"Welcome to Warriors"

[The soft yet catchy playing of a piano is overheard in the background as the following transitional images are being displayed in a span of 15 seconds...]

{A Sequence of Still Shots - Cordova, Kayden Paulton & Natalia Simonov distributing care packages in a location overseas to the people...Damian Lee, Michael Buhrman, Alyssa Corliss & Dawn Cassidy taking pictures with random patients at an undisclosed hospital...Nate Quartermaine devoting time to read to the elementary school kids...Adam Lazarus & Dallas Griffin playing basketball with the local teens...The screen gradually is covered in white before the jOlt Wrestling logo and copyright information is etched across the screen. A number of stick figures representing each primary color of the rainbow, are joined hand in hand to form a makeshift squared circle with the jOlt lighting bolt centered within it. }

Fade to Black.

Moments of Darkness.

[MUSIC] "Spirit Inspiration" by Nothing's Carved in Stone

<[The rapid fire drum solo initiates the displaying of random sectioned off visuals of the following wrestlers in sequence; (Right Screen w/ Fade)...Grendel, raising his head with a menacing scowl...(Left Screen w/ Fade)...Jason Rau, with a side profile, staring intently at the fleeting image of Adam Lazarus...(Vertical Split Screen w/ Fade)...Eiji Kugasari(Left) is exchanging visual daggers with Jimmy B. Martinez(Right)...Fade...]

(Rolling Footage)...Gunnar Van Patton & Arkham power walking down the entrance ramp way...The tandem of Ryan Gallway & Frank Silver punishing Derrick Huber with a Double Team Neck Breaker ...Landon Stevens using a Springboard Shooting Star Press to flatten the tiro of Eiji Kugasari, Graham Youngblood & Jayshin Lee ...’The Heiress’ Sarah Winterton making Daryn Thompson tap out to The Ermine Cape submission...Adam Lazarus igniting the masses by hitting Big Air on Jason Rau...The tandem of Mattock & Sanchez Cano saluting ...the trio of Duzza, Khadafi & Status Quo inaudibly basking in the waves of crowd heat during their descent down the entrance rampway...Waymoth Turnbull bouncing Anson LaRue with a violent Snap Belly to Belly Suplex...The House playing to the crowd from atop the adjacent turnbuckles...Tyke hitting the Tyke Shot on an airborne Cordova...’Superstar’ Vince Jacobs hitting the Superstar Kick on a Mike Extreme...The Crimson Order slowly raising their heads in unison amidst the billowing overcast of smoke atop the entire entrance staging area...Craig Thomas leading Team EGO from the backstage area to get the jump on their opposition ...The Heirs of Wrestling, center ring, celebrating with the jOlt Tag Team Championships in their possession...The towering Spike Saunders destroying Jon Le Bon with the Dreamkiller finisher...Devestation Inc. members Conan the Leprechaun & Big Little Italy soaring through the ropes to deliver stereo Topes onto a pair of jobbers...High Flyer taking flight and plowing over a tandem of wrestlers with a OTR Corkscrew Plancha...Reno Davis , in an angled camera view, pointing at his intended target in a stoic fashion...Sweet. Sweet, Lovin’ connecting with a Double Team Spinning Heel Kick/German Suplex combination & the sequence ends with Eiji Kugasari executing a Leaping Double Roundhouse Kick in midair before punching the ground, immediately shattering the screen to fluidly transition to the ongoing barrage of Emerald, Gold & Pearl pyrotechnics assaulting the entire entrance staging area.

At their conclusion, a dense overcast of smoke gradually ascends to the heavens as the entire arena is filled with a unified roar from within. The musical introduction continues to echo in hindsight as the Emerald & Chrome show graphic captions are affixed to the bottom center of the Tv screen. Cameras Eight, Fourteen & Four trade moderate sweeps along the targeted sections of the arena to capture the excitement of the crowd before Camera One is transfixed onto the lead broadcast tandem of Donny Layne & Keith Kane.

"It's Time for the Truth"

Aran Thompson As Warriors was about to get off the ground, the crowd snapped their attention to the entrance ramp..

"Charisma" by WASP

Derecho stormed out from the backstage area. He was pissed and rightfully so. He already had a microphone with him.

"Cut the music off... CUT IT OFF", yelled Derecho before he even got to the ring.

The music went silent as Derecho rolled into the ring and quickly got up to his feet.

"I've had ENOUGH of this. Week after week, Aran Thompson has laid me out in the middle of this ring, but the common theme here is he kept doing it from behind.. he never stepped up to me face to face. It always was a cheap shot, but I would expect nothing less from someone like yourself."

Derecho paced back and forth before he continued.

"But there will be no cheap shots here today. Aran Thompson.. I know that you're back there. If you have any resemblance of manhood, I suggest you walk out here and stand before me face to face."

SO YOU WANT TO BE A CHAMPION!? "Champion" by Grinspoon began playing as Aran Thompson walked from behind the entrance curtain with the jOlt Championship strapped to his waist and Laurie Williams walked behind him cradling the Relentless Championship.

The couple made their way to ringside and Aran kept his gaze on Derecho as he leaned in and whispered something to her and instructed her to stay out of the ring. Aran slowly slid into the ring while continuing to keep Derecho in his sights. As Aran made it to his feet he coaxed Derecho with the jOlt Championship tapping on it and showing it off to Derecho.

Derecho brought the microphone up to his lips as he stood face to face with Aran Thompson.

"I've waited long enough to say this to little son of a bitch. Four weeks ago.. you got lucky. You took advantage of a match that contained myself and seven other individuals.. and all you did was pick your spot and because as such, you're wearing a championship that used to be mine.

"For that.. I cannot fault you because anyone would have done the same.. even I would have,"

"However, what came after is something I can fault you for. It is something my family can fault you for.. something my friends can fault you for. Everyone here in this arena and watching at home knows exactly what you did, but the thing is.. you didn't care. You didn't care about the suffering and pain you put others through all for what? For some stupid symbolism? For some hollow achievement you accomplished because you just happened to wait for an opportunity to pick your spot?"

Derecho continued to look into the eyes of Aran Thompson.

"I told you something before... I told you a cold hard truth that I think you haven't let sink into that head of yours.. so allow me to state that cold hard truth once again. You are nothing more than a glorified mid-carder in this business. The only reason why that bitch over there still holds the Relentless Championship is because that's a constant reminder to yourself of the limits of your own abilities."

Aran was fired up over those words, but Derecho grabbed him by the face with a very tight grip when he looked away and snapped his attention back at Derecho.


Even the crowd silenced themselves after that remark.

"Aran Thompson is a nobody in this industry... you tried for years to get to the top.. you clawed, you scratched.. you scraped your way there, but each time you got to the top.. you failed. The only reason why you're wearing that championship is because if it hadn't been for six other people, you would have failed again and you know it."

Derecho let go of Aran's face.

"And don't sing to me the same old song about how you're The Future and that you've proved everyone wrong. What EXACTLY have you done since becoming champion to prove that you should hold that title? You jumped me from behind like a coward.. you hide behind Waymoth Turnbull and Mace Williams... you beat up my family.. you beat up a rookie... you haven't done a single damn thing on your own since getting that championship because you know, deep down in the back of your mind that you are still that mid-card waste of space.. that you are nothing more than that guy people need to fill in time between the important matches.."

"Aran Thompson..."

"The truth is..."

"If professional wrestling was the world itself.. you would be nothing more than one of God's mistakes."

Even the crowd cringed at that last remark.

"But instead of standing there getting mad at the truth.. why don't you do something on your own for once. At Cataclysm... give me my rightfully deserved rematch... one on one... you and me.. for the jOlt Championship... and let's not make it any old match because that would be far too merciful after what you put me through.. no... let's make it... Falls... Count.... Anywhere."

Derecho lowered his mic and stared into the eyes of Aran Thompson..awaiting his response.

The crowd began buzzing and Waymoth Turnbull and Mace Williams making their way through the crowd and as security kept the fans away from the two monsters of the Black Faction, Aran asked for a microphone and put his hand up in the air.

"Hold on." Aran said as the crowd grew silent and watched as Aran stepped in closer to Derecho.

"Mistake?" Aran questioned Derecho.

"You think that I'm just some mistake from God?! Wasn't it a month or so ago you called yourself God? Huh? So I'm a mistake of yours?" Aran shook his head and stared eye to eye with Derecho who clinched his fists and tried to watch for Waymoth and Mace Williams as they stood in the crowd.

"You're right. You made a mistake, "God". You made the mistake of taking me for granted on a consistant basis. Then you call me taking an opportunity to become Champion a fluke?! Luck?! What?! Do you remember winning your first world championship!? Huh?! Did you not take full advantage of an opportunity? Did you not do everything in your power to keep the championship afterwards as well?"

Aran turned away from Derecho and looked at the fans.

"What am I doing that is so different from everybody else?!" Aran demanded and the crowd began booing.

"You act like I'm the first person to do everything in his power to become and stay champion. WORLD CHAMPION! DOUBLE CHAMPION!!!"

"But still some how this one thing that has stayed consistant in any World Championship picture is a fluke. I am the epitomy of consistancey. I fought tooth and nail, I've remained loyal to my family and friends, and most importantly I've consistantly proved the nay sayers wrong."

"YOU made this personal. YOU ignored me when I should have been in the same gravitational pull at yourself. YOU did this. This is just me finally getting my revenge."

Aran turned his attention back to Derecho who was struggling with himself to keep his composure.

"Apparently me acting differently is what you want. So you want a Falls Count Anywhere match you got it. I'll even one of that act of difference. It'll be just you and me. No Black Faction. No Derecho supporters. Just you and I."

Derecho smiled at Aran's words but Aran shook his head.

"Don't get your celebration shoes on just yet, Derechode! Because if I'm going to "step out of the mold" and "shock" the world with a mind blowing decision like this, then to keep with the same ol' same ol'. You better prepare yourself for my family."

Waymoth and Mace took off through the crowd and just as they touched the barricade.

"Ain't No Rest For The Wicked" by Caged Elephant began playing and the Arena of Champions blew up as Spike Saunders rushed down to the ring and Aran bailed regrouping with Laurie, Waymoth and Mace. Saunders and Derecho circled the ring side by side watching Black Faction spread out.


Aran raised the jOlt Championship in the air and Laurie raised his Relentless Championship in the air behind him as the scene faded away and Black Faction slowly made their way to the back.

next Generation superstars vs Sweet Sweet Lovin
Sarah WintertonSarah WintertonDaryn ThompsonSarah Winterton

The next Generation superstars have been on quite the roll as of late. Tonight they get a chance to test themselves against the former jOlt World Tag Team Champions! The crowd was ready and waiting for action as this match would serve as the opening contest for Warriors.

The bass rifts from "Gotta Take It" by Nipsey Hussle pulse through the PA system of the Arena of Champions as Diamond Jewelz’s cursive signature logo flashes across the joltVision followed quickly by his trademark "#sOdAmnsErious" and a serious face emoticon logo. A chorus of cheers erupt from the crowd, not because of Diamond’s humility, or warm-personality but because so far, he and Lennox have done nothing but win and the people love champions. The small busty, blond haired figure of Ruby Rocks Jewelz bursts out the curtains of the entrance, leading to a heightened amount of cheers. Shortly after her entrance, the much taller Jewelz and his partner Jameson Lennox stepped out.

The trio made their way down to the ring. Lennox and Jewelz slid in and each took a turnbuckle while Ruby stated at ringside. The flashbulbs went off and bathed the superstars as they posed for the live crowd in attendance. They hopped down as conversed in the ring while awaiting their opponents.

"Sweet Emotion" by Aerosmith

The crowd continued to cheer as Sam Sweet and Lennox Love made their way out from the backstage area with Jon Katz Jr. by their side. As the trio made their way down to the ring, Katz Jr lowered his shades and took a nice long look at Ruby Rocks Jewelz. She snuffed him in disgust and looked away as Katz licked his lips, but he quickly turned his attention back to Sweet and Love who climbed up on the ring apron.

The two of them stepped into the ring as Katz made his way around ringside to the opposite side as Ruby. Love would start things off with Diamond Jewelz as Sweet and Jameson stepped out. Once the coast was clear, the referee called for the bell.




Love and Jewelz circled each other and locked up. Side head lock by Love, but Jewelz twisted out into a hammerlock. Love reached behind and took Jewelz over with a snapmare. Love went down and placed Jewelz in a rear chin lock, but Jewelz battled up to his feet and hooked Love for a back drop suplex to counter, but Love flipped and landed on his feet and then took off to the ropes. Clothesline attempt by Jewelz was ducked by Love and Love bounced off the opposite end, but Love didn't block the leaping drop kick by Jewelz!

Jewelz wasted no time in staying on the attack. He pulled Love back up to his feet and shot him to the ropes. He telegraphed the back body drop, but Love flipped over him with a sunset flip, but Jewelz rolled through it and went for a roundhouse kick to the head, but Love leaned back and avoided it, but quickly grabbed Jewelz from behind and got him with a school boy roll up.


Just a fleeting one count as Jewelz kicked away. Both men back to their feet. Jewelz with a clothesline, but Love ducked and reached back, hooking Jewelz for a backslide, but Jewelz used his strength to lean forward, flipping Love off his back. Love landed on his feet in front of Jewelz. Jewelz delivered the toe kick and then set Love up for a vertical suplex, but Love floated over and landed on his feet. Love then applied a waist lock to Jewelz, but Jewelz charged forward and grabbed onto the ropes. Love released the grip and rolled back to his feet.

Jewelz took aim and went for a super kick, but Love side-stepped it. Love then grabbed Jewelz' head from behind and placed him an inverted DDT position. Love made the mistake of bending over to try and get more strength to lift Jewelz and that is when Jewelz lifted his leg up and kicked Love right in the face! Jewelz twisted his body to covert the reverse chancery into a front chancery and then took Love over with a Northern Lights Suplex complete with a bridge pin!



Love kicked out.

Jewelz went to his corner and tagged in Jameson Lennox. Lennox hopped over the ropes and charged in, raining down a heavy right hand into the head of Love. Lennox fired another right and another before backing Love into the ropes and shooting him across the ring. Lennox went for a seated drop kick, but Love held onto the ropes and Lennox landed on his back. Love then charged in, looking for a flip into a bridge pin, but Lennox put his legs up and launched Love up and over onto his back with Love's legs slamming up against the ropes!

Lennox dragged Love back toward the center of the ring and dropped an elbow across his chest. He stood and dropped a second elbow and then repeated the process a third time. Lennox then made the cover, hooking the leg.



Love kicked out.

Lennox then brought Love up to a seated position and hit a stiff kick in between the shoulder blades. He hit a second stiff kick and charged the ropes. Lennox then front flipped over Love and nailed a Snapmare on him. Lennox then looked to the corner where Diamond Jewelz wanted the tag. Lennox walked over and did just that. Jewelz ascended the turnbuckle pads and leapt off with a highly elevated Corkscrew Body Splash which connected with Lennox Love! Jewelz then made another cover with the leg hooked.



Love continued to kick out!

Sam Sweet was on the ring apron, shouting words of encouragement to Lennox Love. Jon Katz Jr. was slamming his hands down on the canvas, trying to get Love back into this match. Jewelz had Love in a seated position and in a side head lock. Jewelz said that Love was going nowhere, but the encouragement from his partner, the manager, and the fans in the audience started to fuel Lennox Love. He battled back up to his feet and delivered a pair of elbows to the ribs of Diamond Jewelz.

Once Love broke free from Jewelz grip, he leapt up and hit an Enzugiri to the side of Jewelz' head! Love then made a mad leap for the corner and made the hot tag to Sam Sweet and the people in attendance cheered!

Sweet came in and drilled Jewelz with a lariat! He then ran to the corner and knocked Lennox off the apron with a stiff forearm shot. Jewelz got back up and swung with a clothesline of his own, but Sweet ducked the clothesline and took off to the ropes. He came back and and flew through the air with a Flying Shoulder Tackle that knocked Jewelz down hard. Sweet then went to the ropes and nailed a Running Senton Back Splash, driving the air right out of Jewelz lungs. Sweet turned around and made the cover.



Jewelz popped the shoulder up.

Sweet stood and brought Jewelz to his feet. He hit Jewelz with a headbutt that staggered him over to his corner. Sweet then hit a huge Open Palm Slap across the chest of Diamond Jewelz. He then told the audience to be quiet as he readied for another slap, but Jameson Lennox popped up on the apron and slapped Sweet across the face when he turned to deliver the second slap to Jewelz. Sweet staggered away and when he turned around, Jewelz went down low with a rolling leg sweep, which caused Sam to face plant into the canvas. Jameson then grabbed the top rope and slung himself over, dropping a leg across the back of Sweet's head. Lennox rolled out of the ring as Jewelz rolled Sweet over and made the cover.



Sweet reached out and grabbed the bottom rope to break up the pin.

Jewelz stood and then brought Sweet up to his feet. Jewelz tried a suplex, but Sweet wouldn't budge. Jewelz tried again, but again, Sweet didn't budge. Sweet then punched Jewelz in the ribs and then turned his back to Jameson Lennox. Sweet lifted Jewelz up for the suplex and used Jewelz to slam his body into Lennox, knocking him off the ring apron! Sweet then changed directions with the suplex and nailed a Gordbuster on Jewelz! Jewelz rolled over onto his back as he writhed in pain on the canvas! Sweet then signed for the end as he ascended the turnbuckle pads to the very top!

The crowd came alive as Sweet leapt off with the Top Rope Splash..

Sweet Emotions!!


Jewelz rolled out of the way!

Jewelz then made his way up top with his back to Sweet, but Sweet got up and crotched Jewelz up on the top turnbuckle pad. Sweet then climbed up and grabbed Jewelz in a reverse chancery position.


Both men crashed down on the canvas and neither man was moving. Jameson Lennox recovered and hopped up on the ring apron. Both men began to crawl to their respective corners. Eventually, the tag was made on both ends! Lennox hopped over the ropes as Love stepped into the ring.

Lariat ducked by Love as Love ran past and leapt onto the middle rope. Twisting cross body took Lennox down. Lennox got back up however, but it was short lived as Love hit a spinning kick to the back of Lennox's leg bringing him down to a single knee. Love continued to spin as he nailed Love Sick... a front roundhouse kick to the back of Lennox's head! Lennox collapsed face first into the canvas as Love rolled him over and made the cover!



Lennox popped the shoulder up.

Love pulled Lennox to his feet and then hooked him for a suplex. He lifted him up, but Lennox hit a knee to the top of Love's head at the apex of the lift. Love dropped him and Lennox immediately picked him up onto his shoulders, possibly going for the TKO... Lennox spun Love, but Love grabbed Lennox's head and nailed an inverted DDT for the counter!!! Love then quickly stood and went to the corner and climbed up top!






Thr... NO!

Broken up by Diamond Jewelz!

Sam Sweet tried to come into the ring, but Jewelz grabbed Love and tossed him shoulder first into Sam Sweet as he was stepping through the ropes! Sweet fell to the outside! Lennox then grabbed Love as he staggered back and pulled him over into a school boy...




The next Generation superstars just stole one here tonight! Jon Katz Jr. threw a fit at ringside as Lennox and Jewelz rolled out of the ring. They regrouped with Ruby Rocks Jewelz and they began to walk up the entrance ramp when....

Winner: next Generation superstars via Pinfall

"Of Men and Livestock"

Aran Thompson As Lennox, Ruby, and Jewelz were making their way up the ramp...

"The Northern" by Alexisonfire

They stopped in their tracks as Mattock and Sanchez Cano stepped out from the backstage area. Mattock, naturally, had a microphone in his hand.

"I must congratulate you on your amazing victory here tonight. I would be lying if I said that your actions haven't been catching the attention of many in the promotion, but then again.. would I truly be lying if I said that?"

Mattock paused for a moment.

"You see.. there are some in power that like to turn their heads because up and coming commodities such as yourselves draw too much attention away from their bread winners. People like Aran Thompson, Waymoth Turnbull, Ninja K, and even my own brother Derecho, sit atop the food chain, perched comfortably on their pedastols above the proverible glass ceiling, looking down on us lesser talent as if were nothing more than mere livestock."

The people boo and some even begin to chant "Shut the fuck up"

"I will not silence myself for you people because all of you cannot appreciate what I am doing. You cannot understand the sacrifices that I make for all of you and for all of the hard working talent in the back. I am the Messiah of the Shoutbox and the one true Martyr of jOlt Wrestling. I deliver unto you a brand of justice that forces the higher ups to take notice.. to give people like Jameson Lennox and Diamond Jewelz an opportunity to break through the glass ceiling and take this company for themselves."

Mattock then turned his attention toward the next Generation superstars.

"I offer you the chance to stand at my side. Together we will liberate every single superstar in the back and we will take the top spots in this company because we DESERVE those spots. What say you, Diamond Jewelz? What say you, Jameson Lennox? Will you stand at our side and embark on this crusade or will you stand against us and become a mere obstacle on our path that we need to remove?"

Jameson and Jewelz just looked at each other and laughed. Mattock dropped the microphone, knowing full well what that answer meant. Mattock and Cano charged in and began to brawl with Lennox and Jewelz.

Mattock threw Jewelz into the ring and then slid in. When Jewelz stood, Mattock launched and twisted, hitting the corkscrew spear known as Direct Damage on Jewelz. Cano tossed Lennox into the ring and then climbed up top. He leapt off with the double stomp and nailed the Sadistic Spike on Jewelz!

Mattock then told Cano that to put up Lennox. Cano walked over, grabbing Lennox. He pulled him to his feet as Mattock went to the ropes. Cano lifted Lennox for a flapjack and Mattock nailed a lung blower to the chest at the same time!! With both members laid out, Mattock asked for another microphone.

"You know... we have nothing coming up at Cataclysm and I don't believe what happened here was enough to warrant passage along our path. So next Sunday, bring your rage to bare and try to strike us down.. I guarantee you that you will fail. When it is all said and done, you will recognize that wolves will always slaughter the livestock and you'll change your minds about my proposition."

Mattock dropped the microphone and exited the ring. Sanchez Cano followed.

Charolette vs Daryn Thompson
Sarah WintertonDaryn Thompson

The second and final Semi-Finals match in the Starlet Championship Tournament has arrived! Whoever wins this match will go on to face Desiree at Cataclysm for the vacant Starlet Championship!

"Turn the Page" by Metallica

The fans cheered as Charolette made her way out from the backstage area. In the first round, she defeated Alyssa Corliss, a starlet from The Hype in order to advance to this stage. She hopped up onto the ring apron and then stepped into the ring as the people cheered. She tested the ropes and warmed up as her music died down and was replaced by..

"Madness" by Muse

The cheers for Charolette turned to boos as Daryn Thompson made her way out from the backstage area. It has been a while since she was relevant in the starlet division.. with a win over Jade in the quater finals, she looks to continue that momentum to try and become the new Starlet Champion. Daryn stepped into the ring and stared down Charolette as the referee called for the bell.




The two of them circled in the ring and then locked up. Arm wringer by Daryn to start things off between the two. Daryn twisted the arm as Charolette looked to be in pain, but Charolette quickly reversed it into an arm wringer of her own. Daryn lifted her leg and broke Charolette's grip and quickly followed it up with a forearm smash to the face. She hit another and another as Charolette was backed into the ropes.

Irish whip attempt by Daryn was reversed by Charolette. Daryn bounced off of the opposite side and ate a back eblow from Charolette. She then quickly dropped down with an elbow drop and made the cover.


Just a fleeting one count, but Charolette didn't waste much time. She sat Daryn up and placed her in a rear chin lock with the knee firmly set between her shoulder blades. Daryn battled back up and got underneath Charolette. She attempted a back drop suplex, but Charolette landed on her feet. Charolette then placed Daryn into a waist lock, but Daryn broke the grip and performed a standing switch into a waist lock of her own.

Daryn was very close to the ropes and grinned. She popped the hips and tried to German Suplex Charolette over the top rope, but Charolette grabbed the rope on the way over and hung on for dear life. She landed on the ring apron as Daryn ran to the corner. As soon as Charolette stood up, Daryn leapt onto the middle turnbuckle and nailed a drop kick that knocked Charolette off the apron and down to the floor!

Daryn once again ascended the turnbuckle pads as Charolette staggered up to her feet. Dayrn flew off with a flying cross body block and took Charolette back out! Daryn stood and staggered over to the ring apron where she flicked back her hair with a grin on her face.

Daryn walked over to Charolette and pulled her up to her feet. Knife edge chop across the chest by Daryn sent Charolette staggering away toward the ring steps. Daryn waited for her to turn around and then charged in, but Charolette went low and hit a drop toe hold, sending Daryn face first into the ring steps instead!!

Charolette quickly rolled back into the ring and the back out to break the referee's count. Daryn's nose was busted open as she held her face in pain while on the floor at ringside. Charolette bent over and pulled Daryn up to her feet. She rolled her back into the ring and then headed to the corner where she climbed up to the top turnbuckle pad.

Flying Elbow...





Daryn kicked out!

Charolette stayed on Daryn as she pulled her to her feet, but Daryn fired a pair of elbows into the ribs, doubling Charolette over. Daryn then hooked her in a front chancery, but Charolette powered Daryn back into the corner. Charolette then unleashed a couple of shoulder blocks and then gained some distance. Charolette charged at full speed, but Daryn moved out of the way and Charolette went through the turnbuckle pads in the corner and slammed shoulder first into the ring post!

Daryn then pulled her out of the corner with a school boy roll up!



Kick out by Charolette!

Daryn smelled the blood and it wasn't from her own nose. She stomped away on the left shoulder of Charolette, continuing to soften it up after that devastating miscue. Daryn pulled Charolette to her feet and twisted that left arm, slamming her to the canvas with a Hammerlock Divorce Court. She then grabbed the arm and placed it into a Cross Arm Breaker in the center of the ring!

Charolette yelled out in pain as Daryn sinched in that submission hold tightly. Daryn screamed at her to tap out, but Charolette fed off the energy of the fans in attendance as she reached out toward the ropes. Inch by inch she maneuvered her body closer and closer to the ropes until they were just a fingertip's distance away. With one last burst of energy, she lunged in and grabbed the bottom rope. The referee told Daryn to release the hold, but she refused to do so..






Before the referee could finish saying the word "Five", she broke the submission hold. The referee admonished her as she got back to her feet, but Daryn Thompson didn't care. As Charolette was getting back to her feet, using the ropes for leverage, Daryn hit a high kick to that left shoulder, stunning Charolette in place. Daryn then twisted the arm with another arm wringer, but Charolette battled back with a forearm to the face of Daryn!

It broke the grip and caused Daryn to stagger away. When she turned around, Charolette leapt into the air and nailed a high drop kick that took Daryn down. She stood and hit another drop kick that caused Daryn to not see much time back on her feet. Daryn staggered up to her feet and backed into the corner. Charolette charged in and hit a running knee just under the jaw. Daryn slumped down into a seated position as Charolette walked away and fired up the crowd with her good arm.

Charolette got a running start..


Seated shotgun drop kick to the face in the corner! Charolette dragged Daryn's limp, dead body to the center of the ring where she made the cover with the leg hooked deep! Even the crowd counted along!




Daryn popped the shoulder up at the last possible moment and the crowd booed heavily. Charolette then stood and dared Daryn to get back up to her feet. Daryn did so and Charolette went for The Queen of Hearts... the Ace Crusher... but Daryn shoved her away, but she grabbed the left arm of Charolette as she did so.

Daryn then yanked on that injured arm and pulled her right in...


The Spin Out Spinebuster!!

Daryn then made the cover and hooked the leg!



Three......? NO!!

Last possible second, Charolette kicked out and the crowd erupted!

"This is awesome!" Clap Clap ClapClapClap! "This is awesome!" Clap Clap ClapClapClap! "This is awesome!" Clap Clap ClapClapClap!

Daryn pounded her fist into the canvas and then brought Charolette back up to her feet. She kicked Charolette in the stomach and then set her up between her legs. Daryn lifted her up for the Jackkniife Powerbomb, but Charolette slipped off the shoulders and landed in front of her. She quickly twisted, hooked the head and...






That's all she wrote! Charolette pinned Daryn Thompson and will now move onto Cataclysm to face Desiree for the vacant Starlet Championship! "Turn the Page" by Metallica hit the PA system as the people cheered. Adam Roebuck had a chance to become #1 Contender to the Underground Championship.. Derrick Huber had a chance to end all of this once and for all between The House and Team EGO.. and now Charolette had a chance to become Starlet Champion. The trio each had their own big agendas now at Cataclysm and were on a course to make history!

Winner: Charolette via Pinfall

"Extremely Happy"

Aran Thompson The very last show right into Cataclysm was now upon us. Six men were set to do battle in a match called Open Season; a cage match where the winner would be the first person to retrieve a contract for a future title shot at The Underground Championship held currently by the legendary Ninja K. One of the six men was backstage right now with Donny Layne.

Layne? Earn that paycheck!

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Donny began, “in just a few days the jOlt faithful will get to witness the first-ever Open Season match! For a few weeks now, we’ve seen the six competitors trade victories over one another and in just a few minutes, my guest will be in competition. Please welcome at this time Kayden Paulton!”

The crowd responded very favorably with cheers for the Nicest Guy in Wrestling as he approached the interview area. Rocking his now signature “YOU’RE AWESOME!” shirt he had a bright smile across his face as he patted Donny Layne on the back.

“Hey, guy!” Kayden shouted. His signature greeting was even repeated in the arena as he said it. “How’s it going, Donny?”

“I’m doing well, Kayden, thanks!” Donny said. “Now in just a few minutes, you’re scheduled to go one-on-one with jOlt veteran Mike Extreme. A former Tag Team Champion in his own right looking to make a big mark after his feud with “Superstar” Vince Jacobs. With the threat of Mike Extreme looming and the Open Season match on the horizon, what are your thoughts?”

“Well,” Paulton said. “I’m not gonna lie, Donny. It’s going to be pretty daunting, you know? Tyke is a not-so-nice guy, Waymoth Turnbull is a big and nasty guym, Adam Roebuck is HYYYYYYYUUUUUUUUUUGGGGEEEE…”

A few fans (kids, mainly) laughed.

“…The Strangler is a very scary dude in a mask, Mack Brody is unnaturally shiny and that last guy is scary too… wait, that’s me. Right! Sorry, off the tracks, Donny! To my point, these guys are all bad dudes, but I won’t let that get me down, Donny! Ever since I dedicated my career to my hero, the recently-deceased-but-not-nearly-deceased-just-missing-then-he-came-back… YAY, BY THE WAY… Derecho, I’ve on the roll of my career in jOlt! I’ve set a goal and while I think the best man should win, wouldn’t it be cool for me to win the Open Season match and go face off against my OTHER hero, Ninja K, who beat my OTHER OTHER hero, Sylo? Forgive some language here, Donny, but I’d be a happy camper!”

Donny nodded despite Kayden’s slight babbling.

“And as for Mike Extreme, I think it’s awesome that we get to face off again! I mean, last time when we met in a match on Warriors 20, I kinda got squashed like a bug. But like I’ve been showing guys like Waymoth, Adam Roebuck, and others, I don’t give up! We’re gonna go out there and have a great match! I’ve…”

Kayden stopped when stepping into view was none other than his very opponent, Mike Extreme. The big man had his lovely valets with him, Violet and Misty trailing either side of him. Kayden took notice of the trio and offered them each a friendly wave.

“Hey, Extreme guy! Hey, Extreme ladies!” Paulton smiled.

Mike Extreme looked down at his valets and they were taken aback by Paulton’s overt kindness. Violet looked over.

“What… I don’t get this… huh?” Violet asked.

A cold Extreme looked down at Paulton as the slightly dim-witted Misty feigned a giggle.

“Violet,” Mike asked. “Tell me what the fuck I’m seeing here.”

“Oh, I know!” Violet said. “jOlt disrespecting us again by not only not featuring you on television lately, but also by featuring any idiot that can smile for the camera.”

“Oooooh!” Misty added. “A freaky pearly white smile I’m a little jealous of!”

Both Violet and Mike rolled their eyes before Extreme towered over Kayden.

“You listen good, you goofy little shit,” Extreme hissed. “This is a fucking JOKE. I’ve been kicking Vince Jacobs around for weeks, he lucks his way into victory at Thieves Honor and I’m pushed aside. For what… YOU? Like you said, Kayden, on Warriors 20 I CRUSHED your ass, but I don’t even get considered for the Open Season Match? ME? My last name IS Extreme, but they can’t be bothered to put me in a contendership match for the Underground Championship? This is more bullshit.”

Kayden was about to speak but Mike stomped on the floor to let him know he wasn’t done.

“At least the other five guys in the match have a reason to be there. YOU? When you’re grabbing a chair, it’s to figure out if it’s comfortable instead bashing somebody’s skull with it. Instead of putting somebody through a table, you’re trying to see if it’s sturdy enough to eat at so you can have your juice box and animal crackers. Tell me why YOU, Kayden, think that you’re gonna win tonight against me and why you think you even have a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning Open Season.”

All valid points, but Kayden to his credit didn’t seem the least bit disenfranchised.

“Well, guy, you’re right about all those things, but let me tell you something, guy… I KNOW those chairs are uncomfortable! And those tables are more than enough to have juice and crackers. I got picked for Open Season cause I’ve been winning a lot lately thanks to my good buddy, Derecho…”

“…Who you’ve never even met…” Violet quietly jabbed.

“…And as for you, Mikey, I know that you probably COULD crush me, but I’m not gonna let that get me down, guy. And after everything that’s happened to you, you shouldn’t be down either.”

Kayden actually placed a hand near Mike’s arm. He slapped it away, but Kayden took no offense and continued.

“It’s gonna be okay,” Kayden said with absolute sincerity. “I mean, I’m sorry that you haven’t been on TV and that “Superstar” Vince Jacobs kicked your butt at Thieves Honor and you weren’t picked for the Open Season Match…” Mike got even more red in the face as Kayden finished his thought. “…but we can get past that and have a good old match! What do you say, buddy?”

Extreme looked down at Misty and Violet before turning his hateful gaze back to Kayden.

“…I’m going to enjoy fucking you up tonight.”

Mike Extreme and his valets each took their leave while Donny looked to Kayden for his final thoughts.

“Hey!” Kayden asked. “Did you know swearing’s kinda cool? I mean I don’t do it personally, but it sounds hilarious! See you, Donny!”

jOlt’s Friendly Neighborhood Grappler left the stage while Donny Layne shook his head.

“Back to you, guys!”

Kayden Paulton vs Mike Extreme
Sarah WintertonDaryn Thompson

After a very tense interview between two people at very different stages of their jOlt careers right now, Kayden Paulton was about to go one-on-one with Mike Extreme. Extreme hadn’t been seen on TV since a narrow loss in a Falls Count Anywhere match with “Superstar” Vince Jacobs. Kayden had been winning matches left and right and had scored some nice victories including one over fellow Open Season competitor Waymoth Turnbull.

In fact, the last time these two met up, Mike Extreme had put Kayden Paulton away pretty handily. Kayden had been training hard in the gym working on new moves that were, quote, “totes awesome.” Could Kayden find a way to overcome jOlt veteran and all-round bad man Mike Extreme? Brad Arnold was there to introduce us to the next match.

‘The following contest is scheduled for one fall!” he yelled.

“Less Talk More Rokk” by Freezepop.

The crowd? Oh, yeah, they fucking LOVED this guy! Especially his brand new laser show entrance. The familiar ice blue laser show flashed to the tune of the beats as they began to pick up the tempo. The arena lights pulsated in three-second intervals between purple and blue and when they picked up, Kayden Paulton appeared on top of the ramp with a thumbs up to the crowd!

“First, making his way to the ring, from Dothan, Alabama… he weighs in at 230 pounds… this is KAYDEN PAULTON!”

Paulton waved his hands and egged the fans on who delivered a big reaction in return. Kayden had been on the biggest roll of his jOlt career and he was looking to carry that right forward tonight against a big beast. Kayden threw off his signature “YOU’RE AWESOME!” shirt to a lucky fan in the crowd before he ran up the steps. He jumped over the ropes and once again to land on the second turnbuckle. Kayden scanned the crowd before jumping off the buckles getting ready for this potential mismatch.

“Meloncholy” by Iced Earth.

The music began to play and out from the back came the man looking to make an impact in jOlt – not to mention poor Kayden’s face. On either side of Extrem were both of his managers the calculating Violet and the bubbly Misty. Extreme posed on the ramp as an explosion of red pyro went off for the big man.

“And his opponent, being accompanied to the ring by Violet and Misty… weighing in at 332 pounds… MIKE EXTREME!

Extreme stepped onto the ring apron and glared right at Kayden before he climbed over the ropes to hit the ring. Kayden was no small man at 6’3” and 230 pounds, but Mike Extreme pushed at nearly seven feet tall and was 332. He had the height and reach advantage, but Kayden had that intangible that the fans loved about him so much… well, other than his laser show entrance and goofy smiles… it was heart.


Paulton met Mike Extreme in the center of the ring and was raising his hand to prepare for a lockup… ONLY TO MEET A KNEE TO THE CHEST.

He doubled over and coughed in pain as Mike Extreme was prepared to hurt a bitch. The former Tag Team Champion was looking to make his mark and if he could snuff out Kayden Paulton’s momentum, he could be looked at again in big ways.

Mike lifted Kayden to his feet and whipped him off to the ropes to try for a back drop. Kayden managed to somersault over him and come to a stop against the ropes by catching himself. A pissed-off Extreme came charging at the Nicest Guy in Wrestling only for Kayden to pull the ropes down and send the big man tumbling over the ropes and all the way outside to the floor!

Misty and Violet were beside themselves at Kayden Paulton’s quickness in turning the tides against Extreme, but underestimating Paulton had proven to be the wrong thing to do to him lately. He started to climb to the top rope as Mike Extreme went to go pick himself up on the floor only to be a big bright blue and purple blur come flying at him…


From the top turnbuckle all the way out to the floor, the crowd cheered for the risk taker when Kayden came flying out and crashed down on Mike Extreme! Even though he seemed adverse to using conventional weaponry, risk takers also thrived very well inside the Underground!

“YOU ARE AWESOME! Clap-clap-clapclapclap!
YOU ARE AWESOME! Clap-clap-clapclapclap!
YOU ARE AWESOME! Clap-clap-clapclapclap!
YOU ARE AWESOME! Clap-clap-clapclapclap!”

The signature catchphrase of Kayden Paulton was catching on it seemed! The crowd in the Arena of Champions supported Kayden as he rolled back inside the ring and waved his hands for the crowd as Mike Extreme tried to pick himself up again. With an angry look on his face, the veteran of jOlt climbed through the ropes and back into the ring where Kayden met him with a big Low-Angle Dropkick to the face! Extreme was down and Kayden went for the cover.




It was far too early for that and Mike pushed The Good Guy right off him. Kayden Paulton didn’t look too discouraged and he continued his advantage. He grabbed Extreme in a Front Facelock and tried for some DDT-like move only for Extreme to push him back into the corner. When Extreme came running at him Kayden got both his knees up and nailed Mike in the face! The big man was stunned as Kayden started to head to the apron and go up top again. He would need to hit and run against Mike Extreme if he wanted to win…


Extreme was tall enough to straight-up SMACK Kayden in the face with a Running Yakuza Kick while he was resting on the top rope! Kayden went tumbling off the apron and collided with the floor in a bad way. A smirking Mike Extreme wiped the dust off his boot and looked to his entourage who were cheering the big man the whole way.

The fans in the packed Arena of Champions booed Mike Extreme as he climbed out of the ring to finish what he started on The Nicest Guy in Wrestling. He boosted Kayden to his feet only to THROW him hard into the barricade on the outside floor!

“Go, Mike, go!” Misty yelled.

Violet added in her $.02. “Finish him off!”

Kayden was in a very bad position now as Mike Extreme lifted him up and put him on the ring apron before simply Bieling him over the ropes and right back into the ring in a hard way! Paulton was probably the most positive person on planet Earth, but there was nothing happy about being ragdolled by such a beast of an athlete in Mike Extreme. He measured him up and ran across the ring before delivering a deliberate Jumping Leg Drop across the throat. Mike turned him over and went into the cover.




The Nicest Guy in Wrestling kicked out at two and a half. The former Tag Team Champion throttled Kayden on the mat with his boot as he stood until referee Mike Hunt told him to back off. Extreme let up just a little bit and that was only to seat Paulton before burying a volley of elbows into the top of the Alabama native’s skull. He was out now and Mike followed up with a massive Elbow Drop to the heart!

Kayden doubled over in pain but Extreme was far from done with his assault. He stood up again and ran across the ring before following him in with a Driving Elbow Drop again to the chest. With a grin on his face Extreme rolled over and looked to finish the job he started on Paulton.




Again, the shoulder went up which only infuriated Mike Extreme. He had schooled this bastard before a few months ago… what had changed? Was he really that determined this time around?

The answer, of course, was yes and Kayden stood up to try and face Mike Extreme while showing no fear. Extreme gave him a rather dubious reward for his bravery with a big gut punch that doubled Kayden over and sent him into the corner. The barrage of elbows to the face that followed was most certainly no bueno for jOlt’s Friendly Neighborhood Grappler as he slumped over in the corner. Extreme got close to Kayden’s face and gnashed his teeth together.

“You’re in a man’s world now, Kayden.”

Another big gut punch stopped him in his tracks and he followed that up with a big nasty Release Northern Lights Suplex! Kayden went skittering across the canvas and bounced almost to the other side of the ring. Extreme rolled over and went into the cover.




Again, Kayden was showing his newfound resilience to the crowd’s approval while an irate Extreme snarled at the referee. While he threw Kayden into the corner he quickly let him hang there while he took his sweet time measuring up his target. Mike Extreme came running at him in the corner only for The Good Guy to move, making him nothing but the top turnbuckle!

Extreme flinched as his leg hung there on the top turnbuckle which finally gave Kayden the opening he needed. He clipped the leg of Extreme with about five or six good shots to his exposed leg, making the big man flinch. Once he kicked him back into the corner Kayden connected with a Thrust Kick to the jaw that sent him flying backwards into the corner. He still wasn’t down so Kayden wrapped up the leg he’d been kicking up in the ropes. Extreme was winded just enough to Paulton could run at him… DROPKICK TO THE LEG!

The former Tag Team Champion writhed around in pain now as Kayden Paulton finally had the chance to fight back against the big man. He jumped to the second rope now and gave a thumbs up to the crowd before flying off with a Missile Dropkick this time that FINALLY dropped Extreme onto his back!




Mike Extreme pushed his way out of the cover and moved away from Kayden Paulton while shaking the pain out from his leg. Paulton had the crowd cheering now as he waited for Mike to stand in the corner. He came charging in…

But Mike Extreme was too quick and got his other boot up catching Kayden Paulton in the face! The Nicest Guy in Wrestling fell over and rolled around the canvas writhing in pain now while the big bruiser prepared to finish things off.

He was waiting now for Kayden to stand and when he did he took off to the ropes to put the finish on this match and score the win…


The modified Spinning kick caught the big man in the side of the head amazingly and the blow teetered Extreme back into the ropes. When Kayden stood up he went right at Mike Extreme with several Forearm Smashes. The blows kept on coming until Extreme wobbled on his feet.

“Come on, guys, let’s do this!” Paulton cheered.

The crowd gave him their full support as he ran off the ropes again. This time it was Mike Extreme’s chance to catch him by the arm and drop him the hard way with a Full Nelson Bomb! The blow caught Kayden Paulton unaware and now he turned Paulton over to finish the job. There was no way he’d kick out.




“WHAT?!” Extreme yelled.

jOlt’s Friendly Neighborhood Grappler had STILL managed to get his shoulder up and escape defeat once again. Mike slapped the mat while Violet and Misty were both protesting on the outside. Mike Hunt had two fingers up and told everybody the match was still going.

The furious Extreme rolled outside the ring and started to grab a series of chairs before tossing them into the ring one by one. He was seeing red now and wanted to put a hurting on Paulton; this much was evident.

Mike Extreme started to walk up the steps and climbed right over the ropes before heading back into the ring. He grabbed one of the chairs and brandished it like he was prepared to hit the winning home run at a game. Hunt tried taking the chair from him, but Extreme merely snatched it right back.

“Get the fuck out of my way.”

Paulton was ready to jump at him and came swinging…

Kayden ducked…


The Sling Blade took Mike Extreme down! He came off the other side of the ring and dropped him with the Swinging Sleeper Slam. Paulton had finally brought down the giant as the fans cheered for him to finish things up.

Paulton started to head off to the ropes once again and waited for Mike Extreme to try and stand. He waved to the crowd and jumped off…


The Diving Leg Drop Bulldog off the top rope! He dropped the move hard and planted Mike Extreme in spectacular fashion into the canvas as he turned the big man over…




The king of the upsets had struck again! Mike Extreme had dominated most of this bout, but Kayden Paulton had weathered the storm and thanks to a great sequence of moves he managed to turn the tide on the big man and scored another huge win! First on Intense on the winning end of the Underground six-man tag and now tonight against Mike Extreme.

“Here is your winner of the match… KAYDEN PAULTON!

The Nicest Guy in Wrestling had worked very hard in these last few weeks to up his game and he had definitely done so. He was helped to his feet by the referee who raised his hands for the fans to see.

Violet and Misty were each looking disappointed, as Mike Extreme remained grounded after the sequence of moves Kayden has busted out. Inside the ring Paulton had jumped to the turnbuckle and celebrated with the fans. He looked right into the camera and motioned the universal “I want some gold, bitches” symbol.

But nicer.

“It’s Open Season and I’m gonna win!” Paulton shouted.

His unwavering belief will definitely carry him far come Open Season. And if anybody else looked past Kayden Paulton for even a second… you could be looking at the next #1 Contender to the Underground Championship.

Winner: Kayden Paulton via Pinfall

"We're Done"

Aran Thompson Dawn Cassidy was backstage getting ready for her next interview and was waiting for her cue to continue. Once the little red light went on with the camera she was about to bring some new information.

“Hi, folks, thanks for tuning into Warriors just a few days before we get to Cataclysm. Tonight I have the former jOlt Tag Team Champions and two men with two very different agendas on their mind at that show. Please welcome at this time “The Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber and “The Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck!”

The crowd had responded favorably to the monster fan favorites as they appeared on camera. Derrick Huber had a look of determination on his face while Adam Roebuck had his perpetually surly game face on tonight.

“Now, guys, you two along with Charlotte actually can make history at this PPV. Derrick Huber, you have Craig Thomas one on one at long last after months of tormenting you, playing games with you, and conning his way into owning Charlotte’s contract. Now I understand that because of your win against Thomas a few weeks ago, you have the chance to pick the stipulation for this match. What have you chosen?”

Huber pulled the microphone close.

“You’re right on all accounts, Dawn,” Huber said, a touch a concern in his voice. “Craig Thomas and The Strangler have been big fucking pains in our asses ever since we set foot in the door of jOlt. We came in, they had an issue with us coming and winning titles while the two of them talked a bunch of noise they couldn’t back up. We won the jOlt Tag Team Titles just weeks after debuting and dominated the division for a few months until they and The Heirs cheated us out of the gold. They took my wife, they’ve been bossing her around and she hasn’t been at these shows the last couple weeks because of the stress.”

The Oddsmaker had a grim look of determination on his face as he spoke up.

“I have chosen a stipulation for this match. Two things are going to be on the line, Craig Thomas. First off, I want my fucking wife back and I’m going to beat you to get her back. I’m choosing that Charlotte’s contract is up for grabs!”

Roebuck patted his long-time tag team partner on the back while Huber smiled.

“Oh, but I’m not done yet. We’re going to go one more. You’re tired of looking at me, Craig, and I am damn sure tired of your bitch ass walking around here like jOlt owes you something! The winner will get Charlotte’s contract and the loser… well, the loser is going to be gone! If you beat me, Craig, I’m gone. But WHEN I get through beating you within an inch of your sports entertaining life, I’m going to do jOlt a favor and boot your ass right on out of here!”

Dawn was just as surprised at that announcement as anybody else. Charlotte’s contract went to the winner while the loser would be forced to leave jOlt for good!

“And as for Huber, you’ve been heavily embroiled in something big with The Strangler! You, him and four other wrestlers are competing in the first ever Open Season match to be the next contender to the Underground Title. What are your thoughts?”

The Big Bucks rubbed his hands together.

“I’ll get to that in a second. Me and Huber are teaming up again for the first time in a few weeks and tonight before we each pair off, we’re going to HURT those fucking assholes called Team EGO! They’re not going to con anybody anymore because I vow at Cataclysm win lose or draw, I’m going to end Strangler’s career for everything he’s done to us and to a good woman like Charlotte!”

Once again the crowd cheered for The House.

"As for everybody else in the Open Season match… Brody, I haven’t forgotten about your thieving ass taking our Tag Titles away. Kayden you’re a nice guy, but you’re gonna get hurt if you get in my way. Tyke, I don’t know a whole lot about but I’m going to hurt them all and I’m going to go for the gold! I don’t have too many years left in this business given I’m a big man and time isn’t exactly kind to us… but I’m making one more stab, I’m going to win Open Season and I’m going to be the biggest Underground Champion yet!”

"And on top of all that," Huber added, "Charlotte is still in the Starlet's Title Tournament and she has the chance to advance tonight. Baby, I'm going to win your freedom and then I'm going to watch you become the new Starlets Champion!"

Dawn shook the hands of each House member before they left to ringside to prepare for their tag team match later tonight.

The House vs Team EGO
Sarah WintertonSarah WintertonDaryn ThompsonSarah Winterton

The House had been waiting a long time for this moment. On Warriors 18 it was when Team EGO got themselves disqualified and in the process, a hidden proviso within the contract for said match made it so Charlotte became property of Team EGO.

As noted several moments ago by Derrick Huber, he would face off against Criag Thomas at long last where the loser leaves jOlt and the winner gets Charlotte’s contract. It was literally all or nothing for Derrick Huber, but the warriors from Las Vegas were used to going all in.

‘Voodoo Child' by Stevie Ray Vaughn quickly tuned into play, the lights dimmed and turned to crimson red, hovering over the crowd. The viewers at home could see hundreds of flashing cameras capture the moment as the chords and riffs of the theme rumbled through the arena. The lights were returned to it's original state when a thunderous explosion lit up the darkened arena with red fireworks. Smoke filled the stage, as a shadowed figure was spotted amongst it. The figure could be seen posing with his fist on his hips and after the smoke cleared, Craig Thomas stood arrogantly on stage with the big masked Strangler behind him and the unwilling Charlotte!

She defeated Daryn Thompson and punched her ticket to the finals of the Starlet Title tournament against the hungry Hype wrestler Desiree, but she had to worry about that another night. She was being forcibly dragged to the ring by an angry Craig Thomas while Strangler flanked the rear. They were looking for momentum heading into their matches. Thomas wanted the win tonight and Strangler wanted a win before heading into the Open Season match. Thomas didn’t look too happy about having his career possibly ended at Cataclysm, but he always had a plan in mind. He was a cockroach that could survive just about anything.

“Turn The Page” by Metallica played for the fans as a set of red and green pyro exploded on the stage. The lights snapped back on and the crowd cheered for the appearance of The House! The House members raised their fists in a sign of solidarity before both monsters headed to the ring.

Huber looked right at Charlotte as they entered the ring while “Ego” Craig Thomas continued to look in his general direction.

The bell rang as The Ego entered the ring first. Craig Thomas had a much more determined look on his face that Huber and Roebuck each wanted to knock off. Huber was about to step into the ring per their usual custom when Roebuck stopped him.

“I’m shutting this fucker up first.”

Huber resigned quietly to the ring apron and let his big mountain of a partner, standing six-seven and tipping the scales at four-fifty. A tall order for Craig Thomas no doubt.

The Big Bucks and The Ego circled up and looked ready for somebody to pounce when Thomas suddenly turned and elbowed Derrick Huber in the face. The crowd ooohed at Craig’s actions when Huber tried to jump into the ring only to be restrained by the referee.

“I’m going to keep your wife!” Thomas yelled right at Derrick Huber. “Then I’m gonna end your fucking career!”

Craig turned around and just barely sidestepped an angry Roebuck charging like a bull. He walked forward and delivered a jab to the face of Roebuck before he jumped passed him and raised his hands for the crowd.

“You know you love this shit, monkeys!”

Instead the crowd were pissing all over him with jeers and boos; Thomas wouldn’t have it any other way. He turned over to Roebuck and the beast charged again only for the fleet-footed Craig to jab him a second time! The blow only seemed to piss off The Big Bucks as evidenced by the scowl underneath his beard. Craig held up two fingers to the crowd to tell them he’d controlled the pace over Adam Roebuck.

Roebuck tried to give chase again when Craig applied a headlock to the giant. Roebuck quickly shoved him off and waited for Craig to come back off the rebound, but The Ego took the opportunity to duck out of the ring. Clearly there were some mind games going on to try and throw The House off their game in their second tag title defense since winning them at Power Struggle. He stood on the outside and thrusted his unmentionables in Roebuck’s general direction but turned around to get destroyed with a running shoulder block on the outside by Derrick Huber!

The Oddsmaker had seen enough and Charlotte (and the Arena of Champions) cheered as he delivered a thrust of his own at Craig much to the crowd (and Charlotte’s) delight. He picked up Craig by his hair and tights before rolling him back inside the ring and right into the line of fire for Roebuck. The very second that Craig stood to his feet, Roebuck charged and clotheslined him all the way back out to the floor in front of Huber.

“Oh, you wanna play, Ego? We’ll play, too!”

He picked up The Ego again and rolled him back inside the ring where Roebuck delivered a monstrous elbow drop to the chest and drove the wind out of Thomas. The Strangler continued to watch the two monsters pick apart his cousin and employer. Roebuck made the tag to Derrick Huber and whipped Thomas off to the ropes. He caught Thomas in a sidewalk slam position and held him there so Huber could run off the ropes and come back to deliver a big elbow drop of his own to complete their double team move. Craig Thomas was sucking air as Huber went for the cover.



Craig Thomas kicked out at two but Huber and Roebuck were just getting started in handing out punishment. He tossed Craig into a netural corner and unloaded a series of big forearms and headbutts to the chest and continued to do so until the Ego was put in a seated position in the corner. Huber stood backwards and waited as The Oddsmaker charged in and connected with a rolling corner cannonball called THE MONEYROLL~!

Thomas was crushed under the weight of three-hundred nine pounds coming at him. Huber pulled Craig out of the corner again and went for a cover.



Strangler reached in and pulled Huber off him. The seven-footer was smirking underneath his mask before he returned to the corner to comply with the referee. When Huber turned his attention back to Huber he caught a thumb to the eye from Thomas and rolled over to his corner quickly to tag in The Strangler.

The Strangler had proved his effectiveness in Underground matches, holding victories over Jason Rau and Derrick Huber in the past. Huber hadn’t forgotten this but was still stunned from the illegal thumb to the eye. Strangler jumped into action and went to his MMA background, quickly coming at The Oddsmaker with a quick barrage of jabs to the chest.

He doubled over Huber and whipped him to the ropes where Thomas delivered a well placed knee to the back. Huber was stunned and managed to turn in Craig’s direction only to eat a big boot from The Strangler! Thomas laughed in Huber’s face as he fell to the ground and Strangler went into a cover of his own.



It was a close one but Huber got his shoulder off the mat. Strangler picked him up and launched Huber across the ring and into the corner. The Choke Fiend delivered more jabs to the chest of the six-four Huber and continued to rain them down until the referee ordered him to stop or risk a DQ. Strangler raised his hands up and the attempt gave Huber the time needed to fight back. He punched Strangler in the head several times and ran off the ropes to deliver a devastating thesz press. He then slammed the back of Strangler’s head into the mat in a mad fashion, not forgetting the crimes he’d committed against he and Charlotte.

Charlotte was loving the punishment being handed out by Derrick Huber and so was the crowd. He pulled Strangler up and went looking for his fireman’s carry spinebuster called the Spread Bet when Thomas entered the ring and kicked the leg out from the big man. The referee warned him but Strangler was already there to slip out and he clubbed Huber with an elbow to the back. He then lifted Huber up and delivered…


Huber was down after the brutal and unrefined belly to belly-style suplex but it did its job in taking Huber down. With him down for the moment, Strangler made the tag to his cousin. For a team with limited experience tagging together in jOlt they were excelling well. Thomas headed to the second rope and basked in the jeers of the crowd before he came off with a driving elbow strike. He kneeled over the grounded Huber and pointed at Charlotte.

“This win is for you, sugar tits!”

He covered Huber and hooked both legs of The Oddsmaker.



Close, but no cigar!

Huber kicked out much to Craig’s surprise, but the Ego was far from done. Craig delivered a series of stomps to Huber’s head as he tried to get back up to his knees. He grabbed Huber by the head now and fired off an upward series of knee strikes – something more out of his cousin’s playbook but Craig could throw down when he wanted. He whipped Huber into the corner and followed with a charging shoulder tackle to drive the wind out of him and pulled him out with a short arm clothesline.



Huber kicked out again!

The pressure was on jOlt’s monstrous Tag Team Champions as Adam Roebuck watched his partner get assaulted. Charlotte looked worried as Craig Thomas got Huber to his feet and pulled him into the corner so Strangler could get the tag.

Strangler stepped over the ropes and charged at Huber in the corner with a big barrage of knee strikes to the chest. Thomas waited as Strangler whipped him into The Ego’s grip…


Impressive strength was on display by Craig as he dropped the big three-hundred nine-pound Huber with a spinebuster. He rolled out of the ring and gave Strangler the opportunity to go for the cover and some much needed momentum heading into Cataclysm.



Close, but no dice!

Huber’s shoulders just barely inched off the mat even with the big Strangler keeping him pinned down. While Strangler went for more elbows from a mount position, Craig continued to provoke Charlotte and Roebuck.

“Oh, noes, your hubby’s getting his ass kicked! You guys better do something about it!”

Roebuck tried to keep himself restrained, but he was a big mountain full of rage that wanted to knock that stupid smirk off his face. Craig had gone out of his way this whole match to antagonize the trio… even more so than usual.

Huber was doing his best to hang in there for what could’ve been the big team’s toughest challenge to date. Huber continued using the ropes to pull himself up while Strangler eyed his chance to strike. The Choke Fiend delivered a big kick to the side of Derrick’s rib cage in punt fashion, knocking the big guy over to the corner again.

The Oddsmaker stumbled around and walked right into the path of a big clothesline from The Strangler that he called THE HURT~!

Things were really not looking good for The House after a dominating start. Charlotte shook her head with disgust while Craig Thomas ran around the ring apron, laughing like Team EGO had already defeated him at Cataclysm and kept the services of Charlotte! Strangler didn’t go for a cover on Huber like he should’ve but instead chose to try and put him down through other means.

He signaled to the crowd with a thumb across his throat before he went for the strangle hold submission that he’d defeated Huber in their last singles match. He latched that sucker on and tried for the choke, only for Huber to frantically fight back and elbow at Strangler for all he had. He pushed the monster off the ropes…


With a quick spinning lariat he turned the tables on The Strangler and knocked the big man down. Craig was on the ring apron in a panic now that his big equalizer had been incapacitated thanks to the brute force of Derrick Huber. The Oddsmaker was crawling over to his corner now while Thomas tried to egg on his bodyguard to get back into the match.

Strangler was just starting to turn around while Derrick Huber crawled to his corner. He recovered just enough to try and grab the big man by a leg. He pulled him around and tried quickly for some kind of a knee submission only for Huber to club and kick his way free. When Strangler backed up, he grabbed him again and Huber stopped him in his tracks with a big right uppercut of his own. Strangler was stunned and Huber tagged in to The Big Bucks!

The mountain climbed into the ring and went right at Strangler in the corner with all the ferocity of a grizzly bear mauling another animal for his next meal. Unlike Strangler, his attacks were much less refined but they still hurt like all hell when a man that big was tearing into you.

The Big Bucks let out a yell to the crowd that got him all fired up and ready to go. He tackled The Strangler with a big shoulder block and raised his hands before shouting “FOUR OF A KIND!”

He delivered the big open handed chops which even had enough force behind him to do damage to the big bodyguard for Craig. Thomas shook his head in disbelief at the force behind Roebuck as he grabbed Strangler and threw him across the ring with a big belly to belly suplex of his own.

Strangler hit the corner and tried to get back up when Roebuck came charging in with a running hip attack called THE BOTTOM DEALING~! Roebuck was a house of fire now and grabbed Strangler again in his grip before planting the fighter down with a big walking powerslam.



And a kickout by The Strangler!

Adam Roebuck snarled and continued to thrash Strangler as he tried to get back to his knees. Craig tried to come in and save his cousin and caught Adam Roebuck in the side of the temple with a kick to the jaw that stunned him. Strangler and Craig then whipped the big monster off the ropes and took him down with a double shot of a back elbow to the face. The move only rocked him so Craig reeled back…


The superkick put the monster down and he headed out of the ring while Strangler went to cover and finish the job his cousin started.



The fall was broken up by Derrick Huber now with an elbow to the back of Strangler’s head. Now all four men were in the ring at the same time with Huber and Strangler pairing off as Craig tried to finish what he started and clubbed Roebuck as he got to his knees. The match was breaking down quickly with all the parties involved. Huber tried to fight with Strangler and tossed him out of the ring.

The Ego was calling for the end and waited as The Big Bucks tried to get back to his feet. He went for the cover and went into trying to hurt him with the Ego Slam, but Roebuck pushed him away into a solid right hand by Derrick Huber! Charlotte cheered while the two men were stunned. They charged at Thomas from either end simultaneously…


The somewhat long and silly name was another new move in the arsenal of The House and it was a diving senton from Huber followed by the big Splash by Adam Roebuck! Roebuck hooked the leg of Thomas!




The House had done it and had finally scored a decisive victory over Team EGO! Adam House and Derrick Huber were cooking on all cylinders now and score a big-time win over the cocky youngster. Huber and Roebuck stood tall while a relived Charlotte started to clap for her hubby and his best friend…


A VICIOUS chair shot from The Strangler caught Huber in the back! Roebuck turned around to see The Choke Fiend’s assault but before he could do anything about it…


A big chair shot across the face of Adam Roebuck brought the giant to his knees. Strangler wound up off the ropes and straight up walloped Roebuck with a second and even more vile chairshot to the top of the skull!

An irate Strangler brought down the two monsters and he held the bent chair up high for all to see. The House had won the match tonight but The Strangler had been pushed to the brink of insanity tonight which made him just as dangerous as anybody else in the Open Season match!

Thomas started to limp to his feet while he and The Strangler stood over The House. A frightened Charlotte looked at the painful but very smug Ego as he motioned for Strangler and Charlotte to follow him.

Charlotte went to check on her husband when The Strangler grabbed her by the arm and pulled her away from the ring to watch her husband roll around on the canvas in pain.

The House had won the battle, but it was Team EGO who had the last laugh for Cataclysm. Craig Thomas was helped out of the ring by Strangler as he gave one last parting grin to The House.

Winner: The House via Pinfall


Aran Thompson Backstage, we see Desiree standing along side Xin Xin Xiong. The people cheer in the background as Xiong places his hand on Desiree's shoulder.

"You've worked hard for this. I am truly amazed at your progress in just a short month. You came into this business as someone who never had any training and now, you are completely undefeated both in this tournament and on The Hype. You should truly be proud of yourself for everything you have accomplished.... but...."

There was that caveat at the end of that admiration, just as anyone would expect from their instructor.

"Just because you made it this far doesn't mean you should allow this to go to your head. You shouldn't think that you're a shoe-in for this tournament and you shouldn't believe that you have arrived at the same level as everyone else in that locker room. Remember, you may have shown heart and determination, but you are still young... you are still inexperienced... and if you don't realize that and try to overcome it.. you will fail."

Desiree turned and looked at Xiong.

"I understand, but even you yourself have said that I am undefeated. I used my mind.. I used my technique that you taught me.. and I relied on that strength and I got myself this far because of it. I have no need to think of myself as someone who can fail. Even you must know that as soon as you think of failure, it will happen. I KNOW I can beat Charolette and at Cataclysm I'm going to do just that. I will walk in a rookie... and I WILL walk out.. the new Starlet Champion.. I WILL walk out as the next Aria Murphy."

Xiong sighed.

"That right there is what I call overconfidence. You seem too sure of your victory. I see these wins have already gotten to your head. This is what I am talking about. Don't misunderstand my words.. I just..."

Desiree cut off Xiong.

"Don't misunderstand me. This has not gotten to my head at all. This is not overconfidence.. this is believing in myself and my ability. This is me declaring to the world that I have the strength to fight and that I will use that strength to be victorious."

Desiree paused for a moment.

"What happened to you? You were so gung ho about training me.. you encouraged me, and now when we stand at the doorstep of destiny, you seem like you've lost faith. If you don't believe in me... then who will?"

With those words, Desiree walked off as Xiong sighed.

"She just doesn't get it..." muttered Xiong as the scene faded to black.

Sven Deadly vs Waymoth Turnbull
Sarah WintertonDaryn Thompson

"Emergency" by Mavado f/ Ace Hood began playing over the speakers and a chorus of boos errupted from the fans as the six foot seven inch monster of a man, Waymoth Turnbull walked out from behind the entrance curtain and he wasn't even phased by the booing. Turnbull was a man pissed off for all the right reasons. He had went on to lose his last two matches and he wanted to punish somebody.

The lights went out before Waymoth could even get into the ring and flames shot out from the entrance stage. The glow of the fire caught Waymoth's attention and he snarled as he rolled into the ring and "The Enemy Inside" by Dream Theater began playing. Sven Deadly lurched out from the curtain and the crowd continued to be baffled by this man, but because Waymoth Turnbull stood in the ring, he received a fairly decent pop.

Sven looked around mumbling to himself and he stopped at the ring apron looking around as the glow from the fire continued to blanket the Arena of Champions. Sven looked at Waymoth and then down at the ground talking to himself.

Powers: What is wrong with this guy? He can't keep himself together long enough to...

Buhrman: WHOA! WHOA! WHOA!

Buhrman had interrupted Powers began Waymoth wasn't waiting a single moment and he grabbed Sven by his head and pulled him from the ground over the top rope with the greatest of ease before slamming Sven to the mat head first and the crowd did not like what they saw. Waymoth turned his attention to the referee and without even saying a word the referee rang the bell.

Waymoth picked Sven up once again and displayed the 195 lbs. lifeless body of Sven Deadly in the air before dropping him from a Gorilla Press position and the thud echoed. The Arena of Champions was silent and Waymoth turned his back to Sven and kicked him on to his back and put his foot on him for a pin.



Sven's arm shot up wildly and Sven wrapped his legs and arms around the leg of Waymoth who didn't even move only adjusted his foot onto the left shoulder of Sven pinning his arm down but Sven didn't stop wildly flailing about trying to get free. Waymoth looked around before bending over and slapping the piss out of Sven who just didn't seem phased by the assault.

Waymoth stepped off of Sven and Sven got to his feet and screamed wildly as he pounced on Waymoth but Waymoth caught him in mid air and dropped Sven with a back breaker. Waymoth looked as the fans booed him and he grinned before slamming his fist into the side of the head of Sven and pinning Sven yet again but Sven just squirmed.

"DOWN!" Waymoth demanded as Sven refused.

Waymoth stood up and watched as the psychotic Sven Deadly squirmed to his feet, obviously beaten by the Powerhouse Waymoth Turnbull. Sven used the ropes as he stood up and he looked possessed.


The womans voice again yelled over the PA system and this time Waymoth curiously looked around as Sven snarled and smiled demonically. Sven charged after Waymoth with a devilish smile on his face.


Sven dropped to the mat and his head bounced off of it a little. Waymoth tilted his head curiously as Sven coughed and blood trickled down Svens cheek.

"Why won' ya stay?!" Waymoth demanded of Sven.

Sven just smiled away and Waymoth dropped to one knee and wrapped his hand around Sven's throat and squeezed.

Sven began laughing the best he could as Waymoth squeezed harder and harder trying to force the life out of Sven. Waymoth released his grip and Sven violently swung upward trying to punch Waymoth who dodge the blow due to his extensive boxing background and he again wrapped his hand around Sven's throat but this time he slammed the back of Sven's head into the mat.




The referee got worried for Sven and told Waymoth to stop but Waymoth continued.





Waymoth released his grip once again and looked at Sven curiously as Sven coughed up more blood but smiled yet again reaching for Waymoth.


Sven's eyes shot open and Sven jumped to his feet and he charged after Waymoth who moved to the side and pushed Sven into the ropes. Sven lept into the air and stood on the top turnbuckle and the fans were going nuts.


Sven looked around and saw Waymoth standing in the middle of the ring wait for Sven to try something else.


Buhrman: Look at that strength! Waymoth just caught Sven in mid air and put him on his shoulders.


Waymoth tossed Sven into the turnbuckle and Sven's body buckled giving into the impact. Waymoth grabbed Sven by his hair and brought him to his feet before lifting him up setting Sven up for a Fall Away Slam.


Waymoth flung Sven over the top rope and Sven's body slammed into the barricade and he told the referee to count.




Sven's body jerked and his eyes were clearly open. He looked around but his body just wouldn't move.




Sven's body jerked again and he looked around trying to move but his body was just beaten to badly.









The womans voice continued to shriek the names of the seven deadly sins and Sven's began trying to crawl to his hands and knees.


Sven reached the ring apron and began pulling himself up blood dripping from his mouth who looked sad as he reached toward the referee.


Sven's eyes shot open again and he quickly turned his gaze to Waymoth.


Sven struggled to pull himself up.

Buhrman: HOLY CRAP!?


The fans were silent as Svens body shot under the ring.


The referee called for the bell and Waymoth walked over to where Sven was but couldn't be found. Waymoth just shook his head and snarled before rolling out of the ring with a slightly satisfied look on his face.

Buhrman: Where did Sven go?!

Powers: Who cares?! Did you see Waymoth absolutely destroy him?

"Emergency" By Mavado played again as Waymoth walked up the entrance ramp, not caring at all what happened to his opponent.

Winner: Waymoth Turnbull via Countout

"Iron Clad Headache"

Aran Thompson The scene opened backstage with Jon Le Bon walking into Jim Johnson's office. Johnson wasn't very happy to see him. In fact, Johnson got right to the point and wasted very little time.

"Close the door and sit down." said Johnson.

Shockingly, Le Bon did just that. After closing the door, he casually walked over to the chair and sat properly. No hopping into it.. no propping his feet up on Johnson's desk.. nothing. He simply sat there and waited for Johnson to speak.

"What? No fancy antics this time? I suppose that since you finally got what you wanted, that there's no need for that anymore, isn't there? Well... congratulations... congratulations on going over Shayne Anderson's head... congratulations on going over Damien Lee's head... congratulations on going over MY head... in other words.. congratulations for making my life a living hell from now on." said Johnson with venom.

Le Bon continued to sit there. He continued to say nothing.

"So that's it? You're just going to sit there and say nothing? You'll sit there and remain silent because you know you've won!? ANSWER ME GODDAMIT IT" screamed Johnson.

At that very moment, Johnson's door opened.

"I don't think so. I have advised my client to remain silent through these proceedings." said a voice.

Johnson looked up and became wide-eyed.


The camera panned around and even the audience gasped and then cheered at the sight of professional wrestling's greatest lawyer...


LLB walked over and placed his hand on Jon Le Bon's shoulder.

"My client brought this issue to my attention. I watched the tapes and I saw a clear abusive of power and an unconventional.. undeniable.. and irrefutable attempt at demeaning my client, conspiring to cause physical harm to my client.. and of course.. harrassment toward my client. I bought the contract before my legal team and had it reworked to instate Jon Le Bon as a full fledged member of the roster of jOlt Wrestling and if any of these actions against him were to continue.. there would be severe punishment in store for those found guilty." LLB said threateningly.

LLB looked around after Johnson was stunned silent.

"Well then.. now that this matter has been resolved, I'll take my leave. I'm sure I'll be needed elsewhere."

LLB turned and left Johnson's office. Once he was gone Le Bon cracked a smile and then propped his feet up on Johnson's desk.

"You heard Lawyer Le Bon... it's a pleasure to work with you, Jimmy Johns!"

Le Bon cracked a smile as Johnson buried his face into his desk.

The Crimson Order & Eiji Kugasari vs The Heirs of Wrestling
Sarah WintertonSarah WintertonSarah Winterton

Daryn ThompsonSarah WintertonSarah Winterton

“Money” by D/R Period.

A hastened barrage of pulsating green lights accompanied the anthem of all things cash began playing as three figures were hidden in the shadows, their backs trained to the fans; One large man in the middle. One short man on the left & one well-built man to the right. Jackets began lighting up one by one and when it came time to see what was happening, the fans jumped out of their seats. The short man jumped.


A big, bright purple H was on his back. The tall man jumped next.


The O was bright and silver. Finally, the last person stepped up.


The W was gold. The lights flipped back on and the promotion’s premier douche bags in their matching light-up jackets walked to the ring, ready for action. Gallaway was readily inaudibly boasting to the yelling masses with Frank Silver using exaggerated body language & verbiage to boast their overall greatness as champions. The burly Brody raised his Freebird Championship belt overhead in sheer bravado.

Carrington: “The following tag team contest is a non-title match scheduled for one fall! Introducing First; making their way to the ring and weighting in at a total combined weight of 759 pounds; they are the team of Mack Brody, Frank Silver & Ryan Gallway… They are the current...reigning & defending jOlt Wrestling Freebird Team Champions… They are THE HEIRS OF WRESTLING!!!

The jeers from the majority of the masses empowered the arrogant trio as Mack patted both Silver & Gallway leapt to briefly kneel along the ring apron before heading toward opposing ends to further irritate their detractors. The massive Mack pulled himself atop the ring apron before adjusting his title belt as the duo returned. Mack patted his partners on the back to encourage Frank and Ryan to enter the ring. Standing atop adjacent turnbuckles, both Frank & Ryan were seen holding up their coveted gold titles that the entire jOlt Tag division were all the more eager to wrest from their clutches. Camera Two monitored the trinity of Mack, Silver and Gallway handed off their championships to Referee Jack Mehough before Silver began tugging at the ring ropes while Gallway readied himself by quickly carom of each opposing set of ropes as their music ended. The massive Mack was seen rolling both shoulders before rolling his neck & extending his arms outward to further amp up the amassed ‘envy’ from their detractors...


‘Ultraviolence’ by Cliff Lin

The acoustic series of guitar riffs & drums prompted the accelerated expulsion of strobe lit smoke throughout the entire span of the entrance staging area. The hues of Pearl & Crimson angrily pierced both the billowing overcast & blackened landscape. The combination of cheers & jeers inundated the atmosphere as 2 forms were faintly made out within the creeping bank of generated fog. The jeers became more pronounced as The Blood Raven sauntered forward between the rising forms before standing at the ramp’s apex...

Carrington: “...And their opponents, weighting in at a total combined weight of 800 pounds; they are the team of Heido, Takeshi & Eiji Kugasari… From The Island of Japan… They are THE CRIMSON ORDER!!!

Chest heaving before beating his right breast before executing his martial arts katas. The formidable contenders for the jOlt Tag Team Championship stood erect with both arms extended a several inched from their sides as Eiji punched the metal grating to summon plumes of pyrotechnical rage from both ends of the staging area. Camera One briefly caught the Heirs of Wrestling responding negatively to the Order’s arrival before trailing after the band of ninjas en route to the ringside area. The headstrong Kugasari was the first to slide into the ring, flip to his feet via his forearms to inaudibly challenge their opposition from inside the ring. The Heirs readily engaged the ninja in a verbal war as both Heido & Takeshi made it to ringside. Heido made use of the ring steps as the Mute Mountain used the ring apron & ropes to step over inside the squared circle.

The sinewy Heido had removed his tattered head wear & was seen passing casually through the ropes as Takeshi pulled off his Kendo mask & tossed it aside into the referee’s hands while popping his neck & angrily cracking his knuckles. Brody Mack & Frank Silver were still engaged in a shouting match with Eiji before Ryan Gallway pulled them away from the ring apron into a brief team huddle. The massive Takeshi draped his arm across Kugasari’s chest to pull him over to Heido for immediate counsel with his eyes transfixed on the opposition. The Order’s musical introduction gave way to the Arena of Champions to audibly hype up the main event. Eiji was pacing back & forth in front of the Crimson corner as Gallway hopped in place before the corner of his peers before the bell was sounded. Both young buns strode toward the middle of the ring as Ryan floored the ninja quickly with a Snap Double Leg Takedown to a Jackknife Hold! ...1! Kickout yet Gallway hurled the ninja away with an Irish Whip. Eiji ran underneath the Clothesline to Front Handspring against the ring ropes. Ryan allowed Kugasari to roll backward to his feet having missed the Back Handspring Elbow to a Roll Up Pin!...1!

Kickout! Ryan’s leg strength sent the ninja into a Forward Somersault to his feet. The Heir’s front man kipped up to his feet & ducked underneath the Blood Raven’s Open Palm Punch. Gallway with a Rear Side Single Hand Leg Sweep yet the nimble ninja landed and his stiff Front Kick sent the tag champion rolling backward to his feet where Eiji shoved his rival against the rope to add more power to his Hammer Throw. Gallway reversed the momentum into a Fireman’s Carry Takedown which the deft puroresu expert landed on both feet. Gallway with a Rear Side Double Leg Trip. Ryan quickly Forward Somersault himself on Eiji’s Back to intentionally disrespect the ninja with a barrage of Paintbrush Slaps across the back of the Head while taunting Kugasari with Crotch Chop. Ryan ducked underneath the Leaping Double Roundhouse Kick. Ryan’s Discus Lariat was immediately countered by Eiji’s Snap Drop Toe Hold! Gallway was seen balling his face up yet his attempt to cover his nose was used to quickly place him into a Redo Clutch Pin! ...1! ...2! Kickout! The masses audibly rallied as the Prince of Puroresu whipped the tag champion into the opposing corner soundly before pouncing after his rival with a Leaping Turnbuckle Splash! Gallway quickly stepped aside, allowing Eiji to stagger backwards before spinning him around and punishing with a calloused Knife Edge Chop! A resounding Ric Flair tribute was heard upon each impact where The Prince of Precision pie faced the ninja against the corner with each strike. A hard Front Kick humbled the ninja proceeded a hard Shove to the Face back into the corner. A notable continent roared as Gallway spat into his palm...

20422 Special

Eiji remained slumped over the top rope before being set up for a Back Suplex. The ninja fell off, landed and spun Gallway about with an unforgiving Spinning Roundhouse Kick to the skull. The Tag Champion collapsed against the middle ropes as Eiji pulled him about & dropped him with a Snap Mare. The audience groaned as Kugasari blasted his rival with a hard Snap Kick across the spine. A 2nd more calloused than the 1st before a 3rd Kick across the Chest rolled the flyweight backward to a Double Knee posture, crossing his arms across his chest. Irish Whip into enemy territory as Eiji crushed Gallway with a Running Turnbuckle Senton Splash back to a Knee. Takeshi was tagged in and quickly hoisted Ryan across his shoulders. Kugasari’s Standing Roundhouse across Ryan’s head prompted Takeshi to initiate an Airplane Spin as Eiji strode quickly toward the opposing ropes. The Mute Mountain send Gallway spiraling into the air before Eiji connected with a Double Knee Chest Buster! Gallway crashed & burned into a fetal position before the Japanese titan made the Lateral Press! ...1! ...2! Frank Silver’s Sliding Elbow Drop saved the team from certain defeat as he lumbered back to his respective corner. The weakened Gallway was promptly suspended by Takeshi’s side as he scowled at both Silver & Brody before turning about and flinging Gallway toward them with a punishing Gutwrench Suplex! The leviathan slammed each respective fist against his chest before urging one of the big men to challenge him. A grimacing Gallway quickly tagged Brody Mack in who took a moment to stare back at his opposition.

The audience continued cheering as Mack stepped over the top ropes to casually confront the Japanese giant. Both men stretched out their extremities before colliding with a mutual Head & Collar Tie Up. The grueling Test of Strength eventually ended with both men stepping back in frustration. The 2nd attempt led to both camps cheering on their respective gladiators as Takeshi & Mack traded advantages ground wise until Mack began howling as the advantage was beginning to slip away before Brody stunned the giant with a hard Headbutt. Brody’s eyes widened briefly from the blow as Takeshi broadly smiled from the exchange yet Takeshi connected with a 2nd blow, sending Brody staggering back slowly. However, Mack recovered to counter the incoming Double Ax Handle with a Front Kick. A Hard Right. A Left Punch followed by a Right Forearm to the Face before Brody lumbered toward the opposing ropes. A Heavy Clothesline managed to stagger Takeshi backwards several paces. Mack briefly looked at his peers before attempting another one. Again the bald behemoth swung his arms to maintain his weakened base. Mack caromed off the opposing ropes yet the resurgent ninja ran forward and leveled Brody with a Leaping Shoulder Block! Both giant were grounded yet Takeshi took a moment to shake his head before regaining his footing to pull his rival upward. Hammer Throw by Takeshi into the corner followed by a defiant clubbing of his chest before lumbering after his opposition. An Angry Man’s Clothesline by Brody knocked the running giant off his feet, earning an audible response form the masses! The Heirs of Wrestling muscle wrung the pain free from his arm before making the cover...1! ...2! Gorilla Press Lift by Takeshi lifted Mack upward to all fours with a look of disbelief from his face.

The woozy giant sought to recover before Mack quickly cinched in a Rear Side Head Lock. Takeshi panted while reaching out to his brethren as Mack relentlessly taunted him. “Are You Neff?!” exclaimed Brody, intentionally mocking the mute monster seeking to power his way out. Embittered, the muscular monster gradually stood himself erect before using several Back Elbows to free himself from the Side Head Lock yet Brody connected with a strong Knee Lift to stagger Takeshi backwards. A Front Kick by Mack pinned Takeshi into the corner before Brody worked the monstrosity over with a series of Turnbuckle Thrusts before inciting the masses verbally. A Hammer Throw by Brody yet Takeshi with the Reversal to deliver a brutal Head Butt to Mack’s Chest. The Japanese Giant flung Mack’s arms out of the way to deliver another Head Butt in the same location before dropping Brody to his knees with a Front Lick before locking in an Inverted Full Nelson. The referee knelt down to assess Brody’s condition as The Mute Mountain broadened his base to apply more torque to the hold. Mack continued screaming in muffled anguish despite clawing at the titan’s head. Gallway was quick to hop in and land a trinity of Kicks to the behemoth’s legs yet ran for the hills as Takeshi cast the giant brawler aside.

He scowled & pointed at The Prince of Precision before dragging Brody to his feet toward his clan. Forcing Mack outside onto the ring apron, Takeshi faced him toward the crowd before drubbing his opposition with several Methodical Clubbing Forearms across Mack’s Chest. Heido interceded with a calloused Open Hand Slaps across the Chest before intentionally scratching harshly. Mack howled wildly enduring the assault as Eiji dropped down & quickly rounded the black pole. Heido tagged himself in as Eiji leapt onto the ring apron to help hold Brody’s legs against the top ropes. The masses emitted a hardcore pop as Takeshi punished Brody with a Full Nelson variant of a Double Knee Back Breaker! Takeshi nodded adamantly at Heido slowly pointing his finger at the Heirs of Wrestling from atop the turnbuckle...

A Leaping Double Foot Stomp to Mack’s Mid Section!

The Heirs were livid as Heido leapt upward & stood erect as the ailing big man screamed angrily. The Kansai Crippler sauntered over toward the battered brawler before methodically punishing him with the Hateful Haiku. Grabbing the big man’s tights, Heido delivered precision strikes between Mack’s shoulder blades, lower back, rib cage & abdomen before dropping a hard Knee across Mack’s Jaw! Heido was seen taunting his distant opposition by rotating his wrists before snatching Mack up to a seated posture & locking in a Double Trapezius Claw Hold, leaving Mack writhing in anguish before driving his knee into his victim’s spine. Brody collapsed onto his side in an unsettling posture before Heido quickly ground his forearm against Mack’s Jaw during a Lateral Press...1! ...2! Mack got the shoulder up only to have the sinewy submission artist ensnare him into a Kneeling variant of an Arm Bar. Planting his knee against Mack’s head, Heido continued to stare at both Silver & Gallway while their partner continued suffering before landing a succession of Knee Drops to the Temple before flipping him onto his back for a quick Cross Arm Breaker! Mack’s presence of mind urged him immediately reach for the ropes the bottom rope. The Kansai Crippler extended his free hand to legalize The Blood Raven who promptly reentered & connected with a Standing Moon Sault Press! Kugasari quickly tagged Takeshi back in, allowing the Mute Mountain to floor the humbled Freebird Champion with an Judo style Ashi Guruma (Wheel Throw) before cinching in a taunt Grounded Side Head Lock. Riddled with pain, Brody intently tested the integrity of the hold for an opening as the referee assessed his condition. Quickly, Mack would gradually make his ascent from both knees slamming his Forearms into his captor’s side to free himself. Mack staggered about briefly before stunning Takeshi with a Hard Right Hook. A succession of Measured Punches motivated the Thinking Man’s Giant before raking Takeshi’s eyes...

The Gold Digger

A mad grunt was heard as the ’SuperMack’ hoisted Takeshi soundly with his patented Release Exploder Suplex! A Diving Senton off the Top Rope by Gallway who rolled to his feet to inaudibly grab his crotch while extending his middle finger to Eiji. Immediately, the Blood Raven passed through the ropes, drawing the referee to cut him off at the pass as both Frank Silver & Brody dragged the Mountain of Muscle towards their corner as Gallway further antagonized the ninja behind the referee’s back. Heido sought to restore order as Mack soundly clapped his hand to make the blind tag with Frank Silver angrily laying the boots to the Mute Mountain before using the ropes to apply pressure with a Ring Rope Choke with his Knee. Jack the Referee openly disputed the legitimacy of the tag as Ryan passed through the ropes only to be quickly dismissed & pummeling the Japanese giant with a barrage of Punches before screaming the Heir’s greatness before the angry masses.

Frank Silver allowed Ryan Gallway to tag himself back in & both men buried the giant into the canvas with a Double Team Vertical Suplex. Silver was on time with the Camel Clutch Submission as Ryan anxiously hopped in place before caroming against the ropes before driving both boots into Takeshi’s teeth with a Baseball Slide Dropkick! The Mute Mountain covered his face with both palms before being shoved over onto his back with Frank Silver strode toward the ropes before crushing Takeshi with a hard Senton Splash! Cover! ...1! ...2! Eiji with a Baseball Slide Dropkick to Silver’s face before retreating. Silver shook his head free of cobwebs before kneeling over the giant and pummeling him with several Punches to the Head before stopping at the count of 4. Frank scowled at the referee before inaudibly taunting the opposing teams as Mamoru continued slapping the ring apron to will his giant on. Extending his arms outward, one of the promotion’s most hated men stood with his boot against Takeshi’s head before the inevitable started...

The Bootlicker

The merciless series of methodical Stomps to Takeshi’s extremities. Right Shoulder. Right Hand. Right Knee. Right Shin. Left Shin. Left Knee. Mid Section. Left Shoulder. Silver grabbed the giant’s arm and slammed it against the canvas before stomping on the Left Hand. Forehead with an extended middle finger to Heido, who stoically paced along the ring apron. Mamoru verbally encouraged his titan to reclaim himself as the masses drowned him out with Silver raising his pinky toward the heavens. Careening against the opposing ropes, the Silver Lining Academy graduate continued burning a hole through Heido as he automatically connected with the theatrical Elbow Drop against the Throat before swivelling quickly into a Lateral Press...1! ...2! Kickout! Silver’s scowl hardened while nodding before grinding his knee against Takeshi’s head while clutching the giant’s head before breaking the ref’s count at the last second. The Intergalactic Space Cowboy readily summoned his partner for the tag before being allowed to connect with a picturesque Slingshot Shooting Star Press! Silver swung his fist in celebration before slipping through the ropes as Gallway made the cover...1! ...2! Heido abruptly broke the cover after executing a Slingshot Dive into the ring. Referee Mehough promptly ushered the ninja back to his corner as Gallway waved off Brody’s suggestion for a tag before laying heavy stomps onto the massive monster. Ryan continued to hound the giant with Punches before being forcibly shoved backward to the floor yet the persistent flyweight returned to apply more damage. Takeshi staggered backward to his feet before being driven backward into the corner with a perfect Drop Sault! The Piranha strode in past the giant before attempting to connect with a Walk Up Tornado Single Arm DDT...

Silent Hell

The Inverted Full Nelson Guillotine Drop on Gallway left him writhing along the canvas as Mamoru rallied his clan brethren to shift the momentum. Takeshi remained on his hind quarters to rid himself of his dazed condition before crawling over toward his respective corner. The Heirs of Wrestling camp were screaming adamantly for Ryan to recover as the Arena of Champions continued bubbling over with crowd heat. Both Heido & Eiji extended their hands outward as Takeshi was back to his feet yet the masses emitted a tsunami of hatred as both Frank Silver & Mack Brody took out the giant with a Double Team Chop Block from behind before dragging the massive ninja away from the corner to grant an ailing Ryan crawl over toward his corner to make the tag to Mack Brody. The burly brawler arrogantly measured his rising rival for a Running Yakuza Kick to the face...Capture Suplex by Takeshi! A stern Mamoru yelled for Takeshi to will himself roll himself over onto his stomach & begin regaining his footing. Meanwhile, Brody cradled the back of his head and began crawling away for a fresh tag. Mamoru was seen gently tugging at his lapel before issuing orders to both Heido & Eiji as Takeshi extended his hand outward. The Blood Raven quickly made the Hot Tag in & quickly scaled his way to the top ropes...

Hanzo’s Comet

All 320 pounds of Mack was driven into the canvas by Eiji’s Top Rope Front Flipping Seated Senton as Ryan Gallway slingshot himself into the ring. The Blood Raven ran underneath the Running Clothesline to knock Silver off the ring apron with a Hard Running Forearm to the Face! The Prince of Puroresu quickly turned his attention toward the incoming Gallway & floored him with a Knife Edge Chop. Ryan was quickly back to his feet and suffered another Chop across the Chest as Mack Brody was seen rolling off the ring apron. Gallway’s awareness allowed him to quickly duck underneath the Spinning Heel Hook Kick to send Eiji toward the corner with a hastened Hammer Throw. Tiger Wall Flip by the Blood Raven sent him sailing overhead of the South Beach Florida native. Eiji landed yet Ryan charged in with a Flying Crucifix Pin. Kugasari rolled through to both knees, quickly spun Ryan about but was stunned with a Rising Knee Lift to the Face. Gallway went for a Swinging Neck Breaker yet Eiji spun out & staggered Ryan with an Ear Box...

The Crimson Sword Dance

[sequence] [Snap Kick to Thigh. Spinning Back Elbow to Skull. Spinning Back Fist. Open Palm Strike to Jaw.]

The protegee of “Impulse” Brian James was spun about as Camera Three caught The Crimson Order outside brawling with the remaining Heirs of Wrestling. The Hipster Heartthrob swung & missed with the Spinning Back Fist before ducking down for Back Body Drop. The Blood Raven quickly pivoted, rolled off Ryan’s back before bodies were spilled everywhere by Eij’s Twisting Back Handspring Senton over the top rope! The Arena of Champions continued roaring as Ryan Gallway regained his bearings before perching himself atop the turnbuckles. Fans in the front rows stood their feet as the diminutive Heir of Wrestling laid everyone out with a Spaceman Plancha! Tumbling to his feet, Ryan hooked the barricades with his Left Arm seeking to recover as the pile of moving bodies began to gradually disburse...

...jOlt! jOlt! jOlt! jOlt! jOlt! jOlt! jOlt! jOlt! jOlt! jOlt!...

The referee continued his mandatory count was Heido was the first to take the fight to Frank Silver as Mack Brody & Takeshi began brawling toward the base of the entrance ramp as Ryan grabbed The Blood Raven by the head & flung him against the ring steps. Kugasari blocked the incoming blow before both rivals continued their violent exchange. Camera Two followed The Sultan of Savagery trading Knife Edge Chops with Heido before succumbing to an Underhand Throat Jab. Irish Whip by Heido slammed Frank Silver against the barricades as Camera Four observed Mack Brody forcibly broke the Head & Collar Tie Up to haul off with a stern Right Hand to Takeshi’s Jaw. The Japanese leviathan retaliated with a hard Double Fist Punch to the Stomach before landing a Mongolian Chop yet Brody drive Takeshi forcibly against the barricades with a Running Double Leg Tackle! Camera One returned to both Gallway & Kugasari continued grappling in the ring with Gallway shifting the momentum of an Irish Whip to a Standing Hip Toss, setting Eiji into the Tree of Woe position. Ryan with a series of unfettered Buzzsaw Kicks across the Mid Section before wedging his foot against Eiji’s chin, arrogantly playing to the crowd. A Groin Shot by Ryan garnered a volley of jeers as Gallway quickly gained some running room & connected with a Hesitation Corner Dropkick to the Face! The Piranha motioned to the crowd after peeling The Blood Raven off the turnbuckle & dragging him into position, signaling for the SUPERNOVA to be unleashed. The Napoleon Complex stricken flyweight began reeling his ascending prey in with Eiji staggering aimlessly about to face the incoming Gallway...Heido caught the flyweight off guard with a quick Open Palm Uppercut, granting Eiji a moment to reclaim his bearings with Ryan swinging his arms from the blow...

Event Horizon - {An Airplane Spin to a Falling Double Knee Lung Blower}

Gallway’s body hung in the air briefly before collapsing against the canvas. Heido grabbed Eiji by the collar to make the Lateral Press...



The audience groaned audibly as both Frank Silver & Mack Brody had scrambled into the ring, forcibly running down both Kugasari & Heido, with heido being sent tumbling through the ropes with a Running Clothesline. Silver busied himself in the pursuit of the slender ninja as Mack Brody ripped Eiji upward to quickly bounce his skull against the mat with a hard Hair Whip to the canvas. The Bronze Bombshell thoughtfully dragged Gallway out of harm’s way toward their corner before grabbing the Blood Raven’s throat with both hands, ready to bury him with his patented 24K Double Handed Choke Slam yet Takeshi humbled the Philadelphia native with a Running Yakuza Kick between the exposed Shoulder Blades! Mack was left grimacing on all fours as The Silent Nightmare extended his arms outward & gnashed his teeth, igniting the masses before gradually hoisting The Bronze Bombshell upward from behind...

Hanzo’s Hammer

The Tombstone Variant of the Omega Driver prompted Mack to eerily raise upward on both knees before keeling over onto his side. Frank Silver managed to free himself from Heido’s diversionary assault only to be tackled by Takeshi. Meanwhile, an ailing Gallway fell through the ropes inside the ring as Eiji scrambled to pull the heavyweight into initiate a Lateral Press...



Ryan desperately stumbled forward from the canvas and extended his body to break up the pin...


The referee readily signaled for the bell as Gallway’s jaw remained agape, staring at the in ring official. ‘Ultraviolence’ by Cliff Lin rang freely from overhead as Mamoru was seen motioning his brethren to reassemble with Eiji Kugasari allowing the referee to extend his hand upward in victory.

Carrington: “Your winners of this contest, by way of Pin Fall; the Team of Eiji Kugasari & The Crimson Order!!!

A pissed off Frank Silver slapped the ring apron in frustration as Ryan knelt beside the fallen Mack, screaming inaudible fits of frustration toward the egressing party. Camera One trailed behind to see Heido sweep the bangs from his visage as Takeshi continued backpedaling with a taunting sneer, etched across his lips. The clan advisor patted Eiji across the chest before praising his team in their successful efforts while Frank Silver leaned against the ropes, pointing and swearing redemption against the band of ninjas. Having been handed their respective straps, Mack’s was draped across his chest as Gallway & Silver raised the jOlt titles overhead while viciously cursing their opposition. In return, Eiji flashed a championship gesture across his waist as both Takeshi & Heido extended their arms overhead & outward to their flanks respectively with the promise of new division champions...

Winner: Desiree via Pinfall


Aran Thompson Moments before the match, Spike Saunders was seen walking down the hallway in the backstage area. Derecho walked up and stopped Saunders in his tracks. The people in the background cheered as Derecho lowered his head.

"You know why you have this match tonight, don't you?" asked Derecho

Saunders sighed for a moment and then answered.

"Yeah, I do, but it doesn't matter. You and I have been through a lot over the years and I have a respect for you. That's why I'm going through with this match. I'm not Jon Le Bon... and no offense, but I'm not your brother. Aran Thompson will have a more difficult time with me than he had with them."

Derecho and Saunders then fist bumped.

"As long as you know what you're getting yourself into. Aran Thompson wants to erase everything about me. He wants to make this his era. He wants to shatter family ties, bonds, and now he looks to shatter our friendship. He will truly stop at nothing until I and everything related to me have been erased. Just watch yourself out there."

Saunders nods and continues on his way. Derecho looked on as he knew at some point he was going to have to do something.

The scene faded to black.

Aran Thompson vs Spike Saunders
Sarah WintertonDaryn Thompson

It was time for the main event. Earlier in the night, after a much-heated confrontation, Black Faction looked once again leave Derecho laying in the middle ring, but Spike Saunders hit the ring and helped chase them off. Spike Saunders and Derecho have a well-documented history with each other and Aran wants to exploit that.

So far Aran Thompson have mentally broke Derecho's friends and family with the false news that he had passed. Then Aran Thompson rubbed it in the face of his brother Mattock and even beaten and embarrassed Jon Le Bon in an attempt to shatter the bonds between Le Bon and Derecho. Now Aran looks to shatter the friendship between Derecho and Saunders.

Aran Thompson was truly on a mission to erase everything related to Derecho to proclaim that this is HIS era and not anyone else's.

"Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" by Cage the Elephant

The people stood and cheered as Spike Saunders made his way out from the backstage area. Saunders made his way down to the ring where he grasped the ropes and pulled himself up onto the apron. Being the tall grappler that he is, he stepped over the top ropes and into the ring. Saunders raised his fist as the people continued to shower him with admiration. Soon enough, his music died down and was reaplced.


The familiar words echoed over the PA system and could only signal the arrival of the jOlt World Heavyweight Champion.

"Champion" by Grinspoon

There was no Waymoth Turnbull.. no Laurie Williams... no Mace Williams. Just one man stood alone on the top of the stage. The man with the jOlt World Heavyweight Championship wrapped around his waist. That man was "Mr. Relentless" "The Future" among other nicknames... but the fact remained that the man was Aran Thompson.

Thompson was "welcomed" with a sea of admonishment from the fans in attendance, but Aran didn't care. He knew that this was HIS era. That he had proven everyone wrong and perhaps it was Derecho's words that got to him earlier in the night, but Aran knew he was coming out to prove that he is more than just a mid-card talent and that he was going to do it alone.

Aran made his way down to ringside where he looked up into the ring and waited for Saunders to back up and give him enough room to enter. Once Saunders backed up, Aran climbed up and stepped into the ring. He unfastened the jOlt Championship and passed it off to ringside as this would be a non-title match. Once everything was squared away, the referee called for the bell.




Aran and Saunders circled each other in the ring slowly. Spike was about to lock it up with Aran, but Aran dropped to his back and rolled out of the ring. He stayed there at ringside as the people booed him, but Aran didn't care. He wanted to measure up Saunders before he took any kind of action against The Colossus. Aran then walked around ringside for a bit as the referee started to count him out.

When the referee got up to the count of seven, Aran climbed up onto the ring apron. He remained there until the count of nine before he stepped back into the ring. Aran then readied himself for another lock up. He charged in at Saunders, but side stepped and hopped out of the ring once again. Saunders seemed to be getting pissed, but Aran just stood on the outside and grinned as this was clearly nothing but mind games.

Saunders couldn't stand it any longer and hopped out of the ring. Aran took off running and Saunders gave chase. Aran rolled into the ring and ran to the ropes. Saunders knew that old trick and stopped at ringside so when Aran went for the baseball slide, there was no one there, but all Saunders had to simply do at that point was reach into the ring and grab Aran by the legs. Saunders pulled Aran out of the ring and swung him right into the guardrails! Aran fell limp to the floor holding his side in pain as Saunders didn't give up on the attack. Saunders pulled Aran up to his feet and whipped him shoulder first into the steel ring steps.

Saunders rolled into the ring and back out to break the count. Aran backed off a bit, begging Saunders to stay away, but when Saunders got close to Aran, he grabbed him by the leg and threw him chest first into the ring steps. Aran stood and then yelled at Saunders...


Aran then backed up and charged in, kicking Saunders in the side of the head and into the ring steps. Aran then grabbed Saunders and rolled him back into the ring before he climbed up and grabbed the top rope. Saunders was getting up to all fours, holding the side of his head when Aran slingshotted over and dropped a leg across the back of Saunder's neck, collapsing him down to the canvas. Aran then rolled Saunders over onto his back and made a cover with the leg hooked.



Saunders shot the shoulder up.

Aran then mounted Saunders and grabbed him by his short spiked hair.


Aran then rained down punches into the face of Saunders before the referee stepped in and began to count.

1.... 2.... 3... 4...

Aran got up off of Saunders and then made another cover.



Saunders kicked out once again.

Aran stood and grabbed Saunders by the hair, pulling him back up to a vertical base, but Saunders began to fire punches to the mid-section of Thompson, breaking the grip over him. Saunders then fired heavy rights to the face which staggered Thompson back. Saunders then grabbed Aran by the arm and whipped him into the ropes. Saunders then hit a massive shoulder block that knocked Aran not only off his feet, but sent him backwards a good distance! Aran immediately stood up, but staggered around. Saunders then picked up Aran and scoop slammed him down onto the canvas. Saunders then balled up his hand into a fist as the people cheered. He then dropped the fist straight down...


Saunders stood as the crowd began to chant "One More Time!" Saunders grinned and then dropped another fist into the temple of Aran Thompson!


Aran covered up as he held his head in pain. Saunders, however, took off to the ropes, bounced off of them and came back with a huge leg drop across the throat! He made the cover and hooked the leg in deep.



Kickout by the world champion.

Saunders pulled Thompson up to his feet and rocked him back with a Haymaker punch. Saunders then charged in with a clothesline, but Aran ducked underneath and took off toward the ropes. Aran hopped to the middle rope and backflipped, grabbing Saunders head on the way over and falling with a reverse DDT.


Aran could have gone for the cover, but he wasn't satisfied just yet. He rapidly stomped away on the fallen Saunders to boos from the crowd. He continued to stomp away until the referee pulled him off of Saunders. Aran then stormed around the ring before he went back to Saunders and gripped him by the throat, choking him. The referee counted and Aran broke it at the count of four.

"YOU ARE NOTHING!" yelled Aran at Saunders.

With that, Saunders reached up and grabbed Aran by the neck. Saunders then stood as the people cheered, but Aran kicked Saunders in the stomach and broke the grip. Aran then took off to the ropes, but once again, Saunders grabbed Aran by the neck and nailed him with a massive Choke Slam! Saunders let out a roar as he dared Aran to get back up.

Aran then staggered up to his feet and Saunders picked him up and dropped him with a Side Slam! Saunders went right into the cover.



Aran kicked out.

Saunders stood and signaled for the end. When Aran staggered up, Saunders delivered a kick to the stomach. He then lifted Aran up into the Gory Special position, but Aran kicked and squirmed and broke free, landing behind Saunders. Aran then quickly tried to place Saunders into the Abdominal Stretch for te Icarus Switch, but Saunders countered that with a hip toss to the canvas. Aran staggered up and ducked a clothesline by Saunders, taking off to the ropes. Aran bounced off them and leapt at Saunders with a flying cross body, but Saunders caught him. Saunders then lifted Aran up onto his shoulders and into the Fireman's Carry, but Aran wriggled free and fell behind Saunders. Aran then took a step back and nailed a Chop Block to the back of Saunders' leg, dropping him down to a knee.

Aran then took off to the ropes and nailed a seated drop kick right into the face of Saunders! Aran then stood and and motioned as if he were calling for someone. At that point, Waymoth Turnbull and Mace Williams walked out from the back as the people booed.

All of a sudden, Derecho ran out from the back with a steel chair in hand...


Derecho slammed the chair over the back of Mace Williams and he collapsed down onto the entrance ramp. Waymoth turned around just in time to get hit as well.


Another chair shot.. this time, right over the skull of Waymoth Turnbull. Derecho then had his eyes set on Aran Thompson. Derecho walked down to ringside as Aran dared him to come into the ring. Right when Derecho was about to climb up onto the ring apron, Mace Williams had recovered and nailed a lariat from behind. Waymoth also recovered as the two of them beat Derecho down at ringside.

Mace then grabbed the steel chair and tossed it into the ring for Aran. Saunders got back to his feet, but Aran then swung...


Aran hit Saunders over the head with the chair.




The referee instantly disqualified Thompson, but Thompson didn't care. Aran then yelled at Black Faction.


Aran stood over Saunders and waited for Williams and Turnbull to lift Derecho up. Once they did, Aran was about to strike at the throat of Saunders, but Derecho began to fight off Turnbull and Williams!

Derecho grabbed Williams and threw him into the ringsteps. Derecho then turned and placed his shoulder into the gut of Turnbull and drove him back first into the barricades. Derecho then made a bee line for the ring, sliding in which caused Aran to drop down and roll out of the ring. The members of Black Faction regrouped and stared back into the ring. The trio backed off as Derecho stood there in the ring staring a hole through Aran Thompson. Warriors then went off the air with staredown between the two of them.

Winner: Spike Saunders via Disqualification