"Welcome to Warriors"

[The soft yet catchy playing of a piano is overheard in the background as the following transitional images are being displayed in a span of 15 seconds...]

{A Sequence of Still Shots - Cordova, Kayden Paulton & Natalia Simonov distributing care packages in a location overseas to the people...Damian Lee, Michael Buhrman, Alyssa Corliss & Dawn Cassidy taking pictures with random patients at an undisclosed hospital...Nate Quartermaine devoting time to read to the elementary school kids...Adam Lazarus & Dallas Griffin playing basketball with the local teens...The screen gradually is covered in white before the jOlt Wrestling logo and copyright information is etched across the screen. A number of stick figures representing each primary color of the rainbow, are joined hand in hand to form a makeshift squared circle with the jOlt lighting bolt centered within it. }

Fade to Black.

Moments of Darkness

"Warriors of Time’ by Black Tide

[The rapid fire drum solo initiates the displaying of random sectioned off visuals of the following wrestlers in sequence; (Right Screen w/ Fade)...Derecho, raising his head with a menacing scowl...(Left Screen w/ Fade)...Mattock, with a side profile, staring intently at the fleeting image of Derecho...(Vertical Split Screen w/ Fade)...Chris Titan(Left) is exchanging visual daggers with Sylo(Right)...Fade...]

(Rolling Footage)...Clyde Fox power walking down the entrance ramp way...Big Little Italy taking Sanchez Cano out with a Flying Head Scissors Takedown...Adam Lazarus crushing a masked luchador with his patented Shooting Star Guillotine Leg Drop...Sylo using The Slaughter to put Bane LoneHeart through the barricades, inaudibly igniting the crowd...Greg Scott Vincent delivering a picturesque GSV Punch on a jobber...The Nashvillian drilling Lennox Love with the Banned In 48 States Pile Driver...the trio of Duzza, Khadafi & Status Quo inaudibly basking in the waves of crowd heat during their descent down the entrance rampway...Chris Titan using the Titanium finisher to destroy Sam Sweet...The West Texas Terrorists connecting with the West Texas Death Sentence team finisher on a jobber...Kellen Keller hitting the painKILLA on a masked luchador...Frank Silver hitting the Shut The Fuck Uppercut on a hapless jobber...’Superstar’ Vince Jacobs cutting an inaudible in-ring promo in the face of Reno Davis...Derecho hitting the Show Stealer Leg Drop on Graham Youngblood...The Heirs of Wrestling, center ring, prompting a massive response from the crowd via in ring theatrics...a bloodied Jimmy B. Martinez, perched 3/4 of the way up a ladder while holding the Flyweight Championship outward before the masses...Ray Chavez hitting his dVd finisher on a unknown victim...High Flyer taking flight and plowing over a tandem of wrestlers with a OTR Corkscrew Plancha...Aran Thompson destroying his opposition with the Champion Maker...Jonathan Conspiracy locking in the Attention Getter Crossface Submission Hold, forcing a jobber to adamantly tap out and the sequence ends with Eiji Kugasari executing a Leaping Double Roundhouse Kick in midair before punching the ground, immediately shattering the screen to fluidly transition to the ongoing barrage of Emerald, Gold & Pearl pyrotechnics assaulting the entire entrance staging area.

At their conclusion, a dense overcast of smoke gradually ascends to the heavens as the entire arena is filled with a unified roar from within. The musical introduction continues to echo in hindsight as the Emerald & Chrome show graphic captions are affixed to the bottom center of the Tv screen. Cameras Eight, Fourteen & Four trade moderate sweeps along the targeted sections of the arena to capture the excitement of the crowd..

"A Personal Escort"

Derecho Derecho is seen entering the arena. He has his luggage with him as it is clear that he just arrived and hasn't settled in yet. Derecho, sporting sunglasses, removes them and clips them onto his shirt as he walks into the arena. Derecho gets just a few steps in when four men in security outfits halt him.

"Mr. Derecho, we're the arena's security team. We have been instructed to personally escort you to your locker room tonight due to the attack you suffered on iNtense.", stated one of the guards.

Derecho stopped and looked at each of the four men. He then shrugged.

"Security escort? Has no one paid attention to jOlt in the past year? People need security from me... not the other way around." stated Derecho

Derecho tried to advance forward, but the security team stopped him.

"I'm sorry, sir, but these are direct orders from Jim Johnson himself. We have to escort you to your locker room.", stated another one of the guards.

Derecho shook his head and sighed.

"Fine fine.. escort me. Let's just get this over and done with."

The security team surrounded Derecho.

"Right this way, sir." said the guy in front.

The team lead Derecho down the hall. They moved probably all of ten feet when they stopped in front of a door that had Derecho's name on it. Derecho stopped and looked back and could clearly see the door he walked into the arena from. He then looked at his door and then at the security guards.

"Seriously? My locker room was TEN FEET away? I mean, LOOK. There's not a goddamn person in sight! What the hell did you have to protect me from?" snarled Derecho.

"Just following orders, sir." said the security guard.

"I think I can manage from here", Derecho said sarcastically.

"As you wish, sir." said one of the guards as they all turned and left.

Derecho then opened the door to his room when all of a sudden, a broom falls out and bonks Derecho in the head. Derecho's "dressing room" was actually a janitor's closet. Inside the closet, there was an evelope hanging from a piece of string with Derecho's name on it. Derecho grabbed the envelope and ripped it off the string and opened it up. He pulled out a note and then read it aloud.

"Hope you enjoy the new digs... signed God Slayer"

Derecho crumpled up the piece of paper and threw it into the closet. He slammed the door and stormed off down the hallway. Derecho was fuming as he knew exactly who was behind this.

"The New and Improved Team EGO"

Team EGO 'Voodoo Child' by Stevie Ray Vaughn.

It was unexpected, catching everyone in the Arena of Champions off guard, but when Team EGO cut through the curtains with Charlotte between them, the crowd let out enormous jeers. Craig was all smiles as he looked down at her, patting her on the back, and telling her to look spontaneous. It was hard for her to be motivated, but she did what was asked of her because her job depended on it.

The trio walked to the ring, Thomas had a microphone in his hand so it was obvious he had something to say, as usual. The crowd began to simmer down as he prepared the microphone, readying to start his night off here on Warriors.

"Hellooooo Monkies!" he started, posing a grin at the intolerable crowd, "I've been helluva busy as of late, there's a lot on The Ego's plate right now. I have a big match at Thieves Honor, a shot to become THE jOlt Champion..." the fans boo'd Thomas in reply,"...Not only that...we recently defeated the Tag Team Champions, although we didn't come up with the titles, but we did come away with...leverage."

The Ego cut his eyes at Charlotte and winked at her with an outstretched arm. He pulled his arm in and continued addressing the crowd.

"You see, when Jim Johnson told me I'd be qualifying for a main event slot at the upcoming pay-per-view, I knew exactly what I had to do considering the current circumstances with The House. Because I'm the brightest superstar in jOlt, I put together a plan. The House are full of emotion and I knew if I continued antagonizing them they would eventually blow a fuse. With that in mind, I put together the contract, and knew they would ignore the fine print I drew up myself and everything played out just like I knew it would and now I have the leverage I need to become THE jOlt Champion!!!"


"But don't think for one minute that your beloved Tag Team Champions haven't gained anything from this because they have. They have gained friends with benefits. Last week on iNtense was a prime example of the benefits that Team EGO offer to their employees and this week we will display another example, the bond that we will share and bond that will not and cannot be broken. The bond of friendship. Tonight Team EGO will evolve into the most dominate force jOlt will EVER see and with that I would like to introduce to all of you The Tag Team Champions and The Evolution of Team EGOOOO! Derrick Huber and Adam Roebuck!!!!"

'Voodoo Child' by Stevie Ray Vaughn cued back up as The Ego lowered the microphone. Huber and Roebuck walked onto stage with their titles draped over their shoulders and with the look of discouragement distinguished on their face. They couldn't believe they allowed themselves to get tangled up into this mess and they had bit the bait without even knowing it, playing into The Ego's hand. Now they were bound by law and there was nothing they could do without losing Charlotte indefinitely.

Both men entered the ring as Thomas greeted them with a slight nod of the head.

"Last week when you two defended your glorious Tag Team Titles against The Heirs, we made sure that those titles stayed in your hands and we will continue to do that for as it is the benefits of being on our team. We take care of our people and we expect for you two to do the same. That's why we have set up two different matches tonight, to see where your loyalty lies. Just remember, Huber...” Craig targeted Derrick with his eyes, then looked at Adam, “...and Roebuck, any decision you make in the future will dictate Charlotte's future in jOlt Wrestling so if you have ANY questions about our agreement then right now would be a great time to let it all out since I'm giving you the chance...”

Huber shrugged and took the microphone from Craig Thomas before he raised a hand to the master manipulator.

“Our friendship, Craig, is about as real as Manti Te’o’s girlfriend, you ignorant fuck.”

The crowd cheered for The Oddsmaker’s bold words. The Strangler was about to do something particularly violent for his outburst, but Craig held him back with an arm. He continued to laugh.

“Oh, we’re gonna get along just fine. Now that we have settled all of this, let's move on shall we?” said Thomas twirling inside the ring with one arm extended, “Without further do Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you Strangler's opponent for tonight! He’s one of the nicest jOlt stars you will ever meet, to bad it will never get him anywhere, folks welcome Kayden Paulton to the ring!!!”

Walking on Sunshine sparked happiness into the crowd as Kayden slowly stepped on stage. He wanted to know who he had pissed off to get Strangler in a match tonight. He already had Waymoth Turnbull just one week ago and now he had to go up against another monster in Strangler. Not only that, but with the entire crew of Team EGO at ringside.

It wasn't looking too good for the young man, but he bravely walked to the ring and slid in under the bottom rope as everyone but Strangler left the ring. Craig instructed them to surround it and they did just that. With everyone in position, referee Simon Boulder quickly ran to the ring and was now in position to call the match.

He signaled the bell.

The Strangler vs Kayden Paulton
The StranglerKayden Paulton




Strangler stepped to the center of the squared circle and motioned for KP to meet him. It took a minute of thinking, but the Good Guy of jOlt didn't know what to think. He looked into the crowd as they began to chant his name, hoping for a miracle. He said a mini-prayer and finally stepped up to the plate, followed by a big gulp.

“Hit me.” Strangler told Kayden, “Hit me as hard as you can, pal.”




The fans chanted and it continued to escalate with each passing second, as Kayden built up the courage to strike Strangler down.


What the hell?

Strangler hit the canvas.

The crowd roared with excitement, maybe Kayden hit a nerve?

No. That wasn't it. It was something entirely different.

But he still made the cover.




Huber stomped on the back of Kayden's head, breaking the count. Although it wasn't announced, this was an Underground Match, and the reason for it not being announced was so that Craig Thomas could do this; force Huber to interfere, as a test, and to see how devoted they were to Team EGO.

It looked like The Ego had his answer too, because Huber lifted Kayden up by the hair.


The referee, Simon Boulder, just shook his head in disgust. This was an all new low for The Ego, now he had seen it all throughout his career as he watched Huber lower his head as he began to walk off, from the ring. But Craig whispered into Charlotte's ear, she didn'tl ike what he had to say, but there was nothing she could do.

“Derrick, help Strangler cover him!” she yelled, “He's hurt!”

Craig snickered as he watched Huber turn back around, reach down, and drag Strangler's arm across Kayden's chest.







The Ego reentered the ring with the microphone still in his grasp, along with the arrogant, annoying smirk.

“The winner of the match by pinfall, THEEEEE STRANGLEEEER!”

The crowd erupted in more jeers at the mention of his name, but The Ego wasn't finished just yet either. He motioned for the crowd to quiet down and once they did he continued to speak.

“That's not all folks!”

What? What other kinds of bullshit does he have?

“Since Huber made the right decision, I have decided to give him andCharlotte some alone time tonight! I know they been missing one another and since I'm a very generous guy I'd like to offer it to them...”

Charlotte and Derrick's eyes meet in the center of the ring.





Winner: The Strangler via Pinfall

Derrick Huber & Charolette vs Total Conquest
CharoletteDerrick HuberSephiroth Du LucPersephone

Huber and Charlotte shared a glance between each other at the next in a long line of mind games from Craig Thomas. Adam Roebuck watched with an angry scowl on his face as “Infected” by Bad Religion started to play.

The former members of the Backbone, Persephone and Sephiroth Du Luc made their way out from the back as the lights began to flash in shades of red and purple. Du Luc was a very talented monster with a lot of anger fueling him while Persephone had the distinction of being only one of two Starlets Champions in company history. They were a formidable pair and probably had the edge on the Hubers in terms of wrestling together.

Derrick looked at his wife. “You ready to do this, sweetheart?”

“Bet your ass I am!”

Charlotte luckily was already in her ring gear while Derrick Huber was clad in some horrible crap with a Team EGO logo on the back. While the tag team called Total Conquest entered the ring, Craig motioned for Strangler and Adam Roebuck to back off.

“Time to give the lovebirds a little space, guys!” Thomas shouted. “To the back!”

“I’m not leaving, you little prick,” Roebuck snapped.

“Oh, you are. You are or Charlotte is getting canned right after this match!”

Roebuck glanced at Derrick Huber, but he waved off his co-holder of the Tag Team Titles. He knew what needed to be done to keep the peace. Du Luc and Persephone didn’t care about their particular problems. They wanted a win over one of the jOlt Tag Team Titles and could perhaps put themselves in future contention.

The bell rang as the referee decided to enforce mixed tag team rules for this bout. Charlotte looked up at her husband and kissed him for good luck before he started to square off with the giant Du Luc just as Charlotte tangled with Persephone!

The referee was letting the bedlam go just as the rest of Team EGO had disappeared behind the curtain to let the husband and wife fend for themselves against Du Luc and Persephone. In one corner Huber was trading blows with the taller Du Luc just as Persephone was choking Charlotte against the bottom rope off in the corner.

“Your husband doesn’t deserve to be tag team champion!” Persephone yelled.

The former Starlet Champion continued to attack Charlotte just as Derrick Huber tried to fend off Sephiroth. The bigger Du Luc was imposing his own will on Huber and pressed down a big boot into his throat.

The referee attempted to get order restored between the two of them and forced the fight between Charlotte and Persephone apart to the displeasure of the hostile crowd.

Du Luc turned over to Derrick Huber and pulled one half of the jOlt Tag Team Champions up. He grabbed Huber by the back of the head and tried to ram the Oddsmaker’s face into the top turnbuckle only to stop him short. Huber stopped him with a foot on the buckle and elbowed him in the jaw before he grabbed Du Luc by the back of the head and smashed him good against the turnbuckle!

The Oddsmaker looked out to the jam-packed crowd in the arena of champions then unloaded on Sephiroth with a series of shoulder tackles aimed right at the gut. The blows kept on coming and the fans counted along with each one. When he got to nine, he backed off and raised a hand for the crowd before charging with a big running spear in the corner.

Du Luc was left gasping for air now as Derrick Huber cocked a fist back. He raised his hand in the air and spun around before he smacked Du Luc and knocked down the monster with a move called THE MONEYLINE~! His signature spinning clothesline did the job and quickly he went in for the cover on one half of Total Conquest.



It was close, but the bigger half of Total Conquest was able to kick out. An angered Oddsmaker grabbed Du Loc by the hair and pulled him up again only for a big uppercut to cut off his attempt at more offense. He walked over to his corner and tagged in Persephone who was ready to fight the much bigger man. Huber wasn’t about to add some kind of domestic violence rap and his wife seemed eager to fight so he made the tag.

The fiery redhead Charlotte jumped over the ropes and came right at Persephone by kicking her in the gut and throwing right hands about as well as her husband did. She ran right at her and tackled her to the ground before ramming her face agains the corner to the cheers and applause of the crowd. This was The Hubers’s first time teaming as a couple they were doing well for themselves.

Charlotte picked up Persephone and spun her around before dropping her with a unique spinning scoop slam. She then climbed out to the ropes and did a little dance for the crowd in exaggerated showgirls fashion before jumping over the ropes and dropping a slingshot somersault leg drop across the throat.



Persephone kicked out!

She got up and when Charlotte tried to pull her up, Persephone made her pay with a couple of kicks to the chest. She doubled over Charlotte and dropped her down violently with a swinging neckbreaker. Not done yet, she hooked her a second time and an even more nasty swinging neckbreaker landed. Now it was the former Starlet Champion’s turn to take the win.



Close, but no cigar!

Persephone picked up Charlotte and dragged her to the corner where Du Luc waited for the tag. She tagged in Du Luc and he held her in place so that way Persephone could deliver a kick to the chest.

Charlotte Huber was down and what was worse, she was down in front of the massive Du Luc. He looked over at Huber and waved frantically to mock him while Charlotte tried to crawl over and make the tag to her husband. He continued to mock the former Vegas showgirl and grabbed her by the leg. He went to pull Charlotte to her feet, but she used her athleticism to deliver a nice enziguri kick that stunned the big monster.

It was a glancing blow but it was just enough for her to make the tag back to Huber!

The crowd yelled in approval of one of the jOlt Tag Team Champions getting in on the action again. Like a man possessed, he charged right at Du Luc and knocked the giant down with a running shoulder block.

Du Luc scrambled to his knees where Huber waited for him. He clubbed him with a few good shots to the face and Irish whipped him into the corner to blast him with a corner clothesline. He was down and Huber motioned to the crowd for the rolling cannonball he liked to use.


Lights out for Du Luc in the corner and Huber dragged him out to try and pin.




Du Luc kicked out of the move which showed he still had a lot of fight in him. He pulled the dazed and confused Du Luc back to his feet and whipped him off the ropes. Persephone grabbed Huber by the leg but he quickly kicked the former Starlet Champion away. He didn’t see Du Luc catch him from behind with big sit-out spinebuster! The move shook the ring and Du Luc tried to catch Huber for the upset win.



Close, but nope!

The jOlt Tag Team Champion kicked out of Du Luc’s sneak attack. Du Luc fumed and thought he had the match won after one of his big signature moves landed. He pulled the member of The House back to his feet and tried setting him up for the inverted chokeslam but Derrick elbowed his way free and pushed him away. Persephone tagged in and flew off the top rope with a dropkick that managed to knock Huber back a couple of steps. He stumbled right into the corner where Charlotte waited.

Huber watched as his wife charged right at Persephone and clocked her with a big kick to the stomach. She smiled to the crowd and ran off the ropes to deliver a big handspring before she turned it around into a cutter-like move that dropped Persephone!


The amazing handspring into a jumping cutter scored. Charlotte covered Persephone while Huber charged at Du Luc to knock him off the apron.




Charlotte did it! In her debut match, despite her current situation of being blackmailed by Team EGO, she and her husband had won the surprise matchup! Derrick Huber went to pick up his wife in celebration!

The two shared a big kiss in the middle of the ring as they were overcome with so much emotion and joy over their victory. It wasn’t always going to be like this, what with Craig Thomas owning his contract, but…

“Money” by D/R Period.

Lights began to flash rapid pulses of green as the anthem of all things cash started to play. Three figures were hidden in the shadows and stood with their backs to the fans. One large man in the middle. One short man on the left . One well-built man to the right.

Their jackets started to light up one by one and when it came time to see what was happening, the fans jumped out of their seats. The short man jumped.


A big, bright purple H was on his back. The tall man jumped next.


The O was bright and silver. Finally, the last person stepped up.


The W was gold. The lights flipped back on and the celebration was being cut short! All three of The Heirs of Wrestling were charging for the ring now. They hadn’t forgotten about being screwed out of the tag team titles by Team EGO and they were gunning for payback!

Huber yelled for Charlotte to leave the ring and she did so. The jOlt Tag Team Champion waited for the former champions to hit the ring. The smaller Ryan Gallway was first and he ran right into a big uppercut from Derrick Huber.

Frank Silver was there next and charged with a clothesline that Huber ducked so he could attack Mack Brody heading to the ring last. He threw right hands at anybody that moved in his vicinity! He traded off right hands with Frank and Mack trying to dodge their blows but Ryan grabbed him by the leg. He kicked Gallway from him but it was the opening that Mack needed to land a big boot to the face.

Charlotte tried to grab the half of the belts that Huber brought with him, but Ryan stopped her from making any sudden moves. Frank and Mack took turns stomping out Huberand nobody was going to come to his aid because Team EGO was keeping Adam Roebuck away from the ring for fear of terminating Charlotte’s contract!

The two young punks put the boots to Derrick Huber in the center of the ring. They were still stewing from their loss on the last edition of the show and continued to drop boots. They stopped when Frank pulled him up off the canvas to deliver the Stay of Execution..

It was an impressive feat to hit the cradled styles clash on a three-hundred pounder, but Frank did it. The Heirs were not done because Mack had his chance to pull him off the mat before dropping him with the MIDAS TOUCH~!

The Heirs had made a powerful statement here tonight as the three of them slapped hands and laughed like a group of frat kids at a party. The Heirs of Wrestling were vengeful and had a beef with losing out on their shot for the belts thanks to Team EGO. They made it clear they didn’t care what backroom deal Team EGO or the House had with each other.

All they cared about was the gold and they would take any opportunity they could to get it all back.

Winner: Derrick Huber & Charolette via Pinfall

"Enemies, Friends, and a Double-Edged Sword"

Sylo A huge black Hummer pulled into the parking lot of the arena. The crowd could not see who was in the Hummer because the windows were tinted. The passenger door opened and out of the huge truck stepped the jOlt Starlet Champion, Aria Murphy. The crowd erupted in cheers as the driver side door opened and out stepped the Underground Champion, Sylo. jOlt’s power couple opened the back door of the Hummer and grabbed their bags. Both slammed the doors at the same time as they walked toward the arena.

Before they could get to the arena backdoor a black stretch Mercedes limo pulled up next to the Hummer. Sylo and Aria looked at the limo as the limo driver quickly got out the diver side and went to the back door. He opened the door and out stepped the long toned legs of the Russian beauty, Natalia. The crowd popped as the beautiful women waited next to the car as Vince Jacobs came out next wearing a suit. The crowd continued to cheer as the driver handed Jacobs his bags. He and Natalia walked toward the backdoor of the arena when they stopped right in front of Sylo and Aria.

Everyone knew the history between these two men. They battled over the Legacy Championship. They battled over the jOlt Championship. They battled over the pure hatred for each other. Sylo looked at the limo and then looked back at Jacobs. But before either man could speak Natalia stepped between the two men.

“I know you two have never seen eye to eye but now is not the time to rehash old feelings, especially with Aria being pregnant. She doesn’t need that type of stress right now.”

Aria looked at Natalia with a smile. “Nat’s right. You two have bigger fish to fry right now then worrying about past petty differences.

It was shocking to see both women on the same page for once. Sylo turned to Aria and smiled. He looked at Natalia as well and nodded. Jacobs took his sunglasses off and placed them in his jacket pocket. Sylo spoke first.

“Nice limo Vinnie. You seem to always ride in style.”

“There is no other way for me to ride. You know we can stand here and pretend to be all buddy-buddy with each other but you and I both know that we will never be the kind of guys to go out and drink a beer together. We may not be friends but we can be civil toward each other, especially seeing that these two women mean more than anything in the world to the both of us.”

Sylo stroked his chin as he looked at Vince. “Agreed, we’ll never be friends. But you’re right Vincent there is nothing to gain for us to be at each other’s throat especially when you are dealing with that walking reject that I’m pretty sure is mentally retarded, Mike Extreme and I have to deal with the Ninja.”

Sylo let out a sigh and looked to Aria, who, at this point put on the puppy dog eyes. Sylo rolled his eyes and finally turned back to Vince and Natalia.

“Alright, fine, my soon to be wife is carrying my child and the doctor has already said to keep her as happy as possible, although I find she uses that excuse to get her way on too many things.” Sylo sighed once more rolling his neck. “But she wants this and I try to give her what she wants. We can be civil. I just need you to remember one thing, Vince, and that’s the fact I never forget. For now we’ll say that sucker punch back at Glory was just you being angry. I’ll let it go. Live and let live and as long as we can abide by those terms we’re good.” Sylo stared at Vince who ran a lone hand through his hair.

“You know what’s funny. I don’t really remember that “sucker punch” as you called it at Glory. However, I do remember somebody being carted away on a stretcher. But I will let that go.”

Sylo gritted his teeth as Aria knew he could snap at any moment but the Underground Champion held in his anger as he looked at Vince.

“Touché Vince.”

“You know we can stand here and quibble over insignificant things but these two women would be highly upset. But I can offer you a few words of advice. You have a tall order ahead of you with Ninja K. I have been in the ring with this man and he is a freak of nature but he does have a weakness.”

Sylo looked on intently. “I’m listening.”

“His honor... Right now he has lost his honor and has lost his way. His honor was the one force driving him to be the great competitor he has been. Now with his honor gone he is vulnerable. Be careful Justin, because with his honor gone he is more dangerous. Don't think this man will not do any and everything to break you down. Good luck and don't take him lightly. Justin, I will continue to make this beautiful woman happy so if I have to coexist with you then so be it, but don’t expect any Christmas gifts from me.” Jacobs said that last statement with a smirk.

There was a slight smile from the monster, Sylo.

“Then, since we’re in agreement, allow me to,” Sylo stopped and looked at Aria one more time as she just nodded. Sylo turned back to Vince. “Extend an olive branch of sorts,” Sylo held out one massive wrecking ball of a hand.

Vince was hesitant, why wouldn’t he be? These men had gone to war and both men had been on edge as of late. Vince gritted his teeth trying to decide if this was genuine or a trap. After all, Sylo’s always had been known to snap at a moment’s notice. Vince looked at Natalia as she nodded in acceptance. Slowly and very hesitantly SVJ extended a hand and the two would do the unthinkable: shake.

“Vince, Mike Extreme, I dealt with that clown more than once after Titan tried to take what was mine. I put him in the hospital, it can be done, and he gives himself away way too easily. Watch for it, he has a call of sorts, you’ll know it when you see it. When you see that…kick his jaw off. He won’t see it coming.”

The two still had their hands locked in a shake much to the delight of both Aria and Natalia. They both felt like they were getting friends back they had once lost. Meanwhile Vince and Sylo kept constant eye contact as the ladies were happy that their men were civil… for now.

"Something is Rotten in the Land of the Brave"

JBM The camera was following the Blood Raven making his way through the elongated hallways when his eyes became trained onto jOlt’s Journalistic Jewel, Dawn Cassidy. She looked uncomfortable as Eiji looked to each end of the hallway before crossing the vast intersection. Dawn expelled a stern breath of muffled frustration before setting her Caramel Cappuccino aside and looking for an exit.

“There you are, Miss Cassidy...” The Blood Raven mentioned in his approach. “It has been a long time. I wish to apologize for our last encounter.” The ninja mentioned as he casually positioned himself to limit her means of making a clean escape. “Things got off to an ’unsettling’ start the last time we met yet here is what I propose. An interview. An interview between you & I as I have quite a few of things that I must express this evening.”

Dawn cleared her throat. The lump in her throat was difficult to remove out of muffled anguish yet she managed to will herself back into professional mode. A needed sigh was what the doctor ordered.


The Blood Raven nodded in kind as he granted her access to maneuver freely. She motioned her head to urge her cameraman to arrange the set up promptly. She felt the ninja’s eyes molesting her, urging her to visibly shrug off the disgusting feeling. The ninja stood near the way and extended his arms outward playfully.

“Where do you want me, Miss Cassidy?” He mentioned with a arrogant smirk.

“There would be fine.” Dawn uttered with no passion for her occupation at the moment. Get it together. Sigh.

“Good Evening, jOlt Wrestling fans...” The on the scene reporter cast a faint side eye at her interviewee. “I’m Dawn Cassidy and I am here with....Eiji Kugasari...Eiji; what are your honest thoughts of not only your time here but your intentions from this point forward?”

“That is an excellent question, Miss Cassidy and I...”

The Blood Raven’s eyes narrowed as Dawn Cassidy’s smile returned. The cameraman panned over slightly to reveal the source of the cheering disturbance...


"Hey, there Jimmy." Dawn Cassidy said as her smile widen to see the former flyweight champion.

"Dawn." Martinez said as he nodded at Dawn as to say hello. "I'm sorry I had to interrupt your fiesta. I just couldn't help but notice who you were interviewing. I mean if it isn't Eiji Kugasari.." He said as he glared into the eyes of the Blood Raven. The Arena of Champions belted out a highly mixed reaction just at the mention of his name. "The same man, who was after me not to long ago for the flyweight championship. Well, I guess your chance at the title is long and gone. You can thank Jim Johnson for that one. Tonight is the night. The night you and I will put it all on the line, leaving the best man to walk out.." He said as he smirked at Eiji Kugasari.

"That flyweight championship would of been min......" Eiji Kugasari suddenly got cut off by the former flyweight champion.

"You must be as dumb like Landon Stevens, if you think you can take me on. I mean look who has trained me. The same man who nearly held the jOlt Championship for a year. Well, now it's my turn. My turn to become jOlt Champion and show everyone that I'm not just a mediocre wrestler. I am Mr. iNtense, I am main event material. So I will go out there tonight and prove myself to be one of the alpha males in this company."

Martinez said as he stood face to face with Eiji Kugasari. Arena of Champions would burst into cheers and JBM chants nearly blowing the roof off. The hot-headed ninja merely folded both arms across his chest & scoffed at the promotional sensation.

“I know who is training you.” Eiji replied. “And while your trainer has managed to create a notable legacy for himself, he just so happens to be preoccupied with the very man who has trained me.” The ninja hissed out of sheer confidence & bold hints of arrogance. “Your trainer is in for the fight of his life. Now while I am still my Lord’s apprentice nor do I have the opportunity to personally strip you as Flyweight Champion, I do, however, look forward to publicly disposing the very likes of you. Tonight.”

The masses cheered as the declaration of war had been warmly accepted.

“To me, you are still a pretender. An aimless dreamer who’s apparent ‘luck’ is destined to run out. You and your trainer are living on borrowed time. You may be the native son of your city. Revered by these ’cretins’. The controversial ‘dark horse’ to contend for the jOlt Wrestling Championship yet the truth radiates from you with such intensity.” Kugasari mentioned with uncovered resentment. “Overrated. Insignificant. The most egregious lie personified.”

The growing rivals are standing nose to nose. The tension between both men only pushed Dawn Cassidy to slowly step out of the established kill radius.

“I don’t have your height. I do not have nor aspire to have ‘your look’ nor your mastery of kissing corporate nor civilian backsides. However, these roaches that litter these stands to the very ones you adore & respect. More importantly, yourself will come to the full acceptance on the glaring truth in that ring; Eiji Kugasari...will own you.”

"You own me. I dont think your in the right state of mind. Maybe you should call off the match, because the only person getting owned is you." He said as he laughed in the face of the blood Raven. "You run your mouth calling the very same people who cheer me on roaches. Ha! I can see why you feel that way, I mean they boo you everytime you come out from behind those curtians. I would be mad too Eiji, but that is no way to talk about my people." He said as he got just a little closer to Eiji Kugasari.

"Ever since steping foot in jOlt I made a promise. A promise that I would give a hundred percent, no a hundred fiftey percent of what I have. That's exactly what I've been doing. I single handily carried an entire division on my back. I also became the flyweight champion. Yea, with a little help from my mentor. That's not the point. The point is that I came out here week in and week out and defended the title with pride and honor. I've been threw it all. I've been attacked backstage, I've been in triple threat matches, I've had bruised ribs, I've flown off the jOltVision screen not once but twice. So if you think you can just say I will own you. You have another thing coming. Im more than ready.. ready for you Eiji Kugasari and ready to become the next jOlt champion. All I need is these fans behind me, and I gurantee you WE are going all the way." He said as he stared deeper into the eyes of the blood raven, barley blinking letting him now he was more than serious.

"Uhmm.. Okay guys that's enough. You two have a match coming up go and get ready." Dawn Cassidy said as the two combatants walked there separate ways.

"Warm Up"

Damien Lee The scene opened up to a door in a hallway. Suddenly, "The Rockstar" Jon Le Bon stepped in front of the door and acted as if he were straightening his tie, despite the fact that he was wearing a jean vest and a red t-shirt. Le Bon didn't even bother knocking as he walked into the office. He closed the door and walked right up to the desk where he sat down. Since it was the norm for the past couple of weeks, one would assume that Jim Johnson was sitting behind the desk, but when the camera panned around, it was Damien Lee sitting there and the crowd cheered.

"Uhm.. hi" stated Lee.

Jon Le Bon smiled as he placed his hippy-style sunglasses on top of his head.

"So hey.. you know.. that Jim Johnson guy... he really likes me. I have a feeling that the two of us have bonded, however, he's not making good on his promises. Shayne Anderson on the other hand... he doesn't really like me, but even he said that a talent like myself deserves to be on Pay-Per-View and has put me in the Thieves' Honor Match as the Ninth Entrant!" said Le Bon.

Damien Lee look kind of puzzled.

"Did he? Because that's not what's on my booking sheet", said Lee.

Le Bon laughed.

"Pfft.. booking sheets. They're just pieces of paper with words on 'em. Listen. I need to have a warm up match tonight in order to get ready for Thieves' Honor. Do you think you can help me out?" asked Le Bon.

Damien Lee grinned.

"Well.. I don't see you on the Thieves' Honor booking sheet, however, I do see this memo from both Jim Johnson and Shayne Anderson.. and it is about you, in fact. So.. let me do this. Get your gear.. go on down to the ring.. and I will put you in a match against someone in the Thieves' Honor match." said Lee.

Le Bon stood up.

"SWEET! Thank you for this warm up match!" said Le Bon.

Damien Lee then stopped Le Bon before he could leave.

"Don't misunderstand. This isn't a warm up match. You're NOT in Thieves' Honor. However, this opponent was recommended for you based on how much you pissed off your bosses. So all I can say is.. good luck.. you're going to need it."

Le Bon stared at Damien Lee for a moment and then smiled.

"Aaah ha ha.. that's a good one. You, Johnson, and Anderson.. all have a great sense of humor! You really do. I'm going to get ready for that warm up match and just you wait.. I'm going to win Thieves' Honor and then you'll get to see me each and every week with a sparkly world championship!" said Le Bon.

Le Bon ran out of the room as Damien Lee opened his desk drawer and pulled out a bottle of Jack Daniels.

"Now I understand why the memo was attached to this.", said Lee

The scene faded to black.

Tyke vs Jon Le Bon
TykeJon Le Bon

“American Idiot” by Green Day.

Fans instantly booed the man from Rock City. “The Rockstar” Jon Le Bon, the man that was causing both Jim Johnson and Shayne Anderson some major headaches in jOlt was due to face his toughest encounter to date in jOlt.

Johnson had booked “The Rockstar” against the returning “British Lion” who is a changed man since his return a few weeks ago. As Le Bon slip into the ring, and awaiting the arrival of the “British Lion” he bounced off the ring ropes just as the Arena of Champions plunged into Darkness, and the instantly the booing intensified







Run ledgendaryarrival.exe



.................................................. .................................................. ....... 100 %


The “British Lion stepped out from the backstage area, adjusted his glasses and looked down at “The Rockstar”. He stopped and pulled out a Mircophone, signalling for his music to stop.

“You are kidding me right! Johnson your fucking have a right laugh aint you? Clearly your not taking me seriourly here in jOlt. If you think booking me against this pile of vile is going to wash you have another thing coming.

Yes you have noted in one hand I am here, by booking me in the Thieves Honour match, but if your expecting me to turn up and be another number because that know Chris Titan got sided line you have another problem.” Tyke walked half way down the ramp.

“You know what, I will honour your match tonight, but its not going to be all that pretty” Tyke threw the microphone into the crowd, and hit a fan drinking, not fazed by that he entered the ring.

“The Rockstar” didn’t waste any time and quickly ran and stomped down hard across the head of Tyke, who had slid into the ring. Le Bon pounded away on his head, until Tyke was able roll back under the rope he had come from. Le Bon hit the bottom run of the ropes and gloated at the fans.

“Check me out” He screamed.

The British Lion gathered his thoughts and entered the ring again, this time more successful as Le Bon was pleased with his start and was still playing the to Arena of Champions, clearly missing the boos for cheers.

Tyke walked to the middle of the ring and just stared at Le Bon, Le Bon then wondered where his opponent was and jumped of the ring rope and was surprised to see Tyke.


Le Bon was meet by a stir knife edge chop to the chest, rocking him back towards the turn buckles, as Tyke walked towards him he hit another several to the chest, forcing Le Bon to cower in the corner.

The British Lion, placed his boot into the throat of the fallen “Rockstar”






Mike Hunt tried to signal to Tyke this was enough




Tyke pushed in further, Le Bon hands trying to push his foot off him.


Tyke finally let the hold, go just as Hunt was going for the bell. He stepped away and went to apply the foot again, but this time Le Bon was able to block it. Tyke wasn’t happy about that and dropped an elbow onto the head of Le Bon instead.

He quickly reverted back to his feet, and pulled the man from Rock City to his feet.

Tyke turned his back on Le Bon, who was not even in the match since the opening seconds.

“Is this all you have got for me tonight”

Tyke turned around and was met with a big right hand by “Rockstar” Jon Le Bon. Le Bon then hit another right and then another, each punch rocking the head of Tyke back. Le Bon then backed Tyke into the corner and slung him across to the other side where Tyke hit hard back first. Le Bon then charged in, but Tyke made the “Rockstar” eat a back elbow for his troubles.

Le Bon staggered back toward the corner and Tyke switched places with him. Tyke hit another knife edge chop to the chest and then a forearm to the face. Tyke then went back to the knife edge chop and then hit another forearm to the face. Tyke continued the combination blows a few more times before he walked Le Bon to the middle of the ropes and irish whipped him across the ring. Tyke then leapt up and nailed a leg lariat the took Le Bon down to the canvas. Tyke the hooked the leg and made the cover.



The “Rockstar” Jon Le Bon, popped up his shoulder, to the dismay of the British Lion, who hit stiff kick between the shoulders of Le Bon.

Tyke reared back and hit another stiff kick between the shoulder blades. Tyke the followed it up with a drop kick to the back of Le Bon's skull! Tyke then went into the another cover, this time hooking the leg deep.

Again Le Bon kicked out after a two count, this did not impress the Englishman, it was time to up his game, and end this match. Tyke pulled up Le Bon by his air and launched him towards the ropes, Le Bon flew back of the ropes.

Tyke was ready to hit his Tyke Shot, but Le Bon ducked, and went to the other side of the ring, he bounced of these ropes and came back at Tyke. Who meet Le Bon with ura-nage slam. Le Bon falls flat on his back, motionless, not quite happy with the damage he has done Tyke lifts Le Bon back to his feet, unsteady on his feet. Tyke gins and looks to Arena of Champions and almost takes Le Bon’s head of as he connects with his patented Super Kick


The British Lion covers the “Rockstar” Jon Le Bon, grinning from ear to ear.




Tyke flips to his feet as Mike Hunt calls for the bell, and goes to raise Tykes arm, the British Lion, brushes this aside and gives look to say don’t touch me. As “Bullets” by Creed fired up, Tyke made his way to the backstage area again meet by a chorus of boos.

“Shut your fricking yankie doodle mouths”

Winner: Tyke via Pinfall

"No Entry Allowed"

Derecho Earlier in the night, Derecho had himself escorted by security to what he believed was his locker room. Instead, it was just an ordinary broom closet. Derecho had stormed off and now had finally arrived to the real locker room where he opened the door and stepped inside.

All of a sudden, security stepped in front of him and halted his progression.

"You guys again? Look.. get out of my way.. I need to settle in.. I've had a long trip and I just want to put my stuff away.", said Derecho.

Derecho tried to push his way past security when they halted him again.

"I'm sorry, sir, but we were given strict orders not to let you through here as you could be attacked again. It is highly recommended that you isolate yourself to your personal locker room.", stated one of the guards.

"My "personal locker room" is a goddamn broom closet. Jim Johnson or one of you guys, clearly have made a mistake. Now, I am the jOlt Champion.. I DEMAND that you let me through here. I want to go out there and address the crowd and I will not do it in my travel gear. Do I make myself clear!?" shouted Derecho.

By this time, some of the other boys in the locker room were starting to take notice. Security shook their head.

"I'm sorry, but if you have an issue with it, I suggest you take it up with Jim Johnson. These are his orders." said the guard

"Fine.. where is Jim?" asked Derecho.

"Well, he's not here tonight, sir. You'll have to take it up with him on iNtense.", stated the guard.

Derecho became pissed off and then just stormed away without saying a word. The security guards departed and we could see Aran Thompson in the background with a smile on his face, waving goodbye to Derecho as the scene faded to black.

"Moving On"

Sven Deadly "The depths of hell are upon us. Slowly crumbling down into the abyss and crushing our hopes and dreams. We revel in your pain, and we admire your torture. You don't know who we are, but soon you will witness what we are."

Yeah! Witness us!


Inside of a room so dark that the camera man had to initiate the night vision, we see the pacing body of Sven Deadly taking only a few steps before quickly turning around and pacing the other way and he continued to repeat this method. The tone and sound of his voice changing, three distinct different voices; and then he stopped.

We hail from within the vessel, the vessel is us and we know that you have been watching.

A new voice and his eyes trained on the camera.

"We hear you breathing."

Feel your intensity!

You snore!

Sven didn't move from his spot but the look on his face changed to a black expression and his eyes ventured off thousands of miles behind the camera.


Another new voice.

"We chose a good time to invite you into our home, camera man. You will get to witness only one half of the reckoning that was fore told in the prophecies of the future. Even without our harbinger, the future can't be stopped. We too must move on."

Move on.

Move on.

Move on.


Superstar Vince Jacobs vs Mike Extreme
SVJMike Extreme

"I didn't have to come to the jOlt to become a superstar...I brought my spotlight with me"

The cheers would fall into hindsight with the visual eye candy, dancing across the ominous trinity of super screens. A select bevy of monikers would appear at random exploding on the Arena of Champions one after the other.

Pro Wrestling's Phenomenon - The Icon - The Living Legend – The Ratings Grabber- The Reason there is a show

After the last moniker appeared on the screen the all too familiar “Ring Superstar” reverberated throughout the arena speakers. Vince Jacobs in his ring gear made it to the stage.

The bank account's thick and his pockets are fat
Peep the smirk on his face when he watching you tap
A three-count or submission, which steez you wanna go?
'Cause this muthafucka right here is a reason there's a show!

Jacobs slowly made his way to the stage and looked out into the crowd. The fans were cheering loudly as Jacobs held both arms out soaking it in. The cheers subsided suddenly and jeers took over as Mike Extreme rushed from the back and nailed Vince in the back with a steel chair. Natalia yelled as Violet and Misty Gold came out behind Mike.

Violet yelled at Natalia. “Stay away bitch or Mike will hurt you as well.”

Mike Extreme dropped the chair on the stage and knelt down next to Jacobs. He raised Vince’s head and started to pound away on him with big massive rights. Violet enjoyed every minute as she directed the entire attack. Mike Extreme grabbed Vince and dragged him toward the other side of the stage. Jacobs drove an elbow into Mike’s stomach but Mike didn’t flinch as he drove Vince into the stage with a big DDT. Natalia looked on in shocked as the fans continued to jeer Mike. A big smile formed on Mike’s lips as he slowly picked Vince up from the stage.

Extreme pulled Vince to his feet and rammed him head first into the jOlt screen on the side of the entrance. The crowd gasped as Vince lay on the stage. With tears running down her face she tried to reach for Vince but Extreme stood in front of her. Natalia moved away knowing she couldn’t do anything right now to help her man. Mike Extreme posed for the crowd as they continued to jeer. The only person right now with a smile on their face was Mike Extreme and Violet.

Extreme reached down and slowly dragged Vince to the edge of the stage. He looked down to the floor and saw a stack of tables set up on the floor. Mike Extreme nailed Vince with another big right hand just for good measures. Mike positioned Vince as everyone in the arena knew what he was about to do. Natalia raced over and stood in front of Mike Extreme pleading for him not to do anything else to SVJ.

Violet smiled as she grabbed Natalia and pulled her back so she could witness what was about to happen. Mike Extreme yelled before picking Vince up high in the air. He drove Vince down off the stage with a huge powerbomb. Jacobs was demolished through the the EMTs and jOLt officials raced to Vince’s aid. Natalia broke away from Violet and raced down to the floor to check on Vince.

Mike Extreme just made a huge impact as the cameras faded out with the EMTs helping to move Jacobs from the debris.


"Prisoner of War"

Mattock Darkness.



Only one thing left...


The letters exploded on the screen and through the curtain came marching Gunnar Van Patton. Much to the female portion of the crowd's delight, he was in his casual attire of a pair of jeans, a black and white plaid shirt with a wifebeater underneath, and a pair of combat boots. He kept his face hidden by his hair simply by looking down before wipping his hair back once he tied the red bandana around his head.

With a purpose, Van Patton made his way to the ring. He looked to already be in a foul mood, as he ran his heavily taped fist under his nose. No showboating tonight, as he dove into the ring and demanded a microphone.

As Patton stood there in the middle of the ring, the lights in the arena darkened and there was the sound of static. The jOlt Vision lit up with grey snow. A few random screens were flashed in quick succession.

The gorgeous Gunnar Van Patton fan that had be lingering in the first row over the past few weeks was displayed in several still shots of her in the audiance. The sceen quickly switched to a dark lit room. It appeared to be a boiler room. A man then stepped in front of the camera wearing a reVolt shirt. The man bent down and it's Mattock.

"This is a war and in war there are prisoners."

The camera was then twisted to show the same girl tied up and gagged on the floor of the darkened room. Mattock's voice filled the background.

"She said her name is Julia. That's pretty much the only thing she has said. Not because she chose to remain silent, but because we made her that way. If you don't believe she is the same woman... just look around the audience. I bet you won't find her."

Mattock laughed as the video went off the air.

The undead soldier glared up at the now black screen and quickly scanned the audiance. The young woman was nowhere to be found. A low growl began to radiate from GVP, as his patience was wearing thin. He launched the unused microphone to the ground and just snarled to himself.

"Bad choice, boy. Ah don't negotiate with terrorists."

"The Heiress"

Heiress The crowd was waiting on the next match on what was turning out to be an action-packed edition of iNtense. Inside the Arena of Champions, the camera panned over the crowd with their various signs supporting their heroes and denouncing the villains that ran amok each and every evening.

Suddenly, they stopped their cheering when static appeared on the gigantic jOltvision. The static finally stopped and a woman’s voice could be heard over the PA.

“Starlets... by definition, they are respected as some of the finest female athletes in our sport today. They are celebrated, they are showcased and they are spotlighted...”

Clips of some of the female wrestlers were visible on the jOlTron (there’s that word again). Clips of its current title holder, Aria Murphy, in action. Persephone of Total Conquest winning the belt during her time in The Backbone. JCON’s manager and wife Sweet Aroma. The third-generation Daryn Thompson. All this interspersed with some of the names that occupy jOlt’s developmental system, The Hype. Vogue Gonslavez, Desiree, Alissa Corless, Faith Hines… some of the ladies that have worked hard so they may one day be heralded as the future of jOlt’s Starlets division.

“Of course, if you’ve actually been turning your eyes to your television sets, tablets, and smartphones to view jOlt’s various programming… you would know that this statement is a complete farce.”

The crowd booed at that statement. The screen flickered to life and a young woman could be seen for the first time standing in a studio someplace. A brunette beauty with a toned body wrapped a full-length sparkling green pageant dress. White gloves covered her hands and her smile was infectious. But beneath this stylish and pleasant-looking demeanor was a woman with an agenda.

“No, please, do not mistake my words as they are not meant to be insulting. They are words presented to you as factual evidence to you, the fans of jOlt Wrestling. The Starlets division is in a state of shambles. A once-proud division of athletic, beautiful and talented women has been reduced to a laughingstock. The Starlets Championship has lost what little meaning it had and as days go by, it continues to disappear into the fog of obscurity.”

The arrogant young woman shook her head.

“No, my darlings, what you need is somebody that can bring class, dignity and respect back to women’s wrestling… and I am that woman. My name is Sarah Whitney-Winterton and you can consider me your last bastion of hope to pull the Starlets division from that very fog… and pull it towards the gleaming sunlight where it will shine brightly once again!”

Sarah smiled and flashed a gorgeous smile to the crowd, but they weren’t buying any of her crap.

“I am the Heiress… the proverbial next in like to make this division whole again. You will see me debut in the weeks to come and in time, you will learn to respect the Starlets again. It will be a great day; it truly will.”

The Heiress waved in completely exaggerated princess fashion and continued to smile while the crowd continued to jeer.

“Ta ta, darlings!”

And with that, the screen went black…

"A Humbled God"

Derecho As the fans await what's next on Warriors, without warning..

"Charisma" by WASP

The jOlt Champion, Derecho comes out from the backstage area with the championship over his shoulder. Surprisingly, a mixed reaction fills the crowd as Derecho focuses on going down to the ring. Derecho climbs up the steps and enters the ring where he demands a microphone. He is given one as the music dies down.

"I'm here tonight to get a few things off of my chest. I'm not here to rant about being a King or being God or any of that crap because as far as I'm concerned, none of that matters anymore.

The crowd is half boos and half cheers after that.

"The fact of the matter is.. when I was the Underground Champion, I felt like I was cursed.. that my mind was poisoned by the very championship I held. During my match with Waymoth Turnbull on iNtense, I had to step back into that world and something made me hesitate. While I admit, that I did finally succumb, it wasn't the same feeling I had when I had my run as the Underground Champion.. it felt different.

Derecho paused for a moment before he continued.

"That hesitation that I felt was something different as well. It's like I couldn't bring myself to do what I used to do anymore. As I stood there in front of the time keeper's table, I thought about it and I realized that I don't have the Underground Championship anymore... I have something more important.. I have the jOlt Championship... the single most important championship in this company and quite possibly, the world."

People cheered for that statement.

"I realized that I had a bit of a God complex after winning it, but in that moment.. right before Waymoth took advantage and drilled me in the back of the head, I honestly thought to myself... why? Why am I God? Why do I believe it do be such?"

Derecho took a moment.

"I reflected upon why I also couldn't bring myself to back into the Underground and then I realized it was because of Sylo. When I said "thank you" to Sylo during our match at Power Struggle.. it was genuine. When I logged on my Twitter account and told Sylo that I respected him... it was genuine. I felt humbled, but yet, I came out and claimed to be a God in a world filled with insects and for what?"

"Was it because it felt natural? I reached the top of the ladder and I had transitioned from being a King to a God? That's what I thought at first, but stepping back into the underground made me realize that I am just mortal.. a mortal with fears and emotions just like anyone else and that hesitation was fear... fear of what I would become if I took that path again. That fear gave birth to clarity. God doesn't fear anything and yet I was afraid. I realized there that I had no reason to call myself God from that point on."

The arena didn't know how to react to that. A mixed reaction, however, remained.

"I also realized that there are people in this world that are just as rotten as I am.. if not.. even more so. When I was an insufferable asshole, I was driven by corruption. I had voices in my head telling me different things and I injured a lot of people to try and silence those voices, but they only came back stronger. What Aran Thompson did to me, especially earlier tonight, wasn't the result of voices...he had a clear vision, a plan in place and he carried it out at my expense. Now he thinks he can pester and annoy me to rub salt into the wounds he opened on iNtense, but it's going to take a HELL of a lot more than a broom closet to get to me."

There were some cheers for that statement.

"I may not have been a popular Underground Champion, but at least I never used anyone to get the upper hand. I never took a poor man's problems and turned them into an advantage to further myself. Waymoth Turnbull had a money issue and Aran Thompson took full advantage of that for one simple reason. He couldn't handle the fact that even though I was injured, I still beat him in the center of the ring."

Derecho paused for a moment.

"I know that at Thieve's Honor, I will be defending the jOlt Championship.. and I will be defending it in a manner that really puts my back against the wall. I know there's a lot of people here who would love to see me lose that championship, and quite frankly, I don't blame them, but if that were to happen, I will stand here and make a vow that I will NOT lose the championship to Aran Thompson."

Derecho dropped the mic in the middle of the ring. The crowd didn't know what to make of all this. First, Aran Thompson used Waymoth Turnbull's personal issues for his own gain and now Derecho has claimed to have been humbled? As Derecho went to leave the ring, the security force came out and entered the ring. Derecho picked up the microphone once again and his music died out.

"Just hold one one second. I know that there is no way in hell that Jim Johnson had a "personal locker room" set up for me. The note that was in that broom closet was from Aran Thompson. I hate to say this, but you were duped... all of you."

The security guard took the microphone.

"We realize that we were misinformed. Apparently, even though Mr. Johnson wasn't here tonight, he was watching the program from his home office. He has offered that we bring you to his personal Skybox for the remainder of the program and that he will settle things for you on iNtense."

Derecho stopped for a moment and grabbed the microphone back from the security guard.

"Are you absolutely SURE that order was from Jim Johsnon?" asked Derecho, suspiciously.

The security guard nodded in a positive manner. Derecho then shrugged.

"Okay, then.. let's go."

Derecho and the guards exited the ring. Derecho walked up the ramp and to the backstage area. The cameras followed them as the crowd could see it on the jOltvision screen. They rounded a couple of corners before the came to a door with an official looking sign on it that read "To The Skybox". Derecho twisted the handle of the door and while grasping it, turned his back to the door and looked at the security guards.

"If this isn't the way to the Sky Box... all four of you are going to wish that you never even came into contact with me tonight."

Derecho then went through the door, back first, as he glared at the security members. Derecho turned as the door quickly closed and locked behind him. It wasn't the stairs to the Sky Box... rather, it was the back lot and there was a huge Semi Truck there with Aran Thompson's face painted on it. There were also the words "God Slayer" written on the semi. Derecho was furious as he turned around and grabbed the door handle, but the door was completely locked shut.

Meanwhile, back inside, we could hear Derecho pounding on the door from the outside and screaming to be let back in. Aran Thompson walked up to the security guards and started handing out money to them.

"I'm getting rather used to buying things. Good job boys, go get yourselves something nice."

The guards walked away as Aran Thomspon stood there and smiled as he continued to listen to Derecho pounding away on the door. The scene faded to black.

Jimmy B. Martinez vs Eiji Kugasari

The legions offered a notable pop as both opponents in the upcoming match were displayed on opposing screens. Therein lied a tangible sense of tension resonating within the Arena of Champions before Camera Twelve offered a casual pan from the southwestern section to the northwestern end. The growing yet shared resentment between these two was not only being transmitted throughout the world yet was set to manifest within the evening’s main event. The smarks belted out a notably volatile mix of adoration & resentment as the arena lighting faded on cue...

’No Association’ by Silverchair

The gentle round of guitar strumming summoned the expected encroachment of the man made wall of smoke. Parting the backstage curtains, the notorious clan hot head quietly scanned the faintly lit horizon before displaying his martial arts prowess. The Leaking Double Roundhouse Kick was the prelude to the ninja punching the steel grating, unleashing several pyrotechnical plumes of Crimson & Pearl. Slow to stand himself erect, the Inogami Clan officer swept his red-highlighted bangs from his face during his brazen march toward the squared circle...

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; this contest is scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit...Introducing First...From the Okayama Prefecture of Ibara, Japan...Weighting in at 195 pounds...He is the ’Prince of Puroresu’...This is EIJI! KUGASARI!!!

Camera Sixteen followed the Blood Raven’s ascent onto the ring apron as he respectfully wiped his feet before reverse somersaulting himself over the top rope to enter the ring. Clad in predominantly Crimson & Onyx Armor Plating, Kugasari perched himself stop the 2nd turnbuckles and stared menacingly into the sea of humanity. Arms slowly descending to his sides, the ninja’s hands were gnarled before forming a set of fists. Eiji carefully stepped down as the music dissipated & the Blood Raven began tugging the ropes before setting himself against the turnbuckles. The mixed reaction continued without restraint as Referee Hunt stood by in the middle of the ring next to Dean Carrington...

’Machinehead’ by Bush

The unofficial People’s Champion, in the minds of a sizable numbers, was ushered forward to a Hero’s Welcome. Sauntering his way toward the apex of the rampway, the former jOlt Flyweight Champion took several moments to bask in the ambiance before lowering his head with a silent prayer before rearing back and hauling off with a Left Hook, rattling the immediate area with a volatile wave of pyrotechnical rage. Kneeling with his back toward the squared circle, Martinez rested his chin against his knuckles before tapping the grating & pointing towards the ceiling.

Carrington: “Making his way to the ring...From The Bronx, New York...Weighting in at 230 pounds... ’Mr. Infamous’...JIMMY! MARTINEZ!!!

The recent qualifier for the Thieves’ Honor Match slid underneath the ropes and nodded his head with each turn to his sides before playing to the crowd. Referee Mike Hunt kept the ninja at bay as Jimmy continued his rounds amping up the crowd further. Martinez scaled the adjacent turnbuckles momentarily before dropping back down and assuming command of his corner. Eiji continued backing back & forth in his as he affirmed the referee with a hastened head nod. Jimmy mirrored the same gesture & the opening bell sounded to set both lions loose. Both rivals collided near the middle of the ring with a mutual Head & Arm Tie Up. Martinez powered up and shoved the Blood Raven to the floor. Rolling to a Kneeling Posture, Eiji scowled as Jimmy pounded his chest with his fist before Kugasari charged in after him. Jimmy side stepped him, allowing Eiji to carom off the opposing ropes. A streaking Kugasari floated over Jimmy’s Step Over with a Cartwheel. Leap Frog by Martinez over the returning ninja who stopped short & boldly slapped Martinez across the face. The masses egged the action on as Eiji inaudibly spewed venom toward his opposition. Jimmy’s Clothesline sailed over the arrogant ninja. Martinez was able to rally the crowd by using a Cartwheel to escape Eiji’s Spinning Head Scissors Takedown to retain his momentum toward the opposing ropes. Martinez with a Strong Shoulder Tackle to floor the ninja.


The masses rallied behind Jimmy’s personal decree as he reared back for a Hard Stomp on Eiji. The ninja swivled to his feet and floored his foe with a torrid Leg Sweep. Kugasari’s Standing Moon Sault evaded by the Bronx Bomber as Eiji dropped to a single knee. Jimmy ducked underneath the Leaping Round House Kick to counter the ninja’s Right Hook with a fluid Over The Shoulder Arm Drag! Eiji spun out of Jimmy’s Kneeling Headlock to cinch in a Rear Side Hammer Lock. Jimmy rotated about to grab the ninja’s leg yet Eiji used the momentum to flip over onto his feet. Martinez spun around to be force fed a vicious Buzzsaw Kick across the Jaw! The masses responded audibly as The Blood Raven extended his middle finger at a recovering Jimmy. JBM nodded while recollecting himself. A volatile Head & Collar Tie Up with both men driving the other to a knee several times respectively.

The tussle landed against the rope until Jimmy was wedged into the corner, The ninja broke the hold with a swift Open Palm Punch. Kugasari was knocked backwards with a retaliatory Forearm Strike to the Face. Eiji run underneath the Right Hook to execute a Tiger Wall Flip up & over JBM. Jimmy’s Hip Toss was countered by Eiji landed on both feet, pivoted & humbled the fan favorite with a loud Back Kick to Jimmy’s Stomach. Eiji executed a Flying Scissor Takedown To A Leg Lock yet Jimmy was quick to latch onto the ropes to free himself yet Kugasari swivled into position to wail his rival with a hail of Stomps & Punches. Front Chancery by Eiji yet the defiant New Yorker wrapped his arm around Kugasari’s leg, prompting him to broaden his base. Jimmy’s strength became evident as Eiji knelt to desperately maintain control before being hoisted up into a makeshift Fisherman Suplex. The threat of being dumped over the top ropes led the ninja to deftly land along the ring apron. Ring Rope Neck Snap by Eiji sent Martinez crashing against the canvas. The ninja slithered back inside to make the cover...1! ...2! Kickout!

The Inogami Clan lieutenant quickly cinched in a Front Face Lock on the prone former Flyweight Champion. The crowd displayed their support for the gradually rising yet coughing hero. Kugasari was quick to broaden his base again yet Jimmy took the ninja over with a Northern Lights Suplex...1! ...2! Eiji angled himself off the canvas only to be pinned down...1! ...2! The ninja’s Left Shoulder was pried off the canvas as Martinez rolled the ninja over and punished him with a Gutwrench Suplex! The Blood Raven grimaced while seeking to reclaim his footing. Martinez sprinted toward the opposing ropes and returned with a Running Lariat yet Eiji slammed his shin deeply into Jimmy’s bicep with a Jumping Snap Kick! JBM spun about and collapsed, clutching his arm tightly as the ninja staggered several paces away. The pro-Martinez contingent let Eiji have it as the Blood Raven began punching his rival’s arm before being shoved away. The ambitious ninja pounced again yet blasted JBM in the ribs with a Kick. Another Kick send the hero scrambling away on all fours yet Kugasari readily cinched in a Step Over Armlock Submission. Referee Hunt meticulously checked on the Bronx native fought against the pressure. The Blood Raven drove in several Knee Strikes to JBM’s Jaw before ringing his bell with a Stomp to JBM’s Head. Cover...1! ...2! Kickout!

Eiji swept the hair form his face before grabbing Martinez by the ailing arm before flinging him into the corner with a Hammer Throw by Eiji. The Blood Raven sprinted forward but ate a Back Kick to the Stomach, stumbling backward several paces! The masses cheered as the boxing acumen was on full display on the ninja. Body Shot. Body Shot. Right Hook. Left Cross. The Latin pugilist reactively wrung his arm, allowing Eiji to strike back with a parade of Snap Kicks before backing JBM with a trinity of Forearm Strikes. Block by Jimmy and a volley Forearms of his own. Front Kick by JBM before a Snap DDT spiked Eiji skull first into the canvas! Jimmy attempted to shake the cobwebs free before completing the Lateral Press...1! ...2! Kickout! Martinez with the Tazzmission Choke Hold! Eiji desperately struggled to keep his rival from locking in the hold as JBM ensnared him into a quick Body Scissors. Swinging his hips over, The Blood Raven manage to hug the bottom ropes with his feet. Mike Hunt counted to 4 before Jimmy was forced to release him. The ninja was quick to roll off the ring apron to recuperate. Mr. Infamous hunched lower while measuring his target...Diving Tope over the Top Rope! The Bronx native rolled to a kneeling posture and proudly nodded back at the crowd momentarily while clutching his Left Arm. JBM waved off the ref before scraping his opposition off the padded earth. Martinez shoved the ninja underneath the ropes and followed suit. Jimmy stood the Blood Raven up vertically, allowing Eiji to slap Jimmy’s hand away with a Back Hand. A Standing High Kick to the Face stunned the wrestling prodigy before Eiji used a Double Knee Arm Breaker to send the Bronx native to the canvas ailing.

The resourceful ninja eventually reclaimed his footing before Kugasari locked in a Step Over Armlock Camel Clutch. Eiji was ordering Jimmy to tap who adamantly refused urging the ninja to apply an Iron Claw to Jimmy’s exposed rib cage. The Bronx native howled in anguish yet still refused to submit. The frustrated ninja jumped back and drove a Knee into Jimmy’s Shoulder Blade! The battered superstar rolled away to the ring apron where Eiji jettisoned him to the outside with a Baseball Slide Drop Kick! Steadily willing himself up from a kneeling posture, the Inogami Clan lieutenant scaled up the turnbuckles to flare his arms outward to his side...Rope Walk Knee Strike to Jimmy’s Head! The ninja rolled to his feet to stand over his rival to inaudibly gloat at his dismay. Paint Brush Slaps to the Head publically disrespected the fan favorite who was staggering onward to recollect himself. Eiji played to the crowd which cranked up the volume to his already mixed view by public opinion. Jimmy was able to make his way around the ring steps as Eiji measured his prey before gaining a running start. The Spinning Head Scissors Takedown was foiled by Jimmy slamming all 195 pounds of ninja against the side of the lead announce position! The sickening thud serenaded the hardcore demographic as Martinez staggered to his feet to immediately reset the referee’s count.

The Blood Raven was seen favoring his rib cage while standing in which Jimmy used a hard Irish Whip to careen the ninja soundly against the ring steps, knocking the top portion over! Kugasari staggered away from the impact and collapsed against the padded earth. However, Martinez was quick to repay the ninja with another Hard Whip toward the Spanish Announce Position, tumbling him up & over the desk onto the floor once more. The Spanish broadcasters scattered as Jimmy was on the hunt and began pummeling the ninja with Fists of Fury! Eiji’s head was slammed soundly against the obstruction before being slid across the desk with authority. The fans cheered wildly as Jimmy raised his fist toward the heavens while flashing a stern grimace. Riddled with pain, Eiji knelt before the ring apron yet his rival shoved him back inside the ring. Jimmy’s return was foiled by Kugasari Headbutt to the ailing Arm. Staggering about to regain face, he manage to floor his opposition with a Double Throat Thrust Strike. Cover...1! ...2! Kickout! The embittered ninja punched the mat before standing himself erect. Bracing his forearm against his side while pulling Jimmy up to a knee, Eiji reared back yet failed to decapitate Jimmy with his searing Head Kick. Martinez countered with a picture perfect Teardrop Suplex!

Both men began writhing along the canvas as Mike Hunt began counting them out. They would gradually reclaim their footing before trading Measured Punches and Kicks between one another before Eiji gained a head of stem with consistent blows. Kugasari missed with a Right Hook and spun himself about to be set up for a Back Suplex. The ninja slipped free as Jimmy pivoted and swung with a European Uppercut. The nimble ninja countered with a Spinning Calf Kick to the back of Martinez’s head, dropping him to a knee. The arrogant ninja delighted in this moment & taunted Jimmy, motioning for him to stand himself upward. Running past his rival, Eiji vaulted off the middle ropes to seat himself atop JBM’s shoulders yet the quick thinking wunderkind countered the dreaded Shinobi Sunset with a punishing Electric Chair Drop! The battered ninja began pushing away with his feet as Jimmy struggled to stand while clutching his arm. The masses roared as Jimmy displayed a burst of rage to will himself upward and grab the staggering ninja by the head. A Muay Thai Knee Strike eerily stood the ninja erect...

I.K.O! - { A Fireman’s Carry Cutter }

Eiji bounced lifelessly off the canvas with a sickening thud as Jimmy gnashed his teeth with the impact, keeling over onto his side. Fans were audibly urging the superstar prodigy to reclaim his sense. Stumbling wildly before dropping to a knee, Jimmy soon grabbed the ninja by the arm, flung him over before collapsing atop him while hooking the leg deeply...1!!! ...2!!! .....3!!!!!

The Arena of Champions rejoiced as the victorious Martinez rolled off the ninja before resting on his forearm briefly. Referee Mike Hunt was there to knee down as assist Jimmy as ’Machinehead’ by Bush rattled from overhead. Meanwhile, a defeated Blood Raven was faintly stirring about while Mike Hunt raised Jimmy’s hand...

Carrington: “Your winner of the match...’Mr. Infamous’!!! JIMMY!!! MARTINEZ!!!

Another roar form the crowd was heard as Jimmy hardened his glare at the fallen ninja as the referee came to the ninja’s aid. Helping Kugasari to his feet, Mike Hunt draped Eiji’s arm over his shoulder. The ninja literally cast visual daggers toward his rival before shove the referee away and dropping down to a knee. While clinging to the ropes, Jimmy was walking backward up the ramp way with his arm holding the other. Jimmy nodded his head and screamed back at the adamant populous to further amp them up. Eiji’s thirst for redemption grew as his rival disappeared behind the curtains...

Winner: Jimmy B. Martinez via Pinfall