"Welcome to Unlimited"

An EKG pulse would gradually transition from Fire Truck Red to Royal Blue with each beat before boldly forming the letters “jOlt Wrestling presents...Est. 2012”Mere seconds would elapse as a bright gleam, shimmered along the platinum trimmed outline of the lettering as the promotional brand hardened as it quickly cooled. On cue, the Royal Blue lettering would produce a few animated arcs of raw electricity to breathe life into the logo as the tempered steel background was soon submerged into the encroaching darkness. Several moments would elapse before the lit lettering would soon diminish....

"Transformation" by SAWA

Open up your eyes...

The jOltvision displayed a technological city, almost as if it were from the movie Tron itself. As the camera faded in, it raced down the futuristic highway as the city on the horizon drew closer.

And see.... Transformation..... Transformation....

The screen began get staticy as the song ramped up. The song then paused.

"It's Over......."

A brilliant aqua light beamed from the city and the Unlimited logo formed out of the explosion of light. The drums in the song kicked in and we were taken inside of the jOlt Arena. The stage looked very futuristic. You had the main jOltvision screen as always, but you had a screen at a 45 degree angle arcing upward and protruding from the top of the jOltvision.

On the left and right sides of the stage were two curved walls which were also screens that started at the stage's end and ended at the sides of the jOltvision, giving you a near 180 visual experience. The side screens and top screens had the futuristic sides of the roads whizzing by, the top angled screen had the sky, making it look like the entrance ramp was the road from the video.

The main jOltvision displayed the city and that same aqua blue light illuminated the screen and in a brilliant flash, it set off aqua pyro on the stage, exploding randomly. Then aqua pyro blew from the tops of the curved screens, starting at the front and curving around to the jOltvision. When they reached the big screen, one last pyro explosion blew on stage.

The camera the panned around the jOlt Arena in Miami, FL, as it surveyed the cheering and rabid fans. The commentary dubbed over the crowd reaction.

Buhrman: Ladies and Gentlemen.. welcome to the 2015 edition of Unlimited! I'm Michael Burhman alongside Nate Powers and we are on the eve where The Rebellion could walk away with almost every single championship in the entire company!

Powers: That's right.. Sebastian Saje will take on Mack Brody for the gOlden bOy Championship, Raevynn defends the Starlet title against Charlotte, Cross the Hood defend the tag titles against The House and The Crimson Order, Michael Donavan will try and take the Underground title away from Omega, and let's not forget.. the leader of The Rebellion, Jon Le Bon, will go one on one with Jesse Ramey for the world title and Le Bon promised us he would dethrone Ramey and walk away with that title!

Buhrman: We also have the Relentless title on the line as Diamond Jewelz will defend against Shoji as well as a number one contender's match to the Starlet title as Sarah Winterton will take on two rookies in Tammy Lynn Foster and Callie Scott... There is a 66% chance we will have a breakout star in the starlet division here tonight!

Powers: But that's not all.. we are kicking off tonight's broadcast with a bonus match... it's a Hype showcase! These two factions have had a lot of heat with each other and we will try and get it settled here tonight. The Widow's Nest is set to take on Cerberus.. that match is up first.. let's kick off the first PPV of 2015!

The Widow's Nest vs Cerberus

Things shifted from the announce booth to the backstage area in a hurry. The backstage area was a complete and utter clusterfuck, as a still in progress war had decimated it. The trio known as the Cerberus and their hated rivals, the Widow's Nest, were not going to wait for an official start to their fight.

"Get him," Black Widow demanded, while pointing towards a wobbly Maddox St. James, who had just been waffled with a steel chair by Wolf Spider.

With no rules, the Nest used their numbers advantage. Wolf Spider was joined by Supaida, who wasn't even scheduled to be there. They pummelled the Sub Zero Soldier, as their ally Araknis found himself being slammed head first into a vending machine, causing three cans of Pepsi to tumble to the floor.

Nearby, Shi No Eyu had obtained himself a broomstick, which he twirled around as if he was in a Jet Li movie before lighting up Muerte with a lightning fast barrage of strikes. Muerte was out on his feet and he was blasted in the mouth by a spinning roundhouse that sent him spiraling to the floor. SNR noticed Maddox being battered and quickly came to his rescue by launching Supaida over a nearby table. Maddox starting firing back at Wolf Spider backing him up into the gorilla position.

For those in attendance, they wouldn't have to view the action on the tron much longer.

Jensen Todd caught Wolf Spider's position out of the corner of his eye and exploded towards him as if he was shot out of a cannon.


Wolf Spider was sent flying through the curtain and tumbling out onto the entrance ramp. Todd followed him out, immediately pouncing on him so he could deliver right hand after right hand to his victim's mouth. Through the curtain behind them came SNR with a hand full of Muerte's hair, dragging him out to the entrance ramp. Not too long after, Maddox was thrown through the curtain by Araknis and Supaida, who had ganged up on him.

Supaida left St. James to Araknis, who was stomping the hell out of him. He pounced onto Jensen's back, pulling him from Wolf Spider and clawing at his eyes. Todd tried to battle back, but Wolf Spider joined in and the duo beat Jensen down.

SNR had things with Muerte well in hand until Black Widow caught him with a low blow that left him wide open for Muerte to spike him on the ramp with a DDT. The impact was so harsh that it actually tore the Ryuujin's mask.

"Take them to the ring," Black Widow instructed. "We want everyone to see us crush them."

Happy to comply, the four members of the Widow's Nest dragged their injured foes to the ring and rolled them in.

Supaida assisted Black Widow in littering the ring with steel chairs, as their allies kept beating on their rivals. Wolf Spider was the first to obtain one of the folding chairs. He pointed right to Maddox St. James and slammed the chair down on the mat. The Sub Zero Soldier was on spaghetti legs and unable to defend himself.


Down went Maddox courtesy of a steel chair to the skull. That shot warped the chair beyond belief and put the deaf fighter's lights out. Not to be outdone, Araknis sized up Shi No Ryu.




A trio of devastating chairshots stuck the Ryuujin across the back, keeping him from face down on the mat.

"You should've stayed a spider," Araknis enlightened SNR, as he pulled him from the mat.

Araknis held the steel chair in front of SNR's face, so Supaida could come racing off the ropes and deliver a dropkick right into the chair, blasting SNR in the face.

With two down and one to go, the quartet turned their attention to the rookie Jensen Todd. The young superstar rose up to his feet in the middle of the ring, finding himself surrounded by his adversaries. Refusing to show even the tiniest bit of fear Jensen began snarling like a rabid wolf. Things looked grim for him with the Widow's ready to pounce.

However, things were about to take an unexpected turn.

From out of the crowd, four masked men climbed over the barricade to the ringside area and positioned themselves at the four corners of the ring. Their identities were hidden even further by the massive grim reaper like hoods of their black jackets. The steampunk swat team caught the attention of the Widow's Nest, stopping them in their tracks. The four men removed their jackets and climbed up onto the apron of the ring. Each had a letter on their left pectoral. "M", "A", "R", and “G” respectively were emblazoned on their attitire.

"What the hell is this?" Black Widow hissed with the unknown group stepping into the ring.

Without warning, the Widow's Nest went on the attack. The numbers game was fair this time around, but the size advantage was not. “M”, “A”, and “G” were drastically bigger than any member of the Nest, nearly twice the size of Supaida and Araknis. Jensen rolled out of harm’s way, leaving the two factions to do battle.

Araknis unloaded with all he had on "M" and found that no matter how hard he blasted him, it had no effect what-so-ever. "M" gripped Araknis by the throat with one hand and violently threw him into the corner, where he proceeded to obliterate him with rights and lefts. Araknis could do nothing to stop "M" from putting him up in a fireman's carry and driving him down hard with an F5.

Off to their left, Supaida wasn't having much luck either. His strikes meant nothing to "A", who brushed them off and threw the much smaller Supaida up into the air only to spike him with a powerbomb.

"G" and Wolf Spider were across the ring from them and "G" had his enemy down in the corner. Boot after boot was driven into Wolf Spider's chest. "G" didn't stop there. He pulled his foe up and put him right back down with a Ron Simmons-like spinebuster.

In what possibly could have been the most equal battle, Muerte and "R" traded right hands. "R" slipped under a right and immediately went on the offensive. A left-right combo to the face was followed by a left-right combo and a spinning solebutt to the gut. "R" bounced off the middle rope with one foot and put him down for the count with a twisting front flip scissors kick.

The mysterious quartet stood over their victims with their leader, Ezekiel, joining them in the ring. With a nod of the head, "M" and "G" took off to the outside and whether she wanted to or not, Black Widow was launched into the ring. She looked up from her knees with the steampunk swat team surrounding her.

"Michael, Gabriel, Azrael, Rafael... at ease," Ezekiel commanded and all immediately complied.

"Please... I don't have any quarrel with you," Black Widow pleaded, knowing she was in grave danger.

"Now now, madam," Ezekiel replied. "There is no reason to be concerned. While these men are the heralds of the coming apocalypse, they are not without morals like many in this hellbound promotion. They will not harm a single hair on your head."

"Really?" Black Widow was surprised by the response she got from the faction's leader and was even more shocked by him offering his hand to help her up from the canvas.

"I am a man of my word," Ezekiel assisted her while she stood up. "Not a single man in The Dead Cell shall cause you any pain."

Black Widow looked around at them all and found each man standing at ease, like a squadron of well-trained soldiers. Little did she know that a sixth, raven-haired, fairer member of the group had slipped into the ring behind her.

"However, my Magdalena is a far different thing."

Black Widow turned around right into a twisting roundhouse to the jaw. Magdalena was not done there. She forced the dazed Black Widow to stand just to drop her on her head with a swank brainbuster.

With the ring littered with lifeless bodies, the wise prophet surveyed the damage.

"Let us remind them what fear tastes like," he said to his band of loyal soldiers. "Tables, now."

Needing no further instructions, Gabriel and Azrael darted to the outside to obtain what their leader requested, while Michael and Rafael battered the weakened members of the Widow's Nest. A pair of tables were slid into the ring and in no time at all, one was set up by a corner of the ring and the other in the dead center.

"Send them all to hell," Ezekiel commanded and limped backwards giving them space to work.

Muerte's battered body was placed on the table in the middle of the ring and Wolf Spider was dragged over to it. Azrael and Gabriel pulled Wolf Spider from the mat and Ezekiel nodded to his two soldiers.



Two down and two to go.

Next up was Araknis, who too found himself laid across a table once Rafael was finished unloading on him with rights and lefts. Supaida was sat up on the top rope, looking out towards the crowd. Michael stepped up onto the middle rope behind him and the duo went back to back, as Michael started to lift Supaida up from the corner while rising up to his feet.



The shattered tables now accompanied the broken bodies of the Widow's Nest, leaving the ring nothing more than a crime scene. Magdalena gave the kneeling Black Widow a sidekick to the jaw, turning out her lights for good, before making her way over to the undisputed leader of The Dead Cell. The damage had been done and Ezekiel basked in the carnage.

"With our message sent, it is time for us to leave."

With that, the murder of archangels vanished back into the crowd from wence they came, leaving all to ponder their actions and what could be next.

Winner: No Contest

Sarah Winterton vs Tammy Lynn Foster vs Callie Scott

Three women who had been at odds in the last month will finally have a chance to settle their issues and the winner would become the top contender to the Starlet Championship. It would be the Queen of the Starlets and longest-reigning Starlet Champion in jOlt history Sarah Winterton against the brawler Callie “Scrapper” Scott and the Oklahoman powerhouse Tammy Lynn Foster.

It’s go time.

“The following contest is a three-way Starlets match scheduled for one fall! This match will determine the next contender for the Starlet Championship!” Dean Carrington announced.

“Octane” by Burnos.

The adrenaline-fueled anthem played and the crowd started to cheer for the brawler from Battle Ground. Two pillars of smoke billowed out from either side of the entry ramp and out came the woman nicknamed The Scrapper! A blue bandana was draped over her head as she approached the ring, adjusting her signature black elbow pad on her right arm with a sparking red skull and cross-bones adoring it.

“First, from Battle Ground, Washington, weighing in at 138 pounds… please welcome CALLIE “SCRAPPER” SCOTT!”

The crowd started cheering as The Scrapper headed towards the ring meaning all business. She climbed up the steps and jumped onto the second turnbuckle, pointing to the sparkling skull on her elbow pad. After stepping off the top rope, she was all business in the ring. This was a golden opportunity for her if she could earn a future title match.

“Redneck Woman” by Gretchen Wilson.

“And her opponents, first, from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, weighing in at 170 pounds, this is TAMMY LYNN FOSTER!

The music played amidst a sea of jeers and anger as The Blonde Bomber herself walked out from the back with a nasty scowl on her face. She was the second of the two women who would be competing in a Triple Threat for a chance to wrestle for a future title match. She had pinned one of the greatest champions in Charlotte a few weeks ago and may have also defeated Winterton in singles action had it not been for Callie Scott interfering. Kim Adams kept Callie at bay as Tammy Lynn entered the ring, smirking confidently at the Scrapper.

"Pageant (Instrumental)" by Moi Dix Mois.

The Queen of the Starlets stepped out from the backstage area and had her portly assistant, Desta, who was still suffering from a cold so luckily nobody would have to hear her loud, screechy and naggy voice.

“Next, making her way to the ring from Tampa, Florida, being accompanied by Desta… weighing in at 135 pounds, she is the longest-reigning Starlet Champion in jOlt history… ”THE QUEEN OF THE STARLETS” SARAH WINTERTON!”

With a rather smug look on her face as she surveyed the scene. She had plenty of issues with Calile Scott in the latter end of 2014 and Tammy Lynn Foster hated her and there was no love lost there.. It took everything in Foster’s being not to fucking clock Winterton where she stood, but there were big things at stake like dealing with their enemies.

The Scrapper and the Queen of the Starlets stared one another down and started talking


The big Country Girl knocked BOTH Winterton and Callie Scott right on their pretty little asses to a mixed reaction from the crowd! Thomspon ignored the fans and just wanted to kick somebody’s ass. She picked up Winterton first and hurled her HARD into the turnbuckles across the ring! She hit the corner with a big thud and Foster wasn’t done.

Tammy Lynn picked up Callie Scott next and WHIPPED her right into Winterton in the corner and both ladies collided with one another. Now seeing her chance to strike, Tammy Lynn backed up and the Country Girl waited in the corner before charging full steam ahead…


Both Winterton and Callie Scott were crushed in the corner by the 5’7” and 170-pound Starlet as both ladies collapsed at the feet of the big Oklahoman who meant business. She made a promise she would tear through the division and she would do just that tonight if it meant going through all the competition.

Winterton started to stand up first after the double blow only to get picked up and caught in her grip. The Queen of the Starlets was picked up and dropped hard with a standing powerslam variation. Scott attacked her with a series of elbows and tried to whip her across the ring, but Tammy stood still and whipped her instead. , the blow only stunned her barely. Tammy Lynn caught her with a standing Spinebuster Slam right ONTO Winterton!




Tammy Lynn had dominated since the match’s onset and the crowd was impressed with the show of strength!

The Country Girl continued to go on the assault by scooping up Callie Scott in her grip a second time for a Fallaway Slam of some kind when Winterton managed to sneak up behind her and go for a Roll-up!




Tammy Lynn threw Callie Scott off her AND still kicked out by pushing Winterton away from her. When she was trying to get out of the way, Winterton suddenly shoved Callie and launched her right into Foster and the forced knocked her down and through the ropes! In the chaos and commotion, Winterton then tried to roll up her up from behind!




Callie Scott shot back up to her feet and judging by the look on her face, she would’ve immolated The Queen of the Starlets right then and there. When Winterton tried to beg her off, The Scrapper responded in kind with a FIST to the face! Sarah stumbled around when The Scrapper pushed her against the ropes and unloaded with a series of blistering chops. She whipped Winterton across the ring and she came back into the path of a Spinning Heel Kick!




The Starlets were all trying to eliminate each other as quickly as humanly possible and this was going to lead to some chaos. Callie Scott sat Winterton up on her feet and unleashed a quick flurry of kicks to the small of her back that had The Queen of the Starlets arching back in pain. She then hoisted her up and had the bright idea to try and suplex Winterton. She hoisted her up for the move only for Winterton to quickly sneak out behind her and push her to the ropes. When she came back she was dropped HARD…


Her signature Cross-arm Neckbreaker drove The Scrapper down hard into the canvas and now The Queen of the Starlets had her chance to strike as Desta cheered on her boss from ringside…




“NO!” Winterton slapped her hand three times to Starlet referee Kim Adams. “Count faster, you uneducated dullard!”

Kim held up two fingers and Winterton chalked it up to a possibly poor upbringing of the rookie referee. Having little faith in the public school system, the spoiled brat called Winterton stood up again and tried to finish things up with a Neck Crank submission only for Foster to step back into the thick of things with a Big Boot to Sarah!

The fans winced at ringside from the impact of the kick! The Miami fans in attendance were cheering as Foster shoved Winterton out of the way mainly because it was the hated Winterton getting ragdolled. She turned around only to get tackled into the corner by Callie who was now set to unleash a flurry of chops of her own. She tried to lead Foster by the arm and whipped her across the ring only for the Country Girl to reverse it and send her into the corner. She hit the corner hard and was scooped up into the grip of Tammy Lynn before getting DRILLED with a Front Powerslam! The impact was brutal and now she was looking for the win!




Just barely, The Scrapper kicked out but Tammy Lynn Foster was still focused on winning. She was about ready to get back up and tried to put and end to things by grabbing the legs and looking for her signature Surfboard Submission called HOGTIED! Frantically, Callie scrambled towards the ropes and tried to hold on when Winterton came back and connected with a Running Dropkick that sent Foster into the corner!

The Scrapper was out of the ring and left Winterton and Foster fighting on the inside. Winterton unloaded on the larger Tammy Lynn with a flurry of Elbow Smashes in the corner. When she backed up she took a few seconds to wave for the crowd before she charged and connected with a Cross Body Splash in the corner! Tammy Lynn doubled over as Winterton slid through the ropes to land on the apron safely.

Seeing a perfect chance to strike, she started to head up to the top rope and once again started antagonizing the crowd with a pageant wave.


Before she had the chance to settle on a top rope move, Tammy Lynn had already recovered from the glancing blow from Winterton and now had her in her clutches! She powered her up and THREW her overhead with a Military Press Slam!

But now Callie was back in the ring and ready to fight. She charged at her and knocked her down with a big Clothesline! In the daze, The Blonde Bomber stood up only to eat a big Running Kick to the chest! She was down and out a second time. As Winterton tried to limp to her feet Foster grabbed her up and whipped her into the corner before following her in with a back elbow to the face. When she went down, Callie called for the crowd as she ran off one side of the ring only to come back…


The Running Dropkick to the corner caught The Queen of the Starlets SQUAH in the face and laid her the fuck out! Callie pulled her out of the corner and went for a cover now.




Tammy Lynn planted a boot firmly in Callie’s back and kicked Winterton out of the ring where Desta rushed over to checked on her. Now her focus was 100% on Callie Scott. She grabbed her and kicked her in the gut before trying for a Powerbomb. When she hoisted her up for the apex of the move, Foster was hit with a series of quick rights, making her drop Callie back to her feet again. She took the leg out from under her with a flurry of hits to the knee until she went down! Now the crowd cheered when The Scrapper saw her chance and ran off the ropes. She was looking for her Sliding D elbow called The Scrap Heap...


Tammy Lynn ducked down when she saw Callie coming, making her slide across the ring. When she got back up, Foster used her strength and picked her up before DRIVING her up and over with a HUGE German Suplex!

Another German Suplex!

THREE! THREE German Suplexes! Muah-ah-ah-ah!


The Rolling German’s did their job now and she covered Scott once again.




Tammy Lynn glanced upwards angrily at Winterton for breaking up the cover. The Queen cowered and started to head towards the corner as Tammy Lynn’s attention was now back on her. Tammy Lynn saw her chance and charged at The Queen of the Starlets only to eat a pair of feet to the face. She was down and out now as she charged to the ropes… MISSILE DROPKICK OFF THE SECOND ROPE! With an evil cackle to herself, Winterton crawled over and went for the win!





Foster had kicked out, but Winterton wasn’t done. Sarah shook her head frantically wondering what it would take to keep the Blonde Bomber down. Winterton locked both arms around the waist of Foster as The Blonde Bomber tried to rise. She pushed her into the ropes and went looking for her version of the Chaos Theory that she called…


Foster held onto the ropes and the momentum sent Winterton rolling backwards. The Queen rolled through and landed on her feet but when she did she was knocked LOOSE with a big Discus Lariat! That had to be all as Foster rolled over.




The crowd was in shock that move didn’t finish the match and so was Foster. She held out three fingers to Kim Adams who was tired at this point of every woman telling her she couldn’t count. Foster signaled to the crowd by waving both arms to say this match was just about over. She turned things up by scooping up Winterton and trying for her own devastating Gory Neckbreaker finisher…


Sarah desperately elbowed her in the side of the head until she managed to get herself free from the grip of the Oklahoman powerhouse. She fought back and kicked until Kim forced the rope break. Foster scowled and moved Kim out of way…


Winterton caught her behind the referee’s back and she hadn’t seen a thing! She then tripped up the staggered Foster and trapped her down to the mat with a modified Gedo Clutch that she called the Spellbinding Pin!




The Washingtonian caught her right in the side of the head with a nasty kick and had her laid out. Now she cocked back her elbow again…


Yet again, Sarah Winterton had been the victim of a devastating Sliding D Elbow to the face! All she had to do was roll over and pin her…


She would never get the chance because Tammy Lynn was already back up and spiked her head-first into the mat with a vicious Inverted DDT! The crowd’s reaction was decidedly mixed as Foster reached over and threw Callie Scott out of the ring again with all her might, sending her crashing to the floor! She then crawled over and scooped up Winterton on her shoulders…


First, The Scrap Heap and now The Trailer Hitch! There was no way she was kicking out this time as Tammy Lynn Foster hooked the leg of jOlt’s longest-reigning Starlet Champion.




Tammy Lynn Foster got to her knees and let out a loud roar as the crowd continued to jeer and cheer for the ruthless powerhouse. She had asserted herself in this match very well and thanks to that power on her side, she had a future Starlet Championship match!


Callie was starting to come around at the ringside area and leaned back against the barricade looking completely frustrated that she missed her chance. Desta’s jaw was agape as her boss had just been laid out on the mat by the powerhouse now having her arm raised. In a matter of weeks, she had not only pinned Charlotte, but she also managed to defeat another woman considered to be a pioneer of the Starlets Division in Winterton.

Tammy Lynn left the ring and gestured that she would now be coming for the belt.

“Ah’ve got a date with that Scarlet Championship!” Tammy Lynn cackled. “That belt’s gonna be mine and there ain’t a DAMN thing anybody can do ‘bout it!”

Strong words to live by and if her previous performances were any indication we may be very well looking at the future of the Starlets.
Winner: Tammy Lynn Foster via Pinfall

"The Remnants of Hope Must Be Burned"

All was somber within the Diamond Jewelz camp as the notably dejected trio plodded down the long hallways in utter silence. Both Latrell Samuel & Khalil Straightgully covered his immediate flanks several paces behind him as their often eccentric pack leader continued to slur his words with his Relentless Championship slung & secured over his Left Shoulder. Head slightly downcast, the once arrogant promotional tyrant was now reduced to a self-professed commoner amongst the dingy masses as 2 extra unknowns were placed in charge of helping him along. The luster of his championship bared far more luster than his eroding regime. The random dissidents would promptly stand clear of the dreadlocked neophyte whom was soon seen entering the arena parking garage. Several arena security sentries were witnessed turning their collective heads toward the thuggish trinity whom continued onward without protest, thus confusing them.

“Yo...” Samuel muttered while making a radio check. The radio silence led Latrell to look at his peers breifly before commanding another. The result was the same, in which, Khalil looked over toward Latrell and his communication device.

“Yo!” Samuel relayed with an authorative tone yet no response was given. “The fuck is wrong with that thing?”

“Or what the fuck is wrong with this picture?” Latrell retorted.

“The fuck you mean?” Khalil fired back.

“Think about it.” Samuel replied.” Look at all the shit that’s been going on; you’ve got DJ’s ex sending these hired guns after us...You just saw us literally get clowned in front of the world with that burly bitch ass Mack Brody taking the Golden Boy Belt and having our shit repoed’, leaving us a raggedy ass fucking locker room. Shit’s fucked up...All fucked up and something’s got to give...Yo! Somebody pick up!”


“Hello?!” Latrell barked.


“FUCK!” Latrell would voice his frustrations while chucking the radio into his duffle bag.

“It’s simple...”Khalil replied. Samuel shot him a slight scowl of annoyance.

“It’s ‘simple’, huh?” Latrell snapped.

“You got’damn right...” Straightgully voiced. “We find this ’Voice’ and shut him the fuck down...then we find that goofy bitch and G-check her straight up. That fucking simple...How about it, DJ”

“............” The Relentless Champion appeared mentally elsewhere as he continued to stroll onward. Muttering incoherently onto himself...

“Fuck it; we go handle this shit right now...ASA-fucking-P!” Khalil voiced while applying haste to his stride to lead the dejected pack onward before breaching the parking lot main hatch. Much to his dismay, Khalil notice the van that belonged to DJ’s commissioned silent security detail was set on all flats and literally ransacked; the windshield was busted beyond measure as the head and taillights were destroyed yet three culprits were caught dead to rites on the scene. There was a brief pause between both parties as DJ’s drunken anger gradually brought him back full circle. A literal bull rush by the unsavory trio would lead to an outright brawl.

Latrell managed to kick one of the masked vagrant’s knee before flooring him with a Left Hook across the Jaw in order to aid DJ with a free shot to his target’s rib cage. Jewelz was unleashing his pent up fury on his target with a furious barrage of Punches. The tsunami of Boots to the upper body & head continued to batter the motionless victim as Khalil & Samuel worked together to jettison one of the vandals violently through the passenger side window before desperately seeking to pry DJ off the unconscious man. The reigning Relentless Champion shrugged his compatriots off before sandwiching the masked man’s head against the van before he slumped over onto his side.

Several meters away, one of the heathens was seen low crawling along the paved street. DJ gently brushed his forearms against each goon before leading them after the retreating target. Jewelz looked past the destroyed van and spied his paid muscle, strewn out along the side of the road before walking faster after the crawling masked man. A muffled yell was heard as DJ intentionally stepped on his hand. The Relentless Champion would sternly wedge his knee across the back of his target’s neck while handing off his championship belt.

“You picked...*hiccup*...shit..the wrong niggas to fuck wit...!” DJ seethed while delivering a drunken Curb Stomp, producing a gradual pool of blood to form as he stumbled wildy into the van’s side. “Bitch Ass Nigga!”

Several measured Punches to the back of the skull would suffice until a voice from behind drew the trio’s attention.

“We were hoping you would oblige us with your presence, Mr. Jewelz”
The trio would slowly turn about and address the well dressed individual with a Gold & Black Theater mask. A lit cigar was held between his knuckles in his Left hand in wait for the approaching party.

“So you...burp...the nigga who wanted to kick up dust with us?” Latrell seethed as DJ sauntered forward before standing 2 paces in front of the masked enigma.

“I don’t know who the fuck you is...and I could give a fuck less...” DJ mentioned while sloppily popping his knuckles. “All I know is I...uh....I’m going to fuck you up and...dat bitch Ruby gonna get fucked up too...”

The Relentless Champion staggered forward and hurled the bottle of expensive alcohol that knocked the head smooth off and sent it bouncing off the street several meters away. A look of confusion formed across DJ and his trusted cohorts as the dummy’s arms fell to its sides with both palms facing outward. The lit cigar fell lifelessly against the pavement...

“...the fuck is dis?” Jewelz rudely inquired. Both Samuel & Straightgully shrugged in stereo with no answers available to give.

Immediately, 2 broad jets of yellow thick smoke would shoot forward from both palms and quickly overwhelm Jewelz & his party before all 3 collapsed unconscious. The sleeping agent stopped as quickly as it began to leave an uneasy stillness throughout the surrounding area. The sounds of footsteps drawing near led to the emergence of Shoji whom would stand next to the deactivated dummy trap before shoving it aside with a muffled chuckle. Slowly, he would crouch down to hold up the wrist of the fallen Jewelz before allowing it to drop against the concrete.

“Silly gaijin...” The Hokota Holocaust muttered while visually inspecting his fallen prey. “ and your foolish pride...your ‘paper’ soldiers and gaudy trinkets are no doubt going to cost you everything in the end...” Shoji chuckled once more as he casually cast a brief gaze toward the slightly smoking dummy laying several meters away. More footsteps were heard approaching with one, among them, echoing the loudest before the camera panned over to reveal the emergence of the cadre of ninja clan officers. A few Crimson Elite were busy surveying the perimeter as the Blood Raven merely trained his eyes onto the fallen trinity before him.

“...How long have they been put under?” Eiji Kugasari inquired as Mamoru & The Crimson Order monitored the situation in its entirety.

“A few moments.” Shoji replied while laying claim to the Relentless Championship within his grasp. “They will be out for quite some time...”

“Good.” Eiji replied. “I’ve warned this arrogant cockroach that retribution would be mine. However, consider this as my gift to you for your loyalty and service to this clan...Shoji” Kugasari mentioned while gently wiping his boot heel across DJ’s brow. “Losing his precious ‘Golden Boy’ championship has wounded him...He is as prideful as he is a public nuisance...He has disgraced our country...our legacies and our clan...Make sure you break him in relieving him of the Relentless Championship he so desperately clings to...”

“Leave him to me, my Lord...” Shoji replied while running his hand over the gleaming belt before casting it gently atop the unconscious Jewelz. “With these 2 out of the way, a Falls Count Anywhere will be most fitting to relieve him of his burdens....You 2; take them...”

As ordered, 4 of the Crimson Elite would collect DJ’s henchmen and carry them away as both Heido & Takeshi were seen leading the purification of the ambush scene. Eiji would soon crouch down near Jewelz to hover over him.

“Fortunate for you, I have a ‘date’ with a ‘Beast’...” Kugasari opened. “However, pray you never wake up...for your suffering will be long and painful...Your crimes against the Kugasari Clan will not go unaccounted for...’homeboy’...

”...Rest assured in the fact that you won’t be alone....I guarantee it...

Mack Brody(c) vs Sebastian Saje

The decorum that filled the ringside area now after the show came back from a preview…

Golden cover laying out across the ring.

Golden ribbons tied over the turnbuckle.

One golden rope in between the normal colored ropes for this show (you try replacing all three quickly on a live PPV).

This could only mean one thing: It was now time for The Mack Daddy Challenge! And standing in the ring already was “The Juice” O.G. Simpson. The miserable old codger was standing around the ring in an all-gold power suit with enough jewels and gold chains to put both Mr. T and Flavor Flav to fucking shame.


The majority of the crowd booed as The Juice stood in the ring with a grin on his face. He was still a bit miffed over being the sole property of “Midas” Mack Brody as long as he held the gOlden bOy Championship that once belonged to Diamond Jewelz.

“Introducing first…”

“Rescue Me” by Coldrain.


Normally, this would’ve been the part where Mack Brody would come out first and invite somebody to take on the Mack Daddy Challenge as Diamond Jewelz would often do with his gOlden bOy Title Invitational, but a heinous four-on-one beatdown by Saje, Michale Donovan and Cross The Hood allowed the challenger for tonight to actually walk out from the back with the gOlden bOy Title in his hand. After Mack had promised to treat the unofficial jOlt Title like any other championship in order to raise its status, the former Hype Champion took him up on his challenge by attacking Brody at the end of last week’s iNtense.

Saje sauntered out from the back, holding the title over his head proudly as if he’d already won it tonight. With a microphone in hand, Saje started to calmly walk towards the ring.

“You can go ahead and cut THE CHAMP’S music now,” Saje said cockily as the crowd continued to boo and the music faded out. “Mack Brody, the closest thing that you’ve ever been to a singles title in jOlt is this little trinket that I’ve got on my shoulder right now. And your little claims about wanting to legitimize this thing? That’s GOT to be a joke, right?”


Saje continued to walk down towards the ring and he glanced right at O.G. Simpson as he climbed up the steps, still not finished with his diatribe.

“Mister Simpson, I know that you aren’t exactly thrilled with this belt being around the waist of somebody other than your employer, Diamond Jewelz, but if you want to talk about legitimacy, you talk about Sebastian Saje! You talk about the man that set the STANDARD for all future Hype Champions to be measured, then you talk about Sebastian Saje. You talk to a man who, back at Death Wish, took Mack Brody out of the Thieves Honor match and who will beat his pretty boy ass again tonight… then you talk about Sebastian Saje! You want to talk legit… well, I’m pretty sure that even you idiots can put one and one together.”

He patted Simpson on the back, who remained largely indifferent to Saje, but it would be a step up than where he was now.

“After tonight, maybe you can fetch me and the Rebellion some coffee after we walk out of here with all of jOlt’s Titles.”

Saje let the microphone fall and held up the gOlden bOy Title that he stole from Mack Brody last week. And now, it was time for Sebastian Saje put his money where his mouth is…

“What You Know” by T.I.

What you know about that?
What you know about that?
What you know about that?...

The Arena of Champions began rocking along with the bass heavy Southern anthem as a streaming collage, laden with the acquisitions of success & the array of destruction created by a hulking wrestling phenomenon. Brilliant flashes of Gold, Emerald & Pearl would dance along the entire entrance staging area and throughout the vast arena before the Bronze Bomber rhythmically lumbered forward from the back. Donning a Solid Black sleeveless shirt with ’Gold ‘N’ Mine’ etch in Gold & Silver emblem, the Super Mack slowly turned his back toward the fans briefly before slowly extending his arms outward, prompting several brilliant plumes of Golden sparks to rise.

“And Saje’s opponent… The… ugh… gOlden bOy Champion, but not for long…, making his way to the ring, hailing from bitch-ass Philly, Pennsylvania… weighing in at 303 pounds… this is futureexchampionmackbrody…”

By this point, Brody gave less than zero fucks about any sort of backhanded announcement that O.G. Simpson had to say. He had some history already with Sebastian Saje and he was going to make the golden boy of The Rebellion pay not only for Death Wish, but for the attack and the theft of his prize. He hit the ring and slid inside as Ian Nguyen called for the bell…


SuperMack was already in the ring when Saje went on the attack with a barrage of fists to the face of the big man! He continued to pummel Brody and he actually backed him up in the corner before unloading with a series of HARD chops.

The blows had Brody stunned, but only barely before he opted to SHOVE Saje down on his ass! Saje tried to get away from Brody, but the anger in him was powering him up proudly! Brody pulled him up and kicked him in the gut before setting him up for what looked like the Midas Touch… but Saje slipped out!

Saje got the fuck away from Brody as quickly as he could, knowing that dangerous Revolution Bomb had put down countless opponents before him. Now Saje had a look on his face that suggested that he may have been bitten a little more than he could chew – especially when SuperMack continued to walk towards him with an intent to punish him for the theft of the gOlden bOy Title!

Simpson watched the match from the outside as Saje started to back away from Brody. Per the rules of the match, there was a ten-minute time limit and if Mack Brody couldn’t defeat his opponent in that limit, they would receive a rematch. Saje was going to have to hit and run if he had any chance of beating Brody before that time was up.

The former Hype Champion took the fight right back to Brody as he approached him, throwing more good elbows into his jaw to back him up into the corner. Several more boots were thrown into his chest until Brody had enough of that shit and palmed the back of his head.

“My turn, asshole!”

Brody lobbed him right into the corner and FIRED a series of devastating body blows in an effort to wear down his challenger. Several more vicious Clubbing Forearms landed over the head of Sebastian Saje until he was brought to his knees after the beatdown. Now Saje was in a vulnerable place as SuperMack pulled him up by the arm and nearly took his fucking head off with a Short-Arm Clothesline! After the brutal shot, Brody kneeled over and tried to pin him early.




Saje kicked out, but Mack Brody didn’t look deterred at all. SuperMack pulled him back to his feet and put him in between the ropes to set him up for a crowd favorite in the Ten-Gun Salute. He propped him in between the ropes, but Saje elbowed him in the head. He then sat on the ropes and flipped backwards, using a fancy-looking upwards kick to catch Mack in the jaw!

Mack Brody was stunned on his feet after Sebastian Saje started to save himself from the beatdown. Seeing a chance for him to strike again, the former Hype Champion got into the ring and tried to charge at Brody only to get taken up and over with a HUGE Back Body Drop! Saje hit the mat with a lot of force and shouted in pain as Brody waved a big arm for the crowd before attempting another cover.




Again, Saje made with the shoulder up off the mat, but SuperMack was not done with Sebastian Saje by a long shot. He threw him in the between the ropes a second time and now there was no fighting back by Saje as Brody flexed a muscle for the crowd and grinned….


Brody waved his free arm and swung in the air as the very receptive crowd started to cheer.



The crowd was coming alive now as SuperMack climbed out to the apron while the former Hype Champion was slumped in the ropes. Brody was targeting him and went running for a Running Knee Lift, but Saje saw it coming and again, moved out of the way! Saje was now heading towards the corner and Mack once again followed him. The Philly Powerhouse approached him only for Saje to catch him with a kick to the knee as he was running, sending him crashing hard into the top turnbuckle!

The combination of blows had the current gOlden bOy Champion stunned in the middle of the ring which then allowed for the former Hype Champion to catch him in the jaw…


For the first time since the match began, Brody was finally on his back where Saje needed him to be. The former Hype Champion took a second to regain his bearings before he crawled over and tried to pin the big man.




SuperMack fought his way out and pushed Saje right off him, but Sebastian Saje had plenty of tricks up his own sleeve to offset anything Brody had in the power department. When Mack Brody tried to stand again, Saje made him pay for it when he leaped and caught him FLUSH in the jaw with a Superkick! The blow caught him dead on and Mack fell backwards lifelessly as Saje hurried into a cover.




SuperMack kicked out for a second time, but now Saje was where he wanted to be on the offensive. He pummeled Brody with a series of right hands and continued to go crazy until the referee ordered him to back off. Ian Nguyen got in the way and Saje stood up.

“YOU DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!” Saje shouted.

The golden boy of The Rebellion went to the submissions game on the big man and locked in a Dragon Sleeper while he was laying on his back.

“That belt’s mine, Brody!” Saje yelled.

The former Hype Champion kept him locked up in the submission that Brody was now trying to fight out of, but Saje had taken a lot out of him in the last few minutes. He used his free hand and drilled Brody in in the side with several shots just to wear him out before he locked him up again. Ian Nguyen went over to check for a submission.

“Brody, do you give up?” Nguyen asked him.

SuperMack’s response was very erudite.


See, what did I tell you? Mack Brody continued to fight now and tried to get back to a knee. He used his free hand and struck Saje in the side several times as he tried to turn around in the hold. Saje couldn’t restrain the bigger man much longer, so he turned around and clipped him with a leg before dropping him with a DDT. He held onto him by the neck as he rolled Brody over. He didn’t get him all the way up, but dropped him with a second DDT. A third try was made when he went to the ropes for a full revolution Tornado DDT…


An ingenious sequence of moves dropped Brody right on his dome not once, but THREE times and the big man was down again! Saje confidently rolled over and hooked the far leg.




The crowd roared to life when the gOlden bOy Champion managed to survive the Sebastian Special! Saje was wide-eyed and turned his head over to Ian Nguyen, almost like he was trying to burn a hole in the official’s body. He picked him back up again by the neck and tried to finish him off…


Brody shoved him away, but Saje managed to land on his feet. When he turned around, the fired-up SuperMack RAN right through him with a Running Double Sledge that put him on his back! There wasn’t much fancy about what Brody did, but he took a second to rest in the corner and held his head to try and shake out the pain in his neck.

Saje’s clock was cleaned by the brutal shot, but he managed to stand anyhow. That ended up being a mistake as Brody ran right at him with a shoulder this time, knocking him right on his ass! Brody was feeding off the crowd as he picked up Saje and whipped him across the ring before delivering a Running Knee to the gut. The Philly Powerhouse ran off the ropes and looked for a Big Boot on the way back, but Saje managed to slip underneath and clip his knee with a kick off the return!

The challenger was great at playing defense as he dropped him with a kick to the back now. He shoved him forward into the ropes, but Brody held onto the ropes and watched as Sebastian rolled backwards, landing on his feet. However, Brody came out of nowhere and JACKED his jaw with a Running Knee Lift to the head!

O.G. Simpson continued to watch the action unfold as SuperMack started to punch the mat with a grin on his face, feeding off the lively crowd! Saje was on spaghetti legs as he tried to stand, lifted up over his shoulder. Brody then spun him around to the other shoulder and DROPPED him with a big Front Powerslam! SuperMack was going for the win now!




Saje saved himself with a defiant shoulder, eager to prove that he could bring some more gold to the Rebellion. The now sanctioned gOlden bOy Championship meant a lot to Brody, but Saje could very well play the spoiler to the big man if he could win tonight.

Mack Brody picked him up by the head and tried to pull him up in a Short-Arm Clotheslin when Saje ducked and continued running to the corner. When Mack Brody turned around, he was caught with a Double Jumping Knee Strike to the face, catching SuperMack upside the head. Brody fell to a knee and Saje then put him on his back with a Front Dropkick this time around.

Brody was down again as he leaped off the ropes, landing his Leg Drop off the first rope! The crowd watched on and jeered as Saje hit the second rope and landed a well-executed Front Flip Leg Drop this time, catching Brody across the throat! Saje rolled back to his feet and arrogantly started to stand as he raised three fingers. The final part was a Shooting Star Leg Drop and if he could land this, we could be looking at a new gOlden bOy Champion!

Saje headed to the apron and started to head to the top rope while Brody remained sprawled out on the canvas. The golden boy of The Rebellion started to stand and thrived off the jeering of the crowd…


Brody moved! Everything about the Shooting Star Leg Drop was perfect just about, but Brody moved. Somehow, Saje adjusted himself and LANDED on his feet in mid-move, albeit with a bit of a stumble! He managed to save himself from possibly readjusting his spine from a bad landing, but when he turned, Brody caught him…


The Release Exploder Suplex sent Saje flying across the ring and crashed hard! Brody hastily crawled towards where Saje landed and tried to pin him.




Amazingly, Saje had managed to kick out, but SuperMack was far from finished as the crowd continued the “SUPERMACK!” chants. Mack Brody slashed a thumb across his throat and wanted to put his match to bed as he hooked him over the shoulder with intent to take him down with the Gold-digger Argentine Backbreaker. Saje had different plans as he drilled him with several elbows to the side of the head to get himself free!

Saje landed on his feet and stumbled away from Brody trying to create separation, but Brody grabbed him and threw him down to the ground with an unrefined Scoop Slam. Brody was now heading to the high risk area (for him anyway) and looked to try and land his Flying Shoulder off the second rope, but Saje was already up and surprised him with a Leaping Enzuigiri, catching him in the jaw with the blow! Brody stumbled out of the corner and Saje went for broke…


It was the one-knee variation of a Codebreaker, but he landed it and Brody hit the mat hard! The gOlden bOy Champion had him dead to rights as he went for the win after hitting a variation on his finisher!





… At least that’s what Saje thought as he got back to his feet, but he turned and his face when ghostly-white when he saw Ian Nguyen pointing to the ropes where Brody’s foot had rested under! A very rare mistake by Sebastian Saje, but he got caught up in the moment and the match was still going to continue.

Sebastian Saje turned around and tried to get the bigger Brody back to his feet. Brody was now on weak legs himself and he was in prime position for Saje to finish him off. He jumped again and this time he was looking right for the full version…


…But Saje couldn’t finish him off because Brody was back on his feet again and used his strength to HOLD Saje up in mid-air! He turned towards the corner and Saje couldn’t counter when he got THROWN into the corner with a huge Bucklebomb! The crowd CHEERED as SuperMack spiked him hard, but he wasn’t done yet. He grabbed Saje into another Powerbomb position…


The deadly Revolution Bomb SPIKED Saje into the canvas and now Brody held on for the cover!




Brody did it! He avenged Death Wish from months ago and just defeated Sebastian Saje to retain the gOlden bOy Championship! Brody was going to feel this battle for a good while, but the big man managed to hobble to his feet and leaned back against the ropes where Nguyen handed him the prized championship. O.G. Simpson actually looked a little impressed with the fight that Brody and Saje had, but tried to hide it under a poker face.

“here is your winner… mack brody… yeah…”

The crowd ignored The Juice’s half-hearted intro as they continued to cheer the big man from The Heirs of Wrestling for a big victory tonight! Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway came out to the ring to celebrate with their stablemate and the three soaked in the cheers from the crowd. Brody turned to O.G. on the outside.

“Come on, dude, you want in on this!” Gallway pleaded.

Simpson shook his head half-heartedly and came into the ring as Brody raised his hand. The crowd cheered the foursome before they left the ring to celebrate this big win tonight!
Winner: Mack Brody via Pinfall

Diamond Jewelz(c) vs Shoji

Amidst the gathered assembly, the essence of vengeance and retribution, filled the air. The dark arts of manipulation and malice radiated from the dueling images of both reigning Relentless Champion and conniving challenger displayed for all to see. The manufactured digital landscape was breifly overshadowed by the digital cinematic of the heralded championship before the image was promptly eroded from view, followed by a few moments of moderate cheers for Dean Carrington whom was standing in the middle of the ring next to Referee Ian Nguyen...

Dean Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen..the following contest is Falls Count Anywhere match! ...for the jOlt Wrestling RELENTLESS!!! CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

The intentional regression of light would lead the populous to respond in kind before definitive pulses of light began to flash. On cue, a heavily mixed reaction was generated by the silhouette of the Hokota Holocaust whom was standing within the billowing overcast. Upon the 3rd impulse, the muscular ninja would casually roll each wrist while popping the bones in his neck before being submerged within the returning darkness. It was at that moment the lulling yet rhythmic bass laden beat would come to an abrupt end...

“Pioneers Of The Apocalypse” by Cliff Lin

The entire staging area would became awashed with visual pyrotechnical brilliance as the stocky Kugasari Clan enforcer extended his fists overhead telegraphing victory before basking within his designated moment. Standing at the very cusp of ill-gained championship gold and power, the chiseled ninja would soon begin his trek onward toward his glory...

Carrington: “....Introducing 1st...He hails from Hokota, Japan...Weighting in at 285 pounds...He is the ’Hokota Holocaust’....THIS!!! IS!!! SHOJI!!!”

Sans the influence of his incomparable manager, Mamoru, Shoji would give pause to stare at the dissidents of the front row en route to the squared circle. The Japanese enforcer would arrogantly hold onto the ring post briefly before executing a Slingshot Somersault over the top ropes back to his vertical base. The confident stroll toward the opposing corner led the ninja to scale upward and cast a smug glance over the fans before climbing down. Shoji would repeat this sequence atop the adjacent ring post to devote both his clan allegiance and expectations of championship valor by any & every means necessary. His musical entrance would soon ebb out of earshot to allow the civilian populous would continue clambering amongst themselves...

"Gotta Take It" by Nipsey Hussle would ignite the civilian populous into a excessively turbulent reaction as the hues of Purple, Yellow & Pearl would dance throughout the vast arena’s interior while the jOltvision screens began streaming edited footage of aerial risk taking with overt displays of sheer hubris and lavish living. The cameras would soon make out the image of a silhouette power walking from the backstage area before the arena lighting returned and a seething champion emerged live in color and out for blood. Eyes bloodshot and adorning a pair of high fashioned jeans, taped fists and NO jewelry, the current division figurehead would continue carrying his championship belt in his Left Hand by the strap. The crowd began voicing their penchant for blood as the enemy of many & ally to a select few cast the belt aside into ringside personnel’s arms before climbing onto the ring apron and into the ring...

Carrington: “....And his opponent; he hails from Sin City, Nevada...Weighting in at 230 pounds...He is the current...reigning and defending RELENTLESS CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!!!....THIS!!! IS!!! DIAMOND!!!!! JEWELZ!!!!


The Hokota Holocaust was seen slithering out of the ring to further irritate the Las Vegas, native whom was shadowing Shoji from within the ring ropes. The crowd noise literally rendered Jewelz’s incendiary threats toward his assigned target whom sought amusement at the champion’s unstable temperament. Referee Ian Nyugen would struggled to keep DJ at bay as Shoji subtly mocked him at a safe distance. Every attempt to reenter the ring was thwarted by the pissed off certified jeweler. The crowd volume would amplify as the challenger would arrogantly play to the crowd before DJ came soaring with a Diving Somersault Seated Senton! The International Asshole briefly swung his fist through the air before assaulting his challenger with an angry battery of Mounted Punches! An Upward Kick to the back of Jewelz’s head from the prone position stumbled the champion forward, allowing the beleaguered Shoji to swivel himself back to his feet yet the unrepentant high risk taker would again meet the wrath of Diamond Jewelz. Numerous pockets of supporters would rally behind the promotional bad by as his random Clubbing Forearms, Knee Lifts and pugilist-based strikes kept the challenger off balanced. A hard Irish Whip would soundly careen Shoji spine first against the ring apron which led him to stumble forward to a knee before DJ stood him back up with a Running Knee Lift to the Face followed by a menacing Discus Elbow Smash followed by a Spinning Enzuigiri across the jaw! The Hokota Holocaust was sent stumbling wildly sideways before collapsing along the padded floor. The recovering ninja would lose ground as the charging champion tackled him against the barricades before both men were fully immersed within the brawling...

Crowd: “...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...

The in ring official was on hand to monitor the ongoing scrum as both men wildly spilled over the barricades before adamantly swinging from within the stirring sea of humanity. The momentum would be abruptly stalled with a stiff Underhand Chop to DJ’s throat before the hulking ninja used a Gutwrench Suplex against the unforgiving concrete to batter the Nevada neophyte before committing to the first Lateral Press...1! 1 ½! The braided aerialist jerked his shoulder off the ground, allowing Shoji to angrily grab his target’s hair and repeatedly slam the back of his head against the concrete before humiliating DJ with a hardened Stomp atop the Forehead! The reeling Jewelz would soon find himself peeled off the ground and led deeper into the crowd before attempting a Death Valley Driver onto a deserted upright chair. However, Jewelz managed to slip free into a slightly dazed state before hauling off with several boxing combinations followed by a Short Armed European Uppercut! A 2nd was far more damaging as he followed up with an intentional Mule Kick to the groin! The consummate showboat would briefly extend his arms out to the blood thirsty republic as an ailing Shoji remained doubled over before DJ quickly positioned a Steel Chair underneath his target’s face. The Kugasari Clan rival quickly reared back several paces before connecting with a Leaping Curb Stomp on the Chair! An inaudible and highly animated session of cursed rained down on the heavily groggy Shoji, leading the crowd to rally passionately behind the admitted asshole. Jewelz with the cover...



The crowd groaned as the clan enforcer managed to kickout while heavily dazed by the attack. Unchecked rage radiated from the Relentless Champion as he intentionally snatched a drink from the hands of an unprepared fan before dousing his challenger with it. Shoji briefly low cralwed forward before DJ led him onward towards the barricades. Another Hammer Throw would soundly careen Shoji against the rails yet a Standing Back Body Drop granted the ninja several dire moments of reprieve at the champion’s expense. DJ was left writhing along the hardened floor favoring his back and head while the vengeful ninja would clear the rails in order to begin laying in Knee Stomps & Knee Drops on the ailing champion. The hulking ninja would angrily begin prying a section of the rails apart before hoisting it overhead. The ailing aerialist would quickly roll away to avoid being crushed by unforgiving steel that clanged loudly against the floor. The masked anarchist would soon snatch DJ up to his feet and blast him with a pair of Measured Punches. The reigning Relentless Champion would parry the 3rd Punch and fired back with a pair of his own but the cunning ninja stymied the champion’s rally with an intentional Eye Rake before spinning him about with a Clenched Forearm Strike...

The Tengu Plex’ - A Pumphandle Fall Away Slam

The audience groaned loudly as all 230 pounds of Diamond Jewelz was bounced soundly atop the prone section of guardrail! The howling champion would roll away several feet before writhing along the cold floor. The ravenous masses would egg on the recovering ninja to do his worse as Shoji arrogantly placed his foot atop his target’s chest for the humiliating pin...1! ....2! No dice as DJ refused to go out like that yet Shoji breifly jawed with the referee before playfully kicking the rolling champion around the floor for several moments. At his whim, the Japanese anarchist would again grab DJ by the hair and violently careen him against the ring steps with an intentional Atomic Whip! The top half of the steps bounced several feet away with DJ loosely draped atop the metal base. The Vermillion & Onyx clad ninja would devote time to step onto the champion’s hand and taunt him relentlessly before adding more damage with a Boot Scrap! Jewelz was left cradling his damaged hand before Shoji flung him back inside the ring and initiated a Cradle Pin! ....1! ...2! NO! Shoji arrogantly sat up and mocking chuckled onto himself while scanning the horizon before standing over the low crawling Jewelz. A Running Stomp atop DJ’s Left Hand left him bent over on both knees before snatching DJ up withe a Rear Waistlock...‘Tainted Justice’ - A Belly-to-Back Wheelbarrow Gut Buster! The wounded Jewelz would loudly yell in anguish as his masked oppressor garnered some well earned heel heat from most of the masses before repeatedly ordering Jewelz to get up. Every attempt to reclaim his footing would be met with a measured Punch or Shoot Kick before Shoji delivered a hard Front Kick before drilling Diamond Jewelz with a resounding Powerbomb Pin!



Somehow, DJ jerked his body upward to stumble Shoji back a few feet whom would shoot toward the adjacent ropes and blast the Relentless Champion with a Flashing Elbow Drop across the throat! Another Cradle Pin! ....1! ....2! 2 ½!! Out of growing frustration, Shoji would run his hand atop his sheathed head to rethink his methodical approach. The crowd momentum was not accepted by the ninja either as he briefly scanned the horizon before landing another measured Soccer Kick across DJ’s ribs to send him stumbling into the corner being force fed a barrage of machine Gun Clenched Forearm Strikes into the corner before leaving him draped within the corner. Every Knife Edge Chop would warrant a passionate Ric Flair tribute before the intended Irish Whip to the opposing corner rattled the Relentless Champion’s spine. The arrogant ninja clan muscle would briefly play to the crowd before sprinting onward with a Running TB Clothesline. A hint of resurgence would come in the form of DJ’s extended Boot yet the mindful Shoji caught the appendage, flung it down before rushing into Jewelz’s expedient STO into the padded turnbuckle! The muscular ninja was heavily dazed as he breifly dropped to a knee before wobbling himself erect...A punishing Clothesline would knock the muscular ninja off his feet yet the groggy enforcer would drunkenly reclaim his footing before again being leveled with a 2nd Running Lariat. DJ would continue to grimace while favoring his back yet rage would will him hoist the 285 pounder upward to connect with a Running Release Buckle Bomb! The stumbling ninja would wobble forward...

Diamond Bling - A Frankensteiner

The audience rallied behind the panting Resident Asshole whom extended his arms outward while resting on both knees before eventually turning about and measuring up the slow rising ninja...The Running Yakuza Kick would connect before DJ stumbled about and covered Shoji with a Lateral Press...1! ....2! ....2 3/4!!! The challenger managed to shoot the shoulder up to stay in the hunt and Referee Nyugen would privately converse with the notably annoyed champion. The legions rallied the fight to continue as DJ was prompt to assault the fallen ninja with a hail of Mounted Punches before stumbling his way toward the adjacent ring ropes. The hardening scowl would form across his face as he quickly fell to the canvas, rolled off the ring apron and flung it upward for a rising pop from the crowd. The ravenous chants would echo as he pulled out a Steel Chair and flung it over the top rope. The ‘Gruesome’ Gilson trained aerialist made his way back in as the staggering Shoji sought to reclaim his vertical base. An ominous sound of a thrown chair bounced off the ninja’s skull, leading him to stumble backward back into the corner before literally pulling off his belt and rolling it over his taped Right Fist. He would hold onto the ring ropes before methodically laying the boots to his would be challenger before scaling the ropes and drilling Shoji’s skull with consecutive TB Mounted Punches...











The resounding cheers would mount as the pissed off jeweler continued teeing off on his masked tormenter...


















The masked enforcer was groggily battered from the assault where the rejuvenated Jewelz shoved the punch drunk ninja to the canvas. DJ was quietly seething onto himself before unwinding the belt and standing over his groggy opposition before relentlessly whipping Shoji with his belt like a petulant child! The masked ninja reeled from each blow yet the Relentless Champion continued wailing away. Shoji would seek refuse by rolling off the ring apron before stumbling away toward the announce table yet an intentional swipe smack the back of the ninja’s Left Thigh, sending him hobbling away in sheer agony before choking him with the belt from behind. The referee was virtually powerless to break the ‘illegal’ hold Unable to reach up and secure a firm hold on his oppressor, the resourceful Shoji would utilize a Pele’ Kick flush between DJ’s eyes to violently free himself. The chattering masses would be overheard cheering as the gasping ninja would gradually claw his way toward the barricades. Struggling to reclaim his bearings, Shoji would finally redirect his trajectory toward the ring apron and standing himself erect. The defiant ninja would saunter after the ailing Jewelz before palming his victim’s head and dragging him back to his feet. Several Clubbing Forearms would further batter the Relentless Champion before punishing Jewelz with a crippling Overhead Release Belly to Belly Suplex against the ring apron! A resounding fecal chant would echo throughout the stands as both men were down along the outskirts of the squared circle. Ringside personnel would clamber of both men in order to properly gauge their respective abilities to compete. The medical trainer was initially booed as he trotted out from the back with his small team to aid the fallen grapplers before conversing with the referee. On cue, DJ would will himself back to his feet to claw at the referee’s pant’s leg to inaudibly protest the intended decision to call for a draw....

Crowd: “...NO!!!! ...NO!!!! ...NO!!!! ...NO!!!! ...NO!!!! ...NO!!!! ...NO!!!! ...NO!!!! ...NO!!!!...”

Immersed in his passionate protest, a battered yet enraged Shoji would intentional stomp his weighted foot atop the small of Diamond Jewelz’s lower back, whom would howl in blood curling anguish as the Hokota Holocaust angrily shoved the surrounding patrons out of his way before dragging up and shoving DJ back inside the ring. Briefly palming his now bleeding brow, Shoji would give pause before pulling himself back in after his target. Hints of crimson would drip and seep into the canvas fabric as he pulled himself from the prone back to a knee. Jewelz would continue low crawling over toward the ropes to take back his vertical base. Shoji would pursue him and humble the champion with a Double Ax Handle from behind to drop DJ to his knees before using a pair of Mongolian Chops to flatten his prey before using several Crossface Punches to drop DJ along the canvas. Shnji would remain on all fours to recollect himself before pulling Jewelz over for the Lateral Press...




The jOlt Arena became flooded with cheers as somehow, Jewelz managed to shoot his shoulder off the mat. The anger would beging to overtake the muscular enforcer’s mind as he immediately snatched DJ’s shoulder and wedged it against the mat...




Again, the cheering legions would make Shoji’s blood boil as for a 3rd time, he would hook a deep Cradle Pin...




The Hokota Holocaust angrily beat his forearm against the canvas in protest as the civilian populous rallied with earnest. The ninja’s argument with the referee proves fruitless as he forced himself to stand before low crawling over toward the turnbuckles...

Crowd: “...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...

Shoji would use his foot to push the prone Steel Chair in proximity of the recovering Jewelz before seizing the ailing champion’s battered frame. The arrogant ninja signaled to the crowd that the ‘end was near’ with a throat slash gesture before setting Jewelz up for ‘Poisoned Destiny’ - A Hammerlock Leg Sweep DDT. However, a 2nd wind would led Jewelz to unbind his leg before spinning about and leaning the ninja back with a Spinning European Uppercut before quickly cinching up the challenger...

‘Moissanite Tester’ - A Lightning Spiral Suplex

The maneuver produced a sickening crunch atop the prone metal chair with the Relentless Champion also reeling from the effects of the risky decision. The ongoing crowd chatter would eventually will Jewelz to stagger his way back to his feet. The woozy ninja clan enforcer would slowly seek to reclaim his shattered bearings as DJ intentionally armed himself with the dented Steel Chair and slowly arched his back in wait for the challenger to rise onto all fours...


The audience groaned as Shoji recoiled from the blunt force dealt onto him....








Shoji’s equilibrium worsened as a rush of desperation flooded his battered body. However, the spiteful champion would follow after him...


DJ blasted the ninja across his Left Knee in order to set him up for another killing blow...


The home run hit would crown the leaning ninja’s skull to ensure Shoji hobbled away blindly toward the corner before rearing back once more....


Immediately, as Shoji reared back from the impact before dropping the battered Chair onto the mat. From behind, DJ would seize Shoji from behind and spike him unceremoniously atop the Steel Chair with a Crossface Chickenwing Suplex!! Splatter patterns would adorn the southern half of the sing and the chair’s surface as Shoji struggled to inch his way back into the fight. Meanwhile, a heaving Jewelz dropped to both knees before wiping his mouth with his forearm. Using the ring ropes, DJ would stagger after the ailing ninja before seeking to end it all...

‘Iced Out’ - A Cross-Faced Chicken Wing Submission

The hulking ninja would begin flailing about groggily to fight off the submission hold. The cheering masses would ascend to a deafening pitch as Shoji struggled to stand himself erect. The masked anarchist would gradually ward off the referee’s excessive musings while using the ring ropes to pull himself up to his feet. Instinctively, DJ would apply a Body Scissors to further limit the ninja’s mobility. The Hokota Holocaust desperately sought a foothold to free himself before the amounting blood loss and weakened balance would lead him to collapse unto his side. The challenger began fading notably as Referee Nyugen knelt down to finally raise Shoji’s arm upward. The appendage would fall onto the canvas. The crowd grew louder as the arm bounced off the mat for a 2nd time before Nyugen tried for a 3rd time...


The crowd roared passionately as the referee tried to pry the victorious Jewelz off the unconscious ninja. Reluctantly, DJ would begin coming out of his vengeful gaze before snatching his arm free from the referee’s grasp....


Finally, a sense of retribution was his to behold as he was slow to stand himself erect before draping himself atop the top ropes. The referee would promptly bring back the Relentless Championship and present it to its rightful owner whom would embrace it firmly against his chest with his Right Arm. Rearing his head back, the blood soaked God of Bling would privately draw his eyes shut to bask within the moment. Moments later, the ascension of the crowd volume would lead him to witness his unsavory brethren proudly dragging the leading source of his recent string of troubles; Ruby Rock Jewelz. The high priced princess was being dragged forward towards the ring by both Khalil Straightgully & Samuel Latrell kept her contained by holding her respective arms as a bloodied Shoji was seen sliding off the ring apron and collapsing onto the padded earth. In short order, 2 sudden plumes of smoke would bring forth 2 Crimson Elite to the fallen battle captain’s side and the opposing faction would center their focus on the masked emissaries. A battle weary Shoji would being helped to his feet as Ruby began screaming for his assistance. The Hokota Holocaust would wearily look toward her direction before staring angrily back towards an awaiting DJ before the small ninja party opted to make their smoke bomb laden egress.

Ruby was overheard screaming in horror as the reassured Goonz would both hurl her inside the ring under neath the ropes. The blood thirsty crowd began chanting with anticipation of long awaited street justice. In typical conniving fashion, DJ’s ex would desperately beg and plead for mercy. She would even humble herself by crawling toward him on all fours and feverishly pleading for his sympathy...

Crowd: “...NO!!!! ...NO!!!! ...NO!!!! ...NO!!!! ...NO!!!! ...NO!!!! ...NO!!!! ...NO!!!! ...NO!!!!...”

Passionately, Ruby would discourage Diamond Jewelz to ignore the ‘disillusioned’ masses as he casually scanned the crowd to weight his decision. Looking worse for wear, DJ would readjust the weighty belt before eventually setting his eyes back on his former love. Jewelz’s jaw drew rigid and shifted before emitting a deep exhale and the crowd began angrily protesting with boos as DJ extended his hand out toward the cowering ex-girlfriend. Feverishly, she began kissing his hand and inaudibly thanking him unceasingly. Some of the fans began chanting insensitive epithets towards the seemingly reunited couple as he carefully encouraged her to stand before him and privately exchange words between each other. The jOlt faithful would burst into pure rage as she warmly wrapper her arms around his neck. DJ drew his eyes shut for a few moments...

Crowd: “....THIS AIN’T LIFETIME!!!!!! (clap 5x) ....THIS AIN’T LIFETIME!!!!!! (clap 5x) ....THIS AIN’T LIFETIME!!!!!! (clap 5x) ....THIS AIN’T LIFETIME!!!!!! (clap 5x) ....THIS AIN’T LIFETIME!!!!!! (clap 5x) ....THIS AIN’T LIFETIME!!!!!! (clap 5x) ....THIS AIN’T LIFETIME!!!!!! (clap 5x) ....THIS AIN’T LIFETIME!!!!!! (clap 5x) ....THIS AIN’T LIFETIME!!!!!! (clap 5x) ....THIS AIN’T LIFETIME!!!!!! (clap 5x) ...”

The unified rebuke continued as a tearful Ruby broke the embrace and was allowed to raise DJ’s hand in victory. Excessive chants of ‘SAWFT!!!’ echoed throughout the arena as she was lost in the moment. All was well once more within the Diamond Jewelz camp once more...However, DJ would quickly cast the Relentless Championship aside...

‘Moissanite Tester’ - A Lightning Spiral Suplex

Suddenly, sheer bedlam would reign throughout the stands as a vindicated DJ would slowly stand himself erect while staring down at the ailing Ruby Rock Jewelz. Along the outside, both Latrell and Straightgully were seen sliding inside the ring and respectively high-fiving DJ whom was slowly nodding to himself. In pure dick head fashion, DJ would be seen snatching the expensive Mink fur off her nearly unconscious body before slamming it on top of her. Soon, Jewelz would motion his brethren over and order them to head to the outside. The masses roared as both Khalil & Samuel would work together to flip up the ring apron and retrieve a Table. Several moments would elapse as DJ directed his willing subordinates to set the angled table at the beginning of the entrance way before broadening his base and hovering over his fallen ex. Meanwhile, Latrell was seen shaking a spray paint can before writing ”Happy Side Bitch Day!!...XOXOXO” across the table’s surface....

Crowd: “...YES!!!!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!!!!! ...YES!!!!!!!!!...”

Together, Them Mf’n Goonz would point toward the targeted area Cliq style as DJ promptly snatch her up and hoisted her up before sending her sailing over the top rope with a Running Release Powerbomb!!...


The remaining ringside personnel remained slack jawed as DJ would casually rest his forearms along the top ropes before quietly basking within the amassed adulation. Rousing fecal chants would reign, much to his personal delight, as he would soon casually walk over to retrieve his championship belt before seizing the microphone handed to him by Khalil...”Gotta Take It” by Nipsey Hustle began playing before DJ signaled to the A/V crew to cut it short...

“CUT THE GODDAMNED MUSIC!” Jewelz bellowed much to the delight of the ravenous crowd. “For the last few weeks...hell, even longer, I’ve been have nearly everybody wanting to fuck with me and mines....If it wasn’t jOlt management, it’s them goddamned if ain’t them, it’s the media...or any of them random assed D-League niggas who wanted to get a piece of DJ and the crew...”

A respectable pop emanated from the numerous smarks within the crowd...

“..So just as I proved tonight, you want to kick up dust with this clique, there ain’t no easy wins over here, nigga!!!” exclaimed the defiant Diamond Jewelz. “I don’t give a Kentucky Fried Fuck about how you feel about being the Relentless Champion but any motherfucker wanna bring the bullshit; come holla at me....any goddamned time...any goddamned place...This is ALL ME RIGHT ME. THE DIAMOND JEWELZ BRAND WAS MEANT TO SHINE! PERIOD! DEAL WITH IT, NIGGAS!!!”

Some of the jOlt faithful would celebrate his brazen proclamations with cheers...

“Now, since this is ‘Valentine’s weekend’...” DJ gave pause for the ongoing chorus of mixed cheers and boos throughout the arena to run their course. “I need for you faggots in the back to dedicate this song to this knock kneed...D minus dick lickin...”

The madness swelled from the stands as they jeered the unconscious ex whom was strewn out along the floor with wood and wrapped table lining. Medical staff were knelt beside her to mend her battered frame.

“...University of Phoenix, hustling my pussy for a bacon sammich with NO bread Community Cum Dumpster to celebrate how I really feel about sharing our very last holiday together the right way...BANG THAT SHIT!!...”

”F.D.B!” (Explicit Version) - Young Dro

The masses were sent into a ravenous cheering frenzy as the unruly trinity would orchestrate their rebuke for the disposed of Ruby Rock Jewelz. The disparaging lyrics were echoed with vigor as the cameras began offering glimpse of various sections of the arena....

PA SYSTEM: “Hustle Gang...

West Side, Bankhead,(remix) that's where I'm from,

Everything y'all did,
It been done,
My Tru game and my shoe game,
You can't touch that shit...
Bitch steady holl'in' 'bout "fuck me?"


The arrogant Relentless champion would offer a smug smirk as his boys held the ropes open for him to begin his egress on his own power. The trio would stand by the wreckage to stare down at the battered troublemaker before intentionally turning his back on her and kicking dirt toward her with his feet before leading his crew proudly to the backstage area. The rousing crowd reaction would continue as the Road to Wrestlecade presented the ascensions of jOlt more prominent and irrefutably uncompromising Blood Diamond.....

Winner: Diamond Jewelz via Knockout

"And the Walls..."
We open up backstage as Jon Le Bon is seen standing there with Michael Donavan, Raevynn, and Cross the Hood.

"Sebastian Saje was supposed to set the momentum for us here tonight and he failed against Mack Brody. That leaves it up to us to succeed where he has failed. This is supposed to be our night and since all that Saje was going after was some non-recognized blinged out piece of trash, I guess I can let the loss slide." said Le Bon

"But that doesn't give any of you an excuse to fail. From here on out.. the championships that matter are the ones that are either up for grabs or at stake. DO NOT FAIL THE REBELLION!" scoffed Le Bon.

"I know my match will be the first to come" said Raevynn.

"Charlotte has been a thorn in my side for too long. I'm not going to let anything stand in my way. If anything, I will retain my Starlet Championship and then.. it won't matter for Tammy Lynn Foster. She won't even get anywhere near this championship." said Raevynn

"She had better not.. but don't look past Charlotte tonight. Just go out there and do you job.. and get the job done." said Le Bon.

Raevynn nodded and then turned and exited. Her match was later on tonight. It was up her to set the pace and pick up where her boyfriend failed.

Jeremy Ryan vs Eiji Kugasari

The jOlt Arena faithful were overheard cheering through the narrowed passageway of Exit J36 which only grew exceptionally louder as Camera 30 passed through its gaping maw. The attention-starved audience greeted the camera crew and the viewers at home respectively with a passionate roar while brandishing homemade signs and an assortment of jOlt memorabilia. One of the more eccentric couples were seen elevating their child that was wearing a ’Kayden Paulton - Softcore Saints’ T shirt on. Another fan even fashioned themselves to resemble a near likeness of the highly enigmatic Citizen before Camera 3 would train itself onto the ringside area where the incomparable Dean Carrington was standing by to make his announcements...

Dean Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen...and jOlt Wrestling fans at home...the following contest is schedule for 1 Fall with a 30 Minute Time Limit!”

On cue, the overhead arena lighting began flickering to further amp up the jOlt faithful before the entire arena was soon enveloped in darkness. Hints of Crimson lighting would pulse at random from different sections of the arena’s interior before ”Dawn Awaits” (Extended Version) - Cliff Lin gently began streaming from overhead out the PA system. From overhead, a lone light would illuminate over the new ninja clan general whom presented his back toward the cheering populous with a gnarled set of hands set several inches away from sides. The young ninja’s head was downcast before the brief spotlight diminished. The 2nd spotlight returned seconds later with the ninja now facing the crowd now rolling his neck before initiating his martial arts katas. The angry guitar riff brought the both the crowd volume and the arena lighting up together on cue as Eiji Kugasari summoned his prominent salvo of pyrotechnics before gradually standing himself erect to extend his arms outward while slowly rearing his head back to bask within the ambiance...

A unified shift of crowd momentum was heard and felt as the sight of Eiji’s opponent blind siding him from behind with a Running Yakuza Kick between the shoulder blades leveled the unprepared Blood Raven. The music feed was abruptly cut, leaving the angry legions to rain venom onto the hulking ’Beast Of Bangor’ to stand over and inaudibly taunting his fallen rival. The camera focused in enough to read “Fuck Calm; I’m Gonna Kill Eiji Kugasari” T-Shirt as the devoted asshole arrogantly scanned the horizon. Grabbing the young ninja by the scruff of his attire and hair, Jeremy Ryan would intentionally careen Eiji against the Left Side barricades before inaudibly angrily voicing his displeasure towards a spiteful republic. Ryan defiantly extended a sole middle finger while briefly grabbing his nuts toward the fans in the front row before landing a short Running Kick to Kugasari’s rib cage. An ailing Eiji would remain kneeling and clinging onto the barricades before using a Backhand to knock Jeremy’s Right Hand before being seized and flung over the rails into the crowd. The roaring front row masses would coalesce around the embittered duo as Jeremy led the charge deeper into the sea of humanity. Empowering chants for “Eiji” rang out as Jeremy’s heavy Right Hook sent the ninja stumbling sideways before knocking over several people a few feet away. Ryan would boldly shove 3 fans to the floor en route toward the recovering Kugasari whom would fire back with a trinity of Martial Arts Strikes before sending the ninja backwards with a stiff 2 handed Shove. Eiji would reverse somersault into a staggering retreat before sprinting forward and landing a Superman Punch! The attack merely stumbled Jeremy back before a hardened scowl radiated from his face. Eiji quickly slapped the Right Hook aside to stumble the brawler forward with a Spinning Hook Kick flush against the back of the skull. The Twilight Dojo graduate turned about to be assaulted by the angry ninja clan general before the Human Bulldozer jettisoned Eiji over the rails with an expedient Overhead Release Belly to Belly Suplex! The crowd noise drowned out the ailing ninja’s screams after careening off the cold concrete floor...

An moderate fecal chant resonated from the human crash site as Ryan cleared the barricades and stood over Eiji talking shit before grabbing him by the leg and dragging him forward. The gathered masses would wildy cheer as some jOlt lower tier bodyguards failed to keep him from dragging the Blood Raven toward the large structure that was covered with tarp. The ninja sought to turn over and claw his way back to stable footing when Jeremy utilized a Release Wheelbarrow Suplex to careen him spine first against the covered structure. Grabbing the groggy ninja from the back of neck, the Human Tank soundly whipped the Ibara native soundly against the structure to cause him to remain sprawled out along his back. The Beast of Bangor would promote a resounding blood thirst from the masses as he began snatching off the massive tarp to reveal The Pitt! The ongoing chatter was near deafening as Ryan nodded to himself before angrily battering Eiji with several Clubbing Forearms across the back followed by a stiff Knee Lift flush against the Chin. Quick to search for access, Ryan would locate some bolt cutters before going to work on the chains, ripping them off and tossing the weighted links inside the enclosure. The hatch was flung open by Jeremy whom would turn about and eat an Open Palm Punch across the Jaw followed by a Buzzsaw Kick above his Left Knee. Eiji angrily lashed out with a barrage of Punches before his Step Back Side Kick slammed against the steel mesh, allowing Ryan to slam the ninja chest first against the cage before hurling him several feet inside the Pitt. The Blood Raven began low crawling on all fours as Ryan argued with Referee Darius Underwood before shoving him aside before slamming the Pitt door behind him. Using the length of chain links, Jeremy would hastily secure the door which would leave him free reign to destroy the young ninja without interference...

Crowd: “...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...jOlt!!! ...

The Bangor Bully was sneering onto himself while punching his partially gloves fist into his palm before wringing the tension from his arms. The referee and several officials were steadily tugging away at the sealed hatch as Ryan connected with a Running Knee Lift to the midsection! The consummate shit talker would feverishly taunt the ailing ninja whom was struggling to reclaim his bearings. Left arm extended, Eiji signaled for a few seconds of reprieve before Jeremy seized him and slammed him spine first against the cell wall. Holding him upward, Ryan would continue cursing the young ninja whom would plant his Right Heel against the cell wall to allot him to deliver a Knee Strike to the Chin. The Vanguard Pro Wrestling veteran staggered away to recollect himself as an ailing Eiji favored his stomach while stumbling forward and driving his fist above his target’s knee to erode his vertical base. A stern Headbutt to the face was followed up by a Double Throat Chop. Again favoring his stomach, Eiji would spy the gathered officials attempting to ‘storm the gate’ before delivering a Front Kick to a kneeling Ryan’s Forehead to lean him backwards. The Blood Raven began yelling at his burly rival before force feeding him a Buzzsaw Kick across the Face to flatten his enemy before collapsing onto his side. Slow to recover, Eiji shook his head before reclaiming his footing. Meanwhile, Jeremy stumbled his way upward before being stunned with a stern Back Elbow to the Face. A Spinning Roundhouse Kick to the Head again dropped down to all fours before Eiji maneuvered himself into a favorable distance. A dead sprint forward led to Blunt Force Trauma - A stiff Shining Wizard Knee Smash...However, ’jOlt’s Last Real Man’ countered by rolling through to intentionally pass on the Single Leg Crab to hoist and obliterate Kugasari with a stiff Deadlift Powerbomb! Jeremy angrily shook his head before rearing back and roaring with reckless abandon! Ongoing fecal chants would echo throughout the arena yet the Beast of Bangor would hoist the ninja upward and bounce Eiji off the unforgiving mat again before turning his attention toward the gathered officials finally able to open the cell door and pour into the Pitt. The crowd was seen angrily booing as they began to form a barrier around the ailing ninja...


Jeremy would feign a cooperative spirt by extending his arms out as some of the medical staff are now attending to the near motionless ninja. Without warning, the vindictive brawler would quickly shove the unwary aside in order to snatch the ninja up and drape him across his shoulders before exiting the Pitt and making his way toward the squared circle. The mood of the crowd further amplified the brawler’s intent as he used a Gorilla Press Toss through the ropes to send Kugasari rolling past the ring’s epicenter with Referee Darius Underwood in tow. Eiji as seen writhing along the canvas as Jeremy arrogantly stormed up the step and began wiping his feet along the ring apron. Referee Underwood was seen struggling to keep a pacing Jeremy at bay before he knelt down to converse with the recovering ninja. Eiji grabbed the referee’s collar and inaudibly responded to the in ring official as Jeremy anxiously tugged at the ropes before hopping pace and stretching his extremities for war. Kugasari stumbled over toward the ring ropes to stand himself erect before Underwood continued to monitor the ninja’s condition....


Immediately, Ryan sprinted after the ninja clan general and wedged him into the corner before literally wailing on him without mercy. Clubbing Forearms led to Knee Lifts to stand the ninja up before using several TB Shoulder Rams. The referee soon broke his 5 count before physically prying Ryan off former jOlt Champion. On cue, Jeremy spun about past the referee to utilize a Gargoyle Suplex to bounce Eiji off the mat with authority and Jeremy dropped down to both knees to openly mock the ailing ninja. Head wrapped around his head, the Japanese hot head would struggling to reclaim his bearings as Jeremy siphoned the monster heat swelling from within the arena. The Bangor, Maine native would soon stand himself up and arrogantly paraded himself before the masses. The Tekahashi Dojo graduate would begin crawling forward with his enemy right behind him before using a Release German Suplex to dump the ninja onto his skull! A Deadlift Gutwrench Suplex bounced Eiji off the canvas where a kneeling Ryan casually scanned the horizon...


He would oblige the masses by snatching Eiji up from behind and spiking him into the mat like a human lawn dart with a stiff Release Half Nelson Suplex! The Bangor Bully sat up and smiled as the young ninja slowly rolled onto and off the ring apron. The referee leaned over the ropes to ascertain the fate of Eiji as Jeremy perched himself atop the turnbuckles before motioning for the microphone. The crowd volume amped up as he fumbled with the mic before speaking his mind...


The jOlt faithful popped on cue as Eiji was seen pawing along the padded earth below...


Some of the bloodthirsty would voice their rebuke of the ailing ninja while Eiji reached up and clung to the base of the barricades...


The microphone was heard bouncing soundly off the ninja’s shoulder blade as it was thrown at him, leading Eiji to recoil from the impact. Intentionally, Ryan dropped down to reset the referee’s count before storming after the young ninja yet Eiji stunned the stocky meathead with a pair of Front Kicks before lashing out with a Forearm Strike across the brawler’s jaw. Another and another would forecast a Kugasari comeback as he used every means to fight back. However, Ryan sent Eiji staggering backwards with a swift European Uppercut before slamming him spine first against the rails with a Front Kick of his own. In short order, Jeremy sent him spilling over the barricades with a sick Short Armed Lariat! Repetitive chants of ’FIGHT’ rang out as Kugasari struggled to reclaim his footing as Ryan again intentionally reset the referee’s count. The Beast of Bangor would utilize a Biel Throw to hurl the Inogami Clan general out from the crowd and sent rolling nearly underneath the ring apron. The ailing Puroresu expert would seek refuge underneath the ring with an infuriated Ryan kneeling and searching the ring’s underbelly. A bevy of taunting and curses were cast toward the retreating ninja before Jeremy started his adamant pursuit for his prey by flinging the ring aprons up on each side. Along the way, Jeremy kicked the top of the ring steps off before hurling it several feet away yet to no avail, the ninja was to be found. The 2nd set of ring steps was set to endure a similar fate yet the audible spike lured him to quickly assess his surroundings before staring back toward the entrance staging area. The crafty ninja would slink his way back along the outskirts of the ring before sprinting after his oppressive rival and vaulting high off the ring steps...The Flying Osprey - A Leaping Double Stomp!! The resourceful ninja clan leader stumbled forward before collapsing face first along the padded floor as a writing Jeremy reeled from the attack...

The referee’s count of 7 led the Blood Raven to reclaim his footing to break the plane of the ropes before rolling back to the ring apron. The ninja would cling to the top ropes while reeling his larger target back up tp his feet before a Flying Double Foot Kick would knock Ryan off his feet and earned the crowd’s favor in short order. Ryan was seen shaking his head while taking a knee to stand up when the Blood Raven girded himself up to nimbly sprint along the barricades to used a Flying Headscissors Attack to violently careen Ryan’s face against the unforgiving steel steps! A heavily dazed Jeremy would leak hints of crimson as he staggered backwards and collapsed before a energetic populous. Again, the referee’s count would reach 8 when Eiji opted to reset the count once more to pull his embittered enemy’s arm upward to blast it with a Buzzsaw Kick! A hardened Stomp to the Beast’s temple left him howling in anguish before a resurgent Eiji would conservatively utilize Soccer Kick to the body and face in order to stand the brawler up before forcing to climb back inside the ring to try and escape. However, the Japanese export would carefully scale the turnbuckles in wait for the rising Ryan...Hanzo’s Comet - A Front Flipping Seated Senton (Molly Go Round) for the 1st official cover of the night...1! ...1 ½! The Blood Raven was shoved forward onto all fours as a bleeding Jeremy was being hovered over by Referee Underwood. Ryan shoved the in ring official away in order to stand himself erect as an awaiting Eiji blasted Ryan with a Switchblade Kick to heavily dazed the brawler before a 2nd Switchblade Kick failed to keep the burly bully down yet a quartet of measured Shoot Kicks across the chest rallied the crowd before Eiji reared back for a 5th and knocked the East Coast Minotaur flat on his back for a Cradle Pin!...1! ...2! Ryan with the strong Kickout and the annoyed Kugasari would start reassessing his options...

The Blood Raven would soon pull Jeremy up to his feet and initiated an Irish Whip yet the massive bull would be prompt with the Reversal as he missed with a Short Armed Lariat. Eiji’s Tiger Wall Flip allowed him to escape being sandwiched by Ryan’s Running TB Avalanche Attack before Eiji executed a 2nd Tiger Wall Flip along Ryan’s spine. Never to accept humiliation, the raging Beast would be in hot pursuit of the agile assassin. However, his Diving Spear, coupled by Eiji’s timely Tome-nage Stomach/Groin Throw, would jettison the 250+ pounder shoulder first into the unforgiving ring post! The audience would groan loudly as Ryan was left clinging to the post amidst a groaning audience while Eiji would roll to the outside to play to the masses before gaining a running start...A Leaping Dropkick would sandwich the brawler’s skull against the ring post to drop Ryan to his knees. The Japanese upstart would swing his fist in celebration before scrambling up the ring apron, swiveling through the ropes before flopping Ryan onto his back for another Cradle Pin!...




Ryan with the Kickout yet the young ninja was determined to quickly make amends...




...Again, The Beast would Kickout, leading Eiji to spring to his feet and connect with a Standing 450 Splash before bouncing into a Lateral Press...




An angry Kugasari slapped the canvas to protest the referee’s count but to no avail, leading him to scissoring his legs around his enemy’s head and ensnaring him into a Gogoplata! The referee was on hand to measure the ailing Ryan’s vitals as the bleeding began to flow faster. The masses were waiting for his hovering hand to tap which would gradually lead him to gnarl his fist before eventually working his way up from the prone to a kneeling posture and finally hoisting the ninja up for a makeshift Powerbomb. However, the nimble ninja would break the hold, land and use a Basement Dropkick above Ryan’s left knee to weaken his base. A vile Buzzsaw Kick across the teeth would knock the sweat off Ryan’s face as he dropped to both knees where the crowd would rally behind each attack...
















However, the nimble pugilist would trap the ninja’s leg while slowly standing to his feet before punishing the ninja with a torrid Dragon Leg Screw! Rolling back to a knee, Ryan continued to taunt his prey as he connected with a 2nd Dragon Leg Screw followed by a 3rd. The measured assault would concluded with a violent Capture Suplex against the turnbuckle that would bounce Eiji square on his head again! The Bangor Bully would again tend to the leaking wound along his brow before dragging a reeling Kugasari towards the middle of the ring and shooting a Cradle Pin....1! ...2! ....2 ½! Jolt’s Last Real Man quickly applied a punishing Ankle Lock while ascending to his feet and the writing ninja would emit muffled screams and curses to the anyone within ear shot. Clawing both the mat and his head, the young ninja desperately clawed his way over toward the western ropes before he broke the referee’s count at 3 by dragging Eiji back toward the middle of the ring. Now the ninja was digging deep to crawl over towards the southern most ropes and call for a rope break yet again, he was being toyed with by being drug back toward the ring’s epicenter. A Body Scissors was now being applied as Ryan collapsed onto the canvas to add more insult and injury as the reeling Kugasari adamantly yelled in anguish. Referee Underwood was repeatedly brushed aside as the new clan general dug deep to drag both himself and the hefty brawler over toward the ropes. Inch by inch, the ninja would finally reach the ropes where the referee would initiate the hard 5 count. Reluctantly, Ryan would break the hold at the count of 4 before gradually stumbling his way back toward the nearest corner post. Favoring his shoulder, Jeremy would leer back at his ailing rival before reclaiming his footing and intentionally planting his weight onto the ninja’s ailing ankle and randomly punching at the Blood Raven’s Hip and Legs before dragging the hobbling ninja to his feet and literally toying with the swinging Kugasari until he intentional crushed him against the turnbuckle several times.

A trinity of Raking Forearms across the ninja’s brow would prep him to be seated atop the turnbuckles with Jeremy Ryan following suit. The audience volume rose as they were expecting a punishing Super Belly to Belly Overhead Suplex as Ryan prepped him form the 2nd ropes yet the recovering Eiji would begin fighting back with a hail of consistent Downward Elbows & Punches until he was able to reclaim control. A quartet of Clenched Knee Strikes warranted every grimace before Eiji began to reposition himself behind his rival’s neck...



The jOlt faithful were on their feet as both men were down with a near motionless Ryan laying in a small pool of blood as Eiji was angrily clasping onto his ailing leg along the canvas. Ongoing fecal chants would swell throughout the arena as the referee knelt beside each man to check on them yet the clan general would continue waving Darius Underwood off before dragging himself over to eventually making the Lateral Press...






The referee was seen calling for the bell as Cross The Hood both slid inside the ring before literally beating the shit out of an ailing Eiji.

Heaps of trash were sent into the ring as Machida Hood held the ninja clan general down with a Grounded Waistlock as Jackson Cross adamantly began stomping on the ninja’s injured leg. Meanwhile, the dazed Ryan was seen crawling toward the ring apron before spilling off onto the outside as both Rebellion acolytes continued to go to work on Eiji. An audible spike form the crowd alerted the 2 brawlers to the dozen of smoke bomb plumes near the ring apron and The Crimson Order & Crimson Elite reinforcements would immediately storm the ring. Both Rebellion emissaries would quickly hightail it over the barricades and through the crowd until the pursuing Elite refused to give chase and come to their ailing leaders aid. From a safe distance, the retreating jackals would inaudible curse and point at the cadre of ninjas whom were surrounding their fallen brethren...

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; the winner of this match, by way of Disqualification....EIJI!! KUGASARI!!!

The audience would offer a highly volitile mixed reaction as both Takeshi & Heido would aid their brother to his feet before several smoke bombs led to their shadowy egress from the ringside area, leaving a bleeding Ryan to defiantly shove the referee’s away while groggily seeking to medicate himself. The Horde made their move and en route to Wrestlecade, the path of faction dominance will no doubt become a bloody one...wrought with revenge & bad intentions...

Winner: Eiji Kugasari via Disqualification


The booming voice could only belong to one man… well, okay, that’s not true. It could belong to several large men that make up the jOlt roster, but this one man in particular was riding off a sweet victory over one of The Rebellion’s men and the one that stole his gOlden bOy Championship. SuperMack himself, Mack Brody.

Entering the locker room was Brody himself, towel draped over one shoulder and the gOlden bOy Championship over the other. Behind him were the other two-thirds of the Heirs of Wrestling, Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway. Silver was dressed in all business attire as he liked to look nice… Ryan did the exact opposite, wearing a black cowboy hat with a pink feather, a black-and-white boa and an HoW: We Are Your Betters t-shirt. Someday, somehow, someone will teach Ryan how to fucking dress.

“Congrats, dude,” Frank said. “Good to see you kick the ass of Sea-Bass!”

“Fuckin’ right,” Brody said, tapping the belt. “Fucking Saje thought he was gonna take this belt and run away with it? That’ll be the ONLY way that candy-ass bitch gets a title as long as I’M around.”

“The Rebellion needed a reminder that WE’RE the only awesome, young, sexy-ass talent ‘round these parts!” Ryan shouted.

“Personally, I was a big fan of when you rearranged his spine with those powerbombs,” Frank said. “We gonna go hit up the club after the show or what? I’m not wasting these good looks carrying YOUR big ass to the ER after the number The Rebellion tried to do to you.”

The three juvenile delinquents shared a laugh in the locker room, but could hear somebody clearing their throat. Somebody’s private time getting interrupted, maybe?

Sitting in the corner of the locker room lacing up his boots for his match that evening was none other than the Jolt champion, “The Anti-Star” Jesse Ramey. He had been listening to the conversation the three men had been having the entire time, just biding his time waiting for them to leave so he could get ready in peace and prepare himself for the journey ahead of him this evening in Jon Le Bon.

“I understand that was a pretty big victory you out there tonight Mack,” Ramey said still looking down at the ground while he laced up his boots, “but is there anyway you three could maybe keep it down just a tad bit? Your evenings may be over, but mine hasn’t even started yet. Trying to stay focused and in the zone for my title defense.”

The three shot a glance over to the focused jOlt Heavyweight Champion before Brody approached him and offered his hand.

“Heya. Don’t think that we’ve ever actually MET yet,” Brody said. Ramey took the hand and shook it. “Brody, Silver, Gallway… Heirs of Wrestling, you know… kind of a big deal. Sorry for ruining… I dunno, whatever the hell this is. Kind of a big night. Curbstomping a Rebellion’s dreams of winning a championship was pretty cool. I could offer you some tips if you need help snuffing out Le Bon.”

“OOOH! I KNOW, I KNOW!” Gallway yelled. “Keep stomping him right in the babymaker until he blacks out and then pin his ass! I’ve always wanted to do that!”

Frank looked at Ryan and shook his head with disgust before turning to Jesse. “Sorry, broseph… Ryan here was dropped on his head after his Mom gave birth to him directly under power lines. She may have been helping herself to a bowl of paint chips while all of that transpired.”

The Anti-Star stood after finishing with his gear, grabbed hold of the Jolt championship, and strapped it around his waist.

“It’s all good honestly.” Ramey remarked, “I have to remember I’m not the only one left in this place putting up the good fight against the asshats like the Rebellion here. Here lately it seems like I’ve been more on defense than anything else, especially after dethroning Landon Stevens for this bad boy.”

Ramey patted the silver around his waist.

“I remember two of you from All-Star though,” Ramey chuckled, “I wouldn’t exactly expect either of you to remember me though. Didn’t do a whole lot in that place other than you know, winning the King of Ages and dethroning Orphan for the Spirit championship. How is it exactly that the Heirs of Wrestling came to be left off of the show this evening anyway? Or wrestling more often on the Hype rather than iNtense lately?”

Brody, Silver, and Gallway all visibly winced at the mention of Orphan… a chapter of their jOlt careers that they’d rather soon forget after the mayhem that he caused all three for the latter half of 2014. Frank finally spoke up.

“Moral support for Brody tonight,” Frank said. “Had to heal up from a concussion by those fucking Goons, myself, but I should be cleared by the time the next iNtense happens… but that shit’s gonna be changing, soon. The kings of this tag team division have been fighting battle after battle and this little title drought… that’s gonna end soon, believe that.”

SuperMack gestured to the jOlt Championship around Ramey’s waist. “This is long overdue, but I’m glad if I couldn’t win that thing myself, that SOMEBODY took that title from that fucking loudmouth, Landon Stevens. Congrats on that, Jesse. We don’t say this about a lot of people on account of the whole egos thing that we admittedly have, but you deserve it, man.”

“I honestly hope things start looking up for you guys the rest of the year.” Ramey remarked toward Gallway and Silver. “Also, thank you, Mack. After all of the roadblocks that piece of garbage tried throwing in my way so that I couldn’t stand a chance against him I honestly didn’t think I would be standing here today with the strap around my waist. Apparently after you lose the belt though it’s your time to slip off into obscurity. Happened with Stevens and Thompson, maybe I’ll finally get my retirement after I lose this thing.”

Ramey chuckled.

“I highly doubt that’ll happen though,” Ramey sighed a bit, “signed to a three year deal after I won the damn thing. I think it’s safe to say my future here is secure even if I lose the belt, but I’m going to say this here and now. You saw how Jon got his match tonight, he asked for it. I’m no Landon Stevens, I’m not running from a challenge. If any of you feel like you deserve a shot at this belt in the future while I’m holding it, just step up to the plate and say so. Mack will be first in line though, it was damn good seeing the look on that piece of shit Diamond Jewelz’ face when you took his own gold away from him.”

Mack nodded as he gestured towards the gOlden bOy Championship. “He fucks with my boys like he tried to, then I take his fucking title. That’s how this works. I’m not gonna lie, man, it was pretty fucking cool to win my first title here and work to make this as valuable as any other in the company… even though O.G. Simpson still hasn’t QUITE warmed up to my award-winning smile and adorable personality. Oh, well…”

SuperMack shrugged.

“But speaking of titles… I ALMOST had that jOlt title within my grasp back at Thieves Honor when it was down to just Stevens and I when Saje jumped back in and cost me my shot… I’ve been wanting to redeem myself for that for months now. Now that I’ve got a free dance card… I may just take you up on that offer for a title match sooner than later.”

“You name the place and time and I’ll see if I can fit it into my schedule.” Ramey laughed, “Being Jolt champion makes you pretty in demand it seems. If I didn’t have the belt I’ll be able to slate you in anytime you asked me to.”

“I’ll tell you what though guys,” Ramey continued, “I believe I had heard mention of going out to get a couple of drinks. As soon as I get done painting the canvas with Jon Le Bon as my paintbrush I may join you afterwards for a few rounds on yours truly.”

“Nah, man, this shit is VIP!” Ryan nodded. “They don’t let just anyb…”

And a right elbow from Frank shut The Prince of Precision down quickly. Brody pushed him aside on purpose.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Ryan, you know the golden rule. When somebody says rounds are on them, they automatically ARE VIP. Good luck out there, Ramey.”

Mack turned and left the locker room while Frank dragged Ryan out behind him by his stupid fucking boa, leaving Ramey alone to prepare for the daunting task ahead.

Raevynn(c) vs Charlotte

At Death Wish, Raevynn shocked the world by dethroning Charlotte for the Starlet Championship. She was enjoying the ride as a part of The Rebellion until just five weeks ago when Damien Lee announced that the days of The Rebellion running things for themselves had come to an end. Lee stated that all of the champions in The Rebellion camp would have to defend their titles tonight against the champions they took their belts from. Since then, Raevynn and Charlotte had been at war and tonight, Charlotte gets her chance at reclaiming her Starlet Championship!

“Poker Face" by Lady Gaga.

The crowd cheered as Charlotte stepped out from the backstage area. She struck a pose at the top of the ramp as the fans continued to show their support. Charlotte made her way down to the ring where she hopped up on the ring apron and stepped between the ropes. She struck another pose in the center of the ring as the flashbulbs went off all around her. The camera did a swooping pan to capture the atmosphere before switching to the hard camera for a close up shot. Her music died down and was replaced.

“Where is the Edge” by Within Temptation.

The arena darkened into a violet hue as the song struck up. Then when the drums and guitar hit, the arena flashed with white light as all the spotlights swirled and converged on the entrance where Raevynn stood with her back to the crowd. The people booed heavily as she spun around and stared down at the ring. She walked down the entrance ramp before climbing up the ring steps. She stopped at the top of the steps and unfastened her championship belt. She walked to the middle of the ring apron and leaned against the ropes, hoisting the championship into the air. She stepped between the ropes and passed the title off to the referee who held it high into the air. Referee Kim Adams passed the title off to ringside and called for the bell.




Raevynn and Charlotte stepped up to each other in the center of the ring and got into a bit of a staring contest. Raevynn proclaimed that she was the new Queen of the Starlets and that Charlotte is nothing more than a has-been. Charlotte shoved Raevynn back and Raevynn retaliated with a forearm, but it’s avoided! Charlotte with a waist lock on Raevynn, taking her down to the canvas, but Raevynn battled back up to her feet where she twisted Charlotte’s arm with an arm wringer. She then let loose with heavy kicks to her mid-section while having the arm twisted. Raevynn re-twisted the arm and slammed Charlotte face first into the canvas. Raevynn then quickly applied a Chin Lock and wrenched back on Charlotte’s neck! Charlotte reached out to the ropes, but they were a good distance away. Charlotte then surprised Raevynn with a burst of energy as she twisted onto her back and put Raevynn in a pinning situation!



Raevynn kicked away and released the hold. Charlotte got back to her feet, but Raevynn was there to meet her with a forearm smash to the face. Charlotte staggered back against the ropes as Raevynn grabbed her by the arm, whipping her across. Raevynn then made Charlotte eat a back elbow that staggered her back again. Raevynn charged in, but Charlotte lifted Raevynn up and over the top rope where she landed on the ring apron. Charlotte turned around and Raevynn saw an opportunity for a shoulder block between the ropes, but Charlotte side-stepped it and hit a stiff kick to Raevynn’s chest, stunning her momentarily. Charlotte took off to the opposite side and bounced off the ropes, gaining momentum. Charlotte leapt up and hit a Shotgun Drop Kick to the top of Raevynn’s head as she was bent over the ropes! Raevynn went flying backwards, landing hard on her back on the floor at ringside!!


Raevynn was down on the floor as she held the top of her head in pain. Charlotte knew she wasn’t getting up any time soon so she hopped down to the floor where she grabbed Raevynn by the hair and pulled her back up to her feet. She grabbed Raevynn by the arm and whipped her into the steel ring steps where she hit with an echoing thud. Charlotte walked over and pulled Raevynn back to her feet before rolling her back inside the ring. By the count of five, Charlotte had gotten up onto the ring apron and Raevynn was up to an all-fours position. Charlotte grabbed the top rope and leapt off, connecting with a Springboard Elbow Drop into Raevynn’s lower back, collapsing her down to the canvas! Charlotte rolled Raevynn over onto her back and made the cover, hooking the leg.



Raevynn popped the shoulder up!

Charlotte stood and dragged Raevynn over to the corner. Charlotte motioned that she was going up top and the crowd came alive. Charlotte ascended to the top turnbuckle pad, but Raevynn came from behind and knocked Charlotte’s legs out from underneath her, causing her to fall into a seated position up top. Raevynn climbed to the second turnbuckle and got underneath Charlotte. She lifted her up and fell straight back…


Charlotte bounced off the canvas and flipped to her stomach from the impact! Raevynn also felt that one as well and after landing hard on the outside, that did even more damage to her upper back. The referee checked on both girls, but Raevynn already showed signs of movement as she gritted her teeth and slowly turned over, crawling towards Charlotte where she turned her over and made the cover.



Charlotte kicked out!

Raevynn stumbled to her feet as she grabbed Charlotte and pulled her up. She hit a knife edge chop which stung, but Charlotte fired back with a chop of her own. Raevynn retaliated with another chop as did Charlotte! Raevynn then switched to a forearm that knocked Charlotte back. Charlotte answered with a forearm of her own! Raevynn backed into the ropes and hit a running forearm that knocked Charlotte back. Charlotte then backed into the ropes and hit a huge forearm that knocked Raevynn down on her back, but Raevynn popped back up and came face to face with Charlotte. They pressed foreheads against each other as Raevynn dared Charlotte to hit her again. Charlotte did so with three consecutive quick forearm shots, but Raevynn retaliated with a headbutt that staggered Charlotte back! Charlotte turned and hit a massive forearm to Raevynn that staggered her back against the ropes. Raevynn charged in, but ran into another forearm that almost made her lose her balance! Charlotte backed into the ropes, got some momentum, pivoted then kicked Raevynn dead in the face with the Discus Big Boot!


Raevynn collapsed down to the canvas as Charlotte made the cover!



Thr.. NO!!!

Raevynn popped the shoulder up in time.

Charlotte then sat Raevynn up and quickly applied a Rear Chin Lock. She tried to drive and air and oxygen out of Raevynn’s body, but while it kept Raevynn grounded, she eventually began to recuperate and regain some energy. She fought back to her feet where she used a pair of elbows to break free. Raevynn backed into the ropes, but Charlotte was right there and countered with a Hip Toss! Raevynn got back up and charged in where Charlotte went for an arm drag, but Raevynn rode the momentum to the ground and took Charlotte over with a Lucha Style Arm Drag! Charlotte came back up and charged at Raevynn, but Raevynn side-stepped and shoved Charlotte off to the ropes.

Raevynn went for a spinning heel kick, but Charlotte stopped short and blocked her leg. Raevynn tried spinning the other direction and hitting a back thrust kick, but Charlotte grabbed the leg again. Charlotte then flipped Raevynn onto her back then sat her up. Charlotte backed into the ropes and hit a stiff kick between the shoulder blades. Raevynn winced in pain as she stood back up. Charlotte delivered another stiff Knife Edge Chop, staggering Raevynn back towards the corner. Charlotte stepped in and hit another chop and Raevynn found herself by the turnbuckles. Charlotte proceeded to stomp Raevynn into a seated position in the corner. Charlotte then walked to the opposite side as the crowd stood up for this spot.

Charlotte charged in at full speed, but Raevynn exploded out of the corner and spun around Charlotte, wrapping her up with a School Girl!!



Th. NO!!

Charlotte almost got pinned by a flash pin from out of nowhere! She quickly stood, but Raevynn was standing there, waiting. She opened up with stiff kicks to the sides of Charlotte, alternating between her left and right side. Eventually Charlotte caught one of Raevynn’s kicks, but Raevynn leapt up with an Enzugiri and caught Charlotte in the side of the head! Raevynn stood and headed for the corner. She climbed up top, facing the ring, daring Charlotte to stand. Charlotte staggered up to her feet and faced the corner. Raevynn leapt off and hooked Charlotte by the head.




Raevynn went for the Flying DDT, but Charlotte grabbed onto Raevynn, pivoted, and planted her with a Spine Buster!!!!!


The crowd was going nuts over that amazing counter as Charlotte popped up out of the spine buster and floated into the pin, hooking the leg!



Thre… NO!!

Raevynn popped the shoulder up at the last possible second and almost saw her life flash before her eyes!

Charlotte thought it was over, but when she learned it was only a two count, she sighed. Raevynn was on her hands and knees when Charlotte walked over and placed her in a front face lock. She pulled Raevynn back up, but Raevynn powered her backwards into the corner. Raevynn hit a pair of shoulder blocks to the mid-section, doubling Charlotte over. Raevynn then hoisted Charlotte up to the top turnbuckle pad. She climbed up top and hit Charlotte with a pair of forearms to the face in an attempt to soften her up. Raevynn then hooked Charlotte for a Superplex, but Charlotte held onto the top rope to block it. Charlotte then countered with headbutt after headbutt, but Raevynn wouldn’t go down. Charlotte then placed Raevynn into the front face lock, lifted Raevynn up and let her free fall with a Super Release Gordbuster!!!

Charlotte the quickly stood on the top rope and showed off some amazing agility as she pivoted and bounced off the top, slamming down on top of Raevynn with a variation of her moonsault…


This had to be it as Charlotte made the cover. The crowd thought so too as they counted along with referee Kim Adams…



Thr.. NO!!!

Shoulder up by Raevynn!

Charlotte stood and signaled that she wanted to end this and take back her championship. She dared Raevynn to stand and when she did, she spun Raevynn around, looking for The Queen of Hearts.. the Belly to Back Neckbreaker, but Raevynn quickly countered with a Backslide Pin!



Charlotte kicked away

Charlotte stood and was met with a stiff kick to the face by Raevynn! Raevynn then quickly placed Charlotte in a Cravat and front flipped into the Cravat Neckbreaker!


Raevynn now had the cover, hooking the leg…



Charlotte kicked out this time!

Raevynn gritted her teeth and then stood back up. She pulled Charlotte up in an Inverted Face Lock. She lifted Charlotte high into the air, but Charlotte continued the momentum and floated over, landing behind Raevynn. Charlotte with a waist lock, but standing switch by Raevynn. A pair of elbows by Charlotte broke free and Charlotte fell to her back and kicked Raevynn in the side of the head. Charlotte then reached up and pulled Raevynn over with an Inside Cradle…



Raevynn kicked away!

Charlotte and Raevynn stood and they both hit forearms at the same time. They backed into the ropes and they each tried for a forearm and, again, they collided with each other. They backed into the ropes and went to the well for a third time, but they both ended up forearming each other. They both gave each other a death glare and went to the ropes again. This time, they both had a clothesline in mind and they took each other down in the center of the ring! The crowd here at Unlimited cheered the efforts of both of them as the referee began the mandatory ten count…








Raevynn and Charlotte began to stir…


Raevynn was almost up as was Charlotte


Both starlets were back to their feet. They staggered over to each other where they, again, pressed their foreheads together and talked a bit of trash. Raevynn ended up headbutting Charlotte, but Charlotte came back with another forearm. Raevynn retaliated with another headbutt, but this time Charlotte knocked Reavynn flat on her ass with a huge European Uppercut! Charlotte wasted no time grabbing Raevynn and pulling her up to her feet. Charlotte doubled Raevynn over with a stiff kick to the stomach and then took off to the ropes. She charged in at full speed and hooked Raevynn by the head with one arm, spinning her down to the canvas with a Neck Breaker…


Charlotte quickly stood and headed to the corner. She ran towards it, leapt to the middle turnbuckle and flipped off with the moonsault, connecting with it for the second time this match…





Thr… NO!!!

Raevynn STILL continued to kick out!

Charlotte pulled Raevynn back up, but Raevynn kicked Charlotte in the stomach!! Raevynn took off to the ropes and came back. She hit a headscissors on Charlotte and went to slam Charlotte into the canvas with La Mistica… the Seconds to Midnight, but Charlotte grabbed Raevynn by the waist and caused Raevynn to land on her feet! From there, Charlotte lifted Raevynn for what looked like a Belly to Back Suplex, but she twisted and nailed the Belly to Back Neckbreaker in a counter that caused the entire crowd to hit their feet!


Charlotte covered!




The crowd exploded! Raevynn just lost the title and now Charlotte is the starlet champion for an unprecedented third time… the most in jOlt history! Raevynn rolled out of the ring, holding the back of her neck. She looked angry and upset at the same time as she backpeddled up the entrance ramp.

Kim Adams handed Charlotte the Starlet Championship and she walked over to the ropes and held it up right in Raevynn’s face. Raevynn gritted her teeth as she gripped her long black hair. You could tell she was absolutely livid. Charlotte stood there in the ring, leaning against the ropes. She draped the title over the ropes and motioned for Raevynn to bring it. Raevynn simply turned her back to Charlotte and stormed behind the curtain.

Charlotte then continued to celebrate, holding the championship up high for the world to see!

Winner: Charlotte via Pinfall

"Trial By Fire"
The camera opened with a casual pan toward the left would reveal the secluded Inogami Clan Chamber Hall where the feeling of unrest was evident; the clan subordinates would expose themselves via their facial expressions in watching the following events in the privacy of their assigned workspace. Subtle murmurs would scrape the vast chamber’s interior before the main hatch was soundly breached open. 2 Crimson Elite were seen carrying the ailing clan general into the secluded hall first while both Takeshi & Heido were seen following suit. Mamoru would saunter in and make a B-line toward the battered Shoji, whom proved unsuccessful in his recent pursuit of the Relentless Championship.

“Be careful with him..” Heido ordered the sentries as they carefully sat the Blood Raven atop an elevated surface in order to allow the medical aides to do their work. “We need a clear and concise report of his injuries and be quick about...”

The holistic practitioners nodded briefly in response as Eiji howled while being attended to. The Mute Mountain Splitter patiently stood by with both arms folded over his massive chest with great concern as Heido readily made his way over toward Shoji whom was reeling from the pressure being applied to his heated compress.

“Shoji..” The Kansai Crippler opened yet the hulking ninja would scowl in response. Muted primarily by wounded pride. Heido would respond with a subtle nod of acknowledgment before motioning the clan’s elder statesman over to him.

“...I WANT....JON LeBON...AND THE ENTIRE REBELLION FINISHED!!! TONIGHT!!!” Eiji exclaimed with every frayed nerve exposed. One of the holistic practitioners were forcibly moved aside, leading Takeshi to advance to keep Eiji seated by gentle force.

“It is not that simple, Lord Eiji...” Heido replied stoically.

“Not ‘that’ simple?!” The embittered Blood Raven hissed. “What in the fuck is not ‘that’ simple? Enlighten me, brother Heido as to why that is?”

“Because you, Lord Kugasari, are expected to hand him the keys to an easy victory.” Heido retorted. Takeshi nonchalantly ensured that the newly crowned clan patriarch remained seated to keep him in order and from causing further harm onto himself.

“With all due respect, Lord Eiji; Lord Kenshiro’s mind set and temperament were among many keys that kept the proverbial wolves at bay. Most enemies remained hesitant. Even when the most brazen made their presence and intentions felt. With that being said, you are not Lord Kenshiro...and rest assured, that is greatly to your benefit...”

“He is correct, Lord Eiji...” Mamoru cosigned. “Where Lord Kenshiro was a very tactful yet highly pensive diplomat in his own right for this clan, those very strengths have proven to motivate and marshal the opposing factions against us in principles and numbers.”

The Blood Raven’s jaw shifted slightly with stern contemplation.

“We all stand in agreement that we must purge our enemies with extreme prejudice. Especially LeBon and his band of insidious jackals. The scars earned this evening only embolden us as a unit to crush them in the grandest of fashions...and that opportunity has been presented to us right here. Right now...”

Eiji nodded in kind as he began to allow the cooler heads to sooth his troubled mind.

“We will not allow ourselves nor anything we aspire to retain to be undone by succumbing to unchecked emotions.” Heido quipped while turning his head toward the new clan general. “Lord Kenshiro’s tests have been centered towards addressing your interpersonal demons, Lord Eiji. In the end, certain victory or destruction of this clan, will rely upon this clan’s leading figurehead. In spite of all our collective efforts, that decision is well beyond our influence...”

“Fine...” Eiji replied after several moments of uninterrupted reflection. “I now believe I know what all must be done from this point forward...”

"...Come Crashing..."
We open up backstage against as Le Bon made a fist and slammed it into a nearby locker.

"She promised... SHE PROMISED.." yelled Le Bon


"Calm down.. she didn't do it on purpose" said Sebastian Saje.

Le Bon backed Saje up against a wall, pinning him there.

"I know you're covering for your little girlfriend... but she just cost us a championship. That is UNFORGIVABLE... and you're one to talk... YOU FAILED AS WELL!" yelled Le Bon right into Saje's face.

Le Bon backed off and turned towards Cross the Hood.

"You two... your match is up next. The House MUST fall... The Crimson Order... MUST FALL." said Le Bon.

"Yo man.. chill we got this. You saw what we did a lil while ago to Eiji Kugasari... The Clan will think twice before tryin' ta pin us in the match tonight... an' that just leaves The House.. it took 'em two on one ta get the betta of us. They can't do nuttin' to us now. Also.. the House and the Order.. they hate each other. We can just pick the bones clean after they be done finishin' each other." said Hood.

"You had better be right.. otherwise, it'll be your carcasses I pick the bones from" said Le Bon, sternly.

Jackson Cross and Machida Hood looked at each other and nodded. They made their exit as Le Bon looked on a bit uneasy. Their match was next

Cross the Hood(c) vs The House vs The Crimson Order

Three teams had been at war since last year over the jOlt Tag Team Championships. The Crimson Order of Takeshi and Heido had a dominant reign as the champions until they were finally stopped in their tracks by Adam Roebuck and Derrick Huber, the super heavyweights known as The House. Moments after that victory back at Death Wish 2014, Cross The Hood assaulted them thanks to powers that Jon Le Bon had to book The Rebellion’s matches at the time. This action resulted in the Hype’s standout tag team winning the belts they’ve had since.

The Crimson Order had a chance to regain the belts at Wired, but came up short when Cross The Hood got themselves disqualified to retain the gold. They did the same with The House two weeks later and since then, the three teams had been on a collision course to now. Would Cross The Hood shock the world and finally best their large rivals once and for all? Would The House make history again by not only being jOlt’s only three-time champions, but also its first-ever four-time champs? Would The Crimson Order finally regain the belts they had been screwed out of time and time again? So many variables were at play tonight.

”Thought Crimes” by Cliff Lin played and the The ongoing stream of edited Japanese lore and precisioned violence would move in lock step with the passionate acoustics as the mesh grating below would began belching forth. An angled view would monitor the former Chief Retainers of the Tag Team Division, stepping through the hazy plan and keeping their heads downcast for several moments. Meanwhile, their esteemed manager would walk between them and stand several paces in front of them to scan the horizon while slightly shifting his jaw. An air of absolute focus and championship redemption radiated from the Japanese trinity...

“...Introducing First, the Challengers...Representing the Inogami Clan; Accompanied both by their manager Mamoru...They hail from the Kansai Prefecture of Japan...Weighting in at a total combined weight of 605 pounds...They are the team of HEIDO & TAKESHI...THE CRIMSON ORDER!!

Shrouded underneath the polished Kendo Mask and tattered Coolie Hat respectively, both the Mute Mountain Splitter & the Kansai Crippler would slowly elevate their heads before breifly glaring at one another before scanning the horizon. Fans along the way would cheer the aberrant duo whom would briefly halt their progress to silently bathe within the adulation before slowly making their way up the ring steps before branching off to adjacent ring posts. The vivid strobe lighting would apply more dramatic effect as both ninja would slowly remove their head coverings before sticking their chests out. Takeshi would wring out both shoulders and wrists as Heido would sweep back his obsidian locks from his face before carefully making his descent back inside the ring.

Five Finger Death Punch’s “House of the Rising Sun” played next. The entire entrance staging area and ceiling overhead were set alight with a barrage of casino theme lighting, igniting a massive pop from the crowd. The jOltvision screens danced with the running footage of a set of hands, performing card tricks before casting a handful of card toward the screen. The cards led to the unified wrestling exploits of the promotion’s respectable agile and mobile super heavyweight tandem before the Nevada bred former jOlt Tag Team Champions appeared from the backstage area. The obese fan favorite extended his arms outward and nodded while his muscular counterpart anxiously greeted the masses in an enthusiastic fashion.

“...And making their way to the ring they are the challengers; From Las Vegas, Nevada...Weighting in at a total combined weight of 777 pounds...they are the team of ADAM ROEBUCK & DERRICK HUBER!!!...They are THE!!! HOUSE!!!”

The House entered the ring and both men came nose to nose with their perennial rivals for the jOlt Tag Team Titles. Huber and Heido were face to face and Roebuck talked a whole lot of trash to Takeshi while the Mute Mountain Splitter said nothing. The two then waited for the last men to come out.

“Ready to Go” by Dave Whitaker played and a violent downpour of negative crowd heat would flood the Arena of Champions’ vast interior as the jOltvision screens began streaming edited glimpses of Gotham and its unsavory representatives executing their unforgiving brawling style with their unfortunate opposition before the arrogant duo sauntered out from backstage, nodding to their new theme music. A musical ode that paid homage to their infamous stomping grounds warranted a mutual nod as their obnoxious antics added more fuel to the fire...

“Weighting in at a total combined weight of 496 pounds...Representing The Rebellion...From Brooklyn, New York...They are the jOlt Wrestling World Tag Team Champions...The team of JACKSON CROSS...and MACHIDA HOOD...and they are... CROSS!! THE!! HOOD!!!”

Machida Hood and Jackson Cross wore their respected tag titles around their necks and had looks on their faces that they didn’t want to be doing this. They were as tough as they came, but tonight they were facing off against the motivated former three-time jOlt Tag Team Champions The House and the deadly former one-time champions in The Crimson Order. Machida Hood was more focused on the task ahead as Jackson Cross talked some trash with the fans. They approached the ring and climbed inside. The official raised both belts and rules for this match were explained; triple threat rules with one man from each team inside and you could only tag your partner. First pinfall or submission wins the titles.

Inside the ring now were Jackson Cross, Heido, and Derrick Huber who were all no strangers to each other since it was the latter two defeating Cross in a handicap match to earn both teams this opportunity. The Kensai Crippler and the Sin City Strongman looked at one another while Cross got in the middle and egged on both of them to fight. They instead turned their attention over to him and started wailing on him from the getgo.

Palm strikes from Heido and fists from Huber pummeled Cross in one corner and both men started taking turns putting the boots to the tag champion. Huber whipped him across the ring and Heido followed up with a big running knee in the chest. Heido nodded at Huber and then whipped Cross right back into his grip where the Sin City Strongman caught him and threw him with an overhead belly to belly suplex!

Heido tried to jump on Huber with a sick knee of his own before leading him to the ropes and waiting for him on the return. Huber continued running and dropped him with a running thesz press before starting to slam the back of his head down on the mat repeatedly. The crowd was split between chants for both The House and The Crimson Order.


Huber was not playing around and continued to dunk Heido’s head into the canvas while the groggy Cross rolled over and tagged the larger Machida Hood. Hood went right for Huber and elbowed him in the face before putting the boots to him in another corner now. He too tried to whip Huber off the ropes but The Oddsmaker reversed that and he went flying back into the corner of The House. Huber charged at him and crushed him with a corner lariat before tagging into Adam Roebuck. Heido rolled over and made it to his corner as both members of The House went on the offensive with a double shoulder tackle that put Hood on his back! Huber left the ring and Roebuck ran off the ropes to deliver a thunderous flash elbow! Roebuck stayed on top and tried to win.



Takeshi saw enough and the three-hundred twenty pound monster kicked Roebuck in the back of the head! Roebuck held the back of his head in pain and gave The Mute Mountain Splitter an opening to exact vengeance on the Rebellion tag team. Hood got pulled up and uppercutted and was then launched into a corner with the IGA AVALANCHE~! Takeshi was a hungry dog off the chain drilling knee after knee into the chest of Hood. Machida tried to defend himself, but when Takeshi saw him coming…


Takeshi moved out of Roebuck’s way, but Machida Hood wasn’t so fortunate and got crushed by the running hip attack from four-hundred sixty pounds of humanity. Hood fell over and left the ring and now the two biggest men in this dogfight slugged it out with one another. They traded headbutts and uppercuts from each other until Takeshi got the advantage. He tried to whip Roebuck but The Las Vegas Leviathan stopped that and whipped him, allowing Huber to pull the ropes down to send him out to the floor!

The path was clear now for The Big Bucks as he grabbed onto Machida Hood and ragdolled him around the ring, bullying him into a corner. He pinned him around the neck and pressed an elbow into his throat …

“You’ve fucked with the wrong people …”


Four brutal open handed chops caught Machida Hood right in the chest, but Roebuck still wasn’t finished with him. He turned him around and the crowd was going nuts for what was to come next …


This time the chops landed directly in the back and now Hood was in a world of hurt. The Big Bucks grabbed him by the arm and tossed him halfway across the ring with a forceful biel throw that sent him across the ring. When he tried to stand on his own two feet in the opposite corner, Roebuck charged like a massive freight train when Jackson Cross pulled him out of the corner, sending Roebuck crashing chest first into the empty corner.

Machida Hood took a couple of seconds rest after the punishment that he endured before he reached over and tagged into Jackson Cross. The Tag Team Champions rushed back into the ring and the two men worked him over before they dropped him down the hard way with a double evenflow-style DDT! Cross The Hood both rolled the big monster over and Cross went for a cover on him.




Roebuck powered out, but the Tag Team Champions were far from done. Mamoru was outside checking on Takeshi while Jackson Cross delivered a series of running kicks to the face of Adam reach time that he tried to sit up. He started doing a little juking and jiving and threw some jabs into the head of Roebuck as he used the ropes to get back to his feet. The Las Vegas Leviathan fought back and threw a big headbutt that rattled him against the ropes before scooping him up for a running powerslam … but Cross slipped out. When Roebuck struggled, he was knocked clear off his feet with a running yakuza kick from Takeshi!

The Silent Nightmare was back in the ring and Cross tried to cheat-shot him with a superkick, but he caught the hold and pulled him right into a vicious elbow smash to the head. Cross hit the mat and now Takeshi pulled him back to the corner where Heido waited for the tag. The former Tag Team Champions set up Jackson Cross in the corner as Heido started to set him up with a monkey flip. He tossed him out of the corner just as Takeshi came back his way …


The crowd was in awe of the sickening double-team from The Crimson Order and Mamoru clapped slowly for the success his team was having. Takeshi left the ring and Heido tried to finish Cross off.



Machida Hood to the rescue! He came out of nowhere with a stomp to the back of Heido’s head before returning back to his corner. The Kensai Crippler grabbed him by the arm and twisted him around until he was locked in his version of the Stranglehold Gamma …


The submission hold was locked in tight and Takeshi kept Machida Hood at bay to keep him from aiding his partner again, but they forgot about the massive Roebuck who was still legal. He booed Heido in the head and goozled him before bringing him back to the corner of The House. The tag was made to Huber and now the two men whipped him across the ring …


The sidewalk slam from Adam Roebuck led into the running elbow drop from Huber! The crowd cheered the innovative double team from the two powerhouses and now it was Huber’s turn to go for a cover.



Close, but no cigar!

Heido managed to squeeze a shoulder up off the mat, but The Sin City Strongman wasn’t through. He was about to grab the legs and go for a the giant swing that he called the Roulette Wheel. He tried, but Heido kicked him away before the Kensai Crippler got back to his feet. A Burning Knee Strike was coming Huber’s way, but he sidestepped it only to get clocked in the head by Machida Hood who tagged himself in during the skirmish.

Hood whipped Heido right into the grip of Huber who caught the Crimson Order member and dropped him down hard with a thrust spinebuster. He stayed on his feet when Hood rushed at him and connected with a yakuza kick of his own that sent him stumbling back into the ropes. He was stunned as Hood headed to the top rope …


The flying uppercut off the top rope was right on the money and gave Machida Hood the opening that he needed to crawl over and try and keep The Tag Team Titles in the Rebellion.



Heido made the save with a stomp to the head!

He rolled back and tagged into Takeshi again before the two men beat down Machida Hood with a series of hard shots. A double Irish whip set him up as he went running across the ring …


A huge press into the elbow strike caught him in the side of the head and put him down on the ground! Heido returned to the corner and Takeshi tried to go for a pin, but his eternal rival, Roebuck, was right there again with a big headbutt to the face. He fired off a second and a third before he threw him out of the ring!

The Las Vegas Leviathan headed outside the ring where Takeshi was trying to stand when Roebuck pummeled him and the two giants were now on the floor. He slapped Takeshi around, but he didn’t get a chance to do much more than that because Heido was in the ring, heading towards him with an incredible suicide dive through the ropes and out to the floor!


The six-five two-hundred seventy pounder made it look incredibly easy as he stood up after laying out Roebuck on the floor with such a deadly dive. He wasn’t going to have too much time to celebrate because out of nowhere came both members of Cross The Hood as they each took an arm and launched him right into the steel steps on the floor!

Bodies were littered everywhere around the ringside area as both members of The Crimson Order and Adam Roebuck were down on the floor. They double high fived each other but their celebration was more premature than Seahawks fans before the play that cost them this year’s Super Bowl. They didn’t see Derrick Huber …


The Oddsmaker was far from your typical musclehead and had quite an assortment of moves such as the cannonball senton he just used! He had scored a huge win for his team in a ten-man tag on Intense where he pinned The Rebellion’s leader, Jon Le Bon and wanted to follow that up by winning the Tag Titles for the fourth time! Now, he roared and pummeled his own chest like a gorilla before he scooped up Machida Hood and threw him back into the ring. He also helped Adam Roebuck back to his feet and helped his tag partner so that way he could tag himself back into the ring. Huber quickly jumped into the ring and tried to pin Machida Hood.



No, Hood kicked out!

Hood managed to just barely kick out! Mamoru was keeping one eye on the action and the other on trying to get Heido or Huber back up to their feet first. Takeshi was up first and headed back inside the ring as Huber tried to punish Jackson Cross in the corner. He was tossed to the corner and Huber charged, but Cross moved and he hit his shoulder right on the ringpost!

When he turned around, Takeshi wrapped a hand around his throat, but Hood kicked away in his gut frantically before snapping Takeshi down with a wicked leg hook reverse STO! He was dropped face first into the canvas and he tagged over to Jackson Cross again. The two men tried to punish the large Takeshi with strings of punches and kicks before Hood used all the strength he could muster to pick him up. Both men hit a double team back suplex/neckbreaker combination and Cross tried to go for the win now!



Heido with the save for his tag team partner!

The Kensai Crippler leaped out of nowhere and dropped an elbow right in the back of his head to break up the fall and the crowd was hanging on every move in this match between all six men. Machida Hood caught him in the chest with a dropkick that sent Heido through the ropes and now cleared the path so that way Jackson Cross could finish somebody off. Huber was still recovering in the corner from being thrown hard into the ring post so he chose him and landed a double knee strike to the ribs. Jackson Cross set him up on the second rope and with a great deal of effort, he tried to pry him away from the corner, trying to get The Cross Breaker …

Huber used his good arm and elbowed his way free before escaping the backpack stunner attempt and landing on his feet. He kneed Cross in the gut and whipped him to the ropes to try a back body drop when Cross stopped and delivered a kneeling uppercut to the chin that rattled Huber. The Sin City Strongman was laid out on his feet as Cross grinned. He ran at him when Huber caught him in the side …


He caught him in mid move and dropped him to the canvas with a flapjack before turning him over to start the big crowd pleasing move! it was completely clear for him to spin Jackson Cross around the ring as the fans counted along with each rotation.

“1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … 5 … 6 … 7 … 8 … 9 … 10!”

The Sin City Strongman dropped him to the ground just as Takeshi rolled over and tagged back to Heido. The Kensai Crippler had a chance to jump in as Huber motioned to the crowd. He forced Jackson Cross up over his shoulder looking for his muscle buster…


The running knee uppercut to the jaw caught Huber right in the face as he dropped Cross out of his grip. Huber was laid out on the ground when he tried to finish him off for a big cover now.



Kickout by Huber!

The Oddsmaker was almost done in by the move, but Heido was not through with him just yet. He tried to force Huber upwards again, but he managed to punch away at him with several big right hands to the gut to get him to back away. The Sin City Strongman was back on his feet, but Heido fought right back and clutched him by the head and arm, looking for the suplex he called Heaven’s Rebuke when Huber boxed his ears with a strong bell clap to free himself. Cross was laid out but had enough to roll over and tag into Machida Hood again! Huber headed to the ropes and a charging move was tried, but Hood caught him …


He landed his running STO backbreaker finisher right on Derrick Huber! When Heido tried to break up the pinfall early, Machida Hood dropped him with a knee face buster. Machida Hood was about to retain the tag titles for his team!




The Mute Mountain Splitter was not the legal man, but that didn’t stop him from trying to manhandle Machida Hood. He picked him up and kicked him in the gut trying to set him up for a powerbomb when out of nowhere came Jackson Cross with a big time superkick to the side of the head. Takeshi was wobbling when a second superkick put him down and finally felled the giant.

Jackson Cross helped Machida to his feet and both men were looking to set up something big on Huber, possibly a spike piledriver. They tried when Heido came out of nowhere and elbowed Hood in the back of the head to get him to let go. Jackson Cross tried to finish The Kensai Crippler off when Heido surprised him with a short-arm …


The short armed Asiatic spike drilled a thumb right into Jackson Cross’s thumb and now he looked to be out of the picture indefinitely. But when Heido turned …


Adam Roebuck was back with a massive vengeance and he just kicked Heido in the stomach before he virtually launched him back with a fallaway powerbomb! Both members of The Crimson Order were out of commission now and now Machida Hood was left alone with both Huber and Roebuck staring him down.

“Make a move, fucker, we dare you …” Roebuck growled.

Defiantly, Machida Hood did just that and tried a sucker punch on Adam Roebuck, but The Las Vegas Leviathan grabbed the fist and bitchslapped him with a massive strike of his head. He stumbled backward and Huber plugged him in the back of the head with another brutal shot. He stumbled into Roebuck’s grip and the crowd was about to see something huge as Roebuck elevated him in a full nelson! Huber caught him by the side of the head …


Their double team finisher just ignited the crowd! The giant double powerbomb nearly shook the ring from sheer force and now there was nothing left as Huber hooked the leg while Roebuck stood his ground, making sure that nobody was coming.




Huber rolled off the body of Machida Hood and laid across the canvas with the biggest grin possible while nearby, Roebuck threw a fist in the air and let out a howl so loud, it was returned by the fans thousands-fold. Mamoru had stood around the outside staring vacantly at what just happened on the inside. The Crimson Order had given it their all here tonight, but it was the perseverance and the resolve of the veterans The House and once again they had set a tremendous record in jOlt Wrestling …

“Ladies & Gentlemen; your winners of this match by way of Pinfall and....NEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW!!!! JOLT WRESTLING WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!! THE HOUSE!!!”

This match was everything that they had promised. Bodies were littered everywhere – most notably those of the now ex-tag team champions. Machida Hood hadn’t moved since he was laid out with the double powerbomb and Jackson Cross was bug-eyed in disbelief, not believing that their four-month reign as the tag team champions was finally over after they spent months screwing over and ducking both of their challengers.

Huber was on his knees and the Sin City Strongman was on the verge of tears when Roebuck handed him his half of the belts. The jOlt Tag Team Championships meant almost more than anything to him and tonight the tag partners of thirteen years managed to not only win the belts again, but broke their own record as the only four-time Tag Team Champions in the existence of jOlt!

The brothers in arms embraced in a celebratory hug and they held their belts out for the whole world to see as the new Starlets Champion, Charlotte, came out to join her husband Derrick and best friend Adam in the ring! The champion husband and wife gave each other a kiss! All three members of the House not only had all of their gold back tonight, but they each stuck it to The Rebellion members that had screwed them out of the belts back at Death Wish. The chase was finally over and now they were at the top of their respective mountains.

Winner: The House via Pinfall

"Pulling the Trigger"
Complete bedlam.

That was the end result of the brutal match-up with Jeremy Ryan and Eiji Kugasari earlier in the evening and the match had drawn to a disqualification thanks to The Rebellion choosing tonight to settle an ongoing grudge with The Kugasari Clan.

Now the scene took us outside the trainer’s office where Jeremy Ryan had just finished being attended to. Multiple stitches in the side of his head as he left the office and just moments away from that, Donny Layne was on the outside of the door. jOlt’s Last Real Man was visibly annoyed with the interviewer being there.

“You little fucking leech.” Ryan said coldly.

“A word about your match earlier, Mister Ryan, that’s all I want. How do you feel about The Rebellion coming in and ruining your match just as it appeared Eiji Kugasari was about to defeat…”

Ryan put his hand right on Donny Layne’s throat instantly, making him gasp for air!

“If you even THINK of finishing that sentence, Layne, I will spike your fucking head into the wall and you will be conducting interviews in traction. You want a fucking word? Here’s a word. CLOSURE.”

He let Donny go and he was doubled over, coughing and trying to get some air back into his lungs. Ryan picked up the microphone and looked right into the camera.

“Just in case any of you fucking idiots want me to elaborate when I say closure, I mean CLOSURE. Finality. Termination. The End. There’s about a thousand words I can use to describe this scenario, but as far as Eiji Kugasari is concerned, our issue is FINISHED. He had his chance to defeat me tonight and like usual, he FAILED. The record books will say disqualification and that’s the ONLY way Eiji would’ve defeated me because I would’ve kicked out of his shitty little Shinobi Sunset finisher anyway. Far as I’m concerned, The Rebellion did you a favor, you silly little asshole. You’re THEIR problem now. I’m done with you.”

jOlt’s Last Real Man turned his attention 100% on Donny Layne who was now starting to pick himself up.

“You want some news? Here’s some news... I’m moving onto my main two goals… The jOlt Heavyweight Championship. The Underground Championship. The top titles of this organization and I want BOTH of them. I’m going to start with the jOlt Championship and whoever wins out of that overrated sack of shit, Jesse Ramey and the Rebellion’s figurehead, Jon Le Bon… I want that person who comes out victorious to know that tonight, you’re not a winner… you’re a fucking TARGET. And when I pull the trigger, I WILL be the jOlt Heavyweight Champion!”

Ryan shoved the microphone back into his chest and walked away.

Omega(c) vs Michael Donavan

The next match was made after the Rebellion decided that the Underground title was something they really wanted. Le Bon was impressed that Michael Donavan took it upon himself to challenge the mad man Omega for the Underground championship.

"Demon Cleaner" by Kyuss

Out from the back came Michael Donavan alone. None of the other members of The Rebellion were with him as he wanted to show the world that he could take on the so-called boogeyman by himself and possible walk away the new Underground champion. Le Bon had complete and total faith in Donavan's abilities as he let the world know last week on iNtense. Donavan made his way to the ring and entered to a chorus of jeers from the fans.

The arena went completely dark as the eerie lyrics of Marilyn Manson echoed throughout the arena. The lights from cellphones illuminated the arena as the lyrics continued to play. The cameras panned around to the stage as Omega was nowhere to be seen. The fans jeered as a lone spotlight hit the middle of the ring. A young girl’s voice was suddenly heard over the PA system.

we are free
now we are ONE

A loud woman’s scream was heard throughout the arena as the lone spotlight disappeared. The lights slowly came back on as Omega stood in the middle of the ring with his black hoodie covering his entire face. The Underground Champion stood in the ring turning slowly surveying the arena before slowly sitting in the corner with a slight smirk on his face.

Simon Boulder signaled for the bell as Omega stood to his feet in the corner. Both men were massive but Omega outweighed Michael by almost eighty pounds. Michael motioned for Omega to come to him. The champion smirked as he continued to stay in the corner. Boulder went over to Omega and told him the match was started and he needed to get out of the corner. Omega just stared at Simon who quickly moved away from the champion. Donovan walked closer to the champion who made his way from the corner. Michael wanted a test of strength in the middle of the ring with Omega. The madman tilted his head to the side before obliging Donavan.

Donavan put his hand up and Omega slowly put his hand up as well. Donavan struck first with a kick to the gut then massive forearm shots to Omega’s back. Donavan was going to the early advantage on the champion. He did his scouting report on the Underground champion and knew his high threshold for pain. Donavan grabbed Omega by the head and drove him to the mat with a DDT. The challenger wanted to keep Omega down on the mat and not let the big man back to a standing base. Michael drove an elbow into the throat of the champion. The Rebellion member grabbed Omega by the hair and whipped him into the ropes. Omega bounced off the ropes and was nailed by a dropkick by the challenger.

Michael Donovan showed he was not afraid of Omega as he grabbed the champion and put him in a chokehold in the middle of the ring. The madman tried to move to his side to break the hold but Donovan maintained his leverage to keep the hold on. Boulder could not do anything as he was just there to count the pinfall. Donovan tried to keep the champion on the mat but Omega turned and was able to stand to his feet. He hooked Donovan and drove down to the mat with a side suplex. The fans looked on as Michael actually held onto the head lock even after being suplex. Omega drove an elbow into Donovan’s side as he finally broke the hold. The champion climbed to his feet as did Donovan. Michael swung with a clothesline that missed the mark. Omega grabbed Donovan from behind and drove him to the mat with a huge German suplex that shook the ring.

Omega made it to his feet and grabbed Donavan by his head and whipped him into the corner. The mad man drove several shoulders into Michael’s mid-section in the corner. The champion was trying to take the wind out of his challenger. Omega reached down and picked up Donovan and placed him on the top rope. The champion slowly made his way up the ropes to the second turnbuckle. The fans looked on in awe not knowing what was about to happen. Omega hooked Donovan on the top rope.


The champion laid on his back with a slight smirk on his face as the challenger was thrown clear cross the ring. The momentum from the move sent the Rebellion member to the floor. Omega turned to see Michael on the floor and rolled under the bottom ropes. The fans at ringside started to make some noise as the Underground match was now on the floor. Omega slowly stalked his prey as he made it to Michael who was trying to pull himself up with the help of the ring apron. Omega drove a forearm into Michaels back as the challenger shrieked in pain. Donovan was now on his feet walking away from his tormentor. Omega followed his prey driving a big forearm into his back every few seconds.

Donovan started to make his way up the ramp as Omega continued to follow. The champion grabbed Donovan and turned him around only to be caught with a huge clothesline that staggered the big man. Michael raced toward Omega and nailed him with a swinging neck breaker on the ramp. The challenger had the champion down on the floor and dropped a knee to his chest before dropping for the cover. Boulder ran up the ramp to count the pinfall.




Donavan hooked Omega’s leg this time for the pinfall.




Donavan grabbed Omega by his locks and started to pull the champion up to the stage. Simon started to follow the two men not knowing what was going to happen next. Michael looked out to the crowd before hooking Omega on the stage. The challenger picked up Omega and drove him into the stage with a huge power bomb that shook the stage and got the crowd in a frenzy.






Donavan was showing the Rebellion and the world that he was up for the challenge of the mad man Omega. Donavan dropped and picked up Omega, driving him into the stage again with a side suplex, putting more and more pressure on the champion’s back. Michael hooked Omega on the stage with a single leg Boston Crab. The champion’s back was in pain as Donavan continued the pressure. Boulder knelt in front of Omega asking him if he wanted to quit. The champion looked at Boulder with a smile.

“We relish in pain. You may want to see if Donavan will relish in it shortly.”

Donavan continued with the pressure but Omega was not going to give up. Michael released the hold assuming he did enough damage to Omega’s back. The challenger reached down and grabbed the champion and pulled him down the ramp toward the ring. Michael made his way to the ring with Omega and rammed him face first into the ring apron. The mad man’s held his head as Donavan looked on. Michael turned Omega around and rammed him back first into the side of the ring. Michael pulled the champion back and rammed him against the side of the ring once again.

The champion fell to one knee as Donavan stood over top of him. Somewhere in the back Jon Le Bon had to be smiling at what Donavan was doing to the Underground champion. Donavan took Omega and shoved him back into the ring. The challenger who was now in control climbed into the ring following the champion. Michael picked up Omega and slammed him hard to the mat. The challenger pointed to the turnbuckle and started making his way toward the corner. He climbed to the second rope, waiting for Omega to get to his feet. The mad man slowly made his way to his feet. Michael jumped off the rope but Omega caught him in the air.


Both men were now down on the mat as the fans were loving the hard hitting action in this match. Michael Donavan definitely had some fight in him but he knew he had to do more to keep Omega down for the three count. Omega grabbed Donavan by the hair and dragged him into the corner. He propped him up in the corner as he backed up to the opposite corner. Things look bad for Donavan as Omega sprinted across the ring into the corner but Donavan had the wherewithal to move. He nailed Omega with a knee that sent the big man into the corner. Donavan hopped onto the second rope and started to lay right hands into Omega’s head as the crowd started to count with every blow.







Donavan jumped off of Omega and grabbed him by the arm. He tried to whip the big man out of the corner but the mad man didn’t budge. Michael gave the Underground champion a thumb to the eye before grabbing him again, this time whipping him into the ropes. Omega bounced off the ropes and was met by a power slam that sent the champion to the mat.




Donavan sat up with a look of disgust on his face. The Rebellion member was trying hard not to get frustrated. The challenger rolled to the floor and grabbed a steel chair from the ringside area and threw it into the ring. However, Donavan was not done as he reached under the ring and pulled out a bag and tossed it into the ring. Donavan climbed into the ring and grabbed the bag. He opened the bag and emptied the contents into the ring. What it the floor was a mixture of tacks and broken glass. Donavan was showing everyone he was Fearless in this match. He grabbed Omega by the head and pulled him near the steel chair. Donavan looked like he was going to pile driver Omega into the chair but the mad man was able to reverse the move by sending Michael to the mat with a back body drop.

Omega turned to see Michael on the mat. He grabbed the steel chair close to him. The mad stood to his feet with the chair in hand. He waited for Donavan to get to his feet and turn around. As soon as Michael turned to face Omega he was nailed with one vicious chair shot after the other.







The crowd gasped as Omega dropped the mangled chair to the mat. Michael lay on the mat now bleeding from his forehead. The mad man looked to the other side of the mat and surveyed the broken glass and tacks that lay near the ropes. He smirked before grabbing some glass and making his way over to Donavan. The champion started to grind the glass into the open wound that was on his Michael’s forehead. Simon tried to get Omega to stop but the champion continued his diabolical intentions. The crowd jeered the champion as he hand was now covered with blood. Omega knelt next to the challenger.

“We have risen above pain. They have transcended our whole being. You will suffer for your contraventions.”

Omega hooked the bloody challenger for the cover.




The boogeyman did not mind that Donavan was still in the match since pain was a virtue to him. The champion picked up Michael and whipped him into the corner. Omega raced into the corner but was met with a big back elbow. Donavan wiped the blood from his eyes as he raced out of the corner with a vicious clothesline that sent the champion to the mat. Omega got to his feet and was met by another clothesline. Michael was now working on adrenaline. Donavan grabbed Omega by the hair and hoisted him in the air. The Rebellion member drove the champion down hard to the mat.


Michael went for the cover on Omega as Simon dropped down for the count.





Donavan slammed his hands on the mat looking at Boulder again with that “that was a three count” look. Donavan pushed Simon but Simon stood his ground and pushed Donavan right back as the crowd was cheering for Boulder. Donavan walked over to Omega as the champion quickly grabbed him by the throat. But Donavan retaliated with a swift kick to the groin that dropped the champion to one knee. Donavan went to bounce off the ropes but was caught again by Omega’s hand wrapped around his throat, only this time he picked him up and drove him down to the mat with a big choke slam. Michael face was a crimson mask and tacks and glass stuck out of Omega’s back. Both men was giving it their all in this championship match. The fans were suddenly split down the middle of who they wanted to win this match. Neither man was popular with the fans but the jOlt faithful loved the competition in this division.






Both men were now back on their feet trading massive blows in the middle of the ring. Neither man wanted to give the other an edge. Donavan nailed Omega with a knee to the gut that stopped the fisticuffs. Donavan hooked Omega and drove him to the mat with a jumping DDT. Donavan quickly hooked the champion’s leg once more.




Donavan wiped the blood from his face again. He knew he had to put this man down once and for all because he was going to pass out if he lost any more blood. Donavan reached down and grabbed the champion. Omega pushed Donavan back and nailed him with a discus punch. The champion grabbed Michael and whipped him into the ropes. Michael bounced off the ropes only to be caught and driven to the mat with a spine buster. Omega hooked Michael’s leg for the cover.




Omega did not hesitate as he pulled Donavan up from the mat. He whipped Donavan into the corner but the challenger reversed it sending the champion into the corner. Donavan raced into the corner with a big splash but Omega moved and Michael caught nothing but turnbuckle. Omega hoisted Michael up from behind and carried the Rebellion member to the middle of the ring.


Omega rolled over and covered Donavan. Simon dropped down for the count.




Omega slowly rolled off his challenger with another vicious title defense. The Underground Champion was a monster that continues to look unstoppable each and every week since his return. The champion grabbed his championship from Boulder. He was in pain and got everything he wanted and more from Michael Donavan. Even though Michael did not win the championship he showed the world he was a big time player in jOlt.

Omega was still a marked man because everyone wanted to be the man who beat Omega. Omega stood in the ring with his title as the medics tried to attend to Donavan in the ring. Omega smiled as he slid under the bottom rope. He climbed over the guardrail and held his title high in the air as he made his way through the crowd.

Winner: Omega via Pinfall

We are backstage once again. This time Jon Le Bon sat all alone in a secluded area in the hallway. He was in the fetal position with his head buried between his legs.

"They failed..." muttered Le Bon.

"They all failed"

"Sebastian Saje..... Failed....."

Le Bon pounded an equipment case next to him.

"Raevynn... failed and lost the Starlet Championship..."

Le Bon stood up and turned to face the wall..

"Cross the Hood lost the tag team championships..."

Le Bon picked up a smaller case and hurled it down the hallway..


He picked up another equipment case and threw it against the wall.. it broke open and its contents spilled everywhere. By now, random staff members stopped what they were doing and began to look in Le Bon's direction.


"DO YOU HEAR ME!? THEY ALL FAILED!!!" yelled Le Bon to anyone that was willing to listen.

"But not me... I'm not a failure... I'm not a failure.. I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL JESSE RAMEY!"

Le Bon grabbed the big equipment case and hurled it into a wall.


With that, Jon Le Bon stormed off down the hallway. The leader of The Rebellion just witnessed his world crash down around him. It was do or die time for Jon Le Bon... the main event of Unlimited... was next!

Jesse Ramey(c) vs Jon Le Bon

The fans in the Jolt Arena were going crazy as Dean Carrington stood in the center of the ring. They knew it was that time of the evening, it was main event time. It was time for the Jolt Championship match between the ultimate good in Jolt and the ultimate douche bag.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Carrington began, “the following is your main event for the evening. It will be contested under Jolt Rules, with the special stipulation that if any member of the Rebellion shows their face in the arena tonight Jon Le Bon is instantly disqualified. The match will have a twenty-five minute time limit, and will be for the JOLT CHAMPIONSHIP!

The arena fell into silence, but for a brief moment until “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash began to fill it with its haunting melody. The lights in the arena lowered, but did not go completely out, and a spotlight shined down on the entrance curtain where the leader of the Rebellion stepped through to a massive reception from the crowd on hand. Not a positive reception, obviously; it was one of the most massive negative reactions from the crowd all evening.

Jon Le Bon strolled out to the center of the entrance ramp, the spotlight following his every step, and once he reached his destination he tilted his head back and outstretched his arms. A smirk crossed Le Bon’s face as he twisted in place and then began making his way down the entrance ramp toward the ring.

“Introducing first, weighing in tonight at two hundred and fifteen pounds and hailing from Los Angeles, California; HE IS JON LE BON!”

As Le Bon reached the ring, he stood outside for a moment continuing to take in the growing amount of booing that he was getting. Despite all of the advantages that the leader of the Rebellion had going into this match being taken away from him, there was still an air of confidence shrouding him.

Le Bon climbed onto the apron, and slowly made his way into the ring where he stood in the center of the ring with his arms once again outstretched. The sounds of Johnny Cash began to die down within the arena and the little amount of lighting that had been provided cut to darkness. The booing within the arena came calmed and a red hue brought the entrance stage to life.

The rising opening of “The Phoenix” by Fall Out Boy began to blast throughout the arena and the once booing crowd all stood to their feet in the darkness now cheering. The Anti-Star emerged from the backstage area into the red lighting and slowly made his way to the center of the stage. Ramey pulled the Jolt championship from around his waist and thrust it upward into the air signaling the beginning of two large plumes of sparks to begin shooting out of the entrance stage to his sides in silver and red.

“Making his way to the ring, weighing in tonight at two hundred and five pounds and hailing from Harts, West Virginia; HE IS THE JOLT CHAMPION, “THE ANTI-STAR” JESSE RAMEY!”

As Carrington finished Ramey’s introduction the Jolt champion burst from the top of the stage toward the ring. Ramey slid into the ring on his right hip and bounced back into the center of the ring. The Anti-Star made his way to the nearest turnbuckle, climbed to the second rope, and shot the Jolt championship high into the air one last time before dropping back down into the ring. The lights in the arena cued back up to normal.

Ramey made his way over to referee Mike Hunt, where he handed off the championship gold. Hunt folded up the belt, and then held it up high into the air. Hunt then made his way over to the side of the ring where he handed the belt off to the now at ringside, Carrington, and quickly made his way back to the center of the ring. Hunt looked in the direction of both Ramey and Le Bon, and then signaled for the bell.


Ramey and Le Bon both paced back and forth on their sides of the ring. The crowd on hand began chanting for Ramey, which made his stop for a moment and raise both hands in the air.


Ramey and Le Bon then began circling the ring, only stopping after a good quarter rotation of the ring when Le Bon jumped in with a collar and elbow tie-up. This was different for Ramey, he was used to go into these type of situations against bigger opponents, but this would definitely be a true test of strength between the Anti-Star and his challenger as they both almost mirror images of each other; Ramey with a one inch height advantage and Le Bon with a ten pound weight advantage.

The two men struggled with the collar and elbow tie-up, but Le Bon was able to quickly pull Ramey’s head down into the side headlock. Le Bon cranked down on the hold for a moment, and then twisted his way around Ramey’s body hooking hold of his arm for the hammerlock. Ramey struggled to try and reach his one free arm back grabbing at Le Bon’s head. This attempt at getting out of the hold was to no avail, but Ramey was able to duck down under Le Bon’s own arm, keeping hold of Le Bon’s arm the entire time, and reverse the hammerlock coming up behind Le Bon.

The Anti-Star tried to lock in the hold so that Le Bon would not be able to wiggle free by placing his free arm around Le Bon’s waist. However, the prince of the Rebellion was able to twist out of the move like Ramey did, only instead of continuing behind Ramey he stayed to the side keeping Ramey’s arm and twisting it in an arm wrench. Le Bon twisted the wrench one good time and then yanked down hard on Ramey causing him to bounce in the ring.

Le Bon lifted Ramey’s arm trying to push down the leverage on the hold, but Ramey came up with his free hand breaking the hold. Ramey in turn snatched hold of Le Bon’s arm and gave him the same treatment in an arm wrench of his own. Ramey twisted the hold once, but then lifted Le Bon’s arm up into the air exposing his chest as Ramey began delivering several stiff sidekicks to Le Bon’s chest.

Ramey then wrenched the hold tighter causing Le Bon to drop to one knee very briefly and then popping back up to both. Ramey pulled down on the arm causing Le Bon to drop back to one knee. Ramey continued to twist the hold on the arm, while Le Bon out of desperation reached out with his free arm and grabbed hold of Ramey’s hair pulling it back to the admonishment from the referee.

The grip on Ramey’s hair finally forced the Anti-Star to release the arm wrench allowing Le Bon to pull him in tightly into another side headlock. Le Bon was then slowly forced backward into the ropes as Ramey lifted both hands in the air to try and get them on the face of Le Bon to try and break the hold. Ramey then grabbed hold of the top rope with his right hand, brought his left hand down, and delivered three good shots to Le Bon’s midsection.

The Anti-Star released his grip on the top rope, brought both hands down around Le Bon’s waist and forced him back out into the middle of the ring where he was able to break the hold by shooting Le Bon off and into the ropes. Le Bon bounced off of the ropes, and as Ramey was coming back up to a full standing base, he attempted to charge Le Bon. It was too late though as Le Bon was already on his approach and caught Ramey with a standing shoulder block that dropped him to the canvas.

Le Bon stood for a moment and shouted at the crowd, this move caught some negative reaction from the fans. Ramey popped back up to a seated position and Le Bon darted toward the ropes once again. Just as Le Bon hit the ropes and was set to return the Anti-Star dropped onto his stomach and rolled close to the feet of Le Bon forcing him to leap over and continue his pace across the ring. Le Bon bounced off of the opposing ropes and Ramey came back to his feet. As Le Bon approached this time Ramey leapt into the air leap frogging over Le Bon as he approached, and forcing him to continue into the ropes once again.

Le Bon was really building a head of steam now as he quickly bounced off the opposing ropes, and came back through with Ramey quickly turning and trying to catch him with a clothesline. Le Bon ducked under the attempt and continued off to the ropes again. Le Bon attempted a clothesline of his own on the rebound that Ramey was able to duck under and now Ramey got into the action going off of the opposite ropes. Le Bon rebounding once more, but only this time the Anti-Star was able to connect with a back elbow that leveled Le Bon to the mats.

The Anti-Star twisted away after hitting the back elbow, but Le Bon was quick to get back to his feet. Ramey turned and Le Bon was coming right for him, but Le Bon was only brought back down to the canvas as Ramey dropped him with an arm drag. Both men were quick again to get back to their feet, and Le Bon waited as Ramey came close to him and Le Bon returned the favor pulling Ramey over with the arm drag. It was evident neither man was staying down though as they both popped back up, and had the same idea running through their minds as they both attempted a dropkick. Neither man caught anything with their moves except the soles of their opponents’ boots.

Getting back to their feet a little slower this time, Ramey and Le Bon stood a few feet away from each other just staring now. The crowd gave a roaring ovation to the stalemate, this was something that Le Bon wasn’t used to, but he was showing his chops inside of the ring for the first time in a long time tonight. Ramey walked over in front of Le Bon smiling and lifted his arms into the air drawing a huge reaction from the crowd, only to have Le Bon slap the taste out of his mouth and causing the crowd to go from cheering to letting out a giant groan.

Ramey grabbed at his face, as a smirk began to come across Le Bon’s, only to be caught off guard as Ramey brought a boot up off of the mat catching Le Bon in the side of the head with a standing kick. Le Bon dropped to all fours quickly, but grabbed hold of the ropes, and brought himself back to his feet. Le Bon clinched at his own face now, but Ramey came in and brought a boot up across his midsection, grabbed hold of Le Bon’s head and brought a forearm down across it. Le Bon was then backed against the turnbuckle padding with one more stiff forearm shot. In the corner, Ramey kicked Le Bon with a straight kick, hit him with another forearm shots to the head, and then grabbed hold of Le Bon’s arm and sent him flying across the ring and into the opposing turnbuckle padding.

Ramey was quick to follow behind Le Bon and as soon as back hit the padding the Anti-Star jumped onto the middle turnbuckle padding, then grabbed hold of Le Bon’s head, placed his feet into his midsection, and sent Le Bon flipping across the ring with a huge monkey flip. Ramey was quick to get back to his feet while Le Bon rolled onto his back near the ropes. Ramey rushed in catching Le Bon with a huge twisting leg drop across the throat and then rolled on top of Le Bon’s body hooking the leg for the pin attempt.




Le Bon shot the shoulder up off the mat breaking the pin attempt. Ramey rolled back to his feet, while Le Bon tried pulling his way back to his own with the help of the ropes. Le Bon had only managed to get back to one knee when Ramey approached delivering a kick to the side of Le Bon’s head. Le Bon lost all motivation of his own for getting back to his feet at this point, so Ramey grabbed him by the head and pulled him back to his feet. Ramey hit Le Bon across the head with one good forearm shot, then pushed him into the ropes, and sent him flying across the ring.

Le Bon hit the ropes rebounding as Ramey waited, but in a desperation move Le Bon leapt across the ring catching Ramey with a flying forearm smash. Ramey dropped to the mats hard, as Le Bon landed on his knees. Le Bon then crawled over mounting Ramey. Le Bon pulled Ramey’s head up off of the mat and drove a closed fist down into his skull. Ramey’s head snapped back down to the mat with the power of the punch.

Le Bon then proceeded to lift Ramey’s head off of the mat and hit him with vicious closed fists four more times before Hunt stepped in to stop Le Bon. Le Bon came back to his feet, while Hunt advised him that the fists needed to be open. Ramey rolled into a crawling base as Le Bon listened to Hunt, and then turned his attention back to the now crawling Ramey. Le Bon kicked Ramey in the head causing him to drop back down flush with the canvas, but Ramey attempted to push his way back up once again.

Le Bon grabbed Ramey by the hair at this point and began walking forward forcing Ramey back up to his feet. Le Bon continued to hold Ramey’s hair until he got him to the ropes; Le Bon twisted Ramey around where he came to a seated base on the bottom rope. Ramey shot a right hand up into the midsection of Le Bon, but it didn’t have much force behind it. Le Bon retaliated with a punch to the side of the head of his own. Le Bon stepped back as Ramey tried to get back to a full standing base and connected with another closed fist. Mike Hunt was standing right in front of the two, telling Le Bon he needed the hands opened again.

Le Bon was not one for listening though as he closed the fist, drew back one more time, and caught Ramey across the side of the face again. Ramey was now hanging onto the middle rope, when Le Bon pulled him back up to a full standing base, grabbed hold of his arm, pushed his back against the ropes, and then stepped out into the ring flinging Ramey into the opposing ropes. Le Bon had the closed fist ready to go again, but Ramey wrapped both arms around opposing top rope and stopped himself dead in his tracks. Le Bon swung the closed fist into nothing, but air. Ramey came off of the ropes hoping that he had taken Le Bon off of his game plan enough to hit a move, but Le Bon was quick to think of something new jumping into the air catching the approaching Ramey with a jumping clothesline.

The move dropped Ramey back down to the canvas, and Le Bon landed on his knees. Ramey quickly rolled under the ropes and out onto the apron, while Le Bon made his way back to his feet and stood watching as Ramey began making his way back to his feet on the apron. As Ramey found himself halfway back to his feet, Le Bon charged the corner, jumped onto the middle rope, and looked as though he was going to attempt a springboard clothesline over the top rope on Ramey, but the Anti-Star ducked holding onto the middle rope and Le Bon went crashing outside of the ring.

Le Bon rolled onto his hands and knees outside of the ring, while the Anti-Star stepped back through the ropes and watched his opponent crawling on the outside. Ramey darted for the ropes, getting a head of steam, and as he approached the ropes he leapt over the top with a senton catching as he was just getting back to a kneeling position. Le Bon rolled onto his back now on the padding that surrounded the ring, while Ramey rested on his hands and knees. Mike Hunt quickly exited the ring to check on both men, and then told them both to bring it back inside of the ring after seeing they were in good condition.

Hunt rolled back inside of the ring as Ramey came back to a standing base outside of the ring. Le Bon had slowly made his way back to his feet, and as Ramey turned he caught a glimpse of Le Bon. The Anti-Star delivered a big roundhouse kick to the side of Le Bon’s head that caused him to twist around and grab hold of the ring barricade to keep himself on his feet. Ramey then grabbed hold of Le Bon, twisted him around, and tossed him back under the ropes. This caused Hunt to stop his ten count, that he had only been able to reach three on.

Ramey jumped back up onto the apron, but instead of making his way back into the ring, he began scaling the side of the turnbuckles until he reached the top rope. Ramey was getting his balance as Le Bon came to his knees, as soon as Le Bon snapped back up to his feet Ramey dove off of the top rope catching him with a missile dropkick that leveled him back down to the canvas. Ramey jumped back to his feet as the crowd was fully getting behind him, made his way to the turnbuckle and jumped to the top rope in one swift move. Le Bon knew he wouldn’t be able to get out of the way of whatever Ramey was planned, and instead pushed his boot into referee Mike Hunt’s butt cheek causing spring forward into the ropes.

Hunt hitting the ropes caused the ropes to shake just enough that Ramey fell from his standing base straddling the top rope. Le Bon then slowly began making his way back to his feet, as did Mike Hunt who was unaware of exactly what had happened. Le Bon made his way over to the straddled Ramey and delivered a closed fist to the side of his head. The fist caused Ramey to rock back and forth on the top rope as Le Bon made his way up to the middle turnbuckle. Le Bon positioned Ramey for the suplex, and then slowly made his way up to the top rope dragging Ramey along with him. Le Bon then brought himself and Ramey crashing back into the ring with a double underarm suplex.

The Anti-Star writhed in pain from the move, and rolled onto his back, while Le Bon quickly took advantage of the position Ramey was in with his legs up in the arm. Le Bon jumped between Ramey’s legs and held him pinned down to the mat in the missionary position as Hunt fell in for the count.




The Anti-Star was barely able to use all of his leg strength to push Le Bon off of him. Le Bon came back to his feet and did a loop around the front of the turnbuckles rubbing at his face. He had surely thought that move would have put Ramey away, but it didn’t. Ramey rolled onto his side and held his back while Le Bon began arguing with referee Mike Hunt, saying that the count was slow. Le Bon at this point had made his way all the way around Ramey, bounced off of the ropes for a little momentum, and then delivered a stiff kick to the back of his head.

Ramey grabbed at his head as he rolled across the ring toward the turnbuckle, and Le Bon followed behind him delivering another kick to the back of his head. The fans at this point began letting Le Bon know exactly how they felt about him.


Le Bon shouted to the crowd to shut up, as he grabbed Ramey back the back of the hair, and lifted him to his feet placing him into the turnbuckle padding. The chants only continued as Le Bon began driving closed fists into the side of Ramey’s face. Hunt tried to warn Le Bon once again, but to no avail, as he only continued to hit Ramey until he dropped to a knee. Then Le Bon lifted him back up into the corner, grabbed hold of his face, and again began to drive closed fists into Ramey’s skull.

Hunt had enough of Le Bon not listening at his point and began his five count, causing Le Bon to stop his assault at the count of three and pulling Ramey out of the corner with a whip into the opposing turnbuckle. Ramey’s back hit the padding with a snap, and Le Bon got a head of steam charging in toward Ramey. However, whatever Le Bon had in mind was cut short as Ramey lifted a boot up into the air catching him in the side of the head. Le Bon grabbed at his face staggering back out of the corner.

Ramey quickly made his way out of the corner while Le Bon’s vision was obstructed and flipped him over into the center of the ring with a quick roll up pin attempt.




Le Bon was quickly the first man back to his feet, as Ramey struggled to get to his own. Le Bon charged Ramey as soon as he came to a standing base and leveled him to the canvas with a clothesline and then jumped on top of Ramey’s body for the pin attempt with the leg hooked.




Le Bon didn’t hesitate with arguing with the referee this time though, instead he left Hunt to check on Ramey, made his way back to his feet and quickly over to the nearest turnbuckle. The fans in attendance all began booing as Le Bon quickly began taking the padding off of the top turnbuckle. Hunt was too late in noticing though, as Le Bon had already exposed the metal ring and was holding the turnbuckle padding in his hand as Hunt arrived. Le Bon let the padding drop from his hand to the mat while Hunt began asking him what he was doing. Hunt directed Le Bon away from the corner as he bent over to pick the padding up.

Le Bon slowly began backing away from the corner as Hunt tried to tie the padding back onto the turnbuckle. This is exactly what Le Bon wanted though as Hunt struggled with the turnbuckle padding Le Bon grabbed a crawling Ramey and brought him back to a standing base. It was at this point that Ramey quickly rolled Le Bon up with an inside cradle pin attempt that caught Le Bon completely off guard. Hunt noticed too late though, dropping the turnbuckle padding outside of the ring, and then dove in for the count.




The fans were very frustrated at this point, as Ramey had Le Bon down for a solid six count. Hunt just wasn’t able to start the count in time for being distracted by the turnbuckle padding. While what Le Bon had in mind didn’t come to pass, his actions definitely saved him from being pinned in the match.

Both men quickly rolled back to their feet, and Ramey lunged toward Le Bon catching him for the first time in the match with a closed fist of his own. The move caused Le Bon to rock back and Ramey caught him with four more solid shots to the head, but on the fifth Le Bon was able to duck under the move, twist behind him, and lifted his arms up catching Ramey with a full nelson that he then swept the leg and planted Ramey face first near the ropes.

Le Bon slowly pushed Ramey over onto his back, and hooked the leg for the pin attempt.




Le Bon rolled to his knees, grabbed hold of the middle rope, and then made his way back up to a standing base. Le Bon eyed Hunt for a brief moment, and then turned his attention back to Ramey. Le Bon grabbed Ramey by the hair, and lifted him up to a slouched over position. Le Bon then pulled Ramey over to the ropes and draped his neck over the middle rope. Le Bon held tightly onto his grip of Ramey’s hair as he placed his leg into Ramey’s back chocking Ramey with the ropes. Hunt began yelling at Le Bon, but instead of breaking the hold Le Bon grabbed hold of the middle rope with both hands and straddled Ramey’s back pulling tight against the ropes. Hunt began his quick five count, to which Le Bon released the hold at the count of four.

Ramey rolled to a seated position near the adjacent ropes, while Le Bon ripped some tape loose from his arm and unwound it. Le Bon then made his way over to Ramey wrapping the tape around Ramey’s neck as he continued to choke the Anti-Star. Hunt quickly began another five count, to which Le Bon finally released his other choke at four again. This second choke caused Hunt to get in Le Bon’s face and the two men argued as Ramey rolled to his side trying to get to the ropes.

When Hunt finished with Le Bon, he quickly turned his attentions back to Ramey. Le Bon slowly made his way over to Ramey who had managed to get onto his stomach and crawl to the bottom rope, where he was trying to get back to his feet. Le Bon grabbed Ramey by the hair and slowly lifted him up to the middle rope. Le Bon draped Ramey over the middle rope again by this neck, Hunt was ready to lay into Le Bon again, but Le Bon drove a closed fist into the back of Ramey’s head instead of going for a choke again.

Le Bon leaned in yelling at Ramey as he delivered a forearm to his back. Le Bon continued shouting things at Ramey as he nailed him one more time in the upper back with a closed fist, then turned and rushed toward the opposing ropes. Le Bon came back through looking to jump onto the back of Ramey, but the Anti-Star moved out of the way at the last second. One of Le Bon’s legs went over the middle rope, while the other stayed in the ring and Le Bon hit the middle rope hard with his crotch. A look of agony crossed the Rock Star’s as he was launched back into the middle of the ring on his back.

Ramey slowly made his way back to his feet, but Le Bon wasn’t going to stay down, not even after taking a crotch shot from the ropes. He struggled around to get to one knee and then pushed his way back up to a standing base as soon as Ramey was on the approached. Ramey grabbed hold of the back of Le Bon’s head though and caught him with a forearm shot. Ramey then smashed another forearm shot into the side of Le Bon’s head rocking him back into the ropes. Ramey grabbed hold of Le Bon’s arm and shot him across the ring, only for Le Bon to twist and counter instead sending Ramey into the ropes.

The Anti-Star rebounded and Le Bon came in quickly driving a knee up and into the sternum of the Jolt champion. Ramey flipped over Le Bon’s leg and back down to the canvas. Le Bon took a moment and slowly walked over behind the seated Ramey; grabbed hold of both of his arms, and lifted them up above his head. Le Bon wrenched the hold, but the fans were getting behind Ramey for some kind of return in the match. The Anti-Star slowly forced his way up to a standing base, and twisted under the hold Le Bon was applying causing him to break it. Ramey delivered a kick to Le Bon’s midsection, then three stiff forearm shots that rocked Le Bon backward into the turnbuckle padding. Ramey quickly grabbed hold of Le Bon’s arm and tried to send him across the ring into the opposing turnbuckle padding, but Le Bon was able to reverse the move.

As soon as Ramey’s back hit the padding Le Bon charged in, but the Anti-Star quickly slipped out of the corner causing Le Bon to go diving between the top and middle turnbuckle padding going shoulder first into the steel ring post. Le Bon hung draped on the middle rope for a moment, before flipping out onto the apron, while Ramey slowly crawled across the ring on his knees holding at the middle rope. Le Bon rolled back into the ring, and lifted himself back to his feet first.

Le Bon charged at a now standing Ramey trying to catch him with a clothesline that the Anti-Star was able to duck under. Both men quickly turned back around looking at each other, Ramey grabbed hold of the back of Le Bon’s head hitting with a succession of three more forearm shots, released, and twisted in place leveling Le Bon to the mat with a twisting forearm shot to the side of the head.

Ramey pumped his fists getting the crowd motivated again, as Le Bon rolled onto his hands and knees and began crawling toward the corner. Le Bon quickly pulled himself back to his feet, but Ramey was on top of him catching him with another massive forearm shot that rocked him into the ropes. Ramey pushed Le Bon’s back against the ropes, grabbed hold of his arm, and tried to whip him across the ring, only for Le Bon to counter it again instead sending Ramey across the ring.

As Ramey bounced off the ropes though, Le Bon made the approach only to be caught with a rolling wheel kick that brought both men down to the mat. Le Bon was quickly the first man back to his feet, but he walked around the ring and ended up in the corner. Ramey came back to his feet shortly thereafter and followed Le Bon to the corner. Ramey brought a boot up into Le Bon’s chest causing his back to go flush with the turnbuckle padding and then rocked him with another forearm shot.

The Anti-Star once again grabbed hold of Le Bon’s arm and tried to send him across the ring, but Le Bon again countered sending Ramey into the opposing turnbuckle. It was apparent both men were beginning to be wore down though as Le Bon tried to approach, not as quickly as he should have, only to have Ramey bring a boot up catching Le Bon in the face. Le Bon staggered out of the corner with his back turned to Ramey, who twisted grabbing hold of the top rope.

When Le Bon finally turned to face his opponent Ramey jumped onto the middle rope, and launched himself backward grabbing hold of Le Bon’s head and planting him in the ring with springboard tornado DDT.


Ramey quickly climbed on top of Le Bon’s body for the pin attempt.



Le Bon shot his shoulder up and off of the canvas and the Anti-Star rolled to a seated position before trying to push his way back to his feet he slammed his fist into the mats. Both men struggled back to a standing base at the same exact time. Ramey swung at Le Bon’s head with a closed fist that the challenger was able to duck under and pop up on the other side of Ramey. Le Bon shot a kick toward Ramey’s midsection, but the champion grabbed hold of Le Bon’s leg causing him to have to balance on one.

The Anti-Star then stepped over Le Bon’s leg catching him across the forehead with a wheel kick that dropped both men to the mat. Le Bon lay on his back holding his head while Ramey made it to his hands and knees. Ramey slowly pushed his way back to his feet, saw the positioning of Le Bon and darted toward the ropes. Off of the rebound Ramey came rushing back toward the downed body of Le Bon catching him with a running shooting star press that left everyone in the arena with their jaws hitting the ground. Ramey was able to stay on top of Le Bon’s body after the move for the pin attempt.




The crowd was roaring, but Le Bon was able to get his shoulder up and off the mat at the last second. Ramey rolled into the ropes, grabbing hold of the middle rope as he pulled himself back to his feet shaking his head. Ramey twisted around as Le Bon had found his own way into the ropes and pushing his way up a kneeling base via the use of the bottom rope. Ramey drove a stiff closed fist down across the back of Le Bon’s neck, lifted him up with his back against the ropes, and drove a forearm shot into the side of his head.

The Anti-Star pushed Le Bon’s back against the ropes, and then shot him off across the ring. Le Bon rebounded, and Ramey looked ready to drill him in the face with a closed fist, but Le Bon dropped to his stomach sliding between the legs of the champion. Le Bon quickly popped back up to his feet, Ramey turned and tried to catch him with a leg sweep, but Le Bon jumped avoiding the move. With Ramey now at a kneeling position Le Bon leapt into air catching the Anti-Star across the back of the head with a huge enziguri kick.

Ramey fell face first to the canvas and Le Bon quickly rolled him over for the pin attempt with the leg hooked.




Ramey brought both shoulders up and off of the mat breaking the pin attempt. Le Bon stayed in his seated position for a moment breathing heavily, and then turned grabbing hold of the middle rope to pull himself back to his feet. Ramey rested on his side in the ring holding at the back of his head, while Hunt checked to make sure he could continue. Le Bon shouted at the crowd once again causing them to scream back at him, before he turned his back to the champion trying to make his way up using the middle rope.

Hunt explained to Le Bon about the two count, while this drew Le Bon’s attention away from Ramey. Le Bon had a pissed look cross his face at Hunt, but then continued his way over toward Ramey who had got back to a full standing base, but was slumped over with his face looking at the top turnbuckle padding. Le Bon quickly twisted Ramey around with his back against the turnbuckle and drove a forearm shot down across the top of Ramey’s head that caused him to drop to a seated position on the bottom turnbuckle padding.

Le Bon pulled Ramey back up, and then drove a closed fist down across Ramey’s skull. Ramey tried to walk out of the corner, but Le Bon pushed him back flush against the padding once more. Le Bon grabbed hold of Ramey’s arm and sent him across the ring into the opposing turnbuckle. Ramey’s back bounced off of the exposed metal turnbuckle. He staggered out of the corner and Le Bon had bounced off of the ropes right beside Ramey.

Le Bon attempted to catch Ramey across the back of the neck with a clothesline, but the move barely missed. Le Bon quickly turned with Ramey trying to catch him with a roundhouse kick. Le Bon ducked under the move and Ramey’s leg planted back down to the canvas hard causing him to swagger. Le Bon locked his arms around Ramey’s waist from behind, and launched him up and over with a massive German suplex. Ramey landed and folded up like an accordion.

Le Bon quickly twisted in place and launched himself onto of the folded up Ramey pressing his legs backward so that his feet would have touched his head for the pin attempt.




The Anti-Star barely kicked out and flopped over onto his side. Le Bon rested on his knees and looked at Hunt who held up two fingers. Le Bon raised three fingers in a desperation plea with the referee, but Hunt continued to hold up two fingers and a look of “What the hell do I have to do to put this guy away” crossed Le Bon’s face as he ran his hand through his hair.

Le Bon slowly pushed his way up to his feet breathing heavily with his hands on his hips, and turned toward the audience trying to get his own confidence back shouting at them. This drew a large negative reaction from the crowd on hand as Le Bon slowly paced around the ring. The Anti-Star rolled on his stomach toward the ropes where he attempted to grab hold of the middle rope, but he only lay on his side breathing heavily as well and just wasn’t able to get the momentum to reach the ropes.

Le Bon slowly walked over toward the downed Ramey, and just as the Anti-Star grabbed hold of the middle rope Le Bon reached down grabbing Ramey by the back of the hair and pulled him back. Le Bon drove a stiff closed fist down into the back of Ramey’s head, and the Anti-Star rolled onto his hands and knees in the ropes. Le Bon grabbed hold of a big chunk of hair once again and delivered another closed fist to the side of Ramey’s face. Le Bon then grabbed hold of Ramey’s head with both hands, and drove his knee upward into Ramey’s face causing him to come up and drape over the top rope.

Le Bon had used the momentum from the knee to twist around and back behind the draped Ramey. Le Bon twisted Ramey to only his side resting on the ropes, grabbed hold of Ramey’s head, and delivered a closed fist to the side of his head. Le Bon then motioned toward the crowd as he turned back to a leaning over Ramey, grabbed him by the arm, pressed his back against the ropes, and tried to send him across the ring.

Ramey held onto the whip, twisted in place, and reversed Le Bon off into the ropes. Ramey dropped his head before Le Bon came back from the rebound, and Le Bon brought a stiff kick up into the chest of the Anti-Star. Ramey snapped back up to a standing base and Le Bon went back into the ropes, but as he approached the upright Ramey lifted Le Bon up into the air and brought him down chest first against the top rope.

Ramey went directly back to leaned over position as Le Bon landed on his feet, only to stagger back a few steps and fall to the canvas. Ramey saw the positioning of Le Bon near the ropes as he came back to a full vertical base, and shot toward the ropes as quickly as he could. Ramey jumped straddling the corner and bounced backward into the ring catching Le Bon with a split-legged moonsault.


Ramey’s body had slid off of Le Bon’s briefly, but he was able to crawl back up on top of Le Bon and hook the leg for the pin attempt.




The crowd was cheering thinking the match was over, but Le Bon was barely able to get the shoulder up at the last second showing exactly how resilient the challenger was. Ramey rolled onto his stomach and smashed his fist against the canvas once again. Le Bon rolled onto his stomach and crawled quickly to the corner where he forced his way up to his feet, while behind him Ramey had pushed his own way back up to his feet. Just as Le Bon turned with his back against the turnbuckle, Ramey delivered a solid closed fist into Le Bon’s kidney section. The Anti-Star then grabbed hold of both sides of the middle rope and drove two shoulder blocks into Le Bon’s midsection.

Ramey released his grip and backed out of the corner, and then charged back in with what looked like would have been another shoulder block. However, Le Bon raised his legs above Ramey’s bent over body, placed his legs around Ramey’s midsection, and then flipped him over into the ring with a roll up pin attempt. He didn’t quite get the move on fully though as the planted his feet to the mat Ramey struggled, and Le Bon instead attempted to twist Ramey up into a Boston crab.

The two men struggled as Le Bon attempted to get Ramey over onto his stomach for the move, but Ramey twisted his body, broke his legs free, and was able to bring Le Bon down placing both his legs across the chest of Le Bon while holding onto Le Bon’s legs as well for a pin attempt.




Le Bon was able to break Ramey’s hold on his own legs breaking free of the pin attempt. Both men rolled onto their stomachs making their way to a crawling position and slowly pushing their way back to their feet at exactly the same time. Le Bon tried to circle the ring, but Ramey quickly grabbed him by the head and delivered a stiff forearm shot. The shot rocked Le Bon back into the ropes, where Ramey planted him with another forearm shot, pushed his back against the ropes, and tried to whip him across the ring, only for Le Bon to counter and send Ramey off into the ropes.

As soon as Ramey bounced off of the ropes Le Bon leapt looking to hit Ramey with a dropkick, but Ramey grabbed hold of both of Le Bon’s legs and he fell to the canvas; Le Bon struggled to get free, as Ramey twisted himself adjacent with the turnbuckle, and then fell backward launching Le Bon toward the corner. Le Bon didn’t plant face first though, instead he was able to land with his feet on the middle rope, and as Ramey came back to a standing position Le Bon launched himself toward Ramey with what looked to be a double axe handle smash, but the Anti-Star brought a boot up into Le Bon’s midsection cutting off his offense.

The Anti-Star staggered for a moment, and then came toward Le Bon in the corner with the exposed turnbuckle metal. Whatever Ramey had in mind though, Le Bon had cut him off, grabbed hold of his head and smashed it against the metal turnbuckle ring. Le Bon then quickly made his way to Ramey’s side and flipped him over into a roll up pin, but Le Bon quickly brought both of his feet up onto the middle rope and out of the view of Hunt for the cheating leverage pin.




Hunt had never seen the feet on the ropes, and Ramey was still able to kick out of the pin attempt. The fans in the arena were going nuts. Le Bon popped back up to his knees holding up three fingers, but Hunt smacked his hands together two times. Le Bon once again ran his hand through his hair as his face had begun to turn red from exhaustion and he paced toward Hunt still holding three fingers up. Hunt only continued to confirm two, as Ramey slowly began to get back to a standing position.

The Anti-Star stood near the ropes now, slumped over, as Le Bon finally finished arguing with referee Hunt. Le Bon quickly made his way over to Ramey, grabbed him by the arm, pulling him back up to a full vertical base, and whipped him across the ring. Le Bon twisted Ramey up on his reproach and attempted to drive him down to the mat with the hammerlock DDT, but the Anti-Star had enough fight in him left to break free of the hold.

Le Bon sent a twisting back elbow toward Ramey’s head, which the champion was able to duck under. Le Bon turned back to face Ramey, but was blindsided by a stiff kick to the midsection. Ramey then wrapped Le Bon up and the Anti-Star shouted to the crowd as he pulled Le Bon up and down with the variation brainbuster.


The Anti-Star quickly floated over on top of Le Bon’s body for the pin attempt.




“The Phoenix” began blasting throughout the arena once more as the fans all came to their feet cheering, the amount of volume in the arena was deafening. Hunt retrieved the Jolt championship from ring announcer Dean Carrington and brought it over to a kneeling Ramey who was resting in the center of the ring.

The Anti-Star rested for a moment in the middle of the ring holding onto the Jolt championship, before gingerly getting back to his feet and lifting the belt up into the air with both hands drawing an even larger reaction from the crowd on hand.

“Ladies and gentlemen, your winner of the match and still JOLT CHAMPION, “THE ANTI-STAR” JESSE RAMEY!” The announcement from Dean Carrington rang throughout the arena.

Ramey made his way to the nearest turnbuckle he could find, climbed to the middle rope and hoisted the championship into the air. Then the arena fell into darkness, it wasn’t the normal ending of the show though, no logo appeared at the bottom of the screen. Instead the camera panned in on the Jolt Vision that had sprang back to life with a familiar set of glowing gold eyes.

“I never said I was finished with you,” the familiar voice accompanied with the vocalizer vibrated throughout the arena, “it was only a matter of time for us to finish this. Your end is coming…”

The lights came back up in the arena and Ramey had dropped off of the middle rope, but as he turned back into the middle of the ring he walked right into the now waiting arms of the man known as Citizen who quickly wrapped the champion up causing him to drop his belt and planted him in the center of the ring with the double underhook brainbuster.


The crowd booed at the sight of Citizen eerily peering down at Ramey. The Enigma then slowly walked over, picked up the Jolt championship, and hoisted it over the Anti-Star’s prone body as “The End is Coming” by Sevendust began to beat throughout the arena and then Citizen turned looking up in the arena at the Wrestlecade banner that was hanging from the rafters and pointed as the Jolt logo appeared in the bottom right hand corner of the screen closing out Unlimited.

Winner: Jesse Ramey via Pinfall