bridging Leg Hook Belly-to-Back Suplex (Regal Plex)

Crowd: 1!!!!



A heavy Elbow Drop by Roebuck freed Huber, leaving an ailing Mute Mountain Splitter to writhe along the canvas. The overweight brawler himself rolled over onto a kneeling posture to taunt the opposing team before heading back to his corner. Both Derrick & Takeshi were down with the Silent Nightmare struggling to reclaim his footing. The Oddsmaker rose to all fours yet was pulled up to his feet and ensnared into a punishing Bear Hug. The Las Vegas native was seen panting amidst fleeting fits of yelling with his extended arm slowly descending. Referee Underwood continued to monitor the fading Huber before raising his arm and watching it fall lifeless. Again, Derricks arm fell with a faith spark of life. Takeshi viciously began wrenching in the hold by swaying him side to side briefly. The 3rd time garnered a renewed surge before fighting his way out. A measured Headbutt dazed the athletic big man for a moment before parrying the ninja’s Right Hook and drilling him with a hard Forearm Shiver. Another would rock the bald behemoth before Takeshi parried the incoming Strike. Huber successfully blocked the incoming Left Hook yet the ninja parried again, driving his enemy back with a Cross Chop. The Silent Nightmare quickly back pedaled toward the ropes yet was blind sided by a High Lou Theze Press! The referee finally intervened after Derrick slammed the ninja’s head against the mat before extending both fists outward. Finally having regained his bearings, The Sin City Strongman stumbled over to make the tag when Heido strode in after him and stunned him with a Running Double Knee Backbreaker!

The notable pro-House enthusiasts booed the sinewy ninja during his egress as a recovering Takeshi connected with a High Leaping Leg Drop before making the cover...1! ...2! NO! The bald titan remained on all fours briefly, ignoring the masses before slowly peeling Derrick off the mat. A Clenched Knee Strike to the Face leaned Huber back, allowing the massive ninja to knock Roebuck off the apron with a Running Back Elbow before using the momentum to storm after his ailing ‘Wild’ Winston Shoot disciple...Spinebuster!! The impact bounced Huber away, left extending his arm upward to grasp at the air. Fans abroad rallied heavily for Derrick as he gradually made his way back toward the corner to notice his partner struggling to climb back up onto the ring apron. Opting the seize the moment, again The Kansai Crippler hurdles over the top rope and strode after the rising Las Vegas native...

Spread Bet - A Swinging Side Slam Backbreaker

The masses were energetic, just as the highly anxious Roebuck as Huber dove out and made the Hot Tag! The super heavyweight veteran was hyped as he ran the rising Takeshi with a Running Clothesline yet kept rumbling onward toward the opposing ropes to before knocking the bald colossus down with another Running Clothesline. A swift Headbutt staggered the muscular ninja back into the ropes before the motivative monstrosity send Takeshi spilling wildly over the top rope with a Running Clothesline. Adam motioned for his comrade to join him as The House pulled a dazed Heido up to his feet and hurling him away with a Double Team Hammer Throw. The 270+ pounder fell prey to a high Double Team Hip Toss before both Las Vegas bred natives drove the Kansai Crippler soundly into the mat with a Double Team Wheelbarrow Suplex! Shoji angrily slapped the mat with Mamoru chomping tautly on his cigar as the sinewy clan officer rolled over toward the corner. The 2x former tag champions mutually scanned the arena before pointing towards the recovering Mute Mountain Splitter. The Las Vegas Leviathan with the Irish Whip. The streaking Huber was sent in orbit with a high Back Body Drop and landing atop the hulking ninja with a OTR Somersault Cross Body Splash!! The Arena of Champions became a literal madhouse as Derrick briefly shook the barricades and played to the crowd....


Referee Underwood continued his hard count on the ailing Takeshi who was slammed spine first against the ring apron before a follow up Knife Edge Chop riled the crowd up on command. Rolling the muscular mammoth back inside the ring, Derrick counted with his Right Hand as his partner made the cover...

Crowd: 1!!!!


The Silent Nightmare removed all doubt by draping his fee leg atop the bottom rope, causing a beleaguered Huber to slap the mat in frustration. The Las Vegas Leviathan gnashed his teeth yet worked his opponent back to his knees before hitting him with a quartet of Clubbing Forearms. The crowd belted out a Ric Flair tribute on cue with each heavy Knife Edge Chop before leaning Takeshi against the corner deep into rival territory. The tag team synergy was expressed by The House as they bounced Takeshi against the opposing ropes before Roebuck planted him with a resounding Sidewalk Slam followed by a streaking Sin City Strongman’s Running Elbow Drop across the throat - - Dead Money! Cover!

Crowd: 1!!!!


The Tekahashi Dojo valedictorian angrily kicked out, favoring his throat yet Derrick would keep the pressure on with a Rear Naked Choke. A notably disappointed Mamoru continued barking orders in his native tongue as the Japanese juggernaut carefully fished for an opening. Waving off Underwood, Takeshi occasionally extended his arms outward toward the bottom ropes before clasping onto his captor’s arms, arching his back to wedge Huber’s shoulders against the mat....1! ...2! Wisely, Derrick rolled his shoulder off the mat while sustaining the hold. The massive ninja shook his head in defiance toward the ref before rolling Huber onto his other shoulder for a 2nd pin attempt....1! ...2! The burly wrestling prodigy kept the Scissor Lock around his rival’s waist before resorting to several Crossface Punches to further wear down his opponent. Blocking the assault as best as possible, Takeshi finally managed to seize his rival’s Left Arm and used it to slam the back of his head into Huber’s face! Several repetitions of this would leave the Oddsmaker dazed and confused before the bald behemoth swivled about in control of his arm to lock in a Grounded Top Wrist Lock. Derrick angrily grunted and yelled in anguish as the Silent Nightmare gradually reared back on the hold. Adam Roebuck was anxiously pacing and yelling along with the crowd as now bleeding Huber extended his fingers outward, grazing the bottom ropes. The Strong Style goliath adhered to his manager’s instruction by dragging his prey away to the middle of the ring, blasted him with a Stinger Kick before cinching in a Buffalo Sleeper Hold.

The technically sound brute would monitor his rival’s reinforcement pacing anxiously along the rig apron while Huber desperately sought to free himself. Another Stinger Kick between the shoulder blades tattooed a hard grimace on Derrick’s face as The Silent Nightmare made the tag before holding his prey’s arms out. Heido with a Slingshot Senton Splash rolled into a dead sprint toward the ropes before delivering a Leaping Double Foot Stomp! The pro Inogami clan enthusiasts rallied behind the puroresu styled duo as The Kansai Crippler went to work by applying a Seated Figure Four Neck Lock. Intentionally governing the momentum, the long haired tactician gradually pushed up with his palms to apply more pressure on the neck before resting. Quick to push Huber’s head forward, Heido reared back and blasted him with a trinity of measured Overhand Chops to the exposed neck before utilizing a Surfboard Stretch. A rising volley of chants would fuel Derrick with that needed surge to begin powering out of the maneuver by arching himself upward. The Sin City Strongman quickly hoisted the ninja atop his shoulders for a power based counteroffensive yet the crafty Heido slipped free. The ninja ducked underneath the immediate Running Clothesline, allowing him to gain that needed momentum to fire off with a Yakuza Kick yet was floored by Heido’s Nikeru Nage - Second Kick Throw. Swiftly, the Aikido strong minded practitioner ensnared his rival with The King Crab Submission - A Spinning Inverted Figure-Four Ankle Lock !

Literally stranded in the middle of the ring, Huber screamed in anguish while desperately fishing for an opening to break the hold before beginning to drag himself over toward the ropes. The legions continued to motivate the Oddsmaker to push onward as he finally latched onto the ropes. Referee Underwood immediately instituted his hard count before the ninja broke the hold at 4. Mamoru’s native tongue prompted Heido to nod in compliance as he quickly delivered a cheap shot on Roebuck. Incensed, the Las Vegas Leviathan lumbered through the ropes as Heido leaned Derrick against the ropes with an Open Palm Punch. Huber slid along the ropes before dropping to all fours as a pissed off Roebuck grabbed Heido by the kimono jacket. The sinewy ninja drove his Forearm against his attacker’s jaw only to be shoved sternly onto the canvas. On cue, Referee Underwood literally fought to keep both Heido & Roebuck from tussling before ordering Adam to get out of the ring. A reluctant Roebuck continued to protest as the referee continued to wrestle the angry Inogami Clan officer seeking retaliation when a streaking Takeshi connected with a stiff OTR Diving Shoulder Tackle! The masses roared as both men bounced soundly against the padded earth near the lead announce position!

An ongoing salvo of bloodthirsty chants continued as The Kansai Crippler readjusted his focus on pulling Huber to his feet who slapped both hands away from his head and drilled Heido with a hard Right Hand. The ninja reeled from the blow and sought to fire back. However, a bloodied Huber parried the Overhand Right and staggered the ninja with a stiff European Uppercut. The legions rallied as a succession of alternating European Uppercuts leaned Heido against the neutral turnbuckle padding before staggering backwards to reclaim his bearings. A panting Huber would reel his dazed opposition upward before hurling the ninja away into the opposing corner where the impact stumbled Heido onward into an Alabama Slam! Flashing his canines, Derrick stared out into the animated crowd who knew what time it was before nodding to himself...

The Roulette Wheel - A Giant Swing

Crowd: ...1!!!!










A hardened scowl returned to Mamoru’s visage as Heido’s arms fell limp with each revolution...








Heido’s lifeless body careened and rolled along the canvas as Huber spun about, fell chest first atop the middle ropes before landing on both knees. The scent of a historic 3rd tag championship flooded his nostrils, empowering him to gradually stand with trembling intensity. Mamoru continued to beckon his dazed & confused fellow officer to recollect himself as Derrick slowly turned around. Unable to see his larger comrade available to make the tag, the Oddsmaker ignited the legions with a throat slash gesture several paces behind the staggering ninja. Heido spun the ninja about....

The Odds Are Against You - A Muscle Buster

Derrick unfortunately allowed the ninja to slip free and land briefly on all fours before the Kansai Crippler countered the Rear Waist Lock with a pair of stern Back Elbows. A Step In Kick to the Chest sent the Sin City Strongman retreating backwards into the ropes to come soaring back with a Rebound Lariat. Kata Guruma - Shoulder Wheel and Huber was bounced spine first against the canvas before Heido drove his heel against his rival’s temple...

The Kansai Kraken Lock - A Bridging Double Chickenwing Submission! Referee Underwood laid beside the fallen Huber who’s brow was seeping crimson at a notable rage. Mouth agape and panting, the Vegas native would not respond to the referee’s words as he was beginning to fade away. Head resting against the mat, Huber’s blood began to pool as Heido arched himself upward to apply more pressure. Along the outside, Takeshi was seen bracing his forearm against his left side while standing as Roebuck was still along the floor clutching the back of his head. Back inside the ring, a 2nd wind appeared to run through the ailing brawler as he struggled to inch his way toward the ropes with his feet before gradually slipping into unconsciousness. Underwood continued to search for the fleeting signs of fight left within the motionless Huber before the referee reluctantly signaled for the bell. Physically, the referee would peel Heido off of him as Mamoru ordered Shoji to reclaim the championship belts amidst a notably divided crowd...

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; the winners of this contest, by way of Referee Stoppage....and STILL...your jOlt Wrestling World Tag Team Champions...THE CRIMSON ORDER!!!

‘Thought Crimes’ - Extended Version by Cliff Lin defiantly stormed out from the overhead PA system as medical personnel were seen assembling around ringside in order to attend to the fallen members of The House. Mamoru & Shoji would hand the championship belts back to their rightful bearers. Heido stoically stood with his belt handing from his Left Hand, watching them tend to the conquered as the Mute Mountain Splitter remained kneeling. Left Forearm braced against his rib cage before being consoled by the managerial staff. The ninjas gradually began their final battlefield assessments before beginning their collective egress. The ongoing stream of victory music slowly ebbed away as the medical staff continued their mandatory assessment tests on both men before taking in the unsettling moments. The crowd volume lessened significantly for several moments before they people celebrated the valiant fight put forth by the Vandals from Vegas whom retained their dignity in their walk toward the back sans medical assistance. A female nurse accompanied them while holding a medical patch of gauze against the back of Roebuck's head. The entire assembly applauded the Men from Nevada as "House of the Rising Sun” by Five Finger Death Punch rang during their bittersweet exit. The pair paused briefly several feet from the curtains, leaving the fans hoping for something to be done or said yet the House opted to continue onward and disappear beyond the curtains. Together as brothers. It became notably obvious that in falling short of their most ardent of goals, tonight's war for tag team championship supremacy this war was just the beginning...

Winner: The Crimson Order via Knockout

Pietro Geist(c) vs Providence

The sound of troops marching immediately brought all eyes to the top of the entrance ramp. The thousands upon thousands of fans in attendance burst to their feet with a deafening cheer once the music picked up and through the curtain came the blonde bombshell and the beast of Berlin. Lorelei led her beloved Pietro Geist down the ramp, making sure to point out a trio of fans garbed in the first official Geist t-shirt.

Just as Geist reached the bottom of the entrance ramp...


A metal folding chair slammed across his spine, dropping him to his knees. Providence had gotten the drop on his adversary. He shot a glare over to Lorelei, who made sure to keep a safe distance from the warrior wielding the chair. Providence tightened his grip on the chair...


A second shot with the chair found Geist's spine and he tumbled into the security barrier. The now warped chair was quickly slid into the ring and Providence forced his enemy in next, before following him in. Geist shrugged off the pain, as he rose up to his feet. However, he was sent right back down by Providence with a flying clothesline off the top rope.

The cage door was locked tight and the bell tolled, signifying the start of the match. Providence stalked his foe, waiting until the Todesengel was standing before blasting him with a big right hand that sent Geist stumbling back into the ropes. The ropes did little more than bounce Geist back to Providence, who socked him in the jaw with another right hand. With his foe stunned, Providence used a handful of hair to launch his opponent face first into the steel cage.

Geist looked to the ropes for assistance in standing, but Providence was not going to give him a second to breathe. Once again, the German was sent brutally crashing into the steel cage. This time, Geist staggered back into the waiting Providence who took him down with a side Russian leg sweep.

An early cover by the challenger...




Providence was feeling it. The failed attempt didn't slow him down at all. He was in full control from the get go and looked to end the match quickly. He quickly captured his enemy by the head and arm. The Fall looked to be his goal, yet Geist was not going to let that happen without a fight. A trio of elbows smacked Providence in the jaw and he was manhandled up off the mat. The Todesengel had gorilla pressed him into the air and launched him head-first into the cage.

Just that fast, the beast of Berlin had turned the tables. He positioned his foe in-between the cage and the ropes. Providence was in the capital of no man's land. Geist pinned Providence against the cage by his throat with one hand and began to drive his other fist into Providence's face as hard as he could. Punch after punch found its mark without any response. The Todesengel followed up the barrage by slamming his enemy face first into cage, not once but twice.

If it weren't for the ropes, Providence would have crumbled to the mat. However, he probably wished he would have. Geist hit the far ropes. Throwing caution to the wind, the German propelled himself into the air and drove his shoulder into his enemy, crushing him against the cage.

Far from done, The Todesengel snatched his opponent up and flung him over the opposite ropes with a beal into the cage.

"Get up und fight," Geist demanded of his foe and gripped him tightly around the neck with both hands.

Whether Providence wanted to stand or not was moot, as the Beast of Berlin pulled him up from the mat with a roar. Geist's power was never in doubt and an example of it was seen by all with him easily tossing his enemy up onto his shoulder for what looked to be a powerslam. He raced towards the cage, looking to re-introduce Providence's face to the cage. However, Providence was able to slip down behind him just before impact. Geist was halted by the ropes and just as he turned around, Providence unloaded with a trio of right hands. An Irish whip sent him into the ropes and he was struck by a running high knee.

Providence knew it wouldn't be enough to keep his opponent down, so he took off to the far ropes and looked for a second high knee. This time, his German foe caught him in midair. Geist had caught him by the leg and the back and it only took a locking of the hands for Geist to dump him on his head.


After climbing back to one knee, The Todesengel wiped a trickle of blood that had fallen down from his nose. He looked over at his foe with nothing but disdain and used that emotion to fuel his marching over to him. Providence was at the German's mercy and he couldn't avoid being rocketed face first into the cage.

Once again, Providence found himself in no man's land, as he was between the ropes and the cage. His battered body could barely stand and his skull being slammed back against the cage didn't help any. Geist dashed to the opposite ropes once again building a huge head of steam. He once again looked to use his body like a human missile, leaping high into the air. Yet, he found nothing but cage waiting for him this time.

With his foe narrowly avoiding impact, Geist had made a great mistake. He clutched at his right arm in pure agony. Lorelei raced over to check on him best that she could.

"Was its los?" Lorelei asked with concern written all over her face.

"Mir tut der Arm weh," her beloved Pietro growled in pain.

"Ignorieren," she commanded and rattled the cage.

Providence was not back to one hundred percent, but he was standing. He saw his foe starting to rise and hit the ropes. However, Geist's instincts kicked in, overpowering the concern for his newly injured shoulder.


The Todesengel turned his opponent inside out, but his own habits cost him, as the impact with his right shoulder damaged it even further. It had become apparent that his shoulder was seriously damaged. If the impact with the cage didn't fully dislocate it, the spear had definitely knocked it out of its socket. Geist roared repeatedly in pain, his shoulder nothing more than a limp noodle hanging from his torso. He was not going to let the injury stop him. He pulled Providence up to one knee where a trio of right hands smacked the German in the stomach. Providence battled to his feet and delivered a trio of knees aimed right for the abdomen. Geist responded by shoving him away by pie-facing him. The German tried for a left-handed haymaker, only to miss and be struck in the gut with a boot that led right into a single arm DDT.

Knowing he had to take advantage of any opening that his foe would give him, Providence pounced on his injured opponent and captured him by the head and arm once again. The German knew he had to get free at all costs. He slugged away at Providence's ribs and kidney's with his left hand, breaking free. However, Providence fired back with a knee to the gut. He tried for an Irish whip only to have it reversed. Geist dashed to the side ropes. He had one thing in mind, his pounce-like tackle dubbed...



Showing great awareness, Providence slid under the incoming body attack, avoiding the brutal collision. The impact with the mat didn't help his foe's shoulder in the slightest and neither did the punt to the ravaged appendage. The challenger gripped his enemy's arm tightly by the wrist and brought it down harshly over his shoulder as he plunged to his rear on the canvas.

Geist snarled from the pain, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't block it out. He hurried to the nearest corner, hoping to buy himself time to tend to his wound. However, it would have to wait, as Providence came racing towards him. The champion took off out of the corner, heading to the ropes while leaving his rival to slam into the corner. Providence stumbled towards the middle of the ring, never knowing that he had put himself on the train tracks.



The German's instincts always had him looking for an opening to deliver his unholy lariat. The problem was that his arm was in no shape to weaponized. Obviously dislocated at the shoulder, it was nothing more than a wild swing, nothing close to the usual surgical precision it is delivered with. Providence made matters worse by blocking the attack with a boot to the bicep. Geist's body instantly reacted to the pain and he turned his back to his enemy. Wrong move, as his adversary clamped on a rear waist lock.



A stomp of the foot from Geist allowed him to whip his head back and crush his enemy's nose. The Todesengel rotated and with his good arm, scooped the challenger up into a fireman's carry.


Geist looked for the first cover of the match.




Even Stevie Wonder could see that Geist was not at one hundred percent. Without the heavy artillery that came with the German's arms, Lorelei knew she had to do something to help him. Being outside the cage, she did the only thing she could think of. She started to dig under the ring. After several moments of searching, she pulled a metal chain out from under the ring.

"Pietro," she called out and slipped the chain in through a hole in the cage. "Hurry!"

The Beast of Berlin's arm was dead at his side. He snatched up the chain the best he could with his left hand and swung his fist around, wrapping the chain around his hand. With his arm ready for battle, he met his foe in the corner where Providence had just propped himself up. Geist drove his head into his foe's chin, forcing him to stand up straight and thus, exposing his abdomen.


A chain-wrapped left hand found the challenger's rib cage.


A trio followed.


Geist put the cherry on top with a huge left hook that knocked Providence into the middle of next week. The champion dropped the chain to the mat, as the chain didn't exactly feel like fluffy white clouds on his hand. He pulled Providence up by the hair, showing everyone that the challenger had been busted wide open. The Todesengel roared, hoping that a surge of adrenaline would assist him in blocking out the pain coursing through his arm. He wrapped his arms around his enemy in a waist lock. He was looking for a belly-to-belly suplex, yet his arm just wasn't up to the task. Providence drove a double ax handle down on the damaged arm and struck the champion in the jaw with a right hand. The challenger adapted on the fly well and Geist was going to feel the effects.


With his opponent down in the corner, Providence snatched up the chair that he earlier slid into the ring. He watched as the champion struggled back up to a vertical base. Geist stumbled out of the corner and was met by his foe in the worst possible way.


The chair found itself slammed down upon Geist's cranium. Providence's eyes widened, as Geist refused to go down. The German growled and whipped violently whipped his hair back, showing that the chair had no effect on him. There was no pain in his eyes. There was only a fire burning brightly. However, he was not going to intimidate Providence.


Undaunted, the challenger mercilessly blasted his opponent in his injured arm, instantly dropping him to his knees.


Geist couldn't shrug off a second vicious chairshot to the head, leaving him lifeless on the canvas. He was at his adversary's mercy and that situation is one that he didn't want to be in. He could do nothing to stop Providence from extending his pain-stricken arm. Providence held it in place with a boot on the German's wrist, giving himself a wide open target.


Steel crashed into bone again and again. Providence brought down the chair harshly across the German's shoulder, making him scream with agony. Adrenaline was pumping through the challenger and he fired the chair down to the mat, sending it bouncing off to the side of the ring. He took a moment to regain his composure. It wasn't like him to lash out like that. Providence wasted no time in snagging his enemy's arm by the wrist. Elbow after elbow was driven down into Geist's shoulder. There was blood in the water and Providence was definitely a shark. A hammerlock was applied and Geist was slammed arm first into the corner. He found his arm gripped tightly by Providence, who ran up the ropes.


A cover by the challenger...




Unable to move his right arm, Geist put all he had into getting his left shoulder up in time. The Todesengel leaned against the bottom rope and reached up, hoping to get vertical. He got assistance from his adversary only to sent into the far ropes. Providence felt he had things well in hand, so he lowered his head just a second too early. The champion made him pay with a boot to the chest. Sensing a small opening, Geist hit the ropes only to be struck in the gut with a boot that left him wide open for one of Providence's favorite moves.


Not stopping there, Providence rolled through and kept the injured arm in his grip, while scissoring the body of the seated German.


Providence cranked on the champion's arms with all of his might. Lorelei watched on. A look of serious concern could be seen on her face, as she watched Geist's arm being wrenched harder and harder.

"TAP," Providence demanded loudly of his foe, while putting all he had into cranking on his enemy's injured arm.

"What do you say, Pietro?" the referee asked and only got a roar in return.

"Get up," Lorelei begged her ally. "Shou have to get up!"

Hearing the blond beauty's cries, the Todesengel's roars grew louder and louder. He was sure that hell couldn't be any worse than the situation he was in. However, his will to win wouldn't let him submit, no matter what. He focused his mind the best he could and slowly but surely re-positioned himself. His left hand was clenched into a fist and he slammed it down into the mat. Geist erupted and began to rise from the mat, with his enemy clinging to him like a sloth to a tree. Going for the first idea that popped into his head, the German dashed to the corner, slamming his foe into it.

Providence refused to let go!

The challenger's will was tested and he passed with flying colors. Now, it was time for the champion to step up to the plate. Much like his foe, he would not give up. It was full steam ahead, as the German locomotive stampeded to the opposite corner and drove Providence as hard as he could into the corner., finally breaking the hold.

Neither man was in the best of shape and several moments passed before they started to stir. Geist had crawled back to the opposite corner while Providence finally sat up on the mat, only to lean against the ropes with the hopes of staying upright. The German's legs were weak, but stable. He slowly started to scale the corner, making it to the top rope. He reached for the top of the cage with his good arm. The Todesengel wasn't sure if his single arm could pull him up, but he was going to try.

"PIETRO," Lorelei screamed, but it was took late.


Providence could see his hopes of becoming champion slipping away and it sent a surge of adrenaline through him. He took off after his opponent, snatching up the chair along the way, and ran up the corner to deliver a huge chair shot to Geist's damaged arm. Geist's legs gave out from the pain and he leaned against the corner of the cage to keep from falling to the mat. Yet, he was going to fall to the mat whether he liked it or not, as his rival had other plans.


That brought the crowd to their feet with the sound of their bodies crashing into the mat echoing through the arena. Providence's head was a little foggy, but he was far better off than his opponent, who was face down on the mat. A small opening presented itself and Providence was on it in a flash.


Providence pounced on his adversary and clamped on his full nelson submission. Lorelei shook the cage in frustration. She knew Pietro's arm could not take much more. Lorelei wanted nothing more than to help her ally, but she could do nothing more than cheer for him through the cage. Little did she know that lady luck had smiled upon the Todesengel.

Geist's broad shoulders and huge trapezius muscles made it very difficult for the smaller Providence to really clamp on the hold. The challenger's fingers couldn't lock and due to that, Providence couldn't position himself correctly. The challenger was unable to keep his foe on the mat. The pair were soon standing and that subtle flaw to the hold gave Geist an opening to slam his head back multiple times, breaking free of the hold. The champion instinctively ran to the ropes and looked for a big boot. Nothing but air for the boot and Geist tries for a left hook, only to have his opponent capture him by the head and arm.


Providence had planted Geist in the very center of the ring with his swank uranage slam. He covered him the best he could...




No one could believe that the champion had somehow gotten his shoulder up with barely a second to spare. Not one to get heated and lose his cool, Providence shot the referee a glare. That was enough for everyone to know that he was anything but pleased with the count. He picked up the steel chair once more and stared at his battered foe. He was in no hurry and allowed Geist to expend his own energy to climb up to a vertical base. The challenger took off, building a head of steam to add even more power to the upcoming attack.


Providence struck nothing but turnbuckle pad and he turned to find Geist rushing back from the far ropes.


Lorelei exploded with joy on the outside. She rattled the cage, hoping to rally the Todesengel.

"Sich erheben," the blonde commanded the beast to her beauty. "Sie überwinden müssen!"

Using his lone working arm, Geist pulled the bloody Providence up by his long raven-colored hair. Showing just how much power his single arm possessed, the champion lifted Providence up on to his shoulders in a torture rack. He snarled with agony, as he slowly draped his damaged arm across his enemy's throat.


The crowd cringed, as Providence was driven down harshly on his head an neck. The German had to turn to a move that he had never used in jOlt before. He held his right arm close to his chest and draped his left across the lifeless body of his adversary...





The referee's hands was barely a half a millimeter from the mat when Providence shot his shoulder up off the canvas. Whether it was instinct or an amazing will to win, the challenger was not going to let victory escape his grasp. However, his opponent too was not going to give up without a fight.

On one knee, Geist tried to lift his ravaged arm and found it to be nearly impossible to move. It was his shoulder. He had dislocated his left shoulder playing rugby previously, so the pain was not foreign to him. The Todesengel was at a serious disadvantage. His arm was an easy target for his foe and much of his arsenal relied on his tremendous arm strength. There was only one thing left to do.

Lorelei's eyes widened, as she knew what Pietro had in mind. She refused to watch, while Geist gripped his wrist tightly and slowly began to pull on his damaged arm. He roared in pain, as the muscles stretched. He rotated his arms slightly to the outside allowing the bone to once again slip into place. The champion rose up to his feet and even with all the pain coursing through his arm, he tore the elbow pad off. His eyes focused on his enemy, who had begun to stir. Geist began to huff and puff, hyping himself up. He slammed his fist down into the mat, waiting for Providence to finally get vertical. The challenger was out on his feet and had no idea what was coming, as the champion took off to the ropes.


Blood splattered in all directions upon Geist's lariat connecting. Driving his left forearm harshly across Providence's face, the German went for the cover...




And Enthauptung claimed another victim and the crowd burst into a roar.

With the ringing of the bell, Lorelei hurried into the ring to check on Pietro. He had rolled to his back with the match coming to an end, his attention was solely on his arm. Lorelei gave him a kiss on the cheek, so proud of what he had accomplished. However, he couldn't enjoy her tender loving embrace, as there was a medical station and possible ambulance calling his name. Geist slowly climbed back up to his feet and was handed his Underground title by the official. Lorelei scooped up the belt for him and draped it over her shoulder. She tried to lead him to the exit of the cage, but he refused to budge.

"Nein," he replied to her pulling and he looked down at his defeated opponent.

Lorelei smiled while she watched the Todesengel make his way over to Providence and shove the referee to the side. Providence looked up at the champion from his rear in the corner. Much to his surprise, Geist offered his hand.

"Shou fought vell und deserve to be honored by zhese people," Geist announced to his opponent and Providence accepted the olive branch from his former adversary.

The German pulled Providence from the mat and smiled with a nod, a rarely seen show of respect by Geist. he raised Providence's arm, getting another round of applause from the capacity crowd.

"Anytime shou vant another shot, just ask," Geist informed him.

Providence replied silently with a subtle nod of his head, disappointed at his failure and not looking to move his jaw that hurt like a bitch due to the lariat he received earlier.

Taking his leave, Providence left the champion to bask in his victory. Geist wasn't in any shape to enjoy the spotlight that came along with his victory, but that didn't stop him from trying. Lorelei handed him his Underground Title and he raised it high into the air with his good arm, roaring like a lion looking over his land. The crowd began to chant his name and many began to wonder, just what would it take to topple the one titled the Uberkreiger?


Winner: Pietro Geist via Pinfall

"What it Means to Be Human"

In the backstage area, we see "Dragonfly" Amber Ryann sitting down with her Nintendo 3DS in hand. She has a look of grit and determination on her face.. if you could even tell, as she had her hood pulled over her head and was wearing a pair of sunglasses.. indoors. Donny Layne came up to her as she gritted her teeth and sighed as she put down her 3DS.

"Rough game?" asked Layne.

"Totes M'goats" replied Amber

"Would you mind if I asked a few questions?" asked Layne

"Considering that you just did, you might as well continue." said Amber

Layne cleared his throat as he realized he just got caught off guard by Amber's quick wit, but being the consumate professional he was, he pressed on.

"I was wondering if you could give us a quick update on the situation involving you and Alyssa Corliss." asked Layne.

"Nah" said Ryann as she picked her 3DS back up.

"Really? Not even a word?" asked Layne.

Ryann paused her 3DS and showed it to Layne.

"This is Super Smash Bros. It comes out next month and I got a demo code for it on my 3DS. Right now I'm playing as Mega Man because somewhere.. deep down inside, I want him to be good, but his jab is garbage, he's a keep away character, but his strong attacks are lacking in that area. His only trump is a Rush Escape and that's not even all that good. It was one of the most anticipated characters in Smash history and he's complete and utter garbage. Now replace Mega Man with Alyssa Corliss and you'll find that the similarities are transferrable."

"What do you mean transferrable?" asked Layne.

"Wow.. really gunning for the tough questions. Dawn Cassidy giving you competition again?" asked Amber.

Layne was taken a bit back by that comment.. he didn't know what to say as he fumbled to find some words to try and explain himself, but Amber cut him off.

"Looks like I was right. I mean they are transferrable because as much as I want Alyssa to be good, she's not. Deep down inside, I know her jabs at me and my lifestyle were genuine and that I didn't bring any of this upon myself like she said I did. So I tried to make her a keep away character by keeping my distance, but she went out of her way to find me each and every time she had the chance. My only trump was to be like Mega Man's Rush Escape and just walk away, but it never ended up being good because she always continued to find me... then one day I actually ran into her and I just couldn't take it anymore. I unleashed my Final Smash and while I did step away from what my personal character normally is... I'd be lying if I said that she didn't have that coming."

"Regardless if she deserved it or not, there are rumors flying around that Damien Lee may end up suspending you over the incident because you did send Alyssa Corliss to the hospital and she we learned that she had been diagnosed with a mild grade concussion because of your actions." said Donny.

Amber sighed.

"Look, Donny. We've all been there. We've been picked on because we didn't fit in.. and sometimes you get pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed to the point where you just have to finally stand up and fight back. If you don't stand up for yourself sometimes, then you'll just continue to get walked over and right there at that moment, I decided I wasn't going to be stepped on any longer. If I gave her a concussion.. oh well. Does it make me a monster? No... it just makes me human."

Amber stood up and brushed herself off before picking up her 3DS and putting it in her pocket.

"So what are you doing to do?" asked Layne.

"I'm going to use the bathroom.. then probably hit up catering. Expulsion of waste and intake of more substance that creates waste is what a human does after all... Lates!"

Amber walked off as the scene faded to black.

Derecho vs Aran Thompson

The fans in the arena talked amongst themselves as the next match at Thieves Honor was set to begin. This match had a one year history behind it. It all started at Power Struggle when Derecho lost the Underground Championship to Sylo, but in that same match, gained the World Championship. Something inside Derecho changed as he was finally free from the Underground Championship’s curse. Derecho’s first title defense was at the 2013 edition of Thieves Honor. It came down to Derecho and Aran Thompson and Thompson defeated Derecho and became the new World Champion.

It could have ended there, but it didn’t. The newly brash Aran Thompson wanted to make it a point that Derecho’s era was over. For a little over a year, Derecho had been Underground Champion and then for a month, he was World Champion. All Derecho knew was how to stay on top of the world. With Derecho no longer standing atop of jOlt, Aran falsified a story that Derecho had died while in reality, Derecho was on vacation and disconnected from the high tech world in an opportunity to heal his nagging injuries and clear his mind after losing the top two titles in the span of a month.

Derecho came back, seeking revenge and at Cataclysm, Derecho and Aran Thompson clashed again in a Falls Count Anywhere Match for the World Title which lasted the entire show and even interrupted other people’s matches and backstage promos! In the end, Aran Thompson unveiled his new finisher, The God Killer, and used it to defeat Derecho and retail the championship. Since then, Derecho realized that he was weak because he gave into the fans. He turned his back on them once again and re-entered the midset that brought him success. He once again became the King of Hell and wanted his Underground Championship back.

Aran Thompson, on the other hand, formed the Black Faction with Landon Stevens, Laurie Williams, Mace Williams, and the West Texas Terrorists. Landon stabbed Aran in the back and ultimately became World Champion. Aran and Laurie went their separate way as Landon assumed control of the group. Aran then used his Relentless Championship, which had been defunct, but he blackmailed Damien Lee with his secret of being the proxy leader of The Rebellion to get the title reinstated. Aran used it to try and win the world title from Landon Stevens, but failed when Lee screwed Aran.

Lee wasn’t done. He wanted to put Aran Thompson away once and for all and The Rebellion wasn’t able to do it, so Damien Lee went through Aran’s history and saw something that he thinks just might work. He called upon Derecho who, for one year, has had a chip on his shoulder. Derecho never got revenge for what Aran did to him over a year ago, but this year, at Thieves Honor, Derecho is going to take Aran into the underground… into his home. Derecho promised to leave Aran Thompson in a state that would change him forever. This wasn’t the same Derecho from a year ago. This is a much more dangerous individual. The time has now come to see how Aran Thompson will try to overcome the challenge set before him. Will Damien Lee win in the end? The answers to those questions were about to be answered.


“Onion" by ONE OK ROCK

The crowd hit their feet! Aran Thompson stepped out from the backstage area. Over the past month, Derecho and Aran Thompson had attacked one another. Each made promises to each other. Tonight, Aran’s promise was to win.. to show that he can adapt to the style of the underground and defeat the self-proclaimed King of Hell in his own world.

Aran took those thoughts.. .that determination with him as he walked down to the ring. Aran Thompson had experience. He was the only three-time Relentless Champion in the company’s history. A former World Champion. The leader of one of the most dominant factions in jOlt’s history. Aran Thompson has the tools and the talents to defeat Derecho once again. This would be Aran’s third PPV victory over Derecho if he were to succeed tonight. The odds.. the numbers.. the statistics were all in Aran’s favor. While many think that Aran is coming into this match with his back against the wall have to think again. It is Derecho who has never beaten Aran on PPV.

Aran knew that as he slid into the ring and confidently posed for the crowd. The flashbulbs in the arena went off as they took pictures of the jOlt superstar. Aran’s music died off and when it did, he turned his attention to the entrance way where he awaited the arrival of his opponent.

“King of Hell" by Helstar

The people booed heavily as the arena became bathed in a crimson hue. Derecho stepped out from the backstage area in, what has become, his traditional PPV garb. The black leather trenchcoat… the black skull crown. The very symbol of who he has become.. The King of Hell. Derecho began to slowly and methodically walk down to the ring.

Derecho, too, was well-decorated. He is the only man to hold all of the major championships in jOlt. A former two-time Underground Champion, a former Relentless Champion, a former World Champion, and even way back in jOlt’s very first run almost a decade and a half ago, he was a former Tag Team Champion. Derecho was also responsible for elevating the Underground Championship to a level equal to the World Title. Derecho was also know for leaving a trail of bodies in his wake as he carved a path of destruction through jOlt’s roster, but Aran Thompson was never one of those bodies.

Tonight, Derecho looked to rectify that. He wanted that more than anything as he walked up the ring steps and slowly entered the ring. He removed his trench coat and crown mask, passing them off to ringside. Derecho and Aran then walked toward each other and stood face to face in the center of the ring. The tension was there. You could just feel the hatred seething out of both of these men. The atmosphere grew intense with anticipation to the point where the fans were practically begging for the bell to be rung.

The referee tried to separate them so he could start the match. Eventually they would back off and that’s when the crowd was given the sound they had been waiting for. The bell had rung!




Aran and Derecho immediately walked back to the center of the ring where they faced off. They pressed their foreheads against each other to show that neither man was afraid and neither man was willing to move an inch. Some words were said between the two of them as their tempers both began to boil. Eventually, Derecho’s got the better of him and he shoved Aran back and took a swing with a big haymaker punch, but Aran ducked and the two traded positions! Aran then opened up with heavy right hands, rocking the head of the King of Hell back with each jarring impact! Aran then backed Derecho into the ropes and went for an irish whip, but Derecho reversed it and sent Aran into the ropes instead! Derecho swung with a clothesline, but Aran ducked underneath and leapt onto the middle rope where he twisted off with a Flying Cross Body which caught Derecho!

The momentum caused Aran to roll off of Derecho, but back up to his feet. Derecho quickly got back to his as well. Aran immediately charged at Derecho, but Derecho side stepped and shoved Aran off to the ropes once again. Aran, again, leapt to the middle rope, this time looking for a Springboard Back Elbow, but Derecho had already turned around and saw the move in its entirely. Derecho took a step back and when Aran landed on his feet, Derecho immediately grabbed him in a waist lock! Aran tried to break Derecho’s grip, but was unsuccessful. Aran then tried for a back elbow, but Derecho wouldn’t let him complete the motion. Derecho picked Aran up and used a wrestling takedown to slam Aran down into a seated position with the waist lock still applied. Derecho may be known as the King of Hell, but he is still one of the world’s top technical wrestlers and he’s showing that right here by trying to keep Aran Thompson grounded.

Aran used his might to get back to a vertical base. Aran went for the back elbow again, but Derecho ducked his head and converted his waist lock into a Belly to Back Suplex, but Aran flipped over and landed on his feet! Derecho turned around and was met with a toe kick to the mid-section that doubled him over! Aran hooked Derecho in a front face lock and tried to lift him for a vertical suplex, but at the apex of the lift, Derecho used a knee strike into the top of Aran’s head and that caused Aran to put Derecho back down. Derecho tried to reverse it into a suplex of his own, but Aran gave Derecho a receipt in the form of a knee strike of his own and it was Derecho that had to put Aran back down! Derecho then punched away at Aran’s rib cage in hopes to weaken him a bit. After a few strikes, Derecho tried again, but Aran floated over and landed behind Derecho!

Aran then grabbed Derecho in an inverted face lock and tried for a Reverse Suplex, but Derecho flipped over and it was Derecho that had Aran in the inverted face lock! Derecho then lifted Aran up for a Reverse Suplex of his own, but instead he draped Aran over his shoulder in a shocking counter and dropped him!


Derecho just nailed his finisher from out of nowhere as the crowd hit their feet! No one expected that or saw it coming!

High drama in the opening minutes of this match as Derecho went for the cover! It could be over right here!



Thr.. NO!!

Aran Thompson kicked out and the crowd cheered!

Finishers are usually a high impact move, but they work best when your opponent is worn down and even after taking that, Aran Thompson could still be considered a fresh man. Getting hit with that was more or less a message sent to Aran by Derecho that Derecho could end this match at any time he chooses to. As Aran tried to recover, one had to wonder what was going through his head. Would getting hit with the A Forever Reminder this early affect the way Aran is going to approach this match for the remainder of its duration?

Derecho grabbed Thompson by the head as he helped him up to his feet, but Aran surprised Derecho with a stiff Knife Edge Chop across the chest! Aran fired another chop, then a third, then a fourth, then a fifth before whipped Derecho to the ropes! Aran then leapt up and hit a leg lariat, taking the King of Hell off of his feet! Aran stood and shook off the effects of the Emerald Flowsion and hit the ropes as Derecho sat up. Aran came from behind and nailed a running drop kick to the back of Derecho’s head! Derecho slumped over, holding his head in pain, as Aran rolled to the outside and lifted up the ring apron. He was searching for a weapon and he pulled out a Kendo Stick!

Aran slid back into the ring and twirled the Kendo Stick, readying it for a vicious strike. Derecho got back up and that is exactly what Aran delivered!


The Kendo Stick found its mark over Derecho’s head! Derecho covered his face in pain, but that didn’t stop Aran!



Two consecutive shots to the back of Derecho! You could already see the red welts forming from the impact of the Kendo Stick. Aran then took this opportunity to bar the Kendo Stick across Derecho’s throat and hit a Side Russian Leg Sweep with it! Aran stood and tossed the slightly splintered Kendo Stick out of the ring. He rolled back out and lifted up the ring apron again. This time, he found a wooden table!

The crowd cheered as Aran slid the table into the ring. Aran rolled back in and set up the table in the corner, but Derecho was getting back to his feet. In fact, he did so rather quickly and he caught Aran off guard by slamming into him from behind with a Running Forearm Shot to the upper back. Aran turned around and pressed his back against the table which was now leaning against the turnbuckle pads in the neutral corner. Derecho then opened up on Aran Thompson with lefts and rights… combination blows, to the body and the head! Derecho then grabbed Aran by the wrist and sent him across the ring with an irish whip, causing him to slam back first into the turnbuckles. Derecho charged in, but Aran moved out of the way!

Derecho put the brakes on, but Aran grabbed the top rope and used it for leverage as he leapt up and kicked Derecho in the back of the head! Derecho turned around and Aran leapt up again, this time kicking Derecho straight in the face! Aran then grabbed Derecho by the wrist and sent him towards the table set up in the opposite corner, but Derecho reversed the whip and pulled Aran Thompson right into his arms where he nailed an Arn Anderson-style Spine Buster in the middle of the ring! Derecho elected to not got for the cover. Instead, he rolled out of the ring and everyone who has ever seen a Derecho match knew what Derecho had in mind. It was predictable.. it was like second nature at this point. Derecho made a bee line right for the time keeper’s position where he grabbed his best friend in the entire world… the steel chair!

Derecho took the chair with him back into the ring where he tapped it on the canvas as he dared Aran Thompson to stand and get back to his feet. Aran did so a bit slowly, making Derecho wait with baited breath. Once Aran got to a vertical base, he turned to face Derecho and Derecho got suckered in as he aimed for Aran’s head with the chair, but Aran quickly side stepped it causing Derecho to miss and stumble forward. Derecho turned around as Aran leapt up and hit an Enzugiri to the side of Derecho’s head, staggering him down to a single knee, but he still held onto the chair. Aran then took off to the ropes and springboarded off the middle rope, catching Derecho in an inverted facelock! He was looking for Action Before Chaos, but Derecho swung upward with the arm that was holding the chair, and smacked Aran in the side of the head with it!

Derecho turned around as Aran held his head in pain. Derecho readied the chair and with a look of murderous intent in his eyes he swung….


The chair slammed into the top of Aran’s head with a force so strong that the seat of the chair had a dent in it! Aran didn’t just flop over. He didn’t stagger.. he straight hit the canvas with a sickening thud and hasn’t moved since landing. Aran could be out cold, but Derecho was electing to not go for a pin. He waited an entire year for this and he wasn’t going to let this opportunity go.

Derecho dropped the chair in the middle of the ring and then rolled to the outside. Derecho grabbed two more chairs and threw them into the ring. He then grabbed two more and tossed those in. There were now a total of five chairs, one slightly dented, in the ring, but Derecho wasn’t done looking for tools of punishment. He lifted up the ring apron and he pulled out a wad of barbed wire as well! That made its way into the ring. Derecho then also pulled out a rather moderately sized cloth sack, but he left that on the announce table at ringside, as if he had some future plans for that. Derecho then rolled back into the ring as Aran was still down from the chair shot. The referee was checking on him, but apparently, Aran was conscious and wanted to continue the match.

Derecho grabbed the dented chair and walked to the corner opposite from where the table was set up and he wedged that chair in between the middle and top turnbuckle pads. Derecho made sure that the dent was pointing toward the ring, making it all that more dangerous if someone were to hit that head first. Derecho then grabbed two more chairs and unfolded them in the center of the ring so that the seats were touching each other. He then moved the final two chairs out of the ring and over by a corner. Aran was starting to come to as he was about half way to the sitting position when Derecho hit the ropes and stomped on his face with a boot. Nothing fancy about it whatsoever, but it did put Aran Thompson back down.

Derecho then grabbed Aran by the head and pulled him to his feet. He kicked him in the stomach and then set him up between his legs for a powerbomb. Derecho had Aran positioned right in front of those unfolded chairs, but when Derecho lifted Aran up, Aran slipped off Derecho’s shoulders and landed on the chairs themselves!! He then flew off and grabbed Derecho by the head, hitting a semi-rotation Tornado DDT!!! Derecho rolled to the outside as the crowd popped huge for that! Aran then grabbed one of the steel chairs and placed it in front of the ropes. He moved the other steel chair out of the way and then took off for momentum! Aran leapt onto the steel chair and twisted, hitting a Corkscrew Plancha to the outside, but Derecho moved and Aran crashed and burned on the floor!

Derecho wasted no time in grabbing Aran and throwing him head and shoulder first into the barricades! Derecho then stomped down on Aran Thompson with fury before backing off with a scowl on his face. Derecho then grabbed the top half of the steel ring steps and waited as Aran tried to use the barricades to pull himself up. Derecho then charged at Aran and slammed the ring steps into him, sandwiching him between the steps and the barricades! Aran dropped to his knees, then to all fours. Derecho then turned the steps on their side and placed them next to Aran’s head. Derecho backed off and got a running start and…


Derecho hit a running drop kick that sent the steps right into the side of Aran’s head! Derecho got up and immediately pulled Aran off the floor. He quickly positioned him between his legs and lifted Aran up. He pivoted and then slammed Aran’s back across the edge of the ring apron with a Powerbomb!


Derecho wasn’t done! Aran had fallen to a seated position up against the ring apron. Derecho then got up on top of the barricades and balanced himself. He then flew off and drop kicked Aran dead in the face, sending the back of his head against the edge of the apron!!!

Crowd: OOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Aran fell to the side in a slump. Derecho knelt down next to Aran Thompson and grabbed him by the head. Derecho got in Aran’s face and yelled at him.


After Derecho said that, Aran groggily looked at him and then spat right in Derecho’s face! The crowd popped big time as Derecho just kind of paused. Derecho began to see nothing but red. He decided he was going to make Aran Thompson pay for that. Derecho grabbed Aran by the head once again and began to drive his right knee into it.. then his left knee.. then his right knee once again. Derecho relentlessly used the alternating knee strikes to put Aran on dream street. Derecho then pulled Aran up to his feet, ramming him back first into the edge of the ring apron. Derecho wouldn’t let Aran fall… he continued to hold onto him, ramming him into the ring apron a second time. Derecho then grabbed Aran and whipped him into the barricades where he fell to his knees. Derecho charged and delivered a devastating knee strike right into Aran’s face as he hit his knees. Aran slammed into the barricades and fell over in a heap.

The referee was becoming concerned and even stepped out of the ring and tried to persuade Derecho to let up, but Derecho grabbed the referee and shoved him aside. Derecho then put the boots to the fallen Aran Thompson and the referee had to get in there and get Derecho off of him. He wedged himself between Derecho and Aran and finally got Derecho to back up. The referee explained that he had to check on Aran to make sure he could continue the match. Derecho paced back and forth, gripping at his hair in frustration as the referee checked on Aran. Derecho wasn’t going to wait much longer as he grabbed the referee by the shirt and tossed him aside. He grabbed Aran and threw him back into the ring under the bottom rope. Derecho rolled back in and dared Aran to get back to his feet, but Aran was motionless. Derecho had a sick sadistic grin on his face as he brushed his hair back, taunting Aran to stand.

Aran got up to all fours, albeit slowly. Derecho was practically salivating as he watched Aran struggle. Aran slowly stood back up, but he stumbled back and fell against the ropes. He looked over at Derecho who was still waiting for Aran to properly face him. Aran then flipped Derecho off and Derecho lost it. He charged in with reckless abandon and that’s when Aran dropped down and hit a Drop Toe Hold, sending Derecho face first into the steel chair that Aran had previously set up for his corkscrew plancha earlier! Derecho rolled around on the canvas holding his face in pain as Aran pulled himself over to the corner where he leaned against the turnbuckle pads, trying to recover from all of the brutal punishment he took on the outside. Derecho was down for now and that’s all that mattered as Aran used as much time as he could to recover.

Derecho eventually got back to his feet and saw Aran just sitting in the corner. Derecho charged in with a Running Knee Strike, but Aran moved out of the way and Derecho slammed his knee into the middle turnbuckle pad. Aran then used whatever strength he had regained to roll Derecho up from behind with a School Boy!



Derecho kicked away!

Derecho stood immediately and kicked Aran Thompson right in the face! That kick connected hard as blood began to leak from Aran’s nose. Aran was placed in the knelt position from that kick and Derecho decided to add to that fresh injury. He shuffled back and lunged in…



Aran was flat out on his back when Derecho spied the barbed wire he brought into the ring earlier. He walked over and grabbed the wire, pulling out a rather long strand of it. He walked back to Aran Thompson where he sat him up. Derecho placed his knee into Aran’s upper back and then wrapped the wire around Aran’s neck! He began to choke Aran with the wire.. the barbs piercing his skin at the same time! The referee asked if Aran wanted to give up, but Aran continued to say no! Derecho released the wire and then dropped a knee into Aran’s upper back. He dropped a second knee, and then a third! Derecho stood and began to wrap the barbed wire around his leg, tightly as Aran continued to sit there in a daze. Derecho then took off to the ropes once he wrapped the wire and bounced off… he used that momentum to use the wire-wrapped leg to kick Aran Thompson in the upper back!

Aran yelled out in pain as he body tensed up from the kick. Derecho then stepped in front of Aran and used that same wire-wrapped leg to kick him right in the chest! Aran continued to yell out in pain as Derecho went to the ropes. He came back and…


Some people in the crowd covered their mouths.. others looked on in shock as blood was now trickling from Aran’s neck, back, chest, nose, and face. All the while, Derecho still didn’t give up on punishing Aran Thomspon. The referee quickly began to check on Aran as Derecho grabbed both of the steel chairs he had set up earlier and placed him back in the center of the ring with the seats touching each other. Derecho then grabbed Aran and once again set him up between his legs for the powerbomb, but Derecho would fail again!!


Aran countered with a Back Body Drop and Derecho landed back first through both of those steel chairs! Aran immediately collapsed back down to the canvas, but it was a reprieve. It was a moment when Aran could take some time to rest and recover. Aran then wisely rolled to the outside and dropped to the floor, out of sight of Derecho. Aran laid there and just tried to recover as much as he could. Derecho, continued to writhe in pain in the ring as he held his lower back, kicking his feet into the canvas.

Derecho slowly got back to his feet and he looked around the ring, but he didn’t find Aran Thompson anywhere. Derecho had four sides to choose from and he happened to pick the side opposite of Aran. Derecho looked to the right by the entrance ramp, but Aran wasn’t there. He went to the other side by the announce position and Aran wasn’t there either. Derecho cracked a grin as he knew where Aran had gone. Derecho slowly walked by the announce table and turned the corner, but Aran wasn’t there either!? What people didn’t see was Aran move to the side of the ring by the entrance ramp after Derecho had already checked there. Derecho walked alongside the ring and turned the corner and that’s when Aran caught Derecho off guard…


Aran drove Derecho right into the barricades with a Spear! Aran staggered to his feet and stumbled backwards. He grabbed the ropes and ring apron to balance himself. Aran was a bloodied mess, but Derecho was down! Aran staggered over to Derecho who held his stomach in pain. He grabbed Derecho by the hair and pulled him to his feet. Aran then backpeddled toward the bottom half of the ring steps. He brought Derecho with him as he positioned himself between Derecho and the step. Aran then got up onto Derecho’s shoulders and pulled him over…



Crowd: HOLY SHIT!! HOLY SHIT!! HOLY SHIT!! The Crucifix Driver connected and Derecho’s upper back and neck slammed into the steel! Aran kind of landed on the edge of the steel as well, but the damage had been done! Aran Thompson.. moment by moment.. step by step… piece by piece… was starting to pull himself back into this match. He took some of the King of Hell’s best shots and has begun to make a comeback! Aran Thompson was answering the question of whether or not he could hang in the underground. After taking that punishment and coming back to hit the Icarus Switch in the manner that he did, the answer to that question was a resounding yes. Both men were down, however as neither has the strength to move. Although Aran began to balance out the momentum, all the previous punishment didn’t just disappear. It lingered on his body and he felt every nuance of it with every move he hits.

After a few moments, Aran began to get to his feet. Derecho began to get up on all fours. Both men rose at the same time. Aran stepped in first, however, and landed a punch to Derecho. Aran fired another punch, then a third and a fourth, rocking Derecho’s head back with every blow. Aran staggered Derecho back toward the entrance ramp when he charged in with a clothesline, but Derecho ducked it! Aran put the brakes on and turned around, only to be met with a toe kick to the stomach. Derecho grabbed Aran by the head and hit a Vertical Suplex on the floor! He held on, turned over and slowly pulled Aran back to his feet. Derecho then hit a Snap Suplex on the floor and continued to hold on. He turned over and was even slower in doing so this time, but he still managed to pull Aran back up. He lifted Aran up about half way and then dropped him with a Split-Legged Gordbuster.. completing the F3 on the floor.

Derecho scraped and clawed his way back to his feet. He heaved in and out as he tried to get oxygen back into his lungs, but he did so with intensity as he grabbed Aran by the head and began to walk him around ringside and over toward the announce position. Derecho then grabbed Aran in a frost waist lock and rammed him back into the edge of the ring apron. While Aran slumped there, Derecho walked over and grabbed the white sack he pulled out from under the ring earlier. He opened it up and began to dump thousands of thumb tacks on top of the announce table! Derecho then turned and grabbed Aran by the head, pulling him back up to his feet. He scooped Aran up into his arms and placed him on top of the tacks and the table!

Aran cringed in pain as Derecho rolled back into the ring and then ascended the turnbuckle pads to the very top. The crowd all stood and held their breath as Derecho took aim and leapt off, but Aran rolled off the table!



Derecho slammed into that thumb tack covered announce table!!! The entire front side of his body had been turned into a human pin cushion! The crowd held their collective breaths after seeing the devastating impact!! Derecho was obviously in tremendous pain as he pulled himself out of the rubble. His entire front side had tacks EVERYWHERE. Derecho rolled over to the barricades where he began to pick the tacks out of his skin. He even just used his hand and brushed them off of him. While that was the more painful solution, that was the fastest. He didn’t get all of them, but Derecho got a good majority of the tacks and what was left was a chest and stomach that was bleeding in multiple locations!

Aran used the apron to pull himself up. Derecho tried to use the barricades to stand, but Aran ran in and hit a running stomp to Derecho’s mid-section. Aran still had tacks sticking into his back as well. He pulled out the ones he could reach, but there were some that he just couldn’t get to. Aran grabbed Derecho by the hair and rolled him back into the ring. Aran slowly rolled back in as well and used the ropes to get back to a vertical base. Derecho got to all fours and then eventually back to his feet as well. Derecho turned as Derecho staggered in and hit a forearm shot to Derecho’s head. Aran hit a second, then a third, then a fourth, then a fifth as Derecho’s head rocked back. Aran went for the irish whip, sending Derecho into the ropes. Aran then his a back elbow and it knocked Derecho down onto his back. Derecho was down near the ropes and Aran knew that he had one shot to end this. It was the same manner as Cataclysm. Both men were beaten.. they were bloodied.. they were exhausted. Aran knew a year ago he had one shot and it all came back to him. Aran stepped out onto the ring apron and grabbed the top rope. The crowd hit their feet as Aran flung and twisted himself over the top rope, looking for the Springboard Twisting Leg Drop…



As Aran went up and over, committing himself, Derecho rolled to the outside under the bottom rope, causing Aran to miss! Aran wasn’t the only one who remembered this situation from a year ago. Derecho knew that Aran would try for it and he wasn’t going to get caught with it this time! Aran sat there on the canvas after missing the move. Derecho rolled back into the ring and barely got to his feet when he pushed off with them and lunged in with a low lariat, knocking Aran down to the canvas completely!

Derecho stood back up and looked down at Aran. Derecho knew that Aran missed his big shot and he felt it was time to punish Aran for it. Derecho grinned as he pulled Aran up to his feet. Derecho grabbed Aran and threw him shoulder first into the corner where that dented steel chair was set up earlier. Aran slammed into it head and shoulder first, but Derecho wasn’t done! He grabbed Aran and ran him across the ring, throwing him head and shoulder first through the table that was set up in the beginning of the match by Aran himself!

Derecho then walked over and grabbed one of the two remaining steel chairs that were tucked under the turnbuckles in the red corner. Derecho kicked the broken chairs out of the way and set up a single chair in the center of the ring. He then grabbed Aran Thomspon out of the rubble of the table and hoisted him up onto his shoulder. Derecho stood in front of the chair and dropped him straight through it!


Derecho didn’t go for the cover, though! Instead, he grabbed the final steel chair as well as the barbed wire and exited the ring with them by the broken announce table. He unfolded the chair and then began to wrap the barbed wire around the seat of that very same chair! Once Derecho was done, he rolled back into the ring and grabbed a lifeless Aran Thompson off the canvas. He pulled Aran out to the ring apron where the two of them stood. Derecho then hoisted Aran up onto his left shoulder as the people stood in the arena and it became deathly silent. The referee could be heard yelled and begging Derecho not to do it, but Derecho didn’t listen. Instead, Derecho yelled out the three words that became synonymous with his matches.. they were words you heard just before you became another body on the pile…




Derecho then leapt off the apron…


The audience had no idea how to react to that. The referee immediately hopped out of the ring as Derecho propped himself against the ring apron, laughing!! The referee checked on Aran and saw zero response from him.. he called for the bell.




The referee talked with Dean Carrington who made the announcement.

Dean Carrington: “Ladies and Gentlemen.. the referee has stated that Aran Thompson is physically unable to continue.. therefore your winner by way of Knockout… DERECHO!"

Some people booed, but others were concerned when the officials quickly called for medics to come down to ringside, but Derecho wouldn’t let them intervene. Derecho stood and grabbed the referee, throwing him aside. He pulled the lifeless Aran Thompson to his feet and got behind him. The officials surrounded Derecho and begged him not to do anything, but Derecho, didn’t care.

He hooked Aran Thompson in a Half Nelson. He cradled the leg… No amount of begging was going to top him…



Derecho got back to his feet.. his chest and stomach caked with sweat and blood. Thumb tacks still sticking out of him.. barbed wire still wrapped around his leg.. and through it all.. a smile shining bright as he finally got retribution from a year ago.

The officials ran over and tended to Aran Thompson. Derecho simply smiled and laughed as he stumbled around ringside, admiring his work as he exited.

Was this what Damien Lee truly wanted? We know that Lee and Aran didn’t see eye to eye and Lee wanted nothing more than to wash his hands of him, but I don’t think Damien Lee thought it would even escalate to the level that it did here tonight. Even with Lee trying to save face in the midst of the entire Rebellion situation, one must wonder if this was Lee’s true intentions or if Lee never thought it would end up like this.

It was a haunting site to see medics tending to Aran, but as the scene faded out to the next segment, that was the everlasting image burned into everyone’s mind that left us with a single solitary question:

Was this the end of Aran Thompson?

Winner: Derecho via Knockout

Thieves Honor Match


Dean Carrington: Ladies and Gentlemen… the following contest is your MAIN EVENT for this evening. This is the Thieves Honor Match for the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship!

The crowd cheered the announcement

Dean Carrington: The rules for this match are as follows. Two of the six qualifying superstars will start this match for the first five minutes. Then a new superstar will enter every two minutes until all six superstars have made their entrances. You can be eliminated at any time via pinfall or submission. The last person standing will win the match and be declared the jOlt World Heavyweight Champion, however, the one exception lies above the ring. The Thieves Honor briefcase can be retrieved by anyone. Whoever retrieves that briefcase may cash it in before the end of the match should they be eliminated for a second chance! And now.. the superstars who drew numbers one and two will make their entrances.

“What You Know" by T.I.

What you know about that?
What you know about that?
What you know about that?...

The Arena of Champions began rocking along with the bass heavy Southern anthem as a streaming collage, laden with the acquisitions of success & the array of destruction created by a hulking wrestling phenomenon. Brilliant flashes of Gold, Emerald & Pearl would dance along the entire entrance staging area and throughout the vast arena before the Bronze Bomber rhythmically lumbered forward from the back. Donning a Solid Black sleeveless shirt with ’Gold ‘N’ Mine’ etch in Gold & Silver emblem, the Super Mack slowly turned his back toward the fans briefly before slowly extending his arms outward, prompting several brilliant plumes of Golden sparks to rise.

Dean Carrington: “First, making his way to the ring… from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 312 pounds… this is the man called SuperMack… MACK BRODY!

The fans continued to cheer “Midas" Mack Brody, made his way down the aisle, rolling into the ring. Brody ascended the turnbuckle pads and raised his arms into the air. He hopped down as the music died off.

“Vicarious" by Tool

The fans erupted not only for Ninja K, but for the fact that we were about to get another chapter in this rivalry here at Thieves Honor.. at least for the first five minutes we were. Ninja K stepped out from the backstage area and hit the ring. The two of them came face to face as the bell sounded and this match began!




There was an intense showdown in the middle of the ring as Ninja K and Mack Brody had a storied history with each other. Brody and Ninja K circled each other in the ring, staring each other down methodically. They went to lock up, but NInja K side stepped the lock and positioned himself behind Brody. Brody turned around as Ninja K went to unleash a flurry of palm strikes, but Brody this before back at Breakdown and knew that he was able to block them, but perhaps Ninja K felt he could get through a block this time, but that wasn’t the case. Brody grabbed Ninja K by the left wrist.. and then the right wrist when Ninja K tried to switch arms for a surprise palm strike. With both arms trapped, Brody began to rapid fire headbutts into Ninja K’s shoulder and neck area! After a few headbutts, Brody popped the hips and tossed Ninja K overhead with an Arm Trapped Belly to Belly Overhead Release Suplex!!

Ninja K landed firmly on his back, but he had the ring presence to get back to his feet. He stumbled back into the corner as Brody charged in, looking to hit a Body Avalanche, but Ninja K side-stepped and Brody went chest first into the corner. Ninja K grabbed the top rope and used it for elevation to kick Brody in the back of the head! Ninja K repeated this again for a second time, dazing the man nicknamed “Midas". Ninja K grabbed Brody from behind and lifted the big man up to the top rope, perching him atop the turnbuckles with his back to the ring. Ninja K climbed up behind Brody and placed him in a waist lock. Ninja K was about to hook his legs under the top rope for his Spider Suplex, but Brody surprised Ninja K with a heavy back elbow to the side of the head that really dazed him. Brody hit another elbow to the side of the head and Ninja K fell off the turnbuckles and back up to his feet where he held the side of his head.

Brody turned around and stood atop and middle ropes. He flew off with a Flying Shoulder Tackle, but Ninja K leapt into the air and met him with a Drop Kick that knocked the big man out of the air! Ninja K quickly got to his feet and ran to the ropes. He went for the Asai Moonsault, but Brody put the knees up and Ninja K came crashing down on top of them! Brody stood and wrapped his arm around Ninja K’s neck, looking for a Uranage Slam, but Ninja K hit a pair of side elbows and then rode up onto Brody’s shoulders, looking for a Crucifix Bomb, but Brody countered that with a Samoan Drop and a cover!



Ninja K got the shoulder up!

Two and a half minutes expired in the opening five as Brody rolled out of the ring and grabbed a ladder at ringside. He eyed the briefcase and felt he could keep Ninja K contained at this point to grab the briefcase before anyone else came out from the back. Brody slid in and waited as Ninja K got to his feet. Brody then charged in with the ladder in hands, running right over Ninja K with it! Ninja K hit the canvas had as Brody walked over to the center of the ring where he set the ladder up. Brody looked back and saw Ninja K still down and that caused him to gain some confidence. Brody began his climb up top as the people in the audience cheered him on.

About half way up the climb, Ninja K came to and got back to his feet. He began to approach the ladder, but when he went to reach for Brody, Brody kicked him in the chest and staggered him away. Ninja K then turned his attention to the ropes where he leapt onto the middle rope and pivoted off with a Springboard Drop Kick to the left leg of Brody! That stopped Brody in his tracks as he held his leg in pain! Ninja stood and grabbed that leg and swung it into the ladder, furthering the damage to it! Brody remained persistent in not letting go, however, but Ninja K would grab Brody’s leg for a second time and, again, swing it into the ladder! Brody began to lose his grip as Ninja K climbed up the ladder behind Brody. Ninja K hooked Brody’s right leg, causing him to try and balance himself on the one leg that was injured… Ninja K then lifted and…



Crowd: OOOOOHHHH!!!!!

Brody and Ninja K both hit the canvas very hard as the crowd groaned at the sound of the impact! Brody’s neck, upper back, and left leg were in pain thanks to Ninja K. Ninja K sat up and shook off the effects of the fall and realized he had an opportunity to grab the briefcase. Ninja K then made his way to the ladder and walked around to the side opposite of Brody. He began to climb up when he looked back at the jOltvision to see there was less than a minute left in this match. Ninja K began to climb, but through the pain, Brody got back up and began to climb up the side of the ladder opposite of Ninja K.

Ninja K made it to the top of the ladder and he reached for the briefcase, but Brody made it to the top and met Ninja K with a huge punch to the side of his head that rocked him. Brody hit another punch, but Ninja K wouldn’t waiver and he held his ground. The crowd stood on their feet and looked to the entrance way as the five minutes was starting to expire and the crowd counted along!







“Your God" by Stone Sour

Thing just got really interesting as the jOlt World Heavyweight Champion, Landon Stevens, stepped out from the backstage area, alone, with the championship draped over his shoulder. He looked around the arena as the people booed him with malicious intent. The famous chant even began to rev up.

FUCK YOU LANDON! Clap Clap ClapClapClap
FUCK YOU LANDON! Clap Clap ClapClapClap
FUCK YOU LANDON! Clap Clap ClapClapClap
FUCK YOU LANDON! Clap Clap ClapClapClap
FUCK YOU LANDON! Clap Clap ClapClapClap

Landon paid no mind to those chants as he charged down to the ring, sliding in under the bottom rope, leaving the jOlt World Chamionship on the floor at ringside as he ditched it before diving in. He wasn’t about to let Ninja K or Mack Brody have a second shot as he knew facing the two of them twice in the same match could spell disaster! Landon grabbed a hold of the side of the ladder and used his might to push it, causing it to topple over! Ninja K and Brody fell with Brody getting hot shotted on the top rope and Ninja K simply slamming down into the canvas! The ladder rested on its side on the top rope as Landon surveyed his handiwork with a smile on his face!

Brody seemed to be the more injured of the two so Landon decided to go to work on Ninja K. Landon walked over to the fallen Midnight Assassin and began to put the boots to him to make sure he stayed down. He then pulled Ninja K to his feet and brought him over to the middle of the ring where he whipped him to the ropes, but Ninja K wasn’t as hurt as Landon thought as Ninja K front flipped against the ropes and came back with a Handspring Elbow, catching the World Champion in the face and knocking him down to the canvas! Ninja K took off to the ropes and went for the Asai Moonsault once again and this time it found its mark! Ninja K then had a cover on the world champion and we could see a massive elimination right now!



Landon kicked out.

Ninja K pulled Landon to his feet and hit a pair of knife edge chops across his chest to soften him up. Ninja K then used an Irish Whip and sent Landon off to the ropes. Ninja K leapt up with a Leg Lariat, but Landon stopped short, causing Ninja K to miss! Ninja K started to get up when Landon kicked him straight in the face! Landon then quickly wrapped his arm around Ninja K’s neck, hooked him by the leg, and pulled him face first into the canvas with the flatliner..


Ninja K was down and out in the center of the ring. Brody was still down and recovering so Landon grabbed the ladder and placed it over Ninja K and began to climb. If Landon grabbed the briefcase, he would have the champion’s advantage. He could re-enter the match and retain his title even if he were eliminated! That was the double edge sword of the Thieves Honor briefcase and Landon knew that full well as he neared the top! The people were booing, but that turned to cheers when Mack Brody got back to his feet and he stormed over to the ladder, getting underneath Landon! He pulled Landon off the side of the ladder then ran towards the corner, slamming him into the turnbuckles with a Buckle Bomb! Brody then took off to the ropes, getting a full head of steam and slamming into Landon with a Body Avalanche in the corner!

Brody wasn’t done with the world champion yet! He grabbed Landon by the arm and Irish Whipped him face first into the ladder! Landon fell over with the ladder, landing on top of it! Ninja K, who was underneath the ladder at the time, somehow escaped getting Landon or the ladder falling on him and was able to roll out and get back to his feet, but the ladder served as a nice distraction since Brody was behind him and Brody laid out Ninja K with a VICIOUS Lariat from behind!! Brody stood tall in the middle of the ring, but that was about to change! Just as things were heating up, the crowd began to countdown to the next entrant.







“Rescue Me" by Coldrain

The people booed as the mouthpiece for The Rebellion, Sebastian Saje.. the man hand-picked by Damien Lee for this match.. the man who didn’t even have to qualify, stepped out from the backstage area. On the jOltvision, there was a metallic, stylized “R" .. the symbol for The Rebellion.

Sebastian Saje got a free pass here tonight and his job was simple.. to win the world championship and bring it home to The Rebellion. As a matter of fact… everything for Damien Lee was on the line here with Saje winning the championship. If Saje failed, then that would be seen as Lee’s failure and the cloaked figure would unveil jOlt’s biggest and darkest secret on next week’s iNtense!

Saje walked to the ring with that burden on his shoulders, the crowd booing him viciously with every step, but Saje didn’t let any of that deter him as he was confident that he could get the job done… however, Saje and The Rebellion had history with the Inogami Clan as well as with Landon Stevens, due to the way The Rebellion debuted back at Wrestlecade in April so something like winning the world championship might just be easier said than done.

Saje stopped at ringside and surveyed both Landon and Ninja K down on the canvas. The ladder was toppled over and Mack Brody grinned on the opposite side of the ring, daring Sebastian Saje to come in. Saje decided that he wasn’t going to have any of it and walked around ringside to the makeshift announce table that was set up thanks to the carnage that ensued during the Derecho vs Aran Thompson match earlier in the night. He sat down and just waved at Mack Brody from ringside, but Saje’s plan wasn’t exactly fool proof as Brody simply exited the ring!

This caused Saje to panic and spring out of his chair. Brody had to give chase to Saje as he did a full lap around the ring and back to the announce table side. Saje then rolled into the ring and took off to the ropes, hoping to get a drop on Brody when he was coming in, but what Saje didn’t anticipate was Ninja K to reach out and grab Saje’s leg, tripping up him as he charged toward the ropes! Brody rolled in and Ninja K got to his feet as well. Landon scooted over to a corner and leaned against the turnbuckle pads, figuring he would let Brody and Ninja K do all of the work for him… after all.. he was the world champion, why should he dirty his hands if he shouldn’t have to?

Saje found himself between a rock and a hard place. He stood up and saw Ninja K and Mack Brody on either side of him. He tried to reason with them, but Ninja K aimed high and hit a roundhouse kick to the head of The Rebellion’s mouthpiece! Saje staggered toward Brody who hooked his arm around Saje’s neck and threw him with his Release Exploder Suplex!


Saje hit the canvas and rolled to the outside where he thought he was going to be safe. Ninja K gave the nod to Brody and Brody stepped out of the way. Perhaps it was respect for Ninja K as an opponent.. perhaps it was a common enemy.. but Brody elected not to cheap shot Ninja K when he hit the ropes and gained momentum toward the side of the ring that Sebastian Saje rolled out to. Ninja K’s path wasn’t a straight one.. he was running to the corner. He leapt up onto the middle turnbuckle pad and corkscrewed off into a Twisting Plancha to the outside, crashing into the Sebastian Saje and taking him down to the floor!

Meanwhile, Landon came out of the corner and slammed into Brody, while he looked on at Ninja K, with a forearm to the side of the head! Landon rapid fired forearm after forearm after forearm to Brody’s head, dazing him with each blow. Landon then stopped and measured his distance with his arm before leaping up and Drop Kicking Brody right under his chin and putting him down! Landon then went to the corner where he climbed the turnbuckle pads, but Brody got back to his feet where he charged the corner and knocked Landon off his perch! Brody climbed up to the top turnbuckle pad, meeting Landon there. Ninja K got up onto the ring apron and climbed up to the middle turnbuckle pad on the apron’s side!

Brody grabbed Landon Stevens in a front face lock and lifted him up for a Superplex, but he held him straight up in the air! Ninja K then got up onto the top rope and simply lunged at Landon. The result was a Suplerplex / Cross Body Block combo that saw Landon take full damage from it!


Ninja K went for the cover, hooking the leg.



Brody pulled Ninja K off of Landon and went for the cover himself!



Ninja K then pulled Brody off of Landon! This made no sense as the goal was to eliminate Landon so one of them could become world champion, but pride took over and the thought of being the one to eliminate the world champion from the match got the better of the two of them… especially when they’ve been rivals for several months now! Ninja K and Brody came face to the face in the center of the ring, but they had little time to do anything about it as the next entrance was about to make their way into the match!







“American Idiot" by Green Day

The people cheered as Jon Le Bon made his way out from the backstage area. As Le Bon stopped at the top of the entrance ramp, he looked down at the ground and then to the sky as he let out a bestial roar! At the same time, pyro the size of fourth of july sparklers went off at his feet. He looked down and stared at the wimpy pyro for a moment before he looked to the crowd and yelled “LOOK! I FINALLY GOT MY OWN PYRO!!!"

The crowd laughed and cheered for Le Bon and his .. ehrm.. “pyro" as he walked down the ramp. Le Bon could be seen as the ultimate underdog in this whole ordeal as he was put into a battle royal with the feeling that there would be zero chance in hell of him winning, however, he made it through and ended up punching his ticket here to Thieves Honor! Le Bon wanted to make the most of this opportunity and he wasn’t about to squander it away!

Le Bon knew that, but oddly enough, picked up the pace and began to skip down to the ring with a smile on his face! It was enough of a distraction to allow Sebastian Saje to recover and slide into the ring. Saje charged at Brody and Ninja K and laid both of them out with a Double Lariat! Ninja K and Brody fell, almost hitting the tilted ladder on their way down. Saje then picked up Landon Stevens and threw him over the top rope to the outside. With Stevens out of the ring and with Ninja K and Brody down, Saje grabbed the ladder and set it back up in the middle of the ring. Saje kept an eye on Le Bon who simply stood there on the outside, looking on. Saje cautiously began to climb the ladder and as he neared the top, Le Bon slid into the ring and shook the ladder!

Saje looked down at Le Bon and yelled “HEY! I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS!?" to Le Bon. Le Bon stopped for a moment and thought about how he tried to be The Rebellion’s friend from the very beginning… how they all used to be on The Hype together and how on iNtense, Sayber and Michael Donavan clearly proved that they would never be friends. Le Bon looked back up at Saje with a look of pain and anguish on his face and shoved the ladder over to a pretty huge pop from the crowd, but Saje leapt up and grabbed onto the cable holding the briefcase above the ring! The ladder toppled over, hitting the top rope and then flopping over, folding up almost completely by itself. That left Saje dangling from the cable!

Le Bon grabbed Saje’s legs and began to swing him! Saje held on for dear life as Le Bon swung him more and more, building momentum. Le Bon swung him away and then took off in the opposite direction. Le Bon, as fast as he could, went out to the ring apron, turned, grabbed the top rope, and leapt off with a Flying Spear, catching Saje as he swung with great momentum toward the ropes! Both Saje and Le Bon crashed down in the center of the ring as the crowd hit their feet!


Le Bon staggered up to his feet. Ninja K and Mack Brody both got back up to theirs as well. The three of them then stood over Sebastian Saje as Saje could only look up at what would be his end. That is, until Landon Stevens got up on the ring apron and flew off the top rope, taking both Ninja K and Jon Le Bon down with a Flying Double Clothesline! Landon stood as Brody met him, backing him into a corner. Brody went for a wild punch, but Landon used his speed to switch places with Brody. Landon hammered away until Ninja K got to his feet and charged the corner with a Spinning Heel Kick, hoping to catch Landon in the back of the head, but Landon sensed it and moved out of the way and the kick ended up slamming into Brody’s face instead! Le Bon then stood, but Landon immediately grabbed him and Irish Whipped Le Bon into Ninja K! Le Bon hit the canvas as Ninja K fell up against Brody in the corner!

Landon then grabbed Sebastian Saje and offered a handshake to him. Saje was confused, but if it’s an ally.. it’s an ally. He grabbed Landon’s hand, but Landon, in turn, grabbed the gullible Saje by the arm and tossed him shoulder first into Ninja K, who in turn, slammed into Mack Brody, sandwiching him in the corner! Saje turned, hunched over as Landon hooked him by the head. He then nailed the Small Package Driver on Sebastian Saje!


However, Ninja K absorbed his punishment and when Landon stood, Ninja K got behind him with the Full Nelson. He lifted Landon and nailed the Inverted Hangman’s Neckbreaker..


Ninja K stood and turned to see Mack Brody explode out of the corner.. he slammed into Ninja K with his Flying Shoulder Tackle!


Sebastian Saje rolled to the outside, not wanting to end up like Landon or Ninja K.. however, that was probably a very bad idea as the final entrant was about to come out and the people hit their feet and began to chant his name…








“13 Steps to Nowhere" by Pantera

The crowd came unglued for the final participant! Chris Titan wasted no time sprinting to the ring and heading straight for Sebastian Saje who was trying to collect himself at ringside! There was a LOT of bad blood there and it was about to come to an end! Chris Titan knows that he FINALLY can get his hands on Sebastian Saje and get a measure of revenge for The Rebellion taking out The Backbone as well as forcing him to get his friend and stablemate Reno Davis fired! None of it would have happened if it weren’t for The Rebellion and Titan knows that full well!

Titan hits the ringside area and explodes on Saje with a vicious lariat! He picked Saje up immediately and threw him head and shoulder first into the barricades! He immediately picked up Saje and heaved him shoulder first into the ring steps! Titan then hit a running stomp to the fallen Saje before pulling him up and walking him over to the makeshift announce table, slamming his head off of it! Saje fell to his knees and then down to an all fours position. He looked up at Titan and begged him to lay off, but Titan wasn’t going to! He grabbed Saje by his blonde hair and forcefully yanked him up to his feet!

Titan had been waiting MONTHS for this moment and no amount of begging or pleading was going to stop him! Titan, while holding on Saje’s hair, hit repeated headbutts to his face! Titan then scooped up Saje in his arms and nailed a Front Powerslam through the wooden table, thus robbing Michael Burhman and Nathan Powers of an announce table for the second time tonight!

Titan then walked over to the time keeper’s position and stole a steel chair from it. Titan grabbed Saje by his hair once again and pulled him up to his feet. Saje was on dream street, but it didn’t matter because he was about to be on Blackout Blvd.



Given the fact that anything goes in this matchup, that chairshot was, indeed, Legal! Saje was out cold, but Titan STILL wasn’t done with him. All of the months of frustration had led to this and now that he finally got Sebastian Saje one on one, he wasn’t going to squander any of it! He pulled the out cold Saje to his feet and then leapt up, driving both knees into his face..


To say that Sebastian Saje had been taken out of this match was an understatement. Titan unleashed hell itself and finally got his revenge on Saje. Finding the damage he did satisfactory, he turned his attention to the ring where Mack Brody stood there and witnessed everything Titan just did. Titan had a new goal.. at least while Sebastian Saje was taking a nap. His new goal was to become a two-time jOlt World Champion!

Titan slowly climbed up on the ring apron and stared Mack Brody down, who stepped to the center of the ring and dared Titan to enter. Brody had been in here since the beginning of the match, but that wasn’t going to stop him. About fifteen minutes had passed since the start of this match and already all six men were in play… well, if you counted Saje, that is. Titan slowly stepped into the ring, but from behind, Ninja K grabbed Brody’s arms, pulling back of them. He then popped his hips and shocked Brody with a Tiger Suplex!!

Jon Le Bon got back to his feet and he kicked Ninja K in the stomach. He went for The Rockstar Stunner, but Ninja K shoved Le Bon off. Le Bon turned around and was met with a kick to the stomach by Ninja K. Ninja K then placed Le Bon into a Pumphandle Submission before lifting him up and dropping him right on top of his head!


It was Ninja K who now stood and dared Chris Titan to come into the ring. Titan placed one foot between the ropes and cautiously stepped in, but Landon Stevens laid out Ninja K from behind with a lariat! He then quickly pulled Ninja K up to his feet, hooked his arm around Ninja K’s neck and went for the Falling Star, but Ninja K twisted out and irish whipped Landon Stevens right toward Chris Titan. Titan was quick to react as he leapt up and pulled Landon down into his knees…


Titan got back to his feet, but Ninja K leapt onto the middle rope and nailed a Thrust Kick to Titan’s face, knocking him down to the canvas and causing him roll back to the outside! Ninja K walked to the opposite side of the ring and grabbed the toppled ladder. He brought it back to the center of the ring, but he didn’t unfold it. Instead, he laid it out on the canvas, but on its side. He walked over and grabbed Landon Stevens up off the canvas. He got underneath Stevens, looking for a Back Drop Suplex, but Stevens still had the strength and awareness to flip over and land on his feet, landing behind Ninja K. It was Stevens who then grabbed Ninja K, lifting him up and…



Ninja K’s plans backfired as the world champion was just a bit craftier and ended up using the move Ninja K had planned against him! Brody ended up getting back to his feet and when Landon turned to see that, it was already too late…


Brody knocked Landon out of his boots, practically, as he was sent flying back! Brody turned his attention to his rival, Ninja K. He pulled him up off the canvas and placed him between his legs! Brody lifted Ninja K up for the Fire Thunder Powerbomb, but Le Bon had gotten back to his feet and he kicked Brody in the stomach! Brody dropped Ninja K, who landed on his feet, as Le Bon went for The Rockstar Stunner on Brody, but Brody shoved Le Bon away! Brody charged in, looking for another Gold Rush, but Le Bon was smart and went low to Brody’s left leg.. the same one that Ninja K used to slam into the ladder in the opening minutes of this match and it ended up taking Brody down to the canvas!

Le Bon popped back up as Ninja K got a running start, but Le Bon backed into the ropes and pulled the top rope down, causing Ninja K to spill to the outside and down to the floor! Le Bon then quickly went to the corner and climbed the turnbuckle pads. He looked at the fallen Brody.. he looked at Ninja K getting up. He had to make a choice, but he chose Brody as he leapt off with a 450 Splash and slammed down on top of him! Le Bon had the cover, hooking the leg and we could see our first elimination right here!



Brody powered out of it!

Le Bon got back to his feet and then from out of nowhere…


Chris Titan had been on the outside this entire time! The crowd saw him biding his time, but the rest of the competitors forgot about him until now! Titan slid into the ring and nailed Le Bon with his finisher, but Le Bon was smart enough… if you could believe that… to roll to the outside and avoid getting pinned, however, Le Bon wasn’t too smart as Ninja K was on the outside and he had recovered! Ninja K pulled Le Bon to his feet and then hoisted him up onto his shoulders in a Reverse Fireman’s Carry. Ninja K then cause the audience to hold their breath as he tilted Le Bon off and dropped him upper back first across the top of the barricade…



Ninja K stood and turned around, just in time to see Titan fly through the ropes, slamming into him with a Suicide Dive!!! Mack Brody got to his feet as Chris Titan got back up. He pulled Ninja K up to his feet and Brody looked like he was going to dive!!???

Brody showed his athleticism by clearing the top rope and hitting a makeshift Flying Shoulder Tackle



The crowd was going nuts!! Landon Stevens was left as he staggered to his feet. Brody, Titan, and Ninja K all staggered to their feet as Landon ran to the corner, leapt up onto the middle turnbuckle pad and front flipped off with a Hilo, taking out Brody, Ninja K, and Titan at the same time!!!


Bodies were EVERYWHERE, but there was one we all forgot about… Sebastian Saje had woken up! Sebastian Saje was GETTING up. Sebastian Saje was rolling into the ring and there was nobody in there except for a ladder laying on its side!

Saje stumbled over to the ladder and grabbed it. He propped it up in the middle of the ring and slowly began to climb. Even though he was moving, Saje took a HUGE beating at the hands of Chris Titan and he was feeling the full effects of that beating. The crowd booed wildly as Saje slowly climbed.. rung by rung.. to the top of the ladder. All of a sudden, Jon Le Bon gets up, but he, too, is a little worse for wear, but he rolled back into the ring anyway. Le Bon walked over to the ladder and slammed a forearm into Saje’s lower back, halting him in his tracks! Le Bon fired another forearm and pulled Saje down off the ladder. Le Bon went for the toe kick, but Saje shoved him off to the ropes when he went for another Rockstar Stunner, but Le Bon bounced off the opposite end and ran towards Saje. He rode up onto Saje’s shoulders and neck, looking for a headscissor, but he converted it into a DDT!


Saje is down and out! Le Bon is now alone in the ring! Le Bon then grabs a hold of the ladder and uses it to pull himself up. He begins his slow climb to the top. Meanwhile, Chris Titan is coming to and he sees Le Bon climbing the ladder, but then he sees Sebastian Saje sitting up and shaking off the effects of the Headscissor DDT. Titan sees red as he will not allow Saje to do anything in this match. Titan quickly lifted up the ring apron and grabbed another steel chair out from underneath it. He slides into the ring, but he doesn’t go anywhere…

Landon Stevens is holding his leg!!

Titan struggles to kick Landon away and finally does. Saje sees Titan getting up, but at the same time, Landon is getting onto the ring apron. Saje sees his opportunity and charges in, shoving Titan into Landon and knocking Landon off the ring apron by inadvertently slamming the chair into his head, but Titan hits the ropes and the rebound momentum causes Titan to bump into Saje and causing him to drop the chair in the process!!

Meanwhile, Le Bon is at the top of the ladder and he has his hands on the briefcase!! Saje staggers backwards from getting hit by Titan and bumps into the ladder just as Le Bon unhooks the case! The case comes loose and falls out of Le Bon’s hands, meaning he never had possession of it! The case falls and lands right into the arms of Sebastian Saje just as he stumbles and falls to the canvas! Saje looks down in his hands and sees that he has possession of the briefcase… an announcement is then made by the ring announcer.

Dean Carrington: Ladies and Gentlemen… Sebastian Saje has full possession of the briefcase and has earned a second chance should he be eliminated!

The people boo loudly. Jon Le Bon looks down at Sebastian Saje and screams out “NOOO!!! THAT’S MY BRIEFCASE!!!!"

Saje gets back to his feet with a shit-eating grin on his face! Le Bon is too angry to even comprehend what just happened. He just knows that he’s not going to let Saje get away with this. Le Bon leaps off the top of the ladder with a Double Axe Handle, but Saje looks up and swings the briefcase after taking a step back…



Saje taunts Le Bon, but he turns around and…


Chris Titan dropped the Thieves Honor briefcase holder! Titan then gets an idea and placed the brief case on the canvas. Titan then rested Sebastian Saje’s head on said briefcase. Titan casually walked over and grabbed the steel chair up off the canvas from where he dropped it earlier. The crowd came alive as Titan walked over to Saje and took aim…. CRACK!!!!

“LEGAL" CON-CHAIR-TO to Saje and The Briefcase!!!

Titan tossed the chair out of the ring and then makes the cover, hooking the leg…




Dean Carrington: Sebastian Saje has been eliminated!

Chris Titan knew that Saje was the briefcase holder. He knew that he could come back at any time, but after taking a shot like that.. Sebastian Saje would be damn lucky if he could even return during the remainder of this match! It was now Chris Titan’s job to try and remain in this match to try and prevent Saje from capitalizing and he looked to possibly have accomplished that with that vicious Con-Chair-to onto the briefcase. At the same time, the thought of becoming a two-time jOlt world champion was very alluring. Titan grabbed Le Bon and pulled him to his feet. He hoisted Le Bon onto his shoulders, but Landon Stevens came back into the ring and charged at Titan, but Titan put his boot up and made Landon eat it. He then spun Le Bon around, dropping him with a TKO!

Titan stands Landon comes at him again and this time Landon pummels away on Titan as he was getting up from delivering the TKO. Landon then whipped Titan to the ropes where he hits a Leg Lariat, taking him down. Landon stomps down on Chris Titan and then heads to the corner, but Ninja K gets to his feet and hops up onto the apron. Landon kicked away at Ninja K and eventually got him down off the apron and back to the floor, but Ninja K was on his feet. Landon turned his attention back to Chris Titan, but Titan had gotten back up and he knocked Landon Stevens off of his perch. Titan climbed up, but Ninja K got up on the ring apron as well. Ninja K worked with his rival for a double team move earlier in the match and he looked to do it once again with Chris Titan!

Titan grabbed Landon and hooked him for a superplex. Landon knew exactly where this was going and began to rapidly fire punches to Titan’s mid-section. Landon switched it up and punched Titan in the head, causing Titan to fall off the turnbuckles and land on his back in the ring. Ninja K then leapt up to the top rope and went for a Springboard Huracanrana, but Landon anticipated it and grabbed the top ropes, causing Ninja K to slip off of Landon’s shoulders and land on Chris Titan with a pseudo-moonsault!

Landon then stood back up, but Mack Brody got to his feet and he got up on the apron and knocked Landon off his perch again! Brody came into the ring and went to pull Landon off the top rope, but Ninja K came from behind and hit Brody in the upper back with a forearm. Brody turned around and headbutted Ninja K. Brody then scooped up Ninja K in his arms with a front powerslam, but instead of hitting it, he held onto Ninja K with one arm and backed up into the corner. He turned to the side and grabbed Landon Stevens, pulling him down on top of his shoulders with the Fireman’s Carry!!!

Landon was draped over Brody’s shoulders… he was holding Ninja K… Brody then flipped Ninja K backwards as he fell to the canvas…


Landon landed hard, but Ninja K staggered to his feet and was stumbling forward. Brody kicked Ninja K in the stomach and set him up between his legs. He lifted Ninja K up and slammed him down to the canvas with the one-armed Fire Thunder Powerbomb…


Mack Brody then covered Ninja K, hooking the leg…




Dean Carrington: Ninja K has been eliminated!

Ninja K had defeated Mack Brody at Breakdown via Submission. Mack Brody returned the favor to Ninja K at Rise of the Legends.. and here at Thieves Honor, Mack Brody pinned his rival in the middle of the ring and eliminated him from the match! Ninja K would not become World Heavyweight Champion here tonight, but “Midas" Mack Brody was one step closer to pulling off a huge upset and becoming champion!

Ninja K rolled out of the ring and received a standing ovation from the crowd. Brody saw Chris Titan down.. he saw Landon Stevens down.. and saw Jon Le Bon down who hadn’t moved since taking that briefcase to the head as well as the TKO from Chris Titan. No one.. not even the referee.. thought of checking on Le Bon and that made Mack Brody wonder. Brody walked over to Le Bon and Le Bon showed the world that he was playing possum as he took Brody over with an inside cradle!!



Thre.. NO!!

Brody kicked away from it and Le Bon ALMOST pulled off another shocking upset! Both of them got back to their feet and Le Bon opened up on Brody with stiff right hands. He rocked Brody’s head back until Brody blocked a punch and spun Le Bon around. Brody went for a huge lariat, but Le Bon ducked out of the way of it. Le Bon turned around and showed some incredible power by lifting Brody up onto his shoulders! Le Bon then tilted him off and nailed a Death Valley Driver on the big man! The crowd looked shocked that someone of Le Bon’s size was able to do that!

Le Bon then turned his attention to the corner as he made his way up the turnbuckles to the very top. Le Bon flew off and drove the point of the elbow straight into the heart of Mack Brody! Chris Titan got to his feet and charged over to Le Bon. Titan grabbed Le Bon and went to throw him to the outside, but Le Bon reversed it and sent Titan to the ring apron instead! Titan went for a shoulder block between the ropes, but Le Bon leapt up and swiveled his legs around, dropping a Leg Drop across the back of Titan’s head!

Titan was slumped over the middle rope as Le Bon grabbed him in a front face lock and pulled him out to the point where his legs were dangling on the rope itself. Le Bon then fell down with a Rope Assisted DDT to Chris Titan! Le Bon stood and turned around to see Landon Stevens back on his feet! Le Bon then charged the world champion, feeling that he could get a jump on him, but Stevens side stepped and tossed Le Bon up and over the top rope and to the ring apron. Le Bon turned and grabbed the top rope and leapt to the very top. He flew off, but Landon leapt up into the air and caught him with an Ace Crusher in mid-air!!! Landon quickly scrambled and pulled Le Bon to his feet. He hooked him and nailed it…


Landon Stevens had the cover, hooking the leg…




Dean Carrington: Jon Le Bon has been eliminated!

With that elimination, we were down to the final three! When Jon Le Bon rolled out of the ring, he looked back inside and cracked a bit of a smile. No one really knew what that meant, but Le Bon seemed to be laughing to himself a bit. No one really paid much mind to that as he walked up the entrance ramp and disappeared behind the black curtain.

Landon Stevens, Chris Titan, and Mack Brody were the final three left in this match, however. Landon got to his feet as did Brody and Titan. The three of them slowly rose and looked at each other. There was still the matter of that ladder in the ring as well… Landon, Titan, and Brody all looked at each other.. then they all looked at the ladder. Brody and Landon then made a dash for the ladder while Chris Titan fled to the outside of the ring! Landon and Brody each grabbed an end of the ladder and a tug-o-war between them ensued in the middle of the ring, although, with Brody’s size, he was easily winning that battle with each and every tug.

Titan, on the other hand, remembered that he ditched the steel chair to the outside after eliminating Sebastian Saje and he came back into the ring with it! Titan charged at Brody and took a swing, but Brody dropped the ladder so he could duck out of the way of the chair shot from Titan. The two of them turned and Brody hit a toe kick to Titan and it caused him to drop the chair. Brody was about to lay in a haymaker to Titan when Landon hoisted the ladder up and then tipped it over with force at both Titan and Brody, but the two of them backed off and the ladder missed, although it fell and ended up leaning up against the top rope. The ladder separated Titan and Brody, but Landon decided to pull off a stunt. Landon ran up the ladder and then leapt off onto Brody’s shoulder’s, looking for a huracanrana onto the ladder, but Brody, instead countered it…



The ladder snapped in half from the impact as Landon crumbled to the canvas! Titan, with zero regard for Landon Stevens, stepped on him and used his body as a launching pad as he flew at Brody with a flying clothesline, staggering him into the corner! Titan then opened up on Brody.. hammering him with right hand after right hand. Titan then whipped SuperMack into the opposite corner and charged in after him, but Brody stepped forward and wrapped his arm around Titan’s neck and slammed him into the canvas with an Elevated STO!

Titan got back to his feet, but he was on spaghetti legs and wasn’t quite sure where he was. Brody hit a toe kick to the stomach and doubled Titan over. He placed Titan between his legs and lifted him, looking for The Midas Touch, but Titan slipped off of Brody’s shoulder and landed behind him and into the corner. Titan grabbed the top rope and leapt up to the middle turnbuckle pad. Titan then moonsaulted off, but Brody caught Titan on his shoulders in a fireman’s carry! Brody wanted to dump Titan on his head with a Death Valley Driver, but Titan reached out and grabbed the top rope and prevented it. Brody tossed him off his shoulders anyway, but Titan went over the top rope and landed feet first on the ring apron!

Titan turned and threw a punch at Brody, but Brody blocked it and went for a shoulder block between the ropes, but Titan side-stepped and kicked Brody in the face! Titan then backed up and got a running start, planting both feet into the side of Brody’s head with a Shotgun Drop Kick! Titan then stood in front of Brody on the ring apron and front flipped over, pulling Brody into a pinning combination with a Sunset Flip!



Brody kicked away from it!

Landon was still down in the rubble of what once was a ladder when Titan and Brody got back to their feet. Brody hit a knee lift into Titan’s stomach, doubling him over. He then clubbed Titan over the back with a forearm shot that brought Titan down to a single knee. Brody pulled Titan up and backed him against the ropes where he hit an open palm slap across the chest before whipping him across the ring. Brody picked up Titan in his arms, looking for a pivoting Spine Buster, but Titan hooked Brody’s head on the way over and spiked him into the canvas with a DDT, but it didn’t negate the force Brody was using and Titan still landed very very hard on the canvas.

All of them were down, but Landon was starting to show signs of life. He reached up and grabbed the ropes, using them to pull himself up to his feet. Landon looked at Brody.. he looked at Titan.. and then he got an idea. Landon walked over and stomped down on Brody. He then stomped down on Titan and then dragged Titan on top of Brody. Landon went to the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads to the top with his back to both of them. Landon then flipped and twisted off with the Sky Twister Moonsault and he slammed down on both Titan and Brody! Landon then dragged Titan off of Brody and made the cover, hooking the leg!



Thre.. NO!!

Titan kicked out!

Landon then tried his luck with Brody, hopping over to cover him.



Thr.. NO!

Brody kicked out as well!

Landon got up then screamed “COME ON!" out of frustration. The crowd continued to boo Landon as he stalked Chris Titan seeing how he seemed to be the first person getting to his feet. Titan did, indeed, stumble back up to a vertical base and that’s when Landon delivered a toe kick and hooked him for a possible Rising Star Driver, but Brody got to his feet and charged at Landon as well. Landon kicked Brody in the stomach and hooked him by the head, spiking them both with a Double DDT and just like that, the jOlt World Heavyweight Champion was back in control of this match!

Stevens went back to the corner and climbed up to the very top, back to the ring. He was aiming for Mack Brody when he flew off again with another Sky Twister Moonsault! He crashed down on top of Brody and was about to make the cover when Chris Titan quickly grabbed Landon and pulled him over with a School Boy Rollup, hoping to catch him off guard!





Landon kicked out at the very last second and Chris Titan almost scored a huge elimination that would have guaranteed us a brand new world heavyweight champion! Landon got back to his feet and confirmed it with the referee that it was, indeed, just a two count, but when Landon received his answer and turned around, Titan was ready and waiting for him. Titan leapt up for Titanium, but Landon held onto Titan and charged into the corner, hitting a pseudo Buckle Bomb! Titan staggered forward as Landon charged the ropes. He came back at Titan with full momentum, but Titan used his last burst of energy to lunge forward and turn the champion inside out with a vicious lariat! Titan quickly scrambled into the cover!




Landon Stevens was too close to the bottom rope and was able to use it to break up the pinfall attempt! Titan then grabbed Landon’s legs and hooked both of them, looking for another pinfall attempt!



Landon kicked out!

Titan stood up in frustration and noticed Mack Brody getting back to his feet as well. Titan pulled Landon up to a vertical base with an idea in mind. Titan then whipped Landon at Brody, but Brody side-stepped and Landon ended up bouncing off the opposite end. Brody then picked up Landon in a side slam and dropped him, but Titan ran in and kicked Brody dead in the face with a Big Boot! Titan quickly pulled Brody up to his feet and leapt up to deliver a Titanium to him, but Brody caught Titan and hoisted him up onto his shoulder, looking for The Midas Touch! Titan slipped off and landed behind Brody where Landon was back on his feet! Landon lunged in, but Titan moved and…



Titan then quickly grabbed Landon and picked him up onto his shoulders, but Landon wriggled free and landed behind Titan. Landon grabbed him in a waist lock and popped the hips, hitting a German Suplex, but Landon rolled through with it and pulled Titan back up to a vertical base! He then spun Titan around and kicked him in the stomach. He hooked Titan in a front face lock, looking for the Rising Star Driver, but Titan twisted out of it and swung with a short clothesline, but Landon ducked out of the way! Landon and Titan turned around and Landon hit the toe kick. He placed Titan between his legs and lifted him up for a Powerbomb, but he draped him over his shoulders and fell down, nailing a widow’s peak!


Landon made the cover, hooking the leg..



Thre.. NO!!!!


The crowd erupted as Chris Titan refused to die!

Landon Stevens had reached his limit. He pulled Titan up and he yelled in his face “DIE YOU MOTHERFUCKER!" Landon then hit a spinning back kick that doubled Titan over. He then kicked Titan in the chest, followed by another spinning back kick that doubled him over again. Landon hit the ropes as Titan fell to his knee. Landon then planted both feet into Titan’s face with a seated drop kick. He immediately stood and pulled Titan back up. He hooked him by the head and nailed it..





Dean Carrington: Chris Titan has been eliminated!

And then there were two. Landon Stevens… Mack Brody. Stevens was still fired up after eliminating Chris Titan. Titan rolled out of the ring and looked back. Titan only felt that the world championship was a bonus. He did what he set out to do and he accomplished his goal. He laid out Sebastian Saje and even though Saje had the briefcase, he made his chances of returning to this match low. Satisfied with his work, Titan walked to the backstage area and disappeared behind the curtain.

Brody got back up and the two of them stood on opposite sides of the ring. If they could score a pin on each other now, it would eliminate Sebastian Saje’s chance of returning to the match and we would decide the fate of the world championship! Brody and Landon were the number one and number three entrants in this match respectively and now they began to circle each other. Each man beaten down, worn down, and exhausted, but they knew that if they could end this soon, they could end the match and both men wanted that championship of their very own. Landon Stevens has held the title since April, making it a half a year as champion, Mack Brody.. has yet to hold singles gold here in jOlt. Could this be Brody’s night?

They go to lock up in the center of the ring, but Landon used his size and quickness to get behind Brody. They turned and a simple punch from Landon was enough to rock and stun Brody. Landon fired again and again and again before spinning and landing a hard Discus Punch that actually put Brody down! Landon stumbled a bit himself after putting that much force behind his punch. Landon dared Brody to get up as he was slow to do so. Once Brody was vertical, Landon delivered a knife edge chop across his chest, which didn’t seem to have much effect. Landon fired another chop, then a third, but with each chop that he fired, it seemed to wake Brody up! So much that the people in the arena began to chant for him!


Brody fed off of the energy of the people and stared a hole right through Landon Stevens. Landon backed off a bit, but Brody began to fire back with heavy rights of his own, driving Landon into the corner! Brody sent Landon to the opposite corner where he slammed hard against the turnbuckle pads! Landon staggered forward and collapsed to the canvas from the impact! Brody then waited for Landon to stand as he crouched and waited to seize this opportune time. Landon got back up and Brody charged in, looking for the Gold Rush, but Landon side stepped and he slammed shoulder first into the corner! Landon quickly grabbed Brody from behind and used a School Boy roll up off the miscue in hopes to retain his championship!



Brody kicked away and the fans cheered!

Brody was getting back to his feet when Landon kicked him in that shoulder. He then switched to the previous injured leg and kicked Brody there as well. Landon then kicked the left leg of Brody a few more times, adding to the damage done from Ninja K almost thirty minutes ago! Brody begins to hobble away back into the neutral corner with Landon giving chase. Landon then fires forearm after forearm after forearm into the face of Mack Brody, rocking his head back.

Landon goes for the Irish Whip, but Brody reverses it to send Landon to the corner instead, but Landon puts the brakes on and goes low with a Basement Drop Kick to Brody’s left leg, putting him down on all fours! Landon then aimed and kicked Brody right in the back of the head! It could be a knockout shot, but Landon isn’t taking chances! He has Brody down and he’s heading to the corner! He’s used this move twice already in the match and he’s going for the hat trick!



Brody rolled out of the way and hobbled up to his feet! Landon popped off the canvas holding his stomach and Brody runs over him with a clothesline! Landon pops back up and Brody serves him another clothesline! Landon staggers to his feet as Brody backs him into the ropes and sends him across the ring. Brody makes Landon eat a back elbow to the face and then makes a slashing motion across his throat, saying his wants to end it! Brody pulls Landon up and delivers a toe kick. He placed Landon between his legs, looking for The Midas Touch, but when he lifted Landon, Landon used a Sunset Flip-like roll-up to try and counter, but Brody stood his ground! Brody reached down and grabbed Landon by the neck with both hands and yanked him up to his feet! He then wrapped his arm around Landon’s neck and threw him overhead!


Landon popped up off the canvas and Brody charged in at full speed…


Brody stood and let out a bestial roar! He crouched down and stalked Landon! He was one move away from putting the world champion away for good! The crowd was going ballistic as it was Mack Brody’s time to reign as champion!

Until Sebastian Saje ran out from the back to large boos from the crowd!!

Saje slid into the ring behind Brody!



Brody was laid out! Saje tossed the briefcase to the referee and said he was cashing it in! Saje is officially back in this match! Brody staggered to his feet and Saje leapt up high, bringing Brody’s face into his knees with the modified Codebreaker..


Saje had the cover as the people were pissed!





Saje didn’t let that deter him, though. He stood and grabbed Brody by the face and hit rapid fire Kawada kicks to Brody’s face! Saje then leapt up and delivered the move for a second time!


The energy was sapped right out of the arena as Saje made the cover..




Dean Carrington: Mack Brody has been eliminated!

Landon was staggering to his feet… Saje was in prime position as Brody rolled out of the ring. The people were booing because they didn’t want to see it end like this. Landon Stevens was hated, but The Rebellion was hated probably equally as much. Landon turned around and that’s when Saje struck..


Then the crowd erupted as Chris Titan ran out from the backstage area! Saje made the cover…


Titan hit the ring…


Titan dove and broke it up just in time! Titan then grabbed Saje and pulled him to his feet! He ran over to the corner and slammed Saje’s face into the top turnbuckle pad! He then went to town on Saje delivering lefts and rights in rapid succession. He switched to knee strikes, then to uppercuts, then to forearms, back to knee strikes! The referee was trying to get Titan out of the ring since he had already been eliminated, but Titan didn’t care. He didn’t care if someone like Landon Stevens walked out with the title.. all he knew is that he wasn’t going to let Sebastian Saje and The Rebellion stand on top of jOlt!

Titan grabbed Saje and hoisted him onto his shoulders. He spun him off in the middle of the ring with a TKO! Titan then picked up Saje and placed him in a side head lock. He then drove Saje face first into the canvas with the Snapmare Driver!


Titan then rolled out of the ring as Landon looked up from the canvas. He saw Titan backpeddling with a look of disgust on his face. Titan knew he just chose, in his eyes, the lesser of two evils, but Landon didn’t care. He had a grin on his face from ear to ear as he crawled over and draped his arm across Sebastian Saje’s chest.




That was it. The bell sounded and it was over. Dean Carrington came over the PA with the official announcement.

Dean Carrington: Ladies and Gentlemen.. the winner of this match.. and STILL… jOlt World Heavyweight Champion… “The Rising Star"… LANDON STEVENS!

“Your God" by Stone Sour played over the PA system. Landon Stevens did what Derecho couldn’t last year. He survived the odds and remained jOlt World Heavyweight Champion! Landon bought himself at least another week on an already half a year championship reign as he would head into iNtense 106, still champion. Landon staggered to his feet as the people booed. The referee raised his hand and Landon raised the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship high into the air. Many people felt that Mack Brody should have taken the gold home and if it weren’t for Sebastian Saje, he probably would have, but Landon still found a way, whether he had to use Chris Titan’s assistance to do it, to remain champion here tonight.

But with Sebastian Saje losing and failing to capture the world championship, we know that this is also Damien Lee’s loss. The cloaked figure stated that if Saje lost tonight, the fate of jOlt would be decided on iNtense 106. He would unveil the secrets behind the sale of LoC to jOlt… who actually owned the company and the truth would cause investors to turn away. Somewhere backstage, Damien Lee had to be sweating bullets because in just seven days, jOlt may be in jeopardy!

The final scene of Thieves Honor showed Landon Stevens holding the championship up to his head and cracking a grin as he posed for the camera.

Fade to the jOlt logo, then to black.

Winner: Landon Stevens via Pinfall