"Welcome to Warriors"

[The soft yet catchy playing of a piano is overheard in the background as the following transitional images are being displayed in a span of 15 seconds...]

{A Sequence of Still Shots - Cordova, Kayden Paulton & Natalia Simonov distributing care packages in a location overseas to the people...Damian Lee, Michael Buhrman, Alyssa Corliss & Dawn Cassidy taking pictures with random patients at an undisclosed hospital...Nate Quartermaine devoting time to read to the elementary school kids...Adam Lazarus & Dallas Griffin playing basketball with the local teens...The screen gradually is covered in white before the jOlt Wrestling logo and copyright information is etched across the screen. A number of stick figures representing each primary color of the rainbow, are joined hand in hand to form a makeshift squared circle with the jOlt lighting bolt centered within it. }

Fade to Black.

Moments of Darkness.

[MUSIC] "Spirit Inspiration" by Nothing's Carved in Stone

<[The rapid fire drum solo initiates the displaying of random sectioned off visuals of the following wrestlers in sequence; (Right Screen w/ Fade)...Grendel, raising his head with a menacing scowl...(Left Screen w/ Fade)...Jason Rau, with a side profile, staring intently at the fleeting image of Adam Lazarus...(Vertical Split Screen w/ Fade)...Eiji Kugasari(Left) is exchanging visual daggers with Jimmy B. Martinez(Right)...Fade...]

(Rolling Footage)...Gunnar Van Patton & Arkham power walking down the entrance ramp way...The tandem of Ryan Gallway & Frank Silver punishing Derrick Huber with a Double Team Neck Breaker ...Landon Stevens using a Springboard Shooting Star Press to flatten the tiro of Eiji Kugasari, Graham Youngblood & Jayshin Lee ...The Heiress Sarah Winterton making Daryn Thompson tap out to The Ermine Cape submission...Adam Lazarus igniting the masses by hitting Big Air on Jason Rau...The tandem of Mattock & Sanchez Cano saluting ...the trio of Duzza, Khadafi & Status Quo inaudibly basking in the waves of crowd heat during their descent down the entrance rampway...Waymoth Turnbull bouncing Anson LaRue with a violent Snap Belly to Belly Suplex...The House playing to the crowd from atop the adjacent turnbuckles...Tyke hitting the Tyke Shot on an airborne Cordova...Superstar Vince Jacobs hitting the Superstar Kick on a Mike Extreme...The Crimson Order slowly raising their heads in unison amidst the billowing overcast of smoke atop the entire entrance staging area...Craig Thomas leading Team EGO from the backstage area to get the jump on their opposition ...The Heirs of Wrestling, center ring, celebrating with the jOlt Tag Team Championships in their possession...The towering Spike Saunders destroying Jon Le Bon with the Dreamkiller finisher...Devestation Inc. members Conan the Leprechaun & Big Little Italy soaring through the ropes to deliver stereo Topes onto a pair of jobbers...High Flyer taking flight and plowing over a tandem of wrestlers with a OTR Corkscrew Plancha...Reno Davis , in an angled camera view, pointing at his intended target in a stoic fashion...Sweet. Sweet, Lovin connecting with a Double Team Spinning Heel Kick/German Suplex combination & the sequence ends with Eiji Kugasari executing a Leaping Double Roundhouse Kick in midair before punching the ground, immediately shattering the screen to fluidly transition to the ongoing barrage of Emerald, Gold & Pearl pyrotechnics assaulting the entire entrance staging area.

At their conclusion, a dense overcast of smoke gradually ascends to the heavens as the entire arena is filled with a unified roar from within. The musical introduction continues to echo in hindsight as the Emerald & Chrome show graphic captions are affixed to the bottom center of the Tv screen. Cameras Eight, Fourteen & Four trade moderate sweeps along the targeted sections of the arena to capture the excitement of the crowd before Camera One is transfixed onto the lead broadcast tandem of Donny Layne & Keith Kane.

"The Big Announcement"

Aran Thompson The show finished its intro and in the middle of the ring was Damien Lee, the man who ran the day to day operations of jOlt Wrestling and with Jim Johnson out of the picture, he was the sole owner of the company. It was one week ago that after Warriors 29 had gone off the air, Lee said that he would be opening this edition of Warriors with a major announcement that would shape the future of jOlt Wrestling.

The fans were excited

We were excited

And we waited with baited breath

Lee held the microphone in his hands and then he brought it up to his lips. It was time for the man to speak.

"Ladies and gentlemen... WELCOME TO WARRIORS!", said Lee

The crowd cheered loudly as Lee smiled.

"Last week, I held a press conference after Warriors went off the air. I'm not going to bore you with all of the numbers, but there is one number that depressed me. One number that I didn't exactly like and it was a trending number for a while.. a number I tried to fix, but alas, it was a number that haunted me nevertheless. That number is the rating for Warriors."

Lee paused for a moment.

"Warriors has a special place in my heart. It was a show that recapped what happened on our flagship program iNtense and it featured some of jOlt's promising up and coming talent, but nobody really watched it because while iNtense was pulling in a 4.3 average every single week, Warriors was barely making it up to a 1.5 average, but I wasn't going to give up on it yet.. not by a long shot."

The crowd cheered.

"So I took Warriors and I transformed it into iNtense number two. More matches.. more stories.. more of your favorite superstars.. but the problem didn't go away. Our numbers only rose to a 1.7 average. I looked at the stat sheets.. I looked at everything to figure out why.. but 10pm on a Wednesday night isn't a popular time slot. Many people are already in bed, sleeping. They're getting up and getting ready for work or school the next day. They don't have time to stay up until midnight and watch the show. So I talked to the network and had Warriors moved to an 8pm timeslot... and needless to say.. we got killed by prime time television. Our rating went from a 1.7, down to a 0.8."

The crowd booed the news of that number.

"As of last week, I had finished negotiations with the network. The network for Warriors, which is SpikeTV, refused to move Warriors to a better time slot. They even refused to moved Warriors to a better day. Nothing I said nor offered could persuade them. I fought tooth and nail to try and make Warriors a show that people could tune in and enjoy, but in the end, SpikeTV decided that it was in their best interest NOT to renew their contract with us to host Warriors on their network."

The crowd booed heavily at that piece of news.

"I will work hard to find a new home for Warriors, but I don't know how long that will take. It could be a week, it could be a month, it could be a year.. or it may not even happen at all. It's an unpredictable situation and I refuse to take any offer for the sake of throwing a second show on the air. I will hold out for the right offer to make sure Warriors is seen by as many people as humanly possible so millions around the country and the world can enjoy this program just like they do for Sunday Night iNtense."

The people cheered.. some waited to hear more of what Damien Lee had to say.

"So.. I regret to inform you that until further notice... this edition of Warriors will be the final Warriors show until a new deal can be met."

As the crowd began to boo Lee interrupted them...


"I did some negotiating with our prime network for Sunday Night iNtense... USA. They have agreed to do something that I wouldn't have expected them to do. They went ahead and worked with me to create a NEW television schedule for our three remaining events... Sunday Night iNtense will remain right where it is... The Hype will moving from Tuesdays to an 8pm Friday time slot which will increase its viewership.. and here's the best part.. our non-televised live event.. Rock the House.. will actually be televised on a tape delay. While the time slot isn't the best, they are offering to record that show for us and air at 11pm on Wednesday evenings... so for the first time ever, you people can watch what happens at our live events each and every week! Rock the House has a unique atmosphere like no other.. It's much different than iNtense, Warriors, and The Hype... it is something you have to experience live and now, starting in January, you can see that unique experience each and every week on USA Network."

The pepole cheered and even started a "USA" chant!

"So with that being said.. show the talent your support as we celebrate our final edition of Warriors here tonight. Thank you and enjoy the show!"

Lee placed the microphone in the middle of the ring and exited to the back. The scene then faded out to a commercial break.

Jeremy Ryan vs Adam Lazarus
Sarah WintertonSarah Winterton

The latest of the new blood to graduate fully from the Hype, Jeremy Ryan was already proving to be a handful for most of the roster to deal with. Already earning himself a reputation as something of a loose cannon, he took to calling himself jOlt’s Last Real Man, decrying everyone else among the roster for not being competitive enough for him already. He had made an enemy of The Nicest Man in Wrestling, Kayden Paulton, by attacking him with a lead pipe to the ribs multiple times at Rise of the Legends.

Last week, Kayden came out to confront the crowd about his recent run of luck including being unable to win the Underground Title from Ninja K despite the win streak he built up prior, only for Ryan to interrupt. The end result was Paulton laying a challenge for wired against jOlt’s Last Real Man, only for Ryan to attack him again. Paulton revealed that he was medically cleared for Wired, but tonight, Ryan demanded a match to show Kayden what he was in for and he would get tested by the former Flyweight Champion and jOlt original Adam Lazarus! Brad Arnold, take it away.

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall!” Arnold shouted.

“A Man” by Cypress Hill.

The lights simply dimmed to shades of gray and the tron displayed several rapid-fire clips of Jeremy Ryan in action from his time on the Hype making hell for Nate Quartermaine and Sebastian Saje, but also for the likes of Kayden Paulton. He stepped out from behind the curtain in a pair of crimson and black fighting trunks and black boots. A scowl was etched across his face as he looked at his opponent in the ring and shook his head with disgust.

“First, hailing from Bangor, Maine… weighing in at 254 pounds… JOLT’S LAST REAL MAN… JEREMY RYAN!

As Ryan stepped into the ring, he sneered at the crowd before he took the microphone away from Brad Arnold.

“Get out of my ring. NOW.”

Arnold didn’t want anything to do with the man that was proving to be as volatile as they come so he left the ring under duress. Ryan cracked the bones in his neck before he looked to the back.

“Now before Adam Lazarus comes out to make his 19th or 20th return to jOlt only to choke under intense pressure like he always does…”

Some of the crowd had “OOOOOOOOOOOOH!” the statement. Ryan was a man that pulled no punches.

“…This message goes out to you, Kayden Paulton. You challenged me to a match at Wired because you said that I was just all talk, but if you look at what I’ve done so far, Kayden, I’ll beg to differ. I’m not some preening little homo coming out here, begging for the attention of the fans because I don’t NEED it. I’m not hiding my inadequacies behind a pretentions smile and I’m not hiding any lack of confidence behind some bullshit catchphrase because I am EVERYTHING that I say I am. What you see with Jeremy Ryan is what you get… a MASCULINE role model that this organization and the people of Florida sorely lack.”

The crowd continued booing the newcomer, but Ryan replied only with a distasteful laugh.

“Watch what I do to Adam Lazarus before you never see him again for three months, jOlt. I’m going to give Laz and then I’m going to give Kayden the beating that both of your parents never gave you.”

The microphone dropped and Ryan calmly paced as he waited for his opponent to arrive. The crowd started to cheer…

“Praise” by Sevendust.

The crowd started to cheer for another returning jOlt Original in the form of Adam Lazarus! The man came out from the back and ran full speed down the ramp…

“And his opponent… from Wading River, NY, weighing at 230 pounds… ADAM LAZARUS!

Brad Arnold just barely spit it out because Laz jumped THROUGH the first and second rope and landed on his feet in the ring as he came right at Jeremy Ryan! He attacked Ryan in the corner as the bell started thins off! He was on the attack and the man cleverly called the Air Apparent of jOlt quickly assaulted Ryan in the corner. Referee Ian Nguyen tried to back him out of the corner, but Laz shoved him away so he could fight back.

Unfortunately for him, Ryan quickly sprang into action with a pair of nasty Minoru Suzuki-style palm strikes to turn the tide on his fired-up opponent. He shoved Adam into the ropes and went for a big Lariat, but Lazarus ducked underneath it. Ryan ducked down for a Back Body Drop so Lazarus quickly jumped over him with an incredible backflip! It looked like Adam Lazarus hadn’t missed a step since he was last seen in jOlt. When jOlt’s Last Real Man turned around he was DROPPED with a Jumping Heel Kick right on the button! The crowd cheered The Air Apparent as he went for the cover.



An early kickout by Ryan, but Adam Lazarus was looking extra incensed tonight. No doubt he heard Jeremy Ryan’s words and wanted to prove the rookie wrong. Adam Lazarus waited for Jeremy to stand up and when he did, he dropped him quickly with a big Scoop Slam in the center of the ring. This was the set-up for Lazarus to runt to the second rope and come right back with a Springboard Discus Leg Drop to the throat!




Jeremy kicked out for the second time, but he was already being given a run for his money by the former Flyweight Champion as he stood up and pumped up the crowd.


They cheered the Air Apparent in kind as he went to lift up Ryan a third time. He tried for an Irish whip, but Jeremy blocked it with an elbow to the arm and followed with a STIFF Palm Strike to the face! Adam stumbled around for the moment until Ryan caught him and PLANTED him down with a violent Spinebuster! Ryan took a moment to look out at the crowd before mocking Lazarus.


After he got done having his fun, he crawled over and now it was Ryan’s turn to go for a cover on The Air Apparent.




Laz shot a shoulder up, but that only inspired jOlt’s Last Ream Man to continue bringing the pain. When the former Flyweight Champion tried to stand on his feet, he instead ate a nasty kick to the face. Lazarus tried to repeat this effort, but it was in vain because he caught him with another boot in the temple. Just because he could, he dropped hi m with a third boot that finally looked to quell any effort that Lazarus could muster.

Jeremy cracked his neck again before he pulled Lazarus up by the hair and led him into the ropes where he buried a knee into his gut. He whipped him to the other side of the ropes and hit a second knee before leading him to the center of the ring. Ryan quickly grabbed him by the side and SPIKED him hard into the canvas with a vicious Head and Arm Suplex! Adam bounced off the canvas before collapsing onto his back.

Now that he was in control again, the former Hype star stood over Adam Lazarus and raised a fist in the air before he brought it down overhead on top of Laz’s dome. He continued to bring the punishment before he slapped on a cranking Rear Chinlock! The hold was slapped on tight and now he had nowhere to go.

“Just give up, Laz, you’re not gonna be seen after tonight, anyway!”

Ryan was proving to be an expert at rubbing salt in the wounds, making light of the kind of career that Adam Lazarus may have led outside the ring – a man that hadn’t really found a steady foothold in his place in jOlt. Nevertheless, the fans respected Adam Lazarus for his never-say-die attitude and his incredible athletic ability. If there was a time to prove somebody wrong, it was now.

Lazarus elbowed Ryan in the stomach twice in order to get him to break his grip on the hold. Ryan only tightened his grip so Laz quickly stomped his foot. It was quite unorthodox, but it worked and with a few more elbows, Laz was free!

The Air Apparent fought back and clubbed him with a few elbows to the side of the head before blasting him with a big Dropkick that put jOlt’s Last Real Man on his back! Laz tried to get some feeling back into the neck that Ryan had worked over before he tried for an Irish whip. Ryan reversed it, but out of nowhere Lazarus came exploding right back with a Flying Elbow Smash to the face!

Adam was now controlling things as he connected with a Spinning Wheel Kick that sent Ryan through the ropes and out to the floor! Adam took a second to slap the canvas which got the fans clapping and more energy he needed. He carefully measured Jeremy Ryan on the outside and jumped…


The crowd came unglued for the big-time move by the Air Apparent as he tossed him down. He then quickly grabbed Jeremy Ryan and tossed him back inside the ring. He wanted to pin this rookie and shut him up for good so he went back inside and crawled into a cover.




Ryan kicked out again and Adam Lazarus was pissed. He then picked him up again only to drop him on the side with a modified STO to put him down on the canvas. The Air Apparent then quickly headed over to the ropes and raised a fist for the cheering crowd. He jumped up and tried for a second rope Moonsault, but Ryan moved. Lazarus stumbled around the canvas after he crashed and burned while the angry Ryan was now back on his feet. He charged and he BLASTED Adam in the face with a nasty Shining Wizard-like kick to the face!

The crowd winced from the impact but Ryan wasn’t finished. He continued to stomp at the back of the head of Lazarus in a frantic fashion. He was pissed that Lazarus had shown him up on more than one occasion in this match and was now taking out that frustration on him. He continued to stomp and stomp at the unprotected head of Lazarus until Ian was forced to step in between them.

jOlt’s Last Real Man was far from done. He snapped up The Air Apparent the crowd was cheering for him to fight back, but it looked like after the vicious stomps to the head, Lazarus was barely awake. He grabbed him with a suplex only to throw him in the air…


The GRUESOME Suplex turned Backbreaker drilled Laz across the knee and hit the ground while holding his back in pain. jOlt’s Last Real Man had an evil look across his face as he stood over Lazarus and grabbed him by the neck. He choked him with the Katahajime and waited…


The combination Tazmission/Camel Clutch hybrid had him down and after the beating he took there was no place for Adam to go. He cranked back on the neck and continued to wait…


Lazarus was barely conscious, but he knew he was in danger so there was no shame in tapping out. He continued the hold and locked it in until Ian ordered Ryan to let go otherwise he would disqualify him and reverse the decision of the match. Ryan then decided to release the submission and let Lazarus fall lifelessly to the canvas.


Ryan wasn’t done, though, not by any means. He told Kayden that he was going to teach a lesson to Adam Lazarus and Kayden Paulton so he went outside and grabbed a chair from underneath the ring. He had evil intentions on his mind…

“Less Talk More Rokk” by Freezepop!

The crowd went nuts! Making his first appearance since Intense 28, Kayden Paulton was back early! The Nicest Guy in Wrestling wasn’t going to let anything happen to his friend, Laz, so he took off towards the ring! Ryan was genuinely surprised that Kayden was here now but he waited for him to come to the ring. He swung with the chair in hand and missed….


A move that The Softcore Saint had used during his Underground matches in the past, he kicked the chair right back into Jeremy Ryan’s face and knocked the Maine native right from the ring in the process! The crowd was going nuts for Paulton’s early return to the ring!

Kayden’s theme played as he jumped on the ropes and waved a hand for Jeremy Ryan to get back in the ring and finish what they started when Ryan jumped him from behind. Ryan was punch-drunk from the chair getting kicked into his face and just barely managed to stumble back up the ramp, but he was angry.


Jeremy Ryan may have bitten off more than he could chew when he challenged Kayden Paulton to a match just because he considered the normally uber-friendly Paulton to be soft. But when it came to protecting his friends, there was nothing soft about the man known otherwise as The Softcore Saint. This was a man who’d defeated men like Derecho, Ninja K, among others in the past. And if Ryan thought that nice guys finished last? He may want to think again at Wired.

Winner: Jeremy Ryan via Submission

"The Secret to Recovery"

Aran Thompson Derecho sat alone in his locker room. The room was barely lit with only a small lamp off camera providing just enough light to make him out. Derecho sat there with his left knee up to his chest, with him clutching it. His right leg dangling off the edge of whatever it was it was sitting on. Derecho looked up at the camera, a disturbed look was upon his face.

"When men are left alone to contemplate things.. they begin to put everything into persepective. They begin to weigh their past accomplishments against their failures. Their mind goes places in search of an answer.. in search of clarity. Sometimes the answers escape the man, but sometimes... just sometimes... a man will find the answers he seeks."

Derecho paused before continuing

"For over one year, I let a championship belt go to my head. It poisoned my mind and it caused me to carve a path of destruction through jOlt. Rune Winters... Citizen... Ninja K... Sylo... Jason Rau... the list goes on and on an on. One by one they stood before me and one by one they fell at my feet."

Derecho smirked

"Sayber was one of those who fell at my feet. I put him on the shelf with a concussion. I was the reason his Hype Championship was taken away from him just one day after he won it in a hard fought tournament."

Derecho laughed a bit to himself.

"It's funny isn't it? Sometimes you work so hard to achieve a milestone... to finally get paid the recognition you think you deserve.. and in the blink of an eye... someone takes it all away... leaving you with nothing but despair.. a feeling of helplessness... a feeling of failure. It causes a man to second guess himself and perhaps swell him with pride and false security. These emotions can cloud judgment and cause a man to make poor decisions and for who? For what? For themselves? To feed their own ego? Such petty reasons."

Derecho stood up, holding an item in his hand. It was too dark to see just what it was exactly.

"Then... sometimes a man accomplishes everything he could ever dream of. He can elevate a championship to levels equal or greater than the World Championship... sometimes he just goes on to become world champion, changing his mind and his heart to that of a noble champion revered by the masses and it ends up being his downfall. Was it ego? Was it pride? Sayber and I fell for nearly the same reasons. We let our judgment become influenced and clouded and we both fell from grace.. but the difference between myself and Sayber is as clear as night and day."

Derecho walked over to the camera and put his face close up into it.

"I know how the secret to recovery."

Derecho took a step back and threw what he had in his hand as hard as he could at the light that was off camera.


The sound of glass breaking from impact was heard and the light in the room disappeared, cloaking the room in black.

"Only when one finds the pain in the shadows of their heart can they truly become whole again."

With those words, it was the end of the scene.

Amber Ryann vs Faith Hines
Sarah WintertonSarah Winterton

The Starlet division in jOlt was heating up. Between the Starlet Title Tournament and Charlotte as its new champion, they brought some much needed light to the scene. With the young up and coming Starlets on The Hype looking to join the ranks, Damien Lee thought it would be a good idea to showcase two of them here tonight.

"Shook Me Like a Prayer" by Rock Sugar

Out from the back came Faith Hines. Faith has been struggling to find her way on The Hype as of late, but she hopes that a victory here tonight on worldwide television would help her get back on track. As she entered the ring, she warmed up and awaited her opponent.

"Antinotice" by AKIAKANE

She was fast becoming a crowd favorite. Her catchy theme song.. the multi-colored neon hair.. and her unorthodox wrestling style all caught the attention of fans everywhere. Plus the fact that she's hot.. and a geek into games and anime has every male nerd on the planet investing in Vaseline and Kleenex. Well.. maybe not... but who knows?

"Dragonfly" Amber Ryann made her way into the ring by flipping over the top rope. Upon landing, all four corners blew with pyro.. each corner representing a color of her hair. There was Greed, Blue, Red, and Yellow. Her music died off and the referee called for the bell.




Both of then circled each other in the ring and then locked up, but Ryann quickly went behind with a waist lock. Hines tried to break the hold, but Ryann lifted her up and planted her stomach first with a Takedown. Ryann floated over and locked in the Front Chancery, but Hines rolled over into a Front Chancery of her own, but Ryann rolled that into a Front Chancery and when Hines rolled through with her counter, they both spilled out of the ring and down to the floor!

They both stood and looked at each other for a moment. They then both darted back into the ring and stood, locking up a second time. This time it was Hines with the go behind into the Waist Lock, but Ryann stopped that sequence with a pair of back elbows to the head. Ryann took off toward the ropes and bounced off. She ducked a clothesline by Hines and stopped short. They both turned to meet each other, but Hines ate a boot to the side of her head that staggered her back a few steps.

Ryann then charged in and clotheslined Hines up and over the top rope to the outside. Ryann quickly ascended the turnbuckle pads and flipped off with a Corkscrew Body Press, but Hines moved out of the way and Ryann ate the floor hard!!!


The referee had to leave the ring in order to check on Amber Ryann. It was obvious that she faceplanted as her mouth and nose were bleeding from the impact. The referee was about to stop the match when Ryann tugged on his shirt and nodded "no".

The crowd gave her a standing ovation as she pulled herself back up to her feet. Out of respect, Hines allowed her to come back into the ring cleanly. When she stood, Hines extended her hand and Ryann shook it. This garnered and applause from the crowd as the two of them circled each other and locked up for a third time.

Side head lock by Ryann, but Hines backed her into the ropes and shot her across the ring. Ryann came back with a shoulder block and then immediately grabbed Hines by the legs. She angled her toward the corner and went for the catapult, but Hines leapt onto the middle turnbuckle pad and twisted off with a Flying Cross Body, but Ryann knelt down and Hines landed stomach first across her knee!

Hines was down on one knee after that impact. Ryann grabbed her by the head and just planted her head first into the canvas with a Spike DDT! She went into the cover and hooked Hines by the leg...



Hines kicked out.

Ryann took this moment to wipe some of the blood off of her face and then she pulled Hines back to her feet. She went for an irish whip, but Hines reversed it and sent Ryann to the ropes. Hines gave chase, but Ryann leapt to the middle rope and with no hands to assist, she leapt backwards over Hines with the Mega Man X Wall Jump. She landed behind Hines and immediately grabbed her in a waist lock, nailing a German Suplex with a bridge pin!



Hines kicked out again!

Ryann looked to put this one away as she pulled Hines to her feet. Ryann then placed Hines' head into the small of her back, twisting her for the Kudome Valentine, but Hines flipped off of Ryan's back and placed her in a Half Nelson. Hines lifted her up and dropped her with a Half Nelson Slam. Hines then stood and headed for the corner. She hopped to the middle turnbuckle, then to the top turnbuckle and finally off with a moonsault...


It connected as she crashed down hard on top of Amber Ryann. Hines made the cover, hooking the leg deep.



Ryann kicked out at two!

Hines brought Ryann back to her feet and lit up her chest with a Knife Edge Chop. She fired off another and another. Each chop knocked Ryann back a few steps until she found herself against the ropes. Hines opened up with a flurry of forearms to the bloodied face of Amber Ryann. She then shot her across the ring, but Ryann reversed the whip and sent Hines to the ropes. Ryan took a step forward and lunged in with a double palm thrust...


It caught Hines dead in the chest and knocked the air out of her as she hit the canvas hard! Ryann then went to the corner and climbed up to the top turnbuckle pad. She then took aim and leapt off, connecting with a Double Stomp...


Ryann went into the cover and hooked both legs!



Thr... NO!!!

Hines kicked out!!

Ryann pulled Hines back up and signaled for the end, but Hines grabbed Ryann by her legs and tripped her up. She then went into jackknife pin...



Left shoulder up by Ryann. Pin again.



Right shoulder up by Ryann.. back into the pin once more



Ryann and Hines bridged up and twisted until Ryann went for the backslide, but Hines flipped off Ryann's back and landed on her feet. She then quickly grabbed Ryann by the head and butterflied the arms.. nailing the Double Arm DDT!!





Thre.. NO!!!!

Amber Ryann kicked out of No Faith in Humanity!! The crowd applauded the match and Ryann's toughness! Faith had no idea what to do at this point. Faith shook her head and pulled Ryann back up. Faith could only do one thing and that was go for her finisher a second time. She hooked Ryann by the head, butterflied the arms and just when she expected Ryann to counter... she DIDN'T..


Hines rolled her over onto her back and made the cover...




Faith Hines scored a much-needed win here tonight. The crowd cheered as she stood up and had her hand raised in victory. Hines blew a kiss out to the crowd before she exited the ring and headed to the back.

Meanwhile, Amber Ryann sat up, her face stained with dried blood after she had faceplanted on the floor in the early parts of the match. She was a bit wobbly, but she made it to her feet. The crowd gave her a standing ovation for her efforts. She smiled, took a bow, and then exited the ring, slapping hands with fans along the entrance ramp on the way to the back.

Winner: Faith Hines via Pinfall

"Don't Worry, I've Got This"

Aran Thompson Backstage, we cut to camera 12 rushing to the sounds of an argument - the siren song of ratings!

"Alright tough guy, why don't you step up and prove something!?" came from around the corner.

Finally catching up to the scene and around that pesky corner, our camera picked up Ken Kaze nose to nose with Teddy Jacobs. Just in time, as it looked like we were heading for fisticuffs.

"Tonight?" the invitation from Jacobs.

"Tonight!" seconded the oft unstable Ken Kaze.

Pulling away from the way-too-close stare down, Teddy Jacobs stuck out a hand. "Tag match. Me and Red stick you and your magical garbage can."

Kaze pulled his left hand up to his mouth and spit into it. He extended it to Jacobs. "Underground rules."

"That's fucking gross," Ted said pulling back his hand, not thrilled about having to touch someone's saliva-laced hand. That's when Grady Patrick walked into the scene with a bundle of papers in hand.

"So he spits in his hand; you constantly have your's down your pants," Grady opens. "Besides which, a handshake is just about as worthless as a man's word today. Here, just sign this. I have been carrying it with me for a while now, thinking you two would come to this." Grady handed the papers to Kaze and then produced a pen. He spun around and pointed to his back as a place for Kaze to place the paper against.

Kaze did place the paper on Grady's back, but also wiped his spit off on it, too. Thumbing through the pages with his tongue sticking out of the corner of his mouth, like he is thinking extra hard, Kaze found the X and the line beside it and put his scribble down. Grady turned around to get the contract shoved into his chest.

"George and I will see you out there," Kaze parted, complete with crazy eyes.

Ted looked back to Grady.

"Alright, I have done my managerial duties. Now it is your time to step up. Don't fuck this one up, Theo."

We closed on a fading shot of Ted's best I've-Got-This expression.

Red & Ted vs Ken Kaze
Sarah WintertonSarah WintertonSarah Winterton

It has been noted that the duo of Alexander Redding and Teddy Jacobs carried a singular vision since joining jOlt: capturing the jOlt Tag Team Titles by any means necessary. And while their manager, Grady Patrick, might be the first to agree with you on that statement, it could be said that they have been sidetracked by a budding rivalry with a man and his trashcan. The former jOlt Ambassador Champion, Ken Kaze scored the first victory, winning the PRI tournament. With the win, he secured a shot at the titles, which he has shown either incredible patience or total indifference pursuing. Juxtapose that with Red & Ted, who have made themselves a constant presence to the tag champions: be they Heirs or Houses.

Then there was the match that Red lost to George the Trashcan...

And a simple exchange in the back has lead to this tag match, which you might as well call a handicap match. And what with the 'unique' stipulations insisted upon by Ken Kaze during his contract negotiations, Red & Ted would not be tagging in and out, because...

"Ladies and gentlemen, this will be a tag team match contested with the Underground rules! Introducing first..."

"Where's your head at!?" the opening words pulsed throughout the arena. Again, and then a small pyro. Basement Jaxx's one hit was being mixed with the cheering jOlt faithful as Ken Kaze gracefully stumbled from behind the curtain. With his left hand he dragged out his partner and closest confident, George. The steel cylinder of death and destruction was wrapped in barbed wire and tarnished with dried blood and at least Teddy Jacobs vomit from that PRI webisode that you probably didn't see. Curious in his absence was the manager Kaze won as apart of the tournament that bore that man's name: Phoenix Rose. More on that to be posted to jOlt's official website, surely. One lap around the ring later, Kaze held George high above his head to a second wind of ovation.

That ovation cut to booing just as soon as Basement Jaxx was replaced by Hail the Villain.

The numbers game was clear the moment that Grady Patrick, Teddy Jacobs and Alexander Redding made it to the ramp. In an Underground Rules match, it was likely that Kaze would have to withstand a 3 on 1 assault during periods of this one. And the collective known as Red & Ted knew it. Grady made his way to pestering the announce team while Teddy Jacobs danced up the steps and Alexander Redding slowly slid in under the bottom rope.

The ref made his rounds. First to Kaze, less to explain the rules than ask why he'd request them. Next to Red & Ted, bluffing just how much authority any referee has in a match like this. Ted called that bluff, slapping him on the ass as our ref was walking out of their corner.

And now for the easiest position in the company: the bell keeper.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

With the bell, Kaze lounge at Teddy Jacobs only to get caught with a punch to the gut that doubled him over. Red followed swiftly with a stiff European Uppercut. A second. And then Ted spun Kaze around into a vicious Lariat. Kaze dropped the mat, a little out of it early. He stared straight at his partner, the Trashcan. This was an early preview of just how ugly this could get.

Teddy Jacobs took a moment to scan the front row for anyone worth flirting. He winked at the first >7/10 he found. Her husband began with the idle threats.

"Get this one over with!" came the encouragement of Grady outside.

The Party Manimal looked a little buzzkilled and bent over to drag Kaze back up. Kaze had had enough time to make the room stop spinning and bit the fingers of Teddy Jacobs.

"FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" Jacobs screamed.

Caught off guard, Red was pounced on by the wily man from Stab City. Kaze took Redding to the mat and began a fury of fists and clawing scratches. Red tired covering up. And then Ted spun around with a sick stomp to the back of Kaze's neck. Redding shoved Kaze off of him.

Teddy held out the helping hand that Alexander took, getting back to his feet. Kaze army crawled toward George.

Anxious to get his hands on Kaze, Red stalked him for a couple seconds before grabbing his ankle. Kaze squirmed and spun, but Red held tight. Kaze hopped up to one leg with shifty eyes. Red was content to let Kaze hop, until the spinning mule kick connected with his gut, or just below.

Red dropped. Ted approached. Kaze rolled, all the way out of the ring, in fact.

Ted took a second to commiserate with his partner, and then sought out Kaze. Peaking out of the ropes, he was greeted with a kendo stick shot to the side of his head. Jacobs grabbed hold of the second rope and just kind of dangled half fallen/half standing. Kaze was quick back into the ring with the weapon in hand. He stared at Teddy, out on his feet, before shoving him chest first into the ropes. On the rebound he'd connect with a sick swing of that Singapore cane to the kidneys. Ted fell and rolled out the ring in obvious discomfort.

Alexander Redding was making his way, gingerly, back up to his feet when Kaze pointed the cane toward him. He followed in shortly with a succession of strikes to the thigh. Red 'danced' into the corner as Kaze continued doing damage. It was with the final exaggerated wind up that Redding was able to dodge the kendo stick by holding onto the top rope and diving his feet out through the second rope, swinging back to just connect with Kaze stumbling in.

Now with a second's rest and on the apron, Red thought about spring boarding back in, but shaking out his welted right thigh, thought better of it. He dropped down to the mat and tossed the apron cover aside to search for a weapon of his own. Grinning, he popped back out with a steel chair in hand. He could barely lift it up in time to make a car wreck of Kaze's suicide dive attempt.

Red was down but stirring. Kaze was laying awkwardly against the guard rail.

Teddy Jacobs was back in the frame but had lost his happy-go-lucky smile from earlier. He power-lifted Kaze back to his feet and dug his shoulder into Kaze' chest. The brawler that Jacobs was, he started in with a series of rights to Kaze's stomach. Fighting through those shots, Kaze was able to get the under hooks, then rush Ted back first into the ring apron.

Ted winced with his tender back catching the edge of the ring and channeled that pain into anger and into some dirty boxing. Kaze took shots to his back and responded with a headbutt. Before the exchange could reach true 'Slobberknocker' status it was broken up by Redding, diving low at Kaze's knee.

Red and Ted each grabbed a wrist and pulled Kaze up. Pulling a little harder, they whipped him into the steps that budged very little when Kaze crashed shoulder first into it.

Grady was brave enough to inch in, examining the damage for himself. And for his efforts he caught a left for Kaze. Kaze wasn't anywhere near ready to quit.

Red rushed to check on Grady while Ted turned up the pressure on Kaze. He was using the steps to climb back up when Ted approached, and seeing his hand out on the step, Ted stepped up those steps, and then stomped on those fingers. He dived back down with a Double Ax Handle. Kaze rolled along the apron to create a little separation.

Kaze caught Ted with a leg kick as he closed. Ted missed with a jab. Kaze kicked again, then again. The fourth was caught, but spun out of. A Discus Forearm Shiver to the bridge of Ted's nose backed him up. The crowd cheered as Kaze grabbed the upper hand. Ken Kaze looked on for approval from his partner to notice Grady Patrick had grabbed George.

Grady was trying to make his way back up the ramp with the trash can in hand when he was stop and spun around by Kaze. The tug of war was interrupted with Redding making solid impact with a chair shot to Kaze's back. Shoulders arched, Kaze turned toward Red, just to have Red swing the chair again, this time to the knee. With Kaze down on the other knee, Red pointed Grady to the back.

Regaining, Kaze grabbed a hold of the chair and struggled with Redding. They twisted and danced until Kaze stomped down on Red's toes, releasing his grip. Kaze pulled back on the chair to have Red rush him, lifting him in a Bear Hug. Red squatted for Teddy Jacobs to explode back into action, connecting a jumping heel kick. And with that, Red and Ted were back working in unison.

Directing traffic, Red gestured something to Ted, to which Ted nodded. He grabbed Kaze up by the waistband of his patchwork jeans before sinking in the Waist Lock. Kaze turned his head side to side, trying to find a way out, just to turn into a Super Kick from Alexander Redding that started off Teddy Jacobs Overhead Release German Suplex. Kaze crashed and rolled toward the ring.

When Red and Ted walked down toward him, Kaze rolled under the ring. Puzzled, Red took one side of the ring while Ted headed to the other side. When Ted lifted the apron covering, a blast of a cloud. He turn, blinded and covered in the white soot. Red noticed and ran to that side. He approached slowly with an arm out to make contact with Ted. Jumpy, when Red's hand did touch him, he swung a looping right hook that Red was able to duck under.

"Ted, it's me!"

While Red & Ted were trying to work things out, Kaze had crawled out from under the ring, in front of the announce table. In his hands was the fire extinguisher he used to dose Teddy Jacobs. Sneaking behind Red, Kaze used the heavy steel to strike the back of the head/neck.

Kaze rolled back into the ring and lifted the fire extinguisher above his head to applause. He had his attention stolen by the image of Grady Patrick dragging George around backstage on the big screen.

Rolling his neck, Alexander Redding was back standing on the apron. "The fight is over here, dumb shit!"

And with that, Red spring boarded back into the ring to connect with an Air Canada punch to the thigh. Kaze dropped to one knee while Red rolled through the landing. Rebounding off of the ropes, he threw out a Shining Wizard knee to the side of Kaze's head.

Red rolled him over for the first pin attempt of the match.




Kaze had lifted a shoulder at two. Red immediately grabbed hold of the referee's shirt, "You know how to count to three, right!? One! Two! Three!" he lectured, slapping his hands on each count. This was an opening Kaze took, grabbing a handful of Red's shorts to roll him into a School Boy! The ref started to count.




Red kicked out just before the ref's hand hit the mat and he was again back into the ref's 'grill' peppering him with accusations of quick counting. Kaze spun Red into a right hand. And then Teddy Jacobs, eyes now free of particulates, reminded Kaze that this was a handicap match with a kendo stick lifted between his legs.

Kaze was double over in obvious discomfort, and Ted lead him by the head into a Powerbomb Lift. Red sprang up was clutched his knees in Kaze's lower back as together they fell to the mat.

Blow It Out Your Ass!

While Red rolled around wondering why he ever volunteered to be at that end of the move, Ted hooked the leg of Kaze.




Ding! Ding! Ding!

Kaze would have been able to kick out at four, but this one was in the books. Red & Ted had won and gained momentum heading into their bout with The House at Wired. Hail the Villain started up again, while Kaze turned and pounded on the mat, upset with himself.

Red & Ted were halfway up the ramp when the big screen again played out the backstage scene of Grady holding George the Trashcan. A light came into Kaze's eye when he watched Grady Patrick standing next to a garbage truck. Grady moved to the back and the open compactor. In one shove, George the Trashcan was now a passenger aboard a garbage truck. It was when that truck gearing into first and started pulling away that Kaze jumped to his feet. As fast as he could he ran past the laughing duo letting out a simple cry of, "George!" before disappearing backstage.

Winner: Red & Ted via Pinfall

"Time to (wo)Man Up!"

Aran Thompson Backstage, the camera panned over to Dawn Cassidy and that lovely young lass backstage was ready to bring to you some journalistic goodness…

…Okay, she was doing her job. Fucking deal with it.

“Ladies and gentlemen, in just a few days time, we bring to you the Wired iPPV! And just added to the card will be another Starlet match that was the result of last week’s triple threat elimination match to crown a new number one contender! Let’s go back to iNtense and show you how this match came about…”


The Heiress was once again out of the picture as Daryn waited to try and grab Persephone. She grabbed her and kicked her in the gut before trying for a Powerbomb. When she hoisted her up for the apex of the move. Thompson was hit with a series of quick rights before making her land on her feet. Persephone saw her chanced and ran off the ropes. She was looking for her Leg Lariat finisher called Below The Heaven’s Path…



An INCREDIBLE counter of one finisher right into her version of a Sitdown Spinebuster! Thompson planted her down in the canvas and the crowd counted along with the Texan.





And it was back to the interview area where Dawn stood at the ready with her guest.

“Folks, my guest at this time has been challenged by the former Starlet Champion Persephone. Please welcome to the show at this time Daryn Thompson!”

The crowd gave a nice cheer to the Starlet Powerhouse as she walked into view with a smile on her face. Easily the most intimidating and powerful Starlet on the roster, the Texan firecracker had a surefire grin on his face, proud of her efforts from Intense.

“Dawn, thanks for havin’ me,” Daryn said with a polite nod.

“Daryn, even though the victory ultimately went to Sarah Winterton via questionable means, the fans enjoyed your return to jOlt last week. You took the fight to both Sarah Winterton and Persephone, two of jOlt’s top Starlets and you even scored the win over a former Starlet Champion in Persephone herself!”

“That’s right, ah did,” Daryn replied in her familiar Southern drawl. “All ah’ve heard since ah’ve been a part a’ jOlt is the fact that ah’ve not lived up to mah potential as a top Starlet and ah’m sick of it! People call me the most powerful Starlet ‘round here, yet what have ah got to show fer it? Nothin’. Ah’m not gonna get looked at some kinda rookie any more that can’t cut it. That’s why startin’ now, Daryn Thompson isn’t gonna stop until she gets to the top and goes right fer that Starlet Championship!” The crowd responded to her honestly with some applause.

“As for Persphone, she wants a match against you at Wired. Do you accept?”

“Hell yes, ah accept!” Daryn yelled. “That wigged out bitch is mad that ah beat her in the middle of the ring despite me bein’ a “wet behind the ears” rookie, in her words. Now she wants a challenge? Well, news for ya, ‘Seph , yer gettin’ a FIGHT from me!”

The Starlet Powerhouse was proud of the chance…

Until a chair hit her in the back!

A VICIOUS shot from a chair brought Daryn down to her knees and a second one sent her crumbling to the ground. The Texas was hurt now and sprawled out on the ground as Persephone cackled lightly.

“You will NOT be making your name off me, you stupid hick.”

The former Starlet Champion tossed the bent chair down to the ground and laughed as she walked off, but not before looking at Dawn with a hateful stare.

“I’m going to make her WISH she never ran her mouth.”

While Daryn winced on the ground in pain, she tried to stand as Persephone walked away calmly. She was ready for a fight and payback was coming her way.

Mattock vs Graham Youngblood
Sarah WintertonSarah Winterton

On iNtense, Mattock was attacked by Ruby Rocks Jewelz as a measure of payback after what Mattock had done to her at Rise of the Legends. Tonight, he looks over his shoulder as he takes on one half of the former Ringrats... Graham Youngblood.

\ "Riptide" by Sick Puppies

Out from the backstage to a plethora of cheers came Graham Youngblood. He made his way down to the ring, slapping the hands of his fans along the way. He slid under the bottom rope and ascended one of the neutral corners to rile the crowd up even more and they showed their support. Youngblood hopped down and warmed up as his music died off and was replaced by...

"The Northern" by Alexisonfire

Mattock came out with Sanchez Cano by his side. He wouldn't be overconfident to go it alone this week. He had Cano to watch his back. The duo walked down to the ring with Cano remaining at ringside. Mattock hopped up onto the apron and stepped into the ring. He looked on at Youngblood who seemed ready to go. The referee then called for the bell.




Mattock and Youngblood circled each other in the ring. Collar and Elbow tie up by both competitors lead to a Side Head Lock by Youngblood. Youngblood twisted Mattock's neck before snapmaring him down to the canvas while keeping the Headlock sinched in. Mattock battled back to his feet, however, and backed Youngblood into the ropes, shoving him off to the opposite side.

Youngblood came back and slammed into Mattock with a Shoulder Block, taking him down. Youngblood went back to the ropes, hopping over Mattock, and going to the opposite side. Off the rebound, Mattock leapfrogged over Youngblood and waited for him to return. Mattock wanted the Arm Drag, but Youngblood blocked it and knee'd Mattock in the stomach. Youngblood hooked his leg over the back of Mattock's head and backflipped to his feet. Mattock went with the Short-Arm Clothesline, but Youngblood ducked underneath, turned and grabbed Mattock in a waist lock. A pair of elbows by Mattock broke the hold and caused Youngblood to stagger a few steps back. Mattock grabbed the ropes and sprung off the middle with a Twisting Body Splash, but Youngblood leapt up and nailed a Drop Kick, knocking Mattock right out of the air! Mattock crashed hard on the canvas and Youngblood made the cover!



Shoulder up by Mattock

Youngblood placed Mattock in a seated position and hit a stiff kick between the shoulder blades. He reared his leg back and hit another one that sent a shock up Mattock's spine. Youngblood then brought Mattock back to his feet and fired off a Knife Edge Chop across the chest. He fired a second one, but Mattock responded with a high Spinning Front Kick that caught Youngblood upside the head! Youngblood staggered back as it caused him to go off balance. Mattock quickly delivered a kick to the stomach, setting up Youngblood in the Gutwrench Position. Mattock lifted Youngblood up onto his shoulder, but Youngblood wriggled free and fell behind Mattock. Youngblood was quick and hit a Leg Sweep to the back of Mattock's legs, putting him onto his back. Youngblood took off to the ropes as Mattock sat up. Youngblood went for the Shining Wizard, but Mattock grabbed Youngblood by the leg and tripped him up, causing him to go face first into the canvas. Mattock rolled onto his back and up to a seated position with the Half Crab Submission Hold!

An amazing counter has Youngblood in trouble as he's dead in the middle of the ring. Mattock wrenched back on the hold as Youngblood fought to get to the ropes. Just when Youngblood was about to make it, Mattock stood and walked Youngblood back to the center of the ring where he sat back down on the submission hold. Youngblood showed that he was trying to shut the pain out of his mind as he once again crawled toward the ropes, but Mattock sat back and damn near ripped Youngblood's leg out of his socket causing him to stop dead in his tracks!

Youngblood knew he had to do something other than tap out. Youngblood then began to turn on his side. It caused Mattock to lose some balance and break the hold, but Mattock quickly scrambled to his feet and right back to the leg, but by the time he got there, Youngblood was on his back and he used his legs to kick Mattock away! Mattock got back up quickly again and again went for the legs, but again Younblood countered! Youngblood got back to his feet as did Mattock. The two clashed in the middle of the ring with another Collar and Elbow Tie Up. They jockied for position, but Youngblood's injured leg gave and Mattock was able to back him into the corner.

A pair of shoulder thrusts from Mattock doubled over Youngblood and stunned him long enough for Mattock to hoist him up onto the top turnbuckle pad. Mattock climbed up to the middle turnbuckle and placed Youngblood between his legs! Mattock lifted Youngblood up and leapt backwards...


Mattock smacked his tail bone on that landing and was in tremendous pain, but Youngblood was out cold from the move! Mattock did his best to sit up and make the cover...




Youngblood got the shoulder up in time!

Mattock rolled away from Youngblood and used the ropes to get back up to his feet. He walked off the impact of that move as Youngblood tried to pull himself together. Mattock then hunched down in the corner and measured Youngblood up. Once Youngblood was to his feet, Mattock charged in...




Youngblood saw Mattock corkscrewing head first at him and he reacted by driving his inner knee right into the top of Mattock's head! It was a knockout shot as Youngblood made the cover!




Kickout by Mattock!

Youngblood stood and positioned Mattock in the corner. He ascended the turnbuckle pads to the very top. He took aim on Mattock and leapt off...



Mattock rolled out of the way and Youngblood smacked stomach first on the canvas! It was Mattock who then took to the corner, ascending the turnbuckles to the very top. Youngblood was getting up and in a hunched over position. Mattock then leapt off...


Mattock nailed a Shooting Star Press right to the back of Youngblood as he was getting up, causing him to collapse down to the canvas!! Mattock pulled him over and made the cover, hooking the leg in deep!



Shoulder up!

Mattock stood and signaled for the end. He pulled Youngblood up to his feet and hoisted him up onto his shoulder... Mattock was looking for the Quantum Driver II, but Youngblood wriggled free and fell behind Mattock. Youngblood turned Mattock around and damn near knocked him out on his feet with a Rising Palm Strike under his jaw! Youngblood then hoisted Mattock onto his shoulders and crossed Mattock's legs. He then spun him out...





Thre.. NO!!!!

Mattock kicked out!

"This is awesome!" clap clap clapclapclap
"This is awesome!" clap clap clapclapclap
"This is awesome!" clap clap clapclapclap
"This is awesome!" clap clap clapclapclap

Youngblood staggered to his feet and brought Mattock back to his. He lifted Mattock onto his shoulders again, but Mattock slipped off behind. Mattock grabbed Youngblood by the back of his head and lifted him for what looked like an Inverted Suplex, but he twisted and slammed him down to the canvas with an Inverted Jackhammer!!!


Mattock flipped Youngblood to his back and positioned him in the corner. Mattock ascended to the very top. He took aim and twisted off with a Corkscrew Shooting Star Press...






Youngblood kicked out again! This crowd was on their feet and Mattock had no idea what he had to do in order to put Youngblood away.

Mattock stood and a look of desperation came across his face. Mattock grabbed Youngblood and pulled him up. He then bent down and picked up Youngblood in the Alabama Slam position., but Youngblood wriggled free and turned it into a Sunseet Flip, but Mattock rolled through up to his feet and lunged in with the Vision Shatter... the Shining Wizard, but Youngblood leaned back and avoided it. Youngblood quickly turned over and stood, grabbing Mattock by the arm as he turned around. Youngblood sent him off to the ropes, but Mattock leapt to the middle rope and went for a springboard Front Roundhouse, but Youngblood ducked underneath it. Mattock landed down on a knee and tried to get up quickly, but Youngblood caught him with a low drop kick to the leg that kept Mattock down on one knee. Youngblood quickly stood and nailed another drop kick right to the face of Mattock! Mattock was out cold as Youngblood went to the corner. He climbed up top and leapt off almost immediately...


Youngblood hit the Frog Splash, but he didn't go for the pin. Instead he grabbed Mattock and pulled him back up. He hoisted him up onto his shoulders and spun him off with his version of the Cradle Shock for the second time in this match..





The referee was pulled out of the ring by Sanchez Cano! The referee wouldn't have any of it and called for the bell, disqualifying Mattock!

Youngblood stood up and saw the referee arguing with Sanchez Cano. Youngblood then hit the ropes and gained momentum. He then front flipped to the outside and took Sanchez Cano down! Youngblood then mounted Cano on the outside and rained down heavy punches to his face! While this was happening, the crowd popped as someone ran out from the back...

Jesse Ramey!

Ramey slid into the ring and grabbed Mattock, pulling him up to his feet. He then quickly scooped Mattock up and dropped him right on his head with the Attitude Adjustment!!

Ramey did this because he wanted to silence any critics who thought that he had joined reVolt. There was some confusion due to his actions on iNtense, but what he did just now said it loud and clear that Ramey did infact hate Diamond Jewelz and Mattock equally. These three have been on a collision course for the past two months and with no match for these guys scheduled for Wired.. many must wonder if this three way of hatred was far from being over!

Winner: Graham Youngblood via Disqualification

"Farewell Thy Enemy"

Aran Thompson The scene opened up. It was blurry.. completely blurry. In fact, while there was a slightly discernable settling, no major features could be made out. It appeared to be a kitchen of some sort. We heard a voice however... a voice of someone familiar.

Everyone's favorite Rockstar.. Jon Le Bon

"We meet again my old enemy." said Le Bon

"Because of you, my return was delayed. Because of you, I was sidelined longer than anticipated. Because of YOU.. I had double the hospital bills and not a single nurse's phone number to show for it."


The scene shook as the camera panned up and focused. Jon Le Bon had slammed his hands down onto the table, using them to brace himself. He stood there, leaning over the table staring at... something.

"Go ahead and try and make your move... I'm watching you... I guarantee that if you try anything... it will be the end of you."

The camera pulled back and what was the blurriest figure in the scene was revealed to be Le Bon's Thanksgiving Day meatloaf.

Jeebus.. he KEPT that thing for THIS long!?

Le Bon placed his hands behind his back and began to circle the table, keeping his eye on the meatloaf the entire time.

"Look at you. sitting there on my table, mocking me. You know exactly what you did to me, don't you?"


Le Bon assumed the leaning position once again.


Le Bon laughed a bit.

"Well.. Im sorry to say that your time on this planet has reached its end, but what is a fitting punishment for something as evil and devious as yourself? .... I know... how about THIS!?

Le Bon grabbed the meatloaf and raised it above his head. He was about to smash it into the floor, but he stopped and placed it back down on the table.

"No... wait... you would want that wouldn't you? A quick and painless death, but alas, more work for me and I fear that no amounts of scrubbing bubbles would be able to remove your stain from my floor. No.. I have something better in mind... something that will make me happy for a few reasons. Let's go."

Le Bon picked up the meatloaf and walked through the back door of his kitchen and out to his back yard.

"You see... the neighbors.. they have a dog that wakes me up in the wee hours of the morning. I'm sure how would enjoy a reward for his valiant effort of annoying the ever-living piss out of me. At the same time, you will know the slow agonizing pain of death as he rips your meaty body apart with his razor sharp fangs... yes... this is your fate... IT HAS BEEN DECIDED!"

Le Bon took the meatloaf and flung it over his neighbor's fence, landing in the vicintiy of their doghouse.

"Now we let nature take its course... farewell thy enemy. You were a worthy adversary, but in the end... I am the victor!!"

Le Bon laughed maniacally as the scene faded to black.

Derecho vs Reno Davis
Sarah WintertonSarah Winterton

Reno Davis has been on a winning streak as of late. Last time he defeated Mattock and now he goes one on one with his brother Derecho who had a rather disturbing promo earlier in the evening. With Derecho in the frame of mind that he's in... one must wonder if Reno Davis' win streak will end at 2-0 since his return.

"13 Steps to Nowhere" by Pantera

Out from the back stepped Reno Davis. Reno got a pretty sizable pop from the crowd as he made his way down to the ring. Reno hopped up onto the ring apron and flipped over the top rope, entering the ring with style. He warmed up by testing the ropes and waited for his opponent.

"Charisma" by WASP

It's been a few months since people booed Derecho and the crowd did exactly that as Derecho stepped out from the backstage area. He made it clear that he wanted to regain his former glory as the Underground Champion, but knew he had to get back in line for a shot at the championship. He already made Bane Loneheart and Mike Extreme victims on that path and he looked to make Reno Davis the next name added to that growing list. Derecho stepped into the ring and immediately charged at Davis, drilling him with a Lariat!




Derecho quickly put the boots to Davis while he was down on the canvas. He quickly pulled Davis to his feet and sent him to the ropes. Off the rebound, Derecho his a Snap Powerslam and rolled right out of the ring. Derecho walked over to ringside and picked up his favorite friend.. the steel chair.

Derecho rolled back into the ring and slammed the chair onto the canvas. He waited for Davis to get back up...


Derecho slammed the chair right over Davis' skull!! Derecho had a focused look in his eyes as he readied the chair for another strike, but out from the crowd came Sayber!

Sayber rolled into the ring and grabbed the chair right out of Derecho's hands! Derecho turned around...


Sayber laid out Derecho with the chair! Sayber dropped the chair on the canvas and grabbed Derecho, pulling him up to his feet. He quickly hooked Derecho, lifting him up for a suplex, but tilted him to the side and nailed a Sideswipe Brainbuster right on top of the steel chair!!!!


Sayber flipped off Derecho to a big pop and dragged Reno Davis on top of him!




Derecho was about to go on a tirade and completely destroy Reno Davis, but Sayber interjected early before it could get to out of control and sent Derecho a very clear message!

Derecho was down and out on the canvas as Reno Davis slowly rolled out of the ring, holding his head in pain. Meantime, Sayber asked for a microphone from ringside and was granted it. He walked over to Derecho and knelt down beside him.

"You know what's truly funny? It's how predictable you are. I've seen it many times.. someone gets under your skin.. pushes the right buttons, and then you come out here and try and make an example out of someone. I sat waiting for it to happen and tonight it did. This is why you will never become the King of Hell again.. people have seen what you're all about and can read you just like a book.. so as you lay there against that chair, writhing in pain.. know this... this Sunday at Wired... I WILL get my revenge on you for trying to end my career and who knows.. maybe it'll be yours that will end."

Sayber dropped the microphone right at his feet and walked out of the ring to the back. Could Derecho truly be predictable to the point where even a rookie could read him? Was that the one big flaw that many failed to pick up on?

All we know is that Wired just got a little more interesting as Warriors went to commercial.

Winner: Reno Davis via Pinfall

"Why Can't We Be Friends?"

Aran Thompson On what would be the final edition of Warriors, the camera already cut back from commercial and calmly seated inside the ring was “The Heiress” Sarah Winterton. She was dressed to the nines in a lovely blue long-sleeved blouse with a long black skirt and black heels. The crowd was already over the #1 Contender to the Starlets Championship and she was seated in a chair in the middle of the ring.

“Hello, my darlings!”

The crowd was already all over the pompous Starlet as she sat in the middle of the ring. There was still plenty of show left to go and the crowd was growing restless of The Heiress and whatever crap she was trying to spin.

“For those of you destitute folks who either do not own a computer or are blessed with an idiot box, I shall proudly regale you about how I, the shining beacon of light in a harbor of mediocrity called the Starlet Division, conquered the odds to get to where I am today. I single-handedlyh defeated both my friend, Persephone, and that big tractor-pushing brute, Daryn Thompson in order to become the rightful challenger for MY Starlet Championship! I show now allow all of you the chance for applause!”


“Yes, I would also boo Daryn Thompson for passing off that taudry clothing she wore as wrestling gear, too! But regardless, I do what I always do when my back is against the wall and I persevered! I won the match so that way I may face my long-time frenemy, Charlotte!”

Her eyes would turn brown from all the crap she was spewing if that was possible.

“But what did Charlotte do? That hussy was allowed to pick the stipulation for our title rematch from Rise of the Legends! Charlotte was allowed to pick the stipulation… and what did she choose? She chose the worst one of them all! Not a straight-up exhibition between one very proud, capable and technically savvy wrestler… and Charlotte. “ Boos for that slight burn. “But what was chosen is a history bloodbath! It is…” She said with a regretful sight. “…The first-ever Undeground Rules match for the Starlet Championship!”

The crowd roared at the announcement! Winterton was less than receptive.

“I mean, sure, I MAY have gotten a little overzealous at the fact she stole my move to defeat me at Rise of the Legends and I may have accidentally opened a cut in her head. That type of conduct is unbecoming of a role model like me! That type of behavior is not acceptable in MY Starlet Division! Such luminaries as Aria Murphy…”

The same Aria Murphy that Winterton had verbally berated for months on end, need I remind you.

“.. would not want that. So what I am proposing to you, Miss Charlotte, is to come out here and change your mind. There is already an uncouth, unrepentant warzone called the Underground with its very own title headed by Ninja K that does not need any more help. We don’t need to fight! We just need to have a ladies agreement to have a good, clean non-violent contest! I mean, I can wholeheartedly understand that Underground Rules will be the ONLY way you would stand a chance against me, but I will come out and accept your surrender of this stipulation!”

The Heiress waited for several seconds.

“The Jack” by AC/DC played now and the crowd started to cheer when the music played for the Starlet Champion making her way out now! The Queen of Hearts was out in street clothes and she came towards the ring with a pissed-off expression her face for the outrageous comments by Sarah Winterton. The Heiress clapped and cheered along with the crowd.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for The Starlets Champion until Wired… Charlotte!”

The valet of The House had on a “Don’t Bet On It!” House shirt, but she came towards the ring and looked at Sarah Winterton.

“That, hon… that right there is the reason that nobody likes you as much as you seem to think. You come out here, talking out both sides of your face, you talk trash, you’ve belittled me since I won this belt several months ago and you’ve been nothing but a pain in my ass since then.”

Charlotte climbed into the ring and looked at the very title she held.

“Do you see this belt?”

“Yes, you simp…”

“No.” Charlotte cut her off. “Do you really see this? This belt has meant everything to me since I won it. This title was looked down on by so many people here because before the recent resurgence of these competitive women, this belt was treated as afterthought. And with all due respect to everything that Aria Murphy and Persephone have done for this belt, this division hasn’t been more competitive than it is today. As much as I hate you, you are a top Starlet and I can’t deny that you are good.”

“Thank you!” Sarah winked.

“I told you I’m not done! Now shut up or you’re gonna be eatin’ that chair you’rve been sitting in!”

Winterton bit her lip while Charlotte continued her speech.

“This belt isn’t some prop to glorify your ego. This title means everything to Faith Hines and Amber Ryann, two hard-working Starlets who fought with all they had from The Hype to get here now. To Alyssa Corliss who continues to work hard day in and day out. Vogue Gonslavez who fought with me for this title on Intense! Daryn Thompson who has made a pledge to compete for this belt! All these hard-working women are not going to get undercut by the likes of you. You treat this belt like a toy belonging to a spoiled rich girl, you’ve assaulted me and antagonized me. That is why this match is Underground Rules for this title. That is why you’re gonna pay for everything that you’ve said and done!”

Charlotte had been a true fan favorite since emerging with The House, but she had blossomed into a respectable and fighting representative for the thriving division.

“So I would like to ask you kindly to take your offer of a non-Underground match… and shove it up your spoiled little ass!”

The Heiress was red in the face! She was embarrassed by Charlotte and looked like she was ready to fight.

“Go ahead, bitch. Swing. Go ahead and give me a reason for Wired to come early.”

Winterton was still stewing and looked like if she had a knife, she would use. She was about to turn away…

She tried to swing at Charlotte but she kicked away from her and pushed her through the ropes! She kicked her in the back and tried going for her signature move when Sarah quickly jumped away from her and rolled outside the ring for higher ground!

The Heiress had been shown up tonight by the Starlets Champion and she headed to get away from the ring. Charlotte picked up the chair and threw it halfway down the aisle and made her jump! A lot of people wanted to see the two fight but they started to boo when Winterton turned tail and headed back up the ramp and disappeared behind the curtain.

Charlotte was ready for a fight and Wired couldn’t come soon enough. History would be made in just a few days with the first Underground Rules match which meant no rules, no disqualification, and falls count anywhere.

Mack Brody vs Dallas Griffin
Sarah WintertonSarah Winterton

In just mere days time at Wired, The Heirs of Wrestling were finally looking to settle the score with the antagonistic trio known as Trouble. Duzza had led his group of Statuz Quo, Khadafi, and Dallas Griffin to a series of wins which led to repeated attacks on the slumping Heirs of Wrestling to make a statement. Since then, reactions to the Heirs from the fans had turned out more than favorable. For the most part, The Heirs did seem to be on the up-and-up and most claimed that Duzza and company were jealous of their success. Repeated attacks included a lead pipe attack to the knee of Mack Brody that put The Bronze Bomber out for a week.

After a match between The Heirs vs. Trouble on Intense that ended in disqualification and the unexpected early return of Mack Brody making the save for his friends. This now led to the match of Mack Brody taking on Trouble’s youngest and biggest gun in the arsenal, “Mr. Big Time” Dallas Griffin. Mack wasn’t at 100% but he was cleared by doctors to compete tonight… plus the dude’s 6’6” and 320 pounds. YOU go up to him and tell him he can’t pick a fight with one of the men that attacked him.

“The following contest is a grudge match scheduled for one fall!” Brad Arnold announced.

“Money” by D/R Period.

Lights began to flash rapid pulses of green as the anthem of all things cash started to play. Three figures were hidden in the shadows and stood with their backs to the fans. One large man in the middle. One short man on the left. One well-built man to the right. Their jackets started to light up one by one and when it came time to see what was happening, the fans jumped out of their seats. The short man jumped.


A big, bright purple H was on his back. The tall man jumped next.


The O was bright and silver. Finally, the last person stepped up.


The W was gold. The lights flipped back on and the douchebags in their matching light-up jackets walked to the ring, ready for action. One by one, Frank Silver, Mack Brody and Ryan Gallway headed to the ring. The Heirs of Wrestling were back in full effect!

“First, making his way to the ring, being accompanied to the ring by Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway… he hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania weighing in 320 pounds… he is a member of the Heirs of Wrestling… he is ”MIDAS” MACK BRODY!

Mack Brody’s knee was noticeably taped up, but he didn’t give two shits. The intent was that he was coming to the ring to fuck somebody up and the crowd responded to the Bronze Bomber with a big round of applause. He stepped in between the ropes and raised his arms to the sky as a big shower of golden pyro went off in all four corners of the ring. He flexed his muscles for the crowd and the man called Midas waited for his opponent.

“Excuse Me” by Koffee Black.

The music played and the crowd started to jeer for the appearance of Dallas Griffin. The man calling himself Mr. Big Time was riding a winning streak and he was heading to the ring with a confident smile on his face. Khadafi and Statuz Quo were on either side of Duzza as the entire Trouble clan were here. Mr. Big Time pulled out some chalk and threw it up into the sky as a nice little fuck you to LeBron James… far as Griffin was concerned, HE was the top athlete in Florida and the crowd booed him for it.

“And his opponent, making his way to the ring being accompanied by Duzza, Status Quo, and Khadafi… he weighs in at 256 pounds he is a member of Trouble… ”MR. BIG TIME” DALLAS GRIFFIN!”

The rookie with the amazing vertical leap and a bad attitude to match started to confidently walk towards the ring. Duzza followed shortly behind him and Griffin jumped over the ropes and into the ring. He was ready for a fight tonight.


And so was Brody!

The crowd cheered for the Bronze Bomber as he came right at Dallas Griffin in the corner and unloaded on Mr. Big Time with a flurry of body shots to the jaw and followed up with a big series of elbows to the face of Griffin! Griffin was a big boy himself pushing 6’7” but a lot more lithe than Brody. Brody was built to look good and hurt people… something that he was going to do right away.

“Fuck that bitch up, Big Mack!” Ryan shouted on the outside.

Frank and Ryan clapped and cheered on their partner in crime while Duzza, Quo, and Khadafi were each about to blow a gasket that Brody was ready to fight. Dallas tried to get out of the corner only for him to grab him back and drop a few elbows to the back of the head. Referee Mike Hunt ordered him to get back away from the corner and Mack did.

“Hey, man, it’s cool, it’s cool,” Brody said as he backed up and held his hands up defensively.

Griffin looked over and Mack winked at him before he NAILED him upside the head with a stiff right hand that had Griffin crumbling to his knees in pain. Brody looked at Hunt and then smiled at the referee.

“Okay. NOW we good… no, wait. I’m gonna break HIS leg.”

Brody then grabbed the leg of Griffin and even though he had a slight limp, It didn’t appear to slow Brody down too much. Midas quickly grabbed the leg of Griffin and dropped a HUGE Elbow Drop right into the leg joint! He then did it about two or three more times before he slapped on a leg lock! The big man knew his strengths, but he was far from your average big man and knew a few tricks. He grabbed the leg of Mr. Big Time and tried to jerk the leg out of place, but Griffin’s reach advantage allowed him to get to the ropes easier.

Brody held onto the knee for the count of four before he was forced to let go. The Bronze Bomber stood up to his feet and raised both fists in the air. Griffin tried limping to his feet and when Mack tried to grab him, he caught a thumb to the eye for his troubles. Mack limped backwards into the corner and now Griffin shook out the pain in his leg to deliver a series of Turnbuckle Shoulder Thrusts to the chest of SuperMack.

Griffin led him to the ropes and the Trouble member tried for an Irish Whip only for Brody to hang on and then pull him into a HARD Short-Arm Clothesline that knocked Griffin down in one clean shot! Brody then ran off the ropes and came back with a big pointed Elbow Drop to the stomach. He stood up and headed to the ropes a second time before dropping another elbow to the chest. Dallas was sucking up wind and when Mack went for a third one he stopped…

“Fuck you!”

SuperMack flipped off the other members of Trouble who were now getting pissed. Brody flexed his bicep and dropped an Elbow Drop with some extra stank on it before he went for a cover.




Mr. Big Time kicked out and Brody wasn’t done with the leg. He kicked at the leg some more and seemed intent on handing out a beatdown to Dallas as the other members of Trouble were forced to watch. The other Heirs of Wrestling cheered and hollered for their buddy as he continued to bring the pain.

The Bronze Bomber went to the upper body of Griffin and went for a series of big forearms to the chest of Griffin and the crowd went with counting along for every shot.


Brody held out one more hand before he dropped a Headlock Elbow Drop…


Mack went for another cover on Dallas.




Brody went for the cover again when Quo jumped onto the ring apron and started mimicking a home run swing… Quo was the actual man that hit Brody’s leg with the lead pipe and Brody didn’t forget. He charged and swung at him when Quo quickly jumped off the ring apron. That was all that he needed for when Brody turned around he walked right into an AMAZING Dropkick from the 6’7” Griffin!

“Midas” Mack Brody was down now after a good shot onto the jaw. Dallas Griffin was the very definition of a blue chip athlete and Duzza did good recruiting the young gun for his stable of proud athletes. Griffin took a second to mock Mack by flexing his own muscles and laughing at him as he was down.

When Mack tried to stand again, Griffin pushed him backwards into the corner and he went right after the leg! Brody tried to fight him off with a pair of elbows to Mr. Big Time only to cut him off with a pair of good kicks to the leg. Mr. Big Time followed up with a couple of playful jabs to the face to keep him stunned him in his tracks.

Griffin whipped him into the corner and tried to get Mack to the other side of the ring only for Brody to reverse it and sent her over to the corner. Mack started to run towards him only for Griffin to get a knee up and catch him in the face. He then ran behind him and connected with a Chop Block to the knee that dropped him to the ground!

Mack let out a howl of pain as he grabbed at his left knee and tried to fight back. Griffin then caught him under the chin with a kick to put him on his back near the ropes. Once Griffin had his chance he went out to the ring apron and came back with an incredible Slingshot Leg Drop! The big rookie had some “mad hops” as the kids might say! Griffin went over and hooked the bad leg for a cover.




Brody kicked out but Mr. Big Time wasn’t going to stop attacking him. Griffin went after the knee now and showed some genuine fire as he dropped more elbows just as Brody tried doing to him earlier. He then grabbed the leg and snapped back to the mat in a DDT-like fashion, jerking the bad leg in an awkward position!

SuperMack was left on his back and in pain now as he walked over to the ropes and dropped a big stomp on the leg of Brody, working it over even more! Dallas Griffin stood up and took in the negative response from the raucous crowd as Mr. Big Time worked over the knee even more and went to the leg. Frank continued to slap the ring apron and cheer on the third member of The Heirs.

“Come on, Mack, you got this!” Silver yelled.

Duzza overheard him. “No, he doesn’t! He’s gonna get his fucking leg snapped!”

Griffin overheard the banter and continued to try going for the leg only for Mack to get his good leg up and kick him away from the ropes. With some encouragement from the crowd, Brody started to limp back to his feet again. When Dallas approached him, Brody blasted him in the chest twice with some good shots to the head. He charged to the ropes, but he wasn’t able to get much of anything when Dallas Griffin who connected with a Spin Kick to the jaw!

Griffin caught him again and Mr. Big Time was one step ahead of Big Mack and tried to go for a lateral press this time!




Brody was almost defeated right then and there by Dallas Griffin, but Mr. Big Time didn’t hook the leg. A rookie mistake, perhaps. Griffin started to muscle Mack Brody to his feet again and pushed the big man backwards into the ropes before putting him on the second rope. He was looking for some sort of Superplex or some big move, but Brody fought back and managed to hang on the ropes. When Griffin came back to his feet…


A BIG Flying Shoulder Block off the second rope was Griffin’s dubious reward for trying for such a big move and paying the price for taunting. Quo, Khadafi, and Duzza all looked freaked out while both big men were down now! Brody was holding his knee and it probably wasn’t too smart of him to try and go for such a risky move but he didn’t care. He was going to stick it to Trouble tonight and get The Heirs back on the winning track.






Dear God, these last few weeks were some strange bizarro world where The Heirs of Wrestling. Up was down, left was purple, cats marrying dogs! Pandemonium in the streets!

When Brody stood up, Dallas Griffin wen off the ropes and charged off the ropes before he mowed him down with a Double Sledge to the face of Dallas Griffin! Mr. Big Time started to stand again when he was knocked down a second time with a Back Elbow to the face. Griffin was standing in a daze now and swung wildly at Brody with a right cross that he caught. He then impressed the crowd by THROWING Griffin hard into the turnbuckles! Brody ran a short distance and splattered him with a Body Avalanche in the corner before he hooked the leg…


SuperMack THREW Dallas Griffin over his head with relative ease courtesy of a Release Exploder Suplex! Brody stoop up and yelled to the crowd now as he fed off the crowd. This was an entirely new feeling for Mack Brody since the inception of the Heirs. They were never considered true fan favorites, but the Heirs had lately been trying to eschew their cheating ways in favor of proving the shit the talked week in and week out! Brody went over to the cover and tried to get the big win.




So close only for Griffin to kick out! Frank and Ryan each bit their tongues and watched while the members of Trouble showed concern for Mr. Big Time. Griffin was knocked for a loop when Brody tried to go in for the kill. He punched him in the stomach and tried to lift him up for The Midas Touch, but the leg was bothering him and he had to drop him. Dallas then made him pay for it with a kick to the face th stunned him. He headed to the ropes and came back with another good Chop Block to the knee that took Brody down again! He stumbled to the ground and Griffin followed things up with a Second Rope Leg Drop!




The Bronze Bomber kicked out again, which incensed Griffin to no end! He slapped his hands three times on the canvas, but Mike Hunt only told him that it was two. He then pushed his way to the ropes and tried to go for the cover on Brody again by hooking the bad leg.


Foot on the ropes!


Frank pushed his legs off the ropes and the referee didn’t see!

Griffin looked at him and glared daggers through Frank who wasn’t having any of that shit. The Heirs of Wrestling then got into a shouting match on the outside with the other members of Trouble and soon, a fistfight ensued between all sides! Frank and Khadafi were squaring off while Quo and Gallway were taking the fight to one another.

Dallas started getting back to his feet again and turned over to finish his assault on Brody, but The Bronze Bomber was ready and waiting…


A brand new move to the arsenal of Mack Brody, he CRUSHED him with a Lunging Body Block that knocked the wind right out of Mr. Big Time! He was down and out now and Mack Brody rolled over to hook the leg!




The bell rang and Mack Brody got himself a measure of revenge against Trouble! It was a big victory here tonight for Brody who started limping to his feet!

“Here is your winner of the match… ”MIDAS” MACK BRODY!

A massive singles victory for the man called Midas, the biggest member of the Heirs of Wrestling scored a victory… CHOP BLOCK TO THE KNEE BY QUO!

In the middle of the skirmish, Quo snuck into the ring and caught the leg of Brody again! After he had it worked over by Dallas Griffin for the majority of the match, Trouble had left Mack Brody a calling card to remember them by via a cheap shot to the knee! Frank and Ryan ran into the ring just as Quo rolled to the outside. Khadafi and Duzza pulled Griffin out of the ring and the members of Trouble regrouped up the ramp. Mack had the victory tonight, but Trouble got a quick measure of payback as Brody was still on the mat, holding the aggravated knee that had been damaged by repeated attacks.

The Heirs of Wrestling had almost never lost a six-man tag in the entirety of their careers as a three-man tag team. However, Trouble had the edge going into Wired with their members 100% healthy. Could The Heirs overcome the members of Trouble or have the Heirs finally met their match?

Tune into Wired and watch that shit!

Winner: Mack Brody via Pinfall