"That's Jason Rau"

Jason Rau “Passive” by A Perfect Circle instantly triggered a huge amount of boos. The dim, alternating blue and red lights flickered while a blue pyrotechnic blast shot out from behind the jOltVision. Jason Rau emerged from behind the curtain, sporting a Wayne Cooper leather jacket, a pair of fitted jet black denim jeans, charcoal grey boots, and an unbuttoned black dress shirt, which revealed his washboard abs.

As he walked down the aisle, his expression was as serious as could be, even with several fans in attendance giving him two thumbs down.

“Jason Rau has a different swagger about him tonight. I guess an ‘out of nowhere’ attack on Ray Chavez will do loads for your confidence” Burhman stated.

“Mike, before you jump to any conclusions, let’s hear what Jason has to say” Power said before turning his focus back to his respective monitor.

Jason Rau was on a horrible losing streak since jOlt reopened its doors. He had some memorable encounters along the way, but all of them ended with him walking away the loser.

Rau’s thick Australian accent was expected, along with his Jason Statham cold demeanor. He was handed a microphone by ring announcer Brad Arnold.

Before he could speak, the boos grew louder in volume. Rau just stood there, slowly nodding his head. He extended his arms in the air and rotated his hands, motioning for the fans to continue their verbal disapproval.

Once the jeers died down a bit, Rau once again raised the mic.

“Now that you people have shut your traps, I can start out by saying this is the first day of a new era,” he said slowly walking around the ring.

“I understand you Americans are slow to understand, so I’ll go into some detail for you. This era is my era. Seriously though, the reason I’ve had such a horrible lately, is because you bastards never took me serious. I put on the good fight, I’m a standup ringer if I do say so myself. Those days are done. I don’t need to be referred to as a jOlt original or anything else. There are too many punks in the back, holding onto that title like it’s supposed to mean something,” Rau’s tone intensified.

“Some of those blokes didn’t amount to shit in the first run of jOlt, so why should you think highly of them now? No answer? Exactly! I stayed loyal to you worthless people for far too long. I damn near broke my neck in that match against Derecho, but you people still didn’t give me the respect I deserved. Yet, Ray Chavez appears on the scene and you all go bat shit for him. You forget who he is and what he’s done. You cheer him but you don’t cheer me? Just goes to show how pathetic you people really are.”

“CHA-VEZ, CHA-VEZ, CHA-VEZ” rang out throughout the arena, in hopes The Equalizer would make an appearance and get some revenge for the attack that transpired on Intense.

Rau stood there with a disgusted look on his face. “Keep chanting! I hope he does come out! I will break him in two, right before your very eyes!! I’m sick of this masked freak sticking his disfigured mug where it don’t belong. First, he tries to save me from Vincent. He gets knocked on his ass and I ended up ramming ‘The Megastar’s’ face into the wall. I didn’t ask Chavez to help me out. Then, this dumb bastard knocks me out during the 10 man tag main event. That’s strike two, for those that can’t count to two. Finally, he eliminated me from the Divide & Conquer battle royal match. That’s strike three, mothafucker!”


He continued, “I suck? Yeah right! I hopped the barricade a few nights ago, laid out Kane’s smelly ass and absolutely DESTROYED the Equalizer with the Aussie-Driver. If he wants a lil payback, then we can avago. Matter of fact… I have a couple of demands I want to make.

Demand #1. Ray Chavez’s name is the first on my list. Anytime. Anyplace. I’m here.

Demand #2. Whoever is stupid enough to get in the ring with me tonight, is gonna get it RAU!

Demand #3. You’ve all seen chairs, tables, bats, ladders, and shovels. But none of those weapons can match a REAL weapon, like this.”

Jason reached around back and pulled out…

“Oh yeah! Everybody in the back is on notice. Fine Australian craftsmanship and yes, you’re looking at a fuckin boomerang!! So whoever wants to pull toys out, just understand I can hit you with this baby from across the building. So keep watching because you’re about to see one of the toughest son-of-a-bitches ever to come out of Sydney.”

“Who does this guy think he is?” Burhman asked.

Powers responded, “That’s Jason Rau.”

"Sweet, Sweet Marketing"

Sweet, Sweet Lovin' Right now, if you were a member of Sweet Sweet Lovin (which was limited to two people, really) then life was definitely good for you. Sam Sweet and Lennox love had a huge victory scored over Total Conquest in their first big win since jOlt had opened. And now, here they were in the backstage area doing exactly what one would imagine them to be doing.

Being the Em-effin life of the party!

Bunch of fuckin’ rockstars, they are!

...Well, not really. They were kind of sitting in the backstage area watching TV on one of the monitors. Lennox Love was having himself a coughing fit from engaging in... err, what we like to call recreational pharmaceuticals while Sam Sweet had himself a bag of family sized Doritos he was chomping down.

“We should be celebrating our victory, dude, don't you think?” Sweet asked his partner as he downed another fistful of Nacho Cheese. Not that Cool Ranch abomination.

“I AM celebrating, man!” Love said as he tucked away what may have been a bong from the camera. Implied drug use is only funny until you're made to take a 30-day mystery wellness vacation. “We're allllllllllllllll good. We beat those Total Conquest chumps! Now shush, bro, this episode of How I Met Your Mother isn't going to watch itself...” he continued to delightfully bleat at the television along with the canned laughter. “Oh, NPH... you silly bitch... you can't have Robin, that's your friend!”

And so, their blissful ignorance continued for a few more moments...


Sam and Lennox turned their heads to the door and none other than their manager... party-loving, rap-recording, media mogul, internet-ordained minister (probably) and handgun aficionado (maybe) Jon Katz, Jr.

“JOHNNY K! WHAT'S UP!?” Love tapped fists with JKJ.

“Jay Kay Jay!” Sweet yelled as he also did the same. Then JKJ quickly pulled out a napkin and wiped his hand free of the Dorito's cheese dust. Wasn't having that shit on his good green and black track suit.

“Love Doctor, Sweetie Pie... what it do?”

He had a blue duffel bag that he dropped on the table in front of them.

“Kay, listen up, dawgs! As your manager and Secretary In Charge Of Awesome, we gots to think BIG now! You've won a match, you've got folks sayin' your name, but now we need to expand on the Sweet Sweet Lovin' Brand! When you've got merch, you've got girls, and when you've got girls, you've got snatch! And when you've got snatch... well, I can't dumb that down any more. That's just great stuff.”

Sweet nodded. “I pick up what you're putting down... you can never get enough ladies, man. Like, NEVER.”

JKJ pointed a finger. “Y'all need to come correct, guys! We go big! You've got these fans in the palm of your hands!”

The manager rummaged through the duffel bag. And there were several items that made Lennox and Sam do a double take.

Sweet Sweet Lovin jackets.

“See, check this out... we's gonna sell these muhfuckas on jOlt Shopzone for BANK!”

Sweet Sweet Lovin Pez Dispensers.

“Now, y'all truly as sweet as you LOOK!”

Brand new jOlt action figures of Sweet Sweet Lovin. And by “action figures” they were actually action figures of what may have been Sylo and SVJ. Sylo had a paper cut of a grinning Sam Sweet on his face and SVJ was painted black with an afro painted on top.

“Um...” Love picked up the SVJ doll and raised his eyebrow. “Pretty sure that's borderline racist, man...”

“Spend to make, my brotha, spend to make!” JKJ was on a kick now. “And check THESE out...”

Sweet Sweet Lovin t-shirts with the names of the members of the crew on the shirt. Sweet glanced up at JKJ.

“Uh, Jay Kay?” Sweet tapped his manager on the chest.


He raised the shirt over his head and stretched it out. “Couple of things, broham... uh... these are kind gnarly-looking. They smell like they've been up some sweaty fat guy's asscrack for a month... and the names are all messed up!”


Sure enough, Sweet held out the shirt for all to see. On the front. “Eff Team Edward and Jacob. Team Sweet Sweet Lovin.” and on the back?

Sam Sweat.

Lennox Lewis.

Jan Kats the Fourth.

“Dude, we go out there with this shit, no WAY are we getting the ladies, bro! This is jocking my steezy, man!”

“I dunno,” Lennox took his shirt and smiled at Katz. “You're just hella jealous I get to be Lennox Lewis! Heavyweight Champion of the World! KAY-TEE-EFF-OH! Sucks to be you, Sam Sweat!”

“See, brother-man has the right idea!” JKJ tapped Sweet on the shoulder. “Y'all gots to think positive. None of this nega-bullhockey! You go out there, rock this shit, and the world is your oyster. This is only the beginnin'! It's a new day for Sweet Sweet Lovin and sho'nuff, them tag titles will be around our waists... and then girls will be right there with 'em waitin' to get a piece!”

Lennox took his shirt and had it already on, looking about one or two sizes too small on his tall and lanky frame. He fist-bumped JKJ and bumped his head.

“Oh, yeah, I got swag now!” Lennox laughed. “Sweat... Jan... see you guys later.”

Lennox Love took off out of the room with a shirt one size too small. Sam Sweet rolled his eyes for a moment, then back up at a smiling Jon Katz, Jr. Oh, yes. Well, at least things were looking up for the group.

"Forced Respect"

Bane Loneheart Standing in the center of the ring, The Pipe Wielding Pragmatist Bane Loneheart, gripped a pipe in one hand and a microphone in the other.

“Two weeks ago, we saw Bane Loneheart get made easy work by one of the newest jOlt superstars and last Sunday he challenged that very same man to an underground rules rematch, Nate.” Michael Buhrman reminded his colleague.

“And this week, Bane Loneheart will make everybody forget what happened.” Nathan Powers said coaxingly.

Bane was not being received well by the mass in attendance but, per the usual, he did not care.

“Two weeks ago, Damien Lee decided it was time to “punish” me by pitting me against the so called “Demon of Dublin”, Ivan Borodin.”

“But last Sunday, on Intense, I told Damien that I would rectify the problem and FORCE the so called demon to show me THE RESPECT that I deserve.”

“Tonight will see the short lived lifespan of a demon, and continued elevation of Bane Loneheart.”

Bane Loneheart vs. Demon of Dublin
Bane LoneheartDemon of Dublin
“Death Of The Gods” by Primordial began to play and the lights on the stage flashed in succession to the tempo of the song as The” Demon of Dublin” Ivan Borodin slowly walked toward the ring and the fans showed elation at the interruption.

“Nathan, have you ever seen someone ever portray dominance just by the way they walk?” Buhrman asked of Nathan Powers.

“Eh… He isn’t that impressive.” Nathan cut back.

Ivan stopped at the ring apron and watched as Bane seemed to coax his opponent into the ring. Tilting his head, Ivan turned his attention to a nearby fan who was verbally assaulting him at ringside.


Before the bell even rang Bane sunk his lead pipe into the skull of The Demon of Dublin rocking Ivan back against a nearby guard rail struggling to keep himself up as he held his head.

“THAT’S WHAT I’MTALKING ABOUT!” Powers cheered as Bane continued the assault on the outside and the referee called for the bell to start the match.




Over and over Ivan’s skull was pelted with attacks from the pipe and the fans were begging for Bane to stop.

Bane coaxed even more emotion from the crowd as he grabbed from under Ivan’s mask and shouting in Ivan’s ear; “AFTER TONIGHT! YOU WILL RESPECT ME!”

Bane shoved Ivan to the ground who and show boated a bit more before kicking Ivan in the stomach, to no effect. Bane, looking shocked at the lack of response, kicked Ivan in the stomach again and it didn’t faze him. Ivan managed to slowly standup still reeling from the attacks with the lead pipe so Bane attempted to attack him with the pipe once more but Ivan blocked the attack and wrapped his hand around Bane’s throat quickly forcing the back of his head and body into the outside ring post.

Staring Bane down and tightening the grip on Bane’s throat. Ivan adjusted his view on the pipe that lay on the ground nearby.

“OOH!” The crowd reacted as Ivan slammed the back of Bane’s head into the outside ring post. Ivan picked the pipe up and studied it before turning his attention back on Bane. Bane rubbed his head unaware of an impending assault.





Ivan slammed the pipe into the back of Bane’s head and back repeatedly. Growling at the crowd every time the metal collides with Bane’s body, Ivan continues to bash his opponent over and over again with the weapon.

“Oh my god! You’d have to be demonic to be okay with dealing out damage like this!” Buhrman screeched.

“Wow. “Nathan Powers managed to mumble as the pair of announcers are humbled by the beating Ivan is giving Bane with Bane’s own weapon of choice.

“STOP!” a child yells from the crowd and Ivan darts his head over and looks at the child and back at Bane.

Ivan tosses the pipe away from both himself and Bane before grabbing Bane by the nape of his neck and rolling him into the ring for the pin.



“HOW IN THEWORLD!” Buhrman shouted.

“STAY DOWN!” Powers added.

Ivan looked at the referee and back at Bane before pinning him again but Bane kicked out before there was even a count of one.

Ivan stood up and looked at Bane who was obviously hurting and struggling to get to his feet. Ivan ran toward the ropes on the opposite side and just as he came back with a clothesline attempt, Bane ducked. Ivan hit the ropes on the other side and as he came back…


Bane hit Ivan with a European uppercut so hard that the impact startled the entire arena and Ivan stumbled back into the ropes holding on to maintain his balance.

Bane limped toward Ivan and slapped him across the face.

“YOU WILLRESPECT ME DAMMIT!” Bane demanded of Ivan.

Ivan slowly turned his face toward Bane and stood up, towering over Bane. Ivan punched Bane with a stiff right hook and Bane jarred but shot back to no avail, another right hook from Ivan and another ineffective response from Bane. Ivan hit Bane again, then again, then again, and again before Irish Whipping Bane into the ropes. As Bane came back on the return he turned the tables on Ivan with a huge body splash that took both men down and left Bane pinning Ivan to the mat.




Bane couldn’t believe what he saw and he slapped Ivan again.

“RESPECT ME!” screamed a wide eyed Bane Loneheart.

Bane pulled Ivan up to his feet by his mask and grabbed a hold of his neck with his arm before planting him with a hard sounding DDT. Bane rolled Ivan over again for a pin. ONE!


Bane went into a rage and quickly got to his feet and started stomping on Ivan where ever his foot would land.





Ivan caught Bane’s foot and pushed him backwards into the nearest corner and rolled up to his feet. Bane quickly retreated to the outside and the fans did not like that at all.

“These two have gone toe to toe with one another this entire match and NOW he chooses to retreat?” Buhrman questioned the methods of Bane Loneheart.

Bane grabbed the pipe once again.

“Oh, that’s why.” Buhrman retorted.

“Gotta give the man some credit for having the foresight to—“


Bane didn’t notice that Ivan had followed him out of the ring, and before Nathan Powers could finish his statement, Ivan forced Bane’s head into the ring post once again. Ivan peeled Bane off of the post and went to whip him into the blockade between them and the fans but he brought him back in and threw Bane into the air and making Bane’s face land on his knee.

“This is it! It has to be over! Did you see that facebuster?!” Buhrman shouted.

Ivan dragged a groggy Bane Loneheart to his feet and the Demon of Dublin positioned Bane for a power bomb and pointed at the ring apron and the fans got loud. Most in excitement, others in disgust it was still uncertain as to how accepting the fans were of The Demon of Dublin and with a force so immense Ivan Borodin power bombed Bane onto the ring apron and Bane was out.

Ivan pushed Bane all the way into the ring and covered him.




For a second time in a row, Ivan Borodin, the Demon of Dublin had defeated Bane Loneheart and again it ended with a mixed reaction from the crowd as “Death Of The Gods” by Primordial once again played and the Demon of Dublin nonchalantly walked to the backstage area.

Winner: Demon of Dublin via Pinfall

"Second Chances"

citizen “The End is Coming” by Sevendust began to blast throughout the arena, and the fans erupted as all of the lights in the arena died. Many of the fans in attendance were preparing themselves for jOlt Vision to spark to life, but instead Citizen emerged from the backstage area and shot toward the ring.

Citizen slid into the ring and made his way toward Bard Arnold, who stood outside of the ring. Citizen extended his arm through the ropes and motioned for the microphone. The fans in attendance were really quite shocked at the slight of Citizen holding onto a microphone, but the lights cued back up in a low fashion and Citizen found his way to the center of the ring.

“Divide and Conquer,” Citizen began, the vocalizer must have been built into his outfit; either that or his voice was just that freaky. “I’ve heard the chatter surrounding the event. Individuals feel as though I did not produce on the things I said I was going to do. I would have to say that they are completely wrong.”

Citizen gave everyone in attendance and watching at home a moment for his words to sink in, and then continued. “I told you all that come Divide and Conquer that I would beat Derecho, and while it may not have been a win that would go down in the record book; it was a win in the grander scheme of things to come. I did not want that Underground Championship, I wanted to prove a point, the point that the self-proclaimed King of the Underground has been lying to you all from day one.”

Again, Citizen paused, “Derecho has been telling the world for years that he is not a legend, because legends fade over time and he is forever. At Divide and Conquer, I took away the demi-god status that you try to make these people believe that you have within yourself. I made you look… human.”

“The fans love to think that we are beyond human because we do things that most normal people don’t.” Citizen paused once again; the fans were still cheering, but not as much. “I want them to see us for what we really are... Nothing more than they are; we are no different than any of them.”

This made the fans cheer again, “You’ve led the fans around by their coat tails for too long Derecho, and now they know your secret and they will forever know that it was Citizen who brought you to this point. I am not the only one who feels there is a problem with you though, Damien Lee has set into motion rules tailored to your habits. I implore Damien Lee to come to the ring now, and grant me another shot at Derecho and his Underground Championship.”

The fans continued to cheer at the sound of a rematch, “At Divide and Conquer, I was mere inches from taking the very soul from Derecho’s body. Allow me the opportunity to bring him to his knees one more time Damien and all of your troubles will be absolved.”

Citizen stood there as he expected Damien Lee to step out from the backstage area and grant him his wish or at least give some sort of response; however, Damien Lee is not someone he received.

“One Reason” by Fade

Citizen poked the lion through the proverbial bars and out walked the self-proclaimed King of the Underground... the Underground Champion himself, Derecho, with the championship draped over his shoulders and his mid-section wrapped in Ace bandages.

While Derecho held the championship with one hand, he held a microphone in the other. He brought the microphone up to his lips as the music died.

“So, am I hearing you correctly?” Derecho scowled. “You wish to challenge me to a rematch for the Underground Championship?”

The crowd in attendance cheered the thought of a rematch.

“Why?” Derecho asked before he paused then continued. “Why do you deserve another shot at my championship? As far as I’m concerned, you had your shot and you blew it. You couldn’t deny the fans what they wanted. They didn’t want to see you walk away with this championship and at Divide & Conquer, I, once again, met their every demand and ended your hopes and dreams of holding this championship. The fact that you’re out here now wanting another championship opportunity proves that something inside of you is eating away at your very soul.”

The fans booed as Derecho took another moment before he continued.

“You want to know what that something is? The inability to deliver on your promises. It’s something I am very familiar with because, you see, that’s what drove me to become what I am today and even you had to admit that ever since I stepped foot into jOlt, acquisition or not… I have made good on everything I said I would do. I said that I was the King of the Underground and here I continue to stand with my “crown” over my shoulder. I said that the fans wanted bloodshed and destruction and I have left a trail of that in my wake. I have not reneged on one thing I have stated. You, on the other hand, said you would be the next Underground Champion and that you would unseat me and now you stand there a liar… someone who can’t even keep their word and now you want another chance for what? Redemption? Self-Confidence? Reflection? Something to prove?”

Derecho gritted his teeth and with venom scolded out.

“NO! You had your chance and you don’t deserve another. Not NOW... not EVER!”

“I do not need to hear the ramblings of a wounded warrior,” Citizen spoke up once again, “you were beaten more than you would like for others to be allowed to know. It showed more than anything on iNtense, a week after our Divide and Conquer match. According to your logic, a man of your caliber could have easily defeated a man like Sylo; but had it not been for Vince Jacobs you would have not have.”

Derecho had heard enough.

“YOU DARE QUESTION ME!?” Derecho stated with harsh inflection.

“FINE! You want to insult me... you want to feel the pain and agony of defeat once again!? YOU GOT IT!”

The fans erupted that they will get to see Derecho versus Citizen once again! After their epic encounter at Divide & Conquer and the state Derecho was in, they knew a new Underground Champion could be crowned! Or would it…

“BUT!” added Derecho. “This match will take place next week on Warriors 6 and as for a championship opportunity… if... and I do mean IF you are able to beat me... then I will, perhaps, CONSIDER a rematch at Glory with you for the Underground Championship… but that’s not going to happen because next week, I’m going to prove to you that you have no place in this ring with me. I will show you that you are and always will be a FAILURE”

Derecho dropped the mic as Citizen and Derecho stared at each other from ramp to ring. Even though the distance was great, you could feel the tension between the two.

"Grand Plans"

Damien Lee “No. Yes, I know but...” Damien Lee was, understandably stressed out, he had a mountain of paper work in front of him… something he’d have to get his assistant to help out with.

Oh wait, the closest thing he had to an assistant was Rune Winter or Rune Winter’s shovel and both were only in it for the violence, not for the paperwork.


“No, the thing is though… the board is in place so that I’m not undermined, and I’d be happy if you didn’t simply decide on things pertaining to the week to week without giving me a heads up, or a word on it, at least.” Damien Lee was on the line with one, if not multiple members of the jOlt Board of Directors. He was exasperated but he also knew this was the conversation that needed to happen since intense 39’s opening.

“Okay? Yes, thank you,” and that my friends was a bit of weight of Lee’s shoulders with support of the board renewed in his mind, “Let me keep my head above the water, and I’ll continue to do better than Jim Johnson ever could for this amazing organization. I’ll stay out of the business of these superstars so that they can figure things out on their own…”

It was the kind of edict that Damien Lee had tried to follow in ALL of his years running jOlt, Jolt Wrestling and all of its other iterations through the years.

“So what’s the plan with Jacobs?” The board was asking Lee this question, they wanted to see how he was rolling with iNtense’s fallout, “Well, he’s got his rematch… and when is he going to take it? When does SVJ ever take his paydays? I’m not about to take it away from him because as spoiled as he is, he’s still excellent ratings head-to-head with Sylo.”

Lee listened to the other side of the phone before grinning and shaking his head.

“The Divide & Conquer Four? Oh don’t worry about them, I’ve got a plan for those men that will take the number one contendership… all the way to Glory, and I’ll be unveiling it on intense 40,” the pressure that Damien Lee had been under when we had arrived had all but now dissipated and we were left with a show runner who was now hopeful about the future.

“Yeah, it’s going to be… grand.”

Adam Lazarus vs. Jason Rau
Adam LazarusJason Rau
“Passive” by A Perfect Circle instantly triggered a huge amount of boos. The dim, alternating blue and red lights flickered while a blue pyrotechnic blast shot out from behind the jOltVision. Jason Rau emerged from behind the curtain with a serious demeanor. This man was all about business since he had decided to change his attitude to better suit his demands.

He walked down the aisle, taking a moment to find a “We Love the Equalizer” sign and tear it to shreds. This caused the young child to start whimpering as his father cussed Rau out. Rau entered the ring and bounced around the ring a bit, eager to destroy his next victim.

"Praise" by Sevendust.

The wait would not be a long one.

The arena was washed over in a deep red while white spotlights swirled around the stands before all of them came together at one spot in the second tier seats. There, amongst his people, stood Adam Lazarus. The fans were all singing along to his entrance music, as was customary since his days in the independent circuit.


I'm not what you... THINK! I'm the one who'll... BE! What you never thought would be nothing but now!

Laz made his way down through the crowd giving high fives and stopping every-so-often to sing along with the fans. This match was always going to be a battle of fan favorites but the reaction that Laz was getting with this entrance was the loudest of the night, so far. He hopped over the guard wall and leapt up onto the ring apron before, finally, flipping into the ring itself. He turned and walked towards the nearest turnbuckle, hopping up onto the second rope.

AFRAID TO OPEN UP YOUR EYES! And now you realize... ALWAYS YOU LIVED IN A DREAM! How would it feel if you could See past the lies Oblivious to all of my cries No hope when I knew that you could...

Laz hopped down from the turnbuckle and faced his opponent.

“Adam Lazarus is fresh off his suspension and seems a bit eager to get things underway,” Burhman pointed out.

“I don’t think Laz should have chosen to wrestle The Ringer in his first match back,” Nathan chimed in.

Burhman was confused by the nickname, “Who is The Ringer?”

Nathan pointed down at some paperwork next to his left hand. “That’s what Jason Rau is being called these days, Michael. You need to do your research beforehand.”


The match was now underway as both men circled each other. Rau had about two inches on the smaller Lazarus, but those who followed Adam Lazarus knew his unorthodox high impact style was not to be trifled with.

Rau slapped his chest before extending his hand out. Once Laz went to connect, Rau pulled away and chuckled to himself while shaking his head in amusement. Referee Simon Boulder was a few feet away, watching every move.

Rau went for a tie up as Laz quickly ducked out of reach. Rau turned around to be met with a European Uppercut that damn near knocked his teeth out. He reeled back a bit as Laz laid in several swift kicks to his side. Rau blocked his ribcage as Laz adjusted mid-kick and connected with Rau’s jaw.

Rau managed to catch another kick before it connected, laughing at Laz’s misfortune. Laz twisted his body around and nailed Rau with a Spinning Heel Kick. Laz, with a wild-eyed expression, bounced off the ropes and hit a Rolling Thunder!!

The fans were going nuts!

Quick cover by Laz.


Kickout by Rau.

Rau stood up and noticed Lazarus was already running towards the ropes. He walked over in that direction as Laz instantaneously jumped onto the middle rope and adjusted mid-flight with a Cross Body Block!!

Boulder slid in for the count.




“That was so close!” Buhrman shouted.

“Not close enough Mike”

Rau seemed frustrated as he quickly got to his feet, teeth clenched and veins engorged on his neck. Laz turned around in an attempt to bounce off the ropes again, only Rau grabbed a handful of hair with both hands and flung him backwards, his head connecting with the point of Rau’s knee.

There was an “oooh” from the crowd.

Rau picked up Laz, again with a handful of locks. He put him into a front headlock and hit him with a Snap Suplex. He held on and hit him with another! Still he held on with a solid grip and hoisted him into the air with a suplex. Rau then dropped Laz hard with a Front Facebuster!!

Blood could be seen from Laz’s nose. Boulder dropped to one knee to check on Lazarus.

Rau paid no attention to the referee and picked up Laz. He flung him into the turnbuckle with velocity. Rau ferociously charged at Laz, as he connected with a rigid clothesline in the corner. He held Laz in place, ensuring he would not fall to the mat.

Rau bent over and drilled Laz several times in the midsection with his shoulder. After five shots, Rau slapped the taste out of his mouth!!

The sound bounced off the walls of the Arena of Champions. Rau ignored the boos coming from all directions. He gave Laz a kick to the gut before picking him up. With all his might, he tossed Laz overhead with a Fallaway Slam!!

Laz’s body bounced off the mat and he just laid there, wrenching around in pain.

Rau made his way up to the top rope. Once up high, he looked around and shrugged with a smirk on his face. He flew off and hit Laz’s body headfirst with a beautiful Diving Head-butt!!

The pin.



NOPE!!! Rau pulled Laz up from the mat at the last moment, a huge smile on his face. He winked at the ref and brought Laz to his feet.

Rau clutched Laz with both of his hands, squeezing both sides of his jaw with unforgiving strength.

Rau shouted at Laz face-to-face, spit flying in Laz’s direction, “C’MON MATE!!”

With that Rau leaned back a bit and delivered a skull-cracking head-butt, which didn’t appear to faze him, but totally destroyed Laz, causing more blood to gush from his nose.

Rau under hooked Laz’s arms back, his head in between his legs. He hoisted him high into the air and spiked Laz on his head with an Aussie Driver!!

Rau with the nonchalant cover.




Brad raised the microphone to his mouth as referee Simon Boulder held Rau’s arm up. “Your winner of the match as a result of a pinfall, “The Ringer” Jason Rauuuuuuu!!”

Loud jeers could be heard in unison throughout the arena. Jason Rau did not care at all. If the fans were not going to give him the respect he deserved, then he would make the entire roster cower in fear. Tonight was now the start of the Rau Era. This man had a list of demands and he expected everyone to take them seriously. The losing streak was over. Who is this man, you say? That’s Jason Rau.

Winner: Jason Rau via Pinfall

"Reno the Relentless"

Reno Davis “You’re a dangerous man, The Nashvillain.”

Reno Davis, bright red hair against those full aqua blue eyes, looked into the camera and smiled. Just seeing the Unwanted Angel on the jOltVision brought an eruptive pop from the folks within the Arena of Champions. People loved this guy… and what wasn’t to love? Hard working, never too serious about himself and… wait, Reno was looking off camera, he didn’t seem entirely happy with his opening statement, even if the fans did.

“It was weird to say The before his name. Do I really have to? No?” The fans laughed at this back and forth with the unseen person off-screen, “Okay, I won’t.”

Reno Davis continued his stream of thought, directed towards the here today and gone tomorrow superstar, that was jOlt’s Relentless Champion. He seemed to be bristling already

“You’re a man, Nashvillain, who has held a shot to the jOlt Championship that you’ve never used, and a shot at the Underground Championship that you never fought for,” and the way that the words dripped from his mouth, you could tell that Reno Davis took that second part very personally. The crowd was very much behind the Unwanted Angel in this line of thought.

“You’re laying in wait, man. We can all see it, you literally lying in your own weight,” some applauded Reno and some laughed at the play on words, but he continued with the momentum of his words, “doing the least amount of work for the biggest imaginable pay-off… and that… pisses. Me. Off.”

Wow, Reno Davis was… visibly angry. Almost shaking through the intensity of his words.

“I’m not even a guy who gets riled up about things to easily. Whatever cards life have dealt me, I’ve been able to take them with humor… and at my lowest, at least with a well-worded suicide note,” some in the crowd gasped, but Reno seemed to laugh it off with a well-timed grin, which just as quickly drop off his face as he pointed at the camera, “But you, Villain? You’re Relentless like friction, buddy. Inevitably slowing things down before they get a chance to be something. Anything. Take everything you have…”

The Unwanted Angel motioned to the right.

“Political power, both Derecho and Superstar Vince Jacobs looking to stand beside you as fellow Champions or Champions in waiting. It must feel good, but to US its looks boring being chummy with the folks you should be chomping at the bit to defeat.”

The crowd cheered these words; they cheered Reno Davis as he moved his hands in something of an all-encompassing fashion.

“An entourage of not only men to talk for you like Gentry, but men to fight for you like the Conway Brothers. Which makes you unpredictable sure, but it also gives you every excuse to do less, and less, and less, and…”

Reno let himself trail off before he ran out of breath and fell down. Then he took a deep breath, pushing his hair away from his face and once again giving one and all a good look at his otherworldly eyes.

“Anonymity. The ability to hide behind even half a mask.” Reno threw his hands up, “Hey! I know you stand out, with or without a mask… I’m the guy who once teamed with Grendel,” the crowd couldn’t help but cheer in remembering the Unwanted Angels of jOlt: Season One, “and even in airports when he’s all cleaned up… Grendel was the easiest person I’ve ever had to find, but I bet it’s empowering, Nashvillain, being able to separate yourself from the world. Just as much as you separate yourself from the world of wrestling at large.”

Reno’s concentration and intensity broke for a moment, as he looked at from the camera and couldn’t help but shake his head.

“I’ve always had to fight the opposite, the world looking to separate itself from me… “There was a flame of recognition though, and he recognized something bigger inside of himself, “but the good thing is it’s taught me to be relentless in what I do!”

“Because then there is,” Reno finally gestured to the left with both hands, letting his right hand trail across his stomach on the way back, “Your Relentless Championship. Speaking of power… there you are, playing the field with your Freebird Rules. I know this means that I could be walking into a nasty predicament against you. Heck, I might not even be fighting YOU… but then, hey, I’m used to fighting my way to a Champion. I’m ready. I spent the entire road to Divide & Conquer, fighting my way to face Derecho… and I might not have made it all the way up the mountain, but I raised a lot of eyebrows. Enough eyebrows that, with Citizen keeping his eye on the Underground Championship… this Canadian kid who rarely speaks about himself in the third person, has allowed himself to concentrate on bigger possibilities for the first time in a long time.”

The Arena of Champions cheered at these words from Reno Davis, and you could see a glint in the eye of the Unwanted Angel as he smiled.

“See, ZaC once told me… ooo aaaa ooo eeee.” If you want a huge pop from a jOlt fanboy, bring up the greatest monkey who ever lived, “But that’s not the point, heh, where was I? That’s right, I’m home.”

Once again, a roar came from the crowd. Reno Davis, though bristling under the adulation was having the time of his life on the jOltVision.

“And while you wait Nashvillain, I’ve been doing my heroes best to build a home here. Keep the momentum. Not just be complacent and apathetic. Not just be… nothing. I’m one of the Original Eight of jOlt, the last left standing… and the fact that I’m still standing means one of two things.”

Reno Davis held up two fingers, the back of his hand facing the camera. It was a subtle message to the Nashvillain that might be missed by some, even the Tennessee resident himself, but being a New Brunswick boy from Canada, a member of the British Commonwealth… he knew exactly what he was doing with those two fingers.

“I’m lucky.” Reno let the middle finger fall, he wasn’t Greg Vincent after all, and he had some tact.

“Or I’m Relentless.” His index finger was left standing.

“More than happy to admit the first,” Reno shrugged, “I’ve had luck comes in all shades and its great when it’s good…”

The intensity came back, the fire within the former jOlt International Champion. Reno closed things out and left the Arena of Champions cheering for their homegrown hero.

“Tonight let’s confirm the SECOND, shall we? Let’s show jOlt what Relentless REALLY looks like!”

"Epic Battle"

Gregg Scott Vincent Warriors continued with Michael and Nathan at ringside along with fans who waited anxiously for the show to continue. The first hour of the show kicked ass and these fans were ecstatic as they roared for more head pounding action.

“Will you listen to these fans! They just can’t get enough. There screaming for more Nathan!” Michael shouted into his headset.

“They sure are and by the looks of things, they're about to get a whole lot more!”

The lights would start to flicker in rapid sessions. Dark, light, dark, light. The hair, on the entire jOlt Fanatics, was electrified by the opening rifts of, Warriors by Volbeat.

And suddenly...

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!!!

The drums roared at the fans.

Feel the fire, he's entering the ring...

His Mindset only knows how to win...

This Ultimate Fighter will break you in two...

you will feel all his power...

The guitar riffs would captivate every single person in The Arena of Champions.

The Ultimate Warrior...

Will now brand his name, in the back of your head, yeah...

You feel the floor again, unleashing his hell...

You will not even hear the bell...

Maybe you're strong, but you don't stand a chance...

Feel the power of a warrior! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT...

Let's get ready to rumble! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!

Gregg Scott Vincent walked relentlessly through the curtains with a microphone in his right hand and he curled the left hand into a fist. He stared into the crowd, grinning, while he walked to the ring and crawled up on the apron. He grabbed the top rope and slingshotted into the ring.

“Last week was pretty Intense, eh?” he grinned, “I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever had three different men kick my ass in the same damn night.”

“But it’s not the first time I’ve had my head rocked and I can guarantee all of you it won’t be the last time either! I am a Warrior and nothing will hold me down, NOTHING!”

Gregg walked circles in the ring and peered out into each section of the arena as he continued.

“As we all know, I’ve had a rough start here in jOlt. I let a couple of wetbacks kick my ass...” he grinned as flashbacks of Ray Chavez and Cordova ignited in his head, “What can I say, I was a little too arrogant in my first month, running around, smashing chairs into grown men’s faces. At first I enjoyed it, but I soon realized people didn’t take me seriously.”

He reached into his back pocket and retrieved a pack of cigarettes with a red lighter also inside the pack of Marlboro Blacks. He pulled out one of the twelve cigarettes left in the pack and lit it with the red lighter. It was a rare scene for the fans to witness, as not many people in the profession would pull out a cigarette and smoked on it in the ring, live on national television.

But Gregg Scott Vincent didn’t give a damn, because the nicotine in his bloodstream grew thin and another cigarette would ease the withdrawals in which he was experiencing this very moment.

GSV continued after a satisfying drag off of the cigarette.

“Divide and Conquer, Mike Extreme pulled me over the top rope and kicked my face with his fat ass foot! I went home that night and realized I had to make a change. I realized I was gonna have to put my foot down and start putting the grown men to sleep. And THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I DID LAST WEEK ON INTENSE WHEN I SENT MIKE EXTREME TO THE HOSPITAL!!!”

“Mike Extreme was taken to the hospital after Intense ended last Sunday and our doctors have banned him from tonight’s event.

The fans cheered Gregg Scott Vincent for the first time in his jOlt career. GSV enjoyed it, as he smiled and nodded his head gesturing his appreciation. The sound of their voices sparked the adrenaline, now speeding through his veins.

“So Mike won’t be joining us tonight.”

The fans quickly booed as they wanted to see Gregg Scott Vincent take on The Extreme One tonight.

“So...” Gregg grinned and inhaled on the cigarette. He wasn’t going let the fans suffer for his actions on Intense. He would put on one hell of a show for them.

“We need a replacement, eh?”

“YES!” the jOlt fans screamed in unison.

“There is one man I would enjoy pounding my fist into tonight. And that man is...”


The Arena of Champions began to tremble as the fans were in a frenzy. Some hated him, but many loved him. Whenever Rune Winters was present, you could always expect some type of head pounding action.

And it was always entertaining.


And everyone didn’t have to wait very long, as...

Blood, Milk, and Sky the miss September mix by White Zombie cued Rune Winters as he parted the curtains with a microphone in one hand and his shovel in the other. GSV stood with caution as Rune entered the ring and approached him. Gregg was well aware of Rune’s playing style and was ready for anything.

Rune put the microphone within speaking distance as the fanatics of jOlt were in a frenzy. Rune started to speak, but the crowd was overwhelming. He motioned at the fans to quiet down and once they did, he spoke.

“Gregg Scott Vincent...” Rune smirked, “How’s the head?”

In reply to Rune’s taunting question, Gregg smiled and took a step forward and looked up at the six foot ten monster of a man. Gregg wasn’t bothered by the fact that Rune Winters was a size bigger than he was; the only thing that bothered Gregg Scott Vincent, was the cheap shovel shot on Intense last Sunday, and tonight he would get even.

Gregg looked up at Rune with an incessant grin gleaming up at him.

“Don’t be a smartass Rune. We all know what happened last week, you came at me like a little bitch, and knocked my ass out with that shovel! So how about tonight, you step into the ring with me, and we FIGHT!?!

Rune dropped the shovel and curled his hand into a fist. He squeezed it with all of his might and smiled sadistically.

“You wanna go up against The Baddest Motherfucker HERE!?!” he turned to the fans and walked slow circles in the ring, “This man has some fucking balls, yeah!?!”

The fans lightly chanted “GSV...GSV...GSV!”

GSV quickly darted towards the ring post and he climbed halfway up the turnbuckle and shouted into the microphone.

“WHO WANTS TO SEE GSV and RUNE WINTERS TONIGHT!?!” Gregg inhaled on the cigarette and flicked it up against the barricade. One of the ringside attendants quickly stomped on it for safety precautions.

By this point, where in an uproar. They couldn’t handle it no more. They wanted to see some HEAD POUNDING ACTION! They quickly formed a chant, “FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!” they screamed for it.

Rune smiled at GSV in the ring, “Are you sure you wanna to go toe to toe with me son?”

Gregg stepped closer and looked up at Rune Winter and poked him in the chest with his index finger. “HELL YEAH! It would be an honor!”

Rune Winters vs. Gregg Scott Vincent
Rune WintersGregg Scott Vincent
Gregg Scott Vincent ripped off his shirt and tossed it into the raging sea of maniacs. He hopped off the turnbuckle and turned back around to face Rune with his chest bowed out, “Last Man Standing wins.”

Rune laughed as he kicked the shovel out of the ring and cracked his neck.

“Does GSV really stand a chance, Michael?” Nathan exclaimed with his eyes locked on the two warriors.

“We thought he bit off more than he could last week by calling out Mike Extreme! But look what happened! Extreme is not eligible tonight and now GSV is calling out Rune Winters...He’s looks like he’s wanting to make statement!” Michael stated.

“LOOK! Here comes head referee Mike Hunt!” Nathan pointed at head referee Mike hunt as he sprinted to the ring and slid in just as Gregg fired a flurry of jabs combined with a right hook that connected with Runes face, jarring it backwards. Rune quickly attacked with shots of his own. Gregg showed the quickness he possessed as he bobbed and weaved dodging Rune’s fist. The start of the match was intense as both men struck each other with rights and lefts.

The fans were on their feet and very much alive as they witnessed both warriors take shots to the face from each other. Rune staggered back with another slug to the face from GSV. Gregg seized the moment and crushed Rune’s ribs with some hard body shots. Rune tightened up and withstood the shots. Rune pushed GSV backwards to give him room to work, but GSV was relentless, as he went right back to the body with more hard shots.

“GSV HAS RUNE INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!” Michael roared as he stood on his toes, overwhelmed with excitement.

“Maybe this man has a little bit of fire in him after all! I never would’ve expected this from Gregg Scott Vincent! THIS IS GONNA BE ONE HELL OF A FIGHT!” Nathan stood up too and watched the action unfold in front of him.

Rune was forced into the turnbuckle with a hard elbow uppercut, immediately followed by another one. Gregg grabbed Rune with a Muay Thai clinch. This allowed Gregg to drive his knees into Rune’s face. GSV struck him several times and finished with a jumping knee to the face. Rune’s head whipped backwards as he hit the turnbuckle.

“OH MY GOODNESS! Rune looks like he might be in trouble!” Michael blurted.

GSV looked to be in control, until Rune Winters snapped his forward and connected with GSV’s head. The massive head butt sent Gregg Scott Vincent backwards and Rune followed with some hard overhand rights to the face.

“It was only a matter of time Michael. There was no way GSV was gonna dominate this match. I don’t see Gregg coming back after these shots!” Nathan told Michael and continued watching as Rune force GSV into the ropes and whipped him across the ring. Rune followed up with a shoulder thrust and GSV hit the mat so hard, it sent a loud thud throughout the arena.

“GSV IS BACK TO HIS FEET!” Michael roared.

To everyone’s surprise, GSV was quick to get back up. Rune blocked an overhand right from GSV and countered with a straight left jab to the face. Gregg stepped backwards and Rune followed up with several more jabs. As Gregg clanged to the ropes, Rune connected with a standing clothesline, and GSV went over the top rope.

“What’s Rune doing!?!” Michael questioned.

Rune quickly stepped through the ropes and was now standing on the edge of the ring. He waited for GSV to get up. As GSV stood up, Rune ran alongside the ropes, and punted Gregg’s face with a big right kick.

“DID YOU HEAR THE SOUND OF THAT KICK!?” Nathan shouted into the headset, “That was the sound of bones crushing! OUCH!”

GSV lunged into the barricade and flipped over it. Security pushed the fans away from the action as Rune leaped over the barricade forcing GSV to stand up as he saw him coming.

“How is he getting back up after that shot from Rune!?!” Michael was in awe as he witness GSV get up another time.

Gregg darted at Rune as he approached him. He speared Rune into the barricade and they both flipped over it. But the worse part about it for GSV was that Rune Winters managed to land on top of him in a full mount position. Gregg curled his arms and protected his face with his fist. Rune curled his fist and went for the knockout punch. Gregg was evasive as he dodged several blows, but Rune eventually snuck in hard blow through GSV’s guard.

“That shot done it! GSV’s nose is oozing blood now, how much longer can he go on like this!?!” Michael said.

Rune continued his onslaught of hard fist, but the unexpected happened. Gregg wiggled his leg loose and Rune was now in a half mount as GSV had his legs wrapped around Rune’s waist. Gregg’s back was arched as Rune stood on his knees as he would now pick his shots.






Gregg shook his head after the last blow and scowled as blood flowed passed his forehead. Rune swung again, but Gregg latched onto his arm with both legs and caught Rune under the jaw with a stinging kick. Rune fell back into the ring and Gregg stood up AGAIN!

“GSV is up yet AGAIN!” Michael shouted, “How does he do it!?!”

GSV stood in his stance with a mixture of blood and sweat dripping off his chin. Rune smiled and pressed GSV with more jabs. Gregg bobbed to the left and weaved under a right. He wrapped his arms around Rune from behind and spun him around into the ring post. As Rune’s head repelled off the post, Gregg sent him up and over with a German Suplex.

Rune held his hand with one hand as he was already up on his hands and knees. Gregg lay behind him with his stomach to the mat and his head up, with his eyes glaring at Rune as he quickly stood back up.

“That barely fazed Rune Winters! How on earth is GSV gonna overcome this?” Michael said.

Nathan began to chuckle, “He’s not! HAHAHA!”

GSV started to his feet, but with two big steps Rune was hovering over him and sent a boot to the face. But GSV showed amazing heart as he continued to his feet.


Gregg tried again.


As he tried yet, another time. Rune picked him up and whipped him into the steel steps. Rune darted behind him and sent his boot crashing into GSV’s face. It looked as if Gregg Scott Vincent was done for, until Rune walked over to him and reached for his neck.


Rune doubled over and held his genitals as they throbbed with pain. Gregg crawled up the apron and rolled into the ring as he gasped for air. He was winded and his face hurt like hell, but the Warrior managed to get back to his feet with the help of the ropes. Rune finally overcame the nut shot and slid into the ring. He bounced up off the mat and as soon as he Gregg Scott Vincent charged at Rune.


The flying superman punch sent Rune Winters backwards. He regained his footing, but Gregg was in his face and he sent a stiff kick to Rune’s midsection. As Rune was doubled over, Greg hooked the arm, and tried lifting him into the air but Rune overpowered GSV lifted him into the air. The momentum flipped GSV up and over Rune Winters as he somehow managed to wiggle free from Rune’s clutches. Gregg landed on his feet and jumped onto Rune’s back locking in the...

The GSV Choke!

“Oh my goodness! What the hell just happened!?” Nathan bellowed, dumbfounded by what he witnessed.

“That’s GSV’s version of a guillotine choke and I’ve heard rumors he that he could slip in a submission move within the blink of an eye! I didn’t believe it, UNTIL NOW!” Michael said as he continued watching.

Rune however, had his chin tucked low, not allowing Gregg to completely lock in the choke hold. But with much determination GSV held his ground and continued fighting until the move was locked in tight. Rune slung his shoulders as he tried to peel GSV from his back, but Gregg wrapped his legs around Rune’s waist and applied more pressure to the throat.

Rune was fading into the darkness when the fans suddenly erupted with an enormous amount of jeers. GSV cocked his head to the right and spotted The Extreme One running down the ramp.



Rune dropped to the mat and rolled out of the ring, as Extreme slid in. GSV pounced on the Extreme one with kicks to the head, but it didn’t slow down The Extreme One as he stood up and traded blows with GSV.

“These two are going at it!” Nathan announced.

“Look over there!” Michael pointed at Rune Winters outside the ring, “He has the SHOVEL!!!”

As Extreme had Gregg pinned up against the ropes, pounding him with hard rights, Rune Winters slid into the ring with a sadistic smile. He slowly walked up behind Extreme and tapped him on the shoulder. Extreme spun around...


Extreme was now taking a nap as Gregg Scott Vincent reached for the top rope and pulled himself up. As he did, Rune smashed the shovel into his face as well.


Gregg fell back into the turnbuckle with his eyes closed shut and his mouth wide open. He was out cold and Mike Hunt signaled for the bell.




“Your winner by Knockout! Rune Winters!” Brad Arnold announced to the fans.

Rune’s music hit and he jumped out of the ring and strutted up the ramp.

“Now that was a fight!” Michael said, as he looked at Nathan.

“GSV started out strong, but Rune Winters just punished him midway through the match. I’ll give it to Gregg, he is one tough guy, but there’s only ONE BMF in jOlt and that is RUNE WINTERS!” Nathan added.

“But GSV almost had it, until he spotted The Extreme One!”

“Almost doesn’t cut it in jOlt Michael, you know that.”

Michael and Nathan continued with the conversation as Warriors went elsewhere.

Winner: Rune Winters via Knockout

"Absolutely Nothing"

Heirs of Wrestling The camera panned backstage and standing by in the interview area was none other than your favorite broadcaster journalist and mine, the man known as Donny Layne. There was a certain degree of apprehension written on his face as the camera was now on him.

“Folks, thanks for joining us on this edition of Warriors and tonight, we've got a blockbuster main event where Ray Chavez and the jOlt World Champion, Sylo, join forces to take on my guests at this time, The Heirs of Wrest...”

He was cut off by a solid cough.

“Um... as I was saying before, joining forces to take on my guests at this time, the Heirs of Wr...”


Again, Donny Layne was cut off by the voice off-camera. Donny glanced over to his side and a hand reached from his left side to hand him a cue card. He looked down at it.

“You guys aren't actually going to make me say that, are you?”


Donny looked at the cue card and sighed heavily.

“The... manliest men to have ever manned and best things to have ever happened to Aria Murphy's va... Okay, I'm NOT reading this. Come on, you guys... they're the Heirs of Wrestling... ugh...”

Without missing a beat, The Heirs of Wrestling came into view, matching grins and smiles on their faces. Frank Silver led the charge with one of the jOlt Tag Team Titles over his shoulder. Behind him was Ryan Gallway, tipping his hat which had a golden feather tucked in the side just for tonight's occasion with his jOlt title around his waist. And following closely was Mack Brody who was wearing his specially-crafted championship over his neck like Flava Flav.

“Donny, thanks very much for that kind introduction and you are a credit to your broadcasting kind!” Frank patted him on the back.

Layne looked very uneasy, but he had a job to do and by golly, he was going to do it.

“Guys, you've been embroidered in quite the war with guys like High Flyer, Jonathan Conspiracy, Ray Chavez, and even the jOlt World Champion, Sylo, on jOlt's own Twitter feed. And now, because of those very remarks you've directed at the champion on both Twitter and the last edition of iNtense, you step into the main event for the very first time against Sylo and his hand-picked partner, Ray Chavez. And on top of all that, if one of you gets the fall, you'll be given a future title match against Sylo. Your thoughts?”

Frank glanced over at Mack, who was still wearing his title belt over his neck, then down to Ryan.

“Ry-no, you want to field this question?” Frank said.

Ryan nodded and whipped out a harmonica to play a quick tune.

“Hmmmmm.... Layne Bryant, you may want to fasten those stretch pants you're rocking and listen to this...” And then, in a very beautiful Alto note: “BIIIIITTTTCCCCHHHHHHESSSSSS!”

Frank and Mack clapped as Ryan took a bow, tipping his cowboy hat to the viewing audience.

“Thank you, thank you!”

Frank nodded. “But seriously, we do have some things to say about our jOlt Tag Team Title match in our RIGHTFUL main event opportunity. Not only do we get the chance to show just what The Heirs of Wrestling are all about, being the future of this business, we get a title shot for KEEPING our belts! That's like Christmas, our birthdays, and having sex with Scarlett Johansson all at one time!”

“It's a very big opportunity for you guys to step out of the tag team scene, but you guys also have to understand that Sylo and Ray Chavez are a very tall order! And after some of the things that Chavez and Sylo especially have been saying about the three of you, you've got to be wondering what it will take to keep those titles after tonight.”

From the slightly angry stare on the face of Frank Silver, it appeared there was something in that last statement that did not sit well with him. Donny was prepared to flinch when Frank patted him on the back.

“Oh, Donny, you silly person,” Silver chided. “We're very well aware that Sylo or whoever his ghostwriter was had plenty of things to say about our credibility, our titles, our place in this company and everything in between. And you want to know what we have to say about that?”

Ryan raised a hand in that annoying “OOOH OOOH PICK ME” manner, so Frank gave him his time.

“Layne,” Gallway asked, “did you know that the Truman Doctrine was an American policy in 1947 that was designed to provide economic and military aid to Turkey and Greece because those countries were being threatened by communism?”

There was dead silence for a few moments between everybody until Donny couldn't take it anymore.

“Can I ask what that has to do with your match?”

Mack Brody took the microphone and moved it closer to him.


Frank brought Donny's arm with the mic back to him.

“Exactly that. Chavez, Keith Kane, Sylo or whoever he has ghostwriting for him on Twitter... can say whatever he wants. He can have whatever Johnny Cash lyric play, strut his big blue ass on down to the ring and punch everybody out. It means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! He can go on a complete Chernobyl roid rage meltdown, leap out into the crowd and swing his fists like a retarded gorilla, screaming this, that, and the other thing, but his empty threats are just that. They mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Guys like him, Ray “Z-List” Chavez, and Team LIMPDICK – all caps, by the way -- can Tweet things and hold people down with their mediocre talent while they get all the opportunities in the world handed to them. But at the end of the day, Chavez, you're going back to whatever crappy low-budget movie helps you make a few bucks at night because you don't belong in our ring. High Flyer and company couldn't touch our **** unless they cleaned our toilets. And Sylo, you can try and intimidate us with whatever Man In Black quotes you want. But after tonight, there's only one quote that you need to remember:”

Ryan took over for the last part.

“We're the Heirs of Wrestling... and we are your better!”

And on that very note, The Heirs of Wrestling took off from the interview area saying everything that a bunch of ungrateful and whiny punk-asses can say.

The Nashvillain vs. Reno Davis
The NashvillainReno Davis
North versus South, in the most uncivil of terms was a battle that was as old as dirt. Hell, it wasn’t even a concept that was special to the United States of America, not that you want to tell that to The Nashvillain… but men like Reno Davis?

“Socialist, dope smoking, smog sucking, two-bit backward ass, sacrilegious fairies,” could be heard grunting even further within the backstage area and all Reno Davis could do was smile.

Smile and forget about G.G. Gentry, the Real Mouth of the South. Forget about the West Texas Terrorists, who were at the very least only at half strength because of JCON’s earlier Underground battle with Ezra Conway. Forget even about The Nashvillain for a moment… and his close-minded hate for all things in the north. Yes, even Canadians.

Forget about them to enjoy…

"I Don't Care" by Antidote.

The jOlt faithful roared, as one of the Original Eight walked out from the back and took it all in. Yeah, he enjoyed this. How could you not? How could you not… care? Reno liked to play cool, but sh*t, sometimes he was bad at it. Davis collected himself though, and fast, running down to the ring and high-fiving his adoring fans along the way.

“The challenger, hailing from Moncton, New Brunswick, coming in at five-feet and six-inches tall, weighing in at one-hundred and sixty-six pounds, he’s a former jOlt INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION, the Unwanted Angel, the Only Original Left Standing, he is RENO DAVIS!”

The crowd’s delight was cut short.

Stomp.Clap. Stomp.Clap. Stomp. Clap.

Cue up “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash.


Yeah, they all knew who was coming out.

“Aaaand now, his opponent, hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, coming in at six-feet and two-inches tall, weighing in at two-hundred and ninety-one pounds, he’s the current RELENTLESS CHAMPION, the Masked Mangler of the Mason-Dixon, God’s Own Calloused Right Hand, he is THE NASHVILLAIN!”


If you didn’t notice, nobody liked him.

Eli Conway of the West Texas Terrorists were first out, followed by a cane-wielding G.G. Gentry, and then joined by the powerful and conniving Nashvillain, the Relentless Championship secured around his gut. While Nash looked around at the crowd with a sneer, Gentry yelled his usual pro-Nash babble and Eli had already slid into the ring, immediately cornering Reno Davis, but not making any further advance. Nash and Gentry also joined them in the ring - G.G., hiding behind Eli, had a lot to say to Reno.

Meanwhile, Nash handed over the Relentless Championship to Referee Ian Nyugen. Nyugen ordered the Eli, and Gentry from the ring and then summoned Reno and Nash to center ring. After going through the match instructions, Nyugen hoisted the belt into the air to a huge crowd pop! Nyugen passed the titles off to a ring assistant, and called for the bell!


Just the two men standing there, face-to-face, made the uphill battle that Reno was set to face… very… very… clear. Giving up half a foot and more then a hundred pounds… one wrong step and, there was a sense in the crowd, that the Nashvillain could crush Reno.

Which suited Reno just fine.

Ducking under a swiping, gargantuan forearm, the Unwanted Angel brought his right heel crashing down into the outside of The Nashvillain’s under-fire knee with a crescent kick, swiftly followed by a spinning backheel kick. As God’s Calloused Right Hand staggered back, Davis flung himself into a forward roll, pumping both feet out to blast the Relentless Champion’s kneecap.

With both colossal hands smothering the wounded left knee, The Nashvillain dropped down onto his right, as Gentry lambasted the referee from the outside for allowing this wanton flppery to continue. Seeing a chance to obliterate the limb, Davis sprung up, ready to thrust both feet down with a double-stomp that would threaten to drive The Nashvillain’s kneecap down through his foot…

…only for a hand to clamp around Reno’s neck.

The Nashvillain grimaced as he rose back to his feet and thrust a throttled Reno a full arm’s reach into the air… before hobbling to the ropes to gasps from the crowd. The Nashvillain was stalling the Southern Rebel Driver so he could throw Reno Davis to the outside with it!


Before plummeting to the padded concrete floors at ringside, Davis threw knees in the big man’s face to throw him off balance and then arm dragged him out of the ring instead, using the momentum of the Southern Rebel Driver to send the massive Champion sprawling to the outside to a massive roar from the crowd.

The Unwanted Angel wasn’t taking anything for granted tonight. He knew if he was going to beat The Nashvillain and the Relentless title for his own, he was going to have to pull out all the stops. It was the nature of the match, you only got one chance. One pinfall. If it failed, you lost. So you had to be absolutely sure that it was going to work before you attempted it.

The Nashvillain, swearing up a storm, started to get to his feet but before he rose up any higher than a kneel, Reno charged at him and kicked him straight in the face! The Masked Mangler of the Mason Dixon tumbled backwards and slammed his back into the ring steps. He rolled over onto his side, holding his back, as Reno advanced on him.

Heaving him up by the mask, Reno held his head in place for some hard knees to the face! The Great Red Northerner connected with five such knees before slamming Nashvillain’s head into the ring apron. The Fighting Savior of All Things Southern stumbled backwards holding his face as Reno climbed up onto the apron and then into the ring.

Reno ascended the turnbuckles as Nash was shaking off the completely unexpected furious attacks that made the crown ROAR, but before he could get too comfortable, the Red and White Ring Monkey leapt off the top and brought a double axe-handle down across Nash’s head!

Only he didn’t.

The Relentless Champion got his arms up to catch Reno by the wrist, blocking the strike. He quickly wrapped his arms around Davis and flung him over his head with a release belly to belly suplex!!


Davis bounced off the protective mats and rolled all the way against the ring barrier with a thud, in case you forgot about the size advantage that’s to Reno’s early flurry of attacks, as Nashvillain lay on the ground, too, selling the damage Reno had already inflicted upon him. The referee checked on both men, while also keeping G.G. Gentry and the Conway brother away from the challenger. Nash, though, managed to actually get to his feet first and gathered up the Unwanted Angel, but as he was bringing Reno to his feet, the former holder of the International title used a drop toe hold to smack Nash’s big head into the guardrail! Reno pulled Nashvillain back onto his feet by the back of his spandex and popped him in the back of his masked skull with a hard elbow smash!

Reno kicked Nashvillain hard in the kidneys with a roundhouse kick. Nash put both hands down on the railing before Reno hooked him in a double chicken wing then spun so that his back was to Nash, who was now bent over, as if Reno was somehow going for a tomikaze. The Calloused Right Hand of God, however, wasn’t having any of that nonsense and pushed Reno forward towards the ring.

Davis slid right in and got right back up onto his feet. He raced across the ring as Nash was shaking the cobwebs free. Reno was charging back towards him, so the N.V. slid into the ring, just as the Unwanted Angel was sliding back out with a baseball slide. Reno put on the brakes outside and jumped right back up onto the apron, only to have a shoulder slammed into his midsection, knocking him right off the apron and to the floor.

“You think I’m soft you little shitbird?! You have sorely underestimated a Southern gentleman and that’s just something you do NOT do!” The Nashvillain growled, making sure to snarl at the referee too. This gave Eli Conway enough time to put the boots to Reno Davis before tossing him into the ring and holding his hands up as if he hadn’t touched the No Funswick Kid. Nash gathered up the Reno Man, as the crowd jeered with epic aplomb and whipped him hard into the corner.

Nashvillain jerked Davis towards him and KNOCKED HIS HEAD OFF with a massive LARIAT, turning Reno inside-out! Nash stood over Reno, wondering if he should go for the pinfall. The fans were screaming for him to stay away from Reno, but then a sadistic smile crept over the Southern Ungentleman. N.V. definitely didn’t want to finish things before he made an example of Reno more than he had an example of anyone else… since before JCON.

So the Nashvillain gathered up Reno and pushed him back into the corner. He wasn’t going to pin the Unwanted Angel until he was 100% sure he was going to stay down and stay out of jOlt for at least six to eight weeks, so that meant a lot more punishment. Which suited Nash just fine. The Southern Rebel rammed his massive shoulder repeatedly into Reno’s stomach before whipping him across the ring and into the opposite corner.

Nashvillain raced across the ring and hit a big splash on Reno! Nash bounced off Reno and stood in front of him as the Unwanted Angel stumbled out of the corner right into a midsection kick from the Relentless Champion. The Champion lifted his challenger up onto his shoulders.



Reno attempted to counter with a hurricarana, but Nash blocked it and tried to lift Davis back up onto his shoulders. He was having difficulty and walked closer to the ropes because of the earlier done to his knee, finally, he managed to get Reno back up, but the resident of New Brunswick was able to counter once more with the hurricanrana, holding onto the ropes as he dumped Nash over the top rope and to the floor. G.G. Gentry rushed to help his most trusted client and friend.

With a slight limp and his entire body throbbing in pain from the Nashvillain’s assault, Reno took off to the other side of the ring, gaining momentum. Once back to the side Nash was on, Reno Davis dove through the ropes, looking to blast the Nashvillain with a suicide dive elbow smash.


The Callused Right Hand of God had ducked and Reno hit Gentry instead! Slowly, Reno pulled himself up using the nearby railing, took only a second-long glance at the fans before he caught both the Nashvillain and the fans by surprise with a running knee to the side of the head! God D*MN was the Unwanted Angel ever running on fumes! And Gentry was more or less knocked COLD!

Yes, even Eli Conway was beside himself.

Reno gathered up the Nashvillain and chucked him into the ring steps, knocking the top half off it a loud crash. Behind them, Gentry remained on the ground, holding his face in pain, as Reno ignored the Real Mouth of the South’s anguish. Instead, he sent kick after kick after kick into the chest of the Nashvillain as he leaned against the remaining piece of the ring steps.

Once done with the kicking, Davis pulled Nash to his feet and rolled him back into the ring. He pulled himself up onto the apron as he waited for the Relentless Champion to rise. Once he had, Reno spring boarded in with a clothesline.


The Masked Mauler from Most Certainly Not Motherfuckin’ Memphis countered with a hellacious spinebuster that would make Arn proud, knocking the sails right out of the fan favorite. Reno’s head even clipped the disjointed top of the steel steps with a sickening thud that immediately caused blood to flow. Both men were down then, as the chant started back up.

“LET’S GO RENO!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“LET’S GO RENO!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap
“LET’S GO RENO!” Clap Clap ClapClapClap

It was much longer than a ten count, probably closer to twenty, before either man started to stir. It was the Nashvillain first, and he pulled himself up using the ropes in the corner. Buhrman couldn’t help but comment, during his play-by-play that no one had really ever taken the Southern Scumbag to the limit like this before. Reno slowly, very slowly, got up to his feet and stumbled once he had. He had to grab the ropes to steady himself. Reno was in worse shape, it might be just a matter of time.

Reno was loopy, blood pouring into his thankfully already red hair, but he could see the Nashvillain wasn’t clean on his feet either so Reno rushed toward Nash and clipped him in the knee that he had attacked earlier, gaining his feet again so that he had run off the ropes and then come back towards Nash and hit the bigger man with a Tornado DDT! That wasn’t all though. Reno climbed the rope ad before you knew it…




The knee strike drove right into Nash’s chest with the full momentum of the Double Backflip Moonsault! The crowd was beside itself. It was also beside Reno Davis. Reno lay beside the Nashvillain for a moment, his body still feeling the effects of Nash’s recent attacks. This was the match of the Unwanted Angel’s lifetime, however. He sat up and looked at the unconscious body of the Terrorist from Tennessee.

From his position he could also see the Relentless Championship shining at the time keeper’s table. He looked at it, then at Nash, then closed his eyes. What was he going to do? Attempt the pin and have the Nashvillain kick out? He might lose his mind if that happened. It’s the very first time he’d hit the Upbeat Tempo in jOlt in… how many years? Shoot, and if it didn’t work? Holy crap, ya know?

But, hey, you never know if you don’t try, do you?






Ding? Ding? Ding?



So, Reno Davis loses, yes? Well, yes, BUT, on his kick out, with his hand closed in a fist, the Nashvillain jerked his arm up off the canvas and ACCIDENTLY punched the referee in the face! The young official was out cold moments before Eli had grabbed him.

In a game of mili-seconds, Reno was left wondering what he had been left with.

In disbelief, the Unwanted Angel stared down at the Nashvillain then at the referee. A scowl appeared across his face as Davis rolled out of the ring and grabbed a chair. Reno slid it back into the ring and held it up, waiting for the Nashvillain to stand. Reno spun the chair in his hand, waiting... waiting. waiting...

The fans were screaming at Reno not to do it. On the outside, Gentry was still out cold, but Eli Conway had just realized that he HADN’T meant to knock out the ref but that now he DIDN’T want his leader to get his block knocked off either. Reno had lost, once the referee recovered he would call for the bell and even if he pinned the Nashvillain now, it wouldn’t matter. Nash was already the winner. Kicking out of Reno’s biggest move he could conceivably throw at the SOB.

“Everything… you have EVERYTHING!”

Reno took a deep breath the blood caked on the side of his face, as the Nashvillain got up onto his feet, his eyes glassed over. Reno tapped the chair on the mat before taking two steps forward, pulling the chair back behind him like it was the bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, two outs, in Game 7 of the World Series.

He didn’t swing though. Instead, he just dropped the chair.

“Which is why if I want any of what you have… I’ll never get it on your terms. I’ll only get it on mine.”

Part of those terms though Reno? Freebird Rules. Which meant Eli Conway was right behind him. And with the referee still out and G.G. Gentry stirring more than the official, that was bad news for the Unwanted Angel.


Which is to say jOlt needed to pay their power bill evidently because as the arena plunged into darkness, flashes and screams came from the crowd. When the lights came back on?


Grendel was in the ring! The crowd roared with cheers… Sweet Jesus, the biggest monster in jOlt this side of the jOlt Champion for some reason had a vested interest in this match. Something he made abundantly clear when he PICKED UP the massive frame of Eli Conway with an Oklahoma Slam, but instead of slamming him into a corner… he TOSSED the West Texas Terrorist from the ring.

The Nashvillain was quick to grab Reno Davis in a massive bear hug, while both men where otherwise frozen in shock, watching this all unfold. Lest we forget, Grendel and Reno Davis were former tag team partners. Hell, the two fought together in the main event of iNtense 16! Nash was a student, as much as he was a sadist and squeezed in on Reno’s chest as Grendel turned to face the two men and growled.

“Heeeey big guy—eeerh—long time, no taaal—ow.” Reno grunted towards Grendel.

“Git--git that hound dog outta the ring, boy.” The Nashvillain stammered.

“What, you don’t like a fair fight?” Reno coughed, “Grendel, thanks… but I got this.”

Reno shot his head back and headbutted The Nashvillain in the nose, not once but twice, causing the blood in his hair to splash back as well, against Nash’s mask. Grendel slipped out of the ring, even taken a moment to heave in the missing referee as he shuffled his ramshackle monstrous frame to the back. Still however, The Nashvillain barely loosened his grip. So Reno didn’t feel sorry about balling a fist and decking Nash in the nuts. See, it pays to be shorter.

The Nashvillain stumbled back, so Reno Davis was quick to take advantage of the opening and the level playing field. No Gentry? No Conways? No problem. Front flip.


The Nashvillain teetered and BOOM! He hit the mat with a thud as the crowd roared. Reno recovered as quickly as his body would allow him. He would be making the Nashvillain pay for not pinning him whenever he had the chance… for wanting to inflict pain not only on him, but on everyone else.

Damn you, Nashvillain for what you’ve done to jOlt, thought Reno Davis.

No more holding the Relentless Championship hostage.

The Unwanted Angel wanted only one thing.

He pulled himself to the top rope… One. More. Time. Then breathed. The crowd roared… then they held their breath.


Again, but this time Reno hit it flush, no knees just two full rotations on the moonsault and pure connection. The roof came off the fuckin’ place, the Arena of Champions was beside itself. The kid from Moncton, New Brunswick strained to hook both legs. But wait, the referee hadn’t started counting yet!

It took a lot of strength from Ian Nyugen, but there he was. Bless his soul.




Reno Davis was the NEW Relentless Champion. Warriors had seen its first title change. Reno the Relentless had lived up to every word he had said earlier that night, and as he rolled off of The Nashvillain.

Nash was a southern hero, but he had been felled not by a hero from the north but a HERO and a WARRIOR of jOlt. Reno Davis held his head in his hand as he rolled to his knees and Nyugen began to bring the Relentless Championship towards him. This was possible?

Reno Davis, Relentless Championship. This was possible?


This, simply, was. Enjoy.

“Reno Davis, tech347, you’ve come a long way back from that technical support center.” Davis said to himself with a chuckle, as he took the bright silver of the Relentless Championship in his hand. Eli Conway reached in to help The Nashvillain out of the ring. The big man wasn’t happy in the least. That was HIS title, his… identity. Hell, what did Reno think he was going to do with it.

Reno had his answer for him, and for the rest of the jOlt faithful as he took the Relentless Championship in his grasp and ran towards the ropes, blood still flowing from the side of his head because his heart was beating so damn fast.

Winner: Reno Davis via Pinfall

"From One Original To Another"

Chris Titan Reno was spent.

Look "spent" up in the dictionary and you’d find too things, an exchange of goods and services and Reno Davis. Still, he couldn’t be happier. I mean, hell, after that FIGHT with The Nashvillain? A professional wrestling lifer like Reno, couldn’t be happier… win, lose, or draw… it was the fight.

Lucky for him, he won.

Reno Davis grinned to himself, as a medic stitched up the side of his head in the backstage area. Any lasting pain or that slight concussion that Reno might be feeling didn’t quite matter because he had the Relentless Championship beside him to keep him company. I mean, it wasn’t ZaC the Monkey… but at least the Relentless Championship wouldn’t be flinging little bits of poop at him on occasion.

Least, Reno hoped so. Which only meant on thing… the concussion was doing its job. Reno Davis thought of this and laughed to himself.

“What’s so gaddamn f*ckin’ funny?” Growled a man’s voice, as a shadow shifted over the slightly loopy body of the Unwanted Angel.

“And you are…” Reno Davis grunted, before he squinted through the overhead lighting of the hallway to see the supposed leader of a gang of jOlt Originals, as far as Divide & Conquer was concerned, “… Chris Titan.”

“I got something to talk to you about, Reno,” growled the massively scarred, and imposing figure that was Titan. He reached a massive arm over and stiff armed the medic away, even though he was currently in the middle of stitching up the Relentless Champion’s head. “ALONE!”

“OW! Excuse me, that guy was making sure one of the more useless holes on my head stayed closed, thank you!” Reno was in obvious pain, and naturally not taking kindly to Titan imposing his will on the post-match medical proceedings.

“Then shut the most useless hole on your head, before I start making more of them.” Titan growled in response, “From what I’ve been hearing from you lately, you’re making yourself out to be the Only Original in jOlt.”

Reno Davis may have been preparing and then recuperating from the Divide & Conquer Match, but he knew what Titan had been up to and the kind of following he’d amassed, “Sure, of the Original Eight…”

Titan tensed, causing Reno to ready himself as well for an oncoming attack.

“Well that stops now, cause see, me and my people… “ Titan cocked his head and sneered, “We’ve carried jOlt on our BACK since the beginning are making a stand for all the originals. And you’re either with us, or…”

“Against you?” Reno Davis sighed.



Reno Davis wasn’t about to be bullied into any of this, I mean hell he was the new Relentless Champion, so save from blinking… he didn’t move a muscle, holding his ground against Titan.

Eventually, in the tense silence, Titan eased.

“Normally we’d make men like you prove yourselves to us,” Titan growled, “To make sure you have what it takes… but you being part of the Original Eight, it’s symbolic… you holding that Relentless Championship…”

Reno looked down at the silver beside him, and slid it closer to his side as Titan continued, “Is very… useful. It does hold some weight, boy.”

“What makes you think I’d want to join you?” Reno Davis sneered in return.

“Safety. Respect for your position in this company…” Titan spat back at Reno

“Oh like, Total Conquest and their winning streak,” Reno rolled his eyes in the face of his massive adversary, “Or Bane Loneheart and his winning streak? I’m doing alright, by myself, thanks.”

“Are you now?” Titan growled, in response as his hand shot over and pressed against the wound on the side of Reno’s head, “Or are things going to get messy for an Original like you, because it’s Only you. We’re taking jOlt BACK, every single Original as an army… this is only the beginning.”

Titan released the side of Reno’s head from his massive hand, and simply walked away from the Unwanted Angel. Reno sat for a moment, tried for a moment to collect his thoughts to collect his thoughts through the returning throbbing pain. The medical personal came back onto the screen, now not only continuing his work but seeing if Titan had caused any further damage.

“Only me? Tell that to Grendel.” Reno muttered, finally. Even he had been shocked to see his former tag team partner have his back, and even the odds in his match. Grendel so far in his return to jOlt had been predictable in the sense that he was had been an unstoppable monster… but Reno had always known the humanity within the beast.

Or at least, at one time he did. Now he was reminded of the beast that was Chris Titan, and what Reno was witness to today wasn’t humanity but a monster looking for opportunity.

Heirs of Wrestling vs. Sylo & Ray Chavez
Heirs of WrestlingSyloRay Chavez
It was all said and done. The time for talking (or in this case, Twitter-bombing on a MASSIVE scale) was over. The Heirs of Wrestling may have stuck their collective feet so far deep in the grave they were saying “what's up?” to Ernest Borgnine and Andy Griffith. (too soon?) The Heirs of Wrestling took to both the last edition of iNtense and to the jOlt Twitter feed getting into wars of words with Sylo, Ray Chavez, and JCON, among others. Sylo was allowed to pick a partner and had chosen the very capable and talented Ray Chavez. Now, for the very first time since winning the belts at Divide and Conquer, The Heirs were set to defend their championships against a former Relentless Champion on a hot streak and a big, blue, harbinger of destruction/jOlt World Champion who also just happened to be in a foul fucking mood.

Ring announcer Brad Arnold was about ready to start off this match as the graphic appeared on the screen letting the fans know what was on the line.

“The following tag team contest is YOUR Warriors Main Event of the evening! It is scheduled for one fall and it is for the jOlt Tag Team Championships!”

The fans popped major at the announcement. The Heirs of Wrestling were a collective threat of Frank Silver, Ryan Gallway, and Mack Brody posing a threat to anybody. But if anybody knew about being a threat, it was the jOlt Champion.

A hush fell over the crowd.

The whisper of ’Equalizer’ signaled the entrance of a fan favorite that was slowly climbing up the ranks in the company. He had put everything he had into the match at Divide and Conquer, ultimately getting eliminated by the current Relentless champion, The Nashvillain.

“Sacrifice” (EQ Mix) by Atom Smash blared over the PA as the fans went crazy.

An assortment of Equalizer signs could be seen in certain areas. Ray made his way out onto the entrance ramp where he paused, closely followed by Keith, who placed his hands on his hips and smiled as wide as he could. Ray gazed out into the massive crowd that was cheering him on, his mask reflecting the blue strobe light. Ray briefly nodded in approval for his reaction, then headed down to the ring as several fans reached out in his direction. The former A-lister had fallen on hard times, but one would never guess that due to how well he'd been performing in the ring. Chavez wanted some gold and to make the Heirs pay for their lack of respect. If he could kill two birds with one stone, why not?

“I’m sure Ray is still upset with the fact that Jason Rau attacked him on Intense!” exclaimed Nathan.

“That may very well be, but Ray has remained silent on the topic, even after hearing Rau’s explanation earlier. Something tells me we haven’t seen the end of these two.”


Johnny Cash would follow.

“And I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder.
One of the four beasts sang come and see and I saw
. And behold! A white horse. And his name that sat on him...
Was death.
And hell...followed with him. ”

“Miracle (Pale horse remix)” - Nonpoint.

A blinding white explosion, a symbol of mass destruction that had become synonymous with The Perfect Predator, The SuperBeast, Sylo, rocked the entire Arena of Champions to its base. Through the blast and smoke stepped the 7’1”, 335 lb, and FIRST jOlt Champion since its resurrection as well as the LAST Legacy Champion. The man that had been dubbed jOlt’s reckoning wore the Legacy Championship around his waist and held the jOlt title over his shoulder with just as much respect as he scanned the arena. Sylo moved to the right of the stage, shouting something almost inaudible, that only increased the volume. He repeated this motion to the other side and the Arena of Champions was beginning to burst at the seams. Finally, The Harbinger of Destruction, moved to the dead center of the stage, crouching down, studying, strategizing, before jumping to his feet. Sylo made his way to the ring and leapt up on the apron before entering.

He and Chavez shook hands before they turned their attention to the ramp where their opponents would start.


“Forever (Travis Barker Remix)” by Drake.

And the fans started to JEER for the appearance of the jOlt Tag Team Champions making their way out. Frank Silver was first, wearing his blue and white HoW tights and scanning the jeering crowd. Behind him, the smaller but very capable Ryan Gallway joined him to yell and talk some shit to the fans. And behind them with a specially crafted THIRD jOlt Tag Team Championship, the third part of the Heirs, Mack Brody was out behind them. Cocky. Pompous. Arrogant. Total stupid douchebags. They were all of the above. But one more thing to add to that. When it came to this whole tag teaming thing, they were dangerous.

The classic combination of Silver and Gallway looked set to defend their championships tonight, showing a look of determination on their faces wanting to prove themselves in the upper echelon of jOlt. They each climbed into the ring and took a turnbuckle raising their jOlt Tag Team Championships which they had won under dubious circumstances in the first place. And Mack Brody was in the middle of the ring, flexing his amazing physique while raising his third title over his head.

“Assholes,” Chavez shook his head. He was ready to smack somebody around all right. And after how the last edition of iNtense ended, Sylo was more than ready to take out frustrations on some stupid-ass kids.

The Referee, Mike Hunt, raised the jOlt Tag Team Championships over his head to show the fired up crowd what was on the line. Tonight, the Heirs may have stepped in it deep, but they were a cunning group that could not be overlooked.


Ray Chavez and Sylo discussed strategy while Frank Silver was set to wrestle first. Ryan Gallway was on the ring apron looking on carefully while Mack Brody was on the outside being a looming and intimidating presence. Silver was going up against Chavez and The Equalizer was ready to start things off. Keith Kane was watching from Chavez's corner as Ray prepared to lock up...


Frank slapped the exposed side of Chavez's face as he laughed at the shot he delivered.

“Not gonna happen, Phantom of the Opera!” Silver shouted in his face. Yeah... not smart.

SLAP x2!

Chavez fired one right back! The fans cheered on the Equalizer as he approached Frank, but the angry Silver delivered a hard knee into his gut and doubled him over with a series of some stiff right hands. The Sovereign Superman led Ray into the corner and smashed his face into the turnbuckle before tossing in some shoulder blocks for funzies.

The Equalizer blocked one of the shots and the fans cheered him on as he turned the tide to deliver some STINGING Knife-Edge Chops to the chest of Frank before whipping the Baron of Ballistics across the ring. He bounced off the corner and came back into a big Back Body Drop from the challenger!

Frank was all sorts of frazzled when Ray picked him up by the hair and tossed a couple more chops into the chest before he whipped him across the ring again, sending him to the corner and when he came back he was tossed quickly into an Overhead Belly to Belly! Chavez wasted no time in going for the cover.


Silver kicked out while Ryan Gallway and Mack Brody watched on. Chavez was on fire now and picked him up to deliver a few knees to the face before he turned Silver around and dropped him back on the mat with a Snap Suplex. Frank was down when Ray made the tag over to none other than jOlt's World Heavyweight Champion, Sylo!

The fans roared in approval for The Superbeast now getting the chance to exert his dominance. Frank quickly went on the attack and popped Sylo across the face with a big right hand. He fired off about two or three more and ran off the ropes, but the champion wasn't gonna have any of that shit and straight goozled Frank only to toss him into the corner.

“Tweet this...” Sylo muttered under his breath.


Sylo CHOPPED the hell out of Silver's chest in the corner with a big meat hook of his own. Chavez watched Sylo continue to wail on The Knight of Thursday Nights with another brutal chop. He delivered a barrage of hard back elbows next and continued to throw bombs until the referee gave him the order to back off with a five-count.

The Superbeast backed off at four and made sure not to get disqualified. Then he turned around to Silver...


He rammed his big boot into the throat of the de facto Heirs leader and tried his best to take the air from his lungs. He only had four seconds to do it, but it was a very sweet four seconds in which Frank could not talk so to The Destroyer, it was all good in the hood. He grabbed the battered Frank by the back of the neck and tossed him HARD with an Inverted Chokeslam Facebuster into the turnbuckle and when Silver bounced back he landed right into the clutches of a big Back Suplex that nearly shook the ring! Sylo crawled over with the cover.


To his credit, Sylo didn't expect Frank Silver to kick out, but he did anyway. Sylo picked Frank up by his hair and led him back to his feet to make the tag over to Ray Chavez. The Equalizer headed to the second rope and came flying with a Tomahawk Chop that caught Frank right between the eyes!

The shot may have scrambled Frank's brains as he went staggering across the ring in a daze while Ray went after him. Ray almost caught him, but Silver popped off a quick Jawbreaker. He rolled over and tagged in Ryan Gallway, in for the first time... and he ate a boot to the face from Ray!

The Equalizer picked him up and scoop slammed him before running off the ropes to follow that up with a big Jupming Elbow Drop to the chest! Ray stood back up and with the encouragement of the fans it looked like he was heading up top to try and land some big blow. He was at the second rope when Mack Brody started climbing the apron. Ray yelled at the big man while the referee did the same, ordering one-third of the tag team champions to get the hell out of there. Mack waved his hands defensively and the big man got off while Ray was standing on the second turnbuckle...


That was all that the Prince of Precision needed to grab Ray by the head and snap him neck first across the top cable, sending him spilling all the way out to the floor! Sylo was fuming in his corner at the trickery from the jOlt Tag Team Champions, but they got the job done and looked to have the upper hand finally. Ryan Gallway headed to the floor and used all his strength to get Chavez back into the ring. Keith Kane was on the outside shaking his head at the interference as well, but had to give the Heirs credit where credit was due... he was the type of guy to encourage that type of behavior at one point.

Gallway hopped back in the ring on the second rope while Chavez was starting to stir. The Prince of Precision waited...


His flying double knee attack connected with the back of Ray's head, driving him face-first into the canvas! Now that the Heirs had the chance to pick it back up, Ryan turned Chavez over and hooked both legs.


Chavez kicked out and here was where the Heirs of Wrestling were at their most dangerous – having the advantage. Gallway stomped away at the former LoC Relentless Champion a few times before making the tag over to Frank Silver. Both men whipped him off the ropes and snapped him over with a Snapmare before delivering HARD Shoot Kicks simultaneously, one to the back and one to the face. The Equalizer was down and out for the moment while Silver stood over him, holding out his stupid royal pinky. The fans knew what move was coming up next as he took off towards the ropes...


Right to the heart of Chavez now, Frank dropped the elbow and the 6'3” 255-pound Seattle native stood up and faced Sylo.

“Come no, Sylo, tag your buddy!” Chavez tried to crawl over to the corner, but a boot from Silver to the small of his back stopped him. “Tag your buddy, Sylo! Oh, so close, Ray!” He grabbed Ray by the leg and dragged him back to the corner before stomping him in the chest several more times before picking him back up. With a big Back Suplex he dumped Chavez on the mat and stood up to make the tag to Gallway. Using his tag team partner as a weapon, Frank suplexed Ryan over the ropes and had him land right across the chest of Ray with a beautiful Senton! Gallway took a mock bow and cackled like a little bastard before going into the lateral press.


Chavez got the shoulder up again. He'd been around the block for a while now and dished out as much punishment as he had taken it. He wasn't going to give in that easily. Gallway tried for some other big move, but Chavez fought his way out with a few shots to Gallway's gut. The fans cheered now for Chavez as he did his best to reach the jOlt World Champion, but Gallway stopped him with a double stomp to the back!

“NO FUCKING WAY, YOU BITCH!” Gallway peppered him with some vicious kicks. Gallway tried getting back to his feet but a Running Dropkick to the chest from The Prince of Precision sent him flying back into the corner of the Heirs of Wrestling once again!

“Come on, Ray! Show these mental limp-dicked midgets who's boss!” Kane yelled from the outside. He himself was uneasy of this alliance with Sylo even tonight, but when titles were on the line, so was money involved.

The Prince of Precision tagged in Frank Silver and they went for another double-team, this time Frank whipped Gallway into a Corner Forearm Smash that caught Chavez in the chest. And Frank followed that up with a big Running Back Elbow. Chavez was slumped over in the corner now when Frank sent him flying off into the ropes...


Frank pushed him in the air with his impressive strength and CLOCKED The Equalizer with a European Uppercut in mid-air! Chavez may have almost been knocked out by the shot and that suited Frank Silver just fine. He crawled over and made a rather lazy cover on Chavez!


Amazingly, The Equalizer got the shoulder up again, sending Frank into a rage yelling at the referee. There was no way Chavez kicked out of one of his biggest moves, but he had done just that Sylo was on the ring apron, pacing around. If either Heir got the fall as he decreed, then they would have a future title match against him. Not that he minded the challenge, but he wanted the chance to shut these punk-ass kids up and take their tag titles.

Keith Kane was trying to get some more of the fans behind Ray, clapping and playing cheerleader as Frank slapped on a Cravate headlock. He controlled the head and neck of Chavez, trying to twist it into directions not meant to bend. But Chavez fought his way up, throwing a couple of free hands into Frank's breadbasket. He got back to his feet and doubled him over, but Silver dragged him back into the corner again to get Ray away from Sylo. He tagged in Gallway and Gallway headed back over to the second rope.


Chavez rolled out of the way while Frank shook his head in disgust. Ryan rolled over and Silver tagged himself in. He grumbled and headed to the top rope himself...


That double-team move backfired horrendously and now, both Heirs were down on the ground with Ray Chavez having a chance to try and get to his tag team partner. Sylo was ITCHING at this point to get in on the action and shut the Heirs up for good. He went for it... almost... almost... MADE THE TAG TO SYLO!

And the fans came completely unglued for Sylo making his way into the ring to take out some royal trash. Frank Silver was back on his feet and approached Sylo, but the jOlt World Heavyweight Champion mowed through him with a charging Clothesline. He stood back up only for Sylo to now floor him with a big Back Elbow that put one third of the jOlt Tag Team Champions back on his ass.

Brody was watching from the outside in horror as Frank was able to get back up again only to take a third shot from Sylo knocking him back down a third time. The Superbeast pulled Frank back to his feet and picked him up on his shoulders only to toss him with FORCE into the turnbuckle courtesy of a Snake Eyes. Sylo ran off the opposite ropes and RAMMED right into Frank...


The Spear found its mark and Sylo nearly ripped the de facto Heirs leader in half with it! Ryan Gallway tried coming to his tag team partner's rescue.

“I'M GONNA SAVE YOU, FRANKIE!” Ryan shouted. Sylo shook his head and CRACKED that mouthy little punk with a straight Big Boot that kicked him clear from the ring. He turned his attention back to Frank, still down off the Shutdown. It was now time to finish this off.

He picked up Frank by the head and dragged The Sovereign Superman to his feet before calling for it. The Systematic Shutdown was next...

But once again, there was Mack Brody on the ring apron. And there just went Mack Brody, courtesy of a Dropkick from Ray Chavez that took the big man out to the floor. As for Frank, he was up on the shoulders of Sylo, but the distraction from Mack Brody gave him enough time to recover as he slid out the back and took to Sylo's knee with a Chop Block. He headed up to the second rope and flew off looking for a shoulder block... CHOKESLAM!

Sylo went for the cover at long last and the fans counted along.

ONE! TWO! ….

There was no three as Ryan Gallway pulled the referee, Mike Hunt, out of the ring. Sylo was irate now that the numbers game The Heirs had employed had saved their titles again. Chavez was back in the ring with his tag team partner.

“LOOK OUT!” Kane shouted.

Chavez didn't see him, but Sylo just did. It was SUPERSTAR VINCE JACOBS for the second time in several days sticking his nose where it didn't belong. And he also stuck his foot out.... SUPERSTAR KICK!

The Superkick aimed for Chavez missed due to Sylo throwing his tag team partner out of the way, but the champion had felt the powerful kick from the former jOlt World Heavyweight Champion again and fell to the mat. SVJ got the hell out of the ring and out of sight as the referee went back inside now. Frank slowly crawled back to his feet and tossed Ray outside the ring as he hurriedly crawled over to Sylo.



“Here are your winners of the match and STILLL jOlt Tag Team Champions... Frank Silver... Ryan Gallway... THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!

Mack Brody helped Ryan drag Frank out of the ring before Sylo came around. In their first defense, not only had The Heirs of Wrestling dodged the most major of bullets and won their first main event in jOlt, but now Frank Silver had a future title shot in hand. Chavez and Kane were both in disbelief on the outside, the former shaking his head in frustration and wondering what the hell just happened.

Sylo was just now starting to come around and glanced up at the top of the ramp, growling. One powerful kick from the former champion had just robbed him of a chance to be a double champion.

Said former champion? Well, Vince Jacobs was all smiles. Twice now, he had cost Sylo a very important win. Frank, Ryan, and Mack shared a passing glance at Vince as they raised their jOlt Tag Team titles for all to see. A very important win.

And as for Vince, it appeared the #1 Contender to the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship had just sent a very powerful message. He was Vince Jacobs and he wasn't going to be denied any more.

Winner: Heirs of Wrestling via Pinfall