"Welcome to Warriors"

[The soft yet catchy playing of a piano is overheard in the background as the following transitional images are being displayed in a span of 15 seconds...]

{A Sequence of Still Shots - Cordova, Kayden Paulton & Natalia Simonov distributing care packages in a location overseas to the people...Damian Lee, Michael Buhrman, Alyssa Corliss & Dawn Cassidy taking pictures with random patients at an undisclosed hospital...Nate Quartermaine devoting time to read to the elementary school kids...Adam Lazarus & Dallas Griffin playing basketball with the local teens...The screen gradually is covered in white before the jOlt Wrestling logo and copyright information is etched across the screen. A number of stick figures representing each primary color of the rainbow, are joined hand in hand to form a makeshift squared circle with the jOlt lighting bolt centered within it. }

Fade to Black.

Moments of Darkness

"Warriors of Time’ by Black Tide

[The rapid fire drum solo initiates the displaying of random sectioned off visuals of the following wrestlers in sequence; (Right Screen w/ Fade)...Derecho, raising his head with a menacing scowl...(Left Screen w/ Fade)...Mattock, with a side profile, staring intently at the fleeting image of Derecho...(Vertical Split Screen w/ Fade)...Chris Titan(Left) is exchanging visual daggers with Sylo(Right)...Fade...]

(Rolling Footage)...Clyde Fox power walking down the entrance ramp way...Big Little Italy taking Sanchez Cano out with a Flying Head Scissors Takedown...Adam Lazarus crushing a masked luchador with his patented Shooting Star Guillotine Leg Drop...Sylo using The Slaughter to put Bane LoneHeart through the barricades, inaudibly igniting the crowd...Greg Scott Vincent delivering a picturesque GSV Punch on a jobber...The Nashvillian drilling Lennox Love with the Banned In 48 States Pile Driver...the trio of Duzza, Khadafi & Status Quo inaudibly basking in the waves of crowd heat during their descent down the entrance rampway...Chris Titan using the Titanium finisher to destroy Sam Sweet...The West Texas Terrorists connecting with the West Texas Death Sentence team finisher on a jobber...Kellen Keller hitting the painKILLA on a masked luchador...Frank Silver hitting the Shut The Fuck Uppercut on a hapless jobber...’Superstar’ Vince Jacobs cutting an inaudible in-ring promo in the face of Reno Davis...Derecho hitting the Show Stealer Leg Drop on Graham Youngblood...The Heirs of Wrestling, center ring, prompting a massive response from the crowd via in ring theatrics...a bloodied Jimmy B. Martinez, perched 3/4 of the way up a ladder while holding the Flyweight Championship outward before the masses...Ray Chavez hitting his dVd finisher on a unknown victim...High Flyer taking flight and plowing over a tandem of wrestlers with a OTR Corkscrew Plancha...Aran Thompson destroying his opposition with the Champion Maker...Jonathan Conspiracy locking in the Attention Getter Crossface Submission Hold, forcing a jobber to adamantly tap out and the sequence ends with Eiji Kugasari executing a Leaping Double Roundhouse Kick in midair before punching the ground, immediately shattering the screen to fluidly transition to the ongoing barrage of Emerald, Gold & Pearl pyrotechnics assaulting the entire entrance staging area.

At their conclusion, a dense overcast of smoke gradually ascends to the heavens as the entire arena is filled with a unified roar from within. The musical introduction continues to echo in hindsight as the Emerald & Chrome show graphic captions are affixed to the bottom center of the Tv screen. Cameras Eight, Fourteen & Four trade moderate sweeps along the targeted sections of the arena to capture the excitement of the crowd..

"A New Era for Starlets"

Aran Thompson The fans were awaiting the beginning of Warriors when all of a sudden...

"Fully Alive" by Flyleaf

The fans got up and cheered as the living legend of the Starlet Division, and current Starlet Champion, Aria Murphy came out from the backstage area. She walked down to the ring with a smile on her face. She walked up the ring steps and stepped into the ring with the Starlet Championship over her shoulder.

She walked over to the ropes and asked for a microphone. The time keeper passed a microphone off to her as her music died down. She went to bring the microphone up to her lips, but she had to pause as the crowd began to chant her name.

Crowd: AR-I-A! AR-I-A! AR-I-A! AR-I-A! AR-I-A! AR-I-A! AR-I-A!

Aria smiled and eventually the chants died down. She once again brought the microphone back up to her lips

"Thank you for that warm welcome."

The crowd continued to cheer.

"A few weeks ago you all heard the good news that Sylo and I are having a baby!"

The crowd cheered even more and began a neat little chant.


Aria smiled at that chant and then continued.

"Well.. unfortunately, since I am pregnant, that means that I cannot be the Starlet Champion anymore."

The people booed.

"I know it's not a popular decision, but I am with child and there's no way that I can compete because of it So I thought it would only be fair that a NEW Starlet Champion be crowned and for that... I have selected eight Starlets who I think would make a great champion and starting tonight.. we will see them compete in a tournament which will end at Cataclysm!"

The people cheered.

"Not only will the finals be at Cataclysm, but I will be there personally to deliver the Starlet Championship to the winner!"

Aria smiled as the people cheered and applauded her.

"The people I have selected for this tournament are... from The Hype.. Alyssa Corliss... Jade... Daryn Thompson... Charolette... Vogue Gonsalvez... Ruby Rocks Jewelz.... Sarah Winterton... and.. as a surprise to someone who caught my eye... someone who came into this business because she looked up to me and is currently training with Xin Xin Xiong, who was also my teacher... from The Hype... Desiree!"

Somewhere, she must have been listening. We could only imagine the shock on Desiree's face as she has been training hard with Xin Xin Xiong on The Hype to make it in this business.

"Good luck to all eight of you.. I will be watching!"

With that, Aria handed the microphone off and blew a kiss to the live crowd. She then exited the ring and headed back up the ramp! A Starlet Championship Tournament has been announce and it starts TONIGHT!

Kayden Paulton vs Bane Loneheart
Sarah WintertonDaryn Thompson

Two men who couldn’t be more polar opposites if they tried were about to take on each other in singles action. Kayden Paulton was one of the nicest people you would ever meet. The kid didn’t want to harm a fly and while some would question while he wants to even compete in a sport predicated on physicality and confrontation, he was still a go-getter. After several weeks of coming up short in matches against some of jOlt's bigger members to the roster, he scored the upset of all upsets when he pinned Waymoth Turnbull! Sure, he was violently assaulted after the match by the massive beast, but he had scored the win and persevered, dedicating this match and win to the recently deceased Derecho.

The other was Bane Loneheart, a former jOlt International Champion. A longtime jOlt wrestler, he had been on a mission to find his way. The pipe-wielding maniac hadn’t exactly lit the world on fire since the collapse of the former stable, Backbone, and now he was looking to snap a losing streak of his own. On Intense, Bane had the brilliant idea to get Paulton to agree to a match; somebody who he thought he'd have a chance against. Once he got himself what could be an easy win he would move on up and shake the proverbial monkey off his back. However as Kayden had proved, he was not some pushover in the ring and looking past him could be a major mistake.

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall!”

The music in the arena turned over to a bright blue hue that pulsating to the song's beats. After several seconds, neon blue laser lights began to pop from the stage one at a time until the music played...

"Less Talk More Rokk" by Freezepop.

The pulsating electronic song played and out from the back came Kayden Paulton! The music played and the crowd couldn’t help but CHEER for who some would call The Nicest Guy In Wrestling! He came out from behind the curtains, smiling for the fans as he wore a shirt that read, “YOU’RE AWESOME!” with a picture of his bright smile. He took off his shirt and tossed it into the crowd for a few hungry fans to take home a nice memento. He was showing signs of the beatdown that he'd suffered from Waymoth Turnbull... he had his waist wrapped up in tape as a result of a bruised rib he suffered. But despite that Kayden wasn't a hundred percent physically, he still gave each and every match 10000%.

“First, making his way to the ring from Dothan, Alabama… weighing in at 230 pounds… this is KAYDEN PAULTON!

The Nicest Guy In Wrestling did a slow lap once around the ring and tried to high five just about anybody that reached out a hand. He didn’t want to leave anybody out because that'd just be mean. After completing his lap he jumped on the ropes and waited inside the ring. Despite the fact that he was hurt, he was still all smiles. The win over Waymoth Turnbull would do great things for his career and could perhaps be the launching pad that he needed to finally make moves in jOlt.

“Sur Fac Ing” by Slipknot.

The crowd reaction totally turned from good energy all the way to bad vibes for the bruiser making his way out. Bane Loneheart stepped out from the back and slapped his signature lead pipe in his hand to the tune of the music playing. He had a confident look on his face for somebody that had taken a few losses himself. He even had a microphone in hand as the music stopped. Unlike Kayden who actually took Bane's idea to heart, there appeared to be nothing different about the former Backbone member except for a confident smile.

“Hey, hey, hey, Kayden!” He smiled. “Or should aye call ye ‘notch’ cause that’a all ye are… a notch on me win column.”

The Scotsman stomped towards the ring and sported a nasty smirk as he climbed inside. Kayden continued to extend a hand and to his and the crowd’s surprise, Bane Loneheart took it.

“Hey, guy!” Kayden grinned, as he was wont to do.

Loneheart’s smile was just as wide but was fueled by very different motives.

“Just kiddin' pally. We’re gonna ‘ave ourselves a great contest, friend!”

He dropped the lead pipe in his corner and took off his vintage jOlt t-shirt before he approached Kayden in the center of the ring. He offered up another handshake of friendship to Paulton and to nobody’s surprise, he took it and grinned. Bane smiled and waited…


Also to nobody’s surprise, the former International Champion was quite an asshole and would take any opening he could. Kayden was dropped like a ton of bricks after a quick Short-Arm Clothesline and Bane immediately went for a cover after. His plan was gonna work!




Kayden kicked out! The Nicest Guy In Wrestling was hurt, but he wasn't going down without a figh. Loneheart picked Kayden up by the hair and pushed him into the corner before he bullied him with a barrage of fists to the face and chest of The Good Guy. He continued trying to put a beatdown on Paulton and stomped him some more in the corner while the referee ordered him to back off.


The Scotsman was even more vicious than he’d been in the past; he wanted a win badly and would do what he needed to get it. He turned back to Kayden and whipped the Dothan native across the ring. When Bane ducked down for a Back Body Drop, Paulton hung onto the ropes to keep from going anywhere. Bane angrily charged when Paulton pulled the old alley-oop and pulled the ropes down, sending him all the way out to the floor!

"Oh, I get it!" Kayden said like he was in on what was going on. "We're gonna have a physical contest! Well, get ready, I'm giving it all I got!"

Paulton's permagrin continued as the crowd gave them his full support. He clapped rhythmically to get the crowd pumped up before he ran off the ropes…


Whatever you wanted to call the dive over the ropes he hit it and the impact blasted Loneheart backwards into the barricade. Paulton was still wincing in pain, but he still got back on his feet and gave thumbs up to the crowd that loved the happy underdog.

“We’re gonna have some fun, guys!”

Paulton turned around and picked up Loneheart off the mat but Bane quickly kneed him in the gut. He powered up Paulton and dropped him HARD into the ring apron with a modified Spinebuster! Kayden slumped over onto his knees from the impact. Bane REALLY wanted this win it seemed.

He rolled him back inside the ring and scurried over so he could try and go for the win again.




The streak was almost snapped, but Kayden was persistent and had that annoying-ass never-give-up attitude going on. Loneheart kneeled over Kayden and fired off a round of right hands to wear the kid down. He pushed him to the second rope and put a knee into the back of Paulton’s head, choking him in the process. Bane continued to put the pressure on him for as long as he could until the referee backed him away.

When Paulton was injured, he pulled The Nicest Guy in Wrestling over his shoulder before he dropped him HARD across the knee with a vicious Fireman’s Carry Gutbuster. The wind was driven out of Paulton’s lungs while Bane turned him over to go for the cover. He hooked both legs this time.




Bane was starting to get a little bit pissed off now. He pulled Kayden back to his feet only for the kid to fight back with a couple of Knife-Edge Chops to the chest! The crowd WOOED along with each shot which brought a smile to Kayden’s face despite the fact he was in obvious pain.

He charged off the ropes only for Bane to stop him dead in his tracks with a Kitchen Sink Knee to the chest. Paulton went ass over teakettle on the canvas while Bane took a second to recover from the chops. He gritted his teeth before pulling Kayden back up. He lifted up The Good Guy and DROPPED him across his knee once again this time with a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker!





Bane punched the mat several times in frustration that he still hadn’t scored the win. This was the most aggressive he’d been in some time, but now the boisterous Scotsman was losing focus. Once more he snatched up Kayden off the canvas and Irish whipped him across the ring. When Paulton crashed in the corner Bane jumped at him only to eat a boot to the face.

Bane staggered backwards before the Scotsman came back again trying to land another blow in the corner. This time Kayden jumped over him and caught him with an O’Connor roll out of the corner.




The crowd was lending their support to Kayden again when he stunned Bane Loneheart with an Inverted Atomic Drop. Kayden ran across the ring and came back with a Running Dropkick to the face that knocked him around. jOlt's Friendly Neighborhood Grappler was slow to rise as he favored his rib cage, but raised his other hand to pump up the crowd.

“Come on, guys!” Kayden yelled to the fans.

While Bane was trying to get to his feet, Kayden clapped and slowly the crowd started clapping as well so they could get behind the Nicest Guy in Wrestling. He waited as Bane came out from behind the ropes. He ducked a wild swing from Loneheart and ran up the turnbuckle before coming off the top with a Moonsault Body Block! Paulton crashed off of Bane Loneheart for the moment before he slowly rolled over and hooked the leg again.




Kayden almost caught him with the incredible aerial move, only to come up short. That didn’t dash the hopes of young Paulton as he jumped the second rope for another aerial assault. He waited for his opportunity and jumped off the top turnbuckle only for Kayden to get caught…


The Nicest Guy in Wrestling was dropped VIOLENTLY into the canvas with one of Bane’s signature moves. The big move could’ve dropped Paulton good and that’s when Bane found another opening. The win was his!




Loneheart was beside himself that he still hadn’t found a way to put Kayden away. He fumed and fussed before he walked over and picked up a seemingly limp Pautlon off the canvas. He reached over and lifted him up over his shoulder, possibly looking for the Emerald Fusion that he liked to use. He moved, but Kayden spun around on his shoulders and DROPPED him hard with a vicious Tornado DDT variation!

The Nicest Guy in Wrestling had planted Bane Loneheart in the center of the ring and now he finally had his chance! With the crowd’s support, Kayden crawled underneath the ropes and looked to go to the top rope. He got to the top and held his balance while giving a double thumbs-up for the crowd….


The young Alabama native’s take on a Diving Guillotine Leg Drop landed and Bane was still out of it. Kayden quickly crawled over and hooked both of the Scotsman’s legs.




That was it! Kayden Paulton fought through the pain and just defeated a motivated Bane Loneheart!

Paulton had rolled over and slowly stood up with help from the referee. His entire midsection was in pain from the sequence of impact moves that Loneheart had busted out during this high-impact bout, but his hard work and determination paid dividends and he now had TWO WINS in one week!

“Here is your winner of the match… KAYDEN PAULTON!

The Good Guy rolled outside the ring to celebrate with the fans. Perhaps this could be the turnaround that Kayden needed, career-wise to get himself back on the winning track and fulfill the potential that he had.

Bane, meanwhile, was left in the all-too-familiar position of looking up at the ceiling lights once again. His master plan to get himself free from his streak had blown up in his face. Sorry, Bane, back to the drawing board for you.

Winner: Kayden Paulton via Pinfall

"The Grand Plan"

Aran Thompson The scene opened up backstage with Donny Layne as he was standing by with microphone in hand.

"Ladies and Gentlemen... please welcome my guest at this time.. "The Rockstar" Jon Le Bon!", said Layne

The crowd actually popped as Jon Le Bon stepped into the view of the camera holding a small burlap sack with a large dollar sign on it. Le Bon had a grin on his face as per diem.

"Jon.. it is no doubt that you are getting pretty popular...", said Donny as Le Bon cut him off.


Donny smiled and then continued.

"With your popularity rising, Shayne Anderson, Jim Johnson, and Damien Lee put you into a match with one of wrestling's biggest veterans, Spike Saunders. While there was some controversy surrounding that match, you did defeat Spike Saunders via countout. Before I get to my next question, could you shed some light on that subject?"

Le Bon looked around as if he got caught doing something bad and then grinned.

"Ah ha ha ha, Donny baby... are you insinuating I set that whole thing up?" asked Le Bon.

"Well.. there was a cell phone in your pocket with a call placed to Spike Saunders.

"I was ordering a pizza and forgot to hang up... BBQ Chicken with Pineapple.. it's delicious.. SAY! Do you think Spike Saunders likes pizza!? I bet he's the kind that likes stinky fish and broccoli on his. He smells like a fart, afterall."

Layne shook his head.

"Anyway.. tonight, Anderson, Johnson, and Lee decided that they're going to put you against Waymoth Turnbull here tonight. What are your thoughts going into that match"

Le Bon raised the sack with the dollar sign on it

"I have here an insurance policy. I figured that if things got too rough in the match, I'd just have to throw this away from me and Waymoth Turnbull will run after it like a dog chasing a frisbee and then I'll be good. I mean, it worked for Aran Thompson, right!? He went and bought himself a bla..."

"AAAAAND that's all the time we have for this interview.. we'll send it back to you guys at ringside." said Layne nervously."

Before the scene faded to black, Le Bon smiled brightly and pointed to the sack of money.

Jade vs Daryn Thompson
Sarah WintertonDaryn Thompson

We are brought to our first contest in the Starlet Championship Tournament that had been announced earlier in the evening by the current Starlet Champion Aria Murphy.

"Judith (Renholder Remix)" by A Perfect Circle Out from the backstage area came Jade. She was the valet of the former jOlt Tag Team Champions The Reckoning, which consisted of herself, Habringer, and Sven Deadly. She has been chosen by Aria Murphy to enter this tournament and with her siding with a pair of champions already, she knows how to bring a championship level fight to the table.

Jade stepped into the ring as she awaited the arrival of her opponent.

"Madness" by Muse

Daryn Thompson came out from the backstage area to a pretty nice pop from the crowd because it's been a good minute since people have seen her on television. Daryn smiled from the crowd's reaction as she rolled into the ring and raised her hand into the air. As she did that, Jade charged in and clobbered her from behind with a forearm shot to the upper back!




Jade continued to pound away on the back of Thompson before turning her around and lighting her chest up with a knife edge chop. She hit another and Thomspon staggered out of the corner, holding her chest. Jade then backed her against the ropes and hit another knife edge chop. She then whipped Thompson across the ring, but Thompson came back with a flying forearm that took Jade off of her feet.

Jade stumbled back up as Thompson placed her in a front chancery, but Jade powered Thompson back into the corner once again. Jade went for a shoulder block, but Thompson put her knee up causing Jade to run head first into it! Jade staggered away as Thompson charged in an hit a running bulldog, putting Jade face first into the canvas. Thompson rolled her over and made the cover.



Jade kicked out.

Thompson pulled Jade up to her feet and delivered a toe kick to the stomach. She then hooked Jade by the head and nailed a snap suplex. She then propped Jade up into a seated position and slapped on a Rear Chin Lock. Jade tried to struggle and fight her way back up, but Thompson drove her down on her side and then wrapped her legs around her to add a Body Scissors to the Chin Lock!

Jade reached out for the ropes, but they were a good distance away. Jade used her arm to elbow Thompson in the leg to loosen the body scissors over her. Once she was free from the grip, she swung her lower body toward the ropes and was able to get her foot onto the bottom rope, forcing the break.

Thompson stood and helped Jade back to a vertical base. Daryn then sent Jade across the ring and put her back down with a leaping leg lariat! She then quickly went into another cover.



Jade kicked out once again.

Daryn then brought Jade up to a seated position and tried the rear chin lock once again, but Jade quickly stood and dropped back down to her seat, hitting a jaw breaker and countering the submission hold. Thomspon staggered back and held her chin as Jade charged and clotheslined her up and over the top rope and down to the floor. Jade then went to the corner and ascended the turnbuckles to the very top where she took aim...


Jade took down Daryn Thompson as the crowd hit their feet! This isn't the kind of women's wrestling you'll see on a Monday night!

Jade recovered and pulled Thomspon back up to her feet. She then slammed Thompson's head into the top of the barricades which caused her to slump down against them. Jade pulled her back up and then rammed her back first against the barricades.

The referee was up to seven and Jade turned to head back to the ring, but Thompson surprised her from behind and yanked her against the barricades! Thomspon then ran into the ring and slid in at the count of eight!


Jade sprinted for the ring and slid in right before the ten count!

Thompson put the boots to Jade and pulled her up to her feet. She then sent Jade to the ropes and picked her up for the Spinning Spine Buster.. the Dust in the Wind, but Jade hooked the head and planted her with a Tornado DDT instead!

Jade then scrambled to get into the cover as she hooked the leg in deep.



Shoulder up by Daryn Thompson

Jade then brought Thompson up to a seated position and then slammed her leg right into her spine wiht a vicious kick to the back. Jade then hit another vicious kick to the back and one more, this time to the back of Thompson's skull! Jade then made another cover feeling that she has her knocked out cold.




Thompson kicked out and the fans popped big for it!

Jade then grabbed Thompson and pulled her back up. She then hooked Thompson for what looked like a Fisherman's Suplex, but when she lifted Thompson, Daryn floated over and landed behind Jade. She grabbed her in a waist lock, but Jade fired elbows to the side of Daryn's head. Jade then took off toward the ropes and bounced off, but when she came back, Thompson scooped her up, spun and planted her...


Thomspon then made the cover and hooked the leg in deep!




The crowd cheered as Daryn Thompson scored the pinfall and moved onto the Semi-Finals of the tournement! After disappearing into the ether for months, she came back and now has a chance to be crowned the new Starlet Champion!

Winner: Daryn Thompson via Pinfall

"The Dead Cell Infection Spreads"

Aran Thompson With Nottingham back in England handling personal matters, the undead soldier known as Gunnar Van Patton found himself without an ally for at the very least one evening. While carefully selecting the vast army of allies at his disposal, GVP often preferres to walk alone. He knew the burdens and dangerous situations that came with the path he chose to take and while he was not afraid to risk his life to acheive his goals, he sometimes hated himself for letting others risk theirs for his war. He had allies go down in battle. In front of the masses, he made sure to never show weakness. He was a leader and no matter how much agony or sorrow he felt, he was the pillar of strength. When he was alone, it was quite the opposite. He hated himself for allowing them to get hurt and punished himself far worse than any enemy could. After the last one, he swore he would never allow anyone to enlist without the proper training.

As always, the undead soldier was hard at work. His training seemed to never end. If he wasn't doing battle, he was perfecting his craft or body. He was straight as an arrow while doing a handstand. The vertical pushups he was effortlessly doing were easily cranked out with him reaching double digits in no time at all. His mind was focused. The Dead Cell's battle with reVolt was behind him and nothing more than a detour on the way to his ultimate goal. There is only one thing on his mind. That one thing is the Underground Title. He had heard of this curse, an urban legend, about the title and how it corrupted all those around it. So much evil, hatred, and sorrow had radiated from that title and the time had come for him to either break the curse or destroy the title forever.

However, as things always seem to do, his attention would be pulled away from his training by an unexpected yet familiar face.

"You never take a break, do you?" a sweet, female voice broke the silence of the locker room.

Rotating on his hands, GVP turned to find the sexy young lady from the crowd that we had come to know as Julia standing before him. After giving her a once over and trying to gawk too much at her amazing body in those Daisy Dukes and Lynard Skynard tanktop, he righted himself.

"Attack hug," she exclaimed and Van Patton had to act fast to catch her with her leaping into the air.

"All that trainin' and yer still as perky as ever," he smiled and hugged her back.

"My sensai loves it," she replied after giving him a huge kiss on the cheek.

"KUMO always was a sucker for American gals." Van Patton informed her and the two finally separated. "Speakin' of which, where is that Spider-man wannabe?"

"He is still in Japan. OH MY GOD! That place was everything I dreamed it would be! I got to see a full size mech from Robotech and play DDR int he arcade against some of the best players ever! Then..."

"Whoa whoa whoa. Take it easy, darlin'. We'll have plenty of time to talk about that stuff. Does KUMO know that yer here? Yer ass has been here for weeks. Ah know he gets wrapped up with them there Ninja Warrior events, but there's no way he didn't notice yer missin'."

"For sure! He sent me here to give you some moral support."

"What about yer trainin'?"

"Oh that. I've been done with that for some time now. You can't seriously tell me that you haven't noticed what shape I am in."

She raised an eyebrow, not beliving for a second that he didn't notice. She knew very well how much of a horndog he could be and her amazing body being on display would surely of gotten his attention. He tried his best to brush it off, but she was able to see right through it, as she once again caught him examining her. She dropped a good forty pounds and became a perfectly toned vision of hotness while never losing her ample chest.

"Ah hadn't noticed."

"Riiiiiight. ANYWHO, I wanted to thank you and slasher for coming to my rescue. My hero!"

She mockingly played the innocent damsel in distress and leaned into GVP, who could only smirk and sigh, knowing that she was being sarcastic.

"Why do ya do that, sweetheart? Ya know damn well that ya could've easily defended yerself from those two clowns. Hell, Ah reckon Cano weighs nearly as much as ya. Ah didn't send yer ass to Japan for ya do be a hostage."

"Aww, come on Gunny."

Yeah, she was the only one on the planet allowed to call him that.

"You looked so sexy getting all heroic by coming to save little old me from the big mean men of reVolt. I wasn't worried for a second. Besides, if you did happen to lose, could you of imagined what they would have thought when I blasted them with mist and broke out some of the Midoriyama training regimine on them? They would of crapped themselves!"

"Well, if yer such a hardcore bad ass now, how come yer not involved with the Starlet division here?"

"You just want to see me in my wrestling outfit."

"Well, Ah... Uh... Um..."

"Thought so. I'm going to sign up just as soon as I can. I can't wait to get in their and show you what I can do. I'm more bad ass than Lara Croft, Cutey Honey, and Chun Li rolled into one! These girls won't know what hit them. And if you're a good boy, maybe I'll even take the time to whoop on that slutty ex-girlfriend of yours."

"Now, Ah'd surely pay good money to see that, darlin'."

"I bet you would and you'll get a taste tonight, as I have a match."

"Ah'll be glued to mah television. Just make sure ya stay focused. Ya know what happens when ya lose yer temper."

She smiled seductively at him and wrapped her arms around his waist, trying to avoid the topic of her temper.

"Enough about that. How about we go to the vending machine to get me a Monster, after finding a dark corner to REALLY catch up before my match tonight?"

"Sounds like a foolproof plan to me."

Waymoth Turnbull vs Jon Le Bon
Sarah WintertonDaryn Thompson

The crowd applauded after just viewing Gunnar Van Patton and Julia on the jOlt Vision... then they stood up and cheered when..

"American Idiot" by Green Day

Out from the backstage area it was "The Rockstar" Jon Le Bon with that sack with a dollar sign plastered all over it. Le Bon grinned as he made his way down to the ring. Despite being pompus and arrogant, the people have taken a liking to him and he's been gaining quite a cult following on not only national television, but on The Hype as well where he put on a wrestling clinic with Sebastian Saje, just coming up short from becoming the third Hype Champion.

Le Bon climbed into the ring and ascended the turnbuckles. He blew a kiss to a couple of gorgeous women in the front row and pointed to the money sack, then gave them a wink and a thumbs up. He hopped off the turnbuckles and waited.

"Emergency" by Mavado

The cheers turned into jeers as Waymoth Turnbull stepped out from the back. There was no Laurie Williams, no Mace Williams, and no Aran Thompson. Waymoth was alone and he felt that he didn't need any help since Le Bon was his opponent. Waymoth slowly walked down to the ring with a grin on his face. He slowly walked up the ring steps and then entered the ring. He shook his head at Le Bon as he placed his hands on his hips. It was as if Waymoth himself couldn't believe he was out here for this.




Waymoth stood there and motioned for Le Bon to bring it. Le Bon hopped to the left, then to the right, then to the left again.. then back to the right.. trying to fake out Waymoth. Le Bon just stopped hopped from side to side and yelled out.. "DIE!"

Le Bon charged straight at Waymoth, but Waymoth simply leaned forward and put Le Bon down with a shoulder block. Le Bon skittered across the canvas into the corner and sat there. He then put his hands up.


Le Bon asked for his money sack and the ring announcer passed it along to him. Le Bon stood up as he showed the money sack to Waymoth Turnbull.

"Here boy! Here!" Le Bon said before he whistled at Waymoth like a dog.

Le Bon then took the money sack and threw it across the ring, over the top rope and out toward the entrance ramp.

"Go get it! Go get it! I know you want it! Go get it!"

Waymoth looked at the money sack then back at Le Bon.

"uh oh", muttered Le Bon

Waymoth then charged straight in and turned Le Bon inside out with a running Lariat. Waymoth then quickly brought Le Bon to his feet and hooked his arm around his neck.

Who Don't Hear, Must Feel

It was pretty academic from there.




"Emergency" played up over the PA system as Waymoth stood and shook his head. He didn't even break a sweat as he hopped out of the ring and made his way to the bottom of the entrance ramp. He grabbed the sack of money and opened it up. Inside was a bunch of hotel receipts for room service... Le Bon was trying to pawn off his debt to Waymoth Turnbull!

Waymoth took the sack back into the ring and plopped it on the canvas. He pulled Le Bon back to his feet and hooked him again.

Who Don't Hear, Must Feel!

Waymoth stood and grabbed the sack of receipts. He then dumped them all over Le Bon's body and exited the ring once again. Waymoth then walked up to the backstage area.

Winner: Waymoth Turnbull via Pinfall

"We're Not Alone"

Aran Thompson Inside the depths of the Arena of Champions Boiler Room rose the thick steam from vents and dew dripped down to the floor. Movement could be heard in the distance as the camera man brave enough to traverse the darkness headed forward.

It's too soon.

The Boiler is fun

Two distinctly different voices could be heard conversing with one another.

"Hey! I hear something....hide!" A third voice spat as the movement quickened and the sounds of wood, steel and other debris hitting floor echoed throughout.

"Uum...guys?" A voice from behind the camera could be heard.

"I-It's just me again. The camera man?" The camera man tried to reassure the voices in the distance.

It's him, he's okay.

Yeah, his ears are different shapes.


Not a word was spoken, the camera mans breath was hard and heavy as it was the closest to the cameras microphone.

"He doesn't notice me."

The whispering sound of a womans voice caught the camera man off guard who screamed in terror and revealed Hype Starlet: Raevynn staring into the soul of the camera man. Raevynn then took off obviously terrified as well and hid in the darkness.

The camera panned over and Sven Deadly was immediately in front of the camera and again scared the camera man. Sven leaned in close with a look of concern and whispered.

We're not alone.

Julia vs Persephone
Sarah WintertonDaryn Thompson

Persephone paced back and forth, waiting for her foe to arrive and she would not have to wait for long, as the playing of "Mz. Hyde" by Halestorm taking over the airwaves. Through the curtain came the newcomer to jOlt and the newest member of the Dead Cell, Julia.

Not getting paid by the hour, Julia raced down the entrance ramp and slid under the bottom rope. She never took her eyes off her foe, as she positioned herself on one knee with her left hand planted on the mat. Persephone was not impressed. She watched on while Julia rose up to her feet and backed to her corner.

With the ringing of the bell, the two starlets start out into the middle of the ring. They completed a full circle of the ring before engaging in a collar and elbow tie-up. Julia gained the upper hand and back Persephone into the ropes, but neither starlet was going to back off. Each woman growled and dug in deeper, as they rolled along the ropes and wound up in the corner where Julia tried to apply more pressure by climbing up onto the second rope with the hold still applied. The referee's instructions were blatantly ignored by the two competitors and he had no other choice but to wedge himself between the two women. He was just barely able to separate them with them trading hate-filled glares, completely ignoring his presence.

Another quick circling by the pair and they locked horns once again. This time, Julia was quick to gain the advantage with a go-behind into a rear waistlock. Julia hoisted Persephone into the air and slammed her face-first on the mat. However, Persephone was not going to be held down. She hurried back up to a vertical base and countered with a standing top wristlock.

Hoping to keep control, Persephone cranked her opponent's arm violently and twisted with a full rotation of an arm wrench. Julia struck with a kick to the gut and tumbled forward. She looked as if she was going to kip up to her feet, but instead, surprised Persephone with a kick right to the side of her head that sent her stumbling back into the ropes. In a flash, Julia was back on her feet and in a hybrid fighting stance.

Persephone rubbed her jaw and moved it around, hoping to work out some of the pain now coursing through it. She nodded her head, signifying that she was going to have to get more serious, as she took a lap around the ring. Julia just patiently waited in the middle of the ring, keeping in her stance. A third tie-up led to Persephone gaining the upper hand with a rear waistlock. Julia planted both feet firmly on the mat and lowered her center of gravity to stop any attempt to pick her up. She broke her foe's grip and was able to hook a standing armbar, which she used to force Persephone all the way to the mat, applying pressure much like a modified Fujiwara armbar.

Julia was unable to keep her enemy grounded and rotated as they rose up, turning the hold into a hammerlock. Seeing that her foe was close to a counter, Julia released the hammerlock and reapplied a rear waistlock. Persephone quickly dropped to one knee, stopping Julia from lifting her. Julia's grip was clawed at by Persephone and once it was broken, Persephone rolled to the side with a grip of her own on Julia's wrist, countering with an arm wrench into a wristlock.

Looking to keep her foe grounded, Persephone tried for a Fujiawara armbar. Julia made sure to keep on all fours to stop the hold, forcing Persephone to change holds, switching to a front facelock. However, just as soon as it was applied, Julia spun out of it and hooked a hammerlock, slamming Persephone face first to the mat. The hammerlock was immediately released and Julia clamped on a front facelock of her own. Persephone struggled in the hold and did all she could to stop Julia from scissoring her body. The struggling allowed Persephone to break free and get to her feet. Yet, she didn't find her foe doing the same. Julia remained face up on the mat with her legs curled up in a defensive stance that somewhat resembled a turtle on its shell.

Persephone looked unsure, as she tried to circle her opponent who just pivoted in place before slowly slithering closer and closer. Persephone stepped to her foe and was met with a roundhouse to the outside of her knee.

She leapt back tried once more, only to be struck once again. Julia kept sliding closer and closer, forcing Persephone back into a corner. Seeing no other option, Persephone hopped up onto the middle rope, forcing the referee to instruct Julia to back up. She did, but not before showboating a little by executing a break-dancing move up to her feet in the middle of the ring. She motioned for Persephone to come and fight, which didn't exactly make her foe happy. Persephone hopped down and held the top rope, as she kicked her leg, trying to stretch it out.

No circling this time with the two looking to lock horns, but Persephone put a stop to that with a knee to Julia's gut, which she followed up with a stiff reverse knife edge chop and a pair of forearms to the jaw.

An Irish whip by Persephone was reversed and Julia was able to use the motion to execute a wicked enziguiri to her foe before she could run past.

In the blink of an eye, Julia hit the ropes and executed a tiger spin which fueled a dropkick that caught Persephone right in the mouth, much to the crowd's delight.

Julia was in firm control and she pulled her opponent to up to her knees by her hair. Persephone was seeing stars when a wicked roundhouse struck her in the upper torso. Van Patton's style was definitely apparent, as she cranked out another big time roundhouse.

Wanting to deliver more punishment, Julia darted to the ropes. She was avoided by her rival with a leapfrog and she had to quickly hop over a prone Persephone on her way back. She had built up a ton of speed and she just couldn't react fast enough to avoid a beautiful dropkick that struck her in the chin.

Persephone was proud of her handy work and played to the crowd a little bit before pulling Julia up by the hair. Once delivering a kick to her opponent's gut, Persephone took off to the ropes and put Julia down hard with a forward roll, swinging neckbreaker.

A cover by Persephone...




Julia easily kicked out and quickly sat right up. Persephone snagged her by the hair and looked to just fire her over the top to the outside. However, Julia had other ideas. She leapt into the air, holding the top and middle rope, so she could execute a tiger spin kick above the top rope and smack Persephone right in the face.

That electrified the crowd and Julia looked to be more focused upon pulling Persephone up to her feet. A left-right combination to the body was followed by a left-right to the head and capped off with a spinning solebutt that caught Persephone right in the stomach. She nearly fell over and she would wish she had, as Julia took off to the ropes. Julia hit the ropes upside down with no hands and exploded into a twisting gamengiri right to her enemy's temple.

A pin attempt by Julia...




Despite having her bell rung, Persephone was able to focus enough to get her shoulder off the mat. In no time, she was completely up off the mat and positioned in the corner. A roundhouse once again found its mark and Persephone crumbled in the corner. Julia was not going to give her any time to rest and pulled her back up, only to whip her to the opposite corner. Julia followed her in and did a forward roll. Persephone was able to launch her over the top, as she came in, but Julia landed safely on the apron. Persephone tried for a punch only to have her arm caught at the wrist. Julia pulled her towards the ropes and cracked her in the side of the head with a massive kick.

Seeing stars, Persephone was easy pickings for Julia to hook a scissored tazmission on her standing foe, sandwiching the ropes between them to keep the pair upright.

The referee wasted no time in starting the cound and it was a four-count before Julia released the hold. Persephone fell to all fours and that's how Julia found her in the middle of the ring. Julia watched as her opponent got to her feet. She took her right down to one knee with a pair of roundhouses to the outer portion of Persephone's right knee. Locking her foe in a clinch, Julia brutalized her with a trio of Muay Thai style knees right to the nose.

Her foe was out of it on one knee when Julia took off to the ropes. Persephone shocked everyone by hopping to her feet and leaping into the air for a frankensteiner. However, Julia was able to counter by executing a front handspring to avoid impact. Persephone pivoted on one knee, not knowing that she had inadvertantly positioned herself right where she was before.


Julia made her pay for it. She stepped up onto Persephone's thigh with her left foot and spun on that foot, delivering a wicked roundhouse heel kick with her right foot, catching Persephone square in the cheek. Julia was filling up with more rage and she passed up a chance to pin her opponent so she could inflict more punishment. A loud knife edge chop made Persephone cringe with pain, as she stumbled back into the ropes.

An Irish whip sent Persephone into the ropes and she was able to catch her opponent with a swank powerbomb to counter a leapfrog attempt.

With Julia clutching her head in pain, Persephone looked to create some breathing room. She delivered a low dropkick to the ribs of Julia, forcing her out to the floor. Julia tried with all her might to clear out the cobwebs on the outside, while Persephone patiently watched on from inside the ring. Just as she got to her feet, Julia had to brace for impact as her foe came flying at her with a suicide dive between the top and middle ropes.

Adrenaline was pumping through Persephone's veins now and she was able to stand up quickly. She hurried an off-balance Julia back into the ring and slid in after her.

A cover by Persephone...




Julia was able to slip her shoulder out from under her foe and stop the count. Persephone stayed on the offensive. She knew she couldn't give Julia a chance to recover. An Irish whip sent Julia across the ring and she took to the skies. She ricochetted off the middle rope and took Persephone down with a 360 degree spin into a crossbody.




That move gave Julia a burst of energy and she was able to keep pace with her enemy as the two ladies raced back to their feet. However, she was quickly put back down with a superkick.

Persephone took a deep breath, composing herself, before pulling her opponent up. A trio of right forearms rocked Julia's head back and she could put up no resistance when Persephone snapped her over with a suplex.

Another cover by Persephone...




Julia had to use all of her body that time to kick out. Persephone didn't let the failure get to her and she pulled her foe back up with a hand full of hair. Julia found herself pinned against the ropes and she looked to reverse and Irish whip. Persephone put a stop to it and pulled Julia to her, looking to backdrop her over the top rope. Julia landed on her feet on the apron. She looked to grab her enemy by the hair, but a back elbow caught her in the mouth. Persephone instantly regained control by snapping Julia's throat down across the top rope.

Knowing she can't win with Julia out on the apron, Persephone pulled her into the ring by the arm and clamped on a camel clutch.

Persephone pulled with all of her might, trying to break the spine of her enemy. She applied as much pressure as she could with Julia refusing to give it up. Not noticing her position in the ring, Persephone was unable to keep the hold applied, as Julia slithered backwards just enough to get her foot under the bottom rope.

Once pulling her foe to the middle of the ring, a cover by Persephone...




A cocky two-handed cover by Persephone left Julia's legs unchecked and she paid for it, as Julia socked her right in the jaw. Julia sat up and that was a bad idea. Her kick enfuriated her opponent and Persephone blasted her with a kick right to the spine.

"You aren't going to show me up," Persephone hissed and slapped her fallen foe.

Full of confidence, Persephone propped her rival against the ropes and just flat out slapped the taste out of her mouth.

"You're on a one way trip to Hype, bitch."

An Irish whip and Persephone tried for a spinning heel kick. Yet, it caught nothing but air, as Julia rolled under it and bounced off the middle rope. Persephone had no idea what was waiting for her when she turned around.


The race was on and Julia was running on all cylinders. She was a nothing more than a blur, as she took off to meet a wobbly Persephone in the corner.


Julia tried to force her enemy's teeth down her throat with a vicious shining wizard in the corner. Far from done, Julia displayed her amazing agility once more. This time, she ran to the adjacent corner and leapt up to the top in one fluid motion. As if she was shot out of a cannon, Julia ran along the top rope and delivered a front dropkick right to Persephone's face.

Up on her feet in a flash, Julia was in full attack mode. She dragged her foe out to the middle of the ring by her hair and dropped her to all fours with a huge roundhouse to the gut.

"Talk shit with a broken jaw," Julia growled and began delivering a barrage of Kawada kicks square to Persephone's jaw.

A fire had been lit inside the young woman and she blasted Persephone again and again with kicks. She showed no signs of stopping, as the fans cheered her on, wanting to see how many she could deliver.







Persephone's body went limp, as Julia looked to tire, but a roar by the young woman allowed her to fight through the lactic acid building in her leg. The fans erupted and pushed her to keep going.






Julia released her battered foe's hair and slowly backed into the corner. She violently tore off her half mask, launching it into the crowd. The very fires of hell were in her eyes, as she lowered herself and watched Persephone struggle to get to all fours. Julia was snarling. There was a monster inside her and it was about to be released.


The downright unholy running punt to the skull had put Persephone out for good. She was absolutely lifeless, laying face down on the mat. Julia pulled her enemy just enough to clamp on a cobra clutch. She flipped into a bridge, locking in her version of the cattle mutilation.


The referee slid in to check on Persephone, but when there was no response, he quickly called for the bell.


Julia released the hold and sat up. She spun around and rose back to her feet, surveying the damage she had caused. The referee held her hand up to show she was victorious, with the playing of "Mz. Hyde" in the background. Julia looked around the arena, basking in the growing amount of cheers before bowing to each side of the ring. A successful debut for the newest member of the Dead Cell to say the least.

Winner: Julia via Submission


Aran Thompson "Just the woman I wanted to see!"

The cameras opened up to Craig Thomas as he approached the little wildflower known as Charlotte. She was suited up and ready to go one on one with Alyssa Corliss in the first edition of the Starlet Tournament set to begin in a few moments, but something in the air did not feel right as The Ego approached her with a sadistic smirk glaring at her and his hands behind his back.

"Nice outfit." he said, scanning her with his wide hazel eyes, and smiling, "But its not what I had in mind."

Charlotte kept quiet, while her curiosity began to bloom, she began to guess what was behind his back and after the comment, she had a good idea in her mind.

"What do you have up your sleeve this time Thomas?" she said with a concern look expressed on her face.

The Ego's smile only grew as he revealed a variety of painting colors in his hands, safely consumed by glass jars. He extended his hands to Charlotte, nudging the items into her waist.

"Take them." he told her.

"What the hell is this!?!" she sounded off, very disgruntled.

"It's what I expect you to wear tonight."

Charlotte was irate, refusing to take the colors of paint, and began storming off in the opposite direction of her nemesis. Craig wasn't fond of her attitude however, and chased her down to the point where he almost shoved her to the floor as he caught up to her with an open hand. The momentum carried him into her as she stopped and Craig plowed into her, dropping the jars of paint on the floor, and they shattered into fragments.

"What the hell!"

Craig wasn't happy now, but neither was Charlotte.

"Yeah! What the hell Craig!?!"

Craig looked down as he found his hands on some of her cleavage. The camera zoomed in on the action and was close up as Charlotte slapped them down. When the camera retreated to it's original focus, he had a seductive smirk transcending to the delight of his sexual sensations. Whether it was intentional, or not, Charlotte was offended by it.

"What the hell are you doing!?!"

He shrugged, still posing the seductive smirk which quickly turned into a serious sneer once he recollected his thoughts, which you could only imagine of at this point.

"Hey!" he bellowed, "You did it! Running off knowing I was gonna chase you down. You don't have me fooled woman. These monkies may be fooled, but not The Ego!"

"What are you applying, Thomas?"

"You want me so bad, you can taste The Ego in your mouth!"


Craig head snapped to the side as Charlotte geared up another stinging palm to the cheek, but he vastly reached out, wrapping his hand around her wrist. The facial expression on his face was the insane look we witnessed last Sunday, the anger burned deep within his eyes as he stepped into her personal space, scowling.

"You better hope you win the Starlet Title ya little whore, because if you don't, I will make sure your jOlt contract is ripped to shreds and you will never, EVER...come back! Do I make myself clear?"

"My hubby is gonna beat your ass tonight and when he does, I'll be there to watch it you stupid jerk! Ah!" she jerked her hand from his grasp, and brushed by him as quick as she could.

As she walked out of sight, Craig stared at her until she turned the corridor. He stood with his hands on his hips with a sick and twisted grin.

"We'll see who gets the best of who tonight."

The cameras began to zoom out as he snickered in the lonesome hall. He continued snickering as the cameras began to fade out. Craig was going to make damn sure The House suffered the consequences for defying his rules of the contract and he was going to do what ever it took to rid of The House.

Charolette vs Alyssa Corliss
Sarah WintertonDaryn Thompson

This was the second of two matches in the Starlet Championship Tournament! Earlier we saw Daryn Thompson advance to the semi-finals.. now it was time to see two more to try to move on.

"Turn the Page" by Metallica

Out first was someone fans saw only once before back on Warriors 19 as she teamed with Derrick Huber to take on Total Conquest in a mixed tag team match.. she was Charolette, and much like another competitor in the tournament in Desiree, she, too, was just starting out her career, however, the difference between Charolette and Desiree was the Charolette knew how to wrestle.

Charolette then entered ther ring and while her opponent wasn't Desiree, it was someone from The Hype that everyone who watched that show should be familiar with.

"Supermassive Black Hole" by Muse

Out from the back in her white t-shirt, jean shorts, brown hair and blue eyes came the new girlfriend of the new Hype Champion, Alyssa Corliss! Alyssa made her way down to the ring and slid inside. She ascended the turnbuckle pads and got a mild reaction from the crowd. She then made it to the center of the ring where the referee called for the bell.




Alyssa and Charolette circled each other in the ring and locked up. Charolette then placed Alyssa into a side head lock, but Alyssa backed Charolette into the ropes and shot her across the ring. Charolette came back and ate a shoulder block from Alyssa. Alyssa went to the ropes as Charolette flipped onto her stomach. Alyssa did a cartwheel over Charolette and when Charolette stood up, she was instantly met with a high drop kick to the face!

Charolette staggered up as she held her jaw. Alyssa backed her into the ropes and shot her across the ring. Alyssa went for another drop kick, but Charolette held onto the ropes, causing her to miss and land on her back. Alyssa stood up and Charolette charged in with a running front kick, but Alyssa leaned back and avoided it. Alyssa then quickly grabbed Charolette from behind and rolled her up with a school boy.



Charolette kicked away.

Both got up to their feet and Charolette swung with a clothesline, but Alyssa ducked and reached back. She tried to pull Charolette over with a backslide, but Charolette showed some power by pulled Alyssa over instead, but Alyssa rolled off the back of Charolette, landing on her feet. Alyssa then kicked Charolette in the face and placed her in a front chancery, perhaps looking for The Corliss Effect early in the match which is a Split-Legged Gordbuster, but Charolette grabbed Alyssa by the arm and twisted out of the front chancery. She then kicked Alyssa in the stomach and planted her face first into the canvas with a DDT!

Charolette decided to skip the pin as she got up and dared Alyssa to get back to her feet. Alyssa got on her hands and knees as Charolette ran and nailed a Senton Back Splash onto the back of Alyssa, collapsing her down to the canvas stomach first! It was then that Charolette decided to go for the pinfall attempt.



Alyssa popped the shoulder up in time.

Charolette brought Alyssa back up to her feet as she wailed away with forearm shots to the chest. She then whipped Alyssa to the ropes, but Alyssa reversed it and pulled Charolette into a short arm clothesline. Alyssa pulled Charolette back up and hit another short arm clothesline. She then dropped an elbow across the chest of Charolette and then pointed to the corner. The crowd stood on their feet as she ascended the turnbuckle pads. She took aim on Charolette and leapt off, but Charolette moved out of the way.

Alyssa adjusted in mid-flight and landed on her feet, but Charolette ran past Alyssa and nailed a Running Bull Dog, planting her face first into the canvas. Alyssa rolled onto her back and as soon as she did, Charolette went to the ropes and flipped off with an Asai Moonsault, however, Alyssa put the knees up, but Charolette went one step further and landed on her feet!

She grabbed Alyssa by the legs and the flipped her over into a Boston Crab Submission hold! The crowd was really getting into this match as Alyssa struggled to find a way to the ropes. The pain was beginning to get unbareable. Alyssa looked ready to tap, but she ended up summoning the strength to continue and she managed to pull herself to the ropes and grab a hold of them, breaking up the submission attempt.

The referee counted to four before Charolette released the hold.. she wanted to do as much damage as she could before letting Alyssa off the hook. Alyssa got back to her feet, but Charolette stayed on the attack and kicked Alyssa in the right leg. She kicked her once again and it caused Alyssa to hobble away on one leg, using the ropes to keep her up. Charolette then charged in and hit a Chop Block to the back of her leg which caused her to hit the canvas. Charolette then managed to drag Alyssa back to the center of the ring, but when she went to rehook the Boston Crab, Alyssa reached up and pulled her over into a Small Package!



Thre... NO!

Charolette kicked away and even had to check with the referee to make sure that it wasn't a three count.

Alyssa hobbled back up to her feet. Charolette charged in again to go for another chop block, but Alyssa side stepped it and used Charolette's momentum to toss her over the top rope and out to the apron. Alyssa shook some feeling back into her leg and walked towards the ropes, but Charolette went for the shoulder block between the ropes to try and catch her off guard, but Alyssa side stepped it and kicked Charolette right in the chest!

Alyssa grabbed Charolette by the head and pulled her through the ropes and to the center of the ring. Alyssa motioned that it was over and lifted her up for The Corliss Effect, but Charolette twisted during the lift and hooked Alyssa by the head!!


Charolette just nailed that Ace Crusher right out of Alyssa's finisher! Charolette then made the cover and hooked the leg deep!




Charolette has defeated Alyssa Corliss and moved onto the Semi-Finals! "Turn the Page" by Metallica struck up over the PA system as Charolette celebrated! She eventually exited the ring and headed to the back. Once she did, Alyssa Corliss came to and received a round of applause from the crowd. Perhaps after seeing that, they have a reason to tune in and watch The Hype!

Winner: Charolette via Pinfall

"Ninja, Please"

Aran Thompson The camera was now going to use its mystical powers of omniscience to transport you, the viewer, to a mystical world… the world of the Heirs of Wrestling’s own locker room. Frank Silver was doing some shadowboxing in the corner. Mack Brody was checking to make sure not a single hair was out of place in a mirror. Ryan Gallway was pushing away at his iPhone trying to win his next level of Infinity Blade.

So, yeah. They had a Tag Team Title defense and they didn’t look overly concerned… okay, that’s not true. They were stressed to all fuck because The House were GIANTS who had beaten them before.

“Dude, I’m stressed to all fuck!” Ryan said, throwing his iPhone into the couch.

Off in the corner, “The Heiress” Sarah Winterton was watching one of the previous matches, Charlotte vs. Alyssa Corliss. She would be competing in the Starlet Title tournament on next week’s Warriors and wanted to do homework on all her potential opponents. When she saw Ryan throw down his phone, she walked over and patted him on the back.

“Oh, dearie,” Sarah spoke. “It’s gonna be okay. The bigger one… that Roebuck fellow practically sweats walking to the ring. Perhaps his spiking cholesterol levels will strike him down before we do.”

“And what about those goddamn ninjas?” Ryan cried. “Those big fuckers came out there and tried to steal OUR spotlight, man! I hear everybody else saying this, but… fucking ninjas!”

“Please,” Mack snickered, adjusting one of his stray golden hairs. “Those ugly fucks think that they’re going to come out here with their flames and their fumanchu and other weird Asian words I can’t bother to look up and intimidate US? Nah, it don’t work like that.”

“Doesn’t,” Sarah corrected. “The word is doesn’t, Mack.”

Mack rolled his eyes and continued while Frank continued.

“The competition’s heating up soon. We’ve done such a great job holding these titles that Jim Johnson opened up to tag teams from all over the place to try and get these belts off us. That Phoenix Rose Invitational is gonna be in full swing soon. I swear…” Frank laughed. “…It doesn’t matter WHO they find. Rose is an untrustworthy cunt as is; all the winner of the PRI is going to get is Rose’s glass cane up their ass followed shortly by our boots.”

The Baron of Ballistics patted the jOlt Tag Team Titles… THREE of them in place hanging off the rack. For those of you who want to have some time saved, when the Heirs won the jOlt Tag Team Titles they spared no expense making a third belt for Mack. They were the epitome of a Freebird team; they weren’t going to have just two belts for three people. That would just be fucking stupid!

“We’re taking down The House for good,” Frank said. “Tonight, jOlt needs to learn that The Heirs of Wrestling are playing for keeps this time! That means we keep these belts and return them to main event status starting tonight!” He gestured to Sarah. “That means you bring home the Starlet’s Championship! And once we’re done there, we’re going after everything. That means Aran Thompson’s titles are in our crosshairs… that means Ninja K and the Underground Title are in our sights…”


The lights had been cut inside the locker room, sending The Heirs of Wrestling into a virtual panic. Sarah’s shrieks could barely be heard... over Ryan’s slightly more feminine screams. Frank cursed up a storm while Mack ran towards the door in the dark.

Several moments of panic continued until the lights flickered back to life. Frank was in a defensive stance clutching one of the belts in his hand as a weapon. Sarah Winterton looked panicked. She looked down and was even more panicked by Ryan clutching to her leg. She smacked Ryan upside the head and made him let go.

“Ow! I was protecting you!”

Mack scanned the room but nothing appeared to be out of place. His eyes eventually fell to what looked like a note pinned to the INSIDE of the locker room door. Silver furrowed his eyebrows.

“What the fuck is that?” he scowled.

Brody ripped the note off the wall and read it aloud.

“Before, your titles have earned our interest... Speaking ill of our master has now earned our ire.”

The Heirs of Wrestling each took turns exchanging slightly perturbed glances at what just happened. Gallway took the note and sighed before they prepared for their match to come in tonight’s main event against The House.

“I told you guys… fucking ninjas.”

"Stand and Deliver"

Aran Thompson
’Praise’ by Sevendust

The Arena of Champions opened up with a amorous cheer as the arena lighting accommodated the infamous musical theme. The rhythm of the strobe lighting varied in hues as the Air Apparent seemed amped up by the literal love fest. Arms & Palms extended the aerial daredevil radiated genuine appreciation as he traded opposing sides of the entrance staging area...

What did you expect Fools often sometimes forget Who really knows what's the truth Often dignified How funny changing the tide Feels like you already knew (Praise)Like the devil (Connect)You would never (sick Man) Running circles Feels like you already knew (Praise)Like the devil (Connect)You would never (Sick Man)Running circles Feels like you already knew

Camera Two caught Adam slapping hands with opposing ends of the rampway before trotting onward, leaping onto the ring apron & using the ring ropes as balance to flip backwards over the top ropes. Trotting about, the Wading River native basked in the warm welcome before standing atop the opposing turnbuckle. Showing off the Platinum, Onyx & Blood Red hued singlet, The self professed ’Air Apparent’ milked the moment before dropping down to the canvas, motioning for a microphone as his musical theme dissipated.

“I know everybody’s been talking.” Adam mentioned while walking toward the middle of the ring. “I mean, when you think back to everything that went down at both Thieves’ Honor and iNtense, there has been major shake ups here in jOlt and beyond...”

Jason Rau..” Adam mentioned a name that incited a hearty volley of negative heat. “Yeah, we all know...The former mascot...The former errand boy...Hell, let’s all be real about it; Chris Titan’s least favorite BITCH!” The intentional insult amped up the masses to cause a brief interruption. “Found out the hard way what it was like to get his ass kicked by the Air Apparent. Now I’ve been in this game long enough to know that Jason is somewhere watching, waiting somewhere for a chance to catch me slippin’ but one of the reasons I ‘m out here now is to let that bitch & the whole world know I’m not a hard man to find.” Laz warned boldly.

“So whenever you decide to borrow a pair of nuts and face me man to man, I’ll be right here waiting to smoke your ass again.” Laz held the mic to his side as the fans rallied behind his proclamation.

Aran Thompson is the jOlt. World Heavyweight Champion.” A ominous wall of boos swirled within the Arena of Champions upon dishonorable mention. “Well, regardless how many of us feel about it, the kid did what he had to do to snatch that brass ring and get to where he is today.” Laz mentioned as he shrugged his shoulders slightly. “So congrats, dude. Maybe I’ll be seeing you around...”

“Honestly, I could go on & on about everything but I’m really here to make a definitive statement. Tonight. Right here on Warriors. I’m not here to complain or bitch about not having things go my way. I’m not here to piss & moan about endorsement deals or placement or any of that bullshit. I’m actually tired of talking.” The masses responded warmly to Adam’s stance. “I’m tired of ‘being the bigger man’. I am tired of ‘playing things cool’ all of the time. Now I am not ashamed of who I am or have been but I am amped up about where I’m going and most certainly, ready to become.”

“Somebody mentioned something about Open. Season” The crowd offered a healthy fit of cheers. “Yeah, I remember something about a sick 2 tiered cage match which seems perfect for...oh, I don’t know...A certain...High flying...”The cheers resonated. “Risk taking...Gravity Law Breaking...Death Defying..Aerial Assassin who...can you guys help me out here?” Laz played amusingly with the crowd by cupping his ear toward the masses. “Well, I’ll let you guys know if I find that type of guy but I do remember that there is no clear cut Number One Contender and since...” The cheers began to rise. “...And what better way to make a major statement that calling out the Underground Champion himself...”The crowd exploded. “The man who ain’t named Sylo...or Ryan Billows...or Derecho or an extreme few who can not only match that man, move for move, step for step but can seriously contend & BEAT HIM FOR THAT Underground Championship belt. RIGHT HERE! RIGHT NOW!”

The legion backed the energetic RingRats valedictorian who sternly scanned the horizon while standing firm in his statement.

Kenshiro; I know you’re back there.” Laz motioned for Referee Underwood to enter the ring. “We’ve got a ref. We’ve got a packed house tonight!” The legions hungrily ate things up. “Let’s put that ’Fighting Champion’ title to the test. COME ON OUT HERE & BRING IT!!!”

Cameras Seventeen & Twenty traded views in search for an answer to the challenger’s call to arms. Camera One returned to the ring to watch Adam casually look about to conduct his search as well. The abrupt darkness urged the masses to roar delightfully within the duration of inaction. A few random air horn blasts screamed from difference sections of the arena before the rising chants for both challenger & champion arose...

’Vicarious’ by Tool

Camera Thirty Eight loomed in forward to the expected strobe lit overcast of smoke, belching forth from Exit 100C. The obscured shadow stepped forward, revealing himself as the Athletic Freak of Nature. Swathed in the hues of Crimson, Obsidian & Pearl, the new Underground Champion casually looked among his immediate & distant surroundings before slinging the shimmering belt over his left shoulder and begin his trek toward the elongated aisle way. The ninja ignored the amorous welcome as he reached the ground floor & began making his way through the cheering masses.

Camera Ten followed the ninja as he cleared the barricade and sauntered his way around the ring with Adam Lazarus nodding in response. Kenshiro would make his way up the ring steps before ascending to the top of the turnbuckle & slowly raising his championship upward with one hand while staring at his noted in ring rival. Laz maintained a respectable distance at his opposing corner, hopping anxiously in place. Ninja would soon make his descent inside the ring & stare back at Adam intently, who was steadily popping the bones in his neck. Dean Carrington was standing by along the outside as the musical introduction eroded from earshot. The ongoing rally for both men continued as Referee Underwood looked on. The masses cheered as Ninja extended his arm outward to hand off the championship to the referee, prompting Adam to hype up the volume further my slapping the turnbuckle pads & clapping his hands respectively.

Ninja K (c) vs Adam Lazarus
Sarah WintertonDaryn Thompson

Carrington: “Ladies & Gentlemen; this contest is scheduled for 1 Fall with a 30 minute time limit...and it is for the jOlt Wrestling Underground Championship!!! Introducing First; From Wading River, New York and weighting in at 230 pounds...He is the Air Apparent...ADAM!!! LAZARUS!!!

The challenger threw both fists towards the heavens and yelled inaudibly as the masses cheered with reckless abandon. Adam nodded while extending his arms outward before Camera Three trained itself on the ninja, who swept the hair free from his face before wringing his upper extremities.

Carrington: “And his opponent; from the Kansai Prefecture of Osaka, Japan...Weighting in at 245 pounds...He is The Athletic Freak of Nature and is the jOlt Wrestling Underground Champion of the World! KENSHIRO!!! INOGAMI!!!

The champion used the ropes to stretch himself in the corner before stepping forward gnarling his fists as Referee Underwood checked with Kenshiro. Adam nodded in kind before the opening bell was sounded, urging the masses to cheer audibly. Both men approached & stood within striking range of each other. Adam looked about into the stands as Kenshiro gave the masses a mere glance before Laz extended his fist forward. The ninja’s jaw shifted slightly and the smarks rallied in hindsight as Kenshiro bumped fists with his opposition before giving each other a respectable berth. Both would carefully circle the middle of the ring with Ninja quickly side stepping Adam’s initial pass. Laz intently assessed the ninja from the kneeling posture before quickly jumping out of range from a Feint Kick.

Quickly wiping his hands off his thighs, the Air Apparent inched his way closer before both collided with a mutual Head & Arm Tie Up. A taunt Arm Wringer promptly drew the ninja to a knee. Adam continued to apply more torque to the hold with Ninja checking for an opening. A Front Handspring followed by a Snap Fireman’s Carry Takeover set Ninja in the position for a Rear Side Headlock yet Laz was quick to swivel into a Rear Side Hammer Lock. The champion continued fishing for another opening before Adam transitioned into a Standing Side Head Lock. Kenshiro broadened his base while wedging both palms against his rival’s ear before dropping Adam backwards with a impromptu Leg Sweep. Both men used the momentum to roll to their feet yet the Underground Champion clamped down on Laz with a Kneeling Side Head Lock. Laz secured his base, landed several Forearms to the champion’s lower back before rolling Ninja up with a swift Roll Up Pin...1! ...2!

Kenshiro rolled to a seated posture before Adam locked in a Rear Waist Lock & pulled the champion up to his feet. Adam’s 2nd Back Suplex attempt allow the ninja to deftly land on his feet. Adam’s torrid Back Roundhouse Leg Sweep sailed underneath Ninja’s Leaping Roundhouse Kick. Ninja with the Irish Whip yet Lazarus with the immediate Reversal. Kenshiro caromed off the opposing ropes & stepped over the sliding aerialist. Kenshiro Forward Somersaulted back into a dead sprint underneath Adam’s Leap Frog. Hip Toss by Laz was countered by Ninja’s Monkey Flip which Adam Cartwheeled himself to a sprint of his own. Ninja quickly ducked underneath Adam’s Running Clothesline & shoved him on the back of his head forward toward the ropes but was immediately floored by Laz’s Standing Shoulder Block.

Laz missed with the follow up Leaping Somersault Leg Drop yet Reverse Somersaulted himself to his feet away from Ninja’s Spinning Low Angled Roundhouse Kick and the legions cheered as Adam vaulted off the middle ropes and snapped off a Spinning Head Scissors Takedown! The ninja staggered upward to his feet yet the challenger sent his away with an Irish Whip. Ninja executed a Diving Sunset Flip yet the Air Apparent rolled through to quickly attempt a Power Bomb where Kenshiro back flipped out, landed and floored Lazarus with an expedient Double Leg Takedown! Jackknife Hold! ...1! ...2! Ninja with the swift Leg Sweep yet the nimble Adam landed on his feet to attempt a Russian Leg Sweep. Ninja with the defensive Heel Hook, prompting Laz to spin with a quick Lariat only to be ensnared by the champion’s Gannosuke Clutch Pin! ...1! ...2! Adam jerked his body upward to escape as both men scrambled to their feet to defensive posture amidst a standing ovation.

Both Adam & Kenshiro sauntered away a few paces in opposing directions as Cameras Eleven & Nineteen monitored the ongoing rallying within the stands before returning to view Adam readily rotating his wrists. Kenshiro extended his arm upward at an angle, proposing a Test of Strength. Adam stared off out into the crowd for their approval before accepting the ninja’s challenge. Fingers interlocked, both quietly measured the others’ potential motives before Adam lashed out with a Snap Kick! Ninja fired back with a counterstrike of his own. The masses goaded both men as they continued their martial arts kicking exchange until Adam winced angrily at the amassed swelling. Kenshiro turned Adam’s wrist upward before flooring him with a Standing Leg Sweep Takedown. The ninja quickly flipped Laz over soundly onto his back with a Rolling Step Over Toe Hold Throw before quickly locking Laz into an Inverted Facelock Indian Deathlock!

The referee knelt down to assess the challenger’s condition with Laz gnashing his teeth before pushing up & walking on his hands to drag himself to the ropes. Ninja arched himself upward, pivoted and stepped away from a rising Lazarus before kicking his legs from under him, knocking his grip forcibly form the ropes. Adam grimaced while rolling himself onto the ring apron as Ninja grabbed him by the head & quickly lead him onward to slam his head against the steel turnbuckle pole. Adam had the presence of mind to plant his foot against the pole & cracked Ninja’s jaw with a Right Hook! The champion staggered backwards as Lazarus Slingshot Flip himself over the top ropes & run the ninja down with a Running Clothesline. A slight hobble was noted as Adam who crushed the ninja with a Standing Moon Sault Press! ...1! ...2! Ninja shifted to his side in which Laz grabbed his rival by the head to pass his rival through the ropes into a Standing Head Scissors. The cheers from the stands began to rise and Laz motioned for the Flight 187 Piledriver yet Ninja attempted a Back Body Drop over the top rope & Camera Four captured Adam’s Sunset Flip Power Bomb along the outside!

Kenshiro’s brow furrowed tightly as he rolled over onto his stomach. Laz remained on all fours briefly before staggering upward and landing a set of measured Stomps on his rival. A Buzzsaw Leg Drop by Laz allotted him the room to cast away the ring apron & raise a Steel Chair overhead before measuring the staggering ninja & jamming the chair into his mid section. A calloused smack across the back made Kenshiro reel back in anguish as he arched his back & dropped to his knees. The crowd cheered as Adam mockingly ‘called his shot’ before crowning the ninja across the skull, making him fall backwards against the floor. Adam slid the chair underneath the ropes, threw another chair over the top rope before dislodging the ring steps top, casting it aside before pulling the base away from its original place before grabbing Ninja by the hair. The masses continued egging Laz on as he Gorilla Pressed Ninja overhead, smiling for the cameras before dropping the champion chest first atop the steel base! A Back Flip Senton bounced him off the ninja’s frame back to his feet. Kenshiro rolled over onto his back in sheere anguish before signaling his intentions while gaining some running room...ROLLING THUNDER!The ninja draped his arms across his stomach as he rolled off the base. Meantime, anxiously played to the crowd before peeling Ninja off the floor, shoving him back inside the ring & making the cover...1! ...2! Kickout! Adam exhaled in slight disappointment before standing up to flatten the ninja with a hard Scoop Slam. Adam ascended to the top, grandstanding before the masses in preparation for an aerial assault when Kenshiro shoved Laz’s feet forward, crotching the Wading River wunderkind atop the turnbuckle. Left facing the crowd, Lazarus was powerless to fend off the ninja who cinched in an Inverted Facelock...

A Top Rope Inverted Suplex Atop the Chair!

The impact bounced Adam soundly off the metal object, rolling onto his knees before keeling over onto his side, kicking his legs wildly. The bloodthirsty legions cheered as Adam crossed both arms over his stomach. Ninja hooked the leg deeply...1! ...2! NO! The champion sat up and swept the hair from his face before standing Lazarus upright & cinching in an Octopus Stretch! Referee Underwood knelt down to address the screaming aerialist on his ability to continue. The volume of the fans arose as the challenger gnarled his fists in defiance. Inch by Inch, Adam willed himself forward from the ring’s epicenter closer toward the ropes. Adam’s finger tips scrapped the middle ropes before the extra effort allowed him to latch on tightly. Referee Underwood continued his mandatory count to 4 before Kenshiro released him. Ninja backed away several paces as Adam grimaced from the kneeling for several moments before standing. The champion returned to grab Lazarus yet the Air Apparent used a stiff Side Kick to the stomach to hold the ninja off briefly. A Back Elbow backed Kenshiro up. Front Kick. Knife Edge Chop. The ninja leaned back 2 paces before missing the Discus Elbow. Adam with an Irish Whip yet Ninja with the Reversal, leading Laz toward the corner for a Turnbuckle Head Slam. Tiger Wall Flip by Adam & a furious Spinning Heel Kick to the Head floored the champion. Laz motioned for the rising ninja to stand before vaulting off the ropes and spiking Kenshiro into the canvas with a torrid Tornado DDT! The ninja bounced wildly from the impact to a brief seated posture before collapsing. Adam notably favored his back before making the Lateral Press...1! ...2! Kickout!

Lazarus shook his head while resting on his forearms momentarily as Ninja cradled his head while seeking to reclaim his equilibrium. A faint dispute with the referee was rendered futile prompting Adam to pull himself upward. Kenshiro rested his weight against his forearms before Adam smacked him across the head with a Chair Shot. Ninja stumbled away while trying to remain upright as Lazarus cast the chair aside before grabbing his rival by the hair & using a Monkey Flip to set Kenshiro into the Tree of Woe position in the corner. Laz wobbled to his feet to stun the champion with a Snap Kick across the rib cage. Staggering backward, Adam pointed at the chair to incite the crowd before arming himself. Adam gained some running room...

A Chair-Assisted Surfboard Dropkick!

The champion slid on top of himself in the wake of the impact. Adam kicked the chair behind him before dragging the ninja from the ropes & hooking the leg deep...1! ...2! Shoulder! The Wading River native bit his lip in frustration before grounding the ninja with a trinity of Leg Drops. Adam remained kneeling for a moment before pointing toward the turnbuckle. Making his ascent, Lazarus made a slow slashing gesture across his throat followed by a championship gesture across his mid section before taking fight...

Big Air - {An Elevated Shooting Star Leg Drop}

The sounds of the adamant legions drowned out the howls of an unsuccessful Lazarus as he clasped his lower back. Meanwhile, Kenshiro stood himself erect, grabbed Laz by the braids & slammed his shin broadly against his rivals shoulder blades. A 5th Kick produced a angry flash of canines before Ninja instilled his ill intentions...

The Iron Maiden - A Full Nelson Butt Slam followed by a Front Flip Full Nelson Submission Bridge

The sheer anguish radiated from Adam’s face as the referee checked on Adam’s level of resistance. Lazarus made his stance clear as Ninja intentionally arched his back to apply more torque. Hands clasping before waving his index fingers to the referee. The crowd willed the challenger to fight onward before Ninja arched himself upward, pivoting and crushed his rival’s temple with a Buzzsaw Kick. The challenger eerily fell onto his side before Kenshiro dropped down and hooked Adam’s leg deeply...1! ...2! The masses cheered as Adam barely managed to kick out. The Underground Champion trained a calloused stare at the ref, who inaudibly explained the results. Standing his challenger to his feet, Ninja began his sadistic sequence...

The Osaka Plex - {A Northen Lights Salto Suplex}

Kenshiro arched himself back to his feet, strode over the prone Steel Chair before careening against the opposing ropes. Ninja snatched up the Steel Chair during a Diving Somersault...

Seppuku - {A Steel Chair Assisted Double Foot Stomp to Chest}

Ninja fell forward onto the canvas as an ailing Adam rolled over onto his side, face balled up in sheer distress. The Underground following continue roaring with a fecal chant as Ninja pushed up to scan the horizon, heaving in muted amusement before reclaiming his footing. Grabbing his rival by the leg, Ninja dragged Lazarus to his feet, draping him across his shoulders before spiking him into the mat with a Fireman’s Carry Drop...

The North Star Press - {A Standing 450 Press}

Cover! ...1! ...2! ...3?!! Camera Three witness Ninja chuckled privately to himself as a cadre of adamant stomping and unified series of chants battered the arena’s interior. Ninja staggered Adam with an Open Palm Punch yet the fans cheered as Laz returned fire with a Hard Right Hook. Kenshiro with an Overhead Chop across the Chest, dropping Laz to a Knee. The ninja strode to the opposing ropes & lunged forward with a Running Yakuza Kick. The crowd roared as a desperate Laz countered with a Snap Capture Suplex! Both men remained laid out along the canvas, much to the crowd’s delight as the referee began his double count...1! ...2! ...3! ...4! ...5! Both men were set on all fours before respectively reclaiming their footing. Adam had his back turned as Ninja stood erect yet Laz jammed the Chair into his rival’s stomach before knocking him backwards with a Steel Chair Uppercut! Another Chair Shot across the Left Bicep rang out as the ninja stumbled away from the ropes before Adam jettisoned the Chair into Ninja’s face, knocking him backwards onto the mat before collapsing forward himself. A surge of energy gradually powered Adam to regain his vertical base before pulling Ninja upward by the hair. Laz readily placed Ninja into a Pumphandle Position before looking out to many sides of the arena before hoisting his rival upwards...Kenshiro slipped behind his rival at the apex of the maneuver before arching his upper body back with a angry Snap Kick across the lower back...

The Japanese Skull Splitter - {A Full Nelson Pancake Lift into a Seated Reverse Ace Crusher}

The challenger’s body collapsed lifelessly behind the seated Kenshiro, who remained there briefly before hooking Adam’s leg deeply...




’Vicarious’ by Tool stormed out from overhead as the bell had sounded. The victorious ninja sat upright with both arms, draped over his thighs before sweeping the hair from his face & looking toward the heavens.

Carrington: “Your winner of the match by Pin Fall and STILL...YOUR jOlt Wrestling UNDERGROUND CHAMPION!...KENSHIRO!!! INOGAMI!!”

Chest heaving, the Underground Champion eventually stood to his feet to allow the referee to hold his hand upward in victory. The ninja extended his hand to accept back his championship prize as a defeated Lazarus cradled his head while several moments elapsed in him attempting to return to a single knee when the music as abruptly cut. Adam looked up at his rival before lowering his head in a show of slight disappointment. The Arena of Champions cheered amorously as Ninja extended his hand to him while shouldering the belt. Taking his comrade’s hand, Adam was stood upright. Still cradling his head, a warm handshake was exchanged between rivals amidst an inaudible conversation between the duo. Laz nodded as the Underground Champion raised Adam’s hand upward as a grand display of respect before the welcoming public before patting his shoulder and making his egress through the ropes.

Camera Eight followed the ninja’s clearing of the barricades where he turned & nodded back at his rival briefly before being enveloped by the appreciative mob. ’Praise’ by Sevendust became the welcomed theme from the PA system as Adam stood in the middle of the ring, recollecting his thoughts while the crowd chanted his name repeatedly. Camera Fifteen briefly caught the ninja passing through Exit 38A before retuning back into the ring where Lazarus was accepting the loss falling short of his championship aspirations before raising his fist upward. Camera Nine noted a brief disturbance from within the crowd near the time keeper’s table where Jason Rau quickly hurdled the barricades, slid into the ring before blind siding the Air Apparent with a sickening Lariat. The music was cut as the former Backbone member inaudibly spewed venom at his opposition. The Arena of Champions opened up with a crescendo of negative heat as the Angry Aussie layed the boots on the defeated aerialist before adamantly screaming at his detractors. The Australian Assassin armed himself with a Steel Chair, motioning his rival to stand. Adam struggled to pull himself erect before turning toward his rival...


A matching red splatter pattern were etched across both Adam’s Forehead & the chair seat as he was left sprawled out along the canvas. Jason smacked the chair against the mat, screaming for Adam to get back up. The reluctant New Yorker dragged himself toward the ropes, gradually pulling himself back upward, staggering drunkenly toward his oppressor...


Adam stumbled awkwardly back against the ropes, which propelled his half dead weight forward...


The Aussie angrily slammed the weapon against the mat as Adam was left looking upward at the arena lights. A hail of trash began to sail into the ring as Jason dragged his virtually unconscious rival up to his feet yet Adam collapsed onto his knees briefly before the inevitable took place...

The Aussie Driver - {A Double Under Hook Seated Piledriver}

Adam’s body was left in a bloody heap as the unsavory miscreant swivled to his feet and stood over Lazarus. ’Passive’ by A Perfect Circle began to further infuriate the masses as Jason slowly raised his head upward, staring at Camera One as the hail of debris continued to pelt the entire ring. Extending his arms outward, a pair of middle fingers greeted the masses before Rau spat on Adam’s chest and arrogantly exited the ring. Camera Two trained itself on the broken protagonist laying almost motionless as the referee returned with aid...

Winner: Ninja K via Pinfall

"Diamonds + Lennox = Gold ???"

Aran Thompson jOlt cameras are focused in a side view of Diamond Jewelz standing in a room consisting of a mesh of concrete floors, blue aluminum lockers and slender wood benches, a white sign over his head and with black letters reading B LOCKER ROOM, identifying the smelly pit in the Arena of Champions reserved for newcomers like Diamond. The sound of the pitter, patter, splash of water from shower heads beats relentlessly on the ground as Diamond sits tying the shoe strings on his black, grey and yellow, “Nike Tokyo Jordan’s”, complimented by his purple custom v-neck t and, and fitted Ralph Lauren RRL Jeans. As Diamond stands up to walk toward the exit of the locker room with black Nike bag in hand, a flyer on the wall catches his eyes. His form fully visible now, his muscles show through his, tight form-fitting purple custom “#sOdAmnsEriouS” t-shirt , his diamond earings and diamond necklace gleam brighghtly, and his eyes squint at the flyer, as the platinum and diamonds on his teeth gleam with every word that leave his full lips.

“Phoenix Invitational.”

His voice overrunning with a deluge of skepticism and sarcasm

“Legion of Dairy! What kind of name is that?”

Diamond’s face contorts in disgust, the diamond and platinum in his mouth gleaming into the camera.

“Modern Day Missionaries! Even Worse? Are these guys a couple of Jehovah’s Witnesses or something? When did they start wrestling?”

Diamond lets out a short bust of laughter

“West Texas Terrorists? Ken Kaze and George”

The outrage in Diamond’s voice raises with each team name he reads

“Alexander Red and Teddy Jacobs? What? Who are these guys? Johnson’s got all these bums on this damn card, and he ain’t got nothing for me no time soon. BS! I just signed a huge contract; it was front page news!!! and I’m on the bench? They shelved me? No money in over here, all money in over there with those clowns! I Could do better than any of these tandems by my damn lonesome… I’m So Damn Serious about that!!!”

“I agree!” bellows out from across the locker room.

Diamond, not realizing the volume of his voice allowed others to listen in when he was reading the flyer out loud, looks across the room in intrigue at the fly on the wall listening to him talking to himself. Still staring at the sheet on the wall, he then retorts:

“Whoever u are dude? Get off my nuts? I got my baby Ruby for that!”

The camera pans across the room to reveal no fly on the wall but the wide frame and gleaming muscles of one Jameson Lennox sitting docile across the room, a smirk on his face, and his green eyes glaring fearlessly at Diamond. He then responds.

“I’m way too big to be on your nuts loser. My Names Lennox. Jameson Lennox.”

His voice echoed off the walls of the locker room. Diamond turns around to meet exchange glares with Lennox, his diamond studded watch and chain giving off a blinding gleam.

“Listen: Commisioner Johnson, even though he wasn’t thinking I would take him up on his offer…….”

Diamond in a look of ever-increasing interest , contorts his face in deep comprehension and interest at Jameson’s diatribe.

“Told me that if I could find one of the new guys to team with, they’d have something for us on the next iNtense show! I’ve seen your work.. I don’t know if you’ve seen mine but…”

Diamond interrupts Lennox

“Yeah I have”

Lennox shoots a pleasureful sly grin at Diamond’s response

“Listen, I don’t need you, but I’ll do what I have to to get to the top. That climb starts by getting on TV. Nobody sees you, nobody buys your shit.. If nobody buys your shit, you don't make money.. We don’t need to think up a goofy name, we don’t need to like each other, all you need to do is show up, and work, and make this money with me, and it’ll elevate us both from where we are because I know I deserve better.. And You seem to think the same from what I’ve heard!!!”

Diamond shoots Lennox a contemplative and condescending look. He hesitates with a long pause before responding.

“Yeah… I’ll think about it.. I’ll call Johnson and tell him if I’m game….”

Diamond leaves out the exit as the camera pans back to Lennox giving a sly grin. Lennox then responds..

“Yeah, You Do That!!!”

The Heirs of Wrestling (c) vs The House
Sarah WintertonDaryn ThompsonDaryn Thompson

Just a little over a week ago at Thieves Honor, The House had their Tag Team Titles taken away from them by the arrogant and cocky Heirs of Wrestling. The young trio they had been at odds with for weeks had finally come to a head and thanks to their numbers game, they had taken advantage to win the belts. In the main event of tonight’s Warriors, The House had the chance to win back the very belts that they recently held. Could they make the Heirs’s second tag title run a short one?

“Turn The Page” by Metallica played for the fans as a set of red and green pyro exploded on the stage. The lights snapped back on and the crowd cheered for the appearance of The House! Huber’s lovely wife, Charlotte, fresh off her win in the quarter finals of the Starlet Title tournament, had on a sexy nurse/showgirl outfit for the occasion and got the crowd revved up with a sultry dance. She was finally out there with her boys despite Team EGO’s best efforts. The House members stormed to the ring quickly. While their bad blood with The Heirs of Wrestling was seething, they still had Team EGO in the back of their mind.

The six-foot four, three-hundred nine-pound “Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber, stood in the ring and flexed his muscles for the crowd cheering him on. On the other side of the ring was a bigger monster that was six-foot seven and weighed in at four-hundred sixty-eight pounds. The two were beast and were very formidable champions. They were set on getting the belts back.

“Money” by D/R Period.

Lights began to flash rapid pulses of green as the anthem of all things cash started to play. Three figures were hidden in the shadows and stood with their backs to the fans. One large man in the middle. One short man on the left . One well-built man to the right.

Their jackets started to light up one by one and when it came time to see what was happening, the fans jumped out of their seats. The short man jumped.


A big, bright purple H was on his back. The tall man jumped next.


The O was bright and silver. Finally, the last person stepped up.


The W was gold. The lights flipped back on and the douchebags in their matching light-up jackets walked to the ring with the jOlt Tag Team Championships. Behind them was “The Heiress” Sarah Winterton. The foursome went to the ring and entered. Gallway and Winterton each took a position outside the ring while inside, Frank and Mack held up the jOlt Tag Team Titles for the crowd to see. The Heirs had the numbers and the guessing game. Tonight, they would pit Mack Brody and Frank Silver for The Heirs.

The bell rang to start off tonight’s main event. “Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck would start first while Frank Silver stood up. Ryan Gallway and Sarah Winterton each cheered on their teammates while Charlotte smiled at her hubby on the ring apron.

Roebuck wasn’t playing around tonight and he went on the offensive. Luckily for Frank he would have the speed advantage against the mountain of a man and ducked a clothesline. He fired back with a series of big right hands to try and stun the big monster from Las Vegas before he ran to the ropes for speed. When he came back he ran right into the very same mountain and Roebuck knocked him over with a shoulder block.

The leader of the Heirs had the wind knocked out of him and he wasn’t going to like what happened next. When he stood up he was hit in the face with a big barreling clothesline that sent him flying across the ring. Silver stood up a second time and that gave Roebuck the opening to kick him in the gut. When he was doubled over Roebuck hit the ropes and delivered an almighty running – okay a jogging knee lift. But it was potent enough to knock Frank down to the ground.

The big monster already had the crowd in his corner as Frank tried to get back to his feet, wondering what just hit him. The Big Bucks picked up Frank and lifted him high in the air and paraded around the ring with him like a small child – no easy feat considering Frank was six-three and two fifty-five.

“Put me down, fat ass!” Frank yelled. “Put me down!”


With some extra force, Adam Roebuck threw him into the ground with a forceful slam. Silver arched his back in pain while Roebuck hit the ropes and came back with a leg drop to the throat. The Knight of Wednesdy Nights convulsed and twitched around the canvas while Roebuck went for a cover quickly to try and win the tag titles.



Nope, not even close despite Roebuck’s best efforts. The Big Bucks grabbed Frank by the throat and lifted him up off the mat before he tossed him into the corner with brute force. He was about ready to chop Frank in the corner when he ducked into a quick stance and turned. Roebuck shrugged and chopped the complete hell out of his back with four brutal open palmed chops.


The crowd counted along with each chop until Roebuck was done. He turned Frank around and tossed him across the ring with a hell of a biel throw. Frank tried to get back to his feet only for Roebuck to palm the back of his head.

“Oh, I’m not done with you.”

Roebuck grabbed him and made the tag to Derrick Huber before tossing him to the corner with an inverted chokeslam into the turnbuckles. Frank stumbled back while Roebuck ran off the ropes to deliver a big elbow drop. Derrick Huber was right behind him and flattened Frank with an elbow drop of his own.


Frank kicked and rolled around the canvas after nearly eight hundred pounds consecutively. Huber turned him around and dropped several fists into his face. He switched up his attack and simply opted to drill the back of his head into the canvas repeatedly, effectively ragdolling Silver.

“You got this, baby!” Charlotte clapped.

The fans cheered on The House as Derrick Huber grabbed Frank by the neck. When he pulled him up, he set Frank up in a double underhook before actually parading around the ring. Frank was no small man as stated before but Huber was incredibly strong and dropped him with a stalling suplex before hitting the ground. Huber rolled over to try and cover him again.




Frank with that shoulder up again. When Huber tried to pull him up Frank caught him out of nowhere with a European uppercut under the chin. He tried to get away from Derrick, but The Oddsmaker stopped him by pulling on the back of his hair. When he pulled him in he blasted him with a short arm clothesline. He tagged in once again to Adam Roebuck and the big monsters whipped him across the ring. Roebuck caught him with a side slam while Derrick Huber took off to the opposite side.


Another excellent double team maneuver from The House dropped Frank Silver on the mat. While Huber left, Roebuck was free to try and go for the cover again.



Mack with the save.

An elbow to the back of the head stopped him from getting the pin and kept the jOlt Tag Titles in the camp of the Heirs for now. Mack was sent back to his corner while Roebuck picked him up off the canvas. He grabbed Frank and tossed him across the ring to where he landed in the corner. Roebuck beat on his chest like a gorilla before he charged the corner and blasted him with a big corner splash.

The wind was driven from the lungs of Frank Silver and the Heirs’s fearless leader now collapsed to the canvas after the big splash. Roebuck slapped a hand across his other exposed hand, signaling to the crowd that he was going to finish this. Roebuck hit the ropes and intended to crush Frnak with a big four-hundred plus pound senton but Frank had enough to move and he went splat on the canvas!

Frank had just enough to finally make his move as he rolled over and made the tag to Mack Brody. The big bronze bodyguard of the Heirs stepped into the ring and waited for Adam Roebuck to get up only to flatten him with 747 of a flying shoulder tackle that brought him to the canvas! Nothing pretty about the offense of Mack but he was as brutal as they come. The man called Midas rolled over and put all his body weight on top of Roebuck’s shoulders.


…Not even a two count when Roebuck got off the canvas. This was going to be a fight to get back those tag team titles.

Mack Brody wasted no time while he continued to drill down a volley of vicious elbows into the top of Roebuck’s skull. The blows kept on coming and now The Heirs had the chance to fight back and get control of the match.

With every bit of strength he could muster he muscled The Big Bucks to his feet and pulled the big monster over to The Heirs’s corner. Nothing pretty or effective from this tandem of The Heirs as both Frank and Mack put the boots to big Roebuck. They continued to lay a beatdown to him in the corner before Mack headed out of the ring.

A vengeful Frank took turns jabbing Roebuck in the face as he continued to jab him. Roebuck pushed him away a few steps only for Frank to come back and land a big dropkick that knocked him backwards into The Heirs’s corner. The Big Bucks fell and landed near the ropes.

Frnak took to the ring apron while Roebuck’s head was exposed. From the ring apron he lifted up his pinky and got the crowd incensed before he dropped YE OLDE ROYALE ELBOWE~! off the ring apron. Frank took a moment to brag and play to the crowd before he rolled back inside the ring and tried to go for the win.




Adam Roebuck powered out but Frank Silver wasn’t going to give up. He simply rolled over and tagged Mack Brody in again. The big bronze beast headed into the ring and the two men took turns picking off Roebuck with a few more stomps. When Roebuck tried to stand, The Heirs took to a high-low combination of a lariat from Mack in tandem with a chop block from Silver! Roebuck collided with the canvas and now he was easy pickings for the monster called The Bronze Bombshell.



Saved by Derrick Huber!

Huber came into the ring and dropped a boot this time over the back of Mack’s head. He was forced into the corner and this gave The Heirs ample time to put the boots down to Roebuck behind the referee’s back. Charlotte screamed at him to turn around while Ryan and Sarah were giggling like schoolchildren over their chicanery.

The Bronze Bombshell picked him up by the head and tried to slap on a tight cobra clutch. He wasn’t able to hold it for long because Roebuck was STILL fighting onwards punching the chest of Mack with his good arm until he was forced to let go of the submission attempt. Roebuck tried to get to the ring apron but Frank grabbed him by the leg. He turned around and tried to swing at Silver who quickly moved. This left him wide open for a running back elbow from Mack to catch him in the jaw.

The tag was made to Frank again and the leader of the Heirs headed to the top turnbuckle. He came down with a diving clothesline that got the big guy off his feet and sent him crashing to the canvas. When he stood up he faced Charlotte and imitated a blowjob motion to the laughter of nobody but The Heirs of Wrestling themselves.

Frank turned back to Roebuck and slapped on a headlock to tag back to Mack. Big Brody headed to the ring and both men set them up in the corner. Mack whipped him off to the corner and Frank landed a jumping big boot to the head of Roebuck. Mack Brody followed it up by running at him and landing a big corner splash. When Roebuck was staggered Mack set him up carefully. With all of his strength he successfully powered him over into an ugly but effective GOLD-DIGGER~!

The exploder suplex landed and the crowd had to be impressed with the power that Mack Brody possessed. Hell, Mack Brody was impressed as noted by the flexing of his pecs. He turned over and went for the cover onto the corner.



Close, but no cigar!

He just barely managed to get the shoulder up off the canvas in time. Charlotte and Derrick cheered on their friend while Mack and Frank looked pissed that didn’t get the job done. Mack then picked up Roebuck and tried to lift the big man. Slowly, but surely he almost managed to get the near-five hundred pounder on hs shoulders but Roebuck slipped out behind him and grabbed him in a thunderous belly to belly suplex!

They were down now and both big man had shaken the ring form the impact of the move. It was a game changing move and now The House had a fighting chance. Roebuck turned his big body over and started to crawl over in the direction of his tag team partner.

The tag was made and he even kissed Charlotte for good luck before heading towards the fresh Frank who tagged into the ring. He came right at the rich kid with some nice jabs to the head before he took him by the arm and threw Frank into the corner. Frank saw the big train that was The Oddsmaker coming towards him and moved out of the way so he could hit the ropes. Huber stopped himself and quickly lunged at Silver nearly taking him out of his shoes with an explosive shoulder tackle!

The fans in Florida were wincing from such a football-like impact that Huber had thrown. Mack came back into the ring and tried saving his buddy by cutting him off at the pass, but Huber caught him around the waist and threw him around with a pumphandle suplex.

“Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!”

Huber dragged out the last syllable as long as he could as he waited for somebody to make a move. He had weeks of frustration to take out and the Heirs just happened to be the unfortunate recipients of that anger. Frank was trying to use a corner to get himself back up but the fans saw what The Oddsmaker had in mind…


The running cannonball senton in the corner nearly crushed Silver under his three-hundred pound weight. He pulled Frank out of the corner by his leg and tried pinning him.




Frank shockingly kicked out of the cover. Huber then whipped him across the ring and tried to crush him with another big splash in the corner but Frank got a fist up and caught Huber with an uppercut. He stunned him long enough to hook him by the head and drive him face first into the canvas with the reverse STO.

While Huber was stunned from the shot, Frank headed up top once again to try for something big off the top. When Frank tried to come off the top rope, Huber moved, but Frank just barely managed to land on his feet after the landing. When he turned around, Huber caught him…


The fireman’s carry into the spinebuster nearly rattled Frank’s spine and now Huber had his chance to go for the win.



Mack with the save again!

The Bronze Bombshell came out of nowhere to drop an elbow across the head of Derrick Huber and saved the match for The Heirs of Wrestling. The Big Bucks came into the ring and charged right at Mack Brody with a big body splash to knock him out of the ring! Charlotte cheered on his buddy while on the outside, Ryan and Sarah were protesting with his actions.

The referee tried to break up the fight between Mack and Brody on the outside. Frank was down and propped up in the corner now while Derrick Huber went for The Odds Are Against You! He hooked him up in the muscle buster position and lifted him out of the corner…


The superkick came out of nowhere courtesy of Craig Thomas! The EGO hadn’t forgotten about The House and their insubordination despite the fact they still owned Charlotte’s contract!

Thomas rolled out of the ring and headed up the ramp before the referee was any wiser to what happened. Mack slammed Adam Roebuck’s face into the steel steps on the outside to take the big man out of the equation. Mack slid into the ring and Frank just managed to stagger over and make the tag to Brody.

Brody and Silver picked up the body of Huber as the crowd continued to jeer the Heirs. Craig Thomas was all smiles at the top of the ramp while Charlotte shook her head in disbelief. Mack lifted up Brody and set him up on the shoulders of Silver…


The aided double-team neckbreaker off the shoulders also known as The Magic Killer in Japan had dropped Derrick Huber! Frank rolled outside of the ring while Mack Brody hooked the leg of Huber.




The Heirs had done it yet again! Thanks to “The EGO” Craig Thomas, The Heirs of Wrestling had defeated The House and retained their Tag Titles for the second time in a week! Charlotte slid into the ring to check on her husband while The Heirs of Wrestling had a celebration in the ring with the jOlt Tag Team Titles.

The House had the match won had it not been for a bitter and angry Craig Thomas. He had been embarrassed by The House for the absolute last time and now he had cost them their rematch for the Tag Tag Championships.

Charlotte’s heart sank as she looked up at the ramp and saw the evil grin of Craig Thomas look right back at her. The Heirs were each heading up the ramp to celebrate their cheating winwhile Craig gave them a passing glance on their way out. Thomas smiled as he looked to Charlotte and mouthed two words that would end the night on a sour note for The House and their lovely valet.

“You’re mine.”

He waved Charlotte as the closing graphicis started to appear for this show. The last image we’d see was The Ego blowing a kiss in her direction.

If the long-standing war between Team EGO and The House could escalate any more than it had, this would be that moment.

Winner: The Heirs of Wrestling via Pinfall