"The Champs Are Here"

Jimmy B. Martinez Warriors opened like every other show does with Arena of champions, erupting in cheers blowing the roof off the building. What was in store for everyone? No one knew, i guess you had to keep watching to know. Last week's iNtense was a hell of a show, could Warriors this week out due last weeks iNtense. Aran Thompson defended his relentless championship successfully against Jimmy B. Martinez, after he beat GSV and JCON for a shot at his beloved title. A match which JBM gave it his all, but came up short. But don't count the new blood out. Damien Lee later that night put JBM in another match. This time it was for the Flyweight championship. Sylo delivered an unconscious Phoenix to Martinez. He quickly took advantage and became the current Flyweight champion. Then we had Sylo and Grendel, A match of the behemoths. Sylo would go on to win via knockout. So the real question was, what was NEXT?

Just then the jOltVision turned on catching the attention of everyone in Arena Of Champions. A door leading into the backstage area quickly swung open as Jimmy B. Martinez walked in. The fans began to cheer so loud, it felt as if the building was shaking. Martinez continued to walk up the corridor while the flyweight championship hung over his shoulder. What was on the mind, of the current flyweight champion? Could it be his triple threat match tonight with Cordova and Cano. He continued to walk up the hallways of jOlt towards his locker room. He then noticed Bane Loneheart, Mike Extreme & Grendel standing in front of his locker room.

"Look it what we have here Mike, if it isn't the new blood of jOlt with his little Flyweight championship." Bane said as he tapped the belt which was still hung over Martinez's shoulder.

"What do you want?!" Martinez replied.

"Well I wassssss... gonna say congratulations. Then I remembered I have no respect for new blood's," He said, as Bane and Extreme began to chuckle to themselves.

"Yeah, well you can keep your 'Thank You'. It isn't needed. This right here is good enough for me," JBM said as he tapped the title.

"Yeah, let's see how long you keep that title," Loneheart replied.

"You call yourself Mr. Infamous. What the hell are you Infamous for?" Extreme asked as he chuckled to himself.

"For never BACKING DOWN!" Martinez shouted at Extreme as he took one step forward and got into the face of Extreme.

"Whoa, calm down there lil man. Why can't we be friends, why cant we be friends." Loneheart began to sing to Martinez as he chuckled.

"Ha! Us friends? I don't think so. The same way you don't have respect for new bloods, I have NO respect for cheaters." Martinez said as he took one step back and got out of Mike's face.

"WHOA! Us cheaters... No way. You have the wrong guy's." Extreme told Martinez who was apparently agitated with the two.

Grendel continued to look on as he continued to stare down Jimmy not saying a word.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa..."

A voice from behind The Backbone interrupted The Backbones attempt at bullying the newest champion among the ranks of jOlt and it was none other than the Relentless Champion himself, Aran Thompson.

Aran looked around as Grendel stepped up to him and grunted. Aran gave Grendel the once over before smiling and then turning his attention to Bane and Extreme.

"After that little show down with Sylo, it's amazing he would even be here. Let alone trying to pick on the newest champion around here. Now, if you want to have a problem, I can get involved in this too."

Aran said staring Bane Loneheart directly eye to eye as Jimmy B. Martinez seemed to notice the tension rising and put himself in a position to pounce if needed.

Aran put his hand up toward Martinez not losing eye contact with Loneheart.

"That won't be necessary, Jimmy. If they got a problem, they can bring it to the ring."

Jimmy pushed himself through the bodies of Loneheart and Mike Extreme and nodded toward Aran before Grendel stepped into Jimmy's path.

Once again, Aran had something to say.

"Grendel, you're a beast. But you're not stupid. So I ask again."

"Do we.."

"Have a..."

And without missing a beat the calm but assertive voice of Sylo was heard.


The Arena could be heard roaring in the distance as they watched. Sylo just stared at the three members of the Backbone. His smirk of playfulness deceived the dangerous and predatory look in his eyes.

"Oh look, it's Krispy and the crew. How's the uh, y'know, the uh..." Sylo pointed at both Extreme and Grendel's heads. Both stepped forward ready to ambush, Aran and Jimmy both took a step forward but Sylo held out both arms.

"No, don't worry guys. They won't do anything because if I've proven ONE thing it's the Backbone is nothing more than talk." Sylo stepped forward himself.

"They're nothing but hot air. Grendel may be the only one with any salt to his name. I will say this much at least neither one of these two tapped out as fast as they could like some punk bitch named Chris Titan," the tension was rising and Sylo was purposely throwing more fuel on the fire.

"Attack me and this time you won't walk away with your careers. See, behind me are two guys I just happen to like," Sylo hiked a thumb over his shoulder. "And the way I see it is if you have beef with them then you have beef with ME. Jimmy is under MY protection as long as I train him and I have every inch of Aran's back so ask yourself...is it worth it?" Sylo sneered at all three men. Bane was practically hiding behind the two bigger men.

Extreme just grunted and motioned for them to head out. All three moved past Mr. Relentless, Mr. Infamous, and of course the Legendary SuperBeast. Sylo looked back as all three men slapped hands before Sylo looked at them both.

"If anyone that supports that group messes with either one of you I'll be right behind."

"I guess that went well."

Martinez said as both Sylo and Thompson began to laugh amongst each other. They went there separate ways as Jimmy B. Martinez finally entered his locker room.

"Earn Your Spot"

Chris Titan The Backbone's locker room.

Chris Titan stood opposite Bane Loneheart and the former jOlt Champion did not looked all too pleased with the Backbone's Scottish implant.

"Let's both be honest with each other, Bane, you're messing up."

"Ye cannae blame me, can ye?! There's more going on here then ye care to know, Chris. Ye said we would be on top of the world when this group formed but I ain't seen one tiny shred of that. Where were you all when I needed ye with the Relentless Championship?"

Titan was not amused. "WHERE WERE WE?! Why is it that you need us to win anything at all?!"

"Well," Bane replied, "now that yer apparently backing JCON things haven't been what they used to be for me, you know?"

"You're losing faith?"

"I dinnae say that."

"You're losing faith."

"I dinnae--"



"STOP ... and just listen for a second. Do you know what I think it is that you need, Bane?"


Chris Titan smiled coyly. "Motivation, my friend. You need to be motivated. You need to regain the hunger that you had so many years ago when you were an International Champion. Do you remember those days?"

Bane Loneheart's fists clenched. Of course he remembered those days. Since stepped back into jOlt he has done nothing but remember those days, nothing but wish for them to return. He's felt unappreciated, unused. He's felt abandoned. So he tried to take those days back for himself but the deck was stacked far too high against him, what with Damien Lee pandering to the new blood instead of respecting the old guard that made jOlt. His eyes lit up with the fire of failed attempts at glory.

"You know I do."

"Then you need to reclaim that tonight."


"You're going to take on Sylo."


"Bane Loneheart is going to give the Superbeast the most brutal beating of his career ... just in time for All or Nothing."

"Chris, I ... I dinnae ... what are ye talking about?"

"Retribution. I'm talking about getting back your respect. Sylo tossed you aside once, do you remember? He threw you across a hallway because, in his eyes, you weren't worth the time and he has bigger fish to fry in Alexander Jerusalem. Did you like that feeling?"


"Sorry, did you say something?"

"I said NO -- I dinnae like it!"

"Then let's do something about it. You go out there and you call the Superbeast out, then you eliminate him."


"With your great equalizer, my friend."

Chris Titan reached into a nearby duffle bag and handed Bane Loneheart a steel pipe, his weapon of choice. "Now, go take back your respect."

"Hell yes!" Bane Loneheart charged for the door.

"Bane, one last thing ... you had better win tonight."

No pressure, right?

Jimmy B. Martinez vs. Sanchez Cano vs. Cordova
Jimmy B. MartinezSanchez CanoCordova
We are here at arena of champions, where we will have another flyweight division match. The three men in this match, have been going at it since rock the house and iNtense. Hopefully tonight, they will put it all on the line and end their rivalry that's been going on for weeks. Cano and his brother Cordova never really seen eye too eye, and always had problems establishing who is the best wrestler in the family. Cano say's he is, with out a doubt. While Cordova say's the same. I guess we will find out tonight, who is really the best wrestler in this battle of the flyweights.

"What Comes Around - Ill Nino"

Arena of champions, erupted in jeers as Sanchez Cano slowly emerged out the back. Cano stopped at the top of the ramp, and slowly scaned the crowd with a sneer and disgusted look on his face. He shaked his head from side to side, as the crowd continued to boo as he made his way down the ramp. If Cano were to win this match, it would prove to his brother that he is the best wrestler in the family.

From Guadalajara, Mexico. Weighing 198 pounds, the Sadistic One; Sanchez Cano!!!

Cano, slowly slid under the ring. Jeers still being heard, as the ref walked up to Cano and began to search him for any illegal weapons. Cano impatiently shoved the ref away, as to say okay, that's enough. Cano than sat, in the corner and waited for his next oponent to come out.

"Latin Thug - Cypress Hill"

Is heard playing threw out the arena as Cordova, the brother of Cano emerged from the back. He began to nod his head, up and down as he looked at his brother from the top ramp. Im sure Cordova, would love to win this match to certify that he is the best in the family and in the flyweight division.

From Guadalajara, Mexico. Weighing 190 pounds, the Latin Thug; Cordova!

Cordova began to run down the ramp, and slid under the bottom rope as he reached the ring. He then poped up from the canvas and threw his hands up to an eruption of jeers. Cordova not surprised, brushed it off as the ref began to check him for any objects. Cano let out a small chuckle as they began to stare each other down from opposite sides of the ring.

The light's then dimmed and turned a blood red color as they began to flicker on and off. The fans of arena of campions erupted in cheers and chants as the self proclaimed savior of the flyweight division was about to make his way towards the ring.

Uh, This is how it go down. I have the black-pound-silencer,so it dont make sound. About 150 outta town, aint nobody around.Im in the back seat breakin it down. My love has been a past weekdawg, lately i found our press made us turn the radio down. But godbless they talking about layin me down.

From The Bronx, New York. Weighing 220 pounds, Mr. Infamous; JBM

As Jimmy B. Martinez new music began to play threw out the arena, the cheers began to get louder. JBM then emerged out the back, with his newly won flyweight championship strapped around his waist. Tonight would be his first title defense, against not one but two other superstars who wanted what he had. That being the flyweight title. Jimmy wasn't new to fighting two superstars in one night nor at the same time. He did it at iNtense and would have to do it here, too keep his title safe. Martinez then stopped at the top ramp way, and closed his eyes and took a deep breath in as to absorb all the cheers and JBM chants. He then opened his eyes, and began to slowly make his way towards the ring. A win here by Jimmy, would make him one step closer to accomplishing his goal and showing everyone that he is the best of the three. Jimmy finally reached the ring and slid under the bottom rope. He then climbed the turnbuckle and threw his hands up, as they continue to cheer him on. As Jimmy got off the turnbuckle and turned around he was greeted by the ref who began to search him.

Jimmy, Cordova and Cano all began to stare each other down as the ref stood in the middle of the ring getting ready to call for the bell. With a chop of the hand, the bell was rung starting this flyweight triple threat match.

Ding.. Ding.. Ding!

"Here we go, with another flyweight division match."

"These three men have been going at it for a while. Hopefully it will end here tonight." One announcer told the other.

The three men, than began to charge each other. Cano halted, leaving Cordova and Jimmy to collide with each other as they began to exchange right and left hand jabs. Cano, grined as he began to point to his head as if he was one step ahead of the game. Jimmy and Cordova stopped and looked at Cano, who was still gloating to the jOlt fans. Not impressed, they began to boo him. Cano then turned around and was greeted with a double clothesline by Cordova and Jimmy.


The crowd began to cheer in approval, as Cordova and Jimmy quickly got back into the match and began to exchange back hand chops. JBM beat him to the chop as he backed him up against the ropes and whiped him to the other end. Jimmy bounced off and tried to connect with a clothesline but missed. Cordova quickly spun Jimmy around and kicked him in the midsection to connect with a jumping DDt.

Jimmy hit the canvas hard, as Cordova got back up. The latin thug, didnt notice that Cano was up off the canvas and was hit with a spinning heel kick that layed him down. Cano quickly seen a oppurtunity and scaled the top rope. He then jumped off with a leg drop which connected with the chest of Cordova.

"YOU DONT GOT ANYTHING ON ME BROTHER!" He said to his fallen brother, who was still holding his chest in pain.

Cano than walked over to Jimmy who was still on the floor due to the jumping DDt. He then grabed him, and assisted him up. Cano went to toss Jimmy out the ring, but he quickly countered and tossed Cano right over the ropes to the outside. Mr. Infamous then ran to the other end and came back as he jumped over the top rope with a moonsault landing on Cano. They both hit the floor in pain, as the fans began to cheer loudly.

Cordova slolwy made it up to his feet. He then noticed Cano and Jimmy getting back up. The latin thug then ran towards the rope and jumped over connecting with a cross body knocking them back to the ground. Latin thug the first one up, helped his brother to his feet and threw him back into the ring. He then turned to Jimmy, and pulled him up by the hair and threw him back in the ring also.

He then picked up Jimmy and tossed him into corner. He then tried the same with Cano, but cano countered and tossed him into the opposite corner. Cano, then walked up to Jimmy and whiped him to his brother as he followed behind looking for a clostheline. Jimmy quickly thinking, before he collided with Cordova ran up his chest and executed a backflip over Cano leaving him to connect with the latin thug.


As the fans began to cheer in excitment. Jimmy raised to his feet, and grapped Cano from the canvas. He then lifted him up and executed a front face suplex into a facebuster. Cano hit the mat and flipped on his back from the impact. JBM then springboard himself onto the top turnbuckle as the fans began to cheer him on. He then leaped into the air and executed a elbow drop with full force. Jimmy hooked up his legs for the pin.




Jimmy should of known better, but it didnt hurt to try as Cano raised his arm. As Jimmy got up from the canvas from a failed pin, he was knocked down by Cordova who flew out the corner with a powerfull dropkick. Cordova then picked up his brother who was slowly trying to recover from the elbow drop recieved by JBM. The Latin Thug, then threw The Sadistic One into the corner. He then raised him onto the top turnbuckle, as he climbed to execute a hurricanrana. Cano quickly countered and powerbombed him hard down to the canvas. He slowly got off from the top rope, and turned his attention to Jimmy who was slowly making it up to his feet from the dropkick.

The Sadistic One, ran towards Jimmy and executed a spinning head scissors that almost took JBM's head off. Cano quickly jumped back up to his feet and grabbed Jimmy by the hair. He raised him up with a suplex and came crashing down with a brainbuster DDt. Cordova who was already up from the top rope powerbomb, was waiting for an oppurtunity to attack. Cano then turned around and was hit with a spinning heel kick to the face, that knocked him to the canvas. Cordova quickly scaled the top rope, and jumped off with a shooting star press. It wasnt what Cordova expected, as he was meet by his brothers knees. Cordova fliped over in pain, as he cringed holding his midsection.

"IM ONE STEP AHEAD OF YOU!" He screamed.

Cano then turned around and was nailed by Mr. Infamous with a spinning DDt. Jimmy then picked up cano and whipped him into the ropes. As Cano returned to him he tried to connect with a spinning heel kick. Cano ducked and came back flying with a forarm smash to the face of JBM. Cano laughed as he got back up to his feet. Cano seen a motionless Jimmy and locked him in a elevated boston crab. Jimmy began to scream as he fought threw the pain. Cordova than kicked, Cano in the face breaking the hold. A kick that proably saved the match from ending shortly.

Cordova, than took advantage of the batterd Jimmy as he picked him up. He than raised him up in a razors edge like postion, before he could slam him to the canvas, Cano drop kicked him, causing both men to collapse to the floor. Cano than picked up Jimmy, and whipped him to the corner. Cano then climbed the ropes, and was about to execute a top rope suplex until Cordova came and put Cano on his shoulders. Cano still in suplex position, was on Cordova shoulders. Cordova then leaned back, as Cano and Jimmy all fell to the canvas in one big bang.


All three men hit the canvas with such a vicious impact that shaked the ring. All three laid in the ring holding there back, on the floor in pain. As the fans began to cheer for what they've just witnessed. Cordova struggled to get back to his feet, using the ropes for leverage. He finally did, as he slowly began to pick up Cano. He then executed a body slam, as he ran to the ropes and springboarded off the middle rope with a moonsault landing on Cano. Jimmy finally made it up to his feet, just to get knocked back down by Cordova with a flipping dropkick, that pushed Jimmy over the top rope to the out side.

The latin thug, then ran to the ropes and jumped threw the middle. But no cigar, as Jimmy side stepped the move letting Cordova hit the barracade which seperated the fans from the ring. Jimmy than slid under the ropes to an enraged Cano. The Sadistic One came charging JBM with a clothesline, Jimmy ducked it and hit Cano with a hurrincanrana once he turned around. Jimmy than jumped onto the top turnbuckle and signaled to the fans and jumped off with a five star frog splash.


No! Jimmy was meet with the knees of Cano that connected with his midsection, the impact caused Jimmy to flip over in pain. Cano slowly than draged himself to a motionless body as he laid across JBM for the pin.



"It could be over, for the new blood."THR....NO!"


The fans erupted in cheers, as Jimmy got his arm up just in time for the kickout. Cano fustrated bagan to shake his head in disbelief. Cordova who finally made it back up to his feet and into the ring, ran at Cano with a clothesline which he had ducked. Cano with his quick thinking hit a codebreaker on Cordova.


"What is he doing? He should be going for the pin."Cano than quickly got back up to his feet and scaled the top rope, but before he could jump off Jimmy pushed him off to the outside of the ring. He than scaled the top rope himself and jumped off with a flying headbutt. Jimmy then stumbled back up, and looked to the ouside where he seen Cano sliding back into the ring. Jimmy charged at Cano, who pulled down the top rope causing Jimmy to go crashing to the outside.


Arena of champions erupted in jeers as Cano, slowly picked up Cordova from the canvas. He tossed him into the ropes and came running full force at Cordova and executed a head scissors take down, that launced the latin thug out the ring and to the outside. Cano quickly leaped back to his feet, and noticed Jimmy and Cordova staggering back to there feet. Cano quickly ran towards the rope. and leaped onto the top rope and jumped out with a cross body, Jimmy and Cordova quickly side stepped it, letting Cano fall hard to the ground.

While Cano was outside rolling around in pain, the two other rival flyweights slide under the bottom rope into the ring. They exchanged punches on the way up, and the better man got the upper hand as he kocked Jimmy back to the canvas with a hard uppercut. Cordova laughed to himself, as he picks JBM up by the hair. Jimmy who was panting heavily, trying to catch his breath was sent back down to the canvas with a devestating double underhook slam.

The Sadistic One; Sanchez Cano finally slide back into the ring and charged at his brother Cordova as he got up from the mat. Cano tried to execute the shinning wizard kick, to the side of the head of Cordova. The latin thug quickly swung his head out the way in time, avoiding a big kick to the skull. Cano surprised he missed, turnerd around and was hit with a kick to the midsection and planted to the mat with a hard facebuster.

"HA! AND YOU THINK YOU'RE BETTER THAN ME BROTHER. YOU ARE HIGHLY MISTAKEN." Cordova yelled at his brother, who was still on the floor holding his forhead due to the facebuster.

Jimmy slowly made it back to his feet, to an off gaurd Cordova who was gloating to the fans. Claiming he was the best as always, fans were cheering, but it wasnt for him. He didnt really care much. Instead he just kept praising himself as if he was the best. Cordova finally turned around and was meet with a kick to the face, that rocked him to the ground.



They cheered as Cordova laid on the mat motionless. Jimmy quickly went for the cover, but before the ref could even begin counting was kicked in the face by Cano. The Sadistic Cano continued to stomp on JBM until he felt like it was enough. He then picked up Jimmy who could barley stand up, and tossed him into the corner. Cano then charged at him, and did a backflip into a elbow which connected with the face of JBM. He fell from the corner onto the canvas. Cano dragged Jimmy to the middle of the ring and locked in a crossface. Jimmy began to scream as he tried to fight his way towards the rope.


echoed out threw the arena as Jimmy fought threw the pain. But, the real question was how much more could he withstand. Jimmy raised his hand, ready to tap but was saved by Cordova who jumped on Cano releasing the lock. Cordova picked up Cano, but the sadistic Cano gave him an unexpected low blow that cause Cordova to fold up in pain. Cano quickly took advantage and hit a double arm DDt. Cano then scaled the top rope and leaped off, with a leg drop to the back of the neck of Cordova.

"Whoa, what a move that was. He could of broke the neck of the latin thug; Cordova, I hope he is alright." The announcer said.

"Im sure, he is alright."

Cano flipped over Cordova and quickly tried for the pin, but noticed Jimmy getting back up to his feet and decided to turn his attention to him. It maybe wasnt the best idea Cano had. But, than again Cano didnt have much great ideas. Cano charged at JBM with a snarl, as if he was a beast out in the wild. He went for a clothesline, but missed because Jimmy was one step ahead of the game as he ducked. Cano turned around as Jimmy ran towards the ropes and springboard off the middle rope and connected with a moonsault. Both men hit the canvas and cringed.

Cordova who was up to his feet, approached Jimmy and whipped him into the ropes and connected with a spinning heel kick. The latin thug wasnt finished. He looked as if, he had more up his sleeve. Cordova jumped onto the top turnbuckle with one leap and jumped off with a senton bomb and landed across the midsection of JBM.

"All three men, seem to be exhausted. Some one needs to step it up here and end it."

"I couldnt agree more."

Cordova seen his brother, crawling toward Jimmy's motionless body for a pin. He began to chuckle to himself and shake his head in disbelief as he ran towards Cano and kicked him in the head. That should make him think twice, as too who is really the best in the family.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING BROTHER? YOU REALLY THINK IM GOING TO LET YOU WIN." Cordova shouted at Cano, as he continued to stomp on his head.

He than picked up Cano and tossed him into the corner. The latin thug then charged at him and connected with a big splash. Cano's body fell to the ground, as if he didnt have any fight left. Cordova threw his hand's up, as if he already had won the match. Little did he know, a enraged JBM stood behind him. Jimmy quickly grabbed Cordova in a bulldog position and ran up the turnbuckle and spun around and came down hard to the mat. Jimmy began to stomp on his body, as Cano was laid out in the corner motionless. He than picked up Cordova by the mask and executed not one but two snapmare suplexes before letting him go.

The rising star, picked up Cordova once more by the mask only to recieve a low blow. It quickly floored Jimmy as he rolled around in pain. Dova stumbled back to his feet and began to furiously stomp on Jimmy as if he was stomping him into the canvas. The latin thug, grabbed Jimmy by his waist and hit a german release suplex. That probably knocked him into next week. Cordova quickly capitalized by flying high, and hitting a 360 leg drop.


"There you have it, It looks like we know who our winner will be."

"Where the hell is Cano?! Is he still on the floor?"

Cordova quickly turned to his brother who was still on the floor motionless. The latin thug quickly crawled to Jimmy and hooked up his leg for the pin.






Cano finally made it back to his feet, with his second wind. Cordova before he could get up from the canvas, was kicked in the head by Cano. He then raised him up with a powerbomb only for it to be reversed into a hurricanrana. Cordova who was still ontop of Cano began to pummle Cano with a a fury of punches. Cordova finally finished his assault, and picked up Cano and tossed him out the ring. Cordova then turned around to focus on Jimmy, but was knocked down with a raising knee to the face.

JBM began to stomp on the midsection of Cordova, he then bounced off the rope and did a front flip and landed on dova. Cano stumbled back to his feet, using the ropes to hold him up. The sadistic one, had a grin on his face as if he had something up his sleeve. He then lifted up the ring apron and pulled out a table. Mean while in the ring Jimmy picked up Cordova and raised him in a firemans carry looking for the IKO. Cordova slid off his back and hit a release german suplex. Cordova and Jimmy layed on the canvas exhauseted as Cano slid the table under the ropes. He entered the ring and set up the table in the middle of the ring, as the ref began to warn him. Cano in usaual fashion ignored the ref and continued what he was doing.

"If he uses that table, the ref will have no other choice but to end this match."

The sadistic one, was about to live up to his name as he picked up Jimmy and layed him across the table. He then began to pummle Jimmy in the head repeatdly as he screamed at the top of his lungs.

"YOU GOING TO LEARN TODAY!" He shouted at Jimmy.

Cano scaled the top rope, as the ref began to wave his hand in the air for him to stop. Arena of champions began to be filled with jeers, letting Cano know he wasnt the favorite. Right before Cano can leap off the top rope, Cordova who made it to his feet pushed him off outside onto the barricade. The jeers quickly turned into cheers, for what had happen. Cordova began to scream at Cano, not noticing Jimmy had rolled off the table.


The self proclaimed savior of the flyweight division was staggering back and forth barley being able to hold himself up. Cordova slowly turned around and noticed Jimmy barley standing. The latin thug began to chuckle to himself. He then charged at Jimmy, thinking he had the advantage. Jimmy quickly grabbed Cordova by the waist and tossed him into the air, and brought the latin thug down in a diamond cutter type move. Jimmy looked as if he was playing possium the whole time, as he came down with another version of his finisher.

"The IKO!"

JBM jumped on Cordova, and hooked up his leg. Cano was no where to be found, as the ref began the three count.





"Jimmy has done it, he has successful defended his flyweight championship here on Warriors against the two brothers."

Winner: Jimmy B. Martinez via Pinfall

"One of the Boys"

Jason Rau "I'm saying put in a good word for me with your boss, mate. That's all."

Jason Rau and Grendel. It was a decidedly one-way conversation.

"I was around back in the good old days, big man. You know it. And I was an International Champion. You an' me an' Titan himself, we're brothers in gold. There's no reason why I shouldn't be in the Backbone."

"There you are! Titan's looking for you." The lovely, yet lethal, Persephone approached and addressed the Backbone's resident monster before catching Jason Rau eyeing her up-and-down.

"What the hell do you want?"

"I want in."

"That's the worst pick-up line I have ever heard."

"No," Rau said waving his hands and shaking his head, "I want in the Backbone. I think I meet your qualifications."

"Then you'd already be in the Backbone, wouldn't you?"

"What's with the hostility, dear? What have I done to evoke your ire?"

"My ire?" The recently crowned Starlet Champion shot Jason Rau a look as if he had a thousand heads. "Nothing. Fact of the matter is you didn't make the cut. Sorry."

"Fine," Rau replied, "but just tell your boss to keep an eye out for me tonight. He'll see what I'm capable of and then he'll want me on board. Don't forget. Tell him to watch." And with that Jason Rau sprinted down the corridor heading for the Gorilla Position.

"Boss? I don't have a boss ... idiot."

"My Brother No More"

Derecho “One Reason” by Fade

The arena turned to a crimson hue as the Underground Champion, Derecho, walked out from the backstage area. He walked down to the ring and immediately demanded a microphone. Derecho had been doing that a lot lately. In fact, since arriving in jOlt, this has been the most talkative the Underground Champion has been. Fearing more threats from the censors, the music died down as soon as Derecho had the microphone in his hand.

“Last week, I defended my championship against the one opponent I never expected to see ever again. The one opponent that has no business being here and by here I mean both MY kingdom and in jOlt as a whole. I’m talking about my brother Marcus.”

Derecho paced back and forth and continued to talk.

“Ninja K… your history lesson with me is an extensive one. No matter where I go or what I do.. you’re there to stick your nose into my goddamn business, but this time it’s different. You went out and found my brother, didn’t you? You purposely sent him after me, DIDN’T YOU!?”

Derecho brushed his hair back as he chuckled to himself.

“I get it.. I really do. You’re still trying to prove that I’m a different person. You are still trying to make me believe that the past has returned to destroy me. You brought my own brother here to jOlt and you forced him to wear the T-Shirt of my old promotion.. my old business… you forced him to compete against me as if he could gain some measure of revenge for the way he was treated, but I have bad news for you, Kenshiro… I’M STILL STANDING AS THE UNDERGROUND CHAMPION!”

Derecho continued to pace back and forth, his tone getting more serious.

“I will admit.. it was a nice surprise, but still, bringing in my brother to face me isn’t enough. It isn’t enough to destroy me Kenshiro… in fact… it…”

Before Derecho could continue…

“Crucified” by Sevendust.

Derecho’s older brother, known as Jared Thatcher by legal name, Mattock by ring name, stepped out from the backstage area. Mattock walked down to the ring with a microphone in his back pocket. He stepped inside the ring and looked his brother dead in the eye. He pulled the microphone out of his back pocket and brought it to his lips.

“It seems there has been a bit of a misunderstanding here. I’ve appeared here before you with the hopes that you may ascertain my true purpose of my presence here in jOlt. You see, Kenshiro didn’t not extend any form of communication toward me. I came here and I attacked you on my own accord because, quite frankly…. I desired it.”

Derecho stared at Mattock as Mattock tilted his head to the side.

“Apologies are in order, I believe. I continuously experience intermittent failure in my memory from time to time. I’m pretty sure you desire an explanation from me as to the root of the motive behind my attack. Well, it doesn’t take a genius with a charming vernacular or a thought process that can rival the greatest minds in time to ascertain the reason.”

Mattock paused then looked dead on into Derecho’s face.

“I am sick of being your brother. Plain and simple.”

The words didn’t even take Derecho back. In fact, he seemed unphased by those words.

“Ever since I was an adolescent, I aspired to go to the finest educational facilities this country had to offer. I holed up in my sanctorum and expended every waking moment preparing myself on an intellectual venture, however… that wasn’t the path laid forth by this family, was it? It lied inside of a wrestling ring.”

Mattock paused then continued.

“I will admit. Among the vast amount of cultures from across the world that I have taken in from my studies, for whatever reason… this sport of caveman-like brutality interested me. So I followed in your footsteps… and perhaps a miscalculation on my part because that’s all I had been ever noticed as… that brother of the great Derecho.”

Mattock continued as Derecho just stood there with an emotionless look on his face.

“I was tired of being the brother of the great Derecho. I wanted my own identity, but no matter how I spun it. No matter how I fabricated it.. you followed me like a shadow that not even the darkest night could fade away. You were always there looming over my career and because as such, the expectations carried on my shoulders became burdens which weighed me down and compressed any chance I could have of success because there was always that gold standard you carried around with you.”

Derecho crossed his arms. Perhaps Mattock had his attention.. perhaps Derecho started to grow tired of listening to him.

“Kenshiro didn’t find me… I found Kenshiro. I inquired about a chance to face you, which is why he stepped before you and proposed such a challenge. You took it further by one step.. just like you always do.. and converted it into a Pick Your Poison situation. That mattered not for I was granted my wish... I received my chance against you... the fact that Kenshiro made it a match for your championship was bittersweet. I desired this because I had something to prove. I wanted to prove that I could exist in the same federation as you and still have my own identity… but even though I came up short.. I went to examine the tape... I heard the commentary after I watched our match. I was still billed as your brother.. not as Mattock… not as Jared Thatcher… but your brother!”

The tone in Mattock’s voice grew more unstable with anger.

“I pursued a great burden to legally change me name. I no longer desired the name of Marcus Roberts. I wanted to dissimilate myself from any fiber of being that attached me to you as your brother.. and still it wasn’t enough. Still… under my new name I am still viewed the same. Well… Not anymore… from henceforth.. I will make my own impact… and tonight.. I will start my rectifying the failure I experienced last week. Tonight.. I will start with…”

Before Mattock could finish that sentence, Derecho exploded from his position with a clothesline and drilled him to the canvas hard! Derecho then pulled Mattock to his feet and then drove his face into his knee repeatedly with alternating knee strikes. Mattock lost his ability to stand and collapsed down to hands and knees.

Derecho immediately took to the ropes where he came back and nailed Shining Wizard into the face of Mattock! Derecho then rolled out of the ring and grabbed a steel chair from ringside. Derecho slid back into the ring and waited for Mattock to get back to his feet. Derecho readied the chair and swung with tremendous might!


Derecho slammed the chair over Mattock’s head so hard, the steel frame bent around the head of Mattock!

Mattock fell to his knees once again with the chair still wrapped over his head. Derecho shuffled back and landed a Super Kick straight to Mattock’s face! The impact was so hard that the chair popped off his head as Mattock collapsed onto his back! Derecho slid out of the ring and picked up another steel chair. He brought the chair back into the ring with him where Mattock was laid out cold.

Derecho stood over Mattock and looked down at him. A grin came over Derecho’s face as he swung the chair into Mattock!


Derecho screamed… “DIS-”








Derecho continued to slam the chair into Mattock over and over and over again! This relentless assault seemed as if it wouldn’t let up. Finally Derecho stopped and unfolded the steel chair. He pulled Mattock up to his feet and then grabbed him by the hair.


Derecho hoisted Mattock up onto his shoulders…


Derecho sat up after the impact and just laughed to himself. He reached over and grabbed a microphone that had been dropped on the canvas. With a beaten and broken Mattock behind him, Derecho leaned back and used him as a prop. Derecho continue to chuckle to himself, but finally brought the microphone to his lips.

“There only remains one root to this problem’, stated Derecho.

“Next week, Kenshiro… pay close attention. I have… something… I want to show you.”

Derecho continued to laugh to himself as he rolled out of the ring. The Underground Champion had completely lost it and one must wonder what he has in store for Ninja K next week.

"Public Service Announcement"

Jonathan Conspiracy Warriors Backdrop – check

Dawn Cassidy… - check

…with a microphone – check

and her guest… - che… uh wait a second

A hand was visible and it panned the camera towards his direction to reveal…


“Ladies and gentlemen, Jonathan Conspiracy,” stated Dawn Cassidy as she held the mic up to a man that has come under fire about aligning with ‘The Backbone’. The only problem is that everyone seems to have pegged Jonathan Conspiracy as the newest addition to the force that has for the most part have dominated jOlt. However the only that didn’t seem to know this was JCON himself. His eyes pierced through the camera as he seemingly looked every fan in attendance and watching at home in the eye.

“This is a public service announcement to all you jOlt fans out there. Jonathan Conspiracy has not joined ‘The Backbone’. I know throughout my career I’ve been known to join super groups, factions, cliques, posses, gangs and what have you, however those times were different. Jonathan Conspiracy knows a good thing when he sees it… hence why I married Sweet Aroma and not Dawn Cassidy…”

Conspiracy turned towards his interviewer and gave her a sly wink of the eye before he continued.

“Now in my eyes, ‘The Backbone’ is bad for business. Had it not been for my Relentless Championship quest I would be at the forefront in the fight against Titan and his boys…”

“The Starlet Champion Persephone is also a member of the group.”

Dawn Cassidy’s interjection didn’t seem to face Jonathan Conspiracy at all, as he seemed to shrug it off and continued.

“Titan and his boys should enjoy their 15 minutes, because when Jonathan Conspiracy is ready and willing to join the fight and lead the charge to ridding jOlt of these inferior grapplers.”

“But Jonathan, Sylo has already adopted that role within jOlt to combat against ‘The Backbone’, are you going to join the cause, or are you going to spearhead your own attack against them?”

“First of all the difference between me and Sylo is that he adopted a role, I was born with one and that brings me to why I’m really here. Aran Thompson, tonight I go through your little gauntlet against Gregg Scott Vincent and Jimmy B Martinez. Then it’ll be me and you Aran… so consider your switch disengaged.”

Conspiracy exited the interview area as Cassidy turned the show back over to ringside.

Sylo vs. Bane Loneheart
SyloBane Loneheart
Another week

Another BackBone member

Time to break another one.

“Sur Fa Cing” by Slipknot.

Bane Lonehart, the one member of the Backbone that was on the “fence”, was now being sent to the gallows. Chris Titan expected him to do something Grendel couldn’t even do and that was to beat Sylo once and for all. The fans exploded in boos as Bane came from behind the curtain with a scowl. It was obvious he wasn’t happy with the task at hand but he had no choice. He entered the ring and rolled his neck letting out a heavy sigh.


The crowd roared in approval at the expense of Bane’s health, possibly career, as the SuperBeast made his entrance.

Johnny Cash spoke and “Miracle (Pale Horse Remix)” by Nonpoint hit. A blinding white explosion rocked the Arena as the jOlt champion stood on the entrance ramp staring at Bane with a malicious twinkle in his eyes and an almost savage grin on his face. He wore the jOlt title over one shoulder and the Legacy title around his waist crouching down to study Bane before jumping up and heading to the ring.

He deliberately took his time, making Bane sweat a little, as he climbed up the steps and entered the ring through the middle rope just to emphasize how much he wanted Bane to wait. Slowly Sylo took off both title and held them high with an animalistic roar to the approval of the fans before handing the title to Mike Hunt. Sylo threw his shirt into the crowd and took his dog tags off laying them at ringside before stretching.

The bell sounded and it was an anything goes match with Underground rules in effect. Bane was eager and charged forward, lead pipe in hand, only to have his hand caught by Sylo and a knee driving into his stomach. Sylo ripped the pipe from Bane and tapped him on the head with it before tossing it out of the ring. Bane snarled and charged forward but Sylo was ready, grabbing him, and tossing him into the corner.

Sylo turned his back to Bane only to start driving elbows in his face and chest but instead of letting Bane fall from the shots Sylo caught him in an emerald fusion driving him head first into the mat. Sylo rolled out of the ring and started collecting things from under the ring and tossing them inside the ring itself. He also set a table up on the outside for good measure. Meanwhile Bane had rolled out and collected himself, grabbing his lead pipe, and without Sylo noticing he charged nailing the back of Sylo’s knee.

Sylo went down to one knee with a snarl as Bane brought the pipe up with both hands only to be caught with a straight upper cut by Sylo. Bane reeled as Sylo stood up and drove him back first into the steel ring steps. Sylo worked his leg a second before picking Bane up and tossing him face first into the ring post. As Bane rebounded Sylo exploded forward with a close line sending Bane hard to the ground and left him seeing stars.

Sylo picked Bane up and threw him in the ring setting up a chair. Sylo lifted Bane and shot him off the ropes looking to pick him up into the bloodlust but Bane reversed and nailed Sylo with a drop toehold that sent the big man crashing face first into the chair. Sylo snarled pushing himself up slowly as Bane grabbed a chair and went to town on Sylo laughing as he did so. He dropped down to make a fast cover.



Kick out with authority!

Sylo stood back up slowly as Bane charged but Sylo lifted him up and slammed him on the chair with a backbreaker. Sylo went to the corner and waited for Bane to get up, as soon as Bane did, he ate a foot to the face that sent him flipping. A chorus of boos were heard as Jason Rau came rushing down from the back into the ring. He had a chair in hand and went to swing on Sylo but Sylo moved and threw a hard right knocking the chair right back into Bane’s face.

Sylo looked out to the crowd.

“Do you want the SuperBeast?!” He roared.

A chant of “We want the Super-Beast!” broke out.

Sylo set up a table in the center of the ring and picked up both Rau and Bane. Up on the shoulders they went and through a pile of splinters they fell through as they were both hit with the…


Sylo leaned down pinning both.




Sylo stood up and held up four fingers to the camera and swiped a thumb across his throat. Chris Titan got the message: Four was the count until Sylo got his hands on Titan and somewhere backstage he was going ape shit.

Winner: Sylo via Pinfall

"All You Had to Do Was Ask"

Jimmy B. Martinez There he was, the current flyweight champion; Jimmy B. Martinez. As he sat on a crate in the backstage area with his flyweight championship strapped around his waist. What could he do next, to prove to everyone that he was the best flyweight champion in jOlt. Martinez wasn't satisfied the way he captured the title, but from now on he dedicated himself to defending it with pride as a real champion should.

"Hey, there champ!"

A voice echoed threw the halls of arena of champions. As Martinez slowly turned around and noticed it was Avispa Guerrero II, brother of former flyweight champion Avispa Ultima. Jimmy chuckled to himself before he would speak.

"Avispa Guerrero II, what's up?" Martinez asked.

"Not much, I wanted to congratulate you on becoming the flyweight champion." Guerrero answered back.


"I see tonight, you will be going up against Sanchez Cano and his brother Cordova. Im sure you got this one in the bag, just don't underestimate them." He explained to Martinez.

"Of course not. Im going to do my best, and give it my all in the ring. Like i do EVERY NIGHT." Martinez answered the only way he knew how.

"As you should." Guerrero said, as he took a deep breath and spoke once more to the flyweight champion. "HONESTLY.. that's not why Im here."

Martinez cocked his head to the side and raised his eyebrow.

"I am here.....

Martinez quickly put his finger up to his lips and hoped off the crate.

"Shhhh.... Let me guess. You're here because you would like a shot. A shot at MY flyweight championship." He said, as he began to pat the title with his hand.

"How did you now?" Guerrero said.

"How do I know? I can read it in your eyes." Martinez said as he shook his head from side to side in disbelief of his question.

"That's right, I have this burning desire to become the next flyweight champion." He explained.

"Really... Well you know what. This is what Im'a do for you. Since Im'a nice guy, you want a title shot?" He asked Avispa Guerrero II as he nodded his head up and down rapidly. "YOU GOT IT!" A huge explosion of cheers erupted in arenas of champions as the roof was blown off the building.

"What?! Are you serious.." Avispa Guerrero II replied shocked.

"Yea, next time just ask." He smiled at Guerrero "That goes for you, and anyone else who wants a title shot."

Martinez said, as he began to walk up the corridor towards his locker room. It was clear, what statement he was trying to make. He was trying to prove to everyone he was the top dog of the pack.

"Casting the Crimson Curse"

Ninja K Nestled in the backstage area, Kenshiro Inogami remained settled in the posture of seiza. Unmasked, a brief smirk remained etched across his lips before allowing his stoic expression to return. The camera slowly panned about to reveal the tandem of Lady Akina and Mamoru holding court at each flank. Mamoru quietly expelled a long trail of cigar smoke as Lady Akina is quietly mirroring Kenshiro’s posture with her eyes set forward.

”It would appear that this ‘Derecho’ character is becoming all the more unbalanced per your design, my Lord.” Mamoru mentioned with a subtle chuckle.

”Careful, brother Mamoru...” Ninja warned. “My rival is still formidable as he is seemingly deranged. He and I have been at odds for more than a decade. Many tactical and technical enhancements have been made respectively. Time itself has only brought about numerous reasons to abolish any possibility of resolution. The acquisition of the Underground Championship is secondary to the absolute destruction of my enemy; Physically broken. Mentally shattered beyond repair.”

”I beg your pardon, my Lord, your ambition is sound...” Lady Akina interjected. “I humbly request an audience at the conclusion of today’s agenda.” Kenshiro’s eyes met hers as Mamoru pulled the cigar from his lips. “Welcome, little brother...”

All eyes are set toward the main locker room door. The camera pans over with haste to reveal a kneeling figure exhibiting a notable section of bright red colored hair draping towards the floor. Head trained toward the carpeted floor, one hand is spread along the floor with the other draped across his thigh.

”Brother Eiji Kugasari; your newly promoted field lieutenant, my Lord.” Kenshiro’s trusted adviser proudly boasted. “Ibara’s prodigal son and the scourge of the junior heavyweight ranks of our native homeland. I trust will stand as a grand asset via his abilities, diligence and leadership.

The Ronin silently is eyes to assess the newest acquisition to his ranks.

”Arise, Eiji.” Kenshiro ordered. Kugasari would obediently rose to his feet, standing erect to display his sinewy form enveloped underneath his futuristic wrestling ninja attire. Fists gnarled and at his side. Kenshiro made his ascent and stood before Eiji.

”I need a suitable representative within the cruiser-weight ranks.” The former Legacy champion uttered as he slowly began to circle around Eiji. “It is you that have an opportunity to lay claim a position that has obviously eluded me, which is sole control of that wrestling class. In all respects, therein lies a notable list of gifted adversaries from around the world who stand between yourself and what rightfully belongs to you. This shall be your proving ground. This is your crucible. Understand that mere ability and talent will not grant you success as much more is both required and expected.”

Eiji’s eyes followed his superior’s movements with his visage partially covered with a mask similar to Kenshiro’s.

”With that belt, I entrust unto you free reign to redefine that division however you see fit that boldly reflects your allegiance to THIS family. YOUR family. Do you understand?

The Blood Raven nodded readily in response. “As you command, Master.”

”I have other obligations that require your attention as I shall find a suitable opportunity to prove yourself yet allow me to be the first to welcome you as MY blood. OUR blood.

Aran Thompson vs. Jonathan Conspiracy
Aran ThompsonJonathan Conspiracy
Human beings in a mob
Whats a mob to a king
Whats a king to a god
Whats a god to a non believer...
...who don't believe in anything

Make it out alive
Alright Alright
No Church in the Wild

Tears on the mausaleum floor...

The theme "No Church in the Wild" by The Throne (Jay-Z & Kanye West) meant that one man and one woman were about to reveal themselves to the jOlt faithful that filled The Arena of Champions in Orlando, Florida.

One Letter Better
The Attention Getter

Jonathan Conspiracy and his lovely wife Sweet Aroma.

The fans erupted in a chorus of booing as the power couple walked to the ring and neither of them seemed to care about the fans opinion of them at this point. Ignoring every fan as they stride down the entrance way Aroma turns to a fan at the corner of the guard rail and yells something at them while JCON pulls her away points at the ring before rolling inside and popping up to his feet.

The booing was insane until “Warrior” by Volbeat began playing and it got even louder as if someone had tried to get excused in between the fans displeasure with JCON.

Gregg Scott Vincent came out and in a total show of disrespect flipped the arena of champions off before his music was cut short and Bane Loneheart, Sepiroth Du Luc, and Mike Extreme all jumped GSV from behind. But this didn’t stop the booing from the fans. The buzz in the air was magnanimous. Loneheart picked GSV up and slammed him onto the ground and Extreme punted him in the head. GSV tried his hardest to fight off the attack and but was stopped when Du Luc superkicked GSV into the ring apron and Loneheart rolled the unconscious body of GSV down.

The fans were appalled at the actions of The Backbone but didn’t seem to mind that it was happening to GSV.

Loneheart walked over to the time keeper asking for a microphone as JCON looked confused and Aroma looked just as shocked.

“Jonathan…” Loneheart began.

“We’ve made it clear that The Backbone wants you, and this is just one of things to come if you do. Now Mike Extreme and and Du Luc will head to the back and watch the monitor should you need anything.”

Extreme and Du Luc nodded and headed to the back rather quickly as Loneheart pointed at the referee and told him to ring the bell before he turned his attention back to the microphone.

“And we do mean, anything” Loneheart announced before throwing the microphone back at the time keeper and walking toward the back.

The referee looked confused but called for the bell.

JCON looked around and the fans were still booing him but he wasn’t taking this opportunity lightly and he pinned GSV hooking the leg.




The referee counted to three and JCON sat up now with a sadistic grin on his face.

“Nathan, I think JCON is about to get to Aran for that Relentless Championship!” Buhrman announced and Powers shrieked with approval.

JCON pointed at Aroma who clapped as the booing continued.

“Uh! We just got word that something is going on backstage!” Buhrman quickly announced.

The camera cut to the scene of The Backbone attacking Jimmy B. Martinez who just a few days ago managed to get wins over JCON and GSV only to lose to Aran Thompson and later in the same night WIN the Flyweight Championship.

Sepiroth Du Luc, Mike Extreme and Bane Loneheart were all at again but this time the damage had been done, or at least it appeared that way. Martinez was sprawled out on the concrete floor as security and referees all got in between Martinez and his attackers. Loneheart noticed the camera and ran over to it forcing his face to fill the frame.

“ANYTHING!” Loneheart exclaimed as he turned his attention to his partners in crime and told them it was time to leave.

The camera shifted over to JCON watching the jOltvision and Sweet Aroma looking shocked when they both seemed to turn their attention the referee who didn’t know what to do until another referee quickly came running to the ring and JCON moved out of the way as the referees reconvened and the Arena of Champions echoed with displeasure from the fans. JCON played to the crowd only managing to get the booing louder and louder causing Aroma to cover her ears. The fans were one more Backbone attack away from rioting at this point.

The referee ran over to the time keeper and ring announcer and told them the news since shouting it would be moot at this point.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, as a result of an attack before the bell for the second portion of this Relentless Gauntlet match..Jimmy B. Martinez cannot compete and therefore…”



JCON jumped for joy at the news and the place was rumbling.

The displeasure of Michael Buhrman and the joy of Nathan Powers could barely be heard throught the intense amount of booing.


The place switched gears and EXPLODED as Aran Thompson came out and he was angry. He literally dragged the Relentless Championship behind him before tossing it to the floor and pointing at Conspiracy who did not expect to see this side of Aran.

The referee made Conspiracy step back and Aran go in the ring but before the referee could get some control Aran had leapt across the ring and began pummeling JCON.

Lefts and Rights. Over and over again.

JCON was shocked and barely able to defend himself. Sweet Aroma screamed and pleaded for Aran to stop. The fans continued to cheer.

Aran pulled a now groggy JCON to his feet and whipped him into the ropes and as he came back hit JCON with a spinning wheel kick only for Aran to quickly follow it up with a flurry of punches to the forehead of Conspiracy.

Jonathan had no clue what was going on and Aroma looked sad for her wife, Aran was bringing a war to the ring.

Aran stood up and looked at JCON yelling, “WHERE’S YOUR BACKBONE NOW YOU PUNK!” before kicking JCON in the stomach. Aran looked around and it was clear Aran didn’t care about the match at all he wanted revenge for what The Backbone had done.

Aran picked up Conspiracy and Jonathan looked around with glazed over eyes before Aran slapped the taste out of his mouth.

“WAKE UP!” Aran shouted.

“I don’t recall seeing this side of Aran ever, Nathan.” Buhrman managed to get out in between the heat of the crowd.

Aran stomped on the legs and arms of JCON, but JCON tried to muster some strength and blocked final stomp by catching the foot of Aran and pushing him back. JCON quickly scooted backwards into the turnbuckle looking for sanctuary from this enraged Aran Thompson and the referee gave him what he wanted by stepping in between.

Aran looked at the referee and demanded he get out of his way.

JCON rolled out of the ring and hugged onto his wife as Aran argued with the referee and to his credit the referee was going easy on the Relentless Champion due to everything that had transpired. But the booing continued as The Backbone came out as a united front and slowly walked to the ring. Aran turned his attention to The Backbone and begged them to step into the ring with him.

“Aran needs to remember he has a championship match with Conspiracy! He is letting Jonathan rest up!” Buhrman spat out.

Aran tried to reach for one of the Backbone members over the top rope but missed and they walked over to Jonathan who seemed relieved that the Backbone had come out after Aran’s assault on the Relentless Challenger.


The recently crowned Flyweight champion came down the entrance ramp holding his ribs and ready to fight and The Backbone turned their attention to him. Aran slid out of the ring and dove at Du Luc slamming him against the guard rail as Extreme and Loneheart once again attacked Martinez.

Martinez valiantly tried to stave off his two attackers but failed to do so.

Aran slid back into the ring and in the confusion forgot about JCON, Aran started pointing at the referee and yelling at him about everything that was going on.

Loneheart, Extreme and Du Luc all reunited and surrounded the ring when suddenly the fans erupted.


Sylo came running out and clotheslined Extreme down to the ground and Loneheart and Du Luc turned their attention to Sylo who was going on a warpath with Extreme’s face. Not even being phased by the attacks of the Backbone Sylo began fighting them off at the same time punching Du Luc and then Loneheart and repeating this.

Aran ran past the referee and hit the ropes he was clearly looking to attempt some high risk move to help Sylo.



Out of nowhere, Jason Rau nailed the Relentless Champion with his signature piledriver finishing move. JCON pulled an unconscious Aran Thompson up by his head quickly and locked him in an abdominal stretch before looking around the Arena of Champions and smiling.



JCON just hit Aran with Aran’s own finisher and the referee had no choice but to count.


The fans started booing


The booing got louder.


“OH MY GOD HE DID IT!” Nathan Powers screamed at the top of his lungs.

JCON had defeated Aran Thompson. Atop the entrance ramp, the Superbeast ran off The Backbone. But before Chris Titan disappeared backstage he took a moment to point out what had just transpired in the ring, and shot Jason Rau a nod of approval. Sylo looked shocked when he saw Aran laying lifeless on the mat and JCON sitting up with a shocked look on his face.

Sweet Aroma ran over the time keeper and took the Relentless Championship and gazed at it for a second before sliding it in to her husband who clutched on to the championship and looked back at an unconscious Aran.

Your winner and NEW Relentless Champion: Jonathan Conspiracy

Winner: Jonathan Conspiracy via Pinfall