"Welcome to Warriors"

[The soft yet catchy playing of a piano is overheard in the background as the following transitional images are being displayed in a span of 15 seconds...]

{A Sequence of Still Shots - Cordova, Kayden Paulton & Natalia Simonov distributing care packages in a location overseas to the people...Damian Lee, Michael Buhrman, Alyssa Corliss & Dawn Cassidy taking pictures with random patients at an undisclosed hospital...Nate Quartermaine devoting time to read to the elementary school kids...Adam Lazarus & Dallas Griffin playing basketball with the local teens...The screen gradually is covered in white before the jOlt Wrestling logo and copyright information is etched across the screen. A number of stick figures representing each primary color of the rainbow, are joined hand in hand to form a makeshift squared circle with the jOlt lighting bolt centered within it. }

Fade to Black.

Moments of Darkness.

[MUSIC] "Spirit Inspiration" by Nothing's Carved in Stone

<[The rapid fire drum solo initiates the displaying of random sectioned off visuals of the following wrestlers in sequence; (Right Screen w/ Fade)...Grendel, raising his head with a menacing scowl...(Left Screen w/ Fade)...Jason Rau, with a side profile, staring intently at the fleeting image of Adam Lazarus...(Vertical Split Screen w/ Fade)...Eiji Kugasari(Left) is exchanging visual daggers with Jimmy B. Martinez(Right)...Fade...]

(Rolling Footage)...Gunnar Van Patton & Arkham power walking down the entrance ramp way...The tandem of Ryan Gallway & Frank Silver punishing Derrick Huber with a Double Team Neck Breaker ...Landon Stevens using a Springboard Shooting Star Press to flatten the tiro of Eiji Kugasari, Graham Youngblood & Jayshin Lee ...’The Heiress’ Sarah Winterton making Daryn Thompson tap out to The Ermine Cape submission...Adam Lazarus igniting the masses by hitting Big Air on Jason Rau...The tandem of Mattock & Sanchez Cano saluting ...the trio of Duzza, Khadafi & Status Quo inaudibly basking in the waves of crowd heat during their descent down the entrance rampway...Waymoth Turnbull bouncing Anson LaRue with a violent Snap Belly to Belly Suplex...The House playing to the crowd from atop the adjacent turnbuckles...Tyke hitting the Tyke Shot on an airborne Cordova...’Superstar’ Vince Jacobs hitting the Superstar Kick on a Mike Extreme...The Crimson Order slowly raising their heads in unison amidst the billowing overcast of smoke atop the entire entrance staging area...Craig Thomas leading Team EGO from the backstage area to get the jump on their opposition ...The Heirs of Wrestling, center ring, celebrating with the jOlt Tag Team Championships in their possession...The towering Spike Saunders destroying Jon Le Bon with the Dreamkiller finisher...Devestation Inc. members Conan the Leprechaun & Big Little Italy soaring through the ropes to deliver stereo Topes onto a pair of jobbers...High Flyer taking flight and plowing over a tandem of wrestlers with a OTR Corkscrew Plancha...Reno Davis , in an angled camera view, pointing at his intended target in a stoic fashion...Sweet. Sweet, Lovin’ connecting with a Double Team Spinning Heel Kick/German Suplex combination & the sequence ends with Eiji Kugasari executing a Leaping Double Roundhouse Kick in midair before punching the ground, immediately shattering the screen to fluidly transition to the ongoing barrage of Emerald, Gold & Pearl pyrotechnics assaulting the entire entrance staging area.

At their conclusion, a dense overcast of smoke gradually ascends to the heavens as the entire arena is filled with a unified roar from within. The musical introduction continues to echo in hindsight as the Emerald & Chrome show graphic captions are affixed to the bottom center of the Tv screen. Cameras Eight, Fourteen & Four trade moderate sweeps along the targeted sections of the arena to capture the excitement of the crowd before Camera One is transfixed onto the lead broadcast tandem of Donny Layne & Keith Kane.

"It's Me Versus the World"

Aran Thompson Aran Thompson sat in a chair near the enormous window that allowed him to watch the action in the ring. The jOlt Championship and the Relentless Championship were displayed on a table next to one another as Laurie helped herself at their personal catering table and Mace Williams stood against a wall near the door and his left foot rested against the wall with his knee out and his hat hanging off his knee.

Knock Knock

Aran turned his head slightly and looked at the door and Mace slowly placed his hand the handle of the door.

Knock Knock

Laurie walked over to the door and Mace opened it slowly revealing Donny Layne who stood with a microphone in tow.

"Yes?" Laurie questioned Donny.

Donny Layne looked around the room and tried to step in before being stopped by the massive hand of Mace Williams and Laurie glared at Donny.

"Can we help you?" she asked this time.

Donny nodded.

"Just a quick word with the champ?" Donny responded before having his attention grabbed by Aran clearing his throat.

"I..I mean...double champion?"

Mace and Laurie turned their attention to Aran both with a grin on their face and Aran turned his attention to the window again and waved Donny in.

"What would you like to know?" Aran asked Donny.

Donny stepped in and began opening his mouth but Aran cut him off.

"Would you like to know why I decided to let people earn a shot at my championship? It's nothing brand new. Every champion has to sit back and watch and wait to see who he will defend his championship against. I'm not doing anything new. I'm just taking it upon myself get it done with. It's me versus the world, Donny. When you stand atop the mountain you get to look down at the ants. People either believe in you, or they despise you. Personally, I don't care who it is. I'm walking out with my championship in tow for a third time....because the future can't be stopped."

Aran turned his head over to the two championships displayed next to him and he smiled.

"Is that what you wanted to hear, Donny?" Aran finished with a question.

Donny shrugged a little.

"Well, that....and....Where is Waymoth Turnbull?"

Mace and Laurie's heads shot at Donny in disbelief and Aran breathed in deeply and closed his eyes before turning his attention back to the window.

"Waymoth Turnbull, was unfortunately hurt in the Open Seasons match. Losing, again I might add, the match and possibly tearing his MCL. It's a tragedy really. I had high hopes that Waymoth would be the man that brought the Black Faction the Underground Championship."

Aran looked at Donny with reassuring eyes.

"But don't you fret, Donny. I called Waymoth to see how he was doing, I mean I did give the man a large sum of money. I had to check on my investments. But most importantly, I've had to check on my friend."

"Waymoth Turnbull will be back."

Donny Layne cut in and interrupted Aran asking him, "When?"

Aran smiled and nodded.

"On iNtense. Next week. He will be back in the ring with Black Faction. And he will be, as he has continued to be, a man that helps me prove a point." Aran quickly responded as he looked Donny dead in the eyes from the comfort of his chair.

Donny looked around as Mace stepped forward and put his hand on his shoulder.

"You can go now." Mace growled as he forced Donny Layne to turn around and Laurie smiled waving at him mockingly.

Donny was escorted out fo the Skybox and Laurie shut the door and looking at her husband with a loving smile.

"It's A Bet"

Aran Thompson It was early in the broadcast, and with no scheduled interview, we can forgive Donny Layne for being caught off guard when he noticed the little red light on the camera was lit. He made with the busy work that was fixing his hair, searching his notes and clearing his throat. Before we found out if one of the producers were screwing with Mr. Layne, the camera swung away and focused down the hall.

"No way. You're lucky to have that title shot. It was a fluke win and you know it," were the words heard coming from around the corner.

First into frame was the owner of the off screen voice, Teddy Jacobs. Dressed in distressed blue jeans white/lime Nikes and a sleeveless TMNT shirt, he stood at a respectable distance from the former jOlt Ambassador Champion, Ken Kaze.

"I get that you are still in denial," Kaze sounded oddly relaxed and almost educated.

Teddy Jacobs persisted, "I just mean, there is no way that Red loses to a garbage can."

"George is not just--"

"You've said that already. George isn't an average garbage can. And I still say there is no way, no how that my bro would lose to a garbage can of any kind due to anything less than shenanigans."

"Okay, I have my ideas, and you have yours. Let's just agree to--"

"I've got it! How about a friendly wager? My boy, Red, against your homie, George."

"Are you really trying to set up a match between--"

"Unless you are afraid," Jacobs teased.

Kaze stepped forward and stuck out his hand. "I am not afraid."

Ted shook the extended hand saying, "Then it is set. We'll see you out there." Adding, "sucker," only after Kaze had turned to leave, passing Red as he did.

"What were you up to with the madman janitor?" asked Red.

"Taking money from a fool. You know? And am I glad to see you in your gear."

"As opposed to?" Red was painted with confusion and a touch of uneasiness.

"No, God no. Nothing like that. It is just that you have a match." Teddy Jacobs said, taking Red under an arm and turning him toward Gorilla Position.

"Oh? And what match is that, exactly?" Red asked, laced with what might be labelled distrust, but more accurately could be attributed to the decades of friendship between the two.

"Let's walk and talk," Teddy Jacobs said with a smile that poorly hid his anticipation to Redding's reaction.

George the Trashcan vs Red
Sarah WintertonDaryn Thompson

It was fair to assume that without the guiding hand of Jim Johnson on this edition of Warriors, things might have been unusual. To that point, the opening match of this broadcast was going to be Your Willing Villain, Alexander Redding stepping up against George; the individual who would win the Phoenix Rose Invitation for his team at Cataclysm. Oh, and for the unaware, George also happened to be a steel trashcan, spiced up with some barbwire and a few ill-meaning nails piercing the sides. A clear fan-favourite.

"Where's your head at!?"

Basement Jaxx's one-hit wonder blared an anthem for Ken Kaze and his most trusted friend, raised high above his head. After soaking in some of the fan-love, Kaze lowered George to his side and began to drag him (it?) down the ramp. Trailing behind the duo with the guaranteed Tag Title opportunities was the manager they also won during that PRI, its namesake and creator, Phoenix Rose. The man in infrared crushed velvet seemed more interested in garnering any fan reaction to his presence than on seemingly one-side confrontation between a man and a garbage can.

When Kaze and George made it to the ring, it was a flash of cellphone cameras. They delighted with a five second pose, which may or may not have been for the benefit of those with flash photography.

Enough of that. It was time for some Hail the Villain.

I am not entirely sure that a man being shoved onto stage by his teammate and his manager would be being sired into the arena by "My Reward." No, rather Alexander Redding looked at first to be entirely against the exhibition, but with his way to the back being blocked, and fans unwilling to part for a through-the-crowd escape, he understood what he had to do. Or did a really good job looking like it. When Red did make it to the ring, he didn't bother trying to illicit boos from the jOlt faithful, he simply urged the ref to get this circus act started.




The match was underway, but not a whole lot was happening inside the ring.

The lack of in-ring action was juxtaposed by the vocal encouragement coming from either side of the ring. On one side, Kaze rooted frantically, shouting out possible offensives for George to gain the upperhand. Sadly each instruction was ignored. On the other side, Grady volleyed jokes toward Red while Ted explained how much money he had riding on the match.

Back in the ring, Red was faced with same problem he had at Cataclysm, how does one best an inanimate object without shoulders to pin or no way to submit? With a barely audible ,"ah, fuck it," Red lifted the trashcan up and over the ropes,lightly so as to spare any audience member the assured injuries that come with playing 'catch the razor sharp in spots garbage can.'

The ref could only begin to count.





And unsure if the ringside comfort Kaze was offering his cylinder of destruction, he decided to roll George back into the ring. The referee's count was stopped.

Upset, Red would again take the trashcan overhead, walk to other side of the ring and drop it in front of the commentary desk.

Again, Kaze rushed to the aid of his compadre. Only this time after he had slid George back into the ring he was confronted by Teddy Jacobs.

"You are tampering with our bet, asshole."

Kaze only returned a blank stare.

That was when the finger pointing became finger poking. After being backed up a few feet with a series of pokes to the chest, Kaze had had all that he could deal with. With his left hand he knocked away the poking finger of Teddy Jacobs. With the right he rocked Ted's jaw.

Chaos erupted ringside. Ted and Kaze stood trading shots. The crowd loved it. Rose and Grady didn't. Wanted to provide that leg up to his client, Rose made with the trademark glass cane, handing it to Kaze. Kaze's attempt to break that cane over Teddy Jacobs was blocked. An epic tug of war ensued. Half winning, Ted managed to throw the cane away, and the two continued with trying to bash at each other, with the managers trying to separate them.

Meanwhile, in the ring. Red saw this as the opportunity he needed to get the count out win. He lifted George up, one more time. Only, that glass cane that Ted had thrown away - was thrown in the direction of Red. With his back turned, he never saw the twirling glass stick floating through the air. He would feel it break over his calf. It would cause him to lose his balance and fall backwardly and awkwardly to the mat. He was out cold.

With the barbwire digging into Red's chest, George had some how made the pin. When the referee turned away from the ringside brawl, he was confused, but made with the count anyway,







The ref pulled George off of the unconscious Redding. He sat it upright and looked for an arm to raise. He just pointed to the victorious trashcan.

The brawl outside stopped when the bell went.

Teddy Jacobs looked on in stunned silence.

Grady Patrick buried his face in his bowler's cap.

Phoenix Rose laughed to himself.

Kaze rushed to the side of his still undefeated teammate.

A pair of staff made their way to the ring to check on Alexander Redding, and we go to the back with the last images of this match being replayed.

Winner: George the Trashcan via Pinfall

"Wrong End of a Maglite"

Aran Thompson Just a stone's throw away from Gorilla Position, Grady Patrick stood next to Teddy Jacobs, both still somewhere between shocked and embarrassed after their cohort lost the opening tilt of the night to a particularly pesky trashcan. Teddy Jacobs placed a hand of solidarity on Grady's shoulder.

"That was a real fucking shame out there," he started slowly before diving back into his thoughts. "Hey, that has got to be the first time anyone has said that and not been sarcastic."

"You know that if you hadn't had gotten into that slug-fest with Kaze he probably wouldn't have lost, right? Actually, to think of it, if you hadn't made that stupid bet with Kaze, none of this would had happened. For all we know he has a concussion and will probably be made to sit out of your next tag match. Who would you team with then?" Grady berated, his most sincere form of compassion.

His face turned screwy when Ted's response to that last question was a look straight ahead and a smile.

"Oh, no. My days in that ring are long behind me," Grady said, sure to point out the brace wrapped around his left knee. "Even still," he let that hang in the air for a second.


"I still probably could beat a garbage can," he just nearly finished before breaking into a chuckle.

Teddy responded with a soft laugh of his own.

"Oh, shut up, he is coming," Grady said, grabbing Ted by the shoulders to hold him still.

"The date is October Ninth. The year is 2013. I am in Orlando, Florida. And if you flash that light in my eye one more time I swear to everything holy that I will dry jam that flashlight up your ass. Sideways." Red certainly was not in the laughing mood as he approached Ted and Grady, shoving away a medic.

Grady was the first to greet (or is that grate?) him. "How are you feeling, Red? How many fingers am I holding up?" Three was the answer.

A middle finger was Red's answer.

"Hey man, don't dwell on this. Ain't good karma." Ted said with a confident nod of the head. "I mean, besides, George is undefeated anyways...."

"I thought I told that we weren't going to mention the rashcan-tay in front of him," Grady tried out his first grade Pig Latin.

For his part, Red didn't look upset. He was calm, very eerily calm. "Gentlemen, we are not going to get anywhere arguing amongst ourselves. We will move backwards talking about a circus side show that inevitably is wrestling a garbage can. I did not come here to be the fucking comical relief."

"I thought I was the manager here--"

"Shut up, Grady," he continued in a monotone pitch. "We came to jOlt for fame, for money and all that comes with being champions. We are not about to come in to contention sitting at the curtain jerker position. No, for this place to take us seriously, how about we act seriously, just for tonight. Follow me. I have a plan."

And that was all for Red & Ted with Grady, as they turned and walked away from the camera, no doubt plotting and scheming.

Sarah Winterton vs Alyssa Corliss
Sarah WintertonDaryn Thompson

With the crowning of a new Starlet Champion in Charlotte, it was the beginning of what many called a renaissance of the Starlet Division. The new champion was beloved by the majority of the jOlt faithful and pledged to become the new champion. This of course meant that now with a champion crowned, the other Starlets would have something to shoot for. Wins meant everything and so the scene was set as two of the Starlets looked for a big win tonight.

“The following is a Starlets match scheduled for one fall!” Brad Arnold said.

"Supermassive Black Hole" by Muse

Out from the back in her white t-shirt, jean shorts, brown hair and blue eyes came the new girlfriend of the new Hype Champion, Alyssa Corliss! Alyssa made her way down to the ring and slid inside. She ascended the turnbuckle pads and got a mild reaction from the crowd before jumping into the ring.

“Currently inside the ring, she hails from Redmond, Washington… she is ALYSSA CORLISS!

Alyssa stood her ground in the ring and did a couple of stretches in the ring as she waited for her opponent.

“Pageant (instrumental)” by Moi Dix Mois.

That music played for the fans and lights began to swirl in shades of pearl as a lovely shade of pyro began to shower from the ceiling. As the pyro shower continued to fall on the stage, the fans in the arena began to boo and shout at the prissy girl making her second appearance in action.

“And her opponent… from Tampa, Florida, representing the Heirs of Wrestling… She is ”THE HEIRESS” SARAH WINTERTON!

She was brought in by The Heirs of Wrestling and shared their outright arrogance as noted by the ridiculous fireworks and hype she’d given herself. Dressed in a top and leather pants with a light-up crown on her head, she gave the old princess wave to the fans before she pranced to the ring. The Heiress was ready for action, but quickly asked for a microphone.

“Hello, my darlings!”

The restless crowd was all over The Heiress as she slowly approached the ring with a pretentious pageant walk.

“The night of Cataclysm will go down in history for the Starlets as the dawning of a new era! Eight women… sorry, seven women and one CELEBRATED HERO AMONG WOMEN had the chance to compete for the title. At the conclusion of this tournament, one woman rose above the rest… No, wait, I’m sorry. My publicist wrote this down, but I’m afraid that this a typo…”

Sarah stopped in front of the ring and sighed.

“A DARK DAY is upon the Starlets! The CELEBRATED HERO AMONG WOMEN was unceremoniously cheated out of the opportunity to lead this division into a golden age! Instead, there are nothing but bleak times ahead for you all! Instead of a champion representing you with class, dignity, and elegance, you are forced to watch a Las Vegas stripper walk around…. Excuse me. You are forced to watch her STRIP around for cash! This is a woman who flashed her bosoms to Craig Thomas in order to help her Neanderthal of a husband win a match! Is this the kind of champion that you people want?”

The crowd only cheered Charlotte’s name as Sarah looked grossed out by their affection towards her.

“Alyssa Corliss, do you want that woman representing us?”

She put the microphone to Alyssa’s face only to quickly pull it away.

“Of course you don’t! That woman is… pardon my French… this woman is a complete Harlot and an affront to the women who actually want to walk into this business and make something of themselves! And now I’m going to show each and every one of you just how a proper lady carries herself in this ring!”

Sarah Winterton dropped the microphone and waited for the bell to ring but when she turned around she was greeted with a Running Dropkick from Corliss! She didn’t take kindly to being treated like a second-class citizen so she jumped!


She rushed over right away and once Winterton was down she hooked both legs!




So close to pulling off another upset just as Desiree did to Sarah Winterton, getting her kicked out of the tournament. The Heiress scrambled to her feet only for Alyssa Corliss to go right back on the offensive. She charged and grabbed the arm, dropping some elbows into the joint. The Hype competitor was very technically sound and could potentially match The Heiress in the ground game. She took her over with a quick Hip Toss.

Winterton scrambled to her feet when Alyssa grabbed her by the body and dumped her on the ground with a Scoop Slam. After the move she ran off the ropes and delivered a nicely-executed Rolling Senton. She turned over and hooked the legs again.




The Heiress kicked out, but things were looking bad for her as Alyssa Corliss continued to fight back. She pulled up Winterton by the arm again and tried something else only for The Finest Thing in Life to kick her in the leg. After some questionable conduct in-ring, Alyssa was wide open and that allowed Winterton to grab her by the arm…


The Straitjacket Neckbreaker dropped Alyssa Corliss and now she had the advantage once again The crowd jeered The Heiress as she waved to the crowd with her stupid princess-style wave.

“I love you all, my darlings!”

The Heiress suddenly snapped on Alyssa and dropped a barrage of stomps aimed right into the midsection of Corliss. After shaking off the offensive volley of Alyssa Corliss, a limping Winterton continued to put the boots to the young Redmond native before she bounced off the ropes and connected with a Dropkick to the side of the head!

Corliss was down and now Sarah Winterton went back to the neck. She clubbed away at Corliss’s head and back before she turned her around and took her quickly over with a Snap Suplex. Sarah Winterton rolled over and stood up with Alyssa Corliss before turning her over and chaining into a picture-perfect Butterfly Suplex! She rolled over and went for the cover on the Hype competitor.




The crowd was in the corner of the young Corliss as she tried to escape the clutches of the two-faced Heiress. Winterton went to a nice-looking chancery-like submission while keeping Corliss grounded in the seated position. She twisted and torqued the neck in an uncomfortable position for Alyssa.

“Do you give up?” Referee Kim Adams asked.


Alyssa started to try and get back to her knees as Sarah Winterton frantically shook her head. She tried gain to get back up only for Alyssa to eat a couple of knees to the face while being trapped in the Cravate submission. She turned around and Forearm Smashed Sarah’s pretty little face several times before grabbing her by the head and dropping her with a desperation Facebuster!

Corliss and Winterton were both down on the canvas now with Corliss trying to pound the mat. The fans clapped in tune with the young Starlet as she tried to get to her feet. Right behind her Sarah Winterton went to the corner and waited as an angry Corliss tried to charge at her. All she got was an elbow for her troubles that knocked her back a few steps.

Winterton headed to the second rope and tried going for the Front Missile Dropkick only for Corliss to move, sending The Heiress crashing hard into the canvas!

Corliss stood up and pulled Sarah back to her feet prior to whipping her into the ropes. When she came back off the rebound she was caught and dropped hard into the canvas with a painful Flapjack!




Winterton with the shoulder up at two!

Alyssa Corliss could feel the very upset coming as she waited for Sarah Winterton to stand again. She waited as The Heiress started to stumble back to her feet in the corner. With a full head of steam, she charged into the corner and caught Sarah in the chest with a running knee to the chest. When she stumbled out of the corner she ran off the opposite ropes…


The Jumping Leg Lariat clobbered Winterton in the mouth and knocked her down as Alyssa scrambled over to her prone body. She had to go for the win.




Another close one, but Sarah Winterton kicked out. Alyssa grabbed two handfuls of Sarah’s hair and set her up. She slapped on a Front Facelock and was looking for her Sit-out Gourdbuster called The Corliss Effect. She lifted up… but Winterton just barely jumped over her and landed on her feet. Corliss turned into a high Front Kick to the face!

Corliss was stunned from the blow before she crumbled to her knees. It was a solid kick that she picked up from Ryan Gallway and it served her well. Winterton was now wearing a look of pure rage on her face – something the fans hadn’t seen out of her yet. She drilled the back of Alyssa’s head with a barrage of nasty elbows and kept on going until Kim Adams made her break it up.

“QUIET, WENCH!” Sarah snapped.

Winterton turned her attention to Corliss who had no idea where she was by now. She grabbed her by the waist and picked her up before THROWING her into the middle buckle by the back of her head! She was hurt now and Sarah Winterton rolled her up into a School Boy called THE CAPTIVATING PIN!




The Heiress managed to rack up another victory over a very game Alyssa Corliss by unlocking a dormant rage that she had seemingly kept bottled up. Sarah sat up and composed herself as Kim Adams raised her arm.

“Here is your winner of the match… ”THE HEIRESS” SARAH WINTERTON!

Winterton composed herself and waved to the crowd once again before taking her sash off the turnbuckle and putting it back on. The Heiress had another victory notched which would put her one step closer to a shot at the Starlet Championship down the road.

Somewhere, Charlotte would be watching and waiting.

Winner: Sarah Winterton via Pinfall

"Worth Its Weight in Diamonds"

Aran Thompson The scene opens up inside the locker room of Diamond Jewelz and Jesse Ramey. Ramey is alone in the locker room as he is finishing up lacing his boots for his upcoming tag match against Sweet Sweet Lovin' later on in the evening.

Ramey finishes and stands, making sure he has everything in order before heading out. Ramey takes a few steps toward the doorway when Mattock steps into view. Ramey stops dead in his tracks and acts on guard.

"Quell the anxiety.. I'm not here looking to fight. I'm here to deliver unto you a message of forewarning." said Mattock.

Ramey let his guard down just a bit, but not completely.

"Prior to your acquisition, your partner was adhered to another. Another by the moniker of Jameson Lennox. How conspicuous of his absence, you might wonder. Well, thoughts can pile up and overcome one's thinking to the point of obsession and that is exactly what happened to me because I felt it was rather offputting that I had this exhibition at Cataclysm and yet, Diamond Jewelz' tag team partner suddenly disappears."

Mattock paused for a brief moment.

"We gazed upon the video.. we've indulged ourselves in the news reports. We were fed information that Lennox suffered a beating outside of a local night club, but anyone who knows anything about the media and corporate PR knows that it couldn't possibly be the entire story. Now... since myself and Sanchez Cano were providing the opposition to that particular exhibition, the proverbial finger of blame automatically shifts to us, but I assure you that our activities that evening did not include bar-hopping amongst the local trogs of Orlando, Florida.

Mattock grinned.

"However.. just because we weren't involved doesn't mean we didn't take interest in it so I began to engage in self-inquery. Who committed the act? Who was the perpetrator? More importantly... who denied me the ability to deliver justice for defying my offer of joining my movement? Who stole that grand opportunity away from me? I had to know, therefore, I sought the answer and the answer I have found."

Mattock leaned against the doorway, continuing to grin.

"Has curiosity set in? Has your innate quest for knowledge beckoned? I surely hope so because wouldn't it be wonderful to know why you took Jameson Lennox's spot? I'm sure this ordeal has struck you as kind of being off as well. No no, you may not think so on the surface, but deep within the recesses of your mind, it's there. It's there passively nagging you. You pass over the though during the day, but when you lay there in bed at night and thoughts race through your head, sometimes, that one little iota of an inquery pops into your head and you may not think much of it, but it's there. It's always been there since you joined this company and it will always be there until you know what I know."

Mattock stood back up straight and walked out the door. As he faded from view he muttered one last thing.

"I will leave you with that. If you wish to learn more.. you know where to find me."

Ramey stood there perplexed. Perhaps even he didn't know what the hell just happened.

“This place has more screws loose in it than any other company I’ve ever worked for.” Ramey shook his head and then exited the locker room.

Diamond Jewelz & Jesse Ramey vs Sweet Sweet Lovin
Sarah WintertonSarah WintertonDaryn ThompsonSarah Winterton

The echoing tones of “Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith blasted throughout the arena and from behind the entrance curtains emerged the team of Sam Sweet and Lennox Love. The two stood at the top of the ramp for a moment before heading toward the ring slowly.

“Introducing first, at a combined weight of five hundred and fifty-four pounds; they are SWEET, SWEET, LOVIN’!”

Sweet climbed onto the apron via the ring steps, while Love slid into the ring under the bottom rope. The two joined center of the ring and shot their arms into the air before making their way to their respective corner. Love stepped back out onto the apron leaving the heavier man inside the ring to start the match.

The bass riffs from “Gotta Take It” by Nipsey Hussle pulsed over the PA system as Diamond Jewelz’s cursive signature logo flashed across the jOlt Vision followed quickly by his trademark ‘#sOdAmnsErious” and a serious face emoticon logo. The small busty, blond haired figure of Ruby Rocks Jewelz burst out from behind the entrance curtains. Shortly after her entrance, the much taller Jewelz stepped out into the spotlight.

“Making his way to the ring accompanied by Ruby Rocks Jewelz weighing in tonight at two hundred and thirty pounds; he is DIAMOND JEWELZ!”

The two slowly made their way toward the ring, no look of concern on the face of Jewelz, only a smile graced his face. Jewelz slid into the ring and made his way to a turnbuckle where he climbed to the middle rope and he posed for the crowd for a moment before hopping back into the ring and waiting.

A silence grew across the arena as it was once again plunged into darkness. The jOlt Vision began to hum with life as a single phrase etched across the screen brought the crowd back to life.

The Anti-Star

All of the fans within the arena came to their feet as “I’m Not Alright” by Shinedown began to blast and a single spotlight shined down on the entrance ramp. Ramey burst from behind the entrance curtains and the ovation only grew stronger.

“And his partner, about to make his way to the ring, weighing in tonight at two hundred and five pounds; he is JESSE RAMEY!”

The spotlight followed Ramey as he darted toward the ring, slid in under the bottom rope on his right hip, popped back up and rushed toward the nearest set of ropes. Ramey placed one foot on the middle rope and the other on the top, and threw his arm into the air as the lights kicked back up in the arena.

Ramey dropped back down to the ring and looked over at his corner where Jewelz had already exited out onto the apron. Jewelz smiled and tossed out an arm in acknowledgement that Ramey could start the match. Ramey turned to the opposition’s corner and released a slight sigh at the sight of Sam Sweet. Boulder made his way to the center of the ring and signaled for the start of the match.




There was no wait involved, Sam Sweet rushed toward Ramey. Sweet launched toward Ramey with a collar and elbow tie-up attempt. Ramey ducked under the maneuver, popped back up on the other side, and caught Lennox Love in the corner with an elbow.

Love dropped off of the apron catching his head off of the apron on the way down. Sweet turned his massive frame around as quickly as he could only to be caught in the midsection with a boot. Ramey then quickly launched himself onto Sweet’s back and in an amazing display brought him over with a sunset flip power bomb.

Non Compos Mentis!

Ramey held Sweet’s arms to the mat with his legs and the pin attempt. Boulder was astonished at how fast the first attempt had happened, but dropped to the mat for the count.




Everyone in the arena was left in a state of awe as the bell sounded as quickly to end the match as it sounded to start it. Sweet rolled out of the ring pissed off that things ended so soon. Even Diamond Jewelz was surprised at what had just happened.

“I’m Not Alright” blasted throughout the arena again, as Jewelz dropped from the apron and started to make his way toward the ramp with Ruby. Ramey made his way back to his feet and Boulder raised his arm in victory, but there was more frustration etched on the face of the Anti-Star than anyone else inside of the arena.

Jesse Ramey looked like a time bomb ticking and ready to explode at any moment. What in the hell was going on here.

Winner: Diamond Jewelz & Jesse Ramey via Pinfall

"The Official OFFICIAL Debut"

Aran Thompson The jOltvision illuminates. There is a man in a jean vest standing there with his back to the camera. His long brown hair reaches the top of his back. A voice over speaks.

"He is a man of action."

A quick scene flashes of Jon Le Bon getting laid out at Catalcysm in the catering room is shown.

"He is a man of intelligence."

Another scene of Jon Le Bon planting his infamous "orange peanut" on Jim Johnson's desk is shown.

"He is a man of popularity." A screenshot of 25 followers on Twitter.. or "Twipo" as he calls it... is shown.

"And this Sunday..." "He will be a man who makes his official OFFICIAL debut."

The man turns around and,'s Jon Le Bon.

"That's right! Hashtag Got Myself Off The Hype!"

"American Idiot" by Green Day plays as a still shot of Jon Le Bon is shown next to the text "Makes his official OFFICIAL in-ring debut as part of the main roster, Sunday on iNtense 81!"

The scene fades to black.

Charlotte (c) vs Persephone
Sarah WintertonDaryn Thompson

On tonight’s edition of Warriors, history would be made. For the first time since the conclusion of the Starlet Championship tournament, the very title would be defended by the new champion Charlotte. Her opponent was one of only three women intimately familiar with holding the title and the evil woman called Persephone wanted it back.

“Infected” by Bad Religion signified the arrival of the former Starlet Champion herself. Persephone, the long-time veteran in jOlt hadn’t been seen in some time but now she was here with a vengeance and wanted the title she was lucky enough to hold.

Persephone walked out to the stage and scanned the crowd once before she started walking to the ring. The former Starlet Champion made the belt gesture around her waist to tell the crowd that she wanted the title back. With her skillset she could very well do that here tonight. She climbed into the ring and didn’t waste any time playing up or taunting the crowd. Her focus was 100% on becoming jOlt’s second-ever two-time Starlet Champion right behind Aria Murphy.

“The Jack” by AC/DC played next and the crowd responded very well to the current champion! Charlotte had the title around her waist and was wearing a tight red bustier with black tights. She waved a big bright pair of red feather boas and did a sultry dance on top of the ramp that got the crowd revved up.

She threw the boas aside and walked to the ring and slapped hands with the fans heading to the ring. The Starlet Champion was primed and ready for action as she stopped at the ramp and raised the title as a shower of pink and red pyro exploded from all four corners of the ring!

The Red Queen handed the belt over to the referee and raised it to show the crowd what was on the line.

“I’m going to enjoy hurting you,” Persephone snapped.

Charlotte met her with a smirk. “Bring it, bitch!”

The bell rang when the former and current Starlet Champions met in the middle of the ring. The vicious Persephony wasted no time shoving the redhead back a few steps to show her she meant business. She charged right at her when Charlotte ducked the clothesline and grabbed her by the arm to roll her up in a ranhei pin combination.



Persephone kicked out at two. She stood up again and this time it was Charlotte coming at her. She ran at Charlotte again but some fancy footwork from the champion got her down with a drop toe hold. Persephone was down and The Red Queen tied her up with another pinning combination in the form of a la majistral pin.



Again Persephone kicked out at two! From what the crowd had seen of Charlotte, the athletic Starlet Champion had some unique moves in her arsenal and was as flashy as they come. She stood up and Persephone caught her this time with a nasty uppercut to the jaw. Persephone whipped Charlotte into the ropes only for the very quick champion to jump right over her and hit the ropes. She came back and connected with a running dropkick that landed right on the button!



Another pinfall was attempted and again Persephone managed to kick out a third time. The match had started off at a high octane pace which Persephone honestly didn’t expect but that was the fight she was getting. Charlotte pulled Persephone up to her feet and clobbered her with a pair of forearms to the face before looking to whip her into the corner. Persephone reversed the whip and sent Charlotte shooting into the corner when she jumped to the second buckle and came flying back with a second rope moonsault called the CALAMITY JANE~! The crowd was popping at the unorthodox offense of the Starlets Champion as she dove in for a fourth cover.



Close, but no!

Persephone was on the ropes when Charlotte continued the offensive. She charged right at her when she stood , but this time Persephone was ready. She caught Charlotte and grabbed her by the head before slamming her face into the second turnbuckle. She was stunned long enough for Charlotte to finally force her down with a nasty snap swinging neckbreaker.

Finally with the chance to be in control of the match, Persephone had managed to turn the tide in her favor and bombarded Charlotte across the face with a trio of some vicious kicks to the side of the head to rock the Red Queen.

The crowd booed Persephone who responded in kind by yelling at the crowd to shut their mouths. She pulled Charlotte up to her feet and punished the Starlets Champion against the ropes by choking her with a knee. She continued to apply pressure until the referee started the count to force a break. Persephone backed off for a few seconds before she pulled Charlotte up again.

She used the ropes and trapped her between the second and third ropes before firing off a series of nasty forearms to the back of the head to punish her further. She landed about six or seven before Persephone smiled. The Starlets Champ was reeling in the ropes when Persephone grabbed her by the back of the head and drove her into the canvas with a rope hung lungblower! Say that five times fast.



Close, but no cigar!

Persephone had managed to get another close one off of Charlotte but she still needed that pivotal three-count if she wanted to win back the championship she once held.

The former Starlets Champion pulled the current one by the arm and drove a couple more elbows to the face of the Red Queen and then whipped her to the ropes a second time. When she came back Persephone caught her with a nasty spinning wheel kick to the face. Persephone got to her knees and shook her head at the disdainful crowd as she covered again. She may have been closing in on the title.



And another kick out by Charlotte!

Angrily Persephone protested to the referee but it was only a two count. She grabbed Charlotte again and whipped her to the ropes a third time but this time Charlotte was ready and slid downward before throwing a nasty uppercut underneath Persephone’s jaw!

The Red Queen stood up again and the crowd cheered her on as she waited for Persephone to stand. She charged at Charlotte in the corner only to get a boot to the face for her troubles. Charlotte tackled her to the ground with a leaping clothesline to the face.

Persephone was stumbling into the corner while Charlotte did another dance in the ring for the crowd. She targeted Persephone in the corner and ran at her with a pair of double knees to the chest. Persephone was doubled over when Charlotte scooped her up. She hooked her by the side and went for her finisher only for Persephone to flip out at the last second. She grabbed her by the head.


The reverse DDT that Persephone had as one of her best moves connected and the crowd was surprised. She almost got the win.



No way!

Persephone was in disbelief that Charlotte was still ticking. She yelled out in rage and stood in the corner waiting for Charlotte to get back up once again. She was looking for her leg lariat called Below the Heaven’s Path. She charged when Charlotte tossed her over head and shoved her away. Persephone scrambled up and walked right into THE DEATH CARD~!

The discus big boot caught Persephone flush in the face and the crowd cheered the Starlets Champion as she posed for the fans letting them know the end was coming. She picked Persephone up by the back and set her in the belly to back position a second time…


The belly to back neckbreaker put Persephone down and the crowd cheered as Charlotte laid across her while hooking a leg.




Charlotte had kept the belt in a hard-fought match and retained against a very good first opponent in the former Starlets Champion Persephone!

The crowd applauded the hard-hitting Starlets match and voiced their approval for the champion as she celebrated with the title in tow. A very tough first defense here on Warriors but the valet of The House was proving she was way more than just that.

She was a fighting champion.

Winner: Charlotte via Pinfall

"Believers, Part II"

Aran Thompson Do you believe?

"Yes." The simultaneous response from two men standing in a dark room with just enough light to make out their bodies but not their indenties.

So you breathe?


So you recognize the truth?


Are you ready to leave?


Their voices were followed by a deafening silence but they didn't move. It appeared that they were looking up and then the sound of slow, methodic, foot steps were heard and they turned their heads.

If you truly believe, you will be given a task. If you truly believe you will execute this task exactly how we ask of you. Do you understand?


Suddenly the room lit up and Eli and Ezra Conway stood in the room looking forward. Focused. Intense. Not even recognizing one another just what was ahead of them.

You're target is on the wall.

Eli and Ezra snarled, and then a door opened next to them.

Get it done.

Landon Stevens vs Dallas Griffin
Sarah WintertonDaryn Thompson

“Excuse me” by Koffee Blakk echoed throughout the Arena of Champions as Dallas Griffin emerged from the back. The fans in attendance erupted with jeers as he made his way to the ring. Griffin slowly made his way down the ramp way as the fans awaited the upcoming match up. Dallas made his way up the ring steps and stepped between the ropes as he entered the ring. The music faded out as he stretched and bounced off the ropes to loosen himself up for the upcoming match against the undefeated Landon Stevens.

The lights in the arena slowly dimmed to black as “Gallows” by Atreyu echoed through the Arena of champions and blue strobe lights began to flicker. The fans in attendance were confused as they have never heard this music before. The camera shifted to the entrance way and zoomed in as Landon Stevens emerged from the back. The crowd erupted in jeers as The Rising Star made his way to the ring.


Landon made his way down the ramp way as the fans continued to boo him. He made his way towards the ring but stopped at the bottom of the ramp way before running and sliding under the bottom rope. The strobe lights stopped and the lights turned back on as the music faded out to the sound of the crowd chanting.

“Stevens sucks”

“Stevens sucks”

Stevens and Griffin both stretched in the ring before the official called for the bell.




The bell sounds as both competitors circled the ring. Stevens bounced off the ropes in one last attempt to stretch. The two superstars locked up and Griffin quickly locked Stevens in a headlock. Stevens turned it around and slammed Griffin to the canvas with a snap suplex. Stevens quickly rolled back to his feet and began to kick the downed Griffin until Griffin grabbed to the foot of Stevens and shoved him back. Stevens fell to the canvas and Dallas moved back to his feet. Griffin picked the downed Stevens up off the canvas and whipped him into the ropes. Griffin slammed Stevens to the mat with a power slam. Griffin went for the quick pin as he hooked the leg.




Stevens kicked out of the early pin attempt. Griffin moved back to his feet and grabbed Stevens by the hair on his way up and forced him to his feet. Stevens quickly connected with a hard right hand to the face of Griffin. Dallas responded with a right of his own that staggered the smaller Stevens. Stevens didn’t let it derail him though as he came back with another right and the two started to exchange blows at a fast pace until Griffin went to lay Stevens out with a clothesline. Stevens ducked under and connected with a big uppercut that forced Griffin into the ropes. Stevens wasted little time as he connected with a clothesline with such force that both men flipped over the top rope to the outside. Both men lay motionless for a few moments as the official of the contest started to count them out.



Stevens started to move back to his feet.



Stevens moved back to his feet.


Stevens grabbed Griffin by the arm and pulled him up. Stevens and Griffin once again started to exchange blows until Stevens connected with a kick to the gut and whipped Griffin into the steel ring steps. The official was still counting.


Stevens quickly rolled in and out of the ring to break the count. Stevens made his way over to the downed Griffin and pulled him up off the ringside floor. Stevens then whipped him into the guardrails that were just a few feet away.

“Get back in the ring.” The official started to yell at Stevens.

Stevens flipped him the bird in response.

Stevens continued his attack on Griffin as he started to strategically stomp Griffin in the legs, ribs, and arms. Stevens was trying to hurt Griffin. Stevens then once again picked Griffin up off the ringside floor and whipped him into the side of the ring. Dallas wrenched in pain as he fell to his knees where Stevens immediately connected with a hard kick to the back of the head. The official had restarted his count that was now up to six. Once again Stevens rolled in and out of the ring to break the count. The Rising Star then grabbed Griffin and pulled him up to his feet and rolled him back into the ring. Stevens climbed up the apron and then up to the top rope. Stevens waited for Griffin to slowly move back up to his feet. Stevens leaped off the top rope.


Stevens went for a hurricanrana only to have it countered by Griffin with a power bomb. Griffin took the moment to regain his composure before he went for a quick pin attempt.




Stevens kicked out of the pin attempt by Griffin. A disappointed Griffin was just seconds away from being the first to defeat Stevens. After the official signaled it was only a two count Griffin moved back to his feet and grabbed Stevens up from the canvas. Griffin then whipped Stevens into the corner turnbuckle. Dallas went for a big body splash only to have Stevens roll out the way. Stevens then connected with several kicks to the ribs from behind. The Rising Star then turned the bigger Griffin around and connected with a high knew shot to the head. Griffin stumbled out of the corner and fell to the canvas. Stevens then turned Griffin over and set him up a little bit away from the corner before climbing the top turnbuckle. Stevens leaped off the top.


Stevens connected with a high risk spiral tap. The crowd went nuts. Even though they hated the superstar there was just something about him that made things exciting sometimes. Stevens then rolled back to his feet and picked the downed Griffin up off the canvas and set him up for a power bomb.

Stevens signaled to the crowd that this was the end as he flipped Griffin over his shoulder.


Stevens connected with his devastating finishing maneuver and hooked the leg for the cover.




The sound of the bell echoed throughout the Arena of Champions as once again Stevens’ arm was raised as the victor. Another one bites the dust as Stevens continues his undefeated streak here in jOlt. Can anyone in this company successfully defeat this kid or is he on the road to success. Could Stevens possibly be a future champion here in jOlt or will someone finally kick this kid down off his pedestal .

“Gallows” by Atreyu once again echoed throughout the Arena of Champions as Stevens mad his way out of the ring.

Winner: Landon Stevens via Pinfall

"You Screw Me... I Screw You"

Aran Thompson The scene opens backstage as Derecho is wandering through the halls of the arena. He stops near a random stagehand.

"Have you seen him?" asked Derecho.

The stagehand has no idea who Derecho is talking about.

"Tyke...have you seen Tyke?" asked Derecho once again.

"Looking for someone?" said a voice in a British accent. Derecho turned around and there was his old adversary "The British Lion" himself with a smirk on his face.

"I do believe you were looking for me, eh mate?" asked Tyke.

Derecho gritted his teeth and came face to face with his old rival.

"Yeah.. that's right. I was looking for you, but now that you're here, I want answers. I want to know why you jumped me in the middle of my match on Sunday.. AND.. I want to know you meant by me screwing you."

Tyke smirked.

"Well, mate.. I see you're all hot and bothered about what happened on iNtense, but you should be saving your energy. Wouldn't want you all tuckered out before your match tonight." said Tyke

Derecho had no idea what Tyke was talking about as he looked at him a bit puzzled.

"What match? I'm not booked tonight." said Derecho.

Tyke chuckled to himself.

"On the contrary... old friend" Tyke said sarcastically. "I went to Damien Lee. Helluva better fellow than that Jim Johnson.. because Lee decided to grant my request of having you put into a match here tonight.... against Omega."

Derecho didn't like the sound of that and scoffed back at Tyke.

"You got me put into a match with Omega? For what? Why?" asked Derecho.

"Because I'm going to screw you... just like you screwed me. And to prove that... your match tonight... is going to be contested in Underground Rules. Have fun with that." said Tyke as he walked away from Derecho.

Derecho stood there and had more questions than answers. All he knew is they would have to wait.. he had a match coming up.. and it is being contested in something Derecho had no desire to do... Underground Rules.

Kayden Paulton vs Khadafi
Sarah WintertonDaryn Thompson

Kayden Paulton had announced his intent to become the Underground Champion by virtue of his win in the Open Season match at Cataclysm. The uber-friendly fan favorite had formally challenged Ninja K at Rise of the Legends and the match was accepted by the Underground Champion himself. Now in just a few weeks time, jOlt’s Friendly Neighborhood Grappler would participate in the biggest match of his career!

But that was in the future. Tonight, he’d accepted a challenge from Duzza and his client, the big brawler from Hawaii known as Khadafi. Duzza and his group called Trouble had made just that for “Superstar” Vince Jacobs in recent weeks and could very well dash Kayden Paulton’s championship aspirations before they truly began. The bell rang at ringside to let the fans know that this match was to be set up next.

“The following contest is an Underground Rules match set for one fall!” came the voice of Brad Arnold.

“Serial Killa” by Snoop Dogg.

The stage began to light up in shades of red and blue as the sound of police sirens could be heard in the background. Duzza came out first and right behind him was one of his boys. The brawler called Khadafi was wearing a bandana over his head and looked ready for a fight. The Underground Rules match was right up his alley.

“Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Duzza… he weighs in at 252 pounds… “KHADAFI!

Khadafi looked ready for a fight tonight. With the roll that his opponent Kayden Paulton had been on, a win here tonight would be considered big for the Hawaiian brawler. He tapped fists with Duzza before climbing into the ring, surveying the ringside area. Some shadowboxing in the corner got him ready for what was to come.

“Less Talk More Rokk” by Freezepop.

The crowd? Oh, yeah, they fucking LOVED this guy! Especially his brand new laser show entrance. The familiar ice blue laser show flashed to the tune of the beats as they began to pick up the tempo. The arena lights pulsated in three-second intervals between purple and blue and when they picked up, Kayden Paulton appeared on top of the ramp with a thumbs up to the crowd!

“And his opponent… making his way to the ring, from Dothan, Alabama… he weighs in at 230 pounds… this is KAYDEN PAULTON!

Paulton waved his hands and egged the fans on who delivered a big reaction in return. Kayden had been on the biggest roll of his jOlt career and he was looking to carry that right forward tonight against the brawler Khadafi. Kayden threw off his signature “YOU’RE AWESOME!” shirt to a lucky fan in the crowd before he ran up the steps. He jumped over the ropes and once again to land on the second turnbuckle. Kayden scanned the crowd before jumping off the buckles getting ready for this potential mismatch.

The fans started to cheer heavily for Kayden Paulton as the Dothan native stood toe to toe with Khadafi. The big brawler looked unfazed by any of Paulton’s antics. In fact, he extended the double bird to OG. Paulton shook his head and covered his eyes as he walked around in a circle. Khadafi looked over to Duzza for a moment and pointed at Kayden like The Nicest Guy in Wrestling was a clueless putz. In some ways, Khadafi was right. However, in this occasion…


He couldn’t have been more wrong!

A BIG Standing Dropkick took the 6’5”, 252-pounder off-guard, allowing The Good Guy to go on the offense. He rang his bell with a couple of Knife-Edge Chops to the chest, keeping him stunned. Khadafi tried to swing right back, but Paulton ducked and returned fire with a couple more shots of his own. He ran to the ropes, but a big Kitchen Sink knee lift caught him right in the stomach. This allowed Khadafi to get a running start from the ropes, but The Nicest Guy In Wrestling was at the ready, leapfrogging over him! He came back a second time and he ducked underneath him. Off the third try…

Spinning Heel Kick!

Kayden caught Khadafi flush in the jaw as the fans started cheering and chanting in unison for The Nicest Guy in Wrestling. Paulton took off to the ropes and connected…


Duzza covered his eyes and couldn’t watch while Kayden turned over and hooked the far leg of Khadafi.



Too early to follow up just yet, The Good Guy stayed on his target, going for an armbar now. Not exactly the type of move that you would see in your typical Undeground match, but Kayden worked with what brought him to the dance. He’d also been looking to add new moves to his already unorthodox repertoire. He kept Khadadfi restrained with a couple elbows, but the big man got back to his feet and shoved him to the ropes…


Kayden did what he could to keep the threat of Khadafi contained, but the big bruiser of Trouble had his number. He stood up and struck him with a pair of kicks to the head before running off the ropes and hitting a standing Knee Drop with some extra force behind it! He hooked the legs of Paulton.



Now firmly in control, he threw several big body shots into the breadbasket of the jOlt’s Friendly Neighborhood Grappler before delivering a snapmare to seat him in the center of the ring. Just when it looked like that Khadafi had something technical in mind… nah, he KICKED him square in the chin with a sick boot. He knelt over for another cover.




Getting a little bit pissed now, he picked up Paulton and threw him up and over the top rope, sending him spilling to the floor. He slid underneath the bottom rope as referee Darius Underwood followed them both out, since this match was being contested under Underground Rules. Ducking underneath the ring curtain, he pulled out a table. He was ready to exorcize some violence upon The Nicest Guy in Wrestling.

Opening up the table and laying it just in front of the announce table, Khadafi and Duzza smiled at his handiwork as the fans got excited somebody could go through a table.

Turning his attention back to Paulton, he took a chair from the timekeeper and folded it up, driving it right into the gut of The Open Season winner! After doubling him over, he threw the chair into the ring and threw a couple big body blows for good measure. Setting him on the proverbial wooden altar of all things Hardcore, Extreme and whatever synonym you wish to label it as, he climbed the apron, pointing a finger at Khadafi. He yelled to the crowd that something big was going to happen, but it didn’t take a translator to figure out his next move…


And the fans went WILD!

Well, that was because Paulton managed to roll off the table at the very last second, sending Khadafi crashing right through the wood. Exploding in a shower of splinters of various sizes, Khadafi cringed among the wreckage. Duzza was beside himself after Khadafi’s grave error and this allowed for Kayden to try and go for the win. Seeing his golden opportunity, Paulton went for the cover in the middle of the pile.




With a great opportunity to capitalize, he rolled Khadafi back underneath the bottom rope and set himself on the apron. Leaping to the top cable, he’d only used this move once before in practice, but figured now was as good a time as any. Amazingly, he hopped to the top rope and stood there before he flipped ONTO Khadafi with a Flying Senton Splash to his opponent!

With the crowd firmly in the palm of his hand, he begged for the big man to get back up before he connected with the Olympic Slam called… THE BUNDLE OF JOY! that knocked him back on his ass. Now taking the chair, he set it right next to the fallen body of Khadafi before leaping from chair… to the rope… TRIPLE JUMP MOONSAULT!

Another amazing move by Paulton with incredible balance! He managed to connect with the move and he went to the cover.




Somehow, the big man managed to kick out at the last second. Paulton tried for an Irish whip, but Khadafi blocked the move and drove a knee into his gut for good measure. Smirking out to the crowd, he folded up the chair and set it down before trying to DDT him head-first on the metal. Once more…



At the very last moment, Paulton had turned the tides and reversed the hold to connect with his own Inverted Swinging Neckbreaker, nailing it right on the chair! He hopped onto the body of Khadafi and hooked both legs!




“Here is your winner of the match… KAYDEN PAULTON!

Smiling out to the crowd after a very hard-fought contest, “Less Talk More Rokk” played over the speakers, letting him know that he was victorious on this night. Duzza was in utter shock that not only had Khadafi had been bested, but Kayden Paulton showed some creativity in this match and managed to once again outmaneuver another opponent to net the victory!

Kayden made his way back up the entrance ramp with his briefcase in hand, still ready to cash in that bad boy at Rise of the Legends in several weeks. The man known as The Softcore Saint knew he was heading into risky territory, but when he put his mind to it, it was clear that he could do anything

Winner: Kayden Paulton via Pinfall

Derecho vs Omega
Sarah WintertonDaryn Thompson

As Warriors rolled on, this next match was set up earlier in the evening by Tyke. When Derecho confronted him to demand answers, Tyke dodged the question and stated that he had set up an Underground Rules match between him and Omega this evening. Derecho hasn't been in an Underground Division match since his bout with the now-retired Sylo at Power Struggle. The corruption that came to Derecho while Underground Champion caused him to steer clear from the Underground Division.. his intention and his interest to return is next to none, yet, Tyke has forced Derecho's hand here tonight and Derecho wasn't exactly thrilled about it.

"Redeemer" by Marilyn Manson

The crowd began to boo as Omega came out from the backstage area. Omega has been impressive in the past few months. Decimating opponents and racking up victory after victory with one goal... to dethrone Ninja K and take the Underground Championship as his own. Even on iNtense 80, Omega dominated Sephiroth Du Luc and because as such, SDL is sidelined with an injury and his return to jOlt is questionable.

Omega looks to do the same to Derecho here tonight as he stomps up the ring steps and steps into the ring. The music dies down as Omega awaits the opposition.

"Charisma" by WASP

The people cheer and stand as Derecho walked out from the backstage area. If this were a few months ago, many would say that this would be Omega's greatest test.. to take on and defeat the self-proclaimed King of Hell, but Derecho has been far removed from those days, capturing the jOlt Championship. Derecho even faced Aran Thompson at Cataclysm in a Falls Count Anywhere match and came up short. Many wondered if Derecho's mindset has changed so much that the violent spark wasn't there anymore and it caused him to lose.

Would the loss of that violent spark play a factor here tonight? Could Derecho reach deep down and find that ultra violent persona once again and defeat Omega? Those questions were about to be answered as Derecho slid into the ring, but the look on his face said he was more annoyed than he was focused. That killing intent from Derecho didn't seem to be there. Derecho's music died down as the referee called for the bell.




Derecho and Omega circled each other in the ring slowly. Derecho was thinking how to approach this match as Omega simply waited with baited breath for Derecho to make a move. Finally, Derecho decided to test what he was up against and locked up with Omega, but Omega, using his power and strength, easily plowed Derecho into the corner and opened up on him with stiff forearm shots to the side of the head. Derecho fell to a seated position in the corner as Omega walked away.

"IS THIS THE FORMER CHAMPION!? HE AIN'T SHIT" yelled Omega as Derecho held the side of his face in pain in the corner.

Derecho pulled himself up as Omega charged back in, nailing a clothesline in the corner. Omega grabbed Derecho and whipped him to the opposite corner, charging in after him. Omega then delievered another devastating clothesline in the corner and Derecho fell to his knees.

"PATHETIC" yelled Omega at Derecho.

Omega pulled Derecho up to his feet and lifted him high above his head. He then dropped Derecho with a Press Slam down to the canvas. Omega stood over Derecho and shook his head. Omega then stepped out of the ring and walked over to ringside where he gabbed a steel chair.

"I'm going to put him out of his misery" Omega said to the crowd before he slid back into the ring.

Omega tapped the chair on the canvas and was ready to strike as Derecho staggered to his feet. Derecho turned around and Omega swung, but Derecho put his hands up and blocked the chair shot. Derecho then hit a toe kick to the stomach of Omega and snagged the chair out of Omega's hands. He then jammed the chair into the stomach of Omega, doubling him over...


Derecho then slammed the chair into Omega's back, dropping him to a knee.


Derecho hit Omega with the chair again and then dropped it to the canvas. The people booed that decision as Derecho put Omega onto his back and made the pin, but Omega kicked out before a one count could even be administered.

Derecho stood back up and dropped an elbow into the chest of Omega. Derecho stood and dropped a second and then a third elbow in Omega's chest. Derecho went for another cover, and again, Omega kicked out after just a fleeting one count.

Derecho then stood and grabbed Omega, pulling him up, but Omega picked Derecho up in a bear hug and charged forward, driving Derecho back first into the corner. Omega then hit a series of shoulder thrusts to the mid-section of Derecho before he walked away and picked up the steel chair that Derecho had dropped earlier. Omega then charged in...


Omega drove the chair straight into Derecho's face!!! Derecho collapsed to the canvas as blood began to pour from his mouth! Omega looked down at Derecho with a grin on his face as he knew that shot could have knocked Derecho out cold.. but Omega wasn't satisfied with just that.

Omega unfolded the steel chair and placed it right in the center of the ring. Omega grabbed Derecho and pulled him to his feet. He walked Derecho over toward the chair and stood him with his back to it. Omega picked up Derecho, looking for a Spinebuster, but Derecho quickly hooked the head and drove Omega head first into the unfolded seat of the chair!!! The crowd cheered as Derecho slowly got up to his feet, wiping the blood from his mouth. He went to go make a pin on Omega, but Omega got up on his hands and knees and then back to a vertical base! Omega was smiling as if he enjoyed getting put face first into a chair!

Derecho saw something in Omega that he saw in himself and he just became frozen! Omega then charged in and clotheslined Derecho up and over the top rope and out to the floor! Omega stepped between the ropes and hopped to the outside where he pulled Derecho up to his feet and then drove him back first into the announce position. Omega then grabbed Derecho once again and lifted him up, dropping him bloodied face first into the top of the announce table! Derecho staggered back and fell to a single knee as he held his face in pain.

Omega gave him no breathing room as he grabbed Derecho and rolled him back into the ring. Omega then lifted up the ring apron to search for another weapon.

Meanwhile, the crowd turned their attention to the entrance ramp as Tyke walked out with steel chair in hand. Just like he did on iNtense, Tyke unfolded the chair atop the stage and sat down to watch the match. Derecho staggered to his feet as Omega found a kendo stick under the ring. Derecho saw Tyke at the top of the entrance ramp, applauding. Derecho became enraged at the sight of Tyke.

Omega rolled back into the ring and saw Derecho distracted. He then cracked the kendo stick across the upper back of Derecho, but Derecho didn't budge. Omega then swung it again, the stick leaving a red welt across Derecho's upper back, but again, Derecho did not budge. Derecho simply turned around and had that sadistic look in his eye, much like he did when he was the Underground Champion. Omega wasn't even afraid.. instead.. Omega smiled, knowing that Derecho was finally getting serious.

"HIT ME AGAIN" yelled Derecho.

Omega took the kendo stick and with one mightly swing..


Omega cracked the kendo stick right over Derecho's skull, but Derecho fought through the stinging pain and smiled. He then charged in and nailed a Spear on Omega! Derecho then began to rain down a series of right hands into Omega's head! Derecho then got up and grabbed that mangled steel chair from off the canvas. Omega got back to his feet as Derecho took a swing.


The chair was already damaged, but the impact of the chair with Omega's skull caused the seat of the chair to break off completely!!! Omega fell onto his back as Derecho quickly grabbed the broken seat of the chair and laid it on top of Omega's chest. Derecho then went to the corner and ascended the turnbuckle pads. He leapt off and connected!!


Derecho held his abdomen in pain from landing on the chair seat, but he made the cover on Omega!



Omega kicked out with force!!

Derecho rolled out of the ring and grabbed two more of his favorite weapons... steel chairs. He tossed both of them into the ring and then rolled back in. Omega was already to his feet and dropped a knee into the stomach of Derecho he rolled in. Omega mounted Derecho and pounded away at him with heavy left hands. Omega then grabbed Derecho and whipped him to the ropes, but Derecho came back with a flying forearm that took Omega down to the canvas!

Derecho then kipped up to his feet and grabbed one of the steel chairs he tossed into the ring, Derecho walked over to the corner and wedged the chair between the middle and the top turnbuckle pads. Derecho walked back over to Omega and pulled him up to his feet. Derecho then grabbed Omega by the head and ran him toward the corner, but Omega reversed it at the last minute and threw Derecho face first into the chair wedged in the corner!! Omega then quickly grabbed Derecho and pulled him out from the corner and grabbed him by the neck..


Omega felt it was over as he made the cover!



Thre... NO!

Derecho popped the shoulder up just in time!

Most people would be shocked.. Omega... he was happy because that meant he got to inflict more pain on Derecho!

Omega wasn't the only one that was happy. Tyke was still at the top of the entrance ramp, sitting there with a grin on his face, enjoying every moment of Derecho's torture.

Omega pulled Derecho back to his feet, but Derecho surpirsed Omega with an Inverted Atomic Drop. Derecho then leapt up and hit an Enzugiri to the side of Omega's head that staggered him back. Omega leaned against the ropes as he held the side of his head in pain. Derecho picked up the second steel chair and waited for Omega to turn around. Omega did just that and Derecho went to jam the chair into the stomach of Omega, but Omega grabbed the chair and ripped it right out of Derecho's hands!

Omega then did what Derecho was aiming to do and jammed the chair into Derecho's stomach, doubling him over. Omega then dropped the chair in front of him and then grabbed Derecho, hooking him with a double underhook. Omega then flipped Derecho up for a Double Underhook Powerbomb and nailed it on top of the chair!! Omega held Derecho down for the pin.



Thr... NO!

Derecho kicked out again!

Derecho rolled onto all fours as he looked at the canvas. He saw drops of blood fall from his own face and stain the canvas red. Derecho then pounded his fist on the canvas and stood, letting out a roar. He turned and stared at Omega who was still grinning from ear to ear. Derecho came face to face with Omega. Derecho was beginning to enjoy himself as well.

Derecho took a couple of steps back and told Omega to bring it. Omega then lunged in with a lariat, but Derecho ducked underneath. When Omega turned around, Derecho kicked the back of Omega's leg, bringing him down to a knee. Derecho then kicked Omega upside the head, stunning him. Derecho picked up the chair and swung...


Derecho cracked the chair right over Omega's skull, but Derecho wouldn't let Omega fall to the canvas. He quickly dropped the chair and grabbed Omega by the head. He pulled him to his feet and yelled in his face....

"I... AM.... KI..."

Before Derecho could finish that, Derecho became paralyzed... like he couldn't go through with it. Derecho let Omega go and he held his head as if he didn't want to become what he once was. Tyke stood up from his chair as this got his attention. The crowd which was cheering wildly became silent as Derecho grasped at his head and face. Omeg saw his opportunity..


Omega, a little wobbly after taking that chair shot to the head, picked up the very chair that struck him and unfolded it. He then picked Derecho up off the canvas and placed him into the Argentine Backbreaker position. Omega then flung Derecho off his shoulders and drove the back of his head into the unfolded chair...


Omega then covered Derecho, hooking the leg.




Omega just pinned the former World and Underground Champion! Omega got to his feet and grinned as his hand was raised in victory by the referee. Omega looked down at Derecho and shook his head and exited the ring. Tyke then began to walk down the ramp, passing Omega along the way. Tyke walked around ringside and grabbed a microphone from the timekeeper before sliding into the ring.

Tyke applauded Derecho as he walked over and stood atop of him. Tyke then leaned over and brought the microphone up to his lips.

"If you thought that this was me returning the favor.. think again... "friend". This is only the beginning. Nobody screws me."

Tyke dropped the microphone as the people booed. Tyke placed his foot on Derecho and then stepped over him as he exited the ring. Tyke made his way to the backstage area, looking back at the fallen Derecho in the ring.

Winner: Omega via Pinfall

The Heirs of Wrestling (c) vs The House
Sarah WintertonSarah WintertonDaryn ThompsonSarah Winterton

With Team EGO in their rear view, it was now time for The House to do what they could to get the tag titles back that they held onto for several months. The Heirs of Wrestling had been dealing with them and with The Crimson Order the last few months, but as The Heirs would find out on iNtense, this rivalry was about to be renewed once again.

The last time these two teams faced was on Warriors 21. The contractual rematch from The House ended with Team EGO costing them the tag titles to the cocky young group. After The House ran Strangler and Craig Thomas out of jOlt, they were now ready to get their mitts on The Heirs one more time. Could The Heirs of Wrestling find a way to retain their titles against the two giants again or would The House finally get retribution?

“Turn The Page” by Metallica played for the fans as a set of red and green pyro exploded on the stage. The lights snapped back on and the crowd cheered for the appearance of The House! Huber’s lovely wife, Charlotte, fresh off her win defending the Starlet Title tonight. The House members stormed to the ring quickly.

The six-foot four, three-hundred nine-pound “Oddsmaker” Derrick Huber, stood in the ring and flexed his muscles for the crowd cheering him on. On the other side of the ring was a bigger monster that was six-foot seven and weighed in at four-hundred sixty-eight pounds. The two were beast and were very formidable champions. Roebuck was ready for a fight while Derrick Huber kissed his wife on the lips. If the House could win tonight, they would all have gold around their waists!

“Money” by D/R Period.

Lights began to flash rapid pulses of green as the anthem of all things cash started to play. Three figures were hidden in the shadows and stood with their backs to the fans. One large man in the middle. One short man on the left . One well-built man to the right.

Their jackets started to light up one by one and when it came time to see what was happening, the fans jumped out of their seats. The short man jumped.


A big, bright purple H was on his back. The tall man jumped next.


The O was bright and silver. Finally, the last person stepped up.


The W was gold. The lights flipped back on and the douchebags in their matching light-up jackets walked to the ring with the jOlt Tag Team Championships. Behind them was “The Heiress” Sarah Winterton. The foursome went to the ring and entered. Gallway and Winterton each took a position outside the ring while inside, Frank and Mack held up the jOlt Tag Team Titles for the crowd to see. As they had fought before, it was Mack Brody and Frank Silver taking up the mantle.

The bell rang to start off tonight’s main event. “Big Bucks” Adam Roebuck would start first while Frank Silver stood up. Ryan Gallway and Sarah Winterton each cheered on their teammates while Charlotte smiled at her hubby on the ring apron.

Roebuck wasn’t playing around tonight and he went on the offensive. Luckily for Frank he would have the speed advantage against the mountain of a man and ducked a clothesline. He fired back with a series of big right hands to try and stun the big monster from Las Vegas before he ran to the ropes for speed. When he came back he ran right into the very same mountain and Roebuck knocked him over with a shoulder block.

The leader of the Heirs had the wind knocked out of him and he wasn’t going to like what happened next. When he stood up he was hit in the face with a big barreling clothesline that sent him flying across the ring. Silver stood up a second time and that gave Roebuck the opening to kick him in the gut. When he was doubled over Roebuck hit the ropes and delivered an almighty running – okay a jogging knee lift. But it was potent enough to knock Frank down to the ground.

The big monster already had the crowd in his corner as Frank tried to get back to his feet, wondering what just hit him. The Big Bucks picked up Frank and lifted him high in the air and paraded around the ring with him like a small child – no easy feat considering Frank was six-three and two fifty-five.

With some extra force, Adam Roebuck threw him into the ground with a forceful slam. Silver arched his back in pain while Roebuck hit the ropes and came back with a leg drop to the throat. The Knight of Wednesdy Nights convulsed and twitched around the canvas while Roebuck went for a cover quickly to try and win the tag titles.



Nope, not even close despite Roebuck’s best efforts. The Big Bucks grabbed Frank by the throat and lifted him up off the mat before he tossed him into the corner with brute force. He was about ready to chop Frank in the corner when he ducked into a quick stance and turned. Roebuck shrugged and chopped the complete hell out of his back with four brutal open palmed chops.


The crowd counted along with each chop until Roebuck was done. He turned Frank around and tossed him across the ring with a hell of a biel throw. Frank tried to get back to his feet only for Roebuck to palm the back of his head.

“Oh, I’m not done with you, you little bitch.”

Roebuck grabbed him and made the tag to Derrick Huber before tossing him to the corner with an inverted chokeslam into the turnbuckles. Frank stumbled back while Roebuck ran off the ropes to deliver a big elbow drop. Derrick Huber was right behind him and flattened Frank with an elbow drop of his own.


Frank kicked and rolled around the canvas after nearly eight hundred pounds consecutively. Huber turned him around and dropped several fists into his face. He switched up his attack and simply opted to drill the back of his head into the canvas repeatedly, effectively ragdolling Silver.

“You got this, baby!” Charlotte clapped.

The fans cheered on The House as Derrick Huber grabbed Frank by the neck. When he pulled him up, he set Frank up in a double underhook before actually parading around the ring. Frank was no small man as stated before but Huber was incredibly strong and dropped him with a stalling suplex before hitting the ground. Huber rolled over to try and cover him again.




Frank with that shoulder up again. When Huber tried to pull him up Frank caught him out of nowhere with a European uppercut under the chin. He tried to get away from Derrick, but The Oddsmaker stopped him by pulling on the back of his hair. When he pulled him in he blasted him with a short arm clothesline. He tagged in once again to Adam Roebuck and the big monsters whipped him across the ring. Roebuck caught him with a side slam while Derrick Huber took off to the opposite side.


Another excellent double team maneuver from The House dropped Frank Silver on the mat. While Huber left, Roebuck was free to try and go for the cover again.



Mack with the save.

An elbow to the back of the head stopped him from getting the pin and kept the jOlt Tag Titles in the camp of the Heirs for now. Mack was sent back to his corner while Roebuck picked him up off the canvas. He grabbed Frank and tossed him across the ring to where he landed in the corner. Roebuck beat on his chest like a gorilla before he charged the corner and blasted him with a big corner splash.

The wind was driven from the lungs of Frank Silver and the Heirs’s fearless leader now collapsed to the canvas after the big splash. Roebuck slapped a hand across his other exposed hand, signaling to the crowd that he was going to finish this. Roebuck hit the ropes and intended to crush Frank with a big four-hundred plus pound senton but Frank had enough to move and he went splat on the canvas!

Frank had just enough to finally make his move as he rolled over and made the tag to Mack Brody. The big bronze bodyguard of the Heirs stepped into the ring and waited for Adam Roebuck to get up only to flatten him with 747 of a flying shoulder tackle that brought him to the canvas! Nothing pretty about the offense of Mack but he was as brutal as they come. The man called Midas rolled over and put all his body weight on top of Roebuck’s shoulders.


…Not even a two count when Roebuck got off the canvas. This was going to be a fight to get back those tag team titles.

Mack Brody wasted no time while he continued to drill down a volley of vicious elbows into the top of Roebuck’s skull. The blows kept on coming and now The Heirs had the chance to fight back and get control of the match.

With every bit of strength he could muster he muscled The Big Bucks to his feet and pulled the big monster over to The Heirs’s corner. Nothing pretty or effective from this tandem of The Heirs as both Frank and Mack put the boots to big Roebuck. They continued to lay a beatdown to him in the corner before Mack headed out of the ring.

A vengeful Frank took turns jabbing Roebuck in the face as he continued to jab him. Roebuck pushed him away a few steps only for Frank to come back and land a big dropkick that knocked him backwards into The Heirs’s corner. The Big Bucks fell and landed near the ropes.

Frnak took to the ring apron while Roebuck’s head was exposed. From the ring apron he lifted up his pinky and got the crowd incensed before he dropped YE OLDE ROYALE ELBOWE~! off the ring apron. Frank took a moment to brag and play to the crowd before he rolled back inside the ring and tried to go for the win.




Adam Roebuck powered out but Frank Silver wasn’t going to give up. He simply rolled over and tagged Mack Brody in again. The big bronze beast headed into the ring and the two men took turns picking off Roebuck with a few more stomps. When Roebuck tried to stand, The Heirs took to a high-low combination of a lariat from Mack in tandem with a chop block from Silver! Roebuck collided with the canvas and now he was easy pickings for the monster called The Bronze Bombshell.



Saved by Derrick Huber!

Huber came into the ring and dropped a boot this time over the back of Mack’s head. He was forced into the corner and this gave The Heirs ample time to put the boots down to Roebuck behind the referee’s back. Charlotte screamed at him to turn around while Ryan and Sarah were giggling like schoolchildren over their chicanery.

The Bronze Bombshell picked him up by the head and tried to slap on a tight cobra clutch. He wasn’t able to hold it for long because Roebuck was STILL fighting onwards punching the chest of Mack with his good arm until he was forced to let go of the submission attempt. Roebuck tried to get to the ring apron but Frank grabbed him by the leg. He turned around and tried to swing at Silver who quickly moved. This left him wide open for a running back elbow from Mack to catch him in the jaw.

The tag was made to Frank again and the leader of the Heirs headed to the top turnbuckle. He came down with a diving clothesline that got the big guy off his feet and sent him crashing to the canvas. When he stood up he faced Charlotte and imitated a blowjob motion to the laughter of nobody but The Heirs of Wrestling themselves.

Frank turned back to Roebuck and slapped on a headlock to tag back to Mack. Big Brody headed to the ring and both men set them up in the corner. Mack whipped him off to the corner and Frank landed a jumping big boot to the head of Roebuck. Mack Brody followed it up by running at him and landing a big corner splash. When Roebuck was staggered Mack set him up carefully. With all of his strength he successfully powered him over into an ugly but effective GOLD-DIGGER~!

The exploder suplex landed and the crowd had to be impressed with the power that Mack Brody possessed. Hell, Mack Brody was impressed as noted by the flexing of his pecs. He turned over and went for the cover onto the corner.



Close, but no cigar!

He just barely managed to get the shoulder up off the canvas in time. Charlotte and Derrick cheered on their friend while Mack and Frank looked pissed that didn’t get the job done. Mack then picked up Roebuck and tried to lift the big man. Slowly, but surely he almost managed to get the near-five hundred pounder on hs shoulders but Roebuck slipped out behind him and grabbed him in a thunderous belly to belly suplex!

They were down now and both big man had shaken the ring form the impact of the move. It was a game changing move and now The House had a fighting chance. Roebuck turned his big body over and started to crawl over in the direction of his tag team partner.

The tag was made and he even kissed Charlotte for good luck before heading towards the fresh Frank who tagged into the ring. He came right at the rich kid with some nice jabs to the head before he took him by the arm and threw Frank into the corner. Frank saw the big train that was The Oddsmaker coming towards him and moved out of the way so he could hit the ropes. Huber stopped himself and quickly lunged at Silver nearly taking him out of his shoes with an explosive shoulder tackle!

The fans in Florida were wincing from such a football-like impact that Huber had thrown. Mack came back into the ring and tried saving his buddy by cutting him off at the pass, but Huber caught him around the waist and threw him around with a pumphandle suplex.

“Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!”

Huber dragged out the last syllable as long as he could as he waited for somebody to make a move. He had weeks of frustration to take out and the Heirs just happened to be the unfortunate recipients of that anger. Frank was trying to use a corner to get himself back up but the fans saw what The Oddsmaker had in mind…


The running cannonball senton in the corner nearly crushed Silver under his three-hundred pound weight. He pulled Frank out of the corner by his leg and tried pinning him.




Frank shockingly kicked out of the cover. Huber then whipped him across the ring and tried to crush him with another big splash in the corner but Frank got a fist up and caught Huber with an uppercut. He stunned him long enough to hook him by the head and drive him face first into the canvas with the reverse STO.

While Huber was stunned from the shot, Frank headed up top once again to try for something big off the top. He was caught by Derrick Huber with a big uppercut to the jaw and the fans knew what was coming next; the same move that had spelt curtains for Craig Thomas’s jOlt career at Cataclysm…


The muscle busted connected and the crowd was coming unglued! The Heirs of Wrestling were about ready to lose the tag titles!

Derrick Huber pinned Frank Silver to the canvas as the referee slid into position.



Huber waited for the three count, but it never came. He looked over to his right and saw the referee had been pulled out of the ring. But who was the perpetrator? Mack Brody was fighting with Adam Roebuck on the outside!


Patrick Grady had led his men to the ring and two finalists of the Phoenix Rose Invitational – Alexander Redding and Teddy Jacobs – pulled the referee out of the ring…


A Pepsi twist from Alexander Redding turned out the referee’s lights on the outside and the timekeeper had no choice but to call for the bell!

Huber snapped his head around to see the two perpetrators of the crime on the outside! On one side of the ring, Adam Roebuck and Mack Brody had continued their fist-fight into the crowd and disappeared into the thousands of fans that were booing the end result of this match.

Charlotte rushed over to her husband when out of nowhere, Sarah Winterton blasted her from behind with her very own Starlets Title that she dropped in the ruckus! Sarah laughed to herself and stood over the new Starlet Champion as she took the title and raised it over her head!

On the outside, Huber ran right after both members of Red and Ted!

“You assholes!”

The crowd cheered as he jumped right at the members of the new tag team to jOlt. He continued to trade fists with both Redding and Jacobs, doing his best to take the fight to him all by his lonesome. He pushed Redding backwards! Teddy tried to jump in and save his friend, but a headbutt from Huber turned him away.

In the middle of the chaos, Ryan Gallway snuck up behind him and blasted him with one of the jOlt Tag Titles, but the shot only seemed to barely faze Huber.

“Um… sorry?” Gallway dropped the belt.

Huber turned around…


A low blow from Alexander Redding finally doubled over the big man. Huber fell to his knees at long last.

“Let’s show this fucker who’s running things around here now!” Redding yelled.

Jacobs nodded and the two men each grabbed the arm of Derrick Huber before throwing him violently into the steel steps! Huber crashed into the steps head first and slumped over in a heap at ringside. Gallway cheered at the impact of the move but his expression changed when Teddy Jacobs turned his attention to him…


A kick followed by a reverse STO sending Gallway into the ringside floor disposed of the Heir! The crowd was continuing to boo the tandem as they each slid into the ring to survey the damage. Frank was down. Ryan was down. Derrick Huber was down. Winterton had run off with Charlotte’s Starlet Championship in the ruckus. Roebuck and Brody were still continuing their fight. Both teams were easy pickings and Red and Ted had picked their spot.

All that was left was Alexander Redding and Teddy Jacobs raising their arms to the jeers of the crowd. They had promised to make an impact sooner or later and in the chaos surrounding The Heirs of Wrestling vs. The House, the two newcomers most definitely had people talking. The final shots of the show was Patrick Grady cheering on Alexander Redding and Teddy Jacobs as they egged on the crowd, standing tall in the midst of the bodies scattered at ringside.

If they wanted to get the attention of the tag team division…

They got it.

Winner: No Contest