"Welcome to Unlimited"

The infamous EKG pulse quickly arose and descended in a rhythmic fashion before quickly forming the words “jOlt Wrestling Entertainment presents...”. The Royal Blue & Silver logo flashed a line of light across its sleek surface before it gradually faded into the darkness...

A lulling rattle of audible bass was heard in hindsight as the looming surface of a lifeless moon, scrolls boldly into view before the darkness immediately returned...


[The verbal message was followed by a stern yet brief bass hit as scene abruptly opened to both Heido & Takeshi turning their heads in slow motion toward ring’s epicenter with the towering Omega slowly rearing his head back before greeting them with a sickening grin. His braids dancing across his back as he visually assess his opposition. Canines flashing. The visual is all in Black & White before fading to black...]

{V/O edited promo audio by Ninja K}

{”...And here they stand; those bold enough to make themselves known...”}

[A rapid fire barrage of images of every active superstar on the roster in competition for the pay-per-view were set on display before the darkness returned breifly.]

{”...“Look amongst yourselves...”}

[The camera immediately returned to slow motion footage with Aran Thompson standing over the defeated. Still devoid of color, he slowly raised his championship prize overhead and the scene began to fade as he brandished his trademark sneer in sheer defiance. Another image formed to show the masses cheering behind Derek Huber was he stood atop a ladder, successfully securing the Tag Team Championships before inaudibly screaming in celebration. The image began to fade as he was near full extension outward with both belts in his hands...]

{”...Among each & every one of you, your true nature shall be revealed. ...”}

[The Heirs of Wrestling are shown in unison. While without color, the caked blood on their faces pale in comparison as they hold their championship acquisitions in gold that they raise above their heads before fading the brief blackness. Sylo. Alone. Is seen seated along his lone bench in an empty locker room. A long light overhead kept him reserved within himself under the comfort of shadows. He was busy pulling the tape taunt over his hands. Rudimentary as it was routine before fading into nothing. The tattered image of Derecho was seen, slowly rising from a kneeling posture from having driven his opposition through the glass ring floor. Bloody. Seemingly exhausted. Attire tattered yet slowly embracing the madness from within as he faded to black...]

{”..From the self professed ‘Heroes’ to the aspiring ‘vigilantes’ even to your devout megalomaniacs and all personas across the behavioral spectrum...”}

[All members of The Hand of The Cause were present and accounted for; Brone Haggard was seen scowling at the camera with both arms folded over. The newcomer Henry Dylan was seen grinding his fist into his left palm as Frank Hendrix was standing as the front man, rubbing his knuckles while inaudibly popping the bones in his neck before fading to black....A brief flash revealed Jonathan Conspiracy, standing atop a turnbuckle. Staring back at him, from the ringside entrance were all 3 members of Trouble. Dallas Griffin was inaudibly yelling at the perceived ‘turncoat’ while Statuz Quo & Khadafi pointed fingers & made gestures of his demise respectively. Fade to Black...]

{”..The lines between good & evil will become blurred. Redefined or exposed for all to see. At what cost are any of you destined to pay for the opportunity to displace me as Chief Retainer of the Underground Championship?...”}

[An angry strobe lit attack of the savage beast known as Omega gnashed his teeth ro attacked the screen like an unleashed animal, blinded by pure fury before abruptly succumbing to the darkness. The primal sounds of anger were just as brief. The darkness smoothly eroded as the lunar surface briefly rolled in & out of view to unveil the amazing machinations & depths of active space. A single comet would lead several more ahead, streaking readily across the star lit void as the camera panned onward slowly to its appointed course. The camera made a hasty B line to intercept them...]

’Transformation’ by The World Ends With You (SAWA)

[The view ran alongside the speeding projectiles before plunging into one of the white tails, leading to Jon Le Bon storming down the rampway before cutting to Mattock hitting his opposition with the Switchblade Romance maneuver. Adam Lazarus is seen soaring over the top ropes and flooring Anson LeRue. Sarah Winterton makes one of the Starlet tap out wildly having applied her patented Ermine Cape submission hold to secure the victory as Landon Steven destroys Jason Rau with the Rising Star Driver before Diamond Jewelz spread his arms out proudly in a preening fashion. On cue, the camera exited the waked of the comet as Diamond Jewlez’s likeness was cast into a distant constellation. Twinkling brilliantly in the sky. The trajectory of the camera shifted as the projectiles passed through some nebula.

A shadowy figure was made out into the space vapor before taking form of the reigning jOlt Underground Champion, Kenshiro Inogami; raising the Underground Championship overhead as the comets passed through his animated likeness. Another form assumed Waymoth Turnbull, slowly pounding his massive fist into his palm. The impact set forth a course of lightning, streaking throughout his form before the towering cloud of nebula began to dissipate. The final set of nebula cloud formations assumed the active forms of both Aran Thompson & Eiji Kugasari; both men hurling their opposing fists toward each other yet the cadre of streaking asteroids pierced both forms, scattering the space dust en route to a distance planet.

The massive asteroids was seen in their imminent collision course toward a desolate supergiant of a planet that resembled Earth. A brief side view of the space projectiles being set ablaze as it penetrated the planet’s atmosphere before the view quickly retreated to a seemingly safe distance. Impacts peppered the surface. Seconds later, yellowish cracks quickly outlined the visage of Omega in his maddening state. Laugher could be heard echoing into the vast depths of space before the planet was awash with a overbearing flash of light.

A vast ring of light extended briefly before dissipating as prominent Bluish strands of Electricity formed the word UNLIMITED in front of the stellar explosion. The audio of the music cranks up higher as minute streaks of Purple & White electricity angrily danced at random within its sleek yet metallic liquid interior.

Debris from the destroyed planet was soon seen hurling above, alongside & underneath the PPV logo before it began to send random letter spiraling past the camera. The letter M was hit, wildly slamming into the camera to transition toward the pulsating heart of the Arena of Champions.

An angled pan away from the entrance staging area displayed six angled large light pillars, alined three on each side of the entrance staging area. The jOlt vision rested atop six other light pillars jettisoning straight out. behind the jOltvision there are more of these rectangular light tubes in a fan display. The cheering legions were heard rattling the arena as thick bolts of electricity clawed along most of the grated entrance staging area before several massive salvos of pyrotechnics assaulted the heavens & the immediate area. At their definitive conclusion, the screaming legions were welcomed by the lead broadcast duo of Michael Buhrman & Nathan Powers. Powers was seen glancing about & nodding as Buhrman greeted the television audience with his trademark smile.



Buhrman chuckled briefly before continuing.

Buhrman: “It’s official; the Road to WRESTLECADE starts here! We are here LIVE at the illustrious Arena of Champions in downtown Orlando, Florida! Performing before a capacity crowd of 45,318 tonight!

Powers: “Well, Buhrman; you better believe that these troglodytes paid good money to see who’s heading to the Big Dance as champion tonight.”

Buhrman: “Indeed, tonight we have a stellar line up of in-ring competition where we have several grudges that may or may not ultimately be settled in the ring tonight as one of the best technical wrestling stalwarts in Jesse Ramey meets the electrifying Diamond Jewelz and one of the most innovative wrestlers of our time, Mattock in a 3 Way Dance! ’The Rock Star’ Jon Le Bon will seek revenge against the infamous ...”

Buhrman raised his hand to halt Powers before he could start.

Buhrman: “I know Poor Taste is your expertise but please hold off on the disparaging Monkey Jokes...

Powers: Gotdamnit!

Buhrman: No.

Powers: Quit being a lame ass, Buhrman. I really got some good ones for this evening. Just one?

Buhrman: “...As we were saying, Jonathan Conspiracy is literally on his own as he squares off in a Handicapped Match against his former faction in Trouble. ’The Rising Star’ himself Landons Stevens will face the ’West Indian Juggernaut’ Waymoth Turnbull in a Steel Cage! Powers: Don’t forget about the highly anticipated war between both former jOlt Heavyweight Champions in ’The Perfect Predator’ better known as Sylo versus Derecho! Now that match I am looking forward to!

Buhrman: Likewise. And that match up is governed by Underground Rules!

Powers: Yep. That’s why I borrowed my wife’s car and parked it in the arena garage. Just in case.

Buhrman: And tonight, EVERY jOlt Championship is on the line; we will have the Starlets’ Championship defended in a Fatal Four Way Dance! 3 Teams will vie in a Tag Team Triple Threat Match for the jOlt World Tag Team Titles! The enigmatic Mad Man Omega will face Ninja K for both divisional supremacy & to ultimately decide as to who will become or remain jOlt’s Underground Champion and finally, the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship is on the line as the Number 1 Contender, ’The Blood Raven’, Eiji Kugasari will face the reigning World Heavyweight Champion, ’Mr. Relentless’, Aran Thompson!

Powers: “Note that NEITHER faction will be allowed to interfere on the behalf of either champion nor contender.”

Buhrman: “That’s right; 1 on 1 tonight to decide which faction will lead the Road to Wrestlecade with the promotion’s top prize in their possession. JOlt Wrestling Fans; we’re ready. It’s time. We are officially underway!

Jeremy Ryan vs Jon Le Bon

Welcome one and all to jOlt’s Unlimited Pay Per View and with that, we’re about to get to tonight’s blockbuster opener! This feud started out when the man calling himself jOlt’s Last Real Man decided after his feud with Kayden Paulton at Wired, he was set on removing all that he considered to be stupid and nonsensical from the wrestling organization. He’d taken to bullying several members of the roster including Big Little Italy, Conan The Leprechaun, former jOlt mascot ZaC the Monkey, members of Sweet Sweet Lovin and even “Rockstar” Jon Le Bon…

That is, until Le Bon actually fought back. Not only did the diminutive Rockstar to just that… he DEFEATED Jeremy Ryan and handed him his first real lost in jOlt. Later that night, Jeremy Ryan declared that he was by no means finished with Jon Le Bon – not until he avenged his first and only loss in jOlt. Jon Le Bon may have been pretty much had his head lodged in between the ropes, but he could get it done when it counted. He held victories over the likes of Mattock, Sanchez Cano and even Jeremy Ryan himself! Could he go two for two against jOlt’s Last Real Man or would the dangerous and volatile Ryan have his way?


“American Idiot” by Green Day.

The lights started pulsating rapidly in shades of gold and red for the man coming out! The man with the larger-than-life personality and the possible ego to match came out from the back and raised his arms in the sky for the fans to take in the cheers! The Rockstar was here and the plucky high flyer was ready for action to take down the man that DARED to take his Mountain Dew away from him!

“First, making his way to the ring from Rock City… weighing in at 140 pounds… ”THE ROCKSTAR” JON LE BON!

The Rockstar was ready for action as he sprinted down the aisle before he rolled back inside the ring and raised his arms for all to see! He jumped onto the second turnbuckle and gave a thumbs up to the crowd before he jumped off the ring apron and took in the reception from the fans! Jon Le Bon was giving up a little over a hundred pounds to Jeremy Ryan, but tonight he didn’t care about any of that. He wanted his revenge. He would make him pay for stealing his Dew… and make him get another one!

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

The music played and the crowd started turning their reaction in a wholly negative way. Out from the back dressed in his fighting gear was none other than the man who had made it his mission to destroy all things fun-loving in jOlt. Jon Le Bon waved at him with a goofy smile while Ryan was nuclear hot. He hadn’t forgotten about the last episode of iNtense where Le Bon handed him the first notch in his loss column. Ryan was a dangerous man who would do anything to rectify that.

“And his opponent, from Bangor, Maine… weighing in at 252 pounds, this is ”JOLT’S LAST REAL MAN” JEREMY RYAN!

Ryan made a beeline right for the ring! He was all bothered and ready to fuck somebody’s world up, but Le Bon saw him coming this time and he was ready…


And it was time for action and Jon Le Bon was taking the fight to Jeremy Ryan first! The Rockstar came right at Ryan as he approached the ring, hitting up upside the head with a nice Baseball Slide Dropkick to the side of the head that send him stumbling backwards a few steps! Jon Le Bon was now on the offensive and the crowd was fully in support of The Rockstar as this match pitted Hype graduate vs. Hype graduate!

“This win is for you, ZaC… wait, fuck ZaC… this win is for me, Jon Boy!”

He jumped off the ring apron right at Jeremy Ryan and tried to take him over with a Headscissors, only for Ryan to use his pure power advantage to stop that shit before it even got going. He hoisted Le Bon back up and tried to finish the kid only for Jon to fight back with a flurry of left and right hands trying his best to wear down jOlt’s Last Real Man.

Jeremy finally let go fo Ryan and sent him back on the ring apron as the crowd continued to rally support around the underdog. He ran full speed at Jeremy Ryan…


He took down Jeremy Ryan on the floor and bounced right back up, literally taking a bow and then patting himself on the back because that move was fucking awesome. jOlt’s Last Real Man was staggering around the floor now after the aerial blitzkrieg by the Brit. Jon Le Bon slid back into the ring to avoid being counted out while Jeremy looked to pick himself up off the floro. Referee Simon Boulder was on the outside trying to keep things going as he counted.


Ryan rolled back into the ring at the count of five and he looked PISSED.

“YOU LITTLE FUCKER!” Ryan shouted.

He got up and swung at Le Bon with a wicked Lariat only for the Brit to duck underneath and keep on running to the ropes. When he came back, Jeremy goozled him by the throat. With a nasty gnash of his teeth he powered Le Bon off the mat once again only for Le Bon to go right at him with an eye poke! Boulder chastised the smaller Le Bon for his questionable tactics, but against a bastard like Jeremy Ryan the crowd had no problems cheering him on!


Le Bon fired off a series of leg kicks to the knee of Ryan before running off the ropes again trying to get more offense going. That was stopped immediately when Ryan was picked up and powered into a Military Press position. Ryan held him in place and turned towards the outside of the ring. He ran forward with the intent of throwing Jon Le Bon clear from the ring but he wiggled free and rolled him up with a Sunset Flip!




Almost got him right there, but Ryan kicked out! Jolt’s Last Real Man popped up quickly and started to swing at him with a kick this time but again he moved. Le Bon kept running and bounced off the second rope looking for a Springboard Cross Body….



The crowd groaned from the impact of the Fallway Slam set up into the powered up Vertical Suplex before dropping him right to the ground! Ryan slashed a thumb across his throat and rolled over to where his body fell and hooked a leg quickly. He wasn’t going to underestimate Le Bon this time around.




It was a close one right off the bat, but The Rockstar kicked out! jOlt’s Last Real Man slammed a fist on the mat before he climbed over and laughed at his misery as he waited.

“You’re going to WISH you were that stupid fucking monkey when I’m done with you, you little shit!”

He sat over the body of the fallen Le Bon and blasted him with a trio of hard Headbutts into the face of his adversary. The fists decided to fly now and the former shootfighter Ryan continued to lay into his face with an even bigger set of left hands. The crowd started booing for Jeremy Ryan as the moves kept on coming until Simon Boulder counted again.


“FUCK YOU!” Ryan shouted back.


Ryan backed off and sneered right at Boulder, telling him to go fuck himself gently with a chainsaw. He pushed Simon out of his way so he could continue to punish Jon. He stood over the beaten and battered Rockstar and reached over to put a hurt on only for Le Bon to get his feet up and kick him square in the face!

Jeremy went stumbling backwards again as Jon Le Bon heard the cheers from the crowd. They fired up the Rockstar and he leapt into action again, going right after Ryan with a couple of Forearm Smashes to the jaw. He stuck a middle finger at him.

“Eat a dick, Ryan!”

jOlt’s Last Real Man stood up and gave chase to him around the ring again, trying to catch him, but the faster Le Bon ran half a lap across the ring and rolled back inside. He was already on the second rope and when Ryan stood back in…


Ryan was hurt now and stunned from the feet. Jon Le Bon’s feet continued to not fail him as he ran off the ropes again while Jeremy tried to sit up only to eat a Running Dropkick to the head! The shot caught him square in the face and now Ryan was close to getting upset again!



He POWERED out and sent Jon flying away from him as he tried to get his bearings back. Jon Le Bon’s strategy of rope-a-dope was working dividends right now and he had the chance to strike. He charged across the ring a second time and tried to finish things off for good only to once again get caught by Jeremy Ryan… OVERHEADY BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!

Le Bon CRASHED to the canvas in a hell of a hard way as Ryan started to turn around, kneeling upwards. He looked to The Rockstar and now he was about ready to finish off the man who had earned his ire over the last several weeks. He lifted Le Bon up and DRILLED him upside the head again with several vicious elbows to the head before powering him up off the mat…


The Vertical Suplex Backbreaker was BRUTALLY done and now Ryan was in complete control as he nonchalantly pushed Jon Le Bon over and hooked the leg for the win.





Ryan was furious that he didn’t get the win off one of his bigger moves in his moveset, but it was close enough to put Jon Le Bon in a very vulnerable position. He was hurt now as Jeremy started to walk quickly, putting the boots to a grounded Le Bon. He sat him up and moved his hand around before cocking a boot back and STRIKING him upside the back with another good kick. He then ran off the ropes and connected with another solid boot! Jon was hurt now and Ryan rolled over into another cover.




Much to his credit, Jon Le Bon was still in the game. Unfortunately for him, so was Jeremy Ryan and he continued to stomp away at him with a series of good shots to the gut and the head of Le Bon trying to wear him down some more. The shots continued to keep on coming and he pushed him against the ropes before unleashing a big series of Crossface Punches against the ropes!

“Come on, you little shit! Make with the funny now!”

He backed up off the punches and pulled him up into a Grinding Full Nelson submission. He continued to twist around the neck and head of the much smaller Le Bo. Simon Boulder went to the corner and ordered him to stand around.

“You give up?” Boulder asked Le Bon.


Ryan welcomed the challenge to try and break Le Bon with whatever he could get, but when he lifted him up, he moved his head backwards and caught Ryan in the face with a few good shots making him let go of the hold! Ryan wasn’t working for long and when he bounced off the ropes he caught him good with a Dropkick to the knee!

Le Bon backed up towards the corner and tried to create some distance between himself and jOlt’s Last Real Man who was now looking even more angry than before. He bounced around the ring looking for the chance to strike again only to move out of the way and make him eat turnbuckle. Ryan backed up and Le Bon jumped off the ropes looking for the Hurricanrana… no!

Ryan held on once again so Le Bon shifted his weight so now he was behind him in the Electric Chair position. He was hurt now and twisted his body around…


One of the biggest moves in the arsenal of Jon Le Bon DROPPED Ryan hard into the canvas and now he was in a very bad way! Ryan had the chance to go for the win now and looked to finish things for good following the Tilt-a-Whirl DDT!





Ryan kicked out at the last second and powered Jon Le Bon off the canvas. Jeremy was about to stand but Jon Le Bon had a smile on his face and the fans loved the high flyer. He ran off the ropes and came back with another jumping kick to the face that stunned JOlt’s Last Real Man. He tried another run, but this time Ryan was ready and a kick to the gut stopped the flyer cold.

“You’re done!” Ryan shouted into his face before he elevated him with the Powerbomb attempt. He ran towards the ropes, but some quick thinking allowed for Le Bon to connect with a Hurricanrana finally,, dumping the big man out from the ring in front of the announce table!

Ryan tumbled to the floor and now the high flyer Jon Le Bon came out of nowhere and had ran circles around the big man. He jumped back on the ring apron and took in the applause from the fans in Orlando before he headed to the top rope. He was setting up for something big here…


An INCREDIBLE move saw Jon Le Bon go for broke and fortunately for him, the odds were in his favor as he went spilling onto Jeremy Ryan on the outside! It took a few seconds for the high flyer to recover, but he did eventually and luckily for him, he came up aces.

Le Bon was already back in the ring and pumped his fists like a crazy person as Jeremy Ryan started to stand. He grabbed one of the monitors off the announce table and tossed it as far as he could just out of sheer rage. He was seething that his open challenge wasn’t panning out to what he’d hoped.

JOlt’s Last Real Man stepped into the ring and Jon Le Bon continued the attack. The kicks came flying from the Rock City native, but Jeremy shook them off and shoved him aside. Le Bon rolled backwards and landed on his feet until he was caught…


A modified version of an ST-Joe-style Uranage throw out of the corner caught Jon Le Bon and slammed him violently!


Jeremy Ryan let out a big scream while Jon Le Bon was on his stomach, wondering what exactly hit him. He stumbled up to his feet which turned out to be a big mistake because Jeremy came running in and SLAMMED him in the corner with a Running Spear that drove the wind right out of him!

After an impressive start, the quick-footed Le Bon had been grounded to a screeching halt by his larger adversary, which seemed to be the story of the night. Jeremy peeled Le Bon off the canvas and doubled him over with a knee to the chest before he sent him flying into the corner. Jon wasn’t in the corner but more than a second when a big runaway train came heading his way…


The Running Body Avalanche doubled over The Rockstar and had the high flyer stopped in his tracks. And still, Jeremy Ryan wasn’t done. He lifted up Le Bon over his shoulders and casually carried him around like child before he haphazardly tossed him over head and dropped him right on his back.

The crowd was all over Ryan now and continued booing the mountainous brawler, but he paid the crowd no mind. A running kick caught Jon Le Bon in the side of the chest, sending him bouncing across the canvas like a skipped rock across a pond.

“You’re fucked, kid,” Ryan snarled.

He unleashed a volley of body shots to the gut and doubled him over some more in the corner. Le Bon needed to get out of the predicament he was in and quickly before Jeremy Ryan could continue his path of destruction.

The burly bastard from Bangor backed up several steps before he charged forward again… NOBODY HOME!

Ryan hit nothing but the corner and Le Bon took some effort before he rolled him up from behind with a School Boy!



The latest cover of the match was very close. Le Bon caught Ryan while he was on his knees with some kicks to the head to try and stun JOlt’s Last Real Man. He missed one kick, but kept on going and spun around with a second Roundhouse Kick that nailed Ryan in the side of the head! The bruiser still didn’t go down so Le Bon hooked him by the head and jumped, looking for the big move…


He was shoved away into the ropes and when he came back, he was ready for him…


Ryan was through playing around! He slashed his throat with his thumb again and stood over the fallen Le Bon before clasping in for the finisher following his signature Spear/Spinebuster combination…


The Tazmission/Camel Clutch hybrid got him! He was cranking back on the submission and now Le Bon had nowhere to go. He was hurt and now he was struggling.


Le Bon was struggling and Ryan was much, much stronger than he was. He had no choice…


He frantically tapped out and dropped his arms to the mat as Ryan let go of the submission. He had finally done it and after Jon Le Bon had given him more of a fight than he bargained for, Jeremy Ryan overcame it and won the match for himself, finally getting his revenge.


Ryan smiled proudly as he kicked around Jon Le Bon on the canvas. He finally made him pay for what he felt was a humiliating defeat and destroyed him in spectacular fashion. He continued to stomp away at Le Bon some more…

“Oh, no, we aren’t done!”


Le Bon was hurt now and still struggling to breathe while Ryan locked in the hold on the card. He continued to punish The Rockstar even after the match was over. Buhrman and Powers were protested from the announce desk, but Ryan was a dangerous man who would do whatever he wanted to WHOEVER he wanted…


Of all the people that would be coming down the aisle it was none other than “Midas” Mack Brody! One of the Heirs of Wrestling and a man that recently made a pledge to get a singles career going, starting with a win over Sepiroth Du Luc on the Unlimited Countdown show! Brody slid into the ring and Ryan saw him coming…

Ryan jumped right at Brody with all his might, taking the fight to the big man! He slugged the Bronze Bomber with a couple of good shots against the ropes! He went to fight him and whip him across the ring when Brody reversed the whip…


The Running Body Block that Mack had been using as of late BLASTED Jeremy Ryan nearly out of his boots! The shot sent him flying across the ring and rolling to the outside! jOlt’s Last Real Man had tried to bite off more than he could chew and on this night, it was “Midas” Mack Brody standing tall in the center of the ring.

“You want to pick on somebody? Come pick on me, REAL MAN!” Brody yelled.

The crowd roared in approval for the arrival of SuperMack coming to the rescue of The Rockstar. He was groggy, but Mack helped him to his feet and kept one eye on Ryan who was holding his ribs as he staggered back up the ramp. He yelled various obscenities at the appearance of Mack getting in his business before he turned up the ramp and disappeared from sight.

Inside the ring, Le Bon saw Mack Brody and Brody lifted Le Bon up over his shoulder, pointing a finger at Jon Le Bon for the incredible performance he put on tonight. Ryan may have gotten the win tonight, but now he earned himself a very powerful enemy.

Winner: Jeremy Ryan via Submission

"The Culmination"

The scene faded to the backstage area, a camera bounced along as the man carrying it made his way into a locker room. Seated in a metal fold up chair, Jesse Ramey prepared himself for his upcoming match. He leaned back in his chair as he finished taping his left hand, grabbed the tape in his teeth, tore it from the roll, and patted it down to his arm.

“Ups,” Ramey started and paused for a brief moment, “and downs. We’ve been through a lot over the past three months. Forced into a tag team with a shady jewelry dealer that has seemingly been more interested in selling his cubic zirconia encrusted wares with the rest of Jolt wrestling than interested in what is going on inside of the ring. To go against a tandem of men whose name would seemingly suggest that they are not happy with the status quo of how things are done within Jolt wrestling.”

“In reality though,” Ramey paused as he began to tape up his right hand, “it isn’t the status quo they are trying to remedy. Instead you’ve got a lucha libre style wrestler who has no mind of his own, so despite his obvious talents inside of the ring was easily manipulated into a tag team of convenience for his partner. His partner isn’t as good at manipulating situations as he would like to think, which doesn’t say much for the intelligence of the talented wrestler. Instead, the manipulator tries to use words that none of the fans understand to make himself sound like he is brooding and has planned everything to detail in his own favor.”

Ramey chuckled, “I’ve had to deal with men like this before, and by far, he is at the bottom of the list. You want to come into this like a Harvard educated suspense villain, but I’ve seen through everything you’ve thrown at me. So, in actuality you’re as tricky as a game of Clue, and you’ve been playing a game of Mouse Trap with me, one in which I’ve won because tonight I get exactly what I’ve wanted from the beginning.”

“It’s something that not only I’ve wanted, but the wrestling fans tuning into these shows have wanted as well.” Ramey broke the tape with his teeth once more, patted it down to his arm, and tossed his roll of black tape back into a bag on the floor. “These tag team matches and rematches haven’t been what the people have wanted to see. It hasn’t helped any viewership and it definitely hasn’t added to any kind of buy rate for pay-per-view titles that we’ve produced.”

“Tonight the fans get exactly what they’ve wanted from the start all tied up in a shiny Christmas box with a big red bow on top of it.” Ramey smiled, then leaned forward and began lacing up his left boot. “The fans want to see a fair fight between three men that should have happened and ended two months ago. Tonight they get two of three, they will get their match, and it finally ends. They will not, however, get a fair match. Tonight my back is against the walls because I am the only person going into this match with any kind of honor or self-awareness of my own talent enough to know that I can do this on my own.”

Ramey finished lacing up his left boot and turned to his right, “I can guarantee that at some point during the duration of our match tonight that Ruby Rocks Jewelz will try to force her way into the proceedings. Despite the proclamation set down on this past iNtense that if Sanchez Cano gets involved in the match reVolt will be forced to disband, I know it’s a stipulation Mattock is willing to break to give himself an advantage. I’m the only man going into this fight tonight without a second agenda other than stepping into that ring, putting forth my best effort, and walking away with my head held high because I know I did it on my own.”

“This company is filled with men who have no moral compass for any sense of respect for what going out to that ring and performing even means.” Ramey finished with his right boot, leaned back in the chair for a moment and then stood to his feet. “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, tonight in the middle of that ring, no matter what the outcome is. I will walk out of that ring with my head held high because I’m going to leave everything I’ve got in the center of that ring.”

“I don’t know what tomorrow holds for me, but I know that tonight I’m going to put an exclamation point on the past three months with a performance that will leave the Jolt wrestling fans talking the rest of the evening. The second match of the night is going to burn that ring to the ground, so I hope the rest of the wrestlers are watching in the backstage area. You’ve been put on notice and good luck following what you’re about to see go down, it’s going to be a tough act to follow.”

Ramey shot a smile in the direction of the camera, then turned to begin making his way out of the locker room area.

Diamond Jewelz vs Jesse Ramey vs Mattock

It has been nearly four months since this all began. It started with a simple offer from reVolt to the next Generation superstars of Diamond Jewelz and Jameson Lennox. The then undefeated tag team was being scouted for recruitment by Mattock and Sanchez Cano, however, the nGs turned down Mattock's offer. They were slated to do battle at Thieves Honor, however, right when they were destined to meet, Jameson Lennox was attacked outside of a bar in Orlando, Florida with the perpetrator unknown.. well except to one man.

Jesse Ramey was acquired to jOlt Wrestling after ACW had closed its doors. He wanted to make an impact and teamed up with Diamond Jewelz to take on Mattock in Lennox's stead. A bit miffed over the situation and tired of people turning him down, Mattock decided that he would do his best to ruin both Diamond Jewelz' and Jesse Ramey's lives. Heading into Cataclysm, Mattock drove a wedge between the two of them and furthered that by showing Jesse Ramey the video footage of Diamond Jewelz being the one who attacked Jameson Lennox.

This caused a bigger rift between the two of them and at Cataclsym, Mattock succeeded in breaking the two of them up. Realizing that they have been played for fools, they turned their collective attention toward Mattock. One would think that this would renew their partnership, but in had the opposite effect and caused these two to hate each other even more. Over the past month, Mattock used himself as bait to try and further their hatred and like the martyr he claimed he is, Mattock sacrificed himself, but the end result was achieved. Now here at Unlimited, these three will face off in a triple threat match to end everything once and for all.

There could only be one winner and to make sure that no foul play is involved, Damien Lee has made it clear that if Sanchez Cano enters the building and enters the ringside area, both he and Mattock would be fired on the spot!

"The Northern" by Alexisonfire

The people booed as Mattock made his way out from the backstage area alone. There would be no help for him tonight. It was time to put all of the facades away.. all of the lies away.. all of the martyrdom away and wrestle at his very best to try and pull out a win tonight. A loss here wouldn't further the hatred between Ramey and Jewelz anymore. A win here, however, would solidify the fact that he is a pure genius at mind games and it would mean that the past four months have all been for naught for Diamond Jewelz and Jesse Ramey. Mattock winning would be the biggest blow to these two so he would want to be sure to do everything he could to get that win.

Mattock stepped into the ring with a look of determination on his face. Could he pull it off here tonight? More importantly, could he pull it off alone?

"Gotta Take It" by Nipsey Hussle

The crowd gave off a mixed reaction as Diamond Jewelz stepped out from the backstage area, also alone. Ruby Rocks Jewelz remained in the back as Diamond hasn't forgotten what Mattock did to her back at Cataclysm. While Diamond did get some revenge for it back on iNtense 88, Jewelz knew that more punishment would just be delightful. He already beat Mattock once so he was feeling confident going into this match, but the fact is that this wasn't one on one. There was an X factor involved here and Jewelz knew it in the back of his mind.

Jewelz entered the ring and wanted to go after Mattock immediately, but the referee held him back stating that they had to wait until the third member of this match made his entrance.

"I'm Not Alright" by Shinedown

That third member.. that X Factor.. stepped out from the back to cheers from the crowd. Jesse Ramey had a rough and rocky start here in jOlt Wrestling due to a number of factors, but Ramey knew that a win here would tie a nice little bow on this package and propel him to greater heights in the company. Ramey has had the tools to get it done for a while and tonight, he could take all of that experience and come out of this with a well-deserved victory. Each person had their own reason for winning this match and as Ramey stepped into the ring, he sought to fulfill his reasons for doing so.

The three of them looked at each other as the referee acknowledged the fact that they were all ready to go.. so with that.. he called for the bell!




Jewelz and Ramey didn't like each other, but they had a common enemy. They both looked at each other for a moment and then charged toward the corner where Mattock was standing. Mattock quickly hit the canvas and rolled out of the ring. Both Jewelz and Ramey stopped in their tracks as Jewelz shoved Ramey, blaming him for going along with this idea which caused Mattock to escape. Ramey and Jewelz began to spout words back and forth to each other until Jewelz had had enough and decked Ramey in the face!

Jewelz continued to fire punches into the side of Ramey's head as Mattock simply stood back and laughed on the outside. Jewelz grabbed Ramey by the arm and whipped him into the ropes. Clothesline by Jewelz was ducked, but Ramey faked everyone out by diving through the ropes with a suicide dive, colliding with Mattock on the outside! The crowd popped as Ramey stood up and turned his attention back to the ring. Mattock was staggering up to his feet as well as Jewelz was already running toward the ropes.

Jewelz flipped over the ropes with a Tope Con Hilo. Ramey moved and Mattock, who happened to look up at the last second, ate it completely as Jewelz crashed right into him!! Then...


The sickening sound of a stiff kick to the head echoed throughout the arena as Ramey fired off a kick to Diamond's head. Ramey then grabbed him and tossed him back into the ring. Ramey slid in and went for the first official cover of this match, looking to end this one quickly...



Kick out!

Ramey brought Jewelz up to a seated position and fired more stiff kicks between the shoulder blades. Ramey then headed to the ropes and flipped over Jewelz from behind, grabbing his head along the way and hitting a snapmare that put Jewelz onto his back. Ramey went for another cover, hooking the leg in deep.



Jewelz kicked out again!

Mattock began to recover on the outside. He made his way next to the ring apron when Ramey stood up, seeing him out of the corner of his eye. Ramey charged in and hit a baseball slide into Mattock's chest, knocking him back against the announce tables. Ramey turned his attention back to Diamond Jewelz, but Jewelz was already up to his feet as he hit Ramey with a stiff kick to the stomach. Jewelz grabbed Ramey and whipped him to the ropes where Ramey bounced off and ducked a clothesline by Jewelz.

Ramey leapt to the middle rope and flipped off, catching Jewelz in the reverse DDT position, but Jewelz used some strength to stand up, lifting Ramey up onto his shoulder. Ramey wriggled free and fell behind Jewelz, placing him in a waist lock, but Jewelz hit a pair of back elbows and reversed it with a standing switch. Ramey was taken over with a German Suplex attempt, but he flipped out and landed on his feet. Jewelz turned to face Ramey who was already charging at him. Jewelz side stepped and shoved Ramey back toward the ropes. Ramey bounced off and Mattock charged the apron, hopping onto it.

Ramey hit a shoulder block on Jewelz, knocking him down. Ramey then went to the ropes to the right of Mattock while Mattock leapt onto the top rope, sprining off. Mattock hit a leaping side kick to Ramey, knocking him down, landing right at Jewelz' side. Jewelz quickly grabbed Mattock by the leg and tripped him up causing him to land chest first into the canvas. Jewelz quickly strapped on an STF submission hold, but Ramey stood and dropped an elbow into Jewelz' lower back. Ramey then quickly grabbed Jewelz and tossed him over the top rope to the outside of the ring where he landed up against the barricades.

Mattock took this opportunity to grab Ramey from behind with a School Boy, but not even a one count could be administered as Ramey used the momentum and rolled through it back up to his feet. He then fired off a kick to the side of Mattock's head and placed him into a front chancery. Ramey lifted Mattock up for a suplex, but Mattock knee'd Ramey right in the face! Needless to say, Ramey let Mattock go, who landed on his knees.

Ramey turned his back to Mattock as he staggered away, holding his face in pain. Mattock then went to the ropes for some sort of running attack, but Jewelz reached in and grabbed Mattock by the legs, tripping him up! Jewelz quickly leapt up onto the ring apron and launched himself over with an elbow right into the lower back of Mattock. The impact caused Mattock to left his head as he winced in pain. Ramey then quickly lunged at Mattock and planted both feet right into Mattock's face with a Shotgun Drop Kick!

When Ramey got back to his feet, Jewelz charged at him with a clothesline and knocked him down to the canvas. Jewelz then backed up toward the corner and measured Ramey up as he staggered to his feet. Jewelz charged in, looking for the Crown Jewel Knee Stike, but Ramey side stepped it and Jewelz landed hard on his back! Jewelz held his back as he got back to his feet. This time, Ramey was the one who charged at Jewelz, grabbing him by the head along the way and spinning out with The Hangover!

Ramey went for the cover off the running Tornado DDT!



Mattock lunged forward and broke up the cover!

Mattock then began to quickly knee Ramey in the head while he was still partially on top of Diamond Jewelz! Mattock then brought Ramey to his feet and grabbed him in a front chancery. He lifted Ramey up and dropped him with a Gordbuster right on top of Jewelz! Ramey bounced off as Mattock quickly made the cover!



Thr.. NO!

Jewelz kicked out of it and the people cheered!

Mattock stood and brought Jewelz with him. He fired off a knife edge chop across the chest that staggered Jewelz back. Mattock hit another chop and then a third before he sent Jewelz into the neutral corner. Mattock charged in, but Jewelz made Mattock eat a back elbow.. right into jumping spinning heel kick by Ramey who had recovered! Ramey then quickly made the cover.



Jewelz leapt in with an elbow drop to break it up, but Ramey moved out of the way and Jewelz ended up driving the elbow into Mattock instead!

Ramey took advantage by grabbing Jewelz by the head and pulling him into a front chancery. Ramey lifted Jewelz into the air for a suplex, but Jewelz shifted his momentum and dropped behind Ramey where he hooked him in an inverted chancery. Jewelz then tried his luck with a Reverse Suplex, but Ramey flipped over and landed with Jewelz in the inverted chancery. Ramey then went for an Reverse Suplex of his own, but this one was over the top rope to the floor, but Jewelz landed on the ring apron and quickly hit a shoulder block to Ramey's mid-section when he turned around.

Jewelz front flipped over Ramey and tried to take him over with a Sunset Flip, but Ramey reached out and grabbed the ropes to prevent that from happening, but Mattock, however, had a different plan. Mattock charged at the ropes to the left of Ramey and Jewelz, leaping up to second rope. He twisted off and kicked Ramey dead in the face and even landed on his feet! Ramey was taken over into the sunset flip, but Mattock immediately charged in and drop kicked Diamond Jewelz right in the face to break up the pin!

Mattock scrambled to his feet and grabbed Jewelz, pulling him back up. He hoisted Jewelz onto his shoulders, looking for the Quantum Driver or possibly the Quantum Driver II, but Jewelz broke free and got underneath Mattock where he lifted and spun him out with a Falling Blue Thunder Powerbomb!

Ramey was getting back up so Jewelz crouched down and charged him, but Ramey countered with a Drop Toe Hold that sent Jewelz chest-first into the canvas! Ramey stood and hit a leg drop over the back of Jewelz' head. Ramey stood and hit a second leg drop and then noticed Mattock was still down. He flipped Jewelz over onto his back and made a cover, hooking the leg.



Kick out!

Mattock was still down as Ramey grabbed Jewelz by the legs. He turned him over into an elevated Boston Crab!!


The people popped for it, but Ramey had to hope Jewelz would tap soon as Mattock was getting back to his feet. Mattock stumbled over toward Ramey, but Ramey let go of the hold and caught Mattock off guard by hooking Mattock by the neck. Ramey looked back at Jewelz and then drove Mattock face first with a Flatliner.. right into the heel of Jewelz' boot!!!

"OOOOHHHH!!!!" moaned the crowd!

Mattock writhed in pain on the canvas, holding his face. Ramey then grabbed Mattock by the legs and then turned him over into The Original Attitude Adjustment as well! Mattock was in agony and looked like he wanted to tap out, but Mattock clenched his fist and pounded it into the canvas as he tried to grin and bear it. Jewelz got back to his feet, but he was in Ramey's blind spot. Jewelz saw that Ramey was wide open and charged in from behind Ramey at an angle...


Diamond Jewelz just nailed the Busaiku Knee strike to the back of Ramey's head!!! Ramey flopped forward as a cold lifeless corpse and could be out cold after taking a hit like that!! Jewelz took no chances as he grabbed Mattock and flipped him to the outside by the announce tables! Jewelz then rolled Ramey over into the cover and hooked the leg...





Ramey kicked out at the very last second!!

Jewelz couldn't believe it as he asked the referee if it was three, but the referee had to reassure Jewelz that it was very close, but it was, indeed, a two count. Jewelz had a look of major disappointment on his face as he walked back over to Ramey and pulled him up to his feet. Jewelz scoop slammed him right in front of the corner and headed up the turnbuckles. The crowd rose to their feet as Jewelz was looking to go for it all, but Mattock hopped up onto the ring apron and shoved Jewelz off the top rope, causing him to slam chin-first into the top of the barricades!!!

Mattock then slung himself over the top rope onto the middle rope of the adjacent side and then flipped and twisted off with a Springboard Second Rope Phoenix Splash!!!!


Mattock had the cover on Ramey and Jewelz was down and out on the outside!




Ramey kicked out yet again and refused to die here tonight!

Mattock grabbed Ramey by the head, pulling him up to his feet. Mattock began to open up with lefts and rights, combination blows.. a page out of his brother's playbook. Mattock then spun for a discus lariat, but Ramey, surprisingly, ducked underneath. Both men turned around and Ramey kicked Mattock right in the stomach. Ramey then hopped over Mattock, hooked his legs under Mattock's arms and then flipped him with the Sunset Flip Powerbomb!!


Ramey hit it from out of nowhere and had the cover!!



Thre.. NO!!!

Mattock got the shoulder up and he, too, got a very close near fall!

Jewelz was trying to pull himself up on the ring apron when Ramey noticed it. Ramey was a bit low on energy after going for it all after coming off of two heavy hits and close nearfalls. He decided to pull Mattock up to his feet and whip him toward Jewelz, but Jewelz fell onto the ring apron and pulled the top rope down with him causing Mattock to spill to the outside. Jewelz then stood and leapt to the top rope, leaping at Ramey, but Ramey leapt up and caught Jewelz in mid-air!


The crowd popped big as Ramey went for the cover...



Thre... NO!!!

Jewelz now had a near fall to his credit as Ramey had a look of exhaustion and "I can't believe it" on his face. The censors would have seven seconds to bleep out the loud "FUCK" Ramey yelled as he sat there in disappointment.

Ramey pulled himself up to his feet and turned to grab Jewelz, but Mattock slid back into the ring and charged Ramey. Ramey turned just in time to see Mattock blindside him with a running forearm shot to the side of head, knocking him down. Jewelz quickly leapt to his feet and into the air, bringing Mattock down across his knees with a Backstabber!! Jewelz then went to the corner and ascended the turnbuckles to the very top. Ramey was under the bottom rope and didn't look to be getting up to stop this. Jewelz then flipped off...

3,106.75 CARATS!!!


Jewelz landed the Phoenix Splash right across Mattock's knees! Jewelz held his stomach in pain as he got back to his feet. Mattock charged in and spun in mid air as he leapt at Jewelz..


Mattock hit the corkscrew spear and went for the cover!



Ramey leapt in and broke up the pin!

Both Ramey and Mattock got back up...

Ramey with a punch!
Mattock with a punch!
Ramey with a punch!
Mattock with a punch!
Ramey with a punch!
Mattock with a punch!

Back and forth the two of them traded punches in the middle of the ring. The more they punched each other, the slower the got and the harder it was to keep themselves up on their feet. Jewelz, although his abdomen hurt, got back to his feet and hit the ropes. He came back and slammed both of them down with a double clothesline! Jewelz then pulled Mattock up to his feet and ran him toward the ropes where he threw him to the outside by the entrance ramp.

As Jewelz mouthed off to Mattock to stay out, Ramey came from behind and surprised Jewelz with a School Boy roll up!!!



Jewelz kicked away from it!

Both of them began to stand back up to their feet with Jewelz being the quicker of the two! Jewelz then hit a toe kick on Ramey, doubling him over. Mattock then decided to ignore Jewelz words and got back up onto the ring apron. Jewelz, however, grabbed Ramey by the arm and whipped him right into Mattock causing Mattock to fall back off the apron and back to the base of the entrance ramp!

Ramey staggers backwards as Jewelz grabs him in a waist lock, pops the hips and nails a Release German Suplex, dumping Ramey right on the back of his head!!

Ramey was down..

Mattock was down..

Jewelz looked to the corner and saw his shot! He walked to the corner, but was a bit slow climbing to the top, but he had his back toward Ramey as he was ready and poised to go for his Phoenix Splash, but...


Cano ran out from the back. Mattock saw this and got to his feet and yelled out...


Cano came within just a few feet of getting near ringside. If Cano entered the ringside area, he would get both Mattock and himself fired from jOlt Wrestling. Mattock yelled at Cano, but Cano tried to argue the fact that he had to stop Diamond Jewelz or Mattock would lose the match. Mattock then nailed a huge slap across the face of Cano and yelled out at him to leave immediately. No matter how much Cano tried to argue with Mattock, Mattock continued to send him away. Cano shook his head and then turned and left as Mattock wished.

The entire confrontation drew Jewelz' attention so much that it afforded Ramey enough time to recover. Ramey got to his feet and grabbed Jewelz. Mattock turned around and took a step forward and that's when Ramey shoved Jewelz off the top rope. The two of them collided at collapsed at ringside!

Ramey hopped out of the ring and quickly grabbed Mattock. He threw him into the ring and slid back in after him. Mattock staggered back to his feet as Ramey taunted him. Mattock turned around as Ramey hooked Mattock and dropped him..


The crowd hit their feet as Ramey nailed Mattock with the Northern Lights Driver!!! Ramey had the cover!!



Ramey felt a tug on his leg... it was Diamond Jewelz!

He pulled ramey off of Mattock and out of the ring!! Jewelz shuffled back and then...


Jewelz slid back into the ring and grabbed the cover..





The crowd which was partial cheers was fully booing Diamond Jewelz after that. Mattock was down in the ring. Ramey was down on the floor at ringside and Diamond Jewelz was the one who stood tall in middle of the ring with his arm being raised by the referee.

After four long months, we finally had the score settled here tonight. One might wonder if the attempted interference by Sanchez Cano would have made a difference or not. In the end, Diamond Jewelz towered over the other two and emerged in the end the victor.

Like it or not, this up and coming superstar got the win and was on his way up the ladder in jOlt!

Winner: Diamond Jewelz via Pinfall


Unlimited. A Special Event so named because the outcomes and possibilities are endless, anybody can over come the odds...ANYBODY.

Dawn Cassidy stood in front of a camera with the jOlt Backdrop behind her and she reveled in the electricity that Unlimited has already brought to us.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I have with me your World Heavyweight Champion of jOlt. Aran Thompson." Cassidy began as the camera zoomed out and revealed Aran Thompson standing by himself with no Black Faction members in sight, not even his wife. Aran had the jOlt Championship strapped around his waist and his Relentless Championship drapped over his left shoulder.

"Aran..." Dawn continued.

"Aran, tonight you have a match against one of jOlt Wrestlings true up starts and a man that has fought tooth and nail to get his opportunity for your jOlt Championship, but my question for you at the moment is...where is your Black Faction?"

Aran breathed in deeply and snarled.

"Dawn, I've informed the boys that this is a war that Eiji and The Crimson Order started and at the last iNtense show we proved we were the better team. Now it's time for me to step up and prove to them, and every single other person in attendence that I am the epicenter of epitomes. I am the embodiment of pure passion and craft, and I will make Eiji earn the nickname Blood...Raven."

"I've taken on some of the greatest this industry has to offer and I've put them all down. I've done every single thing that I have said I would do and then some. I've touted my accolades quite enough."

Aran paused for a second and turned his attention to Dawn.

"Dawn?" Aran questioned Ms. Cassidy.

Dawn perked a little, obviously still having a bit of a crush on Mr. Relentless.

"Yeah?" She responded.

"Do you believe?" Aran again questioned Dawn.

Dawn looked a little confused by the question and took a moment too long to answer.

"Do you believe in the man that just a handful of years ago broke away from a stagnant tag team partner and allied himself with one of the greatest pro wrestling promotion minds in this industry? Do you believe in the man that took a championship that was seemingly worthless and made it into a prize that you had to fight for? Do you believe in the man that tossed all of the acosting and slander about his abilities and his goals to become world champion?...."

Aran trailed off.


"Do you believe in Mister.....Relentless?"

Aran's last word stung as Dawn remained silent and shocked that Aran would even ask her that question.


Aran again asked.


She replied.

"Tonight...Eiji Kugasari...will BELIEVE."

Aran snarled at the camera and turned around as it faded to black.

"Hands in for the Cause"

"You both know why I brought you in here."

Frank Hendrix stood backstage facing his fellow members of the Hands of the Cause. His expression was stern and focused as he addressed his colleagues.

"I brought you to jOlt to stand alongside myself and help us rise to the top where we rightfully belong. For years now inferior men have seen their names in flashing lights whilst men like us are relegated to the undercard. This is no time for games. This is an uprising. This is OUR night."

Hendrix paused to scratch his beard as the dastardly Henry Dylan stepped forward with a slight but menacing grin adorning his face. The Friendly Stranger slowly licked his long tongue around the outside of his lips and cracked his neck to the side before responding.

"I know why we're here Frank. The big man and I won the match on iNtense that brought us to this little dance tonight. We know what's at stake and what it means for our plans." Henry cocked his neck to the other side and it audibly clicked into place. "Tonight...only two of us can why don't YOU step onto the dance floor and show the entire world just how well you can salsa?"

Dylan smiled as he pointed his bony finger towards Hendrix. Frank stared Henry in his eyes before smiling right back.

"You needn't worry Henry. The Heirs can joke at our expense all they want but we'll see how much laughter comes out of them after we tear them apart and leave their sorry carcasses for the vultures. As for Roebuck and the House, I assure you that everything is as planned. I've got this one."

Frank turned and gazed up at the gargantuan Brone Haggard, who as always looked as though he was about to murder a newborn child. You could almost see steam visibly emerging from his ears. Hendrix nodded at Haggard, who immediately and definitively nodded back, clenching his massive fists as he did so. Frank's grin grew larger before he turned back to Henry.

"WE got this one...but you know what to do."

This time it was Dylan's turn to nod in acknowledgement.

"Just one thing though Henry..." Hendrix continued as Dylan awaited his words with interest. "You know I much prefer to tango."

The pair laughed loudly - The Hands of the Cause of professional wrestling were united.

Ready for war.

Sarah Winterton (c) vs Charlotte vs Amber Ryann vs Daryn Thompson

This all began at Cataclysm when Charlotte defeated Desiree to capture the vacant Starlet Championship. Since then, Sarah Winterton had been a thorn in her side. Charlotte ended up defeating the self proclaimed Queen at Rise of the Legends, but on jOlt's first internet PPV, Wired, things took a turn when Sarah Winterton knocked out Charlotte in the first ever underground rules match for the Starlet Championship.

Things seemed to not be settled as they were 1-1.. especially when Charlotte lost the championship to a woman who has only used it to inflate her ego even more. Sarah Winterton even went as far as to distance herself completely from The Heirs of Wrestling to focus on being champion. Charlotte wanted another shot, but so did "Dragonfly" Amber Ryann, a member of The Hype roster who was looking for a way to get herself recognized. Daryn Thompson had also defeated starlet legend Persephone on Wired to earn herself a contendership to Sarah's title.

The solution? A fatal fourway match here at Unlimited to decide the fate of the title. Sarah's first PPV title defense will be her toughest challenge to date as there is an old school veteran, an up and coming rookie sensation, and her greatest rival all knocking at her doorstep, looking to claim the ultimate prize of the starlet division.

"Antinotice" by AKIAKANE

The screen went from static to her logo as the music cranked up. The crowd stamped their feet to the sound of the catchy beat as "Dragonfly" Amber Ryann stepped out from the backstage area donning her trademark dragonfly mask. Ryann struck a pose at the entrance ramp as four jets of pyro blew.. one lime green, one magenta, one yellow, one deep blue... all matching the colors of her unique hair.

The crowd cheered her as he made her way down to the ring, hopping along the way and getting filled with excitement. This was her first jOlt PPV experience and she wanted to make it a memorable one by capturing the Starlet Championship here tonight. Amber Ryann bounced around the ring, slapping hands with all the fans at ringside before she rolled under the bottom rope. She ascended one of the turnbuckle pads and moonsaulted off, landing on her feet. Upon landing, the four corners of the ring blew with pyro matching the colors of her hair again. He bobbed her head up and down to the beat of the music until it faded away.

"Madness" by Muse

The people who cheered for Amber Ryann turned their admiration into admonishment as Daryn Thompson stepped out from the backstage area. Daryn Thompson has not held the Starlet Championship yet despite being one of the veteran's on the roster. Many, including herself, believe that her time is long overdue for a reign and thanks to her win over Persephone, she gets an opportunity here tonight.

Daryn walked down to the ring with a smug look on her face. Her entrance wasn't as flashy or energetic as Amber Ryann's but Daryn didn't care. She was here to take care of business and the expression on her face said that clearly. Daryn walked up the ringsteps and stepped between the ropes. She simply stayed in the neutral corner and cockily leaned against the turnbuckles, giving a look of disgust in the direction of Amber Ryann as her music faded away.

"The Jack" by AC/DC

The roller coaster of emotion continued as the admonishment returned to admiration once again as "The Queen of Hearts", Charlotte, stepped out from the backstage area. Exercising her return match clause for a shot at becoming a two-time jOlt Starlet Champion, Charlotte was afforded an opportunity to not only do just that, but to get her hands on Sarah Winterton once again. As the arena lights were dimmed and pink hearts swirled across the floor, she walked down to the ring with vengeance on her mind.

She didn't care that she had to go through two other people, she knew that the opportunity to get her hands on her greatest rival was there right in front of her and the cold sting of being knocked out back in December still lingered through her mind. It was something she wasn't going to forget or let go until she enacted her revenge.. and what sweeter way to do that than to capture the Starlet Championship here tonight. Charlotte rolled into the ring under the bottom rope and ran past Amber Ryann, giving her a high five on the way to the corner. Charlotte ascended the turnbuckle pads and posed for the crowd who showed her their love. She hopped down and stayed in that corner.

There was one empty corner left... we all knew who it was for...

"Pageant (Instrumental)" by Moi Dix Mois

The former Heiress stepped out from the backstage area. She feels she has ascended to the Queen position.. especially since she was holding that Starlet Championship over her shoulder. Winterton had a look of disgust as she stood atop the entrance ramp and gazed down at the ring at her competition. It was no secret that Sarah thought it was unfair for her to defend her title in such a way and the look on her face backed up those claims.

Sarah walked down to the ring with a certain swagger about her. Her high society and posh attitude was displayed perfectly as she walked around ringside toward the announce position. She walked up the ringsteps and stayed in the final vacant corner. She beckoned the referee over to her to give up the Starlet Chamionship as if he were nothing more than a mere servant.

Her music faded as the referee took the title away from her and held it up in the center of the ring. All of them except for Sarah, gazed up at the championship as they knew full well that was the prize they were here to claim tonight.

The referee passed the title off to ringside and then the fated moment arrived when he called for the bell.




At the start of the match, nobody moved. They simply surveyed each other to see who would make that first crucial move. Was their strategy the same? Would they all pounce on the one that moved first? They all kept a watchful eye on each other, but then Sarah Winterton sighed in disgust and dropped to the canvas, rolling out of the ring.

Indeed our suspicions were correct. As soon as they saw movement, they all went toward Sarah, but stopped when they saw her leave the ring. Sarah made her way over to the announce position where she sat down and put on a headset to do commentary!

Winterton: Can you believe this? Forcing someone such as myself to defend my title against these... "women?". We have a washed up woman who has outlived her usefulness to the business.. we have some multi-colored freak show who thinks she can exist in the same league as a common girl.. and then there's Charlotte.. well, for the lack of a more exquisite term.. she's just a Harlot.

Burhman: Thank you for your.. ehrm.. insight?, but shouldn't you be in that ring defending your championship?

Winterton: You'd think that, but, honestly? Who has the time for such trivial matters?

As Winterton sat there on commentary, Ryann and Charlotte taunted her to get back into the ring.

Winterton: Look at them... they want me in there so badly. Do you know what it feels like to be the object of attention and the focus of everyone's desires? Of course not.. you're just mere commentators... but let me tell you.. it feels absolutely marvelous!

Winterton laughed rather poshly as Daryn Thompson decided to take advantage of the distraction by spinning Amber Ryann around and decking her with a right hand that staggered her back toward the corner. Charlotte then ate a right hand of her own from Thompson that staggered her back as well. Ryann charged in, but Thompson hit a Drop Toe Hold and stood back up only to his a deep arm dragon on Charlotte as she charged in as well. Thompson stepped back and readied herself as Ryann and Charlotte were getting up at the same time. They both charged in, but Thompson went left and hit a shoulder block on Ryann, knocking her back down.

Charlotte quickly placed Thompson into a waist lock, but Thompson hit a pair of back elbows to break free. She pivoted to face Charlotte and grabbed her in a front waist lock. She popped the hips and hit a Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge pin!



Charlotte kicked out.

Burhman: Do you realize that if Daryn Thompon had pinned Charlotte right there, you would have lost your Starlet Championship?

Winterton: Daryn Thompson? Pin someone? You must be joking. Daryn Thompson isn't capable of pinning anyone. She's washed up and used like tattered rag.

Powers: She did pin Persephone to get here, you know.

Winterton: One tattered rag defeated another. Big deal. Two women who had their day in the sun were pitted against each other.. and you know what? When one relic faces another, one has to win.. but in that ring with two people with better ability.. she won't... not to mention, me as well. Who is clearly better than all of them combined.

Ryann charged in and dropped an elbow into the lower back of Thomspon as she was trying to stand. Ryann pulled her up to her feet and laid in a knife edge chop across the chest. She fired another one and a third one before whipping her to the ropes. Ryann leapt up and hit a leaping calf kick to Thompson's face, dropping her down to the canvas. Ryann then went to the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads to the very top with her back to Thompson. She then flipped off as the crowd held their breath...


A move named after an anime movie... it was a Double Rotation Moonsault that was executed with perfection! She slammed down on top of Daryn Thompson as the crowd let out a huge "OOOOHH!!" in respect of the move. Ryann had the cover!



She felt a tug on her leg as Charlotte pulled her off of Daryn Thompson. Ryann stood up and wanted to know what Charlotte was doing. Charlotte pointed out that it was every man.. or in this case.. woman.. for themselves and not to take it personally. Ryann shoved Charlotte back and yelled out "Your words.. not mine!"

Charlotte grinned and swung with a clothesline, but Ryann ducked underneath while Thompson rolled out to the floor to try and regain some of her composure back. Ryann turned around and hit another leaping calf kick to Charlotte knocking her down to the canvas. Ryann then charged the corner, hopping over Charlotte. She then hopped up to the middle turnbuckle and leapt backwards, but while leaping backwards she did a front flip with a twist in mid-move, landing back first across the chest of Charlotte with a Senton Back Splash!

Winterton: I think it's time for me to interject. They've had their fun.

Winterton rose up from the announce position and ran towards the ring as Ryann made the cover...



Winterton grabbed her by the leg and pulled her out of the ring. She then grabbed a fist full of Ryann's hair and flung her right into the front of the announce table!!! Ryann collapsed to the ground in a heap as Winterton dusted herself off and walked up the ringsteps onto the apron. Charlotte staggered to her feet as Winterteon stepped back into the ring. Winterton then let out a huge slap across Charlotte's face that staggered her back. Winterton then grabbed Charlotte by the hair and threw her down to the canvas.

Winterton backed into the ropes and came back with a running leg drop, slicing across Charlotte's throat! Winterton then made the cover, but she didn't notice that Daryn Thompson had gotten up and was climbing the turnbuckles behind her in her blind spot!




Thompson leapt off and dropped an elbow right into Winterton's side and lower back. Thompson then grabbed Winterton and threw her out of the ring. Charlotte was getting up when she noticed Thompson's back to her. She grabbed her from behind with a schoolgirl roll up!



Thompson kicked away!

Amber Ryann was still down on the outside and Winterton was laid out next to her in front of the announce position. Charlotte and Daryn Thompson both got back to their feet and Daryn swung with a right hand, but it was blocked and countered by Charlotte with a right hand of her own. Daryn went for it again and again it was blocked and countered by Charlotte. Charlotte then fired more rapid rights to the face of Thompson, backing her into the ropes.

Charlotte went for the irish whip across the ring, but Thompson reversed it and sent Charlotte on her way. Thompson telegraphed a back body drop, but Charlotte kicked her in the chest and went for a clothesline, but Thompson ducked underneath it. Thompson quickly reached back and hooked Charlotte by the head, hitting her with a hangman's noose neckbreaker. Charlotte then stood and ran toward the ropes. She leapt to the second rope and flipped off with a moonsault...


It connected and Charlotte had the cover!



Winterton dove back into the ring and broke up the pinfall attempt by Charlotte. Winterton quickly pulled Charlotte up to her feet and then snapmared her over into a seated position. She kicked her in the back once.. then twice.. and then Three Times a Lady! Charlotte absorbed those kicks and used them as motivation to get back up, but when she turned around, Winterton aimed high and kicked her right in the side of the face!!!

Charlotte went down, but Winterton felt a tug on her left arm as Thompson was up and she spun her around, catching her with a forearm shot to the face. She then hit rapid fire forearms before backing into the ropes and then charging in toward Winterton. Thompson went for a flying forearm smash, but Winterton side-stepped and Thompson crashed down on top of Charlotte instead!

Thompson staggered back up to her feet as Winterton spun around and kicked Thompson right in the face with a front roundhouse kick! Thompson staggered back and fell against the ropes from the impact. Winterton then charged in and clotheslined her up and over to the outside where she fell right in front of Amber Ryann who was finally starting to come to. Ryann had hit her head hard on that announce table after being flung into it by the Starlet Champion and she was just not shaking off those effects.

Winterton, however, focused back on Charlotte as she pulled her back to her feet. Winterton then looked to hit a suplex from the inside of the ring to the outside!! Winterton lifted Charlotte up, but she twisted and landed on the ring apron. Charlotte then went for a shoulder block between the ropes, but Winterton side-stepped it and kicked Charlotte right in the face!! Ryann got back to her feet as Winterton then flipped over the top rope and hit a Sunset Flip Powerbomb, throwing Charlotte right into Amber Ryann!!!!


Winterton staggered back against the ring apron and surveyed the carnage. From the corner of her eye, Daryn Thompson had recovered and charged in her direction, but Winterton moved and then shoved her face first into the ring post!! Before Thompson could fall backwards, Winterton grabbed her and threw her back into the ring. Winterton then slid in and made the cover! Everything was perfect for her to escape this match and retain the Starlet Championship!



Thre... NO!!

Daryn Thompson kicked out at the last possible second!

"Useless old relic!" yelled Winterton at Thompson as she got back to her feet.

Winterton then stomped away at Thompson with that smug look on her face. Winterton then stood and called for the end as she dared Thompson to get back up to a vertical base. Thompson slowly got back up as Winterton made sure to remain behind her at all times. Once Thompson stood, Winterton grabbed her in a waist lock and charged in toward the corner with her. She rammed her front side first into the turnbuckles and pulled her down. She tried to roll through into the German Suplex, but during the roll, Thompson put the brakes on and knelt down on top of Winterton's shoulders with a pin!!



Kick out by the Starlet Champion!!

Thompson got back to her feet and kicked Winterton in the head as she was trying to get back up. The impact stunned Winterton and Thompson pulled her back up to feet and then whipping her to the ropes. Thompson scooped her up into her arms and pivoted...



Winterton had grabbed Thompson by the head mid-pivot and turned the Spinebuster into a Tornado DDT instead!! Winterton crawled over and made the cover on Daryn Thompson, hooking the leg deep!



Shoulder up by Thompson!

Charlotte and Amber Ryann were still down on the outside. Winterton gazed over to see she still had some one on one time with Thompson and wanted to make every second count. She pulled Thompson back up to her feet where she delivered a toe kick to double her over. Winterton then hooked Thompson for a vertical suplex, but at the apex of the lift, Winterton dropped straight down with a Sheerdop Brainbuster! Winterton then turned over and made another cover, hooking the leg once again.



Another kick out by Daryn Thompson who refused to stay down!

Winterton was getting frustrated as she stood and pulled Thompson up to her feet with force. Winterton then whipped Thompson to the ropes, but Thompson reversed it and sent Winterton to the ropes. Just then, Charlotte popped up onto the ring apron and pulled the top rope down causing Winterton to spill to the outside!

Thompson charged in at Charlotte and went for a spear between the ropes, but Charlotte grabbed the top rope and swung her foot upward right into Thompson's face as he head poked through the ropes!! Thompson held her face as she staggered backwards. Charlotte grabbed the top rope once again and went to leap to the very top, but she felt a tug at her legs as Amber Ryann was back up and she yanked Charlotte off the apron, her face smacking against the edge!!

Ryann slid back into the ring and Thompson charged in with a lariat, but Ryann ducked underneath and took off towards the ropes. She bounced off the opposite side and came back with a flying shoulder block, knocking Thompson down. Ryann then stood and hit three consecutive elbow drops into her sternum before she went for a cover!



Thompson kicked out yet again!

It seemed as if no matter what you did to Daryn Thompson, she continued to persevere and kick out! That is how much she wanted to be the Starlet Champion. People may not like who she is, but you have to admire her determination and drive to win the match!

Ryann grabbed Thompson and pulled her back up. Ryann went for an irish whip, but Thompson reversed it and charged in behind Ryann. Ryann then leapt to the middle rope and using no hands, leapt backwards over Thompson with the Mega Man X Wall Jump! She landed behind Thompson and grabbed her in a waist lock, but Thompson fired a pair of back elbows and performed a standing switch into a waist lock of her own.

German Suplex attempt by Thompson failed as Ryann flipped over and landed on her feet. She waited for Thompson to stand before then put both of her palms together and went for the Hadoken double palm thrust, but Thompson side-stepped and grabbed Ryann by the arm, forcing her down to the canvas with a Hammerlock Divorce Court!

Thompson turned around just in time to see Charlotte leap off the top turnbuckles, connecting with a seated drop kick to Thompson's chest!

Winterton was back up and she was on the ring apron. She grabbed the top rope and leapt off, hitting a springboard shoulder block, knocking Charlotte down to the canvas as well! Amber Ryann was back up as she spun and hit a Discus Lariat to Winterton, knocking her down, but Thompson recovered and pulled Ryann into a schoolgirl roll up from behind...



Broken up by Charlotte!

Winterton then came from behind and stomped away on Charlotte to make sure she stayed grounded! Amber Ryann and Daryn Thompson got back to their feet, as did Charlotte who was still able to get to her knees, shoving Winterton back to give her some space. Both pairs brawled with each other until Ryann and Thompson were in one corner with Ryann's back to the turnbuckles and Charlotte and Winterton in the opposite corner with Winterton's back pressed against the turnbuckles.

Thompson and Charlotte whipped their respective opponents towards each other, but Winterton and Ryann reversed it, sending Thompson and Charlotte towards each other instead, but when they met, they grabbed each other by the arm and spun around, reversing their directions. Both Charlotte and Thompson each hit a body avalanche splash in the corner to Sarah Winterton and Amber Ryann respectively! They each then tried the simultaneous whip again and this time, Ryann and Winterton collided in the middle of the ring. Thompson and Charlotte then hit stereo school girl rollups as the referee had to use both hands to count a double pin!



Double kick out!

Ryann and Winterton got back to their feet as did Thompson and Charlotte. Charlotte backed Winterton into the corner and pounded away on her with forearm shots while Thompson kicked Ryann in the stomach and hooked her for a suplex. Charlotte placed Winterton on the top turnbuckle pad while Thompson lifted Ryann for that suplex, but it was countered as Ryann landed behind and into a waist lock. Charlotte climbed to the top turnbuckle pad and hit a few more forearm shots to Winterton's face to daze her. Ryann then popper her hips...

Release German Suplex!!

Thompson landed on her neck, but spawled out onto her back after impact... Charlotte leapt on top of Winterton's shoulders...

Top Rope Huracanrana!!

Winterton landed back first on top of Thompson in a pseudo senton back splash!!

Ryann then grabbed Winterton and tossed her over the top rope to the outside where she fell up against the barricades on the hard camera side. Ryann then turned to run to the ropes, but Charlotte spun around and kicked her in the face with the Discus Boot...


Winterton staggered up to her feet and Charlotte charged toward the ropes. She grabbed the top rope and vaulted herself up and over to the outside with a Flying Cross Body Block that took Winterton down. Thompson recollected herself and staggered to her feet. She saw both Charlotte and Winterton getting up so she hit the ropes and dove through the top and middle rope with a Suicide Dive, wiping both of them out.

That left Amber Ryann who stood back up, shaking off the effects of getting kicked in the face. She saw all threw of them standing on the outside and charged the opposite ropes, bouncing off for momentum. She then leapt up to the top rope with no hands and flipped with a Springboard Shooting Star Press!!! She took out all three with that move!!!


Ryann grabbed Sarah Winterton and threw her back into the ring. Ryann then climbed up onto the turnbuckle pads and ascended to the very top. Winterton was still down and out as she took aim and twisted off with a Sky Twister into a Senton Backsplash...


A move named after a Nintendo 64 racing game that defied gravity connected on the Starlet Champion! Ryann had the pin! Thompson and Charlotte were still down! The rookie was about to pull of a major upset!!



Three... NO!!!!

Winterton kicked out at the last possible second!

Amber Ryann sat there on her knees with a look of frustration and disappointment on her face

"This is awesome" Clap Clap ClapClapClap
"This is awesome" Clap Clap ClapClapClap
"This is awesome" Clap Clap ClapClapClap
"This is awesome" Clap Clap ClapClapClap
"This is awesome" Clap Clap ClapClapClap

The crowd was fired up as Ryann stood back up and pulled the champion back to her feet. Charlotte slowly climbed back up onto the ring apron and Ryann saw it. She whipped Winterton toward Charlotte and the two of them collided heads. Winterton staggered backwards and turned right into it...


Ryann hit the double palm thrust and went for the cover!!



The referee was pulled out of the ring by Daryn Thompson!! The referee admonished Thompson for the interference, but Thompson ignored every word and slid into the ring. Ryann stood and got nailed with a lariat that turned her inside out! Thompson quickly pulled her back to her feet and sent her to the ropes. Thompson picked her up, spun and sat out with the Sit Down Spinebuster!!


Charlotte slid back into the ring...



Charlotte came right up to Thompson and kicked her in the face! Charlotte then got behind Thompson and pulled her up to her feet. She got underneath Thompson, lifted and twisted into the Belly to Back Neckbreaker...


Winterton was back up, however, and she quickly pulled Charlotte to her feet and placed her into a waist lock. Winterton then charged forward into the turnbuckles and pulled her down. She rolled through and stood for the German Suplex portion of her Beauty Queen Suplex, but Amber Ryann stood and shoved Charlotte right out of the arms of Winterton. This caused Winterton to lose her balance, but Ryann took advantage by ducking and placing her head between Winterton's legs. She quickly hooked the arms, lifted, and dropped her right on the back of her neck!!



Ryann turned for the cover, but Charlotte was still alive thanks to Ryann saving her.. She charged in and hit a running knee strike to the side of Ryann's head while she was on all fours. Charlotte got behind her and gave her the same treatment as Daryn Thompson...


Charlotte made the cover, hooking the leg!



Thre... NO!!!!


Daryn Thompson staggered to her feet as Charlotte got back to her, grasping her hair. Thompson then rook Charlotte and threw her to the outside of the ring, but Sarah Winterton was able to sneak from behind and roll up Thompson before she could know what happened. The referee was out of position as Winterton had a fist full of tights and he couldn't see it!





Thompson kicked out at the last second, despite having her tights held by the champion!!

"NOOOOO!!!!" yelled out Winterton in frustration as she got back up, waiting for Daryn Thompson. Charlotte was trying to get back to her feet on the outside and Winterton glanced over and saw it. She wouldn't wait any longer for Thompson and pulled her up to her feet. She ran her over to the ropes and tried to toss her over, but Thompson landed on the ring apron and hot shotted Winterton across the top rope.

Charlotte then grabbed Thompson from the floor and used the her elevation against her as she heaved her off the ring apron!!



Ryann staggered back up to her feet just as Winterton was getting back to hers while holding her mouth in pain. Ryann threw a punch, but Winterton blocked it and responded with a punch of her own. Winterton fired another punch and backed Ryann into the ropes. She shot her across the ring, but Charlotte had slid in right as the whip happened...


Amber Ryann hit the canvas hard and rolled out of the ring from the impact. Charlotte stood up, but Sarah Winterton charged at her and looked to go for a satellite head scissors, but she stopped by rotation and applied the Christo...


Charlotte was right in the center of the ring. Amber Ryann was down.. Daryn Thompson was DEAD.. Charlotte had nowhere to go. The people booed as Winterton wrenched on the arm as hard as possible. Charlotte didn't want to give it up, though, but she was slowly succumbing to the pain and torture of the submission hold.

Ryann looked up and saw it and even though her mid-section and ribs hurt like hell, she tried to pull herself up onto the ring apron. Slowly, but surely she did, but it was right in the face of Sarah Winterton. Winterton released the hold and charged in. She knocked Ryann off the ring apron and Ryann flew and smacked face first into the barricades at ringside!

Winterton turned around as Charlotte, while gasping for air and holding her arm stood. Winterton turned around right into a CCS Enzugiri by Charlotte!! Winterton spun around and fell to her kness and leaned chest first against the ropes! Charlotte staggered over and got underneath Winterton. She looked for The Queen of Hearts again, but Winterton flipped and landed on her feet!

Waist lock...

Roll through...


She had the bridge pin...




The people booed as Sarah Winterton collapsed to the canvas. The referee walked over and handed Sarah Winterton the Starlet Championship. She barely escaped this match and there were many moments where it could have ended, but each other them had a drive and passion to become the Starlet Champion that kept them going.

However, they were merely human.. and sooner or later, one of them would get hit enough to the point where they wouldn't be able to kick out and that's what happened to Charlotte. There were bodies in the ring and at ringside. It looked like an underground match without there even being any underground rules.

However, out of four women... one stood tall.. and that was Sarah Winterton who was STILL your jOlt Starlet Champion.

Winner: Sarah Winterton via Pinfall

"The Blingses"

Later tonight was going to be the biggest test for some of jOlt’s favorite new wrestlers. You know, THOSE guys. The ones who have the chance to make history as one of jOlt’s greatest teams in history by going for their record-breaking third reign as the Tag Team Champions. The House wanted that honor while the enigmatic and dangerous Hands of the Cause had the opportunity to claim their first championships. One of the teams was right here…

Walking down the corridor were all three members of the Heirs of Wrestling! Mack Brody, who was fresh off his pre-show win over a game Sepiroth Du Luc. Next to him were his friends, Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway, who were dressed for action later tonight for the vacant Tag Team Championships. Silver was focused and ready while Ryan Gallway… well, he was clicking away at his iPad.

“Check out this fucking game, guys!” Gallway shouted. “Final Fantasy: All The Bravest! DIE, YOU BASTARDS! THE ARCHYLTE STEPPE IS MINE AND NO ONE ELSE’S!”

Silver shook his head and he then glanced over at Mack. If there was any hope of a serious conversation, it was going to be with the Bronze Bombshell.

“Good job out there kicking Du Luc’s ass,” Silver said as he dapped fists with Mack. “But… seriously, dude? You’re gonna come to the aid of Le Bon? Have you forgotten the time that HOWL was almost a thing?”

All three shuddered, remembering the time that The Rockstar almost tried to join the HoW and add his name at the end.

“Hey, man,” Brody replied, “Jeremy Ryan’s a dickhead. I mean, WE’RE dickheads, but we’re awesome, good-looking dickheads. He’s just a general garden-variety dickhead that’s been running his mouth for far too long. Whoever gave him life should be ashamed of himself.”

Before we delve any further into that possible fourth-wall breaking comment, The Heirs were about to head towards the ring when they came across Diamond Jewelz and his lady, Ruby Rocks Jewelz. Diamond looked pretty smug as all can be while Silver, Brody, and Gallway each looked over at him.

“What’s good my niggas,” Diamond exclaims, the glimmer of his grill complimenting the twinkle and glisten of all of his various articles of jewelry with each word he speaks. “When ya’ll win those tag titles, let me customize them joints for you,” Diamond asserts as Ruby hands the two of them a card!

“Um… how can I put this delicately?” Frank said to Diamond Jewelz. “Fuck no. We have riches, man. We don’t need your bling.”

“Yeah, man,” Mack raised the peace sign. “Deuces.”

“Come on my niggas…. Don’t let Damien lee send them joints to that old lady that puts them generic plates on em! Let a professional handle your situation,” Diamond godes on, adamantly trying to sell his services to the Heirs.

As the other two started to leave, Ryan Gallway stopped the other two from moving.

“Wait, wait, wait!” Ryan said. “I could ALWAYS use some new bling, guys!”

“So what?” Frank asked. “So you could have a grand total of one… bling? Blings? Is there a singular to bling or is it one of those things where the singular is also the plural? Give me all of your blings? Give me all of your… bling?”

Ryan mistook his comment for actually wanting to peruse his wares.

“WHAT THE GOOD MAN SAID! YOUR FINEST BLINGSES, SIR!” Gallway beams, as Frank and Mack look on in disgust. “Ruby, open up that case,” Diamond exclaims as Ruby almost in synchronization opens up the metal suitcase full of jewelry provoking an explosion of various colored light to pour out of the box of the collection of diamonds and various precious metals.

"Master P ain’t got nothing on the hookup I got! Check me out! I could do matching joints for all three of you boys… Have you looking #SUPEROFFICIAL, you feel me,” Diamond reaches out his hand to Mack Brody for a high five who snubs him and gives him a mean mug. Diamond seems a bit agitated by being blue balled for the high five but doesn’t let his anger show through his gleaming grin; he gives himself a high five and continues on.

“So what ya’ll gon cop?”

“Well, like you, we plan on winning tonight, then we’re going to have a good fucking time tonight!” Frank said. “You feel THAT?”

“Hey, let’s not sell this guy short!” Ryan said.

“Well,” Mack said. “You’d know short.”


Ryan reached over and looked inside the box

“So I want diamonds, right. Like, lots of them. And one made purely of Kryptonite. Ain’t none of those Hands of the Cause gonna get near me with that shit looking like a pimp Lex Luthor!”

“Well… If you talking that kinda shine bro… It’s gon run you a couple of racks,” Diamond explains.

“A few hundreds… I’m good for it,” Gallway glows… Diamond’s eyebrow arches at Gallway.

“Nah homie… That’s a few 10 grand…. Racks bro…. Not stacks”

“You guys hear that? Ballin’ on a budget! I can do that!”

“Dear God, no,” Frank yelled.

“Well if you ain’t got that kinda dough bro… I got.. well..

“Knockoffs,” Mack interrupts.

“Nah, nah homie,” Diamond quickly counters… “I got stuff for people of a more modest financial standing so to speak… Cubic Zirconia, and faux gold and platinum… Still #BLINGIN though my nigga.. Check me out..”

Diamond reaches in the box and pulls out a few twinkling and glistening, but nonetheless in comparison to the rest of the box cheesy looking pieces of jewelry. It’s not that he’s into knockoffs, but for what Gallway is offering, it’s the best he can do… Where a dollar can be made.. Diamond gon try and make it because what else is he about.. Even if it means lowering his standards…

“See what I mean.. That shit still ballin… It’s not nearly as tough as my custom stuff… But with a shine like this… You gon get you a bitch my nigga… You feel me,” Diamond bursts out into a jovial, laugh.. Mack and Frank are disgusted at what Diamond is trying to pass off to Gallway.. It looks like silver plastic, lined in shiny rocks… FAKE!!!

“I’LL TAKE IT!” Ryan shouted.

Brody and Silver each roll their eyes and walk away while Ryan forks over the cash. A very satisfied Diamond Jewelz took the money and shared a snicker with his special lad.

“Pleasure doin’ business with you, homie,” Jewelz nodded.

They take their leave as Ryan laughs at his set.

“Oh, fucking right!” Gallway said smugly. “I got me some DIAMONDS! Man, I’m gonna hit that guy up tomorrow and get some grills… people love that shit!”

Pietro Geist vs KUMO

Things turned back to the ringside area and the crowd's attention was brought to the entrance ramp with the sudden playing of "Links 234" by Rammstein. Through the curtain marched a sure up-and-comer in the ranks of The Hype. With a record still without a blemish, the mysterious Aryan monster, Pietro Geist, started his face-paced trek to the ring. The gigantic man paid no mind to the fans and was the personification of intensity. He was focused solely on the battle at hand and nothing more. He slid into the ring and began to pace back and forth like a caged jungle cat. He paused his pacing for only a second to stretch. His eyes were focused on the floor and quickly shifted upon the playing of a new song.

"Harvester of Sorrow" by Metallica replaced the German lyrics of Rammstein and through the curtain came one of the newest signings of The Hype. Also undefeated thus far, the ninja warrior known only as KUMO stood atop the entrance way and looked over the thousands in attendance. Without any warning, a cloud of black mist exploded from his mouth. He raced down to the ring and slid under the bottom rope. He was up to his feet in a flash, executing a front handspring to get there. He pointed to his foe, getting zero reaction from the uber-focused German, before tearing off his shirt and launching it into the crowd.

With the ringing of the bell, the two men began to circle. Geist showed surprising speed by diving at his opponent's foot in an attempt to pick his ankle, but KUMO was far too quick on his feet for that to happen. After a little more circling, Geist stepped in for a try at a collar and elbow tieup and got a wicked kick to the outside of his thigh. Another attempt by the big man got the same thing. A low growl started to radiate from the massive German and he completely ignored a third kick to hook the tieup whether KUMO wanted it or not.

KUMO was no match for Geist and he was immediately pinned against the ropes. The masked man held his hands up while the referee called for the break. Geist was never one for following the rules and he launched a huge right hand that his foe just narrowly avoided. The big man turned to his foe where he was greeted with a left jab to the bridge of the nose.

There was a fire starting to develop in the German's eyes, as he wiped his nose with his thumb and stared a hole through his opponent.

"Come on, kaibutsu," KUMO commanded and motioned for his foe to bring the fight to him.

After adjusting his elbow pad, Geist met his adversary in the middle of the ring and went right from the tieup into a side headlock. A trio of strikes later and Geist was shoved off into the ropes.


The two men colliding had the outcome most expected with the German running the masked man over. KUMO slid to the corner on his bottom while his foe stood tall in the middle of the ring.

"Shut up und fight," Geist snarled.

One front handspring later and the Japanese warrior was on his feet. He circled his opponent, sizing him up, before catching him in the gut with a boot to the gut to cut off a tieup attempt. A forearm to the jaw had no effect and Geist fired back with one of his own sending KUMO stumbling back. The two men traded a quartet of forearms each before the masked man turned to kicks, smacking his opponent with alternating roundhouse kicks to the leg and torso. A trio of vicious roundhouses finally sent Geist stumbling backwards where he fell to one knee against the ropes.

Knowing he had to stay on top of his adversary, KUMO used a three-quarter nelson to pull Geist to the middle of the ring before taking him over with a snapmare, which he followed up with a chinlock.

It was still early and Geist started to climb back to his feet. The masked man was not going to let that happen. He quickly clamped on a triangle choke, using all of his weight to keep the big man on the mat. While not a very large man by professional wrestling standards, KUMO had amazing leg strength. His legs were like an anaconda wrapped around his foe's neck and arm.

The Aryan Monster pushed with all of his might, but couldn't free his head from his opponent's clutches. However, Geist was able to use his power to roll the duo over and muscle his way up to a vertical base with the masked man still refusing to let go. With KUMO dangling from him like a necktie, Geist marched over to the ropes where the referee called for the break.

It took a four count for the Japanese fighter to break the hold, but it the break was short-lived. KUMO had placed his hands on the mat and was able to land safely on his feet. This allowed him to stay on the offensive, rocking his large foe with a trio of brutal roundhouses. The first two Geist tried to shrug off, but the third caused him double over just enough for KUMO to smack him in the jaw with a straight boot that sent him tumbling to the floor.

Landing on his feet, Geist leaned against the barricade and took a deep breath before shaking out the cobwebs and cracking his neck. The masked man dashed to the ropes and it looked like he would be going airborn. The German was more than aware of what was going on and quickly took off towards the corner of the ring. KUMO had no problem stopping himself, as he quickly executed a handspring off the ropes and a back flip that put him in the middle of the ring. Unable to resist the temptation, KUMO spewed a blast of black mist into the air, capping off his taunting of his foe.

The referee positioned himself between the pair, as Geist slowly made his way back up onto the apron. The masked man held his hands out, signaling that he was not going to interfere. However, just as Geist dipped his head to slip between the ropes, KUMO connected with a running boot to the side of his head.

KUMO wasted no time in pulling his foe into the ring and blasting him with another combination of kicks to the torso and thigh, backing the big man into the corner. The crowd watched on closely, stunned at how he had been controlling things thus far, as he battered him with another trio of kicks. Geist could only drop to one knee in pain.

"You are no monster," KUMO announced while disrespectfully running the sole of his boot across his enemy's face. He motioned for the big man to get up and blasted him in the chest once more.

That threw a little fuel on the fire and Geist stood upright. A right forearm connected with his jaw and he fired right back with one of his own. The pair began trading stiff forearms, only to have KUMO end that by delivering a spinning solebutt that backed Geist into the ropes. An Irish whip by the masked man was followed up with a leaping sidekick and Geist found himself tumbling out to the floor once again.

KUMO's attempt to follow after his foe was cut off by the referee, who then turned his attention to the Aryan. Taking his eyes off the masked man, the official never saw the masked man slide out of the ring off to the side. Two electrifying chops lit up the German's chest, sounding very much like gun blasts going off in the arena. Geist was whipped into the barricade, but exploded off of it with a running Yakuza kick that caught his in-coming foe right in the mouth.

The last thing the masked man wanted was to have his adversary in control of the situation. KUMO was seeing stars on the floor, as Geist tore back one of the protective mats. A huge taped hand snagged the Japanese fighter by the throat and pulled him up to his feet. It never released it's grip, as he was hoisted up in the air and driven down harshly onto the unprotected floor with a slam that more resembled a Ron Simmons' style spinebuster than a chokeslam.

With such a hard impact, the referee slid out of the ring to check on KUMO. This allowed Geist to make his way around the ringside area, where he snatched a chair from a fan in the front row. He opened the chair and sat it in front of the security barrier before marching back over to his dazed foe. Despite Geist being in firm control courtesy of a handful of hair, KUMO tried to fight back with strikes to the big man's torso. Geist was quick to end that with a flurry of his own that nearly put the masked man back down on the floor. Unable to defend himself, KUMO was launched into the chair, where he could do nothing, as Geist built up a head of steam and lowered his shoulder, crashing into him like a giant German wrecking ball.

Making sure to break the count, Geist slid back into the ring and got a face full of referee upon reaching a vertical base. He looked down at the official and just snarled at the reprimanding that was more of a distraction than a warning. It allowed the hurting KUMO to roll back into the ring.

The Aryan Monster shoved the referee aside and whether he wanted to or not, the masked man was violently positioned in the corner where body blow after body blow slammed into KUMO's torso, eventually buckling his knees and lowering his hands, allowing Geist to unleashed big time right hands to his jaw and eye.

Both of Geist's massive hands found their way around his enemy's throat and with relative he hoisted him up into the air, looking to strange him. He waited until the count of four before setting the masked man back down on his feet. However, he was far from finished. Again displaying his uncanny strength, Geist launched KUMO over head with a suplex.

A cover followed with Geist angrily pushing his foe's head to the side with his forearm.




KUMO was able to kick out with time to spare and he instantly put all his effort into rolling out to the floor. He was hoping to catch a breather, but his foe was not going to let that happen. The Aryan monster ignored the referee's warnings while climbing out to the floor. KUMO hoped to surprise him by ramming him into the apron. The attack was successful, yet had zero effect on the big German, who began to pummel the masked man with sledgehammer like blows to the back and knees to the gut. KUMO was at his foe's mercy and soon found himself being driven down onto the floor once again, this time with a snap suplex.

Geist was not looking for a countout victory. He yanked his opponent up by the air and fired him back into the ring. In no time, Geist was back in as well. The big man looked to keep the momentum going his way, but KUMO exploded with a roundhouse. A snarl from Geist and a huge European uppercut was all the masked man got in return, sending him stumbling back into the ropes.

KUMO fired back with a chop and got a right hand to the jaw in return.

That strike dimmed the Japanese warrior's running lights and his foe kept the pressure on. Repeated right hands clocked KUMO in the jaw and a firm grip on his hair by the big German kept him upright, so more could follow. KUMO's legs buckled and he fell to his knees. The change in position never changed Geist's gameplan and soon enough, the masked man was on his back getting struck again and again.

Knowing he had to get involved, the referee stepped in and reached a count of four before Geist would put a stop to his brutalizing of KUMO.

A second pin attempt by Geist.




KUMO was able to slip free just in the nick of time.

Not once questioning the count, Geist sat his adversary up and stretched him with a surfboard. KUMO couldn't help but moan in pain, as his much larger opponent pulled his arms backwards, stretching his chest nearly to its breaking point. He struggled, but there was no way that he was going to break free. He knew that he had to do something and do it fast. The masked man began to squirm. His motion created just enough space for him avoid the knee being driven into his back. That allowed him to lean back and smack Geist in the head with a kick.

While it broke the hold, it was nothing more than an annoyance to the German who struck KUMO in the chest with a double axehandle and followed that right up with a huge falling forearm strike to the mouth.

Another cover by Geist.




Despite the stars and tweety birds revolving around his head, KUMO was able to focus just enough to escape defeat.

Showing great fightiing spirit, the masked man threw all he had into a punch to Geist's stomach, as he was being stood up. The response to that was a huge overhand strike to his back to which KUMO gave a reply of his own with a forearm strike to the jaw. Not one to turn down a chance to throw hands, Geist rocked his enemy's head back with an European uppercut. On instinct, the masked man unleashed a huge roundhouse that gave him enough of an opening to dart to the ropes.

A back elbow by Geist missed.

So did a big boot, as the masked man rolled under it.

KUMO ricochetted off the middle rope and was looking for a gamengiri.


Not today, spider ninja.

Geist put a quick, vicious, and effective stop to that idea by spearing the masked man out of thin air.

With his forearm once again driven into KUMO's face, the Aryan monster went for the pin.




It was somewhat of a casual pin by the big man and he paid for it, as instead of just kicking out, KUMO showed his great flexibility and kicked him in the side of the head. It didn't look like much, but it caught Geist right in the temple. As tough as he is, even he had to take a second to get his mind back on track.

Once again, the masked man refused to go quietly. He unleashed a trio of chops before being rocked with a right hand. A second found the mark as well and if it weren't for the ropes, he would have surely fell to the mat.

In firm control, Geist pulled his enemy from the ropes and looked for perhaps another suplex. Despite the size and power advantage, he was unable to lift his foe, who had countered with technique. A second attempt got the same result. However, Geist was just to powerful and he flat out muscled KUMO up off the mat. Perhaps he used a little too much power, as the masked man was able to float over. A wild back elbow strike was ducked by KUMO and he smacked Geist with not one, but two step up enziguiris.

An opening had been created and the man from Japan was going to take full advantage. His attempt at an Irish whip was reversed, but instead of crashing into the corner, KUMO dazzled the crowd with his agility. He leapt into the air, pushing his right foot against the top turnbuckle pad, before executing a flawless front flip. Landing safely on his feet, he struck his approaching foe with a sidekick right to the mouth.

That sent Geist stumbling backwards and allowed KUMO to take to the skies with a high impact springboard dropkick.

Neither man was quick to get up. KUMO sat up and tried to collect his thoughts, while his opponent crawled over to the corner. Geist soon was upright in the corner, while the masked man had barely gotten to one knee. However, KUMO noticed the positioning and looked to keep the pressure on. He exploded towards his foe only to be caught with a boot to the face. Geist looked to pick up the pace as well and he took off to the ropes.


A koppo kick by the masked man put the big man back down in a heap.

KUMO slowly rolled out to the apron, using this chance to position himself. After using the ropes to help pull himself up, he watched Geist closely. The German was slow to recover from the picture perfect strike. He had just gotten upright in the corner when KUMO once again displayed his amazing agility. Geist had no idea where his enemy was, but he would soon find out the hard way, as the masked man leapt up to the top and sprinted along the top rope to deliver a nasty dropkick right to the big man's jaw.

Falling to all fours, Geist was out of it and his foe made sure to take advantage.

La Magistral by KUMO.




For the first time, someone had actually reached a two-count on Geist, but that was as far as KUMO would get at this point.

KUMO was feeling the effects of the match and knew he had to replenish his energy while somehow keeping Geist from mounting an offensive. He rolled the German to his stomach and hooked on a crippler crossface.

It was a smart move by the young ninja and he had the submission expertly applied in the middle of the ring. He didn't have much strength to really pull on the hold, but it gave him a chance to recover, as Geist growled in pain. Speaking of the big man, being on the mat was the last palce he wanted to be right now. His attention turned solely to escaping the hold. He clenched his fists tightly and slammed them against the mat, trying to add fuel to the fire that burned inside him. With all of his might, he did a one-handed pushup, lifting not only himself, but his foe from the mat. As if that wasn't enough of a show of strength, he crawled to the ropes, forcing the referee to call for the break.

After taking a deep breath, the ninja pulled Geist up and hooked a rear waistlock. A German suplex was not happening and Geist made sure of it with a pair of back elbows. He took off to the ropes and KUMO instinctively tried for a tilt-a-whirl. Not his best idea, as there was no way he was lifting his much larger opponent, even more so after Geist had planted his feet. However, he was not going to accept failure. Before Geist could act, KUMO released him and unleashed a combination of strikes made up of a left-right body shot combination, a spinning back chop, and a roundhouse to the chest.

The masked man raced to the ropes only to have Geist launch him into the air and catch him on the way down with a European uppercut.

Geist was hurting as well and after the attack fell to one knee. However, he was not going to just sit there and tend to his wounds. He slapped himself in the side of the head and slammed his fists into the mat before exploding back to his feet. With his adrenaline starting to pump, Geist yanked his opponent up off the mat and launched him nearly corner to opposite corner with a belly to belly suplex.

KUMO instinctively tried to put some distance between himself and the rampaging Geist, but he was practically in the corner to start with. The onslaught was just starting and the masked man near had his mask torn off by a running knee and the bootwash that followed it.

Not giving his adversary any time to breathe, the Aryan monster pulled KUMO out to the middle of the ring and positioned him for a powerbomb. Geist lifted with all of his might only to have his masked foe spread his legs to avoid landing on his shoulders and land on his feet before him. Kicks to the thigh and chest were as loud and fast as a machine gun going off, as KUMO put all he had into each and every one of them.

Going for something big, the ninja looked to springboard off the top rope. However, just as his feet landed there, he was shoved towards the floor, sending him crashing into the security barrier. Geist tried to follow his foe, but the referee had just about enough of the action outside the ring and refused to back down when halting the big man. KUMO had stumbled towards the corner of the ring when the Aryan monster finally pushed past the referee. The offical tried to stop him and the slight distraction was all KUMO needed. He raced along the ring and leapt onto the apron, delivering a kick right to the side of Geist's head as he tried to slip between the ropes.

With his opponent falling to the mat, the masked man came flying over the top with a slingshot hilo. The motion allowed him to roll right to his feet where he hit the far ropes and smacked Geist in the side of the head with a low dropkick.

Adrenaline was now fueling the young ninja. He took off like a rocket, catching his adversary square in the mouth with a jumping boot in the corner.

That put Geist on his rear and left him wide open for KUMO to race from the opposite corner and connect with a cannon drill dropkick.

After dragging his stunned foe out from the corner, the masked man slipped out to the apron. He blew a cloud of black mist into the air and electrified the crowd with a one hundred and eighty degree springboard into a three hundred and sixty degree moonsault!

KUMO hooked the leg and pulled with all of his might.




Geist was able to extend his right arm and get his shoulder off the canvas. The Japanese fighter was first to his feet and he signaled for the end with a slashing of his throat with his thumb. He pulled his foe up and locked him in a straightjacket. He was looking for his version of the Barry White driver. Unfortunately for him, the wear and tear on his body mixed with Geist large frame made lifting him impossible. The Aryan monster was able hurry the ninja back into the corner, slamming him into it.

Free of his enemy's grasp, Geist put a little distance between himself and KUMO. Without any warning, he turned into a German freight train, aimed right at the corner. Too bad, only an empty corner was there waiting for him. He slammed chest first into the corner and was held upright by it, as the masked man rolled out of the way and dashed to the ropes.


KUMO blasted his adversary right in the face with an above the tope rope tiger feint kick. That's a 619 above the top rope for our American fans.

With his opponent stumbling back out to the middle of the ring, the masked man went airborne with a springboard. However, his attempt at a crossbody had its momentum turned against him, as Geist caught him in midair with a Samoan drop.

Neither man was up in a flash. KUMO was gripping his torso in agony, as pain coursed through his veins. The Aryan monster was moving, but not at full speed. He was first up to a vertical base. He was hurting as well and doubled over, trying to block out what he was feeling. He slowly made his way over to KUMO and the Japanese warrior could do nothing to stop Geist from driving him down harshly with a power bomb.

A hook of the leg by the big man.




No one could believe that KUMO escaped defeat, after such a wicked power bomb. Geist wasn't going to stop after one. He wasted little time in positioning his foe for a second power bomb. Despite his pulling, the German found all his attempts to lift the ninja ending in failure. He battered his enemy's back with a trio of sledgehammer like strikes and tried one last time to lift him. This attempt was successful, but things didn't go as he planned. KUMO slipped up and over Geist, taking him down with a sunset flip.




Geist got his shoulder up with very little time to spare.

Both men staggered back to their feet and the big man struck first with a stiff right hand. He backed to the ropes, using them to assist him in building a head of steam. The building of momentum ended up hurting him, as he raced right into a leaping sidekick.

KUMO could barely move and yet, he somehow mustered up the energy to lay his battered body on his foe.




There was just not enough weight to keep the big man from lifting his shoulder from the canvas.

That kick had found its mark and Geist's brains were scrambled in his head. He was going nowhere fast, while his foe was making good use of the ropes to pull himself up. KUMO was running on fumes and unsure of what else he would have to throw at his foe. The German was just about to one knee when the ninja helped him the rest of the way up. A forearm met the big man in the jaw and the autopilot in his brain told his body to fire back. He did with a pair of right hands. However, the masked man was not going to back down.

A roundhouse doubled the German over. That was the wrong place to be. KUMO gripped him by the hair and held him in place, so he could unleash a barrage of Kawada kicks that dropped the big man to one knee and then, his rear. KUMO was nowhere close to stopping. He took a step back only to deliver a roundhouse to Geist's temple.

Another brutal roundhouse smacked the big man, this time to the opposite temple.

KUMO slapped the mat with both hands and spewed a cloud of black mist into the air before connecting with the stiffest kick his tired body could deliver.

Falling upon his lifeless foe, the masked man could barely hook a leg.




With his foe narrowly escaping defeat once again, KUMO let his emotions take over. The adrenaline was building and he couldn't help but let a roar escape him. He snatched his enemy up from the mat and laced his arms, hooking the straightjacket. KUMO looked over the crowd before surprising everyone by lifting death once more. He was in position when he broke free of his straightjacket and stood upright.


As if he had fallen from the top of the Empire State Building, the masked man's body hit the mat with a ton of impact courtesy of an Alabama slam.

All Geist could do was roll over and drape an arm over his foe.




Just as his foe did earlier, KUMO surprised everyone by pulling himself from the jaws of defeat.

Geist sat up like he was doing a Jason Voorhees impression and whipped his hair back. He was breathing heavy and growling in hopes of blocking out the pain that had engulfed his body. The Aryan Monster climbed up to his feet with his adversary in tow. He pulled off his elbow pad and wound up his right arm. Fans of The Hype knew what was coming. Geist was going to let out the terror that is his horrifying lariat. He exploded into the ropes and launched his arm with all of his might.

Bringing the crowd to their feet, KUMO pulled a rabbit out of his hat.

He caught Geist's arm and used a basic martial arts over the shoulder takedown. Before the big man could react, KUMO rolled him over and had him locked in a LaBell lock.

Pulling with all of his might, the young ninja had turned the tables on his opponent and had him grounded in the dead center of the ring. KUMO yelled out, trying to tear Geist apart in the submission. The referee checked in and only got the repeated roaring of "Nein" in return. The Aryan's free hand was raised up, causing the fans to cheer wildly. They could not believe that KUMO had Geist on the verge of defeat. Neither was a real favorite of the crowd, but the match had won them each some fans.

However, the big man was not going to give in just yet. He clawed and scraped best he could towards the ropes. Despite the torture he was going through, Geist slowly pulled the pair closer and closer to the ropes. The fans were on the edge of their seat, wondering if he could make it. They would soon have their answer, as Geist finally got close enough to drape his boot on the bottom rope.

KUMO could only shake his head. He was throwing everything at his enemy and was still coming up empty-handed. He took a moment to collect himself on one knee before staggering over to Geist who was trying his best to stand with help from the ropes. A pair of kicks struck the German in the torso and he stumbled backwards to the center of the ring. He looked to be out on his feet, as KUMO took off to the ropes behind him. Geist swung wildly, missing with both right-handed and left-handed clotheslines, as the ninja hurried past him. KUMO leapt up into the air looking for perhaps a busaiku knee kick. However, he was struck down in midair by a huge double axehandle strike that had him land on his head and neck.

Off-balance but functioning, Geist pulled his foe up and placed him up in a fireman's carry. There was only one place to go from here and KUMO found out the hard way.


Once again looking as if he had fallen from the rooftops, the ninja was lifeless on the mat and couldn't stop his adversary from going for the cover.





The capacity crowd exploded in a mixture of amazement and excitement. They cheered for the masked man, showing him they appreciated the heart he was displaying this evening. Geist scooped him up and took him vertical just to drop him on his head with a vicious fisherman's brainbuster that made the crowd cringe.

Geist rolled over for the pin attempt.





KUMO refused to die and now, even the incredibly focused Geist had to take a moment to clear his mind of any frustration. The masked man was led up by his hair and he knew it was now or never. He let loose with every ounce of energy he had left, punching and kicking away at his foe. The crowd got behind him, as he mauled Geist with the flurry of strikes, and they grew louder when he had the Aryan backed up against the ropes. A huge shotei rocked the big man's head backwards and seemingly turned out his lights.

With no time to waste, the masked man took off like a rocket to the opposite ropes. That would be the last offensive manuveur KUMO would have. Coming off the ropes, he was obliterated by Geist with his lariat, Enthauptung.

Geist hooked the leg, as he went for the cover.





No matter how large the heart that beated inside KUMO's chest, there was no getting up from the Aryan's brutal lariat. Both men lay motionless on the mat with the referee kneeling down to check on KUMO. On spaghetti legs, Geist struggled to get back to his feet. There was no victorious posing by the German. He could only clutch at his head in pain, while staring down at his defeated opponent. The official tried to raise his hand, but only got shoved to his ass for efforts. The fans cheered, more for the display of great ringwork than for the Aryan's victory. He had kept his path of destruction going, but not all bodies in its wake go without a fight and that's what he had tonight.

As his enemy headed up the ramp to the back, KUMO was helped up to his feet by the official and a paramedic. However, he refused to accept their assistance, pushing them away at every turn. His leg gave out on him and they hurried to help him, but still he would not accept their help. He rolled out of the ring, leaving them behind, while he headed up the ramp. The fans began to cheer for him, appreciating the fighting spirit he displayed tonight.

Two warriors from The Hype gave their all in hopes of showing what the future holds. It can be said that jOlt's future is looking bright, real bright.

Winner: Pietro Geist via Pinfall

"The Marshalling of Forces"

The Inogami Chamber opens to the flirtatious dance of candlelight luminescence & the anxious shadows. Numerous faces have gathered within the clan hall with 2 sides facing each other to create a clear pathway to the main doors. The reflective visors of the Crimson Elite cast an eerie reflection of their respective surfaces as all in attendance assumed the position of seiza in unison. The slightly elevated platform showcased the entire corps of Inogami Clan officers.

The reigning Underground Champion & clan leader, Kenshiro Inogami is seen front & to the right before his officers. Head downcast with the jOlt Underground Championship laid neatly before him. Eiji Kugasari is to his immediate left. Assuming the same posture as Lady Akina, Takeshi & Heido were seated one pace behind both men with Mamoru standing erect behind Kenshiro. The air was thick with incense & unfettered focus. The elder statesman was busy chanting a prayer under his native tongue.

Moments later, the chanting was concluded with a a single bell chime, resonating throughout the chamber until completion. Interlocking their fingers in a cryptic fashion, every ninja slowly extended their index fingers & clasped hands together before them breifly before bringing them back. Everyone returned to the posture of seiza together. Silence would reign for a short time.

“Children.” Mamoru opened. “It is on this night that we gather together. Together in celebration. Together in preparation yet this is but a prestigious moment of clan recognition. Before you are tonight’s representatives of this clan.” Mamoru raised his hands slightly to his side to highlight the clan representatives in question.

“2 of this clan’s finest.” Mamoru continued. “Both Teacher & Student shall answer their respective challenges. Both with Honor. Both with Assertiveness. Both without Fear nor Reservation.” The seasoned sage slowly raised and balled up his fist. “This is our Way. In the face of Adversity. Failure. Even Death. This. Is the Way.” The Mute Mountain Splitter scowled lightly while nodding to himself with conviction.

“Hear me, Children.” Mamoru continued. “The Spirits revealed a troubling premonition. The future will present some troubling revelations that test the very ties that bind us together as a clan. However, Fear is not an option. This clan will survive. This clan will endure. This clan. Will thrive.”

“Our enemies are great in number. Both known & the unaccounted for. This shall be the first of many tests that we must endure. That we will endure.” Mamoru continued. “We are at war, brethren. Always have been. From the first cry outside of a Mother’s womb and even appointed moment where we welcome our last breath. War is in our nature. Especially in the preservation of Peace. A time where the lure to become stagnant. Complacent or Undisciplined is great. It through waging war with oneself, we learn to earn true Peace. The importance of Tranquility as well as full appreciation & clarity of the price that must & has been paid for it. Let this resonate daily within yourselves & one another. For we are strong. We are legion. We are One.”

Many heads would non subtly to themselves upon reception of the message.

“Arise. Mighty Sons of the Orient.” Mamoru commanded as both Kenshiro & Eiji raised their heads. Backs straight as both remained reserved with pride before their assembled brethren at arms. “The eyes of the world but more importantly, your clan, Lay siege to what is rightfully yours on this day. Remember the The 3 Oaths...”




In unison, the ninja clan members slammed their left fists against their right breasts before bowing their heads slightly to pay homage to the erect senior clan officer. Kenshiro took a moment to look at his proud faction before turning his head toward his lieutenant. Slinging the Underground Championship over his shoulder, no words needed to be uttered as a simple nod from Kenshiro before he began to stroll forward to face the menacing threat to his place as the Underground’s Chief Retainer....

The Heirs of Wrestling vs Hands of the Cause vs The House

The time had come for the part in the evening where The jOlt Tag Team Titles were now going to be up for grabs in a triple threat elimination match between three of its top contenders. The belts had been vacated following the complete destruction of the former Tag Team Champions Red and Ted once The House member Adam Roebuck assaulted them viciously for cheating them of the belts at Wired. The camera caught a glimpse of the belts at ringside placed on a pedestal near ringside. The fans were given a glimpse of the coveted titles on the jOltVision as the graphic played, showing exactly what was on the line. Three teams had the chance for glory here tonight. Two of the teams could repeat it tonight if they had the chance.

The Heirs of Wrestling were two-time former Tag Team Champions who wanted the chance to continue cementing their name as one of the best tag teams going today. They had won tag titles the world over and wanted to make history as the first time to three-peat such a feat. Once hated men, Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway were now fan favorites set on taking the belts tonight.

The House were the previous champions before the belts were vacated. They had the belts stolen from them by a pair of men who were no longer with the promotion. Because they were never given their rematch, they were placed into the match by order of Damien Lee. Things appeared to be rocky at best between the teammates, but they were ready to get the chance to compete for the gold.

The last team in the race for the belts had never been Tag Champions before, but they had a big opportunity presented to them. The enigmatic Hands of the Cause were a three-man group led by Frank Hendrix and featured the sinister Henry Dylan and the big bruiser Brone Haggard. They were a trio of men who believed that jOlt was all wrong and professed to save the promotion from itself. What that meant was entirely up to interpretation, but the HoC were up to no good.

“The following tag team contest is a triple threat match that will be contested under Elimination Rules!” Brad Arnold announced. “The match will start with two men in the ring at any time. Wrestlers can be eliminated either by pinfall, submission, countout, or disqualification. The last team standing will be the NEW Tag Team Champions!”

“With Me Now” by Blacklite District.

Got no time for my game, I put it on the shelf
And this money and fame ain't gonna earn itself
I'm not wasting my time, you better recognize
The flame, the hustle, the pain, the redness in my eyes
When the pressure comes down you throw the towel in
But for me and my crew, that's where the work begins
At the end of the day we like to cut it loose
By the end of the night we're making bodies move
We're waiting, we're waiting, we're waiting

Lights began to flash while rapid pulses of blue and white flashed over the aisleway. Three figures were hidden in the shadows and stood with their backs to the fans. One large man in the middle. One short man on the left. One well-built man to the right. Their jackets started to light up one by one and when it came time to see what was happening, the fans jumped out of their seats. The short man jumped.


A big, bright purple H was on his back. The tall man jumped next.


The O was bright and silver. Finally, the last person stepped up.


The W was gold. The lights flipped back on and the douchebags in their matching light-up jackets walked to the ring, ready for action. One by one, Frank Silver, Mack Brody and Ryan Gallway headed to the ring. The Heirs of Wrestling were back in full effect!

“First, making their way to the ring being accompanied by Mack Brody… weighing in at a combined weight of 447 pounds, they are the team of Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!

The Heirs of Wrestling were ready for action and Silver and Gallway looked ready for business tonight. The House were dangerous superheavyweights while the Hands of the Cause were very dangerous. They would need every trick in the book that they had if it meant holding the gold tonight.

“Aces High” by Iron Maiden.

The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive pop from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of card stoward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the Nevada bred former jOlt Tag Team Champions appeared from the backstage area. The obese fan favorite extended his arms outward and nodded while his muscular counterpart anxiously greeted the masses in an enthusiastic fashion. Charlotte wasn’t out here tonight as she was still recovering from a HECTIC fatal four way match to become the champions.

“Introducing team number two, they are also former two-time jOlt Tag Team Champions, weighing in at 777 pounds… they are the team of “BIG BUCKS” ADAM ROEBUCK AND “ODDSMAKER” DERRICK HUBER... THE HOUSE!

Huber and Roebuck appeared to be on the same page at least for the moment. They were ready for business and when they climbed into the ring, they locked eyes with the Heirs. Roebuck had shown a more pronounced vicious streak while Huber tried to keep his partner in check. Mack Brody was on the outside, watching the back of his friends while they waited for the third and final party in this match.

“Hail To The King” by Avenged Sevenfold.

The fans had come to know the theme as that of the newest power group to join jOlt Wrestling. They had stacked bodies and they had destroyed all in their path to get here and one by one, they headed out. Frank Hendrix, Henry Dylan, and Brone Haggard. Frank and Brone Haggard were going to represent the team while Henry Dylan was on the outside ready to fight.

“And introducing team number three… being accompanied to the ring by Brone Haggard, they weigh in at a combined weight of 545 pounds… they are the team of FRANK HENDRIX AND HENRY DYLAN… THE HANDS OF THE CAUSE!

Frank Hendrix and Brone Haggard were in the ring while Henry Dylan stood by on the outside, keeping watch. Mack Brody had one eye on the Friendly Stranger, not forgetting what they’d done to the Heirs in the past. He had saved one beatdown when he kept Jeremy Ryan from doing even more damage to Jon Le Bon so one more wouldn’t hurt.


The music faded out and the man in the middle was referee Antonio Jones. He raised the belts above to signify what was on the line and it appeared that we were going to start things off with the muscular Brone Haggard and “The Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber. Two men were allowed in the ring at one time and anybody could tag anybody, but the match would keep going until two teams were eliminated and one was left standing to be crowned the NEW Tag Team Champions.

“Take him, big man,” Hendrix said, patting Brone on the shoulder.

Huber and Roebuck exchanged glances, but didn’t say a word between the two. They were focused on the goal at hand of becoming the Tag Team Champions.

Haggard started first with “Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber and the two stared each other down as they circled. Haggard fired off a quick barrage of strikes to the head and stunned The Oddsmaker before he looked to build momentum from the ropes. Huber shook off the blows and ran right into the 6’9” and 290-pounders with a shoulder block that mowed him backwards, but didn’t actually take him off his feet.

The crowd was impressed by the show of strength from the power man as Brone Haggard stayed his ground. The Heirs watched the fight between the big bulls as they went right at it again. He got right into the face of Huber and was slapped across his face for his troubles. With the heavy of the HoC dazed Huber ran off the ropes himself and looked for a big move when Haggard caught him flush in the face with a big lunging kick. Huber hit the ground and Haggard stayed on top of him as he went to cover.


And Huber kicked him right off with a big burst of energy. As The Oddsmaker once again tried to stand he caught Huber and tried to set him up early for some kind of a big suplex only for Huber to fight back. The flashy powerhouse fought back with big rights to the face. However, Huber fought and boxed his ears in classic fashion. He charged him into the corner and unleashed a series of shoulders into his gut before he took him over with a belly to belly overhead suplex that had the crowd cheering! An impressive move to take that big a man off his feet! Huber turned over and hooked both legs of Haggard.




Brone kicked out at two! Huber stayed on the attack and tried to grab the legs of Haggard and looked to be going for his signature Giant Swing called The Roulette Wheel! The crowd chanted when they knew it was coming only for Haggard to kick his way free! He got back to his feet quickly and went back on the attack with a flurry of elbows to the face, backing him up to the ropes. When he jammed off the ropes, Huber came right back at him quickly and caught him with a big back elbow to the face from the other side!

Huber grabbed the big heavy of the HoC and sent him backwards into his corner so he could make the tag over to Adam Roebuck. The two big men launched Haggard across the ring and sent him crashing HARD into a Double Shoulder Block! Brone went down and Frank Hendrix looked a little concerned as Adam Roebuck jumped on for the cover.




Haggard escaped with a shoulder up from under the big man but now he was ready to fight again. He powered up Haggard and launched him across the ring before running at him and connecting HARD…


He dropped the air right out of Brone Haggard and quickly, Dylan and Hendrix each walked over to Brone to get him the hell out of the ring before something else bad could happen to him. The crowd was booing the three men who were each now trying to break up any momentum the men could get.

“Brone, let’s go! Regroup!” Hendrix said.

Brone held his gut and nodded before the trio waited alongside the ringside area, buying themselves a little bit of time with the House dominating the opening moments. Roebuck stood by while Derrick Huber barked for them to get back into the ring. Two people that weren’t going to stand by and deal with that shit were the Heirs of Wrestling, who were each poised to attack…


He took down the big man on the outside with a crazy dive right from the ring apron! The crowd roared with approval after the attack while Ryan Gallway was ready and waiting. He springboarded to the top rope and before Frank Hendrix knew exactly what hit him…


The Heirs of Wrestling were on their feet on the outside now, talking all sorts of shit to The Hands of the Cause while Henry Dylan silently seethed from the other side of the ring. Both Ryan Gallway and Frank Silver each hoisted Haggard back to his feet and the big brute was sent back inside the ring and into the waiting arms of Adam Roebuck who flattened him again with a big Clubbing Forearm to the face!

Brone staggered into the corner of the Heirs and quickly made the tag to Gallway with a sly smile on his face before he rolled out of the ring, allowing the Heirs of Wrestling to fight it out. Gallway saw his chance and headed into the ring, going right for Adam Roebuck with a Dropkick to the big man’s knee! He was stunned from one shot so Gallway ran off the ropes again and connected a second time! He was staggered now and when Gallway tried to go to the second rope looking for the big Springboard Gamengiri that he called the Quasar Kick….



A big, BRUTAL Open-handed Chop from The Big Bucks swatted Gallway right out of the sky and sent him crashing to the ground hard! Gallway was hurt now and Roebuck punished him by kicking him near the ropes. He pressed down on the 190-pound Gallway with all his might with his boot on the chest and continued to do so until Jones got in the middle of it and counted him down.

“Break it up, Adam! ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR…”

Roebuck backed off. He was much more heated lately, but he wasn’t a stupid giant by any means. He was going to punish Gallway any way he could. Frank Silver looked on worried as Ryan was dragged to his feet. He scooped Gallway up off his feet and tried to go for a running slam only for the Prince of Precision to get out behind him! He ran to the ropes again and connected with another trifecta of Shoot Kicks to the legs of Adam only for the Las Vegas Leviathan to shove him away. He came back with a Dropkick to the knee a third time and slipped underneath him! Gallway was at the ropes again…



He was drilled with a very basic, but very effective Body Slam from the Big Bucks! Frank Silver shook his head while Roebuck picked up Gallway and connected with a second slam, drilling him into the ground. He ran off the ropes and when he was about to go for some big move, Frank Hendrix tagged in.

“I got this, my friend!” Hendrix smiled.

Roebuck grunted and snarled at him, but Huber called him back to the corner.

“Roe, come back! That fucker’s gonna get his!” Huber shouted.

Roebuck nodded his head and went back to the corner as the crowd booed. Frank Hendrix laughed at the predicament that Gallway was in as he was hurt badly from the onslaught of The Las Vegas Leviathan. He forced The Hipster Heartthrob back to his feet and picked him up once before drilling him in the stomach with a knee against one set of ropes. He followed that up by launching him up and over with a nice T-Bone Suplex! Ryan bounced off the canvas in a big impact while a confident Frank Hendrix rolled over and went for the cover on Gallway.




Silver didn’t care for Hendrix much and dropped an elbow into the back of his head, with some stank on it! The Baron of Ballistics was forced back to his corner while Mack Brody was on the outside, clapping for his friends. Gallway took the second to get back to his feet and he tried to make it over to the corner when Hendrix was able to grab him by the leg. The Prince of Precision tried to get the fuck out of the way only for Frank to pull him back. He hoisted him up by his feet…


He kipped right up into a STIFF Enzuigiri to the side of Frank’s head, sending the leader of the Hands staggering back into the ropes! Ryan had many awesome tricks up his sleeve and that was another of them as he rolled over to the corner to make the tag to Frank Silver! The Hipster Heartthrob pushed Hendrix into the corner and landed a stiff Corner Elbow Smash to the jaw! It was now down in the ring to the two Franks from either side and Silver went right at Hendrix with a STIFF European Uppercut that almost knocked his head off and sent it into the mezzanine! The Margrave Digger rolled him out of the corner and went for the cover on Hendrix.




Hendrix got the shoulder up off the mat and now Silver wasn’t going to let him go anywhere. Another two big Uppercuts caught him in the jaw and sent him back once again and Frank tagged to Ryan Gallway again. Silver tripped him up and laughed at what was about to happen next as he waited for the move… GUTWRENCH SUPLEX BY FRANK! SENTON ATOMICO BY GALLWAY! Some more expert double-teaming by The Heirs of Wrestling and the crowd was loving it!


The Heirs were now having him on the ropes and now it was Gallway’s turn to go for the win. He rolled him up with an Oklahoma Roll.



Haggard came back into the ring and put the boot to his back before he backed away, heading out of the ring. Frank Hendrix was hurt now and he rolled back to the corner. Gallway tried to fight back against Haggard with a couple of Elbows to the face when Hendrix fired back with a Headbutt! The brawler from Britain caught him good and Gallway fell on his ass. He wasn’t there for long though as Hendrix picked him up again and set him up for a big Vertical Suplex! Gallway went rolling across the ring…


Hendrix didn’t see the tag by the big man and now the freight train that was Derrick Huber was now in the ring! He turned around only to come face to face with Huber… KICKED…

Double Underhook Stalling Suplex!

Incredibly, the strongman from The House picked him up and held him in place for a long ass time! The crowd was cheering him on, the Heirs of Wrestling were each cheering him on and even Mack Brody on the outside was cheering him on! He was clapping and cheering for him as he continued to hurt him, but Roebuck wasn’t going to stand for it. He continued to hold it for about a good twenty or so seconds while Roebuck grunted.

“STOP FUCKING AROUND!” Roebuck shouted.


He was down now and he was out of it when Derrick Huber closed in for the cover on the leader of the Hands of the Cause.




Hendrix kicked out, but Derrick Huber wasn’t going to let him go anywhere. Hee stood back on his feet and raised his hands for the crowd while Adam Roebuck looked a bit disgusted with his partner’s showing off. Derrick Huber picked him up but Frank was a little bit quicker on the draw and stunned him with an eye rake to keep the big man away from him. Hendrix went into the ring and ran off the ropes when Frank Silver tagged himself in! Hendrix turned around only for Huber to charge at him and BLAST him over the ropes with one hell of a Clothesline!

Silver was in the ring now and he went at Derrick Huber with a few big jabs to back the big man up into the corner! These tow men were certainly no strangers to each other after everything that they’d been through! He connected with a flurry of Clotheslines in the corner followed by a heated Uppercut! He ran off one side of the ring and ran right back across the other side before connecting with a Stinger Splash on the big man! The strongman from The House staggered up and over when Frank grabbed him by the head and PLANTED him with a hard Neckbreaker! Silver stood up now and looked out to the crowd…





Huber kicked out of the onslaught from The Baron of Ballistics! Silver wasn’t deterred and he picked up The Baron of Ballistics to try and go for another move, but this time it was his chance to fight back against him! He jabbed him with several shots to the head and pushed him off the ropes where he connected with one big splash of his own! Silver was now slumped over and now it was The Oddsmaker’s chance to go for something big now…


The Cannonball Senton in the corner caught him good and crushed Silver in the corner! The big powerhouse from Las Vegas pulled Silver out of the corner and now it was his time to finish things.




Huber ran at the opposite corner and attacked Brone Haggard now, sending him off the ring apron and taking the fight to the big man of The Hands of the Causee. Henry Dylan and Mack Brody watched the chaos going on the inside of the ring while The Oddsmaker was ready to finish things. He was ready…


Roebuck tagged himself in over his own partner! Derrick looked at his tag team partner with disgust on his face and looked genuinely shocked that he would be attempting such a thing as things were going on.

“Roebuck, what the fuck are you doing?”

“Winning the match!”

Antonio Jones forced Huber back to the ropes while Silver was still down from the impact. Frank Hendrix jumped on the ring apron and yelled right at Adam Roebuck.

“Come on, join our side!” He yelled. “You don’t have to listen to that wretch, Huber! You can hurt whoever you want and do whatever you want like you were meant to!”

Roebuck looked over at Frank like he was actually considering what he had to say. Huber swung at Frank Hendrix and tried to get him away and while that fight was going on, Roebuck got chop blocked by Silver! He was about to roll the big man up when Ryan Gallway connected with the Springboard Missile Dropkick! ROEBUCK WAS DOWN!





The Heirs of Wrestling had found an opening in the chaos and with that Frank Silver had rolled up the Las Vegas Leviathan and they were gone! Roebuck looked HEATED that he wasn’t able to get things going on in the ring now and that this was it!

“NO! NO!” Huber screamed.

Antonio Jones ordered them to vacate the ring and head back up the ramp now! When he tried to do so, Roebuck was ordered to get the hell out of the ring! Derrick Huber charged into the ring and pushed Roebuck.

“You wanna join them or what, Adam? You actually want to fucking join them?!”

The Big Bucks shook his head and angrily stomped out of the ring, heading up the ramp while Derrick Huber was in the midst of things. Frank Silver watched what was going on, but left himself wide open…


A stiff shot caught Silver in the back of the head as The House both stormed off up the ramp and out of sight! Hendrix laughed sinisterly as now that the superheavyweights out of the way, it was down to the popular Heirs of Wrestling and the Hands of the Cause, who had been escalating their own little rivalry as of late.

“Get up, boy, get up!”

Frank hissed words of contempt right at the fallen Silver as he tried to stand. Ryan Gallway and Mack Brody were each watching and cheering on the Royal Knight of Sunday Nights as he tried to stand. Frank ran off the ropes and connected with a Big Boot that sent Silver flying through the ropes and out to the floor in front of Henry Dylan!

Now that he was out of the ring, he distracted Jones with a little bit of his weird rhetoric about… well, nothing in particular. It’s a distraction! Big Brone Haggard jumped off the apron and picked up Frank Silver before SLAMMING him viciously across the barricade on the floor! The Baron of Ballistics crumbled in a heap and fell to the ground while Brone picked him up and rolled him back inside the ring. Confidently, Frank Hendrix went in for the cover.



THR... NO!

Frank rolled after Silver’s big kickout and tagged in to Brone Haggard! The big silent bruiser had used a devastating Spear called the Trauma that both Frank Silver and Mack Brody had separately felt in the last few weeks, so he was a quick game changer when he needed to be. He opted to punish Silver with a series of unpolished and effective elbows to the chest of the Bishop of Bringin’ The Pain.

Silver tried to stand and even fired a couple of punches to the chest of the heavy for the HoC only for Brone to fire back with an even BIGGER series of big shots to the back. He continued to deck him with some good shots only to throw him to the corner… BODY AVALANCHE! Silver was crushed underneath him and he followed that up immediately with a NASTY Thrust Spinebuster that planted Frank in the center of the ring now! Brone went in for another cover.




The big monster for the Hands of the Cause grumbled underneath his breath but he still stayed on the attack and stomped several times into his gut before scooping him off the ground and throwing Frank into their corner. Ryan looked on with worry as Frank was crushed with another big splash from Brone Haggard followed by a STIFF Running Back Elbow to the chest from Hendrix! He crumbled at the feet of Hendrix who was reveling in this display of dominance by his team.

He slapped Silver across the back of the head as he was fallen on the ground and tried to fight back. The Wrestling Deity screamed for Silver to get up off the ground and try to fight back. He scooped up Silver and went looking for a Brainbuster only for Silver to reverse things with a Small Package!




Hendrix kicked out! Frank Silver was looking to build up on some more momentum when Hendrix ducked a Clothesline only to grab him from behind and FORCE him down with an incredible Armtrap Neckbreaker! Hendrix laughed as he rolled over and went into another cover again.




“Stay down, you stupid dog!”

Silver wasn’t going to listen and now the crowd was chanting loudly for the Heirs of Wrestling as the chants continued to come out despite the Hands of the Cause’s best efforts.


Hendrix stood over him and kept waiting for the chance to finish things off. He walked over to the rising Silver and went for his Double Underhook DDT finisher, but Silver broke free and fought back! A series of chops and Uppercuts caught him in the jaw! He ran over and socked Haggard with a good shot on the ring apron! When he was out, he tried to get off to the corner only for Silver to get blasted with another Back Elbow from Hendrix! The Hands of the Cause weren’t playing around any more and now they were ready to finish things…


He threw Silver into the ropes but he came back with a DEADLY Rebound Clothesline that nearly took Hendrix’s jaw off his head! Silver and Hendrix were down now and Silver had the chance to go in and head for the tag now! He went to the corner…


And by GOD, did the crowd go nuts! Gallway was the legal man as Hendrix rolled over and tagged big Brone Haggard! If there was finally a time for The Prince of Precision’s feet to not fail him now, it was this time! He ran right into the ring at a charging Brone who swung wildly with a Running Big Boot. He ducked underneath it and charged at the ropes only to come back and take down the heavy of the HoC with a running Dropkick to the knee!

The 5’10” Ryan Gallway kept on coming with a flurry of kicks to the legs! Gallwahy kept coming at Frank while he was on one knee and fought back with a series of elbows to the face of Haggard. Angrily, Brone shoved him backwards to the ropes only for him to come back right back and nail a nasty Pele Kick to the face that rocked the bigger Haggard.

The monster stumbled around on his feet while Ryan looked out to the cheering crowd. Brone eventually shook out the cobwebs and charged right at Ryan Gallway like a pissed-off bull only for The Prince of Precision to duck and send him crashing into the corner.

Ryan Gallway took him to task as he climbed to the second buckle and raised a fist as the fans counted along…


He stopped and delivered a Dropkick from the second rope that knocked the wind right out of Brone’s chest! Now it was Brone Haggard’s turn to fall to his knees again while Ryan started to head to the top rope. Frank Hendrix tried to take him out, but quickly Gallway kicked him in the face to get him out of the equation. Brone started to stand…


The Flying Double Knee Strike was on point now and he finally took down Brone Haggard with an incredible move! Gallway stayed on top for the cover!




The Prince of Precision was kicked off Brone Haggard despite everything he threw at him! Gallway was surprised that he didn’t get the win, but he opted to stay on the attack and finish things with him. Frank Hendrix once again tried to get involve only for Gallway to duck another wild swing. Silver had recovered from his beatdown long enough to send him over the ropes and out to the floor! Haggard was about to get up when Silver joined his partner in the ring and took Big Brone down with a Double Dropkick! Silver and Gallway were standing tall with the two men cleared from the ring and they weren’t done by any means. The crowd cheered on the young tag team and ran off the ropes…



The incredible stereo dives did their job! Now Henry Dylan looked greatly concerned at ringside while Mack Brody continued to cheer! The Heirs looked to be closing in on their record-breaking third Tag Title reign!

With some help from Silver, they once again wheeled Brone Haggard back inside the ring for Gallway to finish things good and now he was about to do just that! He charged into the ring and looked to finish things off while Mack Brody was cheering on his friends.


Frank dealt with Hendrix on the outside while he was ready and waiting. Mack cheered him on…


Mack was smacked in the back of the head and the big man went crumbling to his knees… it was JEREMY RYAN! Ryan had been thwarted by the protective Mack Brody in his earlier attempts to injure Jon Le Bon and this had to have been payback! jOlt’s Last Real Man headed back up the ramp and laughed at his attack while Frank Silver chased him away.

Brone was inside the ring by Ryan Gallway when he ran off the ropes! Henry Dylan was trying to distract Gallway when The Prince of Precision saw him coming…


Springboard Gamengiri from Gallway to Henry knocked The Friendly Stranger off the ring apron! He wans’t going to deal with any distractions! Gallway turned…


Good fucking God, an almighty Spear CRUSHED Ryan Gallway good! He was hurt now and Frank tried to return to the ring only for Hendrix to catch him in the side of the head with a killer boot! He ran into the ring where Brone tagged out! The crowd booed when Hendrix stood over Gallway and dragged the dead weight to his feet… the numbers game and the unexpected appearance of Jeremy Ryan did him in and now…


The gruesome Double Underhook DDT planted Gallway good into the canvas! He rolled him over and made a rather nonchalant cover. There was no way Gallway was kicking out!



Silver tried to break it only for Brone to cut him off…



Thanks to the numbers advantage that The Hands of the Cause had enjoyed, we had new Tag Team Champions for their very first time! The belts were vacated no more and a gleeful Hendrix was in the ring. Antonio Jones had given him the belts and he shared one with Brone Haggard, who raised the belt over his head! Jeremy Ryan was laughing his ass off now from the top of the ramp and flashed a thumbs up to The Hands of the Cause in the ring before he disappeared from sight.


Henry Dylan was still nursing a sore jaw, but Brone helped their ally to his feet and the pain was washed away by glee. They made good on their promise! They’d taken advantage of the dischord between The House and the numbers game and navigated the treacherous waters to become the NEW jOlt Tag Team Champions!

The three men stood over the bodies while at ringside, Frank Silver was checking on Mack Brody, who was nursing a wound on the top of his head now courtesy of Ryan. But inside the ring, what mattered was the new champions!

Hendrix, Dylan, and Haggard promised change in jOlt and that their group would be ignored no longer. That they would rise to the top by any means necessary. After just two matches in being in jOlt, they already had the accolades to back up their claims.

Who would stop these men now?

Winner: Hands of the Cause via Pinfall

Waymoth Turnbull vs Landon Stevens

“Lift Me Up” by Five Finger Death Punch echoed throughout the Arena of Champions as the lights dimmed out to darkness and white and pink strobe lights began to flicker. The fans in attendance began to jeer as “The Rising Star” Landon Stevens stepped out from behind the entrance curtain. Stevens looked behind him to ensure no one was following him out. Eli and Ezra were standing behind him as he looked back. Stevens signaled them to leave. The fans continued to explode in jeers as Stevens made his way towards the ring. He looked above the ring to see the cage high up in the air. Stevens slid into the ring and stood tall with his arms flared out up in the air.


The fans hated Stevens as he taunted them. The music faded out and the lights flickered back on for a moment before fading out once again.

Red, Gold and Green Strobe Lights flashed randomly, piercing the crowd in sporadic places.

[Mavado Voiceover] “Yuh don’t ask people wid knives inna de stomach, what would mek dem ‘appy; ‘appiness is no longa de point. It’s all ‘bout survival, It’s all ‘bout wedda you pull de knife out and bleed fi death or yuh keep it in.”

“Survivor” by Mavado (featuring Akon) followed the voiceover and the crowd was sent into a frenzy! Turnbull exited the backstage area armed with his trusty rusted machete. “The West Indian Obsidian” made his way towards the ring with the crowd still roaring. The massive islander entered the ring only to be stopped by the official. The lights then flickered and returned to full brightness as the music faded out to the sound of the crowd.

The official confiscated the machete.


The fans didn’t care too much for the idea of the official taking away the weapon of choice from Waymoth Turnbull.

The fans in attendance in the Arena of Champions changed their reaction as they screamed at the top of their lungs while the cage lowered around the ring. The official locked the cage door as this match was not about escaping the ring in any sense; the only way to win was by pinfall or submission. Both competitors warmed up inside the ring as they awaited the sound of the bell. Landon Stevens and Waymoth Turnbull were ready for the match to begin as they have been back and forth for weeks after Wired. Finally these two would meet with no chance of interference as they were locked inside the steel cage.




The sound of the bell ringing echoed throughout the Arena as this match was ready to get underway. Both Stevens and Turnbull circled the ring just waiting for the best possible window of opportunity. Both competitors lunged in and locked up in the center of the ring. Stevens tried to take control as the connected with a knee to the midsection of Turnbull as he tried to force Stevens into the corner but it didn’t do “The Rising Star” much good as Turnbull has too much adrenaline pumping for the knee to faze him. Waymoth backed Stevens into the corner and connected with several shots to the kidneys. Stevens used his free elbow to connect with a hard shot to the jaw of Turnbull. “The West Indian Obsidian” staggered back and Stevens connected with a fury of kicks to the legs and hip of Turnbull. Stevens backed Waymoth into the ropes and against the cage walls and connected with a drop kick.


Turnbull’s massive frame bounced off the cage wall as Stevens moved back to his feet. Waymoth staggered away from the cage holding his head as Stevens bounced off the ropes and connected with a back heel kick that dropped Turnbull to one knee. Stevens quickly continued his attack as he connected with several kicks to the chest and arms before connecting with one last kick to the head. Stevens began to taunt the crowd as Turnbull fell to the canvas.


The fans jeered “The Rising Star” for his arrogant ways. Turnbull used the ropes to move back to his feet as Stevens had his back turned. The fans in the arena began to cheer as Waymoth moved back to his feet. Turnbull patiently waited for Stevens to turn around. The fans began to stomp their feet as Stevens began to turn around.


Stevens quickly moved back to his feet.


Once again Stevens leaped to his feet.


Stevens wasn’t expecting a hard tackle to the canvas as his head bounced off the ring canvas. Turnbull moved back to his feet and picked the downed Stevens up by his hair. Turnbull whipped the dazed Stevens into the corner as his back bounced off the turnbuckle. Waymoth ran full force as he leaped in the air.


Waymoth dropped all his weight on to the body of Stevens. Turnbull stepped back as Stevens staggered out of the corner.


Stevens fell face first onto the canvas. Turnbull mocked the downed Stevens as he played to the crowd. Turnbull began kicking Stevens, and then just nudging him with his foot. Turnbull grabbed a handful of hair from atop the head of Stevens and pulled him to his feet. Waymoth pulled him in for a short arm clothesline; Stevens ducked under and leaped to the ropes, Stevens leaped off the ropes and grabbed Waymoth by the neck bending him backwards. Stevens smiled just before he planted Turnbull with a reverse DDT. Stevens then moved to his feet quickly.


Stevens connected with a standing moonsault and quickly went for the cover.




Waymoth furiously kicked out of the pin attempt as he sent Stevens flying half way across the ring. Waymoth moved back to his feet as Stevens tried to figure out what the hell just happened. Waymoth goes to grab ahold of Stevens.


Stevens showed he isn’t afraid to play dirty. Stevens moved back to his feet and connected with an elbow to the back of Turnbull. Stevens decided it was time to go for blood. Stevens connected with a hard swift kick to the back of Turnbull’s bad knee. “The West Indian Obsidian” fell to one knee. Stevens smiled and taunted the crowd once more.




The Arena of champions erupted in chants as they tried to build some momentum for the downed Turnbull. The fans are using Stevens’ arrogance against him in favor of “The West Indian Obsidian”. Turnbull moved back to his feet with the help of the ropes. Stevens turned around from taunting the crowd.


Turnbull rocked Stevens with a vicious spear that shook the cage. Turnbull went for the cover as he hooked the leg.




Stevens managed to get the shoulder up. Waymoth rolled back to his feet and pulled Stevens up by the arm. Waymoth set him up in a front headlock. Turnbull then hoisted Stevens up for a vertical suplex and held him in the air.


Stevens reversed the suplex by connecting with several knees to the top of Turnbull’s head. Stevens landed on his feet and then bounced off the ropes and leaped in the air connecting with a flying knee to the face. Stevens quickly moved back to his feet and made his way into the corner where he jumped to the top rope and waited for Turnbull to move back to his feet. Stevens looked on like a snake on its prey as Waymoth moved back to his feet. Turnbull turned around.


Stevens was trying to do some damage to Turnbull. Stevens rolled back to his feet and slammed his fist to the canvas. Stevens grabbed Turnbull by the dreads and pulled him to his feet, it took all his strength but Stevens was able to do it. Stevens rocked Turnbull with an uppercut. Stevens then attempted to whip Turnbull into the corner but he planted all his weight down. Turnbull wouldn’t budge.


Turnbull pulled Stevens in and dropped him to the canvas with a short-arm clothesline. Steven’s head bounced off the canvas. Turnbull once again grabbed a handful of Steven’s hair and pulled him to his feet. Turnbull turned his attention to the cage and dragged Stevens over closer to the cage.




Turnbull repeatedly slammed Steven’s head against the steel cage. Turnbull then began grating Steven’s face across the cage.



Turnbull slammed Stevens head up against the cage several more times. Turnbull turned Stevens away from the cage and it could be seen Stevens was now busted open with blood beginning to drip down his face. Turnbull then connected with a hard right that staggered Stevens back. Stevens attempted a swing but was so off balance he nearly fell. Turnbull then connected with another hard fist to “The Rising Star” staggering him back. Turnbull then bounced off the nearby ropes and dropped Stevens like a sack of potatoes with a vicious clothesline.

The fans in the Arena of Champions began to erupt in cheers as it appeared Turnbull had this match in the bag.

Turnbull grabbed Stevens by the arm and pulled him to his feet before setting him up between his legs for a power bomb. “The West Indian Obsidian” picked Stevens up and hoisted him in the air.

Who Vex, Dead!!!!!!!!!!!


Waymoth sent Stevens crashing through the cage with his signature Who Vex, Dead. The official stood in the ring shocked as Turnbull looked on as Stevens laid draped across the cage wall laying on the entrance ramp. Stevens was motionless as the fans looked on.




The fans began chanting as Waymoth looked on in shock himself. Turnbull walked down the cage wall where Stevens was laying and dragged him on his back down the cage wall and pulled him back into the ring. Turnbull went for the cover. The match had to be over.





At the very last possible second Stevens managed to get his shoulder up off of the canvas. “The West Indian Obsidian” was amazed at the resiliency of Stevens. Turnbull moved back to his feet and picked “The Rising Star” up off the canvas by his hair and quickly whipped him into the ropes. Turnbull grabbed Stevens in a t-bone set up and flipped him over his head.

Who Don't Hear, Must Feel!!!!

Turnbull went for his finishing maneuver only to have Stevens land on his feet behind him.


The fans in the arena jeered as Stevens landed on his feet. Turnbull turned around thinking he was about to go for the pinfall.


Stevens connected with a desperation pele kick that sent Waymoth stubbling backwards. Stevens quickly followed up with a flying leg lariat that sent Turnbull to the canvas. Steven’s struggled to move up to the top rope as he held the back of his neck and was gasping for air. Stevens climbed up to the top rope. Stevens leaped off the top rope.


Stevens connected with a shooting star press on the downed Turnbull. He quickly hooked the leg for the cover.




Once again the match failed to end as both men were in the fight of their lives tonight. Both men wanted to come out victorious. Stevens slammed his fist down into the canvas in frustration as he moved back to his feet with help from the ropes behind him. Stevens waited for Turnbull to get back to his feet. The fans began to stomp their feet in an attempt to help build some more momentum for “The West Indian Obsidian”.

The floor in the arena rumbled as Turnbull moved back to his feet. Stevens walked around the ring just waiting. Turnbull got back to his feet and Stevens lunged himself at him for a clothesline.


Stevens was laid out by the clothesline by Turnbull. Turnbull wanted to make this one count as he picked Stevens up off the canvas and once again hoisted him up onto his shoulders for his signature move. Stevens began to wiggle around to get free. Finally Stevens got his arm somewhat free and connected with an elbow to the back of Waymoth’s head. Stevens landed on his feet and connected with several kicks to the back of the leg of Turnbull. Stevens then turned Waymoth around and connected with a hard superkick. Turnbull fell to the canvas. Stevens once again began to taunt the crowd.


The crowd jeered as Stevens continued to taunt them. Stevens grabbed a handful of hair of Turnbulls and pulled him to his feet. Stevens quickly locked him in a reverse headlock and dropped him in a flash with a DDT. Stevens rolled to his feet and began to kick his downed opponent before once again picking him up. Stevens then managed to get Turnbull up on his back.


Stevens connected with his signature finishing maneuver and went for the cover.




The fans in attendance once again began to jeer “The Rising Star” as he pulled off the victory over Waymoth Turnbull. Stevens sat up on his knees with blood dripping from his face. The white tights of Turnbull had blotches of blood stained all over it. Stevens smiled as “Lift Me Up” by Five Finger Death Punch echoed throughout the arena.

The West Texas Terrorists stormed out from the top of the entrance way and made their way towards the ring but were stopped by the cage wall that blocked the way. Stevens stood to his feet as he looked over the downed Turnbull who just laid there in shock as he just lost to Aran Thompson’s protégé. What was next for “The West Indian Obsidian”? Was this the end of Stevens and Turnbull or would they meet again?

Winner: Landon Stevens via Pinfall

"The Reveal"

The moment had finally arrived. Who did Sylo handpick to face Derecho one on one at Unlimited? We were about to get our answer as the lights in the arena dimmed.

"King of Hell" by Helstar

Derecho emerged from the backstage area. Normally he would wear his black skull mask and his leather trench coat, but instead, he was clad in his normal ring attire. He made his way down to the ring with a look on his face as he if felt that this would be nothing more than a waste of his time. Derecho stepped up onto the ring apron and entered the ring where he immediately asked for a microphone. His music died down and the arena lights returned to normal.

Derecho looked around the arena for a moment before bringing the microphone up to his lips.

"At Countdown.. I was presented with a contract. I knew Sylo was going to handpick an opponent for me, but when I saw the name on the contract, I couldn't wait to sign it. Sylo made one of the biggest mistakes of his life picking that person so face me. In fact... I want to get this over and done with right now. So Sylo.. come on out here and introduce to the world just who it was you chose to "TRY" and end me and bring me to my senses."

The fans jeered with all the disdain they could muster until the jOltvision came to life. Someone whistled a few times and as everyone, including Derecho, turned to the massive screen to get a very full and very large image of the family Sylo. Aria and their son, lovingly nicknamed “JJ”, stood next to the head of the household himself, Sylo. The ovation rocked the arena at the sight of the three as husband and wife smiled a moment.

“Jason, wait, I mean THE KING OF HELL! You’re right…I picked one hell of an opponent for you. Too bad "I" couldn't be there to see him come out and, as you put it.. end you,” This was met with a chorus of boos. “I know I know, I’m also the reason you’re not in jail and the reason you still have a job. You should be lucky that Graham Youngblood didn't press charges. I also know “THE KING OF HELL DOESN’T NEED ANYONE'S HELP!” but I didn’t do it for you, that was too simple, putting you in this match was much worse. You tried to kill my protoge Graham Youngblood and failed at that... BUT I DID find your opponent. You see, the thing is, it wasn’t ever a matter of could I find someone. In fact it was the exact opposite because peopled VOLENTEERED to kick your teeth out. Alas, as much as I wanted to help them, they just weren’t the right,” Sylo stopped, head slightly tilted upward, as a lone finger tapped at his chin. “What’s the term, honey?” Sylo looked to his wife with faux confusion. Aria M. Sylo, better known through the years as Aria Murphy, the TRUE Queen of EVERYTHING (marrying THE King will do that for ya), turned to her husband with her perfect smile.

“I believe the wordS you’re looking for would be “the incarnation of unadulterated wrath and violence”…or something like that.” Aria’s smirk widened as the baby slept quietly in the cradle of Aria’s arm.

“I could have sworn it was badassary,” Sylo shook his head a bit.

“That’s…not a word, sweet heart,” Aria replied.

“Is now. #Badassary. Anyway, Mr. Of Hell, as I was saying there was only ONE opponent on the entire globe my mind kept going to. So after much deliberation with my beautiful family here,” Sylo beckoned to his wife and son. “We decided that the reward was much higher than the risk because not only did you fuck up majorly by attacking my protege and friend, you see, Jason is still in there somewhere. I know all about someone being locked in their own mental prison and my FRIEND is still there. I WILL see him again. So as hard as it was to pick this opponent, when it all went through, everything and I do mean EVERYTHING in the universe made sense.” Sylo smirked a little. “See, I needed someone that wouldn’t discern friend from foe. I needed more than just the incarnation of unadulterated wrath and violence. I needed someone…some…thing that truly didn’t have any humanity what-so-ever,” Sylo’s look dropped to deadly serious.

“The thing is, heh, I said I wouldn’t fight you. I said Justin wouldn’t fight Jason. I said, simply, Sylo wouldn’t fight Derecho.” This was met with a chorus of jeers and a simple egocentric smirk from Derecho.

Sylo nodded for a moment before biting the bottom of his lip. Sylo would take two hard looks; one at his wife and the other at his son. Then he would stare directly into the camera.

“But the thing is this…if Jason is dead…if the REAL Derecho is dead…then I did neglect to mention just one tiny thing.” Sylo paused, let out a loud exasperated snort of air, and shook his head. “I never said anything about The King of Hell getting his ass beat from pillar to post by The God…Damn…SUPERBEAST! “ This was met with a thunderous and volatile explosion of cheers by the jOlt faithful. This would also alter the mood of Derecho.

“I told you, I’m not there, but he is and he’s one unhappy son of a bitch. I said I was missing something…and the something I was missing was the incarnation of wrath, violence, and death! So, if you were too stupid to realize, this message is pre-recorded, your opponent tonight hails from-“

“Sweetheart, let me handle this, you, or, well a part of you has places to be. Plus I’ve always sort of wanted to do this,” Aria interrupted. Sylo cocked his head and looked her up and down before answering.

“Alright. Do him proud.” Sylo kissed his wife on the cheek before kissing his sleeping sons forehead. “Hold onto my wedding ring, I’ll need it back soon, plus those things aren’t easy to clean.” With that Sylo exited the screen as Aria took full focus.

“Your majesty, allow me to introduce to you your opponent. Standing at 7 feet 1 inches, weighing 335 pounds, hailing from the deepest corner of the darkest nightmare ever conceived, he is your personal reckoning, he is THE ORIGINAL AND TRUE KING, He is the legendary…SUPERBEAST!

The lights went out leaving only the glow of the jOltvision and the image of Aria.

“Pet” – A Perfect Circle

“And may whatever God that will have you, have mercy on your soul,” Aria stared at Derecho a moment.

As she did the hulking figure of The SuperBeast slowly rose from the stage. THE Beast’s head was down, long black hair hanging like a funeral veil moistened recently by a bottle of water, and as the stage reached its apex the image of Aria cut off as Sylo’s entrance video flashed in its place. The legendary music of The SuperBeast was rivaled only by the ovation of cheers. The music and flames coincided, both exploding at once, and the pillars of blue flame licked hungrily at the arena’s dome top. As the smoke cleared the blue eye’d leviathan could be seen blowing smoke through his nose before throwing both arms out and letting out a primal roar that could turn even the toughest man’s blood into ice water. His attire was simple. This was war so all he wore was a sandy shade of tactical cargo pants, matching steel toe boots, and of course his “WAR” dog tags which he hadn’t worn since he faced Kenshiro.

The Beast wouldn’t take his piercing gaze off his prey as he slowly made his way to the ring. The screaming fans, the outstretched arms reaching to just touch the monster, all of it faded into the background. Sylo wasn’t staring at Derecho, he was staring through Derecho, he was already calculating a plan of attack before the bell even rang, and more importantly he was letting Derecho have a moment to truly realize what stood before him.

The SuperBeast finally catapulted into the ring landing with a solid thud in front of Derecho before retrieving a contract from his back pocket. Sylo then ran the edge of the paper along his index finger, slicing it open. He then signed the contract in BLOOD! Sylo then shoved the contract right into Derecho's chest as the fans cheered wildly!

Derecho stood there, not even attempting to grab the contract. The contract fell straight to the floor. The only thing that happened when that contract hit the floor was a big sadistic grin appeared on Derecho's face.


Derecho shot straight at Sylo and immediately began to pummel him with big right hands!

Derecho vs Sylo




And just like that.. it started!



Underground Rules!

The rematch from Power Struggle had begun!

Derecho fired shot after shot, pounding away at the head of Sylo. Sylo, in return, was landing body blow after body blow to Derecho. This wasn't a match right now.. this was a straight up brawl.

Derecho stepped back and swung with a clothesline, trying to knock Sylo over the top rope and down to the floor, but Sylo ducked it and they reversed positions. Sylo then went for a clothesline of his own and it connected! The fans cheered loudly as Derecho was sent to the outside! Sylo measured Derecho up and then gained momentum.. wait.. what?


The 335lb frame of Sylo just FLEW over the top rope as he wiped out Derecho on the outside of the ring!

Sylo pulled himself up to his feet and grabbed Derecho by the hair, pulling him up. With one heavy toss, Derecho was sent flying back first into the side of the steel ring steps! Sylo then took a few steps back and charged in! He was looking for a knee strike to Derecho's head, but Derecho moved out of the way at the last moment and Sylo's knee struck the steps instead!

Derecho was quick to react, however, as he stood, he grabbed Sylo by the arm and wedged it between the ring steps and the ring post. Derecho then lifted up the ring apron and pulled out the weapon he tried to kill Graham Youngblood with back on iNtense 89.. the SLEDGEHAMMER!!!

Derecho leaned over and yelled into Sylo's face..


Derecho then swung the Sledgehammer and slammed into the steps causing it to pinch against Sylo's arm and shoulder. Sylo winced in pain as Derecho struck the steps again!! Derecho struck them a third time and there was now a good-sized dent in the ring steps! Blood even began to trickle down Sylo's bicep as the ring steps were cutting into it with each and every slam of the sledge hammer!

Derecho tossed the hammer aside and charged in, nailing a drop kick to the face of Sylo! This caused Sylo to slump over. Derecho pulled Sylo's arm out and pull The SuperBeast to his feet. Derecho then slammed Sylo's head into the top of the ringsteps. Derecho then lifted his leg up high over the back of Sylo's head and flat out kicked him with a hook kick! Sylo's face was driven back into the ring steps once again! Derecho then stepped back to survey his work

"YOU ARE NO KING" yelled Derecho at Sylo.

Derecho laughed as he walked over to pull Sylo off the steps, but Sylo stood and with explosive force, drove Derecho back across the bottom of the entrance ramp and into the barricades! Sylo then opened up with heavy right hands that dazed Derecho. Sylo then got underneath Derecho's arms and tossed him onto the floor mats with a huge Biel! Sylo the crouched down and dared Derecho to get back up to his feet. The crowd sensed what was coming and rose to their feet and cheered. Derecho pulled himself up and turned around. That was all Sylo needed to see before he charged in.




Derecho anticipated it and countered! Sylo was put on his back as a result and Derecho went right back to work as Sylo tried to shake off the hit. Derecho stomped away on Sylo who was laid out at the bottom of the entrance ramp. Derecho stomped and kicked as Sylo tried to cover up and block some of the hits. Derecho went for another stomp to Sylo's chest when Sylo grabbed Derecho by the boot and used it to get back to a vertical base. Derecho hopped up and down on one leg to try and keep his balance, but when Sylo got to his feet, he used his power and strength to lift Derecho straight up then...



Sylo let out a bestial roar and didn't let up. He immediately grabbed Derecho by the hair and pulled him back up. Sylo then whipped Derecho into the barricades by the ring steps they previously collided with. Derecho fell into a seated position after colliding with the steel railing and Sylo charged in, looking for another knee strike, but again, Derecho moved, however, this time, Sylo anticipated it and stopped short.

Sylo looked as Derecho was staggered up from the all fours position. Derecho held onto the railing as he turned to see Sylo charging at him again and again Derecho side-stepped, but when Sylo put the brakes on this time, Derecho quickly grabbed Sylo and hit a Side-Russian Leg Sweep on the floor. Derecho got back up and then hopped up onto the ring apron, daring Sylo to get back to his feet. Sylo pulled himself up and Derecho leapt off, but Sylo moved and swatted Derecho into the barricades again, chest first!

Derecho just draped himself on the barricades as he winced in pain. Sylo, with his steel-toed boots, kicked Derecho in the stomach as he leaned against the barricades. Sylo hit another stiff kick to the stomach and that shot caused Derecho to drop to the ground, clutching his abdomen. Sylo pulled Derecho back up and then hoisted him onto his shoulder. Sylo then walked Derecho around the ring towards the announce table. He was about to drop Derecho through it when Derecho wriggled free and landed behind Sylo. Derecho placed Sylo into a waist lock and drove him stomach first into the announce position. Derecho pulled back on Sylo and shoved him stoach first into the table for a second time!

Derecho placed Sylo into a waist lock for a third time and attempted a German Suplex on the floor, but Sylo wouldn't budge. Sylo fired a pair of elbows to the side of Derecho's head and broke free. Standing switch by Sylo had Derecho in the waist lock now. Derecho tried Sylo's plan and went for a back elbow to break free, but Sylo ducked and loosened his grip so the momentum spun Derecho around. Sylo re-hooked the waist lock and popped his hips.. hitting a Belly to Belly Overhead Release Suplex on the floor!!

Derecho bounced off the floor mats as Sylo stood up. Sylo then began to rip apart the Spanish Announce Table in preparation for destruction. Derecho used the ring apron to pull himself up as Sylo did this. Sylo turned and walked over to retrieve Derecho, but Derecho fought back with a boot to the stomach. Derecho then fired away with stiff forearm shots to Sylo's face, rocking him back. Derecho hesitated for a moment and hauled off with a very heavy forearm that rocked Sylo's head back to the point where Derecho was able to get him onto the announce table.

Derecho then headed to the ring apron as he climbed up onto it, but as soon as he did, Sylo rolled off the table and charged Derecho, but Derecho hopped over Sylo, landing behind him. Derecho turned around and charged in with a shoulder block, catching Sylo as he turned around. Sylo's back was then driven into the edge of the ring apron as a result. Derecho hit a couple more shoulder blocks in succession which doubled the SuperBeast over. Derecho felt that going for the announce table now would result in failure, so instead, he walked over to the time keeper's position and grabbed his best friend in the entire world... the steel chair.

We knew it was only a matter of time before we saw the chair's appearance. Derecho tapped the chair on the floor and readied it as Sylo looked up. Derecho swung, but Sylo placed his hands up and blocked the chair shot. A tug-o-war began over the chair, but Sylo was able to rip the chair out of Derecho's arms, but Derecho was quick to think and kicked Sylo in the mid-section again. Sylo doubled over and Derecho retook the chair away from him.


Derecho swung and smacked the chair right over Sylo's skull! Sylo dropped to a knee as Derecho grinned because he had Sylo right where he wanted him. Derecho raised the chair again and...


Another shot right to the head of Sylo! Sylo was still down on one knee, but this time his head was lowered as he held it in pain. Derecho knew that one more good shot would put Sylo down so Derecho readied the chair. When Derecho lifted the chair for the third shot...


Sylo lunged at Derecho from the kneeling position and speared Derecho straight down to the floor! Derecho lost control of the chair on impact as it flew out of his hands! Derecho was doubled over in the fetal position on the floor as he held his stomach in pain. Sylo was down as well as two chair shots can take momentum away from anyone.. even someone like The SuperBeast.

So far, this match was nothing more than a good ol fashioned brawl between two of the biggest monsters jOlt has seen in its modern era.

Sylo tried to shake off the chair shots as he got back up to his feet. Derecho was still down, clutching his mid-section when Sylo decided to pull him back up to his feet. Sylo then placed Derecho onto the ring apron where he laid partially under the bottom rope. Sylo then lifted up the ring apron in search of something. That something was in the form of a wooden table. Sylo didn't slide the table into the ring, however. Instead, he used it to make a bridge between the ring apron and the spanish announce table.

Many wondered what was going through Sylo's mind, but we were about to find out as Sylo pulled himself onto the apron and grabbed Derecho by the hair, pulling him back up as well. Sylo then placed his foot on to the table to get a wide base. He then got under Derecho and lifted him onto his shoulders in the inverted position! The people stood up as Sylo walked across the table toward the announce position!!

Sylo then spun Derecho off...




Derecho twisted his body and countered the Systematic Shutdown with a DDT and the two of them crashed through the table that was bridged, falling to the floor below!!


Neither men were moving after the collision with the table! Sylo went for it all way too early and the resiliency of Derecho got the better of him for that. After a few moments, Derecho was the first to begin showing signs of life. He pulled himself out of the wedge that the broken table had made and staggered backwards, falling against the barricades. Derecho looked back at Sylo laying there face first against the table and the image just brought a smile to Derecho's face.

While leaning against the barricades, Derecho raised a fist into the air and loudly proclaiming: "I AM THE KING!" Needless to say, that statement generated a lot of boos from the crowd. Sylo still wasn't moving and Derecho's patience was wearing thin. Derecho walked over to Sylo and put a boot to his upper back.

"GET UP!" yelled Derecho to Sylo as he placed another boot into his back, trying to coax the SuperBeast to get to his feet.

"COME UP YOU SACK OF SHIT.. GET YOUR ASS UP!" yelled Derecho, trying to get Sylo to awaken.

Nothing was working. Derecho knew he would have to dead lift the 335lb frame of Sylo to get him back into the ring for a pin. Derecho sighed as he bent over and grabbed Sylo by the head. Derecho began to pull up, slowly getting Sylo up to his knees, but then Sylo stood straight up and grasped Derecho by the neck and in almost a demonic voice said...

"Mortals...mere ants...yet you glorify yourselves as Kings and Gods. You are in the presence of a REAL God!"

With that said right into Derecho's face..


Sylo in one fluid motion, hoisted Derecho up onto his shoulders and drove him through one of the broken halves of the table with a Death Valley Driver!!!

Sylo let out another bestial roar as he quickly pulled Derecho out of the rubble. He grabbed Derecho and ran him toward the barricades where he flung him back first into the steel. Sylo pulled Derecho up and then flung him back first into the ring apron.. then back to the guard rails, then back to the ring apron, then to the guard rails once more for good measure and then he tossed Derecho back into the ring underneath the bottom rope.

Sylo climbed up onto the ring apron as Derecho staggered to his feet. Derecho had no idea where the fuck he was at that point. Sylo then grabbed the top rope and flung himself over with a vaulting shoulder block that knocked Derecho back down. It had been close to twenty minutes since this match started and Sylo was going for the first cover of this match!



Shoulder up by Derecho!

Derecho had gone through wars before.. including one against this man at Power Struggle that involved glass and barbed wire. So far, even though the punishement thus far has been brutal, it was nothing compared to matches these individuals had in the past throughout their careers.

Sylo stood and pulled Derecho back to his feet. Sylo grabbed Derecho by the arm, whipping him hard into the corner. Derecho hit so hard, he staggered forward and fell to his knees. Sylo then tried to take a page out of his rivarly with "Superstar" Vince Jacobs and went for a Super Kick, but Derecho grabbed Sylo's foot at the last second, stood, and took him down with a back heel trip.

Derecho scrambled to get to the corner where he ascended the turnbuckle pads, but Sylo got back up and met Derecho up top by leaping to the second turnbuckle and hitting a forearm smash which knocked Derecho off balance, but Derecho surprised Sylo by retorting with a headbutt... actually.. it was a series of headbutts and Derecho didn't stop until Sylo fell backwards off the middle turnbuckle. Derecho shook it off and perched himself up top. He took a moment to take aim on Sylo and busted out a move that we rarely see from him..



Sylo moved out of the way and Derecho crashed into the canvas. Derecho popped up and held his stomach in pain. Sylo then grabbed Derecho and scoop slammed him back into the canvas. Sylo then went to the corner as he had something in mind as well. The fans rose to their feet as Sylo stood at the very top of the turnbuckle pads. He figured that if Derecho could bust out a rare move.. than so could he...

450 SPLASH!!!


Both men missed their rare high-flying moves. People even held their breath as someone as big as Sylo shouldn't be able to do something like that, but nevertheless, Sylo and his 335lb frame spun off the top and was able to land it perfectly.. the only downside was that there was no one there for the landing. It also seemed as if Sylo smacked his knee a bit awkwardly on the landing and like a shark that smelled blood in the water, Derecho immediately went right after it! Derecho grabbed onto Sylo's leg and dropped and elbow across his right knee. Derecho stood and dropped another elbow across the knee, trying to take out the legs of the big man. Derecho then bent Sylo's leg at the knee with a form of a submission hold, but Sylo wasn't going to let that phase him as he simply reached up and grabbed Derecho by the hair, punching away at Derecho's head. Derecho had no choice but to break the hold otherwise, he'd just get punched into a state of unconsciousness.

Sylo got back to his feet, but Derecho was already back to his. Derecho charged in and hit a Chop Block to the right leg of Sylo which brought him down to a single knee once again. Derecho stood and then lunged in..


Sylo faceplanted into the canvas and Derecho wasted no time going to the top rope. Derecho took aim and leapt off...


Derecho was determined to take Sylo's legs away from him as that's where he began to focus his attack. Derecho then rolled out of the ring and grabbed the steel chair that he dropped earlier. Derecho rolled back into the ring with it and then placed the chair onto Sylo's right leg, closing the chair tight around it. Derecho then went back to the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads once again, but Sylo was able to get up, still wearing the chair on his leg, and crotch Derecho up on the top turnbuckle pad. Sylo then climbed up to the top, with the chair STILL stuck on his leg. Sylo then looked into the face of Derecho and gave him the middle finger...




Sylo fell backwards and landed in the ring.. Derecho fell to the outside and landed with a sickening thud on the floor!!


Sylo showed his athletic side again and that display spelled disaster for the self-proclaimed King of Hell. Derecho rolled onto his back as he held the side of his head in pain and when he rolled to his back, we could visibly see that the damage had been done as there was blood dripping out of the side of Derecho's head and down his ear!!

Back in the ring, Sylo took the damn chair off his leg finally and tossed it aside. He saw Derecho bleeding on the out side and like a beast stalking an injured prey, Sylo wanted to go in for the kill. He rolled to the outside and grabbed Derecho, pulling him to his feet. Sylo then rolled Derecho back into the ring where he slid in behind him and made the cover, hooking the leg in deep!




Derecho kicked out! The people booed and Sylo just had a look of disappointment on his face because he knew that his friend wouldn't be convinced even with this punishment so far. Sylo knew that he was going to have to go to drastic measures in order to make his friend see the light once again.

Sylo stood and grabbed Derecho by the hair, dragging him like a savage over to the corner where he propped Derecho up in a seated position. Sylo then grabbed the chair and then wedged it between the bottom and middle turnbuckles which, incidentally, was also right in front of Derecho's face. Sylo then walked to the other corner and turned, looking back at the chair as if it were his target. Sylo then charged in with full speed...



OOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!!!! yelled the crowd

Sylo then grabbed the lifeless Derecho by the leg and dragged him out of the corner. Sylo then made another cover with the leg hooked, feeling that this was going to be it.



Thre.... NO!!!

Derecho kicked out again! This time Sylo was in disbelief, but he didn't let the shock sink in. Sylo pounded his fists on the canvas and stood, letting out a roar and then making a slashing motion across his throat. He grabbed Derecho and went to pull him up, but Derecho had to take the ultimate short cut...


An uppercut where the good Lord split Sylo was enough to double him over and bring him to his knees. Derecho, couldn't stand to capitalize, however. He crawled slowly on his hands and knees over to the steel chair.. the same one with the dent in it that was just knee'd into his very face. Derecho grabbed it and used it like a crutch to pull himself up to a vertical base. Sylo was just starting to get back to his feet as well. Derecho was still trying to stand, but his legs just wouldn't cooperate with him. Sylo saw this out of the corner of his eye and stumbled over to Derecho, but soon Sylo found he was lured in.


Derecho jammed the chair straight up between Sylo's legs. Sylo immediately fell to his knees and the look of pain on his face said it all. Derecho stood up and made sure that the dent in the chair was facing toward Sylo when he let it rip..



Sylo simply limped over onto his back.. blood now running from his forehead as the dent in the chair punctured his skin. Derecho fell into what would be his first official cover of this match and it could very well be the final cover!



Thr.. NO!!!

Sylo got the shoulder up and the people in the crowd erupted!!

Derecho gritted his teeth as he stood back up. He looked down at Sylo and signaled for the end. Derecho bent over and picked Sylo up off the canvas, but the dead weight was a bit hard for Derecho to lift. He eventually got Sylo up to a vertical base. Derecho took a moment to get some energy and to catch his breath, but he ended up hoisting the 335lb Sylo up onto his shoulder.. looking for A Forever Reminder... but no!

Sylo slipped off the back of Derecho! He got underneath Derecho and lifted him up for the Systematic Shutdown.. but no!!

Derecho slipped off and behind Sylo. When Derecho landed, he lifted Sylo up in the inverted Fireman's position. He then flipped Sylo off...


Derecho just used Sylo's own finisher against him and now he has the cover!!!





Derecho was beginning to lose his cool.. not that he had much of that to begin with. Derecho rolled out of the ring and grabbed a pair of steel chairs from underneath the ring apron. He tossed both of those into the ring and then rolled back in. Derecho then set up one steel chair in the middle of the ring. The other was going to go around Sylo's neck, but when Derecho tried to fit the chair over Sylo's head, Sylo exploded from a kneeling position to his feet. He grabbed Derecho in a front waist lock and...



Sylo immediately pulled Derecho out of the bent, mangled chair and hoisted him up onto his shoulder...


Sylo just handed Derecho a receipt by hitting Derecho's own finisher on him! Cover!



THRE... NO!!!!


Sylo saw Derecho's foot on the bottom ropes and immediately grabbed it and re-pinned him with both legs hooked...



Thr... NO!!!

Kick out by Derecho and the people booed!

Sylo staggered up to his feet and pulled Derecho back up. Sylo then whipped Derecho into the opposite corner. Sylo took a deep breath before charging in, but at the last second, Derecho moved out of the way and Sylo hit chest first into the corner. Derecho then tried a school boy roll up to pin him.. One....


Kick out!

Derecho was slow to get back up, but Sylo wasn't. Sylo stepped in and drove his knee right into Derecho's stomach, doubling him over. Sylo then clubbed Derecho across the back to bring him down to a single knee. Sylo then took a step back and kicked Derecho right in the chest with those steel-toed boots. Derecho flipped over onto his back as he gasped for air. Sylo taunted Derecho to stand up. Derecho tried to, but Sylo hit another kick to the mid-section with those hard boots of his and once again, Derecho was down gasping for air.

"Come on..."your majesty", said Sylo with sarcasm

Derecho reached out and grabbed the ropes as he tried to use them to pull himself up. Sylo allowed him to get back to his feet because he grabbed Derecho by the arm and shot him across to the ropes. Derecho bounced back and Sylo swung with a clothesline, but Derecho ducked underneath and bounced off the opposite end. Derecho came back and hit a running forearm that caught Sylo in the face, but it only caused Sylo to stagger back a few steps. Derecho went to charge in again, but Sylo lifted the leg and with that steel-toed boot, busted Derecho straight in his face with the Big Boot!

Derecho hit the ground hard as he cringed and squirmed in pain. Sylo could have broken Derecho's nose with a move as simple as that, but when you're wearing steel-toed boots, a move as simple as a big boot might as well have been a chair shot to the face! Blood poured from Derecho's nose which made two places on Derecho's head that blood was escaping from.

Sylo thought about going for another Systematic Shutdown, but as impactful as that move was, it hadn't gotten the job done yet. Sylo needed something more dramatic and then that's when he looked toward the entrance of the arena and noticed something. Sylo then looked at Derecho and grabbed him. He pulled Derecho to his feet and then tossed him out of the ring to the outside. Sylo then stepped out and grabbed Derecho again, placing him in a side head lock. While in that position, Sylo began to walk Derecho up the entrance ramp, but about half way up, Derecho showed some signs of life as he began to punch away at the ribs of Sylo to try and break free from his grip.

Sylo did release the hold, only to turn and knee Derecho in the stomach to double him over. Sylo then placed Derecho back onto the side head lock and began to drag Derecho up the entrance ramp again, but Derecho was resisting. He put the brakes on again, but before Sylo could adjust, Derecho used his strength in a desperation move and nailed a Back Drop Suplex on the entrance ramp!!

Both Derecho and Sylo were down. The referee who was following them checked on the two of them to make sure that they could continue. Sylo was beaten, bloodied, sore, and exhausted. Derecho was no better. The two of them laid there for a couple of minutes as they tried to regain their strength.. that and plus the cool surface of the steel grating, while painful to land on, was probably soothing for them in a twisted sort of way.

Derecho and Sylo both showed some signs of life as they began to struggle to their feet. Derecho was to his feet first and he met Sylo with a big right hand that almost sent him off the side of the ramp and into the lighting equipment alongside of it, but Sylo did his best not to lose his balance and held on. Derecho hit another right hand, but Sylo, again, held his ground even mustered up the strength to fight back and throw a punch of his own that rocked Derecho's head. Derecho then fired a Knife Edge Chop in return and Sylo answered with a Headbutt that staggered Derecho back. Sylo then hit another Headbutt and Derecho staggered away up the entrance ramp toward the stage. Sylo then saw his shot and took it as he charged in...


Derecho and Sylo both went flying off the side of the ramp and down to the hard concrete floor!!!!! The referee quickly jumped off the side to check on both of them as this crowd went nuts!!


Sylo was down!

Derecho was down!

Both somehow were still conscious!

Neither men could move... their bodies smacking against cold, hard concrete. Their bodies bloodied and mangled from the impact... they could only lay there in a world of pain! First, steps were moved... then tables were broken.. then chairs demolished.. and now the hard floor has been introduced to this war between The SuperBeast and the King of Hell.

It had been several minutes before Sylo let out a low audible groan as he rolled onto his side. His body must be killing him, but Derecho was still down. He could have hit his head on the concrete.. he could have a concussion. Nobody saw the impact except those right there on the floor watching this incredible war.

Sylo pulled himself up and immediately fell back and leaned against the side of the entrance ramp as his legs were trying to give way. The entrance ramp was the only thing holding Sylo up at that point. The fact that Sylo, a new father with a wife and child, was able to go to this length, shows you how much he wants to save his friend... that he would be willing to go this far in order see Derecho not succumb to his demons once again.

Sylo decided to try walking. Slowly, he put one foot in front of the other and stumbled toward Derecho. Sylo knew he would have to bend over and pick him up, but after falling at full speed for nearly six feet and smacking down on unforgiving hard concrete... something as trivial as bending over seemed like a daunting task. Sylo tried it, however, and he cringed in pain as he bent over and grabbed the lifeless Derecho by the hair, pulling him up to his feet. The people on the floor there gave Sylo a standing ovation and a round of applause for being able to continue the match. Sylo, even though his muscles were in pain, hoisted Derecho up onto his shoulder and walked over to the entrance stage. He placed Derecho on there and then took a moment to regain some energy and composure.

Derecho was still lifeless as Sylo walked away toward the lower part of the entrance ramp. Sylo used it to pull himself up. Once on the entrance ramp, Sylo stood and walked up the ramp and back over to where Derecho was. As described at the top of the show, on the of the entrance stage, there were these large rectangular blocks sticking out at a 45 degree angle, aimed upward toward the crowd. They served as the pyrotechnics display, but they were also filled with lights to add more emphasis to the wrestlers entrances. There were three on each side, but with Sylo and Derecho being on the right side of the entrance ramp, this is what Sylo saw when looking at it from the ring that gave him an idea.

Sylo grabbed Derecho by the hair and pulled him back up to his feet. He walked Derecho over to the middle bar structure and leaned Derecho against it. Sylo then walked away and let out a bestial roar once again. The crowd hit their feet as Sylo turned and pointed with both arms toward Derecho. Sylo then charged in, but at the last moment, Derecho dodged....





The lights inside the structure started to spark and burst from the impact! Sparks flew everywhere as Derecho dodged the bullet and Sylo when head and shoulder first through the plexiglass and into the eletrical work on the inside!!! This prompted the crowd to create a new chant to reflect their emphasis


Derecho looked on at Sylo as he simply laid there among the broken glass. The referee had to check on Sylo, but Derecho knew that this was his shot.. that this would be the moment he could finish Sylo off for good. Derecho stumbled away through the black curtain. The people booed as they thought Derecho was abandoning the match. Instead, moments later, Derecho returned with a table.. and not just any kind of table... a table wrapped in barbed wire!!

Derecho set the table up right in the middle of the entrance ramp. Derecho grinned that trademarked sadistic grin as he looked back at Sylo, still in the broken structure. Derecho walked over to Sylo and pulled him out. When Sylo was finally revealed, his eyes were shut.. his body lacerated from the glass. He even had some burn marks from the lights popping and the sparks that resulted. Those had to be electrical burns. How the referee didn't stop this match with Sylo in that condition is a mystery to all. To think that Sylo, while looking like that, told the referee that he could continue, had to be instinct.. like second nature.

Derecho walked Sylo over to the barbed wire covered table and then grabbed him by the throat. Derecho looked right into Sylo's closed eyes.. if that was even possible... and gripped Sylo's neck, cutting off his air supply. He then yelled his famous words like he does right before he finishes off his opponent.




As soon as Sylo heard those words, he grabbed Derecho's arm. Derecho became wide-eyed. He couldn't believe that Sylo was still able to move! Sylo ripped Derecho's hand off his throat, grasping his wrist tight. Sylo's eyes opened and he slammed his forehead against Derecho's and looked him right in his eyes.

"I AM...



Derecho immediately pulled his arm away and backed off. Derecho didn't know what to do anymore. Derecho backed up until his back was against some metal scaffolding. Derecho looked up and saw part of the Unlimited structure. He saw those same rectangular bars jettisoning out from under the jOltvision. Derecho then began to climb that scaffolding, but Sylo gave chase!!

Derecho got to the top and stepped onto the rectangluar bars. He couldn't believe Sylo was climbing the structure and giving chase! Sylo was a bit slower for obvious reasons, but he made it to the top of the bars as well. There was a flat solid surface on top since that is where they rigged the pyrotechnics at the start of the show. Derecho backed off until he realized he had trapped himself. It was do or die time for Derecho and he charged in and started to pummel away at Sylo, but Sylo pie faced Derecho and Derecho staggered away.

Sylo took some steps forward as Derecho charged back in, but Sylo stopped that with a knee to the stomach that double Derecho over. Sylo then placed Derecho between his legs and positioned him at the edge of the structure. Sylo looked down and right below was the table wrapped in barbed wire. Sylo pointed down and the people held their breath. There wasn't a single soul sitting in the Arena of Champions when Sylo lifted Derecho up onto his shoulders. Sylo then ran forward and jumped off...







The referee rushed over.. he checked Derecho.. he checked Sylo.. neither man muttered a word. They were even barely breathing. The referee couldn't let this continue...




The crowd didn't even care that the referee stopped the match... after an insane hit like that... they could only think of two human beings and the carnage they just went through. The referee immediately called for EMTs and the training staff to come out. They rushed out with a pair of stretchers as neither man has moved since the impact.. neither man was able to communicate with the referee.

Carrington made the announcement over the PA speakers.

"Ladies and Gentlemen.. the referee has stopped the match due to the fact that both competitors are unable to answer the referee. Therefore, the result of this match is a Double Knockout"

Sylo.. a man who had just become a father.. a man who retired because he wanted to be there for his family.. sacrificed his body to try and save a friend...

Derecho.. a man who claims that he found his true self.. a man who feels that he became this way by his own free will.. resisted Sylo and said he didn't need saving...

Tonight.. a clash between these opposing forces.. it was brutal.. it was hard to watch, but the two of them felt it was necessary. Now, they lay there, both unconcscious. Both unable to move.. both unable to feel the living world around them.

For who?

For what?

To save a friendship?

Was it all worth it?

We still don't know the answer to that question. All we know is iNtense 90 is seven days away... and after what happened here tonight.. we may not even know if all of this was for anything.

The EMTs loaded both Sylo and Derecho onto their respective stretchers. They wheeled them out, one after the other. We can only assume the obvious that both were being taken to a local medical facility in order to have their injuries treated.

After they were removed from the arena.. the camera panned around... dented chairs, broken tables, part of the Unlimited set destroyed.. stains of blood on the ring mat, the entrance ramp, and the floor where they fell off said ramp.

This was no match.

This was no fight.

This was no war.

This... was the result of hatred incarnate.

Winner: Double Knockout

"Old School Showdown"

The scene faded into the backstage area, Jesse Ramey made his way down a corridor back toward his locker room area. Still dressed in his wrestling attire, and still showing the signs of battle from his triple threat match. Ramey had passed several other superstars on his way to his locker room, all patting him on the back for performance he had put on, until he walked past Jason Rau propped up against the wall. Rau began to slow clap very nonchalantly with a big smile on his face.

“Great match mate,” Rau smirked, “it’s good to see management put a veteran out of there in the ring. The only problem is they put the wrong vet in the ring tonight.”

Ramey stopped dead in his tracks and turned to look at Rau, “Maybe you’ll have better luck in your match.” Ramey paused for a moment, “Oh, wait, you didn’t make the card tonight. When was the last time you actually got to perform on a televised show again?”

“That’s exactly the point I’m making,” Rau chuckled as he continued to lean against the wall. “I helped to make this company a brand name when it was new. Then they decide to bring it back and I can’t even get on the shows because they bring in rubbish like you. The people in charge of this show couldn’t organize a piss-up in a brewery.”

“You may have been special when you were in your prime,” Rau continued, “but from what I saw out there in the ring tonight you’re too slow to keep worms in a tin, mate. As far as I can tell you’re as useful as a fart in a thunderstorm.”

Ramey laughed, “I’ll tell you what Rau, I’m going to do you favor.”

Before Ramey could continue Rau had already cut him off again, “What? You’re going to go ahead and throw in the towel and leave the company? Because as far as I can see that would be the only favor you or anyone who wasn’t originally a part of this company could do for any of us.”

“No,” Ramey smiled, “you think you could have done better out there tonight I’ll give you the chance on this coming iNtense. I’ll even give you want you want too.” Ramey paused, letting the intrigue of his words capture Rau a little bit. “If you can beat me I’ll leave the company. I mean, after all, I didn’t win tonight so how hard could it be to beat me Rau?”

Rau’s false happiness had just turned to full on jubilation at the sound of Ramey’s proposition, “You’re on mate. I’ll see you in the center of the ring on iNtense, wank stain.”

Rau pushed himself off of the wall and began making his way off in the opposite direction of Ramey. Ramey stood in place for a moment, watching Rau, to make sure he left. Once he knew the surroundings were safe he turned and continued his way to the locker room area.

Ninja K (c) vs Omega

It was time. Filled with anticipation, the crowd watched as the ringside crew began walking out along each side of the entrance staging area to stand by as deputized enforcers for the incoming championship match. Arms folded behind their backs, they faintly acknowledged the cheering masses as the jOltvision screens displayed the participants of the following contest.

Carrington: “and now...the following contest is scheduled for 1 fall & it is for the jOlt Wrestling Underground Championship!!!

The Arena of Champions began to roar before the conclusion of the announcement. Rampant fits of static with hits of the challenger’s infamous maniacal visage inaudibly maddening laughing before the arena went completely dark. Some detractors of the champions roared within the blackened overcast. A lone spotlight hit the middle of the ring. A young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.


Hundreds of cellphones, glow sticks & assorted forms of luminescence were peppered throughout the arena as the jOltvision screens began to display infrequent static & the challenger’s many faces of maniacal rampages & expressions...


The volatile mixed reaction continued as more vivid displays clashed with the angry fits of static...Poorly contained laughter mockingly taunted those in full allegiance with the reigning Chief Retainer. The spotlight disappeared abruptly...

OMEGA: ”...Hush Little Ninja....Don’t Say A Word...”

’Redeemer’ by Marilyn Manson

The eerie lyrics of Marilyn Manson echoed throughout the arena. The cameras hungrily panned around to the stage as Omega was nowhere to be seen. A notable demographic of fans cheered as angry strobe lighting eerily highlighted the mentally unhinged challenger, crouching between the lead & Spanish Announce positions before standing erect. Rearing his upper body back, the challenger screamed wildly with a set of gnarled fingers clenched the air near each table. The arena lights returned to normal as the masses remained openly divided with his presence.

Both broadcasts teams scattered from the monster’s vicinity as he relaxed his form & slowly scanned his immediate surroundings. The silk fabric he retrieved from one of his opponent’s female emissaries was wrapped around his wrist in which he took a moment to ingest the hint of perfume left before whipping his head back & pulling himself up onto the ring apron. The demon sneered uneasily as he looked out into the crowd. Thick Black Jeans & Obsidian Steel Toe Boots made the majority of his attire as numerous war wounds decorated his upper body. Stepping over the top ropes, the mad man took several moments so sniff the air as his musical theme eroded before casually back pedaling to his corner of choice. Crouching into the corner, the titan latched onto the adjacent middle ropes while popping the bones in his neck & dangling his tongue outward in a sickening manner.

Detractors: KILL KENSHIRO!!! (clap x5) KILL KENSHIRO!!! (clap x5)KILL KENSHIRO!!! (clap x5)KILL KENSHIRO!!! (clap x5)KILL KENSHIRO!!! (clap x5)KILL KENSHIRO!!! (clap x5)KILL KENSHIRO!!! (clap x5)KILL KENSHIRO!!! (clap x5)KILL KENSHIRO!!! (clap x5)...

Omega chuckled onto himself as he briefly peered over his Right Shoulder before caressing his massively taped Black Hands. The Black Apocalypse gnarled his fingers inward before smiling broadly. The Arena of Champions mainly roared in delight as the shadows overwhelmed the building’s interior.

”Vicarious” by Tool”

Sheer Bedlam. Exit 151G began to belch forth the strobe lit overcast of smoke as clan loyalists were invigorated by the gentle strumming of the guitar from overhead. Numerous sources of light were popping up throughout the stands as the music approached its acoustic peak. On cue, the arena lights switched on and the tsunami of crowd heat led the challenger to stand, turn about and stare at his opposition. The Underground Champion himself was stand atop the Spanish Announce Table. Championship firmly in his left hand. The right fist balled up to match his unwavering gaze. Omega tightened his grip on the ropes & began chuckling onto himself. Nodding yet eager for war.

Kenshiro dropped down of the table & began to make his casual patrol around the squared circle as Omega maintained eye contact while sniffing the scented fabric around his wrist. The clan general would make his way around the last ring post before making his ascent up the ring steps. Champion & Challenger would continue to exchange mutually frigid stares before Ninja looked out into the stands from the ring apron before he wiped his feet and passed through the ropes. The music soon wavered yet the ongoing sea of humanity continued to roar unceasingly as Kenshiro slowly dropped down to the position of seiza in his corner before draping the Underground Championship along the canvas before him...

Crowd: WE WANT VIOLENCE!!! (clap x5) WE WANT VIOLENCE!!! (clap x5) WE WANT VIOLENCE!!! (clap x5) WE WANT VIOLENCE!!! (clap x5) WE WANT VIOLENCE!!! (clap x5) WE WANT VIOLENCE!!! (clap x5) WE WANT VIOLENCE!!! (clap x5) WE WANT VIOLENCE!!! (clap x5) WE WANT VIOLENCE!!! (clap x5) WE WANT VIOLENCE!!! (clap x5) WE WANT VIOLENCE!!! (clap x5)...

Both men ignored the masses from their respective corners as both referee Darius Underwood & Dean Carrington took center stage in the middle of the ring...

Carrington: “Introducing First, the challenger; He hails from the Parts Unknown...Weighting in at 338 pounds...THIS! IS!! OMEGA!!!

The Unbalance One twitched slightly & shifted his jaw as a notably negative reaction dominated the crowd. The detractors managed to make their protests heard as he wagged his tongue out toward his enemy. The monster began tugging at his braids gently before whipping his head back as the camera trained itself onto his opposition. The masses made their voices heard. Most in favor of the ninja while some were strongly against him. Ninja was seen rolling both wrists while popping the bones in his neck, standing himself erect, draping the belt over his Right Shoulder before smoothing his hair back ...

Carrington: “...And his opponent; He hails from the Kansai Prefecture of Osaka, Japan...Weighting in at 245 pounds and is the current...reigning & defending jOlt Wrestling Underground Champion of the World!!! He is the Athletic Freak of Nature...Ladies & Gentlemen; KENSHIRO!! INOGAMI!!!

Knuckles clenched, the champion seethed within his corner as his opposition switched into Beast Mode. Seeking to tear his enemy asunder, the feeling was mutual as the ring officials assumed their respective positions. The audience were anxious as the referee present the belt to them before passing over to the ring side personnel. Boulder hesitated before checking their level of readiness before stepping back. This match has been brewing for the better part of a few months. Ninja K has put his foothold on the division while Omega continued to carve a path of destruction to the chief retainer himself. The attacks and the mind games have now come to an end as the two biggest men in the Underground division stand face to face in the middle of the ring. The fans were on the edge of their seats in anticipation for these two warriors to finally battle for the supremacy of the Underground. The athletic freak stood motionless in the ring as Omega sat in the corner rocking back and forth to a small rhythmic tune he was humming to himself. Kenshiro slowly removed the title belt from his shoulder and handed it to Darius Underwood. The enigmatic goliath slowly stood to his feet as he watched Kenshiro handing the title to Darius. The mad man grinned slightly as Darius held the title high in the air before signaling for the bell.

Kenshiro knew he was outweighed in this match but the chief retainer of the Underground division did not fear any man. Darius gave the title to the tech as Kenshiro went right after the much larger man. The Chief Retainer nailed Omega with quick vicious palm thrust to keep the big man off balance. Omega tried to grab Kenshiro but was thrown off by a quick thrust kick to the gut. The move doubled over the challenger but his grin never subsided. Kenshiro continued the onslaught as he connected with an stiff Overhand Left Hook followed by an immediate Knee Strike to the teeth before he drove a Open Palm Uppercut into the chin of Omega.

The big man’s head staggered backwards as Ninja K nailed him with a quick Drop Sault to his knees that sent Omega sprawling to the mat. The big man was frustrated and that was what the Underground Champion wanted to do. Strike fast and quick to keep Omega guessing. The challenger rolled to the floor and kicked the steel steps separating them from the ring post, causing them to bang angrily against the padded earth. Kenshiro did not want to give the big man any time to gather his bearings. Ninja K raced across the ring and nailed Omega with a high Suicide dive over the top rope. The champion drove Omega right into the guardrail which got a huge pop from the crowd.

The Chief Retainer and the challenger were now on the floor as the fans continued to make noise. Every fan in the arena knew this match was going to possibly go all over the arena because of the hatred these two men have for each other. Kenshiro got to his feet as he stood over his challenger. The stalwart of the Inogami Clan looked down at the madman.

“I am the master of my domain! Your perpetual suffering will serve as a shining light for my clan.”

Kenshiro was about to stand but was grabbed by Omega’s massive mitts around his throat. The big man stood to his feet still clasping Kenshiro by the throat. Kenshiro drove a stiff kick into Omega’s massive thigh trying to break the hold. The challenger shoved the champion backwards into the ring post, causing the ninja to drop to a single knee. The embittered titan grabbed Kenshiro by the arm and whipped him into the guardrail, sending the champion sprawling into and over the guardrail. jOlt security moved the fans back away from the champion as Omega slowly stalked his prey. He stepped over the guardrail and looked out into the crowd before grabbing Ninja K by the hair and dragging him through the crowd. The big man grabbed one of the fans’ chair and folding it. He looked out into the crowd before letting out a huge roar, driving the chair into Kenshiro’s back with force. The chief retainer grimaces from the impact while staggering away until fell to one knee as Omega drove the chair into his back once more. The mad man of the underground let out a curdling laugh as he drove the chair into Kenshiro’s back once more which finally broke the chair into two pieces.

The fans looked on in horror as the enigma enjoyed every moment of the chair crashing into the champions back. However, Omega was not done as he picked Kenshiro up from the ground and whipped him hard into the wall next to the stairs leading to the second level of the arena. The officials continued to try to keep the fans at bay as the two men continued their fight through the sea of fans. The challenger raced toward the wall looked to spear Kenshiro into the wall but the nimble ninja quickly moved out of the way and the big man barreled into the wall with a sickening thud. Omega hit the wall hard and slowly slid down the way after missing Ninja K. Kenshiro slowly crawled back through the crowd trying to get back to the ring.

Or so we thought.

The champion moved a fan out of seat and folded up a steel chair. Ninja K was able to make it to his feet. He slowly dragged the chair by his right side as he walked over to his challenger. Omega was still plastered against the wall as Ninja K approached. Kenshiro grabbed the chair with both hands and held it high in the air.


The crowd gasped as Omega’s head was caught between the chair and the wall. It didn’t look pretty and the crowd in the Arena of Champions knew it as well. The challenger groggily pushed away from the wall to stumble about as Kenshiro measured his opposition up...


Omega lurched forward from the impact as he staggered forward, clasping to the back of his head. The Inogami Clan general was seen trailing him while unfolding the chair before quickly snatching up a fan’s seat...

The heavily dazed behemoth stumbled forward and bumped against the wall. He began shaking the cobwebs freely while breifly resting against the wall just as Kenshiro began sprinting toward him before vaulting off with the chair, twisting in mid air...


The audience exclaimed audibly as Kenshiro locked his legs around Omega’s head & slammed him skull first against the wall! The impact left a distinct splatter pattern along the wall as the giant collapsed atop the reigning Underground Champion’s frame. Fists pumping en mass, the arena became a literal mad house...

Security managed to keep the civilians at bay as Kenshiro pushed his opposition off of him before laying back first atop his fallen rival before hooking the leg deeply...




Kenshiro was shocked as were the fans that Omega was able to shove him off with his free hand. Ninja grabbed the bleeding challenger by the braids & struggled pulling him to his feet before leading him through the crowd toward the ring. The crowd parted like the red sea to see the chief retainer pulling Omega onward before stopping several feet before the barricades. Discus Clothesline sent both men hard to the floor, much to the delight of the masses. Adamant chants continued as the ninja finally was able to pull Omega to the guardrail, lifting him up and placing the monster head first over the barricade. Kenshiro climbed over the railings and walked around the ring. He ran toward Omega who was still hanging over the guardrail, nailing him with a flying knee to the side of his head. The big man finally tumbled over the guardrail and fell to the floor. The chief retainer was standing over his bleeding challenger with a stoic look in his eyes.

Ninja turned around slowly as he walked over to the ring pulling the apron up. He reached under the ring and slowly pulled a table from under the ring. The fans erupted as Ninja K lifted the table up and shoved it into the ring. He rolled into the ring himself and started to pull the legs of the table open. The chief retainer had bad intentions for his challenger as Omega was now seen crawling on the floor toward the ring apron. Kenshiro turned to see his challenger moving to the ring. The champion pulled the table up and set it up in the middle of the ring. The madman slowly mad his way into the ring with a sick smile on his face.

Ninja K moved toward Omega nailing him with a roundhouse kick as soon as he made it into the ring. Kenshiro pulled Omega up to his feet in the corner nailing him with an underhand throat jab. The Black Behemoth gasped for air as the chief retainer reveled in his dissection of the so called boogeyman. Omega coughed as Ninja K looked at the table and then peered through his mask at the big man at his feet. Kenshiro grabbed Omega by his locks and pulled him to his feet looking to finish the big man off but Omega abruptly nailed Ninja K with a big right hand. The chief retainer staggered backwards to the middle of the ring as Omega was now at a vertical base. The madman yelled to the top of his lungs as he rushed at Kenshiro and took him down with a big vicious clothesline. Kenshiro was now down on the mat as the challenger stood over top of him. Omega’s eyes rolled to the back of his head briefly as he ran his hand upward over the bleeding wound before he reached down and grabbed the champion by his hair, pulling him to his knees. The big man hooked Ninja K between his legs and with one big motion had the champion in the air. Omega viciously drove Kenshiro down through the table in the middle of the ring with a huge power bomb that sent chills down everyone spines.

Crowd: OOOOHHH!!!

The Monster still held on as he dragged the ninja’s body to move on of the angled remnants of the broken table aside. Kenshiro’s arm weakly reached up & was slammed against the wound yet the Beast angrily hoisting him upward, staggered a bit to adjust his aim...


Crowd: OOOOHHH!!!

Still with a firm grip of his opponent, the enigmatic demon’s muffled chuckles could be heard as he breifly looked out to both sides, dangling his tongue out before hoisting his rival’s body upward before aiming at the last angled remnant of the table...


Omega dropped to both knees & cocked his head upward. Flashing his canines as the bloodthirsty legions clambered over the Triple Power Bomb that left the champion seemingly lifeless in a pile of rubble...


A chuckling Omega glared at Underwood longingly before moving the broken table from around Kenshiro. He threw shards of table to the floor as the chief retainer lay on the mat with several pieces of table under his body. The challenger reached down and grabbed the ninja, slowly pulling him to his feet. Omega violently whipped Kenshiro into the corner. The big man raced into the corner with a vicious clothesline that sent the champion to the mat to the delight of the fans. Omega stood in the corner, with his tongue out, looking out into the sea of fans, who continue to cheer the violence that was seen in the ring. The boogeyman smirked as he reached down and grabbed Kenshiro again before easily lifting the champion onto the top rope. Omega climbed to the middle turnbuckle and hooked Kenshiro who sat on the top rope still a little groggy.


Omega nearly threw Kenshiro out of the ring with that huge belly to belly throw. The challenger gradually rolled over onto his stomach and crawling began slowly over to the champion. He smirked as he laid his head next to the chief retainer.

“Our pain is temporary, however your pain will be forever.”

Omega slowly moved away from the chief retainer and pointed to the referee. Darius knew what he wanted. Omega didn’t want to pin the champion he wanted to hurt the champion. He wanted to make sure the champion was not able to walk out of the ring. Underwood started the count on the champion.






The crowd counted with Darius as Ninja K started to move.



The chief retainer slowly drag himself up with the help of the ropes as Omega smirked. The challenger walked over to the champion and shoved him through the ropes to the floor. The hulking monstrosity dropped to the mat and rolled under the bottom ropes as the champion slowly crawled along on his knees trying to gather his bearings. The man that spent most of his life in an insane asylum continued to stalk the champion. The champion was ready with a quick savate kick that caught Omega off guard. Ninja K quickly regained his equilibrium, turned and nailed Omega with a flurry of quick kicks and rapid Forearm Strikes to keep the big man off guard. Kenshiro had the big man reeling from the fast flurry of offense before nailing Omega with a series of head butt strikes. Omega shook his head as he tried to grab a hold of the Ninja but staggered the big man backwards with a hard Chop to the Throat. Kenshiro staggered back quickly and lunged forward with a spinning round house kick that sent Omega to the floor.

Kenshiro reached over the guardrail and grabbed another steel chair and smacked the Beast across the stomach soundly. Omega gnashed his teeth while sitting up before being crowned with a Steel Chair before Ninja dropped it on Omega’s midsection, wrested another steel chair from a fan before climbing back into the ring apron. The chief retainer carefully scaled his way to the top rope before taking flight....



Kenshiro reeled in sheer anguish as he latched onto the rails with one hand before he collapsed along the floor, clutching his lower Left Leg! While Omega continued convulsing along the floor, referee Underwood slid to the outside as Ninja was using his Forearms to drag himself away to safety. The challenger was seen turning over & started to cough up blood as Kenshiro tried to get to his feet but collapsed to all fours. Ninja said he was going to go all out in this match and he was not joking as both men lay on the floor writhing in pain. Both men wanted to claim the right to lead the Underground division and it seemed both men were determined to do any and everything tonight in this match. Underwood looked down at the men who lay on the floor at the feet of the ringside fans. Ninja K was the first to hobble back to his feet as he threw the chair to the other side. The chief retainer once again looked under the ring and pulled out a trash can full of a few items and tossed them on the floor. The audience went nuts as Kenshiro withdrew his patented Japanese Rose Stem & taking a moment to stare at the Barbed Wire, Honey & Glass Bits laden Singapore Cane before turning his attention back toward his enemy. He grabbed the weapon and staggered over to the challenger.

Omega was using the barricades to get to his feet as Kenshiro angrily slammed the reinforced Singapore Cane the big man’s midsection. The madman howled wildly as he was now doubled over...


The reeling giant howled in sheer anguish as he reached his arm up to grab the weapon of his oppressor...


Omega screamed as the hobbling ninja slashed his arm with the barbed wire laden weapon, causing the Beast to cradle the wounded appendage...


Kenshiro reared backed and drove the serrated stick across Omega’s back, breaking the skin. Omega angrily clenched his teeth as he dropped to one knee. The hobbling chief retainer grabbed Omega by his locks and measured him up to split him between the eyes when the big man immediately drove Kenshiro backwards into the side of the ring. Kenshiro’s grip on his favorite weapon loosened yet the angry goliath pulled Ninja K back and drove him once again into the side of the ring. The challenger staggered backward to lean against the barricades before slowly stood to his feet as Ninja K slumped close to the ring apron. The Boogeyman lurched to the side of the ring as the chief retainer started to slowly fight to regain his footing. Various portions of his upper body bleeding, the maniacal Omega screamed as he ran toward Kenshiro and dropped him with a vicious Yakuza Kick! The chief retainer lay on the floor as Omega dropped down onto all fours, crawled over until he was seen hovering atop of him.

The challenger inaudibly yelled at the champions before he dragged Kenshiro up onto the ring apron and rolled him into the ring. Omega laid his upper body against the ring apron and playfully chuckled as he watched Kenshiro briefly before slowly crawling into the ring as Ninja K made his way to the corner. The challenger watched intently as the chief retainer tried to pull himself up with the help of the ropes. Omega was on the opposite side of the ring and carefully took his time before he came charging right at Kenshiro, crushing the champion with a Running Corner Splash. Kenshiro was now slumped over in the corner using the rope to try and hold himself up, but this left him wide open for a second assault from Omega who came charging at him with a Spear in the corner. Kenshiro was fair game now as Omega scooped him up and carried him to the corner where he dropped him face first onto the turnbuckle with a Snake Eyes. When he was dropped, Omega got himself some of his own momentum off the other ropes and anther Yakuza Kick nearly kicked Kenshiro's head off his shoulders again. The fans gasped from the stiff shot and Omega finished off his sequence by dropping a big leg across Kenshiro's throat. He casually surveyed the legions of faces in the audience. Laughing to himself as it was beginning to look like easy pickings and that title was going to be his now. Omega gradually stood himself erect and looked at Underwood again as ordered the ref to started his count out on Kenshiro....






Omega: “Your pride will be the end of you, Kenshiro...”



Omega: “Why do you deny US?...”



The legions cheered as Kenshiro barely saved his title for at least this particular moment by making it off his knees. Omega looked like he was having the time of his life now having the advantage and being able to dissect the champion. Omega's reign of terror continued as he pulled Kenshiro up again and fired off a couple knees into his chest.

“BLOOD OF OUR BLOOD!” exclaimed Omega as he doubled Kenshiro over with a pair of clubbed giant blows to the small of his back before he tossed him into the corner. It was a charge with a back elbow and Kenshiro had no time to try and block it as Omega was too fast. Kenshiro was nearly out on his feet now as Omega raised a big hand into the sky, possibly calling for the choke slam. Kenshiro going on instinct nailed Omega with a quick throat thrust that sent the challenger backwards gasping for air.

Ninja K was able to hobble about and quickly raced toward Omega, but the challenger turned the champion inside out with a powerful power slam. Kenshiro angrily arced his boady from the impact as The Demon took a moment to bask in his rival’s suffering before grabbing him by the hair.

“FLESH....OF OUR FLESH!! Omega yelled as he shoved the champion back to the floor. Taking the fight now into an element a little more familiar to both men, Omega took hold of Kenshiro by the back of his head and rammed his face into the steel steps. He dropped him into the steps a couple more times and rolled him underneath the bottom rope, but left Kenshiro's head exposed just over the ring apron. With bad intentions in mind, Omega grabbed a steel chair from the floor. He charged forward, driving the chair square in Kenshiro’s temple almost knocking the champion’s head clean off his shoulders. The shot was very nasty and echoed loudly through the Arena of Champions. The chief retainer’s Right Arm dangled lifelessly as he laid prone along the ring apron as the crowd looked on in horror. Drops of blood dripped from the ninja’s brow yet Omega was not done as the challenger loved every moment of the violence he was inflicting on the champion.

The hulking nightmare smirked as he looked down at the battered champion before climbing the steps to get back on the ring apron. With Kenshiro at his mercy, he looked out into the crowd and slashed a thumb across his throat before he came running along the ring apron and tried for a Leaping Knee Drop across the throat that would hurt more across the ring apron...


Omega's leg hit nothing but the apron. And it being the hardest part of the actual ring, it did a number on the Crazy Bastard's leg as he went hobbling on the outside, holding the ligament in pain. The ongoing rally continued as Kenshiro took a few moment to recollect himself. Palming his Left Eye, Ninja wobbly was back in the ring now and shook out the cobwebs as he continued to get back up. Omega was on the floor as he continued to grab his leg from the earlier move. Ninja K looked around and saw his opportunity as Omega had his back turned to the ring. The chief retainer bounced off the ring ropes and came charging right at Omega…


The Athletic Freak of Nature showed why he can do the things he does in the ring as that move came from out of nowhere. Even though the crowd did not like either man in this match, they still cheered the action from this match.


A staggering Kenshiro grabbed Omega by the head but the crazed man shoved the champion away and nailed him with a big right hand. Kenshiro wasn’t going to be outdone as he retaliated with a big right hand himself. The two men exchanged big rights in the middle of the floor as Kenshiro tried to stand toe to toe with the monster showing no fear. This was probably not the best idea as Omega was starting to win the battle. The chief retainer went back to his strength and started to combat Omega’s massive fists with his quick strikes and kicks. Kenshiro connected with a stiff Forearm Shiver above the knee of Omega’s bad leg that send the challenger to one knee. The chief retainer nailed the challenger with a vicious Open Palm Punch to the temple. Omega’s head went directly into the steel steps from the force of the strike. Kenshiro struggled as he dragged Omega from the steps and quickly hooked his massive leg for the cover.




Kenshiro’s body language reflected that he was not pleased as the chief retainer went for another cover on the massive man.




The arena gasped as Ninja K swept his hair back & held his head in frustration, considering his options to keep this crazed man down for the count. Ninja K knew what he wanted to do next as he grabbed a sledgehammer from the nearby trash can. The chief retainer had very bad intentions for Omega. The champion slowly walked over to the champion as Omega sat near the steel steps. Kenshiro reared back and swung the sledgehammer right at Omega’s head but the challenger ducked and the ninja nailed the steel steps instead. Omega was down on all fours as Ninja K shook his hand as they tingled from the vibration of hitting the steel steps. Kenshiro was not going to allow Omega to leave as he slammed the sledgehammer handle across the back of Omega’s neck. The blow stunned him enough for Kenshiro to begin battering his enemy with a barrage of measured Crossface Punches, spraying blood with each strike before the giant rested his weight against his forearms. The embittered ninja grabbed the Beast by the dread locks in order to land several more before Omega landed face first along the floor.

Slightly wobbly, Ninja took a moment to stand over his fallen rival & stare at the crimson splatter patterns, dripping from each forearm when the slow cackle of his enemy led him to grab the sledgehammer. Kenshiro brace the hammer against the challenger’s throat, trying to choke the life out of the massive man.

“Your life is in my hands now, demon!.”

Underwood could do nothing as Kenshiro continued to choke the life out of Omega on the floor. The big man extended his arm out toward the ring apron before he tried to stand to his feet yet the chief retainer continued the pressure. The craziest bastard in wrestling gradually stood to his feet and the look on the face of the fans at ringside said it all. The madman had a slight smirk on his face as he was being choked out by the champion. Omega got to his feet and staggered back near the steel ramp as Kenshiro was on his back continuing to take every last breath from his body. However Omega, fell backwards with all 338 pounds right on top of the chief retainer! The fans gasped as Ninja K let go of the sledgehammer that was wrapped around Omega’s neck. The challenger had to do something drastic to break the hold. Kenshiro may have a concussion as he fell right on the back of his head. The Beast continued coughing as he keeled over onto his side along the ramp way.

Both men were down on the mat again in this hectic match. Neither man wanted to submit the Underground division to the other. Omega rolled onto his stomach, still trying to grasp air into his lungs. Kenshiro did not move as he still lay on the ramp. The chief retainer could be in a lot of trouble if Omega is able to get to his feet and finish this match. Omega slowly started to make his way to his hands and knees. He turned to his left to see Kenshiro still on the floor. The big man moved toward Kenshiro as he started to make it to his feet still clutching his neck in the process. The challenger was not done as he pulled Ninja K off the ground by one hand. He wrapped his massive hand around the champ’s neck and hoisted him high the air. The fans in the arena grew silent as they witnessed Omega’s freakish strength, lifting the champ high in the air from the floor.


Omega knelt over the Underground Champion with a sick smirk on his face.

“Kenshiro, your unending anguish will be a beacon for all who dare to engage us in the Underground.”

Omega looked at Boulder again as he stepped back from his prey.







Omega: “You long to suffer by our hands, Kenshiro...”




Amazingly Ninja K started to drag himself upward via the barricades, much to the chagrin of Omega. The sickening smile eroded as he nodded to himself. The Inogami Clan figurehead was actually still fighting. Omega’s smile returned as he knew he was going to be able to inflict more damage on Kenshiro.

Omega: “Very well. We shall oblige you...”

A seemingly Kenshiro was now leaning against the barricades as the fans continued to rallying behind him. Several fans were patting the ninja’s battered frame as he sought to steady himself, draped his dangling arm over the barricades before forcibly resetting his shoulder himself...


Omega couldn't believe it but he reveled in it. The challenger raced toward Kenshiro who caught him with a Double Leg Takedown, slamming his chin against the barricades! Omega did not stay down as he quickly got back to his feet but was down on the ground again with Ninja leaping off the rails and connecting with a Spinning DDT! Kenshiro’s eyes roved about as he dragged himself back to his feet. Still favoring his ailing shoulder & Left Leg, he grabbed Omega by his braids with his free hand and slowly lured the massive man down to the ring. Kenshiro was able to get Omega back into the ring. Ninja K hooked Omega by the head and drove him face first against the ring apron with a STO! The goliath staggered wildly backwards from the kneeling, fighting to stabilize his weakened vertical base as Kenshiro rolled the giant back inside the ring before he moved to the other side of the ring as Omega started to get to his feet shaking his head and holding his neck. Omega slowly turned around…


The kick by the chief retainer landed flush on Omega’s chin. The big man fell to the mat like a huge redwood in the forest. Ninja K was seen grimacing along the canvas for several moments before he dragged himself along the padded earth and went for the cover on Omega.




Ninja K angrily slammed his fist against the mat & shook his head again as the crowd’s cheers went to an incredible height again as the craziest bastard in wrestling continued to keep getting back up. The chief retainer made it to his feet as he reached down and grabbed Omega as he hobbled in place. He implemented a stern Hammer Throw sent Omega crashing into the corner. Kenshiro raced to the other corner, setting himself up for something. He hobbled across the ring and nailed Omega with a Superman Punch in the corner that actually got a pop from the crowd. Ninja K knew he had to do more to keep this man down as he bounced off the ropes and nailed Omega with the NORTH STAR PRESS. He was trying to take the air out of Omega’s lungs again. The champ knew this was all or nothing as he braced his Left Forearm across his mid section. There was no room for failure against this man. The chief retainer was going to make Omega pay for his transgressions. Ninja K saw that Omega was still down on the mat. Kenshiro picked up Omega and hooked him.


The Underground Champion dragged himself along the canvas before slowly turned Omega over and hooked his leg again for the cover as Underwood dropped down for the count.




Crowd: “THIS IS AWESOME!!! (Clap x5)...THIS IS AWESOME!!! (Clap x5)...THIS IS AWESOME!!! (Clap x5)...THIS IS AWESOME!!! (Clap x5)...THIS IS AWESOME!!! (Clap x5)...THIS IS AWESOME!!! (Clap x5)...THIS IS AWESOME!!! (Clap x5)...”

The madman actually got his shoulder up. Ninja K cast a stern glare at his reluctant challenger. The fans looked shocked. Hell, even Underwood looked shocked. Omega kicked out yet again. The Athletic Freak of Nature eyes narrowed at his challenger. The craziest bastard in wrestling just continued to keep coming but Kenshiro expected this. He knew that it was going to take everything to put Omega down for good and he was the one to do it. The fans were spent. Ninja K was spent. Omega was spent. I am sure the viewers at home are spent to watching this impressive encounter by these two men.

Kenshiro rolled under the bottom ropes to the floor and grabbed the trash can and threw it into the ring. He rolled back into the ring and grabbed Omega by the dread locks. Omega broke free with a Straight Right Punch to the stomach then a big right hand to the head. The big man grabbed Ninja K and hooked him in a front chancery. The challenger quickly hoisted the champion high in the air and held him there for several seconds with one arm showing his freakish power again. Omega finally spiked Kenshiro to the mat with a devastating Brain buster on top of the Trash Can!

Omega panted, flashing his crimson stained teeth as he slithered off the ring apron to the outside. The Demon licked his blood stained lips as he grabbed the ring steps and hurled them over the top rope. The metal obstacle careen loudly against the canvas as the Monster crawled back inside the squared circle. Omega sought great amusement to himself as he watch the resilient ninja push his tattered carcass with his foot along the canvas for several moments.

Omega: “We admire your Spirit...Your suffering delights us...” Moments of pleasure subsided as Omega stood himself erect. Bloody yet hungry for anguish as he pushed himself up to his knees, grabbed the ninja by the hair before dragging him over toward the metal obstruction. Bleeding yet driven, looked at his bleeding bicep before he raised it to his lips and licked the crimson stream. His body shook as he chuckled deeply before pulling Kenshiro up to his knees, pulling his head back before whispering to his ear...

Omega: “Savor these fleeting King...”

The ninja pawed his face, leading Omega to fling his arm aside and hoist him across his broad shoulders. Inaudibly, the Demon yelled to the masses before he dangled his tongue freely from his blood caked lips...



The audience yelled as the Underground Champion’s broken remains remained strewn atop the unforgiving metal obstruction. Omega was seen wincing from the impact yet began giggling, giving himself freely into the madness...


Kenshiro’s fingers infrequently twitched as the bloody giant playfully made a Crimson Angel along the canvas like a little kid playing in snow. Tongue extended while talking incoherently onto himself before crawling over his stomach, pulling himself to both knee, whipped his head back and pinned Kenshiro Undertaker Style....









’Redeemer’ by Marilyn Manson bleed out profusely from the overhead PA system as the Blood God clinched his teeth in sheer madness as referee Underwood tried pulling him off the ninja but to no avail. Mouth agape, his canines were exposed to a shocked populace. Dean Carrington was in the ring, nudging Darius with the Underground Championship. Immediately, the monster swiveled his head toward them and sent them scattering as he crawled over toward the prone belt. Transfixed upon its gleaming surface, he cradled it with both arms carefully...

Dean Carrington: “Your winner of the match.....and NEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW! jOlt Wrestling Underground Champion of the WOOORRRRLLLDDD!!! OMEGA!

Ninja remained motionless as Darius Underwood knelt beside him, checking his vitals before flashing a “X” sign toward the entrance staging area. Meanwhile, the Mentally unhinged Monstrosity held the belt’s pewter surface against his cheek, drew his eyes shut and rocked back & forth for several moments as EMT’s were seen rushing toward the ring. Abruptly, the Demon broke his trance and quickly pivoted to keep the orderlies at bay. Nodding while talking incoherently, Omega soon got back to his feet & stood over his fallen prey atop the ring steps before slowly raising the belt overhead. Drunk with power absolute, The Monster gradually extended his arms outward.


Laughter filled the vast chamber before the arena lighting struggled to remain before the entire arena went black. Moments later, the lights returned yet Omega was no more. The music would continue playing for several moments before it was eventually cut short. The medical staff were diligent in their duties as eventually the gurney was being wheeled out from the back before being erected. Carefully, the medical staff worked to ensure the fallen champion was secured onto the gurney before being wheeled to the back. The audience began clapping for Kenshiro as he was seen moving his hand before disappearing into the back...

Winner: Omega via Pinfall

"The Kindling of Fire"

“Gangway!” A medic exclaimed while leading a medical troupe through the winding halls of the massive arena. The faint squeaking of gurney wheels was nearly muted out by the horde of concerned footsteps. Medical chatter was about as the wounded was being attended to. The Chief Retainer had fallen from grace soundly as he clenched the lapel of one of the white coats, the Inogami General was wrought with pain. Both physical yet far more mental.

Please Lay Still...

“What is he saying?”

“...We are en route to Unit 2...”

An adjacent set of steel doors were parted open & an assembly of Inogami Clan elites poured forth. A battery of Crimson Elite sealed off the remaining exits to being the medical caravan to a halt. Mamoru & Heido were the first to stand out and engage the lead examiner.

“Who is in charge?” Heido inquired while visually sifting through the myriad of faces for verification. A middle aged woman of Indian descent answered the call. “With all due respect, sir; we need to get this man medical attention...”

“Dr. Patel.” Heido uttered with a brief glance at the nameplate. “That man is one of us. We demand the immediate assessment of his condition.”

"It’s not good.” She replied. “This man has a dislocated shoulder. Apparently, he has reset it earlier. Only for it to be separated once more. It is most certain he has suffered what you call a ‘stinger’. Mild concussion symptoms for certain. He also has a high left ankle sprain yet insists upon moving on his own power.”

“Is this the full report?” Mamoru inquired with a brief smirk.

“This is but a hasty assessment thus far.” Dr. Patel stated. “However, it is imperative that we get this patient to a medical facility for further treatment.”

Heido snapped his fingers sternly to summon 4 females from the assembly. The medical staff looked the women of Japanese descent over as they readily assembled behind Heido & Mamoru.

“These 4 shall accompany you to your facility and they are to aid you in the immediate recovery of this man. This is non negotiable. They are well versed in the holistic healing arts. They will be very essential to this process.” Heido ordered as the women in question detached themselves from the remainder of the clan. Eiji stepped forward yet an extended hand by Mamoru kept him at bay.

“May we have a word with him?” Mamoru inquired before Dr. Patel reluctantly stepped aside. Kenshiro was notably worse for wear yet grimaced at their presence.

"I have failed...” Ninja replied.

“Rest, my Lord.” Mamoru ordered while gently placing a hand on his trusted friend. Their eyes held a brief yet private conversation between them that clarity was assured. “We know what must be done. Heido & I will ensure all is well.”

“Focus on your recovery, My Lord.” Heido mentioned before turning his head and glancing at the Blood Raven.


The senior officers motioned for Kugasari to join them when a slightly raised arm greeted him. Eiji was hesitant yet gently clasped his hand just beneath Kenshiro’s elbow.

“Yes, Lord Kenshiro?” Eiji inquired.
”Failure is not an option.”

Dr. Patel and her entire party were granted access to leave. Kenshiro released his grip and conceded to receiving medical attention. Mamoru placed his hand briefly onto Eiji’s shoulder before ushering the clan assembly back toward their inner sanctum, leaving him to navigate the massive fork in his road ahead on his own....

Aran Thompson (c) vs Eiji Kugasari

Dean Carrington: “...Ladies & Gentlemen; IT’S TIME FOR YOUR jOlt WRESTLING MAIN EVENT!!!

The audience cheered loudly for several moments before Carrington continued.

Carrington: “...The following contest is scheduled for 1 fall & it is for the jOlt Wrestling World! Heavyweight!! Championship!!!

The masses were ready as the cameras offered respective views of the cheering populous before the arena lights diminished. The fans roared under the thick cover of obscurity...

Michael Buhrman: Nathan, this match is something I've been waiting and the fans have been waiting for months to see happen and after the events of the last couple weeks....Eiji Kugasari will get his chance to win the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship!

Nathan Powers: Michael, you're right, he will get his chance but you have to remember Eiji Kugasari hasn't been able to pin or submit Aran at all! He has short sheet victories over Aran but in the end, he just couldn't do it without Aran beating himself!

Abruptly, the electrical tubes strewn throughout the entire entrance staging area were slowly activated. The faint flickering of electric luminescence revealed a familiar silhouette, standing alone. Head downcast with both arms extended outward, leading the masses to roar as the silhouette fell out of view.
”Dawn Awaits {Extended Version}” by Cliff Lin

The massive tubes began to churning, transitioning between Pearl & Reddish hues as the musical theme gradually continued its ascension. The visually inspiring chorus of light allowed the ninja’s preemptive martial arts katas to visually flirt with the eyes of the masses. The crowd volume continued to rise as the arcs of colored electricity became more prominent. The shattered tube began belching forth angry sparks and bolts of electricity along the floor and arc across the entrance staging area at random. At the peak of the guitar rifts, the arcs crawled quickly along the towering digital screens. The arcs angrily clawed at both screens as they boldly radiated Crimson during the return of the arena lights. Remaining at a knee, the Blood Raven slowly rose his head to stare at the ring before making his slow vertical ascent.

Whipping his head back, the Inogami Clan officer casually scanned the horizon. Nodding with sheer confidence, the sinewy assassin began his walk toward destiny. Storming around each corner, Eiji walked up the ring steps & paused at their apex to fully bask in the moment before walking along the ring apron. Inaudibly, the challenger signaled to the crowd of the arrival of his time before passing through the ropes and walking the perimeter. Clad in a high tech spandex ninja attire with the hues of predominantly Onyx & Crimson with hints of Gold & Pearl, the No. 1 Contender drew his head downcast toward the mat while pacing. Wringing out his extremities, the ninja ignored the erosion of his theme music that was quickly replaced the sounds of a jubilant audience. Eyes drawn shut, Eiji gently hopped in place before delving deep within himself in preparation for one of the most definitive battles set before him in recent memory....


The lone spotlight pierced through the darkness and highlighted the squared circle. Eiji was seen gnarling his fists while standing at the ring’s epicenter. The masses lead a prolonged chorus of heel heat as the spotlight continued to trail the ninja as a means of psychological warfare...


’Champion’ by Grindspoon angrily rang out from the PA system as the jOltvision screens flickered to life. The edited collage of preening & miscreant antics were complimented by the aerial & technical mastery unleashed upon his various victims. The Relentless One. The Head of The Black Faction Aran Thompson sauntered out from the backstage area to a tsunami of hate awaiting him. Pure disdain radiated from the embittered champion as he stood in place, scanning the horizon with a hardened scowl. With the decommissioned Relentless Championship, draped over his Left Shoulder, the jOlt Championship gleamed brilliantly from its bearer’s waist as the entire staging area was assaulted by a myriad of hues.

Arrogantly, the Northern Indiana resident turned slightly toward his right before slowly raising his arms outward, promoting a rhythmic crescendo of pyrotechnics to rattled loudly behind him. He soon began his trek down the ramp en route to the ringside area. Embittered fans harassed the prima donna athlete who never removed his focus on his opposition. Aran stopped several paces before the ring apron. Seething. Eiji was kept at bay as the reigning champion stood atop the ring apron briefly before walking along the ring apron. Inaudibly, Thompson cursed the ninja before enraging his detractors by his grand displays of haughtiness. Raising both belts toward the heavens, the Relentless One continued peacocking, reminding the masses who they paid their money to see before climbing down. Eiji was motioned away by Referee Boulder from Thompson’s path as he started at him briefly before continuing his antics atop the adjacent turnbuckle.

The music drew silent yet the masses were overheard, rooting against the Black Faction & its leader. The crowd continued rallying behind the ninja to spite Aran as he & his opposition stood nose to nose. The hate was mutual as Referee Mike Hunt pried both men apart to a respectable distance as he began running the instructions down to both of them...

Dean Carrington: “Introducing First; the challenger...He hails from The Okayama Prefecture of Ibara, Japan...Weighting in at 195 pounds...He is the ’Prince of Puroresu’...’The Blood Raven’...EIJI!! KUGASARI!!!

The ninja nodded with confirmation as the legions cheered. Fists balled up, Eiji inaudibly voiced some choice words with his rival before motioning his aspirations to become champion. Aran faintly flashed his canines as Laurie massaged his shoulders. Taped Fists that collectively donned an intentional message; R.I.H. (Rest In Hell) Eiji.Popping the bones in his neck, Aran shifted his jaw slightly while randomly flaring out his fingers & rolling his wrists...

Dean Carrington: “...And his opponent; Weighting in at 242 pounds...He hails from South Bend, Indiana & is the current...reigning & defending jOlt Heavyweight Champion of the WORLD!!! ...ARAN!! THOMPSON!!!....

Body language between the two rivals spoke volumes as the in ring official was handed both the Relentless & Heavyweight Championships to Carrington & Boulder respectively, who displayed it before the masses. To their approval, Boulder handed the World belt to Dean Carrington during his egress as both Eiji & Aran slowly back pedaled a few paces from the ring’s epicenter. Senior Referee Mike Hunt presented the World title to each of the main sections of the arena before handing the belt off over the top rope.


The fans erupted as both Eiji Kugasari and Aran Thompson flashed into the center of the ring locking up wrist to shoulder as they vied for early match dominance. Aran kicked the ankle of Eiji who let go of the lock up but Aran was quick with the attack and followed through with a strike to the head and a kick to the rib cage. Eiji moved his arms down trying to avoid another assault on his ribs but Aran spun around with a spinning back hand, jarring the ninja lieutenant into the near by ropes. Thompson continued his early relentless assault on the challenger reaching for the head of Eiji but Eiji broke the attempt up and slapped Aran across the face.

As the slap echoed throughout the Arena of Champions, the fans wowed in the sudden attack and now Eiji Kugasari was on with a flurry of attacks of his own. Eiji kicked Aran multiple times in the legs and body as Aran struggled to defend against the kicks and Kugasari, wanting to show he he is as good if not better than the champion, spun around with his own spinning back hand but Aran ducked.

Eiji continued his rotation and followed through...TENZO KEN! Aran ducked underneath the Iron Claw STO, grabbed Eiji’s hair, slamming him down to the mat and quickly slid over putting Eiji in a headlock. Aran wrenched back on the neck of Kugasari as he squeezed trying to put enough pressure on the skull of Eiji to make him pass out, but The Blood Raven managed to roll out causing Aran to pin Eiji. The Blood Raven kicked out before Referee Hunt could even make it to the mat.

Aran, kneeling next to the Prince of Puroresu, smiled as the fans sung out in their disdain for the jOlt champion as he inaudibly vilified the fans in attendance. The Black Faction leader returned his attention to his prey and slapped him before standing back up and provoking the rising Blood Raven to get back up to his feet. The two men went nose to nose, arguing with one another. Eiji shoved Aran backward, causing Aran to swing but Eiji blocked it and hit Aran with a hard Right Hook much to the fans enjoyment.

Eiji continued the assault on the jOlt champion pushing Aran back into the ropes and calculating every single kick and jab he made as Aran rocked back against the ropes before the ninja whipped him across the ring. Kugasari fell to the mat as Aran strode over him. Eiji with a High Leapfrog over the streaking Aran off the carom. As Eiji turned around, he was emphatically dropped with a Spinning Heel Kick from Aran. The Scarlet & Onyx Assassin crashed to the mat as Aran popped back up and spread his arms open wide to the dismay of the crowd in attendance.

"I'M THE CHAMPION!!" Aran bellowed as he reacted to the chorus of booing.

Aran quickly charged over to the prostrate ninja & connected with an Elbow onto the chest of Eiji before following it up with a flurry of Punches. Thompson quickly stood up and walked around Eiji who was trying to collection his bearings but The Relentless One methodically stomped on the his ankles and wrists.

Nathan Powers: That is the brilliance of Aran Thompson. How do you stop a ninja? You make sure his joints don't work.

Aran stomped at the head of Eiji before bending down and insulting the ninja with a barrage of Paintbrush Slaps across the face! The legions were adamantly booing Aran out the building as he inaudibly yelled back at the crowd...

Michael Buhrman: C'mon! Aran is just toying with Kugasari now!

The Arrogant champion grabbed his rival by the head, snatched him up to his vertical base before kneeing him in the midsection and turning him around locking Eiji's arms behind him. The cocky miscreant flashed a malicious smile before running him chest first into the turnbuckle. Aran turned Eiji back around and punched him in the jaw before once again whipping him, but this time into the ropes and Aran quickly vaulted off the ropes...


Eiji quickly slid back out onto the ring apron, allowing Thompson to crash & burn against the canvas before the ninja rolled back into the ring and quickly covered the jOlt Champion as Aran held his head in pain...




The challenger, not about to take Aran for granted, maintained his composure as he just brought Aran back up to his feet and slapped Aran across the chest, causing Aran back pedal a bit.


Eiji's sequenced assault of a Snap Kick to Thigh, Spinning Back Elbow to Skull, Spinning Back Fist, Open Palm Strike to Jaw caused Aran to crumble to the mat and Eiji once again pinned the champ!




A slightly annoyed Eiji couldn't understand how Aran would even know he was that close as hitting a signature move like that. However, Kugasari turned his head and breathed heavily for a moment, calming himself, and once again pulled Aran up to his feet followed by a Kick to the left thigh and then to the right. Aran's legs began to tremble as he struggled to stand and collect himself from the strikes of the Crimson Sword Dance just moments ago.


Eiji folded into the mat and Thompson followed suit, grabbing hold of the ropes to bring himself back up slowly. The last Relentless Champion looked around as the fans cheered for The Blood Raven, trying to revive the challenger to Aran's championship! The South Bend native, wide eyed, collected himself and rolled out of the ring using the apron and the guard rail for support as he took the time to freshen up.


Buhrman: He clearly hit that out of pure instinct and now he knows the best way to stay in this match is to get himself together before.....wait....why am I defending Aran?!

Powers: Because he is just that damned good.

The Arena of Champions resonated with a massive wave of heat as they watched Aran walked over to the time keepers booth, grabbing both jOlt Championship and Relentless Championships as the groggy ninja began shaking the cobwebs free before identifying the souce of the vast disturbance...

Buhrman: Are you serious?! You're just gunna walk out of the match?

Powers: HAHA! He knows Eiji is done for and he doesn't have anything else to prov...


The masses cheered as Eiji Kugasari took flight & collided with Aran on the outside of the ring. Both Championship belts flew apart & hit the floor as Aran and sinewy ninja rolled on the ground in pain. Eiji managed to get himself back up to his feet before The Blood Raven could and he slammed a shoulder into Aran's midsection, forcing Aran into the barricade. Aran tried to defend himself by slamming his forearm into Eiji's back but it didn't work as Kugasari continued to muscle through and slam his shoulder into his rival's abdomen. The Japanese native raised Aran's head up and slapped the taste out of his mouth much to the enjoyment of the near by fans who screamed in wonderment as Aran just toppled over on to the floor. The Blood Raven flung his hair back and ran his hands through it as he looked at the crowd and they pointed to the jOlt Championship cheering for Eiji and letting him know that he has what it takes to be the champion.

Eiji looked at the referee who was midway through the ten count and Eiji quickly reset the count by rolling back off the ring apron. Senior Referee Hunt reminded Eiji that he would have to bring the match back into the ring before he counted both men out. Eiji grabbed Aran and rolled him into the ring. Aran, on all fours, looking as Eiji stood on the ring apron and grabbed the ropes.


The ninja fell back and crashed into ring barricade and the ref fell to the mat. Aran quickly got out of the ring and ran over to the time keeper shoving him aside and taking his steel chair. Aran used the chair to keep some balance as he reached Eiji and slammed the chair across the ninja’s back who had both arms resting on the barricade holding himself up. The fans continued booing the jOlt Champion as he jammed the top of the chair into the back and neck of Eiji Kugasari who screamed out in pain. Aran looked behind him to see Mike Hunt coming to and he hid the chair on the opposite side of the barricade with the fans as he rolled into the ring and telling Boulder to get up and count Eiji out. The in ring official looked around trying to make sense of everything and slowly began the ten count.




Eiji began moving.



Eiji was up on one knee.


Eiji stood up trying to collect himself.



The crowd began chanting: "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!"

Reminiscent of the last episode of iNtense, Thompson had hit his signature Spinning Reverse DDT on Eiji from the outside, but this time, Aran had that championship spark in his body. He was quick to get up limping from the pain before he grabbed Eiji's head and flung Eiji into the ring apron acosted him.

"DO YOU BELIEVE NOW?!" Aran shouted at Eiji as he slapped Eiji across the face yet again.

Aran rolled into the ring, breaking up the ten count and slid into the mat. Thomson was reveling in the moment before he started kicking Eiji in the back of the head. The aspiring challenger staggered his way back to his vertical base before Aran sent the ninja sailing over the top rope with a High Hip Toss! The audience groaned as the ninja took a sickening bump chest & head first against the padded earth. Referee Hunt stopped Aran from going to the outside and he went to check on Eiji who looked to have been seriously hurt from the impact. Meanwhile, Aran was busy storming around the ring, screaming back at the sea of detractors before displaying that devilish grin. The screaming legions continued booing him as he spread his arms open and embraced the endearment of the fans.

Eiji, not noticing Boulder trying to help him, decked Boulder across the jaw with a Snap Spinning Heel Kick! A jubilant Aran pointed it out and mocked Eiji from inside the ring while the fans reacted accordingly. The Blood Raven shook his head as he looked at unconscious Hunt. Eiji turned his attention to Aran who had slid out of the ring and the two began brawling. Lefts and Rights flew from both competitors before Eiji got the advantage and slammed Aran's head into the ring post. Eiji followed it up by grabbing the waist of Aran's trunks and flinging Aran into the Barricade. The screaming legions rallied behind the ninja as he slammed Aran spine first against the barricades. Jaw agape, Thompson’s eyes rolled about briefly before Eiji drove several Knees into the champion’s sternum. The assault stood him up groggily as Eiji gave himself some running room before streaking toward his enemy...


Thompson screamed in anguish as he fell onto both knees, both arms cradling the back of his head. Fans in the front rows were clambering loudly as Eiji gradually stood himself erect before scrambling over the rails after the staggering Thompson. The Inogami Clan Lieutenant grabbed Aran by both the back of his tights & neck and soundly rammed him against the steel steps! Smoothing his head back with both hand, Eiji briefly basked into the moment before gaining a measure of running room. Kugasari quickly sprinted toward his target...


The fans groaned loudly as Eiji missed his intended target, slammed his knee against the steps before tumbling wildly over them. Thompson was keeled over onto his side, still cradling his head before seeking to regain his footing. The cameraman peered at the ailing ninja, favoring his knee along the floor while trying to stand. Eiji slammed his fist against the padded floor before pushing himself upward via the barricades. Aran was seen rounding the steps before kicking the bad leg from behind, knocking Eiji to the floor. Both men were ailing with their respective ailments yet the champion was back in the driver seat as he held the ninja’s leg out for the fans to see before connecting with a measured Elbow Drop! Again! Again! Aran paused to spew some verbal venom at the ailing ninja before driving his boot heel into his pelvis!

The enraged Thompson began arguing with the fans briefly before dragging his rival by the leg towards the ring apron. The pissed off champion used the ring apron as leverage to wedge his knee against Eiji’s throat for several seconds before stepping away. The ninja sought to use the ring steps to restore his vertical base yet the vile Thompson stomped on the challenger’s hand! The muffled scream emitted by Eiji was heard as he spun about and fell onto his side. Cradling the back of his head still, Aran chuckled to himself as his rival writhed in pain. The negative swelled as Aran ground his heel against the ninja’s head before completing a calloused Boot Scrape on Eiji. “You think your YMCA Karate Class bullshit is gonna stop me?! Huh?!” The champion exclaimed as he kicked the ninja across the shoulder.

“Where’s your Brotherhood of the Traveling Black Pajama Pants to save your bitch ass now?!” Another hard Kick before he headed over to the Spanish Announce position, wrested the chair away before measuring up his opposition. Some of the ringside personnel were still attending to the fallen Hunt as Thompson scattered them away with threats of bodily harm en route toward his challenger. “GET UP!” Aran yelled as Eiji was slow to his feet. “Checkout Time, Motherfuc...”

Thompson’s face contorted as an unknown has seized the chair from behind him. The cheering masses masked the arrival of Referee Simon Boulder. The burly referee ripped the weapon free some the champion’s hand, who was quick to protest his interference. Aran began shouting while pointing his finger into the burly mediator’s chest, who garnered major favor for slapping his hand away before the fans. Boulder started shouting back when Aran shoved him yet Boulder shoved hard off his feet to the floor. The crowd rallied behind the ring official who was threatening to kick the champion’s ass, who readily conceded by throwing his hands up. A ‘Boulder’ chant resonated from the stands as Aran sought to return his focus onto his opposition...


Slack jawed by the impact, Thompson notable has his bell rung yet the resurgent challenger dragged him back to his feet before using an Irish Whip to rattling spine against the ring apron. Eiji shoved him under the ropes and ground his forearm against Aran’s jaw during a Lateral Press...




The crowd groaned loudly yet the determined challenger displayed a slight limp while dragging his rival away from the ropes and set him up with a Spinning Toe Hold. The Blood Raven took a moment to stare at his pleading opposition before scanning the horizon and nodding with confirmation...

Rolling Step Over Toe Hold Throw! The Prince of Puroresu pushed himself back into position to batter Aran with a 2nd one. A 3rd. The crowd loudly counted with each one. The 5th one had Aran reaching up and clawing at his captor’s knee while cradling his head...Rolling Step Over Toe Hold Throw #6...7...8...9...Eiji paused in his assault to extend his hands outward, beckoning the crowd on further...10! Thompson remained sprawled out in a crumpled heap as Eiji clung the top ropes briefly for support. Hammer Throw by Eiji. Thompson slammed against the corner with the agile ninja following suit...

Red Solstice - A Running Tiger Wall Flip to Hurricanrana Take Down

Gnarling his fists, the masses energized the ninja as he slowly raised his head upward. Meanwhile, Aran was both dazed and confused. Struggling to regain his footing, he crawled about towards the ropes as The Prince of Puroresu readily stalked after him. Aran used the ropes to pull himself back to his feet as Eiji flashed a ‘throat slashing’ gesture before pouncing atop his enemy’s shoulders from behind...

The Shinobi Sunset!

Tragedy was adverted as Aran desperately clung to the ring ropes. The nimble ninja landed on both feet before charging in after his rival. Standing Back Body Drop by Aran yet Eiji hung onto the ropes to land along the ring apron. The audience groaned loudly as the Relentless One countered with a vicious Ring Rope Neck Snap, causing Eiji to land hard against the ring apron. Coughing yet amused at his own cunning, the World Champion motioned for his enemy to recollect himself before laying boots to the ninja. Pissed off by the sea of disgruntled fans, Aran pulled Eiji to his feet, passed his upper body through the ropes where they rested against his back. With his hand wrapped around the ninja’s throat, Aran began spewing hatred through a set of clenched teeth before repeatedly slamming his forearm between his rival’s shoulder blades. Referee Boulder forced him to break up the count, leaving Eiji ensnared in the ropes before turning about with his arm across the ninja’s throat. Much protest was given by the masses & the ref but to no avail....

Randy Orton Style BackBreaker with the Ring Ropes!

A notable fecal chant swelled within the Arena of Champions as Eiji dangled lifelessly before sliding off the ring apron & to the outside in short order. Thompson dropped to his knees and extended his arms outward, basking in the tsunami of unified resentment. “I LOVE IT!!!” Aran yelled back defiantly. “I’M THE FUCKING BEST!!! UN-FUCKING-TOUCHABLE!!! Thompson pulled himself up via the ring ropes and allowed Boulder to do his job.











Eiji ‘s forearm slapped against the ring apron while he grimacing. The champion became angered as we peeled himself away from the adjacent corner and intercepted the returning Eiji. Like an NFL kicker, Aran sought to kick a field goal with Kugasari’s heart, causing him to spill back inside through the ropes before making the cover...




The legions cheering further agitated the reigning champion as he clench the ninja’s hair with both hands. “FUCK YOU!” Aran repeated with every measured Punch to the Head before wringing the pain from his hand & knocking Eiji to the canvas with a stern Hard Right. Cover...




Thompson gritted his teeth before dragging the struggling ninja toward the neutral corner. Eiji was walking on both knees clumsily before Aran shoved him chest first against the middle turnbuckle, clasped onto the top ropes and stood with his feet between the ninja’s shoulder blades. The Blood Raven grimaced from the gnawing pain being administered as Aran beat the 5 count by temporarily setting his feet on the middle ropes before torturing his rival once more. Fully extending his body vertically, Thompson ground his heels in deeply before catapulting himself upward & driving a Knee on target! Resting himself against the top turnbuckle, Aran casually enjoyed his break before dropping back down for the cover...




Burying his face into both hands, Aran smoothed this head out of sheer frustration as the legions openly showed allegiance to the gutsy challenger. The Black Faction leader talked himself down before swiveling back to his feet. Dragging the ninja up to both knees, Aran began battering him with measured Head Butts before cinching him up for a Brain Buster. Eiji used the momentum to escape, landing in a crouching posture before Aran spun him about and humbled him with a Knee to the midsection. Thompson sought to destroy his rival with a Power Bomb yet the reluctant ninja began fighting back with a hail of Punches between the champion’s eyes. The deft assassin free himself and began backing Thompson back with a series for Forearms before leading him away with a Hammer Throw. Aran’s Running Knee missed the mark, allowing Eiji spin him about and send the champion airborne with a Snap Hurricanrana Takedown!

Thompson rolled to a drunken stagger before draping himself along the middle ropes. Still ailing, Eiji crawled around along the mat before regaining his footing. Aran was rose staggering from a knee when Eiji ducked underneath the Spinning Back Hand and bundled him up with a Gannosuke Clutch Pin!




Aran extended his arm out to ward off the persistent ninja while scooting away yet Eiji pulled him to his feet. Thompson with a stern Forearm Strike to the Jaw that staggered Kugasari back a few paces before blasting him with a Kick to the Stomach...Snap Overhead Release Butterfly Suplex! Thompson ignored the angry masses while laying on his side, trying to catch his breath before crawling over to his enemy and punish him with some angry Mounted Punches. The referee snatched Aran off Kenshiro’s protegee’ where he stormed off in a circle, unleashing the rage brimming from within. The pressure was mounting, leading him to grabbed the rising ninja and bury a Knee into his abdomen. A hail of Clubbing Forearms followed in short order before Aran inaudibly screamed out at the rabid fans. A Running Hip Toss led to the Onyx clad acrobat to land on his feet. A Standing Back Kick by Eiji doubled the champion over as the ninja drill Aran flush to the back of his skull with a Precision Elbow Strike! Thompson reeled back from the attack, leaning against the ropes where the grimacing ninja utilized a Snap Mare...

Lotus Lock

The World Champion gnashed his teeth & panted heavily against the pressure of Eiji’s legs applying a Full Nelson Lock, wedging the ball of each foot against his neck! The challenger nodded his head while sitting up on both hands as Aran was fighting against the urge to submit. Kugasari grimaced as he arched his back upward, increasing the pressure. Thompson balled up his fists, trying to fight his way out yet the ninja further elevated his arc. This prompted Aran to scream wildly in utter dismay before gritting his teeth and gradually rolling over onto his side. The ninja rolled with the momentum, placing Aran’s shoulders against the mat...



Thompson jerked his shoulders off the mat before collapsing onto his side as The Prince of Puroresu breifly remained prostrate along the canvas. Both men struggled to regain their footing as the crowd angrily booed as The Relentless One was the first to land a Hard Right Hand! The audience nosily rallied in unison as Eiji staggered the champion back a few paces with a Right Hand of his own...



















Stumbling back from a stiff Forearm Strike by the Blood Raven, Aran gently careened against the ropes and swung with a Short Arm Lariat. Eiji spun him about and sent him back to the ropes with an Irish Whip. Thompson hooked his arm over the top rope to catch Eiji telegraphing a Standing Back Body Drop. A Standing Soccer Kick to the Chest leaned the ninja back, rotating his arms to sustain his weakened vertical base. The Relentless One shoved Eiji to the ground before binding him with a Double Leg Bridge Pin! ...1! ...2! ...NO! Aran sloppily scrambled to his feet & seized the ninja with a Side Headlock. Aran led the ninja toward the corner to deliver a Vaulting Turnbuckle Bulldog yet Eiji jettisoned his captor soundly back first against the canvas! Aran was writhing in pain while trying to stand as the Blood Raven clambered his way to the top ropes...

Hanzo’s Comet - Front Flipping Seated Senton(Molly Go Round)

The cunning champion somehow managed to roll through, swing his right arm to sustain his footing before locking Eiji into a Texas Cloverleaf! Aran continued to scream at the top of his lungs as Eiji’s eye’s widened before burying his face into the into the mat! Simon Boulder knelt down to assess the ailing ninja’s condition as he flared his hands out at random. Shaking his head frantically, the challenger began digging in with his elbows & forearms in the hunt for a rope break. Aran was angrily shaking his head in protest as the ninja was nearing his objective when Thompson quickly shifted to the dreaded Cross-Legged STF! Despair began to set in the crowd as Eiji’s fully extended arm clawed angrily along the mat, desperately reaching for the ropes.

“TAP, MOTHERFUCKER!” Aran exclaimed! “I’LL BREAK YOUR FUCKING ARM & BEAT THE FUCK OUT OF YOU WITH IT, BITCH!” The Blood Raven overheard the rising sea of voices, urging him forward where his captor was shaking his head with deep concern. “TAP! TAP GOD DAMNIT!!! TAP!!! Inch by inch, the challenger dragged himself and his oppressor closer to the ropes. The legions cheered as Eiji finally clung to the bottom ropes with Aran rearing back on the hold. Boulder hit him with a strong 4 count before Thompson was forced to break it up...

Crowd: LET’S GO EIJI!!! (clap x5) ...LET’S GO EIJI!!! (clap x5) ...LET’S GO EIJI!!! (clap x5) ...LET’S GO EIJI!!! (clap x5) ...LET’S GO EIJI!!! (clap x5) ...LET’S GO EIJI!!! (clap x5) ...LET’S GO EIJI!!! (clap x5) ...LET’S GO EIJI!!! (clap x5) ...LET’S GO EIJI!!! (clap x5) ...LET’S GO EIJI!!! (clap x5) ...LET’S GO EIJI!!! (clap x5) ...LET’S GO EIJI!!! (clap x5)

Aran was blatantly losing his cool as his opposition was slowly crawling back to all fours. The Heavyweight Champion braced his balled up fists against each end of his forehead before stomping in steady cadence, reeling Kugasari in for the kill. Eiji grimaced heavily as he used the ropes to stand him erect. The Blood Raven staggered about while holding each adjacent rope when the Black Family patriarch pounced to for the definitive strike...

The Icarus Switch...NO!

Kugasari held onto the ropes & dug his heels in. Thompson dropped to a knee, pivoted into position to run his rival down yet was left eating a stiff Back Elbow by Eiji. The ninja staggered after him and blasted his inner right thigh with a blistering Kick, reducing Aran to a stumbling mess. Thompson reeled from the 2nd Buzzsaw Kick to the back of his Left Thigh before stumbling toward the corner. The streaking ninja closed in on Aran yet the wily champion stunned the Blood Raven with a unforgiving European Uppercut! Cinching his stunned prey up with a Front Chancery, Aran perched the ninja atop the turnbuckles before climbing up after him. The champion remained poised to deliver a Superplex yet the recovering ninja began fighting back out of desperation. Both men were soon warring for the advantage before Eiji began weakening Thompson with a ongoing tandem of measured Head Butts! A Strong Forearm Strike to the Jaw knocked Aran off the buckles, crashing against the canvas, leaving Eiji to savor this rare moment of recovery. Thompson dragged himself upward back to his feet and turned as The Blood Raven took flight with a High Moon Sault...

The Shinobi Sunset - A Step Up Snap Reverse Frankensteiner Driver

The Arena of Champions rattled from the audible spike as Aran eerily bounced a foot off the canvas skull first and landed soundly onto his side along the mat! The arena was going nuts as ninja was balled up several feet away...


Slightly disoriented, Eiji began searching before laying eyes on the motionless frame of the reigning Heavyweight Champion. Nodding his head, he crawled slowly yet hungrily toward his destiny. Resting on both knees, he motioned for the referee to close in as he peeled Aran over and hooked the leg deeply...




The look of outright disbelief radiated from Eiji’s visage as he hovered on all fours over his rival. Resting on both knees, the ninja used both hands to smooth his hair back while rethinking his next course of action. Immediately, Eiji grabbed Thompson’s motionless leg and connected with a Spinning Knee Drop before rolling through. A groggy Aran brandished a small cut on his brow as Eiji methodically chopped his lower back...


Red Redemption - A Grapevine STF Submission

Pushing up at his fullest extension, the ensnared Thompson belted out muffled screams of anguish as Eiji pulled back tighter. Aran frantically yelled at the ref while using his clawed fingers to drag himself & his rival over toward the ropes. The ninja shook his head in rebuke of his opposition’s resilience as he scrapped the bottom ropes several times before one last lunge granting him a firm grasp of the bottom ropes. Boulder gave Eiji a strong 4 count before he reluctantly released his enemy. Aran’s Elbow Pads were down around his wrists as he was left panting along the mat. It was Eiji’s time to reel the crawling Thompson in as he gradually dragged himself toward the turnbuckles to reclaim his footing. Kneeling before the ring posts, Aran eventually staggered backward to a vertical base as The Blood Raven strode in after him. Unexpectedly, Aran spun about and shoved the ninja toward the corner. Eiji planted his foot against the middle buckle before being blind sided with a Forearm across the back of the neck! Left draped over the top turnbuckle, Aran took a moment to catch his breath before cinching the ninja by his tights & the scruff of his neck. Peeling his adversary away from the buckles, Thompson pivoted and abruptly hurled the Blood Raven shoulder first into the unforgiving steel post!

Thompson staggered back several paces like a drunkard while reeling the ailing ninja in. Teeth clenched, Aran could taste it as Eiji stumbled backward into the kill zone. Thompson pounced...

The Icarus Switch - A Crucifix Driver

Eiji was violently spiked off the canvas, rolled to a single knee before collapsing along the canvas! The entire assembly was wrought with anger & disbelief. High off of pure adrenaline, Aran stumbled to his feet & swing his fist in celebration before collapsing against the ring ropes and falling into a seated position. Beating his fist against his chest, Aran wiped the blood from his brow and smiled as he rolled onto all fours. Crawling toward his fallen enemy and sat back on his knees. Extending his arms outward, he willingly succumbed to the Hubris.


“Count this fucker out!” Thompson ordered as he arrogantly hooked the leg deeply...




Aran was outdone. The masses brought the noise to near deafening levels as he radiated a sheer sense of panic. The champion adamantly pled his case to the referee about a ‘slow count’ before literally going ape shit. Thompson repeatedly slammed his forearm against the canvas before staggering back to his feet and kicking the bottom ropes. Stomping around, madness had set in, The Blood Raven was seen struggling to regain his footing as Aran intently clawed his head in blind fury before once again reeling his enemy in...


Aran shifted his position behind the groggy ninja to remain in his blind side before pouncing once more...


Eiji spun about and humbled Thompson with a Ring Rope Drop before collapsing along the canvas. Aran knelt along the ring apron, bracing his Left Forearm across his midsection while holding onto the top ropes. The masses were overheard as Eiji dragged himself back up to a vertical base. Kugasari grabbed his enemy by the head & nailed him with a Forearm Shot to the teeth, reeling the champion dangerously off the ring apron. However, Thompson fired back. Both men continued trading stiff shots before Eiji gained control before planting his feet along the middle ropes, setting Aran up for a Super Plex back inside the ring. The Relentless One began fighting back before hoisting the ninja upward. A Delayed Front Face Suplex battered the ailing ninja as he slowly rolled over onto his back. Thompson took a moment to catch himself before pulling himself to the top rope. Motioning the rising ninja to stand, he soon raised his arms upward yet Eiji caused Aran to crotch himself atop the turnbuckles!

The South Bend native howled in anguish as he remained hunched over. The stomping & verbal ruckus in the stands reverberated throughout the arena as The Blood Raven climbed his way up after his rival. A stiff Knee to the Head was followed by 2 more before dropping to the floor. A Fireman’s Carry dangled Aran across the ninja’s shoulders as he stared out into the distance and nodded with confidence. A spark from within Aran urged him to unleash a consistent battery of Elbows to Eiji’s Jaw before he was dropped back to his unsteady base. Thompson stagged about 3 paces before grabbing the dazed ninja by the arm before sending him to the opposing corner with an Atomic Whip. Aran trailed the ninja and pounced yet Eiji rolled along the ropes, allowing Aran’s High Turnbuckle Splash to leave him draped over the top turnbuckle padding! The Blood Raven staggered with haste after his hurt rival before hoisting up across his shoulders with an Inverted Fireman’s Carry...

Event Horizon - An Airplane Spin to a Falling Double Knee Lung Blower

The impact sent the ailing champion stumbling forward before dropping to all fours! The legions cranked up the volume as Eiji stumbled his way back to his feet before he pounced atop his rival’s back...

The Recluse Spider Lock - Pentagram Strangle Submission Hold!

Sheer panic befell the Heavyweight Champion as the entire arena was going nuts. Thompson frantically pushed off with his legs. Draping his Right Arm of the ninja’s ankle, Thompson’s window for escape was felt dramatically closing. Aran rolled over onto his stomach and began pushing off the ground as Eiji finally cinched the stranglehold in! Boulder hovered about closely as a screaming Aran clawed at Kugasari’s limbs while arching his back, attempting to wedge his rival’s shoulders into the mat...



Eiji used the back of his head as a point of balance while wrenching in the lock tighter. Thompson pushed off his heels yet lost his slim base before wildly slapping the canvas with the back of his hand! The Arena of Champions exploded as Boulder quickly signaled for the bell.

Aran continued tapping before Kugasari released him. Aran slowly rolled himself toward the ring apron as The Blood Raven laid prostrate along the canvas. The jOlt faithful were seen jumping in celebration in numerous sections of the arena as Kugasari dragged himself to both knees. Face buried between both forearms, the jubilant clan lieutenant began beating his forearm against the canvas before rising to both knees...


”Dawn Awaits by Cliff Lin at Simon Boulder standing streamers sailed over the top rope and began covering the canvas as a confetti blizzard descended upon the populous. Ringside officials were seen tending to the fallen Thompson by the ring apron as the Crimson & Onyx Assassin scaled the turnbuckles and extended his arms outward. Pointing before him. Eiji drew his eyes shut briefly before receiving the most coveted prize of the promotion. Holding it close, the referee grabbed his Right Wrist to lead him to his feet. Hand held in victory, The Blood Raven nodded before rearing his head back in celebration. A cadre of colored towards its large pewter surface, The Blood Raven brandished the championship hardware before all to see.

The Inogami Clan were seen pouring out from the back; Mamoru led the charge with both Heido & Takeshi following suit. The elder statesman was seen warmly retrieving his cigar as he walked up the ring steps and continued clapping his hands as The Crimson Order entered the ring. Mamoru motioned for the Crimson Elite to surround the ring before the senior officers joined their brother at arms. In unison, the entire clan placed their Right Fists against their Left Breasts before taking a knee in unison. Eiji nodded & saluted in return.

Arms draped over each personnel’s shoulder, Aran reluctantly stared over his shoulder to witness his rival still celebrating before the world. The image disgusted him as he could bear to see any more. Pyrotechnical explosions rattled the entrance staging area several moments later before several salvos began bursting overhead. At a distance, Eiji was seen staring towards the upper decks longingly before rolling off the ring apron, standing atop the lead broadcast position to bask in the amassed adulation.

The respectful gesture summoned a longstanding response from the crowd as Mamoru began clapping his hands in congratulations. Eyes drawn shut, The Blood Raven has officially arrived. The promotional logo appeared at the bottom right corner of the screen, leaving with the parting shot of Eiji, belt in his Right Hand, extending his arms outward before pressing his Right Fist against his Left Pectoral. His head drew downcast before the scene faded to black....

Winner: Eiji Kugasari via Submission