"A Forever Reminder"

Derecho “One Reason” by Fade

The arena lights dimmed to a crimson hue as the people stood up and booed. Out from the backstage area walked Derecho with the Underground Championship around his waist. With Ninja K on his mind, he made his way down to the ring as he looked to have some business to take care of. Derecho stepped into the ring and grabbed a microphone from ringside.

“On iNtense, I proclaimed that the past was behind me and that I was going to carve a new path into the future. What a better way to start that than right here on MY show.. Warriors!”

The people booed Derecho as he grinned.

“No one can make the argument. I have made the Underground Championship mean something. It means more than the jOlt Championship and I have proven that by defeating The Superbeast Sylo in the middle of this ring just a little over a month ago.”

The people boo and some even start a “WE WANT SYLO” chant.

“Tonight… I am here to proclaim.. that going forward I will…”

Derecho is cut off as the lights in the arena shut down. The jOlt Vision screen illuminates and on the screen is a clip of a match Derecho had back in 2003 in his own promotion. It was Derecho against his long time rival, The Blazer, in a match where Derecho had lost to The Blazer and was forced into early retirement. The clip played.

Derecho then slowly gets up and drags Blazer back through the missing cell. He rolls Blazer back into the thumbtack infested ring, causing more of those things to pierce the skin. Derecho clears a path with his arm. Once he does, he gets up onto the ring apron and climbs in. He then grabs the rope that he hung from the ceiling earlier and ties it to Blazer's leg. Derecho then points to the sky and all of a sudden, the Cell rises into the air!!!!!!!!! Blazer is dangling by his leg, upside down from the cell!!!!!!! Derecho fishes through the tacks and finds one of the three steel chairs that he was put through earlier. Derecho raises the chair into the air and yells! Derecho then proceeds to swing like hell and nail the chair against Blazer's stomach, back, and legs repeatedly. Derecho doesn't stop. He swings and swings and swings. The crowd "OHHing" with every shot taken by Blazer. Derecho finishes it off by slamming the chair into Blazer's head! Derecho then takes the bolt cutters laying on the ring apron and uses them to cut the rope. Blazer falls and lands on his back into the thumbtacks once again. Derecho just gives up, collapses and falls on top of Blazer. Nearly forty five minutes in and we have the first pinfall of this match!!! One............................. Two............................... Three. The crowd rises to its feet and gives these two a standing ovation and a roar that is unparalleled in this evening.

After the match clip, the screen went black and the words “This is where your heart ran away from the business” appeared on the screen.

The lights in the arena came back on. Derecho stood there in the middle of the ring a bit dumbfounded. Derecho simply dropped the microphone and shook his head as if he didn’t want to see that clip. The look on Derecho’s face became intense as he stormed out of the ring. Derecho power walked up the ramp and into the backstage area. The camera followed him as he roamed around backstage.

Derecho blew past various members of the staff as he made a bee line straight to the production truck. Derecho made a fist and pounded away at the door.


Before Derecho could finish, the stinging pain of being hit in the back with a steel chair surged through Derecho’s body. Derecho collapsed to a knee as a man in a black ski mask sporting an X Wrestling T-Shirt came into view. He swung the steel chair again and smacked The Underground Champion dead in the back of the head with it! Derecho flopped face first onto the concrete!

The figure took a few steps backward away from Derecho and dropped the chair. The voice of an official was heard in the distance and the figure took off running. An official rushed up and knelt beside Derecho as he tried to revive him. The scene faded to black.

"New Kid on the Block"

Jimmy B. Martinez Is this what it has come down too? Jimmy asked himself. I've only been here a couple weeks and wrestled a couple house shows. Yet again, I find myself in the ring with Sanchez Cano. A man who honestly doesn’t even deserve to be in the same ring with me, if you asked me. The same man who attacked me in my locker room, with a Singapore cane. It should be obvious, why I don’t have any respect for him. I mean how can I respect a man, who attacks another man from behind. Just than a knock is heard at the door.

”Who is it?” He shouted.

”It's me, Dawn Cassidy.” She answered.

”Come in.”

Dawn Cassidy opened the door, and stepped into the locker room to see JBM sitting down on the bench fixing his wraps around his hand and arms.

”Hey there, Jimmy. I wanted to speak to you about a couple things.”

”Sure, no problem.”

He said, as he pats the bench. Signaling her to take a seat next to him.

”What, you want to talk about?” He asked her.

”I know we got off the wrong foot on our first interview. I just want to apologize.” She explained.

”Don’t worry about it, it's nothing.” He said.

”Now last week on Warriors, Avispa Ultima defended his flyweight championship against Adam Lazarus. Did you tune in?”

”Of course, im always doing my homework studying the competition in the flyweight division. The two so called top flyweights in the company. Well, im here now. So I think that makes it three not two. I do have to give Ultima credit though. It takes a lot for a man, not only to debut at 'Or Die Trying' but also to win a championship while doing so. I have to say, im impressed. Now Ultima and Lazarus, was a good bout. That never happened. Clan Avispa accompanied Ultima, while Backbone came out and brought it too Lazarus. It quickly turned around when Clan Avispa tried to help Lazarus out. It was pretty obvious of the out come of this match. A no contest, I mean Lazarus didn’t stand a chance with them bruised ribs. Let's be honest.” He explained.

"Then they had a rematch at iNtense. Ultima was unable to defend his title due to what happen to his family, at the hands of a ruthless faction by the name of Backbone."

”Yes, these past couple weeks backbone has been very active.” She said.

”I can see that, thank god im not Lazarus or Ultima.”

”It may be good, if you make friends here at jOlt. You may need someone to have you're back some day.” She tried to explain to Jimmy.

”Yea, tell me about it. I mean especially when you have backbone running around here. I’m not worried about that now. Im more focused on my match with Sanchez Cano.”

”Yes, I understand. That’s just something you may want to keep in mind”

”Well thank you for you're concern.” He answered back.

”Just looking out for the new blood. Tonight you go up against Sanchez Cano, the same man that attacked your from behind at iNtense. Do you have any words for him?”

”Yes I do, I also have a foot to put up his ass. It all started at Rock the house, when I picked up my fourth win against him. Now, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that im the better wrestler here. I guess, you feel as if you have something to prove. I mean who wants to lose to the new guy? It's fine by me though, I don’t mind kicking you're ass for the fifth time just to prove a point. Sadistic isn’t what you are, it's more like stupid. Stupid to think that I will ever let you win me. So come Warriors, bring everything you got. I will make sure, I do the same.”

He explained, as he got up from the bench to close up his locker. Dawn Cassidy then did the same.

”Well I will let you get ready for you're upcoming match with Cano.” She said.

”Thank you.” he replied back.

Dawn Cassidy extended her hand, as to say”good luck” Jimmy accepted and shook her hand. She then walked towards the door and exited JBM's locker room as he sat back down on the bench.

"Enter the Dragon"

The Reckoning “Mr. Lee, you summoned the Jade Dragon and here I am,” The beautiful Jade bowed before Damien Lee, her hair up in chopsticks, her green kimono in pristine condition. Lee looked up at Jade and put his pen down before looking up at Jade.

“Thank you for coming. I’d like to talk to you about what happened on iNtense with your team. Their actions were out of line. They busted up two men after the match and could have severely hurt them. I cannot condone this action. Going forward your team cannot attack anyone outside the ring. Are we clear?” Lee was stern. It was evident in his voice.

“Yes Mr. Lee. You can rest assured that the Reckoning will not attack anyone after the bell.” She smiled devilishly.

“Good, your team has a match tonight. They’ll be facing off against The RingRats and I expect you to keep your word.”

“My word is their word, Mr. Lee.” Jade Dragon finished as she turned around to leave his office again revealing her devilish smile.


Aran Thompson Dawn Cassidy stood, truly effervescent, and smiling with her microphone in tow and personality gracefully swaying in the wind.

“Ladies and Gentlemen!” Dawn Cassidy announced.

“Mr. Relentless, Aran Thompson!”

The camera pulled back and revealed Mr. Relentless standing next to her and he put his arm on her shoulder and she seemed taken back and coy.

“Was that a good enough introduction Aran?” She asked Aran with a slight giggle.

Aran nodded his head quickly and reassured her and she moved the microphone closer so it would pick up his voice.

“FINALLY! “ Aran announced, closing his eyes and acting as if to take in the electricity in the air and smell what Dawn was cooking. The fans popped and Dawn blushed as she wasn’t ready for his response.

“Finally, Aran Thompson has found a new way voice his opinions. Aran Thompson found Twitter. He joined the likes of the Underground Champion, Derechode. The Former jOlt Champion, Sylo, one of my opponents for later tonight for the Relentless Championship, Mr. One Letter Better. The new blood of jOlt, Jimmy Benjamin Martinez. Just to name a few.”

Aran stepped in closer to Dawn Cassidy and put his arm around her.

“And do you know what I found out?” Aran asked Dawn.

Dawn looked concerned and she muttered “What?” as she seemingly trembled as Aran drew closer to her.

“It doesn’t matter what I found out, because you can’t be voiced properly. Our own company can’t even figure out how to get a live twitter feed to work and pick up everybody. Then there are the dirt sheets such as eWrestler.net and they won’t even pick up jOlt but we’re one of their affiliates!”

Aran looked disgusted.

“Seriously? jOlt Wrestling has the greatest entertainers on the face of Gods green earth and they want to continue to pander to the minor league talent around the rest of the world? What are we? A Jarrett promotion!?”

Aran shook his head and patted Dawn’s head.

“I don’t deserve this kind of treatment. Sylo doesn’t. Martinez doesn’t. Reno Davis doesn’t. DERECHODE!” Aran tried to continue but was interrupted by Dawn Cassidy.

“Uh-Umm. Sorry. But it’s, Deh-Derecho. Not Derechode.” Dawn said correcting Aran and Aran nodded unknowingly.

“You sure?” Aran asked her to which Dawn nodded her head feverishly.

“Huh. I always figured him for a chode not an echo. But I guess he does repeat himself a lot. Makes sense.” Aran said accepting the correction.

“Regardless. The company deserves better treatment from the IWC and so do our fans. The best fans in the entire world. So I’m calling you out eWrestler.net you either start following our promotion and give it the respect we deserve or…..I will personally begin a public boycott of your company.”

Aran looked into the camera and shook his head.

“Think of the children!”

And with that, Aran walked away and Dawn Cassidy looked confused yet entertained.

Sanchez Cano vs. Jimmy B. Martinez
Sanchez CanoJimmy B. Martinez
Camera nine,comes in and focused on Sanchez Cano who was in the ring already awaiting his opponents arrival. It's been an on going battle, between these two for the past few weeks. Cano attacked Jimmy at iNtense, with a Singapore cane in the backstage area trying to make a statement. The statement, which was that he'd refuse to be used as a stepping stone for Jimmy to make a name for himself. That is what leads us here today, in there fifth upcoming match. The question is who would come out victorious. Would it be the new blood, or the sadistic Cano who was trying to prove a point.

”Crumbland - Fell You”

Began to blast threw out the arena as the lights dimmed to red, and the fans of Jimmy began to cheer and chant his name. He has been waiting, for this chance to shut Cano up once and for all. This was his chance. A loud BANG was heard igniting pyros from the ramp way as JBM emerged from the back with a smile on his face. He stopped at the top of the ramp way as he usually does and nods his head in approval as his fans continued to cheer. He then ran down, the ramp way and slid under the ropes into the ring. He jumped on the top rope, and threw his hands up in the air. With out warning Sanchez Cano attacked him from behind causing him to fall down from the turnbuckle as the referee called for the bell.




Cano continued the beat down with stomps to the head and upper body of JBM. Cano then picked him up from the hair and whipped him into the ropes. Cano runs to the opposite side and comes back with a close line that Jimmy ducked. Jimmy waited for Cano to turn around and jumped on him with a hurrincarana. He saw an opportunity, and quickly jumped on the top turnbuckle. He then jumped off with a Swanton bomb, but at the last minute Cano moved leaving JBM to crash to the canvas holding his back. Sanchez Cano then picked up Jimmy, who was still holding his back. He quickly kicked him in the midsection and planted him on the canvas with a DDt. Cano got up from the canvas, and began to point at his head as to say "he was smarter than JBM".

Cano then picked up JBM, and tried to connect with a right hook. Jimmy blocked it and returned the favor with a left jab of his own, that caused Cano to stumble back. Jimmy then bounced off the ropes and came back with a flying forearm to the face of Cano that made him hit the canvas hard. JBM then picked up Cano and threw him out the ring, onto the floor outside. Jimmy waited for Cano to get up from the floor, and then jumped onto the ropes and flew outside with a moon Sault. Causing both men to hit the floor.

Fans began to cheer in excitement, and started to scream JBM's name.

Jimmy finally got back up to his feet, he then picked up Cano and threw him back into the ring and followed. Cano was still down on the canvas, holding his back. Jimmy than set him up in the middle of the ring, then scaled the turnbuckle. He then signaled to the crowd for his signature maneuver "make me infamous" as he flew off the top rope with a five star frog splash. Cano with a last minute decision, decided to put his knees up as JBM came crashing down. Jimmy flipped on his back in pain, as he began to hold his midsection. Cano began to crawl to the turnbuckle, to assist him back up to his feet. He took a minute to catch his breath, than he proceeded to pick up JBM to his feet. He pushed him to corner and picked him up, and placed him on the top turnbuckle. Cano then climbed up looking to execute a hurrincarana, but couldn’t as JBM connected with a power bomb. He quickly crawled to Cano for the cover, as the referee began the three count.




No. Cano managed to get his arm up, before the three count as Jimmy began to shake his head in disbelief. Jimmy than went to pick Cano up, but was hit with a low blow that caused him to hit the canvas. Cano finally then reached his feet, and began to stomp on Jimmy as if he was putting out a fire. He then picked up Jimmy, from the ground as he kicked him in the midsection, and planted him down to the canvas with a face buster. Cano then flipped him over, and jumped to the top turnbuckle and flew off with a front flip leg drop across the throat of Jimmy. Cano sees a motionless JBM on the canvas and decides to go for the cover.



Another kick out, but this time from Jimmy B. Martinez. Cano began to get frustrated and he started to bang his hands on the canvas. Cano than got back up, and picked up JBM also. He then went to execute a suplex, but Jimmy quickly countered it and pushed him into the corner. JBM than grabbed him from behind and connected with a reverse DDt. Exhausted he fell to the canvas, and tried to slowly get back up to his feet. He than grabbed Cano by the Mohawk and picked him up. Jimmy whipped him into the ropes, and ran the opposite direction and came back with a close line which Cano had ducked. Cano came back the second time around, as JBM ducked and lifted him up over the top rope to the outside. Jimmy than falls to the canvas exhausted once more as the referee began the count.






Cano slowly got up enraged. He then stumbled to the ring and lifted up the apron and pulled out a Singapore cane from underneath the ring. He then slid under the ropes, into the ring. The referee quickly stopped Cano, by giving him a warning that he would be disqualified. Not caring much for what the ref said, he pushed him out the way. Jimmy finally stumbled to his feet, but not for long as Cano struck him with the Singapore cane across the skull. JBM quickly hit the floor in pain as he held his face. The ref than called for the bell disqualifying Cano.





Sanchez Cano, continued to hit the motionless JBM with the Singapore cane until he was satisfied. He then jumped out the ring, and snatched a microphone out of the hand of the stage hand. He then slid back under the ropes into the ring, and then kneeled next to JBM with the Singapore cane in hand, and raised the microphone to his lips.

“You see Jimmy, I told you that you weren’t going to use me to make an example out of. I told you that I refused to be you’re stepping stone, and im sure I proved you that here tonight.” Cano said, with a sadistic grin on his face. The crowd than began to boo letting Cano know how they felt.

“I think you need to pack you’re bags as of tonight, and get the hell out of dodge. I honestly don’t think you’re cut out for jOlt.” He said, as he threw the microphone at JBM’s motionless body. Fans continuing to boo as Cano exit the ring to the back, leaving Jimmy in the ring.”

Winner: Jimmy B. Martinez via Disqualification

"The Stipulation"

Jonathan Conspiracy Cameras ventured backstage following the opening matchup and revealed Jonathan Conspiracy and Sweet Aroma inside an otherwise unoccupied locker room. Tonight Jonathan has an opportunity to become the jOlt Relentless Champion following a decree from Damien Lee on the last edition of iNtense.

"The stipulation..."

Conspiracy sat with his chin in hand, and rubbed back and forth going from his chin to upper lip. No he had no control of the stipulation at the moment, that honor belonged to Damien Lee, but that didn't stop Jonathan from brainstorming his own set of rules for which his opponents would need to abide by once he became champion.

"Making my opponent hop on one foot would be rather interesting, oh and then they have to limbo, then they'd still lose because I said 'simon says' and not 'JCON says'... no wait, a beauty pageant, they'd have to defeat Sweet Aroma in a beauty pageant..."

Aroma shot a look in Conspiracy's direction.

"Excuse me..."

Conspiracy stared blankly at his wife, who is of dominican descent.

"Why are you looking at me like that???"

Veronica was taken back a little, but Jonathan soon collected himself and responded.

"Oh I'm sorry dear, I just got the sudden urge to 'show off' tonight... especially once I climb that ladder..."

"I don't think Damien Lee is going to make it a ladder match."

Aroma was right, a ladder match might be too predictable in case of the vacant Relentless Championship, but JCON would be well prepared no matter what the stipulation.

"You picked up my tux from the cleaners right? Oh and did you bring your evening gown?"

Aroma glared at her husband, who could only muster a shoulder shrug of the Michael Jordan/Kanye West variety.

"Okay, okay, I'm joking, but seriously if Damien Lee screws this up he will have more than The Backbone to worry about. Glory should've been my crowning achievement, but I let principles get in the way of success. So I really can't be mad at the Chris Titan's of the world when they succeed, but the only difference between me and Titan is I don't need to involve myself in collusion to become World Champion."

JCON was surely writing some revisionist history, as he was in cohoots with Jim Johnson to capture the PIW World Championship, and stayed in the conversation for Legacy Championship contention during his time in LoC due to his alignment with Black Tom Williams. However tonight there would be no assistance or prearranged rigging of the match to afford Conspiracy the victory and the championship, a stipulation would be announced by Damien Lee and three combatants would battle.

"Aran Thompson speaks as if we were the best of friends, but he wasn't at my bachelor party, he wasn't even at my wedding. He got no invite, and even if he did I'm sure his pompous ass wouldn't have shown up. I think him and his brother have something a little more going on besides 'the adoption' but he isn't even the guy I plan on beating... unless ofcourse this becomes a triple threat elimination match, then I will beat him, but not before dismantling the MEGAstar comma, the supreme fighting machine comma, numnuts himself Gregg Scott Vincent, G-r-e-double g, hahaha, S-c-o-double t, hahaha, V-i-n-c-e-n-double t, haha... no wait."

Jonathan counted on his fingers while respelling his opponents name, before he waved it off and continued running down GSV.

"No wonder he and SVJ go by initials... Nonetheless, the last time I wrestled a Vincent he was actual competition, and I still walked out with a jOlt sanctioned championship around my waist, a title that I should have been given the honor of bringing back, only to be disgraced at the sight of it going around the waist of another waste of space."

"Um, Jonathan..."

Aroma tapped Conspiracy on the shoulder as he started to monopolize the alotted time the couple was given for the evening.

"...you do know I wanted to extend a challenge to Persephone tonight right, for the Starlet Championship right?"

"Dear you know we can only focus on one career at the moment, but trust me babe, when the time is right we'll be celebrating your Starlet Championship victory. But that time is not now dear, now I must prepare."

Jonathan made his way over to a treadmill and started it up.

"Proving myself to be the one true Iron Man in jOlt will be a great way to show how relentless I can be. That should get their attention."

Conspiracy jogged away on the treadmill as the cameras faded signalling that Warriors was headed elsewhere in the Arena of Champions.


Gregg Scott Vincent Silence fell upon the crowd, as the cameras circled around the Arena of Champions.

A familiar voice anchored the crowd in their seats, grasping the attention of everyone in attendance, and the thousands watching at home.

“Aran Thompson, Mr. Relentless, you was not the Relentless one a few weeks ago and it showed when you failed to defeat Reno Davis to capture the Relentless Championship.”


“jCon, a man that had four title shots and still has nothing to show for it. A man that considers retirement, but changed your mind because of false hope and now believe you have what it takes to become THE Relentless Champion.”

Laughter embraced the fans.

“The only thing these two men will ever be remembered as, are Former Champions. In this new generation of sports entertainment, you have to possess the skills and charisma to entertain the sports nation, and the formers have proved in the past, that they are just too damn old, or just to damn deceived, to carry their own weight any longer.”

“But don’t worry, because...





“Warriors” by Volbeat.

Gregg Scott Vincent darted through the curtains, energized, and focused. He grinned, holding up both middle fingers to the fans, who had mixed reactions as he stood at the peak of the entry ramp. An oversized ego was starting to swell in his head and it showed tonight, as he trotted to the ring with arrogance in each step, knowing he had a chance to become THE Relentless Champion tonight.

It was something he failed to obtain a few weeks ago, when he faced off with Reno Davis, but you live and you learn and so he did. Gregg Scott Vincent definitely learned from his failures sustained over his tenure in jOlt, but he finally he had something going for him, and it was called a winning streak. His confidence was peaked to the max and his energy was at the highest level, as he entered the ring, strutting his shit like never before. He could smell success and it was just around the corner, but meanwhile, GSV jerked the microphone from Brad Arnold's hands, and shoved him into the corner turnbuckle with authority.

But why would he do such a thing?

Because he was mother-fucking Gregg Scott Vincent.

He could do whatever he wanted.

“That’s right, I’ll carry you two numnuts tonight and make ya’ll look like TRUE Sports Entertainers.” he nodded his head with a half grin, glistening in the light, “That’s just what I do, I take bad entertainment, and I turn it into good entertainment because I am The Entertainment Icon! I will give you all the blood, guts, and glory you fans want...granted it may be a little unorthodox, but I give EACH and EVERYONE of you fans what you pay to see every single night!”


And once again, the jOlt crowd had mixed reactions. The arrogance lingering in the air was starting to annoy the loyal fans of jOlt. They had seen this side of him once before, when Gregg Scott Vincent first arrived in jOlt, they witnessed it, but this time time, he had more swagger.

“And tonight, when I get into the ring with jCon and Aran, I won’t give up until that dipshit over there...” he pointed at Brad Arnold at the corner of the ring, “...announces MUAH! As the NEW, Relentless, Champion! I’ve put it in a lot of hard work over the past two months to get where I am today and I’ve carried a few jOlt superstars along the way by my unselfish acts of jobbing! ”

“But it’s time for a change.”

“It’s time I bring in a NEW kind of sports entertainment into jOlt and if I win the Relentless Championship tonight, everyone will see exactly what I’m talking about. I have a very different kind of stipulation I will implement and it’s guaranteed to knock your dick in the dirt!”

“Until then, enjoy this dull shit they call Warriors!”

“Warriors” by Volbeat cued up when the microphone bounced off the mat. Vincent had a grin on his face, as he exited the ring, and power walked up the steel ramp. He didn’t bother acknowledging the fans near the barricades, because they just fucking annoyed him. So instead, he quickly went backstage, into the Gorilla Position where he would prepare for his shot at becoming the next...

Relentless Champion!

"The Problem"

Phoenix After the usual chatter from the announce team, and hype around upcoming events, including jOlt’s upcoming supershow ALL OR NOTHING… the crowd was once again whipped into a frenzy by a clip of recognizable music. The electronic buzz that began Machu Picchu kicked in, and then the song suddenly jumped into the second verse of the song. Which wasn’t a mistake.

Selling your body to the street
I'm selling your girlfriend's to the night, for cheap
Wearing a jacket made of meat
Sealing a letter made with horse's feet
And now you've heard that...

Phoenix, the embodiment of jOlt’s Rebirth, walked out to the venomous crowd, who seemingly hated him more then anyone else in jOlt… possibly even Chris Titan, as the jOlt Champion at least had a nostalgic quality even if he did fuck Sylo out of the top prize. He hadn’t been seen since shortly after losing to Ninja K at Glory in potentially the most bloody and violent confrontation on a card full of them.

Phoenix had a mic in hand, but as he walked down to the ring he simply shook his masked head in utter disappointment. Once in the ring, he took a moment, bathing himself in there hate and fear for what this masked assailant would do next and then as he brought the mic to his lips… actually gave him a moment of hushed quiet.

“You boo me, you boo Titan and the Backbone, you rail against so many things… but you forget one very important fact, each and every one of you.”

The Arena of Champions was quiet, it seemed, so it could collect its breath for round two.

“You are the problem.”


“You mutants, you sun-baked hicks.” Phoenix growled, “The fact that jOlt isn’t able to detach itself from your withered tit is what will KILL this company!”

A piece of garbage, a drink or two, flew towards the ring and the man in black and gold, within it.

“You’re the reason the last company that occupied this building went under, and for some reason… Damien Lee and those on the board of jOlt though it a smart idea to stick around at the scene of the crime.” The contempt was more then evident in Phoenix’s voice, but the crowd gave it back to him in force. The Seraphim gave himself time to calm, before he continued… he would not be rising to face the crowd with venom. He would be better then that.

“When you’re born, or reborn… you make yourself at home, and you grow into The Man you’ll become,” the Bird of Prey raised his hand and you could hear him speaking through gritted teeth, “But eventually to reach your full potential you must spread your wings and leave the nest.”

Phoenix’s arm ushered to the surrounding Arena of Champions.

“This nest is decayed, and you… as family are the worst any person could ask for.”

Phoenix stopped turning, as he faced the entranceway, as if to look backstage at the man, the Champion that was on his mind. “Admittedly, I have family on the mind. See… I recently struck a deal with our jOlt Champion and the Backbone. They were kind enough to do me a favor.”

That sickened feeling in the pit of your stomach? It was the feeling that, with everything Phoenix did, that favor was both bigger and more personal then you thought, all at the same time.

“Take out Clan Avispa.”

Phoenix chuckled, and it turned into a mocking fun house laugh with a certain spiteful twist to it.

“HAHAHAHA! You wonder, what did they ever do to me? That’s just it… I wanted them gone, because they didn’t do anything… but worship at the grail of a false idol. And I’ve known many a false idol…”

Phoenix’s head titled to the side, as he leaned forward on the ropes.

“Avispa Ultima, of all the titles foreign to jOlt…” Phoenix sneered, “Yours is the one that sickens me the most. How far has it fallen since Phoenix first held it, to end up in your hands?” The fans weren’t about to chant Phoenix Riktor, no matter how much they were baited… that name was starting to feel like ash in there mouths anyway.

Phoenix prepared to continue, but was suddenly cut off…

"Song of the Luchador"

Avispa Ultima, the leader of Clan Avispa, was of course not surrounded by his luchador family… his mentor and his mentor’s daughter, his rival, his hot-headed brother had left his side throughout iNtense 64, never to return. It had clearly shaken the Flyweight Champion. His Clan was never too far from his side since he debuted at Or Die Trying to win the Flyweight Championship. Now knowing where they were, or at least what had happened to them… he was beside himself with fury.

“These hands will rip out your throat if you do not tell me where my family is!” The lucha legend spat towards Phoenix, a fire in his eyes as yet unseen up until now.

“They are safe.” Phoenix replied, eerily calm.

“GIVE ME MY FAMILY!” Ultima barked, and before he could breath back in Phoenix barked at Ultima in return.


Ultima stood there, the Flyweight title with its red leather resting on his shoulder, he panted… his heart raising, blood flowing. Heavily accented, he sneered at Phoenix, questioning him.

“Excuse me?”

“Here’s the deal, Ultima.” Phoenix coldly replied, now backing away from the ropes and towards the center of the ring, “Let us finally give that belt the Champion it has always deserved, and in return… whether you win or lose, you will be reunited with your collection of masked farces.”

Avispa Ultima did not negotiate with terrorists, “I will give you no deal.”

“Then you won’t ever see your Clan again!” Phoenix chuckled, as the crowd jeered him relentlessly.

Avispa Ultima stood at the entrance, and shook his head. He needed to know that the Clan was safe, especially against a man like Phoenix… who had ended the career of One Eye, ended the career of Wippit Guud, who had stolen the Glory Grand Prix.

“If it’s a fight you want…”

“No, I don’t want a fight.” Phoenix held no emotion in his voice, “I want your gold, you damn fool.”

Avispa Ultima vs. Phoenix
Avispa UltimaPhoenix
Quickly Avispa Ultima RACED down to the ring and slid in. Once he rose to his feet, he motioned as if he would attack, but calmed himself, and allowed the official to check him for weapons and dangerous items. The official took the Flyweight Championship and raised it high in the air. Finally, it seemed, the title would be on the line in a bell to bell match-up. The Arena of Champions wished with all their hearts that Avispa Ultima would be successful. Especially because of what Phoenix had done to put himself in this position.

Ding, ding, ding!

And the gloves were off.

Anticipating the bell, Avispa rushed the Flyweight challenger, hurling himself into a koppou kick that tried to split Phoenix in half from the skull down only for the Bird of Prey to side-step it and spin into a kick of his own that nearly beheaded the Flyweight Champion as he rolled back to him feet. After having felt the foot of Phoenikx brush the top of his mask, Ultima sprung up and tried to cleave his head off with an Enziguri scissors kick, but the challenger’s head bobbed out of harm’s way, then dropkicked the AU’s body in mid-air, forcing him to land with a tight roll to avoid a head-first crash landing.

Trying to catch his rising fellow combatant off-guard, Phoenix wasted little time in trying to kick him head clean off with a Yakuza kick, but he rolled under ‘Nix’s furious foot and flung himself back with an overhead bicycle kick as Phoenix turned… forcing the challenger to catch Ultima’s foot around the ankle just a few millimeters shy of his nose. With him right foot snared, Ultima pushed himself up and used his left foot to kick apart Phoenix’s grip.

Rolling to his feet, Ultima tried to fend off the incoming Phoenix with a spinning backfist which his challenger ducked, before the Champion was locked in a waistlock and hurled overhead with a German suplex. Using the kinetic energy Phoneix had gifted him, the Wasp managed to flip through onto his feet. Landing in the starting blocks position, AU sprinted up behind the seated champion, planted his left palm and swung through with a handstand 619, forcing Phoenix to flatten himself against the canvas. Swinging back down into a crouched position, Avispa exploded up into a tight spiral, aiming to land across Phoenix’s chest with a standing corkscrew senton, only to end up propped atop the soles of the challenger’s boots as he thrust his legs up to catch the Champion at the apex of his flight-path. Rolling back, Phoenix then pumped his feet to expel the Wasp out through the ropes.

Grabbing the cables to avoid a trip down onto the mats, Ultima didn’t waste a second in springboarding up onto the top rope and flying off at his challenger, trying to reach his shoulders for a huricanrana. Hopping back just out of range, Phoenix fired off a kick that crunched into Avispa Ultima right side just as he landed. A kick to his left side followed, then a standing side kick to the jaw which sent him stumbling back into the corner. Following the Flyweight Champion into the corner, Phoenix rushed into a spinning backheel kick to the ribs, which doubled him up and allowed the Champion to flip over and pull him into a sunset lungblower.

As a breathless challenger bounced off the points of his knees and onto the canvas, the Wasp flung himself atop Phoenix and hooked both legs tightly.




As Phoenix burst out, the fans jeering the very idea that he got out of this one, the Wasp was already trying to pick what to do next out of the frantic jumble of ideas in his brain. Worrying about his family was damaging his concentration. Sprinting to the ropes, he springboarded off the middle cable and hooked his challenger’s head, landing in a reverse DDT position. But, before he could drop, Phoenix sprung up and flipped trough, reversing the roles before grapevining Ultima’s leg and flinging them back into a Russian legsweep reverse DDT.

Pogo-ing off the crown on his skull, Avispa Ultima collapsed down onto his front. Straddling him, Phoenix ensnared the Ultima’s arms with a full nelson, remaining seated across the small of his back for a few torturous seconds, before popping up and flinging the Wasp with a bridging dragon suplex, just managing to keep his grip as Ultima doubled over on impact.





Unable to free his arms, Ultima desperately reached out with a foot, and rested the tip of a toe on the bottom cable. As Phoenix released his grip, the Wasp Numbero Uno unfurled and slithered limply out under the bottom rope.

With the crowd up out of their seats for the fast-paced action, Phoenix felt he needed to rise to the occasion and live up to his moniker. Bounding towards the ropes, the Bird of Prey hopped up onto the top cable with a springboard, then launched himself high out into the ringside air with a shooting star press, collapsing a rising Ultima under his plummeting, gold and black form.


With the crowd roaring for the champion, and jeering his challenger with all they had, Phoenix dragged Avispa Ultima up onto the apron in a ¼ nelson, before climbing the outside of the buckles and flipping backwards to thump the back of the champion’s skull on the apron with a Sliced Bread #3. As the Wasp rolled into the ring holding the back of his throbbing skull, Phoenix hobbled up off the mats, having put thought of his own landing to the back of his mind.

Feeling out his knee with a few striding paces, the Flyweight challenger pulled himself up onto the ring, then up the ladder to the top turnbuckle. His shadow cast over the prone Avispa Clan leader, Phoenix steadied his footing, a rare task for him, then sprung off for the SHOOTING STAR PRESS, once more! Exploding his body out, Phoenix was met only by a pair of raised knees from Avispa Ultima, which he could do nothing by drive his outstretched body in to.

Grabbing his ribs, Phoenix convulsed on the canvas while Ultikma shook the cobwebs loose.

With a chance to finally unload on a wounded challenger, the Flyweight Champion thumped a kick against his left side, his body contorting to alleviate the pain. A second kick followed, then a fierce backhand slap to the face, then a spinning backheel kick to the ribs that sent Phoenix staggering back. Flinging himself into the ropes, the Ultimate Wasp then showed him breathtaking speed as he rocketed towards Phoenix, leapt, then thrust both feet violently into his chest with a pump dropkick.

His torso suddenly injected with enough energy to burst right through it, Ultima’s challenger was sent flying backwards… where his fall was broken by the unfortunately-placed official.

With the referee seeing stars, the winded challenger down and gasping for air and the momentum finally with our champion in the once-in-a-lifetime title defense, Avispa Ultima was given a few too many seconds to think. That’s when bad things happen. Sliding out under the bottom rope, the Wasp gestured with a stabbing thumb for the timekeeper to vacate his chair.

A quiet jeer of disapproval rumbled around the arena as Avispa Ultima slid into the ring with the folded chair, urging Phoenix to get to his feet. They did NOT want to see Ultima stoop to the level of the Embodiment of jOlt’s Rebirth. Holding the chair out in front of him, Ultima readied a kick that would propel the weapon into the skull of the champ… but as the jeers intensified, his grip on the chair’s frame began to loosen. All he had to do was convince himself it had to be done for a few more seconds, and he’d be leaving Warriors 9 with justified revenge on Phoenix… his Flyweight Championship intact.

Just a few more seconds.

“Fuck,” vented the frustration at the result of his internal struggle.

A relieved, deserving roar then swamped the jeers as Ultima flung the chair out under the bottom rope. Grabbing the rising challenger while he was still hunched over, Ultima hooked his arms as if for a tomikaze, then sharply flipped back over him, letting mechanics take over and snap him over onto the back of his neck as he landed, seated.

With the fans at ringside wincing at the sickening impact of the Wasp’s Sting, Ultima leaned back across Phoenix, hooked the near leg, closed his eyes, and began to count along with the revived referee.




A hush descended upon the Arena of Champions, fans looking at one another with ‘did that just happen?’ etched across their faces.



Still a little groggy, the referee lay beside Phoenix, pointing to the wrestling boot perched perilously on the bottom rope.

In the space of one second, Avispa Ultima went from bewildered jubilation to anguished disbelief. Kicking out at the bottom rope, the Wasp knocked Phoenix’s foot down while at the same time nearly beheading the referee. Trying to compose himself, he urged Phoenix to get back to his feet, stalking his challenger as ‘Nix nursed his neck and crawled to the corner.

As soon as Phoenix had dragged himself up, Ultima pounced, hurling himself at him with both knee. Through wincing eyes, Phoenix saw him coming, and managed to tumble-roll under the assault. After managing to execute an emergency landing on the middle rope, Ultima flung himself back off at Phoenix…

…only to eat a URAKEN that sent him flipping violently back so that he crash-landed on his face after eating the spinning back fist to the face.

Still gritting his teeth through the pain stabbing at his neck, Phoenix pulled the lifeless Avispa Ultima away from the ropes and tightly doubled him over, his legs pinning his own shoulders down.




Phoenix popped to his feet, and bathed in the horrified jeers from a crowd that saw him win his first Championship gold… good god, say it ain’t so! Handed his Flyweight Championship, he looked at the title and then down to its fallen former champion. Phoenix let out a soft chuckle. The more he took from them, their titles, and their hope… the less they’d be able to recover. As Avispa Ultima fought to his feet, he wiped away an invisible tear, and made his way to exit the ring... he would no longer have the Flyweight Championship, that had been taken from him, but he would at least have his family.

Phoenix was CHAMPION… and he would most certainly take that Championship and reign like the demon he had set himself up to be. God help the Flyweight division.

Winner: Phoenix via Pinfall

"Are You An Alpha Dog?"

Bane Loneheart "Knock-Knock, boss man!" Bane Loneheart hollered while inviting himself into the CEO's office. Damien Lee had just finished watching the outcome of the Flyweight Championship match from the privacy of the tinted glass wall running across the exterior of the Skybox.

"Just because Rune Winters isn't here tonight, Bane, doesn't mean I can't find someone else just as willing to hit you over the head with a shovel."

Bane Loneheart ignored Lee's comment. "I got business to discuss with ye, Lee. Rumor has it that yer in need of a new Relentless Champion, after Chris Titan cashed in his title shot on yer golden boy and won the big belt. I'm here tonight to tell you that ye dinnae need to look any further than the man standing in front of ye."

"I'm sorry," Lee replied, "I wasn't paying attention. What were you saying?"


The jOlt CEO walked around his desk and took a seat, kicking his feet up and lounging back. "You want a shot at the Relentless Championship, do you?"

"Ye bet your arse I do."

"Well, you've got it. But ... under one tiny condition."

Bane Loneheart was still in shock that he was given the title shot without a fight, any conditions that may come with it he was giving no thought to. However, in this case he may have wanted to before he said the following. "I'll take it, there's nothing ye can throw at me I can't handle."

"Okay then," Lee said while removing his feet from the desk and replacing them with folded hands. "Should any member of the Backbone come down to ringside, even just to accompany you out, you will automatically forfeit the match."

Bane curled his nose, cleanching his teeth so hard they looked as if they might shatter. "Is that in then, Lee?"

"That's it. I figured putting you inside a ring with three men that have no affiliation whatsoever with the Backbone, and would probably love nothing more than to send a message to your fearless leader would be punishment enough."

Loneheart rolled his neck and took in a deep, frustrated breath.

"Actually," Lee said while holding up his index finger, "There is one more thing. That lead pipe your thumbing behind your back right now ... use it on anybody prior to the match and you're suspended, indefinitely. You and SVJ can go grab some rating together on the golf course."

"Jacobs is no friend of mine, Lee. And you ... ye better watch yer back. Ye cannae stop us anymore, Lee. Ye cannae stand in our way when we take every single one of yer precious championships and hold them ferever."

"I actually have a question about that, Bane. If you'd be so kind. What happens if you win the Relentless Championship tonight? Do you just hang on to it and let Chris Titan lord over you with the jOlt Championship? Or do you try to take it from him and become the king of the mountain?"

Bane Loneheart stood in the Skybox pondering the question he was just asked. He laughed. "I know what yer trying to do, Lee, and ye aren't gonna put us against each other. We're stronger than that."

"Are you? Because the way you act I think you're more like a pack of wild dogs that a family. And when the alpha dog in one of those packs shows just a little bit of weakness, another pack mate will instantly challenge him for the throne and try to become the alpha. So ... are you an alpha dog, Bane, or are you just one of the pack?"

Damien Lee would get no answer to his question, although he knew Bane Loneheart was thinking about nothing else as he walked out the Skyox door and slammed it behind him. While Lee may not be the most intimidating figure in jOlt, it was becoming more and more apparent that he was not someone to be taken lightly.

Warriors moved elsewhere.

"Who Wants to Be A Champion?"

Aran Thompson The scene opened up and Aran Thompson stood next to Donny Layne, both of whom, paused as the fans cheered for Aran. Aran smiled nodding his head impressed by the response he was getting simply by appearing on the jOltVision.

Donny Layne adjusted himself as the cheering died down a bit and he grinned as he introduced Aran Thompson officially.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, to my right, I introduce to you known other than Mr. Relentless himself. Aran Thompson!”

Aran thanked Donny and motioned for the microphone.

“You know… In just little bit I’ll be walking down the entrance ramp and hopefully to a much much louder pop than what they gracefully gave me while simply being backstage.” Aran paused as the cheering of the fans got even louder and Aran looked very pleased.

“That’s good. Keep the energy going because in just a little bit when I enter that ring I am going up against not one, not two, but THREE other prospective Relentless Champions.”

Aran shook his head.

“It doesn’t look good for Mr. Relentless I’m afraid. You see, Jonathan Conspiracy is a former main eventer. A former champion in his own right. I used to be a part of the same faction as him with Black Tom. We have history, there is no doubt about it. Does Conspiracy pose a threat to me becoming the first ever TWO TIME Relentless Champion?”

Aran paused for a moment and it the silence was deafening. It was obvious Aran was worried and he silently nodded his head.

“Yes.” Aran said answering his own question.

Aran turned his attention to Donny Layne and tapped his finger on Donny’s left shoulder.

“You know what else Donny?” Aran said waiting for Donny to reply but Donny only shook his head and shrugged his shoulders.

“Gregg Vincent Scott and Mussel Mussels. A man who has a chip on his shoulder the size of Texas, Gregg Vincent Scott and a ….clam with a suppository the size of Texas?” Aran said with a confused look on his face.

“He is a giant clam right?” Aran asked Donny Layne and Donny looked off to the side and nodding his head, “I believe so.” He replied.

Aran looked miffed and shook his head quickly recollecting his thoughts.

“Anyway, like I was saying. These two men have their own chips on their shoulders. GSV wants to use the championship to get some vengeance? I mean it’s commendable and I don’t take the man so nice his momma named this trice, lightly. So that leads me up to my next question.”

“Is the potential threat of GSV choking me out a concern in the back of my mind?”


Aran shook his head again and looked forward.

“But then there is this Mussels character. Where did he come from? What is his plans? How long can he hold his breath underwater? IS HE THE BIGGEST THREAT?!”

Aran calmed down a bit and looked at Donny.

“Absolutely. Yes. Because he is the one thing that none of us expected.”

Donny looked amazed at how candid Aran was being about his opponents when Aran turned and looked directly into the camera.

“But I am not going to back down. I am not going to fret or falter. I am going to go out there Mr. Relentless. A former Relentless Champion. I am going to become the FIRST EVER two time Relentless Champion.”


Aran’s attention got startled a bit and he pulled a cellphone out of the pockets of his tear away pants that was playing his entrance music as his ringtone.


Aran Patted Donny Layne on the back and walked off as he prepared for his match for the Relentless Championship.

"Reckoning of the RingRats"

Dallas Griffin “So after losing to those two hillbillies we need to get a serious victory to redeem ourselves.”

Dallas Griffin and Graham Youngblood stood in the halls outside of the locker rooms discussing a game plan for their future and Youngblood was currently in control of the conversation carpool.

“We need to pull out all the stops. We’re the future of this industry! Everybody who has graduated from the academy has gone on to accomplish great things and win championships.” Youngblood was cut off by Dallas Griffin who had a wide smile on his face.

“And the ladies love a man with a title.” Griffin boasted with a cocky grin.

Indeed they do..

The duo turned around and saw the beautiful Jade Dragon standing behind them with a smile on her face that would win the hearts over of any man (or woman if you’re into that). Griffin and Graham smiled and both quickly positioned themselves to pay attention to Jade. “I know that I love my men to have titles.” Jade continued as she clearly had the attention of the young team of the RingRats. “Is there something we can do for you ma’am?” Griffin so eloquently charmed.

Jade nodded her head and smiled as Harbinger and Sven Deadly came up behind her.

“Mr. Lee says that my harbinger of the second coming and his little rag doll are too violent for Jolt, and then he put us in a match against you two.” Jade said coyly.

Graham and Griffin quickly adjusted themselves for a potential attack but Jade stopped them and assured them that nothing was going to happen.

“Now, now. I gave Mr. Lee my word that they wouldn’t hurt you too badly like they did The Jury.” Jade said assuredly.

Dallas Griffin stopped up to her and Sven barked at him immediately causing Dallas to jump back a little bit. “Whoa! These two side show freaks beating the RingRats? Lady, please. How bout we up the ante.” Griffin shot back.

Graham Youngblood’s eyes almost shot out of his head when Griffins words traveled through his head. “Wait!” Youngblood said but it was too late.

“Let’s make this an underground rules tornado tag match!” Griffin popped out and Youngblood simply shook his head.

Jade smiled devilishly yet again.

“I like the way you boys think. We’ll see you tonight then,” Jade ran a lone finger up Griffin’s chest before flipping him on the chin. Griffin went to grab Jade but found Harbinger staring him down. Griffin thought twice but wanted to save face.

“Yeah, we’ll see how much you like it tonight after we send your freaks back to the fair, bitch!” Griffin yelled after the trio. Harbinger turned, a snarl echoing from his throat but Jade grabbed his arm. “Not yet, my love. Later.”

Harbinger growled again and smacked Sven upside the head, shoving him forward as the trio disappeared down the hall leaving Youngblood to ask:

What the hell had Griffin gotten them into.

Jonathan Conspiracy vs. Bane Loneheart vs. Aran Thompson vs. Gregg Scott Vincent
Jonathan ConspiracyBane LoneheartAran ThompsonGregg Scott Vincent
“The following match is for the RELENTLESS CHAMPIONSHIP!” Brad Arnold announced

“Making his way to the ring from South Bend, Indiana! Aran! Thompson!”

The fans began to cheer as the lights dimmed.


The Arena of Champions exploded as Aran walked out from behind the entrance curtain with his arms wide open as “Champion” by Grinspoon played. Aran basked in the admiration of the fans and they just seemed to get louder. He pointed some fans at ring side and walked over to a small section that seemed to only be that of females with signs that say, “Lets get Relentless” and “Mrs. Relentless”. Aran looked at the camera and fanned himself as they reached out to touch him. He jumped on to the apron and looked at Brad Arnold for a second and glanced over at referee Simon Boulder. He stepped into the ring and Simon motioned for Aran to step back against the ropes.

“Aran looks focused, hopefully his true nature will finally be revealed! I’m tired of this good guy crap!” Powers said to Buhrman.

“Nathan, Aran is about to be in a battle for a championship he takes great pride in have held before. This is a moment he won’t forget, win, lose or draw.” Buhrman shot back.

Aran began to roll his neck and wait for his first opponent to come out.

The lights again dimmed and “Warrior” by Volbeat began to play and the cheering continued as Gregg Scott Vincent walked to the ring with pure intensity glazed across his face. His eyes fixated on Aran, the referee had to stop GSV from starting the match to early and properly kept some distance from the two of them when…

Human beings in a mob
Whats a mob to a king
Whats a king to a god
Whats a god to a non believer...
...who don't believe in anything

Make it out alive
Alright Alright
No Church in the Wild

Tears on the mausaleum floor...

The theme "No Church in the Wild" by The Throne (Jay-Z & Kanye West) spread like wildfire through the Arena of Champions, and that meant only one thing...

Jonathan Conspiracy was on his way to the ring, and he brought with him a special friend... no that friend was not Sweet Aroma, even though she too was by his side... it was a ladder!

The stipulation would soon be announced for tonight's matchup, and Jonathan Conspiracy came prepared. He set the ladder up in the entryway and climbed to the top of it and raised his arms before motioning to his waist with a 'discount double check' while Sweet Aroma applauded her man below.

Conspiracy climbed down and folded the ladder back up and proceeded to the ring. He left the ladder at ringside and used the middle rope to catapult himself onto the apron. He then ducked under the top rope and into the ring. He took a moment to stare down both Aran Thompson and Gregg Scott Vincent respectively when another entrance theme got JCON's attention as he turned towards the entryway.

“Sur Fac Ing” by Slipknot blared over the loud speakers and the chorus of the fans changed immediately to that of booing, but Bane Loneheart didn’t care. This was his time to shine just like Chris Titan did. Win the Relentless Championship and cash it in on Derecho so The Backbone could truly hold jOlt hostage. Bane made it to ring side when his music was cut off.

“Excuse me….”

The Arena of Champions was quiet and everybody’s attention was fixated on the jOltVision. Damien Lee looked down upon the ring as the four men awaited the stipulation for the night.

“As you may know, with the Relentless Championship vacant I get to make the decision on how the Championship will be contended for. And given the light of Mr. Loneheart wanting to join the festivities, I’ve decided that this fatal four way will be….an Elimination match.”

“That means nobody likes Loneheart, and Jonathan…that Ladder is illegal if used as a weapon.”

“May the best man win.” Damien smiled to the camera and pushed a button and the jOltVision showed Aran, GSV and JCON looking around the ring and then all three men shot their attention to Loneheart who was not happy at all.

The referee signaled for the bell and it was on!

The third bell sound and GSV was instantly attacking Aran. Aran Thompson guarded his head as Vincent kept swinging at him and JCON and Bane were trading left and rights. Aran caught GSV by the right arm countering and attack and he whipped GSV but GSV dodged any sort of impact turned his attention to Bane Loneheart and decked him.

Bane folded through the top and middle ropes and tumbled to the outside and the fans cheered. GSV, JCON and Aran all stopped doing anything as the fans erupted and then they seemed to realize that they were in a match again. The three men took turns hitting one another. JCON hit Aran, GSV hit JCON, Aran hit GSV and this repeated over and over again before GSV ducked an punch by Aran and wrapped his arms around Aran’s waist from behind and began to lift Aran up but JCON was quick with his own attack as he clipped the back of the leg of GSV causing Aran to land on top of GSV and pin him.



Jonathan quickly interrupted the accidental pin attempt and pulled Aran up hitting him with a vicious European uppercut that rocked him backwards and he tripped over GSV. JCON took the chance to pin GSV.



GSV kicked out of the pin attempt only to begin getting stomped on by a returning Bane Loneheart. Loneheart continued a fury of stomps on GSV and JCON jumped to his feet and went to punch Bane but Bane stopped his feverish attack on GSV and stopped JCON.

“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!” Bane yelled waving his hands in front of JCON to stop him.

“You’re an original too! JOIN US! JOIN BACKBONE!” He shouted.

Jonathan looked confused for a moment and then out of the ring at his wife. JCON looked down at GSV and at Aran who had pulled himself up to his feet and then shouted at Bane.


Bane turned his head and Aran slapped the taste out of his mouth. Bane rocked backwards and Aran continued to follow suit with a left and a right, over and over again but he was stopped when JCON caught Aran’s arm and yanked him up and slapped Aran.

Aran looked shocked and he punched JCON in retaliation but Bane kicked Aran in the gut and JCON kicked Aran in the face so hard he fell out of the ring and onto the ladder that JCON had placed on the outside.

JCON looked at Bane and the two shook hands and then turned their attention to GSV. Bane lifted GSV up and held his arms behind his back. JCON slapped GSV across the face before Bane locked GSV up in a Full Nelson and slammed GSV down to the mat. The temporary team of JCON and Bane celebrated and Sweet Aroma cheered her husband JCON before JCON turned his attention to Bane and grabbed his arm and pulled him to the ground.


Bane screamed in pain as JCON turned on him and locked him up in his crossface finisher. Bane shrieked trying to find a rope and refusing to tap. Sweet Aroma coaxed Bane from the outside demanding that he tap to her husbands finisher.

“NO!!!” She screamed.

Aran pulled JCON off of Bane and through the ropes and started punching him over and over before whipping JCON into the ring steps and following it up with him slamming his knee into JCON’s head against the steps.

Meanwhile, GSV had collected himself and he picked up Bane kicking him in the leg hard. Bane stepped back trying to get away from him but GSV continued his assault. Mixing up hard kicks and punches before ending it with a stiff kick to the midsection of Bane.


GSV planted Bane Loneheart with a wicked sounding DDT and quickly covered him for the pin.





The fans counted in unison with the referee’s hand as GSV had pinned and eliminated Bane Loneheart.

The referee told Bane to leave but Bane was delirious from the impact and the referee had to call for other referees to help him out of the ring. GSV had turned his attention to Aran and JCON who were fighting on the outside. JCON slammed Aran against the ring apron and Aran screamed out in pain but before he could bask in the pain JCON had bestowed upon him GSV ran against the ropes and kicked Aran in the back of the head causing him to crash into the guard rail and the fans began chanting.


JCON looked at GSV and screamed at him to finish the job. GSV decided it was a good idea and slid out of the ring and picked Aran up by his head and slid him into the ring. JCON clapped as GSV looked possessed.

Vincent stalked Aran who was coming to his senses and trying to gather himself. Aran positioned himself on one knee and GSV wasn’t having that he locked Aran in a rear naked choke and Aran freaked out. Swinging his arms and kicking feverishly to get out of the hold, GSV demanded that he tap. Aran kept telling him no. JCON climbed the apron and told Aran to tap as well and Aran refused.

GSV locked the hold in tighter and Aran started to fade. The referee grabbed Aran’s wrist and it fell to the mat once.

“TAP!” GSV screamed while he locked the hold in tighter.

The referee grabbed Aran’s wrist a second time and it fell to the mat a second time.


The referee grabbed Aran’s wrist a third time…


During the time GSV was choking Aran out, JCON had climbed to the top rope and leaped hitting Aran and GSV at the same time with his patented Guillotine Leg Drop.

The fans went nuts and Sweet Aroma cheered, Buhrman and Powers could be heard without their mics and everybody chanted:


All three men laid on the mat and the referee started a ten count.


Jonathan rolled over on to his stomach.


Vincent reached for a phantom object.


Aran didn’t move at all having had took the brunt of the damage.


GSV found a rope and pulled himself close to it.



The referee slid down to inspect the pin.




Somehow Aran managed to kick out and JCON looked shocked.

“NO!” He shouted.

JCON looked around and Sweet Aroma was trying to console her husband from the outside. Conspiracy crawled over to GSV and pointed at him.



GSV locked JCON in the a arm bar and JCON freaked much like Aran did but JCON managed to reach the ropes and but GSV didn’t care. Sweet Aroma was telling GSV to let go of the hold and so was the referee.

GSV locked the hold in tighter and told both the referee and Aroma “NO!” in defiance. The fans were going crazy and it looked like GSV was on the brink of breaking the arm of JCON. There referee tried to pry JCON loose but it wasn’t happening.

Aran, on the other hand, was collecting himself and he managed to rotate his body around and kicked GSV in the face as hard as he could. GSV let go of the hold and fell to the outside of the ring. JCON rolled over in pain, holding his arm as his wife ran to his side and hugged him from under the ropes.

Aran pulled himself up by the ropes of the ring and he staggered over to JCON but before he did anything Sweet Aroma pleaded with Aran. She begged that he take out GSV first. Aran looked at both GSV and JCON before deciding he would oblige the woman who was trying to protect her husband.

Aran stepped out of the ring and forced Vincent to his feet. Aran rolled GSV back into the ring and pinned him as Sweet Aroma helped JCON out of the ring and JCON sat against the ladder he had brought out trying to collect himself while she took care of him.




“COME ON!” Aran pleaded as at the referee as he looked at GSV. Aran had been punished, barely getting any offense in and when one of his opponents were down he still couldn’t get a pin.

Aran brought GSV back up and whipped him into the ropes while running to his own side of the ropes too.


Aran used both of their momentum to hit GSV with a Tornado Plancha Arm bar. GSV was the victim of a submission hold this time and Aran was positioned just right to watch as JCON leaned the ladder against the ropes. The referee checked on GSV asking if he gave up but GSV had no intention to tap.

On the outside JCON could be seen lining himself up with the ladder and Aran locked the hold in on GSV tighter but watched JCON with a concerned look on his face. JCON started running up the ladder that was leaned against the ropes and Aran let go of the hold rolling away from GSV who rolled over on his back holding his shoulder.

“No way!” Buhrman shrieked.


“WOW!” Powers yelled in awe.

JCON hit GSV with his finisher and immediately pinned him as Aran looked at him with a shocked look on his face and JCON stared at Aran while the referee made the count.





GSV was eliminated and it was down to Aran Thompson and Jonathan Conspiracy. Sweet Aroma applauded from the outside as it was down to the final two. Aran pulled himself up to his feet and JCON slowly climbed to his feet. The two slowly circled the ring and then collided with a shoulder to elbow hook up. JCON managed to slip free whipping Aran against ropes he bent over but Aran read the move and kicked JCON in the face causing him to rise up and turned around springing from the top rope.



JCON ducked the springboard reverse DDT attempt and Aran landed on his feet. JCON turned around and attempted to hit Aran with a strong lariat but Aran ducked that attempt. Aran used the moment and locked JCON in an abdominal stretch grinding his elbow into JCON’s ribs. JCON screamed but refused to give up.

Aran suddenly stopped grinding his elbow in JCONs rib and used his right hand to reach behind the right leg of JCON and jumped to the side and slammed JCON down in a school boy pin.





“OH MY GOD! ARAN HAS DONE IT!” Buhrman shouted at the top of his lungs.

“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT MOVE?! Powers demanded.

Sweet Aroma looked shocked as Aran rolled away from a very dazed JCON. Aran, wide eyed, looked around the Arena of Champions as the referee handed him the Relentless Championship and held his hand in victory.

Aran, not knowing how to react, clung on to the precious metal with his life. With renewed vigor he jumped to his feet and celebrated. The fans were going insane and chanting the word: “Relentless” over and over again.

Aran slide to the outside and of the ring and JCON started coming too. JCON watched as Aran leaned against the guard railing and the fans that could reach him patted him on the back and wanted to touch the championship that he had just won. JCON looked angry and punch the mat and rolled out of the ring as Aran’s music began playing.

As the scene faded away an exhausted Aran Thompson mouthed the words, “Two times!”

Winner: Aran Thompson via Pinfall

"Destiny Denied"

Adam Lazarus *Knock-Knock*

"Come in," Damien Lee stated from behind his desk inside the Skybox. The polite knocking transformed into a violent swing of the door into the wall it was hinged on.

"Hey, man, how's it going?" Adam Lazarus sarcastically asked with an even more sarcastic smile on his face. "What the hell happened out there?!"

"I'm guessing you're talking about the Flyweight Championship?"

"Yeah?! You're guessing that?! Well, congratu-freakin-lations, man! You got it!"

The jOlt CEO did look concerned with Adam Lazarus' plight, but also annoyed with the man's approach. He did, however, understand why Laz would feel that way. He was granted a title shot weeks ago and due to the Backbone, and Phoenix, attacking Clan Avispa members he never received it. Instead, he felt sorry for Avispa Ultima and allowed him to postpone the match to seek out who had attacked his family. Now that it has all come to light earlier this evening, however, the ruse was complete and Phoenix had taken the Flyweight Championship from Avispa Ultima. Laz knew his own championship fate was now uncertain.

"I granted you a shot at the Flyweight Championship, right?"

"Yeah, you did. And I never got it because Avispa Ultima was too busy crying about his family getting beat up. Now, I'm a nice guy. Everyone knows I'm a nice guy, man, but this is ridiculous! How the hell does Phoenix swoop in and take my shot when I never got to take my shot?!"

Holding his hands out in front of him, Damien Lee attempted to calm Adam Lazarus down. "You need to relax, Laz, you're being very un-Laz right now."

"Screw that, man! I want my title shot!"


"OKAY?! Like ... okay okay?"

"Like, okay okay."

"Like ... okay okay? I get my title shot, okay?"

"Like -- Yes, like that."

"Sweet, man, when? Now? Can I have it now? Cause I'm pissed, man. I'm fuming. You put me out there now and I'll kick Phoenix's ass. Fake ass luchador punk! I'll rip his mask off, wipe my nuts with it, probably whip out my massive--!"

"OKAY, LAZ! I get the point."

Laz paused for a moment and clearly finished his sentence in his own head, nodding along the way. "Okay then, when do I get my shot?"

"Next week on iNtense."

"Nice! This guy's gonna pay, man! He's screwed with way too many people since he got here. And you know what? I'm pretty sure I know who's under that mask anyway, and if I'm right that's super weak. Where we both come from you don't do that to your friends, man. We were both taught way differently than that. Hey, thanks for making sure I get my shot. Sorry about the door ... and the wall."

"Don't worry about it, Laz. Good luck on iNtense."

Laz softly closed the door behind him as he walked out. Damien Lee looked up at his ceiling and pondered Laz's chances of defeating Phoenix in just a few short days.

"He's gonna need all the luck he can get."

The Reckoning vs. RingRats
The ReckoningThe ReckoningRingRats
“Excuse Me” by Koffee Blakk hit and Dallas Griffin and Graham Youngblood made their way to the ring. Dallas jumped up and down a little rolling his neck as the two were ready to do battle with The Reckoning, a relatively unknown group yet in one match they had shown the world they were THE Reckoning in the tag team division.

Both members of RingRats were in the ring as the lights dimmed. “Weak and Powerless (Tilling my own grave mix)” by A Perfect Circle hit and the first to step out on the stage was the beautiful yet deadly Jade Dragon. Behind her, almost like a lost puppy, was Sven Deadly, and finally Harbinger stood stoic and silent behind the other two.

This would be nothing but pure mayhem as the Jade Dragon had convinced The RingRats into facing The Reckoning in a no DQ tornado tag and with their pride or rather Dallas Griffin’s ego on the line, the two would find themselves facing a match with no rules, no restraints, and no mercy.

The bell rang and Jade yelled out “Gluttony!” Sven charged head first driving his skull into Youngblood’s gut as Harbinger and Griffin faced off. The two locked up and with impressive strength Harbinger threw Griffin into the turnbuckle. He charged forward and nailed him with a close line that sent Griffin flying over the turnbuckle to the outside. Meanwhile Jade yelled “Wrath!” and Sven answered dropping bombs on Youngblood before following up with a drop kick that sent him to the outside. Sven rushed toward Harbinger and the bigger of the two used Sven as a projectile, sending him flying at Griffin and Youngblood just as they got back to their feet.

Harbinger climbed from the ring and began pulling anything and everything out from under the ring. He set up a ladder, two tables, and a slew of other weapons.Griffin made it to his feet though and blindsided Harbinger sending the big man into the announce table. Griffin snarled and grabbed him by the hair and went to slam his head into the table but two stiff elbows to Griffin’s gut would stop him short and would release the hold.

Harbinger turned and grabbed him by the throat and THREW him into the ring post, the back of his head hitting it with a sickening thud. Harbinger turned his attention to Youngblood who was positioning himself onto his feet but Jade screamed, “Sven, GREED!”. Sven quickly scooped up a chair and slammed it into the back of Youngblood putting him onto the ground. Sven threw the chair toward Harbinger who grabbed it and quickly whacked Griffin in the head with the chair putting Griffin down.

Sven reached for a random weapon and got his hands on a kendo stick. Sven, going nuts, slamming the cane sword into Youngbloods back with sickening thuds Jade screamed out, “SVEN! SLOTH!” and Immediately Sven stopped his assault. Sven dropped the kendo stick and walked away and rolled into the ring sitting against turnbuckles and looking toward his partner Harbinger.

Harbinger, on the other hand, had his sights set on Griffin who was still dazed from the chair shot. Harbinger wrapped his enormous hand around Griffin’s throat. And pulled him to his feet in a standing position.

The reaction from the crowd was silence as The Reckoning had quickly destroyed their opponents in The RingRats and Jade Dragon laughed maniacally. She wandered over to one of the tables and pulled out a lighter from inside her Kimono and yelled for Sven to pull a table into the ring.

Sven slowly rolled out of the ring and slid a table into the ring. Youngblood started to get up and he noticed Harbinger choking Griffin out against the ring post and he went to charge Harbinger and save his partner but Harbinger simply threw Griffin into Youngblood and both folded over as they connected with one another.

Sven set the table up in the center of the ring. The Jade Dragon screamed at him and told him to climb to the top of the ladder that was set up on the outside of the ring. Sven, looking like a zombie, followed his instructions to the T as Harbinger stalked the downed RingRats on the outside.

Harbinger reached down and grabbed Griffin by the throat again, pulling Griffin to his feet and Jade clapped as Harbinger repositioned his grasp on Griffin to hoist Griffin over his head. Harbinger looked down at Jade who pointed at the ring and he threw Griffin into the ring through the middle and top ropes. Harbinger wasn’t done as he picked up yet another table and threw it over the top rope and then threw Youngblood in the ring. Harbinger followed and held the ropes open for Jade to enter. She smiled and true to the name Dragon she blew fire on both tables. Jade smiled at the flames for a moment then yelled to Sven “Blood lust!”

Harbinger tossed Youngblood up on the flaming table as he began to scream. At the exact same time Sven came off the ladder with a seated senton! As that happened Harbinger had Griffin and put him through the other flaming table with The Harbinger’s Bane!


The fans went ballistic over what they just saw. Both men drug their opponents out of the burning debris and made the pin at the same time.




Harbinger threw Sven over his shoulder and held the ropes for Jade again as “Weak and Powerless (Tilling my own grave mix)” by A Perfect Circle played. For the second time in a week the new tag team known as the Reckoning had shown the world just how sick, demented, twisted, and dangerous they were as they vanished to the back without a word.

Winner: The Reckoning via Pinfall

"The Ladder to Success"

Jonathan Conspiracy "Freaking Aran Thompson thinks he's MR. RELENTLESS!"

Cameras were backstage and the distinct voice of Jonathan Conspiracy was heard while crashes and thuds were also heard. When cameras finally got a fix on JCON he had overturned a catering table backstage.

"No more cheese for you Aran! You think it's all fun and games don't you... you just waltz on into jOlt and take what rightfully belongs to me, you are a bigger villian than that buffoon from Nashville..."

Conspiracy collected himself and surveyed his surroundings. He was a few doors down from the Skybox which housed Damien Lee.

"Tonight I was supposed to climb the ladder to success, but Damien Lee wants to make things difficult. 'Superstar' Vince Jacob had the right idea when he did what he did to Damien on iNtense, and if I don't get what I want... well let's just say the only spotlight Mr. Lee will see will be hovering over an operating table."

Conspiracy now stood in front of the Skybox entrance but thought better of himself to enter, instead he continued on his way through the backstage area, with his most likely destination being the locker room to gather his stuff and exit for the evening.

"I remember when jOlt traveled from city to city... but he has us stuck in this disgusting building surrounded by the ghost of failed 'legends', and now I'm supposed to be equals with guys like A runaway named Thompson and Gregg Snottnosed Vincent... such is not the life of 'One Letter Better'... I will get their attention, oh best believe I will get their attention."

With his final words Jonathan entered the locker room and slammed the door shut as cameras ventured elsewhere within 'this disgusting building'.

Heirs of Wrestling vs. Sweet, Sweet Lovin'
Heirs of WrestlingSweet, Sweet Lovin'
“Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith

The arena stood up and cheered as Sam Sweet and Lennox Love stepped out from the backstage area with smiles on their faces as they knew that tonight they would get a shot at the jOlt Team Championships. They had a great feud with the West Texas Terrorists back on Rock the House last month and the officials took notice. With Jon Katz Jr. in tow, the duo made their way into the ring. Katz pointed to them and yelled to the crowd “your next tag team champions right there, baby!” as Sweet and Love posed on the turnbuckles.

With the champions on a roll and with the acquisition of Mary-Lynn Mayweather, many believed this was just all for show as the money was on the following…

“Forever (Travis Barker Remix)” by Drake

The arena erupted into a chorus of boos as the jOlt Tag Team Champions made their way out from the back! Frank Silver, Mack Brody, and Ryan Gallway, collectively known as the Heirs of Wrestling! Each one had their own Tag Team Championship and the pretty much lived by the Freebird Rule when it came to defending the titles.

As they got to ringside, Mack Brody and Ryan Gallway decided that they were going to take them on. Both of them hopped onto the ring apron and stepped into the ring. Mary-Lynn Mayweather remained at ringside and even Jon Katz Jr. lowered his shades and took a gander at her smooth curves.

Brody and Gallway handed the titles off to the referee who held them up high and passed them to ringside. The bell rang!




Gallway and Love were elected to start things off and they did so with a collar and elbow tie up, but Gallway used his speed and turned it into a waist lock. Love tried to separate the fingers, but when that didn’t work, he did a little gyrating and that caused Gallway to break up the hold. The fans had a laugh as Love smiled back at the audience.

Love wasted no time off the distraction and placed Gallway into a side head lock. Gallway backed him into the ropes and shot Love off. Love rebounded and hit a shoulder block that took Gallway down. Love headed to the ropes, but Gallway kipped up to his feet and leapt into the air for what looked like a leapfrog, but he caught Lennox Love with a hurricanrana!

Love staggered back to his feet and toward the ropes as Gallway charged in and clotheslined him up and over to the outside! Gallway then got a full head of steam, but when he bounced off the ropes, he was met with a forearm to the back of the head by Sam Sweet! Gallway staggered forward and turned toward Sweet where he decked him in the face and knocked him off the ring apron. Gallway then continued on and dove through the ropes with a suicide dive toward Love, but Love had enough time to see it coming and simply moved out of the way!

Gallway crashed and burned on the outside as Love pulled Gallway up and caught him with a knife edge chop across the chest. He then tossed Gallway back into the ring and side in after him. Before Gallway could get up, Love made the cover and hooked the leg!



Gallway kicked out!

Love then placed Gallway into a rear chin lock as J.K.J. cheered him on from ringside. Mary-Lynn also cheered on Gallway.

Katz looked over at Mary-Lynn and shouted “Hey.. my man’s the best.. your main ain’t got shit!” Mary-Lynn simply flipped Katz off and Katz retorted with “Maybe later, bab-ay!” Mary-Lynn rolled her eyes in disgust.

Gallway started to muster up some strength and get back to a vertical base, much to the disdain of the crowd. He fired a few elbows into the stomach of Love to break the grip. He grabbed Love by the arm and whipped him into the corner. Gallway got a full head of steam and planted both knees into the chest of Love!

Falling Comet Crash!

Gallway saw Love dazed in the corner and knew he had him right where he wanted him. He signaled for one more as the audience continued to boo. He got a full head of steam and went for another Falling Comet Crash, but Love moved out of the way and Gallway hit the canvas hard! Love staggered over and made the tag to Sam Sweet!

The people cheered as Sweet came in and hit a big clothesline on Gallway. Gallway popped back up and was taken down with another clothesline, but Sweet didn’t see the big Mack Brody step into the ring, but he sure felt him as a massive elbow connected with the back of Sam Sweet’s head! Sweet was down and out! The referee ordered Brody back to his corner as both Gallway and Sweet were down!

1…. 2…. 3…. 4….

It didn’t take long for Gallway to recover. He got back up and hit the ropes where he came back and drove the point of the knee right into the back of Sam Sweet’s neck. Gallway got back up and dropped another knee onto Sweet’s neck. J.K.J. yelled for Sweet to get back up, but Gallway mounted him from behind and pulled back with an elevated rear chin lock. Sweet pounded his hand on the canvas to summon strength.

Frank Silver even shouted at the referee that Sweet was tapping out, but the referee stated Sweet could continue. Sweet used his weight to get back up as Gallway continued to cling to Sweet. Sam Sweet then simply fell backwards and pancaked Gallway beneath him! Sweet to back up and then motioned for the end! Sweet ascended the turnbuckle pads where he looked to deliver his big top rope splash… the Sweet Emotions.

The crowd rose to their feet as Sweet flew off…


Sweet managed to miss as Gallway rolled out of the way! Gallway made his way to the corner and tagged in Mack Brody! Brody came into the ring and quickly pulled Sweet to his feet. He sent Sweet to the ropes and then dropped him with a big time clothesline! Brody pulled Sweet back up and then sent him to the ropes once again. This time a big boot put Sweet onto his back and Brody went for the cover!



Sweet kicked out and the crowd applauded the effort. Brody then brought Sweet back up and scooped him up into his arms. He then planted him with a big time scoop slam and then headed to the corner where he hunched down and waited. He warmed up his arm as Sweet staggered back up to a vertical base. Brody then charged in, but Sweet side stepped and shoved Brody into the corner. Sweet then charged in and hit a clothesline to the back of Brody’s head! He then turned Brody around and whipped him to the opposite corner. He then charged in with the body avalanche to complete the Sweet & Sour, but Brody stepped forward and delivered a massive lariat as Sweet was mid-air!!!


Sweet crashed and burned HARD!

Brody signaled for The Midas Touch! Could he get Sweet up for that!? Brody answered with a resounding yes as he got Sweet up onto his shoulder, but Sweet wriggled free and landed behind Brody! Brody was surprised Sweet had this much in him!

Brody turned around and was caught with a series of right hands from Sweet. Sweet then whipped Brody to the ropes where Gallway made the blind tag! Gallway grabbed the top rope as Brody bounced off the ropes, but ran past Sweet. Sweet, while confused, looked to see Gallway leap off the top with a missile drop kick which caught him straight in the chest! Both Brody and Gallway pulled Sweet up and sent him off to the ropes. Sweet came back and ducked the double clothesline and Love then made the blind tag on his end!

Sweet came back and got hit with a second attempt at a double clothesline, but Love leapt off with a double dropkick! Gallway went down, but Brody merely staggered back! Love got back up and pulled Gallway to his feet. He sent Gallway off to the ropes, but Brody grabbed Love from behind and held him in place! Gallway saw an opportunity and leapt with both knees for another Falling Comet Crash, but Love broke free and knee’d Brody in the chest! Brody staggered back against the ropes and fell to the outside!

Love grabbed Gallway from behind and rolled him up into a school boy!





The crowd erupted in cheer! No one could believe it! The Heirs of Wrestling… who looked unstoppable.. off of one miscommunication, got caught and were dethroned!

Sweet Sweet Lovin’ are you NEW jOlt Tag Team Champions!!!

Jon Katz couldn’t believe it either! He rushed the ring and leapt into Love’s arms and hugged him! Sam got back up and was handed a tag team championship and even he couldn’t believe it! He threw his arms into into the air as Katz hugged him as well! All three stood in unison and held up the jOlt tag team titles as the crowd continued to show a huge show of respect!

The Heirs regrouped at ringside as they all couldn’t believe it either! They argued amongst themselves as they all took off toward the back. What was left was Sam Sweet… Lennox Love… and Jon Katz Jr. celebrating in the middle of the ring as your NEW jOlt Tag Team Champions!

Winner: Sweet, Sweet Lovin' via Pinfall