"All In"

Sylo No Johnny Cash.

No music.

No pyro.

Just Sylo still in civilian clothes coming to the ring. The fans, still filing in, popped at the sight but Sylo just ignored them as he jumped up and over the top rope pulling a microphone out of his back pocket. He let out out a long sigh and stared out into the masses. He began to bring the microphone to his lips but the fans cut him off.

KILL THEM SYLO~! (clapx5)

“Oh, I fully plan on it,” Sylo responded in which the crowed replied back with cheers.

“I slept in a hospital room, not because I was hurt, but because a woman I care about was kicked in the face by a parasite whose only ambition in life is this.” Sylo held up the jOlt. The fans booed at the mention of SVJ kicking Aria Murphy in the face on the last episode of iNtense.

“Don’t make me even get into the shit that you two did to Wippit Guud, either. Obviously I’m not in the best of moods. I think that was evident when I turned Vince’s face into hamburger meat. You know I thought that’d make me feel better but it didn’t, at all, and I realized there’s only one way for me to feel better and that’s to dismantle Vince in the Pit and walk out with this title. That’s how I hurt Vince. Wounds heal but knowing you don’t have another shot at the top prize after Glory? That lasts.” Sylo ran a lone hand through his hair as he paced around the ring.

He was a bull in his pen walking around in a rage. The more he spoke the angrier he got which was evident by the muscles in his neck twitching and the veins in his arms popping up trying to break through the skin.

“And tonight I have to face Ito because of some master plan between him and a man I thought had honor.”

Yeah Sylo was obviously pissed. No Final Fantasy 7 jokes? That wasn’t good.

“So Phoenix, bring your ass out here, right fucking now,” Sylo snarled.

The electronic buzz that began Machu Picchu kicked in, and then the song suddenly jumped into the second verse of the song. Which wasn’t a mistake.

Selling your body to the street
I'm selling your girlfriend's to the night, for cheap
Wearing a jacket made of meat
Sealing a letter made with horse's feet
And now you've heard that...

Then the dirty chanting bass of Run This Town hit. The two songs had been mashed up, New York hipster gods the Strokes and epic modern street poets, Jay-Z and Kanye. Ito and Phoenix walked out from the back, the blue and orange lights playing off of them. If Sylo forewent a show to bring him to the ring? They spent TWICE as much on the entrance for these two.

Both men even wore matching shirts that simply read HEAT. Kenjiro Ito was also adorned with this jOlt Triple Crown Championship for the first time since his guerrilla debut in this newest iteration of jOlt. The belts belonged to the three prior generations of the company. Belts won and lost by the likes of Brandon Blade, erOn, Erik Rave, and Kenjiro Ito himself.

“Ooooo, the big bad man is angry at!” Of course, Ito had the mic first even if Phoenix was the man that Sylo had called out, “How does it feel that as ANGRY as you've gotten, you've only ever scared SVJ?”

Kenjiro Ito shook his head.

“THIS is the Sylo that I was told to watch out for?” Ito stifled laughter, that made Sylo even ANGRIER, “This is the SuperBeast that people are challenging left and right?! If you’re playing the intimidation game man, you’re SLIPPING!”

Kenjiro Ito, already dressed to compete tonight, paced back and forth at the top of the entrance while Phoenix stood back. Obviously Ito was still PUMPED from the fallout of the Glory Grand Prix.

“You're twice as ugly as Brandon Youngblood, and half as smart and I beat THAT motherfucker for this Triple Crown Championship!” Ito’s arms were outstretched now, displaying the ORIGINAL World Championship on his right shoulder, the burnt and scarred ‘super’ jOlt Season 2 World Heavyweight Championship on his left shoulder and the Triple Crown Championship from Jolt Wrestling, around his waist. The crowd was uproarious in their jeering.

Sylo was almost rending the steel cable ring ropes from the very posts that they were attached to, he was so furious. Ito wasn’t finished yet, however.

“You want to team up with your mat bunny Aria and you're SURPRISED that a legendary asshole HIT her? Fuuuuuck yooooou.” Ito wiped some tears from his eyes, “For one thing, she's a Champion in this organization! She should take a slap or two so quit being such a bitch... cause, one more time... seriously, this is Sylo?”

Ito wasn’t asking the audience, he was Phoenix point blank. He was incredulous, he was insulting, it was as if he had a death wish but he WAS getting into the head of the SuperBeast.

“I've been wasting my breath talking about you all this time!” Ito yelled back towards the ring, “The scam that Phoenix and I pulled off to steal the Glory Grand Prix is barely worth adding to my collection of tainted Jolt titles.”

“Shut your fucking mouth, Ito.” Sylo had heard MORE then enough, as the crowd roared in agreement, and his steel-toned growl cemented just that. Though immediately, he turned his attention away from Ito, and at the Living Embodiment of jOlt’s Rebirth instead.

“Phoenix, I asked you to indulge me once. Now I’m telling you to listen to me,” Sylo snarled again. “You quoted Corlianus to me and in one line asked for me to give you war. Last week you bought yourself war. You bought yourself a one way ticket that leads straight to me. When the time is right Phoenix, when I tie up these loose ends, I will give you the war you so longingly seek, yet you may wish you’d never have asked.” Sylo stared at Phoenix, looking him in the eyes, looking past his eyes into his soul.

Kenjiro Ito threw up his hands, not expecting a reply from Sylo any time soon, and passed the mic to Phoenix.

“I want to make one thing clear to you, Sylo… that masterplan you spoke of earlier?” Phoenix began, and it had to be noted that the white mask he now wore was jet black, a none to subtle nod, “You aren’t the masterplan. You’re a piece in the puzzle. If you’ve been told any different, if you’ve been made to be something MORE, then you’ve been lied to. These arena fans have been lied to.”

Phoenix paused as he looked out at the Arena of Champions, you could hear the venom in his words, ”Then again, they are your people. Simply put, you’re a symbol… and a not a good one. So I thank you for bringing me war, just as I’ve always asked. I was getting tired of this… peace between you and I. Between yourself and poor Wippit.”


Just hearing his best friends name made Sylo grit his teeth. Phoenix calmly continued, chillingly.

“Peace solves nothing. War however helps everything progress, and not only that, it expatiates it through necessity.” Phoenix’s words in return to Sylo’s threat, where almost a chilling threat of his own. Ito had been struck by divine inspiration and he snatched the mic from Phoenix. After all Ito and the Masked Avenger had already been through though, he didn’t seem to mind.

“You know when I said earlier that it’s barely worth adding to my collection of tainted Jolt titles? That doesn’t mean it’s an ENTIRELY bad idea. So here’s what I want from YOU Sylo… BOTH of the Championships you hold. Not just that jOlt Championship with it’s shitty capitalization, lack of international acknowledgement and stink of rancid food from the Supper Beast, but the Legacy Championship as well.” Ito nodded, because Sylo looked down at the Legacy Championship on his shoulder began shaking his head, “If I’m going to hold THREE World titles from morally and financially bankrupt organizations, I may as well hold FIVE!”

“What makes you think—“ Sylo began, furious.

“No, I’ve noticed something tonight… and it’s been the same since my return. You ignore, Sylo. You do it to your own detriment, dick.” Ito was now angry, but still grinning, “Don’t even start backing out, because of COURSE I’m sweetening the pot by putting the Triple Crown Championship on the line. jOlt as it is, it doesn’t deserve to touch it’s storied history… so here’s what you mutants get… you get to WATCH me win the jOlt and the Legacy Championships… and then take them away with him, just as I took away the Triple Crown, and Sylo your hero will be left a man left wanting more then he already does.”

Ito, in all his brash ego had just talked himself into a three-on-two World Championship match for tonight’s main event! All of his gold, against all of Sylo’s. My god, the word HEAT emblazoned across both Ito and Phoenix’s chest, sure was proving to be gospel. The arena crowd was going CRAZY at this idea.

Phoenix leaned towards Ito, off mic, "You sure you want to do this?"

Ito simply looked at Phoenix, grinning.

"Fine, make the big man feel bigger." Phoenix nodded, "The harder they fall, and all."

Sylo was readying for his reply to this UNPRECEDENTED IN ANY OTHER WRESTLING ORGANIZATION KINDA IDEA (seriously, this'll likely be the biggest match that Warriors will EVER see). Sylo's anger shifted to amusement.

"Do you know why you were ignored by me Ito? Even now, notice I called out Phoenix, not you. You were ignored because you're not even a blip on my radar. You're nothing to me just like you've been nothing since you've come back. You had to have help beating men better than you and now you once again think you're entitled to something. I'll send you back to that nothingness and focus on real opponents. Your arrogance will be your undoing. Mark my words. So I accept," The fans roared in approval. Tonight they'd see not one, not two, but FIVE titles on the line in one match. "Now, are you doing flapping your cock sucker because I'm done talking, I'm ready to fight." Sylo snarled throwing the mic down to emphasize the fact it was go time.

There you had it, for the main event on this night of champions, jOlt history would not only be made... it would be CEMENTED.

Kenjiro Ito sneered at the snarling Sylo, with Phoenix at Ito's back. Holy shit, and this was only the BEGINNING!

"Stepping Into the Underground"

Derecho Derecho had been seen arriving backstage. He wandered down the hallways of the arena where he eventually made it to his dressing room. Before he stepped in, he was approached by Donny Layne. Derecho stopped and looked at Layne.

“What do you wa….”, Derecho paused and then recollected his thoughts.

“No… forget that question.. what you want doesn’t matter… in fact, I need to know something. Where is Citizen?”

Donny Layne looked at Derecho and responded.

“Well.. word has it he hasn’t arrived yet.”, stated Donny

Derecho looked at Donny and replied.

“Tell me the moment he does because when he does… I am going to march down to that ring and demand the answers that I seek.”, snarled Derecho.

Derecho went to step into his dressing room, but Donny tried to nudge himself between Derecho and the door.

“WHAT!?” screamed Derecho at Donny.

“Well.. you want me to deliver a message, but I actually have a message for you…. From Jonathan Conspiracy.”

The fans cheered at the sound of JCON’s name. Donny collected himself and continued.

“He wanted me to tell you that he was looking for….”

Before Donny could continue, a hand came into view and shoved Donny away. It was JCON himself! The cheers from the audience erupted. JCON stared right into the eyes of Derecho.

“I’ll take it from here Donny, thanks.”

Layne made his exit as Conspiracy looked over the Underground Champion, who was still preventing access into his dressing room. He then revealed the weight scale that Derecho nailed him with last week, which prevented Jonathan from winning the Flyweight Championship.

“I don’t think I’ll be needing this tonight, but you might… because I have it on good authority that tonight EVERY! jOlt Championship is being defended tonight; and word around town is you don’t have an opponent. Now originally I was thinking I’d win the Relentless Championship and pull a ‘Recho…”

“Quite flattering Jonathan, but I don’t see the Relentless Championship… oh that’s right, you lost another championship match… you didn’t DESERVE!

Derecho didn’t seem too happy with Conspiracy, but then again when was he ever happy? “What the hell is with this place? You do know I have a match against Citizen at Glory, right!?” snarled Derecho.

“Correction you have a match against Citizen at Glory, but only if you retain you’re championship tonight against…” started Conspiracy but before he could finish Derecho got in his face.

Before Derecho complained, he grinned.

“No.. you know what? That’s fine. You think that after failing to capture the Relentless Championship… AGAIN!… after losing the International Championship, after failing to win the jOlt Championship, the #1 contendership that I won for SVJ; NOT YOU!, the Tag Team Championship and then failing to capture the Flyweight Championship you somehow deserve a shot at my Underground Championship? Fine.. I’ll give you a shot… right here tonight… BUT on one condition….”

JCON looked at Derecho with curiosity.

“You give all you have and bring everything you got, hell you can even bring your scale Jonathan; because I’m going to make an example out of you and make sure that this will be your final chance at ANY championship here in jOlt; and yes that includes the Starlet Championship; because make no mistake about it… I will make this your permanent END”

Derecho then opened the door to his dressing room and slammed it in the face of JCON.

“I’ll see you later ‘Recho.”

Conspiracy turned to leave but bumped into one Kayden Paulton.

“JCON, how’s it going? Did Derecho accept my challenge for tonight, to face him for the Underground Championship?”

Jonathan placed his hand on Paulton’s shoulder and sighed.

“KP, I got good news and bad news, the bad news is Derecho said that you weren’t worthy of a title shot, but the good news is that after I defeat him tonight I’ll give YOU! (Conspiracy stated in his best Soulja Boy “Crank That” voice and pointed at Paulton)… the first shot at the championship on Warriors 9.”

Conspiracy smiled at Paulton and extended his hand, which Kayden shook.

“I’ll be rooting for you Jonathan.”

“I know you will, I’m glad I have your attention.”

Conspiracy patted Paulton on his back and headed off to prepare for what could be his final championship opportunity with the camera following him.

“I just hope Derecho knows we’re opening the show.”

Conspiracy disappeared around the corner as the camera returned to a smiling Kayden Paulton.

“I can’t wait to tell Gregg!”

Cameras went elsewhere in the arena, but soon the focus would be on “One Letter Better” and “The Forever One”.

"Kick Her Ass"

Sylo “No. There’s no discussion on this matter. Not after last week.” Sylo leaned against his locker room wall. Sitting on the couch with a black eye was none other than Aria Murphy. She just stared at Sylo, wishing she could tell him why, but knew if she did The Backbone would release whatever they had on him. She couldn’t watch that happen, for once, someone needed to protect him instead of him playing Superman for everyone else.

“Justin, I have to do this. We’re the same, that’s why we connect like we do, we’re both warriors. I have to go out there and I have to defend this title whether I’m hurt, sick, or on my deathbed because that’s who I am. Just like you. You go out there no matter the odds, no matter how hurt you may be, and you defend that title with your life,” Aria nodded to the jOlt championship sitting next to Sylo.

“Why can’t this wait till Glory? Why tonight? At least give yourself time to heal! I’ve been kicked by Vince and I’m three times your size, I know how hard the son of a bitch kicks, and now you want to defend your title? I don’t like it Aria,” Sylo sighed looking down.

Aria stood and walked over to Sylo reaching up to place a hand on his cheek. He looked down at her, his expression one of concern rather than anger. She ran a thumb across his cheek before standing on the tips of her toes to kiss him. “It’ll be okay. I’ll go in, kick ass, and come right back to you like always. You have to worry about Ito and Vince. You can’t take this on yourself, this is my fight, so please don’t try to deprive me of that,” She stared into his cold blue predator-esque eyes.

Sylo let out a deep sigh as he let his head fall again. Dark strands of black hair covered his face as he sat in quiet contemplation. She was right. He would do the same thing. Hell he had done the same thing and sometimes it had been in worse condition than Aria but for once in his life he had something worth protecting. He, dare it be said, loved her. The anger that drove him to almost beat the life out of Vince wasn’t anything but his love of Aria. Fighting off EMT’s, taking her away, carrying her to the hospital, staying there with her, it was all because he loved the woman. He just didn’t know how to say it. He stared at Aria, their eyes locking into each others soul. He wanted to say it so much but he couldn’t find the words. Aria just looked back and smiled. “I know Justin...and me too,” She told him, putting a hand on his heart. She could read him and she knew what he wanted to say. She felt it too. Not since Phoenix Riktor had she felt this way. In such a short time the two had collided and crashed into one another. They exploded like a supernova into one another and both had jumped walls the other thought impossible to jump. Sylo leaned down and kissed Aria. It was a long, drawn out kiss that let her feel how he felt.

“Kick her ass then,” Sylo said quietly. Aria smiled against hugging Sylo as he wrapped a massive arm around her and rested his chin on her shoulder.

“I’ll kick her ass twice, once for me and once for you. You better win tonight you big bastard. You kick the shit out of Ito and then you better go to Glory and you better win again,” She said softly running her hand through Sylo’s hair.

“You too. Now, we should get ready. Just promise me from here on out we’ll share locker rooms so this doesn’t happen again?” Sylo looked down at Aria again moving his chin from her shoulder.

“Deal” She smiled. “Now let’s get ready to kick some ass.”

Derecho vs. Jonathan Conspiracy
DerechoJonathan Conspiracy
With the match at Glory being made a Title vs Mask match, many thought that Derecho may have bit off more he could chew. In fact, Derecho had to defend his championship here tonight against the former International Champion, Jonathan Conspiracy! If he doesn’t win here, Derecho could be going onto Glory without the championship and Citizen could be facing Jonathan Conspiracy instead!

“No Church in the Wild” by The Throne (Jay-Z & Kanye West)

The people hit their feet as Jonathan Conspiracy… JCON if you will, stepped out from the backstage area! JCON was more than an just an Icon.. he was One Letter Better and he knew he had a major opportunity to prove that as the former jOlt International Champion made his way down to the ring. What very well could be his last opportunity.

JCON stepped into the ring and warmed up with confidence as the lights in the arena went black.

“One Reason” by Fade

The lights turned to crimson hue as the arena switched from cheers to a sea of boos. The King of the Underground.. the Underground Champion, Derecho, stepped out from the backstage area with the championship around his waist.

Derecho soaked in the boos, but continued down to the ring regardless. Derecho stepped into the ring and as he did, it was apparent that the bandages were still wrapped around the waist of Derecho. Derecho stepped toward the center and unfastened the championship around his waist. Derecho looked at the title for a long while before he passed it off to the referee, almost reluctant to give it away.

Derecho knew the impact this would have on him and on Glory if he were to lose this match tonight. The pressure was on Derecho and after recent happenings, one may feel Derecho may just be a little bit paranoid going into this match.

The referee held the Underground Championship up high into the air which signaled that this was, indeed, a title defense. He then passed it off to ringside and called for the bell.




Derecho and JCON stared at each other in the ring. Derecho didn’t like being in the ring one bit for a championship defense… especially since he was to defend the title at Glory in a pretty important match. Losing this match could change the entire landscape of things in jOlt. That thought weighed in the back of Derecho’s mind as he locked up with JCON.

Derecho applied the side head lock to JCON, but JCON shoved Derecho off to the ropes. Derecho quickly grabbed the ropes and used them to slide to the outside. JCON looked at Derecho in a puzzled manner as the crowd booed Derecho’s decision to not wrestle JCON. Derecho stood there on the outside of the ring with his back turned to Jonathan Conspiracy.

The man who was One Letter Better walked over to the ropes and taunted Derecho to get back into the ring, but Derecho just stood there at ringside with his hands on his hips. Derecho turned and looked back at JCON and continued to just stare at him. JCON couldn’t take much more of Derecho’s refusal to wrestle and stepped out of the ring to the outside.

The moment JCON planted his feet on the ground, Derecho lunged in and drilled JCON with a massive clothesline.


That’s all that Derecho did and it paid off. A sinister grin came over Derecho’s face as he knew he just outsmarted Jonathan Conspiracy. Derecho then grabbed JCON and pulled him back to his feet. Derecho then lit up JCON’s chest with a big knife edge chop that staggered JCON toward the ring apron. Derecho then grabbed JCON by the arm and went to whip him toward the steel ring post, but he switched it up and pulled JCON right into a short arm clothesline instead!

Derecho bent over and yelled at JCON.


Derecho then slapped JCON across the face.


JCON reached up and grabbed Derecho by the neck. The crowd erupted in cheers as JCON got back to his feet! JCON then thrusted Derecho back first into the ring apron where he yelled at him.


JCON then fired a big elbow into the face of Derecho! He fired another and another and another and eventually, Derecho’s nose began to bleed! That injured nose of Derecho always seemed to leak blood ever since he took a knee to the head, courtesy of the jOlt Champion, Sylo!

JCON then grabbed Derecho by the arm and whipped him hard into the steel ring steps!


The impact caused the steps to separate! JCON then gave chase like a shark chasing after blood in the water. JCON then grabbed Derecho and pulled him up to his feet. He then placed Derecho under his arm in a Dragon Sleeper type hold. JCON wasn’t done there as he then stepped up onto the bottom portion of the steel ring steps. The crowd rose to their feet as JCON dropped Derecho!



That Reverse Falling DDT just drove the back of Derecho’s head right into the steel! JCON could sense it… the audience could sense it! JCON was about to go to Glory and take Derecho’s place against Citizen! All that was left was the get Derecho back into the ring!

JCON pulled Derecho up off the steps and then threw him back into the ring. JCON slid in and made the cover with the leg hooked deep! The crowd counted along!



THRE… NO!!!!!

Derecho popped the shoulder up at the last possible moment! There was still life left in the Underground Champion! Over the past several weeks, Derecho’s body had been dragged through hell and back, but he kept absorbing the punishment and somehow he kept coming out on top!

JCON then brought Derecho back to his feet and attempted to whip him to the ropes, but Derecho reversed it and sent JCON along for the ride! Derecho scooped up JCON off the rebound, twisted and nailed a Double A Style Spine Buster right in the middle of the ring! Derecho rolled out of the ring and dropped to a knee as he held the back of his head in pain.

Derecho then staggered over to the announce position and in vintage Derecho fashion, grabbed the time keeper’s steel chair. The time keeper took off as fast as he could as he didn’t want to meet the same fate as a couple of weeks ago.

Derecho then brought the chair back into the ring where he dropped it in front of the head of JCON. Derecho pulled JCON up to his feet and then hoisted him onto his shoulder for A Forever Reminder, but JCON had some fight in him and dropped down behind. JCON then hooked Derecho in a waist lock and took him over with a German Suplex, complete with a bridge pin!



Derecho kicked away.

Jonathan Conspiracy exited the ring and retrieved the weight scale as ‘the Arena of Champions’ crowd roared its approval. He reentered the ring and lined Derecho up.

Derecho staggered up and ducked the weight scale shot from JCON. JCON turned around and was caught by a toe kick by Derecho. Derecho immediately hooked the head and spiked JCON with a DDT into the canvas onto the scale. Derecho then walked over and picked up the scale before discarding it. He then grabbed the steel chair and then placed it on the back of JCON’s head. Derecho then stomped his foot into the chair which caused JCON tremendous pain!

JCON held the back of his head as he rolled out from underneath the chair! Derecho then grabbed the chair and placed the top part of the backrest against JCON’s neck! Derecho was about to crush JCON’s throat, but JCON grabbed the chair and rolled out of the way. As JCON got back to his feet a tug-o-war between him and Derecho resulted over who wanted possession of the steel chair.

In the end, Derecho used JCON’s momentum to jam the chair into the stomach of JCON. Derecho then did the unthinkable. With JCON doubled over, Derecho swung the chair low and upwards in an uppercut fashion and…


Derecho just smacked the chair straight into JCON’s face!! JCON staggered backwards and collapsed into a seated position in the corner!!!

The crowd was stunned silent after that vicious strike! JCON shared Derecho’s pain as he, too, had begun to bleed from the nose!

As JCON laid there in the corner, Derecho then placed the chair up against JCON’s face. Derecho measured the distance and yelled out.


Derecho charged in and then drove his knee straight into the chair and into JCON’s face!!!! The crowd didn’t know how to react. This was like the Derecho from before Divide & Conquer.. the ruthless man who left destruction in his wake.

Derecho then dragged JCON’s body out from the corner and pulled him back to his feet. He grabbed JCON by the head and screamed at him.


He then hoisted JCON up onto his shoulder and dropped him.

A Forever Reminder

Derecho made the cover with the leg hooked.




It was over. Derecho had successfully defended the Underground Championship here tonight. Jonathan Conspiracy failed at capturing the Relentless Championship, the jOlt Championship, the #1 contendership, the Tag Team Championship, the Flyweight Championship, and has now become another body in the wake of Derecho’s destruction as he just failed to capture the Underground Championship.

The physical wounds of one, Jonathan Conspiracy, cannot possibly weigh more than the mental wounds after tonight. Although, Derecho had been pushed to the limit. With Sylo and Citizen breathing down his neck this past month, there had to be a breaking point. Tonight, with the way Derecho handled JCON in the end, it was possible that Derecho wasn’t even aware that JCON was across the ring from him.

All we knew was the Derecho had Citizen at Glory and with this frame of mind, could Derecho make it two PPVs in a row where he overcame the same obstacle, or would Citizen take advantage of this and become the new King of the Underground?

Winner: Derecho via Pinfall

"Back to Back"

Adam Lazarus It was far from being a secret that Adam Lazarus was not at 100%. After the repeated attacks he endured while attempting to stand up to the Backbone he was covered in cuts and bruises, and his ribs were heavily bandaged. Still, the Innovator soldiered on. He had a Flyweight Championship match tonight and in order to reduce the incredible amount of pain that he was in, Laz has himself twisted like a pretzel doing yoga on the locker room floor.

"I may not know a lot about yoga, hun, but are you supposed to be in that much pain while you're doing that?"

Laz, now in an upward-facing dog position, twisted his neck around to find Daryn Thompson standing behind him and staring at his ... glutes.

"I'm not telling you to stop doing it, though, because I am very much enjoying the view."

Laz and Aria Murphy were longtime friends. The two of them, along with Phoenix Riktor, had grown up together training under Phoenix's brother Scott and the other legends that formed the RingRats Academy. In fact, those three were the first graduating class. They called themselves Wreckless Youth on account of their high risk tactics in the ring, but that was ages ago and Adam Lazarus wasn't as young as he used to be. Daryn Thompson made her debut in jOlt by attacking Aria Murphy, and Laz wasn't sure why she would approach him after that.

Of course, they did have a few things in common. Daryn's father, Dusty Thompson, was one of the head trainers at RingRats. She was a recent graduate herself. And then it hit him, much like the shovel hit Daryn Thompson's face so many weeks ago and put her out of action. They were both targets of Chris Titan.

"How are the ribs?" she asked.

"I think one or two of them are probably broken," Laz replied.

"Didn't you go to see the doc?"

"Nah," Laz said nonchalantly, "I try to avoid doctors. They always have bad news for you."

Daryn giggled. "I guess that's true. It's also pretty well known with the boys that you like to self medicate."

"Yeah. Why are you here?"


"I mean, not here in jOlt. I get that part. Why are you here in my locker room right now?"

"You see this?" Daryn pulled back a clump of her swept blonde bangs to expose a small white bandage on her forehead. "This is covering up the eight stitches Chris Titan gave me when he hit me with Rune's shovel. I'm here to tell you that, if you need it, I've got your back."

Laz popped up to his feet, took a few steps over to Daryn Thompson, and extending his hand. She accepted.

"Deal," Laz said. "If you find yourself up against it again, don't worry either, I'll be there."

The two shared a handshake and a smile. As Daryn Thompson exited Laz's locker room he found that he was rather fond of the view himself.

"What are you thinking, man? She's, like, almost half your age."

And in one fluid motion Laz was in a handstand, performing push-ups with his back to the wall. The fight wasn't going to get any easier for him, Laz knew that much, but it was nice to know that at least he didn't have to go it alone anymore.

"So You Wanna Be A Champion?"

Aran Thompson Reno Davis’ reign as the Relentless Champion has been glorious if anything else. After upsetting The Nashvillian to obtain the championship and defeating Jonathan Conspiracy last week on iNtense it only made sense that the fans wanted to see what was next for the Relentless Champion.

The lights inside the Arena of Champions cut off and a buzz stirred in the air for a moment and only to be loudly interrupted by six words that have echoed throughout and questioned the Arena of Champions on several occasions.


The fans erupted as multiple colors of lights flashed throughout the arena and to the tempo of “Champion” by Grinspoon.

“NO! IT ISN’T!?” Nathan Powers managed shout into his headset.

Aran Thompson sauntered out from behind the entrance curtain looking better than ever and rejuvenated. The fans who migrated to Jolt simply due to the history that being in the Arena of Champions meant to them popped loud enough you would think that just for a moment you were watching a Legacy of Champions episode of Violence.

“It’s been a few years since Aran Thompson has entered a ring to my knowledge, but it’s damned good to know he is with in Jolt! Things just got a little more intense!” Michael Buhrman announced using a horrible pun on the promotions flagship show.

Complete with cocky smile and “Here I Am, Look At Me” Attitude. Aran entered the Jolt ring and took a look around the arena and nodded his head accordingly. The fans continued to cheer for him and some faint “Welcome Back” chants could be heard resonating throughout the arena. Aran asked the stage hand for a microphone and respectfully thanked the stage hand after abiding by his request.

“Did you see that Nathan? Did Aran Thompson just…thank somebody?!” Buhrman asked his colleague.

“I don’t know what tricks Mr. Relentless has up his sleeves but I can’t wait to find out!” Powers responded.

Aran looked around and smiled a little more before politely motioning for the fans to calm down and the did so accordingly.

“You know, it’s been a few years since I’ve been inside this building. The memories of going to war with my opponents and tearing the roof down with my brother Corey trying to obtain our first bit of gold as a team…” Aran paused for a moment before smiling and continuing.

“But we all know how that ended.”

“The last time I was in this building I was at war with a man to this day I can easily say without pause or contemplation; I hate.”

“He took my name sake away from me. He took my glory.” Aran looked around the arena as the fans started to buzz most knowing what he was talking about.

“But I hear that in the migration my name sake has survived.” Aran said with a smile on his face.

“I also hear that somebody is actually taking great pride in my name sake.”

“Keeping it warm for me.” Aran looked toward the entrance curtain.

“Reno Davis.” Aran stated in a calm manner.

“The Unwanted Angel has obtained my prize, and quite frankly I want it back.”

The fans began to chant: “Make The Challenge! Make The Challenge!”

Aran looked around Arena of Champions again as the fans chant their demand at him and he nodded his head toward them.

“Oh I’m making the challenge, and I’m making it TONIGHT!” Aran proudly announced and the fans began cheering again.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s five minutes, three minute or thirty seconds. You, like man before you, will feel the impact of the action before the chaos and or fall victim to an armbar revolution!”

“I’m not here to call you names, or make fun of your height because quite frankly you’re a great competitor and like myself you’ve taken pride in your accolade…”

Aran ran his hand over his bald shaven head before deadpanning his attention into the nearest camera.

“You might’ve gone up against your fair share of opponents that have taken you from pillar to pillar and came out the victor on several different occasions in your career. But I can promise you this, you haven’t ever had to deal with a man so damned motivated to achieve a goal that he was named after the championship that literally rewards the motivated.”

“Literally rewards the relentless…”

The fans began chanting Aran’s nickname: “Mr. Relentless!” over and over only to manage to make the intensity of the stare Aran was giving the camera even more attitude.

“Five minutes is more than enough time to win back my Relentless Championship, and I’m ready.”

Aran soaked in cheers he was receiving as given his past it wasn’t a normal thing for him to receive such adulation.

“So the question isn’t, “Will Aran Thompson make the challenge.” The question is now; “Will Reno Davis accept.”

Aran dropped the microphone and waited leaned against the ropes with his back to Michael Buhrman and Nathan Powers.

"Reno the Relentless IV"

Reno Davis “I Don’t Care” by Antidote hit the PA system, bringing the crowd to there feet and a smile across Aran Thompson’s lips.

Reno Davis had arrived, Relentless Championship on his shoulder and a microphone in hand.

“Will I accept?” Reno grinned, as chants of Mr. Relentless shifted simply to ‘RE-LENT-LESS’, “Even if I wasn’t fighting against the Heirs of Wrestling later tonight, with Grendel by my side… I never had a choice.”

As he continued to slowly walk towards Thompson in the ring, Aran leaning on the ropes as if he were the only audience Reno cared about (because he was); The Unwanted Angel made one thing clear.

“I never had a choice, because in my era of Relentless Champions… with the belt that I hold,” Reno tapped the silver on his shoulder, “one that you could only dream of Aran… you don’t accept challenges.”

Thompson’s eyebrow raised, amused.

“See, when you were Champion,” Reno continued, leveling a two fingered point at Aran Thompson, “back when the Relentless Championship was brought to life in the Legacy of Champions… a Champion had a choice to be less then… let’s say it, relentless. That’s how Ray Chavez gained the reputation that broke him down to the man he became, and that thank the GODS, he’s trying his best to overcome. That’s what led to a guy like Phoenix Rose to hold this belt, and I gotta say, bring insult to it by association.”

The crowd applauded this, as those at the edges of the entrance ramp looked to touch the Relentless Champion as he walked by.

“See back when you were Champion, Mr. Relentless, you had the CHOICE to run away from a challenge… you didn’t… most of the time,” Reno smiled at Aran, but then that shifted into no-BS mode, “But I don’t either. See, I was even more of a surprise Champion, then you were. But ever since I beat the fat man, I’ve helped put the choice to simply run and wait to rest, the choice to bide your time… to shrink from a challenge, the choice to be lesser then the Champion you’ve become in hopes of holding on for something BIGGER.”

As he raised his hand above his head, he noticed the measurement brought a chuckle from Aran Thompson, and that caused Reno to shift gears for a moment even if he was enjoying his rallying cry for the NEW generation of Relentless.

“You couldn’t help but mention my height, heh,” Reno grinned, yeah, he wasn’t the BIGGEST, “And you’re right… I’m small. But here’s the thing, it’s allowed me to be a bit of a wrecking ball so far, something more then a pit bull. And that means that as long as you aren’t, oh let’s say, five different dudes with Backbone shirt on… you’re going to get your cardio checked out before you tap to the Straightjacket.”

Reno winked at Thompson, as he had finally reached the ring, and stopped directly in front of the man known as Mr. Relentless so he could talk to him from ringside, “I see you’ve gained a bit of humility in your time away, and that’s honestly what I hope JCON gathered after our match last week too. See, I like to think of myself as a litmus test to that idea of something more, and if you can pass me? Then this Championship doesn’t become a crown and make you the next Sylo or Derecho… no, as a masked man once told me…”

The Unwanted Angel had walked over to the steps, and into the ring, and with a quick slide in between the ropes, he was now standing just feet away from Aran Thompson. He shifted the silver championship off of his shoulder.

“This Relentless Championship becomes a sword.”

“And if I can bend the air and the earth for a little while longer around me?” Reno shrugged, as he shifted the title back onto his shoulder and let the fire in his belly rise up, “I’ll use this sword to take on another man who likes borrow from the history of a dead federation with it’s old Legacy Championship, instead of thinking about the FUTURE OF JOLT!”

The fire in his eyes took Aran Thompson aback with a bit of surprise, as the crowd in the Arena of Champions went wild. Reno walked away from Thompson, heading instead for the center of the ring, and now spoke to the crowd.

“Being stuck in the past is for men like the Backbone. The future is the thing I’m ready for Aran Thompson, are you? You taking the name Mr. Relentless and keeping it for all this time tells me one thing. Mr. Relentless? Who was more over, you or the Championship that you held? It’s THAT level of competition that defines you. Yes I’m in for one hell of a match, but it’s against a man that was never ready for that next big step.”

Reno finally turned back to Aran Thompson. Oh the fire was in Reno’s eyes now, and he was playing his best Muhammad Ali. Rumble, young man, rumble.

“Calling yourself Mr. Relentless, as it pertained to LoC? You may as well call yourself Mr. Middle-card for all the good it does you.”

OOOOOOOOH! The crowd cheered that verbal slap in the face, from Reno Davis.

“Because that is ALL the Arena of Champions knows you as.” Spittle flew from his mouth, as Reno approached Thompson with PASSION in his voice and the crowd at his back, “So this new THANKFUL you that just challenged me? You sure as hell better hope it isn’t fueled by nostalgia, you better be setting off in a new direction. Otherwise that Relentless you've got written across your shorts might as well be a glass-ceiling of your own making. I’m jOlt’s Relentless Champion, and I’m proud of that fact and what I’ve accomplished so far… but THAT?”

Reno breathed in, as his eyes narrowed.

“It’s already in my rear-view, Aran. I’m not married to the past like a lot of others in jOlt. Instead, I’m making my own future.”

The Relentless Champion held up a hand, all five fingers spread wide.

“I’ve got my eyes on the next five minutes, and after that I’ll be striking this pose.”

Reno Davis, as confident as he ever will be, held the Relentless Championship high above his head. Then, without taking his eye off Aran Thompson, he handed the glistening silver title belt to the referee.

“Who you’ll be without the Relentless to hide behind… we’ll have to see, won’t we?”

Finally, Reno relinquished the microphone to the referee, as well. This match? Was ON.

Reno Davis vs. Aran Thompson
Reno DavisAran Thompson
Referee Simon Boulder signaled to start the match and the Relentless Championship timer queued.


Aran was immediately on the offensive with a plethora of hard hitting shots that did barely any damage as Reno was quick enough to properly defend himself but he wasn’t ready for an Irish whip from Aran and as Reno came back around Aran rammed his knee into Reno’s stomach cause him to flip forward and hit the mat hard. Aran tried to lock in an arm bar but Reno definitely had enough fight in him to counter the hold attempt and slide away from Aran who was on his feet just as quickly.

Aran smiled and nodded as Reno rubbed his shoulder and worked out the tension that was quickly applied to it.

Aran again went on the offensive but was quickly countered by Reno who reversed it into a rear waist then slammed his forearm into the back of the head of Aran causing Aran to stagger a bit but Aran wouldn’t be able to regain composure because Reno quickly clipped Aran’s leg and now Aran was on the mat and Reno was trying to lock in a submission hold.

“HE’S TRYING THE STRAIGHT JACKET!” Michael Buhrman screamed.

Reno had Aran’s legs locked up but Aran being fresh as well he thwarted the attempt and wriggled himself free and rolled back up to his feet.


Aran nodded and offered his hand out to Reno who was more than apathetic to the attempt of a mid-match hand shake; so Aran decided to challenge Reno to a test of strength and he put his hands up high – too high for Reno - This prompted Reno to kick Aran in the gut to bring him down to his level and forced Aran into the grip.

Aran screamed out as Reno bent Aran’s fingers backward. Reno released one hand and punched Aran in the face over and over again before Aran found his spot and blocked the attacks. Aran stomped on Reno’s toes causing Reno to release the hold and Aran looked around as it was evident that Aran had the perfect opportunity to get a cheap shot in but Aran shook his head slightly and stepped backward waiting for Reno to turn around.

The second Reno turned around, Aran, hit him with a vicious lariat that incited a reaction from the crowd. Aran made the cover.



Aran, not trying to argue with the referee, shook his head and grabbed Reno by his long bright red hair and pulled him to his feet. The referee scolded Aran for the hair pulling and Aran nodded his head respectfully and released the hair – old habits must die slow.


Aran whipped Reno toward the ropes again but Reno was read and flew through the air with an amazing looking flying wheel kick that put Aran on his back immediately and Reno opted to stomp the living hell out of Aran’s torso and head.

“Reno is just taking it to the Mr. Relentless Nate.” Buhrman tried to get a reaction from Powers.

“I haven’t lost hope on Aran yet.” Powers shot back.

Reno pulled Aran to his feet and hit him with a couple European uppercuts that rocked Aran back into a corner where Reno then began slapping Aran’s chest. Each slap echoed through the Arena of Champions and the fans “ooo’d” and Aran screamed with what breath Reno wasn’t knocking out of him. Reno paused for a moment and let Aran stagger free from the turnbuckle and climbed to the top rope.

The fans began cheering and a seemingly drunk from punishment Aran slowly turned around.


Aran somehow managed to side step the incoming attack and Reno hit the mat and bounced upon impact.


Aran looked around in an amped up manner as Reno slowly got to his feet and as soon as the fans saw Aran leap for the ropes and springboard off of them they popped huge and Reno was surprised by both the pop and the fact that Aran had just kicked him in the back of the head with a vicious looking springboard enizguri. Aran attempted another pin attempt.




Now Aran seemed a little frustrated and Reno seemed a little dizzy.

“How did he kick out of that?” Power questioned Buhrman who had no answer.

Aran looked at the large tron at the counter and realized that he needed to get this over. Aran show boated to the fans and yelled, “ACTION BEFORE CHAOS!!” The fans yelled in excitement and Aran brought Reno to his feet.

Aran kicked Reno in the stomach and ran behind him as Reno raised up Aran had already jumped to the top rope and again used it to springboard off the ropes to hit his finisher the Springboard Reverse DDT he calls, “Action Before Chaos”.

He failed.

“HOLY SHI—“ Powers screamed but was cut off by the fans own scream of unison: “HOLY SHIT!”.

Reno hit Aran with a European uppercut while Aran was in mid flip and Aran crashed down to the mat. Reno quickly rolled Aran over for a pin attempt.



The fans started buzzing and Michael Buhrman tried to get the referee’s attention.


The referee noticed and told Reno that Aran had managed to place his foot on the ropes breaking up the pin attempt and Reno was visibly frustrated with Aran this time. Reno brought Aran back up to his feet…


…and kicked his legs out from under him causing Aran to crash back to the mat followed by another pin attempt from Reno.



“THE ROPES!!” the fans announced in unison with Michael Buhrman and Nathan Powers, they were very into this match.

The referee glanced over and saw that Aran had grabbed the ropes nearest to him and again broke the pin attempt.


Reno shook his head at Aran and signaled for his finisher The Straight Jacket.

“If he can get this in Aran won’t have any limbs to use the ropes to break the pin attempts anymore.” Buhrman said stating the obvious to Nathan Powers who just looked at him as if he had just pulled a John Madden without saying “Brett Favre”.

Reno pulled Aran back away from the ropes and reached for Aran’s legs. Aran tried to get free but Reno had the first half of the submission locked in and Aran was valiantly trying to get to the ropes but just couldn’t get ahold of them as Reno punched Aran in the kidneys to grab ahold of his arms so he could get a better grip on Aran’s shoulders.


Aran screamed in pain and shaking his head no, his face so close to the ropes that his nose almost touched it and there was nothing he could do. His face cringed in pain but he refused to give up. Reno yelled at Aran to give up but Aran kept violently shaking his head no.


“NO!!!!” Aran screamed, just as Aran screamed he mustered enough force to stretch his neck out and literally bite onto the bottom rope.



The referee told Reno of the rope biting and Reno demanded Aran stop while the referee had no choice to start the five count.










Aran managed to stay in the match for the entirety of the five minutes and the referee looked around confused as to whether announce a winner or call it a draw. There referee walked over to the time keeper and the ring announcer and discussed the situation with them before nodding his head and returning to the ring.

Reno stepped back as a hurting Aran Thompson used the ropes to pull himself up a and leaning against them looked over. The two wondering what happened.

“Due to the way the match ended with the time limit draw and Reno Davis not answering the necessary five count to break the hold of his devastating Straighjacket finisher at the exact same time! The referee has deemed this match a TIME LIMIT DRAW!”

Reno Davis still held on to his Relentless championship but it was an insane five minutes. The referee handed Reno his Relentless championship belt and Aran walked over to Reno and extended his hand again.

Reno sized Aran up and tapped the Silver championship that draped over his shoulder and nodded with respect. Reno and Aran shook hands and Aran began to make his way to the backstage as “I Don’t Care” by Antidote began playing and the fans simply cheered.


To which both men took great pride in and thanked the fans in their own way.

Winner: Time Limit Draw

"Identity Crisis"

Derecho While one champion was making his way backstage, another was about to step out into the spotlight.

“One Reason” by Fade

The arena erupted in a chorus of boos as the lights tinted the arena with a crimson hue. The Underground Champion, Derecho, stepped out from the backstage area for the second time tonight with the championship around his waist. The fans booed louder than before because seeing him once was enough for their tastes. In fact, not seeing him at all would have been preferred, but alas, Derecho had returned to the arena once again... this time he looked to deliver a message.

Derecho had been on a rampage ever since he got pinned by Citizen two weeks ago. Derecho had defeated Jonathan Conspiracy earlier tonight and the dried blood under his nose was a sign that his body continued to go through hell on the path to Glory. While he retained the championship that was behind him for as of right now, he had been focused on the task at hand and that was his opponent at Glory… Citizen!

Derecho stepped into the ring and demanded a microphone from ringside. His music died down and he brought it to his lips.

“Three weeks ago, I stepped out onto that stage and I told a certain man by the name of Citizen that he didn’t deserve another opportunity at the Underground Championship. I told him that he had no right to be in the same ring with me, but I decided to change my mind and give the fans exactly what they wanted… me defeating Citizen for the second time in a row.”

The crowd booed but this didn’t deter Derecho from continuing.

“Two weeks ago, I stepped out onto that stage and met Citizen face to face right here in the center of this ring and then something unthinkable happened. The one thing I never expected happened.”

Derecho paused.


The audience booed those words loudly.

“I clearly kicked out, but it seems that the officials wanted to count that as a pinfall. I got screwed and now because of that, they gave Citizen another opportunity at my Underground Championship. “

The people half booed the claim of being screwed and half cheered the thought of Citizen getting another opportunity.

“Two weeks ago… after my match… I made it clear how I felt about the decision. Anyone and anything that moved that could have any sort of authority here in jOlt felt the same pain I felt when I was screwed. I made it my mission to make it a point to any official or authority figure here in jOlt that this is what happens when you SCREW the King of the Underground.”

More boos came from the crowd.

“Now… tonight… I DEMAND that Citizen pay me a little visit. I wish to know the identity of the man that I am going to KILL at Glory! I want you to walk down that ramp and show me your face because I want to burn the image of you into my mind because at Glory, you will become nothing more than that... a mere memory.

Derecho paused and waited, but there had been no sign of Citizen yet. Derecho's tone and inflection changed and added more venom to his voice

“Do not deny me my demand… I will not be evaded. I will stand out here all night if I have to! After all... I'm doing this because it is what the people want!”

The people heavily boo Derecho for that comment. Still.. Citizen did not appear before the arena. The decision to show his face to the public is a dire decision for any wrestler that dons a mask. This was of no concern to Derecho. He grew impatient and wanted Citizen face to face and he wanted it now.


“Do not continue to delay! As Underground Champion… as King of the Underground… I DEMAND to know what lies beneath that mask. I DEMAND to know the identity of the man that will no longer exist because at Glory… GET OUT HERE.. RIGHT....... NOW!”

No music.

No fanfare.

The house lights dropped, leaving Derecho alone in the middle of the ring to wonder if someone was going to attack.

Then the jOlt Vision sparked to life, in a fashion that the fans were used to. The lone camera set up somewhere within the area, but there were no distinguishing markers of where it could be. Then the familiar mask of Citizen stepped into the shot.

“Pampered,” Citizen began, “spoiled, brat. All three of these are words that can be mentioned when talking about our reigning Underground champion and the King of the Underground.”

Derecho looked furious, as he lifted his microphone back to his mouth to comment. He spoke, but nothing came out. Derecho quickly exchanged his microphone for another from Brad Arnold, but there was still no volume.

“Try as much as you like, Jason, but there is not going to be any power on any of your microphones.” Citizen cackled a bit, “Tonight, you’re going to listen to me and when I’m finished you’ll be able to respond if you like. The three words that I spoke of first off will cut you to the bone, because it is truth and you know this deep down inside as well.”

“All three of things can be related to children,” Citizen continued, “and what do parents do when their child won’t stop crying? You give it a pacifier of course. My mask is your pacifier, Jason, and if that’s what it will take to make you stop crying, then so be it.”

The fans within the arena all became quiet and Derecho had a smile on his face from ear to ear. They all thought that Citizen was going to take off his mask.

“Not here though,” Citizen rolled on, “not tonight. You see, Jason, I had to earn my shot at your Underground championship twice. I’ve never been handed anything, unlike how you came into this company with that title already around your waist. Sure you may have won the title in a previous company, but how long ago was that?”

“Regardless,” Citizen was about to make a proposition; “if you want my mask, then I will gladly give it to you; when you’ve earned it. I’m not a man who is afraid of putting things on the line, Jason. I won’t make you go through a tournament to see if you are worthy of my mask, and I won’t throw anything in your path to make it hard to achieve.”

“At Glory,” Citizen continued, “I will put my mask on the line in our match. If you beat me, then you can have my mask, and you can see what lies beneath it. If I win though, the mask stays with me and your Underground championship comes along with it as well. I’ll see you in the center of that ring at Glory.”

The jOlt Vision died, and the house lights came back up. Derecho was left in the center of the ring to ponder what Citizen had just told him.

A sinister grin came over Derecho's face. He began to chuckle to himself. Derecho then dropped the microphone on the canvas and exited the ring. As Derecho walked to the back, he had been shown smiling from ear to ear. Derecho felt that he got exactly what he wanted.

Aria Murphy vs. Persephone
Aria MurphyPersephone
“Infected” by Bad Religion played as the fans booed. Persephone, one member of the Backbone, made her way to the ring ready to claim her Starlette title. She flipped into the ring and taunted the fans as the lights dimmed.

“Fully Alive” - Flyleaf.

The fans cheered as the Stone Angel made her way from the back. She was sporting a nasty black eye as she made her way to the ring with the Starlette title. She didn’t leap into the ring like normal, instead she climbed in and stood on the second turnbuckle and held the title up.

Persephone hit her from behind which elicited more boos from the fans. Persephone threw Aria to the mat from the second turnbuckle as the referee called for the bell. Persephone went in quickly and covered Aria.


Persephone stood up and pulled Aria to her feet. She shot her off the ropes but Aria twirled through the air using herself as a projectile to take Persephone down. Aria sprung up and hit the nearest top rope, flipping into a moonsault that connected. She hooked the leg going for the win.




Aria pounded the mat in frustration. She could feel the effects of SVJ’s attack. Aria went to the top rope but her vision was blurry. Vertigo hit and she felt herself falling off the top rope

Right into Below the Heaven’s path! A vicious Roundhouse style kick where Persephone locks the leg behind the head to add extra impact. Aria was out, with the mild concussion from iNtense and that move there was no return. The referee checked on Aria and Persephone just stood there. The official threw up the X and called for the bell.

Persephone had just won the Starlet championship and brought the first title into the clutches of The Backbone. The EMT’s rushed out and moved Aria out of the ring.

Winner: Persephone via Knockout


Heirs of Wrestling The jOlt Interview Backdrop.

The man with the microphone, one Donny Layne.

Clearly... he was not happy to be here.

And why was that?

We'll let him tell you.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I'm now here getting a few words with the men who will defend their jOlt Tag Team Championships at Glory against Team VIAGRA. At this time, please welcome the jOlt Tag Team Championship... Frank Silver, Ryan Gallway, Mack Brody... The Heirs of Wrestling.”

The crowd then stood up and applauded for the heroes of the jOlt Tag Team Division and showed them the support that they deserved... much, MUCH booing. They'd been getting in the grill of Sylo, Ray Chavez, making life hell for JCON and Sweet Aroma, among making other enemies in the locker room. And for the last several weeks, they'd been the victim of some cruel, cruel pranks by Team VIAGRA. Now? They were pissed. Frank, Ryan and Mack all surrounded Donny who looked ready to defecate in his good britches.

“Okay, gentlemen, I'm just trying to do my job,” Layne asked. “Frank, you narrowly lost to Sylo last week in a very impressive match for the jOlt World Heavyweight Cha...”

“NO.” Frank stopped him right there with a finger poking him. Layne flinched. “We're NOT going to talk about how I got screwed out of LIBERATING the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship from that has-been. And we're going to talk about RESPECT. We've RULED this place with an iron fist. I PINNNED the World Heavyweight Champion and I've main evented shows! VIAGRA are running around here, ducking us, trapping us in our own locker room, filling it with Tony Davis' own personal prescription Viagra. And the only reason they're doing it is because in the ring, THEY CAN'T CUT IT!”

Donny spoke up again. “That could be up for debate. They beat Total Conquest on iNtense. And they made their debut by beating you guys...”

Ryan jumped up and pulled Donny around to his level by grabbing his tie.

“DO YOU WANNA DIE TODAY, LAYNE-BRAIN?!” Gallway shouted in a Charlie Kelly-esque pitch.

Brody put his massive palm on the shoulder of Donny Layne and put his other hand over the microphone. “You don't get to talk now. You're here to listen.”

Frank shook his head and spat to the side.

“A couple things... we are not JUST the jOlt Tag Team Champions. From here on out, we are the jOlt Tag Team Champions OF THE WORLD. You got that, Donny? We are the best combination of talent that's ever been amassed. The best group in the world... BAR. NONE. Better than VIAGRA. Better than The Jury. Better than Sylo and Ray Chavez. Better than JCON and his bitch. Better than Titan's crew. Titan's so stupid he doesn't realize that WE are the backbone of jOlt.”

Donny merely nodded, moving an eye over to Mack Brody who continued to dig his palm into his shoulder. Frank continued to huff angrily.

“And we haven't forgotten about our opponents tonight. Tonight, The Heirs return to the main event again! We're being forced... UNFAIRLY, MIGHT I ADD... to defend our jOlt Tag Team Championships Of The World against the reunited Reno Davis and Grendel, The Unwanted Angels. Grendel is a big, tough bastard and Reno Davis has been defending that Relentless Championship... but you ask Sylo and Ray Chavez what we did to a big bastard and a guy that held the Relentless Title and ask them how that worked out? Reno, Grendel, you've got some talent between you, I won't refute that. But just like Team VIAGRA is going to find out at Glory... Ryan, drop our phrase, S'il vous please...”

Frank walked way in a huff while Gallway rubbed his hands together like a kid about to open his presents on Christmas.


He took the microphone and yelled into the camera.


Ryan nodded to Mack and The Bronze Bomber let go of Donny Layne and dusted off his suit before the two of them joined Frank Silver. “Okay... back to ringside.”


Grendel The Living Nightmare, Grendel, stood in the hallway of the Arena of Champions. His massive frame heaved, as heat emanated from it. No one else in all of jOlt had as chilling a frame as this creature of myth… save for maybe the jOlt Champion himself, Sylo.

This man, this monster that would be challenging the Heirs of Wrestling tonight in a Tag Team Championship match alongside a man who had already been challenged to a match tonight, the Relentless Champion Reno Davis, wore tattered clothes which almost fell from his scarred body.

The mask he wore, almost a living thing itself, a mangled piece of leather that had seen god knows what chaos. His white shock of hair obscured his face for the most part. How Reno had befriended him… it was there shared habit’s of being outside of society, neither men were what you would call normal, it would seem.

He truly was a living nightmare, and everyone who passed him gave him a wide berth. Except for one man, that was.

No, not Grendel’s tag team partner in the Unwanted Angels… Reno Davis.

Chris Titan.

Titan stared the equally massive superstar square in the eyes, until Grendel himself raised his head, and with his breath pushing at his white strands of hair, stared back at Titan. This was the man who, most recently, led his team of jOlt originals in taking Aria Murphy apart for Persephone to take the Starlet Championship.

A shark’s grin crept across Titan’s lips, and then without taking his eyes off of Grendel, Titan watched the Living Nightmare walk away from him. As the camera zoomed in on Titan…

The Backbone leader’s smile simply widened.

Avispa Ultima vs. Adam Lazarus
Avispa UltimaAdam Lazarus
"Song of the Luchador"

jOlt's ring was about to be filled with more high paced action than it had seen the entire night, or probably would see afterwards. It was time for the top two Flyweights in the company to finally square off and find out who was the top dog in the pack. And the first dog to the fight brought his own pack with him. Avispa Ultima, of Clan Avispa, was surrounded by the rest of his luchador family members that were never too far from his side since he debuted at Or Die Trying to win the Flyweight Championship. Since then Clan Avispa has gone out and scoured the world looking for new and exciting high flyers to compete against Avispa Ultima inside a jOlt ring. But tonight he would have his hands full with a man that had been a member of this very roster for nearly a decade. The first RingRats graduate in history. The Innovator.

"Praise" by Sevendust.

Adam Lazarus. An explosion of red pyro ignited the jOltVision and revealed the man's name in scratched red writing. He jogged out onto the stage, pumped himself up with the crowd, and ...

Took a lead pipe to the small of his back coutesy of the man that he has rivaled since coming to jOlt, Bane Loneheart. And he wasn't alone. Close behind Loneheart was the rest of the Backbone with Chris Titan directing traffic. They pounced on Laz as they had been doing for weeks. The tape wrapped around his abdomen might as well have had a target painted on it. His cracked ribs no doubt crumbling to pieces beneath the repeated stomps, punches, and knees driven directy into them. Then, suddenly, a roar erupted from the crowd.

They cheered for the unlikely heroes they saw darting up the ramp and diving right into the Backbone members. Clan Avispa had taken action to save a man that wanted to take their coveted Flyweight Championship from them, but a man that was at least honorable about in his actions. The Avispas split off, each taking on a different member of the Backbone. Hija de un Gran Avispa had her sights set on the newly crowned Starlet Champion, Persephone, and the two women were quickly trading punch after punch. Her cousin Avispa Campeon, Jr. took on Perspephone's tag team partner Sepiroth Du Luc, the two larger men driving forearms and elbows into each others faces until a well-placed knee to Campeon's groin hunched him over. SDL went in for the kill but was met with a European Uppercut from La Avispa Grande himself. This left Bane Loneheart to face Avispa Guerrero II, and to suffer a running enziguri that rendered his lead pipe useless. Avispa Ultima, the Flyweight Champion and the man Adam Lazarus was supposed to face this night was circling the stage along with Chris Titan. The two leaders of their factions, eyeing each other and waiting for the other to make a first move. A quick mistake to capitalize on would be a tide turning event and both men knew it. Or, perhaps, an unexpected helping hand in the literal of senses.

Adam Lazarus reached out and grasped Titan's ankle, planting it to the stage. Ultima took flight, hopped onto Titan's shoulders, and flung the Backbone's leader with a hurricanrana. The move sent Chris Titan rolling like a tumble weed halfway down the ramp, but it wasn't enough to take him out of the fight. Titan returned to his feet and charged the Flyweight Champion. Avispa Ultima attempted another hurricanrana but was easily caught by the much larger Titan, then driven into the hard steel stage with a snap powerbomb. The sound startled the remaining Avispa Clan members and that distract opened the door for the Backbone to retake the battle field. And as Avispa Guerrero and Avispa Campeon found themselves being overwhelmed by their attackers, Hija de un Gran Avispa and the patriarch La Avispa Grande attempted to stand their ground.

At least one of them would have some help with that task. Daryn Thompson, the rookie Starlet that earlier in the evening told Laz he would not have to fight this battle alone was making good on her promise. The came barreling out of the curtain and drove a hard elbow into Persephone's temple, stunning the Starlet Champion. Persephone, ever the grisseled ring veteran, managed not to go down tfrom the attack. Instead, she dodged a flying forearm from Hija that set the Starlet luchador on a collision course with Daryn Thompson. The much larger Starlet had no ties to the masked woman, even less so after taking a mouth full of forearm. Daryn drove a hard boot into Hija's gut and followed that up with a clotheline that nearly took the young luchador's head off. Persephone witnessed this first hand and realized that Daryn Thompson, the third generation rookie, had a lot more fight in her than anyone gave her credit for. And then it happened.


It was time for the Backbone to do the thing they do second best. Turn tail and run when things stop going their way. Picking up and dragging a recently Superbeast speared Bane Loneheart, the Backbone escaped through the crowd while Sylo stood on the entrance stage begging them to come back and try to finish what they started.

What he didn't understand was that they already had. As the referee called for EMTs to attend to Adam Lazarus his hopes of winning Flyweight gold were gone. A frustrated Sylo released a deafening roar and stomped off backstage, no doubt to hunt down the faction of jOlt originals and make them pay for what they had done.

Winner: No Contest

"Superbeast Mode"

Sylo “Where are they?! WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEY?!” Sylo yelled down the hallway in an obvious rage. He threw equipment here and there, smashing everything in his way. Assistants gave a wide berth as Sylo made his way through the backstage.

“I want the Backbone and I want them NOW!” Sylo roared. “Where are you mother fuckers?! You’re the Backbone? I’m the guy that breaks fucking backs!” Sylo couldn’t go to the hospital with Aria but he sure as hell could send some people with her.

“If they’re too cowardly where the fuck is Jacobs?! You kicked a woman in the face! Come kick me, bitch! C’mon you pussy ass BITCH!” Sylo’s voice echoed down the hall.

“Whoa, Sylo, please calm down,” Damien Lee was the only one to approach Sylo and even that could be considered a dumb move. Lee held his hands up as he approached.

“Listen to me, if you want revenge, beat Ito tonight. The Backbone won’t be able to stand the fact you hold original jOlt titles. As far as SVJ goes, you get him in the Pit at Glory. Please, just calm down and let this go for now.” Lee was making a lot of sense as Sylo’s chest heaved.

“Fine. I know you’re just trying to save face but know this, eventually I’ll get them, the whole group, I’ll get Phoenix, I’ll get SVJ, and I sure as fuck will get the Backbone and break them.” Sylo snarled as he turned away as Lee let out a breath finally able to untense.

Sylo looked over his shoulder.

You can stake your life on that,” And with that Sylo headed to his part of the arena. The SuperBeast would be in full form tonight.

Heirs of Wrestling vs. The Unwanted Angels
Heirs of WrestlingThe Unwanted Angels
Reno Davis had been a very valiant Relentless Champion since wrestling the coveted championship away from the likes of The Nashvillian thanks to a little bit of help from his long-time friend, the beastly Grendel. The two had shared a unique kinship for years and once upon a time in a previous incarnation of the storied organization, were quite the fearsome duo. And now, they had an opportunity to do one thing they were never able to do as a team in jOlt: win the jOlt Tag Team Championships.

Enter The Heirs of Wrestling: If you don't know them by now, you're quite the moron. Unless you just started watching jOlt... than you're quite a BIGGER moron. The Heirs, the punk-ass bastards who had been ducking Team VIAGRA, the only tag team to have bested them in a straight contest, had beaten some class competition including JCON and Sweet Aroma, not to mention jOlt World Champ Sylo and Ray Chavez. Just days before Team VIAGRA's shot at The Heirs, Reno Davis and Grendel – The Unwanted Angels – had the chance to wrest the titles from the cocky young triumvirate.

“I Don't Care” by Antidote.

The fans showed some MAJOR love for the two men coming out from the back. One was the jOlt Relentless Champion, wearing the title proudly as he held it up for all to see, coming off a hellacious five minute defense over Aran Thompson. Behind him was the TOWERING monster that he could call a friend, paying the crowd no attention. Despite having already wrestled once, Reno was no doubt ready for more.

“The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the jOlt TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS! First, making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 503 pounds, they are the challengers... GRENDEL! And the jOlt Relentless Champion, RENO DAVIS... THE UNWANTED ANGELS!

Reno Davis and Grendel were quite a force to reckon with and they would definitely be more than a handful for The Heirs of Wrestling. The two men silently discussed strategy among themselves as they waited for their opponents.

“Forever (Travis Barker remix)” by Drake.

The familiar drum beats filled the arena and thus, the crowd responded very well (Read: JEERED the punk bitches) making their way out from the back. As noted by their earlier interview, they were quite pissed with Team VIAGRA playing various pranks on them and they could very well take that aggression out on The Angels.

“And their opponents, they are the jOlt Tag Team Champions OF THE WORLD... Mack Brody and Frank Silver, THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!

Ryan Gallway accompanied his friends and yelled at the fans. Frank Silver and the monstrous Mack Brody would be the opposition facing The Unwanted Angels. Frank Silver stomped to the ring while Mack Brody followed closely behind him inside the ring. They didn't look like they were in any mood to play, which was okay with The Unwanted Angels; they didn't want to play, either.


Frank Silver was ready to start the match first while Ryan Gallway cheered on his buddies from the ringside floor. Reno would be taking point for The Unwanted Angels while the emotionless Grendel watched his good friend get the match started.

“You ready to die, short-shit?” Frank snarled at Reno.

The Relentless Champion smirked. “Always, you pompous prick.”

Silver didn't take too kindly to that and kicked Reno Davis it the gut. Like most of Reno's matches, he gave up a lot of weight to the de facto leader of The Heirs. Frank dropped a couple of elbows into the head of his opponent and doubled him over with another knee strike, bringing him down to his own knees.

Frank pulled him up off the mat as he launched the submission specialist and high flyer to the ropes. When he came back, he bounced off the ropes with a Handspring. Frank caught him and tried to connect with some sort of big move, but Reno Davis adjusted himself and freed himself from his grip. He landed on his feet and doubled Frank over with a couple of sharp kicks before bouncing off the ropes and popping off a Springboard Arm Drag that sent Frank across the ring!

When one-third of the jOlt Tag Team Champions got back to his feet he stood up and caught an oncoming kick from Reno. He threw his leg away, but the Relentless Champion used the momentum and sailed right into a Dragon Whip kick that rocked The Baron of Ballistics! He was stunned and Reno quickly ran off the ropes, catching Frank with a Rolling School Boy pin!


Frank was the first to kick out, but when he got back to his feet he was caught with a Running Wheelbarrow turned into a second roll-up from The Unwanted Angel!


Again The Royal Knight of Friday Nights kicked out of Reno's flash attempt, but he was caught with another series of kicks that backed him up into the corner. He came running at Frank, but he flipped the champion over the ropes with a Back Body Drop... LANDED ON THE APRON! When Frank turned around he ate a leaping kick from Reno on the ring apron! He was rocked and allowed for Reno to tie the bigger man up in the ropes...


Reno's take on The Tarantula tied up Frank in knots against the ropes, but the submission specialist only had the benefit of four seconds before getting disqualified in the ropes, so he let Frank go. Silver felt like his limbs were on fire so he ducked from the ring. Reno turned around to see Mack Brody coming at him, but Grendel moved into action and pulled the ropes down, sending Mack Brody tumbling to the outside also! Reno was back in the game and took the opportunity to go a-flyin...


He caught Frank Silver on the floor with the big-time move, taking both men down! Reno stood up and celebrated with the fans as he hurriedly tried to roll Frank back inside the ring following his spectacular dive. He rolled back inside the ring and tried to cover Frank, but the de facto Heirs leader rolled back out the other side while Mack Brody was just now climbing back on the apron. Ryan Gallway watched as Frank ran past him and Reno gave chase. He tagged in Mack Brody as he came back inside but when The Relentless Championship followed him in, he realized he'd been duped by the blind tag...


A BIG shot from the 6'6, 320-pound Bronze Bomber caught Reno Davis from behind and leveled The Relentless Champion. He stood over the fallen champion before picking him up off the mat and tossing him casually into the corner before he fired off a series of big back elbows to the head. After the repeated shots, he followed those up with about three Shoulder Thrusts right to the ribcage. Reno was between a rock and a rock-hard muscled place when Mack lifted him up and casually TOSSED him across the ring with the Exploder Suplex he called THE GOLD-DIGGER!

The tide had been turned completely when Mack walked over and taunted the silent and beastly Grendel, flexing his muscles and laughing like a madman. He turned back over and kicked Davis a few times before lifting him off the mat and tossing him to the corner. The tag was made to Frank Silver and the two men launched Reno to the ropes.. Double Shoulder Tackle! Far less technical than the double-teams of Silver and Gallway but effective nonetheless. Frank turned him over and looked out to the crowd as he held up his pinky... GOD THAT FUCKING SNOODY ROYAL PINKY...


Dropped into the heart of The Unwanted Angel, he slammed the elbow knocking the wind out of him. He turned him over and went for the cover.


Reno got the shoulder up again and he was in a very bad way. He needed to get to Grendel. The fans supported Reno Davis with some “RENO DAVIS!” chants as he crawled over, but Frank caught him by the leg and pulled him up. He lifted him onto his shoulders... GET BENT! The Spinning Gutwrench Toss dropped Reno like a bad habit and now the champion was dizzied and seeing stars.


Frank growled to the referee before he scooped Reno Davis off the mat. He threw The Relentless Champion into the corner and followed, but Reno catapaulted over Frank, sending him crashing hard into the ringpost! Silver was hunched over in pain now and fell to the canvas while Davis saw his opportunity. The Relentless Champion crawled over to the corner while the fans were in a tizzy. Reno continued to crawl where Grendel was waiting with a hand to reach out. The Living Nightmare could turn things around if Reno was able to get to him. He reached out...

...To a hand that grabbed him by the throat!

GRENDEL had a stranglehold on his own tag team partner! Reno gasped and struggled to breathe as his friend... his own friend had him in his grip...



The fans voiced their displeasure with Grendel, but also with the appearance of a man who had been making life a living Hell for The Relentless Champion.


Wearing his Backbone shirt, he was not alone. Bane Lonehart (with lead pipe), Sepiroth Du Loc and the NEW Starlet Champion, Persephone were watching from the ring apron. And while Mike Extreme wasn't there due to his suspension, they had still been a very dangerous force in jOlt. They'd led some vicious attacks on the roster over the last several weeks and it appeared there may have been one more planned.

Frank didn't know what the fuck was going on and quite... well, FRANK-ly, he didn't give a shit. He tagged in Mack Brody and the big man wasted no time picking the bones of Reno while Grendel watched voicelessly, leaving his friend(?) to the wolves.


Mack went for the cover and the work was academic by that point.


The fans JEERED as The Backbone started to hit the ring. The Heirs hadn't been around The Backbone all that long, but they knew to get the fuck out of there and slid out of the ring, taking the jOlt Tag Team Championships with them as the three of them disappeared into the crowd, not wanting to tangle with the jOlt Originals.

Chris Titan led his troops into the ring and one by one, they entered. Du Loc, Persephone, Bane Lonehart... and now, GRENDEL. Titan patted The Living Nightmare on the back, confirming what the crowd had suspected... they had increased their forces by one more.

“Good job, big man,” Titan grinned as he looked down at his Glory opponent. The fallen Reno Davis. He motioned for Grendel to finish the job and so he did. He pulled Reno up by the arm...

...Why?” was all Reno could get out.


Davis' screams of pain as he was nearly being broken in half by Grendel were music to the ears of Chris Titan and the rest of The Backbone. A few referees came down to the ring to try and break up the party, but Bane kept them at bay with his lead pipe while Sepiroth Du Loc was swinging a chair, keeping them from interferring on Reno's behalf.

The hold continued to do serious damage to Reno Davis while the crowd continued to boo, but The Backbone didn't care. In their eyes, this was THEIR jOlt and nobody else's. Reno continued to scream while Chris Titan stood over him, yelling into his face.


After a few more agonizing moments in Grendel's dreaded submission hold, Titan motioned for The Living Nightmare to let go and he obliged, letting The Relentless Champion fall lifelessly to the ground.

“Good job, big man,” Titan nodded with approval. “At Glory, I'm finishing the job.”

Titan and The Backbone – now with Grendel in tow – left the ring and headed through the crowd for the second time that evening. A powerful and deadly new addition had been thrown into the fold of the jOlt Originals. And now that their forces were even stronger, one could only wonder as trainers and referees helped the fallen Reno Davis...

Just how many more casualties would there be in this war?

Winner: Heirs of Wrestling via Pinfall

"Stepping Out of The Underground… jOlt???"

Jonathan Conspiracy Prior to the main event cameras picked up Jonathan Conspiracy in the locker room, with an ice pack on his back. He looked defeated, well he was defeated tonight but still he looked defeated. After failing to capture every jOlt Championship he competed for and failing to snatch the jOlt Championship #1 contendership from SVJ, there didn’t seem to be anything more that Jonathan could do.

Sweet Aroma sat by his side holding the ice pack and place, as she tried to speak but not even her words could help the situation, and she knew it. Every time she started to open her mouth she closed it instantly, not wanting to say something that could possibly be misinterpreted.

The two sat in silence as Warriors 8 played on the monitor situated not even 5 feet from the married couple.

“Jonathan! Jonathan! Can I get a word with you?”

It was the voice of Donny Layne, but he got no response from JCON as Aroma approached the door. She opened and stepped outside.

“Jonathan! Jonathan!”

Aroma closed the door behind her as cameras stayed focused on Conspiracy who had now donned a towel to cover his face. Sweet Aroma and Donny Layne could still be heard from the other side of the door.

“He doesn’t feel like talking right now Donny. I don’t know maybe he might be ready to say something in time for Countdown. This recent stretch of matches has really taken a toll on him. Give him some time Donny, he’ll definitely have answers to any questions you might have.”

Aroma opened the door and reentered the room.


She pointed to the camera man and then pointed to the door. The camera man made his exit as the camera shot switched to the camera man who was present at the door with Donny Layne.

“Back to ringside for the main event!” stated Layne as the broadcast did just that.

Sylo vs. Kenjiro Ito
SyloKenjiro Ito


And from the epic poet of his day, Dante, the scene shifted quickly to modern-day epic poets Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Kanye West, with their popular hit “Run This Town.” Out walked Kenjiro Ito, with Phoenix by his side. Phoenix said something to the last Triple Crown Champion, patted his on the shoulder, and then walked back out of sight from the riotous Arena of Champions.

Adorned in his HEAT shirt, Ito walked down the aisle with a smirk on his face and titles on both of his shoulders, as well as one around his waist. This was arguably the biggest match in the history of jOlt, and it was on free TV for your pleasure. The historical titles that he held from jOlt’s past WERE beautiful. The first on his right shoulder was the World Heavyweight Title, the classic belt used circa 2001. The ORIGINAL jOlt World Heavyweight Title. The one that erØn had returned, after winning it from Brandon Blade and running off to the FWO.

Then on Ito’s left shoulder was the jOlt World Championship, used in 2002 for the Second Season. The belt was smaller, with the Superman shape of the then Jolt logo (the man who most say was an outline of Brandon Blade, in the capital O), and blue tinted metal. Erik Rave burnt the title during a Pinnacle of Insane Wrestling event, not destroying the belt but scarring the leather and bending the metal in places.

Then around Kenjiro Ito’s waist was the Jolt Triple Crown Championship. A large, fancy plated title, weighing at least 45lbs. The belt was enshrined with a “JW” logo, and written in front was, “Jolt Triple Crown Championship” with KENJIRO ITO emblazoned in blarge block font on the Championship name plate. On the belt, to the left and right, there was crown shaped metal that held the old “jOlt” and jOlt Season II logos.

And all Ito could do was smile he walked up the ringside steps, before slipping into the ring.


Johnny Cash would follow.

“And I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder.
One of the four beasts sang come and see and I saw.
And behold! A white horse. And his name that sat on him...
Was death.
And hell...followed with him. ”

“Miracle (Pale horse remix)” - Nonpoint.

A blinding white explosion, a symbol of mass destruction that had become synonymous with The Perfect Predator, The SuperBeast, Sylo, rocked the entire Arena of Champions to its base. Through the blast and smoke stepped the 7’1”, 335 lb, and FIRST jOlt Champion since its resurrection as well as the LAST Legacy Champion. The man that had been dubbed jOlt’s reckoning wore the Legacy Championship around his waist and held the jOlt title over his shoulder with just as much respect as he scanned the arena. Sylo moved to the right of the stage, shouting something almost inaudible, which only increased the volume. He repeated this motion to the other side and the Arena of Champions was beginning to burst at the seams. Finally, The Harbinger of Destruction, moved to the dead center of the stage, crouching down, studying, strategizing, before jumping to his feet. Sylo made his way to the ring and leapt up on the apron before entering.

Ito and Sylo met each other in the middle of the ring. Doyle set down the rules… but knew these two wouldn't hear them. A malicious grin came over Sylo's face, “What were you saying Ito, I wasn’t paying attention.”

"Doesn’t matter really, you’ll be forgotten soon enough once I take everything from you that makes you special… hell, I might even give you a hair cut while I’m at it, Blue.”

The mockery, that same mockery that flowed with Sylo's first words to Ito, was evident across the Bad Will Ambassador’s words. He followed his statement with a wide grin. Every bulging muscle in Sylo's body tensed. Then both men lifted the Championship belts that they held, one In each of Sylo’s hands and the three that Ito had held for close to half a decade now.

The crowd roared.

Then both men gave each of there belts to the referee, signifying what was at stake. The very literal weight of it all. The referee, Simon Boulder, even at his size had to gingerly hand the man at ringside each belt, as he held upwards of one hundred ponds of Championship Gold in his arms.

The Grand Prix of jOlt, Kenjiro Ito, clenched his fists… and Sylo, muscles tensed, took a step back with his left… getting into a position where he could explode forward when the bell rang.




The eighth main event of jOlt’s Warriors broadcast, a main event like no other before, had begun.

The two gladiators, both proficient in mat-based wrestling both in terms of professional wrestling and amateur wrestling, unsurprisingly began with a collar-and-elbow tie-up. The challenger if you can call him that, the Grand Prix of jOlt, the Triple Crown Champion used his quickness advantage to leverage Sylo to the side, and popping his hips, he looked for a judo hip throw, only to have THE jOlt Champion use his size advantage to block the move and counter into a waistlock. Sylo immediately looked for a German suplex, but the Bringer of the Ice Age surprised his opponent by blocking with a leg and executing a standing switch so that he held Sylo in a waistlock. When the big man didn't budge, Ito fired a hard shot to the back of Sylo's head, stunning him just long enough for a back suplex.

Rolling to his feet, the challenger was surprised to see that Sylo hadn't moved from the mat, only managing to make it to his stomach. Confident that Sylo was already blown up based on his long nights by Aria Murphy’s bed side, Ito moved in quickly, looking to lock in Ito’s Cold Embrace, the Anaconda Vince that had most recently been locked onto the referee after the con of a Glory Grand Prix finale had transpired. Unfortunately for the challenger, the Champion was merely lying in wait, and he exploded to his feet, nearly decapitating Ito with a lariat. Under normal circumstances, the challenger probably wouldn't have fallen to a lariat that early in the match, but when a lead pipe of an arm catches you squarely where your neck meets your shoulders; it's bound to have an effect.

And now it was the Champion’s turn to gloat, walking slowly over to Ito, who was still shaking the cobwebs out of his head. Rather than pulling the challenger up, though, Sylo placed the heel of his boot on Ito' forehead and pushed off with his other foot, executing a tidy pirouette on the challenger’s face. Sylo roared as the fans roared back in support and glee in return before attempting the move a second time, but the challenger showed surprising strength, snatching Sylo's ankle and torquing him to the mat and directly into an ankle lock. Sylo was able to wrest his leg free before Ito could truly lock the hold in. Hopping up to his feet, Sylo turned and smiled mockingly at Ito, which only prompted the challenger to get to his own vertical base that much faster.

Circling one another, the two men tied up once more, with Sylo overpowering the Triple Crown Champion into an overhead wristlock. Ito, showing his Japense strong-style background quickly reversed into a modified overhead arm drag, following it up immediately with a seated reverse armbar. Using his free arm, Sylo reached across his chest and applied a modified crossface to Ito' face, driving the side of his hand across Ito' chin and twisting the challenger’s head at an awkward angle. And while Ito' slightly smaller frame permitted him to pull out of Sylo's reach (due to the larger man's musculature and poor positioning), in order to do so, he loosened the armbar enough that The jOlt Champion was able to slip free and twist to his feet, the Triple Crown Champion a split second behind him.

Once more, Sylo lunged forward, looking to connect with another stiff lariat, but Ito ducked and stiffed the challenger right back, connecting with a roaring forearm strike to the back of the head that sent Sylo staggering forward and over the top rope to the floor. Raising one arm in the air, Ito backed up to the opposite ropes and waited for his opponent to get to his feet. No sooner had Sylo pulled himself vertical than Ito charged across the ring, diving shoulderblock through the ropes that flattened Sylo once more. The crowd was not happy, beginning to chant Sylo’s name. Getting back to his feet, the Triple Crown Champion seemingly ignored Boulder’s warnings about getting it back into the ring, instead grabbing Sylo by the waistband of his tights and launching him forward, lawn dart style, into the cold steel of the guard rail.

"Now who's taking who apart, bitch?" Ito growled, to the jeers of the Arena fans at ringside. Simon Boulder was inclined to let Kenjiro Ito continue to dole out the punishment, not wanting to end a match of THIS magnitude on a disqualification, and the Grand Prix of jOlt hoisted Sylo onto his shoulders with a fair bit of might before turning around and charging towards the ring post. However, before Ito could slam Sylo headfirst into another hard metal object, the Champion slipped off of his back and shoved him forward, hoping to ram the challenger to his jOlt Championship himself into the post instead. Fortunately for Ito, he was able to put on the brakes in time, stopping just short of the ring post. Unfortunately for Ito, Sylo was still right behind him…

… and took. The Bringer of the Ice Age by the head, RAMMING it into the steel post. Smiling savagely, Sylo bent down and hooked Ito' leg over his head so that the challenger’s knee rested on the back of his neck and the his body was dangling in front of the big man's torso. Normally, this move would be enough to put the Triple Crown Champion in a suitably bad position, but Sylo's normally bad disposition was made all the worse by the champion's cocky exclamation minutes ago, not to mention his attack on Wippit Guud just days before as well. So rather than simply leaving Ito to hang there, Sylo twisted first to the right, then to the left, swinging the challenger’s head squarely into the ring post. Finally Simon Boulder had to threaten Sylo with a disqualification (an empty threat, sure), prompting the Champion to none the less drop the Triple Crown Champion.

Sylo helped Ito the rest of the way to his feet, only to hoist the challenger into the air and then bring him down, shoulder-first, across his knee, the impact of the shoulder breaker jolting Ito’s other joints now that his knee had been wrecked. Rather than letting the champion slip to the floor, though, Sylo pulled him into the air once more and tossed him almost effortlessly into the ring, no small feat when you consider that the Bad Will Ambassador was a well-proportioned two-hundred fifty-pounder. Sliding into the ring after Ito, Sylo got to his feet and grabbed the challenger by his right wrist.

The ATL-ian attempted to drag Ito to the ropes, but the challenger swing out at him, so Sylo modified his plans, instead keeping his hold on Ito' wrist and spinning around to drop a knee on Ito' hyper-extended shoulder. Putting his full weight on Ito's joint, Sylo yanked upwards on Ito's arm, trying his best to hyperextend the shoulder further, but the Triple Crown Champion wasn't having it, catching Sylo first with a left and then a right knee that really showed a resilience in spite of the immense pain that he was most certainly in. Ito, for all his grand standing earlier in the night, knew what was at stake. Sylo relinquished the submission, giving Ito the opportunity to get to his feet. From halfway across the ring, the Champion waited until the other champion turned.

Springing into action, Sylo charged at his opponent, only to see the Bringer of the Ice Age come charging at him as well. Ito ducked Sylo's clothesline and they rebounded off of the ropes, rocketing at one another with even more velocity than before. Sylo threw a lariat that separated Kenjiro Ito's head from his shoulders…

…or it would've, if the winner of the Glory Grand Prix hadn't dodged to the side and fired a knee into Sylo's midsection…

…unfortunately, it was Ito' right knee which along with the shoulder Sylo had done a number on already, and Ito immediately collapsed to the mat, unable to follow up on his first offense in a few long minutes. Getting back to his feet and seeing the challenger clutching his knee in pain, Sylo smiled savagely. Rather than going for a move he was certain would end the match, he instead wanted to make an example out of his egotistic challenger for not only Vince Jacobs but for Phoenix as well.

Sylo waited for Kenjiro to reach his feet before moving in, slowly this time. Circling first to Ito’s left then to his right, Sylo showed his MMA prowess by keeping the challenger off-balance. When Ito' feet were scant inches apart, Sylo moved in for a collar-and-elbow tie-up, changing direction as Ito brought his guard up and diving forward for a double-leg takedown. And since he wasn't looking to finish the match just yet, Sylo simply toyed with Ito, standing up quickly and beckoning for the Triple Crown Champion to get to his feet. When he did, Sylo charged, only to back off at the last second, leaving Ito wobbling on his bad leg, holding his bad shoulder. Approaching in an amateur stance, Sylo slapped Ito' head a few times, drawing the fellow champion’s hands up once more and then shooting in again. This time, though, Ito was ready, and he brought his left knee up to catch Sylo in the chin. However, the strain of his full weight proved to be too much for the Bad Will Ambassador’s right knee to handle, and he collapsed on top of his opponent, shooting in a half nelson to drive Sylo over onto his back. Grasping a leg with a little of the rapidly depleting energy he had left, Ito wasn't so much looking for a pin as he was praying for a momentary respite from the onslaught on his body.

Alas, it wasn't to be. Sylo kicked out of the cover almost immediately and rolled nimbly to his feet, beating Ito to a vertical base by several long seconds that felt like hours to the Bad Will Ambassador. He cursed his joints and the fans at ringside but did his best to minimize the expression of the pain he was in, knowing full well that Sylo's strategy wouldn't change in the least.

Charging forward again, the Georgia-born athlete projected himself forward with a spear tackle, a move that Ito knew would've folded him in half based on Sylo's size and the speed that he was traveling at. So instead, the owner of three championships at stake tonight hopped deftly to his side, causing the owner of two championships at stake tonight to sail harmlessly past him…

…or had he? Sylo lashed out immediately, throwing his leg backwards as hard as he could and connecting with the back of Ito' knee, a move so vicious that the fans gasped in amazement. Meanwhile, in the ring, Sylo grabbed Ito by the right wrist once more and hoisted the appendage into the air, leaning back over the Triple Crown Champion’s back and literally sitting down on Ito' head. When he was sure that his challenger couldn't go anywhere.

Still, Kenjiro Ito knew exactly what was at stake and what he would lose if he lost this match to Sylo. Which would be everything that he had hung his ego on, especially since his return to jOlt. It was a BIG ego too, damn it, an ego that could move mountains! Ito pushed up, lifting not only his own upper body, but also more than 80% of Sylo's weight. With one final ego-boosted effort, Ito threw himself forward, his fingers brushing the bottom rope as he collapsed beneath Sylo's weight once more. However, when Boulder veered in to see if Ito had gone the route of unconsciousness, the ref was nearly knocked out of the ring when the challenger surged again – one final, desperate burst of adrenaline that proved to be all he needed to grasp the bottom rope securely. Sylo stood up, shocked, but here the Bringer o the Ice Age was, struggling valiantly to regain his feet. Sylo couldn't help but appreciate the amazing endurance that Ito had shown in this MEGA-defense, but all the same, he was determined to end the match, and as he stalked in towards Ito, he was caught by surprise with a discus lariat that sent both men collapsing to the mat, Ito’s arm draped across his opponent's neck where they landed.

Boulder dropped into position and began the count, but the Champion was having none of it and literally threw Ito off of him. Boulder received word that the show was about ten minutes from completion, but based on the importance of the match; jOlt had been granted some leeway by ESEN and would be permitted a short overrun period until the match was completed. Conveying the message to both competitors, he couldn't help but notice a strange look on Sylo's face, one that hadn't truly been there in his jOlt career, and only very rarely in the long years before that – concern. The big man's conditioning plan had backfired, and if Ito SOMEHOW proved to be the better conditioned athlete which his more normal muscle mass and past in Japan would seem to indicate (as long as he hadn’t gotten too old and fat over the years), then he still had a chance, however slim, of pulling out the match. This brought a strange mixture of emotions to Sylo's face – a combination of determination and anger, as he knew that he'd need to keep pounding away at Ito if he wanted to wrap himself in FIVE beautiful gold belts at the end of the night.

Getting back to his feet, Sylo charged, expecting Ito to stagger back upright, and the challenger didn't disappoint him in that regard; however, when he went for a charging shoulder block, Ito surprised him by dropping swiftly to the mat. Sylo charged forward headlong, unable to stop his momentum, but that proved to be the least of his concerns a split second later…

…when the champion executed a spinning sweep kick that took Sylo's legs out from under him and sent the wind audibly rushing from his lungs. Having learned from his last attempt at offense, Ito had executed a move that not only took the big man down long enough to give him time to shake off some of the pain he was feeling, but also required very little pressure on his tenderized knee. Finding himself on the offensive for the first time in almost ten minutes, ten minutes that his challenger had spent grinding his primary support into dust, while tearing his shoulder apart, the challenger gingerly got to his feet, testing how much weight he could actually put on his knee. As the crowd began to chant “SYLO’S GONNA KILL YOU” however, all Ito could do was flip them the bird. Realizing that he needed to keep the big man grounded while he regained some feeling in his right leg, Ito put a plan into motion that would allow him to both wear down the big man and regain some of his own strength. Leaping into the air as best he could with a bad wheel, Ito delivered a thunderous elbow drop to Sylo's throat, not giving a fuck that Simon Boulder would warn him about targeting such a sensitive area, regardless of the fact that Ito had seen paint cans with less diameter than Sylo's neck.

And while he was right about Boulder’s warning, the Triple Crown Champion was right on something much more important – he kept the challenger from drawing a healthy breath and regaining his vigor. Rolling the gasping Sylo to his stomach, Ito scissored his legs around Sylo's right arm and then locked his arms around Sylo's head and left shoulder, wrenching back for all he was worth in hopes of getting the One-Man Wrecking Crew to submit.

"You hear that, Sylo? That silence here between the ropes? Enjoy it, because in a few seconds, you're going to hear a series of snaps and pops – that'll be your tendons in your neck. It'll probably get even more quiet right after that, but then you'll be so full of pain that you'll hear nothing but blood rushing through your ears like a river." Kenjiro Ito was at his sadistic best at the moment.

"And all these fans that are chanting for you right now? Saying that you’ll kill me? They'll fall silent too, and then they'll be calling for my head. But that's okay, because when it's all said and done, I'll be a legend, and you'll be a footnote while your Legacy Championship is locked away along with the Triple Crown."

However, being the fresher man as a result of taking significantly less punishment, Sylo wasn't about to just give up to someone he'd been more or less wiping the mat with, and he pushed his feet beneath him, ignoring the twinge that shot from his tailbone directly up to his brain stem, and using his massive leg muscles, he pistoned forward, putting more and more pressure on his neck until his waist was bent almost in half. Some of the fans in the arena, the ones with weaker stomachs, turned their eyes away from the ring at the hideously contorted shape that was the LAST Triple Crown Champion, but in doing so, they missed Sylo bending his knees and then throwing his upper body backwards, his superior size allowing him to throw Ito to his back on the mat and directly into a pinning predicament. Ito, determined to use everything he could to his advantage, waited until Boulder had reached a two-count before releasing the hold and thereby freeing himself from the pin.

Getting to his feet with a little more spring in his step, Ito was still careful not to put too much pressure on his right knee, backing up a step to ensure that Sylo couldn't surprise him with a cheap shot as the challenger got back to his feet. Circling one another more warily than before, both men were certainly feeling the effects of the match – Ito' entire right leg was going numb from the constant pain he'd been in, and Sylo's musculature wasn't designed to be contorted the way it had, leaving him significantly stiffer as he moved due to a sharp pain in his neck that he couldn't quite shake out. Taking a moment to rub his neck, Sylo fell victim to a diving spear from the challenger, but he wasn't taken completely off-guard, as he scissored his legs around Ito' waist and threw himself backwards with the impact, minimizing the champion's offense and attempting to apply a choke sleeper.

However, the champion was having none of it, as he quickly leaned back as far as Sylo's leg scissors would allow and then rushed back forward, delivering a huge palm thrust to Sylo's forehead. In Japan, Sylo probably would've been a vegetable, but even in jOlt, he was forced to release the hold and try to blink away the dancing white points that were flashing across his vision. Seizing the opportunity, Ito pulled Sylo to the center of the ring by both ankles, only to flip forward and attempt a jackknife pin. Again, though, he was denied, as Sylo managed to kick out and roll back to his feet after only a two-count.

Ito got back to his feet, his confidence growing with every passing moment, as he could see Sylo's energy deserting him – the big man was covered in sweat and his breath was coming in short, ragged gasps. Phoenix was right, Ito was just coming into his conditioning peak after their long match last week, but Sylo had been stretched FAR too thin lately. Having scouted Sylo since before he had even arrived in jOlt, Ito knew that his opponent would try to find a submission hold that would allow him to gain a second wind, and, as a result, he was determined not to give Sylo the opportunity, so when Sylo shot in for another amateur takedown, Ito drove his right elbow down into the back of Sylo's head much to the disgust of the jOlt faithful. Before following it up with a running, vicious left-armed lariat of his own.


The challenger had successfully halted the bull's charge, and now he was ready to insert a sword of his own, not unlike the matadors that had thrived in Spain, their profession essentially unchanged for so many hundreds of years. Before Sylo could even stand upright, Ito leapt across the ring, tossing a STIFF-ASS Roundhouse to the head of Sylo. It was both a tribute and a ‘fuck you’ to Sonny Silver.


To the champion's surprise, his fellow Champion popped right back up to his feet, but it was more a reaction to Ito' attack than anything, as he quickly dropped squarely back to the mat, facedown and unmoving. Ito rolled Sylo over once more and hooked the leg, looking for the pinfall. The ref slid into place –



THREE…no! Sylo shot a shoulder up at the last possible second, ruining the Triple Crown Champion’s hopes for a win. However disappointed he was the Grand Prix of jOlt continued on the offensive, pulling Sylo to his feet and whipping him hard into the turnbuckle. Following quickly, Ito continued his attack with a running yakuza kick that rocked Sylo's head back to the turnbuckle.


Sylo got back to his feet only to be met by his hell-bent challenger, who locked both arms in and began to savagely headbutt Sylo. After nearly a dozen shots with the Arena of Champions becoming unhinged with angry fans, the referee did his best to interject himself between the two men, only for his blue shirt to get sprayed with blood from Sylo's ruptured nose. Ito smiled savagely, as he could finally feel himself getting into a rhythm, perhaps for the first time in the match, and now it was time to repay some of the punishment that had been inflicted upon him back onto Sylo.

Kenjiro Ito confidently smirked as he released his hold on Sylo, who staggered backwards, the blood absolutely gushing down the lower half of his face. Drawing his left hand across his mouth, he smiled, a chilling visual as the sanguine claret contrasted sharply with his bright white teeth and bright blue hair. Since he had entered this match as THE jOlt Champion of the BOLT OF LIGHTNING ERA, Sylo still felt like he had his prey on the ropes and he advanced on his fellow champion, wiping a smear of blood across his rippling chest. Sylo feigned a tie-up and instead jerked Ito into an Irish whip, sending the champion careening towards the ropes at a somewhat awkward shamble. Ito rebounded off of the ropes and leapt into the air, nailing Sylo squarely in the forehead with a flying elbow that sent the Champion staggering backwards. Grabbing Sylo in a front chancery, Ito raised an arm into the air and then leapt forward, sailing over the ropes and snapping Sylo's neck across the top rope as he landed sitting on the edge of the ring apron.

Sylo staggered backwards a step, finding his airflow constricted again which only furthered to hurt his energy advantage, but this only gave Ito the opportunity to get to his feet and slingshot into the ring, sailing over a doubled-over Sylo and catching his head on the way past for a wicked-looking neckbreaker. Rolling through the move to his feet, Ito pumped his fist in the air, amazingly upping the level of pure hate from the crowd, only adding to the problem by gyrating his hips for a moment. Carefully balancing on his right leg, Ito waited for Sylo to get to all fours before unleashing a brutal kick right to the temple. Sylo remained motionless momentarily, only to collapse to the canvas a moment later, utterly motionless.


With the fans nearly ready to tear the building apart, Ito pulled Sylo to his feet, satisfied to see that THE jOlt Champion was still clearly unaware of what was going on around him, so Ito used the opportunity to whip Sylo to the corner, following in with a shoulder to the stomach that doubled Sylo over. Wasting zero time, Ito crossed Sylo’s arms and turned him to face the center of the ring before using the LAST of the energy that he had yet to STICK A FORK in Sylo’s jOlt Championship reign with a high angle sitdown powerbomb. The Pyramid Driver to some. To others?


Surely it was elementary from here – Ito knew it, the fans knew it, Damien Lee in the back knew it, even the referee knew it – but the fact remained that Ito still had to cover the jOlt Champion and gain the three-count, along with TWO of the most storied Championships in the history of the sport. Dropping his weary body on top of Sylo, Ito again hooked a leg, shooting his other leg in to keep Sylo's anchored to the mat.

He also drove his forearm across Sylo's bloodied face, twisting the jOlt Champion's head to the side. It was arrogant, but hell it helped keep Sylo pinned down.

“On your radar now, motherfucker?” Ito sneered, sweat pouring down his face, matting his peroxide blonde hair.

“Yeah Ito… you are…” Sylo coughed through the blood, his breath ragged and confident, “and I got you locked in.”

Biggest mistake of your life, Kenjiro because you should have remembered the SuperBeast’s words, “Your arrogance will be your undoing.”


Sylo latched in the Triangle Choke on Ito’s right arm, snatching the forearm from his bloodied face and breaking the pinfall attempt in the process. Kenjiro Ito’s eyes lit up in terror. Oh god, he HAD let his ego get the best of him. It HAD come to this. To save his career, his neck… god damn god damn god damn… Ito knew he was going to lose his hold on jOlt history, the Triple Crown Championship was no longer his.


Kenjiro Ito’s hand slapped Sylo’s arm, and the SuperBeast released the Triangle Choke on Ito, letting the man who had held jOlt history hostage in the form of it’s first three World-caliber Championships, fall to the blood and sweat stained canvas.

The Arena of Champions blew the roof off of the place. Sylo nodded his head as “Miracle (Pale horse remix)” – Nonpoint blared over the loud speaker, even as the referee began handing him championship after championship and Kenjiro Ito continued to lay motionless on the mat. The SuperBeast… was the man who had saved every piece of jOlt.

And made it his.

Standing, blood running down his face from his busted nose, Sylo had the jOlt Championship latched around his waist and then the 2001 jOlt World Heavyweight Championship and 2002 ‘scared superman’ jOlt World Championship in ONE arm, and the Jolt Wrestling Triple Crown Championship and LoC’s Legacy Championship in the other.

Monster or man, he was made of gold.

Kenjiro Ito defeated, Phoenix in his sights, Aria Murphy and Wippit Guud in his thoughts.

He only had ONE opponent on his mind.

Superstar Vince Jacobs.

One man’s GLORY was in TEN days.

Tonight? That glory belonged to Sylo.

Winner: Sylo via Submission