"Lights Out"

Sylo Lights Out

Johnny Cash would follow speaking from the grave.

Then as “Miracle (Pale Horse Remix)” by Nonpoint hit so did the catastrophic explosion that summoned Sylo went off. The fans were on their feet as Sylo stood in the aftermath of the explosion with his head down. Slowly he raised his head, the black locks of hair fell to the side, and violently he let smoke explode out of his nose. One thing was obvious and that was Sylo wasn’t in the mood to be fucked with tonight.

The SuperBeast didn’t even acknowledge the fans as he made his way to the ring. He hadn’t even changed into his gear as he made it inside the ring and grabbed a microphone from his back pocket. Sylo stared out into the fans waiting for them to die down before he began.

“On iNtense I came within a cunt hair of winning a gauntlet match that would have rid jOlt of the Backbone once and for all. That is until Chris Titan decided to show his true stripes, the stripes of a bitch and a coward, and clock me in the head with a pipe as I had Penance...I'm sorry "Grendel" trapped and on the verge of winning,” Sylo paced around the ring as the fans rained down boos at the mention of the heinous actions of Titan.

Sylo waved a hand getting everyone’s attention again.

“No it’s okay because now you see I know the rules of this little game. I know what to expect. That’s why at All or Nothing I’m begging the Backbone to come to the aid of Titan because honestly I’m not quite sure the contract we signed protects me from manslaughter,” Sylo snarled to the elation of the fans as they began the famous chant:


Sylo twirled the microphone in his hands as the chant rolled across the Arena of Champions. Finally it died down and Sylo continued.

“So I came in the building tonight and expected that Lee and the bookers would surely put me up against a Backbone member, possibly even JCON since he has so much to prove, oh and JCON if you do cash that title in let me make note of something,” Sylo held up three fingers to the camera. “Do you know what that means Jon? That means I’ll have beaten you three times when a title is on the line. Anyway I came in and I see I’m fighting Derecho because, well, I guess they want to see me actually get a clean win on him without him needing help plus I have unfinished business with him anyway,” The fans roared and began to chant again.


“Somewhere right now Derecho is going even more coco puffs than normal. Yet I digress. I said mine and Titan’s All or Nothing match would be a last man standing match because that’s my right as long as I hold this,” Sylo held up the jOlt title. “A title that Titan will never hold again, ever, period, end of story! Because at All or Nothing you can have a fucking military come to your aid and I’m still going to kick each one of your teeth, one by one, down your fucking throat until you choke to death on them. I’m going to make you bleed buckets of blood unlike any ever seen in the Arena of Champions and at the end of the night with all that blood in your eyes you’ll see only one hazy image of me standing over you with MY JOLT TITLE!” Sylo threw the microphone down and stepped out of the ring as the fans roared. Sylo backed up the ramp and held up a few fingers indicating how many Backbone members had fallen to get him to this point before disappearing backstage to get ready for his war with Derecho.

"Fair Play"

Aran Thompson The camera saw Dawn Cassidy standing next to the former Relentless Champion, Aran Thompson, who was sitting in a steel chair with his legs crossed and his arms folded. It was safe to assume he still wasn’t in a good mood.

Dawn looked down at Aran who simply gazed into the camera.

“Aran, last week you exacted revenge on Jason Rau who played a major role in Jonathan Conspiracy becoming the Relentless Champion; and this week Rau wants his fair shot at revenge. Having said, and I quote: “Aran Thompson is a part of the glory seeking, infested scum that jOlt harbors in honor of a fallen company. Aran Thompson deserved to lose his championship to jOlt alumni and I didn’t deserve the vicious beating I received….”.

Aran turned his attention to Dawn Cassidy simply with a smile.

“he also went on to say: “Damien Lee did the smart thing and gave me a REAL match with Aran Thompson in which I will once again put him unconscious.”. Dawn finished slowly as to not incite any rage from the down trodden former Relentless champion.

Aran breathed in deeply and exhaled.

“Last I checked, Underground Rules was a legit stipulation in the company and he came at me first. I simply had the….means…..of putting him in his…..place.” Aran said tapping the chair he sat on with a smile on his face.

“So, Dawn, if Jason Rau wants a “real” match with a pissed off Aran Thompson. He better do his homework because the last person who incited my fury ended up on forced retirement, and he was my brother.”

Aran stood up and slowly folded the chair up before turning his attention to Dawn and handing her the chair with a devilish grin.

“If I was willing to handicap my own brother, just imagine what I’m willing to do to somebody I don’t even care about.”

Aran patted the chair that Dawn Cassidy now clutched to her chest before turning his back to the camera and walking away

Cordova vs. Eiji Kugasari
CordovaEiji Kugasari
‘Latin Thug’ by Cypress Hill injected the crowd into a raucous frenzy as the jOltVision flickered to life. Brandishing the Hispanic collage of urban essence and ethnic price, the aerial daredevil renown as Cordova assumed command of the entrance staging area in an exuberant fashion. Clad in the colors in respect of his heritage, the former LoC Cruiserweight Champion slapped the hands of random fans before diving underneath the ring ropes. Executing a Front Handspring to his feet via his forearms, Cordova climbed atop the adjacent set of turnbuckles and threw both fists toward the heavens. Referee Nguyen leaned back against the ropes as the Latin Lighting Bolt’s musical introduction subsided.

Prolonged Darkness

’Your World Will Burn’ (Extended Version) - Cliff Lin

A lulling murmur pierced the encroaching darkness along with the random hues of Crimson and White flashing through the entrance staging area grating. A steady upheaval of strobe lit smoke bubbled over before a shadowy figure was jettisoned into the air and landed in a athletic posture. A swift ascent to his feet, the sinewy newcomer initiated a fluid martial arts kata. Eiji executed a Leaping Double Roundhouse Kick before punching the grating upon landing, summoning a towering set of red pyrotechnical display overwhelmed the entire staging area. Slowly raising his head level, Eiji ascended to his feet and begin power walking toward the ringside area.

Striding up the ring steps, Eiji strode along the ring apron several paces before nimbly rolling backward over the top rope, landing in an erect posture, pivoting about to burn holes through his diminutive opposition. Sweeping his Red bangs from his face, Eiji wrung his hands and wrists and stood prepared for battle. Cordova nodded in anticipation while hopping in place. The referee confirmed the readiness in both combatants before signaling for the opening bell.

The former LoC Flyweight Champion cautiously studied the newcomer’s attack posture before moving out of range from a Feint Snap Kick by Eiji. Cordova swiftly closed in yet Eiji escaped with a Diving Somersault to his feet. Kugasari with the Step Over. The Blood Raven caromed off the ropes sprinting underneath Cordova’s Leaping Wheel Kick. Eiji’s Running Clothesline missed the nimble luchador who connected with a Flying Crucifix Head Scissors Takedown. Eiji. Kugasari staggered backwards as Cordova connected with a tandem of Forearm Shots, leaning him against the rope. The Latin Thug with the Irish Whip. Reversal by Eiji. The Blood Raven’s Jumping Crescent Kick sailed over a somersaulting Mexican, who pivoted and was immediately floored with a stiff Standing Shoulder Block. Lateral Press! ...1! Kick out! Seizing Cordova’s legs, Eiji send him sailing airborne with a Slingshot Catapult.

Cordova nimbly landed onto the middle ropes and kicked Eiji square in the chest to grant him some distance. Springboard Flying Cross Body Pin! ...1! ...2! Kick out! Cordova leapt to his feet and began laying a hail of Stomps on Eiji before shooting off to the opposing ropes. Front Kick by Eiji. Power Bomb countered by a Super Victory Roll Pin! Eiji rolled backward to his feet. Eiji with the Step Over. Leap Frog by Cordova. Eiji pivots. Short Arm Clothesline missed. Cordova with a Standing Rear Waist Lock. Reversal by Eiji. Reversal by Cordova. Snap Mare by Kugasari. Countered by Cordova’s Step Over Arm Bar Cradle! ...1! ...2! Eiji slithers to the outside as the Arena of Champions rattled from the jubilant cheers abroad. The Blood Raven angrily slapped the ring apron and cursed at the proud Mexican, who pounded his chest and played to the crowd. Hands on both hips, Eiji paced about a bit before cautiously reentering the ring. The fans followed suit as Cordova began clapping his hands while circling the ring.

The Japanese prodigy and Mexican stalwart collided and tussled about briefly in a Elbow/Collar Tie Up before Eiji cinched in a taunt Kneeling Side Head Lock. Cordova checked the hold with Eiji steadily applying pressure. Side Head Lock Takedown. The masked luchador began working his way out when Eiji inserted his fingers in the Mexican’s nostrils and pulled backward. The referee slapped Eiji’s hand away who cinched the hold in tighter. Cordova worked himself up to a knee and used a trinity of Elbows to the mid section to free himself. The Latin Thug leapt onto the ropes where Eiji grabbed by the shoulder. Cordova with a Snap Back Kick to back Eiji up a few paces. Cordova sprung over the top rope yet was blasted with an Open Palm Punch to the Jaw! Kugasari send the former LoC Flyweight Champion sailing with a Standing Back Thrust Kick. The fans in the front row clamored loudly as Cordova struggled to reclaim his footing. Meanwhile, the sinewy puroresu expert extended both arms to his sides before shooting toward the opposing ropes and connecting with a Vaulting OTR Corkscrew Senton

Rolling to his feet, the raven haired aerialist arrogantly stood over his staggering foe before using a bouncing him off the barricades with a stiff Kick to the Ribs. using the barricades as leverage to apply more pressure with a Foot on Cordova’s throat. Eiji immediately ripped Cordova off the floor & slam the luchador against the ring apron. Eiji would angrily fling Cordova back inside the ring before following suit and locking him down with a Grounded Front Face Head Lock. Gradually working himself upward, Cordova and Eiji became entangled into a Head/Collar Tie Up. Eiji began connecting with a tandem of Martial Arts Kicks before the luchador trapped Eiji’s foot. The Blood Raven countered with a stern set of Leaping Knee Strikes to his rival’s head & chest before Cordova began absorbing the barrage of piston-like Knee Strikes, Martial Arts Slaps and Strikes. The battered luchador pushed and swung back yet Eiji broadened his base to avoid being tackled to the ground. A violent series of Overhand Punches and Strikes targeting the back prompted Eiji to shove Cordova into the corner...

Snap Kick to Thigh. Spinning Back Elbow to Skull. Spinning Back Fist. Open Palm Strike to Jaw = The Crimson Sword Dance.

Cordova collapsed against the canvas, prompting the referee to intervene. The stirring masses rallied behind the heavily groggy Mexican drunkenly sat up, trying to regain his bearings. Eiji quickly dropped down and made the cover. ...1! ...2! The Latin Thug with the kick out! Kugasari quickly snatched Cordova to his feet yet the masked marvel began fighting back with a flurry of Front Kicks and Knife Edge Chops. An Enziguri dropped Eiji to a knee urging Cordova to streak toward the opposing ropes. Cordova ducks underneath the Blood Raven’s Standing Punch yet Eiji seized the opening to level Cordova with a Running Yakuza Kick! The Latin Thug was seen tumbling through the ropes to the outside. Both fans and smarks alike shouted in response to Eiji stood over his opponent extending his arms outward briefly before cinching him into a Standing Front Face Lock...Scarlet Letter Suplex Against The Ring Apron!

A hardcore pop quickly was overcome by a wave of boos as the writhing luchador crawled along the padded floor. Sweeping his hair from his face, Eiji grabbed his opponent by the leg and drug him over toward the nearest ring post to execute The Kansai Cradle Lock (A Bow & Arrow variant Submission.) Referee Nguyen angrily counted until the hold was broken up at the count of 4. Eiji slid back into the ring and braced his forearm against the luchador’s face during a Lateral Press...1! ...2! Kick out! Kugasari immediately responded with a stiff Back Breaker! Cover! ...1! ...2! Kick out! Eiji angrily locked in a punishing Body Scissors resting on both hands. The former Flyweight Champion grimaced, physically urging the crowd to energize him. Rolling onto his stomach, Cordova powered himself over toward the ropes. Eiji opted to lock in an Inverted Face Lock yet the defiant luchador eventually made it to the ropes.

The Blood Raven had to be pried off Cordova who cursed the referee angrily. The Latin Thug pulled himself back to his feet. Eiji’s advances were halted by Front Kicks of Desperation. Grimacing with each blow, Cordova dropped Eiji with a swift Basement Dropkick! Willing himself back to his feet, the Latin Thug amped himself up and engaged Eiji with an exchange of Knife Edge Chops. Kugasari responded with a hard Knee Lift Eiji with a Power Hammer Throw which Cordova collapsed soundly upon impact. Eiji dragged the luchador away from the ropes and hooked the leg deep. ...1! ...2! Shoulder! Eiji snorted in disgust as Cordova clawed his way up onto all fours. Locking in a Front Face Head Lock and seated Cordova atop the turnbuckles. Eiji taunted the crowd with a throat slashing gesture yet Cordova began fighting back. Numerous punches weakened Kugasari’s grip, allowing the luchador knock Eiji to the mat with a solid Head Butt!

Still favoring his back, Cordova readied himself before launching himself with a Flying Cross Body! Eiji rolled to his feet, broadened his base and spun the luchador about. Cordova with a Tilt A Whirl Cross Face Submission! Clutching Cordova’s arm, Eiji ignored the rallying masses and managed to scissor the bottom ropes with both legs. A dejected Cordova rolled over onto both hand and knees to catch his breath before standing. Eiji was up to one knee when the Latin Thug kicked him square in the chest before shooting toward the ropes and connecting with a Single Hand Bulldog! Stumbling about, Cordova signaled for the end before quickly scrambling up the turnbuckles!

El Decapitación Rápido

Eiji rolled away as The Latin Thug crashed and burned. Cordova was left seated and screaming in agony as Eiji swiveled himself to a vertical base and flattened the luchador with a brutal Snap Kick to the Face! Grabbing his prey’s legs, Kugasari quickly cinched in his patented Recluse Spider Lock (A Grapevine STF Submission). Gnashing his teeth in defiance, Cordova was quick to slap the mat repeatedly. The referee signaled for the bell and took several moments to pry Eiji off Cordova as the PA screamed overhead with Kugasari’s music. Nguyen reached for Eiji’s hand only for it to be snatched away and extended overhead on his own. The ref knelt down to attend to the ailing Cordova as the Blood Raven basked in the throes of victory.

Rolling backwards over the ropes to the floor below, Kugasari swept his tainted bangs and began his ascent up the rampway. Several angry fans taunted him which prompted Eiji to respond with a championship title gesture before walking backward, extending his arms outward to his side. The parting shot was set on Cordova staring angrily toward the entrance staging area.

Winner: Eiji Kugasari via Submission

"#iNfamousRevolution Will Not Be Televised"

Jimmy B. Martinez Dawn Cassidy stood there with microphone in hand, in a short red dress with her long blonde hair flowing down her shoulders. The cameraman signaled to her that she was on air as she lifted the microphone to her perfect red lips.

"I am here with the flyweight champion; Jimmy B. Martinez. The same man who will go to All Or Nothing and defend his title in a TLC match against Sanchez Cano and his brother Cordova. They've been having a on going rivalry since JBM set foot in jOlt. I guess it's time for Martinez to prove once again who is the Alpha in the pack." She said with a smile on his face.

The camera zoomed out, and Jimmy B. Martinez came into the picture with his prestige flyweight championship slung over his shoulder. Arena of champions erupted in cheers for the rookie sensation, who has been busting his ass to prove to the other superstars in the back he is jOlt material.

"It's been a while since I've last interviewed you Jimmy, I have to say you've been on a roll these past couple of weeks. Defeating Avispa Guerrero II, Sanchez Cano and Cordova. Is there anything you have to say?" She asked Martinez, as she raised the microphone to his lips.

"Do I have something to say, I have a lot to say." He said as he let out a low scoff. "Like who does JCON think he is? He walks around here with his head held up high as if he has something to be proud of." Martinez said as he chuckled to himself.

"Let me tell you something JCON. You shouldn't be so proud. I mean you wouldnt be champion if it wasn't for Jason Rau. A man who had no business sticking his nose in Mr. Relentless; Aran Thompson's match. You call yourself a champion, you're nothing but a cheater. A person who takes advantage of certain situation's, so that it can benefit him. So don't be to proud of yourself and jump the gun."

Jimmy B. Martinez let's out a cough and clears his throat.

"But who am I to talk. I also took advantage of an uncousious Phoenix, to become the Flyweight Champion. The difference between me and you is, I defend this title with pride and dont have to cheat to retain it. I do it, with talent and style. You do it, with BACKBONE.. a group of spineless rats that take advantage of people."

Just than jeers rang out threw the arena, as JCON came into the picture with his Relentless Championship slung over his shoulder. Dawn Cassidy felt the tension as she stepped back and both Martinez and JCON got into each others face.

" So... You got a problem with me? Huh!" JCON said as he stared down, the Flyweight Champion; Martinez.

"Do I have a problem with you? HELL YEAH! I have a problem with you. Haven't you been paying attention to what I've been saying?" Martinez answer back, not backing down one bit.

"You're a ....."

Before JCON could finish what he was about to say, Martinez raised his hand and put it in JCON's face.

"Of course, you've been paying attention. I mean... That's why your here. To tell me, if you got a problem. I'm going to kick your ass, and solve it. yadda... yadda.. yadda!" He say's as he mock's the Relentless Champion; JCON.

"Jimmy Bean, you're a funny little guy, but if you're feeling some type of way, caught up in your feelings, and feel the need to fight Aran Thompson's battles, like I said this title is first come, first served, Adam Lazarus was just the beginning... and Jimmy Hat, if you want to be the next in a long line of challengers to unseat me as the real MR. RELENTLESS step up to the plate, esse. But you also have something I want." JCON pointed at the title strapped around Martinez.

"What do you say JBM, Title versus Title! Like you said you took advantage of an opportunity JBM... there's nothing wrong with that, but if you feel you haven't earned that title, defeating me tonight to become Relentless Champion, will go a long way to solidifying yourself as a deserving Flyweight Champion... but after tonight I will be chanting... I AM A DOUBLE CHAMPION!"

JBM did not flinch at the challenge laid before him. He did not back away from "Wrestling's Gold Digger", and he felt he had an obligation to his good friend Aran Thompson.

"Tile versus Title, you say. Well im not one for backing down from a challenge. So you want it? You got it. I just advice you, to bring your A game. I will most certainly bring mines and become a DOUBLE CHAMPION at Warriors." Martinez said as he patted the Relentless Title which hung from Conspiracy's shoulder.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa...."

The voice of Aran Thompson intervened, as he walked in between Martinez and Conspiracy.

"Double champion? Jimmy...Johnny......" Aran slowed over and turned his attention to Dawn Cassidy.

"Dawn...." Aran said with a very flirtatious tone of voice.

"Nobody wants to see JBM vs. JCON in a double champion match....yet. It's too soon! The internet smarks will jump all over this and blame Damien Lee for jumping the gun on a golden opportunity to make even more money by having a solid build up."

Aran smiled to both his brother in arms, Jimmy B. Martinez and his nemesis; Jonathan Conspriacy as he sold the match to both of them and Dawn marveled in Aran's energy.

"What the people WANT....is Jonathan Conspiracy dethroned at all costs. And this is the Relentless championship! JCON doesn't deserve a flyweight championship match. But JBM....JBM deservese a Relentless championship match. Since he won that flyweight title he gone against the odds and defended it successfully......"

Aran turned his attention to JCON and got in his face and continued.


"So being an "unbiased" outsider. All I have to say is....sack up Conspiracy and remember...I'll be watching."

Aran turned around to Dawn and smiled before nodding at JBM and then turning his attention back to JCON.

"You never know...you might just incite a riot."

Aran smiled at JCON and walked away.

"Yea, what he said." Martinez said to JCON.

"Oh. Shut up!" JCON Shouted at Martinez, with a aggrivated look on his face.

"Just get ready to pass that Relentless Championship over to me by the end of the night."

Jimmy B. Martinez said, as he walked away from Jonathan Conspiracy towards his locker room, to prepare for his upcoming match up with the Relentless Champion.

"Wade Barrett"

Jonathan Conspiracy Cameras panned up from the ring to show Damien Lee looking on from his office inside the Arena of Champions Skybox, when suddenly the view shifted to a camera inside the Skybox as a knock was heard on the door.

"Come in it's open!" shouted Lee to his visitor. The handle on the door turned and the door shot open revealing the Relentless Champion Jonathan Conspiracy standing in the opening.

"Well aren't you going to come in?" asked Lee in his normal tone.

Conspiracy made his entrance into the room, but he wasn't the least bit happy, even though he is getting a shot at the Flyweight Championship tonight. Maybe the way people view his opportunistic ways as cheating has something to do with it.

"Damien, I'm sick and tired of the boys in the back... especially Jimmy Bean who needs to jump back on that raft of his and get the hell out of America. Wants to talk about me not earning this title, when he's done nothing to show that he's the best Flyweight in the history of jOlt... when I'm ABOVE the Flyweight Championship, and when I win the title tonight, I'm going to do what Phoenix should've did, I'm going to retire that championship and put it out of it's misery. I will rename that title much like Phoenix did but only BETTER... and then when I cash in this puppy right here, you're going to be looking at the greatest champion jOlt has ever seen. I mean who else can you say is a better champion then me."

Jonathan unstrapped the Relentless Championship from around his waist, and looked it over.

"You are the key to everything baby, I'm going to be so sad when I cash in, but in a matter of 3 seconds I'll be glad that I kicked your ass to the curb when I cash you in to become the jOlt or Underground Champion. No worries as the Flyweight Champion and Relentless Champion we'll have plenty of time to be together. Everyone expected me to pull a Chris Titan, but my cash in will be one of legend, it will be one that cements me as the greatest wrestler, grappler, sports entertainer, performer to have every stepped into a wrestling ring, point, black, period, and Damien when I cash in..."

"About that Jonathan."

Conspiracy finally looked up away from his title and placed his attention back on Damien Lee.

"About what?" asked Conspiracy. Lee stood up from his seated position and extended his arms out.

"I'm going to need that title if you're going to wrestle Jimmy B. Martinez for the Flyweight Championship tonight. You see I've been thinking, the jOlt and Underground Championship are on the same level playing field in terms of prestige with the exception that there are different rules governing those divisions, and the Flyweight division is no different, so therefore from this moment on if the Relentless Champion qualifies to fight inside the Flyweight Division, and they want a title shot then they will indeed have to cash in."

Conspiracy looked down at his championship and then back up at Lee, then down again at his championship, and shook his head. He knew the Relentless Championship held power and provided multiple opportunities for success as displayed by Chris Titan's one event rise from overbearing jOlt original rebelling against the LoC infiltration to Relentless Champion and finally jOlt Champion all in one night, barely lifting a finger.

"NO! I can't do it. Jimmy B. as much as I'd love to remove that Flyweight Championship from around your waist I won't do it this way. I'll be sure to double back around after I cash this in and become jOlt or Underground Champion to stake claim to the Flyweight Championship, because you definitely don't deserve it. In fact Jimmy you can thank you're good friend Sylo for interrupting me before I could reveal the rest of my Conspiracy Theory Relentless Championship Stipulations. Damien, why don't you go ahead and take a look at stipulation #2."

Conspiracy unfolded a document and showed Lee would many could only presume to be stipulation #2, and the shaking of Lee's head could only mean one thing. Conspiracy had once again proven that he was in fact...



You never know what to expect when someone visits "The Skybox".

Aran Thompson vs. Jason Rau
Aran ThompsonJason Rau
“The following is scheduled for one fall!”

“Passive” by A Perfect Circle begins playing over the PA system and Jason Rau comes walking out with a look of disgust toward the fans as they booed him. Snarling he ignored the anti-backbone and he made his way to the ring.

Rau slowly climbed into the ring and walked over to a other end asking the ring crew member for a microphone.

“You know….” Rau began.

“You all think that I’m some bottom of the food chain, piece of scum because what I did a couple weeks ago. But last week Aran Thompson viciously assaulted me and you still boo me. You should praise me! I was the one! I proved Aran would lose the Relentless Championship to Conspiracy, and that Aran is just like me….”

“Good people don’t….”


Aran Thompson quickly came out from behind the entrance curtain and the fans went insane. Rau looked unimpressed as Aran made his way to the ring and it was evident that Aran still had not moved on from what happened a few weeks ago.

Aran jumped onto ring apron and Rau pointed him.

“You see! Good guys don’t interrupt people! You’re bad like me! And it felt good to take your aggressions out on me last week! ADMIT IT!”

Aran looked at Rau with a sadistic smile and slowly nodded his head but the fans just continued to cheer for him.

Rau looked amazed and couldn’t believe it.

“You cheer for him and boo me!? WE HAVE DONE THE SAME THING!”

Aran just smiled more and taunted Rau to come at him while Aran still stood on the ring apron.

Rau dropped the mic and ran toward Aran. Aran used the ropes and whipped himself over the rope and surprised Rau with a sunset flip. The referee slid over and started the count.



Aran put his feet on the ropes for leverage.


The fans popped as Aran slid away and grabbed the microphone that Rau threw down. Rau looks completely shocked and begged the referee to reverse the decision.


“We might have done the same things….but the difference is. I bent a Backbone….and you…..you just incited a riot.”

“Tell Conspiracy, he’s next.”

Aran tossed the microphone over his shoulder and smiled as a still shocked Jason Rau didn’t know how to respond to everything that just transpired.

Winner: Aran Thompson via Pinfall

"Back To Black: Part 2"

Damien Lee “You assured me that if he got out of hand, you could keep him under control. We don’t need the same thing happening on jOlt as what we saw from him in the past. He has a temper, and bad attitude…”

The scene was very ominous and secretive in the office of Damien Lee who wasn’t sitting in his chair, but leaned against the front of the desk with his arms crossed.

“…Up until lately you have done a great job. But a month ago you came to me asking for a spot on my roster or staff because you could help in all aspects. I know only a few people know of your relationship and that is all fine and well. He has lost some of the biggest matches of his tenure with the company and has devastated a member of the roster with a weapon. He is becoming a loose cannon”

Damien shook his head.

“You’re his girlfriend. You’re his handler. Handle it.”

The camera panned over to a very serious appearing Laurie Williams. She stood up and snarled a bit.

“Mr. Lee, last time I came here t’ask ya for a place in the company. I asked nicely. Ya let me backstage to be with my man. I promise he hasn’t resorted t’his bad ways again. He is showin’ ya’ll emotion. And I proudly support him. So if you want to put a handle on him. You do it.”

Laurie adjusted her sundress and tipped her cowgirl hat toward Damien.

“I’m not inciting that wrath jus’cause you can’t get a handle on ya roster.”

Laurie Williams smiled and made her exit.

"An Offer You Shouldn't Refuse"

Jonathan Conspiracy Warriors 12 was about to turn its attention back to in ring action, with Jonathan Conspiracy defending his Relentless Championship against the Flyweight Champion, Jimmy B. Martinez. Earlier in the evening a "Title vs. Title" match was agreed upon by the two combatants, however Damien Lee informed Jonathan Conspiracy that the only way he'd receive a Flyweight Championship match while he was the Relentless Champion was to cash in the title for an opportunity to face JBM otherwise only the Relentless Championship would be on the line.

Sweet Aroma stood by her man, as he was set to make his second defense of the Relentless Championship. It was revealed earlier in the evening that Jonathan got approval on his second of many stipulations from Damien Lee, but no one quite knows what it is. Everyone already knows the first stipulation is "first come, first served", but stipulations two through infinity have yet to surface.

Conspiracy stretched his limbs while awaiting his music to be queued up. Aroma would then tap Conspiracy on his shoulder bringing that activity to an abrupt halt.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't the Champ!" snarled Chris Titan. He was flanked by the remaining members of The Backbone, and they had a bone to pick with Jonathan Conspiracy.

"Mr. I can do it all by myself Conspiracy. Let me ask you something Jonathan, how many championships did you win in Legacy of Champions? What came of your 'big' debut JCON? Answer me this, why did Jonathan Conspiracy vs Ninja K never happen? I'll tell you why, because you weren't one of them, you didn't kiss up and cater to the powers that be. You saw different opportunities and you took them. Now Jonathan what I'm providing you with is an opportunity. You have tangible proof of the opportunities that myself and The Backbone can provide you with, but it seems to me like you are wavering from said agreement... and that's fine. Just know this Jonathan, if you refuse the services of The Backbone and object to joining MY family... let's just say cashing in that Relentless Championship for a shot at my jOlt Championship after All or Nothing isn't going to be the smartest decision that you ever made."

Conspiracy surveyed the area, and analysed his current predicament, coming to the conclusion that he did not want this to get physical, especially with him having to burst through the curtains and enter the ring to defend his championship in a matter of minutes. He looked over each member of The Backbone before he turned his attention back to Titan.

"Ahem, with all due respect Mr. Titan, I could've defeated Aran Thompson on my own to become Relentless Champion, and number two, if you are the jOlt Champion and I decide to cash in on you, well that would be my decision when the time comes. But let's be honest here Chris, why would I want to cash in on you for? You guys are The Backbone, you guys become broken and jOlt will cease to exist. I'm sure the minute you guys leave the screen the ratings plummet, I'm talking a serious "plop!" man. Why would I want to waste jOlt Champion Chris Titan versus Relentless Champion Jonathan Conspiracy for. No Titan, we'll save that for when the rest of these losers in jOlt finally get the hint that there is only one way to put the fans' asses in seats and their eyeballs glued to their television. You'll get my answer soon enough Titan, soon enough."

Conspiracy patted Chris Titan on his shoulder, and turned his attention to the curtains, when Titan returned the pat on the shoulder with one of his own to JCON, which stung a little bit. Titan then motioned to The Backbone apparently to make their exit.

"Backbone, let's go!"

Titan and The Backbone took their leave as "No Church In The Wild" by The Throne (Jay-Z & Kanye West) started to play through the Arena of Champions.

Jonathan Conspiracy vs. Jimmy B. Martinez
Jonathan ConspiracyJimmy B. Martinez
Human beings in a mob
Whats a mob to a king
Whats a king to a god
Whats a god to a non believer...
...who don't believe in anything

Make it out alive
Alright Alright
No Church in the Wild

No church in the wild began to blare threw the Arena Of Champions, as the Relentless Champion; Jonathan Conspiracy emerged out the back to a chorus of jeers and a cocky grin on his face, as the Relentless Championship stood draped over his shoulder. Tonight, he was going up against the Flyweight rookie sensation Jimmy B. Martinez. JCON continued to walk down the ramp way as the jeers only got louder. It didnt really phase him, as he continued towards the ring in normal JCON fashion. Mr. One Letter Better finally entered the ring, as the referee quickly greeted him by searching him for any illegal objects.

Uh, This is how it go down. I have the black-pound-silencer,so it dont make sound. About 150 outta town, aint nobody around.Im in the back seat breakin it down. My love has been a past week dawg, lately i found our press made us turn the radio down. But godbless they talking about layin me down.

The light's dimmed, and began to flicker red as the jeers turned into cheers for he was here. The Arena Of Champions erupted as Jimmy B. Martinez made his way threw the curtain with his prestige Flyweight Championship strapped around his waist. He stopped at the top ramp way and scanned the audience as he stood absorbing the welcoming. He finally cracked a smile, and began to walk down the ramp towards the ring with a determined look. Martinez slid under that bottom rope, as the referee approached him and did his job looking for any illegal objects. Jimmy finally handed the referee the Flyweight Championship, as did JCON giving him the Relentless Championship. The referee handed the time keeper the Flyweight Championship, and returned to the middle of the ring with the Relentless Championship as he held it high up over his head before passing it over also.

Mr. Infamous and Mr. One Letter Better meet each other in the middle of the ring, as they stood toe-to-toe staring each other down. This was Jimmy B. Martinez's chance to become a double champion. Not only holding the Flyweight Champion but also the Relentless Championship. The question was. Could he do it? Martinez had a lot of doubters, but this was his opportunity to prove everyone wrong. The match begun as the referee, signaled for the bell.

Ding... Ding... Ding!

Both champs stood in the middle of the ring, still staring each other down. Suddenly JCON took a step back and slapped Martinez with a right open hand across the face. The impact caused Martinez to stumble back. He then Jumped back towards JCON with a right jab, that did the same. They than began to exchange right and left jabs, until Mr. Conspiracy got the upper hand with a upper cut. The uppercut laid Martinez down to the canvas, as JCON began to chuckle to himself. He than picked up the Flyweight Champion by the hair, before tossing him into the ropes. Martinez came back towards JCON and slid threw his legs, he quickly got back up to his feet and dropped him with a reverse DDt. Mr. Infamous then got back up to his feet and ran towards the rope and executed a springboard moonsault, landing right across the midsection of the Relentless Champion.

Fans clapped and cheered in approval as Martinez stood back to his feet. JBM than began to pick up JCON but was put down to the canvas by a devastating low blow. The crowd erupted in jeers, as JCON flipped them the bird and began to pick up Martinez. JCON lifted him high in the air and came down with a suplex. Not letting the Flyweight Champ go, he executed one more. Jonathan then began to scale the turnbuckle and jumped off with a massive elbow drop, which connected. Conspiracy was about to hook up the leg of Martinez for a pin, but quickly change his mind as he got back to his feet and began to stomp away at the Flyweight Champions body. JCON than lifted Martinez up by the hair and tossed him into the corner ropes, he than lifted him on to the top of the turnbuckle. JCON than stepped back and ran up the turnbuckle and hit him with a hurricanrana, that shot Martinez into the air on to his back.

"What a move, by the Relentless Champion. It looks to me, as if he is showing Martinez that he isn't the only one that can hang in the Flyweight Division."

"You got that right. It seems as if Jonathan Conspiracy has some high flying moves up his sleeve also."

Jonathan Conspiracy walked over to Martinez's body and Jumped high into the air and landed with a leg drop. He than got back up to his feet and pointed to the top rope. JCON than jumped into the top turnbuckle and leaped off with a splash, but was greeted with the knees of Martinez. The force of the impact cause JCON to flip over on his back in pain, as he began to cringe holding his midsection area. Martinez was slow to get back up to his feet. He than grabbed Jonathan and lifted him to his feet and pushed him into the corner turnbuckle. Martinez took a step back and ran towards JCON. He scaled JCON's body as if they were steps and executed a backflip and once he landed on his feet, he lunged at him with a jumping clotheslline. Conspiracy's body landed on the floor, as the audience erupted in cheers for the Flyweight Champion.


Martinez returned to the opposite side stalking his prey like a lion would do, waiting for his opportunity to strike. As soon as JCON got back up to his feet. he came running out of the corner with a spinning heel kick. No one was there, as Conspiracy quickly ducked under his leg and caught him with a spinning head sicorss as soon as Martinez turned around. The move tossed Martinez over the top rope, onto the outside. JCON quickly seen a opportunity and jumped over the top rope outside with a moonsault. Both men hit the mat hard on the outside as the crowd looked on surprised. JCON was the first one up to his feet as he picked up Martinez and slid him under the bottom rope. Jonathan than slid under the rope and picked up Martinez once more. Jonathan Conspiracy placed Martinez on top of his shoulder in a fire mans carry, and came down hard with a visious Death Valley driver that shook the ring. Jimmy's body laid across the canvas motionless, as Conspiracy climbed the top rope and jumped off with a frog splash. He laid across Martinez, as the referee began the three count.




"The Flyweight Champion; Jimmy B. Martinez kicked out. He still has some fight left."Martinez kicked out, as JCON shook his head in disbelief. He than slammed his fist into the canvas and got back up to his feet. Frustrated JCON grabbed Martinez and forced him up to his feet. He than threw him towards the ropes, and knocked him down with a vicious right hand chop. Conspiracy than grabbed Martinez and tossed him into the corner and on to the top rope. JCON than climbed on top and began to hit him right hands. Martinez countered with a uppercut, JCON stumbled back but Martinez didn't let him fall off the ropes. Martinez than quickly put JCON into a double underhook position with his head in between his thighs. He then jumped off the top rope with JCON and landed in a facebuster maneuver.


Echoed threw out the arena, as both men laid on the canvas motionless.

"What a move, that was!"

"This is it. I think Martinez has done it."

Mr. Infamous slowly crawls to Mr. One Letter Better; JCON. He than lays over his body as the referee quickly begins the three count.





"Oh my god, he has done it. He has became a double champion!"

However his celebration was cut short as The Backbone, sans Chris Titan, filed out from the back and surrounded the ring. As The Backbone entered Jonathan Conspiracy rolled out to the floor. Jimmy B. Martinez did his best to fight them off but he was out numbered plus a lead pipe didn't help either.

Enter Sylo and Aran Thompson.

JBM's buddies, the jOlt Champion and last Legacy Champion along with the only two-time Relentless Champion rushed the ring. The Backbone got their hands on JBM and felt that this evening that was good enough for them and took their leave through the crowd. Sylo and Aran Thompson weren't satisfied with just running them off and continued in hot pursuit of the various Backbone members.

Meanwhile back at ringside Jonathan Conspiracy had grabbed a microphone and slide back into the ring. He removed a piece of paper and kneeled beside JBM.

"Ahem, I'm sure many of you are wondering what stipulation number two was, and I'm sure you are all saying to yourself who cares, because Jonathan Conspiracy is no longer the Relentless Champion, but how does that Lee Corso guy say it... NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND!"

The boos started to get louder and louder, while Sweet Aroma walked around ringside trying to calm the crowd so JCON could speak. It didn't really matter to JCON though as he continued.

"Anyway, here it is... stipulation... number... two... and it reads, in order to defeat Jonathan Conspiracy for the Relentless Champion you must win two out of three falls in a match against him, and you must win the first fall. Now Jimmy B. Martinez won the first fall and I congratulate him, but now you have to win another fall Mr. Martinez; and it looks like your friends are a little too preoccupied to help you this time."

Conspiracy grabbed the Flyweight Champion by his hair and brought him up to his feet, and hit him in the head with the microphone and shoved him into the same corner the two came out of moments earlier. Conspiracy raised the microphone back to his mouth.

"I hope this gets your attention."

Conspiracy dispatched of the microphone by dropping it over the ropes and down to the arena floor. He slapped Jimmy B. and placed him on the top rope. He climbed up to the top rope and double underhooked JBM in the same manner that JBM had him. He leaped off the top rope with a facebuster of his own and pinned Mr. Infamous.




"The winner of the second fall, Jonathan Conspiracy."

Conspiracy then rolled JBM onto his stomach and applied his Canadian Crossface.


JBM was in no condition to fight off JCON, especially after the attack he suffered at the hands of The Backbone, not to mention getting his face planted from the top rope, a move that he had hoped to never be on the receiving end of.

His hand went up...

...his hand went down.


His hand went up...

...his hand went down.


His hand went up...








"Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match by a count of two falls to one, and STILL RELENTLESS CHAMPION... JONATHAN CONSPIRACY!"

Consiracy released "The Attention Grabber" and had his hand raised in victory, while receiving the Relentless Championship Title Belt from his wife Sweet Aroma. He definitely took advantage of the stipulations, and another Backbone assault, otherwise Mr. Infamous Jimmy B. Martinez would be the holder of two championships early in his jOlt career.

Winner: Jonathan Conspiracy via Pinfall

"Don't Spoil the Surprise"

Sylo Sylo was walking down the hall rubbing each wrist securing the tape on his hands. His face was pure granite as he stepped past various workers that gave a wide berth for the Human Natural Disaster. After the last iNtense he had been in quite the bad mood but one person wasn’t afraid and that person was Dawn Cassidy who stepped up to Sylo blocking his path.

“Sylo, you’re about to take on a man you’ve had quite the history with; Derecho. Does this take your focus away from the BackBone?” Dawn asked staring up at Sylo.

Sylo scoffed.

“My focus? How many weeks have the Backbone tried to take me out? Look what they did on iNtense and you think I’ll just forget about that? I see this as a bonus honestly. I have a chance to beat the shit out of Derecho and then move on to All or Nothing which is a fitting name seeing as when Titan is knocked out for ten seconds and I’m the last man standing I walk out with it all and Titan and his Backbone is left with nothing.” Sylo sneered.

“Speaking of the gauntlet match last week, you said you had a surprise?” Dawn inquired.

“That I do but that’s at All or Nothing. Tonight I’m focused on kicking Derecho’s teeth in and if the Backbone wants to get involved so be it. Hell, if JCON wants to get involved so be it. Tonight I’m not in a mood to be fucked with and anyone that decides their stupid enough to get in my way will become just another victim. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a match,” Sylo pushed past Dawn Cassidy leaving her just standing there watching Sylo as he headed to the Gorilla position.

"Do I Have Your Attention?!"

Jonathan Conspiracy Alone in the locker room, a man, a wife and a title belt. These three things were silent, no words to describe the situation. The woman bends down and picks up her travel bag.

Sweet Aroma.

She kissed the man on his lips and ran her hand down his face. She then walked out of the locker room, leaving this man to gather his thoughts.

Jonathan Conspiracy.

To join or not to join The Backbone? What should he do about the threats laid out by Sylo, if he did decide to join? Why is the sky blue? If the sky is blue then shouldn't Sylo's name be Skylo? What is the meaning of life? Why is Sylo living in the past when it comes to their encounters in the ring? Should he make another attempt at pursuing a music career? How often does he have to beat Aran Thompson and Jimmy B. Martinez for them to get the message that "One Letter Better" isn't just a catchy nickname? To be or not to be? Does Sylo realize that his first victory was due in part to that shovel welding moron Rune Winters? If a brown house has brown bricks, a red house has red bricks, a black house has black bricks, and a blue house has blue bricks, what color bricks does a green house have? Are Aran Thompson, Jimmy B. Martinez and Sylo having an affair with each other? Does 3 Man Riot equal threesome? If a man has 2 coins that equal 55 cents and one is not a nickel, what are the two coins? Who wins between Sylo and Derecho tonight? Does the winner of the match even matter, if he can use his guarranteed title shot to unseat atop their respective division?

Conspiracy's head lowered along with the camera.


It rested on his lap. The fast track to the main event. The stepping stone to greatness. A title that is more or less a measuring stick for all that want to elevate themselves to the next level. Many have held the title, but very few have capitalized while being in possession of it. Either their reign was cut short because they weren't smart enough, quick enough or brave enough to take that leap of faith... or quite frankly they were scared to do so.

There were the Legacy era champions: Ray Chavez, Max Hopper, Phoenix Rose, Aran Thompson, Ulysis Solian and Derecho.

Out of the six only Derecho would go on to cash in, winning the Underground Championship from defeating Suicide on LoC: Underground, which he holds to this day.

There were the jOlt era champions: The Nashvillain, Reno Davis, Chris Titan, Aran Thompson for a second time and now Jonathan Conspiracy.

Out of these five only Chris Titan would cash in, and he never defended the title. He capitalized on Reno Davis at Glory to win the title, only to show up later in the evening following a grueling championship match between Sylo and Superstar Vince Jacobs inside The Pit, to win the jOlt Championship. However Titan's reign was cut short after losing a rematch against Sylo in a Falls Count Anywhere match. He gets another opportunity at All or Nothing.

All or Nothing, a phrase that embodies this championship. A phrase that many like JCON can attest to as its champion, and as the main event draws near, his thought process is focused on one thing.

Taking advantage of a situation.


"A Word of Warning"

Chris Titan The door to Damien Lee's office swung open and in poured the Backbone. Lead, as always, by Chris Titan the group surrounded Lee's desk and yet the jOlt CEO remained calm and collected.

"Chris Titan and the infamous Backbone ... to what do I owe the pleasure?"

"I'm detecting a hint of sarcasm, Lee."

"I should hope so, Chris, because I'm laying it on pretty thick."

The monster Grendel leaned in, hovering just inches away from Damien Lee's face. The heavy breathing through his leather mask a warning of dangers to come. Lee was startled for a moment but quickly regained his composure and readdressed the Backbone's leader.

"Why are you here?"

Chris Titan smirked in his typically evil way and called off his attack dog.

"I'm here to give you some information you should pass on to your champion."

"Sylo is not my champion."

"Lee, let's not do that. Let's not play these games because then I'll have to get upset and when I get upset bad things happen. And you don't want bad things to happen to you, do you? I certainly wouldn't."

"Now I'm the one detecting sarcasm."

"Good," Titan said with a grin, "because I'm laying it on pretty thick. Here's the deal, Lee. Sylo, your champion, I just wanted to let him know that there are things in play at All or Nothing. See, that's the type of man I am. I'm a sportsman, I like to give my opponent an opportunity to prepare himself for any and all circumstances that may arise."

Spoken without a ounce of irony, considering how he initially won the jOlt Championship from Sylo.

"Unlike the current champion, who blindsided me with his rematch clause, I like to play fair. Which is why I'm here to warn you, so you can warn your champion. Tell him that if he knows what's best for him ... he'll lay down."

Damien Lee could not believe what he was hearing.

"Wait, let me get this straight. You're telling me that you want me to tell Sylo to lay down at All or Nothing?"

"If he doesn't want to face the inevitable consequences."

"I'm sorry, have you met Sylo? Besides the fact that there is no chance in Hell that I would ever tell anyone to lay down, beyond the idea that fans are going to pay their hard earned money to see Sylo kick your ass all over the Arena of Champions, past all of that ... you're expecting Sylo to just go along with all of this? You're insane."

"No," Titan replied, "the insanity would be if Sylo chooses not to do it. You see, I have been in contact with ... certain individuals and these individuals have made it abundantly clear that a revolution is coming. And it definitely isn't the (thumb quotes) "Ripper Revolution" ... whatever the hell that is. No, this revolution is going to take jOlt back by force. So, clearly, who better to join with than myself -- the man that originated the idea."

"What are you talking about? What revolution? Who have you contacted?"

"Slow down, Lee. I told you, I haven't contacted anyone. They have contacted me. I'm simply the inspiration for their rebellion. I'm the leader they have so craved for so long."

"Are you telling me my roster is about to revolt?"

"I'm telling you to make sure that Sylo lays down at All or Nothing, unless you are both prepared for the storm that will come otherwise. Sylo believes himself to be invincible. He's wrong. Sylo has become weak and we will exploit those weaknesses. There is no other course for him to take but to succumb to this and return my property to me. My jOlt Championship. You let him know, Lee, or you suffer as well."

Watching the Backbone exit his office, Damien Lee was left with quite the unknown burden on his hands. Does he tell Sylo and avoid whatever Chris Titan had just threatened him with or does he hold strong and attempt to weather the afformentioned storm?

Warriors headed to the ring for the main event.

Sylo vs. Derecho
With everything going on with Derecho as of late, he had been focused on getting rid of Ninja K and erasing him from his past once and for all. Apparently, there had been another man in his past that he had to contend with. Apparently, the Superbeast wasn’t satisfied that Superstar Vince Jacobs cost him a match against Derecho over a month ago. Sylo wanted retribution tonight, but tonight, it was under normal rules.

“One Reason” by Fade The arena turned dark and the lights glowed a crimson hue. Out from the back came Derecho with the Underground Championship around his waist. Derecho soaked up the animosity from the crowd as he made his way down to the ring. Derecho hopped up on the ring apron then stepped into the ring. Derecho stood there and mentally prepared himself as he knew he had one tall order in front of him before he moved on to All or Nothing to face Ninja K.

Lights...out. Johnny Cash would follow.

“And I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder. One of the four beasts sang come and see and I saw. And behold! A white horse. And his name that sat on him... Was death. And hell...followed with him. ” “Miracle (Pale horse remix)” - Nonpoint.

A blinding white explosion, a symbol of mass destruction that had become synonymous with The Perfect Predator, The SuperBeast, Sylo, rocked the entire Arena of Champions to its base. Through the blast and smoke stepped the 7’1”, 335 lb, and FIRST jOlt Champion since its resurrection as well as the LAST Legacy Champion. The man that had been dubbed jOlt’s reckoning wore the Legacy Championship around his waist and held the jOlt title over his shoulder with just as much respect as he scanned the arena. Sylo moved to the right of the stage, shouting something almost inaudible, that only increased the volume. He repeated this motion to the other side and the Arena of Champions was beginning to burst at the seams. Finally, The Harbinger of Destruction, moved to the dead center of the stage, crouching down, studying, strategizing, before jumping to his feet. Sylo made his way to the ring and leapt up on the apron before entering.

Sylo stepped into the ring as both the jOlt Champion and the Underground Champion stood face to face in the center of the ring. Both men unfastened their championships and raised them into the air, displaying their prominence within the company. They both handed their belts to the referee who passed them off to ringside. The referee then called for the bell.




The history was there between them. In LoC, Derecho pinned Sylo to become the Legacy Champion… the belt that Sylo would forever be the final holder of. Here in jOlt, Derecho pinned Sylo again, but what those two victories had in common was that they were both tainted. Tonight, under normal rules, we were going to get the score settled to see which one of these could hold a legit victory over each other.

As Derecho and Sylo stood there face to face, a war of words brewed between the two of them. It ended with a thunderous slap across the face by Derecho! Sylo turned his head and then looked back at Derecho and just grinned. Most people would back down from such a glare, but Derecho, as the sick sadistic man he was, grinned right back at Sylo and slapped him again!

Derecho had pissed off the proverbial tiger as Sylo locked it up with Derecho and forced him back into the corner using nothing but sheer power. Sylo then opened up with knee lift after knee lift into the stomach of Derecho which doubled him over in the corner. Sylo the whipped Derecho across the ring to the opposite end where he hit back first against the turnbuckle pads. Derecho staggered forward from the impact as Sylo charged in, but Derecho snapped out of it and nailed a basement drop kick which took Sylo’s leg out and caused him to crash face first into the canvas!

Derecho then stood and dropped an elbow across the lower back of Sylo. He dropped another and another to try and weaken the back muscles of the Superbeast. After the third elbow Derecho hesitated for a moment and then dropped a knee right into the small of Sylo’s back. Sylo winced in pain as Derecho smiled at the damage he caused. Derecho then rolled out of the ring and headed toward the time keeper’s table.

Derecho grabbed a steel chair and then rolled back into the ring with it. The referee stepped in immediately and told Derecho that this wasn’t an Underground rules match. The chair would end up getting him disqualified. Derecho threatened to hit the referee with the chair, but the referee didn’t back down, to his credit. Sylo got back up to his feet and then shoved the referee away and then hit Derecho dead on in the face with a big right hand!

The impact caused Derecho to drop the chair to the ground. Sylo then opened up with another big right hand that rocked Derecho up against the ropes. Sylo then whipped Dercho across the ring and then drilled him with a vicious clothesline, but Derecho got back up! Sylo couldn’t believe it so he backed into the ropes, came back and drilled Derecho with ANOTHER vicious clothesline, but Derecho staggered back to his feet and motioned to the Superbeast to bring it on!

Sylo shook his head and then got a running start, but Derecho grabbed the arm of Sylo and used his momentum to slam him down into the canvas! There, Derecho applied a crossface submission hold, but the clotheslines he took didn’t allow him to put as much pressure as he would have liked and Sylo easily found his way to the ropes where he grabbed a hold of them, but in typical Derecho fashion, he refused to let go of the hold..

1… 2… 3… 4…

Derecho finally released the hold before he was disqualified by the official. Derecho stood up and immediately began to put the boots to the back of Sylo’s head. The referee warned Derecho again and told him to back off.

1… 2… 3… 4..

Derecho finally backed off as he was proving that he could be just as vicious without a weapon in his hand. Sylo grabbed the ropes and pulled himself up to his feet. Derecho shoved the referee out of the way and charged in, but Sylo saw him coming and lifted Derecho up and over the top rope, but Derecho shifted his weight in mid-move and landed on the ring apron. Sylo turned around and quickly blocked a forearm by Derecho. Sylo then retaliated with a headbutt that dazed Derecho. Sylo then hooked Derecho and brought him back into the ring the hardway with an outside to inside vertical suplex!

Sylo got back to his feet and measured Derecho as he staggered back to his feet. Sylo charged in and DRILLED Derecho in the side of the head with a BIG TIME knee strike! There may not have been a table there this time, but the impact was enough to be a knock out shot! Sylo quickly went for the cover and hooked the leg!



Derecho popped the shoulder up and Sylo couldn’t believe it!

Sylo then brought Derecho back up to his feet and rocked him back with a forearm shot. Derecho staggered back and shifted his momentum into a big right hand to the side of Sylo’s face! Sylo’s head rocked back, but he answered with another forearm shot of his own. Derecho staggered back and then answered with another right hand! Sylo then went for a third forearm shot, but Derecho blocked it and then planted his foot into the mid-section of Sylo..

Step-Up Enzurgiri!

Sylo staggered back as Derecho got back to his feet. Derecho charged in, but Sylo wasn’t dazed enough! He caught Derecho and spun him into a big time powerslam! Sylo didn’t go for the cover, however. He watched and waited as Derecho staggered back to his feet… almost like the Perfect Predator that he was.. stalking his prey.

Derecho is back to a vertical base and Sylo took his opportunity. He grabbed Derecho in a front waist lock and took him over with an overhead belly to belly suplex! Derecho hit the canvas, but staggered up to his feet in a dazed state. Sylo then grabbed Derecho again and took him over, this time with an Exploder Suplex that dropped Derecho near the corner!

Derecho refused to give up as he grabbed the ropes and clawed his way to his feet. This showed the toughness of the Underground Champion, but Sylo wasn’t impressed! He charged into the corner, but Derecho moved at the last moment! Sylo slammed chest first into the corner and Derecho capitalized with a waist lock and a German Suplex to Sylo!

Derecho kept the hands clasped as he pulled Sylo back to his feet. Derecho was exhausted, but he still applied the full nelson. With all of Derecho’s might, he took Sylo over with a Dragon Suplex!!

Both men hit the canvas and that was it.. they were both down and out! The referee then began the obligatory ten count!


Both men got back to their feet right at the count of nine. Derecho looked at Sylo and then fired a right hand, but it was blocked by the jOlt Champion! Sylo fired back with a big right of his own that rocked the Underground Champion’s head back! Sylo laid in another punch.. this time with his left hand.

With a left hand, the crowd chanted “SY” and with a right hand, they chanted “LO”

Sylo backed Derecho into a corner and then reared his fist back for a big haymaker punch, but Derecho moved out of the way and threw Sylo into the corner. Instead of an awesome chant, the crowd only booed Derecho as he began to take shots to the ribs and kidney area of Sylo. Derecho then switched it up to alternating knee lifts in the corner, perhaps to prove he could match Sylo in his striking prowess.

Derecho then grabbed Sylo by the arm and he tried to whip him out of the corner, but Sylo grabbed the top rope and refused to budge. Derecho tried again and Sylo, once again held onto the ropes. Derecho then kicked Sylo’s arm off the ropes and tried for the whip again!

Derecho successfully whipped Sylo, but Sylo stopped short, turned around and pulled Derecho into a big time spine buster!!! Sylo then backed into the corner and he crouched down as he if he were ready to deliver The Slaughter! The people felt it and began to stand!

Derecho staggered up to his feet and Sylo charged in with his head low to get as much as that shoulder thrust as possible! Derecho at the last moment charged in toward Sylo and….



Derecho held his leg in tremendous pain as hitting an inside knee strike to a man Sylo’s size running full speed could possibly shatter or dislocate a knee.. but the damage was done! Sylo was on his back and looked to be out cold!! Derecho pulled himself up and hobbled over to the corner as he favored that knee heavily.

Derecho ascended to the turnbuckle pads and took aim… he leapt off!


Could this be it? Could the Underground Champion pin Sylo for the third time in his career and could this be considered his first legit win!?



Thre… NO!!!!!

Sylo popped the shoulder up!! Derecho couldn’t believe it! The crowd popped huge, however as Sylo just made it out in time! Derecho got back to his feet and then signaled for the end! He reached down and pulled Sylo up to a vertical base. Beaten and tired, Derecho mustered up all his might and hoisted the 335lb beast up onto his shoulder!

It could be time for A Forever Reminder!!

Sylo still had life in him and fell behind Derecho! Sylo then quickly hooked Derecho and lifted him up into the inverted Fireman’s Carry!

Now it looks to be time for the Systematic Shutdown!

Sylo then flipped Derecho up and over, but Derecho hooked Sylo’s head on the way down..


Derecho staggered to his feet and then pulled Sylo back up! He once again hoisted Sylo up onto his shoulder when all of a sudden Sylo slipped off the shoulder of Derecho and landed behind him! Sylo, still rattled by the DDT, tried to shake it off, but Derecho had enough time to turn and toe kick Sylo in the stomach. Derecho went for an irish whip, but Sylo put on the brakes. He pulled Derecho right into him where he lifted and planted Derecho with a massive spine buster right in the middle of the ring!

The crowd rose to their feet as all of the air had been driven out of the Underground Champion. Sylo bent over and grabbed Derecho by the hair and pulled him up. He yelled right into the face of Derecho.


Sylo then hoisted Derecho up onto his shoulder for the Systematic Shutdown once again! Sylo was about to hit it when he felt a blinding shot right to the back of his right knee!


He wasn’t alone, either. Mike Extreme, Sephiroth Du Luc, Grendel, and Persephone had hit the ring and the referee instantly called for the bell and threw this match out. All five of them got a jump on the jOlt Champion!

Like vultures, they all brought Sylo down to the canvas and stomped away at him! Derecho took a step back and looked on with a grin across his face. They all brought Sylo back up to his feet. Sephiroth lunged in and hit a super kick to Sylo’s jaw!

Sylo turned around as Mike Extreme hit a high yakuza kick to the face of Sylo which spun him around into a thunderous spine buster by Grendel! Chris Titan then knelt over Sylo and yelled at him…


But Titan was cut off when Derecho walked over and tapped him on the shoulder. Apparently Derecho had grabbed a microphone from ringside.

“Chris… you and I go way back. We were Digital Underground in Tornado Wrestling so I’m asking you this favor as a jOlt Original.”

Titan stood up and looked at Derecho with a puzzled look. Titan was close enough to Derecho’s mic to where everyone could hear him.

“You!? An original? You came from LoC.. you have no right to…”

Derecho cut him off.

“Yes.. I came from Legacy of Champions, but over a decade ago… when Eron the Relentless ran this place.. I was here and I was a former jOlt Tag Team Champion.. so again.. from one jOlt original to another… I have a request… and that request is… move aside…unless you want to die by the hands of the TRUE King of jOlt.”

Derecho walked away and ascended the turnbuckle pads… he grinned as he leapt off..


Derecho stood up as a sinister grin came over his face. The rest of the Backbone gathered and it looked as if Titan saw gold. Titan looked as if he were about to make an offer to Derecho to join the backbone when the crowd erupted!


Aria slid in first and dove right for Persephone! Aria took her down and the two of them brawled. While they brawled, the rest of the group turned to see Martinez on the top rope. He leapt off with a Corkscrew Plancha and took all of them down sans Derecho who had stepped out of the way to avoid the collision! The crowd erupted even more!


Ninja K hit the ring and made sure that Derecho wouldn’t go unscathed! Ninja K hit a spinning wheel kick to take Derecho down. Derecho quickly rolled out of the ring, but it wasn’t enough! Ninja K got a running start and did a corkscrew flip of his own to the outside where he took Derecho down to the floor!

Back in the ring, Titan got back up as did Murphy after she pummeled Persephone and caused her to roll out of the ring. Titan and Martinez traded punches until Titan drove a knee into the stomach of Martinez which doubled him over. Titan then hit a front leg sweep that brought Martinez down to the canvas. Titan measured up Martinez who got back on all fours and then went to the ropes. Aria saw this and got a running start where she leapt off of the back of Martinez and dropped Titan to the ground with a leaping leg lariat!

Mike Extreme then grabbed Aria from behind in a Full Nelson as she screamed. Aria then hit a stomp to the ankle of Extreme which caused him to release her. Martinez then lunged in with a Super Kick that took Extreme off of his feet!

On the outside, Ninja K and Derecho continued to brawl. Derecho staggered up against the barricades as Ninja K clotheslined him up and over into the front row! Ninja K then rolled back into the ring and hit a flying forearm to Grendel who looked to blindside Martinez from behind! With Grendel down, Ninja K turned and grabbed the top rope. He leapt up top and springboarded over the barricades and into the crowd where he took Derecho out once again!

With Aria and Martinez standing tall, the Backbone slid out of the ring and regrouped. Martinez and Aria then got a running start and performed a stereo Tope Con Hilo over the top rope to the outside, taking the group out once again!

Among all the chaos and the bodies… another man ran down…

Winner: Sylo via Disqualification

Sylo vs. Jonathan Conspiracy
SyloJonathan Conspiracy

"No Church In The Wild" was blaring throughout the Arena of Champions, as Conspiracy made his way to the ring, seemingly oblivious to all the chaos that surrounded him. He handed his Relentless Championship to the referee and shouted "RING THE BELL!"

Conspiracy covered Sylo as the bell sounded. The ref dropped down to the mat.


...uh ummm, no we don't!

Yes we do... no we don't... yes we do... NO we don't... YES we do... NO we DON'T... YES we DO... NO WE DON'T... YES WE DO!

Sylo had launched JCON off of him with a bench press toss, and Conspiracy retreated to the corner to collect himself. He had failed where Chris Titan succeeded. The Superbeast got to a vertical base and motioned for JCON to come after him.

Conspiracy swung a right... blocked!

Conspiracy swung a left... blocked!

Sylo then started to return in kind.

Right... connected!

Left... connected!

Down went Jonathan Conspiracy. He started to crawl towards the ropes and managed to escape the wrath of Sylo... if only for a brief moment. Sweet Aroma started to make her way to ringside as JCON snatched the Relentless Championship from the time keeper. Inside the ring the referee stepped in front of Sylo and reprimanded him. He then turned his attention to Conspiracy on the ouside and started his 10 count.

ONE... Aria Murphy who had recovered on the outside impended Aroma progress.

TWO... The two ladies started to get into it as JBM looked on at the two "friends".

THREE... Conspiracy made his way towards Aria and his wife as Sylo once again tried to get to the outside.

FOUR... The ref managed to keep Sylo at bay as JBM got face to face with JCON.

CINCO... Sanchez Cano and Cordova appeared and blindsided JBM.

SIX... Sylo managed to get the ref out of his way and exited the ring, in effect breaking the refs count, and scaring off the brothers.

Jonathan Conspiracy saw The Superbeast coming and quickly shielded himself from harm, atleast temporarily, by hiding behind Aria Murphy. Murphy struggled to break free of Conspiracy's grasp and the refs count came back into focus.


FIVE... Conspiracy shoved Aria into Sylo, and quickly bolted for the ring


SEVEN... Conspiracy slid safely in as the ref continued to count.

EIGHT... Sylo turned his attention back to the ring after ensuring Aria was okay and made a b-line to the ring.

NINE... and Sylo climbed up on the apron, staring a hole through "One Letter Better".

The ref ordered the jOlt Champion and last Legacy Champion to enter the ring. Conspiracy tried to head him off at the pass but was stopped by Sylo's hand grabbing him by the neck. Sylo stepped over the ropes and into the ring while still maintaining a firm hold of Mr. Conspiracy. A gut shot put Conspiracy on the ground, and moments later Sylo had locked in his signature submission manuever.


There was definitely no where for JCON to go, as he quickly submitted in hopes that Sylo would release the hold without any career or worse even life threating injury befell him. However as the ref called for the bell, Sylo would not release the hold.


It wasn't until Aria Murphy entered the ring and assured Sylo that she was fine before Sylo finally released the hold, and left Jonathan Conspiracy laying on the mat writhing in pain. The ref raised Sylo's hand in victory and handed him back his jOlt Championship Title belt. The same could not be said for JCON as he was now a former Relentless Champion.

Winner: Sylo via Submission



The arena exploded yet again, as Aran Thompson defiantly came stomping out from behind the entrance curtain and down the toward the ramp. As he passed Sylo he put his fist out and they bumped their knuckles together as Aran slid into the ring and tilted his head looking at the downed Jonathan Conspiracy.

Aran looked to the ring hand and motioned for a microphone. Aran turned his attention back to JCON who was still unconscious and he squatted down next to the head of Conspiracy as he smiled.

“No I don’t mean to take the shine away from Sylo or Derechode, but…” Aran began.

Aran stood up and stepped over JCON standing over his body.

“At All or Nothing I am officially challenging for the Relentless Championship, and I will once again become the RELENTLESS CHAMPION!”

Aran dropped the microphone next to JCON and smiled as the transmission ended.