Sylo Lights out.

Johnny Cash spoke.

And “Miracle (Pale Horse mix)” hit.

You knew what came next, the blinding white explosion that rocked the Arena of Champions every time. And as always Sylo stepped through the smoked carrying both his titles. The scowl on his face was but a mere peek at the mood he was in. His gear was on which meant he was ready to fight and there were only a few guesses on who that someone might be. He still wore the bandages on his ribs but the bruising that showed wasn’t nearly as angry as before as he made his way to the ring and for the first time since he came back jumped over the top rope.

We didn’t need to mention the reaction of the fans, it was ape shit as usual, but you knew that, right?

Sylo retrieved a microphone from ringside and moved to the center of the ring. He lifted the mic to speak but the fans cheers were deafening. He adjusted the two titles on each shoulder and tapped them both with pride. That’s when the chant that would not only drive Derecho more insane than he already was but also eat away at Chris Titan.






Sylo let the corner of his mouth curl in a slight smirk. He knew somewhere backstage Chris Titan was tearing up a locker room. Sylo adjusted the titles again as the fans began to die down and brought the microphone up once more. He waited just a moment to build that little edge of suspense and then spoke.

“iNtense--” Sylo was cut off by the deafening roar of the crowd. “Oh you want to see it again?” Sylo pointed toward the jOltvision. A replay of Chris Titan tapping to the No Escape was shown as Sylo reclaimed his title. “One more time in slow motion” Sylo smirked again as the same clip played but this time Titan’s tapping was slowed down.


“That he did and as much as I’d love to sit here all night and watch that video over and over I’m out here for another reason and that’s to continue what they started. The Backbone..” The name alone drew massive boos. “Decided I was a pawn in some bigger plan but what they forgot is that I’m no mere pawn. No, see, by your voice I am the King. See, since I won both of these belts I’ve been the hunted and that’s not my style. That’s why if the Backbone wants a war in jOlt then I’m more than happy to bring war to their front door. I took down their leader but he’ll be back up in no time but in the meantime I have another target. The Hunted is now the hunter. So tonight, in this ring, I’m calling you out....”

Mike Extreme” Sylo snarled and the fans roared in approval.

“Melancholy (Holy Martyr)” by Iced Earth hit and the fans rained down the boos. Mike Extreme walked out with a little swagger and a grin. He’d already grabbed a microphone and pointed at Sylo with a look of amusement. “So you’re riding a high and think you can now call out the members of The Backbone? I guess you hit your head even harder during that match. See you have the height but I have the weight. You want a fight? Fine. I’ll fight you, right here, tonight and make you my big blue bitch.” Extreme twirled the mic as he made his way to the back. It was on, tonight, on Warriors Sylo would attempt to take out his second Backbone member. Sylo picked the microphone back up though.

“Whoa whoa whoa! Where are you going? Let’s do this RIGHT NOW!” The fans roared in approval. Extreme snarled and began to head to the ring as the jOltvision lit up.

“Hold on a moment” Damien Lee said. Sylo rolled his eyes as Extreme snarled up at him. “Although I didn’t sanction this I’m going to go ahead and let it happen. I just wanted to make it known that this week and every week going forward until the special event that The Backbone will be banned from ringside. That is all,” Sylo smirked as Lee finished. Extreme used colorful language to express his anger.

Mike Hunt ran to the ring as both men took their corner and the bell sounded. Sylo came out with a little more intensity sidestepping Extreme into a waist lock. He popped the hips and nailed a picture perfect German suplex, rolled, nailed another, rolled, and nailed one more before releasing. Sylo stood up and held his ribs a little but yelled at Extreme to get up.

Extreme got up and Sylo rushed right into a drop toe hold. Extreme wasted no time picking Sylo up and slamming him on his knee going for the injured ribs. Sylo roared in pain as Extreme followed up with another. One more knee to the ribs and Extreme would go for the pin.


No! Sylo’s foot was on the rope. Extreme got up and argued with Hunt which gave Sylo enough time to catch his breath. Extreme finally rolled his eyes only to turn into the waiting arms of the SuperBeast and found himself lifted and drilled with a piledriver. Sylo locked him in a headlock and cranked it giving himself to catch his breath while wear Extreme down a bit. Extreme eventually used his power to make his way to a vertical base and threw some stiff shots to Sylo’s ribs. Sylo roared in pain as Extreme went for the Irish whip but pulled Sylo back in a closeline. Extreme smirked and stepped on Sylo as he walked to the turnbuckle putting more pressure on the ribs.

Extreme went to the second turnbuckle and waited for Sylo to get up only to be met with Sylo exploding up and catching him as he came down with a hellacious close line that turned Extreme inside out. Sylo took a moment holding his ribs but finally crouched down in the corner. The fans were on their feet, they knew what came next. Extreme stood and didn’t have time to react as he was hit with one of the most powerful spears in all of wrestling:

The Slaughter

Sylo got to his feet and roared. He hoisted Extreme up on his shoulders but Extreme wiggled free and chop blocked Sylo’s knee. He brought an onslaught of knees into Sylo’s ribs before picking Sylo up and sending him into the Irish whip off the ropes followed by a hell of a spear of his own. Sylo roared in pain rolling on the ground, holding his ribs, as Extreme stood up laughing. Extreme picked Sylo up by the hair and put him in a dragon sleeper and lifted Sylo going for the Rogue Crusher.

Sylo somehow blocked it though and shoved Extreme into the turnbuckle. Extreme stopped himself and charged back at Sylo but found himself flying high in the air until he slammed nose first into Sylo’s knee.

The Bloodlust!

Extreme stood up and Sylo grabbed him dropping to his back with Extreme. He locked the leg over Extreme’s neck quickly and at that moment, in the Triangle choke, Mike Extreme had...

No Escape!

Extreme wasn’t quite as smart as Titan as he tried to fight his way out. Sylo cranked it in harder, right in the center of the ring, Extreme to his credit held on a lot longer than anyone else but eventually Hunt checked on him and he was out cold. Sylo had just choked out his second Backbone member.

The bell rang as the jOlt and Legacy titles were handed to Sylo. Sylo put a boot on Extreme’s chest and looked directly to the camera in front of him, held up two fingers, and slid a lone thumb across his throat. Sylo was 2-0 in his hunt of the Backbone and yet again they suffered a setback. What would this do to the group, especially after losing control of one of jOlt’s top prizes?

"The Champ Is Here… and So Is the Guy That Beat Him"

Jonathan Conspiracy Warriors 10 was in its infancy when cameras ventured backstage following the opening match to reveal Dawn Cassidy holding a microphone in the interview area.

“We are off to a great start tonight and I hate to interrupt the proceedings but I have with me a man that was on the brink of retirement. Somehow he managed to push through and defeat the Relentless Champion in controvers…”

A hand quickly covered the top of the microphone, and the cameras panned out to reveal the owner of the hand.

Jonathan Conspiracy

The cameras also picked up his wife Sweet Aroma who flanked Dawn Cassidy on the other side. Conspiracy stared at Dawn Cassidy before he removed his hand and turned towards the camera.

“Take two.”

Dawn Cassidy who seemed a little flustered restarted the interview.

“As I was saying we are off to a great start tonight, and with me is a man that was near retirement as Glory approached, but on this past iNtense he defeated the Relentless Champion, “Mr. Relentless” Aran Thompson in… convincing fashion???

Cassidy turned to Aroma and then to Conspiracy for approval. With a nod of the head Conspiracy responded.

“Close enough. I want everyone to listen and listen good… I Jonathan Conspiracy showed everyone why I should and will become the next Relentless Champion. I mean face it the proof is there for everyone to see and if they aren’t able to see it, well they can read the results on joltwrestling.com. On this past iNtense I not only defeated Aran Thompson but I proved to everyone why I should be the number one, or as Veronica would say numero uno, around here.”

Dawn interjected with “And you also ended a rather long losing streak.”

“That too, but that’s besides the point. Everyone knows that I was capable of winning each and everyone of those matches, and if it wasn’t for Damien’s Lee’s conspiracy against me I would be exactly that. But I’ll tell you this much Dawn, once Aran licks his wounds and finally defends the Relentless Championship I will be laying in wait to make the next challenge, and I don’t give a fuck if it’s Aran or some nose bleed sitting ticket holder, I will stake my claim to that championship, which is rightfully mine in the first place. If Aran Thompson or anyone else for that matter has a problem with it, well let’s just say they have my undivided attention.”

Dawn moved the microphone away from Jonathan Conspiracy and turned to face his wife, Sweet Aroma.

“Now Veronica, it seems to me like Jonathan Conspiracy isn’t too concerned with the match that was booked for you two tonight as you face Sepiroth De Luc, a former rival of Jonathan’s, and his tag team partner, the Starlet Champion Persephone, who are collectively known as Total Conquest. Do you have any words for Jonathan and your opponents, who are also members of the feared Backbone?”

Sweetz gave Dawn the ‘are you talking bad about my man look’ before she responded.

“Listen Dawn, Jonathan has plenty on his plate. Tonight is only about me getting my hands on Persephone. When the time comes for Jonathan to deal with SDL, my Jonny will take care of business.”

She then turned to the camera while Dawn Cassidy continued to hold the microphone as Aroma continued.

“Persephone, ever since you won the title from my good friend Aria Murphy you’ve been running around with Sepiroth and the rest of The Backbone thinking that you’re the baddest bitch here in jOlt Wrestling, and that may be true, but I’m here to tell you that you aren’t the best Starlet. Tonight I get my first real opportunity to show what I can within that division, and what better way to prove it than to show you, our champion what I’m made of. I’m not looking for any apologizes and I will not stand in the corner to just cheer on JCON. What I will do is motivate him and once it becomes me versus you, well let’s just say Persy… I’m not going to be so sweet.”

Jonathan Conspiracy and Sweet Aroma made their exit as Dawn spoke into the camera.

“There you have it folks, tonight Jonathan Conspiracy and Sweet Aroma will team up take on Sepiroth De Luc and Starlet Champion Persephone, collectively known as Total Conquest.”

Cameras would then venture elsewhere in the Arena of Champions.

"Blood Brothers"

Ninja K ’Vicarious’ by Tool prompted the masses to erupt as the arena lighting eroded on cue. Camera Ten zeroed in on the strobe lit overcast belching forth from Exit 50A. The Resident Anti Hero sauntered out and stood defiantly clad in the colors of Crimson and Obsidian. Power walking through the crowd en route to his destination, Ninja K broke his stride along the ring apron momentarily to be supplied with a microphone before entering the squared circle. Kenshiro positioned himself in the middle of the ring as the music subsided. The ninja took a moment to sweep his hair back before speaking.

“Tonight, a grand opportunity has presented itself.” Kenshiro mentioned. “Per our agreement, the Underground Division’s current retainer, whom you know as Derecho...”

A looming wave of negative heat was heard upon the infamous tyrant’s name.

“...shall be the first to exercise his selection of my opponent of his personal presence. Given the full extent of my commitment to this profession, I foresee no need in inquiring about this individual’s identity.” The ninja continued. “The list of adversaries is exceedingly great in number and merely a proposed vantage point Derecho believes to have found favorable yet let me be abundantly clear before this challenge is formerly addressed; Be it past or present, Derecho - the aftermath of this challenge is but a stern precursor to what I expect to bring to fruition at All or Nothing; the very end of your reign as the Underground Champion...”

The Arena of Champions populous rallied behind the bold premonition cast before them.

“...and a defining advantage in this long-standing war for outright supremacy.” Kenshiro bellowed. “Show yourself, Derecho and bring this unwitting lamb of your choosing to slaughter...”

The high-pitched volley of feedback was heard as the microphone bounced soundly off the canvas. The Osakan native stood his ground, knuckled gnarling while popping the bones in his neck, eagerly ready for combat. A rolling chant in support of the Athletic Freak of Nature carried for several elongated moments...

"One Reason" by FADE drew the ire from the jOlt republic. Moments later, the Underground Champion strode away from the gorilla position with mic in hand and the title slung over his shoulder. A wry smirk adorned his face before slowly raising the microphone to his lips.

"You know, Kenshiro... often times the past contains demons. While I am one of those demons, there is another man who was quite the thorn in your side. As a matter of fact, that steel cage above the ring should be symbolic of the demons you had to face. Tonight, I have brought one of them back.. tonight you will know the same pain I do and hopefully, "Vicariously" through that pain... you will understand why I am trying to let go of my past and erase everything from it in order to have a shining future. So... enjoy your steel cage match against my hand-picked opponent. Perhaps through that mask of yours, you'll open your eyes and finally understand me because of it." Derecho dropped the mic and grinned. The people both booed and cheered as they knew this would be a Steel Cage Match! A distinct metallic series of grinding was heard overhead, drawing an ominous bloodthirsty roar from below. The state-of-the-art wonders of the renovated Arena of Champions began its systematic running of pulleys, reinforced cables and wires hince the grand assembly of the unfolded steel cage. The PA system dealt out a repetitive bass laden beat amidst the collage of strobe lit hues dancing about to further heighten the anticipation of jOlt’s first Steel Cage Match. Miller: Ladies & Gentlemen; this contest is scheduled for One Fall and it is a STEEL! CAGE! MATCH!!!”

Ninja continued staring upward as the cage reached its assigned level of descent before allotting the walls to draw together soundly before finally segregating the squared circle from the fans. The Athletic Freak of Nature silently drew his focus on Derecho before the arena became quickly submerged within complete darkness...

Miller: “...And his opponent....”




’For Whom The Bell Tolls’ by Metallica

The jOltvision was immediately adorned with a barrage of vivid images, depicting the making of a Canadian Nightmare. A swinging overhead light teases the audience with the glimpse of a stubble laden visage before the lights arose and Camera One trained itself onto a long-raven haired monstrosity, clad with a tattered Red flannel sleeveless shirt, Black Jeans shorts, taped fists, boots and matching elbow/knee padding lumbered angrily toward the apex of the ring entrance ramp way...

Miller: “Hailing from Virden, Manitoba, Canada...Weighting in at 350 pounds...MIKE!!! PATTERSON!!!

Ninja K vs. Mike Patterson
Ninja KMike Patterson
Armed with a Metal Pipe, the Manitoban Mountain rounded the cage exterior, dragging the blunt weapon along the steel fencing before storming up the ring stems and inside the hellish structure.

The opening bell rung while Ninja began his assault on the entering colossus. The angered giant shoved the ninja away who somersaulted to his feet. The Osakan native parried the incoming pipe attack and countered with an Open Palm Strike to the Jaw. Patterson deftly blocked Kenshiro’s Overhand Strike to grab and slam his longstanding rival soundly against the meshed wall. Paterson’s Knee Strike was adverted with a Front Flip by Ninja. Patterson spun about to grab Kenshiro by the hair and fling him violently against the cell again. The Canadian Cannibal swung at his rival’s skull only to have his fist sandwiched against the wall via Ninja’s foot. In a swift motion, Ninja grabbed Mike’s blackened mane and blasted him with a stiff Knee Strike to the exposed Jaw!

The Athletic Freak of Nature clung to the wall like SpiderMan as Patterson spun about, seeking recovery. The airborne ninja leapt off the top ropes and connected with a Flying Clothesline! Ninja quickly chucked the Lead Pipe away toward the cage door before covering Patterson with the Lateral Press but was jettisoned several feet away with a Gorilla Press. The Ronin charge in with a Running Head Scissors but Patterson angrily flung Kenshiro against the cage! The recovering ninja was grabbed by the hair and repeatedly bludgeoned Kenshiro with a hail of Clubbing Forearms before burying Ninja into the canvas with a punishing Gutwrench Suplex! Patterson used Ninja’s hair to pull him into a seated posture before applying a Head Vice! The grimacing ninja gradually resisted the Canadian’s advances before Patterson snatched Ninja toward the heavens and spiking him into the mat with a Hair Pull Slam! The gristly giant wiped the blood from his lips before following suit with a swift Elbow Drop before grinding his Forearm across Ninja’s Jaw with a Lateral Press! ...1! ...2! Kick Out!

The embittered monster cinched in a Kneeling Side Head Lock. Ninja clawed and fought against the hold before being taken over with a swift Side Head Lock Takedown. Kenshiro defiantly made his ascension before creating space with a series of Elbow Strikes to Mike’s abdomen. A succession of Buzz Saw Kicks led to a European Uppercut. A Spinning Roundhouse Kick sprayed crimson across the canvas yet the ninja’s fist was caught by Patterson’s, allowing the Canadian to bury Ninja with a immediate Fall Away Slam! The Manitoban Maniac licked his blood soaked lips and spat at the ninja before dragging his rival to his knees by his hair. Mike’s massive fist leaned Kenshiro as the 2nd Punch spun the ninja to collapse onto all fours. Patterson dragged Ninja back to his feet and turned him into a human lawn dart bounding skull first against the unforgiving cage!

Ninja stumbled wildly backwards before collapsing to his side. Eager to stand himself up, Patterson hoisted Kenshiro overhead and sent him careening against the opposing cell wall with a Running Release Press Slam! The former Legacy Champion rolled along the canvas and struggled to reclaim his footing yet the relentless titan snatched Kenshiro upward and bounced Ninja off the adjacent wall with another Running Release Press Slam! The pain ridden ninja winced while gradually dragging himself along the canvas, smearing hints of blood along the way. The flannel clad barbarian swept his hair back before hovering his opposition and aggressively tearing away at the back of his attire, exposing his back before landing a succession of measured Kidney Shots. Keeling over to his side, Ninja succumbed to Patterson’s Lateral Press...1! ...2!

Ninja shifts defiantly to his side, urging the crowd to cheer wildly. Patterson shot a menacing glare toward the referee before standing erect and storming over toward the cage door and exiting the structure. Camera Three watched Patterson flip the ring apron upward. The masses emitted a bloodthirsty rally as the Canadian dragged a table from the ring’s underbelly and began shoving inside the cell. The Manitoban Monster delved underneath the ring and began dragging out a 2nd table before tossing a set of Chairs and reentering the cage. A Running Yakuza Kick would level the masked enigma, allowing Patterson to focus on setting the wooden obstruction against the opposing turnbuckle. The returning behemoth lumbered after his prey and led him away with an Irish Whip. Ninja stopped short and stunned the monster with the first of a bitter salvo of Forearm Strikes, driving his enemy toward the opposing corner. Mike managed to block the hail of hatred, pivoted and tossed Kenshiro toward the turnbuckles yet the nimble ninja vaulted off the 2nd ropes and connecting with a torrid Spinning Back Kick square in the teeth! The Ronin was quick to scramble over to cover his fallen foe...1! ...2! Patterson shot the shoulder up yet the ninja cinched in a Half Nelson Choke Hold. Latching onto Kenshiro’s forearm, Patterson sough to retain consciousness by gradually prying himself free from the submission hold.

The relentless ninja tightened the vice-like Back Mounted Body Scissors and began wailing away with several Cross Face Punches. Patterson’s arms flailed about offering poor defense for the methodical assault, prompting him to force himself back to his feet. The Midnight Assassin held onto a fist full of hair and continued pummeling his massive rival’s skull with punches before caught both arms. Immediately, the Manitoban Mammoth yanked Ninja forward repeatedly forward by his wrists, smashing Kenshiro’s face into the back of his cranium until the ninja collapsed behind him.

The masses groaned at the display of innovative brutality by the Monster as he dropped to all fours while Ninja was left leaking over his right eye. The homicidal maniac cradled his head while turning about and struggling to drag Kenshiro toward the center of the ring. Stumbling to his feet, Mike looked at the blood adorning his hand and licked it before cackling maniacally to himself while swiping a prone chair next to him. Patterson dragged the weapon along the canvas as Ninja palmed his face while crawling slowly back to his knees. The Virden Volcano peeled Ninja upward slightly with his free hand before violently burying his Size 18 Boot between Ninja’s shoulder blades.

Left heaving along the canvas, Ninja sought to push himself up when Patterson’s Chair Shot across Ninja’s exposed back echoed throughout the arena! Kenshiro howled as he rolled wildly toward the ropes and slammed against the cell wall as Patterson angrily unfolded 2 chairs before dragging his foe to his feet by his hair. The ailing yet defiant martial artist clawed at his rival’s fist while being dragged by his knees under Patterson’s command. Ninja wisely kicked one of the erect chairs away, drawing the ire of the raging ogre. The Canadian’s incoming fist was repelled by Ninja casting Mike’s arm away with a stiff Front Kick to his bicep. Quickly retrieving a weighted chain from his obi (Japanese belt), Kenshiro swiftly wrapped his hand with it and buried his fist into Patterson’s sternum. The giant belted out a audible gasp, allowing the ninja to crown him with a Hammer Fist to the Forehead!

The Tower of Terror staggered backward and collapsed, dragging Ninja down to a knee with him. Kenshiro grabbed him by the hair and began pummeling Mike’s face, creating a crimson plume with each measured strike until the Monster released the ninja’s hair. Ninja fell atop of the fallen rival for the cover...1! ...2! ....NO! The masses urged the slightly panting Kenshiro to ‘fuck him up’ as a look of disapproval radiated from his face. A growing chuckle drifted from the blood saturated lips of Patterson before coughing up a spray of crimson.

The negative heat from the crowd arose as Derecho stormed down to ringside and began yelling at his adversary from the outside. The glaring ninja assessed the situation before flinging the blood soaked chain free from his hand, casting blood across both Derecho’s face and the title belt itself. Mike’s massive arms quickly wrapped around the distracted ninja as Patterson rolled and ascended with a punishing Bear Hug! Blood was seen dripping from his lips and teeth while the ailing assassin extended his arms outward. Ignoring the ongoing rallying cry outside the cage, several moments would elapse before Kenshiro slowly clenched his fists and began gaining momentum with several sets of Bell Claps until released. Ninja quickly stood up the chair before vaulting with a Triple Jump Head Scissors Takedown yet Mike locked down & used the momentum to keep spinning until slamming Ninja soundly against the cage! Reclaiming his equilibrium, Mike hoisted dangling ninja overhead and smacked his skull through the chair seat with a hellish Power Bomb! Ninja was left kicking his leg while cradling his head! Patterson hooked the leg deeply! ...1!...2! ...NO!

A kneeling Mike Patterson scowled while turning his foe over to use Ninja’s blood as war paint before seizing a nearby chair. Using his foot to turn Ninja unto his back, Mike raised the chair overhead, leaving himself open to dropped with a stiff Front Kick to the nuts! Ninja pulled both himself and the chair up during his ascent and stood Patterson up with Steel Chair Uppercut! The titan stumbled backward against the ropes to catch a 2nd shot between the eyes! The Maniacal One spat blood, daring Ninja to hit him again. Kenshiro obliged him, dropping him yet Mike gradually stumbled back upward...


Ninja noted the glaring dent in the chair yet smashed him again! Blood drunk and weakened, Mike begged for more...


The Monster collapsed against the turnbuckle, weakly extending a middle finger to Ninja...


A bloody Mike used the ropes to slither himself erect while chuckling until Ninja sandwiched his head violently against the cage... The colossus spat blood along the mat while defiantly tugging at the ropes and stand on spaghetti legs...


Ninja stared longingly at Derecho before connecting with a Discus Chair Shot! The Canadian Redwood fell face first atop the bent chair. The fanatic mob roared in delight as Ninja stood ready to deliver a Con-Chairto but reconsidered by scaling the turnbuckle and shuffling along the ropes. Giving a throat slashing gesture while staring at Derecho, Ninja took flight...


A resounding fecal chant rattled the arena as Ninja collapsed before a frantic Derecho, angrily slapping & shaking the cage wall. Pushing himself up, Ninja swept his blood-tainted bangs from his face before crawling over for the Lateral Press...1! ...2! ....NO!!! Ninja dropped his head in befuddlement and sat on his hind quarters several moments to recover before double fisting Mike’s black mane, dragging him up to his knees and sprayed crimson with an Open Palm Punch to Mike’s Jaw. A Buzz Saw Kick to the Chest leaned Patterson backward with spaghetti arms. Ninja strode to the opposing ropes to have a microphone careen against his skull by Patterson. The act of desperation urged the giant to seize his ailing foe from behind and ejected him with an Release Overhead German Suplex!

The bloodied monstrosity stumbled wildly into the opposing corner as Ninja eerily rolled to his feet, heavily dazed by the seeping gash across his brow. An unearthly primal roar was overheard, leading Ninja to realize the uncompromising position he was placed in...

GRRRRR!!!! FUCK!!!!! SPEAR!!!!!

The Underground Champion clasped his head with both hands as a pile of bloodied bodies and shattered wood laid bundled within the neutral corner. A 2nd fecal chant danced within the stands as both rivals remained listless for several pain staking moments. The Forever One eventually eroded to a devilish cackle as the Canadian Apocalypse began stirring about slowly. Ninja keeled over onto his side lifelessly as Referee Nguyen checked on both combatants. Meanwhile, there arose some negative heat as Derecho tore apart the ring steps and worked the broad steel base inside the cage before coaching Patterson to shake off the cobwebs. Staggering backwards, Patterson eventually caught himself and lumbered forward to drag Ninja away from the corner by his leg. Mike collapsed backwards before slowly crawling forward on all fours and covering his rival...1! ...2! ...3?!

Derecho punched the cage as Ninja jerked to the side & Patterson snorted angrily before covering Ninja again...1! ...2! ...NO!

The reluctant Canadian hooked the leg deeply...1! ...2! ...NO!

Mike sat up and cursed out the referee, accusing him of a slow count. Mike would pull himself up & wobble over toward the broken table to begin stomping away in frustration. Patterson retrieved a sizable piece before wedging it into the opposing corner. Derecho exclaimed to use a better option via the ring steps. The Monster dragged the metal obstruction over to wedge the stair base in-between the ropes.

Elsewhere, Ninja notably favored his mid section while using the ropes to help regain his vertical base. Patterson stormed after the ninja and dropped him to his knees with a Front Kick and a 3 Clubbing Forearms. Gnashing his teeth, Patterson gestured a throat slash sign before committing to a Running TB Power Bomb. Ninja’s counteroffensive Hurricanrana slammed Patterson’s skull first into the metal, leaving a wild splatter pattern against it!

Ninja was left sprawled out as Patterson staggered excessively backwards, bouncing off his knee before falling & left staring at the arena lights. Derecho was throwing a shit fit as Ninja began low crawling toward the ropes. Finally steadying himself against the ropes, Ninja watched the human bulldozer struggle to remain conscious. Kenshiro began tugging at the ring step base before it careened against the canvas.

Unbelievably, Patterson drunkenly scrambled after his approaching enemy before bouncing the titan spine first with a Back Drop Fallaway Slam atop the ring steps! Kenshiro laid backwards for the cover! ...1! ...2! ...3!!! Ninja roll off onto all fours, clutching his mid section as ’Vicarious’ by Tool screamed from overhead...


The reigning Underground Champion rolled into a seated posture, snatching his hand free from the referee seeking to raise it in victory. Derecho began spewing venom inaudibly before storming his way towards the backstage area. Battered. Bloodied yet Brazen, the Athletic Freak of Nature clung to the meshed wall and rested his head against it briefly, catching his breath before beginning his egress from the cell’s interior. Medical personnel was waved off by the ninja prompting them to file into the cage and attend to the unconscious Canadian. Kenshiro took a moment to stare longingly at his fallen adversary, seeking respite in a victory well earned....

Winner: Ninja K via Pinfall

"Re-Lent-Less! Re-Lent-Less!"

Aran Thompson Dawn Cassidy, still glamorous and dazzling as ever, stood with pride and as she introduced the Relentless Champion.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Relentless, Aran Thompson!”

The camera, just as it seems routine to do, pulled back to reveal Aran Thompson standing next to Dawn Cassidy with the Relentless Championship strapped around his waist and his hands on his hips as he looked out into the distance while the fans cheered for him from ring side so loud that you could clearly hear them chanting:

Aran smiled as the cheering had died down a little and Dawn looked a little flushed as she waved fresh air onto her face with her free hand.

“Aran, two weeks ago you won the Relentless Championship for a record setting two times and then last week you lost to Jonathan Conspiracy in a non-title match up. The fans clearly stand behind you, the company clearly enjoys you, but what do you have to say about everything?” Dawn asked matter-of-factly.

Aran stopped smiling and looked down at Cassidy with clear intensity.

“Two weeks ago, I became the first ever relentless Relentless champion. I walked in Mr. Relentless, and walked out simply known as the champ. But before I did that, I called out the dirt sheets on how they have been vilifying this company since it’s…redemption…for lack of a better word. Sylo got interviewed by one of them, and that was it. No follow up, no nothing, not even a hearty hey how ya doin? But when Aran Thompson has an opinion, he speaks it. I spoke out against the same dirt sheet that “interviewed” the superbeast and they pulled Jolt from their promotion of the week.”

Aran looked to his side pausing for a moment and trying to keep his composure.

“I admit, that what I said could be viewed poorly and warranted the action they took. But I couldn’t figure out why even though it warranted such action why they wouldn’t just be a proper and fair and balanced site. Then I noticed they ignored twitter when I spoke up. Then I noticed them watching JCON when he spoke up. Then JCON grabbed a hand full of tights and illegally pinned me last week…”

“..but still they didn’t cover anything.”

“It hit me like a bolt of lightning. They’re afraid of us, much like Jonathan Conspiracy is afraid of Aran Thompson. He and I, we used to be friends…at the very least we were acquaintances. Never any bad blood. Worked on the same team. But the moment I outshine him, he turned his back on me. Not as a competitor, not as a peer, but as a person. He keeps his distant and knows when to back away from everybody else, but with me….it’s a different story. He is angry because I am…and always will be One Championship Better.

Aran stopped and turned around but was completely stopped in his tracks by the arrival of Gregg Vincent Scott who was brooding and breathing heavy. He was clearly holding back his rage and Dawn Cassidy was terrified while Aran was only put off by the interruption.

Aran collected himself and unstrapped the title draping it over his shoulder. GSV looked at the title and tapped it with his finger.

“You. Me. Tonight. I’m going to prove to the world that I can do to you exactly what Conspiracy did.”

Aran grinned and stepped forward pushing his shoulder into GSV’s getting Vincent out of his way and barked out.

“What’s that? Cheat?”

The scene faded with GSV staring Aran down as Aran walked off.

The Reckoning vs. RingRats
The ReckoningThe ReckoningRingRats
“Excuse Me” by Koffee Blakk hit and Dallas Griffin and Graham Youngblood made their way to the ring. Dallas jumped up and down a little rolling his neck as the two were ready to do battle with The Reckoning, a relatively unknown group yet in one match they had shown the world they were THE Reckoning in the tag team division.

Both members of RingRats were in the ring as the lights dimmed. “Weak and Powerless (Tilling my own grave mix)” by A Perfect Circle hit and the first to step out on the stage was the beautiful yet deadly Jade Dragon. Behind her, almost like a lost puppy, was Sven Deadly, and finally Harbinger stood stoic and silent behind the other two.

This would be nothing but pure mayhem as the Jade Dragon had convinced The RingRats into facing The Reckoning in a no DQ tornado tag and with their pride or rather Dallas Griffin’s ego on the line, the two would find themselves facing a match with no rules, no restraints, and no mercy.

The bell rang and Jade yelled out “Gluttony!” Sven charged head first driving his skull into Youngblood’s gut as Harbinger and Griffin faced off. The two locked up and with impressive strength Harbinger threw Griffin into the turnbuckle. He charged forward and nailed him with a close line that sent Griffin flying over the turnbuckle to the outside. Meanwhile Jade yelled “Wrath!” and Sven answered dropping bombs on Youngblood before following up with a drop kick that sent him to the outside. Sven rushed toward Harbinger and the bigger of the two used Sven as a projectile, sending him flying at Griffin and Youngblood just as they got back to their feet.

Harbinger climbed from the ring and began pulling anything and everything out from under the ring. He set up a ladder, two tables, and a slew of other weapons.Griffin made it to his feet though and blindsided Harbinger sending the big man into the announce table. Griffin snarled and grabbed him by the hair and went to slam his head into the table but two stiff elbows to Griffin’s gut would stop him short and would release the hold.

Harbinger turned and grabbed him by the throat and THREW him into the ring post, the back of his head hitting it with a sickening thud. Harbinger turned his attention to Youngblood who was positioning himself onto his feet but Jade screamed, “Sven, GREED!”. Sven quickly scooped up a chair and slammed it into the back of Youngblood putting him onto the ground. Sven threw the chair toward Harbinger who grabbed it and quickly whacked Griffin in the head with the chair putting Griffin down.

Sven reached for a random weapon and got his hands on a kendo stick. Sven, going nuts, slamming the cane sword into Youngbloods back with sickening thuds Jade screamed out, “SVEN! SLOTH!” and Immediately Sven stopped his assault. Sven dropped the kendo stick and walked away and rolled into the ring sitting against turnbuckles and looking toward his partner Harbinger.

Harbinger, on the other hand, had his sights set on Griffin who was still dazed from the chair shot. Harbinger wrapped his enormous hand around Griffin’s throat. And pulled him to his feet in a standing position.

The reaction from the crowd was silence as The Reckoning had quickly destroyed their opponents in The RingRats and Jade Dragon laughed maniacally. She wandered over to one of the tables and pulled out a lighter from inside her Kimono and yelled for Sven to pull a table into the ring.

Sven slowly rolled out of the ring and slid a table into the ring. Youngblood started to get up and he noticed Harbinger choking Griffin out against the ring post and he went to charge Harbinger and save his partner but Harbinger simply threw Griffin into Youngblood and both folded over as they connected with one another.

Sven set the table up in the center of the ring. The Jade Dragon screamed at him and told him to climb to the top of the ladder that was set up on the outside of the ring. Sven, looking like a zombie, followed his instructions to the T as Harbinger stalked the downed RingRats on the outside.

Harbinger reached down and grabbed Griffin by the throat again, pulling Griffin to his feet and Jade clapped as Harbinger repositioned his grasp on Griffin to hoist Griffin over his head. Harbinger looked down at Jade who pointed at the ring and he threw Griffin into the ring through the middle and top ropes. Harbinger wasn’t done as he picked up yet another table and threw it over the top rope and then threw Youngblood in the ring. Harbinger followed and held the ropes open for Jade to enter. She smiled and true to the name Dragon she blew fire on both tables. Jade smiled at the flames for a moment then yelled to Sven “Blood lust!”

Harbinger tossed Youngblood up on the flaming table as he began to scream. At the exact same time Sven came off the ladder with a seated senton! As that happened Harbinger had Griffin and put him through the other flaming table with The Harbinger’s Bane!


The fans went ballistic over what they just saw. Both men drug their opponents out of the burning debris and made the pin at the same time.




Harbinger threw Sven over his shoulder and held the ropes for Jade again as “Weak and Powerless (Tilling my own grave mix)” by A Perfect Circle played. For the second time in a week the new tag team known as the Reckoning had shown the world just how sick, demented, twisted, and dangerous they were as they vanished to the back without a word.

Winner: The Reckoning via Pinfall

"Retreat, Regroup, Revenge"

Chris Titan "Any word on Extreme?"

Chris Titan, arm in a sling, sat in the Backbone's commandeered locker room. Grendel, Bane Loneheart, and Sepiroth Du Luc stood guard at the door. Persephone was just walking in from the hallway.

"He's with the EMTs," she said to the Backbone leader, "He's fine. Just a little banged up."

Chris Titan snarled and punched a locker door with his good hand. "What do we have to do to put this giant blueberry down?! Does anybody know how to beat him?!"

Hearing that last query, Grendel turned away from the door.

"Stand guard!" Titan screamed, not wanting to have his most powerful soldier lose focus. But Grendel didn't listen. Instead, he walked away from the door and right up to Titan. "What is it?"

Grendel flung his hair out of his face and looked down.

"I do."

"Holy shit!," Persephone exclaimed, "he spoke!"

"You know how to beat him?"

Grendel nodded in response to Chris Titan's question.


The Backbone's monster took a deep breath and rolled his neck, popping every single vertebrae in the process. His fists clenched tight, his eyes squinted intensely, and he took one more step forward.


One word, that was all that Grendel said, but it was enough. Every other person in that locker room believed he could do what he said, and that was the scariest part. If Grendel could take out Sylo on his own what was it that was keeping him in check with the Backbone? And then an even better question arose in the minds of his stablemates ...

Was he in check at all?

Chris Titan, unlike his Backbone partners, wasn't shocked or scared. In fact, it appeared as if he was ... happy? He looked up at "his" monster and smiled.

"You're going to get your chance, big man. You and I will go down to the ring next iNtense and we'll call the Superbeast out. He'll come, because that's what he does, and then you'll make sure he goes down adn he stays down. How's that sound?"

Grendel simply nodded.

Gregg Scott Vincent vs. Aran Thompson
Gregg Scott VincentAran Thompson
“Warrior” by Volbeat began playing the crowd had mixed reactions for the man coming down to the ring. Gregg Vincent Scott couldn’t be bothered to acknowledge the fans or even the referee as he had entered the ring. GSV walked straight to the furthest turnbuckle and just looked out into the crowd with anger in his eyes. He was ready to start a war and the man he wanted to start that war with had took his dream away just two weeks ago.


The fans erupted with cheering so loud the referee jumped a little and Aran looked shocked at the reception he was given. Every week it seemed to get louder and louder and he loved it. Aran unstrapped the Relentless Championship from around his waist and draped it over his shoulder as he stared toward GSV who was a man possessed and ready to pounce. Aran slowly walked up the steel steps and raised the Relentless Championship high above his head as the fans erupted yet again and GSV had had enough.

The referee had to stop GSV from trying to attack the Relentless Champion before he even got into the ring and he threatened GSV with immediate disqualification to which GSV did not like but backed off as he shared his thoughts with the ref.

Aran stepped into the ring and again raised the championship high above his head and the fans cheered for him. For the first time in his life he was a champion and the fans loved him, he was on cloud now...

That is until GSV rushed past the referee and attack Aran putting Aran on the mat. GSV knelt down next to Aran putting Aran over and over again as Aran tried to defend himself but he just couldn’t stop the force of the hammer fists GSV had opened with. Aran managed to get his leg wrapped around the bottom rope and the referee pulled GSV off of him. GSV got into the referees face and threatened to attack him next, but before the referee could warn him Aran rolled GSV up in a small package and the referee counted.




The surprise roll up almost worked and Aran popped up to his feet as he wiped his mouth and smirked toward GSV who pounded his fist on the ground and stood back up. The two circled the ring and then locked up trying to force the other back. GSV released the hold and slapped Aran across the face and the fans reacted with a chorus of boos and GSV just waved them off and smacked Aran again but Aran blocked the attack and the fans began to buzz.

Right hooks from Aran were returned by strong jabs by GSV. Aran went to for a fifth punch but GSV blocked it and quickly whipped Aran into the ropes slamming him down with a vicious looking and sounding powerslam as Aran came back on the return from the irish whip. Instead of pinning Aran, GSV decided to start slamming his elbows into the side of Aran’s head. Aran quickly blocked the attack and got away rolling out of the ring he held his head and looked at GSV who just followed Aran to the outside.

Aran quickly kicked GSV in the gut bending him over and followed it up with a kick to the back of the leg bringing GSV down to one knee. Aran began kicking GSV over and over in the chest as the fans shouted with each kick.

The fans began buzzing as Aran shifted his position and they shouted in unison “KICK!” as Aran landed a vicious kick to the back of GSVs head.

GSV fell to the ground and Aran quickly rolled into the ring and rested as he watched GSV try to get up as the referee began the ten count.


GSV started to stir.


GSV rolled on to his back and sat up.


He looked around and noticed the fans were screaming at him to stay down and telling him that he liked to mimic vacuum cleaners.


He stood up and reacted to some fans flipping them off.


GSV turned around…


The fans went crazy as Aran flipped over the top rope their bodies to collide into one another. The two felt the effects and the referee was forced to again begin the ten count.

By the time he got to five Aran was back on his feet and rolling into the ring. The referee looked at GSV who hadn’t seemed to move yet and he was already on the count of seven.

“WHAT IS HE DOING?!” Buhrman yelled into his headset.

Aran rolled out of the ring and broke the count that he clearly was going to make and win the match and grabbed GSV by the head and brought him to his feet. Aran rolled GSV into the ring and pulled him away from the ropes when…

Human beings in a mob
Whats a mob to a king
Whats a king to a god
Whats a god to a non believer...
...who don't believe in anything

Make it out alive
Alright Alright
No Church in the Wild

Tears on the mausaleum floor...

The theme "No Church in the Wild" by The Throne (Jay-Z & Kanye West) was now playing inside the Arena of Champions, which meant that Jonathan Conspiracy was on his way to the ring. Aran stood up and was watching the entrance ramp waiting for JCON to come out but his attention toward that was quickly taken away as GSV quickly rolled up Aran and put his feet on the ropes for extra leverage while the referee counted.




Gregg Vincent Scott had did exactly what he said he was going to do, he was going to show the world that he could do exactly what Jonathan Conspiracy could do and that was get a win over the Relentless Champion. GSV quickly rolled out of the ring as “Warrior” by Volbeat played and he was happy with himself because he just got the “W” nothing more, nothing less.

Aran looked shocked as this was the second week in a row that he had lost. This clearly put both men in clear competition for his Relentless Championship. But someone has to challenge before they get another shot and Aran still has yet to make the announcement of what his relentless stipulation is going to be.

Winner: Gregg Scott Vincent via Pinfall

"Getting Noticed"

The Jury "All right, we need to have a serious talk. We gotta start getting our heads right because we ain't evena blip on the radar right now when it comes to us becoming Tag Team Champions."

Duzza was addressing his clients, and former multiple time Team Champions, the Jury inside their locker room.

"No shit," Statuz Quo replied, "Those RingRat bitches just went through some tables those big ass goth motherfuckers set on fire, and they closer to the titles than we are."

Duzza nodded. "That's what I'm saying. We gotta do something. We gotta put the whole Tag Team Division on notice. Look at the Backbone."

"Punk bitches," Khadafi groaned.

"Even still," Duzza said emphatically, "The Backbone sent some messages. They just went out there and busted some cats open. We need to do something like that!"

"What are you saying? We need to just start beating people's asses?" Statuz Quo, while not totally against the idea, was clearly unsure of it's merit.

"Hell no," Duzza responded with a head shake, "I'm saying something like that. We need to do something that's gonna get us noticed. Now, what does Sweet, Sweet Lovin' ... love?"

There was a short silence when Duzza and Statuz Quo realized they knew nothing about the current Tag Team Champions beyond one being a skinny reject from the 70s and the other being a ... fat reject from a 70s porno.

"Their women."

Utter shock as the two men heard Khadafi, of all people, come up with the plan of attack.

"We take their women and we force them to make a trade."

"You talking ransom, brother?"

"I'm talking ransom."

"Damn," Duzza said, "that shit's cold blooded.How do you propose we go about doing that?"

"I wasn't always a wrestler, you know? Just follow my lead."

Jimmy B. Martinez vs. Sanchez Cano
Jimmy B. MartinezSanchez Cano
We are here today at Arena of Champions in Orlando, FL. Where our next match is about to get under way. These two flyweights have been going at it since ”Rock The House”. One flyweight has been here, from the start and refuses to be a stepping stone. The other is a newbie, or like the others in the back would say ”New Blood” of the flyweight division. Last week these two were in a singles match, which JBM won due to disqualification. If you ask me, I don’t think he wanted it to go down like that. Hopefully tonight tells another story, as they meet again tonight in a no disqualifications match.

Uh, This is how it go down. I have the black-pound-silencer, so it dont make sound. About 150 outta town, aint nobody around. Im in the back seat breakin it down. My love has been a past week dawg, lately i found our press made us turn the radio down. But god bless they talking about layin me down.

Began to blast over the speakers. Fans than began to cheer and chant threw out the arena. To there surprise no one comes out the back, as the jOltvision turned on explaining why he hasn’t come out. The fans cheers, turned into boos as they see JBM getting attacked from behind once more. Noticing they might not make it to the ring, the referee jumped out and ran to the back as the match started backstage. As the referee reaches the backstage area, Cano is seen strangling JBM with some cable wires. JBM fights back as he throws his head back, and connected with the face of Cano with a head butt. Cano quickly released JBM, as he stumbled back. Jimmy than turned around, and DDT'ed Cano down to the bare concrete.

"TAKE THAT! YOU WILL NEVER BE BETTER THAN ME." He yelled at Cano, while he held his head in pain while on the floor.

Jimmy than picked up Cano by the hair, he lifted him up in a fireman’s carry and launched him up head first into the wall. Cano fell to the ground hard, as he held his face. JBM than picked him up once more, just to receive a low blow. Jimmy fell to the floor, as Cano slowly got up. Cano than picked up a fire extinguisher from the floor, and walked over to JBM. Cano lifted the fire extinguisher, high above his head. Right before he brought it down, he was kicked in the midsection causing him to stumble back and drop it on the floor. Jimmy than got up from the floor, grabbed the fire extinguisher and sprayed it in Cano's face. The foam blinded Cano for a minute, letting JBM get the upper hand with a spinning heel kick that knocked him to the floor. Jimmy than saw a ladder and decided to set it up, he climbed up and jumped off with a leg drop connecting with the chest of Cano.

"YOU AINT GOT NOTHING ON ME, IN DUE TIME I WILL BE FLYWEIGHT CHAMPION!" JBM said while he kneeled down, next to Cano.

JBM than picked up Cano by his hair. He guided him to the wall and went to slam him head first, Cano quickly countered by placing his foot on the wall. He then quickly turned the tables and slammed JBM's head against the wall, causing him to bounce off the wall onto the floor. Cano see's a trash bin and reaches inside and pulls out a Singapore cane. He holds it above his head, as this sadistic smile comes across his face. He than walked over to Jimmy's body and slams the cane across his midsection repeadtly.



With every hit from the singapore cane, he yelled and grew more furious as he began to scream at a beaten and batterd Jimmy.


Furiously, he came down with the singapore cane with four more hard hitting shot's that made the fans cringe.





A wave of boo's began to ring out threw the arena, as fans let Cano know how they felt. Cano began to smile as he picked up Jimmy and executed a pile driver. Cano noticing that the ladder was still set up, and decided to climb it. He then reached the top and jumped off with a monnsault. He quickly went for the pin. The ref quickly noticed the pin and began the three count.





Jimmy quickly got his arm up, before the ref can finish the three count. Cano furiously began to slam his hands down on the concrete in disbelief that he kicked out. Cano quickly picked up JBM by his hair. He began to walk with him, and guide him to the parking lot area. Cano than threw JBM threw the door that leads them to the parking lot area, as Cano followed behind him. JBM barley making it to his feet was close lined back to the floor by the sadistic one. Cano than grabbed JBM and raised him to his feet, he than pushed him against the car with his back first. Cano backed up and began to run towards Jimmy with a kick to the midsection. Jimmy quickly threw himself out the way, as Cano's foot went threw the car window. JBM quickly got to his feet and executed a reverse DDt. Jimmy threw himself back on the floor and layed on the floor for a while exhausted, trying to catch his breath.

Jimmy finally got up from the floor, he than dragged Cano back up to his feet. Than threw him on top of the trunk of the car. Jimmy then got up on the car, and executed a quick suplex right onto the top of the roof of the car. Cano holding his back, rolls off the roof of the car and falls to the ground. Jimmy than gets on the car, and climbs to the roof of the car, which was dented by the suplex. Jimmy than waits for Cano to get back to his feet, like a cat on the prowl. As soon as Cano got up from the ground, he leaped off the car with a cross body but landed in Cano's version of the Code Breaker.


Cano sees an opportunity to win the match, but decided not to cover. He decided to inflict more pain and lock in a sharpshooter. Jimmy with his never gives up attitude fights out of it, as the ref looked on.

Jimmy gets up, and so does Cano. Cano decides to lung at JBM with a close line but fails to connect. As soon as Cano turned around, he hit him with his very own code breaker as to mock Cano. Jimmy then noticed a glass panel against the wall, he than dragged Cano towards it and executed a slingshot maneuver, which caused Cano to crash right threw the panel into the wall. Cano rolled around the floor in pain, as Jimmy was distracted keeping an eye on Cano he was attacked from behind. By no other than Cano's brother Cordova. The ref looked on, as he couldn’t really due much because it was no disqualifications. Cordova kicked JBM in the stomach, and planted a DDt. Jimmy flipped over and landed on his back. Cordova grabbed a ladder which was propped against the wall and set it up. He than climbed the ladder and flew off with a 360 leg drop and landed across the chest of JBM.

"EL DECAPITACION RAPIDO" Cordova then quickly got up to his feet. He than walked to a motionless Cano, who layed there in a pool of his own blood and began to drag him on top of JBM. The ref looked on and shrugged his shoulders, as if he knew it was wrong but had a job to do. The Ref started the three count as Cordova looked on and counted with the ref.



The ref paused for a minute.


Winner: Sanchez Cano via Pinfall


Suddenly, the Arena of Champions was engulfed in an impenetrable blackness.

"Spiders" by System of a Down.

The jOltVision lit up with a flash of lightning followed seconds later by an echoing thunder. The gentle sound of rain drops followed, accompanied by the shrieks of the jOlt faithful as the rain tanscended the screen and entered the arena itself.

And finally ... words.

"The Backbone ... Forfeits?"

Jonathan Conspiracy Human beings in a mob
Whats a mob to a king
Whats a king to a god
Whats a god to a non believer...
...who don't believe in anything

Make it out alive
Alright Alright
No Church in the Wild

Tears on the mausaleum floor...

The theme "No Church in the Wild" by The Throne (Jay-Z & Kanye West) spread like wildfire through the Arena of Champions, and that meant only one thing, it was time for a grudge match of sorts with the happily married couple of Jonathan Conspiracy and Sweet Aroma making their way to the ring. The happiness was nowhere to be seen however, as Sweet Aroma looked pretty pissed, while Jonathan did everything in his power to try to keep her calm. He held the ropes open for her to enter the ring and she immediately took to a corner and screamed out into the crowd before she hopped down and focused her attention on the entryway. Conspiracy stood in front of her with his back to the entryway advising his wife to keep her cool.

Cue “South Texas Deathride” by Union Underground. JCON turned and stood side by side with his wife as the theme for Total Conquest played. Sepiroth Du Luc was the first to reveal himself and he had a microphone. He made no advancements towards the ring instead opting to remain in the entryway as boos rained down on The Backbone member.

“JCON, Aroma; my apologizes, but tonight on behalf of Persephone, YOUR Starlet Champion…

“…Total Conquest is forfeiting tonight’s mat…

At that very moment Persephone burst out from the back and ran right by her tag team partner and slid into the ring. Sweet Aroma shoved Jonathan Conspiracy to the side and slapped Persephone as she got to a vertical base. Persephone returned the slap with one of her own while the referee worked on getting JCON out of the ring. SDL looked to have been caught off guard by Persephone’s actions and drop the mic. He then sprinted down to the ring as well and entered the ring. Having finally contained Conspiracy, the ref turned his attention to SDL and instructed him to exit the ring as well.

Meanwhile inside the ring, Persephone and Sweet Aroma locked up. The ref turned and saw the action which led to him raising his arms to signal for the bell to ring.


Jonathan Conspiracy & Sweet Aroma vs. Total Conquest
Jonathan ConspiracySweet AromaTotal Conquest
Persephone took the early advantage from the lock up and shoved the smaller Sweet Aroma down to the mat. Persephone motioned to the downed Aroma and shouted at her.


A cautious Sweet Aroma got back to her feet but would quickly throw caution to the wind and charge at Persephone surprising her with a double leg takedown. She then mounted the Starlet Champion and unloaded rights and lefts on Persephone who was covered up to limit the damage. The ref started his five count, before forcibly removing Sweet Aroma off of her opponent. Aroma tried to break free of the official and when she finally did she rushed at the champion again.


But this time things would be different, as Persephone leveled “Mrs. Conspiracy”. Persephone then backed into her corner and sized her up. SDL slapped Persephone on the back.

The ref shouted “TAG!” and ordered Persephone from the ring as SDL entered. Persephone was visibly upset.

“What the fuck are you doing?” started Persepone before SDL motioned for her to calm down and retorted, “I got this relax.”

SDL stalked his way over to Aroma and walked with her as she made her way to her corner in what looked to be a futile attempt to tag Jonathan Conspiracy. SDL playfully kicked at Aroma, before he grabbed her by the back of her pants at the waist and tossed her into the corner.

“TAG!” shouted the ref, and Jonathan was now the legal man. SDL motioned for Conspiracy to “come on”. Conspiracy moved in on SDL, but SDL suddenly changed his demeanor and put his arms out and palms up, and begged JCON off.

Conspiracy continued to advance, until SDL laid down on the mat???

“Cover me, come on, cover me… come on!” shouted SDL at Conspiracy, getting impatient.

Conspiracy dropped down to his knees and covered Du Luc while hooking the leg.

The ref made the count.





Conspiracy got back to a vertical base as the ref raised his hand. SDL would soon fully and extended his hand to shake with the man that just pinned him to the mat.

However before a handshake could take place, Persephone and Sweet Aroma jumped on each other again. JCON and SDL jumped in between the two and struggled to get them apart, but once they did SDL dragged the Starlet Champion up the entryway, while Conspiracy held back a very enraged Aroma inside the ring.

Winner: Jonathan Conspiracy & Sweet Aroma via Pinfall

"See You at iNtense"

Sylo Dawn Cassidy had been running around interviewing people all night it seemed but there was one last interview she just had to get. She took off down the hall, microphone in hand, and cameraman in tow. She yelled down the hall trying to get her next interview to stop and he did. Dawn caught her breath and straightened her hair, clearing her throat before she began. Towering over her was none other than the SuperBeast, Sylo. The fans roared in approval as Sylo had his bag slung over his shoulder and Aria Murphy by his side.

“Sylo! I wanted to ask you, before you left, what you thought about Grendel saying he can beat you and the fact that Titan and Grendel will call you out on iNtense,” Dawn asked moving the microphone to Sylo.

The SuperBeast just stared at her for a moment before dropping his bag. He looked over at Aria and nodded. “I’ll catch up,” He told her. Aria kissed his cheek and took her bag out as Sylo turned to Dawn. He stood staring at her for a moment, studying her, as an awkward silence fell across the arena.

“What do I think?” Sylo asked with a touch of amusement laced in his tone. “Well, Dawn, I think desperate men take desperate actions due to fear. Why would Titan and the rest of the Backbone be in fear? Well that’s a simple answer. They fucked with the wrong monster. Now they find themselves on the receiving end of all the bad things they’ve done to others. They feel the power being taken away from them and it’s being done by one person. So now Krispy Kream, Grendel, wants to step up and “stop me”? That’s cute and convenient because Grendel was actually next on my list,” Sylo smirked showing his canines on one side as Dawn looked stunned.

“So even though you’re injured you want to fight Grendel?” Dawn asked, still in shock.

“Of course,” Sylo looked at Dawn with a raised eyebrow. “It’s the only logical step. Titan’s hurt, Extreme is hurt, and now I move in and take out the biggest gun they have. Grendel is unstable, he’s pure violence, and probably the only man that can stand toe to toe with me in this company but the one thing I have that he doesn’t is brains. He’s mindless with only one idea and that’s to destroy. All it takes is one mistake and I’ll have added a third to my Backbone body count.” Sylo smirked once more.

-“But aren’t you concerned about what plan the Backbone has with this match?” Dawn asked staring up at Sylo, still wide eyed.

“No. Their plan is to send Grendel at me. Their plan is to have him leave just enough of me for Titan to take the title back. The problem with that is I.DON’T.DIE!” The fans roared in approval. “So far all the Backbone has done is piss me off. They’ve unleashed something in me and it feels so right. So Titan’s right, they’ll call me out, and I’ll be there and whatever scheme they put together I’ll shove it right back down their throat.” Sylo turned from Dawn toward the camera.

“And Titan, do you know why that is? Because I’m the GOD...DAMN...SUPERBEAST!” The fans roared again. “So I’ll see you at iNtense,” Sylo snarled and walked off leaving Dawn Cassidy to watch the monster of a man walk away in a stunned silence.

Derecho vs. Mattock
“One Reason” by Fade

The arena glows a red crimson hue as it was Derecho’s turn to make his way out for his Pick Your Poison match. Derecho headed down to the ring with the Underground Championship fastened around his waist. Derecho then stepped into the ring and the lights returned to normal. He then looked back at the entrance ramp when…

“Vicarious” by Tool.

The crowd popped as Ninja K stepped out from the backstage area, still a bit worn out from his match earlier against Mike Patterson, in what was an amazing bout. Ninja K pulled out a microphone and placed it to his.. well.. mask.

“Derecho… I have to admit… I was quite surprised by your choice of opposition.. but I’m sure you’ll be even more surprised about my choice for you. You see… I have located someone. Someone that you wanted to know the identity of because they just happened to drive a steel chair into your spine. That someone is your opponent here tonight and not only that… the stipulation for this opponent will be that the match will be for your Underground Championship.”

A hush fell over the crowd as Ninja K stepped aside.

“Crucified” by Sevendust

A figure stepped out from the backstage area wearing a mask and an X-Wrestling T-Shirt. Derecho looked to be impatient as he wanted to know the identity of the man who attacked him on Warriors last week. The figure walked down to the ring and stepped inside where he walked right up to the Underground Champion.. a very bold move considering what had transpired. The music died down as Derecho gritted his teeth. Before we knew it, Derecho grabbed the mask of the mysterious figure and ripped it off. Derecho immediately had become startled as he dashed backward away from the figure. Derecho looked as if he had just seen a ghost.

The man that stood before him with a grin on his face sported silver hair and gray eyes.

It was Derecho’s own brother, Jared Thatcher, otherwise known as Mattock!

Mattock took a step forward as Derecho backed away. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing in front of him. The person who attacked him was his own flesh and blood…a man Derecho hadn’t seen in almost five years. A man who disappeared not only from the world of professional wrestling, but Derecho’s own life stood before him in the center of the ring. A man that used to work for his own brother as a part of X Wrestling and a man who Derecho put through absolute hell in and out of the ring.

Mattock glared over at Derecho and cracked a grin.

“Miss me?” Mattock muttered.

Derecho shook his head as for the first time The Underground Champion was beside himself and not in a violent way. Derecho just couldn't believe that it was Mattock.. but Derecho shook his head in a "no" fashion more and more. The more Derecho did it, the more the look in his eyes faded into that of blind rage.

Something went off inside Derecho’s head as he charged in with a clothesline, but Mattock ducked underneath. When Derecho turned around, Mattock hit a front roundhouse kick to the skull of Derecho that sent him staggering back. Mattock then grabbed Derecho by the arm and whipped him into the ropes. Mattock then grabbed Derecho off the rebound and kneed him in the stomach. Mattock took a step back and backflipped. At the same time he brought his feet straight into Derecho’s face!

Derecho hit the canvas as Mattock kipped up to his feet. Mattock then looked down at his brother, The Underground Champion, and then took off toward the ropes where he came back and hit a front flip leg drop across the neck and chest of Derecho. Mattock then made the cover with the leg hooked.



Derecho kicked out.

Mattock then rolled out of the ring and lifted up the ring apron. This was extremely dangerous territory as Derecho and Mattock shared one thing in common and that each one of them loved to use a favorite weapon. Derecho’s weapon of choice was always the steel chair. Mattock’s choice however was…


Mattock pulled out few small panes of glass, probably about 6” squared. Mattock rolled back into the ring and put them down on the canvas in a stack. There were about 3 or 4 of these small panes waiting along with Mattock for Derecho to stand. Derecho got back to his feet and Mattock delivered a kick to the stomach. He then hooked Derecho for a DDT, but Derecho countered with punches to the ribs of Mattock. Derecho then charged forward and drove Mattock into the corner.

Derecho then opened up with shoulder thrusts under he broke free from Mattock’s grasp. Derecho then fired away with big rights and lefts, combination blows to the head of Mattock. Derecho then reached down and grabbed one of the panes of glass then…


Derecho just freed the beast right over Mattock’s head! Derecho didn’t stop as he picked up another pane of glass!


A second one shattered over Mattock’s head! The look of a beast unleashed came over Derecho’s eyes as he picked up the third pane and…


Fragments of glass flew everywhere and even people in the front row had to cover their faces! Derecho knew there was one piece left, but he didn’t grab it. Instead he pulled Mattock out of the corner and grasped him by the neck. He lifted Mattock up and choke slammed him right on top of the final pane of glass!!

Derecho wasn’t done, though. Derecho rolled out of the ring and then grabbed his favorite toy.. the steel chair. Derecho slid back into the ring where he unfolded the chair dead center it the middle of the ring. He pulled Mattock back to his feet and noticed that Mattock’s face and his hair were beginning to turn a shade of crimson. Derecho then picked Mattock up onto his shoulder, but Mattock wriggled free! Mattock then took off toward the ropes and sprun off. He twisted in mid air and nailed a Corkscrew Spear on Derecho!


Derecho’s back hit the canvas on top of the shards of glass. Some of them pierced his skin just like barbed wire would. Mattock staggered to his feet and grinned and he pulled his brother up off the glass coated canvas. Mattock dragged Derecho by the hair over in front of the steel chair and then hit some rapid fire Kawada-style kicks to the face of Derecho which doubled him over. Mattock then charged off to the ropes and cartwheeled behind a doubled over Derecho and nailed a Cartwheel Powerbomb that flipped Derecho onto the unfolded steel chair!!!



The crowd started a loud fecal chant as the chair was broken and mangled from the impact! Mattock then laid on top of Derecho! This could be the end of the Underground Champion’s reign!!!




Derecho popped the shoulder up and the crowd moaned with disappointment.

Mattock pounded his fist on the canvas and pulled Derecho up off of the mangled chair. Mattock scooped Derecho up and planted him with a scoop slam near the corner. He then grabbed the mangled chair and laid it on top of Derecho. Mattock then ascended the turnbuckle pads to the very top and took aim. He flipped off with a shooting star press into an elbow drop, but Derecho moved out of the way and Mattock crashed and burned!!

Mattock had missed with the Transient Silence and Derecho took this time to recover a bit. Both of them staggered to their feet, but Derecho had that mangled chair in hand. When both men stood, Derecho slammed the mangled chair hard over Mattock’s bloodied head! The impact was so hard, the seat of the chair broke off and flew across the ring! Mattock fell straight onto his back from impact and looked to be out cold.. but Derecho didn’t care… a look a viciousness came over Derecho’s face as he pulled Mattock up to his feet. He hoisted Mattock onto his shoulder and dropped him!


Derecho stood up and shook his head “No”. He pulled Mattock back to his feet and hoisted him onto his shoulder again.


Derecho stood back up and laughed to himself. Almost as if any type of rational thought had escaped him. Derecho bent over and pulled a lifeless Mattock up to his feet. He then brought Mattock to the corner where hoisted him onto his shoulder again. Derecho then stepped onto the bottom turnbuckle pad to sit on the top. Derecho then slowly stepped up to the middle turnbuckle pad with Mattock still on his shoulder.

The people rose to their feet as Derecho leapt off.


Derecho laughed like a madman as he laid across Mattock and reached over to hook the leg.




Derecho retained the Underground Championship, but once the three count hit, he just continued to lay across his brother, laughing. Derecho sat up with a smirk on his face. He was handed the Underground Championship and he rolled out of the ring with it. Derecho staggered to the backstage area chuckling to himself the entire way.

Winner: Derecho via Pinfall