"Welcome to Warriors"

[The soft yet catchy playing of a piano is overheard in the background as the following transitional images are being displayed in a span of 15 seconds...]

{A Sequence of Still Shots - Cordova, Kayden Paulton & Natalia Simonov distributing care packages in a location overseas to the people...Damian Lee, Michael Buhrman, Alyssa Corliss & Dawn Cassidy taking pictures with random patients at an undisclosed hospital...Nate Quartermaine devoting time to read to the elementary school kids...Adam Lazarus & Dallas Griffin playing basketball with the local teens...The screen gradually is covered in white before the jOlt Wrestling logo and copyright information is etched across the screen. A number of stick figures representing each primary color of the rainbow, are joined hand in hand to form a makeshift squared circle with the jOlt lighting bolt centered within it. }

Fade to Black.

Moments of Darkness.

[MUSIC] "Spirit Inspiration" by Nothing's Carved in Stone

<[The rapid fire drum solo initiates the displaying of random sectioned off visuals of the following wrestlers in sequence; (Right Screen w/ Fade)...Grendel, raising his head with a menacing scowl...(Left Screen w/ Fade)...Jason Rau, with a side profile, staring intently at the fleeting image of Adam Lazarus...(Vertical Split Screen w/ Fade)...Eiji Kugasari(Left) is exchanging visual daggers with Jimmy B. Martinez(Right)...Fade...]

(Rolling Footage)...Gunnar Van Patton & Arkham power walking down the entrance ramp way...The tandem of Ryan Gallway & Frank Silver punishing Derrick Huber with a Double Team Neck Breaker ...Landon Stevens using a Springboard Shooting Star Press to flatten the tiro of Eiji Kugasari, Graham Youngblood & Jayshin Lee ...’The Heiress’ Sarah Winterton making Daryn Thompson tap out to The Ermine Cape submission...Adam Lazarus igniting the masses by hitting Big Air on Jason Rau...The tandem of Mattock & Sanchez Cano saluting ...the trio of Duzza, Khadafi & Status Quo inaudibly basking in the waves of crowd heat during their descent down the entrance rampway...Waymoth Turnbull bouncing Anson LaRue with a violent Snap Belly to Belly Suplex...The House playing to the crowd from atop the adjacent turnbuckles...Tyke hitting the Tyke Shot on an airborne Cordova...’Superstar’ Vince Jacobs hitting the Superstar Kick on a Mike Extreme...The Crimson Order slowly raising their heads in unison amidst the billowing overcast of smoke atop the entire entrance staging area...Craig Thomas leading Team EGO from the backstage area to get the jump on their opposition ...The Heirs of Wrestling, center ring, celebrating with the jOlt Tag Team Championships in their possession...The towering Spike Saunders destroying Jon Le Bon with the Dreamkiller finisher...Devestation Inc. members Conan the Leprechaun & Big Little Italy soaring through the ropes to deliver stereo Topes onto a pair of jobbers...High Flyer taking flight and plowing over a tandem of wrestlers with a OTR Corkscrew Plancha...Reno Davis , in an angled camera view, pointing at his intended target in a stoic fashion...Sweet. Sweet, Lovin’ connecting with a Double Team Spinning Heel Kick/German Suplex combination & the sequence ends with Eiji Kugasari executing a Leaping Double Roundhouse Kick in midair before punching the ground, immediately shattering the screen to fluidly transition to the ongoing barrage of Emerald, Gold & Pearl pyrotechnics assaulting the entire entrance staging area.

At their conclusion, a dense overcast of smoke gradually ascends to the heavens as the entire arena is filled with a unified roar from within. The musical introduction continues to echo in hindsight as the Emerald & Chrome show graphic captions are affixed to the bottom center of the Tv screen. Cameras Eight, Fourteen & Four trade moderate sweeps along the targeted sections of the arena to capture the excitement of the crowd before Camera One is transfixed onto the lead broadcast tandem of Donny Layne & Keith Kane.

"Open Season"

Aran Thompson As Warrirors came on the air, Jim Johnson was standing in the middle of the ring. The pyro was fresh as the smoke hadn't even ventilated out of the arena yet. He stood there with a microphone in hand as the new theme song for Warriors, "Spirit Inspiration" by Nothing's Carved in Stone faded away.

"Ladies and Gentlemen.. WELCOME to Warrirors" said Johnson.

The people cheered as Johnson had one of those classic grins on his face.

"As you know. I've tried turning over a new leaf.. and while I still can be a ruthless son of a bitch, I've created opportunity after opportunity for people. I created the Power Struggle Invitational to bring focus to the Relentless Championship. I created the qualifying matches for Thieves' Honor to bring attention to our world championship. As you saw on iNtense, we created the Phoenix Rose Invitational where some new and returning people to jOlt will contest for the right to fight for our Tag Team Championships.. and while the Underground Division now feels more like a true division, I wanted to do something to show what kind of a division it truly is."

The people cheered at the thought of that.

"The Underground has been elevated thanks to its former champions. Derecho put the Underground on the map and elevated that championship to a status equal to our own world championship. Sylo continued that and showed why The Underground wasn't a B Rank Division.. that it was tied as the TOP division and that anyone who holds that title should feel like a world champion because to win that title means to be as good.. if not.. better than a world champion."

The people continued to cheer as they knew that was a true statement.

"Now we have our third Underground Champion since we reopened in Ninja K. Another man who is bent on carrying on the legacy of that division that was established by Derecho and Sylo, but something's wrong. Over the past week and a half, we've had matches in the Underground Division, but we don't have a clear cut contender for that title. So I spoke with Kenshiro and I have decided that Ninja K will be overseeing six people we have selected to compete in a match at Cataclysm called Open Season."

Johnson took a moment before he continued.

"In fact, to show how important the Underground title is... I am making Open Season the MAIN EVENT at Cataclysm!"

The people were shocked to hear that no matter what happened with Aran Thompson, the jOlt Championship would not be headlining a Pay-Per-View.

"No disrespect intended for Aran Thompson or the jOlt Championship. I said that the Underground Title is on equal standing and I want to prove that by having this match, to determine a number one contender for the Underground Title, be the main event. I believe this will reflect the importance of such a championship."

Johnson took a brief pause.

"Now.. you must be wondering what is Open Season? This match is a two-tiered cage match. The bottom cage is the size of Hell in a Cell.. while the top cage is the size of a normal steel cage. In the top cage, there is a briefcase containing a contract that states you are guaranteed an Underground Championship opportunity at our next PPV, Rise of the Legends. You can access the top cage either by a hatch above each of the turnbuckles, or a hatch requiring a ladder in the center of the ceiling. You may also exit the bottom cell, climb up, and enter through any of the four doors on the outside of the upper cage. Once you grab the briefcase, the match is not over by any means. You must then get down to the floor and move your entire body across a yellow line at the top of the entrance ramp while in full possession of the briefcase."

The people approved the concept of the match.

"And now, here are the names of the six people who will be participating in Open Season... "Big Bucks" Adam Roebuck.... The Strangler.... under their "freebird" of the current holders of the jOlt Tag Team Championships... Mack Brody.... Kayden Paulton... "The British Lion" Tyke... and.... Waymoth Turnbull!"

There were some cheers and some boos for those names mentioned.

"It gets better... this upcoming Sunday on iNtense.. all six men will be involved in three separate Underground Matches to help them prepare.. and then the following week, on the final iNtense before Cataclysm, they will compete in an Underground Six Man Tag!!"

That got a healthy pop from the crowd!

"With that being said... enjoy the show tonight!"

Jim Johnson then exited the ring. The people were cheering that blockbuster announcement!

"Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend"

Aran Thompson *PIFF* *PAFF*

“Yeah girl just like that.. Right Hook, Left Kick!!”


“Spinning Back Kick!!”


The camera starts off focused in on the back of the purple custom “sOdAmnsErious” t-shirt of Diamond Jewelz; it hugs his large muscular frame extra tight, every striation of his muscles piercing through because of the large amount of sweat that covers it; Red Karate mitts cover his hands, and the diamond earrings in his ear and gold bracelets on his wrist gleam into the camera. Beads of sweat can be seen dripping down the forehead of the brown eyes of Ruby Rocks Jewelz whose hands are covered in black boxing gloves in front of him, poised to strike.

“Alright grapple!!!”

Ruby Rocks grabs Diamond as viciously as her small frame can muster, and locks him in a collar and elbow tie up. Surely, such a wondrously curved body wasn’t made to assert itself in such an aggressive manner, but here it was, going against its’ nature. The camera begins to swivel around to focus more on the competitor tonight Ruby Rocks! She wears a purple “Calm Down, It’s White Girl Wednesday T-Shirt” and matching purple trunks, with Ruby Rocks in White cursive on the back, and white “#sOdAmnSerious” logo imprinted kneepads and elbow pads!

“Yeah girl!!! That’s exactly what we have to do tonight!!! That’s exactly what we gotta do!!! Let’s do this damn thang!!! Alright that’s enough!”

Ruby lets go of the hold, backing off in exhaustion, panting hard, but through the exhaustion that clouds her face, all of the sudden an anxious and nervous smile pierces through.

“I’m so nervous!!! But I’m so excited at the same time,” Ruby exclaims, the clouds of exhaustion on her face now blotted out by her beautiful smile.

Ruby fans at her face and then jumps up and hugs Diamond in anxious excitement!!! This would be her debut match in the industry tonight. She had been training for years, but tonight was her first actual match.

“It’s here… It’s Here.. It’s finally Here,” Ruby proclaims as she jumps up and down in excitement.

Diamond gives Ruby a loving embrace, giving her a kiss on the cheek, as she works to remove her boxing gloves..

“Yeah baby.. It’s our time to shine.. We been working hard for this for two years and now, and it’s here.. It’s time for you debut.. Shine tonight baby!!! Shine!!!

“Aww,” ; ”I’mma try,” his fiancé Ruby responds

“Know you will!!! Believe me you will! I almost forgot something,” Diamond asserts with haste pointing his finger in remembrance. He goes over to a purple bag in the corner and pulls out a wooden box. He opens the box and gently slides out a thick diamond and gold dookie rope chain, with a diamond pendant that says ‘Ruby’ on it, a Red Ruby serving in the place of the U. Ruby Rocks face lights up even more!!! She lunges at Diamond and hugs him.

“I made this custom for you…Took me a couple weeks,”

He says holding the piece up, in front of his and Ruby’s face as she explodes in excitement, and he admires his own craftsmanship.

“But I’m making sure my baby shines tonight regardless.. Win or Lose…”

“Baby you didn’t,” Ruby exclaims in excitement; “I’m so happy!!”

Diamond, a GIA certified jeweler, slips the custom made piece around his fiancé’s neck…

“You’re not happy… You’re a tiger ready to pounce…”

Ruby turns her frown into a mean face.

“Tiger!!” she proclaims pointing at her instantly transformed serious face.

“You’re going to beat Winterton tonight, and me and Lennox, the next Generation superstars, we’re gonna take out the Heirs of Wrestling here in a couple of weeks for the title. You got the first crack at these guys baby!!! You crack this foundation tonight… So me and Lennox can destroy the house… All gold everything baby…. We all gonna have titles, me, you and Lennox!!!“

“All Gold Everything,” Ruby Rocks cosigns in a passion filled, mindless agreement staring deeply into Diamond’s eyes.

“I’mma make you a custom starlets title… Me and Lennox are gonna have custom tag titles… All Diamond and Gold everything… Diamond’s are a girl’s best friend baby!!!”

“Yeah” Ruby exclaims passionately kissing Diamond..

“Diamond’s are a girl’s best friend!!!”

Sarah Winterton vs Ruby Rocks Jewelz
Sarah WintertonDaryn Thompson

The Starlets Title Tournament was about to continue in full swing tonight with two more matches. On the last edition of Warriors, the young Texan powerhouse Daryn Thompson and The House’s valet and major fan favorite Charlotte advanced. This week, two more Starlets would be joining them, but only one would be advancing after the following match. Brad Arnold was the ring announcer who’d be taking that shit away.

Let’s get to it, eh?

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is the opening round of the Starlet Title tournament!”

“Sexy Girl Anthem” by Roscoe Dash.

The music played and the lights began to flash between shades of purple and pink for the first of the Starlets coming out. She was the valet for newcomer Diamond Jewelz; a wrestler who was slowly making waves in jOlt in the tag team division alongside partner Jameson Lennox.

“First, making her way to the ring from Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada… she is RUBY ROCKS JEWELZ!

The crowd responded kindly to Ruby Rocks as she made her way down the ring. So far, she and Diamond Jewelz had been on the up and up with the fans. It also helped that her opponent was kind of a snob and a brat to everybody else in the Starlets division – even going so far as to call herself the winner of the tournament already. RRJ headed into the ring and the young Canadian took in a mostly positive reaction from the crowd before she hit the ring.

“Pageant (instrumental)” by Moi Dix Mois.

That music played for the fans and lights began to swirl in shades of pearl as a lovely shade of pyro began to shower from the ceiling. As the pyro shower continued to fall on the stage, the fans in the arena began to boo and shout at the prissy girl making her second appearance in action.

“And her opponent… from Tampa, Florida, weighing in at 142 pounds… She is ”THE HEIRESS” SARAH WINTERTON!

She was brought in by The Heirs of Wrestling and shared their outright arrogance as noted by the ridiculous fireworks and hype she’d given herself. Dressed in a top and leather pants with a light-up crown on her head, she gave the old princess wave to the fans before she pranced to the ring. Sarah eventually made her way into the ring and draped her Heiress sash over the turnbuckle. The Heiress was ready for action, but quickly asked for a microphone.

“Hello, my darlings!”


The Heiress smiled at the crowd as she gave them another polite wave. She then turned her attention over to Ruby Rocks Jewelz, who was ready to punch a pretty little girl in the throat.

“To my dearies, I’m so happy to be here tonight in Florida. Tonight, you will all get to witness my take my place as Queen of the Starlets! You will get to witness to the first step of the mighty journey that is reaching the top of this mountain. After I defeat this young lady here… say… who are…”

Ruby Rocks wasn’t taking any of Sarah’s crap.

And she decided to deliver a slap.

Yep. That rhymed. I’m a poet and I know’d it!


Ruby Rocks took the fight to Sarah Winterton early and chopped her in the chest twice, making her flinch in pain! She tossed the glowing tiara off her hair and threw it outside the ring and up the aisle!

The Heiress was pissed so she jumped around and caught Ruby in the jaw with an Uppercut. She fired off two more and backed Jewelz into the corner before unloading with a flurry of three more.


She whipped Rubu Rocks Jewelz across the ring and charged at her coming from the other side, but the quick Canadian jumped over her and caught her with a quick Roll-up from behind!




Ruby Rocks was kicked away by The Heiress as she came running at her again. Sarah tried to take her head off with a Clothesline but the quicker Jewelz headed off the ropes and came back with a quick Flying Forearm Smash to the face!

The crowd cheered on Ruby Rocks Jewelz as she stood up and begged for Sarah to fight back. When The Heiress stood up she walked right into the grip of Ruby Rocks who lifted her up and slammed her face first into the canvas with an extra-punishing Flapjack! She rolled The Heiress over and covered her with the lateral press.




When The Heiress got her shoulder up, Ruby quickly grabbed her by the arm and launched her off into the corner before clobbering her with a Running Forearm to the face. Quickly she turned around and fired off another volley of Elbows to Sarah’s pretty little face.


The ten elbows caught Sarah in the face and she just finished the combination as Winterton took a tumble and climbed outside the ring. Ruby Rocks wasn’t going to stand and let Sarah Winterton recover so she climbed outside the ring and tried to pick her up again. She pulled Sarah back into the ring and tossed her inside.

Ruby Rocks Jewelz didn’t pay attention to the crowd cheering her on in support of the snobby Winterton; she was focused solely on getting to round two. When she tried to get back inside the ring, Winterton kicked the ropes in desperation and hit Jewelz in the face with the cable!

While she was stunned, Sarah Winterton put on her angry face and hooked Ruby Rocks by the head before she brought her down HARD with a Rope Hung Neckbreaker from the second rope! Sarah Winterton rubbed her hands together and turned over as she pulled Jewelz away from the ropes. Now that she was in control she took the chance to win.




The crowd cheered for Ruby Rocks as she got the shoulder up. The Heiress quickly pulled her to her feet and then slapped on a Front Facelock before turning to the crowd and delivering a polite pageant wave. The crowd booed before she turned her around and dropped her with a good Snap Suplex onto the canvas.

The Heiress stood up again and took a bow after the beautiful maneuver. She picked up Ruby Rocks off the mat and kicked Jewelz in the back with a good shot. RRJ arched her back in pain as Sarah bounced off the ropes and came back with an even harder Running Dropkick in the back, completing the combination called…





So close, but yet so far as Ruby Rocks Jewelz wasn’t about to pass up an opportunity this big in her own wrestling debut. She whipped Ruby Rocks across the ring and let her crash in the corner before running at the young Canadian again. This time she was more successful than earlier, landing a Running Cross Body and flying through the ropes to slide carefully out onto the apron in one fell swoop, Gail Kim-style!

Ruby Rocks Jewelz collapsed to her knees while Sarah Winterton started to wave to the fans once again. She started climbing back inside the ring and headed to the second rope before flying off and connecting with a second rope Front Missile Dropkick! Sarah Winterton was busting out more than the technical moves that she defeated Daryn Thompson with a few weeks ago. She patted herself on the back (no, seriously. There was a patting motion and everything) before rolling over and trying to secure her ticket to the semi-finals.




Jewelz with the shoulder up again! This only irritated the young Heiress as she stood up and whipped her across the ring again. Unfortunately for her she telegraphed a Back Body drop a little to early and Jewelz made her pay for it by palming the back of her head and DRIVING her into the mat with a sick Facebuster!

The Heiress now stumbled around in a daze as Ruby Rocks Jewelz took a few seconds to recover from the onslaught she’d weathered. Ruby Rocks Jewelz now came at her again and caught her in the side of the head with a few good elbows to the face before she whipped The Heiress across the ring. RRJ flew off the opposite side and bounced off the ropes…


The Flying Spinning Elbow to the face nearly knocked Sarah Winterton senseless! The crowd cheered Ruby Rocks Jewelz as she turned her onto her back (giggity) and went in for a stacked pin.




She slapped the mat in frustration when she came very close to dashing Sarah Winterton’s championship aspirations. The young Canadian stayed on the attack as Sarah tried to roll away from her. She landed two good blows to the face and sent her reeling in the corner before unloading with a Dropkick to the seated Winterton in the corner!

The crowd was behind Ruby Rocks Jewelz as she waited for Sarah Winterton to try and get back to her feet. When The Heiress bounced back up she was caught in the gut with a kick before she was set up into a Powerbomb position. She tried to power her up for whatever she had planned only for The Heiress to quickly duck down and try to roll away again. She reached over to her corner and grabbed her pageant sash to try and used as a weapon, but referee Darius Underwood stopped that shit from happening and took it away from her.

Ruby Rocks Jewelz tried to get at her but Winterton used the opportunity to JAB a vicious thumb right into her eye! The crowd jeered as The Heiress smiled. She locked her arms around the waist of Ruby Rocks before pushing her into the ropes. She rolled backwards and used the momentum to DRIVE Jewelz into the Rolling German Suplex…





Just like her friends and cohorts, The Heirs of Wrestling had done, she had managed to cheat her way to victory! She rolled outside the ring quickly and ran over to pick up her prized light-up tiara. She dusted it off and blew off some dirt before putting it back on her head!

“Here is your winner of the match… ”THE HEIRESS” SARAH WINTERTON!

Ruby Rocks Jewelz had put up a great fight and showed exactly why she belonged with some of the best women’s wrestlers today, but one sneaky opening allowed for The Heiress to get the victory and move onto round two.

An angry Jewelz grabbed the back of her head and slapped the mat in frustration while on the ramp, Sarah Winterton smiled to the camera and waved her hands in exaggerated fashion.

“Goodbye, my darlings!”

Egad. What a bitch.

Winner: Sarah Winterton via Pinfall

Desiree vs Vogue Gonsalvez
Sarah WintertonDaryn Thompson

The Starlet Championship Tournament already saw Sarah Winterton move on earlier tonight. Now it was time for possibly the most interesting match in the tournament.

"You Can Do It" by Ice Cube

The people boo'd as Vogue Gonsalvez walked out from the backstage area. As of this moment, this starlet is undefeated on The Hype and her opponent had her debut "match" against her just a little over a month ago. Now the two of them will meet once again in the tournament to crown a new Starlet Champion.

Vogue walked up the ringsteps and even told off a random fan in the front row who referred to her as hood trash. Vogue stepped into the ring and struck a pose in the center as her theme song faded away.

"Girls Girls Girls" by Motley Crue

Out from the back stepped Desire with Xin Xin Xiong by her side. Xiong was giving her advice as she took a deep breath and made her way down to the ring. It was obvious that she was nervous for her first official match after being professionally trained. She stopped at ringside as Xiong offered some last minute words of encouragement. She then hopped up onto the apron and stepped into the ring. The music died down as she looked like a deer in headlights.

The music died down as Vogue looked on from the opposite side of the ring with a big smile on her face. Desiree became almost frozen as the referee called for the bell.




"Come on! Don't freeze up now! Just remember everything I taught you!", yelled Xiong from ringside.

Desiree backed herself into a corner as Vogue stepped to the center of the ring. She taunted her to come forward, even stating that she promised that she wouldn't hurt her. Xiong yelled not to go near her just yet, but Desiree slowly took a step forward toward Vogue. Vogue nodded and beckoned Desiree closer to her. Slowly, Desiree inched closer and closer to Vogue. Xiong yelled for Desiree to get back, but it was too late... Vogue charged in..


A thunderous front kick to the stomach doubled Vogue over! The deer in headlights look in Desiree's face washed away with a look of furious focus! Desiree suckered Vogue right into it. Desiree then locked Vogue into a facelock and then spiked her with a DDT on the canvas! She went for the cover!!

Could it be over this early!?




Vogue popped the shoulder up!

Vogue rolled to her stomach and started to get up. Xiong yelled out..


Desiree quickly wrapped her legs around Vogue's head and fell back. She then pulled Vogue right into a Triangle Choke!!

The crowd hit their feet! She went from not being able to wrestle to having Vogue Gonsalvez in a triangle choke right in the middle of the ring! Vogue couldn't hold on and just like that... SHE TAPPED!

Desiree released the hold and Xiong hit the ring and embraced her in a hug. He then lifted Desiree's arm into the air! Vogue got suckered in! She thought that Desiree still wasn't trained and it would be an easy win, but that arrogance cost Vogue her very first loss in jOlt! Desiree, with a huge upset, moves on in the Starlet Championship Tournament, but now that her hand has been revealed, it's going to be a lot tougher road now. There's no way she will be able to pull the wool over everyone's eyes a second time.

Winner: Desiree via Submission

"Business Development"


The atmosphere in the arena quickly quietened as several fans turned their attention to the top of the entrance ramp - clueless as to who or what to expect.

A few intentional seconds passed to create a sense of suspense and surprise, before jOlt's latest addition appeared before the huge crowd in attendance.

"Ruster Reno, baby!" he shouted towards the camera - a grin growing wider and wider as he slowly made his way towards the ring.

The reception was slightly subdued due to Reno's lack of popularity in the wrestling world, but those who did recognize him managed to have their voices heard in the near-silent arena.

"Romeo" Ruster Reno arrogantly strolled towards the ring, lifting his sunglasses to rest on his forehead as he flashed a few poses at the cameraman standing before him. He climbed up the steps leading into the ring, before managing to make time for a couple more poses whilst standing outside the ropes.

A brief moment passed before a still-grinning Ruster Reno stepped into the ring and immediately asked for a microphone.

"Well hello there, jOlt," he began as he twirled in the center of the ring. "And what a week it has been so far, starting just a few days ago at iNtense!"

Reno referred to his arrival this past week at iNtense where he launched a vicious and unprovoked attack on Bryan Dawkins, when it looked seemingly likely that he had come to Dawkins' aid.

Although a newcomer himself, Bryan Dawkins managed to win over a portion of the fans at iNtense following his refusal to join reVolt.

"You know somethin', Dawkins?", he asked rhetorically. "Now, how can I put this simply - I don't like you. I. Just. Don't. Like you."

A small section of the crowd jeered at this remark. Reno noticed a cameraman on the ring apron flash away wildly at him. He lowered the microphone from his lips and walked towards the ropes.

"What are you doin'?", he asked. The cameraman hesitated for a brief second as he began to backpedal out of harms way. "You plannin' on being a rich man, Mr Camera-boy? You plannin' on selling these pictures on eBay? Back away. If you haven't purchased tickets, you shouldn't even dream of being this close to me. And I know you haven't got tickets - because there were no tickets."

Reno chuckled to himself as the cameraman moved down to the ring canvas. The fans began to show their disapproval at the cockiness and arrogance of, the self-proclaimed, 'God's Gift'.

"Now," Reno continued. "Back to Bryan Dorky. I have a problem with you, Dorky. I have a problem with you thinking you're it. What do I mean by 'it', I hear you all ask. I mean Dorky thinking he's a bit of a ladies man. I've noticed the way you talk to the females. I've heard the ladies 'cheer' you because they feel sorry for you. Let me tell you something, Dorky, and the rest of you good-lookin'-wannabes - let me tell you a bit more about my credentials. New York Model of the Year 2006. New York Model of the Year 2007. Calendar endorsements for gym and health magazines across the country. Modelled for shopping channels selling whatever they desired. And there's a reason why I was chosen to sponsor such events and activities. It's because of these good looks."

A huge chorus of jeers filled the arena now. If the fans were unsure as to the identity of Reno less than ten minutes ago, he's surely put himself firmly on the jOlt map now.

"It's because of this body." He lifted his satin shirt above his belly to show a tanned and toned set of abs. "It's because of this smile. It's because of the hair, the teeth, the eyes, everything! Everything about me personifies perfection. Everything about me epitomizes success. jOlt Wrestling can now feel confident in their future. They can feel confident that they have a new audience tuning into their shows. You see, no longer are we in the days where only men and their sons watched the shows. Now we will have women and their daughters tuning in. We'll see them buying tickets, buying merchandise, and ultimately supporting jOlt Wrestling financially. And it's because of me that jOlt Wrestling will now have some stability in its future. It's because of me that all the wrestlers in the back can be safe knowing their future in jOlt is secure. I am here to do everybody a favor, and if Bryan Dorky, for one minute, thinks he can be in my spotlight and attempt to carry the torch, then - well, we all saw what happened at iNtense. I'm hoping you now realize, Dorky, why I did what I did. I'm hoping that what happened at iNtense can now be buried. I'm hoping we can now move our separate ways. You can sail away into the sunset and maybe take a shower or something. And I will take my place on the mantelpiece of jOlt Wrestling and continue to drive this business forward. You see, I'm not just a model. I'm not just a wrestler. I'm also a businessman. I attract an audience. A different type of audience. And I always give a reason to retain viewers and fans. Oh, and by the way, 'Romeo' Ruster Reno is the name."

And with that, Reno dropped the microphone. He dropped his sunglasses back over his eyes and stepped out of the ring. A few verbal altercations with the ringside-seated fans momentarily stopped him in his paths. He 'greeted' the fans with one last spin at the top of the ramp before heading away backstage.

Tyke vs Bane Loneheart
Sarah WintertonDaryn Thompson

Tyke has been on a bit of a crusade. He's gone the way of The Underground, but he's done so by using as little weaponry as possible to defeat his opponents. Earlier in the night, Jim Johnson made another announcement regarding the Underground Championship and has named Tyke as one of the participants in the Open Season Match at Cataclysm. Tonight, however, Tyke was out to prove himself to be a legitimate threat once again.







Run ledgendaryarrival.exe



.................................................. .................................................. ....... 100 %


"Bullets" by Creed

The crowd booed as Tyke stepped out from the backstage area. With that grin on his face which was filled with focus and purpose, he marched down to the ring. Tyke then climbed up onto the ring apron and stepped into the ring. It was just two nights ago, in Dearborn, MI, that he settled the issue with Reno Davis, pinning him during their rubber match. Before he focused on Open Season, there was on more man that he would test himself against here tonight.

"Sur Fac Ing" by Slipknot

That man was someone else who wished to call the Underground his home. That man is Bane Loneheart. He walked out from the backstage area, holding his trusty pipe in his hand. As he walked down to the ring, he tapped the pipe in his other hand and then pointed it right at Tyke.

"You're not going any further than me", exclaimed Bane.

Bane grinned as he walked up the steps and entered the ring. As soon as he stepped foot into the ring, he charged Tyke and swung the pipe at his head, but Tyke ducked and went for the Tyke Shot, but Bane put up the pipe and used it to block the super kick! Both men shuffled back and Bane nodded his head, as if it were a sign of respect that Tyke was able to counter him.

The refeee kept them at a distance and called for the bell to officially start this match.




Bane kept the pipe in his hand as he circled Tyke. Bane then charged Tyke, but Tyke went low with a drop toe hold. When Bane hit the canvas, he dropped the pipe and it rolled out of the ring. Tyke then quickly grabbed the legs of Bane and stepped on his calves, looking for the surfboard submission, but Bane was squirming too much and Tyke couldn't hook it in.. so Tyke jumped up and stomped down on top of Bane's calves instead!

Bane rolled to his back as Tyke mounted him and began to punch Bane in the face, but eventually, Bane got his hand up into Tyke's face and dug his thumb into his eye to escape. As Tyke staggered away, Bane got to his feet and charged in with a running clothesline that took Tyke off of his feet. Bane taunted Tyke to get up and when he did, Bane went to the ropes and put Tyke down with a shoulder block.

"You don't belong here!", yelled Bane

Bane then pulled Tyke to his feet and then hoisted him up onto his shoulder, but Tyke fell behind Bane and clipped the back of his leg with a chop block! As Bane was on all fours, Tyke hit the ropes and nailed a running seated drop kick to the left side of Bane's face! Bane flopped down chest first onto the canvas. Tyke walked over and grabbed Bane by the head, lifting it up slightly.

"I belong here just fine" said Tyke right before he spat in Bane's face!

Tyke then slammed Bane's face into the canvas! Tyke then stood up and taunted Bane before he turned his attention to the audience. The people continued to boo Tyke as he circled Bane. Tyke stomped down on Bane's leg and taunted him some more. He then stomped on Bane's right hand and contnued to taunt Bane, asking him who really belongs in the Underground.

Tyke then pulled Bane up by the head, but Bane shoved Tyke against the ropes and nailed him with an European Uppercut off the rebound, putting him down. Bane quickly grabbed Tyke around the waist and deadlifted him up off the canvas. He then powered him down with a Gutwrench Suplex! Bane then rolled out of the ring and looked around for his pipe. He found it by the ringsteps and picked it up. Tyke was recovering in the ring when Bane slid back in. He waited for Tyke to fulled stand before he jammed the business end of the pipe into Tyke's stomach.

Bane then came down across the upper back of Tyke with the pipe, dropping him down to all fours. Bane then mounted Tyke and placed the pipe under Tyke's neck, pulling back with a modified Camel Clutch! Bane pulled back on the move, but Tyke refused to give it up. Tyke used all of his strength to make it to the ropes where he grabbed a hold of them, breaking the hold. Bane stood and then jammed the end of the pipe into Tyke's upper back.

Bane then hopped out of the ring and lifted up the apron, searching for something else. He reached underneath and pulled a table out from under the ring which garnered a rather large pop from the crowd. Bane slid the table in and hopped back up onto the ring apron, but Tyke sprung to his feet and nailed a shoulder block between the ropes. Tyke then grabbed Bane by the head and pulled him through the middle ropes until it was just his feet on the end of them. Tyke fell and planted Bane with a Rope Assisted DDT!

Tyke then reached down and grabbed the pipe that Bane had used on him earlier. Tyke then spat on the pipe and tossed it out of the ring, not needing it. He grabbed Bane and pulled him back up and then sent him to the ropes. Tyke then put Bane back down with a drop kick that connected just underneath the chin. Tyke scrambled to get into the cover and he hooked the leg deep.



Bane kicked out of it.

Tyke then brought Bane back to his feet and sent him to the corner where he hit back first. Tyke then charged in, but Bane put the boot up to try and stop Tyke, but Tyke grabbed Bane's boot and swung his leg through the middle rope. Tyke then hit a Spinning Tyke Kick the prone head of Bane in the corner! Tyke quickly stood and then grabbed Bane's other leg and placed that between the ropes, leaving him propped up there in the corner. Tyke then gained a bit of a distance and nailed a running drop kick to the nether regions of Bane Loneheart as the men in the audience groaned

Bane gingerly freed himself from the ropes and staggered forward. Tyke then hit a toe kick to the stomach and went for the Certa Cito, but Bane shoved him off. Bane then hobbled at first, but he gained momentum and speared Tyke right when he turned around! Bane then got up and immediately doubled over from that drop kick shot, but he fought through the man pain and grabbed the table he brought into the ring earlier. Bane unfolded the table and placed it halfway between the middle of the ring and the neutral corner. Bane turned around and grabbed Tyke and then hoisted him up onto his shoulders. Bane walked over to the table and measured Tyke up. He then spun Tyke off his shoulders, going for an F-5-like maneuver, but Tyke grabbed Bane's head on the way over and planted him head first through the table with a DDT!!

Tyke took some of the impact from the table, too, but he managed to pull himself up to his feet. Bane looked to be out cold as Tyke grabbed him by the leg and dragged him to the center of the ring where he rolled Bane onto his back and covered him





Bane kicked out just in time!

Tyke couldn't stand to be in this match any longer and grabbed Bane by the head. He nailed a knee strike with the left knee, then with the right knee, then the left, then the right, and he continued to alternate knee strikes over and over to the top of Bane's head! Tyke then fully brought Bane up to his feet and kicked him in the stomach..



Bane grabbed Tyke and lifted him up and over, causing Tyke to land behind him! Bane turned around, but he would soon learn that was a mistake...



Bane collapsed in a heap as Tyke went for the cover and hooked the leg in deep.




The people booed and Tyke grinned. He had picked up another victory and if he could carry this momentum, he could possibly win Open Season at Cataclysm and go on to face Ninja K for the Underground Championship at Rise of the Legends next month!

Winner: Tyke via Pinfall

"Embrace the Orange Peanut"

Aran Thompson This scene was getting all too familiar.

An Office.

Jim Johnson

The door swinging open.

Jon Le Bon

Disgusted look on Johnson's face

Le Bon jumping into a chair in front of Johnson's desk and kicking his feet up.

Overused? Possibly... stale? Hardly. However, Johnson grinned as he looked on at Le Bon.

"How did I know that I wasn't going to get through a night without seeing you in here?" asked Johnson.

"Aw come on. You've seen me so much, that we could be family!" said Le Bon.

Johnson actually shuddered at that thought. A man who usually doesn't let much get to him... well.. that single thought did. Johnson then shook it off and asked the obvious question.

"So.. what are you in here for this time?"

Le Bon reached into his pocket and pulled out a mangled and opened packet of M&Ms. The packaging was yellow, so anyone who knows anything about candy should know that these are peanut M&Ms.

"Since you didn't have any for me on iNtense, I decided to bring you an orange peanut!" said Le Bon.

Le Bon then poured the contents of the pouch all over Johnson's desk. It was nothing but orange colored peanut M&Ms. A bunch of them spilled off of Johnson's desk and all over the floor.

"Oh!! Don't worry! I'll clean those up!" said Le Bon.

Le Bon quickly flopped out of the chair and onto the floor with a thud. While he was down there, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a smaller orange colored thing about the size of a peanut and stuck it underneath Johnson's desk! It looked like a listening device.. or a bug if you will. Le Bon then picked up an M&M and tossed it into the air as it landed on Johnson's desk. He did this for the other M&Ms until Johnson stood up and slammed his hands on the desk, causing some of the M&Ms to fall back to the floor.

"STOP IT!" yelled Johnson.

"You're spilling them again! Now I'm going to have to pick these up!"

"NO YOU'RE NOT!", yelled Johnson. "I don't want your stupid orange peanuts, which are CLEARLY M&Ms... and since you have no real purpose here, I don't want you in my office. Just leave the crap there and get out!"

Le Bon stood up

"Wait.. if you want me to leave them here, then that means you really want my orange peanuts... Why are you speaking in riddles!? Why don't you just admit that you want to put my orange peanuts in your mouth?"

Johnson looked appalled.

"GET OUT! GET OUT RIGHT NOW!" yelled Johnson.

Le Bon stood a step back.

"Okay! I'll go get you more orange peanuts!!"

Le Bon then ran out of the room. Johnson quickly followed Le Bon and closed the door behind him, locking it.

"That bastard is going to be the death of me..."

Johnson then walked over to his desk and looked at all of the M&Ms spilled over it. He picked one up and popped it in his mouth.

"Not bad, though."

The scene faded to black.

Omega vs Lusus
Sarah WintertonDaryn Thompson

’Never Scared’ by Bone Crusher banged heavily overhead from the state-of-the-art PA system, drawing Camera Eleven across the stands toward the entrance staging area. The twin set of jOltvision screens shared a vivid display of mobile powerhouse using his girth to batter & overwhelm his unfortunate opposition. A notable volley of mixed cheers & jeers rose from the stands as the masked gargantuan actively scanned the horizon before taking a suspicious look at the backstage curtains. A myriad of emotions flashed infrequently across the big man’s face amidst his attempts to mask them from the masses en route to the squared circle.

The jovial giant was showing more and more tenacity over the past few weeks as he was going to be facing a man that did not fear anything. Flashing his canines to the cameras & masses, the walking avalanche lumbered up to the ring apron and stomped up the ring steps before entering the ring. The large man stood in the ring awaiting his opponent in this Underground Match.

‘Redeemer’ by Marilyn Manson hit the arena as the lights quickly went dark. The music continued to play throughout the arena as Lusus looked around. The fans continued to be antsy as a few flashes from cell phones went off around the arena. The lights slowly came back on and the monster Omega stood in the middle of the ring right behind Lusus. The giant turned around as he heard the jeers from the fans. He saw the monster Omega standing in the ring with a smile on his face.

Lusus backed up looking at the monster standing in front of him. It was rare that Lusus looked up to anyone in the middle of the ring but tonight he was facing a man that was taller than him and he outweighed by less than one hundred pounds. The bell sounded as Omega stood stoically in the middle of the ring. Lusus walked over to the monster and started to talk but Omega just stared at him with no emotion on his face.

“You dumb or something.”

Lusus charged at Omega trying to push him back toward the ropes but the monster held his ground as Lusus was astonished at how powerful Omega was. It was rare to find someone who could out muscle Lusus. Lusus nailed Omega with a big right hand as Omega stood in taking the now barrage of blows coming from Lusus. The big man pushed Omega back toward the corner. He drove a few more shots at Omega trying to get the taller man off his feet.

Lusus drove several shoulder blocks into Omega’s midsection which doubled the monster over. Lusus grabbed Omega and whipped him into the opposite corner. The giant raced into the corner and nailed Omega with a huge splash. Lusus was now in control as he grabbed Omega by his dreadlocks and slammed him to the mat. Omega rolled over trying to get himself into the match. Lusus rolled to the floor and pulled up the ring apron. He grabbed a ladder and pulled it out from under the ring.

Lusus picked up the ladder and pushed it into the ring. The big man rolled into the ring as Omega was up and bolted across the ring with a big clothesline. Lusus did not go down but Omega was not done. He grabbed Lusus and sent him to the mat with a huge belly to belly suplex which got a reaction from the crowd as the strength of Omega was on display.





Omega picked up the ladder and set it up in the corner. The monster reached down and grabbed Lusus by the mask and slowly picked him up. He grabbed Lusus by the arm and whipped him into the corner with a huge amount of force. Lusus hit the ladder hard falling to the mat holding his back. Omega had a slight grin on his face as he grabbed the mangled ladder from the corner and dropped it in the center of the ring.

The monster slowly pulled Lusus up hooking him in a front chancery. The fans looked on in awe and shock as Omega picked Lusus up and suplexed him onto the ladder. The fans were dead silent as they continued to witness the ungodly strength of Omega. Omega sat up as Lusus rolled around on the mat in pain. The monster did not make a move toward Lusus as he just sat in the ring enjoying his handy work. Omega slowly moves toward Lusus and put his face to the ear of Lusus.

“We will continue as long as you breathe.”

Omega who relished in inflicting pain stood to his feet as he methodically stalked Lusus. The less jovial giant made it to the ropes but Omega was there as he started to choke Lusus with the middle ropes. The ref couldn’t do anything as he looked on. Omega finally let Lusus go as he rolled to the floor. Omega drove a big right hand into Lusus’ temple that sent the big man back into the ring.

Omega was now the one looking under the ring for a weapon. He took a steel chair and threw it into the ring. Omega grabbed a table and dragged it from under the ring. He slid the ladder into the ring as well. However Omega was not done as he grabbed another ladder from under the ring. He took the ladder and slid it into the ring. The fans started to jeer as Omega smirked before he rolled into the ring. Lusus was still trying to get his bearings again. Omega picked up the table and set it up in the middle of the ring.

Lusus was able to get to his feet as he grabbed the steel chair and drove it into Omega’s back. The big man nailed Omega again. The shot sent Omega to his knee. Lusus was up now standing in front of Omega. He took the chair and was looking to swing for the fence but Omega hit the chair with his fist which caused Lusus to drop the chair. Omega grabbed Lusus by the throat and lifted him in the air and with impressive strength drove him into the mat with a big choke slam.

Omega went down for the pin.




Omega had a sick smile on his face as he stood to his feet. He picked up the ladder and placed it on the table. He slowly reached down and grabbed Lusus again by the mask. He picked up Lusus and drove him through the table with a huge power bomb. Omega pulled Lusus from the carnage in the ring and went for the pin.




It was over. Omega picked up an impressive victory over Lusus. The monster continues to mark his mark in the Underground Division in jOlt. He has his eyes set on the champion, Ninja K. Omega moved from Lusus with a smile as he sat in the corner watching the ref and the jOlt officials attend to Lusus in the ring.

You can say that Omega loved destruction and that could be a bad thing for jOlt.

Winner: Omega via Pinfall