"Traning Day"

Graham Youngblood Graham Youngblood was on a mission and that mission one really knew but he was frantically looking for something or someone. Youngblood stopped a worker asking him an inaudible question. The worker replied and pointed down the hallway as Graham patted him on the shoulder and took off at almost a sprint. He turned the corner and his eyes lit up.

"YOU! I've been looking for you," Youngblood yelled out as he moved forward. There would be an explosion of cheers as the jOlt champion, Sylo, came into view looking at Youngblood like he was crazy.

"Look I know you're busy. I know you have a full plate as it is but I want...I need something from you," Youngblood sighed running a hand through his hair.

"Listen, kid, if it's a title shot there's a mile long line. I don't know what to tell you." Sylo replied and began to walk away. Youngblood, in a bold and possibly stupid move, threw himself in front of Sylo blocking his path. Sylo yet again stared at Graham like he was crazy and a hint of annoyance etched across Sylo's face.

"Look I said--" Sylo began but Graham cut him off...again...gutsy but possibly stupid.

"I'm not asking for a title shot. Look, I'm one of the first to ever graduate from RingRats yet I've gone nowhere. I watched you take a rookie like Jimmy B. Martinez and help mould him into one of the best Flyweights, one of the best champions, in the entire business. I want the same. I want you to teach me what you know." Graham's eyes shot back and forth looking for some sort of sign as to what Sylo was thinking.

Sylo just stared at Graham for a moment.


It was a short one word answer but it took all the wind out of Youngblood's sails. He let out a heavy sigh and dropped his head as Sylo pushed past him and headed back down the hall. Graham looked over his shoulder and quickly his expression changed back to one of pure determination as he yet again ran after Sylo and blocked his way.

"Look, I've never asked anyone for anything in my life. I've always worked my ass off and earned what I had. Now I'm here humbling myself to you, asking you to be my mentor, asking you to take my training to the next level. Just give me a chance to prove how much I want this." Graham stiffened his jaw and just stared Sylo down. To be honest Sylo was a little shocked. He had to admit, if nothing else, the kid had balls.

"I demand a lot from anyone I train. You've trained with a living legend, Scott Riktor, but yet you don't feel that was enough? Kid my training style isn't exactly orthodox. If you can't make it through my way you'll probably end up without a career because I will break you." Sylo was deadly serious about that. He'd put Jimmy through hell but Jimmy had not only survived he had also persevered. Jimmy had been put through hell but he came out with a different fire lit under his ass.

"All I want is a chance." Graham replied.

"You do understand that tag team partner of yours, what's his name? Griffin? He held you back. He used you like some sort of lackey so he could run his mouth and then when shit hit the fan he had you to back him up. Be your own man and not some loud mouth's stooge." Sylo's words resonated with Graham. He'd thought it but it had never been vocalized.

"Fine. Just give me a chance then. One training session and if you don't think I have what it takes I'll leave, no questions asked, and that'll be the end of it. I won't bother you again after." Graham was set on this and Sylo could tell.

Sylo let out a sigh and stared at Youngblood for another moment scanning his eyes.

"Fine kid, you have your one shot. Tomorrow morning, your ass will be in the gym at 7 am and it won't be up to me if you make it or not. You'll train with Jimmy and myself and if Jimmy thinks you've got what it takes then we'll talk about me training you. Until then try to take care of your little tag team problem." Sylo pushed past Graham and headed down the hall. Graham was elated, he'd done it, well he'd done part of it.

"You won't regret this!" Graham yelled after Sylo.

"I know I won't because I'll break your neck if you let me down," Sylo replied. Graham swallowed a little bit harder than he intended. He'd gotten so lost in the moment he forgot he'd just asked the jOlt champion, a man that went to great lengths to destroy his opponents, to train him and the deadliest mistake Graham could ever make was to waste Sylo's time.

"Okay then," Graham said to himself. "Tomorrow...7AM...I can do this," He nodded. "I can do this."

"Back Where You Belong"

Jonathan Conspiracy He sat, satisfied.

A title that was once thought to be lost was reclaimed. He had every intention of having another title to look at, but this would make for a nice consolation prize.

Regaining this title allows for him to get a do-over. He thought he struck at the right time the last time, but things did not go as he had hoped. The next thing he knew, his opponent at All or Nothing was announcing his intentions for the Relentless Championship.

What next?

The thought that crossed the mind of the former and now current Relentless Champion as he laid flat on his back after failing to win the Jolt Championship from Sylo.

"Ey boss man..."

The champion looked up from his title, and saw that Duzza was now standing before him.

"The Jury awaits..."

He stood up and allowed for his wife Sweet Aroma to strap the Relentless Championship belt around his waist.

"I'm Jonathan Conspiracy, and I am the Relentless Champion. For all those who look to challenge me, will be subject to judgment by a jury of my peers, The Jury."

Conspiracy, Aroma and Duzza exited the locker room as iNtense moved elsewhere.

"The Best Damn Sports Entertainer Ever"

Craig Thomas Warriors had just panned to the ring when Do You Call My Name by RA drove the crowd insane because it only meant one thing, The EGO!

Unlike the previous week, small dosages of fireworks lit up the entrance in front of the curtain, showering down on Craig Thomas as he arrogantly strutted onto the stage. He was tailored with a black Armani suit, tie, and shoes and gripped a microphone in one hand. The smirk on his egocentric face was something everyone would soon learned to cope with as he power walked down the ramp, calling every fan in sight a, "Monkey!'

"Well this is unexpected. Craig Thomas isn't scheduled tonight. I didnt expect to see him, did you Powers?" Michael continued watching as the Ego climbed the steps and parted the ropes to gain entry into the ring.

"It's not a show without The Great One Mike! Come on man!"

The crowd blanketed Thomas with jeers as he arrogantly walked circles in the ring, smiling, laughing, and shaking his head at the sea of distraught fans. He was enjoying every moment of it, so he allowed the fans to continue their rants, not speaking a single word until they were in a calm state.

"One week in jOlt and Craig Thomas is already well hated. I have to say, he does remind me a lot of Brandon Thomas."

"I just wish Brandon was here to tell these MONKEYS to shut up!" Powers laughed.

"Good God I don't!"

As the crowd slowly died down, Craig forged a half witted smirk, and brought the microphone within speaking distance as the electrifying riffs of Do You Call My Name came to a halt.


BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! roared the intolerant fanatics of jOlt.

"Man do I feel loved!"


"Last week on Intense I made Colby Korver look like one helluva wrestler when in fact, he's nothing more than a weak, pathetic, little peasant! If it wasn't for me, that man would have botched so many moves, and possibly got ME injured! But with my exceptional in ring ability to make other people look like SUPERSTARS, everyone thought he was the golden boy of wrestling! Running around the ring, hitting his marks like a true veteran of sport, and THAT right there ladies and gentlemen is why Jim Johnson invited me into jOlt because I MAKE PEOPLE LOOK GOOD!"


Another loud set of jeers exploded as Craig paused. He grinned heavily from ear to ear as he cocked his chin into the air and held the microphone below his mouth.



"You know..." Powers started, "He does have a point Michael!"

"I don't think so, Colby Korver is an exceptional young veteran of the sport. He's been training in Japan over the past several months and last week, he showed me that he has the skills compete in this tournament and jOlt! It wasn‘t because of Craig Thomas, Nathan! It was because of Colby Korver!"

"Oh that's just insane! The Great One makes everyone look good!"

Craig was walking around the ring, pointing, and laughing at the audience shouting over the barricade before he continued with his speech. Though, he took just a second to step back in confusion upon seeing the mysterious soldier in the metal mask lurking in the sea of jeering jOlt fans and in the blink of an eye, vanish before bringing the microphone up to his lips.

"But unfortunately for all of you monkey's tonight, you won't have the privilage to see The Great One in action!"

YEAHHHHHHH! cheered the crowd.


Silence fell upon the Arena of Champions with that word and several hundred eyes were locked on The Ego.

"Uh oh! I don't like the sound of that!" Michael quickly blurted.

"I will still be able to entertain the audience watching at home!"

The Ego turned his attention to Michael and Nathan down at the booth.


"Oh you know what that means, Burhman!" he winked at Nathan and Michael, both were stunned by the news, but both had different feelings on the issue"I'm gonna be the special guest commentator for the night! I don't just entertain in the ring, I can do it with my mouth too! You ladies know what I mean, yeah?"

You could sense that the ladies watching had a huge crush on The Ego. The men, on the other hand, wanted to knock his Ego in the dirt.


"Oh yes! I love it! Come on down Craig!" Powers motioned with his hand, "I have an extra seat right here!"

"Thank you Powers! I wish all these monkeys in the audience would learn from you buddy! Then maybe the world would be a better place!"

Powers laughed, "It sure would!"

"You can't be serious Nathan?"

"Why wouldn't I be?"

"Err..." Michael grunted.

Craig centered the tie on his chest and continued with an onward look.

"I still want to entertain you assholes at home, but at the same time watch my competition in action! I want to see if Anson Larue, Jason Fosters, Brone Haggard, and Mattack are good enough to get into the same ring with THE GREAT ONE!." once again he smiled at the crowd, "Plus, I want to shake the hand of my opponent next week and get a good snapshot of us two in a stare down for the jOlt website! Gotta hype these guys up, or else we're all doomed with boredom!"

"SO! You monkeys enjoy the show and I'll see y'all soon!


The Ego exited the ring and sat down by Nathan Powers at the booth. Both men laughed and commented on Michael Burhman's pooched lip as Craig rolled underneath the booth in his chair. Burhman rolled his eyes and tried avoiding Thomas by any means neccassory.

The cameras cut backstage for a another Warriors segment as Powers, Burhman, and Thomas watched the jOltVision with gazing eyes.

"Questions Get Forgotten"

Derecho Donny Layne was backstage with the Underground Champion Derecho. As the frame focused in, we could see Derecho clutching the Underground Championship close to his chest. He knew he had a non-title match tonight against a man who had challenged him for his Underground Championship before. Those thoughts seemed to be weighing heavy.

"Derecho... after what happened on iNtense, jOlt's board of directors couldn't reach to tell you that you had to compete here tonight. To be honest, they were a bit worried that you wouldn't show up, but alas, here you are. What happened and what are your thoughts on your match with the Relentless Champion, Jonathan Conspiracy here tonight."

Donny Layne moved the microphone near Derecho's mouth. Derecho looked down toward the floor as he clutched his championship even tighter.

"There... are many questions... Questions that deserve answers, yet... the answers are never found. Those questions fade away into the annals of time and become transparent. A lucid memory is all that remains for those questions who shall never know closure... who shall never know solution... who shall never know completion."

Derecho paused for a moment.

"On iNtense, my body... my soul... was asked one of those questions, but I refuse to let it slip away into nothingness... into a void where it shall be lost in an eternity. "

Derecho looked up at Donny Layne with piercing eyes.

"Let me ask you a question. Do you know what happens to a man who refuses to fade away? Jonathan Conspiracy will not be the only one here tonight... to find out the answer to that question."

Derecho shoved his way past Donny Layne, what went through his mind, no one but Derecho knows.

Brone Haggard vs. Mattock
Brone HaggardMattock

The Power Struggle Invitational continued here on Warriors as Brone Haggard and Mattock were set to do battle one on one.

"Crucified" by Sevendust.

The crowd stirred in anticipation as the brother of the jOlt Underground Champion Derecho emerged from behind the curtain with a determined look on his face. Mattock was hell bent on finally emerging from his brother's shadow once and for all, and this tournament was exactly the opportunity he needed to do so. As Mattock came down the ramp, the camera caught the fleeting image of the mysterious soldier in black, lingering in the background like an apparition amongst the crowd.

Long admired for his innovative brand of offence if not his winning ratio, Mattock had a point to prove to the world, his brother and indeed to himself.

"Mattock looking to prove his mettle here in jOlt and emulate the success of his brother." Buhrmann pointed out.

Mattock pointed and yelled at a couple of fans in the crowd who were crying "Derecho" at him mockingly.

"Immortal" by Adema.

The lights dimmed throughout the arena as a stout Englishman in a suit came out from the back with a shit eating grin on his face from ear to ear.

"That man is esteemed businessman and professional wrestling manager Percival Lawrence Cartright, and we're about to meet his client Brone Haggard." Exclaimed Burhman.

"For a moment I thought that out of shape old guy was the opponent," started Craig Thomas, "...still looked like more of a potential threat to me than Mattock too!" He laughed.

But the laughter soon stopped as the 6'8" musclebound tank known as Brone Haggard made his first appearance in jOlt.

"Enter the massacre. Brone Haggard has arrived!" Called Buhrman with an obvious soundbyte.

"What the hell is up with his eyes?" Called The Ego, noticing the black emptiness of Brone's eye sockets.

Haggard strode purposefully to the ring, focusing on the man dubbed Forever Forsaken the whole way down before entering the ring as the arena lights went back on.




Mattock stepped into the centre of the ring and challenged the physically imposing Brone Haggard to lock up in a test of strength, perhaps a little too keen to show what he can do.

Haggard smiled as he accepted the challenge and the pair locked up, only for the monstrous Haggard to roar loudly and toss Derecho's brother across the ring and to the mat over in the corner as if he were a rag doll.

"Look at the sheer power of this man!"

Mattock stood back up and brushed himself off. He circled Haggard as Haggard had a look of "really?" on his face. They went to lock up, but Mattock switched it up and hit a stiff kick to the right leg of Brone Haggard. Mattock hit another kick and another kick, but it didn't seem to have much effect. Haggard pie faced Mattock and shoved him back. Haggard then charged in with a vicious lariat, but Mattock ducked underneath and took off toward the ropes.

Mattock leapt to the middle rope and flew off with a front roundhouse kick to Haggard. It connected and Haggard staggered back against the ropes.

"That's the way to do it, chop the big man down to size!" said Powers.

"An OBVIOUS tactic I would have noticed a whole lot quicker than that monkey." added Thomas.

Mattock got back up and charged at him with a full head of steam, but Haggard lifted Mattock up and over to the outside where he landed on the ring apron. Haggard turned around and was met with a high kick to the side of the head from Mattock. Mattock hit a second high kick and that staggered Haggard away from the ropes.

Mattock sensed an opening and grabbed the top rope. He leapt off with a springboard clothesline, but Haggard ducked underneath. Mattock, as agile as he is, landed on his feet and gained momentum off the ropes before ducking underneath an attempted clothesline from Haggard that might just have taken his head off! Mattock came back off the other rope with a flying corkscrew elbow strike to the temple of Haggard!

Mattock then went back out to the ring apron and grabbed the top rope as he measured up Haggard. Mattock leapt to the very top and front flipped forward. He extended his legs with a seated drop kick that caught Haggard right in the chest! Haggard staggered back and into the ropes.

"That's just a glimpse of the unique offence that Mattock brings to the table. You simply never know what move he's going to hit you with next!"

"Nothing I can't handle Burhman," added Craig, "I invent moves in my sleep!"

Mattock got back to his feet and charged in once again. He hit a running clothesline, but Haggard didn't go over the ropes, but instead just fell against them and staggered forward a bit until he dropped to his knees and shook his head to try and clear the cobwebs before jOlt's new innovator of offence fired himself into him with the Vision Burst - a shotgun Dropkick to the back of the head and Brone was down as Cartright thumped the mat in anger on the outside of the ring.

"That could be lights out for Haggard!"

"Those black eyes of his must be rolling in the back of his skull!"

Mattock hooked the leg for the cover...



KICKOUT by Haggard!

Mattock got another full head of steam as Haggard staggered to his feet, but Haggard exploded from the knelt position and turned Mattock inside out with a vicious clothesline. Haggard quickly pulled Mattock to his feet and placed him between his legs after a toe kick. Haggard lifted Mattock up onto his shoulder and showed off his impressive power with a One-Arm Fire Thunder Powerbomb!

Mattock landed on the back of his neck as Haggard made the cover!



Thr... NO!

Mattock popped the shoulder up and the crowd couldn't believe that Mattock survived that attack!

Haggard pulled Mattock to his feet and then hoisted him up onto his shoulders. Haggard went for a TKO, but Mattock grabbed Haggard by the head and nailed a Falling Reverse DDT to counter! Mattock scrambled to his feet and staggered over to the corner. He ascended the turnbuckle pads and took aim. Mattock then flipped off with the Descent from Twilight.. his Shooting Star Elbow Drop and it connected right into the heart of Brone Haggard! Mattock went for the cover!



Haggard kicked out with authority!

Mattock got back to his feet and then crouched down in the corner. Haggard pulled himself up to his feet and turned to face Mattock. Mattock charged in and then corkscrewed into a Spear! Direct Damage connected! Another cover!



Haggard still kicked out!

Mattock could taste success as he grabbed Brone and helped him back to his feet and trapping him in a hammerlock, the first step of his finishing maneuver - The Switchblade Romance.

"Mattock is looking to end it early!"

But before Mattock could transition into the swinging clothesline Haggard displayed his raw strength by powering out of the hammerlock! Mattock instinctively lashed out with a right hand that seemed to have little to no effect on Brone.

"Haggard didn't even feel it! It's like he just shook off any pain he was feeling!"

Mattock panicked and ran into the ropes before taking flight in another innovative attempt at taking Haggard down, only for the Bringer of Sorrow to catch him and charge across the ring...

Running Powerslam with authority! Percival Cartright laughed on the outside, delighting in the high impact move from his client.

The Mauler picked Mattock up off the canvas before dead lifting him above his head with a Gorilla Press! He held him high above his head for several moments before Pure Evil was able to react and slipped out of the press before rolling up Haggard for a pin...



Brone lifted Mattock clear off the canvas and sprawling across the ring with a kickout!

"Great athleticism from Mattock to escape there and he almost scored the pin in the process!"

Pure Evil sprung back up to a vertical base and ran up to the top turnbuckle in a flash, before taking flight looking for a high risk move. His body twisted and flipped over in mid-air impressively... But the big man was ready. "Haggard caught him! He caught Mattock's twisting body in mid-ar! We have some strong competitors in this company and Brone Haggard is up there with the very best!"

"Pffffft. He'll be flat out on his back when he meets me Michael." Smirked the arrogant Thomas, perhaps trying to convince himself as much as anyone else.

Haggard had caught Mattock and brought him up to his shoulder, but Mattock broke free and fell behind. He hammerlocked the arm and tried for it once again!

Switchblade Romance!

Haggard ducked the clothesline and immediately grasped onto him with a waist lock... he then popped the hips and nailed a Release German Suplex that dropped Mattock right on the back of his neck! Mattock staggered to his feet as Haggard measured Mattock up. Haggard then kicked Mattock in the stomach and then grabbed him in a gutwrench. He lifted Mattock up and planted him with a Gutwrench Powerbomb, but Haggard held on! He lifted Mattock back up and planted him again with a Deadlift Powerbomb! He still held on! Haggard pulled Mattock back up and then nailed a Release Powerbomb, Jackknife style! "RAAAARRRGH!"

Despite taking three powerbombs, Mattock still had fight in him, but at this point, it must have been instinct alone as he obviously had no idea where he was anymore. Brone Haggard roared a battle cry and positioned himself in the corner, perched and waiting for Forever Forsaken to get back to his feet. He did just that with the aid of the ropes, only to turn around and into...


A bone crushing spear that took the wind right out of Mattocks sails!

"Haggard broke him in half! I don't think I've ever seen such impact with a spear!" cried Burhman.

"He calls it the Massacre and it's easy to see why!" called Powers as Thomas sat in silence, perhaps making a mental note.

Brone picked Mattock up once more and hoisted his almost lifeless body into the air...


Haggard pressed down on Mattock's chest for the pin.



Three! This one was emphatically over.

Haggard surveyed the wreckage that was Mattock's body as Cartright entered the ring to pat his client on the back after a job very well done, grinning as he did so.

"Haggard is going to take some stopping in the Power Struggle! We might have ourselves a favourite!"

"Are you kidding me? Did you forget I am in the damn thing?" Thomas spoke in disgust.

"Yeah show the man some respect Michael!" Powers chimed in.

Meanwhile Mattock opened his eyes and looked up at the lights above, struggling for breath and feeling shooting pains though his body. He wanted to show the world he was better than his brother.

He had a long way to go.

Winner: Brone Haggard via Pinfall

"Common Courtesy"

Waymoth Turnbull Waymoth was in a hurry, huffing angrily as he headed towards the arena exit. His gear tossed over his shoulders in his red duffel. In the time Waymoth has been with jOlt, he had never really portrayed someone in a good mood. Tonight, however, the element of confusion was taken completely out of the equation. Waymoth was not happy Islander that those Corona & Red Bull commercials always make you believe.

As he neared the double doors that lead out to the parking lot, the pitter-patter of hurried footsteps behind of him could be heard.

"Waymoth! Slow down! I'd like to get a word!"

Despite the request from interviewer Donny Layne, Waymoth did not slow down. He wasn't in much of a talking mood. Thing is, if there's one thing he had learned since landing in the United States, those are the times where everybody and their mudda would love to have a few words. Waymoth was one step closer to clearing the exit but Donny boldly jumped right in front of the boxer-turned-wrestler formerly known "The Big Bull".

"Thanks for...thanks for letting me catch up to you there big fella, I'd just like to get a few words with you in regards to your thoughts on the Power Struggle Tournament. I didn't see you on the schedule for tonight, so imagine my surprise when I saw you leaving!"

Donny had a tooth-filled grin plastered on his face as he pushed his microphone closer. He hadn't realized it, but he hit the hot button.

"Yuh wan't me t'oughts dem, Donny? Yuh want to know why yuh no 'spect to see me but 'ere meh stand inna ya face?" Waymoth's short fuse had already start its slow burn.

"Common courtesy, Donny," Waymoth continued, "Das all ah man ah ask for. Common fuh'kin courtesy!"

Donny became confused. What was the West Indian Obsidian talking about?

"I'm not sure if I follow Waymoth," Donny replied, "What does that have to do with—"

Waymoth raised his hand to cut the interviewer off, "Very simple Don, de whole worl' was told last week 'bout dis tournament jOlt ah run. Guaranteed title shot at de Relentless Championship for de winner. On mah way in de dyamn buildin' me see the postas and the billb'ards and every'ting to let every man, woman and chile 'bout dis competition. But you know whey de fall short Don?"

"And where would that be?" Donny asked inquisitively.

"De common courtesy to pick up de dyamn phone to let me know not to waste mah gas driving up 'ere..ONLY for dem to tell me that meh not booked for a fuh'kin match for at least anudda two weeks! Wha so hard in picking up dey phone sayin' 'Ay cat! Dog! Don't come in tonight!'"

Donny felt it was time to make the men behind his paycheck proud. It was time to go to defend the decision and then go in for the next round of question and answer, "Well, from what I understand that decision wasn't made until an hour prior to show time. Not saying it's a good excuse but these things do happen. Be that as it may, I would still like to get your thoughts on your possible shot at the Relentless Championship."

"Unna'stand me clearly Donny," Waymoth was slightly infuriated that Donny decided his issue was "just business" but continued on, "Notta soul 'ere know the real meanin' of de word Relentless. To dem its sometin' pretty. Sometin' to wear pon' de waist. A nickname tuh mek feel tough. Yuh got champions who need all de help in de world to 'old on to de belt and still gah nerve to act like dey big shot. Nuh uh. Ah don't need a shiny piece of metal to validate da fact that yuh look'n at de most rut'less man inna dis buildin'!"

If the obvious shots at current bearers of jOlt gold were enough to indicate that the BVI-native was less than impressed. His next move let Donny know that this interview was over. Waymoth then pushes Donny Layne to the side before taking the final step out the exit doors. Before fully getting back to his journey, he stops one more time and faces the flustered interviewer.

"And ah promise yo Don...the next time dey make change regardin' me and nuh say nuttin? Or the next time you tink yuh bold to step in me way gon' show a'yo de real meanin' of relentless. Dat ain't just talk ei'ther!"

After all ladies and gentlemen, if you've learned anything about Waymoth, you'll know his motto; 'Talk fi pussy!'


"The Cats Have Claws" Laurie Williams

Laurie Williams, valet and girlfriend of "Mr. Relentless" Aran Thompson, stood at the stood near the catering table talking on her cell phone.

"Alright, I'll tell 'em" Laurie said sharply obviously not happy with the conversation she was having on her phone when her attention was grabbed away from her conversation and she snarled a little.

"I gotta go daddy." Laurie hung up her phone without any hesitation and never let her gaze leave whatever or whoever it was that grabbed her attention.

"You gotta starin' problem?" she blurted out as the camera widened out to reveal the Russian beauty Natalia who uncharacteristically looked worried.

"Laurie." Natalia began only to cause Laurie to ball up her fist and Natalia stop in her tracks.

"I didn't come here for problems. I came here to apologize." Natalia stopped for a moment and noticed Laurie's look of interest as she relaxed a bit.

"I just wanted to apologize to you and your "man" about the interruption on iNtense."

"Thanks Hun--" Laurie tried to reply but was quickly interrupted by Natalia

"SIKE! I was about as serious as Aran's plans to main event a bingo hall."

"You actually thought I would be serious?! Aran is mid-card curtain jerker and will always be just that. The fact that you, of all people, even stand next to him is a disgrace to yourself and your family name. It used to be respected ya'know."

Natalia's words stung and Laurie was doing all she could to not jump Natalia right then and there.

"This coming from a lady who takes pride in sloppy seconds," Laurie shot back.

"I recognize talent better than anybody hun, and Vince is just a name with the same ol' bag'a'tricks. My mans the future of the industry, jus' do us all a favor and stay away from my man you vulture."

Laurie made her point short and sweet and she walked past Natalia bumping into her as she passed by.

"Questions Get Answered"

Sylo Sylo was seen in his locker room in the back on his phone. It was apparent that Aria Murphy was on the other end of the line.

"Hey... I have to get going. I'll call you in a fe..."

Before Sylo could finish that, he felt a sudden blinding strike across the back of his skull! Derecho had just slammed the Underground Championship into the back of Sylo's head! Sylo staggered forward and tripped over a chair and fell to one knee.

Sylo stood back up and turned to see who his attacker was. At that point, Derecho took a home run swing with the championship right into the face of Sylo which knocked him on his back and caused his nose to begin bleeding.

"What's going on!? " could be heard from Sylo's phone as Aria heard everything.

Derecho took notice of the phone and reached down to pick it up. He brought the phone to his ear as Aria continued to call out to Sylo.

"I want you to listen... I want you to listen with every fiber of your being and with full attention. I want you to listen to the sounds that you're about to hear and take them in... "

Derecho walked over to Sylo and stomped down on his abdomen.

"That sounded magnificent... didn't it? Well the next one shall be glorious!"

Aria could be heard screaming "STOP" over the phone as Derecho leaned over Sylo.

"You put me in a position you shouldn't have. Fight or flight. You made me question my very existence, but know this. I don't have to justify an existence... I have already proven it. You... you are nothing more than an eyesore... it's time for you to disappear."

With that, Derecho took a step back and as hard as he could, punted Sylo right it the side of the head! The sickening thud of his boot on skull echoed throughout the locker room. Derecho then brought the phone up to his ear.

"Did you hear that? That was the sweet sound of the end of Sylo. And now... this is the sweet sound of the end of this phone call."

With that Derecho threw the phone against the concrete wall of the locker room causing it to shatter upon impact. Derecho looked down at Sylo who laid there with blood flowing from his nose. Derecho then grinned as he slowly picked up his Underground Championship and walked out of the locker room.

Anson LaRue vs. Jason Fosters
Anson LaRueJason Fosters

Jason Fosters stood in the middle of the ring awaiting the arrival of Anson Larue. Craig Thomas, Michael Burhman, and Nathan Powers all sat at ringside as they waited patiently for the action to begin. Craig was all jacked up on mountain dew and could hardly wait.

"We are just about ready for another round of the jOlt Invitational Tournament! Fosters is standing in the ring, ready to take on Anson Larue!" explained Burhman who looked uncomfortable with the Ego at his table.

"The only thing I can say! Jason Fosters is one ugly dude! Big, but fugly!" the Ego added some color commentary before The Sadistic One made his entrance.

Powers snickered at the Great One's comment as Blackened the Sun by Tech N9ne started to play and Larue pushed through the curtains. He was very determined as he walked to the ring. Fosters waved his arms in and out, hopping on his feet as he watched The Sadistic One enter the ring. Both men looked ready to take one step closer, to the Relentless Championship.

Referee Darius Underwood signaled for the bell and it rang.


"Here we go monkeys! Let's see what these two have to offer us!" Craig added while both men locked up in a collar and elbow tie up, "Oh! Fosters sneaks in a hammerlock!"

"Now he's applying it into an elevated hammerlock!" Powers told the audience at home.

Larue attempted to break the hold, but failed as he was forced into the turnbuckle. Then, the Sadistic One flung his elbow into Foster's face, not once, but twice before Fosters broke the hold. Anson turned around, but Fosters nailed him with a forearm! And another! And another! Fosters whipped Larue across the ring into the opposite turnbuckle following up behind him and hitting a corner clothesline! Then, Fosters hooked Larue's arm and hit a snap suplex with the arm still looped over his shoulder.

"Fosters is showing tremendous poise early on in this match! Hitting several snap suplexes with ease!" Burhman said as he watched Fosters hit another snap suplex!

"That is one of the easiest moves in the WORLD, Burhman! Of course he's doin it with ease!" Thomas added and laughed afterwards.

Fosters hit another snap suplex before releasing Larue's arm and rolling over for a quick cover!



"REALLY!" bellowed the Ego, "A pinfall after a few puny suplexes!?! Come on MONKEY!" his hands coasted into the air, he wasn't happy with Foster decions early on in this match.

Fosters wasted no time and sat his opponent up in the seated position where he began to strangle Larue with a headlock. Anson had his chin tightly tucked, to avoid a choke out, then he placed the heel of his boot on the bottom rope. Darius Underwood had to peel Fosters off of Larue and pushed him into the turnbuckle and advised Jason to follow his instructions at all times. As he did, Anson was back to his feet, and pushed the referee to the side. Darius Underwood shouted a loud warning at him, but Larue ignored it and both men soon quickly began hitting each other with overhand punches. Larue hit him with a hard left, as Fosters slipped in a right! The excitement was slowly building in the Arena of Champions as both men struggled to gain some momentum!

"COME ON!" Craig bellowed with his hands in the air, "SHOW ME SOME ENTERTAINMENT!"

"They're knocking the hell out of each other right now! Each shot jarring their heads backwards! How is this not exciting!?!" Burhman spat back.

"Tune in next week, Mikey! I'll show you the definition of Entertainment!"

"Sure you will!"

Craig didn't like Buhrman's sarcasm.


Finally! A big right haymaker from Larue had sent Fosters flying backwards into the turnbuckle! Anson sent several hard kicks to the midsection until Fosters was in the seated position against the ropes. Now, Larue pounded his opponents head with some stiff kicks until the referee forced him into the center of the ring, this time warning Larue to follow his instructions at all times! And of course, that gave Jason Fosters enough time to pick himself up off the mat by using the ropes. As soon as the referee stepped to the side, Fosters charged at Larue!


And the quick cover!




Craig yawned, "Powers, let me have some of your popcorn!" he reached in front of Powers and grabbed his bucket, "I can't watch this trash anymore! OH! Hey baby! What's your name!?!?"

Craig's attention was now focused on the fancy blonde sitting behind him in the first row while Fosters picked Larue up off the mat, he picked up Larue from his backside, and lifted him off the mat and bouncing him off the ropes! SLINGSHOT BACKBREAKER DROP!

And yet, another quick cover!




The crowd cheered as Fosters lifted Larue back up off the mat one more time. He whipped Larue across the ring, sending him into the ropes. Jason doubled over, but it was a bit too soon as Anson stopped and caught Fosters with a twisting neckbreaker! The Reaping! It was an awkward looking neckbreaker, but it did its justice and had Fosters on the mat. Larue slowly mounted Fosters and began pummeling him with closed fist. ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE!

Then a quick cover!




Anson picked up Fosters and lifted him onto his shoulders. But Fosters broke free and landed behind Larue! He grabbed him! He lifted him! ELEVATED BACKDROP! Fosters rolled over and stood on all fours with his head angled at Larue on the mat! Sweat beat from his forehead as he took a deep breath before he climbed back to his feet. He went to pick Larue up off the mat, but Anson sent some heavy elbow shots to the midsection of Fosters! Larue fought back to his feet and whipped Fosters into the ropes again! He caught Jason and lifted him onto his shoulders once again.


Another cover!




"That's the fourth pinfall attempt in this match! Both men are desperately seeking to win this thing! Whoever loses tonight, might have a hard time trying to stay in contention throughout the rest of the tournament!"

"Oh well thank you! You are pretty damn sexy yourself!" Craig was still fondling with the blonde behind the announcer's booth, ignoring the action in the ring.

"It looks like the Great One has a fan!"

"Will you stop it Powers! Focus on the match, these two are going at it in the ring, and I have you two fraternizing with the fans!"

"I'm not! He is!" Powers pointed at the Ego, but smiled as he peeked at the woman's cleavage as she pressed against the barricade.

Burhman rolled his eyes as Fosters held his backside and Larue steadied himself on both feet. Anson quickly bounced off the ropes and hit Jason with a jumping leg drop across the throat! Then, he picked Fosters up, and pounded him with some more fist until he was against the ropes. Larue went for an irish whip, but Fosters reversed it!


Anson fell into the ropes, almost slipping over the top, but caught himself. Powers however, hit him with a bit boot to the face and that eventually sent him up and over the top rope. Larue flopped off the ring apron and hit the blue jOlt mat outside! Fosters stepped outside on the apron, he waited for Larue to get up on his knees, and when he did, Fosters hit Larue with a flying Superman Punch! Larue spun around on his feet and into the barricade! Looking over both fighters carefully, as things advanced to the floor, was the man in the metal mask. He was silent and just standing their without anymotion, while the crowd shuffled about wildly, excited that the action was so close and they may be seen on television. Fosters then grabbed Larue from the side and hooked his arm around Anson's neck! With one foot hooked around Larue's leg, he attempted a Forward Russian Leg Sweep, but Larue countered with an elbow strike! Anson picked Fosters up in the fireman carry position! Larue released Fosters legs and spun him forward holding on to his head and slammed him down with a Fireman Carry's Mat Slam! Fosters collided face first into the mat and was busted open above his right eye, a small cut that leaked a small amount of blood, and the crowd loved it!

"Oh my goodness! That had to hurt!"

"Huh!?!" Craig focused on the match, "Larue finally gaining some momentum! About time!"

"I know, I was beginning to wonder if Larue even stood a chance in this match! But it looks like he might pull this one off after that move! Jason Fosters is down, bleeding, and hurting!" described Nathan Powers.

Anson Laure was still a little shaken up, but he was one tough dude! He forced the pain aside and helped Fosters up off the mat and slid him into the ring before Darius Underwood made the ten count! Larue picked Fosters up in the ring and slammed Fosters head between his legs! With his arms positioned around Foster's waist, Larue lifted him into the air, and slammed him down with a Pinning Gutwrench Powerbomb!




"NO! Darius Underwood said he had a shoulder up!" proclaimed Burhman.

"It happens! Larue is popping off to the referee! That's not gonna get him anywhere, it's just give Fosters time to recover! That's why you need a submission move to end the match right here! That's what I would do, but Larue seems to be a little...slow..." Craig mentioned, "Eh, oh well! Let me know who wins, this chick back here is blowing my mind with her fish lips!"

"Ha Ha Ha!" Powers laughed.

Once again, Buhrman sighed and rolled his eyes as Larue finally refocused on Fosters. He attempted to pick him up, but Fosters bullied Larue backwards with his shoulder and wrapped both arms around him. Fosters lifted Larue into the air, spun a half circle, and slammed him down on the mat with a takedown! The crowd cheered loudly and both men were sprawled out in the ring trying to catch their breath. Jason soon crawled over to Larue and flung his arm over him for another attempt at victory!





The match was over just yet, but both men were starting to wear down after twenty minutes of nonstop action! They slowly began to rise in unison, the first one to get to their feet would be the benefactor! Who was it going to be? Fosters held the middle rope, he would almost to his feet! But Larue had him beat and he stumbled forwards at Fosters! Jason attempted a huge clothesline, one that could have ended the match, but Larue dunked! Fosters turned around!


The superkick knocked Fosters to the mat and he wasn't moving!






"Wow! What a match! Anson Larue has beaten Jason Fosters to gain himself two points in this tournament! He will face the Ego, Craig Thomas next week on iNtense!" Burhman clapped his hands as referee Darius Underwood raised Larue's arm and the bell signaled the end of the match.

Anson Larue was tied for the lead, but before Warriors cut backstage, we would stay at ringside because the Ego wanted to meet his opponent in the jOlt Invitational Tournament.

Winner: Anson Larue via Pinfall

"Bring Your A-Game" Craig Thomas

Anson Larue stood in the ring with sweat pouring from his face. He was worn down, the match was hard fought, and now he needed a breather. But Craig Thomas wanted the spotlight, so he spun around in his chair next to Nathan Powers behind the announcers booth, and stared at Larue in the ring.

"So...this monkey is my opponent next week?" he tucked his tie into his Armani jacket, "Well Powers, it was a nice chat, but now it's time to handle some business!"

Powers nodded his head with a proud grin sporting his appraisal for the Ego. Anson noticed Craig getting out of the chair and began gleaming at him. The Ego took Brad Arnold's microphone before he entered the ring. Thomas approached his opponent and immediately extended his hand. But The Sadistic One didn't repay the Ego, instead he sneered at him, and slapped his hand away.

"WELL!" blurted the Ego, shaking his head in the process, "I'll never try that again!" the crowd jeered at him, "You're lucky, because I was gonna give you the Egoburst if you shook my hand." he laughed.

Anson snarled at him.

"But anyways, Larue! It looks like you and I have a date next week on iNtense. You did well tonight, but you're gonna have to do better if you want to beat The Great One, one on one, in this ring! Because I promise you I'm no Jason Fosters and I will smack your monkey ass down if you don't bring your A-Game with you! This is MY time to shine and I'm gonna see to it that I get mine! Because..."

Craig cocked his chin into the air and cut his eyes at the Sadistic One.



Anson kept quiet. He was exhausted and plus he knew that talking to Craig Thomas was like talking to a brick wall. He wasn't going to waste his time and effort on the Ego tonight, but next week on iNtense! He would bring his A-Game and he would put Craig Thomas in his place.

Warriors faded backstage, as Craig Thomas and Anson Larue stood nose to nose.

"The Gold Forged In The Fires Of Prophecy" Sven Deadly

"They revel in their blasphemy, as they latch on to false hopes. A diatribe of love and peace amongst man, yet they devour themselves and late on the villainy that is idolizing false Gods."

The scene opened as Jade Dragon stood next to the behemoth of a man, the demonic Harbinger and behind them stood Sven Deadly. His Mohawk swayed back and forth as he hid behind Harbinger and snickered in between the words of the Jade Dragon.

"The harbinger is a bringer of absolution! We debuted and said that we would take the Tag Team Championships, and now we are the champions! The prophecy has begun, the harbinger relishes in his violence and is amused by his weapon; the putrid Sven Deadly. A vile creature harboring the personalities of the virtues you deem wrong."

Harbinger stood with his arms crossed and both of the Tag Team Championships strapped around his waist. The monster of a man never budged, never groaned, never even blinked.

"Wrath!" Jade Dragons spat and from nowhere Sven Deadly burst out from behind Harbinger and he went absolutely insane, laughing maniacally and shrieking almost at the same time.

"Gluttony." She said stoically and Sven's attitude immediately changed and he tugged on one of the tag team championships strapped to the body of Harbinger, then he turned his attention the other title and finally both of them.

"Pride." She said with pride as Sven's composure once again changed and he looked almost normal as he turned his attention to the camera.

"We are the Tag Team Champions. We are the end last gate of your pit of hell. You will suffer when you meet us, you with bleed when you incur our wrath, you will be devoured by our absolution and we will echo our pride throughout the halls of the arena, and all the while you will have to deal with the Harbinger of your doom. We follow because we know the truth, we follow him because we have seen his future, we follow because he allows us to. You'll follow him because we'll make you."


After a long winded speech, Jade Dragons interrupted Sven and he absolutely went blank. Harbinger finally moved and stepped forward forcefully shoving Sven behind him and Jade was pleased with Sven's misfortune before turning her attention back to the camera.

"HE is the reckoning of the future and you will never be prepared for his violence."

"Looking for Trouble"

Jonathan Conspiracy Cameras went back ringside as a video started to play for the crowd in attendance. Footage rolled of Jonathan Conspiracy hitting the Icarus Switch on Aran Thompson and becoming the NEW Relentless Champion on Warriors 11. The footage then went ahead to show Conspiracy's failed attempt at becoming the jOlt Champion on Warriors 12 after submitting to No Escape and relinquishing the Relentless Championship in the process. Aran Thompson stood over him and made his challenge for that very title at All or Nothing. The clips for that event started to roll and JCON pulled out all the stops with assistance from his "The Faction" brethren The Jury to once again become Relentless Champion. He dismissed Aran Thompson's show of sportsmanship and took his leave proclaiming "I'M THE CHAMPION NOW!"

"Sweet" by Common started to play inside the arena as the video footage came to a close, and Sweet Aroma appeared from out the back.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I have a couple of announcements to make."

Boos flooded the Arena of Champions, as Mrs. Conspiracy used her manicured hands to cover her ears.

"Don't make me get ratchet, I'm a lady and I would hate to stoop to you guys level. Now as I was saying I have a few announcements. First of all, I am finally 100% healthy and have been given clearance to make a full return to the ring, and with Aria Murphy once again becoming the Starlets Champion I am serving her notice that she has legit competition now, and on this upcoming iNtense I'm going to prove it when I face Daryn Thompson one on one... and speaking of Thompson's my man Jonathan Conspiracy...

The decibels of the boos increased at the mention of the man who strung The Backbone along, only to seemingly form his own "faction" right under Chris Titan's nose.

"...he defeated the so called Mr. Relentless and became a 2-time Relentless Champion, a title that he never lost to begin with. So if you could all direct your eyes and ears on me, I'd like to bring out my husband so you can all congratulate him on his title victory. Ladies and gentlemen, YOUR RELENTLESS CHAMPION... HE IS 'ONE LETTER BETTER', HE IS 'THE ATTENTION GETTER', HE IS 'A BETTER HUSBAND THEN YOURS', 'THE MAN YOU WISH YOU HAD IN YOUR BED EVERY NIGHT', HE IS 'THE J TO THE C TO THE O YES N DEED!', JONATHAN CONSPIRACY!"

Aroma tucked the mic in her armpit and started to clap as "No Church in the Wild" by Jay-Z & Kanye West started up. The Arena of Champions were very displeased at the turn of events that led to Conspiracy regaining the title and weren't afraid to show it, as cameras picked up a shot of one fan holding up a sign that displayed the word "JaCkOFF" on it. Undeterred, Conspiracy appeared from the backstage area with his trademark smirk smeared all over his face, and the Relentless Championship strapped tightly around his waist. Aroma handed him the microphone as he motioned for the crowd to quiet down to no effect.

"My apologies to you Sweet Aroma, you shouldn't be subject to this kind of abuse from these people, and I'm going to deal with them, but I need to address a few things going on in jOlt at the moment. First on the agenda is Aran Thompson, IT'S OVER, I have shown that I am better than you in every facet of the game Aran, now this... (Conspiracy patted the plate of the Relentless Championship Title Belt)... will never be yours again, unless of course I make another attempt at becoming the jOlt Champion... but another thought crossed my mind after watching that Donny Layne interview with DereQueen and in my humble opinion the Underground is being misrepresented with him as champion and if he really wants a taste of what will happen when I feel like dethroning "The King" he can. I bet Sylo will breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the jOlt Championship isn't my sole focus, but you never know Smurfette, you never know when I might strike. You got lucky last time, but this time I have backup.

"Serial Killa" by Snoop Dogg started to play and soon after Khadafi & Statuz Quo appeared from the back led by Duzza. The three men collectively known as The Jury dapped and hugged Conspiracy & Aroma. These men were a tight clique in The Faction and it was surreal to watch them walking down to a jOlt ring reunited as Conspiracy started to speak again.

"So if you looking for trouble..."

He handed the microphone to Duzza who finished the statement with...

" found it mutha fucka!"

G.O.O.D. Music's "Looking for Trouble" started to play in the arena as the band of miscreants continued to bask in the ongoing wave of heel heat. Khadafi proudly thrust both fists toward the heavens as Statuz Quo was atop the turnbuckles, heckling all detractors within sight. Duzza, Sweet Aroma & JCON were standing united at the ring’s center....

"Vicarious" by Tool

A notably upheaval of cheers set the Relentless Champion and his army on high alert as Camera Twenty zeroed in on Exit 44 with Kenshiro Inogami standing within the smoldering strobe lit overcast of smoke. Fists gnarled while training his steely glare at the rival faction holding court inside the squared circle. Meanwhile, Conspiracy finished instructing The Jury on what to do if Ninja K approached. As The Jury pointed & assumed a unified defensive posture as JCON climbed atop the nearest turnbuckle, waving the Ronin down to the ring. The ninja sauntered forward several paces from the smoke filled exit before standing his ground.

"Come on, Ninja! You want to be kung fu fighting?!” Mr. One Letter Better exclaimed. “Come on down to the ring, I got some time tonight, I don't have to beat your boyfriend's ass until later!"

“Jonathan. Conspiracy.” Kenshiro mentioned as the audience simmered down. “This promotion’s current Relentless Champion. Arguably among the notably proficient technical wrestling elite in this very industry alone without question. The self-professed ‘Mr. One. Letter. Better...” Ninja conveyed much to the delight of Sweet Aroma and the entire faction.

“Unfortunately, for you & of hyenas, Jonathan; I am actually in the genuine pursuit of some Trouble this evening...” The ninja’s proclamation urged JCON & his stable to verbally and physically urge the Osakan native to bring it ringside. The masses further encouraged the promise of war to be brought to fruition.

'The Aberrant Freak of Nature' would then turn and leave, while "Trouble" remained in the ring sending threats that Ninja would be sure to answer at another time and place.

"You Want It? Come and Get It"

Jimmy B. Martinez The Flyweight Champion; Martinez is seen walking threw the corridors of the Arena of Champions. He continued to walk up the corridor, head held up high, as the Flyweight Championship laid slung over his shoulder. Proud of what he had accomplished in jOlt, in such little time. Not many can say, they did the same. Mr. Infamous continued to walk up the hallway, he than stopped at a vending machine for a beverage. Just than a voice echoed threw the hallways.

"HEY DUDE!" The voice shouted, from behind the flyweight champion.

Martinez quickly turned around, with his guard up ready for anything. Being apart of this wonderful business, meant you had to be ready at all times. That he was.

"WHOA! Settle down, bro." Adam Lazarus made clear, with a smile on his face.

"Oh, it's you. What do you want Adam?" Martinez asked Lazarus who was clearly in a good mood today.

"Not much, man, just wanted to say good job out there tonight. You guys went at it and, obviously, the best man came out on top." He explained to the Flyweight Champion.

"You ain't lying there." He said as he chuckled to himself. "It most defiantly was one hell of a match."

"Yeah, man. Hey, I noticed you were favoring your ribs a lot in that match, are you okay?" Adam Lazarus said reaching to pat Martinez on the midsection.

Martinez quickly grabbed Lazarus' hand, avoiding the pat on the ribs, and he began to address Adam Lazarus.

"My ribs are okay. Don't worry about that. What is it exactly that you want? There is a reason why you're standing here right now in front of me, isn't there?" Martinez told Lazarus.

"Well, yeah, there is. I'm here about that Flyweight Championship you're carrying around," he said to the current Flyweight Champion while patting the championship resting on Martinez's shoulder.

"Is that so." Martinez said, as he chuckled to himself. "You think you deserve another title shot?!" He asked.

"It doesn't really matter if I think I deserve a title shot or not, which I do by the way. Thing is, bro, you said you'd take on all challengers. I'm here and I'm challenging, so what's it gonna be?"

Martinez looked on at Lazarus as he raised his eyebrow and let out a low scoff. He then nodded his head up and down and began to speak once more to a determined Adam Lazarus.

"Defending this Flyweight Championship with pride and dignity is what I do." Martinez said as he switched the championship from one shoulder to the other. "So here is what I'm going to do for you, iNtense69 it will be you and I in a singles match for the Flyweight Championship. You wanted it? You got it. So make sure you bring your 'A' game 'DUDE'." Martinez made clear, as he mocked Adam Lazarus.

"Bro, I always bring the 'A' game. I just hope you're ready for the ass kicking that will be raining down on you come this iNtense ... I'm done being screwed out of these things," Adam Lazarus said while walking away from Martinez.

"Yea, Yea. Tell me something new." Martinez chuckled, and paid no mind to Adam.

Martinez turned around and put his money in the vending machine, he than picked his favorite beverage as he stood there tall and began to ponder what to do.

Derecho vs. Jonathan Conspiracy
DerechoJonathan Conspiracy

"No Church in the Wild" by Kanye West

The crowd looked toward the entrance ramp as the Relentless Champion and Backbone member, Jonathan Conspiracy made his way out from the back with the Relentless Championship around his waist. He could have cashed it in tonight, but JCON decided to reserve that right. Perhaps he was picking his spot. This was a more calculated JCON than the last time he and Derecho went one on one.

Conspiracy entered the ring as he unfastened the Relentless Championship from his waist and held it up high as the crowd booed him. He then passed it off to ringside and warmed up. If the boos for JCON were not apparent, they certainly were when this music hit.

"One Reason" by FADE

Out next from the back was the Underground Champion, Derecho. Derecho held the title close to his body as if he didn't want to let it go. Earlier in the night he attacked Sylo in his own locker room to the screams of Aria Murphy on the phone. Now Derecho set his sights on the Relentless Champion. Derecho stepped into the ring and the referee asked for the title. Derecho refused to give it to him. The referee continued to ask for the title, but Derecho dropped it out of the ring to the floor instead. One of the many spotlights in the arena reflected off the championship belt and struck the black metallic mask of the unknown soldier, turning part of it a dark silver. He had moved to the front row for this battle to possible examine both men a little bit more than the rest. The referee shrugged and then called for the bell.




Derecho and JCON circled one another and then locked up.. JCON went for a side head lock, but Derecho shoved him off quickly and stepped back away from Mr. One Letter Better. JCON had a puzzled look on his face, but alas, the two of them began to encircle each other once more. They went to lock up, but Derecho hit a knee to the stomach of JCON and doubled him over. Derecho then hit a clubbing forearm shot to the upper back which brought JCON down to a knee.

Derecho bent over and picked JCON up off the canvas, but JCON answered with a pair of elbows to the stomach of Derecho and then a European uppercut underneath the jaw. Derecho hit the canvas and then rolled out of the ring quickly. Derecho shook it off as he braced himself against the announce table.

This certainly wasn't the same Derecho that we've come to know and hate. Something was off about him tonight. Perhaps the loss to Sylo on iNtense is affecting him more than we really know.

JCON decided to give chase as he exited the ring and hit Derecho from behind with a forearm shot to the upper back. JCON then grabbed Derecho and whipped him toward the steel ring steps. Derecho leapt over them and landed on his feet, but what he didn't realize is that JCON took off after Derecho. When Derecho turned around, JCON had already leapt onto the ring steps and flew off with a clothesline that took Derecho down to the floor mats hard!

JCON got back up and pulled Derecho back to his feet. He grabbed Derecho in a front waist lock and then drove him back first into the ring barricade. He pulled Derecho away from the barricade and then rammed him back first against it once again. Derecho slumped down as JCON pulled him back up and then whipped him stomach first into the ring apron. Derecho staggered back as JCON grabbed Derecho from behind and lifted him up in a back drop position. JCON stutter stepped back and then dropped Derecho back first across the top of the barricade!!


Derecho hit the ground in a heap as JCON stood back up with a smirk on his face! JCON then pulled Derecho back up to his feet and then rolled him back into the ring. Before he re-entered, JCON lifted up the ring apron and pulled out a table from underneath. JCON slid the table into the ring and then got back in.

JCON grabbed the table and unfolded the legs, but he didn't stand it up. Instead he left it on its side and dragged the table a little bit away from the center of the ring. JCON then brought Derecho up to his feet and then whipped him to the ropes. JCON telegraphed a back body drop, but Derecho countered that with a stiff kick to the chest. Derecho swung with a clothesline, but JCON ducked underneath. JCON took off toward the ropes, but off the rebound, Derecho quickly turned and grabbed JCON, spun, and....



The table cracked, but JCON's back could have been shattered after that move!!! The crowd was stunned silent!

Derecho brushed back his hair as a sadistic and crazed look came over his face! Derecho then exited the ring as JCON writhed in pain on the canvas. The good news out of that was that JCON was able to move.

Derecho grabbed a chair from ringside and brought it back into the ring with him. Derecho left the chair unfolded and placed it on the canvas. Derecho then signaled for A Forever Reminder as the crowd heavily booed. Derecho pulled JCON off the canvas and then hoisted him onto his shoulder, but JCON wriggled free and grabbed Derecho in a waist lock!

German Suplex!

JCON with a nice counter out of A Forever Reminder and it gave him that extra time to regroup after that vicious hit on the edge of what is now a broken table. Speaking of that table, JCON grabbed a good sized chunk of the broken table and dared Derecho to get back to his feet. Derecho made it to a vertical base as JCON lunged in and slammed the table fragment right into the skull of Derecho!

Derecho hit the canvas and JCON went for the first official cover of this match!



Derecho kicked out!

JCON wasted no time as he pulled Derecho back to his feet. JCON then scooped up Derecho and slammed his down on the canvas. He then headed over to the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads. He took aim and saw that Derecho got back up. JCON leapt over Derecho as he charged to the corner.

Derecho stopped himself in the corner and turned just in time to see JCON fly into him with a flying knee to the chest. Derecho slumped down as JCON grabbed him by the arm and whipped him across to the other side. JCON charged in, but Derecho answered with a back elbow to the side of JCON's head. JCON staggered back and turned toward Derecho. Derecho lunged in with a super kick, but JCON grabbed Derecho by the leg and used a leg sweep to put him back down!

JCON immediately leapt over Derecho and onto the bottom turnbuckle pad. He quickly ascended to the top and leapt off with an elbow drop right into the heart of Derecho! JCON then got an idea as he saw the unfolded chair. JCON walked over and grabbed the chair as he brought it over to where Derecho had been laid out. He placed it down on the canvas and then grabbed Derecho by the hair.

JCON then slammed Derecho's head into the seat of the chair and Derecho remained slumped onto it with his face pressed against the seat. JCON then headed back to the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads to the very top as this picture became crystal clear!

JCON leapt off....




Derecho moved at the last second and JCON's leg went right through that unfolded chair!! JCON got to his feet, but he held his leg in pain as he hobbled around the ring. Derecho then lunged in with a super kick and it connected right underneath JCON's jaw. Derecho then signaled for the end.

Derecho bent over and grabbed JCON by the head. As soon as he pulled him to his feet...



"And I heard.. as it were... the voice of thunder"

The crowd erupted in cheer.

The lights came back on and Sylo stood right behind Derecho.. bloodied face and all! Sylo crouched as Derecho turned around. JCON got the hell out of the way as Sylo exploded and nearly took Derecho's head off with a massive clothesline!

Sylo was rip shit pissed as he quickly grabbed Derecho and with force brought him to his feet. Sylo lifted Derecho and nailed a massive spine buster on top of the broken chair that JCON just went through. Sylo exited the ring and grabbed the steel ring steps. He brought them into the ring and leaned them up against the corner. Sylo then gained some distance and waited as Derecho staggered to his feet. Sylo charged in...


Right into the steel ring steps in the corner! The Underground Champion was broken!!!

Sylo wasn't done!

He grabbed Derecho and quickly hoisted him up onto his shoulders...


Sylo then spit on Derecho as he exited the ring. All of this was legal due to it being Underground Rules. JCON smirked as he saw his opportunity... He went in and covered Derecho!!




The Relentless Champion just pinned the Underground Champion. Whether Sylo was the deciding factor or not, this was a major feather in the cap of Jonathan Conspiracy! JCON was handed his Relentless Championship as he exited the ring with a smile on his face.

Back in the ring... the Underground Champion was broken and not moving. Sylo came out and unleashed hell as he sent a clear message with a receipt attached.

Winner: Jonathan Conspiracy via Pinfall

"Glass Jaws Shouldn't Talk Shit"

Waymoth Turnbull The sputtering of an engine that won't turn over echoes throughout the Arena of Champion's parking garage. An aggravated scream and a loud thud followed by the blaring of a car horn is heard next. The camera begun to move as it traced the racket to its source. That source turned out to be the rusted Chevy pick-up truck of Waymoth Turnbull.

"Argh! Fu'kin Truck nuh wan' start! C'yant believe it!" If you had been paying attention, Waymoth had all intention of not being in the Arena of Champions. He was already irritated at the fact that officials didn't see it fit to contact him regarding last minute changes to the booking schedule.

Now, the 97' Chevy C/K that he purchased off the streets of Pine Hills, FL decided it wasn't time to go just yet. This was only means of transport he had and given the distance he lived from the arena and the cost of a taxi, there was no way that he would be getting home anytime soon if things didn't change.

Waymoth hopped out of the truck's torn front seat, and walked to the front of the truck. He flung the hood open, and reached for what looked like a mop stick that had been broken in half to prop the hood up.

Gray smoke peered through the different crevices of the truck's sixteen year old engine.

"Good condition meh rass, William ya should'a known betta," Waymoth griped.

"Why don't you get jalopy out of here?"

Waymoth immediately stopped his would-be mechanics. Someone was being way too brave. Raising his head out of the truck's bay, Waymoth turned around and found himself face - to - face with another foreigner; Bane Loneheart. Not that it mattered much. Waymoth looked around mockingly. There had to have been someone else around.

There wasn't.

"Nuh talk 'bout me car," even if it didn't start, Waymoth defended his rust-bucket, "How 'bout ya tek ya'self inside and stay outta ting da nah concern you."

Bane Loneheart was feeling froggy. He was directionless since the Backbone was forced to disband and prior to that group forming he was more than a little prone to random acts of violence. He was also riding a high from being in the main event of jOlt's last special event, whether he was originally booked to be or not. In any case, Loneheart was extremely overconfident this evening. "Ye cannae even get it started, rookie. Why don't ye take yer rotund hind parts and push this hunk of junk to the nearest canal, then toss it in? This truck is like yer career, rookie, dead on arrival."

"Yuh gah lotta chat for a man who spent a lotta time on he back at All Or Nuttin'," Waymoth fired off a shot, reminding Bane of his beat down from a man much larger than him in the Superbeast, Sylo. Although Waymoth may not be a blue-eyed, blue-haired monster, part of that description still held true. Waymoth was still the larger man. "Ah tink you should apologize," Waymoth's continued loyalty to his ride was bewildering to all parties involved, "Dis yuh only chance..."

"Ye cannae be serious, do ye have any idea who I am?"


Let's do some math; Hard Right Jab + Glass Jaw = Floor.

Bane was out...again. It came "without" notice and it was fast. Waymoth shook off his right fist which was still clenched. Bane may or may not have seen it coming. Lying crumpled on the floor, he wasn't seeing much of anything. Waymoth walked to the back of the truck and grabbed his gear, slinging it over his shoulder. He had a long walk home. He looked back one more time at Bane who still wasn't stirring.

"Pussy 'ole," he mumbled to himself while shaking his head at the sight. With that, Waymoth started on his trek home. Like it was said earlier, he has a long way to go.