"Welcome to Warriors"

[The soft yet catchy playing of a piano is overheard in the background as the following transitional images are being displayed in a span of 15 seconds...]

{A Sequence of Still Shots - Cordova, Kayden Paulton & Natalia Simonov distributing care packages in a location overseas to the people...Damian Lee, Michael Buhrman, Alyssa Corliss & Dawn Cassidy taking pictures with random patients at an undisclosed hospital...Nate Quartermaine devoting time to read to the elementary school kids...Adam Lazarus & Dallas Griffin playing basketball with the local teens...The screen gradually is covered in white before the jOlt Wrestling logo and copyright information is etched across the screen. A number of stick figures representing each primary color of the rainbow, are joined hand in hand to form a makeshift squared circle with the jOlt lighting bolt centered within it. }

Fade to Black.

Moments of Darkness.

[MUSIC] "Spirit Inspiration" by Nothing's Carved in Stone

<[The rapid fire drum solo initiates the displaying of random sectioned off visuals of the following wrestlers in sequence; (Right Screen w/ Fade)...Grendel, raising his head with a menacing scowl...(Left Screen w/ Fade)...Jason Rau, with a side profile, staring intently at the fleeting image of Adam Lazarus...(Vertical Split Screen w/ Fade)...Eiji Kugasari(Left) is exchanging visual daggers with Jimmy B. Martinez(Right)...Fade...]

(Rolling Footage)...Gunnar Van Patton & Arkham power walking down the entrance ramp way...The tandem of Ryan Gallway & Frank Silver punishing Derrick Huber with a Double Team Neck Breaker ...Landon Stevens using a Springboard Shooting Star Press to flatten the tiro of Eiji Kugasari, Graham Youngblood & Jayshin Lee ...’The Heiress’ Sarah Winterton making Daryn Thompson tap out to The Ermine Cape submission...Adam Lazarus igniting the masses by hitting Big Air on Jason Rau...The tandem of Mattock & Sanchez Cano saluting ...the trio of Duzza, Khadafi & Status Quo inaudibly basking in the waves of crowd heat during their descent down the entrance rampway...Waymoth Turnbull bouncing Anson LaRue with a violent Snap Belly to Belly Suplex...The House playing to the crowd from atop the adjacent turnbuckles...Tyke hitting the Tyke Shot on an airborne Cordova...’Superstar’ Vince Jacobs hitting the Superstar Kick on a Mike Extreme...The Crimson Order slowly raising their heads in unison amidst the billowing overcast of smoke atop the entire entrance staging area...Craig Thomas leading Team EGO from the backstage area to get the jump on their opposition ...The Heirs of Wrestling, center ring, celebrating with the jOlt Tag Team Championships in their possession...The towering Spike Saunders destroying Jon Le Bon with the Dreamkiller finisher...Devestation Inc. members Conan the Leprechaun & Big Little Italy soaring through the ropes to deliver stereo Topes onto a pair of jobbers...High Flyer taking flight and plowing over a tandem of wrestlers with a OTR Corkscrew Plancha...Reno Davis , in an angled camera view, pointing at his intended target in a stoic fashion...Sweet. Sweet, Lovin’ connecting with a Double Team Spinning Heel Kick/German Suplex combination & the sequence ends with Eiji Kugasari executing a Leaping Double Roundhouse Kick in midair before punching the ground, immediately shattering the screen to fluidly transition to the ongoing barrage of Emerald, Gold & Pearl pyrotechnics assaulting the entire entrance staging area.

At their conclusion, a dense overcast of smoke gradually ascends to the heavens as the entire arena is filled with a unified roar from within. The musical introduction continues to echo in hindsight as the Emerald & Chrome show graphic captions are affixed to the bottom center of the Tv screen. Cameras Eight, Fourteen & Four trade moderate sweeps along the targeted sections of the arena to capture the excitement of the crowd before Camera One is transfixed onto the lead broadcast tandem of Donny Layne & Keith Kane.

Sarah Winterton vs Desiree
Sarah WintertonDaryn Thompson

Tonight began the semi-finals of the Starlets Title and the following match would be between two people who had varying degrees of experience. “The Heiress” Sarah Winterton had won several matches so far since she debuted in jOlt and had continued to shoot her mouth off about the state of the Starlet division – mainly that it deserved to have her as the champion. While she seemed proud of her fellow Starlets, she was a two-faced woman who would proudly cheat to get ahead.

Desiree was the pupil of the former fWo Cruiserweight Champion Xin Xin Xiong and she had earned the respect of the fans with her never-say-die attitude. She’d upset Vogue Gonslavez in her showing last week, but she wasn’t facing a fellow wrestler from the Hype; she was fighting a classically-trained technician in the ring.

“The following contest is a semi-final matchup in the Starlet’s Title Tournament!” said Brad Arnold.

“Pageant (instrumental)” by Moi Dix Mois.

That music played for the fans and lights began to swirl in shades of pearl as a lovely shade of pyro began to shower from the ceiling. As the pyro shower continued to fall on the stage, the fans in the arena began to boo and shout at the prissy girl making her second appearance in action.

“And her opponent… from Tampa, Florida, weighing in at 142 pounds… She is ”THE HEIRESS” SARAH WINTERTON!

She was brought in by The Heirs of Wrestling and shared their outright arrogance as noted by the ridiculous fireworks and hype she’d given herself. Dressed in a top and leather pants with a light-up crown on her head, she gave the old princess wave to the fans before she pranced to the ring. Sarah eventually made her way into the ring and draped her Heiress sash over the turnbuckle. She was ready to take what she felt was her rightful place on top of the Starlet division.

“Girls Girls Girls” by Motley Crue.

The crowd cheered as out from the back came Desiree. She was a proud up-and-comer in The Hype with the opportunity of a lifetime. She had pulled an upset over Hype standout Vogue Gonslavez in the first round, but now she was stepping into the ring with somebody that was pretty cut-throat in the ring.

“And her opponent… she hails from Enfield, Connecticut… she is DESIREE!

She was without X3 tonight and decided to go it alone to prove something to both herself and the jOlt fans. As soon as she hit the ring, she climbed inside and faced Winterton. The Heiress waved and flashed a completely insincere smile as the bell rang.


Winterton quickly went on the attack and kicked Desiree in the face with a nice Dropkick off the bat! The Heiress saw how quickly Desiree had defeated Vogue when she was caught off-guard. She had no such trepidation and stood up to wave her hand at her.

“Hello, my darlings!” Sarah waved to the crowd.

Desiree had been caught completely unaware by Winterton’s quick attack. She lifted her up and rushed her to the ropes before delivering a quick knee to the gut. After the move, she caught Desiree overhea and took her over with a nice Double Underhook Suplex. She was taken down and quickly Sarah floated over into the cover.




Winterton was a little bit angry that she hadn’t gotten the win right away. She tried to pull Desiree up by her hair, but the Enfield native quickly fired back to the delight of the fans. She fired off a series of Elbow Smashes to the face and pushed her back to the ropes before running forward. She jumped to the second rope and quickly tossed The Heiress right over with a Monkey Flip!

She was all fired up now and Desiree looked to go after The Heiress. While Winterton was trying to get back to her feet Desiree waited for her patiently before she came charging in. Sarah moved but Desiree was at least quick enough to stop herself from crashing into the corner. Winterton moved in for the kill only to eat a back elbow to the face.

“Let’s go!” Desiree shouted.

The young underdog yelled to the fans as she started to jump to the second rope only for Sarah Winterton to grab her by the leg and THROW her right off sending her crashing hard into the canvas!

The crowd was all over The Heiress as she flashed another princess wave for the fans before she turned back to Desiree and tried to put a quick end to her Cinderella story.




Desiree had been chosen by the former Starlet Champion Aria Murphy personally and idolized the female wrestler for her storied jOlt and LoC career. Winterton could give less than zero fucks about such a thing – noted by the fact that she was kicking Desiree around.

She continued to kick and kick and kick some more until the referee forcibly told her to back away or risk disqualification. The Heiress turned her attention back to Desiree and dropped her in the ring with a Snapmare. She then followed up with a kick to the back followed by a nasty Dropkick to the back of the head…


The sequence of moves finally put Desiree down on the mat once again and now Sarah Winterton had her chance to get the win.




The crowd cheered Desiree as she continued to fight. X3’s training had really shined for her, but she needed a chance to use that Triangle Choke that she used in order to defeat Vogue. Sarah wasn’t giving her any opportunities to use it.

She stomped down at the head of Desiree some more before pulling her back to her feet before trying for a Neckbreaker. Out of nowhere, Desiree had managed to twist her around and catch her with a Backslide!




Desiree almost got the duke but Sarah kicked out. Desiree tried getting back to her feet again only for Sarah to catch her by the head and kick her down with a nice Spinning Neckbreaker. From there, Sarah segued right into a submission attempt by holding her neck over her shoulder in a modified Neck Crank submission.

“Desiree, do you give up?” The referee asked.

“No!” Desiree shouted.

Aria Murphy, her idol, had been watching the matches from home and watching this new wave of Starlets blossom in jOlt. Desiree couldn’t do anything to let her down. She tried to get back to her feet while a surprised Winterton tried to stop her. She quickly kneeled and turned her around before PLANTING her down hard with a DDT!

The same DDT that she used to great effect on Vogue last week had turned the situation in her favor this week as well. Sarah came in guns blazing in this semi-final matchup but Desiree was fighting her every step of the way. The referee was starting a ten-count now.






Desiree started first and went back to his knee. Meanwhile Sarah Winterton was trying to get back to her knees again while holding the back of her neck. She ran right into Winterton as she got back up and nailed a few more forearms to the face. She charged again at Sarah Winterton only to land right into a nice Back Elbow that floored her. The Heiress was fed up with this crap and went for another cover.




“Sir, may I ask you to kindly count FASTER?”

Winterton was clearly upset now but there wasn’t really anything she could do about it. She walked over to try and pick up Desiree off the canvas again only for her to quickly wrap her legs around her head and start to squeeze…


Desiree had surprised her out of nowhere with the same move that she used to win her match last week! Sarah Winterton was struggling in the face of the hold and started to frantically move her hand in the air while Desiree kept the hold on tight. Winterton was about to raise her hand for the tapout, but she stopped quickly! The Heiress was showing some toughness of her own and reached out with her foot to get to the bottom rope! Desiree had to let go!

Sarah had dominated the match for the most part, but Desiree had shown some flashes of brilliance. However Winterton’s experience edge gave her great ring awareness and she was close enough to the ropes to not tap out. Desiree let go and protested with the referee while Sarah gasped for air.

“Ugh… maniac!” She whined.

Winterton was about to get to her feet again and watched as Desiree came charging in again. This time she was ready for her and caught her with a Schoolgirl!


Hook of the tights!


The three never came! The referee saw what Winterton was trying to do and wouldn’t count the fall! The Heiress stood up and poked the referee.

“No, I had this match won! Why did you… AHHHHHH!”

Schoolgirl by Desiree!




One second too late!


She did it! She actually did it! Desiree had DEFEATED Sarah Winterton and handed her her first lost in jOlt Wrestling since her debut! Sarah was completely distraught because she thought that she’d kicked out, but it had been just after the three count. And since that shit was wresling, the three-count was all that mattered.

“Here is your winner of the match… DESIREE!

The crowd had cheered because this was a completely unexpected result. Most had Sarah Winterton pegged to win, but she had been pinned clean in the middle of the ring. She had made Aria Murphy proud and she had advanced to the finals! She would face the winner of Charlotte and Daryn Thompson next week!

Desiree jumped up and down for joy in the middle of the ring for being able to seemingly outwrestle the technically-sound Sarah Winterton. She turned after the referee raised her hand…


Winterton CLOBBERED her in the back of the head with a nasty Elbow to the skull that sent Desiree tumbling to the mat. She couldn’t believe that she’d been beaten by a rookie and was thus out of the Starlet tournament. She stood up and pushed Desiree to the ropes before dropping her…


The Rolling German Suplex DROPPED Desiree hard in the center of the ring. An irate Heiress took her sash and put it around her neck. She was just mad that she had been caught cheating and ultimately paid for it giving Desiree the win. Sarah stormed off angrily back up the ramp, having to eat a lot of crow.

Inside the ring the referee went to check on Desiree after that heinous attack. She held the back of her head in pain but she had managed to get the win tonight and move on. Despite this setback and despite that she was in pain, she was the winner!

Winner: Desiree via Pinfall

"The Splitting of Heirs"

Aran Thompson

Donny Lane is seen in the backstage area overseeing the last minute adjustments made to the Emerald, Gold & Black tarp before being satisfied with the work. In thanking his crew, the motivated eWrestling journalist quickly adjusted his tie, cleared his throat before addressing the eager masses...

Layne: “jOlt Wrestling fans; Tonight, I am joined by one of the newest wrestling tandems into the company’s ranks...Here they are; ’The Crimson Order’...

Mamoru led his protegees’, Heido & Takeshi into view. The clan advisor was adorned by a Onyx tailor made suit with a matching dress shirt & silk Gold tie. Eager to stand before Layne in a respectable distance, he used both hands to adjust each lapel before speaking.

“Good evening, Mr. Layne.” Mamoru opened with a respectful tone as the masses were overheard booing in hindsight. “It is an honor to be here. To speak amongst each other like respectable men of principles.”

“Thank you. Thank you, Mr. Mamoru. Gentlemen.” Donny replied as both ninjas responded with a brief nod in kind. “My first question, among several, is your respective thoughts regarding your team’s intentions are in jOlt?”

Mamoru gently scoffed at the softball-esque initial inquiry as Takeshi briefly flared his nostrils before crossing his massive arms over his chest.

“In all respects, Mr. Layne and the participants of the Phoenix Rose Invitational...” Mamoru noted. “The Crimson Order are here to solidify their rightful stake & claim as among the tag team elite, both here & abroad. These proud men. Brothers. Both by blood & clan have refined their abilities as both seasoned practitioners of the Strong Style. Forged within the infamous halls of The Tekahashi Dojo. Refined by the harshest of elements & training. Without question, they are here to contend & readily defend their rights not only to challenge but to inevitably earn & retain this promotion’s Tag Team championships in honor of themselves and for the honor & pride of their clan.”

Layne: Well these are some bold statements made toward not only the cadre of tag teams competing overall but seemingly a direct challenge toward the current Tag Team Champions in the Heirs of Wrestling...” Mamoru stepped aside from Heido’s path as he assumed command of the forefront. Head appearing downcast underneath the notably tattered coolie hat. Adorned predominantly in Pearl with Crimson & Black Trim.

“For some time, we’ve been watching.” The sinewy ninja mentioned. “Unamused by the sophomoric antics of this promotion’s champions, we have decreed that The Crimson Order issue a direct challenge to the professed ‘Heirs of Wrestling’ tonight before the gathered masses. On the behalf of my brother, Takeshi...the esteemed Mamoru and myself, we demand the opportunity to provide to the reigning ’champions’ and the entire division a hardened glimpse of their inevitable future..”

Heido casually turned his head toward Layne, who was prompt to give the ninja a wide berth.

“In all respects, your amassed abilities...charisma & chemistry, are duly have never faced a team of this pedigree. ” Heido mentioned with a brief pause. “I assure you that we, Takeshi and myself, will undoubtedly quell the dismissive assumptions that your reign as champions are far from assured. The road to intentionally displace you as champions will no doubt be long. Grueling. Tempestuous. Deliberate. We long for every opportunity to wage war among this promotions’ aspiring elite to cement our legacy...By any means necessary....”

Heido calmly stepped away from the camera’s view. Donny Layne was left staring at the stoic Mute Mountain in Takeshi, who quietly lumbered away with his party.

"Romeo" Ruster Reno vs "The Flyin' Hawaiian" Bryan Dawkins
Sarah WintertonDaryn Thompson

As Warriors comes back from commerical, we see "The Flyin' Hawaiian" Bryan Dawkins in the ring, warming up. The lights then go low.

"The Unforgiven" by Metallica

Out from the back came Romeo Ruster Reno to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Last week, we saw Reno come to the aid of Bryan Dawkins when he was surrounded by reVolt, but much to the shock of many, Reno ended up attacking Dawkins once reVolt left the ring. Ruster Reno simply stated that he felt that he was better looking than Dawkins and that he was merely an eyesore. A simple opinion has brought us to this clash tonight as Reno rolled into the ring.

The two of them came face to face in the center.. Dawkins looked a bit serious while Reno had a grin on his face. The referee separated them and then called for the bell.




This rematch was requested by Romeo after Dawkins pinned him in their match last week. Romeo, feeling that is still better looking that Dawkins wanted a second chance to prove himself and thus, this re-match was granted.

The two of them circled in the middle of the ring. Romeo locked up with Dawkins and then placed him in a side headlock. Romeo cranked away at the neck, but Dawkins backed into the ropes and tried to shove Romeo off, but Romeo slid down to the canvas and took Dawkins with him. Romeo continued to tighten the hold on that headlock until Dawkins battled back to his feet and fired a pair of elbows into the mid-section of Romeo until he finally broke free.

Dawkins then went to the ropes and hit a shoulder block on Romeo. Dawkins hit the ropes again, but Romeo kipped up and hit a nice arm drag taking Dawkins over. Dawkins got back up and charged back in, but Romeo leapfrogged over him. Romeo went to his back as Dawkins bounced off of the opposite end and got catapulted by Romeo when Romeo put his feet up, catching Dawkins off the rebound. Romeo kipped up to his feet once again and helped Dawkins back to a vertical base.

Romeo then fired a knife edge chop across the chest and then fired a second one as Dawkins was pinned against the ropes. Romeo whipped Dawkins, but Dawkins reversed. Dawkins telegraphed a back body drop, but Romeo rolled off of Dawkins back, hit a leg sweep, and then a standing shooting star press right into the first cover of this match!



Dawkins kicked out.

Romeo placed Dawkins into a seated position and then drove the point of his knee into his upper back. Romeo stood and dropped another knee into his back and then slapped on the rear chin lock. Dawkins rallied the crowd behind him as he got back to his feet. Dawkins then fell back down and nailed a jawbreaker that stunned Romeo. Dawkins stood and then hit a clothesline that knocked Romeo down, but Romeo got right back up only to get hit with another clothesline. Romeo staggered to his feet as Dawkins hit him with the toe kick to double him over. Dawkins set Romeo up between his legs and lifted him up to shoulder height. Dawkins ran forward and nailed a Ligerbomb!



Romeo kicked out!

Dawkins stood as Romeo struggled to get to his feet. Dawkins backed Romeo into the corner and hit him with a couple of shoulder blocks to the stomach. Dawkins with the arm twist before the whip that sent Romeo to the opposite corner. Dawkins charged in and nailed a running high knee to the jaw of Romeo. He then hooked the head and went for a running bulldog, but Romeo stopped him short and lifted him into the air...


Romeo nailed a back drop suplex, but the upper back of Dawkins slammed down on top of the top turnbuckle pad!!

"OOOOHHHH!" shouted the crowd

Romeo wasted no time going to the corner, ascending to the top. Romeo then spun 180 degrees and sat on the top ropes, bouncing off with a split-legged moonsault that connected down across the chest of Bryan Dawkins! Romeo then went for the cover!



Dawkins kicked out!

Romeo couldn't believe and then mounted Dawkins, raining down right hands to the face as Dawkins tried to cover up. The referee admonished Romeo and then counted to about four before Romeo got up off of Dawkins. Romeo jawwed with the referee for a few minutes, but Dawkins took advantage as he grabbed Romeo from behind and pulled him into a schoolboy roll up!



Romeo kicked away, stood and then started to rapidly stomp on the felled Bryan Dawkins. The referee, again, forced Romeo to get away from Dawkins so he could get to his feet, but Romeo shoved the referee aside and walked in toward Dawkins, but that proved to be a mistake as Dawkins grabbed the front of Romeo's tights and threw him face first into the middle turnbuckle in the corner! Dawkins stood and grabbed Romeo in a waist lock, quickly hitting German Suplex wiht a bridge pin!



Romeo kicked away!

Dawkins quickly stood and grabbed Romeo, pulling him up to his feet. Dawkins lifted Romeo for either a brainbuster or a suplex... we wouldn't know as Romeo used his knee and struck Dawkins in the head at the apex of the lift. As Romeo was being put down by Dawkins, Romeo wrapped his legs around Dawkins and pulled him over into an inside cradle!



Dawkins kicked away!

Both men staggered to their feet. A chop by Romeo.. a punch by Dawkins.. chop again by Romeo.. a punch by Dawkins.. another chop by Romeo.. another punch by Dawkins.. then another punch, and another and another. Dawkins built momentum as he backed Romeo into the ropes. Irish whip by Dawkins, but reversed by Romeo. Dawkins leapt to the middle rope and twisted off with a body press, but Romeo leapt up and drop kicked Dawkins out of mid-air! Dawkins crashed hard!

Romeo quickly pulled Dawkins up to his feet and hooked him for The Makeover, but Dawkins shoved Romeo off. Romeo turned around as Dawkins kicked Romeo in the stomach and then nailed a hook kick to the back of Romeo's neck! Romeo rolled over onto his back as Dawkins ascended the turnbuckles and climbed to the very top...

Shooting Star Press...


Dawkins crashed and burned on the canvas. As Dawkins staggered up, Romeo flipped over him and hit a modified school boy, but he grabbed a fist full of tights that was out of view from the referee as he counted.




Romeo Ruster Reno just stole a victory! Reno quickly rolled out of the ring with a big grin on his face. Dawkins stood and complained to the referee that Romeo had him by the tights, but the referee said that he didn't see a thing. Dawkins looks pissed as Reno just smirked all the way to the backstage area.

Winner: Romeo Ruster Reno via Pinfall

"Discombobulated Mumbo Jumbo"

Aran Thompson Jon Le Bon is seen in the backstage area. He has his iPhone up to his ear. He seems to be grinning as we can hear a the phone ringing on the opposite end. A voice picks up and we can faintly hear someone say "Hello"

"My orange peanut has been compromised and Shaney says that he's going to put me into the fire if I don't stay off of live television.. I need you to scribble some stuff on my paper and make a free man!"

After a few moments of inaudible speech, Le Bon continues

"What do you mean who is this? You know who I am! I am the biggest Rockstar ever to grace professional wrestling.. one of the greatest talents to ever step into the ring.. I am the mecca of entertainment.. and I have 21 Twipo followers.. that means I'm a bigger deal than anyone walking the face of this earth.. including you, bookworm.. now scribble some stuff on my papers and hashtag GET ME OFF THE HYPE!"

There are a few more moments of inaudible speech and Le Bon stomps his foot on the ground

"Why do I have to do this? I sent you a sack with a dollar sign on it because apparently large black men can't be bought in this day and age unless you're Korean... you should be doing this FOR me!"

There's a click noise heard.

"Hello!? HE-LO-OOOOOOO." Le Bon throws his phone into a garbage can.

"That's the third iPhone that stopped receving phone calls today. Maybe I should get an Android.. but then I'd have to break up with Raevynn and I haven't even met her parents yet. Then again, she is a bit emotional.. like she's on her cycle twenty-four seven.. OH I KNOW!"

Le Bon pulls another iPhone out of his pocket, as if he has a stash just hidden there. He then dials someone.

"SHANEY! Guess what! I'm on Warriors right now.. and you can't put me in the fire because you said AFTER Cataclysm.. so.. like.. listen to THIS news! I talked to some talking head in a suit and he said that he's going to rearrange some of the words on this paper I have, but he said I had to tell you first otherwise there may be some sort of miscombulations about some hooha.. I don't know.. he was using words I never heard before.. but I'm sure that they're important.. and....

Le Bon stopped for a moment.

"Why yes.... that's who it was.. a lawyer type person.. why?"

"uh huh..."

"uh huh..."

"So I can remain on television? But why the sudden change of mind?"

"uh huh..."

"uh huh..."

"uh huh..."

"uh huh..."

"Can I put an orange peanut under your desk? Hello? HE-LL-O-OOOOOOOOOOOO"

Le Bon tosses that iPhone in the trash can, too

"4th time now.. Apple sucks."

Le Bon then walks away and the scene fades to black.

Sven Deadly vs Dallas Griffin
Sarah WintertonDaryn Thompson

The Arena of Champions stirred as the show progressed and then Ring Announcer Brad Arnold's voiced through the cheering.


"From Arlington, Texas! Weighing in at two hundred and fifty-two pounds! DALLAS! GRIFFIN!"

The Arena of Champions popped as "Excuse Me" by Koffee Blakk began playing Dallas Griffin walked out swinging his arms across his chest to his side pumping himself up, he walked over the ring and looked around before sliding in and posing for the crowd. The fans cheered as he turned his attention to the entrance ramp as the lights went out.

Flames shot from the entrance ramp as "The Enemy Inside" by Dream Theater began playing.

"Hailing from the WICKED AND UNWANTED!"


Buhrman: This is the first time we've seen Sven enter a ring since he lost the tag team championships, Nate.

Powers: He doesn't belong in the ring! He is a freak of nature! SCARY! RUN DALLAS RUN!

Sven lurked down to the ring, talking to himself and quickly shooting his attention at children scaring them. Dallas raised an eyebrow confused as Sven made it to the ring and he rolled inside of it just laying there and talking to himself.

Powers: What

Buhrman: Is

Both Commentators: He doing?!

The referee checked on Sven to shot up to his feet and got into his face when a womans voice shrieked over the PA System:


The Referee and Dallas looked at the ceiling trying to figure out what was going as Sven looked to the future, staring into the soul of the boot staps of Dallas Griffins boots. The referee again checked on Sven to see if he was okay and Sven slowly nodded his head, so the referee called for the bell but Sven just sat in the middle of the ring and Griffin looked even more confused.

Griffin questioned the referee and pointed at Sven.


Sven's attention turned to Dallas talking to the referee and he got in Dallas' face.

"Talk to me! Talk to me!" Sven shouted in a child like tantrum.

Dallas looked scary and pushed Sven away causing Sven to slam into the mat.


Dallas looked up for the voice again and the fans screamed in pleasure as Sven pounced to his feet and speared Dallas down and began hitting Griffin in the face with a flurry of mounted punches and countered into an armbar.

Sven wiggled free but Griffin was right behind him and as Sven rose up and tried to charge after Dallas completely leveled Sven with a vicious clothesline that he had to up dug up from hell.

Sven folded up and slammed into the mat.

Griffin slammed a hard elbow into the chest of Sven and returned the physical flurry of pain as he pummeled Svens face in, literally.

Sven began bleeding profusely from his mouth and nose as Griffin continued the relentless assault on the Sin of Humanity before stopping and grabbing Sven by the throat and pulling him to his feet.


Dallas Griffin looked up at the ceiling once again trying to figure out who was screaming these words that had an immediate change on the demenor on the embodiement of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Once Griffin turned his attention to Sven he saw a histerical Sven Deadly laughing and licking his own blood off of his chin and lips.

Griffin dropped Sven and backed away. Sven pounded his fist in the mat and shot his attention to Griffin and pounced on him. Sven had is body wrapped around the upper torso of Griffin and biting his forehead.

Griffin screamed in agony and managed to shove Sven off of him but Sven's blood lust was too pure and potent to srop. Sven hit Griffin with an impossible looking drop kick that pushed in Griffin's jaw and throat.

Griffin slammed into the mat and held his mouth and throat in pain writhing around and Sven tilted his head as he slowly approached the down Griffin.


Sven stopped and looked around the Arena of Champions and noticed all the fans watching as Sven turned what should of been an obvious squash from Griffin into a brutality. Sven screamed at the top of his lungs, "C'MON!!!!!!!"

The Arena jumped and began cheering for him as he pumped the crowd and then he looked at Griffin who was trying his best to drag himself away. Sven kicked Griffin's foot and leg teasing him and making it very obvious that was his intentions. Griffin fell out of of the ring and noticed the handle of a kendo stick laying out from under the ring.

Sven posed for the cameras and basked in the admiration that he was receiving and Griffin slid into the ring clinched tight to the handle of the weapon that has seemingly chose Griffin. Griffin stepped in close to an oblivious Sven Deadly and swung.


Sven immedately dropped to a seated position on the mat and Griffin connected with the rope and and the Kendo Stick shot back and slammed into his own face. Griffin dropped the weapon and it landed next to Sven.


Sven shot out of his trance and looked at the kendo stick and quickly grabbed and went to town on Dallas Griffin until the weapon splintered and broke into pieces. Sven looked around in a rage that startled the front row and then he noticed Dallas on the mat and turned his attention to the turnbuckle.

Sven quickly climbed to the top of the turnbuckle and looked around and screamed a blood war cry as his voice bubbled in his own blood.


Sven hit his flipping top rope headbutt on Griffin and his body landed on Griffin pinning him down but his rage was endless and he began to get up.


Sven once again entered the trance and all of his body weight pressed on the still bigger Dallas Griffin but the attack from the Kendo stick had done the damage.





Sven rolled off of Griffin as the referee assisted a bloody and battered Sven Deadly who had a proud smile of victory on his face. Sven rolled out of the ring as half of the fans watched in terror as he walked to the back with ease and others cheered for him.

Sven turned around and walked to the back and as the camera came back to check on Griffin in the ring it noticed...



Buhrman: Sven didn't even know it, he just've never seen anything like this before.

Winner: Sven Deadly via Pinfall

"We Know"

Aran Thompson "Sven!"


The voice of Dawn Cassidy could be heard shouting for the attention of Sven Deadly who stopped in his tracks and slowly turned his head to the side as blood slowly ran from his nose and dripped from his chin.

"Sven! A moment please?"

Sven smiled and began to walk again making it harder for Dawn to keep up.

"Sven! Whose voice was that?"



Sven stopped yet again and quickly turned around and got into Dawns face. His blood dripped on to her shirt just barely missing her skin.

"What voice?" Sven said very calm and with ease in a very gravely tone.

Dawn looked confused.

"You didn't did hear her voice?" Dawn asked.

Sven stared at Dawn with a blank look on his face and turned around and started walking, he stopped at a door that read: Boiler Room.

"Sven. She was under the ring." Dawn managed to mutter out as Sven opened the door stopping him in his tracks.

Sven turned his head again, blood still dripping from his face, and he smiled.

"We know."

Sven slammed the door closed and left Dawn in shock for a moment before she realizes that his blood had dripped onto her clothes.

"What the...."

Mack Brody vs Reno Davis
Sarah WintertonDaryn Thompson

“Midas” Mack Brody’s one goal at Cataclysm was to rise to the main event of the show and get to the top where the winner of the first-ever jOlt Open Season match would become the #1 Contender to the jOlt Underground Championship currently held by Ninja K. After a hard-fought loss to The Strangler on iNtense, Mack Brody could not afford to lose any more momentum. He was one third of the jOlt Tag Team Champions as The Heirs of Wrestling, but the Bronze Bombshell wanted more. To that end, he challenged anybody to an Underground Rules match here tonight.

“The following match is an Underground Rules match! Falls count anywhere and no disqualifications!” yelled Brad Arnold. The crowd cheered at this announcement.

“What You Know (instrumental)” by T.I.

The arena was bathed in gold lights all around as the stage started to light up along with it. The crowd started to boo heavily for the heavy of the Heirs of Wrestling as he stepped out on the stage. Compared to his appearance on the last edition of iNtense, Mack Brody looked ready for combat. He stepped out onto the stage with a more determined look on his face and instead of the big light-up jacket he would wear with The Heirs… he was wearing a sparkling sequined robe that covered up his frame as he waited on the ramp.

The music stopped for a moment before the Bronze Bombshell stood up and THREW the robe behind him, showing off his impressive physique. The monster was a blue chipper athlete and not even thirty years of age, but looked damn near impressive. Despite coming up short against The Strangler, he was a man on a mission as he approached the ring.

“Cut the music.”

Mack yelled as the crowd started to boo the man called Midas. He didn’t seen keen on showing off tonight. The staid look on his face said that Mack meant business tonight.

“In just two weeks time, I have the chance to do great things… well, greater things than what The Heirs and I do on a nightly basis… namely, your whores you call mothers!”

Brody cackled at his own horrible joke as the Floridian crowd jeered the arrogant powerhouse.

“The Underground needs CHANGE. For far too long you have had to watch people hit each other with chairs…”

Cheers from the crowd.

“Barbed wire…”

Another big pop.


Yep, guess what they did.

“Flaming whatevers… news flash, jOlt! This shit isn’t 1999 any more! The days of people having to dive off rooftops and shit in order to get a reaction from you lowlifes is DONE. It’s ugly to look at and I won’t stand for it! Tonight, I’m challenging ANYBODY back there in the locker room to a fight here tonight. The only weapons that I need, bitches, are right here attached to these broad shoulders!”

Mack flexed an arm as he walked up the steps.

“Yeah, lap that shit up! All I need is my strength! I am the strongest man in jOlt and I will carry the Underground division on these badass boulder-like shoulders! If there’s any one of you Underground uggos want a piece of SuperMack, now is the time, fags!”

After dropping the microphone on the ground Mack Brody waited for whoever would step up to his open challenge. He paced around the ring and waited…

“13 Steps To Nowhere” by Pantera.

The crowd cheered in support of the man coming out. This man took risks and showed no trepidation. He was a former International and Relentless Championship and had just wrestled a three-match series with Tyke including two Underground matches. This man was… well, let Brad Arnold earn his paycheck.

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada… weighing in 178 pounds… this is RENO DAVIS!

Reno walked to the ring and raised his arms for the crowd. He gave up a lot of size and weight to SuperMack but he wasn’t about to give up any chance to entertain the fans. Reno slid into the ring and went right at Mack!


Several kicks found their way to the thick leg of Mack Brody as Reno Davis went right at the big man. Mack pushed him away only for Davis to roll back to his feet. When he charged at him again he went to the leg a second time and dropped a low kick to the knee.

Reno Davis was all sorts of fired up now as the crowd continued to support him in this impromptu Underground Championship match. He ran off the ropes and the Canadian Daredevil flipped up and around Mack’s body before catching him on his shoulders. Reno turned around and slipped out the back before landing a Dropkick to the back of the knee.

SuperMack was now on one knee when Reno Davis fired off a big kick to the side of the head! Brody pushed him against the ropes and tried taking his head off with a Clothesline as he stod only for Reno Davis to keep on going. He executed a well-placed handspring and came back with a Flying Back Elbow to the face that staggered Brody!

Mack was still standing, but Reno Davis had a smile on his face and the fans were enjoying the former Relentless Champion taking the fight to him. He ran off the ropes and came back with another jumping kick to the face that stunned SuperMack. He tried another run, but this time Brody was ready and a kick to the gut stopped the flyer cold.

“You’re done!” Brody shouted into his face before he elevated him with the Powerbomb attempt. He ran towards the ropes, but some quick thinking allowed for Davis to connect with a Hurricanrana, dumping the big man out from the ring in front of the announce table!

Mack Brody has been shown up by Reno Davis for the moment. The former Relentless Champion came out of nowhere and ran circles around the big man ths far. He jumped back on the ring apron and took in the applause from the fans in the Arena of Champions before he headed to the top rope. He was setting up for something big here…


An INCREDIBLE move saw Reno Davis go for broke and fortunately for him, the odds were in his favor as he went spilling onto Brock Roman on the outside! It took a few seconds for the high flyer to recover, but he did eventually and luckily for him, he came up aces.

Sorry, I’ll leave the Las Vegas puns for The House.

He went for a cover on the floor!


T… NO!

Not even a full two count and an ANGRY Mack Brody threw Reno so far he flew onto the apron! A slightly concerned Reno scurried to the apron and landed in the ring.

Davis was already back in the ring and pumped his fists like a crazy person as Mack Brody started to stand. He grabbed one of the monitors off the announce table and tossed it as far as he could just out of sheer rage. He was seething that his open challenge wasn’t panning out to what he’d hoped.

As Brody stepped into the ring Reno Davis continued the attack. The kicks came flying from the Canadian, but Brody shook them off and shoved him aside. Reno rolled backwards and landed on his feet until he was caught…


A modified version of an ST-Joe-style Uranage throw out of the corner caught Reno Davis and slammed him violently into the canvas!


SuperMack let out a big scream while Reno was on his stomach, wondering what exactly hit him. He stumbled up to his feet which turned out to be a big mistake because Brody came running in and SLAMMED him in the corner with a Running Tackle that drove the wind right out of him!

After an impressive start, the quick-footed Davis had been grounded to a screeching halt by his larger adversary, which seemed to be the story of the night. Mack peeled Davis off the canvas and doubled him over with a knee to the chest before he sent him flying into the corner. Reno wasn’t in the corner but more than a second when a big runaway train came heading his way…


The Running Body Avalanche doubled over the former Relentless Champion and stopped him dead. And still, Mack Brody wasn’t done. He lifted up Reno over his head in a press slam with two arms… no…


Brody smiled before he simply walked over to the corner and TOSSED him to the floor!


Reno Davis landed on nothing but the unforgiving floor. Mack Brody wasn’t playing around and after a rocky start against the high flying veteran SuperMack was in control again. He stepped through the ropes and looked out to the floor where Reno barely moved after being thrown from so far up. Brody picked up again and pressed him before throwing him back inside OVER the top rope before he crashed inside!

This strength from Mack Brody was downright scary. He had been a difference maker in many matches with The Heirs but he appeared to be on another level now that he was focused on singles success. He walked over to the nearly unconscious Reno. Without any weapons, he had decimated the former Relentless Champion and now what was next was nearly icing on the cake…


The sick Thunder Fire Powerbomb DRILLED Reno into the ground with tremendous force; so much so that he rolled over to his stomach and came crashing to an anti-climatic pile of mush. After the vulgar display of power he simply rolled over and flexed a muscle for the camera while a knee was on Reno Davis’ chest.




That was it and Mack Brody had scored a dominant win over Reno Davis here tonight… all without the use of weapons as he had promised. Mack Brody smiled and raised his fists in the air as the crowd booed the member of The Heirs of Wrestling. He took his jOlt Tag Title belt from the referee and extended it for the crowd to see.

“Here is your winner… ”MIDAS” MACK BRODY!

Mack walked out of the ring and headed back up the ramp while yelling at the camera.

“That belt is gonna be mine soon, Ninja K!”

With some momentum back on his side, Mack Brody was attempting to make big moves in the singles division and he could very well be on his way.

Winner: Mack Brody via Pinfall

"The Power Behind the Spotlight"

Aran Thompson

...They live to serve.....

Kenshiro took a moment to cease polishing the surface of his jOlt Underground Championship belt. Eyes & ears meticulously scanning the immediate perimeter for possible threats. This eyes were respectively set onto the Crimson Elite, settled in the position of seiza at attention. Leaning back into the cushions of his seat, the clan leader casually looked ahead with a hint of unease.

...Honor Me.....

The Crimson Elite were seen raising their heads in unison as Kenshiro slowly set the belt aside as he stood erect. The urge to discover the source of the taunting voice lured Ninja to slowly gnarl his knuckles while slowly popping the bones in his neck. The vents affixed to the walls & ceiling became suspect before reluctantly being set for dismissal.


The reflection of the clan leader’s face continued to display his measured level of concern before returning his attention toward his self appointed act of diligence. A weighted sigh was witnessed & heard before attentively applying more shine to the pewter surface...

"Superstar" Vince Jacobs vs Statuz Quo
Sarah WintertonDaryn Thompson

CUE UP: “Serial Killa” by Snoop Dogg

The bass of the song bellowed throughout the arena as Quo made his way out to the stage all by himself, which was a shocker. Quo wanted this match and he wanted to take out SVJ by himself. Dallas Griffin gave Quo the nod to take Vince down and out. Quo slowly walked down the ramp and rolled into the ring. He stood in the ring waiting for Vince.

"I didn't have to come to the jOlt to become a superstar...I brought my spotlight with me"

The jeers would fall into hindsight with the visual eye candy, dancing across the ominous trinity of super screens. A select bevy of monikers would appear at random exploding on the Arena of Champions one after the other.

Pro Wrestling's Phenomenon - The Icon - The Living Legend – The Ratings Grabber- The Reason there is a show

After the last moniker appeared on the screen the all too familiar “Ring Superstar” reverberated throughout the arena speakers. Vince Jacobs in his ring gear made it to the stage.

The bank account's thick and his pockets are fat
Peep the smirk on his face when he watching you tap
A three-count or submission, which steez you wanna go?
'Cause this muthafucka right here is a reason there's a show!

Jacobs stood on the stage and looked out into the crowd. The fans were cheering loudly as Jacobs held both arms out soaking it in. The Icon slowly walked down the ramp way with the Russian bombshell Natalia on his arm. Vince made it to the ringside area and stood near the steps before raising his arms in the air to the delight of the fans. Jacobs rolled into the ring ready for the match.


Vince and Quo locked up in a collar and elbow tie up. The Icon had a slight height and weight advantage over the Trouble member. He tried to use his leverage to push Quo back to the ropes. SVJ had Quo back to the ropes as the Underwood was trying to step between the men to break the hold. They slowly broke away from each other but Quo got the first shot in with the poke to Vince’s eye. Quo went quickly on the attack as he was nailing Vince with several rights. He grabbed Vince by the hair and hooked him in a side headlock.

Quo squeezed tighter as Vince tried to maneuver his way out of the hold. Vince drove a forearm into Quo’s side which gave Vince a little freedom to push Quo off of him into the ropes. Quo bounced off the ropes nailing Jacobs with a shoulder block. Vince fell to the mat as Quo went to the opposite ropes. Jacobs dropped down as Quo hopped over him heading to the opposite ropes. Jacobs stood quickly to his feet and tried to catch Quo with a hip toss but one half of the Jury blocked the move and then tried for a hip toss himself.

Vince blocked his attempt also and then caught Quo with a short arm clothesline. SVJ was quickly on the attack as he jumped on Quo’s chest and started to lay in big rights. The fans cheered Jacobs as he picked up Quo and slammed him quickly back to the mat. Jacobs quickly raced off the ropes and drove a quick snap leg drop across Quo’s throat. Vince dropped down hooking the leg for a quick cover.




It was too early for a pin but Jacobs being the veteran knew when he has a chance to pin your opponent you go for it. Jacobs stood to his feet and kicked Quo in the head. Quo tried to crawl to the corner but Jacobs was right behind him stalking him with every step. Quo made it to the corner but Jacobs was right there to meet him with a foot on the throat. SVJ held the top ropes and pressed down on the young wrestler’s throat with his boot. The veteran knew all the rules and was going to exploit them as much as possible as he knew he had to get the advantage over the Trouble member. Vince picked up Quo by the head and propped him in the corner. He slapped the kid across the face.

“You really think you greenhorns are going to take my spot. You’re sadly mistaken.”

Vince picked up Quo and placed him on the top rope. Jacobs started to make his way up to the top to meet Quo. Jacobs was on the top ropes with Quo trying to hook a front chancery. Vince was looking for a superplex. Quo started to fight with everything he had to block the move. He was finally able to break free with a few well-placed head-butts. Jacobs fell from the top rope to the mat as the crowd started to jeer Quo.

Quo looked dazed and confused but gathered himself on the top rope. He leapt off the rope nailing Jacobs with a big time flying elbow. Quo hooked Vince’s leg for the cover.




Quo placed his hands on his head because he knew it was a half a second away that he could have taken Jacobs out. Quo hooked Vince in a rear chin lock trying to wear SVJ down. Quo placed all his weight on Vince’s back to tire SVJ out more. Quo kept the hold on Vince as SVJ tried to fight through it. Quo was keeping the ring veteran grounded and Dallas Griffin had to be loving this. Jacobs knew he had to get out of this hold so he tried to make his way to his feet while Quo continued with the pressure. Jacobs fought through and was able to stand on his feet. Quo realized that he was quickly losing his grip on Jacobs turned him around and drove him to the mat with a DDT. Quo wasn’t done either as he picked Vince up again. The Trouble member hooked Vince in a front chancery and quickly took him down with a vertical suplex. Quo went for the cover without delay.




Quo grabbed Vince’s legs and drove a knee into his thigh. Quo quickly hooked Vince in a figure four leg lock that got a reaction from the crowd. Vince was yelling in pain as Quo decided to do what Dallas Griffin instructed and that was to take out a part of Vince’s body. SVJ flailed his arms around screaming as Underwood asked did he want to give up.


I guess that answered your question Underwood.

Jacobs pulled himself and Quo toward the ropes. He tried to turn the move several times but Quo just reversed it back. So the Icon figured he could make it to the ropes which he did. Underwood had to get in to break the two men apart. Vince rolled to the floor to try and get the feeling back into his legs. He strolled around the side of the ring as Quo wasn’t going to wait. He wasn’t going to win this match on a countout. So Quo decided to go after Vince. He rolled to the floor and went after SVJ. Quo nailed Vince from behind with a big forearm shot that staggered SVJ. Underwood decided that he was going to count both men.




Quo went over to Vince but SVJ was ready and caught Quo with a big boot to the face. The Ratings Grabber took Quo and slammed his head into the guardrail.




Jacobs heard Underwood counting and rolled into the ring to break the count. SVJ rolled back to the floor and grabbed Quo nailing him with a European uppercut. Quo’s head snapped backwards as Underwood began his count again.




Vince grabbed Quo’s arm and whipped him back first into the opposite guardrail as the fans at ringside started chanting Vince’s name.






Underwood continued his count… SVJ!!!





Vince grabbed Quo and pushed him back into the ring.


Vince rolled into the ring himself. Jacobs smiled as he stomped Quo in the head again. He was trying to do everything in his power to stop this menace who calls themselves Trouble. Jacobs picked up Quo and dropped him quickly with a German suplex. Vince looked at the ropes and pointed to the top. He hopped on the top rope with one quick jump then flew off and connected with a FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH on Quo. The Icon held his stomach as he slowly hooked Quo’s leg for the cover.




Quo kicked out. How the hell did he do that?

This kid still had fight left in him. Jacobs looked around at Natalia who pointed to Jacobs to stay focused. He grabbed the Statuz Quo and pushed him back into the corner. He gave him a quick knife edge chop before whipping him into the other corner. Vince raced into the corner but Quo was able to get both boots up as Jacobs was nailed flush. He staggered backwards but wasn’t knocked down. Jacobs came back again and the same result happened again. Quo saw his opportunity as he darted out of the corner and nailed SVJ with a clothesline.

Jacobs bounced up again and again he went down with a clothesline. Vince got to his feet again and this time Quo grabbed him and whipped him into the ropes. SVJ bounced off the ropes and was caught with a power slam by Quo. Quo was on fire now as he picked up Vince and drilled him with an inverted atomic drop and then in one quick motion took Vince down with a jumping DDT. Quo went for the cover.




Oh that was so close and Quo knew it. The fans gasped as Jacobs got his shoulder up just before Underwood’s hand hit for a third time. Quo knew he had to do something big here as he grabbed Vince and pulled him to the corner. He picked Vince up and placed him on the top rope. Jacobs was not in any mood to fight back. Quo climbed to the second rope. He thought for a second then climbed to the top. He hooked SVJ and drove him down to the mat with a big OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPERPLEX. The whole ring shook as the fans thought this may be it. He pulled himself on top of Vince for the cover.




Not right now Quo.

Everyone in the arena knew that was it. Quo sat on the mat with a concerned look on his face. He stood to his feet and looked down at Vince. He went for Vince’s legs but SVJ wiggled and squirmed his way out of it twisting his body and legs so he couldn’t get caught with the submission. Jacobs broke free and now was outside of the ropes. Quo tried to grab him to bring him back in but Jacobs nailed him with right hand that staggered backwards. Quo came back to Vince but SVJ drove his shoulder into Quo’s midsection doubling him over. The Icon flipped over the top rope and down Quo’s back into the ring. Quo turned around and was caught flush in the jaw with a SUPERSTAR KICK that came from out of nowhere. Jacobs dropped down for the cover.




It was all over and the fans cheered as Vince Jacobs pulled out the victory against Statuz Quo. The crowd suddenly started to jeer as Duzza and Dallas Griffin started to make their way down to the ring. Khadafi was missing as he was still a little banged up from his match a few days ago against SVJ. Jacobs turned to see Griffin and Duzza as Quo grabbed Vince’s leg. Griffin raced into the ring and started to beat on Jacobs. Quo was now to his feet as he helped Dallas with the attack.

Duzza got a few shots in as Natalia yelled from the floor. Griffin directed traffic in the middle of the ring. Quo grabbed Vince and threw him at Griffin who drove Vince to the mat.

Just Business

Trouble stood tall in the ring as Duzza grabbed both men’s arm and raised them high in the air. The three men stood over Jacobs as Natalia could not do anything but watch. The three men rolled out of the ring as Natalia finally got into the ring to check on Vince.

Winner: Superstar Vince Jacobs via Pinfall

"Black Faction"

Aran Thompson "Wow that, that was intense!" Buhrman exclaimed.

"You wouldn't know intense if you commented the show!" Powers shot back.

Buhrman shook his head and looked at his broadcast partner for a moment and then turned his attention back to the camera.

"Ladies and Gentlemen we have word that there has been footage found last week of Aran Thompson and his Black Faction. Now, if you haven't been able to keep score at home; Aran Thompson walked out of the Thieves Honor match weeks ago as jOlt Champion and has been proudly proclaiming himself double champion as he also holds the now retired Relentless Championship. Here's the footage."

{Previously Recorded - Intense 78 [Backstage]}

"Listen, we are the biggest threat to this company; hell to the entire industry. We're shaking the business at the ground level and the reverb is quaking the top level executives. If we scratch their back, they'll scratch ours."

Aran Thompson had Black Faction huddled around him. Laurie and Mace looked unimpressed by Aran's words and Waymoth Turnbull was just angry.

"The last two weeks were not especially good for us on the whole front because of a couple losses.." Aran paused and glanced up at Turnbull who replied by clinching his fists.

"But that isn't here nor there because since Derecho came back from "vacation" he have laid him flat on every occassion. Hell, even after taking a beating his own brother allowed us to put Derecho out. We are sending a strong message, nobody wants Derecho here. Nobody wants Sylo here. And Waymoth...."

Aran stopped and turned all of his attention to the West Indian Obsidian.

"...Nobody wants Ninja K here either. Beat SVJ so bad that he can only find stability in the mid, and Derecho will be next. Kenshiro took out Sylo; but to truly make this plan work we need you to win Open Season and destroy Ninja K."

Waymoth smirked a bit.

“Personally….ah nah unna’stand what de devil has been going on lately. Ah feel like ah been shoved ah meh game and m’nafi like it ‘tall…da gon’ stop an’ it gon’ stop right now!” Waymoth’s words were spat with rage. The once feared Demon of the Caribbean had come to the realization that ever since his alliance with Aran had been formed, he was not taken seriously.

“Aran,” Waymoth continued, “Mark meh words dem, Open Season is mine.”

Aran nodded his head and smiled his devilish smile at Turnbull.

"I've got all the faith in the world in you."

Aran was immediately cut off by the low bit still some how booming voice of Mace Williams.

"What about the Tag straps?"

Aran looked behind him at Mace and simply said, "Figure it out." Mace nodded and tipped his hat as he walked off. Aran turned his attention to Laurie Williams who cradled both of Aran's Championships in her arms like a set of children and smiled at her, while Waymoth slammed his fist into a locker and walked off; still furious with himself over his recent losses.

{End of Footage - Intense 78}

"Wow, it looks like Black Faction are after all of the championships." Buhrman responded to the footage.

"You'd be a fool to think that if you have a championship, these guys haven't been watching you." Powers replied.

The Heirs of Wrestling vs The Crimson Order
Sarah WintertonSarah WintertonDaryn ThompsonDaryn Thompson

Riding a huge wave of momentum in the last week, The Heirs of Wrestling had been running their collective mouths with a lot of goals in mind. Earlier in the evening, Mack Brody had been announced as one of the six men to compete in the first-ever Open Season match where the winner would be granted #1 Contender status to Underground Champion Ninja K. “The Heiress” Sarah Winterton had just managed to eek out a victory over a very game Ruby Rocks Jewelz and advanced to round two of the Starlets Title Tournament.

Now Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway had given out an open challenge to their new rivals, The Crimson Order. While Brody went after the prize Ninja K owned, Frank and Ryan were set to deal with Ninja K’s two subordinates, the monstrous Heido and Takeshi. They were enigmatic and they were very deadly, as The Jury had found out in recent weeks in a feud of sorts between those two teams. A win for The Crimson Order tonight as laid down by Jim Johnson meant that they would earn a title shot at Cataclysm. Could the two big monsters of The Crimson Order get that opportunity tonight?

“Money” by D/R Period.

Lights began to flash rapid pulses of green as the anthem of all things cash started to play. Three figures were hidden in the shadows and stood with their backs to the fans. One large man in the middle. One short man on the left . One well-built man to the right.

Their jackets started to light up one by one and when it came time to see what was happening, the fans jumped out of their seats. The short man jumped.


A big, bright purple H was on his back. The tall man jumped next.


The O was bright and silver. Finally, the last person stepped up.


The W was gold. The lights flipped back on and the douchebags in their matching light-up jackets walked to the ring, ready for action.

“The following tag team contest is a non-title match scheduled for one fall! First, making their way to the ring being accompanied by Mack Brody… they are the team of Frank Silver and Ryan Gallway… They are the jOlt Tag Team Champions… THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!

Mack patted his partners on the back while Frank and Ryan entered the ring. They each stood on a turnbuckle, holding the coveted gold that so many teams were coveting; including those who were competing in the first-ever Phoenix Rose Invitational in the coming weeks. Silver and Gallway got themselves ready for their match while Mack stood watch.

’Rise of the Young Guns’ by Cliff Lin

The music triggered the downcast of luminescence & the billowing overcast throughout the entire entrance staging area. The masses responded with a turbulent mixed reaction as both the jOltvision monitors displayed visual ballad of Japanese precision, martial arts technique & violence. Camera Ten panned back to reveal the entire entrance staging area encompassed in billowing smoke. A notable pop was heard as Mamoru was seen standing with a broad stance while igniting the ass end of a cigarette. A few expulsions of smoke before slowly raising both hands upward, prompting two rising spires of rolling smoke.

“And their opponents led by their manager, Mamoru; weighting a total combined weight of 605 pounds...From The Okayama Prefecture of Ibara, Japan... Heido and Takeshi… THE CRIMSON ORDER!

The image of both Heido & Takeshi standing erect on the opposing sides of the staging area. Takeshi donned the elaborate Kendo Mask & brandishing his Kanabo along side him. Heido stood stoically with his tattered Coolie Hat lowered at an angle. The dancing lights overhead continued to stir the masses as The Order pivoted casually in unison & made their way behind Mamoru towards the squared circle. Heido held his ground near the ring steps as the Mute Mountain set his weapon against the steps before making his ascent to casually remove his mask & set it atop the turnbuckle. The shadowy assassin gradually made his way onto the ring apron to face the crowd. Mamoru was carefully to remove his coolie hat, Heido’s black mane descended as his hat was taken by Mamoru before musical introduction fell out of earshot.

The 6’5” and 270-pound Heido combined with the 6’10” and 320-pound Takeshi made them an incredibly deadly force in the ring. While reactions to the Crimson Order as a whole had been mostly mixed at best, they were set to be the favorites tonight especially because their opponents were… well, a roving trio of delinquents.


The bell rang when Frank Silver came face to face with Heido in the center of the ring as they handed over their titles over to the referee. Referee Darius Underwood was about to take the titles until Frank snatched one…


The belt shot caught Heido right in the face just as the match began! Darius had no choice but to call for the bell just as things began! But the Heirs had just GIVEN The Crimson Order a chance to compete at Cataclysm by getting themselves disqualified!

The monstrous Takashi stepped over the ropes but he was quickly intercepted by Mack Brody from the floor and the two monsters went to battle on the outside of the ring all around the ringside area!


This was the plan all along by the Heirs! They had set up an attack to lure them right into an ambush!

“You fuckers!” Frank shouted. “You want us so bad… you got it! But you aren’t going to MAKE IT to Cataclysm!”

The crowd was jeering the Heirs of Wrestling for their cheap tactics as Frank and Ryan were putting the boots to Heido while on the outside, Takeshi was still brawling with the monstrous Mack Brody. The three-on-two situation even though Heido was still fighting back, trying to throw blows against both Frank and Mack! He tried to get back to his feet only for Frank to catch him in the side of the head with a big Elbow. When he was stunned he grabbed Heido by the side of the head. Gallway went for the Enzuigiri while Frank DROPPED him with a hard STO…


The Heirs completed their double-team on the big man. On the outside, Takeshi continued his fight with Mack Brody until the crowd began to stir again…


The third member and pupil of Ninja K headed down to the ring quickly. Ryan tried to intercept him only for Eiji to jump off the top rope and connect with a Springboard Missile Dropkick to the head of Ryan!

Frank saw the ninja coming and tried to take his head off with a belt shot of his own but Eiji missed only for him to run into a Big Boot from Takeshi!

Mack came to the rescue of his teammates as they cleared the ringside area while on the inside, The Crimson Order was packing. They had just earned themselves a title shot at Cataclysm thanks to The Heirs trying to do permanent damage done. Luckily for them, Eiji had come to their rescue. Mamoru gathered The Crimson Order in the center of the ring while The Heirs had their belts, flashing them to their next challengers.


Gallway was stunned after Eiji’s sneak attack and checked his jaw while Mack was furious that the sneak attack hadn’t done its job.

This war between The Crimson Order and The Heirs of Wrestling was now getting very personal and at Cataclysm, Ninja K’s students would finally have a chance to get at the Tag Team Titles they’d been chasing for weeks.

“No!” Ryan shouted as he took the microphone. “Crimson Order, you want to mess with us? Well, prepare for me to fuck you up with some TRUTH! The truth is, you slugs can’t hold a candle to us, so here’s how it’s going to go down… Eiji, me and this awesome cowboy hat of mine are challenging you and your shitty little Raiden hat to a match on Intense! I am the Prince of Precision! I am royalty in this ring and you are gutter trash who I can toss to the wind any time I want. So if you want to jump at me… how ‘about it!”

Heido was helped to his feet by Takeshi while Mamoru handed Eiji a microphone. The crowd had shown mixed reaction to The Crimson Order lately, but tonight Eiji seemed to at least get a favorable response.

“I accept your challenge,” Eiji said. “And I hope that your skills are a tenth as good as the venom you spew. But between you and me… I don’t think they are.”

The crowd cheered as the music of The Crimson Order played. They were a united front tonight and the challenge had been accepted. Just days before they were now set to meet at Cataclysm, Ryan Gallway would meet The Crimson Order’s own partner Eiji Kugasari. In a battle between two of jOlt’s premier flyers, something would have to give.

Winner: The Crimson Order via Disqualification